Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1855 Page 3
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The Epidemic mt Norfolk ud Portsmouth. OOB NORFOLK OOKBKHPONDKNOK. Norfolk, Oct a, 1865. The disease seems to be at it stand, verifying the opinion vhich is prevalent anion; us that it U a want of ma terial to work upon that causes Its apparent decline. Were our citizen* to return now the tale of woe would be more horrifying than it ban yet been. The average number of death* have been from eight to ten for the pant two or three days. There ?ro very fow, compare tlveiy, who can contract tlw dlseane. Tne following, I learn, are at this time convalescent:? Mr. Thou. Bandar son, the Rev. Mr. Jackson, of the old St. Paul's chu.b Dr. Moore, Mrs. Dalrymple, Mrs. John Holmes, and Mr*. Aun I.. Moore. Drs. Hargrove and Freeman are onee luore ready tor service, having reoovered. Th<* daughter of Chief Justice Taney ?lie<i at Old Point Comfort on Sa turday, ol yellow ft-ver. Tliiri is an original case, and Create* at the fortress considerable excitement. Home new cases have occurred daily ? among them Mr. iraiiklin Moore, a Custom House ollicer. Monday several pliy:i iatis left Norfolk for their re .s|iective deettnatlons. A delegation from the Howard Infirmary accompanied them to the lioat, aud thenc went on to Hampton, where I learned that Or. Henry Selden was dying ? he ha < since died. I*st night he breathed his last, and the world lost a noble specimen ot a true man. Tlie following persons have dio.l -fnce Sun - day. an neatly as 1 can ascertain:? Mrs. fallen Du ch, Mr. Schlinger, the druggist of Howard lntiruiary; a wo man of Mr. Otts, Samuel Uirnes. one hundred and one years of age; John Richardson, Christine, a Sister of Charity; Mies Delscy, Mlsa Connolly, ft. Cross, h'dmond Ford, David Johnson, Mary A. IKiush, I'hebo Horry, a woman, name unknown; Mis. Colb, Miss Kennedy. Miss Cleig, Tbw. White, a police ollicer; a slave of N. Parker's, slave of J. 0. Wilkinson, .^usuii Southgate, Robert Dal ryinple, a muster stone Bason of our city. Mr. Meyers, of Richmond, left on Monday for his home; lung will he lie remembered by us as the gentlemanly manage, of tlic Howard Infirmary. Mr. Meyers ha* piovod himself, in the present crisis, well worthy of the high trust reposed in him. long: '"ay he live to etijoy the consciousness of having, while here, "done his whole duty." Dr. Marsh, of Philadelphia, will leave to day. This geulleman came to Norfolk on his individual responsibill'y, was accepted by the How ard Association, and went to work, of the delegation from Philacelphia, containing eighty persons, only three will return ? thrs. Freeman, Van Cleve, and Gibbs. The rest have fa'Ien at their post. There are at this time only six patient* in the Infirmary; one-half of them will probably recover. A short tine since I published an article In your paper reflecting upon the character of an undo ot a youth named Lewis. The boy came to Norfolk, and told his atory very straight. I was also informed of the occur rence by a physician, who doubtless obtained it from the boy; but since that time the boy has told ?o many differ ent stoiie* concerning bis return, that I was led to inves tigate the matter further, when 1 found that hi had come to Norfolk not only against the desire of his uncle, but against his express command. Mr. lewis sought to retain him, but shorn of some of Ills privileges, which be hail enjoyed during the life of his father, a too inilul nent man. he would tiot stay. This ex plana' ion fully ex onerate* Mr. Is-wis from all blame in his return. The weather has boon quito cool. Heaven grant that It may remain so. NORFOLK. American ill hi e Society. The s'ated meeting of the managers wai held on Thurs day, the 4111 inst., at I'. M., Dr. Thomas Cock in tho <. lair, assisted by Hon. Luther Bradish, Benjamin L. .-wan aud Wrn. B. Crosby, Eaqra. Four new societies were recognized? one in Connecti cut, oue in Tennesee and two In Texas. I /fitters were presented from agents in various States, ?bowing the progress of tho cause in their fields: ? From .Rev. J. C. Fletcher, wiih encouraging statements as to the circulation of tho Hiblo in Brazil; from Rev. S. 0. Da tiion, Secic'ury ot the Hawaiian Biblo Society, with tho nnuual report of tbut scciety and from Rev. E. W. Clarke, o! Honolulu, requesting the p iblicatlon of the "ksriptures in Hawaiian and English: from the Hcv. T. T. Oabanis, Secretary of the Fnncfi and Foreign Biblo Society of 1'aris, in regard to the sale of Bibles in the bazaar near the I nlve: -a' Inhibition, 'tnd the encouragement for tim prosecution of the work of Bible distribution in Franco; lrom Rev. Ramon Mont-alvatge, j,i x^vr Granada, stating the Commencement of his labors under encouraging am. pices ill Caithagena, from Kev. C. N. Rlghter, giving an account of his visit io the French camp, and the distri bution of the Scriptures among the soldiery, under the sanction of the commanding officers, also (relating to the distribution of the Bible at CoustauUno;ile the past month, in twelve different languages. Many copies wore Hold by Tuiks, who take ait interest in the work. Grants of books were made to a We-leyan missionary in Ilayti. West Indies: to the Methodist Missionary So ciety for Afiica: also to the I'resbytorian Board of Foreign Missions, for Coti co Isltnds, Went Africa; and also fir Chippewa and Ottawa Indian Missions. I), 00l> Testaments for distribution among boys on canals In this State; to Clay County Itible Society, Indiana; to Rev. E. I). ''arrow, for distribution in Buenos Ay res; for a colored school in Michigan; Te.-lametts for distribution among l>oys on i iluware and Hudson Can il; Bibles in Spaoidi and Eng lish lor steamship Isabella; ..Bibles for county jail at Bridgeport; German an : English Bibles and Testaments Tor Mate prison in \Vi>consin , Hibles in German and Kng 1 i ll for immigrants near Ea.-ton, Pa., with several of (?mallei amount, and two volumes in ralsoil letters, for lb" blind. It was also resolved to publish the Gospel by John, and tlie Acts of the Apostles, in Spanish, for use as a scluol bcok in St. Domingo: and an appropriation wa< n.ade tn purchase Mocks to print the Chinese New Testa ment at Al.ioy. It ?a- also determined to pubti -h a Swedish Rib'e. as soon as the funds can be spared for that purpose. i'i v. Robert L. Andreas *** uppointe.i agent in N'orth Mississippi, in place of Rev. Mr. Shields, resigned R?-v. S P. Richardson tor Fast Florida, in place of llev. Mr. ( lioice, deca.sed; Dev. Mr. Woodhult tor Maine, in plac of Rev. Thomas Smith, resigned. Thratria anil Exhibitions, Bkoadway 1'itKATBI. ? '* Fraticesc.i di Rimini" I ' an nounced au.iin for this evening, in which Mr. K. L. Da ven|Mirt will appear a- lanciotio, and also as William in " BiacW lyed Susan," being positively his last appear ance. Nim/i's fiAKmv. ? This evening Is set apart for tho benefit of the sufferer* by yellow fever In Norfolk and Portsmouth. Mr. Niblo having given tho use of his spa cious establishment for Uie purpose. Miss louisa Pyue, Mr. Harrii on. Olid the entire troupe, liave also given their gratuitous services. It is unnecessary for us to call upon New Yorkers for so nobis) a purpose, for the theatre is suie to be filled to overflowing. Bowchv Thsatbs. ? The tragedy of "Plzarro" will lie the commencing feat ure to-night, Mr. J. W. Waiiack <us fsiuing the character of Rolia. The anm-lng farce of ?' Next Dooi Neighbars" will also be played. llrRTON's Thxatrx ? The cspltal comiiiy called 11 I^ive and Reason" will tie represented this evening, together with the new and successful comedy of "Still Water linn- Deep." with the same excellent cast. Wamack'b Thkatrk. ? This theatre is crowded to excess every night to witness the new comedy of the "Game of love." It will he rej'Oa'ed to-ulght, together with the extravaganza of " Robinson Crusoe the Second." MSTROmUTAN Tiiklatkk. ? The ensuing week will be the last but one of Mile Rachel. On Monday night she Is to play the character of Camille, in Corneille's tragedy of ''Horace." .