Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6985. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY", OCTOBER 13, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEW PVBtlC'ATlOM. ^ APPLKTON'H EDITION OF TUB BRITISH POKTd. P'lhllriiH at II par volume In clo h. or 92 6U la calf. Two HI volumes ready. The poetical works of WILLI AMUldlB ItOWURS, With memoir, critical dlasertaMmswR explanatory notes, by Km Rer. George Ullfillan. I vofeMvo. cloth. Price M. Strangely enough, we have never hal a* yet anything at all approaching a satisfactory edlUon ot the Kngll-di porta. We have bad Jobnaor 'a. and Bell's. and Cooke's, and rthsrpe's ?m.n editions? we have bail the one nuodred volume edi tion from (lie Chlawlck press- we have had the double columned edition* of Chalmeraand Andereon?and we have the, as yet. Imperfect Aldine edition: but no aeries has hitherto given evi dence that a man of cultivated taste and research directed the whole.?A thru. VOLUMES or THIS EDITION ALKXlDV PUBLISHED. Milton. 2 vols. Drjdeu, 2 roia. Young, 1 vol. Hbennloue, 1 vol. Herbert, 1 vol. Oowper, 2 vols. Thomson, 1 vol. Goldsmith. Collin* A Wharton, W. L. Bowles, 2 vols. 1 vol. Beetle, Blair A Falconer, 1 vol. The live of a great or atoii. SecondThousand uow Ready. LIVE OF SKAKGE.vl n. PKKNTIKS. Bdlted by his brother. 2 vols., 12nto Prtcn92 30. f or9233 ??nt to the publisher, this book will be sent to any address In the United Mates. Postage prepaid. Nest to Patrick Henry, ri. H. Pri-ottaa was the greatest na tional orator that hae appeared lu ilala country.? Buffalo Com mental. 8. 8. Prentiss la ono of the most brilliant names which adorn Our annals. ? * * The woi k la a valuable contribution to American lils rat ure, and lis contents must strongly Interest every admire: of true genius and genuine eloquence.?Troy Times. His public career was a brilliant one as a lawyer. He was second to none of his profession in the Houlhwesl, or, If au<-ceot 2m the teat of merit. In the laud.?Christian Mirror, (Portland ) Certain it la, that In judicial teaming, forensic eloqueuce, aud tfrasp of Intellect, he has had few equals la the country.?Bos Ion Atlu. His short, eventful, and surpristngly brilliant career, fur nishes abundant materials for an at ractlve. Instructive hook, which the brother baa culled and put together In tlicao vo lumes.? Kb-l:rn Argus. SCHIBNKR'K NEW BOOKS. Mr FiTHEB'a House, Or, The Heaven or thk Hiole. By the Rev. J. M. Macdonald, O. O. 1 vol.. 12mo.. $1 26. Amebica?Political, Social, and Heuuious. liy the Rev. r. 6chaff, I). 1). 1 vol., 12mo ,91. Hones pos the PEOruc. By Gervaae Wheeler. With 100 engravings. 1 vol., l2mo., 91 60. enuumi Woaan in Russia. Ity a lady ten years resident In Umtconntry. 1 vol., 12mo., 91 12. Most Eminent Oratohh and Statesmen or Modekn Tines. By 1). A. liar aha. 1 vol., 8vo.. 92 26. CHARLES SCRIUNER, 146 Nassau street. FFHE TWO NEW NOVELS. 1 Miss Bar land's HIDDEN HATH. One neat 12mo. 91 26. [Frem tlie Troy Dully Budget] We have read this volume through, a compliment we rarely bestow upon a novel now u days. But taking this up casually, Oiiratteaiion was attracted, our Interest excited, the story be gan to exert its strong power over us, our sympathies were attrred. this character ainuaed, that became au object of study, and we followed with an almost painful Interest the fortunes of ? third, and so we were drawu ou to the very close of the book. It in Indeed a powerfully written story. The portraiture of character, aud the grouping ol these characters together are done In a mas'erly manner. The actors bare real character*. They are not merely divers figures conducting a dialogue, but they possess an individuality that impresses all they do. and all Ihey say. The volume has come forth quietly from the press, and Is rapidly making its way to a large eirrle of readers. Iu owntiue merits constitute Its best advertisement, undltre quires no puffing, no commendation, to secure for It both readers and purchasers. (From the Southern Literary Messenger.] It was with something very like a thrill of pride that the wrltei of this noUco received the sollclta lons ot a newsboy at Folkslonc, on the English Channel, last November, that he would buy a ropy of "Alone," just reprinted in a Loudon edi tion. and be bas observed the success that has attended the publication of the second work of fiction hy Marlon Harlaud With great pleasure. To few of the competitors for literary tame1* It permitted to monntjvr a i&ua Into public favor, aud that dreadful)/rentiirp<u once taken, unlike.SI. Denis with his head under his arm. the author does not find the difficulty to be 1 over. Marlon Harland, however, lias safely ad vaneed beyond the point reached In the Brat essay tn the walks of literature, nnd we may be assured will neither forfeit her position nor fall behind It hereafter. Asa daughterof Virginia, as an ornament Of Southern letters, we may therefore feel proudofbor. I.nOKa'S CHILD. One thick 12tno. Price 91 26. I From the Philadelphia Weekly Mall.] This ti. without exception, one of the most Interesting an 1 thrilling stories that we have read for years. Tbc characters are well drawu, and the reader who passes through a few pages will be reluctant to quit until the story lsconcluded. The work la one of great excellence, abounding la just rellectlons, and cultivating true morality. J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New York, And lor sale by all booksellers. NEWSPAPERS. YjlUNNY, COMIC, LAUGHABLE.-:I SHALL ISSUF. IMA X" short lime a large, splendidly got up pictorial abect for the holidays, entitled THE COMIC PICTORIAL, Oootalning at least one hundred comic picture*, of the meat laughable, comical, quizzical, aide splitting, mirth making, pleasing, fun-producing, blue-devil azprlUng character, with ?qulba to match, maklug the most interesting and richest com! - pictorial ever printed In thin country. Price all cents, by null, poet free, on receipt of price. Hold by all booksellers and news venders. T. W. 8TKOMU, 118 Nmniau street. SUNDAY PAPERS IN BROOKLYN?EARI.Y IN THE morning, magazines, new works and all the English pa per* delivered at aubactibark' resiliences in New York ant Brooklyn. The Illustrated London News, of this and the fol lowing weeks, contains views, taken on the spot, of the rail o Bebas-opol. T. RICHARDSON, No. IS High street, Brooklyn, near Eullon. w ILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE SUNDAY MERCURY, Of to morrow. October 14, INSIDE OUT; Ob Nik* Year* in tux Nrw Your Custom Hotrsts, By Jour Smith. Jr.. or Akkaksa*. amj iiuno ngsiin.trp., u* nwaa.'Ran. In which will be glveu a fall and graphic history of the New York Custom House, together wllh the Intrigues, machinal,ons and designs that hare through Us agency been played on the nulTrages of the American people, ft will l.e inter.ipented with expositions of official amour, liaison, domestic intrigue. cabali* Ucmanoeuvre, and Anacreontic episode. The whole compris ing (he period that lay between the advent of the Harrison ad znuisiratton, in 1841, and the exodus of the semi Taylor olym Blade ot 1SC1, and, as such, entitle I to the especltl oo iu.lera llon or politicians In small and tight pantaloons, and other full grown demagogue* and practically schooled horsemen or the calibre of the Coldstream Hoards. The author will also furnish an episode in history which Mr. T. Bobblngton Moeauley never dreamed of, and which Han cjoft and Hlldreth have paaaod by, to which will t>e added an addenda, giving a succinct account of the lnt.