Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1855 Page 3
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kmmmim renewed efebi day. >ALEH AT AUCTION* AC. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER? OKKICE !>t BKOaD ? way. ? Positive and peremptory sale ol fashionable flc*' class cabin*' furniture. being Uie entire slock ol C. J. Schmill, Br?? Iway, who In retlrin* from the trade.? A. C. TUTTLE will fell on Thursday, Utb, at 10li o'clock, at the large warehouse, .Ysl Bruiduav . mm the Metropolitan Hotel, llie eulire 1 K-k ul Mr. C. J. HcWltt, who ix retiring from the rmsine*.-.? every article having been made m^r his own super vision, In warranted io i>e manufactured in the beM possible "usuiier. anil to stand the test of furuace heal? will be sold "without regard 'o cost ,n ord"r to closc the business. flic >'-K:k comprises eltigan rosewood par lot .suns covered iii the I bent broratel, plush, and hair cloth; tele a tele.., fauteuii*, I tin.?de . damis, uruioir a place. secretaries aud bo ?% ca-et; etegeres wrh marble toi s an t looking glass ha -k-. lined with sa'.tn w.xn, wbtdrobM, Kllxal leiliiau und tioiln beds! ;ad?; | tsila, side, and centre uMe* with marble lop-, drr-siug bu reaut. wasli , auda, extension Utile Unit smie'-. A al-o. mahogany . oik ami Ids-k walnu' parlor, hal rliamber aud dining roiiLU furniture A -. The whole being the .* i k r'one I I . manufacturer and warr inl'-d In ercry maimer, w!> I.? tol l I Wl'bout eaei cation. '1< in.-\'u iei Jim. rash , . ,? JiXianrl under I**) ninety da)- '?vci fSOU, 'out mo'iili- <]..i-oved etidoraed notes satisfactory to seller. Catalog'.*- m t tl?e morning ol ale. A I < TION NOTICE? UK NRY !> IIKffTS JR. AUC l.oneer w > 11 Mil on >Vf in ? day, October IU. :it lo'a > 1", k a: s:ore No. I!u Pine el, balau e 01 - ie k i f flr (roreries, wines, liquor* and Iiarana, consisting in pan o Ooaiug. >0 g h., sou. guup.'rtd.-r lea*; whit' ..nt blow u s . lhi- goa- , motile*, ."our olfe*. oil, inlnr>* au'bovn-s Otttid an ) flennemey lirauille-* in ilf nl oliii- , Cu! 1 liahat * l iatidy ji c:.. '--., olil JuuiaVa lid SI, I'ritix rnui. ?laTnte-ou't o' I Irish wWi-key. curaeiwi, ah>y-the m.irn." Mnn Mtiir.tHouV I Kdlnburq ale in in-k-. I." Ion porier. ?herr(e> Port and Alll>i At muit'l 111 VilWX Mid itelilljO^iiK, a Lit .1 I'lii.l'lly 'it Havana peg* ^ Ttntu eaih, in tenkabte money, Md ? 4e .poatt req mi cd oi all pu. t hamri At'? TION KOTTOr. -M nOl'CIITY MTTIOVRKR lliir, day. at 10^2 nV.ork a' 'lie ?alearootn, '2~ Outre ?t., 'i tteuerai a?or:meni Ki'new and Heeond lmnd Inrniture, ??*/.:? Mahogany parlor, " and rm klng oliairn, rtrc-s and pluin Imrea'tf W i>-h?:.tndn, l ed teadi ha , liti'k, and inii 'ii-noe -iila?, wardrobe*, booki aaex, idockx, large and .-mail miirors, window curtail -, nhitden. mantel ornuiuenU, rooking atove, croekari carpata, io. 'v. rth) a 'entmn. A8PT?NF.K?,f5AI.K.- K. K. AAROX. AH TH ?NKKR, WILL well tins day. ?t half pant 10 o'clock, a ipiendld aaiortmem v it tine gold waleltes, dlamonda and Jewelry. Gentlemenv >ut lug io purchaae sold watche* for their own Use, will do well to end . Sale without reset'*, e for cash. Auction -m. h. < au< tiovkkh-ckoft * I'D will aell. at their mile* room. ti3 William street, rot' ner of Cedar, on Tiiurwlay, tie II h, a 'urge haM>r:inetil of ' in man's tool- rou?l?tin? or one !ar?e beading madilne one -mall io., one palraiove pipe rollers, two do. BMAteli, Ih N foiditig :oachine?, one wiring do., two burring do., one vice Ac. Albert b koolay, acctionxsr.? attbai wvf ?ale of choice Imported liquors and >e'ar.? Albert 11 Nicola v will aell on J y , Oct. 11, at kite halearootn. II llroad alt eel, a choice selection of line wine, and lirandics, ?Ine old Ota-d, Huptty A Co., .1 antes He. uiic ?ev, l'inct, OmatiUon .1 Co,, Marret A Co.'d pale and din k, London dock nml Cognac 'irandte,, Holland g'11. .Tanv on's Irk>U wliU>km, Ramsey's St otchdo. Port, Madeira an?l Imperial pale aherry, Burdiii't" uoldrn > o . Mmr'H Kdudung ale. Ac., Ac., all of which ate pu' In dftnijoun - ot'oue, two, three audllve gallon- au ' in c i-ea of >ne and t w 0 doien each. A l-o an Invoice nf choi ? aegars. fnle poaltive, and without ri -e rve. AI?o. at priru'c sa e. a handsome o; eu carriage, ? to order by 1. 1 wi ence. ol Hroad way. nearly new. and eMtf'VO. Alao, net ?ilver plate I doutde hame->, made by Trainor, 111 good order, will be -old cheap, Auction salr-this hay \t 12 o'clock, in tay i or fcticet Hrooklyn, near Kent avenue, live minutes' walk from Pec* slip ferry, Williamsburg, "4 valnaMe power i ml hand preMc.; planau and drilling ma hlnc : laibe?: 24 vices Al-o. blackumilh's tiH'- . ?toekaand die- beliovy.-. : and the valuab'e machinery lor die manufacture ot portmnon liaies, valued at over fit), (KM. Also, unlitiiehed stock, aid a va variety ol oihe material- Term* cmih? current fund" Ci'a logres ran b? had thia ttiornlni nt lis Oiand Mr.'et, W' lhumi. onrg and IT7 Pearl atree', New York. JOHN ''AMPBKLL. Auctioneer US and 115 '.rand stree', Williamsburg. Auction notice.-tdos. hell. auctio,vei:r-by BEU. i BCSll.? '^hts day, at !?*' ? o'clock, in our - 1 e rooms, 12 Nortb William etree', we will anil an extendve and valuable va iety of exeeller,' second hand lurnlture compri* log almi-t every article In .lie housekeeping line. I:' mi kitchen ioaitic; al-o n number of articles bv order of administrator? solaa, sofa nels. couches, valun'de pninilnKs, French bedMeads carpets, Ave marble top tables, wardrobes, bookca-es, 4c. '1 bur-day, y e ol dry goxls, c.'othlnjf, fancy, w itcbe, jewelry, &<T Auction notice.? i. booakt, auction eer-by S. Hogatl? This dav, ' t pij^ o'clock, ai the auction rooms 'orneroi Krankfori and WlllUtm streets, mortgage sale; a large :is?orUnetr of eictllent h.iu- "hold furniture, consisting io par' of cos"lv marble top dres lng iiureaus. do. ceutr. table, w ash stand*, te'e a tete sofas, nadaigany and cane seat chairs and rocker*, rurpet-, oilcloth, bedsteads, mattresses, oil painting;, mirrors cottage suit, aeeretarv. bookcase, kitchen ftirnl-nre, splendid corner stand, hall lamp. Ac. Thursday, at lOtj o'clock, at ?7'2 Pe?rl htre-:, the entire furniture ol a Imarding house, cont istlng ot the u- ml variety; bedsteads, feather lie is and bedding tables, choirs, carpet's: also barroom fi\tnre?. Friday, a' the auction ro<>ms, a large asMirtiuem of hoitsebnld furniture. Auction notice.- henry b. hkkts, jr., auc tioneer. will sell on Thursday. October 11, u ID1, o'cl ? k it the faie- room, No. ;. (UWt, assignee's saie >d dia mood jewelry, gold and silver watches. Ac., consisting ot tine gold watches, chains, nins, studs, earrings, sleere buttons, diamond riuga. earring-- and a large assortment ot Parts jewelry. Albert h nicolay. auctioneer .