Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1855 Page 7
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105 JiTERTHBMgnTE lBIBWro flBttY PAT. WAKPna mm uouamm. "?ION SQUARE?TO LIST, OI? OvIO the lirst of October, Baadsome suit of five rooms, thi spacious bedrooms, Irchwo/ room, dining room, bath, |u, Ac., lor * selec; lamilv (or ijent lemon,) with or without board, ? nlie European plan. Bern n*iing and sllendaaee. 7KO BROADWAY.? TO LET, AM ELEGANTLY FUR I t'Ai ulsbrd suite of rooms, with board, to a family or single Ktlemen; also, a parlor and two bedrooms, on third Door, bouse IN brat > Uss, and contain* all the modern Improve ments. Private tat le, If required. m BROADWAY.? A BEAUTIFUL FRONT PARLOR and bedroom adjoining on second tloor, ami three Bleeping srsrfBiaots ou third Uoor, suitable for a party of three vr four gentlemen, a lew doors rom lite New York Hotel. No tcaraerkin the house. Hath, gas, Ac. Referencd required. f*A Q BRO A 1>W A Y.? DE8 1 It ABLE ROOMS FOR KAMI v)t.O lies, tUH Broadway. Desirable nulla of room* for fami ne*, with full or partial board; alao, rooma for single gentle men; transient hoarders accommodated. The above house his recently changed lunula and none through a thorough course of repairs and renovation. MRS. F. BROWNING, Proprietress. HOUSTON STREET, WERT OF AND NEAR Uvi Broadway.? Furnished rooma to lot to single gentle men 1a tk tenpecmble private Freneh family, 'l'be house la provided with bath, pantries, closets, An. Breakfast if re f aired. Also, a furnished parlor with large room attached, uquire wiUiln. 000 BROOME 8TRKET.-TO LET, A LARGE AND WOG elegant inrnished back parlor, to two gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, with or without board. The house lias all ute modern improvements, between Broadway and Bowery Cars and ?tagea pass tho door. OOA SECOND AVENUE, OXE DOOR BELOW TtiiK. *VT ttvM.h mreot.? Gentlemen can obtain handsomely furbished rooms, at a moderate price, with parual board ft desired, in a house having every modern convenience, and a desirable location. No children or boarders in the house. "1/l/t NINTH STREET.? SUITER OF HANDSOMELY -It* / fill nished room" to let, on second and third floors, to families, with private table If preferred; bouse first class and picaeanily located, near Broadway. liC TWKLFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE? ItcO Suit of rooms, on second floor, with board, together or separately; also, two single room*. Single gentlemen and Centlemen and wive* can procure accommodations In a private ouso; only a limited number taken. Call soon for choioc of room*; location pleasant; cars and stage* near. mBLEECKEB STREET, THREE BLOCKS WEST OF Broadway.? Rooms can be hud In suits, or single, tran nentor permanent, with boMd, at modara'e prices, In the abate first class bouse, with all the raodorn Improvements. Baths, gas, Ac. inp, EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, GRAMERCY IvU park. ? To let, from OcU 1st, one large room 011 the third floor, with plenty of closet room; gas and water In the room, a bath attached; also two room* for single gentlemen. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED rooma for select families and single gentlemen. Befe mce exchanged. Q"1 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD t/J n ay? Boarding accommodation, soluble lor gentlemen and their "wives, or single gentlemen, can be obtained at this tr*t i lass residence. Location oouvenleut and pleasant. House well furnished; baths and gas. Q-I EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET? PLEASANT AND OJ handsomely furnished suits of rooma, on first and secoud teois, may l>e secured for the season, by select families; Uio location is very tine; there ia a large garden, of five loU, at tached Ui the bouse. Apply as above. HA WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A VERY DE 1 T suable suit of rooina, comprising the whole of the se cond floor, and consisting of two large rooms and two bed reomq, with pantries, suitable for a gentleman and bis family, er two gentlemen with their wires, may be obtained, with privHtv Utile, if ilobired. 7f| FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I U Broadway.? A flnu hirge front room, bedroom and pan try attached, on the second floor, to let to one or two gentlemen; breakfast served If required. Also, single and double rooina, all neatly furnished. Inquire as above. CiO TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND UO Fourth avenue, pleasaol and desirable rooms on the second Hoflc , to lev together or separately, furnished or unfur nished. Private family, uo children. Terms moderate. REMSEN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? AN Zd elegant suit of rooms upon second tloor, suitable for ono or more lamilies, also rooms on third story of the above de lightfully located double house. Oas, Ac. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. AND 62 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.? UU Handsomely furnished rooms, suitable for families: also, single, roems for getttleuieu to let, with board. First class ac commodations. CC WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A FEW SELECT *Jt) families and gentlemen can be accommodated with a suit or single rooms in this eligible brown stone building, which Is new and newly furnished, and Is delightfully located between Broadway and Sixth avenue. It is one of the bro.u|e*t strecu to the city, and also very convenient lo cars and stages. CfJ EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN IRVING OvF place and Fourth avenue.? Suits of room*, handsomely turn! sued, can be obtained for the season, de?irai./, located, near Union square, convenient to business by uaryiuid stages. Q7 NINTH STREET. NEAR FIFTn AVENUE -HAND- J O I somely furnished rooms, suitable far gentlemen and' I their wives, or single gentlemen, will be \A. wiui boacd; !u a I flnt class house, 37 Ninth street, near FlKo u venue, - ' , 7* 3 ASHLAND PLACE. I'ERRY STRKBT.-ROOMH, IN suits or single, furnished or nou-iorUmllles or single gen tlemen. With beard. may ru^Tte engaged tor the season. House modi rn. Ix<-.m<m j^?e?snt; access by Sixth avenue oars and Amity street nLki-r* ^KkIi rentes exchanged. Apply 10 Mrs. Katie, as above. , A WIDOWLAKV. RKMlOMi Ul* TOWN, NOT HIGHER U'**" , uinfl str'-ot, would lei a sluing room, with i>edroonl M^mng, to one or two gentlemen, wltli or williO'tt bimktknt aMi lea. No other lodgers or children. Address Coinfori, Broadway Post office. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A MOD i m built house, In Ht. Mark's place, can accori>iu?date a gentleman and lady, and two single gentlemen, with beauti fully tuml>h< d rooms, with or without board. Address B. O. J., col 3.P78 Post office. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A HOUSE with modern conveniences, near Broadway, and Jnst below Union square, would like to rem two or three neatly furnished rooms, without board (or with breakfast) to two or three gentlemen for the winter, on moderate terms. Addre-s C. C., Union square Post office. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD board In a private laniilv, by applying at .'ttki Broome street, between Elizabeth and Mott. Retercnoos exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE (JEN tlemen, can be pleasantly accommodated with board, at i:t < "better place, between Harrison aud Degraw. References required. Bath and gas. A8CIT OF ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, wanted, by a single gentleman, in a hnu?e located lu ihc upper part ol the Seventeenth ward. Would make pet mane lit arrangements fur dealt able rooms. Address box 2,103 Post office. A MAN AND WIFE OB TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN can be accommodated with rooms and board, at 18ft Hud son street. Situation pleasant . near St. John's park. Kaiiiuy kinail, and no children. Room for man and wife unfuniishe /, AOF.NTl.KMAN AND WIFE, OR A COUPLE OF SIN t'le gentlemen, may be accommodated with board In a pri vate lamlly. in a house with all ihe mtaiern Improvements, such as bath. gas. Ac. Relerence exchanged. Inquire at l?l West Twenty second street, between Sixth and Seventh ave nues, near the Seventh uveuue. A WIDOW LADY OCCUPYING A GENTEEL BOUSE IN She upper part ol the city, lurmshad, with modern im provements, bath, gas. Ae., Is desirous to let a sun of rooms to a part) of single gentlemen, or a gentleman and Ills wire, with lull or partial board. The bouse Is pleasantly situated. And of easy access to stages and cars. Apply at No. 143 Went Twentv second street, near the Eighth avenue. Reletettces exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GENTLE men, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms, with board, in a small private 74 (old number -M) West Twenty second su-eet. The house contains die modem im provements, and is convenieut to cars aud stages. AOENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can he accommodated with hoard at 1*4 Kot syth street, where but ten boarders are taken. Relertuoe re quired aad given. A LADY WOULD LET A HANDSOME FURNUHKD parlor to a gentleman, with or without partial board, in ? respectable private (htnlit , aud where no othrr boar lent are taken. Address A. M. C., Broadway Post office, for lour days, postpaid. