Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1855 Page 2
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a nn tv at, of THE GEORGE LAW. f?wi fr?a tfec south Pacific, lartriDa, few traoada and (aka? MORE TREASURE FROM CALIFORNIA. totality on Board the Steamer Uncle Sam at Arapoleo, &c., Ac., 4c. JT1 'P A ? Gray> common, ling, M. Aspmwall at 4 o'clock on the morning of the 23d IX* Mtt*"?!!? ? HaVaim at 8 ?'clock uu morning ^ naTana ??me day at 1 :30 P. M., and ar rtred at Quarantine at 10 o'clock on the morning of Oct. She brings the California maiU of Sept. 6, $755 m ? treasure on freight, and 390 passengers. ' uwoftmaspre byoborqe LAW FROM ASrnjorii T Welln, Fargo k Co. $204, 904 J. Durand & Co l m ?reielftc^ 100,000 M.&aZ? " in'? jI?p?Tck Ms Cnlean em4" * 44'006 & Co.'.'.''' s'Soo Duncan, Sherman a f i, r p toi L E!? Ii rSr^i i? Sj&ttKSfe 13'm StttiZsr- '& ?Arcs:::::- 1?? ???* 58 ?0U1...... Steamship Oregon, J. B. U. Isham, commanding, \ft San !? rancinco at 2:?0 P. M. Sept. 5, and arrived at Pana ma on the evening of the 21st, b. inging 8950,013 in trea wire on freight, $197,284 of wliieh wan .n English ac count 0 i The P. M. 8. S. Co'h. steamer Golden Age, with mails ?nd passengers Iron, New York of August -JO, arrived at ?Aeapulco on (he 6th of September, in four days and nine teen hours from Panama. Passenger, and crew all well. Ike steamer Uncle Sam, (Nicaragua line,) arrived at the same pU,;e on the Cth, living lost 33 passengers by ?holera on her passage from San Juau del Sud to that port. In addition to which, three more died while she teamed in Aoapulco. The disease was confined prlncl tte^rage pagHengerp. September 27, at 2 P.M. off the Moro, exchanged sig. Mia with American hermaphrodite brig Civilian, bound ?. September 30, latitude* deg. 58 min. north, longi tnde 74 deg. 61 min. went, at. 5:15 P. M., exchanged sig. . n*,s Wlth brigautinc Victoria, bound north and showing a red signal withE. & A. upon it. The Crescent Oity sailed on the 27th, with the mails ?nd passengers for New Orleans. A complimentary card to Capt. Cray, of the George I?w from the passengers on her last outward trip is published in the Aitpinwall Courier of Sept. IS JDurirg the voyage of the Oeorge Uw collections have keen made for the Norfolk sufferers, and the amount, of ?ix hundred and ninety-one dollars raised. We are indebted to Mr. Mitchell, purser of the George law, and the l'acific Express Company, for files of New w ran a da papers. raws FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. The steamer New Granada arrived at Panama onThurs ?lay, Sept. 20th, from Callao, from which port she .sailed en the Uth ultimo, after having received the Southern U1A1I8. ^ Ptfia mi* ar<>?Valiaraiio' Au?ust 30; Callao, Sept. 11; The New Granada had forty passengers and about $220 - 000 In ?pecie, principally silver bars. On the 17th of September, in Ion. 8 36, lat. 1 11, the I New Granada passed an American whale bark, which dis. played the following (lags: H. L. red; S. blue. ' CHILE. CONGRESSIONAL KEPOKTB ? A NEW TREATY WITH ECUADOR? TRIAL TRIP ON THE NEW RAILROAD TO SANTIAGO? SHIP NEWS? DREADFUL EFFECTS OF THE NORTHERS IN AUG U8T. The Chilean Congress was occupied with many impor tant questions, amongst which the most important was an act to reform the Tribunals of Commerce, by simpli 2f Tl ren''t'rinK the administration oi me law more prompt. A consular treaty, celebrated with Ecuador, received the pa fiction of the Senate. A bill was under discission to allow vessels that wished ef the republic*6 n*tional ""K tobt' reg'?'ered in any pin t The sum of $100,000 additional was voted by the Cham ber of Deputies for the improvement of roads and bridges n ?? M "tfor"""K lhe P""oe tribunals was passe, 1 ' Ifetn Chambers had empowered the Kxecntive to take 3W Kailro.T?Unt ?' *1'000 000 in the Santiago and r,?T?;e V" tb<! Brst P'rt "f tho Santiago and Val paraiso luiilroad was to be made on the 10th of li.-t month, and from the 17th it was to be opened to the , ?f'at preparations were everywhere being made for the m'tolSth ult an"iTCfsarJr "f independent The damage <lone by late storms on the South is esti mated at nearly $400,000. Sixteen lives were lost l>v ?Aipwreck. * ?J p,r,icc "f ,!"ur sfiH nii'' '?d. anfl in Concep tmn the holders were ail ing *17 50 per 200 lbs. The prospect of tlj?* ?ppr(?a? hir)K harvest was good. ?V *.hip '^ttlesnake at rived at Valparaiso on , l"th *'1 August, and sailed on the 24th l<jr Rio Janeiro and Kagland. The British schooner Acheron, from Australia to Edk land, put into Valparaiso in distress on the 27tli, bavin* oamag??i her rudder. e <tn the 8d of August the powder ningrziue of the Chilean transport Indefatigable nxplodod. 1 ;ie ship was shatte - en to pieces, and sank in u Tery short tlmo after. Three fli .'vrCW w,er,1' one missing, five badly wounded and three slightly injured. Among them was the Un. tain (lynch). v,h?. was Mown high int.. the air, *nil fell at a distance in the wator, whore he was picked up with enly his ancle dislocated. 11, ere was a lantern (skid to ^therk^LVttasccM.t.ntUrnin,? iDit' inl1'" U"^"" . T^e ltritish ship William Colo was wrecked in San An tonio Pay. Crew saved. /J^'^r?b"rg .Wr.*Ckpd ""^Me h"r '?< Valparaiso, (reported in our last news from the South.) has ir .ne cu ^W?ttcul?ve 0,U'g" tC""K"' ?re} ,n^"" rec" Thenorthers during tho fortnight ending August 14 bad done considerable damage in the bay; but in the ?outh they had done much injury, and destroyed much more property, invading two or three mills. In the port of ( (institution. Mattle, sixteen vessels were driven ?-hore lhe rise . f the river was terrible. ,ir'K 1-eonor and bark Flora llclvor were forecd aslior.-, and entirely lost. Iheircar goes of flour for Valparaiso shared th. game fate The American propeller Kudora and Chilian bark Caro lina were also wrecked; cargoes nearly a total loss Jwrmne'i * *1 "" ,al"? !oM' R"'1 f,,r7 ''Rhters dedroyetl' ?wampe.i. i,r (IbsIh .1 to pieces on the l?ach The of mill, taken last April, has bee? pui,. . *,hoWS " P?Pul*Mon of 712.932 males, and 7iO,18$ females; total, 1,430,120. ?'?m Missouri, had b*n condemned to hi. L nU,:n,P,.ln'r \? sU,Mlt '"?*'? Bivadeneira and rob Tavlor hls ^ u" c"n,?ininK A man named lavlor, his accomplice, succeeded in escaping I on Antonio (iairi* iiayes. a distinguish.*! lawyer in Hantiapo, formerly Mirister of l inance and President oi frrr. Chtutr w ,r' ,1>'1 *PP"inte<l Minister from Chile to Washington, on the Uth of August BOLIVTA. The a?pect of affairs in Bolivia is bad enough. Even before Congress assembled for the scrutiny of the votes Her the President of the republic, the army had proclaim ed (Jeneral Cordova the son-in-law of ltclzu. President; this esource of the ancient Roman legions in times of aiiarohy shows the situation to which Ilolivla has ar rived. It is probable that the partisans of Doctor Una res, the |s pular candidate, will not readily accept the choice of the ui my. and on the other side. General Santa Cru* has r?niov?if to Salta. on tho frontier, to promote his cause. The n.ncral *?'" received in Buenos Ayres and the aj??t mi th* Argentine provinces. ^ ECUADOR. Guayaquil we have dates to the '!l?t of Augu?t. * A ?Hfht shock of ^iitthnuake had been felt, but did no dannsB' . Some little exritement was caused by a report br?iught_by a JUnvian v?sse|, of a declaration of war *??r was it allaved until the arrival of toe British mail steamer provnl It to tx> unfounded. PBRU. The ?on vent ion Is still in ae.s|.,i? a bill has l?een in troduced to allow provisions of all ela.-.*s and Crom any conntry to enter duty free. This Is con?ld<-re,i neoe-sary, owing to the shortness of the home crops, in cons.- juence of the unwillingness of tho liberated negroes to wotk. The necessity for this measure will t? s.