Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1855 Page 7
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IDTEMISEIEHTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. FOR KALft. fr\HH fiflfi -PBOPERTV owners desirous of iJUuiUlJui disposing ol tbolr real estate will (in 1 It advantageous to leave a description of the -ame on? odl-e. and Iota, (arms and country scats bongbt, soil and ex changed. and everything per'atmog in the businc-a oroutotly '?'.?'?l. Ur.BK) AN A BANK.-, ii Wall .Ireflt, baaemouu Aor: nnn - to bxcbanor?in first class *^OivWU? Improved property in th.s ''ity, for an equal amount of nr.' otas. railroad or tier bond, or ?n>-ks. Aa news I ill br.t clans -or urines will be tak-.i. tlieir liar value will be allowed. Thb 1. a raro epportuui'y lor thoeo who sack aeltv Invi' iroent. I'rtnelpals only will ?>?* tr ab'd with, and sucu wid i laMtaddlWM no*"(06 New k'oik Foal "Hi"e. nn/k -FOR SALE-FINE FOUR STORY BRICK irc.UUU. houae. ?? Weat Thirty eighth stree , well situ ated and finished, complete wlib all modern tmprn euienu? marble marvels. grates, belle, .peaking tubes. Aiao, brawn cone bouse ou Nlnih avenue; two on Fortieth street. C. 'M. IIARTWICK, dUU Broadway, room \o. I. db.i /Ul/| ?FOR HAI.R?A BEAUTIFUL DAIRY <rt),UUU. lann, 92 acres, situated la Orange township, hi- klai.d county. Sly mllea from Clarkatown depot, Erie railroad, under en-client cultivation, lb acre, woodland, large houae, barn, carriage houae all In good order; two orchards cl graded Anil's of varfoua kind. In abundance; excellent well ?f water under cover; alao a good -bring, large qnamltle. of {rape*. Terms easy. Apply to C. M. MART WICK, JOS load way, corner or Fulton street, room 1. AC nnn -FOR *ale, a SEVEN per CENT, first ?pO.uUWi mortgage, on Improved property pin the be?t part of the city. Inquire of 3ANKOHI) A BRACK. Attorneys, M Wall street. nnf\T0 ?lO.n00.-A FIRST CLASS DIVING 8A glilivvU loon, In a good location, will be sold or the proprietor will take a partner, provided he meet, a man of the right stamp. He has u long lease at a low rent. Part of the money can remain. HOWES A FROBISHKR, 84 Nassau street <C1 fiftf! ?A PARTY WITH THE ABOVE AMOUNT tpliOUU, can purchase an established rnanufacturiug business In this city that will pay him from $3,000 to $1,000 per annum. Every aatl.laetlon given n von an Interview. Ad dress Hardware, box 130 Herald office, with name, Ae. Qfin ?FOR sale, the lease, stock and iPl.OVU. lixinrcH of a wholesale and retail confectionery, with all Ibe tools and everything necessary for manufacturing, Including an excellent horse anil wagon and large round of cus lomera. This Is an o'd established stand, A No. 1, now doing a business second to none. Apply at the real estate office, 289 Broadway, room 10. SIMERS A TAYLOR. 4>onn ?for sale, a tea and coffee store, uluwtlon immrpas-e.d. The above amount will pur i base the lease and lixturea, and the stock will be sold at n fair valuation If the purchaser desires to retain it. otherwise the store will he fold separate. 110WES A FROUISUEK. M Nassau street. d>OAA ONLY.-THE STOCK AND PART FIXTURES qtZtvU of u segar store, situated In one of the best loos lions in the city. 'J bis U a chance seldom met with. For par tic u iara apply at tho Metropolitan Heal Estate Office. A IS Broiidway, office 2. Bl.MKRS A TOMPKINS. <E17fi -FOR SALE.?a small farm on long tfi Iv, Island, w lth a small dwelling not unite rtnl.he I; will he -old, with the furniture and from $8 to $10 wor'h of tools. There a one acre and a hall ready for cultivation. It Is forty - ?d ht|mtle. from New York. Apply at Peck's grocery-.tore, Coiner nf Sixth avenue and bixtecnth street. r on the premlsee, 8tH? Broadway, between Sov rf^C-FOR SALE, A If \R, _WIT1I FIXTURB.8 ?J) I t). Apply on the nreml enteenth ana i'lghttenth sta. A FIRST CLASS OHIO FARM AND FIRfT CLASS seven per cent bonds and mortgages on hand, to ex change for a first cliv-s houre. ln a pleasant locality, in .Vow 1nrk or Its environs. Address Home, 200 Herald office, fating price, description and location. a RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, "FIX XV tares and furnttnre of a dining saloon; location In one of the best streets of tho city. One half of the purchase money may be secured for six or twi Ire mouths. For particulars call c No. 2.Maiden lane, trorn 8 to 10 o'clock A. X. and from 3 to t P. id. A ???2?2?"?N. 0AIJ'KRV' STOCK. FIXTURES AND -ax ?pi<rt<-n&nc<?*, jn a good lo*tion, oq Hroatlwav. fop sale cheap. Inquired K. A.BROOKS. w Fulionstreot! ^"'e A rwA!'vJiRP Z.?L SALE-ONB of TUB BstST IN /?,t i ? ' on 4 l,m# ?'"1 favorable lease. *?**?> Ar ?t?8eU>?' wl'h horse,, earu, A very rare ao<l splendl.1 open tT?. Profitable e.labllalied Suainois. Ap ply 10 J. T. ilODOKd, over the Facltlc lu.t v TJARBBR'8 81IOP KOR BALE?AT A TREAT 8A<RI "*i 'l hM,boun established fiiteen year,, and ha, a flrat dewn^yjif g,y,'om' >pd 'J ,Un"*f4 under the h.,tel down town. The teaann for aclllng, the pre aim utvner la about leaving the elty^ Addresi O. Herald office. CENTRAL PARK LOTS FOB SALE-FIVE LOTS, ON v a?HDtleKln^/wV, Slxl>' V'1^ S,ree.1' 190 f,"!l e*"; oI Uro'"1 ? 4nd w''hln .100 teet of ilie Central park; restricted again,t nuisances; even with the grade; Croton water through the nreet. Apply to JOHN F. Co.VKEY. ffland 25 Wall at* ( /^NA ASP GLASSWARE-JUST RECEIVED, AT V ?* if|A'*'ndon orockery depot, SP? Fourth avenue, a large iVvi-f?? i?"fi r^'nr1' ohlna, em .racing many new and elegant styles of dinner, tea, tete a-tete, toilet seta Ac., all or which T . " i 5S .Ier?,i?.w' A handaome cldna tea aet, of 44 pieces, S ' Call and get one of our diaries for this year ' Q. MEEK EH, .hi; Fourth avenue. Drug store for hale?belonging to a phy sirlan up town, In one of the leading avenue,, neatly fit ten up and doing a good cash business of trom $h i0 <12 a day A pply to now EH 1 FKOBIHUEK. 84 Nassau -dree* I,?5,^ALE CHEAP?A RARE CHANCE.?THE BEAU ti!Ill fl'at Clasa lour story and ba."m?ni UHck house, with "fjf" f"*'? hnprovemenia. In Wet Thirtieth street, be tVZ /iiriJ.?? Slntu avenues. Apply to JOHN W. MIL LF.R. 442 Eighth avenue, near Thirty fourth street. For sale cheap?a lhjcor store, doing a good bust no,s st present 'I be reason for tell'ngoutls the owner is going to Irelsnd lor the good ol bis hesith. Inquire at No. Wti James street. For salf?a farm of 44 acres, situated on Pompton Plains, Morrla county, ahout 2) mll?, own New York, with a house ?rxt oathtiUdlnfrK, a)) In irooJ erder. Inquire of HENRY V. MEAD, No. In; West Twenty $r?t street, or ol I homas Decker, t>n the premises. For sale?a first class brown btonk front bouse wl h all die niodet n inuroyt-mcms. on the south rrly aide of Second place, between Clinton and Court streets Brooklyn. Lot $SgJ33.4 feet. Will he sold low, and on e.??v terms. Apply to IIAKISON A BURRALL, 24 William St. For sale?an elegant new four htort and basement brown stone house In Twenty tifth street oo j-oelte the Trinity chapel, size 26 by 66, lot 100. Also onetrf tboee three story and basement brick bouses In East Twenty eighth street, between Fourth and Madison avenues. Also 4 houses In Goer Irk street, near Houston, East river, each 20 by 45. rented foz $2,200. Wilt be sold low or exchanged for vacant ln:s. For particulars apply to ROSWELL O, FIERCE, Pine atrcet, corner of Broadway. ' For sale, or will trade?one house in wil hamsburg, two lots; two houses on Htaten Island, two n.:e, all belonging to one man, for a house and lot la this dty snd pay the balance In cash. A frame or a small brick. Price i.ot more than $4,000. Apply st ill Division street. Fob sale-steamship Tennessee, of 1,150 tons register, built In Baltimore In 1854, of die best Maryland oak. tn the strongest manner, dlagoually strapped with Iron Engine 500 horse power. The ship has proved beraeirau un < ooimonly due sea boat. Is very test, and her consumption of coal moderate. Will he sold low. Apply to ^ MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, 33 Broadway. FOR BALE, 216 WEST STREET-THE WHOLESALE and retail liquor store, one of the best located and best t.;ted up places In the cl'v, with a long ease of the same, now doing a success!ul hush,est. The owner intend! retiring from business Is the reason for sslllng. It Is a chance that ssldnrr eflrrs. Will require $1,000 In rash to get the place. Inuulre ?n the premises, between the house of12 snd 4 o' clock. FR SALE OR TO LET.?A BROWN STORY FRONT house, consisting of three stories, basement, sod under re lar, with all the modern Improvements, built In the verv best manner, pleasantly situated st No. 2J1 West Twentieth ?treet. Rent $800. Inquire on the premises. F?L,SAU^~THK kTOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE Williamsburg Ferry House, established tor -en years, and now doing a good business. For reasons ol selling and par Uctilars apply on Hie premises, 43 Feck slip. F?