Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6980. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? MONDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. rounoAi* tfTONSTITUTIONAL CONYEMTION.? WUEBEAB, AN Kj act m rf" by the last Legislature, known as the "Maine law," depriving the dliiena of their Inalienable right*, tn ttoiatioo of Uie sacred guarantee* of Uie constitution of tills Mate, and which ought to be repealed by the neit Legislature, ? convention will therefore be held at Syracuse, oo the tenth (101k) day of October next, at 10 o'clock A. V , for tbe purpose of adopting such measures as may be necessary to bring about Its repeal, and to consider such other matters as may pro perly be brought before It Tbe societies organized for the pur nse o t defending their constitutional rights of tbe counties of Mew York and Kings, are respectfully requested to send three delegates for every Assembly district In wid counties, and the oeponenu of the "Maine law" residing in the other counties of this sState are respectfully req seated to send the twine num ber for each Assembly district respectively, to represent them In the convention. A mass convention will also be held at the samo place on the Uth day of October next, at U A. M., by Ui?> opponents of un just and oppressive legislation, and we invite art persons who reyrd their constitutional rights and the public interests, to Tbe convention will be addressed by some of the most elo quent and talented speaker of this Slate. Signed:? KKIf. OOD-MT. TIOUA roCNTT. Nehemlab Case, Samuel Mills, Hiram I*. Tfiayre, H. II. Moore, William Wybert, Nelson F. I'enay, John Q. Sbeuler, Klisha E. Hill, Johu Hebard. H, Whlttakcr, ?ORkOk cocktt. Win. Hannah. Barney Beckee. oiacoo coenr. oktario coobtt. George Clarke, Joeeph Oilman. Chaa. D. Palmer. ltvihootoh oocmtt. WAsanroTon ooomtt. John Vernam. Hamuri Axteil, TAXES coCMTT. John 1*. Wood, John D. Wollcott. Wm. Bouse, onoiioaca cooktt. James II. Sherrlll. 11. W. Iliad wick, wakbkm oovutt Stephen D. OHlaye. John F. Bherrill. OK X IDA COUNTY. EMU OO0MTY B. F. Jewltt, John MoElroy. W. H. Chapman. new tube. ncaaiHKn ooomtt. Joel Conklln, John Manning. P. W. Bogs, ALSAKT OOtJKTT. B. 1). SpragUt*, John Taylor. F. 8. Coszins. John O. White, J. P. Trcadwell, BU Perry, W. B. Miles, Jeremiah Oaborn. Thorns* I. lUyaud, kin as cotjNTT. John W. Culbert, Thomm J. Jerrotd, Philip C. Harmon. J.Schenck Buy dam. Papers freodly to the ciuse are requested to Insert the above. The Metropolitan Society invite all its members to attend the mass convention of the Constitutional Right Society, which will bo held at Hvracuse on the lith Inst , at 10 o'clock A. M. The dele/rates of the Metropolitan Soulety are respectfully requested to meet at the Broadway House on the 8th Inst., at 8 o'clock. 8TU WABD.-AT A PRIMARY ELECTION, HEl.D October 8, 1886, at llaeso's Head, No. 68 Mercer street, in accordance with ton recommendation of the General Com mittee at St. John's Hall, tbe following ticket was unanimously elected:? CTTT AM) CODirrr. SENATORIAL. AttSEMRtT. John Wllfou, Michael Authony, Johu Aitkin, Jr., .Robert W. Thomas, John B. Lydecker, Dr. Francis Fleet, James Brewer. James Armstrong. Thomas liradbury, Edwin Wuinwright, Joel B. Fox, John McKlliben, Jr. James S. Davis. 17th cotrxcu DM. 18th council dis. 19th council ms. Chaa. Baese, John S. Kdsall, David A. Fowler, James Sinclair. Perry Utley, James 8 Davis, Jame1 J. Murray, John McKlbben Jr., Wm. Smith, F. Ferguson, Daniel Howell, Nathaniel Weeks, John Thompson. John C. llyrnes. Elmore iUl-ey. aOru council mstrict. Jame1- Stewart, Stephen C. Duryea, Daniel Smith. John McCool, James Hanna. JOHN B. LYDHCKER, > WALTER MILLER, S Intpecton of Election. JAMES BREWER, S 1 ATH WARD.-AT A MEETINO OF THE 10TH WARD lU MlloMl democracy, held In Tollerton Halt, fi't OhryeliO street, on Monday evening, October 1, 186ft. for the purpose of wmlnaung charter officers, Joseph M. Marsh was called to the clialr, ar.d TuthUl Lawson appointed Secretary, when the fol lowing officers were duly nominated by acclamation : - Alderman? llenry U. Atwood. Aisesot ? James H. Betts. Constables? Jamea Bile, Loula H. Vnltec. School Commissioner? Daniel H. Sloat. School Inspector? Louis F, Schaefer. School Trustees? John Harrison, William Goldey, George Cmith. For Inspectors of Election : Flrit district? Joseph J. Jen nings, John Middletou. Scoud district ? Charles Dlngley, John Met 'sun. Third diatrlct ? Jacob Gulden. James Mulrv. Fourth nisi riot? Oeorgo T. DolUngur, John D. Welch. Fifth dis'riel? James M. Ulovcr, Hush lliley. JOSEPH M. MARSH, Chairman. Tctuml Lawson, Secretary. UTH WABD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR nomination.? At a meeting of tbe democratic eonven tion, held en Saturday evening, Oetober 6, 1845, at the house of .Frederick Repper. 196 Houston street, ior the purpose of aomina'.int: a candidate for Councilman lor the Twenty eighth lUmncil district, Henry W. Colyer was unanimously nomi nated as f ouncilman or thai district George Wlldey, Emanuel Meyer, Frederick Bepper, Jamea Lamb, llenry Spohu. 16 Til ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.? AT A MEETINO OF THE delegates to the 161i District Assembly Convention held ?t Smith's Hotel, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty seventh Meet, John H. Anlhon was unanimously nominated. CORNELIUS L. PURDY, Chairman. C. Oonrnsr Gcktbci:, Secretary. "1 7THWARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION A I ?At a meetlug oi the Democratic Convention for the For ty-seventii Council cnatrlc', held at the house of V. Itvuner, No. 1 avenue A, on Baturday evening, Oct. i, ISM, for the purpose of nominating a suitable person for Councllmiti, John N Rey nolds was tuanlmoualy nominated as a eandl<late lor that dis trict. EDWARD CARACAS, Chairman. John NaBtik, Secretary. "IQTH WARD.? "UNION AND HARMONY IS OUR AO Motto."? The undersigned, Inspectors of ihe Primary Election held In accordance with the call ol the General Committee of St. John's Hall, hereby curtity that the following ticket st' elected, by 487 majority, at an election held at Kel cornei ol First avenue and Nineteenth street, on Friday, rmr anu cotrnrr. senatorial. amehrlv. John Duck eman, Miebael IxHjnam. Thomas I r wm, Harris Wine*, Jr. William Wines, Terance Koen, John Muri'li), Cbarles Bradley. Stephen O'llara, WrlM Wright. .Inhn N'esbit. Wm. O'Donoell. Andrew Killeen. rOI.ICE .rti-'tcr. k'lTII COUNCIL D?T. S/TII I OOHCIL Dtsr. August hl'.ilieru, Maurice Daly, Patrick Tnily, Lawreure lienncsy, James I)aw John Carr, Michael MrOrath. Stephen wKtiel!, Nicholas tViwsn James Own*. James Median, Harris tVlnes, Francis Brock. William OUston. Michael Flood, rn i mm. tieorge S. Drew, Michael i*M>tun, Is.iac A. Morau James Salurnn, Edaard M.irray, James McLaughlin, D. 8. Hlbiianl, Klch?rd Murphy, Jolin Kane, Harris Wines Sr , Charles Woodhull. Daniel Kavanagh. Ftedcrick She. Iff, Francis ODonnell, Tcrance McKenna. JAMES OWEN, 1 I'AlRIt.'K TL'LLY, J Inspectors. MICHAEL LOOM AN. ) Of|TH W \RD.? UNION AND VICTORY. ? AN AD juVJ journert meeting of the Democratic (whole ahell) Uelorm Ataoeiation ?t the Twentieth ward will he held at Contnen'al Hail, cornei '1 hlrty touilh street and Elithtii avenue, on Mond ly evening, IX'i'lierBth. N. M A lUON, Chairman, pro ten. Ja?r? It. FaGix, . J. Rior.iTH.S,^fr# "r'e"' Km. nOD WARD. TAMMANY HALL, RKOULAR DEMO &?t craUc lepub lean nutuinatlon:? For Alderman, lion. Nicholas feuatlst; opposed to the Maine law. and tho working man's friend lie was unanltwansly nomlriateil by ? : Uin*Uoa by the tomnil tee. HENRY 8CHNORB, AI)AM LULY, JOHN ZIMMER, JACOB L'LRICII. