Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6977. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. POLITIC AX? /^OKBTITCTIONAL CONVENTION.? WHERE AH, AN V7 iet ni puud by the last Legislature, knowu as the "Maine law," depriving the citlxenx of their Inalienable right#, in violation of the tarred guarantee* of the constitution of this State, and which ought to be repealed by the neit Legislature, A convention will therefore be held at Syracuse, on the tenth flOth) day of October nest, at 10 o'elock A. M. , for the purpose of adopting such measures as may be necessary to bring about it* repeal, and te consider such other matters ax may pro perly be brought before It The socle leu organized for the pur Dote of defending their constitutional right* or the counties of New York and Kings, are respectfully requested to send three delegate* for every Assembly district in said counties, and the ?>nenta of the Maine law" residing In the other counties of JBtate are respectfully requested to send the same num ber for each Assembly district respectively, to represent them in the convention. A mass convention will also be held at the same place on the 11th day of October next, at 11 A. M., by the opponents of un jnit ana oppressive legislation, and we Invite all person* who regard their constitutional rights and the public Interests, to attend. The convention will bo addressed by some of the moil elo quent and talented speaker of this Bute. Signed:? ERIE COUNTY. TIOOA COUNTY. Nehemitli Case, Samuel Mills, Hiram P. Thayre, H. H. Moore, William Wybert, Nelson f. Fenny, John (J. Sbeuler, Klinha K. Hill, John Hebard. B. WhlU?ker, Monitor. county. Win. Hannah. Barney ttookee. onroo county. oktaiuo couktt. Oeorge Clarke, Joseph Oilman. Chas. D. Palmer. LmveaToii couwtt. washinoton county. John Ternam. Samuel Aztell, YATES COUNTY. John P. WoOd, John D. Wolicott. Wm. Rome, onondaga cotrar*. Jamos H. Hherrlll. H. W. Chadwlok, warrkn county. Stephen O. DUlaye. John V. Hherrlll. ONEIDA COUNTY. ESSEX COUNTY. 8. V. JewlU, John McKlrov. W. H. Chapman. hew yoke. cnMEMEB county. Joel Conklln, John Manning. P. W Engs, UliitT COUNTY. E. 1>. Sprague, John Taylor, F. S. (.'oxzln*. John O. White, J. P. Tread well. Ell Perrv, W. B. Miles, Jeremiah Oaborn. Thomas I. Hayaud, kings county. John W. Gulberi, Thomas J. Jerrold, l'hlllp C. Uaruion. J. Scheuck Suydam. Papers frendly to the cause are requested to Insert the above. The Metropolitan Society Invite all it* members to attend the uuus convention of the Constitutional Right Society, which will be held at Syracuse on the Uth Inst. . at 10 o'clock A. M. The delegates of the Metropolitan Society are respectfully requested to meet at the Broadway llouse on the 8th Inst , at 8 o'clock. RATION AL DEMOCRATIC UNION GENERAL COM i.1 mlttee.? 8t. John's 11*11. Oct. 3, 1*65. fn.Ai?.eeUn??r,Ule0e!"'1?1 Committee, held lut evening. Tor the put pose of organization, the following gentlemen an SSlSf- "" n*me* 00 th0 roli of "'eml.cra elect belilK Wards. 1-Jota n. Williams, M. Burns, W. h. Wllev. ? Tl?,'2f*loneJ'> J- I>ougberty, O. Btaaell.' 5-John Moore, Hamilton Billing*, O. E. Sickle*. 4? J. O. Smith, W. Locker, Edward Morris. . ?? "? H?rt> Oormnn Croly, Andrew Clark. 6- James Qlaa*, Davtd Lotlus, P. Mulltn*. 7-Joto O. Seeiey, W. V. Adams, O. 0. O lazier. &? Walter Miller, J. McLaughlin, James Brewer. ? 9-<J1m1?ii Ml "er, John Mack, W. Colter. g. Clark. Jf??e H. Sickles, A. Eichkoff. 2- Rollla*, Bernard Kelly, J. Iloughklrk. IL "? Carman, Nelson Chase. H. 1' MciJowati. 13? weiley Hunt, J. Morale, John Keely. 14? Thoma* O'Brien, Junes Smith, W. If. Racv. lf-WjS^les, W. Cook, C. K. (Iraham. 16-J<*n OftJry, Concklln Sharp. William Doll. 17? Jofcu Mijito, Andrew Keener, John Boll?. C- Vandervoort, O. N. l'ltill. W-Jkomas MeSpedon. John Burke, M. M. MeOulre. ?-Tlmothv Waters Jr Henry Ltirkin. Win. Moutelih. *I?J. M. McMlllen, K. A. Moore, James Mahauey, 22? Dr. L. Bc-hr, J. T. Sweet, Francis, On|^tion o<' E._B, Hart of lha Ptrih ward, John II WIN tn^'.nrf^i z**!01' w? 'inanlmouslv elected Chair Carter. ?f the Plfth, and John Caffi-ey, Secretaries J' ... _ Sickle*, from the committee appointed for that. moSS^idop?<!d?i roUowlu? ?ddre8-'. whi. lt wan unanl 10 I US DEM0CH4TI0 HPCSUCAN ELECTORS OF THE CtTT aWD OOFurr or vr.w tobk. '.?f under^gned, members of the National Democratic Umou Oeneral Committee or tho city of New York, take the opportunity offered by the first meeting of the committee, to make a bnef eiaUunont of the cause* which have Impelled the national democracy to *et aside the organization under which .t ha* hitherto acted, and to adopt a new one more In con eonance with the preaent exigencies of the party and its future Interests. It will be made evident, by this exposition, that the movement ha* not originated In any temporary or unimportant twerenee* of opinion, but is the natural and ti.'ceaiary result of tllat abandonment of democratic precedent and erenofde mocrattc principle, which has characterized the recent action of ute committee to which the interests of the party have been hitherto confined. It would be superfluous, and perhaps Im pertinent, for us ta argue at leugth|tho proposition that all power Bow* naturally and legitimately from the people, and that whether in governments or in parties, those entrusted with authority ape merely the agents on whon Is Imoosed the duty nf expressing and enlorcing the popular will. A proposition so plain needs only to be stated to secure aasent. Indee I, it ilea at the basis ol democratic principles, and lln.ts expression to the very name of the party. The same principle* which It is the duty of Ihe democracy to develops and maintain with re ference to governmental affairs, apply with e?|iial foree and de mand equal allegiance within the organization of the psrty Itself. When the party disregards or violates those principles, ' within lta own organization, or sutfers them to be disregarded and violated by those to whom the conduct of Its affairs l? Intrust ed, it pref ents the anomaly of a party whlc,h denies the effl.