-stationery and paper hUDgtoiis.? Trade tsale. ? On Tuesday Oct. 13d. and on tbe following days. .1' lie auction room II Hmi i < 'eet. tbefitvt regular scml ami .al trade sal? eon-is'itu ol lilank Sooks, s.aiionery, paper- bookbinders' materials and paper hanging- will take place n- above. The catalogue will embrace ,ii unusi ally attractive co.l". Hon, both of foreign and domestic labrtcr. winch aie w?ll worthy 'lie atientlon of th'- entire trade, brouglioul ihe L'nl'ed States, and to be sold withotr reset ve. Terms? 4 and t> months' .'red tiail pun banes les, than ilmt. ash. Cnsalnpueg now ready lor distribution a id on be oh ?atncit at tlieotTice. No. 4 B. ia<l street, or at the salesroom. Auction sale.? to marrow tiii rspxy. at io^ A. M. st J3Nasaausireet, DAY, Rl'SSKIX It'O. will -e la large and choice a^sortm*n' of superior house boM furniture, lull particulars In catalogues; furniture now on v.ew. Those In want would do well (examine tills slock. JOHN E. RUSSELL, Auctioneer. Auction sale of household fursiti re. SAVAOEA PARKS will xcll, on tlii- .Jar, On. lo. at their salesroom*. 314 Bm.tilwav, (Oolhic Hull ) a splendid s'i.ek H rosew ood, mahogany and black wnlnut furniture compria Ingparlorattlla. bookcases .wardrobes, table* sofar.teie i tetes Ar ;alao. elegant emtni?IIml count* milts Sale nsremptory, to piv advance- Terms, ch.Ii. Cmalogu.-s ai -*ic. AUCTION NOTICK? ' Hon ART. aitctiovkkr.? by 8. HOOABT, this day. at 10 o'clock, a he u union rooms? Mortgage aale? The tools anil Allures of ? oakery, hor-e, wagon in< Jiurnos- oun'era, trough*. ,tc? A. ifrSlNSHEIMKR, A'torney for Mon-jagee. Auction notice.? continuation ham- or i?ia mond an<l gold jewc.ry . gold anil silver w air he #?*.? K.II WAKD 8CHENCK wll! ?? !i ai a 'in Ion, ihi* dav, October 10, a> 10*? A. M.. at his sales r<?>iD, )?'? Wall *lreei, the *U? k of one oi our largral manufacturing and Importing houaes, constating In pari of superb diamond sc-a of bracelets, pins and earring*, cluster and single atone puis and rings. in rich lieavv *emng. mosaic and gold none urti, do , do.: Florentine and Kouiui nuawic atud* and sleeve buttons; ladle *' enamelled wntclip*,. set wuh diamond*; plain do.. "figlneeii carat double titoe keeper*: hun'lng and open fa co do., I .y Iirctlng, Freres, Rotilet. tllraud, Cooper. Tobias, and other*. a-o, bracelet*, pirn and earring*, vest and guard chains, aca nn,- keys. seaU. chains Ac. Auction notice.- i?. s. houih, auctionfer Klegani rosewood plaaofarte, rose wool sups, Wlltou car peta, ptet glasiwa. silver ware. ,*e., will be ao'd wlihou' re ?ervaUon. to morrow fThurs.Lsr) morning, at II o'clock A. M. tromhouae No. 79 Warrri, ? nppoalie rtlie Hudson idTer Railroad depot. Thefurr. ' ire la but lltlla worn was all made to order, M principally of rnse.s-ood, mahogany and walnut, good, strong and subwan.ia;, and consist*. Infractors -I eiegaui rosewood seven octave pianoforte in very ttoe ease, and of tone and touch tinaurpaaacd: 1 cosily rosewood parlor suit, frames ?.lid, tluriy upholstered n. rcb French sa in damask. 1 do. In rrlmsoo and green brocai'" plain a.lld frames, anil tlnely finished; also maaalve r. ??i??l 'oikcase, e'egere very Aneljr carved and lined with nla'e mil rors. rortiei e'egerea. bo >fc shelve#, elegantly covered easy, invalid and ladle*' recent Ion chairs, French rush do Par s inlaid lancy work tables, cle L-aollv worked lace window drapery, rornlcea. shsde. Ac.: centre, aofa. and other tallies, with tine *liiuary tope ?? me excellent oil |ialnHnrs' t'V cmlneni artlsti; pier glassy >i 100; also cral do. in ornamental gll' frames: gas cfiatide. llera, gotiiic, In aid and pu <? tvhle mirVs clocks, Fren"h time fi'ocea, run 30 daye; beau iil v decora ed va-e< mr cut e<j. nunc* ?lnc set?. decanters cbiii"e blaque lecoi a on* llower va-es. 4c., 4c.; elegan' ro*e??>d bedsteads In t Uiimbc: mar ble lop rosewood (lrcss m: bureima, ro?ew.v>l washalanda, commodes nure hair m.i-.'rs>.?^s French Mir?ell!es counter panes, hlante.a. Mki r bolater* aad |Mm 1 .|> m l Hru??el? rarpeilngs, clock-, rab and ren'rejt:i'i'e< Vmialu cornices, sbadee. Ar., iiialionariv chair* ea-y and rm-king do. srfa and aofa beda, lUkr# n i-a-peis, trtlei a<- . Ac l>lnl"? i room? laalnni eiten?i< n ?? -s In .in.l 14 ie ?? ch?i.s ?ide boanl e.cfanl chins I. and dinner sei 't t hm.i '?a -eis. cut tnmbleri. goblets, wire., pre* rres, Ac.;s|lv r o'aied ware, ronsiailna ot lea service. nt . eujis. -pi?m? fork*. c-,kc bus i kei> raster^. Ac.. Ivorj knhes and links ll'i'ior > i.s*. urian , pttckoe* tete alete aeta A .t rbla aale aril ?? ? .-> live aud comiucnce pt etiso. . a ailvenised. Auction notii f -by i'iitard mcmfvi -k, o\ Thttr~'av Oct, II 0 nVloi-k. -it t; W II s- - Sale of a lai jre and valtsabfta -toek of old wine., lirandie*. Ai . Ix-lona'iU to a lira' u ? ? iiiiportlog liou-e DO' elo-ing iheir ai"* k. \ ii.;? VllOi ,s ^ i A iivi?iU?>lii'io i.-rries |smd>>n ! poris, Otatd. Mailt II snd ll"nne-sv I,. I). i.r irandlea, cognac champagne, do. di- 'I'eil from the grvpe lire . Hootch and I ; ,-h whiskeys, Jam i Ik I? NA?M II flit . R-8TORI I" SKOAITWAT. 1J ? ? Morigage aale oi u-i' ks, Ac. imi Thnr-dsv, II it ? A. M . ai the < . net of Twenty tlitrd and lirnadwav, consutir,^ ?. ee trucks, one carl, and .me borae, cart ami barne 1 I n NAMI AUCTIfiNEER? ?TORF 310 HROAOWvY. X'' ?Sheriff's aale o! Inrni'nre. Ac . hi. lai We Ine-lay t?ci. 10 ai . ld Rruadway. at 10 A, M , conatatiuv ot cifage suita. beds and bt'dding, bed 'ieada, carpe's, Ac.<iFNF H FRANKIJN AUCTIOMF* R.-BY FRANK JFi I. IN A KK'HOIX. a' tfeelr salesroom, T*? Na- au -ireet. near Fulton this day (Wednesday. October lib. at 10'j o'clock, second hand genteel hnuaefc.ild furnliure i onsloimg of one roseworsl paA?r suit, nearh new aofas, arm chalra, >ewliig ? ?lialr?. couveixi'wMi s<iis carpets. Ac.; one riiaint.e soil, but Utile wotn lonautltig oi <????? beilaead. bureau, tnirble 'op commrsie m wusiistand do . fo ir cottage t tulri an 1 .me large rocker Alao, an Invoice (l| French china v i?e. eijii. aud <an cet a, muga. A< richly de. ora ?sl. for presrnts. \|.o an et ?e?aive a?sori?ie ii ol ne? anuiet furniture 'lurrcr* ?H p, Hill ings. gas chandeliers. I r. ? k- ?, [ endania tr. v H. I.UDI-OW, AUCTIONEER. Wil l. SKI.!, AT MKI! ,Pi. f hari.' Fgchanre. I !da?. O' t .be 12, a' 1. .?ck. lot on Wjhlt si'j'h street, aotitl; side, a* fee' e?-i o! Fonrlb ave nue, awtitnw, with two ain ' and at'le frame hunt thereon; 'iJao ibe a.mti.iradjianlne pri inCea if d*?ired al? in i n ?r k side HhvetJ tourlh stftes i>iier. eaatot Fifth aven ... T?rnU a> sale |7t OOT.TON AUCTIONEER. ?LAROF 8ALE Oi i ? r s *?nv and rosew'si.1 fn.ul'nr', carp.' , ih.irs inrrors Ar ? F COI.TON will sell tWa dat W?t ?|.v (?.?? ID at IP', o'l I'H* at the are ien mo,,, w Re. . mm stree' .e rond tk?". a large a^trni: em ol roaewml and niahoganr fur. nltnre of every alnd and description. Among the a>~e ment mav be iocnd n-ewood and tn logany Frem h i>e Isieada, mar ble 'op ceti'.-e card and aofa table.; marble tot tre-alng and plain hureans ur?as and ">r, ',e l?tea l? courbes, Urge and ?mallrtw^tng aud am. haira. Voltaire anlesr. - l in bla.