Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6988. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. iDVERTlSEMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAY. poumiu. 1ST WARD?DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR nomination for Councilman of U?e Second district, Jacob l> smith. * 21) ASSEMBLY DISTRICT, THIRD AND SIXTH WA RDS. At u meeting ot the AsoemLly Convention of the 2d As eeuiblv dlatrici, held a', the Northern Hotel, Cortlandt street, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 10, Joseph Harrison was unani mously nominated aa the canaida'e for Assembly, to be sup Birte a by the democratic republican electors of thl* district at e ensuiutt election. 1*. G. MOLONEY, Chairman. 4th W.\ftD-AT A REGULAR MEETING OF THE Fourth ward Democratic Republican Committee, held ?l 15)4 Oak afreet, on Monday, Oct. 15, the following gentlemen weie appointed Finance Committee fur tbe earning election:? Jcweph Rnae, T. W. Sherridau, Patrick Coyle, Geo. W. Purser, llenry Neiman. J. U. Lample, Patrick Merrick. T. W. OAKLEY, Chairman. ufS.' HafuIn, } Secretariea. 6TH WARD NINTH COUNCIL DISTRICT.?AT A MEET Ingot't?e Halt Shell Deniocratle Kep ubltcan N onilnaltng Conveniiou, held at 413 Greenwich atreet, on Monday, Oct. 15, Mr. JOSEPH W. CORNELL was unanlmoualy cnosen aa the candidate for thu Council district. HENRY DUFRAINK, Chairman. CbaS, A. Falis, Sec'y. 0TU ASSEMBLY ^DISTRICT.?EIGHTH WARD.?AT A _ meeting of the Convention, held pursuant to the call emanating irotn Tammany Hull, Mr. George L. Loutrell. chairman, and James S. Davis, secretary, Mr. Nathaniel Roe received the nnanlmoua nomination of the Conven tion. A committee was thereon appointed to await on Mr. Roe, aud tender him the nomination. He then declined the nomination. The committee afterwards met, and unanimously nominated William If. Aitken. GEORGE L. LOUTRELL, Chairman. Jamas P. Davis, Secretary. 6TH WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR nominations:? For Alderman Edward Howe. Counctlmen? lllh dts... Mai hew Murray. " ICth dts lhomas White, " 13th dts Richard Barry. Assessor John Martin. School Commissioner Wm. P. Powers. School Inspector Felix Hartt. School Trustee.- P. Oeraghty. W. J. MttGee. " John Hlckson. ConataMei James Nesbitt. ....James Glass. Inspectors of Election? letdts...F. O'Rourk, Chas. Neary. 2 O'Kenney, K. Waddel. 3 Wm. O'Murphy, Michael Bertou. 4 P. D. Kelly, P. Reynolds. B L. Bums, J. 1*. Cohen. 6 James Flynne, Than. Rivlin. P. D. Khj.t, Secretory. 0. FLANNERY, Chairman. 7TH WARD ?UNION, HARMONY AND VICTORY.?AT an adjournal mealing of the Democratic Republican Assem bly Convention, held at Knickerbocker Hall, on Monday even log, Oct, 15,1365, JOHN J. KEILLY waa unanimously noun nateu as candidate for Asaeuibly. JOHN McKINZIK, Chairman. Charles 8. Diokiasos, Sdtretary. 7TH WARD.?REGULAR UNION NOMIN ATION.-AT AN adjourned meeting of the Union Democratic Assembly Convention, held st Hevrnth Wsrd Hotel, on Monday evening, Oct 15.1850, JOHN J. KEILLY was unanimously nominated w? IK, ACUWl UW11A' " ? HUllllll V1?n IUAM1I as the democratic candidate lor assembly. JOHN BTKUNER. Chairman. Joun Qpinlam, Secretary. 7TH WARD.?FIFTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT CONVEN tiou ?At an adjourned mewing of the Democratic Kepuli llcan Assembly Convontion, held at the democratic hetol qnar ters, 173 Madl-on Greet, on Monday evening, Oct 15, ik.\5, JOHN J. P. KILLY was unanimously nominated as candidate for Assembly. GEO. F. OLDEN, Chairman. Hugh F. McCarriiKT, Secretory. 7TII WARD (FIFTEENTH COUNCOnDISTRICT) DEMO* erntle Republican regular nomination.?At a raoeUng of the Council Couventlou beta pursuant to the call of the general committee at Tammany Half, Mr. JAMES BOLTON waa una nlmously nominated for Counctaton of the above district. JWHN McKINZIK, Chairman. Samuel Lotkwood, Secretory. 9TH WARD.?AT A MEETING OF THE UNION DKMO cralic iteiiulill,an .Nominating Committee of the Twenty tan Council district, held at 035 Washington street, JOHN MACK was unaulmotialy nominated THOB. MAUER, Chairman. St if n f.n Mebseuasi, Sec'y. "lATH WARD NATIONAL AMERICAN CLUB.?A PUB J.VI lie met- lug of this club will be held this (Tuesday) evening, October 18. at 7J4 o'riock, at O. C. Dean's, Capital corner or Grand and Earex streets. Tbe meeting will be ad oreaeed by Mr. Andrews and others. Singing by Mr. Eraser. All favorable to the suytess at the American ticket, are in vited 10 attend. A. B. BAKER. Preddent. C. Cabsor. Secretory. II1 Ith ward assemblydeleoation.-aocordino L to the ? all of the regular Democratic General ComtnUiee. convened et Tammany Hall, the above delegation vint on Mon day e renin,' at Union Hall, comer of Fourth street aud avenue C, for the purpose of uomlnattug an Assemblyman for the Ninth Assembly district. Mr. WII.L1AM PULLIS having re eel red the unanimous vole of the delegation, was declared the regular nominee of the democracy pf thla district for Atscm b'yman. Signed, John Petti', t'lialrman, John Mnrdock, Secretory. Hiram E ngle, William liogue, WtlJUm La-juers, John O'Netl, Washington Engle. 1 OTH WARD?THIRTY FOURTH COUNCIL DISTRICT. AO ?1 he German and Irish citizens of the above district will meet at Leigbter's Hotel, 31 Ridge street, oil Tuesday ?vetiiDg. Oct. 16, at 714 o'clock. OfyrH council dihtrict.-fok councilman, ABRAHAM L. BREWER. It having been currently dreamed by some few In Ihe above dlsirin uiai I Intended to withdraw my name as a candidate for Cnunri.ijisn, I w Ish to Inform my frteuda tha, I do not intend to withdraw, and place myself before the voters of the district. ABRAHAM L. BREWER. 501 JTH COUNCIL DISTRICT, SEVENTEENTH WARD - J At a or the democratic republican electors of the 50th Csunc-tl dtetiiot, held at the bouse of Tliomas Kane, 152avenue A, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9, Mlcluiel Mmllli was unanimously nominated for the oillce of Councilman for the 501 b Council district. JOHN McLARNKY, Chairman. Bermakd Kias.tR, Secretary. AT A MEETING OF THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Nominating Committee of the Twenty second ward held ai 'he bouse ot fc. C. H. Stork, comer of Fifty-fourth street and Seventh avenue, on Monday evening, the lAtb inst., PETER MAST KKSON was unanimously nomlzaied for Alderman. The meeting then adjourned to Wednesday evening, h^ the pin pose ot completing their charter ticket. WILLIAM J. SEWART, Chairman. Janrs A. McCormxm, Jons S. Mat..nils. t Secretaries. ATA MEETING OF THE NATIONAL UNION DEMO eratlc Cenventlrm of the First Council dlslrlt"of the Kir.,' w.h! held on Monday evening, l.?i li, a' Mr M.< ti-f! Netiry'i 21 Moue street, John Fay, Esq., was raliod to the rbalr, aim Mr. John H. WlUUm* appointed Secretary. The ob ject of the meeting of the convention being staled by tin! chairman, MICHAEL DOR AN, Jr., Esq., was proposed as a candidate for the district, and received the unanimous nnmlna Uon for Councilman JOHN KAY, t'halrmau. Jobs H. Willums, Secretary. FM'iK SENATOR, THOMAS J. MUNDAY.-AT AN adpum.ed meeting of the Sixth Senatorial dMrict eon wi.tion, held at Unpin Hotel, on Saturday evening, IViober It, tN'.n. lion. TilOS. J. MLNDAY was iwanlmously nomt aated for stair -enator. On mo ton, the following committee was appointed to unite with the democracy in making arrange men;* tor a grand ratification meeting to lecure the election of Thomas J. Muinlay, the fearless opponent of the proscrlptlve Know Nothings aud Maine law fanatlca in the Anaembly last winter:? lltli ward. Wm. Cummlng*, Simeon Decker; litth, Michael Man ay, Pair irk Magann; ISUt, Daniel W Norrla, Ebtnthori Thome; I nth. Samuel Osgood, James Gregory; 1Mb, John B. Motes. Ilenrv Matthews; I9ib, Terence Farley, Gregory Con nor; 20th, Nelson J Waterbury, Peter Rtily; 21 *t, Am imse I.. Finney, George Iiennlaon; 2id. John II. Rotdnson, Dentils t. Root. JOHN IIOEY, t.'halrm.iu Gni.oorr Co.vyoit, I Secretaries Jo.-LrB I>. Srxwaat, (Tammany Hall. The above committee will meet at Hubbard McCoy's, rorner Thirty set oad street and Fourth avenue, next Wednesday. 