Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 3
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ADVEETISEMEXTS RENEWED EVEET D1T. fcALKS AT AVCTUM. ALBERT 11. NICOI. A V, U CTIONKKB. WILL SELL UiU day, October 4, at 12% o'clock, at the Merchant-# Ex change, fur aecountof ? hom it may concern $1,1)00 California Hate 7 per cent Honda of IH70. '< 000 Panama Railroad 7 per cent Bonds (second Issue) ?l WW 1,000 facia mento City 10 per cant Bonds. fl.000 Murauta uu.l Clncliit,?:l Railroad Ut mortgage. . .. 1,000 S.U00 Hudson River Railroad Ut mortage. (Unbare'- Danbury and Norwalk Railroad Mj) 10 Third Avenue Rait road (h rptfhecatad) ? . ? ? ? 100 144 I?ryr Do. k. Grand Hire't Howerjr and South ferry Stage S New ifork'and Virginia s,,nin*iilj> Company 100 .VlGrooers' Meum Sugar Ketlnlng (si .....100 I 32 part of the at cam tug I.ovlalban. now In successiul ooera Hon la New York harbor. It I-. two > ear* old, and coat lit) (litres I'eier Cooper Fire Ir- urance Company 130 'JSLafaige Klre Insurance Company SO 31 Mrr bank .-'Fire Insuranoe Company 10 4 New Amsterdam Fire Insurance Company 25 1J Hamilton Tire Insurance iVimpsny 18 4# St. Mi holas lnauranie Company 25 ISO American Coal Company 2!i 30 Parker Vein Coal Company 100 Abo, by order of tht administrator of the estate of WlUlatu l*a? ling deceased :? 10# 'h' res North River Klre Insurance Company $25 Terms of sale : ? Ten per cent tins day. mid the balance be Core two o'cio k to-morrow. Tlie accrued Intercut ?n all Uie bnuJ- wl l bo charged to t h.- purchaser, with exception of State bouds Next regular sale i>u Mouilay, October 8. ALBKBT II. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER ? EXTENSIVE sale of nrwt class wlmn. brandies. gin, whlskov, Jamaica and St. t roll rum, champagne, Ac.? AlWt f? Nloolay will *?11.0(1 Friday, October at 11 o'clock, at the nam mum, No. II Broad street. Uie entire stock of a dealer declining business, eons s'ing lu part of ctioli e brandies, of tbn following favorite tiraud*:? Old Otard, Dupuy A Co., .1 amen Heueaaey , Marrett /k Co , Riviere A (to., and S. O. P., In large and small pack ?ret; old Sootbslde and other M?d"lras, Amontillado and other sherries; pule nnd brown I.ondon Dock pons, and a variety of champagne*: also an Invoice of Jamloion's old wblake.v, Ja malra and Si. Croix rum, Ac. ; also, 170,000 aegars ot favorite iiraada. 1 be above sale la well worthy the attention of pur chasers. aa eveiy article pot up will be warranted preelaeiy at per sample, and positively a da. Catalogue* and cample* rea dy on morning of sale, and can be bad at the sales room, 11 .Hroid street. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? ALBERT H. NICOLAY will sell, on Friday, Oct. 5, at 12 o'clock, at Ibe falca room 11 I! road street, by order of Joseph Naylor, aaalgoee. the book account* of E. rt. Uoodnow. A LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER. ? OENTERL FURNITURE. . ?Friday, October 8. at 10)? A. M., at No. 80 Thirty tlitrd street of a family who liave left the city, constating of Uie uaual assortment of parlor, bedroom, and kitchen furniture, Brussels aud Ingrain carpeta, oih lolli, looking glasses, mahoga ny aad other ( hairs, rockers, mahogany ana other table*, so fas, tete-a-tetea, plcturea, ornaments; also, French mahogany ana other bedsteads, bedding, waahsiand.s, crockery, moves, kitchen articles, Ac., Ac. AUCTION NOTICE.? HY EDWARD SCUKN'CK? ON Thla day, Oct. 4, at 10% o'clock, .it IB Wall street, Itnpor ter's sale of the balance of a stork of tine old wines and bran dies, ( onslstlng of SS0 case* of cognac London Dock brandies, Madeiras, pale and brown sherries. London ports. Scotch ami Irish whiskeys. Club House gin, Jamaica rum, Ae., nr. ; also lsn dcmtjolim as above. These goods can be relied ?p ju to be aa represented. Hale poaltlve. AUCTION NOTICE. ? F1 VE ARTP.-ORR.VT SALE OF fine oil palntlnga.? EDWARD SCIIENCK will acll at uuctluu.ori Friday and Saturday, October ,Vh and tl'-h, ai lrt^J o'clock, eacli day, at bla sales ro((Om, lti Wall atreet, the ?piendhl collection of oil painting* now on view, containing beautiful specimens of the lie I;, "an, English and Fieoch schools; also aeveral American vle??, taken from nature, of high ar liatlcai value; also ancient original picture* of groat merit; alao a lew tine picture* belonging u> an ca'ate, Ac. The caUlogtie will contain full description* of each picture, and will be ready <>u Wednesday morning. We leave It to connoisseur* and ama teurs t?. judge of Uie value and beauty of this collection, pre ferring till* course to the general rule of auction advertise ments. AUCTION NOTICE.? MORRIS K. CRANK, AUCTION cer.? Thursday October 4, at 11 o'clock, all the house hold furniture In the bout e aittpced in Hudson street, I lobo keii. third l.ot.s, above Sceoi, I stree' , cunsla'lng of Ingram, Brussels and tapestry carpets, marble top centre table, rich embroidered curtains and ^-llt cornlee*. hair cloth aud cane seat chairs, bureaus, bedsteads, girandoles, crockerv, shells Ac. Pale positive. A1 Auction notice. -joiin f. rusrbll, auctioneer. ~HvIiaV, HUHfifflJi A t'O.?Tlila (Thursday) morning, at 10>, o clock. ut 88 Na*nn it-eet, two doors from I'ultoii, U.i reserved sale ol a superior collection of household furniture. Well assorted, for parlorg, dltilnff rooms, bedroom* halls, 4c., every aruclc required lor houtu keeping. Full parUcnlkrs In catalogues wli h will be ready early. The above furniture cannot be excelled for nunllty, Ac.. and everv lot offered will be positively sold to close consignments and pay advances. Poods purchased to leave the city packed on tho premises. AOction notice.- toseph l. smith, acctioneer, will Hell this day (Thursday ,)at 10% o'clock, at 70 Frank 11b afreet, lourtli house v> est of Broadway, a large assortment 0 geinee' household furniture, conilstlng of large oval and pier glasse*, rich sliver plated wnre, rich china tea Mia. china toilet ?eta, glasswaie, Ac.; one rosewood suit In French brocatelle, Dne do. in aatiu brocade, one rosewood marble top etegere; do. bureaus, waalirtands, centre, side and sola tables with marble wpj; rosewood, mahogany and black walnut bedsteads; enam ?led cottage aulta, comer standit, book rack*, clocks, cldna Ta*es, oil painting*, 97 yards Brussels carpet, on tlie parlor; 9 ?noma Ingram carpet*, stair carpets, rod* and oilcloth; tnaboii any chairs. t* bl?a sofas , tens a tetes best h?lr w?itr?c.>cs. pal laws, and every llilui; to be fontid in a tlrst clasa house. To he ?okl wiibont reserve, and house to let. A deposit required. Auction notick.-w. a. carter, acctionekr, (will sell, this day, Thursday, at 10 o'clock, at HOOreetiwIHi pti ect . lor account of the concerned, a stock of K roce. it' 4 . wines, teas, segars, tobacco, Dutch herring, 4c. Auction notice.?' runs. beu! auctioneer B.v BELL 4 11 L'.^ H , on Friday, at 10^ o'clock, will be ?old In theattction rooms, 12 North William street, the genioel furnito.e of r family going Weat, including the visual variety of housekeeping articles. In good order; also ten stoves; carpets, mnttri'-ses, curtains; a lot of dry goo Is, fancv articles, clottiing, Jewelry, plated ware, cutlery, Ac At 11 o'clock, by virtue of nn n? iition and judgment, one splendid ro-ewnod plaaoforte, ?? complete wtrlor stilt. In rich crimson brocatel, vis.; sofa, Voltaire, and parlor chairs, Ac. UCTION NOT 10*.- A ftRION RE* S PA LB.-M. WRAY Wlllse:! this day, at 10,'i o'clock, at the salesroom 4.1 <iiaii I ?t rte a large a.-sor ncnt of new and second hatel fur nlture. VI* ; bureaus, sofas, lounges, marble top tables, be 1 steads, mattresses, Iron bedsteads, extension tables, centre and card t?l ie>. washatand*. clocks, rrlb?. barroom and oBca chairs, segat s. 4c .. 