Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1855 Page 5
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?alee at irregular prices. Wool contiauee n-_ . ?h? 14.m Ibe. Printing Cloths? Market with J?i^ 'UM 31,660 pi coo*. '6ot oM"** ' Didi?uoB orTicw r cnmoNUB , sxkmo- ^ RCa The now Preeby teriaa church i rA Thirteenth itrMt, be t?MD 9txth and Seventh avonr ^ dedioated to Chris tian worahip jester, lay, w'^ appropriate ceremonies. Hua church is built upor, ^ dt? of tha old one belong lag to this congregating aaa which ?? burned down about a year ago. \t la a plain, simple atruoture, noth ing showj or glaring about It, evidently being built more for uae md service than for ornament. It la made of white 'marble, and tha fdcadr or front is the Atheneam roof, supported by al* immense Doric columns. Inside ther ? it nothing showy, the pews, pulpit and gas llghta being very plain, The organ is large and of a very f yod tone, which, being associated with a most exoellent 'choir of young ladiesand gentlemen, will make this church popular for its music aa well as its religion. The ceiling, which is slightly arched, is beautifully painted in fresco, in imitation of architectural ornaments. The services com menced yesterday morning at 10 % o'clock, and at this hour the church was crowded to its utmest capacity. There were probably not less than two thousand people present, a majority of whom were ladies. The pulpit was oocupled by the Rev. Samuel D. Burchard, D. D , the waator of this church; Rev. Mr. Eastman, Rev. Dr. Owen, *ev. Mr. Bidnell, Rev. Mr. Badger and other clergymen. The ceremonies were commenced by an introduction, after which an original hymn, compo*ed expressly for this occasion, was sung, we give the following vers* as ? specimen: Almighty God I oh deign to bless This altar, reared anew to Thee; Make this a temple ot Thy grace? A shrine whence sin and grief shall dee; Here let the sinner Itoel Thy love. Forsake his doubta, forget bis fears. And pour a gleam tram heaven above. Of bliss, to dry each mourner's tears. The reading of the Scriptures followed this, after which the dedication prayer waa offered up by Rev. Mr. Badger, following the prayer, the choir sang the following an them, composed for the occasion by C. A. Monger:? O, give thanks unto the Lord, for be is good, for his taerey endureth forever: O, give thanks unto tne Uod of gods, for his mercy endureth forever; O, give thanks unto Urn lord of lords, (or bis mercy endureth forever, These walla we to His honor raise, Long may they echo with Ills praise. And He descending till the place, With choicest tokens of His grace. Here let the great Redeemer reign, With all the graces of ills train. While power divine His word attends. To conquer foes and cheer Ms friends." O, give thanks unto the Lord, Ac. The pastor of the church, the Rev. Mr. Burchard, then ?ane into the pulpit and preached the following ser mon:? The Rev. gentleman commenced his discourse with a vefcrence to the growing greatness of this countiy, and the contrast It presented between Its present proud po aition and that of but a few years ago, when it was a dependent Power, with hardly such a church In the whole land as that In which they were assembled. My brethren, we have, as a congregation, passed through calamities. One year ago, our edifice, in which we had so long assembled to offer up our thanks to Uod, foil by Are, and all our goodly things were laid waste. When I was sailed from my bed by the fire bells on that memorable aight. and saw the calamity which waa falling upon us. any first words were " Oh t my dear people, what will they do." I knew their energies had been taxed to their wtmoBt. 1 knew they had borne much, and I was grieved for them to the depth of my heart. Notwithstanding. I hastened to the fire, and saw the edifice, the organ, the pulpit, the library ? that library which had cost me so anuch care and anxiety to collect ? were all wrapt in flames. And when I saw all this, I could not but feel that all thing* were against me. But when I saw that noble band of men, who then and thero organized upon the sidewalk, and heard them re eoive to bnud again. 1 resolved not to aespalr or relin quish hope; and, my brethren, while these men were re construeting this edifice, they told your pastor, whose health was on the decline, to go abroad, and to vour credit be it Mid. you did not send him abroad with an empty purre. And, my friends, while yonr pastor was revelling in the wonders of hUtory, and the art and the genius of other lands, you here wore going on with your work of building; and now we meet again to renew our . worahip to God. And now. how shall we dedicate this temple to the Divinity f We will do It with rejoicing hearts ? not by victims or libations? not by parade ana pomp ? but as a Christian temple, then, we dedicate this house to Uod? and so we dedicate all things In it. The organ is not to be used to gratify a worldly taste, but to liromote the service of Uod, and may this temple be ever hereafter filled with his spirit and his presence. Every eervice here should be full of meaning. l<et US shudder to perform here an unmeaning service, for His eyes are upon, and he will fudge us by our worth. The text of my sermon embraces the following words : ? ' ' The glory of thi s latter temple shall be greater than the former, saith the Lord of Hosts. " 1 hope that this text is true in our case, and that this latter temple will brlug a greater revenue to the living God. In this new structure all the desires oi the trustees have been gratified; they have had the benefit of experience to improve upon the former edifice, and for their work, the trustees may feel assured that they have the thanks of both pastor and people. The glory of the church consists first in the purity of It ? ministry. In our church we have a ministry heaven commissioned to illustrate, by their example and pietv, the doctrines which thev preach. If they tail to do this, their delinquencies fall like a blight upon the people. In every age the church has degenerated in proportion as the ministry has become corrupt. Like minister like people is an old maxim, and as true now a a it was years ago. The history of Scotland, the preacher argued, was an excellent instance of where religion had fallen through the corruption of the ministry. In the days of the Refor mation Scotland was the pillar and bulwark of the church; at length she became corrupt, and the pulpit at last associ ated with worldly interests. But at last iv band of ministers toot up who refu-ed this association, and who left the old established church, with all its benefits and gains, and resolved to throw themselves for support upon the mer cies of God and the chanties of the people: and when a little while ago, I stood upon the stoop of the church In Fdinburg, from which this b nd of ministers made their exit, and marched in solemn procession through the Streets, 1 felt that there