*n when the high rates of duty, combined with the present high prices, are taken into < onsideration ; Hour and rice Imported fr? m other countries pays $2 per quintal ; sugar lard and wax candles, 1 real a pound, soap. $4 per quintal The new tariff went into operation on the 1st of Sep. tesnber. Yellow lever was raging in some of the town? of the in terior. r*m Kraneisco Qulros accepted the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs, nod weneral I .i Pnerta that of War and Marine Ht.r. M?r passes to the Department ol Justice, to which will probably be added that of Secretary of the fi< vernment. The outre of Mlni-ter of Finance will be t?-tnf^) rally fllle.1 by U,n .lose Fabio Melgar, during the absence of 1 ?? u Doming. Ulas. I>TR1>. At Taytt, in the American Hospital, September 12 J(ine? Bullock, seaman, dis' hRrg,..i from t)Kr|( sea Biceze] MAKXKTS. VairAKAtao. Arom .(0 ? Daring the fortnight ending August .>0. there had been rather a .lectin* in sales, ? Wing to most of the buyers in town having com iitteu ttei r furch??e?. prlce?, hffirmr, Uar? not d? elined. The imprrto from fc reign market* hare beta limited, and sioeka continue almost an last reported. Spanihh wines, whale and lamp oil, situ tern and bariac, are among the article* most wanted. In export*, copper in bar* in quoted at 920 26 on shore, and no reduction i* expected for sometime. Saltpetre at loulqne ha* ad vanced slightly; the sale* have been small. The rise it attributed to Home of the mine* having discontinued work, owing to the dulnes* in the trade. Freights-? Saltpetre to Liverpool, ?4 7s. 6d. ; to Hamburg, ?4 17*. fxl.; silver ore to Liverpool, ?4 15s. The British ship Ellen Hat tier wa* sold at Valparaiso for 93,200 oath. hews imon muzil and Muaii, PACIFIC TREATIES REJECTED BY BRAZIL? HER WAR SQUADRON REINFORCED? A CHANGE IN THE CABI NET. We take the following new* from the Mercurio of Val paraiso, of August 25th:? Tlie last mail from the other side brought us very un favorable news concerning the disputes between these two countries. It appears that Brazil not only rejects the I ncitic treaties which her Plenipotentiary agreed to, b'it i* preparing to reinforce her invading squadron. Those movements are indicative of a more hostile spirit than *he has hitherto shown ; and us Paraguay is pre pared for a vigorous resistance, it may reasonably b? i eared that both nations will break out into open hostili ty. 1 his news is of so great weight that we think it ad visable to await further communications to see it in all its importance. We are assured that there lias been a change in the Cabinet of Brazil on account of this question. The Brazilian press is discussing the expediency of an nexing to the empire the republic of Uruguay, which i* now under its protection. NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. Tnr NEW MINT ARRANGEMENT ? THE TEMPORARY MBA FUREB ABOLISHED ? TI1E PANAMA STEAM ROUTE ? COMMUNICATION WITH NEW YOKE? OPINION OK THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL? THE GOLD FIELDS. By way of Panama we have news from-fydney, Austra lia, to July 2 ? three days later: ? The time fixed for tlio duration of the temporary ar rangements hitherto subsisting at the Sydney Mint having expired, his hxcelleucy the Governor (ieneral has direct ed the publication of the following regulations for the re ceipt and issu* of gold at that establishment. These re gulations, which appear in yesterday's Gcwtlt (June 29), will take ell'ect from the 2<1 of July: ? 1. Importations of gold dust or gold bullion for coinage from 12 ounces upwards, will bo received at this mint daily (Sundays and holidays excopted), between the hoars of 11 A. >1. and 3 1*. M., < n the following terms:? 1. Im portations from ten thousand ounces standard aud up wards, subject to a charge of three-quarters per cent for converting the same into coin. 2. Importations below this amount will be coined at a charge ol' 1 per cent. 3. The value of the bullion will be determined on the re ports of the Mint Assayer*. 4. Importations will be melted, if preferred, in the presence of the importer; the importer will also be furnished ou demand With a clip for assay from his own ingots, as a check on the reports of the Mint Assayers. 5. The mint will issue, if required, gold bullion in bar* or ingots, at ?8 17*. lO^d. the stand ard ounce. 6. The mint will be prepared taulford accom modation to a limited extent to parties requiring early payment fir their btilli n, at an advance of one-fourth per cent on the above charges. Payment in such cases will lie made within three days of delivery at the mint. like following descriptions of bullion are not admis sible within the Mint, vix. : ? Article* of plate, jewelry, or wrought gold (coins excepted), bullion containing mercury or metals ioreigu to the gold producing districts of Australia, and destructive of the malleability of the metal: bullion that has been tampered with in any way. 3. Bullion which can bo recoguized before melting as objectionable on the above grounds, will not be received; but should^any after melting prove unlit for coinage for the reasons euumeiated, it will be returned to the im porter, subject to a charge ot sixpence per ounce on the gross weight of the Importation. There is no political news of importance. Every arrival brings additional confirmation of the in creased confidence of the Australians in the Panama route. The last item is from the Sydney Times of July 2. We subjoin a portion of it:? For some time past we have lieeu aware of a project set on font by a British capitalist largely connected with the trade of the I nited States, to establish steam communi cation between the Australian Colonies and New York and London via Panama. This scheme, which appears to us to be admirably conceived, Is shaped vith the view of embracing equal advantages to Sydney and Melbourne on this side, and it contemplates direct lines to London and New York on the Atlantic. This is to be effected by making Tahiti the entrepot for ttie service in the Pacific, and the final station for the Panama steamers, and continuing the communication by branch lines to Sydney and Melbourne. From Aspinwall to London it is prop med to enter into arrangment* with the Iioyal West India Mail Company for the conveyance of the Engliah freight end passengers, while the commu nication w ill be carried through to Now York by a line of steamers belonging to the new company. The Sydney BinpUre of July 2 says: ? it is calculator!" that by this line Now York will be brought within forty five days, and lxradon within fifty days of Australia. In March the projector was in England maturing his plans, and he writes from I iverpool, on the 8th of that month, as follows:? ' As for passengers, 1 can average 350 tier month from New York alone; and I anticipate that double that number will take passage from this country, besides the British West India Islands, from whioh the emigration will be large." The proposal has been fully laid before the Qovfrnor General by the agents in Syd ney, in antici) ation of a guaranteed subsidy, and has, we believe, been communicated to the home government, with his lixcellency's views on the subject. The follow ing is the principal oommercial news: ? MacDonnell's gold circular, dated on July 1, says:? The demand has been brisk, but very little gold dust ofiering: this may be partially accounted for in conse quence of the high price in Port Phillip, vie: from ?8 17s. 4Jjd. to 17*. (3d. per ounce. This, with export duty added, makes C4 per ounce ? a very high figure, particularly for Bendigo and gold diiHt of that quality. The escorts, western and southern, brought to the Treasury this morning 2,4.0 oas. 8 dwts. This is not an average quantity, when it is considered that the diggers for Rome time have been keeping back the gold oust to send to tire royal mint for coinage. No doubt the high price ot golu dust in Port Phillip and the abolition of the license lee there havo been tho principal cause of the small supplies lately received from those diggings; numbers, no coubt, leave for the Victoria tlold Fields. The Cold Fields bill will be brought again before the le gislative Council, and itouglit to be taken into onsidera tiin whether the abolition of the license system here would not be beneficial to the colony. MARKETS. Ryomcv, Friday (evening), June 29 There ha* been but little stir during the pint week. Trode in general still continues much depressed. It is true that Rome large sale* have been made by auction, yet these cannot be taken as a general criterion of the market. Our late arrivals have cunt libuted several article* in demand. The principal portion of the e were bought to arrive. The flour market is anxiously watched. The millers have re fused their usual quotations. Brandy ? Considerable at tention has been paid to this article during the week, owing in a grea.