-g walnut ai d rsak dunnr an<* ri ensloo tallies oak an I iiiack wal nut hnokra?e ^ecretartes otal and slain m:n"r.. t ipe.iry and other eyrie's oUcJotii ,e. ral (oren cu ied ma ? ? a i I wk chair- t' e a tetea Ac a II fie a'ot. nuii?.|fn i"me ha* been Ms I? by a resular inan I'l-ntrfi, and 's (?tiT * ,r ranied. Roiiij and aMppIn^' at a reasonable > iiarge N'i? posi|>oneine" on any accivm' rTto*>' ?S:s at ai i-tion -janeh ci ^hin-CTTi VI liooeer. Wi*t I oil) hlrd sreei. will sell tMs itar. at Ifl'.oc'ork ^ ** at the nortliwes cornet A t . r d'tn airse' and ?aevei??h arenne, the conten S IS a re'all gr v sry ? .ire -ooeiating ?f angars. segars. is?p. atareh. te# canbMers, aralea. me .au ea, gla-a case, eoimier, A l? ?, a g'tesl oorse ?awl grocer s tart Sale poai'ive Cjiorni. STOCK AM' FIXTl KF.?.-Tllls m?, Af T V?4 Ninth avenue "irrrr of T'.1 .1 tj 'I : , I/T hamees. teas e .Tees splcea, eacesiew, ?g?i . i,s.i? ? i-ia lers. bine, eamti-'era, plaiio-m an I conn'et ?*-?> a m n, r<*Tee anil naefti b??c.!,. 'ard is. er Ar W. A CARTVR, At*rtlo-ie-? - .. ? 8ALBI AT AICTIO*. GenBOROK OOOK. AUOTIOSflRK LABOR rfALK OK X furniture. Ac., (hit day . at I0& o'cU* It, at the room, 117 Na*nau street, a splendid toUertlon of fashionable rot* wood, mahogany, oak. ami walnut furniture, eonai-mog m part of parlor ?uits or rosewood and mahogany, in rich and fashionable covering*, marble lop cenUe, s>.le aul *>u tables, serrettrles, bookrs*e*. erteni-ion Uintn# tables ^o!a<, tele a letes, loungea. e**y and arm chairs, aupenor roh.woo.i and mahogany die-Hiu^ bureau*-. wuali-taoda, wardrobe#, bed steada of a variety of *ty'e? and &iu?.h, hair riuuremca, pallia* net, heds, bedding, Ac t 'atiiloguc on ?lie tnornimr of sale. HKNBV T. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER.? BY H. T. UCED8 A CO ?(;??!? .'uin.fture.? T!ii- day (Wednesday.) u- ball past 10 o'clock, at tin r. udem ?? oi l>r. Brown. ' ? ' * . fTAlioklMll Utf l 'initMre Of tl ire 1 i ?'! tl{l( I tor ?' I ?? W 0 ? seven octave |dano forte, tufty Nvarr.u'#"!, with guarantee, cot $800; eieuairly corveU r^u'wood parlor ?ut'e, coveted In rich ?atln brocade; Jlru-ds th ? r-?? ply aud ingrain carpets; rose wood centre , hide and *ofa table a, rosewood mtrble top bureaus and wa*hj?tan Is, r? ^eaoodand mahogany bedstead*, pure hair maltreat" - and i> elegant rout* wood hook < a.?e, sMe and corner eie ..ere* omrble tops; l&llt Kr^uflb plat and oval mirrors, richly decorated china and tea iwH, sliver j lated tea services <ic ; al*<> rosewood and mahoganv furnltuie generally fotmd in a genteel h?use The tale wm positively in* without any reserve wbttsver, as tin- doctor leave* shortly fur Furor-'. N * tht- hale i< peremptory we invite dealer* and private purchasers for th?* r own m?? | i<> attend. ? a ulogues ? an b? nad -it the *aie*roow, 'A6 Beet man street, this day. ___ Hi .vby n. urns. M^TrovE:^.? by if. H lkeds ^ (;o ? Wccln?? day O. ? In ?' lO'io'rVk, ''triiHr o A' Ian tic and Court re.,* Brooklyn, the liana! aMoruaen' o' genteel household furniture. HI!. LKKDP, A rCTIONKK ft? BY H H. LKED.i A <T>.. ? Thursday, Oct. U. a ??leven o\lo< k a s ilesrooms, I1.* Nassau street? Large atle of t clwtce lot of old and valuable wines, brandies. ?Vc,, consisting ?t Madeira? old reserve, Ser rial south side, pure Juice, and very old May alia Shurrie* ? Com!, n, llnrmony. Oloroso, Albert and Amontillado ?*??rt ? Koriz, Albe-t, Graham, and choice Miuo Tin to. t'lai eU? Fiiu* Marfan*, Haut Santeme und !!<? k tlrandlen? 1 Ourd, T!i n? nesserand I.or.don Pock Cognar brandy; fine oM .lann-. a rum, rrom London Docks Iloliand and ttt-liledam; gin; ol<l IhUv ard flue iHsh whiskey, Olmmpagne Jtc The above are all warranted cenulne, and will prove to lie *o on trial W?* would recommend them to our friend - and customer* Also, a large lot of line old Cognac brandie. of the most celebrated brand*, and nixty couch line old Rhenish wines. HI! ! BEDS, Al'CTfONKPR -BY H I' * O' . ? Wednesday, Oct. 10, a' hmt past ten o'clo< k. at the *:lle* rooms No. 19 Masaatt street? Household furniture, recently impcrlid ftoa Farig, oi tin Seert and most costly wortaM ship. Also an inv<?ice of verv line imported paintings, bv the iroet celebrated French and Ktigli h artUts; alt?o a Tot ol flue engravings. TT II. T.F.EDS ArCTIONRKR? BY H. II. LKKPS. A 00., XI ? Thursday, Oct. 11 at twelve o'clock, at the aalesrooma No. 10 Nastau street? A Ane gruy borse sixteen hand* high, live yearn old Jaxt spring, warranted M>und and kind in double afid Mingle harness, or under t he saddle; l? <|tiite fast and a stylish driver, a perfect family horse, will stand without lying; a lady ha* been driving him? sold only for of use. Also, two or three buggy wagon--, with and without topn, in tine order and entirely new ; also a buggy but little used IOAKPH 1! KG KM AN', Al'CTIONKKR? THUR8DAY, OCT 11, at 2 o'clock P. M. at liu Fulton street, Brooklyn, par lor, chamber and kitchen furniture T W. BAYLY. AUCTION EKK WIIA HKLL, ON WKP tl ? iiestlav morning, a' IU ^o'e'.oek. i?t Broadway a choice collection of ancient a id modern on paintings, iigMudiug several rare ]dctures by dkilnjaUbcd artiste. 1 li. VANDRWATKR. ACt TIONKF R. ?THIS DAY. sj ? Large sale of household 'urnitnre. pier glasses, mirrors, Sc ? Will be K^d, Ubis It) (Wednesday, Oi ober I0X at 10$? o'clock, at the sales room, 12 Maiden lane, a large and elegant a tortmcnt, removed for 'lie convenience of sale, consisting oi rosewood and mahogany parlor smts, covered In rielt styles of brocate! and in hair cloth- rosewood aud mahogany marble top eentre, ride and pier tablet. o?k md vtlau extension dlnlnc do., tele a ten s aud sofas, divaus, easy and arm chairs, card tables aud siacds, rich rOfcwocsl secretaries book case* aud bookstands pianos, parlorchftir- Ac ; valuable mantel clocks, bronze and euina ornament. line of rich .apuu t ;u trays, dated aud glass ware, tea ?rts, ,|c. . elegant rwewood mid ma logany French and Gothic bedstead* hah mat tr esse* and pal lia ses; marble lop plain aud Ureh-mg bureaus wasim'ands. toilet sets, basement furniture. < i? ket v, Ac. Also, will tj?? sold at the ft me time, some 2? or .'St elegan. Fr( nch plate, gib ( and orr.ami i.ted frame piei gla *e> or various -i/.es, oval rnir Irors, oil painting* and frames. This sale o't'^rin^ the strOug eat inducements to all. Is peremptory throughout. Mortgagee balk.? m. n. croft, acotionekk. CROFT A CO. will sell, on Friday. Oeto'oer Ii\ at li o'clock M , at 175 West Thirty -third street, one live horse pow er steam engine, with boilers, shafting, belting, four an v lit, bellows, seven vices, one borse. cart tnd oarnr i t?s>^i,> ^jt-k Ac , now on said premises, and twed tu tue Viusiuess of liouse smithing, ftaie positive Term* cash, current funds. By order. JACOB EUHE1>L, Mortgagee. PAWNBROKER'S KAI.K.-A M. CRlAAI.AR. AUC itoDocr, Z\ llowerv. ?nl *rll. thli liny.**. lOo'ckx'k, pre rturly, h larxe aaKnrtmriit nt mi'ii'x < U>UtluK. con?i?UnK of po?U. ]>an(K nruj vent., rfniiihiit" ol i loili ?nd rti.iiiiere. A?