0 ? tnoer 17, at 7>? '*? M., to ant tn conjunction with a similar com mittee from Stnyveeant Institute, vt/:? llth ward, Joon llougbklrk, Andrew J. Smith: 12tb, J<ihn Moore An tree Smith; 1Mb, John (lllttore, Elijah Fisher . l?Lb, John ' hffery, Cooeklln bharpc, lSih, F. W. Birdcall, H. P. Rus sell; 101b. Trot. McHpeddnn. John Harvey; 30th, Wm. Joyce, Darling. llid, John F. Ilrodertck, M. J. D. McGlynn Sid. Miciiael Tracer, wm. A. Turnnre. THOS. Mc'.-tPEDDON, Chairman. J'-ns < trvenr. I Hecretarlea. Ei ij hi Kisme. (Siuyvesant Institute Punctual aieuuancc It requested. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE TOR HTKKKT COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. COX. "KTOTICE?THE DEMOCRATS OP THF. TWENTY AN see ind ward will hold a mass meeting at the bouse of James i>? Inner, No. IBS West Fort) si tin street, between Tenth ar.d Eleven h svenuee, on Wedoeeds" evening, Oct. 17, at 7 o'elork. By order of JAMES BROWN, President, Rouen Mi UxnvoTT, Seeretary. Hrue Mrnn?T. Corresponding Secretary. John D. Dtlt*. Treasurer. MKW PI BIsU AT10\?. -RXIRR'tP FOR THE AMERICAN POETS. JM. AMERICAN REJECTED ADDRESSES. How First rnblitbed from Original Manuscripts. OOHTIFT1 : Line- written at Chicago by F. G II Addi-r-s to a Hookworm. by W < H Bkmrr , eta?a Hexameter Romance by It W I, To s TsdpMe by O. W. II Rniportum Versee. New Tort by o. E. I). The Unseen .-????? by R W E. The Spirit Rappers to their Medtnm by J R. L. The i rorkerv Matter* by T H R To Cerltr hy O L The Snog of the Blacksmith .hy J. O W. The Poet In the East by H. T. The hong of the Steamer by J. G. S. Barbara ki'en by N. p. W A Wall Street Fclogue by T. W P The A u>ei ,i an Congress ? by G. W B An Indignation Meeting by 'he ' -ompanv. Tin- al? ve work was not published for the exclusive hene# of the poets, but .oetdenially tor the amusement of thorn who Jove to "hnga and grow (bt." 1 vol. 12mo. Prteefl, J. C. DERBY, PuttUahWr. Ne lib N?w?u streer. V "H. K ?THE MEMBERS OF THE PROTECTION AN Vo ?,:, -e'f are reqorwad ?<> attend a aaewtng on Tues Wer evrslng. o- teber IS. at 7*4 o'clock to make arrangements to feed lie tuaerai ? our "ate *?*? la, a. I Mettossm By sir lei rg C. (PtvMNoR, Capmltt M 'tonsgftg, O B. CITY POLITICS. DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS. HALF SHELL GENERAL COMMITTEE. This body met last night at St. John'. Ball, corner of Bowery and Lelancey atreet; John H. William* in the chair; the usual secretaries officiating. Pursuant to reaolution, the Chair apixiinted the following commit tee CcmptMet vn Otresponditur?D. 0. Croly, Fftli ward; John (i. Feely, Seventh ward; A. B. KollUu, Eleventh ward; C. 11. Crahain, Fifteenth ward; J. T. Sweet, Twen ty -second ward. i'rinling Cumwittrr?Wm. L. Wiley, First Ward, G. H. Clark, Tenth ward; Wedey Bunt, Thirteeuth ward; Charles Miller, Ninth ward; R. F. Car man, Twelfth ward. Mr. Wm. Cornm, of the Ninth ward, proposed the fol lowing, which was adopted:? Whereas, it la conceded that for a number of year , past the present system of primary election baa failed to lulfll die legl tlruatc purposes (or which it was organized, viz.. to give a fair and honest expression of the majority hi the election of gene ral and want committee" and delegates to th* varkm . noin: ntr'ing convention*, and whereas aim* otli?r mode of con dnetlng those elections la necesaary tor the purpose ot doing sway with the disgraceful scenes enacted at the polls ot the electloitK of the present pttmary system, as welt as to receive tlie iHiic'lon otu moral community; therefore Resolved, That a committee of seven persons he appointed from this body, for the purpose of originating mm* unw sys tem ot primary election, wliereby the difficulties that at present ext-t may be obviated, and some more etllclent method pre settled lor the consideration of the democratic party. Am. Cotton. A. Clark, Dan. E. Sickles, Thoe. McSped den, 'John Cuffray, John U. William* ami D. G. Croly were appointed a committee to sugge ,t an improved ays tem of primary elections. One David G. Croly, from the special committee on a state ticket, made the following report, which was unani mously adopted:? Tlie special i ommtttee appointed at Ute last meeting of the Democratic Republican C it ion General Committee, toconslder die best ineiins of concentrating the democratic rote of the Slate lit Iji voc of one ticket for stale ofllcos. hare the honor to report: 'I hat on the day following their appointment, the tw o convention- representing the opponents ot the act known a* the Maine Liquor Luw, being then In session at Syracuse, nailed In adopting u State ticket, composed entirely ol candi dates tictore nominated for the same otltces by the democratic. Conventions of the -M and 2lMli August; that the course adopted by the anil-Maine law conveutions in the for .nation of their ticket, aclrcttng candidates equally from those already pre seated by the hard snd soft democratic conventions rupee ilvt-ly. Is believed to be in accordance w ith the views of the I'nlon democracy of tbls city, as It certainly corresponds wlilt Ibe resolution adopted by the Union Democratic Oo?ty Contention of New York, In relerence to the nomination of local candidates. It-is obvious thai the only chance now left of combining the democratic vote of the Stale upon one ticket is In the general co-opcratlou of the hard and soft tkctlona In support of those of their noinluee* who have been selected by the opponents of the Maine law. They are all democrats. If we have any dllfeernces of opin ion with cllber of the gentlemen who hare been preferred. It I* believed their differences are not upon essential questions. These candidate* all stand upon the ground of non Intervention by Congress with the question of slavery In die Territories, which is (he doctrine of the whole democratic party of this Siste, now and for the future; they are opposed to making re ligious belief or place of birth testa of political right*; they are hostile to the Maine law; and they are engaged, in common with Ibe whole democracy. In a struggle against the black re publican fusion party of Mr. Seward and Mr. King. Tlie State run be saved to tlie democratic cause, to the constitution ami lo the Union, If all those who oppose the coalition or our enemies will unite against them. If, howrver, the democratic forces remain divided In three i-olutnus, beyond supporting distance of each other, ihe mongrel hut unite 1 bost ot fanatics led by Seward, will defeat tliem In detail ; and although representing but a minority of the popular vote, he will thus secure the vast moral power of the Empire State In bis war upon the South and the Union. With tho democratic party united, abolitionism, Know NothJnrtsm, or any other ism, ran never command a majority, but gs> lung as wc re main divided, as divided we are now, upon mere question* of organization uiul Presidential preferencet, we ? ,i'Ke part l:i tlie contest pow erless for any result except to connive at the sue rets of one or tho other of our enemies?Ihe black republican* or ihe Know Nothings. Lei all good democrats In lite hard and soft organizations bear in tniud that tilings hare greatly changed since their respective Stale conventions assembled. When tint bardrotivcntlou nominated luticket, they were selected to unl'r with the softs, Ill-cause the latter organization contained a great many abolltlouls's. Now these have left tlie soft ot gatilza linn and gone over to the republicans and Mr. Seward. Since the Soft Convention met. A to.den has taken plaee between tne Seward whitesmith* aboil linn lata In the dcmotri'-ir partv. This fnsion lias relieved the democratic party of an aniAgonfs Ileal und Incongruous element within Its own ranks, and has at Ihe same time driven thousands of constitutional wltlgs "out of bouse and home," politically speaking. Tlie result Is that the soil organization must become as national as the ti.irds, snd both can now be united, and form, as In 1802, a hemogc ueuu* and triumphant party. The whlgs, deserted by Mr. Seward, and indignant at his attempt to hand ibem over to Ihe aholltionlfls, will eagerly joio the democratic partv lu lb. present struggle. The great practical difficulty, In this sec Con ol the State, Is, what Is a mm to do who wants to make Ids vole tell against the abolitionists and the Know Nothings ? 