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE 1 OR STREET COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. COX. Tire REPUBLICANS OF NEW YORE CITY WILL boll a m.i-s meeting on Tuesday evening, October 9th, at ?the Tabernacle, at 7K o'clock, to ratftv thndolugs of the RepiCj. liean State Convention, ho'den at Hyraeii-e. Sep:. 27, IMS. JAMES KENNEDY, I (/ommittee of T. 8. BERRY, J Airangement*. YOCNO TAMMANY HALL GUARD.? TIIF, MEMBER.-! of the above company are requested to aaaemtile tor parade at Jacob Gulden's, #1 Bowery, on Tuesday next, tbe Vth Instant, a'. " o'clock, A. M. Uy ortcr of CHAB. W. ERCOKR, Captain. 1'ha?. Neart, Ordeily Serjeant. REWARDfl. djl Ci W|f| REWARD.? ON THE 17TH OF SRPTEM VA?J.UU\I ber last two box>g were delivtred at the office oflhe American Expreas Company. In Dubuque, Iowa, by a earimau from the United State's Land Office. Said boles, on their arrival at the Sub Tr<jasury In Now York, were found to eon'aln buck shot of the aire ot lit) to the pound, and pressed bails of tbe size of lfr) to tbe pound, to the am int of 174 pounds in weight, and SS pounds of sheet lead. No. 4. The boies were made of white pine, one loch thick, ?love'atled at the corners, about 10>, inches long; Inchea wide, and 4>t inches deep. Inside measurement. The bot'om of one of the holes waa ot hemlock. They were strapped once around the middle with one Inch hoop lion. It Is elslmad by the Aaslsiant Treasurer at Duunque, that the bou-a eaah contained gold -otn to the amount of 000, They were marked with oards addressed to Ihe "Assistant Treasurer I nl'ed States, New York,'' which carts are admitted by the Deputy Assistant Treasurer to he K'nulne. New, thi refore, for he p'lrpose o. dis. or, Tin* bow lafraod was committed, and brining to Justice be perpe trators tbereor, the American Express t'omoany will pay fltl^XIO (or tlie recovery of the Mtey, or In lha' proporttou tor any part of It; and lA.OtlO lor the srreat snd eoavtetioa of tLe offeiidert, and they wti: p*> liberally for information re tatlvr to the tuaklug el said '.4<hs, be furnishing of such lead l>alW. -hot. Ac.. Ac. Ar. All eomm<inicatlons should be ad <1 res ~|U !o the subscriber* WkLt4, Ml TTKKFll.LD k CO., New York. LIVINGSTON. KAKGO A CO.. Huffslo. I'tepile'ors ot th ? American Ktpreit Company ftudaio. t it. 3. IK>A. HI6V* BP -LOUT, tl.V HATtRDtY. OCT. 5/0* waG 'h' New liavcn Hai, ajioi-kmbook eon'mnlog he twero f70 sod #H|, of the KUinfiud Bank. Conne ti. ut and eeveial receipts 'lh tinder uU] receive the aIxac reward hv caving It B' M r. lfa.l leti ", J street, |Oreen|', L. I . or a> . Thompson's, 149 last Nini ccnth street. N. V 41(1 ABil? U>ST. A St'ilOONKB'S BOAT, M FBET qHU lr.n;, newly painted, green bottom, black top. lead Cft'or bo"em snd green abo e. The above reward will he paW 0 any "ue glilng information where sael Ooai can be vtmad Art T v\ ?RD. -LOST. Ill SATt RDAY EVRNINOTiN West Broadway, nesr Dusni street ? h. odie of isw pSLi ? ( on'sjltng a dooroe of sale and ahsirs t title he AimI. will i. aee return them to T. H. Bitrett 4i? Broa<lwsy (up t-wtlrn. Of to Alfred Roe, 3 Wall stree1. At? RV* \BD-I>t*T, A tltiLD Ct?>?S WlFlftiHATN Wm allot! two Inches loo,' The tinder, by iNaving it a> 'J7 Peail sires > will receive me a nve reward. IRAVEMiERIi' UllDK. i' HE aP F ARE For Al BANT-PASHAtiK S CENT* J by 11 ' of iii Itallv Mel . :ao.s I.iue. The test aaillni ?emer 1 "ahCfH H<l|t|'Y, t.'apt. J W. Hsncox, will leavt ?or 1 1 tide rd Ro'iuiaon ?tr*ei fcv?ry Manday Wedaesdaj and Frhls > . and tbe Hem I 'apt. Aonlng Smith, every Tues day. Iharsstay ?n>l Haiurday. at* P M., arrlv . by 4 A. M *TO? Off PORT AMD FOBT HAMILTON. - THE CTSAB F boat KKT PORinaavoa Morray etreot ptor daily, (Res ftyt eooeytad,) at I o'aieek F. M., aad Coy Tort at f o eie# NEW PVBUCATHNVI. ANOTH1* NEW THINO. I shaifbaue early la toe teuton a large, *plendldly got up Pictorial tor the hollidaya. entitled THE COMIC PICTORIAL; Containing a great number of highly cnaodc rn'j, and ? won derful variety of squibs, joke*, anecdotes and tnanr thing ? for fun loving readers. Price fiW cents, mailed peel free on re celpt of price. T. W. 8TKONO, 88 Neseauatreet. GO WANS' CATALOGUE, NO. 1A-A CATALOGUE OF standard English and American boita. wttk prices at fixed, to be bad grail*, on application: If sent by mall, two stamp* required to be encloaed. W. OOWN8, 178 rollon ?t. Jt'ST PUBLISHED. ? SPECIMEN COPIES 08 ATI8 TO music teacher* and seminaries. The Ooldeo Drop Scbot Um'Ii, sec. The Rive rdale Hcbottlsh, 26c. Spare nay Heart fiom Crowing Old, (eoug,) 26c. The above three pieces, com posed by Juliua Metx, arc truly beautiful, gad will be mailed ti ee for "6c. COOK * BRO., !43 Brosdway. UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC REVIEW.-OCTOKRR, Vol. V.. No. IV. Contenta? Portrait of John Cochrane, .surveyor of the port of New York; I, TheFderal Union? Shal It b en reserved: 2. Revolution and Reaction; 3. The POeta ?f the World? A Rodomoutade; 4. Zodiacal Symbolism. purl 3, the Primitive Kra; 5. Spirit Land: 6. Minor Usurpation* ot iho Federal Government; 7. The Winter of the Heart; 8. lT?rable and their Dangers; 9. The Oroaa; 10. The Nebraska liuiw Bill; 11. To my Cigar; 12. Human Nature tn Chnniu ? I'twinX No. IS, Biographies, or "Our Jeuunle; chunk No. 14, "Our Bachelor;" IS. A New Military Literature; 14. Young Twist and Young America; IS, Have you Heard Mr. Chapln. 10 Ear ly Love; 17. The Democratic Party and ita Ouponrnts: 18. Ex tract from "Strife of the Poeta;" 19. Book Notices; SO. Theatrl. cat Notices; Rachel at the Metropolitan? Aeadrmv of Music. Terms? $3 per vear, or 28 rent* per number. l.LOYL A CAMPBELL, Publisher*. 252 Broadway. _ ? THK CKNTRF.VILLE COURSE, L. I.? PACING.? TUESDAY, Oct. 9, at 2 o'clock P. M. precisely, mulch for $2,000, mile beata, in harness. Coo. Spicer name* g. ? Hero, J. Whelpley names r. g. Pet. The above match Li pay or pi iy, and to be a good day and track. JUKI, CoNKLI.V, Proprietor. (1ENTBEVILLE OOURSK, L. l.-TROTTINtl. ? WKDt J nesday, Oct. 10, at 3 o'clock? Match (600? Mile beau? Bes. Sin 5.- James Whelpley names b.g. Young Emperor, tn har. ness; D. Pilfer names b. m. Katy Woodruff to 200 Hi. wagon JOEL OONKHS, Proprietor. ("IFNTBEVILLE COURSE, - L. I.? TKOTTINO.? THURS J day, Oct. 26, at 3 o'clock? Match, $1,000, two mile heals, iu harness. Oeorge Spicer names b. g. Prank Forrester; Hiram Woodruff names r. m. Lady Franklin. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprle'or. IV resort in now In complete order, uul ready to aetotnmo dale the sporting aud riding tmblhv Vie Gotham and Italttc Bate Kail Clubs play on the beatsflw p-eeu atlaebed lo Hie bou e. and nllord much aporl to (OS visiters of this beautiful place. The best of refreshments always on hand. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTINO? KXTRAORDI nary match against time. On Mouday, Oct. 22; a mutch lor $1.UH). Isaac Woodruff names sp. g. Spangle, wagon and driver to weigh 400 pounds, to trot 60 miles in tour bourn; to start at 2 o'clock P. M. precisely. SHAW k WHITE, Proprietors. UNIOti COURSE, L. I.-TROTTINQ ON TUESDAY, Oct. ?, at 3 o'clock, precisely. A match for $1,000. MUe hunts, beat three in five, lo harness. J. M. Daniels name t b. g. Chicago Jack. D. Plftler name* h. r. m. Belle of Saratoga. SHAW A WHITE Proprietors. N. II.? Thin race will come off, rain or shine. UNION COURSE, L. L ? TROTTINO.? THURSDAY, Oct. 11, at 3 o'clock P.M. Match *2,000. Two miles and repeat, to wagtn Geo. Spicer numcs Frank Forester. J. D. MrMaun uamcs Flora Temple. SHAW A WHITE, Prop tit-tor* Broad rock, Richmond <va> racks? faia meeting, 1866, will commcnce the second Mouday iu Ooio v?er, snd continue aix day* Find Day, Monday, Oct. 8.? A sweepstake for all aire*. $S0C auli-i . , plain; proprietor to add $l,t?0; four mile hoau, closed with ten subscribers. Second Day, Tuesday? A sweepstakes lor three year old*. $600 subscription, mile heals, closed wiih three *ubs< rlber*. Same day, t econu race? A sweepstakes for three year olds, $200 subscription. mile heat*, closed with ni^ht subsedbers. Th'.rd Day, Wednesday ? Tockey Club purso, $500. three mile lieatv Same day, second race? A sweepstakes for four year olds, $300 subscription, two mile heats, closed with tire ?ubscrlbers. Fourth Day, Thursday? Proprietor's parse, $100, two mile beats. Fifth Day, Friday? A sweepstake* for three year old*, $VX sutiM-rtptiou, two mile heats, closed with four subscrl-ara. Same day, second race ? A sweep >aakes for untried three year oUI*, $100 subscription, mile Beats, closed with eight sub ?erlbers. Sixth Day, Baturd&y?Pioprletor's purse, $600, three mile beats, lor bor.. es only that have started in some race (luring the week. Weights tn be handicapped. There are at preaent thirteen stables lu training for the above meeting, exclusive of three other viable* expected to arrive before the races. This will undoubtedly prove one of the flue?t meotings ever held in Virginia, and some of the best vhoroujih bred horses will contend for the above purses and sweepstakes. CALVIN GREEN, Proprietor. 8NCC I AL NOTICI8. ATA SPECIAL MKKTINO OF THE ATLANTA BOAT t'lub. held at the Bout IIouop on Friday evening. October A. INA. ihe following resolutions were ollered and unaolni'ius ly udoped:? Whereas, It has pleased Almighty (Jod to v[?it this a??oelir tlon. for Jhe flrwt time since its organl/ailon, with aWli-iftn, ami lotlike from anionic Its members one ol our oldest assis isles, endear' d to u* by ihe amiability of his character, tie- gentlene?s of his LnaniKTH, his hi ,h moral n orth and luie.'irilr. and his tin tirirgzeal In furthering the objects ol the Indlttiilon. there lore:? Resolved, Thai In the d?n'h of Oeorge K. Cos'ar, the Atlanta Boat Club bus loat one of It* leading members, a beloved asso elate, a warm and di-hitcrusted friend, and that while it bows in humlile sul misalon to the Divine ? ii> In taking from the busy acenc? ol life by a brief Illness, a most promising young man; whh everv prospect of sueeeea and advancement before him, the idol o' a bereaved moiher. It i an never eeas ' lo cherish the memory ot it^ de> i?ed ai< ?> late, ot ? hom |i oan with irutlt tie mid. tluii "none knew him but to love, or named him but topi ai*e.'' Hai the Secretary in direete?l o transmit to the family (?flhelr deparved friend a e1(jiy of tliese resolution*, aasurlnii them ol the deep sympathy or the club with them in their be reavemeni. and commending litem totlie lieailni; infiuenees ol that Divine mercy which ehastiecs only In love, end do'h no' willingly sill irt or grieve 'be children of in?i. That the boat |hou?e be draped In mourning, and ' hat the member* of the crab, when in uniform, Ihe usual badge-, during thirty days. The above t esol ut ion were directed to lie puhlMicdtn the New Yoik lluogld and Noiv York Times, ?nl i lie meeting then adjourned J. K. 11AY, President. W?. Rocoi.i*, Jr., Secretary. / 1APTION -THK rrHI.ii' ARK II KltKII Y CAUIIOM.H \j a?ainst persona who are k'oing around In the upper part of the cltf, MilU itliiR money tor an engine company In !? o'irth .i ve nne, near Twenty seventh street, a* all nuch persons are lm I os'ot s, JOS! Alt H. COLOATE. Seerctarj' Knglne (Jompany 2" IO."bp~Orv -A l.KCTL'RB Wli.L bK_ DELIVERED ? at Atlant c Lolge No. 60, Mon'a^ ie Hall, llrrsiklyn, on Monday evening, Nov. C, by p. O. Peult lie order are In vlted. NOTlCf:Tn~7lKRKBY OrriN~TIIAT MO PBStOV IS nut)iortze<l to ptocure pro)i?rty of any kind, goo-li or credit, on Dtv act ount. IIA KMON K. ROOT, M. D.,612 Kroadw#*'. N. Y. Nrw Youk, Oct. 8, 1X65. Natl ralizaTion < x?mmittbk wlix bk i n .tiiisioN every day In iha back room of Tammany llail. at th hour* Of ? A M. Ull 5 P. M. ; the Democratic Kepubl!'**n Ad tt'.i N taiion < ommitU'e Ull 26th OcL, la-t day. Papers muntbe taker out ten days I cfuro election. \i"oii( e fo Captains" and s n7 row v krs. ?con A> mlate ol Venezuela, New York October I |)W6.? Pur ?iisrii to ln?intetlon? received irom the Department of Foreign it' .nt;on? of the republic of Venezuela, the undersigned hereby * arps enpts ins and owners of Vf*? Is aga.ns' procei?|jng wtih their vessels lo, or tourhlns at, any of the Island* or ternt ine* ot Venezuela, except ibo?e> which arc open to foreign com merer. Il?nn; been informed thai v> ??el? have rece fitly been at lite KKiino t'Ui.ds, art sent Ui m l under injur! *11, t'oo, and ha\r taken and carried away gnai, o therefrom wKhout lawful antheriiy, the government of Venerueia hereby gives no< e that all perscra violating the .Virtga'lon lawsot 'he republic tn this or in any other respect, will be proceeded agalnat. and Ibelr \ s'-l* (nil oiber propcrt) ? i/ed and on:l*--ai d. In coir.ormMy to ?u< h laws J.'s UK VtiKKDA , Consul. VMV YORK Y ACHT_CI.I B? Til K FOURTH <(R\ El! A I. i.1 meeting forties year, will be held at th Club Ho i-c, Klv stan Fields, en Thorsday, tbe 11th Inst., at 4 I' M. Dinner at o'eke k. Liata . a>?c a> No. 4 Pin- street, on Tuesdat ,ng ihe (Ha tnsf . N. BLOoD'.QQD. Re Seer etarv. SYi IIOMMiY MI>MKRISM KTr 1'djC BENTON, ol 477 BroiulWitf. New York, l? atn'ising an i in 'irue'lng ihe i eople of Wllliant'buri; on the above "ibje'i Let Uiresi Monday and Tuesday < enlngs, Otnober ? M an I 9th ?? ib ? < deon. Admittance one shilling. T~ ilE IJKRMAN t.'I.I II D1NNKR ? 1 III- t 'i.tlHinVI. OF Ibe above club are happy t? int.'riit tin snbw rlbers and memtiem, ibat they will nix-n their rltih rts?m, M> and J.T Horn on street, on Monday the IMh ln*t. The g' n'lemen wl h trg ui subscribe are, reapeetfully re.cies'e.i to call, as reir Us' wlii soon be closed. Doe notice wt. be gives oi our Bra p' tinn THK UQVOR (iUKNTlOV At-TATR CONYKN1 ION (if LIQCOR DR ALBRH.? TIIR liquor deaiera of 'he .