-ho will also give, by dedre, "1-a Marseil le tse." Wood's MivMTMn*. ? The programme of entertainments provided for this evening comprises many new Icalurcs. The house is crowded every night. Ilri kikt'.I SkW.NADBi The new bui les,|.je opera CoU tinues as successful as ever. It will be repeated to night. Tut: Huikk.via at the Afiollo Rooms.? Tills very amus ing entertainment will be given this afternoon, liy Mrs. Gib be. M?hamis' Hai.i.. ? Urof. McAllster announce- a first rate programme for this evening. ArADKMT HatjU ? The diorama of the llattln of Itunker IMU Is drawing crowds every night anl the -ingiiuc of the A1 eghamans is much applauded. Army Intelligence. dCNKKAL OKDKRM -NO. 6. llMIXjr IRTKIC- OP nil! A II 1Y, ) N*w Yi>m, Oet. 1 1865. ) The foil. .wing movement of the troop* will immediately be made: ? 1. The ~?*con<l Rejfiinent of cavalry of Jeffurxon Hir rack* will proceed by ea?y marche* acn.m the gauntry to tort Belknap, T?im, to !?? them diMo*ed of by th* com manding (Jeneral of the Department of Texa* who will make timely arrangement* for ?t*tionin* the rerimeot on lt? arrival within ui command. The commanding done ral of thf I epartment of fhe We?t will Jtv* th" neoeaeary Order* for the march of the regiment to Fort Belknap. I The nine comoanieit of the Tenth infantry, at far 11*1* Harrark*. will proceed to the upj>er MW-ijiaippi, and take pout; lour eoni(ianiea at Fort Crawford, four rompa niei> wltii the headquarter* ot the regiment at Fort huel linf. and one rompany at Fort Kipley. The Colonel of the Tenth infantry will <1<-*ign?te the o<mptfitec tn the three pout* above name<i ani will put I them in march for their rc?pe<tiie ?tationi, by railroad tofial' ni llllnola, and thence by atenaer up the Mlaela ? ?Ippt. II judged more convenient, the Colon*! will pro ceed with the Ate companim for FWrta fuelling an<l Hip ley, t<> be followed by tin- four com pan lea to Fur* Craw for (I, en 'er the l ieutenant t olouel. The junior M^jor i? Mi|W 1 to l<.rt Hi; ie\. Hie two medical oiBcer* on lu ty yritli the regiment Will take post om at Fort Crawftird, and the otner. unit** n'.herwi-e direct* !, at Port ;-nel 11 ng. 1 lie l'eahn?atal Qnarternwltt ?( the Tenth Infantry tri I he -ent in adtan oof the troop*, to mahe arrauge ?est* for transportation A- T rt l laefrid ha- not bttn nrrlMMd by tr>0|>- fir % m nib* of year*, an e> peril n' "<t ottcnr o' thi T nth In fantry will be immediately Nut by th" Onl Del to that pr .t to here the qt???Vr? vac ited, dtould any of thruibe occupied and prepared for the troop*. The Wu '??enna.- er'n and !*ub?i?tence [lepartmrnt will i'nrni?h wni. :*ver a>idlti..r,?i *upplie? may h" required tbi rim in* winter frtm. tb?ir re. per tire department*. Hy mi?nd ot Itreyet I .ietrttaant Cwiti ai ^ .u t. TlloMA- A- ii-tant Adjutant i. me il. Polillml 'ntrlilijenre. gor. HAK-TOW Of WIPCOIMt* ON TFIK Mtrsr LAW. Governor Wn. A H?r-t w. wh' i* a Candidate for >? ?li-?tion in Wtfcur-ln, ?aj? in an*?er to the numerous oi,mmeni?ati"?* *d',re--ed V me -lore uny nomination f , eti. < Tire of f.oTertu'i, on the fubjer- of % \l?in? or l'ri h bit' ry l.i juor law t h*T*to ?t*t? ttiat iu the event of myeiect'on to Mid oft re ' th* majority f tlieele - tor-, at tie coming election v.'* In 'a tot ? f -u.-li a taw ?ni tl>* representative* ot tb p" ? * a n-'itu tli na) art I elutil leel f n>> .1 to ?u ? ' *i'p <*? the name A Dem >r-atle '-'tafe f.,nTri, on i* " I .! I ?**!? r ton on the 6th of tiefober. * con < It . the i .?>??)? *nd pro*pe?U o! the d' raocra' e pert/, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOI1T liKKIT, Friday, Oct. 6 ? 6 K M. The stock market continues unsettled. There tu con siderable activity at the Brut board, ami belter price* were in several instances realized. State stock* have for some days pu?t been more active tlutu usual but lower Pi Ices have ruled. Missouri 6's suld to day to the extent of more than $100,000, principally on time. Railroad bond- are comparatively i|uiet; Illinois Central were better to-day. and but small lots ottering. Illinois Cen tral atock was in demand at an advance. The Western railroad -locks were a little firmer, with very few shares offering. Reading and Krle were without much change, but hupjiorted principally by active operation* of specu latora. The market was benefitted by the little let-up la the money market. We may have these occasional reac tions in the market, but the tendency will be throughout towards greater stringency. The condition of things in Eutope cannot be otherwise than Injurious to many of our gnat interests. It would be dangerous to suppose that we oould maintain all our interests in a state of high prosperity while the prlucipat nations of Europe are suffering from short crops, and all the horrors of an expensive war. It urny be uigued that a country like this, possessing all the elements of wealth, producing from its soil not only gold ? which forms the basis of all currency, and Is the repiesentatlve of property throughout the world? but food, and the raw material for raiment, in an abun da ice almost sufficient to feed and clothe the world must lie able to control financial ami commercial mat ters, and command any terms for our products; hut it is not altogether go. The people of Ku rope may be com pelled to take our breadstuff's at high prices, hut their necessities may also compel them to leave our other staples, the valuo of which forms an important Item in our export trad^ In the value of our cotton shipments tnay^^sfimMW^ offset all our profit* in breadstuff's. In periods of pleuty and prosperity the con sumption of all the necessaries and luxuries of life are unlimited, and activity reigns in every department of industry; but when scarcity and high prices; prevail for food, economy in consumption ? not only of that, but of all other products ? is induced, and trade is restricted to the narrowest limit. If we hail nothing but Hour, wheat, corn and provisions to sell, we might command high prices with impunity; but when we have articles of luxury as well as of necessity, wc are dependent more or less upon the ability and prosperity of our customers. At the first board to-day, Tennessee IS's declined >4 per cent; Missouri 6's, , Nicaragua, '4 : Hudson Railroad. >, . Michigan Central. 