Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1855 Page 3
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THE FALL OF SEBA8TOPOL. j Magnificent JQJaminaiton of Montreal. The Enthusiasm of the Anjto-Frenrli Canadians. Ike IUM ?W?erato m (uiaw, ui their Hames* Lettcn of Fire and fi?M. Ac., &C>, diC? from the Montreal (iaeette. Oot. 8.] jw ^ .jeeda v evening the weother became clear, and JMH)|)1C! *? 1,8 kopetnl, but the kn.winc onei lutw a \^t'e aJHoJ some of the planet* which twlnkeaeU euy lair weather, and a few raj* of an auroru bu ^l&oufjnoed their sinister progno-ticutions. Yesttr ,j#- .orning, accordingly, broke dull and lowering uul listening rain; jet at 1 o'olock his Worship the Mayor, p^.uine of fairer weather, ordered the bells to be ruug, J)(i signal thnt the illumination would tuke place in th? ,,.nu>g. Hardly wan the peal finished, ere the rain bo an to fall, and it rained continually until nightfall, fhsn, fortunately, it ceased, but the streets were left in a lrtsoful F.tale. Vet, spite of iain an I mud, tbo . .itiwn . wmt on witli their preparati ms, filling their window* yith light* and hanging the streets fall ot (lugs arid when light fall oatne, and tho windows were lit up, the (treats ,1ho filled with jcople desirous of seeing wliat was to bs wen, and who, regardless where they walked or how their clothe* fared, old persist in tetlog all until weary, draggled and exhausted, they wended then way home wards somwhat lato tu the evening. We have seldom ween a mort enthusiastic or happi-r crowd ? uevor seen the street* of Montreal mo swarmed of an evening. Vo throughout tlie city, in all its itroets and laue.<, ling were displayed, nnd lights sho<vn In the window* or rlcn and poor alike, testifying that the joy telt in the victory was general, nay almost universal. Of course, where all joined in the display, all cannot be named without making our columns a city directory. The task of visiting and describing r ich house was too much even for our staff of reporters. Some were nit reached until a lute hour, and others were necessarily hurried by, but wo have endeavored to procure for the edification of those of our rtadurs who were unable to perambulate the street* themselves, as full an account of the affair as possible. The Bank of Montreal wan the chief point of attraction. Tlie preparations bad l>een going on bore for Beveral days on a grand fcale. Around the beautiful Corinthian columns were twined gas pipes with numerous jets, en circling them w ith climbing wreaths of light. In the centre of the frieze was a bright six > out id star, while all along tho cornice and architrave colored lamps were Jilaced. On the apex was placed a Prince of Wales Aether in ens, and at the ends the letters V. N.. also in gas. The dome won aim surrounded with ? row of colored .amp*, and on the top a erowi^vas shown in gas. .Above it floated the (lags of Britain, France, Sardinia and Turkej. In the windows wore displayed transparencies reprefonting the Emperor and a figure of Victory. Tho coup d'cril from the Place D'Armes was magnificent. Du ring the evening several rocket* were sot oit from the root. Hie City Bank wu* also lit up with a transparency in the centre window. The Bamiuo du Peuplewu illu minated, and displayed the flags of Bi i tain and France. At the Savings Hank and V. C. loan Co. office several pretty devices in gas were cisiilayd and the windows il luminated. At the Rank of British North America seve ral well executed transparencies were displayed, with the names of the Crimean generals, the cuntre one being a monumental device to the memory of Raglau and St. Ar xiaud, the arms of Britain and France, with the hags of those nations and the royal cyphers below. At the St. Iaw rcnce Hall the windows In the front wero lighted, and a great number of them had transparencies In them, with the names of tlie victorious generals ami Iheir victories, fcc. One of the devices represented a Russian bear chained *nd muzzled, with the words L' Invali'l* Itiiw. above it. Another represented a tower with thcflngs of Britain and >" ranee waving over It, with the word Sebastopol beneath. In the lower windows wero easts of the tfuecu and Napo leon I., surrounded by wreaths, &c. Roily, in addition to the decorations noticed a i display el on the previous oc casion. bad a transparency over tbe private entrance to played. Thenco down fire at St. James street ivory win dow was lighted up. At the (Jasett?. office there were transparencies in the windows, with tbe Inscriptions:? ^ FRANCS AND ENGLAND ? THK1R DKBCKNDANTN IN CANADA Jj I W1LTOMJ: TIIKJR ALL1ANCK A.VD KEJOK'K TOOKTUSK > IN THWR VltTORIKH ! > TTRKFT, 41 1MB MCK MAN, " RKVIVK8. 5 nnd a Uptarn with the inscription:? $HHUCTOPOL : HAT KVKKY ffTHONCJHOIIJ OK TTIU.VXNT1 > HtlARK ITS MTB. ( and others. Mr. Hill's windows were beautifully lighted with colored lamps. In his lower window they were placed so as to form the initials V. N., and behind them a portrait of Her Majesty in her rt '-es, taking the Coro .nation oath. The effect of the lout tntrmbie was very fine. At the Witw** office two transparencies were shown with the inscriptions:? f TURKXT AM) SARDINIA : MAT TIIIH VICTORV ItRISO flVIU- > ^ 7. ATI ON ABI> UBEKTY TO THE KAHl. Z \ RMOLAND AND KRAN<TC, AMID RKJOK'l.V(J HKMKMHKU TUB i 5 fa i.i j. \ a>d wmmim. < And a third with an open Bible displayed, and the in scription:? I^UT TtlKDttEAT OK Kl'SHlA OPK.V TUB KAIfT TO MISMtOJtA- T 5 RUB AM) THIt B1BUC. \ Messrs. Thomas, N. Mcintosh, and Galbralth A Hrown had their windows brilliantly illuminated. In Mr. Thomp son's (merchant tailor), window was a figure dressed in "the uniform of tho Montreal Rifles, with the French and British flags. At the Mechanics' Institute, In addition to the devices displayed on Friday evening, we noticed two transparencies with the inscriptions fm^^^oTnuTuistow wiio h a \ k fai.ijw will Nevtit^ Dig. ; [ fiIMI?l).>, nai.*IER, TUE AI.I.1K1) AltMlW, THK > AVV1KM ANI)1 RAI AKIJtVA RAIIJtOAD, VltTOfW OK HKIlASTOIfll.. | with a crown in gas. At the Mercantile library Rooms, in addition to the transparencies wl'h monumental de "Tices to MarshnU Raglan and St. Arnuud, were four cithers with the flags and commanders of the armies of Britain, France, Sardinia and Turkey, and a fifth with a trophy and pillar, around which were wound the names of generals, with the victories won on the base. The Commercial Rank was also lighted up and transparencies displayed!. Dr. Campbell's windows were beautifully de comtefl with flowers, as wore his nttfrrre, Dr. Craw ford's, In Uttle St. James stieet, both showing that female taste had presided ot t their arrange ment. Messrs. Cockburn t: Brown's windows were also ornamented with devices and flowers. At Mr. Campbell's (tailor) a transparency was di played r>ver tne Russian bear "very sick," and wounded, and threatening some evidently Russian mnjrnate or sympa thiser who is tearing bis h?lr and fleeing away in the distance. In one of Councillor I.yman's windows, which were brilliantly lighted up, tbe double beaded e igle was being made * victim o*. Mr. Prow se's windows were again filled with beautiful transpaiencies, on one of which was tbe inscription? j TO DID IN C1LORT LI TO UVK IN MKMORT. J fi ** rt i/v/ //////// /////////a// ./ //// ?> In addition to the handsomely decorated window at the Ottawa Hotel, noticed 'on Friday, which was more beautifully adorned last night than even on that evening, there was s transparency in the other window on the ground floo*-, representing the Russian bear in a hud strait, baited by soldiers of the snwral allie I armies. These were (he most noticeable in this, the handsomest Hreet of ths city, aod the most throng- d upon tbe occa sion. ? Passing ronnd by McGUl street, and eommenelng at the west end of Notro itnmo street, one's attention \.as first attracted to M?ssrs Nloholls U Co.'s -hop. all tbe windows having transparencies in them representing the flags of the allies and the arms of Britain and France, with various inscriptions, among others ? * '?