Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 6
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MERTISEMI m RENEWED EVERY DAY. OOMTINl'l l> FROM Tilk. FIFTH i'AOV MlTl'ATIOKB U'ANTKD. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO tilRLS, O.NK AS good rook, J i good baker ami an excellent laundress; i In* other ?h giaid waller. ?ir u chambermaid and laniidrees; both arc lolly colli! ' ' " ltu" a "v l' situations. Ho b can give die beet of city re ereuce. Can i>e ??*u at W Worn 2iHii ?t. , near 6th avenue . iu the basement. TI7ANTKD ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT Protestant, <i si illation to do general housework in a -mull family; chii give >?k1 city reference. i'leaae call at 115 Went -lib at. , beiw vu , 'h and tith avenues, back room, Ural lioor, for two days. WANTED? MY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, FAMILY or geuUemei washing by the lin? O or montli; under stands iId/ux up luci ? iuuiIuib. Address K. A. L., Brooklyn Pout office. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO VERY BB8PBOTA ble young women; oat* as cook, washer aud Ironer, the other to do gen ral Imum-work; no objection (o the comitrv; best or clt.v rclerei oo given. Can be seeu lor Iwo davs at 86 East Broadway. TIT" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA v v tton lii a family, as M*atiisiress; she understand* dres, making, rutting am I tilling hoys' clothes; hat goo, 1 cl<j refer ence. AJlresa M. 11 136 Elizabeth St., between Broo.iic and Spring, for two duyK. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, TT as flrsi cIivks -ook; is a good washer and irouer, a good linker and pastry cook, and preserver of all kinds of fruit. Good city reference from her last place. Call at No. 9 Vaudaut st., in the rear, for two days. ~\\T ANTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT man, as gjod plain cook and to assist with the washing and Ironing, or do 'ito work in a small family. Call at 49 liank at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, lately arrived, a< chambermaid, or to ilo 1;cnerai housework n a small private lamily. Can be seen or three days, at 40.. I'aarl st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; is a good oook, first rate washer and ironer. lias good reference. Cau be seen for two.days at No. lit) 17th St., near Seventh Avenue Railroad. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE, TIDY YOUNG WO" man, a sltua ion as chambermaid and seamstress, or to do general housework. In a small, genleel family. W.i ges moderate In a nice place. Please bnjulre at 2lH Delancey St., In the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; is a good plain cook ami first rate washer aud Ironer. The liest of clyr refer ence. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged, at 133 Motl at., near Grand. nr ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T? young woman, as llrst rate cook; understands all kinds of French cooking. Good city reference given. Please call for two days at 18 University place. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or cham bermaid ana to assist In washing and troniug if required. Apply at her present employer's, 128 West 15th at., two doors from 7th avenue, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A tlou as nurse and ?eamstresi-. (Jan produce city reference 'is to cliaracter and capability. Can take charge of a babe from lis birth. Please call at her present employer's, 50 17th St., third door from 6th avenue, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do plain cooking; Is a first rate washer and Ironer. Best city reference, l'leuse call at 64 West Wash inton place. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chumbermald ami seamstress, or to assist in the washing anil ironing. Can be soen at her nreseut em ployer's, northeast corner of 14th St., 7th nveuue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as nurse and seamstress, or seamstress anil chambermaid, or chambermaid ami to assist iu the fine " ash ing and ironing. Good reference. Apply at ?>!? East IOtli st., between 3d and 4th avs. Can be seeu for two daya, at her present situation. TIT A NTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman; she is an eiceilent rook, and a llrst rate washer and Ironor; the best of cltv relerenee can be gtveu from her last place. Apply at 160 Thompson St., corner of Houston st., room No. 9, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to couk, wash and Ironer, or would do general house work In a small private family. Cau get the very best city re - terenccs. Can be seen for two days at 490 6th aveuue, room No. It*, top floor. WANTED? 11Y A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS seamstress; no objection to assist in chamberwork, or as nurse and seamstress, flood city reference. Can be seeu at 211 7th aveuue, corncr of 24th st. WANTED? UY A YOUNG OIBL, A SITUATION AS plain ro<>k, and to assist in washing and Ironing, or chain berwork and fine wushing. Good rerommendatlous. Can be seen at 211 7th avenue, corner of 24th st. WANTED? BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as conk and laundress. Can come well recom mended from ber last place. Can be seen lor two days at 31 Talmau at., near Bridge, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and plain sewer, or to assUt In washing. Best of reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days at 123 12th st., between Stli and 6th avenues. w -MTANTED? by a young lady, a SITUATION TO TT attend s bakery or fancy store; best of reference given. Please rail at 363 Bowery, corner of 4Ui st., for two days, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid or waiter, anil lo assist in the washing and Ironing; good relerenee cau be given. Apply al ISO East 1W h St.. lor two days. AKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation io do general housework In it nrivate lainilv; the boat of city reference ; given from her last place. Please ctlll in Pacific ill . one door from Columbia, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY .A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; gooJ reference. Apply al 73 King st., second lloor, Iu the rear. TTTANTED? A SITUATION, TO DO PLAIN COOKING, TT washing anil Ironing, and help In hou>h>work. or plain sewing and chamberwork. The best of city reference. Call for two day* at 693 4th St.. In the rear, 2d lloor. TXTANTED ? A SITUATION, AS DRESSMAKER AND TT seamstress, by a respectable Protestant young girl; can out and lit Iodic* and children's dresses In the neatest manner. Can give the aatlsiactory reference from where she lived for the last four years. Please call or address to 294 9th St., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid snil laundress. Good reference given. Please call for two days al 93 We* 23d st. W ANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as llrst rate rook in a private family, she under stands baking, pastry and jellies; has lived In her last place seven years. She lias unexceptionable city reference, as to honenty. sohrtetv and capability. Please call at 217 first ave nue, tip stairs. In the front room. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY BESPECTABLE 01 RL, A situation as nurse and seamstress; Is capable of Uklng the entire chai ge of a baby from lie birth; understands editing and fitting children's dresses, and all kinds of family sewing. The very best ol city reference can be given from her present employer, Mrs. General Thompson, Mansion Uottsc, Hicks st., Riooklyn. W AKTED-BY A PROTEST ANT <YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as chambermaid; perfectly understands doing np ladles' fine things. Good city reference given. Please call for two days at 42 l?th st., between Broadway and 4th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voting woman, as good plain cook; prefers it boarding house. Has got ihe best cliy references. Applv at 242 Slith avenue, between 15th and ItUa sta., lor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as processed cook*, nuderitands baking, and would assist in washing and ironing. Would go a short dis tance Iti the country. tlood city reference Call n# WO West 22d St., In the rear, for two days. WANTRD? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, lo do general housework In a small family; good cltv re ference given. Please call at 90 West 24ih at., between tt'h and 7th avenues, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nurse and seamstress, or chamb) rmald and waller; has no objection to the country, ran give tile best of cltv reference PI esse call for two (lay at 107 Eaut 251 b ?L, between 2*1 and 3d MMK WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as dress maker; can rut and III ladies' and children's dresses; Is a good plain sewer; lias lived for the last four years wbere she has learned ber trade an.l can be well recommended, and Is willing t > make herself useful. Call for two day* at 294 Ninth st, near aveuue A WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A REsPEt TABLE girl, as rook, washer and Ironer In a -malt family, or as chambermaid, best city reference. Apply al Z* Prince St., tor two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE HOOTCH GIRL A TT situation as chambermaid, and to a"ist in tue washing and Ironing; gocd recommendations given. Please call at 14s 20th at., between 7tl and 8th avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. BY A healthy young woman, with a fresh breast o* imlk ; was confined five weeks since. Can he seeu until suited at 63 Quudton si. , three doors north of Taiick. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as wei nurse Would take a baby lo her own bouse, or would go out as nur-e In a respectable family. Be?t of reference, given Apply at 116 17th St., between (Mb aud i th avenues, for two days. WA!^^-HVA RESPECTABLE GERMAN YOUNG lt4jr, a nit nation an <lr? an<l in ft Iu12?A C Tll^a'dTflke. U n Ai WANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH PARTIAL board. In a strict It prlvateSfamily, bv two yonn? ecnile men; location central, ('lease address,' ^ *1 "IT l>o? M Toat office. "* ' TIT ANTED? TWO OB THREE RESPECTaHi.f MKV of TT active business hahlis, to solicit orders t'.ir our tiem'itifniir Illustrated Hiandark Works, including Kliakspeare Bvron Moore, Brown's Family Bible Life of nirlst. Wilson's tales' Knoyclu of Arch, Ac. Commission liberal; reference* neves' Apply to MARTIN A JOHNSON, 27 ileekmau st., up \lr A NTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A TT situation lo cook, wwsli and Iron In a private famll\ Th? Tiest of city reference given, i "an be seen for two ilava at 15,' Kltfahett st., between Spring and Broome. TIT" ANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUA TT tton as ibanihermatd and waiter; is willing to make !i *r f-elf generally useful, liest of elty reference given No ohj t lion logo a short distance in the country. Apply Tor two da t at 91 W. 1 9th su_ Would do plain sewing. WANTED-BY A RESPKiTaBLE YOUNO WOMAN. A sltnatloti as first t rate ismk, and l? a good waaher and Inner, understands baking and piwtrv. The best of city refe rence mven. Mease ceil for two daya at 133 Molt tu, uesr Omnd. WANTED-BY TWOTOUNO WOMEN, SITUATIONS; TV one to cuok, wash and iron, -he nttiei in d 1 eltamherwnrk t,.d walling, the i thorowghiy understan I their busln<>M Have , u hem of city refiren* e rr> m 'heir list pis - wVr, .her have ved 'or ilo* last 1 wo years aol ? half, caU at LO 21 ?i . near ; Ut avenue. Ni'M ATIOSH wanted. W^oiJjP^L ta,?!t,frSI'Kt'T^U.LK PROTEST A NT and chambermaid kundr#i?f or a< S'?' "f ??&" rSS'^r-5?^ IStb at., second Iloor, back roomf" ?f 'W'? da,:i'11 ,W "\V"ANTRI>? \ SITUATION, BY a RKSPECTAHT v WANTR0-A SITUATION, BY A~ PROTV-hIvt young woman, a. wet nurse. Good 188 Ka-' lM WASJhD ^ PROTESTANT YOUNG (JIRI a rnice Rlv e" ' *?I> i" -e' eaH f ' J V'""' *e<"a",r'"- <?""i rel' ?cromflioor, I'tick rcoi. 'wo days at 210 Sullivan street, WANTED-a SITUATION, nvT RFsPPiTTAlir F prh-ate fluiuiy' 01,0 i? 'Lo 'W? work I U V ?' uSQlu ?? WAflT,?rBV akkspkctablk niitii, a situation Rood ws?her*?nd '!lr,v.<''1HeTrkl'" " Pr'V1"8 family; ;J ? CS?c:ilmtT- ? App,y a' 132 m' *. between TlfAMEl) A SITlfATIOX, UY a RESPECTABLE irij hW wojnan, uh chambermaid and to ablatio wait Sm'ilv o^niv" !?. do ""? *"BBn? housework or ? " WKh.?VBfK;TA Respectable healthy woman to tike.? mo T child, with a in- h br.-a : of milk wi 'tes ??i vi ?? nurse 111 her own ho 11 .<> a! M"1 1st si h ? ?ween NorUi 8U1 and tftb am.. William , 1. nr.- ' '* bl TTTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRI a situation as chambermaid, or waiter in u nrivntJ !i n Beato fdty referi-me ran i^ gWen PiSjS ^ avenue, beiwet n 10lh and llih mUi. cali al lt>l * ***i W ^iumbelroaTd^?dEplaln^?W'','ui1MM.rD!loMi^0'' f8 WAHlFd!rHY TW0 AMERICAN WOVEN SITUA ISllllPIfpIi 12. for two dayH e " at ^ l8> "venue, third floor, room W *?,Tf.D? ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM 1 V i ^^w^n^^UnC^h^mwS^2VS^d^l,'?S? ?r !? *? two d?y? ?' 39 Illvlngtaa Hlreei" ar bulldhig. a? b? ,Mn TIT ANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECT \ftl F pvnr r <ir TST ANTED A PROTESTANT YOUVC. miMiv f.n,n? w'Sr~SSSt;na Stu?' ?" u?',u of as JD^j^SSBBSpaaapK SragisgasaiB I^SSiSK vearsgood cltv reference irrim L i-S i cooking; has two C^bes?enaj_lt:y KaHUl!h ?,^t^L^ ,a<" "rei1 wllh' WANTED-IIY A COMPETRNT~PERSO\ A STTrr* or to do c^nXerwork *'nd 'flnlfw-' Uiree daya at I7H I7^h It between iai^Snrt^'a 1 " be,,e,'u fl"' 'loor, front room, (iood reference can to iri!?enVenUW' 8econd ?OTANTED-A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE K 1 vrrT two day> at 76 24U, St., between dth a^TO.^S #ee" ,0r y^S??;?SsvS^55 ?' l-tc Houston M . "irn-r Thompson. roo?n No. O ' C*" WtaN ?2WJ^ SISTERS. TO LIVE ^between fSSSr reference. Plcax. ca|| at 4?i Wtmt VAt'u , , . be"! of ct(v avenncH. Can be >een for two dava ' eUvceu 5;h *a l 6th saissfflSSigsssa; A RESPECTABLE J n?l a rfrst rate wa her andi,t.m.r ?i n:J* " """d 'Ook n^- c, ?, 126 ^ t.Co.i'trffi,,::8,:, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTRSTANT OIRK a situation, as lady's maid and seamstress; she under stands dressmaking and doing up flue lures Be*' of i lly re ferences ran be given. Please apply at 114 East 16th St., be tween 1st and 2d avenues, for two days. WANTED? RY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO man, a situation; Is a first rate cook, and a most cieel lent baker of bread and pastry; understand* mikUw all kinds 01 soups and desserts, as she is well experienced in capsctty. Please call at 14" lHlh sr., be'ween ,th and Hlh ar.s.; can be seen till engaged. Tbe best of city referenee given. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM AN, A situation, as cook, in a respectable family: would assial In the washing and ironing, and be found agreeable and oblig ing. Please call at her present place. No. H West 17Ui ?t., where fcbe can be well recommended, and be seen for two ?lays. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A SITUA Hon In a family as dressmaker and seamstress; Is an ei pcrleneed dressmaker; also nudirstands the cure of children, and Is a good housekeeper; would be willing to go West or Sniub. Address M. S. J., Kareuswood, L. I. IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, na chambermaid and s>?imUre*?, orcham heraiald and to assist In i. ashing and Ironing. tk)i>d city re ferenee. Can be seen for two days at ,'lft 13th at., between Sili and 6th avenues. XJLT A NTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE fllRLS. SITUA f T Uona; one to do the housework of a small private family: the other to take '?are of children and do plain sewing. Can be seen for iwo days at 219 Sullivan gl., Orat floor, backroom, flroai ; 'Hum 4 o'clock. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE widow lady, as nurse and seamstress who U fully ca pable of taklnt: charge ol children, or willing 10 do anything required. I'icnse rail, or address a line, at No. 5 M->nroe si, TIT A NTED- BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL A M situation aa ehamberinnid and wal'er. or to do general housew ork In a smali family. The beat of references can >e given. Please rail for two days at No. 17A Earn 23d st., seco;i4 1 i>or. iiaek PS-Hi No. 4. "lVrANTED? A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE C(K>K TT utiderstamN liaklnK In all Its br.inches- Is a gn td uasiiei and Ironer. and Is willing to make herself generally useful. No objeciioos to go ui the i ouniry. Can itlee good releretice. Apply at 224 W. I1.J1 si., beiweeu 8th and 9lhavs. W ANTED- A tiEXTLKMAN'S OR FAMILT'S WASH Tl lug, Uie best ol references given. Please call at 113 St. Mark's place, second floor, back Joom. 1ITANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RKSPECTAItLK TT \ nunc woman. In a resp??rtahle family, to do chamber work ni>d walilnc or the general housework of a >nn.l family, the t est of cli j reference given. Can l>e seeu for two .lavs at Ni Perry street. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general house work In 11 small private family ?"??! recoinmendaita?a Irom her lasi plaea, can be s^en for iwo days. Apply at 19ti 27th street, between Hih and 9th avenues. TIT A NTED? BY AN ENOLISHMAN AND HIS WIFE. TT sliuslions; the man as coachman and tbe woman as cook, chambermaid or laundress, stead suit nkiti- more of an nhjeei ihan high wages Ooodrlty ri-f- reni es from their last employers. Add rem. Cs-ai litnan, Herald offl^e, or call at Mt Fulioti at., near city Hall, Brooklyn AIT A NTED? TWO MEN WHO UVDER-TtND TIN AMI TT slice' iron working. Apply at R. A J. Melsiuglillu s, Oreene st , Jersey Ctly. TL' ANTED HY A YOUNO MAN WHo"~SPKAKS END TT lish and Cerman. a situation as barkeeper, or in a trot I gtocery store; he understands hi- hiialnc s well. Best of 1 |iv referotn es given. In quire at 124 D iane St.. corner of Cburca st., up > 1 sirs WANTED^ IMMF.D1 ATKl.T-A SMART, ACTIVE MAN, ,.????! ?rt !/??"* "nlerstand the hasiness *PPv " " an! .Ma rtini l|<> . * it~#? t Itrita Itr be'ween U and 1 o'cUs k W*A1H(? ( AIIDs, " ILATI.Vil CARDS ? THE li-? , IIRLP WASTKD. A LADY VOCALIST WANTBD-ALSO, A GOOD COMIC! alnger, to sing In a -tal'Xra In Baltimore. Oood saUry, him] permanent employment. En iuire immediately of AN TIIONY ETUP P, Spring street. AKIK.xT RATE SALFS WOMAN WANTED? FOR A lace aud embroidery store; niuit have a thorough know ledge of 'lie business, nnd be energ-tic nnd pleasant in man ni'ii Dres? cap makers wauled. Apply at Rober'.sonV, 495 Biojdwsy. AGENTS WANTED? TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OK A. steel engruvlng, Just published; lo men of enterprise, u lib a capital of from I6|i to >20, large inducements will be offered In circulate IfalM work throughout the I'rited Slate*. Fjr full particulars apply personally, or addres- 10 J. R. Burton, plate printer, 14!) Broadway, corner Liberty at., third floor. Agents waited? in every to sell sheet maps of the mont useful aod popular character, yii.;? Sebaatopol, Crimea, Ureal Kedun. Mameloa and Mal i kotf towers, with reference maps of the LI lack, Baltic anJ Azott wax; all new views, and pubilabed ou one large sheet; price 28 cents. Also, a view of Cronstadt, showing and de scribing its florttflcaUonm with portraits of the principal crowned heads; also Rue-Ian. French, Turkish and Kuglisli officers, with valuable maps; price 26 cents. All letters of In ijiilry iully answered by return mail, with catalogue and spe cimen map enclosed. Some ngents now engaged are making fri .in 19 lo $10 dally, and any active man cannot fall to do well In the bus'tiens. Address A. H. JOCKLYN, map pub lisher, Nus, 5S and M Fulton street, New York. Apothecary wanted? for a public institu Uon ui the counlrv; must be an American, unmarried, and willing to make himself generally useful. Address bos 1 ill Sinhhsonlnn House, stating full particular*. Bar tender.?' wanted, employment ah bar tender in a hotel or first class purler bouse. Satisfactory testimonials given as to character and competence. AdJroaa D. D , box 44 CtiaUiam square Post office. / ionf:;otioner wanted-who understands \J pastry, chrystallilngaud ornament*. None bit1 first rate Imiids need apply at N. C'mrk's, 838 Broad wav, corner of lSili street COOK wanted.-wanted, a good oook, who understands wusliliig and ironing, and will make herself generally useful. Apply at 585 Hudson at., corner ol' Bank and Abingdon square, weal side. CWAVBEBMAID and waiter wanted? A PRO / testaut, in a small family, residing in tlio country, near the city. Apply at 42 White gt., Friday and Saturday, iroin 8 till 10 o'clock A. M. C10I.0RED BOY OR MAN.? WANTED. A OOOD STOUT ) colored boy or middle aged man, to take charge of a pri vate stable nnu make himself generally useful on a small piace in the tounlry. Wages 910 per month. Good reference as to character una capability required. Inquire at 202 4Ui at., from W tol2 A. M. ClLEltK WANTED? IN A GENERAL SHIPPING AND I Importing house; oue well recommended, ami acquaint e-1 wlih the English and French language, aud bookkeeping. Address bo* 3,517 1'ost office. CtANVASSEKS WANTED? FOR THE OITY AND COUN J try. Apply at 113 Nassau street. DRUG CLERK WANTED? IN WILLIAMSBURG, ONE who has a thorough knowledge ol the retail drug busi ncss, and can conic veil recommended. Apply at the drug .-mre comer of Soutli 4tli and 6th sts., near the Odeon, between tlie hour.-, of 1 and 4 P. M. DRUG CLERK WANTED ? MR. A. SAMUELS, DRUG glst and chemist, recently trom Dublin, will please call again al 3; 6 4;h avenue. OVKRNESS WANTED? BY A LADY. RESIDING near Old Point, Virginia. Must be fully flMlttel to ' each English, French, music and the rudiments of Latin. Ati English lady preferred. Satisfactory reference required. Address, before Friday, October 6, J. N. M,, Herald olllcc. Good vest hands wanted-at ?s> avenue u, up slal-s. None but good button hole makers need ap piy. Groom wanted.? a pbotistant, who under stands his business and is capable of driving If required; must be sober, honest, Industrious and well recommended. Apply at Dyckman'a, corner of Uhurcli and White ?ts., froai 8 till 10 o'clock, for two days. MAN WAITER WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE family; otic who understands Ills buslnew. Apply at the corner ol Moutaguu and Hicks sts? Brooklyn. ROT EST A NT COOK WANTED? EITHER GERMAN, Scotch or English (uo objection to a nice colored grl); she must be a good plain cook, and be willing to wash, Iron, a tid do (lie work ofn very small lumily. Wages good. A| ply iinmediately at No. 10 Second place, Brooklyn, near Henry. TO YOl'NG MEN.? WANTED FOR A NEW SHIP, TEN landsmen; al.-o, coopers, carpenters, blacksmiths cooks, stewards and hoalsteerers. All clothing furnished for rho voyage. Inquire at the olliceof the agents, No. 97 Weslst., corner of Ceaar, up stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. TO DAGUFRREOTYP18TS,? WANTED, A GOOD OPE rator. One who has hail exporlenee, and who can live good satisfaction, may apply at the gallery corucr Chulkam and Pearl sts. WANTED? A FEW GIRLS TO FINISH CLOAKS VND mantillas; none but first rate hands need apply, to shorn constant wo. k and good wages will be given, at 28 Orchard st. WANTED? A GOOD PLAIN OOOK; MUST BK AOOOD washer ami Ironer. Apply between the hours of 12 aud 2 o'clock, at 188 West SMh St., near 8th avenue. WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO THIS HOUSE work of a private family; she must be a good plain cook. wa? her and ironer, and come well recommended. Ap ply al it North Moore st. JANTED? APPRENTICES. TO LEARN DREPSWA*. Ing. Inquire at 144 East Broadway TirANIED.? two rKOTESTANT WOMEN WANTED YV one bs cook, washer and Ironer; the other as aud ehaaibcimaid. None need apply unless Uiev come well recom mended. Apply at the * ? 