2; Indiana 6's advanced pur cent; Illinois Central Bonis, ; Pennsylvania Coal, >4; Galena and Chicago, }%?, Reading. (??; Michigan Southern, 1; Illinois Central Railroad, \ ; Cleveland and Toledo, 1; Chicago and Rock Island, }?. At the second hoard Illinois Central Bonds advanced V4' per cent; Cumberland, >4 ; Galena and Chicago, ), , Cleveland and Toledo, yt. A hundred or two shares of Galena and Chicago could not have been bought this af ternoon at less than 110 per cent. It has Improved one per cent since yesterday. All that we have sal I in favor of this stoclt, and more, will be realized by those who are wise enough to hold it. The report current a few days Bince of a defalcation in the New York Central Company, proved to have been not without foundation. An agent in the western part of the State, absquatulated with $13,500 of the funds received at that end of the line for freight. This unfortunate affair reduces the surplus of the Company to about $941; of this immense amount, $43 goes into the reservation fund for depreda tion, and the $'.<00 witl remain in the treasury to satisfy the claims of the drovers who recently ha 1 their cattle killed by a collision of trains. Future collision and ac cidents, and the annual appropriation necessary to renew track, cars, A-c., over and above the t<3. are unprovided for. The directors of the Michigan Southern and North ern Indiana Railroad Company have passed a resolution that after the 1st of January the construction stock of that road shall lie mado full stock. It is now receiving 8 per cent per annum, but will then participate In the earn ings of the road, and the same dividend will be paid on il as on the present full stock. The Fulton Fire Insurance Company have declared a send annual dividend of five per cent. The F.iglith Ave nue Railroad a quarterly dlvulend of three per cent. The Oriental Insurance Company, of Salem, Mass., four pe cent. The American Insurance Company, of Providence R. I., four jier cent. The tolls received on the canals of this State for the fourth week in September and the year, were as tol lows : ? Fourth week in September ill 8 723 02 Same peilod in 1854 121,058 49 Decrease in 1855 $.',;;;.5 47 The aggregate amount received for tolls from the coiu mencement of navigation, was as follows: ? To Sept. 30, Inclusive $1 .'.<09.11.1 51 Same period in 1854 2,006,848 27 Decrease in 1885 $'.'7,734 71 Aggregate amount ri ceived for tolls during the month of September $148,236 81 Same periisl in 1854 412,287 37 Increase in 1855 $35 940 44 Same period in 1853 ... 434,003 81 Increase In 1855 over 1853 $13,573 00 The As-iMant Treasurer reports to-day as follows; ? 1'sid < n Treasury account $228,. '154 '17 Received " " I?fl.il37 5.1 Balance " " 0,784.005 :? 1'sid for Assay Office 338.785 ;t5 I'aid ? n disbursing checks 50,873 60 The receipts to-day include a transfer ilraft 011 Mobile for f 50, 000. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department. Wa sbington, on the 3d instant, were as follows : ? For the redemption of stocks $10,892 17 For the Tieosury Department I tii8 92 For the Interior Department 7,174 ">'> War warrants received ami entered iM,107 58 From miscellaneous source# 7 00 (in account of the Navy 207.3;# 75 The Titf/un- of the 4th instant contained the follow ing:? The He Kami, a lew days ?lnce, in a labored article upon the comparative value of railroads, after showing by va lious statement* that the Chicago and Rock l-lan l Kitil ro? I earns this yeai 10 jier cent oa Its st<* k. ihe Michigan Southern 25 per cent, and the Galena and Chicago 30 l>er cent, -ays: ? " Assuming, then the figures to he substantially cor rect. we must say, thev reveal some vry curious fact". It will he seen that ?llle the *tock of these c >mp.anie- I selling in the market at a difference of less than 20 per cent, there I- a range in the actual net profit- of some 280 per cent. Taking Michigan Southern as the basis, and 1 all it worth 150 per cent, the stuck- should stand a, to tow*:? Ni w York Central 80 per csot. I "jo and Knck Island 12" |>er cent. V.i< .1 Dim Southern and Northern ludiana. 150 js r cent. Galena and Chietgn SKfi per cent ?'?'r. il we take the Central at par the relative posi tion of the stocks, according to their ne' profits, is a follows:? New York Central . IkQ iier cent. Chicago and Kock I.- land 200 |ie- cent. Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana. . .250 |>er rent. Galen. 1 and Chicago 450 cent. Why the New York Central, with it" bare 8 per cent, c 1 mmands in market a price very nearly equal to -i.s-ks earning double an I even quadruple the amount of money net, we confess we are at a hiss to understand.' Now, as a hear argument against Central, this I sim ply absurd If It proves anything, it proves not that < ei tral Is selling for more than It Is worth. but that the other roads are selling for les?. Such statement* can only be gratll} ing to the holders of the stock wh >se t 1 lue is thus grossly exaggerated. However "grossly e*agg. rat?-d ' the valuation of the IlrRAin may appear, It is nevertheless strictly correct If we take the market price of Central (or what It was on the dsy our article was written,) as the standard, t'le valuation of the other stock" follows of course. We did not my that <>alena and Chhago wa worth 450. sun ply because we were not prepored to admit that Centra ? a worth par. U'e took Central as the sttndard, and the price of the other stock* follows, as stated by u?, a? a matter of couise. We know of no better rule to Ji.'lge of a s'ock than by its productiveness? Its ne' profits. I) Is net denied that the present financial years besinen* of the four roads mentioned as officially reported and e* tir.ated ami as appealed in detail in the articla al luded to by the Trtfmn'. shows the foil-wing result New York Central earns q ,?.r ^ Chirr go and Rock Island. ... 10 " Micl .iran .-out hern XI " Galeae and .. 3D '< N I w, we beg to say tha' either Central at #4 is too l.itrh or Ciet Oilcaf ' nd R/-ck Island at '*4 Michigan Southern (t 97, ?nd Galena an 1 Chi ago at 117. are too low. We stand upon the proposition as made The >t< cks roey be fig red up or figured dowa? we care not Which. ; .'her In n > " dilemma riaj be taken, as suits the tasf of the pi y h/ur'ng It amounts to the seme tliii.g. The fact ts th? editor of the 7V(fc /n* is )n Inveteiatc l>u;!, anl alway will be Hchs. to-' many f 1 lend* >n Central to all w him to ?p>-ak out his real ?eo tin e-it It not th? Am' time that hi- kl.'ly 1-p ?it ou uas r ir. ??ij w.'ij hi* Ju lgmeut and we 'ear it will not >,e toe U?>. Tur 6:s annual roes' ago' the st.wkhoi le.