Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1855 Page 5
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low rtti, saying that the BonH of Aldermen had re fceed to confer with the Board of OoaneilnMO, Ud the ??pert recommends that the Board of Aldermen be voted dlereepectful, dircoufoeous, end other thing* foul. Veen thie report a resolution and short debate sprung ?p, In which e greet deal wee said about the injured dig nig of the Board, and the necessity of defending it. The rote was then taken upon the reeolution to oen ? which was carried?28 roting in the amrmative, in the negative. ? After some further unimportant business, the Board Adjourned tfU Monday evening. Theatres and Exhibitions. Bboadwa* m*ATKJt?Mr. Forrest will appear in the eyef "fliarro" to-sight. The farce of "To Paris and ik," with Mr. Chapman, wtU follow. Miblo's Gardes.?The successful American opera, "Rip Tan Winkle," is on to-night. Miss Louisa Pyne is very tee as Alice, Rip's daughter. BowntY Theatre.?Mr. Jas. Wallack gives the patrons ef this establishment his representation of King James ?b# Fifth, of Scotland, the "King of the Commons." ?'fortune's Frolic" is the afterpiece. Bdrto.s'r Thkatsk.?Taylor's "Still Water Runs Deep" and the "Daughter of the Regiment" are the pieces for thie evening. Waiaack'b TnE-tTRK.?Three excellent selections are mode far to-night, vis:?"lavater," "?600 Reward," and "Hew Stent You're Getting." Wocn'e MiSHTr.Kts continue In prosperity, crowds being being turned away nightly. Bcckiey'h are also dt ing a good business. Areuo Rooms.?Mr*. Gibb* gives an afternoon per formance. Prof. M< Aujbter, at Mechanics' Ball, and the Battle o Banker Hill, at Academy Ball, are well patronised. Appointments by the Phbsidbnt.?June fftoter, of New York, to be consul of the United States for Turks Island. A. M. Jackson, of Mississippi, to be 1 of the United 8tates at Constantinople. The Hew York Weekly Herald, m ARCTIC EXPEDITIONS? NEWS PROM EUROPE, MEXICO, UTAH, ETC., ETC. The New Yobs Weekly Herald win be published at 10 delack this morning. Among Its conten' will be found full the Arctic Expedition, news fr? u Europe, Utah, o, Southand Central America, Ac.; important and Into reding Intelligence from Washington; Prooeedlnga of tic Con st and Liquor Dealers' Conventions; Editorials on tbe [ topics of the day; theatrical, commercial, financial and [ intelligence; latest news by telegraph, Aa., Ac. Single espies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, can be had at the coun ter. Price sixpence. Cawtion to Western Merchant*? In order to protect myself against fraud, and the public against dangerous Impositions, I deem it necessary to state that Imitations of my Schiedam aromatic schnapps are abroad, and to warn all who use it, and phyelcians who prescribe to ?, against these deleterious and dangerous prepara I introduced the Bchledam aromatic schnapps for the purpose ef supplying the medical faculty awl the whole community wNh a pure medicinal spirit, which might be prescribed with eanlklenee. In sll cases where stimulants were required, with out producing the fearful consequences which invariably re sult from using adulterated liquor. In order to render as awrance doubly sure, I had the article analyzed by chemists of would wide celebrity, and submitted It for experimental test to fewends of distinguished medical practitioners. The re sponses from these sources were of tbe most unequivocal and character. It I* now before the public, surrounded with these guarantees, and bearing these unimpeachable en tenements, and I call upon the community to protect them ?elves aad me, their own health and my repu atkin, by t'rown ndown and repudiating the piratical speculators, e the sick, these pernicious compounds may prove perilous In tbe extreme. Instead of affording the relief which Invariably Mows the use of the true and legitimate aromatic schnapps In the various diseases to which U Is adapted, they wtU Inevitably exasperate the wont symptoms, ana perhaps kill where the genuine article would cure; nor can the healthy use them without suderit ( from their effect*. The "Soheldsm aromatic schnapps," thus authenticated, I* ex darted, over their own signature*, by three thousand lead fog physicians, adopted In their practice by nearly tbe whole medical faculty In the United H tales. Therefore, look to the Impression on the bottle and the cork, and see that my auto graph signature?to counterfeit which ts felony?Is on the label. UDOLPHO WOLFE, 22 Beaver street. Yuuttxa' and Children's Hat* and Cape, In beaver, felt, cloth and velvet.?Mrs. HONEYWELL (late of Leery A Co '? fancy department. No. A Astor House,) has opened roon a at 74A Broadway, (up stairs.) lor tbe sale or emldreu's hats and caps. Her friends, the customers in gene Ml, (both In New York and Brooklyn,) and strangers visiting the cMy, are invited to call. Her stoat will be found large and weB selected, and In the usual good taste of the well known i to which her services were so long devoted. "Cwme, Bitter Cold, I Fear You Not."?Oen amen armed with fur gauntlets, such as KNOX Mils, may alter the above with propriety, and the ladles, whose llule * *i are enveloped In Knox's fur gloves, may re echo the tent. KNOX'S furs are complete, at No. 212 Broadway, r of Fulton street, and No. 633 Broadway. Bspnlartty off Gcnln'e Excelsior.?Tble su perb novelty in s?tt hats (shaving a "run" unprecedented In um annali of the trade. It has been adopted by the business eswununlty and tn fact by all classes, aa the leading undress hat ef the season. Its rich, deep and beautiful claret brown Unt. which la as clear as that of the "dahlia" of similar hue, eacitea universal admiration. The shape, too, ts eminently be ?emtog. Attempts at Imitation have been made, but they nave foiled. No other manufacturer has succeeded In producing the ggfor. GRNIN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church, The Oreat WarehooM of P> L. Roftri <k Co., ir of Fulton and Nassau streets, la now tiilecl with rub le fall and winter clothing for men and hoys. The p rice*, h are the lowest In the city, are marked In plain llgures on garments, and no deviation Is made therefrom. Fashionable Clothing for Gentlemen and hoya?The styles of ready made clothing exhibited thta season by AI.FBKD Ml'NItOK A CO., 441 Broadway, appear to meet with universal approval. If we may judge 6y the crowds ef customers which every day visit tbctr establishment. Their assortment la unusually large snd varied, and extraordinary sains have been takm to have every garment male In the mast perfect manner, and well and appropriately trimmed. They feel amply repaid for their exertions to please their cus tomers by the success which has crowned those exertions. Strangers and others who are unacquainted with the manner of oenductlng business at 441 Broadway, are politely Invited to eel and examine for themselves. The Central Park.?Thr People W.snt the park- they are on ihe snxlons seat about It, and If they are chiselled out of it there will be u much excitement over it, as as there Is during week days around the doors m SMITH BROTH KRR, merchants tailors, 140 Fulton street. The goods hi Ihe store of this Arm are superb and tashionable. and so cheap are ibey?one price la the rule and no abatement?that we are astonished Fulton street Is not blockaded "from early both Ull dewy ere" with excited customers. For m Heat, Tasty Business