Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 5
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* dSLS!Ch',^ Vlipniiit Iteticr, Ml naaiie ten. v noth n uw ? <*' *l>',e lof ,sft6- ,n ?"d ?rl,' tonrVsr. -t? superb tahric. li is *uperlatlve folly ?J i,p 1 . 1 a BrOiUwav, ?b?n & hotter am) Uiiai- una ?*" bc LttU "l llB jfecean eueei, near Bekinan, for li 40. Cknln'tt >x*el?lo?wA Superior Novrlty lit tfri?lh> .lfl?r m)(Iiy MperituenU, Oeojn lias iuo rfii i. i " -iiiftt richer .url more Uoeomtng color for ih i i* i nr., i % ?)ft |lRt (han h.M ?VOl. heretofore been produced, f1;1 ? r Ir, KiWiici! or America He Invite* especial attention to r ??* Elctiiiif r, tor l> v it term l.e na? ileeignate d this ne v style, ?*?M for the Hint Hate to day. ''I"1 shape and the peculiar ewofmabr'ui Impart an air of eVgauee to the Kxeelalor wbieu "* i uid alone render it popular; bu' 'ne color a rich J '.i It ?htt' irown, lalt* special arraitlon. In briu.n.g out thit c.'o urre, '.he mo^lnl U'-s been ?o raised as to ?tilt per-iop't *>f n. are* 1 ir young men the low ruwn ha . been a lipied, a..d the higher 'row for gentlemen of matnrer ytrs. Tnora ?Wnbcbut lit tlo doubt that the ExCelelor when seen will lie {yocouuced the most elegant unurt i hat aa yet Inb'e luce I 1 >lu* country. Kor %!e wholesale and retail by tiiiN I N , So. 2 14 Broadway, opposite hi. Paul's churi h. * The FRiMuiinblt Hr.;.? Who Xlm 1 t< a lint thai is ou! <u fashioiJ What would be It* beauty or grucs U *? Ntyle w? 1 an'l<iiiated aud I's tout ouseroble o!df No other qu.iuiv uiuld atone tor that defect. KNOX'S uais always com Imm the lat. -t last >1 with tiio greatest amount of elegance, at &j J Bi cadwuy, mid Bioeoway, corner ol Fallen a', eat. DavWi Fall Style of ttent emeu's Hut* are decKledly thy n..?t elegant hat ever oil. 'red. Those who want ? really beautiful article >t.on!d givo htm a call at 301 Uro id way. second door from Dunce street, where ail Uslcs may be (suited Improvement* 'n lfntK? In the Prlecatwell M the quality, at LEAKK'R ectabllsbme comer 1 haih itn and Pearl strtev, where you can get a goo.: .at lor $3. Remember, LEASK, alhl*oldm?i..t. Kxti n Large Size Oa?ntrreotype? In Color* ?r onlv fifty cer to Ui?te charged tor only fifty cents, ii >g a beautiful ca?>-7 eqtul In quality edW for elsewhere, at wKLLINCrB, t orner 01 Illeecker and Carmine stroots, Ami rotyp.x Beautifully Colored, an Im provement on he 'he patent. Al"0 Photograph* and Da guerreotype* In every alyle of the art, at R. A. LEWIS' 142 Chatham ?trec. Oh I Do Ton Remember the Man who Ar?t took the i;:tle :'n. daguerreotypes at 289 Broadway, ?ome 98 year? 11/50 f lie la still operating, taking portraits 'tyiuichine prc e.ih^, en silver, rarer, and gl.iKa. A very cley- r pltture u.rikcr, ci ononr.lzlng the work* ol' art .atrreeabln 10 the want* of the peop;<\ Hi* name ia? but no natter. Hee his work^, uiey are niodels for posterity. 20 Broadway. Albert II. WlcoUy will hold hli rcitnlir nein.-we< kiy auction sale ol' stock* at. J bonds Uila day frhura day), at o'clock, at the Men h ints' Uichanre. for further particu' * see advertisement In anchor column. Catalogu s may be obtained at the utBre, No. 4 Bread street. ?Vew Silk <? Neiv Kllki-Two Cuara or Hl? h Lyons dress silks, ol superior quality, at $1 per yard; also Ave eases 01 rich rMne platd and plain dot, trim tl to tl per yar t; ?ue rase superior black do., at $1. Theeo were all porehasea before the advance, and are worth twenty-fire per centuiore than the prices a>ied. ?. II. LEaIiUKATKR A CO., !M7 Broadway. K.U1 Olovra? Kid Olovof. ? 1,000 Doten Sn perlor Paris made kid g'oves, the bent ever Imported; will ho fiflered to day at rreat bargains; also 3,000 embroidered col lar!, trim Is. to H' each. K. II. LKAPBBATER ,t CO., 347 Broadway. Ro^er* A Co,-* New System? On ? Price, and no devtau on? every article marked with 1'* price In plain figures. The moit extenalve and varied stock of men's aud tooy?' clothini! in the city. The lowes' price list In the hade. These nrr ti e peculiar feature* at HufiKRS ,t CO.'s great clothing wwrchruao, ci/rner of F niton and Nas. au street. ShAwU.?300 Stelln N ha it la, nt |9 each; 100 troche and cashmere do. a' W; 2<<0 rich ca?hmere lona shawls, from J 15 j) $i(J: al' O Sco eh and Bay State lorn: and square, wool do. li. H. LEAliBEATKlVA CO., S47 Broadway. Lnce Ctu-tnlii.e, from Auction? E. II. Lend BE AT K P. A <'0., ' 17 Uroadway, will otler S*)0 pairs of rlchlaeo curtains, fri rn to to Rio per nair; MO Swlsa do., irom <1 10 ? ?worth tioubie the price avkea. Fashionable Wtll Made Clothing?Alfred Hun roe A Co. No. 441 Broadway, have n"ver lieen so well prepared to please their 11 tends and eu?tom<'r? as at the t?ei?u. time. A.l taes, lor men and boys. Cad and eiatnine ibeir aKor.ment. Oar Old Plarv, corner of John nn'l .V 11 uau ?tretts, .s now well rt'stked with wluter cloihlnfi, fre*h fashion aide, well mane and cheap, our well earned reputation for 'he >-aie of citihlna, ns a' ove d?-ei ll)e.l. we are de'ermlnod ui Budtitain. IiLVLiiV x J il.SMl'P, So and 36 John street. Brum' Clothing Wnrehouae, No*. 00 and ? jPnlton f'reet.? Fine fashionable cloth coats, |fl; splendid ?Bafovks CIJI'.S, if>t 3,'J'JO pair Uiccy -assiuirre panta, 12 50; *fcb Bltk Tests, |2; CAtras'iperflne bearer overcoats, <19, Ac. Scbnstopcl la Tak n?So any the Conitntui* ders of the allied arml' H, the sold ers, "jfl French and English presi, and " to this complexion" have come the ackuowlea sed 600191* of C/srlsin. But what a wa ho'-o warj ? of human 'e at.d pnw ler and bail, and eornfor utile <io li >^, before the Halskotl fell on the seventh Sfsault. Hpeaking 01 clothe*, re moids u* that the will tirwt di^ most faHldou-vCle ^arme'i's <T the season at the large and M>i?,dld clothing warehouse of KMITH BROTHKltB. No. 140 Fulton street, aibie price*. Oc price, and no abatement. IK' Groot Son, Mi rrhniit Tailors, SI rind Hi Fultou street. ? At our ?n>* room, known a* Oak Hail, we are otP-rlm: fashionable and well ma le clothing at a) to 110 per cent below formir yean. 'Jur -"'ock of clorli*, ernsimej-e* nod Tes'iug* ia tiLenuaned. Our friends will ploase call an 1 namine. Carpeting), - Pe(e rion <i Humphrey, 379 (roadway, are selling o!f ihetr entire, stock of rich cat pet? at the following prices:? Velrot carpets, 12s. per y*rd; rich tapes try do., (?