1 ? " from Fulton, Brook lyu. G "W mended. Apply at the fourth bouse on Grand avenue, west ? ? " a, Br TITANTED ? TO GO SOUTH. A FASHIONABLE DRESS tt maker; must be a good cutter; to such aonea liberal salary will be paid. References required as to character. Aildi'ess for three days to W. M. Barker, National Hotel. ?\IT A N'TF.O ? A FIRST RATE LAUNDBE8S, TO GO T T Sou thwc st will, a lady'; she must uuderstuid (luting. None oilier need apply at 220 West 14th st. WANTED.? A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man wants a place as seamstress, or as childre i's nurse; she Is willing lo make herself generally useful; she is a good drewmaker. and of a very amiable disposition; the rery best of reference tan be given. Inquire at 106 York St.. Brooklyn WANTED? IN JERSEY CITY, TWO GIRLS, TO DO the work of a family of six persons? one to co?k, wash and Iron, the oilier a* nurse and chambermaid , must time well recommended. Apply at 115 Warren St., Jersey City, or at 10 Cortlaudt St., upper room, New York. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GERMAN OR SWISS woman, us child's nurse and lady's maid. Apply at 31 New York Hotel, between 9 aud 10 A, M. and 4 and 6P. M. WANTED-A COMPETENT WOMAN. AS WAITER; she must understand Iter business thoroughly Apply at 160 Eaat 14th st. WANTED-A OOOD OYSTEB COOK. ONE VllO IS competent to take orders preferred. Apply althe Cltv Hotel, Broadway, corner of Hownrd street. TIT" ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO GOOD AND TT well recommended young women; one as cook, wtihcr, Ironer, Ac.; the other as child's nurse, seamstress, Ac. No other servant kept. Must be of kind dlsposiUon and pcifeclly competent. Apply tlila day at 400 Henry st., near Carroll, South Brooklyn. WANTED ? A WOOLLEN CARDER ; ONE ACOCS. lomed to canting for carpel yarns. Apply at room Ni . 12, 192 Uroadway, corner of John si. ANTED? A Nt'BSE; ONE AOCU8TOMED TO THE care cf children; city references required. Apply at Si w w J ANTED? A WOMAN AS LAUNDRESS AND CIIAM bemtaid. Apply at 3" Eaat 2lst st. WANTED-A FIRST RATE NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. Wngc ., Sti a month Call at 200 Schermerhorn St., be tween Bond and Ncvlns, Brooklyn^ TJfA NTED? A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, ONE WHO TT speaks English, to do general housework In a smtll f mlly ol three persous. Apply to Wheeler, 41 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED? A GIRL, TO DO CHAMBERWORK AND waiting, and to assist In washing and ironing; must be a grod fmart gl'l w ith good city reference: none others need ap ply; any girl objecting to do tlie above work need not apply. Apply at 84 Rcuisen st., Brooklyn. TIT A NTED? A GOOD AMERICAN, GERMAN OR PRO TT teslanl girl to do the work ol a small private lamily, must I e a gi i?i washer and Ironer and plain ' cook and bring good city reference. Inquire at 1VI Pearl St., Brooklyn. TKANTED? A FIRST RATE COOK, FOR A PRIVATR TT boarding house, one who understands her hu?lne?s. lie ferenre required. Also, a nnr?e and seamstress; one that lias lived os such In tbe Old Country, with good reference, may heat ol a good home and moderate wages, by applying at 19 Union square. TIT" A NTRD? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. TT nlsoa chambermaid and waitress. In a small priva Ismlly; time but those thoroughly competent, and having the best cliy reierences, need answer. Apply at 153 Wen; iltii st? betwitn 6ih and 7ih avenues T1TANTI'D ? A COMl'ETKNT MILLINER ; ALSO ^ DRESS TT maker, capable of cm ing fitUiiy and S "char'e s"? Adllr*"'' Mr<- 1*?'1tUi. No. 291 King WANTED? AN AMERICAN, ENtlLISII OR GEHM4N TT woman; one who can oook, and who Is a drst ra'c washer and Ironer. and can come well rwommon le 1 Ant.1. at llti llainersley at TIT ANTFIV? AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH GIRL. TO TT lake the charge of a youn? child, oic who Is p.- fectly acquainted with ? hlldren, an J can eome well recum ucude I, may apply at II* Hamarsley st. T*TA NTFD ? A MAN WHO rMH RSTAVOS CUTTING TT beef and rork, and ehoppl ig i n;i c meal. Reie ence required. Inquire at SMStli arrn te. TITANTED? A SfTI'ATItiN AS COAftHMAN. BY A RE TT spci ;ah;e Proiestan1 tu?a. who pertei u> imilerstands his business, and has lived with some ot the he~i bimillei in ilrs r|ty. utid can give the best of ? Hy reference from his last em ployer ?? to Capability and oliai-acter, has no encumbrance. Ple?se rail or ad Iress in 12t> Grand St., M door east of Broad way. for two days WANTED? FIVE GOOD COMPETENT HANDS, To TT work a' th- cas flxture hnstness Apply, be' ween 9 and 12 A. M , to CC BTIH M BAY, IS Cannl t res TITANTED- TFX \CTIVE VGENTS. of GOflD ADDRESS. TT 10 .ellastt.ull artkle, ?h|.h is in gen?rs denwnd;c-ni miasM.n large and no risk wha'.ev?r. Apply, between J A. M. and 8 P. M.. at 31? Bi. adway, roi ni 4. UTANTF.D-TWO EXPERIENCED >4LESMEN VND A vt bey nt D. i Williams' dr> .-/?i|? ?? ,re, 247 Centre street. Call between 8 snl Oo'cloi k A V a 1 1 1 and J P M. II 'A NTFD? \N I'NGROSSIM. CLERK IN A LAW TT ver's <'1?ee. salarv f-i tii IS 'O ??? a ?.?. Apply. Will iftcatn of wruinf. to M> . Charles RdwsMv \' I'me at. TlrA NTED? FOUR SVtRT E.VRRGETIC MEN". IN V T t ad tniiinvi', ?'.?o * mun with .1 cn{rtt%i of $U0, 10 cl ftrrfr 01 ? g?- ??!?#? )?!-?!??? ? ?.??.? -y itWiftt. For t?fu tkpu iirr- f?pp!r At .?i'W ttAmi No, II ( hotim W.toAt' v fl^AJil KI>? A s'Tf vTI1 'N BY \ MIDDLE AGF ? ff m*n, ?> 1 . ? ??.!'" *?%{'. . Ct'T A. h,, llf, a! J Jicc, fjr two IIEXP WARTBD. WANTED? A SITUATION A.-i ASSISTANT BOOK keeper or porter In a more where tntegr'ty. good charac lor and sobriety will ensure for him the confidence oi' his em plover. Il? hat. bad loni experience al bookkeeping; m willing to make himself Mterally useful to hi* employer. tlool refe reuee given. Please address or call for two iluvn at the store 847 2d avenue. eonier of 23d st. ?firANTKD? A YOUNO MAN, TO TAKE OHARCiK OF A T? liquor .-lore uptown; oue acquainted with the bttaiM is, willing to work, Ac., of sol>er habit., by bringing city reference as 10 honesty uurt capability, may tlnd a good situation by ap plylng io I*. Cuff, 20tb st. and HUi rivouue. N. B.? A lately married inun preferred. WANTED? A MAN WHO CAN HELL DOMESTIC LI quoin to good caxh city trade can hear ot a good oppor tunity by addressing box 2,974 Pom' office. WANTED? YOUNO MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES. Advance allowed to otilfll, from S60 to $75. Young men wi. hlng to go to sea will find all kind* of voyage* according to capacity, by applying U> I! * ' ? " " corner Feck slip, up stairs TITAN'TED? ^ SITUATION, BY A YOUNO BOY, TO T? learn a irade ah plumber or tin and coppersmith. The best city reference given. Apply at I /a Elizabeth at., in the More. WANTED? AT 1C6 CHAMBERS STREET, A SMART boy, of xlout 16 years of uge; one who undurata.ids keeping accounts preferred. WANTED? A BOY, IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, FROM 14 to Hi years of age. Must write a neat hand anil have goodrefercnoe. Apply to J. H. Pinckney, 7 1 Nassau si. THE TRADES. AH FOREMAN OR CUTTER.? A SITUATION AS Shove In a manufacturing or custom lioot s ore, wanted by a young tnuii who is practically conversant with every branch of the trade, having had 12 years' experience. Can give ihe bent o Uty reference. Address J. L. U, 130 Kulton street. A FIRST CLASS CUTTER WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT in a merchant tailoring or clolhltui house. Very besi of references as to ability. Address Jobu B.t al llovd's Despatch Post office, Willluni street, near Wall. Glass cutter wanted? a man who under wands cuttiug'plale, sheet and bough glass. Apply al 42 CIU1' St. GA8 UTTERS.? I WILL PAY S2 A DAY TO TllftEE OR four good gaa litters. Railroad fare to Ibis place will be allowed at the end oi three mouths. None but good workmen need apply, to W. M. TOMPKINS, Oaa litter And Plumber, 23 and 25 Yrout street, Rochester, N. J. Notice to suoar refiners and others.? Wanted, a sil nation, by an engineer, who Is particularly acquainted wiib all Ihe modern improvements in sugar reline ry, and of many years practical experience. The beat of city relereoces can be bad regarding his capability, sobriety aud industry. Address John Edwards, 79 Gold St., Brooklyn. TO PRKSSMEN.-OOOD ADAMS PRESSMEN AND FEED ers and a good cylinder ily boy, wanted, at John A. Gray's, 97 Cliff at. TO J HWBLBR8.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, SEVERAL

