Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6981. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADfERTISEMl NTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. POLITIC* I.. PTH WARD-UNION AND H ARMONY.-AT A MEETING 1 of the Democratic Republican Convention of the Klidith luncd district, held ttM Worth street, Oct. h, Cap*. Junw I. augh was unanimously nominated as I'oimcllmiii uf (ho gbui district. 1). 1). 1 DKSON, Chairman. Iia. McNultt, Secretary. Til WARD.? AT A RPECIaI. MEETING OF TDK 1,1 ?v) ijuor dftiler* of the Sixth ward, held at the Cooper Hou*e, ?corner of Hroadway and Waaler ? roe ?, on Friday (retting, ^October 6 th. 1865, tho following gin'. '-men were elueted <1 <; atea to the Hyrnouac Convention : -Mr K. Marry, A. t. Doah an, A. Walfnntt. I*. G \KK1CK, President. J. P. O'Oeoshv.0111, Secretary. I l nil/ warp national dkmocr Kor.?At a mm |lu ins oi the Democratic t'otive. me iwn v -n . uiu Council district. held at 8J Chry do <?! . nojVVednesday, Oc lober :t, 1W9. (Or Uie purpose of nominailn a suitable person lor Councilman, Michael Co..sidy was unanimously rioml uated aa a suitable person. Committee. ? John H. Ewlng. J > eph Jennings, Hopkins [Thompson, Wlllli>m Conell, Hu-ir Itin \. inni WARD.-NKW YORK. OCTOBER 8, 18M. ATA 1U meeting held at tho Ten >t Wa.-il Hotel, for the purpoae ?>. nominating a Councilman for the Tw euty seventh dlstrlot, Ml rtiael CasMdy was unanimously nominated lor Councilman o that dial rict. JOU> UILLIB, OWmM. Jona At.n.tcu, Secretary. Committee.? Francia necker, Edward Bridget, James II. lEvans. "l^TH ianuiil PWTBICT.? AT a MISTING OF TBI J.O delega'cs to ihe 16'1? District Assembly Conven! ion held ot Smith's Hotel, corner of Fourli avenue and Twenty -seventh Bdeet. John U. Anthon was unanimously nominated. CORNELIUS L.P17HUY, Chairman. C. QoDrstT Ouhtbek, Secretary. I"1?TH WARD.-AT A MKETIN0 OF T'lE NATION AT, lU Democratic Charter Convention ul the Sixteenth war 1, held on Monday evening. Obtober 8, Charles A. M ty was unanimously nominated aa e.iiidida'o tor Alderman. Mr. May being thereupon introduced to the convention, mid uotilleJ ot [ his nomination, accepted tho came In an appropriate manner, thanking the convention for tin* honor tint-" conferred upon him. and expreBshig his attachment to democrat!-, principles, and determination to uphold and advance the same, denouncing all proecrlptivc and fanatical parties aoil principle*, and calling upon all democrats tu unite ami e^ert ineiu-ulves to aeoure a democratic triumph. JOHN !> MAC GUEGOli, C'h'n. liinar WiistY. Secretary, pro tern. nTHWARP NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. ?At a meeting of the Democratic Convention for 'ho For ty-sevenib Council district, held at the house ot V. Ilenner, No. 1 avenue A, on Saturday evening, (Jet. 4. 1866, for tne purpose of nominating a suitable person tor Councilman, John N. K?> Holds was unanimously nominated as a candidate tor thai dis trict. KDWAKD CARAGAN, Chairman. Jons Mahtiv, Secretary. nTH COUNCIL DISTRICT, EIGHTH WARD.-PUR snant to the call of the General Cowmitteo of I'amtnany Hall, tho Nominating Committee met at Banae'a heatlq uariers. No. AS Mercer street, on Monday evening, at 7}i, o'clock. Mr. James Irvin Murray was elected Chairman, and Mr. James C. H. hlnelalr, Secretary. On motion of Mr. liaese, Mr. Jonas W. Phillips was una n<moualy nominated as the candidate lor Couneiiman of tho Seventeen'!! district. On motion of Mr. Thompson, Mr. Goo. Iiurnehc and Mr. Geo. Tulsa were nominated us Inspectors of lilectlou In the first district. On motion of Mr. Sinclair, Mr. Jna. Irvln Murray and Mr. Ceo. Cox were nominated as Inspectors of Election lu the Second district. On motion the committee then adiourned. J AS. IRVIN MURRAY, Chairman. ,Tas. C. B. SisCLAllt, Secretary. 1QTH WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CHARTER At/ Convention will meet this evening at 7 !>? o'clock, corner Fifty-ninth atrtjjt, Second avenue, to complete their nomina tion*. FRANCIS MACDoNOUGH, Secro'ary. OATH WARD '.-UNION AND VICTOBT I? AT AN EN U thusiastlc meeting of democrats, held on Monday ev in ing, Oct. H. 1H65, nt Continental Hall, corner of Klgtiih ave nue and Thirty fourth street, on motion, the following pream ble and resolutions were uoanlmoiul> -idnptcd:? Whereas, llie democratic party ot tho Twentieth ward am now divided Into portions styled to t, hard, half shells, while pht lis, 4c., and which divisions, II contlnui J. wl:l result In tlia defeat of the drmocrac.v ; therefore Resolved. That we hereby organic ourielvn* ln'? an as f Delation to be called the Twentieth Ward Democratic Union AlMOelatlon. Kesolveit, That the members of this association adhere to, and sustain In theory and practice, tbe reputation* of the De mocratic National Conventions of IS4.S and IH32 The following oflleers were unanimously elected:? Thomas Mann?, President. Francis Rowsev, Vice President. Wm. McClalr. Vice President. J . R. Pagan. Vice President. THOMAS MA N.SOX, Chairman. <V18T WARD.? NATIONAL DEMOCRATIO NOMINA jwX tlon for Councilman of ihe Ofttli Coum-.l district, Joh.i F. Uroderlck. JOHN OARRAGH, Chatrmiu. Midi u i, J. D. McGltkn, Secretary . 99B WARD. TAMMANY BALL. REGULAR DKMO Zi eratic repah lean nomlnaiitn.? Hor Ald? rman, lion. Nicholas Beagiiat; opposed to the Maine law, and ti'o worling man's friend. He waa unanimously uintiina'eil b> uee^amtuon by the committee. KKN'KV 8CI1NORR, ADAM L.IJLY, JOHN ZIUMKR, JAt'Oli ULltlCH. At a meeting of the tenth ward national Ilemocrnls, lipid nt Tollerton Ha. I, No 63 Chryntle street. ob Wednesday evening hist, the Hd last ?nt, for the purpose o!' nominal Inn a rellalilo and staunch hard shell democrat, r i Councilman for Ibe 26th Council district. Mr. John Willi tnison whs unanimously elected. TTT THILL L.VW30N, Chairman. Lorn F. St HAicrKR, Secretary. At a fcll and regular meeting of thk Second Ward Democratic Whig Charter Convention bcld at the Rainbow Hotel, Recktnan street, ou Monday evening, Oct. 8, 1866. for the purpose of nominating a candidate lor Alderman of the Second ward. Mr. A. J. Williamson bavin : declined the nomination. Mr. Gideon Clifton being iinanltuoii<l v' noral titled to fill (he vacancy mmi respectfully declined, wben Mr. Hiram Corwin wan put In nomination, and received the unanimous tote of (he convention, which was accepted? For Alderman? Hiram ('orwln. Councilman? Gideon rill ton. Ame?or- Klchard Miller. Conslablcs? Richard P. Marshall and Samuel Tate*. Inspectors of Election? lit dist., Joshua (>. Abbe and Julian Bntts; 2d dlf-t., Joseph Manning and Carlton Footc. School Commissioner ? John Ylooper School Inspectors? Gilbert Graham and Henry Phair. School Trustees? C. F. Smith ami Joseph K. Dot v. JOSEPH MANNING, t'halrmaa, Oilbkht Oum, Secretary. 4 T A MEETING OF THE NOMTNATIFG COMMITTEE XV of Ibe 2Kb Council dlatrict, held pursuant to the call of the General Committee of Tammany Hall, James llatma was ap pointed Chairman, and Abraham Straut, Secretary. On mo tion, Edwin Walnwrlght was unanimously nominated as the democratic candidate for Councilman for the 2t)th Council district. James Hanna, Francis Morange, James M. Sayre, Daniel Smith, Abrahum Straut. DEMOCRATIC REGULAR SOFT SHELL NOMINATION. ?At a meeting of the nominating committee of the Forty seventh Council dtstriet, held on Monday evening, Oct. H, ai Kssot Hall, No. U9 Kiwei street, John X. Dlehl was unani mously nominated m candidate for Councilman ol s tid district. E. 0. UKRNET, Chairman. AkTBOUT WlBIOM, ) - - ? - . Jacob Becker, J Secretaries. FOURTEENTH COUNCIL DIS rRICT ? SEVENTH W VRD. ? At u meeting of the delegates of the National Demo-ra tlc Council Convention of the Fourteenth Council (harlot, held *Mhe Seventh Ward Democratic Heiidou irters, I r.'t Madison ?