Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1855 Page 5
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IBVERTISEMENTft RENEWED EVERT DAI. ~ MEDIi'ATICU IMIVL VTIOH. ~3Zx TBK I'HJiDliO-" HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, USE* AND Rcsuiia of Medicated luhtilutlon " lumasked. TO THK Kditoh or tiik Nkw Yohk IIkh h.d ? A gross ami unprincipled attempt W a: present being m?d?, Ihrouth the medium ol an adver lslng letter, u? decolve the aabhc an 10 lie true nature and value of medicated in halation in tho treatment ol* pulmonary aud kindred dis eases. "Were I to art in accordance with my own feeling* and Inclinations, I would not stoop to notice any statements, how ever plausibly put forth, coining from so destdcabio a source. But in medicine, more tlian in any other department ot sci ence, It is essential 10 lay aside that numdlousiiess which would deter the physician from meeting attacks, however vexatious, P^ty, sophistic or couiemptlble they maybe in themselves ; and a* 1 have alwaya advocated the advisability ol resisting the progress ul uairkery? by exposing Its Ignorance, avarice and cruelty? ana by plainly describing the nature of disease, and the beat moana of its alleviation, In the public newspapers, ?which ore read by the whole community . I hive determined to defend my viewa from an assault calculated, and evidently iu landed, to mislead the invalid, to hla own deatrucUon. I have * higher duly to perform than to expose unprincipled, preten tions and designedly wicked misrepresentations, and I choer fully sacrifice my personal I'rellug* lo ihU obligation. It be comes Imperative oa me lo caution the tiuwarv, to counsel tho unfortunate and to worn the doubting Invalid against the ma cbtnaiinn* of a selfish and unscrupulous plotter, who seeks, by alanderliig lnbahttlon, to entrap the in into the purchase of his md worthless and dangerous nostrums. Mo great truth was ever vet promulgated without mooting Dsltion from the prevailing errors of lis lime, or without f[ prostituted to the vilest uttn by the sordid ami avaricious man. In this Instance, the notorious character of the an Milam, and Ihe gross personality of his attack are not sulU dent reasons for silence. When I consider tliat hts mlsrepre MDtatlons are Intended to go forth to the people In distant p iris at Ihe Union, where Ids true character Is not Hiilllclently well known, and were penned with ihe deliberate aim and purpose mt misguiding the afflicted, I feel the nesenlty for an equally public refutation and exposure u> be the more urgent. In this e?7, and In some of the Kastern Stales, where his past career la % matter of familiar knowledge, he might have been left to the contempt which his proceedings deserve ? but among the un informed on this point, such a course would be hazardous and mistaken. There Is another reason why I should not permit this scan dal upon inhalation to pass unrebuked and unrafuted. The Mai writings of this manufacturer ol "braces" and "patent medicines " hare hitherto proved his surest rroteetlon. Ills unscrupulous assertions, his vulgar style, his ungrammatlcal fend illogical language, were a sufficient exposure or his igno rance and presumption to protect the intelligent portion of the mmmunliy from being victimized by him, however suocessful ?ey may nave been In enticing the less educated part of the paople. But in this Instance he has evidently employed a po lahed writer, and I regret to think a physician, to traduce in halation and to bolster up his own nostrums. These late ad wtisements come forth in a new and inviting garb ? they are really well written, and are therefore more calculated to de ceive. lathe columns of the Medical Specialist which was published ?o the 1st of September, 1 commenced a series ol articles on the history of inhalation, lo the course of which I noticed the origin of the practice, and referred to sixty diU'erenl author! Ilea who had written on the subject. On the 22d of September, this pretended history of inhalation made It* appearance, in which, alter having had three weeks to make notes from them, these very authorities are copied by the writer with a parade of knowledge on the subject truly amusing. While I cannot but regret to see the science of medicine de graded by the necessity for such a discussion as this. I am really gratified at the opportunity which this attack upon inha lation affords me of holding up lo public scorn Ihe merciless Impositions which this person lias so long and with comparative Impunity practiced upon consumptive Invalids, and shall not, therefore, hesitate to make use or the overwhelming evidence fc) my possession. The pressure of professional engagements prevents my giv kg any considerable attention to this exposure, If, Indeed, such were necessary: but I shall make, from day today, such obser vations on these letters as Ihe facts of the case may seem to de mand, beginning to morrow with the fictitious authorship. Tour obedient servant, R. HUNTER, M. 1)., Physician for diseases of the lungs. 888 Broadwav, New York, Oct. 2, 1868. roa balk. *119 nnn worth of Brooklyn property 'or sale, embracing 'U houses of various ?ndes. Also, to let, on reasonable terms, several houses, tirst and second class, with modern Improvements. Rent from >100 to #000 a year. Apply at 293 Broadway, room No. A, at the ofllce of ABBE A ROBINSON. 6*1 fin nnn ? proprrty owners desirous or ?lUU.vUU. disposing of ihetr real estate, will iinrl It Mvamageous to call and leave a description of the same at our ?fllee, Real estate of every description bought, sold and ex ?hanged. Dwellings, stores, Ac., let, rents collected, and everything pertaining to Ihe business promptly executed. BKRK1AN A BANKS, <0 Wall street, basement. AC/1 nnn ? 1 FOR HAr'E OR EXCHANGE FOR ^)UV U l/U other reol estate or merchandise, a lead mine, situated upon tide water, 30 feet deep; shore so bold that vcaaels can lie alongside and load from the mine. The vein, 15 feet wide, extends perpendicularly, like tho palisades, 00 feat high. The ore ean be blasted and rolled Into ships without ? u-tago, and yields 110 per cent besides silver, and can be ?hipped lo market and nold without smelting. Apply to Mr. JOHNSON, 208 Broadway, room 0. nnn exchanged last week JD^tU.UUU KartltSI jour property. For sale or ex Mange, six houses In Thirty-seventh street, four houses In Thir tv-second street, bouses in Thirty -tilth street, fifteen lota In Brooklyn; loll in Forty third street, Sixty-third street and avenue A; sixteen lots In Twenty ninth street, lots In Fifty third street, lots In Fifty-fifth street, lota In Forty fourth street, lots in Sixteenth street; houses and lots from Fourth to Eightieth alreets, ol all descriptions, for trade or cash. Apply .to H. MORTON XUiifKB. room 0, IflTIEroadway. Q Cnn FOR A VERY SUPERIOR FARM ON ^PXO .tJUU I Xing Island, 38 miles from New York taining 1*0 acres. 30 woodland and 100 handsomely improved and cultivated; tine large orchard, good house. v,arn and out buildings; beautiful view of i,ong Island Son^' aud ground ing acenery. K. A. BI NCE, 212 Br^uiwty, room No. 3. 000 ?FOR SAJL1 IMMEDIATELY, A TWO(9TOBY yU?l/vl/?wftb attic and b*^h basement brick house, on Ma dison street, near Market, Vtlh all the modern improvement*. -.r ftn investment. Apply immediately loC. G. TllOMl SOW., ?l Nassau Htreet, room >/o. 7. 4tA 000 10 F0R 8ALB.? A SODA AND Ml V Jt.VV/Vf n?;ral water manufacturing and general bottling ??UbltsMwtf. ettablUbed nevcral jeturn, with a large number m be?t ria? customers. Tho apparaiujiJ ease of pre mines, i, war, on m and everything coniplete, will be sold on rea Mftbte ierm?. Apply to UOWKH ? FROBISIIKB, M Nassau ?free t. ?<) rnn -for balk, stock, fixtures and VXiWu"". goodwill of ik wholewili) toy and fancy goods fcmness; lis* been established for the?e lad five yearn, and dring a good rash trade. The whole art ot the business will he een to tbepurchaiter, an the owner ha* other business to at d to. For rurther particulars please address box 100 Chatham wjuarc I'ohI office. At) nn/i -FOR SALE OR KXCIIANGK, Tim LEASE VMivU"< stock and fixture* of an old established feed and flour -tore, situated on a prominent comer, In one of the best localities to hp found for the above line of business, and will be disponed of at n bargain. Apply to HOWES A FRO BIFUKR. 84 Nassau at. ?FOR RALE, A VERY CONVENIENT AND > neatly finished one and a half ?tor> cottage. on Tarren street, near Bond, Brooklyn; house 25 by SO feet. fllle.1 n with brick, and finished In very good style; lot 25 by 100 feet. Terms will be made to suit purchaser. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 3i}i Pine street. 