Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 1
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T HE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6976. ORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. _ POLITICAL. f^ONSTITimONAI, f 'ON VKHTION. ? WI 1 RUE A 8, AN act wua passed hv the last lieglalature, known as the Ma'tte law." depriving the chlicna or Uuilr inalienable rights, In violation of the saorod guarantee* of the constitution ol tlilg Stale, and which ought to be repealed by the next Legislature, A convenl'oii will ibex' fore be lield at Syracuse, on the 1011th flOlli) day u, October next, nt 10 o'clock A. M., for Ihe purpose ol adopting Hnt'h measures a* may be neoesaary to bring about Ha rcrieal, and lo ron-lder hitch other matter* us may pro perly be broiubl before It. The societies organized lor the pur Eof defending iltelr constitutional rights of the couiittea ol York and Kins*, are respectfully requested to aend tiireu fairs Icr every Attaembly district In aaid co.inlies and Die opponents of the ''Maine law1' re* Idlng in the olhor counties ol tala IRinte arc respectfully requested lo -end th<- same num ber for each Assembly district respectively, to represent Utent la the convention. A roawt < onvenllon will a No be held at Ihc aam ? place on tlio lltb day ot Oeloher next, at II A. M.. by the opponents ot' un .inamnd oppressive icelalalinu, and w e Invite all persona who /?epard ihelt constitutional rlgnla and the public Interest*, to attend. The convention will be addressed by some of the moat elo quent at*d talented speaker of till* Stale. Signed:? ?. i coumv. tumi a coo.vrr. Jfehemlah rase, Samuel Milla, U,1/,!"" rJ!?*5,re' II- H. M<K)re, WM'am Wyberl, Nelson F. Penny, Jo in 0. Bheuler, Kltafca K. Bill, Joiiu llebard. 8. WhiUatorr, xoiutpic cocstt. Wm. Hannah. Hartley Beckee. otskoo cnu.vnr. OKTARin cotraTT. George Clarke, Jovepli (It! muti. ('lias, I). Palmar. I.IV1M1STO.N COCKTT. WASltlNliTO!, aouxrr. Join. Ycinuni. Kuniuel Axtcll. YAH* lomi. John P. Wood, John P. Wollcolt. Win. Bouse, OKOKUAliA cdbktt. James II. SlicrrlU. H. W. Ohadwirk. wariikn county. Stephen I). Plllayo. John F. Sherrlll. o;h;ii*a cou.> ri. mmx ooostt. B. F. Jewltt, John McBlroy. W. 11. Clutpnian. / hkw route. iikkkimkk couicrr. Joel Cooklin. Join Maunlng. P. W. Bnga, ALttAMT OOUNTr. B. l>. Hpragtte, John Taylor. K. 8. Cozzlns, Joiui O. white, J. P. Tread well. Ell Perry, W. B. Miles. Oabom. Thomas X. Kavaud Kittus county. John W. Culbert, ' Thomas J. Jerrold, Philip C. Barmoii. J.Scbetick Huydant. Papers frrudlv to the. c.tuso are reoueatcd lo tnaerl the above. The Metropolitan Soeioty invite all Its members to attend the IM*a convent, on of the Constitutional ltlght Society, which will oa nelJa' Syracuse on thu llili Inst.. at 10 o'clock A. M. Tbe delegates of the Metropolitan Society are reapeetfully rebnea'ed to meet at the Broadway House on the fjth ltia;. at 8 o'clock. VTATIONAL DEMOCRATIC ONION GENERAL COM XI nnlee ? Si. John's Hull, Oct. 3, 18&5. At a me?t ng of the Oeneral Committee, hell last evening rw Ihe purpose of organization, the following gentlemen an awe red lo Iheir names on the roll of members elect belli? called:? Waiils. I? John H. Williams, M. Hums, W. L. Wiley. Thca. Mil lone V, J. IHiuulu rty, O. Hissell. Ji? John Moore, Hamilton BililnKi, r>. K. Sickles. ^-J. O. Smith, W. Locker, Ivlwnrd Morris. K. B. Hurl, I). Durum n Crolv, Andrew (lark. I? James (Jiass, David Loiius, 1*. Mulllna. 7? John (i. Seeley. W. V. Adams, (i. U. Olaxler. H? Waller Miller, J. Mclaughlin, James Brewer. ?#? Oharlt-, Miller, John Mack, \V. Colter. O. H. Clark, .lesse s. Sickles, A. ElehkofT. 11? A. B. Rollins, Bernard Kelly, J. Ilouahkirk. K. Carman, Nelson Chase. H. P. MoOowan. 13? Wesley Hunt, J. Mi. ranee. John Keely. M? Thomas O'Brien. Jamea Sndih, W. II. Bucy. 1>? W. M. Giles, W. Cook, C. K. tirahain. Jir- John Calti v, Concklln Sharp, Wililsm Doll. 17-John Marifn, Andrew Keenor, John Holies. ltt-Jamea M. llalaiead, Vandervoori, O. N. Plall. 19~Tliotnas McKpedon. John Burke, M. M. MeUulre. 30? Timothy Waters, Jr., Henry Lurkin, Wm. Monleiih. 21? J. M. McMlllen, E. A. Moore, James Mahatiev, 3^-Dr. h. Behr, J. T. Sweet, 1'rancls Cnmo iimof E. B. Hart, of the Klfih ward, John H Wll Hans, Ksq., of the Flrat wi id, was unanlmouslv alected ('hair man. and D. (iooiiman Coriev, ol die Klfih, ami Jo'm CalTrey, flute Sixteenth ward, were appointed beeretarlea. Danie' 10. Sickles, Irom the committee appointed fur that piirpoM- reported tlie following address, which was unaiii mould} adopted:? ro thi: ni.micitATic rrrrrurAX ki-iotobs or rat cirr asd cofmtt or nrw ronK. The undersigned, members of the National Dcniieratle union General C-ommiitee of tliu city of Now York, take tlio opportunitv offered by th- tirst meeting or the cuinmittee. to feake a brtef alalemeni of Iho naiiscs whleh have iinpalled the national detnoc. acy to set asldri tho organization under whlcli it has hitherto acted, and to alopt a new one more In eon fnanee with Ihe presen' exigencies of the par'v and its iuture lotertsts. It will lie made evident, by ihis expodllon, thai the Movement has not originate'! in any temporary or unimportant alllerenccs ol opinion, but is the natural an I necasary result Of that abandonment of democratic precedent and even of de niocratic principle, which has i haraeierized the recent a-tion of the eotuuilUee to which Ihe Interests of tho party have been hitherto contlncd. It wonlil be superfluoiu. an l p"rhans Im pertlnenl, for tu lo argue at lum.ih|die proposiiimi that all power flowa naturally and leglttmaieiy iroin the people, and that whether in t;ovenimentii or in parties, thoan entnisled with ? uthorlly are merely ihcageQi, on whoa Is impostd tlie duty ?if expressing and enforcini; (1m popuKr will. A proposition so plain neoda only to be slated to serure as< >nl. lies al (he basis ot democratic principles, and llnds expression in ihe very name of the par y. The same principles which li Is ihc duty < f the democracy lo develop* and lualnUlii with re terenre lo ijovcnimenial ail^irs. apply With equal force and de tnand e<p:al aliegisnce wlihlnlhoorganixatlon of tin- party Itself. When Ihe partv disregards or violates 'hoso principles, within its o^n organi/ation. or suffers ihem In bo disregarded and riolaleil by those lo whom Ihe conduct of Its allalrs is Inlriis' td, It pre en:s Ihe anomaly of a party which denies the cfll s ty of lie r.wn doctrine*, and leaves tho world to infer, wtt'i ustlce. thii> if.