(reel, on Saturday evening, October d, 1865. pursuant to the call of ihe Stuyvcsunt Institute (Hneral Committee, Huijb F. McCaffry, Esq., was called to the Chair, and Patrick Toner. Ksq . appointed Secretary. On modon of France Olnen K<|., Anthony T. Gallagher was unanimously nominated as the c,in rtlhateofthn Natloual Democracy for Councilman of the Four leenth district. Hy ord^r 111' Gil F. McCAFFRY, Chairman. Patrick Tohck, Secretary. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOB STREET COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. COX. INDEPENDENT NOMINATION OF HON KRASTL'S Rrooks, for State Senator fm;ii the Slith IMstrlct. Tbe dtlseu* of the Uth, 12th, l*h, 16th, lith, 10th, 2s?Ui 21st and tM wards, f composing the Hlsth Senate District are Invited to meet at tlie HWodrome, corner of Twenty-third ?itreet and H road nav, on Thursday evening October II, at 7 o'clock, to ratlf/ too nomination of tbe Hon. Erasing Brooks to the Senate Dodworth's Rand Is engaged for 'he occasion Eminent speakers will also address the meeting. Signed by the follow ing Delegates selected by tbe electors 'rom the nine wards ? Ward 11? Wm. Bow <1 man, Jr. Ward li -J as M Thompson, David L. Yonng, Rtifus E Crane. Wm E. Blhetl. l#? II. W. Ocnet, Hiram Wesner, Thomas F Riley. E. O. Calkin. John Gau'ler, 12? J. R. McConnell, John G. I.i?bth>ly, C. N Decker, Frai. L. Sealay. ' Wm. Oakley. 30? Htt.t.ard G. Stone. Kencer Gregory, Daniel Garvey, rcelius Eels. Jauies Kearney, 16? Cheater Drtgge, A. IL Campbefl, Jsmei 1111) yar, Robert l.eete E C. Dederer, Jl? Francis L. Harris, llenry Snyder, K It Sherman, J. B. vamum, Jr. Win. II ilatgh', 18? Wm. Chester, Win F. la kaon, D.Alonr.o Cmbman, 11. B Cook. Isaac W. Smith, 23? Martin < 'twe. Joseph Di\ ine, Gorge Feliaor, Tbomas Cooper. Fea'icis UmtuK'sr J$? James M. Cress, Albert Vanderi.eck John RM Nathan R. John Ridley, Pster Van Riper , Lang. The repi'blicanh of the city will meet at the Tabernacle, this (Tueaday) evening, ?? ,H o'clock, to ratify (he do/o gs of the Republican Convention, held at Hyra cuse. Septeti l>er 27. Hon. Henry Wilson, Gea. Wye, Judge Culver, and other eminent speakers will (? present. JAMKH KICNNKDY, fcomml'tee M T. S. RKRKY, j Arrangements. firE, THE I NKR8IGNED, DEEM IT KXPRDIENT AND f T proper that a ccnvenUon of the members ot the tier mee' nt a General C-oovantlon, for me purpose o' adopting measure- to sartire the election of good, wortl.y and competent men, without mstlnctlon of party, to (III the l aspe-Mve of Judges for tbe different nouns In this city. I here ore, we r?st<ee(fully request that -he member] ol the bsr of this c.iy meet ?t Masonic Hall. *10 Hroad?rat , on the UiUi day of <k ui ber. Instant ai o'clock, P. M , for the purpose of eipre* fling their views In relation to the above. eTc Delevan, Luclen Blr-lse/e, H. D. Lapaugh, Richard Bustned, Porter k Freder ks A II. Plolllus. T. A. Talmadge. flee., liar tow, T. B. V-vn Buren, Welcome R. Bee be, John S. Won't', card, Alfred Roe, August IIS Ifc Brown, Wu H. Woodman, Wm. H. Browne, J. W. C. Leverldge, Cbas. llenrv ?>mttU. Robert D ilo ntes, Guy R. Pelton, Joseph T Mills. R. F. Amleews, B. W. Bonny, Hcoiee, Cooper ? H. B. Bryan H. L Clinton. I*iatnore, N B. Hoiiowx-, P. A. Van Bergan, E. B. bhafor, A. Coijwall John Van Vleck, (Charles Donobue, J A. Ilryan, Edwtn More. J. W. Lake, W II Suitor I. IrftbbensCbapman jr. B. T. kissam, E H to<arHiis, John D Borchard, J. A. lihermaa. H. P. Toensend, i^ueb 8. Woodbull, Loresso Fairbanks; Jus'ln Palmer, A C. Bradley, A. H. Dye?t, Moses Ely. K. C. Milla, Alanaon Nash, B. W. Andre sra and others. . NEW PtHLICmnH. ANOTHM KKW TIlINO. I shalftssne csrly In Ihe season a large, splendidly go! up Pictorial Tor the hoilidays, entitled THE COMIC PICTORIAL; i-on'nlnhig a great number of bvhl comic cuts, mil a won dertul varie'y of skull's, jokr?, KOBfwM and furriY thing- to ton loving leader*. Price 6,'i cents, mailed imul to 'Hi r<> ceiptol price. T. w. HTRONU, 98 Nwwn street fL'HT PUBLISHED.? I SPECIMEN COPIES ORaTLS To f J music teacher I- Mid seminar le-. Tlw* Utilii-n Drop tv'im tiseh, 3Sc. 'Il l- Rivcrdalo Hcbottish, 36*. *pure my Hear1 from Orott'lw Old, fiongj Z'r. The aliOTe three pieces, com nosed by JuUiui Met*, are truly beautiful, sud will be mailed lieu for "6c. COOK A HRO., S13 Itrotdvmy. QKYA8TOPOL II AK FALLEN. O A LAIUJE PICTORIAL SHEET, t .'nntalning correcl views of Sevastopol ami Us Cortu, BaU It lava anil env irons Sevastopol and lid camps, llie Sea of A") i' terrific explosion in Sevastopol, camp sceuc In a storm alllel aiiillery train, battle of the Ohernaya. Correct peruana of Napoleon, Alexander II, Pellsaler a d Menclilkolr. AlFn lull accounts of Ihe great conflict that resulted in il> dowi.fall of Sevastopol. Present position of the coiueudin j arm lea. fold by all booksellers and newsvender?, a' 10c. Send or ders to P. .J. CoZA.Nd Kooto-elier and publleher, 107 Nassau st, N. Y. Liberal discount to dealers. wwpcaujb iorom A P. A.? THE MKMI'.KKS Of WAflHINOTO.N LODOK, ? No. 2, A. P. A., are no'dlied to meet at ' lirlr lodge room comcrot Oroveand Hudson sin., on Wednesday evenluv, Oct. 10, at 7Ji o'clock, Hi business of importance will be transacted, lly order, D. TOMBS, W. M, W. llAiiHLi, K. 8. CAUTION.? THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY C VUTIONEn against persons to in* unknown who are soliciting ?u'> scrlptlmiH In ino upper pari of Din city In aid of Engln ? eomp.i ny No. 26. The Police are hereby requested to arrtat surh person or persons, and will confer a great lavor by addressing either of the undersigned. R. JACKSON, Foreman, 110 Stanton st. James R. Ei.hlv, Secretary, 71 Dclancey st. CtUYSTAL P ALACK FAIR- IMPORTANT TO MRU J chant tailors.? A now Instrument Is on exhibition for measuring and cutting coals, li takes the form of Un; body and tratistrs it to the cloth in less than one fourth tke usual tunn required, and makes u perfect lit In all cases. Tailors would do well to call mid ex.iuiinq it. Mercantile library -lectures on turkev and her institution* ? political and social. ? A course of Uiree lectures will be delivered on the aliovn subjects t>y Mr. Oscanvun, of Consiaiillnople, at the Mercantile library Rooiuh. Amor place, on ilir lMUi, L"-d. and 26th of Ocuioor, commencing nt h p. M. Tlcke's for ilie course, $1 ; sini;e lecture. Oily cenis; io be had at t >o 'i arki.-.ii Kuhv6, tU& Broadway, and at 'h'. dour oi the lecture room. "V ATX!RAI.I7.ATION COMMITTEE WILL RE INSESHIOtf i\ every day in the hack rocsn of Tammany Hall, m, the Iwurs of 9 A. M. till 3 P, M.; tlie ltcmocraUo ltepablican Ad nd&tst ration Committee till 'Juih Oct., last day. Papers must be taken out ten days before cleotlon. N'EW YORK YACHT CLUB? THE FOURTH tJEN'ER AL ineeUiiK lor this year, will lie held at the Clu'> lloun', Ely ulan Fields, on Tbur^day, the 11th hast., at 4 P.M. Ilintufr at ?1)3 o'clock. Lists close ut No. \ Pine Street, on Tuesday even ing the 8th lust. N. BLOOU^OOO, Reo. Secretary. VfOTICE TO CAPMAKERS? PROPOSALS WILL HE XN recclveil at the Mayor'* olllce, City Hall, until the lHth day of ( Cober, in' i , for 'he supply oi live hundred blue cloth e .p , for the Un> ol tliu Police Department ; Ihe caps to be in idem all respects like Ihe Mimple at die office oi the Chiei'uf Police, an I to lie l'urnbbed In stn I| (]unnlitlcs and at such times as the Chief of l olleo may require. Any cap furnished o. lulerior material or workmanship will be ucremp'orily rejected. FKlt.NAf.lR> WOOD. Mayor. PLASTERERS.? T1!E MEMBERS OF THE O. P. K. Society ate requested to uttoirl at