-lgu?s and pecoa dllloes ef several Secretaries of the Treasury, Including those of George W. Crawford, which ended In the Oalphtn swindle, and the aHIOce* of Thomas Butler King and John A. Collier In the Collector-ship ol Han Francisco. The greatest iniere-t has been aroused by the previous announcements ot Uils work, and the proprietors, believing that the demand for the paper will be Very extensive, have ordered A large extra edition to be pnbllahed. A lengthy ana Interesting description or the Fair at the Crys tal Palace, together with a great variety or matter Interesting to all parties and to the masses of the people. Price three cents per copy. ?For sale by all newsboy* and news agents throughout the city and country. REWARDS. & irtfinn REWARD-ON THE I7TH OF 8KPTBM ? if)l.C/sUUl/ ber last two boxes were delivered at the office of the Amertoan Exprees Company, in Dublin us, Iowa, by a ctrtman from (he Untied Htatea Land Office. Ha id boxes. . on their antra! at the Bub-Treasury In New York, were found to contain buck shot of the site of 140 to the pound, and pressed balls of the aUe of 109 to the pound, to the amount of 174 pono Is In weight, and 38pounds of sheet lead. No. 4. The boxes were made of white pine, one Inch thick, dovetailed at the corners, about 10?^ Inches long; 8*? Inches wide, and 4}* Inches deep, Inside measurement. The bottom of one of the hox.-s was ol hemlock. They were strapped once arouud the middle with one Inch hoop Iron. It is claimed by the Assistant Treasurer nt Dubuque, that the boxes each contained gold coin to the amount of 828.000. They were marked with cards addressed to the "Assistant Treasurer United States, New Tort," which Sards are admitted by the Dvpuly Assistant Treasurer to be genuine. Now. therefore, for the purpose ot diacovei Ing bow Ma fraud waa committed, and bringing (o Justice the perpe tmtor* thereof, the American Express Company will pay 810,000 fbr the recovery of the money, or In that proportion tor any part of It: and 80,000 for the arrest and roovtctlon ot the odendera, and they will pay liberally for Inlorma'lou re lative to the making or laid ooxes, the furnishing ><f such lead balls, shot, Ac., Ac., Ac. AU communications should be ad dressed to the subscribers. WELLS, BUTTERFIKLD A CO., New York, LIVINGSTON, FARGO A CO . Buffalo, Proprietors of the American Express Company BuEhlo, Oct. 3.1868. REWARD-STOLEN. ON THE NIGHT OF Oct. 9, from tbe store of Thompson, Poller A Now kirk, Market street, Philadelphia, a lot of embroideries, Ac , consisting of collars, sleeves, rbcmtecus, trimmings, Ac.; also, ? quantity of silk gloves. The above reward will be paid for Informal km leading to the detection or the thieves and the re oovery of the goods. 4t9?kfl beward.-takkn. hincr Thursday af ?P lernoon. from tbe Mechanic*' Bank a un box, marked v. J. M. A O., containing valuable ptpers, among other* tbe following bonds:?Greene county, <sbto; Town of Newark. Portsmouth igty, CUy of Newport, Franklin ORy. Ctty of Columbus. Ashuelot Railroad, Rutland and Washing ?*ilr2f,,.t *ud Pittsburg Railroad, New Yort anil Erie Railroad,Ithio anil Penosylrants Railroad. Columbia Bad Xrnfcs Railroad. Dauphin and Susquehanna < -oal Company. City of Naahrille. Bourbon County, Kentucky. MUwaukle OHv. Paunaytvanta Goal Company. Raw Albany sad Kalem Raisroad, BranavUle and IlilnoU Railroad, Buffalo and New York City Railroad, Michigan Central Railroad. Macon and Western Railroad, Rochester, Lorkport and Niagara Fails Railroad, Lake Erie and Wabash and St. Louts Railroad, Talon and Hamilton Railroad. The payment of all of which has been Mopped. Tbe shore reward will he paid ?n leaving Mm box, with Its content*, with W. II. WADDIN1TON, <3 Wall street, and no questions asked REWARD.?A REWARD OF FIFTY POLLARM will be given for Information that will lead to the con jf the person or person* who broke open the house of the Neptune Ciu* at the lligb'ands, on Mhrewsbury river, N. J. Any toi-mtaooo in regard to the above will be received by T. O. VoorhU. 844 Broadway, or W. Karr. on board the steam - boat Ocean Wave. AUI PFWARD?STOLEN from THE HOUSE OF ffiOU Hvnry Tall, at Stanford, lurches* county, New York, Oi Urn IP h af Augast, 1888. a gold detached lever watch, marked Joaevb Jobaaso. Liverpool, Mo. 4,WW also a fine gotl chain. < oiurban key and gold book, H. Vail, maker, on the back; also cue lady's braaMpla and bracelet. Any taforma Tlon of tbe above properly will he thankfully racslvsd at 47 Nasmv rreet, with Mr. Barnard, or to Hanry Vafl, of Stan fbi d. as above. The stave reward will be given tor toe pro party and dermilou of thief. RC REWARD -8TRATK), FROM U WENT TWENTY 9>tS third Straei, oa the 10th, a Meoteh terrier dog; aaawure to the name "f Our, barings collar with name and above number of at rect. Any person return Ing the mma to the above address wfll rewrite 'he reward. $50 wtotgrn i FHEIHH ADVERTIREMENTIL ON DEMAND!?PNR FRANCAI8E OU ALLRMANDE qui parte fraarais pour aotgnrr un enfant, m qui salt bum eoudre. dan* une i ami lie partlculWra,?t qui petit douoer de bonne reiomrriendallau M'airesanr 978 Broadway, entre la RBrne et Vtme i ue TT11R FTLLR FBANt AIRE PKHIBK RE PLACER DANS U noe famine amdricaine pour prendre sola des rnfans on pourrotidrv; etle pent dounerde bonne reeommendattons Btenset/ne: so langue. H'adremer 848 RRM fUf entre la fjre CU0me avenue, poor deux Jour*. MOBE OF THE ABCTIC EXPEDITION. The Esquimaux Indian* and their Ha hit* ?r Life?Cnrlou Hospitality of their Wo mm?More Inhvntlng Partlenlan. hue of our reporters he* had a further talk with one of the officer* of the Kane expedition, and ha* learned the following facts relating to the Esquimaux Indians and other matters The first time that the party came In connection with the Esquimaux was in March, 1864, about the time when the long winter night cornea to a close, and when there are two or three hour* of natural light in the twenty four. The ship was visited by nine of theae Indians, each driving a sledge drawn by eight or ten Esquimaux dogs Thr o sledges are of a peculiar construction. Tbey are between four and five feet long and fourteen inches wi le. The body is made of pieces of the walrus tusk* and of the horn of the narvahl or unicorn, cut into pieces of about an inch long, and lashed together by sinews. The runners are faced with the ivory of the narvahl'* horn. The Esquimaux are very ingenious, and manage to bora holes by means of a drill work*.! in a hole in the front tooth. The slelges are thus, on ac count of the labor bestowed on them, very valuable, and are bequi athed from father to son as a most precious legacy. It is no uncommon circumstance, when the community want to get rid of a bad and lazy member who has a good sledge and team of dogs, to induce him to go out on a hunting expedition, and when at a greet distance from land to take away his sledge and spear him. The o Indians who visited the Advance had some walrus moat to dispose of, which they did for jackknives. They were, however, very shy and timid; but Dr. Kane and Mr. Peterson, the interpreter, went out to meet them, and at length overcame their timidity, and induced them to come on board. Tho Esquimaux aetUament* are some forty miles apart, and generally consist of but two or three huts, contain ing a population of some eighteen or twenty. These huts are generally built of mas.dve stones, some of them seve ral tons weight, and it is a matter of surprise how they could have possibly got them up. I.Ike the sledges, the huts are handed down as most valuable property. Somo of them have been seen built of whalebone?probably from a fish taken by them after being killed by whalers. In summer they form tents of skins, and, at a pln-h, of snow. They are hospitable, and fond of visiting, and so these settlements keep up an interchange of communica tion and live very happily. Their hut* aro heated by means of stone lamps, cut by themselves out of a sort </ soapstone, fed with blubber, and with wick of ground tkis. I)y this means they manage to keep up a tempe rature ot sixty degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature out of doors is as many degrees below zero. They usnally eat raw meats?the fle'h of walrns and seal; but when they do cook any thing or make any aoup?which they make very good?it is by means of the.