- ate, incl Mling imiorter* ho>el keepers, brewers, distillers, sa.'oon keepe-s, jobbers, gr s^trs, boUlera, maker* of elder at<* dea>r? therein, are req ties' ed to semi three of their number from ea*h Aiormbly IHa rlet, and New York and Brcokhn ibt*e t? each ward, a*de.??aies to a ii<|uor dealer*' convention, to be held a1. Si acuse on the lt,tb day of tW 'otier next, for ? he p urpone -it adopting such mev>ur<* eonrtsun* wWi the plaifoim adop ed a: die I <|UOi dea'ers' Slate er rivennon. held ?t Syiaenae on ihes.h <iay ot Acgust l??i, ss will heal secure ihe maln'atn?nee of 'he lnaJ)?nah;e t.'rsanal rigb's e' the people, snd the ee? U'uMonal and j'ist rtgnuof ihe iquor deaiera of tbe Hta'e, and defeat the eleeneil of all eaodl dan a who are not cm| hail.*lly and unequHro'aUy oppo-ed Ui ?uy ptohibitory litjw.r law, or are Iu favor ot the enactment of *nv coercive or oppr^aalve Uouor .aw whatever By order or ihe IJquor Dealers' State Commi'tee H FRKNOH of Hew T.i k, Cbalrmaa. O. H Boon, of Dntcheaa, Xecreiary. At a mi etino or the r.itjro iTl > bXi.ern ofTpFk Iwelttii ward, held at Mr. T T Ja-k >,n a on Krt iay even leg, Octobers, 1*A3, Mr. T T. Jackson In ih" eha'r rf?. F Whltnay waa appoMed Secretary, pro t<-m i toe folt.iwing grntiene n were 'insr.tuioiis!v noniinaied deieaa e? to at'end i ie <-otiveni.on. '0 In he. da siracise on the ileh tost !>? llaisTVS si.rr.nasTr* Irf'wls Ia slle. C W i ampti"!! \fni. Hor n e T. T. Js-kson, t.eo. B. Over. John ouillaB. CVojif ntion" Noil' e'-Tt* a Vretino of tTi'k J delegate* to ihe Ll'tuor D-slers i ouven'loo held a' tli (<xip>r llonae, ibe fula a n_' resolu'ion as- unanimously adopted . ? Revolved, That ?e recomnead ail delegate to 'lie f'oo ven'lon to be held ai arracuee oti the |t*h Inst , to ptues.ed by the I rle railroad *o illmbsmn n. and them e by ibe Itlrig hsmton snd Syracnse read to th?' pla'-e of dea ina'lon Tickets for the en uialoti bj tM* route will be Issued by < h<? A. Tap pan, 9 R Broad wav or at the rattnied "? e WM RAY.VOR (hairmaa. r. t Dwtnaiia. Secretary. * Ticket* for the stove rxetjrvlon are $f, The ' traca for the trains ie*vini( are at * ?> A * * 16 A % *nd " ??' M.. irom lbs krte railroad drpel, at the t<jot ot D ..*oe street A Iec* ?ji.wTKin of iun^fimTit A "J5 ^ Hotmwt cm. M10 fflCBLf INTEKESTOIfi AOS WMHWCm. More of the Abolition Policy of England and France. IMPORTANT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. Ac., Ac., 4x5. Ow Wellington Correepondence. Wahuimjtox, Oct. 0, 1S53. 7 hf Affair$ of the Duninican RrpuLlis ? Ventral Cat i< rait' i Trraty Supprtued ly llnluh ami PrmcK Inter frrtnet ? Highly Interr rfi'nj; Official Corretjjondmcr. A few weeks einco the IUiuii) published the detail* of bat remajkaMe piecc of secret history, the treaty made by General Caineau with the l*omialcan republic, and 1 now transmit to you the authentic aad official docu ments. They explain for thenwelve* to what more than insolent extent European interference on thin ocean inn waa submitted in by oar government? when the treaty which we had maito with another American Power wax cancelled by the order* of France and England. ThU trraty wan signed October 6, and the diplomatic agent* of the allien forthwith ordered up. a w|iixtroa to force the Dominican government to recede from H? engage ment*. H. B. M. 'a Consul General then laid the follow ing instruction i of hl? government before the Dominican President, who had m> choice but to receive them with resjiectful obedlcnce, while his capital lay under the gun* of his magnanimous allies BkiTLSII Co.\Hl.l_4TI. ) Past? Dom.wo. Oet. V?. 1KI. ( S i m'K 1'bmuhsnt? I am in*tructed by the Earl of Cla rendon, Her Majesty's Secretary of .State of foreign Affairs, to luform the Domini cau gutrcnunent that her Majrity's government learn with surprise, that notwithstanding the te'.vico offered by the , representatives of the mediating powers, wliich could bare uo otlier object than to promete the safety and welfare of the ikmlnican republic, the President ha* thought proper to negotiate a treaty with the I'nited mates by which both the safety and weltare of the lepub lic will be greatly and immediately endangered. tnglandand Prance have on more tlian one occasion luteiteied to uphold the Independence of the Dominican republic when that independence was threatened by a neighboring power, and they had no right to expect that the urrangcuicut* contemplated by this treaty should hare been made without their knowledge and sanction, particularly with n power which has hitherto refuaed to acknowledge the independence of the Dominican republic, and the rudeness and peremptory character of whose present proceedings must cause well founded suspicious of Its ulterior object. ROBERT H. SCHOMBl RGH. To his Excellency Pttuo Sasiajru, President o? the Dominican republic. When the American Plenipotentiary discovered th" Dominican government was under duress, he seems to have decided to make tlie French and English agents withdraw their dictatorial Interference, or pUce them and their governments in such a position as would com pel Ihctn to face the responi-ibtllty of these acts, and the notice of this Intention was served upon them in the form ofa protest, of which 1 subjoin an exact copy from the government flies: ? PtVTn Ponrivio, Nor. IT, 1861. Sin ? Tlie undersigned Commissioner Plenipotentiary of the Cnttcd States of America, having good reason to know that the agent* of France and Fnghuvl have by various means. aided by the menacing 11- play of an aimed force before this capital, over-awed ami controlled the free action of the Dominican republic in its relations with the I'nited States, hereby protests, lu the name of his country, against this brtach of honorable faith to wards this government, and against this unwarrantable encroachment upon the sovereign rights ot an indepen dent Amerlcsn power. Every enlightened government In amity with the I'nited States is |>erfeclly Informed of their determined purpose as a nation, to oppose whatever measure may be intended to subject the in.lependent iiatloaalily of an Air.erlran people to the arbitrary will of a foreign power, or make its action? and even existence? depend on the dicta ofa foreign policy, and none of thoee nations hare taken exeapttooa to this Immutable principle of un American system. The I'nited States make no difference in the applies tion of this rule tietween the stroDg and the weak ol the sister republics, and they hnve u Just right to ex ject the powerful and magnanimous nations of Europe will follow their example. These facts being so well understood, I must call your particular attention to this inconsiderate violation ? I the lelations of amity and commerce now sub?f*tlng between our re*|?ectlve countries, In the trust that you, as the responsible representative of your government at this capital, will use the necessary precautious to guard those relations from further disturbance. If due care should tie omitted, thegovemm- nt an I peo ple hC the I 'nits <1 States may conceive they have just cause to distrust the sincerity and good taith ol any govei ninent whose agent* in these matter* nrc thus per milled to interfere in affairs an I negotiations belonging entiielv and exclusively to the Interests of the I nlted State* and the lx>minlcan lepublic, and I am confident that you would regret, eonally with myelf, the eon*e fjnenres which mlgnt from this unaothori/ed In termediilirg with the -anctity and freedom of inter American relations. Wil.I.IAM I- CAZHKAt . This protest threatened to mar the game of Euroffann dictation and a mes-enger was at onco steamed lo the Flench and Digital) Minister-' at Waehlngt in. An answer went back express, to the effect that the Secretary ol Slate wa- alaimed at tieneral Caitieau' presumption in advancing the principle* of the Monroe doctrine ia hi protest, and had promised the French Minis'er to recall him without delay. I' pen this encouraging report from lhc I nlted State* the agents of the allied power Informed

