Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1855 Page 2
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ifUn U BfcxAoo. 81 N. COXOHFOBT'0 APDBK88 TO BX-PM8IMUT CAKKEKA. We stated In our Mexican new*, published J*?.*'?!*'' tktt Sen. Comonfort had addressed a letter to the Am President orf SSrttt-Cen. Martin Carrera-^echn>i?t? aeeept his invitation to meet the other rev?lu''?1?a1J ahiefe .it Dolores. As Comonfort looms *P ?onnection with the prize of the l'reeiitocy, ... Znortant jut now, and therefore w, tr*n. tatothatort of the communication referred to. It u as ;,jli ? ,L t.-a To'* EXCELLENCY ? The very gre. ?t evenwwi ueh UN token place in the canital ?/0 tfoatMf" ?fGeaJBanta Anna, W c0?{"? have necessitated extraordinary a ??" ,,/wst prudence on the the P^t?8t 'leroiH.n and^ne g couQ to taw hJr'out of the lamentable condition to which the cane, the undereigud re wauiki. ^ritb the deepest grief, that on the occasion of ?l, m even's private aspirations are given the rein, and that every one. while invoking the sacred names of inde pendence isud ol legal order, aspires neverthe'ew to turn profit of the individual or ol a class, the noblest ?acrificee of the Mexican people? a guilty course of con duct, which the interesting history o? this epoch, fecund m the etiangest somersets, will know how to quality with the name it merits. All invoke the plan of Ayutla, which is notoriously, and Acknowledged ev-n by these having the greatest interest ?I opposing it, the only plank of ?Ef?ty left t5 us after (tie terrible storm through which the country ha* pass ed but at the same tiiue that they declare their clinging wtih pleasure to this anchor of safety, they openly tram ple open the foundation on which the plan, as a whole, reposes after the triumph of the principles which it em braces. The second article of the plan is so conclusive and so easily understood that It is only by closing one's eyee to the tight of reason that it can be miauuderstood, a* it appears to be by some ot those who affirm that they have seconded it ? an evident fiddty, for if not so w<< would not be met by the numberless inconveniences which are presented at this moment? inconveniences which the plan of Ayutla obviates. The plan presupposes triumph, and when it shall hive eecurred that tyranny shall have succumbed in the une qual contest undertaken by it against oppressed patriot bun, it provides, in a fo'mal manner, that the Generaj to-Chief of the forces which will sustain the plan, will assume public power for the purpose of assembling the national representatives, and that they may choose t heir ebief magistrate. In this manner anarchy n rendered ?n all sides impossible. The Question sought to be raised, without the slightest reason, on the true meaning of tins provision, is completely useless if it be considered that the General-in-Chief of the forces composing the hberit ing army, to whom the above mentioned artic.e alludes, m his Excellency General Juan Alvarez, whom we all re togr.ue as well on account of his seniority anil ot nifl rank, us because he has had the indisputable glory of having been the Urst to riee against tyranny. The arti cle in question being under ,tood in this manner, the ir.ost natural of all a barrier is pla ed against the evi's of anarchy, the principal argu ment of all those who desire to command. Anaichy is no! possible if the plan ot Ayutla be observed, mi 1 hare just manifested: bu if we depart from it an in stant, then no human p >w?r can evade anarchy, hecau e after the triumph attained over the past, (meaning over fan* a Anna) ihere will not be ft chief or person in high position who will not derm hiin ?elt called on to "Xercise public power. Fach his plotters and his partisans nadasthe comma nd|i- not divisible, the e m-i?t result therefrom a clnsh of interests which may ciu e the very dissolution of society. The argument might be resorted to that the plan of Ayutla does not suppose the event of its being adopted by the garrison o.' Mexico, becau-o that being the last in treuthiuent of tyranny, it could not be thought that it would become of its own volition an a-ixiliary of the eauso invoked in said plan. 1 know not what foundation anch a strange idea may h*ve, but in supposing that the plan oi Ayutla contained it Implicitly, that did not pro teet the na'ion from the inconveniences of utter anarchy ?the principal point to which we all ouirht to direct our attention? for the per-. ins who have adopted the plan of .Ayutla by force of circumstances cannot inspire conll dence ana have no exclusive right to arrogate to them selves the command, while there are so many others who have better or cijual titles to exercise it. God know-; that 1 do no! 'peak either for myself or for th"! honest republican placed by the hand of I'rovldence in the arid mountains of Guerrero, there to watch over the liberty and the glory of the nation.. I say so because already, on different points, movements are rising which visibly ten ! to give the command of this republic to the persons who are at the head of the army at those i laces, without, any olher title for thus changing the plan of Ayutla th?n the force of arms and the trivial and worn out pretext of preventing the anarchy which, on the contra -y, they fa vor hy these aspirations. P'ver. at M< xico, through identical motive", fmoth"r ban ner is raited, the plan is broken through, his Excellency Mr. Carrei a convokes in the village of Dolores the chiefs ef the liberty forces, and It Is pretended that the^e chiefs ahall nominate the President of the republic, r.nd shall intervene, though in an indirect mode iu the convocation ?.f the ltgl-lative ? orps. In the-e plans there i.- oo regard ef persons and although I consider those who figure lu them as very re-peetable. and as very competent to pro mot* jealously, disinterestedly and pa'rlotically, th- good ef the republic it d' ef not belong either to them, or to me, ?r to anv soldier, to choo?e for the nati n It* chief magis trate. that right belongs to the nation Itself, convoked and assembled under the piovisi t,- of the plan of Ayutla, whiih ?re without doubt th- most just and most politic. What will Mexico have gained after two years of sangui nary strife, in defence ot its rights trodden inder be !. i now 1 hall come to be re-enacted the farces to which the despotism ha- ended in the ro.iteof ruinta Annr. owe i its origin/ The nation wishes to have a pledgo of it- f.i tn:r tranquillity: and this pledge doe:' n t consist in pro misee, which are go much nir contained in proclainia'i.m, fcut it consists in its constitution, and in -ne persons .vho ?hall Intervene in an act of so much importance. "a what tan it have i ore reliance than "n it-elf to pro cure this pledge of a pence durable and indestructible':' Faithful to my purposes of religiously respecting th ! M/vereign will of this generous nation, I had n..t re upended to vour i iceilency's communication un'il after knowing for which id all the programme- puhi;?he l and jrecli'unvd i& different place-, you would decide, and , ? *, : * ?- f?vor the exii'lcit n-.H-nt of the which ol them hat. m .. generality of Mexicans. I was soon relieved of suspt Sir tl.e pie-^. n accord with the departments of Guerrero. Mieb' ?niiev ZftWecas, Queretaro, (mani.i iata. SCmvTuo n, Coahiuia. Jfcxico. ?nd the Territory of Ooluna, declares itself o,;enlv for the c the plan of Ayutin, ef the 1st of March, lMt with t,.c n.odifications on the 11th of the same ro, nth. without r? marking any other differtnces. purely ' a? ?ertal 1 he re-ources of this division are limited t ) tuC extent of the territory which it occuple-, icckoning um n the absolute co-operation < I the brave nrv.iy of the North, i nd upon the decided opinion unanur/iu.