Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1855 Page 6
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UyBWBBHfTg RHEWCT ETEBY BAT. CONTINUtil FUOM TJiK FUTfl PA (<C. situation* washed. "IlfANTKI*? <;o<>i> KMIM.'H IIK i.KitMVN GlBL, TV to do general 1' " "'k w ironing, 4c. ; a (j<i;il heme. A I 'J My at St. lie or -, 1. i > ,f 1 rlj . . st. WANTED? BY A W >'?).( TAlt'.E PROTK-T VST r.IKL, asitua'.on, us r ?< rme iauunres<; under land* French fluting, or to go ?s ??' ? r or cLain'>ert?uid. Ple'ue call nl No. 11 huilclk n.. Ui :lie l i ar. titantkd-a PiTrMios, nv a it k ' kct able FT youni< woman, as chambermaid, or to do '!i" Ii !it house work of a small fiuu'ly. Applt at M Spring ? '., Irdat room, second llcor, until engaged. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY BESM'CTALI.B YOUNO Scotch girl, a sltuj'ion iu &ur?e. or eluua ermiild, tu a private lamily: has served In first class >iouse*; s.itlsfa.'iory re ference an to character, ,> c., ran be given. Apply at lMbi 19tb at., between 7th and Hth aveni-cs, top floor. WANTED? BY A BB8PE0TABLE YOU HQ WOMAN, who Mas Uicd e I, h t .v< ar? lb her last place, a situation as Chambermaid and to ? ? n-. In washing, or to do the waiting in a small family, or would talc.- c are of children. Please call a'. 73 13ih at,, near 6th avenue, In the rear. WANTED? BY A RE1PECTVLE GIRL, A SITUA Uou to do general housework; is a good wisher and lrooer, and very good rook; has the beat of city refers ice frotn her last place. Call for two days at 63 Mon' joinery st., third iloor, up stalra. WANTED? BY A BESl'EI TABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, A aituatlon, to do general housework in a small family, or chamberwork; gi od citj reterence can be given. To be aeon from 10 till 4, at 49 Prince st. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, !!Y ONI WHO anderatand>i rooking in all lis branches. Apply for three daya at 40 Bond st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young German woman (o do cooking, w ashing and iron tag, and understands baking; has no objection to go to the country; has good city reference. Can be seen for two daya at 189 Bowery. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. A situation to take cure of a child, and do the light work of ? private family Best of city reference. Apply at 07 Thomp aonat.,;ln the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN AtTIVE YOUNO girl, 16 years old, in a private family; would go as cham bermaid or waiter, or to (tike rare nl' children. Wages not so much ofan object as a comfortable home. Good city reference given. Please call at 126 West 12th St., In the basement, be tween 6th and Cth avenues. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT, ENGLISH GIRL, A situation to cook, wash and Iron or would be willing to do general housew ork tor a very small lamily: has the best of city reference. Address L. A., box 164 Herald oflice, for two days. WANTED BY A YOUNO MAN, WHO SPEAKS ENO lish and German, a situation as barkeeper, or In a good grocery store; he understands Ids business well. Best or city references given. Inquire at 124 Du&ne at., corner of Churon at, up stairs. WANTED? A SITUATION, nY A COLORED MAN, AS porter in a dry goods or drug store. Best ol reference. Call for two days at 140 Clirystle at. WANTED-BY A STEADY MAN, (PROTESTANT,) A aituatlon as coachman; no objection to country or city, or to go South. Can come well recommended. Can bo seen for three days at 26 Amity place, between Houston and Bleeck ersta. WANTED? TWO MF.N, WTIO UNDERSTAND TIN AND sheet iron working. Apply at B. A J . McLoughlin's, Greece st , Jersey Olty. WANTED? A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK kceper or porer In a store where Integrity, good charac ter and sobriety will ensure for him the confidence of his em ployer. He has had long experience at bookkeeping; is willlug to make himself generally useful to bis employer. Good refe rence given, i Please address or call for two days at the store 347 2d avenue, corner of 22dst. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO MAN, OF AC live business habits and a general business experience ot about ten years, a situation to act as clerk, salesman, Ac., in a mercantile or manufacturing house. Salary moderate Highest reference given as regards character, capabilities, Ac. No objection to South or West. Please address S. T. W., box 189 Herald oflice. WANTED? BY A YOUNO MARRIED MAN, A 8ITUA Uon as clerk or salesman, in a wholesale store. Groce ry preferred. Recommendations given. Address F. S., Herald office. WANTED? A MARRIED MAN, TO WORK ON A FARM in this Slate; none need apply unless they thoroughly understand their business. Call at 70 Bread st., ground iloor, between 10 and 12(o'clock. THE TRADES. AS FOREMAN OR CUTTER.? A SITUATION AS above. In a manufacturing or custom boot n ore, wanted by a young man who is practically conversant, with every branch of the trade, having liad 12 years' experience. Can give the best ol city reference. Address J. L. L., 130 Fulton street. CARPET UPHOLSTEBER WANTED.? TO A MAN WHO understands his business steady employment will be given. Also, sewers wanted. Call on John hussell, 237 Grcenwlch at., upstairs. GAB FITTERS.? I WILL P AY $2 a da y to three or (bur good gas titters Railroad fare to this place will be allowed at the end of three months. None but good workmen need apply ? to W. M. TOMPKINS, Gas titter and Plumber, 23 and 26 Front street, Rochester, N. J. TO SHOEMAKERS.? WANTED-A MAN Til CUT AND act us salesman. Also, one to work on repairing. Apply at 89 Barclay St., from 10 to 12 o'clock. WANTED-BY A PR \OTIOAL ENGINEER AND MA chlnlst, a situation to run an engine; will keep the en gine in perfect order. The be <t of reference given if required. Addrefs X. Y. Z., Chatham street Post office. WANTED? A GOOD CUSTOMER CUTTER, ONE WHO can act as foreman of a clothing store, to go to Newark. To such a one a permanent situation is offered. Address P. A. S., Herald officc. _____ ANTED IMMEDIATELY? A TIN AVD SHEET worker and roofer. Apply a' 67 Ann street. w WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A JOURNEYMAN BAR ber. A good workman may find constant employment by applying at 112 Grand st., Williamsburg. T"K miljtaiiy. THE BARCLAY GUARDS. -THE MEMBERS OF THIS company will meet on Saturday cveulng, October (!, at taalf paat K o'clock, tor the transaction of particular btnlnaaa, at 212 Eighth avenue. UKOKUK McK AY, Captaiu. W?. Makhom, Orderly. -fTETERAN CORPS OF 1812.? A REGULAR MEETING V or the corps will be hold at W. Rkell'a, Suir Hotel, G2 Ll<t Senard atreet, on Friday evening, October 5, at 7,'? n'oloak, on uaincKx. Hy order. W. RAYMOND, Colonel. W*. Tatlob, Adjutant. TOUNO TAMMANY II. MX GUARD.? TUB MEMBERS of the above company arc requested to attend .1 meeting, thia (Friday) evening, at 7 o'clock, a' Jamb Gulden'* No. til Uowery. Punctual attendance Is requested. H,v order of CI I AH. W. KltUOh'K, Captain. Cajj. StAHT, Orderly Sergeant. "VTEIXIOglVCE OVVICKS i^Salie work?s V, ?) s\'nrS* cb*KAI ? ? strW at ? 3 ^'ch anAruS fet,0"?"'?' ? n?*r* and labT^ry Ji?^ waiter,, coachniin 5?ipr ,or ho'',l? -re* TennaTode^i" or ^ ???b" 0 m?e\ fla* EDUCATION. a>n ? PENMANSHIP.- MR. DOl.BRAH W9 11 ROADWAY, teaches a rapid business band In a short time. I Hi net entlfir coume <>f " himd training" entirely remove* all HtiiT neai, cramping and trembling. N. B. -Those who have failed to learn by other aystema, are specially luvlted u> call, and bo examined without charge. t/r ?A CARD.? THE SCBPCBIRER WILL RE' 'EI YE t)m new pupil* dally a' hi? elegant rooma, Siii Broadway, clan or pr)qate ins' ruction In penmanship, bookkeeping, elocution and arithmetic. OI.IVEK It. OOMMMI I il. d>l rn -WRITING-LADIES' CHEAP CLASSES AND ?PA gJU ? private les -mn.? Mr. DOLBKAR 609 Broadway, mrner of Houston street, m now forming oacap cl wm, at $1 #0. $2 00 and ffi, for a t i 1 course of lesaon*. Ticket* tnay be secured to day. Four vacant neat* In the male department. Satisfaction guaranteed. A YOUNG LADY? QUALIFIED BY A TrtOROUOB education to Instruct In the higher K-igll i!i bran- he*. par ticularlv mathematics, also. In Latin. French and Spanish, wishes io engage an teacher lit a !lrHtrIa*r aetntoarv or private family in thin city or Its Immediate vicinity. lllgbcsttesUiM main of experience and ability can be given. Apply at No iff Harrtaon street, between the hour* ot two and tmir, during the week. AOF.RMAN OENTLKMAN, WEIX QIJA LI MM) IN THE ditttreal bt snclies 01' a thorough education, and well versed In fee Ergibh language, la desirous of in rtietiug ono or more of a family in the above mentioned, * 1) 1 especially In Biuatc. Hoard and kidiang would be con*tdr ? I at part of compensation The ben of reference" can be produced. Address J. T.. 24 City Hall place. Bellport classical institute commence* it; next term on Tuesday . ->Ui ( ici . Parent* aud guardian* (Wiring a good family acbool tor their ?hil<trcn, In avery jlna rant and healthy (oration will find this worthy of t!;?ilr ? urn lion. II* locnuon la on long Island, on the great fan 1 ?ny, ,hout ality mlle? by railroad from tirvM.v >?. ? reutani "Ving further particular*, may t>e obtained at Apr'i-rm's 'it'll.. web way, and Win. Sevan, > 1., Hit Water street, N. Y., aud W. Baynor, Bellport. t^RFNCTI DAT AND ROAHDIN'l S'HOOL-DIREOf. P ed by the late profe??or* of Mr. Peogrn" Me**r< I. Km I'lNABKB A SMI I U, Mvdougal s're> >t. corr. -r of 1 liau* . lace, near Waahlng'.