was yet hoi?e tor Scotland, and that she would yet be worthy of the immortal Knox and the reformers of other ages. In duty and In truth let this temple exceed the former, and when these walls cease to echo to the teachings of truth, let them be rated to the ground. After the sermon an original hymn, composed by a lad y ot the congregation, was sung. From this hymn we quote the following portion:? Ch ! Spirit of the Living Ood. Come, make thl? bouse Thy blest abode; Here shed (he affluence of Tby love, And by Thy smile, our work appro /t. Here may each consecrated hour i the wonders of Thy p? Into each waiting spirit shine, And make it glow trtfh love divine. Tbe doxology was then sung, after which the benedic tion waa pronounced, and the audience dispersed. In the afternoon there was service in the church, and tbe Rev. A. D. Smith, D.D., delivered the sermon. In the evening also, there was divine service again, the ser mon being preached by Rev. Dr. liaavard, of the Baptist church. City Intelligence. Crk-kkt. ? A return match will be played to-day, b*. tween I'aterson and Harlem, on Sam Wrigh"s ground, ll?th street and First avenue, Harlem. It will tie re membered that in the previous match Harlem won by a few runs. It is expected that this match also will be very closely contested. Wickets pitched at 10 o'clock. Court Calendar? This Day. ??( rants Conn? Circuit.? No*. 104, lit, 1810 1218, 1219, 16S8, 35?, 358, 3S0, IOC?*, ,i6? to 303. ^tidi Cot ?r? Ppeclal Term ? So*. 9, 39, 84 to 122. St PMtioa Crwwr ? Hoe. 193, 2*29, 279, 296, 17, 298 to 311, 313 to 310, .'118, 320 to 326, 328, 329, 331 to 647, .49, .162. Com o* l*uu?~Part 1.? No*. 1073. 1089, 1145 to 1161, 1163 to 1154, 1168. I 'art 2.? Von. 161, 433. 1008, ,1133 to 1144. (Vein's Excelsior.? A Superb Novelty In Kifl . Vats.? At l<H?tbt after many experlmi o's, Ocnln ha* sue ceedv *d in obtaining a richer aod more becoming color for the (all at st winter sort hate, thau tus ever heretofore been pro duced eMher '.n Krance or America. He in'ties special attea Uon tot. KsoelOor? for by that term he ha* designated this osw style Is w.l fur Ute nrst time u> <1* 1 1. ? du.|? ?- -i 'tie |>r C1| Jar set ' ef (he. Drlm Impart an air ol elogani-e u> the Kicelaior which wc. alone render It pep' but the color? a rich (fsrk clare. .brown? Is Its special aurautlon. in bringing out thu chef d't **>vee, Uie model has teen so var.ed as to sul< per sens of all i *"r young men the low crown has been at opted, and the higher crown for gen lie me'] or tnaiurer years There can be *>ul doubt that the Kicelstor. when seen, will bs prorcuncen ' mast eiegant undrew hat as jrm Introduced m thi* country. For sale, wholesale awl te>aU. byt'KNIN, No. 214 Broadwi V. "ppoelte Ft. Paul's rbur? h. Albert H. **eol?y will hold bin reguUr seir.i weekly aoctl w sale of stock* and bon.l*, thi* day (Hoo day), at 11% o'clock, ?J the Merchants' KichanjC*. for further particular s see adve? Heement In another t-olnniD. ('atal<4gu<je may be obtained a' th 1 4 Hcoad eireet. Cantee. ?Daguei teetypts-Wllllaneoe'i, <49 Fulton street, Iirooklyn. ___________ rtin??iwre litis? Til i Cabinet mad Mlalstere Hres, to oil snd water coloi ?? Tbe Uiapratype Po rt**lte on Olaee sarpaae tl.e daguerreotype and all oth. * ?un pletures. for flae* durability, beamy, and eoonom T- "ec the s|ieeimens at the depot of art, M Broadway. ______ Knapp's Dagnrmetyi *? **?<? imbiolypss, old established gallery, removed e. ulr" <? *j~ tween Bronane and llrsnd stre.' ?, Wallsck's theatre. I-lkeneasea taken dally In every style ? * 'hear, also copied snd ? arr anted perfect and durtble. ' v Hnwe yon been to the Pal * ?' ?? Anee*l cm Institute T III* now st the Crystal I**?*; ' ? U.lbl ion ever made. Kvery visiter Is d? eghted. It in full of tilt lous novelties. Basin's perfumery n e "e?ant. Peter's new 'frlgerator attracts crowds; u.irii?y-? d ?f"?errcotyae* are ronoerful, the celebtated railway l? ttngi *ar. In faet, the t'rystal Palace never liefbre was so worth * " admiration, ^"?ke your family to -ee it. / F. I* Sogers 4k Co.'e Invitation ? Cltlsens and strangers are lamed to Inspect the extent suick of fashionable clothing at KUUKHH * CO H Maio <?"h ware bouse, corner ol Kultoo and Xassati streets. Kve. j tning sew In style and material, adapted In (he season wUI be Sum4 there. Tbe price list la the lours la the trade. But > we priee Is aaked or laken for any article. A Leven' CenvsreaUen. ? " Oa jrmm I eve "ae, denr Charles 7" 'Why do you ask me, sweet Clnraf Ton know I do. ' " Will yon prove ytiur love tor me T' " ? ?e make yowr wedding - alt." " Why, Clora, what aa Meal Why seek a request r* " Hera nee 1 wish you to look aothlns Im than yen are am our marriage day? a gentleman" " I sbiail eoaoaly with ymir destrs Clara, all Um more rmMlr, aa atMl Fo*oe street bat <m? price is s't'd, and so shateeieet . .. , i 9??llly In tadbut ftkbber OvwmMi MmIOY b n>m?ni *> slb< weigh coir a few ounoea. either ?Ms being worn out. OaileiMn will fad them unequalled br elsgaace and eeoaomy. LKaHT a CO., Astor House, Broadway. Boriytart Patent India Rubber Coat, capo*. leggings. overalls, Ac., both light and heavy; every de scription, suitable both for city and country trade. Very kannsoen and light cambric and alpacca coats, cape1* and tal mas. HKNRY DAVENPORT, 264 broad we v. Have yon been In Pull ? ? It no, you bawe doubtless seen the elegant shirt* made by the French cbcml ?lers. Without denying their merit, UBEFfN, No. 1 Astor llouae, solicits a comparison between the St, pattern, material and needlework of bin ahlrta and those made la the French capital. Let traveller! examine and judge. Carpeting*. ? Peterson df Humphrey, 37? dreedway, are telling off their entire stock of rich carpet* al the following price*: ? Velvet carpet*, lb. per yard: rich tepee try do., 8s.: rich Bruaaela do., 8a. Three-ply, Ingrain, oll Ikxh, and all other good* equally low. PKTKRHON A HUKFUBBT, 579 Broadway. 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This new and mrge hotel, newly furnished and In thorough order, with all fee convenience* of the highest priced hotel*, offer* to travel era and the pablk), Including families, unsurpassed aocotmno tattoos at lower rates than can he afforded by any other ting Jass hotel, BIUNKY KOPMAN. The most IsMseMfW Operation of late hag been the Introduction of the new pen and pencil case, (Lo wnd'a patent), made by WILMARTti, 44 Maiden lane. Simple, con venient and durable; it is faat superseding the uae ol other ?tyles, which may alio be found at the Hune i ' Teas? The Best Assortment off Fine Teas will be found at the Canton Tea Company'* newly erected and elegant stoie, lift Chatham atreet, between I'narl and Rooaevelt aireet*, the olden! tea establishment In the city. We assure our readers they can do better here than elsewhere, either at wholesale or retail. No branch stores. Wilson's Dandelion CoUtee ? A Truly Valua ble remedy In all cases of dy-pepiia. 