> Next were the still more beautiful windows of Messrs. Worrt?oo, Com< ron k Kmpey, filled with transparencie with beautifully executed devices, "n on) was the iu aeriptioo T TlfTOMIA AND XArOIXT)* : TH* FI^I'RR DDT^T ?R? Of > ? Tmc WOULD; AND DOW.V wmi AOORMTON. > ^ w/w/ /?//////?? 9 Accompanied nith a device in which the l>?ar ami double-headed eagle, as usual, fkied hadly. At Mr. John Armour's b< okstor? were several trans parenetes. repre senting theCsar as exploited, and driven out of the Crimea nt the point of a iiighlander 's bsyonct. Below wore por traits of Pelis'ier snd Slmp- m. At Arlhur's Q ieen * Ar cade a csst of her Majesty was di-plsye'l draped with fags, having above it a tranrparenc. nith the inscrip tion? nt it w ?n ((and on each side j I i nnrii lovco bt uem sv nn> r- { I (and) > i RoMNan kt au. (r ino'il f O'Meara's, in ;.lnt Alexis street and 1'ir-le Tom' Cal'in, la M. John ?tioi-t, were brightly illuminated and t!sg*. mott'es. *c., di t.lsjeu. the 'wiixlowt of Mrs Samuel s ndllmrrj i 'tatdlshment were lighted up and or ramented wllh S*> ?ers. Mr At Mr.. RoH i?on s a figure of the Queen in i ieb roues was displtred in very tasternl style. Mrs. Walton's, Mr. Adaiu- , sn 1 other- places in West Notre Heme rtreet were also prettily l!g)ite<i and decorated. The lltnlil office had t . jn- p*r^n-ies In the windows, with the names of the vtetort-.. Ac., inscribed on them. At .-lAike A Cos.'s a lantern with appropriate mottoes was di-p'.ayed. Turning Into San Franciseo Jtavler street, the .tn/Msofllesand Mr Csmpbell Rrvsnn'*, Mr. Fisher's. I.u'ham ? and l*>n<N.t'? were all iight*! and decoraU'l. (lie U. S. Consul ?te was lighted np and the tt!>g dlspbye.!. At Pickup's, a large tr.irpssien. r. ?lentlMIy sappticd with inscriptii u . was uispiayed. Among them we noticed? Triatcioaiots M'-toav uvnii aluji*? orrawanm tAt.ts ? ^ rrl?N*Ar? T*? im?)JlBI Or ITtWT*)*. J Returning to Notre IHne street, and folb wing it to tba Plaee d'Armea, we Found tbe Seminary oa one Mde and Mr. Ita tag's oa tke other, illuminate<l, th latte dis^lay tag sevoral traseeereaetee, Ik. At the / i'rt <>flle> ft most leyal ead ? redi table display of light, deriee^, Ac . . was m?d?. Cotnpain'a waaalao well lighted and deco rated. Crossing the ? qnnre on the church Hide, the rm to d'aril at the beaks again dueled a*. Colored lam pa were hung etfionv the treee in the garden, but their light was completely lost In the greater brightness springing from the bank illumination. Mr. 8. J. l.yman had the cipher* V. N., A. K in four of hie window*, illuminated with co lored lam pi: in the fifth wax e picture represmting Mi ?s Nightingale aud her nurse < uitui*tering to the want* of the nick and nounded, renting on a pedestal, upon which her name we* blazoned, and eunoumled with tlowere. 1*. uceeding up the direct wo find it hardly pos sible to mention more than names, no much ha* already been consumed Bui we cannot pan the Cry.-dal block without a w-oru of comment. Here, a* at the St. lawrencc Ilnll. the Ottawa aud the *teamer Hi. u - tihce, the exquisite decorative taste of Mr. Speuce bad been nt work. Fire I urge triumphal arched were erected, covered with Hower* ami evergreen*, in the centre arch was a troptiy, surmounted with figure* of '?Wnr,'' the pedestal beating inscriptions of the different battle* und Generals. On the other side were fig.tros hoIJiug branches of lights, on the shade* of which were the sovereign*' au.l general*' names ? the whole (Sur mounted witii the coute of arm* of Krauce ami KugUud. mid kinneiN of all the allied Pjwer*. We understand the llowor* and rvergieen* wore famished byC>ekb'irn k Jirowti, the cari>onter'* work done by Mr. biiupson and the gig fltllug* by Mr. Mitchell In Mr HcnjerKon'* witdiw wn* displayed a bear with a British soldier us keeper, rind the words '? In good hantn" beneath. Mr. Sharplev shewed some Very beautiful silver and other wure. his windows bein^ illuminated with gni. surrounding tl?e cyphers "V.'' and At Mr. I iddinn's a transparency was put up wlh tiie following insti ipticu from the I'nalms, in Hebrew and Knglish ^ " HAIL ! HAII. 1 VK NATIONS I >0* I IK HATH Bit JKHN f 5 THE DOOKH OF ( iri'KR, AND HOLTS Of 1R US 11A1U ||K llfcWN i |A?t KPKB. ' ?*IIAWoFOL. | Messrs. Moan'* & Trigg'* windows were well lighted and ornamented. Mr. Musseu's windows were ben u ' I fully II 1 1. initiated with colored lights, devices, K :. In onu win dow was a monumental device with the inscription. " Honor to the bravo who have fallen." Mrs. Solomons mid Mr Warner, the tobacconist, bud their windows w. II lighted and ornamonted. Among the inscription* on the former was " Ireedom to I'oland." Mr. Brown'* rln ilnw was brilliantly lighted and ornamented iu a beau til nl manner. The Metropolian Saloon displayed -e\eial pretty transparencies. JBmong the inscription') were 4; // // W/ // // r/ ///A// /< > TIIK ALLIW* NKVhlt J All. 1 * X (?"<1) ; TRHMPH or HIIIBT OVER MIIIIIT. ) Over Snaith Jt Boll's were transparencies. <>n one the poor UusMan bear looked Hick enough of warlike ap pliances. and the inscription was "Knglish cheese ? hid enough;" in another, bruin being offered Prim'- Pran t flu, turn* away with iniliynte. At A. Savage h Co.'*, the whole building was brilliantly llghtoa. Turning back through St. (Tubrlel to Utile St. James street, the Geological Museum aud priva'e residence* iu the former were lound biilliantly lighted? a fltar blazed on the cor ner of the latter street. Tha Natural History Society'* rooms were well lighted up. llis Worship the Mayo, dis played sevetal appropriate transparencies In his win down, and Mr. Alexandre, over the Way, on the St. l,aw rence Iiill, displayed a luge one. with an attempt, to ro present the storming of too MalnkolT. At tho ofllce of Mr. II. Judah and the Seignorial Commissioner* a bril liant star jet wns dhplayed. Returning to Notre Dame street, the court houses were lighted up through their whole tiont, producing a line effect. Several transparen cies wure displayed on the portico of the new build ing, with the names of the general*, victories, sovereign*, Ac. Among others was a device representing a b"ar driven out of the Crimea by the ullied soldier*, with tli inscription? At the old Government House colored lamp.