* ?ALK. A*n WORTH LOOKING AFTER-THE stock and fixtures of I Uce and embroidery store. Pro prietor haa two store*, and wlshe* to dUpose tf one. Loca'Jon good; stock bought very close. For a man who has a moderate sapltal. this la a chance rarely offered. For further Informs """??-"'on W. O. KI.VZKV, 223 Eighth avenue. irtOB SALE?HOUSES AT LOW PRICES. AND WELL located?A cottage and full lot, on Twenty ninth street, re'ween Fourth and Lexington avenues, $6,600; a three story boose, on Twentb fourth street, lb Wo, one on Twenty sixth street, $6,t80; two on Twenty elgh b .treet, between Fourth ?."!*xm, ooe on FourUi srenue, $7,000. 10 A 3,9 'oorffi avenue, 3 to 7 P. M., 8 to For sale?a fine farm, containing eighty three acres, adjoining the beautiful village of Hacknuaek dtviJtai SffJSfii?r **f'y P^Bnlngpurooae t, or could be dlrtded Into village lota Apply to OTwILflON, 222 Prospect wtye'NCl'I. or BARKER A OSTRANDER, U7 BrhaT 8th.LM.?^EXCHANGE?LOTS IN FIFTH WARD of the city Of Newark, streets worked anil city grade i art of purchase money may remain, or unen-umbered pro Ci^wllng O^S?"*' ?K0- K TUWNHK&D, VORBALE-ON REASONABLE TEEMM TUB eTOCE snd flituree of e millinery store. Kent of the place Is very modersuj and posar..i..n given Immediately Apply on the preml?ea 328 Eighth avenue, near Thirty roventh sfre?t MOB RAI.E-AT 66 Wk?T WASHINGTON PLACE. P near Mzth avrnoe, a very gen<?e| huu*e, wl'h 9 rooms bo; and cold water, kitchen range, bathe. ws<ere'o<e:aand gas' suitable for a professional mao, as the lot runs through to Fourth stree-, with s small -table on the rear. Inquire of ("MAS. PARKER. EIVj street. Feed store r<>R hale.?stock, fixti rf.s, horse, wagon and ha roc, and goodwill hustneaa for sale cheap, for rash. Apply on the premise, Thirty aiiut stree'. ooe door nest of Ninth avsnue. F'OR SALE IN BOOKLTN?14 BOND STREET, A THREE story trsme cottage house tilled Wt h brisk. In a most i.nbknahls locality, slavea mow. wKb a?b??Ita. and aulc and front snd back ptaita. logulro an the premkec. ?TIOR SALE OR TO LET-ON EIGHTY NINTH STREET r near avenue A, two new and beautiful throe dory houses, irusjernly arranged, with t ro-on water baUw, water clraeta. w?eh mays, , such house hsrtng four full lots fytieed in, embrsring e greenhouse, with fruit snd shruhOerr' Also, on'he same street, directly opposite the shove anete' gant mansion, with twenty eight Iota, well adapted for a hotel hoarding house or private residence. Also, for sale, la the rf etnlty or ihc athive property, e number of vacant lots In par re s to suM applirsnta The above, property la rus I . .j against e-usance, has fscillilss for i-oating, Rshlng and bathing and n mn at.ilt a dcbt-i-'fnl view of Hcllgate. Fare 6\ cents, by bscrod ami Third avenue cars. Terms?7$ per cent of the ru,-cbaae money jan remain on mortgage; and If theracaot Vie are to be built upon Immediately, then the whole purchase money msy remain on ntorgsge. Apply to 8. KB l<A_RDfftfN, 212 FiPh avenue. Farms for sale cheap.?two by otihville dept.-. Orange Co., N Y. all oe-te Shoho.a depot >j <q 4 q a. res beet unimproved land si M 75 per ee -e. AI?i farm, tH n-res. In Lumberiend village. HighWnd Town. Hulllvsn eoua New York. lour miles irom depot, Delaware rireraod ca nsl; house, harn. wagon and nlack-mlth -bop doing a good tiistnese, iwo Itesry powers of wa'er, 1$ f-et fall, etgli roads Uimlnate by It, the best place fwr a griei null in the wurdd, '.re $3 000 All the alejre property cannot fell 'o riae In live Alan three farms In cla-h-'own. ft-aland tu'j. New Vnrh, at a bargslo. two small farms near Ro seytllc, ? a 'en Island, bean, a -plend! t cotttcrv see-, ten s-ree, I7nn ultdtngs, tm WMMe'oac svenu- Flushing I tg l? 11. s MM less thea ree value, 'npiva 'J vVndERBILT ? * Wt'-e (treet. Office pen tc-m - A -vt P v FOR SALE. {w>r halb?water power and mill property, F lege h?r wtth several dwelling bduses, mechanics' shops, sb rthuus-s, Ac., and about thirty, acres of land, at Centre Falls, on the Hs'tenklll river, in the township ol' Greenwich, Washington cutjnly, two miles rotn t moo Village, thirty mile* north from Troy. A rare opportunity lor a ? ompany or capi tahat lo make money, aa the waier power Is superior, 2,120 lore of water pinning per minute. Will be sold for caah or fair exchange, for city properly. Apply to, or address, E. JlMlKOW V, 71 W?|| el roe t, Iroin 1 to 3 P. M. FTOR SAUt-AN IMPROVED PROPERTY, ON TWENTY urst street, paying 13 to 30 per cent; also, a property on Twenty.fourth street, near Third avrnue, saies etahle ami dwelling; also, two three story br."k houses, on Kurt)-tilth sheet, near Third avenue, at a bargain; also, two brick bouses, OL Kim siree.t, fc'-.tsA). i. B. KlNHlilMKR, 31U Fourth aye nue, I to 7 P. M., H to 10 A. M. GROCERY FOR SALE.?FOR SALE, CHEAP, THE lea>e, slock anil fixtures of a well established first class gro eery, now doing a good and atrlctly caah business?acham e hat is-eldoin met with. Hatiefa> tory re i?on? given. Inquire at J6i Seventh avenue, southwest corner of Twenty seventh street. H H oti:t for hale?op small CAPA'ITY. rooms well furnished, and In fnod repair. Apply ou the preml ses. Lour lease, and rent reasonable. 8. T. BAKER, 474 Urowjway. HARDWARE AND TOOL STORE.?FOR HALE, TUE stock and rood will of a hardware and tool store, on Uie east side of the city, near the shipyards. The stock is well as sorted, In perfect condition, and will be sold on reasonable terms, Ihns affording A c bit lire seldom to be m"t with to one desirous of entering Into a good, protluible huslness. Pe'tbidy satbfartory reasons given tor selling. Address Hardware, He raid office. Ol'SKS, LOTS AND FARMS FOR SALE. TO LET OK exchange, in el'y and country. A splendid store to lev s on Union square; superior opening for a merchant tailor. Also for twle, a good established miaine**, lies-, lo it'ion In the city. Apply at Uie Manhattan Lend Office, 434 Fourth avenue. INDIAN FIGURE.?FOR BALE. A FULL LENGTH figure of an Indian chief, handsomely carved, stil-able for a sign fnr a tobacconist, or a ship's head. Apply to B. A. Mumford A Urns , 1U1 Pearl at. Murray hill.?two full lots, between fifth and Madison avenues, on Thirty eighth street, for aileat a bargain. Inquire of Mr. SEXTON, Archltcc', 121 Nhshuus;. Notice to jewellers and watchmakers.?a chance seldom met with.?A well established jewelry stoie, situated In a business part of the city, where lobldng will more than pay the expenses of the store; will sell stock and fixtures, or separate; must sell on account of other bust new. For further particulars inquire, or address WM. NEW MAN. 497?? Eighth avenue. N. 15 ? Suitable fur fancy dry goods or clothing store. PAINT STORE FOR SALE, AT A BARGAIN, AS THE owner Is about hi leave for Europe. Fixtures for sale; rent cheap. Window glass, paints. An . selling off below cost Apply ai the premises 329 Grand si., Williamsburg. Rare opportunity.-an original mezzotint engraving of John Philip Krmhle, as Hamlet. Published by Bovdell A Co., 90 Ch-apslde. London, from a painting by Thos. Law. ence R. A., date June 4, 1H04. On exhibition and for sale At MEADE BKO'S., 233 Broadway. CMOKE IMG HE AM) PORK ESTABLISHMENT FOR O sale.?The vslua' le s'nnd, corner of Siul h and Bergen ?treet, t-outh Brooklyn, will ho let or l-ased, and the fixtures sold. It Is one ol the best stands in'the dir. and Is replete with '-very convenience, having pateu' icehouse, smoke boose, and line well ol water. The plenums can he setu a' any ?tine, nnd for terms apply tj A. J. 8. U EG RAW. i?J Washing ton street. New kork. I'O MILLINERS.?A RARE CHANCE FOR A GOOD 1 milliner to commence business with a small capital Call a; Mme. lietnoresi's emporium of fashion, 373 lli uadway, any ime within a week. The stock and good will or a sboar store tor -ale t heap. in onn 01 the loos' public Iborougiiiai-cs nl (lie oily. Inquire if W* Fulton street. rpo CARRIAGE MAKERS?TOR SALE. CTIKAP, THE 1 stock. t >o!r and till urea of the old stand to; Killibelh street; a tirst ra'e stand for hunlnc-ui. Mu?t ti? gold tmmedla'ety. Ap ply on ibe p remit e*. TO CAPITALISTS.?TENEMENT HOUSES FOR BALE.? The two lour story brick houses and loin, No*. 