Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1855 Page 7
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ABTBRTBEIBHTS jgjjgj EYEEY >1T. __ ______ _ ilnn OHO -property own kiwdksirous of ?1UU.UUU. '"?rod"ir of their real estate, will tad It advantageous to call and Wive a description of the same at our afloe. Beat rut* to of every description bought, mill and ei tal?t Dwellings, stares, Ac., HP" col lecwd, sad everything pertaining to tb? business prMpty e*ocntcd. BKRKIa.N A BAN KM, 4fl Walt Swat, baae H %. 4fc9? fiAA 80iD AMD EXCHANGED LAST WEEK ?PAU.UWU ? Register your property. For gal# oeex eJiuuge, tlx houses In Thirty-saventh street. four bouses In Tblr S -second Street, boiutu la Thlr-tyttAh stroo?, flftueo lotii In rooklyn; lota In forty third street, Sixty-third street and avenue A; sixteen Iota tn Twenty -ninth street, lots In h Ifty tlilrd street, lots In Fifty flfth atreet, lota In Forty Totirih street, lota tn Sixteenth atroet , bouaea and lota from fourth to Blgbllet h ?treeta, of all descriptions, for trade or cash. Apply .to II. MORTON TPPPKBj room 6, ltf7 Broadway. A/> A/tA ONLY, IN CASH, WILL PURCHASE ONK JpU.UUU half Interest In a manufacturing businesH In Brookl) n, already established, with buildings, engine, ma chinery, Ac., complete, and now netting t&UO per month. Satis, factory explanations given at an Interview, by addressing Brooklyn, Herald ofllce, staling time and place for un Inter view. &0 ? A B00T AND BBOK AN1) HAT AND CAP store for sale, situated In one of the beat hurt oer* localities in Brooklyn. The stock, fixture* and business well cstabiitJied; v?i)l be fold at a bargain on immediate apiill cation. Apply lo HOWKH A FROIIISHBR, 84 Nassau street. (to RAA ?FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY.-' THB OLD VAit/vVi and well established dining saloon, fitted up In splendid style, with lease, stock ami tlrturis, located on a lead ing thoroughfare, und In the immediate vlelnlty of the Herald ?flee, has been lately improved upon, and replenished with stock, Ac. Apply to V. O. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. ?1 ^nfl ~ A WATER MANUFACTURING AND W.t/Uv. general bottling establishment for sale, with apparatus, horses wagons and business, well established, pay ing $2,00t) lo #3,000 per year, and may be largely extended. A business man would be received as partner. Apply lo HOWES k FROUlBllKR, 84 Nassau street. ?1 OAA-*?? SALE-ONE OF THE MOST PROS 4>1 ?aUv perous restaurants In the Immediate neighbor hood of the principal rullroad and steamship lines. Dally re ceipts from thirty to fifty dollar*. Good bar attached. For terms apply to HOWES A FORBISHKR, Hi Nassau street. |onn ?TO SCATTERS AND OTHERS.? FOR SALE, ' BCUU< the lense, stock and fixtures of a hal store, now oolng a good business. A rare chance for an enterprising man. Inquire on the premises, Its# Chatham streot, to ____ BIORDAN, Proprietor. onn ACRES OF CHOICE LAND IN IOWA, NEAR OUU Fort Dea Moines, and somo cash will te given In ex change for a Kood dwelling house up town, west of Fifth ave nue. Apply at 75 Nassau street, to F. BROWN -TO MECHANICS AND OTHERS.? A PARTY <|IUUU. <wltli this amount) well acquainted In the city, would like to take rhu-ge of the selling depsrtmeot*of manu fccturul articles, attend to the books, Ac., of a concern, for a moderate compensation. Address Mr. Lawrence, with parti culars, Broadway Post ofilce. WILL BPY AN INTEREST OR PARTNERSHIP, iJOUU In a light genteel business paying largo profits on Niirs: one who esn give his time and energy to the business will find this a desirable opportunity to get Into business. XIOWKS ? t KOBISHKR, 8-t Nassau street. fltPA -FOR SALR, A MILK AND BUTTER DEPOT, nuw doing a sale and profitable business. To a perron with a small capital It offers great Indueementa, aa the business can be lm l eased to any extent. Apply to HOWES X FHOIIIHHKR, 84 Nassau slrcoL WILL BUY A PATENT MEDICINE, WITH ALL $500. $150 the necessary apparatus for manufacturing. The o?r etor ha* other ou $75 tre-enl propr etor has other business, and cannot attend to It. 0 a smart, euergciic man. with a small capital, this is a i teldom met with. Address Medicine, Herald odlcy. WILL PURCHASE THE LEASE, 8TOCK AND tatarea of a aagar and drinking Sjtloon, worth f2U<), oa a greu tborouofaro, and occupying u very deal cable corner: also, Interests In varlonK partnerships, where from tVM) to $700 may lie profitably Invested. Call at 128 Na-wau atroet, room 0. a HOUSE FOR SALE? 168 FORTY-THIRD 8TREET, BE JX twaen Broadway and Eighth avenue. In good order, and Blesl BetgbUirtiood, Iteason for selling, the owner Is leaving rlty. Inquire of D. MOK AN, 208 West street, Waxhln/ton Market, between Fulton and Dey. between 9 and 12 o'clock. A FARM OF 200 AORFS FOR KALE OR EX eltsnxo for a business of somo description? grocery, ma aaflkcturW, or any established respectable profitable liual The tarm Is located In Ohio, desirably si' uated, a short i from railroad depots, canal, Ac. Apply to UOWKS A FROMB1IBR, 81 Nassau atreet. AWEI.I. KNOWN SULPHUR, VAPOR, CHEMICAL AND medicated bath establishment for sale; location cen!n?l tn the Immediate vicinity of Broadway. The house Is large and BvenUmi, nltli plenty of room loc a family. Tormseasy. r lnforoiatlon given to a purchaser. B. W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway^ BROOKI.YN PROPERTY.? FOR SALE. OR KXOHANOE for dry goo<ls that could be reuderi-d available tn the ahMbtiu; buslnc- <, (and lo save trouble, It should be under stood that no other proposition In tbe way of exchange would be entertained, U" this Is no speculative transaction), four brown stona Iront bouses, In the bloek confer of Third place and Court street Brooklyn; they will be sold at market pricos, a<>d gocds purchased on the same terms. Apply at tbe own art residence, tonr'h house In the block, or at ii'tl Broadway, New York. 'I he property Is attuated In the best locality in tlie c?J, Increasing In value, Ac. Bankers, brokers and jkwei.ekk-a safe s feet high. 2 fed B Inches wide, and 2 feet t Inches doep In Uiet lenr, uiud<- to order, burglar aid tire proof, lined through cm wlili eli i l?-?i Iron, way .* Newell, and ?fUUea' largest tmnk lucks for sab che ap. Inquire at tbe inanuiac'urera, where tbo sate can be Been. A. RE(jt'i> A CO., 71 Watta stree". BA lib Klt'S rtHOP FOR SALE, AT A GREAT SACRI flee, has been established for fifteen years; hm a line bust aras. sud 1 1 si 'latcd under the largest hotol down town. Tbe u-ason lor ?? !!!ng Is, tlie present owner Is about leaving tbe t-My. Addi its "., Herald ullloe. I 1RANCE FOR A FORTCNE.? A PHYSICIAN, WHO 1 ) has resided 1? the eual illslrlcut of Pennsyhunla tor tho last tbrce laars, and uiudo u his buslaesa to cure the chills and lever. Lis discnvarod a remedy that cores ever> case, uo mat irrlHii* long standing. It < aii be tent In mail, at tlie price of tetter postage He 6 sires to dispose of half tbe Interest to some one w'?i w II -|i*ud a lew thou- 'tid dollars In advertising, aim b i< ill In- Hie a for un* In a few years. Addn sa W. M., box I.MW 1 1 s! uflioe. (">HKAP <?V VTRY KI>1I>KNCES, ADMIRABLY Lo cated In .