Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1855 Page 3
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lnUiritlii( from the Rio Grande. OUE MATAMO&OB COMUWrOKDUtCX. Camt or tub Fbdbbil Abut, ) Fobtt Miles fkom Matakokos, Mexico, r September 4, 1865. j The CeLalU* Tariff?Tike Porte <ff Malatnoroe and 7am pia> CUxed?Treatment qf Santa Ama'i Troopt?Oen. Oarta in San Lvit Potoei?Gen. Woll'r Poeition?Situa tion of th' Portia in Memco?J heir Leaden?Will the People or Military Triumph}?Battle La Piedra?Garza Cavalry Being out in the woods, I ouit be satisfied with sending a brief account of what we here know officially, and which your numerous readers may find of some Interest. A late decree of Governor Yldaurri's adopts the Cebal loe tariff, with such modifications as are supposed to give general satisfaction. The ports of Matamoros and Tam pico are closed to foreign commerce until new orders on the subject. The decree of the 21st ult., issued by Governor Vidsurri, strikes from the rolls of the army the names of every man hitherto belonging to it, "as crimi nals, and responsible for the blood that has been slied in the people'? struggle against tyranny," and the forces now in the field, and that overthrew the despot's govern ment, to supply their place?the generals, Ac., to be tried and punched for the murders and other atrocities committed in Santa Anna's name, and to be treated as malefbctois if they interfere in favor or against the arrangement of the present difficulties in the country. The wealthy city of Zacatecas has revolted in favor of the Monterey programme, and our Governor and second in command, the gallant Garza, entered the city of San I.uis Potosi at the head of 3,000 of our frontiersmen. Genei sis Geitian, Cruz and I'arrodi tied to Guadalajara on his apptoach. The revolt of these gentry again it their late master, and their having become all at onoe the friends of liberty, was of no avail. General Woll fn Matamoros seems bewildered after his master's bight, and no person is willing to take the com mand, which 1 understand be is willing to surrender. Vidanrri bas officially ordered him to surrender all pub lic property Ac., into the hands of the civil authorities; and on his' answer will depend whether we march on Matamoros or the city of Mexico. Woll will laugh the order to scorn, and will only abandon the place on out approach. Of this feet I am endeavoring to convince my companions now in the field. tranta Anna's flight brings Into action a new revolu tionary element, in tbo person of his tool and minion, General Catrera, the acting President of Mexico, who has pronounced in tavor of Alvarez's plan, so that we now have Alvarez and and Comonfort representing the South; Can era, the federal district, with Santa Anna's minions and felh w robbers, Pegollado and others in Mirhnacan and Central Mexico, and last, but first in Intelligence, courage and power to do, our own gallant frontiersmen of the North, whose van is led by the chivalrous Garza. The Issue will now be between the people and the military, and the sooner it is decided the hotter for the country. We are ready and willing to play our heads on the result, and very soon shall the world know who are the sovereigns of Mexico. A party of 140 of Woll's best cavalry, who came out to levy black mail on the inhabitants, came in conflict with 200 of our forces on the 30th ult. at ?? I.a Piedra, ' some nine miles from this place. Tho affair lasted one hour and a half, when we finally triumphed, after they had sustained a loss of thirty-four killed, thirty wounded, and forty ptiaoners. Their commanding officer was among ihe killed; snd within two hours after the action we executed two of their officers who had made them selves notorious by their atrocities. Our loss consisted of ten men killed and seven wounded. The loss sustained by the enemy shows that they made a gallant defence. Our force now here, snd which Is nil cavalry, that can he roucen'ratcd in a few hours, Is composed of eight hundred lior-emcn, Intended only to keep Woll within his fortifications, although ii is mortifying to beJLve that owirg to l is prrximity to Port Brown, this astounding criminal will c-cape with impunity. RIO BKAYo. Carf of Army of tiik North, 1 i'oi B Mum from JGijamoikw, Muiru. 5 t-'ept. 14, 1855. J Plight of General Woll from his Command?His Arrival at Browniville?He ticks Probation from (he Unit??</ State.* Annj?IJe Clears Out the Military Chest?The Amount taken?General Vvlaurri's Jhbaoco fy-rrce I'ro riionfm Widows qf Soldiers?Proceedings offer Wolfs Flight?What hie Troopt Demand?Sanla Anna's M mo ry?frpeclot legislation. On the TtU instant my prophecy was verified, and ex Geueral Adrian Woll, on the approach of (lunger, looked for safely in fiig-Ut. This incendiary, on the oigbt ol that memorable day, unknown to his offlcora or t? the people of Matamoro,. whom he had ho deeply injured, might have been wen, accompanied by a solitary smuggler, wandering through a dark aUey inth?city of Brown.-yilte, seeking ilajor Giles Porter's quarters in Fort Brown. Not even his accomplice and mistress, who has for years aided and ahetled him in hi* deprelations on society, accompanied him in his hurtled flight; but shp has the consolation now, aa we are informed in camp, of being under the protection of no loss a personage than Major ( lies Porter. Woll pr-ved himself the worthy disciple of the usurper Santa Anna, for on the day he left he stole every dollar in the Ulili ary chest at Matamoroe. The sum total of Woll'* stealings arnonnts to about seventy thousand del lars, which is trilling enough when compared with th ? wholesale lObbeties committed by his late mister th .(exlean despot. Woll is by this time in New Orleans, whet# he will remain until the arrival of the next steam er, witu hi' unstress on board. Interes lngco,.plo?reallr worth seeing. Where is Burnum.- r 7 Governor V iduurri continues tirm in his purpose of not allowing the military who belonged to th. do .pot < a u.y to hare anything to say, pro or con, in the settlement of the affairsof the countiy, and reiterate, bis determina tion11? strike ems one, without exception, from iher-lis ol the army. He has certainty astontdied the natives l.r himself as tm.noTahle as the Nwts lladre at whose baae he was born. By a late decree the free cultivation of tobacco in Ta lnaulipa,. Nuevo Leon and Coahuila is allowed and in this manner 1 tlaurri has removed one of the cur.-os that weighed heailty on the people of this country Another decree gives a pension to the widows ami fan.i lies of all who fell In the action we had with the ./rant's inimous oil 'he 30th ultimo, and the same is allowed to all who were wounded in that conflict of arms. A special circular from Governor Vldaurri cilLs l.a-k to tbiir homes all who had been exiled by the despot and order* their expense* to be defrayed by the municipal a.. Iborittes, and that they draw at sight for the amount ex pended. on the treaaury of the e'tate of Nuevo Iss.n. After Woll's flight ills second In command, (astro called a meeting of bis lellow minions and Informed them ot the ?ct. a* also that our forces wore in the neighborhood of Matamoros. A conference was propo-ed. snd accented by our c niiu inding oflicer, and they propose abandoning the place and going to .*an Luis Polos!, if ihey are alio v ed their aims, six piceea of artillery and a month's par amount ing to forty-five thousand dollars. Vtiey claim to be subject to the new government of Mexico; and at the bead of this we find General Mattin ( arrera whose only recommendation Is, that he wa* one or the most int tosils the La'e tyrant hsd among his military satraps I will inform you in due time of the result of this ont'e. rence, although I hare not the least idea that any agi ce ment will b?