Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. S WHOLE NO. 6979. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 7, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. pOLITIOAt. _ 2D WA EtD DEMOCRATIC WHIG CHARTER NOMIN A tions.? New Tort, October 6, 18as.-At aregulsr meet ing of the Second Ward Democratic Whi* Charter Conven tion, held at the Rainbow Hotel, 29, 31 and 33 Beekinan meet, the following caididales were unanimously nominated for ward ofRcers:? For Alderman (A. J. WllUamaon baring declined)? No no ml nation for Alderman wu made. Tor Councilman? Gideon Clifton. For Aiaessor? Richard Miller. For Constable*? Richard P. Marmhali and Samuel Yates. For Inspectors of Election? 1st district? Joahua U. Abbe and Julian Botta. M district? Joeepb Manning and Carlton Foote. For School Commissioner ? Jobn Hooper. For School Inspectors? Gilbert Graham and James Plialr. For School Trustees? C. P. t-mlth and Joseph K. Doty. JOSEPH MANNINO, Clialrman. Gilbert Graham, 8ecreiarj. 6TH WARD. -AT A MEETING HELD AT ' PATRICK Breaden'i, No. 100 Worth street, October 6. Charles R Benedict was unanimously nominated aa Councilman for the ttlevetuh Council dtatrlct. MICHAEL DEWANE, Chairman. Joan Gilmabtin, Secretary. nTH WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR nomination.? At a meeting or the democratic conven tion, held on Saturday erenlng, October 6, 1866, at the bouse ol Frederick Bepper, 106 Houston street, (or the purpose of nominating a candidate for Councilman for the Twenty eighth Council district, Henry W. Colyer waa unanimously nomi nated as Councilman of that district. George Wlldey, Emanuel Meyer, Frederick Bepper, James Lamb, Henry Spohn. TH WABD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC NOMINA ?tlnn.? At a meeting of the National Democratic Council ^??inr-ent ^e On motion, the !,n%n;rUSjj,^S toi". democrat of Beeolved, That In Chy es I)ot^?^M f ? ^ ? agnU,|eil the tbetrue stamp-oppoaedio 0?t fcnaWM' SJmicel socleties-a ""^^wtoJTe'^u" wffi ^oTmucrgratU^Uon-o the gentleman wboM eieouou strenuous efforts will be electors of the district, out m wotiARTY, Chairman. Secretary. 1 _ "1QTH WABD NATIONAL aSSscr'T' " dale to represent thl?dUtricta?^?un DUNN, 1 JOHN MORan!*' j Committee. rw?t?v._f__ f/VTH WABD.? AT A PREM onffd wtrd.hcMM lO Nsttaoal DemocraUc Un avenue and Sev the house of Jsmes Murray, owjner oi s ln accord enteenth stitct, on Friday t;?ner?l Committee ot Si. cirr and oou?TT. WWA*?"*"-* Michael Cavanagh John Oaffray. Pe,?r XtV.1i Peter Mc \nally, WfcfcH. Wskh Thomas Harrison, Wm-Dall. Peter wsian. JohnBurk. Wm. Bergen, Wm. Smith. John Doyle. chartbb. _ k Wm. C.Resman ^^"tUntz, Peter Welch, Joeeph W. Lamb, ueorge w. Robert Grant, Wm. Tall, jirSlGlSson', Thomas Harrison, Paler Hatpin, iV^PrtmJv Steph.Y.Conkwrlght. William Bergen, Henig Prouuy, h council dut. ?P00??nj Wt.,oi.?^?^,OT-?m Dai I, SS XSS&SK' ?saw' Brass Peter Dolan. Wm. C. Seaman, John Peirlne, peSTrO'Nell. Alto# W. ?tttflfen, pwriER WELCH, ) PBTBR C ABM>k, > Inspectors. MICHAEL CAVANAGH. > ft! ? J?5,n H? An.hon^u^Tdmo^?at^^ c. OonrBET OOSTBBB. Secretary- ? 'SZ., W A an? FIFTIETH COUNCIL DI TBICT.? IN DE point "? " rJiMuTiud Nineteenth street, on Friday, cirtAnut'OOHTT. Thorns* Irwin, John Duck eman, Teraace Koen, Harris Wincs, Jr. Stephen O'Hara, John fcj?, Cb*rIe" UrlM,ler John Neeblt, Charlea Wright, Andrew KUleen. Wm. O'DopufH. ootbcildmt. 6It" council ntsr. route Jtonc*. v pa'rtok Tully, August SILbern, M*urtc?i),ta' John Carr, Bgyp?-' sssKfic*-. j^Sabrock- ,'l00', George* Ore w. Michael > Jr^Mc^ughlin. DJ^Hlbt^rd, cWl^s Wwwfooll I>?n!el Kavanagh. Terenoe MeKenna. JaTR^K TOElT. [ Inspectors. MICHAEL LOOM AN ^ ? Tnisipr, Thorn m O'BlelV , bl*>l (;'>mmlmim?... J?hn?G. '^^o or V- ?lvnt>. OQD WARD.? AT A MEKTIN3 HELD AT THE HOU4H ?tJu of Jo'iin CtflKtlan Lhh^, t?l Sixth avenue, on Friday evening, Ot tobcr S, between Hie hours of sU and sovea o'clock, ln pursuan<v ol a call ot the National Democratic L'nlon Ocnft rai Ootnmttt* ??. Inr the pur|,<i*e of elecUnj? delegates to ilis various nomlnsiUiS conventions, the following ticket wm elected:? OBT AHn ? OUBtr. SENATORIAL. AfWESBLV. Michael L'ox. Krau?i* o'Mel, Francis Crsaeon. Joeeph Swi et. (leo. W. Varlan, Peter Yandetrart, Oarrett H. Pr kcr, J. ('. Martin. Col. Jas. Httrnhain. (?'eorge Dsvi^. etiss. Meeks. Jr., A. Infrabsm. Kljusmond Kelr. CHARTBR. S Duel Vso Wart, Pstrkk Brcunan, Wm. Ward, ward Kc' crt, Peter P. Bopaert. We, the indet signed, In<pectors of Election, certify that the al ove ticket was duly elected MICHAEL COX. ) KRANCIH O'NEILL, S Inspee'ors. A. INtfRAllAM, S QCTH COUNCIL DISTRICT.-AT A MEETING OF THE Ot) Democratic Republican Council C?ntn)ltt?e ot the Thlr leenth ware , Jsmes A. Flack was unanimously nominated for Councilman of that district. John Carpenter, John Raffcr'y, Thomaa Chevcrs, Alexander Hodge, John MrDermoti, Commluee. At a mketixo of thf. counqii. convention of Ibe National democrat* of the Flfly-flfih district, bold at Mr. Henry frml'b'a. totner of T went/ kc truu ti n'reei mid Fourth e. Mr Jtihti F. Uroderlk ??? nominate! by acclaim 1 'iy tktL JOHN DARHAOIf. < tialrtnan. Mich all J. D. McOltkk, Secretary. INDEPENDENT CANDII* VTK FOR 8TBEKT COMMISSION EH, ISAAC T. CO*. rTHE EDITOR OF TUB NEW YORK HKRAM). The opening campaign lor November rlfi'"lon t* faat In crenel ng In ttucrt-at. old T?ratiuny ha* belched forth hla war wbuop. and bin old enemy, with other now u<-tumx of no nconatdera Ve Importance. to *a> naught oi the n-cri'ant warrior* of hi* wigwam, ari arraying thenivilre* for the oonteat. each party boamlng of proapecilve ?u<ea?, btit November'* tun will net aline upon the victor* and the vanqulabod. Weknour too well the tnckeryof party DOariMlor*. The lalUauuile ihaiin, ' rogulnr nomlnaUoai." made up by a row la cann train g and juiiketliig,?ndor?o<I by pilhUabad nmu nieeilnM, 1i?? '.oat Pa lnfiu?nc:: m?! power over thorn- who wnb tooxerciae their nulTereso* fot* honorable and iprlghl randl da'ea, men who rannot be tarm ored with by political trick?ier?. Hueh an one w. And already named In advance of any regular roalaatioo f. r "StreeU'oinml??foncr." I?eac T. (Jot. a* In dependeat aObdulatc by hla tn?i<d?t without big knowledge at the time, and ?liU a determination to ad??n ?? hi* chance Cor racrewfu! laeite In opDoalUoii u> all other*? !?**? T. On Id a man emtnen'lr nualMcd for the office name or a* another writer atatad, "or for any other more pruulnen' otfkso of trnat," and hla friend* conrt enquiry a* to lila character for poblty and fl"ie?? fur o?ee, which aeema neoeetary for e*?ry proper candidate 10 clalia toenettrn a proper nxr from Intel ligent citl?n? *? apfirretaUon of hla wortlilm-u lor ofll e of any and Interest to tai payer* Mr. t.V)i i? placed thua without reference to H ate or leltral politi-*, and ohonld I Ibe tup port of every well wtaber fur o'tr local Intere*'*. WF. THE tJNRRBIQBKD, I>KKM IT EXPEDIENT AND proper that a convention of the member* of the bar meet at a General Contention, for me pttrpoea of adopting aeantrei to aectue the alfctloa or good, worthy aad om>ei<-n' Men, cithou' dlatlrietlon of pai ty. to fill the espective ofll -ca of JndRf for the dtlfeicnt count in Uil? city. There io.