Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1855 Page 2
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eeverr,l >?..'< * arc led locked like a wild ..nd almo-lt ?uitroktn wiMera?mi, end presented ouv ol fbe moni pltt'irwer, ne and .-em.-n tie "ffnri upcr, ulitti the tyt h .1 WW rested. The road* and avenue* -a-lii^ up ic the wnotuii were hionuly biooktsl up with l uge 'uraber.Dg Wnr horse wagocs, baggie-, uarflage-, and a host o( tuuutk'M rtluckm * wry portion oi the icrttat mtiUA had teen cleared, or afforded lie inert iamteU amount of loom, was occupied by a tent. Two nuge structure*, fernetd ct fx it if and uj iv??i-, and which were digmtled with the title cX hotels, wem (Jonepuiuo u* Jrom their great me, ui'ht whole eucaninment. They were rar h '-no hundred feci u-itg, and both capable cf acorn;',ousting tn thoursnd persons. A* out/ m mppvmd, it to I no -Trail amount, of p.ovi wane to feed ,iuoh .. multitude; ku; there wa- (n ugh for x* uioy cr fifty lh uiand, and plenty to spare. 'Two Lwuuivd and Oily nlMtfp, ally beeves, and over a bundf-d f.ige, wire bau-ecued the tiny before the celebration, and ? we aid UVe one man several days to count a" the loaves tf 1 read that w?re demoUntcd. Imagme, if you , an ?uah a drove of cattie roasting and stewing at; at cue rver uutuea- ? Ctes, <*..h mere than fl.ty feet 1 ng, and attended by fifty or sixty rooks I Hut the -erne is *lu t ?osuplet* Ah aeon as the barbecue is at an end over any tables, some 100 feet in length, and uone lessvhin miy u? piiod with gigantic trays tuU cf the smokim- lianua! sod around these are assembled -even o. e,ght thousand persou*, aj * ruggling as la?t and as hard as .uo.r apo? trie* pfxinit, u) fltokko jfcii .iwpf?rtHioii ou like utoaAiuiiifl of p?vt?icn? before them. Those who cannot fln ! a nla e a. the tabh s are sitting uside or at the dot- of their tents, engaged at the mat agreeable work, an i 'he Vt le tWeen thousand are engaged with the utmost unanimity ? Ul? fflHCoaHfUOU of JiA il DT?*kfdrf. lt_? eli o'clock. and the shadows of the mountain ana the toreat are rapidly vanifhing before the sun as he ascends'he riea-ens. Ti e mint- which rested All night *ISI .5 we o.Btolvutir nto 1 thin air," ami the gMtenng d- * drops that - park!-- an id the < nera'd green ?r the grass, uie counties -diamonds, are ..i-tnisa, pear rag suufei tiic same injient agency that thanes away the Shadows In a no*he hour the t.-c li'art is despatched and the celebration nov commences in c?*u<?et. A "ngauu ?sposing processiou is formed in the following order in which ;t'hes up te in I surroun '-thepUtlurin whicu has l.eex. ere iwl for the u i nr of tho cty?iion. John Ihrvefoo. of South l i i'trm?ind the invi'ed gie*iH, aamag whon, is t/i>'d stiugoisbe I his'oHan Hon <iecri:e Bancroft Mil; '.u y, or 'nig of tho folic wing ccc.paniot CoJ'.rol .iu Hying Artillery, Cap*., r. ILuuptia. inimetM) iluards, oi'Cha-leston, Capt. t.acas. Washington I I'ghi Inlantry, Oapt. U M Ha' o. _ , , , . /ori vilJc iAJets, Capt, towtrdM. met land Vo' r Tiitle <Vm?) any f'apt. T. W. IUu iifle. fHlhoun ('wards Opt T S. M:ils. i'h.' civic ocieties were r-prc?ent?ej by large cleat - Vtfgee ' h *,;1?ici W(i folk)*( iil'l ML-pernm.* Merobers ol the f*res?. Jbe Keverend Clergy. f'Tders oi Cong-' 's of the L'nii d .- s. Trie Speaker of the Hou?< cf hrr-?w?nta, t e- .,m) 'dip here of t.h" State I/ig -latnre of floutb throiinn." The tJommlttec on 'nv-ii; ions, consleting of Col. TV. I>. Wi Son, Johr L. Miller, (?!. W. Meltou .si u?,nilw' ctm?;..ti.iS of John '. Moore, (kl It. O, Me aw W. fl. (^..vreon, -t S. VS b-cc H F A dicker. ?Ml' .iry ' ommhi-f ? Uea. John Alston. Col. H. BeCrrHc, Cuj'. M. .Ignitu s, (lap!. A. Cowards, Cul. J. R Jackson, Col. J. F. Walker. The ? resident oi the day. Cob J. D. Wi'h r ? areerr peruoi] ty tb, orator ?,i Ui? day. iioii. Join, Ostou. The proces-iun numb': ?1 abuut iiree the., , ? , ?he military alone abc at h" buadrnd. Aftei I. -'vl.' i ml the nubtr.ry. during whi. h 'be cannon were "i,i.,i.t tfftty ir?queiitiy ir. omirntiun, grayer wis oifer#*f]c?y " ? 1; H. Ai;.uu.s, of Yorkvillv. "llou. J. l>. T'.'j'ho.' spooo then introduced the or.-tor il fhe d,.y t h , wh veseived w'th a periieci "?orm of applause, Mr. ' -ceton tea graudceti o> Heneral CampbeU, and is o.-.o m tli ?f '? kpeatufs iud most dim.ngui^bed men in Sun n fhrtoina ills Appearance on thi* occruion ??*.? ?),? sal tor an outburst ot the gre.aie?t enfhi:eiapri. Wl on siieiice WHS resioretl, be addresred the assembled muic tkUi as Hliotrs :? sp, Fr ? or DON. JOHN P. PRESTON. Tin- forest i? lovely in the dying glow of .lufunin; tbi - mountain t? tiautilul in its lovely grandeur; this li"le brook rum; murmuring its gentle and ceaselocs reqni ?wn beside that grave-tone?why, then, are tfcey dia milied i y tli.s va<t multitude of, t?.? representation ?a mighty power t Why come up here youth sc.d nai. heo?b age and woman, the hope, the struggt-, the tri ranpL ili'.'jcy oflife .- My countrymen, notsu inor kTlumpVi ner power, nor prop- rity?n"t the deer- pitudo ?t age. nor the vigor of youth, nor a'J the neoe- itlcs of ectual hie, can make us foiget the place where liberty waslo c We come up to 'h.-se placfsto worcbiu, for they *re sRcred. There he th- s- ot us here'o-d.iy who are standing <.n ourth Hoakcd with the blood ofmsrtvrej kmxui-n. ','p that gorge, along that ridge, rising th; ? steep accii wty, ear patriot kinsmen traded in their ow" sacred blood is they encircled the ferocious beast who Lwo been preying upon their homes and children the tie re- Ferguson lay crourhed at tt,o ?urnrait, Urliing bis -ed ch-<n- after his fea-t ef blood, ami glaring at the mountain bun; er? as they closed around liira. (?n one -,lde the aahn det? ruiined Cliiavelnnd came; out ol the deep ho,low thebmd, an-! strong, and timing Shelby sprung; in iVonl cams the "d haired Campbell, with tit-.' elayui?e o. th Argyles gleumirg in his hand, hi- Idue eye g!!t'erin(, with a lot id fhuno. I'hey -net as the ten ible oad . -ng down liiic ,i herd of hungry lions; tin y uiet with an ?wth-*ho<k, a tumor, a name, tl -.- rattle, tho roar, a gre-in c shriek, a wil l triumph, n!, and th?-pirft at Bterty. like I'nllks wa'cliiug oyer her warrior ?on l-ovcred is - - a moment over 'his wild raouii|?;,i Kcene' and onloiding her puij lr wings, bore the glu-l tidings to ILe Fhtber ol hi- countiy, ..u?l to the Inn U of ho ? iSinl iag soldiery in other region* -I h- r rho.-en land. -Ap I'tou-e.) " It is the dawu of hope, itnil Isttter tor nine. ' 'itlauus the s. g- Jefleraon, ?? it turns the tide ot tirai s in the Soith," -lysanothe- jatriot. 'It checks the con tpieri who i? irvagin-1hr? arollnas? if recon-i-ersSouth < a. ohm- "It mrii- the lion' fri m hie rapine, and oh as- < bun uoni ilie pin is ? ?Treat ami glunous," < lis the kraye bit unftirtunate Hp; wr,, a)e *"?' ? and whence .n o they, who tnooght this great w< rk. and thus consecrated this spot, - von down U tbls hour, w hoao heroio pwincii-in fnus checked the ?-ni|iieror in inid care-'r, ;.n i gave uack life to tlic e.\ yuvtig .i-t-i ->-' freedomY I- r-l llr.wdi n, wilting to the Brtti-h Minut'r of this battle says, "Themm win-fought ?! coin- frpni moutilains, the very nam--- oi whi h are unknown." (Ilen- wod upplau-e.) M ITvsten here guye c lies-".-iption nf th? scenery on the Watauga, when the Amerl, an force assemble I pro vk i- to the cattle, end id their pursuit ot i erg.iMin u? K-iig's 'ieunt -In, and hen nonliotied as loiluws T1 eondit-en cf (Ti.ollua was sad in-ie I - hi, nk de.p iir h d ?dtied on the patrio' c?u-e. It w is fin this province the " b-a-? year ot the war; the gh-im was tist spreading dv- r the whole continent; Charleston and havaonsh were in the land of the British mid the best men many o' the lenders of t'l*. three Snithern prnyincc-? weie prison-, or in exile; and, us if to dose the wretched drnnat, the reinforcements from i'irgir i bad te?n butc.hore-l hy Tart-ton, and within loviy stays (iates Pad mlferod that terrlMe defes' : t (Vro- -n whi h " turns d his Vurthern laureU to Sou the n wTIb'W'i, and which made Curnwallia complete m ister ? f So ill Carolina. Tlds power he wa using with a -a vsge ?riielty copn r.-iliel-d in modern ciydlzeil con jue-f ? Oiiiumg down the conquered hke -nalefactors. an t ro gardn.g -act' r- liel as a condemned criminal; checking every murmur and #n-wering every suspicion with ;!?' ?word and the firebrand. If h whig 'tied from his ho .se to the in uit or the scourge of the rope the myr nndons ti isrlcton und berguaolt burned it down and raVi-hed his wife -in 1 diinghters. if a child refused t< betray a parent h- wan hung like n dog. If .t w ife refu?