-., with mot toe*, were displayed over the gate*, and In the windows were pcrtraith of George IV. ami the I hike of Wellington, and transparencies with various inscriptions. The bar rack*. couunl-sariat office, and officers' quarter*, were nil, or couree illuminateil, At, the Military Secretary'* ami Kngineer's Ofllce the motto ''ITtn'iue," was di*pl?ped, aud '? lSuh rd drtorum at pro pnlna mtrri." Several of the window* between the Commi**?ri*t and Donegana'* were tastefully lit up and decorated with flowers, Are. Among the 'in we noticed particularly Mr. Shepherd * and Mr. Morris'*, Mr. Dumas', next to Doneganu's, on tho west, was brilliantly lighted and decorated, stat ues of tho Queen and Napoleon I. being shown in two of the window*. Mrs. Ifobertson's residence op posite, wa* all lighted and decorated. Ixmegana's itself and the house* adjoining on the ea*t were also finely lighted and embellished. Down St. I'aul street. In that quarter lying between the barrack* and market, where soldiers' inn* are most crowded, there were lot* of candles burned, and mottoes, icc., displayed in the windows, and enthusia m well kept up inside. Up Honsecour* street, Francisco made a brilliant show, and in one of Mr. .1. \ iRer's windows was a 'iuaint device, representing the Brit bli lion in a 1 very dictatorial fashion patting the question to the Austrian eagle, Pour ou con'rt > Ikiwu upon the water aide, tiio scene was very beautiful. At 8 o'clocK the artillery fiied a salute from S'.. Helen's, and a'ter that they continued for some time to send up Mgnal ro?ket* of unusual beauty. The steamers in port ? the Oultivateur, Gi-tor, Jacques Cartier and that ol the Urand Trunk Hallway ? were decorated with lumps, the latter very beautifully. The Quebec also wns similarlv decorated, and nailed at a later hour than usual with her lamps still lit, presenting a beautiful spectacle, and a* she passed, several rocket* were sent over l.?r from the Giand Trunk Hallway wharf. In the upper harbor several vessel* wero s.miiarly illuminated, and thf Montreal and Bunshee still farther on in tho canal basin continued the brilliant stream of light, the bitter being tas'efuJIy illuminated. The front of Mr. Mullln's store and the tall ma^t above It were decorated w ith colored 1/uup*, a bonfire burned In the Custom House square, and another near the ol I cattle market in Comirib signers' strict. The Custom n<>u Montreal Hons*, Crathern k Caverhill'j, and tlie Hai l>or Commis sloneri' Olfice, were brilliantly li^litcl up, the litter having a pretty monumental device to St. Arnaud and 1'oglan in one ot its windows. Back upon St. I'aul street, ti'ber way. even tl.e warehouses showed a &tr (Brink ling (f lights, l rothiughain Ac Workman'*, and Sey - mour 4 Whitney, being Kirtieularly splendid. Anionic other* on tills gtreet li^-uted. we noticed to tho east Mc*?r-. Chalmeis, iiuiiglas, Glennon, Mofiatt. Oauthier, Haloimarid, and others whose names we dia not learn, 'the Hotel Dieu shi wed light* fasti fully arranged in it* two window* on St. i'aul street. Upon a lantern across tliii Btrtel we noticed on one si te the Kedau and M itakofT cnp'uicd, and tho hear on his back; on the other Gorts el.akolf surrendering to I'elisfier an 1 Mmnion, and U prnndl In full retieat, surmounted by the inscription " L'Anitir." The ofCoM of Im Minrrrr, Lt Pay* and La Patrir were all Illuminated, the two first displaying appropriate device*, and At Miifrm adding flag-', In West St. I'aul, which we visited late, perforce, we no tlced Verrlev fc Co.'s estiibli-Ument lighted with several well designed transpaiencles. Mr. T. S. Brown's (we once had an illumination, by the bye, oil the occasion of his e'efeat), wa* decorated with guns and pi'tols, with the significant word*? Tintpy ark MRV at FRUAflutrOI.. Messrs. McKay Bros., W. Stephens, aud others, were *till lighted up. Going thenc Into Mc< Sill *treet we found Young's Block brilliantly lighted with colored limp* and a large reflector; at Kexford's, transparencies, one of which W* the inscription ? ? // ////#/#/ W/ WW e> I IIO.XOR TO MlflB MnilTIMUIF. \ 4 And another. > f?K suLniwi ? ami s.inna' who vorotrf out nArrt . i, ?? /W// ////// /W // / /// ****** ?) In ga:-, ? 1'eace arid Plenty," Mr. Smvlh had some pretty I'rtice* In his window, and Mr lUmuj ulded another transparency to his windows In honor of Mis i > igbt'iigr le, cujlirg w h h'r name the" of Bciipture? " For I was 'Ick arel ye visited me." Proceeding from Mctilll >treet, and le i . ing it* brilliant lights and dense throng of people we came to the Hay n .irket. Here the vlen at different jaunts were brilliant and 1 -eautifol. 1 rom one point at the head of (ireat St. James street, the li;h4- of tills itreet, thoM of McflUI striet, IU naventtirt stieet, and the hill abav*. all showed at on<e, -nd eomMned to mnke a sing ilarly line elect. Ascet.ding the hill past '/.inn chnrch brilllin: lights slione on every aide. br. Jones's decoration* were very ta-iful and appropriate. St. An Irew'* churi h wa< lit up, and with it* beautiful architectur* and <tainet| windows, its outlines showed di-tin tiy through the darkness, .in I it vas indeed sn objec' of beauty. One fancied in be. hold np it that religion wa* landing her i-acred csunte nance to the celebration of the people's Joy at the newt of a ''"<-i?lve victory in 'h" cause of hmnao freedom, and tie ultimato triumph of tlitgroMMr the cre<cent. for fim if ir.u?t be the result of granting freedom to Christi anity In the Past. Not, however, to stay to moralize, we proceed up Beaver Hall terrace. The houses are neatly all lit up, anil that brilliantly, on both aide* of the street. Nnmer on* flng? are displsyod; and it >tt< es, and devices, and name* tint this war ha* rendered immortal, were numerous. The houses moat brilliantly decorated were those of Mes*r?. Prujeie and Judge Vanf> Ison. Turning into Dorchester street, tl" hojae of Major David attracted attention. It wa* well lit up, and orna mented with evergreens and rose*. Th>- itsndard of the Royal Montreal cavalry floated from one of the win lows. Tim standard 1* a very costly and a very hand*' une one. K?ny other houses in I* rehester street were also beauti fully illuminated and decorated. 1.' din* up I no ii avenue, our ftep* were arrested at the cut stone building, on the corner of St. Catherine street. foirm< nly called " Honey's block.'' Both decora tlon >tid niamfnatioB w-re here more tha'l ordinarily l> llinnt and ><e?utlfm. l ights were In the wda<lows. Is >h in the ba * ami fi nt of the bous<-s, anil on the top > f aU ti< a brilllin' array of lamps of diferi eolors. The .'Irirf* of the allle* were ta -ti fully displayed Mr. l^veH'e limoe *?s the m> ?t biilliantly lit and ''eio.rate I In the wbrde Moek A ttum'ier ?f roeket- and other flrewovka ware set oil from tl.e roof of the hou?e fronting on 'n' >n Wrenn#. I*rr<<teiHng ur> thi' aven ie the light* of Ve<i(n Cnll"f? in the ni?atu*i', forec'i ? hamselve* apon the %tt<nti<-n. I v?ry wmd</w e,>pc. ? d to be lit up, and "tanliog cl -arly ? nt in the daikress, the cT-ct w:w ?ery gi od for *oms distant " along townds the ?e?t, as '*r as the eye could see. the v l Ins ?o thltk. dot the l?s*e of tbe moun tain. pres?nts?l |<.iut- of iiaht. Tlie same remark miy be ma le of the h'nise iu Sberbrooke stree', ea*t of I'nion avenue. Ritmeing onr s*eps. we went down Br' n?wi k street. Here again was iiluininatim in every house, an i it would ilin- s; be io diooi to mention names, a> tbt general ehararter of Ute wh'^'-e vi> ?? mu^h *iike The High hcho.,1 i* Ut up and sersraJ of the hoosss n it* imniediate vielnlty. in Dorebe-ter rtrert, are Mil liantly *0. <>f lianorer the tame remaak may be made a* of Brunswick street returning down Beaver Rail Mil It maybe mention el 'hnt row <A stone hr>u*ei were weii oi and *el*'lec.> raU?i. TV# Wcif!f floti** rrtt th# m%4* ?t? be*t display. A fretty desifa appear? 