- profe-sions ar>' as Insincere as its practice Is ncoosiatent. The late (icneral I'ommllt^e has placod Itself In preetaelv tin* altitude, and were Its acton lo obtain the open ?pproval, or secure even iho silent acquiescence of ilie national lenocracy of New York, we should ail, as meinl?er? of iliat party, partake of the guilt, as we should certainly share In U?e lefeit, which l? the Inevitable penalty of the crime. That roui oitttee was appointed for particular purpos,"it and tuvesie 1 with *ner:fln powers. When It transcends tlie powers which have neen delegated to II, jitit 10 that extent its net. are Invalid, When It noglects or retuscs to perform tlie du ties which have been impo-ed upon it, we mu-t consider It aa haylog virtually aiidicaleii iu tunc' ions. No democrat no reasoning man can doubi that It is justly oonov om lo lioui 'hefe rliai ges. By asmimlng the right io constliu'o conven i mm lor the selection of eandniates. it no' only vlolaiedthe futi lamentai principle of demo-'i-scv. but usiu-iied p iwers winch aere never granted to it, and waloh, if sniteri^f io remi n In Is hands, i* on Id depopularl/- the dcui'icratic party and tr ius orai Us organization Into an oligarchy of tlie moat odious de ?crtpilon. The monstrons Im-onklatency of this e i-aord'.nary ?asumpnou la rendered the mi re ?trlking l>v the (act that ft h?s been commuted by His repreaenut'ives of ap'rtv which una la ms itself peculiarly attached to popular rigliia and po Pilar as opposed to covernmen'al iisurpaMons. T i d^ny to our own people, and to tho members oi our o vu par tj, thoae rights we ro atrcnuon-ly claim for the iulit dtanls of a distant Territory, would place mm an awkward, if not a ri diculous. position. It would c" i Utlnly give our adversaries an opportunity (o avert ruth thai e. en In the dam.v-railc party the worst practic " it:: h. follow tbe be" preempt. In OBliilns lo call tlie people ion> lher in their primary a?s 'tn blagcs tor ihc pui qiose of *el cling or proiurui? the sciectio.i of such candidates as might be aceen'able to them ."Ives, hi) -,TBilI\lt!ee liss nerlec ed lo pe-i'orw the liighe i and most mi oilan! ot lis iltilies. It is scarcely noeesaarv for us to argue tint ad the ootl-cqnonrcs llowing from ui Illegal and Invalid acl. | ariakc ol lis lile^a'iiy and invalidity. If ihe as sumption by ihe (lenerul (' into i.'co of the appointment of delegate - was nnanihorl/ed r od lllnal, the ae(s of those del egales wi re likewise nnauthorlied and I legal. It follows, thereiore tint the r.indidates pre eiped In tb- name of ihe n > i tonal democracy by those illegally appolnteil del'sta'c* ha.c no claim on our support and th u our party linds itself, 11,101 Ihe eve ol a most important ron c t, wilhon loadci < an I with ant candidates. In rei lining to call (be primary elections fir ihe selei t on of delegates, ibv Committee aiguille* that such e'ectVona have become nseleai, apd. indeed, injurious, Bu( Jhe Connninee forgets Uia( It ow s Its own powrs ? indeed. Us very exMencc? lo tht. e a-<emblages which it now d.n 1 ires 'o be super. luoas and devoid of a nho.'lty. It this is oorreei. ilie <.ommii!ec It -elf must be supertluous, and dcnilt'ite of login mate authority andthus, by it-fown aits audits > ?n asautno (Ion*, It has atteceeded in arguing itself out of a V : a I ens ?ace. If it exist a' all. It must exist a , an aiiom i oil-, sell con sdluled perpetual bodv ? anon.alnus, hc'?u*e , cli>rac(e,U - and (?aiience< arc anu-denHicra le? ?elf con-tltu'ed. because ,i d'til"* ilie au'borUv of the p- ivr ' / which It w >s . i'cn>d, and perpena' becsuae by Its own allowing It c.,uno' be ieii.wcd or re-appointed. It nust be evident lo etery trool citizen, as well a io evcrv df-mnctat, that (lie moment hat come when a union of the friend* of Ilie i oiislitutiim is demanded by ovety c ind lcration 0. polity and patriodsm The exlitence and p?rpri atloi of hoaillie organizations amon ? i]m? e who hoel ail i? > ileal ?.jt| menw lu roninion? who a^r. o no every ureal inane now before ibe conn )? whoare eqna'ly op >e i to the i aivl the ohjee's o die fans li v.,.i ?re str ttr?;lt ? -f mi.ti'^li a temporarv an I precarious as ii'isre > on b um lei allk ? expe.tiei I avu rca-'-n |t i. ? . . . , itbetlier hard or a f, arc c ,tiall ?> io tlio to the Knew J.mlilnr-, and u> ; ms ol the Maine hsv. 1 hi . enmnum pf.'i'.c ?1 ?.*b c, , luhn n* ? lot" nnion (vb i h can only 1 1 ?cvered hy (lie in'crv i lo-i of'lios - Willi wliotii #re a prtoclpb-s . s -eoi dary to ? , *i 1 1 ? i' interests, and who re,-" ! party organtri. < ???? led aolely foi the advaucemei.i 01 pcrs. r ai pretem a?. to such lnier*^u> and : ucli piettustoDs (1,1. dt<r,iocrai c par can over i ?n>ei ' ' a lartlflce its otvn -a, tie' ss'. , . . mutt i tfc?n. and il.e | erpc'ulty of etir repiiV'lean In ? . i. if. It ahaiild in \ cr be sn'd 'ha' the frtendsof ti e e,i Ifulloa apd the In ion iMtve le-s iiiacretion and aet t' ? hv w s hmi (ban Its i t en ? Whtlaii ? ? nee tin ""1 Ue'i. f- or >? attack, we iciaain ?ei".eri I a . ' !ia' '? obebe.- i 1 i d tail. W h ,le Ibey have taken evt , means 'o oh' tin a t c . . at,< have ih?i- far rtifiutyd to r. ? i r-elve-. ?' t'ao oto m? is within our reach. If we p"' 1 ! In o suicidal a cot e-if we lu auch s manner as noi nolv 1. 1 nerom, bti to secur -. tb - irtnmph of 'lie enemies pi th Nisuiotio i, ho-v c a v.-e espeei (o gain < ? ?!:? 'IV sine -ily v 1. -n w? proclaim ? r ?lv-i !?? friends? If w?l aelnal and pc or I par' ictpants in the crlaan, we shot'.ld at '< 1-1 be ?' CIS oi te< I tbe I' T |. >? ? believe to bf 'h" view i of nine tenths ot the n nil de n r raevof !<ev >. ,k. i.. I vp 'I" -;<t. otjs-ivet v , ifcai ike lale General Comin n> i; ?< 'ed to Lake My at na o. aeeturpllah tbe thorotign ST, ' cT- ual union of i'. ? ! i< r*i-(y on the ba<:s of oppodMon (1 s'l the fnv -o. an I p. mical Iwreslei of Iho 'la;,. A ? a ? -n a- ? i.a le. omiaiifldafi fata . can onlv be 'u conned io. on a ? v.rle <\ble nel'h?r to the ^ajja'1 y nor u.c s.l.f oi ' ' 1 ' *? - ' . ? ec It will thus !>c ?cen (bat the movement wi ieji ' r- fa I In (be Hwan'.on of a IHW somfnbte* is di <? d 1 >. i . and neeei ally. Tbe faei (Mt tbe old eMunitf* **. by w> ewa i tl - slon lo -o- a-.t. tlie doles ill.- -ed ti , I." vli naliy f\t ne. as a Icaal orfaeiiatlon, an i , j t ratht party la wl bout a ileket which can tea .na < . .? c.Um It am p?.rt, la? rendered it ne e.