*. ; rtcli Bruitels do., h*. Tliree ply, lngra.n,oll. Matb, wr.ii ail other gooils ^oua.,y low. 1'ETEKgQX A lit' Mi' It BET, 379 Biwdway. Carpeting.? Great In'lncementa are otffcred at YOl'NO u JATNK'8, 364 Broadway, opposite Taylor's MtkwKi. hi carpets, curtain material*, Ac., good llr'is.Hcls at 91 per yard, and other goods equally low. Carpet*.' Carpets 1 1 (arpets ! I !? Snperb Mf dallloti velvet carpe's; Englieh llrtisscis, M, per > aid; 80.000 yartl* int'rilin*, 2a. tkl., 4-. and r,s. per . ard, at Uii ijiaoious aalei rootna jf HIRAM AJNDB3WON, OOUjwery. Great Bargalm In Cirpetlngf.?'We have now In store a la rj.-n stock of fad itnu rtatlon*, .Mtn prising vol vet, tApe.i'ry, Br tssels, 'hreo ply and iogralu carpeting, II sir o.lclc 'h". A?., which w? are offering a; very low rates lor caslj. Rich Brussels, 7". and 8s. per vara. .'?MITII A 1X>1'NHUKURY, i5<; Br^atiTay, near Ortn I. Comb Factory? Ladle* are Reipertfally Invited 'o c\njriii e a large variety of tortoise shell dre?3 oombs, at the *ubs ribers' store, i87 Broadway. A. A J. 8A0NDEBS, Pnncy Cotla-ry? A Large Vnrfrty of Sport** *>en'* pen an I po- <et knl . es, of the most juw> and beautiful pattern*, can be ?een nt A. A J. SAuNDiSh', No. 7 Astor Douse an J 3*7 Broadway. Jet Ornament*? A Complete Aaaortment, mnsi. ins of bracelet*, brrwhe*, earrings, ne -kiaee*, ahalsM>. ahateiatne, ct;ir pin*, muds, at OUBOII.S'K, BOABOMAN A TOWNSEND'H, '-T Broad*ray,eortk*r of Spring *troeL Dinner Set*, Tea Seta, and Voaea? W will open on Wednesday, th't Sd Instant, a larit-i as nment of IF ten h china, tmbraetng the a'tore anicles Pri e* mueb mwer than c*er be;ore offeted. W. J. F. OAILEY A Co. Mamie (tores, 031 and (S33 Broalway. Gm Flxtnreall boa Fixture*! 1 1? A Variety ?d ehar, sellers, l rncliel*, Ac , 4e.; immense; over three h in ?lred dUcient patterns, l'rleea mo-vra e. w. J. r. r> \ii.ry a 00 Marble stores, 6.T1 and (O Broadway. Clock* I Clock*!! Clock* !! ?N>'W Style* Paris made cic-ks, In ' lack rr*r'j>, 'nte dl io, and real bronje <asee, mui.y oi the ?ty!e* ire enure - n"w. W. J. r. DAII/KY A OO. Marble stores, C31 aivl tuts lirrvvlway. Bltgant Gcotlif? In all that tlnu of goods which may be ntj '*! elegant ami beautiful. *oeh *s botuehold crnaniec ^. r.clr vafes, l>r' a-es, porcelain ? artici'afor tiuintels, eei.'re tab'es, for the bortdolr aud -hfl totlet? dr?? itng case*, work boxc, papier ma lie goods, orr.amerrol jewe rv, opera Klai<se", walking eace*, pertmennafg, car l eases, Ac., Ac,, there Is probably no .<sjortnier.t In the world to eimi thai of Tl.'TTl.R'Hfaii.oi:* laney s ore, .Vo. Mi Broadway. Si '"sly i*n urn of urlosl .es ted elegant gocds this store 1* wnrtliy of fre'i .ent visits. The Smlthaonlan House, on the Kuropean fha, Broadway, corner of Houston street.? This new au4 ?rge hotel, new'ly fiimisbed and in thorough or ler, with ?U fc eonvenences ef the h'gheet t riced hotels, offer* to travel tin and the 1 ubllc, lae.cding lauules. nr. surpassed a.- imm i taj irns at iuwer rate* than can v e afforded in a . ? other Urst MM* hotel. SUiNKY KOPJIaN. Wnger'l Sewing Mm hin'*.? We hove the pleasure of anr.ciu.rmg to our frier.d? ao< c tatomer* that we an#ncrea*1ng our man ufactt; ring der artiner, ? a a! ?? sulb e Aspateh The Intr 'ucuonof o r .mprored nwhin>?. run* atog at i|. .e spee?l. an! accnir whicg ? ( : 1: rtyof work in n uay, has eau?e l a sudden ru?h of rde> - In 1 <?? day* we shall Lave doubled our weekly product of a^th.;iei, aaa wiii supj, .y ail cnler* pmoip. y I. S H.yj.KR t CO., Zi; Br a.Iway. The Moat Siu* e**mi Operation of late hn* heen the It rodMOn of the new pen and r*' 1! ?, Lowu I s pa ent, made bj*rh. 44 Maiden u.e, B'rnti.', con seuieLt snd rtui abie; it 1 Is" saperieillag 'i? ..... ,. Other r.yiee, which ?ay a - the fottaC at o>? sane \ ace. The moat Successful Operation of late hn* been the r.'rodnc-;' n n' te tin- ; e-i p?, ,.<) rase, rlxiwn patent), ma !e by WILWARTH, 44 Maiden Urie. v'tmp e. 000 vei.ient ar.d I . ii It .? 'act ? spereedlng > uae 01 'Aher ?ty>?, which stay a>o be fou.d at 'ce *atc?,ilace Gayler's flnfre? Price* f.rently Rcdoced? To se tie 'he In'er.-s' "1 a reUrtOf partner tine reliable ?s'?e, wi'h powder rrfoi locks, a. e for sa.? a*, gre i- ly red teed prices. Only depot, Xt !'? srl s ree', liree 0?>r? at ve J'a.ieri .a..e. Patent India Rubber Buttons? A '<cw and beautiful ar Icle; a full a?* rttten' . received fr ia tha fac tory. For naie. aho.e?a e, by IJfc.NKlf OAVBNPOBT, 2M Bread way, between Warren at.d t hatt:. ere street*. 910 only tor a Conn t iy Reelde tire? Fifty fam: 1 and *w bfllliUBg I >*s will be d.ridei among lour h*;i. drea iot?erit er* on u,? p/th of October, lUfl. Fach i ib-.-rtber will receive ai!ee I of two .0*, 2E bt 100 f-e,, m .|,e . iB . ,r Lake Land, or a larrn :.-otn two to -u acres all 'r.r flOps able m jantaltnen's. 1 U.s t* a .!??? ra>>le ipportuslty li r all wlio ?lah a ie.i.thv re?lden?e In the '-.un-ry. Apply nir.e.| - I to t'HAf. wt'OD, No. 3/* Broadway, wscrc dui> < a:. I paapb.e'acan i^e '-ad tree. Whlakere or Monetacbe* Korr?d to Orow k at weeks, by ?y Htfeent, *h: -b elli not data r lrv ;r* -be dh. >1 a b?IUe; eent to any pan of ta* country. H. o i,;i \. StAM, Sti 3r*t!wiy; 8e:ver. H BotttA Third iv-s^t, I ?ntehelor'e Hair Dye, Wigs ant) Toit|xet The t.eet in lie w rid.? Nine pr.ia e r *>tr sfor appi - lug bt* a matted dge. Beware of liti'*' ooe? '.hay re* it in itltcme. Ibe i*rgest ?' k of wlgsar.dl ? 11 ees tn Amer.ja, wlK,.ee*.e and relat'. at liAT' HBLOH'l1, i'.r adway. Will's laiprowed IitMknlaiieoni Malr Dyt?, s Ae?t in use f*r ? .sck or t r' wt. 4 si.-unes a bi . permanent; flhde: rtreotmer.c.fd by cbeml*te ?cd e< ..f* "el <r ap^t a' No 1 <!*rciay " feet, .J A.m: rret'. >ew ? irk; and at W F\lu a r.ret-. BroaMya. auir* lalhlllble Onfuenh>F*r the firo.wtb, . health and > eauty of the hair, to i*w preperi- cr. s of*.t *Wen years' ? anoitg ai d g :t s '.be be*i it eatie'ac r K< >.,l at ?e. iii-r **sv?e?. >"5* y ?y? ai 1. W. w ' ai m Charles' London Conlln^ Mr. W. Rcrlb* | 1er\ "ruggt't, 114 ?'hein!>ers*tr ,h>% ? H.r : Having stiSared much the utni lew y ear* from a ai m sg &ulz6<J ?:aiu of tlio urinary tuuo- I ttoui, I wftfl * ?<lvlce of a mediekl frkmd, to try j He eneotw Charles Clarion tjordial (i in. 1 b&ve (NUPlw Kiir? in stating that a lfr the tue ot theeocond bottle. which I ecught of ) ou, i n.1 ,n been K>"< i?tly relieved and am of opinion, ir un am me stages of urinary derangements, it wnl prcNcni u?s en'. ru? -runent r>f wolniiMniMof rtiiniMfr' kl I* Beys, gravel, awl Other ooncret ions. Yum a, 4c., A. T. MII.I.BR s Kdlior " Useful Knowledge," New York, sale, in Hnodwnv, by lies' man, Clark .t i'o? No. ill; y. H. lting,i< iter of Joba sire* ' , j. \i. akini, No. ilW: Crum ble, covn'-r of l'uurtcenth street; l.e Koy, No. 771; Honmy, TMl J'ellne A Co , ii:s6; ll.ideau, corner of Twenty-Aral Mireet; ruklrnl, NhtH; mall he . ' an I of druggists an I grocers (" lie rally. Oil VBNOOK .t CII ARLhS, 1 Pearl -'reel, *ilo importers. Crlntannro'M Hair )>) c, VV'l-e ?n?l l'uap?M, stand | r ->.