- , tr . together ? Hli ?o mvoirp m r'.utliiuK. Minm, l>roa<ti'li?lw nad cluirtmere,, to p?j n<lv?nre-. oy orde. of/.. BERNSTKI.V, Hi onmu mrtei. 1) (\ Kl'LKI.KY, Al imONKKR -I'fisITIVK SAI.R OF . &!t lout on WbUt, Spring and rlb?p?rl street., ElUutb.lh town. .V. J., to i lose a COnrero, on liiiircdiiy, (>cl. .1 III o'clock preclnely. F or map. au.l free ticket ? apply 10 tlie anc tlfueiT, <9 Wall m.. ba-icuieiit ot ilie lluuruw ljtiilil!ii({<. RV8BEU, W. WKSTCfiTT. AUCTIO.VEER ? MAOKIKI vent Mid cotltjr bon^Uolt turulture. ttp'codld I'urtslun nnrrom, vehet carpetH. rore\von<l p*:N>i ?ui * nxewood piano t<irtc, eletat.1 cli?tid?ller?, oil palutlngt, work, of arl, Ar., at the re?t.lenre 132 Went 1 wentj' hmt atreet. K W will fell, w ithout any i fvrve. ihl* W>"tn?H<t:?v. October 10, a' IUJ-j o'< lock, the entire maunlflcent furnUttre, 4c., of the above (IrHt claw, bnuse, which bat been recently fuml-hed with the m<>?t rout i) and elegant I'arMun (Virniture, tnoai of whlrb wan Imported. Caialocuea are now ready, and can lie obtained at JleMra. J. Vogt A To.'., 99 John it reel, or at the otflce of the auctioneer, corner Fourteenth at. and Kl*hth avenue I'arloi ?? hlciiant roMWood pianni.n le. embrnidered xt'Mil and cover three uiHKalflcent French mirror * 10 feet long , rich Ax mla'.ter, velvet an.l Wl.' on carpet', velvet i iii<?, ciwtly ?olid roeewood parior null . two wifas. ?ii parlor chulri, la lae Vofr talre and ?ne nothlc chair, covrie'l In aatln brocade with slty c..ver?; I do In embroidered (apectiy, imported, rerv rich, wlili allp cover-; elegantly curved Kllzabethaa et"cere, plme from and I ack, mounted inortno ;. .olid i o.ewood recep oa chair*. In Mpe-trv; magnificent eaerltolre. tnlald with pearl, ri we wood innalc cabinet, mirror back: Carved n-u-wixxl centre and pier tables, with tno?atc and Exvptiati top*; elegant and i u- If Sevrea v??e?. wl'U a valUJble and eie^an collection ot parltir >'i'uamen>H; bronze and marble clock- mounted tn or molu: rich brocade and lace cm ?in. gold boije-ed uliade*. aplendUt collection of oil pabiting. on c uiva-- an-1 glaar, hlito ?c*J. IrtiP and flower piece., mil ine and rural view * by end tirnl foreign and native a ri i - - litnim rt out turalture? Klegant ro-ewood etten?lon table, magnificent dinner ?et, IIV4 pb- e? rub/ anil cry.lal cut ware In -et? tu ma'i'b ibronxleiiii, rh b ntlvei wate Ivory and pearl lutlerv, Ac with an eleitant varle'.v nl chamber furniture; carved rosewood and mahogany bed. 'eada, lb pure hair ni*: Irenes, bedl. Ac ; r'ieewi)O.I waah>t?nd? Sevrea <hliui toilet aeU, ro?ewo?id secretary boo'?ca?. ibrarj io , Krench plate ova! mlrrora elegant marble lop cliaml>ei ?iilt. ro~ewooil and n.ahogant I rench nofaa ?prinj< ?"?at and f'p-tit- 1| chair*. Turk I all and invalid chain, Ac., with a very large a*aortn>ent of enamelled, copper and oilier kitcbeti utenalN, ail In 'trie order, comprising aliogetlier Ilie inott de*ti'?ble and elegant collec lion oflered at auction tin- aeaaoti Tliere will lie no po?tpone tin nt on env account. Stage, and car* paw within a tew doors from ilie houne. TJ It'll vRli V ALTERS AlHTtONEI R ? THIS OAV AT J\ li", o'clisk. Mil.'AIKHAT A WAI.TEB8 will aell at auction ii "in 26 1'aiberlne atreet. buu?elw>l l fnmliure, vl/.? Malioi;ari. t-tireaiui, tables, waeh.tand* be I stead', wfa*. no(a be<!?, chairs ar.d roi kera. bcd?, heddlns and mattreaaea. Urns ael?, In 1-aln and three ply carpets, one pianoforte, wlilt a HUiintln of genuine treafl grtx eiles. \'t* Weil India, Java and Hio cotteea. teas, and sundry aplM*. Sale, puncltial. OI1ERTFF S HALE, ON WI DN'KSOA V OCTOBER 10, Ct I at lb o'clock in the furdotjon, at No. II Kaat Twenty eigh'li si reel . A large and va'tiable a>-ortment of oil paint Inga. Also, l.andaome pat lor furniture, Ac.. ,tc. TKRREXCJC BOYIJE. AVi TIONKKR.-FrBWITURE OS Wednesday, 10th inat. at 10 o'clock, at So. lift East 2 V b street, 1 etwean 2d and .Id affOOM . cori4i%tltu Of tab lea, chalra, Itadsteaia, tea her bed? and bedding, stove* and fixture*, kitchen furniture. Ac.. Ac. Tl'NI> Mt'RRKI L. AUCTIONEER.? EURSITV HE, Tb % Burning. at 10^ o'clock at Nassau . an atien etvc and \ arled stork ol roaewuod, Ac . furniture; French plate, jc., pier and mantel ralrnira; *41 painting* In large v.* rl?n : cbin* ware, silver plat ad Jewelry, *e*a r*. Ac.-? ITie above named good* an- of snpetler <juallty and in larg* variety. nu b a* hi a i?j demand lor fashionable dwelling* arc Included in this day'n aale.and are worthy of the attention oftbo*e considering It an o* act to sav money. The perfection of article* guariin tacd. Tha extenalve rane y would occupy mti-h .pare mgive full particular*. N. H. ? f.adte?t mm I gent-etnen will find com fort provided in thin *ale* room and oo? the leant under bid ding p ractiaed or allowed Evert ** comm >danon in tha aay o I boiintf. cartajre, A< . at amall c.'isrge ?ud prfcrUy miff. riu RHK.vt i: boyu: Aft tio.vku? ? jrot kkikh ? 1 l his day. at I o'clock. I* M a? 100 Mad *<m atra?M, all the at?. k ??nd fixtures of said store; stan-i cjak* keg- demijohn*, r- counters, sea lea and wett;Ut* fT Kl' HEX CI BOYLK. AUCTIONEER -KIRMTTRK ? I < 'Vi Thursday, lliii lust., at lu o'clock a! 71 Sl*th avenue, comprising malio-r an v < ?au Ui>? e ? cat j?et*, eookmg ?to* an and fixture*, glaas au?l delt \%.ire fiv ? pi cud I J ooumers ?n*l all 'he fixture* of a merchant tatfor'w more II M WlTTKRh, Al'ITfONttfcR ?T!M, MLL THW If day, at IfcT Canal *iree' n tiuanttvoi p* rv connoting of rem. fob and other chain*. pan and peneii holder* key*, brooche* plnn. rlngn. Ac. tXTII. W1TTBE'0 AUCTIOKEEB? WILL KLLOKWED m nesdayf at lO^i o'clock, a* 1"<7 Cans! stre**? the entire ho* ?hol lumUure i?f a laiu.l. '?teak n* .p !io 4 ekeeptaf ?ne l?ar'or *ulf, ccntrc and eitenamu ia?le*. oti pa i nt Ing*, French plated j ie- Kl????ea. one upriKh? piano made ov Fii?h. Hall A rocwl; v lodow Miitaln#1. e'agnn tap'^try, three nlv and In* frain carpet*, oilcloths, mahogan) awl walnut I>el^ea-J? hair ii a reM?a, splendid flM lwr Ms hiaok?*t<.. upread*. marble ?< j ilrc- -i- i i humus .<??<. wanirobw, oook Um afore?, 'tlnlnar room an?i ki'chen itirm ure Ac., wo-thy l?e a ?' ntk*t> oi l?ousekeepers an<l ??:lier?. Ur P. MKM.OR, ArC*TlO> KKR? HY llOialfTON A ? MKIJ/OR, Thur Miay^tlet. II a lo?t o* ??.-k at the **la -- room, N o. 1 13 N am?a u * i I . 1 1 ? cahinet (urnfUitcs tat?e*u y and inftraoi carpe'a. t'rerw b ?a<iu trocAte] window curtain* Fre:??'h 4-iymaatel c?oek*. pure hair mattrca?e^ pier and n?ao'ei Freueb i>U? e m i -nr* nl fatnUxig". xllvcr plated waie cu and Vremb cUioa ware If A M will ae?J, *? above, te r?s ? ad van' ?? - cnt*r?* h'-h of a tlmiclaMP cabinet maker . wi!? ti eon?.*i * of ';??? moat rsrtad a?*or'n?cnt offarod thin fall vir.- aoltd r??t w-^kI |?fari'?r R?i'e?, covered in hrooS'1**- *s?ln, velvet ' ??%j bah clotn arxl mc'juet, In ?iiiitea to mateii , mtiui r? rved ventre laOles, atej?are?, mirror do?r r?