--ary for ibe par'v to ? he rieicise o< (i. inherent pow. ra, for (lie puraos t eti ,? , a perfeet or*i liljfihon and of pr> >1.1 .neh % t a- a v. ill iiiHv lepie.e ,i fa*-., an 1 * awnMoe t'a ? - .pjwrt an oational men, w liiont i* ,c.'nce u past t.a ri''aiioiiso pi divi.tors The fo' r.v tail for primary meetings in he <-, er waida, to e rr delegates to tho varlona l o/nin * ng conven l.ons, was then r lopted: Thf Na'oins |(stno***-ailc Kennhllcaa V. e"''*rs i-i die city of Xew Votk , here' lore Men Ifleti ulihthe la'e o t; ou/s'lon a Htuvvitsaiii It.. , 'i f. aM Oajioaad 'o tbe asa impUot ol ta wer by that bod* and in lavor oi ibe union i? a? dem*. ra lie narv are i eon, a d to attend a primary el?.-:loo a he h> id In their respe* ' vrwaids onprhiay, (b*?Mlio( Ooi., between the hours ot <; andT r >1 1 'lelegai* * to a eonven tion to niei ? at St. John'- Malh' f1"-'" ?nd IleUney atree*. on M'imUv even nf, (>c* * ?? 1% f eloe*. to nominut ? candidate* for '.!>?? following oSlc ? t? ( ounael io the (,'orjpors lion Judge ol ihe Hiipre m- Court, Judges o( the A-ipn rior Cour' Court of Cunmon Pleaa and Mailnc f'o irt. Sheriff, Conmy clerk, City Inst-c or. <>(nptrallet .arreet ? on. mlsaioner. C.'mn.isaioner ol Repairs and Supplies, a (lover nor ?( tlie Almahou e. tbr? e delegates to tbe several Senatorial cooeeotiona lor the nonritianon i. naun, totuae o, .Ui^tay, ? le'ober t>. at half pas. 7 I' V l ive delcgat* - for he , ondna by of ihS Si. "to""""1" 0#cer?. ? ' ics.rc<Z^ io ^ unrt-d*?' POLITIC AJj. o'cioi *. at ? ? , lor the bom. nation of a runuKlAle for the ul 1 ee ol Fo'lce Juntlce. Ueaolvrd, 'I I nit (lie several Senatorial Convent on* me?' ?' the lollowlug place*:? DUtiicti. 3d? lleebe'x, 11X West Broadway. 4th? .".D lloumoii atrtet. 6th? Deriman'a, Vandam alreet, near Hulaoti t?th? Wectclienier branch comer of Fourth avenue and T wenly ninth atieet. Revolved, That the aeveral Aauembljr Convention* meet at the following places:? 1?110 lireenwlrb atreet. 2? 61 1 l'earl atreet. ; ? Ccrtier ot Mudltvon and Catherine itreet*. 4~ Heebe'*, I Iri Went Broadway. B ? i:,V> Maduon Mreet. 6? Toiimaa'a Vundatu street, near Iludaon. 7? Howard llouae, corner Harrow and Oreene atreeU H? '.74 Orand atieet, Masonic ll?ll. tf? Corner of Kottrth atreet and ti venue C. It -John htarV Five Mile House. U-416 Grand Mieet. 12? lfhW Mulberry ati eet. i:>? Muiiley'*. Klwanth atreet, between Fifth and Hiilh avenue*. 14? Corner Ninth uremic mid .-'eveiUeenth street. 15? OT IlouH'on atreet. 10? O'llonuell'a. Third uvrnite and Twentieth atreet. Reaolved, Thi.t tin- elect km in the re?peeUee wards lie held at the place* mid utider tie direction ol the lnipei tora hereinafter dif (glutted. Ward. 1? Jolin Style*. Hush Neel.Hugh Mi-Call St ? J. Donnelly, J. lloxell. Jauii Ilcmiessy. Ed. Burke, Peter l.urkln, M. Mi-Leod. 4? D. Kirk. >1. Spilth, Shui. lluKhuell. 6? T. Hart, t'liae. Kielv, II. I>. IloitUfan. T? Dan. l-oPln*, Jan. tilww, Put MrMullen. "?John Duryea, Inner KerKUoon. McOreuor >.? J.K I.odikei, .l?a. Brewer, Waller Miller Michael MrCnrty, .Ino. .1 Oormun III ? Win. Wlllitma, Je**e H. Sickle*. Jo Cornell. 11? Boh. Karl, Bernard Kelly, J. 1' Mnlth rj?Nnt Jarvl-adgu Lvnoh, John IVUtiy. l.'i? J. Hack, J. nWle, A brain Hyde. 14? Mlrhai-1 Smith, 1". Blelv, Feeney. 16 ? Wm. M. (illln, Jan. Mrl'yke, Win. Conk. 16? Peter Ctrl. Mlrhael Kirwwh. P. Wal<li. 17? Jacob Smith, Kit. Currtuun, John Martin. IK ? Oehb L. Piatt. Wm. Flnolftan, II, A. Ori.^wold. I!'? John Burke, Wm. O'Brien. M. T. McGulre. 30? Timothy Watci*, Win. MonUnth, II. UrUn. 21? J. II. Mctfellen, J. Met'olli n, J. Gotdncy. '?! ? A. Innr.ihani Wm. Udell, J. t ok Reao.ved, 1 hat In rase of the absence of one or more of ?*id Im-neetoi* of Klection, the re n i n In tn? lnapcc'or or Maliectoni hliali have tiowrr to 1)11 the varum y. I'olls will lw> held at the following placet for the iclcdlui of deletiatra to the respective conventlo is ? Ward. 1?110 Oreenwlrli street. 2? i'O Ann at reel. 3 ? No. I Church street. 4? M Oliver Hlreet. t? IIS West Broadway. ti? 614 IVarl street. 7?179 Madbon atreet. P? Itocur'* headquarters, Mcrcer atreet, neat SpdnK I'?llowurd House, eoruer of Harrow und Greenwich atree! i. 10?274 Orand ulreet. 11? Union Hall, corner Of nveuue C and Fourth atreet. 12 ? I.utz Hotel, corner ol Hloomlnxda'e roikdand I25t!i direct. IX? Comer of Cltnton und (irand K-reeu. 11 ? Ci-tner of Grand and Kllzabeih street*. 16 ? Ry< r's. coi ner of Harrow and Uouaion atreet t. lti? Murray'*, 9th avenue and 17 1 h street. 17?493 Houston atrent. IX? Kelly Hall, l*t avenue and 19th street. 1'.' ? 1am Man 'a, Five Mile ilouae. It'? 8th avenue ami .141b street. 21? Corner ol 2d avenue und Sid atreet. 22? fit h avenue, between 40th and 4lat mreet*. It was, on motion, resolved, That tin; members of the com mittee from the several wards are requested t'i report at the merlins of the committee on Friday nevt, 5-li Inst., the name 4 ol the tielejfules elected in their respective w-irila to the noiu tna'liiu conventions. JOHN II. WIIiI.lA.M-t, Ch'itnnaii. D. Ooo!>>UN CoKI.T, > Jonit CumtiT, i Heoretariee. 9 D W.\KD.-l'NH>N OF THE DEMOCRACY.? AT A menilntf ol' thi? < hurfor Noinlnatinu CommltU'e of tli?* Soociul wn td , held at thft luiuse <?t Kobort Mont^ouiPry, 15 ait'i 17 l^rokmnQ Mtrret, on WVliiCMdHy evening, instant, the follow 1 < k'-t Wta For Aldermau? CharlfK A. Urown. For ronucllinan? Robert C. Moutfiuinerr. l or A?sr>.sor? (leorR? Niven, For Con?iuliloM ? CtmrlcM W. Krn^^r. Nichol.ifl .Vea^lc. For lnpp^iitor.H of Kleetlon? lHt dlnlricl, Thomun .1. Rogers, Patrick. Mulictu*; 2<1 dlntrict. Jam e? llenniH^v, William Thump son. hchonl roinmlMMionpr? Alfred Chancellor. School Inftpeetorn ? William Field, James Wataon, School 'J'rualee.s? -Hanrotn Hathbon, William C'arneron. JOHN DONNKl.LY. C'UMnu.ui. J a m s Wathox, Secri lorv. -Til WARD.- AT A PRIMARY KLECTION, HELD ON* *9 TueHday i?i*pniti^. October 2, at 107 Hudson Mtreet. atftve ably to the call ot the (?eru?ral Oommlitee of Tammany Hall, the following tick el waa elected:? < ITT. iXJUSTT. aKXATOftUIe. Wm. H. Hak^r, Robert Donnel, Lyman CaDlee John A. Keiii\o?ly, (ioti^Utou. I? Harrlaott Hmlth, (?dwar'l Rljrc^. R. W. Kanndernon, Th?opliilii4 Pe^k. MirhaeH'anoy, .lameM K. W'chb, Mephon Pare*. John J. hhei 'wood. Wm. If. Apple. yard. Win. Tooper. JVDfClAKT. Henry I)ou^heryt Richard Winni. Jaine? AH>ert. *fW?EMHI v. James Wright. Rowland HID, Alex. Johnson, Wm. F. hearing, Andrew hcmhler, Ilaniel Koi?uey. Daniel Martin. CHARTKR. Wm. B. Racer, Peter Allen A. HnriH. Tbomaa J. Kaker, James d. J'ower, Thoa. Wat-^ui. Jr < hariet* Riley, t'harlea McAnlojr, Pa'-rick bherry, T. Ooodman t'roly, W ni. >1. Johnson, W. It. Monday, Jaioea < Jih?on, Robert Adam^, John King. cot MCtl* Htii niMFirr. frrtt distmct. HIth i>i*rr?icr. 1 >a i lti I). Idcaon. Wm. B. Kater, Jmiiica iii ?