George Harriott's, cor ner of Twenty -seventh street and Sixtii avenue, on 1 hursday, the lfth Inst., tooirrvnsc bualneM mitten of the Kjcleiy, By order ot OWEN DENNETT, / <r_,, TIICS. O'NEILLK, J lrual"-*? STEVENS' WESTERN FARM ASSOCIATION? A ci octal meeting will be hold Uila evening, f uesdiy, a' 9 o'cWk. iu tlio liii ding corne;- of lileeeker an;l Morton street* where the plan, objects and advantage ? of the association will belully explained. All who want a farm In Ww unsiu at a low price, should attend, ax (he terms of payment will en*ble every lieiusti iou* man to get on p.. JOHK STEVENS, President I.ati' President el the Industrial Home Association of Mount Vernon. W M. Jonss, Jr., BceMary, TI1E ANNUAL MEETING OE THE STOCKHOLDERS oi ilie New York Steam Face litlck Works, will take plnee on the IHth InaU, at their office, foot of Forty seventh street. North river. WISCONSIN FARM AND VILLAGE ASSOCIATION f? t old a public meeting this evetilnn, October 9, at 7 !? o'clock, at 1G3 Bowery. Constitution to ne brought up for ? tli pilon. This Is not one of the Peter Funk affairs *1 tlte '1 iv. but est a i lsbedbythi; vvorkitiguienfor 'Uetrttwu benefit , with the control of their own funds. PASHIOSAlliiE FA lilt irniMNERY. Furs, at afs Broadway and 41 maiden lane ? American, R w inii'and Hudson's Bay CompsMn' furs ? ItOSKR A ULSTER con now offer to the puhii for city tin I country trade, an unequalled assortment of tho above, selected by Mr. William Moaer during Ui* lata visit to Europe, and nmufnetured '>lih rrmt rare. Every <!? ? -t . p ? I oti of furs run he found of such variety fliat cannot rail to attract attention. Ever} article will !>e warranted, and sold a' lair prices. M08ER A IIPSTNR, Importer* <.r Pur*, 41 Maiden lane and :W5 Broadway. Homer a ketciium Oiler a large and desirable stock of r-tuis 1 [ATBUi, ruisicu nottesii, Bianoxs Am! colored stmw goods, at t>4 and GG.Iohn street, corner of William, at the very lowest price* tor cash, Mrs. raxltnos rkspectftjixy solicits tub attention tit lailii*s to Iter novelties in Ero'e-li ho'inets, i re reived hy the lust steamship,) of entirely now floxtare, land In (Treat variety, slylts not lobe seen in any oilier establishment ill the city. MRS. R ALU R i IS, 67 < 'anal street. VTEW FALL MILLINERY. i\ THK MOST TAMaONAlLK AStl BICBCSCn STVLtS. R. T. U ILIiE, M nnd ::J Jol.n street, has just received and now In store a magnificent assortment of l Ui.Nt II HO.WMS, I LOWERrt A.sD FEATHERS, llw latest novelties In tho Paris market, It clu lm;j a large and splendid stock ot home mannftetured boftnet - richly trimmed with luce, velvet and feathers of the lineal descrip tion. Ills s">ck also Includes lite greatest variety of H1LKS, SATINS. VELVETS, KIHHONH, And all oilier fabrlca for the manufacture of bonnet* In thin market, all 'if which arc offered at the lowest prices. Tboae in search of t he most fashlnable go*In In the abore line wllltltid It to their advantage to call. R. T. WILDE, Importer and inan'ifacturer, 3) and 22 John street. "VfEW AND EXTENSIVE MILLINERY ESTABLISH it men', lm Blreeker street.? Tito gubaerlbor rcpe. i .iliy desires a call from her friends and ladies generally to an In *peelion of her lsr.-o and fasltlonab e assortment ot slot an i velvet bonnets. To each she f"els assured will m ?i with a decided approval. Milliners trom tlin countrv mpplled with pattern lionnets on desirable term.-'. MR*. KIDD. OPENING OE THE FUR SEASON AT (IKYIN'S BA zaar.? Ladles sr" re |uested to bear tn tnlnd that on Thursday, Ihu li'ii of October, fienln't tnajnlticeni stock of fancy furs lor the winterol lxf.Wi will uo onene I at ;be baxaar. A 13 Broadway. This rare assortment will lnrlarte Run'- tn and Hndann's I'.ay salde, royal ermine, mnrtnn, chlnehllla Isabella, besr, silver foi, mink, fltrh, and every other description ot far used for ladles' wear. T he n.utt's, vletartnes, cloaks, Uppeu, r- uifs, Ac , sre made up In the new styles announced in Paris for ihe ruining winter, and the great beauty and variety of the Bti ck will render 'his exhlbltirm of fur* one ot tho Arte ft ihat has ever taken place In New Y'-rk. OENIN'S Ha/sutr. M3 n roadway, St. Nlrtu>is<i lio'el. Wanted, a Ka'.etmau In the tcnUeineu t hat and >ur depart ment. Paris abtiucial ft.owers.-copartnkhship - Madaine VBCIVATTE has re'ttrne l fumi Parts, an I having as. oela'ed her-elf with Mr. ami Madame Oborite, wlD o'litli.tie io fttrnl-h to ladies and first ch s milliners, (lowers, feathers, wrea'hs, lollet ornamciita in pearls, t*jld and tllver, Ac Ac , under ti e Unn of Clvaue A Onorte i>4 White ?'r . tilrls, French or American, wanted for the bnslnem REWARDS. ii>ir. nnn rkward.-on the uth op septum I er !ast two bolt s were delivered at the (jdlee ofthe American Eipress (Vimpany in Dub nana, Iowa by a eanman from the United htates Ijtnd ? ifTloe Said boias, on their arrival at the Sub-Treasury In New York were fo'ltid to comaln buck shot of ihestre of 14U to the pound, an lpr< ?sed I .ails ot thesbte of 19) to the pound, to the aui in' <u 1,4 pi luds In weight, and Mpotnmls of (beet lead, No. s The bo??-s w .tre made ot white pine, one Inch thirk, dovetailed s' the corn -rs, ahtiut lOJt, ln? lies Umt;; hV inches wide, and In he* deep, inside measurement. Tho bot'om of one of the boxes was Of bem'ock. They were strapped once around the middle with one it. eh hoop Iron. It is claimed by tl,e Assistant Treasurer at Dubnque, that the boxes each con'alne l cold coin lo the amount of $2!Vuun. They were marked with esnls addressed to the ' Assistant Treasurer United States, New York,'* wliieh sards are admitted by the Deputy Assistant Treasurer to be (euntne. Now therefore, for tfce purpose ot dlseorerinx bow tins fraud Was committed, and bringing to justice the perpe trators thereof, the American Krpress Company will pay II", MSI for the recover* of the money, or In that proportion for any part of It; and It lor the at rest and oonvic.lon ot tlie offenders, and they will pay Ubetally for information re la lve to the making of said t.oies, the furnishing of such lead iialle, shot Ac.. Ac Ac. Ail communications should be ad dressed lo the stiltocrlbws. WKUrfl, IlCTTKRFIFtLD A CO., Vew To.k, Livingston, fargo a co? Proprietor* of tbc Amrrlcan Kniress 1 'oauttny. Raflhlo, Oct. s, leM. REWARD -LOST-O* SUNDAY AFTERNOON, y&lJ the 7th iasUnt, between Hamilton avnu" ierry and Twenty seventh ?tt net, a ladj '? blwe cmilWlM t> a'ch. huntiot; ea??. wt "n both ?t.le? with a 'pray Of diamond*. 1 st.'U - w?'rli i? supposnl to li*v<* been |ii?t m th? vtelai'y of Trinity chapel Twenty (Mb *ir' i The Under will receive the rewsr l h> e Hog it St No. 4 Kletcle r street. " REWARD.? STOLE W, OR TAKEN BY MIBTAKE >J ir<m finion.-r iiaiiv.lle, while d!s< barging at per 9 eight birre . f ur, bra t led 'James, ft Roanoke " 12 i?. it . n mi ?i.p< rft.e ?* fM wai rt-eetpted tor by a tennaa. sii[ti Ing h ? name rnotnpeoo. Wlee-ver will give lofortnaUon th ?t wi'l iea.l to Ihe f||?cove rv of ine thbrf, or tke re overy of tee tour, will receive 'M above reward. CHAS II PIKRftON, 61 South street. d-O/l IlEWARD.-fltOUEN. ON SATl'RD.VY EVER I If ft. yit' I) ptember 2S>, from 177 Oreeawlefc street, w larire Miow<**e, ror,tai;iinK n i cy valua ile portrait1 and some of de reawd friends. Any person giving infartnatton ot the s?Tie and pror ttrlrg 'be return 01 the artb ie wll' reeelv tbe above if ward nnd thanks, by Isaac A- Blauvelt. 177 Greenwich v., dagtinrtotjptst. 1 ?"| C REWARD.? LOST, ON RATCRDAY, fWT- ft, ON sTI'-g the New Haven Ral road, a po> get book eontalnioe tie twem f70 and (HI, of <be Sutuford Kank Pu? rtlrnf and several receipts Tb' finder will die a'K?ve rewwr>t i y eavlng H at M F. Hadden's, J strew |<jreenpotii', L. I or at . Thompson's, 14W (Cast Nlrieleeuty. street. N. Y. RI?WARD.