*e, we reeprc.ntUy reouea* tha' he member* of the bar ofthlacity meat a Maaontc Hall. ?C0 Broadway, on tha 10th day of (Vto bar, tnatant. at TS o'elo.k, I*. M , for Ibe porpoae of eipro* atng their flew* In relation to the above. E.C. Delavan. MKtea lUrdn/e. II. D. [.apaiigh, Ikhrt Bn?ie?d, P .rter A FreJerck* A II. Ph'nh>?. t. A. TaNaadtr. Oeo. Bar tow, T. H Van Bnren, Welcome R Reebe. John H. Woodward, Alfr-d Roe, itmttmi L. Hrown. W?. II. Woodman. Va. II. Hmwne. J. W. V. Lavrrld'jr "'ban. Henry Smith Robert I). llolm ? OuyR. Pell>o, Joaeph T Mllln. R. K. Andrew*. B. W. Boonv. floolei, Ooop.'r A II. B. Ilrtart. B L Clto'on Laramore, *. H. Mo in'r^' T. A. Tan Betmn, E B. Hhafer. A. t Cornwall, Jihn Tan Vlirk. Oharle* Itoaobtie, J. A. Rrran. Kd win More. J.W.Lake, W K Staflhrd, Lebben.?t'ha|irn?ajr.B. T. Klieam. v.. R. Bo?ar>ln*, Mm I> Bnt rliard. J. A. Sherman. H. F. Toonaen-l, f'*!eb S WoodbN, I/)reaw> Falrbank*; Joatln I'almer, A r. Rrad!e>-, A. R. Dyett, Mo*e? Kir, i.C *ttta. Alanaoti Saab, R W. Andrew* and o her>. ~ FUUOIAL. INFOBMaTION wanted -of hrvrv iiobb. bt FMIIp H'ire. Whrn laat beard from W*? at r*n?etivt,|e. Mia 1? if t i conntr. N. T An? informaUou of hla will be tbanliftillv /rretrrd by ?emUng a letter to John IX Bntnett. .V J. FeotoRic ..rattj Broad atreet, N J, ?hleh will be at INFOBMaTION WANTED OF El.l.KN BRKW.-BHF. will hea. from her faihor by oalllag oo J iaet Maekaan. M Centre * rret. TRR r> SSON WHO TOOK A OREKN ?n.K I7WBREI, la, alb a dog'a bead In Irory haadlo, 'r^tn H. Brau'* reatanraat. corner of Fine aad Maaaa-. nn Sa'aMar. a?>0?l halt naal one. M known, ao.1 qaten ha rota'ita ike *i?* h" pill lie e?po?(!l. SEW PUBLICATIONS. Another new thing. I iJiaU liiuc early In the reason a Urge, splendidly got up Pictorial for the hollidsys, entitled THE COMIC PICTORIAL; Containing a great number of highly comic cat*, and a won derful variety of squibs, jokes. anecdotes and funny things for Inn loving readers. Price 6)4 cents, mailed poet free on re ceipt of price. T. W. STRONG, 98 Nassau street. Bcnsby papers.? 'I hi opinions and observations of Jack Bo may, HatrrtR, Ann or KdwahbCotox, Mahimbb, Are contained in John Brougham's BASKET 0* CHIPS . Just published by BUNCE A BROTHER. No. Ut Nassau street. New York. One vol. 12mo., illustrated. 408 pages. Price 31 25. GOWAN6' CATALOGUE, NO. 14.? A CATALOGUE OK standard Kngilsh and Ameiieun books, with prices at' fixed, tube had gratis, on appllcaUun; If sent by mall. two stamps required to be endowed. W. (jQff.VS, 178 Fultoa st. HOW TO LIVE 100 YEARS I Juat published, the Book of LIFE, HEALTH, AND DEATH ! Or simple, clear familiar, and pithy advice, ou HOW TO KEEP YOUNG, HOW TO ENJOY HEALTH AHI> HAPPINESS, Foh Omb Csstuhy, oh Mokk! One dime per cony; 12 copies, 91. free of postage. DEWI1T A DAVENPORT, Publishers, IfiO Nasa&u street. Hold at 216 Fulton street. JtST PUBLISHED.? SPECIMEN COPIES GRATIS TO music teachers and seminaries. The Oolden Drop Schot Ukch, 3fc. The Bin rdalc Schottlsh, l'6c. Spare my Heart from Crowing Old, fsoug.) 26c. The above three pieces, com posed by Jnlltia Men, are truly beautiful, mid will be mailed fice for 7Sc. COOK A HRO., 3*3 Brosdway. SKBA8TOPOL, CRIMEA, GREAT RKDAN, Mistum ahv MALAiorr Towkbh, With Reference Map* of the BLACK, BALTIC AND AZOFF SEAS. All new yiewa. and published on one large sheet. Price 25 cents. Also a view of Crona'adt, showing and describing ita lorilUeations, with portraits of the principal crowned beads; also Russian, French, Turkish and Knglish officers, with valua l>le mape. Price 25 cents. Agents wanted. A II. JOOK LYN, publisher, 60 Fulton street. SPLENDID SUCCESS Or A SOUTHKRN AUTHOR. 13,000 COPIES SO?D. rOOHTEKHTII THOUSAND HEADY THM DAY. THE HIDDEN PATH, By Makiom Handsome 12mo. 91 25. (From the New Orleans Delta.) Of all the Southern women who liave been candidate* for li terary honors, the most brilliant, passionate and eminently successful, bus been Marion Ilarland, of Richmond, Va. Her Aral sustained work, "Alone," has been translated Into many European languages, and read with as much avidity In Eng land as In the United States. Her latest book, the "Hidden Path," is a still more characteristic perfonnsnce, and must win tor her a permanent niche In the Temple of Fame. We have juatrlwn Irom the perusal of thu book, and cannot wltlihold our tribute of admiration for the aad and beautiful genlua of the authoress. She la the Muse of Melancholy. Iti the develope ment of the character of her heroine, we discover the same strength and sorrow which made the work* of Miss Bronte so astonishing and yet so touching to the appreciative reader. In deed, there is a striking similarity in the mental mould of both these women. The same easy, translucent style distinguishes both? the same dark gloom overhangs tholr hooks, occasionally ... "* " [ht. One thing whlen the exquisite lldei nenroes talk like ne groes?not as Inspired prophets like those or Mrs. Stowe. We recommend Marlon Harlanu and her wort* to our readers. J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New York, and for stile by all booksellers. TO BOOK8F.LLERS AND OTOERS-W ANTED, A COPY ol' the first or second edition of J. S. Mills' St stem of Logic; 2 vols. 8vo., London, 1843 or ItJ4tl. Apply to D. API'LETON A CO. , 346 and 348 Broadway. TIT ILL BE PUBLISHED. IN A I \V DAYS, A NEW ?? volume, By Mits. A > ? s. STtracM, The distinguished author of Fashion and Famine, " entitled THE OLD HOMESTEAD. The announcement of a new book by die author of "Fashion ond Famine," Is a matter ol more than ordliiarv Internet. The extraordinary success which attended the publication of Mrs. Mephcns' previous Issue, justtfle* the publishers' expectations that " The Old Homestead " will at once spring Into a wide circulation. It Is prooounced by those who have read the f 1 roots to be a work well calculated to exctte the areatest merest, and that It possesses evena greater power, brilliancy, depth of plot, aud variety of character and locidenl, thau lis predecestor. In one large l2mo. volume, price *1 23. Orders from the trade solicited, wlilrh will he filled In the order ol their reception. BUNCE k BROTHER, Publishers, 126 Nassau street. uom? me same uara g loom overmtngsinoir lit up by flashes of vivid and elcctrlc though nleaaes us peculiarly In Marlon Hsrland Is Uy of bersketehes of plantaUon life. Her n THE TURK. CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I.-l'At IMJ.-TUESDAY, Oct. 9, at 2 o'clock P. M. precisely, match tor 9'J.UOO. mile heats. In harness. Geo. Splcer names g. g. Hero; J. Wheipley names r. g. Pet. The above match Is pa* or pl?y, and to be a good day and track. JOEL CONKLI V, Proprietor. C'KNTREVILLE COURSE. L. I. - TROTTING. -WKDt J nesday, Oct. 10, at 3 o'clock? Match 9500 ? Mile heaU? lies :tin 5. - James Whelpley names b. g. Younf Emperor. In har. ness; D. PMsr names b. m. Katy Woodi mn to 250 Ih. w.i?on JOHL OONKL1N, Proprietor. C1KNTREVILLE COURSE, L. I.? TROTTINO.? TIIURS ) day, Oct. 25, at 3 o'clock? Match, 91,000. two mil., heata, In harness. Oeorge Spleer names l>. g. Prank Forrester; Uiram Woodruff names r. m. Lady Fmiikiln. JOEL CONK LIN, Proprietor. " 1 ED HOUSE, HARLEM.-THIS FA TOIITI PLACE Of < resort Is now la complete order, aud ready to accornmo lale the sporting and riding pulUa. The Gouiam and Baltic tam Hall Clubs play on the beautiful green attached to i)k y?o?e, and afford much sport to the visiter* of this beautlfu iieoe. THe beat of refreshments always on hand. WILLIAM A BROWN. Proprietor. UNION COURSE.!,. I.-TKOTTINO~ON TUESDAY. Oct. !?, st S o'clock, precisely. A match for 91 000 Mile beats. Iie-t tliree In live, to liarg^s. J. M D imels ti.tmes b. g. ( hlcago Jack. D. Puller names b. r. in Belle of Sai SHAW A WHITE. Proprietors. N. B ? This race will come off, rain or ^ine. Broad rock, richmon d~ 7va> racks.? fall meeting, IHS4, will commence tbn *e<-'ittd Monday lu OcU> bar, and continue six days. Jirst Day. Monilay, Oct. 8.? A s Te<-[i*take* for all ages, fVW subscription; proprieUir to add 91.0U0; four mile heal closed with len subscribers. Second Day, Tuesday? A sweepstakes for three year olds, fA4J0 subset Ipiioo, mile heats, clov-d with three sub-crtbet s. Same day. -econd race? A sweepstakn for three yearoldi, 1200 suhsci Iptlon, mile heats, closed with ol l; lit stthxerlhers. 