1 Lq It. Me Kcon'a window. Mr. Armstrong;, oaMnet maker, allowed some very floe flags, and lighted hi* premises briUiabtly. Tumi nc Into Oral* street, and going in the direction of St. An tome street, one encountered no stint of ei ther light a, or flagi, or niottoee, or the name* of the brave. OataU'a buildings shunt brightly e&oujHi, and the more humble houaes oppoeite did not spare tholr lights. Iven the cottage* in a court yard that lee*ta offhere burnt their caudles. Proceeding up St. Antoine street, one mei-is almost an Infinity of flags and lights, and all kind* of motto** in > rench aud KogUah, and derioon, and the name* of he roes. To give a detailed account of ail tliat in worthy of notice is impossible, and to lie partial would not be (air. llie home of Mr. Ogilvv Moffatt may, however, be men tioned as having more than ordinal y magnificent dwv re tion and illun.iua lion. Cuing up Mount;. in street lipht- again met tho (ye. The fronta of distant villa*. showed ligh'a. KelleMte terrace Wat* well lit and "tie or two of the houses brilliantly go. The See if<> ,se was illuminated. I's -plng down the lower end ol Mountain street we hero again liKht* in the houses of (lie poor as well as the rich people. Ot Unflintown the lame may be said. Many ol the very humblest homes di* played numerous fallow candles, thus affording proof that thf* fcelln; of Joy is Mneial, permeating through all classes offcodet*. ?vonie if the ?nd"-taJls even wi re Illuminated: and mot toes and decwaUuu appeared in the front or houMf whore one would hardly huTO expected them. The write went through a number of atreeta In Criffin'?wn nn I "aiisu;pri.? at the number ol llngrt. lights, an 1 other decorations * very whe i e displayed. Nor were the little French ho ises in St. Joseph suburb to lie outdone In emulation to do their beit. I'h-ydil very wen. Tlie allied flags, and lights, and mottoes, and devices were in abuudanco. "Vive 1' Emperour," Vivo laRelne," "Tire la France," "Vive l'Anglcterre,'' "i'e Ussier," "Hiipli.nd," ".Simpson," decorated many a house; and many ol the Inmates teeiued to take particular plev cure in displaying all t heir be t things in their wind iws. I.'ona venture street was well lit up, and displayed nu merous (lags. The streets loading off McfJIIl slrcf were all lit. C ?1 lege street niade a veiy fair display. Something like archea wore thrown across it. I'll1' Franklin and tempe rance houses were brillluntly illuminated with devices. ? ?. ^ In the St. Lawrence Main street the euthuaiasai of the French Cunndhin population was displayed to a much greater extant than in any other street in the ward. Indeed, lor the last week, tricolors innumerable have been gaily flouting in this street. Tho British eudgn ami Union Jack weio not in such great prolusion ; l>ut where they were displayed, they affordel en agreeable diversify. In mnny of Hie displays taste hud been called Into net ion, and many of the designs reflected most cieditablyon tho ingenuity of the artists whose handiwork they were. There were only one or two smill houses which were not lighted. First, on entering this street, the window of Mr. J. M. l'aplneau, cabinet maker, at tracted attention. It was ornamented with a slow of the Malakofl, ami ihe French troops preparing for tho assault. I ndemeath this win placed a large stuffed eagle and lion standing near a bear, about to tear him to nieces. Miss Mllioy, uiillinor, hail a vory pretty aland of twenty live lights, ornamented with the names of all the general* an! heroes of the Crimea. Messrs. Walker and Kentherston, jewellers, had u very pretty jet ol gn*. made iu tho form of an arc, within which stood tie letters V. N. 'Ihey had also a great numlier of varie gated lamps which wore mo 4 brilliantly reflected by the siher plate placed behind them. .Mr. A l-itleur had two representations of the Malakoff and Redan. Messrs. Charles had three transparencies ? ? The Army aud Navy," ' The Allied Generals. Simpson and PelUsier," "Vive Napoleon ? Sebastopol. Mrs. Starke's windows were moat tastefully wreathed. In tho eeti're of each window Wus placed a large alabaster vase, fllled with the most bepmiful flowers and fruits of the season, contrast ing beautifully with tho plain and unfinished appearance of the ncisdibming windows. The skylights of St. Law rence markets were very well illuminated. lie at Halill innnd, of the Volunteer Hi ties, was not l?ck ward, and his flowers and lights looked mostbnautifiil. 8t. Dominique, St. I'rbain, and Ht. George streets were very generally illuminated aud decorated with Hags ot all nations, lllcnry street was well illuminated as tar as 81. Cathe i ine street, where the lijrhts became few and dull. Tho Jesuit's College *as liriiliantly lightest. Over tho door was placed a largo reprcentation of Victory, with a wreath in each hand, springing from the ruins of the Malakoff. Mr. Crawford, corner of Dorchester street had two Very handsome floral designs. Al* xniidrr street was illuminated In a plainer manner lhan were the other streets of the district. The residence of J. McCtilloch, Esq., was decorated with the various national Hags, and pr< stated a very brilliant appearance. In Dnrochcr street the residence of fi, Krothirigham, E*o., was most tastefully decorated with tlowers, devices and mottoes. City Councillors', St. Catherine, Dorchester, Lagauche liore aud Vitro street, were ull lighted. Craig stieet presented a miscellaneous and very bril liant o Is play. I>r. Godfrey had a very pretty gas jet forineil in the shape of "F. E." I'nder each letter tho respective national colors were hung. At the Fine sta tion weie three paintings, which, whatever rosy be said of their appropriateness, looked very well. on> was a view of the great (Ire in St. I'aul street In 1152. The second, the (Ire at I<ewls'. in Notre name stroet, In 1854; and the third n view of the hose company drawn up on the Champ do Mars. Dr. Beaublen, Mr. Morris, Miss Malcolm, and Mr. I'errnult deserve a passing notice Mr. lies rivieres had some very pretty devices. The residence/ of (;eor((e llrowne architect, was an object of gene ral nttiactlon. The three stories wore decorated with very appiopriate designs. In the window of tho gronn i floor was raised on a pedestal a small brass cannon, a very line model, surrounded with pile* of ammunition an I light* d l>y variegated lamp-. The balcony of tin apoond story was decorated with the names of the g> nerals ano the battles, different mottoes, surmount ed by a figure of the "Iron l>uke." 'Die designs in tho upper window were neat and appropriate. First was a cannon, crossed with the tri color ond British on-djjn, an I Ihe inscription " Jfout fiommn JVrrrf. " In tho centre was a pile of weapon* of warfare, and the letters "In mororv of the fallen," In purple stained glass. We next arrived at Mr. Carta's, which was al?o dec iratod wit nscrlptionr. On tho ground floor were two trophies srlth the names of the generals and their battles inscritx* in blnck on the different shades of which it was composed, file >e*-onil storv windows bore the following Honor to the bra\e.'' Ihe upper ^tory? "(lot defend the right." In lleimine street, the houses of Messrs. Veroer. I'ler win, i'erguson, Jan lrson, Waudby, Lynch the Mi-*es rhirholm snd others, were brilliantly light* d, ani ta"t? hilly decoratiil with tlsgs. motto* s, h-. 'ihe streets between Mala street and Ht. Denis were all lighted and some of the houses elabot a'ety. The designs and mottoes were similar to those in other jiarts of the city. In st. Denis street, Coroner Jones' windows were taste fully decorated, and two large union jacks hung a. rots the street. Ihe houses ot Me-srs. isjranger and Cherior were Well lit up. d Cornwall Terrace was we.l lit up. and so was Vlger place, particularly the houses of Mr. fitenler and ihe lion. Mr, lacroix. At the lower end of Craig street, the Adjutant Gene ral's office, and the (irauu Trunk itailwar Contractors' office were well lit up. In liorchester stieet there *?- general Illumination. Mr. Atkinson'.^ new buildings were particularly well lighted up, and the words " Malakoff" and " Sebastopol" were conspicuous. The residence of J. It. Smith, E*|., In Sherbrooke j-trcet, was consi ieiious. It displayed a variety of c ilor ed lights. The lions* of the Hon. John Mol*oii was also brilliantly illuminated. In the t.Hiebec suburbs the illumination was very jrene ral, even to below the to I gate. There was an infinity of lights and mottoes and lla?s. t0 describe them all would Is- impossible, and besides there was uothing new dis played- The chief point of interest was to perceive how general was the illumination. Mr. W'alkem had llluml tinted once Ik fore, n- had sl-o some others. The distil leiy and brewery o' Messrs. T. It W. Motion weri very brilliantly lit In etery wludow. Molson's grain (tores were also lit up. Mr, Col'juboun displayed a number of laintis with the name* * t the several engagements. I iie rnhfier factory wa - w* II iilumirnU-d w Ith a i il ' e 1 li^ht on the roof. Molwm's eh'ireh was illuminated, also the hi use of Mr. Mo|-nn. and Molson's terrace. The streets leading off from St. Maty'.