--niiiieni above all oom petition. A suite of elegant ,< h ' a1'' roens for applying his ,'ainnua dye, the g.' eateat sLend *rd article of Its kind lurourbout tha world. Ill" n ' w ?' V e Of w gs and tanpea ire pe i Ion itself Wholesale er.d retail ?li'RIM' Al.OKO'K. Mo. ti Amor House. H. T. LoTtl'n M'altpciie-Aii Indian Vi'|(?Ui< hie preparation, will restore. (ray hair to Its ywuthful appear knee and cure baidtien. Call at 7 Hroad.i .iy, .ml tea the ?roprietor, who bus been gray nnd bald, with a go>d head ui air. _ The Beet Hair I>y?'. ? O >1. llallarrt'i Herd v r<l he premiums! tfco World's Fair, and Is warranted, uot only to col<r tl e hair any shade from blown lo black, but will oor red the bad coloring of ail oilier dyes. Ofllcu ao>l store 41*$ a ?1 600 Jlroadway. The "Canleler" Bniploycd In Battle la not more uniformly fatal To those it strikes m heart or brain, Than I<yon's matcbieaa insect Dane, Toevery 'rawllng Insect thing That prowls hy night to bite nr sting. Depot lor LYON'S Magnetic 1'owder and Pills for inserts, rata and mice, 424 Broadway, and No. I) South Eighth street, Philadelphia. " Ukr He?-? In i* cliMtcr'1 The bedbugs will lodge, And all othe* attemp's But I.YONH' they'll dodge. <"M course they will. Who ever heard of killing al! kinds of Insects. and rata and mice, save by using Lyons' powerful pills and powder, Depots, 424 liro?vlway ana No. ( Houth Bigbtb street, Philadelphia. The Great Inhaling Ht inwljr for Aithma, teuaumptlon, and all diseases of the throat and lungs, Dr. CfUKTIfi'H bygenaa. Thousand* l.avo been reatored to health fee paat year liy the hygena. Principal office, No. ,'H't Broad ?iiy, ami snld by C.'. 11. KINO, No. 195 Broadway. Price only Ra paekagn. Pr. (''irtU will he at ihe offlcn dally from U) to I't'ock, where he may he conKuiied free of charge. For Fever and Ague? Doshler'a Plllw, $1. India cholagogtie, 91 CO; Washington'* elixir, 78 cents; dropsy, gravel, Ac., Wolfe's gchledam schnapps, 81. Kor rbenmviam ?Myall's Hie ba'.?aiD, 75 cents, and Myer*' extract roek ro?H, 81. ' Kor *?pprei<Blon, oliHtructlon, Ae., Van Hambert's female monthly pills, |l. For dlarrbcea, cholera morbus, Ac., Mrs. llayes' syrup, ft?? cents, nnd sun mixture, 12' i cents and 25 crnt* eiicr, nt UUION'B, 127 Bowery. Hyatt'* ttlfe Bulmtnt.? ilhmmatlim In It* most painful forms, also si-rofuls, old ulcers, ami the worst ca*es of disease* of the blood, great debility, liver complaint, kidneys. Incipient consumption, Ac., are must certainly curn.i by ihln great purlller. Principal depot, 2MS Grand itreet. Sc venty-Uve cents per bottle. EIc<t>o-Ch?'ii?i<nl Bath? BXanafactarotl by Dr. BAMUEL B. BM1TH, 77 Canal street. Price ol the b?: tery 8B0; price of toot baih tub ffi, with full directions for run nllig the battery. Should any one prefer a body liaih, any or dinary bathing mb rnn bo used by a simple contrivance, which Is given In the directions. Holloway4* Fllll nre nn Ktn Unit Family medicine, and are. recommended to &!! taOkrera from disease i Of the liver and stomaili. it is ItnlUp^iably admitted Uiai they have never '.ailed to < u;-e the ^e disorders Sold nt the manufactories, to Maiden lano, New York, and 244 .Strand, I.onil?n, and by all druggists, nt 25 cents, ti2,S cents and |1 per box. Dliraari of the Eye and Ear.? Dr. Francla 8ALTKH, M. I>., Kdlnbnrgh. Ac . An., ooullat an I aitrist, 27 Bond Rtreei. New York. Office tours, 11 to 4. N. H.? i?r. Halter will forward to any uddress bis publuhed letters s^ou the above auh.ecis. Rnahton'a Cod Liver OIL, for Consnraptloni pertifiila, Ac.? Dr. Ree^o remarks In Ills <ia*etl>! of this raonlb> that tbe name of Kofthton baa ?<> king been Id 'nUlle l with cod liver oil, by rcnt-on of his Inuilable elKirts to pro.'urc and pre pare Ihe gennfne artlele for '.he public, tliat the nnn deserves i<? be sustained In perpetuating the reputation acquired by Rush ton's cod liver oil. The attempt to deprive him ol h's legitimate claims In iIiIh particular, hy a rival hoase. Is unworthy <if pub lic favor, are! cannot fall to be frowned upon Hy liberal ir,?n of ihe profession. PRRDKRICK V. HUSMTON, (son of the late 'Wm. L. Rnshton.) No. 10 Aator House au l No. 417 Broad way, comcr of Canal street. AMhms.wEvery ptison unffrrlns with thle disease should read the able article In the Hpoclalis' for Hen tember. I'ubltehed by Sherman A Co., Aator Uuuse, New York. Ills'ory of Inhalation and lt? Adaptation to the Treatment of Diseases of tho Lung*.? A lucid eXpo?tlloB of (his rub'eot li coii.tnenred In lluu'ei ' i Medical Specialist, beginning wfvii the September nnnaber. All who are in any manner In'erested in this Important matter, will find the columns o ' the ?i.e ialisi of the deepest inierest. ?' per year, II) ceul* (nr a simde num btr^ Piibllsbed by Sherman St Co., Artor Uoum, New Ili-esres of tlm I.ungs.?Hnntet's Medical Rneeialisi tnd .Tournal id Diseases of the Langs. A family medical ne? ?? p ij er, devoted (Mdlseasex ol th" throat and lnngs. PtiblUked on the 1st of every mon'h, at ?l per year; single onples 10 renin. On receiving three postage stamps, a specimen num ber will be bent toenv address by die publishers. fltlKHMAN A CO., Astor House, New York. Harrledt On T lies Jay, Octolier 2, by the Rev. TUomis Towel), at his residence, No. 32 West Twenty-third street, Mr. Tso w -Ciiir*. ui V.'estmeath, Ireland, to M;>.s Maky Bull, of this city. On Tuesday, t?ctoher 2, at f!rsce Church, by the Rev. Pr. Taylor. J. Tniron Tayiob, of l^iulslana, to Errnt, eldest daughter ?.f the late Win. F, Hair lton, of this city. N'-w Orleans papers please copy. ? In Wsdpewlay, (ict<dier 8. by Re*. Dunean Dunbar, WmiBinM. t-V*'lJ!T, daughter i?f Col. Kranklin Cooley, to Dr. Ri'M M. Wii-Kixvo.*, ?.f Bordentown, N. J. 'in .-'urday evening Sept. ?. hy the Rev. Mr fteel, Mr Bjcb/hp B. f'AMritui to Avxi; C. Bl.ii.vcrr, til of Mon mouth county, New .Jersey. On Wedne day, Octr?ber3, at, St. Clement's Church, in this cil.y, by th" Rev. Theodore baton. Mr. Iu.'v fizi.A lloYMi to I< i/iKa, ilangl/ter of W. W. Maclaurin. tnith of Brooklyn. At > aegerties. on Tue+'ay inorrung, OcViber 2, by the Rev. Edwin A. Culliley, l^BKliKRirK C. Bl I.KLIY, cf this city, to Hiss FjI.vmi M. Wrcox, ofSsu/erties. (?u Tuesday, Outolier 2. ut the residence of E. Reed, Esq., Stuvvesant, Columbia ooi.nty, by the Rev. Mr Itai lev. Mr. TiiEnisiitu RoM, of tLli city, t<? Miss Mary C^tti.x, of the former | lace. In Pari . on Thur day, August if, at '.le Ameri n Em basfjr, by the l>v. B. ft. I'm".1., I.. B' ttKilsi*, M. D., to Kmma Kra.iosi Mickk, daughter uf ."JauiuslO, Ogdeu, kift., all of New York. DImI. InPcuth DedliAni, Mass., on Wednesday, October t, consumption, Joegfll .loRia.