Coat, Cat Styl ish and made well, try DRUMGOLD A PROCH, 1110 Fulton street Their prices will stall you, we guarantee, and die goods will speak for themselves. Hall Assailed by the Allied Citizens of Mew Toti and Brooklyn.?Two thorn come. Wo are prepared to sseel them. Cheap and fashionable well made clothing Ua--t r failed to make the enemy "knock under." DE GROUT A RON, 84 and 86 Fulton street. Prrsonal Inspection la the Teat Applied by GBEEN, No. 1 Astor House, to every shirt that leaves his establishment. If there Is a blemish, the shirt is condemned. Hence the uniformity of the shirt be furntsniK. They all fit completely and alike. Moreover, they reach his customers at Ihe time specified. Janira Little die Co., Merchant Tailors, No. 4U Broadway, have one of ihe t>eat stocks of ready made clothing that can be found in the city. Their garments are made by the best of workmen, snd the quality of cloths can not he surpassed. hnpsavrd SbnJcer Knit Under Garments, S very superior article, warranted not to shrink; also, merino, lambs vol. silk and cotton under shirts and drawers, at McLACOJILlN'R cheap shirt and furnishing store, corner ol Chambers and Greenwich streets. Fall, !S58.?Evnns' Clothing Warehouse, M and 68 Fulton street.?Fine and extra fine frock and dress coats, 18 to $30: superfine black doeskin pants, $7; Inferior grades do., $2 to >6; splendid business coats, W; beaver, pilot, fine cloth snd other overcoats, $4 to $20; slik, velvet, ra-simere and other vesta. $1 to $6. Furnishing goods of all descriptions at wholesale prices. All Wool Undershirts and Drawer*.?Also stlk, merino. Raaony, ribbed, Htbertan, Ac., all sizes ami quail Ilea Gentleueu are Invited to make an early selection. Par eels sent home. Prions low. I&A PKKEGO A BON, 61 Nassau street! Overtbtxo, Overshoes, Overshoes.?Depot fbr OOODYFAS'H patent Irdta rubber goods, IfiA Broadway, ?ear Chambers street. City snd country buyers are Invtled to anil and examine tho new styles of shoes now dally b .ing re ceived from the factories India Robber Boots and Ihara, with tea dies1, misses', boys' and children's hoots and shoes, of all ihe various stvisa, the largest assortment of any store in New Tort, excellent to quality sod moderate In priee, wholesale sod retail. ? J. B. MI1AKR A CO., 134 Canal street. Boots?Boot*, Shoes, Gaiter* and Overshoes, the lsrg*. t aaaertOMDt, the deepest snd best in Ihe city, at BBOOlR', 57$ Broad* ay and IN) Fulton street. The tin inlay Mercury of Ttrmomw WtU contain ' Inside Oat. er Nine Years to 'he New York t'uxtom Bouse." by John Fraith, Jr., of Arkansas, nod a full desenp. Hon of 'he Great Fair of the American Institute st the Crystal Palace besides msoy o'Jier articles interesting to all readers Baa advertisement. Blsgast PaiMon Bridal Card* and En* velepes, besuUfutly engraved snd printed, In the latest styles; fine silver door pistes, 100 dUferent palter as, engraved u. or dor; const)Isr, notary and society seals, at F.VEROKLL'H, 303 Broadway, corner of Duane street. OarpetiR|s,-Pstsnaa A Hmraphrey, 37B gbaadwsy. srs selling at their entire stock ef rVb carpets s< Bo tot lowing p ricesVelvet carpets, Ito per yard; rich tapes toy do . Its : rich Brussels da.. Re. ply, Ingrain, nil toeto. sad ait other roods equally low. PKTKRfioN A HuMPHBlY, 37$ Brand way. Grand Bargain* 1m Carpeting*?Wc haw* ' In slore a large ?toek of fall Importations, comprising vol potlnssTat 2* id ..As., to and to. Also o [. S3h? gets, rrrsn s*e to four jards wide, window shades, Ae. T oqri Bier?-Bedtied, by th* Dozen or It eaafc". can always bs had In snv quantity by orders being to at tot lager Mar saloon. M Fulton street, also, put up ciprast b tor shipping. Hyatt's Life BoloaaAe-Kbrnmaflnn In It ?not pstofnl forms also arrofnis, ulcera and tha won aasas of disease* of tha blood, great o. bill'J. liver romp tola ktdssys, incipient consumption. Ac . srtf moss certainty cur by thta great purifier. Prtqctpel d'; 34$ G'Atol Mfeet. I nitf fin itofto?iA Mwardi mm the Uw of BoDmeute?Tahfio If contents i Chapter 1. Bailment* ; Chapter 2. Deposit* ; Chapter S. dratultoue commissions or mandate,, Chapter 4. flratoltoas loan*; Chapter A. Fledges or pawn*; Chapter 8. Contract*for hire; Chapter 7. Of innkeepers, Chapter S. Com mon carriers and carrier* of past enger*. The above chapter* are treated very fall, making a hook of 607 paean. Price U Ad. Juat puhltabed and for aale by BANKS. GOULD A CO., 144 Nassau street, N. T., and 47A Broadway, Albany, N. Y. Anaon'i D*garmoty])ra-liarge olze, for fifty cent*, colored, and in a nice cane, twice the size other* take for tiny cent*, and eoual to those made elaewhere for (2. AMBON'S, 568 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Sew Feature In Picture Making.?The Da gnerreotype art revolutionized by the new style of sun por ?alt*, called the " lanipratypcs," taken on glpss ofJOne texture, beautiful, duruble and superior U> all other image tjpes, now first introduced- lor .'5 cent* and all price*?by HOLMKr, 2?il Broadway. Toyv, SovdllM, Ac?The LargeM Anort nent of toy* and novHtie* oi every description, import ed directly Iron Kurope, can ho found at the estantah rnent of Mr. O. W. Tt'TTLK, ASA Itroadwuv. Kvrylhlng rl. li and rare, for tancy and ornamental use, can ho touud at thin celebrated establishment. Opera glasses, card aaaea, writing de?k*, tabiela, work boxes, dressing cases, Una, music boxen of all sizes, and tbouaanda of other curiou* and rich laacy article*. Qu Fixture* I G*i Fixture* 1? Fifty pock ageePrench bronze and bronze and gilt ohamle Iters now open In* *'?" a large anaortment of bronze Ugure* and groups. w. J. r. DA1LKY A CO., Marble stores, 631 and Aid Broadway. Clock*I Clock*II Clock*!!!?Variety lm_ menee.?One hundred and flfly new motels lust pened. Price* low. W. J- K. DAILBY A CO., Marble stores, 631 and 433 Broadway. Dinner Beta and Ten ?? tn-Wc olifer great Inducements to buyer* of th-sngp In, our assortments being rery large, and our price are at the lowest remunei rates. W, J. F. DAILEY A 00., Marble store*. 631 I 633 Broadway. WUaon'l Dandelion Coffee?A Truly Valua ble remedy in all case* of dyspepsia, indlg, 'ton, sick head ache, and all hUlou* and llrer complaint*. Sold by liegeman, Clark A CO., P. V. Kuiditon, and all respectable druggist* In the United Stolen and Canada*. Tea* The Beat Aasortment of Fine Tea* will be found at the Canton Tea Company'* newly erected and elegant store, 12ft Chatham street, between l'earl and Roosevelt ilreet*, the oldest ten establishment In the city. We aenure. our readers they can do better here ih in elaewhere, either at wholesale or retail. No branch stores. Ten, Coffee, Sugar, Wine*, Air., etc.?The beat place to purchase any of the above articles Is at ALliRO A CO.'8, IDA Bowery, between Grand and Heater streets. He, hot the Bedbug*, Oh 1? Lyons' magnetic powder am the sttilT; Toe bedbugs sure to get enough; The rata may run, but bts pills will fetch 'em, Before the old traps can ever catch 'em. LYONS' magnetic powder and pills have a w orld wide repu tation, and no one should be without a Husk or bog. Only 2A centa. Depot, 424 Broad way. Wig*! Wig*! Wig*!?Stranger* vlaltlng the city an- Informed thai the beat place to get ornamental hair is at MEDHURHT H CO.'B, 27 Maiden lane, where they havo on hand the cheapest and best assortment of wigs, toupees, front and back braids, band*, curl*, Ac. CrUtadoro'* Hair Dye, Wig* and Tonpe**, Band pre eminent above *11 competition. A suite of elegant private rooms for applying hi* fomoua dye, the greatest stand krd article of it* kind throughout the world. HU new style *1 wig* and tonpee* are perfection Itself. Wholesale and ratal klOKIBT ADOHO'S, No. ( Aitor House. Batehelor'a Hair Dye, Wig* and Toupee*? The best In the world.?Nine private rooms for applying his un rivalled dye. Beware of Imitations?they result In ridicule. The largest stock of wigs and (toupees in America, wholes*!