500 *q;a ?a milk and dutter dkpot and bound yOtJUi for sale, together with horse and wawn; the loca M unsurpassed In New York. The sales of milk are about " to W0 quarts per day, and In summer nearly double the "nil particulars apply to HOWE* A FROBISHER, 84 Nassau street. tn -for salk, a corner qrocbry and qP 4 ?JU. liquor store; one of the beet s'andn up town. The location lnsuriissted In New York, and, if properly kept and ?Mocked, would do a business of $1.0011 n week, liar receipt*, O to dally. IIOWKS A FBOBI8HKR, 84 Nasaan st *^'"(1 Will, PURCHASE ONE HALF OF A PIS OR 3BU? )') Dot, with horses, wagons, Ac.; profit* per week ?B0; or >.tAu will buy the lease and lurnltore of a boarding house now doing a good bastasss dosra town. Call between 12 and 2, at 1> Nnxaau xtreat, raaai * 9. ?375 WILL 1'UR<I1A?B m ?TEREST, STOCK, Ac., of an estaMtoed hiMteeas aow paying >4 to Sft BWday. Also, the stock and (Moras at a segar store doing a !m trade, will be sold low for oaxh or western land. Apply to WILLIAMS A SMITH, Si Nassau street. Aqen -for sale, the lease, stock and fix ?OUU. turas of a ton and coflee store, situated In one of the greatest thoroughfares m till* city, now doing a large and rapidly increasing business, and mist positively he sold this ~ " Apply early, this day, at '.Ml Broadway, room No. 10. SIMERH A TAYLOR. *ODO ?FOR SAU., AT (10 PER CENT DISCOUNT, the contents of a thread and needle and fancy floods store, consisting In part of hosiery, gloves, ribbons rrui? ods. needlework, buttons and trimmings of every description, ?tee) mourned glass cases, counters, awning, Ac. B. W. Rli'HAKlW, 807 Broadway. $30Q.~A pWABUHHBD.Ain) WEIA PA trunlsi'd cash tailoring store for sale, with stok, ffiturc. Ac. Rent low. A good opportunity for a new begin ner 111 health the only reason tor disposing. Apply at No acranherry street, Brooklju, or to II. W. DS, 1WI Broadway, 4 RARE CHANCE-FOR SALE. S39 AURJW OF VALtT jft. able land In Illinois, a short distance from the Itatlrisfl depot. The land (part prairie and part wood) will be sold or earharged for merchandise. horses, wagon* . or real estate la Haw York or vicinity. Apply to HOWKS A FBOBSHKB, 84 Nassau street. Astoria -for sale or exchange for a sm Tll gejiteel bouse and kit In the slty, a country residence containing sixteen acre* of land, one mile from Astoria L. I. . fronting the >o-ind and Flushing bay, Kur further particulars ? H. N., box *17 Poet office. A well KNOWN SULPHUR, VAPOR. CHEMICAL AND medicated bath establishment tor sale; loeation central In the Immediate vlctoltv of Broadway Ihs house Is large aid convenient, with plenty of rsom for a faasiiy. Terms oasy JCrery Informatiui given to a purchaser ? W RICHARDS. 1W7 JJroadway, APKW FOR SALE IN ORA' E CHURCH. VRRY RE A ?onalle If not -old within a few dsvs. will be rentod with Immediate paisrsaloti. Fnt full particulars apply u> B. W. IUCHaRDS, 307 1'. roadway. GOOD ( HA NOR FOR A MAN WITH A 8MALL OA pltal.? Far sale, a daily newspaper toia that pays a some Income; a good chance, tor a peraon who likes early T|BUO STORE FOB RALE? TV E BEAUTIFULLY LO JL/ csted drug -lore ?n Broadway, corner of Fourteenth afreet, tl.nion Ppine Hmrl.) wl'h the lea?e, ..ire/ ed for sale. The proprietor iia>ln? o*jer en?*??ae' nu, is deaUons of re tiring irom the h'tnlnesa. This pre*eat> an oppisrtaaliy for an ?nterprisln< apothecary mreiy to be ml with. Ant ly at tha -|*VBrt3 STORE FOR SALT-OR A PARTNER WAJTTRD. Xt tn one r/ the > eet cenvsllv loeaw^) drug stores in the Sickness the ots. v reason. The more m wall sb>ektd and ?as done a good hustn?;<> for a arimber m irmr B W K.' CHARIll W7 Broads ty. -pXPRKSS ?<?K KAIA-.-I.AN0 DON'S VRLL KNOWN Ja and long etUiMi-hed eapress. having everything neoew?rr to carry on ao e<U-i>aive tms?n?-s k l? a rare .thanoe; the mr+ -?rietor ha- be*n Induced tu -ell for resj*>n? abteh will t>e^ fMtcf' rlly explain"! on appllnttioii (e 'he pre*?Bt pmorletor P. LAXflftoX, 47 r?lia street, Brookl/n -B10B HALE-TWO LOTS OF OROCITD WITH PARTY JP trail. baautl/uUy located eo Mart ay I01J. on the north side eg Thirty -six lh street, between Leltagton sad Fourth avenues Joining fii?t <?!*?? houses. Inquire of A. KKNMKDY l.%) X? Thirty UOh street, near Third avenue SAI.E? BOOT AND SHOE HTORE IN BROOKLYN, 'o a person with eotne mean* this is a rare chance u> lo * Tate business to a profit, being an old nutnd and doing a/ present. Address O. H. P., Iferaid ofilen. R I'ALR ? T jlE FIXTURES OF A PORK AND tt3p ?tor *; aa J store to let, tn a genteel neisbirfirboo I A rat* as for ? Herman Apply lo D. D. JUAfiEK, il2 ilroomo l^Mf m hsciWL fUtii. ? ?OH Fok bals-a obbat bakcjain seldom omuu>. ? A grocery and liquor store, situated In a go si letgbhor hood, will be sold at a lacrltlce, 011 account 1h.1t the owner oan- j nut attend to It. Inquire ut the store 46 Spring street, or at Mr. C. MULLER'S, 19 Mlnetta street. For sale? the valuable propkrty, oorvkr of Seventh avenue and Thirty fourth street, (wide mreetj four stories high, Willi modern improvmen h. Firtt rule ?laud for a grocer or butcher. Terms very easy. Inquire of HAMUKL SPARKS, Jr., ou the premise'. Fob sale-one lot between eighth and Ninth avenues In Forty seventh street, In u giwid loca tion, well sewered, guttered, Ac. Sold cheap, onaecQimtol' the owner's leaving the city. Inquire ot I). MORAN. 3i.'j West street, between Ihe hours of 9 and 12, or at tlie Uraudretii Ho tel, from ti to 7 P. M. Fob kale ? the lease and fixtures ok a por ter house, situated in one of the best lig ations on the North river. I or further particulars Inquire on the premise*. No. 21 West street. For hale? a nick three story house, on west Twenty sixth street, very low; price (6,79(1. Two on Twenty elgbih street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; ?7 ,100. One on Thirty second street, netir Lexington avenue; (6 000. Two ou Elm street, (0,000. One on Fourth avenue. |I7 100, and others at low prices. E. U. KINSUIMER, 319 Fourui avenue; 3 to 7 P. M., 8 to 10 A. M. Fob sale ? the htock, fixtures and oood will of a confectionary and fruit store, now dolug a good busl uess; a desirable stand for a person having a horse and wagon, and a man to attend lo marketing, Ac. The present occupan 'h family It too small to give It proper attention. Apply at .18 Hamilton avenue, Soutu Brooklyn. Fob sale.? a laroe grocbby and uquor ?tore, with utock, fixtures, and gas; also a young sound horse, wagon and stable, Willi tour years lease a id cheap rent; sold on account of sickness. Apply at 174 Twenty 111 lb street, between First and Second avenues In the coal yard. Fob salk-the stock and fixtures ok a oro eery and liquor store, and the store lo let, between Slat and 32dst*., 80S 2d avenue. Fob bale? a number ok valuable and de sirable building lota at Kordham, Westchester county on the Harlem Railroad, one boon' ride from the city, for sale cheap; also, several desirable country residence!, unsur paused for beauly and convenience, for sale or eiehaoge for city pro perty. BKRRIAN A BANKS, 46 Wall street, basement. Fob hale? a two stoby and attic brick basement house, together with an unexpired lease of ?even years, with two renewals of twenty one years each. Price W.OOO. Apply on the premises, 182 Franklin street For s a lb? a rare chance? the beautiful, firm class four story and back basement brick house in West Thirty-ninth street, with modern improvements. (4,500 can remain. Anyone wanting a good Investment will oall Im mediately on tf. O. THOMPSON, ?1 Nassau street, room 7. Price only (8,000. For sale? a five year old colt, full six teen hand* high, warranted sound, and kind In harness or sadtle; Is a handsome square trotter, of superior style, and extremely gentle; as afamily horse haa few equals in the city. Apply at 106 Mulberry street. For sals ? a laroe packing box factory' carried on by the owner for twenty-eight years; will sel the business and machinery, ond give a lease. There are four circular saws and one upright saw; or will sell the lot, with all the appurtenances. The lot Is 30 feet front and about 100 feet deep, o tlrst rate four story fireproof brick shop in the rear, a large double two stoey frame building on front. The frout bouse will let, 111 tenements, fbr about (600 per year. A per fect title; no Incumbrance; clear of all debts and demands. The most of the money on remain on bond and mortgage, If required. The reason for selllni; Is the owner has boujjht a large farm, and will go and llvo on it. Inquire al w. J. COEY'S, 46 Marion street. Fob hale-a sofa bedstead, a fibst bate article, nnd nearly new. Apply at No. 1 Bowery, second Uoor, corner Division at. Fob sale? an old established news depot. For terms. Ac., inquire at No. 52 7 Urand street. For hale-at great bacrificb, i\ Brooklyn, a first class three story brick house and lot, price only (4,000; also, a neat 2% story IVatne collage anil large lot, price $2,7 to either house situated only live minutes' walk from three different ferries. Apply to W. BL'KIt, Lovejoy's Hotel, Park row, New York, between the hours of 12 nnd 1 P. M., or to S. MsllKoW, 32 South Seventh street, llrooklyn, near I'eckslip ferry. For hale in brooklyn-a tiibee story frame house, filled In with brick, 14 Bond street, in n mostl.isli lonable locality; eleven rooms, an open Atllc, front and back ntaxza and sub-cellar. Price (3, .'W0. Fifteen tuluutcs' walk lioni ferries. . For sale cheap? a portkb house and dinino saloon, In Second avenue, one door above Forty oocoud street, opposite the Second tivnnuo railroad depot. 