* street were all more or less Illuminated. 1 in wi rk? were set off In dlderent parts of the city by gentlemen who had procured them for the ocea<i n The Ir* corni anies, with torches, preee.od by their bands per am' o la ted 'lie streets; and the Isiys, not liarln; 'he ?ear of by laws, the Mayor's proc amaflon, or the p .11 e before thcii i-yc, tired a good many ?.|uibs and crackers. Some mall captures were made we believe, of those * n tliu-la 's In pyrotechnics. And so enced this brilliant fete? one which all tlteciti reus of Montreal w ill long remember will treasure up among thalr remlalsceuM worth relating totho<i<-wbo come after them. And when th** young of to-day tell, as greybeards, the history of the rejoicing io their ailmlriug grandsons, they may 'ay that Canadians felt an lionet pride in the triumph, nn i a right to parti Ipate In Its glory, octuiied ss well by sharing it in common with all Thlilsh subjects, as by h ?vir g sent some of their Iriemls and relatives to endure the l.*h ,r< and me. t the dangers ot jfee sieg ? . and may add, truly, th.*' It was no mean hf4Br of which they thus ciaiim-d their portion'? for 'twas a glorious victory." Hon (hern IjrmpaUy Air Mlaves. ?The undersigned resj</ctfully states that his wife, Chancy Anderson, is now in jail at Maysville, and will l? m id unless her friends enable her to purchase her fri-e dotn. Mr. (.eorge Mood has kindly consented to give .tolin Taylor Col. Morgan's seivant agrees to glv.' II and I have IWO of my own to be appropriate for tl.e same purpo.e. Hhe can be ljought for the sum of MOO, and the amount necessary to he rais< I Is $190. fie re ?] < eUiiily ap|**als to his friends to sid him by coafrl buttons in rsl>lng the amount and for which both lis and si.e will br ever grateful CI-AVBOKVE ANDCRtfflN. PrptemtieT 27 1865. Tito man whoae aignature la apjcndeil to tho abov? Is a tlarr llvhg In M.taon ro mty, K^ntu* ?kjr: :ni*l (ier rpn Wood, wh/? contrilwtea I2i?<t Is th* alavc'ii mn.'-U'r, and an extensive aiave owner. The , * it 1/tftn are making coot : ibi. Loin lo nuae tlie sum nece *ary for her porchaae. rgnart OF MAMAC*rM(TT?t tlie popqlati' n of the prin. ipal ct?l* sa*hu etts, as sh- wn Ij th>- rr e:?t Ik.ston ... It'i .IV Is well 8- 6*.': C) arlestewn -1 7 ? J Ttie folloi > and towa !.vni_ (ti'leee Taunton .... Haverhill ... . Newt or Randolph .... V Itrltpvill Salem. CfingdeM Milfiid 1A. 713 1U.1M 1 : vr a.T ft 63$, , Viuf ester . . (ainbr *dtf** New fMf lloabur ? , . , IVr' best -t Marbls-b- ul. 'iainey webtsra . . , MM ; . ogham ... Newburypf'. ... vi,m nMiwf turf Nantucket An ?ff -t is he in* mai'-e in the "lii'jk C mm /n CVrneil 1" rednce the >aurt?scf th* otirwr* of the O^rj. - lltN. financial and commercial. MOBBY liBIITi Huniuy, (tot. 7?8 P. M. During the pwt week we have had all sorts of a stock market. In the early part the movement was down ward, and at the clone it wo* ded.Je.IJjr upward. The bank statement on Tuesday produced quite a panic among mall, weak holder*, and the calling in of ra|>l<il v for a day or two forced a good d?*l of stock on the market. Tlie arrival of the *emi- weekly steamers from California with one million and three i[uart<Ts of gold, arrested the decline, and since there ha . b.-en a gradual recovery. The market has bounded up an though Just relieved from a gr?.N. t pre-sun-, and speculator* hire taken hold u- though the relief was permanent. Tlie supply of miiney Lu been for several duy greater in | proportion to the demand, but It would 1*> wdl enough t i he a little . autlous, f..r we know not the day or th'' hour whin another and perhaps a severer pinch will come u] on tlie r- aiket. Wo are in the midst of a very curious ' state of thing* iu financial aiTiire. The outward movements in specie do ni't depend, a* in ordinary time*, upon the operations or law* of trade. W *? ii. ay have th. ? balance on our foreign tnde largely In oar favor and still I* r, purler* of specie. We should not I* sut prised t? see spe le going IkjUj ways aero** the Atlantic at the same moment? going out and c umin/ in at the rami* lime. The Hauk of l.ngland nn the Bank of France cannot lnug i Un.l a drain tor shipment to the I niled . late* with the deniunil* U|ein them f ir the CH men and all other place*. Supplies or specie from this country have lieon of va*t nervice to thoie great mo* neyed institution*, In ennhllngthem to meat the drain for war and other purponcs; and we doubt If tiny could lung stand not only a suspension of the.,e supplies, but a <le mnnd lor bullion to export to this country, In payment for breadstuff*. The governments of <Jrei?t Ilritaln and 1 ranee must have gold at any price. Tlielr financial agent* inuit provide It at nny co*t, or a suspension of "pocle payments on the part of hngland and I rance fol lows. There never has been in the history of tlie tvorld a lung and protracted war carried on among civilized na tions upon a specie currency, and we riiall *oon *ee if tlie present war Is an exception or not. If it prove* so, it will be the tlrst. We believe that a few years raoro of expenditure on the part of Fnglaud auil France like tint just passed, with u shoit crop or two, will foreu those governments into a suspension that will spread over the whole world. We could not keep up specie payment* in this country, for w? should be drained of all our gold, and self-protection would force u* into a similar wa sure. It rany be well enough to consider all these things ear nestly befop launching not Into wild "peculation*. Our people are too much rilspo-od, upon the slightest l?t up In a mouoy pressure, to enter at once into allsort* of funcy operations, and gel tl eaisulves involved to the foil extent of their capital ami credit almost beforo they are aware of It. We wish to counsel n ilttle more caution In these doubtful and troublesome time*. No une know* what new phase Kuropo in affair* may as-mmo, and It i* therefore tt u safest to be prepared for any coutiugc nrv. There will vet be time enough for speculators to lose all the money they have after the close of the war, and those who wait for the certainty, for or against, will cer tainly 1>C pursuing the wisest and most prudent courfe. I Albert II. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale o f stocks and boml? will take place on Monday next, at 1 2% o'clock, at the Merchants' Fxchaugn. Hereafter, Mr. Nicolay's stock, resl estate and banking d"partment, will be conducted at his former nfllco, No. 4 Rroad street. He still retains the premise* No. 1! Ilroa.l street for his sain* of merchandise. Hi* stock, real estate and banking of fice, No. 4 ilroftd street, 1* more convenient to Wall street, and altogether better located. Mr. Nlcolay has, by prompt Attcnth'ii and urhauity. built up a very extensive business, and his fnhllc sab s of stocks twice a week arc ei|oal to all others combined. We have ever been in favor of this method of disposing of public securities, be lieving It to be the only true way of arriving at the ac tual market value. To capitalists and other holders of stocks at a di-tance, who maybe desirous of selling at public auction- in this city, we ran conscientiously re commend Mr. Nlcolay, having full confidence in his Inte grity and res ponslbllity. Tlie anthracite coal trai.'e continues active, and prlcoa are pretty well maintained. The tonnage of three prln clpal coal carrying companies for last week, as shown by their last re|x,rt*. is llfl,700 tons, and for the year, ?1,^.4,040 ton . The f>diigli Navigation brought to mar ket 39,468 ton* for the week ending on Saturday Wet, and shows a tonnage lor the season, to that time, ot OS-'l.tWi tons. The Heading Kail road Company brought down for the week ending on Saturday last, fi.,,77? tons an I fur the yrnr to that date 1,M1,0A2 ton*. The Schuylkill Naviga tion shipped for the week 29,033 ton*, an I for the ~.ia,'.ii tons. The several line* ha ve work.