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A VERY PLEA sunt hott-e, would let, to single g? ?llmOs, a verv plea sant front room on the second floor, and a small reom adjoining >1 required. Apply alb* V\cst Twcnly-slxth street, teiar Hiith ?venue. ARE YOC LOOKING FOR BOARD? IF SO, CAIJ. AT the Boarduig house Exchange. M Nassau street , where you will be politely directed? free of c liargs. I>o you wiali boarders ' If so register your rooms at the EiclJtuge.' WILLI AMts ?> SMITH. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING MORE ROOM than required, can anoinmodate a gentleman and hts wife with a fnrntahed n>om, or suit of rooms and noard The house Is pleasantly located; has gas, bath. Ac Apply st 125 West Twenty second street, between MUth and He.veuth are nues References exchanged. A QUIET PERMANENT HOME WANTED? BY A MM gle gentlman, a neat room with fireplace and full boanl, ween Eighth and Fourteenth streets, and near Hr stdwav. Price not to exceed thirty dollars per month. Address W. R , Union square Post ofhee. A LADY, LIVING IN A HEALTHY AND CON venicnt location, would like to let one or twofunusbe l or unfurnished rooms, wl'li or without partial board, has, also, a nice parlor with extension rts/tn tele' the house on'alns gas, and is within a few minute*' walk of South and Wa.l street ferries; rars from mitos terry pass the door. Inq'tire at n ( 'ourt street. South Brooklyn. AHAMIMOMILY FURNISHED PARLOR A.\D BED mini on second floor, front rooms wltli or without break fast, to let W slnglit griiileman. Ttie house ha- all he m i Aem improvements. Terms moderate. Apply at 121 Cr.iuy street K PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH BOAR l< JY to let to a K^nUAnvart .*iui wife, or neuUeinen ?n .? lol slid conri nlem locaiion, both for ^ndl '"ar* AWlWtW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY WISHES A . siiu*,Kin as houaefeasper tr to attend an Invalid lady or l.ebtleR<a: . or ti.slte herself geu.trally useful. Good rt'ferenc*. Can be seen for two 'lays, at M) sih avenue, corner if ira st. A FURNISHED RoOM TO I.CT, WITH HOARD. IjTa geti'eel private famllf, to one or two gentlemen, or gen tie man and lady modern Miilt house, ooalainlng latest lm f rttemenis. o* atlon IJU West Miteenth stteet Referen ? given and rc quired __________ Board- a hkntlkka* avd wife, or iwo sin g'e gentlemen, wishing dcglratde ac< 'mim?siatlon ? for the winter, can find the seme in x house Having all the mo-tern lm. fri vene nts. and where Ihe comforts of a home een be ftcin i. L?es ion desirable; accessible by cars and stages. Apply at 178 West flst. BOARD? KINGLE OENTLKMKV WILL FIND GOOD aceommo'latlon- at !B Forsyth st.near Walker? wo rooms edat>t< d for narttes s ialilnr lo room tovether. Re-pe<-tanie ir.rhai. es wishing iwnlh-table r"rms wilt do well tt> can pre-, vie .s to arrangements for the winter A stove on Iblrd Boer r r t*t crW conjl<n. BOARDCIO AND LODGING. B Board? pleasant rooms, agreeable oompa ny.? Two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with partial board. The house lit pleasantly situated, and contains all the modern Improremeii'ji. Inquire at o96 Houston itreet. Board.? a large furnished room, suitable tor two persons. Alao. a ball room can be had, with or without partial board, at 106 Grand street, one block west of Broadway. OARD.-TO LOT, A FURNISHED FRdky ROOM, ? 1 With gas and privilege of bath, with or without board, at 149 Spring at., three blocks west of Broadway. Board-in a private house, to let to a qen tieman and his wile, and a few liugle gentlemen, three or fear handsomely furnished rooms, with partial board for the gentlemen; location central and very pleasant. Apply at 12%Ea*t Twelfth street, between Kecoud and Third avenues. "ROARD?IS THERE ANT PERSON WIBIIINO BOARD JJ wht. does not know my office, at 800 Broadway! I have over HUO private families and boarding houses who register re gularly upon my books, and of whom you can ftnd every par Ocular, free of charge. Call and save yourselves much trouble. ' * R. D. GOODWIN. Board ? single gentlemen can be accommo. dated with board at 1118 Elizabeth street, onn door from Spring, two rooms. wt-H adapted to parties wishing to room together. References exchanged. Board.? two or three airy and pleasant rooms, with boat d, may be obtained by gentlemen ami their wives, or single gentlemen, In a small private family, by immediate application at ItiO West Twenty fourth street. House contains all the modern Improvements, with every ac re us by stages and cars. Board.? wantbd, in a private family, iwith a widow lady preferred,) full board for a lady, and partial board fcr her husband. One room only required. Terms must be moderate, and location near Eighth street and Broadway. Address A. T. M., box 3,7 ill I'oet office. ' BOARD.-ONK OR two SMALL FAMILIES OR BIN gle gentlemen wishing to secure board for the winter will find pleasant front rooms, in a first class private boarding bouse, 19 State street, opposite the Battery. References ex changed. BOARD- A VERY DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMSFoR n gentleman and wife, and one suitable tor a single gen tleman, with all the modern Improvements, can he obtained at 44 West Twenty-third street, near FUlli avenue. Kolereuces exchanged. Board down town. -gentlemen and their wives, also single gentlemen, can obtain good board and very comfortable apartments, by applying at No. ? Broouway, the large white house opposite thu Howling green. Transient boarders taken. Board in chambers street.? accommodations, with board, for a gentleman and wife or a few single gen tlemen, at 1 21 Chambers street. Reference required. Board at Brooklyn? a gentleman and wife, or a partv of single gentlemen, can bo accommodatcd with board anu pleasant rooms, furnished or uufurnlshed, at l.?t Remsen street. Board in Brooklyn.? to let, a large room on the seeoiid door, well furnished, with bedroom, If de sired. Also, a large room on the ihlrd floor, suitable for two gentlemen, In one of the most pleasant streets In Brooklyn. Apply at Htf Clinton streei. Board in Brooklyn, in a private family* with no ohlldren.? Two or three single gentlemen ean bo accommodated with partial board in a pleasant location, wl'hln ten minutes' walk of the Fulton ferry, at 170 Adams street. Board in rrooklyn.-a widow lady, having a house, pleasantly located, with the modern Improve tn*m?, would like to dispone of ? suite of rooms on the second or third floor, I'ornlsbed or unfurnished, to a family, with board; references exchanged. Apply at 140 Lawrence street, four doors from Fullon avenue. Board in Brooklyn* .-pleasant ROOMS FOR single gentleman or gentlemen with their wives, within five minutes of Wall street or South ferries, ean be obtained at No. S4 Garden street, second house from state street, ltefc men exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? a few single gentle men and their wives can obtain full or partial board at 102 Clinton street, live minutes' walk from Wall aud .- ouih fer ries. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? two gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and partial board. In a private family, at 28 Butler street. References exchanged. Board in williamsburg.