*c? tme-f with caviar and am i w? ? i w .r l roha? aide etagerea. A e.; the ! ????. ? * ?. - ,i < i%n? er I <rn? lure, ?n ?o|te?; ai?o 10 ? usmeHe i wf * rotfi'e**- with a variety of medium cla i furniture with w!?t -ii tne mle wl ? rt The tra^fa and >.?' ol>) incrcb* it- mi <? pact tarlv Invl ed. Son ansii^fd for etl?tbi'a>rj fvOo-i* ran !?? f>arkcd for *h i .ping >.n 'ha ;irett>'?e?i at a r. i?onah e ehar/e 11' h NMJsOH, A I'f TIO.N KKR ? T WKf.VK XRVT f f ? and aeeoad band pli *a .?>c'ea .? a e oa. o i fbutau at !2o"t;lo?k at 11.^ 5s*- ? , *tre*' 'n-lni t ?* -? ? k ?( ? i? lie, slao stooi a cover*, .#e Voa ?? ady f? et'u ?' ? aod worUiy the attention of the trade. U'M. K MEM -OR AU< rfOVF R-A- U.SKK- 1 f* <?t tinlhtl'lied ?ra!???* ? <n. ? ?v , MKIXOK, on Tljuraday, at I'm,oc' k, r?s mttug a waali ? and frame*, r <m na ?ie? .? ? tc -i ? aa?w>l. Fofd by order Of a*? ignci A -> ? . ?rt . ? ???oni bar d , ir nlmrc. book*, atoven Ac PY'AVISf* C ARDS, I>LArr.\u caidh or kykrv ?f>'^rrrro\* ron aale at iba t nk^o * ar?t Man * ?>>*%, 1* and IT1 Orsn I afreet, nasr Rroadaay ?tuv mi' io <ie ??-%d o naoieri e.4i aud r?,atn and *f?snt <s ear i ? I * parlor a- e.a d 1 nen laro r^rdw. weil aea^ na 1artd war . #lw in nval* eii#rea.jy f?r dealt If . PI RHITV RK. r!0?**?-AIT? fAffrr rt'RjrrTU-r dhvlaUi ^TSfT^lL. I"*' I'- *1 .. ^ Wai Kt f- ? < ,i, ff.'x . u tM DiiIM h Mt. V oTmwI pr-rvw 1 ?-rr??r?. / ?? a ewwUrTi BOAJtDVNU A1TD LilDGINfO. Q/?Q BgOlDfAY, UKIOIT m.m ARK.? HANDflOMK CM IO svt<e ofww?* to l?"t , to a ?elec ( foully or gentlemen, wi b or witiiout board or on kuropesu pi mi. Private iaMc if required rr/?7 BROADWAY.? F All I LIR8 OE HI SOLE OENTLE I O I men wiahing board for ihe winter will bud rooms, in suit* or single as -may be desired. in the lime eomiuodiou* bouse corner of B roadway and Ninth street, west side. m BROADWAY. CORNER WASHINGTON PLACF, ovet Weiler'a ?aloou,? Newly luruished room.* to let, to geul.cuieu. 711 BKOAi'WAt -A BKAl TlrtlL PAiCLott, ON BE ill cond floor and l edro m adjoining a, 1 tbrc? sleeping iipirttueuitt on the Uittd tioor to let; very convenient >or a pa; ty of nooi three gentlemen, a fen door* from 'he Ken tork lt*tel; no tu Uie house; bath* 55*54, Ac , veteran* e re'iolied. /?JO BR i UHV il DR8IRABU SUIT I OI R< H W ? UxO lor fimilira, with full or partial board; also room* for Mua?* gcullemeu 1 raneient botrdem aecoinm< slated. The above borne has reiently changed bauds, and none thr >ugb u sho? ourb course of repairs su.i reuorauou. Mr- P. BROWN ISO, Propriety s. Q7Q FOUBTH STRfcET ?THE GRAND APPOLLINEA 0 I t/ dancing academy. of P. nARACl o i? now open dat ly. tor classes or private ie?on*. Prof. Haracco guarantee!* taut u ft w lessons taught by his* uuique method will be more pro. ftcient than twelve months by other ho called ?lancing master* 07Q FOl'liTi! STREET? TO LET.? AN ELEGANTLY 01 O fu rubbed apartment to a .cnUeman or gentleman aud wife. The house bah all 'lie modern improvements. O (\A SECOND AVKSfUK. ONE POOR liELOW THIR ? teeritb street ? Gentlemen ea;i obtain handsomely lurnished rooms, WiUi partial board If de died, in a house having every modem convenient e and a superior location. No boat I - trs 01 cluidreu m the house. (My WIB1 RIOUI ROTH BTRRBT, v PlITAfl family will let to a gentJemtn and hi- Wife, or t *ro single gentlemen, pleasant rooms. m a new English basement house, with all the modern Improvements, on very moderate terius Referent et cxchaugeu. mltUIWON HTRFKT, FRONTING HT JOHNS park. ? Furnished rooms to let, with board, to siug!e gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives; also, a handsomely furnished pack parlor, home uewly lurmshed, with all the modern improvement-. 1 iO RIOHTlf BTRKET, OPPORITR THE MKRCAN ItO tile Library.? OeHirable paruert may tlnd comforU?t?le in ? ommodwtiouH /or the winter; the at rangemenU'arc such, It is believed, as c?nnot fail to sultry the mont fa4tldioun. in MMH BTRIIT, THIRD DOOR RAJT OF BROAD lTX way.? lJand-*>me funil>he'i nHitn", in Hiiiu 01 Mingle, with breakfast U requited. Also, at No. t? College place. 1 HW BLKKCKKR STRRRT.-HANDSOMKLT fur J " 'O nished rrmin^ with boaid, for faiuiliHuor xinxle geu Uemcn, ins lirsi cla?h hotise, tOH Hle^cker street, between Ureeae and Wooster. 1A7 TENTH 8TREKT, BKTWKKV BROADWAY AND 1" I I'ntversi'v pfaMMB ? A gUlUl of hltUllOQiely fUltllfllMKl rooms. ftr?*? floor, front parlor, and two larft bodroooM tttfedk ed. with private fable, or wl!l he let to single gentleman, wiJi or without board. Teiuia iu'Xler?te. (il PRINCE STRI.r.r, WRHT OF AMI NEAR BROAD t'l way.? Aparuaentf*. with board, for1 gentlemen and wirc or single gentlemen; also a t?*w moderate priced b l r; oms lor gentlemen. Houm1 tirst clash. liandMiuieiy lurnisli ed, possessing modern couvemeuien; lactation very p^aMani. 7U FRANKLIN HTHKET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OK I "f Broad way ? v Ua ? a*rge u-ont 10010, Ucdroomaad pan* try attached, on the second floor, to let to one or two gentlemen; breakfast served it reautred. AUo, single and double rooms, al' neatly lurnl ^ied. inquire a- above. Oi) REMSK.V BTREKT, BROOKLYN IIEIOHTS? \ sun. coo?*i ling of three large and elegant roonu upon be ond floor, suitable tor one or more famine alao rooaii* 00 third story of the above delightfully located double hoUM*. il ta?, At. Diunei aiG o'clock. Kefereuces exchanged. /to V> i;j-T 1WKLFT1I HTREET-RINOLK OEN'lLK\fi: V ( an 1 e aei 1 nmiodn ed with full or pantal htmrd. H.mia plea^autly oi ated. tiunished with batlih and ga^. stag'*, a l enrs convenient. N. It -An unfurnished from parlor, bed room and pantiy, on tirst floor, to Je' with or without boaru. BOND HTRRRT BOARD.? THR QRNTLUfA* wtioapp ieti a' the* above location for board, o?i Monday nigh', wili please call again, as the pgr .4011 uttb whom he bad 1 conversation jelative to two rooms ou the second floor, will be prrp?r#*i *) itk*1 wtb him. J (J Ml RRAY STREET.? BOARDING FOR GENTLEMEN 1 ?/ and wives aad siuglr gentlemen. A secoud and ildrd Moor front room, with gas and Crotou water. 4r OROVF. STREET. NEAR ULKECK KR? TWO RLE f.) gantly furnished parlors on the tirst aad second floors, '<? lei, wiib board to getrieruen and ihelr wives. Also, aceom mo'iations for two single gentlemen House flr?t elasa, replete with improvements. Also, fine rooms with board, ai 157 Mleecker street Terms moderate ?>7 MMH SfftRVF, KIA1 FIFTH A?HI0A<4irO *1 1 nicely furnlahed rooms to lei wiUi board, suitable for gentlemea and tbeir wives, or single gentlemen^ In the ftr-t ciaaa house a7 Nlnili street, near Fifth avenue. Off GRKENR STREET.? ORNTLEMKN VND THEIR wive-*. <ir siugle v -ntiemeu, can be aceommoda'ed with hsndsomnly furnished rooms and full or par'ial board, where d*e comforts ot it home can be realized, ilmwl tables, Ac. Hot and cold baths free. Terms moderate References exctiang 'd. AMITY STREET. NEAR BROADWAY? TO LET. XU with or wltbovt nartlai board, a troax putor, ?