Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1855, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1855 Page 9
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ADVERTISEMENTS EBKKWED KTERY DAL ioKSALB. (inn nnn -**OPBRTY OWNERS DK8IBODB OF elvviUUUi disposing oi their real estate, wUJ find it advantageous to call and leave a description or ibe aao? at our afloe. Real estate of every description bought, wold and ex ?hanged. Dwellings, stores, Ac., rap" collected, and mmi pertaining to tbe business ojtBfmy execute d. BERB1AN * BAN KH, 4a^TaU street. basement. &K fiflil -FOR HALE, TERMS EASY, 86 ACRB8 VUiUUv# highly improved, lioul buildings, trult, Ac., twenty Ave miles (Tom New York, two mile* from depot on the Erie Railroad; one do. 80 acre*, 200 yards iH>m depot. >6,000. Both In New Jersey; one pr?ttyfarm, for sale or exchange, 150 acres, 16,000; other larm*. ' , W. H. MELICK, 84 Seventh avenue. ?n rnn -fob sale, stock, fixtures and P^iOUUi goodwill of a wholesale toy and fancy gooda Stostaese; has been established for theee last Ore yearn, and doing a good cash trade. The whole art of the business will be given to ihe purchaser, aa the owner has other business to at> tend to. For farther particular* please address box 100 Olu.tbun square Post office. An nnn -FOB sale or exchange, the LfASB. ip^i.U' 'U. mock and fixtures of an old nstabllshu4 feea and flour store, fituated on a prominent corner, la one of tlie beat localities to he found for the above line of business, and will be disposed of at a bargain. Apply to liOWKtf & FRO B1HHEB, B4 Nassau at. <tl onn -FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE FOB MCR 4>l<ZtUUi chandlse, six acres olland, Kllualad In West Chester county, near a railroad depot; a tine building site, and mostly tilled with spple trees of large growth an l choice kinds, and In Hue bearing order. This la a line chance for any one wishing a small farm. Address 11. W , Herald otll. e. <fel 0(10 -PROCURE YOURSELF A HOME. -FOB ^P-l?VM/VF. saloon easy terms, a farm of 1 1 acres with ntw hoiuf, barn, An., 2 1 miles front New York on l?o:nj Island, price $1,000; one of lii acres, new house, barn, irult, Ac., In New Jersey, for <1,300; one of IS acres, for $1,100; and t r>e of 22 acres, for tl.Mtd ? all near railroad depots. Also, houses and land at great bargalmttlu Morrisaania, Melrose, by A. Ml. BU KANT, la Wall street. -A MILK ANT) BUTTER DEl'OT ANDROCND icO?J\ for sale, together with horse and wagon; the lo.ta ?ton unsurpassed In New York. The sales of milk are about ?00 to "00 quarts per dnv, and In summer nearly double the qonnUty. For full particulars apply lo HOWKB A FROBIBHRR, 84 Nassau street. ?7 t\fi -FOR hale, a corner grocery and dp I i)Ui liquor store; one of the bust stands up town. The ioeation unsurpassed in New York, and. If properly kept and slocked, would do a business of $1,000 a Bar receipts, Mi to $8 dally. HOWES A FROBISHER, 84 Nassau ?L -FOR HALE, THE LEASE, STOCK, FIX 1 tUj'es 811(1 "r ? stove anil tin store, situated In the central part of the cltv, on onn of the greatest thorough '.aresand now doing a splendid business. This U unques tionably a rare chance. Apply at the Real Estate otlice. 280 Jlioadway, room 10. RIMERS A TAYLOR. |OCA ?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX IdUva tures of a tea and coffee store, situated In one of the greatest thorough litre* in this cliy, now doing a large and rapidly Increasing business, and must positively bo gold 'his week. Apply early, this day, ai 28U Broadway, room No. It). SIMERS A TAYLOR. dfconn -FOR SALE, AT fiO 1'F.R CENT DISCOUNT, ^OUUi the content* of a thread and noodle and fancy goods store, consisting in part of hosiery, gloves, ribbons, mm 'his, needlework, buttons anil trimmings of every dcsorlpUbn, steel mounted glass cases, counters, awning, Ac. B. W. Bit HARDS, W Bremdway. A"1 H t WILL BUY THE STOCK, LEASE AND FT X 91 I t' lure* of a grocery and liquor store, In Cherry street, Fourth ward. Ibe owner Is ill, so it must be sold this day for what It will bring. Apply itt ill Division street. A WELL KNOWN SULPHUR, VAPOR, CHEMICAL AND medicated bath establishment for sale; location central. In the immediate vicinity of Broadway. The home Is large and convenient, with plenty of room for a family. Terms easy. Bvery information glve.u to a purchaser. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO LET Fora hoarding house, and furniture (everything com plete for housekeeping,) for sale, l'rlce, ?.V H I , yearly root, 9400. Desirably situ.'! led, west of Broadway, above Canal street. Possession may be had Immediately. Apply to 11. W. RICHARDS, :?)7 Broadway. AN rXCEUiRN CORNER LOT, ON A WIDE AVENUE, in Brooklyn. SO minutes' walk from the ferry. lor tint!; U t adjoining fc'As).' Would exchange with a pianoforte maker lor a tirst class Instrument, en'irely new, and warranted per fret, at lowest ca dt price. Address Exchange, box 128 Herald office. A GROCERY STORK FOR BALK.? FOR SALE, THE lease, stock anil fixtures of a well established Hist class grocery, now doing a good and strictly cash business? a ? Iwiic e that is seldom met witli. Satisfactory reasons given. Inquire at 2?"2 Seventh avenue, southwest cornel of Twenty seventh street. BROOKLYN PROPERTY.? FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE for dry goods that could be rendered available in the clo'blng b'lKlness, (and lo save trouble. H should be under Mood thai no other propo> Kloti In the way of exchange would be entertained, as this Is no speculative transaction), four brown stone Irout houses, in the block corner of Third place and Court street, Brooklyn; they will be sold at mai ket price*, and goods purchased on the same terms. Apply at the own er's residence, fourth house In the block, or at ill Broadway, New York. Ihe property is situated lu the best locality m tho city, increasing in value, Ac $450. CIARR'S REAL ESTATE REGISTRY OFFICE, NO. 11 J Nassau street. ? Registered for sale, with address of owner*, and tree to public examination, house* and lota tn New York cliy, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Westohesujr county. Also mrms In New Jersey, Westchester oounty, and on Long I v)and. Also money to on roal estate. Property registered for $1, and uo further charge, ("lOAI. YARD FOR SALE-EQUAL TO ANY IN Nt W ) York, doing a large business, with horses, ear h and lis lures In ttne order. Is capable of *torlng 5,000 or r> t.HM) 'onsol ? coal. On a long and favorable leai-e. Will be sold at a oar gain. J. T. llOROET, over Pacific Hank. DRCO STOKE FOR SALE? THE BEAUTIFULLY LO cated drug store on Broadway, comer of Fourteenth Htreet, (Union Plaoe Hotel,) with the lease. Is oilered tor sale. The proprietor having other engagements, Is desirous of re tiring Irom the bin iness This pi e ents an opportunity for ao enterprbing npothccary rarely to be with. Apply at the i frU/re. Drug store fob sale? smcati i> in a good neighborhood; Is doing a gno.l prescription and la: : 11 1 y j tuslnes*. Tbl? presentd an opportunity lot an enterprising ! apothecary seldom to be met