Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1855 Page 6
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OYKRTISHERT& HEXEWED EVERY DAY. 8 \ T. K sj tTAVC'NHH. AT 8# NASSAU STREET, THIS MOK NINO, SAT' :??? ?V. x\. at Wl! o'clock. Day Ru *Hl 1 Co \siil m>1. >* *? :? K. lection of hbttfteholu furniture. comjirUing partor, u#?lro?jni una <imiDg room furniture. ai-?v ?>tt pointing*, min-or*. Ac .toc her wi'h article* of -ecor? i hand furniture. Uooda i ??a *he prcml-o- H>.-1N II. m'SoUIX. \u Uo> "f. Auction NOTICE.?BY WM. W. 811TRLSY?RETAlti ?lock ul' crockery clias an i china, M-tida y, Oci. 15, 1,1 o'clock at No i avenue i>, Uiuuo market, ?l ll?? '*'W. fixtures, and good wttl of all air stand. cole poalllvy, la iots to butt purchaser*. ALBKRTH.NI OL ' V AUCTIONEER ?STATION KRY and paper hangliu ? I ide Sale.?On Tuesday. Oct. Hid, en.I on tbe follow111j; dui, e 'lie auction room, 11 limi t sire at, tin- flr?; regular "ode s.ikt. rousuting >f blank books. stationery, paper-. losikMiuleni'materials uihl piper banging Hill lake ploe >- ' we. Tba catalogue will emu-ate nu nouMuUIy aU.'Aoiii<? ? 'm-nou, both of foreign and domestic fabrics, * Inch arc w It ? " hy tiio atleuUoo of the eti ire ir* I*, lb rout to'- Iho United ? fafe* and to be sold wiiliou reserve. Tonne?4 and 6 month-' -r- -1 i ? all p urchin roa less umu Jitlo, cash. Catalogue* now r ady for distribution, and cm lie "b laiacd at the office, No ? -l street, or ai the .aleA, ooux. AC TUTTLK. AUCTION KF.R-OFFICF. 91 BROAD . nay.?Cabinetmaker', .tookat auction on Tuesday A. C . Tuitie willaell at aurttnn on 'I ue-day, al lot, o'clock, at ilie warein uee ol A. tirldgmin Esq.. 198 Eighth avenii-., all Ihe balance ol bin stock of .superior furniture, most of winch s of a superior claae, and 1u. Iu I.-h mahogany sofas, lete a tales, ecretarus and bonk. ?*e* arm anil side chairs, Ooitilc bel steada, dre-sing bureaus arid washa'ands, centre aud .-xtm aion taiiles. together *lth an assortment of clocks looking glasses, Ac., the whole of ?hica will be ankl without reserra <ion tin cs-h. Catalogues on the morning of sale. Anthony j. blkecker a co.. auctioneers.? Positive sale, with, m reserve, of 400 building lots and totiage niies, at ('Union, Htaien Island, at auction Autnony J Bleecker A Co., will sell, at public auction, at the Mcr hauls' Exchange, In the city ol Now Yo-k, on Tuesday, Oct. f> at 12 o'clock, the following very deisir-ihle property, ou taleu Island, vlx.: 40U In's on ilie tract of W. W. Van Wagu neu, Fsq.. in the ntoai central and desirable pari of Clifton, near the Narrows, Ktaten Island, on Hay gireet and New York avenue, and on Pennsylvania, Clifton, Vermont, Maryland ?id Virginia avenues (prtva'e roods), right of way ovec which will be conveyed. These lots a e on high ground.' the avenue, chiefly seventy feel wide, the views hue, the water pure, and the facilities for sewers ce ported. The grading of the avenues is In rapid progress, wil1 he thoroughly completed, an I Is sr ranged, as Tar as prank-able, eo an to i ecure the advantage- of opt o, light ana airy basements, by tiling the grade above tue wljoimng lots, securlnc. however, thorough drainage. They fffie situated half a mile lu-low the Vanderbilt ferry landing. In the immediate vlclutiy ol stores, churches, markets and schools, and an omnibus passes through ihe property to and li-out cve.-y boat. It is tbe most n (tractive position for residences ou ihe Island, and oders great Indue.orients to build as au Invas'm -ni. Also 16 cottage slti-H, ol one acre each, on aveuues 7h f-tet wide, on the south side frou'lng 'ho sea, 2la miles distant trom the pre,enr ferry landing, tvi h Una vlowof the sea and outer hay, and -n the nelyhhor' of Ihe country seats of Messrs. Asinnwall, Lanier, Mortimer Lltdngslon, and others. The sale will be ahsolnie. and no proposiUun for private purchase pre vious to (he mile will he . nn-rhitrod. Terms?10 per cert and nue' one r's fee on day of sale; HO per cent ou delivery of the deed. The balance may remain nil bon.l and mortgage for thi ee ye - s nt 7 per oent. Title Indlipuithle. and will ha in i le lice trom all lnciunhraiics?. No limitations or restriction* will be imposed For m and further p-inlenltri, opptv to the auctioneers, No. 7 liroad street, or to W. W. VAN WAQE NKN, on .hi premises Auction motto*.?thos. uki.l, acotioneer-by tell A Bush?This duv, at 10,l? o'eioek we will sell In our snr'too room?, 12 North Wtlliatn street, all the elegant houss lioll furulturt of a tandly already advertised; also, table and bed hiieu, hlankeis, 10 lion bedsteads, carpels gentlemen's furnuihitig giM>,la ,ve it 11 1 ?-k we will s?'ll 1) valuable wa'ches gold chains, rings, plus. Unens, toweling.; the line old painiings; also. 24 in*hogany chairs 6 sofa*, 7 hit -.-ails, clocks, n splendid fil.nrr- r--vol\er. Monday, sale of valuable goods of all deaortptlou . Notice day of sale. Auction SALE of supi uiob robewood and ma hogonv furniture.?SAVA'JK A PARKS will sell this day. (.-Saturday.) at llik o'clock, nt their .salesrooms No. .111 liroad w ay, (fjoth'.c Hell") a large nssonment of rich and elegant rose wood and mahogany puior suits, covered iu satin, hro-atelaud li.iirrloth. uiabogany an.I onk extension lables, idhi iile lop c.-n ire tables, dressing bu.caus, A.-., l-elng Ihe stork of an exteu sire manufacturer; also gilt fra-ne mirrors, oil painthip>. hair uiaitreases, clocks, Ac.; well worthy the alienilon uf dealers ami housekeepers. Sale peremptory; term-rash. Auction notice -henry h. hurts, jr., auction Per, w 111 sell at KU.-ioi., on .Moudav, Uth October, a; 10 o'clock, a! the nales room, No .5|k I'lne street, SherlT's sale of a large merchant ul'or, roiislHiiag of F'rencli casalmerea, Belgian doeskin, '.raver, castor ana broadcloths. Bole; do., h*'in. is. Bros de Rhine, snilns, venting*, gloves, handkerchiefs, a ut a tars* quantity of read} male clothing. Auction notice?j. boo art, auctioneer?by S. linen rt?This day, Saturday, at II o'clock, at tin- auc tion loom-., corner of Frankfort aiul William si reel mortgage sale a large and extensive assortment of new and second hnn 1 III v..-sele three ply and Ingrain carpets, ut-ont b.OOtt wen-snd narrow English Poor oil cloths, .'10 assorted p trior, hni:. office and eooklng stoves, lot nt India mattin-:; also, one it->u xa'e office furalinre; also, a lot of household lurutiure. N. B.?The caiqicts will bf s 'Id llrs. oil the catalogue. Auction notiof.?j hoc art, auction km by 8. on Mond&v, nt 10^ o'clock, ut the 'auciion roouis conte 01 Frankfort and William street Assignee's sale of the cr.rc s'oek of a thread, needle, fancy and trimming alore. c ?n .-idngin part of atlk and thread glove*, stocking, ribbon-*. I tee*. 'ocka, bottom* and cola ?*, linen thread, trimming-, bu t?n? h so. super black cloths, boywool mittens, show case, and a variety of other articles 01 dry goods. ATiBl.PT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? ALBERT H. NICOLAY will sell, on Saturday, Oct. 1*1, at 10'4 o'clock, v the sale-room No. 11 Broad street, a lot of furniture, consist lug of mahogany French bed leads, do. wardrobes, do. btl veaut. do wuahstand*, with marble top; do. centre tables, one ro-ewtxi l piano, 7 octave, by Barmore a fine instrument and In perfect order, cost $h7S, ic arlv new; mattresses, palliasses, c cks v j -cs bronze*, Ac., the whaie to be sold without reserve io make . ih m for trade nale. r CONTINUATION SALE.?EUGENE B. FRANKLIN. I au? ? oncer?By Franklin A Nichols, at their sales room. TP Ma.'-au street, near Fulton, this day, Saturday, at 10l;? o'clock, be rem a tiling portion of catalogue of October 12, consisting of nnilx . aud dliiing room furuituro, cn suite, rosewood, ma ? "iny walnut, oak, Ac, fit various covering* of uew add .v-iironah'e style; also, sofa chairs, rockers, couches; etegeres, ideboard, bookstand. commodes, secretaries, wardrobes, cen re. Side and sofa tables, bedsteads, mattresses, bolsters, and ? Tows paillasses, oil patntlnr*. mtrrors, silver plated and !ia?KWire. Every facility offered merchants, tor packing ami c r'OMISVATION SALE OK GOLD WATCHES AND ' diamond Jewelry.?J. L. VAKOKWATKR will soil. liii-> (I n at 12 ?''clock, at the Mies room, 12 Maiden lane, ? lage aif-oc'incut Oi gold mid ellvrr tvatohes.of vniioti- kind-. some very I""', aieo. a line of diamond brooches, pin*, ring' r.isses, Ac. also, a fine linn of lb caral gold jewelry, riugs, pin-, brooches, ri oeses. s'uds, sleeve bullous, fob, ve? an 1 guard chains. The whole to be cold peremptory, 10 close an assign uu ut, and sflorda a line opportunity io llmsc In want. Ft C'LTON, AUCTIONEER.?LARUE SALE OF NEW ? and second hand Iurnlim e. carpets, oilcloths, mirrors, disks, banters, cribs. io,-r. i nltou will Fell, this dev. Saturday, October l.t, at 10% o'clock, at the auction rootna 50 Hockli an street, on the second lloor, a very large a --oi tment of goal new and second blind household furniture, o, reunite kinds; among the assortment tnay be loiitid urge d:v. .tig bureaus. In losewoisi and mahogany: bookcases wardrobes, marble topcen'ra, aide, sofa and other tables, teie a teles and sofas, couches and rumen beds, several black wal nut and onk dining and extension tablet, Voltaire chair*. rock ing do . pring seai and lull French do ; 2d carve I and F.h?.a Petlna i beds leads, oval mlrrora, oil paintings, hair maitresse tapes rv and other carpets, oilcloths. curt maple and oak chairs, ;0 collage bedsteads, second hand furniture, Ac.; alto l-?l .J day docks, entirely new. olio one nesrlv new silver plaie.t at.ialc harnosa, Ac. ha e peremptory, without regard to weather. O. HOKTON. