Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6987. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1855. PRICE TWO CBIfTS. FOUTIOAU CTH .SEN ATORIAL UNION DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION ) was held at Denman's, No, 48 Vaudam street, on Saturday venlog, for the purpose of nominating a candidate to reprc rnt the hilt Senatorial district. Michael Antkouy, Keq., was ppolnted Cliaiitnau. and Nicholas Healy Secretary. On the rat ballot the Hon. MARK .4PKNCKK was unanimously nomi ated. MICHAEL ANTHONY, Chairman. Nichols.* Exalt, Secretary. 3TH WARD-ELEVENTH COUNCIL DISTRICT ?AT A J meet lug of the Democratic Republican Nominating Com Dlttee, held nt Monrou llall, on Wednesday evening. Oct loth. lI.LKN KAVANAOIl was unanimously chosen as the caudi ate for tbta council district. DANIKI, ROONET, Chairman. Joan P. Nicboia, Secretary. by the committee. A TH WABD.-HKNBY A. WISE YOUNO MEN'S DKMO T cratic Aaaoclation. The mcmbera of the above aanocta b are requested to attend a meeting to be held at IB Orand ?eel, on Monday evening, aa business of importance w'll be d beibre the meeting. THOMAS MARTIN, Pres. juu Doylk, Sec. 7TH WARD.?AT A MEKTINQ OF THE UNION NA ttonal Democratic Convention oi the Fiftieth Council dla let, held at the Tlvoli, 14J avenue A, on Saturday evening, ct. 13th. PATRICK BYRNES wu unanhnouily nominated jr Councilman of that district. Council Convention.?William J A. McDonnell, Richard Byrnes. Jeremiah J. Flynn, John Sharkey, Thomas McCor 20 WABD, TAMMANY HALL, REGULAR DEMO cratic repub.lcan nomlnatlnn:?For Alderman, Hon. Kichola* Seagrist; opposed to the Maine law, and the working 'a friend. He waa unanimously nominated by acclamation ee. HENRY 8CHNOBB, Chairman. ADAM LULY. JOHN ZIMMER, Secretary, JACOB ULR1CH. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN UNION GENERAL COM " mil tee.?A meeting of till i committee will he held this (Monday) evening, at tiL John's Hall, corner ot Bowery and balance; street, at 7>? o'clock. Members are requested to be present, as business ot the utmost importance is to be brought or ward. JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Chairman. David O. Obolt, Jobs CariHAr, S INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOB STREET COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. COX. TAMMANY HALL, OCT. 13,18K.-THE COMMITTEE OF one from each ward appointed by the City, County and Ju tiary Conventions lately assembled at Tammany Iiall, are ?requested to meet on Tuesday afternoon, October 16th, at 4 ?o'clock. al Tammany Hall, to complete arrangement* tor a ?grand mass lalt&cuUon meeting. Gentlemen of the committee ??re requested to be punctual Id their attendance. " DANIEL E. DELAVAN, Chairman. kp.c:sr>H1sccre,*riM Till' MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL CLUli ARE RE quested to attend a meeting of the club, to be held this ? ?vetting at their quarters. National Hall, Canal street, upou I which occasion the banner will be presented. All persons f? Ivorablc to the American party, can upon that occasion enrol I thcmsclt tn as members of the club. ''The lantern gives light I from the street entrance Into the club room." B. VAN RIPER, President. He*kv Ransom, Secretary^ ITI/ORKINOMEN'S PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE.?A I ff meeting of this body waa held at the Cooper House on | Saturday evening. In consequence of the presence ot u large I number of strangers who would not leave the room when re I quested, the members retired to another apartment, and org a nized by the election of Geo. W. Jaques, for Chairman; Wil Usui H. Decker and Thomas Wetland fur Vice Chairman; and William Wear and J. J. Bradshaw, Secretaries. A Committee on Resolutions wa* then appointed, who retired a lew minutes, and returning presented the following report:? Whereas. The Workingmen's Provisional Committee wa appointed for the purposo of concentrating the political power ot all nations aud parties o." worklngmen In favor of the plat form adopted at Hope Chanel, September 4th, and at previous meeting- of worklngmen held In the Park; and whereas the [ principle* and policy of the party have this evening been vir tually repudiated, and striking, scheming politicians, of other partles, caused to be Introduced Into the Committee in a vio lent, disorderly, and arbitrary manner, persona not members, voting on tbe question of their own admission, and known to be opposed to the platibrm as adopted at Hope Cbepel, and in favor ot endorsing measures and candidates Adverse to the Interest* of American worklngmen, thus making opposition to the American party an additional plank In the platform, solely for the benefit of tho aforesaid striking and corrupt poll Icinus, therefore. Resolved, That we, the members of the Provisional Com mittee, hat log withdrawn from the commluec room lor the rea sons above mentioned, do horebv reorganise under the same name and title, namely, the workingmen's Provisional Com mlttee; and we hereby pledge ourselves each to the other thai wa wtii firmly adhere to the Hope Chapel measures and poll ey, and utterly disregarding all national and party dlstlnc tlons, do all In our power to Insure success at the ensuing elec - Hon. Thg^bove report was unanimously adopted, and the names Of three gsattemeu from each ward appended thereto. The committee then proceeded to nominate elty, county and judicial ticket*, as follows:? For Comptroller P. W. Eng*. bberth Joseph U. Toone. County Cork. .....George E.Sherwood. 4'outon*-loner id'Street* Joseph S. Taylor. Com. Repairs and Supplies Joseph Southworth. City Inspector C. W. 8chalfe.". Governor of the Aim*house P. G. Mslony. Cnrpotallon Counsel Lotlls N. Glover. Coroner Cyrus Ramsey. " Charles Missing. " K. D. Connery. . " Robert Gamble. Judge Supreme Court. J. R. Whtttng. Judge Superior Court Lewt* B. Woodruff. " " Henry Nlchol. Judge t ommoD Pleas Alexander Hpsuldtng. Judge Marine Court Charles E. Blrdsall. The above ticket* were unanimously adopted, and a comml* tee appointed to notify the candidates of their nomination, an I to make arrangement* (or a mam ratification meeting at Hope Chanel, on Tuesday evening. Oct. Iff. mThe committee then adjourned to the call of their officers GEO. W. JAUUKH, President. Win i a m W *ST, J. J. Bhapsuaw, y Secretaries. YOU NO MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION OLUB.-A MEET lug of the Club will be held at the Chinese Bourns, 339 Broadway, on Monday evening. Oct. U, at 7X o'clock. Mem ber* interested in the success or the nominees of the Isle con ventions at Tammany Hall, are requested to be punctual. D. Joars ('bain, Sec. SPENCER W. CONE, Pres. "POLITICIANS AND OTHERS WILL TAKE NOTICE i that WM. M. SMITH, the political opposition bin poster, I* at 28 Spruce street. If you want your bills posted well, quick and cheap, call and see me before going elsewhere. NEW PUBUCATIOM. CLINTON'S GREAT GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE?ONE bundi ed thousand book* to be sold, end 880,000 worth of property lobe given tn the purchasers.?This great book sale Is bemg held at the (tore, No. 438 Broadway, New York, In the following mauner:?The books are all to be ? umbered aa the sale progresses, from one up to UW.OOO, the price of which will be oor daliur; (Urn there will be a book kept with all the num ber* ret down In it, corresponding with the numbered book*, and the pi tie or present to be given with each book will be set down opposite to eucb number, and any person purchasing a book will lie abown what article U set down opposite to the number ot the book purcfaatod, which article will at once be given to the person. The season for fun, and fun for the sea son.?WUI be pobl'abed, on Wednesday, October 17, THE YANKEE NOTION'S MAMMOTH PICTORIAL. A gigantic Illustrated sheet adapted to the holiday season, forming an appropriate and pleasing New Year or Christ maapreaen'.. It will contain a large and beautiful engraving of the rau. or sinuatoroL, tram a sketch taken on the spot, besides nearly SOU srut-TPiD tonic kJiOKavt.