Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Whole no. 6982. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. POLITICAL. 1ST WAR a -AT A MKBTIKli oV THE NATIONAL democrat# ot the First WATdt held at W. Dimond No. 9 Beavct street, Oct. 8, 18?, the followrtng gentlemen were ap Bobt. ly. Peter Bralv, James DutTv, Edward Burke, James McBrlde, John J. Murphy. Patrick Baldln, John C. Abstadt, Michael Tralnor, Adam Kilehle, E. Benson, Bobt. Williams, William UeueU, with power 10 add to their number*. SAMUEL AULD, Chairman. j. c. Bailey, Secretary. 5th wabd. -union and harmony. -at a meeting or the Democratic Republican Convention or the Eighth Council district, held at 49 Worth street, Oct. 8, Cant. James L. Waugh wan unanimously nominated *h Councilman or Ihe Eighth district. D. O. IDESON, Chairman. J as. McNultt, Secretary. Jqth WARD DEMOCBATIC REPUBLICAN COUNCIL t/ Committee met at 111 Hammond street on Monday even ing, Oct. B, 1855. On motion, Charles I. Chlpp was called to the chair, and John Bants wan applnled secretary. On motion Of Benjamin Harrison, James M. Lawson was unanimously nominal ed for Councilman or the Twenty third Council district Of the Ninth wurd. CHARLES J. OtUPP, DAVID BAMSKY, ? JOHN J. ACKEBSON, JOHN BANTA, BENJAMIN HARRISON, J nTH WARD UNION AND HARMONY? AT A MEET ins oi the Democratic Committee of the Slat Council dis trict, held at J. O. Perry's, 200 Sixth street, on Tuesday even tng, October 9, <1. McRadley was unanimously declared the nominee for Councilman for the 31st district. nominee ?or 8EBRA SIMMONS, Chairman. W?. Lockwoqp. Secretary, 1 QTH WABD ? 11TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.? AT A XO meeting of the Assembly Convention of the Eleventh Assembly district, held at Walter's Hotel , corncr of Ridge :.nd Grand utreels, on Tuesday evening. October 9. 1856, JAMES J. BBIM.Y was unaiUtnottHly nominated as the candidate for Asaembtv to be supported by the democratic republican elec tro of this district, at tiie ensuing election. Thomas Baker, Richard Qulgley, John Dempsoy, Norris Crane, l'eter Dyer, Mlclutcl Hogan, William Dunlap, Com aalttee. Til OB. BAKER, Chairman. Johw Demwet, Secretary. 1 QTH WABD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC TICKET. .Lt7C0IT.tCll.MAN, ASSESKOK, SCHOOL COMHIS'NBR, Thomas Parr. Tlioa. O'Belley. Jos, C. Rutherford. SCHOOL ISPl-rtTOB, TKUSTKKS, CONSTABLES, JohnO.Kipp. Fran. Mscdonough, P. Flynn, Wm. O'Keefe. 8. McOlynn. WHFKCTOKS or ELECTION. John Leeder, Edw'd W. Fitzgerald, Dennis Turbidy, John B. Madden, Dennis O'Brien, Jeremian Twooney. DENNIS TURBID*, Chairman. Fhakcis Macoonough, Secretary. OIST WABD.? NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC NOMINA ju 1 tion tor Councilman of the fi/lth Council district, John E. Broderick. JOHN DARRAOH, Chairman. Micbakl J. D. MoGlyxn, Secretary. QOD WARD, TAMMANY HALL, REOULAB DEMO cratic republican nomination:? For Alderman, Hon. Wlcholas Heagilat; opposed to the Maine law, and the working man's Mend. He was unanimously nominated bv acclamation by the committee. HENRY SCHNOKR, ADAM LULY. jouirCnutER, JACOB DLKIUtl. CTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT.? AT A MEETING OF \J the Democratic RtMf)tican Senatorial Convention, held on Tuesday evening, the iMnst., to nominate a Senator to repre ?Cnt the 6th Senatorial district, (comprising the Eighth. Ninth and Fourteenth Wards.) Mr. Robert A. Sands was called to the Chair, and Jas. C. 8. Sinclair was appointed Secretary, where upon the Hon. Mark Spencer was unanimously nominated to represent the district for the next Senatorial term. BOB'T A. 8ANDS, Chairman. Jas. C. S, Sinclair, Secretary. 1 CTII COUNCIL DISTRICT, (SEVENTH WARD.)? AT A 1U meeting of the Democratic Electors of the 15th Council district, held at the Seventh Ward Hotel, No. 173 Madison street, on Tuesday evening, October 9, James McMahon wai unanl ? mously nominated for the office of Councilman for the 16th Council district. By order. JAMES PINKERTON, Jr., Chairman. Jobb Tb Arr, Secretary. OQTII COUNCIL DISTRICT.? PURSUANT TO THE AO rail of the General Committee or Stvyvnaant Institute, ihe Nominatittg Convention met at 23* Stanton street, at 7W o'clock, on Tuesday evening. Mr. John Beggs, was elected -Chairman, and Denis Moore, Secretary. On motion of Denis Moore, Mr. Wm. Taylor was unanimously nominate 1 as lb* national democratic candidate for re election for Councilman of the Twenty-eighth Council district, in the Eleventh ward. JOHN BEOG8, Chairman. luits Moorr., Secretary. Peter Tracey, Edward Coltoo, Michael McBrlde. CAIH COUNCIL DISTRICT.? AT A MEETING OK THE UU Democratic Republican Council Delegation of the Tweltth ward, held at the house ot Stephen Luiz. Manhaiianvllle, Oct. S, 1866, Adam C. Planagau, Esq., was unanimously nominated for Councilman o<' that district. Wm. Orillith. Wm. Hencry, Michael Murray, Stephen Lutz, John Hart. AT A MEETING OF THE TENTH WARD NATIONAL Democratic Council Convention, held Oct. $, IHS5, Mr Robert E. Roberts was unanimously nomlnateo at candidate for Councilman of the Twenty sixth Council district. GEORGE T. DOLENOER, Chairman. John D. Wam, Secretary. At a meeting of the whig assembly convex Uon lor ihe 1 iilrteenih district, held at Kirk's Hotel, corner ? of Bowery and Sixth street, Hon. Aras G. Williams was nomi nated by acclamation as the whig candidate for Member of As sembly . OHO. H. FRANKLIN. Chairman. mOUBTKKNTU WARD DEMOCRATIC REGULAR NO J? mlnntion.? For Councilman, Michael Smith. To the i lec tors of Ihe above district:? Inconsequence of the ill health of Mr. T. F. Suydam, I have been solicited to plaee myself before you as the candidate Tor the above position, which 1 do with full confidence of receiving the hearty support or Mr. Stiydam's friends and the democratic party, regardless or all isms MICUAEI, SMITH. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOB 8TBKKT COMMISSIONER, 18 A AO T. COX. INDEPENDENT NOMINATION OF HON. EBA8TC8 Brook", for Htate Senator from the Sixth District. The cltliens of the 1 lib. 12th, l.Mh, 16th, lbth, l*h. Milt Jtst and 22d wards, fcompoiilng the 8lxth Senate Diatrl . (,) are Invited to meet at the Hippodrome, corner of Twenty third Ntreet and Broitdwav, on Thursday evening. October 11, at 7 o'clock, to ratify the nomination of tho lion. Krastus Brooks M> the Senate. Dodworth'a Band la engaged for the occasion Eminent speakers will a loo address the meeting. Signed by the following Delegates selected by Ihc electors fc-om the ?line wards ? Ward 11? Vm. Hoard man. Jr. Ward 18? Jas. M. Thomson, David L. Voting, Kulm E. t'raue. Win. B. Hihell. If-H. W. Or lie'. Illram Weancr, Thomas F. Blley, E. O. Calkin. John tlautier, 12? J. B. McOonnell, John (J. I.nrbibody, C. N. Decker, Fred. L. Seeley. Wm. Oakley, 80? Milliard O. Si one, Htienoer Or'egory, Daniel Oar re .v. V.rcellui EeLs. James Kearney, 14? <? heater Drlggs, A. H. Campbell, J aim s Ilillyar, Robert L>eete. E. C. Dederer, 21? Francis L. Harris, Henry fcnyiler, K. B. Mberm<u>, J. 11. Varnum, Jr. Wm. II. Haigh<, ? 16? Wm. Chester, Win. F. Jackson, D.AIonzoCushman, II. II. Cook. Isaac W. Smith, 22? Martin Cisco, Joseph Divine, <le >rge Feltner, Thomas Cooper. Francis lAckmaster 1#? James M. Cress, Albert Vanderueck. John Ridley, Peter Van Riper. Nathan B. Lang MECHANICS' NOMINATION FOR COMMISSIONER OF Repairs and Supplies. JOSEPH HOUTHWORTII. At a meeting of the mechanics oip the city ol New York, w ith out reference to party, held at Thallan Hall, on Frl Uy even log, Oriooer 0. 