1* tt best lo t ote the soil ticket or the slave ticket? In some :< 'alines like Kings county, the hards are the stronger. In ruber*, like New York, and the counties in Uie Interior, the softs have the advantage. The only aure and practicable way of getting nut of this dilemma is to vote a anion ticket, com Bed of grod men selected from both sides. Huch a ticket open presented by an Independent body, without the Intervention of either of the democratic orgs ntzatlooa. Roth ran adopt it wt bout making om isr rassing concessions U> each other, provided those candidates nominated by the sod and hard convention*, who have been left off Ihe union tlcke', are willing to withdraw from Ibe llcld. In order lo secure a democratic victory. The demo cracy will not fall to appreciate and remember those who shall make this sarrlice to the can e. Your committee accordingly recommend the adoption of Ibe following candidates for Slate officers:? Judges of Court of Apjieala?Igtog term.. Samuel Selilen. Kb>rt t*rin...Nicholas Hill. Secretary of State Aaron Ward. Comptroller Isrmuel Htetaon. Treaaurer Joseph M. I.yon. Attorney Uencral Samuel Tilden. S'ate Engineer fohn I). Fav. canal Commissioner Frederick Follstt Stale Prison Inspector Patrick II Agan. u* earnestly appeal to the democratic voters of Uit* city, and ol every cour.ty, to cooperate with the Union democracy ol New York, In ottr efforts to rally the democracy of the whole Stale tor the coming contest, as one parly. U|*m a national plaifotm ami In support of one and the same ticket. The following resolution Is respectfully submitted for tlie consideration of the I'nlon General Committee:? Resolved, That the lorcgolng report and the ilou* therein be adopted, and that copies thereof be transmitted to the two Democratic It. public >n State Committees and to the Iwo Democratic Republican General Committees of tills city, duly auilien'.lcated by the officers of this organization, and that the said several committers be respectfully Invited to take -uch action In the premise* as. In their judgment, may best conduce to the union and success of Uie democracy lu the approaching election After the adoption of the above report ^thc committee adjourned to meet again on Friday* evening next. WHIG MOVEMENTS. EKJIITII WAHD WIIIO TICKET. Tli* Whig Convention of the Kicchtli ward me*. at the tmiifr ?f Broome and Mercer atreeta, at the Mercer Home, for the purpose of selecting a ward ticket, A. II. 8t on ten burgh. President, and W. Mnmyponny Necretu rv. It had boon pr'* timed by moat of the third house? the lobby?that lor the purpose of carrying the ward they should unite with the Americana, but different coun sels pi t-vuiled. Tie ticket numinate<l was as follows:? 1 or Alderman?Wm. Tucker. Councilman??Seventeenth district, Jacob Cornwall; l igliteenth do., Wm. Hllyard Nineteenth do . Wm. Bogert. Twentieth do., lAslyaid K. Avery. Assessor?Andrew Bleakly. Constables?W. II. Jonea. Wm. M oney Shool Commissioner?Uiphalet Boot man. Truatee?A. M. I Scott, J. K. Miller. In spector?Charles Dyer. KNOW NOTHING MOVEMENTS. MEETING or THE AMERICAN NATIONAL CLUB?THE AMERICAN PAKTV UP ANI) ImiiNU ? PRESENT A THIN OF A BANNER?HPKBCHKN, ETC. laat evening. the members of the American party turned out aoinewliat formidably a', their head quarters. National Hall, Canal street. The occaaion. besides being intended for gratulationa general and indefinite aa Car as deemed advisable from prospective appearances of the party, as at previous meetings poesessed additional fea tures of unusual and attractive interest. Besides pre liminary prt'parath ns to be entered into for the grand mass meeting announced for neat Wednesday evening, a tanner preren'atlon waa to be made to the club by the Combines) candidate of tb? pnrty upon th>-pre-?nt city and county ticket, Aa la-fore intimated a great rush waa the consequence, t or upwards of an hour lief,ire the time <ieeigna'ed for the meeting to open, the hall was densely filled The crowd was comprised m iinly of young n.en. and judging from the vigor with whi h they drew their segars. most redoubtable specimens of Voung Ameri ca. The ne .m albeit upon the fourth floor and of remarkably humble celling, allowed upon Its walls and posts a profusion of placards of the coming tnaae meeting and the larger printa of the Ntate and city tl kets The banner of which the presentation waa to be made, hung suspended above the middle i?| the room, fronting the President'# seat. At 8 o'clock the President, Mr. It. Van Riper, calld the meeting to order, which was imm<diate|y se conded by a unanimous dolling of bats and throwing away of segars. Imitation was at once tendered hv the '"hairmsn to all parties present not having enrolled tbamaelves as members of the e ab. to s'ep foraged to the Secretary's desk and sign tbelr names. Some fifty or more affixed their bands? retaining meanwhile their son's? to the constitution which being completed, the -ecretary pro. reeded to read over the varioua wards in which subordi nate club* bad not been organised In all in which va cancies were announce.!, the president instructed those present from such wards, to form themselves into clubs at once, and report Ibemselves duly organise! at the next meeting. Thle eompleted. cries lor Andrews fob lowed from the ernad The Pmbbew stated that Mr. Andrews was to present the baaaer. wttm fee aoaM aildreas them. Chauvv BfRM waa thereupon called for, and in r?? l oase to the reiterated calls, came forward. Mr. K. W. Andrews was IntroducsM. and in a neat and appropriate -p-sch made forma) presentation of be banner given the tiub by the allied candidates of tha American party upon the city and county ti. kel lis Spies at the foundation of this organisation?the r assumed to threaten the I nion from the conM? growth of the f'i-i ign ?l?ni< nt in ? u m'dst. *rvl tl ?? redeeming Influence at work through the American party, " * * " * ilnwn bjd formed the swEjects severally ton h?d upon, lnghe was warmly applauded. The PacirsLVT, in accepting the banner in elnh, followed with a similar recital of Dielr pi , alms, during the reettal of which he was Interrupted with plaudits of the highest appreciation. Tie banner was a very tatty pier ? ?f workmanship. It was made of bine ?,lk and refloat fririg 1. <in one side appeared tfce p.nw of'be elab With the i?te of its tffjn* tiou, the same being inscribed upon the actional coat or ?rant. Opposite wan a design in which tat mixed up Washington, the leaders ot liberty, and the following verse of patriotic poetry :? Leader* may fader and defenders fail. The veteran may betray, the champion quail; Yet above the strife of mingling polices, The people a heart mUU throbs wttn '73 Subsequent to the presentation a song was given by Mr. G. G. Fchaffer, of which the following versa is u specie ineu Bn' .lohny did rout, With wife eon and (laughter. They threw the tes all abou'. At d then threw It In (lie water Jobny Utiil then del roar. And sent hi* troop* hearty. To land upon our snore, . And lick that great tea parly. Ofcoru-:?Too ral loo, too ral loo, Ti ri, U rt, rum boo noodle, Tweedie de, tneedle do, tneedle doo, Yankee doodle, doodle. The song was vocilerously applauded, wheu attempts were made, but ineffectually, t> draw out some speakers. Hie ( haii man announced the order of proceeding upon the night of the mass met ting, (Afrging all to be in their place, and ready to march timer this eew baauer. 'the marshals were instructed to furnish their own horses, .he meeting udjoutned. REFORM MOVEMENTS. MUNICIPAL KIU'OKM NOMINATIONS?ANOTHER TICKET IN THE FIELD. The municipal reformers of this city assembled last night at the New York University for the purpose of nominating a ticket to he supported by them in the coming election. The attendance w.s targe and enthu elastic Mr. I'eter Cooper occupying the chair. The following ticket was finally settled upon:? Comptroller Aiariah C. Elagg. County Clerk Dotigli.