-vu.s, by tbe best ai t>u tn the United Stawa, together with a choice collection ot Jokes, anecdotes, editorial matter, sod ail sorts of " 'bin s calculated to put people tn the beat possible humor with themselves, "all the world, and the rest of mankind." Kiugle numbers cents, or 3d per hundred to the trade. Tbe trade supplied by ukxTKR A BROTHER, 14 and 14 Ann street. REWARD3. i>] QQQ REWARD.?ON THE 17TB! OF 8KPTEM ber last two boxes were delivered at the oMce of tbe American Rkpreas Uooipany. In Dubuque, Iowa, ^ - _ . jfatd r by a rsraaa from the United Status Land OBce Said boles, oa their arrival at the Sub Treasury tn New York, were found to eon -slu buck shot of the Mm of 140 to the pound, and pressed I bah< of the site of HW to the pound, to 'he amount of 174 pounds in weigh:, and XIpounds of sheet lead. No. 4. The MM were made of white pine, one inch thick, dovetailed at tbe corners, about 10% laches long, SX Inches wide, and 4M inches deep, tnsldr measurement. The bottom of one of the Dozes was of hemlock. They were strapped once around the middle with one Inch bo?p Iron. It Is claimed by the Assistant Treasurer at Dubuqua, that the boxes each oentalned gold coin to the amount of $25,000. They were marked with cards addressed to the " Assistant Ti assurer United States, New York," which sards are admitted by the Deputy Assistant t reasurer u> be genuine. Mow. therefore, for the purpose ot discovering bow this fraud was committed, and bringing to lushes tbe perpe trator* thereof, the American Express Company will pay BIO,0U0 lor the recovery of the money, or tn that proportion tor in/ part of It; and $8,000 icr the arrest and conviction of the offenders, and the/ will pay Itbarally for Information re lattva to 'be making of said botes, the furnishing of such lead balls, shot, Ac.. Ac., Be. Ail communications should be ad dressed to ih# subscribers. WELLS, BUTTKRFIELD A CO., New York, LIVINGSTON, FARGO A CO , Buttalo. Proprietors of the American Kxpresa company. Bulslo, Oct. 3, IBM. > "W 1 RUWARD-TAK EN. SINCE YESTERDAY AFTER I SpaivJU nooo. from Ine Mechanics Hans. * tin box, market T. J. M. A U.. containing valuable papers, among ushers the ipUewiog boodc?Towa of Newark, obfo. No. 1; Portsmouth city. Ohio, No*. 30. 00; Ctty of Newport. Ohio, No. 2; Fraukl'n Oily, Oh'o, Koa. 41 iS. fTty of Columbus, Ohio, No. SO; Ashuelot Railroad, No* IS, *7; Rutland and Washington Railroad, No*. 'I, 147; Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad. No*. Slu. bit. til. few York aod Erie Railroad, No*. 1,041, 1.907, J,of?. Ohio ami *em?vylvsnla Railroad. No*. Me, 700, 4'JU. Ail. Columbus end Tenia l.'allrood, No# M. 87; Dauphin ana oiiviuchanua Coal s'MSfaiir, No. IBB; Ottyof Naahvtll?, Noa. WQ 401 Bourbon Conwy, Krntneky. No* I, 13; Mllwaukle City No. IS4, Penn sylvanta Coal f'saipony New Albany and Salem Railroad, Mo. l.lfB: Evanarille and Illinois Railroad. Noa 77. 7b. 74,48, 40, MM: Buffalo and Mew Yeril CRy Railroad. 141 ?T, <*; Mo hi gaa Oii'ral Railroad, Mos. 1738, 4,148, l72?TMacon aod W. Hail" ad No*. M0. Mil; Rochester, Lorkpor' sn J Niagara Falls Railroad, So#. 81. Mj Utr Erie sad Wat ash and St. Louis Railroad. No*. 388,148: Raton and Hamilton Railroad, Mos. 198. I 184: HaiM River Railroad The payment of all of whHi has been stopped. The abova reward "Oil be paid tm leavtjuybc hoi, aI'n t's contents, with W. D. WADOINGTON street, sol no questions at" ?ew York, Oct. 12. 1*6. *111 REWARD ?STRAYED OK STOL1.V FROM Mcl 9-1" Matiiu'y stable. Mutt street. tggMB Prim - an 1 ?mm t7?, a full grown voung Engitsh greyhound, he I* remarkably * * ?, jet black, Wlih a -light protuberance or lump or" handsome jet black, with a slight protuberance or lump under the lower jaw ; had on a fewy collar, with silver elate, bearing hmrrtp'iou ' Breese, belongs to Jno. L ' -aaandv. TV above reward wUI he paid for the delivery of the dng at m Prior etreei, or 880 will be (tvan for tht convlc mo of Um thlaf who km WARD-STRATKO FROM NO. ? FRANKUs street, a brows aod while spotted slot she Ima left n'ne very young ptipe. Whoever wilt return said dog to t*> Frank lla street, will receive the above reward. REWARD ?iANtT.OK SATURDAY. THEI3TH INST **) a Newfoundiaod dog. all t.lacg, answers te the name of ?wholes. Any person return.rig the same tn the -ontbwm. onrnrr r* Fortieth street ami Second avenue apt mdn M$ ?hove reward. VElf IMPORTANT FIRM JAPAN. Tfe Treaty will tbt I aitai Malm BrpaAislM by tb< Japaafte. Treaties Made fey Japaa with Russia, Frauce aud Kaglaud. WHAT WILL THE kMmmim Nt do., Ic*, A? 11? wboftMr C. I foot* Oaf W-rUt a< r*?: * a* Kiunriaeo on the 17th alt hva Japan by ?h- .y ' the 1 adrone Inlanda. sin- left Haau-lah, Japan. ?e thn 1T*b of June. 111. folio* log t? ? lut ?T hnr pa"'1" ? W. C. Reed, lady and I* children, H M ftey, team ot deapatchea from Admiral PwwtUtiuw to (be *??. a ComuI: Mm. H. H. Dot*. T. T l>-?ughe-?y * t. mau. H. W. I'eabody, Mm. thpt A. 7 Wt?<th * <1 a . hi the at parage. The new* ia lata, and of oaaaideehle ?>? . . ? W those who hare bean ealculatu* <<u a la-ge l ?l? *iA Japan. TV Impmal (Jainw nt >'<?*<.? a?> ? ?**>? proeltmalum, ?*?rh denim (V rip*/ o4 Am i ?*. ?? a Jajan. rrrepi ?'n mem vf aAiywrnnt ar .< i -*? X ? *f thr futstntffert of Ike Unite wo fwrmWtaif t* fnnd wad '??? on tKore at llahodadi. The nawa in important In thro* other puma ft rtaa ? Int. The French were negoUat ng treaty with tna Japanene, at N'angaaakl. 2d. The EiifUili treaty had not bean rallfted. lb > igb > wan in poaaaenion of Admiral Stirling ?b<> atrnded to ?? change it, after having finished the little w HI b- bad <>n hand at the north. 3d. Admiral I'ontiatine. Mioiatet Pleaipoten'itry <w tt part of Ruania. han Juat concluded a treaty with J?p? The United Statea sureyng squadron?Vlnseane. Kenimore Cooper and ateamar Hancock?were at Km -da and Hakodadi in June, and aailed for Hehnag * xra t The I'orpoiae haa not been heard hum Ttia tuitud Statea aliip Vandalia was at tiuam, ladrone Mao aed aalled for Hongkong July 22; all well. The mortality among children at the ladroue l?Uu U bad been eery great during the nmniUa of April to July, inclusive. About four hundred have been carried oft oy the hooping cough. The wbaleahipe report ununual anccoaa The United State* Conaul at Guam ia atlll awaiting for hta fxe<|uator. He U not permitted to hoiit bin dag until It in received. Our Japui Corratpondrnrr. Hakdoaih. Japan, June -'v. I1V> .1 Aii m Gordon Brnnht, Editor or thb New York FIkraid ? Id my last, ilatcd at Slmoda, May 28, I u\.\ le me f ion of a correspondence between the Governor of Himola ami the Americana who were temporarily living in that place, in which the question of right of Americans to a r ?lence in Japan waa brought up, and referred to Cm Rodgera, of the United States Surveying Expedition, on his arrival at Slmoda. Kor the information of those who are impressed with a favorable opinion of this new opening for laudable bad. nets enterprise, end whose inclination might lead them this way. and believing that a more correct idea of the Japanese interpretation of the treaty of Kanagawa may be obtained in the United States by the publication of the correspondence aa it ensued, I herewith transmit it, to gether with two letters from Com. Rogers to the A inert cans at Hakodadi. How much benefit our commerce may derive from the acquisition of three two ports, under the Japanese read ing of the treaty, the people of the United .States, through their commercial beacon, the Hnuui, may Judge. You will also finn enclosed a copy of Com. Rodgera' letter to the Governor of Simoda, which I obtained from one of the Japanese interpreters before I left. U. II. I>. PROCLAMATION. To THE AMRRI'M:?a st Yoki mheu Templr.