-a oy of Its own doctrine*, and leaves the world to Infer, with j nation, that IU profession* are as ln-.iuc.ere as Its practice Is tneonautent. The lale fleneral Committee has placed Itself in precisely this attitude, and were Its acton toob'aln the open approval, or ?ecure even the silent acquiescence of the national denocracv of New York, we should all. as memhers of that party, partake of the guilt, as we should certainly ?Uarc in the defeat, which is the Inevitable penalty of the crime That com mltiee was appointed for particular purposes, anil invested with specific nowers When it transcend* the powers which uave been delegated to it, just to that extent II* a *t? are invalid. When It neglects or refuse* to perform Hie du tle* which have been Imposed upon It, we m'i?i consider It a* having virtually abdicated Its tunc'lou* No democrat no reasoning man ran doubt that It is junly oonnxiou* to i>otn these charges. By asauming the right to constitute couven tmusforthe selection of candidates. It not only violated Ihe fun ?laments I principle of democracy, but u*urped power* which were never granted lo It, and which. If suffered to remain in Its hands, would depooularlze he democratic par'v and tran* lorm It* organization Into an oligarchy of the most odious de ecrlptlou. The inonctrous lnron*Uteney of this extraordinary assumption I* rendered the more striking hv the fact thtt ft uaa been committed by the reprewnta'lve* of uniriy which proclaims itself peculiarly attached to popular right* and po pular liberties, as opposed to governmental usurpation*. T i deny to our own people, and to the members ol ottritvnpir ty. those rights we so claim for the tntiaoltant* or a distant Territory, would place a* In an awkward, II not a ri diculous, position. It would certainly give our adversaries au oppotunfty to aasert with trulh that even In the democratic party the worst practice might follow the be*, precept, in omlulnc to call Ihe people together in their primary assent blage* for the purpose of sclenting or procuring the selection or*uch candidates a* might he acceptable t? themselres, the committee has negleo ed to perform tne highest ami most im portant of It* dutie*. It I* scarcely n.wevtarv for u* to arfue that all the cotiHconences (lowing from an Illegal and Invalid act. parake of Its Illegality and invalidity. If the as sumption by the Oeneral CimntiUtee, of the appointment of delegate* was unauthorized and Illegal, the acts of tho*e del y*ta* were likewise unauthor zed and Illegal. It follows therefore, that the candidates pre*ented in the name of the na' tlonal democracy by those lllegsllv appointed de|eir?te? haVP no claim on our support and tha' our party finds lt*elf, tinon Ihe eve of a most important contest wlthou leaders and wlUi out candidates. In rei using to call the primary elections for the selection of delegates, the Committee aatum.-s that ?ueii oiectjona have become uarleat, and, Indeed, injurious. But the CommittAf forgets thiit It owfM it.<* own powers? it* Wjr ?itajenor? to thm* MftfnhlAgcft whi^h it now dfN-Um to ^?uperOumi* and devoid of atithorttjr If ihi? H oorrrct ih? vommitter iuelf miMtbf) naperttikoias, and donUlutaol letrttl atiihoiity, and ihiw, by iMfown act* and It* own A?iiittii> ttooB, It tai nuoceeded in argn^nff iiaalf out of a legal eilit *? ?' eilft at all. It munt oil *t an an attorna'ous, nelf ran sllttiteu Derpetnal body? anomalonsi, be< au?eii.s nh*r?fUsri^t'.o? and tasdencieii?re anU demfxrailn? <M?lf oonntltuiod, heeaoMe it the authority of the power by which It wan <:r*a#xi and parpefnal t?eraine by I ta own ihowln* It cannot he renewed or re appointed. It must be evident to every aood dtl*en. an well a* to ev^rr democrat, Uiat the iwmifiit ha^ rome when a iioinrj of the l?*"V 1,4 a c0n-Ut,ll^JO 1* demanded by every ron* (deration or poller *fcd pat not lam. The eil^tenre and perpetuation of boaUle organization* amnojf tbo-e who hold all poiltfe*! aenti menta in common? who agree on every great i?*?f now before ihe count r> ?who are e^ua lv oppo-e<l to the prujHnleaand joe object n of the flmatim who are struggling to maintain a temporary and precarious ascendancy? la con lemnde I alike yr etpedienc> and rsaa#m. It it rxMerious that the demr?craev IkImS kor ',in! "(i'tn ly opjirn^i to tb? a^MUrmtot-, fo he Know Nothings, and to the partitas of be ?5fi?J5?Lv h , ommon faith cf?n?t{to(a4 a i?oni ot ^SKESfLSi!!.00! The severed toy ih*> iatcrvsntion oftboee ^?r prtaci p las are ^condarv u, private and Jocal JSi frty orjraniiatfcnii a? intended n1 P??? pretension*. To snob ntereats snd *ticb pretennloDN th?* democrat ir par>\ ran never .msenttoaacrtficett. own s?ae^?( ib., safer yP0t fowoTuiu ion, and the perpetuity ot rtnr republican lut, on ? It Aou'd never he said taw t>,? lrt-nds of -he on. .tutlon >>nd the I nloii have le?s di*cretloo and a<-t witlt ih<. wxl.un Jianlt* enemies While they have united their forces for 'he . w? remain ecaltere.1 and liable to Be beaten |n de tail While they have taken every means to obtain ?u re?? we have thns far refused to avail <>ur*elve* ot the only m.-*n? *1thln our irs. h If we |>ersl?i In so *ulcidal a -ottree- It we act m sueU a manner ss not only n, permit, but to *erBr?\ ibe ! . lumph ot the enemies ot the constitution, bow can we eipec ?o gain credit for sinterit) when w.i proclaim oureelvea tta ?rta*,ds? irwit actual and perw.nal participant* in the cruue *e should at lea?t lie acces-orie* t.efore the fa." Toeae we 1 lieMeve to be the views ol nine tenth* of the nai.on ii demoe acyof New York and we therefore ot.? .rved witn *>rrow bat the late tleneral < otnraluec neglec-e.) to take any *t/-ps lo I aceonpllah ilie thorough and efenMtal anion of the ili?ninlli lartyon thehnds nf oppo*|tbin Inall the fanaM. i-ni* and po ??*al nerehies of the .lav, 4 dereliction s ).* ?. ,1*. %n .mission ?o fatal, can onh be a>vynin<ed for on a theory credit It)le neither to the aaga -ity re r the >lncer|ty of the IVi-n>nl't*e w * , """n that the movement which iris re - i;.e i m be forma' ion of a new oomml ier la dictate^ alike by ts>iir\ and nece- '"T _ The fact that U.e old eoinml'tee h .-, by it* own snlMlon to dl?eli*rfe the dutlc, |mp.,?ed tinon It bee .,ne rlrijany evtinct a* a legal organizaiL. and ta.' theT? rata- party la without a ticket ww.-t, icginmaiely eiaim it* ?upport, ha- rendered |i n~ *mry for the p.rtj- to resume tlw -jercise of lt? Inherent pow r*. tor the purw? olelfccit,,.^ .erCect organization and of preaenting such a ttcket a* wll uilv repre?ent the denvicraey and . omWne the stipnon o a ??tfajial men, wtthout reference o pa-. elaa^feattaiM or put The following call for primarv mee-mga In the .ever* sards, lo elect delegates to the various riomini. n. ions, was then adopted ? The Nations 1 Democratic Republican Electors of the e|ir nf New York, heretofore Iden'lfted with the ate ori<ant?at|on at ?fttyvesant Inwltn'e. and op nosed to the awump'tou o( Htwer by that body and tn a%or ot the tu.iou of <a* d-n?..