-s of tb> New V<k anl IV?ton Air IJr?e Kail' ad Company | s.nre the meigtng into It, by an act e? the Ma?a obusetto of the corporation of the Charles River road, was oArvened at Mlddtetown, Connecticut, ou Wedueodajr la?t, for the parpo-* of receiving vari ous reports, and of electing ? new board of directors. The object of the projectors of thin road, it will be re membered. is to construct a road between New York and Boston, which ahall be the shortest and most direct; and hence It* name of "Air Une." Between New llaven and Boston, according to the survey, there will be a Having of twenty-five miles in distance over the ahorteet rout* at present travelled, and. owing to the light grade* and curvatures, it is estimated that the rate of speed can be a? arrauged as to effect a saving of about an hour and a half or two hour* iu the time now consumed in making the journey between the two cities. The meeting was numerously a 'tended, about uine tentlis of the whole atock subscribed for being repreaent e<l, and entire unanimity of view and purpose appeared to prevail. Hon. Clias. R. Alsop presided. J. S. .Stokes, Esq., treasurer of the company, read the treasurer'* re port, from which it appeared that the sum subscribed for the construction of this road thus far amounts to $9&J,:<00, and that the expenditures were $730,205, leav ing an unexpended balance of subscription* of $?11,096. Of this expenditure, a Urge portion has been made in Massachusetts, in which Stale a distance of eight miles of the road la completed, and four miles more ready for the rails. Be-ides this, fifteen mile- have lieen about half graded, and a considerable amount ol work has been dune both in Ithode Inland and Connecticut. The several reports were accepted. That of the Chief Engineer, (T. Willis I'ratt, Esq.,) embodied a large amount of statistical and other Information, from which the moat flattering prospects of remunerative success might be reasonably Interred. Mr. Wliittiker, who teprrsented a considerable ainonnt of the Massachusetts atock, suggested that In the election of the new board of directors, it would be advlsablo for the stockholders of the several States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine to confer among themselves as to the nomination of gentlemen whom they might deem best suited to represent their interests. This proposition was at once assented to. The whole number of director* to be elected was thirteen ; but It was decided to elect only ten at tha present meeting, leaving three vacancies to be filled at an adjourned meeting; and It was understood that these vacancies would be tilled by names of gentlemen in the State of S'e* York. Various pieliminary and formal motions having been disposed of. the stockholder* proceeded to ballot with the following result Connecticut ? Charles R. Alsop. K. A. Russell, William K. Smith ami J. K. English. Ithode Island ? Daniels. Whipple, and Hiram Allen. Massachusetts ? J. V. C. Smith, (present Mayor of Boston.) Arllmns Newell, and Joshua H. Tobey. Maine ? lion. J. M. Wood, M. (I. Another meeting of tho stockholders is shortly to 1m* held, with the view of making such further arrangement* as may tond to a vigorous prosecution of this important line of railway commuication. The Carbondale (I'a. ) Slomlnnl unl say* that the I'elnware and Hudson Canal Ctmpany contemplate a locomotive road from that place to l.mesborougfi. through Frost Hollow. Herrick, Ac.; that the survey* have been made, and that ground will be broken pro'ia bly next spiing. The grand object of this road is to reach the Western market with their coal, where the de mand for anthracite is rapidly increasing it being exlim sively useil in furnaces and forge* as fir West as Ohio; beside* the Immense and increasing consumption for cu linary ami heating purposes everywhere in the West, especially in Western New York. A railway Is also in contemplation from fanesborough direct to the city of Albany. llie Chicago I'rmt says that tlio Chicago, St. I'anl and Kond du I Jic Itailroad is in operation to Woodstock, McHcnrv county, fifty miles from Chicago, and 1* doing a fine buhine-i*. This was formerly called the Illinois and Wisconsin Railroad. During the embarrassments of the last year it suffered severely in common with other roads ; but it I* now progressing with energy; and it is expected thut it will be finished to Janesville, thirty-eight mile* from Woodstock, by the first of January next. Kive thousand tons of Iron have recently been purchased, and several cargoes of It are already on the way. This amount of iron, It i* thought. Is sufficient to lay the track to Janesrilte, and also extend the northern division of the road from Waupun to the junction of the Mllwaukie and Iji Crosse Railroad This latter road will probably be completed from Mllwaukie to the junction by the tl rat of January, giving us by the Ijtke Shore road a direct communication with Kond du Iac on the first of January it is thought that the road between Janesville and the junction of the Iji Crosse road can bo completed early iu ? be spring. 1 he negotiations for Iron and the progres sive basi* on which it has been put, have been effected principally by the persevering efforts of lion. William II. "g'len, president of the road, within the last few months. Any one who will examine Its location on the map, and inform himself as to the character of the country through which the road passoi, will be satisfied that it will be one of the best road* entering the city. Its early completion is therefore a matter of much public interest. Mock Rxth?(r. .ti',0 '70. . '70. tlooon In I a* Vh. boo llfMt .In 1). 1< 0- 0 Tenfl'a, '?0 WO 00(J4) do ?(! 0 Virginia #'h.?3 10000 M<> 8?....t>:t0 2?ooo <io.. *J7<|<)0 do.. 10000 .lo,. 3?xk>o do., 5000 on., 1000 Oil 7 ?, 20o0 Olty 5'n KOO Erie ooti lw'71 4000 do '.0000 Eriel>*'76?l-in MMO do c ll?K) Miil?tm'. lino AitOO 111 I nKkl>?. :tO SJSOO do *4 15000 J.i b!S0 5000 lllf tm, with pv 5000 do bOO fi nlm Flk New Vork 135 Mwhunio' Hank. In Ilk Mate N York 50 < <irn h xch (tank 20 Ocean Hi' nk 18 Mero'l* Enltk. '.0 inland (Ity Ilk '.50 ('union Oo, , . , ?.'! 82* MX US', U4\ or Ml', !'l HI B1 00 ?0\ 8?l loo 8<l% 80 85 MJt 87 X 70 % 7#'i 80 80 '? 81 12? 113 107 li ri 85 107 >i 81 MX -I'i 2?X 26 ?J4X 18?i 18 ', 18 1; 100 io".v 38 V 28", 2?i>, BXCOKD 61<X)0 \ ilfioia 07', IVOOO III I en bd?..?3 80 47 vh Hk O.mineree li* 100 1 anbia Coaipaay. 24*< 1500 Nlc Trun?lt wl 18 \ 100 do b-'tO lw no d< ]*y loo do >:t l%\ 100 do 'rffl lc , MO do I >00 ID 1' 0 i umb '"'?I ifi?. do. I?i i) *4m ,b80 ?.':o 400 400 do, a) o do 100 do. 100 do 700 Nle Transit Co.? 300 d r 800 MO Pnu) (? al Co., . . 600 Ho M*0 1120 Cumli ?.V*I Co, ml 100 do e 60 <t Wl .4)0 do. , l<?> .to. .i? 0 do. 3i0 ?|o. 4&0 tifj. .W? 2#* .irnwk W, r . ,.W? 27', . *? 28*< I k.'|i*v, October 6, 1855 ? 160 #i1ih I ii mt j CI Oi 'J' 100 do *'10 200 do *00 100 do w 260 do 100 Ward i.'oal Co. . 2fl '. Erie HR 101) 21)0 I no .0|* . . .0 . MO blO .till .. b3 400 450 Inn 200 200 100 5)0 600 50 5 Oal At Clii. 401 llarlein UK. 100 do... ?jo do . . ? , ,.Ui| ReadinK RR.*4"1 do do e ?'*? do boo do t>.>0 IfW 50 do ?.00 Hud RI* HK. WV<) 10-1 <>" ^ ?iO0 '1? Sto Mich So fc N ?? KH ?JOO Panama RR 100 do... 60 111 On RR 100 ?. 160 100 do #7 ri?tith At RR 150 < ;I?T"1 RR 500 60 ' 8 Ml.'h ?'?n RR ?? ?? JOCblcfcRl RR.ulO BOAKP. tiKi *h? too :?> 100 ?M t 55 85 55% 66 55 .-.5 W'< *10 bao Hll 117', l>40 21} t5U v> s 0.1 'M*4 ?'J.S 04 04 >; 375< ITS M . . . 1?8^ ?00 JO.*., ?.?) W4 ,,r a.;', . *3 0. * 93 MO 8'J i.'H 04 )t Erl? RR. npjr do bW do bOO . . blO lOo do 6"0 Ilarlrm MR. 10") do t>^0 tt r?n*in? RR 108 60 do M) do *3 300 do !i.V) ?0 RR I'iO Ah .... *n ?JH Hod KIt !'.K ,l.'? ?ib I. Hi k '"hi. KH. 200CW.?*I d RR ?:s 60 do. ... ?'W 65', 55% 55 % 66 56% ?Z'. t 2'.% ??i % 'J.'. % 26 >2 1*4 '?4 ?'?7% CITY TRADE REPOItT. fHMY, '?et. 6?8 t'. M. A im.?TUe market wan ijuiet, with price* m .re uu . hai.^ l. MijAimri rr*.. ? Flour? T>te market wan nboat l^'.^-per bbL bi|bi r for all f""d r' tnnj. ri un.l medium gt ? ? - The ??!?" Includwt f?)x'Ut 1.' i*)0 * 1'. 000 bbU iool'idiaf l iU t?>r ?-?p?.rl and 1 iMl tiblii u. trrlT* In S?Ttnk?r, a: p. t The Uari artionn enabra<r?it codnMB to fancy and i-x'ra Mat<* it I' IM > 68 J, Wi-^iern ini\e<l fan^y an I >>rdl n?rj- jpadM of ft'rx at 67 87 ?