* measure to the reduced stocks of good brands on hand. Many sales have been effected private ly tor Martell's at 12s. 9d. Some small parcels have boen sold at 12s. Ale an<l Porter ? The late arrivals have not influenced tho markets. There is a fair demand for drnOgbt ale: the stocks are low. and our recent impor tations have done nothing mere than supply our pre ent demand*. There 1* also an inquiry for draught porter, and, as few shipment* arc expected, prices are going up; bottled ? !e and porter a i e rather dull, except for favorite brands. Tea- ? W e have had another addition to this mar ket by a late arrival : no transactions worthy of note have taken place. Coffee ? This market is very quiet. Rice Prices are nominal. Split Peas? None in the market; some few parcels from surplus stores have realized high prices. Sugars ? A parcel of imitation Java sugar has been *old privately, at from ?-4 5*. to?24 7s. 6d. per ton; Rome lfiO tons exchanged hands; they were purchased for up country use. The samples were in clean white mats, snd were a portion of the old Sugar Company's stores. Oilmen's store* ? Parcels have been sold at auction, an 1 pries for good brands remain firm; considerable lots of 1 1 ill and Ledger's brand have been lately offered, and from their superior condition hare had a run an! are taken In preference. Segars and tobacco ? Nothing doing; the market is dull, and purchases are only made for home consumption. NEWS FRO TO NEW GRANADA* ACTION OF THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE ISTHMUS ? TIIK TELEGRAPH AND RAILROAD? AN ANTI-RENT AGITATION? THE ICE SALES? ROBnERIES? A NEW STEAM LINE, ETC. Our files from New Granada are from Panama oi the 19th. and from Aspinwall of the 22d of September. The news is not very Important. ? The Aspinwall Cbiirtcrof the22d ult., says:? The Parrn quial court, under the new government, is advertised by notices written on small scraps of paper and posted about the streets. This looks shabby, and is otherwise objectionable, but it is better thau to order them printed, and then not pay for the work, as former governments have done. The Alcalde is officiating, but as yet ?re hear nothing of a Cabildo, the government caiintt lie made to work properly without such, or such lesly, and It should be a good one, comprised of an equitable representation of the residents ami interest* of the city. The people of Aspinwall desire to be ruled by a strict and comprehensive civil government of those who should rule them, and with S just and liberal regar 1 to the va ried circumstances and relations of foreigners and na tive*, corporations and individuals, established on the Isthmus. They will attain tliat desire, The telegraph between this city (Aspinwall) and Pa nama is soon to lie placed at the public disposition. It will early become or great public utility, lr the tariff is made reasonable. The same paper, oi 20th of September, speaking of the railroad managemeat says:? The Panama Rail road Com pany are endeavoring In many ways to impress the com* merrial community with the great facilities afforded for the ?aft> and speedy transportation of freight bv the Pa nama route ? and they have good grounds to work upon? hut the plan of seeking to reduce the co?t of forwarding, without a proportionate increase of facilities to those aln re y in that line, which we have heard suggested a* their intention we cannot but deprecate. An'i-reni mi etinga were held in the early part of the last month in Aspinwall, which are said to have induced some t the lsndfords t.. promises of considerable reduc tion of rents for the current month, and for some time to come. Hie first entire cargo of Pacirfc cooat and Isthmus pro due. brought to Aspinwall by railroad, and sblppe I from tMOM per schooner Canton Tor New Vork, which sailed on the 1Mb nltuno. Mnsisted ot the following article*. ? 998 bales Perm Ian bark, 15,491 lbs. log vood. 943 hide* and 3 casks hide* 18,710 lbs. bain cable, 8.4AO lb*, iron, 1,910 lbs. ol I rope. and '.8 ?hip-' ventilator* The value of this "hi| ment cannot he short of 970,000, The F. S steam sloop- of war Massachusetts was ex pected to arrive at Panama soon. are irf in.' d that ,t Hue ?f steamer* owaed by n French iompany will shortly be placed between Aiplnwall and Jamaica, touching at Carth*gena. The Ro asset family had been pertaining to highly pleased audience* at Panama. The Aspinwall Star, of the Oth of September, says: ? The ice cargo by the flying Arrow, if sold at public sale, would have brought $1,000, whereas it brought lees than $700. It should have cost the people of Aspinwall, for whom It was brought here, six cental, whereu it will now cost them sixteen. At Panama the Jifn Superior recommends that the eon tract for the line of mailboats to Buenaventura should be discontinued, as itsnecescity no longer exists, and as there is a probability of a steamer being placed on the route in a few months. Sr. Nicholas Rubio has received his exequatur as Con sul of Peru. Robberies hail been yery frequent on the Isthmus, but no arrests made. LOSS OF THE BRIO UBANU8. [From the Aspinwall Courier, Sept. 20.] The brig I 'ranus left New York August 27, with c *al for the United States Mail Steamship Company; she had on board eight souls, including the captain and his wife. When the I ranus had reached the Highlands, about 2 P. M. of the first day out. the pumps were tried, and the vessel was discovered to be leaking considerably. Pump ing was continued all the night and next morning witii occasional examinations, which showed the leak to be increasing rapidly, until about 9 A. M., when she was found to have near six feot of water in her bold and Rain ing much more rapidly than at any time previous ? the fiumps, too, were considerably choked, and it was found mposaible to relieve her. About 12 M. the hark Benjamin Adams, from New York, also with coal, which vessel sailed the name day with the Uranus, bound for A-plnwall, came in sight. Shortly after she recognized the signals of distress which had been hoisted upon the Uranus, and hove to. The lonj boat of the Uranus was launched, and all on board were safely conveyed to the Benjamin Adams, ami she started on her voyage at 2 P. M. and arrived here yesterday even ing. We hope the distressed ^-eameu of -tie Uranus will bu provided lor as they should be. * DIED. On (he 10!h of September, at Aspinwall, .lamas Edward Duckworth, a native of New York, son of Mr. E. Duck worth, in the nineteenth year of his age, after a very brief illness. At Tiger Hill Station, on the Panama Railroad, Thomas Brown, aged 4t>. Mr. Brown was a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and one of the oldest residents on the At lantic side of the Isthmus? having resided at Chagres dui ing nearly the whole time of its prosperity, after the commencement of the California emigration ? and having moved to Aspinwall among the llrst that came from Chagres. HEWS FROM CUBA. Our Havana Corfecpoodcnce. Havana, Sept. 27, 1855. The Month of Havana? a raiul