with; vatMactory re* eons given lor selling. Address Medlcus, Herald otli' O. DKt'G STOKE FOR HALE? A PHYSICIAN VBOUT leaving for Kurope, wishes to dispose of his drug stia-a and practice. Terms moderate to a cash customer. Apply attjie corner of Woodhull street and Hamilton avenue, South Brooklyn. DRL'O STORE FOR SAI.E-ELIGIBLY LOCATED OX a prominent corner ou Broadway, now doing a very fair prescription business. To a good druggist, with small means, this is an opening that needs but an investigation to be aptm* clsu d. Kent very moderate. Inquire at Union square Post office. Dwelling house in the seventh ward for sale. ? Ihe three story and finished attic tlwellinj; No. I'.i Kn'ger* place, opposite the grounds ol the old Rutgers estate, and i ommandlng a i lew oi the East river. The bouas is 3b icol fr -nt and rear, by 50 feel deep, with party walls; btitli In the I boat manner, and complete Willi an the modern Improve ment*. The lot Is 110 feet deep, with 10 feet courtyard lu Irimt, Canal street, which has now been extended to Ka-,t Broadway, terminates near the premises. For particular* Inquire of SAMl'EL R. PLATT, 105 Greenwich street. Express for sai e? i.angdox's well known and long established expn -,. having e.-eryfhlng neoeasary to carry on an extensive business, it is a rare h me", Hie pro pi !< tor has been Induced to sell for reason < which will be -a ilsfactorlly explained on application to the present proprietor. P. LANODOK, IT Fulton -tri-o', Bruoglvn. rpXCHANGK FOR DRY GOODS OR READY MADI Jj clothing oi a gisid quality?' Two two story frame houses, In iirst rate. Order; air > two lota ad.'iUuilg. all valued at SS.0UIJ. and -ituatfsl at Pali rson. New Jet *uy, near tho .New Vork ai d Erie I'alln ,ad . For purtlculsis aii|il> io AUDK A KOB 1NSON. S8 Wall street. IjWR HAL*? TWO LflTS OF GROUND Wlfll PARTY wall, beautifully located on Murray I ill i . on the no th side Of Thirty sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues adjoining first elaes booses. Iuqulreof A KENNEDY, 130 East Thirty filth street, near Third avenue, For sale? a grkat bargain seldom offered ?A grocery atal liquor store, situated in a g ist aeighbor hood, will be sold at a hacrllici*, on account that :he owoei can not attend to I'. Inquire at the store !si Spring itt eet. or al Mr, C. Ml I.LF.U S. ID Mlr.ef i street. IjlOR HALE-ONE m it bb r wken eighth and Ninth avenues In Foi y levcnth sireet, lu a g ?.) In > Uoo. well sewereil, guitered, Jkr. Hold cheap, 00 aoeouot of the owner's leaving the city. Inquired! D. MuKAN, W -si street, between the lioui s of 9 luid 12, or at Hie Bntodreth iio lei, from if to 7 P. M. JjHlB SALE? A NICE THREE STORY II ?l -E.O.N WEST I? Twenty sixth street very low; price #d,".'sj. Two on Twenty eighth sireet, betweeu Maslison sud avenues; K4W0. One on Thlr i y second ?; reel, near Lexing'ou i venue , ffi.tssi. Two on Rim street. IB.OtW, fine n,i Fourth avenue, $7,100. Slid Others at low prir, E. 11. K1N8HIMKR, Il4 Fonrth avenue; 3 to 7 P. M., i io 10 A. M. IjH)R HALE? THE HTOf K FIXTURE- V Vf> GOuD WILL ' of a confectionary Dd trnit store now < itng a gissl bitsi lie**; a deslrsble s'and foi a person having ? horse and wagon, mid a man o atu-nd to niarketmg, Ac. The present oe? ipuu * Ismlli letoo nmtiil lo sl.e p proper atteution. Apply at ,fs Hamilton avenue, south Brookl., ti. j CMlR RALE? A Nt'MBKR OF VALUABLE AND DK ? s rsble building hits at Fordiiam, Westcliesier couri y, o.i the Haileet Railroad, one hours' rhle irom the ray, fo, ?aie ' heap; slso, ?etersl di-siraiile country residences, ui,surpass" l wsautj hhI convenience, tor aale or exchange for city pr<> perty. IIKKBIAN A Banks 46 Wall street, bssynsems IiMjn SA1.E ? A LARGE PACKTNG BOX rAcrORY J; carried on by the owner lor twenty eight rw?r?. will set Ihe loistne-s and mac hinery and irlve s lease Ther* are four ? ircuiar ?aws si.d one uprigl't saw ; or wtil sell Ibe lot, althsll ;he appur enances. The o' u ?l le< t front atsl ai?.u 1(10 feet deep, a ftrs'. rale font story Hreprooi brisk sbop lu the rear, a ,srge iloui ie two si?jey frame building on f. nt. Tbe front lionet will lei in teeemeiit*. for about !??) pei year A pel led qtle, no incumbrance, i".?m of all detiis and detoaada. 'i tie n.ost of the money can remain on bondaod mortgage, it icqiilted. The reeeon for selling Is Ibe owner '*a? ?uug'it . large farm, mod will go and live on it. In | ore at W. J COSY'S, to Marion street rVlR SALE? THR V.VLl VBLE PROPERTY. CORNER I* >>t Seven'h avenue and I hlrly foitr'h Stree (wide ? p e four st. ilea high, wi n model} toipiov men s F.r^t rale mad for a grocer or butcher. Terms ran ea<ir. Inquire of nam! EL . I'AItKS, Jr., on the premises. F'ob ai.e? on the iirriHGN n rvru a di ira.u.'c oonntry rcshlen * emialnlng 10 raoma ogether with s acre> ol .an d, on whl< h ai e a barn and > srr.nge ln,n^> same WOfrvl uei s, a vinery cc?iialningt?weigi?grapee; also, a due J Wi ll If water, cistern, A< . ;hiv quarters ol a ml.e from Iki licmanlOWil ? a Ml " I 'Ind-otl Rive: Railroad ten m i below Hudson: the joratl .a heal^y, and ?-?n-r) Inquire of DR. OAT MAN, 1 ... ?lnl;. treet. of II A \. | Hltir'" vai.t. eon.' . Of W in I Hiaui ? rs reeu to of t,c , g,. I \\ Oalkhis, Oi th< premlset. _____________ __ X??OR H ALE? 7 ii E >.tuiD WIU. \NIi FIXTl REs ' r of th| hair dressing airs i.emeut i:<i -r ? - el e '? oer .1 ' litu Apply o ?;HA? IKMR -sALE-a rA?M i.f "i *cre- tr loiNivn \ 1 city cm le?- fronton a Iver; ha 'en a rnsrtet and gsrdsn mrm for twenty years, highly ? olu tiel, well wv. . #??! ?mwmn1, ftbWxSft&c* w iruiU; Wiy' f% ui Iw ?ppf? i a'ftl A dWflUtitf i**?, 4HHH4W n h\*n *(1 f r<tr? rnnndinff nri rittw; ?m*'i f*rin i I n'irn#iv?ij? out tuiMirm*, (WWfclg INWll ?fi'l jWij? y ?n??n?tu property # * ffttr r?l<uMion ANo, * dairy r.w io id W * rN, I m'??* irt id* depot, **JM. ? jofHr-Mdiray. m I I . FOR SALE. For sale? in the moot healthy and plklhant pari of Brooklyn, two ue?l cottage built bol.-en and loin, commanding me of tie toast view* tn ibn city; bounet two ?tor; nod tenement, bard Onlabed, and corniced centre pieoee, airhed parlora; large lota, 211x110; price only f 1,850 Term* taij; comtldered cheap; will double In value. Apply on the rremi???, Dcane strict, between t Irani and Cliuiaon avenue*. Fulton car* laon wlttUn a abort dlotance. For kalf.-h ooo.-a fink lakor dairy far*. tn Orange count,, containing 360 arres, mwd building, fine waier, and fruit of all klmln. Thin farm, with the Ktoe*. Implement*, Ac., can be had at a great lacrULso by applying to A. J. B1.RRIAN A OO. , XI I hauibei* itreet. FOR HALE-ONE CAKK, COMTAINIMO one gro? lanie Hanks Lyon'* magnetic powder; two grm xraail fl i?k? I.jod's magnetic powder; two grot* hoxex pill* for killing rata, mice and all other vermin, H ? discount ol thirty percent. Ap ply at 40 Htone atreet. For bale? the eTorK and fixture* of a liquor store No. 80 Jamei stroet, now doing a flr?i rat? b acta* a*. Apply on the pienilM*. The re?