-lv mani lest*d by the abov? mentioned departments and by the people of the republic in general, through the press. A good proof of what I state in the preceding para - rraih is !hat the most respectable cltii?n- icsli ng in the places where the armed force procUiming the p. a ef Avu'la. has modified it in the terms whl h it thought proper, have expressed in ft very p. -Stive manner their ivereion to these changes either in a-emMlng to pr. est ?inst them, or iu addressing to the represent ' v - ,he ect of which is the exact uccomplishm-: nt ol w h it has been offered to the nation, and of wh*t hat hi ved l aj * guarantee iu its glorious and constant stn.e iguins the tyrant; ?o that in every way it folb-ws that .he national will will only ho sat i< tied I v the uppacaUon. wnh ?cinrnlons exactitude of the p'an of Ayutla. which re eognizes in the nation the right to name its eh.e. magistrate and to convoke through its intermediary a national convention, thereby rendering null and lneffl caeions personal aspiration to the benefit of a majority ?f Mexicans. , , ? Tb?>-e rfaccBf inUuence m#- not to depart .?om tue line ?f policy established by the plan of Ayutla. Neverthe Jess. if the nation -hall manifest hrreafter, and In an un ml-takable manner, its wfil in favor of any ot the new pregramnies which arc in name only the plan "f Ayutla. [should be the first to submit myself to it, even though I thou d be obliged. In doing so, to sacrifice my own ideas, my repose, and even, my very exHtcn-e ; so that if his Excellency General Alvarez commands me not to msist on the hostile attitude which I have taken. I -hall immediately yield, in ohet'.lence to his superior orders. I'nder such circumstances. It only remains to me to know your Excellency*? opinion on the points . to in this note, and I beg you will im| art to me by courier, with a'.l the frankMM which characterUes you. Mite rating to your Excelh ncy the assurance of my c n-idera tion and esteem. God and Uberty.^ Gr.xrAi_Aj.Uijt, Aug. 29, 1856. The Trait d' Union utatei th? t O.oncral Carrera received a gnUw?|uent communication from <cnera; < tuoniort, 4i*a vowing Uie government existing in Mexico, ami treating a* worthless the ccnvocatiuu sumrn ned at P-> loree. The 7Vnif d'Cnicm nlno given the political complexion of the variotm revolutionary leailerp. a* follows: ? Vidaurri demand* the extinction of the urmy, of which the plan of Ayutla proclaim- the concert ation. Haro y Tamari* supports hiroseif on the clergy and on the army, the two great levers of the desputtun over thrown l'j the plan of Ayutla. Com< tifort waate the application of the plan of Ayutla ne mod-fled at Acapulco. la Llave guarantees the propertiei of the clergy, of which the plan rf Ayutla doec not My a word. The partisan- of the goverutr.i-nt of Mexico (Carre-a- ) j>?r?\i? the application of the jlan of Ayutla a? modiSed by the (rarrlv.n. The txtnme t.uriotd do not know what they want; but think they are in favor of Vidaurri, desiring the destruc tion of the army . t\,r> maintenance of which i * guarantee 1 ky the plnn of Ayutla. The prohibitionist*. hating as their organs the HfnUlo end perhaps the 1'aina, r<-jcot the t'eballo* tariff, ot which the plan of Ayutla proclaim* the re-eKt?bliahm?:i'.. The Monitor mw-paper ia favoraMe to therao.liflci ? ion* of the plan by Com n'.urt, llaro and Vidaurri ; but ia not in Cavor of the plan of the gani?r,n of Mexico. The Conner rat ire* invoke the plan of Ayutla, but do act want it? application. If Mr. VUlareal, tho real author of the plan, was to t<tr.e forward and rai^e the legitimate -tandatd un.ler each pretend* to act, he would be remarried nc a mioiity and laeghed at. AVflTTTFR ACCIIWKT TO A B A ('KrNO TflAtS ON Tit* Cam km AM) Amiwt RAn.Rf>AP.? An accident oc-irred en the < amden and Ambov Railroad on Saturday evening, about *ven o'clock, which neatly involved the <'e?truo lion of the trnin *ltich connected with the Belvide. e Rail road. The train. con?l*ting of three crowded p?-seng< r ?ar?, while Wkiog a short distance above Trenton, came In collision with the boom of a schooner lying In the canal, and which projected utom the track. fo great wee the shock th?t the en>'. of the rear car of tbe tr.itn. whith wa? thr front oni> while lacking, was knocked to pie -ee. and the secta torn tip throwing the pa-^en^er* in a conf'ised heap in the iKrttom < f the car. The whole train wai? more or ler* *h?tt?re i and emptied. splinter* ami glass Bjing in all dittptlons. It ??, a.,noi>t a miracle that ?o fow persons wereTnjured; a? It a*. tnt two or ihree p?- lender* were brulae.!, afth< gh every . tie in the train wa* tee-tilled at the crash Fortan*tely the con 4nstor. Mr. Barnee, was standing on th? ft. tit j ^atfrcm. and altbongh tadly bru ?e4, had tli- prwnce of agind to <?gna) th? '?ngin'jer to atop the kMCIBOtive, or the who!? train wonld have been plunged into 'he c.iral and the Je?? of life would li*'? txen ?.er;.W,> ? / '??'??? ? , '? i /? t ? 5i Interesting Ifewa from OIW IfO Of TUB LLQI8LATIVB ABHKMBLY ? EQBUfON BY TBI AFRICAN PRIEST ABBE MOCBBA. p'rom the Evening I 'out.] We translate from the Mimiteur Haitian of September 16, the following graphic account of the opening of the 1 tgislative Assembly of Hayti, at Port au Prince:? < -n Tuesday, the 4th instant, the legislative session of 1966 was opened. At iieven o'clock in the morning the troop? of the garrison, under orders of the Governor of the Capital, and the corps of the Imperial Guard, under the orders of the Count de la Crete-a-1'ierrot, ranged themselves in front of the Hall* of National Representa tion. The place had been fitted up for thin imposing ceremony. at which the Emperor himself was to preside. At eight o'clock in the morning the Emperor appeared, with his minister#, in the midct ol his staff, accompanied the high officials of the crown. A deputation of intmbers fioiu the Cliamhcr of Representatives caine for ward to receive his Majesty, who enteiod and took his m at at the side of the liuroc. d? la Simon, President of the Chamber. Then a magnificent full-length portrait of the Kmperor, in Lis imperial costume, from the penjof M. le Haron Col bert de I.oehard painter to his Majesty, the Emperor, was placed in the recess, where the president of the chamber is seutcd. lhe President pronounced a discourse appropriate to the occasion. anu the inauguration of thin picture, which commands admiration, botn for tiie artistic skill which one sees displayed in It, and ?n account of the eminent personage which it repiesents, was saluted by a salvo of artillery of twentv-one guns. The first part of the ceremonies being completed, his Maj< sty pronounced the o]>eoing discourse. The President of the btdy announced to his Majesty that the chamber wonld respond by a mes-oge to the ad dress of the crown. The Kmperor left the chamber in the u.idst of the acclamations of the deputies, accompanied by the Fame deputation to the entraeco of the hall. A salvo of artillery saluted the departure of his Majesty. The seventh anniversary of the inauguration ol the em pire was celebrated on the Siith of August, win trae llay tien pomp r.nd magnificence, a< will appear from the fol lowing brilliant description, which we translate from the Moniteur HaMen of Sept. 1:? Ijst Saturday, August :6, at sunset, the cannons of Fort Alexander annouced a grand soleK.nify for the fol lowing day. This solemnity was the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the establishmedt of the empire. On the following day, at 4 o cicck in the morning, the as. sembly summoned to arms the gairison which was to as 'ist at the celebration oi the fete, and at ft o'clock Fort Alexander repeated the saivo of the preceding evening. Tl e troops of the garrison, under the command of his I xoellency the Count of Petionville, died off from the Place Pel ion and drew up in front of the cathedral, anu a little later, the corps of the Imperial Guard also filed off and ranged themselves around the cathedra;. The ar tillery of the Impel ial guard occupied the esplanade of the iiitrii/lancf, wh?re, under the command of Monsieur Ilaron .