Ball at the Re-union Mansion ? Ttvrnty Ihoutantl Dollars Erp-n<lci on an JJveninff't l'nierta inment ? Tlte Marquis de Pezuela's J'amjiklel uijainst General Concha ? Statutes oj the iVu u Spanish Hank ? Theatrical Got tip, tfc. Since I last had the pleasure of addressing you I have been u guest at one of the most sumptuous entertain menu it has ever been my good fortune to be present at. It was a grand ball and supper given at the rosidenco of the Dowager Countess of La Re-union, in Aquiar street, near the Convent of Santa Clara. I understood the affair originated with the granddaughters of the.Dowager Coun tess, who had intended to have given an "a salto," or sur prise, to their mother, the Countess of Valero de Urria, (whose name is Mercedes de Cuesta.) on the eve of "Nues tra Fenora de las Mercedes," her saint's day. The major dorno was busy with his arrangements, by direction of the young ladies, which attracted the atten tion of the Dowager Countess, who directed him to dis continue and leave the matter to her. He obeyed, and the result was the brilliant entertainment at which i was present. At first, as 1 was informed, it was intended only to have been a family re-union, but it was found that the numer ous branches of the family included so large a portion of the elite of this city, that it would be a gross insult to tlio others were they not also invited, and thus the number of curds sent out were so numerous as to include the friends of the Dowager Countess and her beautiful daughters, who that evening looked more like an elder sister than the mother of her two truly enchanting daughters. There must have been upwards of a thousand guests present. 1 need perhaps scarcely add more to aBSure you that the rank ana fashion of this city were among those assembled, than to state that his'.exccllency, General Con clia, and her excellenza, his amiable wife, wore present. goon alter midnight a figure dance or ballet was per formed by twelve of the most beautiful young Indies of this city anil an ei|ual number of gentlemen. The ladle* lntd blue and red scarfs gracefully suspended over their left shoulders, whilst the goutlemen wore similar adorn ments around their waif Is. 1 will not attempt a description of the gracefulness f x lubited in this dance, for to attempt were to tail. 1 must thcrefoie content myself by saying, that It was the v.'ry "poetry of motion" excmptltled. At about two o'clock A. M. supper wa< announced, and such a supper! All honor to the "ehtf de enitine" who pi spared it. ft was indeed a rare feast. Such a display of plate too, and then such wines ? rarely imlec 1 have I betore i ai taken of any of so much excellence. 1 have already st;.ted that all tlio elite, the rank, beau ty and fashion, of this city, wore present. 1 however misted my old New York acquaintance, the oiegutit Count de Villa Nueva, who is now on a visit to the Uni ted States for the benefit of his health. It fa sai l (and fr< m the suniptuousness of the entertainment I believe the report,) that th ? Dowager Countess de la lie-union expended no less a sum than twenty thousand dollars upon this one etching's entertainment. What will any member of your "upper ten'' say to such a lavish expen diture of the dimes f I liiCvc bad a glimpse at a pamphlet, published in Spain, by the Marquis de la Pezuela, late Captain-General Of tl is island, in which he reviews the conduct of (ten Concha, whom he "handles without gloves." Amongst other things 1 notice he says that he (I'ozucla) had at Various times information given him respecting conspira cies, &c.. by tlie galley slave f!onznles. who, you wili re member, betrayed poor l'into, and wiiicli all proved Arise. Tl.e "rules, statutes and regulation*" of the Spanish bank of the Havana, as agreed to by the ' commission'' ap pointed to frame them, have been published. They diff?r slightly from those received under the "royal seal" from Spain. Aa I am not a subscriber to the f/aceta (the ) per in which they are published,) I hav e only been e bled to obtain a cursory perusal of them I however - i l you some lew of the alterations that struck me most '' cibly : ? All Blrectors of the Ilnnk, In lead of being proprieio ?? of l wenty shares, must lie the proprietors of fllty sluirc", a.', ill "under" Directors of thirty sb.iros. No subscription to he "received for less lhan tire share", whilst by the published list of shareholders I find a large mm her who have subscribed for lour, two, and even one snare. Proprietors of five shares (Instead of ten) to have a vote in any proposed alteration ol the sonnies. Fitted! days' notice is to be fclven of any rail for the ca| "I stock, 86 per cent of wMeh IS to lie paid down, and la.' a per cent at Intervals of two, four, si*, eight, ten and twelve amain ?II the calls are not paid at the expiration ol the fifteen day-, then eight further days for the pay merit is to be granted, when. If the call i? not paid, then all previous sums paid are to be lorl'efted to the government. I did not observe anything further that ailed for spe cial observation. Every care appears to have been taken to rstalili-li the bank upon a sound basis. I must not, however, omit to add that the capital of the bank was originally intended to have been three mil ions of dollars, but only >1 . '251 . 500 Ins been subscribed. Will the government subscribe the deficit? Nou> verront. The opera company has for several nights promised us Donizetti's "Los Martlres," but on ea^h occasion some excuse has been made fur its non-performance. The last, on Sunday evening, was the illness of the prima donna. Slgnora Cavantl. * * * Forge*! Revolutionary Document. TO TIIK VROt OF Til K As your widely circulated paper will lie among the first from this country that will be read in Havana at the shortest opportuni'y, you would oblige me by in?er1 ig in Its columns the following declaration : ? Reliable in formation has reached me, from letters arrived by the last steamer from Havana, that there was in circulation in that city, a proclamation bearing my signature and purporting to excite a revolutionary movement in le island, with all the elements existing there. I on aware neither of the tenor of -aid document, nor of the inten tion of its framer, but must hasten to declare it apocry phal, in spite of a signature unauthorized by my' -If. Accountable only for my own writings. I loudly disclaim all such as enn be evidently ascribed to the |ierversity ot onr enemies. This formal denial will he a sufficient warn ing for div fellow-citizens, who will, therefore, refer that paper tofts proper source, and give it the credit it may deserve. P. VAIJENTE. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOBBY M A RKRT. TvmOAT, Oct 2?6 P. M. The stock market continues to be tolerably well mtin falned, In the face of the contraction in the money mar ket which is sweeping on with una hated force; stock dealers for a rise, and bank officers for their interest ac count, sre the last who reuird the evidence" of an ap preaching change. The former live on hope and false hood?the latter on the knowledge that when the deman \ i? made to " stand and deliver," the money must come, no matter who suffers. Dank officers continue to lend al they dare of their customers' money; Wall street men continue to borrow: but commerce is rapidly requiring its capital, and both banks and sto;kjobbers will tie com pelled to meet th* ca>o. A time of fearful liquidation among stock speculators hastens on, California gold to the contrary notwithstanding. The principal important feature in Wall street at the prtsent moment is the late speculation in Krle llailroad stocks, officers and ex officers are said to Aguro In the traffic. The same spirits were largely short but a few day> agi. and their Inlluence was used to depress it They arc tow said to he 'long " to the ex>ent of many thousands of shares and a? a matter of course they see things with very different eyes. ?' The receipts are now large and the i \pen?e?are now ? mall, "and ?? the business of the fall months will exceed belief, and yon can't go amiss to buy a few hundred." An old dodge in the shape of a n*w "report" is thrust down everybody's throat, and so we go In for another rise The receipts for the month* of September, October and November will no dopbt be equal to the estimate, and thoeewf oecessary to cnsuie ih? "olvency of the com. pany. Apart from thin question the concern can have no sympathy from the investing public tor years to come. Erie Railroad stock cannot and will not command invest: ing capital tor a long period of time, if ever again. The rise from 30 to 66 baa brought thousands of shares ontof permanent hands and cast them into the common caul" dron of Wall street stockjobbing. With the ebb and flow of the money market the stock most rise and tall, or so long as men can be fonnd to spend their days a nd nights in concocting plana to humbug the community as they are manifestly doing now. When these ingenious people are satisfied the stock will And its proper line.