-? About your leaving this place, your intention i<h"s -l which you have declared, that staying in this place is not properly your Intention. But because the Russians l.ave engaged the vessel manned by you, with which they have gone home, you have been compelled to stay here, and that you will, on the return or the vessel, leave this place, or should she not return In the intended time, to uwuit the arrival of a vessel that sails for your country, ami with that vesssl to leave this place. According to this declaration, you ramt on the return of your vessel, leave this place, or should she not return in the declared time, then upon the arrival of an Ameri can ship you must leave this place, without at that time expressing any excuse to delay you. Your present stay among us is found DCcetsary, but It cannot in future be taken as an example. Never let it be asked again to stay. It is not only so in this place, but also at Hakodadi, which yon ami all Americana are obliged to observe. The foregoing is communicated by word of mouth from the Governor ol Simodj. GOIIARA LSAHKri, M'lRIJAMA TAKITHKR'i, NAKAGAWA TKTSKK. The 21st day of third month of I860. MRBFR8. KEE1> AND DOUGHERTY, TO TOR GOVERNOR or SIMODA. Simoda, April 22, 186f>. To thi How. the Governor or Simoiu We rotoe to Japan under the advice ami consent of many of the prominent officers of our government; and we have al o a passport from our Minister l'leuipoten tiary. I"svid L. Gregg, to the anthnritles of Japan, to aid, if necessaty, and in any event to grant uv protec tion. We also come under contract, to establish at Hako dadi a supply depot for American whale ships, so that they may winter at that place Instead of Honolulu; for this cause more particularly wa? the treety with Japan made. We touched hero expecting to meet th" Powhatan and Vandalia, to which we had letters, and also to consume time, knowing that by the treaty we could not go to that j.iace More the middle or lost of this month. We found the officers and crew of the wrecked ship Ideas here and anxious to go away, ami we at once nego tiated to transport them to I'etropaulownki. On this ac count It became necessary for ua to eome on shore, and tlso to land part of our cargo and all the passengers. It was notour design h land n> re. nor Is it our inten tion now t? remain here longer thin till our vessel re turns, which we now expect In fifteen or twenty days. Should our schooner he lost and never return, our plana may be changed altogether ; and should w- not hear from her for two months to come, we then may seek other means of conveyance from this place. Our object Is not to mingle or trade with the Japanese, but to trade with arul assist our own people and ships that visit Japan. To ditcufc'-tjM merits of tin- treaty is not our de-igu or wish. We know well the interpretation and meaning given to It by our gavernm< nt. foerefore we shall com ?ly with the terms of the treaty, and not allow ourselves, in a single instance, to violates provi-dsn or an article thereof. We shall never c< mpromi?e our government by saying that we have no right to remain here a week, a month, a year, or even five years, for we know by the treaty we have a perfect right so to do: and If we leave Japan be fore our convenience salts us, it will be only by compulsion and force. Should the Japanme resort to those measures while we conduct ourselves as good citizens, we should urotcst against it and hold our government responsible for damages we surtain through the Caithleasness of the JapenrM treaty. All of which we moat respectfully beg to submit to your consideration. Your obedient servants, REED * DOUGHERTY. K r.?Enclosed ple-se find our card, stating our bnal neas, location, r< fen-nce*. names, he. R. \ I), M. H. POTT, EHq,, to THI GOVERNOR OF SIMODA. Yoarfunc TxariJt, Pi mods, i Japan, April X IMS. / liucnxi.i i*uu> Sut?lu compliance with the request of Measr* Gohora isabro. Moi jama Taklteero, and N'aka Cwa let-ke. fn <t ofllcere of your government, I give you writing the following reeeon for my sojourn at tbla place ? I arrived in this nort on the 1Mb uJt., on board the American ve?"el ?. KWte noon after our arrival I was Informed that the vessel would sail hence to ile>ha. anil from thence to a foreign port, with officers and men of the late Ruselan frigate Liiana. Not wishing to make the il-'i r voyage with my family I cams on shore, and now must necessarily remain here until the return of our vessel, when it is my intention to leave Slmoda. If the vessel should not return after a reasonable Ume for making the voyage ha< elapsed. I shall avail myseir of th* first opportunity that offers to sail direct for the I nited State- of America. In ansser to the que-tion of right of American* to re side hers I would most respsclfally beg leave to repre sent that, in my opinion, It is a matter to be settled by our respective (overnmenis and therefore decline in** tag any further communication up- n this subject. With great respect 1 have the honor to he sir. yonr hiunhLe servant, it. H. Hf/TY. F. 9 I would further most rcepertfullv represent that tbla note le not intended to be construed In any manner to compromise the interacts or intention.'! J anot'ier of my countrymen now living in Simoda. II. II. D. MESSRS. REED AND DOCDHHMTT TO THI GOVERNOR OP 81 MORA. __ fcwntu May T, \%ii Tolls tomuvcr fwrOovwroaoe Si won a ? We received your common'.cari' n hearing dato the 21 <? day th!i4 south, 18to( ami with ill due - -tpee*. to your y?i >!??!?? r? r mat; p. or law aod raoa* mpa ' m -- raplj. wummtj pn4n*fa( apt m ?< J"?r *O-o -a* iWuw wnim aod n-arar of 'Xir dr*ot* ? "%f ?? oaa- aaatoai-l-aor ?#** (? loan- bor* mm. ? <4 iikiHnM oMr to judo* thrp ttt >|JX Ik* !?' jol ?? ?!??? Boat dtoroaaootb# tin*, bow Md ol-ooa* ?? I A. Iiw lannw niliaM, tf MO aod aa?<* to t"W ?? Uf ??lbr' (?-ttoaoaiMot on* finj* iOt WI **? lb* rvfcl to da-tonaato* Of u> thtxr tkaujr ? M k Ml m ... ? k?< to mmlo mar *h*J> k IkiiH.MKtm ?- ? mi ?*?.. ro tub ?ftiiuni or iiwm. toklMO Tlwu, I ? to 1-4. -'??<? it. Mar 7. IftM. | I r?. ? ? ? m?Ti.a ?oto- >i?OMt W Uaa> kuoor to M???I|% tWionO to ? ? lOOM aktm [raojrwr ttoitont We Itat Atf rf M omA ?l Ik* k I *or o >??? toti'-o* to tk* dot*) an> a-.* I. ting in ' toiO wkurb OKU an*' rottno puor f.\ ?ll*-aarp ??W too ok lit* Aot'lrMa l*n dtof to ?? aanaonl aOk'O'k ? *o Mn |to't at IW oo-toi.ipnad ktio tbl* latoo* ?Utoi ko< "ig w atod tbot ?wt -<ag b*r* u a ar -oM'y it ??-i ax4 to ?< '? ? to tokM or ?? oUto|tto aod a <* aatota * a ponntaaaa-O to atop. Or Or Tto *?.'?*?W aato to to Ota* to ttar akafa nmanito Moo t>am f.-or bow-wo-jr o?oid oa"at ro?p**tfaUy bog to* *? to 1*0* fa tot w> *? to ?? ? I Ibat k - a>af to-? |? to* Oh* utotoerr all o?t * rtoHo* to ia*atoi; baat 0>* ???' Ml ?I ?t k itaroif OOd ?Sfeo ft Hot totai at? t pa lirr b*r* ?? to *db*r--otao ? atoa M attp- to? rat to Mm to*k alto a* to lortnaatpto ft aaaaayoo* toa aoaor ro dtoto ? -to Aotoatooo paaapurtr, aiita al a~t .? porinia.i. o, ro ' ?ittonal oppat-.tUao ato ?*? fa.', at nan t.l air*j ?> ap*ot? ft Ikot to Oaar tow tkr Sid to M.r 'i tot. iioMI tOr 'a?to 1 yoaa* ft* Hi Itor-p - a?a*rin ?tl?ia poarobtr a* - ??0?iII a* ? fOaipi on fc laOo ?d rod *Moilp mail t0? taopto aoroltoo*4 to to* lt**tp to tiinalira aol ato i|?>< ' to o*dMa?o?i i*|<Mmi to art" itaa'f a to atfapilr I Mara too "ft* (la* aaar to 0oaa?ttooO? rottl Outtoa ato loo* rat ataattola* tltol' ? unoioioo i ktato I' naO iO Ua* > oda roagooo, a Ottawa to 10* I Oat--1 ?'?toa f Oaoratoo, aaatk oil do# '**par< On aaaii Kanto borp. d?4b kawIf auto nia*r-r!? aaa-t aolooaati* |?mto*t aftolorl t0* a*i t Oriaa to root loo*lt*o<p. o*. o Wi? ?-anOH a ' II la awl ootp ?*j to tat -ol a'f W liar apiaal at lb* t'aat) to poo* ua amity aotorto iota aai ?? ? lutoto io fatol <a.tb a Ua* gcia-winaai at tb* I'aitto toaaoa to Aoaritaat to Oo- ta- tlatoUata.- toual loot ftar |?* Inlatiii, and oh*- * 4a?U* I* oaaaioi la U* akUliy to ano;o tai* tb* Jurl rpkt- to (to p?*p*a M-miii If 'ka alao- to )**> Ks>r-Uoaaaf "a iwatoa-toao Ua-O, lb* iaod?i*toO? l haw tb* baaoor la to -If pwaar lain Moaoraaol M H I*<t\ ta l-ta > ?aall?iii f bto*0, fttoooiotr to Moato* Pi loo* to Moo, Or b* von. MMIM TV Til OOTIIMI Or llfo?