< to ted the hiding plu- c of her hushiind. her belly w o npperl - pen by the butcher knife of'he tory. uu.l to a.l aeuble hirror and infamy to the " deep damnation" o ?nch deeds, Americans were r-rced To bo the instriinienti of perpetrating th-on (Sensation.) Tlmt which ovct ^'merl to do, with tlie refinement of i aevl.ish rage he had i*< n- '-y Americana? neighbors kinsmen of hi victims. I draw no fimcy?picture? the truth Is wlhhr far than the fabuli-t's Ima rination cun feign. On the morning tliis battU wa? U ugh', an impenetrable cloud of woe and despair ?ung oyer the people of 8outh Carolina dates bad lie. 'o Hills borough, ami -um'er's men hud scattered. and il smy I- ?;il-l with lti-tori al accuracy '.here was not a whig soldier in the field. Mr. lYeston, in this connection, gave an account of the mill'ary rule which I.ord Corn hn<l ^^tabUshrii ovp: Soufh Carolina by a cordon ol pesja on the (i corgi-I and North Carolina frontiers, at w"l! *s through the central portions of the State, show ?ng the snbj'ig'ited eonditinn to whi. h it bad been re duced. and to maintain which he reltsd mainly upon the strong dciacbment tinder the command of Col. Ferguson. He al-e de?crfbed. at con-iderahlc hngtli, the march ol ti e patriot army from the Taller of the Watungu aer-i-s the mountains, and their pursuit of Ferguson to his - n krerrhment in King's Mountain, where the isittle wui fonph' giving a brief -keteh or the characters of the five (oionels comnianding the American forces, a-ul of then ejection of Campbell, of Virginia, to the chief r-mraand. Tiw Atrerhan army numbered eleien hundie-i pi ke-l men chosen out of sixteen hundred, a portion of whom n*y had left ts-hind at I'.uthei lord Courthouse, in North til -rv fifty miles from the seme -if the bat i *Va "'fi o *h 'h thrlr lender was chosen was MM near theTowpans. about thirty miles from Kings "I?,"1 n'tP "'c1'"'1' ?t I wht of the day ? u ^ W!!h ll,"lr chosen leader in Iron' TTJL17LT? ""Th "hier ?t the i.eo-1 of hi* iM their purpose, .lark and -tormy as It was. away they galloped in (lie h--{ SI'Jl!.' r1" ' ",n whirl, render, -dewery precaution ne-essary to keep their we,pons drv and tl-ry -ode with their rides under their arm. In the morning they Stopped for half an hour for an ill provided men I At tw.dye o'clock the skv Clear.,., nd thev fouiid tl en-aelves within three miles ofFerguson's camp r n this monnuin. They b.'-lte-l under nn order |-a--e.| rnpidlv along the line? an order perh.ins the most laconic aud spproprfkle ev. r given und- r like clrcuinstan 't-via in 'h-se words-? "TV tv I venwata, pick touch bale*, lrc?Ji prim* tn,l bn ro t;t'hu" ... . hcrr determined to divide the ir for* and to ?i?rrountt 1l>r- uv untu'n. At thl* m< menl an Cipro., f>*m 1 crtfuMm to Cornwall!* waa arraatad. hi* tea patch#! ..panel an,a U,,u\ nh.ud Vt the head <>f lb# line. In thorn, ha-il.t, I hold a position on tlia Kin*'* Mountain tb?? all t|c .hfl* v,0t if boll cannot drift me from.'' Thtra w? ro bout ?,r ,li?i ril?r when thia w?? read, but a q trial a ( tut -mile t a. ,-rt tlx- lino an tha* (itrnok Into ? ? l-nhlf p.<l!?jp In tnont* minute* they war* In ijfht ?>f tb" t'irt,>h ,'amp. 1h> y 4t?? >.p along tha t tink of that IcUe brook; Ihtjjr tl^tinuatad t.ed tholr lioraaato the '(tub* of ;ha tree* I ntrhv; ?h,m, |n hanm of a -mull pnard The other of attack Wn harried ly made hu| with a mili'acj ah'll an?l tl ration that e?ol<i not bo f?ce|le<! Tlioio ???, not, an ,0r or mi* tai. or .ton a n i-t* ' uV'.on of >oa,iting tint* Axtin lit outoat to the end. k?,j, column ??k - Oh ,apM'y along th# ndi.ate., lino all tho lino* lajHi'tig I a common contra, which *?? tl.o Rrltioh en ,* , (, 01 a*. t!to tumult of the tThere lognn a f?t: of r? '? . ij: i n xrinuV* <a the '*ntr, so'a-i'ii of the Americans, and Majo* <Jbr* mill, who is lnrisd brncatb the stone withm your sight, wll ifurmg Jrls hrc. The columnr moved steadily iut'1 Sevier'sco lumn on the right, pas-ed out of the valley to full sight 01' the enemy Tho lire then began in earnest? U.h Bides. The mountaineers proved their dull with meet deadly effect, forcing Fergueon at he very to lesortto a direct chttrge This c barge ??>?? ????* ??* * company 01 British rtgulars, awl was wrUV the tugh name and fame el that service. It was boldly *"dgal lantVv dene, and forord the cat not do g*?e badjdowi the hilt, hut at that moment Cltaveland and atpc- ed on the ten, and poured -nto t .0 cjupging o l.iui if ?oich an avrfui fire aato stop h?? ly Te w ... mated Th' Bri'ith turned from charging en Sevier. ? ? wheeling, made a terrible itasu at, CWwvelanU and Willi?/mill - left, Mid with like ? Ifc* ?? ' ?* ' ?** hack (loan the ridge. Sevier, howt-ver, r.nUed fr do*n ife? ntige. ^wr, now* -??, ? >?*> ? antly, and at the same tune Shelby and luheit nri areu with the twine column, isiug iu trrt.t along the ridge Oiese two columns, the centre ar,t ta.< then poured their tire on both '.lanks of the Brit ah and stopped the charge against lleavelaau and V. itiiainK V) u? eling rapidly and receiving rtiulorcei.ient* I in within the 'JW'o the Bntieh then made a third .likiit' directly ugkinet the centre column, and that irre sistible British bayonet again toid its story, and BainR !?< !1 and Shelby, were forced back, down nearly to the ?alley. But Cleavclaiid aim Williams having rallied their columns, and Sevier's continuing to nour its tire to. trom tie .sit, the British were forced to leave the P" fawpbell and Shelby, turned suddenly, atd themaelves retreated ml the ridge. Shelby a?l i.?lJ'V^tiih ?hi tremendous fire >n both 9aoks,fln<51n? were retreating, suunosed they were defeated, rained iu^ f\.: ,ly, and '.uinediu pursuit of them withhiyahs^ ?i. lory The Brdieh turned Immediately, *'"1 attempted a fourth charge. It, however, was then too late?the biood of th- mountaineers was hot they met. andre puWd that chaw, and drove tie Bnb* back w.ihia tl.eix hiies. Hiis eaablied tlM columns of the patriots to meet, and literally ,u- <in<l the army of fvgueoa. Then can* the <ero rage ot the battle; a circle of Ure hemmed tUe Wolt ,n hh -trongh.dd. The English soldiers proved their tree ilia iu this ho-r of danger ?.ud ucspair, and the ran * * el ,? . tha pilli. Wiiu llilf I' lllVm n ff I rci aiiu iU uii^ w* u??y ? ? ? ' 7 7 ? . _ (?ally torie* saw that escaping the rille was but running into the ''grape vine. '' The regulars with their buyo ut t ./id the lories with their butcher knives fastened to nit-. .i/iU me lories sou , 7 ? ib< mu.,!os of their gun., charged on thin .losing dame With the fierce energy of despair. In vain ! The moun tain hunt, rs, uOmiybut rapidly loa?ling,acd deliberately aiming his mark, sent a death m-ssenger in every bullet At every dischurge they nlvanoeda few steps, uu'il th??rt one narrowing circle of flashing name cr^. ^hng arc and their unvoted victims. At this on .merit lie British cavalry were ordered to mount. The order wj. heard by the Aaierlcaus. It was the very thing fur th* ir rifles, giving a clear mar's above the busbes;anaat ??*? i man th row his leg cvet his hone, he foil dead on the other side. ! "'puson. with f gallantry that seemed to r?. with his desperate condition, rode from rank to rank, end from pest to yoft, encouraging, cheering and driving his men. At length, M founu his amiy pressed, anil actually huddled together near tl.e Humi.iit oi the niouniain and falliag as fu t iih (ht- An.11leant-. %?' ul<l ]('&d nd wboot. Ho (lctcr m.i 'd en ere more cha-ge, end. hiking h's position at '!,? hc-.'i ? i n.i . ... , .'Hi v. ..h a voice tb.v ,as ueorc loud above the roar of list tie. summuneil his iwn t" "t ? ?- h 'i.e datum", rebels into the earth. * _ lh*;ie was a iu is. tor a moment, ami one round of the Americans (itopi.ed. Instead of th' roar of their riiios, tic ic a... 1 s.,;ul only 'In lick oi the cock?it waitheset pi ; , low warning of convug death. Th* pause was but i. i* mo, whenbergiuon and rhipolstre, h'.rse an*, f, o. ourst like an avalanche i. wn the inoantaurs side. Befo.e tli'.y came within rixfy jaces ot the Airericau B: overy rill war leaded anil ..oder deadly aim. Per r? son -1r. 'rent, anil foil tit tho ilrst di.'clditgo, w,11. seven mortal woniids. IImi patriots rush.d forward to me t th- he. k Bup? isf.e's regulars, with set. hayon U Jin s brts in tes., c.nne crushing down upon them. N't Agir c< art nor Gre?sy, with all their ehlvalrv, ever felt a -hi e)i move fearful Hum hat, hut had the heavens r?:0 eu Bi' at. bayonet-, it would not have stopped those ?"u". ?ws , pi : if. The d' Btiuit t i . Auiei a, pcrhapn at^cuAnkinu, . en.i.d on their mu ' le. hike martyrs, they weut 10 tin d'-ath?like Uuns they ri.shed to tho carnage. Ofbcer and "oldter, with bmod shot eyes and parched, bounded upm the huddling enemy until their iicr? g'.