255 and '267 East Twenty -first sireet, near First avenue. The lot* are eroh 29 feet from and rear and in depth to the centre of the block*. Each house contnlna sixteen room*, with Ore places, n nd ihe snrne number of bedroom*; hare just been put In com plctc order, ready for letting. They can be made to pay 15 or 20 per cent on price asked. Two third* of ihe. purchase money can remain Oh mortgage. Apply between 10 and 12 o' d"ck to S. B. Hl'TCIIINGS, lid John *lreel. TO CAPITALISTS AND BREWERS.?FOR SALE, A drat class lager bli r brewery. In a good loeatlon In the Twen letli ward, In the dlj of New Vork. The property consists of two lotaot ground, with a fine front bouse lor the retail busi ness, and dwelling, with die modern Improremen'*. and vaulis arched In the beat manner to alore about 2,5tst barret* of titer; die eiteuaton building and brewery, In the rear, are built suit stautkd, and the business ha* been In sueeesatull operation for live years. The fixtures will bo sold with the biitldlnga it warn ed, by ihe purchaser; ihe opportunity ia one which rarely offer* for securing a most prol'.uble business, and term* will be made suitable. For particular* call at the office .Vt Bowery, over die Citizens' Bank, from 9 to II o'clock A M. LOUiti Hl'RGhR, Architect. Plans and apeeiticadoua for breweries, vuulis and malt bou*ea, on the most Unproved principle* will be made at reasonable term*. FASHIONABLE FALL AIIL,I*I\KHV. Mrs. ralunuh respectfully solicits the attention ul ladles lo her novelties In French bonnet*, (re celved by tho laat steamship.) of entirely In great variety, ?ty Ic* not to lie seen In any other establishment in toe City. MRS. RALLTNGH, 67 Canal street. Rich pakis feathkrb?rich frkncii flowers. Rich ribbon*, and mllUnerv good* In general, at reduced price*, lor cash, by HOMKK A KETCH' M, _ 66 and tiS John street, corner of WUlhun. VISITERS TO THE CRYSTAL PALACE AREalNVITEII lo examine specimen* ol patterns from Mmo. HEM > REST'S emporium of fashion, 575 Broad wa'. Fall and winter fashion* now ready. Reliable waist* cut to fit the torm at cent*. . DASCIA'O ACADEM1ER. ADODWORTn H DA NCI Nfl ACADEMIES?NEW ? York, *06 Broadway, oppo*Ue Elcvenih streei; Brooklyn, 137 Montague place, near Court street. Mr. DODWORTH ha* Ihe honor of announcing that the classes for ladle* and gentlemen at ht* academies lu New York and Brooklyn are now open for the sea'on. Circular* containing terms, Ac., can be obtained at either of the academics. Mr. Dodworth in* the pleasure of Informing hi* friend* ih*t. agreeably o ibelr repealed solicitation* lo estabttsb a ilanclug academy In Brooklyn, on the plan sosuccessful in New York, be ha* erected a spacious building, combining every corive pience that could be suggested by many years' experleuce, and In every way adapted to the healthful exercise io which It will t o devoted. The location Is one of the most a. **iti)c in Biooklyn, llie Court street, Fulton and Myrtle avenue railroad* meeting at the heiul of Men'ague place, but a lew steps tr ,m the academy. Soiree* exclusively for pupils aad parent*. Brooklyn.?wilson'B dancing academy, i* Clinton street, opposite the Atbeiueum, a superior lam If school, now open, i lie -lasses meet on Tuesd ,v* an l Friday* for young ladtea and children at J', o'clock. ami gen'leoteu al * o'clock P. M. Ibe auentlon of parent* I* respectfully In vlted. CHARRI'AND'S rooms, m east THIRTEENTH ST, side, winl of Broadway.?Mr. CHAHKU'ANDhavtnj returned from Europe, rrspecuully acquvlnta bi* patron* and the public that the re opening of hi* dancing rUiwea will be on Saturday. 13th and Monday, 15th October. Pupil* admitted at any time during the term, by tlcke's. or ihe regular quarter. Days, Monday and Thursday, at 7S o'clock P M , for gentle men; Wednesday and Saturday, at 12 noon and 3>i atterni*in, for ladle* and children. Monthly eotree danaante. Circulars obtained a* above. DANCINO.-ANOTIIRK NEW CLASS - BROOKES' academy, 361 Bi oome streei, a new class for beginner* will commence on Tueeday. All the fashionable dan <?? taught In oLe course of lessons. There are clause* open lor those more advanced. Early application la neceetary. OKE NEW CLABSFA-PROFRSBOR B. YATES' dancing academy 1* now open lor die season, ni Military llall. Bowery, opposite Spring street. Day* of tuitions? For ?ei, Tuev,lay and Friday evenings, Irum 7 b> 10. For idle*, misse* ani mano rs, Tuesday and Saturday afternoon*, from 3 to ti. Madame august a will reopen her dancing school on the 15th of October. In New York, at the Chinese building*, on Wednesdays and Saturday*. In Brook i yii, at the Athena-urn, Atlantic street*, on Mote lays and Frt fay*. N. B.?For particular* apply at 713 Broadway,or No. ?7 Henry Ireet, Brooklyn. RS. A. LANNAY'S DANCING SCHOOL. AT MOM tagur Hall, Court street. Brooklyn, Is now open. lstsaonz *u Wetlncudsys and Saturday*, coimnenetiig at l'{ o'clock. For term*, he., apply to Mrs. Lannay. at lie WlllouAtif>j street Brooklyn, or nt the Hall, on the stated day* and hour*. ASTROLOUY. To all.-madame morrow-thi* highly gifted lady Is the most wonderful astroiogtat I* ihe world, or that ever ha* been known; she will tell all the ev eni* of life, even the very thought*, and will cause speedy marriage*, and show th* llkenee* or th* Intended biuhand, to ihe great astonishment of all wbo visit her. All who weal good lack 6y to her tor relief and comfort. All Interview* are ?Hlcuy private, a* no admission ia given lo gentlemen N< charge if not satisfied. Jfi Broome *ire?t, between Canaan and Columbia. CARD.?MADAM PRKWHTKR R KIT UN'S THANKS TO bar friend* and pa<ron*, and n*ga to say thai, after th tb< uaand* both In thin city and Philadelphia, who have eon ?lilted her with eoitre satisfaction, she reel* confiden' that In the question* of aalrolngy. love and law matters, and >-ook*or oi ar cs, as ratted on constantly by Napoleon, aba ha* no eqtial She wUI leil the name of Ibe future husband, and also Ihe name of her visiter. Speedy and sure cure of pile* aud corns by a remedy of her own. 76 Madi*on sueet. C'LAIRVOYAN'B?ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. DYMFKO I Ma, debility, dysentery, liver complaint, lumbago, femaie* complaints, retention, obstruction or cesaauon of Ine menses M M fever sod ague In lis worst lorm. rheumatism, Ac., cured (11 curabteiby Mr*. SKYMtlCR. tee great clairvoyant, 110 Spring street, near Broadway. Satisfaction or no pay. MADAMR MEYER HAS REMOVED TO Ifl SRYENTi avenna, between Twenty-thl-d at d Twentv fourth stceela "he emitli ue* to tall parti. present and to'ore events; like wis* marriage* journey* lawwult*. business pmapeets, alcknem, vbsez.i friend* property load or *tol*n. Madame Mayercoa v*r.e* to Engbah, French and German, and give* guarantee for her art ?? -NOW DISCHARGING, A St PERlOR ARTD'LE ?). ofrrdish *tove ,-nal, 6rv and In god or ler. auitaMe for stove* and range*, at Id per on. Apply a: the yard* 22 Elizabeth Street, and *U6 Eighth ?'rewt. rOAIc?VERY BF>T QUALITY OF RED ASll. STOVE or egg sire cn*i, *.;r?en?d and delivered dry and In gool order fi om under .h-ds, *t fS 50 i er u-n, and whit* *sb ai H 25,fmm rard No eg Gnercfc aire*'* Wight and aaa'i'.y war ranted. MAT. CLINTON. /"'OAL.-RED AND WHITE A?l! Ei?0 AND SiOVk V roal, acreeued and delivered in good order, atlli* towel n a, get pr. gtor cash. Irom yard* Mi Khiabeth s'ruet and 3t ntan oii street, near the R-.weri. br L J t O-TAR. PLAYING (AHDM. Tp LAYING CARDS "F VERY DESCRIPTION FUR I aa> at 'he t'elon ' atd Manufactory, 177 and l?t> Grand "*r Brondway. tnc'uding single and <ln eh?At pt namanted and plain, and epaMba card*. A s'tperlor ar na of linen flam cards, we'l saasonad and warrnmad out ?/> vary. and* expr?s'y '* dealing. PLAYING CARDR.-TH* Ef?ec'HlflERR r\XXr. TftR | . , - . ? I ... :J ?rrde, and bar* renaianily n a-.d t, ha s S?rent rrauo*. a !? dlf g Us c*>braiad lr>*o de* or \r t. a. Van valkkahi Row a ? t, Nt IK Panrraat aaA o'as ? n u . is ? *#, SHIFPHO. rr. HEW FORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES mull steanMra.?The ship* composing Una una am the lol lowing:? ATLANTIC. Capt. Went, BALTIC, ''apt. CoaMtork. PACIFIC, rapt. Nye, ADRIATIC, Capt. . Throe ships have been built by contract, eapreaMy for gov ernment aery Ice. Every care baa lieen taken in their rntietruo tlon, aa also In their engines, to ensure elreugtb anil spen 1, and their aeoomnnslatkine for paaeengcrs are uni?iiul!ei| for elegance anil comfort. Price of paw-uge from New York to Liverpool In fir*t olaea c aton ll.tb; In eerond do.. SIS', exclu ?lve ttae of eatra size atate room, S'SB; from l.lrrrpool to New York, :ttl and kl guineae. An experienced aiirgeon atntched Lo each ship. >'? berth secured uriUi pah! fur. rniirum ? turiu or iaiuno. moa mew tok*. ruon urasroot. Wednesday July 2t, IWIfl. Saturday Inly 28, 186ft. Wednesday Aug. H, Ihftft. Haturilay Aur. II IM6. Wednesday Aug 22. ln06. Haturilay Aug.36, IMS. Wednesday Sept. ft, Ihftft. Saturday Kept, ft, IMtL Wednesday Sept. IV, IMA. Haturilay Sept.22, 1M3. Wednesday f)ct. 3, IMft. Hutunp,,, D,.(_ jg,yg_ Wednesday? tin. 17, IMft. Saturday Oct. a), MAS. Wednesday Do'. 31. IMA. Saturday Nov. S, IMS. Wednesday Noy. U, IMS. Saturday Nov. 17, IMA. Wednesday ....Nov, 28, IMS. Saturday Dee. I, IMS. Widnnaday Dec. 12, IMS. Saturday Do.