-?TBAyi'., OR STOLEN FROM rim , f ILrrr **Y* / V"lnn)' ? hay horse, off -Ide hit^l Pf* ***? '? ?? letiock. v.qrts around hi? uwie- Hp r. h-r T-, JKJStCk .\n. ,u,r' made The above reward w li be ST.. kT ._..*, '1>e or Pit any information w+ie e be avenue, S. V litele, Brotunile oruMNla* IMPORTANT MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS, Two Indictments Agaiuat the City Judge. I CHEAT EXCITOENT IN THE LAW COl'RTS. ' THE INDICTED ALDERMEN. Nolle rrospqui in the fuse of Conucilinan Cooper THE CITY FINANCES, Ac., Ac., Ac. COURT OP OVER AND TERMINER. Ron. Judge Koo*evidt presidio#. OUT notTMIW IN tiik courts? two is DK'TMKNTS FOUND BY THE OBAKD JOKY AGAINST TIIK CITy JCDOK. OCT. 8. ? Tlierc was unuf>u*l commotion In the Court this morning. occaiioned by the painful rumor that smne other city functionary bad been indicted by the Grand Jury for malfeasance in ofllce. luring the argument on the motion <o quaah the iu diriment* against the member* of the (Vuomon Council, the <; rand Jury entered Court, w hen the foromau ? Mr. t'bas. A. Pi.v.ok ? handed iu a bundle of indictment*. Tlie Judge asked fhc IH*trict Attorney If he wish*! t > rneke any motion with regard to the iudictmeuts now predated to the Court' The District Attorney, having looLed at them, said: In five of those indictment* handed to the Court I mm that they be (tent to the Court or (.eneral Session*, in order that they may be disposed of, a* they relate to par tie* under arrest. I hold in my hand* two other indict ment* and request that bench warrant* may be i*sued for the arrest of the parties. Tlie Court ? L'o you regain thoFC t vo for tr'al in thl* Court V District Attorney ? The party I* not under arre t and to motion can yet be made but for the bench warrant. The Court ? Let the five case* be sent to the Sesai >n? and lake your order for a bench warrant. Application having been ma le to the Court by the re oortcra to be peimllted to nee the Indictment*, hi* Honor, at a subsequent period of the morning, wild: ? 'lhe re may have been a seeming iuppre?*inn In tegi. d to the indictment* found by the Grand Juiy. f' l<, perhaps, prope- in order to remove any m iaappmhensioti in In-half of all parlies who are anxious upon *ub jict toatttetbat mnlmnjiM pruri iaalatltita tut# in there wot da: ? '? ludlctmenta found by the tirind Jury shall he prevented by their foreman In their presence to the Court, and there be filed and remain a* public record*; but auch a* are found aga'mt any per*, n for a felony, not being in actual confinement, shall not be (.pen to the Inspection of any person, except the IHs ttict Attorney, until the defendant* therein re*nectlveljr shall have hren arrested." That is the reason why the Court declined to interfere between uny parties to allow thete Indictment* to be in* pec ted. All doubt was *oon removed by Judge Stewart, (the < ity Judge) entering Court and giving ballon two in lict ments; ono charge* bribery in accepting a gift of JMW fx m Margaret M. Connelly on the promise that his action should be given In order that an Indictment foun I against Sin. Cosgrave should he ended by a noll< prwf/ui. The other indictment is (or a conspiracy with a police men named klder to delay the trial of (harle* Kaphoei in the Court of Senaloita. l lyw* I). Krench t li?- Commissioner of Jurors, became Judge Htewarl'a bail iu both cane* ? In the former for 300. and the latter, the alleged conspiracy, for >1 000 TUB INDICTED A LDERMEN ? A NOLLE ritOHEQCI EN TERED IN THE CASK OK COUNCILMAN OOOfRI ? TUP. MOTION TO QU AHII TUK INDICTMENT aOAIKBT AL PKHUAN 11 t.U KICK DENIED. The Judge ? In the caf of Mr. Cooper, are counsel ready to proceed t Counsel? t &>k tLe Idstrlct Attorney If lie in prepared In produce the minute* of the firand Jury? and if no, duet he intend to enter a iwllc jro tpit ? The I i*trict A'.tom. jr sugg. ikil that it was better to wait until Mr. M'Mliou arrlred in roiirt. In the utnn time. Mr. Hrad}- could go on with his motion. Mr. ilraily then snid that he would iri< ve to i|uaah the indictment* again >t Counciluien Wunilcllarid Healey; and also, he moved, on behalf of AlMon Herrick, AUermui, ugnbist wh< in there are two indictments. Mr. B. rend the notice of motion. The IHstrlcf Attorney objected to the rnaliug of an sflidnvit of Alderman ilerrlclc, of which he hvl be^n >-< rved with a copy. Hi objected to the matter, as irrele vant, Impertinent and ncandaloua. Mr. 1'rady took tho responsibility of the eonten'.s of tho affidavit on himself, without reference to anr contri.l of Al !<'tinan Derrick over him, and he denied tne power of the I ouit to preient him reading t hi- document in '|Ue?'!i n. lie prufessed to know the law of the ca?e an 1 to anticipate the :i rguinent* that ran be advance I by his learned ft lend. He proponed to mail an affidavit or a men holding a high i !flci:il station, in order to shield hltn l:< m t l.o imputations unide ng;.lnst him. 1 contend that ll.c s ffidavlt is not impertinent <>r scandalous. but 'hat It la ] e tlncnt und re'ovnnt. if I be denied the privilege of leading this affidavit, Just a< It slnnd* hete, I (hall not proceed one step farther In thin busiries. I"he afli larlt i t-i tea that the indictment wn found by the Grand Jury, ly tho influence of a personal toe of Alderman He. rick, who promised bis protection and (ntiuenee to a wlt on whose testimony the indictment was found and that the Crand Jury permitted him to be present, and rend statutes to thi m. Iileirlrt Attorney ? Does the learned gentleman mean to say that I am l no personal foe of A Merman Her rick t Mr. Brady ? I mean Kern mdo Wool and that bei? the pergonal foe of my clieut. I he Court having looked over the affidavit laid that it was i|ulte clear tha' it cjntaiua mailer tliat is Irrele vant. ypt tlieie would be no object attained in preventing it iieir g read. I ietrlct Attorney ? Xo doubt It will be published, but I do? ire to save the people's time by not having It read iu Court. Mr Rtadv did not understand what the learned gentle man meant by saving the people'* time He did not be lieve thiit 'bidding a citl/.< n anil a |>ublli: officer from un df-seited odium wa- spending the public time, b it If bis lea med friend, Mr. Hall, hail any other matters to attend to It-sides listening to him, he would consent to his leav ing Court. 1 he Idatrfct Attorney could have no more agreeable duty, (laughter.) f!y permi. sion of the Court. Mr. flrady proceeded to n na ihe affidavit of Alderman lJeirick, which is as fol lows ? Anson Herrtek being duly iworn. deposes and siva, that he in one of tin- Aldermen ot sal.! a lly aii'J itia' I ertiundo Wood la .Ma\or thereof. iVa' sii ep .*ld Wood entered npon tlie duties of sai l mayor slty, abl er eoi.troveis* has arisen between him and depo nent. * bleb has n.ade Mid Wnod very hostile to deponent. I flat depooer.l Hone of the editor* and pub Ushers ot ih* New York Ai ' t. a weekly new-papar puMmh'-d In the tl> afore -a-d. in wliiU the oSlclal a-t* snd private ckar*<-tar of ud W<<>d lm?e been for "- iJ.e uiontiu past It'cly and severely <"h tic; wd and censured. 1 hat one of fh,' plans resorted to by ssl'l W. >d In order tu vruttty a *lndl<-tl?e "?entment inwart.'