-.rc Mid hot bre , th eo'dd be sc-n ami toltby the cr.,1. ?, . ry anu h bull-dog nicster: nnd at the moment tl.t i we. e oi ichiug together for the last spring, a wild, terror-stricken shriek rose above the battle?a ye.1 for (|u,liter. A white (lug was riln up, Arms thro^down, 1 Willie "IIB "IU v?py ^?sa?.i/ . .-J 7 ant; i/uu i cliafnpiofi'' shouted, '"Victory! Liberty!' (Ire mentions applause.) That shout echoed Horn the uioun 1 i. n to the -ea, and t,. ?' al-ug tho shure to whore tbi ma . tie Wgah'Mgton -at altnc/t. weeping over the sad hoi; , ..f'thc -smth. His great heart leaped with prophetic joy :> tliis beam of hope came borne on the triumphant v? iv c of hid beloved and trusted mon of "West Augusta; for the men who sent that shout were the very men or ?wh'-m Washington s*nid ho would "trust to them to maintain Amoriouk iiborly aftor all else had fad ed," (Prolonged cheering.) He know the mountain was the birthplace,' ut never the gravo, of liberty. One hour sufficed for this ernwnitlg scene In the sweltlng drama of our Kevolutlonary struggle, acted by rade men lrom b-yond 'unknown mountains." Notouoof the ene i.. escaped. Th" force of Ferguson amounted VJ some thing over eleven hundred men, and of these two nun , and forty were killed and two hundred wounded a gtvanau proportion, telling the fatal fltory of that long t.. nil 0",e Mile, i *ver -eveu humlreil were taken prison ers with all thfiT a-ms. ammunition and equipments. It was a tola! defeat and a capture ot nearly a quarter ef Cmnwallib's mmy. illenewed applauae.) Mr. I res tin related some of the incidents of the battle, and dc? car.tcd at length on the important con-equences which resulted from it to the ean-e of American freedom, and ill. liberty of the race. He referred particularly to its effects in producing an immediate rising of the whig Ihri.ngliout the whole Foutli?in preventing tornwallis and the southern division of the British army from mov ing forward on Virginia and the middle States to elfoct a junction with the northern division at Mew >ork; and finally in de eating the well planned scheme of the re conquest of the pi ovin. e i. He then -poke oi the sub sequent services of the hinders in this battle; of the eh a ions conduct of till- King's MounUin riflemen, on tho great lh-ld of tlulldfnrd, under their old commander; and concluded that portion of his address by reading the fiinlral order ot lafayttte. in honor ot lleneral Carap bell. 1 Inn,, he continued, they have all passed; they be long to the eternity of tni' past our libei ty is the" monument. lh. win Id may smile at the great swelling icni. Jif ni"j "?'"v ? ? o- -- ? id with whicli we praise these men?>iunible parti MfilD WHICH W* |?ra tw mow r ? - 41.IIS of a rebellion. But should we not praise ihein Tlicv gave us all we have. Has the world wore or bet to' gifts than we ' Bid Romulus, or Charlemagne, or Alf.-'d giv" more to thrlr countrymen? Docs the mortal tliunric now shaking the cntre of eastern sens give an inhev itance equal to ours Y Thou lot us bo.ibI and be uot a-himed (KothnslaaUe applause. 1 fhe hpeakor here alluded to ihe peculiar origiu of American lilicrty and American and of the si one appeal wluch tins iirigin makes to the |?itrintism of the American be yond that of any other [?ople who have ever existed. Hi -pi ke also of the wi-dem of our ancestors ,u estab lishing the remarkable (wlitlcal system under which we live? that "f confederated -i.vereign and independent re ...,biles each performing fully all the ftmctions of civil lite nnd'forming in Itself ti e basis of nur political hong ?? a nation This peculiarity in the character of our go vernment lie referred to. particularly lis a thing un known to any people, as entirely now ,n itself, and an ingomstic to and subversive of all previous political sys tems. He then concluded his aumiiable remarks in the li.Ui wiug appropriate language tlur gisjd and iri-e men. throwing away with scorn and contempt all the effeUt<m? i?t antivivaty ami of France and 1 ngland. built up this glorious and beautiful structure, within whose sored precincts we are still -ale and strong end prospering. But, my conn trvmen. this term, thi- structure, they gay., us ? ? the toniric In which ?e worship the living spirit which p.eiiipto.1 thiui to build It. It is. however, aacicd. and It t no daring or heedless step profane it. (Applause* But, sacred as It Is? mighty for gieut good a- it i? tfo Lnirn. glorious an^l M it nan been and ? k not tho liolv nfholW; tliis great Confwi?va4on?thi* unmn of confederate empires?these States?those constitutions, mnv be shat'ered into a thousand fragments?their ashes may be scattered on tl.e winds?nil known clement-, ft.ims and ciders of our political being may become ex tinct and forgot;eu?mould and jungle may hide them from the knowledge oi men, but that spirit of liberty which won thc-e llelds, and now makes them sa_ ereil to us 1- of the eternat Bod. and will live and breathe ami dwell forever on the American soil. (Knthi.sitt.-tic cheering.) let our children light and tear each other?liberty demands her libation of blond, let folly ami fanaticism and desperate wickedness arm section against section, and pour out rlversoftwia.ndblond. our blood is as rich as our -ires and will not die in the earth, t.ut will sni ing up and bear mamfoldin alter times. We are the sons of sages and hen** let us be true to ourselves, be true to our country, he true to the Bod who gave it to us, he faithful to tile blood sheil here by our Vires and we will bo ires oi freemen as long a* the earth owns man for it- master, such, at lea-', is the faith and hope of the f hristian and patriot as he kneels on this -r rri' l ,?prt. A perfect thunder of applause gret ted the clo-e of Mr. T'rp'ton'a -pce< h. anil atvend ninuteii elap-?e.l hcforo It aubatdrd. Mr. Br.Mitun *? i>"kf in i??ply to the following senti ment:? Hon. Ueovge 1 lw t'aii-iot. the ?hairrman,theundi fsii an<t iBunwIaniuklK Ui* presence amongst uainsepara ble .inka hi* lame with the <hrn*bcd memories of kin* a Mountain. Wo bid hint welcome. ok mt: no*. (iKoitni: Bancroft. The I'renidctit of the day aligns ine a few minute- to enp.e*? to voti m.r dnccre delight in being a wltne*" of tin* eioat panorama of Southern life and beauty and n-i trfotMm, and joining with this cnnntle?a multitude i< ?emhled In the mountain tv.reai under the shadow of ihe battle ground, and animated by the spirit of the heroes whoee ii-tne? Ihey are (rathe md to commemorate. ( rame among von not In a. In rear you, hut to share allently in the erenp to rereive instruction from the eloquent Hjia of yont distinguished orator; t?> enkindle my own lore r.ftsvtinlry hy tne Br? ? of yout euthnalaatn No-tnio mar celebrate the great events of the American resolu tion with jn?ter pride than South t'arnlina At the rery l? gltiuiDK t f ihe struggle, in Kt>6 South Carolina wna the Hr?t to adhere to a general I'nlnn. and to her It I- due that the .-oh nice then met In Congress. When in 1771 a tyrannical government endeavored 'iy the *low torture ot ?*tairation to rrurh Boston inta submission South Ckrolfna opened'her gi anaile? of rice and mlnlatere<l abundantly to it- relief, while tbn -ona of the Scottish Covenanter* in MeeVlenburg we>s> the first to sever the connections with BilU u and .nstitufr government for thcmaelVeu, th" immediate harbinger of the great reform roae with in the horde?? (,f -his State the vlctorv gained at the I'altretto Fort hy Moultrie, waa the bright and the nioming a tar which ??nt before the Declaration of American Independence Applause. > Wherever the gmp fire* ot the emlgiact light up the foreate of the Wear, wherever the history of our rountry la hone?Uy told whn ever the struggles of brave men in the rati*# of hnmardtT am respected, high honor will he rendered tof'ie trtoiopb at King" Mountain and at C .open*, and to tha* ss-1 vtetory at t'ufaw Spring- wliere the voice of eanltetlon I* ctificned b\ aorvow to- the leave who flsll. Kor the Vnrth to take an Int. *ewt In your eetehiation ia l.ii' an act of reciprocity Everywhere hi my long pil gt in...go to he present with you on this occasion. I found ??Videnre of theaffectlon with whl'h the *n |t|i rh?i..he! 