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. ON XtOX T. dai at lt'tj o'clo-k, at 1st) i hurch stree'. furnltuieof a fiBtut leaving the city. Gt OBOE COOK, AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY S ALE T ota large and elegant stock of furniture, remove 1 for conrenrnce of sale. George t'isik will sell as .above, at It" Nas.iu street, near (leekman street, this day without re serve chamber and dining room uirnl ure, en suite rosewood, tnabogan; . walnut, oak, "c , In various coverings of new and f?? UiOt.abie styles. Also sofas, chairs, rockers, couches, o"> gerc?, ? ieboards. bookstands, corner stands, bureaus waih s and- commodes, secretaries, wardrobes, centre, side nod sofk tables, bedsteads, mat're.vscs. bolsters and pillows, pilli asses, oil paintings, mirrors, silver plate and glassware. Ca tologuos on morning of -une. Boxing and shipping at uiodera'e riiaige and in tlie best manner. Henry t. leedr, auctioneer.?genteel furni. tuie pianoforte mirrors, Ac,. this day (Buturday), at 10% O'cloc k, by H. T. LEEDS A CO.?At the four story rest denre corner of Variok and Canal "tree's, oontU'ltig of one su perior rosewood pianoforte, 7pctat e and fully use only three raon ha. cos'? Oil; rlcbly carved rosewood par lor suit, covered tn satin brocade, side and corner ec'gereo, nurror tront and hackrosewood centre, -Ide and sofa tables, do. tea a d dining do., rosewissl BBxibethan bedsteads, malto cany French do., pure curled bate mattresses. paliaa?e<, Brussels tinee ply and Ingram carpers, mahogany ex'en-don dUnng table, crockery, Ac., gilt French plate and oval mirrors, Oil pointings. Ac, French china vase "ea nets, silver plated tea ari'Ttrea. Ac. The above furniture was all manufactured to order end hae been usedonW three mon'hs. Catalogues can be bad a 'be salesroom. lf?i Beekmao sreei. this div To dealers and private purchasers we would sav that such a -n e Is seldom announced, as the furniture is nearfv as good ss new. HENRY T. I.EKD8, M Beckiuan a treat TORN HOUOH. ArCTIONKKR?PEREMPTORY SALE fj of rich and elegant household furniture, pianoforte, Iwenrb plate mirrors, carved rosewood parlor suite, parlor organ, (apestry carpets, oil paintl igs, mantel statuary, Ac? J, Hough will tell, without reservation, thle day,Saturday, at 11 o'rlock A.M., the entire contents of the elegantly furnished re-idetire, 70 Murray stree', near College place. Apart list la herein contained ?Two carved rose wood suits?one in crim son atnl g een, the other io claret and green broes'el, rich consulting of one sofa, one easy chair, four medallion back clialrs and one Gothic reoeption chair: rosewood 7 oc'ava pianoforte, of beautiful tone. In a highly finished rase, and fully warranted by the maker; Aubuaeon and tapestry velvet car KUs, Avmtnster rugs, lady's eaermotre, beanUfnlly Inlaid roaghoat, with mirror doors; elegantly carved etcherea, mir ror front and back; papier maclic and Paris Inlaid tallies, carved rosewood centre tables, with statuary marble tops. Urge French plate pier and oval mlrrora; rosewood (Me, aids and pter tsiblee; rosewood book eholves, corner etegeres and stands, rleh Kecree reeee, perlan martde and blague s'a lusty, a choice collection of nil iiamtmga, embracing fruit, ma rine and game pieces, by well known trusts, also, some verr Sue portraits and Isndacapea on porcelain, costly lace window lrapery. gilt cornices, decorated sbadea, Ac. Also, a par lor organ of unequalled purity of tone. In the cham bers?Rosewood suit In broeate], mahogany do. In haircloth, Brussels and Ingrain -arecu, rosewood and mahogany bu reaus. bedsteads and waahs'ands, china toilet sets, easy and rocking chairs, mahogany spring seal chairs, heavy hair mot Ireasea. French counterpanes, giu mlrrora, bolsters and pil low*. lace and muslin curtains, mahogany centre and work tables. cape aeal chairs, Ac, Dining room?China dinner set of M0 ptecee, decorated tea seta silver service, sal vera, ea. lens,cake 'enket', forks spoons. Ac., em glass wars. Ivory sutler*, dining and testable*. mahogany sofas, dining chairs, Ac., Sc. The sale will be positive, and without regard to wrether. Catalogues can be obtained at he hoti-e ileal 'he (?re o'the auctioneer. No. 7(1 Heekmsc air ret. Hon ? to 1-u? possession given Immensely. TOHN P.EBDINo"*AlVTIONEKR. WILL SELL THIS ft day. Or'oher 1.1, on the premises, ahnated on Weit rift*, secood street, about 100 feet trom the Twelfth avenue a two tory frame house, with ell the right, thle and Interest that "?uitnasMri sne bad oi the l.Mh day or December. A D. K> Byotderol JOHN CMCAK, Slientl _____ TflOri. GIBBONK, Deputy. MDOPOHTY. A1 ? HONKER.?MORTGAGE S 1LE OF s household furniture. tapestry carpeta, planoro. tr, French |UMe nvirora, Ac. ihla lay, astnnlav. the I.Hh hist., at 101, ?s JL"* salesroom 27 Centre street, being the entire fur niture removed from Ricecker street, conalstlng In part as fol lows one pianoforte, stool and cover; tapestry carpeta for two |*rlnrs. tapestry and Venetian slslr carpeta, thtce ply and In grain do., mahogany French secretary, coat $1(1(1; mohog.tny and roo|r'M to bed Marseille* qnftts And i vail (Deters, bolsters sod pU.ows, bureaus washa'an.fa And crockery. Ivory cutlery, candelabra* ataiiiVrv reru? c?r,J and dlmng Isbles, Isrga dlnne sal, tea do witii'aP the kitchen sod tweemcnt furniture. *,,, p-r.-mpuVr * .? i ? A-I attorney Iter mortgage# o?ce No S(1,y p|gA Noneb.-wh? be mu> at pcwjr a*1 f ^Viro t'tibltr pound, Forty second Mr. ci kn,| wavenih av^.Lr gsn Fooday 15th October at It o'clock M femhs. By otdcr of the I'ound Master R p u ark icr"1 *Al,j?4 AT AlCTIOW. J" MORI ARTY.?I WILL FELL, THIS DAY. AT to . o'clock, at 173 Chtllma square, the furnKure from Twentj third street, a coo l assortment of cirpe'* bartrni, ?ol**. leather bed*, mirrors, table*, chain, our exl?nuo:i 'able, one Look case, desk; also (rum Twenty aeicath Street, a mix! aaaor.mrut of furniture, Ar. It. VANDK WATER, AUCTIONKKB.-THIS DAY.-? ? Large sale of household furniture, pirr glasses. mirror*, Ar -Will be sold this dm . Satunla , Oct. 13, at I0lt o'clock, a' tbr salem ooin, 12 Ma Idea lane, a large ami el.'cam assort meat, removed for the convenience of rule, coast* in.: o. rue wood ami main nan i parlor su.l* covered in ricb aiyba of bro ru el aad in balr clotli rosewood and ntahugauy marble l ip ee litre. aide and pier tabic*, oak ami walnut exteo ton dwng do., tete a-tetrs and sofa*. divans, eaay mid arin chairs, cerd table* end s'ands. rlcli rosewood secretaries, book's*"-, and bookstands, piano*, parlor chair*. Ac.; valuable mantel clock.*, bronze und culna oriiamcut*, a line of ricb jap-iu tea tray*. Iilatcd and glassware, tea dots, Ac ; cleg iut rosewood aui uia toeanv French and gothle bedsteads, huir onureaae* and pallia* ??*; marble top, plain and dressing bureau*; wash stands, toilet nl.- baaemant furniture, crockery. A'-. Also, wtll be sold at the same time, aome. 'its or 30 elegant French pla<e. rib and ornamented frame pier glasses, of variousalz ?*. ova! mirrors, oil paintings ami frame* Also, several fancy and ptniu marble mantels In order, re Jy or parlors. This *a!e, offering the strongest inducement* to all, i* peremptory throngneui. IITIIOGBAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT AT ACTION.? J MARK WHAY auctioneer, trill sell on Wednesday, < i-tober 17, at H'X o'clock at No. P0 Fulton atree' third story, the stock, fixture*, presses machines. stone* Jnol;, Ac., if tueol the most extensive lithographic establishmeata In he ity. For lUnlier particular* see Monday's paper. PKTEB PARKS, AtlOTIOs*F, Kit.? KI.EG A NT HOrsE hold furniture?SAVAGE A PARKS trill sell on Mon day, 13th. at 10% o'r'ock. at 143 West Twenty third sires', he tween Si ventli ana Eighth avenues, the ent re furniture of a fltinl'y removing South, as follows:?Rosewood parlor etilta lit crimson satin hrooatel, large splendidoval mirrors, rosewood etecercH and wardrobe*, Brusaels camels, one flue rosewood pianoforte; al>o, ingrain and othercarps'* in chambers and upper rooms, .Mid all the usual variety of ohatuoer furniture, ot superior quality, maoe to order. Also, the content sand tlx tares ot a private gymnasium, bul't expressly for the owner's family Ine whole forming a mo t attractive at la To com nipnre with the kitchen furniture. fat* log ties on the morning of t-a'e. 8AVAOE A PARKS, General Aud oncer*. 311 Broadway, Gothic Ball. PUBLIC BALK OF VALUABLE PROPERTY IN Washington, P. P.?The subscribers will offer at public sole, on the lflth October, at 4 o'e.ock, P. M., on the premises, nil Ihe renl estate, machinery, Ac., belonging to tho ' Washing ton Barrel Factory." The real estate consists of the whole of lot No. 4. tun! portions of lota Nos. L 2, and 3. all in square No 9, bordering a* fo lows, viz 177 feet on O street north, 157 feet on Twenly sixth street .west; 166 feet on the south, and bordering on the west side by the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, (which is very valuable a* a wharf privilege;; the whole contain* shout WJK.ll square l'eet. On the premises Is a Urge brick house, put up In the most thorough and substantial man ner, 46 1(1 12 feet In front; three stoYteshtgh in front, and tour stories high In the rear; with a frame building In the rear three stories high. 3('J? hy 17 feet; a new and substantial two story hr-ck t oller house, with furinoe, fuel, and dry rooms; three additions! brie* dry moms, brick stable, Ac. Oonnecled with the premizes Is also a large resor?otr for water, with wrought iron pipe lending to the engine; a new and snpcrlo- steam en gine and boiler, (made to order): one of Warner's patent pumps; two lines of Bancroft A Hellers' best shaping, extra heavy, with patent bangers and pulleys; a full supply ol ttie nest oak tanned belting; two complete sets ol Trapp'i patent barrel machine*, for making ho'li Hour and ft tlt barrels (en tire from thp bolt); Stewart's patent saws tools, Ar The premises are well adapted to a Hour or plaster mill, or 'o al most any other manufacturing establishment, and ts enclosed with a substantial hoard fence on three sides and a goo I brick one in front. To an active, enterprising person, or company, the present purposes of the establishment would prove a very profitable and permanent business; and as a conveyance wlil be made to the purchaser ot the machinery of the entire patent for the District of Columbia, two adjoining counties in Virginia, and two adjoining comities In Maryland, no onmpodtion uc<> 1 be feared. The whole property Will be offered "ntire or separated to suit the wishes of purchasers. Terms'.