> 37 Oeaadian ?i- !rt tan n-.,ue?t. *ithm?- Of about 080 bbla., at 4' l.' l' 12K f r -up? 'fln* and ?-*tra. *tonthTn 8<>nr In f niard at irmer rat*", with aale* <A1 -tJO a 1 ">'*) ? Mlf* ranffiriK from *8 i'> i *10 an l.ii -f O'1 i -xail w?-i? held at 610 Rf- Bour? W*/ i 8-*) bhk. were aoM at #5 60 a M 76. ' ..rn t'.ea>? 64 a 64 75 ?a? a?kel t'.r J.ew Jer?-i Wheat ? The market ?a* ?ery aett?? ami free aale- ?er? made whieb toote< nj)( tocl idiog lota 'o , r*' ar.-! tti? Wot, ab" .? ??O.0OQ a 6ft, OnO buaMla In IndinK We?tern #1 80:. 61 So tb"rB re.| at 61 8>'t ? II Vi. wh ' ??. , 4. 10 *? - pin.' an' (anadtM .1" ?' H ?? a ii !'? . 10.000 bwbela red TeMt?*W tn rilr? ?? $: !*| ' fi ? rhe -a'e. mitiltoel a H.'jt 30,')00 a 40,00i> I ?t 8? :i 81?. ibe latter ftenie for priii." |iji tjr i.f ? Av>.i?t 8.idO a 8 181O ?'i?.iei< were *'.id a* 61 18 a 61 ?) t.w Niirtberti t?> utbe'ti vaa at 61 14 ae 1 Ji/iO I lie Northern were bo i*ht )'? arrl?e at p. Oat * llntj wtth a>?. at 41r .45 for -ta'? lo t Wax era O m? TV mark*.* aa (iilet an! aa ?? ?n ill. A u'. Maiaeailao were xiM ?'ll%r alii ??? 4M mataofJava, "14 at 14X' T*?ere wa?n tbir* ? i>? i? . m lOj'K ???? n Ki towe -Tltf ?a ? ? 'ea< he.| aboqt 1 :.*n i 1,600 be: 7 bi market el? -e 1,11 te ??eedj. A: . n? ''?e ?. ? ?r.!P? |ot? taken by ?p aoer* but the bulk wme putt hj-~l ( ?Ip?rt > -? ?.;ir< g a iene-,| ?ajr. ">?tla el -(VM Arm ' ? . ? '>? 't 1,6# bal** < .ft tt a were MB|*t ?? 5 1'.) * %d. i *npre -?*! .?? ya.- uip-e?-*<) ml ? t w.-ta^eti, cosyt*** J, at U #J,, a, 4t lt.VMbaei w*f* engaf*! at At the clone 4s. 3d. *u d< mandM. Grain waa taken at Hj*d., and about 10# U?rre? beef at 6a. To London. rate, vera lm; b. (at damandad for flour, and 15a. for frain. To Havre flour mm ?ug.i*ad at 91, (rain at '?> cent* iier buahtd. and cottfn at lc. A ?M*el *u chartered to load for Havre with Krain at '26 rente and flour at 91. There wa? /cxxi a denuiim lor freixhte to (lermau porta, and mime cooniderahle enga(e menta were reported at fall price*. A venae! *>? char, tered ftir (Viontanttnople at 91 7P> per bbl., for flour. Afterward* ohipownur* domaudcd 9- |n-r bbl., for flour, and 9 'I for uroviaiou*. To lluttthur^ Nome meaaureiiieiit good* were taken at 36e. To California rate., were ntead/, at 36c. ? 40c. per foot meitunri nvnt Hat.? i^ales were ina-le in a moderate way, at 70c, ? 75c. Iboiv wax unchanged. Ijui> wim tii m. and generally hell, for all kin In, at ?Jfc. Mnit^w waa unchiingivl. but quiet Navaj. Sioium were inactive uud pric>'? aomewhat uu ?ettled. Hvovnoim Pork? T)>e nalea euibruccd about 4<t0 a f.00 bbl*., part to arrive, and the remainder in Miiall lota, at 9 !fli 37 for new men*, and 9-1 a 9-1 ilft lor prime. Beef- ? N?le* of aliout 1W) bbla., without rlianire in price*. Cut meat* were near re, anil nominal. Ijkid ? i'lie tales out braced about 4'K) a 600 bbl?., at 119(0- a 12c. liutter and cheeae were nnehungeil. Kicr. ? About 150 cA*kit were aold, chiefly for export, at 5c. a and 100 bugx I'atna, on prlvule toriua. Spu i?>. ? -/i Iu?h pajiper were aold at 11c., and 20 do. pimento at 1-j^c. Sic.ah* weie dull, and lieyond small lots to the Jobber* we heard of very little doing 100 hlida. Cuba muacnvmlo wi re cold at 7 ',,e. Toiuim Ihi* article ia lea* active, owing to the large buidne** of the previous w.-rk ; prlcea lire without varia ti?n. The sales included '>J i , li.t-. K> :>t 7 a 10' 4e.; JUKI oal"n Havana at liUc. a :Mc. ; 100 bale t Cuba at p. t.j 74 canea nee.lleal at 7',c. a l'J'ic. Wiiihky.? The market ??f active and higher. The aale* rem lied about 1.000 bid*., including Ohio til 41', a., and State prison at 41<?c., and .small lot* of the latter were reported at 42c. Wool. ? f'alea lia?e lieen rather light holder* lieing unit* firm, and lnanutacturerx not tieiug disposed to pay the lates demanded. About 10,000 lbs. Ileeee and pulled, in Iota were disponed of at 30c. to 4fic. per lb., according to quality . The supply of domestic is large, but the stock of foreign is greatly reduced, and high price* abroad will not admit of Importation*! at present. ADVEETISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. THE TURF. rlKNTKKVIM.K COURrtK, L. I. ? I'ACINM.? Tl'KHIIA Y. t Oct. 9, at 2 o'clock P. M. precisely, match for $2,000, mile heats, In harness. Ueo. 8 p leer names ?. Hero; J. Wheloley name* r. g. Pet. The above match Id pav or play, ami to be a good day and track. JOKL CONKL1N, rroprlok>r. (1KNTRBVIMJC COUR8K. L. !.- TROTTINtl.? WKIH J neaday. Oct. 10. at 3 o'clock? -Match $fi00? Mile beat*? Ilea Sin fl.? Jamea Wbelpley name* h. u. Young Kmperor. In bar. ue**; D. Pilfer name* b. m. Katy Woodruff. to hti lb. waicou JOKL OONKMN, Proprietor. C1KNTRKVIIXK t'OURHK, L. I.? ' TROTTINO.? Till HH ) day, Oct. 2ft, at 3 o'clock? Match, $1,000, two mil* heat*, in harne**. George Hpleer names b. k- Prank Korreater; llirau) Wood Mi>1 name* r. m. Utdy Kranknn JOKL CONK LIN, Proprietor. RKD KOUfiR, -TilTS F4.TORITB PI. AUK OF r?toort Im now lo complete order, and ready to Aooonuao late the Hportljix mid riding public. The (iotiiu n an>l luiuc ia^ liail C'ubi o lay on the beautiful gieeu attachad u- U*e ani mtioid much Hport the tlmtei h of tiii* boauUfu. j Tbe bent (4 relieshniciiii alwayn on han<i. WU.LIAM A. BROWN, ProprteU*. UNION OOURHR, L. 1.? TROTTING? ON KRIDAY, Oet. fi, at ft o'clock, P. M.? Match, $1,000. p.ay or pay, mile heat . bent three in five, In harnom. II. Woodrult namus blk. m. lMa<k Bma, W in. ttliute name- bl k Itluc Morgan. 8 JAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. Broad rock, richmoxd <va.) raoeh.- fau meetlnfT, will commence the necond Monday In <K!Ui ber, and ooothitie ^lx dayn. Firxt Ifay, Monday, fK-t. 8 ? -A ?n'ocp#f/ike~ for all atfBM, $600 RiibnertpUoii; proprietor to add II u* V; lour mile Healt, c I -?od with ten nubncriberit. Hecond !>ay. Tuesday? A HWewpntakeM for three year old*, $W*U subscription, mile hen'-, closed with threo siid* rlhern. Hame day , Kecond rare? A sweepstakes tor three year old $200 ? ub^criptlon. rvillo heat-, clo-ed with eUht Miibvrlbei <? Third Pay. Wednesday? .bxkey ' I?ib pur? $.??)?>. three mile heate. fiame <lay. weeond rac?>? A *weep takft l??r lour year old*. $300 uub-scrlptMi, two mile be?K cloaed with live Mubncriberx. Fourtii Day, Thursday? Pi oprletor'n ptu>e, $U00. two tnlie heai Fifth Hay, Friday? A sweepstake- for <h <?e yeuro'd*. $5iK} tub fi ipUon, I -ii ?? bee ? <? i n li Heme day, hecond ra? e ? A ^weep-<ake* lor ontrled th ee *??/ old#, $100 ttutiM^rtptiou, mtlo heat*, clo$>ed wlUi elulit - ib nciibe?M. Htlth I>ay. Saturday? Proprietor's purae, $600, three mile beat-, forbor^ea only that have Htarted In Mime r i'-e during tiie a eek . Weight* to be handbrappe. l There are at present thirteen utahlcs In training ^te uboye meeting, exclusive ol thr>*e rttber stables expected to arrive before the races. This will undoubtedly prove one of the finest meettiucs ever held in Virginia, nn>l *orue ol the heat Oiorou^'librt d horae* will contend tor the above pur ^ and nweep^take^. OAl.VIS OKKRN, Proprleu>r. L()MT A\D Korivn. l^OUND? A VALUAWMC Of?LP TRINKF.T ISUr NIN - F Ita/aai . ftlft llmadway, which the owner can have by provin * property ami paying for this notke. fpOL'ND? MSAR TIlEnTY IIALL, IIV A MTTI.KOIKL F u small um of money. The owner <an have i? ??