-, LI. IMft. Wednesday Dec. 2b, IMS. Saturday Doc. .1, IMS. For Ironb: or passage apply to EDW li. COLL1NH. No. St? Wall street. New York. BROWN, SIIIl'LKY A CO.. Liverpool. FTKPHEN KKNNAKI) A t*l., 27 Anattn Friars, London. II. li. WA INW'RKIIIT A CO., I'aria. Gr.OlttlK tJ. DRAPER, Havre. The on nam of there ship* will not oe accountable for gold, allver. bullion, specie, jewrlry, precious ?u>n'?, or metals, tin >*? bllla of lading are signed 'hen-far, and the value thereof ?therein expressed. Shippers, please take notice that the ship* of litis line cannot carry any goods contraband ol war. TDK BRITISH AND NOIITU AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL steamship* ? mow sew to?? to uvxnroou Chief cabin passage $130 Second coblu pasoage 75 i sow Boston to LlvKitrooL. Chief cabin paavagr $110 Second cabin pa-rage 00 lbe 'hip* from Boston call at llallfes. ARABIA, Capt. Judklna, AMERICA, Cant. lauig, PERSIA, Cant. Ryrle, HI) HOP A, Capt. shannon, ASIA. Capt. K. (1., CANADA, Capt. Stone. AFRICA, Capt. Harrison. NIAGARA, Capt. Lettch. There vessel* ttarry a clear white light at uiaat head, green on ?terhoerd bow, red on port bow. America. Lang, leaves Ronton Wednesday, Aug. 20 Canada, Stone, " Boston Wednesday, Sept. 13 Africa. Harrison, " Boeion Wednesday, Hunt. 2ft America, Ltuig, " Borton Wednesday. Oct. 10 Canada, Stone, " Boston Wednesday, Oct. 21 Africa, Harrison, " Boston .. Wednesday, Nov. 7 Aria, Lo't, " Boston.... ^T.. .Wednesday, Nov. 31 Bertha r.ot secured until paid (agp An experienced surgeon on bWlrd. The owner* of these ships will not be a'co tnlable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stonea, or insula, un less billa of biding are signed Uierefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. For ikt lght or passage apply to K. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowline green. There will be no t'eamselpt ot thla line Iroin New York until further notice. THE VANDEKB1LT EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP LINB Kor .Soutliampton and Km re.?The attpeiior lirt .loss deamahtp NORTH STAR, 2,100 tons, Wamc t. commander will positively sail as shove on Saturdav, Oct. 13, at nnno, prcctrely, from pier N-- 3D North river, foot el ' hamtvere si. Flrt-i rises passage $110 Sewed class passage VI ???'> UslUt or ulUXO. Mtw TottK. BAVita aNDlOCiRaurog. North Star Sept. 22 NorutPtar Oct 13 Ariel Ocu 13 Ariel Nov. 7 North Sur Nov. 3 North Star.... Nov. 2t Ariel Nov. 24 Ariel Dec. 16 North star Dee. I ft Arb-1 .....Jan. ft, 136?> These sblua have ivatfi tight couiparieueiita. and at e butit and dited Ui the beat manner for safety and romliart; 'la?s A I, and Insure at the lowest rales. Letters, prepaid, ?tu b la'ic. 8er ox are received at the olllee of the line, No. 6 How luur recti, till 11 o'clock A. M. <>t the day of aatlmg. Goods anil specie taken at reduced .atea, and par- els. prepaid, emh $1 and upwards. For freijh^'|0t^pac?tge apply to No. 8 Bowling Green, New York. ALBERT M. CHRY8TIR, No. 6 Place de la Bourse, Parle. CURVSTIE, SCHLOKH8MAN A CO., 27 ljuai Casiuilr Delavlgne, Havre. 11VERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP COM J pant's Iron mew s.eamsbtps CITY OF BALTIMORE., 2,:lb7 tona, Capt. Robert Lelteh. CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2,380 tons, (lapt. Win. Wylie, CITY OF MANCHKSTEIl 2,1(?tona. t'upt. P. C. Petrle. KiTca or ratuaua. rnoM i rtii.Acr.t.rnii. Saloon berths WO Midship " Aft Forward" 6ft ritoM niLiirooi. Saloon bertha. .21 gulne Midship " ....17 Forward '? ...,1ft " Including Steward's lees. TntRK Ci.ass PasiBariEUS.?A limited number of third class passenger* will be taken from Philadelphia and Uverpool, and found in provisions. Ft em Vhuadelpbla $?'*) I From Liverpool T4ft Certificates of pansage will be bisiieil bet a to par'le* who are desirous ol bringing out their friends, at corresponding ruUta. DnutMOii Liver pre J from ?1 onward*. An experienced sur geon will be carried on eai h ship. All good* rent to the a.-enta In Philadelphia and Liverpool will < e forwarded with economy and der-pahtb. f or freight or pasrag'- apply lo SAMUEL SMITH Agent, 17 Walnut aireel. I'biuulelpila ; or 7 Broadway, New York. And WILLI A M INMaN, Agent, Xo. 1 Tower Uultdtngs, Liverpool. CbK 1,1 YKKPfiOL?UNITED 1TATES MAIL srE\M " ahlp PACIFIC, Nye, commander.?Tins steamship w.ll depart with the United State* mail* for Europe posi'lveiyon W ednesday. Oi l. 17, at 12 o'clock, M., from her berth at toe Urol ot t'.anal street. For irelghl or passage having unequalled accommodation for elegance and comfort, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS.Sti Wall street Passenger* are requested to he on board by II o'clock, A. M. Shippers please take notice that the ships of Oils linn itannot carry any goods contraband ot war. All lottos must p i-s through the Poet ofllee; any othera will be returned. The steamship Atlantic will auct:e>.d the l'acilic and sail Oi l. 31. F 'OR LIVBBR(K>I??THE FAVORITE PACKET KIIIP m. ALBERT li A I.I. A 11 X, 2.500 tona, will tall on Hal trd*y, O -tober 13; second oabii, US; s.'eerage fill, and lound oy the ahlp lii ii 11 ier*I supply nf cuokcd provision*. For pa?age *p plv OP board. j ut I'JKuai River, or to THOH. o. ROCHE, fit South s'reet. rrilE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP J Compuny Intend sailing heir favorite "imamsliipa - g... .. ? -r-. I ITY OF BALTIMORE, 2,111*7 ions, I apt. BotwillaNwhi CiTY OF WASHINGTON, 2,3*0tone, Capt. Win. Wyite. CITY OF MANCHESTER. fclottiina, c?p'. P. C. Perte. Saloon, I'Ju, $1.5 nuil f/*ft according to siaie room* A 'Imbed number ol third rlnn* paue-ngers will I e iiik-n ' * " " id fo irom Philadelphia and Liverpool and found In provision*. From Philadelphia fin) From UmmI,,,, tlO Parties wishing to bring on'their frlrndv ran obtain ??t ifl ,n*( rates of passage and drans uo Uverpool, In mm* nl 11 sier lingand upwarda. Apply to HAMUEL HMITII, again IT Walnut street, Ittlladelplua, aed No. 7 Broadway, New York. VfOTICE.?EMERALD ISLE, FIRST PACKET FOR iv Liverpool?Packet of 13th (b tober, Tlie well known and ust sailing clipper ship ISLE, <'aptaln I'nrnlah, will pnaldvely sail on Saturday, 13th In* . preetielv at t walre o'clock Knrly application to aecure berth" should be made on ooard, pier 4(1 E. It., or to TAPS' OTT A CO., bti Sou b airec. Black ball line of packets for liverpol.? Tbe aplendld fast sailing ahip JAMES FOHTI.R Jr., 11,000 tuna Captain Porter, will tioallln ly sail on the Kith of October For 'rrius of cabin, a*'cond abln or aircrage pn*age, apply on board, loot of Bet kman street, Ka"t river, or to JACOB WILSON, IDs nouth atreel. f 'OR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE -TIIE UNITED Etatea mall (trainer CNloN, R. Adams, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land '-he mails and passengers, on Saturday, Oct. At, at 12 o'clock, Irom pier 37 North river, foot of Beach atreel. Price of passage, fleet cabin fl.TU Do. do. second cabin 75 I.ncgage n?t wantrd during the voyage ahould oe en' on board the day before sailing marked " below." No freight aken after Thursday, Oct. id. For freight or passage, apply O M. LI VINOSTO.V, Agent, <B Broadway. The Arago will ancceed the Union, and aail November if TT S. MAIL STEAMSHIP UOMPANT?FOR HAVANA ? and Nt w Orieaoe.?On Wednetolay. Ocf. 17, a' 2 P. M. (Pom pier foot of Wat ren street, ,V. It. the well known and fa vorlte steamship ORANA DA, Capt. John Mc'luwan, will sail aa above. Paaaage can be senired at th? rttmpatiy'a office. Freight to New Ovlean", .'*) rent* per cubic loot Shipper" will be supplied with blank bill* ol holing ol Iter lorm signed by the company.on application at their odlce. No other form* signed, and no bllla ol lading wilt be signed alter Ihr hour of sailing. For freight or pasaage apply at the office of the ucuiunr, 177 .taaaage apply at theoffleenf the company, Wrat atreel, corner Warren atreel. M. O. ROBEKnL SAILIKO DAYS 5TTI AND 2bTII OF EACH MONTH loor hours from ocean to ocean by Panama Kailroa I ? 23 Iba. baggage free. Through for Caltfortua via I'anain* Rat road.?The I til ed H'nu a Well Steamship Company Inters! to clespeo h for Aaptnwxli on svurday, On. to, at 2 o'clock I*. N . precisely, frnm pier foo' of Warren atreel, North rtrer, the wen known and favorite ateamslup EMPIRE Cll V, Capt. II. Wlndie Pa**engera and mail* will lie forwarded by Panama railroad,and connect at Panama with the I'vlfie Mail steam shifi Company'* magnlfbent a'earnvhlo John I,. Stephens k II. Pearson, commander, which will be In readiness. and leave learsntl, cr.mmaposjr, wbkb wiu oe m reaaineaa, ana lea e mmedlaiely for San Franclaoo. The public are Informed that he 1'ariftc Mall Meamahip Oooipaoy always have one or more ra'ra sonerv lying a' Panama ready tor sea, to avoid any ponrtb.e dnen'ion nl passengers or malls. Por pa" vage apply to I. W. RAYMOND, at the only office of the com panics, 177 Weat ?treet, corner Warren (Creek F on CALIFORNIA.-NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA stramslilp line, via Xbwragua?Ac ?*aury Transl' panr, of Nicaragua, proprtwora? Through In advance of tl mail?7P0 tnllea shorter & lian any o her route. The tplendd lo'ible engine steewhip NORTHERN LIGHT 12.500 " * ?inidrn,/ Cap', Tlnklepaugh, will leare pier No 3 Nt rth r ver. at 7 o'clock P. M . pre. seTy, for Funia Arenas, oa We Ines dat. October 24, D.'ifl, eonneotlng with 'he steamahtp IEKHa NEVADA, (2,14*1 'oris buulen i over the Nharsg *a Tranait route, having hut twelve tn ,es nf land tranapor'ai.oq by first rlare ran uvges. For Informut on or at I he red . ad rites, *i ply only lo t II ARl.KS MUK'l A N", A gen No. 2 Bo* ? dig Green. I^t'er bags made .pet be effl'te. Stamped la. era taken for t'^ cent- each. 3<>R NEW ORLEANS DIRI.' T-TO LEAVE l"V. urh river? r day, fo o?(?r 16th,at 3 P M.. from per i Nor The brat ass aieamablp DANIEL Wr.B&TEE will above she hae eveellen'a'a e, on de-k and ,n "wloei Price nf eebir, pa?see in *'a c rnuuj" fiAo ? c rage do. ao l ound 921; freight twenty live rente per obi.- foot; a Mbaof admg to he-igrievt on board F'-r freigh- or paawfe, apply o CIIAP. MORGAN, Ayen', . Hus ' ni Greeti. F'OP. CHASLWiTOF AND FL i I! IDA. ? EMI Wr a I.T U. S, Mai' Line.?The new acd fas',.. rg .reamer Ma i R ION, W. Fewer rami mender, will leave pier v? i .* R , on -ta'tirday. Get. 13. a' 4 o'ekr k, P. M., pre~i?. iy. F. r Ir tgt vpply r* b< arM. an 1 for pa- a?a, (having *j undid a r> i. 1 atkms jai 'he < 01 e KFGFFfJRIl, rILESTON A 'Nl., " Bnadway. Tbrorigh 'I ke'v to Florida, aa follow" To Jvk ?ontllle f.'|, tp Piia'ka k'.l The m .nlf eni "'eauv fam ? Adgrr will *u. reed, tod leave ua Wedaeaday, It : . 17, ( a-,. pa-age. 123. L*OR SAVANN AH AND FLORIDA -TNITTD T* ' - U Mai'Line ?The tuatelaaa >'r >rr>hip A l.AH A M A. < a' lee R.Sehaeck, will leareori Saturday Oetoher IS,flraot pmr N# i North river, at i o'eke k I' M , pr? S e.y rned oo '?oard. For freight. a|>f y H hoard, or for i ,???(? L. MITCIIILL, 13 Hroafway. >'. M IT 1 >D'ral Kaf sd leave Savannah every day for V. ? a*. MorSgoioery, ? % fir/rpvk A. W , aad I >? '?nneciinr wub il e great Sow he. n rr raon.ib forvarVniaa ace* m Florida ? 1 " (e,at I0o' ?nd 1-ebirday, a lOo'c.oet A. M p> WHTHERN TRAVKTJ.' RE?THE I KlTl'l' STATU A * - *'e*mahlp JaMETTOWN c?i parr_ ? p|cr 111. North r!"rr. r t, sa'ar lsy O- * ' a - I' 'or K "?>' b Dg at Old Po o: ? "infort, pawngr-" 'or 'he pr-.-ed vts peergburg. wtthrt dea? avf aril w# n W Imins'aoi, Ac. aa ? e:. aod wtth a. !.iU' t tf 'bet wen via N'Ttfo'h. Thsa ; ?r. ?r T> 1*? 'he f( ver aa 'he i Sip dne? , / n< Paa?e*e aud %re ??a'?r-e laeptdwl ? . P Ht. 'i.i.'|i t I . : Tremd, flO bieg.^gs ha lCDLAm A PI,EA" ' sre I A FIDNEFE T. I* f '1 RR 15 I t r. ?va" Tb?*s?,,*Me a 1? i ,^r an ? ?? "r M#."' me. new a K* haeS UHA, - t "r ?' * tfM, t? < - ?f # * ifb-r vj r Am.hf 8?riFRI\?. Australia?independent link?ro fail Posi tively co I ueeda?, (KU bfr 23. The A I lipiwr ship H. K. MILAM, Captain Ktxlay will mil a I'Kivr for Helbu rue. Ilcr areommo<t..icnx fur t-e superior to any xlilp aow up; has room for one tlrsl eahlu p.? oyer. and el* In ae eond oeiln IftpyM fur at once All irrlrhu mux' be 00 board by the Jxli. For balance of fte .Hit or paxwape, Apply on board, el per S I'M river, or to AHKKLL A ELLIOT, 81 Petri afreet. UK V UVOlIH, AC. <fcin (WUt WORTH OK RICH VALKNOIKNNiM ijljll.l/lMl jiuee. at uncommonly low prl <??, being the lute purchaaoe of Mr. Roberta w hile in Burope, just reeeivod. PETER KoBURTH A CO.. Broadway. AT 1I1K STORK OF PKTKR ROBERTS A OO , 373 Broadway, will be found die largest and urnst vaiiedx'o a ot lace gooda over olfei ed in ibis market by any one Arm. Many of the styles ore entirely new, and never before shown hi re. The above extensive aaaortmen* has been selected wun great '-are by Mr. Kooertx, while In Kurope. ANOTHER NKWHTYLROP MOURNING COLLAR AND alecieM UAII.KY, PARKINGVON A LKSLlK. fl\ BrOol way, received ptris'c.uoer 1'a. ltle, an entirely new material ul ihetr own design, mr mnumluK 'eta which d.ey will otter on Monday, October II, In collars and aleevcx nl their own style* which are en'lrely new The material and alvle are anine'runf never helore aeeu, and cannot be louud at any other bouae ta the city. BULPIVS KHAWLS.-JVST RRCKIVMD. IIIRKOT Irom the mauufaaiurera In Porta, Lyona and Va rum, all '?town of auperb cashmere and French eamal'a hair Ion# ahawla, Imported expressly lor Broadway retail trade?ell al moderaie pricea. GEO. lHJLI'IN. 361 Hroadway. BULTIN, .161 BROADWAY, WILL OPEN TIMS WEEK, In all, twenty cares of Stella, lirocho and other ahawla ?he whole of which he will aril at moderate pricea, and le which public attention la invited. BfLPIN'H CLOAK8 AND MANTILLAS.?THE LADIRS of New Y< rlt, and ihe United Stale* generally. are re sportfully informed dial Bl'LPI.Vgatore la now replete will the usual variety of fall and winter fashion* In cloake and man -illax, and winch, in ocnaeunaim Ot loa vastly Iri'Taasltig Had* he can offer at pr'cea hitherto unheard of lor ttrat class aril clea. Paris Mantilla emporium, 361 llroadway. ETALL AND WINTER FASHIONS. The attention of runnel e??ra, and thoae who are parltea larly annuo. ol pnxiisaatug a neat and beautiful labric of eyas metrical proportion* and artistIn flulah, are re?pe,;t/uily la vited to eaan.lue die nock of unaurpaaned millinery and ioID nery good*. at SmKona' Fur.M ii Miu.imbt Earnaitm. 661 Broad wa# F DERBY A ? 0. ARK NOW RKCKIVINO, PKR . aleainera, a rich variety ol fall and a inter cloth*, cat u mcic*. vradogs, Ac , A'-. 12 Park plant. IjUVK HUN DltKII sTKLLA - II a It I.H-AT $K, $10, $1. and $14?all entirely new in it\ l? and co.ormg?on ante hi* week alBULFl.N S, 3ol Broadway. NKW PALL GOODS. Lplio.nrry, Curtain, and French paper hanging*. French paper hanging*. SOLO MOM A IIART, No. 243 Broadway, are now >ecciving a full supply of tall gotda, ?oftat le lor CuHAlna, Fiirnlttire t ovortnf, and interior decoratUin, which they utter wholceaie and retail nprn the inoat favurahle terma. To which they Invite the at ten. Ion of the TRADE AND PUBLIC. B'nre rioeed on Saturday!. NEW EMBROIDERIES AND UffiS HANDKERCHIEFS. JOHN A Co., SO riDri .v7 Venty *treei mmI b <Starch aired. Aiv In receipt, per !nc, Ioaac Wright anil North Star, Urvc linen ol Jarnsrr I'ouci, Si.r.cTB*. Limb* Hi mm iHcnitw, Smut FaoftTn, KwittoiDcatn lUrfnuENciiiEr*. Allot* which will he (Acred la vlioleidltbQyfflfor UlAtmlfl at lew U,?n auction prlrei, o*tbe*c *hl p until'* are tube cloaed out ere the 1*1 of November. Notice?i. a dies getting new faia drknskh. i? order to Inanre a good #? *hould pro. ure ? fair of Mm Gaynor'* celebrated and elegant lit'lug French wore cornel*. Her price* are ooll half aoually charged OATNUR. Impor U r of coracle and etubi ntocrie*, 40 fblrd avenue, near fcuil ?ireet. ONE THOUSAND BROOIE DOUBLE SHAWLS?FiUC* #lit and tl,-rarh: the rbeapeel and moat definable niiaw In 'le clt j ? all heaiituul coloilng*?ate now on aale at BULPIB'S, SCI Broadway PARIS EXPOSITION SHAWM.?THE HUBHCItlBEB haa juntreceived from bla French agent* aci-nofveri i'eautlful brnube long ahawK, exaet eoplee of Iboee iiowai hulled at the Fatal* d 'Ifiduatrtn In I'mh. U wi innJcrnu prlrea. OKOHGK BILPIN, 3d I Broadway. R K ll PARIS VAI.' N< IAS. I On rircta or tub iboti. i.ooiw, New will, er OIWISKD THIS UORH1KU, At the low price of IM pol l.A It IT.H VAHI>. I P.SDF.I.E. I'F.IHSON A LAKE, No. 471 Broad we), between (>i and and Brooine strweia. ] >11711 PARIS DBF.SS TRIMMP.OS AND MM.l.tsF.ui V guoda?I l.ave nui'h 1 I earn ire In announcing 111 in) fr lenaa, lhat I hava purebnrea at the late auction* I roan the tellorea of two Prem-h house*. a eery heavy quantity of hf eholceat rlhhona, millinery i""da, dre* and cloak trimming*, ever eihihlled in thia inuniry, and dial we will dlapiMg V hi Hi al the ania.ieit advance on aiic'lnu prleea. M. H. I.H'ilTEMsTKIS. oft Bowery, oomer Ilea'er ?u eef P. fl.?flthre cloaed erery Saturday. CHAWLFI SHAWM ! IBIf AWMl! I-LADIES IV SRARCB a* of really prelly and fa?hlnnahle ateila aliawla. at toMtlt-rat# price*, will 'find ihern at Hl'LPIN'B iWl Jlroadwer miicellaVkoi'iT A NOVEL INVENTION.?Cf.ARK'S patent differ endal window (>alance, by which a wiring of $1 10 t'l per wIrdow I. elte. ted, di*| enaing ?1 til weight* and hoie? Car pentera, builder* and odicra are Invlicd 10 etarnin" the to.*!<?;. el the t'ryalal P.dace. Ill*h a lui aale by WIEI.IAMS A -- Ml I 11 1 ? 