-Two thousand dollar* w ill be required down, credit given for the residue. For further particulars apply to ALLAN POLLOCK, 3411 K alroet, Washington, 1). C. ALLAN POLLOCK, C. W. Botelor, Auctioneer. JOHN MARK WIt,SON. PC. BULKLKY. AUOTIONKKR.-POSITIVB SALE OF ? 59 lota on Water, Spring and Shepard streets, Elizabeth town N. J? to c lose a concern, on Thursday. Oct. 18. at 10 o'c lock precisely. For maps aad free Uoke's apply lo the auc tionerr, 49 Wall St., basement of the insurance building*. RrSSF.LL.VV. WK6TCOTT, AUCTIONEER.?MORTGAGE sale of genteel furniture, ou Mt> idav, Oct. 1.4 at lo'j o'clock. R. Yv. Wcstcott will sell, by virtue of a mortgage, a large quantity of household furnltura, Ac., contained In bouse No. 72 Kit.1 li h uvcniie, near Fourteenth street, all la Hue order, most of ll being new, eonslatlns of tapestry and \Villon room and s'al" carpete, 1 suit solid rosewood parlor furniture, co vend In rich brnc ide; 1 suit mahogany do , covered In Maroon velvet?both superior articles; marole (op rosewood centre tables, mahogany lete-a-tcte; large French plate mirror, slabs and braeke'i; mahogany and gilt do , carved French sofas, ar n and reception chairs, rockers, rich mantel vase* and orua ments, lace curtains and abades, oil paintings, Ac: ro'CWood ami mahogany bedsteads, balr mattresses, featber beds, mar We top dressing bureaus, do. xvashatandg, tolle' sets, 1 marble lop chamber suit, Ac., with a large variely of bedroom and basement furniture, 10 cottage bedsteads, with hair mattresses to tit; mahogany extension table, china, cutlery, cut glassware, stove ar.d fixtures, oilcloth, clocks, spring seat chairs, Ac. No postponement. Catalogues now* ready. Tims morreli., auctioneer.?this noon, at 12 o'clock, by catalogue, at No. 81 Nassau street, a large ami valuable stock ol lumUure, embracing an aaaort uient of rose wood, 4c , lor entire lashionublo dwellings; also lilatu furniture, vlr., cane scat chairs, Ac.; also magulf. cent French plate pier and mantel mirrors; al*o oval mir rors; n'sopatnihiRBfrom the pencil of K. Cloatea and ollters; also best bedsteads, hair mattress.*s, silver plated goods, fancy articles, separs.&c. Object of changing hour from 10 ? Is to g'.vo buyers a better opportunity to attend. Bullafaclioa guaranteed to all purchasers. Catalogues ready. T\7 M. WITTERS, AUCTION HUB, WILT, SELL ON 8ATCR " day, at 10), o'clock, at IH7 Canal atreet, all the genteel parlor chamber and klleben furniture of a three siorv house .0 lulling one superior rosewood piano, a'so one melodeaa encli piste pier glasses, splcnd d oil paintings, tuiibognnv sea, aolka, r ~ - ' lieokcases, sofas, rocking, easy nnd other chairs, elegant 1 tpes tii aid three ply carpets, oilcloths, marble top dressing bu , us and washstands, toilet lets, mahogany and walnut bed cads, hair and other matt esses, splendid bedding of everv description, clitnn. class and plated ware cooking stoves, Th' sale Is worthy the attention of housekeepers, as erervthh.g Is nearly new, and sold, as usual, without reserve. TRAVKIXHR8' (iUIDE. HHP FARE FOR ALBANY-PASSAGE 25 CE.VTH V; hy Haneox Dally Merchant* Line. The fast aailiri steamer FRANCIS MKIDUY, Capt. J W. Haneox, will leavr north side of Robinson street pier every Monday, Wedneada and Friday; and the Hero, Cspt. Annlng Smith, every Tour day, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 P. M , arriving by 4 A. M CVB KEY PORT AND FORT HAMILTON.?THE BTE 11 C b"?ai KEY PORT leaves Murray atreet pier daily, (Sun Jive sxeeptetU at 3 o'clock P.M.. and Kev Port ai 8 u'oiort SUNDAY TRIP TO NEW EURO, WKST POINT AND Cold Spring, landing each tvav at Yonkers, Hastings, Dobba' I erry, Tanytown, t ing Sing, Haverstraw, Verplank's Point. Caldwell, West Point, and Cold Sprlmt. touching at Atr.ns strei t each way. The favorite steamer THOMAS E. Ill LSE wPI lcarc from foot of Jay street everv Kundav morn in*, nt 7 o'clock. for the above places. Re'ti.-nlng will leave Newbu.g at 1 P. M. TO THE PUBLIC?A MOST IMPUDENT AND UNPRE cedentedfraud and falsehood.?A gentleman who has re cently icturned trom a trip to the North, has luinled me a handbill tn the following words and figures, whl. h he found dls tr.I,mcd In the cars el the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com pany between Washington and Bal hnore, nnd which. 1 have since been Informed, U extensively circulated ill all the cars and hotels north of Washing'on To Southern Travellers.?Pall and winter arrangement of the great Southern mail line, direct from New York, Philadel phia and Bal tmore. via Washington City, Fredericksburg, Ktehraond Petersburg, to Weldon, Raleigh. Wilmington, N. t'., Charleston. S. C., Augusta. <la.. and Mobile, direct 'o New ftrleens, ihc only line carrying the (.'rent Southern mall. Through tickets from New Yerk to Wilmington, N, C., b 1 ?">, do. do. Weldon, N. (!.. SI2; IVo.u Philadelphia to Wilmington. N. C . >14; do. do. Weldon, N. C., VIO; do. do. Petersburg, Vs., ?8; do. du Uiehriiut d. Va? $8; from Baltimore to Wilmington N. C., >12; do. tlo. Weldon, N. 0*S3, do. do. Petersburg, Va FtifiO. do. do Itichmond. Va.,$t?; ito. tlo. Fredericksburg, Va. Si 50. T ho follow ing unrivalled schedules are now run on till line, giving ihe public ihe advantage of two last tailv mil! lines, every day, Including Sundays, between New York and Wilmington, North Carolina, both ilnea being continued in Charleston, South i arollna, and one of which, the line leaving New York ai 8 A. M. and reaching Wllutng'oo (he following evening ai 8 P. M., is continued through io Now Orleans direct, via Wilmington and Mancherter Railroad, and Augusta, Ga. leave Now York at il P. M. and 8 A. M ; Philadelphia at II P. M. and 12k P. M.; Baltimore at 4'* and 9!i A. M. and 2 l'.M. nnd fi's P. M.; Washington at fi A. M. and 7 P. M.; Fredericks luirg at 11 A. M and 12 P. M.; Richmond at 5 A. M. and 2'. P. M.j Petersburg atf A. M. and 3 P. M.; Weldon at II A. M and 10 P. M. ; Wilmington at kk P. V. and 7 A. M. Arrive tn Phlla delnhla at 10 P. M. and 12 M.; Ilnhlmor ? at .'I1, A. M. and I and 4), P.M.; Washington stf.and II A.M. and 4)? and" P.M.; nt II A. M. and 12 P. V.; Rehmond at Ik P. M. andb A.M.. l'etersourg at .?% P. M. and 0 A. M . Weldon at 8,k P. M. and 10 A. M.; Wilmington at 7 A. M. and 8 t*. M.; Angus'a, Ga., at 2 A. M. and ii P. M. By the above schedules, It will be pe' I'elvid ha passengers going Routn, leaving New York at ft P. M. tr 8 A. M.. Philadelphia at II P. M. or ftfi P. M , or Baltimore at \. M. or .v4 P. M.. prone*d 'vithnii in leirup Ion at any point, and roach Wilmington, N. 6., In ooe day tioni BalUmore. Tho?c by ihe tl P. M. hue troui New Yi rk. or 11 P. M. hno fbom Philadelphia, breakfast on board lie steamboat, pa-sing down the Potomac, in view of Moon Vernon, by daylight. Passengers arriving at Washington from Baltimore, by lire train of 9'< A. M. ur 2 and51, P. M . ran sup, have the advsn'age of rest in net Uis on board tin? Po tnmue sieauti oat and arrive in Wilmington. N. , in twent* four hours from Washing on. in time to lodge the second nig... or to proceed. If they piefrr doing so, dtretly onward, The two lines on this route. It win be perceived, give the traveller the advantage of reaching cither Charleston, s. C., or Augusta, Qa., In ihe shorten noaslale rime, or ol resting, ir he choose*, on hts journey, without incurring much delay, and of avoiding the risk of any w rloua delay, In the event ot a breach of con nertlon ai any point. Omnibuses and baggage wagons are pro vlded on thl* line by which passengers and their baggage are conveyed through Phlladelph'a. Baltimore. Washington. Rich moud and Rem rat urg, free of all cxpen-e, and baggage con ductois accompany travellers by this route the whole distance. Passengers tor any polut souih ol Washington will have their baggage cheeked lor Washing on. and Iheneeon board the Po tomac hoBla, for Ihelr point of destination. For further Infor (nation, nnd throtigh ticket#. apnly In New York at Ihe New Jersey Halt, teal, foo: of Cor:landt s reel; In Philadelphia, nt th" Philadelphia and Bal'iinore Railroad ollice; and In Baltl nirre.atlhe Southern ticket clllec. adjoining Ute Washington Railroad ticket off e, Camden (tattoo. Halt.more. Kiocktos A Fata*. Baltimore. Prp'ember, Is35. R. F. Kerns. Agent. The public will perceive :ha! in thl* handbill the statement Is dlrvctly made lbs! the Northern ami Southern mall U carried httween Richmond and Washington city bv the Richmond. Fredeilekabtarg and Po'omar Ksilrood t'ompany. end the boat* cn the Potoiiis. Hvcr and Acquis t'reek. Now. not content with making thi- -tatamen once the writers of the handbill ropest it .n lbs declaration that the line described bv them la 'the only line