'ihird Day. Wednesday? Jockey Cluh purse, (5t>i, three mile bests. Same day, second race ? A sweep?uikcs tor four year olds, C'iUO subsci Iption, two mile beats, closed with live subset Ibers. Fourth Day, Thurcla>? Proprietor's pur e, two milt heats Fifth Day, Friday? A t weepstake* for three year olds, t&H sub^ rtptlnn, two mile heats, closed with four stibsi-rl' ers. Same day, second race? A sweep* sakee for untried tliree v?-a 1 olds, 9I0U sub?-rlpilOB, mile ne.>u, closed with eighl sub scribe rs. Sixth Day, Saturday? Proprietor's ptirse, 9A00, three mile heats, for horses only that bare started in ?>uie race dui Uig uie week. Weights to be handicapped. Tl ere are at present thirteen stables In training for the above meeting, exclusive of three other stable* expected to arrive before the races. Thl* will undoubtedly prove one of tl>e finest meetings ever lield In Virginia, and -otne of the best ?I nrottirbhred horses will contend for the ahove purses and sweepstakes. CALVIN URKKN, Proprietor. REGATTAS. I EMPIRE I ITT BKGATTA CLl'H? ORA.VD RK'J ATTA. !i Wadneaday, October 17th, ?t the Red IIom? Pleanire Urounda? Three Itacea? -p'endiil PrUee? All th? World Invl led? KU'Kpii Hoe'a building for ihe oooaaloo? Other cltlen to be repreeenied? 60 WW i erwm ripceied. Fikvt Rjtrit? Porta Oiuro B<ht*. Four M"n nil') l our Oar a. Pirat Prize, ptlrae $150 I Third Prl/e 110 cecond Prize. puree 40 I Kn'r?wf f?? fl'l A -iik ilag, valued at %!&, to go Willi llie flr It ]>. lie, bmcJliu Rack? Bora? Twn Paiii* HceuA Seveijlecn lett ?idooUi work I o?u. flut Prize, purv {Jo i Third Prize 12 -??ootid Prize, purae 10 | Kniran' a t e? Taian Hii :g? CiKimiiVt? Osi: P*l? ftrouji. Nineteen hH Whitehall workiut; boat Plrat Prize. (Jold Medal, end pun* oi tli|0, W50 K?-? nnd Prlie. pttrae $iii I Pourili pr!z<- 10 Tldrd Prize, puraa 3) | l^nr-in e lea flu A (l.auifilnii'a 8llrer Medal. ruined at will (0 wi'h 'he Brat rirtze. ir won by a inr-n.l, er of the club Whether ,n the city or from ? d ?i?n<r, muat be en'errd, wit!; ih' Ir nvmea, the n.imea of th ? rowera ?lid the naafcera. end the entran' * fee paid, on i.r before the l< 'b at <>? tober, lit (Jroi?e W. Waraei a, Martm Bole , .so. It ('?iherln'' el p. HKWARDN. (tl "? fUl/t R*WARI>.-05 TUX UTH OP SKPTP.V ?Tl ber la?t two bona wen- delivered at tha rflic- pfthe American Klpreaa tVmipnny. in Dnhuutte, Iowa, b) a cariman from ibe I'nl ed Ktatea Mod (>?<?? K??l bogaa, (jb tbelr arrival at ih? Hub Troaaury In Sew Vork. were found In ? ?m a In buck (hot of 'he ?lze of 140 lo ihe pouo l and prcaaol I alia ot the aljte of 10) to ihe pound, to the amount of l74pounda In wi Uht, and of ?be. i lea I Su i The boxea were tnadr of whl'e pme, or." irv li thick. do'. exiled a' the corncra, abrmi 10\ lurb" a loug, " Iik boa wide, arid ?j; lnchcad<-?p inalde m' arn renvoi I be but'om of on" ot the boi-i waa of hem'ork. They were strapped owe around the middle. with una Inch ti<?ip iron. It w < aiiued by the Aaautant Traaaarcr at Dubuque, that the boi. a ea4> on allied i old coin to the an "tmt of $23 .000. They were nark- I wl>h carda *d lre??i?l to tlie "A??lai*nt Treemirer I nlied Hia ea, S-w York." wbkh canla are admitted by th" Deputy A??!ainn' 'frea"ur?r to i>e Snuiiie. Mow. ib'-reuira. for Ute purp'we ol di?<overtaf how la traud *u "wnmlt'ed, an I lirlimln* to .uatiee lb' perpe traiora U>i-reoi, 'he American Kipreea ? otooany will pay ?li'.OOO f?'r tb?- rerorery of the m'ney, or in that proportion for any part o? It; and H W) tor lb" a. re* I nd <-oortoMon of !.?? of 1 1 .iera, and tb'T will pay liberally f T InforrnaiKni re la'lve tn Ibe makln? ? *aKI t<oiea, ibe I i rr, ?hlh? of aiK-h levl tail?, ?hot to., Ae. tr All 'ommuaW-ailona ai? nd be ad dfeaeod to the aubariltera. wi um. di mmru u) a co.t .few Tork. f.IVI?f(IST<?V, PAR(K) A CO , Ratals, I'roprletnra of the Am er an Kxpreaa I ?rmt>aoy Hnfla'o Oet. ?, lesO " 40X *KW AP.D.-HIRKD FROM Till: -IAHLKH 119 ?tid 121 flrand ???? "t. Mew Tork, on 'he :vt of fv-iotter, a lirb' ba> mare, about fifteen hand< blfb, aljou* ?even yeera old. abort awltrh tall. ala<i a blark open wagon, with lecer? T. P palntrd in blue no the aide of the leather boo?, and a Dau n r?.l ?r h.' rne-? allver turrela. Any p^raon deliverin* them at lie ?i?l,le?, on the C0B*1cIM of th< Ibiel wt!l lie entitled lo 'lie al o?e reward, or ilS will l>e glren tor Information where the korae, waKriti and "I ! nrm are to be tV>n*wl. h T Ftp FT A CO. rfj l/k RKWARP? l.oftT. AiCHOOii RR'* BOAT, B PKTT LU loov. newly (?etni'-d, green bottom black top. lead color in hooom and green ?lx??e. The abor* r.-warl will be tialdio any one glv log intorawt.ou wh. re aald ixm eta ho 'ouod. RKWARD? tjf>?T. tlN R'lNtlAT O -rTl TfROII 10 Waahlagton place, a ameil alu^tit black a-M ua *Vo c h terrier dog. Any peraon returning wild dog will metre he a*Te reward and the thaoka of the owner ??') r kWar?-u*t, a now cmohm, wrr'i i < T1T1 v jT?e about two larhea long. The (livdi-r, by lea*lnt( I' a' "T Pearl atreet, will rocelre the above reward. ~ THE BALL NBA ROW. NrWARK BAT OROTK.-A MAMi BAIJ. IM tneomefdfal the Panima. oa Tueaday alterooon an I erenlw# aegi. Admt'tanee free (fun. HARRIH Trapete nr NEW YORK SYMPATHY WITH NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. MASS MEETING AT METROPOLITAN THEATER Spccrhcs tfltv. W. I. milkwa, Bit. Br. Of good, lr? J. W. fltrtrd, Ac., Ac., Ac. A mas* mooting wn held laat evening in the Metropoli tan theatre to give practical expression to the sympa thies of our cltlieni with the sufferers by tlie peatilence at Norfolk and Pcrtamonth, and to devise Home mean* for aiding the orphan* made thereby. The meeting waa held la pursuance of the following call:? Mas* Mxetuiu in ar.aiu or THE Om-HAKa at Noarout.? There will be a Ditu meeting at the Metropolitan theatre, (uhlch luti kindly l>een placed at the dlrpnaal of the committee by M Raphael Fetlx.ton Saturday evening, Oct. 6, at H o'clock, for the put pose of aevMng mean* for material aid to the orphan* at Norfolk nod Kortamouth, whose |<arenta hare be come victim* to the ravage* ol the yellow fever. The Rev. Kamuel Osgood, the Rev. Wm. II. MlUiurn, lale Chaplain to Congiewi, and Jamea W. Uerard, Kaij., will addres* Uie nieet lug. The Rev. Henry Ward Heeeher will probably be present 10 toke part. The public I* Invited lo be present, anu It la to be hoped that H will manlfixt Ha aympa'hv In the movement by a Targe attendance No chunk* for admlialon B. F. Manlerre, H. 8. ('mutant, R ('. Mcl'ormlck, Jr. Howard Crosby, A. A. Raven, U.C.King, 8. W (Jeer, Charles Helden, O. (' Kdgnr. Conunlttee of voting men appointed at a meeting held lu the room ol the Christian Association, Kept 24, H66. The rain which fell incessantly and in deluging quan tity throughout the whole day and evening, prevented ! our citizen* responding to the call In such number* a* they otherwise would have done. Still there wan (|uit? a respectable attendance present? sufficient, under the discouraging circumstances, to prove the deep sympathy felt in the movement. The meeting was presided over by Mr. WlUOK G. Hi >T, und (lie following named gentlemen veie Vice I'resident* and i-'ecretaric?: ? Tier. i-Ht4ib?..iT*. Hon. Hamilton Ktsb, Anson (?. Phelps, J. R Spauldlntr, IIou. I. tuber Bradlah.Terrance Donnelly. I.uctuslfart. Cliaa. King, I.L.I)., Franklin Tiitlilll, M I > W . II. Ht?elow, Bev. Isaac Ferri*, <Seo. Hlcera, Altrci Carson, I.I..D., Moses H. Ucacb, lilrara fuller, H. Webster, LL.P., Uldeon J. Tui ker, Daniel I?rd. H. Aim. Ron, Kdwanl <'. lloKcr', Prof. Howard Croabv. II. L. Swiii. (Jen. t'.W. Handford, Richard Hale, Franc * Hall, Robt. 0. <}oodhue, Kredek Hudson, Q. H. C'ooover, .lames Itrooks, DM Reese, Mil., Geo. C. Wool, Cha*. A. Dana. ftrrxcTAatit. K. O. Pardee. ('. U. Ludlngtoo, Rer. 0. L Hraec, Peter Y. Culler, (Jcorje F. Nesbltt, Henry N. Ueera, John W. Oliver. Mr. Hi nt, on taking the chair, *ai<l? IjidiiM and Gentlemen ? We luive assembled thl* even ing to lit ar an appeal in behalf of the orphan* of Nor folk and Portsmouth, whose patents have been stricken down by death, leaving their little one* dependent upon the world for protection and support. iNnth hath can sen for bin weapon a dit>eai-e of unequalled malifuity, and Ida path had been atrewn with victim*. At New- Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, Norfolk and Portsmouth the nurse riei and hospital* hare been ciowded with the sick, and the graveyard* with the dead. Our citizens have watch ed the pestilence in it* journey to the North; it* prt?re?a ha* been Mow but certain; another season may And the enemy in our rnldnt. We, of New York, hare been high ly favored, no epidemic hating appeared within our bor der* during the year; and in offering up our thanksgtv ing to the Author of all good, it Is right and proper, aa well aa a duty und privilege, for ua to consider the allllc tion* of our brethren in a slater State, especially the little boy* nnd girl* having no parent* to look to in the hour of their bereavement. The citixens of New York are not confined to country, or nation, or locality, In the dispensation of their liberality. They hare rcaponded to the call* for aid from the Fast, We*t, N'orth and South, at home and abroad. It la enough for them to know that a part of the great family of man 1* In dlitre**, when the heart* of l,er people are opened for their relief. Among the first to render assistance to the idek and dvlng, 1 am sure they will not he the last In providing (or the or phan. The chalrnan then introduced to the meeting the Rev. Wm. Hi Manns, Chaplain to the last Congrea*. He raid Mr. Phk* d>..nt? C Ircumatance* more aad an i impressive than those which have called ua togcthor, could scarce iiasemb'e an audience. A uation SUmit* aghast at the spectacle of an epidemic ? thousands el homos are deso late; and yet there haa been no war. I h<- thunder cra*h ol the Crimea mullle* itself into sihince before it reaches our ear*, and only the undertone ? the wail of anguish which deaden* the boom of rejoiclrg? onlr tltia fall* upon our ear* and heart*. Yet at our very door* there hare Wen seme* of deaths transpiring ? If not a* fearful nnd terrible became of the accompaniment* of war ? Hill, more numerous and more terrible, if we look at them rightly, than tnose which hare l>*en transpiring yonder. The casual tie* of the Kedan and of the Malakofl are over whelmed in comparison with the death* at Norfolk and Port-mouth, if w? rein"iul? r the number* engaged. The serried rank - ol life stood, a few week* ago only, In those tlouri lung citlea, compact, atalworth, noble, and yet In fore them I a* appeared a foe silent in hi- march a* the star*, sure and certain a* the bolt* of the lig'itning. and relenllera m. Nemesis; and frightful have been hi* s|*>ila. Ay. weeping heart*, I eavy almost te breaking, vacant fireside*. devastated citlea. and Innumerable furrow* In the graveyard ? the?e are tire trophies of this victory. In a lif" more than usually checkernd by ro lssitudco it ha' been my lot to live much and bo much in thorn cltls* which hare been the principal theatres of this plag ie, with in the Sa*t few year*, and I have thought that It might not l<e uninteresting to an audience like this to submit a <:n? ?uch material as ? familiarity thus acquired ha placed at my dl*po*al. During tho prevalence of this epidemic, the weather as a geueral thing, i* remarkably tine ; the nighta especially are of unrirall'-l splendor. Ether melt* away before the eye Into the lar bluo aliovo, veined with constellation- and libbed by the mild lu?t : c of the milky way, whilst the soft anil f.agran' breezes come floating on to bathe the brow an I freshen the shock of the inan or woman who ha- been cloistered in the larkcne 1 cham ber, shutting him or herself out from the ray* of the sun a* If they were the golden arrows of the destroyer, and all around i* loveliness and calm the night Inviting, nay, ?educing these cloistered one* forth into it* beauty an i it* rweetaes* ? seducing them to death, far better were It to liear the scorching meridian sun than to take on - step beyond the thresboM In the nl?n :e oi that lj.ely night. Strange and sorrowful la It that ao sweet and be tiign a scene aa the face of nature at such an hour -houl I lute one tort b only to make hi* stop* more cert iln and mpid lo the grave. Yet (och is the case. Those night wlr.d* hold and mnlfie the germ* of certain death I take It, that wh' n this dl*ease first some* upon i be syrtem. if It were then grappled with, It we ? comparatively easily dealt with, but It may be atyl'd among d!*ea*e* the treacherous aa-nssin, to throw It* rfetlm* off their guard. It lulls them into fatal security. Ah a general thin;;, before the di-<-a?? suj errene*. or rather at the flr*t s'aije of the dim u*e, yon ejrt^'ience an nnwnnted hilarity, an animation larely before telt. I )a*tlcity and buoyancy perva ? your fiame, >othat you could walk and run, and almost feel a* If you could mount opon eagle' wings. The spirit* are joennd and lively. Then come* a slight paiu in the he* djthen a tremulon- shiver of tbe nerve', and then the pain In tho back, lhe-e Kimet'ines la te.i?e slowly; and now. If yon have an experienced physician a CK<d a?rr*e, resort to the simplest rcm?dic< ? * mustard ith and a mild cathartblc. remain In h?d an I keep th nerTes ijUie* ? tho chance* are nine out of ten, or ninety nine out of a hundred ia your favor. Hat who thinks thl* I* 'Yellow .lack," aa be Is facetiously called!' Who i an for a moment s'ippe*e that thl* Is the dree 'ed and terrible dheaw that mow* down *11 before It like th? mover In the field'" Ala- irn-n are throwu off their guard. ''It Is only a sligb' attach." they *ar, "of remit tmtferer; no man won Id lay Up for this. ' Rut then ? las' coir's ti e ferer in all its terrible malignity and power, like a *trong man annul Too are Inatantly thrown on jour coi.cTi. the physician then in ha?te Is sent for; but, ?la*, in t. many t too late. And m-W the thiobblng temple, the tigh'ened I,?ad threat' ring h"r*tlng almost, th' arteries 1 od vein* gorged as with flame increa-ing pain all over the system, then supervening d' lirium, tn? -ye wil liy rillfni', then the saffron hue. and then, a* suddenly a* it l.a* eome on, the fen-r at ates. Tl.e patien* feel* weak ? old, but y> t ?|olte well. Perhaps hean-e* aa "h u isnds h*Te done, fr<m hi* bed, sits down to his table ?nd wltes a short no'e to a distant friend, thanking tifld i oat ? II Is over, and that he Is now convalescent P.l-ing fiom Ids chnlr Ihe stafgees?one terrible jet from M< hps ! * reels alkt fans ifM the f|o?ir or bed a covpie' Thi< Is no exaggerated, ao extraordinary specimen of the dls ense and of Pa oiieratlons. Tlie revet "-od gan'loman here rilat<d several incidents that bad e> me witblu his <iwn olservation showing the startling soddennesw aad ra I idity of the dl*ea>e. Perhap* no scenes hsMrtiawri, candevelope the charac'er and abmr what l? really1 n a man or w man so distinctly and so forcible as those ei Identic* They brh.g ont all the lerlty 'he bfitai'ty, the llcs-ntiotiiuess *nd the aensvality. They bring on the selflshnee* of human nature In ita most r-v.'l ing form. The bonds of society thai hold us t.^ 'h?r are then riven and It is "every man for himaclf and (M for u< all and the Pwvll take the hlndertmHrt. ' Bat it was . ired for ihl? age? and 1 am plad to -ay 'hat I bell v* It ?a? reserved for onr own Iwloved lani ? ti i ler tbe InHoeuce and anspicee of our htnign and dl vine lellgion. to bring out all that I* g? d all that is manly, all that I * heroic, all tha* is diri'is in human nature. Mending In bo'd and strtUag con traat, these two aspeeta of onr poor humanly c?>?ns ?ut

