Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Ekim 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Ekim 1855 Page 6
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UVKlTRSeiVTS KElVBWiro KTEfif Bit. CONTINUED FHOM TUK FIFTH PA<?. nn kJiTlima WANTKII. WANTED? A SIT I' AT I ON, BY A YOUNG, RESPECT able woman, with Kood city references, a* rook, waaher snd i rimer or to do general housework, in h sinutl family; W > good cook, good i akor. nod 'irst i alp washer and ironer. No objection to got short disutiico lu the cuuuiry. Picaite oall at SC. lllli *L, between 1st aud -<l avenues, tliinl Uxor, uout room, or two davs. f ? WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, an Hcainhii*' -s. and to assist in biking care of childreu. Pltuse call at ~i Weil 20lhst., between oili uud Tlhuveuues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE8PECTABLE noman, a* cook, ml to assist In washing and ironing; understand* all kind of pastry and baking. Also, a respect able young woman. a waiter, and to assist with chambcr work; understands tier business. Ha? the beat of city relereuce. <'nn be been for two days at 64 3d avenue, between Uth and sts. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, tu chambermaid and seamstress, or ebatn bermald, and to assist In washing ami Ironing. Good city re ference. Can be ?eeu lor two days at 36 lOUi sU, between 5th ;uid till i avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, an plain cook, washer aud Irouer; beat of city re ference given. Please cull al 170 West Ittth at., In the basement. Can be Been for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, iu '.aundress, or as laundress and to assist ilatnbce work; the beat of city relereuce will be given. I'leate cell at 309 Molt at., in the rear. "IIT A NTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT t oung woman, to do chamberwork. and uulM in wash tig and ironing, or chamberwork and Hewer; the bent of city reference will be fcivcu. Plenae call at 269 26ih at., between 9tb and 10th avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNU WOMAN, A3 chambermaid or lo lake care of children, and would make herielf generally useful; wages not no nmoli the object aa a good situation. Can be seen at 162 11th at., third lloor, front room. WET NURSE. ? A SITUATION WANTKD, BY A Wi dow; baa a fresh breast of milk, being her first babe, U also a first rate seamstress and dressmaker; would have no ob jection to work as well as nurse a baby, a good and comfort able home being morn an ubject than high wages. Apply or address a note to 100 Bedford at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A STEADY, ACTIVE young woman, as waller or chambermaid; no objection to asslrt in washing and iraulng. Can be well recommended from her former ali nation. Can be seen for two days at 241 Elizabeth at., second lloor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable girl, to cook; Is a good washer and ner and a good baker; or would do chumberwork. Can be t.ocn for two days at her present employer's, 168 Waahlugt ju at., Brooklyn. WANTED? SITUATION'S, BY TWO HIGHLY RESPEC table young women; one as seamstress, understands l ulling and fitting ladies' and children's dresses aud millinery in all us branches; ihe other as chambermaid and laundress; she thoroughly [understands her business. Be st of city refer once. Please call tor] two days at 200 Ea .t lt'.h st. . second lloor, front room, four doors from 1st avenue. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, IV a private family, as good waiter, or as chambermaid and to assist In washing and Ironing; she Is also a good plain newer, and understands the care of children; I* a verv com petenl person, and well recommended. Apply at 76ilthst., near 6U> a v. WANTED? K SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as cook, washer and Ironer; Li a Urst rate baker. The best of city relereuce given. Apply ai Sti Wes; 13th s'.., between 5th and tlth avs. Can be seen for two days. WANTKD? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. te?tant girl, to do general housework, In a small private famllf, or light cbamnrrwork and plain sewing, Gool re ferent e. Apply, for two days, at 132 West 20th st. TirANTKD-AOIRL. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER. TT Also, one as laundress aud soams ress. They must be neat, honest and obJiiMiiu, and must give the best ellv refer ence for cliaracler and iiunliflealions. Apply at 10 West 19th ut., from i* to 11 A. M. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to do chainbem ork anrl line washing, or cham berwork and walling hi a prlvalo family ; she can be well re commended from her last place. Call a; 173 West 22d si., be tween 7th and 8th avenues room 15. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMVN, to do general housework in a small private family; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; good city referenoe. Ap ply at 216 Spring si., between Sullivan and Maodougal, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Presbyterian young woman, as chambermaid, and to as Hial in the washing and ironing; good required. Call at 217 "th avenue, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A CHILD to board, not under two years old: thi>re are no other chil dren in the house; the best of care shall he taken of It; good re oreuces given. Apply at 217 7'h avenue, top lloor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION IN A RESPECTABLE family, ai seamstress; understands dressmaking and all kinds of female sewiig. No objection to assist in chamber work. Inquire at 136 West 28th St., between 7Ui and 8th ave nues. Can bo seen for three days. ANTED? ?Y A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO co>k, wash i\inl iron In n small private family she ?thoroughly understands her business. The best of city refer once given from her last place, wheie she has lived for the last two years and a half Please call ai 123 21st street, near 7th avenue. Can be seen lor two days. WANTED-BY A YoUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and waiting, or lo assist with Ihe wa th ing and ironing; thoroughly understands her business, lias the best of city reference from her last place, where she hvs lived for l?o years and three months. Please call at 123 21st St.. near 7th avenue, lir two days. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, lo do thegneeral housework; understands cooking In all Its branches, lias no objection lo a short distance In the conn rv. Otod city reference given from her last place, l'lease ca'll, for two dayt, at 6S9 Greenwich ntroet, iu the rear. TIT A NTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT AB I E T T voung woman, as plain cook, washer aud Ironer, or to do general housework or cliamberwork. lias the best of city reference. Can he seen lor two days, at 216 tween 23d and 2l'h -:s., tlrat lloor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation io do chamherwork and walling, or chamber work and assist in line washing and Ironing, llest of recoui incndations from her last place, where she lias lived six years. Call at 128 12th si., between Sib and 6Ui avenues. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation as child's nurse and to do plain sewing or light chamberwork; Is willing to take care of children and make herself generally useful if required. Best of cltv reference rrom her last place. Call at 133 7th avenue, second Boor, back room, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA lion as (plain cook, washer and Ironer, or to do general housework in a small private family; would take care of child ren. and Is willing to make kersell generally useful. Apply, for two days, at 270 7th avenue, between 27li? and 28th sis. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voung woman, as chambermaid or waiter, or would as slat In the care of children. Good city reference. Call at 19t> Eat 17th st. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS good plain oook ; is an excellent washer and Ironer; uo objection lodo chamberwork and waiting in a private family. Good reference from her last place. Call at 90 Amity St., be tween Thompson and Sullivan lit. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. TirANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a situation to do chamberwork and plain sewing, or as nurse In a private family. Best of reference given from her last place. Please call for two days al 152 2>jth St., between 2d and 3d avenues. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS cliambermald and waiter, or to take rare of children; Is willing to go to any part of the country. Please call at 3d Bar row st-, front room, up stairs. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS waller; she thoroughly understands her business, and can give the best of eltv reference from some of the mo-i re npectahle families. I'lea-e Inquire at 616 Broadway, between Houston and Bleccker sis., rear house, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST AN 1' GIRL a situation lo do housework; Is a good plain cook, washer and troner, and a llrst rate baker of bread; or would do chain berwoik. washing and Ironing. The best of reference from ber last place. Please call at 64 Hamersley st. till engage I. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA lloti as good plain cook, washer and Ironer, or to do the general housework oi a small family. Can give the best city reterence from ber last place, where she has lived for the last Ave years. Please call at 127 West 24th st., between tfth an t "ih avenues, lor I wo days. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO ATTEND TO the cooking, washing, ironing and general housework of a small 'amllv; she mu?t come well recommended for good character and abilities. To such good wages will he given; no other need apply at Clinton avenue, Brooklyu, fourth house north ol De Kalb avenue, west side. WAKTED-A SITUATION. BY A STEADY WOMAN, AS TT a good cook, washer and Ironer. Best of city reference ran be given. Call for two days at 160 West Jrttb ?t., betweeu 7ili and 8th avenues. w TirANTED-A SITUATION, BY A tt voung ?, as chambermaid and general housework In a small private famlb RESPECTABLE chambermaid and laundress or to do i unall private family, llaa good city reference. Please call at 75 Greenwich aventie.Oorlnih place. front room, for two days. TIT" ANTED ? HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A vf aitoaUonas n..?i oook and baker; understands pastry, oookJn| and baking / is s first rale washer and ironer. Best of city reference from her ;??? n|?ee, where she lived two year* Please call for two dsys ai Amity sU. Brooklyn. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatanl ynitng woman, to housework In a Kioall family or chamberwork. tl<??l ference. Can be aeen at her last place, 265 West 1, th ?u, beiwsen atii and 9th ares WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A' RESPECTABLE WO man, as cook; Is a flrst rate washer snd Ironer Has the best ot oily references. Can be seen far two .(ays b'v call ing ilH 4th avenue, between Wi and 10th sts. UTANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY R EXPECT TV able girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, or would prefer chamberwork and line washing and Ironing. Can be seen for two days. If not engaged, at her last employer's. Please call v Wo. 48 West S3d st. WANTED? BY A NEAT, TIDY. NICE GIRL, A SITU T T atloo to do light chambarwork and wait, or care chll ill en and sew; will be found anxious to make herself generally useful and attentive. Can give the beat of sity relereuce. ? all, for two days, at 213 12th St., In the rear. Wanted-* situation, by a respectable young woman, Is an excellent cook and baker; has no objections u> aasi*t in the washing and Ironing In a private family. Can slve the best ofclty reference. Please call at 210 avenue A, between Itih and 16th its., second floor, frout room. Cap be seen for two days. WANTED-A FIRST RATE SEAMSTRESS, BY THE day or week, one who is competent to cut and flt chil dren's dresses without assistance. Apply at llM Macdougal m . from 10 to H. Tlr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO vv ilo general bonsework In s smsli prlrre family, soe Is nfmtrnf** wn^hrr *t?d ironer; good ct'y gjren. fun hr seen for two 0?)? at 1M W?*l iW? b?iwtta 7Ua aa4 0th f .vQi.CS, imATJONS WATTED. WAN TBI)? BY AN ENGLISH GIRL. A. SITUATION AS iLumLrrr. lu'.d and wai'or, or ch:i,rabeniiu.d tuiJ liue wusber aud Irouer. Can lie ?f?-n ai c.56 Greenwich * L. WANTED-A SITUATION )SY A SMART YOUNO GIRL sixteen years 01' age, to taka cure of children. and would nmke hersell generally useful; La- the bcstcf cily reference from her laiil plnce. Cru be s?eu lor three days al 2S7 2U'-li at., belwteu lal and A avenues. trout room, tup tlour. "WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION A3 TV cook, and luuudreM; ha - 30 objection to dn general Louie work. Good city reference. Apply al 31 Tullntkn at., Dear Bridge, for two nays. Xir ANTKD? A YOUNG WOMAN IS OKSIROUS O!' OB TT talnlng a situation us lady'b uiald, Is a good hairdre uter and plain seamstress, and can do lino washing. Can route well recommended. Please upi?ly a; 183 West 33th it., near 8th uienue. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to rook, wash and Iron or tfeuerul home work in a private family: Is a first rate baker. The best of city reference from her last place . w here she spent two ya*r* and six mouths. Cuu lie seen for two days at Zr>7 East l4Ui at., be twen avenues A and 11, second lloor, liout roout. WANTED? BY A STEADY WOMAN, A SITUATION IN a private family, lo cock, wash aud Iron, or- wonM d? tlie housework of a small, respectable family. Goo?l rity re ference. 1'lease call at 4*5 3d aveuue, between 31th aud 35th hit., third lloor, buck rooui. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as lirat rale cook In a respectable private family; is a good baker; no objection u> assist In the washtiiK and Ironing, or as laundress. Good reference. Apply at 89 East lfjih at., near 3d aveutte, hi the store. WANTED? BY A STEADY, RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a situation as cook, washer, and Irouer, In a respectable family. Is a good cook, understands all kinds of pies and puddings, and is a good bakor. Call a' 175 Weit 29th *t., between ith and Hth avenues, top lloor, froot room, let t band aide, for two days, If not engaged. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as cook, wusher, and lroner. Has lived with a French family for the last two years. Cau be *een at her last situation, 396 >a Fourth si. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cliatnbermald and waller, and to assist with the washing and ironing. Good rlty reference. Apply at .160 6di avenue, between ?M and 21 d sis., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN* as seamstress, or to take charge of au Infant. Good re rerencca. Apply al 10 Washington square, on Thursday. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as wet uurse. Would take a baby to her own house, or would go out as nurse In a respectable family. Best of references gtven. Apply at It} 17th at., between 6th and 7th avenues, for two days. TXT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, A vv situation In a respectable private family; can fill any situation that may be required of her. Can come well recom mended with good city reference. Can lie seen for two days If not eugaged. Please call at 69 West 27th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS a good cook, washer and lroner.* Can be seen for two days. Good city reference. Apply at (16 Malu at.. Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as pliln cook and ml washer and lroner, or to do general housework in a small private family, (loud re ference given. Please cull at '.'41 Mulberry u., up' stair i WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN woman, as nurse and seamstress; she u lderstands the entire charge of an Infant, anil has the best of city reference. 1'lease call at 412 3d avenue, between 30tb aud 31st ats., second floor. Can be teen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as first cook In a hotel or ho trdlir; house ; under stands her buslnuis In all Its branches. Can give the best of city references. Please call at 37 Frankfort St., in the rear, fourih lloor. WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO HIGHLY RESPECT able girls? one as good cook, washer aud lroner; the other as chambermaid and waller. Best of city reference. Can lie teen lor two days at 12$ Atlantic st., (over Scranton's gro eery store,) room 11, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY Z RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation in a prlvaie family as seamstress; understands all kinds uf fnmily sewing. Best of city references as to honesty, sobriety and capability; has lived seven years in her last place. Can be seen for two days at 217 1st avenue, up stairs, front room. WET NURSE.? SITUATION WANTED, AB WET NURSE, by a very respectable young woman, wldi a fresh breast of milk, bavin;: lost her own child a short time since. Unexcep tionable city reference. A note addressed M. H., nurse, Herald office, for three days, will meet immediate attention. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE }oung girl, In a private family, as cook; Is an exoellent washer and lroner. Good reterence If required. Can be seen for iwo days, if not engaged, at 383 12th St., between 1st avenue and avenue K. * w WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework. In a private family; Is a good baker: also a good cook, washer aud lroner; would have no objection to go In the country; Is willing to make herself generally useful; has the bent of city reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days at 802 Washington St., In the butcher's store. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A MOST COMPETENT girl, as waiter or as parlormaid: can take cliarge of the dining In any respectable private family in this city or Brook lyn; understands her business. Wages $t> to $7. Excellent rlty reference. Call or address 33'J 2u aveuue, near 21st St., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II young woman, as good plain cook; Is a first rate washer ni'rt lroner; or as laundress; lias the best of city references fr ;.i her last place. Can be seen for two days, 11 not engaged, at i. ojth aveuue, between 19th and 20th sta. WiNTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A situation In a Protestant family, as chambermaid or waiter, or would do the general housework of a small faniUv; uo objection logo a short distance In the country; good cfty reference. Can be seen for two days at 284 8th avenue, be tween 24th and 28th st*. A NT ED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as lady's maid and seamstress; understand- hair dre-slug In the neatest manner. < an give satisfactory city reference from her lost place. Plea e address a note to C. F., Union HM1 fort olllce. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS LACXDRES8; WOULD have no objection to do ohamberwork; best of references giver. Can be seen for two days at her present einploverV 41 West 17th at. ANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid ainl waiter; has no objectlou to do general housewora In a small family; lias good city re ferences from her last place. Call at STnaat 125th st., between 2d and 3d avenues, third floor, fron' room. WANTED? BY AN ACTIVE, STEADY WOMAN. A SI tuatlon as prolesscd cook; understands her business in all ita branches? all kinds ot soups and made up dishes, pas tries and jellies. Has the best of city reference. Can he seen for two day*. Please apply at 248 9th street. In the rear, be tween 1st and 2<1 avenues. The advertiser is English, and free from encumbrance. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, one who thoroughly understands her business, a sltua Hon as cook; would assist with the washing and Ironing. Best of efcy reference given. Please call at 128, 'j 19th street, near 7th avenue, ttrst floor, Iront room. WANTED-BY A SMART, TIEY GIRL, A SITUATION to cook, wash and Iron. Best of city reference from her last place Please call at 340 Bowery, "between Bond and Great Jones st., for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation aa chambermaid or waiter in a private family. Best of city reference can be given. Please call for two days at 312 1st av., between 18th and 19th st?., second floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestaot girl, aa chambermaid and laundress, or nurse and seamstress. Good city reference. Call ai 188 West ltith St., near 8th av. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid or waiter, or to do plain sewing, in a private family. The beat city reference can be given. Apply tor two days at 336 6th avenue, one door from i st. w givei 20th WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and seamstress in a private family: can cut and fit children's dresses. Goo 1 city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days at No. 2 6th st., llall place, TlfANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv girl, as cook, washer and lroner; good city reference. Apply at 228 Gold st., Brooklyn. W"ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A 8ITUATION TT as i h?ml ermald and -cam-tress, or to iiss.jI hi u WMO Ing and Ironing: no objection to the conn'ry. Has good refer ence. Please call at 196 tost 19th St., between 1st and 2d a vs., third floor, front room. Can be seen for two days. T ANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITRESS IN A PRI 1 vale family, or as chambermaid. Call for two days at 272 West 28lh si. Tl' ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TV who has lived eight years lu her last place, a situation as chambermaid and assist In washing, or to do do the w alttng 111 a small family, or would take eai e of children. Please call at 73 IS'h st , near 0th av., in the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA vv t Ion a* child's nurse, is of a kind disposition an 1 fond of children: would like lo do chaniberwork; thoroughly under s'ands her business, and can produce the best or city refer ence, or would do the housework of a small family, can do up ladles' flne things in the neatest manner. Can be seen at 52 Stanton st.. Brooklyn, until suited. m*" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS v T experienced nur?e or chambermaid; could take the en tire charge of an Infant from Its birth, or as chambermaid and fine washer and lroner; can dn plain sewing, understands how to fulfil either situation thoroughly, has n>i objection to travel; has excellent city references. Call for Iwo days at 130 29*11 st., ucar ftb ave., upper floor. WANTED-BY A HOOTCH GIRL. A SITUATION as nurse snd seamstress, or as chambermaid and to as alst in tbe washing and Ironing of a small private famllv Call at 148 West "2d st , between 7th aud 8th aves. Good city re Terence. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid, who thoroughly understands her business Applv at 94 West 20th si., between 6th aud fih aves. Can be seen lor two days. WANNTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPKtTABLE young women; one as ehamberntal I and waiter: 'be other to take care of children and to do plain sewing Good city references given. Applv al 77 East Warren st., Brooklyn between Smith and Hoyt. Can be teen for iwo days. WANTF.D? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT sii usi ton as seamstress, in ? private family: is capable of cutting and making children'* clothe*; la a neat ahlrt maker; can do all kinds ot family sewing Can be seen for two days ai 77 Monroe st., corner of Pike. TIT ANTED- A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS IN SOME T V respectable famrv. bv a toung girl, with '.be be*' o; city reference, can cut and fit ladies' and children's clothe i. Please ca.l tor two days at a Watt* *t. "l\rANTKI>? BY A RVNPFCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN, A / n as seamstress *nd dr -smiaker In s prlva'e family. Best of city reference given In^nlre al *4 E. fc'b ?t? between id aud Islington arenne, f0r two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A situation in a private tamlly, as s?ams're?s. un I srstati Is Ml nods of fancy and plain work. Please rail at 1? West JtiJi ireet, two doors west of Tth avenue far two .Liya. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN A dtuauon as nur*e a *1 seams' ress (loo I r|t? referent jlv?. Apply at *? Broadway. bf.weea ISta and I'Wi *? ta UTViTHWI WASTED. WANTED-BY a YOU wo' scotch GIP.L, A 8JTUA, Vf tion Dun* and plain seamalrOM. Plea* ca.l I Mj W?m l<*b Ht., between 7tli and 8ih avenue*. ___ TlfA NT'" A SITUATION, BY AN HONEST. DKSKP.V W i uk well recommouded and iudustrlou* yountf womiii, a* child's narae in a private frmily; underntaruU the care 01 childreu tLaiOUgbly ;*ud i* kind and oMi?tn?; can aUo uae i lia any cipacltv. Begt of city n firenca. Can be aeen a' 16 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, in the bwmeiit. Tir ANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A HIGHLY RESrF.C W tal>le young woman, to do genera! housework, or a* chambermaid; U a good plain ironer. Oood reference*. Apply at lo2 Navy at., u? a Myi Ue avenue. Brooklyn. WiKTVD? A SITUATION. BY A RBfiPEOTABLK WO man aa plain cook and to assist in yvaabtag and Iron lna or Iiclit cbumberwork and laundress. Good city reference canbe gWem I'leaaecallat7GWWl?tbst. Can be wen for two daya. __ WIkTFD? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE vounii woman lo do chambei work and waiting or plain w in^ ^r^Sd elty reference. Cull at W 24th at. , between ShunS 7ih avenuea, Bret floor front room, lor two days. Would go to California Willi a lamlly. W ANTK1) ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Munition as cook, washer and ironer, or would do house work lor a suiall tfsmilv; the bent of elty reference can be civm Also a first ratecook w1abe? a situation. Call lor two days, at No. 12 Amity place, In the shire. Wanted by a respectable youno woman, a situation an chambermaid and to do line washing and Ironing; would be willing to usalsi In the care ol children, ordo plain sewing; no objection to do the cooking, washing and Iron jng of a email private lamlly. Is, willing to make herself Ml. Please call at 106 Moll st., third tloor, room 12, tor two days. City reference can be obtained. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA lion as chambermaid and waiter or plain sewei-. or o Uke care oi children; has the best of city reference. Can be Been for one day, at 242 Hudson avenue, second door trom Johnson street,'Brookl)U. mr ANTKD ? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, YY situations; one as a first rate cook, would assist In the washing and Ironing of a private JamUy. and underatands her business in all Its branches; the other to do the general housework of a small private family, or aa chambermaid and to do line wathlng; understands her business well, and is not nirnid of work. TLe best city referenco can be given aa to hSSty snd capability. Please callat 169 1st avenue, comer ol 10th st., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, WHO U a first rale cook, washer and irqner, and can give the very best of relerence. Please call at 32 vestry atr&gt. AKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Bltuation as cook, and to assist in washing and ironing, in a private family. The best of city reference. Please lu_ quire at 192 Molt St., between Spring and Broome. Can be seen for two days. ? "IITANTED ? A SITUATION, BY TWO PROTESTANT W girls; one as cook, la willing to do washing and Ironing; the other as chambermaid and waiter. Both wish to, g' et In one family, Good city references from their last places. Ap ply at No. 463 Houston st., two doors from third avenue. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL, A Si tuation to do rhamberwork and sewing; has no objec ,<n n tn tin* cm re ot rliiidrcn; can cut and fit children s dresses, undersmnds all kli.da of My sewing; Is willing and oblig ng in every cupaclty. Has good elty reference. I lease call at B9 24th St., between tiili and 7th avenues, third tloor, back room, lor iwo days. WANTED? KOK A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION YY In a private family, us seamstress; she understands cut ting and fitting ladies' and children's dresses; Is also an excel lent chambermaid and line washer and Ironei . Best of city roleience from her last place as to character and cawblUty. Can be seen for two days at 471 7lh avenue, between 2?Ui and 29th sts., in the fancy store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY voiing woman, at- first rate cook, washer anil Ironer; best city reference. Please call at 241 Elizabeth st., near Houston. "WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A RESPEC YY table woman, who understanda both J rench and Amerl e" fashions V "cooking, and Is a nerfecl l^robrejdand pastry. Best of cltv reference. Can be seen tor two days, not engaged, at 279 Mulberry si. Ur ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO YY teslant, as cook, and to do the w ashing and Ironing oi a small private family. Best of city reference. Can be seen lor two days, at 201 1st avenue, near 15th st. "firANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO YY tec lant , to do the housework of a small Private i rfrv? yt'. as plain rook. She is capable of any kind or We work. Can be seen for two days, at 281 1st avenue, near lath si. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS lady's maid or seamstress. No objections lo travel. Please aildress Miss E. M. Kennedy, 477 Broadway, mourning store. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A YV situation as chambermaid and waiter In a private family. She is verv i>e?t and tidy, andli willing to make herselt useltil Ui whatever isrequlred ol her. Best of city .reference from her last place. Please call at 284 West 2fith St.. between Jib and 10th avenues, top tloor, front room, tor two days. "WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Y\ voung woman, as chambermaid and to do plain sewing," and assist in the washing and Ironing. Best of refer* uce given. If i equlred. Please call for three days at 352 West 29th st., near lltli avenue, second tloor. |IT ANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN .AS V\ erok ; no objection lo do Ihe housework of a small family . Good cltv relerence. Apply at No. fl Hester at., first door, front rooin. Can be seen two days. WANT ED- A SITUATION. BY A GERMAN YOUNO YY ladv; speaks good English; ran make dresses and al. kinds of needlework, and do general housework. Apply at 166 Leonard st., at candy store. TI r ANTED? A SITUATION, BY .V YOUNG GIRL, AS A \Y chambermaid, assist In washing and Ironing, or doing plain sewing, In a private family; can give city relerence 'fro? her last place, for three yeais. Can hi seen lor tw o days at 126 Clinton place, front room, _top Uoor. UrANTEP? BY A ^COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A YY situation, in a private family, as chambermaid and "J*'1"1 tress, oi to lake care of children; has lived with her last em plover five years; the be-t of city reference given. PK?se call at 640 Houston St., room 19. 'op Uoor. Tji-a NT ED? A SITUATION, BY V RESPECTABLE YY voung woman, locook, wash and irnn,?and do the gene ral housework of a small private 'amlly; is an excellent washer and ironer, under?tands baking. Best ot city reference. *. a: at liO Nassau St., third floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE "voting woman, as chambermaid land wal,er\{" ? family. Best city reference given. Apply at 84 Bleccker St., for two days. ______ W\NTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID. AND to asstsUn the laundrv, by a respectable youna woman, who h? Uved three years in her last place. Apply lor two days, at 174 East 17 th st? - WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, WHO SPEAKS English and German, a situation as porter in a store, or as waiter in a private family. Can give the best relerence from the Stafford Springs House, where he was last employed. Address Henry Kolinsky, Herald ofllce. Wanted? a biiuation, by a youno man of many yeai^Bfcerleiice In the hardware business, as salesman or clerk; Is willing to make himself tn other wav to his employer; he speaks perlectlj the French a ud Oerman languages. Salary not so much an ohject as a good situation. Can give the best references. Address C. H. L., box 123 Herald office. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS WAITER IN A PRIVATE W family, by a respectable Protestant young man. Best city reference given. Address H. B., Union square Post oillce. lor two days. ? WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, BE tween 18 antl 19 years of age. In a grocery, or as assist ant bar tender, or some such business, fhe beat ot city refer ence cau be had. Can be seen for three days at 203 1st ave. , or addresa Q. H., Herald office. ANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN AND HIS WIFE, situations; the man aa coachman, and the woman as cook, chambermaid or laundress; steady situation* more or an object tbau high wages. Oood clt y ^renoe' I employers. Address Coachman, Herald office, or call at 342 Fufon ?t., near City Hall, Brooklyn. WANTED-A CAPABLE MAN FOR WORK ABOUT garden, and lo lake care of horses and cows; one will! to make himself generally useful. Apply to Mr. Farmer, Lovejoy's Hotel, on Wednesday, from 10 to 12 o'clock. "WANTED-A SITUATION. AS GROOM, OR COACH 1 1 num. by a young man. who understands tii? luislimss. In every i.articular, and can give the best of citv reference. Address J. P.. Herald office. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN IN AN OFFICE. WHO write* a good hand, and who is accurate at figures. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. Salary first year, $200. Address, In handwriting of applicant, box 3,t iUS) Post office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A TT situation as waiter in a private family; can drive aid make himself generally useful lr required. Can give the b?it cltv references and was two vear? In his last place. Please address Waiter, box IM Herald office, lor two days. TIT ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, OF THE UTMOST R ^ ?f speciabllity, a sli nation as oorler in a store, or In an capacity, where Integrity, general good character, and atteri tlon to business would ensure him the coniidenre ot hi, en-! 6 lover, (iood references. Addrei-. tor two davs, .fame " . raid i lllce. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MAN. AS PORTER, In a wholesale boot and shoe store, or anv store where lie can make lilmaclf useful lo his employer. Please a ldress SamuelJenklns, Herald ofllce. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, humble young man. just disengaged, not long from the Old Country, writes a fair band, understands the retail hard ware, grocery, and wholesale and retail liquor or bottling business: would go as light porter or In any other capacity Peimanent employment .n a respectable hon-e or pWebf business more an object than sslarv, ha? no objection to go South or West. Address P. II. C., Herald ofllce, for two days. IVTKr.tiIO K \{ K OFFICF.H. t)Q7 BROADWAY. CORNER OF HEADE STRKET ZOl At MORRIS COHNERT A CO.'.x. ran h?obtaln*<i respectable German. English. Sco>ch and Irtsb .elp, for hotels and private families, also, waiters, coeclnu?D. farra?r? sn 1 la bof?rs, a this oi he branch office, 102 Qreenwu li s'.ree . le:m uioderate. 1URISTIAN HttMK, ON THIRTY EIGHTH -TREET, BE J tween Konrh ind MM avenues ?Female ?ervanls wl'h good releienre provided Wtttl SUitabM tltvatlotw. free of charge, iroin this Institution. c EXTRA PAY. Bounty land, pensions, passports in thirty six hour*. Every one for four'een days service Ui any war since 177 S. can get ltW acr"- l aw V <.nen of everv k .ui ? ocf??