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Call at 7A2 Broadway, and seethe proprietor, who has been gray and bald, with a good head of Whiskers or Mossstaehes Forced to Grow ? alz weeks, by my onguent, which will not stain or Injure the Ola. $1 a bottle; seat to any part of the country. R. O. ORA VAM, H6 Broadway; Zelber, 44 Bouth Third atreet, Philadel *fce Tbe Oreat Remedy ftar Plies Is Furnished by Dr. WHKKLEB, 48fl Broadway.? Having deviled much at tentlon to the causes and cure of this distressing complaint, I)r. W. guarantees to cure It wlthoutrlsk to 'he patient. < 'mm try patients, describing their case* by letter, suoccwifully treated. - Iilhe Bees In a el sister" The bedbugs will lodge. And all other attempt* ? But LYONS' they'll dodge. Of eonrne they will. Who ever heard of killing all kinds of Insect*, and rats and mice, nave by using Lyons' powerful pills and powder. Depots, 424 Broadway ana No. 0 South Kl;;hth street, Philadelphia. ? Night is when Nature rests." Rot bed hugs live In glory. And bUu with quite a text. To make the sheet look gory. They not only mark the sheet* but also the tie per, veni mously. Lyon's Magnetic Powder I* the only thing lo kill them and all other Insects. Depot 424 Broadway. I>x>k on the label for K. LYON. HoUoway'a Pills are an Excellent Family medicine, and are recommended to all suirercrs from diseases of the liver and stomach. It Is Indisp utably admitted that they have never tailed lo cure these disorders. Sold at the manufactories, NO Maideu lane, New York, and .14 Strand, London, and by all druggist*, at 23 cents, tUV, cent', ami $1 per box. Married. On f-'um'ay , May 0, 18.06, tor the Kev. J. P. I Jibagli , Tn?> Dona W. Mii.i.aki>, to Mahv C. Tjoht, all of Brooklyn. Died. (>n Saturday morning, Oct. 8, Doctor FaTCTK Coopkm. of this city, in the 74tli year of UU age. Hie funeral will take place this afternoon, at half part thiee o'clock, from Triulty Church, The relation! and friends of the family are respeclful'y invito.1 to attend. Without further notice. On the 1st July, at CaOao, Peru, S. A., William Wbt Mot k, age.l 32 years, son of the late commander Win. C. Wet mote, U. f. K., tjf tliis city. <m Saturday, Oct. r, at his residence, in ihe 28th year of his efe, Ktg.'ssS. Hortviji, eldent son of the late Na tbaniel and Adah Hor'.on. ills remains will be taken to the family vault at Fish UU. lishklll papers please copy. On Friday, Oct. 5 IlinwrHO.*, infant son of Thomas and Emma Barton, sge.t * month*. lll< remsins were interre<l In Cypress HIM t>metery, 1 JverjKKjl (Kng ) papers plea?- copy. On Sunday morning. Oct. 7, at one o'clock, of en largeinent of tbe heart, Pli.tiUiS (!., '^nly ?on of Km. H and Agnes liaydock, a^ed 0 y* rt, b months, and 1U days. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral front Ills late residence 180 West Fifteenth street, this (Monday) morning, at ten o'clock, without further notice, nls remains will be taken to (ireenwood for interment. On Saturday evening, Oct. 0, in this city, II'>fuKT, son of Robert and Mary i.. Squire." , agtyl 7 inontlu and 14 days. The frU-nds of the family are reapeett'illy mvite.1 to at tend his fuaeml on Tuesday, 0 t. 9 at one o'clock P. M , from 1M Wert Thirtieth street, without further Invi tation. I'ttSu- day morning Oct. 7. at FXitbnsh. Kvxitv* 'Jiut Anr Pith, datigh't r of William A. and Cornelia li. Wheeler, sg?d one year. The friend* of the family are respectfully lnvltad to at tend the ftiLeral at the house of her fath-r, in Matbush. this afternoon at o'clock. Carriages will tie in wait ing at 1 ulton ferry, Brooklyn, at quarter before three o'clock. On Sunday, Oct. 7, Ku/juimt youngest daughter of Ocrge and Mary Ann Veritian. age-1 yea**. The trirnds nf the lan ily are invited t<i nttend her fu neral thl* (Monday) afternoon. atS P. M-, from 280 South Sixth street Williamsburg. On Satuniav, Oct. 1, r*kl?Ki?ini a native of Ki*enl>erg <ierm.-.ny, in the&'id year of hi' are. In New Haven, Com., Sept. 33. Mr*. Stua* ("aAtsv. widow of the Iste John f'raney, of this city, in the (loth year of her age. < incinrati (Ohio) papers pieaw copy. tin Satnrdsy. Oct. 0, Mre. Jajivn Anas ?(T<i M vaars. Ilerfuneial will take pla<-e thl.i a"> msin. at 2 o'closk from the residence of her mother Mrs. Sutheriaitd, 70 Varket street. Her fiiend* ami the friends of the family are >??per1fnlly Invited to attenfl. Her retualn* will b? taken to (ireenwood for interment hlehtiiiml (Vs.) paper* please tK'Py On Sunday, Oct. 7, Miss Kurusrni >Jt<iiitTii** s(f*>-l 40 year*. iter frleuds and aeqtialntances ate respectfully Invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, eoraer of Secoa 1 avenue and f ?en'y first street. On Sunday <>?t. 7,aftsr a short illne*?. Mrs M.?*T Aw Btct v nged 32 rear-. Her fnteral will take pl*ee t hi - sftern'x n at three o'clock, from the residence of her brother, f.won streeot. HlUiani'bnrg. I? I. mERTUElENTS RKJIKWED EHRY DAI PKKMOVAIm AMTTUC aiBU 1H TBA?8 out. UikT ON M ATI'S day owning.? Had on when lo-t. re.| plaid .lre??, naa km una, pssent leather fa?ter?. mtinn seefc., blaet rbbee round her aerk, and ioeket; dark I. row* ha r. >iark 'ye? Any mforjaaiion will he thank tag# received by her listri isnoj p? rent*, at .MO Boerery . or M Orm' Irme. st THE BAIL ICAMM, ?^jrirAKK j?AT l)KOVg-A IIBANP BALL IK . ** ? <ae SA ike Parlboa. eo TuesUav aflrnuin and SV^MfWH. Atetttas cefree 1 CArr p a KB r 4, m>pntbr s ravu AMD AGUK. 1?1T 1RIUMPHH AND UNPARALLELED HU0C1M or ODES' PEVER AND AO UK CURB; OR ANTIDOTK TO MALARIA. Equally eertnln a* a preventive or cure. Only remedy free from polaououa drugs. noon. Nrw York, Mon.lay, June U, 18U. I have made a chemical examination of "Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure, or Antidote to Malaria ." and hare teeted It for ar senic, mercury, quinine, and strychnine. but bare not tound * particle of either In it: nur have 1 found any substance In Its eompueltlon that would prove Injurious o the constitution. J AM KM K. CHILTON, M. D. Chemist. urtkk raon i rwrmnu. Maxwell, Delaware county. Ohio, Aug. It, 1886. Mr. J. A. Rhodes? Dear sir? Yuur medicine hat met with . the moat favorable success In this neighborhood. 1 have about I Ave bottle* lett. I gave It to them at first, "If no ctir? no pay,'*]! although I was not authorized by you to do so, but I took the | responsibility on myself. l)u> not a bottle has couio back, and aa I am almost out of the article, 1 wl*h you would forward me one groea of the bottle*, if you proper to do so, and I will be punctual In payment. I enclose fifteen dollars on the me dicine lhave received, for which please send tne a reoelpt Ship the cure to me a? noon aa vou can? there never baa been aa much chilli and fever since I lived lu the State an at pre sent. Yours, Ac. KI HARD MARTIN. P. M. Coi?