Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 8
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UtlETKEILIW RENEWED EVERY DAT. CONTINUED FROM THE FIFTH I*ACt?. kiii vi ions wajttkd. WANTKD ? 8ITI 1TIONH, BY TWO tilBLH, ONK AS good cook , is a good baker and an excellent laundress; the other as good waiter, or a> chambermaid nnd laundress; both an- lully run,; < ,eut in l\'. the above situations. ho.h can give the best ot city reference. Can be seeu at tfWeet JMtb it., near bill avenue :ii the basement. w WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A TV Protestant, a niiuatlou to do general housework 111 a ??mull family; can t-ivc g<*>d eity reference. l'leaae call at lis W??t 27tb st., betw i u ib anil ?ih aveuues, back room, firoi :lo?r. for two day-. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, FAMILY orgentlemei washing by the dozeu or month; under stands doln? uji ludu minima. Address K. A. L.. Brooklyn Poet office. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO VKRY HESPEOTA blo young women; one aa cook, washer and tamer, the other u> do gen rut housework; no objection 10 the country; beat of city rclerei.ce given. Can bo .seen lor two dava at So East Broadway. WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA lion in a family, ax seamstress; the understands dr-n making, rutting ami fitting bovs' clothe*; baa good city refer ence. Adiress M II. C., 13# Elizabeth ?t? between Brooate and Spring, for two duys. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ENOLISH WOMAN. ?.? (Irst class cook; iaa good washer and Irouer, a ipw.1 baker and pastry cisik, and preserver of all kinds of fruit. Hood city reference from Ut-r last place. Call at No. 9 Vauin-.u st., in the rear, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLE WO man, aa gjod t lain couk and to assist with the washing and ironing, or do 'Jio work in a small fumtly. Call at 49 Bank at. Xtr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BESPECTABLE v V young woman. lately arrived. as chambermaid, or lo do general housework in a small private itnnlly. Can be seen for three days, at 40.. 1'earl at. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; U a good oook, first rale washer and Ironer. Has good re.erence. Can be seen for twojlays at No. IIP 17th St., near Seventh Avenue Bailroad. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE, TIDY YOUNG WO" man, a sltua ion as chambermaid mid seamstress, r>r lo do general housework, in a small, genteel family. Wnges moderate In a nice place. Please inquire at 294 Delaticey st., In the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; is a good plain cook and first rate washer and ironer. The best of cl_y refer ence. Can be seen for two days, if nol engaged, at 133 Mott St., near Qraud. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voung woman, as ilrst-ratc rook; understands all kinds of French cooking, Good city reference given. Please call for two days at 1# University place. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, or cham bermaid and to assist in washing and ironing if required. Apply at her present emuioyer'B, 128 We-,1 15th at., two doors from 7th avenue, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU A ttou as nurse and feumstress. Can produce city reference as to cliaracferand capability. Can lake charge of a babe from its blrtli. Please call at her present employer's, 50 17th St., third door from (ith avenue, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do plain cooking; U a Urst rate washer and ironer. Beat city reference. Please call at(M West Wash Inton p; lie. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as cbumbermaid and seamstress, or to (insist in the washing and ironing. Can be aeen ut her nreseut em ployer's, northeast corner of 14th St., 7th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, lis nurse and seamstress, or seamstress and chambermaid, or chambermaid and to assist in the fine w ill ing and ironing. Qood reference. Apply at 69 East Ititli ?>., between 3d and 4th avs. Can be seen for two days, at her present situation. ?nrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV voung woman; she Is an excellent rook, and a first rale washer ana ironer; the best of city reference can be given from her last plaee. Apply at 160 Thompson st., corner of Houston st., room No. 9. tor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wu?h and Ironer, or would do general house work in a small private family. Can get the very best oily re ferences. Can be seen for two days at 490 6;li aveuue, room No. It, top lloor. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS seamstress; no objection to assist lu clutmberwnrk, or as nurse and seamstress. Good city reference. Canbeseeunt ill 7tli avenue, corner of 24th st. WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION A3 plain cook, and to assist in washing anil honing, or chain berwork and tine washing. Good recommeudatious. Can be seen at 211 7th avenue, corner of 24th st. WANTED? BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as cook and laundress. Can come well recom mended from her last place. Can be Been tor two days at 31 Tulmuu st., near Bridge, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and plain sewer, or to assist in washing. Best of reference from her last place. Can be seeu for two days at 13 12th st., between Bth and Cth avenues. T1TANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION TO VT atlend a bakery or fancy store; best of reference given. Please call at 363 Bowery, corner of 4th st., for two days, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid or waiter, and to assist in the washing and Ironing; good reterence cau be giveu. Apply at 150 East IHihst., tor two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do general housework in a private faintlv, the b. st of city references given from her last place. Please call In Pacific st., one door from Columbia, Brooklyu. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY .A BESPECTABLE .voting soman, to do general housework; goo 1 reference. Apply ut 73 King st., second lloor, In the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO DO PLAIN COOKING, washing and Ironing, and help In housework, or plain sewing and chamberwork. The best of eity reference. Call for two days ut 693 4th st.. In the rear, 2d lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS DRESSMAKER AND seamstress, by a respectable Protestant young girl; can cut and lit Indies' and children's dresses in the neatest manner. Can give the most satisiactory reference from where she lived for the last four years. Please call or address to 2949th st., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman . as chambermaid and laundress. Good reference given. Please call for two days al 93 West 3d st. WANTKD? BY A RE8PECT A BLE YOUNii WOMAN. A situation as first rate rook in a private family, she under stands baking, pastry and jellies; has lived In her last place seven years. She lias unexceptionable city reterence, as to honesty, sobriety and capability. Please call at 217 First ave nue, up stairs, In the front room. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE OIRL, A situation as nurse and seamstress; is rapable of Uking the entire chaige oi a baby from Its birth; understands editing and fitting children's dresses, and all kinds of family sewing. The very best ol rtty reference can be given from her present employer, Mrs. General Thompson, Mansion House, Hicks st., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT 'YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as chambermaid . perfectly understands doing np ladles' fine things. Hood city reference given. Please call for two days at 42 18th st., between Broad wav and 4th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voting woman, as good plain cook; prefers u boarding house! Has got the best city references. Apply al 242 Sixth avenue, between 15tb and ltttn st*., lor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as professed cook; understands baking, and would assist in washing and ironlug. Would go a short dis tance in the country. i lood city reference. Call kW West 22d St., In the rear, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECT ABLE GIRL, to do general housework in a small family; good ciiv re ference given. Pie *se call at 90 West 24th St., between S:!t and 7th avenues, for two days. WANTKD? A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS nurse and seamstress, or chamb< rmald and waiter, has no objection to the country; can give the best of eltv reference Please call for two day s at 107 Earn 2#th st., between 21 and Jd avenues. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation ns dress maker; cau cut and tit lvlie*' slid children's dresses; Is a good plain sewer; has lived for the last four years where she has learned her trade andean be well recommended, and Is willing I) make herself useful. Call for two duys at 294 Ninth st., near avenue A. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as cook, wssher and Ironer in a -msll family, or a* chambermaid, be?i city reference. Apply at IS Prince st . , lor two days. TVr A NTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL A VT situation as chambermaid, snd to auist in the washing and Ironing; good recommendations given. Please call at 168 JU.b st., hi :?ren 71) and Slh svenues WANTKD? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy young woman, with * fresh breast of milk; was confined five weeks since. Can be seen until suited at 03 s 'barium si., three doors north of Tarick. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, s. wet nurse Would take a babv lo her own house or would go out u* nur-e in a respectable fsmllv. Be?t of referenr*. given. Apply at 116 I7th St., between 0th aud 7th avenues, tor two d*y?. WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE GERMAN YOUNO lady, a sltusilon as dre^maker aud In it private Ameikan lamby Kr(,r,?e given ll re idBT Ad dreii A. t , Herald office. * - WANTED? A FURNISHED Hi*m, WITH PARTIAL boajtl. In a strictly pi1vat?jfaniiljr ,\)y two young gentle men; location central. 1 lease address, staling term? A M |K?x >4 Post office. " WANTED-TWOOB THREE RKSPEi'TaHI.K MEN OF active business habtis, to solicit orders f..r our beautlfiilir Illustrated Standark Works, Including Sh*k?i,e%r. Bvron Moore, Brown's Family Bible, Life of Christ WU*?a'< Tales' Knryclo of Arch, Me. Commission liberal, reference, neee* ??ry. Apply to ilABTIJt A JOHNSON, 27 lleektnan st., up stafra. "WANTED? BY A BESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A vt situation lo cook, wash and Iron In a private fainlh T!i at rtty reference given. Can be seen for two days at I#/ 1 b/aheth st . between Spring and Broome nr antf.d-by a resprctable oirl. a hitua ? V Mon aa i hairdiermald and waiter; Is willing to make h -r r-elf generally useful itest of eity reference given No obi >e |?)D logo a shnri distance in 'he country. Apply for two dan at 91 W. 19th su Would do plain sewing. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as first rate cook, and l? s good washer mi lr>iiier: understands baking and paatrv. The best of eltv refe ronce given. Please call for two days at 133 Moll St.," near Grand. W-ANTV.D? BY TWO YOCNG WOMEN. SITUATION'S V V one to cook, wash and Iron; the o'l?, t? ,| , phamherwoek 1 i waiting; ihev thoroughly unaernaM tbetr buaineaa Hn?e lU ? hesi ofciiy refi retxefh.m their i-is' p ? ? where -h.e S..I red or the last >wo years and a h\M PitMteaUM UJ2UI Sm'ATlOSS WANTED. ANTBD ? BY A BHriCTAkl PROTKHTANT ?? J oung woman, a situation an first rate lAundr*?s, or at ? alter and chaiubcrmatd, or flue washer anil ironer; I* eotnpe (cut in the Minium. The l>e?t of city reference given. Ple?-e eall at 29t> Madison at, room No. 4. ?WTANTKn-A SITUATION, BY A BESPECTABLE " young woman, to do rhnmberwork an I a* seamstress . good elty reference. Can be seen for twodiyaat 103 Wts: 1Mb at. , second tloor, back room. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RE3PECTABLK ?? girl, a? chambermaid imd flue washer; u fully romp. leut; o." a* laundress, In it private family; understands wall tag alMO. Good city reference Irom a respecUblo families. Can lie seen for mo dayiiat S3 West 22J street. went of J*i avenue, fourth floor. WANTEO-A SITUATION, BY A PBOTES1ANT your.^ woman. a; wet anrw. Good city roforunca given. Can be seen for two day* at 188 Ka t 12Ui tw crn in und 'Jit avenues. TITAN TED? BY A PROTECTANT YOUNO GIRL, A TT situation as chambermaid taua seamstress. Good rate rence given. Please rail for two oayu at 210 nuI1H.ui at.oet, second noor, l nek room. 1*TANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A BE3PE0TABLE tt woman, m chambermaid, or to do the light work Is a private fainli>. Hooi illy reference. I'lea-e cull tor iwu days at 1Kb West 16tb St., between Nth and PUi avenues XlfT ANT ED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A snVATlON ?? 10 do Miner it I bouaework In a small private family; a good wasber and Ironer. .Apply at 132 East 24thsi., between 2d and 3d avenues. T1/\ANTEI>? A SITUATION, BY A BESPBCTABLB TT youug woman, us chambermaid and to a-?istiu w.tit inn; ban no objection in do the general housework of a private family. Good city reference Kiven. Please call for two day at ?9 Mulberry at, room No. 4. WET NUBSE? A BESPECTABLK HEALTHY WOMAN, having lo"t ber child, wllh a frr h breast of milk, wishes to take a child to nurse In her own house, at 367 l?t at., be tween North 8tli and 9th s's., William. burg. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ?t situation aa chambermaid, or waller, in u private lam Iv. Best of city reference rail lie Riven. Please call at 1U1 Kirs: avenue, bciwe< n 10th and lllh sts. WANTED? BY AN ENGLISH GIRI., A SITUATION AS chambermaid aud plain sewer. Unexceptionable refe rent es given, by applying to the lady with whom she last lived, at 194 West 16th at , near 7th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNG Englishman, as waiter, In a private family. Best of city references given. No objection to the country. Apply at M). 4 West 22a st., for three days. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIBL, A SITUATION to do chamberwork and waiting; watting preferred. Good city reference. Can be Been for two days at 38 19th st. WANTED? BY TWO AMERICAN WOMEN, SITUA tlons? one. as cook and to assist tn washing, the other as chambermaid and seamstress, or to take care or a child rnd sew; city reference given. Can be seen for two days at '.>8 Monroe St. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation, to do chamberwork and waiting, or general housework. In it small private family. Good city references can be given Please call ut 230 lBt avenue, thlru floor, room 12, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, to i!n chamberwork or waiting, or to do chain lid-work and assist In the wnshlngand Ironing, (tan be seen for two days at 39 Itivington street, rear building. WANTED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE ENGLISH person, u situatlan hs nurse and seamstress; ctty refer ence given. Please inquire at 70 Spring si. WANTED-A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, AS nurse anil seamstress; one that understands all kinds of family sewlni:, and cutting and lining children's dresses, and must also have lite knowledge or carrying a baby; and good city reference required irom her last employer; none odior need apply; at 03 (old) 87 new number, 12:ii st., between O'h und 7th a vs. Klut,' the basement bell. vomro WANTED? BY A LITTLE OIRL FIFTEEN YEARS OF nge, a situation to take care of children and do plain sewing, or to assist In chamberwork; is fond of and kind to tliildrun. Can be. seen for two days at 135 Chambers st. WANTEH? A SITUATION, BY A YOUVO GIBL, AS general servant, in a small respectable family; is a first rate washer and Ironer; can do plain cooking; lia.- two years good city roferenci from Ihe lady she last lircd Willi. Can be ssen at 109 East Uth St., for two days. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A 8ITUA tton as good rook aud to assist in washing and ironing, or to do chamherwork aud fine washing. Can be seeu for three days at 178 17th st., between 1st aud 2il avenues, second floor, front room. Good reference can be given. TSTANTKD-A SITUATION. IN A PBIVATE FAMILY, ? T by a professed cook, who fully understunds her business. Best of city reference. Can be seeu for two davs at 43 West 13th., between 3th and 6th avenues. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voting woman, as nook in a respectable family; is a good washer and 'roner. Good city reference. Pan be aeeu for two days at "6 24th St., between 6th and Jtli avenues. flvtn. Appl3 u* ? for two days. do general liouFown'rk or chamber work; best of reference utven. Apply at 144 Weat 28th at., between 7th and aves., W ?fVANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN. A SITU I ? tion as chambermaid and waiter ; unexceptionable refer ence Mven. I'leaaecull at 63 Ureeneal., room 12. U. It. A I "ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKJiPECTARLE 1 ) young girl, as nurse or waller, ?nd to do light chamber work, liood city reference ran be seen for two da y?. Call at 682 I lousier) si . corner Thompson, room No. 0. fir ANTED ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO SISTERS. TO LIVE II In the name house, one to cook, wash and iron; the other lo do ehambcrwork itud assist In warning and Ironing, or chain berwork and sewtng, Beat of reference given. Apply ai 120 Liuli at., between 2d and 3d aventieg, lor two day*, secoud floor, back room. iTANTRD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO ) inan, at good cook: understands baking perfectly, and is an excellent tvaslier and Ironer. Has the be-l of cltv reference. Please call ai 46 Wc*l I3Ui ft., between 5'.h au I titli avenues. Can be seen for two da.v?. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AND RE spec-table girl; is a good plain conk, a lirst rale washer and Ironer, and woald do family housework in a small private family. Can give the best of city refereuce. Please call at 133 Amity al. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, I lo do ehnmberwork and sewing, or the housework of a small family; has no objection to a respectable boarding house. P lease cull at No. 8 Sullivan at., for two day. XtT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT f f young woman, a situation a* chambermaid ami waller, or lo do genaral housework; Is a good cook, and excellent washer and Ironer Best eliy reference. Please call for two days at 431 Third avenue, In the store. TV" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv young woman, to cook, wash and Iron; Is a good cook and a first rale washer ami Ironer. Has good cltv referejee Please call at 126 Mh ?t., Clinton place, third tloor, front room. _ WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL. a situation. iia lady's maid aud seamstress; she under stands dressmaking and dulng up Hue luces Best of city re ferences ran bo given. Please apply at II 3 East Iflihst., be tween 1st and 2d avenues, for two days. TITAN TED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOU.VO WO TT man, a situation; isa first rate cook, and a most excel lent baker of bread and pastry; understand* tnikln.' all kinds of soups and desserts, as she la well experienced in thxt capacity, Plcaaecallat 147 lHthat., between ? th and Mh av?. -, can be seen till engaged. The best ofcliy reference given. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, as rook. In a respectable family ; would assist In the washing and Ironing, and l>e found agreeable and obllg. Ing. Please call at her present place, No. S West 17ili it., where ahe can be well recommended, and be seen for Iwo days. WANTED-RY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITUA Hon In a family as dressmaker and seamstresi; Is an ex perlenced dressmaker, also understands the cure of children, and Is a good housekeeper; would bo willing to go West or South. Address M. S. J., Kavenswood, L. I. tlTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE M young woman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or chum bermald ami to assist In tvaahlM and Ironing. Hood city re ferenee. Can be seen for two days al 35 13th st., between 5;h and 6th avenues. TITANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS, SITUA f T lions; on* to do the housework of a small private family; the other to take care of children and do plain sewing. Can be seen for two days at 219 Sullivan at., first door, back room, Iront 'J until 4 o'clock. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE widow lady, as nurse and seantsli ess who Is fully ca pable of tsklag charge ol children, or willing to do anything required, l'lcnse rail, or address a line, at No. & Monroe st. TITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN OIRL. A situation as chambermaid and wal'er, or to do general housework In a small family. The beat of reference* can >e flvcu. Please cnil for two davs at No. 173 East 23*1 si., seco id oor. back room No. 4. "Il'ANTKP? A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE COOK v v understands baking In all Its branches; Is a go si vvasliei and Ironer, and Is willing to make herself generally useful. No objections to go to the country. Can give good reference. Apply at 224 W. lo.h *t? between SUi ami 9th avs "117' ANTED? A OENTI.RM AN'S OR FAMILY'S W ASH Tf Ing; die beat of references given. Please call at 113 S4. Mark's place, second tloor. bark .mom. T1T ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RVSPE''TAHLE v? voung woman. In a respectable lamtly. to dorhimber work and waiting, or the general housework of a sin til family. Ibe beat of city reference given. Can be aeeu for two .lays at (<6 Perry street. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPEITABLE young woman, lo do general Imnsework In a small private flinilly. goisl recommendations from her last placv can be seen for Iwo day . Apply at 196 27th atreei, tielween Nth and 9th avenues. T|r A NTED? BY AN ENGLISHMAN AND HIS WIPE, situations, the man as ciarlitna.i and the woman as cook, chambermaid or lattmiress. e, ?.; 11 , |,m? more of to objeri than high wages. Oor si city references from their ls-t employer*. Address l'<a. binati, Herald offlce, or call at .'IAS Pulton st.. near City Hall. Brooklyn W'ANTEn-TWO MFN WHO UNDER?T VNO TIN AM) " slice' iron working. Apply ?t R. AJ McLoiiglilln'a, Oreene st , Jersey Pity. WANTED by A YOUNG MAN, WHO SPEAKS~ENU v? llsli and Herman, a situation as barkeeper, or in a gor I gioeery -lore; he understands his buataes well Beat of . |iy referenc es given ln<|iiireat 124 Diane at., corner of Cburrb st., up > lairs TirANTKD. IMMKIIt ATKLY? A SMAKT, ACTIVE MAV. ?T to attend iti a restanraii . must <mder.tan<l the bn-me? Apply at Ihe Fhih \V?nl Mu.rnm Hotel, 96 We<t Hroelwa be'ween Hand I o'clock. PIsAYIKU IARIK PLAYING CARDS.? THE SVBSCRIBRks H ? VF TUB eieluaive aale of A HoOKherty's maiciflMtura o' n'sti i? -arde. end have constantly on liaisl, all the ditfarao'. irr?J>a ?>. a: tid nf hi* celebrated Un*>. dealing car.U M YiLKKVHUROU i CO.. Wo- "??fl wku'A%Q or j 7$ ci Jt flKLP WASTF.D. ALaDY vocalist WANTED-ALSO, a good COMIO singer, in sing In a saloon in Baltimore. Good salary, :tin! iifriiinui in employment. Enquire twmedia'ely of AN THONY STI PP, :<2I spring street. A FIRsT RATK HALF8 WOMAN WANTED ? FOR A law and embroidery store; must have a thorough know ledge of the business, Mid be energetic and pleasant tn man ner ?(?. Dress cap maker : wanted. Apply at Kober'.is no's, iM Broadway. AGENTS WANTED? TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE Of A steel engraving, ju*t published: lo men of enterprise, ai'li a capital of fromtSl tow), large inducements will be offered lo circulate Ibis work throughout the t'nlieii States. Kir full particulars apply personally, or address lo J. R. Hurton, plate printer, 149 Broadway, corner Liberty at., iblrd floor. AGENTS WANTED? IN EVERT STATE, TO SELL sliee' maps of the moat useful and popular character, v.?.;? .sebastopol, Crimea, Great Redan, Mameion and Mal i koll towers, with reference maps ol the Black, Baltic and Axon was; all new viewn, and published ou one large sheet; price as rents. Also, a view of Crouwtadt, ahowlng anil de stribing Its fortifications, with portraits of the principal crowned beads: a! -0 Riis-lan. French, Tarkiah and Kiu'lisli officer*. , with valuable maps; price 25 cents. All letters of in <|iilry fully answered bv return mall, Willi catalogue and spe cimen map enclosed. Some agents now engaged are making fruw 15 lo $11) dally, and any active man cannot fall to do well In the bus'ness. Address A. H. JOCELYN, mappub lislior, Nos. S* ^nd 00 Fulton street, New York. APOTHECARY WANTED? FOR A PUBLIC! INSTITF tioii ui tbe country; must be au American, unmarried, and willing to make himself generally tueful. Address bo* I .'J Mm Imunliin House, stating full particulars BAR TENDEK.? WANTED, EMPLOYMENT ah bar tender In a hotel or first class porlnr lions. ?. S,Misiaetory testimonials given a* to character and competence. Address L>. D., box 44 Chatham si|iiare Fust office. i tONFKOTlONER WANTKD-WHO UNDERSTANDS \J pastry, rbrystalizing and ornaments. None bit' flrst rate hands mv'd apply ut N. Clark's. BSS Broadway, corner of 13th street. CrOOK W ANTED.? WANTED, A GOOD COOK, WIIO ) uiidci steads washing mid mining. and will luake herself genei ally useful. Apply ai ! Mi llud ion St., corner of Hank and Abingdon square, west aide. C11IAMHERMA1D AND WAITER WANTKD? A PRO ! tenant. tu a small family, residing in tliu couutry, near the (i'.v. Apply at 42 White St., Friday and Saturday, tram 8 till lo o'clock A. M. (10I.ORED BOY OR MAN.? WANTKD. A GOOD STOUT J colored boy nr uildille aged man, to take charge of a pri vate stable anil uuike himself generally useful on a small place in the lonntrv. Wages $10 per month. Good relereuce as to character and capability required. Inquire at 202 4th at., from W to_12 A. M. C1M.11K WANTED? IN A GENERAL SHIPPING AND I Importing house; one well recommended, and acquaint ml with the English and French language, and bookkeeping. Address bos 3.517 l'ost office. C1ANVAS8EK8 WANTED? FOR THE CITY AND t 'OU.N I try. Apply at 113 Nassau street. Drug clerk wanted? in Williamsburg, one win: has a thorough knowledge ol tbe retail drug busi ness, and can conic well recommended. Apply at the drug More corner of South 4th and 0th sts,, near the Odeon, between tbe hour.