4c. Also will be sold, one splendid piano forte; (Oct $300. Will be so.d without reserve. Auction notice.? j. bogert, auctioneer? by 8. Bogert? J I hi* day, at 10' a o'clock, at the an 'ion rooms, tome *f Franktort and William streets, large aad extensive ajwortmcnt ot household lurtilture, carpet*. Mackinaw blanket*, clocks, tc. consisting In part ot tele a-tetes, sofas, In hair an<i crimson bn s hteiy 4 mahogany sofa bedatcads, mahogany chairs, rockers burcatfijdounges, secretary bookcase, mirrors, ward robes list s'ands, kitchen furniture, china, crockery an I glass ware; ajw, small lot of embroidery, fancy goo Is, Ac. ; also, by virtue o'an execution, over I SOU yards' ol new Ingrain and Venetlax carpets, W# pair Mackinaw blanketa, slightly duaag ed, 7 caws fancy gilt clocks. .V. B.? The carpet*, clocks and blankets will he sold at 11 o'clock. Sale positive. Keposit* rt quirt-. from all purchasers. AT PJIVATR PAl-E-ONK pair very valuable mil matche<l dark blood bay carriage horses, warranted sound; seven tee n bands high, kind and stylish drivers aged five and six years: one home. "Frank," a bright blooded sorrel, very fast In double or single barue-?. warranted sound, and Is in good condition. Also one saddle pouey, .iron gray, well Hiked fot a lady's or youth's riding; sound, gentle, anil kind. One large hunly carriage one light rocknway one nearly i.iew| shifting lop boggy , one buggy, just repaired, bu' II' ' In nted double and single harness, complete: one side saddle, one gentleman's saddle, and one boy's do. without tree, ma le for 'lie pony to order; stable appliances, carriage covers, *)tn>e blanket*. Ac.? to he sold on account or au estate, and can be seen on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, between one and lire P. V. on those day, at the residence of MKS. ARNOLD, JVtb avenue, between 1.11st and l.'Ud streets. Harlem. CLIFTON FPRINQK AT AUCTION ? THE SCBS' RIBER will sell, at public Mb', on die .loth by ot ocober ?est, 11m* entire property owned and occupied by himself, and known ns the Clifton Kprlngs House, embracing st out AfWen seres of land upon which are the springs (White sulphur), highly relusd for their melidnal proper tei, the park s'ei pleasure grounds siiriounding tbein, a bath bouse lis) feet long. I.owlinp and billiard saloons, Ae. The house will a" commisiate about 'Mi perrons. It Is a valuable properlv. *t?iated In Ontario county, within 30 rod^ of tbe depo' of th" Niw Yot k Centra, Kal rosd. atel Is becoming rtrt attractive Ml popular as a watering place. He will also sell almut :w ImtMfully situated village lota, upon elevated ground e im msndtug a fine pro-pect, ?ml the most desirable localities for reftdenres In the nourishing anl rapidly growing village of 4?ttlon tspiings. Also the furniture In s?id bouse, several buries, buggies carriage-, harness, kc sale to eomm 'nee will the real est*U'. on Tuesday, October 30, at 10 o'clock A. M. . imt con'lnuc until sold. Terms ol 'ale wil. be ac -omtu i datkg. M. 1'aKK K. D NAKH, AUCTIONEER. STORE .110 IIROVHWAY. ? cber ifl ' s sale ol a large and valtiable lot of household fur nllw on Tlimsday, Oetnber <th, at 10 o'clock A M , at 319 Brislway; a large and elegant aaaortinent of household rurni ture coiuit*t tig In part of niaboganv and black walnni aulas andietea tetes and black walnut cnalrs; caeeebairs, malto gsti; and black walnut n?:kers, wltb nair and velvet, voltslrcs rich* upholstered ; marble top bureaus, various aires, plain an i>rn.'>iiieuial cottage salt*, various enlors; Brussels. Wlbo i and Infra in rarpets sui r caTiets and rods, rugs ?nd mat*, mab^uny at.d black walnut French nedsteads, cott Lgs be.l ate4a, malt 'gsny and black wnlnut marble top tables side eixKrtitir tables, extenrton tables oak *IJ-t boards, marble topatiil plsln wsshsiands, ebamtier furniture bet) and bed dint lisir ma'tressee. p.?:i **?es: ollclotbs. varlo is patterns entiridtlis; pier and looking gia*s<-s, window curtain', glra ? dole and ivnips; casters, knives and fnrka, spoons, dinner ail tea rta, g'aaa ware, t -rockery. Ac. D- , f. HOt 'OH, AUCTION***? AUCTION' NOTICK? 1ni|>or ant sale of elegant and substiunlal bou'eleild fur nltt* losewood planofort''. pier arol oval mirrors velvet and Bus*1 - < i,r]>ets, oil palnnnvs, mantel decoration*, A'\ Thi davH hv.r.da) V a> 10H A. M. These goods an* the enure can ten fit ihc residence No. 7? Warren street, near Uollege pl*ce. Thifurnit'iri Is In excellent inder, having b'en in ti-e btti a xbitt'ne atel was made by one of the I e-t etiy tnak' rs. Hale w!*'n res-rva Ion or regard to ?e*tlier Foi nalng t* a psr IklW, vli., two olid frame rasewood Sana In bus tlei, rose w(4 seve-i net e piano!' rte, ol beautiful tone an<l full/ wai r sir i | ? writ? tosewood et*geres, wiu? piste gi,?ss dfA t.d back; ladles' reeru'oire, rl -Uly ir.laid throtigbout: rofv n< marble top centre. ?He and pier tat. lea ro?-woo-l an- ma' o. iny hed> cads, hun-aus ws she lands, Lshles, Ac ; I>|? 1,1.1 Ina'ttre >?? Freocb |.ia<e mirrors, tapes'ry. velvet an Hi 1 "-e, arjxis mahogany and caa "?at chair., a choice lo.i < ' oil palndcgs, atlrer 'caws, eake l??-ke:s. etwers. Hit-. sp*s n? Ac.; cur. a dinner ani fa set*, ivery cutjery, hastlfmlv ric ' rs"1 vaia s. I' martin stauiaiy. cut glass irTe *( i a'a orues c .: I ? obtained SI tbe hoi e, ot i the olt o! t!. it ctioneer, No. 78 l eekuian street. ft KAVIS Al CTIOVF.KR, BY W. W. BOWLES.? . A' store (0 CoMlaodt street, ibis day. ai lol, o'eke'lt fiiittere? i lar/e assorin.eni of .'fa* chairs, Leds^-sds, cat l>t s. aiii ors, centre tab's, extension do.. ainck*< tea ty boxes, Willi to. ii 'i;.I variety of hou-M-hold furnlltire. Worthy the *nte i 'it pit: l aser*. At 12 o'clock, 'I casks of bi mdy', I irf d >ki : i ' "? ?cgai - pi .1*. kc. D rtdf.TOV Af CTIOSFm ? MORTtiAOK 8 M,F I if A s ;,r/es ck of rosewood and mahogany rantnet turn ? re. l-eitig :lie enure ? ork of a manufacturer sad dealer ? F til on si sel , this day (Thursday.) f)e' ? at ??,. o'clock at beanc'io- -ontns. .".9 I e. kniati street, on the second door all fie nev ? . ?/ ?? S' d mshogsnv fumitore of a large de iter Mnptls' I In >-he.l and unt.ntsl.od work Among tiie asseirt tietit ft S he f and roe? woiKl and mahogany bookcases and fveral 'a?*e mahogany and oak wardrobes, m>h< /suv ?arved >? a fci d '.Ate s tc'es, olas and sofa beds, French and ?wta*e bed*<e ?.!?, In rosewood and ma lei mil J ; rnartde ton rentre. card, side and sofb ables; Ireasing and plain butean^ Fnttalrt rbalrs. carved do , mrftig seat, parlor and l.nlngrwea rhairs carl maple and oak chair*, lui mahogany j<i)bu sn i K'i/?)iethien bedeie.ds French plate mil miP ot s, oil painting*, several Itair esacs. unB.i <tie.| work V ; ?bs> fulTt icces of oil cloth- Ac, a'so several p trior doves, *e K B All the wove named furniture bus been Made Btr rastnoi work, aad r*u he relied npon. arvf s-tll be ' Kiel to f a mortgage. I >e?!er* sn<l alt rxoee In win' of grxA ftntunre will ftwl It to heir advantage to at end CUa am no* rsady aarty I la. d.rnmc. *nd a d?p. re ,>.ire1 from iT*tr?t:??i? Fvery fa< for i.' and >U., IP'Mt". h. r.pjn?, ArcriovEE* -?v h ,i 1 4 ft- Thursday Ortohi r < at 12 1>'. " k i Tl Naasen ereet * cer iiVtau ot ?torkNo id, betm* ?, fBorc or lew. in Knowles' I'stcat Linen fibre Co BALK* AT AVCno*. TCUORNK B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONKK8.-BY FRANK .Ei LIN A NICliOLB, altlieli sale*! ooiu 7'J Nassau itrtot near Fulton, on Friday, Octobers, at l?i; o'clock, continuation lale of bou?chold furniture, clock, mirror* and oil painting*, hair main cwi h, oalliasae*, 1c. Al?o, an Invoice of Havana Mgarm, elegant Kill bronze gas chandeliers, richly decorated china for presents, Ac. The sale will commence M Itli the second hand furniture. FURNITURE Ac., FROM A F AMILY? RKMOVRI) TO 1 81 Nat-sati alreet ? will be sol 1 Uiu inoruiug, ut 10>? o'clock, consisting or three lar^e window curtilns (costly, and (Maaii new),> carpeting centre tables, suit of parlor furniture oil paintings, mirrors, clock, Ac,; alw new turn! liue. f>ee oilier advertisement Tl'NIS MORRKLL, Auctioneer. C1E0RGK COOK, AUCTIONEER -LAROE BALE OF I new and fashionable furniture, pianoforte. Ac. To mor row (I riilay), at 10^& o'clock, ai the salesrooms, 117 Nassau street a large and splendid assortment of toscwood, tnahog anjr, oiik and walnut furniture, consisting In part of superior rosewood pianoforte, suits of riwewood and mahogany parlor furniture, in rich and ItnUomble eoeerlugaj rl'lily carved ro?f wood elegeres, do. do. esrutoire*, marble top serifre, side and K'Ih tables, quartette and o her fancy tables, corner sian In music cabinets, oval mirrors. nil pulntlngs, window shades, <? ocK-, elegant rosewood ami mahogany bedsteads, marble tup dressing t.uieuu- and wash stands, wardrobe", lialr mattreir-s, lt< da. heddlnu, extension dining table*, dining room and par lor chairs, sofas, tetc a teles, lounged, easy and arm chairs, rockers, Ac. ROCERTE8, CALASIIE CARRIAGE, LlyUOU.-i, SE \JT gars, snuff, cutlery.? This day uud to morrow. at 10,'j o'clock lit A7 Pcy street, corner o' Greenwich, soap, 11 h. cor fee, ten, starch, cocoa, tobacco, knives, forks, spo.ui-, scLsors a:tws, (Ilea, hammers, chisels, scales, clocks, collars, combs, tocks. buttons. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. Henry h. leeks, auctioneer-by h. h. lfwi?s A CO.? On Friday, Octobers, at 12 o'clock, In front ol a ore 19 Nahanu street, a bay horae, 1C hands high * years old, a rapid and willing traveller, warranted sound, kin I nnd free from vice of every kind ; a new top wagon, ha* not been out si v times, made by llu?en>>ury a Van I Ic usett in August las: . coat 4220; harness, alao new, made by M. Segee. Broadway, sadole and bridle by the same maker, nearly new; blanket sheet, ||y net uud carriage cover, a roost complutc turni it; a 'so a beautiful bay ponv, suitable for a or gentleman. war ranted sound and kind: la very handsome, and his e jut! Is sel dom to be met with; saddles, bridles, blanket and sheet, com plete. The above will be sold In consequence of the owner leaving for Europe. Henry t. leedb, auctioneer-by ii t. lkkds. He will sell to morrow (Friday), at 1111, o'clock, at the residence of (/'. C. Webb, Eso., (W varlck street, near Canal the whole elegant furniture or the above house, constating of one rosewood 7 octave piano, been used ouljr three months, with guarantee for one year, cost $300; elegantly carved roae wood parlor suite, covered In rich eat In brocade; Hruasela. three ply and Ingrain carpets, rosewood aide and corner etegerea, roae wood centre, aide and faney tables, rosewood nuirble top bureaus and waahsianda. rnaewood and mahogany Frcncli bedsteads; also, all klnda of mahogany furniture found In a genteel house; richly decorated china vase and lea sets, silver plated tea services, gilt, French plated aud oval mirrors, bedding. Ac. The house was furnished completely on the 1st of May last, and was manufactured to order. The sale will be positive, rain or shine, aud deposit* required from all pur chasers. As this sale Is peremptory, tt Is well worthy the at tention ot purchasers, for their own use. and dealers Hardware auction* notice ?extensive trade sule. ? J. E. VAN ANTWERP will sell, on Thur^lav, October 4, at 10 o'clock, at 216 Pearl street, ,rs!0 jiackages and lots, comprising the en'lre stock of a hardware house clo-lng up their bualnesa, forming a complete assortment of shell goods, heavy Roods, and fancy articles, worthy the attention of live retail trade, jobber* ami country merctianls; also, sixty oackages Birmingham, Hhefllold, Herman and American hardware Dud cutlery, new goods. N. 11.? The sale will be pcremp'or.v, and at ninety days' c redlt. JL. VANllEWATKR. AUCTIONEER.? THIS DAY, ? Thursday, Oct. 4, at 10)4 o'clock, at the salesroom. 12 Maid en lane ? To the trade and others.? Will be sold, tins day, a slock of rich fancy good* removed for convenience of sale, consisting or magnificent Parisian bronze*, representing groups, figures, animals, Ac.; a splendid line ol French bronze and marble clocks, from the Crystal Palace the hues: ever Imported and received the llrst premium at toe exhibition; bronze, ortiiula. and mother of pearl jewel caskets: mainiitlceiit rosewood work boxes, furnished beautiful gill card receivers; se-.ur boxes; porUimiiualea; colognes; a line of magn.flt .*ut French china ware, consisting of bcantlfully decorated China vast-*; do. ? lih palmed landsoapea and bWWHMKttUK desert, and tea sets, of various patterns anil designs, from 44 pieces to 1L0; handsome decorated colognes; bfsque figures and groups: motto < hlna collet* cups aud mugs, cjtserolers; de corated stdilnons; card receivers, various nattenis; segar bold - erJ with lds<|uc i figures; tobacco hnrrols, ?<-. , Ac. The whole ol Uie rlchtlt unsorunent of china goods ever belore offered at auction. J Of KPT? IIKOEMAV, ACCTIONBKR.? FRIDAY, OCT ft, at 111 o'clock A. M., a' the r ??Idenee ol Austin l>. Moore, 27 South Klghth street, corner of Hcoond afreet, Brooklyn. K. 1)., late Williamsburg. a large and general assortment of houae hold furniture, Including splendid rosewood piano, Worcester alonl ami covers, splendid French plate iiler gla?-.e?, richly covered frame* , paintings. lualin.iany jiarlor furniture In hair clolli. rosewood and mahogany cliamber furniture, rich cul glast. ami chli.a, carpel*, ollclotli*, basement and kitchen furnl lure Catalogue* on I hnraday al'iernoou. at lha liou?e, or at the Central Saloarooma, corner of Wllloughbyand Pearl atreets, itronkKn. Ptrrc.l laser* without exception, will he required in TMORIARTY, ACCTIOKKRR? Wri.L SELL, TIIIK . day, at 10 o'clock, at 17.1 Chatham tijuare, ;he furniture ol n lamlly from Heventh avenue: a Ian. from Fourth -'reel, the rurnlture ol a lamllv. among which are some tine leather beds, < urpat*, and a l?r?t* assortment ol curlou* other good*, mo numerous to mention; the wile will commence on the street. MB. BCTI.F.R, ACCTIOWKER? PPBt.IC Anwm*. ? triitor'a sale.? t>n Thursday, October 4. at 10>?' o'clock, at No. Pearl street, second ll?or, tlie elTarta of John V. Ny man, Jacob Pchoeiifcld, Thonuta II. Kusaum, Thomas Flulay, at d other Iniemate*. con si stint; of funilture, aegikr* . tobaenn, glass cases. Mnvei, clothing of superior ()Ualliy, trnnkn. > he*ia, Ac ; also, elegant gold anil silver waU hes, cliatna. jewelry, Ac. By order ol I'KTKK 11. BWKKNY, PubUc Admlnlairator, VfORTOAOR 8ALK.? W. C. AI.Bt'RTl'H WIU. SKI. I. If J <iu Friday, Oct. 5. at lll^i o'clock, a' 19 Court street Ur. oklyn. splendid rosewood, tnalio-iany and walnut lurni fttre, c.irpeis, beds and bedding. Alao, oil naluUug* on aiik and t an vn ?? Alao, the kitchen furniture. Sale podtlv'1. JtPRMC SAI.K OP VAMJAIILF BUILDING LOTS, IN I Piedmont, Va. . on Thursday. Oetobvg 2ft. Th? New Creek Company will offer for sale liKHuiilding In's lo the town ol t'ii d t ? i lit. Hampshire coin, ?> l iviini. I'ti-.i.i.. mi i? i rapidly increasing town of any atr.<i tor a nitmtier of mile* !je vend Cumberland; It la surrounded by nul field*, and ban sprung np wltliln three year* and eon'aln* ltd bo iled, Inclnd ing two churches, a machine (hop, S2S hv 1(IU engine house IM ill diameter, and another now "being liutlt, 174 tern in diameter, by the railroad company, hotel*, afore*, Ac. Popu la' ion l.OOO'io 1.9*1. Two trains of passenger e?r? pas* ilativ, each way. Mails daily and communication by telagraph. til mat Ion healthy and provUions cheap. Pur luiUicr inform* tiouupp v lo C. O. UtlLllH, President New I'reek Company, 31 Walnut atreet, Philadelphia, or lo ALFHl'.l) AM1P1K1.1i, V ii. PieHrtenl, K4 Wrllarn Street, NfW York TVNIh MflRRKLU AffTIONKKR.-HY AU< TION, TIIK kloek ol ane*ien?li'' manuHn-turer of furniture removed [to >i| ,\a-?a'i ?trei l. will he sold without reaerve tlila morning, at It .1, o'clock, ci mowing of wif?> tete a tetea, eaay, rocking and parlor chair*, centre, eofa and curd Mhlea; wardroi>e*. hoOkca*?*. dreaa and plain bureau*, tnarlilo top waahatand*. Or. i' -iiui. gothlc and cotMgc bed -o-ada; book, corner and muale stand*; Imlr maUre*a<'>. eiten<lon dining lablea. ?ullea of par. lor and chamber Itimlture counting bo'i*e mi l settling de<k*. Ircn aafes. Alao, 2 apli nil I' I French jila'e pier mirror*. 2 man titlli eni Krerch plate mantel inlrror*. a large nittnherof oil palnitni.*. c lit Iriimea; iillver plaieil giaal*. Sale will com mence wl'li a large aiock of goo<l Havana and Herman ieiar*. N. I ? The prlv legea given to purchasers at till* auction hm.fe give* them every ?e<*urity. 11' 8. MKI.LOR, AUCTION KKR.? BY HOUOHTOK * vv , MKl.I.OK.? (lent< el liounehold turnltnre. ? Tin* day, Thnraday, at 10', o'clock, at the real lence of a family breaking up bouaekceplng. No. !il Bem h atreet, opposl'e Hi. Jnbn'* park. Parlor*? Itojal Wll'on carpe>? hrocatelle an I lace wlixlnw curtain*, ormwu gilt all light chandeliera. Ore double hall Ifghta. and brai-keta Ibrtmsbout the hoote; two m {erlor .loned row wood piai.o lortea, *tojl?, cover*, thick rencb plate pier mirror*, l(?i tiy .'16, In n< at gold gilt fraruea: parlor mita onvered In and hair cloth, Voltaire and leceplloi, chair*, aofaa an^teic a tcte*. one iiiece morale lap ???try valued at IbH. one piece elegant needlework tapeit ry In rich frame valued at flCO; *< veral cliolce cabinet oil palming* and engiavlng*. beavi silver ica, coflee. and dea^ert *et; oue lame l? a-. y plated aalver. rich French mantel clock. French china ia*e* hi*<|iiet figure*, brono-* mantel ornaments, can delalra* Inlaid lancy table, fhambera rosewood aifl mi l.ovnny t hund er fnrulture, lounge* Bru*??l*. S ply. and In grsln carpeia; nur?ery chairt. or*l mirror*, pure Sou'b Am i rlran horsehair maitre**e*. pall?