In the midst of the present apparent firmness in the stock market there are some very extraordinary facts to dwell upon. Millions of railroad bonds are seeking a market, and do not find it. They draw six and seven per cent interest per annum, bnt there are no investors. Those who have them for sale are admonished by the press and by the public that the coming crop* are the plaster lor all their ills, and that they have only to wait until fall when they can command their own terms for their wares. Unfortunately for them while they wait a new batch is being manufactured, and when the golden hour arrives they will meet with increased and increasing difficulties. It was universally believe! in the fall of last year that too many railroads had been built and that the question oi the productiveness of thoso roads already in operation was by no means settled. Hiese points are no less trne now than then; but during the recent abundance of money men have forgotten their lessons. While capital has accumulated from the contraction of industry and the cessation of enterprise, old securities have found their way to the seaboard and constitute the basis of the ex it-ting bank expansion. They are no better located now than they were last fall ? the railroads are no more pro ductive now than during the year 1864, notwithstanding their increased receipts. We look with confidence for an enormous effect so soon as the bulk of the new crops ap pear, but not the effect so oonlidently anticipated by needy railroad men and sanguine Wall street bulls. At the first board to-day there was a blue time at the .Stock Exchange. The bears were in high spirits. Quota tions for nearly every stock on the list show a decline. Virginia 6's fell eff >? per cent; North Carolina 6's, 1; Erie Bonds, 1876, Illinois Central Bonds, Delaware and Hudson, 1; Canton Co., Cumberland Coal, Pennsylvania Coal, Panama Railroad, 1; Cleveland' and Toledo, 1; Chicago and Rock Island, 1; Harlem, %? Erie was without change. At the close the tendency wa* downward. Alter the adjournment of the board the following sales of bonds were made at auction by A. H. Muller ? $3,000 Ottawa Township, Ohio 7's, 1873 flat. 27 y 7,000 1'leasant do. do. do do. 87'" 9.000 Perrysburg do. do. do. !!!! do! *J8U 1,000 Washington do. do. do. . . .. do! 3.) * 1,000 Erie and Susquehanna Coal Co. 7's, 1805. . do. 26 At the second board Erie bonds, 1876, declined % pc; cent; Illinois Central bonds, 1; Cumberland, % ; Nica ragua Transit, >?; Harlem, Reading Railroad, ,"4'; Hudson River Railroad, X; Erie Railroad, %. Tin highest bid for the New York Central at the close was Viyi per cent, and that was for delivery on a contract maturing. Mr. Corn i 1. g the President of this company, has been in the city the past day or two, and he states officially that there will be no change, for the present at all events, in the late transfer orders. The II linois Central Railroad Company have culled for a further instalment of five dollars per share upon " the stock upon which fifteen dollars-is now paid, payable on the 1st Inst. Intorest on the stock for the your ending July, 3866, will be paid on the 1st of November. Holder of stock on which fifteen dollars per share have been paid will receive eighty six cents per share, they first paying the instalment called as above. The holders of stock on which twenty dollars per share have been paid will re ceive one dollar and forty cents per share. It is semi officially stated that the gross earnings of t h? ? Galena and Chicago Railroad Company for September, will range between #'260,000 and $276,000. When It is recollected that there were live Sundays in September, and that this company earnod at the rate of $10,000 pp. day, it will be seen that the receipts for that month were by this circumstance reduced to tliat extent. The fact of a road, with a capital of ouly six millions of dollars, earn ing $276,000 in twenty-five working days, Is unprec? dented in this country. At the same rate, New York Central should ha\u earned in the name time $1,800, 00o at least. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day ns follows:? Paid on Treasury account -0d 1(fi Received do. m n?S 2? iteumco do. * Paid for Assay office ' g. Paid on disbursing checks 73 80C " ! The warrants entered at the Treasury Department Washington, on the 28tli and 29th ult., were as follows:? J- or the redemption of stock* e. ....... $1 674 77 For the Treasury department ' ' " ' 38171 44 *or the Interior department 31 014 j j For the customs ' 78 .'U3 8i" War warrants received and entered .165130 71 War rei ay warrant* received and entered! ...i 1*8 Mi 82 I'rawn on account of the navy 203'954 70 Kef. ay men ts on account of the navy.. 28 899 06 1* roni miscellaneous sources. , M * '09 *7 From custom " 4,00:? ?. ,6 * rom lands *^06 78 The total amount on deposit in the different govern ment depositories to the credit of the United States Treasurer, subject to draft, on the 29th of September, was $21,709,241 72. Of this sum $3,303,753 was In Bos ton. $9 801,924 in New York, $3,210,448 in New Orleans. $1,923,364 in Philadelphia Mint. The transfers ordered were an follows:? To Treasury of the I . States, Washington. 200,000 0<l To Assistant Treasurer, New York.. 1 250 000 00 To Assistant Treasurer at New Orleans, La. 41)0 000 00 To Assistant Treasurer at St. l/ouis, Mo.. .. 350 000 00 To Assistant Treasurer, San Francisco, Cal. 840 000 03 To Depository at Norfolk, Va Tgiooo 03 To brunch mint, San Francisco, Cal 231,210 ;J4 Total $y .'149 21# m Vrom Assistant Treasurer at Ro<ton, Mass. I,'l4:t,000 00 from Assistant Treasurer at New York. Krom Assistant Treasurer at St. l/.uis, Mo! Kr. m depository at Baltimore. Md Krom depository at Detroit, (late).. Fr< m depository at Chicago, 111 ..... . K rotn depository at Detroit, Mich.......". Krom mint of 1 nlted States. Philadelphia from branch mint, New Orleaoa 7,0,111 $3,297,210 34 The September sales of il,e lands of the Illinois Centra! Hiulroad Company amount to 29,911 acres for $439,084. The annexed statement exhibits the cost of the New York. Cent ral llallroad, according to official returns made to the State Engineer : Nkw York Central Railroad. Oust of Road an<f I'spiiimriUi. ? , . , Sq*. ' 0 1863. Sept. no. 18", 4. (?reduction and masonry $'>126 422 - - - Bridges ' 647', 900 Substructure including iron. . 8,140 372 station", buildings and fixtures 6Tl'576 i'-ngine and car houses, machine shops, machinery ami fixtures 4 82,433 I and, land damage- and fencos. . 