- n tark. 1 NSTRCCTION? MR. A. I^OEWEK* HBRRKW. I.NdLtflH I snd classical day anu boarding -' hooi or vo ng g ? itlauien, a 1 day school for young ladiea, 43 Camrtoe ?tra?,t, wlii ro open < 'ii Monday, Ortober 14 Pare ate and Mr ? '? re< ' dvmformed ihat rlsi-oo? and leeaes In da 1 mg wli bo a He I to the academy during iht reaa on. \fRS. lU.Vl:,TOS'8 rRKV'T? AND r .U-'l i'I *eh.?wtl i-.Te?, or, Monday. >n, r I t at N l? A'rwtTlilrty *l?tl> ?iri- .n Brnsd*'a? ?? d t,.- , h av? n ?. Ctrr'ilar* may if ot-ui-.-d at the *-Us?. ml at io/4 A Co.'* took store, I&^ v ...ion r.r ?. lflOAHR BARB! 1 ? rum i?l tmodooratrom l?r"<Jl^?^y, baa rr 1 e .e.) her tor .caching perlectly, by I cr metb. (a me-.,,! ~ -tn,lr 0-u ! ?e<t aeven *?a>* mr tern a et?l't?a . ' ?'? ^ak ingj the Frei> rh language. Hours, .1 to ^ate lesson* uu MwiiU)s. wadneadays ?r !*r r. i.*? wornlng. QPAltlfm LAN (HA OF WERE fHnl tt GO* 71 v ? 7 lo enumerate the ? h > ..y f. ?t. b .j r,og twenty year-, he ha? e. ? 1 1, liape lake a half a column of 1 : ire, who wtshlo ki.ow, ?p' . ?t I ; . n IN f . hs??. n'THi CLARKF W. IT R that their t < mi1 ? "i f-h svetitie. will r- ' j" ? . .<? : ?> ? ins , be Obtained at < ? ? a I Ka'nr.r's, No "fi t mrerj, iuei ?v 1. .v rfceiT': kppiica'-'.a*. IIKI.P WANTED. ) \ POTHEOARY W ANTED ? POR A PUBLIC IN8TITU JV tloo Id the country; must be an American unmarried, ?i d willing to Make himself generally useful. Addro<H box I It# tmilhsontan House, otating full particular*. Agents wanted? throitohottt the uvttkd t State*,, to ?ell sheet mans of the most popular and useful ' I character. New it..ii>* rapid!) issued, ami Utose now p'iMUh- 1 cd are the best to be round for agent* to tu !U Ail litter* "fin- : qulri t'ulh answered b> return mail, with catalogue and r pe i ? men map enclosod. Some ag>-ut? now eugi... 1 are making lrtm 5,rj o $10 daiJv. and auy a< five man cannot fall to do well j hi Hi iiuvlin ? Addie A. 11. J ielyn, Uap Publisher, M ui.U to i''u)ion st. AC.EN1S WANTED-THBEE respectable me.v, to lake order* lor a saleal ! arti l.i ior a i.ori Um > Apply 1 otwean 9 and lZo'clook, this day ouly, ut 111 Chamber* at., 1 i .ir ollice, loom No. 1. A CENTS WANTED? TO CAM, I' TON GROCERS IN X \ Kr ? Ym k and neighbor) nod. for lli? -.vie o. an article in c lwtant uie Also, a" ? ;perieu d, 10 call opou stationer*. One having a ".t> linn preferred, t liberal <,oii)ui!>-.on given. Ad. Ires.. Q, T., box lii Herald ofllce. CIOOK WANTED? IN A I'RIV \TK BOARDIVO HOUMB, J oii? w hols experienced. N"on?^need apply unless they can conic fully recommended. Apply at No. 120 Columbia su, Brooklyn. f l t )OK WANTED? A FIRST RATE COOK. A I'ROTES 1 / ian' and willing to assist in ihe washing and Ironing. Ap p'y ai loo Willow st., Brooklyn. (100K WANTED.? ONE WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER J slam* plain cookinu'. and in willing to assist In the wash Ing and ironing; must come well recommended. Apply be tween 9 and 12 in the morning, ai ?17 Eaat loth st. C1ANTA8BE118 WANTED-FOR THE CITY AND COUN J try. Apply at 113 -Nassau street. Dri o clerk wanted-one wku, acquainted with the city retail ami prescription ou-iueas. Apply in 1st avenue, corner of 16th st. TiiNTRY CLERK WANTED -IN A DOWN TOWN JOB JJ blng boui-e; a youni; innn qnlck at figures, and ol good habits, and boarding with his parents preferred. Addrrsa box 2,47li Post ofllce. G1IRLSWANTED-THBEE EXPERIENCED HANDS TO r work on silk and worsted carriage tassels. Apply to W. b. Basse it A Co., 174 Pearl at. MILLINER WANTED.? TO A LADY WHO PERFECTLY understands the practical pari |of the |iiu-ine-w a per manent situation would be given; likewise a good capmaker. Room* to let, ittllable for dressmaking or uny other llyht busi ness. Inquire at Madame HILLIER'S millinery room, 083 Broadway, corner of Amity street. Man waiter wanted? in a small private family: one who understands hU buslneis. Apply at the corner ot Montague and Hicks at*., Brooklyn. Stewardess wanted? to go o California, for n firs', class dinner ship; a smart, Intelligent young woman ot' pleasing address. Apply at the Shipping ollice, corner ol Albany and W est his., up stairs, front ollice. rnwo apprentices wanted immediately, to X leitrn dressmaking.? Good sewers will be taught the cut ting and filling of ladles' dresses. Apply to Miss Millhouse, 154 Court st., corner Baltic, Brooklyn. rpo young men.? wanted, for a new ship, ten J- landsmen; also, coopers, carpcnters, bla^ksmitlH. oooks, steward and boatsleerers. All clothing furnished for tho voy age. Inquire at the ofllce of ihe agents, SI7 West, corner of Cedar St., up stairs, opposite pier 14 North river. Wanted? apprentices, to learn dressmak ing. Inquire at 144 East Broadway. WANTED? A FIRST RATE LAUNDRESS, TO GO II Southwest wl'h a lady; slie must understand Uutiug. None other need apply at 22u West 14th st. T*7 ANTED? A PROTESTANT GERMAN OB SWISS v" woman, as child's nurse and ladv's m ild. Apply M 31 New York Hotel, between St and 10 A. M. and 4 aud 6 P. M. WANTED? A COMPETENT MILLINER; ALSO A DRESS maker, capable of cutting, titling and making dresses; none other need apply. Address Mrs. 8. l'elorln, No. 2W King st , Charleston, S. O. ~\\T ANTED ? AN AMERICAN, ENGLISH OR GERMAN T? woman; one who can cook, and who is a first rate washer and it oner, and can come well recomuiendod. Apply at lio Uamersley b(. WANTED? AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH GIRL, TO take the charge of u young child; otic who la perfectly acquainted w lib children, and can come well recommcudod, may apply at 116 Hamersley st. WANTED? A FIRST RATE COOK, WHO WILL ASSIST In the washing, and give good city relerenco. Call be tween 11 aud 1 o'clock, at 47 Tenth street on Saturday, the (ith InsUnt. WANTED? A 8COTC1I PROTESTANT OIRL, AS NURSE and seamstress. One who is thoroughly competent and can give good recommendations only need apply. Wauea *7 per month. Apply at 56 West 17 tli at., near ttth avenue. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A CLEAN AND tidy girl, as good plain cook and tlrst rain iv!Mh?r ind Ironer. and must be willing io assist in general housework. CIIV references required. Apply, between 10 and 12 o'olock, at 12o)? Ureene street, corner of Prince. TirANTED-TWO PROTESTANT WOMAN; ONE AS TT cook, washer and ironer, am! the other as chambermaid and waiter; both must understand their du.ies and must brintf good rliy reference. Apply at 131 East lithst, neur 2d avenue, on Friday between 9 and 1? o'clock. WANTED? BY A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A GOOD II ifKik, washer and Ironer; none need apply but those who can come well recommended and undersland their business perfectly. Al^o, n young girl to atlend a voung child and to nssitt In plain sew ing. Apply at CI West 20th st., Uiia morning. WMNTEP-IN a PRIVATE (FAMILY, A TIIOROUOn 1 1 ly capable waitress. ;'ati?(actoi-y reference nooossary. ' rp!y ?? lSSMadlrou avenue, from 9 to 12 o'clock. WANTED? A FRENCH GIBL, AS SEAMSTRESS AND children'* maid; one who speaks no English preferred. Apply Immediately ut to South at. WANTED IMMFIHATELY? A NICE BAR COUNTER ?r twelve or fifteen l'eet long. Address Cash, Herald ollice WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A YOUNG girl, from 14 to lti years of age, intake 'Are of n child ihrre yeari ot age: she must understand plain sewing. A Protestant preferred. Inquire ftt 220 Livingston street, Hrook | lyn, early this morning. TIT ANTED? AT 193 PRINCE STREET, AT MRS. OOLD TT smith's, a dressmaker, by the wtiek; one who under stands cutting and fitting In fashionable style. Nouo but the best need npply, lor two days. WANTED?A FIRST RATE BALE8W0MA.N AND I? irtumier. Also, two first rme milliners; good Hilary will be Riven. I'leii o call at M DlvUlon ?t. Inquire for Mrs. Krlpe. WANTF.P? A OOOD COOK; SHE MUST BE A OOOD laundress; those who have li vrsi In Kreiir.h or Oerman families preferred; none tired apply but tlmso who can liriuir Knod reference. Apply at 07 W arrcn gt., between Henry and Clinton, South Brooklyn. TITANTKD. ? TWO LADIES, ACCUSTOMED TO TRIM tT millinery, and to work on BklrtB. Apply ai the lare store, 708 J! roadway. TT^ANTED.? A OOOD, SMART WOMAN, TO TAKE it charge of three voting children, to go to New Orleans. Ijt.. with thera. Call at 2U Fifth street, trorn 10 lo 12 o'clock, llood reference required. T|rANTKD? A NEAT, PROTESTANT OIHI. TO COOK, 1 1 wash and Iron In a private family. Good cli y rct'eronen* for character, capacity, Ao, required. Inquire between the hours of 10 and 12, at 119 9th at. TI^ANiED? A MAN WHO CAN SELL DOMESTIC U ? l quors to Rood carh city trade can hear of a good oppor tunity by addresMlng box 2,i<4 Post office. TIT ANTED ? YOUNO MEN FOB WHALING VOYAGES. M Advance allowed to outfit, from JW to $75. Young rm-n w Ish'ng to go to era Will And nil kinds of voyages according to capacity, by applying to Randall A Itobson, 141 riouUi street, comer l'cck slip, up - lairs. IT" ANTED ? 