*^llIy, speedily dm-e. Wm. t.randln eniuMellor. no arr public and U. B. commlsslo;i?r. 79 NMsau rref., rojm 10. Extra pay-wavy bot-nty land and "extra Pay ' Office ? Land wirrants ex : a pay" atii ba an- es i?' wages due all Unite 1 f?ia-e? navr nallo-s. In alt ws * since 17>t. iheir wtdowsatwl hrirs, p'omp'y o't'alnel and paid, and all kinds of claims aga'nst the United State- reeove e l hv EDWARD ai<*SKLL Agetit. |tti? purser U.S. Navy .fan! Atorae-- anl i ounse.'.or at Law. <7 Wall street PLAYDIfl CARIM, " PLAYfNO C A RDM ?THE 8UB<CRIilEil? HA YE TF? etolustve sale of A. Dougherty's man .far ure o plaving cards, and have coostantly on hand, all Um diUe. en'. gra<lea. la eluding his celebrated linen dealing carda A. VAN 7ALKKNHUR0H A CO.. f?t r?*rl KTfft, lauuAKWry 79 CW gut*. mciiP wjurno. A lady ok genteel ADDRESS AND STEADY tIA3 lt?, between the ageoi 20 ami 30, having furniture far on ? rocm.inay have apartments ront free, nnd a small Hilary, lor a"endtng lo a light, respectable Address Room, Herald oQlie. A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID W ANTED.-NONE need apply who do uot know tl.etr bualueis. Apply at 39 Cranberry at., Brooklyn. A LADY VOCALIST WANTEI>? ALSO, A GOOD COMIC singer, to aing In a saloon in UalUmore. Good salary, and permanent employment. Enquire immediately of AS 1 110NY STUPP, W Spring street. AgK, ^ereverintro.ln?dtac^.?" inlin (,iQ money, Kor runUel'mio'rmaUon'upply at 289 "roadway room taYL0R. AGENTS WANTED? IN EVERY STATE, TO SELL sheet and pocket maps, of the most useful nnd popular character. All letters ot Inquiry fully answered l>y return mall, with catalogue and specimen map encloaed. Some agents now engaged aie making iroui W to $10 <latly, and auy active man cnnnot tall to do well lo the business. AdiL es.1 A. H. Jocelyu, Map Publisher, 58 and GO Fulton street. A YOUNG MAN WHO CAN WORK AND MAKE IIIM self generally useful la wanted lu the tea store, 116 Sixth avenue. Inquire after three o'clock F. M. ANY PERSON HAVINO THEIR EVENINOS AT LEI cure, and would feel inclined to teach a young man read ing and w riting during the e turning winter, ran hear of an op portunlty of doing (to by addressing a letter to J.T., Herald ollice, stating terms, Ac. BOY WANTED? FROM 14 TO 16 YEARS OLD, WHO can writo n good hand and come well recommended. Call at No. 7 Broad at., 3d alory. BOY ON DAGUERREOTYPES WANTED-AT NO. 287 Bmmw. (CLASSICAL TEACHER WANTED ? IN AN INSTITU J lion In this State. Address; stating particulars as to qual ideations, 4c , J. A. Livingston, New York. COOK AND WKT NURSE? WANTED, FOR A PRIVATE family, a person as first rate cook, washer and lroner, who understands baking, and has good city referenoe; wages 16. Also, a healthy and respectable young woman, with a fresh breast of milk, lo nurse an Infant eight moatha oil: wages 810. Apply, utter 9 o'clock, at 44 East 24th at-, near 4th ave. CLOTHING SALESMAN WANTED.? ONE WHO IS Ex perienced In city retail trade, competent and industrious, may obtain a permanent situation, and liberal salary, by ad dressing a note to B. I). A Co., Herald office, giving address, references, Ac. N. 11.? None but llrst rate salesmen need apply CONFECTIONER WANTED-WH0 UNDERSTAND.^ pastry, chrystallzlng aud ornaments. None but first rate bunds need apply at N. Clark's, 835 Broadway, corner of 13'.h street. CALIFORNIA.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A WOMAN who Intends sailing for California on the 5th Ootober, by way of Aspin wall, who would like to reduce her expeuses by assisting In taking charge of a young infant. Call Immedi ately at lu3 East 16th street, near id avenue. Drug clerk wanted-a young man well qualified in the prescription department and city re Mil trade. Apply at 347 Bleecker st , corner of Charles. Drug clerk wanted? in Williamsburg, one who has a thorough knowledge of the retail drug busi ness, and can come well recommended. Apply at the drug store corner of South 4th and 5Ui sU>., near the Odeon, between the hour* of 1 and 4 P. M. Exchange clerk wanted-onk practically taml iar with Llie details of the exchange brokerage busi ness, of active business habits, and who has had experlenoe In the business In Ibis city, may obtain a good situation. Address Exchange, Herald office. Governess wanted-by a lady, residing near Old Point, Virginia. Must be fully qualified to teach English, French, music and the rudiments of Latin. An English ladv preferred. Satisfactory reference required. Address, before Friday, October 5, J. N. M? Herald ollice. CI ROCERY CLERK WANTED? AN AMERICAN YOUNG JT man, ofsteady and Industrious habits, may address, slat ing age. experience, and relereace, Grocer, Union square l'oat office. MUSIC TEACHER WANTRD? IN A HOARDING school, a few miles from tnis city. Address , slating qual UicatlonB, 4c\, K A. Mllnor, New York. Seamstress wanted-a respectable middle aged woman, to wait on young ladies nnd sew. She must understand dressmaking. Apply, from 9 to 12 o'clock M., at 137 Amity street, between lleury and Ciln'.on streets, South Brooklyn. Salesman wanted.-wanted, a salesman in a retail fancy goods aud millinery house In New Haven. Conn., to act in the capacity of salesman and bookkeeper. A voting man of energy and go uheuda'ivcuess, who understands Ills business, would be liberally dealt with. Address, slating expectations, references, Jtc., to Ed. Malley, New Haven, Conn. SALESMEN WANTED.-TWO FIRST RATE DRY GOODS salesmen, and one tor a grocery store. Apply at Ml itli avenue, between list aud 42d sts. TO DRUGGISTS? WANTED. A RESPECTABLE WELL educated youth, Irom 16 to in years of age, and having souie knowledge of the business; good reference required. Apply Immediately at 139 Court street, Brooklyn. I two RETAIL DRY GOODS SALESMEN' WANTED Immediately, at Cook <fc Slmonson's, 239 Greenwich st. TO YOUNG MEN. ? WASTED FOR A NEW SHIP, TEX landsmen; also, coopers, carpenters, blacksmiths, cooks, stewards and I ootsteerers. All Slothing furnished for the voyage. ) no 'lire at the office of the agents, No. 97 West at., corner of Cedar, up stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. TIT" AN TED? A FRENCH WOMAN, AS NUBSE AND ft seamstress, capable of Instructing two boys, (four and six years old.) must be able to give the moat satisfactory re ference. Apply at the St. Nicholas Hotel, room 199, between the hours of 12 aud 4 P. M. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A GOOD COOK; A WAIT er who understands her business, and a small girl about fotr't en years of age. Apply at HI Ens 23d st. TV-ANTED? ? THREE EXPERIENCED GIRLS; ONE AS ?l ciiambermald and waiter: one as laundress and. to os itoi la the chamberwork; and a seamstress, one who under* stsndsdrt s?mnking. eu'tlng and fitting nnd plain sewing. Ap ply he ween the hours of 10 aud 3 at 163 East 14th St., for two days. TV ANTED? AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE, A FIRST RATE T I cook, washer and lroner; oue who understands her busi ness and can come well recommended. Wanted? one ob two german girls, to do kitchen work; must be I'rotes<anis, and speak English. Also, n German boy, of like qualifications. Apply at 401 Broadway, in the basement. TV-ANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A PRO f? testant girl, to do general housework; she must come well i commended, be a good plain cook, washer an 1 Irouer, and understand baitmg. Apply at 106 East 19th st. WANTED? A OIRL FOR THE WINTER. IN A SMALL tamllv, she must be a good plain cook and a good wash-' er and lroner, with good recommeudatlons from her last place. Apply, for two day s, at 446 Third aveuue, corner of 33d street, (u the store. TV-ANTED? TWO GIRLS; ONE A GOOD COOK, WASHJ vi er and irooer, and the other to take cere of ehlldrei | None need apply except those who can come well reconi. mended. Apply at 377 bowery, in the store. TV ANTED ? TWO AMERICAN. OERM VN OR SCOTCH II girls; one to do general housework, the other as nurse, elatnbermald aud plain sewer. None others need apply, at 123 East 13th st. WANTED-A FEW GIRLS TO FINISH CLOAKS AND mantillas; none bnt tirst rate hands need apply, to whom u>i.?tant work and good wages will be given, at 28 Orchard st. TVANTED? A FIRST RATE MILLINER AND TRIMMER TT at J. Haley's. 227 Hudson st. No other need apply. TVANTED? A|STE A DY GERMAN WOMAN (MUST HE A ?v Protestant, and understand the English language) :o cook, wash and iron, and make herselt generally- useful; must understand her business aud be obliging. Good reference re quired; none other need apply. Call at 22 Remsen St., Brook lyn Heights, between 9 A. M and 4 P. M. TVANTF.D? A SMART, ACTIVE OIRL: MUST BE A f? good plain cook, washer and ironer, and willing to do general housework, to go a short distance In the country. Also, a gardener; one who tuideratAiuls his business thoroughly In in all ns branches. A German prcierred. None bnt Protesiant* need apply. For further information apply at 87 West St.. be tween 9 and 11 o'clock A. M. II f ANTED? FOR WHALING YOYAGE9, YOUNG AMUR TV lean men. twenty -one years of age; uiso, carpenters aud black-rat. h?. Apply at No. JO West St., near Pier No. 4, North River. TVANTED? YOUNG MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES ?' Advance allowed to ou'fit, from Wo to #75. Young men wl-hing to go to sea will tlnd all kind, ot voyages according to capacity, bv applying to Kandall ? Bobson. 