-ime de Jn. Gill's, it served in an admirable man ner, lour pieces of artillery, which were handled with so much dexterity that one would have said that the salvos came from a battery of ten pieces, the dischaiveu followed each other with so much rapidity, regularity and [precision. At seven and a half o'clock, tk" legislative body, the consuls of foreign powers, the public functionaries and employes, the laei chants anu the pupils of the p.iMic schools Ik"' ok themselves to the cathedial. The maiten) of cerftnoi.ies who, its nlways, discharged their functions with the greatest exactness, assigned to each one his i'.ace. At three iiuartere past seven, tb? llaytiea princes, ti:o ministers, the high officials of the crown, tiie oQioets of the household of their majesties, th*. marshals of the emi i . e, the generals, the officers of the staff, and tlio-c of lhe general staff, and the ladias of the court, pre .?eiifeil thtia elves at the imperial palace to form the cor tege of their majesties. A s;alvo of artillery saluted the entry of their majestic- into the sacred tenipic, and the entire clergy came forward to receive them at the door. When their maje ties had taken thoir plac? on the throne, and the imperial 'princesses had seated themselves at their side, the mass commenced. It was recited with gieat pomp. When tlio rnai-B wan concluded, the aum- Mousa* preached a very eloquent sermon , taking for his text the words " Nl.-i lkuniQus editicaverit domum. laburavunt in vanum i|ui edilicant earn." ? IV. 126. (Exoept the I.oid build the house, they labor in vain that build it.) At the consecration und the T? h'cum the artillery rc reated its salvop. and after the muss their majesties be tot k thf-mf-elves directiy to the palace toUowtd l>Y all the corps that had assisted at thm /( , celebrated with so n-.uch pomp. In the evening the cuttie city was illuminated. A Ferllens Balloon Voyiu;o? The Whole Party IiijiuctL [From the Cincinnati Columbian, Oct. 3.] Several of the a roniuts. who on Monday started on the balloon excursion with Mons. Godarcl returned yes terday to the i:y. and give deeply thrilling accounts of their adventure-, uur description of their sta.fiug tel. t'. cm ficiitlng away inmidair towards the n< ;? no;.fc:ist. The inexprtg-ilile - n.-ations cxpei ience.l at uoh an alti tude weie iu>t rushing upon them and their organs of suHini'y espanding. The Immense concourse ol po pie lelow seemed moving gently away like morning mists, and the pleasu rei ?t :h- moment dispelled th ? apprtuen eic n> which had piled more than one manly cheek. The urr passed over Mt. Auburn, but coild not dl-'inguuh the hill sides. Travelling rapidly, or ni Col. I *;h. rr. remarked, beating iail"oad time, '.hey still con v< r-< d, through a trumpet, with person- on '.n-m At ore time tiii.e thev saw Curaming-ville. College Hill, Mt. Hea.-snt, Carthage, Lockland, Heading, Sharon, and a butcher of other villages at the tame tim?. The farms lo<ke.i lerv little, and Mr. Hole profoundly remirk-d "a big farm d> r't amount to much w.'.en observe. tr< in a laiiton." The othe rs smiled, but not being pre j . ed to expre s an opinion on the su \iect. made no re . j ihe people who -aw then) called out to th.'tn to ? ' ji for 'upper, c.der and other good tiling', but the t.y I '? in 'he Hotel Godard had been w?-ll provided, r.nd ail imitation) to come down were disregarded. At !a-t Mon-. Godard saw a heavy nark cloud in front, and directing the attention of the wyou ?rt to it, re n.a.keil thatit was "*o go d," at the same time shrug ging l is -le uider", which the u.ytujt rt tiao-la :< 1 to uian: There was danger of getting a duckk.g. Th?v th:e\. out I al'ast. and went rapidly up. 'Ooi deepdark ntw* 'v <" ih" earth. Th'' tail-on MWUfttC"! thvousfh gat /v clout' ? ;iv i: ra'tling ra n was heard pou '.ag covi! .rem l:!ow tl.em. of the party were so bid ]v cared tJ-ej fancied, from the noUe *>\ the ram, - at , Hit re w..- a of railroad trains-*,, !*? j, ,? *,[. n- Go,'..ii wishing to gtt above the rain c.ouas, ind . o 1 ghten the car, ea?t loose the Hotel u.idard an.i the s". uip of his 'cgar, nnu both lcll tumid. ng to the Ullast was thrown out, and an altitude o or 17. (CO OCO feet (accounts vary) attained. A- in | great height some oT the pa-song* rs were tro?) -le'a | with a roaring ? bv.t what or who roared. . ? not Mat d. It ii ay lia' e been tint this ro inng was caused by th hunting ef the balloon at.O. the rushing out of the gas. an.1, that the roaring would not have -eem-d so loud th u.u had been ale on solid eartu. . What makes thi- m' re probable K that tnC next tlutig thev i erceived th( v were rapidly coming t. wn. A cumen' r.Pei th- discovery that they were coming down Mr. Gfdard adTi?(d thrm to lay down in the car. and the mi foUowing th-y felt their nest I rushin* ? ter the tret tops. n-. (- .far : ilirew out the anchor and pulled away ?t the valve to Vt :he gas out ;? the hi - foou. The wind whirled, it through a cornfield unt'.l i -Irtiel: r. and Moii". (iedatd, Ol. i.atham and Ur. H( le were throw n out of the car. Mr. <; ar.l hi I oi* f t e sr.d i' g- much brui ed an.', laee-.i'eu. -1. Ia?th ..n 1 ad h> arch sprain**!, and his shotilder ran- i hrul^ ? Mr Hole had two : ib? ant was badly bruised. The only r ri' ns left in the car were Vr.Crippen an V I'-llniato tho latter ? f whom sciied the v.iiv?? rope, while Mr. Codard. catching a cord that swung S.*?.ow , with all l is might at the hall .01 A !.?w -f wind caught th- ball. on. and dashe.l it against an olu .eo t'ee! which W..S upset. Mr. Iiellttnnn ??? thr,wn out of the e; r. and tlieo. tree falling upon Mr. U.ppen [ iinnd 1,1m to the earth. Fort inately, tx^t - m s ight bruise-, neither Mr. Crij pen nor Mr. Bellman were hurt. The l artv ivaiuU-r^d a>'Out in the rain ati- \ mud f ?r nair ?n hour, when they came to * laric house, w here they weie properly cared for. Ihe place where the balloon cai..e down waswf hin three miles of Wsvne-vilie, and about fifty miles .roui tl i < cit v Mr. Hole being seriously hurt and under median trentu-ent. it ha- no: been considered advis .ble t<? t -ve hiin but tho other members of the party luve r'*:u:ne.. to Cincinnati!, ^eifc.-tly latisfied with their experience o travelling i.y balloon. Nativity of OfflteholiUr* Cudcr the Unitctl State*. Govern inent. TO THE EFITOB OK THE BERAI.D. A- there has leen some dispute regarding the proper lion i f officeholders supplied by different c t i ' ? n ? , up point M under the I'nited State* government, w.. have fe?n.T some pains t<> ascertains near as posstbie. me fact- in the cu-'. without pi.rtiniity ?r prei.tdi--e, an! w it ). no poHiieal bin- to V,n h:lT" the ctmpilat on with eare, and we bciev it t" ?>? in the main correct. Of th s, any one a.'P?>; ? :;?<? ran examine the -ul.e.-t themselve?. The MIw.i.k . - show s the nulrt^r of person" born a* roa ! h lmg bv appointment under the b v. rnment o' the I n te.l S-ates compiled fiom the ' Iliue H 'K of 18 "h Mte t one published by the suthority of Cong.--* unfr the nrerent administration : ? .To.-fUVu. .Vttr.'r. <'1 Pti. 0-t 1 Ireland 1! S '8 1*7 'ri j CeSnanr ? "? lV-M SSSSr::::::::: 25 * \\ ???? Frame 17 \ Canada 8 ?; J V, , Italy ? ; ? : ^ I'. lunJ ? 1 4, ^ - " -1 I'rursia S 1 : Switier'and ; * 1 ,:v, Sweden J ~ _ _ Denmark J _ . Fat at J . l(>0 M- Croix j _ , 1 <r* J _ I 1^)) Belg * . _ Rtis-ia... 3 1081 !-t. 1 i aiingo 1 t _ _ * , _ _ Turkey ?? ,l Minorca. ' St. 11.. ?n?s 1 ? "" St. lie'.ena 1 ' _ I?l?n?l Cf m|ak?llo 1 * St. ( tirlstopter . . . 