*. pidoler, furnerlr of thi? city, aged yenrs. Mr. J. ??*> well and favortlily known In New Vork. ami a la-ge eirele of friends wiH receive 'he news of his ilcatfc with sincere r.-|jnt. Kor several yeirs be was engaged In the Hnuts oliic?, and by lus upright, I. .'orable and tuanly conduct -e.-ujed the e<teeniiiud r< 'p"ct of nil with whom he ?ai associated. ''May he rest In peace." Suddenly, on Saturday, Sept C9, of ap>ij.l?xv, /sura If. Bhaim, l'si| , meic:<ant, ofthis city, in the Cist year of bis nge Tin funeral will tai/1 pltce on Sat irlay afternoon, at tw o'clock, trom the (litire.h of the Asceuiion. corner of I'lfti avenue end leu'l) ttieet. The friends of the family, thvise of hi -on. S. Wectwortb, and of his sons-in-law, Kev. Qiailes Reynolds nnj John U. Wilson, are inrltod Ui attend, Without lurtlier notice. The remains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery fur interment. On Tun., lay. October 2, in th? ?-7tlj year of her age. Mary, wUkw of the late 1'oter sleirt, foi merlv of Druin k<w>ran, partsh of Clm ne, county loltHm Ire'-md. I Her mends, and those of h?' "on-ln law, .Mm MeF i- I tyre, are lnrl>d to attend the'ur ral, from her late re sidence, No. 4'il Ninth av?nue, th i< aftern< a, at half psst < be o'clock, without further Invitation. t lufWed&etday, October 8, A<mi Ii < v r* re .nd daugli ler of Rev. John J and Henri inna l.'Imendorf, aged 2 years and U months. The relatives and friends of the family itre respe.-,ru!!y invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past two o'clock, from theChurch ol the Holy Innocents, West Thirty-seventh street, without further invitation. JV..t' n papers please copy. ' m Wedne- lay, October a, flF itK.F Hmtti. ship joiner The friends and relatives are re-i*"*-: illy invited to at tend the funeral, thisaftern n. at two o'clock, from bis la'.e reddence, N". 228 law Is ?ireet. His remains will 'ie taken to Union f.'en e'ery for ltit<*rment. At Y' rk'Ulle. N. Y., -n M"*iday evening. 0< tobOT 1 of f.arlet fever Rrm !}ak? v. age i C years and 2 ! iy?, only cliiid ' f Mr*. Camilla of Aug tsta, <?a. We sat and watched her Ik.soui heeving, And o'tly bent to list her breathing? And tLere were t<.,r- and gloom, and sighing, for that *wcet rosebud slowly dying. Favannah and A'igu<ts, (,a., papers please copy. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, "cV er .1, M ?. Mart Enii.r. Her friend' and aci|tiaintanees are reipeelfuUjr lorlted 10 attend the funeral, this afternoon ?t three o'clock, ftom her late resMen'e, .-'nwart street, near York -tree". On Tuesday, Octob-r 2, Mrs. M v'it Matxiw, ng-'d -Kl year*. l"b? friend* and relative- of the family are respectfulfj Invited te- attend tke f inetal, ft" n h"r ate esidene*. Si. y 202 I ir - ? street. Wiii n .buig ' .i ? ?: t? m< n, at twi o'clock. At Bedford, Wevtehe?ter eo- n*y, of dyen'ery, cr<n'-*et e ' at bearding "ch'-<d, ?.i:< R'.r W. j ingest son of Wlliiam 1 Wo<dc<^k a?ed 16 y -ar? and II inontl j The relative* and Ii lends of the family are invited to attend tbe funeral, from .-'t. Mark's Church, in this city, at a <juart?r past two 'fel'tek to-morrow attern(^>n. IBs remains will be taken to Trinity Onnetery. At I'ar.ama, unlhursday, Fept. 8, Mar.r ,T ev*. wife of I>T. T. ?er?, (in-1 daughter of the bate George King. Their fui nds si. 1 "Vjuaintam e? tre resp? -tfnli/ lnvlte-1 to ?tten?". the funeral, this aftern'eei at half past two o'cloek, irom the residence of Ara Gardner, No. 1 Rutgers pl*ce. At the Me fleieiv < n TUur? lay, March <, of e m sanpti n. after a protract- 1 illness ?erjj'?uji B. We ?tt, e;d?.at -< n it J.i ?. ft. We* at, of this city, aged 23 years, 9 month* and 6 .'ays. He w>- much ?? eme?i 'lyail with whom bet-- laud, and they deeply 'yinpaiiiije with tbe ber?as*d family. AHVI KTISLMEMS RI.M.Wi [I IIVKRV DA? HILUAHO?. Bll.I.I A Rite. ? WK IIAYK ON HAND A 8TU' R Of Bfl. liar .It*<, lea, .ia-e, marMe.oe w .Uy! 0*1. Siva all wgedere jgproyssaenu. fer whieh serer. ired 'hi iSlrer *** ' *1,"' heUig 't,e btabe? prem .in !. [ t1!*" ^ ? bll lard lah.e man ifcellirsr. Aim la I e im el o ha, 4e., Ac., io per eer.t cheaper w ar, an* >tl,er e. ar meat. Jhree second heed 'at, ei tor ?5. h/., f r ^ LROWaTd * its.NM a m{m. Hi it.- aui say. TTATTVO JNTRRTKO MTTPrt an k SITUATIONS WANTED. A WIDOW LADY (>V Kgril?ECTABfMTV..J?IHHKrt A t uatiou as housekeeper or to au< . i an ^Hpd U l v or gentlemao^ or make herself generally useful. (JaSoreferenee. ( an 10 atCQ for two days, ai 1 1\) Ui avenue, corner oi iiotn nl. \LADY DESIRKrt To 0 BT A SITUATION AH WKT nurse lor a faithful woman, with a tfood breast of milk, who haw 'Ivod With Iter in that capacity, aod whom she can n? conuucLti io any one needing sm h a person. Please apply at 20 Washington pia e, between U?e hours oi J and i?. 4 BCOTt II PROTKSTA NT WOMAN WWiriS A HITIJA* A Hon an nurse anil in j. samily 'o Califor nia; *be will bind bsifcl! to romatn with them nix or twelve mon f denired. a, p. . . x ; Llarg, LfiSBft . ? . . w&h whom she Is now living as ooofc* . ALAOYOFT1IK IIIOIIKHT UI.sFKeTAMUTY WfHIIK ^ ai) engagement as h usekeeper, or would take charge oi' an Invand. 'ih? bent of city reference gi von and require' i. Ad dress * ugenia, lien Id ofllo". _____ 4 ITUATION WA^rKIK-HY A RKSPIX'TA BLR ii young woittsn, a- nur*e; h perlee'ly capable of taking chart e oi a jot in# infant; In a very good plain sew ;r; be 4 ?>f city r?n i'iti ' ran oe given from her la t plaee. Please oail at M Went I'Jlh between o'lt and 7th avenues. AWIDDLK AOKD WOMAN, WHO CAN BBINO THH ldgi?*t r? remmendat Urns irutn her lor titer employer*, de^r*'K a ?itualon an ?ldi?i ' i riurso, or chambermaid in a re ap* etable \ rlvaie tumliy. Please apply a. iai Waverley place, tnird f*ou\ AllKilll.Y KOrOATEU AND ACCOMPIIM1IKD WIDOW . holy, without encumbrance, would like to superintend Uie boiiM'keeping of a gentleman's family houaehold, or a sinc e gentl' mm; the bet ol references ?;)ven a* to ber ca I aejty. Address Ma, Herald ofilee, for throe days. A LADY, OF AHILFTY AND PREPOBSKSrflNO M VN ners, Is denirous of meotintf with an engagement to go routb, io Kiiptrmifiid a mlllinerv or fancy store. To a parly reoiiirinK sueh service the a iverttaer would ho found valuable and fully competent. Address Mrs. Mills, Union square Post office, tor three days, stattng 'Abere an Interview can be had. Reference exchanged. ARK#PE< TAB1JB GIRL WANTS \ PLACf! AS 8BAM ?tr< is or chambermaid. No objection to children. Can he wen at her last place, 08 Warren ?t., Brooklyn, lor two days. AREHPKOTABLK KNOMHII WOMAN !H DESIROUS of meeting with a situation as child's nnrse or /j wait on a lady who In fcolng to < California; has no objection to pay a psrt of her milage; has been acenstomed U) travel on the >??a. tJan be well recommended from the situation she has just left. Ap ply at 212 Kulton st. ARESPBCTABLK KNOLISH GIRL WANTS A HM UA lion aw nurse and seamstress, or chamberwork. (loo I re fcrence front her last place. < 'ail at 143 Orchard a'., tto-ir Riv ipfcton. ARKBPROTABLK YOUNQ WOUAN IS DKSIROITB OF obtaining ft Hltnati ?tt its chambermaid an?l waltru", would assist in washing and ironing; ha>* no objection io take eare of children; beftofcity reI?'