- ihe result. But ycate day th'-e hsugbty, insolent and .tomineerlng Tamp ires ruled supreme, ami to-day tbey are less than foot lackeys. This revolution will not ouly humble them, but will destroy tie in is a clas* and <ft ire into obscurity aud shame every villain that the robher-deepot, t-'anta Amis, brought into public (111 the organization of the first Congress an effort will be made to puss a decree declaring Santa .tnna a traitor and a public enemy, a* also his metnery infamous sfter bis death Ihe first f.egls|,ture of Tamaullpas will ho nor Woll wl'b a -inillar decree. Should th" public facts stated in this letter cause any one among the tyrant's fiiends t > call on you, desiring t? know who the author of this letter ta, you are welcome to hand him my address, as we are amicus to kno t. heie, every one who can sympathise with tyrant* and thieves. Bel(.:e a week la over I ho;? I r*n address vou from Matamojoa, and be consequently neuter the bank* of the Hfo BRAVu. Ciweor IjBRRaTtvr; Ap t of tiif .Vort i. t Two Mum nuns*, Mkxhvi Sept. 24. 1865. | Th' Army Cinfrrence, ol Mala norm Broken Off?An A lai u on the Torn Prepared for?Demoratixa/ion of th Garrison?FU hi of Sanla Anna's fJeneral. Co. o? Strength qf the Horthern KcvoiutionisU?Another Push' Jbooktti fOTo The coo! *r< e, wi'h Castro', commissioner. |14vs alreadj euurd in smoke, as their proposition, were inad missible, ? i our commissioner* would not li,ten to .ny thing but the umonoltional surrender of the pi ice as requiied by ( ve'nor Vldaurris order. l ate ia,? ti ght, an express from the commander chief anive<i. with order* to break off ill eonferen- es and to inform them that if they re-ist they ?hall be treated a- public enemies. The result ha, been that l eneral (astro resigned the oramand into the hands of Col .nel f-avai lego and the latter In hi ium, has turned it over in'o the hands o thecoiiimaadaat of the artillery. Ooionel drenal. rtiey are all In r .(.fusion at Matamoros but before C?.-ro and ffavariego rerlgne.l ihey had allowed the ofllears to divld - among i hem-e'vea Mie powder rides, snd other public property who b they have disposed of ? ,f it ww, their Indivdi. . | ? pcrty. f-verv officer ea .ght bv our, will be tres? ed and dealt with a- a thief. Tl S enen . hi, lieen preparing t.. ev ? mste the p', a and tin c .ii.iig ttieywii! be nmitied that If t|,ev do ttey will be attacked and dealt with M pubhc enem e. The eigh- h. n Ired riflemen we c.n< nt against them are more 'han a match for their lift.en h indred di,plM e 1 troops, wh. -e advantage in artlllety will be of m a-*11 owing to the nature of the ground. Their de.erti'?a are niimenois, and now e*cee ( three hundred men. Including the forte that had charg.< ot ore' sixty mi let belonging to the atuiy. and ?hi h war* tbi, morning brought into our camp, this circumstance will make It impoeaible for the t neiny to remove t.ieu artillery and we are Informed that they intend spikio? It. This *ftern.s.n they will be officially informed that If they do so, every officer who fall, into our hand, shall be executed, and the threat may prevent their curving their Intention into execetion. General Caatre and other otTicers. are now in IP own. ("Wwging their peseage. ami in all probability we ?HI, in a (lay or two. be la Matamoros The mHlrary *vtefaly hnmbled, althoegh they can scarcely re allze the bet that they are bo loafer meter*. We are not satisfied with having humbled them, but will not ?top until, aa a elaae, they are completely destroyed. They must par with double intercut for their crimes and atrocities. Their retiring into private life will out screen them from trial and punishment. The revolution has been triumphant, and la ita pro gress the Northern frontier, with Vidaurri at its head, presents the most formidable front. At this moment he occupies the most enviable position of any man in Mexi co, and the most experienced politicians in the country are at a losa to know how to approach him with any probabiii'y of duping him. Of all the rascals In the country the military are the inoet at a loss what to do, snd the power of these Janissaries la Mexico (a forever over. Their fate is sealed, and their Influenoa in the country will never be felt as heretofore. Should the military in Matamoros take up the line of march, we will have another bruah with them, as a last farewell, and if your poor correspondent cornea off sate be will keep you duly Informed uf what happens ou thu banks of the lower IUO BKAVO. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNT. Hie .steamship Nautilus, Captalu Thompson, from Bra zos Santiago via Galveston, arrived at New Orleans) let. 1. The news is interesting. First, a* to the Mexican affairs, the Flag of the 16th, slier chronicling the departure of Gen. Woll on the Nau tilus for this port, on her previous trip, says:? The sudden departure or Gen. Wool threw the garrison at Matamoros into confusion, which remains "worse con foundtd" up to the present time. Command of the troops has fallen upon Col. Castro, as the senior officer, who, we learn, is in favor of pronouncing for the plan or Ayuthi, which, we lielieve. ia the plan of Aivaret, and provides for the retention of the army. To Ihis latter clause, how ever, the Vidaurri plan objects, and insists that sol ilery of the old army shall surrender unconditionally. Some of the garrison at Matamoros, who, we are told, are beaded by Col. Savei lego, are fur the plan of Vidaurri, and thus the broil continues in the city while a con. siderable force of Vidaurri'* army, under Cauda, lupe Garcia, Hre inewacing the city from without. The inaurgent force ia variously numbered at from aix to twelve bundled men. Correspondence has l?en going on between the Iresieged and besieger*. No arrange ment has yet been male we learn?the insurgents de manding an unconditional surrender, and the besieged contending for employment. Vidaurri, however, is said to he making lapld marches fur the scene of con tention, and his arrival will doubtless force a capitula tion on bis own terms. The Flag, of the tWd, says the revolution on the other hank of the river still gains ground, and adds:? Intelligence haa been received in Matamoroa to (he ef fect that San Luis I'otosi hud been captured by an insur gent force. Gen. Gultian killed, the army dispersed and the city made t<> change its plan or pronunciamento from that or Ayutla to that of Monterey. Tampico, it is said, has also pronounced for Vidaurri and his plan; Gen. Ca sanova, the commanding general, haa been driven from the place, and civil for military rule substituted. Matamoros, however, is still In the hands of the regu lar troops, under command of Colonela ltosave and Castro. The latter of ihese officers issued a bulletin on Saturday lust, stating in substance that orders had been received from the existing government, directing the cessation of hostilities until further orders. With this view he had invited an aimistlce with the insurgents who, under Colonels Capistrun and Gurcia, have had him environed. The insurgents, we learn, demand the surrender of tire city. They are willing the troips shall leave, but all the aims and munitions of war they demand shall be handed over. To this the army objects, and demands the right to their anus and munitions, with a certain amount of money. Neither party seems to have their wishes as yet. The insurgents have fallen back a little dietauce from the town, but still have it besieged, and await theairival of reinforcements and artillery, while the citizens are Hock ing to ihis side with their property, fearing a sack. The Hat) of the 16th has the following:? Our^usuully quiet place has just been outraged by the speraaoi acts of two desperadoes, recently arrived from Curpu Christ!. These