* and retail, at BATCH KLOR'B, 233 Broadway. H. T. Lovet's Wahpene?An Indian Vegeta ble preparation, will restore gray hair to Us youthful appear ance and cure baldness. Call at 762 Broadway, and see the proprietor, who has been gray and bald, with a good head of The Beat Hair Dye.?Dr. O, M. Ballard'* re ceived the premium at the World's Fair and the Amor-lean In stltute, and may be relied upon as the best. Will color brown or black the moment applied. Office and store, A00 Broadway. WhUktn or BonitMkM Forced to Mro* ?Or week*, bv my onguent, which will noi *1*111 or InjureJhe Mb. 11 * bottle; sent To any port of the ominfy. R. (Vo HA im m Broadway; Zelber, 44 South Third street, Phllndei ?Mb. HUP* Jnatly Famed Infallible Otmneiit for the growth, preservation and beauty of the hair; removing (laiulrutr. Ac. Hold at I Barclay *treet, 16 Naataa street, New York, and at 217 F ullon *treet, Brooklyn. HllTa Improved Instantaneous Hnlr Dye, 4 shilling* a boi, black or brown; warranted beat In we; leaven tno balr w>fl and g o#?y ; no fade. Sold or apylKHl at 1 BJrolay atrect. 15 Nassau atreit. New York, and at 247 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Value Received.?The SufTerer from a eoueh or could, or the confirmed coroaumpllre even, get* full value lor hi* outlay, In buying a bottle of die wild cherry balsam. The value of Br. Wistaria discovery cannot be over eu mated. Dr. James McCUntock'e Whooping Cough remedy give* Immediate relief, and ?poedllT cures aatjunn, w hooping cough, Thousand* nl children are being cured every day by thl* harmless and olleolual Hold by drnggl*!* generally, and by the proprietors, A. t.AIll NT A CO., 296 Broadway. Hollo-way's PllU.-8?>Wrra ofllenlth, aurh a* those dyspeptic or tho-e suffering from weakness ord?hllliy of any kind, should take a course of these tine medicines, which will quickly restore diem to health, a* they never latl to cure. Pevrr and Ague.?One bottle Of Carter's Huaiitsh niUture Is w arranted to cure any case of fever and ague. It has cured five thousand ease* In Virginia and the (,a roltuaa and has never yet been known to fad. H or aale a. the principal depot, 804 Broadway. __ Inhalation.?Dr. C. Howard Marahall'B eomblned treatment I* curing to a certainly catarrh, dyspep. sla, as hma, bronchUla and consumption. t>t'lc* at T*vlor ? Inlernattmial Hotel. V7? Broadway from 9 A. M. Ui4 1. M. Curea certain. Ttrma moderate. Oonsultattou tree. Hernia.?Only Prlte Medal Awarded to MARHII A CO. bribe IudiiMtriftl Kxiilblllon of all NnUma. l??r their new patent radical cure tninn U> ll? liority:?I rolefcftora Valentine Mot(, Wlllaril 1 arker and John If ('amoeban. An extenhlve Hat ofnarn?'?of morcantde and a red by tbla true* may beaeon at Mar-d? den lan ~ J "" " .... - jrarih it A. M. until 9 P. M other gentlemen cured by tbla imu? "??/ r ~ v Co 's. No. 2>4 Maiden lane, New York, and Marsh, (srrlles A Co . No. 6 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 Married, On Thursday, October 11, at St. Mark's Church, by the rector, H. Anthon, U. D., Johipii Framw Johnson, mer rhant. to Anna Mai.dalena. eldest daughter of Augustus Henry Ward, Esq., all of this city. On Wednesday evening, October 10, by Rev. Or. I h'llps, at the residence of the bride's father, 4 s. *-? Heatii, Ks|., to Mart, daughter of Samuel Fr<nt, Eaq., all cf this city. On Wednesilay evening, October 10, by the Hon. Her nand'r Wood, at lus residenc", Jacob 1'. Zsjllnk* to Mabv K. Rmtsnv.. San Francisco papers please copy. On Wednesday. October 10, by the Rev. Dr. I rice, Mr. Daniki. Prime In tut, of New Jersey, to Mis* I'AWRtA Jank SIijiw, daughter "f the l?t? John II. Mur-.ef, of till* city. New Jersey paper* please copy. I In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, October 9, at Nt I eter < Chuieh, by Hew. John A. l'addock, Mr. (.?? Is Virt; e. of Bristol, log land, ti AulhAiitE third daughter ol Mr Tb?. Watson, of Totues*, Iievonsbire. , _ On Wednesday, October 10, at Ht. John * ( hurch, Brook lyn by Rev. Mr. T. (iuion, W. F. MwsilA to Ji ua A., eldest daughter of John Wright, ol New Orleans. In Brooklyn, ? n Wednesday evening, October 10 by Rev. H. R. Nye, w. C. t*ntvmaoM to Mi?* Maria, daughter of James Ogg K^ir>n^Ku,, ??.?.?, Rev. James R. Talmage, Thomas I'l' K. t'vi, of Chicago, to KuitN, daughter of tieorgo A. Hhufelct, of tbo former PlAi*flonthport, Ct., on Tuesday mornirOcte'cr 9. tiy Rev. Mr. I'urdy, ('apt. I*aac Jbnnin w to Miss Mart Mi*a ?iCTH, daughter of (.'hai lea Bulkley, Esq., of that pi ". Died. On Wednesday, Octolrer 10. after a lorqf and painful ill ness which abe bore with CkristUa fortitude and resig nation, Fa ma M.. wife of (ieo. K. Van Kpe, and lighter of the late John A. Snyder. The relative* and friend*of the fsmdy are Invited to tend her funeral, from her lab' res! tence Vo. J9 W.-t sixteenth street, this afternoon, at two o clock, without further invitation. . On Friday, October 12, of consumption, Fxi*aw!TH W,, wife ol James P. Isaac* age.) 8.1 year*. The relatives and friends of the family are rwp?tfu.Iy invited to attend the funeral from her late nwtdence, No. 8 Grove street, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock. Hot remains will be taken to the Cemetery of the Fverg.-cen* for Interment. a On Tuesday, October 9. at the corner of Chatham and Frankfort etreets, Bavid Mgrnrtra ag. l 10 years The remain* were Interred In the Cemetery of the V ver TqT'-hiura.lay, October 11, EftJtv o'Bonmkix, second daughter of Michael and Anne O BonneU, aged 4 year* and 6 months. The funeral will take place this afternoon, at two e'elock, from the residence ot her parents, No loO Fast Twenty fifth street. The friend* iff the family are Invited to attend, without further Invitation. On Wednesday, flctober 10, of injuria* r- ceive 1 at l'lrl ladelphla, C'ATTISB P., *e?on?l daughter of Virgil and M. Wbltcomn, aged 2 year* and 9 months. The funeral will take nlaoe from Nt. Stephen's Church, coiner ot Qrry?tle arid Broome streets, this m rnlng, st eleven o'clock precisely. The friend* of the family are invited to attend, without further invitation. On Friday. Orfober 12. of remittent fvver, JoUN Mi Ma Ni s, In the 2Mb J? ?r of his age. Hi* relative* ami friend* are invited to attend the fu neral from his late residence No. 119 Alien -treet to morrow titerat two o'clock. Ill* remaio* will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. On Thnrsday evening, Oet-her 11, Mart Joasva.d.ughj ter of Geo. R. and l.ydia A. Smith, aged li year*, fi mouths "on"Friday, October 12, Ja*UBlaki, eldest *.,n ?f N. .4. W. and Mary F. Vaodenhoef, sg?d 2 years, 1 nmnth ami '?Ty*/frlends and reUtive*, ami th-se of bU gr^dlather, H. Mauvelt, are iav 10d to attend the fuueisl. fr .m No. 428 Budnon strerl, to-morrow aftermsin, at half past ?m o'clook. without further Invitation. On FridftT Uftofcf 1% of WMonipti ?ti, rjj/a Jam *Yr of Wra. H. I.udlum, In ih^ 44U. y ar < f h?: ag ? The relative* and friends ct the f .milv are r?.