< pn tureaque agricultural village, it miles from New tout, on a railroad? two good Ixiusea, oow and carrLigO house-, barn, two a< ies ot land, garden, choice fruit, Ac., fl its*, bio barn, two a< res of land, fine Irult, Ac , house, lain, -evea acri ?. of land tl,<uu. Terms very i isy. W. J Bhl NDIiKD A CO., 78 Nasss^i sticet. DWKMJN'I HuWC IN THK SEVENTH WARD FOR sale ? i h** dir. story stxl finished attic dwelling No. 12 Ru ger> plan. oppualM tie- groutids of ibe old Kutgers esitie, and eomtiiandmg a view ol the East river. I lie 'muss Is 2>> ieet fruBtaadrear, by M lent deep, wuli party wails; built in Iho best manner, and complete with afl the modern Improve, - men'a l be lot is Uu tfgt deep, with 10 feet courtyard in trout, 4'aual street, which has*< ? bean ink ti led to East Bro:ulway, Bow IS ll i il l 1 1 the prcmi?' I. For ps tlculars Inquire of KAMI." EI. It. PLA IT, li i Orcenwich street. DRl tl STORK FOR SALE? NOW DOINti A (ItiOD ret ?ti business, wuli i Ace practice attarhed; sold at a sa ?*l$cc In ocBssqi.cnce ilm proprtator leaving lor Europe tMaweek. * IT'J at llauilltua avenue, corner of Woodh ill ?trtet.Hiuih lirooklyp. Farm for sale? u acres, two miles from Hempstead depot. I sing Island. I.', storf bouae, 7 rooms, price ?l Rgl; also, a u.a!l lads n< or Itossvtlle, t^tateu Island; Jo to 4S acres ol . -uid land WO m'les trim New York, *1 o ti M per acre; also, elgbt mioraved farms, M to XHI acres, price #?',! U<%L dsi, in 'he mosi healthy and beat pla;;o lor a farmer or n.lit"r Is the 'a e i4 Se ? York; three farms lu t larksiowii, Roetluid iiou my. New Vork. a gissi larnscraiHt miller can be sb?iwoaplac? to make fivo u> ten thousand do.lars. if he has ?I^Wcash. A] ply at J. V AN HKRl.ll.T'ri, 37 Fulton street. t ifi.rt open front - a. m. UU >> I'. M. 1*0 K SALE? THE STOCK ri \T IlKS ANOOOOD WIl.L 1 of Ibt.inpioo'asalO' n, at tbe juiieuou ig l.lnerv at re. tsnd balden sue. For partK-uiars apply to HAHVEV ACONOLLY, i;ia lltoa.Uay, room No. 3D. FIR SALE? THK STO' K AND FIKTl'RRH OF A liquor s'ore No. fid James strcri, now dotng a firs' late business. The reason f ir uttering 'be establishment for aalo is thai the pri.prle or la about to go to t alltornU. Apply no the pieiuiss-, oi at ? Broadway, room II. I^tiR SALE ? * TCCK AND FIKTCRU OF A CONFKC 1 Uansry and cream eadoj ster -a is.n.on one of Hie bes; avrnucs in ilo' city, no v doing s -;ool ! usiui'- s, gM c ,a bo greati) tocress -d." Iia.tng a g?sel run eg outdisir cnat nn for icecream. ttl:l be sold mw for cash. Rent of atlo hi and kiu-l.i n t.vsi. K. H Kl nMIIXKR, MV Four h svenae, froui 8 to IU A. M., and 3 toil'. M. t/OR SA1.K? IN AND NEAR MADISON. MORKIHCIJUN ty N. J.. -it fsrms, and sei er si besi i l..i| 'l,ng s ;?s, ten. eighteen, tbir y.lif y etghtj lour, one i, In dsivl twenty, and one hundred and nit) ill acres. S vral of llisi Ui nw would to exeliatised lor <it) pnq isrty a .*-r tu New York or Brookljn. Also, ? in ir sb y bo. Ming, wtui st'-a-u ciuru", all new, iigrl * luable. 1 Ills wtei'.d be em 'isn -I fo: ? ity line perty Inquire a. S. D. Hl'.Vl IMJ, Wsver y He is;, Madi wxi, near the depot. I^OR SALE? A FLI.L U)T, Il> l ? KK- Ki ilirH AND F Nlnili avenues, in For? s# . e, s'r et. . a ? -I well sewrred and guiteiad. S<-ld ? ? ap, oti a"- mot of l!,e oaner's leaving the rliy. In-; lire ol |? M?i|MN, J <f> A r* <1 reel, I etwreu Fulton and llev. Hi lor i, ton ma; k ., fir at Brandreih Hotel, from (to 7 P M. IpOR SAIK? A FARM OF <4 M ill SITUATED O.V ' Pi mi'ion Plaint, Morris couo'r. V stiout "it hh fioni Now I ork with a l' to order Inquire of uKMty V. 1! K via. ,s t>?, tVe?! fwe.,'y nrstatre.ct, oroi iis/rr a Dtcber. on ti e p re: > e "LXlR SALE? A 01! K AT HAli'JAIN- 1 !. K -IOCK '.Ml f tin urea oi the old eeUbltshad liakery, 1 J ' , tins k I) n. W 111 be told low as (fee proytWw baa other bsal ne?s to attend to. I.^OR SALE? A DEXIRaDLE I'HOritl.l I 1 W00.4TER ' street, near Bteccki r. COxliM, with ?llo I'glit; a>-i. ?alu? h.eUnpro\ed corners iu Brooiije, l'.'i- -r sal K../?'ietli streets; else, tlrei corner lo * tn ssti .. .. ,ue App'yio JOHNS. Kkl>'J, 63 WUbataau u.l.N ,4 rraaltJaj s'riei. FOR SA1.K-NO. ;? WF.ST V r.VTY NINTH eIKE.:T, west r>t ard n?ar H road way u I Mttii s en i?, a three s ory brick hou- a, inotierii. In fierier o.-br. st. I rsaiytirlm meuia'e ot-enp i'iob. Pries imslerate; Isrtas twtf assy. Appiy JOHN K KEUO, 02 vvmwui <tr?et. fOR SALS? NO. ? MADIttON AVKM K. VB*R MADI son square a lour story I rtek he use; i.. a' i is j ir uculsrl> uesirsble. Imtt.-' iwswo .- iuii cao l-e given. Ap plj to JOHN 8. KKLHO, >4 Wlllttm ? FOR KALE, IN HRfKiKLYN? THK -;fH K. FIXT R I'.g and *csl will of a neat Hole eonfiK Uoin ry, iritit and toy I 1-1(1 re; an CKI Dent hxislW n for t' 'is.ness, V\ 1 ' Ot a laly or centbniaii. Kent low. Sol.f on a" ? .n" oi - kuess. it, ?,nlre at lull f u ton sheet, Ilroiklyn. IJIOR SAI.K- V VALUABLE IKI'ROVEH I'ROPKItfV. | ) on 1 wen . fourtli striet, mar Th I ?> A large new f' nr st i y hrkk dwa'lta I and <Ubl?, r-o , ring ihe aholi ?ginsWs, 2S-. I?SJ, sod i-S/tn. a hoe tuiat w rrlae Will be exeAsngid tor (.art !.?*?>? or lots Ap > to K. H. KIN.-IIIMKlt, .tl9 foat h avenue. IfisiiSta 7 f. st. and lisitn h to lu A.M. _ FiVlR SALE? AIJOI r !i FULL 1 11 ! A r WIIX1AMS bridge depot, on 'be I Is i , n i railroad, w uiu teat of tbe di pel. Wl.'l ba solg low. or e*cb*ng' -i fir b.o iware. or sot lui.d of fetors. . , KISSHKfcit, Jl# Fourth avenu,#io 7 1?. ,i(lB aALK? 'IN i l~K HI li-'tl.' lUV .t A Oi -1'tA.HI.F. Y gniipWl r 'laeocs ooatswrnn ?o .isnsss, ? . _??? r <vi..i ?> acres ol Isnd, on whlcb sro a bar" e d I it 'mit * li m * sv-Tie SOU Droit Ireas, a ^ mery ooiswnltig b rot* n era vt ' sti ie well cf water, e'atero, Ac mere ,'i .r s ot s -idle fro-n '!? iieivnnn'oe ' sts i ' h *- It'l l* n It!*' oa > i ea MMr Hudson tbe loe.m, n haabhy, and ?i rj i.?n nl Ir.i.iira of I It OATMAN, ISA ? bit nil' . of D. a A. Hturtevaot, eorn? r ol W >t and Cba.uberj suit ?, a. irf ti#org? w CS'kini, on ti premiss. rR BALE? PRICK O-VLf $100? TH K STOCK AND FIX tore* or one of the best trail awl confectionery stored an Oraod street, now doluir h ?(ood buainesn, and capable of great improvement. On* In the store and rent only flu per mouth. Apply at HOit tirand street, W llllamaburg. sewupri sianTCna 10R KALE-A BPLEWDID DRUG STORK, rtL'PKRBLY located on Tbini avenue, for a largo awl lucrative bwd prlie 11.500, An y per sou desiring a downright good wud store bud better call at onre. A}.-n, a superior gro eery atore on bpruig street; price tUtt. Call Inimadlatoly at ill Nassau street, room IX FOR HALE-ON FOURTH STRKBT, ALBION FLACK, near the Bowery, a large superior four story house, In line order, 12B fee' Hunt, and turtle lot; alao, a Btio property on Roosevelt street, pay ng 13 percent: also, a flno bouse on Wot Washington pWo, mur the square. E. It. KINtiHiMblR, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. For hale chkap? the fubnittrk, good will and lease of the premise* No. 160 I-anrens street; will tie rold low to a good purchaser. Application to be made wltUiii leu ilay i. Apply a* above. For sale cheap-a *mall lattib, nearly new, well made nud In llrst rate order; alao, ? small belting wheel. Apply in Uie Daguerrean Gallery, 307 Brujulwa^.