18M, Mr. iiioharl Wood* wan called to the cniatr; Messrs. Alexander Ntswlanla, Jshn Bhapter. Jobn R. Walker, John Glass. Carlisle Walton, William Phillips, Amu Miller. Wl'.'.lam Oaynor, John Boach, Samuel Secor and Ha vey Caulkln* were appointed Vice President*. and John B. Marstnn and Thomas Collins, Secretaries. i>n motion, a eoin mlttee ot three was appointed to prepare a preamble and r< eolation* expressive of the sense of this meeting, win n com mittee presented the following, which was unanimously a lopt Cd:? Whereas, the time has arrived when the mechati s and workingmen ?.t 'h.- cl'v of New York, upon Whom finally fall , tfie bnrtben of taxation caused by nongovernment. should take a more active part In the selection of the officers of ottr city government. aud use their influence toward the elec-lon of men w bo ai e kuo w u to them a* men of strict integrity, ins'.ead ol Jtohe wbo ure unknown and have no sympathy wt'h them and whereas, a majority of the vo'ersol' the uiy o.'New York ?fe mechanics and worfclugmen, they think It proper a' this lime lo express their determinat Ion to support at leaaioae M their t.umViei lor the office ol Commissioner of Bepalrs an 1 Supplies un office immediately connec'ed with mechAi.i'-al In ie rests; therefore, Besolved, That we hereby nominate Joseph (5o itbw"rth. of ihe Allaire Works, a resident of ibe Eleventh ward. lor die office of Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, a nun whom mosl of us have known from boyhood for his bontsty, href rltjr and ability; and that, IrreapecUve of all party prelelle tlons, we sha:. use our utmost exrrtloos to secure his election, believing thereby Uiat we shall not only gratify our fellow mechanics, bnt serve the < ity at large, by securing tor 'hem An honest and efficient i-uf. oftlcer Besolved. That we recommend to our lellow workingmen independent of party, to organize for the dilterent scedoae o.' (his cltv, lor the iiui uo-c of ?ecurlr.i hl? ejection. RICHARD WOODS, Chairman. John B. M ?r?ro!t, J a.-.,...-,., ThokasCuiu- {?'?ewwnw. NATURALIZATION COMMITTEE WILL BE IN SESSION every da> m the ba<k room of Tain rainy II,. II. s the hours ot 9 A. M. Ui: 31'. tC., the Democratic Republican Ad mlnisliatloTi Committee till 3bt> Oct . last day. Pli ers nustbe token oat ten da;* before e lee" Ion. UNION AND TICTOBT.? ONION NOMIN ATJONS -T5I : separate delegations elected by the A, J.Jui a II. il an 1 Tain many lla'ipc i UoE of the democracy of th~ Keveath ward, fur ihe ptirpo^. of ele< 'lng a Councilman for lie Tlili tieib < ounotl district, he .l their -eparsic mccun.s on the evening of the 9th tnstanl. snd Iter conaults Hons met in slnile onvcnflon lor tii purpo^e ot itni'lng trpon a raulnl.i'.) fo, hi office. Al'er ih ? nro delegation* were ttas assembled Mr. Tho*. AbVvt was unanimously choaen t:haliin.ia, itdl Mr ftps .ird N. retar.v. After the preliminary nuslm ss w*< i . tnplet si, o?i m i Hon 'ma'le ale! seconded the coaventigo then un mm u?iy nominated r* ?:rc? i A. SOOi r ft* their ran ttdate for Cotinetlmao, for the Thirtieth Co ineil district Subsequently, the Sutyreaanl por em ol the demoeracy en tei ed the rts.m, and sta'isl that they tuul made their iiomina toa tnr Councilman, and that the nominee was Frnneis i a. iwile, 'in vote, Mr Boole was declared by the three convention- is the nominee of the united dem ^racy of th? Thtrtie s < , ,nctl dlstiirt. F.leventh Ward TII'iHAM ABlMjTT. Pi sistdsil Enwagp M. Boors. Secretary. Jetledlali MI .er, Samuel H. Acker. B< ruar I Kelly, E<!war l X. Boole, Jacob Snvder? St. John's Hall Commute*. The, inns \bbott, Peter Bowc, John E. W!n>e John f. Bias dell, I'ennis Oarrlsou? Taaunany llall Committee. Peier Bowe. Andrew B. Jackmsn Ollher' Weeks, llrnirr Manrei i hrt?topber De Witt? Stuyreaaui Institute Comm. tt?e. JKDFDIAH MILI.KB i ^ jrm? mlKKKBow"!'TT V HiiMKT Wrr?>, POLITIC AL, National democratic general committee ? A meeting of the General Committee will tw held this evening, at St. John'* Hall, corner ol Delan cey and Bowery, at half past seven o'clock. J. H. WILLIAMS. Chat-man. I>. O. Cuoir, ). ? Jobs CArrnr, ) ^cm*nf1, rTHK RPITOK OK THK NEW YOBK HERALD? IN four issue of Sunday 1 observed that my name bad been placed ou the ticket of the anti Maine law temperance party as a candidate for the ofliee of Coreae*. Since that Ume I bore dally expected an offioial aunonatemont of tbe some. but aa such baa not yet appeared I feel that I am called upon to make the Billowing declaration:? That I never have had anything to do with any temperance party, that I have never eapreamri a desire to receive this nomination, and that although a tempi ? ate man myself I am decidedly apposed to any compulsory law for enforcing temperance measures. Aa I am a cattdt date for the ofliee of Coroner, of caurse everv one ha* the pri vllcge of voting for me, and should the anti-Maine law tempe ranee party, atler this declaration, retain my name ou their ttrket, I shall bethe last one who will object to 11. Most re spectfully yours, U. N. W1LHELM, Coroner. B NEW PIBLU! ATIOftS. CLWEB'S NEW BOOK.? CALDERON, THE COURTIER; BV SIR fe. L. BULWEB. Price centi. a copy, la published this day, and for able by all booksellers and news agents In New York and elsewhere Published at T. I?. PETERSON'S, No. 104 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. J 1ST PUBLISHED? SPECIMEN COPrEB GRATIS TO music teachers snd seminaries? The "Golden Drop Sehot tlscb," ?8e. : the "Rlverdale Schottlscb," 25c.; "Spare my bear! i from growing old!" (song), l&c. Tbe above three pltven, com posed by Julius Metz, are truly beautiful, and will be mailed tree lor 78c. COOK A BRO., 343 Broadway. NEW PUBLICATIONS READY THIS WEEK.? D. APPLKTOK A CO., 346 and UK Itroadway, publish, on Tuesday, the 9th, GHOSTLY COLLOQUIES, By tlie aolhor of "Letters from Rome," " Clouds and Sun ? shine." 1 vol. ibno.. rlotb, $1. On Wednesday, the 10th, ?PHfcMERON. A poem, by Henry Howard IlroHnell. I vol. 12mo., paper covers, 29 cents. On Thursday, the 11th. Vol*. V. and VI. of the works of JOHN C. CALHOUN, Being tbe concluding volumes. The work is now complete in 6 vols. 8vo. Price 92 per vol., or $12 for On- set. 10NTIK1S or THE SEVSBAI. VOLUMES : I.? On the Constitution and Government of the United Slates, II? Speeches la Ceng reus. III. ? Speeches. IV.? Speeches. V,? Reports and Public Letters. VI.? Reports and Public Letters. Calhoun, Clay and Webster are three names which will long be venerated by American citizens, (if the three. Calhoun, during the early part of hie life, was perhaps the greatest favorite of the people. His highly cultivated mind, profound views of government, and his pure character, gave great weight and Importance to his opinions to all parties. Of the writings and speeches of American statesmen, there are scarcely auy wnljh bear so directly upon Uie great measures adopted by our government, during the last forty > ears, ax tbotc of the lamented Calhoun. The War, the Revet, ue Sys tem, the Currency, and States Rights, were subjects upon which he took a leading position, and greatly aided the deci sions which were made on them. With those who take an In terest in our national history the value of the writings of our public men cannot be too highly estimated. SEVASTOPOL HAS FALLEN. A LARGE PICTORIAL SHEET, Containing correct views of Sevastopol and in forta, Bala klava and environs, Sevastopol and It* camps, /he Sea of Arotf. terrillc explosion in Sevastopol, camp scene In a storm, allied artillery train, battle of the Chernays. Correct portraits of Napoleon, Alexander II, Pelisaier