1 ? I ,.l ' i ,1. ,c - h' - . ? I Vc 1 1 . TJOTS BOTH. BOYS. ? IfER WIDTH PAHIIIONABI.K 1) paiiern* for ?hpdren, hove and yoiiliw?one aliilllug en h garment?at No. 7 Howery. N B?411 for pai'eiu* and ? tan* lor cutting men'* wild laiy*' garrum.'a *1 a on eihp i Inn at.d for talc a the north nave of t ry* al Palace. I will t.e dc re each day the in.ulng week from I un ll 4 o'clock. I'. HKItWK K, No. 7 Bowery. KN.IAMIN M'MINKY, AGENT FOB THE I'RVTRAI, Amei i> an Emigration Company, No. at Maiden >ane. b LR RIKAl EUREKA I?FORD'S E'KP.KA HtiliiT lb I J unlvertally worn hv the dil/ena of die I'ntlcd H'aiev a' by Ibe arlalnerery, gentry, mernwote, trade*m*n, and pep ? generally of Europe, die llrlUah colnus-a, 11 <fla and '"tuna, Ac. oelng unrivalled for He ?uperlorHy of in, work, pattern. Mid durability. Mannfae<orrd and Hold only by W. T. FORD. 42" Broadway. Fbirta and collar* made m order. /1 AH FITTING AND FIXTURES.?A. A. THAINOR. 4jT i'aa Oder and dealer In gA* fuure*. Flgh'h i'reet. ?r,<f Fourth avenue, iBIf! Ilnnae i Store* dwelling . Ac . litre I tp w lih pine and hiturea In the heat manner Alteration*, ei 1en?tona, Ac , made, Repair* attended to, and MUM aet promptly and at low pre ea, tor ca?b. IRON MANUFACTURING.?THE UNDER SIGNED IS p.eparrd n furnlali estimate*. plana In general or In detail, of bla*i furnece* to aope -lntend fhelr erection and rn mage merit, either by the ton or odierw .ae, H. I'F.TTEK, Jk., Mnnx Furnace, Maaa. KNAPP'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PI.ASTERS.? If you arc (iicibled wlih a t une nr weak hack, pain .11 the hteaa' or aide, try one of thoae invaluabla playlet*. Tltey will Dot tall to relief. So d by moa' druggiaui. General 'b p ,1, .'N13 lludaon afreet. TKAKV ROOFS-AM. EINDH OF TIN ROOF* RE J paired and coaled with patent rne alllc pain'. OM ooal a - ing equal to five of ordinary paint. All order* received at the depot, HI Many In ?<teet, near Hianlon. will be attended to with derparrb. MRAUO'H FAU. STYT.E OF IIATH.?'THERE IS NO doubt that .Mealm make* the heat and moat duiabl* htf* In dil* city 1 live htm a call and he < on, iiic-,1. Cornerol Broadway am. < anal 'tree \I ETROPf I.ITA N A''A DEMY AND G YEN AMI M, <M ivl and S6 Sixth avenue, n ar Eighth atreet 1 Inaaca fo, pht an al training a* follow* vg fjrntlrman every immiog bom 1; to It On Mondavi. Wi Inraday*. and PrlUt* from * in V A.M.; owning* or name daya, from 7 to Id * later- daily, from lu to 12. Moodtya and Wedoeadaya, fruoi S In 3 I" M. Saturday* from 10 'O \'J A. M H. J. HEDGWIGE, Principal Madame iii.a' yei.t ilate with gknin h hi tear) baa taken room* al No 110 Spring afree1, n bb <kwe*(ot Uioadway. where all order* fur laqlto' o. eml dren'a drove* w ill lie rie ud d alter the moa' appro, d aiyi' ol the *ea*oo, upon the aborfcet poarlble nc'l <1 an 1 at ? *? .'. able prl-e*. ORNAMRNTAI. PI.ASTERING ?II liERGRR A~?lt SINGER loote'ieia and ornainenta'plaateiera 12 S i reran' atrvW. near Nd avenue and Slh a'reel lE Rerger ha* been n'*]el>r and de'lgner for M< Mir* Hlncl ilr A Go. forme l;i?i hree )ean. VJTAMMIRING -Till. AlTE! V VP.S IN VENTF.[i"aNI> t~ patented by Robert Ba'e* ol Philadelphia ar* ta.w n ? t Mhaloa at the MeehantoF Pair, |eld at the Orywtal !?. ? .? w lw re he will eiplaln their u*e arid will ateiw rtoarly t'at ? airmeilng |* nof an nrtani' del. of, a? II I* generally auppoaad to I r. and hy aome of the heat phyan.log ala of tba pre.enl day, l ot l? merely a h ibl*. and wllhpropel If> aloe n'ean hehfTWnlt. lh< int'tvlnr will I.e. happy al any tin.'Ui have hit ay-em leal *d I e'ore any number of phyah iai atvl ael nllfl. me- *? he haadoneln New Verb, Philadelphia artd Waahlt-.-vai again ant avaieis iba' I* 'augh- or run tie toiuad 'ta record. I lie in -ri uncut*' *n itn.r l-e (t.Utcnl of the mveotor a?vl pal*1*0. In wl* in appliea etna mud Itv mad' or t* to.-* a-ldreaae 1 ItOllF.fir MAI K4. Rcaldene* 131 South Nil It gffat, Pblladeh t ia. Pa , ar.'l a S77 S'?tb an ntie rear th* Palace avh-re the lnv*n"-' at he ea??ti'ted from ?tgbt in the toorn'ng ull II. and from 2 ,.1 Pin tbeevenln* al hlaa-and :n the Paia ? . n o ?ItWaai 'd te p let or* gallery, oil Uir e oae 14 u.e .air ^?ll'Vas STftV IS STOYES?IM Ci a Al US ektTmfaS 17 TerWa ?W A II VAN MiTh'* *i/.r* Re h*va a ?rge aaannnient eg 't.e latea* pa'iertut of ?<"vea. mace graaea ?uirmer and klliAaa range* lor wa.e oa reaawasbto eroaa <j*?" put up. and plye ' int'outd aatt.e, gra et w- * 4 r* 1 aired, itoae* aad range* ued and reya led *ap an,** grid ilea whclreale aiw] re-all. lJlElTi;MBRkU.AS I fill 2hv ~"ilJ4lT>u HT< H GENGII IM ?* a. ow a-te. mad* " -u -lag hinee. and mu b t- "W a. > Id price*. J K. -Pfl4TT 3*3 Bioadway Tall*' aaeto 'po DRUGOISTN." DAfl' EBRKf/IYPISfS fifilft 1 grapbiata (U*a mat.nfac vwa g. ..pairat aaadlctoea,raari p. ? her., worhe rr.etal w. ker* ar-d ar- ra- a ta r???e-? ? Pioa.lne irgEft' bypon.pMdotoda aa. ? >? 4. pur* e ar. . pl.u-V add. ewl?Jto?i. ght'tng paper. Vleaaoa toae, pla ?na, 1 an.u'b eadnloto toangeneee nl-ke urantla. /afra. 'ta* pOOMMtSga. Rfaaaa pngev in*e< powder, t.g t.i .e ; cle,y renah chalk. ?*?>?? 'a ' ga'ii.g j,?? ilea *e.. p? **.e M KR I* ? El t irTwANGKR H Ma*',?o taaw llEMMHT. i SORGI P SGHAFntB, DFAT!?T. Nil RrrNWtA If . r*et 1 ea B. ??,?. Iea> '?led laal Nr a haa - >? ( ?t- veara l-een er rag d '.a 'iraWnai to "--i e a n Rear V ak aad la vblttj}). ar-'to aal ee-b, 04 a wool ,*.* WJ c*a - - lata* .t r^trged (Ikaa pa. eat* or*.' won* iitoMdag 4m *a*M to;toar#vrS ?l'I.G vivi to?i ? r . my -ohired bo ? .ifa/tedj to flto pnrhjar op?o ' e ** * a a a. ! eron.'Ve h.rg-d d# c ,(* ft ? , ' or -f.c.a 'eeth are regj.ecra-t y a. I - *4 o etl| leafrfe nv-t-ev e gig"-er-a eloewRere lie wp; a^ m * lappy in ag .? la **t"e*n ui ml wor* 'oa* '?*?? htm wag 0 ttolC A e -a '??iHg liftoli <P"U ? 1 ??'ha' opera' t.1 ooaa-rOM kg profea* oa. Ti t i- var a' raavk AMlWKWftNTN. V IM.O?R OAROK*. i.> S:c?i'j) Kvraiao. (worn; 13 )*?i peat Operatic Triumph mr *rw t*n oitiuiniL laikn . a uMti, *<?11.posed by (I, K. Rrmiu*. RJJ* VAN Fi onded'ei Wasblnyuai Irviny'a calrhra'-d ? (cud. And pro dned By the fTNl AND HARRISON TKorPK M.iiHehy tie..rye Brtaow. U: ret y J II. WahirUht. I'll t.Me wllh III!* scenery Inm orlytnal drawings from us tore. otM n the KuUkliJ Mountains And Tlelnily, by Mr. liblyara. Ailed... Visa I. mlsa I'jod Edward r. an officer In the t'ontiueu (?Inn. jr.... Mr. W. Herr!an* Rll> Tan Wink. .... Mr. Hiratmp llwilr of Ui<* u. at* a Hrijral, t'event Harden, Mrury l?n* and tin* I'hllhai utuwo Concerts, tsiudnej Dame Van Winkle Miss Pyna lalward Vileinir Mr Uorucasta Full CAeI and particulars In dally BUN. Hi of rlie I 'pern fur sale at Ibe Hidden, doom open el IIS ? eotnwienes ?17S o'clock. Tickets to all paria of the imuim, (Ulv oeoia; cr '?tra walk CI; pi I vain I mm, |A. Nil free Hal e*rept ihn I'rnaa. Monday. and every eicnlnt; until further nnliei? Kit' VAN WINhl.K. Tl'ALI.Al K'HTIIKATRK? BROADWAY, NEAR RROHMK T? street.?Saturday evening, CJ?t. 13, all) be ai ed Ibe new comedy, In two e-te. entitled? LAVATKR; OR, NOT A RAD JI'DOE. John t'ksper Lavaier Mr 0. Walcol Mr. Hettnnn.. Mr. O Holland | fount do HtelnbergUr Norton Lonlae Mlsa Kate Haton KIVK UCNDKKI) I'OUMlrf REWARD. Yubmilne Honerbali Mr. I.etter Mr. Donilrtou.Mr. 0. Holland I ('apt. Wallllownr..Mi II. Ilall Amelia Mine Kale Saxou HOW hTOl'T YOU'RE DKTriNO. VI KTROPOI.ITAN THRATKB.?BROADWAY, OPPOB.'TB ivl Bend street.? Poairrvrtr I.aat Wiu fir KA ill K I. *8 ENGAGEMENT, I'revlooa lo her departure for Ho .ton. M.irior, ihtohkh 13, illir.AT ATTRACTIONS?RAl'HKl.'H BENEFIT, nInn w ill be presented Honme'.'a traced v. In live act*, JOAN OK ARC. for tlii* nlithi only. Jonnil Aic Mile. Rachel Jean rie Itmirgiigne M. Raphael Fell! After which, the French na'uinal hymn I. A M A It H K I l. L A 1 S E. For the laai nine? hy Mile. Rachel. TtiteneY, OtTonr.n Id. Mm n, i|e (iiriirdln'x comedy, In tire acia, I. A II Y TART I'F F K . (For this night oily ) Mile. .!? Rloeane Mile. R.i hel I.Hi Htttw ..... Mile. Harsh belli Jen line tllle. liuiali Kelii WrDnrsbar, Ocronr.K 17, KcrlbC'e drama, In five arm A OR I K.N MB I.F.i 'Of V RBt'K. (For the last time.) Ad icnne, Mile. Rachel Maurh e ile r ate M Raphael t'< I t ACADEMY or Ml'Kli'?FOURTEEN Til HIREST.? ittli tk nrgui?skvkstii aloiiT. A uber'a grand opera, In live ?.?'? M A K A V 1 K I. I. O . On MONDAY, October 15. K18. Mlt-S HF..N' l.KR, Ml.I.e.. I.AVUINE, Hlf n liKIONOi l, d OtHPAItOXI Muilca) Dlrreior and Onnduoior Mux Mariu/.ek. Doom open at; '4; I ipera eouimenrna at ito'clock. IN' KH or SbMINIOIt. bal.eey and Flrit Circle FI '<0 licies, rar<|iiet and secured seats In llabnny 1 ntl Second Circle I 00 Afjpkbtaiia. 10 Rcsi rved .eaia may be obtained at the principal oillce or n< r 11 llrnadwhy and Fourteenth street, til Dtiisklu'a Agem y, Jolhe't music .ion , A1U Bnsulway; ami at Hail a Sou's p ah" forte and mush'store ?VJ ltri udwav. kvery Sti'urilay Hni rnioii?An I?xtiu PEnrORMikCC, com mvic'lm; at 1 P. M. t < ' II In?MR. It t I'll f FI. FKI.IX RBePKi Ti Vl.l.V i bi ya to lolot ni tba public ih it. In ennse.|uence of tl.ear tanyen., tils be haa ouule lor I lot ton, where sillu. llvh.