-e lamps. Their i lceping places are platforms, built of stone, rained some eighteen Inches from the floor?so as to keep in the warm atmosphere?and covered with grass taken from i-lands at a distance. Their clothing consists of fox skin jumpere or coat, with an inner jumper of bird skin, the feathers inward; bear skin trowscr*. bear skin boots and bear skin glovea. The drcs of the women is similar to that of the men, except that the former wear boots extending half way up the thigh, while those of the men do not extend to the knee; and that the ladies also wear a sack to their hoods, which they call nessak, la which they cairy their children. The men are of a me dium iii7e and stoutly built, while the women are of ??mailer stature and slighter. They do not practise the Mormon habits of polygamy, but arc, on the contrary, extremely particular about their matrimonial relations. Thin has been the universal testimony of travellers who have viaited them. As with all savage nations, the onus of the labor devolves upon the women The men oome in from the hunt, throw down the prey tbey have se cured, walrus or seal, and the women have then to go to work, akin the animals, pre|*re the flesh for food, extract the bones and prepare the sinews for sewing purposes. One of the ordinary acts of hospitality or civility on the part of the ladies is to take a fowl, or piece of meat, chew It up very nicely, aad hand it to tbo visiter, who is expected to be overcome with gratitude and to finish the operation dT chewing. It would give them dire offence if there should be auy failure to do due honor to this act of hospitality. In all other respects they exercise to a remarkable degree the same virtue. The Esquimaux of the Northern regions profess to have a dread of going to the Danish settle ments. lest they should be eaten up by their Southern brethren, while these last entertain the same dread, ami with more reason, of the Northern tribes. Those tribes, however, which live as high up as the expedition pene trated, seem to be becoming gradually extinguished, ami we understand that l)r. Kane has formed the philanthro pic scheme of collecting these people together. Re pro poses, we are told, to gather them from the most North ern regions and bring them down to the Danish settle ments, where they can enjoy more cemforts and be sub ject to less vicissitudes. The Esquimaux have a priest, whom they call Anjekek, who petforms marriages and burial services, and Is sup pored to have some influence over the heart. When a couple is married, their friends have imposed upon them, for a certain length of time, abstinence from cer tain kinds oi meats; and when a young man or a young woman dies, all the young men and young wemen of the settlement are condemned to Die same sort of abstinence. The priest is believed to bave power over the walrus and seal, and in a time of pressing -carcity to be able to call them up to the surface of the water. Their faith in the Anjekek is the only ap proach they bave to religious belief. Tbey spend their long winter of lour months, total darkness, in sleeping and eating, never going out to hunt unlets pressed by ne cessity. Tbey have no sort of amusement except singing ami an accomp.inylng motion of the body, which can hardly be designated ? lancing. Tbey do not use tobacco in any shape, nor do tbey smoke any other weed or root for the purpose of stimulants, nor would they allow any smoking in their huts. The children always get a name se lected from whatever subject happens to be on the tayu in the paternal hut when they are born. In I-eavely or Dodhaon. island of Disco, the population of 200 or DOO is composed principally o( Esquimaux, pure and half blood. They manage to keep up a good deal of ?ocial enjoyment by means of dancing, singing, and music. Tbey bave a peculiarly goodeai for music, andean manage to play on the jewsharp or violin any air they bear. The women are said to be great rogues, if not in stealing gentlemen's hearts, at least in pilfpring tin pots and plates, and anything of that kind. We saw one young gentleman boaaeeted with the expedition, who bad no loss than three specimens of the hair of young ladies of I-eavely. One of them is dark as the raven's wing, of the silkiest texture, and came from the locks of a full blooded Esquimaux; another is dark brown, very fine, and belonged to s half blood, and the third, of (ohten color, and of equally fine texture, showed unmistakably Die Danish blood of the lady's sire. We presume these love tokens will be duly treasured, though not in the National Museum at Washington. This same gentleman bss a quantity of skins and furs which he has brought home with him as reminiscences of Ureenland. Rut they will have to be fumigated or to undergo some other pro '?ess of purification, for the Esquimaux ladies, srho have the tanning operation in charge, not fining able to prccure bark, bave reeour <? to a liquid which answers as well, bat which carelul chambermaids do not t iterate the presence of in a room. The Esquimaux never resort to the barbarous mode of cutting off frostbitten limbs. Tbey apply to them a piece of rabbit skin, and always with good effect. W# are sorry to see that one of the expedition lost his life by the amputation of a frost bitten foot, and that tbiee others bave hid to suffer amputation. It may be a tact worthy of notice that Dr. Kane went to the Arctic regions provided with daguerrotype appara tus aad plates but that from the peculiar nature of the atmosphere no implosion could be taken. These and n valuable collection of specimens of natural history, geo logy. and casts of the Esquimaux, wttb the libraries of Capt. Kane and officers, had to be left behind but the d'swings, reports, instruments and documents of the expedition were preeerved. The highest acknowledgments arc paid to Dr. Kane, fog the skill, abitity. resoluteness and care of his men which ba exhibited. When out on sleighing exeu sums, be took his place in harness as well as the meanest of his men. and when the Advance was Anally abandoned, he supplied them with bread nude with his own hands, tra velling back tv the vettel to take it la the ?|ov??. Th', be continued during the whole thirty days that the party was rn route to the open sea, and be has traveled in bis dog sleigh no less than eight hundred miles on a stretch, calling on hi* way at an Esquimaux hat, in which lour of bis sen were siek, and depositing bread with them. These name individuals he afterwards ctwried in htn sleigh, one by one, to the main party. Nothing was toe high fee his scientife research, nor too mean for bis humane action. He proved himself, in deed, a model commander, and the following form o prayer drawn up by him, and used on the stertiut and return of expedition*, wilt show that he did not neglect the spiritual v.chore of his meo:? A l'KAYF.K TO Idi I'M? MY Tlioek K.NUAO*ll IN Tin ABCEU KX PUD IT. OS, A. O. 1861. O, Almighty and Uni t Merciful laird <?od, who didst cre ate the hi-uM'us, the sea and the diy Ian 1, and h-t?t given to man wisdom and ekiU to plan and to work, we, thy siuful and dependent creatures, would ever seek thy par don, thy guidance, ami thy protection. We content that we have tdieu trauagressed thy laws, abusvd thy favor-, and forgotten thy watahful care over us. We humbly beseech 'lhev. let not our sine be now had in remem brance against us, but pardon them (or the sake of Thy .