1 Ue pro prietor Is going to leave the city. For sale cheap-a house in fortytiiird street, between Broadway ami Ekhih avenue, In good or der, and in a genteel neighborhood. Reason for selling, the owner Is about leaving the city. Inquire between 0 mvl U o'clock, of D. MORAN, 208 West street, between Dcv and Fulton streets, Washington market. FOR SALE, CItBAP,? the stock and fixtures of the lea store 11 ?; Bowery lor sale cheap, with lease If de sired. l he pre'^m proprietor Is about changing hi* business. S. L. HOOK. Fob sale cheap? am established daocf.rrran gallery In Broadway, flint cla*n locatl?n. The owner, desirous of removing from the city, will bell for SZ79 cash. Ad die** S. D., Herald office. Fob sale on bearonable terms, ob lono lease? a three story house. on one lot; two-story brick stable on an adjoining lot, well calculated for a workshop, or a small capital would nmke It a profitable Umam house. Inquire on the premlaea, Mo. 8 Manhattan atreet, near Union market. For sale or to i.kt-a new threk story and baaement brown atone bouse, with lot fid feet by 102, altuated on Eighty fourth afreet, near Ninth avenue; also a three atory and baacinent frame bouae, together with stable and carriage house, and four lota of ground, altuated on F.lghty third afreet, near Ninth avenue. For terms, Inquire of r. (>. Ward, on the premlaea, or of John P. Paullaon, u Wall atreet. For sale oft to lkt-on eighty ninth strect, near avenue A, two new and beautiful three alory houses, modernly arranged, with Croton water, batlis, water closets, wash trays, Ac., each house having four full Iota, fenced In, embracing a greenhouse, with fruit and shruhflery. Also, on the same street, directly opposite the above, an ele Kt mansion, wllh twenty eight lets, well adapted lor a hotel, rding houae or private residence. Alao, for Kale, la the vl clidlv of the above property, a number of vacant lota. In par ce!a to suit applicant*. The above property la restricted against nuisance has facilities for boating. fishing and bathing, and commands a delightful view of llellgate. rare 6'4 cuts, liy Second and Third avenue cara. Terms? "& per cent, of the fiuKl.jise mone^can remain on mortgage, and If Ihe vacant ots are to be built upon immediately, then the whole purchase money may remain on mortgage. Apply to H. RICHARDSON, 212 Fifth avenua. For sale or kxchanoe-a good hotkl, now doing a paying btialneas. located In a good business street, and within ten mtnutea' walk of the Merchant*1 Rxchange. The furniture and bouae la nearly new. and will accommodate from seventy-five to one hunilred persons. There Is also a good billiard room attached to the house. Will aeil the lease, furniture and fixtures aa they stand, for caali, or ex< hange for good real estate. Apply to O. II. iIAHKKLL, Real aatate broker, 14 Pine street. IflOR SALE OR EXC1IANOE FOB UNENCUMBERED city property ? Mama of coal land in Illinois, Ave mile* from a large city and three quartern of a mile from a rallroud. The coal la thought to cake w ? 11. and la of ureal value. Ail dress with real name and residence, S., Herald office. Price $100 per acre. Franklin btbket property? for sai,e, the house and lot, 26 by 100 feet. No, 114 Franklin street Terms gtjj. Inquire of C. C. MARSH, No. 34<i Broadway (Applekin (I ROCEB Y AND L1UUOB STORE FOR SALE.-THK T stock and fixtures of a grrcery and liquor atore, doing a good business for the laat five year*. In a central part of the city ?the owner having other business u> attend to. For partlcu Ur* inquire at 172'. West Eighteenth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. GROCKRY AND LIQl'OR STORK FO It KALE- NOW doing a good bualnesi, with a leaae of th? whole house; la In a thickly pyiulated neighborhood. 1 no ulre at JWU First avenue, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth ata. - ? i MAtlIINK#Y OF a PORTE MONNAIK ESTABLISH ment for sale, conalatlng ol steam and hand presaea, 17 s'li dlea, shears, shafts, polishing wheela and tool*, one lathe, pullies, vice*, lienehea, neama for wheela, scales, lamps, stoves, small and large tool*, Iron, copper and tlu wheels, drills, pin and planing machine*. All these article* and machinery, with others, are new, up and In perfect working order; wlllne sold at private sale or at auction, on the loth day of October next, at 12 M . on the premise*, corner of Kent avenue ami Taylor street. In the city ol Brooklyn (late Williamsburg. Forterma and particular* apply to JOHN Tt'FFS, assignee, Ac., M Wall atreet, N. Y. OB KAMiR OODNTV.-ONK IIINDRED AND FIFTKBN acre*, good house, barn, fruit, wood water. Including all sUwk, iarmlng utensil*, grain, hay, for (6.00(1. ter, miles from ncpnt. alao two hundred snl thirty seven acrea, fnilt, wood, waU r.f7.000: thirteen acre*, two bnusea, barn, fruit, (1 JUM. All 'he above farms are e?*y of s'-cess to and from the city J. T. PILQBIM, MB Broadway, m?a l> r CAPITALISTS AND LUMBERMEN -A MOST KX tensive lumbering establlabment In Western New York, ln( hill operation, wllh over thirty mllllooa of pine, and any quantity of hemU* A and all other timber, *lil be soil on the mo*t reasonable tertna. Addreaa or apply lo C. FOSTKK, Real Estate Agent, No. 83 Stale atreat, Albany, N. V. Texas and ororoia lands for sale.? aboct S.000 acre* of land, eighteen mlhw from the city of Austin, In Texaa, and 1(M, taw acre* In Ueorgla, sold or exchanged In separate parcels. If required. The land Is well located , and will be vary valuable. Apply to L. H. SIMPSON A SONS, t Beaver atreet. THO HAT MABl'FACTCRKRH.? FOR SAI.K- A FIKMT rate three siory factory, with all the apparatus, and a never falling supply of water, sl'uated In a convenient locality In ihe Fiate of Connecticut. Apply to F. McCRAKKN, base ment of n William atreet, al 2 P M. r|) CATHOLIC PnYSICIANS.-A PHYSICIAN, R1SID Ing In a large and rapidly Improving ciyr, west of New i York, la desire, iia of selling nls practice, the actual re? elp<? of whhh amount to nearly (our thousand dollar* par MHHMI the appointment of physician to a large hospital would be available also Satisfactory naaeni for the disposal of thl* fine practice will be assigned, a reas-mable Introduetfcwi given There are circumstance* why the transfer can be rendered easy and certain. Apply to J. A MASTER. Freeman'* Jour ral office . I'd Fulton atreet mo SHIP BI'ILDERS -FOR SALE? I nAVK THREE J. hundred Icni beat quality ship Umber, which I will s-dltn Erasing u rail and deliver In Baltimore Apply In ALKX AN utf< SMITH, HaC'a t roes Boads, Harford county. Md. THp DBl'WtH'TK AND APOTHECARIES -F. HALE RK wtsctfully Invtie* the attention of purchaser* to several bona Vie concern* now for sale In Rosiklyn, Williamsburg and J*tw Vork nltlea Full nanlcnlars given by ealilng on f, MALE druggUta' glass awl tlxtiirr dealer HO Nassau sireet. (Tlf) IUU OOISTS AND Al'OTHRC A RUIS ? AN OLD F.? J tabli hcd and besulifully ftue<l driM atore for sale doing first rale Uisbie*>. and de-lrably located It Is leased very low. tour sears of wliU* is uneinired Priee ?e,(a?. Afidy at w m > HALE, drwggists' gla>s and flxtuae dealer, SO Nas sau sareet. STOCK ANJI FIXTCRF.S ~OF A LACE AND EK I t.TS*derv store ? The st tick u small. saraMly neleced, sod boiigW tmt flash; has been sstablished for ? ve yvars. large ran of t wliai. The reason for aelMng Is (kc owasr has other l?sltiess. Tk? stars is situated o? the best business sir In the city it itmar seldom ofltored. Apply la ?r sAlrasa JtJlIN < LARK, 4ft War ran atreat, second Hoar. ?TO RXClurKOE FOB MERCHANDISE ? *0 A?'RM f?r 1 land. Win, 4b slglcy miles of Nsw Vork city. A<ldre<s F. J. L. .140 East . Weoly third straet. rTTNI?ER,il~rO" 'IM FfWl \ I.I MV P,llf BOI ' I R A one heading i naeaine. three fnidlng machine., boring ?nd wiring machines Ac Apply at ? HouUl si., baas irrvAHON wasted. A LADY PKSIREH TO OCT A SITUATION AH WRT nurse for a fnlibul woman, with ,i good tj' oiutul' ul'< 1 | tt ho ha* 'Ived with her in capacity, and whom aha can r? t commend to any one needing nuch a peraou. Pleaae apply at I ?M W a- h.iintoii place, between Hie hour* oi 0 and M. ANEATTIDY < I IRL WISHES A SITUATION ASO I VM I ernialn anil to du aewing, or would cook, an 1 Iron tor aatiiali faintly; can make heme If acreealile; (I.kkI iet. ence I ram liar iu*t place. Call at aU7 Went Juili at., necoud Uoor, lor two daya. * SITUATION WANTED? BY A imOTAWJ J\ young Kill, a* chambermaid anil waiter, ur a ahamber nwnl hi il nurse. In mire lor two (lay* at 1-tfc L.utt Itflli be tween I'll and ,'i.i avenue*. ASH CaTMN Wa.nted-BY A RMPBOTABLB WO man, as t'oo.1 rook, wu?lier anil Irnnrr In a prl.'aM) lainl ly. Bent ciiy reference. Inquire at Ml t>'U avenue. Ayovno woman wants a situation as cook. w a>her ami Ironcr, or to awlat wrh it lu a aiuall private lamlly. tiood reference can be K> ? en 'ruui her lant plane, l'leane call at 4VU titli avenue, between .'Jib anil Will aU., tint Uoor, tack room. ARF.SPKCTABLR WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION u> cook in a private family ; la a gmxl wailier and Ironer; cat. make excellent lircail; ban lived lour yearn In ber place. IIiih kooU clly reference. Can be ?yii at No. t> Cot iage row, Water at., near Kulion ferry, Urooklyu. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOU NO WOMAN w.iulu ii nation as seamstress, or childreu'a nurae, or would iId light rhamberwork aiui . underatau In all klnda of tine Hewing. Beat of city reference given. I'leoao rail ai No. 40 Went lath street, between 5th and tlth avenuea, tirat house lu the rear. A nick. BBSPBCTABLB TOUBQ Woman wants a situation to do general hounework lu aniuall private. la unly. Beat ot clij reference*. A I'ruieniant lainily preferred. Cau be He. n for two (lay* at 18 Stunton a'., In the rear. A SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A HITUA tion ua nurae and acumatren* In a lamlly going to Callior nlu; flic will bind herself u> remain with them II X or twelve monlha If desired. Apply to R. K. Mellaril. 153 Broadway, with whom alic I* now living aa cook. cny reference. run ne seen ai I I a neat Him at. , m uie rear. A NICK, RESPRCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A ?Dilation In a reapectalile family, to dorhannerwork anil help In the houiewont. Can produce rwkI city ret'erenoen. t ua be aeon for two daya at 18 .Stanton at., In the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tlon aa chambermaid and to annlat In wanhlng and Ironing, or walling In a resectable private family; ha* the beat of city reference. Apply at 71 Mott it.. In the ntare. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Hon an chlldrun'a nurae and to do plain sewing; in yearn ; la willing to make horaelf generally uaeful. Apply at 71 Molt tt., In the grocery ntore. AVRRY RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A alluatlon aa cook, chambermaid or laundrena, with bent ot city relerence from her laat place. None need apply but good famUlea. Alno. a amall girl to lake care of cblldreu. Pleaae call at 30U lilcka at., Urooklvn. ARKSPECTAIII.K YOUNO WOMAN WIBI1KS A HITUA | Hon an chambermaid and waiter, or an nurae .mil to do plain aewlng, understand- In r biifdiie?n tboruuubly. Ilent i-Pv reference front her la*t place. Adilrenn M., box 138 Herald oUlce, for two daya, which will be attended to. ALm RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA Hon aa good plain cook or baker, lu a aruall private family; In a good wanher and Ironer; uudernUnda huuaekeep Inn; t? very kind to children; good city reference*. Oau be Keen tw o daya at 166 9th >1., between 3d aud 1th avenuea. A LAIJY OF THE HKIHKST RESPECTABILITY WISHES an engagement aa houaekeeper, or would take charge of an Invalid. The bent of city reference ghen and re<|ulred. Ad dieaa Eugenia, Herald office. A OKRMAN GIRL, WHO SPEAKS GOOD ENOLISIT. nltbeaa aituallou an neamnlre?a and laily'a maid; alie uudcra'anda drearmaklng. and all klnda of aewiug. Addrean B. F. O., Broadway Poatofllce, for two daya. AVKJtY RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, WANTS A situation rh dressmaker tod lumUrco In a private family; ran cut and lit hII kinda of ladlea' anil children * tires*?*; has no objection to n**Ut with ahamberwork. or to lake care or children: understand* all kind* of wwing. Has no objection to go u "hori distance In the cougtrv The best ol' clfv refe rence given. Can he an n fop two days at Jl>i Carmine It. A MIDDLE AOED PROTESTANT LADY WANTS A sltuittou to attaint an invalid lady or gentleman, or growu children. Ha* no objection to go a lew iiiIIcm from Hie cltv Oood city relcrence. Apply at a Amity place, near Bleeefcer itteet. A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlon, to do the houaework of a until family, or plain wiw Itig, and to take care of children. 1 an he seen for three days at !) llorrlnon ?t., Boatli Brooklyn, Drat Uoor, front r?H Bent of reference*. A*OUNO OIRI, WANTH A SITUATION AH SEAM mreM in a private family . understand* all kinds ol family Hewing; li a good dressmaker; la willing to as*|st In chamber work. Can be ?een at 2S3 3d avenue, near 21m at. A RESPECT .t RLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHKS TO 00 oul by the day, week or month, a* vamatrein ; sho work* well with her needle, and ciita and tlta children'* clothes lias r"od re'erem e. I an l>e m en at 249 I Itli al., between avenuea A ami U, third floor, back room, for one week. A SITUATION WANTKD BY A RESPECTa IILK PRO tewatit young woman, aa seamstreaa or nur*?. The beat of city reference furnlnhed. Can be *een for two day* at 105 West 17 tii ut.. Lei ween fith and 7'h avenuea. AMIIIDI.R AOED WIDOW LADY, an amkrican wl*he* a situation a* housekeeper, In a hotel or anial family; satiafactory reference given; wagea not so much an ob Ject a* a good home. ( 'all or addre-a Widow, 21 Amo* ut., for iv o day*. A SITUATION WANTKD ? BY A RK4PKCTARLK young woman, as nurse; la perfectly capable of taking charge of a young Infant; la a very good plain aewer; beat of city refererce can be gl?en from her laat plaee. Please oall at M Wen I Mi at., between flth and "th avenue*. AI.ADY, or AB1I.ITY AND PREPOSSBSSINO MAN nn?. la dealrooa of meeting with an engagement to go South, to superintend a millinery or fancy *Uire. To a party requiring surh aervloe the advertiser would be ionnd valuable and fully competent. Addreaa Mrs. Mill*, Union *i|tiar8 I'oat, lor three day*, staling w here au interview can be had. Reference exchanged. AN EXPERIENCED LAUNDRESS WOULD LIKE TO get the wa.-hing uf two or three gentlemen or fam Ilea bv the month; her work ?liall be well and promptly done Mr*. Oaten 12JK We?t JJth ?t , between 7th and nth avenue* AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO general boiiaewnrk In a small private family ; is a Protect ant, w ith good city reference. Call at 304 17th at., between 9th and 10th avetiue*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS chnmbermald and to do line waahlng or waiting: I* cap* ble of taking any of them. Dan be well recommenced from her last plai e, where she ha* lived lor the laat idi year*. Leave* on account ol the family going to Europe. Can be seen at No. ?>2 Went 21*t at., corner of titii avenue, third floor, bark room. ARK6PECTABLE OIRL WANTS A PLACE AS HKAM strca* or chambermaid No objection to children. Can be nee u at her last place, 9S Warren at, Brooklyn, lor two A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlon aa good plain cook, and ha* no objection to aa*iat 111 the w ashing and ironing, or will go a* chambermaid and laun drcaa. < an give good reference. Can he aeen at 141 I<aureiut ?I., for one day. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH chambermaid and waller, or plain * ewer. Oo*l city re ference. Can be ?eeu for two day* at JO Montgomery it, in the rear, third floor. A RESPECTABLE PROTEST A NT OIRL WISHES A situation aa chambermaid arid waitress, Ple.isc call at 21 r \ Woontrr ttreet, between Bleecker and Amliy. Oood city reterence II required, ran he ?een two day*. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE care of a baby, or would make heraelf geneially uaeful. if required. Please call at .fU 6Ui avenue, near 24th *1. ARESPKCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A *1' nation aa chambermaid and ?eamatre**: can cut and flt children'* dreasea, ba>t of cliy relereneea. Can be ?een lor two dayi at l? 2Uth atreet, near 3d avenue. ARESPEtTABLK YOUNO WOMAN, WISHES A ?Ituat km aa nnr*e and wamatreaa la nompetent to take charge of an infant from Ita birth. Apply where she la at pre aent living, 93 West Sfltb atreet, for two day*. ADKOHMAKKR FROM LONDf)N, OF TEN YEARS' eiporlenee. who will challenge the world for a ImOer fit ting dreaa, ba*<|tie, also > I oak*, wtahea work at Iter house, or woo d go out, by the. day. on reaannatile ferina, can give ejcal lent referem es. p|ea>e rail, after 7 In the evening, or a>ldr*** Mlsr E. Whyte. at 216 7th *t uear avenue H. fourth floor. ABK8PKCTABLK YOUNO OIRL WANTS TO OO To Ualifnrnia wlih a lamlly, aa "earn siren* ami to we to chlldien: >he Is a Hot ra'e sewer and ha* a good knowledge of dre>*making *bewoul<l pay half her owu |ia*aage out She ha? g<*id reeommeiidailon fr >m her la*t place where alie llval aa aeamatresa. Call at 1U2 Eaet I Ith ?! , between 1st and 2>l avenuea. for two days. A scotch oibl wants a situation *s cium b> rniaid and waiter, or to auend a ? ?re of me aiml ? all at 'JU7 West Wth *t., between mh and Vh avenue.. A WIDOW LADY OK OOOD ADDRESS AJII) Fill tlon. Industrious and einerleneed In hoovkeepmr I* d> airoti* of any si! Iia't'.n as housekeeper or lady '-ompanfin; speaks French, tlei man ai?l Engliah . no ooje t|,,n to leafe the cry, hi go South, or to ( allforma I'leaae addreaa for two d?y? Mr*. Helen l*?aers IgT < fiamher* at. A SITUATION WaNTF.D-BY A YOUNO WONAV ilrrsa maker and >?atnstreaa in a prlva'e family dersfanda ? utllng and f.tting ladles' and chll Iran'* dresss-* in the beat manner , and all kind* of family aewing no otoeeuoo to go In the country <?