'to oiemt i v of '-very aot.k action In la-he If of liberty ? I ot refwid t< place, Beautiful Virginia, land of j mor ntains and lowlands, ry.h in tie *oil, abounding ;n healing springs and the storehouse of a') kinds of mineral wealth, builds a Lexington in the very hear', of be most nwgul Icent valley. Noith Carolina, repeats the name in one ul' the loveliest regions tn the war In, an<l South Osro line, designates by it the great central district of her -tate. (kanhusiastie applause.) There is a stili stronger reason whys- th" North should give you Ha .sympathy en this oc. -.ion. -i sent you 110 aid In the nour of your g-oatest nee h It h; k blessed thing 10 give even a cap of coM water in a spirit: it was not ihm ?.os-ible to giv< even that. All honor must oe awarded to the South, since she was left to heriW alone in the hour of her utmost distress. (Applause.) The romance of the American revolution has its scene ft. the moit part la the South, and the Battle ot King's Mountain, el which we celebrate tho seventy-fifth auuiver-ary to-day, was the most romantic of all. The achievement was opportune. The American army for the uoirth was rooted and dispersed; Charleston was In the pn serofthe enemy; the government scattered; the paper currency nil but worthless; Gadsden,a prisoner doomed to the dungeon* cf fit. Augustine; .Sumter forced to retire beyond the date on the one side end Pickens on the other, tV-nwultis honing "to extinguish the rebel lion," by a system of imprisonment, confiscation ..nd hanging, the British Minister promising himself that before the winter "the whole country South of the De laware would be subjected.:' The geuioa of liberty never bows ber beat! in despair; but there was cause for anxiety the faultless partisan, the lion hearted Ma rion, stood alone in his impenetrable fortresses as the sentinel of Carolina. (Prolonged Applause.) hu?*h was the almost hopol.'SS distress of which the tid ings penetrated the hardy dwellers on the Watauga, the Nouichucky and the three forks of Holston. Allthedifli cutties which e-ond in their way could not make them hesi tate. (Beuewed applause.) They had distance to over cowm in collecting their forces; but swift runners hurried up the valleys; they had to cross the highest range of the Allegbanies, where there was not so much as a bridle path; they could drive no beeves, but must depend main ly on parcued corn lor their sustenance; meeting from remote districts, they had to organize themselves on the instant for action with unity. The movement commends itself atiU more to our admiration as a voluntary act of patriotism. It was planned by no Congress; it was or dered by no executive. All that is beet springs from the heart; and the expedition to King's Mountain sprung from the heart of the common people west of the AUe (.Enthusiastic applause.) They were cheered by no martial music, as your orator has truly observed ; 'Ley hud no gilded banners, no nodding plumes; they were Southern farmers in their every day dress, come to exercise, though in a most singular manner, their every day courage and love of country and viituc. (Ap plause.) Tlir dangers which they encountered were those from which tho bravest might shrink. Do you think 1 refer to the tact that they attacked an enemy superior in numbers, and still more In the munitions ot war, posted on yonder height, which you see Is preciptately steep and bristling with the slaty rock which crops out a'l along its sides and enmtnnsV No. These things uad for them no terror. But their departure they knew was the signal for British emissaries to excite hordes of ruthless savages to burn their homes and murder their wives and children. Every brteze from the West mights.em to bting to their errs the echo of the Inuiaic1 war whoop? the dying groan - of those they loved be.-;t. This was tho ieriible fear which they had to cast under foot. u* rejoice, then, 1 hat tho success of the mm engaged at King's Mountain was, as they expressed it, "complete ton w'?h." The firing wa-nisheavy a.-'could brcouoeiycil for the numbers engaged; the dislodging cf the ei.nmy from their advantageous situation was equal to driv ing men from strong breastworks, the vigor of vheir re sistance is proved by their holding out till every third man among fhetu was wounded or slain; ??n<l of all the British force which was to have f< rmcd the central point of British powr in the hack country, ;.nd which Ferguson had commended to Cornwall!* for its courage and ability, not more than twenty, perhaps not even c ne. of the survivors escaped captivity, To finish the picture of this battle, the conse quences of the victory must, be .-ailed to mind. It struck fear id to the tones, and checked the concerted system of house burning and domestic carnage which was tilling Carolina with the dcailiesl horrors Ot civil war; it was *'th* turning point" of victory, which cheered on Huin ter and Colonel Washington and Morgan to their suc cesses, and enabled Greene to collect an a my; it was the "fktal" Mow which utterly disconcerted 1I10 plans of Cornwallis. and forced him into that change of policy which had ite end at York town. The men of that .lay fought not tor Carolina, not for the South?they fought for America and for humanity, and the ultimate effects of their heroism cannot yet be measured. (Applause.) The States are bomul together by oommerce, and dove-tailed by canals and rivcre and railroads; but the recol lection of the glorious actions of our fathers speaks to the heart, and makes us feel more than all the rest that we are one people. (Tremendous the battle ground before us be left no longer us pri vate property. Let it be made the inheritance of the people?that is, of nil who are heirs to the benefits that were gained on the day which we commemorate. (Ap plause.) Let a monument rise upon its peak as a memo rial ol the heroism of our fathers?as an evidence of the piety of their sons. The deeds that were there performed bid us ever renew our love of country, l/'t the passion for freedom flow forth perennially like the fountains t hi gush in crystal purity from your hill sides?let the Union stand like your own mountains, which the geologist* tell us are the oldest and Urmest in the world. (Prolonged applause.) When the applause with which Mr. Bancroft's remarks were received, subsided. the following toasts were reac from the platform, and were loudly applauded The Battle of K tup's Mountain?The turning point of'lie Re voluiien. It proved to be the Thermopylm of American li berty. The heroes of King's Mountain, wtth Spartan Intrepidity, Roman hardihood and u patriolic valor, peculiarly Ameri.-sn, ilitv srapplf tl with the enemy here and ronqttered. A montt 1 elite i Id I intnt should perpetuate the memory of tlielr herolt- deeds. Virginia. Vorth and Hou'h Carolina -Firmly united tu tfcu days of 1H70? urav tltey ever be tound side by side, battling In dt icnee of their constitutional rights and liberties against a eomiroit toe. York?'Jbat portion of South Carolina whicn scorned British protection in lffO?mnyslie never shrink from that principle of magnanimous Independence. Colonels Campbell, Sevier, Cleveland, Shelby, and Major Il.imt rlglit and t'aptnln Lacy?History will ye* claim their achievement at King's Mountain as the subject of fta brightest ps; e. ( jlonel James Williams?<'arolina's noblest offering on the shrtne of Revolutionary patriotism?Lei bts memory be eter nally engraved ti|>on the hearts of his oouutrymen The Memory ot (leorge Washington?Change* and revolt! linos < an never cad a shade upon tt In America. Baron He Knlb?A nation treasures the memory of the phi lanthi opic stiunger, the willing martyr In the cause of human liberty. Mai ton, S imter, llayne, Pickens and Moultrie?May the r chivalry and love ol rmmtry be ever emulated by the sons nf the Palmetto State. John C. Calhoun? His name, his character nut! sen ices u v his trues! and highest eulogy. Tin- Prcidentol the Culled States?The faithful eie uttor s ! defender nf ibe Conctltutlon?He deserve" the grstltui' I 'lie Orator of the Day?'the gifted descendant of the gab. Cntnpbell?lbs eloquence to day warms our hearts with p tin ??tic lire, ns did the thu ndering times of his ancestor Inopi 11 s foltowars sryi 11 v ut< yen rs ago on this spot. Woman?The last, greslcc vnd dearest gift of Ood to n n The following volunteer toast was offered by Jon 1. Miiiih, l>q. The Washington Ligh In'niury?The worthy represeniatn s of a glorious name. The Hug of Col. Waal ngton, thatwavil In uTiinr ph at Kutaw and Cow-pens, has been committed ?