141 South street, turner Veclt slip, up stairs. TVANTED? A GERMAN APOT'IEf AH Y ; ONE WHO vf can ppea'i English, a:id who la fully competent, raay hear of a dc?traHe ""un ion I y applying between the hours of .lands P.M. to E. C. Vet Meulen. 119 Washington street. Hobrkcn. TVANTED? A MAN WHO CAN 8F.LL DOMESTIC LI V v quors to good cash city trade can hear of a good oppoi tunlly by addre?sslng box 2,97 4 l'oat office. WANTED? A FIKST RATE HAND FOR THE RETAIL tea and crtlee trade. Apply at 190 Bowery, before 9 A. M. or after it I'. M 1 t 'ANTED? IN A LAW OFFICE A YOUNG MAN OR TV boy, who writes a good baud and whets sornewbat fa uunar with office business. Apply to D. .sanuerd. 7 Wall St. fV ANTED? AT CLIFTON STATEN ISLAND. A MAN f T whe t nderstands the care of horses and driving; he mo*' also know seni'-thing a'lout gaidenmg. Apply be'weeu 10 und 11 o'clocis a'. No. 3 William at., front office, up stairs. TVANTKD-A YOUNG VVN. AS PARTNER, WITH v ? trs casb capital, lo go with an ambrotyue artist 1* miles , m New York 1 ne pl.e-e contains five taousaud Inhabt ?ant- ano tif iq'po-'ti. u. A large sum ? an be made in a short Une i all oraddre- Richard-. 71 Cortlands st. T\'ANTED.TK.V * TIVB AGKNTS OE GOi >D APDP.E?. vf :? se a sin i, mtlcle, which ts in general demand; com mission large and no ;iak whatever. Apply, between 'J A. >1. and ft P. M.. at 81o Broadway , room ft TITANTED? FOR A 8KOAR Bt'SINRSS UP TOWN, A ff respeetab'e and hon-s' boy. from fourteen ?? sixteen years old. oneln wl tn << nlldenee c?u lie pla^ el, and w io will give gorsl reference to that eac-t Adarees. in applioeafs handwriting. Buemess. Untoa square Po?' ofili-e. Tl' ANTED? A YOrNO LVD. WHO ( AN COME WELL Tv recomni >n led ma to ac broker'" offle,-. salary His yei.r. Call a' 109 We et ? .. up -'.\!r-^ TV A NTKP IlfMEDI ATKLY? A BOY TO ATTEND IN II ag .eerysti ? mil : -And the j, ?.., .jy deal of ri terence as to bcn< ?'} I c i :lre 1 Cull a' j7j : b ar between the hitirs of H A. M. and BP M. TV ANTED? BV A BOT SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGS VI to learn 'ne p< imhlng. tuachims' or cooper trade \n ply lo (i. T.. V?7 Mulberry St. TTOL'NO MAI.' V'ANi D? IN' A I'UHLIlsniNO OFFICE 1 ab. can lea:> lus empl.yer mmlMu fioo. permanent situation and 11 ^eral aa'ary. 1 his is s rare chance for an hones' pemn, either fton. U.e clt. or < try Apply lo P. F. I Ur rts, 1 91 e of the Broadway tip' 2n U rot ! way. BBEICH ADYERTISEMBIira. ON DFMANDR UNE JECNK FRANCAtd ?: 00 XX It bonne d'enfania dans tin* fvnHe Vmfrieu at. * la Cam pagnt , b'adicecr U. li, i Ut;t?U ?PECUI NOTICES. American dirle union commences its anni verwu-y to roorrcw, iti the church comer of Broome aii<i Elizabeth streets. Meeting* will continue for two days or longer. Buslnr-x meeting at 9 o'clock. Public elercises com uicure at 10 o'clock A.M. on Thursday. Anniversary ad dresses.? Among tin* speaker* pxpcc!f*a to ad Ires* Ibo Bible I nlon during lu meetings on 1 haraaay nn<l Friday are ? Rev. Samuel Baker, ? I)., Williamsbur g, N. Y.; Rev. D. R. Camp bell, L. L. 1).. President of Georgetown College; Rev. Perry Davis, Providence; Rev. George W. Katon D, I) . Theological Instructor In Madison llnlver.-l'v; Her. Isaac Errett. Warren, ().; Bev. 1. N. Hill, Albany; Rev. W. O. Howard, I). D., Ro chester; Rev. N V. Hull, Alfred. N. Y.; Rev. T. Gracchus Jones, Norfolk, Va.; Rev. A. Mnclav, D. D., N. Y.; Rev W. K. Pendleton, rromnor in Bcthiny iloiiege; Rev. O. P. Shel don, Hamilton; Rev. (J. H. Trottman, Hertford, N. C. American coterie.? the mkmbkrs or the above are hereby notified to attend the monthly meeting, to be held at tlie 1 Jrystal, 22H Grand street, this (Wednesday) evening, Oct. 3, at 8 o'clock. By order : W. It ANSON OWYN, President. Thko. P. Wuleleh, Secretary. ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO THE LATE HKNRY Orltten, of Anthony street, N. Y., (deceased.) or having any demands upon the estate, are reque sted to Heud In the ac count to Mr. Thomas H. V. Arthur, 25 Union plaoe, Hoboken, who Is dulv authorized to receive the same. Hoboken, Oct. 2, 1?56. M ARV URITTRN, Executrix. C10MMITTEE ON RAILROADS OF BOARD OP COUN J cllrnen. ? A meeting of this committee will be held at the Cliamber of ibe Board oi Couucilmen, at the City Hail of the cliy of New York, this (Wednesday) afernorm, at tore* o'clock. II. Reed, H. N. Wild, J. C. Wandell. P. M. Sciieak, K. Wain wriftht. MURRAY HILL, FOURTH AVENUE, AND ITS Vici nity.? Property holders lake particular notice. A meet ting will be hold at the rojtn of the Clerk of the Board of Alder men, In the City Hall , on Wednesday, Oct. .'I, at S o'clock P. M., in reference lo the. removal of the engines from Th rtv second street and Fourth avenue. The Harlem Railroad Company are about to make strong etlorls to set aside the ordinance wblrli has been passed for iia removal to Forty-second street, there fore 11 Is necessary for those Interested to be up and doing, or the inhabitant on Fourth aveuue and vicinity must couttuuu to sutler an intolerable nuisance. OFFICE OF THE . CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAIL road Company, 18 William street. New York, Sept. 27. ? Dividend.? A dividend of four (4) per cent on the capital stock of this company has been declared out of the urottla of Uie last six mouths, payable at the offlce of U>? com Any, on and after the 26th October. The transfer books will be closed from the 20th to the 25th October. By order of the Board of Directors. ?. B. LITCHFIELD, Treasurer. Reporting.? hayes, hincks, caret a co., short hand writers and legal and general reuorar*. Busluess furformed with accuracy and despatch, ./Ikees U and 17 'ranklln Buildings, 196 Broadway. UNIONPORT industrial HOMK AH*M'ATION. no. 2.? 1 he members are hereby notified dm 1 1 >?? wi' rein - lar meeting will he held on Thursday evening, tm. 4, at 187 Bowery, second floor. By order of the assoristi >n K. 1). KWEN Pre* lent. RllWARDsi dories, gloves. 4c., all new good.i. He above reward willtbe giveu for the recovery of the whole or in proportion for a part thereof, and positively no questions will be disked. A. JAKOB1 A CO.,767 Broadway. $200 I RE WARD. -STOLEN", FROM N. it. ROYCE'S store, in Hackenaacfc, New Jersey, on Monday, Octobor 1, 1805, between 12 and 0 o'clock M., a largo quan tity of ready made clothing, amounting to about $1,000, consist ing of oven oats, monkey jackets, frock coats, pants, vests, Ac., Ac. ; two , leces lion skin beaver cloth, containing 18 or 20 yards; *l>o, some remnants oi different styles; felt lints, dark drab Aud black, high ot own. 3 he above reward will be bald for the recovery oi ilie goods find arrest of Ibe thief, or >100 for the goods and 8100 for the thief. dj-IA REWARD. ? STOLEN, ON SUNDAY NIGHT, OR iJIU early on Monday morning, from In front ol 336 Broome gii eel, three doors east of ISowery. a wagon, built In the ex press style, red body and yellow running gear, one new shaft nnd shah bar painted blue, a piece out of back board on left band side, the rings around the hubs much worn by being run against, tho property ot' Tucker A Rati, Philadelphia House, 148 awl 147 Bowery. Any person giving satisfactory informa tion of the whereabouts oi tlie above will receive the above re ward. dhl/l REWARD, ? STOLEN, FROM ON BOARD SCHR. <J5-LU William Woodbury, night of 1st inst., the Captain's ( best. The above reward Is offered for the return of two ac count books contained therein. No queailoas will be asked. Address James Manning, Post office. C>X REWARD.? L08T. FROM 284 SIXTH AVENUE, A ?J*'J small black and white dog. Wns missed from the bouse Friday morning, the 28 ill Inst. Whoever has him and and will return him snail receive tho above reward or more. He is valued as being the pet of a child. REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY EVENING, OCT. 1, in going from the Metropolitan theatre, a pair of gold spectacles. Any person returning the same at Gosling's res taurant, 306 Broadway, shall receive the above reward, the thanks of the owner, and reward in heaven. LOST AMD FOriVP. FOUND? A POBTEMONNAIE. FOR FURTHER PAR ticulars call al Messrs. C. T. St E. Wllliaim', 192 Front st LOST-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, FRO* Washington Garden, Williamsburg. The color of lk? dot la black, w ith white tips on his bead, toes and tail. Whoevto will re' urn him will be suitably rewarded. LOST-ON THE 2IST SEPT., A RECEIPT BOOK OF THE New jersej Express Company. The Under ou return ing It to the office of the company, 189 Broadway, will receive a suitable rew ard. OST? GOING FROM BROADWAY DOWN ELM I street, through E.'m to Grand, a check for $250, drawn by J. 11. Joiimlou to John C. Ham. and a dralt lor $(15. pava ble at Duncan. Sherman A Co. * on tlieJMth inst. They have both been stopped, which renders them ol no use to unv parly except the owner. The Under will corner a tavor by leaving tlieui at 368 Broadway. JOHN