75 8T0UT YOUNG MEN TO (JO ON ' whaling voyages, In flint class ships; advance to the nnimiiit of 975 paid to each man. Extra pay liven t<i coopers, carpenter* unit blacksmith*. Apply at 'he shipping oiflc\ cor ner oi All any and West Ms., up stulra, opposite pier 12, North river. XI' ANTED? BY A YOPNG GERMAN, A SITUATION AS vf porter, or to drive a horse and wagon; lias been for eight year* a resident ot this city. Good testimonials gi?-en as to honesty. Pleaco apply to for address) U. W., lid Forsyth 1 1., In the basement, lor two da vs. "IUantfD IMMEDIATELY? AT J. M. HOLDER'S NAVY t? market, a smart, active joung man, a butcher, and a good salesman; none other need apply. An Englishman pre teired. Apply (o M. Holder, HI York si., corner of Cha i les, Brooklyn. \UANTKT>.-1N A WHOLESALE DRUG STORE, AN Tv entry clerk; he must write an excellent imnd, beiittirk and correct at figures, and most understand the drug busi ness, Address box 1,191 Post Olfli e, stating real nam own writing, and where last employed. T|r ANTED? A RITUA'IION, hi A YOl'NG BOY, 1(1 '' learn a trade as plumber or tin and coppersmith. Tin 1 1 ? ity rcfcrtucc givcu. Apply at 179 Kluabeth *t., In the store. w ASTROLOGY. \ V ? f .mi - i - i UK OIPSF.Y OIRL.? THIS RENOWN Jx. f aid t.iily true palmist In America, can bo consulted v . li ? all events ot life, at No. 2 Greece street, corner <>t t charge .V) cents, N. B.? She can Imparts secret by which any lady or gentleman can obtain the aftctlans oi tbe opposite sex. Charge extra. Astonishing to am.-mapame morhow-this highly gitled lady Is U.e most wonderful astrokwist la the world, or tl ai ever has been known; "he will tell rvi n<* of life, even the vsrv thoughts, nn l will causa peed* marriages, and show the likeness of the In' ended lm?t an !, <<> .lie great astonishment of all wko visit her All alio wsrti go< d lack 8} to her lor re.ief snd comfort. All Interview* i.r* strict)} pri- ate, as no admission Is given to gen'lem.-n Vo ( lis i a It not satisfied. 70 Broome street, between ? aiu.oo and Columbia. i LAlRVOYANCE ? A LI. DIM5A5B# DISTOVKREi' AJT? \ ?".(.(', if cuiahte, unerring advleeua bustnees, the 'j* ?t ' whereabouts of abssnt friends ascertained, by Mrs .->KY '( I It, Die mis-i rellal-ie meJieal snd busmes* e'ariv si . a V" 'icik. l esl.lence 110 Spring street, on# b <ik west <r troadway. Ms Qal action grtarau toed or no pay. I MRVOYANt B? HUMAN Ef.EOTBICITY-Kl.r 1 RO "w eii im. He spit tor 'he sick? hope for the rty.ivj. By i r ncjri hi ? <- wndi rlolaudm r-'er'ous prlnc. dr? dise.vs ? .'ie<i and cured that have baffle 1 sll medics, skill r?.Hs>"? * 'jsti. Doetor llsyes, fsvchologisi and dec. on re 176 Grand c.reei, \f *ntYER HAH REMGVFD TO 1? SNVfNTB i?l % ei us, 1 4-iweea Twewiy^htrtl and Twenty -ftocrh str ata. ma: . present and future events; likewise *? /?rt? *s Mwt'Slts, blu ticss tinapeaw, ?l im?? r". I'"!' rt> Km or s'ulen. V(i,; lffl. Meyer em ? H|IIm, rreoeh smt Qeman, and vivne guarantee Al.wi.v, f-ROM PAR,g TENDERS nEB ? 'k he Ud >i:dr ntieitiee It iMtenolegr. .-the " ~ ?i'i1i|i, business and wtll teill . - 1 . 1 tnsr, their will marry; alse SI HIv t .ni street, i 1 THK TURF. CKNTRKVILLK COURSE, L. I.? PACINQ.? TUESDAY, Oct V, al 2 o'clock P. M. prc-Uelj , match tor $2,000, ui lf lnuUi, In harness. Cieo. Spleer names g.g. Hero; J. Whelploy iii mi h r. g- Pet, Tlie above match la pa> or pi iv, and to lio a good day and track. JoBL CONKLtN, proprietor. C1ENTREV1LLE COURSE, L. I ? TROTTINO.? WKDt J needay, (let. 10, at S o'clock? Match ? Mile heats? Bes .".In 6.- James Whelpley names b. g. Young Emperor, In bar. Deal; D. Pnfor names b. in. l\aty Woodrutl, to iso :b. wagon JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. rU'NTREYH.LK COURSE, L. I. ? TROTTINO.? T11UR8 v ' dny, Oct. 26, at ; o'clock? Hatch, $1,000, two mile beats. In harneu George Kptoer names b. g- ftukfomuer; Hiram Woodruff namcr r. iu. Lady Fr uikiin. JOEL CONKI.IN, Proprietor. ? t-Bl. JOUH6, HaBLBM.? TUia FAVOBIM PLAUH ot I1* retort M now in eOKiplete order, and r>mdy U> Hie tlti tn oriin^ and riding public. The Uotiiiim mid ItaliK taw- Ball i iutw plai on the '.eauiitul gteeo attached u, tiu ? "jrtus !"l itflora much sport to the flatters of this beaut 'n iltun* T ie beat of re'reslllneiila always ou biiUd. WILLIAM A. UKOWN. Propoeu*. TTN10N COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING? ON FRIDAY, U Oct a, at 3 o'clock, 1". f.i? Match, $l,utH>, p ay or pay, mile heats, beat three iu llvo, in harness, 11. Wondrulf nitmei blk. ru Blink Bess, Wm. Shine nameii bi. g. IWue Morgan. S 1A W <? WllITK, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING.? ON TUESDAY, Oct. 9, at 3 o'clock? A natch lor $1,000, mile Ilea's, best three in live, In harness. J. M. Daniels name* b. g. Cliloago Jack, D. K liter names br. m Bel!.' of Saratoga. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. Broad rock, Richmond <va.) racks? fall meeting, 18fiS, will commeure the second Monday in Octo tier. and continue -iv dayi Hirst Hay, Monday, Oct 8. ? A s-voepstakos for nil ages, $600 subscription; proprietor to add $I,IXA); four mile heats, cio.sod with ten obwrlber*. Second Day, lue?day? A sweepstakes for three year olds, ICOO subscription, mile beats, closed with three subscribers. Samo day, second race ? A sweepstakes ior three year olda, ftfljo subscription, mile lients, elo.-ed with eight subscribers. Third lJay, Wednesday? Jockey t'luli purse, $sm), three mile in ats. Same day, second race? A sweepstakes lor foui year olds, fcit.ii subscription, two mile heats, closed with live subscribers. Fourth Day, Thursday ? Proprietor's purse, $'100, two mile heais. Fifth Day, Friday? A sweepstakes for three year olds, $50# subscription, two iinlo heats, closed with tour suhaorl er? Same day. second race? A sweepssakes for untried tliree yeai olds, felOO subscription, mile uc&ls, clo?iid with eight sub scriters. Sixth Pay, Saturday? Proprietor's puree, $600, three mile heals, for horses nnly that h ive started in some race during the week. Weights to lie handicapped. There are at present thirteen ambles in training for the above meeting, occlusive or three other stables expected to arrive before the races. This will undoubtedly prove one of the finest meetings ever held In Virginia, and some of the best thoroughbred horses will contend for Uie above purses and .sweepstakes. CALVIN GREEN, Proprietor. TIIE LHit'OR UVKKTI03V. A STATE CONVENTION OF LIQUOR DEALERS.? THE liquor dealers of the Slate, Including Importers, hotel keepers, tin were, distillers, saloon keepers, jobbers, grocers, bottlers, makers of rider and dealers therein, are requested to send three of their number from each Assembly District, and New York and Brooklyn three from each ward, as delegates to n liquor dealers' convention, to be held al Syracuse on the loth day of October next, for tlie purpose of adopting such measures consist! nt with the platform adopted at Uie liquor dealers' Stale convention, held at Syracuse on the 8th day of August last, as will beet secure the malmalnance of the Inalienable personal rictus of the people, and the constltuiloual and just rights of iho liquor dealers of the State, and defeat the election of all candi dates who are not emphatically and unequivocally opposed to any prohibitory liquor law, or are in favor of the enactment of any coercive or oppressive liquor law whatever. By order of the Liquor Dealers' State t/'ouiniinee. It. FRKNOII, of New York, Chairman. O. H. Boom, of Dutchess, Secretary. IIQLOR DEALERS' HOCI ETY.--THM FOLLOWING RE J solution was passed at the meeting of the society, on Mon day October 1:? Resolved, '! hat the members of the Liquor Dealers' Society meet In their respective wards on Friday everting, Oct. S, lust., ill 1% o'clock, lo elect three delegates l.