* a -acred trust lo iheirlteoping; and we can have little fears dial in *"?- - ? t iBs Tig- ? " ? the discharge of this high duty they will fhll to preserve t\ memories 01 thoso great deeds, and should the crista come that the;, will tail to emulate them. This Hag was shown to the people, among whom it crested the Wat most enthusiasm. San jit W. Mplton exhibited to the crowd * tevulu lionet J relict of peculiar value. It was a rille which had . been used in the battle of King's Mountain by unu of thu latitats, named White, and though evidently tnucb use was in n state of excellent preseiwntlon. Mr. Melto while exhibiting it, made a few explanatory remark ile *aiii:?fellow citizens, 1 hold in my hand one ol ti ? .ides which with the aim and steady nerve of the h? backwoodsman, dealt death and destruction to the 1 ? tpon the lieightsjuf King's Mountain. It was, he C" tinned, borne b.v Wiliiam White, a native ot Chester J ? i ict, who served on the day of battle in Captain low. company, attached to Col. Williams' command. In ;! ? care of Captain Mill-, of the Calhoun ltuards, OhesL , district sends thi* most welcome contribution to the fes tivities of the occasion. These ienmrks were tereiveil with throe cheer "for the old ritie." that woke the echoes of the count y tor miles sroi nil Mr. Melton next exhibited a -wordwhicb was use by Colcne! Campbell at the battle of King's Mountain, and which is at present in possession of bis grandson, Mr. Preston. This sword is over two hundred years aid. and was u-od by 'he ancestors of Colonel Campbell, In ot Isnd, in the wnrs nf the "id and young Pretenders. It is undoubtedly en" of the most valuable relics that remain of our Revolution. A rifle which was used at rhe battle, and which belongs to Mr. Wm White, was also shown. Mr. Wm. C. Pmpto.v. the brother of the orator was ??ailed out. and in response to th* call came to the iront of the platform. Ile spoke a vety ft w words, but the manner in which they were delivered awoke 'he deepest leclirgs of his audience. I cannot, -aid he, do justice to my sentiments on this occasion My excuse must Is- this crutch and those gr.n hairs: but my heart "?and. as he placed his band on tlis heart his emotion became so great 'hat he could not utter soother word. The va?t sudienee were deeply moved, and mony could not ro*tiain theh tear*. At lb" close of Ihe speaking ft being now about '?"> o'clock the people dispersed from about the stand, and assembled round th" tables or in their tents, where tbev finished the prmceding* of the day with dtane,. This closed the celebration an i although 'puny re mained on the ground till the following lay, yet the g'entet proportion were on their way home *b:it night. As a celebration, it was one of the

mo-t siicie-sful that has pyei taken p!a"e in this country, either North or couth and was charec terired throughout with the most iwrfeet order and <leco rum. IVe trust that this i? not the last celebration of the kind, an t ho|ie that the -outh rvill remember that ? he has other great victories to commemorate as well as the bottle of King's Mountain We cannot pay too much respect and honor to tb's-e lo whose bravery and -*tf sacrificing patriotism we owe all the freedom we this day possess. It was no selfish motive that actuated them in their armed opposition to the tyranny of Kng Innd?they de-ired to free their land from the vcke of the tyrant, and to leave liberty as the brightest and ire-t inhetilnnre ?o their children They fought for the land their souls adored? Their one Tlrair onlv spell word. [Jbrrtv Ilonor then, to the brave who fought a' the battle of King's Mountain: and may their descendants always he among the foremost to put down and discount eon nee all at'empts against the integrity of the land for who-e inde pendence their lathers had pledged "their iivv*, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. We regret to state that the general ny icing rvs- some what marred by an accident of a serious nature Whila engaged in loading * eunnon Mr. A ff. flitton .? member of the Columbia Hying Artillery had his arm shattered in s dreadful manner by the premature explosion of the piece it was found necessary to amputate it below 'he elbow, hut it was feared that the opciation would termi nate fatally. tin be return of a portion of Ibf company from Yo-k Till* to Columbia, and white the train was abont ten miles from the latter city, the engine and tender ran off the track and were extensively damaged. The rails had been torn up by some workmen who were repairing the track, and aa the signal wax not given in lime, the engi neer waa unable to reverse the engine in time to prevent it from going off. Fortunately, no person ?M injured, but the passengers held a meeting and paused a ones of resolutions censoring the superintendent and engineer tor recklessness and neglect. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL# IOIBT MARKET. WnvHitu, Oct 10?0 P. M. There wan an active stock market this morning, but by no means a buoyant one. The news from Europe hy the Canada, at Halifax, was considered unfavorable, and the effect was depressing. The decline in prices was general, and in some instances to a considerable extent. Missouri 6's fell off 1)4 per cent; Virginia 6's, %; Cum berland Cool Co., X\ Erie R. R., .%; Michigan Central, .%'; Illinois Central R. R., %\ Galena and Chicago, 1; Cleve land and Toledo, \ \ Chicago and Rock laland, 1. There was a very active demand for Nicaragua Transit, and some new bnyera entered the market. Cumberland Coal tm fallen hack to the starting point. The inflation was short lived, and those satisfied with a small profit secured it. Erie was active but heavy. Largo sales were made between the hoards hy partlea known to be large hold ers. There is an Immense amount of this stock in the hands of speculators. Reading was the only stock which sustained itself. Two or three small lots of Galena and Chicago were sold thiH morning at prices ranging from 122% to 123 per cent. Thero is very little of this stock in the market, and we doubt if an advance of five per cent would bring out much. Illinois Central Bonds sold freely to-day at yesterday's prices. State stocks were again active. Sales to some extent of Missouri fl's were made at the decline, but before the close prices improved. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay 40 shares Aster Fire Insurance Company 82 50 do. Chatham Bank 83 15 do. Grocers'Sugar Refining Company 45% 10 do. North River Fire Insurance Company 13834 20 do. New Amsterdam f ire Insurance Company 92 46 do. St. Nit-hulas Fire Insurance Company 54 Albc-t H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow, (Thursday,) at 12% o'clock, at tho Merchants' Exchange. A great variety of insurance stocks will be offered. At the second board there was no change in prices, and the market was comparatively quiet. Ut.&ouri advanced 1 per rent; Nicaragua Transit The steani^hip America, from Boston for Liverpool to <lay, carried out 8411,000 in specie. The closing quota tions for exchange to-day wero, on London 8 a 8% per cent premium; ?n l'aris 5i. 20 a 5f. 10,l4- The supply of hills is rapidly increasing. The steamship North Staf, from this port for Southampton and Havre on .Saturday, the 13th Inst., will take little or no specie. The Northern I.ight is nearly due, with California advices fifteen days later, and about a million of dollars in gold. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? I'aid on teasury account.. $105,300 011 Received do. 120,598 25 Balance do. 7,119,002 82, l'aid for Assay office 301,360 41 I'aid on disbursing checks 130,819 94 The warrants entered at tho Treasury Department. Washington, on the 8th inst., were as follows:? l'or the redemption of stocks 82,105 94 For the Treasury Department 7,504 00 For the customs 17,350 72 War warrants received and entered 111,547 00 War repay warrants received and entered 8,327 97 For the Interior Department 4,120 00 From miscellaneous sources 1,793 00 ttn account of the navy 7,817 00 The receipts of the Milwaukic and Mississippi P-ailroad Company, for September, are $817,000 00 j Receipts for September, 1864 00,153 04 Increase, about 43 per cent 825,846 36 Total receipts up to and including Sept., 18'i5.$443L4|A 02 ' Total receipts for the same period last year.. 303^^m80 Increase ..