1 ' Tr|nida<l 1 1 ? t.rseee 1 ~T Norway 1 ~ ' Island of Jer-ey.. 1 ? J . Wales* ~ _ ~ ^ , ? *f,:. ?rmloyed is the New Vt* ' w r Efttse ar 1 * gc. I i the spitog of I'M '"l"' ? | T V ? Tlir?e employ. d on fee* ate engage i chiety th ; r.,!wentt at Washing: n. or a- n h an.ourf i f the fe?? vary fr >m ? ? w . nn . t u .? te fl m to more 1 ' ,, lf>' ry po-tma *.er? - om i'e;l ?.e i e t. . . . c no means . xist -f . sc*:-a oing the j ? ; ' r.on e ,*. i FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Mo.ndav, Oct. 8?3 P. U. The stock market to-day presents no new feature. A very large amount of business was transacted, generally at better prices. All the leading State stocks, railroad bonds, railroad ttocks and fancy stocks were in active demand. Cumberland advanced >4 per cent; Erio, ; Michigan Southern, ; Beading, }? ; Hudson River Rail read, 1; Michigan Central, : I'anama Hi Illinois Cen tral, % ; Catena and Chicago, >?. New York Central 7's declined per eent ; Barlem, ; Cleveland and l'itts burg, *4. The operations in State stocks at the first beard were unusually heavy, generally at price* current on Saturday. (ndianaS's and Virginia 6's were most freely offered, but the sales were principally on time. A boir wile of 160,000 Virginia 6\s was made at 06, seller six months, which is l'n per cent under the cash price. Illinois Central bonds sold to the extent of 870,000' he principal Western railroad stocks were in demand at higher prices. Michigan Southern, Galena and Chieag > Chicago and P.ock Island sold to a moderate extent, and closed firm at (lie advance. Reading Railroad was active, withr ut any great change in prices. It sold in largo lots, and a great deal of caih stock was offered. CumVirlan ' Coal is moving up steadily. Speculators have, we be lieve, determined upon an inflation, and many outsiders may be induced to take a " flyer" just for the fun and excite ment oi the thing. If they make short work of it, there may be no gTeat danger. The following Bales of bonds and stocks were made at auctii n, thin morning, by Albert H. Nicolay:? $15,000 Illinois Internal Improvement, 1817, Hat. ...10-1 3.'t,776 Illinois Interest, 1847, do 70 2.000 Sacramento Ci\v I.evee 8's, Int. added . . 70 1, COO Erie and New York RR. bonds, do .,50 1 000 Ohio and Miss. RR. 2d mort. do .. 60'.,' 6. ('00 Flushing RR. 1st mortgage, do .. 70'.j 2,000 ( ialena and Chi. U. RR. 1st mort. <1<? .. 8-5 ? 0 2.500 Chicago and Mississippi 10's, do 76?4 a 77 100 t-hs Reading Railroad 05 >4 58 Phenix Bunk t00V? 7 An.eriean Express Co 101 40 St. Nicholas Fire hy. Co fi0>4 10 Columbia Firo Ins. Co 08 180 North Rivr Fire Ins. Co 138 a 138>j 125 Madison Alining Co 08 3000 McCullock Cold ami Copper Co 50 At the te.:?nd board tlw market was buoyant through out, and firm at the close. Nicaragua advanced '4 per cent; Calena and Chicago, 1; Chicago and Rock Island There were numerous bids for Galena, but holders were so far above the present views of buyers that but a few shaics were soid. A large lot of New York Central was offered ut PS^i' per c-nt, bat there were no buyers at that price. The Aesistnnt Trtcurer reports to-day as f' llows: ? raid on Treasury account 867,511 Si received do 328,542 11 Fal.ncc tio ,.,.7,071,645 36 I'aid for Assay office.. 0,746 61 Fa d 1 n disbursing checks 3'J,27G 28 'Hie warrants entered at the Treasury I^partment. Washington, on the 5th inst., were as follows: ? For ^he Treasury lepart merit 83,154 70 For the redemption of stocks 1,475 06 For the Inte:ior Department 25,037 83 For the Custc ms 23,470 21 War warrants received and entered 04 488 32 War repay warrants rcceiv?d and entered. .... 2,078 30 (in account of the Navy 83,372 72 F11 m miscellaneous sources 3.1) 13 From Customs 4,008 24 The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad Com f ar.y in September this year and last, were as follow-t:? Pati'rt. f'rruiht. Mite Total. 18.'. 5 IM',126 16 07.185 57 7,227 03 263.538 7fi 1854 1:6 840 87 81,550 80 7,838 56 225,235 73 23.270 29 15, tl 35 27 roc.611 53 58,303 03 The receipts of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad >r fepternler were a* follow*!? September, 1855 $33,069 CO lfco-1 31,283 21 Ho. Increase $1,786 08 the earning--' of the C< vington and Lexington Builroad Company for .-'eriember were a? follows ?30,420 ' 5 1654 15,103 92 Increase $21,286 78 Coupons for the -emi-annual interest on the first mo:t gage eight per cent bonds of the Green Bay, Milwan hie and Chicago Railroad Company, due October 10th, will l.e ] aid on and after that day on presentation at U Ocean Bank in the city of New York. The earnings of the Chicago and Burlington Railroad for the month of 8e ptember, 1855, were as follow: ? Freight $119,100 79 Passengers 46,082 70 United states Jla.l 1,380 2) Total ?lb5,852 78 The proportion of earnings cf ea A road forming tb line It as follows:? Pi' iyht. Patt'gtri. Jo'al. Galena and Chicago I nion $24,372 $6,187 ? $30 550 Chicago. Burlington & t rr C5.127 18 728 $517 88 61,374 Central Military Tract. 25,327 14.126 5711'. 4C 025 ia and Oquauka.. 4.562 C.040 300 00 10.001 iiaf 110 300 $45,082 $1,380 20 $165,862 ur estimate of earnings for this road in September, mid# a vW wee'is fince, was $240,000. The company's estimate, made in V'av last, wa* $180,000. The management po exceedingly cautious and careful in all their estimate!* that they arc invariably below the mark. Their estima' or the year ending May 1, 185*1, was $2,000,000 gross, an increase of thirty-', hrco and a third percent on tL previous year. The actual earnings in the first a. poorest five montlis hitve been tl 090,559, against $501,11 for the corresponding period last year ? an increase o nearly 100 per cent, and an increase of fifty per cent on the company'" estimate for the same time. Tliore is nit another ,ailr<?d company on this continent that can ?ho anything like this. It is particularly gratifying to u? to see such results, for it azures us that the most sang.u i anticipations of those who may LaTC been induced by oj epre' en tut ions to invent in the stock of this company, ill be mere than realized. The chare. ; CT of the men wlio ce m p> e the management of this model road U such as to comn and great confidence in the public mind. Tliey are as toll' w*:? John B. Turner, President and Superintend* ent; Philip A. Hall, Assistant Superintendent; John r. IMey. Chief Kngineer; ft'. M. I-arrabee, Secretary; Famuf 1 Howe. Treasurer. There i; no Peter Funkism about this concern. Kverythirg is Lona Jlde, real, sub-tantial and the ultiroa.e resource of the road are berond all com ' - hension. It is conn"cted with neaily one thousand n.. J of road. penetrating the ino?' fertile and produc'.ive ?<?c ti ns of lllir. i'-, Iowa, and Wiscon-in: and as that c .1 try becomes populated and cultivato.l, it must give an iicmen?e ef business to every outlet. Hie annexed statement exhibits the average daily ttOTtment in the leading department! of the banks of tills city during the we?i. preceding Saturday morning C'c:o> er 6, 1855: ? .Vnr Yon> Cirr B New Ye.:k . Maul ..ttf B. Merrl an* >1< bmict'. 422.921 TO', 140 ,504,837 ; 027,427 Union 2,444,11:1 Ar..?. ic Phenix Ciiy Jiiath River.. TrateiMii**.. Fulton Chemical ... Merchants' tl: National. ... ' . . . . Meob. & Trade Greennlch.. . 1 eather Mann - en:h \\ .-rd .''?.ate. .4,670.458 .2,262..* 8 1,622,8 10 .1 0B7.R8H 1,' 80,819 1 :-4 7. 240 .1 482 007 .5,010, t.22 .1.832,748 .1 878,117 . 7 4 287 650,884 j 810 985 .1 120,61.' ,552,502 ?>}- 1 ? OircttiflVn, Dtpnm 450,514 245.521 2.815.841 .187,635 3.264,070 208,623 4.430.281 412.462 8,379,438 202.212 2.156,687 81.4' 0 4,70t.0r.8 116,: 82 2,088,333 t0.<'64 1,188.811 183,038 l'".0,711 280 124 602,558 139,2.27 1,275 520 270.177 1 181.881 It:.. 742 l.K44,6"0 208 506 011,022 f.i'.5t'4 1 07'' 5'. 2 190.202 40- 170 10.404 602. <'8 . 307 510 1 412,748 A NMuatior 1 nit' ?(' . I elrery ... 1 tadwaj . tl. .>16'! Pxch n^t i .410,481 .1 lf?,40 A,**. 571 1,061,968 1 457,042 1 2fo 027 J 140 !'??' . 014,222 102,7.5 . 427 . oa?,6o8 .1 543 lf5 flat V r : :v or Ting. Met 11 j 1 Itan . . (. :l2to- ' l.repe." Na#-ku FattBfVW J , m. Nicholas.. 8 bee * I.eathe ? in Ixch.'tg' ( '.ndnadal . . . 1 on* ?. ' ' 'J 1 cck 1 ti bare? I Hr*d.... '?54,8 2 .4.1' vn,'. . 784,512 . 634,160 . 1,107 ,Sf5 . 44'., tie.2 1.118 577 807.401 1,008,284 .1 'KO 245 ,.2(1 '.,548 1 230.190 . '?('.,004 . ""6,206 5(15.580 . 387,876 . 401,024 210,013 <50,511 .'.'1.7 804.813 1 r?l 10$ 888.032 ?75 100 1.017 - 81 . 24 415 188,072 R,l."07 88 501 18,1,161 247,<'89 19". .02 7<i 18<; 77 813 51.HN-: : 16,828 .(?',141 hp ;ri E5" 8<sj 5" ,t'70 71.141 1 0t?0. .5 67,407 li8 711 07. 0 183 518 5f.,?21 46 157 1 iO,(>27 i '? 'SVl W.7^8 61/fO 50,224 688 774 58,5:'0 102,58! "6 821 55,717 08, 504 ?0,442 74 7.2 l .'O, ?' 2 48,050 41. '.8 51,7*6 48,004 34,803 21, "48 12,000 10,897 12/20 212 05 506 528 2? ''21 20 ' 031 2 168 182 > 7 808 142 8. 570 1 1.2,443 11! -41 3 68 7 Sri 5f. 8.V2 U0.6.U lot. 708 100.761 160.819 88 8 13 125. .MS 00,1 12 121.1 IS 94.--.J If#, 374 87,075 72,128 105. 101 00.007 602 0 2.62 .517 5 631,082 812.: 5.64 ,538 8*1 264 5 1.289.809 752 210 51? l'4t 328 . : '>?.0H2 824 OV) 271 r*i /is 475.22 7.5,95 Oil 850.423 98<. 148 00 07.'. 1\ j q ? 