-r? Ic party. are re<jue*ted to attend primary elc-tioo to be held n tbelr re?oecttve wards, on Friday, the Slh of Dev.. between be hour* ol < and IP. M to elect live delegateg to ? cooven fcotomer a'St John'- II* It ? ery and Delaeey afreet, on Mendav evening, I (c- ?. a 7',o . ? k. to nominate 'andklate* for the followtng oBl ' * ? I, u> he I'orpora tlnn, Judge of the fttmreio' four . -ludga* o the rtor Court, t'oiirt or Common l'!ea* and Marine Court, werttf. County tlerk. City laapecor, Oomptrvjljer Mtree* i ?m mlsatoner t vsnmlwdoner ot Rep*jr? and rtuppiie. a tiovev nor of the Almahouae; three delegate* to the aeveral senatorial ?oaTentlons lor the nomlnatioai,t S -nator, to meet on Tueadat. October 9. *t h*lf past * P M Five dr legates foe the n^^nlna Mia of A*-etiil.:imen to meet ot. Wedne*la>. O-toberlO, *? wan past T I* M Five person* foe ea-h Cotmcli diatrtet, lo jraet resiiec velT for organi/atlon on Thursday flc'oOer at halt past , o'clock at aueh place deiignated h v '??a committee for holding the primary election* ta rominate ? hat tar and art?K, o!tl? r? and In tlie F.g'i '?a* a.d Teenty nr* wards Ave perwos ea ?'??clal t'onven ion tu meet on Friday, tut. 12, *? baU p*s POLITICAL. o'clock, at ? ? , for the nomination of a candidate for the office of Police J usUce. Resolved. Tliat the aeveral Senatorial Convention* meet at the following places:? D, strict*. 8d? Ueebe'i, 118 Weal Broadway. 4th? 3SP Houston Street. 6th? Herman's, Vandam street. near Hudsoo. 6th? Westcbcster Branch, corner of Fourth avenue anil Twcntv ninth street. Resolved, That the several Assembly ConveuUoiu meet at the following places: ? 1?110 Oreenwlcb street. 2?514 Pearl utreeU, 5? Corner of Madison and Catherine street*. 4? Beebe's, 118 Weal Broadway. B ? I Ml Madison street. 6? Henman's. Vandam atreel, near Hudson. 7? Howard House, corner Barrow and Greeue streeU. ft? 7!4 Grand utrcet, Maanntr. Halt. 9? Corner of Fourth utrcet and arenue C. ID? John Stars' Five Mile House. 11 ? 41S Grand street. 12? U6K Mulberry street. 15? Munley's. Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth a venue*. 14? Corner Ninth avenue and Seventeenth stroot. 16? ?<9 Houaton street. 16? o'DouneU'*, Third avenue and Twentieth street Resolved. That the election in the respective w>r>U be held at the places and under the direction of the Inspectors hereinafter designated. Ward. 1? John Styles, Iliuth Neal, Hugh McCall. 2? J. Donnelly, J. Roiell, .lame- Heanemy 3? Ed. Burke, Peter l<arkln, M. McLeod. 4? D. Kirk, J. Smith, Sam. Buahnell. 6? T. Hart, Chan. Rlelv, i). D. Horrlgan. 6? Dan. Loftua, Jan. Glass, Pat. McMullen. tjobu Duryea, Isaac Ferguson, McGregor. J. K. Lodlker, Jas. Brewer, Walter Miner. 9? Michael McCarty, J no. J. Gorman. 10? Wm. Wlllisms, Jesse S. Sickles, Jo. Cornell. 11? Rob. Earl, Bernard Kelly, J. I' Smith. 12? Nat. Jarvls, Geo. Lynch, John Delauy. 13? J. Flack, i. Little, Abram llyde. 14? Mlchnel Smith, P. Rlely, J. Keeney 16? Wm M. < 1111s, Jas. McPyke, Wm. Oook. ltl ? Peter Csrl. Michael Kavanagh. P. Walsh. 17? Jacob Smith. Kd. Csrrlganj John Martin. 18? Uebb L. Piatt. Wm. Flnnlgan, H. A. Ortswold. IP? John Burke, Wm. O'Brien, M. T. McOulre. 21)? Tlmothv Waters, Wm. Montelth, H. Larktu. 21? J. H. McMellen, J. Mcl'ollen, J. Ooldney. 22? A. Ingrnham. Wm. Odcll, J. COx. Keso'.ved. That In case of the abwonat of one or more of said Inspectors of Election, Die remaining n^scior or Inspectors shall have power to fill the vacanoy. Polls will be held at the following placet for the seleottcxi of delegates to the respective conventions:? Ward. 1? 110 Greenwich street. 2?80 Ann street. 8? No. 1 Church street. 4?94 Oliver street. 6? IIS West Broadway. ft? 514 I'earl street. 7?179 Madl>on street. 8? Uoese'* headquarters, Mercer street, near Sprint; 9? Howard House, corner of Barrow and Oreenwlcb streets. 10? 274 Crand street. 11? Union Hall, corner of avenue C and Fourth street. 12? I. u i Hotel, corner of Bloomlngdale road and 125th street. 13? <!orucr of Clinton and Grand streets. 14 ? (V.rner of Grand and Klliaheth streets. 15 ? Ryer's. corner of Burrow ami Houston streets, lft? Murray'*. 9th avenue and 17th street. 17?29H Houston street. 18? Kelly Hall, 1st avenue and 19th street. 19? Tom Starr's, Five Mile House. 20? 8th avenue and 34th street. 21? Comer of 2d avenue ami 38d street. 22? 8th n venue, bet nun 40th and 41st street*. It was, ott motion, Mblved, That the members of the com mittee from the several wards are requested to report at ilia uicetlnit of the committee on Friday next. 5'h Inst., the name* of the delegates elected In their respective wards to the nom Inatltiu conventions. JOHN II. WILLIAMS, Chairman. I). OOOOMAH CoBLT, { u?Cretarles John C.vrrarr, J secretaries. /TTH WARD? TRNT1! COUNCIL CONVENTION. -AT A f J meeting of the National Democratic Republican Council Convention, on Thursday evening, October 4, 1865, Mr. Win Lome was called to the chair; Mr P. M. Hcbenck was elected as secretary. The convention then proceeded to nominate a candidate to represent 'be Tenth district. On motion of Mr. P. McMath, Mr. P. M. Scbenck was nominated, and declined; whereupon Major James Wright was nominated and uiiani mously elected. WM. LOME, Chairman. P. M. Scukkck, Secretary. 6TH WARD-THIRTEENTH COUNCIL IHHTRICT.-AT a convention of the delegates of the Thirteenth Connrll I>ls triet, held pursuant to call of Tammany Hall Committee, on Thursday evening, October 4th, at the corner of Bowery and Bayard strict, It was moved that Edward Ames, Esq , be de clared i hafrnan , and Bartholomew Rooney was appointed secretary. On motion, we proceed to ballot for a candidate for Council man oi tlie TMrieeoth district. '? he tellers reported that J atnea E. Kei rlgau received the unanlmons vole or the delegation, and he was, Iteufcif. declared the nominee. EDWARD AMES, Chairman. Bartholomew Roosr.r, Secretary. 6TH WARD ? AT A MKETINO OF THE DELEGATES appointed by the Ward Committee, belu at Michael Mc DonaH's, 74 Baxter street, on Thursday evening, October 4, on motion, James MeGowan was unanimously nominated as the democratic republican candidate for Councilman of the Twelfth Council District. PATRICK Mclaughlin, Chairman, Patrick Fitmcuauj, Secretary. 7TH WARP? FnfTIRTH COUNCIL district?indk I pendent National llenwraile candidate, opi>o?ed to Stuy venatit lintiiluie dirlatlon. Kor Councilman, William li Pier point. 1ATH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT II A HO SHELL CONVK.V AV* lion will meet at Jonathan Yoiidale'*, corner of Rlgbtv ?iuli iilittt and fourtk ?renin, on Saturday evening, at 7?? o'clock Punctual attendance from the Twelfth ward l? re queated. The billowing peraona were admitted la Um Simon pure delegate* from the Nineteenth ward:? .lame* 0. Ruther ford. Thotnaa O'Reilly, John Render. Francla Maodonongb, William O'Kaefe. WILLIAM A. TL RNUBK. Chairman. Jons Lkkoku. Secretat > 1 QTH WARD.? NATIONAL DRMOCR ACY ? AT A _L?