-a parlor and urn room on the first lloor, u second story room and two smaller rooms, suitable for gentlemen and their wives and sin glo gentlemen, wllb board, can be had al ri Second street, Williamsburg, within three minute's walk of Peek slip fcrrj Board wanted? in a pleasant location in the country, within one or two hours' ride from N- w Vork for a lady, three children and girl. Addles* or ai?pl? afc Ui- I Thompson street, New York. ? ~ ? Board>y. ijTTyrirr itocsE, where there are vfl other hoeffilers, vo"i oi Itrnadwa* and notbelow^CatwVWPBBl. moderate and paid lu ad vance, yitbotft reference. Address J. W.,furooe week, llroad WTWttllli/ ? Board ^anted-with a private family, in the vjcluliy of M?ih avenue, for a gentleman, wife and child. Ideation must be pleasant. For comfortable accommo ? lail< us. hooper month will be paid. Addrc A. A. A., llorald office/ oulce, "OOA 1 ft thei >ard wantf.d? in a private family, where there art! no children, for a little girl six years old. Ad dress L. II. T., Herald office. slating fuii particulars. ? Board wanted.? a single gentleman desire* a famished room, wtih partial )?>ard, In a gentee I private liunily; location above Fourteenth street, ami near Broadway. Address, staling particulars. G. 8. 0.. Herald olllce. BOARD WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, in a genteel private family, where there are no boarders. A good sized room, with Are, will be required. Tin' lady would not object to give lessons lu French and music to any members of the family. Must be In the city, near soma direct conveyance to Broadway, or In Brooklyn or Jersey, nenrthu ferries. Terms must be reasonabb . Address box 4,37tl P -t olllce, slating lull particulars and lerunt. References cx changes. OAlill WANTED? IN A PRIVATE, CA Plloi.K I' I M r ly, near Broadwsy and Canal street, by a young man. Terms". $,'1 SO. Address A. B. D., Broadway Post office. Board wanted? in a family where there ark no other boarders, by a gentleman of respectability. The family of a widow lady preierrod. Addrem Ralph, Herald office. Boarding? for gentlemen and wives; also a few -Ingle gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and pleasant rooms, by applying to B. D., No. 9 Fourth street, ihlrd door from South Tenth street, Brooklyn. Boardino.-handsomkly furnished rooms, In suits or singly, with full or partial hoard, for gentlemen and their wives or stnple gentlemen, can be had In a new house, w ith all modern improvements; location most desirable; terms moderate; refbrcno ? exchanged. Apply at .12 NUi h street. Boarihmj.-wanted, a lady to hoard is a small private family, where there are no other 4K?ri*r-. Terms moderate. Apply at V'/i Urootue stroe;, corner of Greene, over the grocery store. B OARDINO DOWN TOWN? CHOICE of KLKOAN? rooms, with good hoard. In a respectable private tamlly. Hatha snd ess. Moderate terms If applied tor tminedia ely? 103 Franklin street, west of Broadway. Boarding at 94 warren street.? pleasant, airy rooms to let, w ith board, to gentlemen, or gentlemen and she r wives Also, two single bedrooms to let. Day board ers accommodated Willi board. Prices moderate. Boarding.? a gentleman and his wife < an be accommodated with board and pleasant uuftlrn' ed r<?ims, oil the second floor, at 101 Second avenue. Brooklyn ?a hi it of rooms, suitable for a gentleman and his wife, can be obtained, furnlshe 1 or untarnished. With board. In a pleasantly situated itouse, near H e ten it*. fine or two gentlemen '-an also he accommodated. Apply st 0H Wllloughby street, between Lawrenoe and Bridge streets. Reference exchanged. Brooklyn heights ?pleasant rooms, with board for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, may be obtained at 1211 Columbia street, wlthiu three minim s' walk of Fulton or Wall etreet icrries. 1 [WGU81I BOARD.? AN ENGLISH FAMILY, LIVING !i in good English style ui a brst class house and location, have two beautiful, larue, furnished rooms to mate, which they would like to let u > a corresponding number or gentlemen, with full or partial board. Terms according to rciulrcmeu '* References exchanged. Address C. L., L 11 Ion s-i :utre Post office. IRST CLANS Al < OMMODATIONH FOil ONK^JT T*< v g> ntlemen only. In a sirlicly private family connsiiug o: one entire floor hsndscsnely furtiished wlih partial board. In sn elegsn' residence, s ft w doors ?estof Broadway, bear the Hievool t House, on Washlngu.n square A gnnllemsn a i-?h ing A No. 1 rooms, will address, .vlih full usiue, box 1131 Post office. French board.? a trench tea< her offers hoard hi his private house to a few gentlemen wletunc 1 learn French by pracUi e. I his language only la spoken by his fsmllv, who, as well as himself, arerrom Paria. The terms will inelude les?ons and all the necessary instruction Hi house. situated a< xw Tenth street, near Second avenue, lias all the modern improvement*. Furnished rooms for single gentlemen, wlih the use of parlors and bath. In a central lorality. near the corner of t 'anal snd W< sister street*. Breakfast and tea, if required. Ceil at 1.1 Wooeier street. Furnished parlor and iiiedR'>om to let-to a single gentleman, with or without board. In ? stm-tly private (anniy no*, bath. Ac. Tn any gentleman requiring tor spartments. in one of the ties' nelghtxirbO'sls, ait.! willing to pay a reasonable price, can address English, lltrai t office. Furnished rooms ~ a vf.ry pleasant r<m>v on the se?ond floor, s' t4 per * < ek to two person' or }'i per week to one: also par' of another rsim for s single geuuc nun. Hreaklasi and tea. If required. Mi Broonte street. IMIENI8HKD RlfOMn WANTED-BY A FAMILY FOR ' the winter. Ave or six furnished rooms, with exclusive kitchen awl t eller , location between Fourth and Sixth ?veuuee and niS bigner than T went . wo nth streei. Addies erms and luil particulars, ui J., box 2<>T1 I'oet office. Hotel rooms roR ge.vtlemi v-gevti.fmkn will do well 10 remember they ran have cotn triable sin gle rooms for 2B eenu per night, or ft S?l per ween, at the Globe Hotel, corner tg Frankfort an l William streets. No <e' ler roneas In the oHy for the price N'O l? EIGHTH STREET OPPOSITE TH F KERCAN tile Litirary.? several pn asant now, with -oar l, nsr be bed. Reference exchanged. PARTIAL BOARD-TWO OR THREE OK.VTLKMEV J may be a comm slated with partial board lu s strictly nil vals famD|. The location is retidrre.1 desirable by Its close nrnxtalt| to either the Eighth or Ninth avenue 'Owe* and 1 The house has every ucidem oonvenien' e. ami Is caicma'e 1 aflord an eminent d?gi'? all the comforts of s quiet horn. Terra* f 1 pet w?ek. IT West Twenty seventh s'reei 1>ARTIA1. BOARD.? TWO OEN TLEMKN CAN BE AC 1 cMnmodateal ? .th pleasant ro"m? in a prinMa faauli Referem < s exehangetl Apply at 17 Went W aehtogton plaea PARTIAL BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY WANT D - liy a young inan Addre>s It . Herald office ..a m terms, which must 1 e moderate, and xher i-?t n-'dar? PRIVATE BOARDING? AN ENTIRE SECOND rbOOR wtth tanh attss bed. eiegaruly fumisbe-l. to ,et, in soi'.ei ?e "Ingh ais o for ?Ink.' le gentlemen, at Wit- venth eve nee. fourth tloo* trom Fooreeriib ??eee? Tte leiu? ? is ? new '"own slime one. and replete with every convenience A' IET, COMFORTABLE AND F.LK-JANTI.T Fl KN1-H V/ ed parlor, will, ooe or two .mall beirmni al nhtg bFone or two stngle giniJemen iwith nerual board .1 r? qnlrad.l to let m a ?maii private tiunily wlthont etiiKiren Cro ''To gas. tr. In'i ire tl No J Gramerey pari iiaal Twet, i?th street, one door Itti m F-nitb even tie. r FAMILIES or RESPECTABILITY AND PRIVATE boarding hou*e*.? An English lady, engaged in tuition in the tlrst famllie*, wishes to nuke an arrangement for board lor herseif and daughter, who attend* a school up town, ami for whose board she la willing to pay. The advcrtiaer leaches French, muaic and painting. Relerencea exchanged. Address, free, to Art, B. Price, Ereret'* Library, Union square. mo RENT. WITH BOARD- A VERY H ANDHOMEI. Y 1 furnished parlor and bedroom on amend floor. Apply i 1M Second avenue, convenient u> Eighth siroet Beferanoi required. WAKTED? BY A FOREIGN GENTLEMAN, LATELY arrived from Cuba, a very Una furnished room with par tial board. In a uuall American or English family; or in a widow's bouae, who would lake the paliu of reaching him the English language, of which he poaaease* a lluJe knowledge; beat of reference given If required. Addreaa