-orn each ward to the Liquor Dealers' Stale I invention, u> be held at Syracuse on the luth in .rant , in pursuance of a call of the Liquor Dealer*' State t omndtteo. The meetings will be held in the following places: ? > Irst ward ? Corner Broad and Poarl sta. Second ward ? At Nos. lfi and 17 Beekman st. Third ward? A t Nos. 76 and 7H Robinson St. Fourth ward? At Sliakspeare Hotel. Fifth ward ? At Fifth Ward Hotel. Slxlh ward? At Cooper House. Seventh ward ? At East Broadway House. Eighth ward? Paige's Hotel, corner Spring and West sis. Ninth ward ? At 1. Smith's, Perry Bt. Tenth ward? Corner Essex and Grand sts. Eleventh ward? Corner Fourth st. and avenue C. Twelltb ward? Corner 125tn st. and Eighth avenue. Thirteenth ward? Corner Grand and Clinton sts. Fourteenth ward? ^ Odd Fellows' llall. Fifteenth ward? At Henri- Venn's, Bowery. Sixteenth ward? Corner Twetity tifth st. and Eir.Uth avenue, Seventeenih ward? Corner Third st. and Bowery. Eixhteenih ward? Corner Twentieth st. and Third avenue. Nineteenth ward ? Corner Forty-ninth st. and Third avunue. Twent'.e'h ward ? At 4.">2 Elghtii ai cnue. Twenty i rst ward? At, No. IV- Fourth avenue. Twenly sccoad ward? At National Hall, Forty first St. J. N. HAY WARD, President. D. R. Paige, Secretary. N. B. Bonce, Vice President. SIXTH WARD LIQUOR DEALERS.- A SPECIAL meeting of the liqttor dealers of the Sixth ward will be held at the Cooper House, corner ot' Broadway and Worih street, on Friday evening. Nov. 6. at H o'clock, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Syracme Convention. Punctual attendance is requested. By order. J. P. O'Gkocuei.-u,, Sec. P. GARRICK, President. Twelfth ward.-the liquor dealers ark no; tifled to meet on Friday evening, October 6tli, inst., at the Irving, corner Eighth avenue an ! 126th street, lor the purpose of electing dure aeJegaterf lo represent them in convention at. Syracuse on the 10th. I'linctua attendance is requested. L. LUT, Sec. T. 1'. JACKSON, Chairman. A CHOICE SELECTION OF BRANDIES. WINES. JA mate* rum, Scotch ard Irish whiskeys. Holland gin, schto lam sckitapps, Ac. ; blackberry brandy: while brandy, for pre nerving; Scoich ales, London and Dublin ti rter, segars, Ac. 'or sale at UNDKRUlLli & MATTRBSON'd, Ol Uroomost, sorner of Crosbr. FASHION A IJIiIC FMX MITXIVEUY. FALL MILLINERY. n r.w STvtrs orsT nvcrtvrn mot eitcorK. R. T. WILDE, 20 and 22 Jolin street, have rucclvej per steamer America a magnlticent assortment of rraNctt boswkts, rt/nvi:t:s arc h:atiikrs. (Tne idlest novelties In tbo I'uris market,; Wlitch, with his large stock now on luind oi homo manufac ture, will comprise uie largest variety of raiwoH *r.u*. hilukert gooi? on cxlilbltlon in this ctly. His s'nek also oinliracm Silks, satins, velvets, rib Jons, trimming Colored straw Minnets, Rich straw trimmings and I, ices, Ac., Ac. 11. T. WILDE, Importer and Mmufacturcr, 2li and 22 John st. Homer a ketcht m otter a large and desirable stock of CAIIUl FHATItKKS. fUWNL'II I I.OIVE1IS, Iltnr.ONS And colored straw goo<ls at fri and fit! John street, corner oi William, at the very lowest prices for cash. MRS. RALLING8 ti \s on sale a cask of FRTW-TT bonnets, (just received by the last steamship.) of entirely new texture, sucli as stamped and emboeaod velvets, of nil co lor* and of t'rrni "arlnty, which cinro' bo seen in any other establishment in the city. Observe, Q OstuiJ street. MOITRNINO MILLINERY AT BARTHOLOMEWS. 1 ho mounting bonne's a' this osia'ilislmu tit an; a-ktiow ledced by everybody to be the mo-t beautiful over exhibited tn this city or in Pnrls,' We have 100 different atyloa, which, U' possible, excel any we have shown this season. c. i'. hartiiolomew, Monrnlng s'ore, 9S1 Broadway, Itetwecn St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels. VI BB? BALLIKOS RMPSOTFtTLLT BOT.ICITi THB 1T1 attention ol ladle* t<. her novelties in French bonnet*. ( re ceived by the las steamship,) of entirely new Jtexiure, land tn greut variety, styles not lobe *een In any o:h"r establishment In the city. MKS. K \ L1.ISCS, ti' Qanalsirect. r|H) THE LADIES. 1 $1,000 worth of OSTRICH AND MAR UIOUT FEATHERS, ,1 tut received per steamer Baltic. A splendid lot of feathers, which wn will sell really very cheap, as a'-o our Pari* millinery. The at'e.oUon of the' ladles is respectfully solicited. Mrs. OARTKK, I'urls mllllrery establishment, 693 Uroailway. musmml! <?>/? ?BANJO TAL'OHI IN SIX EAbV LESSONS; TERMS V*'? H, lusiltance. Pupils by my method '?B mako Hood players. lianjor from tl flu to S29. A splendid I a iio for sain cheap. Ai home from 9 A.M. to 9 V. M. S. ?. JAUOBS, lisn;ol?t. Uaiijo tactory. No. Si Hudson street, sijjn ai bo bi>t banjo. pHEAF PIANO M>RTE8.-BRVNETT*CO. MANUFIO \J tnrers, nuC Hroadway, have an elegant assorftnoiii t? pinno fortes uiiMirpaeaed (or aaeetnenaot to:ie, durnl.i'it/Jknd ?xe< Hence which they are enabled to sell at, ver . lo-r or re? Caret - Cood second hand piano* at great bnr^altn. Hall t celebrated ihree string eeles.ial*. All instrument art war taiited I'lanca ui Great bargaina at is) Hroadwa.t . GRKA'r BAROAIN. ? AN ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE ro?ewnod pianoforte, with metallic OlW an 1 war a M by beat maker, cost will l e old for owner leave for Europe. ? 'an be hi i n from 10 to 3 o'clock at No. u Colio,.. piece, litis beeu used about three mouths. T AVIfOTA A M A RsVH ALL, MANCFACTtRERS 0? A J enperlor piauoforusa. No. & Mercer street, iru I' ?\f"i-~OALf: WILL Rt'?' ."ME C I VINO "iNST'MTTIONS J?1 cn 'he pianoforte on M< uday, sth in-t. App atitlWa verley place. MR. JULri'^MRT^NFOKMS IIIsT'i PILH ~THTfrR H lariady tof.ive itislrtietluDs, a* usual. ui tod on tbe plauofor e, ai ,i\i J'uiirdi avenue. \l~8IO.-A LofoF Ml:SI~< CMPRlSlNa PoimAR 1U Mbga, gives. Ac , ic., for sale iow to close. Apply at ,V Wall mree t, ?c c< nd ? ory. front < ill e. \| chic -T'law wild i*~ \x klewant and i'l ie-iteftal]f.ia>er< n the pluno. wlibes to ? > a few ,"?? ?Us. ren.i" from R 'o $10 per inarter. Iters l<1 P~IANOS I'OK vAI.E-CIIEAI'KS? IN N W YoRK-OVR i,\ ootare, ro nd rornora, for *110; oi.e Chi kerim; pun.) "r flM). oi.elP'ilif is S S odarw for fn.i, on-' do. j. n nna *??! ?E0. *40. V-"'. 925 and |J0; dim ice, d m, ?"< o ? ?\? ICO; enr li r Kit. and one I'csm.i innesl. i i ' utgrl or bougln fir eaah, a; iw! I wen < rh . , ,r tlvh avenue. It t.ON/Al.F./.. 1)1 \ VI~S -F'trii HKACTI Ffl. -'KW N OCTAVE P' A. W. .1 forte #re 'one end tlnWi, mnd" of the : ? m.? 'Ml ,| i he ti.t ?t ?ul siantlal n.*rn"r, will he :o!dlow ^.nd" n ed. IIAVII1 SMITH, liSlxili a, , e *?*), pla? yle, 1 'i . 1. e* rf Mil M PIANO rORTEf.? O. A H B ARMOR R ? bl<e,ker alteet, baring been ene!,?jw i?aan.'a " i ' tw nit> sii years. < (l r a large a.snr'mem f,i elegaa ",mi ? r piano* atw.e lowes- pos?ii.|e price.'- ^aoneHbetod new M . le of piano, the ((r?nd DiafowU, they WI Uld ui oar 1 runri ? anituii of p n febaitrau 1 11 ANTED IMMKItl ATVI.V? A FI.NR VH I..NHT TO " ' avel S< -h; a voiin* > refer t I. Memos , ? t ' fo'o. Also ftyo 'ng t?jy: one who cat *lng ? l i a day only, J W. R., by note, w th ad r lKi ilroadway, tlep .Us audi, jkj i'au ipir. NEWSPAPERS. OINUl'LAR REVELATIONS FROM THE WRECK OK 0 the J* ew Krft. ADVINTURL." or A PA8SEMJKR KT8TKHI0DSLY SAVED FROM IU.IT .iwrni, TOAonnr. (From the New York Dispatch of Oct. 1.) On tbe i:nh of No\ em Lor la"' tlie inhabitants of th" Jersey (bore between Deal and Long liraneli were thrown Into ioim motion by the news that a large ship had run a'jrouti 1 iilve Lay, and w af foundering 011 Ihe < oast. Hie was soon discover ed lo be the New Bra, a passenger vessel from Bremen. Strenuous efforts were at once maile l>y i lie residents of the shore to rescue the passengers. Kxpressef were aunt all Ui New York, anil the nj'ciil-, of the consignees anil underwriters spared neither pain a nor expense to offer alii; but from the po rtion of tl e ship, and the lury of thf Rale, the results wore by Bo means proportionate to their exertions. The chief officers of the ? fuel having abandoned her, tbe small chances of iho I' itsengers were still further diminished) some were wunhtxl overboard, tome perished of cold and exposure, many succumb ed In tli? endeavor to reach Uie shore by swlniinlngfln a word, two hundred and lift y human creature*? men women an 1 chil dren?were hurried to an awful death In sight of land, and bfjuri tbe eyes ol" hundreds who stood wa'chuig the eetas tropin' on (he shore. Toe newspapers of lhe time teemed with heart-rending accounts of the Incidents ol* woe. The vocabulary of sorrow was exhausted in their descriptions of the piteous scenes on the beach. There In another vocabulary, which they seemed toshrir.k Irom using? and yet, how suitable to the de'ids thai were itoue on Him' lath, l*th and litli of November I the ooabulury of Indignation For while good and warm hearted men were driven frantic with agony at the cruel scene