-ctfa../ invited to attend the funeral, fr?rm h-r lata r?"d-n e \ , M Moana sgreet, to mewrow movnng, at bal. pan tea o'< loefc, wit Kent fnvtbar invtUUon. At Yorkv*lie, on Thurwlay eveuinf Orb '*r 11, Mast A.wlf* of Ja*. T. M. Bleahley Her rmaafa* wUl he rem<>vad at leu o'clock this m r n ,ng, to Greenwicrd ' auie'evy for in'emsetit. At Yorivflle. ? n Friday, fMober 12, I ev v., da ig' - ter of Jem Is C. and Cbsrfotta A. R- f* r*. *g-d 12 j?ar zu rufMfkl * J lake place tfce rsasdeucv <A ber parent*, corner of Third arenue and Eighty-fourth street, to-morrow Afternoon, at one o'clock, The frieodii of the family are invited to attend, without further notice. On Thursday, October 11, after a short and evore 111 nee?, On nun Drayton, aged 10 yoare, 8 months and O dura. The relatives and friend'* of the family, and those of the late Dr. (leo. Cox, ate respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from hie late reA d< nre, Ro. 143 South Ninth etreat, Williamsburg. IDs re mains will be taken toGreenwood. At Greeupoint, Brooklyn, on I'riilay morning, October 12, of consumption, Mrs. Euxa N. Ilai'ui .HKEK, youngest daughter of Jonathan Reiner, Esq., in the '5th year of her nge. The relatives and friends of the family, the msmbors of Eekford lodge No. 2J4, I. o. of 0. 1'., Polar ' tar l/xlge No. 246, F. and A. M., and the fraternity In general aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow af ternoon, at one o'clortr, from the Dutch Reformed Church, Greenpolnt, without further Invitation. At Qietleton, Ft* ten Island, on Thursday, October 11, after a protracted illness of six'oeu year*. Mrs. A Ca uutii Irnoit, wife of (apt. Peter Tyson, aged 40 years. Funeral will take plat? this morning, at eleven o'clock. At hie residence, in Woodbridgo, N. J., on Thursday. October 11. URoHiiB At'OiHTt'S Akruwhwith, formerly an inhabitant of this city, in the ft d year of his nge. His remains will be interred in the graveyard of tho Episcopal Church, at Woodbridgo, to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock. AUVKR'i iSLMKNTS RKSKWHD LVi-RV DAY. - poUTICAJLm 1ST WAKI'.-DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR Nomination,?At a meeting of the Second District Council Convention of the Flrnt ward, held a' 110 Greenwich street, Oct. 11, l.'Afi, Sir. Andrew ilaudly, Jr., was called to UieOiutir, and Mr. William Poster was appoints I Secretary. On motion of rhomas Uyroa, Eaq., Sir. J.e ob L. Hiullh wae unanUnou Iv nom.naletf as a democratic rutiJlda:i; lor CouDcilman of !mi Second district. ANDREW llA.NDLY, Jit., Chairman. Wim-iam Poena, Secretary. 1ST WARD?DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR Nomination.?At a mcotlng of Uie First Ward Charter ' in vention, held at the Democratic. Head yuariors. ? Id Greenwich si fee', on F rldav, Oct. 12, Win it irus, Jtsq., was called to (lie chair and S. Meyer, was appointed Hecr.ilary. <)u motion Mr. KGilKKT WaI.KER was unanimously nmutna ed as the democratic candidate for Assessor die First ward. 8. Secretary. WM. RL'llNA. Chatrraiu. 4th ward?third assembly district,?at a meeting of the Third Assembly Democratic Republican! Convention, held in l.'.'j Oak street, on Friday scant tig, October 12, Mr .1 HENRY UhllNrn was unanimously nominated to represent this district. The convention recoramdbd himto tha hrurij support of this district. JOSEPH ROSK, Ch'u. R. H. Eatwistli., Secretary. JTH WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN NOMINA X tlons.?At a meeting of tho Notutuu tug ComiulLum tor ( hartcr o Hirers ct the DMnocratn- Republican Party, held at lb)? Oak street, and of tho Assembly and Council Conventions, held at the same place, the following ticket was unanimously nominal cd:? For Alderman?William I'.alrd. F'or Assessor?Charles II. Lyons. For Constables? lames Powers Etnanuel Joseph*. For Inspectors of Ftleetkm?1st district, Jamci vfoonnv, Jas. W. Upton: 2d district Samuel Bushnell, Andrew W Uarpeu tor;.'to iltstrict, Ben). 1>. Wep-h, James Courtney; 4th dtstrtot, Patrick Uoyle, Henry N'eiinan; 6th district, Thos, Reeves,Geo. U. Purser. For Cuminlssloncr Common Schools?Patrick Merrick. For Inspectors?lami < Casey, Geo. W Ray. For Trustees- (.'has. J. Dougherty, John Crowo, Bernard Murphy, Gusiuvus Barb, R. 8. Entwi-lle. PATRICK OOYLE, Chaltraan. Thof. W. Hiienibsiv, Fecretary. For Assembly?J. Ileury Bernltt. JGHEl'll ROME, Chairman. R. 8. Evtwisto:, Secretary. For Councilman?6th district, John llaulch. JOHN CONNKRY, (Tuirman Mottnis Br.NMTT, Keep tary. For Councilman?6th district, John Olllver. PATRICK Mi ALLEER, Chairman. Jamm CiikT. Secretary. For Councilman?'ih district, George P. Hick ford. JOHN T. OODEN, Chairman Geo W. Rat, Secretary. rTII WAKD DEMOCRACY.?UNITED WE STAND. -FOH O Councumansu. ^ WAVQH COMVEHTlOm. PtuTTfitiil- iMnnvwy. Ja?. A Juck-on, Chairman. p, D. Idwmn, Chairman. Jan. T Heury, Secretary. Jamm Mc.Ntilly, mercury. /?TJ1 WARD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC AN I) NomluAlloue.?The Charter Convention of Ui* s.Jth wmr.l having completed their Domlnatlona, prcaeiit tor the coum.lera Hon of the people ot the ward the following ticket: - For Alderman '' a auconr John Martin. Conatablea ^fS^oSutot h. hoot iruaieea. ........ w Wanh ? Patrick ElUefferahl. School Inapeeinr Thoinaa Clark. Innpec'ora 01 Election? 1 lobu O. Manning, Daniel < ajolr i William Mt! lair, Samuel Waddell. 3 Patrick Wade, Ml. hael McDonald. "" R. Mount, Tliomaa Ryan, 4, , J. IV. JRIXllli , - ? . 6 ... Dennla Tivenan, David KlorJan. a' An honv oillcn Palri' k Mclaughlin. 4 1 PATRICK McLOCUULIN, Chalniun. Wai.t?.r Rochk, f Secretaries. Mu hail Mcllt'f MJ>, J IT,,vV.Rr..tlnit?'' -he' 'I'icino ^cStej,nw".n !;..f.v. nTon. oni. ? ssaeaf- ?asiSSTSSisaiasss-' John PoTMo.t. Secretary. ?7h WARD?UNION AND .1 .ARMONY-AT A MEET. 7 Ingot the Dcmoerallc Itepubllcan Convention of -he St, ifanthcnui'cR dletrU'l. held at the .Knickerbocker, corner ,g o"d ;;d'.v;.in eir,' Thnr^.y Uve IIU. IJrav we- l.y acclamation i omlnat- d a* t lee nth Council .ltairlct, K. L. OKKRN, Jaaaa Shown Secretary. mil WARP?SEVENTH ASSKM tf.Y DISTRICT CON *.) vendor., met at 90 Pc,ry atrect,on Fridai e?nhi| O. oh-r \V?. UfAfKKNncsn, Secretary. "If iTII W Mll> NATIONAL CM"* DEMOCRACY At It ) a mtlng Of the del e. the A.-m dv invention of the Itiihth dutrtrt, bed n of l" , ? Thur-la'J'ev^nl.'?!'' mb'er iRN F.UU8 cARN EH w . | una, in,nnu.iua.ciC. U .n.ll.U ctor " Wetgand, and W.Uiam Wil.iam*. Til WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN NOMINA .gvV con.?At a meeting <g ti e Eighth Dla'ii . on vendor,, held at KM< ??rof Orand and Ka 10 ii r+m iuhdp.cuiiim -a.-.-. - e, on ErldaT wrenlng./m.toher U ,-urau...t " a .,adl oil me Tammany Hall tlencral Committee. ? OKNMI.II M CAKIO wan unanimous-!; nominated ??. the democratic can,tin ?. Awen.bly HENRY IIAKKI NtlTON ? .drro. D P-komis haiTM. Secretary. ... Commit" e?Wm. l>. Harrow- Wm. 0. Bonn, and Wet. d Haai.i.K* ?Tma WARD-NATION At. DEMO* RATI I MON It' regular national nomination h.r councilm-0 ol I. Twenty tilth council dhdrn t. o HRAJ|A!f ItlTII WARD ? DART1R K'SVEHIION - THE IC M' IJd <ra?. Repot,llcan Clatter (lammn.y.i. ? ?i-.-.. . f ih.i 'I inahlt'li iiurH Mil*! ??fi 'I hlimdAV 1 i i ruii<" ivt'P'Uiiniaii ? nui" i i wm - '? ? m-cUod) ??f ih? I ttif U ward, rii"' "fi I hur?d?y *r*uui* ? ' hou?