|. r. (T iw Tiwwoi i Km*. Ik; JO MM i M-l b?vt iet?i*?.l fr <? the Am- m .n etnaa*. Una paraiily laaokag '? htknaAn, 'V emrevpiikA? fin* who b ..a* tab** plm* hwlwwen ;k| T?, r and tbmu I ha ? M't Iwaa u.t'm ted by my |> >?r?n??l ia laiathwi Uilkw. I Mlbmfcw >?ly M|?w ai <?? tm> u< ibur i*m TV |"?ai wttk?Wofi a; ? whmii v r'..tV <1 Mr cm* II team; V Mae '?> a. Uua II I. Ml plain la at. and I pra.<>aw H aili ai*" l<a plain l*;<ai MriUMe; llat Ike treaty alike 1 nite-t itita ?Mitiiirief* in l'irf my laete Mr tk? treaty 'ke aiwemmeat wf J.uaa t'lanele tge i that it war w.lbng la <trae ial< rlwef eai -a Ike >?wAn wf pe.ce nbtab ukIM tkei , la tkr I I. *4 -'.tee Tree tie. eie agreramai. bei eeee tm nation*. A treaty t* lae Iwtwarti lit0|w.ta and author ynti . u ?????alree it alibi at tke irawyt of Ike ?tker rtbuald there be a Utlei.uoar keteeea tUa I ailed -WU- .a 1 year fw?*rn meat It aia.t be ?etlb-d by Km- .peae* needing a M ala ter llenlpoteeUary tr tke tailed ikake or the I uitel Ma'a* m i.Uug one ta Jaaea Tke ??at>* being Ile a agteed uye by b?4h i-artte b>4h aiM aid ?a carrying it <?nt, Article 4 af Ike treaty of ttMjm a tkti ' Tlew *bipwre<kad prr?caa and ?tker ante*. >4 the I ailed -tale- ?tall !?? liar at in 'bar i. ?a'r|?e .ml i...t be ??'. Jed to ???abar arnit, bat ebell be a an an lib W> laat bri. Art lei' i ?" Sl.ipwre. 1(4 men arr ??' ..'bee MMerur ? ?I Uie I al'e<t mate. temporarily at MaanAa end It* ti iladl, Jail not tr eal.jerl tr -erk rretftrlt*? *a>J (luetiirat u I be I Hi lob ami ' biuem ara at ttaagambi, bet rtieeil l<a fiae a* la other ro.nlrtra, t? g< ebere they pleaea Vithip the liui". ?# weea J*i?ne.r it u mile* I rare a ? ?mall itUinl la ttir bar-bur <4 htmoAa, rat marked ao tbr accompany liw chert berele .ppee'tcd *a i etU ta like niai.nn l? fire t* go where <be; pUaaeat Hat adedt within tl.r Mailt* ta he defined after tba rieM aA the i mtr<l Ma tee aguadrua to that plat the treaty eipiemly rark-a etkaeae -4 ike I aMed h'ate. teaipoiarllr tiviag rt ?Itti rta and Mat ?tadi .ml pu t idea fur tbeir aafwty aa<t nr'-rmmt latl'.n It re iii.ina t<> tiD'l mit tlie meaning uf temporary living It i. tba* in Amert.-a ami MM ku 'be (MHM ?' one country to travel treaty lata t.|h?r tend* they earry leu'port.. ehltb *hi< b ure pa;?r. Arr taring who they lira, tbaae panaportr alao rv^umt all mag'-tr.le* gwr eiaom ami g. eemnaat* before ehuie tber mar Mar tu (Ire Ibrtu aid and protar'ioa ia ib'-ir lawful a t? When tbr.c peojile are a|<DnlieaM fur crime* or ilte gal tirade they arila to their ron.ul >f ambaaae iur, ab# trite, care that tlwy are proteily tried by !*g*l tribunal* if guilty, they are puni.bed by tire law- and If Inaearnt they are acquitted and free fi in all harm ei ill treat ?uent or rertralat Tboae ( eople tratrellirg fur ptraaare r* (..i rear ning n? far merraatAa bwlaaa, re.Ida tempurai ily wbeea Baay rbuore?Ibey litre bum or build th ai or her at laa. Student* fri in our ouuntry go to Irigtand ? > tofiaaee or to liarntany and .tudy a. i iany year, ae tb.y |'U .?? ? nine .tudy tlie law., mine medi. taa amae ? uigarr BMba bi.tory, w ine literature We I .? Hia a Wn aifctg. . all (:ouutr|r?, id ail laa*, >4 all literature of .11 are r. ? S uie go .lined birtudy tbr UMcbaatr arta. aun.e aaieaar ?ume to .tudy wailare, and moo to atudy the art. of |?acr. All Ibeaa mea having '?M temprirarily abrumt, bring to their rnuotry ealuaote inloruiath u. In tbe name niamx'i W impart nut km ledge a* freely a. we met it. fmatga eltiaea. may b*ee a temporary taaidepce ta oar owualry a* lung aa (fat pleare; *?? our rlllien. life tempoiarlly la uttrar eo mlrtaa a* long aa they pleaae. Wa have law. I * win b fur.lga eitlMD. may baoon aeturallird It t4er. a leaa'awe rbould Ibey wi-h to remain ia mr ruuntry but after n* turaliiatlon tbey are no leogei temporary i e-t leat ? and cannot <1*1 m tie iaterpoiJMnn of tkatr htawfnwa iiunf.?tbey le'Com* Ameiiean. by naturaltaati -a (rur dtleen. temporarily bvtay in Metleo an t earrytag < n trade there, or liring <|<iletly f r th?r pleaeure, wee. unju.tly tteated; fare long time we eadaaeared t> oMala what Tbe treaty allowel Tbe Mwvteaa r taraanal r. fneed to lUten to our lemon.trauoew many ?w? w-rar led. At la?t, afterfmiUeneattempt, to .d.'an. iu?ti.a w. innde war, UM>k all their fortrenwa. that "ppomd ae, too. tbeir capital, the r ity of lfrlleo and uterr.n ib-ir nma try. Tbr M.sirana ?uppo.e I we would oilei tkem to ill ireat oar temporary eitiawna and thought, ae we were a very peaceable pontile, that wa would not puai-h tbwm lie. ing overcome tbetu we mole Tlie temporary rualdeaca tnrntioue<1 ia the traaty wf Kanayawa bad raferwnea. I think on the p*t! of tbe go vrrnmrnt of the I nlted Htate., to tempo ary mi iwrme m and Ilakodadl, ae rvi.U elMwhrre wttli llhwrlr ta tnoTC withia certain .pacfiled limit* and with the rtghi to boy through the governuiant what tb.y aeedcl and amenable to ju.t law>?hut if the government of J*|aa do.* not m> ondaretand it, thatr un-'arataading I. a t*ir ?ublact for drliberatlou. a ad I am aure thai frnaa tba Ligb opinion which roy goT.rnm*nt tut. of the Ja.tle.aad ii n l.liio and kindnr.. . f h - Imperial Maja.' i tba Ma par jr of Japan, hi. interpretation ntli iaoatie tba i'raai ?lent', tnert rarnret attantion. Ilajenty, d*Dt Of ti Mi*. H ?? *m* to mf tut tM tgx Mrtn M'mim her* hat* com* upon * (air interpretation of <h* treaty ?a ur.d*r*tood by tba Called ."tat*, an ! tb.y bar* **t wilfully Hon* any wronj I think t|*i ha** Hone a hat the tr*aty n,**nt to allow then. to Ho. lit* Japan#* governim-nt ha* a p#rhot right to thin* Men rtfy bat there ar* two parti** to th* tr*nty?tare equal r *r? menta ha*? mad* th# law When th* government* hava agreed a* to tb* Interpretation, It will than t>* plain what hould ha Hon*. Hut now. th* I nlt*d Hat** raw wot car ry tb*m away until th* Japan* * g?v*ram*-at r aaaut* and th* Japan*** rannot ?nd tl *m away aatii It i H|rr#d what the treaty ntaana by temporary raat >*.?-? beeau** Utth pov#mm*nta are "?i?u! tf>* ma't. ? i* ti.O high for aitb*r government a ion The American* alon* cannot Interpr** the traaty neither cen th* Japan**# government al< we Tl ? Jap* n*aa government ran at* with tb* A.n?r*wii gi Termor nt?by r*monetrane* I mean that ol* lr.r?#?ial * r. th* 1 mp?ror ol Japan may writ# to the Heal th* I'ntted Hate* rr| America or tb* It) .#??* liifla-t ? Ulcer for Kor*tgn Affhir* ma/ write to the American Hecietary of Hate who ie oor high**! officer for torrign affair* or bia lieellemy th* tto?*vnn? of Mmr-da, in?y writ* to th* American o ratary ol -lata f.rForiHcn Affair*, and *ay ha wiitea by or t*r ?? !..? gover DID' nt. Whan an < Ulcer ha* an opportunity of learn tig tb* opinion of hi* government, he rannot writ* bt* *a view*?or If ha do** It willl not be regarded?b*' aa officer lib* my*elt, who ia no faraway trom bt* country muct write fell own opinion, lann* bo cannot rvariv* order* upon th* *uddan Thing* which tappo I am repaired by my government to .|o lib In *nBerlng th*** American* to rmtda temp rant; In Pimcda or Hakodadi, It ia plain that tlx Ja pan*** cannot receive any barm. TV po pe .?? too Ibw and If th# Japan#** gov*mmo?t r*nion*trat*< than it cannot ho bmngbt tnt? a pr*vad*nt t? tie U?* Japan**# goveromen! *aya that ltdoa* not *o an vnaa it. and tboy wl*h*d to have tb* m*?atng rnttied. Altar knowing tba meaning, then ran th* Japan*** **ari tb?m away ifit la *o daeidad. When a treaty gtvo* a thing >1 give* everything neceaaary to th*enjoym*at <1 the thing given. If a perron may uv* In a pie:*, tt ia piatn V rnuet haw* a right to eat aod to alaep? be mid hav* a bona*, prim*ton* and fuel Than, a p#rmi*?? n to bv* at Hon da and Hakodadi ma*tgt**all th* tnaaai ofr- wg if the permtaaton ha* any meaning it Intend* prut** tern and permlaeion to buy food. I think th* wrta* way woald be for tb* t.averai nalA mod* ami Hakodadi to be patient and to ar-Hd m*b 'lead*. Th* American government ia Juot, paaomUe, and b ar* elite, aa wall aa etronf- let than rwnnn tr?