P. A., box 4,202, I'oet office. WANTBD? BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND HIS two daughter*, in * pleasant to-iw in the vl -tally of the Seventh ward, where there are few ur no boarders taken. Terms mint lie moderate. Address t. R. C., box 2, lift Poet office, poatace paid. liUFFim ~~ FOR LlYKRPOOli? UNITED STATES MA II. STEAM ship BALTIC, Joe. J. CnmaHiuk, coiunjander.? ' Thla steamship will depart with the United States u3n? for Europe positively on Wednesday, Oct. .'1, at 1] o'clock M., from lier berth at the foot of Canal street. For frolgld or passage, baring unequalled accommodation for elegance and comfort, apply to EDWARD K. OOIXIKH, A,i Wall street Passenger* are requested to be on board by II o'clock A. M. Shippers please take notlee that the ship* of this linn cannot carry any good* contraband of war. All letters must pass through (lie Post office; any others will be returned. The atennshlp Pacific will succeed the Baltic and sail Oct 17. THE HH1TIH11 AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL sieamablps rKOM HEW VOBC TO UVERPOOL. Chief ealiln par-sage f ISO Second cabin passage 74 rllOB BOSTON TO UVaRKOOL. Chief cabin passage $110 Second rabln passage 00 The ships from Boston call at Halifax. ARAlllA, ('apt. ludkins, AMERICA, ('apt. l*ng, PERSIA, rapt. Ryrle, EIIROPA , (.'apt. Shannon, ASIA, Capt. E. O. I.atf. CANADA, ('apt Stone. AFRICA, Capt. Harrison, N 1 A(J AR A, Capt. Lottoh. These vessels carry a clear while light at mast head ; green on starboard bow; red on port bow. America. Lang, leaves Boston Wednesday, Aug 20 Canada, Stone, " Boston Wednesday, Sept. 12 Africa, Harrison, " lloston .Wednesday, Sent, il Am' i l'-a, Ijiiu.', " Hoslon Wednesday, O-t. Ill Canada, btone, " Boston Wedneaday, Oct. 24 Africa, Uarrlson, " BosUin Wcdncsda., Nov. 7 Asia. Lou, " Boston Wednesday, Nov. 21 Berths not secured tin U 1 paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The owners of these ships will not be Accountable for goll, sllvrr. bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atones, or mcUls, tin lean bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thoraof therein expressed. For freight or passage apply to E. i.XNARD, No 4 Bowling green. There will he no mcamselpii of 'his Hue lrurn New York until further notice. Black ball link of packets for mverpool. ?The fast Kill ling shit) NK1V YORK, 2,t*W ions, Captain Bryant, will positively sal! on the Sth of (Viober. For tenns of cabin, secoud cabin and steerage passage apply on boa foot of Beekinan afreet. East river, or n> JACOB WILSON, South street. board, 108 IjlMKRALD ISI.E. ? FOR LIVERPOOL ? TAPSCOTT'rt 'J line, halls on Saturdav, Oct 6 ? The large ami ?-omu'.'i dious clipper ship I'.MERALI) ISLE, Capt (1. B. Cornish. will kail as anove. This superior vessel lias unsurpans* I .n .nui inodutlons for all cltiHses of passengers, who will I a taken .it moderate rates. To secure berths, early application should lie made on hoard, at pier 40 East river, or to TAPSCOTT A CO., Krt Souai street. FOR LIVERPOOL? SAILS ON BATURDAY, OCT. ?, AT 12 o'clock, the clipper ship ONTARIO, 2,?00lnn?, i tin. Wood. For London.? Thn pa-ketshlp Silt llollKKI ' I'elkL, wills Oct. 4. For passage In either of the above paokcls, up ply on hoard, pier 2U East river, or to the agent, TllOM. C. ROCHE, 83 South atrcet. For livkrpool-st. oeokoes line. -the mao nlllicnt and celebrated clipper ship, Capt. Alnsworth, will sail on Saturday, tilh October. For passage In cabin, second calun or steerage, apply on board, pier No. C, North river, or to DEM Alt EST A JO.NKH, 4U South street aud 56 Old slip. The vanderbilt ruropean steamship linr For Southampton and Havre.? The superior tlrst clasa steamship NORTH STAR, 2,300 tons, Waiuaek, commander will positively sail hs above nn Saturdav, Oct, ID, at noon, precisely, from pier No. 30 North liter, foot of < hai,,bers si. First class passage 91 10 Sew. iid clasa pasaage 60 HXED D1TIUI or SAtt.tWIl. ro?*. bavuf. *?n?fiCTH4*roi?. * North Star Sept 23 Norn star Oct 13 Ariel Oct. 13 Ariel Nov. 3 North Star Nov. .1 Ariel Nov. 24 These ships hn+r water Iglit compartment*. and are built tind fitted in the best manner for safely and comf'irt; elnm Al, and Insure at the lowest ram. Ia>tt?rs, prepaid. each Ih'jc. per h o/.., are received at the office of the line, No. 5 Bowling Oreni, llll 11 o'cUe k A. M. of the day of sailing. Hoods an.i specie <akcn al reduced rates, and parcels, prepaid, each >1 and upwarda. For ficl^ht^orj>ass?^c apply ui No. ft Bowling tlreen, New York. ALBERT N. CHRYHTIK, No. fi Place ile la Bourse, I'aris. CHRYST1K, SCHLOK88MAN JiCO., 27 QualCadmir Delavlgnr, Havre. TpOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE UNITED r States mull steamer UNION, R. Adams, oornman Icr, will leave for Havre, tnu'lunfr a: Soutliainpton to land the malls and passengers, on Saturday, <* I. Al, at 12 o'clock, from pkr 3* North river, loot of Beach street Price of passage, llrstitabm fl3l> Do. do. second cabin..... 75 Luggage not wanted during ihe vojaue should be sent on hnnid the dav before "ailing marked " below." So freight tnkeu al.< r T&urwlay, <??'t. IH. For freight or pss?a;'?, apply to M. LIVINGSTON, Agent, M Broadway. The Arago will aucccoil the L'nlon, and sail Novgiuoer 17. FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON.? THE UNITED Stales mall siearo-ihlp WASHINGTON, E ('avatvly rora nian<tar, will sail for Bremen, touching at SonthampUio, ui land the m ills and navengera r,>r England an. I Franc*, on Satuniav. October I, at IJ o'clock M . from pier n ??->>? h river. Price of pas sago from New York to .SijiiUiaiupion or Bren cn In iirst cabin, main saloon (| <o In first cabin, lower saloon DM In aecond cabin M An experienced surgeon Is a 'ached to each steamer Specie delivered In Havre or Lrmdon. All letter* mnet nasa thro'igtk the Post office. Kor jis?sase or freight apply to C, H.HAN!) agent, 11 South William street. Tlx- steamer Hu man will succeed 'he Wa blngvm, and sail Novembers. ijlOR CALIFORNIA -NKW YORK AND CALIFORNIA steanirhln iftie, via Nicaragua. ?The t iitr.psn-. of Nicaragua, proprle'ora.? Ttirouirh In advanceof the msll; ",00 miles shorter Uian any other mute; avoiding lie deadly Panama fever and two miles of dangerous boating in Panama bay. The Panama line oonaocta at Asplnwail with a steamer fiom New Orleana, where the yellow (ever Is s,;ui^. The Nlcaisgua line has no connection with New Orlnan*. The splendid double engine steamship STAR i >F THE WRIT, 2.000 ton* burthen. Cap' Turner will leave from pier No. I, North river, al 3 o'clock P. M.. preelanl*, for Punut Arenas, on Friday, UCMober 5, connecting witb Uio tavoii-e Stem. -hip Uncle Sam 2,t??i tons burthen, over Uie N tearagua Transit route, having but twelve miles of larel transportation, by Mrst cla><s carl lages. For iolormatloti or pa**a^e at th" red'tce'l rates, apply only to CIIAS. MOROAN ageu'. No 2 Bowling Green. Letter bag made up at the office Stamped letter* taken foi f,' , rents. N . B ? Commencing on Wednesday, the 24th of October, 'he days of leav Ing New Vork *1U be cuaog d to the ytli and Jl U of each month. B^Ol'R HOURS FRf>M tH'F.AN TO OCEAN, BY P*NA ma Railroad. Twenty live pounds baggage free -Through tor Calilorn.a, via Paiiania Itailroail ? The I ul'?l Slates M ill Siesnisliip ("oiiif.sijv intend to despatch fhr t <plnwall, on Frl 'tay, Oct. 6, ai 2 o'clock P. M., preelaely, fr< m pier loot ? <f War ren street, North river, the well known an l tavorne st? unship OEOKOK LAW, < attain A.G ?>rav, Pasaongera and mall* alll be forwarde<l by I'snama Kallroad, and connect at I'ao* ma wl'h tiie Padflr Mall S'eaioshlp t i?n|>any's magiuttcent iteamsblp Sonors. K Whiting, (.'ommamler. vv it,- h will be In r<Mlin**s anil leave Immediate!/ for tan Fraw seo Tit* pub lie are inmrrned that vhe P. vf H ?> ,fo alwavs tiave one or more extra steamer* lying at Panama ready tor ***, ui avoid any possible detention ot pa-sengers or mails. For pas?aga apply to I. W It aVM< >N D, at Uic only offic* of the companies, Li West street, corner of Warren. New York. T.MRST CI.IPPI R FOR PAN FR ANCMCO ? DFSPATt II I? Line, giia'an>e l to sail on or belor* Moinlay, Ml; lowest rate* and no detention rhe fast ' ,lp(>er ship M Alt V Howe* mss er. la taking lu the la*tt>f lier cargo at pie. 77 1 ae' rivet . Iiaving remaining capai'iij for a lew <>n* ligli freight. If sen' Immediately shippers will >eai In mind that be re**< !s of this lim< lako no fielgh' after le da V ad*erlsed The fhrnmis A I clipper ship OCEAN EX PRESS Cunningham maafer will iwi he ready for cat go when an earlv day lor -*llliig will lie nan/l SV1TON A cu , WHomh street, enrner W.i : Australia pioneer line, carrying thf. cnii* . ?d S'stej mall The beautiful A I cllpp*r l.