lawless men, by name Bill Houston and Alick Shannon, on Monday night entered a gambling house near the market, and, drawing their revolvers, do liberately commenced shooting into the crowd of Mexi cans there assembled. One or the Mexicans was killed no the spot, and three others wounded, ons of whom has since died, After this iiendi-h act the murderers made g"od their escape for parts unknown. Stwi from Triu. The Galveston Civilian, iu iu cumnierclul aitirle,dated Pent. '_7, says:? Business In this place has been active for the season. Arrivals ef produce have been moderate ouiy. But for ti e continued prevalence of the yellow fever at Houston we should have liberal receipt* now. The rivers remniu closed for navigation. We have had steady, fine weather here, and we get very gocd accounts of progress of the cotton crop from east em and middle counties, while complaints from counties west, along the eo?s'? are confirmed; many plantations in Bruzorin county will, from the ravages of worms, save only one tourtli to one third of a crop; and letter* from Matagorda and adjoining counties, speak of oue-half o| an average crop iu the eventofgood weather fn m hence fotward to the close of the season. Sogur promise* well. Grinding will he commenced on ninny plantations within two weeks should the weather lemain favorable. Tli* stale of the health of this plan- continues verv satisfactory, an 1 a* tbe yellow fever is reported on tbe wane at New Orleans, strong hope? are entertained that the scou ge will not visit us this season. From H< uston we learn that although few persons fn m the interior ventured in, business was active and laigo quantities of goods were being sent off every day. Mn'-e our last report the offerings of cotton in market hare been light, and sales are coiiiiuod to small lots at previous rates. The accounts of an i^lve qeculttin demand for fine grades of cotton at New <b leans have caused imrca-ed inquiry for such here, tint the receipts present hut little of classes above middling and the de liveries of n<w cotton during the past week show a con ideruble proportion of gray and leasy cotton that can not lie classed over good ordiuury to low middling. There were seventeen death* in Houston duiing the week ending on the 28th, of which fourteen were from yellow fever. The I (strict Court for Bexarccmn'y is in session iu San Antonio. The 7eco,i say* that owing to t To great num ber of ruses ihat have been accumulating for years upon the civil docket, it will lie impossible for the Court to gel through with half of them. The I avacu Btrald, of the 22d, s?ys the health of that city continues excellent, and the daily receipts of cotton ate The staple is pouting in Irotn all suctions of the country. Tliet-an Antonio Trran says some of the < 0*1 found in ibiit neighborhood has been tried in a bin -k smith'a shop and ptonounced ''good stone coal." ttth'T coal bedi have been found within a few mile* of -'an Antonio. A letter to the Galveston Nmm, from Corsir.ina, states that Mr. Benjamin Fortson was inuniered a few nights since, near his own plantation, While ant fire hunting with bis overseer. Mr Hugh Cooper. The letter adds ? All that is known of the affair, apart from oreiilar demonstiau'on. Is the slatemenst of Cooper. He says that KoTsti n had just silled a deer, and that they were riding home, Mr. F. thirty yard* behind, when 11 gun was fired, and For stun said, 'Cooper. I am shot; I am a dead man.'' ''oopcr took paina to arouse the neighborhood. The Coroner's jury, after the most careful I ion. and after listening to many rumors which are out. accounting for the act in various way. came to the conclusion that Cooper was the murderer. When this verdict was rendered Cooper was arrested and is now In jail awaiting an ex ? miration. The .-an Antonio /ys'qer. of the 22d, say-:?A gentle man conversant r> ith the main incident* tells us that the qnlet and industrious community of Brauntel* was siartied lately by a knowledge of the fart that one of their citizen* ha! b'en mnr.iered in Ids bed. and by his own wife?his daughter and son in-law, it is *up|H>*ed, as-entiug. The dr cea ed was about fifty years of age had been twelve years a citizen of Texas, and, with the exception of bis b' urs ol intoxb stion. was known as s peaceable man. An unusual degree of excitement fob lowed the development of the facts In the ca?e. These fact* will ?u n be brought before the District < our'. The amc paper has the following Indian new*:? On Wednesday night a party 1 f Indians pai I anothe Visit to the t lbolo. They commeiieed operations at the ? -u.gof the Alls , 11 road, stole onie horse, from Mr. M. r< bison, ti ok tbi ro up 1o Mr. I wvewport's where they found ..Is stock in pen. They had a preference fur li ? and lrlt Mr. Mm< hiaon's in ex hungo lor Davenport's. TI ' y thi n crossed the creek end killed two steers of Mr. Davenport's, and one unknown. The (Tbolo ci mpany of Kai.gers under < aptain Hale, got the ala tm abrat 0 o'clock, and were quickly on tli ?pot. .-eveial Uails were found, going from thicket to thicket t ut no main one IravlDgtbe,valley. It wu* then concluded that 'l e In lians h."' D"t left, and that It would be well to guard the prairie duiing the night, fix men lemained until mis n down, but no Indians came >n ?ight, el 1 hough a steer of Mr. Brown * wa- killed on that mglit Within half a ndle of the guard. Yesterday (Frldaj ) the Hangers, with a pack of hound* bunted the thickets ail day. but the sun was too powerful for the ?;< g. to be ot much service. At 10 o'clo. k yesterday, when ? negro of Mr. Brown's "?i in the row [en. an Indian perfect ,y naked <arn* and b > k< d ,0 at I.e., but ran off worse scared then she. Mr. I avenpmt baa lost a good many borsow and Mr. T'.rcwn ha- a large number miasmf. There Is nv doubt l.ut the Indians aie still in ti e thickets, and the first trail tl.ey make le-iving the valley will be immedia'ely taken advent are of. IsrritFHTiNo i kom Rio de Janeiro?Ry the *r rt-al of Ilia chip four ier.t'apt. Willi*. Irom Kin Janeiro, 'he N'rw (Mean. t'vnyxm' in in |*i""*-*ion of p?|*r tfrnr# 1o th* vftlh of AugUet. 1h* A.ecmMy f.'eneral wo* In *? *>lon and had paaaed a '*w im| oeirif a 1*i ?f $:;o0 on alt commercial *?tabli?h meat* ? inplo) intr mora than on* foreign clerk * tempting flraril an clerk* from active **rv|i'* in the National (.i.aiJ and from being taken a* racrul'a. and aaMertlug foreign) i* guilty of certain "(h-ncea to the a*me law-a ratine* with the further penalty of perpetual Inhibition fiom tuning in the coiintty. A decree I* published authorlring the payment of H?4 0150 to the officer* of the navy engieed In the war of in lepeD'ttme nun that of the Kb. it* ('rata, or 'hair b" re. The Jornof 'to 'bmcrrro eay* tha' a Belgian lineof-ream era between An'aerp aU'l Uio de .aoeiro la detinitely or ganireil. The eapital of the ?ocfety i? tt.ron ion f-ano? in 3.000ahai>*. The line i? to con*M of four -crew atcamc a, each capahle ot carj Ing'100 ton* of mer>-h*ti ? lire, lie*idea their fuel, with n-coBimnd?t|on" for twenty lira (*btn paaeenger* and one hnn lr#?l and lifty othara. and e.,nal to an average >r"cd of from eight and a half to nina wllea an honr. witnout uein* ?alU. Tlie aereiee ia to con menre before the 2Ihh of May IW7. TIi* flrat ytar they are to make hi mon'hly toyagee. and after arard* monthly one*. The Helgiao gn.ernnirnt granta tb* cmpany a anbeldy of ib'tO ftOb franc*? payable. 1M.OOO franca the ttrat year, and 9ft,MO franca a rear for foe year* afterward'. It i* eapactcl that one of th* ?ea **la will commence running about right month" hence The c?m|*?y te formed for twenty year# and at It* head I* Untharh'M. of I'arla. The export- of coffee from I n let of Align*' to th* iMth Inrhiilre, are reported at 19ft,194 bag-. [ A aerlona lire brnka oat oa tfie 91 b In at iatb<-g"ll (ham manutactory of Rum. Ill* ft Phumaay. on Maple avenue. Hartford, deatroytng the building an 1 tr?"l. I?