*d, Wni. Wi?e, i'anle] Martin, Wm. H. A|?f?leyard, .James McNnlly, Josejiii Candee, Rdwaed Trueaoel, Patrick Mullen, John Brown. Thomas W;?Uo?>, Hi-., Frederick (Jiaee. I.ew!a Mai Un. Robt. iionnei, Jr. ? With power lo 1111 vaciineie*. JAM KM F. WKBB, L WM. K aIXRM. \ Inspectors. John* j. h ii Kit woo rTH W A R D ? K1G HTII DISTRD T ? AT A MRKTfXU f) ut the National Democrat- Hepublinan Council Conren tion, h<ld in pur.-u*nce ot the mil <n ? Uo Ueuetai Committa** c?f S'uvvt *ant Innttitiic, Mr. Jii^pi) A. Jark*on wan 'alle<i to the chair, ami Mr. John T. Henry whi eii'ded necretary. On mo Hon. tli#?y prw? cded to ( allot, when Mr Joseph A Jarkmu was nominated. Mr. Ja'*kfton d?Hin?* !. Tie convention nroc oded toanother ballot., whereupon t iptain Jame* 1?. Wauuh w,n unanimously nominated. JOflEPIJ A JACKSON, Chairman. Joint T. HcriT, Pecrctary. QTH WARD NATIONAL R* PPM,! CAN DKMOCR ATIC ?/ Committee.? At a meeting of th^ ai?ove commitfe.- hell at Ihe Adriatic, at the rorm r of Huapon and Orecnwkh afreet*, on Wednesday eveniur, Oct. 3, ?l?e following nomination* were made and accepted Hi venth A ??*<? nbly DlatrJrt? Lewi* P. Clover. For Cr?uneilmen?2lM d!?tri? f. Chavlea A. K?v.?tisV, 22>!, Lawreme Van Wart . 23d. Jatur t M.; 24tfi. A. M.C. M . h. CHS W J4C M.rG HTO.N , Chairman. Ht; ?ow B. Hmith, Sccrciary. 1 OTil WARD.? AT A PRIMARY KLKCTIOX HKf.D AT 1 I,nu ifoiet Manhattanvdle, on Tueadav evening Oeto bar 2. lt?A, in accordance with the rati of tat* OeoeraM'om mittec at Tnmmany Ifa!!, the following ticket waa elected by a large majoritv.? < 1TV COCNTT. "r^ATOItf IL. C. Kwackhamer, D F. Ikmaun, H, Pei kin*, S, Van N'o^trand, H. Hvcr, Jarne^ Petit. .1. M Arthur, Hen., C. ikrfee, .lumen M* -t*c o I, <J. C. Hlbbard, .1. f^ onard, Jolyi V. G?*nt, ?. F rendu I arbour. J. Shaw timothy Etfjn. JirwriAiir F. Fenaon McGowiau, T. ii. Tappnn, D. Hanlejr. nai r. lV?'r Momliftn, Owen Dally, Philip W* rner, Stephen l.u z, John Kelly. rn u 7F.H. D F. 'Ibtnann, Ezeklei Ai^n. Daniel SI ave a, | Italy. tiill IlihiMrd flnrk W'll. inn, K ?vd. I rem l Martin Dunn. Jamea Wal!, Mi.-h . ' Oaiu?;',lu j , D? . at M !? Wo< I TUoma* Oi \non, OwtnDaiiv. John C Gent John McArttitir, Jr. 1MNIK1 >? ( i K K / , .. .1 \MK PKTfT, Jony M< A MFC a, Pol! Clerk. lAT,f DISTRICT WIID I As- FMP.LY CONVKXTFOV ~ |\ ) i- . btc? nth and Twnty tn>' ^4id. . I he dc.ev'an at ovc < i<nvciitl?n are re?ii?i ifl to meet thtarvemng, atrtgU' o'r!<>fK at Thompson'* Mail, corncr of ! wen'y -evetith *?r?*r and fi ttr'ii avrnur, for tbe notnination of ? ran IHa'o for Ai M'liHiy. Hy nrdrr J A' <iM Kf.t MIHT, .<ocr^ar/. ( Ap.n-ThK Rl SI ^ OF DR P W M TW) V NKf.T<. t>t pa?t*t ^nrxiwn oi -, ai% azuuoui to procure him K i A 'KKTING O}* niK y. VTIOAAL DKMCM UATIO i V. t'onvfi.'.oti the Fifty 'hud ' ounrii di?.u ?' t, tTwen'ic'li \%.<i ; ) Tlx, !.** a. Dunn .?? iinariimou*! v non iiu'ed for Ccut ^un aaof aatd dimnct. JOHN W BOYCK, (/hitintian. J? a: Poi i ? , m r re ... ? AT A MKK 1 1 .CO ' F TltK WATfON \h DRM'W R A T?f* tni m 1/ ?f. ? !<*? Kilt* '? dUtrlct, (( wetitleth ward J I ? r t'.ijlfir " i.naoltuoti' iy noxtdnal* d lor I'ouncllraati of en i! di i' f. 1 he c? r v?*n'k?t? *d.'<'Urn?jA to meet oft MonWy n* *t. the corner of Tim" ?*nth ?trce? and Fi^hih are -ue. r?f')VA H I'f.ARK < nairn?an M . M'.t LVri'H ry, Si r:rr ;?r L'l^T ^FVATOHl\f( D!*rf'Itn\~THr DKf.KO ATFv JT %i> 'li?? ,v, - t . in ii*- i i ? ? ? ??' >i ia! < ?mve ? >m ?rc ??? i, to n * ?**' ? Hi!' H?>n?l vlllaye oj JatiMi? a on Tuttday. Mi ma;., a- 2o Cick V. M 0 ROY # ADAM4, \VM. If FI K\' \S, ?>cr* ; ' ? Of < V>IiT?*li Vi?u ot lN>\ F~ VM-RTKKNTH ward DEMOC RATIC KX< rr^ft)K J'lub.? 1 bt mi nj^#c r af *!j. * * luh will tiieH at the * < rv ?? - lal,*' liri aire'*,._ on Vr ri'li.r r < ninp f)i ' >her $, a 4 n't >> \ iv >r l!ie purf?o?^ of rna it *r <? ih"*r mitiinttkm# robe fd< f< . f ibr elector* ?>: tae a o*i irnnl ^ tte ?w?tw * wttKw. My n b r h? V.VKDY hMiiii, Fraatdem. A * roar r**** ? *!??*, / s 2 ATr. /?RAXDWIID; V.*-> VKKTINO.? A MAH/; MKKTIN'? * f i.r W? * '? 1. ' ttj, '?!>; ?? ?t t;? fu ir Will ?? ... t * {'mi* ' '? n Mali, I^'jaoway, r?o Th'irnUay eren-iriu " I ati'.o'rrk Kmlfi' nt <?pf*alrT w 1 oe in atterrlao * k'tdre*-* 'he met ioK- Hv ? r-n-r * s, h. Wa.RI.?, Cbaa aau. Cito. n. Riix Kit. All) H-i ??!'!.* o. S ' j s%rr? RRfKucs i v _ , * ? DADLKY S e I MOX hAtlU it. DF.*0< RATH.' NOMUKK fOK J .fn t .tf.Q'1 w.rtl ? J .? MKaM.KV, K- ( for fitter n.i.r | or roil, p.< lur.1 tr*n.r ?;fl rci.krr.ot i.Vt * .in , . . ..rnrr ot Aut. ?' < ' ' " rfc ??? <l |'.? r iu * % < >rl. ??wl will b? (Iffi'ii It; orte: of Mte too nitnl ro"?ri of lilt Twteijr-tecoiid tr?r4. (OAL. ("Ml, MY OHJUiT IH yLlt'K *AI.r* AMI *<4 M.L J (irrtflt. for r.rii I ?rr .ilr irrnflj M r*4 or win ? ??t. w?l. (rtwnnl from tTO'l.T ?h?i. ?' 14 "i<?. or In <]? *o'l #r? ion. ?txi n(,w*ti. . $.".36 Y?rl? eortwr o< Ku?? ao? (Irwrnwlrh ?' r?-?< ?, Tweinr Sfth <trwl ?o>l flti'li ?rpri'i? ?ad lis i)u.tirMr?at rtcrrn clixtox. M* PKR ToS? n/)r"R |10 MR HkRrtM. - Hr?? 'inalu r r? 1 .a 1 win * tab ?. .* ?n J ?' ?*. Hrr plt^l for laMriuwIr. wtll Im d?!i?rr?l in M?w T.?k WW, Krnokljrn. IJ'. . .. ) o* Jtrtt Cr 'J - Jw pw b?f' *oi n-?r *<? i?? H: ?4wit rv?w? Willi MMIK.I/ la (OU Ml 9^ / '"AI. \J Kin KKW PUBLICATIONS, in (UUi COPIES HI UIBKI) FOB IS ADVANCE OF IU.UUU publication GI:rAT WoUK OK CALIFORNIA. line now ready 'I HE ANNALS <>i MAN PfiANOISOO. ( v i.-a.v: g . - ..I. II' ?: v '< 1 K< ./ (he ii *i -1 *m er v. acttJcuirnt. progrcs* and present condlUon of California, and a ccmpit c history of .? the impoi tot evsui eooMctod wltit il gnni ejty, to which is ad it -d Biographical Memoir* or moiuo pioruhicnt cUlzein;. bt JnUJS &0 CTLK, JOHN II- GIIIO.V, M. I).. AND JAM Kl* IffSDCT. 1 large volume, Bvo , tXH-AfTLT !U.l/filKATr.l> WITH 15C ttN<2R A VINO'S. Price ill cioth, f3 U); roan, marble edge*. $4, ruiu^ gilt edjn $4 CO. 'Una work In the result of several years ot observation, labor and research ot gentlemen wl have oc< tpi lposiUons afford ng ample means of correct mforiuaunu. The work inty. Iiereforc. I <? relied upon a being the only mil, Imp trttal arid ntt resting history oi California and it* great city, that baa ever been given lb the public it\WX) copter ol this work were subscribed for in California i advance ol publication. fentetprihln;: agents will find this ilie mo*t desirable book for t i hid a*..ii?a that Uis appeared tor a kmc time. Liberal induco ! me^ls offered. 