|* m ?.?? nameafthabr government ae I now ram.-tartrate la tb* nam* of my government I will tend their paper to my government, nod th* matter will be nettled by tb* km Kor of Japan and fb* l'r**td?ut of th* I oit*?l t*t** govern r? wUl avoid brankiim tb* treaty b*f <rv it i* ? oder * to- d, nnd friendship will g**e ?U ng*- ahd stronger. If American va.Mil. vtelt Mnwe'a had Hal-Had tb*y meet have th# thing* mnimnry P.r tbrm. ?nch aa 'b* Japan*** do not ue* and mpplv? . cabxa, anchor*, ?neh a* oar large ifclp* wnplr-y. art a A made In Japaa, and there*,re th- Jap.o* * enSnot ?apply 'beto?corrU^. proeiet .?? b?*?J. and tar # *h CSS? yl'ar; hrtk'ct gyar tb j i t ist." cm vr*?eU. let tin* Americans lire quietly here, or Kto Hakndsdi. let them do everything which American i nk u iu the tieaty. Remonstrate with the American Cvei nmrat. end it will be time enongh to be angry, end (hinge by force, after the remonstrance tils to receive atteoUoo. Tbet the Americans thought they wt-te right, ie proved by their bringing their wire# and children, the* would not tare brought them hod tUry contemplat ?d breakieg the low*. I em required by the govevnanent ?f the I oiled State* to wTite to it, everythh^ which I do. ?ad rood mples of everything which 1 may receive, end te repent all my ?ctH. This letter which liifV write, U ] ire important to be neglected. 1 shall send m eopr of It | frwm liakoladi. and ab-o a oopy of the Correepondonco; which the Anwriran gentlemen temporarily residing im J* I an, bud the hiuor ot In,Wing with your excellency. My position, and the necessity ot my reporting all I do, make me careful in iny acta, and scrupulous In what I write. What 1 have raid i.r worthy of your KatceObney's serious attention. m 1 beg yonr earel'mcv to receive the aunuronceii of my highest aeapect, and believe me, sincerely, your friemll JullN KOl)0KH$, Ceinmanding t'ni'ed States Surveying (expedition totho Nntth I arlBr Ocean, he. *? lire Kv vugacr, in* Cov-emvir or Simoda. MKH0KM. RU.D AND DOrSIIKRTV TO THK GOVERNOR or HAKonani. HiNonA, May 20, IBS6. To lli- limiRwi, thi; (iuTORoR or MiKooaui *> hj>r the honor In comtnunlcate with you, through Guti.iuadnte Rodger., commanding the In Km Motoa 8 u r - rwylef f tyadlth n, and who vUlta your place to meet a tart ?* h.a n|uai:oo, and alao to eurvey and make a el.ait of your Inrh. r. We art merchanta on our way to jM'ur fla-e t? nmke a temporary reeWetjee there, In or. iter lbat we may lecelre and aupplr ?'? certain numVer ..t ' ? r .hip. lh*| arc .tally e?pa.t?<ft there. The auppllee ? e taten.l t? turtn.h are neeea.ary, and tsannot be tur nub** by the Jat?w e, f< r thev bare them not?aucb aa el am. and am km pork aud bee', aalU, tar and oord ate and .hip thanolery generally. We have our fiamlUea with iw and .hall m.nlre or want a honae for tbem to .ire in, >nd aim. a building to our gooda ; for which ?.? i a p. et t? pay a raaaonnble cumpen-iattoo or aum of in nej We haie |?en living here (at Nimoda) lor the I f ree rni nth*, awaiting the return of our veaHi-l to lak? ua t" v.. r plan- When It returtia 'and we oapoot t every day; we .hall laave thla place fur llakodadi. On out arrtral their we tru.t your Kii ellency. In the a'i ??n. e nf hotel. ?n I inn., will have .elected a aultahle liiarr fur our tannic. to rt.ide, and nlao to atore our gi (e.a halter Ua aU" to a.k ?< your honor, to inform any of ??nr ahlp. wMi h may arrive there before ua, that we B"| at till, plan, and ei| art oe.n to lie at tlakoilaill. > | lea?e t u ' our earl, atating our location, our ii" tie. n?t oama. reference., Be We bare the honor 'eret iam n.o.t 'e-peetluHy. your nlieitinnt aervantt HERD K laH'GHEKTY. rna %***? crrnsKH to ?on. *odokkh, c. h. n. \ Ok'TUUI' tKMPIl, I . tied V "ocititrri. of the -M 'h.7 H ??-" ?? *il mo,t r**P* 'tlu'.ljr n..,, ^ rrr*,#r of tie com . ti . <<+r?*?try,. ?n-t bring Inttuencal wr*?'?* '-?r with rr?,,? 1 "? the treaty (now 1 ' . ' '"r.aer ?npJUbo.eot ?f wlnrh ,.ur gove-n bM . 1 "??*"""??<' maat..,. he*. .he".,.; a rendrieouti ?e ? '.'.V lfcM? ?* "irladadtr, aatabllah our tZ eto.^17 T*' meeting oar r,i,7. , . u. their.,,p. m-' h#^? "" ' ^ , C 'h* ?'?I"#"-- J? Jt 7b/.T^* f-u r,r*??? ' ? '* 11 ! ??! if ..I, t?. XCt! **JL "f ?il ^TLfT *" r"orl of ">? ail g (fee,, .hare the, ?u, ?,,, meruit lh.dr *'m1 "? ?mill horo on ||4rrli ]A ??. 'ar.h..luLr)IiTir#,^* U,W ''hr?tel?.o. .wreek.-i J ,w* iTjf ; ,1 7 ' U" ' ?*?""?? a" "?e rtuolty m?. .l i **"'7'*" WU ? *' ??< -har ad by lb* huada,. A 'mi .I when m? lauded < Hi r cargo 7 ' ,7 iim l*'"' "" ?k"" ut ojipoaitlaa bi, J ,l! 1 iwerwahly <?ru|ded ear .?Wad be,?w? tl'TT.. ?' .* h?. .7. 7 V v"n- " -imoda a*. ... oelee. ? T? will -V"w *1 ** '*? * ?'* ? ?Willi IIai or othf ,Z, , '1" '? ?" -??'? ?"? ?"?eulty, U, '"??? " >1 year JIT'* '' 7.'"f "" ??' hahall ' 2*' m'"' ?tit'eot ?-r **?'* <1 H W?TV H?J> 6 HM 'iHICKTY to* OniM.rme TO W. c. MUCH AMP rUULr. T. t. not i.lit Mr t amp tMiiri.K amp en. 1 ?iti. niktm f??ie tno no ) l . ____ _ _ J.M |? IIU 1 '^ np-tu l,. *e i,.., e. IUh.?la?lt lu. I*alied ... T T" ? ui r?'??? P X* ?-i.aJV , J 7 ' - '7 ? ' 7. .1,7! *, t??t.t. .fie, al,,rh r?, '7 *?' "f: he utterly rri,.m te it eou tr, ot * "*'? "?fct 1 Ur* Uj*' ' *??" ,7JJ^ n^T'*'' ?ther thr.1, the tonal .IT.TT. - r *"?ie?t. la tlte.r ?iet.un ,ir^ . rl*"a. 7 ^ '?p-'-hi, r. ?U to^.y " rt,ru?*",he th. ,M.UAI of . . J'' Tr*4 1- di?eaHy in iHnPn |?rtuMst4>a for , ? l nT * '"Wlfca la ItaA'.Udi hat I ma*t my , "*? t"u w, , emain. After the tine *t{4rw the .J ? that ,<ai inmmaaae 't? her ee*niaaentl, i'.T.7ri!!,,"*tT " '? l"*?r iCy will 11.en Jf^lL LjrijJ'T.*"" 1 k"" ??* ' hdi, m T*. >"?*??* Jf ?I" .uder ?.u t .tee., . ? -? I? " h*"m ** ' fuij, rary rem ,.<ie ? aai ?a i?- ed?ite ^i ,, ,4 ,w r 7 I da ant mridet the efueai waald ha *n> ,??r. a,., '/e Wr. yew hr...^, riee. I.y ? V, Anroraa la rented tr, .Zlea^ **U 'W MHialre eefeawe <mu iaet nasi '**? ff t*? f^?'?W?1t <d the I at ted --atn telle ha. the treat, ho- W. bokaa p. ,N. ne^cT it ' "> eai peat I ally ywar a ihm nrfwt . . ? _ J<dis hoia.nt N. I. ;?e?.'-; V V" " " ' ? 'fc' la Mrnra. * | K?>4, aa l 1 ?I* we ? A In ? ail Am*.I T T I... wen hi-A-i, amp fa it <t it Mere en now pimibh a. - -. . . Jaae In |iu . Hi"' ?? 7?er p.?e..e B the ?rre?|-,a WH ?<?<???? w?ra?|t?w -JTj! ,fl ^ ^"^- . aad Ate" iaAaiad . .< ??, I.Wnth^ rTTt!l'T. 1 ?" "K*Wtok *1 Ita* adl ?? ptarad uaraal n andar yaar |.<Aarta* f .**.** W* P*ar lepaa, j.yan,, aa 1 tart f f,lf "* kw '? 'ha a*T?p?adw,' e tdr7^1 ^ fr?i yaa upai 114. .,tp < .. i^r, '"V* ??d?'hi trhoteeer ?,e ?a *a ha par . ?? ahi.a an: aw aaaet bai 11 i a,, i# l?d??awt a ad laeee a,th ,t i?aAl<? an affurt ?tthta ...rariwa n 1 da, n aHh... 1 JZE&wZZm ?m w? **m*tky ?tit) winwhwe ^5',^:'"/ rVX-Zzr,.yj "W ll. a, taailaa ear r f rail f th r"*7 rr*"* ?-4 a. rA>mtm ? Waahw. 1I)T 7. Sawrrh d-h aad Mfth '?ih ar^rtn .. .fc. ,7eT,VT.^ r"" '4 ,Wf ? ' ' '?r,7M 1 hW at an .rMelea ' dt '* *Ttm* aada, ,w ?II eetaa aa I aa Aianaaa idWaa* '?te?M - - N' pra?rtma wa ..lad W. ye?r AnXa eTw-K ateAlaf further pat ana' 4". b H.t at .a a. 71^ trial! am ?a -arry eat .bleb aa baae ei-Ui l ah atr taaart^M. ,trtM b> be, d s, ?d. ???a-ad ana, Til 11 I "tie 0*,4*!T ?" ?|1dei. '? - I-- - *" "'?lafy praaea a^te It >W.wa2 ? '**f?** ?"? 'WI|I aa* war rw*. ?.. .etan aa a . 7 '** P^??r w*hv. ea ,be? dana -at * f m,, ???? ?d adll b el war MWat ripwo a tr an taeayw arietaa 'ran >6.. >4<a .at W w *' '?*-ade rwpn. -ar prwAad a*?M*a< the Aapaaaa frwe aani' won v. .Jrn en tie '?" a'taWW'lapme a< aay ^t,ra Ima aad plare We ban Iba Via to te d- w>ta e.-e, maaet IliMMwiia *?IJb a lad IftiriV * d< aa ie.t-.taa haaei e I a ?? <-?? Pteel thai to Maatb fedlt faoaa et* ton. tonoi r? rwp mil, im iirirm m g4 MMM. r S We Viawwn. 1 ?ea.a.a. 2aao P lib. , . '..