< ? mom floor, neati> lunn-ite 1 at siting and t'edroom, (suitable for one or tao'slngie gentlemen ) in a private family, where there are 110 oilier boarders. Teima very moderate. 7BLEECKFR STREET. ? TWO (.EVTLKMEN CAN* have a nieely ? irni bed ns?m with partial boar 1 it No 7 llleecker street, east ot Broadway None but )<ersocia ot the first respectability need apply. Also an otti- e to rent, with separate entrance, foi many years occupied bv a ph>?ician \> A8HLAKD PLAOR. pkhry VTUVT.? BOOMS Is* O suits <^r single furnished or not, for families or single gen tlemen. with noard. may now be emraifed for the sea-<on Houne modem. l?oc.?;iou nleasani; aec?>fc by Hlitb avenue ears and Amity street stages. References exchanged. AGENTI.KMAX and WIFK. OR TWO SIN7JLK OK V tlemen, can be aroo timi<ilat'J wuh a pira-ant room. on | the aectmd tloor ot hou-e No. 74 (old No ?<*? We*f Twrn'* *e? ?? id | atreet. The houae eonialu* the modern Improvement, arid ?? i convenient to < ar* and atage Ai'Kivate fax i it of thrkk pkrsonm. HAVitra I a <at ize hoi -e c>utaimn;{ all the modem improvement*, I u-ntiu! 1ft turtiudif"! ruin** io two or iblt? wrw.e gcoilfim^n ' with full or |??i t *1 b*?atd. Apply at Ittl Huw>tue atreet. ii'-ar 1 the Bo eery. A private kam'J.y. octdpyiwo a mopkrt ! built houae, tn a ante' deiurahie loc^ttoD near I'ntoii J wjftirf wlah to let .? well furnl.-bed ani'e of room* to ?n or two ''oilemen with hoard. Dlnuei at n o'clock Addie** j Irving plae? . I ntoii ?<|uare Po*t oflice A FRENCH FAMILY WOULD LKT SOME FURNISHED . room*, Wit* board, to a few g^uifmen Tha houae oon tains all thf modern Improvement* and n ?ltuavd two block* from Itroadwu). Apply at 1*2 Fail Twelfth street. A SMALL PBIVATK FAMILY. HAVIKH MORK ROOM than required. wottkl dispose ot a faw furnUUed room-, 1 with full or partial board. Th?* h??u?e U plea-antlv located, ha? khh, bath, Ar. Apply a ? 125 Wsat Twenty second street, bet wee u Sixth and Seventh arenoea. References exchanged. A GERMAN LADY WIS II KM TO MKKT WITH A F A M f ? /V ly where she could bare board and lodging in exchange lor aotnc leu* on*. she know* French thoroughly well aud ma , mtidoan. Addrewi A. B. Z., Herald office. AT 549 PEARL STREET, NEAR It ROADWAY. A FKW gentlemen ran be irrotnmodaled with nle* comfortable i and airy MOM* 00 W? 0? Hi IWIB*, A! so room* to *ui f a gentleman and lady. or two aisgle gentleman. Breakfast aod tea. If if quired. AS ELEGANTLY Fl RNISIIKD PARLOR. WITH BRD room attaehed to rent to a genMeman, at the ? *ntral loca tion. M9 Prince eec. Houm? 1im? modern improvement* AMN'II.I M\N AMI WIFE, OR TWO fHXGLE OK.V tlemen ran obtain board and plra?itii a "'intnoJa<k?4 In a private bonae. wHli every convenience, i?y ippMn.- ?> irt Wast&M ?' between Bioadwa> i*nd Fifth avenufr Aback parlor. on the first floor to lkt, with or willKiitl board, tn a fir*t r|aaa houae. with all 'lie modern Improvement*, ai 47 Bond atreet. Per* on ? wishing all the cotnlbf* of a home wiil do well to call at the uoove numher. Term moderate. OKIVTUQCA* AND LApY OH OMR OR TWO OCX _ t'rmeu ran *>e a* rotmuo'lated wh r.f?tn?? and board n u ,'ttteel private taoiliy flouae contain* la'e*t |tnprovem?*n - l.faMtMin 1 Weet hikteenth >!r?**t, roovemeut t?> tar?. and - a?e?, Br?' of reference given and required \ SMALL. NKAT, KUR.VIfll KI) ROOM. WITH Fill wanted for % tady and ifftitfenjan. with txnari! lor He lad only. H> liioadway and th* U(?i?er (#art oftherlty prefer rr-J. Terr- - ?i l?e tnf?<lera'e. and no referetusfi r?*<| *i*r<? I . Addrea- ? ? ie a ell Broadway I'oat office . \HANUsOMK Fl RNISHKO ROOM OX FIRST OR AV. iood llor?r, with or i ilbr?ul bcdrootn a'tarh*d. to let in a private toot>?<'. * >ii * 'ti' ui(uprm?*tn?-ai*> a???? a atui(te r ?om. with grate ai.d In it. Apply a ?>? Prince at., a ie % dtmr* wen f Brnadwt^ PR IV \TK FAMILY 1^ B'!Of>KI YV < ^ N \? <>vt m"da'e a fen> 'eman and w?f a* I a few alngle ??oilr tj. ? It rt it# ar*?i partlai tr a d. at WaabUig *i ?t t tteif door <o the Brook !yn Inatt'n'f. A OF.NTLFV \ S A Ml If I ^ WIFK, OR TWO^fXOL1: J\ ? ?% I.', w J 11 V? 'o r ' n ? >fr . ? jr ? cm e fffaxt r?* tn- inmt-lied or uu'uno*fied wi'n ? .. rw t|n| I oard. In a pttvate family. Apply af 3?3 Market -tr--* \PBITa1> FAMILY RIvSII'IVO HFTWKKV WriffK and iteade a?reet? and neat Brtadw tv ? u?t a m n <lai0 a oj>ttp|e of gentietiien wl'h a fymf'f^a^ie frofit r<i??r?i on tiie Me? und IWao withi wiu on f^artU ???nrd. Ad lir > W <#. Herald oft>? e. foi tbret daya. 4 tMtf ATM FAMILY M V Is <; IH fifl UlWBR PART iV of h? i liy, w lib n ft ?" (e#' wa k ??f he ' II ? m. I n**ar Brta'lwir ?>a\inir more r-- fr 'hey eau <>* * rould accomiKodate a gent '-muti and a l/?* wi'ii b*mr'k. I" ? )oung and geiitee party a 'om/ot table Home * ? I h?* afreeahl** u*r r? V the P Jiripal o ?ie* f A lrf<?? f'-r ??

?Uya H, >1 Herald oflfce A U.Pl: MONf- VI IMIINU HOARD RfHlM^OR WW** J V a r? t?vi e?i 'o ca?| a' mv oUm ' -<*? B'- -??; a? ^ * ? ot.?iani> a <?*t i' ? ii>p?y ??? hand Yon ma ^ flirt tf n ^me p|a?e to 'nl aitcii Aft InformatW'ti mar f?e had free ? ? haraf K I? OARD? I.N \ PR i V Al k flOl'RE To LKT TO A f*Fs ? emati iB'i nta wl.'e and a ?tw- titut^e gen. em^n r*e fo'jr haad-ontciv ftirri/?be.1 r?w,m*? with par ai h r ? gen'lentrii jr./ i'l?n rert'ra! Hud t/ p toia* App at f Feat Twe ? S af?e-*!. befwrro tot arid Third *?? ?*ii % A A B tfeman m?*h ill fti? la neda(4i W eat Twenty tlilr t Hi l? , et.<r* e\< hntw<?i. B' \Hf? \ F AMILY HMIN MORF RfiOM Til AS ?.in e'f wOi.M d -poe^ "f iu " " 'mail faun i- * Mf ie hnvim v m??4e*n H| rn^emea loeatam verv dr> rn*< ? . 4 ? ??ibte h , v\t !uae? -?f i aiai rar>. Applv ai 172 Wea Twenty fir * r# a 0FJfri??MA.\ AMD WU ff m*. w' '? f??r or ew?.i in a 9r# *j trVrrtl lifKO' ?? r? ? ? ?i'n? ' J n Kwir. l? ??!*?>'#, a faw i? p </&er BOA KWNG A\D LODGIVO. TJOAKh? A LARtfK hl/KP. COMrORTAHf. V I i'U J# u tilled ro< m, lor a t'mltmtu and or s% ffw&H'* men, on first Hour, at for.^ih ?tre? , near W *.ker: t*' > rooms adapted for parties* rooming togeUior, single bed#; a email single room. Be?pect*hle iii^Tiabm.i wishing clean, comfortable rooms will do well to cull before making winter arrangement- A store on third floor. BOABD IN WKhT FOUR J KhNTH *TltKKT. OPIWITK Annunciatkm church. near hixth avenue - Two gentle men un<l their wive* run he ac< onuo <d.o**<t vvith pleasant i< >oms and board !?? appyUig immediately u 106 V*e?i Foil' feetith street. The cation i? delightful, and the fatally small. Kffcreitfc* f?iuirea BOAUIV-A OKNTI.KM Y> AMI ill* A IKK OH rtfl single gcut!etuen, can he accommodated wt?u board in * private family, occupying a modern I null hou#e. ? onventent to earn n ud hiukc . and where the comfort* v>f a home mav he re sh/ed Apply at No H W.?rrea p ace Charlcfst. Reference c*< ha n sea. BOAKD? A HAN1?e<?M*. FROST AM) HACK ROOM ou the first floor, to le? Willi hoard. in one of the finest 1<> cation* In Ks-' Broadway House new! furn:*Ued, ga* ml bath m, and ail the con* torts ol a home may be expected. In t* small. quie tauiUj Reference* eieu.tugcd. inquire At I'JI Fast JJroadway. Board? iw a.vd io? f.a-t poi rtfkn rw ntrkkt ? Pleaauui room*, in suio*w or *?ngle, with hoard, may he sec tired for the en. nbv - ?VcM<i,milie? without children, or single gentlemen, in the above desirable location The houses are newly fttuthc i itid furulshed * th ail ito?