<sea. decjrated and enarn elu-d chamber suit rnaewnod cheval gUa* Prcacii pla'e, lea iher ted*, lidding. Ac. . eiteiudon dining table, chatr*. buUera' tray, French china dinner, tea, and cmfee ware In se'a, bal anee handle knlve* and forka. plated ditto. Hheffleld plale, c? bn'tle rasinr, Ac, library and *c<r?tarv biok-.i*-. taMes, wil'kig ie?k, cabinet. Ac.; hall stand and chair, heavy Kngll*h oilcloth on lour hall*, tapestry stair rarpei. stair rods, k. clwn furniture consigU of the u*ual varlet*? tab. c-, i hairs, Crotoo hose croekerr, copper pans. Ac Sale will c.immen e with the I;;' In n furniture A ca*h deposit ?rl 1 1 be reinlred from all i.rebasera. < ata ogne i-.ned on" dav prenou* lota: ?; cjr ' Idali.ed at the store of Mr We?t,lil Mai leu lane, or a <e-ro? ma. 11.1 Naa^eu slreei. \\' H. MKI.I/IR, At;?TTONKKK ? BY HOCtlHTON A T? . MKl.Mill ? Friday and Saturday im J mJ 4, m In1, o'clock each day on 'wo doors of salesroom US Nssstu -iree Fall trade sale of furntlure, hv orde of nunulacturers, ti. c ose i-onsiireatanU and m i>ay advance* Th" 'role u.? I irtlcnlarly UiViud; every l"i on the catalogue w ll !>? * .1 1 wltijou' rt^ rve. Ooista can be pai k"4 for -'dpping mi ihe preml es by experienced !'?' kers The e will ? luipri^' 'he mc?t laeh.oi aide style* of roeevmod, oak nvaliogatiy M?. k walnut and enamelled parlor, cha nber. dliuug roo n llhrarv and drawtnuroooi fur ilmre, richly <arved and t.ul?he>l Wi 'i the moat costly material. K.egant cirved ro?ewood pvrlor furollnre. en anllc, covered In Fren -h satin hiaolglj plush and hair floth: la'lle*' r^iac w*>l cabineu, llocd wlU, *.?? i wis*!. H<h eteceres. wl h mirror frrnt?; rl' lilv car el mil* stands, earved roaewooil centre iah|e?, marble top*; n< hlv carvi d m.> aofaa tete a ???!"? Vo'UIre and -prli.g ?e?' parlor anl re* epflon chalc*, Turkish ea#v iha'r*. ri' ewrssl. iiiahngarv walnut and oak ett#m*V>n dl dng tablea? elialra to Bia'i h; stdeboard* neh book <-*???? and se< r.? jrle* tn walnut and oak. elegantly carved rosewood and motw ranT hwlsteal*. bureau*, wllh marble toft* and plale gla* an I wa^Waiels t.j n atch; rUhly dl ccirated and enamelled collage chamber su U, ? cviral of wf.lch are ?rry valuable, several w?Hrol>e* neh'v curved armour* Pren'-'.. p.a door*, tin. I with ?a>ln w?*?d aaa i < dar; IrifUigi * and lounge b*^ls covered III tanev delabte. rept n i n P riiair* and oUonan* to match walnut cottage furrd ture. roea?i**l ?ml other dre* >n< tab'ea. sewing ch*ir>, A' I Ichly carved oak, walnu'. ro-ewood and malioganv l?all stand* chair* and tables 'o man li. Aricles will l?c etlilhitad on IhuiMlay. t'a alogues nv rnlnj Of sale BBHI'At H 1\T?. rr koi.k RKsrAi itwi i.Mim thk wa > varl" M I e . ? e, o' I s reel , ) llr?adw*y brme I) of the ? ; ne Tin* ea>a>> Ish Mi l has been got np with eye to eleanllneai alt ?up?r. f.i'fti* emheiMshmen ha- bear tpet teded I v i?e inaht , ot the trlacle and f.dinlan'.a there. i, aeT^e '. ,*i d 'be coaatant *uj.ervii on ol ttu- pioprv ?! Mr Wo< 1 ./r*i e . the oiiter purvr;or, and Hun. Pibl 1- 'lw ' - ,y tr n' i je rnlidpe Rn' -attee to |rvr? > upper r ? -w ' ? 'we'.tn| lifi'o-e weai i * Uniadwa 'n ruortb atree o ? ? w IJVf '7IT1' -) - J0| WANT ii H* ' ne n ?!*. *!. f ? .f > ?* "# tit if fbRttffcklvWII fi?' ? */*p| a t?k M?m*? rii>' hrMfii tirm)** Kti \*r MKLIaOR, AI TTIi KKR ? R'?sKV**oof) Pf ^ VO ? f idBrfMil on Yridny, ^2 ? ' W. 11.1 N *??%??? * rw?, l?.v Hoiirbw.n M M#uor r?f i#?n ul , h4a, 7 ftni Tl4 ?ir*art plAtHrfirrtfm, all nf im fully wair^n "'i. ? ?v Hubert, (Uicloi); I itwlftntin A RftifAAn*. Via Wink'.* isd 0th#f (iMrilid Builut* Alao, I pwmiOflf with h?h nn K'drt.nim1 b/ OtoHMTL o#lFt |i6i) 1 up; /io. ; frtth r*>vm, .tr Hi# wbolo (? r an I weHhf tHf It trntion of tb#? 'rutlr an?! ?th#r? ll'IM I W WITTER- A VC rfO.V PKR WfU? OX ? ? ThM'May *? 10H c?'rteft. ** 142 ?'i ?#??, mm %* r*f a hr*?|r',,if uf> }> iiw k?rp1ui( . ?*??*?* Ar. FUAKCIAI.. A/.|k/'. | inn -XONKY TO LOAN ON DiAaONiMi, St)( Kj.U'" '? watcbea, Jewelry dry aegara, fcr.. ?r bought for tub; Btocke, not**, BurUwi-t, At . negoUale-1, UuklBMH otmlkletlal anil pruuiot. Ily Tilt 'M 1'doN k CO.. bro km end ootnmMnu merehaflb. till Xiain MnML. tirur a" Ann, mom No. 2, aeooud lloor. AAA T0 M>AH-ON watch eh, diamond*. I .VUU jewelry, aagarv an! every deacnptiin d valuable property, or bought I. u- cmIi, t?? JOS K IS \ AC ba' cull'!'! office, II lluuilbeni at reel from 9 UII fl llti.lnear uiompL anil coulkleuUal Obi guM aud ailrer bought. N. It.? No buatuesa traueactad ou Salurdaj. &9AA Ann CAJ!11 w,u' he advanced in " large or anm' mmi-, by F.LI AS l OMItS, auctioneer aud romuilaMou mi reliant, upon merchandise con rifiMlto Um. fiittei in wan' .11 M nn iiatotliln nonfl dentiallv by calling ut tbe wile, room. till Na^an street, be Iwrcti 11 A. M. and 4 P. M. <fcJ.A (Uin LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. ?PtV/ivUvi Jfwtlry, dry good* ?:m every description oi tuoirliatidlse. illllereut to oilier utlieee, lit large or am ill amount* Apply at MK H ooalou al reft, one block wealofHroad way. U'lKiOn.-H conUdeiitl^A P. MYKKS, Ageul. AAA TO ???> ON mohtoaok. in one sum, V' I. vv' ' on Ural cluaa Improved property In New York, ?t f)0O arret* of Texa* landa, worth 9A per arre. forsaleor ex change for oily property Soni" ewdi would be advanced fur a I i -i i la>.* i evidence. SYLVESTER LAY, (ummluloner for all Uie Staiea, Id Wall alreel. AAA WANTKD-ON BONO AND MOBTOAOK, ?JJfJ.ULM/ on Improved real ??tate w orth tlO.OOO. Severa l.oiire* for *ale In Brooklyn, from H.llOO lo tc.lJOO. Apply at US NasKau ntrcet, third tloor. /inn LOAN WANTKD UPON UNINCUMBERED ?5p J .IM'w real estate In Eaal New York ?Well tiuured; 1 niton and DlrUlon ?vntiu? run within 200 to MX) feel oi the place, more Uian double ?* -urliv offered. Apply lmmedla'ely at r.<l U roadway, room No. 0. ollice of AtlliK A ROBINSON. rQl?Y WISIIRS THK LOAN OF $1M), FOR WHICH the tine ol u neatly furnished room would be given. For an interview, addim-n M. M. M., Uulon ?<juare Post ollice. ALL WILD CAT AND OTHER UNCURRENT MONEY, foreign gold and ?liver, draft*, notea, chnrka, Ac., bought a> Wall ttreet ratea, at MM Broa<lw ay, alwi ca?h loaned or ail ranrea made at alght. la any iiunu, on ?ernriUea, valuable*, nmrrhninlbt* of all deiu rliitlonn, at the Metropolitan Hiuvle ami Kank Note Kxrhanxe, 548 liroadway. Open from 8A.M.M bP.M ANT AMOUNT or CASH LOANBD, or PIJRCHAHBI at Bight, for iklr prloea, on dlamonda, waicbea, rlrh jewel ry, plate, merrhaudlae, and valoabln peraonal propet ty g?n? rally, by H. WOOD, W Pulkin air eel, aeooud lloor, front room, tnun ? A.M. loft P.M. ALAROR BUM OF MONEY TO ADYANCK ON YALU at lea, aeeurttlea, merchandlae, Ae., In amounu of $80, Bft, $100. (1A0, Mil), fcW). KWO. Ut*K (Ado. $1,000, 9'.'.S00, ,000. Alao, bank no<ea, foreign gold and allver. An., bough! at market rau-1. at the apecle and exchange otUce, 4t>2 Hroad way, oppoallo the Pacific Hank. J()HN HOOPR A ADAMH^ Any PERSON OR FIRM CAN OBTAIN CASH ON DIA monda. watehea, jewelry, allka, grorerlen. maple dry giaaja, aure UilugH. aale Hpeeulatloiui, and any real H<vurltle?; al"o, purttea ftirnixbed with money lo relonn, Ac., Ac. I'eraoua can rely wlUi perfect conllduuve on Iratwaotlona Willi Agent, llroadaay Poat office. Bank of the ohio hayinos instituti;. tiffih. Ohio.? Tbe panar of the above luatltuilou will bu received at 1 (one) per cent ulacotint by tbe underalgned W. CLABK A CO.. No. 4 Hanover (treat. Bankim; aukncy of john ?. Murray, m> n Wall hi reel, over Hank of North Amerk a.? Advam-ea on veaael* and cargona and on meivliaiidlae In abire or traualt loaiif made U|?m bank, railway and Inauraucu xtock*. Html neat paper discounted. It^mkikant industrial savings BANK, NO. !fl j t liamlitTM atreet.? Notice ? IbtpoHltora are Inlormed iha ?lepoalla made on or before Saturday , October 6. will hear id U real from Ut Orlolier. Hank open ilall} from 10 A . M. ce P. M., and lrom A io 7 P. M. JOSEPH STEWART, PrealdeuU Joiin Mannino, Comptroller. MONKY LIliKHALLY ADVANOKD ON HOt'SKHOLS furniture, idanoe, watches, jewelry, ulate, tfftuik hardware, nautical, eurKlcat an J inimical liiatrurni-nW iln R<Mida, boraea, waK'tna, harueaa, and all ntlu r dcwrlpiioua el pcraoual property, left Ui lie aold al auction or bought nm l'> ruili. Apply to McdAFFKAY A WALTKK*, M Oalberla* atreet. ONKY TO LOAN ON HONS) ANI> MOKTOAOE. K. W ('A.NI)KK. 6 Wall alreet. M MONKY ADVANCKD FOR 81IORT PKRIttDHON RIAL eataie, diamond*, watrlira, Jewelry, plate planofortee, dry gooda, horaea, carrlr.icea, ami every description of proper ij . by the reaponalale Kmnlre L<?in and Acency Company. 