$130,904 82 Estimated receipts for this year are $>150,000 00 lost year's receipts were 466,051 19 The company has purchased and paid for 2,000 tons of iron, which has gone forward to Mllwankie; 200 tons more has been ordered and is expected in port daily. These two parcels are intended to lay about twwnty-six miles of additional road west ot' Madison, which is under contract and will be finished in running order thi i fall. The earnings of the Rome and Watertowo Railroad for September, were:? 1854. 1855. Passengers. .810,269 28 418.175 12 Freight 25.643 79 76,513 20 Mails, Ac 888 70 1,253 8-i Total 842,801 77 846,944 15 Increase 83.142 38 The Commissioners of the Canal Fund of the State liare advertised for proposals for one and a quar'er million dollars of six per cent stock, the interest payable q r terly and the principal rc-imburnable November 1, 1873. Bids will lie received for the whole or any part of the loan not less than $6,000. The proposals will be received at the Canal Department, Albany, and opened on the 24th inst. at noon. The steamship Canada from Liverpool, brings seven days' later intelligence from Europe. Our advice* are by telegraph from Halifax, and therefore brief. The most important item of news Is the advance in the rate of in terest by the Bank of England. This is a significant movement, and is full ol meaning. It points to a con traction in the money market, which is likely before the apse of many months, to lead to the most serious conse quences. The decline in Consols shows the first efiect of the measure. Our despatches say nothing about th? movements in bullion, but the probability is that the bank lias lost largely aga.n. ami tears a continued drain. The decline in cotton is another unfavorable feature. Breadstufts are without change. Quotations for Ameri can strn ka merely nominal; no sales. At the recent election ol directors of the New York an 1 Fr'e Railroad Company Richard Leathers, D. f). Gregc: John Steward. Jr., and E. J. Brown ware elected to fill vacancies caused hy the resignation of shepherd Knap", C. M. leu pp. Nebon Robinson and Geo. F. Talman. We learn that the construction of the Lackawnna I Bloomsburg Radioed, a branch or continuation of ? i Delaware, lackawana and Western, extending from .Siranlon. 1'a., southwesterly through the great a nth i.i cite coal region to Bloomsburg. (about 60 miles) is going on rapidly, the entire grading, masonry and bridging being already more than half finished. The rails have been contracted for, and are now being made at yie Seranton iron works. The dirertors expect to have the northern division, from Seranton to Nanticoks dam. ready f?r superstructure by the first or January next. The president (Hon. Wm. C. Reynold* of Kingston, Fa.,) and board of directors, arc said to be among the best and roost substantial men in that section of the country, and the prospects of the company aie represented as lieiuv very favorable. The road will be ready for business soon after the opening of the eastern division of the Delaware, 1 arkawan. at d Western Railroad, and will afford an out let direct to tUI? city frw the red ash coal of Plymouth, as well as the white ash coals so abundant In th- Wyoming and lacknwan* valleys.^ 8toek Kxclmngr. WxtiMjmvT '?ct. 10, 1866. $8000 \ irginiaf>'?. 96)4 708,Erle RR e 56', lOOtHi Missouri6 s.blO 87)4 6?? *3 55% 26(100 do .... bin 87 10U do 55% 2000 do. t>3 87 % 200 To sim 55 KiOnO do *3 87 Si 50 do *90 56 1000 do 87 % 160 do *30 5514 10000 bl5 88 400 do *10 56% 1(100 lnd state 6'a .c 80 V 10" do 630 "5), 5000 do. C 50% 100 do 516 ? % 5000 Erie bd. 75... 87% 3410 :>>% 100U Hu K 3d ml biis "31* 200 to bl"> 65% 5000 111 C RR bda.bflO 80 50 do boO 5 ?% 6000 do -30 79', 300 do boo .*'.% IOO10 iki -3 79% 100 Harlem RR.. .660 25 5000 d<> *00 7? % ?<? .Is. 7'e 2ti00 do bS 79% 200 do 2.34 |t;s 0 do 79\ 11 llai lero preferred ,V. 2600m do 130 ?o 200 Reading RR st>0 i< % 1U000 do IkW 80)4 '-0" do ......*30 ('.% 5(00 do -30 79,V 50 do IsiO 95% COOO 111 Fr b-w p.l>3 801, 6O0 do 94% 2t>00 N Y Cen 0'-...e 90 700 do c 94% ;0O do 7'- 102 V 100 In -bt) 94% 200 slia Del* Hta.*3 126 100 -to b3 1 % ;0 Ocean Bank 85 120 Hudson F.iv RR *3 37% 45 torn Fx Bank *-. 102 160 do ?50 37% i.OO (iard Gold Mine.. .V 100 do boo 37)4 TOO Nic Trana Co..*3 19 2! do 37 % J50 do IP 60 Midi ( en RR.-10 97 jdO do *3 18J? 190 do..,...b30 98 14( 0 do bOO 19 13 do 97 % ??0 do 191* 100 M8AN I RR..t>30 100 :,0 do "39 19 50 I'anama RR 1(W)4 50 Penn foal Co.bOO 101%' lf>0 111 Central UK... 93% 100 Cn rob Coal Co.... 2'v, 50 do 9t% 600 li sf-0 26)4 50 Gal kiltie Kit h3 123 7(0 do r60 26% 12 ,|n 122)4 100 do *3 t4 do e 122% 100 tin "60 26% 10 Oev A Toledo RR 82 aro do 26% 50 do 81% /dpi do blO 27 300 ?'*) 81% 700 do 26% I no do a? 81% ftoo do MO 20% 100 do 81% 300 do c 20% lOChle* HI RR. . 95% inn do sOO 20% '>0 do !?.'? 100 de,,,|,.sl5 20;, Jit do...,..,, 96% '"Hw* 3wSUmSR...M MV lOOOMtoeourt V.. . 88 76<*lAft?iRR... 122* 6?00 ffrie bend* of '76 87 360 ,4'? Si ? ?-:= ?& ICO she (lanton Co.rrtO 26 l joo ,ln 5?? "5'* ICO do .. . Tr,> 7,2; "? s4? oSV 100 Nic Trans Co.bbO 70^ 100 <"$ 30 Fenn Goal Oo.... 301 180 cu. at, i* ** 25'? ICO 4 um Goal Co.... 2yv loo " . 55 Illinois On fiii . 93 300 llo !,ttd ?|V i'CO Reading RR...b3 B4\ 300 do. ,\\".'s\;o 81 * ?BW YORK CATTLE JKARKJE V. Weumbmuv, Oct. 10, 1866. There ?w a geod deal ct activity ?the opening of the market for beef cattle to-day at A tier ton's, which con tinued, with little or no abatement, antU about n?on when there wm lens disposition to buy at the extreme ' ratee asked in the morning. Thin slackening of the de mand occasioned quite a reverse feeling on the part of holder*, who became somewhat alarmed, and oonoluded to make a slight reduction rather than keep their stock over. The number offered this morning was not so large " was anticipated, there being only 1,814 in the market. I home ^00 were disposed of during the week, making the total sales since last market day 2,242?about twice the I number sold last week. Prices have ruled very steady throughout, about lOtfc. per lb. being the average quo tation. There were very few really tine cattle in the yards, and we heard of no "ales higher than 11 rye. Oulv a few sold so high as that. Ohio was the largest State represented, there being someth-'ng over 500 pa-sable !C^i'1fu g h0.?e<1. f**ra &om t^at State. 300 were from Illinois, while thU State comes in for about an equal There were 15 cows and calves brought down by fo quality" r* *!' whicb "cld at $30 a f'-'O, according _ . Price*. Beef cattle, extra quality, ,*i lOOlbs .. 711 00 a 811 60 Bo. good quality 10 00 a 10 50 Ito. common. 8i0a 9M 1)0. inferior ft AO n. i tin Cows and ealvee. extra 60 00 a ?0 00 I*. good 35 00 a 45 00 Vaals C0Buncn 20 00 a 30 00 j? ?* Sheep and lambs " 2 50 ? 6 00 > WlD6t ?????eeeeeseeeeeeeaeeeeusseese 0 ft, *J The following table shows irom what part of the coun try and by what con.eyances the supplies came:? ft-W. Other Stock. ^2 Harlem itR-Cows and Ohio ? e? , &2ti C'lllV&U 15 Kentucky. u?6 Harlem RR-Veal oal's 200 *ew Ycrk 328 Do. -gheen A Hudson River Railroad, 354 lambs 2 071 Hudson Itlver boats... 400 Harlem RR?Swine " ' 24 Erie Railroad. <<29 Hudson RR-dwine... 1.132 Harlem Railroad 606 HndsooR. b's?Hwine 4<K> Although there were 104 more beef cattle this week than last at Brown jig's, prices were kept up. and the demand was good for good cattle, which easily brought from 80. to 10c.; and extras soM very readily for 710 50 , 7 ,' .WM a *ery hvely market throughout the day, 744 cattle were disponed of, wiucbi were mostly from Ohio and this State, there was littlo demand for cows and calves, and then- were only a few in market, which were held a shade lower than those ofla-tweek There was groat inquiry for veal ca.ves, of which the:-3 were only a very limited supply at 5,','c. to ic. fcheep and Jambs?The marget was but very poorly supplied witli sheep and Iambs, which were -ol,f through the weok m last as they corrived at prices to su.t the drovers. There ?r?rr' ,&s with m"'- wwk,? receipts, of about 2^00 head. There was an arrival of 1,C?00 hoad at -iT-T1u"\ tb-J *hich were all pretty fair: aud u-v al materially to supply the demand, fho lollowlxi# is 4 infmorai?<1uiii of *<aleh by Jam en Mc (*rty, at BrovmngV:? # 138 sheep A lambs. 7410 25 29 sheep A limbs,7145 00 ft? d? 82 175 do 636 40 H 5? 5? 8? do 569 00 ! do 24.T 00 * i" 3d do:::::::; d0 -?2 -5 20 do 00 no *}? 00 31 no 139 50 do.,. t'O*. 'J5 0 do '2R id M do 216 00 " 7? d? 290 50 1,672 $y aoo sn Average per head .. .43 48U rhomas (,. lArkies, at Browning's soid, for the week The ng?o snbfr?i0'sn'V'Ut 700 ^'""P an'' ^rab" at?for cattle', at 78 a ^10 ' '* 26 R W 76; a",? 