-s Letting well. Sheriff James C. Wtllett. Governor of Alms House William K. Haverrayer. Com. of Repairs and Supplies. Joseph Sootliworth. Counsel to Corporation lsiren/o U. Shepord. City Inspector John It. Grlocom. Coroners K. U. Cannery, " Alanson S. Jones, " Fred. W. I'erry, " llieronytnns N. WllUeltn. Judge of t-'upreme Court James X. Whiting. Judge of Sui-eriur Court Murray Hoffman. ? " " lewis II. Woodruff. Judge of Common I'leas Cambridge living .ton. Judge of Marine Court Charles K. IUrdsall. The above ticket was adopted with grout unanimity, with the (xception of the candidates for Judge of the Supreme Court, James It. Whiting and E. 1'. Cowlcq who both hud their friends In the convention, the convention adjourned at 11 o'clock. EIOIITH WARD REFORMER*. The reformers in one or two of the wards last night showed some" small signs of vitality. Tlie Eighth Ward Association met at the St. Nicholas Hotel at 8 o'clock, Henry Krlien in Die chair, aud Andrea Warner, acting as secretary. Wm. H. Armstrong offered a preamblo and series ot resolutions endorsing the course of the present Alderman, Wm. Tucker, in the Board for the past two years, lauding him for the faithful performsnce of his duty, and ending by renominating him again for Alder man. The resolutions were adopted and. a committee aj pi iuted to wait on Aldeiman Tucker and tender him the nomination. TWENTY-FIUHT WARD KKFOKMEItft. The Mnnlcidul Reform Committee of this wards, met at Thompson'a, Fourth avenue, near Twenty-seventh street. Alter considerable discussion in regard to the various no minees in the ward, John Webber was nominated as Councilman for the 1 ifty-fourth district, and f'hailesll. Haswcll lor the Fifty-tilth district. Mr. Webber had pre viously been nominated by the whigs and Mr. Haswellby the hard democrats. DECLENSION. CoitojiKR'a Ulrica, B7 CttA'tima .jtb-t, ? Naw York, October 16. 1S96. ( To M*. J a mac (i. BbNMcrr? Nt? My name having been published in your exten sively circulated paper as an independent candidate for one ot the Coronet s to be elected this fall, I most res pectfully decline. My frieuds will pay no attention to any but the regular democratic republican ticket fort do not approve of any other. 1-AAC CJCKKFAtlt. Brooklyn City Politic*. DEMOCRATIC CITY CONVENTION. The democratic city convention of candidates for City Ji.dge, (as Judge Culver's title to the benches not co&aid ered legal by some parties,) and Justices of the 1'eace. me at P. Mocney'a Hotel, corner of York and Pearl streets, yesterday afternoon. After organizing, the convention adjouintd till Thursday afternoon, at the same place, deeming it advisable to await the action of the Common Council in regard to the Justices before plaring candl dntee In nomination. KEFUDLICAN COUNTY NOMINATION. The Republican Convention met in tTinton stre-t last evening, to complete their county ticket. The proceed logs were not very harmonious. Ttu,mas W. Fields, dem., received the nomination for Register. Tin mas R. Mercein, whig was nominated f.r County Clerk. William C. Hammond, Jr., dem., was nominat-d for County Judge. Mr. Fields then declined the nomination of Register on the ground that lie was a Know Nothing His resigns ttoii was aerepted, and Thomas R. Mereeia's nomination for County Clerk was reconsidered, and he was nominated for Register. Mr. Jared W. Sparks was then proposed for County Clerk, which raised a spirited discussion, some of the de legates not considering him a sound republican. Amid great confusion and personal debate between the dele gates, a committee or five was appointed to wa't upon him, and ascertain whether he was a good republican, and not a Know Nothing. The convention then adjourn ed till Wednesday night next. City InMll^jfiirfi A BOW AT THE WRECK OF THE JOvKril W A1.KKB Con ulerahli- evcilement wan Created about thia wreck jeaterday, which *u at one time expectr-d to nnult ?? riotmly but which ultimate*) only in the 'larking of one of the panic* engaged. The facta, a? near aa we 3?.ulil gather, are aa follow*?It aeema that Walter R. Jooea, the contractor, alleged tliat hlf aub-conlraotora Meeara. Hedge and ftarnea, were not expediting the work aa fa?t a* tliey had agreed to, ?, Mr. Jonea determined to ourt them, and place there <nui otbera more to hia ti lling. Tlioae indefatigable gentlemen were, however, uo willing to be f lilted, and Mr. Ilarnea (arched hiuiaelf on the bow "I the veeael, and placidly I eiking around on the an Imitated pile aremed to any " I am monarch of all 1 -urtay." failing to dialodgi him by poranaaive roeana Jonea had recourae to Captain IHtchett, of the f ourth ward police, who aaa unwilling to recngnire hia authori ty. lie ?a*, howi ver, more ?ncce*?ful wi'ii the Mayor, who forthwith ordered a poaae of p< ;tce to proceed to the ?pot and remove thia aecon 1 "contumaci'iua" Mr. Harnea. After aome parleying, the police ruaheil bravely in anil >eiied Mr. Harnea, with the intent to forcibly eject htm hut that gentUman waa not to 1>* ao eaaily taken, and ? bowed light. In hla anxiety to e-cape. however, h" ac cidentally fell in n the water, and would ha-a been drowmd, had It not been for the byaUndera, who re? cued him. Hia ardor being rrniewha' dampened liy the operation, ti e Jonea party were enabled to take niaac. 'Ion. for the time being, aa Meeara. liodge and Ilarnea vow that they will have i.*lre?a if there ar<- any teapon tlble partiea concerned in their dl dodgement. Mil itaiiv IxVKTtOff lure ?Veater tay the Jd and T1 ?t Regiment* proceeded to Hamilton "juare, on their an nual Inapectlon parad.e It w*? expected that the whole Second dlviaion would be out, but owing to * me rnia underatanding only the above named compamea male their appearance, lhe Inflection proved *atl*faiCtory 'o all concerned, iliigmdier iteneral Hplcer reviewed the troop* and (apt. Harrow, In the absence of the Colonel, otlii laied an Commandant of the ad Ma, roent. The two K-gimenta after irano- ivtlng for a time, re urned to tbe city aliout 6 o'clock. hi own Dr..?TM at a Taeoei Kxcv wain- ?The Sanaa n iiuarda, ('apt. Whalen. numbering thirty murketa. pa tuded to Hoboken yeaterdey. and contended fur lifte- n prize- Mr. John Mrilowan who delivered th?m to the >.urre*aful competitor*, fell dead -uddenly alter h tving done no. 1 he body waa n moved to thla cfty, where an ioijueat will be held on It to-day. Police Intelligence. AM Al.liglLMAN Hg.ATKN ON IIIH OWN PRKMlREg. John Sullivan Waa brought lefore JuaWae ' onnoily yea terday morning, charged with aaeault end battery u|-oo Alderman Haird, of tbe f ourth ward. Ttie complainant ailagea lhat Helltvan canv Into hla U'p.ior "tore, on the corner of (filter and Oak atreete, and being aomewbat noiay and ?< uarreWomc wi< re>|<ie*md by tbe alderman to makehimaaM acaree, Ttda Mr. Haiti van atoutly refu*ed to do, and without any regard whatever (or the dignity of the proprietor of the place, comnwrn wl an unprovoked aannilt upon the elty lather. NnlUven. It la ehaig"d brought bla handa to bear with a great leal of dffct upon the tace of the warthy alderman, and I* tore he onuld ba ia ?Inced to abetain from thia mode of muacular ever ae left Mr Ratrd'u (ace in a very llafignrwl condition. Tbe pri'ooer waa committed lor trial beiore 'he 'onrt at .-pai lal f eeakina A POLICBM ?N IN A TIOHT PLACR. Aa vlMt Cowan, of the f'lret ward, waa eiUNg aa arraet of a di?orderly character on Sunday night be waa attacked at the eoraer of Waehington atrwet awl Mattery place by aome friende of the prleoner. who gave bim a