* tncdins of the Nlnnuwnih ward National Democratic Commit', e beWl on Tueaday evening, October 2, lMflft, tISW o'ci x k. at William O'Keefe'a, Forty aeoond atreet, near Fourth aM-ntie, the following per Mm* were uni>mmon?lv etocMU) represent the ward: ? Cbarlca Allien. Dennla Turbidy. Frnncla Macdionough. Anthony Mathewa, Jamea Noonan. I). O'Brien, Tlioo. Ryan, M. C'ronln, D. Kellagber, Ml> liael Cronln, Michael Cordial, Ja?. Mahoney, Jan. O'Leary. T. McManu*. Bernard MeCabe, Mallo w Hart. D. TL'RBIDT, Chairman. Fir. M iccoMooiiH, Bec'y. The charier Convention meets on Friday evening, at Antho ny Malhrwa', Little Tammany, I bird avenue and Kiijhty tinh ?treet, at7*? o'clock. ARKOULAR MfcKTtNO OK TIIK YOl'NG MKN'S NA tlonal Democratic Club will b? lield at iheir room*, mA Broadway, thla (Friday) evening, a, T>, o'clock J AMY* T. IIRaHV. Proliant, .foil* H. Pu<J*.KTT. ) ???,.?, Mr4_ Oto. G Htrum, | ^cretMi le-. ACARD-THK FRIHNPS OF PR. I'. W. VeDONVKLL, preaent .Surgeon of Police, are auiloua io proc ure hlin one of ibe nomination! for ( orooer. Dr. O'Don nkll'h ca rd.? i appkal ti> thkdklr gal m about to an-emMe at Tatnmany llall tbM evening, and aa one of the candidate* for the ofliee of Coroner, I regpect lu ly a.?k their (.ullrage* in the convention. I hitvc been an aliiuou* In my elTorta io dl--cliarge the ditticaof the olli e faith fillly. and I awoirr them that Khould I be favored by a re rlec tluti, I ?hall alwava endeavor to merit publ* aporoiailon. WILLIAM O'DONNKLL. M. I>. FIR>T SENATORIAL DISTRICT? THE DELEGATES to the National Democratic Senatorial Convention are re queried Io meet at DurlandV Hotel, village ol Jainai'-a on Tueaday, Wb ln?t. at 2 o'clock I'. M. OROV H. At" AM WM H. FIRM AN, Secretarlea of Conventton of MAS. InOL'RTKRNTH WARM DBMOi'B ATJC KX< ELSIOR ' Club.? The member* afthla club will meet at the ' Cry*. tal," Grand atreet, on Monda) evening, October *. a' f o'clock, for the purpoae of making their noiniuationa to l e i ?< <il be foir the elector* of tue above ward at the "oinlng e ???non. 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RaLTIC AMI a/-OFF SKAS All new viev??. and pnbllKbed nn one large aheei l'riex _>S crnu Alt" a view of ( rona adt. abowini,' and de?"rtoing ita forttttrattotM, wl'h portral'? of the prin' tpal crownml beada. alvi Ruaalan French Turklab and l,nfli?li ofl; -era, wen valua ble ma|f Frier 2A <?nt? Al^n'i wasted A. II. JOCK I.VN piibliaber, M Fulton atieet. S2KBAKTOFOL TAKKS.-HTIMSOS S COI,iiRKi> F-NDRA O nog of the Allied Armiea in|Hiw-*lon ot Seba?*npol. and itghung ike ret reailng Ru?auio- Tli; - ia a graph)'- and apir "1 eoaraving ot 'be ha lie of ihe vta of September, repi eaoal fix the rimfagratton", etploaioua and tarnage in wbi'b .'*) miO me n wei killed or wounded Be partlctuar to order S'lm >'i'> ro'ored engraving ot e>ba?topo! taken A liberal dla rnniit made to dealer* enc ?in* < aah lor not le?? than 'Hie btm itred copie*. 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C*ap(r?U(r Flag* ap lor RcElectlon* LIST OF CANDIDATES IN TIIE FIELD, Ac., &c., Ac. A meeting of the whig* of the city, adhering to the Colon principle* of Clay and Webster, and averse to fu aion with abolitionists, was lieiil last evening ia Constitu tion, Hall in pursuance of the following call: ? ft It AMI WHIU MAS* RIKTIRG? "l>OR'T CITE VF THE SRir"? WlllliS TO TH* kBHCDt!? NO TUAOTirCR or WllltiH TO ABOUTlOaiaH AN ii locoiucohI? tro am amjamatiois! I Alt whig* Who respect I he memories and principles ofClay and Webster, and who are not willing 10 bo ?old by Howard, Weed & Co. kbollttoiiUis and locot ocos, art' requested to neat at Constitution Hall, No. 6fi0 Broadway, on Thursday svenliiff, Oct. 4. at 7>J o'clock, to take Into consideration tlic attempted abandonment and traxsfer of the whig party by the traitors who assembled In State Convention at Syracuse on llie 2ti'h of September la?t, and to take auch action aa the exigencies of the cane may require. Kmiieut speaker* will he uresent to ad dress tiie meeting. H. 8. Ward, Chairman. James ft rooks. Amos K. Uadley, Vice Cbalrraen. Henry W. Genet, George U. Dean, Win. K. Jacloon, Com mittee of A i rangetneuta. O. O. Bellow*, Kdward Harding, Secretaries. Hie attendance was respectable, as well in point of uumbers aa in regard to the social ttaiut of those who were present. Over the platform wan liung a portrait of Henry Clay, with a a roll inscribed, ''The old whig party refuse to be fused." Music and the other concomilanta of political meetings were provided. The meeting was called to order at a quarter to 8 P. M., by the nomination, by George I). Dean, of Mr. George Wood as President of the meeting. The nomination waa confirmed, and Mr. Wood took the chair. The following list of vine presidents and secretaries was then read, and the names approved ot: ? TICK rUBXIbKRTV. Ward 1? Hon. J. P. Plio-nlx, Wan) 12? Cha-i. N. Decker, 2? Amos J. Williamson, l.'t ? Augustus Moran, S ? Tbotnaa McKnlfht, 14? Benedict Lewi*. Jr., 4? William II. Spark*. 15? Henry K. Davles, ft? A. M. Milliliter, Irt ? 1?. A. t'uahmnn, I'r? t.eo. H. Sword*, 17 ? Geo. H. franklin, 7? J. M. Prlre. 18- James M. (.'roes, H? Willis Hiackstoue, 111? Henry W. Gruel, !l? Jacob t'bolwell, 2U ? Hon. T Child*, jr., 1(K? W. (I. Hradt u-d. 21? James Van Nordeu, II? Win. Boardman, Jr., XI? Wm. V. Keggeu. MOWfUIU. Waid 1-J. J. Tyler. Ward 12- J. K. McDonnell, 2? B. W. Benedict, i:v- John II. liHgns, 5 ? Alex. Stewart. 14? Wm. S. Wtmd, 4? Dennis Mclaughlin. 1ft ? I. B. Varnum, ft-P. A. Ward, ll>-Waldo Hutchtns, 0? M. B. Taylor, 17? Jaa. L. M.rrtan. 7? David Webb, In ? John Kldley, h ? <1. l.eaycraft, lt?? John (1 l.lihtliody, 9?41. B. Ilean, a>? Jolri V. Oridlc\ , lt>? A. W. Barnes, 21-Wui V Jackaon. 11? <lco. H. Haymond, 22 ? P. C. Male. Mr. Wood then briefly addressed the meeting. He aaiii TJil* meeting ha* been called, my fellow citizens, forthe pui pose ot expressing the opiuious and view* of the wbigs of this city respecting the late fusion which baa taken place, or attempted to have taken place, lately at S) racuse. 1 will read to you tbe call of the meeting. (Mr. Wood lead the call aa li wa^ not his purpose, he said, to address the n^^Wg ibis evening at any length, for the state of his health tor l.ade him to do ao. He Would merely atn'e that the object of the mi cting was to expic M ite sentiments rtawnf t iie late fusion at Hyracuae, wlii;h was an atn mpt to absorb the whig paity into aboli'lon. It waa lor the whig* of this State t'? my whethei they were ready to lie solo or nut. and be trusted the whig party wete not ready for Mich a procedure. 