-Lls Ui n uke in r debut on the J.'d lost., and hi ytvl I hi '.ne null! r mi demand' heda'lv rereltea, he Inn consenled to (day KYI1RY llAV M.'AT WKKK. On Suiuri'ny, Oeiolu r 31, the pe. lordi am e will eonimenoe al 3 o'clock. In rsms' nu u.ce of Mile. Rail r's benefit the prices for that IPS til only will be raise. I for the U,* seals.?Prosrenluiu, balcony, urclics'ra, par tine to and dress circle. 4 t.'ADKMY OK MUSfC.?TIIIH fSATl'RDAY) AKI.'TU XY. douij? MonntMU Pmutokm?*lt I 1* T it '? V A T O It K Mr, damn I, A Hit A Ni,h. \||ja AI.IIIVI ? igonrl UHIUNOI.I, AMOiUO, and tiAHKAKO.NI. or* open a: 12, io commoner at I. t mo Dollar to .ill h*i i ! hour*; 20centa (o tbo Amphitheatre. 5CCKi.KT'fl HKRKN APKRH, Mil HROAIlWAV - ? tierv nlKht thla wrwek, lk? vorv auc ?? t? burbauuo o? THK IMirUIITBB or TliK KK'ilMR.VI Kthiomiw Mis-tin tar. Ac . An. Iancelebra'td II Hwain Hockley will mnit hl?D.*b lia ? IIROADWaV HOMO." lib A rtraertptlon of llroadniiv 0?.fic?*r' coB.merre* ?t 7J4 o'cl otfc. rick*'a Brrnta ( 'OLMNIM NKW MIKt Kl.l. ANKOIH a. ...... AM> <?IAH At TKRIHTIO I i>Nf Kfi-Jrt. Mr. i OLMNH, ihft uopuUir <'oiupflliiD mt<l Vooii ?! >c r> to announce be will give ? urn ol hi. ahnrart,*. ,?iie ' UN I lit MIIIUVH I'OM'KRT ROOM, ' ornmeti'lbg an Monday. Oct. is, aided by vocal anil Inert al m 'laii of ?< knowledge.! talent ami ability Partloora ID fuUii* atlvertlariii* tita. fUiI.I.INK' NKW, MlWlXl.ANK.OfB AN!? OIIAKAO ; ' 'orlatlc oncer Nlblo'a Concert Hwlnon. Monday t vonlay October It, ai.d every evening .(anna the w*?k MR. fViIXINM, I. *|.*l ra'ed Trlah I'oniedlanand Vorallal, it.II lute Uirbnn. r n. I ili.j; I.I* unrivalled rliwrurterlatlr lunal* al .'tilenaitiui -ni In tola r|fv. nlded by the (ollowlnr |.onnlar urtlau.:? Mr* i.KflROlANNA HTI'Alti,*Not.[ano, Man MARIA I.KAt II. Al'o, Mr. (JKoKOi: MlMI'HOM, Tenor; , . ? Mr. HTKI'IIKN I.KAt II, llaaa, la.*, be Regain and TbUlon libera tmupeaJ and la I f*"d hari l*! Mr Al'IOM An. M, MAUI!!!!, will pr *?l lent dm pianoforte TI.e- no-rta iini. ti-a nil). * mpti,..* efcnl, * aelrctlona or aorige, out ' . 'I ll?. uuarettea, riom'/ie I taulUul aorkaol Tom Monte, I l/ifi.i (i H i fifr, !>'?.'lui, Ar., Itiifraii' imn| niUi /tu/i ? in ?- nt ?l nti?> doii?%. mii I JU' -TiiMf-n" from Uie fttrorU* txitrir V'i lh' Man," "Hnry in\\y ih* lwr, Ar in'rofii'tnr Nk* r | MmffR i* "The &w!?t ojr* rW>y 'Thm U Idow M?? rem*, the Hprig af h|<|ll*U?ti." hmJ J nia?w in rhtrmrirr. mm ?fin*r bf Mr lk?l t.* in all (bit prli>i ii-Mi In U..- LMxi It' k' *r .V) < ? iiK To he bad at Utti:'- uii'1 mitj' ?*,,.? and *1 tin d or llotr* *.i.**n at Ua.fnaat 7,...n.i*, to . n u n * ?? a t* o vio. k / MIAMI HATTI.ROr Ill'.NKKK HIM., 'I In ' *?>?.??. ttou t*Hb tbo A 1.1,K' 111 AXIANM, tl ? aprrnooli and ev.-wiiif. at J and 7', o'clock, at A .1 iar Hall. W.I lli'wdaay. l) AtllKI ramvrr-OfOIOR MATH l.v TilK PAR \ '.I""' r,r' '"."I"! b">?* for M .nday. I.rr an! at IIOR A1 'K ' * ' r*HH rmi?U* ??' rr, 93i> H"*adatv Alro, *?< ua r** ? ifil In a.It ,.tii e, fu. any ol Rarhel'aiare ..till |,ei ..m. .urea a I III tod w ay . I'l.iya lor aalc. ninntii mu ai.i x oibm wiu. om it r?t|tie*t) row mora perturmaiicea >1 Her re|ei.r?'e*| *.n>l tin: ira icd T"*al an*l liia'riitnen'al enteruintnent, ' The Km* r.t'<' I*.* and I ake* of klllarney,1' wltji I altad* and ainn*inr on . ? ol thai fairy tan< eyeotlia, ih uoo u | day H.'l . Tl.'tr. lay, Itvl., aial Friday I'ah, wlibb. o, * nitanenicfj!* Kou'b will prendrel) He Hie la?' ffke*, Ja ' A I. II Al.l.?DKI'ftl or ruv_milt tMtalXKKT T -Prole,*or f|Vt;i.Allt llo* wtuuler of tli*- w*.r.*1. and Hitn.*|.teioiii * talrtite I ..ja* .% ir*.ti;.e yierliowi every e?**t.ti.K All t-br'ti Id ?*? Ibia . oatHiiiilon ol Oalenl. nt'iiat 7. **. .... i. **i ?? . *|t *rl' t it. H I.* t. Adml**loti lyc, rent, AI .??* PI .NVIU-TIIIft TAI.K.NTKfl AlTftK ' t IIAn all l*ren eniar'd by Ihe r.,nif ilo. e ol tbe Will* .?nl> T*? in* I. al. and win af't.ear on M? day availing, ii* i.*,-r r. a* J nl'a, n llii HMNt.'MRAt'K . >.? In, pnaltlrety tier |wi oot*** -nre at 'be llrooklyn Mn*euni. IHa.t. open at 7 . urtnio .a* *t I), o'rkatk. fpil* AMKRIf A N Mt'MII Al. Pl'MP arXTrTT WOO.I) i r* *|>e* lolly ai.1.1 on* ? ll.ey lint ? , ejy d*""*!-*! i n r.t In* doru.a tie* entolaf aanana, the TilIIKit I'l, i*c|f'al. I tt.vt KlkT." ralVd for by thttr ro eicnioo Tie*** ? nnwrta will * otiip* 1**- at. * fli* lent ar.d |.owertul Oi* Heatra. aided by Uaa * ?? >t?. raieiit ataila l ie at die tot.e, an t Hac run.. ? at u? *d of I t.i?le*i o .I. ? wHI on< I,. ??*.r . ei .dti.y tie He"*r wo k? i * oil r ally -*(n. | (?..| |r. rhla ...oolry for le to* and f*?'tti-u > ' aj jity In ll.e mi ne lpal in'eli a'or. a of New Y*. k and He rl* Ir l> wlete aoliarttrdkioa w II H# rwo-lya-t yty n d?. oftka <*f. Artt'otrn,. o u ? HIIX. Chairman. M.cia Kaaer, kaerctary. I I1 I I" '.Mil V I it I *i t hit ? hi I ' i it Ik ?all?ry t.r tiatotlt.e* ie.w em ealilotiion In t'.la 'y. 1} rf i ra.t.* n*?rly two buodred ??f *1 a liaat patoiinaa ee*r do '?rot. eihionan 7b. (al 'at y row ne |.r?pitKae tJa.yau, aol ' t e apprei-tated mti*' be *e*o Ufiam day and aeaoi r XI 0 tat,ee rA r eftta. 'I . UTKI' AI. MAItAfiKRN W|kIlINr| Tff Nfct.fifMTI I ?n(ererreMa ? tb pio. aoie't trowpe 'if k|.,mw> 1 at err i? eidy It. Mutn' * r now |ertiem'ti| a* hi* eAa f?ar >r are ?. o* ie.| to addrew M JOII.1 HT I.I K K, ile a#en at kan.'iflf' J* iie'a n.oftie *tore. Alb Il/raadway, New f.ak MF.UK Al*. / i AVI IIOHA f i It 7R A.SrtP* KKVT BTRK.V *. llfi.NIV! A | a* ? r *| rrad ??. f ?r i katoe I tdfe Bfrdi* I ort tbe ktar ne f?...11 *ai "I,lr*l to bia ino*n for ae**w wa?a? trka 111 v.-a.r'a > matHir . taedk al ayd f*i>d a|| *<i b* t* a* er. and i< gate ken lowaat r? e*. anihu t< ?*nr *1 no- Me bnalr.ea a t ore a aa i*ae. ?9e ed / ber 1 .?In tor,oar to 'fe*e i.aaeii r rrlie.jwia two. nam* bfu**a weak l.r*ra X Made ) y|* it ItWlfAMk ti It W. ?.t ' -laof. atree', a pbyelrUo nf oner tweoly jfwa' or arte ? t i* i. > l.;, ,*otr nn waBI>h i Mni:Ti'VAir? rr.iRvrt a"ii raker nnrttaled r*mediea, aeiea* m owe kartu tba ?'.a. > *rt|h f.. if l. t r, tbenaa*; r e*. era deae ail tie p. Kirn, aeeda d.*ea*e m a few lot* a al a*ree : al. >t? aa>*a|?.< olntiew.aal lite oaadVtnm are a le ivt.e*a r r.*le ' at : i* ? a f? ? *. . * . ' am n la one w* (? ?ny delay. t.r?oi ? rai'.a m every ? aee . and a ' ireof?? y* warran'ed tnmre t aeak rrw e.e >.i*e*a? ai ?;? lir-mdwar meet *a gp* | nadway fr**., II A tf ?l leltkl I' M * nod#y* ey.eyled Ha w e*eiua*iw f mtirj iw-*b*ii I* or lab; n ail and wry roe. lieiehy i*ai?/ 'le eea.a ? **f via ,* g I iae- <? the receipt og ne<aa tee *nk be11 eriii p "o ? It. a tod the t.uo*er?i? ?> ?a,i*a aad koa*Mk ^a* a* i !?? .t g tl t* and taler > tf? afBe ed ?b" *1 o*a an r? ti *d.*a I'*fe eoeeot* tag kkanrt %? ?>* "?? bejoae a*el ro re* 'key * a are lAere g re* Two -bird* of Iff I 'a t ' 'lei* -Ity roll' tleee ad leied wl A , aa*f aema* eee*rfn,eia MaWC ?I- ? aid fwfin'a 4a .lilt f, m 'W'.i enter*on -ware Saaa ?wtt . t ai d e re-t ) lira badar* '.May *? t iakkh. aa let" e* a I* ai* y ?(*,?, H ?d > '*itoe m ' r *n?,. a* r and "|e l? CP* rote a We ere f W"A II ken In e?-raw iHiytftn* Id-t? rod Mr tree * -filter f Kwel'di "'*?!? 7e war 1ira*l I twcft lot Hot new Ik, aa awa 1 ?**.*> ?. \fim1 Id P< I* T A ** 7 Tf I TIIK I At! IKK.?OR <|*lil all I'll eetra'ed WW e*f?dl fk ? at* n. ?* aeVanwb?-.e a la t*V M *e < Mai tnn *a|ka ttftew Irnni if ?? ? ft/'e ? *f 'efoaejiwe?f rataare * *eoillT elae,t ? '.f ee. I-T ? bi* a .rweoi aw gmwly aar? mddlf.aaad far *i d'f a- ? re. y e ,e d?af * .1 *tw f'.eie a* a k'.'eef.r* Mtrriwd eiyw > id '? 4- '?rtf i ^ N ?rr!| ?? ?4rv# _ kiwlijer *t nwnnaidlAie'a*. KaA w u ? ?* I r P f| f.r ?ev Kor a*k> at *?. fi a*?i e -? s AXiiBXaoaw. UH'iAl'WAI 1HKATUK. A. . <tK.lUili. MLR JD 1 .?KB. w. R Make, Huge Managnr. buniHiii UB0M* ??",'? oV'.ick Ha'uniaj evening, OCI. 13, ll be pel fomud? ^ KIZARKO. Holla Mr Korraet AU-Hba Mr. h'aa.Uursl 11'ti.rr.. Mr C. Klener bo Mr. laaurrgar. I ?> 10 /? Mr Kruno Outui ...Mr. Allro | Kb ir? Kiiir I'iAjI ? 'nt.. Wuw Eiuui* U?.4m To conclude * l b the ponluar ferce if ro I'aKIH HACK KilH HIVE FOCNIis wm 11 Mr. W. A. i t.ri man Kai n\ .... Mrs V^g.e BoNlKY TIIKaTHK -i'HOI'KIKIOK A1*I? MANAOKR, I I" H'a rlrnu. Kin*.- Muuager ? I H. 'Irlffllha. I'iMaaiil adu.Aoa.?Boaae. 36 nai.ui; oil l*t? centa; iJallar*. LMg croj; Unite, tt> Ka uirt??. Oei IT, i iifieuM tiik kino or riiK ohmmomh. King Jem's .. Mr J. ? Wallace i.w go Weir Mi I'l.ui si ulrin.e Mia W Want KOKTl .NK.'ii y Ko|.