*Ta!?Tl?a, Mich.. Sept. 24, IBM. Jambs A. Rhodes. P*q.:? Dear Mir ? I have just sent aa or der to Ames A llalllday for anfltlier half gross of your fever and ague cure. It baa sold llfce hot vakc? and I have only two bottle* on hand. One reason it ho* Mild Is because when I have beard of a rase of ague or chill fever, T have sent a boUle nu* told them to try It, and If ll did not help Lbcm tliey were not obliged to ray for It, and they were all satwtlcd. I had oue case of chill lever where It run four days, hut the luao came t > see me on the flub day well satisfied. Truly yours. JOHN P. (1LADDINO. Mouse, 111., Sept. 24, 1HM. Mr. James A. Rhode*:? Dear Sir? The i>oi of ague cure you sent us baa all been Mild and created a large demand for more; to meet which we have ordeted from tour general ngeut at Chicago, J. D. Ysrringion. Its sale will only oe equalled by the number of lever and ague iuww. Hoping these oases may be few, yet have a bottle or the cure for every ease, ive remain, respectfully yours, Ac.. RH'IIARI).-' A ALLE.V. I. O. O. r\? In another column of today's paper will be found an advertisement for ' Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure." We are not In the habll of pulling medicines, but desire to say, for the benefit of the afflicted, 'Lit IV tn. N. Rowe, merchant, Sharpsburg, who has it for sale, Informs in that he has sold se veral dozen bottles, and In every case It has nflfccled a cure. This proves the medicine 'o be gi-od, and we take pleasure In bringing it before the notice of the public.? Odd Fellow, Boon* boro.' Ma.. Sept. 4. CACTIOS. Since the announcement of 'he new principle to which the composition and singular success of my "AnUdote to Malaria" Is owing, several active and unprincipled quack* have forth with made the some claims In raver of their poisonous nos trums that were before destitute of any hut the usual whole sale laudation that accompanies disgusting quackery. I notice one Arm. who manufacture a pill, have taken one of my general circulars, pre Ucca it with the cry of "an Antidote to Malaria found at law," substituted the name of tbelr nostrum for mv medicine, and then, with brazen impudence, end their pamphlet with the exclamation, "Let the proprietor of any other medicine suv as much. If he 'lares!" Against such swindler* It la Impossible to do morn than warn the public In general terms; any more definite notice would only bring them into the notoriety they aspire to. There la this consolation. however, thai they can deceive fejr but the most Ignorant? their only chance for success being to steal the lan guage and belongings of respectability, which, like tie lion's skin, always provet to be merely a temporary dlsgulte. Beyond the following statement*, therefore, the public must protect Itself:? Premising that I make no claim which I support hv my own nssertiou alone. I am constantly publishing proofs from well known and dis'nicrer led nnrtles In every part of the linlon. First? I claim to oiler to the publln a harmless medicine, and Its innocence I estal llsb beyond question by the certlllcate of chemical analysis given by the eminent chemist Dr. James K. I'bllinD, of Mew York, a copy ur which I attach to every bolt le ol lbe " cure;" and how great a ble-slng to the world such a remedy must be, all the victims to fever and ague mi dlclnes that are yet alive cau appreciate better than words can express. Si coud? I claim that, as an " Antidote to Malaria," It Is not only an absolute preventive of all diseases caused by a pots.iii ous and foul atmosphere, such as fever and ague, or chill fe very dumb ague, and other Intermittent and remittent f? vers: bilious fevers, accompanied by typhoid symptoms; typhoid fever; yellow fever, ship and jail fever, genera, debility, night sweat*, and Uke forms of disease; but that It Is tlm natural, un erring and unfailing cure lOr them. This I establish by tbe unsolicited and voluntary testimony, which I frequently pub lish, both of individuals who have used It. and particularly that of respectable dealers who have sold II. The letters that f daily receive and constantly publish from druggist* and merchant* In every part oi'tlie Unlied State*. ?titt:iu< tlm they have sold from two dozen to one or more gross, and that " every bottle lias effected a i ure," thereby creating a demand for more, constitute evidence that cannot honestly be disputed or denied. I neither have or show any hostility to other ague medicines, or their proprietors, believing that ever* medicine should stsnd on Its own merit. All that I protest agstnst la, that un principled knaves should make u?t) of my language, and as aume the principle* I maintain, In order to Impose iholr secret nostrums upon tho sick and dying, for the sake of a faw piece* of silver. And, as an evidence of the genuine efflt-acy of Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure, I make this offer To ALL MUHtlNB DEALERS IS THE CStrtl) ST4TE*. I will send a trial consignment of two dozen of tho cure to <*vt rv medicine <lea!er In the l ulled Stile* and Cariadas upon application, accompanied by sailsfholory reference*, and au tliorlre said dealer to guarantee tne efflency of every bottle. My obiect being lo convince the trade and Uie puhlla that this remedy has ail the intrinsic merit* which are claimed for It. LADY AGENTS. Any capable lady, de- li on* of a profitable agency, will be supplied upon the same terms as above, and allowed tbe usual llbaial trade commission. Ail applications from ladles mu?t he accompanied by a certlflca ? of character from a clergyman. The freight will be at my expense, and pre paid whenever ll 1* possible. There Is probably not a district or a town where malarious diseases prevail, hut w list ihere Is oue or more ill telllgent women who would be glad to thus undertake a busl nes* that would benefit her ue'gbbofs, and thai could he ei tended, by a llt'le travelling, just In proportion to her own business Industry and attention. For sale lu New York by Oeorge II. Hires, ('. If., Karnes A Psrk, W. H. Dunham, !? . C. Well* A Co., C. V Cllekener A Co., I). A Pahnsiock, Hull k Co.. and au drug gists; Philadelphia,!. It. I'aiendir, HS Sou'h Third street; De troll, lllehy A Dickinson; Chicago. J. D. Yerrlujton, fit flark street; Mtlwaukle, Often A llutton. St. Units. Ed S. Wbea ten. Indianapolis, Robert Krownlng; ' Inclniia'l. John I). Psrk; Baltimore, E. II. Stabler A Co.: Augu?ia, Ue.. Havl Isnil, Rlsley A t'o ; New Oi leans, J. Wright A Co , 13 Cliartres street; and by wholoale and re' all druggist* generally throughout 'be L ulled Slates and Canada*. JAMKS A. RHODES, Proprietor, Providence, R. f. THE TRADKH. /IAS FITTERS.