good sol* solder jewelers, to go East; best prices, piece work, steady employment guarantee!. Also, one tlrst rate jobbing jeweller, logo South; n liberal salary will be paid. Apply to Tracv \ Mcintosh, Artlats and Mechanics' General Agency, MM Pine St. TO WATCHMAKERS? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A NO. I watchmaker, to go Souih. A liberal salary will be paid; must be a single man and well recommended. Also, two good men ? ho understand perfectly their business, for Hns city. Ap ply to Tracy A Mcintosh, Ai lists nud Mechanic.-,' General Agency, 34*, I'lue st. TO TIIE PRINTEHS.-A COMPOSITOR, OF TWENTY two years experience, who is able to work and speak lour languages, wants a situation in a printing ofllce. Ad dress M., Herald olfice. TO TAILORS.? WANTED, A FIRST RATE PRESSMAN, or a good btishelmau, to go either to Moirtstown, N. J., or Muscatine, Iowa. Apply at 07 C-orllaudi st. TirATCHMAKER WANTED ? ONE WHO IS A FIRST Tf rale workman, andean give good reference, may apply at 11 Wall st.. second floor. WANTED? A GOOD CUSTOMER CUTTER, ONE WHO cau aci as foreman of a clothing store, to go to Newark. To such a one a permanent situation la offered. Address P. A. S., Herald ofllce. TIT ANTED ? A CABINET MAKER, WHO HAS SOME f? knowledge of carpentering; a single man preferred. In qulie at 122 William St., lu the rear. FItEKCIt ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DEMANDE-POUR INSTITUTRICE, DANS UNE famille am6rlralne, one jeuue dame Parisienne, blen #lev?e et d'une bonne education, et qui peut foumlr les meil leures recommendations. S'adrcsser sans d61ai a M. N.O ., au bureau de cc journal . ON DEMANDS? UNE BONNE D'ENFANTS. S'ADDRES ser aujourd'hul upres 10 heurei du matin, a ("9 Union place, 4e avenue, cutre la Ihe etlHe rue. UNE K1LLE FRANCAISE PBOTBSTANTE, DESIRE SE placer pour fllle de chambre ou bonne d'enfants; elle a de honue recommendation; elle parte uu peu l'uugl&is. S'a dresser ches M. FrAleric tieln, 194 East 20tii st. UNE DEMOISEL.LE FRANCAISE COMPRRNANT L AN gluts, d?sire se placer dans one famille respectable pour donner des renselgnemeat. S'adresser S&e rue, entre la re el 8e avenue, 131 cliez Mme Fisher. TTNE.IEUNE DBMQISEIXR TKANCAISE, DESIRE SE U placer Hum uue honorable inmllle amurlealne, elle con luill parfnlteinenl sa langue, et peut fitlre des ouvrases i 1*6 gullle. K'ad render cbex M. Gourieux, importatcur de brode rirs, 42 Lispetmrd si . IXTELLICJESC'E OFFICES. t)Q7 BROADWAY. CORNER RKADE STREET. AT ZO i MORRIS COll.NEBT .1 CO.'S, can be obtained re fpec able Germuu. English, Scotch and Irish help, for hotels and private families; al-o waller-, coachmen, gardener*, far r er and laborer-, al this or the branch ofll"e, 1(12 Greenwich Street. Terms mod-rale. MRS. G BEEN '8 DOMESTIC AGE.N'CY, NO. 70 WHITE street.? I with pleasure inform my patrons and the pub lic, that I am prepared to suit thein with the most efficient and respectable class of h"lp. I hav?> an English housekeeper. Wanted, colored help. Rates 00 ets. KDl'(ATIO\! ?BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? iplu, DOLHEAR'8 academy, 109 Broadway, is now open for pupils wishing to become practical bookkeepers. Mr. Dol bear ha? secured the services of a highly skilled practical bookkeeper, who explains the details of double entry, as prac tised in Ihe ftrst business houses. q>n ?PENMANSHIP.? MR. DOLBE \ R 009 BROADWAY, teaches a rapid business hand In a short time. 1IW sci entific course of ' hand training" entirely removes all stiff ness, cramplnir and trembling. N. B.? Those who have failed to learn by other systems, are specially invited to call, aul be examined without charge. ?A CARD.? THE SUBfCRIBER WILL RECEIVE ?P?J. new pupils dslly a his elegant rooms, 382 Broadway, for cla).* or pr)uate Instr uction In penmanship^ bookkeeping, elocution and arithmetic. OLIVER B. GOLD8MIT H. <t>1 rn -WRITING? LADIES' CnEAP CLASSES AJfD ?PX . private lessons ? Mr. DOLBEaB. flt?9 Ilroadwav corner of Houston street. Is now forming cheap classes, a fl 00. W SO and %fi. for a full course of le?sons. Tickets ma. be recured to dny. Four vacant seats in the male department Saitsfactlon guaranteed. 0 A YOUNG LADY? QUALIFIED BY A THOROUGH education lo insti nct lu the higher English branches, par Ocularly mathematics, also. In I<atln. French and Spanish, wi hes to engage as teacher In a first class seminary or prlva'f family In this city or Its Immediate vicinity. Highest tes'imo nte Is of experience and ability can be given. Apply at No. 1! Ms iTtaon street, between the hours of iwo ana four, during tl? week. Aohnti.eman, whose evenings are cnoood pled, experienced In teaching, desires a few pupils to In siruot in the course of a thorough English and classical educe tton. Bookkeepinf, by double and single entry, shorihuul U desired. The moet unexceptionable rererenrei gjven and -h< terms will be moderate. A line addrnased to Virgtl, If -raid office, giving name aud resldeuce, will be promptly attend ed to. B EIJ. PORT CLASSICAL INSTITUTE COMMENCES ITS uext term on Tuesday. 2wt? Oct. l'arents and guardians desiring a good family school for iheli chliuren, Inaverv plea saul and Ireal'hy location will tlnd this worthy of their alien Hon. Its location Is on Long Island, on the great South bay, about sixty miles bv sllroad from Brooklyn. Circulars giving fis-.htr piirtlrtilai s, may he obtained at Appleton's, 140 Broad wiy, anil Win. Kevan, Esq., 110 Water street. N. Y., and W. Hoynor, Bellport. IP BENCH LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN A SHORT TIM P., by Hie new system ol Monsieur and Madame Dub os ladles' classes In the morning; goe'lemen'a cla-ses In the e'l ling. Also, private lessons. M. Dubos attends twlse a k In Bn?klyn DUBoS, No. ft., Clinton place, first pri ?oe house lrotii Broadnay. L^RENcn DAY AND BOARDING SCHttOL? DIRKCt F edbv Ure late profe-sors of Mr. Penrnot, Messrs. t,K3 PINASSE .1 SMITH, Macdougal street, corner of CUntC* place, ie?i' Washlugtou par*. INSTRUCTION? MR. A. I^?EWE.- HEBREW. ENGLISH ant ( lasf-U'Al <la.v and boarding school tor young gentlemen, anil day icboolfor young ladies. 43 (tannine street, will re open on Morxfcy, October 1ft. Psrents and gu.tnllans are resp o i t ii 1 1 v Info iued that ' la- ons ami lessen In dancing will be u 1 led to uie aaidemy during the season. | N8TW7CTION.? MONSIEUR MARIE EMTLF DIRIX, J fron Parts, ni oleasor of the French and ihe Italian Ian Eirages, reapeeituiiy informs tils friends and pupils and (tie l' lie ginerallv, thai he has removed -o No. h.14 ifroalwav, n ,i, re in is prepared lo resume his Insiructlons in the above Ini.guagn-. He Is about to reopen some new classes for begin ner?. andtho.e further adranee<l may jolu his classes for prsc ileal ron>ersaiions and reading dramatic work?, where ladi-a and renlcuien ?lll be lnvitmi to lake each a part oir of them. Moiiblcuif's models of French literature, Or < noice ex iraels In puse aiel verse selected from the iu >s emlnenl wn ters of Iranre aud I'aly, will lie used for reading. Thli nielhod hot been the most successful means for pupUs to learn lo speak with facility, aud will be acquired In the course of a few quarters I .a die:, who desire to learn the Italian language, tn be able o understand the manifold beauties of the l:a|l?n music, will be, lo private leoaons or classes, at their residence or his own, promptly attended to. TNSTBt'CTION.