^r*"**-' w afral tbe< if ah tea .?a e ,e half rd the Aanrraaa - Ntteaa e to Me w,., , "yfyfr ??de. U. tow, ^ haaay.aa any a| Mpaer lahaworn The pie . < Ibw per. m 4 f'*''4* ***+ Waia. ead de pet lie , M, ,M ? VT* "Tf"*1'! T? bee. Hiatal m. - rfcl !?*?" u*r ir? "pi i?*to m p. ?we3 1 the toar. .4 lb. I a,par- I. eaat .1,. i (- M , .rata lea Waer to -.a red attbaat a-trite*. .. iBto-prrietl. -f . fceaJTtrW, at ta. TLrTllH? ii?thl ? tea be., am ? ^ * l>( .Itail, the pehry J\>+ aeii-1. | bat. Z to Hraettowfrwtbeoeeereaew. I tfclab H ?? al-l I# aaay to Wa "it > -,ih tbe tor?~ at ?, aniaad bat 'bap r .arb. parp..M eiaapt .? -adtea parnaai .11 m ?aaat ri 1, atnWyaM I be<- UM ibeT^. . ?al f-daaaa... abab aaet nraaal ttaj. mji ZZ ad to, bat lb#laterpr#.a6ha / ibe treaty >et . e. ? ,b? w. r-'Ttw. ft., , puM. rriiTTt^rr ftU*U ^ ~ 9 mm* j m I thlak f*m baa* beaa in Ira.tod aad thai tb? ri, 'JZ C^e7.s.?7 '"** ,k"** ,k*' r? 'W^? rbb, br ,k7 ^ ,k* *?t -alar aad iaa ' ."W af lt^ * "*7 r*l* ' "1 tu iap.aa . 1 WH-* 1 tbiaA thai >0 reto- e ear ?. b. VPtWdV'o I toto.^ you lo cafe hand*. I hae* the honor to h- geiit>m?B. your obadlent aerrunt, JOHV UOmiK'W. Commanding t i.ited cUtae .-"um-yui^ tiiwdttoa I . Ui? North I'uriflc Oc.e.m, Re To Tit* Annt( aa Citizena i.? Hakooadi. ACCOUNT* KHOM TJIK CALIFORNIA r*n:w (V'n.m tbefciau Kraniiaco Herald, ;*ept. 1*1 Wo publhh thin morning* communication from M'vrr Read mid tiongherty, who irrlwl her# vector lor in Ih* C. K. Font*, from Jind whither they had goue lor the purpoae of ratahlUhing tbtinaelee* In bu?ine*?, Ii? or ccrdaare with the treaty tteen'ly latifled between (lie fniteit Htaten and .Inpan. It appear* that the Japa.wnr rehired to allow tbeai to raakle at Hakedadi. or any other place, refaaed to m-U them fteeli meat. treaUil them with indignity, and la erery way Violated the obligation* which tney ao recently aMunai. According to the Je pane*# interprO'atkiD. the treaty concluded with tliam he CVmmcdnre Perry ami ante to Juit nothing at all. Whan the e fcetr are laid belbr# the Department at Waah ingtcn, It la to be hoped that prompt mea?uini will be adopted to compel the perfidiou* Japanenetoreepeot their treaty oMIgatlon*. The bombardment of Mo or two of their towaa would be mueh more efltcaeeoa in bringing a knowledge of theii dutle* which they owe to the world at huge than worda and ttnely turned compliment* 111* romniulcatlon of Meanre. Reed and Dougherty will be rtad with Iniereat. TO TDK 1DITOM OT 7MK PAN rMANCMCO ICR4LD. Horn nfler the publication of the with Japan, wo began to make i rrangpwient* to transport good- and to ?afnbiieh our?clvea in Hskodadl, ft>r the purpose of aup oar whale ?bii>* tliat had dmigned and had agreed with ua to winter there the coming aeaaoo. with auch (rode a* the Japanese had not. I'rcv.ou* to oar embarking in thin enterpriee, we eon aulteil with many aa to nor right ao to ito under the tiealy, and all ajreed that aueli privilege* were granted under n?d treaty. Amongst the mini her refrrre-l to ware the Hon. David L. tSregg, D. A. ttgden, tlie agent* and owners of many of the whale ship*. ami aueh other per aon* aa we >aw tit to advise with, from the po hem they hela politically or otherwise. l)n the loth of Kehrnnrv last pant, our arrangement* being completed, we nailed troni Honolulu with a full cargo of ship chandlery, prvivlshviv t. and such at Uric* a* wlialc ship--generall* req-.lre in the Ainerieau arboouer Carol'.ae L. loots, which we had chartered fur tliat pur po*e. Re idea ouraelrra ami family, we hail some ail other passengers, who went out to aee the country, and with a view of settling there tampoierily if they wishid. (In otir pannage, we touched at the H -nln Islands, and fouud the lew inhabitant* there all well but tutlciUig from want of vegetable* aud other ne--?? series of lib-, from the fact that a boreu* or "c?wn flood had vlntc-l them on the l'Jth December last, which destroyed all their cropa and aome of their hounea. Af ter a at ay of three -lavs. uud supplying ourselves with wood ana water, we railed for Hlnxniu, Inland of Million, Japan. Two and a half dnya from the Honin l-i.-iinis, we vw re sncbiund rati ly in IhPhgghM "t .-imo-la. surround ed by natural scenery aim- *1 unparalleled; but the city or Hiutda w?* jnet emerging from total ruin*, occudon?1 by an earthquake or sudden ri*e of water, occurring on the name day ami hour a* tliat at the llonin Maud*. A< we let go our anchor iu the hailior, a liont c? me alongside and a Jii| anne raiut on hoard, who ?igrulhul hy sign* tliat we had come to In a good place?that he wa* a pTl?t ap|adnted by Commodore Perry, and that hi* fee for plint ing Ihe ien-el wa* five dollar*. Tbl* |ier*onagv *oon left and an- tber boat soon came alnng-i-le of us, and live of flclsla weie dihcharged I'rotu it?the Vice liovernor, inter pieter, and two *erretarie*. and a ?py. They a?ked the name ?f the ve*M-l, when* from, when we left home, ami how route Igpletld to leave, ami it we wanted wood or water. All three que.Hons being answered awl an ?war* taken dowu hy ti e secretaries, tliCy then tie line l-eraonal and talked about tli* children and the Indn-*, and adailrrd them much. *? they were entirely novel to I liem They left, and thru three guard Imata were an -h-re-l an und u* at a shdrl dUtaio c an I they cotitinu*>l there day and night a* long a* the sehooner remained in the harbor. Due would liave nip|Mi*ed they were reve nue I oat.- hut we have eince learned tliat they collect no daUea- hrore no nee?l of boat* to guard the service. t'n the iimr day of onrarrival, we were vi*i'e*l by tap trln i'oiaeett and two other nlhcrn of the Itnt/Un Inn peri*I Navy, from whom we ieerogd that the Hus-itn iiigate l>hurn had iaeu lout ne*r Slmnda. ami that all her i Hurra and oiey were aaTfd and on shore t -get her with Admiral i'outiatine. who liail juat oompl ted a !t?aty lor the Rus-an government on the *ame lat i* and with the atna grant* and privilege* aa our own. The Ifuakian* were -V.dilute of many of the comfort* of life, and wera aiisiou* t > be taken to *ome port in their own onnntry. Alter a te .? days' consultation, we, more from syui|ratby than motive* ot gain, at tanged to take them to I'straw low aki lot a t iltting ci uipennation at*ivr the actual cost of out charter to peifmni the novice. At the time wa agreed to take them we ware under the impression thai we had a perfect tight to release the*e sufferer* and that tketr enemy's ships mui-1 uot interfere with u? should tin y libit u* In the net, (tut we have since met several fcBgU I. inen i f ?ar In llakodndl who weie quite in- llg uert toward* n* for having nide-1 the prerr wreck'*! Ito* B.iin, and assured u* that if they bad In with ua wlil-a engngid in the sei vice, we would have been taken prl*oiif i* and our vessel -elred. We replied that had our iiafirin lea at war wi'li the Russian* under the -ameclr cumsfaBo* wa would have ?ent our own shipa to assist tin m. and, if |iosaible to laud tliem on their own shores, free of i hart a la order to take the Russians, we were oMlged to di* < barge | art of our eaigo an-l land the pa-senger* The fart living made kio-wu to the authorities of Hiinoda, lighter* were sent alongside and the g-**ls larnh l and pfsrw-1 in a atorshouse on shure, ttic key being in our |*is,r*M< n and the vassel read* bi sail. Mr. Ree l, family and the peaseog' ra went on shore and took po* esslnn of ?me of the temples aasfgnsd us In the tieaty of kauagawa Mr l*.ug|.*rty / emalinrig on board the vessel to take Ilia Itu-aian* to l'etro|*-low>ki. I tiring the time ? f our *tgf here, which waa about two 101 nth* and a half, Mr Heed sj-ant bis time in selaeting aid piiieliastng a cargo of Japan good* for *an Francisco, ? impiaed ot laoqorr ware, rle?- silks, Ac. he. Mueh time and path-nr* hail tieen anient to a-etiuiuUta this argo and w< sje sanguine tliat it will lie a long time >?* tore er other is selected. unless our frv?rnnv*Bt take* Im mediate toewsore- against the government of Japan for toe fai'bless n.annai In which tliey have kept the trgaty of kansgawa. and what We a-k?