*. ot ef .tin fhrimr, IUi I?m. ?r?d i>rgnu\m \ ?y ?? > in* m Vii-rt t Secret %rj. t-' following hoTuinatfon* I'or Atd<?rn\?n?hwa^kLanu-r. CotinrilJor?M f^'iud. foMtabW'p?Hh h ?rd < r*wf ?r ! *r.?l .fohn S <icn . K?>h? oi ? . Mm ^ < u? r -1! M I rrklii* 2cbl?l Tr'latcea?W in!' Mai tin,' S. Van No-trend. TbflWka MTheh.Vai.dlda'e for Alderman ??? vranlmo.i.h n..^^;. c ' ' a>. iamai.on and the other nominal.. - were made h??>? ' ? frii motion of Mr Pen .t a'Wi.mllteo wn apfKi rind o n ih. ran'. - of h lr non u.atlon. after w3ch ihe canouiii. ? | adjourned to Monday evening, at 7>4 o'clock. 1 gkT 11 WARD.?WM DENKCKKR flFErKS HIM ;r 1' 1*7 a- an Ird. pern eni land.da e for Aaaewar, reiytnd ut?.:i Ihe siipi ?di of ihe cld/ena I i Um ward. ht ward-national demdcr*tk: nimiv .',i .or C"'U.i: roll "1 licVxI. ?' HrodeiVk JOll.N HAKKA >11, t,n.? rin Micnan.,1. D. Mc'li.vt?.?, Secretary. 21 AT A I AMOR AND I.NFI.CK.VTI u. MFF.riNil OT TUB A national den elector. <* dm Th.r.y aecrm I < . I 1 dlatr " Ol L- Eleventh ward held on Thuraday c. t II for d.c [dirpo?e f ratifying the on tunoM n -I dm liar, t)efolh.vine tramu were , ad;., et. Reimlvrd That we win auppof norandlda'. for . 'j' i of thla dlatrP' who lorn not reeened hla n .ni.oaUon I in ' Slut ve-ao* Inet iipe. I f I i f * hi for.tempt all other bogua i >m nation, a. ai urtoda and anU defnfwialtn Keaoived Thai hold-1 In ,,,:ereo.,.;mtA tU numrrouia. plranta t. r <Bire, pr. mi fd only hr dnia^er ell our aiiffr; g-a, wh.?e <mly'I'lahUc*' n I* he ore ox ga.r, ,n ihe dr.,re of noiorieiy. ahail of,,v atimulateJU St greate^ nerllon. and a more ? mi'dned 'tor o l* I ?* w ^^r:n.^'',,',Tiv;-7i.:i^*Avn. :r Wnu.n A. lima*.hecrttaiJ. XTAT1(.SA1- DEMISTRATIC Ci>S%-|;'.STt<?' ??F TUC T?? utf Lrti w?rd.?At ? mTrii:?g ofth ? cra'k Coaveu-km of the rUty Mth dlr, ch 1." on I . evening, t'etohn II. I'M at Hlt.barl * Mc ?y ? K , V , waa lo die ?lialr. .uel Jermi.e 1*""' .yi"' , ?att. <>i? mottof) of Husbard Mufpbf, h. A. x ** . moanljr non:lnafod fcr Co iodtaiti, w..fretipon , rimed in afew elo-iuemirmarka In avorol 'hjrl n . wall, when Mr. Baa wall waa n-anlnwwly de -ureg; J ,d the eoovenlki. T1 e f-Wtowing ? Mreaa U> ?. e e ' dwtrtri waa adopiad and ordered to M Fhi-hahe-L We, the nnderelgt.ed, memhera of the Natwmal I" ??f' v. Convention, aaaemhtet for Ihe pimpoe of nomjnj r Ii?an 10 rej rraenl Ih* FlDy f-Ph 1 O'lBi II .. * _ a . r? iLl-wa . , ?a.iim t#,. ...iai .. M hrt?f NU' I irm*u io rri rrwic ? .? j :? . ftr?t ward, tak^ U?.t opyortunbf t? inakr a hr ?f ^ . a ..a I a? - I .. A ll.a (tw'iiinii I rl f ; I if a" Ml/ T \V* iir?? wmni ???" "pr ? ? * . , .. >a rwnaea which have Imp. lied dw m. . ??l deioocracy ' ><* w?*d lo ae? .aldr. ib* .wga dtaoon in.dei wt huhaaherr .o It will t.e made evkenl l.y ei,.. ? on dial ibe , u-am haanot onglnaied in an, temporary or "'cmportai ^ of the dfmfrattc pHmtplea and eienofdevnocra r dent ft muat te ??lder,. 10 evary |< 1 r.uawo a- ?ci. aa . every ,'emorrai, 'ha th- nvm.-n haa arr.v t win ? a ? ? Ih. friend a of 'Iw cm,, tln'mo a deMaded by errrr r a alderatpm of pohcy and pairlo<Um. The MM m e _ , e, p.iuaUon of h.etlle orgaidM'km. among h.?* all noliucal aeidlmenu in cotnmrm, ,ho agree oo every great taau* now before ,he country. *dt? are e?, .a . y ( poaed to the prtrielplea and object* <* he are .truggllnf le maln'aln a Umporary and pre try. ?Trrfid?iH*y, M? rfifidwma^d Ahk? by ?iPf?ww?cy I nod m it notorV'U* ttiMi lr+ A-xno?rmry of \b* <*?'y. w ?" tmrJ^r; or etdl. arwwiually -Tpowd to the abolWontwa, / * _

No*hlaga, and to the p.rtlrana of the Maine law Thl. tNHltlral fai'h oaalUute. a band of ut.Vm wh. h na , <??<?" m vrred by U.e Inierrentpat bt Ihoee wit', whom gr-a, ic pni* . ipieaonly ae?r,udary loprtvaM iiel Seal lotareeta, aal who r? r?id party orgamration aa .otervted ?Ue'> hr ihe *r' Id pemmal pre', nawi. w, eorh Inleeeeta Tie dene? ?'* ?'? ? an never nmaa 'o aaerlSre Pa own aurreea-<h? ?-"'[! " "" ^ n.'itu *i.'l Uw pef|.e"" y of or r-pul, . , l.ef efr?re |? v'.w of ?,# faasa. we iwwi ? '? ? <?' ' ?ipidl a mar. which we ha< e every oooflde?oe ,n f wfotmci, tg ihla dlWrVv, and In p,? to yaa our wllw. chevle- H Ha.weil, a man thai haa afrvng rl? ?? >p"f IW .lerrwevaej of the dl-'rV- and who baa dlw hary I ih' w'** ? hia ittie duiir.j ihe paat y-ar ? "h teal. tWeu<r ?.v,t A oem,*rwt In very x ivw of me war-1, aa" k?,w^VAhlng atid pioeed v -1, prvalhuory na men - a ia?? ?V. a ''? | n-n'.y ia.if.ed dnelvarg->h? dw^a'g t.V? F*1 I mm wtUi fanhfo'i eaa In hla ro?i-ttt-eo'? Thw a the oalrreg'i I ia> mm, na<mn id he ij. nnrm y ? 'he pewj a af >*ea dat trvv. ami we -ai! ooo a,I f'od inaorao lo auppwv a man dw e ill he a ' r> dP m hw eomKSuefua _ I T A M'KJRK Chalrwaaa L?tot ?, i?-refarr. J ii. Uw Jifiimt f*. A POLITIC Alt. T A MEETING Or T1IIC ONION NATIONAL DEMO , eratle Convention of the HixtMtnh ConorU dtotrrcl. hold ou Thursdayevening (tel.11, ORLANDO OKAY ffubrw'k' matlou nominated lor Councilman of the Sixteenth Ooiuioil dta unci. KKaNCI8 PHILLIPS, Chairman. J. 8. Fchuvhon, Secretary. At a meeting of the delegates or the iitu Council District of tire Sixth war 1. field on Monday eveo log, October M, at Mr*. P. Beg*', 71 Mulberry .'rert, Mr. THO MAS WHITE waa unanimously nominated oh sandidate for of Ibe Twelfth district. P. llti.r, Secretory. WM. CARROL, Chairman. I VDKPENDSNT CANDIDATE 1 FOR BTRKKT COMMISSIONER, ISAAC r COX. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR AB sesxoroi the Flrel ward, HUGH O'NEILL. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC OA N DIDATE KoR Oounr 'rrau. Eighteenth district, Eighth ward?DANIEL K. UNDERHILL. Tammany hali,, octoiikr 12, ism.-the commit te? of Arrattf ement* of One from each ward, oppointe 1 by il.ertjy, county andjndlebiry conventions, lately aaaemhiej at Tammany llail aro requested to inert on Saturday evening, Oct 18, at i)g o'clock, in Tammany Hall, to romp e'e thOMCM ssry arrabtp incuts for a grnml Mii*>. Ita'Ideation Meeting. Ily order, L. F. HARRISON, \ Secretary IIKNKY HILTON, { City Convention. HOKATIOIP. CARIt, > Secretary (ISO. II ROBS, ) County Convention. JAMES L. HIN CUtCr. > Seen" try N. VAN SLYt'K, ) Judiciary Ooovcmlon. TO THE PUBLIC.?OUSERVINO IN THE NBW YORK B'rald, Of the litti Instant an advet tleement i? ade1 ' Peo ple's 'I Icket?-No i nation Hon ?? dictation," In which it appear, tin', my name hai been ma ic useol aa an nlcpenden' nouil Motor tin otfleo of SUrrilf, I would answer to 'Ida or any fu ture unwarrantable run- ol my name, and lies to stale "Xi ti dily and distinctly that I am not a candidate for the olSce of sherlti at the ensuing election, and that I ?UI support tbo regq. lar deuiiMti iiilo nominations only. New York, Pet. 18. FREDERICK L. VULTK. UNION REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION FOR t^ouuclluuiD Of me Forty fifth district. Sixteenth Ward, ISAAC O. HKIXAH. pKBsoiiAio CtARI).-ON THE ilTII OF OCTOBER INST THE STORE I of Francis Ilutler, at No. 2Ufi Water street, was entered anil a ouaniltv of regara tskrn tburrftom. Mr. 11 id urn IS*/, of 4(17 Pearl street, was, on the OOtnplalnt of Mr. lltiUer, ar rested on ?u?plciiui of having eome knowledge of Ibe mailer. Ou a bearing before B. Osborne, Justice, at the Mayor's ??re, on October H, Mr. Dlat was honorably disburged?tbem noi being the r lightest evident-" ngalnsl blm. til KLINtl, Attorney fbr Dlex. Courierdes Ebitrr Vole, French newspspur, please copy. DEAD OR ALIVE.