-.! more unin terruptedly the present season. thu*f?r, than in any sea ?Mill for i-evera! years past. There is every probability of a full supply of ceal the coming winter. 'he -New \ ork Central Railroad consolidut jot* whether Viewed commercially or morally, theoretically or pra ???! cnl.y, in 1 1*0 light of simple distortion or compound ex toitinn. In the liarefaced knavery of the perpetrators or blind stupidity of the victims, exhibit* a game ol suc cessful fraud unparalleled In the annal* of rsllrood*. Theoretically It Is "imply the member* of a firm going into their store on a certain day, and in irking up t heir good* one hundred per cent ? a perfectly Inno -en'. tr>n action. Practically, however, the consolidation was something more. Certain member- of tlie firm? the dis coverers of this new plan of doubling one'. I ori'ino In it day ? before the inven'ory is Ukcn contrive to buy 0;i, i^cretly and tor a song an immense <|uantlty o( w>rt'. lesa trash, and smuggle It into the -t ire leaving a mark on it c?4Ual to the best. Die consolidation scheme originated at Albany. Th.-re i* a ret of |m>1I i ftra I stock jobber*, and harpies wh>i eongre gate In that city . very winter for the purpose of corrupt ing the legislature, controlling its aillun mi l taking loll upon every bill that passes. Tiny ar> constantly scheming plotting and ibshimj vrln,: r "ft of corrupt, unscrupulous snd ind"sent mm ner to accomplish their selfi-h and anrdi 1 ends, lliey Stoop to everything and stoj> at nothing. Th. y lie, (heat, betray, slander, flatter or bribe, to s dig r.-s unheard of in any other city in the world, in the winter of 1M2-'5.1 the ?( men" c.'ncor'e I thi ?? ! e,n* if .u?dl dation. The d. tail* were minutely -ot I-. *rn, snd ci -h msn'i share of the pland.-r secretly arranged, th* oil Albany and ? In n- tady roa.'. ? .,( hi h C r y - ? the prncipal owners ? wa? ?.?? down at >1, Oil, 800 :r <1 a pre mium of 17 !*r not. This is s n il of 17 r ' < an 1 would cost to build it ( day, sny 1500,0>0. He ?t?k sold not long sin'-e for 1A per . ent )''i-i'.'y - ,-.,e of the eon" lldstors less tb;in that sum. V n < um<j the Troy and Schenectady ro*1. Thl. t|?e ..-h. mcr- b" gbt for $1^5 too and turned in Bt t I'lQ.WO A .. that o> ver paid a dlr idend, ne-'.-r < a. nod exp- :i e., and w * of no (ossil.le value to tho f ontrai Una. 7 hey i,< it ?tak?d > et a road, on the south so'e o| tjie Mob iwk, ?pem itOO or $300 In survey*, calb d It the "Mohawk \ alley'' read, and pa?-<d It in at tl &00 fiOO and a premium of !'t per cent. From t tlca to .Jyracu?e tbey sttsed o-it another road, some b\lf dio?-n miles nearer ttian th? old road, a|>ent about tI<V) in rurvv, cslle I It tt.e l.'tlm an?l Syiaeuse lliect 8allrr?d, ' and - hai^e<i it to the -on solldation at tlie m'?Ierate am of ?000,009 a n1 fiO fi r cent piemlum. Tliey lad a dout.le object In thl* more The -y rscuse and t'tiei etockholdere wer?- opposed to the cc nsoli ?la' ion ? whether on Conscientious or pecuniary grounds we are not a* yet ad tlre<l. Tlie direct roa! being s\?k?t out, Mr. Wilkinson wa* t?ld he e? old ?v me In or r.ot, at he pleased. He came In The Syracuse and Rochester was n t a all dl* lit t-i manage. Tlielr pro?jeets we-e ra'h'r dot. I ? T'.?jr had two rrad. on their hand- -,e ..f t , n* ?running over tb? Auburn luils and - . >'? a ll?e.: > l*irn to | base -- na' t IJbby sod hi* Cun .. W g-.a friends, was t-e|(inning o show it e:f loci;.,' .- jss/'og < wl l.e the new n- ? ' - ' a double tra. . dep. ts s' .'Ion h'.'i ??? A/- fu- ;.f r W'.l' : th' r-ia-ia-. -???'! I ? , ,? tiough to come In with ?h?l or ?'? * *00 nd -II I?r sent j . nr It i> a w. not staie out a line ?<v. he r d?? r- si- ' . m*,n. .Me of the fan , audits ?? f'-r I' Tliey might bsv? 'S *-l t 'he It, : . ti n r.r something of that -ort?c *e ss ?r <i>^ m tlie Mohawk or iMreet Mnet. f'rr-n. the Oeseree river to l ake Krie-*l'?f the oat rnweot portion ol the .*Ui? wot wt-h tl* er.larvd can* ?n tiieir n.idst ? we have etgbt peraltcl ra lr.? ? t finisi.?>] and two nn. er way. T1i#re ist-.e .M J' h' te , o?l Ratavta and T .nawsnda road, the R'Sfh*. ter f > poet and Niagara falls r*d '??? U?. Vaster I *kf> and Buffalo mad the Csuatiifns i?4 ^ofaia l<lli the Ituflai" and Mew Yolk tlty, ti.e Vow V?rt an i tJ ? the buffalo s?l fi'teberg aj.) the Fr,s and \e ? Verk Q'y. All 'f thee- roads drperel U| a the ' k - - ' *w ' trivs' an-! freljV Maav ot 'hem rwn witbla >fkt of .?rh ?' her to* mt'e* a*-< ish* rmaslng sad rw 'meete* at angle* so mtl that the e*fi*?n .* often poarM to hi* Clkuktiwn* The e I*?'>tod*,i a p -t'ers -wah bo Dot ire of thrae or four or the Laat mentioned rrmAt, considering them a little off th* Una. The ''litwhlfii ?nd Niagara Kalla TU U>o week to be oonaidared, and wa* i ejecUnl without ceremony ? (It ha* within the Itot three month*, however, (won (tmmJ and awattowod it ? m.?Il gulp.) 'I here remained but the old Toji^wui U and the new llochueter aud I/ockport road a to dual with. What ?lice of the Troj and other ewindle* it required IfitWTln ja Ann ^prague, Joaeph Kield, and other upright and pure nun k-t officers of theTonawauda, aud through them the Other itockholdor*, that 93,000,000 and a premium ,,f V) jerceut wan enough for that concern, we do not pre. rl?ely know, fufflre It to aay, they came In at that figure. In Boody? the factotum of tlie Kochp*ter und 1 nokpoi t Intei e <( ? they had an llglj I lllilflBMH to deal with. Not that h>' i.h? unwilling to treat, but ho held Ilia trap* at nich au infernal Idgh price. Ilere w a* a road, along the Use <>t the canal, that State Kngineer Mcwart, He-man Clark aud n there, had MMt tiylng foi Jiaia to build uud could uot, until lio *lj took the entire contt ac t at abunt loO p< at' ut aion tlu;i U wm worth, payable in fctwa mm! bond** lie luid liattily thrown up tlie r< ad. and wn'pn the plotter* met biui he had the im pudence to stand fot III* entire nominal capital and 38 per cent premium. 'Die plotter* took time to e >ti Ide- , whloh time wa* i mplcyed by Bond} In throwing up the ''t'har lotu brunch." iliii roed iii woi III to llietlentral about H I per annum? for gnu-log. It wan originally eatlmatet to l,e worth double that amount, connecting na it did, and ruunlng In a diiect air line to lliecontro of it ra--e tiack at the mouth of the river ? one of the rlnh<"t and B>Okt pioductive race truck* In the Htate. Itut a aet of ?peculator got up an oppoaitlon track on the other ni-le of lh<- 1 1 > ? r which utterly ruined the buafneHe. We under Htand tix Me**r*. Whitney* have proposal a peri i tual icaae (they want It for a pi * -h orchard J at an advumcof mu 100 per cent nor the preaent revenue. At Iho aee--nd me.i;ng the p!. tier* announced thel* de termination to accede to Mr. Boody'ii term*, when they were informed by that gentleman that they nitta t tnko in I he ( harlotte bran- ? at 9160,000 and 2iS per cent premi um, or lie ahnull bo compelled to remain out. He did not remain out. Th* Buffalo und Rhfin Vntl* and the Viagnr* Fall* oitd idMennton road* ? the former a tolerable road, Worth ?omethlBf, and the latter running to nowhere ami a great deal woffe than nothing, were in the hand* of a lot of Buffalo liaipiM who itood out for a pretty high figure. Hie mailer w.?i finally aeVtknd liy *ome xurt of a Icaae, c<)ual to about liii per cut on the nominal capital of the whole? th" Qneeniton right of way down the Niagara clIITa being reckoned at ??It"! OoO. I'ndera recent act of fhe le.