*on for olrei Ing the er.tabllHbment for sale Is thai the proprietor 1* about to go to.f'aJlforniii. __________________ For balk.? splendid confectionery and cake bakery, ulluated on Kialub .street, near Broadway, doing a splendid bufOnea*; price folO; rent Also latere t i.i patent buslnens, yielding larue proflt". A l.*o snieoilld 'ontec lloiicry and toy itore in Brooklyn, IISO. Apply at 81 iVas-ui a tueet, room 12. F OR 8ALK, in TIIE SF.VKNTTI W ARTV- A TWO tf TORY .a.- l?rlck. basement and attic hous-e, with nil the modern im provcmeni*. In complete order; hot and cold water, bath roost, range and heater*; on Icaaed ground, MS years to run, w|ih pri vilege of renewal: ground rent, $137; lot .'5 fuel 4 lnclio* by lilO feet. Price, fZ.OOO emJi, balance on bond undmort gage. Apply to B. PARKHURST, 23 Market atreet. For bale cheap- a house in forty-third street, between Broadway and Klghih arenu?\ In good or der, and in a genteel neighborhood. Reaaon for celling, the owner is about leaving the eitv. Inquire between 9 ami 12 o'clock, of D. MORAN. 185 We*t itreot, between Dey aud Fulton afreeta, Washington market. For bale ohbap-m, h, 4 4, x quick daqubb rean aparatua, German lenses, warraut"d. Apply at 3(1- Hccond street. rR BALE, ON REASONABLE TERMS, OR LUNH lease? a three utory lioui^e, on otm lot; two-siory brisk stable on an a4jolning lot, well calculated for a workshop, or a email capital woulu make it a profltahle tenant houw. ln>|u)re on the premises, No. 8 Manhattan street, near Union market. _ For sale or to let-a new thrkk story and basement brown atono house, with lot 50 feet by 102, situated on Eighty fourth street, near Ninth avenue; also a ihree story and basement frame house, (ogeiber with alable and carriage bonae and four Iota of ground, MiiiaUid on Eighty third street, near Ninth avenue. For (ernw. Inquire of l' . (J. Ward, on the premise*, or of .lobn P. i'aullBon, 45 Wall street. FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE? A OOOD HOTEL, NOW doing a paying buatoeaa, located in a good business street, and within ten minutes' walk of the Merchants' Kxohatuie. 1 he furniture and house Is nearly new, aud will aeeoiuuuxlaU) from seventy -live U> one hun<lrnd persona. There in also a good bUllard room attached to the house. Will sell the lease, furniture and Hxtures m they stand, tor eash, or exi h tuve lor good real estate. Apply to (1. H. HA.tKKLi., Real estate broker, 14 Pine street. GRIM EH Y AND LIQUOR STORK FOR SAME.? TH> sto( k and tlxtures or a grroery and liquor store, doing a good iuisii ea? for the laM. live >car-i in a central part of live city ?the owner having other business to attend to. For [>*rtlcu lata inquire at 172 West Klgbieentb street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue?. C1B0GERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR BALK? NOW X doing a good bualMM, with a lease of the whole houso; Is in a thickly populated neighborhood. Inquire atSOi) Flrjt avenue, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth ?vh. /GROCERY.? A WHOLESALE AND RF.TAIL GROCERY vX ?iore lor sale, one of the best suihIm In Brooklyn, now doing a larsre and profitable bustaes*. I'lil-t In a stand e<i'Uil it' not superior to any In the city, and where a man can mike a fortune in a few ysars. For particulars inquire In thu itoro corner of Pacific and Bond streets, Brooklyn. HORSE FOR SALE-A SPLENDID It \Y MARE, EIGHT years old, Miund and kind; would -uit an eipresstnan or eartinan. Also, a one horse family carriage, In lir*' rate order. They will tie sold low, as the owner has no turthor tt*e, for tlietn. Apply at tih Filth street, uller 3 o'clock. Hardware stork.-for bale, the stock and fixture* of the hardware store, lately occupied by James Lelater, deceiued, corner of Fourth and Lewis streets. Must be sold to close the estate. A rare ehanen for a man with a moderate capital. Apply to ANDREW MILLS or ELIZA J. ? LK1M KK, adtnlulstralors, on the premises. Machinery of a portk monnaik kmtahlisu meDtfor sale, convicting of steam and bandprcsa?M, 17 -'?> dies, shears, 'hafts, polishing wheels and tools, one lathe, puBlcs, vices, lienohe*, beams for wheels, scales, lamp*, -toves, snia.i and large tools. Iron, copper and (in wheel*, drills, pin and pinning machine*. All these articles an 1 luaclituery, with i Iter*, are new, up and In perfect working order; wlliho solil in private >-ale or at auction, on the 10th ila.v of October next, m 12 II , on the prcmlsea corner of Kent avenue aud Taylor street. In the elty of Brooklyn (late Williamsburg. f'ort?rins and pariicuiars npply to JOll.V TUFFS, assignee, to., 51 Wall streei, N. Y. JORTH ami:uicaN UAL BRTATK, EXOHAJfOE AND Loan Company will exchange for Western lands or city property, 000 nulentllil lots In the city of Rocln '-r, N. Y. For ale, SbhotUMlB llrooklyn, ten grocery and li.cior stoics, one furnt tire store, one coffee pUite. To let, one u II I bouse In Twenty second *treel, and $2,000 worth of now ud elegant lur nittire lor ?aie. $20 000 to loan ou watahes aud jewelry. Mi lit o?d way, room 10. PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR J p.eperty In Wei U hester county, New Jersey.? A Brat c!*s* lour story house and lot tu exchange lor a Htn Ul farm. Possession can be had immediately. A pply at 47ti Fourth *t. TO CAPITALISTS AND I.U.V HEltM I'.S A MOST EX tei sive lumbering Mtablishmenl In Western New York, tail mil operation, with over thirty million* of pine, tutl any quantity of hemlock and ail other limber, will he -oi l mi thu most rea onable term*. Address or apply to 0. FOSTER, Kcal Estate Agent, No. 68 State itreet, Albany, N. Y. N TFXAfl AND GROROTA LANDS FOR flALR? A80UT acres of land, elghfeon mile* Trom rh^ city of Autftln, in Tcx?*, and 104,000 acres in <inor?:la, m< >UI or exchanged tn >*puru?e parceln, if required. The land is well located, and will be very valuable. Apply to L. Ii. HlMl'SHS A HONrt, Beaver a'reet. The htock and kixturkh of a lace and km brotderv ??tore.? The stock ii urnall, carefully ne'e^ied, and 1 ou^bt lor ca*b; hat been eittabUnh ? d lor five years; lar^e run of cuatom. The reason for selling is the owner ha* olhrr huninrsi. The store is ?itun!ed on tbe heal biisinens 1n th?? eity.^ A ebanee seldom ottered. Apply to or a*l<lress JOHN t'LAHK, 4i4 Warren utreet, second flw^r, TO RX< IIANGB FOR M KROH A N DI 3 *5? 4U0 ACRKS OF land, within eighty mile# of New York city. Address F. .v L., 140 Twenty -tbiril street. TO DKt (.OIf?TS.? A FINK AND LARMR DRUO STORK for sale, cheap, sMuai<>d in New York, in a great thorough f>?re (avenue); neb, populous ward. Inquire at XH TUrdavc nue, one door below Twenty -first street. TO CAPITA Lism? THR HUBSCRIBKR OFFKRM l%OR ^alt? hi* biindr?*d ai re- oi very valuable land, in Rails county. Mo. 1 be land I situated In an old And rapi lly Im proving neighborhood* a few miles from Hannibal. To those wihblr.g lo tove-t for a heavy advance and safety no beder op portnnity ran l?e offered, n>* real estate in that part of Mt*?mrl U advaii'diu rapidly in value. Title indi^putaole. I a?'ll onr iiall or the w hofe. to stilt . For particulars and tedBH ad - (irt'*p the Mibxcriber, in Hnltimore, u> 25tb October, and alter ward - at New London, KalU county Missouri. K. LKTTERMAN. TO -KAFAB1NO MKN.