.renco if required. I'lease ?-all for two days at '&? 1st avenue, betw een UMi and 'Mb s s., top iloor. room 13. Arkhpectablk youno oirl wants a siriiATiON as ( hamberrnald or wsi er, or u> do housework in a small family. ('aJI a? 4W Oreenwich St., between Canal and Spring. Can be teen for two APROTKBTANT OIRL WANTH A HITTATION TO DO Konrral hou??wnrk, no olijwilon to no * itlmrr dl-i'nu ^ In the country. (loo<1 refi ronrt^H, t hii 1)6 wen 1< -r two >l.i i ut 120 Mott It, MM llentcr. A YOUNO MAKKIK.D WOMAN WIHIIBK TO OCT A ilillil to wi t narw; ibfl In vry rlrm Mini twultliy, hh I hIi': run ?Hi" the tw^t ut city rc!crcnc?s. Apply V JJU Wc-t lO'.li ?' . between 8U1 Mid Vtli uvcntieH. ARKHPE<.TAHLK YOUNG WOMAV WANTS A 81TUA . Hon Rhttinhrrm*lit nzxi wali?r, or would uike rnro ol children itiHl <J<> iilitln wwlan; cm Klvn the Dent ?>f city r?f? reurn front her nut empltiyw. I'li i Me ciill at I J) Mih ?'r , 8t Mink's pluce, AI iloor, b.i< li ruuu. Can bo ?<cu tor iwo 'i? A SITUATION WANT! I) ? BY A RRHPKOTABl-B YOUNO KlrL iim chiii.'il'eriiiiii'l i ir waluir, or u> ink" oare of children mi I do p lulu ft-winKj no rlijeeiion to khc country. <'un w?U rftcoiniuemled Irom ner l*nt |)Uoe. Pleu?: call at 73 We* iftth (treat. ARK?PK(TABI.K tilRr. WAKTrf A SITUATION AS clcunlerniHld and ? al'nr; bi tulJy competent 10 fill ill either Mttiatlon. ( nil at l.'K) I2?ti ?>.. b?tWM& Mb aad Mk " "ml -ii i y i ?n be aeon for two dayit frtirn ID to .1 o'flJook. A youno lady wisiiks a nitdatio.v as tka/tjikr i)f mtialc, In an anailnmy ?>r private clan". Atku'heru city preferred. Adilj*it!i X. Y. 2 , Troy, New York. APROTRSTANT OIRf. WAsTS A mVATH n AM rhainliermald anil waller. Jl?? koii I rclcronce nom her lift place. I'an bo aoeii lor two day* at 740 tlruii'hv-v; , in Uie Rio re. A SITUATION WANTKD? I1Y A YOUNO OIRI,, AS cliatnbern aid and to do plain unwind, or to talc rlt u <>l children Oooil city reference If required. Can be >eeu at 124 West l'.Mh at. , for ouc day. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A SCOTCH PBOTRST ant clrl, as rr^etablo cook in a bo ? I or nuhll- i ? .ililUh raent,ur to a?r4at In a laundry, ur moke U>-r -<*lt ti<v.ei ally itu. I ill. Hi at of referunees from ber laat place Can be aeuu lor two days at 12V Wui 2Utti at., one door I rum 7tli aveocn. A1<AO<UII<1WM OTHI, WANTKD? TO ATTKNI) A child under two yeara of Wf, ? Im mint ha IV y and do aire, to I'leiu-e. K or wagei fbe will receive her l ounl an I cJolhen. Apply ai U'J Weal ,""th it., between 12 m*' b o'clock. AI.ADY. JI'KT ARRIVKD FROM i'AKIH. (??ri.I.Y coDipctent In iw .> Wrf-ncii. Kngllsh, miisle an ' ^In^.ny, wlal iwun eiiRBKei'ien' in governuM. v.. r>i>i, -iioo ' ?o ji tn.i South. AddreMi K. S. H., Unu n aquaro 1'oat olliite A YOUNO WOMAN IS DKHIROl'B OF A HJTI'\TII).N aa clutmberijini.1 and to imi" cure ol i liildreu. 't W illi..; to nutko heraelf generally iim lui. loqulre a' her pre?om. place, I!C! Atlantic ?trt)ct, llroolt'yn, over tlie mcrcli..t Uiloi s store, lor two day.. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN A ?mall private faulty, Io to lioum work. City ??foren"o Kiveu. Apply lor twj dnyi, Ir the rear of .'15 Ktiur floor. A SITUATION WANTKD? IIY A KKSPKOTAItl jt I'RO U?.tani young wool in, as ntrw and aeain.tni? and ill il< rsi.iail> the care oCan tnfai.t. T be beat of olti reference given. Apply at ZH 7th avenue. In Uie store. <kn be ae-n OnUl engaged, AREEPECTABM" YOUNO WOM AN WIsHI'.S A KITU A lion Io do genaral housework, she In a good ln.kor ni l understacda her btcdiKtss. Car ! unit -h good ell* tererenee fri in ber laat employer. I'lnaae call at 36 Koat telfa nl M tween 4th avenue and llroadway A SITUATION WANTBD-HY A RK>PF.CTABLE PRO. 'e?iant young wonim, .ui nliarilicnnald and valier, has lived two yeara and a l ? t wl li ber late employer, i>b?ro?lie ean In "con on 1 hill sday, _li? 4U1, between the hours ?? li.' and 2 o'clock, at I'M Kiist 12th st A SITUATION WANTED ? IIY A RF.SPEOT/ HI.R J J. toung woman, as wailr- ?? or "liambermald am' plain f wer; lias in obji ? tlon to the (.ouiilry; can give the l>< ?i ..| cltj refersnco rlcaae call at her c osent slmaUon, ?', llre viiorl place. IO!h st. AERSPECAHI.K PROTECTANT WOMA V WISHKH A situation tii a private faislly a ^ainstre.., or H tn>a and w.ams'reas; uniterwanda til ktmis ol fainllv sown j. io ohjiclton to travi.i; best of r"t-rcuce. Apply at Iw Ijuil, between 1st and 2d avenues. AMIDDI.F. ACKD FRI..VCI1 WOMAV WANTS A SHf alloc, as goial cook: undervta.~ols ? rvnrh ai d Kngiioh c?-* Ing; can speak goud liuod relerence. Apply ut IU 3.">tb st. am' 6th x\i one. Arkspi;ctablk i jiotkstant rot: no woman wisi'oa a ~iiii/.'1.ii ins small private {family; Is a vrl ) lain ci<jk waabcr and Ironer. city releren' , II re i^jlrrd. AImo, a roaj>ec';il.le Protestant >ouni: woman, as tml ermald and scamaire.., or lo take ?.?i c it clilldri u. Can be een for Iwri days, *i IMS fc'ast 12th a' A,1F>PK<TAHI,R PROTESTANT YOCVO WOMAf nlshesto eufage In n private famPya. otmpetent di cs? n.ak'V, by the d*> < r .? K, Is competeui to u-.^ ? ad km Is Jf rfrrswy; Can be .ecu !