felore them, nud rage at Ihelr own helplessness, seorssol lm man jackals and vultures on other part* of the coast were watching eager' v tor the bodies ? quick or dead? o drill to shore, in order that tbey might rob them. Feebly? oh ! how feebly? old (he new spspers hint thai tl won "c.nyectured" that "wrecking was c.irrledon to a great extent" More manly pens would hsve declared, straight out, thai one third oi the bodies which the wave dashed on Uie beach were sir Ippqd of everything by wn ckers, and were left to rot naked in the sand; would h;ivc announced to a horrified public that, in many cases, life was not extinguished by ihe waves or tlie cold, but by the club ot the as assln. l.lse, how came no many bodies to be naked r I hose who committed Ihctusnlves to tho waves did not do so in busio, nor were any washed overboard who had not foreseen the [possibility ot such a late lor hours. Death came slowly, alter due warning. Add to this Ihe fact thai It soon became known along the beach that the New Era1;, pas seugers Were emigrants of tbe better class; that all, or neariy all. had brought money? many of them over a hundred dollars in goid? and no one who knows the character of the sea board population w ill regard the following narrative with incredulity. At the time the waves were at ihe highest, and every instant threatened to dash the wreck to pieces, four men and a wo man emerged from tlie cover of a huge boulder ou the beach and ran down to the water line. The spot on which they stood, though not very tar from Oorlies Creak, wag hidden front the ground occupied by the crowd atM the coast authorities by a point of land. Not a soul could see them, tine oi the men scaled a small ridge of rock on the {iotnt, and looked cautiously over. "All right," he said, in a ot voice, atter a careful inspection of the beach. "There isn't a soul nearer nor half u mile." Reassured bv this news, the live did not hesitate to plunge Into the surl up to thelrknces, and to begin to wave cloths and make signals. At tirstan observer would have had some dlilloulty In comprehending the niancti vre. A lwsty Hlance discovered nothing on tbe surtace of the sea except loam, with hore and there a broken fragment of the wreck, hut ou u close view an experienced eye detected two human heads struggling above water. They wore not more then u few? perhaps three? hundred yards from the land, and, Iv was plain, were struggling desperately to reach it. One, at wen evident from the long black hair which streamed over her white garments, was a woman: the other was a mm. Disarm was wound round the waist ot his companion, who lay appa rently exhausted In his grasp. " 1 guess they'll never reach this alive," said one of the party on shore. " That chap's got plenty of tight In him yet," replied another, watching his struggles with curiosity. "What's the odd.n," screamed the woman, a foul old hag, "so long as their corpscs come this way 1 Dead or alive, it's all one to me." "True. mother Nickett," answered the first speaker: "but if they waste time, some of thein lools o' ihe other slde'il be get Unit a sight cn' em, and we might as well be to home." i guess I'll signal 'em," said a tall, bony man, with a carv ing I idle in his belt. And be put his lingers In his mou'h so as to make a sort of whistle, and utterod a shrill cry, which was heard lar above the roaring of the storm. It reached the ear of the swimmer. It was plain he saw thu group, lor ho struck out with new energy. In a few minutes his features could be distinguished perfectly. They wore hag '-?Hid, and his whole figure betokened terrible exhaustion. Would he survive till he could touch bottom f The female wrecker grew so excited as slin watched them np {irouch, that she ran Into the stirl and was almost carried oil' ter legs. As high as she could stretch site waved her apron, and called and screeched in hideous tones, Inviting the hilt - drowned couple to "stick up," and to "come this way for tho love of the Virgin." Ihe unfortunate pair heard her well enough. The woman, whose lace was now plainly seen, looked, strange to say, less exhausted than her companion. Her eyes stared wildly, ami she began lor the llrst time, as far as tliev could see, to it e her hands. Tbe man had evidently Jmt very ltttle strength I'll. He no longer rose over the waves ; they w i shed over him, and caeh time he was longer In rein dug to t trfneo. " Damn his soul," snid Die to vrecl, he ain't a going to give us the slip after all t" "liould yer tongue," repb. me i. >njrades, " -e an' the undercurrent 11 land 1 in he. emutt us, as purt> ye plane." A tremendous wave nt Oil - moment swept overtho swim mers. To the eager wreckers an age seemed to pass before any sign ofihi in i appeared. At last the v i i shrieked " lia I up a ii !" And thero n inan was, certainly, Ids eyes half-closed, his hands motlonje-' , l ining and fulling with the motion of the water. He wa alone. As he Irishman tial calculated, the undercurrent? that mys terious lon e which seems to impel drowned bodies In contrary directions at Ihe same lime? had driven him much closer to the lano. A few feet more and he would touch bottom. " Jake," screamed the woman, in a phrenzy of excitement, " get the boat liook, you mnrdorln' itlef." The Irishman soon provided himself with the implement in question, and w h le Uie tall man waded out as far as his long legs would let bun, l'at gained the top of a boulder, towards which the drowning man was drifting. Another surf swell, and he Wis within reach. " Now , Jake I" spluttered the woman. " Turn yer bead this wav , my darlln'," said the Irishman, in a coaxing voice, poising the boat hook. "Dlvll a llsh '11 ate J ou. Hi y boy.'' Down enmu the boat hook w llh a crash, splashing the water Over the wreckers. " You missed nltn, yon son of a 1" roared the tall man. " Divil ? miss," said Pat quietly, as he drew the body towards him, and c night a firm grasp ot the shoulder. In an insiam all the were round him. " Hurry him up," cried the tall man. " Borne of them cu-Bcd chaps 'II tie down here presently. This way." A nd eachoi them seizing a limb, and the wotnan tlie head, from which blood 11 ow ed, showing where Uie boat hook had rack, they r?u with their burthen to a hollow- In the rock at a ! t.ort uls ance from ihe beach. As they laid him down with no gi otic hand, tbe hull dead man opened his eyes. '? What 1" cried the woman, Indignantly, "you ain't qtitet yet;-' And she seized a largn stone, and with three or four well di rected blow s upon t lie cmpie, crashed in the skull. "lucre," said the (lend with a laugh, " Ii that don't satisfy jou there's more oi the same sort lett." By rutloess hands, Uie body of the murdered man was strip ped ol every vestige of Ins clothing; his money wi? divided among the live, and the corpse, bleeding, naked and dlsiieurct, was I Milled to the water's edged, and thrown down upon tbe ?and. It was only when the job was done that one of the wreckers exclaimed suddenly : " 1 say, win re the, devil's the girl?" " Aye," replied the woman, " what became of her " "Drowned, may be," said the tail man, looking sharply round the shore. " It's us foou as CtUen dollars lost," grumbled the woman sulkilv. "It's so much gained for ihe fishes," responded a wreker, pla> luliy. The five walked back to their place of observation; the tall muii climbing as I -dure on the ridge of rock to look out tor In rudcrs. lie luui not been ten seconds there, when he turned suddenly rout. J. aud cried in a smothered voice: ?' Ky thunder, llo hcr Nickett, if there ain't the girl a going off w lih Tim O'.Seaie." Sure enough, thei e she was. Tbe under-current of the wave that had separated her from her companion had swept her with resistless force into fclmllow water. Her struggles to gain a footing had been seen by the man called Tlrn O'Neal ?, and bj lorclrif, some brandy down her thron', he had so for restore.! her. that she was able to stand. She wu-i a tall, slender girl, w iih very long black hair, Which hung In loose coin down her back; her eyes were dark, and b r .natures were lino and de li. ".le. lieuer si e 1 ad been plait. Oi'hcu the exclamation of the tall wrecker summoned his companions to Uie post of observation to ?ee her, sha seemed to be struggling with him who figured as ber rescuer. "Come ul -tig," cried the latter, tu t in English, then In tier n >m, and lastly in Frenth, at the same llmefseizing a firm hold 1 ii. e tottering girl's arm, and endeavored to hurry iter lit the <r ction of thehijjh road. "Ah 1" groaned thetoor girl in French, "my brother Ar mandi I" "Oh I he's all rlcht. yonr brother," replied her companion .roughly, "you'll *io him it you'll only trot along." "So, no, I know he is drowned, and my lather al?o. Ob ! let me. die. loo." Ai d partly from exhaustion, parly from ihe excess of agony, ihe poor girl sank to the earth, and began to sou liys lericallv, "I'll he hanged If yoi'fcie," asseverated Tim O'Neal. "A pret ty piece of busine* s toTe' you die. 