-, of 1 aud 4 P. M. DRVG CLERK WANTED.? MR. A. SAMUELS, DKUfl glsi and chemist, recently trom Dublin, will please call again at 3K5 4'h avenue. GOVERNESS WANTED? BY A LADY, RESIDING near Old l'olal, Virginia. Must be fully qualified to leach English. French, music and the rudiments of Latin. An English lady preferred. Satisfactory reference required. Address, before Friday, October 8, J. N. M? Herald office. Good vest hands wanted-at 28'.' avenue i?, up star s. None but good button hole makers need ap ply. Groom wanted.? a protestant, who under H'ands IiIh business and ih capable of driving If requited; must be sober, honest, Industrious and well recommended. Apply nt Dvekman's, corner ol Ohurch aud Wldtc sts., froai 8 till 10 o'clock. for two days. Man waiter wanted? in a small private family; one who understands his business. Apply at the corner ol Montagu* and 1 licks sts? Brooklyn. IJROTESTANT COOK WANTED? EITHER GERMAN, Scotch or English Clio objection to a nice colored g.rl); she must be a good plain cook, and be willing to wash, Iron, and do llie work ofa very small lamily. Wages good. Apply imuiedlateiy at No. 10 Second place, Brooklyn, near Henri. TO YOCNO MEN.? WANTED FOR A NEW SHIP, TEN landsmen; also, coopers, carpenters, blacksmiths cooks, stewards and boalsteerers. All clothing furnished for ttio voyage. Inuulre at the office of the agent*, No. 97 Westst., corner of Cedar, up stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. TO PAGFF.RREOTYPISTS.? WANTED, A GOOD OPE rator. One who has bad experience, and wlio can jive good satisfaction, may apply at the gallery corner Cbatliam aud Pearl sts. WANTED? A FEW GIRLS TO FINISH CLOAKS AND mantillas; none but first rate bands need applv, to whom constant wo. k and good wages will be given, at 28 Orchard st. WANTED? A UOOD PL AI N COOK; MUST BK A OOOD washer awl Ironer. Apply between the hours of 12 anil 2 o'clock, at lSB WeBt 36lli St., ticar 8lh avenue. WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO THB HOUSE work of a private family; she must be u good plain cook, washer and ironer, and come well recommended. Ap ply al 22 North Moure Ht. J ANTED? APPRENTICES, TO LEARN I)RE=?WA?. Ing. Inquire at 144 East Broadway w TirANTED.? two t-ROTESTANT WOMEN WANTED VV r us rook, waster and Ironer; the other as nurse and chaaibei tnald. None need apply unless they come well recoin mended. Apply at the fourux house on Grand avenue, west Mn Fulton, Brooklyn. TIT" ANTED ? TO 00 SOUTH, A FASHIONABLE DRESS TT maker; must be a good cutter; to such aoneu liberal salary will be paid. Bererenoes required as to character. Addmsg for three days to W. M. Barker, National Hotel. TIT ANTED? A FIRST RATE LAUNDRE8S, TO OO TV Sou thwest will, a ludv; (the must uudersluid Utitlng, None other need apply at 220 West 14th st. ANTED. -A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man want* a nlare as seamstress, or as chUdrcV-i nurse; she is willing to make herself generally useful; she is a good dressmaker, and of a very amiable disposition; the very br->i of reference can be given. Inquire at 108 York st.. Brooklyn, WANTED? IN JERSEY CITY, TWO GIRLS, TO DO the work of a funilly of six persons? one to conk, wash and iron, the other as nurse and chambermaid; must cime well recommended. Apply at 115 Warren St., Jersey City, or at 10 Cortlandt st., upper room, New York. WANTRD-A PROTESTANT GERMAN OR SWISS woman, as child's nurse and lady's luald. Ap;>ly at 31 New York Hotel, between and 10 A. M. and 4 and 5 P. M. WANTRD-A COMPETENT WOMAN, AS WAITER; she must understand her business thoroughly Apply at 160 East 14th st. TITANTED? A OOOD OYSTER COOK. ONE VllO 13 T v competent lo take orders preferred. Apply at tie City Hotel, Broadway, corner of Howard street. TXT" A NTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO OOOD AND V I well recommended young women, one as cook, wittier, In ner, Ac.; the other a* child's nurse, seamstress, Ar. No oilier servant kept. Must be of kind dlsposiuon anil perfectly competent. Apply this day at 400 Henry st., near Carroll, Kmui Brooklyn. TIT-ANTED ? A WOOLLEN CARDER ; ONE ACtXS TT tomeil to carding for carpet yarns. Apply at room N. . 12, 192 Broadway, corner of John it. WANTED-A NURSE; ONE ACCUSTOMED TO THE cart i f children; city references required. Anplv at 37 East 21st st. 7 A NTED? A WOMAN AS LAUNDRESS AND CHAM bermaid. Apply at 37 East 21st si. w TVT ANTED? A FIRST RATE NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. TV Wnge ., St. a month Call at &1V Schermerhorn *t., be tween Bond aud Kevins, Brooklyn. X\T A NTED? A YOUNG GERMAN (URL, ONE WHO II speaks English, to do general housework in a small f.i in 1 1 ,v ot three pei sous. Apply to Wheeler, 41 Broadway, up si ?lrs. WANTED? A GIRL. TO DO CHAMBEUWORK AND waiting, and to assist in washing and irnnlnt!; must be a good smart gl1 1 with good city reference: others need ap ply; any girl objecting to do the above work neod not apply. Apply at 84 Renisen St.. Brooklyn. TXTANTED? A OOOD AMERICAN. GERMAN OR PRO v v lestant ciri to do the work of A small private family; roust I s a good washer and Ironer and plain cook and hrliig good clly reference. Inquire a' 101 I'carl st., Brooklyn. WANTED- A FIRST R ATF. COOK, FOR A PRIVATF. TT hoarding house; one who understands her bu?lncss. Ite lerence required. Also, a nur?e and seamstress; one that lias lived as such In the Old Country, with good reference, mav bear ot a nood home and moderate wages, by applying at l'.? Union square. TXT A NTED? A GOOD Cf)OK, W ASHER AND IRONER, TV also a chambermaid and waitress, In a small prlva lamlly; none but those thoroughly competent , and havintt the best city reierences. need answer. Apply a: 15,1 We?; iitn at., between 6ih atul ith avenue* TIT ANTED? A COMPETENT MiLLIN ER; ALSO A DRESS TV mr.ker. capable of cut inn. lUUnu and making dresses; ni ne other need apply. Address Mrs. S. Pelertn, No. 291 King st , Charle?ion. H. ( . TX' ANTEl>? AN AMERICAN, ENGLISH OR GERMAN TI woman; one who ran cook, and who Is ? first ra'e washer and ironer. and can come well reeommende 1. Apply at ll(i llamersley st TITANTED? AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH GIRL. TO TV take the tharce of a voonj child; on" who Is p.- tectljr acquainted with < hildren, and csu coou- well recommended, may apply at lift llamersley st. TI'A NTVD-A MAN Wllo r MV'RSTAN Its QCTTINO TT beet nnd fork, and chopping sausage meat. Relevant* required. Inquire at 2.148th avenue. TlfANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BV V RE Tv speciable Protesun' maa. who perfectly understand' his business. and has lived with some ot the he<>i lamilles In Ill's city, and can give the best of < lty reference Imm his last em ployer as to capability and character, lias no encumbrance. Please i all or address to 120 Grand st., 3d loot east oi Broad *ay, for two days. TlfANTED? FIVE OOOD COMPETENT HANDS. TO Tl work ?' the .a? tlvmre hnslne-s Apply, be' ween 9 and 12 A. M . to OCMIH t RAY. 13 Canal? roet WANTED- TIN \CT1VF. vor.vrs. OF OOOD ADDRESS, TV to ell a small article, which Ism general demand; com mission oi rue and no risk \vha cv?r. Apply, between ) A. M. and 6 P. M., at 311 Broadway, room I. 11TANTF.D-TWO EXPERIENCED > VLKSMEX IND A TV tii f ill 1> I Williams' rtr\ C(*>ts s' .re, 2)7 Centre street. I'all between 8 snl ?o'clnc k A. M a id I and 2 P M. l\r\Ntfl'? \N LNGRQfSI.NO i I.KttK IN A LAW ? rw's o?ee. salary from ? to U ? Atmly wiTh st -. imeoi' v. King, to Mi t harle- fawar i- J Pin# > "OfiNTED? FOVR hV A RT FNJtROFTIc MFY IV t " light nnd genteel br-n?>?. also a r -.with .'capital of ry Kbsral For I t >die.? imu ra $lfO, to take charge <.1 a gentee; htwtn* pailfcti <rs appli st;i\4 Bmadoay r,. ^ fr m s A M. to A I' y If ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MlODLE AGEO ? ? < kk"e , . IIKI.P W&RTCD. U'ANThl>- A SITUATION AS ASSIST \NT BOOK ?? keeper or porter In a more wh?re tntagr"*, good charac. ler and sobriety will ensure tor him the confidence of hi" fin ployer. He has had Ion.' experience at bookkeeping; U willing to make himself generally useful lo hi* employer Good refe rence given. Please address or call for two days at the store 34" Zd itnaw. corner of 22dat. "IirANTKD? A YOUNG MAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF A TT liquor -tore up town; one acquainted with the business, willing to work, Ac., of wilier bablU, liy btinging city reference at to houeaty and capability, roav llnd a gotwl munition by ap plying 10 !'. cuir, 2tlih at. and btii tvonue. N. B.? A lately