the Dominican govei nmcnt that they would not excite the Haytien negroes to invade tlie country (thin la Hie -landing menace of France and Fngland to the Domini can*. ) If it would enter Into an engagement to exclu la the Americans altogether from their territory. This ar rangement was reduced to dlplooia'lc form in the folio* ing extraordinary note:? SjinTO Domim;o. Dee. j.| 1851. Mos?in R if. lmmi%T ? Hie undersigned. Consuls' of ! i gleiid and I >nce, with the tiew of removing the la*' liiflicoltlf s that can oppose themselves to a trucc of long duratlr n Is- 1 ween the two parties of this Islan I. de.ire to know if the Dominican government will consent to enfer into the folio wing engagement* *Ith the two mediating power j, in care trie Moperor of Haytl shall yield, under these engagements, liis adhesion to the trues' under guar antee* of the fame power ;? 1st, Not to alienate, Icaise, I yjsithec.-i'e or eels gratui tously either temporarily or permanently, any iiortlon of the i i minlcan territory, |.artlcularly In the ltay of S mara, to any government whatever. 'hi. Not to contract any llr.ancial engagement with any fori ign state; not to ncecpt any inbsldv not to hypoth ca'e anj branch of the revenues of the floinini -an >.t*te 2d. Not to consent to the aleniation of any of th- sove reign national Jurls?tlctlon. 4th . Not to permit any government whatever to make ?ry m a i It i me or other establishment ; not in found or in upy any depotsor factotlo* of any kind in the Dominican ti nitory. 6tb. Sot to tolerate the landing on the said territory of any parties of adventurers, armed or not ?rtned. Pith. Not to conclude a treaty with any power what ? ver according anything which ha* not l*?n already ac corded toother* In anterior convention*; alxive all. any treaty which it. e* not guarantee on th" part of the other power the time advanti-ges arid the -amc privilege, to all the Dominicans, v-ilktml any iliitinrlum of mrvjtn -r rotor. The undersigned Con-uU, un-!er the pre ent ttrireney, pray V our Kxcellency to give an au->?'- to thl* note with l lie *borteat is ^eible delar. ItollKRT II. MCllOMBtTUlII. II. I! M. Con-al. I. S. P. D! RA"-, Consul of Ft ante. Tlii* I* the basis of the "tatu <pno of Dominica, and it Is node rsUxsl that Spain has r-ow l*e- '*me a party to thl - grand European arranifceien'. Both the Consuls hare 1^-en complin. ented by thetr re?|>ectlvo government for t'nelr sncces* iu putting an end to Ams-rlean pretensions in St. Ihimmg". rhe 1 nited -tate* Con?ul at th?t plac" ?:ate* that fir Robert II. Scboinbtirgh receive<l a hau l n me a'lditlon to hli salary for loyslty an-l promptitude in the matter of the?e notes. With a l-ecoming propriety the ijoestlon may b? asked, of what avail are all tlie menace* and threats ol th American government on the ?ul>j?ct rrf foreign InUrler r nee in American matters, and on American soil, if out rsgeo, such as are here stated and oonflrm^l. are per mitted to pass unnotlsed* The acts s|ew it,^.l In the official docun.ents ?lsoe Fiven wey. not wholly th'- in vention au<l * '-rk of the llritDh and I ren- h ageuts at - 1 I oiiiingn but ?n the contrary they hare tlie fulle-t ap provil of I?rd ( l?rend??a who*'- (- otest against the for mation of a treaty with the t nlted SU|e?, on pain of Great Britain'* displeasure, was emin-n'ly ?ueee <ful ( ne of the cm -evienc'- <-f this In'erlbrvnoe dr I privee the I nited Htatee not only of benegts likely I lo have s ee r oe*t to It from its trea'y w th H I'miojo but the c n-nt oi logland aiwl F-aaee to the formation >A all future ?i itie* beeo?e?. through I iu?l Claremlon's ln?t ruction a p< iot of all imp>irtanec *nd, amazing *s the statement ox y seemi, thl* nvrr t'-an rtictat'irLal lnterfer??ee of th* Bfi'Uh Minister ha? an spjaient ac'tuie*cerwe from an Ancrfwa Secretary of Mate er why h's Indtlerence npon so important a sub jeett The g< nutaenes* of the <lur- ueul datel IsrenViU, 1164. to the PKelAnrt 4 ? I wnlar ami signed by "'..h the Kny'lsh and 1 r'sek sr it m gh 'e? ? :* Uke3 Um ? which wa* M-nt b y th? Dominican fOveroment to ih* United State* a* explanatory ofiu c ?n.luct in the matter of the modified ti eaty, ihi'wiag that force only compelled It to the adoption of the .U P It h?d token. Ihe Dominion President's forced sppmvnl to the article. euumo rnted in thla paper will present, during it. continuance, any further attempts at negotiation on the part of the United Mates, at one iff it* conditiont <iwa not allow any distinction, by trraty hereof tir tmtdr, be tween gradtt, catltt or colon. Here I* an evident effort at Interference with the in*titt#lons of our .Southern State*, and if .uecei*ful in foreleg this recognition on *1 governments, and receiving to- It a tacit content from our government at Washington, what can prevent fur ther ?acce*. in it* abolition mcrvaments which at this moment In otic of the great objectn that England has in contemplate towarg* this country * Ihe particular. her* given have taLm place within tin iest few month., an attention to the tat*" of the official paper" will ahow, nud ?fc?o*t on the very aoil of the United Htate*. After tbk> let the American government put a ftop to itn *enseto* muttering. ?wd braggsdoclo* on the aubjcct of foreign Interference, ami tl?e ''Mctiroe doctrine," and prepare tamely to subnet? a* in the recent enlintmsnt ea?e? to any act of outrage, or vieJa tiou of our lawn, which foi eign government may pie*"* to favor uii ? Ith. _____ UTama?t ani Kaalral UattrM. The puft week ha* been a pretty tair week for the tiiea trea. notwithstanding the foul weather. Titer* wan no tlit' k especially new, except tlui opening of the neiiaon at tl ? A.wdemy of Mu.ic, and that ?d not create u treuien drn. excitement. At the ItCTHoroUTiK TintAnu M."l> Rachel's perform, ancea continue to attruot largo laudlence.. On Friday ?he played la, in " Angeio,' to one or the lulled thai ha* yet greeted lier. Thin evening .'ie will enact Camilla, lu "1-ea Horace*." This Is geuerallj con aidered her flneot character. Aftoi the performance .he will give the "Marseille. Hymn." Ah there have been ?ciue mlsntaUmeat. in relation to ?-!