and Mem hikotl. A1m> full accounts of the great conflict thai resulted In the downfall of Sevastopol. Freaeut position of the conteudiug armies. Sold by all booksellers and newsvenders, ai 10c. Send or ders to P. J. COZANS, Bookseller and publisher, 107 Nassau si, N. Y. Liberal discount to dealers. THE DESERTED WIFE; BY MBS. BOUTHWORTH; 2 vols., psper cover; price $1 or one volume cloth, 91 2r>. TIIE MISSING BRIDE; by Mrs. Southworth; 2 vols., paper cover: ptice 91, or In cloth tor 91 28. KATE AYLE8FORD; by Chariot Charles J, Peterson; 2 vols., paper; price 91, or In one volume cloth for 91 25. THK INITIALS, a I.ove Story; 2 vols., paper rover, price 91, or In one volume, cloth, for 91 16. THK LOST HEIRESS j two vols, paper cover; prt?e 91, or bound In one volume cloth, for 91 25. THE WIFE'S VICTORY, and Nine Other Nouvellettes. pa per cover; price 75 cents, or In one volume cloth, for 91. ILLLBTRATEit EDITION OF DICKENS5 WORKS; In twelve volumes, paper covers; price 00 ccnts each, or 95 for a complete set. Copies of any of the above will be sent lo any one. per mail, free of pontage, on rccelpt ol tbe price annexed to tbrrn, from the cheap publishing house of T. B. PETERSON, No. 102 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. The wobk of captain Walter m. oibhon-pri sou of Weltevreden, and a Glance ut tbe East Indiuu Archipelago, which has been unavoidably delayed by prepar Ing ita copious Illustrations, Is now In press. It will embrace crnsliigs of tbe author In the Indian O-ean; novel adventures among the chieftain* and people of Sumatra; account of its wild r.icea of men; capture by the Dutch; eventful life In prison: a thorough Insight Into the manners and social habits of tiie Javanese and Malay peipie; a review ot the rule of the Dutch 10 tbe East, and how he escaped out of their hands J. C. BIKER, publisher, 129 Fulton itreec UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC REVIEW. -OCTOBER. Vol. V.. No. IV. Contents? Portrait ot John Cochrane Survevor of the Port of New York; 1. Tli? Federal Union. Shall 11 be Preserved: 2. Revolution and Reaction; 3. The Poets o. the World, a Rodomontade; 4. Zodiacal Symbolism, part 3, tbe Primitive Kra; 5. Spirit Land; 6. Minor Usurpations of the Federal Government; 7. The Winter of tbe Heart; H. Parables and tbeli 1 'anger-; 9. The Cross; 10. The Nebraska K ins is Bill; 11. To My Cigar; 12. Human Nature in Chunk", Chunk No. 13, Biographies, or "Our Jt-mmle;" chunk No. 14, "Our Bachelor;" 13. A New Military Literature, It. Youni; Twist ?nd Young America; 13. llave you Heard Mr. Chapln; 10. Ear ly Love; 17- The Democratic Party and Its Opponent-, 18. Ex tract :rom "Strife of tbe Poets;" IV, Book Notices; 20. Theatri cal Notices; Rachel at tbe Metropolitan; Academy of Music. Ternit! 93 per vear, or 25 cents per number. LLOYD A CAMPBELL, Publishers, 252 Broadway. t:._ _ HKWARDH. ?2*-| c Ann reward ? on the itth or ORBl ?lt/iUUU ber last two boxes were delivered at the ofliee ofthe American Express Company, lo Dubuuue, Iowa, by a cartman from the United States Land Ofliee. Said boxes, on their arrival at the Sub Treasury In New York, were found to contain buck shot of the ?tze of lit) to the pound, and pressed , balls of the size of 100 to the pound, to the amount of 174 pounds In weight, and 2b pounds Of sheet lead, No. 4. The boxes were made of white pine, one inch thick, dovetailed at the corners, about 10J< tocbea long; JMjf Im bes wide, ami 4K Inches deep, Inside measurement. The bottom of one ol the boles was of hemlock. They were strapped om-e around the middle with one Inch hoop iron. It la claimed by the Assistant Treasurer s> Dubu'iue.thatthe boxes each contained gold coin lo the amount of 985.000. They were marked with cards addressed to the "Assistant Treasurer I'nited States, New York," which cards are admitted by the Deputy AMlstant Treasurer to lie genuine. Now, therefore, for the purpose ol discovering bow this f.-aud waa committed, and bringing to Justice the perpe tralors thereof, the American Express Company will pay flu,000 for tbe recovery of the money, or in that proportion for any part of it; and 96,000 for the arrest snd conviction of the oOcnders, and they w ill pay liberally for Information re lative to the making or said boxes, the furnishing of such lead balls, shot, Ac., Ac., Ac. All communications should be ad dressed to the subscribers. WELLS. Bl'TTERFIEI.D A CO., New York, LIVINGSTON, FARGO A CO . Buffalo, Proprietor* of the American Kxprcss Companv. Buffalo, Oct. S, IMfi. dMfl REWARD.? LOKT. O.N MONDAY. THK 'iTH, on South tirrybo?1. ?' 1>?1< paat live o'clock, u pocket bookcontaltiUiK tl Ml !n Hold. Any peraon returning <!??? k?iii> to EDWARD M. OLYlfN, corner o. Court ntreet and HamJl u.n avenue. S> nib Brooklyn, will rcceivc the reward. AOC REWARD.? LOST? ON 8CNDAY APTKRNOON, ip^t) the 7tb inatant, between Hamilton avenue lerry and Twenty seventh ? .jut-. ?< blu? enamelled watch, btmtinv mse. vt on both ridca u lilt u apray of dMmonl?. TV above wati li la Hi.ppou'd to have beci, loat in th?- vicinity of Trinlti chapel. Twenty fiflli ati-eei The luid'-r will receive the reward by fe?viuK it ?.t No. ti fletcher atrent. RKWAJU).? PTOUW FROM THK RATTKRT, ON ?T1 ? ?' Miuday olplit, Kept. 30. an cighveu tout working boat. Tarnlabni Inataa aad out, four thwarta, ais knee* on tbe lornarti thwa r\ and braM amp tor a mm'. Br.mdetl ' Wui. H. Darltnif." Inquire of John Ileneaey at ihe Battery. 4><)\ RKWARD.-8TOLEN. OR TAKEN RY MISTAKE ir?m f 'hooner Danville. while diecbarKing at pier 9 N. H . i-iKht barrel* flour, branded Jaroe*. of Roanoke, K ob mood ?np< rflne," wbli-b ?aa re< elp'ed tor by a carman, men in? hia name Thojnpann. Whoever will iflve lafortnatwm tliat will lead to lh(tllMOfar|Ol tha i btW, or tbr r>" overy of the liour, wilt receive tbe above reward. CHJkfl. II. I'IKRfiON, ?!! South a'reec Ol " KKM ARIt -I.OHT-ON THK KVF.KIMi Ol THK ?TI*J Mb, on returning iroorieoftoe Unite No It to 3Bf? Wreenww-b atreet a wallet coni?lnitiii mi In otlW. and wmte papcraof nu talue 'o am ooe hut the ..wn'-r The above re ward will be paid, at-d tbe 'bar>b- of ttr owti?r. by leaving tbe t* .i.e at 296 Oreetiwk b ttreet. Id tbe <101 e more C-lfl REW ARD ? RTR tYRD OR UTOLBM FROM THK ?? I \ P t resaleea "4 Antbocit Male a bay bora*. oO >lde bind loot * hit* up te the t-U"ck wan* around ble under lip raii'r bellow on be berk aod e lm ;r.ade Tl.e ar .ve reward will tie paid on raMrwiag tb? une <tr Itar any tMbrantion where be maybe lot.nd. by Aai"0> be? ?. BronitUJe, or at M Ninth atenue, ft, Y. Art (OR MOKKi REWARD POR A ROLL Of HILIX, t F'f moaily Maie Mosev, am?.uiitli.< to H7 or tJi ioeton V or, day waning, 'h?- nth ttw'.. <-ul .-r in a Ktpp A Uruwn v-age, l.tgbib avetiue ???. In a Mlub aV'-n'ia omnlb'M or In and aboa' tbOM' Irtree'll l'l? a?e addreatt.'. X H , bol 1 %KS l'o?t ofli'-e "tTrkTV A R D -I.OST, ON ?' IMIIY NIUHT A KORRET. ? I hor*", tn m lw rablr ?? 14 Thiftf vtreet. Whoever wdl return -aid borae to >'o. M Tlcn.a? itix*t will re et\e the above reward. A. I'Ollf.M AN. ( LOTIino, *c. <Ji4> HAH WORTH OK CANT OPE CLOTH NO WANT fA.UU' ' ed ?The rufbaet a>h nrt<e III" rally Rlvee lor large or Iota of gooda left off, and auperfoona f'-ithmg of every deecrlpUon. Audreea or rail on jamkh MORONKT 11 Baxter itreet.lilUt bouae trots < baibem atreet, net ?Ur. I.AROK 'jt'ANTTTY OP HRCO.N'D HAND C|/)rilINO wan'ed ? OenMem"n having lar*e or am*ll lotaofienolT weartr.