* iftlftfW loaurtai f ' $$,W Chug* mt B*ll*?l?g Mr the Crimea. ramo mm district court. Bef -re Hon. J ndge Ingersoll. Oct. 12.?Joseph Wagner m indicted for a 1 reach of the Uw of 1818, enacted to prevent enlistment within the United 8tatee for foreign service. The following petty jnrors were sworn:? 1. Robert 8. Bertine, 7. I'bllip Leonard, 2. Jsmes Mclaughlin, 8. Moaes A. Hoppock, 5. Aaron D. Hopping, P. Jam** M. Parker, 4. Deration) Cohen, 10. Mile Root. 6. rv heater 8. Po*t, 11. >'tephea W. J one-. 0. tliakim 1.. Bolles, 12. Reuben Mapleson. The District Attorney appeared for the prosecution; Mr. Carpenter, ex-Judge Bee be, Hon. Ogden Hoffman, and Mr. Etille rton on behalf of the ilelence. Mr. Charlie Edwards took uo open part as counsel, but be was In court by the side of Mr. Charles H. Stanley, Secretary to the British Consulate here, who had been subporord as a witness. Mr. Edwards, being standing counsel for the Consulate, was present protectively, ao that he might, il neceeaary. aid in the demurring to the introduction of extraueuu* matter. Ex Judge Beetle, on the part of the accu-ed, said that his h amed associate* and himself were clearly of opinion that several counts in (he indictment were bad. and he desired to know if the District Attorney would elect which count- he would proceed on. The IMstriet Attorney could not make any select Ion. Mr. Beebe said that if it was understood that they re Wived the right to make a motion a- to the imperfect a of the indictment, he would not now delay the court by argument which it is probable the nature of the D-stimo ny would render unnecessary. This point was conceded. , f r-Judge Peebe asked the jury if any of them twit that they wete disqualified by prejudice or otherwise; if so they might leave the bo*. If they were not, then they might rctuin their seats, and counsel would make no challenge-. The Id: trict Attorney then proceeded to open for the , prosecution in this case, in which an American Jury were euipatinelled to try a man for enlisting for foreign ser vice in violation of the laws of the 1'uited States. This nation is a nation of eomnicrce, and not of war. and Its policy was peuco with the rest of the wutld. lu 1818 a law was pasted under which this iudlctment was frame I. Section 2 rays:?-"That If any person shall, within the territory or Jurisdiction of the united States, enlist or enter himself, or hire, or retain another person, to enlist or enter himself, or to go beyond the limits and jurisdic tion of the I nited States with the intent to be enlisted or entered In the foreign service of any foieign prince, state, colony or diet rict, or people, as a soldier oi a ma rine or seaman on hoard of any vessel of war, letter of mar i)ue, or piivateer, every person so offending shall be guilty of a high misdemeanor, and shall be liued not ex ceeding $1,000. and be imprisoned not exceeding three years." The DUtiict Attorney then went on to say that when wur was declared between Kit via and the AUies, this country had determined to maintain a neutrality. The District Attorney then detailed the lircuinstances of the charge against the accused for enlisting one Abraham Cooke for service in the Crimea, on the 3d of Angnat last Abraham Cook, a lo-rman, wa- then sworn, hut said be did not speak English well enough to testily wiihout au interpreter. Counsel for defence suggested that he should he OSam ined in English unless a difficulty arose Witness then deposed In English?I live in .Vew York; 1 km w Wagner since the 3d of August; I then saw him in the Bowery, tietwe<n Broome and tlraud streets. (J. Can you -late what took place between you ? A. He said to me in fiennan - how do you do>?" I said, " Not good; I have no work-" lie said to me ''willyou go to Hallux .is a soldier for the English?" I said, "well, I might go;" Wagner said when 1 got to Halifax I would got $30 boun tv and $10 a month tor three years; I said, "Well. 1 have been eight rears a soldier In my own country, and as I have no work here I might as welt go for three years-," 1 sgieed to go; I said I would go for three years to Halifax he took me along to a boarding house in Broome stieet he asked my Dime, and lVagner wrote it on paper; he wrote it.iu the boarding house in Broome stieet, between 11 and 12 o'clock; I asked him what time I would go away; be said at 6 o'clock, on the steamer Yandei hilt; I was live or ten minutes in the i(Mini, ami was too watm and went out. Wagner said foi me to be in time and come there at 4 o'clock; I V.HUI nn-u to inc Hoarding house at a I'?,"1 ;} o'oli < k' I took two or three nn-u with top: Wagner had roup before 1 got to the bouse. Q- Did Wuguer say auy 'h?n?to vou iu the morning ?s to how you were to go to the *le?iner? A. No; he did not toll me where the steamer was he si,hi the name ot the Tcsael *?? t.' ??? ilerhllt i when I got .town to the *amerI "?*? there Wagner gave ticket. to the men for Bo* on he ga\ e nre 11 ticket for Bout on; when I went to Boston, eighteen men went with me: don't know any of names, y. Did Wnguer say anything to you on boardthe umei'' A. Not a word; it waa on 1 ri'i"vJ'? 11 Vork, and reached Boston on t-.turday morning^ 1 saw Wagner there he took a carpet bag iu his hand and w.nt nut first, and all the men followed him to a Wl. all utonped at thi? wine boarding houw until ihur.< lay mo ,;;,: rW:,g?er stored there Wagner told me on Thursday morning that he did not knowwlon the ?lop would l?e ready to go to Halifax, we weie six da i? in no-ton, I was walking about tired'ly th -ix days I did rot pay nny hoard, I lived a tlia lmuse ' 1 u-ed to go sit in the Park (the Common), I was si I ting there one day, when a Herman feu'lornan ",ne onto nre and asked me what was the matter, (object- I Mi- Wagner raw urn every day in the boarding house 0 r id you ever see Wagner sfnce thent- A. Wagner sal I to me. fn Hdndge street jall-'d will give y ? you -ay you do not know me; ' h" also -aid the evidence taken down in Boston will not do here; there was an miration in Button for three or-four days. Cross examined by Mr. B-ol?T hve in '^rl -f ee. New Volk: 1 an. a ,chllur in dry the number in 1'eart street; it ia the Mxth Wa d l/.dg ii g House, newr Chatham street; I don t know how long ; {[."? been there, 1 was there .boat two months before 1 met Wagner in tire Bowery; 1 peddled hi' u''"'kl>a ? InHolioken, New Jersey; whet. 1 met Wagner I had i,e died out all my go>sls and my money. (laughter); I hare been In Cincinnati; I have been m tbis ri tintry four yea.and In New York a ye?'?"?? hall I don t know lh?? name* of any poraoii* I kjiiru J,'".!, from, except a Mr. Hmltb -nd a Mr. I llman amt Snn-t know where they litre; I never aw Wagner befo e the morning 1 met him in the Ifc.wery. I '? ?? ? llatlem to look 'or work I wasn t walking fast wa too w a: to; (laughterV, he didn't si^ake hand, with u>. . I was not decently dress.!; ? was !??**"*?{ as well then as I an, now. I got money in Ehlri ig- stie. I I I I I, tola all that occurred l*t*een mc and Mag le ,! gave m. the ticket on tsiard when the steamer wasg'tMotr from the dock I had a ti kri which I go fr. 1,1 another mat. Wagner said, give i?e back that f, ket,' and he gave me n- for Boston l b ive the nam of C.H.k since 1 I ame t.e.e my name is K?k iu _ and I.a.l my-eif Abraham Cook, my real name is Abrnm K'.Lr. W. Mead examined?1 am wharf agent on the ctJiLsn line; there wa a boat called the \ anderh. t <n that line In Augu-l; "ur first clasa pMMOger tickets ate 14, and the second class 92 , I awl ence Berlin deporisd-l know Weftcr flrst sxw htm comer of I clam cy street and Broome at rat , ? wa the first < f August?