-FOR 8ALR. A ? HfLD?!4 t AUL. i'rice $lf4). Apply to Mr. Hpence, W Spring street. TO W VTCHMA KER8.? FOB KAf.K, THK KNTIRK HTO' "K a.iij ii*: ores of an old ^siabliahe?l store 1n a fiotirisbing village, witidn two tiours' ride of N? w York. For par lulurs inquire of ANDUKWH a BROTH KB, W) Broadway. mo f'HYhlOlA NH? A HARK CH A NCR? FOR MALR, 1 tbe wo**k and Aitaree. complete, of a pttyai<-tan'? otll^v with lease and tfood will, located at Hyde l*%rk. Duchess f?oun t v, .New York h ??r psrtiruiar* toqitlre of Jir. I. If. <*., Bran uretb Uooee, from i to 4 o'cioirk, on 'be 8th, 9th and Itnh ion. rro DAOI RRRKOTYPHTH.? ONR OF THK MOHT COM 1 pJ?-to and ejiifih le Ksllerie" in Broadway is oifej - d far v.ile. The proprietor, having nther bnstnesa to attend to, pro posen to netl at a sacrlli<e. Apply to f. QAIOK, 5S0 Broad way, next door to Taylor's fiflJoon. 'ft) i; A RMKRB AMI WOOL OROWF.B8.? TlfRRF. MF. 1 i noes and two Houtliern ram-, two and three years old, pure breed, for sa?e by J. F. t'LEL x i <>., Maiden lane. T*rlLLIAMHBfRO PBOFKBTY ? FOR SALK (?R TO Tl le? a neat rotiatfe house, situate ou Fifth street, be- wean North Fifth and North Sixth si reots; it will i?e sold cheap *?r rented low to a good tenant Also to let. four r five rooms in a neat eottaae h?>we to ? ?n\ali respe< table family. For term* in?4"ire of 0. liOYLK, on the preints#;* ^ A CHT FOK ~-?ALF. -THF < KI.kTk VTKO f Ts r I va? h? Katv Did, the winner of the tw > regatta* at <?ien Cove well found and in complete order, wld be s?il l cfietp. About nineteen tons rarpenter** maasaremcnt . Forpani- u lar-. apply to THOH, F PUILLIPH. 117 William street. THK HlLITiRY. UIBKBRCK \ FtTBMAN OUAHD MADH TUR1R THIRD anntial '.wgei e>i *irsW>n U> <*lU1en I'ark. Htaten island, on October teo6. The udlowlng 1" tin- lis' of prizes, and | who they were presence*! bt and by whom won; ?1 -? prize ordet iOi cloUilug, by Blrk^eek. Ftirman & Co., won by tieoi ?e Will son id urne, $15, order for clothing, hr th** vn? won by Hamuei Ooodarson; ?yi tiri/** $10, ortfer far cl'Mhbu, b) thessine, won by John Arirl*ag??r 5th prt/v. $10, order lor | riothes, by Captain Coflin. by Francis Ml'lcr; 4th prif?*. | ? ne sliver Van or. |?t ? rented by Frao-'ts It. FolU-y, won by Vfii i lax "? 1 h i r !.?? ?? ?( spoons, pnsefttod hV William t arns, wi'ti bv Robert Hamliion; 7th prize, one -if vei cake ba-kot, by Mr. Morton, won t?> Patrick F ? ey; prise, a musket, bj ( 'aptain McLean won by Jame- M. Dur net; 9?h prize, 16 gold pleee, presented by William Harrison, w on by .James Jsckvto, lo*fa prize, one fowling piec br Jerry t'aaey, won by Dennis Kerlieue; lith prtxe, Hi go'l pleee prfsemed by t'i<p'am t'oflin, won by Peter Do'igher-y; I 12th | r /? silver gobb" by i'<- "inc lman Harney, won by Ro*>t. Bo: . - l.'.'h pi j/?* , brr * p'n, by ? ? . * on by wm. Bla< k>? irn 14tb. s ring, frs^T.l n Wll MT. woa by P. Msl m*?. P5Ut. a gold pencil. pre--?n%*d bv Jreieph Lynos*?, won b> Wtl | I iiam A. htnftta; teta, one fK> pair of boots, presented by Blrk 1 f k, Fnrinan k , won bv lame Ostrsnier; tftfi. a $,'? Koldp^ e, t y ? -tp ? oflut. won t? , Pairi- k Ftntty; IHti. $. fold pteoe. prfweftiMl by ??? , won br William wood; IM, one se* of koi i eulT t?utf?>ns, presented oy Captam Kidd, woo by ? rederv k Paihsway . '.srj,, Beem* ' liai prewed ->y Joseph Belknap, wou by (<?*?, ig? A'ker, 2U $9 bill, by Henry I-ea, woti by .John Cain, JCJd, oar tet of gold at < r I#*, t>y F.vens K s?| . w??n??v Wit mn, Wrlgb' Z>1 one ^.?id ring. ?>t w < a ? 1 ? y J<rtM*pa M< Kay . J4di |a. presenteThy 'he ; < | won by Jarnes Forrest Stmh, one wresth. pre?ent?*d by Wrs, tieorge Blrk beck, Jr. won by Ro >erf Murrsy, 3Bth,one wreaUi ? , 1 rbe Th above i *01. 1 ?t y are empviyee of B. F. A Oa.,and Capmin Cot&u voluntarily ?u t^e - eamboai John Hirkbeck toeonvev the sa??e u> ivraon Island. ?"APT. UMI rHPON. Jong CggVlli* HA* erreiary. ON I ?K? k.? Tift MKMBF.K^ AND FRiKNIH OF THK B^iainien titiard are re<|tiew?e?1 to s< ?*nd a ^|>e' lid mee< '.t g, at 'heir head , ?r 1 47 West ?t reef U> < ? Th >j 1 ? ;? ? \ rtiin.' a? u ' make ar rat) < omenta for our tMr1 sn nuai target excursem. H) or?ier. jAVff;- LKK Chairman. IkntimCT If. Borwr. ^err-'ary. A^F.TKRAN tXIRPh (?l IMi.? A RK?.I t.\K MF.KTINO \ 'h< ? ? ? ? ' ? * penard s?r< ot. on Friday evening, October ft, *> 7 'fi, o ? ><? ?, on Ocslio*#"4. By ord^% VV. H A YMOMz, * oivtriel W *. T*t ix>*, Adju at?^. UAT< tin*, JKWFJiRV, e?C. (CALIFORNIA DIAMOND" -THH NKW AND R Hi % t TI J fnl a rt$e|?? si 81 tAXe,4 tib* ?d with nun osjm i 1 ol ja^eiry The i?e?t jodge cannot tell -hem from the re.?i dlam n i T^ie t-r^-es are wi hm the reseh of ever* one. (Tu?ter fei>!a' pioa $3. $4 and kft ; ear ? tngs $0 to Mb; rings $6 *n l^i, * ?d? ladies' pine. < me*es torketa, buttons, brace iete k*\ Articles nrede to order. siK with the aN?*? dia?iiorj'l? in any ?ey?e. Aise ??e?t t y rrail to aay part of the I'nf'ed ^ia e? by or^lesni sgp'.'ini, s^dr^eeodio L M 4. *17 Br^ssdwsy. SHIPPING. For MVBRPOOb-UWITKI) WATRH MAI!- STEAM ?hlu PACIFIC, l*jre, eonunAndar? Tlds ataaoMhip will drum with Oi?t r tilled Htale* mailt for Kurope uoiluv?ly on Wed?e?day, Oct. 17, at 13 o'clock, M., from her Vrtb at Uie foul ef Caual now. for freight or panwige, lurln# inoij nailed accommodation for elfitanc* and couvfori, apply to actonuwwa Eli WAR I J K. OOU.iVK? Wall xtree'. rac?en<er? are riwjue*t?d to be on board by 11 o'clock, A. it. Shipper* please take notice that 'Jte ship* ot thin lliii i-an.iot. carry an* good* contraband of war. All letter* muatpiia through the Poat offlcc; any other* will be returned. Tho ?leanuhlp Atlantic will nucee-d (he Pacific and Mil Oct. Si. rfBE NEW *ORK ANll UVKRPOOL UNITED 8TATBH X iuhII ?leaovr*.? Tho sfci|>n eonipotdii# this line are the lul lowtng:? ATLANTIC, Cap'. West, BAl-TTO, ('apt. Pom-dock. PACIFIC, ( apt. Nye, ADRIATIC, ('apt. These *hlp* hare been built by contract, etpreuly for (or emnient ner rice. Every care Iihh been taken In their eonttrua tion, ?a aluo in their engine*, in enioire mrenglh and epuc 1, and their accommodation* lor passcnKerH ,ir.i uu*i I .or elegaoca and comfort. Prlca of pwnwite ir(?rn Now York to lJrerpool In first claim cabin. >150, In *econd do.. 91A: ur.ilu *tv? u?e ot extra *Ue Ha'o room, ('T>, from Uvnrpool to Sew York, HO and 20 guinea*. An ex(terleucc<l i 1 uyqqu aUach.-d 10 cach ship. No berth tecurcd audi p..,d for. rnoiosko Kails o> "ah .i.iu. Minn sr.w YORK. fkok uvr.nroM. Wedr.emlay July 25, If.'J. ^.ittir-lv, Inly ISM. Wednesday . . , . . A tltf. I<, INW. Saturday iu?. II, liM. Wednesday Auk. 22. IBM. t-iiturdav. \iu.2ft, 1HJ5. Wednemlay Sept. ft, 1H53. Sitiu-U'v .. <-jd. h, litti. W< dne?(ley Sept. IB, IWSfi. Saturday .Snpl.22, ISM. Wednewlay Oct. .1, Ihirt. Saturday Oct. tf, I8.J. Wi dneaday Oct. 17, 1K.VJ. Hat unlay (Vt. 'J), 1HM. Wei'needay Oct. 51, IMS. Hauirdiy \ov. 3, IMS. Wcdneeday Nor. 1-1. 1KM. Saturday. Nov. 17, IMS. Wedneidkj' . . . .Nov, 28, 18M. Saturday lien. I, IMA. Wtdnenday Dec. 12, IWiS. Saturday Dor. IS, IMS. Wednesday Ileo. SB, IMS. Saiunlay !)o<-. -U, IMS, lor Irckht or pa**ogfl apply ?