1 he Vliig party haa been a party of pitiniEli ? or aa Washington said when he last rote", he "voted for measures, not lor men.'' (Hear.) Thla la tbe policy of the whig party, and the only dlflculty hlth-i to have been the attempts made for a -eri*? ol years l.y a certain sect? aa he mightcall them ? of the whig pariyto court abolition, and they hare carried It on till they -u' coded ihcothe. day in producing whalthe\ all -I union" in Hjiacnae. The effect of the lu-|on would undoubted ly lie to bring about two great partie* in the co> ntry ; one of which uou'd lie calb d the Northern and the other the Southern paity. tine aection of the country Would thus lie iirrnjed sguin-t the other and, per haps. theie ia nothing, lie '-aid, mote to be de precated than auch a result. The father ol our country had wanted them < ver and o\er again against the baneful influence of party excitement, and where republics have been destroyed, they have been destroyed chiefly by this cause Hut ibe most dargsroua of party Influences is sectional |artizsn>h p If tfiil country is to take the lead over^'very nation of the earth, every man must -ee the uec**ss4ty of union. I'nion i^ strength, and division is weakm-*. The gieat '|ue-ti<n there fore. i*. Are w<' to continue ?troiii< orar?- *<? to continue weak' Now, there ai?- men. both in the Northern and Southern *ecti< n* ol the Union, who wi-b to rub by creating ?ectiona! divish ns; and it they are too small to think of rulirg over the whole, t l.ey wi-h atle.iat, to nils over a part. I very patriot is ready to rai-e hi* voice, and tog" farther, It necessary, to ?aid "ff aii' u a deplorabl e result. (Afplause.) Mr. <;m>. <i. we t hi ii came h rwnr ! n'l lead t' following address: ? TO THK WHIG ft O! NEW YORK* We are he'rayed -tranafcrrcd? and offered up aa ca r e in the ahamhlea fo mock demoera a nod abo ItionlaU. Muss ffbo bav e hud hold of the machinery of o?ir party h*v?* d Npo^d of ua a* m#it michlnw, and have thought no more ot a tranafer 01 two hundi ed and forty or flftv thoti??nd human belnga than they would halt thought o? aclllnsi ao many ho* ? birrow*, or aplmiing jennloa. Th?- old Ume honored and eon??e< rate I j rin cipl? ?< of a Clay. a W*b<4er, a Han <?on, a v'nuenden, a (iraharn. rn'M-aif, an Kftret'. a Vinton, a B?? ?*a. an Kran a Hum, a (Granger. are all declared dead, and we are invite*, fo a fOMml prooeeeton ?o bury oureeiroe yet living. In the I raw yard of aectkmailam, abolliloritem, arid of th" -on in ma?a J We are *unan'M.e<J , ihen, fo create "a great repuiii ran party." to be bounded on the >odfh by the n'aie of INila w are, on the north bv Niagara FaJJa, and eaat by ' ape rod or t ape Ann Inaamoefi *<* Value haa declared h?*r?elf a* not be longing to thin new gengrai ducal party. Th?* re<?aon ?|rw f< invitiru: ui to "Ida nitride n our party and for jotntn* fhia more Northern party faith none of <be North ycitn iti, la, that the hou?h haa repealed the Mlaaotuu line Of li tr ijr ifjiirnilli when a Nor hern Pw-tdent, alitern Northern tienatora tit < ongreae, nod forty four Jiepreaentatlveafrom the North helped todo it- and wb*n th<* I ne of d"mar<*n<jn t *"U i? in 'he -tat* re?o)uiUma of theee New York new ikht * repubUcana" de I Glared "Illegal." I he Father of hia Country th?ia wrro e 10 j >ouln liia farewell addreaa. e?pe'lallv agaJn?i Northern, Houtb ? em, Atlanta or Weatern partis* - " *1 be unity of govern merit, wttcb conatttutea you #10* pen }e, la <lear to you. ? * Hut U a eaay to for? ??.???? thai om difieren eatiaer, and from diff-ren* *|ti*riera, nr^h pow-r will t * taken, man) artlfteea employed, o weaken in your mind* the ronvtcflon of thl* truth ? ? It la of intifn'O mo rn* m thai you xbouid proper \ ea lmat<* 'be tmmenae value of {our National I n on 'o you.'* "Oiler iv* and In .ivtdual aupnori. ? diacounte nan<- n whatever rnav Bugg* at even a *im pldon that It ran in any etent be abandon# ?! and indiyraantiy frowning upon th*- rnr' ?lawntnir 01 any awujnt to ahrnate any portion of our rowry from he re*t, or u* enfe* h ? he mt ? I ? U* a which now :snt together the rartoua pgr a ' 11 ie great father of our t any , I! nrv < ay, f- r> ?e n n th' gei^raph'ral .tmbli on ofe^r am rnen 'iila# erruH torn* r-jp the wbtga of the Noftb tna mr .<- k< n sou par j , cried out : m Kent in gr. In 1n? " Itttifi wUU' par y ia to be merged ?n'<> a ?*>u < nt ,? a' ?? l lion party, and it abolition ?rn la to he ?mgrAft**d tipon h?* wnig ere en, frm '!?? moment i renounce b fart;. ^t?d ? ? ??*? ?? gahig. 1 go je! a aU>|) further ??If lacnallv" I will ti?? my MMM MMM1 to that 11 an for 'be fr* ?*dencv who, t4> IV bat ever p arty he max belong* la rut eontaminaied by fana -m rather than to (me wbo. *rvlne out alt ?be t)n 'tba- l?et* a wmg n.aln air . 4** 'rlnea utterly ?ub re r?tve of the onaHut tor. rid the 1 Mon." 1 hi- attempt to a^para'e parle* in ffce Norband Mouth the 1, rat attempt in our eouatry, foe r waaa?eifip*ad in? o im tia. t'.. and in Naahvn'e, lenn., and In the fatn?>ua Mar- 1 < oorenUoa. during ?be iaat arar? b?i? the p-.^^ at th" ? ia try, ever true to too a4eica of Waablnrton, hate "dta*ou nancerl" arnJ put down all au^h a'temnta. Northern '?n<l roil In rn ( burrhea of if Mine ?|enomlnaf)on <A ? hru ,.?? o?a y extm, jeopardixine. bowerer, but no* d *m^m',#*rlng the 1 r, <*0. t e- aua** they io<?k ?ip 'o a eoflnmon flod ar^I have % c^tir n l.ihle. but Northern and Southern pohnraj par*. "a mow be^cin * .ih abandoning their <*omi?m country aad and in a- < tng the fedenM oofiaUtuUon~the now ooanmin poli'b ai ff ^ btga <?( New fori, Uve a<> eolted ?'qpwi\ t on fen * ton 1 ? thrown m the wlr.da every whir principle riuu un4or our ? ' r ai d our W? !?ater we ba%? been -truggfing tor he? a-' ty fite yeara ! |i la alien* unon all eblg meaaurea ao?i ? ail whig p?dtey ' It pretcnta na# :f befara ihe rotm'ry a tie quarter of a century paa# ha* in; "en ftgn ing lor a aham and only toefr#e? ( < ? - 1 i n.ake (ho ?f**?n more p- 4 ble, it ptfka #- , rr te for. the ?ru*?! obno? ?? *'? 1 ultra mon of the 'd demoerart^ party, and f< t ?" tia on a ticket ? fine j ervar.a hut two or three wnlg? a the moat. To ia*?ity itaalf 10 tjie mmoat, even ipr. ?ti anualaterv pre?ei*4m>a. It aaka ua to vo'O n a law offirer of the Male him who, in the e Le|f(?ia ?r" In I'-IV. and In ? on<rreaa In IK&M, eoted agaurwf e?en tr.e rgh' of peti? m( to < I?i4 r?'?a ijHifi 'he ?n*',ee- Of aiatery. At '1 aaka Ua again tn rr*e into 'he H?a fe |?' p?rfr -r, It m wno - f ix j the recoro. not only againat the right 01 pelpion, bu' w!k??< vt<* j tb" rompaet u, admit Into the I a l on four ar ftte ?**?? a??* j S'ate# frrm 1eia? Hut we are no' dupea nor foota to be o*m I uwd ur>< n a prnmr# of prtn^ipte esmMmmg ? a*ery ' ??e Kanaa* " 1 here t? ooij rme, oo* n the , whole North a* amet ?he v;<>|a*o*? of every prtoettn* m the | K?n-a? ai d Nebraaka t?uj, hm th'* ui ewm ew 'ha' la r>ra I 9'^ng to aarry ua blt?