-I/laturo, lobbied through covertly to ] hltthla ca p, nlti-vir.g nil ralli iot holding leaae^ of other road* on certain term* to cancel inch Icaae by an U-ue of their own atock or bond* for the name, the Con tral baa swallowed thia concern nlao at thn moderate item of hl,t .10.000. It la not worth a row of plna to th? t entral, but certain partlea In Buffalo have feathered their next* nicely by Hie operation. There is a road which, although we are tolerably fa mibar with the public worka of thi? State. are Hhould havo entirely forgo Ui o hail we not -<mn It in the Hat of fhl* conaoUditlon. It la the Iak kport an ! Kulfalo roil. Whi n It wia 1 ii 11 1 , or whether It hai tint linen built at all, or only "ataked out," we are uot Informed. We cer tainly never ^atr or beard of any Individual who hail ?e?'ti or pa* red over auch a road. It went Into the coniolMa Hon at 9071.000 nod 26 percent premium. Thn* wa* tbla grand Mbeme, conceived lu the Ini .jnl ? toua count ili ol the atock gambler* and political "Windlera of Albany, and carried through a corrupt IiPglafature by mcana of Ibe moat extenalve ay?l" mol fiaud and bH* I wry ever Known, finally brought forth and d llvered to , the world. The mon-ter, In the ahupe of the Mew York I I entral l<ailrn..d, with It* $:jt) 000,000 of capital, an 1 all | ita other huge and hideoua proportion*, now it-inda before J the public a nr nuiiu nt of everlaating iliagrara to ita authora and eternal alia me to the l>cgi?- ' lafnre ahith atoiMl Ita g<id Aitber. Tliey have nie ceeded In AeeeHlng humbugging and defruudlng the oilginnl *tockhol<ter? out of million* of their | I roperty. anil have fa>tene<l upon the Htate ? at ita heart'* c< ie? an overahudowing moneyed monater, wboae will j moat forever heieafter be the law of the land. Mbat the original plotter* have done with tbetr Ill gotten paln? We are unable pre. laely to tell. Til" gre ? t ma jority, l elirvlng nothing more could lie g.iln d from On tral, m Id out , while 4 fow fancying Uimc wcre -i iimtia ye' to l>e picked up, held 1 11. An example of e > h ? li will ferve a? a type of the wbole. Au Albany ifhler (now not a thouai nd inib ? tror'i th" Nev, V ok Central Tram fer? (lire) on the <'*y that thn *? .il waa afll ? I t'i the eonaotldaii >u aitli ie?, *1 Id out hu ?t.? k, to ti.e am out 1 f tCO abaira, al K0 per ? ent. Ibe I re>. lent of the * a me hack, k t 111 lemainlig at Albany, did n?t *ell H by .' He ba<. fr< m that day to tbl?, receive ] and kept ri hi* I ank at Allrai.y nil the lej.??|t< of the company dcrlred If in the eaatern ei tloo of tb- mad and In hi* b*nk at I:uir>lii, all the <lep-.aita derived fi 'in the western *? Otl 1 1 f tli< tr ad. He lia :i hardware i|ora from ?*bi h he furni-be thi I' .id wlthe\my c;nc'*iraMe article, w 1! or not neii'ed In that line from an agle <'??? n 1 1 the 1 ? o^lle?t a pi 1 1 or mil He nrgotiai' - all ti,? tr' n f <r the cotiipnny at a round ('.min, ' I 'O. ffe hat a f lllng 10BI fir ni whii h lie roll* out all the roni|any'? Iron, at (2$ |C| t' 11 ar.'l POothe. mill, from whl' )? he fund lie all tl ili axlec In 1' 't,f 'in lh< '? and nth': I l>pb. tog* he la enabled Ui lay by, from year te year the oi:i f Hable IIH!i mm o! ale. t ?1 ',0 ?XKJ If. Ve*.p, h , al'-ck . \\i th^i.khecan afford to. The blatoiy of thla nmuf 'l illation ? heme Inprtaclple a* well a ? "!? il ? in a < no erual a< well a? mural pant Of view ietro-1 < niveiy and 1 ? ~y 'lv :y ? ore - :<? * a I T*?l var I e ' y ot Irr porta 11 ' aud Inter t r g ; tr fi . " ir conalderatlon. Io day,*e mo't elo e by a l.rlef a!!.!'! n to one only ?I < ' noundne>? aa ,1 commercial or raiir <?d prteciple. AMgaclou* writer ?'< irka ha', ekerr til d>a awtty di iivi ! from th' t. I ml b< li.;* ir a . in|iii)- )<a ? l-aeu hooeatly and lalrlyet | en.'ed ? n the ?orl th' party). Id ! il" tl e ?. k ba* a re* >>nabl< l^ht to look f .r a j t t." ] I ? , 0 e bow thie i ole n. ' * with tl" Central '( I rr<*'!. I<? cnatru' ! a lii"'. clan* roa 1 from AU>aoy t(> B?f fslo, tra-k., lull '.nlpm'iit and all thing | (y .nplctc W' !/! c. at tli" h.g;.e?t iat? a: wb.' 11 other , flrat cta/? roao* are 1 w-a day* boll-, le.? th n $11' '*1 UA). In t. . d ? 1 tl I' ? 11. tl."'euiril atand '" day at II j aarda of 9 coco.'io "n < n*te4a. there wa* aad I upon thi d over 114,000,000 li"t or - >bdiai ut ;. ve o'o tl.e * let "i ?{ < Wfy ? ?'?ItK'", < ' r.' ??' pr?r, num 910 W 000 M-liawk Valley l lli ?l >m tna>y> I Ml *<0 I t 11 are! 1 m ae l .-e ? d-. ,'aiii I ? y *od ^nenert*'ljr w Indie -woffle.- <'..r*-i < I il- "e ?* 1. git. iff I .t .. 1 10,000 en?loi, do !' at > gb' of way I I l'<k|.r> aad hutlalo ?>. odie ao.rae than noti.leg^ ?.i,^i0 (a- aridi.igu m lagara >'all Mel tOi 'iO i ?'.! . ?I1,W '**> Vtw we Am Id like to ki.owi! a road eh 'h h** by the 1 Irnnenageineil or na<ur I and e?e i.?? 1- error* ita ?arly rr ana. r \ff the pt gie.a .f th' a. ?e filrtag old fa >1. ion '. tt atetial w aehb??fy, In- 1 et pun- a e|r cuitoui route I .-aey i<rad old fliiM' Bed eoglaae, car* A- I . ?l?? j ... ? 1. W and impr-" r, irp>ll*d '?<" to B'ren" fte apltai "n* hua tied par ci nl and then agaia by it* owa *'.l<inlary aet, and In VII lett'ia ol th* plali.' *?r- i/'f. te ir.' ?1 ?en?" ia-i??**? ' II* "pi a a i" r^l tine- ??? iinBiirad p. oent we I ilk. t.,k'ow w* aay if inh a e*4 hti aay jaat right ta | i-ifir' rrftouneratiie | r- la nn 1 1.- three bandied jet erot 'aj.'al 1'Oa'tial, >r I )00waata1 ) aa It taoda II day ' Aa<) tb ? Wa, let It la* re fwanberaal when the B> id fer rompe^ltiaa U fei'.alf free *i^t apM te tiu* a- -Id I* mm jalfMil the Idea !? .tut u1.- ?a natarai, abauid Iter k Kttliang'. I ? o v rf 4. |9&t I'.mr i? g*?, m . mv ??*haKaM ??"> r- , i 1IW<>7iBi.<\. K"i l'? do ... ?"> - ? I .10) Vl ft a ' ? 'Ci, 'A ?? '? *?'< ? mtM 4m 4 r 230 4m... ? ' > ' ln<?i d., bOO IfT'i Vi >, - p* 4 ? 4. : ,n ? a.. . \t . V* , "> ? fi f? ' h I'm ? '"<1 t' | net al? ' t<( llai I araar.. Ut. bJO 101, I* Hrktli A? Hit ft# '.II '.au - edt 'hteKI' 119 '.ii iv<.' iv lot... viu m -v. ?l I u t*> IP. I. ? " hi .*** W 4* M P i| (Mean HenA tt U# 4 1 , MO tiia 10 1. 10* i ).? v. v., r r>?ltn1 leel*. I4T< T<m a* -an ?? , I artem lilt,. <%>, . <e/< let , do .1..., 'J, tn |a kVt ?. HO 4a ?? l? 4" -m ' .Ml 4 *? ;t'i 1 -m *a,. . ?l, ?|.*| ' Traaa ('*> ? ? t?>, d? (to M.....M0 1* 10a A? M .*> do *a !?', J4 lindaeo lJe?- Kg ? , TM Ae. .. 9? 1* , I an 4 ?? T. IW de.,t 19, l*> da.,. 9>H I 109 d.? MO 10 'JMPhb n Co.. boo itw ! MOnbU Cj...,c 7T i?o do arx JOO do *10 ST 100 d? aV 0 'Tl 900 do a4m '/T 300 du WW 100 do ha 27 '? w d<> ?oo trr*. 1410 Erie RR....oj* ?6?, lOo do >(10 66 ?*> do *30 100 iU 140 SMI do M0 ?ROUND ?lfWO Barlem Smtgb. 71 VMWMtVn Rltba. HI MXki do ,10 HI ! WO <t" ,hlO HI | rM/00 ilo j (>(*10 till ,Jfl H|) i * lUOOO <1<. Ml) H1l? 70 aha Hieliii-nltR r WH I 6(1 'In bOO MS I ' i 1?0<Vv.M?1JIK ?li 100 .to 83,. I 1M? I'uinl. I'.-al loo 160 fo 100 -.00 600 Ion too hi 116 . hlO V7 80 Mich Oen R R ?. . ?0 do M6 60 do ??VO 100 MicS&N U KRc Wt do. . , m loo do..., ixw 6 Mich HkNI Ooa. .Kio 111 On R B :i7on?y * I'ittn KR. . UOlla* liTul I1R... 2? do .3 HOO do MO too do urn i 100 do MO 300 do v". BO till). 60 ah. r?nloB Co. . . 