* api ar'd to dutj-ow of, will receive the very hi>b?? price for tnein b* callun; at tbc *tore, or addree?inx I Hum AH n. ciiNRI IY. 4Vl Peajl atreet. Order* will be attended to. /"'LOT HINC? LADIK8 OR OENTLKMKN. HA VINO ANY * . todnywae of, ran receive a tair raah jnr?hj .endlor to tbe ??rre? 12 Lnorm ?tree>, near Canal, or at We?t Hruadway, or litter hi poat. Ladlea atlended by Mra. t'ob?*n 8. COHEN. THK LKCTtRK HK A HON. LKCICRK ON JOHN PIIILPOT ? I'KRAN-BY TH08 r. MfcAOBKR, at the Hn?/l?ay Tal^rtia.Se, on I'rtdav evening, OfU,ber 12 I>oor ^p' n at 7 o'riock. le- ire tnenre at ft o'clo- k Tlcketa It <mt*: to he had at Hall A Ion'*, and at tbe door the haix rkaimw. ARRIVAL OF THE CANAOA AT HALIFAX, ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. ACTIVE OPERATIONS RESUMED IN THE CRIMEA. ATTACK ON THE RCB81A!f OFUltl. The Russians Fortifying the Northern Part of Sebastopol. The Czar to Superintend the Winter Campaign. THE WAR IN ASIA. DECLINE OF l-8d. IN COTTON. Conaol* 88 1-2, &C ?! &>0>| JbWi IT THE HOUSE I'HINTINU TELKQRAPH, 21 WALL ST. Halifax, Oct. B, 1855. Tlie rc.yal mail steamship Canada. Capt. flow , from Liverpool on the -Wh ult., arrived tic re at 7:30 Huh ? ven ing, The C. nailed at 9 o'clock P. M. for Uoitoo, where i<he will be due at about 8 o'clock on Thursday morning. The Canada report*, Oct. 3, lat. 50, 38, S. long. !>': W. passed steamship Africa bound Eas*. >ept. 2V, oil Point t.ynas, panned ship* Lacy Thompson and Columbia, bound into Liverpool. The steamship Hermann arrived out at Southampton on the 24th September. Active operation* have been renamed in the Crimea. The Grand Ihike Constautine arrived at Nlcolaetf on the -Otli. and it wan hail the CVar himself would shortly visit that place to Huperlutend the winter Crimean cam pawn. The Russian treasury has received large minu of money through Berlin. A (earful tempest had occurred atS'ebastopol, with very heavy rains. On the 17th of September the Turkish troops at Con stantinople, intended for Aria, were sent to Kupatoria. THE XV AH. AFFAIRS AT SEBASTOPOL. Prince Gortschakoff telegraphs, under date the 23d, September, that the allies had landed i!0, 000 men at Kupa toria. an^ had 30,000 on the Russian flank. On the 22d, the allies attacked the Russian infantry, and the Utter retreated to the heights over Rusta. Another despatch from (iorUchakoff. dated the 2?)th, states that ?n the previous dajr 33,000 of the allien had debouchcd from Eupatoria, and occupied the neighboring villages on the left flank. Gortschakoff reported on the 17th that the allies had attempted nothing up to that date on the north side, but were concentrating their force* between Balaklava and theTchernaya, and constantly reconnoltreing the left wing of the Russians from the IWdlr valley. The lol.i of the Russians is estimated at eighteen thou sand men. reipatchei from Sebastopol, of the 10th, announce thit the Rmtnlanswer* fortifying themselves in the north part, and were constructing new batteries, and that the French were advancing cavalry aril a column of infuntiy towards lluckshi serai by the lUidir road. Sebaitopoi is to be razed and the basins tilled up. letters from the camp mention that the allies were actively preparing for a campaign. The correspondent of the Paris Pa(ri<. under date of Sept. 28, says:? Ever since their retreat the Russian* have continue 1 to fire shells at ua, and It would I* a mistake to nuppote that our armies in Sebastopol are beyond the rang* tl.e < n< my s batteries on the northern shore and on the pla teau. The balls from Fort Constautine reach lieyond Strelit/ka Bay. and they can very easily throw their pro jectiles into the town. As to the batteries of the other forts, some of the guns in them are so powerful that they can carry shot right over the town an 1 do execution in the advanced siege works; but although the Russian lire does not cease it. i* not very active. The artillery and engineers in Sebastopol are everywhere at work. Kort St. Nicholas, which was left almost Intact, ha* been for tified. and its e*nn>.n already replies to the enemy. Any u'.terapt of the Russian* to return to the place in wholly out of the ((ue*tiou. A letter from Berlin, dated the 23d, ?ays:? Various circumstances at St. Petersburg nern to indi cate that Prince <>ort*chako(f will soon evacuate the foits to the north of Sebastopol, thosn forts being only strategic points; but great preparations are making by the Russians for a winter campaign. From three to four hundred deserters, mod of them Poles, had arriv.d at the allied camp. They stated that the demoralization of the Russian army was most com plete, and that such was the confusion, from the tirr mo ment of the attack, that the soldiers, exhausted with fa tigue, remained for twenty four hour* without provi sions. The Anglo-Turkish contingent would go to Trebi/ond. and be placed under '>mer l'a>ha. It was also announc ed that considerable bodies of French troops had beeu tent to Eupetoria. English war material is constantly passing through Prussia for the army. The Cossacks had taken twenty five prisoners while forsgftiK at Ketticb. THE WAlt IN ASIA. Vienna ileepttrhe* ?*> that Kara w?- xn-itljr ntraitencd for proriiiont, ?u<l that the gun. win wa* eating hor-e (lech . Adtlce* In id Tri-bixond, dated Dili <? j- 1 , announce that tho Ku"ian? had abandoned Ernroum and were at Malaga lamia. THE BALTIC. Daffflt', Friday ?ept. 2*, lSjft. Tl.r riuiMr Bull iNig ha* arrlred here nit!) mml? (rum the tteot. All tho high pre??ure lilock *hlp had left tot Higlund. The weather hem continue* un-< uleJ. 11i? 1<m'? I'aria eorreapondent ?rlt? on 'lie :.'7tb that the Baltic fltft will winter at Kiel. Ureter. | Tin: kfi r.i t of thk fall or RruASTOPOL. 1 eUen from Athens -tate that the nen? of the fall of Sebavtopol bad produced the greateit conatornation among the partiian* of Ruarfa, who war'' a!way< bo*?ting <t th< imp< h-|I iHtjr - f the aUlaa ?a<ce?dlny. Tb?- mini* i tert waited on the French nn l EnglWh am>a*>?d<ir? to offar tjiei r ?arme?t wngrat ulatlon Naplra. A ci rcol* ? hid teen (fit'-n to the pol ?? authorities t 'hrwtigh' ut the kingdom <-f Narlee "nying that ultb' ugh , h?? retired froBI office, the poll y of 'h> tfiTTn m'-nt will be the iaoi, and n ? change i- v> take plaoa In ?h? conduct of th<- police toward* politically luap* -ted perm n-. Th? Jlim*t?r of War, PlttM UrMtrll*, who i i jc-.'.i the arbitrary pwcwdlf ot Nam had al-o t>< i-n dUminaed. Aatl rta. Ibe Aaatrial government ha* cao?l the publication of tbe fvllow ing announcement in it* ackn< wladgad olll rial orean, the Av<r\nr* I'orr'jjmn- In/' ? 7h? new ftaie of thing* may gi?e accaaion to a t^pl" matic rontwt or a aanguinwry ?trlf? betwi?n Rhwi.i ami the Ui-tcrn 1'owar*, but It mill in no way t lf< tb?' mediatory nttitade of Auetria. Denmark The lolkabing, now in *e*?lon at Cop?nJ>ag?n, ha* deH nltfly approved, by a Tote of M to 44, ol all ib- )?: >?ed ccnailtutional change*. Commercial laltlllnncr [From nomo unexplained cauae, tTT^ u*ual r>ew- and c< tniY-erelal mmir.ary , with circular* I ir tailed to reach onr Halifax Agent, and be ha* r<m**<|oentlT been oblifad to nrake the he-t (election ha could from the fiaw<i *p?r? at bin command, which will accoun*. for the followln( meagre ica/lci report.) LOJiPON MOMST MA UliT. Tlie I'cmand for money c> ntinu'd mj act te. and tb? l etik of F-nfland had lurtber advan'-ed it* minimum rate of Interest to & per tent. Kngliah aeeurities were |i?ajtt di- edhy tblanod b? the rener*l irtrlngen<-jr of the nurket, ar.d c n*ol? ek?ed at #B 7-16 for acc ount and ??'< a M tor money. AMttOS rta t ami' ?n - f> llowin? are the quotation- lor Ametican ?ae?n tlee ? I S. 6 per cent Bowda, M 106 m m ( anada ? per cent Bond*, 7? 114 a lift i altfornia * per cant Ilond- _ , -? Maiyland 5 ft cent Bond* W'? a M>a M*??*eho'ett* t pwr cent Hon>ta InB a lift Cenn^yiranla fi per c?nt .'Hock 74 a *0 I).., f. nercwot Ho?l> ? ? a I rootb CatnliM I t?r cent Both). tr ?