0. WILLS, Agent, 3&i Broadway, oppoalle the Broadway theatre. Mariners- savings iNSTinrrrow, third ??., corner of Ninth mm?l, lor the benefit of all claeao* til peraooa. OHM DAILY, from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.. und on Wedneeday ami Saturday pruning" from ft to M o'clock. Inic reat at 6 per cent on auma of eMKl and under. and on Mitua over S600 a 1 6 per rent. ISAAC T. SMITH, Secretary. *?* Depoait* made on or before the loth mutant will be al* lowed tntere?t Irotn tut October. Manhattan has uoht iompasy, ootobir i, 1HA6.? 'Notice. ? An Ihataimcnt of one dollar and twenty tlvecenta per abare, or two and a ban (ier ami on me new Kcrip Stork In required. lo be paid at Uw office of the camp uiy, No. HO Fourth avenue, on the Iftth of October biat. The traoafur hooka will be cloaed Irotn thin date io the M'h luit. My order of the Hoard, S. U. HOWARD, Secretary, V"0TH K.-0rriCK or mollirrk ma ncp AtrriTRf nq Al Company, No. .1 llro.vlwav New York, Hwpt. ft. IHftft ? Ity a reaolatlon of Uie Hoard ot Troeteeaof the Mnlllere Maim lutnrlii* Company of New York, pawl llrat of tfepuwnber In mant. the atockhoid?ra ot aald company are hereby callad upon to pay In an Inataltneut of elwhly dollar* on each ahum of the aioi k tin-roof iiu or before the alxleenlll day of Dnceuioar n-txt. under the pi tielty of forfeiting the ?halt* ot n ick auliacrlbee lor. By order o I the Itnar I of Trtuvee. KDW'D. U. TL't'K KRMA N, Secretary. Office ok the ohio and Mississippi railroad i otniiany, nw Merchant*' Exchange, N. Y.? Tli* Interei due tbla day upon the aeceod mortgage bond* of the 'Hiloaud Mix*ia*ippl K.ulroiid Company, will lie paid ou presentation i heir office. Oct 1, 1^66. Omm or THK Fit JHTIf A TBWUK R ATLHOA D Company, Hew York, Oe I l*/?.V ? \ piar'erly dlvi iiend of thine per cent on the capita) n'ock of thl* company hue Una day been declared, payable III 'It-mand. It. PALMKR. TreMwer. OFFICE HP TIIK CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAM, road Ootnpany. 18 William *tn ei New York, Sept. IT. I "66. ? Dividend. ? A dividend of four (4j per ci ni on the capital Mock of thin company hm been derlareo out ol 'lie proll'i of the laM al> month*, pavahle at 'he nflirc of the romp.tny, on and uller be 2tth Ortolier. The trailer ln^ik- uill ne i limed Irum the ;i ,h to tbe Z&lli (>c oln r Bv order i it Uie Hoard of lMr'-' tiira. K B. LITCHFIELD, Traa? rer ROSR HILL SAVINOH BANK-NO. ZBl THIRD AVR uue, one door above Twenty-ftral e'reei open dally from 111 A. M to 2 P. St. , and Wedtieaila.t and Saturday ev?mnjra Irotn S to 8 o'rlock; Intel cut at all per cent ou nunia of tftUI ai d under and live per cent on auma over |H0 llepAilli ma le oa or before Monday, Oct. lti. will draw In'ereat from ' t?i 1. WILLIAM H PL ATT, Prraidenl J AS. K KKKLKK, Vice Prei'L H. l<ior*c.?vtiW, airru'at i. Tiik orkat wkstkrw inhdrancb company 1 avlng Ha ea?h capital all paid la. will cumiiiii v taking marine n?k? on Mi nday, October I, ?t their office, <iri ai Wea tern DolldUi**, :iS Pine aireet. Tlil? company return* to Ita i untooiers wventy live per cent iif the net prnlltn of the vaar'a btialneaa, la icrto. Onilaa ol the pro?pe lun and charter ota be bad by applying at the Se<-retarv'a deak HOI CII.AS itoi'lN-ioN, Secretary. r>WfK MININO COMPANY ?THK NOTFH OF THIS pompany are Imn^ht at one per cent dlara unit, by OKOK'iN M. liQWK-V, Broker. 7 D Wall street ANTKD? THE LOANOFfflr*! F< ?R TWKIVK MONTHS, lo be repaid at f.*V per m-OIJi. iRJVel. 'JO per cent.) Se curlty maile nallafartorv Apply to Mr. J. It Hu laion, 'ft Jlroauway, room No. ti't, ftmn llo'dork to 2 P. M. IIOt'HKN, M'., WAVTED. Ii^l'RMSHKD HWKLLINO WANTKD IN BBfMJKLVV - Two flrwt elaaa tenanta are waiting poaeea^bm aoon. Hwel .in*- to let ftft Sei ood place, on ? arroll |>,u k, Flrat p.' ice, Hlcka, 1'a cltle, Ryeraon atreein, and othem In virie'y of -tyle and lo cation. Apply to JOHN KRAINRRD, Wall a'reei ferry. Hri oklyn. w II OI'HR WANTKD?A TWO OR THKKK HTORY tlOCdlt, btiwetri s??T4in?J ftiid T?ntli runt uo t>rer tiW. litr* kti'irt'M- It. A.. Ifpr?!d TTOtHR WANTKD.? ANY FKR90X IfAVI.VO A COS I 1 vift.pni ??r lo tn n D?i|lbOriW<l. wUhto >? *h??ri <JiMf*fir? flf tl*** (.'ity will It-Href m t <\ ? bj mMrr-ii# m Un* to O. 1> jil IciA^tTig it A' il< rmkt <moe. HOt-K -WaNTKIi, A MAiJa HOT >K. < ONTAlvrvu the mod?m improv ? tn**r>'? Urimrrn h+efmd ?nd Kit Ui ft v?* Bti^n, nnd iK?t Twri'li'th utrfrt. A l4rmw. *t?(iiiK loo* t on itwl t# rn' fwtiicb nmit be tito4intt?,) K-ij{a r Ubfcm l*"?f 0 Of. ]>AKT f?F A I' n \ KK*PRCTABI,K J purl of Br for a |?ri ? . %*?? family. * ft)* i?t i-hiM/ *? t hoi to rtt ?*< 1 fS&t). nMkNt ftr?* ? ol VovriBtw. Al l*. IIctaM ? C - * rpifK ADVKMrtS/fH WIHHKH TO HIRE A ORNTfcEf, 1 bonM?, In m fo<Mt U thorn trti n ti.'i'e*' m ? k. fr ?m F lilfod or A'liiii'W ftrrlf*, lift wb*r r'-nt fit ft p>r Hon oi it wo l?l hf '*lirn 'a ba?nl, |?fi?fi?rfei Undoubted r?f^rrM( Ktrca. Atklrmi ffotie#- 1 l^ril-I ofli' *? rpo BrirPER* -wantfd to itrcha^f from rr.s I lo fifteen hr?n?>^i in ihf ii| -[>#>r of fh^ r"v or Hr"ik ?n v*lu* to 17 000 ? i?*t) t? ?r whU H thf p'irrbnmr win )>*> bftif calt ?n>l ii?if in vftiUfthta Hr-*>ki*n !'>?*. frt?|o!r#of A. krmiAii, JU Wwt Thirty lounh Mrpfi, lo A. M., or of A. J. Kmd* , M'? Uorioi *fi?r * r. M. \tTAwrmT>?A rvnninmn tiovnn with atx no f? ?1?*rn imjW'#c*m*?>i??. in -* h %*.i Thirty tn 1 Ihlri ? w1 Hu h 7h# v1 ft i UiAi i* wtinmr i**y f 9imu? * uumt h r r >mfj-4 pff-Mlfi tlfmJ 'he Ut of Hty lr* a boo.** AtMivrrtvi^ hi# I ? v i r j.< A (Mr*** h <>* I ' ff*' ?? *11' AST'*I>? A < MKf.V A V H COHPf.BTEI.Y ww fnnt>h#*-l i f '><?' hf I ??ti* I 'srnj1'. "> r^n" front |?t Sn ftttthtr ill m< ti'b* lo '?'*?! I.eiow Twffiit thiri t'?4 imUt 1 blnl At <1 b *?etiUeA Ad4re%-* Ik?i ?i Pim fiflu*-. It ' ANTKf ?? A H01>K OR FART OK A MO' - V H ?? or ' f- '.?' ? ? I, ctttkm r.ftt ? I ?ore Rerxmtt atmui oT(*brv?'tt. A 4dre-.* >K?f 1 h'J* Po?t of!; re A.VTK! -A CfH )Jt O.N !> H A h O BAO A T KUJt W Hr4(b*ori foMoftfll. H'l'^ti ItJMWl, X*w \\ axtkd TO ;ikm-a kmaU. mTi>i on pa it r or a a , e, preferrel rj B alway m 'he le' a.-el . Hi i r. ftwe#^i f|ft? 4 |f?f) ftiiti' *? - *? ?p'? ff|[ tb?* '-fit inon h# A4<lte' *0 V* l>oi z.y* 4BMMA AW r 4 ^e*r-f4ni MUrmM rn.v-iN nrrii 11*1 (If > I IVf-lt 1 . e / ' xoror r anurrKR DKwritr ka h - V I atrrr near Biaewe. K?*a" M4I Mr * baa : ? ibe lie |i irt?i. veara I ?ear. er^a?e-i ?> l<irataa?t,? u> I*. Ua a, in New lock at.l ?a i cMJ a-'fti tae a at a n> i ... b*. (?? '.a", la tntally charfel n their MUaM ?et .. ?..? . 'lie ?at?? ?tj ,e w .r* wiurfc > ,f kMWtJ 411 > , nr u b'| MMM ?<tn>aaa*4) u? A# pa'i'k '|[. a .. r '?vm? aa berc -f'.-e eliarffed ilaajkii Peeanaa ?> W? ' J 1- ;? e?! veeib ai? raaHHwafu' y ff*ei 'o >1>, e- faawa#ti'ae .ewl e-e He irlii |># m v kag^v so 14 Ma eyateai ta a afc. may fa .e b.n, ? a 4 ?< - t***l ni rM ad tea ? ? ? AH "tha >aaa?.?i ? . ha prate?* leraea-tQrartttl/ aaaft. HOAR DIM* AND LODOIKO. 070 HHOA DW AT. ? MRS. KKMBLE HAS ROOMJ FOR I t-" ?alu?Uea and aingte pamonu. with or without bo ?rd, iu the two aplendl.l bwi?e between Twenty. (Mfh Ml /went, autll ?UtH.-la, looking op*,n MaUutou ?.|uaic. Q/{Q BROADWAY, VSU)S WJL'AKK ? TO MIT. ON OUO the Bmt of OcioImm-, nandaoiue xili of (i?e room*. thr-? Miaeloiia bedroom*. dre?ln< room, <1ii >Iivk rouin, liatll, l|u. at., lor a aelect family (or genllemeu,) wlih or wiiiioni board, ?i en Ibe Knropeau plan. Heal cooking and attendance 7 CO BBOADWIY.-TO LET .AN KLEQANTI.Y KIH I nbdied ktilir til room* wtih a faintly or .ituln ffiiii.'eman : alwi, a parlor anil two bedroom* on third tlcur. tli? bonne u Ural claa?, aud couiauia all tile tunlcm improvement; ptnimbli U N411M, 711 BBO A DWAY. ?A BEAUTIFUL KltONT PABI.OR I J J ami bedroom ady iuui?t, on eutotiJ Hour, and three nirplng aparinicnia on third lloor, (tillable for a party of three or tour gentlemen, a lew door* run) tint Si>w Yoik Hotel. No boarder* In the huuxc. Bath, g&?, Ac. Reference reiutrel ?*^4 Q BROADWAY? DKHIRABT.E ROOMS TOR KAMI UtO Ilea, i tin Broadway. Dealrahle aulta at roMM for fann ies, Willi lull or partial board, alao, room* lor kiiigh' genUa men, iranxtviit l.oarde'* iK'i >mini?Ut- 1. The iklKjvi himae lias recently i banned huinU and ?un? through u thorough i oura? oj repair* and rauovatkm MltH. P. BKOWNIKU, Proprtetrea*. ?JUU BROOME STRKKT.