/ ii iu at the Hecood ward station houae, on proving [>> -operty and payitiK exjiensea. I^OI'ND? A PO? KKT BOOK . < 'nST A IS 'N'<; M'VK'v F and other nrUcle- The owner can ?t by r iliiri ; <*n Captain ?). Murra\ !?>'?? .?* . I- ?? .< IidUtrict u?ti??n * u No. y Oak (street. Loht a larof incwroiiNtii.Avn *n?i kr<>. Waahioaton Oa^deo, Wi'llaouiburK. I h#- r ,r /t the i o s black, wch white tips on hl? u>et atei tail W ivjrte srill re. ru Mm will be initabiy rewa^ iod. IOST - \ nnAi'KI.KT, OS Tliri'-D \Y M . J about Ho* lock, In com? ?r f . ? urth ?free- *h Ifoeerv A libera: reward Mill be ?; ?eu by re uruuif t '<? toe above number. ]- c ?.-T ? ON MONDAY. 24TII Vl.T , FROM T HE STF A M j er CHenrove. ci?int!ii< from oynter Havto P??k p a ? n * cloOi bag, i ontaiulri4 various artl? l#? of hame*?. .* The l)n ) er will Im* liberal]} rewarded by leavtrn* it with i?*e < .?*rk the boat 7 O.-T-IN WA1.I, .-TRIKT, N K Ail IT MM. OS HIR Id 4Ui In-t., a porlem inna'" '? i nln* Hif? '???? ' Kioek. sixi twenty dollar* In gold and ?iii? n? m>j i v. ?ultablr rewarded by leaving ih? ?.ni-|a' S ? .m ?? "Iflce, Tn Wall street*. T < -T? A MEXICAN I'# SKY HARK <:nt.Olt, * Wlirn I j aurn p hw ami ?< in ? .u ;?? k ??.| t '?ye*. lona tin. iwowhi . * liberal ?<**' 1 ?nl >,.? an. i bj re anting the i'love <i I'll VS. Ml r.KKY I " I 1 i u on Pra>p?rl plan, hum wb ere II wi?? l.? I OUT? A SRI.F OPKNIVO -<rf.k IMMRir,!.* Wa - J lelttn a inuri i wi 'ur I'll 1 It'i li . ?' T pereon who luii II wit I " i ?? a unlf'l "?i iu.'i 1 ?? it 'it ly ii K?lii'.?d ? <.ni(iaDy'? .dUce, near ^ u "J ? ?*;. ? IfiPT- OX PRflMY KllMSU, IS' POP R Til \ V K V ' 1 ; J In il Twel' li h -tupi vrli ,i *.l 1 ? I i ? ! will be reworded on leartaf It at So -X# twnnU ?n-r . >loonmm Four b avenue. CTRATKD FROM THE F\RM OF .1 XVI' If I ' is O tin' 24 In-t . ? dark >>? \..r? . ?Wi .in i .il . hendehub. Whoever retains aaid horse, or will *!re liifortna 'loo wber>- he ran be found, w ill .? *ri . .. In .1 A MF> III S 1 Kit . W. v. n i . ' y , < i line. y. V. S1RAVF.II OR HTOl.KV-raOM M9 HoWKRY '?? I If ereiilnxof OfMober 4 a brown bora. .-e . .? w.i ABJT periwo reMroia^ or *1 ? m?- Inform i.on . ii ? ? i i? orally reward-i. WaI.TI'K R WaI.HP. i > ii? Howery. HOI SEK, IIIIOMN, U % VTKU. 4 HOARIiJN'. flOt M; WaN'I Ii I.SV O'.'l' II v\ ?? a ?I|.?. . ' .>*1 H li 'II ? . * |1'I< i heap, may bear of oos Wl?iini< |? *?r? . e by ?ldre? 1 1 \. H. I lli rnl'l nflirp. \PHVHK'f A V A -TI.'KKNT OF MAM VUKifl tlfi?, nti't i|>raklnt I'rcrml I in. ..>/?? . ? 'r* morn .?n Oi" n'rw-i floir u>-ar WmWux'oo vj'iar' >r :n Uw !>??! I ar'k ol Uic city. A? !ir liaa bu' * ?ei ? *m?.' i w . ' i> nipy hl? tlB"- wlih l?? hlns. If he ? i?n t lino a i. vpec'able family. A<t4r< 1 A /..If. r?. : nOlHF WANTKIt.-AXY P*??O.H IIWl* . \ > S Ten.e?t two 'ir three ??r>ry i mi?e 'n " tn . i i el?bborh'??i wl'bln a kbori .li?iain ?, ?.i ? ? ? "? Il . i.**af "I a km?I rnarii bj aiMri -in< a ! i" hi 0 I* I' . > i e?vin? It ?i the Herald oflloe. TJART <IK ABOI'hR WAVTKI) ? OKiK HAtl Of < rw I or tbri'.1 ? or? boua? > > .ted ? -|" ' ' " - bood, by a family altbmit hlMr- . I* ?? il H.i lierael oO-e. ??????< term*. ? no < o'.i t U ? fiar1 oi ihe<|i? (ireferi^-l. 'piiK u?u kr part op ? urn -k w v n . I IMf Iba modern liaproTrmen . .- 's , r 4 . '"raa?. .ta mk iUoti and 'erm ' laiiirb u - II A. I> ltroa )w?y I'r .t o:l ' I WASTKD-AS KI.KOAXl II llM-iim l!ul I ! , aa aiM-xoepunable tenant .. i> r. y nc. Hr kiw i and aa* abovw Twanw ibinJ t? i e.i m ' i iaM|ier nxiti'li wtll *>e jjirro fot i li . . A'l'trr?? bot .1 ii. i Po*t M ?. II* AMKKTOUFNT-A -M i f I. TW UK ~ Tf BMM ? n'aininl ib? modern blililliiwaall in a f? ?par labia li?iKh ?>rlio -I baiweea Mr' ' n and 1 . ci " a'reet*. an I lie 'ween Third ? ??>. !?. . t'i pun I.i.idi ftiri, iralu'be bouu ? f > 0 \ 1 1 * A It ?*? J.;*# Poa- ? f. ?. TirA?TP!i-A er?r? xk. * ? r _ Tf di. r i1 DKMMIO. / ' ? ' pop r ?< turrxft i?kh . r " JT ?' real, ueu ilr ^. tn? Kaa . ? .> ' ."1 ti.? [ *?t <r.nrire-i ?e*r? ' e?t. f *a #ed in ' ' > ? e |i?? I rk ar>l Hi iv , ? a >?a :hai. ? ?!* ia ly rharfei to be r j (umnhlnf 'b? itae atylaof Work w'.,. <i r or irtli<y.tant?n* ba a< ?[ aa.e? v.e ; r < ? ? ? ?? heret/.f./re i-baiY'd "o de?^?> Pe at br a' Iwe-.', are rMI-eovfo fi "r ?ncacemaw^a ? <ewitar? Ha ? ? n, >. I, l.i' .imai 'o kl wi 1 o.a ' f?? h'-. w ('t int u4vr? T'i" a 1 etoe o|". > ha pmfeaaiaa. lwrna - L-.rar a tea. T*rrn? ^ijr ijou 1 i wbnle <?*' ??'*?? ?- 1 f<>m ptera rw . ree?.- >-i w: ? 1 ansiae aeo^n v r?i? Il ???.* evai tV re ?;*? y iot .^-l . a r? RMn 111 . /"?OTTA'lg Aim r AI*'"T Pl kKITUKI WtXU' "iK*~ ' a' H.*'*Je?j ni, a ,a * * ?. ?* i.? af ??*r^ t t e'aai.a . 4* . I - ?-.??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ' tii M ?-???? a rad ?! ft ? a? (T.nrj t. a '?'? "*a. na'kaa?a?. ?--rwt ?<???? a awa . ifaar.?r?r# F* f'R MT'"RP ? P 4 RT f A **T ? tbe*^ b"-,*e*>el I Tj r ? *a /-a * 1-w* *? tt*l lr*4?l.-if. A- vt> .f ? -a- ?#a^i?-.?. a. a' a fat >w??, b/ aiMroMk | A A UP. - ^ , O e?t Ke^uk,.. ftia 34 aa.> , AT At cnoiv, I Auction noticic kink ahtk.-okkat halk or tne oU pAittUftfC-KDWAB!) M'lIKNCK will aeU At turtkm.ou >ri?1a> and Halurday, tfcwiber 5tb aod *tb, At 10 ro,,oai- >* **Ji ?plendld roJ!#*U#?o of oU paintang* now on view containing beautiful auectmeuaof the Belgian, Kngtuh and French s< boofta, also Mvertl Aniertean views, tAkon (mm nature at high %r ? ttstirji) ve^ae, also ancient original picture* of greel m?r1< aUo * fiiw fine plctnree belonging u? an ret* i?% A< The catalogue will contain full description# of each picture, and win ue roady tin WrdnMiy moralug W? leave it u> eonn>taM*?nrs ailu? UMim to judge of the veme And beauty <a Una enU?<et|<iii. nm ferrlng Uaie course to the genera! rule of aucuou Advertiae menu. ? ACCTJON NOTICK-J hooart auction kkr ? wy H KOU a RT? 1 hlsdav. at lld' t he Auction rooin?,eor in r ol Frankfort and William streets, mortgage ale, large as?ort merit of household furniture, mahogany sota^ l<m tig-* la rg?i i># of oarpeo*. mahogany chair*. wiboow curUlio*, splendid Targe flower va^ n, engravings, oil paintings, lar?f mlrr ?r French plate; hat st attds fancy gilt clocks. ianry pam<?*l lr< b<?. Ulead* res liter bed*. woollen blanket*, hair iiMUrauts, French ami other hedateiul* mnali lot of fancy good*. Alain, the ?toek * bookseller. Also, at lnv? o'c.ock, the content* of it 'ar tlng toUM' III llOUSlon Street. Auction notick -important hwrnvu hai.k of rich cabinet furniture, Ac., removed tor eopvrolfltior ol liln to om - N ? - JOHN W RUfltlKIX AiK'Honcfr, by Day, Russell A Co This day (Saturday* a 1M>? o'clock A. M., am Above, by order of A. it Warren ks?|., ft superb Assortment of rich and ttlaiti rosewood mah s?uy, oak. Ida -k HAiuut, enamelle 1. an ] oUier luriuturti l??r parlora, dining room, chamber*, hAils a-, rbla sloe] hAsbeen m moved from ? flmt Claw Htnre up town, and evury l ?i ?y?!eri*?f on the ra alo^ue mUMt be poalUvcly miI?1 u? the bt client bidder Thone In want will do well U? rati and cxAinm** tlii* ???<? k 'I erina i Aah. (looda purcluiaod to ioavc liie city can bo pat ked on tin* pr? Jm. Auction notick -thoh sku< au<?tionkiir.? liy KKIX A HI'hH ? Tbta day, a< 10 o'clo. k, iri our .*!?