<*?! > ?y reterea' e i al. at I<*| I2?b s* between 1st aud 2d avenuea. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ cook waeher and Iron er, In a re*[.e, table family. Can produce 'he beat city releran<e. t^all at 177 A'lams at., Bro-A lyO; A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST RATE HER van', a* cl^mbermaid and plain aewer, or woiihl aaelet in One washing, nr would take rare uf children . would hare no objection to go aou'li with a family. ?b**i city reterere-e given. Apply at ^ 3th avenue until engaged. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and seametrea*, can take charge of a >.abv from ra t irih. Oood city rvference. Apply at *9 Meat llthat.. be tween Mi and Slith avenuea. Can be aeen two .laya. ARESPRCTABLE CURL Wants A SITUATION IN A

private family, m c<?k, wa.b and iron Hes4 ol city rafec given (a, I at IZ< Eidrt lge *t AREFPEfTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WISHES TO OH tain a altuaflon U> do general hotiaework In a arnal. prt \ate family. <!<**! referen<-? given If re<|uir>?1. Can be a?en f'arlwodaya, at 121 Hoeruio st., three 'Unrm frt.m Inaan Kae' B/<?Aljn. ARFSPK'TABLK RNOUSII W<)MAN IS DRMIROIH 0 1 meeting with a al' nation aa rhlld'a nara* or n Walt on a lady who la going to < ailforuu , has no objection u>p?y ? HC al hr nawage, haa baen a> > oaUTiual to travel on the mm i 'an tw well i cri'inmendayl from tbr aitoa.fcNi aha i?aa juatkeft An ply a' VII Faltnn at ARhrfTBCTABLR TOCNH WOMAN WfSHRS A SITf , a'k>n. 4>e la * geral n*ik. waeher arwl Ironer and an el eellent bsaer; la very living and k ud In ehlidreri U.sel r\\j retevenar I aal;e aeen for two day a. al M Ta mansir? ' Brorkljn. A" PKOT?>tVnT oTrL WANTS A SITUATION AM teniae al-d KAIMLT'M 0 come We|| re simmer.. led from h.*r laat , .ace. i'leaae faU at prj High p Kr ?*lyn, 'or i?? day'. im'ATlOtS WAiTTBO) Anbat woman wantkd-to no general house work. Apply at 15 Soti'h Willi .treet, Williamsburg. Agekmam oik l wi?hks \ situation ah good woahcr and lroner. waahii g would a&O be dono to advantage by calling at 3S t'ratikfort ati < r . ARKM'ECTAHLE YOU NO OIRL t\'I -HK< A HITITA turn in ii |irv?iii family; U n good oook and * perfect wither and lroner; la very rlrati In her habit*, Has dm beat ol rtl} rcbram, PIdinoiU for two .luy i at >13 ii h avenue, between 32d an J 33d aU. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RKSPKOT ABLE GIRL, ik aeamatreea and chambermaid. He?i of oily reference liven. Call at 112 Weat2l)th at., rear building, for two lay-. A PROTESTANT GIRL wa.vts a situation ah cook, wa?h-r ami lroner. Ha* Kotxl city reiareuoe from her last place. < an be -een for two day* tit IM Kaat 19 h -it. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN cook und yoo.1 wn .her ami lroner; la an excellent linker. Hi 1 1 city relerence. Can be seen fur two U) s at 159 Kant Tl' rty second at. A'RKSPKt tabi.k i'kotkstant younu woman, ?imtn a situation /it good cook; lit* no objection to asalat in I he vmikIuik ami roimi If raqulred. Hen' of city reterettco un be given. Apply No. ' Colon court, Utilveraity place, be tween It'll mill 12t(i ma. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED WOMAN, WISHES a situation an nook, in a private Ixiardliitf hotiae. i Ii) reference. Apply at tfi Korayth ?t., first floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNti WOMAN. WANTS ASITUA Hon an lire t raiecook, understand* cooking in all Itabriuich. en. for rcnpeciable hotela or dining *aloons. If not well tailed In i he eity, ha* no objection to tin ii abort dlatonco in ihe oonti try. Han ?;ood city reference. I'leaae luquire at 2 Hi Mulberry ?I., lor two day*. A RESPECTABLE AOED WOMAN WANTS A SlTU.l Itoii ill iv mall private lamtly. No objection 'o wage*, ua ahr |iiih never lived out lieiore Plaaae < all at No. 4 6il? aru mm aecond Uoor, front room, for three daya AHKM'Kl 'TABI.K YOUNG SCOTCH GIRL. OK OOOD dlapoallon find ileal and tidy In her liablu, W lalie* a til 114, Hon an chambermaid and uooil 'I'anHiren, or an good cook and to do the wunliltiK and IroniuK ol u small private lamily. Good relerence. l'leanc . all ior two ilaya at lte West .W.b at., between ', ih and 8th ?\eutiea. A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN, WHO CAN HUINO TIIK lugl.ot recommendation* from her former employer*, denlre* a situation an ehlld'a nurse, or chambermaid in a re ?pec table private family. I'leaae apply at 151 Waverley place, third llojr. A RESPECT A BMC WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION an chambermaid; ahe <an do plain twiwlnw or lake care of children. Inquire at It.t Ninth hi. oppoaito the lSibio, where she tan be aceu two daya. AS SEAMSTRESS AND LADY'S MAID -SITU ATION wati'el, by a Prole. tant ?irl, who understand* hair drenslnif, dressmaking. and doing up hue muallua; iio objac* Uon io give general oaaln'ouce. 1'ernoaal city reforoDoa from her Inat employer. Pleaae iwldre**, for one week, Jane, Broad way Poat olUi e. No objection U> travel. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU ntlon to do general houaewotk In a -mall private family. Con be highly recommended from her i.ti.1 |i!a<'e. < an be *een at 42 Henry at., third floor, front room, No. II, lor two daya, If not engaged. A N ENGLISH WOMAN W1SHI S A SITUATION AS J.X. cook and to aanlnt In the waahing and Ironing. Call for two da\H at 1S2 < hryatle at. , In Ibo rear ARKSPKCTABLK PROTISTA NT GIRL WANTS A SIT uallon aa chambermaid or laundrena. l'icano call at 47 Charlea at., lor two daya. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE jouiir woman; la a tlrvt rale oook. waahe.r and lroner, can (tlv? the be?t of city reference from her laat place. Can be acen until nutted, at 4:i Perry at., Qrxt Uoor, front room. An excellent cook WANTS a situation in a lirltatefamlly; iuider>Utndn baklnK and paltry, and would I e willing to ft "si* I In the waaliliirf and iroulnif If required Owl clly relereucea. I'le. me call at 1115 East 29ih at. Avery able plain cook, and oood baker, III to lake iharite of any Keiiilrman'* kllchen, with the bent of recommendauona, want* A nlluaUon; ahc underatooda American and Ktutlbdi uookinv; la al<o a good laundreta. Can be aeen at 3U2 Mb avenue, uoar 2tith at. A IWiFILY EDUCATKD AND ACCOMPIIIHIIKD WIDOW hill) , M illion) I'ncuiulll alien, W'/Lll'I like to ? llpf riulcllll the housekeeping at u K?-n';t man's family household <ir a ttlnitlo kci" J' iriMn , iln ? bust of reference* given is to her oa piuity Addivee Ida Herald olii ??, lor vIj r?'f5 dftyn. A COMPETENT SKAMfiTRKKH IH DKRIROUB OF OB talnlng la iltu&ttoti to make ladlea nod cbllitnn'o drraaci; iib(J< m'iiiidn doing up embroidery; I* a I'roteiuiii. mid can re fer lo ?ome "I the hlgheat lumilie* In town, alio to Iwr lint rm pluyci who la about (u leave for Europe. No objection to d? i liaoilicrviijrk. fan lie KH on W< dneaday and Thiir.liiv at '?'