-TO LET, A*LAR0K AND OOO elegant ftirub-hc I back parlor, to two gentlemen, or Schtlcinan and wife, with or without hoard. Th?uou*i' lia? .ill ie modern Improvement*. between Broadway awl Bowery Cat* and siugex puna the door. f)(\A SECOND AVENUE, OMR DOOR HKLOW THIR r taenib ktrrel.? (ientleinen can obtain handsomely turnlsbnd roowa, at a moderate price, with pur ml board if dealred. In a house harlng every modern eonrenlencn and a de-irablu location. No children or boarder* In the bouse nn.J WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET ? A PRIVATK r family, occupying an English baaeuieni Imu.e, with all 'he modern improvements, wdl let to a gentleman and hi* wile, or two single gentlemen, pleasant rooms on tb? second Hour, furnished or litifurutobed. with board. Relet ern e* el changed. NINTH STRKKT. -SUITES OK HANDSOMELY rarnWied rooma to let, on weotul and thlnl floors, to lainlllcs, with private table If preferred; house first cla** and yloaaantiy located, near Broadway. MO EIOHTH STRKKT, OPPOSITE THE MERCANTILE *?? I'thrat y? several pleasant roouu. Willi board, ma> be bad. Reference exchanged. IOl BLEECKEK STREET, THREK Bl.Ot'KS WKSTOr ?JI BroiidvMty.? Kotuns ean be had In nulu, or aln^le. Iran* alent or pertnunenl, with board, at moderate prluen, In tiie above i lax* bouse, with all the modem uuproye;ueni?. Ballia, gaa, Ac. mTKNTII 8THEET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 1 nlveraltv place ? A anile of hand-unuHljr furnlihed rmmia, firm tlixir, front parlor, and two Urge bedroom* attach iwl, witii priTKtf Ublt, or wlii ho lui v*j single geuUeuivu, wiUi or witiiout board. Term* m'xj'irmto. 1(\ti KAHT twk.vtv fikht rtrkkt, oramkrcy p?rk.? To let, from Oct. l?t, one lHrg?? room on tb? tiiinl lloor, with plenty nf clonet room, kam ?ik1 water In the nx)in. a tmUi mKhc hed; mImo two roouu for kidkIh gonllemeiL Cil PRINCK HTBKKT, WKST OK AND NKAR BROAD OX way? B???rdlr?K' areommo-latlon, H'llUble for ?i?ntjen?en and their wtvei, or Annto gentlumeu, ean he obtained auhu fljr?ir rlanK reaidenee Lo<*auon oonveuieul aud ^leaaant. Iloii^a well ItiriiHhed; hut lis and 7 | WKST TWENTY TIIIRD FTRKKT ? A Vi.RY PR I T iiiiahle null of ronma. romprt^liiK tl?<* who In n( ma eoud floor, and <;onatatlug of two large rooaw and two bed rooms, with pautrie*. nuiiable fur >v Kuutlemau and hU family, or two Rpntlemrm with their wlve^, may be obtained, with private table, U daalred. KRANKMN RTHKET, flRHT HOUHK WK*T OF I 1/ Broadway.*? A line large front room, beilrmun aud pan try ?tUi? hed, on the seeoud lloor, to let to one or two gentlemen; trreaJLfaalMTved 11 rtsiutred. AUo, alttK'.e and double ro?>m?, all tieaily fur ulalie*l. lni|Ulreait above. ({C MACDOUOAI. HTRKRT, A KKVV DOORS AHOVK fit. J liouiioo ? A HinalJ Kuhfern family will let a nurlor and bedroom, rio^eta and badi ronnec^d, al?j one hall bedroom, fur ImJuIiikh, on rca>onable term*, lux ation denlrubie. Zi J LIHPKNAKD STRKKT, KRAR BROADWAY? TWO f /' P larffe room*", on the flr-?t lloor. handsomely fnruUhed, alM?, an attic room to let. w ithout board. I r OROVK STRKKT, NRAR BLKRCJCKR? TWO RLR ^r t7 ^antly furnished parjora on 'h?* ::r^? and aenmd iloora, u?j let, with board, t<i K<'ntlem?M( and ilictr wt*en. Alao, a<H-t?tn modaUonafor twoalngle gentlemen. llou?? first el<ua, rop2ftle| with lioproreinentH, Alw), fine rooma with board, at 157 Bleeeker street. Trrma inoderair 07 NINTH STREET. NRAR FIFTH AVKNUK ? II AND 1 9 I aouiely furnlnbed rooma, "tillable for ffsntl#mien an I their wlrea, or alnab> gentlsman, will ha ltd, with boanl, In a first claaa Uoum*, 3? Nmtli street, near FlfU? avenue. UORKAT JONF.H RTRKKT.? A HANIHOMK sriTK <it parlors, with bedr<a>ma and hath room* a ta< hed handsomely furnished, to let, with prlvtlegea m the kltaben ; also, rooma to gentlemen, without boanl. "lO CARROLL RLACH.? l'KRKONH WIHIIINO TO M A K K I?J arrangements for th?- winter, will ftnd dealraMe apart menta at 13 Carrull place, street. (ia?, bath, Ac., in the bouse. Hvft rvnr.r rr>4 uO'fil 1J| AMITY STRKKT. NKAR I5ROA DWA Y ? TO LIT, 1" '?? one ??r two single Bentleni?kn, a front parior on toe ?>ec?'Dd lloor, neatly lui nUlied aa aiuin^ and bedroom, in a 1 lain but reapeetahl** piirate tamlly, where there are no o h r boarder*. Terms very reasotttble. I'arual board furnished, It dealred. A 7IU.FF.rKI H 8TRKKT, KANT OF flROAIIWA Y.? TWO freiitlfrurn can liar* w room, wtth or without |?ar?lal h*ard, At No. 7 Hlre? ker *ir? f*t. An of&**, for niany y?ar* occupied by a phrabmn, to let. None b?n peraori* of the Firm respectability nte1' apply. A HUT OF ROOMS, WITH OB WITHOUT HOARD, wanted, by a ?in*!#* gentleman, tn * hnuae located in th? upper part ot the H?*vt me?*?th waid. Would mafcf* pi*rm?tieni a r rent; emeuta for d?*lrebie rooaua. Adlr#?i bos 2,I&T J' >*< ol&ci. MAN ASU WIFK OH TWO hfVOLK (JKNfLKMKV mil t??? iirr4i r?ii.? latetl w\ th room* and board, at IV# llu i aon fieri. Mtua'toti pj? a**;r near St. J im'- pnrk Farnir *mall, and no children. Room for man ?fi4 wife iinfurnlali** J, All ANOSOMFI.V FIR N I If Ff? f*A 8 LOR AND BED rootn on Mniod floor, front room* wFh or w1*iio?it hreuk taat, to let to a aluitU* Kvtilktu ui. To** li/ i*<? U*? all 'h?- uto <' em Improvement ieruiM tu^i?nit?. Apply at 121 CfMby a?reet. Af I HMSllKli J'."? -M TO I.Kf WIT II it< \ If I>. IN * gen'pel private faintly, to on** or two t*?nt)emen. or tii-inan and lady modern built bouae. cmtatmni laieai Im provement*. irr aUon 13) Want HtSteeftii atreet. Referee g?v*-n and required. A \KWI.Y FURNISHKD FA K LOR \ N I) BKDROOM l\. for u iteotuman. or a *u,tr ol io<m? or * part) o( geit i ?meu, to let iri a fir-t rla?* t?ou**? ? ?oitUlnliti/ every modern Improvement; j-ihai" faultily; refei tm e retired Appiv at No. 'S3i WfM Twentieth atreei, between lite Eighth and fclnth avrn um. AFtRNlSHKD PaKLOR AM) BKDRQOM TO LKT for one or fwoainifj'- ganttemen. luflnlf m Mr*, nsi lenhuGfc'a, No. &JS hioH.lwrt), opposite tl?e Metrop . tan 11 ?Usl. AIIANDSO.MKLY Fl KNIMIKIi PARLOR A.S1? I t. Jim id to let <?? iHitlf'iK D. board wrb prtvata labia if OftiiMt. Hath and in the hmiae For further particular* Inquire at 763 H ad* ay, between Highlit hit 1 Ninth mree** A YOI'NO LADY. UHKHHMAKKR. < AN HK AO <ia #*d b'?ard ?n4 roooi, in a prirati* tann.y. I Ilroa laay lN?t ( flier. AFKW SINOl.K OKNTKKMKN ??H A fAJUY UF OKN Uewo, h Hi ptoaaan? rooioa with l? ??r<in" a nr?t ria? Ikium, in (me of th# mr *t h?-aiUiy ?ii<1 delicti' fill p?r t* >f thr rHjr. T!h? !? in p^rftH o??l*r, having rttry r?mv?ni cnoa, an4 will ao?*m?aiodat# but f?a batrdcri, *> Uia- it aiil a.J'l f?? ?Ji#* mm ImI rfrcin of a j'ii*a?aiif and <iappy Apuir a i W fat Thirty ??s<aatid * rr?* bttareti llroadway and rlflJi h ?. cnu*. AOF.NTI.KMAX ANO WIFF. OR A 0OUFLS OP If If* ?i'- ffanfk n>? r?. may ??a a# #*?oio?o-lat? d wrttft (M?ard in a prl *aia tsoiity. In a )K#'iMr with a. i the mod^m tmprovrm? u' mieh aa batli, fa* 4c. R#feranee ^ubiMtd, In i tlr* at 121 }S r*t Ta#*ntft $*? rojrfl nirr#-*, b?twt? u a *ud Sevou b ava ittie* near tin* 8e ?*t?.tmvrnor 4 LADY A VP OKVTLFVAX * AN OHT 4 IN A VI. V \ ^ V not Qnttjr forr?i*Ued raom, on t??iri Asor of a mo flam ho 09, vm board for the :*<iy ?? $7 yr w.-#.k ramlJ/ ?mail fti.d a^on ? entral t?nd near Broadway, A i J<- Mr- Jlow Urnl, iUrm '. + h} |'o?t ofltee. i e M ALL FAMILY WISH TO I KT. I AT ItM-HKIl w lUi ?> .-.r-i r* d or rontj'l I?IHW ?W.. M and Ito bi^lr-'Oi- nelijMori,'**! pi?*a?arii *r?i r-nj#- U'.its I *?f? ieike??* j{i\en and rr*jnifed. Apply at t'Slnum ?ur<*?*'... FTRKIMIF /? KfKtM TO l.V T WITIIOfT linARIi. ?'/ one or twogertUeiften, a' 4*1 Qre!uir4 - 're- . A A 4 Fl KNIMIFP llOl>K IORI NT. WITH \LL TJIK M ? >V ICPI <mprot? nenfa In 'fw ntj^tothwi ?if Loleea?yw?; or the lady who ? r0|?l f would ?q, *rtflt?ad I' a, t pairty. Ad dre?* Hmm, BinW a#aa 4 KUWItf/OM- Hl'ITAVt.K F? It F 4MIL0 \5fD **I.X ^'\ |f> t+n* "Tit*-'. ?? wi'h !?? a "?'?! ' -o '-r>*!? ?. ne ho'iea. w??ti * iita ia deia lmpr*vetn<* it*. % lated naa^ th* !a?hkmahie * j* arr- and i '?> ? ? ?-?! rv r .? i* ? I ?#*n r?> *w*>ak Hvffii1 <!tt jUir?4 a 4# fwai . *r- la'atw' near Fifth a % en oe e Ft RITl^HFT) H^iV TO LK r? TO A s I N . I F >?KX '.aman. wtfhott .'?ard. In mm a; ?*a F.m \ UMK PARLOR A HI) AlUOIHI^O ?-?> FI?I?T J V flnr?r to let f'*rni*he<L to Apply al Ifo. ?'j ytiaet. liaw % d \ lai^t. oft LApt ah* aK^TUXiir. ' a* life ? t#ar4 foi indy, ;r< a pleaaaMbt * &'i > t a a- >ri dt a/? ?? *???? o I.i'a<iw?r ne#r lf?. <? -t ? .