- 1 WILL PAV'?2 A DAY TO THRH I J or four go?sl go* fitters. Railroad fs re to this place will be allowed at the end of three months. None hilt gtssl workmen need anply to W. M. TOMPKINS, gas fli er aud plumber, U slid '2T> Front rtreet, Rochester, ,N. Y. IX 8KOAR VAKKRn WANTED.? APPLY AT M HAR clay at. A I l,OR> WASTED? TO MARK Bl SI NK*S AND OVBRJ s rj^Al TO l'AINIKRS A Nil SKIN WRTTKRS? WAHTKD, A young uisn v. Ik) ha* been a sb< r' time a> the bouse paint ing, and also q t'oy or young man who umlerstand* sign irrl ting. Apj ly to FRAHKR A SON, Sd i Broadway, room No. 2, up stairs. TO PRINTERS.? WANTED. AT Till" ISKOOK I.YN ST A R "Aire, a job setter, who tindenUUiu* hand j>re;*work and the use of the Oordcn pre* . WANTED? A MACHINIST USED TO WORK ISO ON vf dies and ounrbe*; also, a wiskI wjrkman u*e,l 'o fa '.wv work, to (o In lbe..couctry. Apply to Rearm Dam Oo., 30 Mai "VV' A NTKD? P1X OOOD SCALE MAKERS? MEN THAT TT |,i rfeHly nrulerstsnd the business to whom go<?l w,is-. * will be paid. Apply to Durkce. llough A Co., No. 1 S<ooe sireet. Tl' ANTED? A CUSTOM PANTALOON CCTTKH, IN A fl tlrst cl??s ? lotiiiug e?tab;iahmenl, in Broadway. A ll berai salary Will he paid la noe who perfect I) anderstaod htt budncss, and <an give the best of reference. Addrev, W., Il> raid oHice. RANTED? A PEW (JOOD UPHOMTRPSSES. NONE Dee<l apply unless acenrtomed Ui ?ew on "lr ai..* SOLOMON A HART, J4.1 Br. ?dway. w "II r A NT EI>? 'I WO TIN PLATE AND JHKBT lR'?f? 11 sorkeis; th' ?e who have been aecus'omed to s ove ' t Hire- can And steady ?mpl lyn.ent and good watfes A I one man to bla> k und repair s'oves Call vt IS". K:ghili qvenu-. Tl/IIRF.LWRIiillTS WANTED - PIVE OR KIT MCN ?? who are tho roughly acqimiu'.ed wl'h making light wheels ars wan ed, by ?/ Adams A Sons, Ainh?rsi, Mass. Please send relerenee and price. liKNTAt H TM. f,'n /W|n,'?A''?-ENfIK.-THK. HEN A NTuHI'KF.VS corner of ilroedway and fata atree , have imported a large Sebastopol green turtle; welgbi l*i,i?0 1 ' -s. 3 in be served up In soup aud so sks on Mon'lay, October ti, aud during the week. TQI JOURS I'ltKT IMJNaDI. SPECIAL NOTICE. ? GENTLEMEN DINIMi DOWN O town and wishing a quiet comfortable dinivr. will d t well to abend the table d'hote at d.e Rainbow Hotel, :tl and Vl Iteekiosr, street, at 2 o'clock, bill of (are 'his lay, ox tail scup. /tints, poultry, dessert, Ac , Ac. FTR.MTl'RE. ilOTTApE AWtt PANCT n'RNITUKM WaRP.RO<?MR ' ?' "14 Urna^wav, op^oelte the Hi. Mchola* llotej. A nntWi k STAt KY offer r,r sale the most extensive a* *nr'?*nt ef fancy, cottage, emamslled|and French fhrnH'irs la tlie United S'otos, at reduced prices. Krery variety at msl -resees, pelMssin, pUlewa, boisiers, Ac., at monafaott). an I^URNITURE-PAUTIK-' HaTINO all OR part op their household furniture, B.e.tlum grade 'Srpe'*, mir rws, bedding. Ac . lo digp /se o', ?ul heir c f a cash fi corner,

at a fslr price, bv a>ldress.Ug A A. C . Ill Ful on stre<ti, Orret Republic dining saloon. KPOHTHO, Aid. TIIK CHOICE RRKKDHOP IKKJS FOR HALE AND ,'or sVick. Mange Unlment and Ilea ei'erm.nxi or. tnfsui blj ? nrlug all sort* and dkeat-e of tbe skin, dealing ? i Hen I destruction lo Kees, ,*e , on ilogg, p rirm sw cento. vfater street, corner of rmilae street, RTTkETS? A MATCH POR tl Iff! Wll,~ ft K PlT V Y> D at 'he >'? w Yrirk It..' ? ^t t'.tiift, kept b> Mr lUr.nsn euilt, 2SS IV,wery. Ih" p:a)lng to nti:ir.riif?*i X -relay, lie , tolier J, at two o'clock P.M. I be p is r era ar* -onvide r?*j the I rno ' scieri'. de and compel' nt Iri tfie Onlfc- 1 Mta?e* Tl-C, srho are pleased with manly and bealflifai ticrcrsea will witae** an Inters s ing metch. I THE MILrr ARt . Yrri.NTi.iN, ? OMPANY-HFAlHlCARTEK" I OR TAR gets, guide bags, Ac -tv BSMMees are ?, ..eel leeail and n?tslt" fur r,?w s'iiet before orle ring elsewbe-e Po..-icaJ barr>*rs lettered a.' shorl notice. ' arved 'sgles and every va net) af target* no hand and f'.ml. hed m o. der BOJP.R k GRAHAM Maud T. Duane Mrwet. DAWROrr LI'.HT OTARD? THB~MEMBRRl OP TIIE DhomMi iJght Ouard are ke.-" If tot. red to mMf u,u fMoialsj i rienloi.* a: in'.-, ek. at 'be Mi.^ar; Hall lu wmrf, Au e eflrna lor T* ai.'u?'--r?, an 1 i^k-r thrrln ? will be ar r*?ACd JOHN UaY. Captain. Te?iii?' Whiiet Orderly. VIEW ARB BAT O ROVE? A SPLENDID <i RoFnT)" P<M? 1^1 >s |.riw-e. ? <hi ,db -se, leave the le-?, ' 't Vrti every how lor 'hi* ?j?tid.4 gre: e. r arc, Ui, r?uu < API. II A R It I -, Propf-tor. Uw %MD FOt'YD. " L?l"^ ""*?*** *TU run* ? ' <l?en 'o any *?# returning ije A rm* ac| w^| T okt-o* the <rir '.?fnitrmTZS n > Af A -rnmtl il *Tkr.K T "*f "wwrm in o imw <!??? ft r rpm?ri 1 . ? ? Z7,, ? *4 WauTrT,,' *M ^" ? ?, i FILfcJSffJlT T CT? YP*TFRr?A V MOP *1*1 OCT. * PWQ S If *>,*>, I J b^Kk atd laa turners, breed iHttwa** Ring Wmm a*4 eer Whie-vef will re*' in the Hn * Tor.-!e?A-? r r?e' IK lu 14 ? Ut he he?4*en?ty iss te-ed SITUATIONS WANTED. A ?? MIDDLE AOK1) WIDOW LADY IS DESIROUS OF obtaining a auuaiMm ae governeee aad houaakeepar la a ItBlljf where ahe oould devote her time to JM education 1*4 comfort of a mothcrleae fuolly , aba leachee the Engllah, rreooh and Italian languagee and rartoua kindeof needlework. Maa no objection to go riouth. North or Wart. The beat of Mthao nlala given and required. Addreaa K. box 2,111 Poat nOoe. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlon 111 a private family . in a good plain souk, and would aaaiat In (be waahlng and ironing; la a (nod baker and under a audn hrr hualneaa; would have an objection* o chamherwork ard waiting, or plain sewing. Can ge' good nty reference* from ber two laat placea. I'leaae call at 22ti 2&lh at., between Mh and 9th avenue*, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, to cook, waab and Iron; alan, a young girl, alxteen yeara of age. to do light work or mind children. City refer ence can ha given. Call at Atf Henry at., ilrnoklyn. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATION-AS CHILD'S nur?e, or a* chambermaid, or ueala! 111 washing an l Iron lug; la willing to make, huiaelt general!) ttaefitl. The heat of cliy reference given. Apply at 608 llouaton at., between Broad way and the Bowery, In the alord. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS lauinlreaa; ?he haa ihree yeara experience, and good refer ence from her laat place. Can he acen for two daya at UO Weat 17 th at., front baaement ALAIlY OF RKDUCED CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD like to engage ai housekeeper In a gemleman'a family, or a pany of gentlemen. Ia fully competent to take Ibe entire I linr/v III RU elegant ri aidence, having been accualomnd to one of her own. Addreaa wHb real name and realdonco, aa none oilier* will be noticed, M. Y. Z., Herald office. AM RFSPECTABLE UIRL WANTS A SITU ATION-AS competent cook, waaher and Ironer. In private lamlly. Well recommended from her laat place. Can b? a?en lor two da>i at No. I, corter Plymouth, lu l'earl at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A PROTEST ANT, WISHES a situation In a aroall family; la a good nook, waaher and [ironer, anrl will make haraelf generally uacful. Wage* mo derate, t an be aeen for I wo ilaya at '?ti Eaat 23d it., between lat and 2da\euuea, lat Hour. AKKSPKCTABLK AND EFFICIENT FROCEHTaNT ? voung * tmiaiidee Ire* airttiuuton aa general houae aervaot; can do good cooking, la an excellent waaher and lrooar, make* good bread, plea, Ac. Any lady requiring auch help will Aral In her a good and