-*r two d..y s at UJ 1st Lreuu' . t rirH Iloor. YW NO WOMAN WIsTTkH /TrITU ATK i N AH OH Af I erina^l and 'a a*?lst In (he washing ami Iron nif; ha' ti > ol.jecUon to d? housework 'n a small private lirlv. <l??l city retere??o>* from tier iaat place. Please call el ' , Wl-?i Washington pil^e. until e?g*ie1. A MIDDLE AOED KMOI.ISII WOMAN WANTS A hill ailon as root, witliou' wsalilng. In a good faiony. i>4.l >-Hy referenoe. Apply to r two 221 Weat Jblh , i ee l?x>r, front mom. ARKSPK TAIIM PROTECTANT YOCVO WuViV wanta a sliuatioTl as seamstrras: oan em and (It dr. m PiiiMe rail to' two da>.at 121 6Ui avenue. In the .tore. AREXPE'TAUI.K YOI NO W<>MAN WISIIF^ A SITI ailon to do general linu.ework Ina prlr it? lamlt , can risik, waeli and Iron snd Is willing to mak'- hersell gelei ? ,i useful. Oood reference*. P.ease caU at 2M Canal st., Uiiid wury, Ironi room. A RESPECT \ HI, f. PROTECTANT OIRI. WISIIIh J A slina'ion *s ebain'errial d or waiter, or as nuree Col Io 110 plain sewing; understand. lier h-islne -s thoroughly i?..?l ren mior ndatl'i ? gh '11 A note .tdlrwaani ?., boi I ft Keral 1 "" lor twodav? will I ?) promptly att?nded to. i SITUATION WANTED, FOR I TRI ^TWi iRTIIY A \ O J\ ejportenerd yi ng won an s- chambermaid, and Ui .lo One wasblng aisl Iron ng, or * ould to c iamlierw-rt and plain sowing, or laie care of a child ovir two years old. Unefewp 111 liable referen. es Irom lirr present employer, where ?be can be seen, at 21 Irving place, YOCKO OIRI. WISHES T<> OBTAIN F.MtLOYMENT ie a family as seam^ -s is a g<sel dr>?smieier, sit ? of [airily siwing. Will go ' it by ? week, month flr day. I.a dkt> wlshln* an interview with i.?r nan e?ii ?? 2*4 ?t|an ie st . corner nt B< erum si., *<o<i h Bnxdtlyn.yor three d?/<. if not en g?re^l. ^ iREKPKi fAMI.E OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION x.S elamt eunaid snd 'a ndi-esa. or lo do gaaer* housework In a prlrale family. Cm !?* ?en ftr Iwo days. If loi engat?l. at l'.-v 2n>h st., rear 'iiilldlog, t - ween -ih and Vth |; rs . A FIRST RATE rRKKSMAKIR WANTS A "ITI'ATIOV la some (Irs* Claa. lamily sf ? Is a ver n?* sean. tre alao ran em and (It eht! Iren's ejo-hlng. an I do flwn ly a-wn.jr n< at: kln<la. Apply at X* 7'h eveno- be weetiXSUi and 31 ii street*. 4 REPPF'TA BI.E PFtOTI TANT MRf. DE-IRF> \ ^"\ sP'ia l" n In a prl it" so a cfiitii and 'Um'- oin ?! r r?* > hanibermaH and plain -ewer. Has ??? oby^lon o? go to the rountry. Has 4'rf>d reier- tic^s. ' a, h.- seen tor Iwo days s 41, West I.Vt. st? .oroi.1 floor, In ;lie ear, belw??ti .VU and Ath avenues. FIRST CLAW" DKESSMARER fUIJ.Y COMPKTFVT to underiake tlie rult.tig ai?d lining, or K> take the "har. e .1 a work rr< tn. is desiroa tan -nt In a <u|>en. . A A gs,-?l. I* between I Arfspktablk yoi no woma.n wa -t*a *nt \ tl<.ri?s nnrse, slie has been ewueHmaJ u, Um .-are -if ? l.i.dren .'or severe; )?rs end -an take <1* fall riiarne of an Inlant. The l*.t cfy r?f-r>- . e "in ke gltru. ran',. t.,r layit M Ifcr fai.ey ttore. "2 J4 av^ ic- wv iV^jrs ?M,t l.-Jt rreet. A SITI aTln.V WANTED? I;Y A ft IIXiW WOM ? < JX al^.ut to break up .oti-e , wage* are no tparma aent l.ofne would b? more r" (?kl'e. A pfi r at W Bri ime s' tier' taarmeat, tor iwodctjs. \TOf NO WOMVN W A*TS k SITV \T10N AH <11* M terinatd and plain sewer, or u> auie In wast.iug a??l Ironing> ol efy re) rtn^ee. l'leaae oaJl at tXj 1st I'tnw lira* Boor, ir nt rtrm i Vf'l N<> WOMAN IS DMIROCH Or OBTAINIfKl l j\ sKoaUoa as win. 'rea*. it ac"utpe>ni Irsaseaaker sr.l mllllaer. nnderttanda all kli. Is >f -ewrng. an t has he beet of city reference*. Can be s*ea lor Iwo day ? at 174 IsaureM *t A REf PFi TA Hl.F YOUNO H?"V A ? - ? i b sis*#, ass i ?* sag nt . * (uaCL.%. ;l.'a a. >? Jw ?? , I'A'ti grrt/ATIONfiJ WAiVTRD. Am YOUNG RNGLIHli tflKL WANTH V 8ITU ATlON V4 ? bambei maul, or to do the general I.ouacwurk oi a -in I family. Inquire at 14b Houston u. A mm frencu protectant girl, wants a sitit a i loo, in u private family, to take cart! of .oiidren and sow, I 7 bo beat of reierencea Kiven. Apply ai U.t v. lUrl'ipiuc'S Mb at., th.rd floor. I PR01 IT AN! W( HAM WANTED IAMB J\ maid unit waller, III a -mail lututiy ; -a e nwa b? *b eto tew neatly, und bring unexceptionable reter-wee ? a* to capa bility , bt tiCHty ami good temper. Apply at \J2 l*c ilng on aveau after 10 A. M, A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH 0111 MVS mirec; is a KOod plain aower, wto underlain!* the i e m children pertVcUjr well, or n.i chambermaid iml to do hie * aahing aiiil ironing; Is willing to make her^if tfcuoraliy it ?? ml. 1I.IH the b. Mt oi ?:iiy reference. Please call for two -t \ u fi4)h Houston hi,, be ween Br< -ad way and Bowery, In the .ston*. 4 H1TUATION WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY,

?/\ by a rcapcrtablu man, h i waiter, who U?or ughly tit! cr ntanda hi* busine***; baa no objection to go in '.ho country; is a Prof en ant and a single wan. Can be *een tor two day.i at il3 Proud way. Can give respectable city reference. A^m YOUNG LADY WISHES % SITUATION t? TRA veiling companion to a lady Ruing to California, K.irope or South. For part.cuiar*. adJreaa U.K. I'., Uniou aquuro Post ARRSPRi TABLE 01 KL W1S1IRH A SITUATION AH J houFcmiud and chambermaid, in a "mall private family, or to attend children, Cau be *c?; n for three days at Jil Ll vingfton nt., Brooklyn. A I SITUATION WANTED? BY A RRSPW TAHLK GIRL, oh chambermaid and waiter The best of city reference from her last place. Call at 9ft ;>d avenue for two days. ARK8PRCTABLS YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A HITUA 1 lion as chambermaid and nurse and to do plain setting Han t be beat of city reference. Please call at 418 24 avenue, bctw?< n 20th at J t, th ata. AM RKBPECTABLK GIRL, LATELY COMO PROM RNG land, wishes a Mould a private fatnilj u el tmber maid or to do general bo uae work. Call for two day* at 12ft Knst llth ?t., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wants a nation a< chambermaid and waiter. In a pri vato family. Can be well recommended from ber laat plac. Please ofltfl at Hi 24th ?t., between 64b and 7 th Attn lit A RESPECTABLE AND WILLING OIltL DK8IUVM A tUuatioi), In city or cotmtry, to do general houxework; Ih a giKitl oook, tii *-t rate wioiheranti froner, and make i good bread Can be well reeooimcndi'd. Apply at 211 Bowery, to day or to morrow. Wagea 96 per month. AREHPRCTABLR PHOTK8TANT GIRL WANTS A HIT ua'lon In a private family, an nuw, plain Hewer or nurni* and chambermaid. Can be ???:? for two days. Address 20;> Ea*t 21 h' nt,t third iloor, front roo.n. ARKSPKt TAPLR PROTH rANI T( I M ? H ? 1 4 Wan'.H A hltuailon aa rook, in a private family; under 'and* her huhineaa In all l:a brruvhen, Sattntaetory refer?;n^?*. Can be ?e?*n at her present emj loyer'M, 47 Kant iJCtb street. ACOLORRI) GIRL W I it 58 A ITtJ ATION A0 CHAM hern, aid or vsaiu r, n u, \ do plain eooklnu n i 'iiuill '?