C. HAM. LOST-ON TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 2D. IN coming lrom Now Kochelle, in the s IX o'clock New Ha ven (rain ol cars, or n the vicinity ol the depot, corner of Twenty slxih street and Fourth auen ie, a porta taounaie, cou 'Killing $46, in live dollar bills, ou the Bull's Head aud Me chanics' Bank, of New York; also two notes, one lor $1>3 and one lor $1,10, payment of w hich has been stopped. The tinder Will be handsomely rewarded on returning It to Mr. Daniel Cross Ingham, at Mephensou'? coach factory, East Tw.iuty seventh streei, near Fourth avenue, or on leaving It with Mr. L. R. Kerr, at ihe Putnam C ounty House, 367 Fourth avenue. LOST-ON THURSDAY EVENING, SEPT. V, ON Broadway, between Chambers and Canal siree'*, a port monnale, containing a small amount of money, locket and Herring tafc kev. The money halng of no cousb i nence, Ave dollars rewerd will be paid for the recovery if the kev. Ad dress C. T. Afseler, No. 7 William street. Lost? on Wednesday, sept. 20, a breastpini made of gold bearing <iu*rti. In going through Peck slip, Pearl and Madison streets 10 Pike street. The finder will re ceive ten dollars reward by leaving it at Wm. C. btout'a, 247 Broadway. TTj'ST OCTOBER 2I>. A HUNTING DOUBLE CASE Li lady's sold watch, wl'li a fob chain with charms attached, consisting of a cross, anchor, gold locket, cornelian heart, ana key j sala watch was lost In going from 13 Clumber* street u> Broadway, to Stuart's dry goods store, thence through Leon ard streei to West Broadway; whoever will return Bald watch to officer John (J. Goodell, Fifth ward station house, 67 Leon ard sueet.or at his residence 180 Franklin street, shall be liberally rewarded, nnd receive the thanks of the owner, as ihe said wmcb Is a gift from a deceased friend. Lost or stolen. -supposed to have been stolen from the desk In the chemical Bank, 011 the 2d inst., two promissory notes? one drawn by Edward D. Nelson A Co. at three months from Si pi. 21, lso6. for nine hundred and twmtytwo dollars forty -four cents, payable at the Media tiles' Bank, drawn to ihe order of, and endorsed by, J. Wotlierspoon A Son; ihe oiiier drawn by John Calvert, ai three months, Sept. 19, 1866, for two hundred and seventy one dollars thirty ?? hi cents, to order of James Wothet-spoon, and endorsed, e public are cautioned agalust negotiating either of said Doles, payment being stopped. STOLEN OR STRAYED? ON OR ABOUT 24TH PEP tembor, from Mr. Wm. Watson's, West Farms, a black and tan setter dog; answers to the uame of Tenor. A suita ble rew ard will be paid by returning him as above, or to 43 Exchange place. THE TRADES. A GOOD WHEELWRIGHT WISHES EMPLOYMENT IN tliis city, or in Brooklyn, or lu suburbs. Can give the besi of reterence as to his sobriety ami steadiness. Can build ligh' wagons lu a nice style; wotud be anxious to get In with a good blacksmith, or otherwise work journey work In a goi 1 shop. Address Alexander Metier. No. 191 1 1th 'street, be tween avenues A and B. BRA?S SPINNERS AND TURNERS-WANTED, A GOOD spinner: also a gcssl turner, one accustomed 10 turning trimmings for porcelain door knobs; a s'esdyjob to good men. Apply at the Porcelain door knob faciorv, 175 First street, Wliiliamsbnrg. AKFR WANTED FOR A SALOON? ONE WHO UN dcrs'ands pie and cake baking. Address KxceNtor, box 111, Herald office. B Glass cutter wanted? a man who under. stsnds cniungfplate. shee; and bou^h gla?j. Apply at 42 CUff st. Gardner.-wanted, by a respectable oer man, who can speak English well, and csu give good re conrmendatlotiS, a situation- no objection to go a snort dls ance In ihe country; he understand* gardening In all It* branches. Address A. B., He. a.d otllce. H AT TRIMMERS WANTED -A FEW HAT TRIMMERS. who have been accustomed to trimming soft hat?. can find Immediate employment by applying st 197 I3U? st., lie tween 8th and 9th avenues. NEWTON A ELWOOD. PIANOFORTE TUNER? WANTED, A MAN TO RE pair and tune niauos. also a boy. 10 learn the buslneu; 1 to who understand* the use of lools preferred. Apply at the piano warehouse, 167 Canal St., niar Vari k. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS CUTTER, O who ti. employed In a Oist class house. Please address f. A P., U*S Thompson street. TO WATCH CASE POLISHF.RS.-WANTKD, A GOOD watca case polisher; one who undersiau ts ihe trade? a man or a lady. Apply to L. E. UlaU. tn Uee?mau streei. TO PR1W-MF..V.? GOOD ADAMS PRESSMEN AND FEED er? and a good cylinder fly boy, wanted, at John A. Gray"*, 97 1 TO JEWELLERS -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, SEVERAL good jewelltra. to go out of the city. Good wages will e piid. urders constantly on hand for watchmakers jew ellers. 1 baser* p alers, engravers, die cutlers, and artists generally. The trade* supplied with artls'Ji. Apply 10 TRACT .t Mi INlonH, Artists' and Mechanics' General Agency, . MS ruie street JANTFD? TWO PORK BUTCHERS. THKY MUST UN drrs and the business; none others need applv 'o WM. WBItilir U'l Fulton ?f? Brooklyn. w TfANTIP? A SITUATION AS OARDKNER BY A TIL voting loan, who perfectly u;idei* rnd* hta buslne** lu all n*hranrhe>; the rare of gieenho ise, grtpenr onamenul. Ir A'?o. the management o?a farm, the care of c* ue. horse*, cart, *ge an<l make himself useitil on Hie place. Can come well recomncn-'ed f om hi* 'ast employer. Address A. B bo v 1 28 Herald t fflce, f >r two days. ttF^nted immSdi atily, a thimble tlrnkr-to ff a competent wot kmau goo?l wave. a?i constant em ployment wil l>e given. OEo W SIMONS, gold pencil and 'hinible mairifac'.urer, fo u h story Art.MO BullJngs Plu.a deiphla. cwmnQ. m. G1EMLKVKN having lkft off w>:aring AP-'A i rel 1 dispose of ca* OblsUu U?e highest rash prloe for tt bv calling, or allressing th-ough the pos- ,'OIIN ynnPllY. IS Nassau street, basemen! K a ? fToUutig and repaired wti prvmpta^a* *&d deeps'ih. MOMEB, CAHWMBB, AC. AT P. UAZAAR, si CBOHBY 8TBRRT. WILL BR sold at auction every Monday and Wednesday, it 1? o'clock, bOTMSP, carriages. harness; saddles. Ac Persons hav ing property to dispose of wlllpitaae call and hav it regu JOHN u. QATFIKLP. Proprietor ABDALLAH HORSE, ? FOB SALE, A VERY HAND some bay horse, six years old, 18>; bands high warrant ed perfectly sonnd and kind and free from blei'nlah laa splendid driver, fast and prompt; requires no wbtp and fw the saddle unequalled. Lowest prlre 9400. Dan be wen at Uie sale stable*. No 2 University place. A VALUABLE PAIR OP HORSES. ? A PAIR OP IRON gray horse*, about Hi hands high, sound and kind, can go In all harness or tinder saddle, anjd can trot to pole in three minute* and n half? one in three minute* ulone. Would be sold along with tliem a two *eat buggy, with a fine silver plaited double harness. Address Ooshen, box 73 Post office. AHOB8K, CAST AND TWO SETS OP HARNESS A!T? work with It? For about what the horse, cart and two sets ol harness are worth. A good chance for auy one who wants to enter the carting business. Will be told cheap ir ap plied lor soon, a* the owner is going to leave the city. Apply at Zil Front street. ASTAllLE and COACHHOUSE TO l,KT? TO A f'Rf vate gentleman. Apply at the Orctnlaea, 1W West Her on teenlh street, between tne Sixth and Seventh avenues. CARRIAGES ? ONK SECOND HAND LIGHT DOCTOR'S plitetou, odo top and one no lop wagon, two .seaiurf hand coaches, one second hand fno seat rockaway, and also au assortment ofa?w carriages, Ac., for sale cheap. MAJOR THOMPSON A to., 26 and 27 Woofer street. Fob sale ? a black pacing pony, good in hab ness or under the saddle, sound ami kind. For f;irt iuw psrtlcular* and term*, apply at GWEH UuOOVEIlN'S slab)*, Love l&ue, Brooklyu. For bale? a pair of elegant chesnut sorrrl carriage horses, sixteen hand* Ugh, sound, kind and flisL very stylish driver*. Also a coui>6 light wagon, and and double harness. Apply at OWE.V McOOvKaN'H stable. Love lane, near Hick* struct, Brooklyn. Fob sale? an imported calechr carriage op superior quality; made to order by one of the first maun lecturers in Europe; It Is entirely new, and will be sold for tuucii less tluui the original cost. (San be seen at the repository of JAMES BBEWHTER t SON, 396 Broadway. For sale? a gray pony, inquire at 17a mo. low street. To be seen alter three o'clock in the after aeon. Fob salk-a pink bay family horsr, and kind in all harness; also a handsome light _ double wagon and harness Inquire alter 3 P. M. at !U7 West titul dark dapple gray bone, six years old, UK ita high, natural tall, sound ana kind, very stylish. Apply to A. COLLINS, 16 Maiden lane, up stave. H and kind in all harness; also a handsome light stiijle or >le wagon and* Fourteenth street. jpoit balk chkap, it applied for soon? a beau ' , natural tall, sound and k up I Horses.? for sale, a pair of lioht cabbiaok horses, fifteen hands high, seven and eight yean old, sound, kind and gentle. Also, a small light carriage, with shalU and pole, and set of double harness. Will be sold to gether or separately snd at a bargain. If applied for Immedi ately. Address, or Inquire at Thorburn's seed store, U John *ireet. ORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS? FOR SALE, A ? very fine seven year old black horse, sound and kind, and warranted to trot in 2:4ft. a splendid saddle lurse, and the wagon, (square box J with harden*, holli nearly new. May bp ha. la bargain, the owner going abroad. Apply at the stables. No. 2 University place, above Fourth street. Horse wanted? a gentle, stylish and sound horse that can trot Inside of three minute-* Address llorse, lleruld office, stating lowest cash price, age, color, speed, Ac., and where 'jean be seen. Also, light top wagon and harness; must be nearly new. STABLE TO LET AND CARRIAGES FOR SALE.? A verv desirable stable, horses above ground, very airy, and in complete order. A superior French coupe and brtehto, as good as new. will be sold cheap. Address Washington square. Herald office. WANTED? 