-Wedtewday; '? bake, and had ju-t r. me f. m a b?kc -hop: 1 "?? ' ?J'k "J""* I*,/ s en oil ' at on a Krhlsy. after the M ednrs.lay I met Wsg ner: I saw Wagner there also. M- Did you see ..nythn g done about tickeUY , ,, . Mr. Hoffman aubmittrt that tbr testimony ihouUl be confined to What W*gner dtd to I <>"k and ho'ild n R bey, nd the indictment this indictment is alone for en listing Cook, and not for eulisllng thl? witness. 1? the i'.iatrct Attorney??'ook was ?n board when th til lets were distributed; Wagner gave every trim a tick "?iul 'strict Attorney?That ia my case I will not en "tr Man^ank yon. sir: g-l morning Mr. Hoffman s. gg, sted to the ?Y,ort,l'?' no,;; ^ proved, and dcaiied to know whether the ' rl.e ,<o the Jury , or intimate what hi p *'l>ln*f " oil) e matter ie. lie submitted that the contract had not teen prov, n so aa to make an offence, under the nil ing of Judge .-Sprag, e. in a alinllar <?** tried In H '?t''"; *1 . ( outt ogg. ste.1 that the conaidcra Ion nwvng Is twrvn tl e prisoner and Cook w?s the bounty of * J> a?d tl ,? ?lo pet ov nth; hat It might n .t Ie- nacesaary tba ?ho.K & ' *iir'IW-be th n .'.pc'i^th' <?*" !"rK?u *'1,^*' be?'r.n^n<^DW|,''hen*f'th>s man had e- ne to the Crimea the.e w.mfl be, very probably, ne man leaa In the ahn?bonse for the cllnena of New one men tees mv. Attbm)ttw<l that no contract hal I,',n fnytned in th'f <m". ?' 1 !h?' h* .. en" live ond-rthe ilosslan governtnent wbea the K in ' M aMh.oe wl"- n'law'-i this country that col I pt event : rd h< ne^l oof v to 1,1 A ,/tt ,1^0. ? S it#* v ^ bU pi-fni"-!'"h^#' t ; M f??"? Wagner he' (W agier; was ^ 1 * |. age until t o'el'*W in th- lU' ^ ?as rraiapsyrrasaw-a to be an oI.Tf. Mr Paetrf?I're. isely ao. l liee at 2M> Martin ITey waa then -a! e.l ami ,.epo-e-l?1 > vc at - Br'.nest reel Hved there foor yeara, keepa Z? there I knew W agner abs.ut two or rio - >1 it . I. nt-r he boarded at my house be wnou i i , , ij. la, you rc.ll.rt W?gm r .ta-nngfor ItosCo

r," si- A As far aa I .einemhar. and according Vagnev left my house the M of Angus' ats.i.t 4 o'clock in the aftoraoott; 1 TVh. t.'v'^ T-r sn I was .It k and I -ante I go to l/rr* lsUnd Aedny heto , an Wagner wet.t tor me s?d returned ut U o'eloeki at ntgnc W'asr.ei War d. :nk when be cam- home; I heard Iw.t, .taut 12 and at 2 o'rhrek I got lying in the T.rd we Umk him up to bed and he ul " n'.h eu a*air" until between .1 ?wd ? InJh- ^torao.,^ I ?a? him in h?? twrtn *t 12 o.l'-k midday. . was awake Q. Irt.1 any tehgrspl. con- M>Wagnerin? nV A I d-n't know whether there wa. a ,nt I received a left, r for Wagner th-? -a. l-tho- ^e -aire down rial s. ( saw him comedown aUlrs, I lie W-ttr, f .r Wagnei about n.s.n, he came down ?r_ about :,H (1-elo.k and led at 4 the rewaon I wen opto hi. c m -a. part y t?* )??*? lj^ how he wa. he id not 'ell me why he w nt to. Vwtorc the h'e k I -p-ak of la the -me l? whh h . en ?r .t, n. tan of tl m- who -rmre to and leave my b-m, eaamioe.1 hy tb' District Att.,rney-1 am b. I f ^ kfrl /l.dfman?H<w ? an that be, Wsgner iain pr" .n Tdgtilrt Attorney?He ia under the lm,.r?wlon to- he ? I.itos f.r tVs man, and be M" to me me heeootd net get him en hce and I wa. ob'Ue-t to ' m* H.^fmaa?That only prove- that the t ni'M I. ...ore po-evfwl ti er, one man . ismma't. n eoatinued?I doa t know what V, .... fgsntPS.HW ru??.w. . ? waa er,gaged In be pa-d m* money for T am y How maeb -Hd la pay you (Hktorlad u , Tk " tllrt Atto.i??y wanted to show 'hat he paid lor the rs*< ? nf ill W rttiil.DuM-Wtfmrr w%* in mj fr ??* kawinn ng < H'T "",|1 ,h* M ^ "7 board by the month; he hoa paid mo overythlng ho aorod mo; Wagner never told me that h? had baau ta fhwton before; I never asked him shout hi* going to was not my business to a?k ?ueh .uestlons I o? Wag nor on tho Saturday after the ?atar<!ay he left my Uouae, I think. Adjourned to Saturday morning. The Keentu Reorae. TRMBNTATION Of A M11>AL TO CAPT. tls'ORAll VM. It will be remembered that on the new* of the lamnua Koeita reecue. in the Ray of Smyrna, by Copt, lugraham, reaching the I'nlted State*, it created no little excite ment, and In thia city a nut meeting of democrat* of every nation wo* held at Metropolitan llall to gire vent to the feelings of admiration and approval felt by them for the gallant and manly conduct ot the commander ?/ the St. Louie. At that meeting a committee was ap pointed to prepare and deliver a suitable testimonial to Capt. lngrabam on hi* arrival in thi* country. The committee immediately net about their work, and pro cured a medal, but were unable to preneot it, from tha fact that Capt. lngrabam has but once routed N?>? York since that time, ant then passed through It ?o hastily that the committee did not know of hi* arrival. The medal in the ineautimo wan de posited In the flank of Commerce for safe keeping. On Tuesday last Captain Ingrahani arrhed in the elty, and on heing notified, expressed hia wlllingne-a to accept tb ? testimonial provided it would be presented without tin necessary parade and publitily. In accordance with this request the presentation took place on Thursday night, at the Me'rooolitan Hotel, In the presence of some titty per sons. Among those in the room were several Italian and tlungariun patriots, members ot the Cuban Junta, and the member* of the pieseutation committee, Messts. Henry II. Morange, Felix Forrest!. Col. H. Forbes, Dr. Cltas. 4chamm. A. Iluszewski. (lustarus Mi> hsels, J. McMuIlen. Julius Kroehl, 1>. Corcourler, F. Freay, and others. Captain Ingrahani is s tall, thin, wiry man, of shout 40 year* of age. HI* demeanor Is mistest and re llilrg and those who saw him could hardly realise that he was the spirited defender of the ontr.iged Kor . ta. Ills manner of speaking is hurried and nervous, and betrays u man ot quick and leadily framed conception*, lie wit diesstd in the usual naval costume. Mr. Henry H. Morange, on behalf of the committee, nta'a a brief ?|s>eeh In presenting the medal, whereupon Captain Ingrahani replied substantially a* follow*:? I cannot hut feel highly gratified thai a number of my fellow citizens of New York hare thought my conduct on the vd July, at frnyr na, in rescuing Martin Kosxla from the Austrian authorities, of such a character as to In dure thi'in to pieseut me with this lieautiful metal. I perfoimed but my duty in rescuing one whom I thought, under the circumstances, entitled to the protectl in he elaimed at my hand*. Before making the demand upon the Au*tiiau Consul for the r?lease of Koszts, I urged upon the Governor of Smyrna the propriety of hi doing so. s* the outrage-was committed within his jurisdiction He declined, and infmuiod me he could only report the case to Constantinople. It then liccame my duty to act, and I happily succei ded, without bhsslshod, in snriug thi* outraged man finm the punishment that awaited him had he been carried to Trieste. In ac -opting thi* allow me, gentlemen to return you my grateiul thank* for the (tattering manner iu which y >u have spoken of my conduct. I shall a I way* gratefully remember thesnthu siastic manner in which my conduct ha* been approved by the citizens of this great city. The medal ?n handed over at the conclusion of the Captain'* brief addre**, and the assemblage dispc ?"i. 1h< medal is of massive gold, and is valued at (1I I with out the workmanship Its fbee represent* u portion of the globe, above which floats an eagle rejoicing in the Iglit of the sun. and grasping ill III* talons the olive and the thunder, the former suspended over America, the latter isady to he Hunched at Knrope. Above is the device civii. Axn KKijoiora miiki-ty. And below ? red) J MAflM wkati.mi or Farm) hxjioi kaiiks m? Turk. I ('AMAIN DIM AN M. tMUAHAM, WTT. Tl, V8f>U. ^ Untie reverse la a representation of the Goddess of 1 iberty huh iug a protecting arm over Captain lngrabam nnd Koszl*. wli i are in a bout, while the Amei lean and Austrian ves-els are to be seen in the distance, (iu the ma gin are the words of Captain Ingrahani to Koszta? f??,oooooo,-/.ooooo?oo/,oo/.oo?, j; isi rot" tha Muzntmox or thu i \irnn .