* modern Improve merit*. a< ., requtM'c for llrs' ( !m?s resideure*. Reference** e? < hanged BOARD !S dRCOKLYN -TWO MIX lTTFS* V, V.LK from Hamilton ferry. ? One or two -.ingle gentlemen ? an iit.d u plea-ant vo??m light .<1 with gm, in a genteel private la mily. where ihev wjl hare the comfort* of a h-me and 'he *.?. cioiy oi young people. H-ruis reasonable Address H T ll? raid f.fli' ?? 130 A UP IN BROOKLYN ?PLK V*A NT KiMMS, I ( U J.J nished or tint irnlshed, ?uifahle ?r gentlemeuaud the r wive- Tlic boil-** I- de.lKh'luliv himutcd, and liu- all ttie tuo dertt Improvemenu. Al-o, a few alngie uentiemen cm he accotumodate l. Tertun moderate? ttiul only a tew minute- ' walk from Fulton and Wail street i'errie . Apply ?t 'M Wa^hlngtrni nreet Board in Brooklyn.? a room ani> bkdroom remaining unoccupied will he let very reasonably, with boat d, to a family or ?mgte gentleman, eiihei turni-ihed orinn. Httuatfon convenient to rulfon or VTall Htreet ferrle*. Family hinail. Apply us 2ft8 Fultoli ftiee:. BOA1U> IN BROOKLYN? A PARLOR ANP i)Kl> room on second tfoor. *ulUihle for a gentiemiftn aul hH wife; al*o, room# (hr sluifie geotlemcn, to rent, with board. 1 he location U vet v desirable, and cooveuleni to both houtli and Wall street feme*. Apply at 2 til Henry etreal, hetweea t 'otigreAh and Amity. OOARD IN ItROOKLYN? \ WIDOW tAPY liAVINO A J) house replete with the modern Improvement*, would like to disnofte ot u t ootn or .* -\i\ of roomt, furnished or nnfur uiftheu, >o a gentleman and his wile, ??r two gentlemen, with h?>aid. IMnnei at t? o'clfM-W. Ueierence- exchanged. Apply at 02 v\ I lough Board in urooklvn .? okn'ili.mgn and rui ia wive-, ot n.:l? istitTeinen. cun ?>e accouiuioda'ed with good hoard and plea-ant room-* m b new hou4e with all the modern Improvement ? at a re:ou>naole urice, by applvin^ al ?15 '' street, w.itilu ^even miouien' walk, of Fuftou or Wall street ferric Board in jii^oki.yn ? to i , i tiirtiuihed front mmn on the second I bedroom, ii Wttirp'l, -uit -???!?? tor two gentlemen, or n gentle tnan otthf rnoHid ? ? m ? in Bi ? to> 1 V H . A|?{>lv U "O < '11 ? ),\ : vlt'H. BOARD AT BROOKLYN? A gKNTLBMAN IND WIFE or a pa u of *mgle :euti?*m<ii. can > ? ict unuio laW* i vm ii h *aru ani p!ea?aut room?, turoUhed *r unfurniihel, at 1.W H? tti^ten HOARD IN BROOKLYN? TWO -INOLK ( F.NTLKMKX, or a married couple, can titui good hoari in a very dc Hrahle locat'ou, live ruinutea w .W li nn Fn. a ferr , where I he iv are but few taken. Apply a- id High street near Washington. "OOAKD IN KBOOKLYIT? A MIRRIKD COUPLE TAN' J) be pi 'umtl > a?r nuruodat?! ? ->.?nioii the te? ?n I floor, at Henry ao-eat, netween Congrea* and Amity, flee mimitea' walk from HotlUi ferry; alao. tw.? du,'!e unM.und an eitansVa. room on narlor door, amiable tor a gentleman. Every etfoif made lo please. liOARD IN BROOKLYN.? \ FRONT ROOM ON Til F! J J arrow! atorj , wfth <mall nwrn and pantry aiached, can (?e ha J In a plenum ioeau<?u, fi v#? minuteV wain from 'he South ferry; alao a room tor a sing gtm'atuian. Apply a* t.'? Coo* greaaatreet, Howh Brooklyn Boabd is Brooklyn.? a gentlem in \m? win, nud one ??i two ?mg v gentl iiimi. ? an obtain ?uporlor accommodation* bv appivmg a? ! 4 1 Montag'ie street, within three minute*' walk < t the W ill *tr.*#'t terry. Kefereuce- e? < tuiDged. Brooklyn hkights. ?pleas ant boo jr. with hoard, lot geuiiemt-n and tlielr wtven or single gentlemen, ran be obtained at 131) Columbia street, within three rnlnutea' walk of Wa i ? md Fill ton flu rtea, BroolU/a OABD ON BROOKLYN H KIOHTS.? TWO OR THREE ingle genii-rum, and a gen'tb'tnau aul UU wife. onti l?w accommodated with p eaauut roonia and board. a? No II Pop tar lttook>vu. The house i- new and contains hot tttd ooM bathe , gas, Ac . alao, a handsome pa, lor. uniurnirthe I. B BOAR PINO IN WfLLlAMHHrBO.? A OKNTLKM A N and wuV, or ?w?- ladle*, can be tMM'ommn.iated In tha bonne of a professional man. luxation r??rtv desirable. A large n?vi room, w itb oi enskng ioom mijoiiitnv. n? wly patnle<l and lor* niiihed, am h an<i ^ratea, with the nae ot purloin Iti |ulre at Uie drug .store, .%?? Fourth ntre?'' Board anf? KIWIO-AM IXFKBIENCBn amkri tan 'eacher of mn^ie, ot* qui?*t habit*, with the fir* t refe' enres Je^lren to en^aue board and an unttirniabad room In a jp i .? * 'i to i ? ? ? I vat e if | I ? w ? r m u re fads p ? te--jonal ?ervi< e<* in full or partial payment. f/?eatlon in i he vicinity of Fifth av? nue and Twenty tiftii atreet prefect ?? i I u ijuiri- at she planoAir'e rooms oi N 1% H Curt *?, 447 Broa<l way. Boarium; -OKNTLKMEN ANI! TIIKIR W1VKH, Al. o etrig!#- gentlemen, run obtain fine roonnamf b<mrd at the i??** Uou-e f e.?i s a*ree?, a tew tlooi *ti <>n? lit l)o\PI?lNti-tiKVn KM*;\ AND i II Ki R WIVKH OH J J single gen'l? men. wisbiu io oh* i?n ria>mn for die winter, eiiber wubor wt h op Haiti, run be pieanan'ly a<r' ommoda'ad at ?7 Ninth ?(<> -e'. between f niver^l'y place and Fifth avenu> . Reference* eaclianged. BOARPINO -TO I.KT, to SIN'OLK UI NTLFMKN AND lad tea, ot to geiiiiemen <?ud th< Ir wiven, ruee turiu.hel front room*, wi'h lull or partial board: ferme, to pay w?*?kJ?. in advau< e Fn-iu'li, Oerrnan and Kngli-h s|><ia*Q there. No. Howard street, two doora from Hnmdwa OOARDINO? A PLKARANT PARI/>R AND HKDROOJU If on the se< ? nd tbxir fumuhed <?r uafuriiuuiad. tn a tir^t * h*)UM- auddeilrah!e location, to let lo a eentWnau awl Ins wi'.e. or a couple ot single ueaVlemen. Apply at No 11 St. .Mat k' ? place, Kigh'h atreet. QOABDINO roLEl URATLTI RN1RH DPBON1 I) t' orn %% ?t k> gra'e aodpati'r -y, suitable for gooMetnan and wife, or two Mng.?- gentlemen, alao oue single room a' the pleasantly adtiated notiae, H North Moore street. Hath* in the house. BOARIMNO -FAMILIM OR HI NULL OKNTLKMKN wlahlng to sec ure ttoarrf for the winter will find verv de sirable apnriuo*u'?. In a Urat elaas private teairiing botiee, de llghfuiiv l?iea?c*f, p(r*?ec?lof erers faellllv tn ace^a^ fr*?rn .ill parts of the < tty. Relereo<e exchanged. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, we?t Hide. BOABOINO.-PLCA8ANT ROOMS TO LF.T, WITH t?oard, iu * bou wnb all the nu'eiera Improyenaenu, ?be haation deairable; 40 Henr> street. BOABDINU -HANDSOMKI.Y Ft RNIS1IKD ROOMS To i?e rented, together or aenarately with full or par^l U>ard The Uousr |- new, with all modern improvement-. Dinner at ?. Rotereriri?4 exchanged. Apply a' 12 Ninth st BOARDINU. ? a PKW ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR PAMI liet oraioglf gentleman, t'l let mtb ooar'l, tn a rt.