10Ui;nlM'<) 6 do... 1M Harlero KR ?A KigMli Are RR 100 hri* KR. W .to 100 <lo. 1 * IU do. loo .v. loo do. b W .1.15 .MO . b:w tiKl bM a. *4 iO lUadlag KR. IM ::.v? 100 1(111 1 >0 AH) .10 ?>IH1 ?>10 ..Ul ?t??0 MAC M 100 100 101 K vu M 91 S* as 14 *3* I M I'M M 100 64 W?V #0% SS now ua?t UO Oft '.Hl'i CITY Tit. I OK 11>KT. H.*: > i. . y (Wt. (V?0 P. M. .Usik ? Tlie market tb an?.i> ?tti ...t , bange !? jtticMI The flock of put- *n 4uw faariela, and of |?'?rta Bur. ? licri P?* ? l l.'iir? Tlir market >]? ngaln active. Willi ii good Ooimii.y f.H export. rli.Hty Viane* and olcm-d at l '.c |.<>r bbl t'lrann fin nit k'kxI > .muuMi modiuiu nid?t, Hi* ml.< > > uihraoe I about la Oi>ulH,iiOO bbln. , In. roiling pur. > I ? to *triv? ami for Import ?> U? |H i tb for oomnx.n to extra Mild brand# Wa* : **ru iuixmI, fknrr ard extra hranda at IHal* H7 Qpnaaoe extra at At'uftO Ml Can?ilinn lit 18 UAn 0t? I - for *tiper|ne Ua (?nay an. I extra. Mouthers, ?or? .1. .Ir.?: .. 0 ?0.?,000 lit. In. ioU il II :il?W *b tor muwt U> k.. dbnrt ?n4 |n HlaOlO for extra. lljre llnur w I m?al ?(?>.|yt without rhanic' '? |>'i.'?'.. WlirtMh* uuittl wh ununually mtive, un>l th'1 nKK"V',l<' for th? da/ nppri.xlntaird 1AO.000 biiwt'l a Urfi' portlfla of wlilrli wan lot ex|x>rt to lb" ?inuii<-iit, itad eoluidornblo lot* to arrlvn, tm-lu ln>^ S ulhera re<l at tl V> n |l U.'i re I Wewlorn II NO n II t?D red i i.|Kr I ?!<'? 11 71' n II Hft, with a par.-rl mitof oi>l?r, foi mil III*, at II Oft; Ht.udieru whli?, common to prime, at I'i 0# ? and I lo I'.lm.. ? Iiia.lli.n Jo., at II U6 ? t- '.'(i. tt.f Ult< r Bfur? for about 6,0HO bunhlii rerr Iuta4 aorne wlilte. About all that ?w ..(Teie t la food lilppiatr or>)?r waa paiebawxl llirti wa? the flrmi-r Haw if sl>..iit Ml, 000 a 40.1)00 wore m?de at Mo. a Mlk Hil ? Halea of at?>ttt 1 J O1^) bu .!>. l? v. ? ?: ? j,|e *i II 1ft % It ' 0 fi? eotomnn, ou t II lHall foi prim.' Wnalera. pait to ar|iv< In Nmntlbtr Oat* w<m :n fair demaM i>t tic . ii 4m Tor >late ..n I W?(b id Uirnt? Tbl ui|t ' 111. per ohlp I'mni llaik, at 11.700 t.?K' Hill. ?".Ut no t'il?al? Urin., ..0 Ilia In JaM weic l.t at 1 4 4 , r , ami '.<0 bag Hi" at II ,<? ('mil* ? 111. all" ??u.I.r.1 "?-l ul' .lit 1 '? 0 4 1 'M halo*, Willi a ? ' market I in . .nti m il llrm. To l.lvi i (iOi.I thera waa m?r* ro. tn. au>! grain wan taken at ratlin ?-a?l"i r .? t.- ,M. .ut bOO a bale* "f Outt'.n wru- enanM.!, al ,<1 for rum eit; Ii! 000 bu In I . grain, in I. Ik auil baff*, at 11a.. un>l IS, 000 a '1,000 bhl?. (lour, 4a. ami 40 tmin .'beam M 4(tf. To I/iedon rates warn unite Unit, >ii.l alilp "waer* demanded 4*. Ud. for Hour, III . alo it 161. for *raln. To lilarf'ow 1,000 hbl? Hour weri. frtg?gi'il at 4? XI. T? Untie Itour waa | . i ? ? *ly freely taken at II roftou, at 1 ctat; nrnl eraui, 1ft eonta )>?r bualial. To Ant warp, &,000 borhel* of ?;atn were eti*a|(ed at I5d There wax no change to notlre In rate fcr (ellfornlfc lilt Kile* wcia light, at 7 Or. i^. Inns ? : . .itch i,|.; Iran f III. at I T 60?'' III utln. I i III *? . ii t. . ii u ? ? | llriii ami the u>IViiiic?il Inun "f lioMnra cbaekod mlea. Sa* ii fttiinx were uol"t ami pricog Irregular. I'aotwinM. ? fork ? The market waa Hal and in ml? of ua inent tran?| ici I in mean k? at ah ml tt m |2*J .'i7, aud prime Jo., at |'JJ. Heel ?*l nu'hmgedL with ni"lef?le fale-, hi<>l h.inin were In ileinaiil aoa "?aire, nrnl held at 118 a lift 60; prime n..?> wa? at W a |JI Cut n tea U we i e m-atee ami nominal lard ?M In fair ih iiiai il, * Kb *?le ? i f I'm t.t.l ? ul 1 1 \r a II %r. ; anil nome lot' prime at l'Z>'. lint waa iiui' t, a Ith 1 gilt 4r?naa' UoM. fiCfUM ? Tli* market *>< unlet, and we only beard of nlHiut S60 hhil*. 4'ul*, in Jonbtt* I"fte, a' 7 i?e a 7H* 1 raleip were ?alimi( tor un nwrtlon aale of refill ?t 'he New Yoik Hii|ri<r Kellnl'nr ? ompany i. me '.(T on Tue 'ay, 'ha t#tl. tnat., iiiaii.ilarture'i by Sew Yoik Hnirnr Itetinl'iir ? ompany rm ke Ma lea ol 5 'a""' of notiiie^a Wi re ios le at p i. WiuKKKT. ? The aabu . mi<rare<t ah^ut 'JO1) I, Ida., In?la4, In^r Ohio, at 41 a l'J> , and I'ltaon at 43c with 108 hbda. ilru'l?e at 41e. Weekly Rrpnrl of IWht to tli* elty and ouaty o( Sour York from th* T'th day of Heptemhwt" the i.lh day ?>( 'letotiar 18o6. Mi a, 7? woman, 64, \> >?, 11 . ri.I , l:t"i? ' Total, 371 Ailult*, 1.0, chlWietl, ?.'?('I hiil*', ltW t (euiaioa, 1M; foloiad |>er ? n?, 10. liiee. . *r? A!' "Ii f"lu> 1 t-rrar, typhu ? ,, T Alhnininatla >.? Bright '? frarttiro of tha akw 0 ill*#* . * e i f kldii' ) " Apoplexy A Ihtfm. ... (InU rnftt).. .. Blwlir Kt< otn Inngit fiiim wf'inti . . . I '?,ir? jo. of. a a . Itiirrif I or . ( Vuaftjr, by full (?i ni'j, tnjuiy ( *? i\ t-piif . rrf?nt)lv run ? rr'r tliflsim iniant* ? i h? l' I ft IJM?I I" * < ? n <?f i ??!? ('? *4 *h? hii*? <>>n*utnpiirm I m V' l *'"??? M'Jli It ( ?*>??? uj< ?*, tnf n^U }>uir;|?i?ol I > ? tip ... iVMiiljr in'Miitll** liliiluin trfii??ti Hnuliffii '"?1-y in tts? !' fnijr In tJM b**rt. . , , 1 tw* v I %v#n"**nt ' ! * ) trfr r rr rig".' I>i?r IntrTfijiltrii* I ?rr#ft n* ?mi#, ..... I?i?m fuuiytn' t e\r rjti !M , FlffW, Ijph'i 1 lift ' . </f $ 4 p'iu(b IS 2 Iti'Vi.iuuAtl' n ?f iw9l? . 4 1 Iafl?niiiitt"uoflNivilakf fi InJurjr 1 1 I lift ? rn mu tl"ti niowH* by I */?? M f ;i !i.M?n?in.\U> n of tn Mill . H f InffMtumMil tn itf 1 1 llifnfriiia#i?'li of iufftf* . ? Jl)lliiiii'i>ii?n of itouiMli, S I folUtmitAtiofS uf I I Ji (?l fTtitisb. . . % I I I I. % \\f %" *4 i a ! iU I I Hi-nun ? In' ntjl* .,,.M I UurUUeiU"A ?'f fool kK?l I M - ll'lr.atl '.i "( urinary organ Old i"K" Pal?y ...... ... . I'a rlniitlon ftllbri i'le'.ri.y I'ramiliir* birth.. ttnpinra Knf,' ur? i.l .|ilmn H" ofula. . Hwall I I . I I-"* "llMllat "I 0'< ^ '.ina' b. 0 ? j. .I,'-. .t'< ?' mm >it .... 1 .(la*' -Ii * *-*?* o( (I'utt'a) I ?"?>! .rn ** -uluMe i > '.ang'f* S T. thir* ' .. .. ? Tumor Ml in?rr?iy) . t I . , m ?' i< w.l. 1 Total . W ami itrvr? ? innai Ji.liita, I ?' IV.t B" n um! noniH c?ir alive ? |- in Heart ltd blood < I or g , throat A. I .id aire. . . ..... 6 ' ?. ,n he , ami ? 'ip' 'tl t it 'riir. 10 ? Ijt *t'l'h la we. ? ( ' ? i ?|.-:?"l . .I'O >*?). airl p'ei/)%t?irw 4 Woroarh, M-w.l?aBil?MM * ' " t n? . US 't> ['i,c ? . n u1 g' '<? leewr. .... ?rjr < gan* t n4.r I ye?* I lo a ?? r U I" b year 6 HI re.' 10 t?- J '? rear litiiSljl r '.i> ? '<r?r i6 M M IT? rXl t?. 40 T.i' . i7 40 to V> re. i 41 66 1>( rso ya*r to fib V, 70 y*?> H 76 to t<i yaa' . 10 Mi )* ?' W I-. I <4y > I IvMUlfl JO ItaflmiS. I i ntl*t - In land ......... '??Jr. 1"U1. Aim* irk ? I !<? >Tne lloeyllal f lly II#.. pilar ... i i t..i iiii? It?: 1 1 nati ** A?'lm Bl'a fm'y || .pita) 01. 1 rr s . IT . It . 'At . !? .. 0 . . I . . * ..170 .. S .. 1 tfn 0 . 1 .370 imicn "?? j iiamkail' >r 14- ?" j-? I n.a I '*(b ? "ph A.yl t ,! . I.i Kmig t H"?p. II iktMr-J.' II' ? '"tawd. I T-'a' 6 tnr :?.''?( Vy It 0... 7 .... II 1 1 12 mi''. k W Tll? I'al II .. .IS II ....16 14 .. 12 ....? ?If M II H 14 1* ? . M I 11 r .* m ... m 1? m .-ie. It I 4 II ?|'l.M 30 M 21 'w 1 H'aJ *1 ii .. . ? T"*al HA* K IXMMItn, OHf l-?.p? l?r. Cl'y la CM ? 'KCu, Xm Twk, O t. 1*6'. uiYi.inw.nwi rkievku eyeit diy. ( Mrrimo, m. 12.000 Ur, ?*'<" I'M ew*lt Mt 'if ? II |J?irr m?ii tfii ir i < *?'*** -<b> rrn* i!U?nr? ?? liy 1 1 | "MO" I* - ' nTHrva ir - ?>r- m /AKr* v<n<n?Tfm Till . uli. n ? iurm? Ajtr % ?'/ ?# am iWm H"*tti', H ? .rrr.; *U! TO X tr#lW MM ?4 ?*% wp rw0? 4iw<m M' ?.i ? <tnrTHf?<> WlMll-r- U 4 111 or ' a . ?"**- ra^ plV'r^ by ^ t l i?m t%ii Mi * v?<*?4 "fcft*** ^ f ? ' ? ? i Hi t * mvixi CARD*' ix ariio him fir trrrmi i??m mrfi'?? ro? Jr o* ? ? ? vat"* m y ?? ?- ? ? 1 *oi n < war 0*?%4war bart'etmg wmtU ia?.W* k?a4. ar Mwew*? a*4 pteM ami ei >?4i A ???"*?? ?-w'a?fcear4a ?. Mi *>? 1 ??rt warrataM aa< * ?m7 ?irraMT l? !?! |

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