*d?oM Into an ort antia ?" wViee a/ ? i?e jaat WMgter m our l^egtalaiure, are on* pr" r?i**ed reewri ?if ! ratal, ftraneh\ae and eorpoa atton plunder arid wiioag a4j*' <ra ! ir en' e?a?e 4,* enat led every man ar?4 ever/ tgrterew j*. too r ate u?bvaathe fr-^r No, nr?' If ?nir |g'?od *ar?e?m>iM ) tg party i. dead 'be fan n Hal ardrti la T? t^rtara m* m ? iej? rant ' rr up'^on w feuea of the ataia of New York. *e i?a?t yrur dertaiofi and your deitneraf**!* in it<aie ( #?renUmi <0 tfeelde what o do. but aa tor our*eirea, we here deniare Ka the word- of a Na?aa^hu*e'Ui whig, jne *;oer? 1 We /?a ?nra? i?e? to m? part% fliat doe* om earrj the naif and ate? to the moat* ?t ?he I n^-n ' 1 l*e i4dre?? w?< ?eli re^Wived, erwry alluaton t ? limy am) WebHOr >teinf rm\t*t r>?aly ?ppWu^erl Mr. IlfMows then pioeotaled to rtld tic following p ??? amble and teeolution* : ? Witri'M, the whig pir<jr wan established by U* r,rit&'- foun4 ?M"- llrnry flay a?d l).unel WfhxVr and otlier*. to maintain and 'o vindicate rcrtulu whig principle*- audi aa the dev*|o|>" rnent and protection of American InuuaUry from ?J*f unit* competition of foreign labor and foreign ioduat ry, an 1 for the deveiopcmeot ot (he internal resource. of th" rouutry iii i * river# and harbor#, aim for the rcatetuuoo of encroaching fede rul executive power ar;aiiiwi fhr rights of the pc*<?r? i*?? trie re < i nl .1 an ant i 1 1 u : ? ? - j . . - ? ? - the maelvea oi the mere machinery of thi? party, af Syracuae. and the tranefer of a to ih?? mock democracy and aoolitiouiaiu of the Htate, la treielieroua to a truat and trca*iouabie to our prllK iplen: therefore. lie It HeK?ivi'd, That the npirtt ari l principle* of our Immortal Clay and Weba'er yet liv?- uttd breathem ua, thcu a^oclutea while living, and their vindicator* t ho*u;l? d -ad, anl that priti doles founded upon the conaUtuUon and ut>on the righta and intercuts of our fellow men never die and never ean die, bu are a*Uumor!ai ax the ureal ?'atc?m*n tiiat tospse.tfhed thenj to na a - dying tegai .???, to be cherished and lo be promulgated tc? die world forever. Resolved. That the invitation (o u ' wb ? t to vo'e for aueh democrat* a Prea<<>n Kini( nud Abnah Mann, men w?'l known in < '? un ? ?i ?? In opp Mttuon tooui lava and V m i witb wlx>m for twenty live > e?u* we h ive not had a whi# prln dpi* in con. mot only adding insult to injur*- Tiny n.w not rhanjred? and have w et They are a* uiey haves, en for twenty live ycai ; but where are they who nave rnaiinr <l them t Kcaolved, That the sacrifice of the interest* of twenty-five million# ot white men, and alienee upon all the principle* flint cOueern thf-m, to the supposed interest* of three and a half million* of negroes m un abandonment of our own rive ami color, to Ajwan ll*e into greater fmportan- e the race and color of the Alriraii. lite v lug par!) was made for tho Amerwan, and not for the African. Resolved. therefore. That lh<* recent deliver* of the whig party, at Syracuse, ovm to mock democraui I abofl uoniau, bi men Mppralni hare in UiHr bands tha mere machinery of that party, ta treachery to all our principle* and precedent* tor a" quarter ot a etntory, and that such treachery ought be rcainted In wv.'ry jKwalhle and honorable wav. ItefrOlved, therefore, That the wbut^oftbe State of New York i c ii. v i 'vd loan embh in ill ? * OoneentJoQ, teC imtMn lit::. New York, on Tue^tay. Oct. u? take au? b meaaur%< a-* may be deemed advisable to maintain our Integrity and our honor. that ,h? ^ES^^-rWMBA ^^SsiSSSffitr? s? fissr^l^r* , the ?oul, t ho npirit asaSSiS-Jr^ with n..? v,.: ,??. H.utJ rr,-ordrt in i. lVn", . ^" '?r^' ?ii |jjxtb?<l urea ooc-ciubth of thin ( nian n " / n? 'ri '** t be No. Hie n IM,tv ,7, t /.f ... .. i Tb7 Informed principle (hat tLc Vbrant. lini % ?n "* ??4 at -h, toaiSS* tu ' mh 'ST* aqRmctrj&i&rcSS a " wro?K. to be r^rw-cl hi n v Y.- "1,'r',|"r<?. is&tz&*a&* ',rr ?' Sottws K-P Wit KR.SS rfeH: ate sSSSwHK: rr-a^ ik.'sviiK; <%.z" zri'Lh 'j C*F~ ui <Wn.H U uWaZ n' t .. .'u W"r" ???*?? "f I'.iJL i-pSuZ,? ?? hare a su.e now t!<Mt we hut* ? * u <>?inmb tstirs^daff ????=? ^SP=3 S2& 3 fSS??a lit i'ii di.l.'ail ? i p rt*' . "?"? rhurcliM It:, re p..?,V? 1, >,,? * 4l"",i':n' '"?? "Wi? bythi.Be, i^ , to ( ?efln m.V," WV ' ,,I,-J "?"?? K-vS^3Sr'~ M l " . nV ic I ,"',,;1h"" "??> ar.. tr.,o t? t|,e?,. at all f .*.' '.* ^",,?' w'"' ?n* ah. fj.ionl.t ?t a ), be ,oi,l, I fu-e w,tb that part, ha "lU 'k,!X 11. > ?-5S^fc?aSS ftrr^r^Tw ?Ast ?:w, i..-. b." i?.r';;,"'::;x,":x7';;:.'.r ;;;? '"n'w ,1 r ;? i"n?-'1 "? "???<? -1 ?.. ?w ?"?'?' but II be had mr rir. . . ehn^lfaSZJ ??,;,/,? r r1, ,e wo"1,1 * w,",o? "- --koowi,!*. He of-Ter wouM ?.?,? v.. -,1 ^vin.t i'i,' , 'ig, ,/,!', "^T Z ' or ?*?lr, at the idnil,, ' f l '. ? n ,, ' ||b? 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L " """"?W lMtl# prr ?,rt,oi, ?f ?... | I.,', m' "i f* ' l"^11 ?r in U*i . u 'Ut Ab jah Jlaon ,B; ? ?u . mt f ' ' '?? h "rjjal in j,, . v, ? ?b< 7?? i) a , Jia. eeer'ai,, ,p(if?I,r)((. (n. ,< r ,h. . ' for then. Ui to.n.iB,,.. r,.^ , f r^,leu..?a r- ,,Z'. ' m " K?ae, and ne b. . ; f . ." t. ? " " ,Mi r ?? r.l that .h- , . ' !"'"*? J* i"fce pi -ait i.f ,< la he. t? -V aJ/IL iw h. .Vortl, n , ' ! * at.fp.t the rer?*| ,rf t).e M,MarI e,.? . , JV .. the deui/v~rH ? . pf the ? T f "'"n a? ' "?*?* r*"I '? ??re ?MMM >. tt? !r -* ??J. J -T-m..! it em < ? ,r, , , ? ' ,J " '?7' ll- -ott ^.^"'' II" r/;,'1'*'"** u *hl* "'i-.V < ? r-fie.. . ?i?n',eB" ' ",,"r ' * ???" ^ a U',^iw?e,Z2kl " ' ,r"" u? " ' 'h V-?n II L. Tt " A>#,r in fiVir i v u ^ -sr1- ^ ? Hf z. y ??.' .S v ll.-. 'Dni'l** to 4 ? .k. * . (Vheww ilw, n* ") tu IT Jf \ **Z k" b' '*)' ' '*1 '? 1. 1. - n ? ? ? ., *" *'? e *-a ?'* till* ***** tit 9 lit t A t * ? -k - ?? tw? ^uo ? '?/ ! ' ttr l? r^,|> It ll^. *V|J r I. ! ?t **? r*"- **>d ?' aa u . a v. ^7 aw, ka tJ??.?4e " , ? ???t of the 'Wa^rrMj ' '" ??1 the weiu 11. ^ fit Hi all the *hhr> ?* v . ? v,rfk .? . ?' " P 1. :f he ,e|. ^ , J7?, ,''TL ?? '? ? ? r.1#1it, V .'?M VJ' ? "1 * 1"' *' "" +? ..V'-H ft tl * ?. ..fty. ,Ut ^ ^ ^ ^ f> and to m.i y that WHI . men ami with ?uol. m?*m tern, and w *h ? irmMne- he woulii raih>'r !*? ? gbt with them tb.m t?e I'.e-wWit t*r the Uaite<t riute* ?? v|'..u" U? ?? : that pciacfrlea irt greater *L:i? parties, . u?! iw irv-? greater tluiu men. B0 regretted that h? ni :i) i f *fc *f? wl'! whom hf had U?rn wont to pi. :?t y ??<i4 ? ai -?. .m w#?r* g*>n# ft i in hi* aide aixi that when be where wt*re thw, t* he au*weiv<! when ? y\ Voir* ? f;<?ue to the d Til Mr ? No. -ir not *?? ?