faithful aervant. Pleaae apply at 271 Bow cry, Ibla day or to morrow. A YOUNO LADY WISIIKS TO ENGAGE WITH A KA mlly going to California, either aa governeaa or to teud atore, write ami keep hooka, or both, having Ailed both altua tlona the laid two yeara In ibla city In a large eatahllahment. Lam teach intialo, French, Engllah, Italian and drawing. Ap to Mr* llavls, 177 laiurena atreet, between. Bleeoker ami Illusion A SITUATION WA NTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, aa cook In a private family; no objection to aaaiat In washing; liaaiived for three yeara In her laat place, and haa ibe heat oi city reference. Cau l>e aeen for two day* at 7d Weal 24tb at , llrat llnor, I runt room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES TO OO out by (be day. wee'( or month, a> aeainatreaa; ahecuta and Ilia cblldren'a dreaaea nicely, and unileratanda all klnda of family sewing; lu?a good reference. Addreaa for Ihree daya, 2&U Uth at., between avenue* A and B, third Uoor, back room. Any family requiring the services ok a dally dreamiaker can hear of a good one by applying or addre>?lug a note to I)rctH maker, Mo. S Chrlatopber, n? ur Hixth avenue She unileratanda eimlng and lilting ladles' and children's dreaaea and bamiuea In the moa'. faablonahle aiyle i. City reference given aa to capability. AN ENULI8H LADY SPEAKINO FRENCH, WISHES A altumlun aa hooaekeeper, or to travel with or wait on a lady; would take care ot children; would not object to go In the country or any bealtby part of the Union Can he aeen for lour da>a at M>? Carmine at., near Bleecker. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PROTESTANT OIRI. wlahea a alluatlon aa plain cook, or to dn general houae work; La a drat rate wo- ber and Ironer; no objection to go a short dlatance In ibe country. Good city reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 308 Mott at. AK NURSE-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE PROTKHT ant young woman, la capahla of taking charge of an In lit in or glowing children, or would go aa chambermaid and seam sire -a III a private family. Good city reference. Cau be seen for iwo daya at 170 Eighth avenue, In tbe atore. A SITUATION WANTKD-AS CHAMBERMAID ANI) line waaher, or aa laundreaa alone, by an experienced peraon. Be?t of city or country reference given. i.Wli at 2M Molt at., between Prime and Houston ate. A YOUNO MAN. WHOSE CHARACTER CAN BEAR the airleteat Investigation, wlabea for employment either aa draughtsman or copying clerk, having some experience to both or would have uo objection to a alluatlon aa light porter, or olherwlae make hlmaelr generally uaeful. Can ho beard ol fur one week. Plena* addrea* J. Herald office. An experienced inh respectable young man, a Protealeut, without Incumbrance desires a aliua lion aa coachnutn and groniu, in a private family, he perfectly underataiida hla bu-Uieaa In all Ita deparlmenta, la well a" i|ualnted with the cliy, and haa the heat of reference* aa to character and competency, Pleaae call oo, or addreaa T. M. II., 7ie Broadway, Mr. Waker'i aaddlery, or "HI Bowery. \ AH WAITER-WANTED, a SITUATION AS WAITER, hy an expert' need alngle young mau, who undentamla bis huclneva per'ectly well, and u aober, civil ami obliging. Il.ia the he t of city refeiencea aa to honeaty and qapalilllty I Icaae aildreaa a note to V. F., 7fa> Bioadway, corner of Htb ?I., or to his reaklenee, No 7 6th at., aecond Hoor, front room. A YOUNO MAN, WHO CAN BRINO THE BEST OF city referaneea, i? antloua for a alniallon aa aa<t?tiuii bookkeeper or entry clerk, aa which he la at prenent engaged, iatlafaetnry reawina given lur > han/lng; la willing lo mmke hlui ?elf generally tweful. No ohjectlotia to go South. A line ail dreaded 1A, box ISO, Herald office, will receive. Immediate at tenuon . AN EXPERIENCED GERMAN COACHMAN, WITH THE bent of city reference, wlahea lo obtain a filiation tn tbe c|iy or country; tuideratanda 'he care of borne* thoroughly; la a careful driver , apeaka Engllah Huetitly, end M well a.'i(i?int < d In the city. Pleaae call at No. 1 Klvlngton at. , In the office, for two daya. A PROTECTANT YOUNO MAN IS DESIROUS OF OB t, lining a a.tuatlon aa t oarhman and groom utvleratauda the care of lior-ea In ail Ita branch* *, anil la wlJMng t n make lilniai II generally u?' lul Good city reference. ' aiibe aewn for two ilaya ai 21 WaablDgton at. / <OOK.? A YOUNO WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION AS \J l! rat rate cook, al.e under*!' nda paatry ; la aiao a goxl lia ki rol brea<1. Mie would he willing to naailai with die a aahb ? at d Ironing In a reaper-table family. Tbe beat of dty referen e klvt-ti. Pieaae tail at 210 3Wh at* corner l-t avenue. / <OOK? A NEAT TRCHT WORTHY AND < OMI'Kl F.v f \ / ?? man i|e?lie? a alluatlon aamea< and paa rv eoijk; under atntida mek ?( all klnda of aoupa. preaei vea anil, and can ault tbe la?ie of ilw mo i faaiidkuia. In tre KngUah French and American alyle ofmokleg. Pi? a-e apply at 271 ltowery < an be highly recommenced for charae'er and -ompetency. flOACHMAN -WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE apectable yonac man, who horo ighly uu>ler> Mula bta bualaeaa , can give The I dltv and viler reference, aa rigard* hraieaty, aobrlety and capaMXIyi can reier to where be haa been living for the Uat aeven yeara Can be aeen *t 11M Eldrldge at., for two daya / lOACHMAN ? A YOUNO MAN, A PROTESTANT, WHO *.J a thorough knoa tatga of hla boalneaa, wlahiw Oi obteln a af'uatlon aa groom and cov I. man Ilea good - lly reference Apply or addreaa to ilecrge Murray's livery aalile, M Eas' 1.1'h at., or Henry Wrftera, 2.2 Mcri-er at. DAII.Y OOVKRVF.SS.-A YOUNG LADY. OOMPHTETI M tearb Rngtlab, m tftc. Iitin and draw ug, la daelroaa of ofi'alnlnr a ajtuatlon a' dally gnvern?aa. Addreaa Miaa I, T. , Union a'piare poet office, iscmxii * oti the concert ln.i and painting on ulk. ('OVF.RNFKS.-A LADY EXPERIKXCRO IN TEACH X Ing tuurfe. French, (ahlcb aba ppeaka OiienUy.) Laun, Italiatj and Ibe 1 <?! ? r Er.gil<h brancbea. and at present In a family lo Ibla cltv, dealrca 'o form a re engagement aa reaMent fovernea*. Illu'eat reference* given arc! re'i'llrrd. Addi eaa Teai Ler ',?? Eaat Sixteen'b atreet. HOUCEKKEPKR-A MIDDLE AOKD WIDOW LADY, an Atner.caji m the hlgheat n ?, eetahllliv and lnte.ll ger ce, la deeloua 'o obtain a alttia'loa iu a wWowcr'a f.imliy a here ?he could devfAe her time to the mBflM and liapi new of a reoiherle-a tan iljr I'nercepttonable reference* will be liven Pleaae call lor oM week at ad *tb avenue CtTUATION WANTED? BY ?A WELL RECOMMENDED. ij Uily Frotaatant k tr I -o do general hou*ewor? . la ?*.-?! plain cook, baker, and i rat rate washer aiel Ironer Ilea' d'y i ' h rence I ail ror two daya at 112 '.i< ing'on ?U 11 < n wasted? by a very rkmpectable 'W^^vocsan . aa norae in a private fami v , la a Frateoant; la tupai e iA uklog the entire charge o! a bah)- frorii ? Infanc) Heat city r' ' I ?;| lor two daya at II I We*tl7tbaf.. rirar 7th av< nue. QITUATICN WANTED A RESPE* TAB1.E ORRMAN O ? on. an taingle > tlirotwh ab kte-aa ,'<*t all ner prwperly, eouid like u get emploj ruent ri utt ne ioapect?hic :?mnv in ibe ci'j or vlelnltr. ahe 'and/iall *iwla o: aewtng, konung. *e and haa no objc t.on lo do ??ali<ng atel Irueltg l'.'