muirfed nan preferred. WANTED? A MAN WHO CAN BELL DOMESTIC Li quors to good rat.h city trade oan hear ol a good oppor tunity by addressing t>oi 2,#J4 l'os< office. WANTED? YOVNO MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES. Advance allowed to oiiUlt, froui S60 to $75. Young im-u wilting to go to sea will llnd all kind* of voyages according lo capacity, by applying to Randall A Kol) >on, 151 South street, corner Peck alip, up stairs "fTT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, HY A YOUNO BOY, TO learn a irade as plumber or tin and coimersjiiih. The best city reference given. Apply at 179 Elirabeth at., in the (?tore. WANTF.l'? AT ICS CHAMBERS STREET, A SMART boy, of about 10 year* of age; one who understand* keeping accounts preferred. WAMTKD? A BOY, IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, FROM 14 lo lti yeara of ace. Muai w rite a neat band and have good rtftrti ice. Apply to J. 11. Plnckit-y, 7? Nassau at. THIS TRADE8. AS FOREMAN OK CUTTER. ? A SITUATION AS above in a manufacturing or custom boot ? ore, wanted by a young tuuit who is practically conver-.aut with every bianch oi tliciiude. having had 13 year*.' experience. Oan give the bet>i o city reference. Address J. L. L.. 1 30 Fulton street. A FIRST CLASS CUTTER WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT in n merchant tailorini! or clothlmi house. Very best of reference* as to ublllty. Address .loliu B., al Boyd's Despatch Post ofllce, Willium street, near Wall. Glass cutteb wanted? a man who under stands cuttlng*plate, sheet and bough glass. Apply at 42 Cllttht. Gas utters.? i will pay >2 a day to th&ee or four good gas liners. Railroad tare lo this place will he allowed at the end ol three mouths. None ut good workmen need apply, to W. M. TOMPKINS, Gas litter mid Plumber, tuid 25 Front street, Rochester, N. J. Notice to sugar refiners and others.? Wauled, a situation, hy &u engineer, who is particularly acquainted wlih nil the modern improvements In sugar reilne ry, and of many years practical experience The beat of city references can be had regarding Ills capability, sobriety and Industry. Address John Edwards, 79 Gold St., Brooklyn. TO PRESSMEN. ? GOOD ADAMS PRES8MEN AND FEED era and a good cylinder Hy boy, wanted, at John A. Gray's, 97 Cltfl at. _ ' TO JEWELERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, SEVERAL good soli solder jewelers, logo East; best prices, piece work, steady employment gu.irunteei. Also, one tlrst rate jobbing jeweller, logo South; a libera] salary will he paid. Apply to Tracy A Mcintosh, Artists and Mechanics' General Agency, S4>$ Pine st. TO WATCHMAKERS? WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A NO. I Watchmaker, to go South. A liberal salary will be paid: must be a single man and well recommended. Also, two good men w ho understand perfectly llieir business, for tins city. Ap ply to Tracy A Mcintosh, Aulsls and Mechanics' General Agcucy, ;t4?; l'lne at. TO TIIE PRINTERS ? A COMPOSITOR, OF TWENTY two years experience, who Is able to work and speik lour languages, wants a sltuatiou in a printing office. Ad dress M., Herald ollice. TO TAILORS.? WANTED, A FIRST KATE PRESSMAN, or a good biiahelinau, to go either to Morristown, N. J., or Muscatine, Iowa. Apply al tt; Oortlandt st. Xkf ATCH MAKER WANTED.? ONE WHO IS A FIRST Tl rate workman, andean give good reference, may applv at ll Wall nt., second floor. WANTED-A GOOD CUSTOMER CUTTER, ONE WHO can act as foreman of a clothing store, to go to Newark. To such a one u permanent situation Is offered. Address P. A. S., lieruld nffioe. TX/" ANTED? A CABINET MAKER, WHO IIAS SOME Tl knowledge of carpentering; a single man preferred. In quire nt 122 William at., in the rear. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DEMANDE-POUR INSTITUTRICE, DANS UNE famllle umgrtcalne, une jeune dame Parlstanne, bleu llcvee et d'une bonne (dticailon, el qui peut fotirnlc lea ineil Icures recommendations. S'adrcsier sans dfila; s> M. N.O ., au bureau de ce journal . ON DEMANDS? UNE BONNE D'ENFANTS. S'ADDRES ser aujourd'hui anres 10 heurei du matin, k G9 U ulon place, 4e avenue, cntre la lt-e et lVe rue. UNE FILLE FRANCAI8E PROTESTANTS, DESIRE SE placer pour fllle de chambre ou bonne d'enfanta; elic a de bonue recommendation; elle parle uu pen l'auglals. S'a dresscr chcz M. FrAderie Geln, 194 Bast 20th st. UNE DEMOISELLE FRANCAISE COMPRKNANT L AN glals. desire se placer dana utie famllle respeciable pour tlonner des renielgnement S'adresser 36c rue, cutrc la Ve el 8e avenue, 131 chez Mme Fisher. UNE .JEUNE DKMOTSHM.n FHANCAISE, DESIRE SE piaerr diuui uue honorable famllle americalne; elle con Halt parfaltement sa iangne. et pent fuire ties ouvrages i 1'6 guille. S'adresser cbez M. Gourieux, imiiortatcur do brodu rlea, 42 Lisjieiiard at. INTELLIGENCE OFFICES. i)Q 7 BROADWAY. CORNER READS STREET. AT Z.O | MORRIS COHNEBT A CO.'S, can be obtalued re speotable German, English, Scotch and Irish help, for hotels and private families; eT*o wallers, coaehmt-n. gardeuers, far per and laborers ut this or the branch office, 1U2 Greenwich strict. Terms moderate. MRS. GREEN'S U0ME8TIC AGENCY, NO. 70 WHITE street.? I with pleasure inform my patrons and the pub lic, tliut 1 am prepared to suit them with the most efficient and respectable class of help. I haw; au English housekeeper. Wanted, colored help. Kales SO cut. F.DIX ATIOX. a>1ll ? BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC? ?IP IV/. DOLHKA It'S noftdcmy, t>09 Broadway, la now open for pupils wIhMiik to become practical bookkeepers. Mr. Itol. bear ha? secured the services of a highly sillied practical bookkeeper, who explains the details ol' double entry, as prac tise d In the Hi nt business houses. Q>r -PENMANSHIP. -MR. DOLBE AR 000 BROADWAY, teaches a rapid business band In a short time. Ills sci on lillc course of ' hand training" entirely remove* all stifl' ness, cramplni; and trembling. N. B? Those who hare filled to learn by other systems, are specially Invited to call, and be examined without charge. djfC ?A CARP.? THE SUBeCRIBER WILL RECEIVE <3P* '? new pupil* daily a: hla elegant rooms, 362 Broadwav, for cla.'sor pr)qate lusti uctlon In penmanship, bookkeeping, elocution and arithmetic. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. <5n rfl ? WRITING? I, AIMER" CHEAP CLASSES AND ?IPX *J\J . private lessons.? Mr. DOLBEAR. flotl Broadway corner of Houston street. Is now forming cheap classes, a $1 60. f2 Sfl aud M, for a full course of leseoiM. Tickets in* be secured to day. Four vacant seats la tbe male department Satisfaction guaranteed. A YOUNG I.ADY? QUALIFIED BY A THOROUGH education lo instruct to ihe higher English branches, par tlcnlarly mathematics, also, Id l<atln, French and Spanish, wMies to engaire as teacher in a first class semtnarv or prlva'e family in lids city or its immediate Tlclnity. Highest tevlmo nip Is of experience and ability can b? given Anplv at No. If Herrlson street, between the hours of two and four, durine thi week. A GENTLEMAN. WHOSE EVENINGS ARE CNOOCU pled, experlenoed in teaching, desires a few pupils to la strum In the course or a thorough English and classical ednoa tlon. Bookkeeping, by double and single entry, shorthaud ll desired. Tbe most unexceptionable references glren. and tlM terms will be moderate. A line addreased to Vlrirll, Herald office, giving name aud residence, will be promptly attend BEIXPORT classical institute COMMENCES its neat term on Tuesday. 2*tli ?