430,174 *41 ''13 ,087.020 "'1,111 00' 1 98.627 95,784 68 it. 'j 121 ISO 1? ,479 i. 604 ' "2 825 5! '242 1< 8, 178 l::. 007 127,727 156,705 130,278 77. '-82, ?26 ? ek Obdinf 1 .8110,488,774 . 136,- ;o>i9 . $5 300 571 The annexed statement exhibit* a comparison of tbe leading departments of the bank >4 of this city from the first up to the last weekly return*:? Nww Yobk CRT BiNU. Loan*. Spacu. CireuVn. Ikjictii. Dec. 20, '64.. ,063,837 12.076,147 7.0^,830 42,828, 020 Jan. 6, 56.. 8*.V4|?4,7O0 13,596,963 7,019,982 64,982,158 Jan. 13. '55.. 83.078,081 16,488,626 6,686,401 67,303,388 Jan. 20, :55. . 86 447,998 16,372,127 0,881,355 89,047,018 Jan. 27, '66.. 8o;864,667 16,607,260 6,639,823 70,130,618 I>b. 3 ,'65.. 88,146,697 17,439,190 7,000,766 72,923,317 Feb. 10, '66.. 89,862.177 17,124,391 6,969,111 73,794,342 Kcb. 17, '56. . 90,860;031 17,339,085 6,941,806 75,103,636 Keb. 24, '66. . 91,590,604 16,370,875 6,063,562 74,544,721 Mar. 3, >65.. 92, .186, 125 16,631,271 7,106,710 76,968,544 Mar. 10, '55.. 92,381,789 16,870,669 7,131,998 76,259,488 Mar. 17, '56.. 92,447,346 16,933,932 7,061,018 76,524,227 Mar. 24, '55.. 93,060,773 16,602,729 7,452,231 70,289,923 Mar. 31 ,'55.. 93,634,041 16,018,106 7,337,833 76,000,180 April 7, '56,. 94 499,304 14-908,004 7,771,6.14 77,313.908 A i' ril 14, '55. . 94,140, 399 14,890,979 7,523,628 77.282.242 April 21, '56.. 63,632,893 14, 355, (Ml 7.510,124 76,744,021 April '.8, '56.. 92,505,951 14,282.424.7,610,985 75,219,951 May 5, '55.. 93,098,243 14,326,050 8,087,009 78, '.14, 109 May 12, "55.. 91,642,498 14,585,626 7.804,917 75,850,592 May 19, '55.. 91, 078, COO 15,226,056 7,638,630 77,351,218 May 26. '65.. 01,160,618 16,314.632 7.489.637 75,765,740 June 2, '55. . 91,197,6*3 15,397,074 7,555,609 76,343,230 June >6#.. 92,109,007 15,006.165 7,502,668 77,128,789

June 17, '65.. 93,100,385 14,978,568 7,462,161 77.849,454 Jure 23, '55.. 94,029,426 14,706,729 7,335,653 79 113,185 June 30, '55.. 96,577,212 15:041,970 7,394.964 81,903,986 July 7, '55.. 97,852.491 16;481,093 7,743,080 85,047,249 July 14, '65.. 98.415.432 16,563,786 7:515,724 85.010.633 July 21, '65.. 99,020,147 15, 918, 1-99 7,407.080 821079 590 July 28, '66.. 99,083,799 15.920,976 7,409,498 81,6.5,788 Aug. 4, 'f 5.. 100, 118, 609 15,298,358 7,642.903 83,279.990 Ann 11, '56.. 100.774, 209 15,280.66'J 7,714.401 83.141,32 Aug. 18, '66.. 101,164,060 14,649,245 7. >'.10.106 81,948,671 Aug. 25, '55, .100,604,604 13,326,878 7. .82,095 81,178,568 Sept'r 1, '65.. 100, 436, 070 12, 852,823 7.020,178 81,057,210 S'ppt'r 8. '55 . . 100,273,733 12,006,625 7,861,143 80 442,478 j r'ept. 16, '65.. 99.397,009 12,213,240 7 721,825 80.510,300 Kept. 22, '55. . 98.581,734 11,055,391 7,716,492 80,105,147 Sept. 29, '55,. 97,385,226 9,919,124 7.724,970 70,818,109 Oct'br 6, '65.. 95,516,021 11,110,687 7,863,217 77,582.628 j The last returns compared with those for the previous week -how in Lo..n < ami discount*, a (leorease^of $1,870,204 Specie, an increase of 1,190,563 Circulation, an increase of 128,247 Deposits, an increase of 764,517 '1 liia is full as favorable as anticipated. The dec- case in discounts makes the iucreatc in the other departments much more important than they otherwise would have been. The increase in deposits and decrease in discounts look* well, and materially strengthens the banks. The discount line is now lower than it haB been since the 30th of June last. , $50000 lad St 5'a 1)00. f ( CO do 3 ?6(100 do -3 6000 Tenn Vis, ".?0.. 5CC00 N iigin d's.r-Oui f.rtOO do t'30 10000 do b3 1(00 do.,..b* 0000 do 3000 I.ouisa 0'b..1 15 55000 Mint" 6'u . . bfiO 3000 do h3 2000 Bar letMt lids. 10( o do 2CG0 Erie Con Lh VI 10000 do.. .1)60 1000 Flrie Con Rs '02 110(0 Hu R3dMtB?.s3 500 111 Cen RRBdn. Stock Exclia)is;?. Mo.ypay, Oat. 8, 1655. *>** '?0 97 "7 97 % 07 i? 0'2,% ( ou <o 'JO 90% 80,' 3 82 82 7 3 >4 81 80 'a l1}* 80 ?? 80 % 60% 80 % 80'.. 81 % 81% 81 200 -10 1(0 S50 200 260 100 I'.O ?iO 3oo 50 ? he Erie RR..b' 0 do b3 do ->'0 55% v,0 llo do . lOCCO do Ht.O J0( CO do . . . bOO 7000 do 2500 do ?3 fOCO do. . ..rtiO 6000 do....sflO lfOOO do...bC0 ?000 IllFred Is wprv 1OC00 do. . . wto ?000 <lo b3 1000 NY Ob 7'e.,.. 102% 47 shs iter Ex Bank. 307 fO Ocean Rank 85 10 Bank ofN Amer. 104 20 Am Kxch Bank . . 119 82 Metropolitan Ilk. 108% 80 ' orn Ex Punk . . . 102 10 1 la never Tank ... 97 ?00 Gard Gold Mine,. % iOO do 60 Canton Co -3 50 Nic Trans Co. . .0 100 Penn Coal Co.lCO 102 4 50 Cumb Coal Co . . s3 27 300 do stiO 27% ?'50 do s3 6(0 do s?0 4(0 do -00 tOO do 13 100 do V15 650 do c .00 do MO 50 Erie RR t3 -00 do cpg 1(0 do t?3 2C0 do sfO ICO do b?0 b60 do blO do ,b3 do opg do ill 100 liarl' in KR . . . *j 200 do b20 200 do 26% 20 Mi So &N la RR.c 100% 57 do 100 '4 50 do b30 101 300 do b80 101% 300 Reading KR ... *-3 95 50% 6 6% 65 % 65% 55 % 25.4' 20 200 200 1100 1-00 200 ?;oo ?-00 100 600 300 do . do . .b'l . 015 do . do . 95 95 % 95 1 1 0,")>4 05 '4 90 95 \ 96 36% 18% 27" 66 55% 66% . b3 do hCO do bflO do boO & o atCO do.. -60 ait 8 95% 1200 Hud Riv RR. . b60 38 100 do 37% 200 do b'j 37% 100 do C 37% 25 Mich CentrU RK. . 98% 5 Mich Sou & N'or'n Ind cwnet'n.... 98% 250 Panama Railroad. 105 100 do M0. 105% 60 Cleve, Col & fin. .10; 50 111 Cent Railroad. 94% 60 do 04% 300 do s4 m 14 60 Cev & Pitts RR.b3 67 >, 600 (.0 blO 68 100 ds eoO 06 ? 50 do b3 663 182 Galen?. & Chi RR . 120 9 do 120% 21 do 1.0% L00 CJcvc k Tol R. t uO 61 % 200 do bi.0 8 1 '4 4t0 do ?90 83% 50 do 83% 320 Chi t Rl-land.cpg 96 260 do M'O 07 25 do c 95% ^KkXI MU.-ouri 6?i. . . 1000 do... hlO 6<i00 111 Cen RR bi.sC JtOO do.... *10 10(00 ?o....s90 .r0(.0 do '000 io....sno 6(00 do..,.b30 3COO Har I t Ut Bd* 200 tlis Nic Trans Co. iOO do b30 HO do 200 Cnmb Coal Co. "60 100 do stO ICO ,.0 650 Erie RR opg SECOND BOARD. 90 100 -ha Erie RR..t-t"0 55% 90 50 Harlem RR. . .860 25% 80% 260 Reading RR 95', 80 100 do *60 05 80 100 do b60 90 80 % 300 do -30 05% 80 14 Tiglith Av RR.. . 100 80% 126 HI Cen RR 94% 90% #5 Galena ft Chi RR 121% 18 '4 1(4 Chi & R'k I RRs3 96 19 290 ClevfcPit" RRt>'0 <'8 18% 60 Mich Cen RR ,b3 "8% 27% 60 do bl5 98% 27% 50 MchS&N I RRbSO 100% 27% 50 do bl6 100% 56% 10 do 100 Trndc of the Xtw York Connie. Statement showing the quantify of the several articles firi>t cleared on the rnnais at, and -.he fj\iantiiy left at Xtw Yirli durirg ihe Cr?t week in October, 1855 Mmhandiii Ckart<l. Avticlrs. Eii' Gone!. ?i.;'ar, p'undc..... 782 V''9 M< lr.>h' - 272 (>u0 Coffee 181.000 Nail*, crike- and horse shoes ^93,600 Ir< n and steel. 7(V4,900 Railroad iron 3,618.900 All oth' r merchanc.ise at : ur nniUs 4,450,700 Hides 31,900 1'ig iron 1.051 400 Castinirs an.l iron w;.re 09,600 Foreign salt 4 200 Hint crockery nn<! g . - wa. e 11'- 000 Stone, lime and clav 277.200 Winer*! coat 989 500 ."'undue' 414,200 ?W ChaM/i't ii.1 A rrirtd. Canal, Flour. 1,1 Is 11,639 VLeat, bushel* 196. ('00 Com 75,200 Parley 1C.6O0 Rje '.(1.900 Oatf 64,700 Canal, 37 f.("00 Pean and -hip stuff, lbs... 611 200 A*se*, bll* 163 Povk 787 Butter, life CT,2'.K) 1 ard, tallow and lard ell .. 69,600 Chre?e ?41,000 Wr?ol 23, '00 romestic *| irits gallon-... 27,700 Foard* and scantling, fett. 1,144, 100 Staves, founds 1.47'.'. 800 Feather 125, 4<H) l'otm 'tic cotton 7,400 Merchandise at 4 mills.... 882,200 Sundries t.59,100 Fo'atoes, bushels K.'O Furs and peltry, j ? unds. . . 2,400 shingles. M 701 Timber, c. feel ." ,700 Fett and be?n?. bu^he.s . . . :.,900 Tobacco pound* 12 400 Hemp....... 65,300 CloTe;- ar.d grass teed 16,100 Hop?.,, 10,100 ( dl n.<al and cake 366,700 Furniture *,000 Par and pig lead 53.800 Caitinp- and ware ?'? aon 100 59,900 146.000 58,200 90.600 290,800 6,2')0 700 28,400 18,100 1'OBBMlk W0oll?n* 12 "00 ? Iron and *teel ^00 92.600 :e and c ay _ J. 900 1,004 500 7 Unh 11,070 106,800 75,200 10, UK) 42,900 C4.70C Cll.2,'0 168 787 37 .100 69,600 400,900 23,500 27,700 1,290,100 1.638,000 125.400 7,400 47. ,000 940 '.?00 ( '., iOO 2,400 701 6,700 '?00 12,400 65,300 lr-,100 10.100 36?',700 10,600 63,800 46 500 12. "00 93.100 1 006,400 100.000 Mineral co?l 100,000 Toll* receiTt1'. fi,9;"9 ?5 RICHAFI) H. WiWDS, Ooilecfor. Afi" CITY TRA1>E REPORT. MoiTOAT. <?ct. 8? 