Ibey walk si4e by aide al' ng the street, and they are to be seen >lde by side In th* homes aad the hovels where sorrow and sickness where disease aad health wh?v* plmty a ad poverty are struggling together ant where death I* riding BHrtJanh and master of all. N?ed I al lude upon an i^caidoa like this to tne aeli devotion to tbe her' ic ot that orofres oo whteii c'alme at oar bsada and at the ha ads of the world aaeb na n.lied praise aad homage ' I mean the medical arufessiea. ( Ar?latsa.)They may teD a* of thetr heroee in th? Crimes Ibey may tell us of heri** With their laurels dipped In bl>*>d from all the hatt'* field* of the earth, bat I tell vou sir, there have beea ?e*?- traaepirlnf ? thera have Uo 'haraeters developed? there haa beea onadaet II* played yonder at Norfolk aad Portsaaoath, aad ia all the cities of the seaittea Heath, that, wt tea jeelly end rifht'y Viewed, should overwhelm aad distaara end dtrVeu *11 yonr hero* ef battle Hel-ts, *r>d atl y.,n e.-a H'eters a their triemjhs. ( Apple' ** ) |e* ?<>+>* membered that la thoM two aniitten citiev, tweof j-?ix oumbeti of that (ffufeaalon liare (alien martyr* in hu in nit/ (ImM applause. ) Hut let me ai'o to to an other elan. It la wry much in togue joat at thla time to apeak with a aort of patronizing contempt of th* clergy? to allude to then aa ? net of people who it clmr acteiiatic in, a* Hydney Smith expreaaed it, "dacent disa bility. " (Laughter.) They ara to be looted upo i u a very well weaning and innocent aet of mm. who, if Aw are not doing much good. ar? certainly not doing mien barm. Let thou* men. if they want to know what the clergy of thin country are. go to thoae citlea of the pe< lilence, nnd n-e them in the koveU of *Urr?tioiy and aqualor? In the graveyard* from aunriae till ??nhet, and Hometimea from midnight till midnight? reeking to gire the obee<|Uiea of religion to the dead, and comfort and conaolatlon to the mourner*, Othrlic and l*rotealant. *id<> by aide, iu that awful hour of extremity, and tell me whether " decent diaabilitr " la their characterise > (I?oud apnlaiuie.) After paying a apeclul tribute to the Iter. Mr. lAapp. ot New Orleana, the apeuker remarked that the heroism exhibited on oc caaiona of thi* kind was not c onflned to clergymen and phyaiclana; and ha then gave a long and tatereating ac count ul the kerricea rendered by a young lady, under twenty yearn of age, during the prevalence (4 the ferer in Farannah last year; and yet, raid he. wr are told that we hare no Florence Nightingale*, and that our country cannot produce women of that mould. But you expect me to come more iniined lately to the matter to hand. I hare ao'ight thua to prepare the vay for the gentlemen who are to follow me, by giving yau aome inehleata that hare come within my own obeei ration. And now, here we hate orphan* ? hundreds of orphan- ? lift la children, me picture a acene of la?t aprivg A sweet cottage on the ouUklita of a town, It ia twilight. and the father la comUg home from his busineaa; the wife and children are waiting exjieotaut and kM. ?'< the threahhold to ?cl come hiin; the; hare c< ine to the gate; around them Una thegardtn, and here are Hue old tree* that aluwlethehoinn ?tfnd. seemlig like guardian angels atandlng around the dt < I rg to protect It fi m harm; all i* gludnes. and joy ; Hi' > enter t',,e dwelling the evening meal la partaken of, und ther ih" old family lilhle it taken down. and all the little onea cluater around the father nn l mother; the hucied page la o|iened and the manly lone* of the father's Tolce ntter the well kn> wn wonla, "Hie ImA ia my ahep herd, I ahall not want," he reads through the psalm, and then the familiar hymn in glren out ? i mum ur (lie lsOrtl untu itu un? on. Thus tar hi* power protons* my days. All Join in tie hymn of praise to God; Mid now they all bend down befoie the mere/ neat to olfpr thank* to Cod for 111* ureal goclnea, ami ask hi* blessing on them for the time to come? i happy family, uni ted now, with alt that ran render life ilni and Joyotti. But they? where art- they > The father gone, the mother gone, and only the little outs left alone. I have read in an old book the experience* of an aged man who had seen much of Ufa. and he *aid? "I have been yout*(, but now 1 am old ; yet hare I never seen the righteous for saken, nor bl" seed begging bread.'' hliall (Jod1* word be made of Bone effect'.' Muill theae little one* Hutfer hot^err Think not only of four or five, hut of hundreds of little children. Their father* will never c?mt to tbemaguiu. They have no rather* now, save the on* who fe<'il? tie raven*, and who blaeses *ou. Will you be lilt almoner* to these hi* children f Will >ou car* for them t Will you provide the mean* for their education, and throw around then the restraint* of wholesome discipline* Will you give them a home and save them from the gut ter or froia the brothel? I aiu glad and pn>ud to kuow that I am standing to-night in tha midat of t dlv per luip~ mar* fcmn us than auy other in the woiiil /or it* muiullcen e and benevolence ? a city whan* money is mnde by tBnusands and ten* of thousand* and Where no call for help fail* unheeded upon the ear ol the people. Is Ireland famishing, chip load- or bread are sent. 1* New Orleans or Mobile stricken by the plug ie, money by tan* of tbouaarid* is rant. And this summer ft* re lias gone from thin mercantile metropolis, >60 WW *ixl moic to tlie?e poor, stricken stagauliig sickening people. Shall their children cry in Tftin for help r lam sure they will not. I am sure that fatliers and mother hero to-uijht wilt not turn a i!eaf ear to these plaintive cries of the orphan*. I am certain thiit there will come from t hit city *ueh a nianlfeatalion of charity, and hu manity and pity, a* will place it whoie it ought to -taud ?first In Christendom for r< si, hearty, humane divine charity ?nd lore. Hut do you say "it is too much?- we are expending too much upon these objects?" Ah, not too much, would you say, If It were for your own son or y> ur 0*11 daughter; and yet God only lui?w* but that by this time next year your disemlyslied spirits may tie looking down from heaven to see how your fathorles* chlldriwi are coming on. " He that giteth to rhe poor lealelh to the LorC" (;o<l will see that every man i* taken care of, and that hi < children are taken earr of bv the rupei vision ol 111* own ilTine Providence. who doetli hi duty to himself and to hi* neighbor, and to hU neigh b child. (I.oud applause. ) 'i Ck< ? t then oTered the toUowiu^ bnuubleewl re solutions > Where**, 11/ reuses ol ibe rat-axes of llu fserful e;n,Vn?lc tn * sister Mate, haudrede of children have been mldenly left .orphan*, whose helpless condition appeals loudly to Hie chanty Of our cMreiM, And, Whereas ihe Mercantile comriiu miy have largely and llbertlly aided In supplying the Imme diare sort pressor* wanls ol ihs sir* sixl drlin; Tlier-fore Resolved, ll.?i ibe hearty symps'hy of this menUou with the slWcttd ol Norfolk nod Portsmouth he rxptt^M^L by sri earned i-Hoit to provide a fund lor ih <*>?? unioriim?:e children. H'solvr.l, Tha' Ibe pastors of :!