2,67?,962 l ocom'tvn. flxt's and snow plows 1,458.9M) Passenger and baggage cars.... 476,482 freight and other ears 826,001 Kngineering and agencies 631,730 Total $22,004, 629 Increase in coit in one year The addi' ion <1 cost created by renewing and repairing this rosd is so much added to the construction account The above increase has been provided for by an issue of three million' of dollars in seven per cent bonds, and a floating debt ot one million. Thi? floating debt, with all Its additions for expenditures on construction account during the present, and perhaps another year, will lie funded by another Issue 0! bonds It may he difficult for stockholders to believe that this company has at this moment a floating debt of one million of dollars. When we see such a det.t accumulated in such a short time after the last issue of bonds, stockholders must begin to ap^re bend a collapse that will endanger their dividends. , fy are In greater danger than any of them Imagine. We have no idea that the Central will suddenly suspend as the Erie did, but It must soon make another reduction In the rate. In February, 1864, the semi annual dividend was five per cent. In August the rate was four per cent, and that was not paid until January, 1866. The p-vy. menu since have heen four percent, and that rate can .ot continue long. The company do not earn it. The offlcltl returns of eai nings and expenditures for the flical yen ending Sept. 30, 1864, were as follows:? Nrw York Ocxtkai RAimoAtk? 1864. Earning and A spenditurrt. Yetr ending Sept. 30. 1864:? Receipts from lingers $3,161,613 89 From freight 2,479.820 00 I rom other sources 280,999 96 Total $6,918,334 60 Kxpen*c?? Transposition ex p*n?e?(62 per ct.). 13.088, 041 23 Int. on funded debt 060,513 10 For ?in)ilng fund for dehtctfs.. (premi am bonds) 111,060 M 3,865,013 03 ~$A 06*720 68 Dividend paid May, 1864 $1,126,606 76 IMyMend due Aug 1, 18/>4. (but not paid until Jan.. 1866.... 022.000 00 2.048 -OJ 36 Pnrplo*. $14,618 23 In t^^Mcount not one cent ha* been f rrvided for de prccUkMP The entire net earnings were need up In the payntaat of dividends. This ii not bo tavorable m the statement we made * few days since on the business of the preeent year. The above ia the actual result of last year's operation*. Now let na see what the actual reeult in of the fiscal year which closed on the 30th September, 1866:? Nrw York Ckntrai Rajijuud? 1855. Gross earnings year ending Sept. 30. 1856, 11 months, official, September estimated. .... .$6,360,000 Running expenses 58 per cent. . ... Tienreciation fay 1 per cent on capitul 240,000 In? on debt $11,600^000 at 6 per cent. 600,000 ^.ngTnd lk P- cv"n $MW.OOO 111,176 Net earnings 81,409,185 Huh is equal to a fraction less than six per cent on the capital ($24,000,000) of the company. The rate for run ning expenses we have put down at two per cent less than the average in Ibe State reported by the State En gineer. The gro?B earnings of the New York Central last year wero only equal to $1 78 per mile, and the !-tate Engineer says that it cost the railroads of this State last year an average of one dollar per mile to ruu their loco motives. At this rate the Central only earned 78 cents per mile. It therefore follows that the current expenses were 68 per cent of the gross earning". In 1853 the company reported its expenses at 48* per cent, in 1854 at 62 per cent, and in 1865 they will not be less than 58 per cent. The Increase in gross earnings In 1855 over i 854 has not been more than five per cent, so that the actual net earnings will be considerably less. The net earnings of this company have replied tholr cul minating point. Tho gross income may from year to year show a slight increase, but the company have to do a great deal more work now for tho same amount of money, and extra expenses will more than abi-orb the increase in receipts. Tho competition the Central has, during the past year, been carrying on with the Erie, must have run its expenses up nearer to its receipts than ever before. Apart from this local con petition, we have a line through New Jersoy nearly com pleted, via which it is one hundred miles nearer 1-ake Erie than by the Central route. The New Jersey Central read will, another season, be a formi'table competitor with the New York Central for the through travel. A earing of one hundred miles between this city and Cleve land will be made by tho New Jersey Central route, and the bulk of the through travel must naturally take that route, both for cheapness and expedition. This, ami several other causes, all operating against ths travel nsid traffic of the New York Central line, must compcl that com) any to enter still more earnestly Into competition, which, in the end, w.ill be fatal to it. The receipts of the Michigan Southern Railroad, in September, are reported at about $250,000 ; those of the Cleveland and I'ittsburg at $05,000, and those of the Cleveland and Toledo at $75,000. The Indiana State Auditor gives notice that the se:u rlties held in trust for the redemption of the circulating notes of the Plymouth Bank, at I'ly month ; State Stock Security Bank, at Newport ; Traders' Bank, at Tcrre Haute; Drovers' Bank, at Rome; Farmers' Bank, at Ster ling; Agricultural Bank, at Mount Sterling; and New York Stock Bank, at Vincennes? all of Indiana? will be sold at auction at the Merchants' Exchange, In this city, at noon, on the 29th in?t. Those securities consist of Indiana and Pennsylvania fives, and Virginia and Lou isiana sixes. Stock Exchange. T( ksdav, Oct. 2. 1865. $6000 Ohio 0>, :f>0.. 106* 100 shs Krio Kit. .b25 55 * 27000 Virginia 0's.s3 96* 200 do WW 65* 6000 do slO 06 * 100 do s 30 55* 1000 do c 06 * 85 do opg 65* 16000 Tenn 6's, 'UO. . 05 ? 800 do b60 50 1,000 do s4m 04 100 ;lo at60 66 2000 Missouri 6's... 01 60 , do s30 55', 35000 do c 91 * 60 do 6ft V 2000 NCarolina 6's.c 08 200 do b0O 5.>* 1000 ErieBs '83 sl2m 90 60 do s30 65 5000 Erie Bs '75 . . b3 87 * 100 do sOO 55 1C000 do btO 88 550 do 65 10000 do c' 87* COO Reading BR 94 6000 H Riv 3d Mt Bs 73 1700 do s'JO 91 MOO do b30 73* do ?SW M 2000 111 Cen HKBs b3 80* 200 do slO 94 515C0 do 80. 200 do bOO 05 IWOOO do b60 80 * 200 do bU) MK 15000 do bOO 80>i 600 do s4m 03* 17000 111 C RU FPh.sS 81 100 4o s3 93J, 600 N Y Cen 6's. . . 91* 200 Hudson RR. . .b00 39 500 N Y Cen 7's. . . 103* 100 do.. . . .b00 89* 240 shs Del k H C.b3 127 10 Mich S k N IndCon 90 82 Butchers & P Bk. 126 300 1'anama RR 104 15 Hanover Bank . . . 97* 750 do brtO 101* -00 Canton Co...b?0 25* 20 do 103* 31,0 do rOO U6 loo CU1 WHU DP hHO 118^ 1C0 do 25 18 do 117 1L( 0 Cumb Coal. . .s3 26* 1400 OvfcTol Rlt.s'M) 8.* 500 do 20* 200 do *60 82* 450 do s3 26* 850 do c 82* 300 do bOO 27* 100 do s3 82* 200 do hio 26, s 50 do b20 83 100 do blO 26* 200 do 8.30 82* 100 do b3 26* 100 do c 82* 300 do b30 27 10u do btO 82* 50 do bl5 26* 50Chi&R'kl llR.opg 94 400 Ward CoalCo.bl5 1* 100 Harlem RR 26* 50 lenn Coal Co... 100 60 do s3 25* 300 Erie RR. . .?.opg 66 SECOND BOAUt). $6000 Erie Bs '75.bC0 87 * 260 shs Reading R.b3 93* 50C0 do >eO 86* 400 do b'JO 94* 11000 do 86 X 400 do 93 6000 111 C ltR Ps.sflO 79 100 do b?0 94* 3600 do 79 10<1 do s90 03* 6000 111 F'd Bs, prlr 81 60 111 Central RR. . . 9 2'i 700 shsCum CCo.b30 27 100 Hudson River RR 38* 100 do 26J? 60 do b3 38* 100 dr b30 26* 100 do b30 38* 60 do h3 26 ? 10O do l>60 39 V 60 do ...."'10 26X 100 1'anama RR. . b60 104 100 do blO 26* 100 do 103* 100 do M5 27 32 fc Chicago RR 117 100 do WO 27* 1500 Erie RR opg 54* 100 N'ic Transit. Co... 19 400 do pfcc 54* 164 1'enn Coal Co. . . . 