<? KDW. K. < OfXlNB, No. .VJ Wall street, New Yurk. BROWN, SHll'I.KY A CO., l.harpnol. STEPHEN KEN'y AUO & CO., iS7 A iwtii Fi :tu% Loo'lon. It. O. WAINWK1UIIT A- CO., Paris. OBOKUK II. llKAJ'KK, Iliuro. Die owner* ul' the-c ship* will not n* a ounntahle for srold, stiver, bullion, speel,., jewelry, i>r?einua or luotau, ui lc*a blllitol lading are liywd therefor, aiel tho valuo thet-nof therein eipp MOd. Shipper*, plea** l ike nolle* tlw nhipi o! iliin line .-annol carry any ycoil* contraLund ol war. BI.ACK HAM. I.INK OF P \< KEI ?< FOR MVKKPOOI,. ?The tarn salluiK ?hip NEW YORK, AtWO ion*. ''a.itatn Hryan-, will poaitlvuly call on ihoSth of (Vol er. For torin* of cabin, aecond rabln and ?tceraj(e pa*--'" apply "ii b.unl, foot of Hcekiuan s>reei, Eu?t rlvnr, ur 10 I AOOu \V I ! >S i ) N" , loe houtb stvt'ct. J.^MERAI.P ISI.K.? FtjR MVKRPOOli ? TAPfll'OTT'ri J line, sallft on Salnrdav, Oi't. f' ? rim lar^n an 1 eointno di- ?!- 1 iij pcr slilp UUSBALO I Id., ? apt. it H. Cornlah, will pall an it rove. Thl* luperlor vessel ban unsurpassed ar. ()m inodatloiis lor all cla^sr* of passenKi i-H, wh<i will lie taken at motlerata rates. To *ecnre berth*, rvirly appliranon should be made on hoard, at pier 40 Kast river or lei TAl'HCOT 1 .V CO., 8*1 South p'reet. For li v Kit pooi . ? k a n.s on hatcrday. oct, h, at la o'clock, the clipper ship ONTARIO, ism) tons, Cipt. Wood. For I/Ondon. ? The parkntnlilp 31 K HllllKItT 1'KKI , sails Oct, 4. For p?r?a<te In elthor of the above paeke'e, at> ply on board, pier 2U Kaal river, or Ui lh ' agen', rilOH. 0. KOC1IK, Si South *treel. riOR I.ITERPOOlr-RT tJEORHR'g I.INK.? T11E M AH J1 mm e?t and eelebra'ed clipper ship RACKR, i'apt. Ainsworth, Will enil onHalnnlay, ftth llftolier. Pi i-p.ti.-s :i? in cable, ? cord catiln or uterm.'*-, api?l\ on board, pli-r No. d, Norib river, or to DEM.VREST a JIINES, Somb s'r.-. i an<> 3t. Old Klip. TDK VANDERHII.T Rl'HOPBAN HTKAMMIllP LINE? Fi r ScnthainViton tod Havre.? The sup. ""lor flrsi ,-livi ktcainchip NtlKTIl STAR, ?K) ton", WainacK, cormn.mdor * Ui positively sail 'is above on .-ami-day, Oct. I.'l, at noon, precisely, from pier No. 3U Norih river, loo' of < luuiiiiern st V lrat elan* pasaaiie (1 10 Second clKm pasanKi; jJ niu luirM or bailixu. jttw tor*. n*vnr. Afit>sm,mji*i'o!V. North silar >cpt. 22 NcrttvSiar f?et. IS Ariel Oct. 13 Ariel Nov. 3 North Star ..Nov. J Ariel Nov. ^4 These ship* have water tight compartment*, and are liudt and lined In the best manner lor safoiy and comfort; ci? j,AI, and Insure at 'he lowesi ra'es. I.ettors, prepaid, ?in- h In 4c. per or., Br? received at the ofllro of the line, Nu. S llowluiK tirten, till 11 o'clock A. M. i f the day of oallluK. (loud* ana sp? i? taken a> reduced rate*, and pap els, pr'-p u'l eauh *1 and npnarda. For lr?li/lil or paiseife apply u> I). TORllANCK, No. 5 HowilngtJreep, New York. AWJKlir N. rilKYSTIK. No. ii Place de In liouree, Pari*. t.'H.'lYi-iTlK, SCIIbOKSSMAN A CO., 27 ytiai Ciuliulr Delavlnne, Havre. L^iiR SOCTHAMITON AND ll.vVRK.-' TIIE UNITED I; St,?n-s mall Steame r I'NlilN, U. Ailame, com-nander, will leave for llavre, mn hintf at Southampton n> laud the mails and paa*cn Ker*. on Saturday, Oct. a?, at U o'clock, from l.ler 37 Norih river, loot of lie uh street. Price of p-isaage, C. st cabin 1130 Do. do. recon d cabin 73 l.uj'trnre not wc.nieil during tlie voya e dm i id be *"iit on lioard the day beioro millns roarki-il "below." So freight taken alter Thursday, Oct |tf. For frdchl or iiassiuje, apply to y. I.I VINOS TON, Alien', M Broadway. The AraKO will i'iccee<l the t iilon, and sail .November 17. I^OR BREMEN, VIA ?OIJTll AMPTON.-T1IK CNtTED 1 Mate* mall Uuam*hlp WASHINGTON, B. tJavendyoom mamler, will rail for firemen, touching at So ithimp on, to land the mail* vnd pas. en*t rs for England and Kri.U' e, on Saturday, October o, at t ! .. ( < \f.. from pier 37 N'orth riv?r. rrloe ol from Smvt York to S. u Ji^n^'ou or Hr?*rnr'n In tirm main fl.W 1 u Ur-' phMii, lower ka]oou 1 10 In *'-condc*Mn ?W An eipcrlwnred surgeon 1 * attached to each steamer. Sperie dellvarfKl in Havre ?>r l*otidoa. All letter4! i?w?h Uiro'igh the PoM oflioe. For or freight apply to <>. II. HAND, nfiftii, 11 South William rfr??et. Thr aiaamer U ^rrnun will ^'iccce?i *fce Wa?Wn ;ton, an?i <iaU November 3. rKAMHiur ylle. POR.OAMFOBMA. - VKW YORK AM) CAfJFOBMA ?teain*Iili? itaie, via .Mcanufiia ? The \e?*MH"ifjrv TiAuult tiip#ir?y.of Nicaratfoa, proprlelom.? Tbro??*h In *a?ao^eo( rrnK livkrpool as d rifiLADKLriifA tkam A Cocnpanr intend naillrig iheir favorita s'eanmhlna? CITY or MAKClinsTl K :,IX> ton . .Capt. Wv C'fTY OF BALTIMOKK, <n*w).. " ..(bint. CITY OF WASHINGTON, do ... 2,700 u . .<apt. H. I^Uch. raoji piiiL.*i>E).J'nu. CITY OF MANCflKHTKR Thumaay, January IH, l.^i rKOM LlVKlil'Of*!.. CITY OF MANCHKHTKR .WwJne?day, F-b. 14, 1KV3. Salmin $tt and V?5, aeaordtn k to ^ia?e room. A limited number oi 'bird olaaa pa ??n Ker^ will ho tak?!n from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found iu |?mriMiooi, Front Pbllaile! ?hla ..... ?*><) | From Liverpool. .141 Partle* wtaMng to bring miti?etr(Vieud < ran otitaiu ?e?*U(i rarea of pa<oiM^e uml <lral ? on Mv#ri>o'?l In ?iun? of II *ut Iliitfand upmurd* Af?t ly to SAMI'kI* HJIIT*!. Agent, 17 Walnut ntrtet, rhtU?>elpiim, and No, 7 Hioadway, N? w York F~ Co th#* mall; nUaa "r than any oihar rouu?, axoidirnc 'he deadly Panama fevrr and two rnJlfi of damrert.tta boann? In raimma buy. The I'anania line conne fa at Ax[iiuwAii a lio a steamer from New Orleans, where the yellow fever In raging. Ibe Nicaragua line has no connect i" a wph V'-w Otiesni Th<? upland Id doable ? nfln?* -'??amsbip STAR OF THK WKST, 2,(X?0 tons burthen, Capf. Tor ner, ariU taave from pier No. .'J, North river, at 5 o'rlo<*k V. M., pre<4.isely, for I'unVa Arenas, on Friday, October eonnectlnx with the favorite su*?mMhip Lnrio Sam, 2,000 fona burthen, over tho Nicaragua Traimi rontp, baring but twelve ml!? h or land transportat>on, by f rst clans carriageft. For information nr i?.iHHa??? at the re^luced ratev, apply only t<i t UAH. MOROAN agmit. No. 2 Howling <Jr#en. I.?tter bag ouuie p at tiie oili<*.e. SiAjxip'*! let'ers taken for ?>V4 rent*. N. B ? 4'ommenelnff on WewlnesUav, the 24 U of Orn?ber. 'It^ dsya of leaving New York will be changed to (he 9Ui in 1 -4 U of eachmonti'. fj^OFR HOURS FROM OCRAN TO (KUAN, HY PARA 1 ma Railroad. Twenty five pounds baggage f>ee ~Throt)gh for California, via Tanama Railroad.-- The I m Stairs M id Hteam-lnp t oinpanv intend to deep iatrb for Aspinwali, *?n Fri day, Oe?. f>, hjl '/o'clock I* M.. precisely, fh?m pier foot of War ren ptrset. North river, the wed known and latorite steamship OKOKOE LAW, t'aptaln A. O. tiray. l*a?MWigers and rn *um will be for** arded by l'?u?mn RaUroatl. and conMct at ('ana <fla With the I'aclUc Ma'l H'eau;shlp t>'$ ma/M'l ent sienmahlp ftonora, It. Wlrtting. Commander, nhl< h will lie in re??dine>a And leave Immediately for San Francisoo. The pub lie are informed fhat the V M. S. S. <"o. alwa>* have one ?r more extra * tram era lying a? Panama r^Jidy for -?ea, tnnvwl any possible detention or paaseniters or mail*. Forpa-^ige apply to I. W. RAYMON I), at the only oflk-e of dtt) ciinpamea, 17 1 Vl' est street, corner o( Warren, New York. ITWrST d^FPFKR FOB HAN FRA S< ISi "O ? DESPATCH r IJne; guaraDieetl uj ?ail on or beto^ e MovUy <)' .'