-A TOl'NO LADY, FULLY COMPE I lent wisli? to give private lesson* In the French nnd '?er man languages and tlielr lltera ? re. Address Zeoo'ua. sehu berth's music tor e. K\9 Bn?d?ay. TkifRfv HAMILTON'S FRENCH AND >1*GLISH DAI i>I schiHii will reopen on Monday September 10. st No. 10} West Thlr y stith sS-ee'. be'ween Brosdwaj and s?ven h a?e one. Cirriilars msv be obtained at the school, and at Bhepars t Co.'s book s'ore, lOi Fulton street Madame baxbikr, no. 4 great jones -itheet, twodrsirs frim Broadway, ha? re '.jienel for teaching perfectlj, by her metls?i, (a m^'hrsi suc -e-siui v p , r sue<l seven year-i for teachtrig a cultivated manosr of speak lug.) 'lie Frein h angnage. Hours, 3 to 3 and 7 lo 9 P. M P rate lessons < i Mondays Wedrieailays and Friday*, ui '.Irs n ortitng. yl'ANMI ? VILLAVERDK I. A TV PR. .PK<.-.,K , ,r Fpani.bat Mr Peugner'- aul rv? a Mr i(. ,.P.. can .lev*..,- yet a lew hours to private lesson- Apply a' No 9 Cdrroll place Blee. ker street. THE CI.ARKE SISTER < R'^SPFV'TFCLLY A.VNor.tfCB liiat their b.^rdlng and (toy w hoo.' for yr-itg I allies, vo 74 i-h avenue, will re opeo on Monday, flfptenibe I*, t'iicu^rv be oti'alned ?? I mm', boog.'ore No. H'.V B' ?dwav, r>? s' Raynor'-, No. 7fi Bowery. They wiil be a" It ine after Aispv t. to rr^elve applications. nriTOB.? a young G/ vtleman "p. .stId in "all 1 UK departments or aa Rnglish education I.aiin Oreek atd Frvneh wh>. . he spca.s fl ier. would w,?h to meet ? tsiper 'able family who would boa-d ii.m for his Re fes '. Ad I-,-. C P . tier s'd rt, ? 1. ,<i ee ^ays. atetlnf srhcr^ *a u-?. Tiew may be U<.1. TK WANTS* REGISTER. A LARGE HANDSOME BOOM. WITH PANTRY '>* the iwoond Hoot , furnished or tiofuniUhc'. to let, with partial boanl, to * gentleman uud wife or tiro .slng'e ge ut> men. Aiiply at 187 Ka?t Fifteenth street, uear stuyvesatit j.ark T)h) now* contain* all the modern improvements. I to iereneea exchanged. A small FAMILY, OCCUPYING A LARGE MODERN house, pleasantly located, and easy of access by can iuil state*. would let the entire aeeood I'oor to a desirable parly, or to separate parties. The room* are newly finished, contain Ku? graU-s. not and ? old water, Ac. Gentlemen and (heir Wlrra, or single gentlemen in Henrch of a quiet, agre?abla home for (lie winter . I trust will never regret addressing L. M N., Herald oflice. A" SMALI. COTTAGE HOUSE. OR PART OK A HOUSF? wanted In Brooklyn, for a lady and (wo children. Ad drer*Mri>. it.. y . Brooklyn rout oflice, hinting terms aad loca tion* A BAKERY TO LET.-TH* UNDERSIGNED HAS AN excellent bi iud fur u bakery, which he would like tolesse ftir a term of Mars. For terms, which will be low, apply to Dft. STEWABT, 75 Mulberry St., from 9 to 5 o'clock. Basement and to it ann street, well adapted for a restaurant; also the fourth t)o >r of wane building, well calculated lor an office. Inquire on the third tloor, of Mr. TEUBNKR. Cottages to let? within ten minutes- walk of Fulton ferry, near railroad; piazza front and rear, Good yard*, grape arbors Ac , all in excellent condition; also irgo corner store, good liiutlueas ion, witli pleaaant ap partinenta iu same building. Inquire at 195 Noaiau street, Brooklyn. Furnished booms.? a large, well furnished roum, with giuie, gas. closet, Ac.; also, several smaller ones lo let, without l.ouro, also, a front basemen: room, for nlslied or unfurnished. Hul'able lor an office, is, Ac, at 44 l.alght street, opposite St. John'* park. Baths iu the house. Fubnished house to let? a fine house, in view of Mndlson square, and splendidly furnished, to let to a small private larnily, without children or boarders, and most of (he rent taken in board; or would take a gentleman and bis wife in Ids family, consisting of three. Address box 1,525 Post Office, slating i umber of tamily. Gentility and kconomy.-to lf.t, in willaks btirg, in a genteel neighborhood, fifteen minutes' walk from the lei ry, a new brick ootlage house, In beautiful order; seven rooms; rent $178 per annum; schools, churelies. market, near, and stages pass the door. Iuquire at 452 Grand street. Houses to let, fubnished and unfurnished. A nice three story basement house on Thirty -tirst street , near Lexington avenue. fMO. One on Thirteenth atreet, *460. Two on Foriy-Qftli street. $400 and <1000. A dwelling on Fourth avenue, <500. One on West Twenty second street, $1,400. One on West Thirty-sixth street, $1,600. furnished. E. B. KIN SHIM! B, 319 Fourth avenue, S to 7 r. M. HOVf-K TO LKT, AND FUBMTURE FOR SALE.? House (wo story and attic; has gas and bath: rent $700. Apply on the premises, No. MM Houston street, fourth block, west ol Broadway. The furniture will be sold on accommo dating terms. Hotel to lease, and furniture forbale.-a first class hotel, on Broadway. Real estate on this island (akin for llie furniture, and lease given to a responsible parly. Address 'I . (Illsey, Waverlev House, corner of Fourth street and Broadway. Part ov a house to let-in a very respect able neighborhood, .West Thirty-fifth street, 1 convenient to stages atid cars. The house ha.^ all tuoderu Improvements, sucli as t'roton wa'er, gas, bath, \c. Rent moderate lo asinall family. Possession immediately, il aesired. Please address box UOH Herald oiltce. Rooms to lf.t.-two furnished rooms, in a ' private house near Madison square, to let to one or two gentlemen; every convenience In the nou->e. Apply at 31 East iwenly-bevenih street. qtore to let, ok house and lot for sale? on kj reasonable terms, corner of Ninth avenue and Thirty-lirst street. Apply on the premises. To let-four genteel three story UWELLING liouses. witli the modern improvements. In King street. Two of tiieni lo let whole, and two iu p&rla, to geutael families. Inquire at 29 King street. ritO LET-PART OF A LOFT. WITH STEAM POWER J heated by steam and well ligh'ed, in Brooklyn, three m tittles' walk llroiu South terry. W. A. COLLINS A CO., 16 Maiden lane, up stairs. TO LET? TO A SMALL R K8PECT ABLE FAMILY, THE upper pari of the house 172 West 23d -t., near 8th av., cou KlstiiR of three rooms on die second and two or three on the thud floor. The bouse contains all the modern improvements of tta.-. bath, Ac., Ac., and will be let to an agreeable tenant on moderate terms. A front basement can go with the upper part, or be let for a physician's office. rpo LET-A BASEMENT AND SUB CELLAR, AND FOUR A upper stories of the marble front stores 13S and 140 Ful ton street. Apply on the premises, to E. M ACOMUER. TO LET-TO A SMALL OENTEEI, FAMILY, OR A FEW gentlemen, a very p easnnt part of a modern built three story brick house, situated at 84 First street, east side of First avenue, and within a tew doors of a railroad and two stage routes. Immediate possession may be had. For particulars inquire as above. TO LET? AT REDUCED RENTS, HOUSE CORNER of Second avenue and Forty ninth street, In a good neigh borhood, only one family on each floor, second story $125; third story ilOfl, and fourth glorv $75 per year; each tloor oon t.iins elutit mom.-, liousc in good order. Applv lo l'HOMAS X STREET, 34 Pine street. TO LET.? THE HOUSE NO. 214 WEST TWENTY SECOND street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, la to let until the first of Msv next, with the privilege of next year. If re quired. Beut$750. Possession given immediately. Inquire at the house. TO LET-AN ELEGANT FLOOR, TO A FIRST. CLASS dentist or lor a dancing school, 51 West Thirty -first street, corner of Broadway ; also very nice room-, or floors unfurnlsh ed, torespectoble parties without children; every attention will be paid lo make a residence a perfect home. Apply at 51 West 31st street. TO LET-ONE OF THOSE VERY DESIRABLE NEW lour story houses, with double staircase, and all the mo di m improvement, on the north side of West Twenty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Applv at No. 1S5 West Twenty third street, or a- P. HARMONY'S NE PHEWS A CO., 81 tireeuwlch street. TO LET?AT 712 BROADWAY, FOURTEEN LARGE airy rooms, elegantly furnished, iucludiugparlors, to gen tlemen without boarder the whole or part to a family w uliout children, very reaaonflsle, with the exclusive use of the kitcheu, dumb waiter, and .'ilnWjuodcrtitejirovemeuis; chandeliers, Croton, bath, Ac., all l^SnWroraer. TO LET? A HANDSOME HOUSE, COMFORTABLY FL R tiished, w ith garden, stables, Ac., within one hour of New York. Will be let very low to u respcctabfc party. Address box 3,150 l'ost office. TO LET? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE DELIGHTFULLY located, ou the East river, 5), miles from the City Hull, With sufficient furniture for asinall family. Carriage house nnd stable on tlio place. Access to the cltv every five mlnu'es, by So ond, Thlru and Fourth avenue cars. Apply at 83 lioid street, corner of Spruce. TO LET-STORE NO. 2K THIRD AVENUE. THIRD door above Twentieth street, on the west side; a good loca tion for any kind of business; also a part of bouse No. 56 Bond street. Iuquire at 37 East Twenty-second street, before lo A. M. and alter 3 P. M. TO LET? ON 111TH STREET. BETWEEN THIRD AND Fourth avenues, two new, well finished cottage houses, elgbt rooms each, large yard and garden; rent $luo per year. Inquire on the premises, house nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, TOGETHER WITH the furniture, Wttbln three minutes' walk of (lie landing ai Clifton. Staten Island. Rent low to a responsible tenant, Address p. Lerov, Herald office. TO LKT? THE SMALL TWO HToRY HOUSE 114 WEST Broadway, possession imtnediatelv; small frame hous?, 89 Hose street; stores, basements, apartments nnd single rooms. Apply to S. SMITH. 15 Molt streel. TO LET-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, TO single gentlemen or families, without board, at 133 Fourth avenue, near Thirteenth street. Rtteretice* require!. TO LET IN HOBOK F.N? A SMALL BRICK HOUSE contanng nine rooms. In u good situation, and within five, m.nutes' walk of ferries. Rent $300. Part of the fttrnltitre to be sold with the house. Apply a*. 78 Maiden lane. TOLETOR LEASE? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED front and l ack parlors, '.asements and other r<s?ms suit able for any business. Bent very low. Apply at iii Broad way. TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS-TWO LOTS, with the building* thereon, in Thirty second street, be tv een Third and Leitngton aveuues; lo sSO feet front by 174 feet deep. Inquire ol if. P. LEAKE, 136 I>au;'en? street. MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET nOUSE SO. 221 EAST Twenty third s'reet, seventy five tee! westof Flratarenue, 22 by 55 fee', five stories and cellar, well adnpted for mum fai ttiring purposes. Possession will be giv.-n immediately. Kcr further parUi u;*rs apply lo THOMAS MORT' >N, 212 Pearl street, up sialrs. TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN Broadway, near the St. Nicholas, suitable for slDJtlo gen tlenieti? t.n unu-1111 opportunity of pro urliig comfortable win tei quarter?. Location utisurpa-sed for convenience; rooms ?uperlor. family private. Apply at 502 Broadway, MANHATTAKVIIXK POST OFFICE. II ST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE j at Manhatianvllle, New Yirk oc 1. I*i4 Andersot. Viss A R Hsnman .b<hn PeyvilleM I tauer Heuirlch Hr.lde-i Pa't Punier James turner Kris oph Holmes John liaomstartnet Ursula II"i kins P II lllatr Robert Hori-e! I?r G It Rax* Ao'h >ny Ilium .lames Huggltls Sam' I J Reagan >'ohn Hi in Ju< ititii llmstou James Reeve WF Hurneti WliJiam Kerning Jame? Richardson O Carow James Klbbottnan M.Utl Ruwand Alexander fi nk Julia Ke. v Marin Ryne (VUrlne Clemens Miss Xar.v Kelly Liinnda Schaub Jooannes Collier John K .a< lies Fredrick Hchl'lpp Bene<llcht ( tonne]] James Klem Fred shafte, E lwandM* Dati. tnan t'bo >? Li" c!t Sam Sinclair JT Dnna MlseCalhriueM I.-trir An l. i Etna Day Edward Ludtck- .- J0 .1 Sne der Wilhetm Hit'?. I Frank I .rhl'atrck S kttuu Frani Dtlgi'Stl Mtt:'" Lv 1 VI-- Villi I) Siokes Mrs hgan Peter?.' M ? iter Lauren* s ker AmbroM K Ktf.-an John Vano- Tb"m?a Sutton Ben)amtii? 2 Fit k John E M alone v R< laey Thopee votmIIus Kr/ tern'd Wile.. V 1 % Miss SatHna Trs.ersi'N Fl rgerai i 'ohanu^ .Vayers John Trelous Deitir Fi*?pa're ? Fr' Mfttiley ? ath tie Turner Hoeiet Onge Win R? 2 V. ;!>r F-tn?? 2 Cndei WWd M P c;.it,r Ilenr. M . one Hugh Van Nest Abeam (?avlns John MurphyMl" Rcse Waldron (i R Oliler' W J ?' Muss Mary Wallace James Gf l fl Ot r j M . Iti r.rd Watt :? Mtsa Jane Ot ->s?; opfot i- .' McGrag ? V' low Werner Fredrick Michael Metluineea Miaa We;.-?s Wallace ?.| m e. All. ' N.gesE, E?q Whfcing Mrs W autl. li.iti-.ei a re I M. s im. 3 David Hn: man J?. W deti> 'i CLOTHIMi, <kf. Alaboe quastitt or second h vnd otornrjra . wanted. Oentiemea i.aVjn larg* w aoutU lot* 01 i?? wtsr'.n* U|ipar 'i (' -.isj I ? 01 ?... r- el?e the ee--, h;gt..>.' >g Thomas 4 ] K> 1 Ijr te vNti.fvbn h \v:no t . ?? r t off w--tRry,i 7 ealhn* or s I (\ ths pos- tin 122 St". i't s res' baaetnen' N 71 ? i iff mn<i Wltb *.^dl df DRY OOODM, &C\ OlliWWklk W??TH OK RICH VALENt'IKNtfNd lares At uncommonly low prices, being hi lain purchase* of Mr. Robert* whila u> Europe; just received PKTKR ROBERT* * CO^ 37SUrOadwa/ 1 rtftft PKTKBSnAM CAPKLLO& JU8T RECEIVED. 1 .UUU and will be opened lor luapection on Thursday Oc?. 4 ? I.adies will find Ihest novel auil serviceable :;armen!s ruiiet desirable lor travelling arid can-lag e wear Price tl 80 each. ? M. HUCH AN AM M ACKHNZIH. Uul'e 1 Males Clonk mid Mantilla Store, 45 aud 47 Cxual street, Brandretli Building AT RICHMOND'S, ??? HROADWAY. RICH LACES AND embrrldei les, bands, lumdkerehlcfs, pur* ltuen, a tine assortment of rlbbou*. velvets, beat glove* 0*., ttnuhern, flowers, black plumes, choice guods at low prices. Mourning and mnde tip good* si way* frrsh. Brussels point Uoe sele from f ti to ?.?0. Valeucleunes do. from $10 to $40. Uuailaa from $12 to $60. The newest styles of Port -Ian cap*, hoad dresses. Ac., selected and niadu by Mr*. Richmond, who** taste U so well known. At moi.yneux belt's ' f8 (.'anal street . Heavy French greytioth talma-, trimmed with velvet, sieel cloth tttlmnn, *ieel moire antique galloon*. The prelilen' gai mem m the city, exceedingly low In price velvet taliuut. trimmed with moire antique. Molre antique trinied wllh velvet, Just the garment for the season. BULPIN'P ANNUAL OPENING OF KAU. AND WINTER CLOAKS For city retail trade, will take ri.vrs ontuukhdat nut, tuhiUh ouroaaa, at ta> ? . , . V"" "*"T'l'?-* WO BID*, Sfil RUOAPWA Y Co which day lie respectfully Invites public attention to ho no perb Importations and manufactures, prepared expressly lor this occasion, and embracing all the productions ul ' inula* taste and Ingenuity up to the departure of the latast steainev Having completed hi* extensive alteration* Mi warorooaM are now by far the most commodious in America; and being thereby enabled to condut a much enlarged business, he hu determined Uia' his eatabllshment shall hereafter be known m much by the extreme moderation In <he prtoe of the arUalaa therein contained, as It always has ecu by their eialualv* richness and beauty. On the same day he wul make bis usual annual exposition ol ladle-' fancy lurs, consisting of ibe moat costly and valuable stove to be found tn Broadway, all al reasonable prices. GEO. BULrlN, Cloak. Fur.and Shawl Emporium, Ml Broad war Brodie's fall cloaks. orKxiira pat. FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. All fahrioa. Thursday, October 4. 