Virginia ? fet <CHt ?.'*?!? ?f?, * ?> Virginia 6 per ceut Sterling Houd* H"i t fl* M out real City 6 per cent* HJ x 8li New Orle?u? City tipvr ci'Ut* HO * 8J ll.'Inoi* Central 7 per cent Bond*, 1st niort 70 a 77 Illinois T per cent Freclaad Pond* 71 a SI Michigan Central 8 per cent Itoud.s Vo a 97 New York Central 6 |*r cent Bond* t>0 a 97 New York and Kiie 7 per cent, l*t uiort. , 101 ? 10 l*>. do. 7 per emt 3d mort . . . . 85 a 87 Do. do. Convertible*, '63 80 a 81 I'". uo. Sinking Fund HO a 81 1'anama 7 per cent 1st -noitgage Bond*.. . 98 a 97 I'enuM '.vauia Centra! 8 per cent* a ? LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. The stringency of the moue~ roar'.et ha* had n aeriotu effect upon the cotton nuket and price* have given way fully one-eighth cf a penny pei pound ou nearly all kind.i of American. The sales of the wt?k foot up 38 000 hales. The stock i* declining in quantity. The following are the i|U0tali0nn: ? f-V? i r. MitUlinp, Orleans ??{ fli,' ('plant* a1, 6?; Mobile _ 6 LIVERPOOL PROViHION MARKET. liirjje tianaaction* in beef had taken place, but prices weie ate&dy Thi atoek waa conaideralilj reduced, and lovci qualities were wane. Pork in stevly demand at ?lightly advanced price*. 1 1 if^li price* continue for bacon, an<l but little It ft ,u market. The etock of lard lu first han ix waa quite exhausted and an adwin> e of3?. a K*. bad l>een e.-dhUlahed with sale* of 150 ton*. CUee?e in fair nquc I, bu^ordinary iliflicult of Hale. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. Ci ffee in irood denittd, and the recent advance fully maintained. Allies ? 300 bbls. sold, tit 36*. for pot*, and 34*. 6d. a for peail* Ityewood* ? An advance had been obtained upon log* d, o?'ng to a scarcity . Moias ?es in good demand. Spirits of turpentine quiet, at 36k. 6.!. a ;;Ui. Transaction* in American rosin again very large Amounting to 10,000 bbi*. , principally at 4*. 7d. a 4*. 8d. for common. Oil* ? I Hire in gooa demand. A moderate business done in *eul cod and whale. l.inseed in fair request, at 44.4, pair tape, 0'iit. I'alm in gjod de mand. LIVERPOOL l'RF.IOHT MAUKKT. Freights to the I 'niteO State* were quiet, nnd the late advance wan not fully *upported. Steerage pnwtengerN ?caret at about ?" 6*. Heud weight to New York 11?. u lf>?. Fine goods 16s. a IT*. 6d. Ilardware l'J*. 81. Ko?r tbenware Bit. LIVERPOOL IIRE ADHTCFKK MARKET. N > mi terlnl change hit* taken place in breadstuff*. The following are the quotation*:? White wheat IS*, a l'Js . 6d. ; red and mixed, 11*. a II*. ttd. Western canal Hour, Mh?. n 4!!*.; I'Mladelpiiia and Bultimore. 40". a 4**.; and Ohio rapernne, 4'i<. a 44*. Indian corn, white, 44*. a 4R?.; yellow, 40*. a 41s; mixed 40h. a 40t. 0d. Indian meal, per bbl.. 'JO* a 21k. LONDON CORN MAKKKT. The weather but be- u quite miltry and favorable for hart est ing. Thuarrival* ot hoiqe wheal have been large, but thev all appear to bare be n previously ?oM to nr rive. Foreign supplies are short. The market firm, hut veiy little do) eg. l>at* ? Good anpnliei of foreign and pi ices firm. Flour without alteration, and the arrival* limited. LONDON PRODUCE MARKET. Tallow very Arm at f>8*. on tho *pot, and Mbt. for Janu aiy and March. Sugar utoady, but not active. Collee the public Miles went off at (all price* ; native Ceylnn at 51.?. a 61a. 8<1. Ten mere lively , common Congou Wd. Hioe quiet. Saltpetre In limited demand at former rate*. METAL MARKET. There ha* been a great tailing off iu demand for Scotch nig imn, and price* rule lower than lait *eek, closing at bOs. a 80*. 6d on*h for mixed number*. Welsh rail* firm at ?8 6*. ? ?8 10*. fit the work*. Common bar* from ?S &*. a ?8 10*.. and Stafford*hlre at ?10 ?>?. a ?10 10s. per ton; there i*, however, no huxinei* done. Shipping Intelligence. Arrived from New York TM lilt., IxjuIi Napoleon, at Deal, 28lh. <JulrkiK?|i at Oratebetxl. Arrived Ironi Ko?ton 27't? ult., I.ucla at (1 rave end; Mih, I. A. Uobart Mar-ell!e?. Rhlpwrcek and Km* of Life. The ship William I'eun, Captain Cole, from tho Chincbu Island*, bound to Hampton Houda, wa* wrecked on the morning of the 30th ult., ou Cape Hattera* Shoal*, and it i* probable that fifteen of her crew met a watery grave. She had twenty-five persons on board, and *oon after she ?truck she went to piece*, and all on board were left to the mercy of the wave*, on piece* of the wreck, 4tc. Nine per*onn, including thu Cuptiin'* wife, got on th1' top of the bou*e that wo* on de< k. and bad floated off and after being toeaed about for alxteen hour*, without pro vt 'Ion* or water, weie picked up by the brig Mtrcu*, Captain H. K. Kid r edge, from New York, bound to I'nion Island, (ia , who Hid everything In hi* power to make them a* comfortable a* possible After remaining >n board th? Marcn? tilt Friday laxt, the 6th inat., the *tcam*hip Knoxvllle, Captain I.udlaw, from N'ew Yurk, bfiund to Savannah, came along aide, and they wcr<t transferred to that Te**el, and taken to Savannah, where they arrived next morning. While on the Knoxvil.e, a [ subscription wa* M-t on foot by Captain I.udlow, to aid the suflier and the *um of one hundre<t and twenty seven dollar* and fifty cent* wa* imm?diat?fy collected for that purpoae. The following are the name* of tho*e -aved by Captum Eldredge: ? Mr*. Maiy C. Cole, captain'* wife; Dr. C. T. Bourne, [ nger, and 'Ihomas r<>ddeu Jame* Indian, Charles iletts, llirnm Diilxd*, John C. Thompson. Thoma* Oil more and John II. Fnow, *eamen. TIip following named pernon* were la*t seen on a raft:? Beiij. T. Wood, of Nantucket, Or*t officer; George II. Hall, of Ma*i>., vcond oBcer; Janie* I'tice, John 'ieorge Mn Ilurg, Joseph Item la, (Tiarle* H. Tltun, John Steele. Tin ma* Salmon nnd l-oui* Fleetwood. The captain wa* !a?t wen on the miienmast. George Humphries and Timothy Merlean sunk in *iglit of the ?'hip. Albert Fige and Iranci* Wil?m drifted off on a boat, and the ateward, it i* -uppoHed, wa* awept off the topgallant for' rustle. A telegraph de patch in ye?terday'* Hkuau>, from tharleaton, stated that the 'lyitnin was picked up by the t cbooner C. C. Mtratton, and arrived at that place on the Tth in*t., which make* ten out of the t*enty five known to hare been naved. There are hope* that aome ol the i ' maining fifteen have 1/een picked up by *ome of the numerous vessel* cm^tantly pas*ing that dangerous plMt. Tlie William I'enn h?d a carfo of guano on board, aiU the ship ?** valued at about 120 000. She was abo.| fioO ton* btutl.en, and wa* built at I'ortsinouth, M "ll Iu 1817. Cricket* | A mulch was plajeO on Monday, at llarlrm, *nl tar* nbilnl, itlR i Am content, in far^r of H*l*m T|i> full'. wing i? tba acore ? IUKIJCM. /i m /nniniji. tvrrmit Inniwji. I a<U?lau? b. Italia* .. . . 0 b. Winn 0 ('?leu b Halla*. 4 b. Halla* ?'? wirn|.w n h. Halla* 0 b. Italia* 1 Wilt* b. Winn 7 b. Halla- 0 Wright, run out )2 li. Winn c. Buchanan. .. 0 Whitf b. I*iw B b Winn 0 Fynt-r b. halla* 10 b. Winn c. Ilallaa..... - 'taborne b. law 0 not out 2 Ityroc b Halla* II b. Winn c. Hiochdilfr l? Harri*. ran out b. Winn 1 Taylor, not out 1 runout. ? Wi>l?<?, 8; bye*, 13 If* W 4 , bywi, 'J, l?f bj-?, 2 23 b y<-? 1 7 Total ?I not out ToUl ?] raTMMo: Tr?n?ar e. Wiiglit b. liy ron Winnb. Wilby Hapleton C. Harm b. Myron 1 l?