^ FOR HALE OR EXOIJANOK? A VALUABLE COUNTRY seal or farm of forty acres, adjoining the vlllagrf ol ca, L. I., with a large stylish dwelling house, out-bullillngs, Ac. The grounds are beautifully laid out, abundance of fruit and shade trees, Ac. : also, a llrst class bouse to Brooklyn. E. B. KlNHmMER, 311) Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. M. For rale or to let in brookly-two iiand somu Uirce story basement anil underoellar brick houses, >iulte new, substantial and convenient, with bath room, gas, heaters, Ac., beautifully located oa the Western side of Can ton, 2U0 leet south of Fulton avenue, a short distance from the City Hall; will be sold cheap and on easy terms, or leasod to u good tenant. Apply to II. JGHNHON, 27 Beekmau alree', or Jas. Evans, 228 Livingston street, Brooklyn. House and lot for sale? noon class house, In an ciocllent neighborhood, and having nil the newest improvements; immediate sale more of an uMect than urice. 'l'his Is an opportunity rureiy to be met with. Terms, Intlfcash, LINDBLKY A UADHELL. 78 Eighth avenue, corner of Four teenth street. rIK STOCK AND FUTURES OF A LACE AND EM brolderv atore.? The stock Is small, carefully selected, and bought for cash; baa been established lor five years; large ran of custom. The reason for selling Li the owner has other btfclnesa. The store is situated on the best busbies* street In the city. A chance seldom offered. Apply to or address JOHN CLARK, 4a Warren street, second tloor. TO BE 60LD CHEAP FOR CASH-A OAS GENERATING apparatus, with a gasometer ; will contain aboist nil hun dred feet of gas, all complete. This Ik well adapted for a coun try ho! el ora gentleman's residence. Apply to JOSEPH HAR PER, 314 Went Twenty eighth street. TO DRUCGIBTB.? A FINE AND LARGE DRUO STORE for sale, chesp, situated In New York, In a great thorough fai e (avenue); rich, populous ward. Inquire at 234 Third ave nue, one door below Twenty-flrst street. O DAGCEKREOTYPISTS.? ONE OF THE MOST COM pleto and ellyib In gullerles In Broadway la ottered for sale. The proprietor, having other business to attend to, pro poses to sell at a sacrifice. Apply to P. tiAIUK, 3UU Brood way, next door lo Taylor's saloon. T TO ILLUSTRATE!) AND WEKKLY NEWSPAPERS? Views in the Cryfnl Palace, England? Wengra veil blocks, some of large size, of Hie different courta? Egyptian, Hum in, Alhambrn, Ac., and other subjects? with copious description, to be told cheap. Apply to J. W. W., ll'J French's Hotel. TO BANKERS. JEWELLER8 AND OTHERS.? ONE OF Gajler's chilled Iron safes, with Doy A N'e wall's patent comblnallon lock, will bo sold low for caH/i, or exchanged for a smaller safe, and receive the balance in cash. Apply u> WIL LIAMS A SM111I, Real Estate agents, S4 Nassau street. TO GUNNERS. ? FOR SALE, A SUPERIOR ENGLISH fowling piece, game bag. shot pouch and powder llask, all nearly new; price for tlie whole, 920. Inquire rear of 47 Ann street, fourth story. TO CARPENTERS.? SECOND HAND SHELVING AND ftloie fixtures lor sale, now in the store 119 Maiden lane; a carpenter about Suing up anew store can work ihctn to advan tugc; they wilt be sold cheap. Apply Immediately to JOHN PHILLIPS, 207 Pearl street. Yacht for sale.-the celebrated fast yacht Katy Did, the winner of the two regattas at Oleu Cove, h ell found and (u complete order, will be sold eh?ip. About nineteen tons carpenter's measurement. For particu lars, apilyto T1IOS. F. PHILLIPS. 117 William street. VMANC1AL. ; AAA ? MO.NKY TO LOAM ON DIAMONDS JUvU.UUU. watches, Jewelry, dry goods, aegars, &a, or bought for cash; ritoeka, noiea, mortgages. As., negotiated, litulness ooululeiln) and prompt. Hy THOMPSON A CO., bro kers and commission merehattU, 103 Nassau street, oo rear a Ann, room No. 2, second lloor. nnn *0 i-oa*? on watches, di amort*. Jp *)tJ I .UUU jewelry, segars, and every deaertoUoo <r valuable propei ijr. or bought for ctuh, bj JOS. K. ISAAC, basement Chambers strew, from 0 till 6. Boslneft prompt and confidential. Old gold and silver bought. N. B. No business trauMicted on Saturday. 4 (\ (|||/| -TO LOAN ON DIA M0NDS, WATCHKH, JPTrU.U""". Jewelry, dry goods, aud every description oi merchandise, ulll'erent ui other In large or small amount*. Apply atDMH Houston street, oue block west of Broad nay. Business confidential. S. MYKltS, A genu (J-jWl -LOAN WANTED, ON tiOOD REAL ESTATE *" ? siluatC'l on one of the best str je's in WlUianiHSitrg' sinl worth lour limes the amount required. Heron |?-r cen* will be paid. For partlculara apply at the Real Estate office 2it> Broadway, room No. 10. SIMKits, A 'I'AVLOlt. 1 {1(1(1 ro IM, 000.? LOANS MADE TO BUSINESS MEN, ?1UU or others, in need o ' assistance, In s un* Um i.t .iji pllcant*. All traoaacttaoa (trietly oonfldentU . Peraonal pro perty and stocks of merchandise of ever% description liberally advanced upon or bought. Apply at Mollit's Uulidhigs, :iJS Broadway, roams 2D and 29. A Si AMOINT OF CASH LOANED, OR PliRHlAbRi at sight, for fair pi Ices, ou dbu-iorida, vatches, rich je*?l ry plate. mer< handlse, and valuable personal properly g? a* raDy, by H. WOOD, ii9 Fulton street, second floor, trout r >n?. from 9 A. M. to 5 P. ti. ' ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. IN LARGE OR SMAU 'unis, can always be obtalneu lnsiauU> on socur. les va liuibles, merchandise and property of all kinds, at the old re ?nt nslblo Pacific Agcncy and Private laian odlco, ovor Pa. tfli Uiink. All traiisacuons prompt, safe, eonftdeiial ai d satfsfao >>rj', or no charge. Always fully Insured, corner of Broad w*j too Grand strei t. ALL EASTERN, WESTERN, SOUTH URN, AND MIS J\ cellnnexma un iirrent and broken bmk money, forelgu geld and suvei , dr.'tt?, Intsliiea* notes, check.i, Ac., Ikmi Wall Hreet rales at fi.W Brtsidw >y; also cash loaned c a l Vanees made at s,?;bt in atty SU1M on MStirlUM. in kbl snd mercbandtse ol all description, at tbn Muti o|s>litan S|iecte, i snk .Vote and I'llionclal DUice, um liroadway. AnBOB WIDOW, IN KMBARRASHKD CIRCt M stances, wants the loan of $2S, Tor which good aecunty will be given. Address Camllle, Broadway Post office. Banking agency of joiin b. mvrray, no. 41 Wall street, over Bank of North Ameri a. ? Advances iiisile upon vessels and their cargoes, and ou merchandise ill store or transit; loans made upon l ank, railway and insurance slbcks; busl&cfts paper discounted. Knickerbocker savings' iNsriTimt? df.posi lois cuin sell tbelr claims by producing 'be.r books aiel milking personal application to CHARLES HOLT, 19 Wall street, second flo-ir. Manhattan gas light company. ocTtxiER i, IHhfi. ? Notice. ? An It s'alment of one dollar arid 'went* fire cent* per share, cr two and a half per cent on Uie New Scrip Stock Is required, to b? paid at the olErn of the eomp my, No. ro Fourth avenue, on the lblii of < IcUiber tost, f be transfer books will be closed Iras this date "> the 20th lest. By order of the board, S. H. HOWARD, flecre'iry. MAKINKRS' SAVINGS IN.4T1TITION, fniRD av., e-irn'-r of Ninth strwet. lar the beuefU of all eli?si>? of persons. OPKN DAILY fr m 9 A. M .to 2 P.M. and on W dnrsday and Saturday erenloits Ir- m ft to s o'c.o k. late re-t at ti per cent ou sums of #i?0 and under, anil on sums over *600 at ft per cent ISAAC r. SMITH, Secretary, Deposits made on or before iho loth Instant will be al lowed Interest Irnm 1st October. A OTIl K? OFFICE OF MOI.LIERE MANUFACTURING Ll Company, No. 3 Broadway, New York, Sept. ft, lv?5.