-sin, our >'avtour, Jesus Christ, ('reserve us lu our pre sent voyage from the dangers of the sea, from sickness, snd from all lata! injuitas. liaks our way prosperous, and help us in the great work that lies before us, so that our labors and hardships may lie rewarded with a goo I measure of auecess in accomplishing the objects of our undertaking, to the glory of 'Ihy holy name. Ismve us not, we beseech Thee, to our own coui, el, but aWeugtbeo our vsriius (acuities, bring all aeeuful Uiings te our remembrsnre, aud in every danger give us presence of mind, skill, and power of arm to work out a deliverance. And do thou, 0 laird, our Cuardian and our (jui'le, grant that we may all returu in safety tooujoy the blessings of the land anil the fruits of our labor, and with a thankful remembrance of Thy mercies, to praise and glorify Thy holy name. O, Heavenly Fntber, we would call to remembrance be fore Thee, and commend to Thy oare and tavor our reU tions and ft lends everywhere; our benefactors, and aapselaWj those whose benevolence, liberality aud energy have planned and fitted out this euterpiise. And, finally, we beseech Thee to comfort and succor all those who ate In trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or auy other adversity, especially such as may be exposed to the rag ing of the s<a, or to dangers and privations amidst the snows and ice. To all travellers grant a safe return home; to all who are at sea, that tliey inay reach their destined port; and to all who are tossed upon the waves of this troublesome woild, that they may rmug to the haven of salvation and the land of everlasting life. Al! this we ask through the merits and inediatiou of our 1 ord and Saviour Jesus C'h> ist, in whose blossed words We sum up our petitions, sa ?:? Our Father who a in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; 'lliy will be done on oarth as it is in heaven; give us tills day oar daily bread, and forgive us our tiesjasses, as we forgive those who tro.pass against us. aud lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. We gave in yesterday's Herald an account of Dr. Kane's tight with the Mexicans in 1818. He still pre bf rves the jacket which he wore on that occasion; and when he hud to abandon other thiags ot real va'ue in the Advance, he would not leave behind hint that old memen to of a hard fought Held. A weekly newspaper, under the till# of Ths I<:stAin , wan published on board for some men or eight week#. It was in manuscript. and iU inolto was, In trnebrit ter tarejfitlcm?Sustain your truat, even in darkness. A cop/ of it will te a historic memento worth preferring. The expedition has only brought home two dogs?one cf them an Esquimaux, who was the leader, or bos* dog, as he was called, of Dr. Kane'# aledge; the other a very intelligent animal of the Newfoundland breed. Several goo<l stories are told of the sagacity ol tlieac animals, one of them i# a very hard one, and we will not rouch for its veracity. It said that "the boa#" would ait quiet ly looking at the other dog# taking their feed, when he would walk orer quietly, seUe one of the best crammed by the back of the neck, and make him disgorge, and then indulge in the fruits thereof. If any one doubt# the story he m?y go orer to the bark, inquire for Toodla, and satisfy himself. The w haling boat which the party carried across the ico has been brought to New York, much the worse for wear. One of Francis' metallic life boats which was presented to Dr. Kane, proved to be of gnat service, and was finally broken up by the natives to satisfy their cu riosity as to what was contained in the air chambers. The India rubber boat was subjected to the name analy sis. (ireat crecit is due to Captain Hartetein for the inter est be exhibited in executing the duties and attaining the eljects of his commission. He happened to sprain his ankle on the outward voyage, aud when unable to mount the ilgglng he had halyards rigged out, called "th<- captain'# halyard"," by which he would have blm relf hoisted aloft, where he would sit for hours sweeping the horison with his tele/cope tn search of the lost navi gators. Altogether the developementa of these expedi tion# reflect honor directly on the men who took pert in them, end indirectly on the nation at large. We hope that Congrean will mark lte sense of their service# In un appropriate and becoming manner, taking into console ration the fact that offiocra and men were oblige 1 to ahendon all their valuables on board tho Advance. We trust that they will be liberally compensated and duly honored. 'lhe following account of the reported death of lb. Kane appeared in the Boston Ikiilj Knenin-j TrarrlUr of the 11th tnst., and would have caused the greatest grief ano ug hi# relative# and frieuds. had It not boon contra dicted by his fortunate ami timely arrival in our city. A fishing vessel which arrived here to day, brings us news of the expedition sent out In search of Dr. ham-, and tlic melancholy intelligence of the death of that in trepid Davlgator. The fi-liing vea#el reports having po ktn in inn. 64 40. let. 42 Mi, the pgajs-ller Arctic, tn coin peny with bark Belief, one of the vde ls having on hoard the remains of Dr. Kane. rtatuinell, the map publisher, has prapareda very per fect map of the A telle region, allowing the spot where Dr. Kane was compelled to abandon the Advance; al-o other interesting placea In ice-land not on any othor chart. City Intelligence. Run or TUX A*inwair Iswrrri t*.?Thl- exhibition con tinues to Increase in attractiveness, ami the Crystal I'alact it well attindrd, notwithstanding the unpleasant weather we bare had lately. The machinery Is well worth'carc-ful study by our mechanic*, as It is by far the most varied and complete exhibition we hare ever bu I iu impottant department. The silverware depar'ment is very deficient, as Is also the compartment assigned to dry goods; but In Imli# rubber good*, agricultural Implr merits, fruit and miscellaneous articles, this fair far ex cel* Its predecessors. We are unable to give, as yet, a detailed account of the curious inventions on s xhibition, but will do so when we have room. Tint hot win Atxxv* Bean* Coarx.xT a.*i> nu Comtrmm 0.v rtwOT*. The Cummlttee on Htrcets, consisting of A* dermen Br'gg* Patrdar d Moser, met on Thursday to be. r argument# of the partic# in faTor of or opposed to the (Wtition of the company running the Fourth avenue lb e of stage, asking pcrtnis.ion to take off ten of their #tages from that svenue end to run tbcui through Klvlngton street toHouth ferry, instead of tbeli prenent route V> Jersey (Ity lerry. Abler man Jtaird wa? not pre-ent, but (he r. remittee proceeded wilhout htm to hear the parties interested for and against. Mr. O.T Marshall, one of the pro pi ietor* of the line was In attendance to advocate the claims presented in his petition and l.udlow end rtm-v owners of the Bowery and Houston street line. Vscietell It rlmpson, of the lest Broadway, and the 1.rsnd Btrret Mage Company, and three of the owner* of property on Hlvtngton #treet, appeared In "pp.aition After hearing argument on both sides, the committee <Je cided that they could not take any action on the matter or make their report to the board, until such time at they received e remonstrance from the property hollers on Itivington street, stating their objections to the prayer <?1 the petition, if they have *ny. The committee then adjourned tilt Monday next, at 8 o'clock P. M. In* Ni.w Yo?? Umi'ii Ooii/rt* ?The autumnal ?e?