*rli OOLDBN Km, IN ton*, for MelbonrM, now at her lierth. pier N.. -t h as' river lias now half her cargo on board, and will ha** q ork despavh. Guaranteed the rtrat v?s?ei. For freight or paaaage apply to R. W. ' AMEKON. No t Bow!, tig Ureun. Australia independent line -thb a i clip per ship H H MIL t M, will tie lespa cbed fot Meibw anoql the I fttn Oetohor lie acrnmuifyiirt'm*,!oT (*asse-iger , in first and seetiwl cabins ate supe u.i to any vesae, now up A few berth* ret lor sale, for wheii, and balance of 'ralg at . I l> if tSKRIJL A ELLIOT ?/?Pat. t ? inboard st pter 8 haat River, lo C Bh; rj F^OR HAVANA AND NKW ORI.F.A Nd.-THE UNITED Slat* s Dia l ?teamshlp BLACK WaKKIoR, J. O. Ilul o- k, c.,mmsnder wtll cocjmienc* rc> eirlng frelgh' on Kn lay, <*:? '? and sali Irom her pier, foot of Robinaoti *tre*t, N. R . at 2 P. M . on Widnesday, t>ct. io LIYINfisToN, CROt HERON A CO.. 11 Broadway. F 'OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -I NITI O sTATBH Mai! Lin*.? The new and elegant s eainer KNOXVILLR, fnpt?lB c D I.nd.ow will leavs m W?ltii ?ds Ootobei 3 fro* pier No 4 North river, at 4 o'rlwk I" M IMJ Is of lading sigrieu on hoard For fr*ight apply <'0 board '? for pa>?a? lo S L MITCfltUi IS Broadway Oatrtn parage i/i * a vanoaii iJfi !or Florid* ihrveigh lickeia fr /ni N*sr Y rk to JarkMBvllle ki lo PUatka At. TbeFUiltliiA < aptuti U K. WaoAoll, will aoceeed. and tall on Ha'urday Oct ft E'tiR i HA RLf > I'ON AMI FU)RIDA -SEMI WF.F.Kl United ?> a'es Ma< Line ?The n*w and f going ? learner JaMEh A IKJER S c. Turner commander *H leave pier No. 4 North river on We<tnesitay. f?e> 3 a' 4 o'clock, P M precisely. For freight apply on boart where *1 Mils of laiiing will be ?igned and for passage at the o? n^e of SPOPFORD. TILRHTON * CO M Browiwav Tw^iy i ticket* tn Js'kainvthe and IVatka Tlie Nashville will su reed and leave on ss' unlay, Ot' ? c* 'n pasaaf* IK ffO POUTHEIN TRAVELLERS ? THE UNITlin I States mall feanklp Ro A NOER napkin W u*r wii lesr* pt*r 13 Pt'n'h river, "O Wedre?4a* led s?e ,, fr*c Meiee.horg and Rlefimond 'O'lebVig at old Eoou Omrtirt Fusee nge ra for tke (too i. will ar ?-?ad via I'cers org an , out ilelav atid wli! arrive la Wi len, wRintiig in ?e as s^'U aiiH -Vth a* III' e etnense as It tbev weal vta Narf ilk. I bey reed riot appi ? hen 1 atyr danger from he feeae a? "Imi ship ftoea ao' g n*ar the Irrfacted Pas-age and '?e, s'*ie r'r m Inrlc led. to "I I Poi?' te ti. l'?Hr< <ir? >eR,rS. fin Apt ly to LCDt.AM ? PLF.asa.vT1, >s 1 Brr?d way. NfOTH Pe-milP < (iARMi rt ? < ovsl' Ni ' t OF i it , _ I" w log package m*rch*odt/e per sfctp t 'uinn'* i -an Franesvo. will p case ake ,en,n ,ir* anown. wlmrwla* said ' a? kag?? wtll ' e sr. i Urr sen/tint "f wvim k rnay on i?rn lor the purpose of psylng frelgt~' eliarges 4 east* m- r. ' hanMee mar t ed <? II . 13 >mitb's heilnws, market tt.Jt' l i par" i, marked K. Y. Ilaalam, e'.nslgne?l la I V llaajsm, 1 has) marked J It. I ong, I v s.iae. mlrt?| A F., o , - I lo order. I ehest. I trtink, t lei I homas I . .lefiiati *7 bale* wool, marked J L. M ^eor.aigne.1 m J 11 14 W S. f MilnKJ* lot W? ? e t rtALIFfrRWlA TICKET FOR HALE -FOR HALE RRL " 'he regis rprVe a Best etass ihr.?igb .rge- t,^r #e ?hi| Smr f M Wea<, 'b>AC? '4 Apply at 0 I DAKCCVG IClDimi. Am dopworthb pamoino acapemi w. . Now Took, No. MH> oppoalte Eleventh atreet., No. U7 Montague plaao. uu Oourt atraoC Mr. DOPWORTH bit the honor of uuwunrtiii that On dum and Umoh wUl continence far the nu* at 0i? Now York Academy, on HATUBDA Y, Oct. f, and at tiM Brooklyn Academy, MONDAY, Oct. 8. Circular* ccniattfftig lonua, Ac., *an be obtained at either at ihe aaadewiea. Mr. DODWOHTT1 ha* the pleaanra of Informing hla ftdeoda that, agreeably wj their repeated eoUcltailoaa to eetahlleh a Dancing Academy In Brooklyn on the plan *o ?ucce*aful In Nrw York, lie baa erected a ipactooa building combining every iv.n venienco that could be *acgeeted t.y inanr year*' eaparience, and In eTery way adapted le the healthful oxen 1m to whl.-.h it will he devoted. The location la one of the nmt arceeaihle In Brooklyn. the Court atreet. Fulton and Myrtle avenue railroad* meeting at the bead a I Moolague place, but a (aw at**.* bou the Academy. Soiree* exuluilvely for pupil* and parcnta. CHARRU AID'S ROOMS, M EAST THIRTKHNTII ?tree i. noud* aide, wemot Broadwny.? _Mr. CHARHUAUD rt-Hpeotl ally ari|tiainU hi* patron* and the public tb it be Inn returned from hla tour of observation in Europe. and will commence giving luatructlon In darning an I waltxlngoo Ha: urday, l.Mli, anil Monday, 1Mb October. Dayg for the regukir clakaca Monday and Thunulay, at 7>< o'clock I*. M., for gentle men; WcdueeiUy and Saturday, at 12, noon, and :<??, mler noon, for la. lie* and children, Private leaauna and prlva'a cla**e* at any other hour*. Several new daunt* will bo Intro duct <1. Monthly xoirer ilannaute. Circulars, containing terms, Ac., can bo bad n* above. DANCINO A t ' ADER Y.? M A DKMOI9RI ,t,H CAROLINE VKZIEN'S dancing academy. :'l Howard atreet, la now ' open for the nceaon, Olaiee* meet fur tlx< iii?iruction of ladle* and gentlemen at 3 o'clock P. M., and at R In t)m evening, fur tirociloe. Oram! Soiree Daiinnnto every Saturday evening, [ from H lo 11. Admlfaion to cenix. FKRRKRO'S PA NCI NO ACAPKMY? MADAME 0. DO BBKUL FKKRERO and K. PKRKKBO reapec.ifutly aa i nounce that tht lr *chool Will re open Saturday, Oct tl. I rlrcu lar* containing terma and duy* of tuition cau be obtain oil a tie academy, 80 Weal Fourteenth Mrent. j Brooklyn.? Madame C. Iiubntul Kerrero and B Fnireru I respectfully Inform die rcaldcnta of llrooklyn that they will onen a branch of thvlr New Vot k aiAJetny at Mon'a^iie Hall, Court atreet, Brooklyn, on Tueoday, (ict. 9. Olrnulant oon I mining term* and day* of tuition can be obtained at the atort | of Menem. Smith A laird, 246 Fulton atreet, Itrooklyu GRAND ArOU.lNKA, 378 FOURTH STREET.? P. HA RACCO, the only nocomiiltahod teacher of the now and modern danee* In Amorlca, ha* re opened hl? dancing room for private letuuna to ladle* and gentlemen. C[*o*o* Cur prae Uceae uanal. MRS. a. IiANNAY'H PANOINO SCHOOL, AT MOST A gue Hall. Court atreet; llrooklyn, will be reopened o Saturday, ? ?< lobar 0. I^wma on Wodneatloy and Satur U afternoon*, cntumetirlng al 3J? o'clock. Monthly Matinee lion annlc* will I >0 citcti. Mrn lannity will be aaaiated hf her daughter. Further Information can he had oti application * Mr?. Ijuinay, at tj? Wtllougliby atreet. between I-awrence ari l Bi Idgc. Brooklyn. MAP A MR AUOtJHTA Wn.L RKOPKN >1 Kit PANOINO adutol on liio I.Vh of October. In New York, at ilia t1itoe?e building*, on Wednewlaya aid SaturilayH. In Hronk Ivn. at the Alh> mi nm, Atlantic atreeu, I,n Mnndaya anil Kri da\a. N. II.? I or partleulara apply al 71i! itru?ilway, or No. 2U7 Henry street, Brooklyn. MMK. OIAVKLM HKSI'KCTKCM.Y INFORMS HKR friend mil the public that, having newly titled up Icr riH nia, tbey will be open inr InstritoUon In dancing on tlin rith oj Oi-tohi r. Kor further Information apply 'lally at the Waver lei' Houhc, corner ot Fourth atreet and Itroauway. N. B.? I '.'uiuk'h for ladlen and gentlvmen every Wedneaday e,vei>ln? COPAICTSKUSIIIP MITll KS, (Jkf? (W||k TI> mm WA.NTEP \ FABTNMM, (M wlioleaale grocery buainea- Any man. wi'li the above capital, by giving satiHtariory reference, may hear of a good opportunity, by adJremltig 0ro>:er, Uix i:t7 Herald of lice, for two ilayn. <J?Q AAA WANTKP, WITH A PARTNKR IV A CA^II ?PO.UwU bu-diio?>i, that will pay$>'i,taN) on the InveatmenL i t lour monthn, ax can i>e hliown upon an Interview. A yem^ imvn preferred, and muat l>e a man of IndtuPxy. Addreaa, fur tlirre day*, N. O. B., Herald oQlce, box 147. <5>o rwm r wa.vtkk to knoaob iv nn entabtlalieil b'taliieMH, <?