>e cburcbea, the superin'en dent* snd principal* oretir Sabbath surt public school*. sod sll se-oc.ailoiia ol ihls etly, be earnestly re>|tie?ied 'o lake volim tary rolb-r'loos wlihln r went t days Irom I hi* dale tor a fund Wklrh -liall be known as lha Orphan'* fund, ami Uial Hie i hair appoint a roramllle* to carry 'his raeoltttion laio effect. Resolved. II, St die mothers and daughters of i'iW i ll) Im re unrated to nisk s an ofTerttir to this fund. II 'solved Ihar lion, Ifaiiiil'on flsli. Luther Hradish, Wilaon <i. Hum. Anson <1. I'belpa. f ranees Hall. I'rof. II. Oiawby and It r appointed an Kseoulive < ?miwit?e. ? i d dial ur>e the fnnd* r?'sed for th ? object. Resolved, Thai .lobn Thomson, Ks.| l"re?iden' <if rhe Irving Beak, be appointed Treasurer of the Kiecirlre ''?/mmli'se The qiicMlon *M put and the resoluti .us w re unani mously adopted. the t tiuir appointed 'he following gentlemen ?ui hooni mlt'ee r, f -even, vl? ? I riion Adams, H. N. Iieer?, lie?rge P. I dgar, Frank W. liallard. I'rof. Howard t'r">?by. It. C. Mc'oimick, Jr., It. if. I'anUe The Kev. fturn. (twiocm whs then intnslu'vd to the mitting. lie said : Ttiere are two Kinds of cause . very hard t?? plead? one t!i %t is so bad that no'htng , ail te p*hl In Its 'lehalf. and one ai> gwsl tha' tnere I* nothing left to say in support < I it? and oar trouble tl Is evening brings us in relation with the latt?r '-las*. It would Ih- tryinsr to gild refined fold, and to {.aint th lily, to plead In anx eialmnte iiingu:ig? for th" nuse of the orphans, after th* address to which we have alioady listened. The last speaker lias not all our ticuliie- tor *p nreeiatlng what takee'plar*. (alluding to the partial blindneas ol Mr. Mllhurti.; Ilul now that the night haa come to lum, Hod lend* to him th* star ol ererlas ting light, and his st.n light i< better than any Worldling's gari-h sunlight fA|>plati*e.) The heart Is not a mathematician Its lov*ic I* not a I >g c of arithmetic, mul more la told by taking on* pi?ge of in dividual griet and making It our own than Is U?ld by v duntes of general statement*. More light co:n ? to us rrom the evening star that bnnrns noon us at h uno than froni the whole array ol worlds which we see In the hea ven*. When ** think of so rmDy men being xlaoghtei*<l In liattle we hear it with comparntlre coldnees, but nh*n we liesr ol one orphaned hi usehold In Kngl md or t ranee Ihen 'iur syrnpatlih s are directly aroused. It waa well tl at our bt other had followed the course which he had, l y describing Individual gn?fs. (heat i? that grief and the mora elo-ely Ilia brought home, rh* b? tier for our hearts, and the better for our <-aus< 1/i-t us remember that tills giief is a guilt le*s grief, we are not of the ro.e wafer ordar of philosophers. I believe that l'ruvid<-nee baa a wholesome rMrlMtfon for sin, * I U-dleve in the n? reasity < f h'irger under certain circumstances. 1 believe tl at 'he feeling ol want Is a whol**nn,n tocle in th" at" ni'icli of * l*/y m*n. (Iji'Ktiter > llul all syrnpathiae for fie nnfiTtunete ! Ar.d In thinking of them let us i< ? Mali i that this tup of surTow may be put to our tip Honor to those physicians more dl->ln^ui bed for the! humanity than their 'kill, 'iuoigh that lots been g. it' Honor to tho?e clergyni. n who navu not <ieaerte I Ihr-ir Boek*' Ilea it work cm >>e paid only by heart work. The h>*rt alone ran pay for what the heart gives Mr itoikI then sBoded to e elaa* of persons verjr efficient m ?his pe. i||en> ? ?ft, e public, officers of the governir it. Ihe I nlt<d f'ale* service, he -aid has b>e,? n - >4y represented in .Norfolk The navy yard in 1 m /uth I* in the charge of one wl. > oniiea ail 'be virtues of a rnsn with all tt.e er. brn of the >aih>r. ( Appla is*.) Ihe . tdef of navy yard h? ? been distinguished by man/ endi" o aei v.ce- In his n'e, lleha'tin'i gone , n a h ?',:* island in aimeal. wi'ti notliln? bnt 'he flag of bi< covet rf > proteet htm t.ut h' bad attained a greater vW'ory l,y Koveming hi- men by lowe not f y the lash (Ap| law e . ?An) he had .gnali.e.1 hi* manhood e the Ume of pos'f ti i ee. I et us not forget, said I ?, bow . I <?? ij -.h's glial towehee little children We all feel 'or them ?i.-l sen | 'h?m Into II* wv . Id, bis ' nfaiilng ml>*lona'ie . for wherever II le rhil Iren c. me and tf?? y ar- ! v?d |,e*v ? n l> not f*r off ar.d f.od 'annot b" d"nle! ( A|ip4aa*e * great pbllo*. ph*r of <>ermany sai l? "I !? ve f.fet an 1 !l tl* etilldreri ' That is a frl r>?<l If t man b^glnv '?r tb 'be llrst article am' ssys I lotifi st ' U rnu-t g'i <n eod'av, ''| |<,ve Itttl* ehiMrwn ami if he e.? , ui'oee* win, the aeeond artfole, the Br*t mast al?o apply. ' KlMrew sderale tte Je- as m 1 > e h as we edaest* ths>fri, Wb*t w> old s ih ninunitv of UeMsrl lie w.'h ot ehMrenr There |. f,r instance, .'obn f ndt, o Well *tr*et a baehel r ef a aesit itonayrw .? lug notiK; still John haa a rn*rri?l ?i*ter whom ti- v|<|t*on Hnn'tay evening', and *b* ha? tw? lit'le 'l.'ldleti who steal into his ne?rt and glv* him -otne 1-Va ol a treasure wot to be fonn l en Wsll itrss* c?unt?r?. A | pis use. ) Uberewer ^Mldh'srd It lifld ' h" ?|?| Is re t far alienated fr> m (lod. It is 'be llt'le in te la the Istaliy who marches at the head ??: el' l?U*t follow. Ami When tb <e llttl* owes *-e s.lbf i?, ltd when flrlri eon?eerat**w 'he ii sl'h hie nra., and nail's their sorrows with bit ?or rows, then man r*'etve< bis n- 1 le?t ef, *f, ! if we were to ask the ulbr trait Which dUtlagui-fo-i <1 * < hiietlan from the I'egaB e#e the rerlv Is? If Is tha g-rate, care we bawe of b.ld'-n I ha,* l,f. .gb' b? re * poor efertn* to-atgh' I t,re%k's*t?d this m .rn Itg order the shadow of Hunker Hill, I have tiwwl to day la Wew \ork aad here I am. t?. r *ht, ?l'h nf <A> log f' Its* eitirens '.f Xsw lark oh lei as !*wrri m ?r* of trw* fellowship. Weareptrowd en->wgtt of oir et'y? . Il'h la the present, greater la tb< pr.?S(*-ct atv! promi tr g ere meay year*, to he the great ostimsr'i*! inert of ??U. est not lor tbese spl. ndors w juld I h r ttsctty, kwt beewn** there Is a spirit am mg i* wli b fes I* it to be a greater honr r to reioeaitwl tb* Baer tksn to repeat the prodigality of prtaeee snd s-t ap * < which wow id be after* rwagwikex,' thaa tlkat -4 old < Applaase ) Be trwe te four nwm heart and the ?"1 <4 If* will call yoa ta e nsibtei dwty thaa any of yowr rain Istterwraever 4 rea av*4 af. ?p?e? *r?.t eT-v*a*>e '? st h Wi, fS|g * *? Mr. Hoiuc* (iUUT nttt addr?ea<-d the meeting. H aupooM-d that if other* had baeaheir who were expected, he tnould uot have been called upon to move a aimplr resolution like given ta kini. A (real calamity. l?e ?aid, U a great teacher. If we learo nothing from the tragedie* that hare l>een tranaactrd in the South, wr nay levei rntly nay that lua been *peaklng to iu h< rain." We cannot w holly ahirld nur*elv?* from peali lepce. but wr fchoull try arid underataud iU cauae, an I ard againat It. Kir yellow fever con** nowhere that e cauM-n bate nut l>e*n before it. tiod doei not MMd peatilencc or plague arbitrarily ur oaprtcioualv, but be*M>e aome preduring r?uwi have been there and have beeBererlooked. Even in, if they ahould now well eat and abate tbe cau?e? of pestilence, they might lie mortaecure agaiaat it* return, la New OrU-au* that ia more iifllcult. The removal of little raunca i* not ao difllrult ia New York , ami we i<hoaM retire to claa away these cauocn. A calamity like tbl? tear be* w> ?U > tCatour preparations f<t the relief of the d fat ream d are Inadequate. we uiay ?ay tat he nv<4> go to the p?