<iii!y. ran k?vc good refer, if. *. PJea^o eaiT at No. ^l i Clun . li st. | SITUATION WANTRD? ilY A COMPBTRNT YOUNCi wmiiAn, to do eh*jiib? rwork . id newlng; |r sapableof waiting on table, has no objretion to take care of >'ro*viti; children. Can produce tiie be?t ol etty reference. Apply at V2 Henry at., in the sioie AN AMKRICAN WOM AN, (HIDDLR AGED,) A NATIVE of (^mneetlcQt, wanu a uttua-loii as housekeeper, or would do the housework In a small family, where she con id be made bh one of the family; or woe II take the eirir* charge of an Iniant, or of a Hick person; woillj;oto the lies' of city referene?f?. Pleate rail at t>5 ? aual St., tt?ir?l .'oor, or nddresa A. li. , Broadway Poetoillee. An kxpkkiknckd frkncii dri:wmakkr dkhihk to lind employ meat by the day or week. PTease null .it llr Weet ^Mtli st , ov? r the utore. AKKRPF.CTABLK YOUNG WOMAN Wl^ifRg A NITC aUon riM chambermaid and 'o ax-iKt with the wanhln^ and | I Ironing; p^rtectly nudeisitanda her business. Beat ol city re feience. Addrcrs In) lvt?t 18 U at. ANRAT RKSPKCTABLl YOUNO WOMAN DI IRK a e4t nation aa aeanistr?*aa; aewa neatly; can cut an I ft ladles' deeane*; lia? no objection to assist if; fdiiniberwoi k Can prori i ?cc a testimonial tor three years. Please ajipl.,* a. 271 Bowery. AS PBOPEV8ED COOK OR IIOCSKKKHPER IV A HO tel. or In a geiitb -osan's family. ? Hit-is tion w ante I by a H respectable woman who perfectly uiidcrahui'U<v^>kln:; In all P branch'^, both English and Ameriean; ban '?\il w l??n:j ei??eri ence la both; can five unexi eptionable city reference. (' m be K-cnto.' two viays, or n4dre**C. W., at :w>t Kraukiort st. AH niAMIIERMAID AND WAITKR ? SITUATION r/anted bv a ProteatnoA. or Would de the hm-o work < ^n.ail private family; can come well reeoonmended. for two day aat 109 (Ireenwich at, I An r? I ION v.- ANT RD- BY Ik SIHLftT, TID\ OOM about 17 years e'd, 'o take cure "f chillren, wait on table ot rna'tc bervelt R^aeraUy uaeful. Apply at her pieset t *ti p'ioyei 'a, 29 Went ii^th st. A. H tVD I M 1 ID -I LAI UDMM ? WANT I I Situation, by a reaj?retabW? vo iag #omau, who la j-er t'eeUjf competent, and knows her baainc** in every j?artiei? ?u iiaa U^Ui) rexj ecta?b}ccity reference*, ar l will not <ii*aj?fK)!i, any lady with whom e lit- may en^a^e. PUsaso call at 1/1 IJlii at., Uto door* weal oi 1st av nue. A. WA1TKR. OR WOULD GO AS CM AMIiKRMAlD, A .mart aeitve r***ni; woman, wbd i^dervtandx her bi?si ne?ji awuarkabiy well Hm* refnr<mcce, and u? bet n very recently Qltetinaged. Plea.s** v ?u ,?r i\ j?.t 17^ J7ih at., tvo doors from l*t avenue. A MIDDLE AtiFD AMERICAN WIDOW WOMAN wants a ?ttuattan, aa nnrae. la perle? fly capaitle to ? chaise of a young irifunt, would do L? ht chan4 >crwork, li willing to make brpcelfgern ? illy uhc 'uI any way tf re^julr ? ! Can give d'y reference Can be -er Cor two dayn, at 46; 4th at, Aft. IT- iRL r< NO OTCH OIRl k PRO fe vtant, wants a aHuatiou as nttrae and chanwer mai l t< a r<mk| plain ?-vver. 'an be <een, for tm days, n? 191 14 lira ?? a*., ' siween Amity Uii ! lileeckcr ? ??. lie-* |0<jd rc intneo n ttoni. A Oil A DU ATE, TWENTY ONR TEARS OK \(.r; ^1 Wi'.^Haar inu. t. n? # ich< r >,r o i - : 'h?? la csir r?eieni to I each eVocntioo. Addreas 1. H,, boi i-4 Herali ofliie, wr four days. A YOCNG cr>LORED MAN WffDIM To OitTAlN \ JV ai'i-.i 'en ns r<*fbv an In a priva*.* fumtlj he t > on4erstau la the eare sod m ?nae?*tneni of bora's, and is a g?-" I | driver. Can n:ive i?fKHl etty rcf-T^n^e an Ut cafiai* fit y an 1 ( -haracfer. * an be aeen i ^r two day -s, a' .mo Iiroa/tv?ay, ?? t w#ci ti*e k u a of 10 and 1 . V GENTLEMAN DKHIHKS TO KIND A HITU ATION IN some 'uuttneaa wber ? h? e*u make b?aself u w*f?il, b? /trewrai routine, and -"ppak* the foreign language *, W mid pr" fcipuhlfo or outdoor busim-sH llisimaaa a^pT% *en^ a rn l>m r !; ooka I n no hl#;? salary, more for a chanr*. If nuitAd, to b . <lr V'f d aa y rtner ne*' soring, le not afraid of work A-l ? i la Hisad ferald oil prai ptl> atteiided vo. Hook kef per.- w anted, a situation aa assi-t aw, by a j- acii al bookkeeper or en'ry Sv < Hon reference ?. two y#ars . orn :ss? employer. I try > ! a *1 grocery pref erred, but i?i.ers not rejected. Address W-J an?, llcral.l oflky*. STOCK ?A YIIOBLY 'U' I'K' TAIILK AM) cr?MpKT::.VT \J womtn destra a ?i*t rt? ?. as first rat** meat ant pi" y rrok; under a^aods all kind ut psatry, pr#M?rv??, j# ?4. Ac ffae Cf*ke?t Cur i e?uie of thai highest familb^a m* ci v, -?? | whom she can refer. Please apply ai 73 1'Ah at., neai Gil* ave nwe, rear building, f?jr t w<? days. /COPYING WANTTO ?A LADY. A< 'UUHT^M ED TO I i'-/ copying, would Ilk.- to f bUUi^ inployment. A'lii/~a M !i Herald office. /'OACHNA S'H -irt -ATI'C. WANTED- It V A RIM C " ab> \ ?ing man t er -"tly u?. b*r ar,ia h ?? ? . ? - - . can prodo- e the let ? ?ty ref . ^??ce n ^ -ne?- et % >rtj and caps ? fri y. Pleaae ' tfl, or rddrr a bf nu a lilP R U '.deu noddle and harnr?? i^ak-^r*. !?.? k r at., near It. red way, Um two day*. / I HM il VAITTRD A ntTATION ?? " NM x e%U young man, h >. at i ri.n potent m bis bw Ine - I to wflling t?< ms4.e himself" ti?eful . baa good i !iv ree<?mmen4itlofia A line a l1r?? *? ! o M D . bo* I -7 Heaaid offir?, for 'wo da as, will be ^?oc'ualiy| attended to. HOUSEK ErPRRV SITUATION WANTED- BY 4 LADY fuPy r-omj et<?iit u, undertake the charge of ifi'st elaa* hotel; no object *on to kMjr# Coe '?'y. refkffWieaof the fir*' r?* ft % 'ability Address L. C .care of V. It. Palmer, Ad ve- win; Age fat St w York. Hotel*.? a b> rrfeprr wants a hiication is aome reapev able i^j'al or rC'tauraid, ? " o in - the firs' c ias* e*?,if iiahRienta In 'he my fur ti it. r v . ? !{? j fererjee from one of the f??-*'fia^s botebi l/i li ?? 'd drese Charlrs, Herald office. NTRPE AND PEAM?TREHK' HITUATloV '.vtvrnn by a reenec tab'e young wtmaii, in a pr. re- un,.:y v. fere ?be can ha e ?*.!e charge of th* children, and a rm^ .. A nuraer) . uneieepu# nai reference- can he glrrr, f- ti f?er iar einnloyer, wbere ?>he has lived for four >e*ra. 1'>juw ? t l * iddrei i i 4i t fa n * | of Aator place; can l?e*cen ua <il sum* 4. __ I CITU ATT* ? li sa eltanibermald, aeamstresA, or wstf* nne an ??e ?een f'iT three daya, at her !aet place, 154 Atianuc ?*re^<, Hrooklyn. SITUATION WANTKI>-BY A TIRY, ? OMPET \T girl, aa cbamberii;akl or waiter io a pri* ? e fuoiiv -* of dty refere<wa aa to < hara-tor and ca|^al?tlit?. fa . tm -e#,, at her present erop.oy t r'?, Yi Ka* 2\*i at., on Yburaday Ir a 'J till ? o'clock. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RRHPK? TABLE Yot NO a man, a* rowo l man wt?o truly or^ierat, ml* f ? * Has tbe ?,#-? rif r ti y rrtfrw*. Piesiee call at lol h*<* l"Vh ? , until a uited. SITUATION WAVTRD-BY A IffGllI.Y RIXPI' TAB1.R n ie?mg women *o do get.eral &>?**? *ork r ** ?? lijUi; ^ a od { s ifi ' ?'?<? a \ ,? -.J * r i- , . . . ' referene#^. Ap| f at fw **h avenu*. b-twrej, acel ZVI ^a < ' A : I' ? X ? J. v A NRAT RRNfK ? ing r ? ? ? ra ? - A ? : ? ? M * M^se a I iroeer; uMlenSands balieg in all !ta i.rasrW , uud" r% aods ebnmberwork: ssm do up a<le*' muai baao'ifullf t? art/f.r?g 'o m*r.e her * if generally ! "ef.j i-a'i?fa *?'