*l te-f-.r* as a favor we now -ten and a* a light vir. ?A new and unrestricted i e"ial treaty wttli Jaisn. whle'i we earneeity hope wiil lie doe*, oar stay at rtnnsla was fraught with many gne< ibcm, aanoyao'-es and raatrtrtiona. Vsi liumillat ? ag t> r an A mar lean to endure and ea are aure that but o-r Hi# giaatt ob)eet we had in vtsw vu to gam ttie gi**t ? ill of tli# Japanese sod a peace#!,!# residence at Hako a-,J wa should not hare submitted to many of them. Article fourth of the treaty says We it,*11 b* free aa >b other eoontrie* and not sul je. t to such t?*utetb>n< at t Is* i utch and ITiinese are at Sangssak*. ' Alas ' bo AnnIlc#a Ireedoin in Japan' Vou are compelled to go on te-ard yowr ihtp at sundown you are followed in your SI Iks by tn-ni two to sia "hvoata, you Bre headed ott here sad Ires-led eg there aad are under closer wa<- b ami lerirvti'-os than the rerlaat Igiinw un-iar arrwst In ?at own country thir country should rise at once sod h tins se.iish isolated, domineering and (aithless | wopta thsl a taper Ilk* the treaty Is a gray* pa|-er ami Its a-wst te observed, at l***l not broken to the pie jmttie and - ala < f our ai'iaai-a The world wa- given hi 0 si kits! aad <l>* una has come when in the*** of rivUtmti'-o we a- not a-'mit the right of a nation of pen 11* to tBrlwd* themselves aad tli*fr r--iotry from later course with tl.e real of the woild. This ear l-ision la the 1 eeegnr ag* is a jait canoe for war trad not IU J?jane** ? o-r red at-- a - ten n treaty will- the < alM rttatas ski-kkutea datv ra' lb?I and they miw repmtiata esery aitirle eacimts all An-atiraus, tod Insult avery 1*1 reset ai-ve of uwr g-cveraioeo' a* well aa our -iWtet Mm) Uttnw ** Uti Htri|>4 fion lk? i rifirt*. iBtan'tmi of ihn .11. Bi4BBt.iail7 MM' (It, t?" ?? I'M will loom by elf mmwaoMM MMM liM JtfUMlBiflMI ? M %>t ' "MOM^f 1* J 'u?'foi?, i-otiimMdiac ilM < *???'. - -??/?.,.'? lai?4ltM?l I* Ik* ItlBMM MO* I ? ., 4. Wo 11 out ? ill ?i?iU b?4 on?'i! '?Hi* ? H lk> J*fMH* P* r* ?t.?. *m*k1 mm 4*7 ?' itaj ?' ?B?lf ???!? 4*4 *t*7 lUl i*i? *1 Digit, ???) *1 a*;* > ( . 1 It.* Mm* . I tit our *t** ib i* II* *1 ikii Um B ?*! ? if- rlut* I hubmIiip* K/nloor* mm Ib) mi) *b4 ?? *l*rr* *?n?li*< ub4?p In* iluoe ? <? * ??>! *Ib um I **i (hiMi Una. H' 'h?f >' l| *b4 ill, ' >. f BUI*. 1UI i||>MtllMl lo lb* fct|*t?* toll ?.??#?/ MI r if H'' nolpfnli * O'lP alBlO Maiiti iri'BMH pf??M o?. > ??*'!? s.l't wl..r h 70a ? hi* I# * M. i.| *. ? km )Mi?i? ? 1. Omltim! n*p M- k* bIB.BBH 4kIW? ? .MBBMMiOf* I I.|f?l. *taf Bf *mt ?? ??**?? UPTkBgOHMIIII* b. **Ui fi" IU<'lO*<U IB* Imm4h* mMm! Mm* **4 ?? inilrwlBl kin 1.. *hbi?* ' b* IBM* SB *o?k| M'i *1 Maku4a4i B'l-al .< It*. ImBllMMMflBM TV V 1II ??BB?* ? HIM* ?) M*' ?4b4< mi* ? git'. 4*7* Miw* t**, < mam" k?*tf*?* tai.Bg I*b4 ir.-k ? m*wmU?b *?4 p?i*pbb a? ? ? tit 'k? **'?>? pMibb ?) *1 mi if.<)tBf ot Mb i .4 TV ' ??- *???*? 'Mum) to *? ml m4***4 *??; ?? KB Bill m? ? h ? oW* .at #' . ? 1 b/4 ????* V- 'I* ?? too 'MM BM<W OB tk.* Mlklml I ?*??!? t I* MB BIBB* ita*Bt' IB 1*4 In bu t*k >tiatloa*, ?m4 *|*? ?'?' w ?? B U.? fen* luroml pbIbc ? ?|'7 I* BmWBM* a tk* jb'lt 4b; 4 Jbb* Ib*). atth BO I*muI raam m-n* ? f ifc* *fBB*m ikatp uiU*m or kait I*?(??Ml of B* UM mii*| Mat 4a*U ?* Isua ? ? MtM .|M1 .f l<?a*i (Iin I'M fl'llkBt MB 14 wot f* *B Ik* Jubbm* ?>') IMtu* IU) Ibi) 'Km I Mbmm Um; bii*I4 MP *41 tk? Ib ?? Tks ?(? I <Bl*7i tl*??l Hb*I >M? - ***#*?-! Bilk ABB **?B ?t* ? *B ?).?# ***??! ti p fp~t. *M*' tl*7 ?"*!') kill m tkBl IV* VBB1 kl. tk?U pb"iB. a* 'k?7 *i#MBBt? *4 k "11MB 4BB BlaBBS* ?*P '?.??** ?'? !.?? H I"** IM 4*41**1 7k.1t BkBts *? bp*M?4 *m Ik* l'.'k 4*7 m ?i.'? ?m* !*%B4 lk? I b*'H .M? * 4 obp >444*11* 'aft. " ~ .ami iV?b i?obb Wm** -*f, ?t|i4 ?? ?'?*! ? * tk *ami ? too* **4 ???jr tV*B ?*t**4 Imp Um pott *4 hbb Tftw^Hilk* It *4 *4 4?l; Ib * Bit*** ?? ?UI l#'?.*k Jt* Bttk ? ?.** kmiM. l*IBMM*B)li*?p.Mf'r?B ??>B14?M*b4 *V*t ?'*? 'B >*,*? **4r * 7 ? * BtBl-f* *4 II* 7??1*' jim it* - hm.i* i*? *kr?'*? f'V' v 1* 1 sr. t*Bf tBk*B ** k*B*4 -bp frn tk- Kami BP' PtBM *4 tk* PWBBU7 71 TV* ?B7 kV* HBtkk* MBV4B4 Ik* if*BUM* BBthan MB kfPM* a* kBB?4 **bp ??b*?I tkPBB MB ?Vi k*4 arm IMO Irfl iv*? *7 krlf l*m*H -h% Wl ?B*BB b* tmm?grr* ft** Ik** >nJ* ?* tk* >BBBBM B*4 M *Bmb imm.1. tkBTB. A a* 4*7- '? "*r'?l Mi>BkB4i lkr? IMMi rtasMi _ B* IwwtMi ?'?? ?*b4 T*Pti* -B*It*m) ft*** tk* Bawl .... IB '>? -VB?lt *4 farittm \tm- b?bo?b*b'* a*,* i*f m*'** 'k*? bm B**t Mat panaitu4 to V?? bb**'<m?? yttfc ikiBB hok^glaa V **?* ta*H Mvt a* -4 IV ??*>! sb IbbpihI tkai b |?*b*-.b 4 tk* BM SB) MBBMTB4 M?B*al MbbMB >? 1 k TftBg IB B POAI. PBMPM4 kk<*4ft ib* B tw*k - -?.!*? '4k. IW Mtt* I' IIBBM <B?B * tk til# Bb ****** '4 tk# *?-* *'k?B mii't n *tr'.kr> H *'i '?* r***" * :?* ? W W ?? * rsjppn. rm-wrn WW ^ ?? , dxriM ..(In-u. i ?n4 ?H ??*?? M* 9" . p?t'? 'iw^KiHtHnau i mmOtm t**' who.lag tawt Ijk*. ?k'?U >4 ham rl.arlwrwl I?f Ik *?*" >ilt |M?I?M*I !? W%Q?| ri rt |. . . \rnt4-mm ?? I <Ur?l, **?'_ t?> mfk'kf^tl r-? *-~?i IM "?rr arwuM t"** b*rn ? T?hio?.'? pM ? U. IW v r. *? Mac It ??* ?I Or* ?? t kuimM. kM ** lk?< c u.4 >!???' it 1b* tfcglfeh ?? ??> rj *li? i. ?(?'*? ii* Hit il? mm* f<.' ? iUy- t?>t..i# u? ?. wwtrh m tlw% Mm On *' 11 ? I* I I ? ItM" ?* ?*?* M ? ?? 11?-? 11?.. . . I fc I. >i ?.HPkTY rai BkitNOROvaui" >t imam i laii irtma ? *KM>?/tr?>ir? tii thi *hi ish run or mm I NORTH r?l ItK . Hi* i?i? Jap.* _|?b- -ja 1MB la nornpIUu. c a i|t HirrnwH t of -????? I ??Ba Uncreated IB tha ??W?M < f li.? wi,. ?g gww< ^ ,Ba WaiUr Mlt I bare, II . m*4i.imof fwii rata able Ji iinul. turnbhrd tkm with an-h ?1 tl?e Ui tli? liari- r r>f ilnroda a* my kit. . ig? , / a ? ?Bid JuetUy me in > flu tnf I row m ?? y ? .1 it lb* opportunity 10 preeent the foilowtag oi. itl n- ?h. li I have homed after ctirfiil nbumltm end t-v? ten"* af otbn ? mor? biullbi wltU Ihe mw??H ?? .rf wKaiag ?# tercetr tlikn my a. It. in relation <>? lb* harV>. u1 IUb -u ill. Am IJbu*. Maury Juatly nbaeivee il I* Qkr oi in* flarat harbor* in th. w. t Id IU i?ilion iu lb* "IritU of Pangur, tietwrrri the l*hn la ?f Mph?a and Jean.. aoW rapftly I ecoming lb. great thoroughfare (torn (Vna (k lb* north-went <1 kat ?f Anrnra ?111 even'nail/ intit it an important port. 1h?-ra It. hnom <m? l?kiui? ? iMiut thin barbor which wi 1 make it objection? i.le wt rendeavoti* (or tin- whaling it? ?? where th> r rtr?? may enjoy romfbrtable waiter?, ami refit Una. ?hip* during tire winter month" Tho e lmat<- i? too rrrnr, and mow not uafre<|wrntly tall to ? rounder able den ill. At piewent no lulur.uirrnt ra offered for vgeaela to touch hrrr The Jape...** evidently Intimidated by tb? formidable appaama. - af the a juadroa under ti umudore I erry, when the? < itb ami opened their imiiI? to our govrrumeiil Tkf were n 111 repaint for (lie rn-nl ami bad not turn' to rg dirt upon tha r?D>n|UM(r> of nnrh a tint? That it Will aarlonaly <ll>ti'i ii the national aoMry ?f tbe crept?#, ia imw licit g mamleated by th>- conduct of all the uflhwra of tin' gill I I i,merit Imtb In r <? und at biumda An t Ula dealt e on the part "f tba imperial g> eriiinteni to lodale lt?rlt ami rxalinlr foiriKtirt" la no Ww? in tbe tap* of (Allow tin ami i.tbnir wbo mad. Un-fln lira. rltempta la entablteh fitri.dly lulareouree with tl.U at 1 t> |>eople. 'Ilir 1 direr? acruptlluialy a*ni<| all maiatneto.n wltfc foreigner? that U not neceeanry tor the traaaaatioa af burl nana. Ibry will iai|>?rt no informaln n le.atitaa tn till it own country, Btnl probihlt the rala of I... k ? chart?, it glaring" picture?, etc. from whbb mat l?? ob'aiuwf any knowledge ol tlirlr biatorr, ga>wapby aita, ?r acfencea, anil fmiurntly. whru aakad a qtrraliun, thap wbl evade It by unking <>na themaalvc, or (irln? ?n an awer alN.ut e?iuet|ilng altogether fhreign to the .object brat intioducnl. They aiwin to think by pnrau'ng Iha policy of denying irvrytbliid iitat I- raked lot awt idtna ilia aoinrtliluK not winlot, we will anon Ian ouia aatta lieil tt at Ja| an I? a poor nonntry and hennefdrth, Itha Kpliralm. tbry will be left atone wrbtbeti idol? Ibatrnaa of tba people however would, but tor tha altliiytnt loraaurer adopted l>? tbrmiUioritlaa t ;.r'? *??