-WH.LTAM KELLY. A RESPECT sole young Irishman, arrived In this city two week, ago III.friends at 4.1 Kirn 1 r hisbrothw, Mr. John Kelly, Scran ion, Pa, will be giatel'ul for nunc Inlurmatloa of his present or late residence, Ac. INFORMATION WANTED OF PATRH'K HYNE8, WHO when lest henrd from was at M nlm'Un Motel Call at W. A Truborn ACo. ?, South s rcot, between Pike and Rutger, for II. 1' Oar duel, UTILL THE CARMAN, WHOSE CART CAME IN COL ft llslon with it Harlem Kat'rood tty "ar In Mroome .treet. In June, II-5S, which collision a used a >-rluu. boillly injury to nie, do nie lie favor lo send tie- hi. name and address, imtne dmtely, to Karl's Hotel, Park row, In lids city Also any per sons who were witnesses of the said occurrence. The cause 01 iiiuiuinlty and justice require dial I should have the evidence of the said carman and o her wttneeeee. ami It Is hoped that bev u 111 be willing >0 come forward 11ml give It. New York, Oct. 12, lrM. MOKKLL D. ItOWEN. LOST AND FOUND. Bracelet lost?a heavy chain, coral brace let on Wednesday evening, on Broadway, Tenth or Fninteiolh streets, Fll'h avenue or t'ulversliy place. A suitable r"wsrd will be paid lor b? return to room No. 02 New York Hotel. 11<)UNp-A WATCH. APPLY TO WM. HURRY, JR., 2ft 1 Wllllum street. P0L2> WATOH TAKEN PROM THIS WATER CL08BT, vJT at lelmontco's rorner of ('hembers etreet and Broadway, on the evening of the 9th in*t. It Un* a w hi e enamel!'**! fare with ??<< ond hand. The na*e tn engine turned, with chased edges, an ) ha the letter* A. H. engraved on the rentre of the hark. Twentv dollars reward will he u ud on lu dolivr ry at the depot ot tf?c HwedUh Hair Creator, Broadway, and no questions asked. IOFT-TIIURFDAY. OCTOBER 11. IN (U lS'O PROM :w J Union square to psj luting on avenue, a ?rn*ll gold wau-h The folder will be suitably rewarded and receive the Ui.uiWh of the owner, by returning It to l'?9 Lexington avenue IOBT?A PAIR OP NIH U WORK KIT BC^PENDEKN, J wrapped lu a were ?>i paper, from about 51 Llspeaaid sheet, goutg down 'o West Broadway and Oanal street, to the corner of Varlrk. where the owner took a Filth avonu** rail mad ear A reward ot $6 I* uttered to the Under, on calling at Mrs. Marie's, 49 W? -l Tweiry seco;id vr?-#*t IObT?ON FRIDAY AFTKRNOON, 5TII IN*T., LBFT J In mm-ol the Newliavnt earn, i Twenty-serenili street la r mall roll In a flmea newspaper of that dale, c 'titainlng three floor plans of a bovine, drawn bv Geo. I'iat, ft.1 Broadway. The tinder, by leaving them at tie- above addrese, rau receive a r >* ward of five dollar*. I CRT?ON Till RHDAY KVKNINO. IN TIIB BOWKRY, J near Rivingtou street, or the way down town, a gold fob real mi d Key, attached to a spilt rinj:. V. set tin the f?<*<- with one f!at cortieilan stone, and on he sides with four sn. ii round cents of same material he key had one cornelian a one m I n the head, to revolt** on plvo's. As they am valued as a gift, the tinder will be cheerfully paid 'h*- market value for theeu. by applying to lite jewelry s ore. 2?)8 Howery, opp'witr Rvli lgUiM i-'ree'. STOLPN FROM NO "9 CANAL STREET. BY AN OLD f reoohman. ore Mark cloth fro* k oml lined through wi'h silk, also a flower*d velvet vest. Pawnbrokers and others will please atop the miuo, A suitable reward will be given. QTOLKM.?GOLD WATCH TAKER FRJM RKRtH MO. F7 h, mi boaid ot stettint o it Common weaiih, on Tbursdav night. ()? tohe. 4 markc-l upo i the i s<-k. f. lla M Walker tr< in her father." A reward will he said onlta being return"! to 66 Irving place, aiid i o questions asked. TilK MUV Oli 1*1 KHTIOA. ALFRED PAt"KIIAKUHKIt. 190 WILLIAM STREET ? 1 in feu ted w ;,e? and Ipiu.rsof superior quality. Iiun!? Wine riifflrso likeiir.'a'r k Van Wljnai d fork ink. Anever dsrn. Idqueurs auperftlues te Borieaux, as ereoiede Noyatit, ran de tamaiftle. partsvit amour, aikerme*, Ar. Flue FreieU corks. Pr?-"rvedv* e able* from I ?titer g. BILLH ART SALMON1* VKRZKNaY CHAHPAONK - J, Mi VI It Jr , N??. 14 limuiwey, sole im ?orter of 'hi-* celebrated brand of Mumo acne, lw lr? constant reeeipt of large siiit ii.ents, and invites the attention of the trade and other*. Mider* * as cute d upon liberal tet m? F. M. TOMPKINS. A rent. EINGUSH GIN-FAVOR \BLY BROWN IN LONDON BY a tin' Mppeilat ?n of fid form, in boUlea and on drauvht. a' the wine vaub, lfl Wall street GEO. K. HINDU*. PHILADELPHIA I.AOVK BIKR. PAMIMEH CAN ID Jl aopi'ied at 'heir residence* *si?h thta * ep.yrated totiie he vers. e. ,nh'*ieaf fr rr. lh< wu.e va ilt. O. C. RK.Nflf M. C Wsil str-*'. N. B?tnder* delivered in Brook*)n, J'-rarj ? ity. or I o oktn, wbhout extra diarye pl'Pi .IflCK POR1 WINK?A N INVAi.l'ABM ART I I uc.? r peTtona in a ?tafe oft<mvaletx-enc*. Md *?-. torn imind nuts 1?* the drug sUjr# On draught, by O. K MRNfilj N it Wall afreet. rro WIIOY.FHAI.P ORfMTRfl AND IJQUOR Dr4f.KlD?~ I Best frret n and yel'.- w grape and <-??gnac <Hls, eo ? earranged toitnita'e Jart ilea and ' Crota rum; oearh ry,apple, and r??p erry brandies, ffo!lat>d gin; ehlakey, i?ori si U V oinra efries, ! ??' Prrf.'-h "?Joiif?g, for sale by PR U t H < 11T W A NO KB, W Maiden lar.e ffO WFMfRN AND HOUTlflIRN BUYRRfl.-CH AM I f?at e t.-findy, Ar. of "uj ? rior quality, for tale to t ask Ct vomers. at iJ > per rent le-* than market pflre*. by W ATNON A BKMtlRP. 70 Puflon st? Matiufactur. rs of chsuipsgne and Importers of brandy and liquors. i in; miu'i un. ATTBNTION, COM PAN Y PK? K bf.fP IVHKI'PND N7 Goat A?The oiernbera of he abo?? guard, and at) t)?? desirous of partoimg with us on our se? ond ar n'ial target ex cnrsb'S, tvra requested n tnee'?' n Peek -up. tm Haint lay evening, Oe ober 1.1, at o'clo* k By order rs A N I >H P W KAY. Captain. /tONNOB DtAJD-\KMoRY, ( ?KNKR DKI.kN K > v &it'\ < bryste 1) no m ? ' of ibw r ?rj>? ar?* h *r*-b r?* qi.e-ued to tuevt tor drb at fh- Armory, on at'irday evening, t'aobfr IS. atU# o < i'^ck pre^tsety By orb f of WM. 'i. / WAY, ?>?m nan iar. R If. ffswrnoav. ? f.i ?. >? A Km. Jl W Y"HK HKSAI.P '.UAitlt \ MKKTtNO Of I UK N ?ompail/ wf-i b" U-ld on a?-miay afternoon, 11'h Ira' , the * w oraef of Grand u4 HahsUt str* m* tor drill ar d the trai?saMke? of ?? her htigftoui |h rtain ng to the In'ej? ?l of the < n.j i'iy. fly order Hixcu J utMiJt, f). s>. J. f. WATHf)N, Captain WOTKLV |> LAN CARD11 IfflTRl* WA BBDADWA Y. Cf?NNKfnia<l J> wt'h 44Twelfth ?treat?-lb* prop. i - 'W reapee*/?*liy an WNMM es that hb estaiitivbiueii' l? now open for Uie rweptltm of trsneteat or permaiien' boards*re wtshtng suiie <4 ro>nos, at sr wrl'h private tehie ot at table d'hote. 1 :.e name arrangMn-n's will >?? made e h - ngle gentlemen. Prke* wi?l be regulated ar'orritng to the filer.' and Ps-alM) rg the %i wincnis. q il>. <ou.!>h imtL ronfi **\i. Hmrrr, w u. J ).( U. ... Wk/wu.f.: IQlU til 1 % <w* 1 t ? ir r> roona, mi aod ra*Ma*l>i. iwm* r? u * j?. ?L;h !. QM, Trof.'m. 1 wt.'i * full r^w td LM b%r Of, Mt**'r'.n.rtM<Bt 10 o.i fiOf. ' ( ?"* hv. .'ill. .hff. ft., rmu, TA#,I.*A^ k HAfHt?, PrnRrMior.. TIIK TRAOKS. (icmxm or two riR t *atk J ,1 Ki . Ni.afll, if?i4r frT.|. oTm?n' ??>?) < tt It. . r. u. A.TTO- ISAK T.R 4 CO., UIS W.iflMn IL ri' ARTrr. nouusKsr hiti atio** *r ttpshitt TV U?,,- b r ton in UiiVf.. 0?u4 wr>4 rc .nlnp**. AdaitM ~,2 MiMa, ), Hf/oii;n w r,_i i \ .rri< irxT caRKrxrss^ at rur JOil* KAMIKI. Jr. ^'AKT.P O-t. JIM I'. KVMAK WAT* Iff A"K MAKP.R JX o ft t Ml J A < ?> llMnii* 11 ?rn! (,1? rn. ' . I( * ? .Arnwi AAlrw r. V *i??. s* ~ ??? ? - TiiK umns nkvms. :tt or "* v ;nc xrru ai, hep art I n,ri< -IV .n o. !* "., |? ?r. u. A. ?u r.? nin'or ,1 If a. I'T Tf-.f.wo Hr.p.f <? iW *'?(.??. I</T Knikl I f ? ?