21 h*ad Mct.raw A .Smith, at Browning's, sold during the week ending October 10 918 sheep and lambs at. 83,210 56 average per head $3 50. Also. 131 head cattle at SS a' J2?T<l? A.1 ?'<! during the week ending October 10, .,04- sheep and iambs, and 110 cattle. ? uiVW *5io?; ? 50 to 7J 50; beeves, ?? oO to $10 50. ' ' ..Tnfr* J148, b0,,n ? continued good demand for all stocks at Chamberlain s for the past week, and full prices have been realized for all stock. There were 561 beef cattle held at prices ranging from 78 'o 811 j>er 100 lbs.; 7 284 ^rP,A.n<i *2 M 8 ,tt- 88 ''ows and calves, 820 46 a 860; 104 veal calves, (hve weight,) ac. a like. The market was rather dull at O'Brien's, and the cat M W?oe?^"!;(ly vf*y I'"""-, n " were?512 beeves, ill.., r, ^ eo"' ac,t ca,r"*: *30 a $56 40 veals, (live weijrnt.) a tc. 7 w^prrvumnv. Co??? and Vtal Shrep and .... . fl*2* Oal?>h. fatrw. lamb*. Alforton-s 2,242 15 2?0 2 011 Brownmws. 544 19 64 4,626 ? ruimberlain'g.. 5dl '<8 104 7 284 "'Brim's 512 4 4.1 ' _ Toul lo6 488 13,881 CITY TRADE REPORT. W b>.v?4ut, October 10?d R. M. Ashix-The sales were light, including |>ota, at Sh e.: P'-nrls. 6?,w. a 6 Vc. BRiAUrruns.?Klour?The market whs again active and nrmer, and common aud medium grades advanced from l-/,c. to 25c. per bbl. The agg'gate sales on the spot and lor future delivery, amounted to 20,000 a 25,000 bbls.. Including common to extra State, at 78 75 a $3 Western mixed, Uncy and extra, at ?8 02). a $9 12),. Among the transactions for future delivery were about 7 000 a 8'?T2 bpl" oomiuop v!?te. part deUverahle in November, 2i I- ' 4,n*,linn "id to a rno?leiato extent at 88 62 a 79 8, the latter I,gore for extra b and-. Southern strain better, with AaiaM v( about JO.ouo bbla. at $8 75 a A ST4>,comri!i" tc? *"* and ch#,ice bittndu; and at 79 7 a $10 37 tor fancy and extra branda. Wheat was again active, and the sales appa-entlv were enly lestricted by the amount offering, the traus actiona, including pa e' to arri.e, em braced abont RO.tiOO a 100,000 bu bcls. Prime'o extra white was scarce, and sale, made at an advance. In eluded in the transactions were good white Unadlan, at T-i^'A" . " c?rff0 -'|6W> do., handsome do., at $2 ?*' X; "ur to prim* Southern white at $2 12 a $2 25 ami ml do., at $1 98 a 72 08. with considerable lots of upper ? al 41 ?-.?"/ inferior, ur, to $] 88 for common West crn risl, and inferior Ohio white ?t 72 10. Corn?The receipts w? re light, and the demand being good, the market advanced about lc. Arier bushel. The sale rearhed 12,000 :: bnshris W e-tern mlxe<|t at !?2c a 97.ic. bye was quite limt, and the sales, including some parcels to arrive, embraced a?>out 20 0UO bushels, m !. a ,ip lo 7i'c-- ^th wwje lots quoted at ft much higher (Igu re. "ate-cles of Western and <tate w-re made at 44.- a 4fr\ Cow*.?Ihe sale embraced about 1,000 bags of Rio In tots, ftl ?bo lit lie. a 11 and 200 bags of 3artie,lbo ' ?t lO^c. i He. Within a 5 w days two cargoes of St. IH'iniiigo have b>en sold, ni t previously reporteil. vis: that of the tiara Windsor ano the Julia K. Arey, the latter yesterday, amounting in the aggregate to "about 6,000 bags, at 9 ';c. Comix?Prices were unsealed, and s?l?* re trie ted to about 600 bale*. I'KXjo.HTs.?Kates were less active, owing to the further advance in breadHtutfs, and from a disposition of shfpp-ws to await the receipt ot private letters per t'anada. To l.iverpool?Abont 800 bates of cotton were engaged at 516d. a ?id. Is. wa- asked lor Hour; and 12,0t*> a 15 U00 bushels of grain were reported at p. t. "heese was at 45s, To london?>hip o? ners demanded full rates but no engagement* of moment transpired. To Havre?Mo deiate engagements ?f Hour were made at $1.1 cotton at lc.. and grain at 25c. per bushel. To German porta en gagement* w. re firm but light. To California, from 40c. a 45c. per loot measurement was demanded. Hsv ?Small sale- were made at 70e. I r an.?About 50 tons Kngliah were sold at 6\c. l?nAVA1 ?1 f.??? bbls. rosin were made at tine'at'+tc d,,|'T*red, and 100 bbls. spirits turpen 1 ?Pork-TBe market ws- firmer, with more doing, the sales on th' spot amounted to about 600 a 8o0 bbla. new mess, al 882 26. and 1.000 bbls weie s..l<L de liverable in ail the month of November, seller's option flvejaya' natko, at$21 50. prime .asm moderatefo! mand, at 7^1 25. Heel sold to the extent of 190 a 200 bbla., without change in prices. Urd, owing to the cha racier o| the foreign news, was inor* firmly held with sales of about 160 a 2C0 W*., at 11 \V. a 12c Ohio butter ranged from 14c. a lfc-., and 19c. a 23r. for Ptate. heese was without alteration and ranged from 9c. a 10c. hat was .t lief, with small aaleaai oc. a 5t,r si I,*a.?The -ale- of Cuba were confined to -mail job lung lot- of totne 100 a 150 hbd?., at ?'tc. |U(. stronger ela--of holders stood ont tor better prices nhd" 1 ?n<l jobbers buying sparing- 1 ly, caused the market to remain inactive and without a I dispneitlon to pre., sales. A cargo of 159 hhd?. I'orto 1 |e> 1* i^"" " Cana<la of fair quality atB'jc. J ... f/'? T.wn.c'"'g0'? "f Tarks T-!and bare been tecentlv sold, in all Hlout 10.000 bushels, at p t.: but supposed I to l?e slightly under previous rates. I VtiusKKvo?#? some easier, but more active. Hie sales 1^'do't n??\100?]lbh, (!Un ??JP'i?nn.4t Hc? end I 1 000 do I lido, for future delivery, .it ,huut lie. four : month*, iDt?r6ftt a<lde'l. ADTERTISElEFrfll RKHEWKI EVERY DAY COAL. <SJC, -COAL.?I AM flSLUNG PRIMK QCAI.tTY RKI> i*r) 1 K?h rMM mikI rgg or pitonikl ai *6 lt> par ton of Z.WMi lh~. arm tu-d from yard. Alao |iiirtMl|klMl| of a)1 ?f/r>. of JMA vr ion, and 1 will lorfrlt Uir roof IT ilh \m in til in abort. ? JM t'anal atrral, n?*r Ywi ick. *? M BOLLOCK. (<OAL. ?# ?? FfcOCR, $10,?FEOPI.ri iOaI. AM? J Flour Ofkoo, No H I'loudwa} ?Am now nolllni; ftr-t quality ird orwhiln po?l, at^l Cupertino ami oitm lour Itf rim: la louor barrel, at wbol. ?alapri-'e delivered 111 Mow Yorlc. Brooklyn, willlfBobuff,* Jlrcey OHy. Thl- offi-e la ?Mab Itched to put down the Mkhftteua of oal-vod flour, fVmi by thr 'aiio No monopoly CtOAle?VRRY IWT gl AI.ITY OF RBI) ASH, (TfOTK > or off ei/r i-oal, "'v-ened and dencem! dry a id In food ruder from nnd'r aheda, at$!t V) per no. end white achat $9 24, i: cm yard laRSautk aireui. Wetfh' an<l quality war ranted U AT. t LINTON CAOAl.-RH> AM> WHITE tSH KM: AMI SrOYR _J euai. aOrtWI ad anil deliverer tn rical . rilar a 1 e lowed ?artatpnrdlnreull ' o rr. yarda Iff Kllaabetli air-net and tl $taj?iw>tiiFft)ocmkowtrj, by L. 4, i.yniAR. ww runacATioin, BULWER'S NEW BOOK. CALDHRON-THB U4 HTRTTHB; BY HIE fe. L. BIJI.WRR. ' Price l*?Ja cots a copy, IS publUhed this day, and tor sale by all bookseller!, and news agcatg lu New York tnd elsewhere. Published a' T B. PETERSON'*, No. 102 Chestnut sheet, Philadelphia. theide out. J. On Nink Yeans iff thb New Yon* Cpstom Hocsr Look ovt for (be eotnnvueenient i f thta startling work, by John Smith. Jr , of Arka-ii- lit t^e n-tt issue of the NEW YOKK HL'NBIY MERCURY. Price three '-emu. Moil subscribers $1 pgr arn'tm, la advance. Oflke 22 Hpruce street JUST PUH1,:SHED?SPECIMEN COPIES GRATIS TO it aslc tea-hers .indsoralnarles-The 'Golden Drop Hchot tlsch," 35c.; the "Rlvcrdalc Sc lambsh," 23a.: "fc'para my heart from art,wins old!" 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HORATIO SEYMOUR THE CHAIR men of the ditlerenl demoera'lu ward oomntt'tea*-tan r** C"tvc their st | piy ol this pamphlet on Saturday, Oct. 13. hy obtaining an order loom the Printing Committee of the Demo cratic! Republican Oenoral Committee at Tan-mar.y llall Democratic clubs and associations in and out of the city can be .upplied wi b copies at lb" following prices:?100 copies #2 800 do., $4 80; 500 do., $6; 1,000 do .110. Apply to CfAKlhcit C. CHILPf, 102 Nan au street, corner or Ann, room 3. THE DESERTED WIFE. BY* JIBS SOCTHWORTH; 2 vols., naper cover; price II, or one volume clcth, ft 26. THE MIS-GNU BRIDE: by Mrs. Bouthworth; 2 vols., paper cover; price f 1. or In cloth for f 1 25. KATk AYLESFORD; by Charles I, Pet arson; 2*01 A, paper; price >1, or in one yottmie oloth lor (I 2.5. 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Barnard will deliy i I tor on the present acuili tion i f the order, nnd the duty nd nhltBaibin <f nu mbers tin Bar ft pro* nit ind at Iner the iveture, bueto, sol .i s est and importsoce Oonnected with the prosperity ol Odd F?t lowsL.p, will t > laid before the hi ethers for acUm. AUbu ther-In good standing hi the order em invited to be proven'. By order <?' the convention on 'he good or the order. <>. W. BTIfaWKLL, Sec. ITALIAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?THE ANNCAf. meeting of the mt mbers of ttie Italian Benevolent Society for the clei ion nf lu oilf-nrs h ?? the en.uinp year, will tad a place on Frhtrv, October 13 :.t 7 P.M.. at 29b Broadway. attendance 1* earner Tv re j nested. ? Has. ferkero, Socretn'y. MAflONlC.