sh e of lhe New York Medical College commenced ye :er day under very favorable auspices. This Institution al though in Its infancy Is prospering bey<nd the hope fit tire Tire Bumb'f ??f oattxrecw * with this college la Increasing every day. fctsni r*)M Vwixm*.? ^formation w?? received at t^ Coroner's office, yesterday altermeoa, to th? effect that a Cerman. Hvernla Kirnlch, had dlc<l at IVIlerue n<*pital from the effects of a severe Is-sting receive!, on tie Jtlh ulilno, at the hsn<l< of me roe dies In one of the upper wards of the eity. The deceased was attended by Dr. fve# warn after re ceiving the beating, and he it was tbst caused 'h notiAration to be conveyed to the ( oroner a office. It has iH't ft* b*eii ? ?ewrlalnnl wh" tb* who c**n mitied the a-eanlt upon tb<- deeeeeeg but It Is pr d>-?t>l" at the close of the inquest, to te held to day, some light may be thrown upon the care and the gieilty partle bt ought to Just ice. hsrtvr.v** No. 6. or New H??*v ?In oon quesee of an scridcni to tbt# engine, the company will be unsiile to visit our city this week. Itu- notice of the rlelt win be given. ?aval InMllgtarr. p The I'- ' ?tr?m fiissh -aranec tap' Ismf was .4?uf* vu tbr 11 til bit, CITY POLITICS. THE REPUBLICAN CITY AND COUNTY CON VENTION. The delegates to thin eonventiow mat on night to adjournment, at Ml Broadway, hut made uo nuininaUoas. It waa gnnersKy known that they would not crake their nomination, upon thin evening, and there waa therefore no concourse of outsiders pre ?out to express di/iapprobatlon. The oeneenMun, how ever, organiaed and did a little something. Mr. Jame Kennedy, ot the Fifth ward, presiding. The committee appointed at the laat meeting to confer with a similar committee of the Central Committee, as to the-candidates to be brought forward for city and county officers. made their report. Ihey stated that they had coofernnj with the other caanuiltee aad that they had jointly talked over the names ot those deemed must eligible to present at the coming election. The-e mimes they had not felt empow ered to unite upon, and therefore should not then lay them before the convention. The report was luoepted, when on motion, the eommittee was re-ckoaer. to confer with the ? ami committee, with power to nominate and present lull tickets tor city and county other rs at the next meeting. There being no farther buslresa, the Ce eretary tead the teller ot I'roston King, adopting the noulnutiox of Secretary of stale, and also of Una tleorge L odder v hicb wits received t'K> Ikto to he presented to the retili ration rneetiug mi Tuesday evening, I'proarhius apptau.-Gsfollowed the reading of the lettuce, when tho convention adjourned. DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS. HALF AHULL CITY, COUNTY AMI JCIMtUAKY con vention. Tim delegates to this convention met laat mght, pur sue, it to adjournment, at St. John's Hull, eoruer of lie Unoy street and the Bowery. There was a large outslde crowd In atti-nduuce of dominant politicians and office aethers of (he hards and softs, it being known that the half sheila would name their n militates from these two fsetions. A rumor prevailed that an attempt would be made to break up t convention, which had the ?fleet to increase materially the number of out aiders. There was certainly a very creditable sprink ling present of fancy strikers, shoulder hitters, and other of the belligerently inclined, who stood ready to have a hand In should opportunity for siDew or nerve develops itself. Mi an* bile the attend ance of Captain Norils, of the Ninth ward poltee, wltn his entire torce was s<Oured to prevent any disturbance Fortunately, their services were not brought in requisi tion. The only ems- lies were brandy smashes at the bar opposite, and these were plentiful. The convention or gauiied. by Joseph 11. Williamson, President, ul the First ward calling tlie meeting to order. Ifeniili Brown and Win. Colter, of the Ninth ward, ullicinted ns Secretaries. The roll was culled, when vacancies In the different wards were tilled. A coimniiiiiration war roeeived from llie " American democracy," announcing the appointment ot a Corns mites of Conference with a similar committee from this body, which, on inullon, was laid on the table. The committee appointed at the last meeting to confer with tba<ieiu?nn Central Lieuiocratlc Convention and tho Liquor liealers' Ass riation, reported having oouferreil with tlie fanner organization, and that they expressed tlieir approval of tills piriform anil promised co operation with tin u> in tho en.uing election. The committee hid nut been able to meet a committee from the IJquor Ileal era Association, owing to their not having hei-u able to ca>l a nin tiiig since the tinsc of llielr .State Convention. The re|dirt or tho committee was accepted. Mr. iMNiti. K. Sick I Bt, of the Ihird ward, recommended that, inasmuch as a cunleieure had not lieen In Id with a Mmimtioe from the UjMr liealers' Association, that tliey defer tlieir noiiunstloni for, city and county officers and rhe Judiciary until such consultation could tie held. He then moved the appointment of n eommittee of one from each ward as such roiuinliliw, the committee to lie empowered to select candidates from the tickets nomina ted at Tamtuany Hall and stoyve?ant Institute, for the eoiisideratton and approval of the Union Convention. A warm discussion ensued, a large number strongly urging that the convention probed at once to maku its in initiations. Tho motion to appoint a committee of conference to defer the nominations prevailed?ayes 90, 18. The sevetal ward delegates then named one dehgate from each ward to go upon tho committee, wlnri the convention adjourned to Thursday evening next, at 71, o'clock. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CLOD. Thin Club wan to hare met at tbair headquarter*, Ptei* v< -nut Institute, last evening; but owing tu t ie in chmvnoy if the weather, anil tho number of hard nhell ward meeting* throughout the city. but fear wore in at tendance. l?o?e present adjourned to meet again nn Filday evening. GERMAN DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. The Get man democratic delegate* assembled U?t even ing ft Mechanic*' Hall, 160 lle.ter atreet, for the purpose of taking Into con> ideration the ; reposition made by the Half fbell Convention to co-operate with them and the liquor dealer* iu uniting on a atrnng city and county ticket, ('pjioM-d to the Know Nothing* and Maine Inv ito* Mr. (!. Hchrdnke. in the absence of the regular Rrexldent acted a* chairman. The secretaries wore ilerirn Schwartx and Kichtor. I he German committee, consisting of Meaara. Me-kle, Caieppa, Gaermer, Kruger, l*ight Rlchtar, Hchimfer, P'cbieake and Mutac.bcl, appointed to confer with the half shells, reported that the lllflM committee were will lug to adopt W ilhelm and Gunther In accordance with the wiah of the (iernuma. Ibe half ahella would rocom mend the adoption of T. Malon'-y for Aim, ilouae Oorar n?r. in p ace of