100 COO do s60 54* 260 Harlem RR.... s3 26* 100 do...s3pA:o 64* 600 do I>00 26 100 do sflO 54* 1560 Reading RR.... 93* 200 do opg 64* 100 do b30 94* CITY TRADE REPORT. Ttiwimy, October 8?0 P. M. Apiilf.? Sales small and prices unchanged. llHKAitfm m. ? Flour. ? The market was .ess buoyant, without quotable change in prices. The sales embraced 8X00 a 9,000 bbls., Including common to extra Stale, at *7 C2 a $7 87, with some lots it $8; Western sold at $7 02 a $8 62* for mixed to fancy and fair grades of extra Among the transactions were some parcels fur export. Southern was steady, with sales of about 2,000 bbls. nt 18 12 a $8 ?58 for common to choice brands, and $8 76 a $1* 50 tor tancy and extra, llallego and canal was held at >10 62*. Rye Hour and corn meal were unchanged. Wheat was easier, with sales of 15,000 a 20,000 bushel*, including red Southern, at $1 85 a $1 91. and white do. at $2 01 a $2 07, and Canadian whltev at $2. Corn: ? Prices favored purchasers. The sales embraced about 30.000 a 40.000 bushels Western mixed, at86c.a86*c. Rye. ? The market was firm, with sales of shout 5 000 bushel-, a good part in the slip, at $1 14, and the remainder, prime quality, at $1 19. Oats are in (air demand at 42c. a 4$e. Co* rat. ? The market was dull, with sales of 400 a 500 bags of Rio,' in retail lots, at He. a 11 *c., closing with a tendency to lower rates. 100 mats of Java Mild at 14 V'., and 60 do. at 14c. OOROR. ? The sales embraced about 1,000 bales, with out change In prices. Ehboiitv. ? Kates continued firm, but were some loss active, as shippers were waiting later foreign new-> by the Collins steamer. To Liverpool ? Some parcels of cot ton were engaged at 7-lt>d. About 6,000 bushela, at 12*C., in ships' bags, and about 1,000 bbls. flour, at 4s. To I/endon ? 10.000 bushels grain were engaged at 14*0., and 10,000 do., at p. t.. with small lot of rosin, at 4s. To Bremen? 6,000 gallons oil were engaged at 8*c. ; 40 tons meaaui sineatfgooda at 25*.; 8,880 kbit, rosin, at 3s. 6d. To Antwerp? .0, 000 bushels grain were engaged atl6d., and 300 bales ol cotton, at lc. Tlierp was no change in rates to Havre or to California. Km it? 10 cases l?f horn citron sold at 22 Kc. ; 200 boxes hunch raisins were sold at $2 80, and 100 bsgs nuts ?cj? sold at 14*c. Htm*.?' flie market continues firm, with a fair amount of sales. Ikon. ? Small sales of Scotch pig were made at $37 50, four months. iJtATtlxn. ? The market was buoyant, snd holders were firm, under the belief that prices had not reached their highest point, in consequence of the high prices of hides snd the light stock at present in the market, and in the face of an active and increasing d.-mand. I jjin continued firm, both foreign and domestic. Moijkww was quiet, hut firm. Naval St"K? were in lair demand, without change In prices. Ona.? Sperm was more firmly held: sales of 200 bas kets sweet oil in <iuart> were made at $3 62*. IHovMONa. ? l'ork aas dull, and sales small, >*ing con fined to retail lots, at $'22 31 a $22 37 for new mass, and at 821 25 for prime. Beef was steady, with moderate sales, at $11 50 a $12 for country prime, and $18 a $14 for mess do. : Western re-packed and prime mess were unchanged. Cut meats were firm, but the market was with some sales to arrive at fkill prices. lard was un, changed, with sales ol 200 hbls. at ll*c. a 12c. Rhf was quiet, with small sale* at old rates. St The market was dull, with ?ales confined to 200 a 300 hhds. In lots, at about 7><e., 7 Sc. a 7*c. The Stock of h< gsheads on the 1st of October inst., wa* 12.602, against 13.413 at the same period in 1864 and 16,089 boxes, against 12,602 In 1854. Toba<xx>. The active demand for the article mntinnes, with a corresponding firmness of price* The sale* in clude 92 hlids. Kentucky and Maysvllle at 7*e. a ll*c. ; 148" hales Havana tobacco at 88c. a 42 *e. ; 266 bale* Cuba at 19*c- a 22c. . 46 ceroona Ambelima. for export, p. t.; 184 ca-es Seed leaf at 7*c. a 14e. : 40 ha les Havana scraps, p. t.; 183 eeroons St. Ixmiingo. p. t. The stock of Span ish tobacco on hand October 1, 1*66 was *? follows:? /MiYifio Qm. StigiM, IVim. <\ *'*. Fept. 1, bales 2,6 0 l,7.i8 ? 140 fll Received stoee.... 2,8?2 313 177 &o2 ? Totals 8,308 8,061 177 1088 311 Sales to Sept. ;>0. . . .2,405 1.103 ? 360 18 ?te?k Oct. I- a,M7 748 177 (ii 393 IDTIXTIS EVENTS IENEWED ITI1T BAT. ?*W fWUdiiTlONI. Fall ok sebastopoi,. THE ILLUSTR ATED LONDON NEWS For September 22, ' Which will contain numerous Illustrations or the BTOtiMIHG AHD rOTVRC Or SKSISTOCOL, And the Burnlnc and Destruction of the lil'fcaiA.N BLACK SKA. fUiUT, Will arrive per the steamer Pacific. An extra supply will bo received by ARTHUR WILLMER, Agent CUAhUts Willvsh'c Universal English aoJ Foreign News paper Agency, 1(J? Fulton atreei, hecoiid floor. N. H.? Orders, wltolenale and retail, will be received fop thin paper at the ofllcc, hh above, whloh orders will be de livered according to priority of receipt of order. ARTHUR WILLMBR, Agent, 100 Fulton street, secoud floor. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NliWS.-BY THE STEAMER Pacific, expected here to'lay, I shall receive a lurae iiiu ply of the News of the -1M f-ep'emlier, containing splendul view* of the destruction of Sevastopol. It will, no doubt, ba a very interesting number. 0. McKRE, 89 .V.i sau street, Hun Bulidlng. MRE. SOUTH W A UK'S NEW UOOK "THE DKSBKTKD WIFE." Published till* day, complete tu two volumes, paper OOver, for SI; or In ono voluiim, cloth, for $125. For sale by book sellers everywhere, and published by T. B. PETERSON, 102 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Read whiit the Sunday Mercury of September ;w nays ot it:? "Wherever the English Iniignui'.o Is read this book will make Its way, and the publisher lias spared no pains or ex ? pense to bring it out in the very beat style. It is a story of do mestic life, and its pictures ;ue all truthlul." lit All THE TAIU.E or CONTESTS. Introduction ? Marriage and The Bride's Trial. Divorce. The Forsaken House. The Old Mansion House. The New Home. The Aged Pastor. Tlie Midshipman's Love. The Old Mau'f Darling. The Worship or Joy. The Evil Eye. The Wife' ? Rival. The Philosopher. The now Medea. The Young Lieutenant. The Bleeding Heart. First Love. The Baptism of Oriel. Magnetism. Fascination. The Phantom's Warning. The Forsaken. The Wanderer's Death. '1 ho Fiery Trial. Raymond. Return to the Desolate Home. Fanaticism. Hagar at (leath Hall. llagar. The Flight of Rosalia. Rosallle. The Worship ot sorrow. The Antic. Ood the Consoler. (lusty. Uagar's Resurrection. The Moor. A Revelation. The Htorm. Family Secrets. The Lunatic's End. Roiala's Wanderings. The Hunt. The (jueen of Bong. La Lionne de Chase. Mysterious Rapping1! at Hoatll Hagar's Bridal. Hull. The Love Angel. Hanor'* Ovation. Call, at or scud to T. B. PETERSON'S, 103 Chejtuut street. Philadelphia. ______ R (1ENTREVILLE COURSE, L. l.-THIS DAY (WEDNKS J day), 0:t. 3, at 8 o'clock ? Match, $1,000, mile heats, best three in live. In harness. Frederick Johnson names ch. g Fulton; James Conway names oh. in. Lady Helen. JOEL CO.NKLIN, Proprietor. CENTREVILLE COURSE. L. I.? TROTTING.-THURS day, Oct. 25, at 8 o'clock? Match, $1,'KI0, two mile hea's, trt harness. George Sploer names b. g. Frank Forrester; Hiram Woodruff names r. m. Lady Frank tin. JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor. ED HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FATORITE PI .ACE OF resort is now in complete order, and ready to aeoommo lale the sporting and riding pilhlic. The Ootham and Bsl'ia lane Ball Clubs play on the beautiful green attached to the vmee, and afford much sport to the visit*? of this beautiful Olaee. The beat of refreshments always on hand. WILLIAM a. BROWN. Proprietor. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND ? RUNNING MATCH. ?On Wednesday, October 3, at P. M.? Match for $800; mfte heals, beat three In lire. F. it. Spmola names b. a. Jim Barton, by Orey Eagle, out of Ann Innis, by Eclip> -. William J. Shaw names ch. g. ( Hurley King, by imported Glencoe, out of Leopardess, by Meiloc. Cars will leave Sou b terry, Brooklyn, for the course, tit 2>? o'clock prcei ,ely, and return soon as the race is over. Fare to go and return, fifty cents. N. B. The racc will come olf rain or thine. Sll \W A WHITE, Propric'orn. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING.? ON FRIDAY, Oct. 5, at 8 o'clock, P. M.? Match, $1,000, play or pav, mile heats, best three in live, In harness. U. Woodrulf name* b lk. m. Black Bess; Wm. Sliutc names hi. g. Blue Morgan. S'IaW A WHITE, Proprietors. Broad rock, Richmond (va.) races.? fall n.eeiing, 1SW>, will commence the second MoEday in Octo ber, and comlnuc sU days. First I'M , Monday, Oct. 8 ? A sveepstakes for all ages, $500 subscription; pioprlctor to add tl,OO0; four m(lo boats, closed with ten subscribers. Second Day, Tuesday? A sweepstakes for three year -olds, MOO subscription, mile heat s, closed with three subscribers. Same day, second race ? A sweepstakes for three year olds, $200 subscription, mile heats, closed with eight subscribers. Third Day, Wednesday? Jockey Club ptirse, $500, three mile heats, flame day, second race? A sweepstake* for four year olds, 1300 subscription, two mile heatB, closed with live subscribers. Fourth Day, Thursday? Proprietor's pur-,e, $300, two mile beats. Fifth Day, Friday ? A sweepstakes for three year olds, |M0 subscription, two mile heats, closed with tour eubscriier*. Same day-, second race? A s ween, lakes for untried three year olds, $100 subscription, mile heats, closed with eight sub scribers. Sixth Day, Saturday? Proprietor's purse, $500, three mtln beats, for horses only that have started in some race during tliQ week. Weights tobc handicapped. There are al present thirteen stablr? in training for the abova meeting, exclusive of three other stables expected to arrive before the races. This will undoubtedly prove one of the t;nest meetings ever held in Virginia, and ttnc of the best thoroughbred horses will contend for the aht??e purses and sweepstakes. CALVIN GREEN, Proprietor. HOTELS. G ILMOB HOI'flE, MONLMKM ni^CAan hat. 1 1 mi urn. ?The travelling public Is reepectfully informed that thn Gilmor House will be open for Hie reception of guests on Monday, October 1. J. HILDEBERGER SMITH, Proprietor. W. H. W AttM.n, (late of the St. Nicholas Hotel, New York,) Superintendent. HOLDRKDOE'fl HOTEL, <59 BROADWAY, CORNER of i Union place.? Superior apurtmcnts for families, .r individuals, can now be obtained, with or without heard, by the meal or week, served lu dining or private rooms, at reduced prices. Baths I ree. Kooins rent (Mm $2 to $M> per week. WM. HoLDREDGE, proprietor. TREMONT HOUSE.? THIS NEW AND DESIRABLE hotel is located on the corner of Sixth sveaue and Fortie L street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue, opposite the Crystal Palaoe. It Is now being furnished, ami will be opened for the reception Of permanent and transient boarders in a few days. This bouse contains all the modern improvements, and Is every way calculated for a first class hotel. It will be kept by Wm. if. (Illson, who has had a practical knowledge oi the business, and the pubiic may be assured that no pains will be spare 1 on hU part to render it n uriliv theirjiatron*^*. TtTOODLAWN HOTEL.? THE PROPRIETOR OF THK "I above named popular establishment would respec'ful.y inform the public that he haa now eompletod a most magnifi cent supper and 'lining saloon, capable of accommodating live hundred visiters. In addition to this a substantial dock b is been added, where steamboats can land passenger* at 'any stage of water. The Woodlawu Is one of the most beautiful resorts on the BlQomlngdale road. Everv ? easonable retr'sh merit can be procured at the shortest Inn'lce. Military comna nieican he accommodated with heaimful shooting ground a'u.1 battery. C. W. CAMPBELL, Proprietor. THK MILITARY. ATTENTION? DAWSON LIGHT GUARD.?' THE MEM hers of the above eompauv, an I all wishing to join, an hereby requested to meet at Military Hall, on Thursday, Oct 4. at 8 o'clock P. M., on business ot importance. By order. THOS. WILEY, Cha.rman pro tern. David Ltndsat. Secretary prolem DllCK WnALLAPEKK, ATTENTION. ? THE DOCK) will meet on Wednesday evening, Sat instant, at "X o'clock at No. 22 Ann street. Punctual attendance of the member* I ? " ? R. MARSHALL, Paat O. T. ????? _ I FITZOFRaLD GUARD. -COMPANY B. 9TIT REG I mi nt, attention.? The members of this company are re otiested to appenr In lull uniform, at the Eagle Drill Krs.nn this day, at one o'clock, to pay the la- t tribute of respect t' their dec?as"i brother 18 artns. Michael Fallon. Military met and members ol the regiment are rrspertfuliy Invited' to a' 'end. T McGUlRB, Captain Target excursion.? drill room with mis kets for drill, parties supplied with tnuskeU, bayone ? bei's, plates and sheaths for parades. Meeting rooms to let a Ceatrfcl Hall, 174 and street. GEO. HOLBERTO.V *00 OCULISTS Alf D AUHI8TS. During my late visit to europe, i obtain ei several new Ins'rumenUt of Incalculable value in my spt clalty? l)emarte% optluilmoscope, which enables tbe oculist t look Into the interior tc ike *y< lid N* the optic nerve an retina In amattn'sls, and the lens in Incipient cataract, th equally extraordinary speculum, for looking into the drum < the ear, the Kusta. Man tubes and throat; .lacob's needles, fo removing catai net without pain <>r danger; the regulator. r< soulntlng; artlth ial tympaid. tor li.stantlv restoring hearm nliere the drum of 'he ear Is perforated or lost, aril /let si eve which move and look exactly like the natural. After men years' extensive practice anil experienc e, principally in th city, and m> lliiHI lilluin during my foruicn tour, trust It will not be deemed unbecoming In me to sav that I cot slder myself competent to treat all those who may place then selves under my rare sklllully, and to extend to them ever advantage that ran be obtained in either hemisphere. Patlrn who have been discouraged and wearied travelling trtnn on physician to another may consul' me with a positive a**ur,ui< that at all events they will be told with truthfulneas what tl> disease really Is ami whether curable or otherwise; for I. means of the new Instrument* eai-h caso becomes perfect! plain and virtble. At home from 'o 1 1 snd from 2 to 4 o'clo* dally. JAMEs W POWELL. Oeullat. Aurint, Ac.. No. 502 Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas. WATttJuioWIAl*. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, DESIROUS OF ENTHRIN the matrimonial state, takes this method vt makit known hia desire; he is 34 >esrs of age. poawssed of a mod rate competence, and eugaged in a pursuit abundantly r\fm Bed to support a help mate, with a good prospect In fntui One who [iossc?ses amiability of character, a good educatl and a cheerful, lively dlsptsirlon, i* >leaire<l; not over his ots age. Please 'ilrect to J 1" W.. Ifc'Stnn, Maas. All commm cation* to be considered confiden'ial. Any note la be r-tuni' after perusal if desired. MIATRIMONfAL OfFICF,. >~MADlHON STREET, t?l ner of Catharine ?Those wishing to form a ms rlmant alliance, will find It to thetr advanuige ny calling or addresmt (post paid) Mr*, l'rewster, who has opened a matrimonial r glster, whereby any lady or gentleman may secure to thei selves a partner for lire, without resorting to <he unpleasa alternative of advertising to express their wishes. Parti may send their real name, renideure, business, rtfferenee. c< cumstances. requisites. Ac., which will be exchanged. Ever thing concerning letter* or interne ws strictly oonMential. 4 * application* nust contain a p'jstag* stamp. ?rORTITO. ALL THF. CHOICE BREEDS OF DOGS FOR SALE tv ' for strs-k M*nce liniment and He* ei^nrmlna'or, infsl bly curing al! sores and .lis**s.'* of lie skin, d'*llng su.lil destruction to fleas ?? nn dogs. Price 50 tents. MS Wa street, oorner ot Fulton street CPoiffiNt; in new7ersfv-a pigeon khootiv O match will take plaf *t Osi ur Satnlfbrtl's, on 'lie News arid BeOevilb- roao. on Thurs lst Oet, 4. for a MleadM ?llv ct.p. shf oiinc to ctimmence at II o'tiock. Four hut.dr pigeons oil hand. CPQRTIEO.? fun. BOAT IKl.mRtPH FOR HAI O 2<Hs fe<" '"n*- Apply atM Fultoti street. Br</jkivna COIL. /"tOAL-BED AND WIIfTF ASH EGG AND BTO' * c.sil, screened and delivered In g.od orler, at the low ir srket price tbr eash. from yard* 141 Euabeth s'res* and , Haiiton itr-et, new the Bowery, by J.