'Why, you'll bens lively a week hcne.i n :| vou'd eTurbeon to sea in your life. I/Oril bleu. you ! In York, a pretty girl Ute you himn't anything to lo 1 ut lo iet people make themselves u^rcesble u> her. The ain't no en in i..irope as will l?av? as gool a time as you w hen you're -nuglv petx..ed there." 'With such wo ds did O'Neal try to enc<mrnge Ids f.ilntln< cnariie. She sat on the beach, wringing her hands, swaying in-r I ody to tit.d fro. ni d Buttering? for during the last few minutes her 1 1. tee had grown very weak. ? ih ! Mon Dleu l let me die I Wliv did my father ake that is .'il oa'h : Mine v ! misery ! My lather ! my lather I Ted you what .t Is. .M,- -aid O'Neal's, sp. ulting Pre nab, as before. " leint mydut] '0 allow any such goings on as tl ? here. If you'll come along quiet lise with me, I'll la'so you to Dennis n| ahertj ', u first rate chop crib, if you're ugiy. I'll just take joti aii the "?me, ouly it won't he so nlea >.ibtfor vott." ??^.6 did not h.-ar him, evldi niy. Kb* muttered as 1 ..ore: " Fooltsh onih I rnv pcor I .'r 1" A slirlil hlstl' from ii ? i.i'ec of roek? 'twas tho tall wrecker's, tor a thousn ul? ta , .e iuu O'.Neale star.. Twm a Igim I , a wiirntnt. With the rapidity of lightning, he caught the slender girl In his arms, thret i-er a' rt -s i is v o tlder, and ran for a eltitnp of W00.1 In the rear He had ?<??**!.> va .lshed when thrc-> per n ns can e in slrht, and hur. ?d to the ..pot. " I though' . vi u s.oii, Jim. here was a body here," said the eider ol Uie party. I'll swear l w one drift nrin re," rrplied the mm ad dressed, lo< king round. " Those vUlanotts wreckers, I'll be hound," cried an old .If eyman. ? ti were ajtrest be< er." said 'he Orst speaker, solemnly, "to tall Into ta |c hands dead ihsn aMvp." How ?f' en Loiilm t ardan? |?ior French girl? mav have utotishl m-, how often she may h.ive pn, to p'tos out ot tbe bands of n en in o'ii, ? or ??< .t, hew often *he may hnve he wnl r i die stran e atewhb l drilled bar bitfcerwardt .he se icl wdi show ? which Will erj ear n New York Dispatch ot Oct Tib. >1 VTKI.MOMAI,. 4 YOtNG ORffTI-EVAW, DKHMOUH OF BRTRKINO *"1 hi' mftti tMiirW ?:?(??, tnki-? Uila meiiiod of making known bl? desire: h>> 1 24 year* of age, powmnd of a mule >??" cim:| f mi ( n;td longed In k p'lmult .t'jtiiid tnlly quali l ' i>n ori a help mat , with * good pro*pi"ct in future. Or.e,w!io jo..-t>3?e? unaaMII!/ "i* character, n ewl eduoaUon i't a ?rhierTul, live!) dl?i o-ftlon, Ii deelred; not overhW o\rn ? rieare direct to J. 1* W . Mm od, Mm*. All comomni ? ?? on t< be cnn-ldf , . dco:)f.'i"n']?|. Any note to be returned after pi i asal M <;r?u >d. \ <;kvtuvm,\n i.kt) nimTY, rkspect vrt<k ami xv wealthy. wl?hii< ,/> ti.Jkr) a )?Uv ?t irit ?liu4iod, -Im rntut V>e "V iiv!'-. H tntii, Mtnalnl. and v nu m arled Notour , iO*> is <n>ired un.ti oorrf^ ' uden ,.?? nninntl *tn ? ii'. ' nrid i tr' i . ! i y . *i .it-*, ?i in one mouth, M'tdltm, care tl t-wart?' I'xpri ?. MATIilMOMAK-A 'iR.NH.KMAN OV RRTtRINO haMtr, btt*frti Iwr-Ul) ar/l Un>tv yum ot no. d^airr* to >?, kc tb? K.M.a.nianee of an amiable and accomplmhed young ?:>??! n< od tam'lr, with attiw to marlmooy. Tim a*!rer l?T .<1. ndtnt in ? .re. mntatiT", an.! i? akn<tere In Made -ire. til let'ei** will be c t.vleivlajj* 1 1 ? n *??!, aud should be addm?< dto.l. A K , I f Ion -.,iurr Pout office. \I tTHIVt S\?I, ?.Fr H K, TB UADIAON TKKrrr, COR rri of i at!?i lur ? Tboao 'Mali. rig lo w?rm a matr tnoi'ia i ,?nrc ?'| trd II 'n hri adtar Uigi- b . a. tin? or Mdreertag (HH't'aM) Vnt. Pr* water, wfcn baa opened aMMMM re t 'li wbrrrhr Mjr la.lyoe * may aeenre to them -? ve % partner for 1.1 e win. mt t.?"it u* to the unpi<-a?AB u'rrt 1 1 ? c of adrer i?1rf to .'ipre"? their wl?he? I'ar'la i I their real nan e,f?, bmbieea, refeiWW, rlr i 'itii?t?T rin re'iuiiote-. w hU h mil he etcbanged. Hrery thins h i rrrott.g le*"<r" or In'o^rteW" Mrtcth con hJcdUAI. A TENAKTS' register. A SMALL COTTAGE HOUSE, OR PART OK A HOUSE, wanted in Brooklyn, for a lady and two children Ad Sim. Ray, Brooklyn Post office, ?iatiu? terms and loca tion. 4 THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO LET? _/i t or a Loaning bt.tKe, and furniture (everything com piele !nr housekeeping.) for sulu. Prlci>. >60'); yearly rout, t400. Desirably tiiua:cd, we?l of Broadway, above Cuiwl street. Possession way be hail Imme llatelv. Apply to 1! W. K1CIIARDH, SO',' Broadway . AJOBKISBED ROOM TO RKJfT? WITH ALL THE modern improvements; or p middle agiwi widow lady, who occupies It alone, would superintend it for a deled party, or tnl. I* a few boarders on moderate lermM. Stages und i irs with In hull a block. 1 l.'i K.i Thirty-third street. A GOOD STORK AND BASEMENT TO LET? WITH Im mediate possession No. !>"! Bowery, near Fourth street. Tfearly rent J500, suitable for almost any kind of business; an excellent stand Jor nn upholster, or a s iddln, harness, and (ruDk a I ore. Apply to 11. W. lUCUABDri, 307 Broadway. * HO I BS TO LET? YEARLY RKNT, 1050-WEST OK J\. Broadway, In >? pleasant neighborhood. In the vicinity of the Greenwich Hunk, containing 11 rooms, with baths. gas, and chandeliers. bells, speaklrg tubed, range, Ac. Everything la perfect order, with Immediate possession. 11. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A (-MAM. HOT EI. TO LET? IN THE LOWER PART OF the city, near Broadway, which will accommodate 100 persons; the learn- ani (multure and everything in perfect or dei . For Hole on easy terms, with immediate po~sesslon. Sltita turn unsurpassed for transient boarders. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. ABM A1.L UOTTAOB HOUSE-' WITH ATTIC AVD basement, to let; 130 W??t Thirtieth street. For particu lars Inquire- at 147 West Thirtieth street. Broadway? nocsTON-TO let, the premises No. f>|8 Broadway; good position and accommodation for a large furniture or upholstery warehouse. Also, the large house S6S Houston street, new Broadway; eighteen rooms, water, gas, Ao., Ac. Apply to JAMKS l'RICK, atH) Hudson street. Boarding house to let? at a reduced rent, comer ol Beekiuan and Water streets, over David M. Lyons' clothing warehouse. Possession Immediately. Inquire ol David M. Lyon. Eating saloon to let.? a grand opportunity is now oll'ered for a competent person to open ?n eating mi ii on in Broadway, on the first lloor of a large hotel, for fur nishing its guests with board. None but principals, having the ri qulslte means, may address, with name aud particulars. Eat ing Saloon, box 3,R!5 Post Office. Furnished house in south Brooklyn, to let ?A new three story brick house, with basement and sub-cellar; pleasantly located; coatnlnlni m the modern im provements, and elegantly furnished with velvet tapestry car pets rosewood furniture, pier glasses, Ac. If agreeable the owner, a single gentleman, would board with the family. In quire between 11 and 12 o'clock at 27 Beekmau street, first floor, up stairs. Furnished rooms to let.? a small private family, buying more room than they require, wish to let a ft w furnished rooms to gentlemen, without hoard. Apply at 106 Greene street, ltelerences required. Houses to let, furnished and unfurnished. A nine three story basement house on Tblrty-flrst street, >. ear Lexington avenue, $fuO. One on Thirteenth street, tfcrtO. T wo on Forty-llfth street. $400 and WUO. A dwelling on Fourth avenue, tSllO. One ou West Twenty -second street, <1,400. One on West Thirty-sixth street, 91,500. furnished. E. B. KIN BUIMhR, 310 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. House to let on Brooklyn heights? situated at No. 106 Hicks street, built of brown stone, with vater, gtg, range, furnace, Ac.; garden on the aide. Will be leased tor a term oi three years. For particulars apply to RICH ARDS, HA1GH1 A CO., 30 Barclay Htreet. Hotel to lease, and furniture for sale.? a first class hotel, on Hroadway. Koal estate ou this Island taken for tlx* furniture, and lease given to a responsible party. Address T. Gilsey, Waverley House, corner of Fourth atruet and Broadway. OFFICES, ROOMS, ETC., TO LET? THE FIRST AND f econd floors over stores on the prominent southeast corner of ('anal and Hudson streets. Every room fronts on the street and has capital light; water and gas ou eaeh lloor. Also, tin small store 1K7 Cuual street. Apply to JAMKS PRICE, Ml Hudson street. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET-IN A VERY RESPECT able neighborhood, (West Thirty-fifth street,) convenient to stages and cars. The house has all modern Improvements, uch as Croton w ater. gas, bath, Ac. Rent moderate to a small lundly. Possession immediately. If desired, l'lease address l<ox 203 Herald Office. PART OF A COTTAGE HOUSE, CONSISTING OF three rooms on second lloor, to let. to a small American family. The real of tho house Is occupied by a family of two persons. Inquire on the premises, at 211 East Twenty third st. ROOMS WITH STEAM POWER, OR ONE DETACHED building, to let or lease, on moderate terms. Rooms airy and well lighted. Heating and drying apparatus throughout. Inquire at 12 and 14 Pitt street, near Grand. SALOON TO LET. ? THE SALOON ATTACHED TO THE Metrojioli'an Hotel, 44H and 450 Grand street, Wllllamiburg, Is i.ow ottered to lei, for oue or more years. Every attention lias been paid to render it a convenient and valuable adjunct to the lull, as billiards, Ac. Inquire at 402 Grand street, Wll UuMourc. OTORE TO LET-IN THIRTEENTH STREET, THREE C3 doors irom Broadway, about forty feet deep. Rent 82.15. lnq ulre at 843 Broadway. TO LET.? THE HOUSE NO. 214 WEST TWE.VTY SECOND street, between Elglitb and Ninth avenues, Is to let until the first of May next, with the privilege of next year, If re quired. Ri-utfTSO. Possession given immediately. Inquire at the bouse. TO LET-AN ELEGANT FLOOR, TO A FIRST CLASS dentist or tor u dunclng school, SI Went Thirty -first street, i ornsrof Broadway; also very nice room" or lloors, unfuralsh e<l, to respectnble parties without children; every attention will be paid to make a residence a perfect home. Apply at 61 \V'e-t 31 et street. TO LET? ONE OP THOSE VERY DESIRABLE NEW four .story liouses, with double staircase, and all the mo dern improvements, on tho norih side of Went Twenty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Applv at No. 186 West Twenty-third street, or at P. HARMONY'S NE PHEWS A (JO., 81 Ureenwich street. TO LET-A 1IAND60MK HOUSE, COMFORTABLY Ft'R nlshed, with f-'ardcti. slubles, 4c., within one hour of New York. Will bis le t very low to ttru.ipeotabre party. AilJrosa box ISO l'Obt ('Dice. TO LET? ON 1UTII KTREET, BKTWF.EN THIR1) AND Fourth avenues, two ne'.f , w "11 finished cottage hjusoa, eight ru< mseacli, laige yard aud garden; rent iluu per year Inquire on the premises, huUie nearest Fourth avenue. TO I.ET? A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, TOGETHER WITH* the iurnlture, w ithin three minutes' walk ol thn I in ling at Clifton. Stolen island. Kent low U) a ri'-ponslble tenant. Address P. Leroy Herald ollli e. TO LET? ROOMS, FURNISHED OR DNPli RNISHED, TO single gentlemen or families, wiihout board, ai 133 Fourth avenue, near Thlrtaenlh strefct. Reference < required. TO LET? A 11AND80MEI.Y FURNISHED HOUSE IN West Twenty -second street, nearSizthaveniie. The house in new, contains ten rooms, with all the ihodern Improvement*. Will he let for a term uf year*. Apply to JUS. M. COOPER, 11 Maiden lane. TO LET? 1 1 IF, HOUSE NO. 19 GREENE STREET. IN o nire of I*. BERUNE, 24 Warren street, up stain, from t w o till four o'clock, P. M. TO LET? A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK bouse MB York street, near Gmvn, Jersey City; a tine view of tie hay, and a respectable neighborhood, live minutes' * n.k from tie terry; all modern Improvement*; Immediate possession given. < fan be examined any time. Kent moderate. Appl' to DAVID I'.KKFORD. Esq , corner of Orove street aiid Newark avenue, Jersey City, or to CHARLES HOBBS, 819 Broadway. rpO LET? IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY BRICK J. house, with ibe ftarutiure, toa small family, Th" present, occupant, with his daughter, would hoard with the family taklnp the same, If agreeable. For particulars Inquire on tho premises. No. 1 Hansen place, of Mr. TOMSEY, one block smi'h ot Fulton avcaue, and about tlflcen minuted walk from the ferries. TO LF T? THE VPPKR PART OF HOUSE 317 FOURTH avenue, corner of Twenty fourth street; Is In thorough re pair, newly palmed insldi and out; gas, bath room, range, and other conveniences. Kcj ?' 61 West t wenty siith street. Apply to BETH W. FECKHAM, '.A Uiirlhn; slip. TO I F.T ? A STABLE, WELL CALCULATED FOR PRI vate or express stable: lifts been kept as a livery stable tor the la?t fifteen years: wool I let the whole or part. Also, coach nnd horses. Apply at 161 Varick street. RICHARD JONAS. TO LET-FOUR OF.NTF.EL DWELLING HOUSES, WITH ibe modern Improvements, on K i n a' street; twooftliem o let whole, nnilw ui In parts, to genteel tainiiles. Inquire at 29 King street. TU O LET? A LARfiE ROOM. BEDROOM AND P ANTRY, wiih ( ru'on water, in a cenleel house, on tho Sixth avenue, roar Tenth street, to a small family, without children; also, ?, trontmem, on the first floor, furnished, to one or twojeatle m? n, with or without board. Apply at 1J Paichln place, cor ner of Amos sire, t sud Sixth avenue, opposite Tenth street. * TO LET.? A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, FOUR siorles, nnd high rai ment, furnished or unfurnished: modern Improvements; house and furniture nearly new. and (list class; located on Twenty-third stree'. Possession given imnu .iiately. Address with real name nnd reference, M. R. o., Herald office. TO i.F.T? AN ENGLI?n BASEMENT HOUSE. MM,' WF-JT Tnemy sixth street, with all the modern improvements; half of a bouse tilt West Thirty third street; several floors In various parta of the city. Apply to 8. W. CRUNK, 1,110 Bread way. TO LET? THE HOUSE 1(11 SECOND AVENUE. CAN stimku $?*'' k' '"r P%rtl<:,>iars apply to iiATKINft A COUSINS, lii * batnbers *ire??t, TO LET? HOUSE AND STORE 117 VARICK STREET, near Uro< me; rem #'2u0. Also, several Parts of I louses ami H,l 'be vlch.lty: brlek workshops, Ac. Apply 10 JAMES I lilt E, DUO Hudson street. TO LET OR LEASE? FURNISHED OR UNFUENHIIKO front and hack parlor- baaementa and other moms suit able lor any business. Kent very low Apply ai 6W Broad "*T: T'O LEASE -A DOCK AND HALF ACRE OF GROUND, on Newtown Creek, at East Williamsburg, a splendid i hnnce for He enal, lirtok and lime business; to i person with sirisil capital li is an ? xeellent ehace as a considerable of an amount ot trade would be viiarantee.1 to an enterprising mm Apply to DAMELT. Willi K, Kas? Wllliuinebwrg, or CoUis * Mitchell, corner of Dover and South street*. N. Y. T "manufacturers -TO LET, IIOUfiK NO. 221 K AWT Twenty -Mid street. s^ven'v Ave feet westi.rFirstavm- ie, 22 by 66 feet, five stories and ee!lsr well adapted for ma in faeturtna purposes. Pom ?l?n will be given irntne limei ,? Krr fiiru er particulars apply to Tll< >MAS MORTON, Jt J P-Wrl street, up sialrs. TWO OR THREE Ft P N It'll ED BOOMS TO LET? IN Proadway, near the ?t. Nleholsa, sultaMe f.)r sin.-1" 7?n ?lenier,? an unusual "PN ' 'unity of procuring eornr>rt*t>,? win ter <|usrter' Loeath.n unsurpassed for eon vet.lencc, room* supanor; family prtta'e Apply at 60S Ilroa-tway. K K*iT Al'H A Jtrifc " CjHn.LEY'S UNlWlF. AND ONLY RESTAUBANT ?s* "n il 'heWsi.rle II. I . sou hwe>t e..-ner Fo'irth stri e stid JtroRdway.? Thts \ Is. ? t< designed (or httslness, In it there Is no vulgar omamentailop, liashy mirrors, or super fltions trtpp rie The force of the e?'a>ul?hm- it lies n the ?<t eellenre ol ehaievrr Is served therein, wuh sp.iile?s iin.'n. and p!i niy of I'; pertleulsr atien kin Ispald to the butter, ard in la? ? to sll li.e IHtle ?ece-,irli t that . n to wake up 'he eoial.wt ol i'ljests. Entrance to private rooms (th ' In a cc'.leri Aral DRY GOODS, &C. ?|in A/\/l WORTH OK RICH VALKNCJRNN1* ?E I V?UUU lace* at uncommonly low prices, being he late Durclm. t-o of Mr. Robert.' while la Europe; jujt received. f PETER BOBKRTS A CO.; S?6 Broadway. <l>"ia nnn T? ?s**.'*10 woith or dry goods t&lU.v/UU or mere hale li?e w?uted? I will pay part cub. i fir balance In improved property. witbsut imumljranoe: also, iii-st mortgages on la. n. . Iii the couutry* Tliosd wUuag Us dispose of their stock end hhiiI money, may address (J. W. B., box llitf Herald ouice. Strictly confidential AT RICHMOND'S, Sf? 11HOAPWAY. KK'H LACKS AND embroideries, bund.'1, handkerchief-!, pure llaen, a line assortment of ribbons. velvets, l?cst gloves 6s< , feathem, tlowers, I j luck plumes choice g's'di at low price*. Mourning and made up gotsls always fresh. Brussels point lace sat* from ft, luf.'o. Valeiiclenne > do. from lit) to $40. Honllon from ?12 to $utl. The newest Style* Of l'arlslan cap*, bead, Ac., selected and made by Mr*. Btchmon 1, whone ta-te lx so well known. AT MOLYNKl'X BELT'S M Canal street. Heavy French prey c'otli Ulmas, trimmed with velvet; steel cloth talmas, steel moire anli<iwc galloons. 