1). APPLETON A CO M Publishers, 34<i an-.l iW Broadway. Arciibihhop iktoiirh* return -his sermon at Ht. John. N. H., bin speech at the dinner, will be found m this week's Bwion Pilot. For sale by all dealer*. DEXfEB A ltp.O'1 liKIi. w!.< <?...? ml, ?? i/ I t Mil I Iii Ann M.; e?". Fall of si bastopol ? h ill br published nbxt week, iu Knglfrb, German find Spanish, a in ignlflcent and reliable engraving oi' the Bombardment and Fall of heijasto pol, by an artiat elyht montba in Uie Crimea, finely eoio o i on fine heavy paper, price 12k ccuts. Agents and denier* mp* plied on liberal terms. Auaress O. F. I'AHDONH, Publisher, 140 Nassau street, New York. SPLENDID NCCCKHH OF A SOUTHERN AUTHOR.? i.,{.ooo(;oPiKriso.P. IOUHTKKKTII TIIOITSANO MKAOY THIS UAV. TUB HIDDEN PATH, Bv Makio.n Ha in. anu. liaudrotne limo. f \ I From the New Orleans I)eU.i.| Of all the Southern women who have been rand Ida ? m for li terary honors. the moat irtlhaso, passionate and eminently aue.e ,dul. haa been Marion llarlar>d, of Richmond, Va. Her firm sustain* d work, 41 Alone/* lias been translated into many Kuroptwu* lai ^uages, and read with a* much avidity la Kui land as in llie united Hfates. Her latest book, the "Hidden Paib," i? a ntill more charurtenaUcj?rrformtnre, and mind wm for her a f>ei niunent niebe in 'lie Temple of Famr. We li ?vr tun risen from the pertiaa of I I .. ??.?>?? wltkboM ntr trtinite ot ndmtmtion lor tin* Kid atvd beautiful u'wnins o? il* * anlhore^H. hlie Ih Un* Mune ot Melancholy. In the develope mrni <1 the chai arU r of her heroine. w?* diiicover the M-iuie airenctb and aorrow which made i he worfca ot Me - Bronte wj fifltonlMhltJC ?nd yet so touching to tbeapprei iative readier, in oeed, there in a striking -imihirliy in the mental mould oi both these worn# u. The Maine easy, iranaluceut n > If* dn4tn*UMhe-i both? I be same dark tiiooin overliangM their books, oeea4i<>n illv lii up by flashes of vivid and elv. <n< thought. < ine tbln? wbtelt nlcaseB tm pfculiarly in Marion llariand is tlie exquisite iidei by o! berpkelcbes oi plantation life. Her neuroaa i ?lk lik?* ue proe??? not us Inspired prophets like those of Mrs. Htowe. We recommend Mai ion harlaud and her works to our readers. ?I. i\ DBRBY, Pnbliaber, New York, and for sale i>y all bookaellers. ^FBABTOPOL, CRIMKA, GREAT RKDAN, O Mamku;> ami Mai.\koh low. iih, With Reference Maps of 'he BLACK, BALTIC AND A/.OFF SB AH. All new views, and pubh.-died on one lar^e nlieet. Price 2 ) cents. Also a view of Uronsiadt, slmwlni? aud describing i'^ foriiJ. cations, with portraits of the nriacipal crowned Iteads; nl.-u Russian, French. Turkish and Kngliah officers, with valit* ble mapr<. PHee 2.r? cent?. Agents wanted. A. H. JOCK LYN, piiblislier, i>0 Fultou street. Tinunt l H THE HFP.OINF. ff (XiR A OK FLORA? And who Is the proud Livingston whose character is depleted in such masterly style lu the pages of th&t new an I cliaruiluK book, ISOR A'H CHILD; An elegant I 2 mo. volume. $1 23. Says lie iloston 'fi avellor:? U conies to have real suffl eiently far 'o get 'julu- interested In the narrative, and to be able 'oarkuowledge, which wed" wlfb pleasure, the iit??rary aliiliiy ol the unknown author, it is a Jo.e tale, an 1 of ilu most entrancing kind. . ayi tiir Ail any Kvenlng Jounial:? Its incident* ar?f novel and eilectively managed; and its style po^es aa botli earnest vigor and depth of pathos reliaved b) oeeational fl&stte* of ?? pleasing and genial humor. Among i be crowd of trashy pub lU a'lom now tsnucd from the pre.**, a work an true to nature an i us elevate<| and jtif t in ft rouception^ of the purpfwe* of lib* as this is, is all the more welcome because It i*? so rare. We have no doubt it will be u t popular as l' Is IntareH-lng Hays the CUn lnna'1 Daily Hun: ?We have Meldom perused a work ot ta Hon that gave us more r. a?i pleasure than this. From first to last page It eneiiuln* the attention, and carries your sympathies along with tlie fortunes of Uie heroine. Hie descriptive powers ot Uie unknown authoress are oi' the loftl es' oruer, and cannot tail ol pla< ing her lu the flmt rank of authorship. 'ihird edition rcsdy this day. J. C DBRItY, Publisher, New York. And for sale by all booksellers. PKllSOAAL. I ft FORM AT ION IH WANTED OF MR t. CHARMS \i. I. oi l ni c Minna 1 oege, Irnui Hamburg. Wuikcrbotr, Pi per it Co. INFORMATION WANTKD? RKLATIVKTOTHK WHKRR I abonts of James < liapman, wlio arrived by ?he hip South ampton firoin Ix>ndon, ui 23a uit. A no*e li el i ? nrother ?, Wm. Chapman, at Yoidiers, or to Well ? A I'nivo*', 2U> Front street, New York, respecting bUn, will be thankfully received. INFORMATION W \NTBD? OF .fAMkH AM' WILLI V M I Welch, nan\ e of the county ofHhjjo, Jreiand. When Jure-* was la i l.esrd from he was In Ohio, and William lu Ne. York. At!iiit.4B Jolm Welch, 129Honfh Fourtlt street, 1'hila ieipiiij. fpHOMAH .1. MACKKY.OF CHARLESTON, H. C . L\TK 1 a mernlei ?>! the I'almeito regiment, and s'Uden4 or tm dilate of < smhrt ige, will cornmiinlea'e lor hU Interest forth with toMedaU, &J Fulton stieev aecond floor, New York. rEMQKAl -THB UNDBBRIGNKD WIBHM rO II I at hw ra.rse, er oflieo, th" person who acMre^?<ed htro a I' t er iialC'1 Sep ' ? ruber 17. IKVi, and signed ' A deirfrb ulof >oui>." J. J. VAN PKLT HI K.e-* Fourteenth Street. KAMIIIOWAULE FALL HIILLIVERY. I? ALL M1LL1NV RY. mcw Jt>T bw uvi n rkoM v.t'Roer.. R. T. WILDK, ^0 and '?1 John street, have r celvel per ?earner America s magnificent assortment ot nr.vii Hon s rr ? ni'trm" am? ii ithkws. line la'es*t novelties in the Pari* market J Winch, with bin iarge stock now on hand ol hou?- mauufac tui'e, whl comprise the largest variety ot i tMiioN % t>i. >? mtxi. snv unoi -