~ II) a rcsoluttot of the lioard of "1 run ees of the Mnlltore Mann fan tiring 0>rrt an v of New V i k, passed first of September in 'IBM. the stockholders of raid rompany are hereby catted upoe to i ay tti an Instalment ol nighty dull .rs on ea<-li s':?re of th? stock thereof, on or before the -UU'. nihday t Duconi -er mri uncer the penal'v of forfeiting thitsliai es ol sb? k subs meo 'of. By older of Uie Board oi Trustee'. KOW'D. G. TCCKERMAN, 5. cretary. /OFFICE OF THE CLEVELAND AND TOLKINl R AIL " ' nssd Company, lb William street. New York. l -fyft ? Dlvidcnn.? A rtlrtdend of four (4i p* r r <? nt on ' road Compear, 18 W illiam street. New Yot .. pt, y. ? iHvMenn ?A dlrhtond 'if f'tor <4 > pi r ' erit on the cap at< ck of Uils company has l een declared out of profile ot the left sit months, payable at theoAce ef the c ' itpan ft on an I aPer ib* awh o< Uiber. The tranaf. r b'siks will be oested '.r sn f?l the I'oarl of inrec reasurer. ?r i'i oi 'be i'uarv 7l'.e 90tb to the 264li bc olitr^, 1^ llFtKLO. It ll^dof JLm Wtf v V' T bav u>? i ? ? a? VJiW? I at their ^Ts msrtiw n?k< on ,.L Tuts saiapsuv rM M U-rt ltutvuw?. -nt nf lb* net tr->)lt w," ^ ... ewiomets stvenij (!r?r? 1|M, pr ..pecttu and charter caa "a." ^ MP AN f, .VKW TORH. OCTOHKR TUVt PWI.IPI K F rOMPA t, 1^,- I kt Of QMftl An Hu'il'iifiit of if-i ihir# b#'*n r?J?*vl ftjr :|?r (rw ??, pav?}j,* f Uv*lf (\+'ii$y*nLrj) <? W'? h * ??ft 4ft?!i # (N?t.;'Af Jt! ) <mv '?f ]><?{' fi ft?f* !ajr of t c<oUrtn?t mTaHH fkRHY, tew%rr. \\rAKTrf> ro Hcr.nnw for \ vrtiior> of osk ?? j+*r. f * i firj, tilih two inrn* I rrmttim j i(4 Jn ^ r-, I nd in ' tnnrtn^ on lh% in )'%i i to soiiti t!ii? wtii Sit! I ?if <*. la* u .jas' Cj'. U*xA I rtUnuet giviu at to c \ju tef . AtUrcn r W V .TUi?n1 ti antmVJ \ ?! a v7v"*;~ ?Tx*T{ ? If *ir *>ti Jf <:?: i, k|B v ao> nt * $r!.*r?hjr bfi wit's Ml rttt Ui?* ?"!??? to ?f? A puMttl lit*'* fif pre f?rrrtl 3N ? ? dppfy 3MNMM tinpo* fk?f, IJ ((?AL. |-?OAl, ~|U:!> AM* WfllTK AHII K<i<| AND tfTOVh V --'aJ. ^ri*^ ?4 ?Jfl . n /pnod or mr. kiwtv. fi .ifki't |?rk<* for ?M?h, iu rn TM<h li2 U *?. i b? .?r Ui?* iVi^rrjr. by L. J. ('<WT4H. |10VU~KT OBJECT 1* qt'ICK ?AJ.Rh AND ^ PrnflU ff?r rm-h. I r r rr*fl or irtit?#. i^h Wfj ?n frittn tu *1>*r ai 1*. *t JW wL nr 1r? i%nittJ#?* <4 trrn? and af lit $5 y*rt* <Viri Km* *nc \r)t T WMk i NJrwb *rrri'w- nM rKTFK * i isr<*y 0< r*T MorVTA JV t OAL.? TtlH VKRV WJP? ti?l Jtoofitft.ii i U4l 1 44 WWti I'iUM it nctli Ma /????<>? , it*r V widow, u K mI, l'? (u t ?ri1 r <i ,i o0 ? n* t ft r f Oml lu ? ?.J 1 * U ? ? (if f , i) ,f U , Bfisi-* *nw . I WITH TBS Al'K WOtjo ***?}?> t i.ew s.jr'aof oilharl > \V t?ttrt.ofpur.lse<^" ,nf^ .? ? ?be'.-srtp v. sr? SUra? ??? WttfcS. ? ' TTIOR LIVERPOOL ? UNITED WATKS MAIL 8TB A 14 r ahtp PACIFIC, Nye, oommander. ? TMit steamship will depart with the United Mate* malls furKnropo positively oa Wedneaday, Oat 17. at U o'clock, M., from her berth at the root o t Canal afreet, for freight or passage, having unequalled accommodation for eleganoo and comfort. apply to CDWARD K. COLLINei, Stj Wall atreet Passenger* are reqneeted to lie oo board by 11 o'clock, A. M. Shipper* pleau take notion that the ships of thl* lino cannot carry any goods contraband or war. All letters must put* through the Foal office; any others will be returned. Tbe steamship Atlantic will succeed tho Pacuiu and sail Oot. 31. rron? NEW *>RK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED 8T ATKH A mail steaacra.? The ahip* composing this lino are tho fol lowing:? ATLANTIC, Capt Weat, BALTIC, Oapt. Comstock. PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye, ADRIATIC', Capt. . Theae ahlpa hare been built by contract, expreasly for gov eminent service. Kvery r.aro has been taken In thulr coiutruo tlon, aa also In their engines, to ensure stroiigtb and speed, and their accommodations for passengers ?r? unequalled for elegance and comfort. Price of pasaage from New York 'o Liverpool tn ttrst chute cabin. SIM: In second da. 919; exel't atve uae oi cktru size state room, front Liverpool to Me* York, 90 and 20 guineas. An experienced Hurgoou attached U) each chip. No berth secured until paid for. raoroegn datw or saiuko. r?o? *tw TOMS. rK<m UVBRFOOt. Wednesday July as, 1KM. Saturday luly 28, 1AI?. Wednesday Aug. 8, IMS. Saturday Au;f. II, l?M. Wednesday Atig.22. IHM. Saturday, I8IHV. Wednesday Wept. 5, lHt. Saturday s?pt. 8, I860. Wcdnewluy ,':ept. 19, 1W15. Saturday Sept.'ii ISM. Wednesday Oct. 3, 1HM. Saturday Out, II, ISM. Wednesday Oct 17, 1?M. Saturday Oct S??, IHOft. Wednesday Oct. 81, IW. Saturday Nor. 3. IMM. Wednewlay Nov. 14, 1866. Saturday Nov. 17, 1 W>. Wednesday Nov, 28, 1864. Saturday Dec. 1, WW. Widnisduy Dec. 12, 1M6B. Saturday Dor. 15, 1 864. Wednewlay Dec. JB, 1856. Saturday Dcc. 29, 1866. Knr lrelrht or passage apply to F.DW. K. COLLINS, No. lis Wall atreet, Now York. BROWN. HHII'EKY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KKNN AHD A CO., V Austin Frlam, Loudon. B. O. WAINWRIGHT A CO., Paris. OSORUE 1). DRAPKR, Havre. Tbe owners of these slilps will not n? accountable for (fold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stonea, or mewl*, un less bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Shippers, please take notice that the ships o( this line cannot carry any goods contraband ol war. Black ball link of packets.-for livbrpooi. ?The splendid last sailing ship NEW YORK, '?!,<*> I loin burthen, Cup tain Bryant, will positively k.hI on Monday, the hth of October. For terms of cabin, aecmid cabin and stem age, apply on board, foot of llneknian atreet, Kant river, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South Htreot. FOR LIVKRPOOL-HT. OEORGK'S LINE? THE MAO nlllcent and celebrsted clipper ship BADE it, U.400 tons burthen), Captain Alnsworth, will positively sal] on Wednes day, Oct. 10. The new clipper sBlp Escort will succeed, and sail on her regular (lay. For passage, In cabin, second cabin or steerage, havlni; accommodation* unequalled, apply on board, pier No. ?j Norih river, O" to DKMARBbT A JONES, id South street and SO Old slip. FOR IJTKRPOOL? SAILS TO-DAY, TUB celebrated clipper ship ONTARIO, for Iamdon; sail* lo-day, tlw> packet fldp S1K ROltKK'l Phi*,!.. For pi.-ia^e In oluier of the above splendid pa< ketx, npp'v tn TIIOS. O. ROfHIB, 83 South atreet. VfOTICE.? EMERALD ISLE TAP9COTT?8 LINK OF i-i Liverpool packet*? l'a< kel of lU'h Od ? Thi well known and magnificent cllppt r ship EMKKaI.D IriLK, Captain O. ti. Cornish, will pi sltlvely Mill on the loth Inst. The acaomrnoila tloiiB l->r ail clan?ei of pa??en^era arc unsurpa <ed.'y application, to secure berths, should l>o made on board, tiler ?W East river, or to TAFSCOTT A CO.. 86 South street. THE VANDKRB1LT EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP LIN8? For Southauiplon and Havre.? The superior tlrst rlaaa atenm^blp NORTH STAIt, 3^00 tons, Watuack, comrnander wiil poslUvelr sail as abovo oo Saturday, Oct. 13, st noon, freclsely, from pier No. 30 North river, foot of chambers at Irst class passage f lln Second clans passage eii rUUD DATES Of SAtUKO. MV TOU. HAVRie AVDSOCTRAHPOV. North 8tar Sept. 22 North Star Oct 11 Ariel Oct. l.l Ariel Nov. 3 North Star Nov. 3 Ariel Nov. 24 Theae ahlpa have water tight compartments, and are built md titled In the best manner (or safety und comfort; c and Insure at the lowest rates. Lettiirs, prepaid, each l?