-. deponent wa*. as d" P' l.n.t he ne< n in "rineit ?nil believes to procure una Kil' n.ouii h. Warim; to at'eud be(uri tiw t Jrand Jury at Uieiraei s on tn tlie pre.'M in Iiti, when Luther Carter waa fore n?n ami said jurv tiavng l><ei. .lutiiwned tn the Court of ljet? *1 Hsumtia oi tlie P?.,.e for tbeiliyand rounyoJNew V' rk and listing app< areij arid been owomi belore the Hon. Jsmi ? bmilh tlie lUiorderof the mid rltj : Ibsi upfriendly relations have tor some tuns pasi et.susi ha 'wesn defionea* apd said smltli, but 'he la'te. and I smaiwto W' 0<1 Lave been, aud, as Ibe depocent bruoes, yut are, tntl rrn'e. That d?noceni hsd no' t een arretted on any charge, noe wsa any charge made agalii^t htm. for otli' tal mi e.'n<tuct, un til ib' of said Waring before -aid 'Iran I Jar) . and deperert had no knowledge, lul'oruuitlon or ?u*phcti n 'hat any i r ioi\al a> tlcn wai < unnti need or contemplated again 1 14m, ijs ii| be learned iba' be bad heer. Uidicte4 on the tesilmony of said Warlr s Ik-.t the whole proeeedinga tn piwnse snrb Indl -eient orl glra's'l Wl'h ?ermndo Wood. a? 'Irporien' has i een stormed and believes, and waa U? Ihls 4epooeM setre and l iandi^ ttne. ? , And 'bU deponsn" further sta'ea, on Information an't hs:ii-r 'hill 'he said wimnea. Wartng. wh?>n be attacded bef'we i I Graft .fury, ohje. tetl 'o giving any le-'lmocy to the ?l.r t in be hau bribed or otTi rsd to bribe den ?nsni, on U>e ground tb.?i su't 'Clmony mlrht erlrrlna'e ?aw Waring Tbat itepciji-nt has also bean informed and bellsvee the aai Kertiando W?st waa In the </raad Jary room when W ,'in sniered It and objected as above mealionefl ?m sueh nbje" Hon t.aing naita sael Wootl look up a book and real fr< m i efpialoed. a statute under which said Waring wan ca.leU to eisnilnatlon. or eiamined. and nald Wood In the preaene? and

t earing ef >ald 'irand Jury, who were 'her. engaged up m ibe ehsrre agalnal depot, em. aastirsd aaid Wsrlng that the iav< r Shou d be prtiiee'ed t"im all pr??eentloO? d-r Ills s|,are >ii ai. tramaitton be n>t i 'eetif* ao -o', and that be (saM W'<?d. wnald aae 'hatu I happen lo aa>l W -rlng ft>r hi connecui.n Wh i t ;f be would answer the fiesu n p ed. i f- ,s , in of the Orand .fury, l.u ner I arler then ami !? gave s?'d ? artng a^urarrtes. and "M t in, thai the saW Carter, i r the tlrand Jury, airaal . had in thep posaesswrti lesomony whlrb would ooanrs said Waging, and Inuniaie. ! hal it woo id tie uaed to hie Sla^hanls ?? if l? rstased to testify against deponent. The', as ite| unent haa Keen Informed ami Iseileraa, iba saw Waging tesiuied s gains' itepnneet nw-ier th'slnflue'jaairf %a?d aes'irar.'ea and lb pea's: and on hie tPsUfTaav sfi^aa sa nent nsa baeu informed sod beiletea. Ibe lodietsaani ?*ali i depi rient waatowuit. Il? potent lurtber nl'h tbat no wrifen c/iplaio. and no slJMatlt was submitted by tbe 'irsn l Jipy aP rung 1- |?g*n ?? far as deponent has any know ledge mf"TAa'.ian nr i,e *t Tbat ahen the said nrorwdinga Kit plac?^ i.h- re >a 1 'iaand Jury, tkera waa penalM before tbr l<angn>m OmU a m> > :? whu-b deponent bad i een a>nsa in i ng - . ??. .1 was sough! o, eijoae What dej -T-". ?1 .. . ? "eves, te be a gr< ?s fraud praeiiga,) b/ said Wood '?? ei'? ot !*ew Tork and Its treasure. In a recaln tran? u-ooO re la'he to Il?e raMng e? a raaaal mi'ed the "Jo^enii falser will' h bad been suak at tha la* o( |?ot?e stgwet. tu lae cUy <1 .Mew Vnrfc: f tJ?i aa deponent haa k*en Informesl and Lilaras iba ltd I.utberC. Car er wm oot when sarnrooaed aa a '.rand Jnrr t< r the Hep'emtaae '?rtr. of ?ald 'V iri of fesijent, n rr when sworn In aa snefc Csrand Juror nor ha ? he heen v a> ) "t?e ?<nee a retCile v af tbe etiy or r?i nij of Kew |a| bet h?? bete *. a residcm u tn?sii tnt/, lu Ihr countv of Queen*, wliere, dtn-fn* all iwhjrMr. ho tie* dWe't with I Jiully AI*SON' IlKKIUl'K ?wo. n ibe'id <>t"nber. IfOS, betore Nattno Pa\U, jr., Cotu oik-itDerofP.ndi. Mr. ltiac'y tbcn a ked ft the HUtrict Att<rrney had ajy nll'i'HVi' Hi unswvi 10 IlioM lie hail read. I Tl r I 1 '.tii' Attorney laid he bad not. Mr Bifuly then moved, on these affidavit*, that the i/..;l, 'iM u'K I>e quaahcd . and ho protested against t iu 1 intiioi Attorney leading any aftldariti) no the subject it ?i y I'utuio ti>gc nf the proceeding*. He moved to quaah the indictment* mi 'he ground* presented intbeaitil* Ti:> ? Brat, in thogrouud that the foreman had uo legal amltoiity to act <n gt r nd jury, und had no right o ai'.miriater an oath ? ?> much mi that he (Mr. It.) woul I hi r. slier contend that no iudlctnieut lor perjury couli br maintained on an oath en adininlatered. He shoui e.iiiteid tljut the sccrct and malljrnant prosecutor o AUJertr en Hernek wa* permitted into the Grand Jury ri "m illegally, to a i?t in tile proceeding* of that tribu nal, and to lulliien o n wi'nos* t?? teat ify against Alder ?MR llerrick. iVii- moti n I* made to quash the in ti ^t mint because i i supoiscd that it la the only mode to <"? ' r< . t the irregular (tie* here eomplained of. Tlie law |w> MMi'i.t tin ii hi r way hy which a man e*n he relieved tri Bi II is ii di' inu nt. It in true, 1' an indictment Is dc ?t< ti ?? lie can he relieted, and that the Court can qua*h, but in the caaeof ir.egnlarilv in lindiugan indictment thu rileijdautii.i i uo oilier way hut by motion. Connie . n terie.l to the c *e of the I'eople yn. Sevln*, 1*1 llill, 151 lfi'.i. and In lie ci lietltutioral |>owcra of grand juries, to ahow tbut their door* were cloud against any inll Tiduul but the tneinliera themselves, and even the DU liirt Atti rnev himself muat withdraw when bin duties l.< lot r tin in f.ave l ien concluded. The statute providea tliiit no ci uapirnt'.r shall be permitted to ilahble his )'!>udx In thaatream of J'i?tice or pollute that tribunal with I is (,re?eiie.?. Mr. II. went on at great length to cotili lid that t lit i e was no other way of obtaining know ledge of what occulted In tlie grand jury room, cxetpt by mfoi mat ion and lit lief; and win n the defendants could I avo couipubty ptoccn, ho pledged him.elf to >r? ti' e\ety wi nl contained in the allidnvit. Heaven oi !>id that he should be h'-ard to impugn any man on or rtf the g.iind jury, when an ufli<lu>lt of ten Hue* would pu'ge Ibeni; but in the absence of any alll itavll on the other aide, he wn* to presume that all l.e had heard was true. If the ilefeudiint could ni t be Inurd on audi an nflldaffil a* be had pre reiited the grand Jury might have been all alien*, ai d there waa no lemcify left him ? their acta would lie ei.ti i iy beyond the reach of the taw. He rehired to the rare- of 1 j.mbert vs. tl>e I'eople; the Htato v*. Rickie; the Mate v* Ilagner, 1?t (iieenloaf JI14 and in referring to Vharti ii'* ( nminal Law, ISO, Mr. Ilrady raid that the want of i|ua)iQ(?tlno of tuefoieinun of the llranil Jury i* a eoncluah e tea son for quashing tho Indictment. The I inflict Attorney had said tha' it wa? scandalous for Al <li i nut D Derrick to charge la hi* ailidavii that hi* malig nant and personal foe wo ? admitted into the (Juud Jury ioin>, but what bnslnes* bad he (Mr. Wood) t Wre y Oftti ii be pielcndfli that he wa* a wltnen* f Who nride the Mayor of New York the official adriaer of the lira nd Jury? t\ en- the defendant* iharging any th ug ugainat the Mayor thai wiik not well foumied Y If Mr. Wood advised the wit ft i si. Mr. V.'ailnp. latheOiand Jury room, h" (Mr llradv) 8- erled that it ?a* agaiuat the conatitutlon and the Uw ol the land, anil if he eipected to get a decent jietty jury in New Vork to aauction auch a rourae, he would find hi* (ll-?l | ointment aa deep a? iila malice. Mi W lilting, on behalf of hi* client, preaented an afll oavit of Mr. i yketran, dmilar to the othera, a? to the re idtnee of the foreman of the t^rand Jury. The Iii>ti ic' Attorney Mild tiiat in rcg;int to the caae Mr. Cwmcfliron Ctrnt vliM mm wiwI on Saturday, the Inw aaya tnat the (Irani! Jury may appoint ore ill their body to act a* t-'ecretary, and that tho minute* fball be delivered to tho liiatrict Attorney, If the ( iiiiiil Jury rliall *o direct. He (the l latriot Attorney) underatooo that the Crand Jury, in thl* caae, had di rected the ci nirary. Not obtaining the minute* of the l land Jury, he would read unotlu r affidavit of I'eter I aim, made In July laat. previous to the one read In tht* cn>e on 1'rbiay laaf. Mr. Hall then read the afli lavlt, iu which 1 eler I aim *aid, In July i?