on eihibitlon in tins city. His stock al ?o em??race- ^ ellks, matins, velvets, rlb^oes trimming ?, Colored straw bonnets. H ch 1 1 a w triiommrs and luces, ,|r A R. 1 WILDK, ImpoHti and MruuUiQturer, 2U and JTj John HOMKTt .V K KT? lit M . ofil i e lam* nrwl ?l*?- raMi* Hx k of I'AHl* fh tTM.'K* Fill H 'l rLOWWP, KlWIo And rolirrtrd ?traw at &t awl wti John airpet, corner ?>: Ml! uim, a* Hi* \ery k)wf*i |>ri? ??* for ca*b. MRH. \V RAWMNGS HAS ON HALF. A ? AhU Of Kiwrh ? t'jtr o' (jn*i roerlviNl bv lib* la*s , t ut fniij ely nen u-varr - j<-h m Riamp' 1 ainl <-i ? ? v* . .. *, oi nil t< ;<irs at>?l<.? u?*.%' variaty, uhUh i-iutiiu' I *? v ?i m a.?y otb?r t al iixi.mriji in the cltjr . Obwrvt* >>', i un?t! airviv Mil l r > RY.?V \ltr\ r r> III n \ I ? VV \ V H -I' ? / fuJli in* li?f ;idic? of >??W Voi k t?? rati and *iaioit? 4 M P? HJOK A?- imtM' Si o; MI!. 1,1 ;kky U?<? ami met ?*! #*n*fY?? *'n. k 10 b* fott xf In u ' J-y. Jty rarr.firttr bonn*f* rtire< ? from Krai)*** by rvr t afMirii.'V w?? an- ?*f at ??<! to ?ift? r (br m ?? ' und iro*? ta?h #3 fltyim, at i?nc? .4 an Ion *4 any otbai c ? ibJiiiuu-ui M.UICV, 405 Broadway beiwccn Broome ami .v ai*. MlMMi MI'IISKRV, At WkkoI Mor< si vn . rorr. No. 499 Jirofflvyay. V SHIJON A HI.K I* A HI*" 1' ATTKKN ISO 1%S KT v cm t!i?? ri? !,#*?! matai 4 Ai-o, rmp*' hombiiliiM, mode, Ac., a . >.jrk?a rt* w , Mil l Nttim^ie f?*r rir> *ti or **<nnd mourning. Wf.KDX MOlKMNii STORK, No 4'/? Hrovlwiy, Koojr d?*orx W)ow rit. Nb h- ? H o <?1 rro ilii I.AIiIKX. J $1 ,(Mm) worth ni OfcTRtrtt AM M \ HA HO I f I'kATIIKR*1, .1 1 r r?M?'iv#??l f c hi turner fW \r A 'p)? -A '<>" i f !#atbir~ *bicli w Hiii M il r -t'. y ver/ rhaiip, ?. ? ? mir Pnn? m ilii. rv. 'Ih? atf^ulon of the ui W-i'Ctlftlily Im rt < ?t Mm. ( AltTKII. tt^lHnory c Mkhahm^ot, Ml Jirowlwajr. M SIM.C f \r< %Or? M K?4. AMU HiSN llll !.*: I NlnN K ||- \SV| r? rw?ry !c> <U; In 'h** < hnr? b ? o.'n* r ??f HrooiD? and KH* ml? ?onU*..i! *or tw?? <!? - <'fi??r. < m m< eting n If o? icMrk !"*. ?.n*r< - - w' 'riuwe^ ** ?t jt> oVkrfJt A, M , ffj Tbi?r*iav Ai Ufv -* ?.-Aiw?u,' ?*? xpcmkcij* f i^ertal to a'S'tr*'** Bl^> l-inrr *.i?. r-.e^t ir , o i'm Hitd fn mot n?w ??r? K^*. Mm i'1! f 1* II Bur. I? H. < nriii. ? H F.I, if. Kev IVrry llavfco Rrv Cl^iTfo \\ In ??i , H< v . i i.4!- Ki ? H* '..V (It l: W ?. Il?.v ?rl !>.!>. n*\ s \ llnlf.Hov.l I)racnu J-tn**. Ht s. Vfcf ??. I? U, R?m W. K. I'# 1. 'II*- ton, It' ?' P.M. I'M, K' v 4- ? TrmitiOii. 1^X1 BA< 1 FR< >1 Till MIS' TK- OK 1 II K < t.lo-OJMI C I J ?*. . . < uiir. r Sf*n Jt- ? Ol f il 1.0 ?, l-v < -it'll, lift* tin f^.ovi lof preamble *a<i ? whfrii', If I ni? j->aw-?l Aiml^My Ood'or^m ? hy .1 ? "4 B*1 ritab or4fr fa?< I am the Ion love ?o4 re?(>?Kt?l 1U. ths" Hfor?* Ifir.irM, 1 1 ftt W? d'? d'?rpJy C0Vk4o^ft wl<a tht afUieoM fam. y 1,' |l.? in *UH?, tM?ii *tni and rDfVC K< ?'? * Tlwt 1 1 u n>'#i iMir w?rni?" ?ym(ta'hlr? u? ?' ? 4tr w<l< ty for In* Urn* Im*) l ar? HKIItlwxl bv <19**11 Of riit .. 11 ?*? j?r<'tTi ^uiu iwaih'w, irlw# iiMltd w"*<l fi >r*4 i' roii mon *>tr? in, a 1*4 wbo?? toaviorf ?? %?tii b#? j,roi 4 r Ri -pi ? 4, llMM In ?ofc'*u of our rc?j w for Wi?r?r, a ba d"<*? R** <! *e ?-r?nf ih ?- ?jal liadftf" f xttt--'irv}litst 'w c.lft) ?taf*. Ht 1 |tt a CQ| . of the*# im if-*cn ? ? ? to m Ja?e. * o? ?1m <i<* ?**?*<!. >o tb-* Amt WbWB '?or.nty , t?n?! Hn? (f-> t i" ? ,? i< 'j t. tli< .N#rt tli I/Milf AdtftrMi, ?h?. ?a loik flu*! ) l.c PirniJ ^imI b? X*% O .?*ao? ? t WPATUr ITKKTI*0 AT MPTI ROPOMTA X Tfcraln. 1 ?'*U hl?a? ptmM ai the <M? ?? <>??* * mi mu'a<? by Mtm* Hapha*jl K< ix f 00 * "*? nr Of*t< ft. ? ut .*0 ? k lor h" purj ?.*?? ? r (trrtAiOK rrjftaiw >>r fiat# 1 a. aw t<* 'h- at Si ? oik ?o*? I'ur^am ??tli auw by tU? rairutftft of ib^ jr#!5ow fetrr. K?-r MAoci Oafurv). K??*. . if. M?!b'i?r?. Im ' Tupiain .? (v>agr^?i, an I W Uftitri, K , wiii tl?r ins N*1' H?nrr Ward H+* i**; \* ? to tr i)rf?*nt aii'i ?ak* raft. Th** pnbitr i? }oy|?e1 to pur1 1? Ipatr In flMj i??j>rr?iion. So tAwVi for tulmiMion. H I I? ^A C \*er,C Fft,4^n Howard ?'ro?hv. A A Havr ii K. ( M' 1 orinn k Jr., (J I' K4aa? . ? f* * <m*+nf < Ktna. r<m oittia* appoini?4 at a in titiA ba<d to la i?r rw*m? **( tba 1 "bri^Ian A aaortaikm S#^fftn?lt#r ?4, lid MAi 1> A M -A tril'IAI, CONVOCATION- Oft oriint It. ? h?t?'?-r IS* HAM ? .11 >>r (?J al h'lr i??r III Hri*il*?}\ nr> KrM?jr >r?i?iw, *H* 4 l*f>, ?' :k o'rlo ? 1 r WMIII ??* rt (w> Mfrl lo t.? tSHlWl ? JOHN wr??r y T * ? !<t VOR1 INOt "TKI AL HONK AM- M'l ATtON *0 2 ?.! h? IHIMIH art krtrUy :k?i .br n??< i-tu ;,i ?,i l? tarld <? T? srmli*. Ori t, ?? i'T iVnti Hi n4|t ^ l!i. > . d. mrry rr^w?w, ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE . HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS. The Great Qnestioift of a Scarcity of Fio i and the Continuance of th? War. Gcu. fcimpsouN Account ?# the Capture of Sebastopol. NO NEW MOVEMENT IN THE CRIMEA. Occupation of Sebastopol by (he Allied Troops. RUSSIA STANDS FIRM. The Emperor Alexander Going to the Seat of War. THK CZAR'S ADDKKS8 TO HIS AUMV. of Tin; rissia\s at hius. Reported Arrangement of the Sound Sues Question by Russia. important Proposition of Anstria to the Allien. DECLINE IN COTTON?BREADSTUFFS DULL. &c., &c., 4c. Tl:o Collin, mail steamship IV ,11c, (apt. Ny,., arriT(, , at this port at 8 o'clock yeelerday morning, she brings one week 'a later Intelligence from Kurope. She arrir<-.i OlTSaudy Hook at 7 o'clock on Tuesday evening, after a ruu In nine day. twenty-one and a quarter hour*. Capt Nye drapatclicd he Pnrw will, the news ashore a I tu?. Hook, which enabled us to lay the lea<lin< poluu befo: ? the public at an early b .ur yesterday morning. lho 1 ueldr s.i I led from Liverpool at r, P. M. on Septem ber 22. On September ^Oth, at 3:301'. &!., near Cape liace, j.n-s?d a Cunard steamer, bound Kast. Tlie Pacific art ivei out at I.lrerpool on the afternoon of the 1Mb of September, after a passage of nine days twenty-one hour* and fifteen minutes. The Hermann an Wed at heuthamp'on on the 221. The oilicial aecount of the terrible assault* on lho lb dan oud Mnlaknff had been received from Uen Mrupa.m but the despatches from Marshal I'ellitsler ha I -ot ar rived. I he rettea of the Ktisaiaus to I'erekop vi< . ?intra ll.-t. ed. It was expected they would be una bio to hoi 1 U?e north ot cebaatopol, for want of provisions. Nothing decisi.t! wai known in regat.l to the n?xt tome of the Allien. There w..? more talk about An.trlari negotiations. The latest that Austria witling to und-rtsl.e the work o| mediation at Vienna andluoeallai-. ilnGrai Alexander, insnoilte,. t., bi< army I rely contltii ntly upon your courage to re(?e| all tut ire attacks. And In a letter to th King of I'rumia .t.,te, that be will ?. , ept no eon.Ha,,.. irf 4?r.-?'o, , llurt-ia. 'I he ( Vat , in company with t|,?. ihr -etiran l Ihrk. . h.n slgmliitl hi niton ot proco -liug to tin- 1 ri:iw*. ll.e Ti.iks *ti!l hold Kar?, having reputed I'na />,, of the 7lh of Ai gnst, *IUi con . lerable h ?. Ihe Wiring to Knerouui. .No Ule, nam fr, in the lialtic ha* I. ?? r.eaived. 1hcKm|?roi of Austria hade ngrsf ulate I Vr toriaanl loui- .Nap'Ie? n on the ei'tory of tli" allle Hiere were gre-t re ..Icing in I Iverpo. I ? ,.J other town* i a i he :0th ult . theannlver .r, ?f U, . .?t. , lhe ?Mn a. Ihete waa an Immense deal of gru/o'jlhig ? ii , , th. Aint'i .i ,i? veasei* .n lb. Meney did n ? oai ti.