>ct. Parents and guardians desiring ? go<sl family erhool for- their chliuren. In a very plea sant ami healthy location will rtnd this worthy or their alien tlon. Its location l? on Long Island, on the great South bay, about stily miles by allroad from Brooklyn circulars giving further particulars, may l>e obtained at Appleton's, 146Hr.?sd w?y, and Win. Ketran, Esq., llfi Water street, N. Y.. and VV. Bay nor, Heliport. French language spoken in a short time, by the new system oi Monsieur and Madame Duboe I Mies' classes in lite morning', K?n'lemen's cla-se.s In the c<f nlng. Also, private lesson" M. On bos attends twise a k In Brooklyn DUBOS, No. IX Clinton place, first prl v..e house I rum Broadway. f IRENCI! Day AND BOARDING SCHOOL? DIRECT ed by the la'.e profe-sors of Mr. Pangnot, Messrs. LRS I'INAHSE A SMITH, Maedougal street, cornet of CUntce place, tear Washington pat*. INSTRUCTION? MR. A. I.OKWES' HEBREW. ENGLISH nnc classical day and boarding school for young gentlemen and da> whooltor young ladies, i,t Carmine street, will re open on Womby, October 15. Parents and guardians are respect fully Inftrtued tliat daemons and lesses In dancing will be added to uie amdemy during the season. 1 NBTHJCTION.? MONSIEUR MA RIF. EMII.F DIRIX, J fron Parts, professor of Ihe French and the Italian lan guages, respectfully tnforms his friends and pupils, and tbe I .' Mr gtnerally, that he has removed :o No. S.t4 Mroa lwav, ... re M Is prepared to resume his Instructions in the above language.. He Is about to reopen some new cla -??* for begin ners. and those further advanced ma;: join his classes for prac ileal nwi'rrsaiioiis end readlnii dramstic works, where is. II and rent* men ? 111 be invite<l to take each a psrt out of them. Vonsleuit hapaol's models of French literature, or choice ex tracts In prose and verse selected from the inn eminent wri ters of frame and I'aly, will be used for reading Thin method h* been Ihe most successful means for pufils to leant to speak with fkrlllty, and will be acquired lit the course tl a few quarters Ladies who desire to learn tite Italian launn ige, to be able o understand the manifold beauties of the Italian music, will be. In private leaeons or classes, at their lene# or his own, promptly aMend -d to. INSTRUCTION.? A YOUNG I.ADY, FULLY t'OMP lent wishes to irlve prlva'e lessons 111 the French and >?er men language* and their literature. Address Zenobla, >chu be rili's music Bore, .V.'J ?lyfRs Hamilton* French and vglish dat rtl schisii wui reopen on Monday September 1(1. at Ni in: Weal Thlr ;. sixth s*-eet. beween Briwidwa; and s*ven hire one. Circular* mn be obtained at the school, and at >uep in it Co 's book s ore.lW Fulton street Madame basbier. no. 4 oreat jones ^theet I two door" frim Broadway, has re opened herclasseg for teaching perfectly, by her me'liod, ra me'lusl su -e-sfiiily p . sued seven tears for leaching a cultivated matioero >ipea< lug.) 'be Freii< h sng^age. Hours, i lo9 an I 7 : !> P. M p vate ie-*,'.is ni Monda, - Wi; s and FrjU- i, ,n ;lii n '.nung. s-j'AM-ii ? ? vili.avkkk; late pii-wk -- n ,,r O Spanish st Mr IVugnei ?. an I now n Mr Che er's csn devote yet s tea hours to private lessons Apply a' No 9 < srroll place It ee, ter street. TnE n.ARKF SISTFR-t RMsPFCTFn.LT ANNOU.fO tiiat their lemnllng and ?!?>??? 'i . , ,tg la4je? \o *? I {.'h avenue will re rj>en on Monday Septeoi''9 17. ?'::cu<*r> n sv be obtained a* < rftweti's book, re No. Br .adwav, Cf a' Rayn it No. 71 Bowery. Th*J Wi.i be a' ii tue after Awpw I. to rtfelve applications I'lTOB.-X YOU NO *G:-vfl,EMAN~f09T#D (N "aT.L 'he departments ot ar English eitucatton Latin Greek st.dFrtnch which he speaas fltier.': ? -|M wsh ? > ?<?' ? '?ipe< table fattu ? who ? ot. .1 boaeil h.m for his s? ..oe?^ F' re.' u-r- '? Address C I* Hers'd 0? ? fj'tb e. lays, statist whcrtl au u? , view nia> be TEW/UHT*' EGOtHTER. A LARGE IIANIWOMK ROOM. WITH PANTRY O* Ihe acoond tloor, tumisbed or nufurnUhe'V to let, with partial board, to * gentleman aud wife or two slog'e seut'.e mco. Apply at list Kaat Sifioen'h street, near fttuyretant park The house eontaina all the modern Improvements. tto terraces exchanged. A SMALT. FAMILY, OCCUPYING A LARGE MODERN house, pleasantly looted, knit easy of access by cart aud ata vt?, would let the entire net-nod floor to a desirable party, or to separate parties. The mom* are newly finished, contain gaa gratt-a. not ?nd i old water, Ac. Oentleineu and their wives, or single gentlemen in nwarchofaqulet, agrc-abla home for the winter. I trust will aever regret addressing u M. N., Herald office. __________________________ A SMALL COTTAGE HOUSE. OR PART OF A HOUSE, wanted In Brooklyn, for a lady and two children. Ad dress Mrs. Ray. Brooklyn Post office, stating terms and loca A BAKERY TO I.KT.-TIIE UNDERSIGNS!! HAS AN excellent xMnd for a bakery, winch he would like to lease lor a term of 'war*, for terms, which will be low, apply (o I>B. STEWAllT, 76 Mulberry St., from 9 to S o'clock. Basement and huh cellar to let-at it ann street, well adapted for a restaurant; also the fourth tlo >r of same building, well calculated for an office. Inquire on the third lloor, of Mr. TEUUNKR. COTTAGES TO I.ET-WITHIN TEN MINUTED WALK of Fullcn ferry, near railroad, piazza front and rear, pood yards, grape arbors .Ac. , all In exeellent condition; also large corner store, good business location, with pleasant ap nartinenta in same building. Inquire at Iti Nassau street, Brooklyn. FURNISHED ROOMS.? A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED room, with gruie, gas. closet, Ac., also several smaller ones to let, without board; also, a lronl baseman' room, far ni-hed or unfurnished. sui'able lor an office, wiihgu, 4c , at 44 l.algbt street, oppoilte St. John's park. Ua'hs i:i the house. P FURNISHED HOUSE TO f.KT-A FINE HOUSE, tn view of Madison s?(U*re, u<l splendidly furnished, tn let to a small private laml' win. it children or boarders, and most of the rent taken in board ; or would take a gen* leuiau and bis wife in bis family, consisting ? three. Addr. >? box 1,626 Post Office, stating I umber of tam GENTILITY AND ECONOMY.-TO LET. IN WILL VMS burg. In a genteel neighborhood, fit i.-nn tnln'ttes' walk from the te; ry, a new brick oottage house, In beautiful order; seven rooms; rent $176 per annum; schools, churches, market, near, uud stages pass the door. Inquire at 462 Grand street. Houses to let, furnished and unfurnished. A nice three story basement house on Thirty -tlrst street, near Lexington avenue, ffifto. One on Thirteenth street, $860. Two on Forty-fifth street. $400 and MOO. A dwelling on Fourth avenue. $600. One on West Twenty second street, $1,400. One on West Thirty-sixth street, $1,600. furnished. E. 11. KIN SHlMt R, 819 lourlli avenue, S to 7 F. M. House to let, and furniture for sale.? House two story and attic; has gas and bath; rent $700. Apply on tlie premises. No. ?4H Houston street, fourth block, west ol Broadwuy. the furniture will be sold on accommo dating terms. Hotel to lease, and furniture for sale.? a first rlas* lintel, on llrosdwsy Heal estate on this Island taken tor the furniture, and i. * ven to a responsible party. Address 'I Gllsey, Wsvrrley House corner of Fourth street und Broadway. ___________ AHT OF A 1IOUSK T<> I.KT I* V VERY RESPECT able neighborhood. * ? T . ; "tree'.) convenient tn singes and rai . I ? . I " improvement such as Proton water, na?. na'h *? A- r?t in ideraie In as'itali fa tin ' y . r<i--e--l'.ti limits. lis r -eel I'. ii'ldie*-, lu x Herald olliee. BOOMS to let.? two ?ukmmikd ROOMS, IN A private hou*e nesr Malison *i hi, Ui let u? ou-? or two gentlemen; ever) convenience w the home. Apply at 31 East Twenty n'vcmb street. QTP'RE to let, or HOLSE and lot for s VLE-ON lO reasonable terras, corner of Niuth avouue and TUtrtv tirst street. Apply on the premise.-. TO LET? FOUR GENTEEL THREE STORY DWELLING liouses, wltli the modern improvements. In iimg street. Two ol tlieni to let whole, and two tu parts, to genteel lainilies. Inquire at >Kln| street. rpo LET? PART OF A LOFT, WITH STEAM POWER J heated bv steam and well lighted, In Brooklyn, three In tittles' walk from South lerry. W. A. COLLINS A CO., 16 Maiden lane, up stair*. TO LET? TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE upper part of Ihe house 172 West 23d st., near 8th av., con sists r of three rooms on ihe second and two or three on the third floor. The house contains all the modern Improvements of pas. bath, Ac., Ac., and will be let to au agreeable tenant ou moderate terms. A front basement can go with the upper part, or be let for a physician's office. TO LET-A BASEMENT AND SUB CELLAR, AND FOUR upper stories of the marble front stores 138 and 140 Ful ton street. Apply on the premises, to E. M ACOMHER. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, OR A FEW gentlemen, a very p easnut part of a modern built three story brick house, situated at 84 f'lrsi street, east aide of First avenue, and within a lew doors of a railroad and two stage mutes. Immediate possession may be had. For particulars inquire as above. TO LET? AT REDUCED RENTS, HOUSE CORNER ol Second avenue and Forty ninth street, in a good neigh borhood, only one family on each tloor, second story tl'ii; third story $100, aud fourth story $79 per year; each floor '-on t.iins eight itiuins, house tn guod order. Apply lo THOMAS a STItEKT. Wj PI ue street. _ rro LET.? THE HOUSE NO. 214 WEST TWENTY SECOND J. street, between Eighth anil Ninth avenues, Is to let until the first ol Ma> next, wlih the privilege of next > ear. If re quired. Rem $790. Possession given lmtuedia'ely. Inquire at the house. TO LET? AN ELEGANT FLOOR, TO A FIRST. CLASS dentist or lor a dancing school, $1 West Thirty first street, corner of Bto..dwa> ; alxi very ulco or floors uiifurnlsh e>l, to respectable pai lles without children; every ai'eutinri ?1U be paid to make a realdetue a perfect home. Apply at SI West Mist street. TO LET-ONE OF THOSE VERY DESIRABLE NEW lour story houses, with double staircase, anil all the mo dem improvements, on the north side of Went Twenty third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Apply at No. I.'i.l West Twenty third street, or a' P. HARMONY'S NE PHEWS A CO., 81 Greenwich street. TO LET.? AT 7?2 BROADWAY, FOURTEEN LARGE airy room*, elegantly furnished, lucludlng parlors, to gen tlemen without boarder the whole or part to a family without children, very reasonMle, with the exclusive use of the kitchen, dumb waiter, snd .ilnhfijuodcriifcjiruveaieuts; chandeliers, Cro on, bath, ic., all 1 t^enlWor3ef. TO LET? A HANDSOME HOUSE, COMFORTABLY FUR nlshed. with garden, siables, Ac., within one hour ol New York. Will be let very low to a re?pectab?e party. Address box 3,100 Post office. TO LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. DELIGHTFULLY located, on the East river. miles from the City Hall, with suOiclcnt furniture for ? small family. Carriage house and stable on tho |.lace. Access to the city everv five mtnu'es, by Sei ond. Thtru aud Fourth avenue cars. Apply at 83 Gold street, cortier of Spruce. TO LET-STORE NO. 28T. THIRD AVENUE, THIRD door above Twentieth street, on the west side; a good loca tlou for any kind of business; also a part of bouse So. 90 Bond street. Inquire at 37 East T went) second street, before 10 A. M. and alter 3 P. M. TO LET? ON 111TH STREET. BETWEEN THIRD AND Fourth avenues, two new, well finished cottage houses, eight rooms each, large yard and garden; rent $100 per year. Inquire on the premises, house nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, TOGETHER WITH the turnlture, within three minutes' walk of the landing at Cllfon. Staten Island. Rent low lo a re'poaslble tenant. Addre-s P. Lerov, Herald office. TO LET? THE SMALL TWO STtiRY HOUSE 114 WEST Broadway, possession immediately; small frame lions-, 3? Rose street; stores, basements, apartments and single rooms. Apply to S. ('. SMITH, 19 Mott street. TO I.ET-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, TO single gentlemen or Inmilles, without board, at 133 Fourth avenue, near Thirteenth street. Rtierences required. TO LET IN HOBOKEN? A SMALL BRICK HOCSE cotitanni; nine rooms, In a good situation, and within five, minutes' wuk of ferries. Rent $.'<90. Part of the furniture to be sold with the house. Apply at 78 Maiden lane. Tolbt or lease-furnished or unfurnished front and l ark parlors, basements and other room* suit able for any business. Benl very low. Apply at J5t? Broad way. To lease for a term of YEARS-TWO LOTS. with the buildings thereon, In Thirty socond stree'. lie tv ecu Third and Islington aveuue*; lo s .1(1 feet front by 174 feet deep. Inquire ol II. P. LEAKE, lo6 Lauren* street. TO MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET HOUSE NO. 221 EAST Twenty thlid street, seventy five fee: west of First acenue, 22 by 95 fee', Ore etorles aud cellar, w-e'.l adapted for msuti ta. turlt.g purposes Possession will be giv.'n immediately. Fer further par'truUrs apply lo THOMAS MOKT' ?N, i'12 Pearl street, up stairs. TWO OR TUB I K fURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN Broadway, near the St. Ntehnlaa, sultsbie for sln*l? ge? tlenn ti? an unusual opportunity of procuring comfortable win ter quarter Loeatt. a unsurpassed lor convenience; risjtns superior, family private. Ayply at 802 Broadway. MAMIATTASVIIXK POST OFFICE. I 1ST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE J at Manila: tanvillf. New- Yt rk Oct. 1, ISM. Andersni, Visa a K Hai unan dolui PeyvllleM Iinner Heict ich Holdenratt Pomer James Bauer Krtatopb Ho mss John uuti Danlei llaninifartnet Urtuin Hopkins P H Ravel M.s Illa'r Roliert Horrel I>r G H Rasa A nth to? Blunt James Huaeln Sam'' J Reagan John linn Jul. 'I. Iloistou James Reeve W F Burnett Wnllam Ke?nng James R.i-hardson O t'siow James Kl berman M.kai Row.itid Alexander . :?rk Julia Kelly Martin Ryne Caihiine Clemen* Miss Mary fc>iijr Lnciwla Hehaub Jooaane* Collier John Klachea Fredrick Sehl ii'P Beo#<lk*llt Onanell James Ki'-iu Fred shatrev Etw?rd M 1 l>ati. luan t'bu Le- r'l sa;u Httvclalr J F DanaMlasCalhruxM I^tclr An i. ?- Smith Klua Day Edward I i dn-k- t Soe.der Wlihelm Dttsel Frank l.j ;ich Patr ek S km?nFran< Dnggan Ma y Lv > Miss \n:, i D Sio'<^. Mr* Kgan Peter? i M l.s-tr-ns s ? tker Ambrose K E*rg$f John Ma ruftn is Si,. ton Benjamin? 2 Fh k Jolin K Maionev Rodney Thopey CorpeUns Ft:/ttetn d W 1 Mai* Vn 9abtnn Travers r It Fl /gera. I Johanna .Varers John Tr-lous Dexter Ft'rpa'r -k >r- Manley c*th-:ne T'traer Societ lis^e Wtn P ? 2 V ;!>r K i-, 7? Underworsl M P GancHen V. .-ie 11 :h Tan Meat Abram Gavin- John .v .rphy Ml- Roae Waldron G R >: 1 . Mary Wallace J?ine? M , iti : n?rd Wa'? n Mia* Jsne )? M.-'i >4 'V low WefnerFred rtek y.-l)ult.."? Mis* Wel.e? Waljice Ni?. ?r r. : i w Biting Mr* W o.ti K P Wi uinsoti David CliDTIIIMi, M. nrm worth of cast oft olothth? want. IaiUUo #d ? The li iheat east) prtc* ' -'e-a:iy ftren lr>? ff-ge or ?ms!' Iota of food ler. olor sunerHuou* Hfii of '-.-ery deacr*| tin* Addres. or call on ' t M Its MORONKY, 11 Barer street laie Oratw. a few d?ra ; rom t kathsm \ LARGE QtriNTITT of 8KCOND H tND CLOTHING A wanted. Gent men hanag larg- .? ?i.a. io; '-rtr : wearing appar i t . uisi ? o wUi r- ?n<? th- v. [ir'.ce for hem '. . la.ltns a thes-.w or '**if YHOMAS . CONROY, 4.-1 r?ai. ? wa. be a..o:idel o ITLEMIK H 4YIMO t.VFT OFF W" i af.v.i > >e o i in obtain 'be v ^he*' r*s.i price [<>r I ?r Oll-e-.l-lg J :{?| th? or.- rOffi? ?C, .thui tairfU wiJi a.H dKpt'.jii, G ie B DRY uoom, 4 to. A1A AAA WORTH OK RICH YALENCIKNNKrf C*JUsUUU lacs al uncommonly tow price*, being kg late ourcha?e? Of Mr Roberts whti? ui Europe; just tecetvad u'ep I'KTKR EOUKKfg * CO?, 'Sit Uroedway__ 1AAA PETERSHAM CAPKLLO& JUST RECEIVED, UUU and will '* "l-ened tor inspection on Thursday, Oet. 4 _1? --jior w ill flnd tli a*e novel aud aervlncable u-armen'J tu.?l desirable for traveliin V lilted Slates Cloak and Mantilla Store, 46 ?ud 47 Oanal Mreet, B/andreth Building AT RICHMOND'S, 369 BROADWAY RICH LACKS AND embroideries, bund*, handkerchiefs, pure linen, a tine assortment ot ribbons, velvets, beat glove* Ik f?Uw Sower" blaek plumes, choice good.* at low nrices. Mourning ?mi mmle tin uood* always fresh. Brussels point laoe iiete *?oJ*b lo% Valenciennes do. from ?10 fo$40.*. iroro $12 to <S0. The neweat styles of Parisian cans, howl>.. Ac., selected and uiadu by Mrs. Richmond, whose taste U bo well known. At moi.yneux belt's * rs Canal street. Heavy t rench grey cloth Ulmas, trimmed with velvet, ateel cloth tuinmn, steel moire antique a alloous. ihe pretu^it gai inent in the ctty. exceedingly low In price velvet taUuvs trimmed with m'olre antique. ... . . ... Moire antique trlmcd with velvet, Just the garment tor the season. BULPIN'8 ANNUAL OPKNINO OF KALJ, AND W1NTKR CLOAKS For city retail trade, WILL TAKE PLACE OH THURSDAY NEXT, TUHtTH OlTOBga, At IM PARIS MAWTIU.A MfOUIDM, .161 BROADWAT. Or Itlch dny I e respectfully Invites public attention to his ao pei l) impc '.I'.aiuH and manufacturer, prepared expreaslf lor this oceii'i 11, and embracing all the productions oi Pari** taste and Ingenuity up to the departure of the latent steamer Having completed hl? extensive alterations, hU wareroo*** lire now b tar the most commodious In America; and being thereby enabled to condut a much enlarged business, he ha* determined tlia' bin establishment shall hereafter be known M much by the eitreme moderation In the price of the arUoU* therein contained, aH it always baa been bv their eulurfra richness and beauty On the aame day he will make hi* usual annual exposition ot ladle.' fancy turs, consisting of tha raa* eostlv and valuable stook to be found