*TATut? I } TIIIA Vol' HIIAII. MAY* IT. i And below? iMZjatz, smtiisa. ; ji it 2, nis 11 in. jj The testimonial i~ a line one ami alike credital I" to the givers and the icceiver. Tlie segar makers of Connecticut are to hold a State ci mention, in iliirtloid. ior the purpose of adjusting a none equitable scale of pi ices and considering the proui ie ty of calling a tripartite convention, consisting of New Voik, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, for the purpose o haino tilling those Mate* under one scale. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? 0?a* MARKET. nuOAT, <?ct. 12?8 K H The u. ?* from Europe by I be ate * ni.l. i(i CiUitl i ? noi calculated to improve financial a Ha1 re on tlii- it'* if tin' Atlantic. Tl.? Bank of I'nglan I and tlie Bank of From e ? re in a very difficult poeMon. Tho *t#ndy .Ir.iin upon them for bullion ha* compelled tht-in to re?.,rt to very unusual measures lor the prove, ration of ? sufficient *np ply ol apecip to retain public conliilenre and prevent a moae'ary panic. The return* of the liaiik of Kng! an I. It i 1he week ending Sept. 22, .how a further tie rev e o* upward, ot two million* of dollar*, and the flank ol I > ?nee had for Kome day* preriou* to the la*t date been in the market g bullion at a hiifh Boat *o a. to m ible i to make a lav,.ruble report at the regular appointed time. All tbi- loo}.* oniinoti* and i fraught with erlous foreboding*. A further increase in the rate of Inteie t by the I'.ank of I'.ugland t* beyond a t|Ue?tloo an t the Bank of France will of couive be cnmp.dl.-d to follow ?uit. The objf t of all tbi* i* to guard again*! >xtiavap?nt ?iceul*i on* in btead.itulfa or otbe ? art. clt?* of ne <? ?lty or commerce, and to protect *1he rotrnu rcial tla sea a* much a* possible fr,m the t ril* of a contraction win di inu*t If the war continue* i?e et|ual in .evmlty to anything ever before expurlencedj Ihe manage,* ol the two gn at bankiug o'sblUhincui.. of FuiO|e knew rery well that an exten-ir>- and prntiocted w.r mud lend to re ult* *uch a* the prevent genera'lon ef buaine** men never realised and that prepare'ion. to* the .(nergeney mii-l not l<e put olf t >o long. A gradual and steady inerta?e In the rate of Internet will lead to a gradual and steady ron'racticn in o,miner, lal tran-? tii'ii*. and public -a'e'y n -t? < nly in the firm adherence to aui h a coui >-e <tn thl* -ide of the A'tantie thi? pulley ? <n the part of the Kurripean liar king institution* cannot tie without it* effest, sod all experience prove* ihat it ? uDnot he otherwise than -iinilar. We may aigue that our va*t aupplic, of brea lntuff*, and the maiket* .*i*-ing in Europe for every! of our -uiplu*, at high p Ice* p lace* U* In a position too -trong to be aff>r'e<l. r in Jured by the embarrassments of Kuru|?an aatlonx, but Midi aigumenta are faltaele- and are releiiaU to weakin u* by over n i' b ? -nfid. nee i] our I,nan ? la) resource* It would lie well to I >ok the fact* full In Use face, and not de ? re our ? Ive* liy placing our hope* ujon 6al?e proml?". It i. hi. enough that nui Supplies of hreadstugb aie all that could be rle,lred. that a demand esiat* a trend, at high price*, for all our enrplua, liut the fact that aueb high price, are caused entirely by *ran iiy In foreign crop* l? .offo ent to ronvlnre |lio*e who perfectly i ndt ieleuil the relation* of commercial nation*, that .here we gam In one point we |l ?e in .< veial oth> ? A i alien ,?< mpelled to Import food cannot afford to Import ait le* ei.n?!i>red In the light of lunrie* ilea; .1 eiibm ee eci ttninjr in every other expenditure and a ,? .rest at*pie cotton, la manufactured to a v*ryg<eat e? ?mt Into artklea of luxury the consumption, ?<, a great extent, will be restricted. I eder the emhsrra ? wnta which an ex| enflte war and partial hnina are cab aisled ?? produce in hi,gland and Kran? to* two prin ipel - n.ti mere for our nation, |r It (Mt Iwipuaaible but that it e* for that ataple may ink low am. .gh to *<>?<?? y i,err retire the enhanced vel # of ?ur brwvd tuifa The true value of an abundant crop ot br>-*l* toffs a toy country I* U. aettre to tli? p? pie a fill .apply e pri.ea. < heap fmd ia crndU'ive tl gen. ? ?l p! ?? ?r y, and give-great Impetu- to Industry r. n . . fitly tboff produce* a reverse It I* e ,,':eatlnn wh-'bet we have a. cmed the l.leaslng. ?>! low price* by the ab in 'ari'eef our crop,* An extensive export demand I* ! ,.. n> > a more or l#ea'be xaloe of the ? ppl.r* r>'aln?! for d'ireatfe e? naumptb u end price* tm our iia'ke1* ? it '.kely to rule ee high In the r?ee of w?.w' prolific har re*>? a* year, ?h>n there were ?h nrt aupplle* o ? v? jrhi'-f. The. uauming 1* sea Ut home *re lb. re (pre no hnttet >i4 ban tbey neve wlea the crop* were en ierabfy rm* "er. A fot tga demand for * factious' p?rt four *cppl ?a ruiaee the >el "f pbe whole, and ? I ave nethfug la thl* t >etgn Aetna n ! '*apwn?*<iag rt ? own SM> rnlng elueee* tor the I nth priem they iutv o | ay A foreign ?rnandf.o brewd.tuff* la -oly Isr.rraM ? and 4*. ?? le t?> e grew! ronunet. lal ns' ">n. *o W>og a* t U < n8ned to IWIt which do not Interfere w tb ot ob ?> Mi't the na'nrsl our*# o* trade. Wh-n It foe* ley.,. < hat point I' I* a gre?ier nj try than beaaeftl to the coot, try at large exjenrfteg *e well e* Import,ng The stock market appear, to he gradually ol atoa ft y mil bug own to e i'-we* level. There was ^uite aa a< ?? tmelneaa 'b > morning generally at lower p b*. *. ? h a ,|erlined t* per 'eat Virginia 8 ? '* Vlna*ug"*, . Ila.lew. t( Kea .inf Rai'rend. g lit l?a Itlver Ka.l/.md S. MwklfM c -sUura, *J>ilnaf. an' Rorh Is'.nd, %. Theee no part.tu ar m .twe u? any lending otoeka. New York leutr.J Railroad ?s? Ottered at 94 |ier cant, and no ?*1m. Altar the adjournment of 1ba Hoard, the following aalea of a loci* and bond* vara aw le at auction, by Simeon Draper:? . ?100 Stockton (Cal.) 10'a, intercut ad lad HI 12 50,000 1 *kr F-rie, Wabaah and St. l/iuia Railroad firat mortgage, intaraat added 74 S a TO 25,000 T. Haute A Alton KK, N'a 2d inert , in ad 76)$ a 77'2 3.050 Del., lacka u* A VVoatam Itrt, Ut uiorl., in. ad.H7 600 Cincinnati and fhlrtiffD Railroad 10'a lot. ad .81 6 ehaie* New York lenfral itailr?a>l Hi 76 rhare* Tutado and llliuoU Railroad Jib 40 diare* Arctic t'lra Insurance Company VI 2.000 aharaa t'nion Mining Company 20c At tba second board there *M con*lderable ari.rity in Nicaiagna Transit. A lot of I 000 ahaiaa van sold at IV, buvar 30 daya. Harlem and Reading allow a dechn*. Ulinoia Canti al bouda improrad a fraction. At the clo-e tlia market wa< weak, with a downward tendency. The Assist* nt 1 lea-urar n'jujit< to-day a* follow.:? Paid on Treasury Account $103,402 42 Received on do 106,493 OH ISaUncc on do 6,968,940 A! Paid for Aaaay Ofllce 13..175 31 Paid on IHabursing Check*..... 