eeveve drubbing, awl would no doubt have toe wle>: in rewcuing hla nrUHroer hum him had not the timely arrival of aome of hia hr<ithev oRcer* defeated the aaaai lanta. 'me or two pr iconera were made, who were ciiumitied lur tiial by Juatlee Cowwliy. ?LiaaTLT rcNCTrafD. fm Mondey night two mew. aamed f raada f ml'V awl Richard Harry, Wean embroiled in a difficulty la ( eatrv afreet, near Crawl, revolting la the Utter receiving a ??vere puaetorv la th?- br*a?t wvb a pen kin* flaMy waa irre-ted a ad taken before Jutttw (A ? .*$ at the t mi Market I'oRce Court, where he wa. ("J! "eg to: tjHai t shvrff of a* a it kOi ba'> ) MORE RAILROAD CATASTROPHES. Diabolical Outrage on the Harlem Road?An Engineer and Fireman Inetnntljr Killed? A Milk Agent Fatallyr Womnded?Accident on the Erie Railroad- Death of an Ohio Drover, Ik1-, die. THE n 18 ART EH ON THK HAUL EH RAILROAD. Some lieadu in human ahape, .uppoeed to hare been recently discharged from tiie employ of the Harlem Rail road, nu Sunday night placed a length of iron T rail, about eighteen tret long, aero*. the track., half a mile abuse the WUUarn.biidge atation, eo that the milk train, on it. way to the city at 12% o'clock yeeterday morning ran against the obatiuction at fall speed, killing the en gineer and fireman. Itaru.y and I'attick Roake, and ren deriug almost a complete wreck the locomotive, ten der aud one luggage car, whilst a number of freight ear. wer< badly broken. ? 11)0 locomotive in passing over the rail, broke it in two, urn! dragged one of the piece*, about eleven fee ong, for o eoucidrratle distance, ploughing up the ground in lt? piogjoe*. The cow catcher aleo tore up the emit or UP t,sct. *??'? finally eapeised en the aide of the embankment, .?4 the connection between the engine and si; sssR. srjrsst^rszs, tc braU.s The l?ed* of both w ro literall/ Juuhid to UfM h *T DelthBr uru'"m ??Te been blen lilu? ? *}"*"*,?l?R feeture, the bruin* of Hernet Mcunil'i r?Wl where the ctUutrofhe Coroner Wm IT Lawrence or Youkers, befog notified r--mrtHL ""T'1" "P?l'*d to theepot. un i ?^^ Ther . ' 1"?.' u.O" the bodice of the de to in^Ugatcthc S0-1 ""rH"U" *? Juror. T. J. Dejnney, foremen; Duaiel Tier, Jacob H Vurlnn JMPb Sdve* lie ? n'"|ine,<H".Urr Ka,rit>?t'o. ami doeed ^ following testimony va? the, ad I'eter Mi,her. Iwing sworn, identified the watrh and chriin a* thi ne worn by Harney itoale. Artlwaa Whjllock depoaed a* loUow'a?I am conductor of the t.ain: 1 hate seen the bodies of the twin m- 1 virus dead here: I know Ihem to be the bodlc* o! jl^rneTito^ and latrick Roake; I knew theu. botli weil in life Barnev *,!?,/,? ?ud Patrick w i* the flrem .n of the en ftaUreed'th *E? V'f "* th" Sew Vul - "?'?"? Kiiliri ad louip nj j iuvo known liarney for two year* the Km'#11?, ^ "b"ul 1 bnv" '?"? ' 1"? i^ L ei t ,'^"g , B1 l'T''rJ, When running trom Dover I lain* to Now ^ork; ne left tmver IMains at 71" t?MnL u?n SuD,,laV ni?1"' l,n'1 White I'ltin* at ...Unlght 1 think it wan betw.-en 12:30 and 12:36 when the alcldent iiajiiH-ned our lime there wa* l'J: 1 f., we liad a clear track in, ,tl",?"*in?"rl'~? ?lwa,s been a careful and had mot with no accident prerioudy . the last train upwooM have bcen ftrlS 1*. M , aud down at n il, the bri' 1 k illi""he "l 1 i 7"*, tW? kh*rP ?hor' fl'lotles to ifiJt wo "truck anything if?i,,J: 'econd. Wowing I should flunk that the engineer reverted the engine; l remained in th bnggage car next to the engine until theotove tell over I | get out, and w lh a bucket cuinmenced putting out the Arc, when 1 got ft partly *u idued, 1 called the men to ?ee thn\rIJk ' -r th".tra,n u1"1 tend " weri the track J did not know but that the engine had gone on until i heard her blowing oil In the rear- t the,, lh re ?n| ""1 foun'1 ,be ?>?**?? were all there, and that the engineer and fireman were missing we found th em lying on the ground, on the Wl?t ?|,1(, the track on which we came down, they were both dead we then sent waning lights.out, both up and down the mad I then come down to the station and ordered an en ih'."tr* i?" , iJ went lack and it Kmu.T5.Vi' rrTT" ,K,Ul"" tn th" freight house V ? l"l??n?j>Hdge; there were come pMsongr.* In (he baggage train, hut none got hurt, the holies l^d not been ..moved until I got back; I writ back to ascertain Li .rKUrr ,* 1 f"?nd at or near the point where the engine first left the track, that on the we,t "We. frotn the imprcsMion left ln the ground, a bar of ri oTl ?? i f l>?*n removed f'om there ?inc.- the Ibta of "S*.'r" ?^r'T "PI""11? till", ou the otli.-r ld?. of the track, I fourwl part of a har of Iron which hail leen.ecently broken; it had the mark* as if struck hr he llarge* of tl.? wheeU where It lay last night an I \ r*" ^ he?0 left on the side ol the .end by the workmen engage.1 In repairing the track I examined the track where tho engine firm run off and wafrh keVr" ^ ta ?""? there'la no f?lC-h>*P*. ?? "l* r"*^i ' ?t the switches and *ta !o ? 1 ? *U . lh nk wp WPr" running from In l V. ri r m " 1,ouri ft l?d cleared up anil was then light, hnt a llttlo hary, from the attoear piece of Ur ZZ i.'T.ut rfl'htX-n fart'? m of a t*r i. from nftee,, ap|>earante of., and part of It an old hreak. Wm. ?(. rhuw being sworn, depose.l aa follows?I am milk agent for the \ew York and Harlem iuii.oad Con Ihe sTidd^nf l'ttr",n. !Bu,hu* '"OW ?W ?' the time f the ac< Ident 1 knew belh the per?o.,s now ,|sad when I.T.Dg: I recognize Harney Koake by his, and Xce* ."me C"Uii.n"t r,'c'*nl" ?'?'rick, his head r . 71 * Crushed so much; I examined the rails and found ttajt tho part where the wl.eel had go,,e over '.WnVlh* hr?*'-" rail <>< iron iXd on the f* . *. ,h<> tr,ck we were on ; It looked a* If a bar had U ely twen moved; th- mark wa* th- ground whe.e the rail had twwm removed from; I i.a/1 a Untern When I examined It, I heard a whUtl. blow, f.ur of tlmm two double whistles, very won attar 11,1s, the M InthlTiXm""1to put th. lire out in the lam*ge car; Hie stove I ail lalleu over and it was hat, I got a lamp and went out of the car ,nd i *? oo thn wu?t m<'? where the accident happened they appeared to me to be William Maher being -worn, said?I am a conductor In th employ of the Harlem Railroad Company, I am bo, ther-in law of Harney Hoake, | rerownlia Ida leetv h. was born in Ireland, and ?a- aiemt thirty.three ,eir, ol age. he hail a wile and thve.. chddran; be /eiSd at I*'? . , " I have heard the sUtenn-nl of Mr. Whit l'l *D<1 " to 1^ correct; I beard tho whistles down ?o fierce I stepped to the do ,r; 1 hel I a I'lUe un'il r'.t y.i"P"r "t"PI"nlt "id stepped out, when I f/,', ' bl?r'r:? 1 something was w rong from he fierce whlrtto. it wa. not naualtsTblow In that ' y unii-wi< in rAM of danger. 7Ll,'7s ",,'rr'-1 ? watchman and nigl.t M. v .? wm th\Srr v"'k"w< Ilarlem Railroad t^n ? 1 "...ployed there , r.d "n T ',Ut 1 ,,aT" "'"I'l-ye.! on the read gTVrffcur and a half yea. ; Patrick Mullen was rov , . *? Willi*uishridgi i kn?w , )u|T, ^ w,'hln ? wrek there have la-.-n .everal pe. sou- -lis K il , I'7 l ' within ti.e U.t three m ,nth*_ ,,1 .*"! J ,uk?"r h" " the repairs of this section ami ??ich*cI (ostiJIo, switchman on this station; I saw no >*r ?ot, going up the track from 7 o clod |? evening till latfhXa "li iTf** f'"* ' ftb' accident by my i Jl. . "" ''"W" "? the train I Ml K V I w? lr""" r*,n* t"irther, I -aw sparks Jurt like sparks from a blacksmith's forge lu.t ??. the serotid I heard the blow lo break np, I heard two very 2!div ??/wa thai they had got i ff the track. ' I.'! loV'f ?k f .wo n?I am rrgnl ma-te in the hli 'Xl . Y'"k ""1 IUfl",n Com,any, have s**ri the wreck of the engine D?w lyia, tfc\ i7^5k T*1#, * portion ol broken .ro? rail ?.,w a h ill ? ?"t-'>"f:he track I should Ju'tge It to lev. fi ,,*Te ?1**? broken by a )lo ewMilow. l looked for lh- other piece, ??,) found It r|.,-e ? the engiae, I should say seventy five les t frem wh,.,e Ihero to n'ahrh " ?lmi'Vhl bwfr",aUl^l'"D ,b* i?'f r*?'?'r*d a verdict cl?. .o ,i! T [?*7 IU^k* ?'"? ?"?trick Koake Tti t deaths hj accident on the New York I mit twelve avine?*1' *""????"?"*? -tats,.,' h-lf ? hat 11 T X? "n morning Hetoher 1Mb, hat he -aid accident occurred in W.n-e-,uenc# <4 -ona liare^ks fj^o'b* unknown U. the jury having ple.?l iprin the the track, with malicieo- intent a bar of rail . ad irr-B . and we do hereby ei. rwvale all |>er-ona In thi 22SWS.*" v"fk lUrl"n cVhl Ttn 'Ith* !9" ,tfUnu brought to the city l. .u s , " ~ ? ?? were orOTignt to Uie ?, .r ! ! 41 ,,kl" to awtt the wishes .4 thai, f. . u - - ? ?? tv# awn ia>' u?l>t to th#? pUu* til liitormtat. ^? While ezaninlng tte .hatlored locomotive, a. .he He. ? n XL# Htm t tr*rk and ma king inuttirint ra UUi? to tha ? oiguUr S? Do rset ?h|, h she h-d made In b-r prcltloo, uie b' r. machinist cart a knowing souls oo : approach**! ho reporter r: the same tlzae In'.uirln, whether he ?*) not recollect him. A momscts refte* tlon wa oA -ient t" rvcognlse h.m aa a format angtrt little fallow whotused to trip through the cara for th- purtsx ef .elliae |,|. f, orlle paper?the New Yo?? llmsia ?*</rnr? HRKicra acftramr bit tiik mallkm AilLIOiB Mr -ini'.n Mcftaba, th* mil* agar)'. ?ta'io?i*?l it lh? T?*nl} ?t*th itrMI and l> urti. It. n .? I'j.Im.! .U|ot oti IttrDlni that in a***i>)"nt ha A M'irttA 'a lh? mik train, whlrb haA >?ao Inn# 4na m tha ?'? laft >o U># .(.rial train. I r.*as>1li>g to Im aeon* -4 W(*>, ami got npon tbt t?p <4 tha can for th* |i?rp>*? < arfjuatlng tb* brll rop* v.r|rtih? hi? '.a?f' ?? p.