>? J bu* they bar* n round ahout ?ur nt'grt'ifijr b< g- 1 p'.tfle < '.mghtor ) }|* i UmiI/ ftlul uait'B ? i.e. i.i ? indJUiaibU ? now and I- : irti (Cheei Ai ?' I o ? vi-!itl? ns weie lii'l 1 in Hyrneuae or Auburn, which nhoutd ntrh'6 to dWever thf *e tw?> principle* they could not mcceed to long Mtbi" ? ?ig i tii ty exijited (Appiaua*' > How f ronton King, t?l'h t\? bxc.k v rccortoi iv(atu?t him, could he put forwar m . candidate w?? pa??t hi limit*" 1 I'doiprpbfuniitii He ami Abijili Mann and otbi'r> of hi* Icl.ow D<mine?* won* tho*-e who had i?t ? iren t< the* utmost to imped* that g*eat work tin* Catia! He i**ke*i the whig* of N<-w Yoi k would 'hey put tbeir tuU riiai inij rov.'ruent* Into tb?* hand* ot the Tory ni on who would impede and Htop thi'in (<vfcH of "No.") He wn* aure Q?t. I!* v * *ur* they would go l<?r the whig ticket, aril #h<* whig tick- ? only, with no King-. govern it, and no MaSom to f*o?#U it. (Apf4au*e.) Then* w?*if 1m i e '-all* I. ?r IVaiv. but ?rentleman wa? nouhere. Mr. J.?mkh Bbookh Hg*in took tb?* l. *n 1 proposed a TO?oluti> n living the tha ?k - of tb" whig* of tb'n city to tboM* who protect eo in .*yiin UM' against lb * ;tb*orhtinn of thi>*hig party into that ot tb* .ibolltt' Ill cotuii'slim with tbiii (evolution !*?* would >*ay tha* whatever wu o???rwhclrr,ii?g|y the woi*> ?it the i itv of Nhw York, wa-? ai wuvs the von* of the .^tute <?t New Y"r^ an I of tti I'ui* ted Mati'* of Auierirn. I! ( i mo<md tb ?'f ch<*<?rni for tho whig delegate* who hrtd needed at Hyra^uae. The eheera were g.ven. :*u?i tin- rexHution win ad ipt^i. Am! then, on a motion? afv *thre? chwr^ tor the whig party, what* l?*ft of them"? -the meeting dlaaolYed r*t 0 o'clock with maDifeiitatlonA of much ent.h : U-^in tu the cause. THK SOFT 8HKLI, CITY CONVENTION. (>I<1 Tammany, tri-iilo and outaide wa* again taut night filled ami aurroumleil villi an army of buay politician* if all *liuden, color* and aliella, who bnve an Internet >i stake in the ci*uing rWctiiw on the 6th of November. The proceeding* were not, an wa* anticipated, anil pri>. pated for, more lmi?1erou? than u?u*l, it being ^onenally nntieipalcd tliat a terrible row would lake place. Ill" nu Micron* filemlii of the innumerable oflice meeker* maalfo*ta<<l u tiuly cotxiuicnilable and peaceful dUpOMlinu, and nude up in good liquor what they wanted in had ?plrlt? c<m tenting tenn elves with nimply tongue .|unr el- not al tigether in unlaon with their *houl |cr hitting pr?peu aitie*. The neighboring bar room* did not lo*e any thing by the annem liln^e of politician*, who arc ? rem *1. aldy tliiratv ?et; and the bar teuder* h*<l that happy and contented look connequent on an excellent huatne-*. To the ci edit of the contending factlrinHt*. It niu -t be admitted that tbey df-playcd great lorbcarance, consi dering their naturally evil propeuaille* and the Uc.-e excitement* o( the occa*iun Thla might lie xrn In the I'eartar Mug, French'* a tid the Tan-many bar-rootn, amicably difuolng o?er their toaidie* their claim to neat* in the convention, and eul? giring their leapcctive cnndid itea an uicn ol unpin alladed virtue*, and adorned with nil the gr?i e* au I talent* tliat adoin the hiiniati character. TowenU tb* cloh * oT the evi olng there were several *y mptmn* i-f a row wlilcli ended happily in a How of brandy, u>jt biogt, ml a o drink all round." Nearly all the prominent candidate* for city and coun ty efftce* wen* about and the I'uatom llnu*e w.i- largely represented In the peraoo* ol soierai of lt? redoubtable representative*. The convention wa? cal!?d to order at H !' II. Tliom** Hymea, ol the Klrat ward w?? called to the chair. and Nan man ililtuu and J. I. lUrrlaou olllclate.l .i?*eiieta tai te?. It ??> rewdved that the claim* of c mtenting delegite* Tie present* d by ore pel juii fmio euch /I. cjrwtiou. i in tba Fourth waid being celled Alderman Itnlrd presented himself, and alter a brief lilaeusaiou the ticket pretetnc I by him wa* admitted. iromlhe Hfth ward there ware two delegation*, but tbe claim* of the Kei<ue<ly am Ifaaker ticke' we?e*? tuanl fe?t. that It wa? immediately accepted. Krotn the Thirteenth wend the Ic.rW and l'*t*?y Mc Cormick ticket* weie contestant*, but the former having the strongest taint of the Cu- orn llou o wit- a luri'te I Tin Derrick ticket, from the Mm-tccnth war. I, having the iu?|ec(ora' Certificate, wa* al-o admitted. This* vexed ideation* living aat'-ied ibe breathed eaaier and freer, and af :er the election of pc - l ie - nent ((Been proceeded with the batlottlng*:? The lir*t oflicer to lie ballot! ed for wa-. < imptroller, when Aranah ('. I lagg, wa< iiominate<l, only two r-n-* Wing in the negative. i-arnuel Allen ?*? nominated for Street Conimi* !' vr on 'lie third ballot. A landldate tor icpairK ami 'upplie* wa* then Sail. -tied for but the count wun thrown out be?*u?e of an int->r. mnllty. On the la * t two ballot*, which were ta!. en amid g e?t excitement. flfty-*U volei were nut for Wm Mine- n.| torty-nlne for S. H. ,-elab, but a t tbl wa- mora than ie biral number of vole*, the I alio'* were 0e< lareri In foimal. While the l?-t vote an Iielug taken tb* luge outiidc lobby *hn:h went atrongly for Hekali, rrade a ru*h for the dour ?n<l tb" infuriated mob r'i* '>.1 thioiigli the dour, chierlng vehemently tb- wh l- f ir .'<lab. llie *eene wa* In re one of gn-ai ei' ltaoieut and It wajjupi*... d I hat the whole aflair would ? 11 1 iu a ? ? r rlbWr<iugh at. d tumble lrit th* delegate* with John < ixbrane at their lo ad cleaiol out of tb room w fa-*! a* porrlble. It wiif aanounceil outeide. that tb* couv-n'. .n 'inld re a-?emble on nut Tin - lay evening. M IHC'KI.L A N KOUH. IIAKO HIIKI.I. WOmWATIOK*. Am Ai'l'Tv irn ? 10th Ward ? Henry t A'w <?'. IH' i ward? J'-bli Kc?ter fair Af mMy? ttb I 'intrigt John B. i?en. Tth ll-tric.t ? I i-wi* I'. < lover. / yr f l,i ?> i/mon.? The t ?mncil Conveuti t> " Tuelfth diairict met la?t evening ami unanimously noml naled .lan e* Mcfiowan. HIXTIi I.I?TBIrT IMKII HIKJ.L MOM' R JVM< I At. lOKVBMTI O0. Tbe' coaventU.n iea*-inihled la-' esenlag K Hitdmll, i d the l.ighteenih ward, preebllng. aiel lo* I'. Vanan ai tioga- r-ecietary >ine ballot* were bad for Police Ju?tlo? In place of Jo ge I'e.rcy without any choice? the l??t of which ?to'xt *? fulloen ?I an.* bay, 4 !-t*pb*n l?. R > ell i , R. Ii- wntng, 'i. Tbe nmveuUi?o then adjouri.ed to meet n* x t \t..,oe lay evening. glXTBKNTH M-TTIIT WI'JO HtHNtfJ CO*Tr*TII>*. A ? all having been ('?Ii'-l foi the Ii> a?* of Uie It I Ig I i.trt'-t I onvenilon, the bgn'e. fr i.rn t? e Tweriiv. f|r?t ward ?fif??r'd e' tb* p:,.i* <.? meeting, b?it ?? the 1 ghteenth ward deleratlon did n ' ai ;-?