22.VV6 04 Tli? warrants entered at tha Treasury Dc|>artiiieut Washington on the 10th inxt., were a? fotloara:? for the redemption of stock* $638 40 For tlieTreaaury Pepartineot 705,918 3d For the Intarlor Department , 14,308 41 For the Custom* 30.414 23 War Warranto rereln-d and anteied 05,946 59 War icpay warrant* rcceired aud entciod 0,740 41 From CuKtonia 20 00 From miscellaneous aotircea 10 40 Drawn on account of the Nary 10,>55 52 Rej aymi-nt* on account ef the Nary 25,198 72 1 he gold coinage at the New tblean* mint dining the month of September amount to $50,000, In eagle*; ailver coinage in the aamc time. $470,000, in half dollar*. lira dollar *purb>u* note* purporting to be of the Metiopolitan Rank of thi* city, ara in circulation. They are printed from a genuine plate of the prirate bank of the *ama name, formally existing at Washington. On the top of the note the word* "City of New York," and at the bottom "New York" hare bean printed, appa rently from a lithographic drawing. Some faint trace* remain of the word* "Washington City," which the alterar Una endeavored to era-e from the note by tha u?e of add*, j Tha annexed *tutcinant exhibit* the grim* imd net earn- ; lug* of the Reading Railroad Company, for the month ol September, and fir the Urat tan month* In each of the I pact two year*:? i Run riiaii 1864 1865 Received Irom ri al $433,857 72 $312,411 52 " '? man handle*.... 21,726 50 29,356 37 " " trarcl, Ac 30,487 98 32 234 00 $486,062 20 $424 014 51 Transportation, roadway dump age, renewal fund, an I all charge* 171,631 65 159,874 98 Net profit for the month $314,398 bl $254,139 01 " for prei lou* 9 month* 1,275,621 1*9 1 745,200 80 Total net profit for 10 month* $1 590,020 50 $2,007,340 41 The dectoaie In net earning* in September. lSh.'i, coin pared with tha ?am<> month la*t year, wa? $42,259. The ?luanllty of coal trau-ported during the month this year, ten* greater than last, hut the toll* ware about twelve and a half per cent lower thi* year, which account* for the falling off in the receipt* from coal. Tin !.oiiilori I hruiiii l' < ( r-ojiteml-er 21, in -peaking nf the coureo pur-tied by the Hank of England. ??y-:? 'Die ileuinnii for hank note* by the Stock Exchange the in e i con tile anil other iuteieat* line l?een uud ?t i II Ti >et y \ great, an<l the aupply i< by no mean* too identifnl. A moie injiidieinue ami aulclda' ineanure rotiM, (lierefine nut lute been reaurted to l>y the bank than that of i-e'l ingetm k. By tlii- operation the bank comet into the ?mai ki t at a competitor with the nut of the moneyed in tercut, for bunk nolet, nt u time eheu it ought rather to tifforil it eeery ni-e-'fti) nMlahince. The perh-l la lie-idea an i. nfortnnali- one tor any o|>eratlona of the kind Willi a revi-re drain upon both France ami l.iiglan.l tor k the limit of which no man kn-wa, with an impending panic on the I'arla ttonme, the (1 reek incrcliaata coned I ? ti.ting tln-lr rewuiircea to pay for r-ilii, either nowmi it? ned to way, or about to lie chipped to thla rountry and the leitainty if our iiinilrt* being aoon Inumlateil with American breadatuff*, a bald inil comprehendve ?? tion ?>? ncre- ory to item the Ude of 'tlffioulHo wlil'-h are multiplying ami pre*- ing upon the Imnk. A-the public mind la now agitated upon the " tradt f the We-'," anil the anpport our n-vi al work- are to derive from It we may aa a ell look at oar protenalona end proapect * for e?otirlng an l retaining the portion we ? * pent :ii a reward for our expenditure. In our Original e-timatew, our object wu- not ? > much the trade aa a monopoly, for our -everal work uud beuee the loitaUon, I artlcularly of the New York and Erie, waa hut a *? condary romdderatk n; mrmntulm. In the eyea of the pro jectora, mere but mole bill-. and the grade- and the gauge- a- In -a .I by Tiki'a, were of " no con??qnenoe." Hut the work- are In operation, and while the ator'. In Mi ti .ire looking for dividend* let u- eramlue the proopect ol obtaining them. Fir-I We -ball begin at Krie aa th it la llie place will' e the -exnal tinea concentrate for at leaut mi m>ath< uf the year ami take the New for'. f-mitral with the other* in regular <iipa. The actual dixtaace Mi' ? From Erie to rotate line, fl leet gauge II' I-urn Htgte line to Buffalo, 4 feet 10 Inch gunge OP From Buffalo to Albany 4 feet Inch gauge .'t.d From Albany to New York. Iludaun Itlret Kaliroad .144 Tntul IPS) ?wi'h thrre trau-hipuie ita. wic.. : .it -tite hoe Buffalo and Albany. i.w Volte a: n Kuni Int rt Mil a*. From Frie to State lino. 8 fret gauge Itf _ _ . ? - - - - .t in ln> I From Mate Mlie to 1'uriklrk 4 fi-et 1" hu h gauge .... From Dunkirk to Huff-ru'" d tee', gauge 477 From -offer n a to .Jer ey (Ity, now I nlou lb id, >> t??" ga k From Jerny I ity to New York ferry I Total . M?f ?wi>h three transhipment- *i* : it Mate line, Dunkirk and Jereey ? ity. M-hi at .i>ii Ilut RotTt to I'fittanrirti a Mil". From Krie to I hila lelphla, 4 f-et *'J inch gauge, Die entire diet a nr* 42* Namely. from F.rie to Wllllainareifl *?' " William iport to T i ma |'ia t"> '? l am n,ua to I hiladelphlt. .... trg Tb-.- route, nt w in ttie hau l- of the e litre- <> - fin -hod to Wllliaaiapeti, a diatanc of 1*1 toi'e- Then e it ! will be completed hi I'ldgway dun rig (fee net' aeawra, ' where It *111 connect with the Venango am1 nearly all the Made diiergnig through lihlo At WfOlam-piirt I 1 n-mieeta w.'h the Wllltaaawport ted Eltnlr' ro- I and ' ,-leea to the trade of Klrrnra, oxer the New Jerxf' eu'.raf, | a roeleof eauct grade an-t a IIn form gauge a dlatan -e of "Iff mile-. with one tiari-liipnient at Hltal-elhpor'. Thua ?e hare th<- itetail- on the three prtn tinl r >nt- ? ? the Weetero trade. Bo' aa onr ilew ? /ufiue-t only to the dl''anre are' gauge we ton-' teok a" grade- t< te'ertn o the adran age- t'n the threw ronte- rg# a-oending and 1 dcecendtag grad- - are about aa follow* ? Buffalo and AibadkV II 'i<>> f?e' ew York and Ere. ... IJ.ffTS uulury ami trie * vg> ? ^ If we aaaume lb* Banal eaUmate that a riaw anl fall of "feet la e, al ta one m I# of dfao -W on a b-ee! anl ri tr dore lato the rah u la' ton the e|tlnM of In wn | uiitanoe for each tranahlpineut wa hire the r upr atlc i total diataroe ae an l equaled aa 'ol o?i ? Buffalo too Albany to Kaw York OBT natle N'ew York ant F-rie to V.7 euabnry aiol I rla To J'tdtadefpble .. , ltd frie l IW I'hil oleiphli la.tat Yn? 6"! " lhu?, we -<e ly the aetnal and ",ua'e-l d.-l m ?? tha' tha routo from tliroogh tfllta Wipkia ll 2M in tea ; -h' fer than by Ihtffa hand tlhany, and .0* -fi'd'tei than by the New York and Rrt* aad If we e-tnnata the gbt at 1;, -at- per ton per m , we bat- the f- haw tag rate* Bj M- ffalo at 1 A any .... II It | Y-ark and him It 90 1 f uDhury ai.1 Kr a r.a It.iWtelpii a .. tr '*? Tt.we items, although egtruaedlnaty ta thetr pre on <fa(-e are oweeatbe'e? mer- tkin?afraiel l| til- M'-i al nporaiiaana -an the Heading Rod-oad. "a that woa a a a>ngie er | lne -aa d? 'be work 'if 3\ -ogiax m any r -ad wh- re 'he grade#'1-^rnd <t the rata -ff >3 fo?t ta the I mile and if wa l.??a Into tga ? iai .-f r-,g nor k t *< will dlecoerr that the feueayteanl a routea l<ae? vte.eia gea and that the -aiw'w -reer the V'ee Jw-aey f en'ral le a-, ?ly '.be ahorteet but wt'iwt direct routo f-r 'be ? a-el m the Wmt. Tie riuegrd -'a er nte-l. ta a jUa jao'ra i ? f foil gn dry |'-d- nib" ' at it ?? 't for " oaaaip Ike for aarebou-e ial at-- II- wi'hd-awa.* fr-iwi Wireba >i.e da-leg the we?k ea-t f ?"'t acl rdlag 'h-ir day Drtobee II. I*44 ? kfoh.*e?r* ??*?