carrying the gr<at 8o'Phern mall." We do not know Me?sr>. Block ion a Falls or their agent, Mr. Krebbs, hut If they or either ol ihem prepared the above handbill, a sense m duty constrains u? to say that they arc engaged In a dellbe rata purpose Ot den .ring the public, to the great prejudice ,,f ?be in'eresta of the company with which we are connected, nrd their cllbrt ought to be dls. ouq enam ed by all lovers of truth and Jc- ttoe. Tho great BotBhcrn malj Is not carried bv the R. F. ur.d P. Railroad <"o , nn I Ihe lloat Line on the Roto mac hut I* carried between the el Its of Washington an I Rich icondbythc <irsry c and Alexandria and Virginia I'en'ral llal'roed, nn.l by no n'l.rr line; and by ndne otner will It be curried for the ney four ye.ii t?the contract for carrying that mail having been let to ihe companies last meguoned on the ? .lay of June las.. And of this statement. I beg the public to 'ak" notice and to he a-stired, that If passengers come to the t "rural Railroad at Oordonsvll e, fmm any quarter, they will be transported on 'be same train which esrrloa h" mall to Ri. hmood. I df -m it my duty to take this occasion to apprise the public of nnother form In which this same fraud an.) raise hood Is practlMd. I have been Informed hy several gentlemen that a man makes his appesranre on th" cars, between Baitt more and Washing en everv train, applying lor the baggage check* of the Bs '.ihern passengers, aua repreaentlng to Ibetn he mall line Is the line by Aciutn Greek and the B. *. A P. RaUrcwd.and1 nnon a recent oenaMott he approached Mr. BInt. omb the t hid Rnglneer^ofth.s rn*d, and applied Am- bis eherk . and when told that Mr. W would go by the mall repllet! that the Acquis t reek and R F A P llns was the mall line Who this man Is wr know not. but see caution the publtr sgalnst hnnitaen Impostor and circulator of falsehoods. By order and la bebslt of the Board of litres- .<?? E FONTAINE. Preetdcnl VlrglaU fentral KoUrood Co. BUAROnu AAO liOOOUfO. QPQ BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE -HANDSOME <*UD sun of rooms on ilie Ural tioor, u> Id. to a sotoc taint i of gentlemen with private i??bie, or oo European pl '-i, h.iii:.eaH Ac . best cooking and attendance. No oilier boar J 7AQ BROADWAY. BETWEEN EIGHTH ASI) 4 UO Ninth street*?A handsomely furnished Ironl par or ana bedroom with bathroom attached, to Int. to gentlemen with or without board, private tattle; also, single roomi. for far ther particulars apply as above. liA U BROADWAT.?DESIRABLE SUITES OP ROOMS Dt O lor families, with full or partial board; also room" far s.nglc gentlemen. Transient boarders accommodated. The above house has re tenlly changed hands, and gone tbr >utrh a tl.m ouch course of repairs andrenovailott. Mrs. P. BROWN ING, Proprietress ? 04A/4 SECOND AVENUE. ONE DOOR BELOW THIR iUT teentli street?Gentlemen can obtain handsomely furttiabrd rootna, with partial Board il'desired, in a house having every modern convenience and a superior location. Wo board vr* or children in the house. 1 J r TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE ? If l) Rooms. with board, on second door, together or sept rale; iamilv private; locution desirable; gentleman sud wile, or two -Ingle gentlemen, can be pleasantly .lecommoU.teJ; very Umbel number taken; near cars and stages; gas and baths. __________________________ m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OP BROAD way.?Hand-ome furnished rooms. In suits or single, with breakfast if required. Also, at No. 6 Collage place. ion MADISON AVENUE.?A SUIT OF BOORS ON I OU the eootid Door, with board, are now vacant In a fled clu-s Louse also a room for a gentleman. Wall street stages pass by the door. Q7 PRINCE STREET, NEAR BROADWAT.?TWO OR t'U three single gentlemen can he accommodated with pleasant rooms without board. The house has all the modern improvementa. Reference required. Q-| EAST TWENTY THIRD STnEET.?TWO SUITS OF OX rooms can be obtained, with board, in a first class luusc, sit us led on the Urst and thirl doors, front, consisting each of a parlor, and bedroom a4joinlng. Apply as above. Ol) 1( K.MS EN STREET, BROOKLYN QKIOHTS.-A Ugj suit, consisting of three large and elogant rooms upon second boor, suitable for one nr tuore families; also rooms oo third story of the above delightfully located double bouse. Gas, Ac 'Dinner at C o'clock. References exchanged. A LADY, LIVING IN A HEALTHY AND CONVE uicnt location, would like to let one or two furnished or unfurnished rooms, with or without partial board; has, also, a tore parlor with extension room to lei; the house contains gas, ruu is within a few minutes'1 walk of South and Wall street ferries; cars from button ferry pass the door. Inquire at HL'l Court atree', S-outh Brooklyn. AT 810 PEARL STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, A FEW gentiemea can be accommodated whit nice, comfortable and airv rooms, on reasonable terms. Also, rooms to sub a gentleman and lady,or two slagle gentlemen. Breakfast and tea, If required. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A SINGLE GENTLE . man. without board, in a strictly private family', a large room on the second story, with gas. use of balh, hoi and cold water, Ac. Be-t of references given and required, l-'or further particulars inquire ut 190 East Fifteenth street. _____ A FEW AGREEABLE AND RESPONSIBLE PERSONS, desiring handsome rooms, with board, will find such at tsSi Murk's plsce, near Second avenue. Family American ma private, house genteel location superior. Nooe but those who ute highly respectable and who Intend to be permanent need apply. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING BETWEEN WHITE nnd Chambers streets, having a back and front room on the second floor to spare, with bath room and convenient i h sets, could accommodate four gentlemen with hoard. Din ner at 0 o'clock. Address E. J. 8? Herald oflice, for three daya. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN REQUIRES PERMANENTLY, an miturnished room, with hntairand gaa, la New York or Brooklyn. Address for three days, stating lowest terms, and giving description, Gower, Herald oflice. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH BED room attanhed, to rent to a gentleman, at the central lo cation. No S9 Prince street. The house has modern improve menu. A YOUNG MAN AND WIFE WA.VT HOARD IN APRI vale faintly, one of plain mid quiet habits; want oue or twr> rooms, unfurnished preferred, or furnished; location tie low Twenty-ninth i-ireet and between Serond and Sixth aye nue*. tall or address J. F., ofllre No. 3, 167 Broadway, slat lift term*. Ac., per mouth. Excellent reference. Board.-tiif. second story, consisting op five ioom.?, handsomely furnished, to let, with board, to fan dentcu and their wives or single gentlemen, la n Drat claws house, near Washington Htan. Apply at 222 Tliomp-cut street, hetween Amity aud Uleecker. Dinner at six o'clock. Krieremrs exchanged. Board?to let, to gentlemen only, a par lor and bedroom adjoining, whb pantrle*. furnished or r.nt, with partial hoard If desired. Ill a llrst class house contain ing all the modern improvements, in a private family. Apply ai 37 Uleecker si reel. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO OR three single gentlemen, can Be nceominodsied. with or without partial hoard and very pleasant rooms, In a first class | Ik toe. wph all the modern to provenieiits, bath, gas, Ac. Ap plv at 7t> West Twenty-third street. References exchanged. I T>OARD.-TO LET. TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, A l) good sired furnished fr nt room, with or without partial boRic with !?? and privilege of bath, at 14ttSpring street, west | ot Broadway. Board in Brooklyn.?a large room on second Ibior, sulta'ilt for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen: a!-o a smsll back parlor on first floor, and one large stile room in a first class house. Apply at 310 beury sireet, between Congress and Amity streets. BOARDINO IN BROOKLYN.?a NEW ENGLAND family would like to engage rooms and hoard lor live or six persotin. married or single, for the winter. House well fur iii-hed, wi'li modern improvements. In a pleasant part of the city, near Clinton street. Apply at 162 Atlantic strec, Brooklyn. Brn HOARDING in BROOKLYN.?TWO SINGLE QKNTLE meB, or a gentleman and wife, can be accommodated v.ilh hoard, full or partial, and a comfortable home,_'?/?PR'S; Big at lOo Urldgo street, ncur Concord street. References re Board in rrooklyn.-a gentleman and wife. or twn|single gentlemen, ran secure for the winter a targe trout mom (with pantry and closets and a clothes press), furnished or unfurnished, with hoard, nt 176 Washington si., corner ol Concord, lire minutes'walk from Fulton and Well street ferries. Location is a very de-lrmble one. Terms rea I souablc. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated with lull nr partial I oat u. aud comfortable rooms, lu a s nail private family, al f.2 Sands st? only a few tnlnuiei' walk Rom Fulton ftrry. Board in brooklyn.-a widow lady, having a house, pleasantly located, with the modern Improve moots, w ould like to dispose of a suite of rooms on the second or third floor, furnished or unfurnished, to a family, with board , references exchanged, Apply at 149 Lawrence street, four doors from Fulton avenue. Board in west fourteenth street, opposite Annunciation church, near Sixth avenue.?Two gentle men ann their wives ran be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board by spplylng Immediately at 108 West Four trenth street. The location Is delightful, aud the family small References required. Board and music-an experienced ameri ran tesrher of nmslr, of quiet habits, with the (lr?t refer eneen. de- Ires to engage board nud an unfurnished room In a genteel family (private If possible), where he may give his pro lessinnal cervices lu full or partial payment. Isles'Ion in the vicinity of Filth avenue and Tw enty -fifth street preferred. In qiitre at the pianoforte rooma of N. P. B. Curtiss, 447 Brood way. Boardino.