?'Xi tith avenue, near 2iat at,, lecMid lloor, back room. AREHPECTABLI VOI'Ml OIRL WANTS A HITL'A lion an chambermaid and waiter In a (mall private faml ly. Un be teen tor two day* at tl IHUi at., between Broadpruy and Inlon place. ARITCATION WAN I KI>? I1Y A ItmOIiKJ yotuiK ?om?n, an itcamatreaa and ?liamberm>ld; under Hand* ? uttinK and titiliin ladle*1 dre* e- tlood city reference. Please call lor two days ai I7S Htb avenue, be* cen lbth and ?u In the millinery ?torn ARRRPECTARLB I'ROTKHTANT <ilRI> WTHIIE* A nltuailon aa cluimncriiiatd and aeamatrc ?? or to lake t are of children. The beat of city reference In that capacity, t 'an be ?een for t* o dayi at #3 w. 19th it. AYOCNO GERMAN WIDOW I.ADY DESIRE* A BITl' ailon ai bookkeeper. or would like to attend upon a fa Hilly de lrtnit ine attei.'toni of a nur?e. Pleaao apply at w Crosby atrcct. ARMPKCT A B1.K PROTECTANT OIRL WANTH A BI tuaiion ua chambermaid and waiter, or to lake careo ?mall children; good city reference. ' an tie ieeo lor two ilayi at No. 7 < hryntlc at., In the rear. ARFRPKCTABLS (1IBL WANTH A SITUATION. TO travel wlih a family 10 any part of the world, do Uie i hamherwnrk or the line waalilng of a private family; hai lived fouryi ar* in one p.ace. Apply at 91 liWi it., between ?tb and *ilh are*., near titn av. Can be seen until engaged. AlliOIII.Y RKHPKt T ABI.K TOUNO PKRHmV wl?lie? a ill nation ai cook; understand* French, Kngllah and Amerlran ?tyle of ceoklng, la an eioellern baiter. Hem ot ct'v relerence can tie Riven. Can be **eti till engaged a1 "ft lo h ?i.. corner .'d av., over the drug a ore. ARK8PRCTAUI.E AND TRUSTWORTHY TOtrjfO wo man de?ir"i a dtuadtn aa laundre*-. she folly under stand* her bntdnea* to all tu brancbea?crlmfllng. Muting. Ac fan b* hlgh.y recommended for character and competency**! Apply at T,l Howery, for two days. | AI.AIiY OP HKI?I ? K?? CIRC t MMTANCKH WOI7LD like lo engage aa hoti -cheeper In a vtil>ioan'i Uindy, or wttha party ,,f nentttmeti; baa been accua omed to an ele gaui home of her own. and l? fully eomp*t*nt to u?ke Lb* < ntir* charge of an elegant rnMi I e. A dire 1 M. M , Union ?H|flare I'o-' office, and Herald office. ABKi-PltcTABI.E YOl'NO WOMAN WWHES A MTC atlon ?? chambermaid and waiter, or to do tine an-lutw and ironliur; la a ffnod idaln ?e*er. The beat of otty reference Irnni ber !a?t nlace . None eicept a privai' inmlly need et ply. Please call (rir two dayi at ber present emploryer'i. Si Bnarb ?treet, oppnail* Ft. John * park , wii-r- ilie h is iveil two yeari AI ROTKcTANT YOtINO WOMAN. OP A MI Aiil.K dtspoalit' ti v> lehea ? ?Una , on ai ' l^rn' ertnald or waiter; haa I a ofijei Uon to bake are of children. Ii a ?o>s| plain t?w?r. licit of city rciereuce. Can be M?n for two d*yi at ISi Mott it., loom No. 2. AliRADlATi: TWENTY ONE VP ARM OK AOK; wiahes a HtuatUin tii teache r. either li ir out of 't.e |ty. la competent in teach elocution Addreaa 11. H., boi 1M llerala oflice, tor four day?. AYOI'NO COLORED MAN WIMIIKH TO tillTAIN A ?Ituation aa co*chman In a private lamMy he ptrlMly imdri atanda tb* ? are and management of boraei and !? a ?>??t driver. Can *ive city reference a* ut ? apanilltv an^l character. Can be -een for I wo days, a' 'Ml llicwlwav, be iwecn the hoiiis of 10 aid 2. ARRHPRCTABLR TOl'NO Mt.H WIBHRB TO OBTAIN a ut nation *? coachman or (room, be tin lentand* hia ha ?Inesi ? rat raie, and ktiowa tlie city well, t 'ao produce the beat leterence, and la wtHtajl to niahe lutuie.f uae.rll. Please cire' i to M. C . boi Ili ilerald offlc HOOKKKP.PER.? WANTED, A HITI'ATION KH A**!-T am. by ? t'cactical bookkeeper or entry ciefit Ha tili torr relereie e ot two year! from l??t employer I>ry (o?la and rteerj preterrel, bat other* not rejece I. AddrMi Wtl ijiti, Ilerald office BflOKKKEPRK.? A TO UNO MAN, 2i YEARh OF AOK, and of ten veara' #ipert*nc* wan'a a vlttiatioa a? v?.a keeprr. MMaUnt o j(eneral e erk . he t? n brat ra'e .ookkeeper and acnmntanl. a good English. Pren h md Oerman echolar, of Itrlct baalnea* haul'i, and wllliri? to make Mnmlf (*Mrally uaeful. Utah salary not an much an oiiject an a Mnau,?i>l it uaik n, with the proap*H of preferment 0 ?>4 reference! ?* to character, capacity, Ac., Ac. *:> en. l-,?%?e a ldr-s N, M , boi I.V Herald ofll< e. /iftOR.- WANTED, A JHTITATIOS, MY ONE WHO > d? rnuKbiy understands h*r hnaineaa; pood < re < r encen. Can be seen for two dayi at W>at lith st. t>eiwreo Sth and flth avehu* a pOOK.? WARTKD, BT A HWT RWPRCTABl.E VB0W \J ?< man, a at- nation a? first ra e 'or* ah* thoro fbiy 'i?v ders'and* her litislneoa tn ail Ita vartcoia braank? Ca five tlie I e?t of city reference a* to Kara' ter ?t?l c?| sc c jr T an b<- a<en (or two daya at 47 E. BUt ?>., **cosd Boor, rea* bnOd 'nr ('OOK -A If If J III. Y RSftPE'TABUI PR'iTR"! A VI J woman want* a attuatlon aa Arat claaa e she fi'-r'f ' r ?itde , standa no a? soups and (arte In he Kr?n f, ?iy e sr.t ail kimla of deaoerte and cakes. Ha* had Pftijr egparveae* tn brat 'aitdlli s. and wan'a the highest tret" t ad '<* t?ro 1*ye at I'.'i ?^*t lith it. / 'flOR ? A HIQHLY Ri HPI f TaBI.P. AND < OMPKTKNT " ?? man deilrea a anuaitm aa trat ratr tnea1 arwl i'*e'ry m*. t. i.d' r stands all klnda of | aatrv, pr<iaer<e?, je ,c?, f. A' llaa ?*ikad for .om> of the hiifli'i' faint lea it< lo? my, t<> alwin she au refer. P.ea*eap| :y ai til M?>w ery, this day or u n.< rrow. / "lAt IIMA.VH HITrATIfiV WANTBD HY A JUNGLE * loan, an American, who th< /rough'* inders aoda Ida t,uei noa ar . | ho* (I od cwr referent C from nil Aea emp. er. Ad die J H ti , fleran offl- e. for two day?. / "'A' HMAN WAITER < R VAI ?T ?N llosf eT IN 1 ? doe r h n? riuin, iborooab.y c> mpe'?,' arel -n^rtsK -ed tn e her of tba above v>e-*ttoiis and witbai of S'lfi >i,' n?e >har >al incentilty for ordlaary repairinit !e?irea a eKoatton, as hla pf eseot entaaemeni la ah?ut rip r nr. tiooJ cny refer t ^|| t*| i# ttfidreas Maths n "i W<>s l)Mk ?' / tftAf HMAN-A BITUATtO* H WtNTrO MY A RI * s('*r*at, ie PrMmuant man. who mdarata rvta bi* btwnaai We'J. th# beat of reference froo, hi* las* ern ployer as -apa bllMy >? t rl.*v ??, hor.esiy. Addrewr West .Hera d 'tffjee, ? 'Tiaynor s, hsrneu oaker Hr?d??r f.,r two dar* .'WW Ilol'f 0r * hM m,i '"ftaTW, Mr K* ,e, Kane'i /'OAf liMAN -WANTFD A HIT' ATI't* |IY a RP " apeetable Prrv?st*nt o an aa <-'?< : tljsr. (>? perfectly nr. der ards b;a lnwUie**. alwl baa ll'ed with s<tr.e <4 he nr*l am 'Ie* In IhM city aad an glv* the very beat of refereo e aa to capability *im1 riaatrerwr b** no tar-imhwanre l'!n? '?.i ?r a 'dre?s at I1U firaad *tr**t, th rd dcr r stst of lta.<ad - ay. I wo da\s L'MPMtYM^KT WANTED-BY A I.AHoRIN'i MA* WHO Is ta a anner try trad*. a?-1 haa been a- .eome*l ? w*% n a 'en yard. gardM. ?r , a re I ? wliMn* ts> do ar. y ktret of abor trig work. 1*1 give the he? cKy r^er'ft ss I>?t? n keft at Mr r.arter a. ?'*y Haste- norwrr R' ?dway and tM a> , W, .1 b* i r< Uiptjy ai *o?ed ut Plaaae agtlrew Is .? / WiVrRNrW ? A HIDOI.E AOCD I A(>Y [iRKtRoC* I I am a at wa uia in a widowers fan n dev< te ber 'rtn* to th* omf"rl aaad -docs <g a rrtfhsr i#?*f*a>lly abeteS'b** EntUah In ail ita br*r, be# frsme' IttHI, a/i varWi'ia kind* <4 aaef t; aai sr?*e?'.ta. eovt. s?,? senid base ae u?y*eiWi?t#> take . Sa're af ?' e |, .aek") * Ifl'allti AMnn I, K , bvl liM I'M >C<g f.TVATlOJIS WASTED. PRKNCB roOK ? A SITUATION WANTKD HY A M'Wf I1 r?-f -ectahle w? man a* flr*t c|?m oook, oc*e that perfectly und^r^andi her bunne** tn alt it* brunche* r*n } irn lit na'laiectory diy rvTrriMe ihmi her ia?< employer'. j Pleaae ?(()<} r**M? a out <3 to J. R., Herald office, where a wnl umI ? with attention. ("10Y1SRNKH8* HITUATION WA NTKD - HY A WK,U, X Mluoftied Protectant , to ti acb tin Knjillali to NQtftIt chil dren, k? **|? their wardrobe In order, and do *ewlm<, or aiuim otherwise. Oi od rvltrtuce given. Apply at IDS Oreenwib gtreet, lor two day*. HQt ^KKr^PKR'H SITUATION WANTKD? HY A LADY, fully competent to und?rt?kA the charge of aflrat etaa* h* (el; no objection to leave the city; reference of the Arm ro ?pacfahllpy. Addrca* L. C.,care of V. II. Palmer, Advectialrffc Agent, New York. NO. AO WKHT W AHIII NOTON PLACK.? A PROTRHTANT M i l wiahr* a aituation m a private fiirnlly iui rook; la a good v. uaher and Ironer and >?n excellent baker; rifciww, ? re quired. Pleaae call lor one day at 00 Weat WaahingUm place, I rent room, firm floor. VTI'KSE AND HKAMHTRKHH' SITUATION WANTKD? li py a resectable young woman, in a private family wl ere ahe c an have Mile charge of the children, and a regular numery; unexceptional reference* can he given from her la*? employer, where ahe baa lived for four year*. Plettae rail or addrca II. I>., No. IK) l-afayet'e place, at Mr*. Jcnklna', corner of Aafor place; can leaeen until muted. NI'KSK AND SK\.MSTIIKSS WANTKI)-oNK WHO lii rtilly competent to take charge of an Infant, and can It ring (it lit ra'o recommendation* f rom her laat place; mti?i be neat ami clean, and |>< aae** a kind dlHponltlnn; wagea hIi dol lam a month Apply in Court *tre?;t, aecond hoti*e above Union, South Brooklyn. NURSE.? WANTKD, A RKSPF.CTABCK WOMAN TO take the charge of two boy*; the muat under aland mak lug their clothe*, and he a thoroughly competent |>> ri on and no one need apply who ha* not nerved In that capacity he fore Reference* from her lent place will he required, fall at 74 K i an kiln *ireet. ITUATION WANTKD? BY A RKHPRCTTA Hf.K YOU NO UITU k7 WOI man, aa good plain cook and baker and lliat rate waatier and Ironer; or 1* willing to make heraelf generally uaefuf. Wage* not ao much ati object aa a good aieadv home. Keler ence for three yearn. Pleaae eall at '2bl Bowery. (SITUATIONS WANTKD? BY TWO KEflPKCTABLE O ulrla; one aa eook, waahcr and Ironer, the other to do cbatn berwork and take care of children. No objection to waiting and to aKMimt in the wa?hlng. Have good city reference froui her la**t placea. Pleaae call at 18 nth at,, between 2d arid 3d avenue*. In the back basement. QITUATION WANTKD-1Y a YOUNG MAN OF MANY k? yearn experience In the fancy biurine**, aa *lerk or galea