C. Godfrey Gunther. On tbla point a long diacu??ion eneued an I ended in the unanlmoua con ?ent ot all present to atlck to their own man, Mr. Gun ther. Mr. ."' Hwang introduce 1 tha following resolution, which was adopted Roolvrd. lliat in consideration of the noble and straight tnrwaid course Mr Deaaoye lia? purmued In withdrawing lit* name fur Governor of Almshouse in favor ol die a knowledged German candidate for that nfln e, Mr. O. Uuiiilier, the German delegate convention, tender a vote of thanka to Mr. Dsswiye, and that lie- same should tie published tn the usual paper*. The following letter wan alao read Minusns' llau.. New Tom, > Knimr Kvvaiai. Get. II, lavt. \ In k laine nml on behalf of Hie t.'eoiral Geiman Heipo cradc t'otivendon, of 'he city of .New York, assembled Inta en iitng In Mechanic*' 11*11. to lake Into consideration a demo craitc rlty at.d county lt< ket, to he support <1 by ih-lr vo'e* al -he spproofiitng November election we have the pleaaiirelo transmit to jou an mtgtnal copy of the subjoined reanludon*. adop'cd by sccbunation In tbla present noun a of the above loniminee. Wherra-, we German American citizen* of New York etty liate remaiked with pleasure the noble ami steadfast manner In wInch Aldermwo Henry Howard, of the Htidi ward of thi* i itr, haa repeatedly defended the right* and the honor die adopted eitliena, more particularly to the Itoanl of Aldermen, on Thursday evi mug. October 1). In the mailer of a pre nubia and r' solution* introduced mm dial Roar I by Alderman Itrigg*; ?rd whereon we derm Mich a eoorae ai creditable to the man a* II la appropriate and becoming lo the true American 11 i/ri i. I herrlore, I <? d Hevolved. Thai In the name of the many thousand nltlsen* ceprescnUsuJ in Una cooventwai. we axpresa lo Aidrrman How aid our bearded Ihank* fur din admirable and genuine repnh Mean ?rndtnenla uttered by htm In the Hoard of Aldermen on the icca.l' n refeired to above. And inribermore, tie It Etwoivrd Tiiat the lorrroiiig preambleaand resolution* in put tsbed in 'be American and German newapaper* of tbia c iiy ? Wi'.h preut respect, wre have the honor to lie your friend, GI NTAVUH HCIIOKNKK, Pre.'l. Mobitx Eenwaax, l.t Pec'). I.riiwm Rirgtrft, Sri Pee'y. Tlie rem lutlofi* were passed amidat the gTe?tr?t ap plause, and several delegate* stood up und eul-iglz"! Harry, Pjeecliee were alio made, urging'hat th* tier man Convention ihogld not commit or pledge thom?elvr? lo any parly, hut rhooee the le-at from each party as their candidate. The general ?online nt way favorable to ihia oourae. Mr. Wt rmtin, proposed that the German Convention should meet oB Punday evening, nominate a full tlckot, .id rccoiumend It for the adoption o| the half shell* and l|'|Uor dealet* Thla waa not agreed in, however hot Inrtesd, the Contention thought It wonld be better for a rin'erenre of nine delegate* to eanvaa* the matter aim ng.t tbeni*elyt*. and confer with the Half Pliell Con sooth n on Monday evening next fin motion then, tba wdegatr* adjourned to next Tueaday evening. GERMAN DELEGATE MEET I NO. A meeting ' f (ho man Rem'-cratic lie legale* fr- m twely* ward* m.t on Thnraday night. After addresses from Me**r*. Merkle. Nehoenke, M'indmnller, ami other* nrglng a union among the German* to support a ticket In their own Interval, the following named committee waa appointed to confer with a similar committee lr<-m the half shell county convention, with a view hi having an rlpreeeion of opinion a* lo a common city and c ,unty ticket ?Maeara. Frrinri" Wutabel ftaiil p Markla. P h' hlhep l? Krtifer.' leicht, Itlcjiter Sc|.utnp*r ami Pi hoanaa. After an addro** by ihtniel T.WIckb-*, In favor of what I* known a* the half >bell movement, the meeting adjourned. Ye?terday the (.ermvn delegate and half *he|l commit, lee* mat at No 1* Re*',man ?lfeet, and It i* iin'ler*t *1 agreed on a complete city ticket the name* of which ara a* yet kept secret. EHMTIf WARD Ion* PBfi.L IN IRTKN CONVENTION Tbia eonventloa met laat eight and make the foil iwing n< minath-n# ?Tor Aldetmao, Albert M*. fmifb toe* or, Mob*rt Lynn. K*ho? I (''toner II H. Wmant* Trustee* of ( omrr.oli Rr'.r oil I r?l" ? H' *t George W f nrncfc' Inspector of Common HekMli, George Intrell, (Yiutabka Abram Mo***, It f'hanil<er* NOTICE TO IirMOt RATIC candidater. It would be weil for the friends of the democratic can didaiea, In announcing their unmln?,...n- to *t*te to what rec tlon of th? y they belong an It 1* im pos*, bte for the public to tell which of the nerr.erou* shells en dona from the advertisement* and put,He null **. let in know yo?r conch'logical dirt net ion grntienaeo. wmo Movmnrr". RROADVAY HUt 't WIGS GENERAL OOKMITTEE. A aery *iim attendanra of axmber* w*a at th* "a* u'lttea laat evening The mmaiitae oigamaed with th* u'ual idBeevw?(,en*ral Mm llall, iA the fi/'h ward (?' aiding fbtistina w. Hrhager. of the -talh ward, ofb(*4 the Inlkrwlng pntaiU and re*, lutlr-a >? It t.irsaa. It l a* been rr j o-Ved ikai Ha* wbtg A I*rale* V dm P rveeaeli AMembly dlenv* roafttd** ib? R <k e-oov and Tami few * aid*, ha- ? failed 'o n*ake a i< iwma1?? *w A* *??!. / a a'd'. ab-i ha-? *?iratd ?? 'hiavlf lualiy disfranchising the wW*? of thai dlsirl s wh,. desire support a whig nominee: uf whereas. m the lu&guiewi of I* desirable tha' a whip should bo |?jt lu uonu.Mtlon in dlolrtrl?therefore KaMilvod, TluU ? liunnui of ukt < oovmUou bo re-pan od lo noil uld rnnrontloo together ot the rarllosi prartuxhle lunmai.i, In order that o whip may l*e put lu nomination fo said d'slrl-i, and In the event Ihot the < halt man <g aatd rouien linn ahall decline to art. tluat then the ilt-lcg ties to said -woven lion, era majority Uierool. hare ?> ?wer lo re cegauUe andnxak. a aoniinain.ii tor In aatd dlaliiat. The committee thou a. IJ -urnrd. Thin Assembly Con reali?n haa mot ?? me half doyen tlmea, the rote bring each time Are and Are. until they dually adjourned nn tlit, neither ride obtaining a majority. BIUUTU WAKI>. The Executive Committee uf the Eighth ward whig* met on Thuradny night, Andiew Itlakeiy In tiro chair. Win. It. Faflv proper ad a aeriea of roaolutiooa endoralng the fusion State ticket, the lirnadwaj House city ticket, and the course of their delegate to Syracuse, all of which ware adopted. This, we believe, in the Hrat ward commit to, with one exception, that has entloraod the Stale fuaton ticket. NINETEENTH WARD. It api-earc the whig* of the Nineteenth ward arn in a strange state of confusion just now, growing out of the present political complication*. A meeting of the whig ward committee ami held Wednesday erening last, keorgi- Conrad in the chair. The following resolution*, proposed by Aloxamlor Eider, passed uiianaiuoualy. Resolved, by (he Nineteenth wa?xl whip enmmlttee, that we repudiate 'hr mi ton ol our delegate at Si recuse In consenting to abandon the uamr and principle* of the old ?trig parly Resolved That we disown the nominations ot tan so called whips and republicans at Syracuse. Iteeoltcd, That we reromiiiend Uir alertintiof adplegale from the Truth Assembly Convention. lo bo held nt ConsUlullou Hall in this city, on the xtd mat Hie detection on the part of the old lino whiga against the " Mark repuha" seems to lie quite gencaal. ELEVENTH AHKEMBLV DABTEICT Witty CONVENTION This conrention met last night, Mr. J. li Itycrson act ing as Chairman, and -lamas I.umsdcn as Secretary. Est ward Hunter was unanimously nominated on the Aral bnlhit, a* candidate for member ol A siuufaiy to icpresent that district. THE AMMtlCAN MOVEMENTS. NINTH W.A11 It NOMINATIONS. The natives o( tin Niutli ward have nominated lh? fol lowing ticket:?Eoi Councilman, feirnty-lirsl district, John Kennard; Tvenly second ili?tr:et Ah xunder llemp hill; Twenty-third district, CorneUii,* S, Cooper. Twenty fourth dlatrtct, Robert S. idnm. Vor A**eaor, Janets ALlulie. Eor N-iiooJ Cmiiinlwiotup, Albert Smith, Eur School Trustee, W. K. later. Eor Assembly, Hvauel Hreroort. Mr. Hrevoort lias also the whig nomination. It will be seen thai,mining the list is the indlstcdCouncil man Cooper. DKCLKNKIONH. 