*t. that tw i day* after hi* | eiltien wa* preeent?l, he went to the Hoard of Onun eiimen. ai.d n^kul Mr. Cooper If he could not get hl4 con 1 1 act iimuiilud. oper said he could not talk to hliu on tl e euljcct. but polnte<l to a man wl'li red whUker* and enveli'i i d In a clonk; Calm apoke to that mm who told hiin fha- it would ie.juire iOO1) to get it through the Ctiutieilmen. 'Hie afliitavlt of Mayor Wood, read by the IH*triet At tniney, state* that he wan aumuioued before the lirand .liny an ti wdni i; tliat b? bad no communication with them except a* a witne** and that that wm the ouly nmi he wa* brought before them, that no que*tion.? were n ked in reference to the llonrd of Couuellmen, and thai the querti) n? were only in tcfeience to one member of tho )t< nrd of Aldermen. Ibe atHda\it wa* iwnrn to tlii* i ruitg? tictolier H. ISM ? and ;iet* out uUo t lint iri Jul/ hi t i i ter I aim came before the Mayor and made the ac curatli n* luntaii.ed iu hl? attidavit of July Uat. ii e liiitilel Afirney .?ald that thl* ?hi w that Mr. J !n. maki * an affidavit In July which contllet* with thi . II d. vit mai'e by him in October. It would lie the very beijil th of Irju-tlce, In the absence of other testimony, to tu 111 an indictment on *ueh eridenn* again*t any man. Hi ( tl e I iftrict Attorney) bad therefore flinply to call ii|k n the ( our! to enter a nolle in/tii in the ca*e of Mr. < i oj it. He w :w eati-fird, from tbo affidavit* in the case, that fl:e table* *|i?uld te turiml? that 1'iilni hvl not ' nly n'tempied fo bribe one member of the Common Council, but aeveral. lie moTid. tiierefore, that a no IU jtr i w*/Ut l.e entered a* rigard* Mr Mr. Whiiing would prefer tbut tlie indictment be quashed. lb' I i.trirt At'irney ?ubmitted that n ?>.,'/<? frnm/ui "ti an indictment i* a more (anting and wild act. bec*u*? ?l.<0 an fodicliiieiit I* oaaabed It doe* not prevent a new ? i.e I elrg found; but when ? rwlU /mm/Hi i? entered by nil officer of the Court, It not only conclude* that fnllct t cut. but any other that may lie formed on the *ain? ubjert matter. ine ?' 11/ i,rnirr/vi won then ntfrM. Tbe District Attorney Uu'l nplM to Mr. Ilraly'a ur ni< nt in the rn?e* ol Alderman llerrirk and othera. He ootiti -nded that It wa* the peculiar prov inc of the <?rand Jmy to find i n?1 ir-1 m?*nt ? i>gain<t any per eon In the com luiiiiiij. that tbeif aroceaitliig* were nece-tarlly Mcrtt, and that the < ourt liai no juriadlction over them. Th" Iiarned coun-rl had aaMimed certain proceeding* to hare cccurred in t) ? Ju < y r"?m, which he wa? not i-apaUe of I ?? <?> it?u . i>d4 which certainly c uM not he advanoed hh an xifrutni nt to qunhli an indictment The hct of Mayof WkkI having ii feeling airiinM the drfi wlant * ? hi* being In tbe jury room ?*ninlnitig wl'neaec*? eould not Im* II. ate the finding of the tiiand Jury who were worn to di?' large tMr 'luty lietwei n theuifeWec and the people, Judgi Itoiaevelt ?hI'1 ? It i* well underatoid that there are two in ?!<?* in whiih complaint* an preaektad to a urt knit Jaty. In civil aui'it between two mlividiitU, the e> mplaint require* nothing hut 'he aignatunof tin (arty i r hi' ?uhr*rna compelling the Attendant to an wir mod tti*n the Code, even i.< It now atanda, enact* that the co i plaint need nut I*- i-worn to Tlv- -ignjiture ? I the a. t< ruey alone w old call upon the othn aide to defend himeeif. Ibm wf^at *ro called criminal *ulta that i?, Hull . where the people aa a body proteat, or the ( li iutitr in the imjlaiot can lie pre*aoied involving im aceuaatioa ' f felony enleaa that comrilalnt I endorsed by u |kk!j of men railed the ' firand Jury,'' of whom at leant twelve out unite enilorned with a declaration up utt the hack <>f it thut It i? a tiue Mil. And that decla latlon, howeaei It mint be borne in mind alth "igb ii ade bv a I ody calie ' a J uiy, I* not in the eye of the Inw? f>f'lii >igt) ? n/etinie pretwnd' d by thoee who a i not lawyer ? a verdict. It dune not of neeeaalty in y tint t'.e a/ru*atIori i* true, it inflir* nothing more '), an that tbeiela evidence enoegh whither tine or not, to wanant a complaint beinif filed, and to n.urant an order or proce?- t'comjii th' arroaed party 10 defend bin. elf. Tliat I* all. It U then br the petit Jur* -a jury of twelve men alone? to determine, after Mm na the evidence for the j,e .|,le and the evl denoa lor the Helen ce, whether that acetiaatlon I* well fooaded or not. Now when an accusation of thli kind la pr" -' nte l I; nn v t< w-t. ?- ha? heen property Mated by the roan ii ti i the aceured In varf" - way*. It m?v he met hy ? ii i tion to not It aaide alt< )fi'ther bit ?one irreeulartty, '?r f? r ?oma 'j?i>e which due* not g" to o trial of the rtfb**: in ottier worda, to u*e leRnT laomage, ? motiuq n ay I ? n.ada to c)U*>h tl.e charge- -not !<? try It, hut t'i i|U?'h It a- prevented If you pl*B?e, hy an improper Lx?ty tmpri) erly o'yamtfd *? i Oram! Jury ?bo baO no Jnrladtetioo ?t all. Another prie-< Ming rr: y be by wt at in callail a dilatory plea, or n |iie* it alatnint That *K*in doe* not tu into tUe i??u' I' doe? not peek or yurpooe to try tlie truth or talmty of >b- cbarpe. 1*at plea la theri-fcre calU-l (n t*w ? dila tory ( ten? a plea in ati*'"mrnt. A 'thou ??> It i * Uie a mi tion to qiiii'li, It 1* netting out in form the plea ih*t n ? h?a cr,?e |? rtated In the form of an alhdaeit ?nd the ? in ?' aliate nieana but llttto ei?e but to qwt*t. of ttiuch dona. There l? t.ow< v?r. thi? important dllbr ei e in Ibe rourae of U itermining that ?p< ..f u?ue which I* tboe ireatol. trn e rn /tinn to o ua*h the |?/1 y n king It -uMaln* hinx 'f antlrely by affidavit an I the p'ltdik prmerutor may ir.ewt Uim altldaril. hy a't.ika ti * ii j, .u 1.1* part ? u|<in b- th aide* written alata. ' ut . drawn up rx f,,ru? made by wltne?>*< wUii ?ie jwt to b?' ei?iuliie-i In hmo court, and 11 i. de by wimeeai ?. It l> home in mind who a/e ie 1 Ua l ie to a . uh|<rna t'. r<upe| them to ie?tlfi who natther < an '? tutnpelied t' attend nor m tlaf M cnaa eun ,i>??! by the adver-e par'y li'-nee, it will he ?????, In a O" a ?!!!. h"W eiceedingiy <>n*aU*fcetorUy II. lawny . i tf ?uch a tru-ee- I. g nu>t I/" w)*re tbe'e 1* an !?? .* ? I lart between the parlM*? mbere tbe? di/pule th> fact *> ia daee Iwve. In < rder to lllo-'rate if -my* ttie laet of the reeidene* .rf the foieatan o| the t. mA Jury to ?? % tuatternf imreetanee In thi> raae. It tkeit Vf t i . O ' Iridi " meat nl It be one) ha I bean et up la tt.e a .f a p i ? In *h?!*n>e>i' a? t the paUia I' <~*-'it'ir I .1 4erm-'l the n '.ega'Uiti th'-a the altae >ea could have ? - en .iL|'i n:i e>; U' Iry t!?at I (awe a* I undarrtaad it and ?1 ?if r< uH er ? wo. uM ui*'ii tl?at i??ue. Hi. (krtef I I ka "if n ight be aqbp?-ni?4 i.i-oo that iaaue, and h* in ti ng*t.d in '-pen rourt to Tetern ine eua' the f?ct wat ? W' e'hei be aae m *%? n>>t, at Una a .*?) Oi at or inl a* ttant . f the etty ??< Saw Totk* "n 'hi- mi tt r. n> tl n g of that klad <*- he d ?e. It I. **td how ever tint ?? I* c n,j.?"efit rvr |b> t^xirt to o.der aha* l? ?U- 1 a rafertixia. fllli a < i? - to dateenn e diapatad laeta upen aiifb a L- tlw*. fba' la a pr'.rtii n er.U f.lj ?ri ? n/ i.ut i f tbi code and the <o>i? i< It n ?? .uiV U n ei<t? a v de of etri) vt ?ee< ui?g? Th* propr^art er loJuai e"de ba ? never y?t ?i?en ae'ar! upon by th* Ia?t-!