6 p. M. ? About 50 tble. were sold, without change in price*. lUiiv.t'-Ti'Tre. ? Flour? The market was again excited, and prices again advanced about 25c. per bol., e*pe. ia'.ly for common and medium. The receipts amounted to a I ut 21.000 bbls., and the ?aie*, to arrive and on th? ?pot, r mbraced about '.0,0C0 a 25,000, included in which wort 4,f00 deiirerable in November, at 87 87 a 88. In cluded in the trantartion* on th? ?pot were common to extra "late a#d Western brands, at 88 25 a 18 50 r itb seme .lot* of common extia tV catern at 88 62% Sale* of extra Genesee w ere *ma';1, at 89 a 810 60. As Tery iittle of what may be termed Cun^y extra tiei'Ose" ii ir. market, the manufacturer* cf thi* kind of family f< ur having e^perien e l *rme difficulty in securing prime lot* of ? nei ee free 'rom sprout, witn which to piep.ire t. Canadian was alto slightly be:.'<v. <>f C60 a 800 bb!?. were made, ranging from 88 25 a I" 25. Sou'hern w.i* firmer, with vves of about 2.(00 berrel*. at price* ranging from 88 50 a 810, ir.cludirz all grade* except (ia^lego and Huxall. WVat was e^.iin very active, and advanced lully 2c. .1 6c. on sat ? 'iy'* pricc*. Tlie *?le? aggregated ab>ut 125.000 b ihe market VIpr inept of nearly every t. _*hel ? (Ti red. The ?ale* embraced Wesum rtd. at 81 80 a 81 82 red Southern, at 81 96 a 82 03 a 82 (18 ror good b ix- 1, and 8'- 15 a 82 20 for p ime white, ? th (.'< nnd'an do. at $2 16 a f2 28, an? prime white Illicni* brought 12 10. C in ? Ihe market a?lt?nced el 011 ; 1 ?. per i ! ? he ' Ihe ?..>* emir* d at u'. .0.000 a 36,000 busheis, a; '?W'*. .. 9Cc. Tlje Iirm .*>.* ,.f 7 o??o a p'ono 1 islieln, at 81 16 a 81 20 per 1 4.^ wKbfltir ale < a' 42- a 46c. tV'TTT^ w?? qtlet. with >ht ?a! Flo ? ->ld a' 11c. a 11 , and iSo m.. C my.? i lie aeies -ml racid abo Oet- were firmer, Abmt 160 l>ag* Java, at 14%c. ^?00 a 600 bates he ?!?.( -t hJM w check engagements to Liverpool, though shipowners con tinue to aem?nd about the same rates. 260 balm of cotton were engaged at U-Sid., and 800 a 1,000 do. at jjji 1. for compressed. For flour, 4a. was asked, and 11 ^d. a 124. for grain. 500 box** cheese were engaged, at 45a. To London, 40 torn of oil and MM) boxes of were en fsged, at 60s. per ton. To Havre, cotton was engaged at c. per lb., flour at $1, and grain at 26c. per bushel. To Bremen, 100 bales cotton were engaged at lc. To Ant werp, 7,000 bushels of 'grain were shipped at 15d. To Rotterdam, 26,000 bushels of grain were engaged at 181. In (shipper's bags, and 1,000 buls. Hour at 6s. <Jd., and rice and atnes *t ?3 10s. To Hamburg, 300 bbls. flour at 6s. Cd. To California, rates were tinner, and ranged from 40c. to 45c. per foot measurement. RiT.? Hales to a moderate extent were made at 70c. a 76c. Ikon.? About 150 tons Scotch pig were sold at $17 a $37 SO, 6 months. MoijtfHM. ? About 4G0 hhds Cuba muscovado gold at private terms. Naval Stobeh. ? About 1,000 bbls., at $1 55 a $1 60, per 310 lbs., delivered, the latter liguro for strained; with email sales ol ut.ii its, on the wharf; at 44c. Faovisio.NH. ? Pork ? The marl:et was dull, with sales ot 200 a 300 bbls. new mess, at $22 25 a 37j?, with retail lots at $22 43%. Prime was at $21. Beef ? S Ues of about 160 bbls. were made, at $11 50 a $12 for country prime, and $13 a. $14 for mess do. Iaril iBteady; sales 600 bbls., at llj?c. a llj.c., the lattW tigure for jrime. Km e, ? Fales about 100 casks were reported, at 5c. a 5%c. Si-cars were quiet, and sales confined to jobbing lots of Cuba muscovado, (200 a 300 hhds.,) at 7J?c. a 7 He. Sri ( 12-'. ? .Salon 100 bags ginger were made, at 5c. Whiskey. ? galea 3C0 a 400 bbls. Ohio and prison were made, at 41%c. a 42c. ADVERTI8EMENTmNEWED~ElE^MYr ' WATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS. ? THIS NEW AND BEAUTI ful article itill takes the lead with purchasers of jewelry. The best judge cannot tell tliem from the real diamond. The prircs are within the reach of every one. Cluster gents' pins, $3, $4 aud $5 ; ear rings $6 to $20 ; rings $6 to ?JU ; studs, ladies' plus, crosses, lockets, buttons, bracelets, Act. ArUclea made to order, set with the above diamonds in any siyle. Also sent by mall to any part of the United Stales, by enclosing amount, addressed to L. A J. JACOBS. 407 Broadway. Reduced prices. - watches, jewelry, dia. monds and silver ware. The undersigned, for the '.nst eighteen years a well kuovra den ler and importer, otfers for sale all woods In his line at lower prices for the same quality than any other house in New York. Philadelphia, or any other city, and will tend by mail ?r express, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac., to all par's of The United States, free of charge. All cno(;H ?A'l.rrunitd as represented. Orders by mall, post paid, i,i..i, fully attended to. J WATCHES. W riche*. wi'hptAeee -'"r daguerreotypes $100 to$l?C Jurgensen Watches, geuuinc, w arranted 150 to 230 Cooper Watches, genuine, warranted 123 lo 27S Independent Watches, for timing lioraes Mo to 250 Pocket Cbrrnome'.ers 125 to 250 Eight day Watches 140 to its Ladies' Enamel Watches .'io to 1"C Ladies' Diamond Wat lies 55 to 300 M.igir Watthcs lUU to 175 Gold Hunting Levers, full jewelled, 18 carat ?to 40 Gold Orientated Levers, full Jewelled, lb carat ?to 9 Silver Oi enfaced Levers, full jewelled ?to 18 Silver Ler ines ?to JEWELRY. Earring* ?1 50 to *2 5 00 Pins 1 50 'O 25 00 Bracelet^ 5 00 to 80 00 Oc il Sleeve K utons, ?ct 2 00 to 20 00 Gold Lockets. 1, 2 and 4 glasses 3 00 to 25 00 (jold Hoard Chains 10 00 to 00 00 Gold Chatelaine, or Belt ','ha.i.s 10 00 to 110 HO Gold mid Vest Chains 8 00 to Xi IK] Gold Fob Chains 6 (HI to IS 0Q Gold P'nclls 1 25 'o 10 0C Gold l'rns ar.d Pen oils 3 50 to 23 (Hi Gold Crosses 2 00 to 12 00 Chased Gold Kings 70 to h 00 Plain Gold Kings 7&c to B 00 Pure Gold WediUn* Rin<s 1 U) u 10 0? iewelry of every description. DIAMONDS. Plnmcnd Single Stone Pics $15 00 to $1,500 f? Hyanond Cluster Plus 30 00 to 400 (?? BKmond Rings 7 00 to 250 i *) Diamond Earrings 100 00 to 300 00 Diamond Crosses 25 00 to .soo 0C Plan end Praceltls 100 00 to 660 04 Ac.. Ac.. Ac. FMLWiR WARE. Silver Teaspoons, per ?et... $5 00 to $9 00 Silver Dessert Spoons, per4ct 12 00 to 15 00 ?i!verTable Spoons, per sdt 15 00 to 25 00 -fiver Table Forks, per ?et 15 00 to 2S 00 fcilver Dessert Porks, per set 13 00 to 23 00 silver weddlg cako knives, pie knives, tlsh knives, pickle forks, ice cream knives, fruit knives, butter knives. Chil dren's acts, viz.:, knife, fork and spoon, silver cups, napkii rings. Ac. Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at less than usua prices. Watches ard jewelry taken in exchange. GEO. C. ALLEN, Importer cl watcees and jewelry, wholesale and retail, Sc. 11 Wall street, second floor, Near Broadway, New York. >Y HORSEMANSHIP. WRITTEN ItY A LADY ON VISITING W. H. 1)18 t row's Riill lit; Academy, Filth avcuuu, New York ? it stands upon an eminence, llpcn a folly site, Near where the Crystal Palace glows, Teeming with lustre bright. ll:e architecture boni s a stamp Of strength as well on sknl; 'Tin spacious, and a perfect stylo Loth each department 111!. There Is an ole 'unco throughout, E'aboratcly display'd? R' tii .ernent In arrangement made, J udlciously m ray'd Nothing Is v. anting to complete The nobleness or plan; No city cr.n II* rival show. If earth's domains we .can. To meant upon a prancing steed In such a school ns this Must till the li ?l hlul with delight, 1 be invalid with bliss. For light an>l lite and loveliness Here, luminal* the scene? Hero by a graceful excrete May beauty's freshness gleam. Description falleth very shor', Wheuwo would praise bestow. In favor of this edifice. And Its rare beauties show. Of him who is as teacher known, TIs vain to sound his praise; lie has unrlval'd held his post For years ss well as days. The art of riding gracefully, With elegance and ease, BjDlsbrow has been ever taught With manners sure to please. A s gentleman he guides aright 'I l:e pupils he rtoib rule; Be sives a finish to the style Of Ibis his noble school. A corresponding dignity L< in deportment shown, Which makes the student confident 1 he art he's mado his own. If merit is rewarded, lie will have ample share; >ie studies every way to please 1 he most fastldlnjs fair. Never obtrusive to control. Hut snaslve In his power; The affable must share regret Ills rcigu Is but one hour. ASTROLOGY. Astonishing to all-madame morrow-thib highly gifted iad.v is the most wonderful astrologist la the world, or that ever has been known; she will tell all the events of life, even the very thoughts, and will cause speedy marriages, and show the likeness of the intended htuhana, to 'lie great astonishment of all who visit her. All who want good luck By to her for relief and comfort. All interviews are f'rictlv private, as no admission is given to gentlemen. No chr.rge if not tattled. ;o Broome street, between Cannon and C< lumbtn. * TROLOOY.? ALL PEHS0N8 WISHING T.O KNOW J\ tlielr general events In life, should call on l>r WILSON, r: Iielancey street, where no nertlon will be wanting on l<s part to furnish the most reliable information on all sub jet's. Terms :? Ladles, SO cents; gentlemen, 91. llirth re i , inred. ASTONISHINGLY WONDERFUL.