?ae larjulre at 211 ll'b at., corner of avenue II, In the d<e mr'a office. ITU ATION WANTETi-BY A REHPE< TABLE |I RO tesiant woman, aa cook, or aa waaher and Ir >o?r, ahe - ? Drat ra'e faker, arc! haa no i^jecti/io t ,, do eftemi-era'.rk Ur* axeepuonable reference aa be given. Apply for .wo lay a at til Butler at., ^ouib Una klyo, In tbe revr situation wanted? by a meat toi no woman aa cook and laundreaa. all - indera'aula hn< flu Ing. good cliy r< 'eience. Can be aeen for IW'. lata at AW West Jiiii ? ; he*Wi-en Hh and Mil eienl*-. No fe e. Ml aaatat In waab l?>r and Ironing. Cart be aeen for w idaya. " anv ation wanted? hy a rkkfrctaiilk yocng i woiitfn, aaae*matir?* or la ake ' are of children, or to aa alal >|lt chaial ereork . can do a. I kind* '.f family aewlng B< -t cliy refeien- e, t . . at 1/7 ITh ?' lor two daya. SITUATION WANTED? BY a RE?FE'TVI!I." oirl. ij a* cook tn a Iirlvav ,'am'ly. ba? no ob^-i r in the w eating ard lron.r.g I ao pr oduce i.e u- . r '?r r>ee Irofn her Uat place. Can be n for two da /a a* IWKaai Jb'h at, near 3d avenue. rro EDITORS AND PI NLDHIKRA OF INrtJNTRY N^Wd 1 pape a ? A ) O'lng men, U yera ef aga u deeiro sa of eb 'ainlnf a fermariei,t a a Id a country aewapeper '<flVe He Irn, ?C ed lo tl^ eeperiiv '/ aaaWaat ~la?r foreman Ac , ia a ii.i ml ei of the a 'ireh, of aober aad ind mrVnie h?'d1a Wagea (.ot to n.uch of aa ot^ee' a- Uw of a j.e< uaaoent at'aex. len Eafei -I.tea gtveo. A e*a lu.m d*a>*;v , peat peld. f>. okpr adtnr, l*ox 1711 f liboAe Its" ne. ll'ANTED-A mt ATION IN A PRIV ATE FAMILY. ?? fc*apr? (ea?et ?, nil) under-read* ber ickum Rot of city rtlerejie. Iaa he area lor two daya ai Weel l>h at , heiweea Mb a?, ' ?k avanitee. w ANTKD-A NEAT. TIDV GIRi., for general l< iae aork tn a mali Itm: y n, .i be a (?'el weaker ~ ' " " Wagee per mawitb tfwie naa?] app y un.esa U.c j rtmm wo r-eoo T^wt d frnan ta?l/ piara. l ? * ? ' ? Ap(/!/ at No t Fo|,iar M Brw4lye lle.gbe \l'A*T?D-A - IT! IT ION HY A NTKADY RI KPIiI VV at e ta rial I mm i?m la a reapa^uMe family a< 'beronghl* tindamlaada her r, ,?meea a a. ita bea?c|MW Ilea <ke traaWcMy refrrenc- Addreaa J K M Real I'M at nt H Waal i*k k* between Vb and ?b avn'?e? A NTKD- A NITUATIOM. BY A RB-PW-TABL* yeaag w eaa t. ta a aaaell prlvaMi family . to *? geaarat k nnaewrwt -aa give tbe beet ofetly rafrreaee fr?aa ber laat ZZl -bare abated ov-r 7 year.' Appiy at IU lafctt ta. w ?tl*A?TkI>-A MTC ATION by a NEAT YW.Q OIR " ' 0 ?dy Ka?..^, aa 'bamr>?ra?a A a??i waiver <* aurw a/e-l aw. i . eaaaaapea* ta >)t>M ai tbe ae*d> trUI araeb ml i m a baby, aad ate 'are if gr,wtr./ rb,..:r*? Haw- ? ' C J f a*trigm. Wagea f* % mon b. ta 'b* oty a? ? Bv?*lyn _0ail at fl? Ranaa*. X1'ANT*D-A NIT I A TlOf At "FaMaTSE* BY A VV taw -labia yt eag Gticmaa 0r'.. Mae .peea? Koga-b aad '?a f-jTMi* tbe maat raaaa rafeeea -ee. *ae -ee ; %-A * ledtea' aad eblldrea'a Ireeaae. a?4 r wunac w aaa beeaetf faeraltr amfHt fMM aa;! a lf? FrnaA-i* r . *ee>?a? fc?ar. ?ee ?aa aaya. elTOATlONH WiTTBO. *?*l*K<TABl.? MIDDLXAOKO w?r>. Aoif^rj.y m? yw^?i^' Wanted-a situation, to oo to cai.???b??7 with a raapeclable fcmU* a* i...,? . . UAL,ro**'AI oai able of taking tbe enurw < b?r?n oTT'. i?? * P*1*"" who la ^ SR*** WW?K .pa?abl.- (Wmlly.X? ^^T^A'?wg> ac *7 Or^,,wlrTA ofc"y rrfwwoe. Apply WA!IR-.yr, iJ'S" ???? 1. ? .IT,UT1.,? ,? b? aeen unril eiuled. "tract, near fiih avenue, can 1W'?^j^T;;TOm^or1 ; lake r?re of. hu,ir?u, rr|f,,iic?Jul.. L,**"lnK "r 1,1 two day, a. IK ff?A .Jfl" ^ YyANTED-HITl/ATIONH. BY TWO K KHPRf'T 4 itt l* ? r younjr *ouieu; one m c)iMinh. r?., tit . . K TAMjB Jo fake cmrr of rhlMrm or to do SLnni f,l M4,*m?"s ?*. or to travel ; *h*? t? a ft rut ran- *vrv??^ !h.^ fi Uii*h,n"' *0?M !?*?? dr Ph'a "Sw,n?' "r ??b?Uiberw?rk;'i.. comwtoSt ui"^' ".!"' m: m;*6"* ^ sw TITANTKn-A SITUATION, HV A VorNO irrtUi v ??? ln^a lil,",T^ "????"?????; uwle?u?li ,!5?^V har ...-place. __AAIri2; ,"'1" bouaework for a *niall fam^Tv^T* ! w?u^ bt? wUllair to <|<> Ku 5?r.&S?. I ? iirj?'"""* as. ax? !:?? ?j?ta ;r W'S'SSK work and d^wlDf ortcTmll^i m?I ",(hor '<> >1" <-Ua.:u><?-i Cll* referrnie c/lw.W, munlhi fr^iv 1* c?" *,v0 Ul" >'** fJi &5? 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A KITl'ATION, BY A IlK-Plwr i m t "? )oun? woman In a nn?ai? r?n,.i! . TAUI.K RXrrllrot waabar ?"d llVuVr r.!'?" U f '"-1 ?".| .n bar laot place. I'lra*.- rail at "f'""* I'"-" >' Utb be* ^ tJo'dLV" '??'?' ???! AJiTKD? BT A RKHPCCTABLK WOMAN II'kt i?u be taken of"?.' ^fik u^on.u t'J "Z7, V" a. Ui X ?en.,e. corner ^5 ^ "KH-K-.TAItr.K MC.VI s? Wei y?,Tv*t WujtabWta rblMj kii ? comf ftAbk Imniii anH ' w '?** io?i hfi IWtaatMth.t., batwwn l.t wd Jl Ap'''' ,<J ? " ? w*,fx'uL^zi,&~a! be'wcen u? ?,a fa ?f 0 tU" " lib M WA^!f,,.7^VlAT.,';\1"V A ?'>???:< < OH , , , bu?lt.e., ,11 i>raii(:t*rn "a4mr.<m,, u u, and ?r?rnitJK If r+< u?rr..i linod r/u^tS ^ to WMlitai < ??? be M?n for two dan at No. M W*?"JL?Ao .JdWdiS.Vi^^ WO ?? a Brut ?hirf makfr < *i, calllnt at \Zl Kajt ?!. atrwlt r,Jf lw0 d?j? t,, ttTANTKD-BT A MBW MAKKR A tirrinnv ?? ar?iba>reaa and . bambrrmfcl ?,?. . ,7L ? ? **i'a7^Me>rh!ry?^fV;,or?u^;*'1 "* *?*" ,ur *.b.?;'i:v'rSKU5V^:n- ,v w w w A NTI- !>? HY A mOTWlTAMT WOMAN, A hITOA tJf)M M? r < r ? rn, IWJ . m.'l to a?*>t- ? w.f, WH?i ?. i. .' ifoiiiK. ?t*a d?i KritKb fliidn^ 4r?l -M.r ?'ju '? . Vi** i ??*t ol city r*f? fffti #? r*n t>? Kivru A^|i2/ a; /? W? *i IWi ?t. Can l#c n for (wo daj ? \IrA*TEf>-A fitTVATIOH. liY A llk'J*l'Kr I A lll,K f* Ktrl, fo 4o f'laln wiini, !? a f;r*? /%'?? */*?! irm>er , l* ? f<*xi hmkrr of , ?!?*? ! < of cf(> r??>r^r?'r r*|| tor two 4aja ?i HrPig* ?<?, (NURiittftt, Mr^xiliffl. U^AMFfU-JlV A* RXrRllf KNf 'KH A V A HIT!' aU^f) a<i fir*! <: iftM < w/k Oxtro>iMhlf ?j iv)t -Uj.'l a ' i<?]|}'?f> in ill IU brancNi. iWt of cliy rWrrw < '?, i *( J 1*b Hi , Lrar J J \4 AW1KI? A KIT! Alios. |iy A I'H'iO 'TAKT - ? T aa ? h?u>^nrmal?l, ?n4 ? im 4 ta wa?hi if * } ,r or ai el?aaib?rtnai4 awl mmm piau* or ' ? ? ??. ? *i tai/la or laka *?*?* of V.trmimtik rai?r??*r# Ca? u-?< *^ii f?*r two d*y? at Vi'? W?a I'/J* ?? UM K I ? ? 17 * ' rr an, ?? wtakr aid I?m*t, w wo jU4o wot k. !??'?( J'ai iafif?4r**?? n-i r??.>a-' a* a*vo*r> ii*? nr*t ria#? rcnr^iMWi. Call ?? Z?i How erf, UrAHTKI*- FIY A ri^Kili A MfTC ATfOlf I ?f A l?n%a?^ tMniljf; <mi M- u* l? w<k*r.ta^. ?*?* (Iff# )rira ?i!y twnrwhr* fi'iri h#?f ia?* jpla- 13a li few ^ <ri? ?l*j# a* 62 39?l ?< , of ft?, ??> rio^ TAMI.K ilHt., a nd Vi 4? * Urn . i w?/?1i *1 r 'failed. I' r?il rtty (.?ii ai 12& l*u? * , Mrtwe*** M ?R;J6'i. af???ura, f<?r iw> Oay*. tlTAMin A ITI MI' V. IiV A HI". rn> 7 * I.K ? * 1*1 ?/ '#***.' ifi.'l, w4l? r ; - ? ? )'? f '? ag ' ?