man, he under?tan<U perfectly the French an 1 Oertnan tan guage". Halary not m? much an object aa a permanent altua tiou Heat reference* can be given. Addreaa tl. H. T., Ilerald office. SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RKHPWTP A MM YODNlI girl, a* eliamltermald; ahe can uew neatly, or a?al*t in taking i-ure of children, underaiamta curling hair remarkably well. She can he seen lor two daya at her p<?v <-?t mnplover'a. where ahe ha* llvcda year. Plcaae call ai l:vi W 1 |th ?r , near fcth av. SITUATION WANTKD? NY A YOCNO WOMAN, ftji chambermaid or l? take care of cblidreu, baa lately lan l?d, and want* a homo. Call at 62 21*t *U , corner of tithe venue, top door. SITUATION WANTKD? HY A LADY'S MAID. To WAIT on a lady, or to tend children to < allfomla . la an excel let,' ?e.amMrea*. *tan<ln h ilrdrenamg and Utie wa*litng ind Ironing. Is accuafotned to travel. Can produce uneneepUoa able reference. Addreaa l^idy'v Maid 06 Wa?i2.kl *t., for one week. SITUATION WANTKD? BY A YOU NO WOMAN, Art good cook, who perfectly uudcrntanda her hualnea*; li a good waiher and Ironer: good olty reference given, I an be aeen lor two day* at lifjl 2d avenue. In the *Uoe *tore. SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RKHPKOTAHI.K WOMAN, aa cook , ha* no objection toa?al*tln the waHltlng and iron* lng. Can give good city reference. To l e ae?) for two daya. Aim a altuation wanted by a nur*e and aeanutrea or eUum bermald. <iood cltv lelerence. 1'lca^e apply at 107 Ka*t I.IUi at., I etvvcen 3d and 4fh avenue*. SM I'ATION WANTKD? BY A YOI'NO HCOTCII OIKh, for hotiHe work ; can waali andiron nicely; would do ui> atalri work, or make heraelf uaeltll In anyway re.pUrol, Any lady wanting a good honeal aervant will find her *ueh; wages fA. Can he *een at ."MA 8th avenue, near 28th *t., ba*e ment, between dry goo<la and clothing *tore. ClJl * TIONH WANTKD-BY TWO H l>i'K< T \ HI.K Ikj ?ilrl*? one toc<aik, waah and Iron, or w<uiUI have no objec tion 'o do hourework In a privau* famllv; the other a* eliarri bermald and plain acwer; have the heat of cltv reference*. Can be seen lor two day*, If not engaged, at 57 Orcat Jonc* at SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RKHPRCTABLK WOMAN, aa ourae and *eain*tre*a, or aeamntreee and chamber malil I he beat of city reference. PJca*e call at No 7 i!d ave n ue, in the rear. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKHPKCTABI-K fJIRL. O ?a chambermaid, aeam*treaa, or waitrc- < Mhe can be aeen to* three da)*, at her laat place, IM Atlantic street, Bro<vkJyn, TO WBOI.R8 ALE OROCKRfl.- WANTKD. A SITUATION, I y a younn: man who can Influence a good huamea? among groe? ra In Brooklyn. Apply or a<ldrea* li^S Myr\le avenge, Brw klyn. TftimUO, NAliMMAN, Ac ? Til I ' AOTHTHKR wl*hea to obtain an envageinent aa travelling agent, aal?** man, or in any capacity where good hu*lue?N quallfl' itlona ate require*!. Can give the u*e ot one or two lioraea, If required for i ravelling. Addrn* L. St., Poet oflloe. TET ANTKD? A HITUATION, HY A PROTKHTANT VI girl, a* laundre**. or to a*i"i*t with the washing and Iron Ing Utaal cpy reference. Apply at lftth at, corner oC lat av., fir at floor, front room W ANTKD? HY A BKSPKCTAHI.K YOCNO tJKltMAN If girl, a nit nation a* *eama<re?*; undei^un la ctiumg and fitting ladle*' and chlldren'a dreaaea, and all kind* of family MBWttig. Hhe *peak? g?a?l Krigllali and ha* very pond refer once*. Call at 63 KJdrldge at., third floor, between fleeter and Walker at*. "lVf ANTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A RKHPKCTABM5 Vv young woman, iia wet nurae. go??t re**omtnemlatl<?ia given. Applv at lMfJateoue B, corner of ll ii at. Can be aeen until engaged, rt' ANTKD-A SITUATION, AHOOO0 PlAIffOOOl IN fv a ?rna)l i rlvafe family, <*r fo do chamber work, aewing or w tiling. No ohjeetton to the country. Plcaae apply ?t I*l5 ("lint m f<lare, Klghib *t, near 0th avenue, for two daya. <io04 refei ence given. \V A*TKD? BY A RKRPKf 'T A HI.K PBOTEHTA NT Ol/tl., v f a ?lt?iatt??n a* chambermaid and waiter or U> a*al*t in the wathing and ironing Pleeae call at 114 Fia*t IMh af. Heat n / city i eferc nee given if re<|Ulre<l. Can be for two daya. ? ANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A MSFNCn'ANMI v v young woman. tPIo general hon?? w?,rk In a amall family, or to take rare of children, atwl I* willing to make h?r*elf u? ful in the kotiM. The beat ofeliy referem e. fan be aeen at 153 Tlllaj y *1., flrat Woo r, front room, over U*e *ti?re. Brooklyn. T|r ANTKD? BY A RKHPI CTABLK WOM AN. A HITCA v V don a? cook, waaher and ironer In a anva'.l private fa??l ly; no obieetleii to the country Heat of city reference can be given Apply for two day * at No iVt I *t are , between l.HUi and 14th ata , aeeond ft<ior, front rami \l/ ANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A RKMPRCTASLK vv young woman, aa chambermaid or waiter In a private fa ml y, or would bate no objection to do the general hoiae work of A amaU family. Can be teen at 57U &th avenue till en <*>??! 11; ANTKD? BY A RKHPKtTABL* OIHL, ?4KA K^TKKN T f yearaofage wbo ha* alwa)a lived with her parent* a altuation to do plain aewing a id mind children Can l>e *??u at No VM> W?*at 20th *' ANTKD- A SITUATION. BY A I'KRMiN WHO IH wUUng to go with a lady to California or to Kor?*?e, ahe ompefetit dreaamaker. end can do all kind* til Vrmth fltitmg. ehe ia aceoaumied 'o travelling a I'h a ladv, and baa tb? beat nt ejty reference Cal'. a< 162 Vui at In the (an \ at/Ke be ween ?*d and 4th avenue* W A NTKD? BY A RKHPW T \ Itl.K YOCNO MARKIKD vf woman, a altua'lon *# wet nurae In a PrtAea'aiit fatidly Can have the beat of city reference Apply at 4#?7 Or??enwc h *t., one door from Wait*, for two day* 11/ ANTKD? A HITUATION. BY A YOU NO WoMAN vf to do rhamberwork and plain aewing. nan do a<! kirale of embroidery Oo?>?! refer rnr** Apply a'. Z%1 JNha4.,f or ner of 7'h avenue, for two day-. W 11 r A NTKD? A SITI ATION AH C'KJfc BY ONK WHO vv < an i < ring good eltir refereoree. Apply at her preawnt Hu{?,oj?r'?, (<5*1 Ht, Mark'* place,) with wl/ei a ie I ia* lived W^i NTKD? A TIDY PROTKSTANT OIKI., AIPM'I een jeara '4 age ar? ua <ai>ed u? tha care an Infaii' II' ANTKD? A KITI aTIon AN I. A f NDRKM*. f#R To D <> ww chamberwork eel One waahtng 0??*| evtv rweMl < a l'*& Weai Hliteenth atr?-et f?<v three ?iay? V \\ w A.MKD-HY A H?PKi*TAHl.K KNOIJMH WoM^N. a attuauon a* eurao and aeam^r^aa of ' haari'^-rrnawl ean>a?r?ae vy reference if requlr?Nf Uil ia tiw? tmarj .ia Pa/ fcr at , b^'wren IVmii ar?d iV-erum Br?e%lyn * A h TED? A elTCATION, AS COOK HY A RNSPICT red W'/o a.i, a* 1 bet dau*Mer blr'e-i, ve?r? p ber tm ? along or aa k itlwtm tn+A !'>*?? eddrea* a ??, ?.are K * ft a, ei<Aer private ?*r pub.;^ la- A ilTI ATION. HY A MK I'lfT AMI. K a* aa a lr* rale eook . t* a Tnr rata m*?a* aiel t laa Si* t?eai of Hijf referen * f t a*e* f'<r *9 M avea'?e la the au* re, Wween be Uo .r? <4 9 ir OTfD % SITUATION SY A RMPf.i TAlllJ vv y ??? *,? ? 'itv.a*. aa 'hamper ii.awt and to 4*> ? and irvating or a* aur*a, capable of 'akirtg tbe etflre '4 aa tf.'ant fi r? ho*h ll*e rttf rtftre ae# i ao be u? tfei*e 4aj? a' I Mi Muiterry el TKTANTKD-A SITUATION a* 9RAMSTNW NT A KK ww *1- able Prot* tent wet**'., u?. le t.-r-nat, In ell ('* brenehe*. eloek* end coai.ttMaa an-1 1? a |o?i |,an> ? ewv, baa wofcH for ?< m r of tlae II * liiiiilie* Iti tiu? 'an e ? en for two <lay? at 44 >a*'. IW.h a* 11* A NTKD? A SITUATION. HY A KP> PKr*T a HI l' vv foung wotfean a- f#"-d p ia?o ^?k aa?l baker If*-*# ob;eet(Ni to iki (he vaai.i r?| and irf no.g. of the reaeraJ wtk of a ao.alt ^.rlaa'e faridly Apply at V, b??' ladt at terea ft 'mA ? a i aad 4th iv?at.?. urixna-n * iwrntiiui ?<?*??. a ?iti.'a f , ? Ma ?? u **??**> I f.tnt I. Ml . id .. nt ?*,)f ?m u* #? ?" ?4 'nwm nwl emr f? t. W'j t tu.: t In ?M w tslHt- Itr A RK* rKiTAkl.R WOMAN. AH^ft* M ??*?' I" WMtaa, m4 ifmta, tk> Immi v n-; r. k.? '>? m r?*? Im MaM, ?.i k? A* i. . f??< )?k.r .?*f *b ? wi?t,( ??.K- ? MMl r ' .a t? tor tv. 'Ufa .1 114 ;ik ?<?, .. ?wr 'X U'amrd hv * ?nn^TAaui rot; tin ? M |>MM* . v. I an.ll 7 .. < H e?ree#, ef at 'keatirraaMI a*4 v< awal le 'iw a ? arfae*'| ia^are*Mi kar t a*u.'*? ead oap' <a ' e?y ofrof a frrsar. bar a?t p *ca Ai J ef IS ' H*?rS iVU a ad 114 *a PTPATfO** ttASTBB. WANTKI>-IiY a 70V HO LADY, \ ?TTTATJOW AS KWUimi, either in a prlrate family or ?lor? .a a v-ry Slick. neat HOrr. and la t?ry draining ?l a pvraauxiiu att.iw >n. ?age? uiuil be liberal. aa tfi. auliacrfher feela <?< uCiIcl'. of Hiring -alialacUou. Addieaa H. L., Herald ofllca". WANTKD-A HirOATION A* IIOt'HKKKFI'I.K, OR w t ii id take ibtmn of an Inra I > y a competent woman I ? a fmti'afaiit. (loud dly relerein e glveu. Apply ai TUU Mod ?i . to' wrro Houaion sou W??cker "V1T A NTKD? A MTI'ATION, HV A IIIOHI.Y RKM'K? TA 'I l ;<' young wonuin, a- chamber in*l>l and wai er, or to ?ke <ai? of rhlwlren at Ml do plain tewing. ia willing to luaka lu ru !i g.i? rally uaeflil. fill gl?e U>>- heal flu rtfrrnnm fr*m i? r ia>i ttmpUiy rr. I'lraae call ai <? Waal 1. ifc x , ? ortier vi Wh iTtnim. JK NTKl> UV A IlKM'KI TAIll.K WOMAN, A MTUA Hon *" * - 1 - * W 'I, " ** * . lutmhr riuald ; undartiftlMla itrrm "U"*; ' u !"'