-.j, ,t . i? the di-,,'ay of Bag,, but It was subsequently r.,n?d tha' Ibu wa< not icrasioned by any want ot sympathy but was d<.m a. a mark of respc i t? . decra?l ,-apUin m, ll" *" *'"1 "inch e-tccrne I? , apt >1 ..p.. ,,f t)l.. w.lliam I enn lhe laslng of feint. 1. p., w*< celebratel by the i .'ii , '?ttery flotilla uu tbe J.'.th Ultimo n Kiel Tlie An -ter 111* Bred 100 rounds, ani the ? ?p-.?lu Invited ,;i <1,? I leivh oflleera at pre.*,, in Ki-I to a ban ket In the tvening. lhe I lidin, nte e pap?t * i ntimi" to jesk ot th" Ul ii iuatioDs arul o'hii rej.iiung- with whlc i tb? loan. I hduiout have eelebia'.d the tall ot elia?(o|,<d. In Stockholm many linn <es were lllumloa>d, an 1 th g ' at< ? t j. y wa - lu anife^teJ by th - population Tie, Mman iU of Genoa, of the l}th ul"iuo ? oiiountea tbe dei arture . I oth. r I ledmont^ae t o. j for i in- f i la./-., and of tit y?ung- st o, ..f tl,. I*'., i . -<rt? i ?!(?,. Tl ere Here live of them; two te'l in law .tUri the war of Imlcpendi nee; two more are n >? of|i?e - ?, the ,'mea, and the lasf liaaju t left the it j.lonutj ner to mi ie. as a.reai^r a. a c i.-niu in s ill., , io ll.e { resent war. A lei It fioro -t. ; (orburg -ay ?lb. , it, ? *0 ftet long, sere leu in bed hero or, tfae ?_ |tl, ult j i., girateet a-tirlty pre all - in th. ?*?.,! woik.hop. i io i!er to complete t*e screw re si fs a ithou: bl.i . ? . ti. rn tj,.- want ucl. v. ?N that tl.e Ru,? I llged to retnatiti inactlv, In pr> r.,;. (JI that of the It apprara that the rr ckett with .hells a'Ui l.e.1 w!,i, ii reached the allied liait.e s., Adr.,n< from Krwe and who h were liiteaded for th. utter .!s t, .ct, ,, , it, \ ? r.rt of er pla-e?, at a .'i. lance of 7 00., yards? -T n ,? I. cal mile.? did not exceed it0>a? yard. I., their r^..^. ? hil.- the j^rrod < f Ibeir explosion wa v-ry un -er'a',, 1 cere v as eon.ideralle '- ..Iter, en t in far! i m regard t 'he hlft prl e, of b ead The I , hit, It on of t o Industry .1 All Natl,,#. wo?t.i contia, . . nsi| Utt. the SrMh of Koreailier. lhe fmpre. w?. i,nVrn.,iu r-rably. The Inatgura'ion of I) n i'e-iro, K ug of Portugal w i 1? iifl't'ii f?n tjjr? |f J_j n]t)i gff'A ? r.tMtj ?? ?ir> lh. rmt9mamx Bmrtau, aPruaaiaa new.^aj^r. stotee tt at the f usaian ^.Ternu - i.t ha* undertaken in n ??. J * !*' #'? n IV ntnuTk ,hi?I ti,? \ ii\ 0?J ? , , t n Ihr oft* /ur. nn,l K,v#. n It, J ^ fi di ???1 tb? ??" a ranee tl?at th? A in r I ? , ? *. ; ? * ! i? >?. srj ht m ?* **r !?? , tlilFiftcntrlili but ?h'.al j no <J? r.i't- 'i b^:?, Um. ? X| ot t?e t;?*f y, , rl rt ?rtit|fiarat in ><% he ??. r(r,?.| K it" ti'DMoft p ? r? lit ' f " ? f? ercitl luff., , , t The opening ot he I ui<h <han.o?-ts i. the ITth ul> The Ki re Fr'.'.eriek ? t th" * < I i.'. I'uwera ?.-?e it.m . ? . t i.? leadahip ajwl frwal will and tUat a at ?oil.' he rcntinoed dti r.? tl. pt> en' w, b a letter fit ir B, . . .'*red ?? [ t. | 11. ?!?( ?11 < new- from v-arl<' a. <?*'? is ia- -me.! t-j |t? lonr. - >.?. <?i . iitan g. vrniMi.t kaa g on m-l ' the C.-t. 1 1 ..I Has!, r unliaiitn.. leu.-. Xi'stlen at Napi.e is immi and t! ? . e eltheut example Varqais f*?li. tie fer.t.nsn Uln >. ?heOnrt ? f Tnscanv ? . ?: I at bfStaMNtf the I*f?'l i, ll, d ; ? ?i all diplomatic >?<we*a haa Ui ii bvofcr n off l a. th. eu .,,1 . Ii. - | The /?, *}? ? Van hi >. lined that the iate?.|e.| roes'tia* ( rPaas family at tbe CKaUeo ? : llr.f<i a ' < k>n I Waa paatprn^d in rot. science M the int^fanti >a '* t/-,e .i Viete a lean >M to th> e o tact that tbe Kaifeisr '1 Austria, ?mt ? f lers'loo t the > inj*ror <4 the > 'enth no' net U? 'toe l'rto>? a?d pnaresee- ot the Ro-issi rf to'aa a> 11^' he rwiK r> < 4* tire t?i aa? ?e?.h a ?ee'lnf take p'acsi within the Ao?t .an .^S'.ini M. The preparnt* ?< In tbe proposed >? *' ?"f ^,.'e t*:"%Uii ??>(* , ' Our of tha .^patti-U newnpapei. announce. Ibl >' (Juccu in r .iciVtiS. . but the C> ? eruui''ut hit teccivel u> oflltiai intelligence or the fa< t. The I Mpeior Napoleon a grand audien.'a ? >ti t'i? 17th at the Tullerlei, inc' t lie luMoberi of tin- ?ta congu ? the I'opeV uunco, ? nuaiher of foreign anihnvndTH, mil Abd el Kadir, who i n itatelti line Imo "<iult* ovarecn)* with gratitude to lilx l??n?fi?ctor." An irinh olliciul return. Ju*t Mued, aliowa that fnim tli? lot of January to the l?t of September lint., the number of vetM-'n which hailed from the |x>it of Mmflrii k t<> i;aehee wa* l?ut 10, and the number of emigrant pu H-nj'ri 1 136. 1'uring the name perioil In IHM 41 V"> m-1? lelt for the Miinr ile.tina I ion, and the DUinltei of paa mi ger* wan 5,7111, allowing tho a'uUug dacreaxe thin year ol no la-.* than 4,4<>1. According to the Clamor J'uUico, a company, with M. t'e Itolhi-chil l at it* head, wan dif.po>eI to undertake a railway continuing the Ine of the I'yreuce* by G'ufrout to Paragoaeu and Madrid. The name journal ?ai* tint M. ul. una in'*, in nelling the Alinaio-it Hallway to M. do Rotbachild, rceired to himaelf a fifth of tha receipt*. The union of the Sardinian anil African eoa-t* by (??!? gia|h U being rai'idly efecti-l tinier tlir direction of Mi. John lliett. Me afi'i will ahortly lie forwarded direct fmiti Algiern to l ari*. Ihe King of Naplci laid eent apo)ngii<* to Ku^l inil anl I1 for recent luault*. Var/ii i's revolutionary inanil'uito to tha Neapolitan* had been published. 'Ihe Kli'p nt Siiptei ha ? di 1 M. >!a//.t, tlie direc tor of the HfClft police. Money in good demand. In American atocki Uttle wi? doing, and price* were nominal. CoUon dull. Price, had given Wiy 1 , 1 . a tj, I. I'air (ii team i,ooti"l ?t ttT.d. fair W ib'la, ? .\d , fair I'pl ind ?, tijjd. ni'.t.iling*, 6 10il. , ordinary to go>,l ordinary, fi',d. a {. *? <1 . Mock 111 |K1>1 14T OK) ti&'.,'?, o! ?\ li 840,000 wile* were Anno ion. Wheat le?? active. New Am?rt iiim-1, lt? t. a It Ol white li!*. Flour, <0 . ull.>. THE FALL OF SE3AST0P0L. OUIt LONDON COUBESPONDENCK. I.OMHIN, ,S4pt. 21 1463. 77- ? hill of S <>!*>!. ! wan In to 1m* able to win! you by ihi* mall a full account cf the forming ami capture of *teb? The-? Interesting iltMpatchc* aie ? ? ? ? t ri 1 1 y within ? low houtaof 1 4?n Ion . having I ??It Marerlltea by ipecUl train. The ateainer v hioh brought them wiM'h'Uyel by c niti.i ry wind* in the Me?}it?'rnineun. The telegraphic detail* wh'\( h h ? ?? inr > l>e<m t ?? civr I from the commnmler* of tin* aUie \ h?wev t , fuUy ( '?nt no uaplUM4. A taUnji from \ i<*nn.t hnyn that tbc Hu^xiikns hiiff \ tin* n? ? th i?ii5 :?n?i an' iu fitll !?>trviit aii I'trckop. Thin v 1 imwi (iruiaHon. M? hhu^h from Vicimu ?;??? not l ? li<> t? V rom PrlU^lcrV la?