\fe, ple,iMiut and re ?peclahle, which baa paid an annual profit of over M,non |ier jear, lor teveral year*, and can be more than doubled thti year. Pleaae aildreaa, with real niittn', which will tie oooai dercd strictly cunfldeuUal, Interview, Herald olli e. ?1 O/in TO *1800? ANY AfTIVK BUHI.VKHH MAN, ?IPl.Zii*''" with ihi* amount, can have a chauce to engage In a re*pci table and legitimate Iniilnexa In the city, at wlilcli lie ran miik' ? t imi f.1,<KX) in RL000 atxntiaUy. For "atUfcTtory 8 root and particular* call at SIS Broadway, eeooiui llo-ir, room O. 3fl. d|Of|A ? I'ABTNKR WANTED, ACTIVK OR SILK NT ?POUI/ to takoan Interest In a light profitable btMineiw, al teudy ealabllahed and coonected with the hipping. One liavinR a knowledge of medicine preferred. AadrMf for three dayx, with real name, Roldnw n, Herald office. <&U(Wl A I'ABTNKR IS WANTED, TO ATTEND TO tpOUU. the financial part of an old oatabllahrtd mantifn t tiring bualneaa, that pay - a profit of 100 per cent , a ? hui u that neldom occora. Apply Imnu dlately to IIOWKH k KROllISllBR, H Naaaau atreet. -PARTNER WANTED, WITH (tiOO ? ASH, 1 Vu'/Vi a goiai pacing ra*h manufitctnrlng bualneaa, wboleaale and retail. In a good Inratlon, caldi hnu Right yearn, and now doing a gi od traile. Th.? la a very profitable inveatru^M Addir-? Partner, Herald oScv, lug where an lnt?n^w may be had. dt^nO 0B M ,000. ?WANTED, A PKHSON WITH THIS amount either a* allent or active pn'iier In an ei tahltahed bualneaa In the ?Jiring bed and mattreaa line. name and addreae only wflt meet attention. Adilrcaa W. II., Il< raid ' dice I-'HIA Tl) ?600.~A R V RE CHAfOX-A PARTNER ^O" ' \/ uant.-d in lie< r me a ot.e luall owner In .i r*>|iectable pleeeaot buainea-', from which 9/00per murith cau lie inaite. It rnquiie the attention of but a few hour- thnnigh the day, and no rl*k lo ran whatever. Call, and satltfy youraelf, on M. Kf>hS,.'Ma Broadway, room SB. WIIJ. PI Ri IIASK A PARTNERSHIP OR IN V*'"'*' tareat In an emahllahed bualneaa, paying )ar^e pro. titt. To < rc wi n ran give hi>. time thla la an exeelleot chance ti. tet into bualneaa. IIOWKH A iKKOiJI -IIKIt M Nataau atreet. Al?i, an agent w anted. tiui/l ?A PARTNER WANTKP. OF 8TEAPY ?tl", tialn a, to take a one liail lie n-' in ? re ? Ural 1 1??- iiavi'lllng enterprl-e j Me returned frimi a profit., lite four and ready to -tart Weil and South. The tiuatne-- I pl<* i rant atel |>erlect|y Bale, and tn an enterprl.lln; man ntler. many Indticementa. $1 ..V*i ran be rlcaretl una fall and winter. Call on J. H . PA V IS, at Frcneh'a Hotel. a good i iiAM'i: rt tit w Acrrrw rovxa v\', j\. having a knowledge of the wliole-ale and mail tamtl . gf iaery and provlalon trade, wlih $eiaj .-aali now olfera aa partiM r, In a well eaUiblMied and uicrcaaing bu tineaa. In uin? oi the ht?t atanda In thla city. W. .1 BRITNDBED A CO., 7H Naaaati atreet. /tOPABTNKBSHIP - THR CNDRKHIflNKD HAVE \J tl.i day p urr.liio.ed the Intcreat ol Harlnt II. Johnaon, In 'he ate ilrin .if Btcbblna, Hgeldlug .* Jnhiiaun. and will ,n, tlnue the bu*tnci.a under t lie firm of Stebldna A Haekilng, ,.t 5? Pearl an i el. ClIABl.M HTK Hill Nil Nrw York, Oct. I, IniJ. I J. II. HKKIaDlNO. VJOTICK-THE U.MiKRSIONKD HAVE K NT Eft ED Xv Into a en pannerahlp In tlie bttalneim of the elaatie wa'?r . oof coating, nod i Ihi " > lo and mm of M 1 1 Bo rw t < o. (ifllce, No. i Montague alree' Brooklyn. Hatcl Hen . I, 1866. M It M?iOHK. WM R. OA I.E. Nf'iTH K.-TIIK COPARTNERSHIP II \ .KKTttFOKE eiintlri. under the nrm of Steblilna, Skeldlng A Jiihuatm, la Ihta day diaeolved by mutual itiii??nt t harlea Htebliln* and Jamea A. Skelding are autlmrtxeil Ui l|.itu<la'-e the a.taira of tb? late Arm. CH A RI.EK ST It lilll NH. J. A HKPXDINO ?New York October I. If. V. CIlABLEM II. JOHNSON. rpilK FIB M <>P llINS fiN A JAOgriN I? DIHMOLTED J from thla day The underatgned it the an il li.pililalur . ?nut firm, and eliail coiilliitie tiic aame t. .-tncv. New York, Ot' XW. 1IKN hi J ACWUIN WANTED? A PARTNKR, IN A CASH HCNINKSH, with the amount of K.<?i Apply at v<; flO'ilh at let tween IJotiverneur and Montgomery batwoon it) m l So olo ?. MKDICAI*. DR. WARD'fl I NFORTI. NATF. ti KKIKNI). AND o I., r ntir ivalled rem- liea, arraat In ortobour iho rovagtw of cer'alli dfcaaaea. a/ frlcbtful If left to themaeirea. end. rate *11 the pol>nn<n? a^cda of .ltaeaae In a few daya and et ,...,| ,i|, the ?ar>*|.arll!a In Hie world. Hla iridic no* are a bound !? aa I. Mm to the unfi.rtunaie AH anxiona lor a. .re are . ertatii of obtulnlt g the aatne wuhmit any dalay. fir. a' a trnum to every i aae, and a curaalwaya wairant?d. Mm, Canal creel, one door eaet ol 41b Broadway. ;; Dh cobbktt. mni ane htrket, mkmhkr of rin Nee Y rk 1' alvendty , may be COUHM . I in i.r vote I - ??a?ea ta en' y four yeara In one , pi-i lallty atia'ilt hi , to. i? raMee permanent i tire* DR COftFER, 14 I'VANE WTHf.PT MAV UK cONfl dentially cotiaultrd on private dlaeaaea. twenty nvw jroara to Ihla apecta It y vuanira Win to guaraaiee permanent cuT'ta wit hi , ut met . ury. ( narg. a in. el. i ale. I 1 MPORT A VI" MRPirAL NoriCR.? TUB -I B?| RHBR 1 who la ahi'Ut retiring from a> Uve practical, ha* j.repWftM, to printed form bia ?altt?l>|e prejrrtpv.oa, renetpta Ae .wtipt ? I lo private di.eaaea, with all oe. e.u rj udvpe, b) wlti'hetery pereoo can i-ure lnn..eii immediate!) oti dwnvery wlthoait 'he dangeroiia delay u*nally expertetr' d ? liere the (Mill .. i nan li tgnorarioe, or wl'h a leailre to inrroaae hla fw?. par mlt* the . irnif.'afnt to rema n until t >e j,?i Pn >? h :? %r rViu*' t jeiiiatd red Pbjalcliuia are aaa. red that 'lii^ae for/nu le* are derived from the inrait euecoaWnl 'raa'meni iif ' t? ? te o dlaeaeei., to patient*. aape< la. iy tl?*e at a tooaooe, the) ar? invataahie. Prl. e |l e? i, mm *rat nie liani i all r, ** directed. Addren* Dr PKYBRK, box 2,tA?. I'.ets ijfiOO, f?0 merly a aurteon in the Part* HiapltaU. PM RfTAT* OON?0l-TATIONi.-PB. WAT*OR <X)N fine* hi* to ia.a ?ia*? of dtaeaaa lo ehlah He na> treated tn/ire thon twenty thoiiaai leaaea a-iii/iul one Inetariee of (allure. The ramad.e* are nn.d and 4o nia laav die l a'^an frooi bualneaa or ei|eae him to d* eate n eh.. a In nee te cen' e aae* there * a eute In Iwen'y fiwir tr-or* II r Wataie dee1 ree to rale thai oe man j haaa t eat. 4are >od by the per. mlaee of certain ebar a tana *nd ? een Injired 'if Arega pa tien a are raa, ertfmly Inr ed in gall M the *re I .. ano aa tha. la mi charge n.r eniau.'aWm*. WII.1.1 AM WAT v M ? many year* *nrgatei lo the 1 >-ea Htatriai, ao jxir -4 The Oknee and < tire." tinmerr tia p.eoee |l ' iflke. ft) W aiker etreea. near Broadway RIOOBD'H VRACTICR PR. < It HAMMOND'S CON ? lifting and dle)*n?iiig re?f . a '.In He* arar /f ;?a e Jn I?t. ^ele,iaa Otoefa^ira ? 'o J. ? to ? TrgO ta- til oy io\'?r t < iiauliatM.n??ti mbtaa. TBiriFMAR-THF. OR RAT XCROFRAH DMOOYRBT^ Protee cd by Keya era I bloot of I. ? ai t, atvl ?eu I e V" ? 4, Pliarrr.aele la I'ar'a Htoft j pert*; < oilege of Mediae. V .euna Tr?ae>aar. Ho. i u a rened) 'or genrraJ debility. toMoro4 OnOeWaii eta ttO 4' dletreee'rg mnae itnaea ar a n| from early a> ? ee te la* htla or* eReaOaaa la yoath, oiaohnod ood -,'d an. Iideel tke e. n?'ln, *i wt,t,'d t^,i San n e imjialead rtrn 6. uae i?e- at nt ufe If theTreaem*r eare tiaHMIIlf iila,.wl A.l^h.# ea Wnpeal mewta >a%lat i ..k> nag . teiaa a ,'.Jt-.??*a J.t . I twndortng uae init-.a- ,a n art. a- ng Jae man age | ?lata Tr e??aa*-, N.. I, nm ? a ? aryl er. i.-t'; a-*d. * aa* I 'r*<-a?o< hae .Jleordera wl.jis e>va' low e.'?'*i,a-ea I org bean 'hot, (hi ao a I. aee-e lie t> ?he r?l>! nfiheaeat'* 'g* I ettat pnr'^Wi of tha MpatolMe TrMaair?r ho * , to Me Croat I t ire^ear. rgaaoOl u t that n?/ d^rder* e" ash. in'iC" j nale n the Kagiaab pht efcc'*; 'raota with aiarttrr, la the w*e | toMO oaatr <m>vm<d Xa : e et, a a^.e'i .. o, Ma Whack a Ae ( aaraopar m t, t-'.e wot i okfiTKg rOn I Jeeaarar * a _ ' *JlA *, ar' a ^ kt dee.nd o1 a?'e or ?? e tang of % IMa ar ) ?I a 'Wee Thee eae toe! nn the in a* taMe witiaoei ?ar- I aae t e,r.g an?( aeieg So li hi tia a e? |t I*ra, g eagaet m j eej.erata d'?#a aa adm intoned '? Tai' a*o. la ? ?vt ?a ,t Ar T? te had, wfa, eaae *ial e-ai ?* *t U A UaRhO* il t ieene . near ' ar al. tea V' ?