in Broad w ay , all al '^""'gFiir-Md Shawl Kmportoj. W uLiii, RODIE'S FALL CLOAKS. OPKM1HO DAT. FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLA#. All fabrloa. Thursday, October 1 51 Canal street and BS Llspenard strMt. Second mantilla a tore west of Broadway. BA ILK Y. FARRINOTON a LESLIE. No 83BR0 AO wav, would call the attention of the ladle* w i their aew Hiyle of mourning M?ta of oollarn and aleereH, wulcii i* now ready. Their mourning department con lain* the large* as sortment of novelties to be found In the city, and at prtaeaihal cannot full to pleane. Also, to their liu-ge assortment of frees and embroideries, Brussels point, Houlton, guipure, Valen ciennes and i'arls embroidered sets, infants' caps, robes ana waists, edtttngs, Insertions, flounclnga, eu ., eto., In great va riety Alew more of those splendid medallion seta of oollaff and sleeves, aud collarette and sleeve*, just receive*. B~TInTctS^SOILED BLANKETS AT ONE HALF their value.? We have received 800 pair of blankets, slight - 1> soiled, which we are still selling ftt juw one-half ihelr varue. This Is nn opportunity lhat seldom occurs for ladles to supply themselves cheap tor the avenue. Uiiectly op|>o*lte the market. BELL'S OPENING DAY. Owins to the unfavorable slate of the weather on Tue^ iluv las' Molyneu* Hell deferred opening several of his m>?t recent style's, and has also received a dered velvet scarl mantles troin Pails whioh be will xeil lflH each worth $40; as also a magnificent stock of his celebrated ninnufaciurtd cltwks, the riches matorlaU and newest styles. W Canal street. CLOAKS, CAPF.LLAS, MANTILLAS AND FURS, ON Thursday, Ociober 4. ' WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United States Cloak ana Msntlll* store 45 and 47 Oanal and 07 Ltspenard s>s / 1LOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VKSTINOS.? Vy lilurk and colored cloths. Fancy and plain casslmeres. Velvet and cashmere vesting*. Tailors' trimmings. *c? ^ fAXLOWR. 2tt, 237. 25J and 361 tiraui stree'. And new numbers 47 and 4'J Catherine street CtLOAKS, TALMAS, ) MAKTiuas AWD Form. ^ A tresh assortment will be opened on Thursday, October4w. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United States Cloak and Muntilla s'ore, 45 and 47 Canal and 67 Llspenard st?. C1LOAKS AND TALMAS , Approved fall .tyl.s, -^^}ATLOR,H 2S5, 157. 239 aud 2HI (Jrand street, And new numbers 47 and 48 Catherine stret Cl.OAK'8, CLOAKS.? A BPKNDID VARIETY OK YKL vet and cloth cloaks, talmas and mantillas, also a beauti ful assortment of Infirnts' cloaks, caps mid hood*, richly eu> broldered. just opened for fall and winter, cheap for cash, at WILLIAM IRVINE'S Cloak and Millinery Establishment, tT Catherine street. LEO A NT STELLA SHAWLS? Just received an extensive variety. Beautiful Stella shawls, rrom?7 to?U. Printed wool shawls from W(W.o ?TATL0R 2f5. 257. 259 snd 2>il Orand street And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. IM.EO ANT LACK CURTAINS AND DAMASKS AT RE J duced prices, jusl received. IHwMASTATK. 86 t 'anal itreet, corner of Oreene. I French meuixoks of the most approved ma ' iiufacture. CVERV COLOR, QtJALtTT A!?D PRtCi:. LORD A TAYL<JR, 255 257. 2.V.I snd 2til Orand *tre?t. And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street _ T^ALL FASHIONS. ,,, . , . r t liuiks und ta'm:.<, f now open,) in wh'.c'i wi l l>e .oaul every novelty in style, color aiid material, an 1 at price* to ci in inn nil a popular trade. ? MOLYNF.UX BELL, 5j Ca-:al street Ladies geitino new fall dresses madk. In order to ensure a good fit, should prccur? a pair or Mrs. Gavtior's celebrated and elegant Uitliii French wove corsets. Her prices ore only ba.f usually charged. T. II. GAYNER, lmpoi ter of corscta an 1 embrolderlta, 45 Third ave nue, near Tenth sireet. T AI-IF.S' CLOTHS AND ALL WOOL PL AI OS-NO W lJ landing trom the Meamers, ?ncl for piece or package. TRACY. IRWIN A cu.. ZVt and 235 Broadway. Mourning cloaks ?c. f. Bartholomew will opm his fall tiylesof MOURNING CLOAKS on WED N^DAY, MOURNING STORE. 551 Broadway. MRS. BARKER RKSPECFULLY ANNOUNCES TO ALL hei friendK. that she can be consulted about lawsui-a, marriages, business, Uie color of the hair and character ot their husband, at 36), Llspenard ttreet, In the rear. VTEW FALL GOODS. JN HALhTEAD A DYKK. NO. #S Canal street, have now fully completed their stock of? Silks, sh?wla. He Www. I1lnen'' Mcrlnoea plaids, Embroideries hosiery, And respectfully lnrite their friends and the public o call aiid Inspect their latest aud moat recherche designs, linpar.eJ expreaaly for the city trade. New cloaks and mantillas. . , J. HECK a CO beg respectfully to Inform the ladle* tha' tlielr < !o>k room is now replete with the novelties of the season, and from the great variety and beauty of design which 1* here displayed. J. B. A Co. feel confident that this depart ment In i heir 'establishment will be found to maintain 1U usual preeminence. In addition to our oiher clo?k* we siall open thia morning a limited number of Sebasiapol wrappers for tall wear In s'yle and material different from any lo be seeo el*e w here In New York, and very dlMlngue, ^ ONE CASE rMllROIDERED MALTESE BANDS, WITH trimmings 'o match, .lust received; real blark thread lace veils from five dollars up* urds. _ 1'KIKK ROBERTS A CO.. TT5 Briilwiy. PARIS CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS? SEVERAL CASEH ju?t received by the America, Will be opened Otf TnCttSDAT. 0<to?eb 4th. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, Unlled Slates Cloak and Mantilla store. 46 and 47 Canal and 67 Llspenard PARIS FASHIONS. Is I 'iOAKS A5D M\IfTlU.A4, Will be opened on Thursday. United State* Cloak und Mantilla store. 45 and 47 tlorial and 67 I dsi>enard struts WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE I'r .pr, ? >r. TO MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS? THE A DYER - 1 t ser having on hand a large assortment of old and new samples til dry i;oods, '.oreigii manufacture, would bewll.lng lo diet o?c oi same They embrace a greai variety ol very new d> slans. To a manufac'urer. or a party In 'he lianlt gelling up n? w styles, ibev would prove an Invaluable porTAa*"-. For particulars and inspection of the Sol, address H. B , box 100 Herald office. ASTROLOGY ? a SIONISHINO TD ALL.? MADAME MORROW -THIS A highly gifted lsd\ is the most wond? rful astrolrwist la he woild ur thai ever' haa been known; she will tell all th? evenis of life, e\ en the very though is, and will ca?M ?peedy tnai rlaKes, and show the likeness or the Iniended bus .and. 0 the great as'.otilshtnent of all who visit her All who want (<1 ]ikK fly to lor relief and comfort. All Interviews are rlcl!< private, a? ro admi.-sloti is given to g.'nilemeu Xo ( barge ft i, ot satisfied. 76 Bi'smie street, between t auuou md Columbia. 1 ALAlRVOY ANCR? ALL DISEASES D'.SCOVF.KKD A*B V , cured. If curable, unerring advtee on tiuameaa the fata and whernbouta ol absant frienda aarertaiaed, bv Mr* SET MOCR. Uis moet rellaide medical and huslneea elartvoyaat te America Residence 110 Spring ssraet, oo? block *aa 0 t road way. baUsfacU<* (uaraataed or no pay, riARI? -MADAM PRKWSTER RETURNS THA*KK TO I > her friends and patrons, ami i?eg? to say tha'.. a e: 'he ie usiinda bo"li In this ciir and Philadelphia who have coo an' e<1 ber with entire sa'tstaftiiw), she f?el? coaAdsat .ha', in 'be ? I 1 1 cations of astrology, love and law ins"er< and >?Mk< or i ncles, as raifd on eonatantiy be Napo>on, she lie- no e pu. she wli'l tell the name of the ruture husbaad. and also th? name ol her visiter. Speedy and sure cine ot piles and com* by ? remedy of her own. 7t. Ma lison slice' ApAhK MKTKF HAS RF.Mi?VKD TO 191 SKVKNTH aveune, l.eiwean Twetny-tlitrd a;rl Twenty -fourth <*'eet? E *1 e continues t', tei< pan. present and future eVeau hkcww mirrliiges Jonnwyi lanvm ? koetneas prnaawk ?'ckna*? absent friend*. DiUMIty lust or stolen. Mad* -ns Merer no ! rsrsei In I gluh Krendi andOetman, *nd give* ^x?r?nVe tor ber art. M ADA MR 41. WIN FROM PARIS. TKVPrR* 1IEH aei v;, <-s lo the ladles and gent sm-' i in phrenology Hb* e rntmilut I h o't love, B>ar rings, busutesa. aad wtli tel 1 nnme ol ihe *.ly?f ge ,t|eman hev *'l,i tnairy * the ?? "t hei vlii er?. Besideure 21 Iflrlaip in wian iver 4 Nil A i PINK A HTM. 1 HER ^ K THING ' , ' i^' ^ * ? ? * ov.' t * . * isu-tau s . i#t. / ' \PI> ENGRAVING ? Wh'ODI.VG '' 4RT?S~ FTsTtING ' a '?!? " ' '' taint ta .. ig *v*.j aad ei r, ,. most fksbmnah ?? stele s v> a thole . ,,f ^,! n eiveloitea, li.e *?1ver plate I dooe and MMf i lM*a i . , Ac. Ordgsabyms - in'' ?l!< s-endel K. I.Ktl<JETT, Engraver. N?. 4 John >nys