-a large pleasant room, with pantry attached, to let with hoard, to a gentleman and his wife or s couple of single gentlemen, w here the comforts of a brine msy be enjoy ed. Apply at 83 Henry street. BOARDIKG.-FAMIL1ER OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN w tailing to secuie hoard foi the winter, will find very do ?treble spnrttueuls. In a llrst class private boarding house, de livhl'ullY located, possessing every fsrllltr of access from all pans of the city. Reference exchanged. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west side. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife can be nieiimniod.ued with board and pleasant turnlshed or unfurnished room*, on the aecoud Jloor, at 101 Second avenue BOA It DING.-TO LET TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN AND ladles or gentlemen and their wives, furnished or untitr ntsbed front looms, with lull or partial board. Terma-To nnv werklv In advance. German,French and English spoken there. No.: 6 Howard street, two doors Irom Broadway. B B KtARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A jj voting man. Please address W. K., Herald otllce, suiting residence and terms. Board wanted?fob a girl ten years of age. In a quiet family, where there are no o'Uer boarders, or with s w idow Jadv pre.erred. Address, stating terms, for three days. E. B.. Herald ofllce. References exchanged. O AltD WANTED?BY TWO GENTLEMEN AND then mother, either In this city or Brooklyn. Addre** d, Herald ofllce. Board wantkd-by a gentleman, in a good. icspectable hoarding house?not loo far uptown, and near Broadway?where dinner Is served atSAj nr 6 o'clock, oi I si Hat l-oatd. A modei ate sized room Is required, with grata? pi-ire n-1 to exceed 16 per week, Including fire evenings, for ,ull board. Address W. J., box 312 Post ofllce. TjH'RNIKIIED ROOMS TO LET?IN A SMALL PRIVATE F family, with breakfast and tea. If desired, to two or three single gentlemen, or gen1 lemen and their wives; modem im I roTen-enta; use of piano. Houston street stages and Sir!

avenue cars pass the door. References exchanged. Apply at 18 Bedford street. MRNIPHED ROOMS AND SPLENDID PARLOR?IN lJ a llrst rise* house, to let, In a suit or separately, to a family ot single gentlemen; also, the use of a kitchen. Applv s< S3 R. Mark's place (Eighth street.) Furnished rooms to, to gentlkmvn and lady; board lor lady only. Address I,. 8. P., Broadway Tost office, for three days. FRNIfHIKD ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD, AT 22 Waverley place, corner ol Oreene st. Furnished rooms, at 41.1 broomk street, near Broadway, to let. Hotel rooms forgbntlkmkn.-theonly place in the rhy where a man can obtain the exclusive use of to good s toom for so low a price?28 cents pet night, nr tl Ml per week. Globe I Mel, corner of Franklori and William streets. ONE OR TWO SMALL FAMILIES CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with pleasant rooms and hoard al 74 East Twenty third street; the house contains all the modern tmproveme lis. and it fittrly located, between Fourth and Islington avenues. rRIVATK BOARD -A FEW GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives, and two or -bree single gentlemen, ran obtain de llghlful rooms In a flrsi class house, pleasantly sitnaled In 'I Wenly third slrret, No. 73, convenient lo ears and stages. Hooks to let, furnishf.d-wttii or without partial board, 417 Broome slrret, one block from Broad way Get, bath Ac. Rooms with partial board, for two gentle n.en In a fam ly that take hu four lava-inn 146 Ninth street, a law doors Irom Broadway. Rooms to let. furnished or unfi-rnished. with partial or fhll hoard, at 1(13 Iwrov atreet. corner of II it dean; bouse rontalos all ibe modern Improvements TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN,~OR~TWrrI.TlHES, CAN he accommodated with l-oard In a small private family, at 189 Greene etrvet. F ?o&ftona and fcooonra. TWO YOUNG ME*. WHO ARB WILLING TO PAT A liberal price for a good parlor aivl bedroom, with good board, cau apply at 68 Kaat Tweuiy seventh at. TO LET?AT NO. 08 SEVENTH AVENUE,CORNER OP Kl tecotb aireet. well furnUhad airy room*. large and small, with full or partial board, on moderate term*; house contains modern Improvement*; delightfully situated, and ao rleiy agreeable; comfort* of winter and a home can be euoyed here. fall and see, before you engage elsewhere. TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVIW. OR A FAMILY OP four grown persons, may be accommodated with well furnished rooms and good board In a private family; neigh Ixj-bcod genteel; house has modern improvements, and no olfier hoarders. Kcferrneea required. Apply at 210 Wert Thirty first street. TO LFT-A NICE PARLOR AND UEDROOM ADJOIN ir.g, tu house <38 AUsn'ic street. ItrookJyn, I wo doors from Nevfns street Inquire on the premises. TO LET A KD1T OP HANDBOMKLY FURNISHED rooms on second door; also room* on the third floor, at 36 Kssi -i tli St., botweea Broad* u> and Fourth avenue. AM ED?A FIN ELY FURNISHED SUITE OF ROOMS. YT in a quiet, genteel locality, above Union square, with beard for a lady. Preferred with a laity who will take no other boarders, and where there is ItUte or no family. Address S. R. L , Broadway Post office, stating location, Ac. c WA'H HKS, JEWELHY, HiC. AAMFOKNIA DIAMONDS.?THIS NEW AND HKaUTI tu' article still takes the lead wtth nurehaaers of jewelry The best judge cannot tell them from the real diamond. Tbt prices are within the reach of every one. Cluster gents' pit ? Ft, tri and 86; ear rings 86 to 820; rings 86 to 820; stud* ladies' pins, crosses, lockets, buttons, bracelets, Ac. Articles made to order, set with the above diamonds In any style. Alee sent by mail to aoy part of the United States, by enclosing amount, addressed to L. A J. JACOBS. <07 Broadway Reduced prices. - watches, jewelry, dia mnnds and silver ware. The undersigned, Tor the last eighteen years a well known dealer and Importer, offers for sale all goods in his line at to wet prices for the same quality than any other house In N'o? York. Philadelphia, or any other city, and will aend by mad i r eipreSa, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ae? to all part* of the United States, free of charge AU gooo, warranted as represented. Orders by mall, post paid. fully atieuded to. WATCHES. Watches, with places for daguerreotype* 8100 to 81 At Jurgmseu Watches, genuine, warranted ISO to 25t Cooper Watches, genuine, ws rranted 126 to 271 Independent Watches, for timing horses 125 to 888 Pocket Chronometers 12S to 25C Eight day Watches Ill) to 181 Ladles' Enamel Watches .16 to hX Ladles' Diamond Watches 55 to S0C Msglc Watches 100 to 176 Gold Hunting Levei s, lull jewelled, 18 carat ?to <C Gold Opcnfaced Levers, full Jewelled. 18 carat ?to 76 Silver Openfucod Levers, full jewelle4 ?to 16 Silver Lepiues ? to JEWELRY. Earrings 81 60 to 836 Ot Pin s I 60 :o 26 Of Bracelet* *.. 5 00 to SO 00 Gold Sleeve Buttons, set 2 00 to 20 0? Sold Lockets, 1, 2 uud 4 glasserf 3 00 to 25 0C Gold Gusrtl Chains 10 00 to 60 00 Gold Chatelaine, or Bolt Chains 10 00 to 110 (X Gold and Vest Chains 8 00 to 85 06 Gold Fob Chains 6 00 to 15 00 Gold Pencils I 25 to 10 05 Gold Pens and Pencils 3 50 'o 25 Ut Gold Crosses 2 00 to 12 0C Chased Oold Rings "5 to SCO I'lsln Gold Kings. 76c to 8 00 PUTS Gold ffMUf Rings 1 Hi la 10 08 Jewelry of every description. DIAMONDS. filsmond Single Stone Pins $15 00 to $l,90U Of lkspinnd Cluster Plus 30 00 to 400 '>6 pRinond Kings 7 00 to 250 UC Diamond Kai rings 100 00 to 300 'X Diamond Crosses 26 00 to 800 (K Diamond Bracelet*... ? 100 00 to 560 Of Ac., Ac.. Ac. SILVER WARE. Silver Teaspoon*, per set 86 uO to 89 0(i Silver Dessert Spoons, per set 12 00 to 16 00 Silver Table Hpoon*, per sfit 16 00 to 25 04 Sflver Table Forks, per set 16 00 to 28 00 Silver lleseert Forks, per set 13 00 to 23 00 Silver weddig cake knives, pie knives. II .h knives, plokls forks, tee cream knives, fruit knives, butter knives. Ohii Oreo's sets, vU.:, kiltie, fork and spoon, silver cups, napklt rings, Ac. Welches, clocks and Jewelry repaired at less than usua prices Watches and jewelry taken In exchange. GEO. C. ALLEN, Importer of wnteees and Jewelry, wholesale and retail No. 11 Wall street, second floor, Near Broadwav. Nevr Yoik. KPUCATIOW. | ^frCr r^iWfAT REDUCTION TIITH WEEK.?GOLD 1855. smith's Arademy of Penmanship and 362 llriiadway, corner of Krnnkltn Blreet, N. V-?Penmanihlp _Ladles1 Huff, ilailv, excepting Saturday, at 11 o clock A.M., terms $3 for ten lessons. Gentlemen's, on Monday, rt?v ?i!rt Friday at 8 P. M. $T Tor ten lessons; do. at 9 A. M. and 3 h end 7 P. M $5 for ten lessons ladles or genltemen, pri vale Insti uotlon during the day. $10 for ten leBsons. Boot keening?I)oul>le entry, per quarter of three months.j 25if we.k VoTarlthmetJe, do. <fo., $10; elocution, do. do $10; T^'"iAmie*ra^s,llM^^ralin bMl^a^ ""attotlerT ?? A r> BROADWAY- BOOKKEEPING. ac.?gentle ,i4 ) seeking mercantile, employment, may alia n at FOSTER A DIXON'S establishment a superior and masterly knowledge of bookkeeping, writing. Ac In a few weeks 1 ro peetuses and full psrtfcitlnrs on application, renna moderate and improvement guaranteed. _ kT IIwitnTSO-MR. D01.HF.AR, 009 BROADWAY ?1. coiner ol Don-ton street, gives positive notleo that tot oh must secure tiekets before the class is full, it hey tvtsli to learn lor $1. The style Ls beautiful, and is easily learned. Tins Is n special class? mothers and daughters mny jetu. Bookkeep lng $10. One seat vacant. i a N ITALIAN GENTLEMAN WHO 18 ALREADY A pretty well acquainted with the English^language.v.I?he, to obtain board in ?i respectable private taniUv, wtier* he would give leueonn in the French mid Italian language*in or chHUce for en opportunity to perfect his knots fodgeoi the b nirli-li language. Terms lor board must be moderate.Ad dress A. ""box 2.981 Poet t>(Bce, slating terms and where mi Interview can he hud. A LADY COMPETENT TO GIVE LEMONS IN ENGLISH A and French, wishes to Instruct one or twopupl;-at their residence. Ile?t reference given. Address rt. B.,No. 1 Bond street, third door below Broadway. T7tRkVHI AND CLASSICAL INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG P gentlemen, (formerly n. Pcugnei's wbooB Nm 48 Hast ?I ?wenty fourth street. M.IE OUARLIhK. 