#'' mm, h? alV.wwt hi* )>?*d lu ' "mm In rnn'sat with mm it t hrwtga* tn 'h* n?>fhboibua4 of Yuiilll. It* **? kimtM tern imt.?tm*i' n tb? t?p of a Mr, whara hi ?? toomA. afvl r* mr.rMi to tk* tit}' ami trail} tn "1 Itrtnl'i Itoapllal oodrr th* rar* of tb# "1*t#r? of tV?r!t} .a Ttitrl -aatti tlrMl, wbar* b* *?? lying '?*> ir in ? *tMi*a. (it* alios, a ptwe* "f bl akafl haTtag Imb iM>kH .a FATAL ACCIMMT TPOM T*f. KKIR ItlLUlll. Ad ar?wi*at .#?orr?) shoot 2 t. tlxek PswUt m' ' y n th' iri* a.1 *.na ? wt.'t Ar* m '? ??*! 4 Klmlra, n*ar f'aatatao Italian 'rot. aa Olpraaa t'aia r?S late a alack train wbkb r*anlto4 is tb* im'.U of a f 'T?T, fr'Bi liblrj, vbo saa rttarr. Af boat* ft n Nr* York, ami.rrara iajnrta* to aarara' othor? Tb* *?<i.'.*nt ' tn-wgr tortsaa**!} atumtal with bnt th# '?fa > t* might H *#*<?*, a* fa* a? t'.a a ? '??# m*at' I th* r?a4 btamaai to prmat b*** r??.W sat liaafraaAl} is Ua iMtratiaa of kaiua . -h Th# {*f.a Ait at !t'4vr? ?1>* M-ah tiva Bl. t* ?. the initial hrur hut lusts-ad of waiting the ai-ival ef the express train, thought It would proceed to Caidsteo sts tlun, and there switch off. The express train Ua<l the right of the road and was up to time The atock train meanwhile, though it ?? dark, and though going ahead waa out of place, had no light placed upon the lilodm most ear. The express train thus war not aware oft).a nearness of their approaeii to the rorward train uutii too lath to prevent running into it. fortunately, knowing that the atock train waa ahead, It waa sdvsn-tug at the | time at e cautious npeed, and thus prereuied inor" aerioua | consequences enautug than occurred. An it ?aa, the only damage sustained by the two trains war slight inju ry to the teat oar of the atock train. T)ie atock train ? aa unusually long, and had nearly entered the awitrh wh*n the expreaa train callie upon it. A signal had l>een sent out to atop the express train, but fur some reason failed to do ao. ACCIDBM ON THX NKW JKBAKY UAILUOAD. Eij/.AiivrniTOWN, Oct. lf>, lib. . A collision oacurred this afternoon on tlu- N'ew Jersey Railroad, near the depot, in thui pUoe, tietween a gravel and an iron train. Conductor fiennia waa l.a.liy injured, and others sustained so-ne i light hrulacx Ivoth the enginea wore crushed, and the trains were delayed two hours. Confirmation of rbildrrn In the Catholic Clxxarth of IN. Audrrw'x. The bad anient of f'oottr malign was i>erR?/nied in the Catlr.dir. church of H. Andrew 'a yesterday t>y Arch bishop Hughes. Between two and three hundred chll dreii teceived the sacrament besldei, shoot ti'ty or sixty gtown peraous, The little girls, of whom there were over twrohuudred, were neatly dressed iu white, and wore long (losing veil, which ext.Bled Mow the waist. The occasion was one of solemn latere-'. to th" e who parti clpiited lu the snuiui.t. All present seemed to t>e deeply impressed and the ceremonies were heard through out with the most earnest attention The Arrhtdshop entered the church about liaif pa-l nine, and ascending the step of the altar, after a brief prayer, mate a lew appropriate remarks to the children, explain ng Hie na ture and obligations of the sue: a me (it which they were about to receive. My dear children, aald he, I nee 1 hardly remind you that the sacraments are iu. tiluted by our bles.e.l I'.e. deemer, as the means of conveying grace to ur soul. This is tl e caae with the whole seven and two of lh"r? arc imparted but onre. The e are the aac:ametiU of baptism and confirmation. The -aine may be sail of Ilidy (trders, hut that Is not under consideration now. liy we are raised from death to spiritual lite, It is*a rncrument in which, undet outward tiles, our dlvlue Hedeetoer applie- to our souls the clean-log merits of his own death an I preclou ? lib ml. Tin nth rais 1 to life 1fv II. there are degrees of tile, and cou&riua'ioti is Instl tnted to make thst life complete, bv the perfection and filling up of the whole t'hrls'.ian character. lioth hap tisu. and continuation impress a seal upon the soul an I on that ar. ount are not to >>e repeated. <illi-r sera ments can he repeated, as penance and the receptionuf the Holy Kuchaiist, hot hapthm an t c. ritlriniliun once Imparted, are Imparted forevm. Ou this aoc unt It I important and it is neee> ?ry fur your understand Ing of it lhat you should come t" the a-" of reason liefore you rocelve I! : it Is re quislte that vou should srrlte at that degree for whlrh our bowsed Havlour ha tilts provided divine atreugth an I heavenly ligli' and gr:i e to riubie us todis charge the duties ol our Christian piofe* iuu. It is a great consolation to Know that p" on. who hare been ei ntlimed have hardly ever l>. eu l.n> wn I" (sll i-?ny from their religion, while those who have nnl tiaie been hi dueed to give up thrh faith and ihi pr i tier of Iheii re llgton. letushoje then, lur doar children (ha having tlfdgcd yourselves to-day to be fair .ful to j sir retlg m ur d to your church, you will persevere In your res dutimi to the end of your lite. 1 uu Lu .w that uur dliki" hits said, that "Whoever eoi.fe se- ! in before men, he willconft' s before hit lather; nn-t whoever d--iie? him beflire men be will deny them before his Kaihe.-." lie derstand. lien, the obligation til. sacrament Itupo-es, rid putting your trust In the j .vrr au<1 goodm- ?? of t'.ed, h rui your rem lution to 'lay to offer your-elre t,, hi .?r vice and to lie faithful from this time to tlir day of your death. Cod himself will impart to you tin gilt sol his holy si hit, and will g'atit y<u tho.'graces that) the knowlr ge nocesesry tndbtTriguuh Ipetween good and evil; that you should lie euabled to some to the deter mination of your own areord to lie the children and nor Virata oft iod and Miidieva of Christ, it is important that you should ireeive this srrameiif with a pro,si di.p.*i tion, snd an I udersta tiding of the natuie of the obllgu tlon? Imposid. There it no doubt that tin- grace of in.', which gives supernatural strength, an i which Is Impart ed in (lie sncrami Ills, is Iitrr.w y t.. enable you to dis charge yo'W duties towards (toil: fbr although p raced tion to dratli is not ktmwu iu this part hf the Catlmhc world, still theiv 'sa persecution g- lug on always, and the object of all these sacraments Is tu make you stead fast in jo or faith, to make you loyal to the uu e of your ?livlre .-svlour so that no calamity iu this life should tie deemed so great as deny lug your find by worJ or ac tion. It is therefore to strengthen n o against such dan grr> that li?d has instiluted this seciainent. Hi it you enlist umb-r the hannei of your ditiue M ister, and you must be true to It through life It is t great consols tii n to know In a manner agreeable to hiro the duties of a < latino. At the conclusion of his brie! sddrese to the children all who were to be confirmed came up to the railing ol Hie sanctuary and kneeling fa-fore the altar prcpne l themselves to rreelve the sacrament tu arrordan e with the forma presei llasl by the Catholic church, kaali chil l had a card on which tier or his uante was wiiiteo and whir ti was taken by one of lire ? fil iating c lergi men. who in rach ca-e tesd It aloud to tf.Airhbisbop before the child was continued fioofltinatioii. according to the Catholic explanation Is a sacrament, by which those who have teen tisptir -d ' re oeivc the l|i |y l.hnet by the prayer and iinposltion -if the hands of tile lilahop. in order to their Icing inadwsti .ng and perlec' * Int.'Ian* and vahnnl -uhfivrs of Jesus Christ. It i? eallnl cunlirmation from lis efje-t which is to rt otlrrn or strrngtln-n those that receivs II In the pro les.ion of the true laitli; to give them such courage and resolution as to lie willing rather to die than turn from It and to aim tliein In general agsifis' all their spiritual enemies." fhe forehead of the person lietng confirmed is anointed with a sacred oiiitioeut < otupoeed of nil of oU<es and balm offillead, which i? l.lrss?~l by the Arch bishop i n Maundy Thursday. The anoint ir o' is iwoile In ihe form < f a rroaa, to show that ttie vfitue of tins sa crament comes througb the merits of tb? sacrlflie of the ileuth of the .