???! ^th, lowest rat< ? and no detention. The Cast clipper *hlp MARY. Ho wee ma*<er, Is taking in th?? las', of l>?*r <*ai ??? at j?i**r Tt. Kaet rir??r, havinu remaining rapacity f<?r a f?-w "m-< ligh' Irelgbtfif M*nt immrdiateiv &'ooj?a.i1'> Shippers wtil bear tn mind that the ve*?.Wii o( thl* lino fake rw# f eUht after* the da* advertined. The famous A 1 c lipper ship ' n KAN KX I'KK.^S, < unninktiam, rnaMtrr, will ?a*o be ready for car?('.. wheu un early day for sailing will be named. HUTTOH .t CO , .V) Sou 'h street, corner Wall A CHTRAL1A FTONF.K.R URF. CA KRYINO THK UNI H il td Statesman. The beautiful A 1 r!inper t?a'k ??< ILDKN Kit A, 01 H) uais, for Melbourne, now at her berth, pier So. H Kant river, liaa now half h*r ?*argo on hoard, ?nd will hav# q irk despatch, (iuaranteed the first vea?*? l. For freigb* <tr passage apply to R. W. < AMKRoN. No ?? fiowlicg tireen. FOR HAVANA AND NKW ORLK A NS.?TIIR CNITSII fltatt s mail steamaJup iil*At'K W AKRloR, .1, o lluiiok, commander, wil! eoirunere e ^ rt ^tvlngf/clght o;? hi-Jn/, ' ? . \ and sail from her pier, foot of Robtn?ou *!r?*et, N R. , at 2 P. H., on Wednes<lav (u t. in. LIVINGSTON, ? ROCHKRON k CO.. I Hr<iadway. F on HA VA N.N A II AND FLORIDA ? CNlTKD STAT Mall Lin" ?The ftret rias* reamshlj? FLORIDA. Wrwxlhn 11. will h ave ??n -.t' nl iy, O i?;?? r ir ? n o{er So. i North rlvei at 4 o'clock I* M. j r?M ,??- y Hl,l? of lading signed on Niard For freight, apply on lioti d, <>r i->r | M?age. s. f MITCH ILL, Li Broadway N H ?The cars of we Centiai Railroad leave SavanniUi every iay Oh Vv - ? t'oiuni I ht t , Montf'?mery? Ac a* H <>' h*-k A, M ?nd 4 ?'? k P. M . < ont.ecftng a, ii '!.?? nr- a* HosiMrB mail. Bteemem ???afejta | raossh for variotis nla^ ei in Florida on Ttiowla) f ^ur* ia>? | am* r*tiu?ayv at 10 t/tU* k A. M.

KIOR CBABL^TON and FI/lRIDA.? HKMf WKKKLV United Mate* mall line.? The new ami fa*' xti/inu -? earner r.VARIltlVXF M Berry, t '? <rn marnler wtli leave plej N?. 4 North fiver, on Saturday, 0? i o. ?' I ?? ,*ioei? P. M. .v* Few* freight apply on fr-ard, where ail ? ? i I * ?' Uwl.nK will ,<? "?Kpct, and for pax-a^** * the o?? '?t HPOFFtiflD, fli.K sT<?N A t'O. 'fj Itf'W'twa) Tbriuich cke*s u* fa *?/>nv and Piiatka. ' he will > i i and leave on Wed ne*day, Oct. 10. Cabin paesa^e %7S, TO eOt TIIF.RN TRAVKLLr:R> -TUF. I N f TKD iff ATW may ?:eain?h.p J a MESTOWN, Cap1 Parri?h, will lea ? pier i.t Not h river ? n ?a ur>Uy. Oct?? er H, for K Inno.i 'onthfnx at fj.d Point < v.tnfori. rae??*agers (or -h* south sa I proceed, rla Peter tbiirg, without deist are! will arrive i V> r Ui I Wi n >,u A an torn) and WlUi a* hult eipen?o, a* it they wen via Norfolk fhev rvae ! not appr^aeni *?- | danger fr?im the f?-ver, as the i>hip cfoe* not go n?*.* 'he ;nfec ted cHte*. Paamsge ami fsre stateroom ifl' iuded. to ()k$ Pniiit, I* j to Petersburg or Ri? bmond, 110 HtaMrage. half prU . I.riM.AVI A PLKAS \ \7^ 3'J Ilro^lway. N'otiT-F ?n?i? i iMitwi p -'???%? * i v "?f paf kage^i merrl amh/e par *U>p tiarmar, f^? o can Fram i^ o. %?l!l pleae^ uake theois#l?aa Known, o?he,*wi?e ?ald fek kag#*4 win '? w i tor account of whom it may r . tern in. the purpose ol a freight 1 arge? t ??? ? chan lb# . marke?i < 1 H I smi(h,? Sows * .<? k" I !1 A ? 1 pa." el. marked K Y lias am, c? n^gned "" f Y. fla- am | 1 ' lie?? marked ! It Leng; I ? a . ?" rrarkad A. > to orifer i rin-st, I trutik gn< d wt> 1 hr?m ??* < eman , bales w?i, riiarke?l Jf. L. M., efan?i/ne-:l ut J. Ik Vf ? * -tsw W. S. Wi ser KtTBA PAY. BOCRTY LAND-F.XTRA PAY FF.N^ION teoAeern ?allrrs amf *oktier*. pro^'ifwf by . ya'e '?f I oMed Htaiea navy, No. 1'^, Warr?*n r 1 Hr '.*da ay r mieo Wta^a* i a*wp?iri? a>*o >?? Naiura'isetl cirUeH" MM imewe 1^X1 ft A FAY-4lATt Rf)C ntFTa NI^a M? KXTRA i si Pay" t'fl^e-^-ljwl ?vfframa, es a pay awl hafae *g wage* doe all Cai ad H?a?es navy saikM-s, in sJi war* al Ii Mt d^.r wUki* 4 ar.d heir ? prr>n?plv (rf? aad j-a?i ail k<n*J < cf r *iw* aaan^ la \ t>U*A Ma ??* rarwsere*! by KDwARU AW, late P'ir?rr V a N**v fard A"r -? arvl ? n if. *iU>r a ' ]jiw ^*7 Aa m ? ' DANCDIU AC ADEMIES. (HIAHRUAl'O'S ROOMH M RAKT THIKTKH.N I'll J utrmt. "OUth tide, weNlul Hrnadway.? Mr. CHARKIJAtJD rc?peiMlnlly acquaint. bi? patron* tint the public be Ium returned from hl? tour of nbtervatinn tn Furope and wi'l ci.Diini'nre giving lnx runlloo tn dancing and warding on Hat urday, 13ih, aud Monday, UKh October. Ilayn lor the regular cliimM'* Monday and TLuraday, at 7)3 o'clock r. M., I'or gentle man; Wednesday and Saturday, at 12, n?on, and V,, after i.oun, fur ladle* and tlillilren. I'rlv&tc lessor. ami prlvae Ha?M*atftny e'her hoar*. Several new dance. will be Intro iImcml Mooutly MtrM dnulin, caUtlajaflnM, Ac., can be bad a* above. DANCI Nil ACADKMY.? MAIIKM()I?KI.I 1'. CAROLIN8 VBZlKN'tf dancing academy, 71 Howard hn tf open fur ib? ??,a?in. Clawn meet for the ln?tmeMM ol i? U * and gentlemen al S o'ckiek I*. M., and at " tn tin- evening, fV>r practice. Grand Soiree l)an?an(e every Hautrday evening, from (Hull Adulation SO ucitt... GRANH M'OLUNF.A, ST 9 FOURTH tTREET.-P. *U BAi'iiO, tli? only arcomflt.hed teacher <>1 Ae new and modern dance* in America, lia* re opene l hi* daonng room lor private lcnon* :o ladle* and genUciueu. fltirtrr r"t pnr ticca* usual. Rn. A. I.ANNAY'8 PANOIN<? SCHOOL, AT UONTA guu Hall, Court ? raet, lliouklyn, will l?) re opened 0 Saturday, Onober f. !<??? i.s on Wwtaeaday and mi' urU afternoon*. eommeocln ; at 3,'? o'clock. Monthly MaHjio.- I Ian .antes will |.e given. Ilr?. Ij?miay will be aaalMed by her daiigh'er. K 11 rthrr Information nan he had On application M Kt?. Launay. alGK Wtllougbby .ueci, between Utwrcuca aud II ridge, lliooklyn. MADAMK AUOtSTA W1U. REOPEN 11KR DANClNil ?ch<Hi| on U.e Iftth ef October. In New York , at the 1 hlntM- build log*, on Wedneadaya and Saturday!. In Itronk 1 vn, at the AilU'nwiim, A'lnntle *treetc, on Monday* -md Fri day. N. 11.? For parU'Uiar* apply at Jli Un?uway, of No. M" Henry ttreet, lirookljn. MMF. GIaVBIXI RESPKeTFPI.l.Y INFORMS HKB friend* an I the public thai, having newly iitu?l up h?r liHins, 1 hey will hn open ?.r tnatruetlon In dancing on umiitu oi October. For farther Inloi matluii apply dally at tli * Waver ley Hou*e, corner ot Fourth utrovt and Hro-Mlway. N. II ? (' H?Hi r for ImU* Bud K-iiitlemCii every WediU'tday eviinlns. PROFKfiSOR B YATES' 1 ? \ N 'MJO ACADHMY IS NOW open for the 'c?nin. at Military Ilall, Bowi'ry, opponlte Hprln? New York, liay* of rultlon? fur ueutlcmCn, Tueiday and I rulay evonlttira, 110m 7 to 1(1. For laiUen, mlaae* and master* ? Timi day and Eattifilay alleriiooua, from i 10 M $V COPARTNKRNIIIP MOTICBN. K TO |2I), 000.? A 1' AKTNKR WAMTRI), WITH THIS t) UBOtUH Oi iptttl bUflioM ll Vf0ll MtftbllilWKl, and to any one having ibo ahovo arnotmt, li in a fham o rarely mrt wiih. hm the only reason lor wt*h)nf( a pnr'n^r n ihn ? tension of the bunlut n. Atirtrfi?? (J. W., UnUm (iquarQ I'ont ortioo, bating whero a personal addr?