1 VS.TRITr.TION A gentleman of education 1 would ilk' to meet with a genteel fiimt'y, where We could eniov the civilities ofiehned society, and the comforts of a home, tn exchange, tor lessons in music and the German language and literature! The highest eltv rcterenees can be given. 1'1,-ave addiesa Professor. U4ta. Thud avenue Post office. TUl HIS A FAY'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS? el Ellrabethtown. N. J.-Ptipile are prepared f.r oolleue or ?the active purmtis ot business. Terms?Board end rlndln" French $280 per annum: German, music and drawing extra? All the pSSi attend u. French and are under the of thm of a companionable native teacher; the French Is made a >i oken lair nace; the German, also, Is pursued upon a similar i.lan Circulars cun he obtained at the tiook store of < lark. Arntln A Smith, No. 3 Park row. The winter session will eon. | iiiencc on the first Monday tn November. M1 RS M'GF.F.'S AFTERNOON AND EVENING CLASSES for ihe ins:iuc:ton of ladies and genilemen In Krencli and ,lc UlC' aueek.188 WeatTwenty first street. Tue members ol'i'he evening claeses have the privilege of a solrerfmustc and fitim tnjii alter the hour of luairuC'on. Class terms $4 per guar trr. Kelerences to u large circle ol present pupils. nrANTED IMMEDIATELY?A YOUNG LADY, TL V\ tea'h a .mad ini a privafolamUfflu V rguiA English, French and music will be require?. MM G., box 1 p. Hei ald office. IA ANTED?A GOVERNESS, TO GO IN THE OOUN VV try. She must be well educated m the branches ofgeo giapbv, arithmetic and writing, and must be capable of teach fi gnauilc. Address, for one week, 0. L., Herald offlce. A liberal salary given. __ MUSIC Ale. -BANJO TAUGHT IN SIX EASY LL8TON8. TERM iFVJ. $fi In Advance; banjo from $160 to $28. lAdicstaiighl the banjo at their reiideuce. 1 am the only successful banjo IrScWn New York. S. B. JACOBS, banjo!.., 80 Hudson Btmei, sign of the Htfi Banjo. m C*0 -BANJO! BANJOI BANJO .-THE BAN JO TAUGHT 3pt). in six lesions, terms $.1 In "'Ounce. Lessons given every evening. My $M> Shanghai banjo on exhibition, the best In New York. Certificates from my former pupils to be seen. Ladles leuAbt. H.P.JACOBS, II an joist, ljmu s laugnt. 92)- Chatham atreet. a LARGE 8TOCR OK PIANO FORTES, (NEW AND V\ A corn! hand ) lor sale and for hire, at Walker's ware r,M|nu . i s>or and 3th street. Also several fine oned planna v.- he beat New York and Boston makers,exclusively forsae . gpi,UNDID fi'a OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO FOB A sale nt ?-a t luce, made by one Of the bcaufity makerH used but little, and will be so,d with the maker sK;iai?ntee, and must be sold In three days, on account of ?he ?w^r leav leg the city. Can be seen until 12 o'clock M., at 1)0 Elm street, near Broome. CA1ITAP PI 4NO FORTES.?BENNETT A CO. MaNIFAC i Ml Broadway have an elegant assortment o Pianoforte* unsunX^ I^ sweetnea. of W, durability tu. rT?rdlerce which they are enabled to sell at very low price. iW second hand pianos at great bargains, llai, XbStndthfeeat?ln?? lestlala. All inatrumem* are war I ranted. Piauoa to let. Great baxgalna at JOO Broadway. ArEAT BARGAIN -KI.EO A NT SEVEN OCTAVE ROBE ( i wood pianoforte, with metallic frame, and warranted by l.i maker c.'St $388 will be sold for *ZW Owner leave, lor Europe. Can be seen ttum 10 to S o'clock at No. t. College place Been used about three moult... ?* r adamf hammo.nd?first pupil of asciirr? M ??**?'?>> ??'' exiwrteneed tMcher of the pianoforte, fill Frank tin street. At home trow 11 to I o'clock. Ft ? vnvriRTFS AND MBI/ODKONS FOR SALE AND TO , . , lel a! %1 $3 and $4 a month. Three mel.ideons fWnfrtfirH DUMSDAy' teacher of mtulc. 228 Grand atreet. 1XIANOS ?FOUR BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVE PUNO I for es fine tone and finish, made of the beat material, and iif itie most substantial manner, will be sold low. and war ranted. DAVID SMIru. 1# Sixth avenue. rmOROUOH INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PIANOFORTE lwidTblln will be given at 28 F.aal Broadway, or at private midcr,rr*. Terms moderate. ?skTFD?A FRENCH OR GERMAN LADY. SPEAK hie Ftench and Italian, and competent to teach the harp ^3, a* instructor In a private family In the Southwest, mintlv with a gentleman. The number of pupils, sD-foiu io'.vs and two gtrfs. Heferenre* aa to respeclab Illy and quail I cation requhed. and ample references will be given by ikk .mniover who will be In New York about the tilth or lwhrnit ^vwhiih time application mar be made to A. P. rare of i^'m. J. 1 oner, biq.. Spirit of'the Times ofllce, 2SS Rmdirtr Also wanted, a gentleman, conrpesent to ins'met mm. ancient languages. Fiencb and (erman, a performer on he tt ind undeFstandtng matbemaiic. geology and .be ?she nceeg* or rally, to tea. h In the same famitj :each for a term ?f j cars. Applb a'lon made aa above. ! CLOTHING, *ft"AAA WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTHING WANT jk*/ Ullu ed ?The Idgheal cash price liberally given for lira, or small lot* of *"Od* left off, and snprrflnon* elothing ot I lYrm description aWss or rail on /AMES MORON ft Y U Baxter steret. fifth Enusefrom Chatham atreet, eaat sble^ T.SROR QUANTITY OF SECOKO HAND WF.ArTnO sDoarei wanted?Gentlemen having anv to dlapose of ran okiatn the highest rash p- re for them by railing on. or ad SmkLw JOHN MURI'HY, 122 Kasaati s met. basement. N ftH-I-ioihtngcleaneilenltefairtd. All order* prrmptly at Ittr. TIC KANT*' BEG19TKB. A FAMILY GOING SOUTH FOB THM WINTER, WILL reot until Ihe Oral of May, to a private family oat/, a completely furnished bouse near Broadway and FiOb avenue. Bent t%0 per month. Address 8. F. T., Broadway Poet oSc*. No bouse agent need apply. AFURNIBHKD HOUSE TO BK.VT IN THP. NEIGHBOR hood of Union square, containing fbe modern Improve ment*. or the lady who oe-uplea the house would superintend U tor a select party. Address Home, Uerald office. AFUBNIKHED HOUSE TO LET, WITH IMMEDIATE po-session. west of Broadway, near Eighth aveuue?year ly rt-ni *9Ut>?mil table for a genteel family Every thing good, end in nice order for housekeeping, with gaa. chandeliers, hot and cold water bath, range. Ac. B. W. RICHARDS, SOT Bros 1 way. A HOUSE TO LET ?YEABl-Y BEN t IW, OONTAININO nine room*, situated went of Broadway, below Grand street rn-aes?loo may be had Immediately on purchasing the earncie, Ac_ throufbout. Price vrrytlow, $300. For full par ticulars apply to B. W. BIOHAh D8, 307 Broapway. A BABE CHANCE TO MAKE A FOBTUNK.-TO LET, ihe newly fitted up store on the corner ot Beaoli aud West street, and one store on West street; also a carpen'-r shop. Inquire on the premises, in the corner alore. Cottages to let-within ten minutes1 wale of Kultoo ferry, near railroad; plana front and rear. good yards, grape arbors, Ac., ail In excellent condition; also large corner store, good business location, with jrleasatil ap partmerits ui same building. Inquire at 196 Nassau street, Brooklyn. Firm AVENUE HOUSE TO LET.?THE FIRST GLASS lour story brown stone house on Fitth avenue, ncI' to north east corner of Thirty-fifth street. For terms apply on the uremises, or to ALFRED A. MUTT, at W II Tuus k Go 's. 04 Furnished house.?a gentleman, giving up housekeeping. Is desirous of renting bis house and selling the furniture. The house is in n flue location, aud ibefurnlture but little used, aud will be sold low. Address bos l,Si?7 Post office. Large daguerrean room on second floor, about 22 by 60 feel, With dwelling, to let, on the lies' bu-i ness avenue; been in successful operation for over two years. This offers a rare opportunity lor an artist. Apply to O. ANGEVINE. 166 Eighth avenue. OFFICE TO LET.