( It, cheat fully eneoiirajrt' and ho llllale tradt and tatag alaiiit moat Happy reaulta. Hut our interc ,na? with Japan will be In icnllicaut outll anutelbintr ?irtlnlta ta agii ed upon between the two nation> al> ut tba io'arpra talion and profier mrenlna ol "ahail l>e tie* a< m oibar ciiuklrlra," "teniporarily lUina. ' Ae nre iio. a.( in fourtli (4th) and milt (Mb) ?r'iil?? ??( the t 'ill of Ka naitawa. and aom* mrrui are d?' toil by wblrb 1I0 Japa ne e iroieinnient may oeilve a levenua from tlieir tr wl'li ui other than by the pie.cut ay .lam of pun liailag ruppliea for abipa tlnougli a ('?io|irailur and riarliif plieea for the rania anioiiutiuB to alruoat a problbiUaa, and finally InrfMlnff utain the p.iu.ent- hetnc m id* ia ?liver ooIp, which at Ita pnaent value bat*. ? liwo e?aa pared with the rorrvney of the empire ia worth unlf tblily three (.Vl| era ta per drtlar I law f. hi w la efla r law, aaieat and lrl?h (uitatoea bean?, onion? turmpa, nah tia|re?, carrnt? Ac., arr abumlant. but (bay will aat fur olah lhani. The Cnited Htata? *urveylii|t aouadron, n?w in ihi* port, art nnabltto ptoeure aitpplle? beyida' vvaf, water, rice efW?, ard a few llah. In vlaw of all iheic taela I l.av full errofldamrr In ha llevtti(f that fot 1 he preaant ownarta and agwoU of vaa aela cr.paifCri In the whalmv eetvlre will receive 101 par titular Itrnedt from the ae>|ui?ltbm of tlieaa two porta, Ireyond tIre iiulurameait? ofterid lit wood, wvtar, rlue, rev? and a few flab and llieae artlclaa at eauridtaal prlc-e n. II. D>(TY. Hiaovu, Japan. June I, I*A,V Having Iwen iin(uituoe?i by aavaral peraoaa iate/aala4 in the ?rieecaa of the whaling fleet of tha Nort'i I'acrtw, to fiiraiah Iheni with aueh IB'01 lite Hon u my |draae?ar know bilge will adoid, relative to the porta imwatly rtpaned in Ja|<an. I tbe/efne Im leave to repreaeiat, thr'Ugli your valuable journal, for tba iaformotina af tbo-e intareetrd In Ihi? Important bra re h of our eoan tnarca, that during my three mouth? taddenea is thia place, 1 have earr fully mded tbe folbrwlng'rliaeraaltrrna ? 'Ibe entrance to thia bay ia Iroin lire aoutbward, tha rborea of which, on either able are vary bold and la about one fourth of a mile In width wblih ou eulcrfn? evpande to about half a rolia In brea Itb ami la abwwt ? ba mile in depth. 1 be ancburaga. "rough fart, la hr from 'eirig rafa during the a'loog noitlieaet galea abtah a< n.etlmee prevail bare in "r# winter month*. fr?a a very careful eoundirig af thia lar, ?rimI* by a Hit"irlaw rffrer who aaa attarhrd In tlra late frigate liUua, It Wi a an ertairw' "rat the Icitb rn ? I tba )?/, arouad the prlnrlpal anchmage I. alielvltrg llenc the aacaealty af 'he I H I'owbatan'a ral'iog aUaar aith all I er anchor? down wblrb ?).# draggtal In prevent going aehole during km of tbaee bb>wa In January laet. Amdber Inatance will.h ? aioe umlar my notice may Iaa4 to cerrobof a'B the ilaiva:?In Marali I art ?aoal al anchor in tbla taiy which will tela ?nt an ordinary gal* Willi one anchor where Ure bobtlog grouml la g>c |. TmA oil Ihi? OMaaton (he -l agged two Urge an kill wlraw they Were obliged to la' g., a heary ka.|ge to arwvaart I Moil g aelioia r n < entrw UUiid.Whtr.lile rltuaVed ia tha Hey When the wind b from the routh a bewvy diaa graeal'la awetl la eipertelo er|, wi.b I. aiiraU ilenlf all over Ibe bay. and la a awrl'.ue ? l.ete. la In tlra way of nHrav* Ing rlnpa aa at Honolulu ami other portr I la provtuiMy to the held 1 it then lah"ia Would eartatnly teuAcr It a dw rlrabla port for a Ikhdaavnua of kite whaling fleet, t( It prnraeaaad tba arlvantagee ia>|uuate to auth a | 'it, via a eala and ridrVanlent harbor for tha ?f oil. ?ml aa ahunderir# of fra?h pro?lalotw will, wbb h to ra erult cra-w? on the >lo?* of the aeaaott?taetUrar of wl.teh draw || pwwtr Tlitre ia no dUp.~lti.ur on tha part "< tbe Japeaewa aa tborilrea <A thl? plme to encourage trade ?? nterocmrag with foreigner 1 notWithaiandli 1 lie eiorbt'an' prtnaa paid for auch aoppltaaaa "ray are abla to turaub llevr, I tee latin rvirt potat'o. oi.i'.ba, aruakal ralue.u fta I ofera m. Imlaramaat for atilpplng U> ant rr tbla port. Nor will lb"aa latter .HOI. ultra* Ira . I.via led antil we baa* a con.n>errial treaty with Ji|wn tha nacaaaaf'y of whlela they acam "lily to cnnrpralrerel, ' when we may ha?a a direct aoroTAiiobatloa with 'be paopla, wbo already man I feet toward? ua the graalaaf t?p-ti and frtemlablp. if. 11 lim flah, fowl? egg? etc., are looducwl ra great abundance, bat tha dllflcolty in ot.talnh g U.ewe afl.cle. at pre PeJIrv Intalllgrrir r. (Himi or obt Aim til Morav CHKKa rms T**ci?-ct*irm? caul Two ?.*n b??i?b-I >ViIm BfMw *n<1 H-n-r Wliott man WW?? UlH lain*!} -a -?tooUf irjr 4wn I rlitartor a art Moor# of lit* Inavr CMlol Oitrl aha>(?( Willi obtaining m-try ??nrtor tola* pt'Uww frora A ?mat <l>it*t,n* /iron.* Bran *bn rawln la < olun l/U atiaat, "on lb Hroohlya In th* loOowta* mm ?? ?' *!>*? 4 by th* ewwipUiaaat la bar iT-Ut.! tw! >ra Jnati'* W*l*b ?"o ti r lltb aal 'b* io.uij.Ui nan' ?*}? >t' ka4 ?*Mrloa to fo In lb* Mral I4?tr|. I IMaw (.Art at th* Tomb* (or iba | Mpiaa irf ^ (Airrlaf ? Haarg* of alnr. Jor.o *ri| ifalMt a toaw aow Hillf la V?w*rh, V J j bat >M wanlrul act *t wbo nnil >(aal Oa iml aal not thinking I?.#?? aaa an? iatapralw a lb* fvbton nailr gf*rarl?-| lo lh* ?*?'*?? or. tb* ogj. a la ?li* of ('?? Ira ?tr**t arat ibara a**mt of WLattma* if b* 'aaM r? ? ha r aa Ul'ar ibal "iuM ?; aaaa k*r an laafntM. V lunar, It la a.'togwl aa. J thai if .b* aallwl a ?w mom# at* h? ha4 wo l 0rraan a#ear wwnM maba bla a) (aaraaaa la al-at an hour or aa? Hoator aatM lain lba>>? (Ua Wbottaaan aba >4(4, ?r.l'l b*r thai ha aa* aa "If ar thai lM la at aaaaaol Ia4i*i4'>*i ini. ???! bar thai ba wowM bar a bar ar4arar aftaw**"! bat thai I WW.H w.pi*i*a..i ** ' Ihar-lar ?% nnw.1 |,li>. , I to N ? war I UK'. >.??? 'b* party la I bat ? aal awl of hia f" r _ ib* aaa* r awl latt b* larl ib* ptk?-??r wwOr wrnal U WvaM fiir ?? 1 lo Nrwa/b ar. ?o a* party la iiMillai ? rr*at*4 'bat laatawl of hi* ' tag aa ba (t.mM, bib I a*t#4 lb* MOW I aa l Wt bar -b* atari aaya that Aha ? hi iMfial Uhmw iiam ah* warn rait thai ?(<* bar a "blag biaa to rol'rl la prr It .a* i.a alwafa raf?r*r| u. (wrbtrta tba )awrawy ta bow art awl ?w i*? "rota, la aa laiataat awarar, t?|4 b*r t?. I to tba 4?1 rh* airw rial mm that lawtta ? bolt btar. aril Hrawtar ' brralrrl bar *wt of 44 bf a raw a > fair* fith?ra awt (raw-atom rayrawaatatVa* aa4 rar* that J iilJra aaaj tab* Ita rowra* armHIaf'r Ito il*. tot ww ' Mioittwt (,? aaaaaiaattoa by if* M#tt*a ra'* abo*. m**Uow*rt < Daa?AD WIT4 BaMIM* COCftTHKrUT lllrUb ( bar la* Raw Ml* waa Uln a'o rw*1.1)i by afhar tUim >4 Ib* bla*t*?ath war<1 |. lie# 'l.rifnl ? lb katiaf (*M *4 a aaaaVRMl Irr Hollar VUJ ra ib* Tra-'Mtr>*? ? haab. ?4 (Vfaaa Haai Th* MmpVaaal Mr l?h* K*U*. al~(? ugaa that th* arrrraf nr. b wi tb* ".wahlt la nmp . fan km prrla that brawl paral >?<! at t b* MrMW w 'ba g Inrwrr Haw Ito waa too -*bi tafctr fwtoia* fafay. *44 ' I.a Kwrtn.1 K,.,, ? f.iir* r.-.rf .'".ba*a*l 1*4 tor ttaalaatti* aa tb* al?*r rkw|* i aitiit or IMAM lau-WT. 4 nymyk <fw f* , a* o?4 fa.*, (ill*. aba* ha* u Kott* a aai r* -4 ? aa*4* r**t waa taka taba twMtotog bf athr*r Ito '?f lb* r??u war I polr**, ilai^4 atAkat^ m* Motos m *a4 a r 4 waiab *alM? at M* fraaa tinuiarn Ibowa a ?U?r -if Vlrwtan* flaa #aftoaal a** l?fwr*4 t* mto a haaaa of IM Atoa wnk IM yn aoaar wto" la a to* abort toan ba aa* r.hb'l *f aA hi< y f'r ^ CH ?*? caatwyal ir. tb* Urwwf IVto? t. art, ? b*>* aha waa rowwatitat far trial ta htlawlt *f la*L MO?? Tba Q* raraaa aa4 l.laatoaaa' (toaaawjar ?f tba Mat* bwtb v*a gaff tat tb* lanKna OryA<y <^M*aa'iara a* i*v*Hrf ?h<fc?UVk?r.

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