*H< may be sent. 4k(Z linn T" WAMTE1>, N PABTNI 'M. Uf ?jPUivUv wboWsal? kidi ry Any wi ti the above capita), by givliitfMitlsta^tory r?4iereiiec, may lu?ar '<( 11 koimI opportunity," by a?M r. ^inx Urocer, box 1.17 IfnraM <>C ttce, for i * o Uay. <?o nfWI ? pabtnkr wantkd, to knoaok r.v ?P?*vV/v# ?in I'HtabiiHliA.! biiHiopM, ?aie, plea^iit ami re ?Hj-ertable, which haa paid an annual prolit oi Uv^r per jear, for fcveml yearM, in?l can be more than <!o?iblod ?hU yar. Plra?e achfrehw. with real name, which will bu ( ?>nHl qer< d strictly cooMcottal, Interview, Herald office. | |j |( | i ?? r OQQ - a I | R mm WAN v.i'MIU i;, ' Ural oUmn nwUti u^tn ?. of um bidt liiKioefH thoronphlareN down t<?wn. Ttic pr? H#?n? pronrb'itor h (l?-?trouM ??' iut>elb a with a nilfnmu to \oln him in in^ b t; . n? k , with the capital Htale?l above. Apply to llOW KS A FKOMIHIJKH, Hi Si* in v.oet. <bOIW\ ? WAMTKIl- A I'AKT.Vl'K, TO ATTBNO TO ' w""# tho linaiK ial part of a inanufactiirioK bi u?n, tlia' ban I 000 <Mtaiomei? and payn lt>J pur ? en' ?'.ia ? e^iciiUed to any amonnt with thohelp <?t" a tfo?/i mm. % I 'ply itunkcdtately to MOWKS Ai h'UOltlHHKR, 84 Na av?t ;tr?v-t. J?r?AA ?ANT ACTIVK YOtJHO MAN, WITH T1IH vDV'U, amonnt, fan havf an In'ei owt in ,i |?? r?*tafl grwtTy IniatuoM, v.ell e?ita))lUili?d and cotulitu-illy In rreairfiiK, oi t?|c]eiknhip at uir wu^m, on loaning bi? ?'aij?lov?*r this amotitit. Add??i?4 II II, box lhA Herald oilko, wiii.h will be proinply amwi red. ClTiUi -PARTKBB WAMTKD, WITH 9000 OAS?!, IN vol/U? a Kood payUor ca<h manuiacturin^ Mboloaalo and ift.oi, in a Hood U>caiton, ^HtabU^hnn ?n ' >? v?*am, and now dolon <i ;;<<oa ThU Na v?ry prod a de iriv( ?fiiifiu Addiivn Par nor, Herald ulfloj, .suiunif where an Intt'rvBw may be had. TO WOO.? WAHTBD, AW BJCBBOKTIC MA If. TO join the adrertliM r in a profliaMn bu-inf??, tr> wlmni I will gnaranteo a net i?rtfl( of f7ft per week . Oall unne* b ?t?)y upon W.M. I.OUn, Urotiilway, r<x>m No. ;v>, ? -cond tloor. ?PARTNER WA29THD, WITH THIS AMOUNT, to tak?? an int?*r?*t?t in ^ uuknutactorinn Inmln n ? ? .-(uir -t tioo wiih whloh a ^tore la k??p t for the <?kJ" of varion . ir UcIi h. With w?*ll rtlrfcti'd ftTort i lie btmlneiM can be m i le itn merely profttablo. Apply immediately at t'AMl'lU.U# A CO.'H, kvnl Katate agent* , ll^Cbatnbeni wtreet. 4Or.ll ? ANY I'I'KHON II A VINO riflH AMOl'NT, \VD de?drom "f ??nan^injf in a flr*t 1 a^ bnninr-.^. w??tl ??fiut U-i id in thi- city, ? an hvar <*f a Hpu? opportaulty ? 1 1 na'iMlartorv proof by callhifc upon Mr Newton, a l'etac i In Kalin, 34& Bowery. d|?c) AA TO SfiOO.? A RARK t'H AN? F..? A PARTNER wnntfd. to be- oute 00a haJi owner in a r* i>?T:.k*>le and idi-ii^mi buHin?"ii, froin whi?h 9Jtt) per inonih ?.ui ?n timi.e. It re?julr?'i? the atu-ntlon of but a lew hottr* dirourfh tlm day and no riak to run whatever, fall aud n.'y y<tur m- if, on M. BOrrt, .146 itroadway, rooui 36. "in 10 - v N A?*T'VK MAN, WITH THW ?IP 1 O"/ amount wanted, to join liie adr??rt|H<f?' In a pu- 1 n. irn\ filing bualneM, nhkh will pay n m-t proi:i of f!0p?*rdav. The bumienii l?? 1 t ht andperl? tly .c, having i?et?n ?-*la ?lti*b i:dforo\er thirteen year*?. I'or piruculairi apply '.0 \. t.repne, I^ovejoy'i IJ olel. 4 MAN WANTED WITH A CAPITAL OF *1*> FO SN xV. mm in a light, agreeable tn t?-ir btMlaeit. tha I'll" fA a dav. An enti- -rpriNing man will llJid thin a hm chanc?*. Apply n? No. f# 1 .? 1 a rlnc *t., room No up ?'<?. -, bei vv ern V and 3 o'clock. 4 P> RTNFR WANTKP FOR DR WW M \ K I V? ? ?TM >?] j\. adverU^er, a widow lady, haagood I'uruifdied r<> ji-? in a first r 11 ?? ocation lor the nu?inn?a?, and wi?hei to jo n ?iba lady thai miderauuida the buaifie#>a, T<? H'.rh a one ? < ire eb<iwa ir offered. Addre#>, po?ipaid, Mm. Ooodri! :i), t nn i squai ?.* I'oat office, for one week. APARTMIH WITH W0, WANT HI) IN A PIK DKPOT, that will n? ' !?><) per w**'k; or a Doribaner wnh OonifjiM of 400 ptkreheae ooe half or the whole of a boarding bonne, n? %\ doiii^ a >. ? bualt .?? - Aililr*^ i'ailne. , llei &;d ?dhf?*. nl^rtOU'TfO.V.? TIIK fdPARTNKRSIirP ffKRIM'O for* exi? ittk! und? r the rianm or firm of Mav^*n a- W *n worth, of N ? w York, ' ia>k*eiier??. i? thi* 'lay diMolvwl by ia l tual ? oinent. Ail j i Mon* I r!?itoM against the .? i' i u arc hereby re<j ue.r.? d Ut j <? ? ni name lor lmn?e*hat? v?t ment aiafaH p# rf tia endi'nt^il ?o the said firm are n?tjuee!' i to ikiuidate the an.?* .it onee. NATHAN I KI# I. PaYION. New York, O- 1 I, 1 IfoRAt K W! NTWORTil. I v 1 sou TION OI P R ' HIP THB PAH I I I " hip Which ha b^reioio xU'* d u *dei h? Hi to 1 ? <*! A bcliaider, ??" mcrrhant lailot at No x North Wilbam and 211 William Atret-'n, u this day dimiolved by Ptttttal < u iK?*(-k.el v. til < otitintie the buaineH^i an Ueraoitore in hi.-* own name, and nettle ail f < oonta of tJ?o lat " ti m. OKoRi.K .1 AK4%K1.L, New York. Kep? '> 1 ' JOHN HCIIAIDKK TMK LfNPi:itf*IONKD HA VK R.VTP.RBM !50- partuer^bip ^ ? the btiaine^^ of the elaatm a.v ???r atlng, und. r th?' ??cyle and na ue of M J) \f . -re A No. I MoLi'Hftie B'.r>:r\ llrooki;n ini'H "^ept. I. M. H MOORF. WM. R OAl.K, N'OTICK into a PAKTNKR VV A TK1?. WITH NOT THAN $1V<0 or t'JOOno.- 'Two )'?*iit'j?M? ? ? a r mean<*' i?'* \ partner wiih the ahoyc ' npt ai to take on* third Infe ? 0 the manularture tti art ar ? >( Hit* ? . ^al ron-umpi o ,, . ? ?-* tarna are quick arvl prosu laixe. Addreaa box 3,751, P<*?' oftjee, New York. IJAH I NKR WA NTKIX? WITH *M*W> JN fA^il, IN A J ?tapb' miinufae'ttring bi ' * ? ki s ri, ? ? -t t } ? llnhed, with bmldlfi;'*, - it, no,-, in o hlnery, Ae., ronipl* and i.ow # irnfng fflHt p. i mon ri. Han-fa ry rip.4fiati?n- i at an .ntervb w, hy addie^ng I >??>/% >n, He.aUl offi ? Kta inK time and pla- ?? to be cm n 1 Al. I'Ain M il W A N I F I 'T "l7K' I M. I'AKINKK, l&vr?t Ifi.'a 't In f. , and provlu on tu n *? I > ? J^PFr tjooa itrtetly eon tale n 1 la I. Addre*^ I'rovwion Mercbant, H* . omre rt'i n riPM '?i I;Tv "lA % .1 \ Ct> 1 iv is 1 m ? ? ?" 1 tr< m ih\* tiny I be urwleraWned l* the ar>le bfi'Udale naid llrni, and #hali eot.Mnue ti. 4iatne t> ??(ne?i N?w York, Oct. 3, M II^.mBI J ACX|(TX1> ri'l NTT.ri?A !' A RTHRS, WITH A CA PIT Af. s f f l^n thmi 96.W to engage to a maaiafaeturt ng b.j.i i p. 1 . f from f t to y> \ " ' ; lie; / I ilAt' |< ||Of HI. MONr WF! " J ? Th?? iraveiliog p-ji ? i? lltim or Hou^e Wid be ? p? 0 fa M?e rt option o gue? M?a <i.? y , October 1 . ? Ifll?p K8F Rf| f. R RMITH. Propria" W 8. W4RIIRI fta'e o( 'he rt t. Ni tiolaa 11^1, New Y Wnpeiin endent. VLMK) OI.AW N H t> TV I?THF 1' AT ipRI KTOR OF f f ab??n>- . ... 11. ? 1 j 1 inform 'be nnblJe t* c b?* i?*? now tmpw ? -1 ? ?- 1 ? t ma rent anp| rr ?nd dining ait^oon, eapab of ae/^monodauns hundred ri^ii^r* In iddHlori ?o been added, aber?* * * vtuftoa'a < -tage of him The Woodi*?rn rfM-r* on the BIor>mtng'laie r*?ail moil fan be proeor?*d at th?? ?lk? * at ?14 llrottderay, ?i!