51 Canal street and (13 Llspenard street, Second mantilla store west of Broadway. BAILEY, FARRINOTO.V A LESLIE, No. 623 BROAD way, would call the attention of the ladles to their mew style of mouruing seta of oollsrs and sleeves, which la now ready. Tbetr mourning department contains the largest as sortment of novelties to be found In the city, and at price* that cannot full to please. Also to their large assortment of faeaa and embroideries, Brussels point, Houlton, guipure, Valen ciennes and Paris embroidered sets, Infants' caps, robes end waists, edgings, Insertion*. Bouncings, en., etc., In great va riety. A tew more of tho*e splendid medal lion seta of eollar and sleeves, aud collarette and sleeves, just received. Blankkth-sotlkd blankets at one-half their value.? We have received 800 pair of blanket*, slight ly soiled/which we are still selling at juat one-half their value, ?fills is un opportunity thai seldom occurs for ladles to supply themselves cheap tor the approaching winter. W. 8. BOND. 10* aud 110 Sixth avenue, directly op]>o*lte the market BELL'S OPENING DAY. Owini; to die unfavorable state of the weather on Tue* day last Moljueux Bell deferred opening several uf his moat recent styles, and ha* al?o received u casejnf elegant etubroi deled velvet scarf mantles from Pail* which he will sell at $1(4 each, worth $40: us also a magnlilcent stock of hi-* celebrated uinnufor'urtd cloaks, the riches materials and newest styles. 5H Canal si reel. C1LOAKS, CAP ELLAS, MANTILLAS AND FURS, ON J Thursday, Oc'ober 4. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United Slates Cloak an a Mantilla store and 47 Canal an J 07 Llspenard ?ts. Cloths, cassimeres and vestinos. J Black and colored cloths. Fancj aud plain casslmeres. Velvet and cashmere ve*tlngs. Tailors' trimming-, Ac., Ac., a' LORD A TAYLOR'S 257, 25'J and 261 Urau 1 line, And new numbers 47 and 4 9 Catherine street C1LOAKS, TALMAS, ) Mantillas a?d For*. A fresh asfortment will l>e opened on Thursday, October 44i. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United States Cloak and Mantilla store. 45 and 47 Canal and 07 Llspenard *ti. C1LOAKS AND TALMAS? ) Approved full styles, now ready at LOUD A TAYLOR'S 255, 257 . 259 and ?>1 Grand street, And new number* 47 and 49 Catherine street. CLOAKS. CLOAKS.? A SPENDID VARIETY OF VEL vet mid cloth cloaks, talmas aud mautUla*. also a beauu lul assortment of Infants' cloaks, cap* uud hood*, richly em broldered. J u?i opened lor fall and winter, cheap for cash, at WILLIAM IRVINE'S Cloak and Millinery Establishment, 17 Catherine street. ELEOANT STELLA SHAWLS? Juki received au extensive variety. Beautiful Stella shawls, from $7 io$14. Printed wool shawls, from $4 80 to 16. LORD A TAYLOR, 255. 257 . 259 and 2(>1 Grand street And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine atreet. B ELEGANT LACE CURTAINS AND DAMASKS AT RE t tiured prices, just received. THOMAS TATE, (Mi Canal street, corner of Greene. French merixoes of the most approved ka nufacture. EVERY COLOR, QUALITT AID PRICK. LORD A TAYLOR. 255 257. 259 and ?il Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. I TALL FASHIONS. Clisik* and talmis, fnow open,) In which will be found every novelty in sty le, color and material, mil a', prtca- to command a popular trade. MOLYNEUX BELL, Ca ial street Ladies getting new fall dresses made. In order to ensure a good lit, should prccur? a pair of Mr*. Gavnor's celebrated and elegant littlug French wove corsets. Her prices are only ha.f usually charged. T. 11. OAYNEH. lmpoi ter of corset* an 1 embroideries, 45 Third ave nue, near Teuth street. IAI'IES' CLOTHS AND ALL WOOL PLAIDS? NOW J landing from the steamers, and for sale cheap by the piece or package. TRACY. IRWIN A CO.. 234 aud 238 Broadway. Mourning cloaks ? e. f. Bartholomew will op. n his tall stylesof MOURNING CLOAKS on WED NESDAY, Oct" .her .'id. BARTHOLOMEW'S MOURNING STORE. 651 Broadway. MRS. BARKER RKPPKCFULLY ANNOUNCES TO ALL her friendK, that she can be consulted about lawsuits, marriage*, business, the color of the hair and character ot their husband, at 35>i Llspenard street, In the rcir. XTEW FALL GOODS. IN HAI.STEAD A DYKE, NO. 9P Canal street, have now fully completed their stock of? Silks, shawls, De lalnes, linens, Mcrtuoes, plaids, Embroideries hosiery. A*., And respectfully Invite their friend* and the public to call and Inspect their latest and most recherche designs, imperial expressly for the city trade. NEW CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. J. BECK A CO. beg respectfully to Inform the ladies that their clotk room is now replete with the novelties of the season, and from the great variety and beauty of design which is here displayed, J. B. A Co. feel confident that this depart, mrnt In their establishment will be found to maintain Its usual preeminence. In addition to our oher cloaks we slall open this morning a limited number of Sehas'spol wrapper* for tail wear. In style and material different from any to be seen else where !n New York, and very distingue .165, 786 and 7*8 Broadway. ONE CASE TMBROIDERED MALTESE BANDS, WITH trimmings to match, just received; real black thread lace veils, from five dollar* upwards. 1'KIKR ROBERTS A CO.. 375 Broadway. PARIS CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS-SEVERAL CASES ju?t received by the America, Will be opened Ol? TntJUSDAT, OCTOBKH 4TH. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United State* Cloak an t Mantilla store. 48 and 47 Canal and 67 Llspenard ?U. PARIS FASHIONS I.* Cloaks axd M uttulas, Will he opened on Thursday. United State* Cloak and Mantilla *tore, 45 and 17 Canal and (17 Llapenard itrneta. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, Proprietor. TO MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS.? THE ADVUR. t'aer. having on hsnd n larue assortment of old aud new sample* ol dry c'*Hl*,:oreign manufacture, would be Willing to di*| ose pi same they embrace a great variety ol very new d> sign*. To a manufacturer, or a party in the habit of getting up to w- style", they would prove an invaluable purchase For pafirtilar* and Inspection ol Ibe lot, address H. B , box 1J0 Herald office. AMTKOLOOvi " Astonishing to all.-madame morrow? thoi litiihlv gifted lad} is the most wonderful a*tr.ilogl?t la he woi Id, or thai ever ha* been known; she wtll tell all the events of life, even the virr thoughts, and will cau*e spse-ly tnairlaces, an l -l,ow the llkene's of the Intended husbaod, m 'he lireat astonishment of all who visit her All who want ^'<sl luck (Ij to for relief at,d romfort. All In'erriews are trie 11* pilvale, a* no admission I* given to g.-ntlemeu Ni> i!,sr,jeft not satisfied. 7# llroouie street, beiween Csujou ?rid Colunit la. f 1LAIRTOYANCF-ALL DISEASES DISCOVEKED AWB V. ' cured. If curable, unerring advice on business the rata sn-t when-tbouts ol absent frtttnda saranamed. by Mrs SEY MOt K, Uis most reliable medical and business elarlvovaat ta vmeiica Kesl lenee MO Spring sttwet, ana bloc* w*? 0 -Irosdway. batlsfacuoa (uarantaed or no pay. /"aTTd. -ma DA M PR I'WHTER RKTU RXstTTlANKS TO her frlerds and psirrin*. and liaa to say Uia',. afte: th? ii. usaoda, beb In ibis city and l'hlladel)>hla who hav ? con sulted her with en'lre satisfaction, she feebeonlVlent .hat in (be question* of astrology, love and law inai'er*. and '<ook< or tescles, as relied on ewMlly be Nspeleon, she is- no e pia; -he ? ill tell the name of the future husband, and also (fee name ot ber vial lar. speedy and sure eui e ot iiilas un 1 . orris bj a i ? medy of her ow n. 7o Madlsou sin e' AIMMK HKVKR ||AH REVuVKD TO 191 SKt K.*TM avenue, between Twenty-third and Twentv -fourth streets eontlnnea to teH pa? present and fntura evenu. i:kewt?? M carriages Jooraeys" lawinlts, bu-' ies# prospeela ?? -knes* absent irte i ls. rc' perty lost or stolen. Madsiie Vr-er m ". r?r?es ir V igllsb Frvticii and Get man, %nd gives giurantte uer art. Madame m win from parts. T^NDrRs mee ?ervlcea to the ladles aod gen' smeu in phreno'-uy Mh? ?sn ' e ci ? ,.;i;t?,J a -out love, marriage, business, and will isi | ? it name ot ihe oly or je irleman 'ley wiii marry also, tbe amea of be: tii! ? -rs. Retliettce 2! Mlvlng'on itre^ nsar Bowery. HVE ARTK. NOT BER *1W THING -ii - ear v In the season a Ur( i |ae hoi. ids', a, Hi'iUe t THE '"OMIC Pf'T'rRf A' 4 NO A i / MPI) FNGH> VIM; ? WKDDING C.iBDS Y7STTING aUiem?ar,d b'james* cards engravad anJ prlti'ad in Rfel m >?r i i es, sAti.| , r >fr,' es, ? . e ai'ver phlte I d Kir i Ac. Orders l>y ma t iiar ? ? v< R. L.RGGBTT, Engravf f , Ne. 4 Job o fraeL