^i ? al i a; <e*od ? fie pro] rtatog aiM ; aleaiee ee a# ^w >hr IM ' o ad -taaee ar .1 erery r.thaw par" of A rwtwa fmT.edtate- / oa iteetn j a ninliOMiiie. Mr Rom w wWt ''irarord the Tneaae-ar v aat tOa I ?f to* ?ae4d Mtnraly laekod. and addi IMI I te M fi?fc?i'rfto#0|rtier. Hr a i|m?n re?i njod foaat eaOf, AionnEirn. BROA DW AT TIIK AT Rt- K. A. MARRHALL, 80LJI low. w. R. IIMh, KU|[? Uui*i^r Iftion open II ?V. W commence U1K o'elw. We.liie.da. (w-i 9, will be preae tiled tbe new irundy. ti> live aoU of KKANCIChCA 1?A KIMINI. Malate.ta, I-ord cj lUiumi m r Whltlni Lmnciolio Mr. K I. Iia.enpor Paolo Mr. LAuerian I Card nal VeccUinu Mr l|..f.,, f'epe Mr. Ki-dior I Ma.recht Mr ll\n>mrt Roaalol... Mr. Walter* | Clvanetl. Mr Cottar fiuldo da I'oleuta Mr. CauoU I Hene .. Mr. Vlnoeni Krai.ccact da Klniinl f. Minn. I'm, 14 TO 1'AKM AM) II At K roll JlA Suozzl# Mi W. A. Chapman BOWKKT THEATRIC.? PROPRIETOR AHTt MANAUKR, 1. 1'. Waidron; hi 4#'' Manager, 1 ?? U. llrMUIi.. I'rlre. if Mmiaaloiv.? ltoiea, 26 ceuia, pit, I.1), ?!?, (lullery, Us OMila: Boiea, (A Wednesday, f M. A, wlli he lerlormad? WKRNRR; OR, Till INUKRITARCK Werner Mr J. W. WalUck J<M-phliic Mm. XV. Ward | I Irit * Mr. K. .loliusioii tub grow Buy. Burton h. chamiikrhhtrket ? Wu>s*M>aY?i he popular comedy n<| STILL WAT KB Kl V- IlKEP, nlj htlylt'rar'li..- irowded and ia?liionah!e hon?e?. Mr Haftonta .lutiu MlklOiair, Mr. U. Jorlatt iv Cap'Alti Hn?kmey, Mr*. llunhes wi kI Mis* Raymond III favorite ebar acler*. Klrat nlftht hero of Mr*. C. Tl.ornc, * ho will appear aa Lin <la, tu tliv oiuikal larcc ol THK HKNTiKKL. Mr. Bradley, Mr. Marrliarfl, Mr I .. -Tllri ? ?.?? 1 1 , Ac. To aoliaow i Thurmlav ?? ST1I.I. WATKK. PMVAY? TBKTOUDLKH unit Till: HKKIUl'H KAMII.V. BOi'KI.KY'H RERKff AHKRfl, MB DROAHWA Y. Kvi ry niiih' this week, the verv *iinei*?ftil Imrleaoue ou TIIK OAUOHTRK or DlK KK'ilMKNT, BTiiio man MianTmur. Ac., A?:. T)ir c?!ctjriiwd II. Kwam UucAiey will ?Uik Ula popular ?HKOAHWAY HoNUT^ with a description of Broadway. Concert commence* at 73U o'clock. flakei* 29 eeo t*. tlllARI.KY WHITE'* OPERA IIOI SK, 40 HOWKRY - ' K\ery night this week. tf?e great negro pantomime entitled Uie MYsTir BPRLI.. r\ON I UK FR1I1HTKM RD.? SOIRRRM M A< 1 1<JI **.? If MM MAI.ONKKAYMO.VH, lecturer, bunuirlai, draiuatln irutnaitrr, anlh<ir?l "An Hour !n Ireland ai d Oihrr A^.,l?a? Ums jileanuni loaiuioooca tlwi he ha* n^ngr.1 Hie valuahli' ?prrliim ul ch? mr laioeal ma a-i. uw MAUALIMTI it. for ? ^llorl ?t>a-on, lu 'lil? riiy, hta (trul apiwiiranrn for three 'IIiin Iiur<|'iall?<t juofeaxir ?f lh<' i'a1>alUll? art wlli give a trrlca of hlo aaioundiiiK and lirlllian' feate at tl't ltiuiAiiwav? l.itr. I'Hiim I Wood"*, roniineni ini! nn WrdnivdAy, (Vtotn'r .'I (airl lollowlnii eten Hit el. Hlili d li? 'he arri mipllehi") Maitainn S( A< Al.l -TKR, an tin1 wlrard'a l'aco. The l eaiiiilul rul.inet and ne.-rortuiniia wnodert i>t ihle far Urii' tl de?< emUnt ol tl?i Maul will l>" Blifht !y i|> piai ??I? liii'luiUni;, in i^l.tluim ui other u^UntodliigfeAU, I be myailii; earda; Hpaulab tukrlr'iuin, Inl'eriial !<?? pol ; matflraj hai; wouderfiil cloik; liianiied ampuiallot) eitraoraliub ry; 'ower (A time hewpclu d [tornoiii. ureal xtiawl l"ut, wi n* derful a'i>pen>lon. Ac 'I he mai-l' i<'mi>le "pern at 7; ihe W l/4?nl appears at 7 S Mr. J. M VSfr.KftiS, rtecret^ry to lily (;i eat niAKtciaii 1>IU)ADWAY TIIK.ATRK-A t'AI'.I).? J> Mr. K. 1*. DAVKNl'tlUT r**ep.---tliilly anii'iiihi'Ci l*ia HK NKKIT for 1'mtiAV Kvkni<h., OcTonr.ii cm which ' '?TM'Tl wlf! lie preeenied I UK l.AHY or l.YONK. Cl&udu Xli'lnolle . Mr. K. I. Uaveripni t I'liallix: l'e?rh/ip|Hillo? luii Ihls m i .n-.uii; MUw Kami. V111I1.4 Madaunv IteKhMipMlna Mr<. VT. ft. Mlakti (tier flr-t ap pear? iii'h 'hi*<iiij To cooclinle wlUi 'he mtiiili Al drama ui Hl.At'K KYKIIKiHAN. William Mr K L Oavmipor' (With the popular imu . al -011K1 ol ' < olinuhUt, the llein of tlicOi i an," ami A kanken Hblp and ? Yatikre Crow," and a Bailor's hornpipe. ) ltoi lunik l? now n|)en. M AKhH'H MINIaTLKK i oMKIiIANU, Composed of KKN HJXTKKK HKAI TIH I. AM) TALKNTSD MlILDUK.f, fn in four to t^n yearn of a?o, AH* ROW ri kroKMIM* 1 llltOt'MlOUT IHW UJf ITt U STATffl, IN ? OMKHY, DHAKA, V A I DKVII.LK, and HCHLRHQUBH. They h?ive received 'ho. .LppilliuUm of TIIK IN KANT WONUKKM. T?!cy will ?bortly i|i|>etr in rbUflidelpbU, New York ?uul UofUni fpllK IIJUl'HMA, AT TIIK A I'OtXO HOOMH, NO. 410 1 Ilro^lwav Mi-. AI.KX ANDKK (JIJMW V<> al wl IfHfrmiienfAl Kfit-prtAtmoent? 4*TIm* Kmenil'l of KDlarrify," whh mhu'h, *nfrdou*? And pletorlal vj^-w* of ' (mid Ireland," U now (tjtrn flm?ry nvimintf ^at'irilAy, coriioi??ri'in(j nt H oNjlork . .SAlurdAy Atti?rnt*rt?, At A)?o Hat* . vrnure to k ItA I>IA VULO, Mr*. Uibb* p< rforuutij on *<? reral tnntrumcbiM. A JiiilKhioi) 2S cent*. FVlASkl.lN MI'M I'M, NO M Y. NKARhTOf j'omto ihe Wow rry 'li^Afro ? r?rfbrroAfn'i^? fVHry Afi^r rioon >it H An?i rvrj.jng At 7'a N. li. - Hi rm\ (trr* will ot.<wrvi ?t.Mt the rrAiikiin Mti?#*unri i* U?e only p!a<j<* in Uie tfnJt^J Hu'ei .*bfre iii? Ari^'n An* ejthHiiu'l, wtUi tHhfur ?>rigiuU t? ti?r'A i.mtntA. itr, Wo. U Ikiwerjr. TIIK ItOON rilll.pRKN? TIIK ORKATK8T WONl>F.R? I <?i 'Ue j reM nt a??*? w ill ai i r^r il?|n At?<l wry eveulrii/. j Friday ??>? ? \ ??*??!. And >aiui 'fay ait^rnoon, m* 'he Natk>o?t M" ( iilon i>mr*rtA, ArAdemy l!AH,tw>H UrnadwAy, Mim hlirert, Thwro?^ (lArdont, A. Hed?wtnt, Mr. W. H. Iliirlxot), | tb6 amonUhtng KnglUth ll3k|)t(>v;?iit(K,e. mui a hm* ??f Admiinlon *5 c<*ivtn. t at 8 oN Uk-Il. NoM- If v ? ? perlnl roqiieAf. Iho NaUoiiaI Mu*IcaI I'nlon will k^o U*e?r lir ?t concert m Hrookljn oo Kr)day cveittng ntlU rrilK lioo.v ( MILMtKN H TILI. COVTINt K TO \T J trAct (h*t A^lialrAUon of uli -f*? nf* hi I'nUm < .'on?:?rtii? 663 llr?y?i iwA/. llo rarly to w care a ^ix?d ?m at. V| KIXlDFAlN HAM, C|?KVKf?ANI>. OHIO. IIAVIN'J if I ihcii renciVAiUfJ, repaired And palnu-l Uirourbout, i? i?ow mdy to Jt*t, b\ dAy, wwk or monti lor ooti^ru* >u? l " liihiuoiiK oi All kiadM. Addn nn Melodcou HalJ, 'JeveUii I, W RL< 'H'H h KW NATION A I. TIIRATRK. UAI.NI T HTRKKT I'll I LA Ol. I. IMII A. WKl.t II A I.I.M . riCOI'KlKTOI'.' ThU ?|?I#-/ dld ?'"iHbli'hment will oftfin < n or a^o'H 'he llr*t Mondav in Jtoveinb^r. with thro* powerful ccw?i>a?$'^ ??, K'^wja iriAn. DitDiAiii! and I'AtMorriltnie. I?H4ji? ?? ainl irentlerofn ol the f?r"!V?*I"n< wi?ih!M^ u? rnakr cn?r" ?ni? in ?i"t a|>|>ly by ku^r, ?? lAHl. io fun* WKUII, llo'i'i PbliadM.ihtA or o H. K IIAKHIH, A^t In if aii?I HIama Mnoi^nr, a K^orAtH*** ? Hoifl, hroAdwAv , N?w Vurk, from 10 till 4, An a< ku >wJ??J! ? i ?cenl< Aiilut w Anted. Brooklyn atiifsjci m ? The "e'ood irrAn/f eor??j#*rt o f Sjgnorm VfKTTFwA?p' fw n? d on aeconnt of ibe weAiber, to ^riKtay, 0'*t*?n?r ft. MUnKirri{?, Mm. Ii? kjiia, Hi^oor Ik>i oardl, Hi^rw>r lt</ ?hm. And Sr. ? ? ni?ii*"' wr.l A>*i*' A lio: a.- n eent*. I'' -i".vrly no fnrth- r j?< ?.ij ?.n^to? n?. 1RAKH HTKKKT UAl.l 177 OKA N I! -TRRKT. II J "'Aim, n**Ar hnmAwmy tkr a>*ov? piv#* of In lb#- only llAhiri' m i V'vaoi*, Are fihitiiU'*!. Pr<?f^<MM?l Y. f"U'ur, wi'i dlw etrery m?l>'. Afo r b? p?*ri?moAA- i?? Ui And 'jnadril e dAnce. Admi?nlun 26 cut* p o'clock. MH W it II AKRfHON DM.IOflTH IIIH Kill' V|i nUib'l) wlili eit? mi>o? aih on* mm '? and | r - ? > ' a ili? Impulce ut ?J?e tx^'fiHsiit, Uf on any - by Hi" a Ukrtjr?', At the K A'. tonal Mu?i< il I'rj <>u t ? :rt-, A- *>!? ti> Hail, | flroadwNf. t'omnici."* a' loVinrt "17! HANK I.I N MI'SKT M I BOWKKV P Alterftrwn Af?d ni^b' gnwi A'im? *n"m will Im c' l t?*en n* w taMcAux I > Lf A iroviji<; M<#^ii Aru* e?. athrr oriu 'da I onUsrta in m*nt ?> fPUK AMKfii< AN m *i< u rr ni> *')' i kty wnrt.n 1 rMNdwraimim 'Nit tbry j.ava r t*rt >4 < r kflt Inr d'?rf|iK 'he rn??<lnif ?? THHJCk, <)LAh^|< A{? KRTH CAlM'd ? . ! ? . f ? ,? * will eoiBpti?<* An Affbiaiit ai ?l p wrrl ul or*u<?*rm. ?t4ad ?f U*? b^*t ?.! nr talent AvaiiAM* At ifcf Afwl t U? m i*.' U to a ?<t I kli^fi ordAi Wl'l I Ar\f ?*v? i4tnf ?b# !>? t^r wo-Ha fK!rA?-iW?a i.y eotnpop^d In *Jt .<r .?ty Fo; u<m,* ti*d j lar*. Applf to Uat prlnrlpAi Ul -i r<rff? ot N#f Y'?l All ! m fif-toUr. where ? will bo f|> or<t*r of u?<t * 4 O' ? n t OU. II. . I' e I I HiM', * UAMUbJMt. l/'i ii I' h ji <t , -?*<?. ' y rriiKArRioAL jii/rirt -a ? ard it ii \ rr ? iuk? X A(Ai4r<i 'o ?.e b/ aotn? e.' ? . . ; %( 'l?i.t r tu ireo' 1 ally ' 1 Md #*1 red from t>*#? ?'A|f?. f ?ka ?>.?? i-|/pori"ii. t> to awtr* U.? rn ai. I -Ua pu Je 'kl <a I | b> |!?ji ?br f #? r. t B<.r lao> I an./ W? a of J ' .* # ?>>, I a. ine 11 ' rr *nr'h "i<1t f i ->r t><r < ??' 4i.' ?i. >?*!? t?o Ml : t? "l T)id.? I'owAt w jif- r*. 'i v, ?? ?f Iivd? rU.'