>t tUnpatch w?' U'nni that tti? illu ? luiv?* f' ti?? U.'hh than 4.(XK) cannon, ifvl ^t??re< Ammunition in N'tuiHtopol. rh<? ??ti iii' O wa ? bHn ; < t?? allov the* fr?*?' entraiii c of thn . j la.lf ?n-. I ??? #"i( t Miic*' (m to a c< i tain <? , ruui nau'lcvi !?y j -u l ( < jiHtanlinc alul the North fori <? I ?n?J yon the rorrtvipon it'll r*?* puhli tin* I to ?Hy, wM-'h t>rf i fs the umrM up t?? the opening of tie Ut I IJ M il t . Au?tila ;h nli?*ji?ly coming rouu l. The i?nj?".u?l Vh>nn ? in 'at li*' nock point* Wf*Mtwa;?l. I'lio r?j?Aclt?H? at ti> ' l?i( of .veba?top<?l haft tm'ii unlveriia] anion;; the poplotion of all < "otral Kur??p?*. 'Ill r*? an !?(? MO ?lotibf li ?w "f when* tha *ympalhi??K tie. 1li? hhio oupithy h.-.n rua nifotcU itxclf throughout the whole ?i lt?ly The atrocitieH r'omin 1 1 ???! by t hf j?- - ii? e1 .* t h.*V' |? < to rnoht aerloi M remorwtraii' ? ?-n the |-art of IVan ?* ami I i nland. Kvmi .^ intrl* ha^ thfoigbt lit to rmnoti* *-t rote v illi them. I'A m i. t*r have pc?? ;i?* *o t?r th?*re ll at Veplee ?? n-a?!y t" li e \b?*/tni. who;a? [Mifi'i ? oi ? hh i4?.i'*?| an t<* arm*. It will not ii?teiie?i i If liiiy i|o?4 ri-e ngiiiri ?' mih' t?e with '??' ? at i h a l. I* i . it## only i hanee. hu h a r\f would imply a war with \n*M i I ??< ph> ar?- >^'r nii ff to ?*m?je?-tnre whether tlw f.? i! of t i n to] ol will to p? ? . It may ulfim ?n-ly !<'. lio^^ia munt now kn?>vU un ? s . < ?tu ?an rvopl* ^ *v -w Hfe tioin JUia-im affjjt t-^iou. n?<? ^lo?te <h?* '.:???< .n it# in nn<;e> the ?f the !t:.? . i Ti e hpj'?'ior AJa>>amiet ? ?.??'. **t of ;?i?- Uiv (o *ii? ?i !?*? mmoum ?? th?* tall ? m ? l?*t ate ?!-? ment. W?? iia*? nut ? \<t rec< iv ?1 ? My a /on' 1 i th atU ? p <?lu Mi by ^h?- new* at m. I ?-t?i i I s. HMI'HI.V OI'KU'f \ |, I)i;sFAT<'HKM. W II' l)?i 'Hi mvt if." Major UM Hon Ijlri.tor ? iii'm >rtt>ml tbi- Iiuirgi|| ? t|i ml?*| airh frim i'n iiiip- .n I ? l-nrd I'litiuur* i uliitb Ike fuil'mlBf no;/ - |1M *? . i -Vpi i) |n Ml I nm ? I )*<l tl,* a|>ptl?? jinn lp, in icy j att )? nf t li?* Hli lint 1 at th* ' ilftofar m l n." tulviy " ? nf Hi.* allM ?rui ? ? |i?i| ,? d >,<?*. iri. ' ?? u 1 1 irait-i Mid Mi jr ? ! ? a i|>irl i uni.n. ling th it t 1 ?? in ?nil ?li' i.ul ??!> .?. ? , ?ft*. * I.. ?*y flrr hint liern k< | t U| for thru- .lay Tl i- an ?i't? ft.. at I " ?'! ??] I h i ? !>i ? irn;iatii )*!?? ynur Ijnrdntilfi i.n tMgfta: 1 ?u? rMiilt* of th? ? * ll )>-(?!?.*) ha? Vll<K<l III lh< l"l? 'if 'lu ll AO i t > hi '1? .ii" I [ i Ml' li .ii liny* iailil'iriirU?tM th'' In- >hip* "?i th' iiiiMiw H<h" (i tin II' i k -?.? 7!.ri*. Atr?n? rtr aln ir> th" wjm&j * I [I* tf# (I. .1 . ?v ' ! th' * lull"! a|N*? l v (? U..W. It ?? ?ir.iit|e>?i tha* at 1J ? I'.>-k In tlx lijr th* I r< fifl (I luii.ti" I f II mill' V?<" II !? av 'lair ? ? r?rl*.. >11') !?.,!? ? .11 I) it tl.l Mil I n *B?1 ... ja. . Ill Wi Af ?! Ihi-It 'III ?? ? I' II .1 hu'I 'It"} ???I ! li ly ??KlabUolitHl 'li" ??? In b* a h.i'i?*I by >h I ' liiuh. tl.? Ito i" i i.n, Oi.t in mill Qui nn tin* 1 ? i* ..n li,. i ?? ?? ly to ?? *l? ?? ? I '.y th I [? > . i Iba hour ?) poifl'i . ?? ir al i? |I||UmI Ui'ir tr?ni-li*? > ntait I Wilt e*rt tl. appai mi ly .?!. | ivulil' d< *?n?"? i. Hi* '.. >U ? It w Hi lu. iui| o u. >i. vhUii flil. I. <-tikr?r 'r, /<?'li.. I fn*h .? ?/ 'in Malawi I . n 'h' r ? ? 1 1. ,.(??<?.?? . r>.' Tl.t'tuii. ii ? i i.. ?! 'hi- p?, up- ? 1 ha iriwl r.. lilll ' 1 1 ? | ? '<i I. 'IT li< ? . 'ih? mraa(i i!<*i.t tor t! ? ?t'a- ?? I *ntr j ?;? 1 i ..? i '?l i.l I ? ? I . I I <a 1 II K . ?.l. I .11 . K*. n, wh-1 ?* .' I it >b' <i?i*ili iii n<< : *.*b I." ?t**?n< ii?-inn?t M?t haui. I iU'ciii awi that ti ?n.l IWit . ? .-l. h<i. I m l.i m i . I . i' ' ii On Ir ) at j ? ? . t< *. Ji.l tlii> iftti?'it** au appi I<*"~h? * (.k'/i ? ib' Me>.?a?l i. ii *ny mi " ?. awt f . m Ui* la. tm ??< hln.*i?.'* tlw I- ?*'????? tho * < 'iu mi. Ti> i ( ..( ? .ii ?r X) !..'?? n > ii ib to a ir. ifh a i. i | 4thi< m tn" watt n' i I 'to* Kr<tmi I *la i l*i ?I at il l- i i ? i.i "i ? t? i ' 1 .1 1 ?li ?< I a* . ??1 '!.?[> i ' . < *?( I) i - >? ''>! Ih" i Ty *:*? , / i? I t *l.l< I. thin ? i? i " <v '?? I' *.i? a ? nfv . ?*?? ' I. ? Ir i ' ' . ? .1 it l i r?l (,*l?b Ml ? 1 at II ?? ?i)l'ili|f .. ?! .1. . ' i I?f I ...? I .1 . i .1 i,i, ? i . i |.j ' i> i iiui .'?r? uf tin a 1 ? ? i ,<i ? ( ? > I I ? I / ' i < ? (i I ? I la* "I I) ? M w Tl ,. ?' ' ? I.* ' l> II I I ? I ' Ul |,l r ?? i'f.' , i al, i>d m *.| *< (!>?? t ? rf" " I pf to<1 t i . * ' T*"T"li pirij '.I tflliniii, ii.i| i It4 i(r ' ' -**? I'liml a- Ih. ft* ?<l t?. ?lit"' ? ? 'h. la '<r. I mi I, It i' Hi imt... ? .% *\f -'"in 'I ? |?a'ajw ' tl... I . . ai ' i- ? 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Adjutant . utt Quartvcmn <ter (>efie< ata, r.t^i ({?M?**i'al atat!, .i^ well a? general* roniinundhitf dltruiou* 4imI hil K??i? s of thi?* at n?y. I inn t iCf? rve t?? mynetf, f ? the nl?j?*? t of n future de Kj?nti h toiiigiit^ h<>fote your luttUhit* uo* pai tla t?lar tVMMt lion 1 1 uni.?ti, of tin Vttfi' .u- hriii li<'> ??f (hlx ariajr, whom I at. all t ? g I" ie? oinno*i?<i t ? yom boirablo nulla*. I '.hi ?-eavnt? li \>> I hi* ran* ??* liiwv *t Mantr ill# Hon. I hi i- ?t ?* r t'or/oii who hu>? f>o?'ii A?i?l"^ir?t Militarjr ?wccretni y to mj nol>Ic |?re le> *? or an<l hIimc Uct c? minenr<*iuent ot thl* wai and w)?<? will !?<? t?? gt%tr >o? c l?H<Uhlti m<?ie u?iuut?- <h t ?'.U Mian the Um?t* ??4 a? < iei?|>u tell will allow . I Iwfi- K< JAMKh HMI'H'N i.' in'ial ( ' ?oiio iivl"^ Tiik I/IKII I'AftMt Hft kc TliK CUAND AHHAIfLT AND CAJTUBM. The I ivertxM>l of ?|?teliilj?ei '22, *aya;? -Aa all th# details which arrive ere th*- reguUr de .j? itclu*. n( tin* glnrlou > event! ol the Sth will he read ?ith inU*n*? In ten t, wt giv# tin fallowing ?-U<a. U troui * kiencli U?t t? : In in Cou?tant||iO|de, dalod the 1 1th Instant ? ? *1 he Mainki'U towio , all v;ke I wi'h uo?M|jiiii|>l<?d ir? peti.naltjr to the rrj of l,\h* I KrniMuout " car/ M? I after a murdrum* atriiijgt on Ih.iIi ???!?? . Tho f-irmeta hie poaiftou * ** ooct?|?i? d witb'Hit "l?y , and l?atl#ri<a# a#rt' olalillliiol on il ??ith HoiarJ aho- <ol#rl?y. T>j9 f .1 1 1 1 ? Hedun offareeuiog Hay w?<a alao tub'ii. hut aa th* Kiicriin hattetiea jaiiiro?l down a ttenun n?ua Ato on IIiom* who were the lirat toweupy 1 1 , mil iio?u w ?? ohiig" I l> abandon it, to return to If ufi*u w r I The l? a detail 4 I have jiir > ? ?1 i p I ? end y* u l?i h<> ?? .*? th? In lua ?? ^(?a au( hot ui two boil i a Unfile nigb'. 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