^ ot. *onA?. O- l?>. ? : << V? " * r. W. Tti? fr?ifr?wo .ad i/nYiir conrr^Jf ?r? reepwiinlif Nttt'H tr i?Mi4. RRHITU". \lJL tiir. < Hou r HMrmm or imkm ros . tt.r * to >t"k Wnaf. liuawni ?M #.? .ii.riMn.o. 11,mill > off . 1 *-f.? fend n# fe,f. 4*. fr <r. la, OI r?* A' 1-fVo :ti f?o'? S I Wfe.r f'tnac, enrarr of ??[.??? DII.IJAI f> |?|>?f ?IU.IARD*. RD TAHIRf fOK ?l.f v. Ail or4"? ?? ?,-w1' ny . - ?<,? ?? ""yjurMTS * _____ _ *rnjATW??i wantbo. A 5TSA229* wanted ?hy a iMncMiui JT Rcotrb Protestant woman, u nurse, to uku care at A baby Irum IK birth, ur mi Invalid lady. t* &<->->mUiiimxI lo the chars e of a baby In a private family city raft-rone* Cmi d? atau tur two days, If nMratud, at j. j tho-rW fruil ?lore, corner of University place andlfch ?i, A YOU NO WOMAN WISHING TO OO TOOALIPORNl A ami having no fru-niK there, would Hk.- u> go with a r?' milv Can give good reference ami pay a part oT her ex ?>-,< Address a note to K. Laroy, SU <hentnut at, at-ovr |-itli PhiU ladtlpbUt. AKIRt-T RATI OOXFROTIONIR, i'aKK AND PAg try baker wanK a altuatlon, In hrat rate oniann-nter. Deri of city reirrrnce. Apply al Iti Hprtng at A YOUNG MAN, FIXTKKN YEARS OLD WIHHES A situation hi a wholesale or retail loudness [u the city, tut can speck ami write Prench, English and Herman, salary not *o unicb an object at permanent employment. Good reference given. Addrevs Kmmerick A Vila, 111 Fultou at., up ?Ultra. A HIGHLY RR8PBCTARLI KNOLIHIIMAN WIMIIP.s A ?liuailon as waiter In a private tainllv. he thoroughly un tlcrstuuds ItK buidnece. Tha brut of city ralnrent-n ran ha flven Can ho ?a?n until engaged. Addreaa J. O , or Mr. falght, butcher, 232" at the tor iter nf Green* ami Pnur<h ata. A YOU NO ROBUST OKRlHfe HONRRT ARB TRUTH , till, want* a altuatlon 'U AQim i lean private faiully. Uj tnaka himself generally um-MI |K waiter ur anything ofthal kind; lie underttKndaa little of Artlen ng tmi. Wage* not -si tnurh an objeet an a gootl heme Keterem cs can lie given. Please rail or leave a few lute* at Mr. Henry Pcun'a, 134 Ko?t 2Sd at., necond door, near lid uvenue. ClOPYINd.-A YOUNO MAN WIHIIKN TO KM PLOY IIIH / evening* aa a copyist, at hi* own resldem-i-. Term* very ow. Addrt-v* J. Cooper, Inn 134 Herald offlce. CfOAUIIMAN OR IN DOOR BKRV A NT?IN A PRIVATE ) family ; know* hi* business well, and ha* been art ua U ined ut the tare of fancy and thorough bred horses. A m>te addressed lo ltd Greenwich ?!., will be Immediately at tended to GOVERNK8H.-A LADY KXPKRIENCKO IN TBAUfl Ing music, Frenrh, (which site speak* fluently,) Latin, Itullan, and the higher Knitl-sh branches, and at present In a tan.ily In this I By, desire* to lorm a re engagement as resident governess. Highest references given ami required. Address Teacher, 9b East Hlxlceuth street. Or. A.-TO MY BROTHER*. OR ALL PKRHONH Iff. ? Irtc-ted.?Thmk ?f $25.?This suin will he given to any person or persons who w ill furnish the adverilaer with a alius lion In a trimming, while or fancy gt oils wtmlesaln bouse, or any other respectable business. 1 sui twenty two years of age, slid have been In the mercantile buslunea allien I was nine years old; hate travelled with samples for (bur and a half years. In all dllb rent H'slcs. I ean uiltuenee a large trade to any auch house. ltest cliy reference, or security given It ri-i|ulre<l. Please addles* Puller, hoi 2bl Herald i,(Bee, for two days. (JITCATION WANTKD?BY A HOOTCH WOMAN, AK O cbauil el maid and waiter, also an Ametlran as nurse mill senDl'lp as, she can cut and lit all sort* ol dresses Both are respectable and well recommended. Please call at or address Bible House, No. 24 3d avenue. QHUATION WANTED?BY A RR8PKOTABLR MIDDLK. I ' aged lady, the widow of a clergyman. In a gcn'ccl, quiet family, eltlier as companion or <n assist Ui the sewtuu or huusc keeper, where the would be treated as one of tie- family. A rc mturtatile and happy houir Is more desirable than couipen vaUon. Address T. M. Herald ofllce. TO W1I0LB8ALB DRUOOIRTH.?WANTED, A H1TUA tlon, by a man nf uaexoawttaaable efceraMar, aa ysrk-T or would preler putting up order*, can make himself equally mcriil ui any department, but wouU Ilka pulling up paaiit mcdlrlncs ur hollllng In any other; ihe best of city reference given. Adilrree W.fl K., Mil Goerrk ?i. TO WHOI.ERALX DRUGOtNTR.?WANTED, A KITUA tlon, by a young man, aged 19, In a warehouse. Good re ference given. Address 11. A., 22 Vaudewaierat. mo HOTEL KKEPKRH - WANTKD, I1Y A PERRON WHO I hss hiul Ihe charge nl Hie books, and a.slsn-d in (lie gene rnl rare nf a summer i-sialiliahmciii, employment of a similar charaelei for die ensuing all monilis A line oddii-wel to A. B., box 2,24i*> Post ofll. c, will mrcl w ith prompt atlnnUon. To DRuaainv-WAXTCD. a ?itdatiov, mv a young man, twenty years of age, In a drug More: la ac Hush,led with ihe r| y retail and prescription trade Rccom lunula inns given If required. Addre s DruggKt, Herald elliCP, lor two days. ?rivTVlt_* KITL'ATIOS, AS MTKT Vt'RBK. TO A W baby of thr?r or Imir month* ? wp*rt?bl? w"ni*n. j h"llrrd7ourt..? monU,. M h.-r pro-anlemployer1..#4< , bu ii., front binmwi. ? 11' ?V1VP- A S1TTATION, BY a (onq WOKfA ** I W ; hanib. rmald; will maka !??* | quired. Hm# Uved Am ye?r? in one foiutijr. I mm *ii> j J. L. GrfetMip, Bjowwif.^ j tirivi pn BY A YOrNO WIDOW LADY, A ftll I A Canal arid Broadway, or 4W1. _ ?? ... - 7U1 and tab avrmiM. 1 ?*T A VTFD?BY A YOt'NO I.ADY. WHO WU1TKS A I W VfKxi | lain hand. au.|.1oynwmt a* copyiat. Addreaa A B. O., w? Hearty ?t 1-. r iMTID-llY A MOST BKSPKtrT AHI.K BRUNCH W woman a aliiia'tou a* Bmt cl??a oookj ?Jw P"*1*?1'""* "rlb"nLrr,tuhz?A ir, ''"r" nU? *" 3W'"'" 1 larr, Ur<1 l-ib*t., belwaan "th and bdi arrinn a. -11' ASTKD-BY A HIOHJ.Y ?U>I K<TABt.K MinniJT W a gad widow lady, an Aiim " iSHJ. krep.r or inau on, In xnna --ollr a. Igr?' * capwity, < "? ?tz"jx?sszz SAX -s - l*Jd, Mn'ron. ' idon ???|u?re r?*l A REflrF.CTABLIC MAKHIKD WmMAK. V\ b". . K.h"'..' of, ? Inqnlraad S? kJiM3c1 ...rat, ..ear LriWu IMM, f?r two ?1?) ?. . - .V ,i~n_WASIIISO amp ironing. by a first W r?l? tESnm. almf... work-, or IM aa.uth wuuld t " .... lo<|Ulie'at 74 haat Sdih a' . flr?t Boor_ . ri* A STEP?BY A RKMIKfTABI.K YOI7NQ WOMaW A \\ IkmL u rook, woa *r and irwwr; good by rata ? a?" . r*?>* m:,sr.. JSd^mSB..d- ... * u vmm am,, a,,, v a am: ,'*. SUv????? ?????;?. : ? ?. s,,is3Br wsfissJiX?? daj*. ? I \y- ?. \" "' ' r.u! ek? r;:,n"?D' ??> ?&?*>&-- *>??" ? tlaary. liaraldofica. _ aid < It" vv AS IK l>? A SIT, ATH.S. HY A K I'K-TT A HI-K U..I?,CT'!?&?- -M-^^a^A^ya, *U, ti|> ral". ftont room ?*rt".o ? II' ANTF.t- A H'Tr ATIOS. BY v ^. ^M AS WHO >? iLMk*and wrtw. '?? J..-, , .... iu. lat.!?*(*?- .r d ?t d-r-anda , '"Xr r?, ^'?Ma >? '? drr? M. t , Uarald ofca. THE Tt'Rr. / milKVII I K 1 'I RSI FA- ISO -WRDSWH'AY ^d day iad t"?d ra-k JOKL < ..Ll.t^rr. .wia w_ ( : 1 1:-rni?iSS b. ata t.. a' Sin & <??. a,torrl I ? IUf" b. w < . | Mr tj*n.a* llo laoa eul' 'jqki. .tt'SKI.IS. rrogrWKW. S^,u,? barar'ai Ororfa "biarr aamaab.? Frank y.wrr.wr, U>ra? W?alru? na?? r ? Udy rJ?Jg* oWEUJ|, froj rta?.^ /TgT^'v an poPia^|*rw *??:". I J^ar^'m b. Hiram f ;. \%^wV'7.Mffr^MSaa? ( ' :v-7w' - ' A !<? .'ar W. . u' ,...4 n ...irtH una o. t .( Vhl'ra ln At? W. -.4 |-r u.hrf lour jrara old. I> >V'/;?l%|lSlNa Fr^O. S3rS5S%?s" ? - jnadrt?. -r paf JOKI. CO** I.I * Frt^rif?r I?rl? HOT?* IIA III I'M Till* FA YOB IT* HI.