\c. per % or., are received at the office of the lln?, No. 3 Bowline Green, till 11 o'clock A. M. of the day of sailing. Goods ami specie taken at reduced rates, and parcels, prepaid, each 91 aiid up warda. For freight or passage apply u? D. TORRANCfc, No. 6 Bowllnir Oreen, New York. ALBERT N. ClIilVsTIE, No. ti Place d? la Bourse, Paria, CHRYSTIE, SC 1 1 LO KSfc-M A N A CO., 27 <4u*l Casliuir Delavlgne, Havre. FOR FOCTHAMl'TON AND HAVRK.? THE UNITED States mall atesmer UNION, R. Adams, etimnunder, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malls and paa?en^ers, on Saturday, Oct. 2U, at 13 o'clock, froin pier 37 North river, footoi Beach ?u uet Price of passage, first rabln 9130 1V>. do. second cabin 73 LurcaKc nnt warned during the voyage should he sent on bi ard the dav before "ailing marked " tielow." No frelijht tflktn after Thursday, Oct. |R. For freight or passage, auply to 6. LIT1NOSTON, Agent, S3 Brtiadway. The Arago will succeed the t'uiim, and tad November 17. Liverpool and Philadelphia steaxbiiip com pan) h inn sercw siesnMltUm CITY OF BALI IMORE, 2,.K;7 ion*. Capt. Robert Lelt ;h. C11Y OF WAalHIHGTON, 2,3Ht) ions c*pt. Win. Wylle. CITY OF MANCHESTER, 2,110 tons, CaOt. P. 0. lVirie. ..res or pass, tor.. ritov rniLADiuj'iiu. Saloon bertha . J*J0 Midship " lift 1 ? i ward " 46 I'ldii uratmat. Saloon berths. . .21 luilneaa. MliNhlp " 17 " Forward " .13 ** Including Steward's fees. Titian Class I'A'-?jiijkkS. ? A limited number of flilrdctam pa'tengers will be taken from Philadelphia an I laverpo' l, and lound in provlaiotir. Fioin Philadelphia f.'K) | From Liverpool *45 Ccrilfirates of parage . V ] 1 1 be Issued here to partlei< a ho are denlroUf of bringing out their Mends, at corresponding ratep. Draits on Uverpom from XI up warda. An experienced S'tr geon will he earrle<l on each ship. All goods Hunt to th" area's in Philadelphia and Liverpool whl >e torwardeil with cjouoiuy and despatch. Far freight or passage apply to SAMUEL BIMTIT, Ageat, 17 Walnut *tre?t, Pldlalelp i t ; or; Broadway, New York. AndWILUAM I N M AN, Agint, No. I Tower ilulldiogs, Lirerp<>ol. F'OR CALIFORNIA.? NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA Steamship line, vlaNtiora ua? Accessory TruMUIiuB poor, of Mcsrscus, proprietors ? Hi rough in a>lvane? ol the n alls? 7"0 miles shorter tnsn ?ny other route. The splendid doable engine sieaiwMp NOkTIlEltN LltiHT, (UM f< . > ? l? in den, i t.aut Ttoklcpaagh, will leave pier No. 3 North river, ?I S o'clock r. M., precisely, for Puma Arenas, on Wednes day , hi tuber 21, l-.VS, conueo'lng w itli :ie Me ill.. hip Si Kit It A NEVADA. (i,000 tons tiirili nj over ihe Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve mile > of land tr?n?po a>l<in by drat c!a?s earrlagea. For Information or passage at the reduceKl rntejj apply otily to I'll \Itl.K-t MOIiOAN, \gen'. No. 2 lb I'm* Green. Letter hag' made up at the oQlce. Stampod let trra taken fur ii'4 cent-, each. AUFTBAMA INDEPENDENT LINE -THE A 1 CLIP pe: fh!n II. It MILAM, will he 1,-pa VdKi Mellio inxi utiout the li'n Oc'oher. ller a'-comoiodaftons^ior passengers, in first and second eahlna, a, e superior lo any vev-l now op. A few berths vet lor sail-, for watch, sod balance ol freight, apply tn AltkELLA I.I.LloT, 60 IVarl auect, or on hoard, at pier 8 East River, to C. Barry. ATHTRALIA PIONEER LIVE, CARRYING TnF, 1'NIT* ed Stales mall. The beautiful A 1 clipper bark OOLDKM EH A, Ulna, lor Melbourne, now at tier berth, pier No. 8 Bast river. Mas now half her cargo on hoard, siel wul have 4 nick despatch. Guaranteed tlie #r?t vessel. Forfielghtur ;<asrage apply 10 R. W. CAMERON. Nn g Bowling Urenn. FOR HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS.? THE UNITED Slates mail steamship BLACK WARRIOR, J. o. B illo k, commander, will eMMnenr?re< cuing freight oo Frlilay. i?c ^ ai d rail trotn her pier, loot of Robinson atreet, N. R.,al J P. M . on Wrdnesdav, Oct 10. LIVI.MiMO.N, t UOCHEKON A CO.. 31 Broadway. U?OR SAVANNAH? FABE REDUCED ? OHANGE C>K J hours.? Theflroperlor lirst ciass ruaiasiiln hi ATE OF (IKOMUIA, tap. J. J ilarilns, will leave ll^larleiplli lor ir nab, on Wednesday. Oct. 10 at2n'e!ock P. u. Fs ?. i.0. r'eer-?re, V Pssarngeri by ihe f A. M. >r.iin from New York arrive In aintile iltr.e *o take ibis ship. Ag?nti in vew \ctk, BCRAMTON .? TALUfiN, II' Old ?llp, wtier- abate room nievheij tared. The siale ig Georgia win Isave -v., aln asfci.uiOMi Wednesday, Ot-1.. 24. fOR SAVANNAH AND FMmiD A ? UNITED RTATE8 r Mall I. tie ?1 he first ela?? st?a- -l..j. AU<JC?TA, fhos (A on, will iea?e on Wedtmslay, Oc'oher In, Irain pier No. I North river, st 4 o'clm it P. M.. precisely. HI Is of lading gru doo I >'..rd. For fre-.-bt, "pply oft board, or for pis- ur, io S. L. MITCH ILL, 13 Bruaiway. N. It. Iheears 4 'h# Central Rsllr-. d boive Savanna', t \ "ry day fhr M i'V ' 'oiutu 1 Montgomery. 4e? at S?'<: -k A Vf . and 1 o' P M, ? cr re irg srlth the great Somharn mail steamirs leave Is vat.ti.ik for rari. us places in Florida on Taaedays, Thur? 1 iy? d f ? turds J , a'. 10 o'clock A. M Lll. It CHARLI K10N AND FM1RID1? NKMI WEEKLY I U Mi?' Line The steam l..i> Southerner, T. Ew?n. m: '? r ?? ill b ate P'er No I V ?L,on Wednesday, <)?< ? l er 10, x' I o'eb? k P M.. precisely. For frie^h* apr'. en i ard ?t ? re all lollaof ladrng will he mgned, and Cor |>u>s.,^e ? e office..! POFFOIID, 1 1LESTON A CO., ? Uroadw?? i ali i - it" tUt T i' tig1' '? kcts to Jocksoti villa sud Plla ka. ll.e Mai :.,o will v < c-.J, and lei e ou October l.i. rpo hi 'CTIIEBN TP ? TIIR UNITED I ,-ti' . ma, I steam?< p ROANOKE. < aptain SkKn -r. ? leave i .rr 1 1 Noi l, 1 '.V< In -div lu'.h Oc otter, fog Peter-burg ant! Richmond, Oticldag at OM Point Cofnf irt I'., m age i s lir tho Sou 'i will proeee 1 via Peterstiurg wi h it delay, and will arrive in WelHti, Wilmlng'on|Ac. . aa ? ?n anJ ?l'h as Utile eji ense as tf they went rla Norfolk. Ihey t 'cd rot apprehend any danger fram thu fever, at t'.e - ear the Infc d citiee Paa?*ife and fare, Bn a>i riK-m incl uded, lo Old Paint, toPeiarebnggof mch* , tn. Apply w LI UI.AU A I'LEASANTB, Hm. 12 EXTBA PAY. L'XIItA I'AY-N.lVY BOUNTY l.tNl) AMI EXTRA Vj Pay" Office ? Land warrants, "exl.a pay'" aivl balances ? I wages due all I'tl ed ??? nary raUoi In all wars nee I I*'. Uteii w.dows and heirs, p'omply o txli -1 and Mid, and a J kind* of i.aUcs agautt'iie I nl'edSlsu , roooverodjkf EDWARD Bis 'KLL, Agent, late Purser T*. fi. Navy, 'and Attorney and Coupsedor a*. I .aw, <57 WalUtreel A.H'i KOMKJY. 4 hTOMSHIVOLV WONDERFUL ?THE <HP-V '?IRI. .Al having re mortal lo No. S Woos'erstcae' eymtdo.r rien ? s re?t, la pi ? J trod in eunauN with her friends a ? I 1'ie MthHe o?' ail svenat ig hie she h*tiOi: acknowl ? 1/ <1 loa . ratts palmist In ih#?orl'.. F#e Wea.i's. N it ?I .? ran Impart a stei ' by who li peuona an win the atTer. loot ' 1 the op(osi e s?X. ' l<ai tseOra 4 FTROI.'^.Y ?THE CRLFHKATED WBS. PI.EI'BT J\ Iton Paris, a bi*?e re I'laa has hern onetan' , fi .'t*l by Napoo on I , giv a true lnf'?rt'^atlon on a.i ? ve .Mot i'c. t. aeetiona about 'ove, marriage, aod bustneea, are anewiwid bj 'he | ower of magnetism, ?t Igtl llrootti st. AWOND1UINO TO ALL ?MADAME MogR'tW-THIH blfhl; | lied lady Is the most wood'iful astrointfMMI e world, or that aver hs? c?f, known; ?i,e will veil si the eviaise* Mfe. cten the VT} Ihe n hte, and w|lleau<e-P dr ? rr'sges aad >1 ,w il* llseress ol lin later I' I kns'ign, I* sitsi a? oMeiimri.t of a.i wr.o rlsltbir. Ali Who ?ool ? d It.ik Py 'o her lorre :e! sod ci rrnor1. AH Is'sftVisI ?ra ' r ti y foliate, as no ail ill awSofi ka gi ?n to (? itlem t No i.arvtii not aaUabed. 76 Brootaa ?'roat. hatween UaaflM egd t i.iuaui ia. i 'f.Aiftror an? f. all disea^kn i>DtcoYRRin> tn l I cured. If earah.s unerrtM ed?ie? m bn? tees the V* t.d wl. or, oVmis of at sent friends aereriAln. hy Mrs 1* it %, the -tmat re lie t le me.Ua. and business slar'royaet aa imrnjm H '.detv e llg aprtng wrest, n^> I,.;al >eet 0 teaedway. aau?fac' nm ^ larautead r a o pa f . IB V I ADAMH AI.WIM, I ROM PARIS T* tDFn?l 'I .>? ?ei vices 'o the ladtea and gsatieraa* la ?N aw? ingy it" t.a i.'ed at-ovit Jove, marriage, hostnesi a-.d sr. I tali r.?-i.e of the lady or *en'!?nian 'hey ?UI niarr f , a.?-> .U e ?f her TMtterv. IL%m4w 21 lUvuig- gi street, tea# Bvwery. Diicn? ACADKMDBIk D~"aJICINO.- ANOTHER NEW CLAH8 ? BROOK KM academy, 341 Broome *treel; a new claae lor beginner* will MDiaana* <m Tuewlav. ill the feahhmabln dan.** taught In ota ooune <4 loa.on*. Them urn claaee* open for those more advanced. Harly application l* uocoaairy. Dancing acadbmy-broadway, no. ?3#-mr.