-:n?t*.a ??,# -t. \ HA THRllg a hTAI ^ V Oflif f r m # ?n ? ?orroent of fari^y, rotiage, emarnei # %od Pn *1 r foiled Ma'iw, at rad?. e>l \ f *?+ ?. rry tr?* i'a-aaa*e?, pifiew*, a ?'?iar?, km , a re-wea 1 Ml. OK M.. nOTKR 14 Ot'AXF XTRFKT t \R ? OI hi I ' N * r rt tt. r< 1)1 i. tin trf*tvi s 1 or 'i-mVAiF ...???? Jl l-r i?M> "S, ). |??. . ,A. ? . .jj. (iji - rkA< ti' r *oti< v or hf^ov^i. t h f Jv nnder?>t?#4, "Tmcrty a P jr'< wt'k Kianrtf nt I'.n. mi ? fc h? f ' ra<td ?? rgvff'. m 'J'Ol'f. t/f. ? VMrtaii M4 M>' iiil'irm. iM puMl' that h. ha. r.rn?iwl afcd arTTfnfA.i ^?-*1 ifUit kia >Kif nr^d r<^n at l|4?^ * *j (,* ih? rtore ordi#eaaee> II? t#twl?ra w? a.; >JT\ id ism ?"'irtw* if rahtvf and *b -*#? h*#?* ? #er. %l vn^i >? ? fan ' tat ?5o^ea, ir/ > ' '*?%?. *ne n ereetrf " aai fika *dw ? of 'he nemerone madieai char Wane of A* 4a jr mar ^?y 'm haa^r-g ?Wr eaeea treaiad ?ik'jt ? sally . tm maia?r how *a<Ni ***y w ? ? ap- ar m ? ei^r wd ' ? ? in . , . V - i a"'" I*. - 1 ?# %t ' * w , # '? *f raw and rttturl'** 'S u ? ?tr. r# tirf*. re-.der *al.'-?r e .mpf/mtr ? PU*~ftt ^ > * * - y de>af <ka ifii TW'a ar^-Ura'a n 4 -he " ?*' 1 ,* ?t.f/.rrratv o git en m meiaoee llfliirearmgat ?t ?#aal * ' dral* ' o the. rt^odam aae fw>prv( *4 arWaet ? f . .< * ?r>4 b>- 4 eew ar? '? *? 'ly a^e*w ?*fw I rattAr.^o' 1 t e < ? ? # ra*' '^a en Fmt>9eaa OA^alwra 4u? | mM r f. / 9 < r> M^aoyn M M A rVt fn^v-ewi^ieaf^r *ha InHkK " #e M *> Uf Rrgadany, efp?a.e nt AJirsKJIEOTK. Bboadway thkatbk.-r. a. marhhall, nom I.eaae*. W R. II lake. Nut|r?! Manager. ttonri open kl 6%. 0 WWlfl at 7K o'elock. Thuiaday e?aiUn# OcL 4, ?U1 bo preaente.1 'he new 'ru?lj in Gvr i la u 1 fBAfi KKOAl) A klMIBl. Malairata, Lord of Buiilm Mr. Whltini , l4OCH;tt0 ....... Mr. K. I, iHrttjprift I Kaolo Mr. Lanercan | Cardinal Veccblnn.Mr lltxUea !>P<-, Mr. r r i;V MatrerlU Mr. hSSwI Roaalcl Mr wultcra I Clvanall llr, < 'utt?r Ouldo do Polenta .. Mr. < 'amdl | Rene Mr, Vlaaaat 1 1 unceaca da Rimini Mm- I'onH TI1K DKAD HIIOT. I Mr. BactorTlnJd Mr. W A. < lApuian ? o< >v i-.y theatre -PKOPRirrqm un It I. P. Waldron; HMgt Mutator. O. If. UrUBth*. IVIoeaof a.lti.Wi ii:? lloica. J& oonta; pit, 12X1 <'"nta; Oallary, IJU eeute; Uoiea, to. Thurartay, Oct. 4, HUl ba perlnrmad ? TIIK IIKIdAl Molantlu*. Mr. '. W Wallack I Andnl i . Mr. R. .lolutkUNi AriaLft... Mr. .1. I'rii . | Kraane Mra. w. Ward JOB IN LONDON Bt'RTf N'H, I 11 A MF1F.IH STREET. Tiil'i.hlM Y? I hfl (?' i-ular comedy of HTllX WATKR RINH DEBP, nlihily a trarttnn 1 and fahtonable hottaea. Mr lii.rK iiaa John Mlldimty. Mr. *1. .Inrdui aa Captain |la?tii<}; Mr*. Iln> her and M,?a Raymond In favortui char acter*. tiecond nlfbtberoof Mra. C. Thome who will nppoor oa L.nua, Ia iJ.o hiumi a! farm of I II K HKNTINKL. Mr. Bradley, Mr. MarliaW, Mr An. Fkipat? Til H TOODLRrt ami TIIK HLkloCrt FAMILY. GKO. t 1JRIHTY A WOOD'S M1.NHTRKL8. 444 1M0AD way, below I Irani ati. cl ? OKRN KVKKV KYK1IMO. Haidneealranaacted lir Hmirjr Wool 8ia#? Manager Uau. '"hrVdr For !hia week? Mlnatieiav. concluding w,A U>? WANDFHINO MI.NS'I IthL. Tfcla clefant and conimodloiia ball will bo opened by <hr atove Company on Oolol'w Jat, when they win ba happy u> r* i rlvn ihilr patron* in n building wblrn la prouotinmid itj ?nir.pi'taat juiffe-i lo ha 'be largeat. the beal i anil thf kanu?om?*t plaeo of BJUoplan rn'crtalnuieut In 'ba world. Norn i, -IK oi i o p",o at 0, and urn curtain rlae talTfc o'ajck, precisely. Artmlaatnw... .2fl oent? JOHN B. kMITH'R OBANT) Tflt R OF ICUBOPC AND H1KUE OK HKBAKTOI'OI, Ri aov cu To ixi'ini: Hall, MM Humi/WiT, ahowlu* (INK HUNUBKIi VIKWH, f. r > leel * lie, uf ih- urn. pal < nils AND OHJEl IS UP IKTKKEhT IK tTTROTB. >.v?rv >'Vi nine, at r< n'i'lueki anil every ^aUirilay afleruuou, a: :i The innate hy Mr. Alujn Fli 14, nf Uaidun.* A lnnrinK honmnil* ni((lilly leaUfy thai Ihla la thn Arfam, n o*' ii teieoUuii anil ele|:*n< enivruiUimaut la New York. Ha auaccMi tin* be< n tunai ?? Mlerfnl. A'ln in- inn M aanfe 'l<?( It i 'h VI ROI'K lo Kmplra llall. anlwtllr. C|i' mi Thur?ilnr, October 4 jn r nil ? tuivn altvjily yiaited It In Niv Yoik, anil a.tlOO more aio aiuloua '? ?ee It. A wuik nfait i' a joy forever 1 he laal week l)Ut "lie Is Sew Voik, ami ' RAN 0 ADI'ITIONH 'I'U THK TOUK or KUIO'PR. T1 ?- ?ii'cret Tj| iiJiUnn la now complete, aul tba whnla ?>:? t Wil i. 'b. ttuu k, anil SKI! AHTul'tiL r Al.IJ? TO NKUtt. MH. COLI.I.VH, THK CKLKBIC ATKD VOCALIST AND iMimadian, alter pcrformliin a brilliant i?i?>hhm>| at tba ht. Iaxiw thea i< , |ia*? um oi lu , eluua ru-u.: ronoarta in tl .I ( rpy, at l,H i*ry I Im II. on tb? of Hapl< rri 'r . before una ti oii..i:nl (n r?n.-. tvlih ilm moat deckled attcceae. lie ralnri. a to New York < ? ne 4' > to make artati(|eu? n' i for tlM pnxltt f in i f hu cgncerta lu liat city. ROADWAY TIIIUTUIt? A CARD.? Mr. K I.. DAVbN'l*OBT reapectfntty announota tats BK nr.t il (or I'Hiiur Evi Ma i, Oi-roiEB 8, on wl. ch nee. ,t *111 be preaanieit I UK LADY OK l.YONH. Claud i Meln ?? . Mr. I' I.. Dat?t,|nr' I .Hilim 1>>> i . lie oi. Ibbt oci ai^in;. . Mlaa Kauny Vlnlnif M.ii. .ii Do ?pi '? Mra W. ft. Il!ak> h-i lit' at' .oaranca tide mm on.i To r. acl'ii'.e ?' 'b tho i m'li ai4runa ol IlLACK KYKD KI'M \ V. VTlllUm Mr. K. 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NIBLO'H OARrtKW. TnrMOiy Ertmna, Ootobbb 4, UMS. Triumphant kia(im >>l .ba ??W ??t obiuimaL AH km u i n itpsmi, composed by (I. T. ttrlstow, ?ir f*k wirncir, Founded on WHhlBftai Irv tog's celebrated legend, Bod pr*. d'iced by it* t-VNK AND HAKRWO.V TROtTFE, Mnale by tinor?? RrMow. IJhrHUi hy J. II. WMnrtghL Fnatnred wliti new *MMry rrom 011*11*1 drawings fn?n n*. t ire, ?keu ui liie kuuUtUl MoualMiwi and vicinity, by Mr. Illllyaid. Allot Mlas Lontsk FyM Unrd liardrnter, an ufflcer la the CuoUoea !?l *uiiy ? Mr. W nurrtom Kta Van Wtnk e , . Mr. ntrmUcm i1ki? Of Ui? Royal, COVBM Harden, Orury I4M, ki.d the 1'tiillutrtiiuiiiQ Omwtefta, l<nu<l?u ) l>atne Van* .....Misa Pyn? Vdwsrd Viiiwiir Mr. UurucasUe l nil ? *?' ?Ml In >1 illy l.|l|? lliaka at Hie ii| ?i, I. ,r aala at il,, ilanl.-n. I n.r?i|<n*i fi',, In oouilnenr* al ? ^ o'rlook. Ttrkete to all parts of fee bouse, uily coot*; ore bratra M*l* 111 private bnsea, |A. JJo 'ri i- M?1 exrept ihc I'raaa ^ i iluv, u ,| every rvnnln* during the wi-ek~ KIF VAN WlShl.r. 117 A I.I. A< K H TIIKATRK -HR< ' W)W A T * II A It ... - I'rlrea of adiBtsek'.i H<?i? and tmr ?I'li-Mr SO 1 , K*u.ily Circle, 'ift oeuts , Alalia ft, I'rlvaui m'? "? open at 7; u> (tegm \t : vWoek.. Thnrwfciy evening. tin. 4, wl|| |1(, irUied ? tiimmiKor wvt ' A?l W. idon jg, |^i~ *r ,,|*1 '!? I JmoIi ch iiib, .Mr. O. Holland led Miirpby...*r. Hiwwl'wn ?w,.. i .ngle.. tTwMn V" Vr,' 1 " Mr- I ?r? 1>-M.,r0a.?lr? Hrmiabani Aik( WtCrai . Mra. fiae* IIOW fTOl'T VOCKK QKfTIVQ. METRnroUTAN TIIKATRH? onCuiiiiT, uber 5, 146, rtiJI I fi pro?crne<l die h<anUlui m^ltirn dram* AMIkI.O. By \lcu,r Himi" U T V)> Rarke) INwn ?>i>? ii al J 0*1 !(? k? io rmnmen>*e al MprMlaei*. It' ? u:ur iIujn ? i |>rM> riuaui o MuuiUjm, Wolnrxlayi) ut >rlday?. A< A1>KMV or Ml>IC-Kor?TKKNTU hTHKKT.? r ii i ui* Miiur. ? 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