- ? f*m y ?rna.. .? * i* Addra?a Wonna Itraadway Fo>' < ff * \ f9MMpD nniooM to LiMo a ourrti M If! . ? ^ w mo ovtnd noAHD- p? f \?A5rr Aonr.r aslr towfa |j nr.? Taoof t { * ? ? p. ne * I ? at d(A Ho * ? a HOARf*-TO I VT a I 'FS: H<f? FF. R wi'b #a? aud ^riv' "4* * ? ? IO Hpetef at, 'hre " u ?f*' r?f K? ja<1 wk H'?ARr>-- 1 * A rarfATS MM T" LVf TO A uaffiiart at.i a!? a if# art) a ??? ain^a fe* ' a mtfi " fi^'r asndeow'- a^ 1 ri* o. . a , f?ar a * flOARO ? TWO orjfTI.RW' I I V?r> t'^rae ? r*^ *(?', ? fit* tn % prira'* .t. > A fed a??r Fifth a*" tr? a' ST; WMM |#of?a BOAltMMi AM) U>DUlKa. Boa rd? with nkatly k'rmhukd noon, for a tad? and gent'eman hoard tot <L* '?dy im'.y, and breakfast end te^ni the gentleman. If required. lloiu* town, with all the IBhlrrtj Improvements, whole there areuo oihar ixvini era. A Ui(^ Archabald, L'uuju a<|Uate Pgn ulU ?, for two (lay*. Board -rinol* okntlkmkn. willino to roo* together, can have good room* on ancond or third floor with or without partial hoard, In a ?mull private family, ?:i Vestry street, one 4# lock from Canal street. Terms reaaunable T>OARD ? HANIMOMKLY rfTRNlHIIKH KOOMKON THK .1# second floor*, (front or bank.) at 4*? West Washington place, to let either tn families or dingle gentlemen, widi or without board. House c-.utahi* the modern tmprorciaetiu. Referem ea eichaugcu. BOARD-TWo or THRKK OENTLKMKN can bk \? ? ouimodatcd vrltii full or pari! >1 board m a private family, at 25 North Moon >? treat, uear $t. John's park. BOARD.? -PL KARA NT ROOMS in si* its ok mi volt. with hoard, may he aecnred for the season by select fa mllle*, (without children,) or single gentlemen. at IfMandltM Ka t Fourteenth atreet, lb?- house- art* newly imtahod and far nidied, wiih all tiodero liuprov* turn * ie??Uaite fur tirst c la*? ri-aklences Reference# emh angel S. B. ? A fine suite of parlor*, wl'b bedrooms attached, on first tloor. Board-vkry plkahant room*. with oood board, can he obtained ?i Fourth uv<nne, by respc. ta bie families who de-Ire a oomJortable home ft# the winter; house modern and location central. Board? a hinulk okntlkman can bk aivom moda ???! with hoard, In u private family, occupying a modern hulit bouM>, convenient to earn and stages, ana where tlx* commits ,'of a bonie may be enjoyed, Apply at No. 8 Warren place, Charles direct. ?DOARD.? A YKRYHMALL HERMAN FAMILY, HAY! NO j> a i*p!eudldly furnished house, with ali modern Improve menu, in Houth Brooklyn, near the ferry, would like to take (for the ?ake ot company,) a gentleman and wife, no children, or a couple of ?? nUeiucn, to board, on moderate term*. He ferencca excliaugcd. Addreaa B. I'. K , Hi ? I olli .* TIOAKD AT m KAftT BIXTKKNTH hTRKKT, KKCOND J J doo: east from Ntuweaant park and lJvlng*ton plare, lu a private family, for a gentleman and wife, or two or three single Kentlemen. The room* have wardrobe* aud lar#e do aeta, contatiilns hot and <*old water. Ri>(i*r?*iiC4*? ???? han??*d BoAuh axo ri'RMHKKn koom wantki>? r<>R a iienilemaii aitd lady, huard for the lady only. In a prlvah* tamtiv, where ikere ar?i no other boardera. f*rlre. with ftre ami llitht, not to en ???*l f7, In sdvatiee. l?oeatlon between | Oanal mid Fourteenth dtrocu. Ad'ltoaa t'harlea, Itnaidway Post office. BjOARD IN A PRIVATK FAMILY? WITH VKRY PLKA want and atry ro<?tni>, can he had by apnlylny at Twenty deventh atreet, a few doom w??Mt oi KiKbik avenue; the houMc fa very pleasantly l?K-at?vl ami ha ? the modern Improve uueut# . convenient to card aud MaK?*. Keforencos en uaiojed. tioabd \i so 11 nxiYnnTi puci ooiKii or J J IjtfhUi dtraet.? De?drahle r^?m-. wnJi full or parti *1 board, for parties of tflentlemen or funtllea ? an be ob(aine?l In the above etlgtble houae. I'trat <?!%??* rehT^ncew cschaiutrd. BIOARD IN BROOKLYN, IN A PRIVATK FAMILY, with no cUlldrett.? 1 Two or thre?* Htitgle RetiiUimett an t?** accommo<Utted wltb partial hoard in u pleanau' location, wshm ten uiinu'eV wa.k ol the Kuit<m ITrt A larn | hired Board in Brooklyn -fiiauxi books iob i Bin^l** ffentlemeti or Kentleuo-u with tlieir w|v?'m wlihin I live mlutit** of Wall atreet or Honth ferrlea, can be obtained at No. tiard?*n atreet, second 1h?um* from Htreet. Hole rei?'"ea excliansed, Board in iirooklyk k rm BINOL1 QKNTLK men and their wlven can obtain full ?>r nnrtialboar l at I02 CHiiiou atreet live uilnuu^' walk from Wail and f ou U fer ries. Reierenced exciiauKed. Board in Brooklyn rwo OKKtUMBN 1 vn B1 aoc"ru!iiodated Willi pleaaaiit kkjioh and partial hoard, tn a private lamily, at 2A l? Roller direct. Kel- reuced ei? lmnK" J. DOAAP Hi BROOKLYN I MARBIKD 0OUPLR CAM IJ bs pifasaniiy aceoDimolafed with a lo^rnoo tin* *rcon<l fl'Mir. at Ste Henry streei. between rouitrean and AnUty, live ndnutei' walk t'rum Soutii furry; also, two Kiui{le r<*?m#, and an extension room on Parlor tloor, sulUihle lor a neulleman. fcvSry clloi t made to picadc. Hoard in bri>oklvn -a obntsjmcam tHDWint I and a f?w 'single ncentlemen, can he ac mim ? lat?? I with | board at I'l'H WaammiloB htre?*t. The hoiiM4< in replete w nh all | tlrti modern improv?*meiiid. Hot, cold and nljower hatha. 'I hose who are musical will And the houae agreeable. Board IN BROOKLYN -A rtOMT ROOM ON TOT *ecoi?d story, with small room and pnnlrv aibw.'hod, can f??* | bad in n pleaaant to* atiou. live miuutCN' walk from South lerry;also a room for a ?lnKi?* g^ri'Jcmau. Apply at 13 ran j ?re>di?ireet, hou U bntoklya. Board in Brooklyn.? a lady and oknyMman it two Kentiemen. < an be ac. un/n -lat^l wlUi a large handsome room and Iniard In a hon-?* with all the ne> doru liuprovementa, within five minuted' walk of the Sou* h or W nil direct lerriea. Inuuire ut 24ft lleury ?ireet, corner of Congress. Terms moderate. tteferen? ?a required. DOABD in BROOKLYN? IHNOLX OKNTLI Mi I OR J J famlllc ran obtain r**itii? or dulfa of riM-m* in a pleaaa<it situated hou d? In the best Mrtol Brookiyo, hnvim< a.'i tin I I n.odem tiiiprov^tnentd and nnme ootnf??rt*, and only a t*?w inluiin . walk irotii KiiiUui and Wall ?treet terilea. Terum moderate. Apply at 2uti Wa?4dn|(Um street, noAUh IN BROOKLYN ROOMS OKMF.FI.Y FI R I> ntehed or ut?furnUI>i!>d. for fam&Ues or iugl<* Sfi?tJet?**n, on reaa<>i;able term#. Family small dituatton '*onvenl?*m u> !? niton or Wall street ferrle*. Apply at 253 FuHon street. UIOARD IN RRfHiKLYN ?A UKNTLKNAN AND WIFK. or two dingle gentlemen, can h?* ac< omna?jdated with a neatl>|turni>lied r*s?m >>n fire! or de?.??ind f loor*. In an Amcit- ?n family, at 4.1 1 heevei place, between Degraw and Hudson *}s. Ram, g *h, Ac. HOARD IN BROOKLYN ?A f INK FRONT PARLoR. J <?n the dwroud tloor, \slth t so larre c!o ? u attacited, wwi I bedroom communicating, with beard In * private family, re | fi ling in Clinton strr.-t, i.etw ? en Wall and South fcrrls*. Addn ' ( hoi HI New I k Post odkt Hoard in bro#?klyn ?a okntlkm a n anh wifk canrprid'urc board, with plea?*ent room*, in a healdty 1 [l <rt of Brooklyn, < >n.\> nu n' *0 Mm h and Wall directs f*rrl<*?; alw, a *?juare r*? 'Jn, for one or two tingle gensbon??n In-julre a 4< Cinigre?s strce' near Henry. Ref' i cu< ?? r? 'juJred Board in Komi Brooklyn -two or thrfk f>ermanent boardera utsv liavesi< agreeabh* and pirasant home for the winter, In a piliale uoil.'v, wh ere everv a??en tiMfi will be paid to render th- m u> hom? I * ? pieaaautr?aj?na. auii grate*, rioneta and gas, can n?d on r^aeonahj^ ?#?rrtjn l?v appiyltig a* ?.s> Preatd^m street. I In* bonne 11 wiU?in fl\e minute*' v? alk of Hamilton Avenue Ferry and tfou'h F?*rry j 1he roomd are -m die seem I floor, and can h< ha l eommuuf ? sting or s^parat* ly. Hn^RP WANTH1? by A OKNTUtMAM AHI? I. A !>Y, ! _J in a genteel private family, wher** there are no hoarders i| I A good di/ed ro?<ni with 0i?' wtil be re?|uire<i The lady ( not obj?*? t to gVo? .? -v ,n# in Kr? n' h a 1 mush- < o any | n.emberf of tf?? ?srnt'> M?i*t bs u lb??cby uea.f ? <fu dir*< ? ciin\eyan? e to Broad wav or In Hi ?eikiyn ><r .lerdMy nedr the ferrlea. Term? mu?t he r^s^inahb . Ad<tr?'*? ??o* t,i> P *1 | o??e, dtatiug (Uii par n uiam aiwl terms. Referenda ei P"'-"1 1 BOARD WANTED IN \ FAMILY WHKRK Till RK ARK |j no other boarders, by a KenHeman of 1 ?*dp? latnhty Th*? f; toil) of a widow lady pr? terred. Addrs ?* Ralph, Herald B OARD WANTKD.? A Y"l N'u LADY WI^HKH t>oerd In a plain retpe? rable f ? mil w??rre >tisr?ri tiriria d >?' PM< e to i*t be tit>?i i ate A'kirne Th< :e?d , Cttbin OAltD Y A FRFVl'H <i F.N TLF.R A N or joiet habits, in a respe< taole family re?i?|iu< Hi N>w York nKrei 'h am i?nii Una B o- ^ if In. ty. wli* r?* let ?*n?i tn f rei.? h mtwumi laaguajp ?. or ti t okkeepmg, a?Miid ?e taken in f??rfip?'i*atl'?#i '??r nia te?a* 1 Addiet><i Henry l> , Hr ad nay I'm1 offi. ? Board waniki for a ofvilfman wifk ash .'nfdtit in tb?- Peeefi'b ward, private family preferred, ??r pari of d geiyteel ho lae, ?i?? noted t?y a ?mal? faiaujr, fiitMMd <>i imftirnls' ?*'i Addre.k, ? -aong terssa, wb-?'b most tw m</de rate, 1 frowiseu, Herael oii*e?