*-? rtitxni, will be aold, for a'-count ol whom il may coiu-erti, and to clone the aale of j/ooda. by order of administrator, compiia IniK fu nil t ure, five mperior nofaa, three HOfa bads, two miU ex ti nwlon dining tali laa, ten carpi ta. Hi* bureaua, Fi ouch ? !<?ck fen mattreiaeii, nine French bedhead*; nJwo n utock of dry Mooda, ml.llnery mid fancy artb'iea, lUOboxea Kouda for balU and partlea, artlflclAl flower*, ruehara, Ac At 11% o'elnek, will be ?old the balance stock of a watchmaker and Jeweller. inrludm?? Mime line watrh^a, chain-*, i?Iuh, rin4? aiWar aiwi plated ware, Ac. Alio, by vfrttio of a Judgment, four tplcudid watchea, one ?un, two rifles, a valuable dinner *ct? l.'MJ pleoef; fifty b<?*ef?i?egara, a quantity of tobacco? Ac. ArcriON ? TtTNIH MtiKKKI.L, AlfCTlONICKK ? Tlllrt morning, at lt)l# o'oh^k, at Hi N.iM*au atr?*pt, furuKure, rtch and plain, iu larKe variety, rosewood, Ma< k waiuut, ma botany and oak, for narlorn, cluiiubcrs, dining rtnmi*, Ac, ; hIko magnificent French plate mirrors, for pier and tuant?u. two superior oil nalntlng*. with forty clwilco palntimp*, all gold leaf framea, Grecian, Ac ; bedstead*, dressing bureaus, with marble tons, superior extension dining tables, with an endlens stock oi useful and fancy artlclen At commencement snd d u rlrg the ?*ale, various fancy goods, jewelry, Ac. (treat bargains may be expected. Also second hand furniture, from a family \UCTtOW NOTIC1 in' CK Of DRT OOODH. William Topping A Co., J- ilrnad street, will sell on Tueada> next, Oct. 9, at their auction room, a targ<> and valus ble stock of dry goods, rompHsln/F a gr?r?t variety of rlbnomi, hosiery, laces, nllk-i, satins, rnllllnerv jjikhIm oi h!1 i*1? scrtptlous, and oi hi' i dry goods ill iu g<**l oraor. and o be M>;d !-.t ? vWi wiiboui reserve, to clo*e a < on- ?*rn. To inillinerH ? Al o h large quantity of cap tabs, bonnet linln v and ntliei ; v '. , for milliners. The above is an entire sunk, having cemi over 912,000, sod Will be fOttlid well worth\ the at*etiUon of our customer* , and the trade generally. I'aiatogue-i and ? *dn ready ? arly on morning ol *aie. \UCTtOM NOTICf.? M DOlT?IITY, AUtTlONKKK, will sell, this day, at in1, o-dm-k, at the s ite* room No Ti I 'enire street, a lar.-e and general n nortrnent ol !?? ? i? ? . I turntttirv ?. fau< y artlclc* . ,1c,. v t 10 do/ u i vu .<< rc.v nut* cbalfs, sofa*, rocker*, French and rottaije bcdste^it*!, bui?* ni4, wiixbstanils; 131 ba'M", htn-V und nn ??-. inn' "" ? ?J?i l?- I lounge- , wardrobe m. luw k ^ , ?*?ntr.\ v ird and dining an invoice of pearl Inlaid rTock?', oil J?auitlu^4, ?,hlna v.? * < ivorv cutlery. . |f Alaoth** lurnltur ?m>1 a 'amllv r >-nt .v? r : .?m Blcecker afreet? carjo tt- cooking -to.e, (.<? bJ.i./. ?? ?>< ?mv and giann ware, worthy the atn tifion of luc -? ?u l b. trade. 4 UtrriON NOTICK W A. I'Al ll l' WU,!, i 'MI day (SaUtnlavt, at 10 o'c!i?< k a ho H; *???(!?.% ?? out reserve, for account of rouc*me?|, ? ^ ? ,f si , - . wines, irul's lea i, liar -niture, bed rl -'luUtf Ac wrh It) i ? - of assorted read v uuole cJo hlng. Auction notick -.tohn houoh Msi.nillcenl andco?<lv hou-" , ?il j u t ru, ? *rv I - e* wornl parlor "*tll?s, heavv French |?U e j?|cr av! ov ntin r * . fierlor re?^w*<s4l planoftirtn ape try, vet aud H"i >1 -?< petff, oil nalut.ngs, ?i]vsr ware Ac. ?J, fbei#b w sell t wi .? ?ut res?irvat on. the - ii'li e rauten ? of iJie <?]<?*.*/!?: v f irme ? I ??<) d?si< e. 7't Murray . iilur t i - I . ? ? r win, atlofgA. VI The hou ?e i< eofnpi**'4iIy fur:< U?*d Jiro if. "at. and the goo-la were eiaUreiy new on ibe 1?t of Msv ?? A l?arf ll?.l In herein colitaaned: ? Two Ca-ved r<*M.w<??H| < alii ?one in crln^on, and green u??* <,'?er in rhrM an' gn*en broeal* 1, ea b. consisting o ont *"fa ?? i-i easy < ?> ur , Jour medal ih>n back chain* and one OothJc r? -epu'-o chair, mu, winni 7 oe'ave pianoforte, of beau'iful Uiiie, in a tiMlUjr flnishad \fr, and fully w vrraotcd by the tnak r. \-a??usW <Ct? 1 *{-.??< ?ry velvet carpet*. Afmiuccr rugs, le<iy'? ?-*tto r- lo*i?aU 'uily inlaid thro ig/inut, with mlrr >r d e.egvuily *tegere, Rilrrtir fWmt And ba- k, psnier ma? be and Carli h nJ tables carved rm# a I centre ar.J? n, wf?h ? a uarf nisdua , 'nan lorjp French p'ate pier an t ova? mUr>? 4, hs.?* ^?l ? b?, aof^ and ulcr t ibn?. r a ? -1 l.<M?k, r?.rn r ? ?? ;c; ?? oid siar.'U rich He v re ? .a*?'a. panan mar ?> and d , ? ? -'a ?<?Ary a cIkiic' cotlect ?ti Of oti ua4u ng^ ?in ra ing f? ?iii <na line and game plee?i by well tu iwn artK'% \ ?.u,f v-rr Pine portraits an<l lsndscabe* on p??rcf an, f ?sily a- w ?, low drapery gilt runm ?V?c< r.v i aliAueit I ri Uir ^ain tars- ftoaewond stall Ui iiro* at-rl, rnah(*gaoy d ? In Ualr< ioJi ?ruaaeis and ingrain enrj-ete. ros**w*??*l asvl ma . -ttcany ou reatis, bedvads and w ssb?> amla, ehn.a n?t ae's, **%ay a i I rocking cIia rs, mahogany spraig sea' cb%lra, b-%v> iaji inn resw* French coutilerpatnas, gUt mirrors )x iM?rs and pll lows, lare and lit tlm cumins, inA'^igany ci?nUe and w .f* aI des, rane ea\ n,? r? Inning r**?ii? Otfti* dinner ae? of Uu piece* dcr.,r.? ii-a HfU silver <?r* .< ??.** vers, < is ?*r- i tk a?k* ' i t?.rks wp.-.'.'*. A" , c a* j.ivt w vre, ?? >t y outlei > , d'uilng 1 v* ,i tanlfM, m\'><<^a , d -ung < bait s, %c , ,t?- The iMhi* will po^piv** and wuh ut regard to weA'h er CaUi guescan I e o .taine i at im bou*'* ?r + th? lie ? of ui auctioneer. N ? To U.-.-k o s *. ? <? f. ? ,?, , A de oi: required from all part !? n:m. U< TION M?TICK .!< iSfcPlf K -MITH A < 1 lin street, feurfh bou -e w ,' of |tr idway, a arge a*s>irtivaeri of gentefd hnisseho.dfU''ttUnre, con U in ? larif ovai and pi**i gla^pea rich ai:verplAb d uarr rid. tea sets, ml.- a sefs, gla^i* ware, Ac. one rosewood suit, In Frerac h - mm ?e!, one do. in satin brocade, I cwwood marble tm? eiegeit do burtaua, wa^haUnds, eenlre aide and -o!% a'd^s an! marble "ps; rosewood, manojany and bjack waiuo n i testis etaainellec tM 'age uniff, rone .oida, ho*#k rm- *. ? - ? una va^es, oli pa <ti tings, t?7 >?i I* Wr . /%. .i ? arpe< n n*i ior 9 rt? ra? ingrain < rpete. ?tair carpeia, r<sls atvl - tc ; . rnaj!0|,'aiiy 'ha i/?, tablet ?- 3 ?e # ic /m, ??est hair mat(ie? A J.v? AX-I <?M I lALf wi i.i, iik: I). AT ,Vl,K-'?rv 1'UK vkhv t\m* J V .V '? II.. ? * e ' i ? < > ? . ** * ?? .? f . wind, *??**? u;??**a baodft li. . kutir.t*n U Irlt- r * ?s ! rtw ?ml4 *11 j *nr*: u?>?- twr^ 'rr?!.? i > rfU' t>?*r)o4 * ?r ra? r*?7 f?? la aonbiu or Mag.* hara#*?. virriiud kioq4, m>| j ,t ,:i t ?t!i -i. A<?" ??* > . 1 ! y, Hf4-. . *ult? !ff? a i ?iii) * ??r youth' ? ? ao'iivt <?o?tft, ?r?4 fcu?i. '?Dr m,<p f?m. v ?'no It cat ro*?Mwi?jr 00* a f I' ;?>?. '/ii** r i % *r j ).t?' ri?..*r#4, u .*.?!#? ttaed 4ottM? ar<J singta iiaraa**, com I) tot*; arm m4m ?*14ta, r?w* ir^u'Vm:*- - ? 14 1* an, '<? ?? '? <f?- wtihott? ?*>**?, fn*4a ir tl?# j .mjr *m ordbr ; ?' ?bi# appfcan ? t, tarr.*** *1 " ' k *' ' fl 1 ftfl'l ? % ? ,# ?n on Tim U Fi 4*r, * I n <r Uv. ? . wrt U ,.,1 ' T, >? ??? .i . ??!<? . , ? ? Mlli \K\<K,0, KlltU avftn i#, a#iw<*oo Ulv aii'l J >1 i ???*, H*f T? NA-1! Af? f tuVKKt- MRU t|<) BR'?U? * * I.?r, - ??;?* of :> rti nr? ?? Mm* Uf, cfrr * mi HI t >1 , 1* No v ? ?? h%Pnv\ ?? ? I* ? .? .'j fwi'jr Sr?? of a g*n?r?': a*v?ritt? ri 0 f iPHJ'iuw, boraa ? Lulf* i #rp ? ' ? ?nl a*44Uu <sr -'iry?i ?* A/* , h VJi-r J V ' ",\n Ai'i'TlOA J ' * ? i- , V! t f * *n i*i)i ?? , *J ?? rfm *? JK**rjr *l?,n Uf, a?irt*) ?