*i ui and tbe (irtivolt na tliat kiava l<e?u laco'po'aUn Int.. <Mtf iff en , ij criWilaai r-i?ttera retnaia* a' tbu t|ra? a n?e?e >:e*d letter I kaaw <?' at |< war aader the la9 aa It now ''an< a, latHialral eaaee where the Cour' <4 <>y ?r. 1 1 ermlier can order a refcuar* whota a 'Mt baa >?e? t'. ..j',' up op* D trim |?per> with a view to <l?"r mine the l?eae of facta artai -g U{a i. a *-*e to oti</B. Ill' I Ten aapyeMiinc that tbi* nwti n * *a I' | i-*va all the l?n?iit of a plea It abatement ?" far ?* the t??irt eeti ?! gtie |t Uat Uei.eit ? I at then I* th% rale evia a* to of a'-a'-wat i Her? l? a provWoa bare I obawrte in the etatate 'hat I *nn t^e'. mer? formk ?uie td y ntOara ? fa aortal to, no ?urh p'ee to an in*?" taent altould s flired by any cou?t nnlea* the pa ottering ?uv)i |? < eliall prove the truth thereof by nfM?*it, or by m*m<* ether rililroo. Now, it will be borne in miml that to order to prevent d' lay* in ciminul ra/-<?. the 1'ifUlatur# have prov idid that you ahall not even go to trial upon u dilatory plea, unle-- flmt verified by affidavit. Thai Veri fication would not decide tin- truth or fel-ity of the i il ? -i but you >h*II do! go to tilal lM-toii< a Jury, if it )?? au Inane of liiet. without aueli ve-ilicaUon ? rcn if it wen a | li? in abatement. 11ie truth inuat tie proved by affi davit or by Dome other evidence. That would be another utep in then* criminal proceeding* It ha* been ire ((iittntly *ehl by coun-el lor the a-cuaed, that If there ?< ie liny detect on the face of tha indictment il rni^ht be demurred (o. There are two ground* upon which tin* mo tion proceed*? one U irregularity and the condact of the timud Jury in allowing certain matter* to take place liefore them and the other It the alleged lile pnlily ill the;>o?itlun of the ttraud Jury lt?elf. We are buand to pr?Kuiii?|that the liraud Jury were act lug under oath, and according to law ; and that If Mavor Wood ?a* thern be wan preaent an a wilne.-, auh|K>nH'd by the Juiy, and if no he we* lawfully there. If tbei.rniul Jury enw lit to have pre.ent Iwlore them twoor more wiinta^e* at a time, It *?> for them t>doaoor not, n>> in their Judgment titer deemed necea-iiry to the enibi of ju-tico. It W?* perfectly competent for the Orand Jury to call upon any witneaa to teitify. The learned Ju?lge ??? of opinion that uo satisfactory evidence had been ad duced by the defendant') to prove that Mr. Carter, the foreman, wan not n resident of thl* rity . The tirand Jury ?a? a body comix 'nod ()f the moat reapeotable among our citneiiH, ami il w*h ti be prelum ltd that no mo tiro could influence them to ilud hill* of Indictment agalnat partli- upon exutrteor unaatiafuctory teatlinony. The conclusion oftho Court. therefore, mi, that there waa uot aufticUtit tvidctne to overthrow all the |e if*1 preanmptiou* ariting out of the hlffiuga which theflrand Jury had already made. If he were right in IhU C inclu sion the motion to Ijuitah the lntllctuient inual be denind. He t' ok IhU courae more readily front the cireuui itnuno that it did not in any manner, affect the real merlU of ti e citae. Miould, however, upon a more erllleal exami nation of the aection*, Id" mind be led to u different con dual in, he would let the couueel for the defendant* litre the benellt ot It. Mr. lirudy asked when would the I Ktt rint Attorney call ou the defendant to pleadf ili*t rlct Attorney ? I will call upon him now, Mr. Drady ? Wo will plead to-morrow morning, at toe opening ol the Court. 1 Utiict Attorney ? What will your plea tn>? Mr. Brady ? We do not a?y what our |dea will be hut we will put It In tomorrow morning. The Jud/< ?Very wi ll, gentlemen . let the t'oiirt ive ad journed till the usual hour, Tueaday morning. In the meantime I will look at the atatut* a, bat 1 have no doubt 1 f-l nil arrive .it the ante conclusion. Adjourned to It) o'clock, Tueaday morning. COURT OK GENEKAE 8BS8I0XH. Before Hon. Recorder Smith. ) '' terdny morning there wa. an Immen.e concmiric of r-.|le.H,,.mb|.,l at the Court of ..onera, CoU. "letlngofUwyer., merchant., judge* ??') ?<tba. who were there in expectation of ao exciting time, In con*. I' ,'! '!"T* U,? 'ndletairat of Judge J.rn uT occiipica the bench of thi. Court d irliur ti,,, n n ce ""hfi!'r Igh I to" !*?/' 1 >'"? ""'U' hi- a,. A" xlnU.' of ami??. ' very i|ue?tionahle. In 'hi , *Vi..rt .djoitrn? UIM2 ,5, WkTt? '"a'!r f"r ,H"' ,h" HO A 1(1) OK Al.DKIlMKV. ehlir I,'*rd Uj' , 1'ieniileril in the Alderman l?AK?. at the open in#, 1BP1 , u,t u, would re. 4 utile hi* actlre ,)utle? in theb..?rd, UVH, TV report eo., Arming the award of ont.^t f?r i ()0(l Iron lamp ,**U to Robert Anders, a, two cent, per pound, was concunei in. r . M< ATWY. * ? f h,b"; ? T" ?" r forth in ?ertion? 117 u,?l 11H. ti?. ; 'of ti^oHhuKelr .n MM."^tl!,n ofVe^n,,eIfV^n T "" ?ion waa referred to", ^'cl^t.. . IIKIOJITH AlMUIKn. .venu^^T' VifthanH Tenth aleo I Ifty <?< or I ?t,e?t, h. t ..*-,1 Eighth ar. nue ~ vvr :r >F ofi,|"nJbu? fare., ?u,| the .wiudii.-g ,/(|,|? of ^'JrV ln f^rln* change. Hu.idrr report. f",m the Ki-l l\ J. weTe M uflr";!""1' oLr., "card adjourned to Thureday. BOART) OK COtJNf'ILMK.V. Thi* Board aaaembied U.t night at their -han.W. in the flty flail? the Pre. Mint. li I). Con rer in the ohalr. The minutes of the l.?t meeting were read and approved r> tltiona were Hr.t in order, hut no,,. . f any Importance were | rented followed, but n .?e ??e p?. rented of any Importance, iinia.. f| he ?ne predated hy li* ";"', ""'"r P?rcha*ing gr ?n 1. at market VVTW""' M,"t "" l"'M? ? f ? on ilarketl ' '?"?*? - referred to the tWuitlee .i. erlT., "I' f",r edoption. and .he fir.t r??. ,7 W8f "P?rt leirulai...* Ih< .ale . f T.v.-Ubt ? which r'mmmer.ued the loilowlng ? tJ: ,"1!"; 1h;'' '"Iiirnitte.. on "rdlnan.e. te an ! rejwl an ,?.l|?an -lore IJif- J))4 H*utt? i>\ III" ? T) . t ? , , . "rre<l to the tor mittJTtbe Wlu^l " The re;, rt ron.ldered ??. tUt re<-..n.m.n !i,^ the appointment of t"harle? |-,rk, "" "<!" "' th* U" ti e . Ity Mr. I'ark. ? 1 " rt"P *ho til l.tirte^l Seoeath t?.? rain. Jontitriga ehithlag e?tah'i?hnrfol l?.t je?r. while In the dlwhaigw of hi. duty n,i. re,,, t an^.e ?mm#a u ,'_n were r.fvrrrd to t!.e IViminlt'w i.f the W'i, Tie it. II w i,g ,e?. lutt-.n w?. the,, ad/.i.i.-d ? v "zzr'r '.tt,!"* A re j or. w? then v. I fr?m ,Vj.r(1 .U , , , .' " "? Marh*t?. n n c n rriia with tb> ?iitd ,.. (flui.rl,,, and adtwHni; t/. ibHr a? ?"?'if'"* " ' I K- un; ?.? t WwMncti-n toOmml't'.ee'^M/;;^.'1' ' After ?,n.e fur. bar unlrop. rtant Sii. n^.. ?) e Hoard re-oWe.l it-etf |U,? ( ?,m?Hte? ,,f t|,e Wb-le, w.t;, i.?t, ellfn. ,1 I u.'knej u tije rh.l' Af'er 'he f ..n-lderati/ n of a f?w r..,*r a thl> ">m mitt... wh"h her. aire,.)/ n ?l/.^ tr, the II,*,,,. the I aid bny uraed ' il? (? ur o'< '-.k naat Wclnea-Ur afternoon. ' AU>f:ilHE'X LOHIt AM) f.l.Y v*. MAVoK WOOD. K.matf the j ?['?*? .1, uttwo wwk. .lore ^.w.b^ wh .' b it w\. .aid H.y..f M., 1 rbar,. ) ? K fi AkVrtaaa Ki; Alderman l/>r>l It app*?r?. e.K O?e.'t?^ ?Kle ?f A darn. an Kly awj the Ma. r ,UuiM h.,loa m. |. Ui?char;-? ? M#- V'/fk jff 'J u , ' Hon Kn?SAVi>? UV<ti r A : ? L'j* r fi ? ;U** *" "" ?'( ? d???t? m la* r 7^"?- ^ ? - to:.; "a-,,;^;, ' . ? fcat<"t Al lrrrnei, wlli r..? t. ... Wh# ?.ar io lb* . ? ?f tj,a. a^rUw?7?v 4 ?^te >oa ?ay , t Ua,. u ?t Uara-f. I.? V . e-a.wu^i.? dlftrreai fr-n, you. ,^1 >I>ae ea.Uely uojv-l to Aidermaa K,' la J?-a ?|lh. 1 . hi- ? u |a that t??Jy ha-> a>.t b**a ii. I! t j pt, ;?? a I .a*, to ? t ig' a bf 'e^iylng a> f 1 e?rike?? eo'.r. i< lane* a* I thick tie. ra I. ??> a>i e,.pr. <a la the ?"?d i'f A ' tr aa ?iy aad '^f tl.i |.a 1! I' .. u. ? 1 -,a di4 aay ap" that '*-?