<i* teniae. But after all tbe poor bonce g>c? Nit a Utile way , ami then we ace h?w inadequate are our preparation* t<> pro vide tor mUfortuDC. what ah?nld we *ay to tbe*e |?wr children, the orphan* left by the plague f Not to ?n la the eorkboure. #f inii?t learn to be generous ml cordial In the fcce of e?ch a calamity a* tlrte. Host of u t bare lieeii very paor, if we are nut now, aud many of un may he pvir again. (Laughter ) Mr. Mllhurn bad *|>nkeu of the people making tlouaand* ha our city, but lie naid nothing of thone losing thouaaiwia. Tho men who were kings in Wall atreet and iVarl ?t reel ? few year* ugo? call for tlirni. aud bow many of them will you find hue ntepned nut 1 ( laughter. ) l?hink of neg lected childhood. That i? u terrible calamity. The *ore*t and Huililent aawct of calamity ever present* 1,1* that one'* children ahoulii t.e among th" vai;r*uta wandering through tbe street*. (Something muat be done foi these orphan children of Norfolk tnd I'ortsmouUi. (Charity Ire come* a Kperial dtjty on thW occasion, >n>l uot only a etierial duty but a *peelal wisdom al?o; ftrr every young inlld nrglritnl and unprovided for i* a rliild left t > float on the eddies of destruction. Calami ilea Ilk" the.e leach u* not Iioly the duty- if charity, but the blearing id ? Irari t y. " It I* more ble>?>ed to give than tr receive." Uut till* 1* generally read that it i? more lilr.*od to be aide to give than to he red>wed to the neee ?ity of receiving, (laughter.) It would be a good and a le autlful thing to-day, if the hundred thou*aud ? hlldren ol New York whone iMrentn are aide to gratify them, would give *ome thing. from *l*penrn to a dollar to the children <>f Nor folk and I'ortnnroutb. It would not only be a good thing for the i hlldren of thine rltle*. hut it would lie a good and a blepaed thing for tile children of New York. I?t u* (he niiid) begin here to-night to do aoniethlng ; and though It will not amount to thoiiaand*. a? it might liare done had the rilgbt lieen Ottoralde, yet it will go on and inrreaae and finally amount to a g'<od large aum. In conrluMon he offered the fiillnaing reaolutloa Remlved. Tlial h rolleotlon be now taken up for Hit ? canae. The reaulutiuu wax agreed to. kil l it collection waa ?<? coidliiglv taken up. wlil< !. amounted to a couple ul' hun dred dollars. A gentlemen in Die parquetla ainrge-u?l (hut (liar were aupi'iintendcut* mid inrbrrt of Sabbath acboola pi?i-ent, mid lip proposed thai they ahould l>e r?|Meatad tlila month to luki- up a apeelal collection furthiapur poea. I b<' <iuttt replied that one of the reaolutlotia alrevly pn?.?Ml I'uibiiifRil tbut '.mil' idea. Mr. Jamk* W. iIkkahu nest iwhlreafu-d the meeting. He ?aid a iieolutlin bad liecn phioed in hla hari<i? whii'b lie offend itith rerjr great pleaaure. It irn thought that the clcigy ehould not have all to tln'inaelvea in thla mat t< r, au<l lie w.i m oik til it the liar alum Id not lie reproaent e*l. lit* conaenta I to appear for the bar. and would per foi in that duty with all bbi ability, They met barn to - night on neutral ground. 'I hoy had not some to be amuaed or to lUten to |>olllical aptechne, but they were all drnwn here by the bond af ? ympathy. (Applauae .) 1 hey hud heurd to-night of the le>aUtmn of I ba r'l-aiiorta of Virginia by the plague. A gloom hang' over tliean de Toted eltiea ax a pall, and tha only illutul nation there la that of the tonlica ol death. Here, oald he, we come hack, after nionthii ol enjoyinant, to our proud city With delight and J< y. Wo have been wonderfully aptred by u kind l'rovldeuc.e, and we ahotild I -ap t'? eobitie the opportunity of caatlag our mite to baneUt our fulfil inf. our deaolate, our riven ritiea of the South. (Applauae.l Mtli-are ni/n* there, where hitherto have btcn the i li'? of the anvil and the muaic of the hammer. Whit are I'or'atnouth and Norfolk now' I'aialyred. Ibe merchant* aro counselled to M jr, o. to re main dlapenalng aid aud uiodh-lnea to tluxe who ? annul lea.e. what ia tlia effect ot the naiatilenco' 1 1 I ? unpen Ueli-d by anything 1 have beard of In the ami.' 1 1 .if plague. Th>'0? rltiee contained together t>?i Innabl tanta ? one half of then- bad b-ft and therefore they dtd li< t at any oue time contain |?nh>'ip tnorr th in ItliKjO. And of thaee thirv-fourtha have been laii down by t'.ie (leatilem e aud one lour Lb have died of it. Twenty- three phyaietana have died la MoeCrfh alone. The lint ward of diet rtty NMM, befrw? the paetllaa-a. ? Orel InlitM tanta. and nuw the e ate bu aim thaie, and of tlieae ouly a few have e?ca|ie.l . Icknrwa. IVnigh we cannot hear tha try of theae atricken ciilua we ?hoiiM ari-er to the up pa a I that ia made to it a. limy ray to ua, Von ate rich and powerful, your ahlpe are on fiery ?ea. one alngle niglii'a aniiiaement in your city cn-ta ?ll>,On'l, and we thaiefere a'k you to /tie u? of your fulie and you hall ba amply repaid by our giati ude." We will liiietally reepond to that appeal. Sympathy will do mot to tlila I nion than any other aoclal or polltl -?l bond*, it la the ,-outb thu' ''alii, an I wn of tl>e Vorth muat anawer. Van/ In the Mouth have the Hi* tint Northern hearta cannot be*' in ?yin|a'by with th in. Iliey ale wrong. They wl I find that \in t'ler a he.irta 'in be tbucli) 'i and ibat Northern puraea Will open to their Teller. Hi' had a.-en, twenty t"U> houra |>cf ??, in tli la nne thentr*, tcara roll down the fair i-bceka and be ll ?W m.iliiy one* too, at the lepre-fntatlon, by tli? great actrraa of a faaey tala of wee. Hut -.?i<l b> the tragoly which w labearoe tonight i? one of reul life It l< .euth ? doli ga. No riot of the imagination U it but we aie r< heat ali.g the tragedy of r?al auffio iug where n t one life ia loat, but tbou ends. Iba t' -olutl"n that I | po?e la thl/ ? Heaolveit. 'I hat llila bi< "I|iii( will llae |ta tntlil'lii ?? to ra*?e a fniid w ill' li will I n wort l.v of Uu-cau.<- an l a 'n a.uue-ni to tlie ttl eralb; ami humanity of Uo- city ol New Vurk It la to the ninvea we upiiewl. The inoveinent la of a popular cha i acta*' W??^t?that the < ii?inl of aympa thy may !?? !??< I d in every b'art <enn to t.iake ibi- a miivenent of the And they will tell well, not only to the reelpiait, but to thegi??r. Tli* atrlclmn clllea nave railed upon ua. We ot New Vork ah nilj anawer thla call, let ua Improve on tin i i-val. n .n another way It may lx' flat llie cue of Sort ilk and I'ortiBHititb to- lay may lie oura next year. <?'el giant that it Uiav not lur at/ Hot we >honld not only a t In thla rauae of it ii ir anl'y in thla way lint w? abooH put <mi rbouldera to the wbi el make our ' ity what It <? ight to t.o. and then ? all on lleieu!e> to ? "me and aid ua (A[ plauie.) New Vork 1a now? notwltha'anding all our r? rent lefom ' ? the lil'hie t citr In ' hitatend 'Oi I l ave l ine aald here that .New l'ork |1. >1 b it er ly one Iiral In the world, In the way of filth ?a t that waa tlie old town of Minibnrgh. ft it tliey l.eaid ovei the water what I -aid and they weit to work and cleaned that rl'y and n->w M w Yoik itiniU unrWalled. (langlitar i l?t we go "> woi k and clean our city, and an remo e the-e i * a ?rf [eatilcnce let thia iriovem?nt for the reltaf of tfca or phana be |e.i.ular, ai l tin re la no man h gh or low lull Will pat ku land into hi' je'ket and gl e blf rn efor the aid ol Norfolk ant for taianoth. V-w Voikl-n ' a anting in aiinpathy It baa alriuli aul?arrll^e<| $V> <Ol f, r i|,e e er ? I ha i l? nolile oi"anmeut. i"i? I want to aee it rtae higher. Ihat la but the flint it.rjf I want tof h< w tie p'" | le of tin Mouth that I! we d'tfer f 1 "i b- in in politic we are the aame with tiietii In h irean aympathy. lAppleuae.) Ibe ieaolution waa adopted Dt H??k prop ??! the following -e-olu' Ion with a (e?