#. ill/ rkw ^ A. II .? lot ur e ?k'* it 4? i 'i? ??**. h r?\Mcrjy. a' ? tI'^kkk-hv rrt*^K S 1.1 *' I ' '' >i, * i:** " N I " ? ' 1 ? ?* tiMr !? . 1 T ?*?', n ?? : '?'?-.#*? Ii# < rv -n?ix .#? *'?? of r ** i? I* * ?ii W I ;nri?i* * + > f ?# v# 4U' " *fii? <4i pmi ?' ngt nHMf 4t> ? f rra<-h ? ***? />}j ??,< ro ?' *? , .?'-i war* ^ ? ?*r*. j?. ?? ilntiU hr?< *? !a?y lifSt*. *blK ?> 4b tP0 < ? ?*irr " ? ? 1 '>'* ' * * *'* * "* ? ?? u pft'tei ? i i,W |i r - i?. ? >Uij i?" t ?(?? I j m** -??:!**&* ? "'J upr ?r#*u ,f, ????*? 1 liavir,4 i?*rf wp<hr mm aft "? fooMW 0 4^ Ka*m.? *aH j > '??/ h '? . *?*?#. M# ?? - i ?" * ua*' Mm* , , | apofi vUi? iMm r*?fc? 4 j l #r* *?? fif '.g 'i{( .-???, * f f? ?#? brawiak. si? i k? ? i-ma sm? f- i or <-mS 1 ? ?u u?..r nn I up- a '?*??' fl* pr ruj.? ?'un*? at ft')*- * ?ai?. r < *<*n rioM'Kit -t *? *r rur r ? hi*. ?*&**- tff ?" 4 f {.?#!?. !/r*b. /#? <t"*rn ' ' v ' * ' " ' ? V ' 1 ? ' ' M' ? r> - ? - "*WJ ^ f , ft Y9ff !irr??" >< $mti n*w mtA ?????! 1 .-../.if ?ir ?* ?*:'??' baM 'a ? ' mttfiiii* < ?nftl; ftt ili *?? ??<?" ' '-af-fWfii Hi iw 'V '?jsaa"#?0? ftivf : r Wf :! araHr**!)*^ tw ir?^? mfc'/faa; ^/a? J ^ ^ ?* ?-/ N?r? * ??. ft* (mm i>fiu, j lr? t*?ut ' **4' V? l l#*nak hf t|?# 4' ?/#? mir * ?r ? ? ? I* &*. I ? n*jk* : ?tteia.f mni aaaHsflMii I ft! "m < r.wr*. fw* 1 w..? Vo *?/?? aial ?ao4a atoa. v#i ; ; a# -J* of ftfi-i fagrtki# wiwii, w fwlf iAh if oii ! ? # ?? ? ?*?- ^ *?? #) ?, r'if5 nar-kft * ftk. ft^#i .Mi" %m uaMa fat 'h* ir *4* tat a . -*hmf at iram, f ff JJkh'Hy *4 4*WSK*>I * 1*1 INMVa* ^ H ? 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M A. ft IO*# f? ? ft/ >* j ul'- ' ft ?''??- * '? ?wvl r*rf r% ? r ? | ^ 1. #>- 1 ?# ?r ? c 'I '?or ?a4^t -j ? ?r a# ^ ft* *" ??* 1 1 '?'*?* " * aft ?'* .*> ? mi < '/ ' #<^4* "'m 1* "*i%? *mt 'VO f < % b 'Aft ft< -4 ? I/O 1 * Mftv A.iO/ I v.# f *i> , ft * # t r - f^aiat- ? froal ??yv4f r ?' ? ? -? ? a#a< ? ?/ m ?* ?? A * -ft. j W?i WJ* ?? Oflh'l w . "*?*>??< j nrA ftf# *? / #?;-* ! ^ - to a* *r * >(/***<<*?$ . mi t?m J a '? 'ft nl h l4?| i a v oft a . 1 F. IK EAUEB AT AUOTlCMf. Hfl. UCKDti, AU<TIONKKK-HY If. H l.Kk'D* * ? Oo., HltunU/, Oct 6, at lok o'clock, at Uu? e^lewueiB I* Kihru *\rw> stuffed bird*? A tArge collArAftn* ?f ,hif|Ai Mr da from Ail^perta of tin* world, prtaiared iu it* num* 14 Man Ha J maiuwr 10 rcprreent Ufe < otiaLilii* 0 f btrda Miody <m upriipi, f roup* and under gift** aW lea, aUo, large and ?otMI ?Mfx contAiuin# from utie to one hundred bird*. AUo, Iron* Europe * nd other i>aru of the world. Hil LVRlMi. AOCrriOMKKR.? BV II If. LkKfM A CO . ? Monday . Oct. 8, Al 11 o'clock. At the gallery over tlw ulf* ro>?n, ~ ? BfotxiAy . vet. ?. u " nor.*. ?v vn?* vaiiery ovtrttv n, 10 N AaaAu aItcc! ; ttr?i oiMiimiK ?Mile '?ri>Alnttrii(? And lujc? A very flue collection nf oritfUiaJ modern ?mi t>AJnUnf?,aa 1 ? i>j rr and idlk Attached to ( kkuc which wtll be t? md *m* #f? ?* flue upeeuiiena by Ounant, l>ub? *<|oe, fun# Van HcHmI ? ardlul, CltAiinbcaui Miid other* e?|*Aily well known. At* ?" ? numhrr tijr relflbnN Amem-en mid KngluOi or ' 1 ? ' J" , together with Hti invoice of line old cntfravlutfa. I ? WM.nunv, Arcrnowfcra.?iWM'icKRY, olahh ?I ? and 1 iiiin Oii Ttiendny, t lototier 0, At aa1c? nwoitN r?*??rl ??i re? Ifeury O. Kviuii will Hell from tU? fthelveA, in i<?t* or hy tin parka** to mill oil Acouuitf of Ik** n*< i?? ? , a laifc** .4 >~orttiM-nl of heat Kre i?eh china. Vf?., 110 I w ?* ru U trench cMna v****, tl '?? *e?a, 44]?le*ea; 'J7 pleee* f ' ' *' * 11 ? ? *, 1U j.m . ? cn do. do., II ?'Ard ??*-<%? n, . "o|f?'d, li 7 t'"n?jfn? ? ? -M toy-* n-?'?rte?f# an<l Otke Juf.f rietieli (,'oud** Ai?* ? lull **~'r'tuaiit of w f. m4 n. e. *r?d <?>tiunoi) r, 4oi) )??< Im ? ? tifei ^l?*>?w*rt>, i%4MjrU*i, A \ t'ity . ? mil. >y mi*r w??old do well t*? iU 1. 1?4 t hiH Mnlf an they will llr?! lu^t of tlw Artlelmi ??#??? 1ml ?U# i?***ll Iriwle. Ciotidm < ar? ! illjr p%rdted i??r aliipptti^. Hslee * ry 1 ?? lay. IUAU.KY A I "TIDMKU, W IM, hKM4 <>N fUTIJRDA Y ? tiKKiitiu <k . 'hm iJ, el AM lit iiA.iv , a trie* ulliiuIWi of Ntir|pi>i hiid ntod^m palnutiMH ?rnoio( wlil ti t* i? hen I of NL IVter, by I'urlo U ? ? * hrad <?f e dUiUu^ ?u4n*d hillMi culef, hy I be cehhrwted eiimt <un*Ih>? JMOllI AltTY, Al * WU.Ii HK1.L Till* DAY, ? ut 10 o'aloak, *' Tit **)?iitiu?in ??|0%re, (urttKure ft em '1 u??niy im'< mim1 ?lre?-l? n !???-<? 1- /Unriii? ooiuprhWiiif ?of*. tkt Uthlf?, hvd?t* k'f ? ?? ? .??? I, i. uiAttre<we?, otlcloOa. iiiAltlriK, mid rnrhm* other ko?m|h h?.m j o iUvp. Ms i iiorr, AiMrrrosKKH by < aorr Hiia.r?<i? ? h 111 Mill on s?mr'U?, Oct. ? lu?.?# <rk, it ?ki WlliUni ?*ei, comer ol ? f?Ui . ? U ?:?- *oi .i-<t ?*? irtumot of new eml ner<ifnl hi*i?.l furnllure. eon?>uitnc >f ?>m? o*ru <?f ^ultii, < helr?, hfd?(en'l? hed?, nmii ????<<, UU1?>?, gMiM. As. AUo, a loi of tlmtuMi'n tooln UORTOAQn RALft-V N CBOfT, AtJt*TlOHKKH ? it! t ItOKT A t'O will oil, on frut* y, <>- u>htr 11, ml It o'clock M., nt 175 W<*?t Ttilrty third ?trm't, one five hor*t power Hfciiin eniflrie, with holler* ?hefuiitf, )?elunf lour *nrv?. bellow*, "even vh'en, oto- liorne. r?ii end lit r lie-*, tmiln, KoeA. Ac., now on neid prein!w?rt, and need in Hie ho?iiiewi of b oiw< ptmi'hliijr Heir j?o?ldve. T?rm? isudi, rurr*nt fund*. Hf order. JAt'OH KIHKM, PKTKK I* A KK8, AUCTtONBHH HY HAY AUK A I'A II KK? lfi*Kul*r HiloHay a? ie of cibloat huDtiiir* for (lie (rude and faoulie- ? On heiur'ley, ?Hh ltiatanl, at lo^? o'clock, at the 314 Mroi^lwajr, Ooihlc IftlJ, he'???*?o l>tj*n* and Tea . plreeta, c-tinpri-ltiK every itf oak? ro?ew<MM|. inii)u?f(aiiy and waltiut parlor furniture, en >u^Ve. rovered In velvet (?I||*H, hro? fiN-l And halrclotb, eiieneloo te bleu ol every mal<*rlal. Mtfaa, e*?) and r'?*'klfii< ehalr*. wtrd rohew, library and ??*<-retary bo??kcAaei?, h^i?l?4<li, rirhly en* mailed ? hittnfer ?till??, Ac Al?w> a llrie gallery of oil pajnUinr** t'ate'o^u* ?at aale. .N, II ? <??m*Ii packed and ahl|>pe>t at A icaftonahle ( barge. I > K. A I ? V M A f)K ri.QTIII.Vfl ASP PlKi'K OQf>IM -A. li M fltlM' At, A It , 4n ?ton? ?*r, Ikierry, wjIj eell <m Von la > . 0? t h, At p>'a (,'rl'v k fr'K-k. aAe| dreM and over w-4 , ? ?? rncre . id iilnet pa?iu of a variety ?i i net tenia; Milk, aa*4n. ? I0U1 and v*h? t v^tte, *iiKa, aa'iriM, ?iwt ? ? ? ''iii' ' ? ! ? y ????' II' '- llfltA^a 'o . 0,1*1 !'>?? n'"ivf uoli Up in the la?e^l at y lea, auri aoldto pay iitvabMM. ^*iiKiurv?s HA1.K -W i O \a 1 , ! 11, * f-iiUirdw M f*"Urf KtrfH, I otiklyn, a lot 0 dri,.rn m t?ai'- -it 01 * I nAa A m> |.I rflliiinry, ahov *. V h?. rn, \ M?i. a' 1 1 o'? lot k, at 1 'our 1 ??'.? ? ??' , Lt ?nai hie tnaiitJew an 1 14 Wile t- ? - k urn . !? 1 V Tmrt*a, Deputy. rri :t KN<> hoyi.k, > ?'? TfON ?:rw -itoiik n?> 14 I ' ie .15 V ?. Mil li* 241 I M* uir?D **:?*+ ? , (HMtipriAUif the n?ual ?*w?r'iii?ir krj#i iq uu '*eti ? . with to " ^ n, * wo wajfotta, w ..r'rl'., u.'id or in l?or and ??et ol haruiK- ea ? p ?** V, I T.i .1 A M Iff VI N (} il'tflnN Kit, ? HOASIH.Vri hi ? , \K illtet. I I I A ? ? vin w*n At a?ic ?? ' |i< vrr h'i? <n Ha'oHiv, leirtli' r <1. at I0i, li, >h ? 1 ? >? 1. ?! n|n>,le 1 'ii he ! ? . 1* ble* * WAlli'it v^i ? * o'lAi-c he }?trv!?. hiireAUh A'.-l w,i?S''an4?. double tal iinlr ma Pi* - fe ').*"? 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