'I hi- pretitest gar mont In the city, excci dtugiy low in prlco- velvet tuluiaa, trimmed with moire antigun. Moii e antique trluod wlih velvet. Just the garment for Urn season. AUX VTLLES DF. KRANCH. SI rue Vlvtrnne Pari*. Rue Richelieu, 104. LATEST NOV ELTIKS IN Silks, shawls, manilea, merlnoes, Bareges, inuslms, embroideries. Laces, linens, glove*. Handerchletb, cambrics, ribbons. The first wholesale and retail establishment In Europe, situ ated la the most fashionable part of the metropolis, between the rue Vlvlenne and the rue Richelieu, (with an entrance tu each street,) near the Boulevards and the Bourse. In these vast naileries, the monumental aspect of which baa been tie admiration of every visiter, the most beautiful tei t tires ol French taste and elegance, manufactured and exclu sively designed for this Emporium of Fashion, are displayed and sold at the lowest remunerating profits. All goods marked In plain figures: one price only. Goons purchased, If not approved of, exchanged or the mo ney returned, Attached to the establishment are English, Americas, Oar man and Spanish assistants. The proprietors earnestly' solicit the honor of a visit. BULPIN'8 ANNUAL OPENING OF FALL AND WINTKR CLOAKS For city retail trade, WIIX TAKE njtCB ON THURSDAY NEXT, THH4TH OCTOBER, At TBS PA HfS If A N Tilt. A EUPOIlIltM, 361 BEOADWAT. On which day he respectfully invites public, attention to his su perb Importations and man tifaciuies, prepared expreiuly fm this occasion, and embracing all the productions of 1'ariataa taste and Ingenuity up to the departure of the latest steamer. Having completed his extensive alterations, his warerouflse are now by tar the most commodious In America; and being thereby enabled to condm a much enlarged business, he baa determined thai his establishment shall hereafter be known as much By the extreme moderation In the price of the articles therein contained, as It always has been by their exclusive richness nnd beauty. Ou the same day be will make his usual annual exposition ol ladles' fancy lurs, consisting of the moat costly and valuable stock to be touiid In Broadway, ail a* reasonable prices. GEO. BULPIN, Cloak, Fur and Shawl Emporium, 361 Broadway. RODIE'8 FALL CLOAKS. tfPKNIHO DAT. FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. All fabrics. Thursday, October 4. * 81 Canal street and 63 Llspenard street. Second mantilla store west of Broadway. BAILKY, FABRINGTON A LESLIK, No. 623 BROAD way, would call the attention of the ladles to their new style ol mourning sets of collars and sleeves, which Is now ready. '1 beir mourning department contains the largest as sortment of novelties to ho found In the city, and at prices that cannot fail to please. Also, to their large assortment of laees and embroideries, Brussels point, Honllon, guipure, Valen ciennes and Paris embroidered sets, Infants' caps, rooes au4 waists, edgings, Insertions, tlounclngs, et. ., etc., in great va riety. A few more of those splendid medallion sets of collar and sleeves, and collareUe and sleeves, just received. B B Blank kts-soilki) blankets at onb-halt their value.? We have received 6u0 pair of blankets, slight ly soiled, which we are still selling at just one-half their value. Tills I* an opportunity that seldom occurs for ladles to supply themselves cheap for the approaching winter. W. H. BOND, 10H and 110 Sixth avenoe, directly opposite the market. ELL'S OPENING DAY. ? Owing to the unfavorable state of the weather on Tues day last Molyneux Bell deti-rrcd opening several of his moat recent styles, and has also rewlveil a ca-ejof elegant embroi dered velvet scarf mantles from Pai Is which he will sell at $18 each, worth $40; us also a magnificent stock of Ills celebrate* manufactured chaks, the riches materials and newest styles. 6ft Canal street. CLOTHS. CAS8IMKKK8 AND VEflTINUS.? Black and colored cloths. Fancy and plain casslmeres. Velvet and cashmere vesting*. Tailors' trimming.-!, Ac., Ac., at LORD A TAYLOR'S, 265, 267. 2MI and 261 Grand street, And new numbers 47 and 4'J Catherine street. CLOAKS AND TALMAS? Approved fall sty lea, now ready at LORD A TAYLOR'S 2M, 257, 259 and 361 Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 40 Catherine street. EUREKA I EUREKA I? FORD'S EUREKA HIIIRT IS universally worn bv the citizens of the United States, alas bj liie aristocracy, gentry, merchant*. tradesmen, mi l people Ilroadwa'y. Shirts and collars made to order. Elko a nt btella shawls? Just received an extensive variety. Beautiful Stella dift?K from f? to $14. Printed wool Mia win, from $4 fKl to ffl. LORD A TAYLOR, 2M. 257 , 259 nnd 261 Grand Mrcet And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. F RKNCH MKRINOES OF THE MOST APPROVED HA* nufacture. EVERY COLOR, QCAUTV ARtl rRlCF. LORD A TAYLOR, 256. 257, 259 and 2f>l Grand street. And new number* 47 and 49 Catherine K'reet IATF.R NEWS. ? TO THE LOVER OF FINK FRENCH J embroideries.? Four case* of Rachel new style of ladlwi' and children's collars, collarets, floevis, cheml ettes. poaknt handkerchiefs, bands, Ac., Ac., m 111 be opened tlita day, at 14 o'clock A.M. I-adii-s will (ind this a grand chance. JAMES MADDEN, G4.'l Broadway, .il door above Bleecker. I AUKS' CLOTHS AND ALL WOOL PI, A IDA ? ROW J 1/ir.iiing lrom the steamers, ami for sale cheap by Uia piece or package. TRACY, IRWlN A CO.. ?14 and 233 Uroadwsy. Modes, imported by madame grade, from h, A II. Jtolvln, f-4 Rue Ncuvc Itespetits Clumps a Pari*. Modiste* by Imperial appointment to the Empress, are uow eg blMted at 765 Broadway, entrance No. 2('!ln.'on place. War i anted direct from the above nlaUUmit, and nHMl by e.cry -learner. JEW FALL GOODS. Upholstery, Curtain materials, and French pa^er haoRtnji. BOLOMoN A HART, No. 24.'1 Broadway, are now receiving a full supply of fall goods, suitable for Curtains, Furniture Coveriny, and Interior decoration, which they offer wholesale aiid retail npon the most favorable terms. To which thev Invite the attention of the TRADE AND PUBLIC. Store closed on Saturdays. VTEW CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. x\ J. HECK A CO beg n .-pectfully to Inform the ladle* that (heir dn'k room Is now replete wttli the novcltlen of the season, and from the great varict-v and I eauty of dc.tfin which is here di?played, J. B. A<'o. feel ooofident this d-part men' In their establishment will be found to maintain luii<ual pr< eminciico. In addition to our o her cloaks we oSall open tl.1? morning a limited number of Silas'apol wrappers for lall wear. In style and material different from any to be seen else wherein New York, aud very dls'ingue. .186, 7 ?> and 788 Brosd way. ONE CASE EMBROIDERED MALTESE BANDS, WIT II trimmings U > match just received; real black thread Iv o veils, from live dollars upwards. PE1KR ROBERTS A CO., 375 Broadway. IAWT AM) COO H O. LOHT-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, Pit* ? Washington Garden, Wllllamabnrg. The color of tee goq e black, ? ith white tips on his, u ?? and tail. Wboe*5 will return him will be amiably rewarded IORT? ON TI1E 21NT SEPT.. A RECEIPT ItnOK OF THE J New jereey Express Company. The finder O'i retnrn It.g 11 to the office of Uie company, iixj Broadway, will roceive a -.tillable reward. Lost? a bracelet, on Thursday morning, about II o'clock. In earning from 400 Fourth stree' to thn llowcry. A liberal reward will be given by returning It to Uie above number. LOST-A POOKJCT BOOK, LAST NIGHT, IN COMING from Ihe City 11*1 through that hum street, containing i?t ters and paper* of the taui.ii ot Ernest Lehman. with *nne money. By returning the papers tbe nnder may keep the money arid no questions will be asked, at corner or Catherine street and Henry, In Charles D. Utilley's grocery. LOfeT? A CHECK ON THE BROADWAY BANK FOR one hutdred and lifty dollars tflAo). dated Oct. 4, l"? dtawn bv Morrell, and endorsed by him. Pavment having been stopped, (he finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the -smc ai 2H< Washington street. Lost? a promissory note fob six hundred and S'lteen dollar" eight y cents, made by ltnfiis 1-,. Crane A Co.. dated New York. December 1. 1864, payable len month* sfter date, at the Merchants' Kxrhante Bank, endorsed by Jo seph R. Taylor, ot which payment has been Mopped. A suit able reward will be paid to snj person returning the mmit at No. 2 Hanover street, ilurd sinry. >BU> .^0. OPERA GLASS I.OST-IN ONE or THE FOUPT'I avenue s'ages. on Wcdnemlay nlgW, abo it 7 o'clock; was of ?mall si/e sndpeiirl moun'ed; makem Rurdmnn V <Vi Tl e finder will be rewarded bv li.avmt; u wi'li K. 11. Kin -ir nu r 819 Feurth sveuue. CTOI'PKD, SUPPOSED TO BK stolen- v GOLD O bracelet. Wl o?-ver lost ll.e same can hn.'e it hy , , to J. M. SOLOMONS, lURooetvelt street, ai.d pa., .ag chai *??? (LOTII1SU, Al . ?n fiHA worth of cast off ' uir.iiNt# AtWUv e<1.? The hlgliest easii price li'i.-ral'y gi \ u 'arge or smnil lot a of good 1*A MB et supeffiwnM el uiu.y ni every dracrlptioa. Address n nail on J Ailr a Uo HONkY, 11 llaiter street, late Orange, a fe n d<? rs from Cltaihaiu. t LARGE QUANTITY OF SECOND IUND CLomiNU 1 X wanted. Gen'lcmm haTl-ig lnr.? or small lots of ,?f. ,rf wearing apparel todk^osa of win r- '-e've the very Ui t prlre for ib?m by eallmg at uie viore, or addmtuur TlI'lM vii D. CONRtiY, 4tfl Pearl St., will be attended to /"?ASH PAID FOR ALL KIMlS OK CLOflUN Ji w V ?.'"??? b. iks, crn.i*ry, p?,VI. *e ^ u-ljeU 7M and I.lwBraMway. f\ ENTf'' CI.'i l IIIVG n.E VT ?1eam. rei .I.,rr i and dre I rk-ee modmle ;f, ,nd l.fS> 1MTLF.MKR tAJING LEI T OFF WEARLV.jTmT J r?l to dU|K?e ol ean h's the i. IOHN