* b. w., b. Wilby I aw b. Byron HiaebrBffo r. W,ifht b. Wilby. h b. Byrm. 'i c. < Nfenm* b, Wilby. Burn* b. Wilby 1 b. Br ton liallaa b Byron. , Ikicbnnen I, v, iiby I'utirr, i un out Hrook* b. Wilby 0 B<<jtii, not out 1 WklM, 12; byca, 2, lag WklM bya* 7 Jl Ityn . Total .'<0 Total 6 b. Wilby 2 0 V not out 3 Wnilam?b?rf City *(??? bm* < Rt * ?waf A' IWUrf ? Y? ?''e!ay fotra .n,at?->lt a|a??o o'clock, a *plrll?-"l b' ra? atta'ha-1 to a w*g">n, in ? bich *T? Mr. J. !>. Walter bu*in< '? at So. I I I'm ritni'i. \ Y and hl? <! rltrar, look fright ,n th? ff*f Mrt <4 fintk u?-*rath rtrwt K. li , au?1 ilaahart otm the atraat at a f?-arfal apa*>l. At ' ha r inut tt t -<o ni| it/Kt Ibf T<h 'k ram* iii 'ontaflt with a port and th" ?cti|>?nta w>r* thrown with fraat rl<, !* to tiwgronarf. Mr Waiu-r tx oontarX to w<-<;?a'a bout, ( *b*r* h- ??a att'-ni'M by l?r?. Brany vn-l W?>ia at><l an <-*amina'i>.n ?h<-v.?.i that no b"M? ha-; >~~n 'raetnr?l Th? unfortuna man ?uff*rH act?r?ly ?n<l It l#lr?raH 'bat b? ha* ?uMaioi t wrlwji Internal hJhim Th? rtrt*<-t *..?[<! MtnW n lory ii ''a^ln'aii^rii <w of th* wh??l' pa-'M trfm hla h?a4. Vtwi by Mall. I*ig? >al#? of h?f ? ha'? boat) raarl* In Kaatucfcy ?tl', ?rn> rrrna, ?|ual to ? W ' rat.* n?t is tha [?n> tV? n? N.00U war* a</!4 for pa^kinf rarautly at at i W< &S rrat? father high Ogu tra, A larty In Trraton N. J., on Ui* ?th in*t |>r*wnM b*> l.oabawl with thr?* In* rtiilrtran, two (trl* a bay at >?* birth. a?4 what U twora taarratiowa all th/*a ?? aaa. b??itbT rlul'trra kfkl hkaly to li*? <m a ><*>?? <k a?i >a tba.amala^y twin* Baling flr* cWJrli"? ?' lw' tift^a, CITY POLITICS. KOt'T HUiH A ^ CITY CONVKNTIOK. The So't turned out in great torce, hwit evening to at t*uJ the convention for the nomination of city t ftlier .. The meeting waa called to order ahurtly alter N o clock when eiAlderman Char'e* I'eok, of the Twentieth wurd was elected to the chair, and Meaara. I. ilaril-on ami Heart Hilton of the fifteenth war. I, were appointed ?ecretartea. The |>eace of the meeting wan for Home tlroa disturbed at thi? point by the riotoua conduct <>f a dele Kate, who wan immediately conveyed to theatation him*.', hi* |ma.'6 t? iug readily aupplied by an oulaider. Th? indt vidual having been attended to, the meeting ?? ? agaiu calle>t to Mir, and the c< nvention it ? ? led t ? ballot for C-cmnitniiiouer o' Kppauii and Hiipplie- . Noint nation w a* had by ward*, when W illiam Miner an 1 Sa thanie. S. t-'eiah were put lu. Uullot wai then had, with the fallowing result; ? Nathaniel K M'lah 5H H'i.i Mmir.,, 41 Daniel Norrin ?'< Wilson hrnall. 1 Win K. Blimey Total 110 The decision ot the ehan being iinnouured the iwmi tiun ot Nathaniel i?. ?elah ?a> declared uuanimoua, amidst cheers. Mr. Joio Cociikam then ro?e, and called attention to tlieclaintH ot (itorge H. I'u-ser to he nominated for City Inspector, if he wan chosen. he would carry the election for ihe deinocraticne'ty, and would receive the aid oi outalde partle- T)ie refonn [Mulyhaee given in their adheaion to thl? man. It wa? he that when tendered tlw nomination for Comptroller, declined it, thi.t it might be given to ll; at great man from the ileiuoci alio rank*, Aza Hah M.ikK To Mi. Purser we owe hi* diction -h..< ef ficient rei vices; and now it ia proposed to '.eu ler him an unex|iect<'d iiouj. nation, and to insmt upon hia running for the ofliee. Ihe C"iiTi ntion then by warda nominated kichard Johnson and tieorge II. I'urrter at i-andidj|UM>, and weut into ballot, (Meaara. Kennedy, iHiuglas and l'owlnr, tell era,) with the following renult . ? 1 ft HaUut. 'A' Inlllot. K. Downing. 61 57 liy. D. JoIiiik.u I'U ? . George H. Puraer til V" slaughter 1 I BUnk 1 W. (fattsbnger ? I W. fc. K ? 1 Total 10W 110 Thomas K. Downing wu > then declared U> be thv nomi nee of the couveutiou. one Vote only being iu<li??ent. Nomination* were then made tor Governor of tfce Aliu< house, and the convention went Into ballot a* follows: ? 1'atilck ti. Maioney no Ma Orr 10 Andrew 1'ioment 1H 11. Mulligan & C. (i. (iunther,,, 4 Aa libel Heed 1 Kiarn ia Jaun'K ltevd 1 lllank 1 Total lo:? A committee ot three w.i- iheu app0ut*d to notifv the candidate- of their n> miuatb ti, and a committee oi une > / ??in ea< h ward wan selected to confer an to a ratification meeting. The Convention thi n adjourned. HOFT SHELI. AND HALF SHELL 8ENAT0" RIA L KOMINATfONH. Pursuant to the rail of the Tamilian/ Md St. John * ]J*U? eevnal ct niuilltee*. the hciiatorual coansllsiu of the roft ahell and half ihtll purlieu mi?t at their re apectlve head quarter* la?t night, to uoiniimti <?ndi l?ici for Kenator. We girt l?li>w Ibe reiult, ao tar a? I c celved 7 hint Ihdrirt //>r If Nhrlt. Tli i? cinrtatloB, comiMiae 1 of rielrgate* from the Klrat f-'ecood, Third, Fourth, Fifth an t Svtli wianl?, met, arid ?rgut,ixed liy the appointment of |t. t'roly ol tl?? Fifth ward, a* chairman, an l Mirlmel Ilurnx, of the Hr*t ward, and Theodore llart. of the 1'ilth ward, a? Merita tie*. 1 mi organising. It wan found that the dole < ? t e? were indhpoetd to make nomination* without Joint ?? tijn with ttia aoft aiielU wl?t> were holding a eonventl->n at the Pliakapeare Hotel whereupon n < "tnmlttee of three wa* appointed to ronfer wltli them and It |M>a?ot>le to agree <>n ? auitahle candidate to he aupported by li'ith |>artie?. Wm. I. Wiley, of the Hr*t ward, llainilUm idiilDga, of the Tbiid ward, an'1. Theodore Hart, of tlie Fifth ward, were appointed *ucli committee Th- con ventlon then adjourned toVitur ay eieninp at the tame time and place, to hear the rvport of the committee. Third Dittrict Soft ShfU . The delegate* to this* convention loot la*! evening, a1 tlieSlak jearr Hotel. l!. C." M ontgomery, of the e "U l ward, tn< railed to the < )?? i r ; (. II Smith m l W II Hobblo* weie choren -'i cretai h-* . Mri mot I u <>f Mr. Henry, of ti n 'Ililrd v/ail a comn Ittee, conaiatlng of Jacob H. Smith, of the KI r -t ward Jrimea Mellein, of tln Second ward, Oia- H Swing of th" Third ward, M Iteeve*, of the Fourth word, H. II. tfmlth, of the I'lf li ward, and W 11. fiobliln*. of the SUth'ward were ap pointed to interrogate candidate*. A communication *?< received from the Third M?triet Halt Shell Senatorial Convention, aaklmf that a commit tee of conference b<- apj*ifnta?l to ?ee tr the two conven tiona could not unite upon a Senatorial candidate from thi* diatrii t. The ccmmanlcatlon, on nioti >n, wa* ae eptcd and th> following committee appoint) <1 W?**?r* .1 la Smith, ol the Kir?t ward P. <i. Maloney, of the Third war I an l Hieopliilo- IVck, of the I ifth Ward. Imrmg the evening, an informal ballot ?? entered Into, from which it wu. ahoen that the c >nte*t f .r Rene tor will be between I'aniel I'. Sickle*, of the Third ward. Richard (tench, of the louitU ward, awl Thitua* J liarr, of the Hixth ward. Tlie convent i n idjunieil to meet next lueeday evening. fhurtk h\%U trl Hilt SK (0. Tlie convention for the Fourth district met at the I i llouae, whi n John < . Krater va< appoint*! i>i the chair. The candidate* were IfcUiud Murphy Tlioniaa ~herl>??, Martin la llric< and Wiloon Jiaail ' On th' ttral ballot Wilrou -mail received eleven vote*, and wja v la!?d to be the notnlnre. fifth Did rid ,V/( ShHl lhi? convention, conaroeed ??f th< i >g)ith Ninth an>t Fourteenth ward* met laat night John Whal|d> y In the ehalr and urittnlmoualr BottilMtml Hon Mark -|? Li '-r u a can>lidate for te.electi>.n for State senator. Hfth IHttmi Half SMI Ihi? eonvi nil n met, ^i.d after appointing a commits ol three to confer with the ?oft aLella, artjonmed un'd Thuraday neit, without loaklngany n'>minatinn<. Suth fHrtrvt llalf Xh*U tirul M"ft NhHl* llie.e lt> lie- met and adjourned without aff" ting any nomination*. MISCELLANEOUS. THE BAK rtcigr. Thore will lie a me* t r r g of the meml>ei. of th s-w York bar, thia (Wedm- day) i-venlng, at 7X e'eiooh a' Mn*' nl' Hall KW ltr"?ilwa/, for the purp ?e of nominat liig a ticket f..r the Judiciary, Irieupe- tire ? f part/ The prominent effect will he to indicate to the ? mmunity at large the Dixei of th'??e already nominat<-d which will b<- n.),?t a> ?