? sai, I.Olfi A* l* * I A lid | *1.' *11*1 1. h * '<# i . .fU'"-* A |*b#? profi*Mi<.'i>. aM p< 4#--* '? u, tfc'- li.'#ill|?.t ?M?f *"4a4 | | b? ?'?'?? h#- orter faued u, AW/Af ? . Afw f?i rftisig *t? An* ?fa rrn.-t a* t?:? Ht I ?-?iIa u.*-\ rr in ?? -i I ahall rr 'jid a Nrw Shtk 'i? five a Aftva of *??>*>* to mm* ?l tr^Arout. fr#bU i-j me wltb d??ld<?i ??.'* < m in t>?# priartpai hf . h ai.d W ? ?t r/>mprl^nf T^:?rmUnm </ IrkA ' ^rv r Iliab * ori#** ai*4 ai 't.1 * and a ru>A<+ ??*le#t|ee *4 a- ?, ?, oijf'11 Ac , fn?tfl uie !r?euttf n??'.oU/a of Ira ,.d*A imia^ rtAi harit T mu K ra, wttb ?nua from tba m'Al p<fitlaf l.oir^Ui and I' rrian op?iaa ikI^I l>y rueal At?d ioa^T'# 0 totaJ talAi. of lb* fir At < , % *.* < aar*'' <+r mmtrn by .--am.. **t , aa ?UKiK bv ti.A In ail tb?* J?? \f.?r w . I ?*?a6 imi< arrant attia a - ' ? if Are of ? # { 1 if r . 1 ?. Jn atroa f< - : ' ? of a 'i.*d*a and wm|ii wt-ima? ei|?rAA?ie /or uv?, wi iiA*??rral of Tyr^iA I', nrr a nA?i 1, aud * u<.?a? r. aa far aa my ii km * a*j*a 1 ? ? * mam ?m iA NH If4 i . ? . ; * ? 1. *b? ; a iaoAf ' f^Afit aarvAat. iOlfv niUJxl, ? ' tr,? < ??it fv aH# A h I' ?rw.i r KUIalAbH!A P ?-AilAai<a*'?t "Ai.: aa ArtiU pUaAA aAdrt Ai aa anovf. TIIBaTIIK. t ltAM?T<r b ? -JOHN HI|/UR If AN 4 *Ar,- H'ar e* ti j a# ; of tb? ?*" *b flur 1i?ira*>' . "?'*<< baiiAi 1 'Hi[ ifi' ao*f r ta ;|a? ?t#1 yo* ?titaf??l, w . pl^aa# 'ai* tj i- art at . ett * AtA bar a ta*o ,?ad* a*r krii aopariar* ^'in N#w York, n a&#-an.*lui> ^i iiIkhai to tail 09 %><!(#? w'.Af , i>< t>* ? 10 . 't I' M (r ?. , j. Jffi MJfO'! W I ] jj A i*a par^< MKini al. t |R. Ill NTFR f?r ? DROf 1 f Hlf rRITATK Ok 1 r aaa^A . I ?r, h# 'rwa m*nf <rf f bfA larw aadaii aUwat ra HlfM0 ?? rar*a vtHMMl or r?emtad la flif lakia of J.# jao#i, ? araA wi r-?it ti # iiaa ?iln< ar<4 ? -'A*Bktt$ a?a^a '<f a., r r^iJUAuL** .r?a a i'v.-. ta# ira^lfyj -.a^*i ? art fffrr a'f awf .rr, I ?? pomaaM tbe j ' ? tarty ra ;a?>> pnj QfiKit)l A tint ? ra/ ? . d a^aa ?. >? tail ? 'la* .'?? *? 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Tlcktla (0 all |>ar** of It, |,.1B?? mi ? I wclioiln IMUL VI; private base*. W ? ???. So free Hal ftxrept the Prr?a. I Ut iniur, aiMl evi ry ev.-nl-,,- dnrtu H?- week Kir van wivku: WAI.l.AiR'B THRATRK -KPmAIIWAT, KHAR. II uiiiifl iTffll.? I rlrea of a.lin *aiotii ? lloie* and I'm noetic 60 if all family Ctri'le Zfl renu hull* ||. rrt?ata m.i.'a, fo and f" tMMira open at 7; u? t>e^iu "%it i/nlnaA. n'MMaday etenlinr. Oct. JL will In- uerftniMA- "" TIIK OAitK or LOVR. Paul Wrldon Mr. Uaatar rmclpve.. . . . .Mr. II. I'.a i!.i | Jacob ( bubb . Mr. 0. Holland T-.I M in>by . Mr. Kmucham CM* t'anKla. . .*ra. Var??m D* Xarfla Mr. hiod.laii| Mr*. l>rR< rllai.Mra.llnin(han Ai.' e Dctercm. Mra.lMay UOW htoi't voi. UK iikttinu. MCTIKTrOMTAW TFIEATRR. Oil Wm mhu*, (h lohrr 1% Will tc [ r?Ml>(c<i Otiwllln'* ir*grt\s In tiv?j act*. ol FOI.Y 9 iff' TR (Pint tlini tu ? ) Paii Hoe..... M'llo Ratbo j a conclude wilh Mine iiirardlh'? corned . , LK I'll Al'KAl' l> I N IIOKl/HIRm lUxf i pen ai , o'. lock ? to >atnmenae a>M iir<"'l?<-l)r. K?-mi;ar .'.?)? t.f |>frruruiaiica~ Muudaya, Wodur?.Uy? and Frfalaya. Acaiikmy or Mrslf- rorRTKK.VTH hthkkt ? ?aooau aiMHT 1TAI.IAN tirtllA. DosiaetlPa ramrlte opera, UNUA lit CUAMOCNIX. will be pre tented on Wrjiittrnar m-wiaan S, 1MU. MH'Uuie A.VN'A UK l.A <.RANUR Slsiioilna MAUTIiiNV ll'< ll(M V, Mi uurl MKIONOM, M0R KiJ.I, ROVKRR, and ftARPARONI, In ihe prtn-lpal rolea Miuni'al Ulraon.r and I iHtducior Max Mareiaok rv?.r* open at 7 1 k: opera mmmencM m N P. M, For liie a-'oomnii'dmliiti of the putilir a prlnalpal oBl. ? fiir >na ?ale if ?erured aeati ?IU l>e opened .lally . from * A M Kill'. M ai < "rninlila'ii, rorner ol lln ?iIm .. i nOA riiurteniitb ?t. , alia a< llaii A Nou > p lan?li.rt<' and muaH' More, ittf llruad way ; an-l Iianekln'a Ad^ni-y, Jollls'a vmuic atoi e i)| lln?dway. Na tu-k.1 1? will be M.|<j ai 'ho Academy acaapt on ihn ?reuln<i 0 1 p. i loriiiaip-o. <t| < i a glaoeaand ilbri tioa ln?ldet|ie A .demy. r?RO. i IIHlhTT A W>OD*? MIN^TUKIJJ, 444 BROAD VI way, Lelou (iraad ?'raei ? Ol KN > VkllV KVrHtRn. B ? atne?a ' tanw t ed U > .Il#nr? Wowl Hi Maimer .)ro i lirlaa K<*r 'J..a ai:*-k' Kibloolan Mm?*r?iav. r*mri idina wlA U?o WAMlr HlMI Ml NriTRI I. Thla elarant an! arnnaw> 'lima hall ^ ,n ba opened h? 'h? ?!..,?<? ...Inpmy II * irU.I. !?? ?rtMn tl.-j *UI t,? huppy ki r. < ? lv? ili'.r | a ri.i.i In a bOlldlnj} wbi. n la liinniiaimnf k| (H'lnpi'levd JtidfM Ui he tha larni at, iha t>ein rentllatftl an.) tha Land i ti.rai pin. a ol K Utopian "II ertalMnenl >?> hn *..rM. VoTM r -ItiwaOpniti and U<e c.r aln r ie? al 7>a o'eloafe, praclaely. A'tinlwaou .......29 nam* J OWN R. MMITII'H OKAMn TOUR or H Kill K in hlf.i.K ur M.ltASTi Iftil, Rl *?0T? n To I'm mr II iu., mm Hn.u nw?T, M?>w1n|t <INK IH KHKRO V1KWH, f r?jr f. cl at^e of the prti.rlj>al riTIKH A Nil OH rv;t-l4 ur IRTRRK T IR RVROTM. K*rrj ? iiVlm-k. a?,d errr} hamnlay alUirvoaO. all rbe Bi ixle by Mr |l*fnrwi,orl<ailuL Admirlnir ibenoaad* nlkbtly Ratify tha- tlita la ?*? >arcaM, i .oat intJ'c aiinit anil e rr^tit enn-rialnment to Waa York- l'a in < ' >a l.aa be. n uioal Mi.odt rfuj. Admit* on .,B?W TlJl!B or I I KOI'l. ratnnrid to 1 mplr** Ma i and will r* oi en mi TbwrMlay. OWo1 er i i*. i??i pet n? ha"- already % ,Mtad It In Hew Yot k an?l 'WW more ate aaiioiM u> aaa K A work bf art la a Joy firre??r ? 7 he laal week boi i*na In VawYoth a-id I.I1AMI AOI'iriUNN TO T UK roll It or MIIOPR. I hi h-cml Rrpedl'lon la now nwiplata, aji.1 Hi whola Beet wi" a''?oipt 'I-- ?iia.k and ?MIANTOi HI. rAL.I>l TO MIUItT. X'll l.t H ?IARI>KN ? il Bluim Tin M-rrraaaa ?r * iijj.w reTWi, ,i. NORFOLK ASH fiillTiMul I'll Oi HATt'l n< r K> l a l mil 1 1. niara d, IMS Mi a bleb v.x'aaioa Ibe kdlowInK aei.l.. ne n liav* Minai.ntad Ui e aa ma i oaaitTi r. - Parnando #i??l, Mawu Y re#!*k V Kualnoti S II. Wolfe, Rao Robarl llloa, Ra.| , Hmu'd 0 'ocli1 V. i) , t 'apt. Vln- . ni, IImi' l I .ltd law, K"i .Inn 'la I' R#?i , lti.|.M A. Item R. . ??. ,# W M l*aa, Raa. K. H Walkar K" , Jidm l(. r. Hrinkein. ?, ? ol. I II Hart, . I'ol. (I II. Mabbloa, .la?. i^tln^rr, Rail , t'ap'. rrrrta, I' * Mebaon Ka<i Wbi. N . Mareu>, Ra.) , J. I'.Ti-alweU Rwp, rnu.ilaBUMy Rao .1 1^- and, Kai, M VtRT/l, Kaq lift< i I,.? eat aalablWiMaat at U?t dtap<r?al <a Ih: f* u ii..*. ee, li?e - I .ill ? l.?. a. XlfH UlUMA I'VNK A.VIt Ml! II ARRIHOR I n re v. un'i ered 'li? r fkliKlile id , ra1 U i?ly MIHk I'VNK MR hTRRTTON ANIi MR lloKNt.'ARTU! ?U<? fh#ir vnlun'Jirr ik-.| ?h? wh ? ? lirKKMH ' 'iMi'A N V, ri? < li'irw, r?ifi . <1#- Iu M* h: Arv,*'i i, lytd r>'t# r 'n M**1 ???*? M??hn ? nt, u>r, ?n(<* 4?1 i J, '??tl, |ir<i(?pftMt UwU" m-x u ' :ii ii.?- ii *p\ omifrm. It now rrnlv rrtfiAln* for Um Ui n with ihn ff'U.fKtti##. urn mAiMiKeinrtii, a?i?( lb*? am* u? iu% ?r? iter. Aittft'kjft (?f A I. A 9<?i K ADfUTVOW To TtIK K1 Nf ? ?" rtiurh wwO^ii, imk prtvni c . ifni, i?u* '? j?rv i % if U't mrtl*<T? I' ! '!? ptitu'" Kjr *h? >rr,Mn v!*$* *!*<?) vi! hltM*?r?pt ?k?m> tlirtr frn vl? ?n?| . u?f?ti?vtr?. tircivkMMl wiii <? 1 1! I Mt mi ATI l? .UTIV 15 I If AHAfTICIt < r whlrli fu i |*rtM?fUr? ?iil 4n}y *tn?Mtv **\ n-ul Ui or4#r to ?i* Mr *J I ? *.??*# ? lo *i'i it i ! f?u Umj j/rk*4 of UcA?t? h?? ? e^n i lii'tpf (it rirtr < k.vt T - fi r in> ?' ?.l U?r r -it *> ?*v#ry Hr?*i ** ' Mtlaffi, ?Mt ?hn j f '- *!/ ? ?, lit Ml It'ltliS. fi's ? ?, iti* ? Ut? ?? <4 MM"'- Q?f>lM T? ?'U n*A y bit l/l Uii ?<! 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F3Sm %i rnm. r<mi A ? ______ MKDfCAfft L'nrR AKii I ' ' - " * / *' ' * ' f-??i V* W 'A* finittM hm f *? ftt.y * H A D MkJftMl 4f f(*>y |? r?. yr r ARfi RrreciTAi. MPI'ai. Rirwnnnut ? l?. * t k H IfW I iiaAe t Fflad ??l "iar aa'a '? fai .tat aa waaa< wv, bar* -mj\ mf*>? ?a ? a. a ?aa>? ?a-4f,a??- |it*>ai<?it?Mf?ot '?aaaiwMiailMkmi I a/a. kim hm 4a?* aa?t * a4*a; a " ? | a/a to (? ??ira.-^<?arj '?4?4. ?i.ig). '??! ?!?, ?>i a ? a?ari -aapaaa rtaall '? ('larac'^c Hirf?R|in TRy*r>'r"t M . I?? 14 1 f I'Rfr tTR M?A l>|. - Ill. p MA<7 ' "itl I < T KRWOTAI, -?*? j i -i?/?.fv..4 '? . #* a p* t* * ed t Part* a? V <?|V ' ? '* '? ?'<-tll?l perwaMkar'i :/? " " I MM ttjitlnal ? ? " 'a~? ' '???<. J-?a w. aDaWV'a* r* "a* aaa araa i? ' '? ??' ? > "^?takh? haaa aoaMialTa it mRaa a ' - ?? ? ?*. w. awaan ? aad aa ?r .. . . ?<ta? 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