-THK GIPSY GIRL, living removed to No. & Wooeter street, second door t'rotn t 'anai s reet, is prepared to consult with her Mends and the public en all events of life, she being acknowledged the greatest psimisi In the worlo. Fee SO cents. N. B.? The <lip sy i mi Impart a secret by which persons can win the afloction-i of the opposite set; chatgeeitra. ASTROLOT.Y.-THE CELBBRATED MRS. FLEURY. from Paris, whose relation has been constantly consulted i . i f.leon I , gives true information on ail events of life. CuesUons about love, marriage and business are answtred by the fewer of magnetism, at 2i'<3 Broome street. CLAIRVOYANCE.? ALL PIPF.A^ES DISCOVERED AND cured, If curable; unerring advice on business; the where abouts and fate of absent friends correctly told by Mrs. HAYES, the best seeing medical and business clairvoyant in America. Residence 176 Orand street, midway between Urt ad way and Bowery. Satisfaction guaranteed orno pay. fAKD.? 'MADAM PREWSTER RETURNS THANKS TO V her friends and patrons, and begs to say that, alter the thousands, loth In this city sud I'lilladelphia. who have con sulted her with entire satisfaction, she feels contldent tliat In the questions of astrology, lore ana law matters, and hooks or as relod on constantly bv Napoleon, she has no equal. He will tell the name of the future husband, audalso the name of her visiter. Speedy and sure cure of piles and corns by a r'tr-etly of her owe. 76 Madison sucet. Madame mf.tkr has itrmoved to m revf.ntb avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty -fourth streets. She e< i.ur.ues to tell past, present and future events; likewise n srr.nges. journeys. lawsuits, business prospects, sickness, shser.t friends, property lost or stolen. Madame Meyer coa verses in KrgUsh, French and German, and gives guarantee or ber art. COAL. C'OAL.? HI.I) AND WHITB ASH EGG AND STOVR / coal, screened and delivered in good order, at the lowest narket price for canh, from yards 142 Klixabeth street and IB Stanton street, near the bowery, bj L. J. COST All. f 'OAL? -VERY REf-T QUALITY OF RED ASH, STOVE \J or ?kb 'Ire era', "croen'd and delivered dry and In good Order from under sheds, a *A GO per ton, and white ash at It ?5, f: < m yard No. tfi Ooerck street. Weight and ?jj?*lltjr a r ranted. MAT. CLINTON. /""OAL-rRICR REDUCED? THE HUB8CRIBFR nAR V, reduced the price ot his Peach Orchard below the summer ra's, and Is now receiving supplies of the first quality, which he w 111 ; rnlsh direct from I oat, or re screened from yard. Also for ssle wh le ash Schuylkill tBroad Mountain). ( umberlandanj 1 ebl*h coals. HERN I BH1VK, corner Caual and Centre, and cjrn^r_Jane and W?st streets. , , y-ir,Al -COAL W .* PER TON; PLOUR flO PER BAR I j r,|"_p'tople's Coal and Flonr Offlce, .V Broadway. are now delivering their superior coal, red or white ash, In New York BronWyanr J*rsey City at the lowest price. Apply immediate :y. No monopo'y. " FIWK ARTS. / <aRD ENORAVINO.-WFHniNO CARDS. VIHITINO, I / at heme snd b isiness *ards engraved and prin'ed lu -he most Swkeabh style: also, a -hetce assortment of wedding <nv> < rM. ore sliver p.atwl ti-vr and number p ates ??? >, I < r ,,,, . . > , TPn f r ?? ato n ?? 1 1 ' ?, iAWii,U4istt(l.S?,|JvUi|KIH rooms, and cold TBIfAMTS' REGISTER. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT ? WITH |AI,I, THE modern improvements; or a middle aged widow lady, who occupies u alone, would superintend It for a -elect party, or take a lew boarder* on moderate teriut. Stamen and cars with in ball a block. 113 East Thirty third street. A VERY NICK BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET? WEST of Broadway. near Sixth avenue, containing HiiteeB " with xaii, chandelier*, baths, bell*, speaking tube?; hat ann coid wuter. raupe, .V<\ Yearly rent f700. Furniture, every* thing, price #460, with Immediate possesion. 8 ' B. W. K fen ABBS, 307 Broadway. A house to let. -ye ably be.v r $390, containing nine rocins, situated wait of Broadway, below Grand street. Po-hc-moo may l>e hail Immediately on purchasing th? carpets, Ae. , throughout Price veryllow, J3W. For full par ticulars triply to B. W. RICHaBDS, 307 Broapvvay. A HOUSE to LET-YEARLY BENT, S6S0-WE8T OP Broadway, In a pleasant neighborhood. In the vicinity of the Greenwich Bank, containing II rooma, with baths, gas, and' chandelier", bell*, speaking tubes, ranee, Ac. Everything In pcrfect order, with immediate possession. B. W. BICHARDS, 507 Broadway. A STORE TO LEASE? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, on t be west aide of Broadway, above Chamber* street. Location unsurpassed for business of any description, partlsu larly fancy goods. For full particular* apply to B. W. RM'HAHOS. 3ii- Broadway. A CHANCE FOR ANY PERSON frlSHINGTO COM mence the millinery busl ie*?. An old established store, now doing a gord MMne--, to rent, low, and Jtoak ior sale* No. b5>? Division street. Eating saloon to i.kt.-a grand opportunity Is now oil ere t ior a r>, nip?:ent person tj open an eating saloon In Broadway, on the flr-t tloor of a large hotel, for fur nishing Us t is with l ?>.ird. None but principals, having th? requisite means, msy address, with name and particulars, Eat in, Saloon, box 3, WIS Post O Furnished house to let-a fine house, In view of Madison squire. and splendidly furnished, U? let to a small private family, without children or hoarders, and most ol the rent taken In board; or would take a gentleman and bin wife In bis family, consisting of Aree. Address box 1,525 Post Office, slating I umber of family. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN? a NEW three story brick bouse, wttb basement and cellar, near South ferry, with Hath, can, Ac., elegantly furnished and In tha best order. If agrceablo the occupant, a single gentleman, would board with the fninlly. Inquire personally, between 11 and 12 o'clock, at ?7 Beekman street, tlrst floor. F Furnished .house to let.-tiie three story and attic house, 00 Seventh street, fully furnished, and with all the modern Improvements, Can be seen between 111 and la A. M. URNISHED HOUSE TO LET? A NEATLY FURNISH ed two and ii lialf story boose, situated In Amity street, near Broadway, will be let until May lirst, to a responsible tenant, nt a low price. Inquire on the premises, So. :v2 Amity street, on Tut -day, October 9. Immediate pos*;sslon given. IjH'RNTsnED HOUSE TO LET? FROM PRESENT DATE 1 to May next, rentt-35 per month. Aditress T. B. ACo., Herald office. FURNlSlir.D OR I7NFUBNI8HED FLOOR, (OR PART,> to let, with accommodations for servant, if required. Very de-irably situated opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, 575 Broad way. N. H.? So children or hoarders in the house. (1ENTILITY AND F.CONOMY.-TO LET, IN W1LLAM8 X burg, in a genleel neighborhood, fifteen min ites' wallc from the te? ry, a new brick oottage house, In beautiful order; seven rooms; rent $175 per annum; schools, churches, market, near, and stages pa- < the door. Inquire at 452 (irand street. House and furniture to let? the owner being obliged io f peril the winter away, would lei hUi turnlture together with Ute house until next spring, and ner haps longer, lo a small genteel family, at a low rent ; the furni ture was new last spring, and the location perhaps as desira ble as any in town. A note addressed to box 1,913 Post office, will receive Immediate attention. PART OK A BRICK HOUSE TO LF.T, TO A SMALL, genteel l'smlly , 162 Fiftieth street, between Eighth avenuQ and Broadway, l'or particulars inquire on tbc premises. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? THE LOWER PART OP a modem built dwelling house, in tho upper part of tho city. Apply at No, 47 Bonk street. ROOMS WITH STEAM POWER, OR ONE DETAOREH building, combining strength and convenience, airy and well lighted, with heating and drying apparatus, to let or leasa on moderate terms. Inquire at 12 and 14 Pitt st., near Grand. QALOON TO LET. -A GRAND OPPORTUNITY 18 NOW C5 ottered for a competent person to lake charge of a saloon attached to a new hull, which will be used as a ball room, lodge and public concert rooms. The suppers and refreshments re quired for it will ensure a profitable business. None but per sons able to conduct, it respectably need apply. (Enquire at 452 Grand street, Williamsburg. STORE TO LET AND STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR tale. ? A newly lilted up thread and needle anil fancy store, situated on the west side of Hudson street, 2tii. The dwelling part of the house to let 11 required. The stock is worth about 82,400. Apply to JOHN CULVER, 211 Thompson "treet. TO LET-ONE OF T1I08E VERY DESIRABLE NEW four siory houses, with double staircase, and all the mo dern improvements, on the north side of West Twenty -third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Apply at No. 1.5 West Twenty third street, or at P. HARMONY'S NE PHEWS .V CO., SI Greenwich street. TO LET? A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house l'.'H York street, near Urove, Jersey City; a fine view of the bay, and a respectable neighborhood, five minutes' walk from tie lerry; all modern Improvements; immediate l>Of session given, t sn be examined any time. Rent moderate. Apply to DAVID BEDFORD, Esq , corner of (irove street ano Newark avenue, Jersey City, or to CHARLES HOBBS, fciy Broadway. TO LET? TO A GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF A HOUSE, No. 75 Vanderbtlt avenue, Brooklyn, containing two par lors, tearoom on Qrst floor, two basements and threfl rooms In attic. Rent low. TO LET.? AT 7f>2 BROADWAY, FOURTEEN LARGE airy rooms, elegantly furnished, Including parlors, to gen tlemen without boarder Ute w hole or part to a family without children, veryreasoiaBle, with the exclusive use of the kitchen, tiumb waller, and t\l fit ^ modern fetprovemeutt; chandeliers, ( roton, bath, Ac. , all in pertWf order. TO LET. ? THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUSE NO. 286 Madison street, consisting of Hie eeeond t.oor, one rw.m on the third floor, and back baiemMM : privilege of bath rrcim awl iras. The bouse has recently boon painted nn<l put m complete repair. Ii will be rented to a small family only, en reasonable terms. Apply on the premises. TO LF.T-TO A SMALL FAMILY, 288 TT1IRD AVENUE, near Twenty-third street, third Snot*. .NVc apartment*, w.'.h modern improvements. Inquire on ih" orem ??'?. JOSHUA MEAD. TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE IN West Twenty serond street, nearSlxth avenue. Thehou?? Is rew, contains ten rooms, wilh all the modern mip:-ovemeni*. Will be e' for a term ol' years. Apply to JOS. M. COOPER, 11 Maiden iai.e. TO LF.T? FOUR GENTEEL THREE STORY DWELLING house*, with ibe modern Improvements, In King street; two of tl.'m to let whole, and two in parts, to tjen'.eel laadlles. Inquire at 29 King street. TO LET-THREE LAROE LOFTS, IN PREMISES COR ner of Prince and Crosby streets, suitable for any mami faeturing purpofes, formerly occupied for carmge manufac turing. Inquire on the prendre*. TO I.ET-A COUNTRY HOUSE, DELIGHTFULLY LO cated on the Ea-t river, miles from the City Hall; coaell l< MB and stable on the place; would be lot with s.ifllclent fur t.iturc for a small family at a low rent until Apirl or May next. Access to the city every five minutes by the Second, Third and Fourth avenue cars. Apply at S3 Oold sreet, corner of S't ruce. mo LET-IN WAVKRLEY PLACE. ONT. BLOCK FROMt 1 Broadway, a basement, suitable tor a lawyer or doctor. (Jfllee can be let furnished or unfurnished. Apply at Dr. LEVETT'S, 12 Wavcrley place. TO LET? NO. W PARK PLACE, A FINE FRONT ROOM, second floor, w ell adapted for an ofllco or o flees. Apply to PLOWS A BROTHER, 305 Broadway. TO LET? IN HOROKEN, A SMALL, COMFORTABLE, new brick house, In a good location, within live minutes' walk ol ferries, and part of the furniture tor sale. Rent verf moderate. Apply at *8 Maiden lane. TO I.ET-TWO VERY DESIRABLE COTTAGE HOUSES, SKI and 239 West Thirty sixth street, ju?t finished, with all the modern improvements. To be let cheap if applied tor soon. WALLER A 8KKLY, 440 Eighth avenue. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND STORY and back basement of the desirable house ITS Henry street. Possession can be had immediately. TO I.ET? FIRST FLOOR AND FRONT BASEMENT? with Croton water, gas, marble mantels, and all modern Improvements. Inquire on the premises, 141 East Thirty-Ms i ond street, between Second and Third avenue*. TO LET IN BROOKLYN-A FIRST CLASS HOUSB, SIT. naled at 144 Court street, opposite Warren; with gas and fixtures throughout, water In the kite Sen and bathing room. The cars for I- niton ferry pass every 10 minute*. Inquire at 12 Broadway, New York, or 143 Court street. Brooklyn. TO LET OR LEASE? TUB HOUSE AND STORE 71T Eighth avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth street*. A first rate pl.,cc tor business; the house will be painted, and K fixtures put In to suit. Apply MOt Sixth avenue, neag rty seventh street. JOHN MURTHA. TO LET. LEASE. OR FOR SALE, AT A GREAT BAR* gain? That splendid four story and basement brown stonfl front house No. fwi First avenue, with the modem improve ments.'on gleen In a week. Inquire of tleo. Brown, 100 1st avenue, or or John Deiaplalne, No. 7 New s'reet. TO LEASE ?TIIE STORE ON THE SOUTn WESTERLY comer of Broadway and I.tspenard street ; also the (tore, basement. and four show rooms, or eight offices, in tbe houso No. 2* C anal street. Apply at 144 Chamber* street. TO RENT, FURNISHED OR l NFURNISITED, A Mo dern built dwelling house in Eighteenth stree", uear Ir? Ting place. Apply at W East Nineteenth street. TO PROVISION DEALERS -TO LEASE, THE NEW BRICK building BOA Wsshlngton street, just completed and fitted up In the best manner, with store and smoke honse, and wltl* every convenience for a packing or provlj(?i store. Pneearion given immediately. Apply M> EDWARD DfiKLSOW A CO., 2W West street, or to S. bAXTA. 88 Amo* street. ITNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO A GENTt* ) man or small family without children. Inquire at 1M Elizabeth strest. CLOTHIRO, *C. A~~ LARGE QUANTITY OF SECOND HAND CLOTHINd wan -ed.? Gentlemen having large or small lot* of leflofl* wearirg apparel to dispose of. will receive the very highest price for tnrm bv railing at the store, or addressing THOMAS I?. CON ROY, 41*1 1'cnri street. Orders will be attended to. , CTlotiTino-ladies OR OEN'I, haying any / to dispose of. esn receive a lair cash price, by sen'Hng ta the . ores 12 Lauren* street, nearC?nal. or 52 west Broadway, or levar by post. Ladles Attended by Mr*. Cohen. ,, S, COHEN. GWn'TLF.MKN having left off CLOTHING to dispose or can receive the highest ca?h price by addre* s ,ng JOHN 111 r.rilY. 121 N*ss?u?streei, basement. Clothing eb aned and repaired In the neatest manner. TRAVELLBlUr OC1DK. ('HEAP FARE FOR ALBANY? PAS.SAOK 2B <7RNTB, H J by llancox Da ly Merchant* Line. Tbe fast salting neamer FRANCIS SKIDDY, Capt. J. W Hancoi, will leave north side of Robinson *treet pier every Monday, Wednesday and Frtdav; and the Hero, (apt. Annlng Smith, every Ttie* day. Thursday sod Saturday, at < P. M , arriving by 4 A. M. FOR IET FORT AND FORT HAMn TON.? THE STEAM boat %T.y fORT I eavee* Murrav street pier dally, (Etin. 'a<* excepted.) at S o'etoefc T- M., and Key Part at 8 o'eloog