*?. ..n |,J a. I? >Ul .. rewl '?i4aV a td thai y >tli iiian v?r/ r? .11/ ^war oha ?ilatit Mriaat, rtrfced) l> b U> Kt>. M.T '? . r?n ?, New V.^k i>et. R !%M f U? f a-?ln r? 1 ?y t" yoi?' ? "f 'tie .d >rJ#. j hav ? t.i .?J that al'l "Ofh It I* trwe I >a.d uwt Ilk* oreak alluded ta by ;?? that 1 nM? W/ had e?arap? W..a?> *?? ./.e ?>?id of A Urm~t, tt la wnl tiwe tlat I <a'd ?? lotaeded V. 10 ji?> aa -[>T> , tt a' h. had ?? <e?l aoer .piiy -/u theaa . ?* '* hlm ?ay th*t. a my ur tt>. ll.-i f* >ft(~ H? j - 4 4 __ _ l4 lm IS ittiB Uiat ta? lftUfrt'r Iim Ml tam e?a f 1 '>? dk*' oaqfe of hi. '-n*4al da. Ma :? 1. a* p- ' V> ?d. <hat th? Ha.eww u. la ?h* aww?^a .,a' ? ik< 4? at. aiiiMI In I 'ad mVI That *> (*? ?.n .0 <i ? a ... i" im wj ? K? .. *' t to-at ^a'.nf U/t?nea. k*., I* Mdaiiy >?M 4 ?h I b*.er ??' aay .aeh ^afua. nor iua4e taa ?:!aei.^ to hi. law. ; at ai) T 4i4 ra*?? W. h?a . .? if >a <!.? t.ue t^aa <4 4t*<iiltag ll^*, ia4 la ?j.< Xf W. T.U hae'<g re??le?ith? -4 ike lit ("?*** pa*} ?t tte l?>t ?WtV*. hat >4 a* tar f' rg?i the prop i let tr* of life, or wh?t *n due ir< my o*w m It or pnaHiua, a* Mi refer In any manner V> h4a fun 11* n? to hi* d.m. tie r? latino*. That he wa* once * il. .tiller mv t iifl.-rt hi* poaitlon, fo f even were It dlariea'-'Ai.te to t?r in ih*t liunlnawt bo lia;t lo?(T *tnc? abandon.'* it 11 r ilrkate ieferrt t te wa* marked by extreme Mtt*f ur*? nu all ?h".c? unit it U ',uite lltel/th?t AMitfiii? My ?? ?(H ?? n.v .-If, *nid kim thi'wre which ?*>ul4 nat h*ve lneii nii| under other otrcunutiiiicc*. I'il ml>llf> I have no ruikitid feeling- tn* ard* that if. ntlcuinn. It W I m |1. >ri lilt till * the b. iu?able member* <tf the HflaM 9t Aldermen aad myrtl *,>*uld maintain good relutioa* tilth curb other. I wouM >ul>uitt to much from thiea mb Consideration ?I the public t?|. rr?U involved. To ant with in fii llko y> ?nd other ? ol kn-.wn Integrity, I am icady to m*ke perioral (aeriflce* ?.f leellng *>r IM public ithkI, lint v. *Il the corrupt I inako no term*, H>W ty. quarter, or eee^ n> alliance \ ery trul) , | 1 KNAVDO VV'XW. D. D. I J .lilt Km). Army liilrlllfinrr, TDK COPRT MAHTtik UPON LIKi tknavT TfAMilCMAW, 17MIT*I> HTA TKtt AKMY. Die Court Martini in tlw raw of It Tat l.leutenai|t II <ra??i liitideman, kightb reglmeut of Infancy, *ta'hine4 <tm Coventor a Man*! met yontmday at 11 A M purmanl to adjournment, at flu1 Qii?rterm.i .tor n office, So e, , wta Mrfi-t. The officer* COOptituUug the < .urt lu tutiy were nil prevent, ltre**t Lieutenant Colonel Tli iuuui ^worda ptr iduig The rrnm wnilmHnn of .-etirrtint Major Win. I{c*4, Cr.mnilmtary !-ergeant at tiovornni * tnlau 1, wn. r??i!nnt<, and occupied the entire day. HI* totunony >a* *? follow*: ? When I nlpitdthl check for f 60, bcdlc* I .lent. now prevent, hi* wife ami a ??-n ieman oa a vl-it to IJi-ul. II , I. lent. WlUard, came Into IJitul. II. 's tltiartcr* almut the lime I ?*??< enil'imln* the cbeok; tb# far* ol Ibl* e|ie< k I never xw l^fore en'lor lii(( it, n?r aluoe, until pro.luceU In court. ?J ? In wlioae han.iwi itiu?; are ' j my to h?arer" 00 thiil i h<'ck 1 A ? In mine; l)i? check that I en.|. r?e<l in >'iw tcmler ' par to l>t?rrr. H II." la lit my ha?d wiIIiihi I don't know whetho. the cb".'k wa? far tl.'iCO 1.0 or not, it *m quite <1nrk when I ioi.|or??4 It I did not notl'-e the aiuonut It wan ilrawu for; I raw that It wa> drawn upon the A ?lilanl liea*ornr, N<? ^t.ik the check I kii"* to be ill payineiit fo. ptinrv atou* wild; l ieut. II tol.l me he had ret. lv. t tt fi?n? Ijeut I'ildy. aihI ainheal tue to ??ndorMt It, Ui* bill* dun the pent or nn-? fund hMi l?H*n i i.le out III mj oarue, 1 collected tin- iooiiey* up. n them ur.d ?mt?<l the rt> cclpta; flnce I have Imi n oon.niU' aty ??in?o.i eitr* Hnttr rofli e but e l? i n li e ouly article- m i l out i f til* im .toil", that the commltaiiry wa> urc oiutaMa for; the other eaie? ai elui' *tl\ Irmn th>- ??*Iiik?, I >t.*?'t LlioW which the ?all' . I frenh l*? f inopeily lieloof* !?? with lew eicepil. nc there I* alwaya l eel cti iuf h f ir tb? recruit* and com panic* i Tcr and ale.Te that i*?ue.| lor the ofllcera, ll tile .. Hirer* had not l.~ n furuUhed a |(tT?a ?jUaJitlty, Hint Utued t" tin m would i none to the r*. rruitr, ami the Mirplu* l?|. n?e.| to u,c tirmj-. the rutlon dully aaru did ib.t n-ernli* in one pound and m ipuvrter of btrl; ? little loorn than till ? n tal ell to Im ? lire ainl bnve euouirh for *11 lh" iicrult* that may Juts; what the officer* need i* added I make out t ie return for all the troop* except company A, the return* are flut ed by IJeot. Wilbinl and couilcrtMcn* I hy tb' iiintioing ottic.-r . the mldilloiial lie?h I ?? ?-l fo' officer* 1 una aiitliorirrd to make It) IJeut llaldeui.ili, and to uaka llie return^ cover ?uch i.(VUtion> llj* (he aceuaed ? l>ld you out lell M on oiw on *?!?, ill reijr waim weether. Dial there wan more beef liua would lie lalcu hy th* lecmll* ami ill* I you haliicllar Kive it lo t l.e ottu i r? and id I led that It ?c? yuar buiine** and not ml to and I* uot ' hi ? tfo' oijy dlie ti?N I eier fpivc you reiuiire to (iviuji the oflicar* Cieeli lieet file of I'bargc r A No ?li <). lloa otU-u did y il p ff IJeut. tVlllard mooej? accruing from ?nlr? of the returaa i f the rtcrull* and what aiuouuU. A I p.ild biin ?'im> tnoe? every moii t b, and i.c.tu?Umee every two tii'inUw. nod to on. The airiouni* I cannot tali f-.r July a?4 Augoi-t it en* ?? .1 TVS aud fur -epUuilter hctxeen CM ujiT |V3. Iijr ihr arninMl ar* jour Uabits !><i J hi I'iOH* Uini-a drink to ?*<',*??> lb" Ju''f< Ailvocat* obja'-lod to lltf i|U*atl>ia. Th? ti i in wa* i i??n ii fin llw Court t <1*11 ujkio Mw ((iinti'Ion, h> n Hiej il*<ld? 1 that 11 ahoulfl n.,i l? put. Ill" He i.ifl atatfit tbal ti* bud four 'iiifaUi u* of tla4 aaltli' uluri Willi III* Uat wlilrb li* oiair*?l lo ).???? at Usui put upon tin- r?rord, mi I ban !*d tla?m t<. th* JwWa Advocate, Co i>? li of Whl' i tic Judge Aaltocata ob}*'',?*? alter leading till til aloud In uja'li l'<mrt. II i* nr. uifl ala'ed II kt b? under atonal tb* riif of e*t rjr nfi' t" l?r (but lb* <i ueat I' li? iiilatb' l?r |iul liul that tb? wllne ' migbl dr? lino to miawvr them or iii > a h? jili'sml Tl * ?i ?atiumi in I owt t> IuIIm* ? 1. II * Vrig b?.? juu b?i-u la i!i? b?i"t ' I liloilTg t? l'Iria?v 'J. Aii' jrou fn >, oently inli x i-stxl' it. IUvi- V'U i vrt baa an lltati of delirium trrra?M ft' in nii'i Ivi liln) n>? l<i)? nod wb-ii 4. What waa jroui iiiadilluo al the time yo Ita4 Um ronveriuition *iib rm- abftrla ?nu **id I aakad you t? li |.f?i lit ti. Unit Will a id ll at I bail paid tui flu w mi- riaj- 1*1' r* I icluallf | aid llv Mi ff you n ? 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Mand ?l i*? al 'at JKIt; bti Inoi |(l.t j-rk, flout l aan- r * auger, code* nn tloa, *< a|' vltinar, l*f ill kc Mjr lb* ? <MIM"J. ? ||a t J' ii"l ??t?taa! aR?M>t ?l/ r?a and m.1'1 Ibaoi on jour a" ' uiit to I apiam Vu I i '.t aud iilao lo otberat 1>.e Ju'fK* Ai!?'?-%i* ' I'Jaclad lo lb# ?, n n All piaaant r*n-|>t tl?? rourt ??r? o "l. rad t. a.'b lraw for lb* rourt to ?l*r !? lb* i|lt**li"? I ? "inr" waa b' r'lj "|*ni"l ?t.*B It waa alU 'Wl IbattU' ,?????/? nnil'l I 'd lo put It b*in? li'i* ii'iWk, lb* c urt *ty.a rnf-l, t? luvt again ti. a luoimugat 11 o rlo. k. ('?inntr'i ltt?|ur?ta. For id I .*/ tMii ? Otooai 0 l> nr?*U U?M an irv(?**t j**brdaj. at Ihn >ir*t ward a?.aU"n ho<t*? up-n Ixxlj at an i:nkr.- ?n man wti" waa f 'in<l Ijrlt^g in U?a ? ?t*f at pl*r No ? 1/rth rutr. i?o?a*l a?af .td*ot Ij alitriran from bl* df*?- II* wa> i|ult* joung, nnt Icing our larntj jrrara of air* II* " M d/i *1 la a Uu* toft'ti ?blrl and paaU Vefitl*!. ip, ??*a4 4i'iVtla( hr*i A frit on ?ii r"<Hi ? 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