*' ROF SSr^3.v"-C'r- *? ~i?5 ~? SS.' :z?XX~'' ? I^a. TV ,^t am' "A^MMWrre^ww. I ? si. * <<it i. i I ? tb<^h?o-os :-yrirXi\ -Jr ^ , rni B-r. I. I; ' " .S ') '-T I ?? IS *???'' ? , ,, .. . . ..... ? *| ? ai.idla-ww-' . /.HV- ai ??? ?"-? "ivi " ''-maw t ?-nil ? j' i , - - ' I i Si , ?** . ....? ~ , , Vmorma -*>* aT' boat, J'HIOS nil BS. I. IB IT tr*e )? v T> ? r?" V * ' ^ * ?? '* f lM MlAW 4 IIMITh. mia MAT HIMOBI 41.. . ?| r.B?TI?MAS Of 'KSH> rAMII.Y ABTI A Hl wiib aaodaaataaaaladwaadaw, aad .o*^ . aiTC s o a a'?! ? ?>??** Wlabaa v Vai Mw ^ ?rnA?ar? '. ; *d? wSk a TWW w. aMsnwmay. aa?? *? V fa.aa i. aad ? ^ ai> / go?d Wi" aaa A.i I ' | fre" 4 'ft b.i.W, i?u K.'A af (?*? >'">ai.i * \u t<"T ?**ary -ir'^w^A.'vwa l , , >a ?M of ai. a?W't* ?ad ?*?-.-?? . 1 ?"!'"T , .Hmim if W ra aayaddrM* ?'? ? * , r n ?'way FoW '<w M day.. X. lalw'l*" a mwtaaSy *??^fci4 w '*? ???*?? killaaaa will 1H *?" **' ad'aa^w. ' ' ^ r? ? 4. . ... i?a*r al*r??y aay aw ww.m. L. ... . ,ft. ,m o? i.t. vwk ?< f^.ft-1'd ??* j?r - * R*, ^.ft.--L. . ? i*w?r a"**? m nkrw. tr &X-T7 iSfSSfS '?I MV MU UW tULP WANTED. Aoood chanck-wantkd, a landhmkn. guio roopera, < arpatrtarv, black-rul ba, nook.. Muml, ,1MJ boat itMrtri, for hlpa now fltung. All rlothlug foriitehed (or the voyage. Yowug men wtaktng 10 go will rail at the offr-a of the company, 97 Weal atraal, corner uf Cedar, up a Intra, trpun. ?lie pier N North liver. BOOKREKPRB WANTRD-TO TAKE I'IIaRQK OP the book! and eorreeponden en In a wbotoaule ceneern. The very beat reference for capaltKyand tntagruy miulred. tinr familiar with Herman and Kroueh piefrrnvk. ulitrc ?, alaUug trrma and refrreliee, boi I.Jul l'tral ulllre. Dry ooooh halkhman wantrd-two nn rteorrd hand*, with food reference, to whom perma nent employment will be given Apply thla day, In Helton A RoyA, ?Sa whevaaaa. HKI.P W A NTKl)? A N ACTIVK Y09M WOMAN. WHO >a a good rook, eacher and imncr?owe aoouatomed to a I oardlnf bouee, can apply in the i eminent of M) Franklin -1. HANDY MAN ? WANTKI > A MAN THAT (JAN AND IN willing l<> turn hta band to any kind of Job work ahout a l.ote), vit a little carpentering, painting, putting up bed ?trade, mending locka. nailing <-ai pa'a, .awtng wood, market ing doing i rranda. Mual be a. inainicd with the city, ami be able In keep arrouula. Addreaa Handy Man, Herald office, elating particular* aa u> whet you ran do. laftrenoaa, ana nagra ir .pitied Nl'RHK WANTKD?A PKOTKMTaHT. AtXJTJinrOMKD In the care <,f children Ueat uf city refereao* required. Apply at 111 Weal int .irerL CAl.KhMKN WAN1KD-HY IIKaHN UKOTIIKRM, US t J llroadaay. CAI.KMMAN WANTKD?IN I'll? KIKNITCKK MTORK, k-J 159 > halliam atreel. uppo nn Nullierry. W lll'lll.KR CAI.KHKAH wanifd in a hi sti.kmaN'h fir tJ ukablng aiore, nn Uruedeay A voting man rrotn 20 in VI yeara of age, of good addreaa, aim la an i? and can I urn tali aaUatartury tolerate a* to rapacity, he by atblreealng O. P. In real name, (abating rrtarewe aa tunie other will meet with attention,! can eecura pannaneol employ. nuni. TWO HALKMMKN WANTKD WK1,I. At kill AINTKD WITH the city retail dry good* trad.- None teller; need apply. CRoiflK A CRAWFORD, 4*9 tflgblb avenue. ANTED-FIVK UOOD IHtKNHMAKRRH, AT I^EAMT W WANTKD?A WKT Nl RMK, FOR A CII1U) TIIRKR monlha old, to be laken lo ber maiden. e. Apply at til Weat 2lat ?U, between d'h u>d Jth avenuea. w WANTKD-TOOO TO ( IIA Rl.KMTuN, MOUTH OARO Una. a ftrl between Hie ago of II and 14 yean, one who la an orphan and daalrnua of a gool home In a Month-rn family, will And hie a good opportunlly. Hbe will ba well flatbed and eared fur far a (arm of year., aa may be agree.I np?n. The advrrileef will mil for t barlraUm tomorrow at io'rlock, by ateamer Marlon Addieaa N. L. O., bot Ml Herald office, by lo'f lock thla day (Maturday J. WANTKD-A TOO no lady, ah a nai.khwoman m a lace and rmbrolderr ?lore. Mia muat be a Itnl rate ?al. i woman and undrratarid maktug up hae lare gooda. fur wlithagcod .alary will be given Ajiply, for two dayn, at 409 llroadway. between ilia bnura of 9 and II A. M. TANTID-A OOOD mKAMHTIIKxm , (INK WHO I7N I deralanil* licemakitig, At Apply at 1*1 Wiaiater .1, WANTKD?A Nl'RHK ANII MK \MHTRRAH. CII \MHKR maid and rook. elao. a girl ut n, hnoaeeork. In a amall family. Apply at No. 7 llth at , a lew donra weat ot llroadway WANTKD- A YOI'NO I.ADY WHO U NDKRtTAN l?H rentllHlIng wlga, Ae. t'onaiati' work. Apply o I II. Tbompaon, II Warmr atreei. WANTICD-A COOK -ONF. WHO I'NDKHMTA NDM III K hualneaa Alae, a laundre-a, belli of whom ro'tat hare Ibe beat of rlty reference for character and rapacity Apply betwren the bo it re of 10 and I o'clock, at I0A llroadway, rarer of Pine ?t. WANTKD-A t'OMPKTKNT MII.I.INKK, ALHO A dteeeaiaker capable of culling, limn* and irakii.g dreaaaa. None other need apply ATlrra* lira. H I'eler n, 15)4 King at , CharleetoQ. Month ( arollt a w ANTED?A FRENCH NT RHF.?ONR Til AT CAN l>1ng the moat unetreptiouable city mhtren. ea b>r ? her artrrandeapabtlllj ku>t alao mnderawM aewing andam broidery Apply at 124 4'lt avanua. between Ul and 12 uV '- t. TtfANTED-AN IIONRMT AND INDI'HTRIODB WOMAN TV to rot k ami attend e dure, the t-aet of eharaeter ae to boneety rrt|ulted. Apply at the Repot.lie bakery. All Pearl m. WANTKD-A CHAMBERMAID AOCCHTOMKD TO work In a hotel Apply at tha Olotre Hotel, corner ul Ftui.klort and William el?. WANTK.D? A RBAJMCBa a MB MMARINO oYMI aad atuning rvmlortera and nrallreaae. to work by tie* day. Apply at the Oloba Hotel, corner of Frankfort and Wll Ham eta. WANTKD?YOI'NO MRN FOR VIIAIJKfl VOYAOEH. Adtanr r altoa ed lu oulht, from tftj to E15. Yottna men wtablng In go in *rm will (lt d all kind* of voyagae areovtftng to eapai tb? by applying ut Randall A Hobaon, Ul Houlh atraal, romer reel klip, up atalra. firANTKD-TWO MKN TO CAKTAM ANDflNRT't !>r TV ll-er.oti aoma raiy aaleabl- eorka. In IMa ctty Men ?f any tmelneaa unailfl. a'tona inrrgy and brritvrruio* raw r-adtly n uki from flu to *40 prr ?w? IDtbar aaiary or mt it.tartan paid to ihoaa who (nil Applp our work at H. (iHKflMj.VH, 101 Nauru atraet, room 10 WAKTKD-OOOD AORNTM TO NRI.L AFATBMT AK Hi l? to bualneaa n.rn alao ? imart aWaa nay A Aril ralr marl,tout wanted a t.-rman , rrlrrinl Apply bnwrrn 10 and I. Pf'HKMAjf A I'MMt. AM Hroateay up aU.rr "TIT ANTED A MAN TO KNfMOR IN A MOIfT. PI.RA VV ?aM in, .too r burloi aa thai CM Wily b* made '.o pay threw to fire Joliaru ? da* An eieall-ai npttort unity lor ao ? n irrprl?iiip man. A rapt'al af la ? * ,u,ra.l Apply a' Na A re tailor etr-rl, room No I, up Maim. mom??im]u < a< k. Ni'icr iAii aroncKM. Amki ti.mi orTnr ntui niiuliikkh or run <??.*? Iral Am-rban I oioi aojr will he heid ai Uka it'tUA liboal lio'Ol > n Norrlai atri,top ai k oVbviR VWUlAM fill KIND. M?tetany ? Atn-tIran lUmpaoy VTOTKK TO rAi'M4KNII>WH<>rr>NAU< WIM. RM II raceiTedat th- May r*. ofllae i irllall until the |rik day ml lo-tober in?' for lia aupply if Bra hundred Mwa r nth eipaL lor tbr u-a of tie |*i |jrr l>r| aruiu m , tbr iaua to I>a mad. to afl rr-pw ta ti ? aami la at lb- nP a of the 'loaf of l ink - ami lo br fur til hail In ?||| h quaulM-w tod al a?. b Uu.aaaa Out I t id of I'unrr may rr>(Wtie Any rap furntefcod of Uifcrlor ma rr al or a orkmaadN* wUi bl pereanp nelly rwierted rrniMNiHy wood. Mayer. Totlf"* i*t libnoi.rTiON or Tin hoard or tri h T 'in, a nur ? e l h- ?rii-Hrr? of the Km h Amcr. . ri (1 uUa I'arrhn i ontpaiiy ta'.JI lir bad ai 'ha iKfina of :ha onao, ? I'f, l? Hritudtray. fi T . on tha third day of No.-inber mil al t o'l to- k I" ? t? 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