PKRACBIO ban the honor to Inform bin pupil* ami rlcnd* that be give* a (treat bull on Wedneadav eve.ilng. Oo 'fiber 10, to commcnce at lialf pa*iO o'cliatk. Kin academy i* always open for leuoti* and praetioe. tar, Broadway. HMEYEN'H DANCING ACADEMIES WILL RK-OI'KN ? at Cyiliagora* Uall, 197 and 1W Walker atreet, on Wml uckday, the 17tn that.: at National llall, TU ami '.iki Party tourth ilraet, on Ttiumiay, the ltiib; and at Bauincr'* Hotel Huboken, on Monday, tie IStli. Claaae* t'or children al I o'clock, and lor ladle* and gentlemen at 8 o'clock 1*. M. HILl.HKOVK'8 DANCINO ACADRMY? CLASSES ARB now open on Monday and Thursday, ouroer of Eighth uvrnnu and 1 weniy (lllh atreet; on 1'oeaday and Priday at '.ill Houston alter', bolwcen Broadway and Bowery. BruoMvti claetea? Wednesday and Saturday, at lots Orange street, corui r of Fulton. Cor ladb * at tulaaea uud maalcrg, 1 to tf P. M. ; gentlemen at 1)1 and V,'j I*. M. Madame auousta will rk-opkn hkr uANona fcliool ou the 14th of October. In Now York, at ilia Chinese building*, on Wednesday* and Saturday*, la Brook lyn, at the Aihcnuuiu, Atlantic atrccU, on Mmila)* and Frl day*. N. it.? l'or particular* apply at 712 Broadway, or No. 207 llewy atreet, Brooklyn. MRS. A. LANNAY'H DANC1NO SCHOOL, AT HON Uwrue Hall, Court afreet, Brooklyn, In now 'ipeii. Leaaona on Weilneadays and Salurdut*, commencing at 3Jj o'clock. For term*. Ac., apply to Mr*. Unua> , at tW WlllougtiOy tlroet, Brooklyn, or at tliu Ball, on the staled <tajn and hour*. Professor doughty's amkrioan dancing aca demU-a, at Convention llall, 179 Wooeter ?trae', on Tun* day* and Friday*, an at Columbian Hall. 2S0 Grand atmet Williamsburg, on Monday* and Thurodjiy*. Hew ch.iao* formed every evening. K DUCAT IOW. OQQ BROADWAY.? BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC, aiOs / writing, Ac., havr been kucorsafulty taught liy W. J. IteiivUlo, ut lite above number, <lurti>K the Pant eight year u Each atiideut la separately and carefully Itutructcd ai "I enabled to readily apply In practice the knowledge impuitcd to him, Term* reasonable. d>1A ?BOOK KEEPING? SPECI AI. OFFER.? MR. DOL bear, i*iy Broadway, corner oi Houatun street, give* nonce that persona kept by the atorm from ?- curing acul'i on baturdiiv, may *ecure tliein tlila "lay and evening <t only flu for a lull uutlmltcd double entry course. Thin oiler la to bene lit peraon* of limited nicana, the regular torma being $?. Al A -WRITING, BOOK ? K KEPI NO. COMMHRCI M. ?pj arithmetic, it. ? l.adie* aii'l itemlemen {no matter bow dellelrni) lautilit ?? perfect ayatem ot i "5iuu.ii uti I p ur book keeplnt? time unlimited, at PAINK'S, 2M Orand nu-eel. New York, ..iid Itki Fulton itraet, llnioklyn. 0|ieti day anil ore nltiK. Vlalter* In the ? I'y can atke ? coui'-ei of u rltlnt; In three da j a. ft urn, (?1 -A BETTER OPPORTUNITY WILt. SEVER OFFER T 1 ? to the clllaen* of New York and Brooklyn than tlie pre ?out weak, for cheap and rapid Improvement In pemnanablp and bookkeeping. The atiliw-rl'ier will revive new nuplw dally thla week at 'be following raicM, vU: lor a lull ripUna Hon of hi* ?y ?tem of pemnanablp, wltli coplea lor tvirae prac Uce, fl. For len loanon* at the I'ollmv Iuk hour*, Tit i 11 o'clock A. M , lor ladlee, and H o'clock P. M.,Hir ip ii'leineii, U, af 9 A. M , and S. 8, and 7 o'cliv k I", M., genilaiuen. f5. Private ItwtruvUon $10, lm Imllnij atattonerr, payable at tno crmun?nc? nient. 'For a ilioniUKh courae of aoulile entry hookkeeptng, Including meroantlle wrliing and arl'hincik, inclivlnu; look* aud -tatlonery. Inntrucilon In draMaitf an 1 drawing rix/in i-eailltig", by Mr J. B. Brown, die dtatlugulalied Mbak** peilan reader, term*, !ti cla-n, fc;. I'rivaleTiuisrii-tlim, I1A. The academy co'i?l?'a of Uvo parlor", conr.ecung u l:h fulilmij doora, fumlahed In ihe modorii lo. Sncoeaa la guaranteed i? all " ? ilil and young." Subscriber* will have ibree month* lo obtain their leiaona If demred. OLIVER ? GOI.nSMITrT, SDS Broadway. fFrom i lie Home Journal, June 2S, IMA3 | In every pr<ife*"lon there I* a recognized Ic.wilng man? one whoae urc eminent e I* * <> decided, that nobody ealla II In (juc* lion. Aamng lho*e n lio teach Die urt of wrttlni', Olive.- It. Goldsmith la jvat that indbiputahlv pre eminent peraoa and recognized head of the profe*ilon. Atewd*y? ano Mr. Oold siiiliii opi ned hla new ro<ima in ihe large bulMIng No. .VO Broadway, corner of f'rankttn atreet and wo cannot but join In Hie general esprrselon of plenaiire. aud aatouiahiii'inl at 'heir elegance and convenience. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WELL QUALIFIED 1.VTI1H dltleri nt branchea of a thorough education, an I well versed In the Rngllnh language, I* dealronaaf Inntrue'lrut one or more of a family lu the above mentioned, apd e?p .ciiilly In niutlc. Hoard ami lodging would bo considered a* part o! con peieatliiii. The heat ot rcfcrenctt* cau bo piodumd Aduren* J. T., 24 City llall place. BKLLPORT CLASSICAL INSTITt'TR COMMENCES ITU next to.m otv T ueaday, ttth < ?et. 1'nrenl* and guar llans dealrlt.g agood (anil! J ?chon| for their chllilrcn, In a tery plea ?an' ami healthy loca'lon will find Uil* worthy <if tnair atten tlnn. I'? loeaiinn I* on I^uip Ialand, ontba Sovh ?f, about -my mile* I y railrtiaa from Brooklyn. Circular* giving f'lrtlur | i.rtleu!*r?, may be obtained al Appleioa'a, 'tt ? way, ami Wm. Ke\au, Esi|., Uu Water h ree', .V. V., aud W. Haynur, Heliport. fVUtENCIl LANOt'AGB-PROF. D. LAOROIX, NO. 1 ? JL' Broadway, eontlnue* to receive newpnptlaon favorah't trrtra for thorough Inatrui 'Ion In 'he. Krer.cli language, Impart li g toibem tho abll.ty to apeak It wiih ttaenay nrul corr cfnaaa i lasae* are uaw being formed, lu ? lo> h tbe n'nnber of icbo lar* will be lllmlied to *li. YnRENt'll LANGUAGE BPOKEN IN A BHOUT TIMR, J? by t lis* new aystetn of Monaleur and Ma'lnm.1 llulio*. 1 adle*' claaae* tn the morning, gentlemen'* eia ???