** price, at the The aire Frangnls, where M'ilo Kachel acta "when .lie la at home," wo publl.h thi* hchedule from the latest eutl'orl tie*. In the lower part of the hi>w?e there are live price*: ? $1 49, tl 21, ?X 0?, 08 ccnt., 78 ceuts; .ccond boxes, #4 cents; gallery of mvond boiL**, 47 cent. ; third Uer of boxe., 37 cents; pit, 47 cent.. All the front |>wt of the pit I. taken up with orche.trn. sents. The theatre la about the rlze or the Broadway. IV ha* an allowance from the government of sixty thousand doilara per an^ num. When M'lle Knchel play* ttiere i? a greal deal of private ^peculation, and the be.t .cats run up to forty, fifty, nnd .ometlmoa even a hundred fraac*. The people atand at the door in a alngle line. 1 hunger, often go ear iy, and .ell their place* to those who or* ami >u* to get good scat*. In reference to tho *ub?.idy above mention ed. It 1* fair to .ay that all the theatre* have to pay a tax of nine per cent on their receipta to support the horpl tal., and for .everal year, the emouut of thi* la* ha* exceeded the eubsldy. At the HroaiiWay Tueatm Mr. K. L. Davenport con cluded a three week 'a engagement on Saturday night h?*l, and departed for Philadelphia, where ho will play an en gagement, and bring out Mi-. Boker a uew and .ucce.? Jul play, " Francesca di Ritniui." Mr. Forre t com engagement at the Broadway thi ? evening mid play* " Hamlet." A. thi* i* Mr. Forrs?t'* initial per foriuance of the aeason, there will undoubtedly b<- a jammed bou.e, *nd the admirer* of the great trage Uan atiould secure wat . In aiivanoe. The larce t. 1 ? The W an derisg Mln*trel." At Bi irioa'd Thejitrjc the new comedy of " .Still Water Kun. Iivep'' i* .till being pUy*4 to fuU houee.. It la an nouneed to be given again Uil* etraoing, with the two act c<medy called '? Uva and Baa *nw," la whiah Mr*. C. Ihomr nnfl M1?- fmlly Thome wVH act. At Wailacx*! Tnl.?nu "The (lame of I/ne" Li "till running to crowded houhe*. It will be plajed tin* even lug, with Ihe new farce, "How Stout You're (ietting," in which Mr. II. Hall pluy? the principal port. Mr. l.-nler Mr. I'laclde, Mr. Brougham, ?nl Mr*. Iloey pity In lh ttri-t piece. At Nimo a Oahu**. the new trorpe of Spanish .bino-r/i will make their tlthu' In AniCiica, thi* evening, iniw . ilictTtiucmtnU. ThU company include* ?ixto.:u dancei male and Umale In addition tothi ir porformam-e*, Ml. I,. I'jne and Mr. Ilarrlaon will apjiear in the operetta called "The Marriage of Oeorgvtte." The new opera of ' iup Van Winkle" will be niveu on evening. At the Bowmr Thmtm, thi- evening a new pieco will be prevented, calbd I^iie and I.oyalty, with Mr. J. W. Wallack. Jr., Mr. R. Johnaon and Mr. J. J. I'rior la t!ie principal part.. A'aiimiy or Me?i< ? Ain?N<?ON I'w.r ? Satur day alternoon *e had the uovelly "f an allernoiu opera, at the Academy of Honiietti'. 0|>er.?, " l.inda di Chamonnls" *?* Riven, with Mwilaine la Orange a Utida. IhU waa thn flr.t experiment in giving a day opera by thi* company, an l It wn- a decided failure. The day wr>* very unfavorable, the ralo continuing all th< afternoon with hardly any lntarmi*alon, which. i>e 1 ap*. wa* 11.0 main c?n>e of the audience being ?*> .mall the Wl-*?1<' number pie^ent not excc-dlng three hundr?*d counting the dead head* with the live one*. All tin artist* did well, but exert ihem.elvi * a* they would, the opera appear' <1 to drag. ?uih w<? ihe dull, ?on>br?, d' .id picture which the whole hm.*e presented. The ga I light* over ihe l>ox?? only were lighti*l, and the day being eloudy .ind rainy, 'he house wa* a. ilark a* at a reheir *al. In tbc co?tum? or dre.i of tho-e present, there w*. | *n absence of all that decoration and la.le which fashion n.ake* indlspenssbls to the opera g'<er.. (rentlemfcti came in wi'b their .lonclw I h*U, ollies coal* minu* kid glove, and Cologne water, and ladle* were pre.ent in their ahawl* and bonnet* minus diamond* and head (SltflMNl. Mioa idim nnnounc?^ llit lant w^k of li^r ?<n J J"?p > ? Jar C'DtrrlaiomcDU at th<' Apollo Boom*. M ile II." iim. will give another reading at Niblo'* a loon on Hitirailay evening next, ticket, one dollar rc served Mat. ono dollar and a half llai aii omn'r Migic I vcnlng*, at 4#'- Hr> a-lway, an i,ui?c iBlereslieg. A new programme for thi' evening. Mi !> ?tukim are drawing crowd, to their trf-autl ful i>< w hsll, 414 Broadway, every night. A uew farre for to night. Hie Bt tnur'*, at t."M> Broadway, announce ? g'>"l pr? gravine tor this evening, concluding with the now bur |, ?<|ue on 'The I 'a lighter of the Befiment." At Aiiiwt Ham, ?ftS Broadway, plea?ant entertain f.enta tic given every evening by 'he Allsghsniaoa, the popular voeali.'*. A diorama '-f the Battle of Bunker Hill la al?o exhibited here, Mr. CoiXi?i?, the Iri*h wmedian, is in town and be will fhor'ly (he a s< rie* of ? lrl-h Kvenii**,, ' to Ineln b twings, (lories, and *o forth. Mr. (*>llin? I* a < ipi*al lial l*d finder and a very agreeable ramml' nr. Rr'hjklto ? - Ignora C. Vlettlga'S her ?e'-ood e,,ne?rt at the Athen?-um on Friday, a.?l.ted l y Mine l^'jije, the dUinguUhed inaniate, Mi.. Annie Kemp, anl other;. It was a good concert, snd well atternle-l. Hie Brothers Mo'lenauer, ihe vii.linlata, al*o gave a e n ert lie:e i?*t week. Poller Intelligence. CACIJHT IN TIM. On -aturdsy night a Prvssisa, With th? ligoine.'. o* t i m? n of lleimaiin I'lehone, a ie?i >nt of tliat rUa?le l > i.wlity kfti w. as Chatham .traet wa. Impoiltaly .Vopj?l (torn carrying og a trunk containing chitMag and v* li able* to ibe anxmnt r?l WnO, fi <m the Howard H'.lel cinnrr of Bn?4wa| .Mi Mslden la?e. Iks i?ggagw being ibe | rs|?rty ? f Mr Wm. 11. Wml*r s gtje.t of ?h* bona* Mr Kin. My one of the proprietor. *6 the e*?ab(i?hrf?ent I ad hi. curtoai'y excited ?n eetog Mr ^oevey |r g the property away and a<-*?.rd i gj rw|oe?t?l the rn'leuitn In .'and .till ?ud p in? '.?> ?sn? >it?det<tano Ing la relsil'm to Ihe mstter. I1eh' r.e very bUn-lly el ruled UmMlf by ?yipg that b? had >?en >r. itl??l 'laiifWort the aforesaid trunk to the llole-n Hirer Kali t< i<t dejot. lint Mr Kln-b-J waa i?. redulms. the V?lge *?< u!'< n#t w?fk; * i ?li e?-n-lfr>ed tn a neat eell la the Keievnd ward elation )io?m reaterdsy looralnr JsSlr* ' "nnolly wa* o?ler the < apleaeant n*"?MHty of e<rmmlttiiig him ku 'rial bs f- r the I o?ir1 of flei^ral HeaaU.n* T?t I. ATI ITMLtlf I* CANAL tTKgKT 1h* klfhth ward p?Ur? have oad* s further arrest la the Arnold barjlary ea*. CwrUs John*oa was Ukan la'o , u?t?*ty hy officer Mans, chargvl wtth being ?alvatad In tb* Wglarr He was Uke? before Je'Uwe fhr? n *? the -Mobd M.dW-t fo Ice Court where he waa o-? mitted for ? xaesiisatii a C*iu*t or CtAim ? The MA term of this court will c maaeac* u,. Iftb of Uus aaoath. JtXr? 1 (a<-kf??d esil Cewrbevewgh ere *ee la tb>* city Oilef P >t >* ( !>krUt b eiiatv4 trft tW'. 'f'Srt ' ?? Hwn' ?