-THE WELL LIGHTED AND ELI gibly situated front corner office on the accud iloor of 1U2 Nassau sit eel, corner of Ann. (being one of the best in the street,) will be rented to a good tenant, on very reasonable trims. Apply to GEO. C. THOMPSON, at 8. M. Fettengill A Co.'s, 110 Nassau street. OA LOON TO LET.?TO A COMPETENT PERSON HAY k ' ing the means, an excellent opportunity la offered; the saloon being attached to a public concert room and other enter, laintnenls, smth as lodges, and wbicb tviil give a large bital ness to the smoon. Inquire at 162 Grand stieet, Williamsburg. TO LET-TUE UPPER PART OF A NICE TWO STORY awl attic bouae, with privilege of kitchen, Ac., down town, third ward, to a good tenant. Terms reasonable. Address 11. C. 11., Herald office. TO LET-FOUR GENTEEL THREE WTO It Y DWELLING hon es, witli the modern improvements, in Kbig street; two nt the in lo let whole, aud two u> parts, to genteel Uinlllea. In quire at 29 K ing street. mo LF.T, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OIYE.V?A L neat three slory dwelling house, on the northerly side of Tblity first street, with Oroton water gas, Ac. Toatenrnt giving eatlafactory security for the rent, a Irate will Up glvcu fur a number of years. Kent #tlM. Apply to GEORGE H AUG AN, 54 William street, second story. TO LET?A SUIT OF FURNISHED APARTMENTS, without board, in the best part ol Twenty-aecon 1 street, consisting ol a handsome sitting 'oom. and two bedrooms, with kitchen nnd servants' room. Apply to E. B. KlNSlllMER, 519 Fourth avenue. TO LET-THK WELL KNOWN TAILORING ESTABLI8H ment fil'si I liaison street, corner Ot" Charles, (cHabli-bed 1C4U) recently fitted up with all Ihe modern Improvements; also, lease nnd fixtures for sale. Inquire of DANIEL E. HILL, (Tolbler, 409 Hudson sueet. TO LET-TffE STORE NO. 40 HEADE STREET, 50 feet east from Broadway, opposite Stewart's; rent $500 per year. Also, several rooms fur light manufacturing pur pose's in house' Bfi Duane street, first house east from Broad way. Apply at GKMMEL'S, 302 Broadway. TO I.ET?A NEAT STORE AND BACK ROOM, 146K BOW ery, well adapted for a harnexsmsker, plumber, or rlothier, and one of the best locations In the Bowery. Also, a neat cottage, 20 South '1 bird street, Williamsburg. Apply at 116 Bowery up stairs. TO LET.?STORE TO LET, AND STOCK AND Fix tures for sale, of a thread and needle and fancy store, an old stand, in one of the best business streets, and on the best side of the street. Terms easy, to a responsible person. Ap ply to J011N CULYE11, 231 Thompson street. TO LET.?THAT HOUSE, 22(1 WEST FOURTEENTH street. Possession maybe had on the lsl November. The premises arc in excellent order, with till the trodern Improve ments. The gas fixtures and oil cloth will be sold at a sacri fice. Apply at the house, between the hours of 12 and 3 o'clock, P. M. TO LET?THE BARBER'S KIIOP IN BASEMENT OF OIL sey Building, corner Broadway and Cortlandl slreet. Fix lures and furniture for sale cheap. One of the best locations, and doing a good business. Apply at lite office of the building TO I.ET.?A SMALL PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY 1IAV Ing more rooms tban required. wUh to rent part of the lmuse 313 Hicks street, Brooklyn, nto minutes' walk from the South ferry. Apply on the premises. TO LET?THREE LARGE LOFTS. IN PREMISES COR per of Prince and Crosby streeis, suitable forauy mauu inclining purpotes, lormerly occupied for carriage uianuiac tilling. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-TWO VERY DESIRABLE COTTAGE HOUSES, 233 and 236 West 1 fairly slxih street, just finished, Willi all the modem improvements. To be let cheap tf applied lor soon. WALLER A SEEL V, 440 Eighth avenue. rno RENT?FURNISHED, IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, IN J a fashionable part of tbe city two entire floors, Willi ex elusive me of kitchen, to a family desiring to keen house, or, ii'preferred, a private table will he given. Terms $65a week. Addrees R., Union square Post office. TO LET?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE IN West Twenty-second street, neat Sixth avenue. Tbehou-e Is new, routalus ten rooms with all the modern improvements. Vi ill be let for a term of years. Apply to JOS. M. COOPER, 11 Maiden lane. TO LET. AT 172 WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, near Eighth avenue?A handsome suit of rooms on the second, and two or three rooms on tbe third floor, will be let to gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished, or to a small family. The house is pleasantly located, contains all ihe modern improve ments, and lo an eligible tenant will be lei on very moderate terms. TO LET OR FOR SALE?AT A LOW PRICE, A NEW four story basement house, on Thirty eighth street, west of Sixth avenue. The bouse is well built, has all modern im provementa, water on every floor, Ac. Rent $560. or price $7.0011. Apply to K. B. KINSHIMKIt, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. V. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN-A LARGE FURNISHED room. In a private family, to one or two single gentlemen, with or without board. Tbe house ts new, contains all the mo dern Improvements, within len minutes' walk of Hie Fulton ferry. Address F. M., Brooklyn Post office. TO LET?THE RESIDENCE OF J. C. CARTER, UNITED Mates navy, furnished or unfurnished, at Port Richmond, Maten Island, within three minutes' walk of iteamnoat land ing. It can be bad on good terms, being In everv particular desirable. TO LET?THE VERY 1 ENIRABLK COTTAOR HOUSE IN Cumberland street, next to the corner of Green avenue, fifty jards from Fulton Avenue Railroad. Rent $175 to May. Inquire en the premises. (TO RENT?MASONIC HALL, fiOO BROADWAY AND I 134 Ciosby street Those premises arc offered on lease of five or len years. E. V. HAUGHWOUT, 861 Broadway. TO LEASE?THE DKLMONIOO HOTEL. CORNER OF 1 roadway and Morris streets, from 1st May next. Apply at 167 Pearl stteet. SMITH A NOBLE. fro LEASE?FOR 21 YEARS, WITH LOAN TO IMPROVE, J four lota on Broadway, between Thirty eighth and Thirty tenth s'reets; also two lots lor ? years, with a substantial two story building on them 28x90, in the same vicinity. Apply lo SObWI LL U. PIERCE, Pine slret^, corner of Broadway. TO LEASE -THE STORE ON THE SOUTH-WESTERLY vomer of llroadwny and Llapcnard street ; also the autre, basement and four show rooms, or eight offices. In the house No. 38 I anal street. Apply at 144 Chambers street. rro MANUFACTURERS.?TO LET, HOUSE NO. 221 EASf 1 Twenty third street, seventy five feet wast of First avenue, 22 by 60 (vet. th e stories and cellar, well adapted for inarmfac ttriiig purposes; possession wtll be given immediately. Fur particulars apply to THOMAS MORTON, 212 I'earl street. TO PROVISION DRALER8.-TO LEASE, THE NEW BRICK building 506 Washington street, just completed and fitted up In tbe best manner, with store and smoke house, and with every convenience for a packing or provision store. Povxesxlon given Immediately. Apply to KDwARDD.NET ISO West street, or to 8. BAN'TA, 93 Amos street. COPARTNERSHIP NOT1CKH. -vOtA. ? A hi/1 nnn -WANTED, a PARTNER (ACTIVE OR iflU.UUU. spcctal) In the wholesale and retail hardware business. Any person having tbe above amount In rash, will find this a sate Investment, aa the advertiser ts now doing a good and profitable trade. Good references given and required, l'lesse address L. A., Post office, for hree days, 9HH ?ANY ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WITH tP-LsZiUUs this sum can hare an appoi tunliy of entering Into a first class well established business. In this city, that win pay $63)00 per snnnm. For satisfactory proof call on Mr. Guy, at 346 Broadway, second floor, room No. 36. <fcl nnn TO $1.600.?A GENTLEMAN, OF BUSINESS qpI.?Vlll/ habits and undoubted reputation, having the st ove amount, would tike to invest It as partner in some well es al Itched profitable bualmu-s; best ol references given. Ad dress, with name snd business, and where an Interview ran 1 e had, C. A. B., llriaid office. fO/ili TO $300.?A PARTNER WANTED. IN A LARGE manufacturing business, which will pay $1,600 a year, without risk or rompetluon; unlimited rash sales, ani can be extended to any amount. A man of some Influence in this rttv prch rr(d. For lull particulars address J. M. J., He raid office. 4l9nn ?Wanted, a partner, with this iTaWU. amount, to take one half Interest in a first class ttavrltlng exhibition. Any person wdlflnt! this a safe invest ntent, and a sure cbanre to make a fortune Fifty dollars wdl be taken per day. Apply at PK1CH 1 IXGALL'S Office, 346 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED?WlTn FROM *rt,000 to $sono, J In a superior clothing trade, with paries ofextensive knowledge and experience in that line, and who are o' the nnet undoubted respectability, snd for Integrttv and business habits arc not excelled. Apply at 81 Nassau street, room 1$ PRODUCE BROKER .-A GENTLEMAN WITH LONG Ex perience In tbe flour snd grain trade would like to take an Interest In a business already established, or form a Conner Uon with some responsible person of this oily lo engage In tht ?ame. Address Broker. Herald office. TIT ANTED?A PARTNER. WITH NOT LESS THAN TT $15,000 or $30,(XX), to take an Interest in tb? ma-iuCac Hire of an article of dally and universal consumption; the re turns are qn'rk?Ihe profits fifty per cent?and (he tnialne.* capable of Immense extension Addrees box 3.761, Post olllre. New York. KIT^AFAT. I3XTRA PAT-NAVT BOUNTY LAND AND KXTRa ij ray" Office?Land wfirranta, "extra pay'' sod balances or wages due all Unl'ed Stales navy sailors, hi all wars stare |-,9ll. tbelr widows and heirs. proapHr obtained and paid, sad all kinds of claims against the Unite/mates recovered by EDWARD BIHSKLL, Agent, ate Pnreer U.S. Navy/and Attorney and fraaHltaf at Ut, ? Wfittffin MNAJVCIAJU nnn T0 L0AN w on* bum, rot nri ?t>.UUV years, secured by bond and mortgage on flr* dfj.o^jrD',niprovwl. PrtP#rl>'; .Apply to roSWell o. PIKBCK, Pine street, coruer of Broadway, under the Metro polltan Baolt. (J?/l nnn T0 loan on diamonds, watches. ?Pt~.Uv/vl jewelry, dry goods, furniture, end every Jcs trlpitoa of propeity, in large or small amounts; different from u'hier office*. Apply at Houston street, between Meroer and Greene. Business prompt and confidential. 