< f uiplUiHBtary r< maika aj ptopna'e u> Ui purpo ReaolTed, Ti a* Ibe hearty 'tank" of ibla meaning ? a ? ) *key ate keretiy IrMatel to Motii Raphael fe. i, r prcw pland ror<l al [ran< of 'lie fice nee of Una laaJI. Uie liiM .na ia the i >lar and (or bia it>oaral inierrat Ui Uw ?'! o?a?< ?hia BtOTemen' I?r. line* a ? in 'be eonr*e of h.i rei.uiraa .i In a RMrlal plea foi the orphan rkiMnta f tfie tweiity aig | byi e|JOa who bad in Sort Ik fallen vlci m> to ibe |?a lleroe He iiieiitloii?l th' lac I tha' ? ut al "gbt me-ti'al men ami atn''' nt? whom I|.bla ba>1 wot vat to gi apple With Ibe plague only tn. ?? of them retara*4 He ennounco-l that I W hl< pa'ienta wb- had already iu b?e. Il-ed liba rally to the ail ' 'f Uie uflf- "f< lad'i n rtt a. Iboil'e.1 htm to a'i'"il?* for me ax I o' th< or pbain and wlnn he wa> at Ibe -one!' . :i >W b a i? n. a i V - a f ii oe wl-- i .pti n ? ' iii wn t.?? . ? ! j'i bun Mr ait?.B Un> k t he llw io4 aiatel ' when la lied trade a lele.enea to lb- grist liag><l.eiii^ Ulb i hi I be hail f'rrgi.t to ibow how ber boat '?at in ui ?n ?lth the rane- He woui-' atate n <w ? ? waa no a< oner n.a- ? aware of the aofT?-ilng tn llrf .th <b?a* out of her own lun la abe ?ab" nb#d ll V>> i tlanlf?e a tlono of ?ppl* 'i?e ) And then, at ? tloch P. M , tha ?.ietm waa da ? i ??y Tnn I. at* Haiti.* tin th Iimim -The 1.1 I# ft If flit hf !b? vi/xo'M and ma rr lag la tlx e- iUm ' n the Bl?e water on tb? ?d of '??pie.' ?e ' All/"/ ? Ali i I yail, priva'e -oip K. 4'a < bailee Mr| m.abt do. do d' Iblwtt VHr|?tr < > ma, ii, 4th artiiiei^r Ttoa. ( err -ii do d H ia>iW?' >.]h> a lb all- y 'fg??nt, e ?i| i\ a C'-na? in wferil ptaeea Oan.Ttab, rorp- ?. p K , ideiajarn laiatlh Wm Walob prvlai- Jo d> -a verely, C. K Ratbertord do. do. Ao ? <??ere'y Th ? h-j lite tforg do. do do. ? ? light I y , fisb'ia Varbeai li li 4o ? eliihtly Jamea kitrnMy ?! d" d</ ? ?! rb Veiai, - MaraKall Kydaar ***?'( h* 'a A tfl gi" na ? w lib- ut doubt h llie-* R*?a hp I he Walla. I'm of the rareat t?M ot M'l??nai. inardea n l'i rr.peh re ec-iaty Va it waeataa v ' fia' Umh. we e it rr- Wi'anin tieiwetm w v*nwa ttae-a ?aa aa> 'Waaa a re | > -e aa ia r-iaae 1 dletir.gwlali ? *e fool aii"t . I a 'a iwiiy it tarnad oat that t^ey wa-a aid all eaaee lato the worel at the eaaae nine While le leewtar th.- W'aaaaya the ,V?efA iWa'eOi. we aadteat a arf !"t * t? r.g .hif-t-a-l f ?r N-w V-.rk The ek-ai Vaa ratawl In Morgan riaaty A > add le-ugbt from, the aie.a l at H -ea-a pe> ?, lat el I .y t | I atiea 'fa a^rahaat tar tha 4ee Took aierVa'. Theatileal Pufciiaimg by Dayllgbf. TO run gMTOK op tu ? tat in. Mill ye ??fgaet to tka mi aagl ? of the pr o ipel t?'atrewtk? peat.ahla a>f*a .tage? ?<< aa aftera-e/a fi iwaa-a ? ne 4av ha tha wee* (or the eeneawwadali -a <4 Ih-.e who aeaot at'e?| u the aaewl^a ? I a aeare ya eaet ai???ra v<aH Wa (lad V. aval' theataelraa -A h aa ' ppaaatwat'T t?, ta>oy aa latelle-taaJ tewat thu 11a ffl/ ttH' 'M> |AN>fla" ?M?M* fl?%?|flMP* n n' * 9 *ir* i * MIKE WALSH ON HIS TRAVEL8. Tlie ( ream skimmed Off the Hnrfac** of Eonlihb society. NIKE'S TIMMPHAWT OEBUT IN LIVERPOOL POLITICS Hi* Kprfrh in the Liiiifkiln Unr MotaaJ InprovraNt terirfy. lalfUnrpMl Cmtmih t? (b? ipWM ud OMtrtan tflk UKrnmu Beeeeraef# HUE'S ?1? EANl'K 1.TTO THE lEITWIIVAOTil. HIS FIRST. IMPRESSIONS OF C^CKNEYOOM. 4c , 4c , Ac. I LRTTK1V V. I I Mr Wwi a LIU' on All 71 jajyeiif >*!'-'?' Ar juir -n^t, ami Un\<atrint\, illy ftouHt a Cjmsr an a CnupU of (V M nrctuut tlaJi Tks Crmt Huld,rrattftn l>~m?TOt Ihft >,rhm< Ikr Surfaf iff Kngluk OvtiM y and M*ti #?*)( lAiiV Mull' I l*d Ornui/uUii Hbm>?TS' Knyluh I'arHcularly Ks**t* tin irfmirufw*, fc*/ //* TTltnA** A** Moodt I'mthrr JUmr- Mtin't /Ytml/e an IA? l.if\nr tyu-.'+m ? lAmyimA Pri-i and l.i \ ujiMf Lifklt?Mil' "?? KnpluA tbrnu-* A'-k/w-tuw ?m4 (Wuinr ? He Snrrrr Irr'tvrrnffy ?l< Ike /#?H (V jViVr'i DtM *i> K*gli>* I'MKm -MM* Wt* Oratory Ti lumj-Antu ?n tinxUI* IaM' . lilWVMt, f?pl 1, H*8. A? I have t?"W ti?#i In liverpool about twu waeba, .turn* the whole of which Hm* 1 hava ro?a?l induatrloualjr i'Dgy|r*l myaelf al leaat ?l?lwn owl of a?ery four houm in teellng tits quality of my thhk heavy KngUala ?hue* by perambulating through almaat <-w? ry atreat. lane, alley, public bulhllbg, and ??? tveiy frm-ei. mill" dnacrlpllon which prnmiee.1 In any way to latoreet amuee, I feci ronacloua "f knowing both tl.l pl?o??nl tha |i*opl* fur better than many who have elmply " r.ldod li?? for I year or lwr>. Iu4*cd, I Hud na dlS-u'tf whalarer, particularly after midnight in Hf?<- 'tally lo.lni; mini* praUoded abarpe wlio liaV* !*??? Ia*rv ?? ml tlmee before for waeka A couple of Hartford chapa valautcerr- 1 to ?haw r>? 'b? town a lew evening" alnce. Tha* have been her. if four month*, but after ?|*n.lln* tbe tlr.l half of (he n <av with them without batng rh?>wn anything which It* i u*t grown "talc to me m-ie than a week ago I p'opoacd, h? way of Hrtllr ff aalUfacllon f<?r tlie ! of my ere Iiinir. to tbe ta?or bjr letting Uieui into ? m*.t ?f ? up town. It w?? already pant their ueu*l ),?1 hour, but tb? mant'oW attra- Uon? which I Tfi' ?..?t??l tlx. place al holding torth |.roT??l Irrwletible, ?<?4 with lini?jnii?tb>n? l>i*utUU?f "n the magutfieoat w?j >jr inrata which aw?lle.| u? tb.y quiotl/ ruiwlgo^l then. atlvea to my giiWUnw ant followed f?t mlUa w>U> a dooUltr whbh be- p?ik? thw ???t ?r tb<- ic?ui| on tt.e ?pe~l; r?- -Ipl "f whleh the? an c Iiliil'-otly rouol?l After walking l?r ?l><n?l tw? houm, U?ktnf i he rtrrult ot the J'otttU Knd and atrlW?< bank to Wludaor, I towwl tbeiu north, down hnutbdowa Uoe. and Ml tuwm aud.leuly, by turning ? <orner In thw dre*rl*et i^nUoa of th?- Weal IV'by r.?d, on V/lge Hill. Itwjond i be frultlaaa -all, which I heard them pouring fi rth In the dl tanto lor ina, ?? I tr?dgwt homeward bf the moot due-t route, I ha*e neither ??en or Ii?*r4 ?< (Itiioi nf thi tm ? ln> e l1-i >i jtlilwg an Awerimn ae?? on lawdiog tn l.ngl<nd ? ?l?ay ??' "P'l'K the juvewiU ?h'?* bl??ka? ?inUlllagtf rrmlnda lilm ?'f .low ne?? and aolldHjr The eluiiuy forma I of tha people art' I particularly of the labxnug rt???a*, and Ilia ?till n?'ire elnmny wad* In wbl- h th? y ara eU'l ? the mammoth ap|??ran' ?? of the h/?'ae. tlie reality ?( wlib h far exoea-le all my pre- oooairad not ,n?of thM?? the atupawioaa IVwwnlng wall' with whleh ere^y plaea w.-ro- to Ij* ?orroui?<lel the private man ? I on alike with II . diK ka, and tb? h<?p>tal lnflr?u?ry and eeo?.d<-ry. aa lr?e 1han Ilia pri^.u an-l ar?en?l? <be??, and a tli?'U?a*l oiher thing" whi' h everywhere meet yqr eye, ara aw differvat frotn wlial w.- h??? baan arruat'*u?l tlia? thejr r.e. < iwarlly challenge the attention at the ?Hanger V ma aie at a low whila lo? king at the ?l .?{iali, l-mit?ere.>mw ap|?arau<e ?.f th# men ^wn ially. to dl?l?' wlietw tba pttra?r4latry a. livlly and iea'newa >'f the ^ngllah pilae nghtai und profaartaaal rannrr r.*ne from bwl a t?w wtel< eli<arlao?a- if yo i ara a [rret'y II ely trareller? w ??|?e the w>yat?ry It la tb? alwe.-l .al*er??l W?aw N,| IT) which e?i?i? hera So'hlng '"I <ef the pf"?a j,e? t of pocketing a aapply ?>f tin ' rooW ei m wwiu>e% full bli < >le?l gh.hinan Ui go through tli* eex-ra drti'lnf and * Uwhaj- t??? ' ty na a.^ary V. all whi a'talw ? minence la ihuaw portuita. Tlio h r ara ? >'? 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