- n e- '?ed a thi, ?i?y ye,-. - Dr. BaMI EiMtwra* A dmIioi ol the AmaricaB ftud l'uni(a Ckidii# Union wu held laat rr ?ulr>g it the Itev. Dr. AdairaT church, corner of liaduou avenue and T*?ty tourtS (treat. A very Urge and highly rea pec table and intefflgent audi ence were in attendance, announcement having keen made through the public print* that the Her. Or. third, recently returned from Kurope, would be pr*aeat and gi>e bin view* Of the prograa* of truth now manriVwtail ? the Papal countrle* of Kurope, a* MHilrwtel with the ?tale of thinf* there twenty > ear* ago. Aftar a brief and Impraaalve prayer from the Ker. l>r. AdamH. the lecturer commenced by Buying that rwi well Informed man could look ovar the present atate of the world wtlhoat coming to the conclusion that the great derild* ratum of thane time* vae the regeneration of wtiat waa called Protaataatiam, and the raatoratioa of pi'? ("briatiaalty. If there waa a* mach true religion in France aad Ireland and other Catholio eonntrie* of Ku rope as there waa in England, Scotland or the I nlted Utatee, what a bleeelag it would prove to the world, mcir ally, political 'y aad m>c billy, and ia every point of new. Christianity that waa flr?t preached eighteen centurie* ago by a mere handful of men, new govern* at l?*aat one third part of the world, amd haa drve'oped to a high da giee civilisation, litarature and the (lnu art*. There were none ol the heathen uatione that have anr military wer. China waa the ettly heathen nation that oonld aat af any very great atrength, or a very Urge popula tiou. But what wan the power of China after all r Kng land could aend a fbw nhipit of war aad compel liar to ac. oept juat audi a treaty aa ahe chnae to dictate to her. W?? It not manlleit, tl.en, that the great work | <d thi* age iliould be tlie ragenaratlon of Clirlaten dom it**lf, alien the prearat eowihtloo of the haa then nation* ot the world waa taken Into conaidera lion? Evaiy effort tending to U?e advancement of true 4 In ratio n i ty In the t art linlfc- eouatrlea ol Ku rope, or of the world, niu?t lie hcnelbly fi-lt by u?, and therefore American* ehoalil take a d'a-p an<l liveli intercut in thin work ot the ie?i-ii?ialiuii of Kurope It would be a great bleaalng to have O.rUtianlty revived tlirouftiout all Chriateodmn, and e?[iecially throughout Wc?teru Kurope He would ?ay hither, that the day wa? not lar dialant when It wiaiM be of the utiuoit moment to have vital Chrfatiaaity di*u*ed throughout Meiico and Houth Amarlca. HTly year* hence and the lelatlon of the I nited HtaUx to would he far dif feunt from what it wan at present. It waa of the ut moat importance to ravlve true reB|(ion not only In the nominally t hriatinn a? well a? l'apul countries ol Kuroiie, and rrote*iant? ahould not bo aaliamed to make the etlort. It wa? something like thla feeling that In dured hlni to ^laK Kurope twenty year* atfo, not hv the appoint mailt of any evangelical aoclety, but through the aolleitatioii of t.?vera> gentlemen of lto*ton and New Vork, who were iinxioua toeee what could b? done In the way of apreading the Roapel In the I'apal coun tiie* of Europe. The re mi ft of thl? movement wi.a the formation of the flrat Foreign Kvangellcal Ml. al> nary !-oclety, and then rume the American and Foreign ('lit latlaa I. afcin. With theee preliminary re;iiark a he would now apeak of the giaat meeting held in 1'arli in July laat, at which were aeaemMed live hundrad I'rota* taut delegate* from all parte of the chriatlan world, re preaentlug aoroe fourteen or fifteen dllfarent countrlea of Kurope. la 1K4H, and tn ISfil . there were meating* of a ? Inill.'ir character held la l/ondon. He had learned from the facta pieaenied at there three meeting* to form a pretty accurate view of the preaant atate of religion III f mope. To la gin with Iri land He did not u*pecf, ten veaia airo, that ha aliould live to *ee the day when ao much would be doing there lor the aprrad of true Chrla tianlty aa waa now aliown there. Ihiring ten year-* reii In Kurope, ha deplored the apathv of th? Kogllnh nation in relation to the relltfloua condition of 1 1 aland but at laat the Ijigliah people were le-giiiulng to w*k* up In rela'iea lo a that no neirly affcoU their own fifctv sud welfuri*. Tlioy hiW l?.**ri>*n the impoitaat laaaan, that there wa? much more to be gained bv t renting the lit-li with kindm-a than abuae lh? Knuiuh nation have U? n K"ll<y "f tieatiog Uio litali In tinea pail with cou'enipl, hut th:it leeliim did uol actuate thaiu at tlie pra*ant day. The I rot- alaul* <d 1 Ugland have liaen inad? ki teet that ilia, luna a moal lini ortant work lor tlinn to do lu lrelnnd. The 1'reaby teiiana actuated by Uda feeling. wai? now prwuting their mUaiuna in the weat of lieiand wltti Kraat anci-aia. I and thai have already ctahti died more than 100 -Oinday and induetiWl athovla, tcackiug not only lli" ign..rant of that aeotloa ot the coaaby a kaawladfla af Om itanptmtm. Imt tha of gaining a Uicli'ood f.n thair laadlh-a They wme not laboring In vain Th' KptaoopalUna were alao engaged in the ?ame good work, laat vaar wtial waa i ailed the lii<h Mia lofi ^.ciety, e.tabll-ho.1 Uy 1 the ? burehof 1 ngland. t-spaudad ?a0O,<J0Oln *up|->rtiug a lariie numlM-r of teacher* and preacher* of the tioapel I in|ueatloiiably a ijr. at work had bean dona la thatcouo try. Krom what tie 1 ad aeen and heard thera he wa? cunvinotd tha' thirty or forty thou and Roinanb-U within tin last ten year', had b?cn ^inverted b> I'rotoat inti'in Tliia woik had bfeii proacc ited by aendlbg faithful ami devote 1 n,i n fn in bou?a to liouna lo rend tl/' !Vi Ipture. aial gal )>er the chlhlren Into achoolx. No fardoii, but motal Influence luid n brought to lx>.ir to tiring about ao dealiabla a reault. The (hri-t'ana ol t-ji^lann had lieci nie gieatly Intare.lnl i.g tin tint ; ol the t.op j el umong the jaior people of Ireland. At tin late rni eting in i'aria, to win h be had alio led. it a; | eared from the rejorta of the I'rol. - lant ? ??di-ntorh ? that there were more than two un.U i? of nominal I'm tetania in I raiire, h country coin ('Hal ng anum thirty alt li, i Hi, of people. When he nailed I lance, twenty yaraago, there certainly could rwt hav l>c?n one liun dre.l Kiench I'r detain ioini?tera who wan- KraugaU. -I Theie wi ie at the prex nl time mote than lhi?a lnui hel m iihout Including the cnlportaur*, Wealoyao minU'era and i" hoi.lmaatera. Tlie l^rotaatanta were ihoi.g a ^ i* ?leal tlu i e to train up plou* young men b. Uc.-ioa I nia* ter ?, who will be able to inert a gr. it iulluaio ?iul.i.'>r the p, It.- iplea t trui I hliatlauity. In avery Urg city In Kiance rrideatanllain wa* gaining ? footled I an i maMiig iuell lilt in place 4 whare. a lea yea . ?'* thollcinii w?< the r? -ynl/e.! religion. A gr-?t m i cy n il In n cnple* of the llihla and rellgl 'U* te?>ka have hi eil ili-ti it ,'ed I 'ha |? ?I *-*W of advancirj a knowledge ot tru' mII/.h am og the ' ? | tl,i, lie population of Kiance. In the little kingdom if llelgiutn the g->?*1 woia ia if du/ ou l?-?t ?.iily am< ng the French hut tun ii; the l?ut< li and Hatni di ropulat-n In Italy a great held I u?- li I a*- r? opened, ua the drair ia ? l' ?hete!/y I'mteat infa niay spread a knowUVgr '.t the truth. The gov ?? nrnent o Italy w*? a lila-ial "lie. although ?Le monarch aa* non-i nally a Ki man ' ath'dic, and tin men who airnmrnh d hitn were K-i nn ? atle Ilea. The d'lor waa opervd wi le to the effort > of the WaWeftw* who ha t alr?