10 OB 12 GOOD BROOD MARES, TO TAKE West Auy one having them for sale cheap, can ad dress P., Herald office, swing price. Also to buy, a pelter, that can trot in 2:46 or 2:80 sure, cheap. Address as above. WAGON FOR SALB.? A GOOD STRONG COVERED wagon, nearly new, with pole and shafts, suitable for one or two horses. Will be sold cheap, as the owner ha* no use lor It. Apply at 140 Nassau street, In the basement. WANTED TO PURCHASE-A GOOD TOP BUOOY, new or nearly so; also, a family carriage; suHablii for one or two horses, with liarniws, in exchange tor stock. For particulais inquire of J. T. GOODWIN, 360 Broadway, up s;ulr>, room No. 4. Also, as above, a good single market wa gon, on springs. Ml S1CAX.. ~~ -BANJO TAUGHT IN SIX EASY LESSONS. - >T)U. Terms 16 In advance. My tfi banjos are alt the go. Ban jos from SI 50 to (28. I make good players In <lx lessons. Can be seen from 8 A. M. to y P. M, 8. B. JACOBS. Bunjolat. Banjo factory, 80 Hudson street, sign of the big baujo. <?0 -ACOORDF.ON? ACCORDEON TAUGHT IN SIX >pu. lessons, on a new, easy and improved method. T erms $3 In nd vance. This Is no humbug, as I have taught hundreds <0 play this beautiful instrument, as I also refer to former pupils. I advise all those who are about to learn to give me a call. Original J. L. JACOBS, room 76 Crook'* Ho tel, hO Chatham street. A LARGE STOCK OP PIANO FORTES. (NEW AND SH cond hand.) (or sale and for hire, at Walker'* ware rooms, ti Astor place and 8tb street. Also several fine oned pianos, b v the heal New York and Boeton makers, exclusively lor Mia. CHEAP PIANO FORTM.?BfcWKirrT ,Trw?. *<?!'FAC turers, 3<HJ Broadway, fcjree an elegant^elsl, plsno fortes unsurpassed for/ v. eetness of tone, durability AiSrC excellence, which they are/enabled 10 sell at very low ill-use* for ca?h. Good second band pianos at great bargains < tail's celebrated three string rvlen.ials. All instrument* are war ranted. Piano* to let. /Ureal bargain* at 300 Broadway. Great bargai^-an rlegant seven octayr rosewood piano:) iris, with metallic frame and warranted h> best maker, cost *]Jl. will be sold for <230; own 'r leaves tor Europe. Can lie v-en from 10 to 3 o'clock at No. 6 College place. Has been uaelebout three mouths. J 1ST PUBLISH ElArSPKCIMRN COPIES GRATIS TO musk teacliers and vmuiarles? The "Golden l>nip Schot tisch," 35 cent*; "RherdaVSchottiach," 28 cents; "Spare My Heart From Crowing Old," (Sewg.) 28 cents. The above three nieces, composed by Julius Met*, are truly beautiful, and will be mailed tree for 78 cent*. COOK A BltO., 343 Broad way . LAl'KOTA A MARSCHALL. MANUFACTURERS Of superior piaoofortoa. No. 0 Mercer street, near Canai. MUSIC.? A LOT OF MUSIC, COMPRISING POPULAR songs, glees, Ac., Ac., lor sale low to close. Apply at 8b Wall sti eet, secoud story, front office. R. JULIUS MET7, INFORMS- HIS PUPILS THAT UK Is ready to give Instructions, as usual, In singing and on the pianoforte, at 330 Fourth avenue. PROFESSOR PHILIP ERN8T, TEACHER OP THR lJoehm flute and guitar, has returned to the city, and will be happy to see lit* pupils at the music rooms, b21 Broadwiy, entrance in Twelfth street. PIANO WANTED-A FIRST RATE, 8KCOND HAND piano, either grand or square, not less than seven octave*, and in perfect order. Any person having one to dispose at, answering the above description, by stating maker's name, und lowest rash price, may Und a customer by addressing Frederic, Herald ofiice. SINGING? HARP-PI ANOFORTE -THE ADVERTISER, who has taught In New York with success during twelve months, having resumed her musical tuition. wUhes to fill up two leisure days. Testimonials from Europe and city references. Address I -a Musique, Scharfenberg A Luis, uiuslc store, 796 Broadway; alao J. F. Brown, harp manu facturer, 278 Broedwav. TWO SECOND HAND PIANOFORTES, OF SWEET TONR ?nd lnperfect oraer. will be sold extremely low, for cash, by Albert Weber, at No. 103 West Broadway.' Persons wish Ing a yood second hand piano *hould not tail to call. TRAVRLLEM' OU1DB. CHRAP FABE FOR ALBANY-PASSAGE ? CENTS, by Hancox Dally Merchant* Line. The fast sailing s'esmer FRANCIS SKIDDY, Capt. J. W. Hancox, will leave north side of Robinson street pier every Monday. Wednesday and Friday; and the Hero, Capt. Annfng Smith, every Tues day. Thursday and Saturday, aftt P. M., arriving by 4 A. M. FOlf KKf~P(>ET"ANr> FORT HAMILTO nT^THR RTRAM boat KEY PORTIeaves Murray st reet pier dailv, (Sua excepted,) at S o'clock P.M., and Key Port at S oelook EW YORK AND ERIK RAILROAD? ARRANOR mcnts for the State Fair or (he New York State Agrieul tural Society, to be held at Eltnira, October 2, 3, 4 and J, 19U. r luring the week, commencing Oct. 1, train* will leave the ,iler fool of Duane street, at the following hour*:? Dunkirk and Buffalo express, at 6 JO A. M. Mall, at 8: IS A. M. Night expre**, at 8:30 P. M. And a special train at 8 Jo P. M., far four days ending Oet 4. Tickets will b> sold to Rlmlra and return, good on the mail md special train*, at one half the regular fare. Live stork and articles for exhibition will be transported to *nd from Elmlra free of charge; but to prevent the abuse of 111* privilege, freight must be paid on delivery of the article* or stork for transportation, and the *ame| will be refunded oa return of them, by the partle* In eharge producing proper evidence that they were exhihftatal galdnir, and the owner ship thereof ha* not been changed. Lira stock ihould be da ivered ai the company'* depot at Bergen, three miles fnxn Jersey City, ou or before September 27, 18R9. D. C. McCALLUM. General Superintendent. ABTKOLOOT. ASTONISHING TO ALL.? MADAMR MORROW-THIS IMghly glued lady I* the most wonderful astrologlst In the world, or that ever has been known; she will tell sll the events of life, even the verv thoughts, and will can se speedv marriages, and show the likeness of the intended husband, 10 the great astonishment of ail who visit her. All who want good lurk fly to her tor relief and comfort All interviews are strictly private, a* no admission Is given to gentlemen No rharge It not satlsiicd. 7# Broome sircet, between Caaaoa und Columbia. Astrology? all persons wishing to know ibeir generat even's In llfr. should cali on Dr. WIl.s.iN. fi72 Ilelanrev street, where no exertion will be wanting on his psrt to I urnish Uie most reliable information on all soh oet*. Term* :? Ladles, u) cents; gentlemen, fl. Birth egulred. PTBOI.OGT.-THE CELEBRATED MRS. FLEURY. from ParUi, whose relation has been constantly oon<'Xlt?d [by Napoleon I., gives true In'.orma'lon on ail events ot life, truest ons about love, inanlage. business, Ac . are answered by the power of magnetism, at 2(3 Broome sireet. PALMIST? TH E Of PS E Y~G I RI.?THIfT RENOWN ? _ ed and only true palmls' In America, can b? consnlt*! w I'h on all events ot life, at No. t Greene street, comer of 1 Da 'ln.rirc H H _shi> i ?n Impart a secret by * bleb sny Isdy or gentleman ran obtain the aOecu xu of the p| <?lte sex. Charge extra. MM urn mi 1 mi 1111m 1 iii'ii it 11 sn mil en red, if curable, unerring adore 00 business, the Aus and wbereabonle of abeent friends ascertained, by Mrs HRY MOUR, the moat reliable mmttoai aad bostaess clartvoyaas ta America. Residence 110 Spring street, one blnek wast *1 Broadway. SattsfarUoa guaranteed or no pay. A /"1LAIR\ v / en re<! CLAIRVOYANCE.? LADIKH. REMEMBER THAT KU. HAYES is the best medical and bodnes* clalrvovar.t you < *r conveiae with In America. Residence 176 Grand s'reet. All diseases discovered and cured, If curable. Correct er < oun: git en of n hereabouts a id fa e of abseu: irk-nd*. iiinos*. Sallsfscttoa given, or no pay. VfADAMF.lnCYRR HAS REMOVED TO 191 SEVK.TTR ill avenue, Iietween Twenty-llnid arid Twenty -foanh stress* she erattooes to tell, pr. sent and future events; HkswM marrisges. journeys lawsuits, bosinea* arospaots Hi >111?. absent friend*, property los* or stolen. Madame Mayer ma vene< in KnghsV, French and German, and give* (turiaiaa for her art. ' Madame alwin, from parh txndfr^ iirr services 10 the la lles and gent:cn?n in pU: eao. ny -the csn be ronsulteJ aliotit live, martiaj", htutnear. and wii' telf 'lie name of or jeiit'eman iaey wtl! na :jr; aU) the names of her rtsliers. Re?:d?ac? 2!'.'a ?'..-ee' user Bowery.

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