< eptahl* Ui the prateaoins The wnlarwiiint of tbi* irux'ting uio<t tie <- -ariiy carry great weight a* their c ri-'ant prolr??i >nal iDtareowrae h>? given th m r pjrfirtunltie, of fi'rmlng a ]u<!gm-nta> 'o tho-- aiifl' a tiona and th* t adaptability which ar< aeperior Ui p??litl net claim*. \S e underatand that '.hi? meeting will en d- r?e whig'. Know Nothing*, and ilwiiunt* o both fe-th nr ? bard* nnd *? fu. MOV WfiTHtWO XOXtHArtOM*. l? .rs> l?h, r A-?ern'dy Kifmund IU-r w Aim ??, r A. W .w. V ari lf urM-n < ouneilman 14th ! -in t, Ueorge W Warner l.'tth dlttnet h/tward Merrit . ltth 4' tr ?:!, Will am A. I(.i?e-ty Cnit(tl?? J >hn A V?o Ft keler, Joel like Mcn,'"l "ffleere, laM ov- till Monday eaening n?'J'. Jhtrf'-nth it'ur>/ ? The American j^r'y WMlldl their Diminution* or. Mi.rxt*/ r-irh' 7>i< f' ll wir g .? the e#iwj plete tteket'^Aeermblv IIUi di*trtct iT>*. T Mill- A> wot, Aari ri If. --fiarp Omftr ilroen Cl>! (U?triet William Hoy ! 4th di.tnct J. T. 1*11 3Hk dkrtrVt lphr?un Heed Pchool &?imiaaloner, A T llo'.al ? lri'r'ctor Kim Voeh K Whit W. iburter, W W Young Ja/viD Van l?ur?n WIIIO AFP KWRLT MOMINATIOM. T/.e ."j-venth W?rd whig A--eoibly 0/ovnti//n m" ? tunlay waning. Vr?r,w II I.y,.rb in th* char . and It M I >? ^?eret?rr UltKitlM, a "'tliot for a can ildat^ vii had. wl ?r. Kdmtiret !' liarr' w Vmj | , having re>?iv*4 ?e\?nv?it*? ?0'l Mr K. W Mo'gani thre? vote- Mr liar row waa declared onamrmrtialy ri rt> nated Mr Har.'ow tat a mewaber <1 tie isgta'.ature of 1M1 x*r.( h*>t* 4XD ' Me*!*' OK/(awi;. ITIO)". We ha?? b?>n r*<,rie?!??l bjr the . ttr-v '<f the p? u'- a. ? :gaiMietl> n whl'l. re~ ive-t on Iridjiy la?t t/i p?it ae ? dej* ndent ?? anty t?' a? t in th? f.-Wl a' tie oei 'la ' ? a, t/. aey that thi? party ? diatinrt from th' M- an tile j Ihrery A""" >ati"n and haa no ? ne?r>i a wtlh ti ' body further then that "toe ?/ tk* mean Mr 'i ? ??? nanlaati' n a/e in th' otfcei T),e We- ar?'ii* Jir'*ry A?>'e\ni)i,n, a* *?ch, w -i,! n?.* c< >r, > r.*< ? | -dtioaJ arti'n rwrrrKinrsT vkmihuti- ?<ii?i??rio? ?. Iha iLMOtafait (nk- ntlaat, ,?.pn?a.i f y ->ag I are d?fa?crate, ha<e oo<>iina'*d th? f>-ll< eir^f ti'*?-t -be I 'urt?i nfli wa -d Aldfi an M i a' ! 7 %> men 3Mh da-tnet Mr ? h*nr *7tb H*mrf K. i'o>en? ;?^ih Wm. H fa/wv John ? idi' a baa i-? ?' ? '?art and "A. *t,e!l and heir *h ?fl tornlna' -n Id the V. Aa-?mMy die trVt (fifth war-' rdttt-Kiui ( LC*. / Wvfreaar/ d'or i >?ae.<i<ar aoaw ? K<m kU>rnm an l?aa d I A 'an ? t> '??' ?> '-'b l..tri#'., J-?eph II itU'fl alth Tl.'tnaa larren ?lth llflrwell Vail Jr A ee??fc r I -;4ref 'eltli CmhMaa J'"?pb Veil. Wrr. Me?bar T ri mr rim on or TBI! ! p?4i a? I w?er the bead *4 ? My f?Ht>ea In v? day ? u??e rwy aem? aepe?r? ae ceitd Mate lea "i??allaaaa f ?b> twlr t/ ??ventL dl'trtd l teg leave u, ?*? ?? ?r1< r>4* ?/tbe fnartee^rtb ward that I aaa nMe^'iaint l ettb the ?" ?!'?? tba' It ewaeiaated 1mm, and Wllee* 't taa have been d'Vae ler the etpmae pn rpuee tdlejt' tg <?* I k*** r v* thie fnb'iritv aiad <?Wtg? r -ar ent "?? e*aV RAL^M - V t-w Vvw ?. 1W' !*!>?trrtoM OeaUl of a Woman In W llllumaa" bmrg. lMTKKTIOATION Bhf OltK COHOMUI OWMHD AM* A JVHY. < ? i uer ll.nfr.l I t.ix for rome da/H pa*t been engaged in invtatigating the ? auaa of the death of Mrs. AkM t. I'eaae cr (a* ahe we* Utter!) known) Mr*. Duabar, wba died under my-tenou* cucum-teiirca al the boat* of llr. IHipret, aliiul Hweel, No. U3 South Second etcaat, ?? J- mi. lay morning of U*t ??k. The .l?cea*c<l M ye an of a?r ?j? claude^tim ly married ti> IWtfer M H Peaaw In 1M0. ami ha<l mtcral children They taut Und ta getber in the Uutily of l?r. Dupret, or i-areet, In fledtord avenue. whrie the* ?e| aratcd an I *iibtei|uenl!v Peaaa prix-nred adiw.rcc sin. continued to Uv* in th^ lioua of llr. Dupret nnUUtl dlceaee which, from the medt.-a teatimoov adduced, aj |-era to have |^n rau? >1 bjr ataw tumor raal|.racticeafur n.iural M th. Mure her death Dupret ban tern mUelmr, aud the ?. aminatl'n ??* ??? ductrd iu rrcret in the h"i.c of in uring him before th mutter win made public. Thi* taiiM however uad be ta atlll at let**. 'Ibe following i- the main pan Hon of tin- tentimony:? C. H. Pebapp* . M. It., ??uin- llave tbi, in nan nection with l>r. John llrady, nuile a m?rf,m nana nation of the body of a teutale, at (.iernwi>.?t l>mn?ery. found tin- body eacaeed in a roftiu, on the U I ot wbioh waa the nam* ? Abbe K Dunbei,'' liar lw?ly appaareat ta be \b*t id a healthy woman and bote no inarka if an (rente violence, on opening the twxljr found unmlaUkeeMn evidence of her having been recently delivered of a child a (Kiitioa af the placenta ?a< adherent to the uterus, aia in con*e<|urnce of llila tboir had probably baen prefaae bemorihage whl< h Wis undoubtedly the can*' M Mar oeatli; Irom appearance*, I aliould judge her to have been .niranccd In pregnancy aliout aia nu>nt ha I di?<i?vwc eil no ?i|(n? of violence ahou' the uteru t !>? at .mada c ntalnid a Huanlily of dark colored fluid luave not aaa lyreal il, but preauuie It to be from a kiud of tegetahle in (usicn. John II. Hiudy, kl. D., ?wor? ? Wa le a foti m nrf,M r% nmmati -u of On* body In llreeuwonal. in company wilfc Hr. frbappa, fully conrar in the opinion e*pr?e*<*l bjr li tin in rrgnrd thereto brcaino acquainted with denoaa id laat vaiutrr, Kite teaided at that time nt 1".3 Mouft He cond?> " ri"'t , with a man culling hluiaalf l?t Oupret, vfce Intiodtieed me t< hei a? hi- adoplitl ?i?ter. do uot know, tUHlA in '.i . 'iiteiMitmn MM MHfMM that !?<? la a |hyalcixii, Moiuli alteiuoon llw 1 ? t in.-t aord wx? U4t a' a) Mftta IImI Mie llnnliar wa* d*ad . I ???!?* ta I1'. Ihipiet'a hou*e about hill |>a<l jnd ?? met ut the Moor by Mit. Dupret, Who Informed me tliat audi wa* the r^ae; I h-LimI he; t<? give me Ibe particular* of her deal!*, wa* weut into the | artoi ami *he v.ld me that tor the paet aim eee'np m e liai r4aUIoh| pi'fu < bcmnti na^i* innn tlaa Womb but innde no mention of bor having l>e*ii pr^| nant , 'ln-y aid not coiifidet her in iiny Immediate tlaa g< r until the pn t iou* t ' idny i>|uln wtieu ah? bad aaa ?larn>iiiK Lem< uhage from the womb, *h* aUted t .iat a |ir. I'exlei In,. I attended her In connection eith Dr. IHi^ pret; thought -li?* died an Htindny nu i mug aliout loop o'clock, lulled at the limine u Uie i*T'Miini< a tut fnuivl Mr. (iilbeit llav and llrown theie; Dr. Duprrt ?a* lliere thejr merely called U*t aciiuumUnce*. aaa nothing >i till III again until neit d\jr (Thiir-iiayJ al tw? lve oYlocA, Dr. Dupret'* ?on called nt my office and aani thai hia lathet alabed to >ee tne I went to tlia haaae, up Matra to the room atid found the underta>.i-r (Itennetl/ puttiM her In the c< An ; Dr. 1'npief, wifeHiid a gentlemaaaM lady wen pre>ent, I Hi-kid why he had ??,nt for mf ha aalil the fun -I'll w oiild take pla< e in a miuutea aad u1* Dt. Dexter had Irlt no certificate, and had not yet Come Le fraie?J a delay of th> Inner >1 I thought (ha mattci i vi r. and believing all to !