-.? rmr r^?,ia k awe- -4 /er C-aar. aa Vd-VI/y Haau'a '#-e? of W-ed . I,** 1'fi I Jftl Mi ion ffi. A4r?laall^i, N If- ah. *a na'a-' ef*e of Wia-I V, ffl*. t'ottoa M t'a fotk an flat 7* *: <?' iaaaaaa ion t,i AW?T~< /?r ?r jr4ow> Manufacture, of Witol HI m.Xf ?' ('.it loo ltd ll.iir ? Nltk 12 4 7 Hi ?? ru* R? lT.itl MieoeUaneoua Urt ?.4t? Total "*47 WH.4M Total value put oo the market .In ring tha waok . fl,812,474 Tlie |>aat bai hem a quiat week 001004 >rjr good* mar chant.. Country dealer* hara partially ietire.1 from Mm uatWet, an<l left a? nporatora behind, koto local jobbaae, etwee purchieea are kept wtUtln tha limit* of their 1m ued'ate waaU, aa they diallka to venture farther than there la a orreaalty Air, fearing that extravagance, la Ih4 ?nilileat form, aouM tetnl to hanu them In tha long rt?a. ho long a. they can ?all?fy their ourUinierl' oa'Ia thay faal dtapnaed toward, contentment. hpeeu'atlnn M probe UUlllea ia not at proent In accordanoo with their InclllU ? thin*. It afford* u. aincera plea.tire to heable to aay M lino h ami out hope U, that ere long alt intere.ted la Mm* to.pone.a will In- ooirormly governor) by .Imilar rtewa. a4 (hey cannot but help to place the traffic In a aoiind oo* illtlnu ami ihicM from thoaa Injurtou* reactloua which ever ftillo*, a. a natural eonaequenre, any llagrant dura* gatii of thelaaahy which legitimatehualneaa ahouWI evac lie regulated. Blown aheaUnga and .birring, are moderately la quired f.r, and rule pretty nrm. We aotl*# h-aa anlinatlon In bleached g . -i?, which am anmewhat depreaard. Cotton A.nmla attract Inrreaaed attention, and are .lowly hilt atealily advanciag- The etor-k ia an inadequate una. IH-uinitare plenty an ) Heatry, though ant lunar. lirilta are In moderate re-pip-nt at old prlrea. Ihirk la rater and more .ought after, at ateadp figure.. Cliigliaina air um hangi-d. lawna are tna' lira awl languid. Nankin, are dull and nominal ttanalmrgi mora inqulrad for and are eery linn. I'r loth. ara rare and needeil at etrcngthenlng r|Uotation.. 1'rlnt. aia retailing at In egular rat-'", htripea an-t ticka .eem dull and heavy a. before quoted. We hare nothing parllra larly new to notice In the bu.inea. in woulleo (bhric. which arc generally In moderate anppljr and demand at, for all ilarirahle alylea, lull pticea. There m lea. move ment In blankata, but no other change of importance. (arpeta ate taken aa Irecly aa thay are olfaiad where the ta.le of buyera la .ulte-l, at fair quotation., t aa.imera are plenty anil heavr. (lolha an t doe akin, are unaltered. I lannel. are In la*a demand, at old figure. Jean, aie Inactive and deprea-a-l. IJnaaya ate .piulngly >halt in at drooping ratea. Moualla <ta lalnea are .aleahte and Arm. He ti Betaare qulat and heavy, hhawla are In g-.?! drmaml at about former qootatioaa. Tweeila are alowly bought but are ati-ady in price. I on I411 g -?1. aie .till but moderately active, aa the ?upply of ile.lrabla labile. ta InauActent to meet all tha requliauirrita of purchaser., but there la no relaiation in priiea, or In the cnnbilolrce of factora. The Uta-t a? nnnnta frcim the Old Woild are regarilnl *? bring in the nniln, fnviirahle to Importer. having' -aa?on.blr ?t.?. k. aa hand, but the notnlwr of tbl. fortunate elaa. t. aola aignltlrant (hat the Intelligence ac trcely affect, bnaiuee.. The Importe aia wtIII quite moderate, and hut a trivial IHirtlou thereof i. Ie-I|q( waieb'iu.epl tha hulk of what 14 entereil being for eotuunipUob direct, pretty elaarly In dicating the rourae of tiade at preaent. I Htm k Kirl>an|r. t-IUDtT.Oet. lit, IW $VC0ll MI*>ourl 0'*.. . 4fX> alio IjIo Jtlt r 16000 . .0 W v.'0" do ?w MV 1000 liar 1st Mta I6t? Wi ?>"0 56 UQOO fcrip bda. 'BU.6d VI d?w do ? 64 dOVO ilo o VI 800 il> b3 15 ?000 Kiln bd?. TfthOO H v 800 do 64 6V00 do.... I > IH7\ IIW do MV 00 do I>3 *71, ion do..., WW fdkvj .'010 do... b.'!0 A1'4 lillhilnn Klt.,.,c SVi lOOOHnd 111 at M IU 100", '.1W do....?,^0 *W MOO 111 <Vu K iu.a.'<0 7? .100 do !?*> 'JtSi VOoo do . TV :?0 It adltin RR .alm M 6W0 do....?"? TV MW? do ? ?l< yt<K) do 7V1, W) do W'? MOO OlIAK I Kit t>" ve \ 2?0 do.... WW 84* 30 h? It k II rtal'it IW 500 do two ??% 13 Metropolitan Ilk. 1<>8 1W> do ?I0 04^ 60 1'liMil* Rank In* '.00 lludton R BHbOO 31 10 1Ioinelo?< VS fW do <? 3?t? 410 Nlc Tran I?... .0 l*'a 640 Mkh lant KMWIO 80 86 I'rnn CoaH 6" do. 8T lOOCmnb (.alto b3 -tb\ MO d ?<3 ?T no do 'B>\ bO do ??! Wll< , , 0 do c '4*', 34W MIH llOO 110 y o do ?0 itf', 100 d ' >"VJ H,t) Jo WH 40l.?l b'ld ??o Hit lil'J ?oo do*. ...??? if-si .'KtO Clffa k tol RK t *l?t 300 I aid Cold M b3 * ?'M d ?1 W ?.On do bit 7a !'*? d' "-0 MS .00 do b30 I MO do Mi M 100 Kiln RH " I 53 -2 't" ? ??* 100 do WO 661, '.10 do.. "IV 81 *< loo do b-l 66', fl ("hl< k Kb U RR. I 100 do WW 56'. 160 do......*80 | 100 do h-'VI 56', '.oil do "80 83 100 do b" 66'. M) do r ;,00 do "3 65'. t'dl dr.... WW 81* HIIIIKP 80 4*0. ?tooro flVbHO ** 100 ah. Krla RR .615 MS !M*.0 do H7*a l;V? do 5?'i 601 0 III I It Hd. b? 7V. 00 66 in 00 d< "St. 600 Cunib Cunl On... bnlf M on <lo "0 TV v. MW do ...WW 2T 10000 d. 1,10 7M, 100 liaiina KK 86 160 "ba Ml- Ttai. ?'?? <? 1*', 100 WW 80H lo. o do. I/O IV 40 Handing lilt "10 "M yO do I?fl0 IV, '-?00 do ??in M MTV TRAUR I1KPOKT. 6>ioar, ?M 12?4 !? M. Arum ?-mall ?a|. ? "or* rnada wllli at eliaofr i? pilro.. Kai iirr rra ? Flour?-Tli? ma k*t ??? afan l>?a?f, aud roanmoa an I ii.adlum (-ado. da.lla.~l line par bar it! Ho ?alo? .ni.loartd about 6.(?0 a 7,00o ba/rtU, la. rli.dfd in al.i' b wrf oouititiu aiol "?ua -taw at *?6 a 6* *7 Wrdtia mi??d to i iuov n ctta b.attda. at 5* *? a I'J. About I WW bid- HHiad bri nd? oil ""Id at tba lorinar Vfuio n.a market foi Can.dl.n tr." '(ill't au.1 pikia. aoniearbat aa?lr? ronttnuad In fal da mand Iba nal*" rtnbraTd '06 a 'Ol Id.U, a' pitr?a laMlnf '"?? ?* 75 a 111 M lur ? to t.'ra prad*>. Wl.rat?Tba niaik' t w*> dull and prlea? ua?at llt.1. Tlit In irfln W-taroii tba flow a of loi/tf" ?n?l aal Itia raofd In t?il dwnp'" t? f'"n? !'*? "? IW -mall ?.lt* of abltt utrt itp.Mlt.1 </?i ttrni" A ul" of aW.ut 4 "W t.ualo'U Iitlawaf M bronght 81 vf. In ?t-.ra. Ibt .{uoiatlon. for a..u?d rt-l, .rf tarv 'i? ?Vt.-rlpt .oa, rai.ftd from ? I Wi a II 8* and V.r ?b't- at U 16. Oniw-lba talaa taloar d aWoit I0.W6I? oWb Woioa ndtwl a' V4r. fr(on .toft u> 85t,'- it ?l Itf" *aa, . W nit 1". 000 bi.atwU In roafkat ...Id a I fl 44 ? II 48. and :0.'?I0 bu.hrla out anH Ui antra In Xatna l(tr at 81 4.'( l?at" oaia alta ?dlb aula* of Or<- afl* at 4*o. I .."rn ?Tba ra-f ??' ''?' par liam'/a ?a? "old -? U|)al |>i!r|Ulrikw and ab-ul 700 do ?m -d t ? lb* tiada a' 1!' 11/rrit.a ?T7(? *alt" rtnclwd about 7'J0 a WW I wit", oltta KKt rhanH-a In pilrta ! ?((< int ? In tb* Ion-noon rat.a -ptnol dull tigt In t),t thrrn *aa a l-ttar btlin* with a Ara^r loot To IJtrti I, tbt MHfaftuitnt" rt.-htl a'oat r<> la.o if ,tI yralu n hu!k al Vt,d al'iSI In tk? afltrooou lid. vaa otrllnwl an I ar. tofaftrntn- ruirv(rt4 a' r.t,d n I?r Al- It W?i br aa ? f notion at.a an fj><\ at 6 !6d. wb It iwmit . ? ill lot. t^ra rtuort?l at ','1. 1 rrr R'r.1 rdn tart at ale. d ?" ttl to A" aaktd. 1.1 |"t,d n a. ?.? en* tarntol. 'd jrain ?? ra rtpiftt*! at 14-' Tlitrt uaa n< b.r.*? In tat. f.rllatrt aod an |k|r*??t< aata m ? rata attlf-.i flour, ta fo? oatton, "?! Vr fi r ( a n lo |toi|?r :??, Wti 1,01. rota tart tuf?*n! at 5* t.j an ! (4) >,(1. ... a- at 47a. 6d To I a* rait, raof d fr.fn 44w a 4<V HaT ?Maikal ao-baoftd. ..... I * K n-ntlnual ?( m io' Tr.jlnb a?> bald at ?' 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BA An <Vk I IITo -.f'ta al36V,kdda I aba. p t.^ II# . a. *d!a?' at a 1V 14 lo aan top I lor la, at V.? a 6 j .* mvVi'lV kit,.. ? ( ? baf ? ptkro-RVn Rata aad-t at 1: lb... wa. ratknr naor- " ?> 'f .a ? n I attar V tf In tb? M tat tb'-ugb rat-a r nliavtl b<bi. R.'I. a *? n ' t op ...ta tn Ka .ttaut >4 ?? hi . at T? a l4< nT\ 'ta lattar 6p t* >?'( rr ? 11.? mara?t *?. naU>* t"1 ff" !!-? Iba .ala. .-m> -a al aW I ??' ? 1 | il*d'R( <M? at H\' An ?lbl., aad 4 ' ft' "?? ?"? "w.a? _1%U R.-k . rb'f V"' " If itWRt d/flb. a. . b AO.. ... ' ?f T J/"**; ),.aaa ... ?.! n.-. ?" -*? ,?X? ftu'riH* ? "S aa-'-kn! Kntlm an4 U* arr . 't a ?V ?* *>*? ??>*?-* " . .. .. . ?rr?d"? ?<rrb?? 1. r a X> ,.Rd nak.-fli llr. k lh. '? K Worn b?r? nt? ____ IV.raa.a4V. VaihHa. a i a Itinr. O ' 8?'" -ar . 1^ , l I ?. ? ?? Wnan our W.4 an' -n-n ???? . . .1 ale, rr Tl.a t itURrt1 natt da aaVa Uf IjklMi at 81 t? ? bala ? -RtlRnn i-. f nt > 'annd, and aa'da' ??? fai f oad ntdalUdnwlM# IW ..t. lat ? aaa . fi?-rn tba abab < 6aat ??.?? 1? '** a*.6 ? '6 t - ? at TV \?< pall'* In 4a ?' 6V and IOT t? -a.i or. prta.ta t.ra.. Woaiani.? M b?** *"J adr.r.-??? "at- "?'?'? ?' Wit W ?. lb. jj 1 din 4a dr. at Mi,' 6 66b dn 4? al 4I? 4?n ??btb" *or,,tV*