-aviour. At the close of the sa> rameal the Archbishop gave if h child a gentle blow -, t ? teach him that he unlit light manfully sgsinst all hi enemies, suffer patiently all kin )? ol affronts and in juiies for his faith and bear wl'li meekness all 'le crosses and trials for tha sake of tils laird and Master. About two hoars were ransomed In the eretii.<ny at the conclusion of which the riiildreo retired ia raguiar older from (he church. ' Martar A WW Ira TbabiigTrb. of yi?ri|?ii ~M) ton* llaearie. iua*tar (Pom Philadelphia, bound I" Bowing, with (Ml, nrr.iad nat?yr*'rr.!ny. On -inday l lib In ' it itumHA M ? h* wa? plepad up by 'apt l-lvard Jennloga, irr and hl> -aw, .ft brent -aamp. S.J . Ilml tm mile* aouth of llarnrga'. Pb* wa* abandoned ami m a ? Inking aondlttoa, bating barn la enlli*. u with KbwMf White n u'l. vkitb took off brr oBtc?r? ami erew ami br- ugbt tbrtn to tbia city on -uadty night i(< r at- < n ??? *t??? and rnrrled away aleo bar > inter and f| .aider from lb" laffrall and mot. ey rail down 'o ?. bin f'.u or fiml.*, of the wat< ? fro- *i? k# .,1 )itt wbral va< broken off. It *aa probably kn-.. k?*d off by tie atboonar't Jlbbonni tap am Jeoalog* and hi* tr.< n had juat turned out, tad fit fraoaaailariaf the beach, w Lor. they eapted bar drifting e|o,? on to tha her I hey *ara ? ..rnpelled to work with tbo grantee! relority In order V. an bar When boarded *ba ?a? " hundred bib'm* of thr bar an) bad boroly ?uFk?i?ot ? a r.e m to mill around in tfce . a*r llano* Jaat got ovt of their toga euro# ?d tha mow wor# but half clothed and 1l?y I ?d 'blog ? 'b tbem but tb*.r l*?i :?> in* obi < '*ta, A' . woro fcennI lying about th- ?? ?**! wlil. h, a* f?r a* ibry Ml toward* *- rriug Iktkbib number, half *' In ron.e utra* ir* to protect Ui*n frotn ?h raid lb* aail* an I r'ggu g of the raaavl rraaa <e-1 an damage llrr paper* and *Tory thief bah ngkng V. b?. ?. rrfrf' n hoar) Iving r.rarly aulvaorgod *l.*a board ? d and th* ?a*Li?g Inn. 'b* i'?t? I' r*'ju^rod U?* tm at m n*tanl and **?er# lab - at I bo pump* to re .*** bar and keep l.ef frae Her ??.m w?. temporarily re palml oltb at.T*. Che aio? In Mkcti'i ytoler'ay "0 'be Dal rry The f< .low r.g ar* UkO aamiw of tk- vraakaew oh ar nrrd in the Tm..* --Captain Mntl Jmu naa, I li >4 I'eorh M J Salban iv-nnett d-. Will .nan War ,b do Tboa. H. RamaII. Sew Vot * Jo* K Itlnk d dr. * n. hub, tbtanaa.lball an.. Ja-ab -n.ltb #f key prut M J, Any nf .ma't. a aanrrrnlag 'I* lei a an ba ?f piylnc to Me *rt Hlrd * beli" n r.y Wall *tr?ai Cat am era' Ingatat*. for sr. (warn ?Coroner flam Ma bekd an iminaat op*eo tha body of an aukm wo man aha wa- kntl ?lreaiwl at fort Wnahfafftoa r> -*irl ?? about b year* of >ge V?* #*e h. t .???? Imbo* h> be gbl an) had bran In tae water about tbrra m? elhe V*r )k?t, <?p p-eeddrowa n# fitti A<' iwt ?1' roue. IliUw krU an kkp-ert at tha M*W v rk HerpHe! apaw tba kady *d a aaltor named tt .Dam ? iter wb. -tied fr. ?? a fracture of lie* ba pr return 1 by ??!!''? beir**" Ike aaipa John J. Ibryd and ll.a.y < ?y '? tba IJtfc bkat lit eratdeat ar* urred at ,.4et ( rt!i rt?e T?4bt-?MldMM death. I? eaea waa Pi yann ad T and uaa a natira >' l.ngktad I rarv ?i (mow =??, ?Car-mar Milton hadd aa mfrat o|* t, tba b>- y d a -a.b^ aaaaad JrAtn D, Tomdor*, la1 ? y a' (a*bed to tha efcip Agnra, ?H waa f ewad dr- erd at ? re I*. l'l North near !?* ?? eA Wa* Van u.-e. rg tb* 1'db laai I >?..? war 3D yauri id ag* and ? > aat.' ? a'<.*'maay tr# rlket? drwth by dravomg Tk*(.WkktU XatM rr *ny? tbnt wnt ad tha Mt Cm lad ?tataw wi-'lrt* ka tVa haria * at bevpr e tvre.ty la ?dad da mn tha part tw w..?. :t w mm* "hat agan'e at tlwTk'tl'b peem. at bar* bora . *ttima-.tal I* Irntar nt 'Waa* ta*a t a. by o*a> ag .*?. e p-an jua t. > Mila '<**'} w?-'? fcr* ^ MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OK ALDEBMUr. Hi* Board inft U*t even* of?tUa I'reaiJrnt la tbe chair wits received and referred. thk soiKrn walif.k cask^mimoritt fticro?r? v>amavcB or ni* mayor. Alderman >4juaa proaentrd th?* following ? ol the apodal . offlmi'U* 10 Uivctigatr himI trp^t ajMiii the fecta relating ?-> the reu VJfi^t>f> W?lki?r, rc?prct/ulty report the row mjiui why lie cannot a .n*ni t?? ihni already wni'ii'i-d by a ma jortty Of Uf roromnp'f Rnhtuft referring to the far'that h* WJiS * J>r,VP^ **' Jf Ponunkf bi properly rtunine that re port before|lla i> the 4i?wir.t, tu Will coolRRt to *e!f b* tay it* tUt oti tm , \tu \ *ng pnaauU* bo fin*. h fo,. M lo differ aniln ,j fruul ,g- Urn commitir?. In muchthat u auted a? fA<t? tod altugethitr withlfo rtmctuaftona. an t?*r a* they rrfle . man . i,u.^f Jp m th# dun or actionol bu Horn rthe Ma - nrm thepr. QA||| I* annear ed tti evideiur belore the* ouiiniin * tW In April '??* rr|rirntrn t at'.out were made by reapertabl* i-ntbu.-u thai 'huwreak and i'n cargo were a nuiaauce, that not *>??! > w*. i.,r p^y an encumbrance greatly in ihc w?y .,( commerce but u*at the cargo, made up </grain ami other autautw ?? 'ben in a atatr of dtcoiiipiwltliui. wa? likely U> be eltrcmri> de jun>M*tal lo pub lie bra.tii upon the approach of warm weather the Mayor gave ie?uinouy before the *otnu>ttU*a to tin* elect, thai Uowa rrprrai-n'atloufl <omii?g from quarter* entitled iu<ou^ trvw Uonw apprared to Mm to call for action, lie tailed in Dm** >tuv arl of the (Vutpirollrr, who agreed with him In (he peer ? 41 y of the re mora) or ilie viwacl forth we h, and Mated that hr thought Ihc Mayor had (he power u> do ao In (he opinion of the ua dereigued, tbctc t? no doubt the power of tl*> Mayor la amptu to covw raaof tbu hind. without any auth< ntv by U?r Com faon Council or ihc Health CottiiiilXnurra Whedter viewed aa a eanPary n?MNi?f!pr or an obnUik iiOQ to commerce, ihrra inua< t e power Mating eomrwhere for anmmary action ta ra*c* of iiilakltul; and If no. In what department can ithr mace rafeJ) ciKi iieknl 'ha;* In ilial of the ch'ri rmuifr* officer of Rut cpy goiernmantt The prompt Actio a of the Mayor m (M* mo* l< r 1* In keeping wi.h toe wa In which hr ha dla targe i d?w dutlee of thd office fri ail rc?pr< ta lie lua not br?lU!ed u? Ual Mammai-fly with a!J ahugea: and In mnftrrw ad. Ung (lie p-iUliu heal h or aafet^ f.c ha? in all caara ??aiuurd the r <--p.>ri*4t#ilMf IIIm defennluaUon (o cauiec rhe r rnioral of UiU wreck la crwl (a'dc to !?tn devo'iori to tin* public weal, arid fnatead Rf '? ny tnad ? 'i ' I of HUlcril orHicimi iml uttfiir iAdwi tiorwi. la worthy oranplatt ? and approhaUoo llut adrnitfiRfR d iuM U) rwt*' fir. to the power of Uie Mayor to remorp tip# wreck UjI doubt I- erttirei? dlapeUod bf the nuh?equ.-rit actlaMi of tbt Ilcaltli ('cRimWvkiOrro That Hoard fully rudoraod ilf and hiatructfd the Mtfor take It out. l.otirra wee add mated t v Uc t?? w* vvral twrania who utehretiHel the auhyevA ol rat - inn Mihkrn ve#??la. from whom .aumate' were rree?rrd. aod the t outran t ,*warded to lbr low <-?t hWidci Ihc atatrmefit of the roa^ftl'y iepo. tb! a Mr Ham. * h?d c'terM to da fbn Job for Kt MiO la carrulaUwl ? tit la lead It ahotild be ?'a?ed (kit tin chtui.ato of Mi Harm referred to ho n i onun^rn'iuif mate, en' it iy drpernlrM upon arraniiemmta te he made wttb the corpora ion and the underwriter* He di t n f iaake a* r el una c ti ? he would reio.jtc lite vraacsl f?.r R'. ??) t.uih** dpi ??tlutate that he would do ar>for that mm pn-tiled h?* rowWl make aprclad etraiutetoerpx wtUi other p tri e TIm wta do It-, a! or pr per bid, and eould not he enter \ H?*#, ad muting It lo itavg 1 ran a clean and pro: r t ; 1 i? wra oat put . Ill tmUl ttfM th? aiucament 1 W'l been W is Mi J'Ntea (Her the date of the ld<t? and 'lie acceptau. ,,f tgr piopuwUoe of .f??rte , by 'he Mayor,* d t.j ihc r . ? tSr- in*,.*rttp of the I'ori.rfiltirr ) Ano? r 'alet tcttf lo h . .. p ?rt u equally uui'air and wphoo? fotmdallm , %1? Uuo o or. wa? p?M to d? ooi by Ihc t'ow.plrolU r ??? necouni ?.f th< ieoc*al beforw he had made any pM',4?ea-tow artM the f ilh'rnen of th-cow mmammam any imqa?i 'met on In |*arl TIkic ??' no rti:.-n e Uk ti be <?r? | committer. juaMfiifijf till no rm u? , hut, on ' c ?on'rare, k ; whn in ritdencr thai (ho pfocnroiiiritt of tiii'erial* and ?thm necc* .1 i? ciprnor/ to a large amount had I ecu a^.