|(* Hi RTOW8, OUKIIW HI HI .. uidat? a oi'at ?iirv in. .loulilr niiif, ai n?ni Hio iibisri'a! Uvortir, ll,,- ,, ,| NTILI, WATIIK to Nil HK.KF, allli Mem".. H oriiHi and II. Jor tan u thole sre*( parte. And tltf comb i*i.rra. In i?ru ? ol 'he DAl'OIITKK (IK llll ItKOIMKNT 111 whl. h Mis* Rosalie Iniiahil ? Mario, n hln r I 6 brl utii irtniui h on Thursday nWlit. Httlplor Mr. I.Mior | Ti.nin Mr. Helmut N . fury unit tlrr?Mi all ne* TO I>AY (HATI'ltRA Y) OCTOilElt LT-lfi TIIK AFTER ma,ii a S, ovi nlnu at a, a' I.KA'w rilANKl IN Ml MKI'M. 83 Unwary, tremendous attract oils wr il l.r citan, being Ibr lb* UKNKKIT OK MINK KATK RATKMKN, on w hit b occaalnn uwr III1KTV YOKSO I. SlilKN *U1 a| pear, anil prroona r a number <>t original Using pb: tnroi, in ?a til. ta the entire troupe ?I MoHHI. aHTIHTRM will oihiblt, w.1 h oibor attract! o rnlrrialnmrnU Doa'if. ti, thlaafternoon al 8, avaalag all Ifiaa MUM ?en beamy anil artistic etc '?i . n.mlniuwt AdnJsai. n same amisuol. CTRO. CllRMTY AWroi i? dlNxrKKLH, NEW UALL. T 4(4 BitawIMa*. hop... i.raud street.? Ol'KN KVb'KY KVHNINU. diUnrca transacted bp Henry Weed Nag. Manager... Iim <VbW Knr "hie w cob?K' Mlua reiar. .amrludln* wlib W?Mi:l), A TIIOl SAMI MII.I.INKHH KOR HAITI. Tcm ("arke Mr (Jen i7irt*y lli ? elrgai.i an I it<.tiimn<iUiu? liall la pr"o.,uneed by -impotent Judges In be die target the 'wiai ventilated and IM ? r.dtofnctf place of K hi..plan In Iba world. n < 11 ( ?IKiora o pen ?l 6. aurl the e- rain rlawaal 7)a o'rJoaR rr?. tarty. A nil.? in.. M **?*" I oil? H tt MIT 11 b tlU* Nil ful. it of tenor* ASt ?J RIROK ol KHAnT'IKOI^ Hi antiii tu I ariwr M m, V" KknaoWat, .hi eing (INK. HI N 1*11 HO ' OrtaiH (i ? '.. wire, n('be rriiu- po 'ITII.h AMI> OWKI'I r(i? |SI a.KKdT IN CCRiiPR. - tn j i iotiilig, al 7,'< o'o'nok, and ?rry saMrdat %) aruoaa ti 3. The i .no by all Ab yu Kb Id ' -ai'b.n. In ail'll'lon to the eildb Il.e eelebraleil nvaMsl, M >a MAIilON a< .MAIM in ...I I w ll sink ? ??? ?? aid bails' . i aiubie app, ..piia'e >'<>?? Italy, ???!'. n ai. d anil (1. t u..i i. y. /?' AM. 1 IlKKT IfAI.l, 1JJ OHAM> MTRK I (IT I I ?war Hhm<Jh* A . n'i.n*nr .?f t*iir?. vr y i?Hl ? b. r wMi 1' . ? Kji- f u*e ? ...e* a TiruM or Ji\ 11 A t ?* ?,i ??! ui?tf#*?! fen.* e ?? imiutVni The ru4<*lel -'.*'u-*ry. An?r ihe perfortuatt. ?** iber*- will b* a tu tv*i|1m ?* pnrt). AHuiU#Uxt n * I om h open mi i u' U* ?, ''ui I .?i >* - ni n pr? < u<?iy rpilR lUfffrRNlA.-MlH. Afj;\AM?I !< OIRHM WIT.I. I i . <? U*t ui*i ntnrn'ru p?m ??. ? ??f ihe ' Kh?? ri'<i ! -w nn?! Liik''e uf hlll.rm?" u.u Che ; ?!*?? > *Pern??.ti, a? '* oVWm k, | ivitb halltd*. ?ii(i<Hjot?A AtUl pt' <oiiAl Ulu*<r*uou* of J?*t fmiry La;.<1 ,'f, < nt*. i niT.K counti*ia Howard nmi.i, tkrminatk I j ??i 'mruyu ?-ni, lit in ?? * lit l'i ? ? Idenee, ll I h< ? vy cl b* r l.lrh, Ml Ms*or <*t W ?v Ca.rbr *lej(*n' iheoire. hi #? -be performed tor 1. ? la-t three tnv?li? to itiid ('?? gbfed Md'ilrii' f", r'l?^ I ..ppeere*! AlterttAleiy tit her i>. Iliiai.' ruieeoif Kirn. Kut.r, .Jo ?m. th? Vo.jii,: Klni, 'in? ^'remr i ? it* t?irl. Ui'tie iltiry, l?U? Afny ao<1 l*m?r Joe impporu*! l.jr b?". p.o ? win At?J a l ioi ???. Mr. K L. iiAtet port ti.U MIm I t.i t . \ n ?<; j-.-' I 0 M U> mill OBJM MA Old II IM4ITII, Oflffl ff|0 I I'erh T^nipfciorrfy evffiliir. 4 3 l?r*wlwAf, At ?. Ilewp f n? "i1 Miid |?<*. f.? ju? t? u ? <>r i tM'ruru**' y ?hifc4 *? I.* b?I f r. inejtd on If.r .. wful d??nj |?*?r?n * ??/ M^WntO Vfio'. . .? < r ''Krrew )? tr r.o u? thr ?llckilt|( pucr/1 . i il ?Uni't be litKbtourd A ZAoftiU. I MUSKMN Mt'MM M .NO M ftoWKRY, fffTARLV Of. ? ^ il.e lloH' f ?>.*?!.! t'*?iforttuUMce e^rrf oTor . ttrcotf ti Rirni ;#r? - i . oif/et j.?t 'Lr brftijcttii M nurut \p lit ? o.t porxi in iLe |fr?it#4 hio4o> l.? ir'l.r M*4t! Ar Am *? .? ortI ?tUi oUlttf ' (kMO! ??? I rt*Uari#l?4 ID ii.rtnt.or. N (>' IW?w#r| 0|V'KRA I'OXI H, I* A leg I KTT K AND IIAIa t\Y MaTP, ill lilt* > r?l itx KiiMH t? li.?* A.ftlcinv M !??? 'Oft ft. ? %??>???'? nwi ni l>ANM?lh' ?n<t ' *?.? -ri 3 ?"hel ? .'o!o? ? uiimt' elorr HV llitaoderey. Tkl?t? lor IU itti> tot it ?n< 11, o* 'I. redo nl prl ?< fTLMI'I K Of TflK MrnH. *14 HKOADWAY, OoTt I ll. Ten(^rfofwioei ire (Iveo <tn y muuoeo ?tf Pi l o'i o? k in tl?#? Hi rrtw on, nod ?*. n In Utn ?vrtitn^, ? i > for U.ft eiUthiVion t.l MA* MKltL.NT I.I VINO Pit TURKU, b) a ??riif hi.) of rKMAf.r ART1HTRM. .iiftnrjnhANl for perw.rtAl t??*Atity AinJ ?yuimelry of ffurr NKR YORK Oil A M \ I It' h##t It I Y-liRooKI.YN Ml m tin?TpvrultiK, <?< o'.rr IA, IIIK RK> r DA V nod I.I KL TI1K I.aIIori It. ?? UI be pm?a'nl TV tot* ?**? be </t 'HUttii At M .N>vlri'?, tHj l u.u.n uli^el M' ??k.)it. ai*?] jiiuileiy, Nte Tori. J NbHTII, Y r-'Jkrj \ML CVAMFftAU SI SI I I > iv.miu k i | flRSI I am |no fortin d Hevpr. nt?)it? in Manlr**!. f*?'tr nt|iM? in t^ijet ? rt ihree in lb?.<>u. five uuhie In RuHhio, m4 -.uti men ??? i two we?*k?' eiitf ?..ern< nt in Ht l/xti* ?.u wUy Xo 1AU) IftM' , ?firnrr he pr""' b to M**inl?hf?. Neii.v ite, MVMl i .i AQfQ"*A < hu V- ofi, 111'1,11. od, ml'tUtor#, PI 1A ?I' ipblA and In me. lit. < lusruAV coaru i#m? imr hrkt kxqao* li * w* li*' Ater pet b*rniei in i*?( a?nf <?!? rneii ?? At Ll.e |'? . ? ti.<?tip, M IxtUUi, * 0 W- IVUy it uli', HI,err 4 bfl'llont rectp b?o ah alla bin*. ihkihiai.. Itii i'Ku:im i riAHMMkt. kkm. him. *h ?itih ' In lt!?I'r.mip'lah* .Hi ? irn r ? i' | .art .ip it.y ..i-ry >yn.|<'Ofii iW n.?? i?n r'^n| i.ui'. ?i^i jm ?ttfu'r* | i?l,> ?.y <?( - it. k l.?-tn. ?'? all thai ?r. rviinr.4 >| in ? <|?I1 !'/'? r .1 ? a ll .'I I at rill ?<?.. ?? ? ... '*1 ?> it.f Kit Ailii 1,1 Itafna. M ; 1W , nal i-lt a Iill HVVtrit N?? S DIVIHIOX HTItr.KT. IKW TO?f, * Urn. and fat'italilr Ikkwti <4 Uia |>u(<b' ma. ?k |. fit ai bi-4l K'aiiil.i"l ?Ara ?h?rr ha ha. ,r?-M?d m Uf r I ranch 14 mr-.K In* hv lb* ia*( U nai., and mad* Bnrn eu,r I an an. i4h?l in.iu ll. iM ri > in ma/y w'.r, ran. j t . i. i i .lilrrrd Inriiiah.*, awa id aboia b< haa |.na*.a vn ii :?t 'i. aa l.?tHo(iirn < Uarara n.vlrraK ?? '. a a ran a' i " . n.ran'md t'aunan ? ?) arnal rrmndy ll<i?irraml ?!r/| 'h?l i nr.a rr/ialn d iraar. anlfi' drill* <ia yum ,n i.i.1 <? <1. ran ?nly b* bad aa al. /ia l*rtrd II U and l>. Hn. /.f <A HidH. 1 I an ? 'xifKii, u r??* a * r trriKKr mat nr. <ovn * d'l.nnlly "ii t ilra'r .|i .aar. Tanay fi? )iaf m I ." ?!>?.*.,<? .'.a,nr. him 'n gwara/ity f ruum ?-?Iran m bho' mrreury. h^HR. < <.m., 11 i< i t? a ? a ti ii i vi Mii.ii i.r ii.r. I Raw Yuri, I i. ? ? . ? . - ? ?. dd.'. ? ? v ' uiy ? ?rd u> A. Nit fi/? IHllj I'll ??, | Him Ac. /"I Rf.r>'COIRT, I I ?|iR II 'il I Ki: l-ltA'Tlh!*'! "T i lyi jir . ir.r.m n.d a/-- ?'''?!r .Mm I nr. ih 14 k A M . ruruar M Radix.!! and kraokll? ?n<i< 'nit I I Oil 11*. M. |>||J ASD AU. TIIR 0,R*>?;i'T|V* OlNirLAlRtA I' d "I h*'U/#d'.f n. ? a'mrd 'X. Ih ih. r .f.a u a ??? W'rka. WI<M)?I <>.? ra .1 li.'.r iRM'., a tad i.lil a d ??? utt'i'ira >"!? ? '? vaiii'i TV. rirn.*uaa ? wa ai'idiif mi irra fx til at d?xa duaama haa x .. aVurd a h; in- ; <? a iar,*/ nfinriwnWf R a ?ii"i AM ,r<'?i ? a?k.n* i-.y arlba MiW HmtlrM Iti.u.1' lira, daxfifiinai '4 tlx -aar Ilk TK Cl' kAl , 41 l u'.r.h .i/^, 'v*n?t id In ad.aj JAMt'l A iT I"'nlll.l ?11''?? Ilk! WATntTlT COM. It aa bx nrar'lra m xaa tax at Htntd 4t tMd M Rw /.a m1 wanr] than i.hh) lr xn .itiuul awa (aMaaaa .('? TVa raw.m'.iaa ar. m .1 aid 4o nra haaf Aa pMaal nxi I .an.raa. *r .r|.x haa w ItMWa vhlla in Mo* ra r. i,i rax. ikxt* a a *ara In latvi hxir krnw*. 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V* RRROTal Wt 1*. . hxmafky a y.a^/1 w>4 ktaxd 'd ha/W aad ? i 'h. ratad M.pnu d 4m. aWy l.ra ? 2 * Aa yral>M Hal ha haa nan M aad - ** ? rt?A?d h . maxnthia a a... : xay r.a. aa iiTKi *1 '? < A* - ./? uf t xatw M. xntar. h. at. . .?? w.n.aarn of "ml and !*.?? nh- hx-. . ~ T? ? l-rr-,4,. au'x-x.r. dux ka "an ama?y - aad Ma ?d Or ??ax.anl?v Ha? a^aaaT hatm '? I ? bar**. (Am/ nana. Kr.i.l if.ii .ally aa aam> CZ r n |. h4| ??. '" I la <|f ll ~~ .a a - x iitay.iia. daa a. at fart, Jl^mdhZLx? a*. ? r/ ? u, ltd Mti aaa a.4 adhnnna mxtu.J'.^?^ ??'I".- ra.^./ tali.fa a wMna ? any d? n< ' ha/fa. ,-n* hWaH. JdhJTli ni- d tahitaair* yHr? D, a.rry MWMa 4aa^x?x .?. .... mrtJ ma awirarW amd TI ra lataiM 'nx4 ?t ''Fa,, ? .? - a.4 ka. .own ^law-ill ,, ikM airmd aafnawm. KHaakmra , ? ll M*RR??Rr?. fi . I.4 I4W Inh-x-WMha *aMat?M Aa A. Aa Ala haiadaa? antatlan avhtnaa 14- at ^?7>ix fkRn.r "roil JTi r '* ?? t I |..x4it< I?"4r k? ar <i'?h X rim ?? ????*? f ./..? rw- aid.iK'.f la Mtara i pnyFrn ii4"i"h?j a a r. tax hy A H 4 II ?A*IX. |irif?nna. I?f ! Takah drat. | rrkl.Mkil TIM 'ifl' ?kaii'l- "kl I r.Fx/.d h, A",- I .? r I". ?f inyxxd. xd my ?d ' y Imw laiWIm'A ' T fxt a < ?k|. td k.... * rranl'h.iaamlMG.f ? . . . ?n.'|..lj. I,F,4?'?I ? * * . IT? ?? r la- arard "?w ? (hr an- -w ax Ur i I .U.ntma ' *lx T. xwaaa' " *2". *^7 - - , I . ' * '?* '..?*?. i^t# , " " ??-*/! a , . ? . . " , 'i uhr-4M? i ? .! 4 wilt! . ?? ; a??a aad '|(nU'?.. , ' M.,4,mMlFF If ?3Shl7e yx?A?* "^ax Ra l a -aa ?/. ... la. tka> 'a' X . I'Aail wVr. adw'i '-?-X. T. ilkia Xaat. tMhAMWI X ? !Tk - a. X. ? d-Hk a/ 'V ffc *W twnomo 1*4 * A I j-j-xr... t ?m tie> wee4ewwwoi fifOiifi Tyvweiw* N ** I % . "" a* . -a. fwy R4) Ae ?k?4 Mh lAW MAM V ' ^a r , . V> *4 Aaltf RT. R* 4h^ '? ? 0 4e**WA ?? Of*f ht TAVwhAm U '"*A?fc?>' , ffU lAf f-e V * |f * - '?' ?*?' 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