%ff> frriiaftW tad r|4*W? nyrve; |rai' : . w f * ihm ?i#> , do ?"a' r?nfci' *Vrf U r"|wtr*d. w\ , * <? .?? buaf*%?n4 M ji ?l.r ' U) . Of a law n.i>*i kii ia? ? **v.rf W^?ct ^ ? o ou.h. < a., ai JwV iOt a ?n ^ tt'A.HTM* A ^ITTATfOH. HT A HK W HHI.K'ilkl. m a* fi"! trader aal I tt? a t+wp***mikA0k famli) \f> <A <Ay v*rtt iMii a4 U ? i+t%*r% t\ lor two 4a|?. fJL' AKIHt-A KlTf ATIOK, ?iy A Vf#f. H/i VTOIf AH^AJ* " of a lawadrv m iir^n rr?m in a 1**+* 'ilw>r<li?4a te#r Hwim, U>ur h#4 |ra yaar*' ,< . V,+*.i i t t\'y r?f *r*t%rm U*nm f'ir*?*ar ? ail at *? fr^akfori ?< . *-a?w?#?, lo and 4 o'rterk. ?fcl* ?r Ik tMKD-A Birr' ATI')* NT A MttfWOTtMM Tf yo' www a a t? 4?U>* - ankaty. ?u i.r >>l 1/ ??'???# a a 1 mat. I'Mtttl.ia (ao.iji Uw4 t*> r ?? ?.?? . Ftram > ill at (aj Weal 14il. 0 WrtarM M and "> htom U'Ameii iiT \ krj>rr,'"t%hij'. -uki. ? ?/ ti ati. M H'M ??<k?Mlf'? fha I'f 1 ??' 'VI *i??e. 1 ai. h' xau for to./ day> ? vw *?>.??.. ,??? I w.rt. M*> a?4 M>t. Me tM? a* rtmm, ?aa> w ?bU? IIm fr#d?-t?)r n?f?m -? #1 ff! Via a??aw ? * '*+ rm+j 11^A)?T*n A MTt ATI' ? ' ad (Mteral Wmm ______ a**l tr< a?* r kai *-t '?? aare P? v it. fr?? <*a I>.w :.??? a< ? ?U aea%^ ler ter? Aaya ? TKP A. *1**' AXD tRAHirTftWWl IN a* Kean?a Hr?va a, >?. - * m> <* Km ?k?f ??a< ami -,-. ix TV t*e? ?<?> irtift*? w?, ve r?f??t irtirrii * UTl AVION 10 DO CHANHKH* .** TT atrfl ?? ? la k? vuWh ?4 I of re(. T?aa? < a.l M Ua W?M lUk ?*.. Waacu Tlk Md a?k ???*??* ______ UrkH^O- HT A aTVkOT TOON NA* 4 rC/TI!* 'all. ? a'aaika I t*4m* rH ??d?r 1.1 ?/ rt*. turn* ?' fa A itrr? J <? t Hotdt*" AJiTNIk- A alTCATIOM AD WAlTRft OB A? ftl KtKtll It a* ?!.>? >lrl ?( < Ml - " |? <W M? k? w t ih4Mft I V >M|' Y Mi Ivlwa * <)??. ;.?? , ' t. et -at* laMinai* lite ka mmm h* iv* tert na la 1 of ?> Nr. I Traaakt '? 4e .g o?-? -utt >.' Ilkr t tfw4?k;.- ? ?pH' * ?< ?.tk- :* utupwjurrio. A P ABM Eft WANTBD-TO OO INTO THK (XjrrTVT UaniuiMttli|MBH. iolw..larfUU|ul.rliijB' lag. Apply al 134 Mow dry. la Ika bookalor* mrm ADAOl' KRRKOTYPK IIAND-A l.AROK BOY ]N praeUra, aaay Sod a idtuauou at M> Broadway. BOOKKKSFK* WANTED? WANTED. a MAN TilA roughly acquainted with bookkeeping. lo wrlta up a act of book*. Addraaa fi ap plicaat'a hood wrtung, Duub.a Bain, He raid oUce. 1JOYH? WANTBD, IN A CLOTH JOBBINQ a SO III J ) porting kooae, two r?aaact?l>le t-iv? ikw ra*tdlu< with 11 1 It parenla iwiwO. H A I'n , Herald oOP e ui k*Nl wuuag o( appUeaat, latiag mi? tuirMUouM. Boy wanted-pob a whomwalk and rktaii. liquor Wore, a (Jtmu who cm apaak Kogtlah would an*. A| ply at 91 Leonard ??. C'OMPANION WANTED ?A MIDDI.B AOBD, WRL1. KO I uualed Uwl> for a youug tuarrled lady. A litr?? W. C. N.. Herald ofllre. / 'I.KRK AND BOY WANTED IN AN OPPKE.-A ' yoon g man or .mart bar, wkn wrliaa wall and la willing in make blmatll iiaaful. Work light Halary moderate. Uall alter tl oVIork, at I4t (fraud uml. Nona but a vary food k iucr need apply. / 1 Ret K KRY BOY.? WANTED, A I.AD CAPABLB OP * ' taking charge of a retail crockery afore; ha muat roa%* wi 11 rrrommmded Tor boncaly ami i-apm-lly. Apply at 140 < turleueci, Brooklyn, batw. an 111 aid I o i-loek ihla day. DRY UOODH HAI.EHMEN WANTED- WHO ARB AC quatnted m uh the city ralall Imalnaaa. Apply to C. U. Hook, S?0 Broadway. ' Dry nooM man w*srm?- a gernan, onb who rpe.ka tba ami ? ranch languagaa. Muat nine well icr-m mended *? lo hooaoly unci bualaaaai|ualUI ?ilon?. Nona other? nrmi apply. Tail at Wo. Maalek'a V7 I'oloa it. , hoiuh Brooklyn Mltl.KII WANTED? AT 1HK hTATK. MII4<H 217 TVt. iMiMriri. To one thoroughly a&iuainu-d with ika buel m >?a it' od alluaUon la offtrad. V' hxr wanted? a middi.baoed woman, pvlly JLi anmpelent to take charge of en Inianl. lo one who ??an gne lh? Ik >1 ol illy referoo.-e a pmaaani anil permanent aim ?Una caa be ?eeuted Apply In wi-ni ft and II A. M , at M Oih at, aecoii.l dour Irom >Ui afanua. Nl'RHR WANTKD-A MM VI. I. <11 RI# OP rilKKRPin. ilupiwliion, anil irn to fourteen yaara old. In aadat In liuraliiK a r hild. f?*i< H |irr munlh. and a i(i?> I home tn a i rlTale (kailly Apply at Sti K?ai Twenty aliuli alraet, aeeaml boor, nrar l oorih ati-uur T>OHl KR WAKTKD--A VOI .Ml MAN OP HTKADY I and Ihduairtoua hablu. Oi.e who knowa aomntlilna ol pai kln? linnlxara, aii'l alxi rnrtdra In llrxiklyn, nraAirrnd. Apfily at an Maiden lane, up ataira, on Monday, frdm II la li OK IIOT fl MKXKH WISH I NO TO LKAEN A bfkutUul Art, il whUii 'hry r?r? orrtalfily nukn fW?Bl CI to |<i jirr dmy, mul *ul(?b!? for *nj city or lowu In lb# UnilM br lAiichl In Irmmm, at ? MBAli fti A i'|>t jr to Trulrwior A I/O., 44 lltulftmi ?l. UMlsMKN WANTKtV \t UV.vUS HHOTKOfi Uft liroftdwtty. r\ WO BOYH WA NT F.I), AH017T I? OR lAYKARHOr AOt I f? On?* Ui RtU'iut b?r ai??I cm?i t?n?p?n <?y*trr*, mual 'ini lift Mtuiid ibrlr biwJiH'Rn lUurciufchty. ? mU mi ?i*irg" HcUoo'a loun, :t26 for two iluy. WA NTED? A S I NHTlll ? TRKHH-f NOUHH. OR AllKIIT can, ihorougUiv r?t>Ri)|r of ir?>-hintf KuKUilliMut Kr? och to tv% 0 chtldrfn. tn ? UBiatliy r?*Ml<ltri|( in IIavmha. AtnoAnMfHM* Ultlf* Krrnrh (Irl, who wottUl h? ruUimUd w>U? thr rUi)<lr? n. Apfiiy \44 Kam \ Ah ? XAT A NTK.H? A KIKST IIAIK (OLORKO HffK M moat br willing '? ??"!?( I * ii>c WMsUlng Wmg r? glvrn. A| ply at UH WmI Twrlflb ?(re?(. Ur ANTFI?- A COOK , KNGMMII, KOOT< II OR OITKH rrotmtunt to yo into ih? ooimtry. Apply 14.1 H xix tv ?t., on .MonU*y, Oct. m, beiwefn tb? l?mr* <rf I J *tu I I. f A NTED? A PROTK-TANT tilltl.. AH l'(K)K, WHO Hill i?l?o, ii^i 1 In tb'* wuRblfi^ ttiid tnviiiii^, ?n l who<*An bring il?#f brut of city rtfrrvwc Applv ?t Km ** , fifni hotiM* K#?t of MftiJIfton ust'iit ic, ttorilt bu! c. U'amu'-a oood ruin ? ova who < WAfth, tniii well. aii<| Ui willing lo nuh? hermit u??ful, In ? ?mm I fainily. MubI fwir* fowl clly ref?r?o C9 Ap ply ?t 43 W?i .TTib *1. "11 r OMAN WANT RD-4N KmCKltt AND WILLINO II wiuiotn 10 do (Mirral lnio?a? ik i -mk. waak altd Iruti , ran have a ?o?d pia. e, by apply lug at ZS I'aclliu at., Breekiyn, ? tad door frimt < union at /?ANTED -A PKW OOOD PRINOE KNoTT KRX A 1 1 ? ly at Ull A Dener'a, 61 John at "t\J ANTED? IN A HMiI.l. PIllY ATE PAMtl.Y A NKaT Tl and Uily Herman or Irieb I'roteetanl girl, who und?r aiatHla i rxAlnc. ami la a nrat 'ale waaher and irtiner Kurh a f Irl, ?I'I| good refrrrn?, mar apply al l? Mandougal al , 4th mitiae irom Bleecker An raay and | i-rmfcu-ui ali iiuoo ran ba had ANTKD-A rR'iTKHTANT 0IR1., AM EXPEMIBNfKD nur?? ami ?aamaln aa, with an*n ep ionahle r-trr* a?ea. none o'hrra oi'rd apply hie mual n? onat, huaeal and oMig lag i all at lOWtat IPhat tnalu ll A. M. ll'ANTV.D IMMVl'lAltl.V A ..IK. ll WII.I.IM. Olltl. Tl lor genrral houaawork. rroteetauit prefrrrad. Apply a' '.W Hlaokrr at/eat. ?\VANTKD IMMEIIUTKI.Y-A EWtPE'TABUE IK I fi c. inpalel.t ?o?an aa bn.i>ak" per, 10 g.< a Marl dutam-e a Ikt tatty All al m hamleal/emt, Miookjya VyANTP.n-ilXJAK NONK 111 I PIKKT RATK if I. a ml" to oUiin the loghiat prl'aa will b? i aid. Alao qiilllera. Alao. a l o* wanted. App.y al A M. A B. 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