*dy eitab Ihheii a colli ge m wiiich 'h>y were t ili,i ng j l . n ) "i ? man lo BO out mid rttattnliiate D.e truth- ?' tii? t' "p 1 in Kariilnia tlieie Lad tax n aeieral l'rota*tant coo.rcgi tiona foimed In rarioua i.arta of i.rrmany e.tort, w-n making to icvlva true rwllgvou, and a nawia-r ol I'r i-?t an. ci r.gri gaHon? hud Men frrmrd wi h'n a f a j* i. which i.a'l already le-en lliatl me Btal In d 'lil g . 1 >1, In what he liad t< rued during In- - ' 'It ?ra to no tiki World he waa ratUb d that the j? m 'ci. fo th- <1 i?nc< of I'rotealanti-ni in the ? nigh ? d i * ho, ' Kingdom '( .-fla wa- Very ebeeiing but he ,1kI not '? I Hi lifierly to enUr into -ieUlia at the pr<- n' t ?" He believed there ?ere great nuin era ?' enhght< n aj uieriin ?p., n, who Ihe pro|a vi- w of Una wt, ' ? ol Jrct, an I were *a much opp..*ed to oj pre ?l o ind ln'< lera rice In religiotia matter* a* th' I'roU tan?- ?i tli'i.ghthi , aere nominally latholica. II' w lid or y ?V in < onclu 1 n that the, f re- ? ntly 1 I in i . ria and to which lie had bilHly allu I' I, waa n? <l?* in<>*t important held in m<?l'-fn time- > ,?* n in-n-d I men rindaf ft cm drtferent l^l ta ' f tlia 1 rot' ataant a ? r id naaembiedin coniaotloa to confer together aiel "in?i' ?? to the be?t nieana to le- rn"-?l In the p- op^.s. n b princlplea ot true ChriatUnlty Ihr nghoiit tba wo - Id | fiver and over again they a - ertrd, a* the >*?' ? ( "< -all niiiVi n.rnt ? g'*?" * religtoua fre* <1, ru in it* large" *nd n te?' <en - An a ? I.e.- wa - d ? III oo alt.' , rea? ? <?? ?' ' : ?" '? ?'? t.e I ri. ta " r 1 ? ol 1 ?;< a- ' b "I ? ' dll.e'he Tor a lab gw-ernn.ent to OJI'I .1 . t .ere lor th" ? ln*roductl?.n ol ("lirlat,* il'y. an a aiooia | .. !dr?-a Wa- drawn up for pre-en atiin to the (/? n'tt - f I y hu\?t4'' It waa Ol* of Ihe K??t toaotl/?l ? gut. 'hat tad ever WI ed? the elo-ing -er ? of the acting | ? hi n the ^acr* merit wa* ai:inlBl?,? ?1 'o live or >il boa | or?d d> laga'e - gathered I m all pa a .4 t ? Wold j and- te.k.fg a greet variety t-r^ue. 1 . - wa? mil ? '? r< d li th' 1 h > ? 1 n I "? ? guaan It ?aa a w>i MU and gtovtoaa atgwttn I ? ,, i r r / t ???>?'} of 11 vll" I ?a taf.'.i m ?;?.*?' leg ?r,d ba- ? l'l> Ug ? ' "?'lg',' ? , : cut*. !<e ? I ilia - of ? ' ?',>?'? " ' nought the l'iote*lanU alionlt f-e| * g -a'ef nW at j ?t*oever In r'auaaita'lug true tal./i o thr .okI* ,ut toe and aid ?u'h a J -.the .to - ?a ? 1 on in I alon and other of * kin Ire' -ha * <-r n carrying the truth into iioi daalla ? ti't?<t*a aa til r.a lh,t af* now in darkne?* II ?** ? '#?> lJ'"? l?t*' | be. ariaxiu'ad thla work wilh aarne-'o^a ? r?l?' I * i, k,?th Awici i< a and Ma?l?. tor which thay had lull . t/1 d r ? r?'thllg It ?a? 'ta, that U 'l at ?ike #? -lit n>a**"r?< lor the apread o tW?pei ' u in ? he ?a roantfea, aa well aa 'he Cath-la# a"''B" * Hieeklyn tllf HwlllU* rat urrtucm ?o?iw*th???. The Bnaiklya I'epnhlWan Kowitoa* ^ : a n,'*tn.g la (i afiada Hall ? ? ' 'tdey a <f. ^ pnrp<-ae ot ?*la*liag a tleAet U, be aopfa -?v-l 'y <* ?? 'r; , i-y^'i- ?? " _ '{k ., * ? toMitM ?r'# . ,,.ry . e! i aade ?*??.! ? ei -a. ? "7-' * r - ? a t ' m-.. a, 'b- . ' -aa-m I u,, . J,r? Thowa* K Me?eei? ebg ( 1 va' , ttr I of Uila 'A" ft M 'Umbtftt! wh" W , h* ,,lr't#4 The moat peowaiuent '*a>let.i?> are iaaper W , j -j,* I iieaaan aai Inward ia?w ? all wfcig* jr, -aa n"**"* wtth the Xeweterafcip theaaaae'rf B M(/l r I emtarth waa Mawtloa*>l It it paeKahi* >>"? la' t.ia laett rail '? ga.ried, ?'"? f a ao ??' | j W Mlherl Caa he placed ta th* eeea* ?aa?efovy The Faard of Health ? < ntfiadaipk'-a la trvew ef t - abafew aat >4 the ta*er al the Xt.o'h *ad th* "wk rf r*'A eee'har have da'trwlat th** 'ha *4 CITY politics. ?mm.: OK tub municipal hkpom COMIUTTKB. ' ?>?? K*forai tWitta. u txUltnte0 ?m* r- *n lu?d furgottaa that (bo I Slirry?"- "-"..7 *c*icir?i RaruKH < o??rmrr a Nia? I'la MO altrnd ? rn.?ii. - (tri ?. I'M.* ?'? taataai, ai a ?? Moaia, H M. Nanrriu m, Harrriary ?X><)I'V:R I VUrnuui. ?tr r - r??" ftn"wo^ vtr tof ?h. prooMdi'iMt. "> "*?? J 3t"SK,:^r ??"??. f Thorn** P. Htlltou 1?mr II 2' H"* da* ?t hi ? ?!.* "|,,t,u* "' thU.piinmltti* on &Vr Tmnn.j!.. ? T, ', "l* ",lo"uoo'""'nt *., inata that ?artor d ?'UI "ihl'iw"! '" '"*** of ? rha j, -4, r*'?nn*r?, orrrturo. to that i^r7of'7ha?? ,Hr,S"f ""? '**?? ? - I*1""""'"- ba*a? nulla oil *?t,.Uy - " (he aorta. ? WM toward* * luaiou^mfc > u? 2.'Ur"* ?r '""",' r*ra*^?, *4 ?RTOJrsis u' "" ???- ? 2owrdE2 tK;rL" W.V T--1 ?" > * enm MtmT"K WW TKMI'EHAIfCB I'AHTV. mkktiku ok ton city ah? < otTKTr c oKy?>ri<>* w'^?iuh orcAKmu^m "?"'<>?_ Ti.a dol,,at<-? v, a < It jr .ud?,um, Ultu-. rr1"1;1- "'r -??? ?-,/, .mo. .,;;x he '?"?nofaj w.Ilr. , , #l ...JiJJ ? . Ih. of tb. ull , mrt Saturday r??W .u?M l. ^|, ,t ?? Bowery. Aa Dimm- ,p? lo ^ ' ''?r^ l???r "rfnl,.., o, po-M^J to lb. ,ir#..M, p,uaiUtory a, t, ...j lB ftr?r ^ . rt.iujrnt lie^.bi,, i(ll?,.,( "T 1 W .ou.,1 o0rr TbiMifti hard no?m.t,ng cowaathm ,t ,wU)rri lnjlMt|j|<, . " *?? V 'W r ??. ^ ,",ui<,,, rro",?''- ""?">?? "???? ;ap: ? n.? ^ rh??fti?n ?>. i?t Ar. tfMa . . \ri P^^Mid fo mil thoroll . AfUr lh#? IH h"'1 """"'rt to tf.air Oaino* rJ- ,i-' ?? ? it Intra* ronnntlon l>? ra.(u??u.| i? Mr. Jakim Uiuar?an. of tho T?ri.)? ? , .a ? li? ihould n.ari'iit It i|?,? wltMraw * "" - ??>?? Wr*Y VT r ,W' sr Mr. VA-rxniioor Iiraml l.ia rm.i ? , - ,k l?K mora <1. 1ml? '; " "" ,h' f?ut?d of ba ffle I'Ublh' ' ? n>ori> ?< cr |.*?'>lo l* h^ru'ilU0 n,"k' ? ? wa? ?,r: r^zrA 'hi- ixmlnall. n ij, a?? .~i w-SiT ",:r k" ? Ti':t?r^T!a^Riar" - ? ssr ll?a ron?o,,ii.,n Mor^Uml i,. , , ';r - ?i~?3S5u ??SaS?aS-?2%^ r.r;: 'S f-n-d U.ay ? ,?uj f.1,J. ,* n< ">"H ??? ?iath n ' " '* ,b'" r<tT?4tb< ? n*", h??lo C rt Hr"'.. " ' !'" "''"?''b I opu .o.| Mr O irr-r lu Oh *, I, a, 1.-^ Ui? m*n, ?nHI hi'U tiy <? nil ki? frttK)< (rpr^, lit** lift If!# l?f Sir, Oj|f fff aa< w J 4 If aTu. I "a" "? !>? <i?? <,o<?, rior t,jr an QlunlWi' j 4 "" Hi# ?>m*it>>Ut ,,( M'-iii ' it I n ? ^ . Jw' littw ' H?--?tl o . f.,llo*. - ! a.u ' M-trollo*..,. . . ? ? ? ?ity ( i?ii " " 1 * '? '? -1 1 i?, , ""Ml?a Uft!(?a<!. 'V?m>a| to ( ? K|?# | |jf ? ^ -..V., , . Maat4 r ?'P? ^i .,iWi. ,. Marrai HufMii r.m? ? ? I kaa I'"'*; ?'? ??* Mar.oo . .*,,, /T* UH .??,</ Aln?km^ f u k 'V? 1 ,W1 * "? 'r ' ? n? r. !? ? I. , ** * 11,. ? , " II ?? ?riiM? >'? n* n? tift !??(,? , n *Wi* uaM. Mr UlltWABtf tr ' .#>f ?jL-t - . ??, a^ ,k I" ' n. ilf; ti . r? ? f ' *' " *n?. t ?,**#?? ij( !' r(i ^ miftn l)?* ($**** i * f, hi, , ffcf f #.g| aj M, . ,t t. , > I .|L . i \ , , ?'* 4 W "? N .i?ir4 t' 'j *'? wi?w., ', . . , n . ?th*? >?.? !. ?/,# ? '#^tl ??. '> . t-aV':! . fk; Vi?. tl.** wTLi! * rV'T ??* J . , . ???..? ? Mai tatte ..'l.'ll, .ft ,,, va.oat*., *^i'M>rn*i at hF< O.Vf? M Allll J?Of.ITI?-M AM. .. 4.. . , J % UI ,K? " ... rf ??,. r. k? U? tth|nM U? . Md ? II. a a mki of iN. ?> a?d a#*-*, < h*t 'I, If Hft ? * "..rV'vr'Ii* 'u T7**"' ?-??"?*. I l?| i? a| v. u . ?.??w w isriiri 1*2*11! ** f? ?V> .a -at* T.. J?/. " *'*??' ?ortra*la kr . i? i ?**,,*-, * ,, mt. .J7T*'?. ' *""aK> ? ?<Mxtaa . , W w *. to"**1**'' I JU.^4 r**a 1 ? ? _ .. . 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