73 THE EDITOR OK TIIE HERALD. Having scon in the last number uf your waV spread Journal tag name atuotc the ll.t of |s-raon* for Curonar on the people * independent di-uiotaallc ticks!, alike a norm admirer of thoae principles, and I atu auie liavmg utany kind frwuds among the patty, I have always, when spoken to on the subject, expreased my reluctance to becomtta ramihlste fur atyr Dublin nfflco, pietertllig the qutft walks of professions! life as being inoia eetigeulai to my feeling*, lenderiug my best thanks to my many frienila, I have the honor respectfully tody. lint. J. Mi NAlIt, M. II., 00 t Hectic street. October li!, 185fl. TO THE nillTOIl OF Till BIR1LP. I perceiv by your column* that during tuy n h-on ,? trim New V"rk tny name was pie-ented by John liich rano, Erq. in the City Convent i-n nt Tammany Hall, a* a candidate fur Clly Inspector. This use o| my name wh* without tny Lnowlrilge and wholly against my wishes. To prevent the possibility of any mistake 1 notn'i ?'ay* ptoilnu* placed a letter to that etfoct in t ?<? hands of Iwiar T. Fowler, Eiu., a member of tli? conr*ntiiu, and when required to leave the city on the ulleriinon that it a'M'tnhled, Informed W. .1. I'enk. Esq., It* ehalr nuin, tbatl peremptorily declined allowing my n>meto l>e umsI. I htttcvtt aisonunteuauced the practice ot a cMtdl (late tunning the gauntlet of a nominating cornration, and tatiig the ibance* of earb ofll e In mcoMalnn. While appreciating the motiyea of tbiw ekeneiWnel me ,1 fed equally indebted to tho-e who, more c meetly anth liiullng my wi.he- and coDtrtttlmn, voto-l f>r other cerulinatea. Juhtiie to myself. as well at to otbere, com pel* me to mnke this explanation. Unset;**, dot. U, 1Mb. Gk.O. H Pl'K*KB. Com I of Oy?r and Terminer. Hefore Hon. Judge Kooaevelt. MORK lNtlUTMKKTS AUA1K8T OH URALS. Thn Grand Jury of the Court of Oyer an I Terminer hare found bilie of indictment rigxinat aom? more of our city ofllciula. Judge Stuart baa been Indicted for releasing one Mlna Levin, Indicted for grand larceny, f-he waa confine I in tl.e city priaon on the above charge, and on the uth of April laat wa* duo.barged by the accused without bail, al though ahe had heen fully eommllted fir trial. Juatlce Connolly, of the I.iwer I'olico Court, ha< also been indicted for dUcharging one John Hariiaon, arraet ed for assault unl battery committed on one William John Davison, without examining Into the case or hold 1 g the parly to bail, aa required by law. Tne magistrate, itaypmrs, held the accused to lull for good beharlour, and not to anawer the charge of aaaault and battery. I'ollceman Mulhoiland, of the Tenth ward police, la also indlf'ed for receiving t76 from Abraham lisvla and $74 from Morria Gold 'do, who are charge] with burglary, for procuring 1*11 for them alien they were arrwate ?? the aald amount tieing received without the sanction or knowledge of the Mayor. Itench warranta have la-en leaned n tin e < aaea for the arrest of the parties tndh ted. The IHatilet Attorney informed the Court th-x* there war no further huaintaa for llua Grand Jury, and that a m w panel bad baeu summoned for the fVaelens Grand inqi eat. Judge Roosevelt then addreaaed the Grand Jury, saying ? At the ci mmraeenierit of the term, gent emen, the Court thsrgrd you upon various matlrra. which it was made their duty, by special statute., to luing to your tfran notice. Vou have firm, an the result ahowa, the inoat randul conahleraMon to their aoggestli n*. Yonr In vratigatlme. however painful the task, have extended alike to II e lofty and the lowly. .* cither fee, nor fa vor, nor hope of h ward? uulaaa I' tie tiia reward of a gi >d cf n-clencr?ha- ?duce-l or dete ie>1 you from ful filling ibe solemn obligations Impose.) by your oath*. Thu Urn-fa Iteelt?altfoiiigh no doubt you deeply regie', led the occasion foi If?be. not oaraped tour feailesa and liiqartial xigilanre. Vou have lightly Judged that, whan ver Mae may happen, tl.e foontains of J-a tire, at all hazard n. i?t b- kept free frorn even the suspicion <f corrupt lor. Without e ntbhn * in lb# Jiubrisiy there ran know, te no roa|c;l for the ?was and, without respect for the lawa. government In a community like oura le-<'ou.?a a dead letter, ant anarchy tiaumes its place. In tin re observationi I -In not s'-b to le understood as intima'lng. ever to re moU j any ? pinion of the guilt or Inrmewne* i f tl.e ?e cose Hat ui the present .tag- of tho pn -"dings, is your ? atluslva pioviner You, acc uliogly, he>? ?a 11is.od your opinion?ft li as yet las we all kn??? aod sa the law regards It,) hot an ootid >n, that the bille pre rented by you are true bills,'' and that there are gti urn's sufficient to dee end a trial When that Irlel fas its. in will te) shall have teen hadaod the wit oenea for 'lie defence .1,ell hare been heard and a ver dirt U|?ri the ebole evidence .) all have been rendered ? ami not tlli then?the (ourt and the community may with propriety form and their opinion A sot Mttsion till then ia the right of ths %e used, and the duty, 1 may add, of all others ex ? j t the ?? user. They of t,"easily must lie ? xroptni?'or unless they l.luiol in its truth'h< y n uld not be < ip- ted to taction the as s'rlion. 7b" t.urt would n--w thank you g-ntienuD, for your dil'gent and faithful at'enGon to the public In er.d as Ifo-re ia r. i fuMler business > the Imim -. si. Ml' i t ion i f a tiraod J iry would diet barge '. Jul you for the term. The periti of f'elit Jurors e ,11 1*0 tince.1 ovif till Monday, eb'n the roees *gt foen for tr>a ? til be lesnmed Polks Int* IIlgens e. CMAROB or OR AW Is LARCMfT. A women named Bridget fa?|a -e-otiny at No 00 tbeirystree' was hrougf.t Mfcrl JaNht VlUl, M thn I ns'-i Police r ,urt. r' aigw-1 with etaiaiir^ $->*> from James ehcrtdan ef Xn ft Jotnee street 1 be ee.yiaia an* a I leges that ? n Iberedey tt.e ir-xod -a led e'. Id store a wd soy tag that she bad fatuity ae rets of mpnft awre to ei u.eiamcule legged a ?ritsls isdi-iesv lk him in an iiutb"xsae alto/t>eO tss tbe prewos? llerw h? ailegee Hi ntm ' slyly pi ked his pesrsst id a wsuat rnowaln hum mm a certi' ngTwo* am} a C'ltiAed ri.'e a tetlse an. .at of I SiO ''n inform rag iHl.cer Kaotar 'f in Usw eai u was eaade 1?.r the pi tanner, am; whee she was foeaH. fog of tfca missing us< nay was found In kw p essnioe, wbfto tlw rhsrk Was ser.d bid away in tb? f.replace. TSS m ?WR til c?emitted for trsal ia 'Mtssll if >!,?? tea.I. rit?jf?r or wROhART. h ba Anders.* was les.a ietn rast'sly ky otboer l'< aid, sif tbe Fourth esrd poline - ba gml nu tho roan pfaintnf Patrick fwzay w tb hav ug buegtartr-waf y a* tared tb* Wwr'iig rnd des hag b see No ;g. Pruwt etreet eltfc ia"nt *.e sts?i Users,'rwm The ? onp aJoaa gllig I tbe* about b. ir o ? MR yeserday ?v.rn eg he w\e i?ili ty the seivan' gtit wb . ViM him 'Isera ?a- etbief Irs howae He Hr-m'd>eteiy ar-sie gressmt ud' tfifif -imi s?etre sew tbe yrU--rset making h ? , xi' fmaa the twsetneut He als-m w?? gtewe a?t tbe arlsrssser was errsetsd la hie post area ' end the ned: ?i ?h>?b bed bee* tabs* fmsn <be Insi mewt d??