* In lh* ci i.till. Also, private I. -*on*. M Dubo* at'anda twI-M a v.?i k in Brooklyn. DI BOS, No. 1>* ( Union piaoe, Urat prl vate bun ? from Broadway. I VSTRl'CTION? MR. A. LORWES' I'KllHF.W, ENGLISH 1 aiid ' las ideal day and boat 'Slug ?cbool lor )<jung ueullernen, ?r <l day w booHoi' young ladle*, ?:( Carmine wreel, will r? ojiet i nMumlay, October 16 PaMni* and guanllana ara reaoei* fttlly uuortned that ' laes a ail. I Ic* on* In 'hui. lug will be abided to the acidumy during U.a -ea*on. |JfsTKI'< T10N ?A LADY KIIOM PARIS WISHES TO 1 glveleaion* In French rn/age b': -? n a w I, ,il?i loteachthe piano to young beginner* ela- apeak* Engllah and ka* th" be t iceuiiimen lailon. lla* &<> oft Hon Ut the count, >, II Mheral:< i aid May no aiwwcred duling tin? in uitb. A'ldre**, l.iuai. .< 1, box 30*J l'o*t olTli e. MRS. HAMILTON'S KRKNt'II AND FVGLI8II DAI school will re open on Monday, September 111 at No. lit A ett Thirty ?lxth ?'ree?, between Broadway and Seventh a ? bus. Orcular* may I e obtained ai the *cbo<i I, and at HIicpaH A Co. 'a b<adt store, UJ Fulton atreet. R'lSK II1I.L SEMINARY, FOR YOUNG I ADIIV VT I >a> t.ury, C. nn ?lll re open on Thnraday, Novamb) r I. I'.omaaC. M WWte tprlnetpal; can be ae< n at JobiMon'* flo let, No. * Warien ?tre..t, between Ujc hour* of 3 and "> V. M. until Saturday, Uie Uib mat. T1IE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANQI'AGRP, AS Ri; ?iulr?"l for buaiw t an<l eouvci aatiou, can be leitroed In a rraaosatle '.:mc of private in*lrucilms, ftota t!* undir* g; I, * I rond'.ay. room .'4, 'bird floor, w'll li be < ?>abl "lie | in 1*112. Pa?*?!d 'he eiaBiinatton* protcrtbed ny tb. eovernm.tit. In K u rope. F.. TlLlaKRIHit, \?'RIT1NG. BOOKKEEPING, AC -ARE TAf till P II V Is FOH1F.R A DIXON, a? !W?l llromlway, i Vi m>1 mti'i Building inhere .??mlemen are t|uaBlle<l lur meroanUl<t put ? "ills In an aipeilnlnua and *ui>eiii r manner. T ei ti* aavlerale. F' oepec'Uhea .twl : nil particular* on appll alion. M MEDKAL. DR. WARD* l Nr OKTCNATK'S FRIEND CURES certain dlaea*' * xjien nothing else will lure-, no mat ter bow bad. Cure* atu r all dorn.ra have failed. IIOMalllt pre eataa to do? 'bat i*. eare* private lnea*?* quicker **t. i *n?] n re<ai'i"il)y than anything e>*e In the vorld Cure* 4.c bed ?* well a* tlie allgh', while i 'h. r ramadlr* have no eon ?rot it is in va.nto hop" io be cured thoroughly, tot illy, ra'll cully, by any o*l er remedy. Thooaareta have aneat a 'ituc for tut' wthoiit being ct'rcil 'III Uey *ot I'r. War?r? re o*dj If you lis under any other (If lor. and are not iinmodla'ely c ired or relie . sd I y hltn. come to Dr. Ward and h S Will r i?e ' on I hail made lnor ' cuee* than any other living pbyaleim. I ln ti rm the tiufoitiu ate, t<o. iba' not rt .'ying ' n one u."'b . I, lo ? *e*|tia!btcd with ? ' ery lmpr*ii*etjieut, lha-*e gr eat rulvati tgo over rre *t ivfco stil, 'r? at on 'he old sys'* m, that re/julre* i/nii y moo'ba al.eieaa 1 perform < itrea in a* Many raji. I here r< .'Min-aii l* *nii< u?! Hltii IIwjm- illscai-ea. | mould aree upon Ibem tlie dan|er of delay. I cure "iignt <-aa"* In one <iai Pie wor ' known In a week. 80 i'at al s'ree'. one dooreaatof 41* Bt. d?ay la 'he pla " fe> gel rnv et'iooril nary *n,l rapid .en rly unrivalled in everv raajw t. Price (1, wl h a p.iva'e tieat se. A c. re guaranteed. LARMONT, FAKIS AND l/?VfM?N PHntRMD and eurgeon au'tor of ihe Madl'-ai (di?er an.' Mas nag.eGulde 1 1th edition M I a?ea 76 cngravtnu* o arij part oi the contlnen', cli,?eiy sealed, for fl? * ore* *il j a'e al'c .s" * a* f?.r year* pas', at hla eld off ???, 12 it -., |? rOTfoaarncr of i*.ai p roadway fr?to II A M to i. aod t.i v I' w J^' daya ' kreptad. lie i* oinUoually '-nrtng ImndMda ?<! j aT-i.ia l>y I', ail and erpreea, thereby avobhn< ttie naooaai. t- I vlsitit g htm? on Uie rcceipt nf uaiui fee, wttn 'h?lr ?ymp* rt ?. To mold the iiinnetou*. tnuai n?in and knavtab <pn k*, i ea'lrg Una and o ber cltb a the aniic'e.1 thottld uaeaofa n.'d'e* i<f ir" oonauKhig hi* work, aa ihe modiHnea aad ee i lfe? they te e aia then gven. Two'blr-Uof Dr L.'apattenta ? ea| ' ' lA : )? tb- .?e aHleted *llb aonatlluliooal, ***ro#?iloo- rrier c and bervoua dabllMv f.. m-aily In iiacvo'bai ? I. i?<-be"n ? wlndled and Injurid by iketn, before ther apply 'o bio a* tbi ir reliance l> wlfolly upon Rloord'a trra'm .'lit by mercury' ar.'I eopn 1 1,* or* We eoneur el'h o her* In riv. ni' mer, ding l(r. Larmi.iit and bl* traame ?CiMirler d'WataCnl* >"aa's u una. Nailotiil Democrat. I>ay lVjuk, >'ew li r ?'ia' I a I' V Ttoe*ric. XI'.bT IMT'iRTA N'T TO THE LADIES.? DR OF.r?4^ . I oar'a 'elet rated metia'rnal pill* are moat arno itahint 10 lh. Ir el'ect In leaching *r.i 1 rewioving Ike varl<, ,? i ecUlaH ', loipprr ?b ria and olietriHUmao- nature Sjec 'ly ftp' d I' r I' if all*, 'hey art Uke a. harm ?i c sy ao I mild r, ais ' ji t io Invariably eflu iu kei'ly, never fa log Ui afford rs i and a,v,i,y?aui eeafallj ae a p.' ventlre Married 1*1 a wl I foigj par', i ular ln*tr?c fca - In the due. U<ais, |q h h.c. are at tie 1 1 ,e v*ri< u? ?j mptoma ' y which 'b" cauw ? of u*- mppt , u>i, it ./ I i dftrrrriinsd aawi 1 adv,.*? ?.f 'he ttt;i< M Irnjortan' PuceBI por tot. oBMatidMi lull direct, on'. Ra b ban l? ?ii;ns*i by I r. H . O. tiataaner. For e*le *' >1 '?rand all * p?| l.owwry, lUaad 17* 'irccnwl ii Street, 1',I h !ae< ker air ? i bpili.g atreet, I/:; Hoi It road a a y uni bv Dr. Oelaen t i I ' rysir-" New Y k, and at 2IT Ful-o-i atree' avl 11* Atlaclc stf?' '. Itrooklyi All order* an- to t>e a bin -?.! 'o It It O. GRIMINKR. 1#' Li v a'ree S,?|, toll i a.4tr. New York I'oat <gbce, a-. I a Out wlo be *e ,t by rainrti o.ail. rRlTATR CO^'LTvflONii^TiR WATWmT" OON. Bnes bi? Brae-'ce toor.a cla?a of dtsesae li, whieh be tw U- aied "T.'-rs "Viaii tiTeniy thce.saiKlraaes WMOsit .e>? Inlnaa* o| lallur*. 11>e remadle* are miid. a. <1 do n it keep the peit-wti roaa hvalaata, or arpr?e hiia u> d* esri m, ? hue la oeait re eer ' rase* here .a a tart la taanty I <nt ? ira. I?r '.Viuer i. desire* 'o a'ale that, aa maay hi re t een deceived t.y lb# pro n.?<? of certain ebarlatane. and ??aen Ir Jired t>y ilrigs |a err raepeatfuily tavl ed uiiali m the 6r*? place ae Uaare I* Is; cbvre tor cs/na'iiiauona. ? WILLIAM WAlfOJI.ll IK, ?i aay year* enrreoo 'o Uie Ix*k II ?p,u., aii-? at " loe Ca e ar d '' n little's, os p'alee 91 Otoe. W M aiker *tree> oaar Broadway. _____ rpKItftJ RAfo-TIUORKAT *T BO PI AN DI* ?>?KKT, I I'rvjteesed b? It< val l> oer* Fale- 1 ut him and, an-1 a ac<>? sti i tls aeala i,f the r<?4* dc F>ianaa< M 'a Parte, and Aa Ir* perul I ' e^e nf MedK*l>?, Vleoxak. Trie.*!Tiar, .io 1 , ie the ref. <d> 'os genera! dei.iMv, ?i??u*red cvaiaUi "Vei*, a'sd a<: ihe Jie>r' se*.i,g r?*n.?..,ue?!esia aiiaing ftvro ear'? aOwae. Ae. It* af ? c*aar< efosaaKm* u, yO'Ub. manVael and o?l age. lolatM ?I e ? o*U''. *m wo'iid a?i t "-mm lo ia< ed, even lathe g|..'*,tf 'be TrV?*T*r ware on)**, aa.i ado- M- Ailpkia. -a.t hi. | wl nient* ?*rd*b I a e n>ag1e tie*** I'.* lo*" ^eive- his isi '.er i * lie uaa. mtai'.anle in tboae rn'rr. rg km ??"'?s I ate'f T/ s*a>ri.?e, ho. 1, csm t.'eialf and eotlre.y e'a'liaaiaaa # ? t if r . et 'la?.a mw4ar ? ak'ik cs^.a a a?d r- '*? ? hase t.. saw ChO'.gM ea n.'^ilt br ' > tu riin of iha ^s* k ^a <? ? ioi'kk. of 'hs mmMm Trtaonai, No I, a lAsi great ? < ? I ? Ml ".I.rdt ' r 'Jjal r,a***f dtarn 'er* sshwA, t I lately, the ,b-.van trawl- w*'A -cere >rt, v. Iw ?mi e '?eir isnlsm ef >. - i*"ssi''i io,iie?>. e* I srVeb all 'he a>rs?i si .He M tb? ?" i ea. t*A ee/no ^e Fftaae>^*r. M>e 1,2 1 1, are a' ke tevrtd ?f imMr < r arr.e.:, e? d tA a.. Mat jo leg . TVey .1 as 'a ait* tfe to ?' te a a -h?. >.* . | ? ketag aaspomA. f d .a ... ea-ea |i aaet , ?? ? .te.