-t ? lu?? bou?c, p'fa^aotlv sltoaled. with all tl*e uvfiern Imjirovtii n . It efe renews required. Apply at ifl Rifh'hst. near fifth av. Hoards bo? a small family, consisting of 'wo pepaons ie?ire to let a large room and italnmn, with ? ut or with board U> a gentleman ami Ilia wife or two amain : ebflemen The neifflil orhr^nj ta on# of th?? raoat (JOMH In <he ( Uv 1 be !ion?" ba- ail 'he m -lern improvement- For fur iber part ku la ra int| aire at ITT Broadway, tn tlw trunk ?Mrit BOARniNU.-YERY PLF ISA NT ROOMS FOR A family can be found at il < Union p'aca, neat ib oad^a Al*o lor t*ao single gentlemen. Board wintf.o? in \ pritatk family by i ? gentleman, sUident at low Addrei*^ 01 I ,*?/T I' *st BI'ARDIVO WANTF.II-BY S fOHHON OF.S I I.F.MAN d? ?ni9ii Ameri'in *afn ? \ pleasant hoou f. ??iri bvlng otih required. Teinu modar^t** Addreaa I I flersWi offi. e. fJOAPD W.l N TFT -BY I OK V r I, KM I N |Vfi HIS jl^ lady, a we! fn rni the?l r x>rn -itid i^edrrs-m a<l j Snlng. in 1 ?trie v prtra.'e farniSr. *h?-i e th? re >?re ooo'h^i ir-ra; 10 < ai|on bete ?en Cam! and li!?*?*cger ?traeu; ne ?r llod -on pr> ?>-h* I ft e t?* relic* * eichanged. A?llre?s. H f? . lirw4wo F'tait off re. Hoard wa sTV.u-ron * /^nt?fv av r. w?v ami jetmg ? UiUlrftt, tu !ft* ?<? '4 01 rwi ???*. wUr ?* ?,>err t?rr '*?+ ?. ?, r* .*???#? ? preter *?l .A Mrr?? %t ft H It . ?i* ? ?1 > tL #? F*J PV^Wll OH t M-TKMMHKh RtfH >M- To 1,K I f<? ?Hitiii 4**itti*ii??ti. In b pri**'* Umi f Ht'h umi , i.'-u/M A|ip7 I No M Wf#? ^ tihiufv-n j-** "??. VTMPIIKb KOfiJC TO I.FT -?KVFIl \L OX TH V j J 6r*t fi<or. ft <? M/tm* tti '!??* I ?i r l? f,0" fl wwWftt* I flic Af?j <!jr - No Art W ? **?*?* ii ?4w?) FHfcNM<H? t.H l V f 1 RV(HHM) ROOK* WITH (>?' m ? . ?. -? -4 w 1; ?* i.J '??! *##? '1 (Iff *n h" r> *'r M \M fJJ >'(t 5*1 W??f Wftftbtftfl 'I j'tftTrfV I - ho*]?# hft? tit br ifi?ft?n? HrTrrtn*? r? ?I till ?*4 ^ FJM KM?f!Fl> UOC>M f>|>1 ?A > tTMTrt ftMHffKft rt?j?,? '#> ln*|*itr <? ? *5 K u? r *?*?' t ?**r ?,f ? f fKHKO ROOV TO l.fcT TO ov* OK TWO -I 1 , ?? r?f #-?n *n ** <<r ? Hr? ?* pftnr> ?! ' *< I ???h * t p rwftti'f. T*rmft ft-'?l referswwi % - , 1' fij? r*o "?? i ?) 1' ?*????*! Ai?|? ? 41 ? roftbf MmM '>f?* hi .Hi 1r*m 1 ftMMrtfwftf HAM *o*r.!A rt RNtkMK(? R OoV- AT X! WAVER Mom f 'omfoiit# our mv * o> mi miv **?<] hU Wlfi!, in % ??jv 1 *?? ?mHy In Srm Y' fk ?r Bf"'* fi I wo ? i '* 'I** I irf* ny?i ? h *?'<?!<! ?<m! i #**?? * ?1,; i* ??. * ?? ? .1 *' ? <u 1 ??!?????' .<? Al'l-w M hm* ? < m'.m ? .V W 'I ' f" -? ? ? ?J i*arur?.*?r? m* i ? ? m Kt' '?? 'it* . I I A-K A\D flltl RI 0^ A 1#A f'Jfc- HOA'l IM*0 I i Ho'JP* frw ?<#,?? liOMr V?nr? r* :i, WHII M?r r?? * l? 1 iQ . ? A' ISr M>* ft ?*??! <X ??r?' i/? | #? f 1 F i?? ti? atv ?? Xllrfti lwif r "i? II \1CRR*T * 1 1 * A r. M|f< ? \ ? fit UfiV OK i?l * .?4 ' ??' ?< : '?( 1' i, .in . ' ' . ? ??*. -. K *?'??? ?!*?' ? ? M Afll T "v ,W 4| MWK !!/ * flkf ?j ? ?????- .. !?f ft#*#* ^ ?fi *"1 iM FrMoriA iwumi, y *ATtT rruw wroi iiiS?Totj^TBimii i' lMra?t*wl ?i j*rw.- m v? -1 J 1 ????!?? ? 'I. - . ^ r . , r,vi *;?r ? r"^ ? - ??" ? - i *V ' "*' r>?' u'' *r?"*T .tor , , ' ?>? ?"??? -rr .. | mm ?? JWM in ??? v .v tin ln? . ? ?? w > <<n pa*. k? Mf * * I D'SSrJSiv*" ^r?i?w"wr? , * f " - ft ? ' o ? ?r? V - r tjj ^ T*!U p m HOKKDntl AMD U>M?0. j ON h I. A <iK rt'RNi -Mi ll ROOM MfD A -*AI.L MKI< I I ^ lilt to I"* H, or Uw'Jwr, v> l or with > ' I tuMinl flcmn r?l! ?? H LapftiWl ?ir?r( PEITATE K'? AR ! >IW'i. ? TWO Kt. CIAST I'ARI.ORS, I with in-.lrootn- k?4 U?Ui alurh - l ,n u>e v .til rt ?>r MlMt ?lull* foooi* m: n?KiT turnl?li'!. Ill i n-? hr..?r? ,t<vi . boiMr, vtr.v de?ir?Dl.? ncaMd. rs> ?ur ii 1 ironi Kourirruih PAHTIAI. BOARJ? IX AI'BIVATl IAMII.Y rOKTWo or Ibii** yoUB* (frii'Iemrn. v? /h u n- ?:ly 'nrrn-lici i , u mi Un4 urmi I ti km vili'T' i?; cnu rrnlii# nu?tUi? iili-ukUii of vu'iif . Tf' 111 A|>ply u i? llOhiiiifrrf ???**??' wUhtU or** Uloe* <?. Hn,ei aft %'V l atrreta. 000.Mh ?<? l. T K! K.N I K |? IP, ro ? MUUKIIOK *1 > 8k IN 11 e bu>??? ha* ai; U?r m 4ewi u:u mfui* Thoiie wishing r nmJbrtebf* it*?m? in apv..v, ?' ?.<,* uoti, iiuy apply ai l v. itii avenue, uwr l^h OOOllh TO I KT XI A it IMoN ?QUaHK WITH Ol Jt W.'llOir ftl! fllt'tK*, fiunlrru .'IlpHIV'Ti.iMlt-i, UO Illidf r I 1.??lie# and gi-n* wtuhtn# to llv(* fwtirtd ?n pUft-.i i' apartment*, i?t r-aaonabl* rat A* ! find llu* a 400 1 . .a'wrt A hire- Opmtoi' Jr -Vt .%l4j !' > ? < ?rJl e uimtk of h.\m>.m>mk h*r.\:?io r> pj>om>jj" O It* *tth ? wWiout ' <?,? t| , t<\ on* nr 'wo (<?"?' I lien, the hau-f an I location de*irabi'* Inquire .*:'?* \\ . Twe&ty flrM street, between Fifth aui Hint. irfuuH. Fiiu(1> private le.v. vui*'* ei< hanged. nvi I *? i? \ v umsukd uo m a t vivi natr\ J i??<* rro f.KT? -AT Til I IfMO.V MOI'SK, m PRINCV strkki I i-ofi r of h ui : i \ 'i.ronti n,. to gftj ' iu i or f?nU <?*, uit r?*? m)??? i?lc (rrrn- wf*!i nr wfthji't ImmH. rpo nvsr, wm h HOAKn-A vi itv iiasdsomi'i.v I parlor nu t ?>n , hum ?? v l??r a Uily ua?J ucnii-iuuii. Ai>v\\ ?? li>? -< ? -?n?i ??? uu?*. oou fo Klyh'h R^tV pnt^ r*fjMl?-r i ft - I WIT II PARTI il HOARD II D *!BK!> I I jmrlor. in?.t l?*?<ir<w?tu Mliolnln , furn! h?' J or ht n in hi riii Uuit *1) thr moduli) mij>ri>rfiiM'iK, In a privAU- fUintly, to ^fntletticn only. Apply ?' 5' k<? N i ret. TOI.K'r. rilRNfHJIRD. AT l'K? I'RfM K STUFF T WJ'.HT ot Ht-oadwHWH hrautlful room on the icPOQ'iMary, taa I riMiit* Mvteiimu iieui, ioc iu<lui4 was. $15 p?*r ui< ?nl h, to a lo'iu nuuti wtiu would lit* p^riiimuem. fjiWci <?H THRF.F OKNTYaRMKA' i'AN RK ACTOMMO I cluted with bimr l in u ptlvi?n* luinlly. in tin* pftrt o( tne?iu neai I.i itugton avenue. Adritr* ??o\ 2.0ft! ?111 fpo* LK'I-WITH DOAUn A l.ARtiK l?AR'.OR Willi I pftntl Irn aMftrllfH), Uf*utlv furnUllfHl On th" M*00||f| f|tMP*r ; ft'? I our <?n ti??? third lloor, 'UttabU* for <i**ntleuien and tli?lr wiv?* A f?- w -Ihk!?' y-ntlemen ran be Acromai?? ls'ed wlUiboui .l ? u*v K'ttui Hr<?twl way rnwo hl.-TKKS WIHII HOARI). IN A PRIVATE KAMI X ly, or where there ur?* but trw bo?r?ler* I'lie loftauou n*u*?be ?*?*! of tli'" How nv, tu the vtclully of i li?* Sr oml or Third ?v?*nueH. R?f'er?uce- ?<lveu ftttd r???iutre?l an lnre*uee? ? MUiy. Addre^ft, n?aUi)|| term*, A< Vr* Wright. IK? W? KlHrriith Htrect w hi' U will liter t with nji .i' ? w ?-? * rpo I.i I -A M RN18HKO HK(?K<K)M, Willi MKK J plarr in the third ttory of Hie ho'inf rj| Whtte ????? W " AM Kl'-P ARTI Al, I^OAHO A N D TH >' COYf FOR 1-4 ff oi a home, in .'he vi< in:iv ot M??u ??ue l^rry f"i ?? g?*ut ? man of ^imnI mora iharacJi r a . I baiMUt Prt< ?*notui i \> | $4 |)M w?? a A Idle wrh ir name, far ih ? (.? v ?, J.. I lUi>?4r. ii Post otlirr. VI ' A NTK0-? H V A I . A I f Y . WITH ROARO. IN A gl'IKi". if i r*pe? I4?b!e taini. . wti . ?? tln-i <? am ii<> - l*?* r l>?.ai ?!?*. , * well lu:nifhi 'l teron i '' i > room, with bedrnom ? I ? ?tti i.ik ? mut?' be ii ir jt'Tfable it* a i ?o A 1 Mutiii.j tet iim, locaitou. Ao . whlrh will >i" paid in \Av \w c If rt>'|Ulr?> t. H U h . L nl? iti H't uai e Po ft ollif e. II ' AVI M>? 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