-, %?r three 'lay d, Heferei?re? e 1 etldligrd. li't* ]? HAM i 1 1 HI ? TOIMli . NTI. *AS I I* IV \ R I) WANTED IN THK C 1 1 Y t F4KILY '?p f iVnif person - of the a#f ?tr'l*er , hid wife |a>l , wo rhudren, ay?d " an<t 15, ta?tra to a>ls>S Mset tn a suieti y private 'dmtfy where tl ere wl l ' e u > <> Ur . .a^?fert I^^a ? u f ei warn F?iirt|i ard TblriiUi d an J *'?! I ?*ven*h see? Two w?- I furt. -h' d roiui wtil be r?-4tttrwd *? of them la< e Tei m? u? i?* be liwetaraie 10 tu* ?tde gaa , II d r?e I . ? H d * ?#' r I .! .< do tors: f. At ? ? ley, llerald 'rffcee. ____ Hoard wamvd- for a ym no lndy in s of* t*ei private family or privet* i^dsrdhig bones. Tenw I ?i ??i | ?- ni'di^i > ftef<*r? e# ?? , / i<agkg?-d \, * h- ! -? m I , . me ?'m ? Addt Ihui, Rs oadwa* P'?st ottee. *tatm f.t|f-t? df.d err. n S'a.r rifber atlertd^l tri JJOAI lifNo- I ok f.LVT OAl:I?fV<i I oh 1. 1 VTLFMF.N A*0 WIYK- AL 1 ? RI 115 ? tN1 t ? O* t 1 ? t WlTft I ^ e , I' fw.'r-a iU?t rr J. t'? i* We a um Id^rafite; ?e Henry a </?#? J^?ARDI^O - WANTKD a lady to *0 4 ft ft I* 4 IV "! M: te gr - r> s*era. -A Ot N AN AND fIN WIFK > 4* LADY <n ? t ft 1NO A llOt -* tn TUf ueelty i-a**o,? ^-*4 and of ?*as? *? ijo*. '!>?.?> PR i; At F,*tiif.'i wh f p r 1 1 J> ?a ? * ? < a a ? rw?t*'? .*# *f? ^ is, fe'ere?# #a e*? eafigad- Apply ai s** *0. 01 %*%? Tswr^yl.trre M IRA T or P. ? ? M Hf mpreeeMX, and ps^J leestt* L|<>AKDIKO ? A LAR<?F-. H\*l wiVII T ? Dragon Steewd %m<t sar|lsl?le W ?n ^sWset a - 4 -*? ?*? a 4 ??#<*, ta ie * b >e*ar I a? l lYUm* +*m*. t ? ? ? "I I TlOAHmSO ' ^ 1 ' <iB7?r- > i> "*.V ? V vv II.T |)| # ? . ?n ???>?.? Mm *4 ? n-m , t aitkr* A?tw>l'.> tiwiiwWP* 1 Bf.AI Dt.f - -fO t.K1 T" -.*??? > >U>tlJtUr.* AM t . : r*^1 ? ? ?? ' - u | < r . -?>! ?nlT? ?? ?'??!?? >*' C*? Mi >.??? 'l/H ?? ? 'i*>% dpbM>*r . * > 77a *? 1 ? ^ . o a* Awr.K'i'* < r k?iLY~rwr> m 1 , ^ , ? >i '??* ?..# xmm m a If I'. T ? ri.?0*?T VIM* tini BOA RIM WJ AMD LODOIflO. BOAKDINO -A LilOK l?A<'K Aral floor of h t>r?t ? iuv, prl*?v )t?<iM.?llli ?*., ?rllh rull or P?ru il l<, ,,nr .? two uni-li. tfrnUrmaii rer> rami-nHAM* tf rui* llmiw v*rvqiitst N<> eblllrmi Irrrn. ?>? rn ti*iy(eU. Apply at ^12 HuIUmu ?iiei>i, iiuar A> Arwif UMKIANT rrKNIMHKIl K?K>*S rOR tiKMI.KMAN. Pi without board, at in iJapenJuJ ?ii?et. VVKNISIIKH fUHIMM Til I.BT? IN A HMAI.I. riMVATB r Uioily. wlcji br?akfa?l ami i?a. if da?lrod, lo two or Utra* mnglr yutlriurn or grnlk-mru mot UiMr wIvm, m.vinrti ua !"? Y.-1I , 11M. of puuui. II<I IK1<<1 utrwl a<*K ' ?? and Rlglfc or. imuk iIh- <lin<r. rl> haii^o 1, Apply ?' I. i i li, -' FT 'IN NH KNIHflKll BOOM* T<? l,KT T<> *m?te ;?$vleu>*<n, with or without hoard lVatb liw m the ho- -#? Aj'i'l ?' '?? Wr v* aahlnff'oa [dare ipri?N!HHKll ROOM To \ KT? A PROMT 4tfD HACK r room, With frout iiitir, v ?J? *ned, h' in. I Pearl atriHrl, fMNM t I.A'hAlU pCENIhHKD EO()l H) I I \ I O .1 1 HOKPHi P i-i.' .i.iiiip') .<r from ? . .1! ?!??? .ar e par tor and hodiWMR tblM <*?<mii? ii . ale JRii Mwond murv It o(ii , without hoard. W? oi ?* <?r iv%.? k *t< only, in '? |'U*ai4 uuuly. To I tenant Usrtu*\rr> t?&?on?bie. nOTKL ROOM* f(,R OKNTLKMKJf.? Ol.NTLKMMN w:li do weUUi r -mi-mb*r U*e> van have ? oin?orv%htft mu gle room* lor ?& coin* p?.t night, or 91 00 per wt?ek, at tb* t.lobr I loir 1. rurner <?1 K? end William "treei#. No tor roou** ut the city fur lb* price. Handsome im-kmhhkh apartment* to lkt ('??!)?? mi ili?r of I? parlor and hedroovit, *i<h el??a/-U Ukl hath, HiiiT4?t>N* lor one or two KmUetnen, hreakJaat. If required. Apply *? ft J??uv * ?*ei, j\pi diwr trv>a? Broidiiiy. HANDSOMELY FT KNIHIIKD ItooVM to LKT. IK ? Ujtr* or *ep*rate|y , to famlll*-*, or ?? iflifle gentlemen; IftM en'lre aeeund ti?H>r . csoii*i ?lr?? of rtv?> ronriM, i?l* r<# uu on tb# third floor, will ln? l?*t. with or wlUiout?H ti t (u \ ? r? v . uM?, If rrqiitr<-<J. ) At :i#i Kiw Twentieth ?tr< ? t, Unlwvuti ltr ?iul Fourth hxmmr Mlts Ix i villi: lh> Hn?.v. KMli I \ MII K \M? Minttlf* |?rriM?ni*, with oi wlihwtti U??;?r4 In U??? ' wo v Uoiim <4i llr"<uiway. ironttiu Ma IImiu p*rk, between Twoaly flfth ??i?l Twenty atnh ?trrrt* ___ N"0 10 CARROLL PLACK HLICKCKKR HTRKKT-A. vrry hiodiuitnA front nxiui, on wooixl rt?>?r, with t>^)ro<MM uml i.ainrv iittsi-hed. If d?tlivd% eiiliaMn fur u miiuII fumiMlxxl or nnftinilxlir l; *!?<?, nix or eljht gen'l?m<*n ' h# IMOnvniKlii i wl with )>lt'*auni MK'tiijq. HflVrenceii re<^Ur?d; boune #Ir?t ? Wo VTO. 2 LKKOY PLACK. BLKK< 'K EK HTItKKT. ONB Xi blork wen' vt iir?M?'lw mv ? Fnrnl .h? ^1 r??onu? b< r?*ui if?f)U*V)0iit fti< 4 o'ifviir ii nplendH pMrb^r. b?ib ?n?f ?4* m Ui# tiuu*e, ?'?t (nmitoru eutnely aew. Tvnun iixxU rAU* OrroHiTB i bk MwrmorautA* Bora am uboao way.- Tn l^t, fiirnbihwl pArhirt ?u*l *>???? toitefW or nep^nifflv, wftti n< ?tt>* r., on vnry teitn*, vl/ th<' landlord'* r??i itnl a trilling interest on furniture tn-ln^ all tb?t \? ? q.?*. u t\. I>H1V ATK. HOAKD1NO.? AN V.NTI HKHKt'OM) FLOQB, with l.*ih ?Hai'hM. ?*l?*|TAritVf f'lruUb^l, u# l?t, tu or fclutfi) . Alko nxiotii f..r uta^U* geolb*ni?*n, ?' Heftmtb ae? line, fouithtioor ttotn 1" <ut . ? nth ???? ? t1?e - & new brown utoCM om, And leplete wi'h every eMnventence. 1>ROf HlfcTOKH Of Jt"A?t!>!N<l llfM'HM ARK KN MieWftjfly lntot io?"l tlmi they t'Jmre^l only f ?r tlMI ?i?*r* >hev miiinl'v m ? ? sv^h' tl.> k# Kt i lmiiU<- oltir#-, H4 NeuMtl ?U i?rl, m at F?i"u?o IVimiiii ??<?? IxMird. b) < aillntf in U?e Kh Iiai>ku wlli be |.??Hteljr dWeMlfrM nf charge. /^rilT, (T)MFORTAHLr. AND RI k ? LI ' I I v/ peilor, Willi ??n?* ?u two .mi * t-?'Jroi?iini ?l;omiji4|, for of i ?* or i*o elfiKb ?<?/?'. ?m? o. (with i>?iik*l l?o%*d It i'?? quired,) to let In ? *m?H prlvnoi family wuJ?o?? ? hwn t'rw ton. gmt, A< . Inquire ?* No 7 <1 mu < r< y j ark K*?' Um tleili ntri'? t. on# door from Fourth ar?'iiu?* Room por < n i li mkk i mr r ? ri i rorufbrtable and ban- furnUbri r??>rn? ma . >??? ??#? tata?-d tor th?* wtuUr !?) g< itU nt?-n, In the nuiU a?4l flolahfd bonne 1U5 Amity ntreet nearly OfiiMmlte Hultteau, aw?, Uie irooi baMonerit, n.iuiir'.b) ? ?a^ni*i#o for n j?5ii -Urian** of* fire, bit vlio{ h ?ffiurat*' ??ritrau ?? 'I'ben* t? a !tii?' or omiibnwM tbronvh ib^ e'r??et, and I' b wlihin one blo? k of tb?* MtcA avenue rav>. i* m ??* ujq.W .? al <>v?? QIHOI4 '?> M i 1 MKR VTBO IVATI HOI I ? I TKIP U 'or ihi wtut< i at i ai m ? ? k (* ? hnoM an 1 ? ?% ? ?<?* m<?riat*d l? J-. 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A meet' an <<r Inj idi inniiiy.or ia a wi'btw'A h*?va?*, v^h?? would u?k* \n?- pao^ ??? i?arh n< Uttn tkt Kogliih iMffUllc ttf ahlcti h f |W'?m ?*?-* a HUJe k * ?? heat of rrfi-rem ?* given tflequirad. A>tdr*"?Mi I*. A., 0o* 4,M. I'ti^i otfu r . V\f AMV1> ItY A HlNOl.K UKNTLFMAN K PARI/>R, f f with !odr?#"Ui r?mou?itti' ?'?ntf. in n p > f?m? jr, ?? where therr ar?? but N?ardi*r?, a i'h j-?r?ial ?. d. 019I above Twenty eljihtb atreet Addr^w* ft I{nratdii1i"? T1 ANTED? A fl-w RE PEt I A Ml. ff forla r.f a borne may br ol.'ainfd on i? aa<?nai?.e i-rnn Vn>ini j?eofde preferred. F" ?**b >?i?m ' l-r'w??M| <),* i;i| ? ?f>lt*n?ibt view ?'f um r.***r. ?tl^ANTKh-A NKITI.T MUM HH? MOoM WITH vf or partial board for ?* >? ia| a#t*. wImwmi now a orropjed dally in a *t#?re. wf?h a moall fkrnllv pr?*ferrw^, what*' *be mn enjoy tin- ri>mf?irta *4 a I *>?> ?? A'ltltrw /. It , Jti owdH a v I'tHif Ofli' ? tt*mHug terri,*i?nd !'w a<km II' ART! 1 ? I i 1 ? M h - c ROOM WITH 4 ? II 1 1 ? If ? Kt I n "ml tMN?r?l ' > a vw A ? Ire- J II ? , 1 1 I 1 v I ? ? I ? IT OE PfKlWM WITH IIO A Kit, r?'?|>* * ?)?*? U *M# la H , In a *rr? dewi/ *li|? > ? ?U>?n , M f r t II 1 ?? I ? ? . . ? ?>n^oi'a' I* bom* AU lre?a Hvs>t-e> iabtlliy, Una d uf W \t' II.IJA WKirRO To Ml WITH ftOlRfi HE' ORD 11 rUm Immimt ?*#<! *4toiUed, to lira ? r?e? ar?d !**?'* i|?ferf .?' \ !*???/ '/ Uir#?- nr tow Uri.wti |" ?/?*? wo?.> 1 fu?d ?'?er v "'Hif'-H ' <*k*r <ar4era. Apply at ."<6 E ir b'tor *!?. f . tb- a Hr? i<*0 ir;,'::! WIM ELLA^VUM H, A1TEWTMN. roMI'ARY HE A KH^t AUTRE ^ fOR fAR Ket?. fttifck i4| A<' ?'? i?M ?/? ? a I \ttA eiauilo*- our ?? '^brtliK el' ??i?rrr P*?i.u<*y bar t er' e^ * le e ? ar vr4 M?- e? and *verj ft ri#rv of tar |tr ? '?n band aii4 fttrn> Mi n *^?i#r lfo./? it A ? ? IC \ M a vr M ar*d /T 0?ta/?a *r*m RII?AI WREATIIH EOR TIIK WIMJmn a W'HT tog e??arar'er the nttl* or* ar? no '? fu*?r y pfW flt.rmi, r? trv?*b?'. ant b-. ??!,?*<> ?a*}ia^*?a f-in^wl ftowera In e* h? f I* %i> J / -af.a fr ?iiu an ! ** ?wer? In U4H*; i?eod? ?od ma About # , an't/e.y free <?f mil* (urta. at JAM f-H 1 1; Ch I It w IK? HiwUi) . nea? WlW'ai a' fTT ILEH R M1XT1 RE or rt HKI e A Mil ? OPAlRA ? 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