* H,,<1 ft'Ui.g children*' ? lr?*?a*a; l>aat oily ratar* -Hi -., i **\'n t,,r Ttto avaui)#, batween r/miiiii li0 ob,M*lon to ?l?> Indy'a Una w&abii)# toil A N TED? A HITl* ATlON, |,y % RKXPKi TA HLH " )wtin# widow *? man. in a rrtpaculir family, to take car a oi children and do jfiuiii win# 4'a.u t?r m <*u tor two ?1?>mh jr, u>?i Tw.nty tilth *tr? l ? H?et? hlAth l* and Nliitli fcyytiu**-^, third floor, front room UrAMKH-A MTI'ATION I'HIK A Ml MO (IB J*i i lou to aa-i i in waatilng >u>l Ironing, i>> a . e*dr. ac the. and aet'led voima woman. who ut*l*ral4liiU her l?HiiieM 111 all lia t ranche*, an I c?u !.?? hlgtilv re. ommeii.l.'.l i>y re ?periahle New York fain 11.- ?ih wham ?h<- I. at u?e?i ' an >*? Men for two day. at lw I2ili .1 between lal and il |I>. WANTKI>- HY A RKHT.i TAIll.K YOI'NU .K*AW, a alluatlun aa child'n nurMi an I do pi a i teWUiji; aha lived til her la I place iwo )> ar?, ai. I ,,, tha I < ?i ''Ity relereiK-e. I'ltana ia.1 ai U MiaiVi unj i. ear teal llroadway. IIT ANTED.? MTU ATlON WANTKll It V a Y?H'N(I ii man. un A rnrrWai. . a *i?~l l.aini t <|id''k nl (Inn e? and la willing In make hliuaelf generally it<- oariieiilur ulinaHon wanted, out a grix ery -U?e i ie,>ried. Addrem J. W. <J., Wi Hruadway. WANTKll- \ HITl' ATION, II V A RRttPKCTAHa widow lady, aa mirat- and ?e*ui?'re?a, who la fully a|? hie of laklng eliarge of i hlldren, or wlltliia Ui do anyildng re I|iilled. I'l< liar .all, or addieaa a line, a' No. i Monroe M. WANTEP? BY A HKMI'KCT A I1I.E YOl Vfl WOMAN, a aliuailori aa iiurae and aeamalrnaa In it reap'-olahle l? Hilly ; l? i i-i y kind Hi . blldrrn, run ml and D laille i' df w; wagi ? i.ol CO mueli an olilect ma r.imfortahle home I'hmi eall ai 4 tft ?th >i . near id avenue, oud lloor, l? ? room. lA'ANTKD-A SITUATION, BV A YOl'NU WOMAN, AH TT i'i>ok In a ?nnll private family . fully c?miiet#i.i , ni<b ;?ei|un hi aaalM In wa?hin| and Ironing, Cau lieen ?een fog iao daya al 646 lludaoo ?Ueel, In Ibe fear. *11' AM Kl>- BY A KKHPKfTAMI.Y I'ONNBCTKD ENll f? llfli per?Mi Iwenlylwo yenra of ag... u ?luiatlon aa ae?m ?ir^p" . un -p.-iid [>ar: ?,f h.'i time In lie i. urarry, liivl i lly irfeirni e glieo. Addrraa M I' , Herald ofllre. \lrAVTr,n-A SITI'ATION MY A YOI'NO WOMAN. AH ?? . .<>k, and to aaalat Id waahlag and ironing, gooil eiiy ra ferrnce gi\> n fan he aern for two dayt, ?.y railing at IJA 2Ub ??., t" iw een l.axlni'oa and Third a>enu?. WANTKll? HY A KF>I'K< TAIll.K RNOLIIIH OIKI.. A Nliuaili'ti to do ihi< Uoii*?-w..rk of a -mall laniilv, or aa ehanilieimald ni.d waliei would l><* willing u, make h-raalf *1 Iieralljr Iiieful. Can give the Ixai oi i.-'eienee fnim ber laat employer. 1'laaae call lor two da>a at K <)ai.aod'?. &V Wea' Wb at. TIT A NTEII? A NUTATION A* I. AI'N DIIK.NM. (ill II rhamliertnaiil and laundreaa i.y a p<ra?o eapnbla I el'her. Alan, a yiiing mi. man nan1' a -lliialkM. ua gi??l l .am n*>k, wa.her and Irtioer. lion. , an >e . iiy raierabca. rle*?e call at '<MJ "ih at., helweeu avtatlea r ami II. Tlf ANTKD-BV A VOST HI -1'Ki TAIll.K UIW.. A "I TT tuallon. In a (irlrale family, aa g".?l I lain '-<a>k. waatiT and; wagea not mi murli an ohjael aa a romfoilahia home, Ian good rliv reference Apply el<l..-r hy ie.!e, t? Margairi. or call ai So. IW Weal IkiIi ai , l?-iween ! tli and Mil avea, where ahe ran he aeen for Iwo data. WA.NTKI?- A MTI'ATION. II V A Vol NO .1111 AH chambermaid and i? aaalai In Maahma an. I .roning, or nawmk and toa??l?t in waahlug. la an ?> eitem U m '.re a u?l i an glv>- aaUafaelin ? rerouiliielida'loaia. (.'an be aeri. al v 1 V ii ?I., between llroadaay and 4'h aotii". "II' A NTKD- IIY A YOU HO WOMAN*. A hlTI'AfloN AH TT ehainheiiiial'l ar.d laiiiidi* mi|.anua PWfl Ii. g Ti e i eai ol eiiy leierem e fruro ber laai pia <? ? all at 120 *ih a*., In ibe Wore. "WJ A NTKf? A NITDATION, If V A I'HOTI^f A N'T Ojlll., TT lo do tbi Ito.ix'Work In a atnail lamll/. Heferei..-" nr w yeara aud II lliolilha' aervlee. < an (ie ae.-n at lar.r pi I MM .'III ployer a, tau lliuoin* aircet. TITANTUD- BY A Blti-I T.< I AIU.K OKMMA.N OIKI.. A TT ?liualion to do general boueework. I'.???i>? c?i I a' IV'a Man on at. "IITANTKD? A HlTI'ATIOV. UV A K^P^TAHIaI ii )i>untf tfir), jr?*r? <A nor* '? plain nrwinK, "i w?4!?r Kb'1 ?*ii ??? nfn?rn4i4 (rom Ui IajU v\*r*. i'md ?t W2 K. lUb ?< . b#tW??rn !?? ***\ JA hriithyi. 11/ ANTKP? HITU ATIONP. HV THii Kf r*l'K' T A MLB ff young wom^n, ? h?(!ti>?i nu?id l tr m? f|iM fnt/**rinA)d and iraoiX' <r?r to d?? U??? lwuw*0fli iif mn??)) f?tni)y. Ha*" ito ? * our ?"*n . i'^n ii for lvo4l)i 11U ? IT'h t IsHrnnu Hh ki. 1 > h ATM. WANTKH?DY A IIIOfffl.Y UK?!'K? TAHI.K WOMAN. A n 4? ? riii*l I m<>>\ waiter, or *j? nur?r hwl In ?!(i (.ialit ?? wliiu ?-ih!(| iiiRki' hi-r*? If ur , *ily j^fUJ in ? nt?r (ftinlly. (h*H i rifirtAM. i'?l* h? ???il for two -Uy? at 1V& K*?t 12th *t ? \ij antkp-a mrr atio.v, iiy a okkma.v ro ii Wft?h and Iron in a ?n.-aii f**n.ijjr. !#? -J r? 'fff torn fiofii hi*r la#' |il?? -*? A|>t>'yaiIJI JUtt *',?+< <t>d t >r. Tan N? "i?n for two da/ft. "W/A.MKP-A HITI'ATION HV AN K WoHAM, ? f an uwrm and mmhi ?(/??.?, ran 'it ai d Of t?.. lr??f*,a d tHwr*, and ka a<" ua* mnM to tra *iUnjf *o ot^w *u '*? makr hrrM'if tfrnrraJI/ uiwfiii I Jaod rrfai *!*/?, A|| / at 1)0 5d to A. II. < a/i f-r mrt'U for 'W'; day ? 1I/ANTKI>-A ITf AT U?S HY A VOI'Vii HI P^'tTA wf Mm w ?-ii an a? 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WTAKTRP-HY A RK^I'KTA HLK IOC*'* WuHA#, A ? ? ult'-allnn aa rbamhrrmaWl and waa'T . m*wt m.ijta to a* la* tn waahm? and .r inlna, la a naai ?rr Ifaa *<o4 *dty raftrrm-a fr*tri h**r laai (iia/w a ??*>??? l*aa g ) ? ar ? , ? all at Mo. ?> Hit at ovar baarf jr, tor iwo <dk?a. ?jpANn;iMr a rkhpiwtaw.k tocko oiki., a ff aitualkm a? rhaioharmaWl, or *? an'.'ar and a#? i ? n*at rratnf and -an n?alia - hiidron'n ? U> '!>*? Tha ra fartr.ra ?*an ftvan Plata* rail a? 471 >'? *# h ?* ba'.tara-n iat and M avat?ua?, room Ko. Ift wt^ara ?? ean t?* ?a?'? '*>r ? f# a daya. If n? t rofaifrd Ur A. NTfll- A a r.HHKH tJIKL WHO ' K N H ? AK ?n|r Uali, ?o do 'ha work o< a famiif a af^jrt 1 ? at .ta in h* ffwry Apjly to J. J lluihmi, J)1 ?-?*!ra a*., t tumt *d Movari YITAVTUD? A ** IT I ATION A * WVT WKfll HV A Tf l* .. \iy rr?|.*?ru?- ?? ? 0*4*01 a?i ? t a U ?-al? * .r * . ? '4 rnUk Aftpfp at in l'rir>ra at < a n f?a M-an '.wo day# \1- AN I VI) \ lll Al ion HV A vol X'i WOUAFi. A* ff ihambrrmaid a?d <0 d- ^la.o ??win*. <tf to ta*a *r? ifdMiaii A| |/l? at Jl2 l?< a*f, (M r a#a ; ai^ aa ran. ' aa l>a ?? ? r. f' r two dajf AHTV,l>~~A HfTTAYIOft AW f*N A M0KKHA ID AK/> wm.crr aa, a food ol rfcH4f*?*? ani wo???d aa?iat a. *aa* tna arid ti'if.Uiir Apply lor iirwt 4#/a ai VI 9M? 9* HAwtan and a?? ? lf?a tAna baa? <Uy i* < rs tu? t U \irA.vTrr? v ?m*ATiov if r a nrmuA* <?*ki ro II <Jo rkiibi^ra'al and fdatn aiwtfif ia a nflaa'a CaJfti.y ; twd r? araikray AC'fiy lor 'wo ?.aya at C* Hwa ?'? "11T AKTJlt*? A H f 1 1' AT I' ?N* HV A* KM Of Ml WO ff nan. ?<r"k ii ? pflftta f*n. ?, t?aa no ' ? r o r, a ?lw.-ft diwan^a m *i,a ?-? iw'rt or?? 01 ? y nfUMM-* ? an la aaan until al M ?> U'ANTKD-A #IffATION, IT A RBHI'I 'AftU! j 1. mg an aa . harnlwri tnael. w .aW ar. : /t?? i if '" !<, ?|''|?: b". I"?'rt m a a?t?r Ian 'J <>??-! re^ai ? r>-> 1 an aeen (or iao lay? at DM Iftl1 ''?<? 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A HITOATIOM, HV A Mf* V I ?<?,# a'WM aa ?Mad'? r.yrv aalamta o ?ii?".,?.a?Hi, i, .4 i J, i???i ma v> i>.? are ; 'an ar aa 'taut.'/* ? u<i ? f>? llaa wo fan -1 j ?? ? Itmeyna an UfANTrD? * HITl' ATION It r A *?rwTAIl|.?! ??<ili awai aa ??* *.,? .. . n.j ' ail al M Wag llaa a f^eaaear, wf. a*?4 .'Hi at ea YLrAJ?Trt>-A ?tri ati"?' hy a rn'iT^rANT TT 7* ir,g aoaMr. 'o ann 4 et a '? a|?i^ ?akli g -4a ywiagi ?> ; 1 -?? ?| Ap?t| ?t??., >| tWa ? i*???rl >?i?i *?**"? \1'ANT?I?- A ?fTt ATI' * ?T A rl-"r?arTANT <??* TT Mt oaiu. ka?"^ "? ?a?"-r ami l#<**f a w* I ,i. g ??. da get* -a. I? ??' ? '* Alt ) al ?l ?/I >? !?? uaj M r i a.i tor <w- daf ? _____ U'A*T ft' A ?IT' ATI"? IIT A nkgrrWkTANT ).?l a.aa. 'o ?? i"i?'?l IkuM a oat (lag War a- Ar| f a? l? ' "ta'?ai |a< mX rl . la 'Aa r% at t*r4 ft* I a* ?' ?"* '?* *?r?. ii'aitH' a ?iti ation am rrutt hy a TOON'J TT a ea- '' ?! ?'/ rafa > ny a t a?. I a .*aa. !a? iw., ?a;? Wl*;;?aa MaaailgiMMi'Mai U'urtf -A "ITt'ATION NT AN AN? ?!< A Y'i' N'1 TT Mf a u>? M xanaiw Ui " ?j?? rxia ta WtHW. a? <t 4 " '?a??ka?w>?li I* a au'lk* < Tlaa aaw? -y ra i '?t la parlaatiy - a ^ ' va ..' 'a* ? ? -a" ' ' ar. a'ar i aa inttmm la* i?a to|a a< M ?. $m 'aa e? f w KitttUtti tad BHp wulti tn tUiL r^i