8. MYERS, Agent. All business men and others in need op tempo rare or permanent accommodation, can procure money in sums from $28 to $10,000 on rmrooable and strictly private terms. Stocks ol merrbandlse. securltloa, and valuable personal property of every description, advanced upon or Iwugbt for cash, without delay, at 114 Grand street, oorner of Broadway, room* Nee.. I, land3. NT AMOUNT OP Cask loaned OK PUBCHaNRD at tight, for fair prioes, ot. diamonds, watches, rich jovrOe ' gi?w A1 ry, plate, merchandise and valuable personal prope-ty rally, b7 H WOOD. 6? Fulton stress., twymd door, front from t L M. to I ?. M. BAt KINO AOENOY OP JOHN B. MURRAY, NO 44 Wall street, over Bank of North America.?Advaucoa mode upon vessel* and their cargoes, and on merchandise in store or transb; loans made upon bank, railway and tnaurunye slocks; business paper discounted. Knickerbocker ?savings' institute-deposi Iocs can sell their claims by producing (heir books tud making persons! application to CHABLKb HOLT, I? Wall street, second tioor. Money advanced fob short periods on rhal estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plate, pianoforte*, dry goods, horses, carriages, and every description of proper ty. by the re.-ponsiftle Empire Loan and^Ayeuo>? ^Company. 833 Broadway, oppoelle the Broadway theatre. Manhattan gas light company. October l 1866.?Notice.?An instalment of one dollar and twenty - fire cents per share, or two and a half per cent on the New Scrip Stock Is required, to be paid at the offioe of the company. No. Hb Fourth avenue, on the l&th of October Inst. The transfer books will be closed from this date to the 30th last. By order of the Board, 8. H. HOWARD, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE OONSOLf daied debt of New Orleans?New Orleans. August 1,1860. ?By virtue of the thirty seventh section of the act of the Legislature ot the State of Louisiana, entitled "An act to coo aoltdate ihe city of New Orleans, and to provide for the govero mentsnd administration of its affairs," approve 1 the 22d tw February, 1862. and of the tilth section of the act suppleman Ury thereto, and providing for the Incorporation of the city of Lafayette with the cltr ot New Orleans, approved on the same day. and of the third section of an act entitled "An act supple mcntary to an act to consolidate the city of New Orleans, and to provide for the government and administration of Its af fairs." approved March 11. 1862. and for the purpose of meet ing all obligations of the old rorporallon. and of Ihe late First, Fecotid and Third municipalities, and city of Lafayette, m* turing during the year 1866. Sealed proposals will be received at this ollire from "this dale until Thursday, October 25.1858, at 12 o'clock M., for the purchase or a series of four hundred and fifi v bonds, ol one thousand dollars each, said bond-, to be dated tl e first of October, 1866, payahle In thirty-seven years, at the ofllce of the treneurer of tlie ctty, with Interest coupons attached thereto, at the rate of Mx per cent tint per anna, payable semiannually in the elty of New York, on the lirstlT April and the hrkt of October In each year. Proposaia to be endorsed "Bids lor the purchase of bonds of the elty of New Orleans." and addressed to the "Commissioners of the Consolidated Debt of New Orleans." the bonds to he adjudicated to the highest bidder, the t'?Dimis*loners reserving the right to rejeot any or all bids. Terms of payment cash, or In any obligations of the old ritv, the late municipalities or city of Lafayette, maturing in 1-60. covanfiomnui. JOHN L, LEWIS, Mayor. OVTDE DkIIOYS. Comptroller. W. H. GARLAND. Treasurer. E. H. DOBEI.L. Chairman Finance Committee Board of Aldermen. J. EAQER, Chairman Finance Committee Board of Assistant Alderm C. 8. Lr.K, Secretary. OFF ICR OF THK CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAIT road Comnu;, l(j William street, New York. Hem 2T IHS3.?Dividend ? A dividend of four (4) per cent on the capital dock ol thl.~ company line been declared on' of the profiu or the a,? 1",?.l?!h!t Pay?ble at the olDce of the company, on and fh. Jhe boolu will be cloned from the 20th to the ath October. Bv order of the Board of Dlroo ,0" _ E. II. LITCHFIELD, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE FULTON FIRE INSURANCE COW I any-Now York, October 4. 1863- The Board ot Dtroe t?;r? ol UiLi compasv have thla day declared a remiaoaual dividend ol five per cent, payable on the 8th Innt. ff. MULLIGAN, Secretary. 0FnrC.iK ?a ?,REEN BA* MH.VFAUKIE AND CHICAGO Ratltoad Company, 62 Wall atreet. New Fork, Oct A iN?r.?Coupons for the semi annual Interest on the 1st Mori' gate 8 per cent Bonds of this company, doe Oct. 10. will be paid on prest nlation on and after that date, aU the Ocean bank, hi the city of New York. ? C. E. SCOFIHLD, Treesarer. THE GREAT WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANT having Its cash capital all paid la, will commence taking u.? ???Hy' October l. at their offlee, Oreat W? tern Buildings, 83 Pine street. This company returns to it* customers seventy.five per eenl of the net profit* of the year's httslurss, In scrip. Copies of the prospering and charter east ? e had by applying at the Secretary's desk. DOUGLAS ROBINSON, Secretary. WANTED-LOAN OF $2T0 OR 8300 FOR 12 MONTHS, ON TT bond and mortgage, to be repaid * *1 pee monili, km. . J??T fen ' T1"" ''"""I" can h'w have a sltnai on pay log OKI fo 140 per month. Apply by leber, to Mr. Uurgo.'s. Uei Vd . IIORSKS, ( ARUIAOF.S, AC. AT PRIVATE HALE?ONE PAIR VERY VALUABLE well matched dark blood bay earrlaee horses, warranted sound, 1| hands tilth, kind and stylish drivers, aged nve and a t trank-'' ? hnght lilooded sorrel, very all In double or single harness, wan anted sound, and lslngooi condition; also, one saddle pony, Iron gray, well suited for ia ?! youths riding, sound, gentle au l kind; also. one mule laigosire, kind and gentle In harness; one large fiinllv car riage, one light roeknway, one shitilrig tob boggy, nearly new ?''? buggy, just repaired, but Hole uaed; double and single IlIII"!!'" rol"llLl ?VC " saddle one gentleman's saddle; and one boy s saddle, without tree, made lor the pony to order stable appliance* carriage covers home blanket*. Ac To lip VrJ ' A ,5T^Tti"lli-P?iiau <,s,*u'- ,r*n 1,0 seeb a' the residence of Harlem Avenue, between 131st and I32d streets, A FINE BRED HORSE.?WANTED, A RLACK OR A ?' - Vr?WI' ?r a very dark sorrrl, from four to live yeara old long tall. Apply at , 9 Ureal Jones street, to Wm. Connolly. ' For hale-gray mark, spring cart and bar. new, all In good working order; will he ?oid tor $do the < having iw lur her n*e for them. This l? the greatest AiBuiiIcI bioolCyn."mJ' Ap"'y at 1,1 ?"?. "ear p?R BALK?A PAIR OF BAY MARES. lt?i HANDS ? i H V 1 years old, warranted sound and k;nd wrt 1 ffn lii?lb?m*<51fr"vell,er?. Aj'ply at TiiOMPHUN'8stable II" rnsi I hirieentli street, near Third avenue. For sale?a horse and lioht wagon hap. "ess. blankets, dr.?The horse Is 14 bnnds high can trot m about. i, minutes and Is remarkably gen'te. flic w?g,>n i.rd harnesg are In good order. Apply at 39.' Madiaon street. F? wifh^'iTAfirLKlPr,> TE,AM BLACK nORSEH. J. m itn an elegant carriage and double hnrnc" all in fin* ?? ^owarjs Seventh avenue. 1 t'u"0" '"ery ???l>!e, No. 8 IpOR SALE?A SORREL MARE, 14>? HANDS HIGH ,t ? ",ylr anrt ar,1?n; al o, a shitting top wagon "j d harness, nearly new; low for cash. Apply to.I BKSMiw Mercer House, corner of Broome and Mereer streets ' F??nd ^Ttn JT/S1 horse, SOUND. A and kind In all harness, suitable for a doctor, carman ni 1,LreTn'a.u' ?f, fani"j use. Apply on the premises 49 Vaa dam street. Also, a covered wagon, suitable for a grocer or Hpnig""- , rke m- Can be ">eu al '?? vlra k streeL oear For bale-a first rate family iiorsf sit teen hands high, weight 1.200. wa-ranted amimUnd ktnd: pom street?Broofciyn?*" bC ^ *" J' No0ine'* ,uble' F?h.nd!Ah^reu ye^'^,lblp hst-ness. euimhle lora prlreUt famU?^ he i-m be sold cheap, nabis owner l? about gningTo KT^'|D m fa. days. lor lurUier lntonuaUon apply at I,a Weat street ae Zl t._C stables in CollMter street, thjid dbor frem^a. h. ' * ^ FOR HALE?ONE HANDSOME BOBTAILRD BROWN e s'm'i' *yarTttu,' d sountl and klml In a'l harness and a Br*' "f ?! borne, seven ye.irs old. I'rteeSZlB AKo' one h?Ti Hbnvc, Me^hwdahlTh ftr^fiulTV^eiSW^'"'d " carpenter a nbop, nemr the colored church. ' T0RSK8 AND rARRIAQKH.?POR 8AJLF TWO mb* 8DB8CR1BRR HAS 240 ACRKS OF IAVT1 fv ??|affias^Jawa'as! """ "-r" HOI SKS, ROOMS, At ., WAATF.U.~ | A THREE STORY DWELLING IIOL'HK WANTkD?tji ^rissscaasst'sryssBS ..ieis: xvt&sa&ir"*-" ALAWYKR. OF THIS I'lTY, ABOtJT TO RRVOVf tm Philadelpills, desires the agency there of a KeZ vIIi bithlne-s. Address A. Hinckley. Nei York A FAMILY. WITHOUT CHILDREN. WISH TO HIRE A neatly or partly furnished house. In a good toral iv .tm? [ r ourtk siraet and west ot Broadwav, stu-alde for . Li t j private boarding houee. Rent patdTat the end of each momh^f I rer|tilred, an.1 undoubted refereure given. Addr'-s m.mfi ately. Madleon. Unhm square post oafee. or Here^m, e ' A YODNO PHYSICIAN, OF THK HIGHER? ATTAIN b^uTffast fi ^teavsJis,iipAissr :n blm *roo,n 00 lt",trew ^or WAJiTED TO RENT?THK SECOND HTORY Attn hack or front baeement of a modern built hmi-e h? ? VenUeman and wife, on the weet side at the rliy Address a L, hoi 130 Herald offlce. smtlng teims. Reterencea given. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A NEAT THREE RTORY high basement brh k house, eooislntng all the mtkietZ arovementa Must be Kliutued south ol Twentr fiph au*e! between Lexlugton and Mnth avenues. Price not need 99.000. Pnseeselon. If po.?lh e. Ut November t,est A* dress H B. L.. Herald oflce, stating lo. sUon, price?*! WANTFfilBY A HMALL BEgPECTANLF Fs sffv'w the half of a trnteel house nnftiml.h^ .1 street, Itrry the half of a ttnteel house nnftirnlshed. almve ' !? u:iTfii?iw w"k^