*?/ W lurry ?'. The s ewsed ?ai Joele. wets' el the> fetle. r ? eber# be Was PdrnwHled for etemlrsM-R ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. 1NTKRKHTIM CORRESPONDENCE FROM P&RU. The Rouian War and the fie-mapptaf of Europe. The Defeat ef the ingtMi at the B?4a%aai the Feeling la Eaglaad, Ac., Ac., Ac. Our Pari* Cttrrtapomlcnec. Puia, Sept. U, 1h&?. 71k# iliMfifflii Mini tier, Afr. MUtton The Judge Turned Diplomat The It'ug* on hit Ignoranct of the French?The French (iocemett and tkd WVit/ungfon Union? Mr. Af.non'* JmU (ilium Report that it hat Dunpiuhfieit him for hit Oft rial Duties Refuted?Thr Force of ('umtmtt Nrntr, arm in Diplomacy?Thr Souli L'att IV Dillon Affair?Thr French Drtpalchrt from A* batlupol? Terrific Hctnrt in the Town ,\egotia Hunt -Auttria't Proposition Scouted Fagtmh H'orkmrn in route fin Sebmtopol, $?<?., 4*e. When, aomt thing law than two year* ago. IV Honorable J. Mason ?u a|>j.<>ii>t?-?l by (ienmral Pirrre'H administration Minister ut thr Court of the Tullurip*, and it Irtcainc known that, occupied during the greater part of hi* life in the study ait practice of civil Jurisprudence, he knew little of di plomacy, and still laiu of the language of the coua try with which he waa called upon to negotiate,* very natural prejuiQcc wan rained against hi* ap pointment. Men laughed at the notion of a bur% Jedge nil Mt once metamorphosed Into a sleek, stim, slippery diplomatic iimlm "uidur, ? ho could "aaAe and Kinile again and h- a vlllainwiio, among a nation schooled in the MachiavrHr doctrine thai language wait intended to conceal rather than la convey human thought, could not. utter a word of French. Some wag swore that the hapless MUikter, driven to hi* wit's end on Ida arrival, try the blunder of his own selection, absolutely placed hi mac if u* ttntu jmpillari wltli a governed., who made him sweat through tlioae dreadful auxiliaries the vertM efre und avoir, and that, confounded by her attar want of success and the discordant aounda whteh procecdeaTtom his Transatlantic mouth, iihe deliver ed him over to the elate of the unfortunate wreteA who, finding Ilia house swept and gamLdied, took to himself so many otlicr devil* that hi* last state liecauic worse thuu the find. Whereupon the Wash ington organ laahcd itself into a fury, and wanted much valuable powder Id thundering forth a faot which had never ia-en disputed that the United State* llinlntcr was tlie moat virtuous of men, end moreover that he would no more < ottdeaccnd to par ley rout wltli o French governed* than would tfce Washington organ contrive to write common aeoae. or uae language worthy the wian, discreet, far right ed, woild wide i mluiiclug Firat Magistrate it called on all men to l>ow down and worahlp. leaving, however, the Wa*hlngV>n journal 1U an ipieationid right to indulge it* lelmirv In tilting it windmill*, end defending the United HUlcn Mtnloter fruiu Impolitic* and ull urn jeannc- - and ? hargee which the upright in ** of hi* whole lift* w?nld give Iht lie to, if anyone wu* Hilly enough to tnuke them, 1 4* think It hut simple Jaetice, a* the Independent Mr reapondent of the Nkw Von* IIi.halu, a journal of the largest circulation In Ainertrn. to come forward ?nd defend Mr. Ma*on from a charge which how Wen very lndustii> urly tliculutcd In I'arla??o la duHtrioualy, indeed, that It L* difficult to conceive there ban not he< n a mui*ti r reanori for It? e charge which doc* not c> nllne lt*elf to a little goodhum<?*d bantering, intelligible everywhere except at Weak Ington, whore from Pie* Phot Pierce downward*, clooda and olincurlty new the order of the day, hot which ctrikc* ut the very mot of the United HUlr? Minbter'a efficiency iim a |iiihlie wrvant. It ban bona -aid that the eeverity of Mr. Momm'* late lllneaa ha* *o?onipletely nttenu itcd and la numbed hi* f.?< ulUne tliat lie i? ritf?r ly* unfit to have the i barge of HtetO aflhii . I hate my-i-lf not the honor of Mr. Mivm'* ac quaintance, hut it doe* *o happen tliut I am fre quently thrown into KltuuUnn* when I have aa opportunity of hearing dl-ruml'in* a lib which the United Mute* Minixtei I* Intimately a?<o< ?Wd, and which call upon htm for n lot idity of judgment, *? activity ol Intelh-i t ?nd kcennooa of appti h'-ivdaw HUfUcicntto b-t the very *trong< ,t fa-nltier. Rater talning mjM-lf among other*, from hi* antecedent*? 1 iliouhl more correctly ?.iy, from iKnoran'e of diplo macy of Fiance, and th' French language-a low opinion of hi* chance* of aucce** In the difficult |*jet to which he wa* appointed, I hare fre qui utly la-en imtmikhed at the iiiperlor, nay, trt umphanl manner in which, on all tiie-au o< caaione, be hn? acquitted Inru-elf tlringlng to l*?r on the novel iniliji" u laid before him an enlightened com mow *enee, exrreined In threading lit way through the mmbca and enUhglemmU which gather IJtw ftingu* unwind the great principle* of equity, he Iioh fern ahlc to l/iu-h away diplomatic cobweha, and while gaining th< g a.d will of ad with whom he it l>rooght Into connection?oapfrinl ly of the Kmjieror to who*e court lie la accredited ? hi* judgment baa never la-en on re led e?lr*y. With a memory unimpaired by the winter* wbb h have root their ?nowH on hi* heed, he he* obtained a know ledge of French which l? anfllc i< nt for all diplomatic puiftM #, and, in puttanl, it may lie mid, a certain degree of Ignorar.'c which 1* not altogether without It* advantage* a* affording a convenient rcaiou for mil underHtaading ccitaln hai/apliltiog* of language when plain, atroight forward matter-of fact word* ere irnperloualy required. Of Una, Mr. Mown gav>- a itriking proof in the late dlfflciily atwicit Mr Houb-, ft wea a eoee that reqtrtrr-d the nlcert ju Ipmnt, 0 e rr?o*t (wrfeet far Ie?r*fi'e a real tempered with the utmoM diarrw tion. bygone* rhcmM l?- h/goae *, and f will no* dUtafii the aaliea of lh< |?*at, hut I know from Marcm which canwt for a mi mi at lie qneat mod that the manly, Aralgbt f-rward, clear ?!gl led londwrl of the American Jlir.l?t?r ?? declared to he nhwvw all praiee ly id*rodlpU ti.atl?u, and elicitedesproa rdon* from N j] -.loon whh h he I* uot u anally In Um habit of l?? tubing upon any one. Ignorant of Um language, little acenrtomed to diplomatic uango, Wllb out for a w went < ? mpt> mixing Mr. Howl', who, and or nM mad voa then an Ameriran rvpro?ntotlve, Mr. Mian upheld the dignity of hie country, p ? lined an riplanalioa, if not on *pol ?gy from tho Fnetk government, and an calmed Um awelllng va teia of political tnrtmJenr?, that in diplomatic eir ilea hew at halted ea Neptune chiding the otnrwa whi? h ifa tea Um Honli of hi* day-hod ricdnd by letting low*, the wind*. Hut meatiy the Amer an Minuter ha* given n ?till greater proof of the c lea mo* of hi* loteli*eC> in the manner which b? baa dealt with the DtDon aflhlr. one which for ffve yearv h?a pu*rl#d the heede of i xpertenred dipi*.?a?i*u and on wMih he ban exerciaed e power of mean b, a patience. end nteu reey of dlacernmenl. which ?bow that on Um btO> h be sn*t hate I*** owe of the ? index* equity jwdgea. Ha haa threaded hit way lhr'??h a moae of robbr-h rarefuliy cofiei I'd by Mr. Ihiilon, end finding the apple, Ha* cot down to the im ao clewnly and neatly that l'n-*uleiit Pierre a admleptratlon. who baru thn-ugbout made ouch a tlaane of tdenderw rray ? ell take iiimfort to U.etWM)vt< that hilt og la tbw dark and by good hack not IV ? 'fit. th* * ' w ?ore jwt the right ?n-..o ,n ifcr rtgt t piac** A* I rtil'd f kn'w rot11?| peraw. nt

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