>? corraet, toil h.m I v otiM give him u certificate which wool I uaawer hit purpl e until be could aee Dr. Detter who ira> i ijn rteM eiery n^ meat; I wrote th* cerlMeata and gave It to Itr. D. *h" handed it fo Mr. Iterin*tt and aal I lie woul-l re pl.'ici- It by dm from Dr. I*ester aa aum a* he caaa ia. giving Inm to understand that it wa* but temporary, aa4 he would gel oii? fioui Dr. loiter who attendad tlie wa iiihii 1 auiipoied fr< ni the aymptoni* Mr* Dupret dracrlk el to me that ?he db-d of vaacular |edypua of the ite ru.i I Ij.ivi- not *een (he doctor or^ila wife ainoe, nar Dr. Dexter I fully oorrobiTate tl*> te tmiony of Dr Miapp* in i elation to the appearan' e of the li idy , had no kriowle<!gi' of her pregnancy till to day. tiikiivlllii ^lacU, fworn ? la t.itlmr ot deceit aad, board at the Franklin ll"u*e, my bu^ine^ la at No. : u , yu?? rtr?^, Albuny Ihe woman under the ninie of lionbar aaa buried ftun Dt.l .South frVcond atrial *h- war laid iM Oteanwood ^he wa* ihlity ihree )earaof age, l*?ra ia Mnaucbonetta; mauled in IaIO to it man muie-d ll'^evM. h. i eaaa; it waa a ciaada*tbM marriaga, I lived at Alba ny at the time, they laet lived tog*thei In lied ford a>? nna, a tool two fear* ?go, at thtt tlnae Utay lived in houM- with Dr. ^a?let, now called Dr. Dupret they < eaae4 to live tofethei , two ye*r? ugo la>' Auguat he ui 'Ved la Utchfleld countv, 1 1 iinectlciil, to aaauma the dutlea ef cashier of a Dank *t tlutt pla<e ahe refund logo witta him I don't think if ha* >een her aiaca ahe aamgneiln* rearon why *be would not goalth him. Dr. Dupret naid he had alwnfi tieated her well ?);* had a tumor ?bhJi would kill her eventually, and '1 *? preferreil ataym^ witAi Dr. Dupret, Dr. D. mid it Mould not lieaafe to iiave bar moved , I ?*id in that ca>e I *oi,i i , ?u in anotb* phyM clan, I railed in !>r Ma -on, heaaid tlw there a aa aoUluw of Ihr kind the natter with her, an ! ah'- could be re moved within three ot fonr weefca, alt* had l<e> u ronfiaad but ii fi w wiek> prevloua her huai and went on lite f, rat. of A'.guat and >Im ren,*iii?<l with 1 ?r . Dupret with bar cl.lldren; I oein" down from Albany aetrral time? afier waida ind trlKl to orevull on hei l?fo bi her huibeod, "I. e Lined to go; 1 again ?-ie.| Dr Maaon if .hr wa a able t>. In- oiuvcd with safety Mr l>i?e'a uiolhtr raaM Ii wii to Ink* the chit I'eo the children wire taken U ?t'tariy and the furnlfure to lonriRcticul I lima I liillell awora? Haailei al I 9 Ko?th rtfUa ?Ireet, k tii w Aldia* K. Ihitibar tlie re*i'ie*l at l'-. nulla Itrcond alreet in (he family of I>r. Itupret, I wu a frw 'ineiit vialter there, but do not ien ember to have aaan her within tii<' f.t/t three ruontfi* I had no *u?pic|oa of bar bring pnnrant. laat aew l?r l?uro?t ? n Tliura-'ay evv? ll.g U^t , he . ailed at my bona' about * o'< lock aald be had beard that the l?*lr of Mr> Duabar had Men diiMn Irrreil o rid that a p-?at mort'-m larnlaa 1 1 III had beea held, and a i^ rtlon of the i-lac* ;,?? wa* f'luwl >n Ibe uternr a?k*d m* If tl^t wa wl I replU?l that I had Uen ?o tiMornied he then wanted to aee (V. Wlnaet and I coniluctid him to hia r? mi ami left him tb? verautioa toofc pl*'<- on the -'era..f my k'm ? be ra inained wi'h ' oi. Vfinne aboat tialf an fi mi and than left heard no hinta from ai.y party that M r< Duabar waa pregnant kn< w h?: by no 'i r nam* Jidm W. tan Hiaklrk. ?worn? Ijiea al374.<>uth He cond ?trc? t knew Dr Ilaprwt and family between aeves and eight y?r l.avt known Mia. Dunbar aV ul twn fntt not intimate with her ?.!.? w<? llvtrig with Dv. I npret al/riutayear or 1' ng? r kr.ew notUaf or bar cioept that her nan.e waa C' tae f iitatilf, and that her hu?baa4 had left he. fo ?< rtie <au*i J r I hi; re I eat my family phyalrlan. ofti n aaw Mr* l> w) > , | vnitel lit* bona*, aawhir about tbi'a e.ek" |.< fore her death, ah* waa iileying uion a p.ano aud *| y?i I la be in peifaet !?? alth did not ?? Mi ? any 1 1< aranc* < f prawntney 414 not h?*r of |?#r ?i'ku'?? a' al! afl" l.rr death heard that he Led l?*n eomrlaintng lor aome three rrKintYn, Dv. Duplet atel wife -.Id ?h'b?'l '??.eg unwell thrwe o? four w#*iit I a#kei] what the dl? iae v|i and Ibet aaid he ha<l had th* train fetar at nra* and the*i *?iwa trouble about the ?!> ua'h wtcn loflammatiou aet In and he dle?l I ae* f'r frripret lart -n Thara day evening ate.. < II o'clock in Jeia*T ttty he awat word by hia arm that be win'*-! Ui *e?* tit* the torlar'fl wif< waa with > iin wl . n I . <r e ug Ui t)w Ih-jr ixAk raid John, 1 1 I r hard " w hi I. wa* all th< y aa< ' a l?wt tlie msltet I I d no pre umt MM*r<*lMI nltb hiai atxor 'he a-e la |ry4ad ver* rneUntboly he had twn car|. t ? ith I o. !id i ? *a , wh- '? h? aw-nded ta g' , and 1 did not aak bin. b* wa< in th? Fay llouee, Jar dty I *'ion t . a J'. -or? l-i : > ? . kn w bira t/. * ? by th? nam* of Dr net' A I t.d a- the tlr?e h* hred ia King, ton li? went by that r u,< and alao when h* e?"ved to Itrooklyn I cifiai'l*r blui <*e af the smart/ I P*f etelana n the et.untry ln -lan* I hia name to |ei|#rwt l*<-e .?< IM v h*<* a fraat ri n) 'jua/ .a who treat by U*e n*n^ if.-w >' an! el*o n a- '^?Jll? of a ibild he bet e4rpt ert. In Brady re ? ailed, at IL' r~, ,??t r a Jar r ? la any ?rdat 1 a aled lfw!ly>??* - ? tpr?'>?t by Itr. T aaytac ""ft In regard to U.e try an n ? iprn I at tri ttt* J," <aa?ry f Mm Duabni that ' a?r - 1 I,' fail/ eHiked entli a tea* 6 al i 'A wbtch i* ,')ir.*f..|i|a^i pr*i'ive ka"-"l?djp; ibat teat ? be etans rati n of tt. ? maee I ntvt la a* itwua aadav a p'.weifai nilr roweepa u, 4*tanroa* pari lively whe'l?r I la a jlacwi't i 1L" mete and ta eian r,* if tl.r aiuoona a e.l.ra/." o' the ateroa i* ah ?en' if I f.rut tb rr^.? ** j.a'er'a aad Dnd tbe n -if w o.efi.r,,n? I tb* ?l? <r ae en tie abba ta mnmt |HMlMApwta the pmfmtry i ?m nai> 'i,i? n eaatanur a ae' v* ; re??je. 'a^iify (ally <m Mnndnf af'?rrir?? Aa*'ln A ' . p ? t?.ti*al In lrlr?i< it.!.'.'! atil Dwpra' aiet w > aal Mn Ikn tar b* nailed at ?>? h .?* f.ten^ly to pt bake te r?*-''1 r.r ? *1 Ua' > ?? *?-l wa* prawwtnt narwee kl ew ?< uty ??? tff It'll 1,-1 drat fc Wat tr/ l all'a VhImb, *. l| , fr. - r/f f*,| ttt -j, Mr PaUM* Of tk* ea aMI f*< ? ' 'kadnt t* etrut* down. In ae*???dawe * ih tie* > >b witaem re 'q r aarl witV./ wl Uta ekildrvn, wl.*a fce re'urr "i lt.prat appaared agtlatad aal nil' aee> 'h'f> for 'Jae frat line aarfeele] -- -rrtiblag vnef J ba'l ra ? '? r lK[ret at a la alarr ?ihtgetttard a er.aal la Da pre" Una ly. 1 1 a' d?" *??1 1-ad been aonf r?' I t I r la*-| aV-el * waa* p* a a a 'aj her !*a ' l wee le i ' rn wt-r-i tbe lari, *w aaa.'ltilag wbbn had her to aaif pare thai * 'bill ha4 a^-o her* bed be?a tatibt >i r wa* af* '?! " th a Mary llarr" drier af tUaWraWU. ai*o a **rv? at, imIiM hi tr ? rant* ill ' Ibe liiaaetlgnllan waa r r t. reevrr-Ur and ?dl agy ll*Wr f I M,r. r ? a- aim ? <i n g Imfotnagt wa a eii'lteaS Tb? anee wne then ad; e*?' ter aa' . Tt ur*dey wmA, r, ' : rr ta HI'<H? IV *1 "* ' htat<a aa to Ibe roetmt* d Ua* iw*a<l ?* ><??<*< ettr'.enee r ' en day kefrrre y. r'>b"tmt0*f th * 1+*ttrr < ry uri'l j> n 1 h*I P I ti"W wt?h ill qualify I limn I air ???(<? r_Tfeta Day. ( ?mi t.tif. ??* m i ?? ->w ?? ft. | u tit ? j M u, '? rtDI '? ?-?- 1?t? ? *??. in tn, ltB M as ??nnri < " n~t ,rr%H ? N?* W, * M* MT, ML ? iv. ?/??, i.iw iu?, mmn (.??<<? I ? H? lilt, 1IM. IW: Il?f, I) M IIV 1IM, 1IU DM 117*, ?:? 1 177, I IB*. Ill* ll*? l-.rlt~.UM 1107 117*. I?7?. Il?, Mil. ]1?J|)V I1M mm, :w, iu; liM, l?*?. * rmotm I ? rt ? Km t?. 1M. **? m. Ml, M lit ?u, 414 tt U 42* 4* 4*1 ?? 4M, ?? ?? *' > ?4i Mi tti ui, 44* ?' '?? *? |M W> M Itf, IH.