? v re'T*- e e^j, e daya a* the comer of Wfefcotf be gftr-n rail fV?r fan an! Ne^ina s(s , Brock yn uu ATION wanted? hv a yock< woman totki ebemberwortt asrl weMtrg, of to aaaiat lr? wa< Mag and ir'ifilnf a capable of dmn? Ttw? of t#w?we jr'ifilnf s capab u of dom* eto^w Can be ween for 'wo dsyi at M-r pi ? prtaeat employer ?> We*t r'a rfi ^lTt ATION W ANTED? BY A **>!**:< TAiiI.E ? ^ JI.MI i 1 fin ? ?*,'/??? ti'lf* MXl MtlMtt'M I* Jl> .. , W, W ?l JM>ti 0 {&-*? rrt* rtl&r.!, ? g, n, ^TTf ATIOjr WA s frB? BT A RB (K<"T ? Bi.K TOCf) , * *? na.'Mtk<^t *?ow an r, w| (?? -kiX' ? Armttm . ?'*)*?< Ik) <*t u?t if.' ?><. t?-.4 ci'J fr ^ Mf H r?! !?') J?W r - ?m ? % thr *m > tor, si 113 liiury ?? . M mir WfTM,!. ? iimIK * ?*w?> uni trr'.K# rrxsTttb-ttt > rrr ytT >vn*r. O ?w.twf * 1 1 ~f ir"f ? .ftiwl, , r?* ?' -- ?? 't.Mr.^rnUto *'4 *? *? 4* i?Mrto <w? * *??*. CfciM i;? Tarva at MITUATIONM W \ V1 KD. UITUATIUN WAJWID-AH IXIA'UMAN HY 1 ||K O ? j.? * i.l !?? younK man, who tiu.i .-?!>' / i. ,u?,u I - lnu.ii c w. The brat of < tt\ relei cii.-c u, ; m . ,. , , , , . . , , , | 'ii aobrlaty, boaiaaty, and 'apal.llKy >>i ilie , i .. >. I'li i.o tall at SdSTwoiflii alreet, betwieu Kwund m I Tlih i uv i nut*, for two >uy?. rro TDK OXAPK ? . FAMTUrN.-TnR Mi ri! 1 ta deaifoi.a III rwXMi>ir< an I I'l.uljrit'h Ik ti tnpcli ntto *4kn li.e cli irga ul' youu? family r?-i| i. n oth< r'a euro. [found bar lo b? a p?t ?<m at ai<'' an i ?. Attdroaaur rro ivmim' - iioino i nkw ?mi.r.\N I ?|>i'i"ul.lK ( ' Hi,. .1 lit liallllll l I I.l . v I IIMI.I . ?he I* un excellent eewer. and om do <i|> h"" BflunUni reaieM man: et . hat lived In ? "in> ol the no*1 r. famuli ami ha* f n.? h, nlulloni. Addreaa \l 14ii. Herald nine* w rh wlll o p, inptly attomli.1 ' > rr*AVK.!.liKP. Ml -MAN, 1 Till: VDY !' t I wfchoa loo'i'tln nn ?</i.;au rnmt a* iiatrilii..: ? . ? , . roan, or In tuiy ..| ... ty ?... . ? I! in.-- <411.*:. ?? . ???> required. ? 1 ? ". ? H 1 . if I. Min III r *OK, U i ? i I I, Hi- irai'Mcg. Adtfrt 1 ?? Ik'". VITANTKD? A BiTl'ATIi . \- ? 11 V tr. W!. > yy .?!??! ... good oily reVruni ??. Apply at h?r present rn.ployti v, u^j . Mark ? placa.) wi'h wLotu aim .1. . I (!.?" je it "Mr ANTED- A HITX'ATION AB LAC1TORRM, OH TI rbamberm.ii I u ? ! latindran .1 ... i> .n ? t c. l'?r. Alac, i? yi 1)111! v, niiinii vm>n iw. m ?i 1 ?, 1 1 1 ii , watber at..! Iruiuir. ' nth ? an . 1 ? a., . I i 0 call ai JMI "th ?<?, be. .tn:u u.iui . . 1. mil). IVANTKP-A MTfATMN, HV A ItlMV TAI:M: VI young woiuai>, a* chain' .ennaul, *m?lier ami iroti r or loilo geueialbt i:m \ti ik iu .? ?tn?:i I > 'loodi:l . n ? if. ('iui l)? n-i'D fur 1*0 iln,i al> ?< l-aal 1'ijj ?' .1,. 1 lick A. M. Il l 81'. M. L'AMJtn-A WTUATIOM, BY A IKPRRTAftl y yuuDKglrl, ? ii.itDbertnnld k; lvniniftw?,tirininii'* nfnl ?a?inalfi??. ,n wilUiui :u uuke bartall uw hI. . I ? . ? . iftrroca. Ou i>e ? iu ft* uu J.k>a?t \\ ij l>;i ? ? , vl liuor, I urk it? 111 TI'ANl KH-. HITl'ATIdN HV \ YOI Ml WOMAN. * y 1 cliamlierm . .) r 1 . i. i ? n ?? ( ??!...? 1 1 on. i.rwl ?. n 1 nial.i- l:i 1 wit ?i iioraiiiy iiaafnl; wv lint ao mu?li III* o ,? u? .i iriioU ull i iUon, l;.iu I ? '.nu ak Mil lllli thir l flour, In. 1.' ixM.oi. T|f AKTRD-A OIRL, AS CBAMBKltM AID AWP WATTCR. TT AIM. OM 11 1 laiauli I'M uml NM1W1 Thay muat ho n?al, haiirkl ? 1. 1, ? mi l mu t ,'U? t',ti h?-.i .? ,? anaa for irbanutar aa<l iiiiuiidoailntui. Ann, at l'i V i( I 1 H., IrotuUto II A. M. nriirm-A situation in k mimcyahlx yv tmiilly, a< umlnaii iwdaivlAtulM Urfa?iiiak'in; nn I a'l klmla of I' lnnl" N.? . 1 1 ??.. m , im . v?< rk. Iiwjulra at 1^4 Wi ituubai., u JUi : ivr ii. ' an lio men loi three <Uya. J' ANTED? UY A RTKAIlY, It 1 ,?K? I A III. K YOl'Mi r niilnan, a MtMMon a* rnok, Wd.t^r atnl ironrr. In a r<i?paclttl<li) l.iiiilly. Ihii^oimI cuvk( n.nb'i iil> . ku.l pica anil pad'lloRa, anil laagooJ bakur. u. < 156 Wei.' . y.i h ?t., bit wcmi 7tb and 8U1 ftvnnnaa, to^i Liuor, u .1' r ? 1 !? ". t.aii'l for Iwu d ? ? k If im' ? 1 > I. TlTANlKIi? A M-IUATK'.N, ilY \ Rf I ' .1 . ? y* yutiiiu vMirnnii 11- ? ' ? 1 1 1 1 1 erti 1 niJ v. . 1 I' 1 ? I'll ill" vwi ..1,111 and In nbiK. '? I 'y n ? 11 ". Aj |il> a Sou Ctb ayeoue, betweeo and tld au., lur ,au nay ?. 11' A.NTFli-iiY A BMraOTABU rODNO QtMU, A fy alluallon an rliambirinitlil or wa. <-r Iti af.lra'i Ileal uf elty refnranrn can be Klvnn l'i 'a?" rail : tu i nn alS121atay., beiwoon 1Mb and 1W1 aw., u l It ? IM, WA.NTKP? BY A RBHPKi'TABI.B YOI Mlf ir'IU it.uilnn In a private immly, u< 1 un^ir > 1; un ? ? all kinds of faucjr and plain wnrl I'll itauoallat 1 Hi VV MitcI, two d'M ia wrat of 7tb aven ;" for two In ? WA.Vll:|?-|*Y A I ROTH#''' ANT Y0I .V1I W 1 <M ? ? altuvu'ii aa nurtw* and ae.amnri 1 < i? | ri given. Apply alhba Jlriwlway, betwi ea l-'li and I. U the atore. WAMI'll \ -III AT UN. IlY \ lll'I'K TAll!. Ty yoiinc woman, aa ?tumli?mii.l nnd ? do ?ew. 11 n. and a lal In !);?? waablnR 1111I i.i.iln- II" ? . referei n i.I .'-ii, 1/ required. !';? ihi - all 1 r three . ., W.M .'.eh *! , near llin a venue, m nn 1 iUh, . l\r AN'I I'll? A HITI.'ATION, II V A OKKSUN V' ? " I ll lady; >p< il. ? I'le.J lnr'-li,' 1 out. 'dr. . . . .i kln'luoi in i d e? ? rk, i' iil do i?. iicral liolnowm .. Apply .. It <i Leonard at., u' gatnly n1 ir '. TJTAKTKH? UY A Ul : I VIU.K VmiNf. \MiM\S \ yy rtllu.iiotlfc. hliuiloi 111' 1 Ul I f'll 1" r.'.. 'I tnak" l>nr?eif um-ful: I iii li?Ht of ri v . ? .-r.- - 1*1 .. ? ? . t 311 U1U1 ai , botw 1 11 avenuea A ami II, Uii:?d floor, in k t r?TAM:.i)-nv a rk iT'TAiii.i: yoi no v yy ? toa'b'ti to ?' I I 'H'l'Oik - el.voi'n ?v? ? an! . Ir, tvaaliiiiM ai.d lr> ? lur ranulvn 1 r . i,f r*-fnri ... ,v, v ai a(h Piilllv*!) h' , rear building, lit. lioor, No. 1. VV T I.l ? HV A RK-<fK TAIir.K YOI'M. ittua loii U> do |:| M !'.< otework > ' v.m'li ? . i. .1, \trANTI ii> A HI Hl'l ?.< 1 Alll.r. VH''N'. \V>>M\V t yy atliiallKi toi'ln rlinm.x'rwi.ik an I iv .11 1 i? . wa>lwr and bolirr Ua? llir li<-?t nl n .t. ?. :?) fiom pla' e. i all at H'.i \\ "i t ' ' I at., I'<r !e o lk>" U'lMHi-A rlilATION, HV A V'HNil W< Ol A V, T. 11 O I'll. . II.) "r* irk. Illrd f?ll"|.| ' ? <'<iln- 1. 11 . at., betweni I'm und A wily ? 4., lirooklyn, ?? 1 II ?: AIL' ANTED - A HIT I ATI'i V, 11 V A RK- 1 ?TVIT.K yy I'ri'i ? 'i woman, r-a w. n ??. Apply ai . . .1. rt'i neroi biii ,voni. t. ?e ond f.o.r, b.i'k UJAKTgli? A HIT ATI OM, ItV A YOl'Nil 'ill rtian. irma . ^nd t" ai*L?t in llm w. fc .au..; 1 .0 or would |' 1 l.i< ... aiirk 01 a amall fain... .? ( lain -?w. r. ll. 'U d( r* .ore . *? n*?u. h.-r Ii* i, where alia OSn l.e aem for tao daje. U? ANTED? A FAMII.V ?? 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