-IHK MEM BE I, K OF 8T. JOHN'S LODOiv. No 1, Old Ciiuatltuiion) v. ll hold a regular meeting ?' their Lodge room. No. btrf Broauway. thle fburwlay eventnu. at7 O CUOGI Pnnetnal atti dsn,a' ic. r<"i><. sted as ncut ness ut tuportanoe. uielndlug work In tho three decrees, wnl *om9 be tore the mwlnp. STEVEN ROGERS, Hauler. Pkti.h M. SB>,tr. Secretary . VTOBTH-WESTERN SE1TI.EVENT COMPkNY.-A 8PF. i\ cial ineeflng will be held uu Thursday evening, Oct. II, at Convention Hall, So. 17# Wooster street, between Blcccker am) Houston streets. This combination offers peculiar advan tat es i i per tuns seeking bom ? the Went. It combines lie greatest eheapucse and the most t>eneet security, with ail tb? advantageeot aste>:iated number-. Ail who wi'h to own a farm m iona. Wisconsin or Mimiero'a. shouldatlcud tlusin-c ing, and aiusty themselves uf the hcuettis to be secured throngn the agency ot this organinitioii. 1AMED MACKEAN, Preiident. Tnoe. Ent.KiiLS.v, Secretary. NTCARAODA TRANNIT COMPANV.?THE MAN At. EUR nt this company desire to exhibit a statement of Its affairs, and to make explanations reraidlng their transit route over the isthmus, to 'be stockholders, and for those purposes, re quest theni to meet at die Company's office, No. 5 licwilm.' Green, on Monday, the 15'b of October Inst., at 1 o'clock P, M. New York. 'Jet. 10,1*86. NEW YORK VAOBT CLUB?THE FOURTH GENERA!, meeting In- this year, will be held ai the Clab Douse, Ely tu.n Fields, on Thunnlay, the lltb insu. at 4 P.M. Dinner at 4)a o'clock. Lists close st No. 1 Pin' strttet, on Tuesday even ing tbelkh inst. N. hldftyptiOOD. Rec. secretary. XTOTICE TO CAPMAKER.s -I'BOrOttALS WILL BE J.V received at the Mayor's ofif - c City llall, un'J! the IBth dav of October, in-t., for ;he supply ot live hundred blue cloth kip*, for the use of the Police. Department; tho cape to be made in sit respects like the 'ample at the office oi the Chief of Police, and to be lurid bed In su b quantities and at such tlmesasthe Chiel of Police may repntre. Any cap tarnished t.f Inferior material or workmanship Will l,e peremptorily rejected. rtcRR'axiDo wrinD M>r?. Till. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE KTOtKHOLDERS oi the New Y'ork Sieem Fei'c Brick Works, will take piece on the lhth ins'., at thtir olffce, !'qo| of Forty seventh street, Noith river. a. BANCKER, Se?tretarr. RKWAHD8. K (WWt K.LW.NKI).?ON THE 17TH OF HKPTEM WlWiUUv Mr MM two boxea were <>;ivered at the office cube American Kxpreaa Company, In Dubuque, Iowa, tj a oarm. *n ftvim ihe United Ftaiea Land Office. Saul holes <n thfur ?mu! at the Sub Treasury In New fork, were found to contain buck shot of he size oflfO to the pound, and pressed rails of 'hest/e of 109 to the pound, to the amount of 174 pounds In weigh', Jti pounds of ahec lead No.4. The boles were made of white pine, one inch thick, dovetailed at the corners about lfi\ in lies long, 8*^ Inches wnce, and 4R nehrsdeep, inside mcasureim!. The bot'om of one of the boxes win of hemlo-'l: They were s'rapped on " around the middle with oneIneh hoop Iran. It Is claimed b) fee Assistast Treasurer at Dnhtn.ue. 'hat the boxes each eootalned (told coin to the ?mount uftlVOOU. They were marked with cards aldreseetl to the " assistant Treasurer United pttntes, New York," which cards are at'.m tied bv the Deputy Assistant Treasurer 'o be genuine. Now, therefore, for the purpose ol discover,ng how thts'raud was committed, and bringing to Jtis'ice the perpe Uators thereof, the kn ertean Express Company will pay 'or'tie recorery of the mom y, or In that propornon 'or any | a r' i fit- ind PS,000 for the arrest .'tod conviction of tie offenders, and they will psy Uberallv for infb.tnatlon re lative Mi the i,iak't!g or-i.tid boxes, the furnishing t f su,h le* I hails ?b< ir. A - , Ac All cornruunlcaUoua ahead he ad ilrueMsl to thef ibst elbers. WI LLS, Rt'TTERrrULD A CO., New York, LIVINGSTON, FA BOO A CO. Bi.tfMo, I'. cprietors of the Amc lean Express i on iany Buffttl?, Oct. S, IdftA BEWATUI.-HTOLKK KROM THR IIOCKK or tPtHenry Tail, at Stanford, Dutchess county, New York, on the 12th ol Auuust, ltifki, a gold detached lever watch, marked Joseph Johnson, Liverpool, No. 4,r?itl, iiau> a lin? gold chain. cornelian key ana gold hook. H. vail, maker, on the back; also one lady's breaatpin en.! bracelet. Any informu> Uon ot he above property will be thankfully rec-ived at 47 Nassau street, with Mr. Barnard, orto fler.ry Veil, of Man ford, a* above. The shove rewurd will be given lor did pro perty sm' Ueieeilon ot thief. KK?ARO.-STOLEN, OR TAKEN BY MlhTAKE. <Ts?e? -om schooner Danrule wMIedls barging at pier it N. R , elgl.' barrels Hour, branded ' .Tames, of Reanoke, Rich Ba nd, superfine, ' whluh was recaipted tor by a carman, Ulgn ink his name Thompson. Whoever wttlglre infer mat ion uu*t Will lead n ihe discovery ol the liu-f, or the recovery of thv I altotw reward. CHAS H. riKKSQN, 61 South street. dfin RKW ABP,?STRAYED OK ROLEN FROM TOR ?V-L" " urem -e? ol Anthony Bee's a hav horse, oil ^Ide hind foot white up to the fetlock warn- aumnd his under lip. rather hollow cn be I*, k, and slun inudr The above reward will ffi paid on returning the same or for sny Information where h?: may he found, by Anthony Heeie, drouxvtlle, or at >9 Nlnllr avenue, N. x. $r REWARD.?LOOT?OK TkL-llAY AETrRNOON, Iff ? / Fromlway, between Canai -treet and Wavertey e.ace it gold bracelet. The Under, on retuhu ug the snrae to CTiaa. E. Merle. 66 Chambers street, will receive the above reward. stir, will re rive be ahoiw reward. HOUSES, ROOMS, <SUC.f WANTED. A -MILL DWELLING HOUSE WANTED?IN THK Eighth, NliI'll or Fifteenth w ,-d, with modem improve ments. Mar a -isgr route or rai.road. in a good neighborhood, and at u nuclei ate rent. Addi -s Dwelling douse, staling lo cation and tenr'. Tribune off,, e IJLECTRO GALVANIC FLUID flATTKRY WANTED. 'J Any one having a email -red apparsus, lo complete working order, thai will he v? d cheap may hear of a pur chaser by aildre sing II. C B.. Her Ud office. rttttng partiCU Mrs, pri'-e, Ac. Tj| PART OK A MOUSE WANTI T) -ONE ll ALU OF A TW(s or 'hr?" story honse waned a * respreable neighbor hood, by a family without chlldr' i. Plasm address Baxter. Herald office dating lernia, loc i to, convenience, Ad. I-ower part of the ehv ore.terrvd. 1)ARI OF A HOC8K WAN - I>?IN A R'UFRCTABLR neighbi fhoral. lor a Frentu ?mi y of three grown per sons. Keteri iwe* eri hanged R.-nt not to oetNlfer bun dred d'Clats a Jnar. Addri-t care ofV, Ileatimont. 7< Brsuls way. PART OF A HOUSE W t vTED-IN THE l-OWEIt part of the city?say below i isomers street; must belli complete order, have ail the tnidr.-n improvements and fur nished eruniortabty. No "bouse agsnta" need apply. Addrnsa X . Herald office. TO FR1NTKRK.?WANTED N GOOD g?UONP HANI* efbnde press that will peini ? -o**' MxffO, at 12 Fbt au-eer. For sale, a W ashtnamn hand | ;e-s in good order, cheap for caeh. Apply as above -rr-ANTED-A MODFT1N IP V FURNISHED, CNTII FT M?v next, fbea gewtlcma and wife Address. Indev, Hcraltl ttfcce, w ith the rent an i a in er of the atreev. TXTANTF.D ? IMMEDTA1 FLV \ SM ALU OENTKEI. Fv honae, be uw Fourte?n'h si cei, in a good leoaunai. for a very* smaii uvnilly i who will make , leslrahle tenant. Rei not to ex. red ft'fi). Apply to K B. KTVIHIkla, SH Fourth HVetlpe. Tl'ANTKD?UN A SUA 1.1. I tMILt, WITHOUT CHIle Tv drer.par'of a house w h o stern Improvements, Mi respe< tabic ne.gbbmlitiod He no to exceed (260. Addras G. II. K. Heraitl Hi*. Wanted td hire-foir '?f fivi. rooms fur nislieu, !or n -mall fami 1 v .milts. In a genteel relgh. horbood. With use of ihe kiti Terms moat be moderate. Address I lb, He,aid office. WANTED A SMALL TTR" !* ffFD TTOC<F., LO?'ATg|? TT I enth *'teet. between Third and seventh avenues. Reut Mnuct he rcslerute- Ador. ,. tt . Ilers' l office. ?WANTED-B1 A "MALI. FISI'LCTAHLB FAMILY, Ti th? * oft gent el bm -? uol irm.bed, above Rfeviebefsi ? m-e-. 'It ' U fvrvy A ffe'ai >y.p lf> W. NT?Til fX-ORD Sifir.V and neck Oi t-ort 'isrr nignt ? , unelem bnllt bouse, by a gen1 ternsi act wife n 'as Vat "Ofib,- cpy Aihiress a. W ? , "?? He ill (fee dating n rpa. References given nr.* NT ED ' I Ml'.b siztr. |. E Bf'l. OH BHFRIOR. ? >>-' A pp., a d row >4 kttttMi ii Ma v< si >i <ivTft% in Hi - oklyn, live ninnies' wait from Fui-o e?? W C.. Hera d w