| n ??i ?rate d"?e* aa ado tntss?r?4 ?.* Vait ea t, ia. Airaswl t-->w* i 4e To v.e Wl. ?K"'e?a'e and saTall / ?' *1 A 'Itltlt'fW ?, Iire#r e sare-t. s?er l aaal. " *? 1 ?%, e?^?ee a ??* an?sm*l , i r prdprte" r aad i>?.'er.!?aiee *gMri '*v 'he t u ssl Vjaaw I arid ofoar part * a krr^rtaa 1-v ?^*?.a* a S #aa ase* ' ? g * 1 re S -lanee Mr. Pa r w a ' ''**+*< T ' *r Isiai IMII af th? world nar - e?y pained, a ?d *4dree*a< wt rd>? k> ?> ? 1 pgtr^'AMKOf k**rt?r. Ku^tstef, "M ?*?. eaa j AHUSKBnCOM. BROADWAY TMKATKIC.-K. t. Mimin. aoLa 1 "**"'? w- *: 11 *????. Doori apM at to wbuoww? *' 7)h oflloek. Monday rTtatot October #, wiiJ be preneattxl jf jj' * Ur ?;???-? ? ?? v ? Mr. Vnrrwt t'Mndlua Mr. lauiergan I-airtea Mr. Fanno Polonlu* Mr. Whiting Horatio Mr. Groayanor v.. **r- r "Itwi 9^*8*" "*.?" ? -Mr. 0. Mnr l?t Oravedlgver.Mr ukuim.ii Ophelia MIjm j. Ma !aera Oertrum H'me jaj;iU, TUB WAKDKK1NO MlNHTttKI. Jem Itairga Mr. W. B. t'liapmtii Willi the uilmliablc, tmtUul ?,( VUMklii* ..nd hai lUiwji. BOWKKY THKATRK.? PROPRIETOR AND MANAOKR 1. 1*. Waldroo; Kluge Manager, O. H. Orlfflth*. Price. il admlaalor:? Boxea, 28 cent*; pit, UH mnta; tlallery, U>? tenia: Moxea, 10. M onday, Oct x, will be purformad? LOT It AMU LOYALTY. Mar-ton Mr. J W. WalWtk Luid Vcroey.. .. Mr. Jan. Prior | Juliet Mm. Word NKXT DOUR NKIOIIHORH. BURTON'8, CIIAMIIKItS HTRKKT.? ollOKH OROWDKII TO Kki'K?X K.VKKY KVKMNil. MONDAY? Tlie unequalled popularity < f dm comedy of HTll.Ii WATK& RINH OitKC, With Mr Burton, Mr. O. Joi dan, Mr. llrudicy, Mr*. Uugbea, Ac., tile joiihiIv ol toTO AND RKAKON. Wllb Mr. Dyotl, M i Italriford, Mr I). .Ionian, Mr Merchant, Mr-. riiornu an t Mia* V'.inlly Tborue. Tr?r*T lod Fhiiia*? si-.KIul ,?t FAMILY and THM TtiOliLKS? Viluch piei ra tuu-t be played twice a wwkui ai. commodate (lie bundled* of patron. ?l*i bare btim unable to obtain wain TIIK WA NDKRIIfO MINHTRBU with VHMkln*andhla Dinah, will be played t>? Wedneaday wllb the ?otn?dy. GEO. ? MR1KTY A WOOD'H MINNTR* I?, NEW IIAU.. Ui Uiu adaav, below tiraiid atreot.? OPKN kVKIlY KVKlstNU. Roalneaa Iranaai ted hy Henry Wood Htage Manager Iln (<'brM Vnr Oil* m?k -Ktblmilan Mlnatrelay . noueludtng wl?b WANTKD, ATUOU8AND Mll.UNKRH KOli II A YTT. Torn Clarke Mr. Geo. t'hriaiy ll.ji elegant an I conunudlou* ball la pronounced Dl couincleiil judge* to hi- I he laqpat. the haul ventilated and Ike luuiilxomeM |iivt of Kiiiloplan entertainment In tl"e world. Noti<?.-I)ooi? o pen at 0, and the tiiruUn rlee* el 7 >? o'clock, preelwly. Aduuaalon . . . 36 Mnta. T1IK ORIOIN'AL < HUIHTY'.S MINSTRGUi-A CARP. ? To Um pat; >>nn uf Kthio|iiun mlnatrelty, editor* ? >f new* paprri*, niiiiuider* ol ftffti rr? nnl! jirnprletotnofooni-ert ihniiitcliiiut the llnltut Hiai*k.--T1i* an<l<-r< limed i?ei<? ie?t? "i tnlum the pul>ll< 'ha< the *?-<i tatlon ol tli? imnm uf I 'hrtaty 111 I'oniKi'Uoii * Uu the ?e?ei ^1 oropanie* uiiw travelling utfler the above title U an uaaunii 'loQ uiiil Imp >? I'lon, nw he Int. ie> eonnectlon whatever, in eftti r luHii ii e lliin icir anil every member "I 'hn "OrlKlmil Truiipe," now living, are at present In New York The pub'.lr.V uratnfttl aervati', K P CHRIHTT, the only jiei ><m ol the name of t 'hri.'y at any pet tod ennu/rrd ui a perlorm*T in iiiprehtnta'toi.n ol JUU* R. BMITII'M OR AN 1) TtirR OF KL HOi'R AND HIRtIK OK WKItAhTOPOl, RKMOTKnfn l.-riuv. II til , W?, Hnnlitir, tbowng 'INK UI'NIII'.BD VIKWH, forty fret wlile. of tlie prtnelpil riTIFS AND OBJMTH OF INTKKKHT II* Kl.Ri**. Ktcijt evening, at 7 'a o'elock; ami every Haturlay on, at .1. The m'nlo by Mr. Alwyn Kte'.it of l on-bui. I -i bilitlMon <i> the exbtliltlon, the ee|.-br?4t"i| voealla*, Vl -v MARtON M At'ARTHY, Ik engaKi?l, ami W'H hIu : III MwI-h ar^l ItalUtn rii.uuiie, approprlaie tonga of 1'aly, Mwlu?rbuil anil Oeiiiiany. At'ADKMY OF MC^JO? FOURTEt:STtl HTRKKT.? ITALIAN ol'KU t. tint miBfusii MtKriiu??*rr. SATI KDAY, Oi ober f, When will be given I 'oiilrr tU'a Operior LINDA Dl CUAMOl'NIX. On vihleh n 'Cation iliu pi !? ? ?. ol a ln.U?lou wtll be ONK IMi|,|.AR to all P?r'? of the hmike. Ainpl'hratre 23 een'a. Door* 0| "n at 12 o'clock, noon; the opera ?lll ciimmeiieeat 1 IV M. 1 IrketN may be liad at tlie Acad, uiy end tiio rarlom T1 ket Ofln.'ta. Tiif. okkat maoioian, macau.ihtkr, opknh his >liu;lr Ttmple ever j evening, 4781 iroailvvay, a' 7. Heap poai i. h' 7'j. afiit pc uiriu.i fenla of t e.-i-otiia.iey aa' ?n -ililniC Ui the b?bol<(er tleend ' "O tlie awful ill npiieai ain n ol M ulame Macjilllati r? ' rew yuur mi ra?|i' to trie ailoklni; plrnje," and don't bn frlghlenod. Adinlgalon IKcenti. HOWKRY THKATRK.? M'BCIAI. NOTIOt J> MR. J W WaI.J.A' K lteiintn infoim hla fiicnrl- .iikI Uh* public that Ma [I INK KIT. AND l-AST APPKARANCK Ill'T T1IREK. Will nke place on W'edneanay evunlng, Ocloner 10, ou wb*ch i, rankiii he #111 appear In TWO 1 1 III AT CHAR ACTKI18, M ? huton , lu tUc pluy of l<ov? jlsu Iai fx rrr, And C?R*ts, In the trade drum* of Tiiauuir.. Jio.X HOOh NOW OPBN. Bl'HltiN'H? HPKCl Ali NOTICK. At the urgeut ilealre of MANY HCNDUKD PATROOT, Who ai r unable toobtaln at!"n mi 'lie ?vi ek ly performance Of Uie tao ?-ri St eomle lavorltiM, TDK PKRIOI'H PAMII.Y A .VD I III: TOODI.BW, The Manager hai the p'enaurii of aitnouneln . Uiut lite -e piece* ? imeii totile'l lu popularity? will He plaviHt KVkRY II MDAY AND PRIDAk. The favorite ci>tne<ly ot WATF.ll RI'Nri DKRP, will be plaved ibn ? tiinen ihl^ neek, MONDAY. W!.DNfcnDAY. AND HA fl'IlP \V. rriiK ANNAIJI OK TUP. ITOAM \ KCKV|"II No 1 rei or 'l oi ill .111111' U1 ran comparable with tbi* wi^i te/ lul i iniulattty uf tlie tierformanei a at 111 HTO.VK TUKATBK. The con.cly of TIIK RKRIOl'H KAMII.Y, proilte eil ilx yearw iige, playeil nearly every nl,;l.' :*or th" X.boli ill Ilie Orat ?.a on. aial t*tc* or tliree Uno-a a week lor II t ii i.owimi ? em v, l> ).'t uinlliii.nlaticil Ui Ita atUacuoo. HM ilieOri air til l, i ll away lr> ni tlm d'or* ererynlt it of Ita r?r li rniame It ? III I e |<la . tal twli ? ?. wi .)k, I nerd ij and t'rl ilaja I ill furtbel i.o i Ice. The new comedy of Kin,! Water io n.-i iikkp l? lii w In Ha IH'Ii we.kof anc eae ? a >.uo ..a ih.ii nightly In iy r-i. H e pi. ...V U'I* uriii lmoiia |ir.>l?i bi tlie p]ay ;ng cfthla pli oe at tbla tbentra. It will be t i? aicd tlir- o Uno'a a v. tck- Mi miaya, H'tiltn >ilava ai.d f-aiunla^a. 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Mr. iWuddairi I Mr*. "??".?? M" Alk? Dewnii. . VnUM HOW MTOU'l HU' KK (IKTTINO. MKTnorOMT^NTIIK.ATKK - HKO ADWAV. OPPWIW Horn I lUrei? Uuuia <>|ieo ai 7 o'rUwfc? u> runtmaoo* MS prt'Claaif. I.AhT WKKK llt'T ONE OK K A <' II V. I. H KDKaKrmriii, prtvUiil* (o li? r daparlnra Cor w?tiih ttiiraiUMU'iu, MdMixr, Or'ubi-r f, Un- lit r la?' i.irio. Oui itclli' '* TruK'-fiy , Ut (ivo nrin if II OH \ ?' K. < 'amino... Mlla. KA'710. Ailor w hi. h alii bo Mivon, tixjuiaply w I'li liio drmra ci Lba public, I A M A KHKII.I. A IPK hf MIJo IIAI'IIKU to COli luila v? 1 ? 1 Mine, (ilranfln' i cuuiody, l.K I'HAI'KAl1 IIT.M IIOHUJUin. No fr?a Ism a?.-ai.i ill ? fr.'w lli ?'ii*r .taya ill pariiN uianra? MmxUya. WodurmU J? Ml Prldaya. On W i'.ln<'?lay. fur '*>?? ?i?m Uaio, M illlK HTt'AKT, by aa* pr?._.d?ilio. ________ AIiKMV ?IF Kl'hII'.-yiiVlllllKMtll hrUKKT.? lorutii *ii. m 1 1 ? 1 1 > i m i .ii OnMOMlAY, O. I,..r i. 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