* flu- '-iiiien t;. n adjourio ! I.rer to -a'nnlav ev.n ry at *b.. aci* place lehn II. White 1 1 . ? n> n i.e. , f ih- >? u' THK I AT K 13TH ?AHIl I !.K< TU?N RKiT. l>tK?TIOATIOX ATTRB KNMKZ MAMXT POf.lCRCOt HT. Ilefore J natlce llrennan ibe Third lH*ti|ct I'uUce U .rt *a? the acene of an io ?e e.tiDg )BV??1igatloo ye-'erray, r*la i>. Uithelat< t | at < cearred t^twaen tie two (actio** o( tkemfldHfl ''? n.ocra/y or, the night of 'h- jt io-t. Tb* leader of ooe ^ 'be |?r tie*, it will I* reeoll*cte<] ? Thome* Jerri*? wae ar.e-ted, cbarired with ?hi ? tin* William K f* nnell in | tie!'.' with a p ?'ol It jj i ? h i? a* examined yo ? "'ay 111* - to < ? i ? ,?d t i ? ufToeatl' n hy *11 ? t? ' - i.a.-arfr* ll*r ?h l? Milt ?hell*. half ?b*;u, and W ule ?be|l* wtr* bik(li>'ia4 | *btir. ?n ' All"' <| to '**< a d~ p l?t?re. ? In tb" er'ecf ? ' ir.g- jerti^n jirly a* teofthe W>r-'# '* e n ?? I arty .n tbe Tlnrteer th ward wa* In peril <if hi* At ? c!i k v? *>.i,. n'*ti.o' tba en ratl'n n 'he part of th? pe< ple wa* "rniwM by the n>f ?'?*?* i( **c *<1 wa* f r?-.eot d i . g 'h* r * ? ' gat < n. but the ln)ure<t nan >u ao' prevent ti e d low r f !? our rej<<rt <4 the # >*m i*t a.? I#1 . yh h Keele( I keoten?M of th-- lb. V? Bth aao |<, I et?lngte- rn **14? Ab? ?!' 4i?(e>le k nthe?i?r -.g c; -h* '.<! r?t d-Jori'n' e*? n fin'-n *tr-*' o**' ' *r a '.i.e war i*'e v telty of wb* ? a ii n y rlert . n Wa* t*ing >?.f(<.nc"ed tfc* roe h*>l J .? *? . ' n. I ? d w ? eti a - *? in*ri ? cart W h al**it half a Utm- ? f ?.?.d an Irtven up tV '? * ' b* p> I f ?mi the ? ed wa* |r>'tv 'a-r *"( ? '.m* a sen r '' men ?? the crowd were I ' Ming a tnari ip a'- ve 'h*ir b t? in ? ? D *? II they were trjrg |^?h b n '? g?, UM e^rxlow ,4 *aM poll T-*m> d*p.?efil '*? *eeera.' mew h*-? haM of *td ?tUh* rt with the e?d *-e' ag t'.aid* *ld wln^r<w ?* ?: ?'wk? ftl*ap| m d? " iianda ' f two ai?a ,n aaid cr..?<t *e>d men ??? Agh' ag . ?)- fieri' 'n?he<! *n >?g -aid u*n an *? . a ? i tn-m, deeaweet, *ft?? **fara'ing ' b*fr. (*- " .; tau.?1 *r< utd ?a't ?ew fee. ge Fern* *?>d ? '? k .r.'b' '.*(< a*n' ead ethe -ep..*'' 'tew. in M' t ng b'W. ?*W ietit* ?t??e? ?? n ' who were I ' rV r i el'b b m af'er tier h*-' X' ' "pareted eaM F**f(* ? I *rge?, a p 'ol tii tt e l? h ? f e*i -* d lert? i| l?k -<? ?? . . ?p? reat *? If l? '*?? ? 1 '?* og t>,e i.-,.'#,| ?ga >? wh'i. d?i* t>?*' at'ewipted ty ?e l> -?U pt-'/A ?etd i , ? 'trew ?* >>???' I *e*y *V "atwaad Y* > 4 a t i ih t a | d ?b ' V>, ? ' '* * m* t" Urt 'rrmt' k ???>*? my h. a-' *? I* "" ' aJte?r<t h * foeitb n '?'oee aatd ferrt* ?aid 't? * 'e'**1 ' ' ?i rt ?.>d pt?"'.i *>ene a t the offewra ceiwe *a4 arreated ?*< wae-l and ferna .*4 b?m "? the rial) * bliaee, r>- w>** * Ik ree >h* Thirteenth dietre" pn /e l*ti? <? 'a, ilrte*? TUt ibut l|| ?'**?? i* on the r<ee<ag <* 'ae M iwe? taf* newt aa* ?* the -iyaa ^?a . -ierf ? I-' " a *'r??t fr. fr, | lac* where a;-'e?ry , >-r. wa* betar b? A a man who <epw?at -taw wrt , a e had a itldi rt wo?t la hi* ha*>1 abi?t f??i la*t J tf ?a ? t l??i a* la 1 Irn ?r:<enaaaw 'h* eakl aef * tl.#o 1 ad tbe ?aad *tV k up aiai thetr krwtf itdnrf It ? gall ? *fc* w adnW wher* ? w aavti ??'e reemtaf ? - el* . >akd * left eaa thraet erelway ? igairwt *aaM j a adow 4e)'1w*t iaaiaa l)a 'W| nr. aed the ftreat, l>4 fowl d ?.e?''ge Ferria a 'r?. i*4^ by a ai *?? ?1 ma abe. a eve cryiag r*Wt kltl the r*" haaa.Vad e a ?rf I I? k ' Vpeaat ia>hed arr- agit aaaea aa !??* : il^wi aeay frra lerrt* ?*W aae-i mate* at aaftd Feeeu >f* a W am r |H,yf?l<a I'atay Iriag eta aha* I fakfterh aa e?h*'a w ea-n.^< aa>t a*n aair maaa ' W?r* air kit r a' letria fr- wa all ilf*(t|ria> ia,- -<?e?t ~r) *l iii?l .,.,1 iu?t, wluru 'hfj again rurhrd At ..aid ftf' n?, ili'jx.ii- lit at the tlmr .:?!.! ihiitl ru*b <1 l?rri^ vi ? f?.,! l tin i * a |.i i i in bi> limit, wHlrh Ue I" !nl?! orpr lb' l>?iiil- of tlir rrmrd; dt*j'"I?enl ?? 14. ? I, .. IG. .1' I, wUata - j.iii .Villi* " .IT ?"riH'tlllllf tliat effr.t; ?ai.| ii>nu tUf.-i ji.hhImI m U'l in * ?> intlng direction t??urd? llif gi'.nwt iml I furl- tto liiitrgrl *a|.| the l?ll ..1 ?Ui I, ].>>??.) .)utto n?t*ar t<? ilrj.- neut'~ 6y*i ( n?'in?* time afterwarda 1 heard that on. bad Vm'i'q ?b<n I .<??* *,v >uly "O# dbrbai fff nf u t.i.tol No lit her evldrutr living Itutlirouiiuf 'h '??<? ??** illicit, wb'-u hi'llia ??. r(atimue4 on a rbarg* nf ? *A?U l?g MWomilik with in', nt t kill la ?tww?" to l?* I l.atg* he raid. " I .11 HM t ? t?!.r ..tiy ouc'a life, i flri.l the ?i .|i* n in rell .li'f.'U, ? ilHi mtigiatiatati rn hi l l blintu l?ul to uuwor l?el trt 1hi* I i > u 1 1 of tlmeral S*-?*.in- in tha ami) of .-iinuH T. W. dialer an 1 Jnhu < aduvy Win* Ui. ?.? -urit^ In ti e ?t?,vp am. .ant. 11.* cv.urt r> nni w?? than rleat*?l..i tb? rootly etaor vim had u.i tin' r I'll t In1 1 !? au.l i|ui?t wwmicr uioi* i*"Um?4 tu the linr* of th?" K?>?et M I'tillee t'uurt Nil further actum lia? h*eu lalm in tli* i w .>f tlM it'h?i partle* arm-ted tor riot uu tin- i-wiiing m<| intiia Their trial will not protaliljr oont? oil until aft*., tha election*. THE CANPIDATES IN THE PIKLD. THK NOMINATIONS KOK CITV, COi'NTY, I.EUIM. ATI?!, JHU1CIAL AND CM A K IKK OKHCi.HH, AH UK AS HA UK. Ittuw ?i* girt- the nam** of the randwlattea ?? fat Atf nominated. It ootn|tii??o tllOM of lb? Know Nothing*, will#* and hint ahell democrat*. Tb* wuft ?h*tla ?? ??>Jn<-t their candi late* during th* present ??k, uil lH>lnr? trn ilaya Aril onr ?? will <lout*Ur*a b* ?t?l? tu (tv* tbr immi' of ?? rry fAUilliiAti' to I* ?.iti?l fi r At lb* ruoi ii>K Ni tr?ml*r rlrrtlno. It iiiaj ho that the rrpublicji mi, bard ?1ia11?, ami th? ao<all?Hl Aincrirau deuiix'rArjr, >11 |.ri<iirnt full lickcU. If tbij do, ili<-rr will b* uu lA?-k at CAnitl'tatr* for the autfiac-HoI out < lU??nA. lmto?l. M Kri-al l? tb?' hirarni of oltlrA-nArkpra that If anj one vialiM Ui intrlllKililj, bit luuat |nit a -i lr all otbar w irk ?a4 tbr rr?|.rrtiT? li< kAt < in tbr (laid hr at !??*? ? ?m, Tba tolli.wlng nauira ma; l??i i*ll?t on aa Imh>( a? curat* ? CITV AND COUNTY On It IU. Hur l SMI II /.lf; K"?'S *A.?j i oattaoui ii 1'Mllp W. K.nja. Hobrri T Ha?r> Jolin H Uilra auaairr W. M, Mrlnlln* Win * llukr J ?r|.b II Tumi*. uiU?tt rLi.aa KlcUanl B. Coimol'T. OaorKr K Hlwrwiod Rob ll??Hv Jr HIL.Oil lO TUT OtmrOKAMOK John H. Haakln- "lino K lomllnaon l..iuU ^ UIotiw uoTrnaou or i(jn>Hui'?a (lodftvy (i unUirr Win. H. Allior^m laaar J. OUtrar MUTUT I ??l?'lo*TU tlmi/ll. Howard Janu-a l?i ??/ Juarph S. Taylor. toaaiwluagM ot arrttaa *M> ?urru?* Nal. H. ^elali Jaonti I. I?>?l*.- .loarph .Sonihwur*. i"itt iiurinw. Alfi I'. Vacbi* Chrla, W. Kliaflri 'i?..r|i* W iTinunaiia. Or K<l l>. Cuunrrjr. fir. Joint I Tra fir Dypio RuHof. Iloi., tlamliliv I har>? Ml*?tiiir I'r J. fin Witiirr.dl. II. > WUlirlm. 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