-ouM before lbr payment of mm ry to Jt? r? I' wu ? a condl ti. it oi the r?grecount that he (.hotild he paid a* tho workprcgM mcd, and the prrparation o! the ne e?ia<y m?ie rial wa" rt pari r?f the worg. Mid Indeed the no* cip. ualvw part. Hm dca nmpki arctirt'y had been gltmn l?> Jonr# l?r lbr return o' r.n> 0-onera advanced ti? him in r - of tadure w? rcmovr the wtm k and Wnec tit ere wa a no ha/ard In makM* l?aymr.fita ?-0 ac u?st. Another S afrirrnt, rqutli/ w'tlimiA | fruiudatioti. n Ua?t U>. Mayor eta led to die rouuiitttor that claa rn on wouid hart? a ? *im mi the owmar* of the Joaeyda I*r for reimhuriw-fnrnt, .il l whtr-tut in hi* ifgreamaRi h?h .lone" mk h cUirn had l.eru raUnpuahed The fact, a wtfl c . n by rrfetrnrr lo 'he 'eolnue, v and paper ? ae oropaoy ing the ii.aji rtty rwpwf t. la I hat though Hi* agrrernmt with J onra yl< 1. aiJ e.uiiu* u, on lbr part if the c.rj>ora'b.u to the ve?afi andcargo. M aaya uo hiug of any Halm againvt Uir owuwra wnalrrcr, The r. mm u ? appear in Irnr r jtiftmii4el ia otoorr* with the re??e| and ?arjto, which are ? oUrrti dhfiIORA I ?nd whhoul any connection Tbi r- la nothing In ihr agrrr mrnt with Joei' dial impair? the r*ahft ?.f M?r .. rfi irvuoq upRp t he owm r* of the aliip and cargo for full irlfitl*una ntRl for < very 'h ilar nianiM lit the racing and The law Rf i . - ail tig to we ntnovai of n niaaa ? t - * ?1? H tm i it. prothhH.e. requiring tor owner* ?? raai.?.od m ail ripmaRB i : ' ? r fi val It I tk' c?| bxt ii . ? und attwd thaa ? very dollar |?arl under thi? afrrrmaol ran and wUl hR I naitrrrd Ti c rcanlu'iou reportrd I ) Uw e???mr* will, if ad<q?t#d. hr of no forre or eftrct. The t'Afii|>trait*r I decline to pay the I at arc ?? dun doti?a under thu agrma hut the i'nrpotaHofi ?aroiot Uiu* rid i wlf of iu uaotoiy An agrr rim it w mvli ') i ? o porf m p >mmbm? ?t*? r ornpnent au'hor'ty, ai 1 who waa futly Jantiie-t in all bu art with rrfen tna maH i ?? ) Ha a for (tea | pay no tit of du- n? nr . which . an he ro:>c*??| mthoui dltffcmd | ty ? > ieu.i1 to the < ouria. Wbriber It t* prudrnt t*?r thr iJnr I or?t "o lo incur ?'i UUonal atprtiir in lata mRtfar, hy fRM ate r to the payment of n juat claim, eanno' a^lmlt of hut <mm 1 optuton. in 'he t?e<ifnuwHwUtkm to *???? f??r the reco*e y of vim coat of removing lbr wr?ck I concur full * Aa noun aithrd* rnand tan he l?i. aily made, whb hi* af? r the rrRiuealof iRor rcorl and pairro o 1 r?< the monay tfcrrrfor ?he t ounarl lo dan ('orpormth/fi cfit'iild nir (>>r l?a rrco .e ? h* cluikiu lb# wa der*lgt>rd ? annot omit ?o expri*** regi rt U*at the aptrh of (ha RMJorOy rri^ft had not he# n mnro lt? arttirdaaer wnh Uia rai .Irtior, and U*?t a iJImki iumi i* >hown to #en ore an ciergaRw and faithful ptibl'c ofth or for >nu of 'he many good acta wldfc wh*ch hU O'lminlat'-ath u )??* lhu? far beefl4Ullfl|m?)rrl. tl <>l whkh l* reaprcifur/ u'.nil'taeJ. corpora Walkt r ms r*r~** >* iiiimihotkt. A petition ea? rialrel for tha meet .1 nfin ?|M Irian .t?tne of Marhlnntou oppnelle ('.it pir. U atutue lie (? ufl< i-n fMt bl(h, U .1 ?r#4 on " ( tr.ieetal mill turrotandad by a railing Mi* umI to be A <00, already ?ub?' riled." '.ranted rw ' <n m 1 iiu jnrr ?? auka, H7 ? n u m/amm ? or MM Alderman Kmr ro?e lo a ?(ueet n .,f prlrilege A ?laNifOt had teen made tin oilier weening t,y a member '?I ? Ibml 'In' 'hi- tinin'r Qavfc IMUlUh Ha lia.l made In.inlry lulo the matter, mi 1 had >erttaln*4 Ike fact to lie that the ?tateioeut ear not trua Mr t'r t.uolly, el "in lie Alilerman K , had kn an foi teenty raarr, ear natnrallieit ?? an Ann rli-ari of 11 ten n Italia dalphta. lie presented tin- fullnalrig ? le tuaaa U. |au To tnr. Ilo*. Jon* K1111 ?? In 11 Hia?tin reitirday tan mi aii'ntMir. aa>'ali?l ba aa ?r ?? I. lo fa 1 ? uriiT 'm.1 Kei(...r.i 10 r? ?' ?? to a ?ta nner,! mule |,y one Alder. ?n Hriaaa lo hie fioaxar War "?II report, <hat I am an albm. Here em a perb.l of on Ua aim I ear net out the' I ermwt on be p la a air, I ?ay to joti that I bail the le, Iir 4 brina born 'n lr-:ar I, aad at a ten early imoI in lifa I rmJfret?1 in I'm .net of lite rty ? el ill ??ill I Maim it to l.e am e it),*'wdJnf three email end 1 iii.i ? m|rn , , IT, eta at tiroaertp'rni -arel ai ihe pmp?r ?!?? ha . erne a foil 0i,mini Amert, .0 I natorai reiem I mar add Itiai ihe moat ?alnahle ami 'o an o.-et |i ? i? |>tee- of fnrst itirr I I.e. a no acfWaate of neiereUantkuw am l-arti meat. Toufa,raapertf J. Rl' It'll ft < frWhUIA.T. Alderman Itajoon aaJ'l that It eaa lo rireulatlon thai Mr Connolly tii an a'.en, an 1 he ne. iy (are It ae a 1 u trior Alderman ll wikli e.aj d to i|~al on tb? ?iibje?l, hat 111*' waller being atuertli* earn ? I by the Oialt ee a-rl ilabata bie ma <wu? . rtitn* ana 1 a A 14erloan lino ? off, red a reaofat o <Wlarirq( 'ha' tha f hb f of I'oliea aa- an alien ami Ih .1 a. he ae<er 'Irief It, he Aider nan II.) moyed that Ihe rltnathra be 4a ? land errant Alderman lloWrBfr of the Wkt'r ward, oil - The yeiyh of thlr rity ami niMt/ fully underatirid the notlrei atari llleatlrnii of thta bun buff rvmailttee They well know that the committee eete gi,,4ed ami watrnlW by a b* toil! Ira I knate., ?tyleit h now Nmh r?i who deilte In ,?*e Richard H f'mmUy, r?i , the ureeent efbar at t oonty < Vrli defeated at the r/ o .04 alerthm, in otilav that ? M of their oen number inai or ipy hletdace lla ha<tknoenMr I ? nin Ily f r a I r.( tuna. Itme aeyar waa a run.ot about that he an too. etreiybrrly new ?liffetant Va* In fare of all thie a er.tomitlaa of tlala lb aril harl preeented a rearilatloa WwtlB' lag 'rai moal ? ofthj pubUr fbrere ae allme me aly to ? >, beer*. t|M 1 nda of a en-ri tan 1 of a itindrelr, eho arm Id atop at nothing to obtain ? ft.-e to ptey aroti lb (tty treaeu y Aa for old eraay llrtml wo prperee the read ? ,ea? for litl((e he eanl to Jerry Taypan ? a< ' -nwy lelnmt, for a mi nth and now 1 omae hern | reteaefInn t> hare pa |?r? eetal.lnhlnp the fa, t that littrp ? WafeeU U aa alien, ami rV".bj thnrafore he tarnerf not of ofKee Meanah !d oroel around the ball any C>r>fe> I eoppree the aait tklnc tea ?hall hear of ol.'fhe a Mil <4 bole to the Hly tm 1 lie bean) and lolpiM of Ariwli at -he?-p ? llen-t Hay Aeleifiiari t. ? an - fare a ery raaeee pi ft a tha {iinduetUin of Mr H< anr n wl Irh ap|-?ra the m e a ttff fap^ra orar the ? (lie' ire <A tlir AMernaea '4 tha Iblrteenth ward amt itltl flat If Mr Ik (!? I.a4 tefee taken tha artvtre - r ?tef feea I' Mrar./h ,t ? alnet bin ?e.f to tha nerti'ea nf M. or. Vriurtn ?r,-1 m torn ha wnaM fa?a il'me n.o'b ta'ter Aider? an liao e raj rd tiat ha d-l W aaa to the Ibard with 'h e re-ohjlnr o?t he lalreww! Hatred W|1 an alien amt flat la far neeet 4aproaed M. ila obi not mean to faar aaainrt I >? ftara?he rerpaetaH many - f t|,ew>??n.l ha 4b! m*t wleh to eae theaa haea all the ofhia. frarn the faMnat ova amt 'le AneiVaaa >ft without a '? 1 pr p rtbie rro??l Wrattrrn Alderman knit r .#4. an e aat ipaaah Vyrodia the moerrr-er tf of the Akf-roan of the TMrtrea'k warw, whbb he -a. we., raleulatml V. brtag the (bra. I twha 4. repute lie rAbhrfraa ktfif) wn? bora la tote arty, b I hie father ear born la Irateret amt ha ba .etarf tha*. bie 'athef ear ae (met a man ae meet aa AnM'ru ?<M ?? ? ?ae he wae are! arel ite Inatitatlomr u well u he Aftir - o.e rratb-nr from Aider man *? Tee?ee aa4 o?here M,, |v?r'1 adpmroed e ther .t ?onla( t- ae( 4eele?on on the rr an tattoo IHiaHI) OF f ftf'Nfn M? T'. ? Hoard r??et at thetr ehao 'a .rUtpflaa yen terday afletarna at 4 u rl ek the ' "* ba'^ *' " f ' meter la tike ahnlr the ndautea ef t?r# Inet 1 were ram! and apf' ee-l le' ? .?. wem ?ret >a " ? aolanboj ad waa ?<M tlfned by ? larf. tanket >4 b,r the apeaiuf af Jha ?? ??"at V. ia ? ae r?far ? -1 It'e r- .Itea ai* W V?* 1 rf ImteiMer e eert kr'-Wf *m tb. fb?r < re?' ? I '4 ??? ?aa dm ered tn ba ana* la aa ? wr, bet a-'l that "*?"? at' Were a redereneato(TaAra(amd r..p".? a( etreeka Ap-t.' oaaff lea aafj rdV" aehtaf tar permkamealm eieit a haeaw- etatuV. af Waainn(t?ie? ypeu t ak<a . ear. Waa Waa en t .? Ik. Rrart ?f>derrw? tat ?? r Xk bt H e l'/w lam The prIH ? ?ta?eelh#A Mr lee arelhke aear^mtea had eaberrlWI AMI WHtaa thka r?"*amea-. It le v. be htftra* teak Mfh. an a prada pedmu! atght ? .* hk?h and eerroeated h. aa Won bain ? a ??'l?HMif|na?jai. t . rte^ hwl fa Amaaaae. Witheeul a/,y laither i^eei <f ,ru|- rtaaen, tha Ikaa d : amt, T?ea f *nn eU ra of Mr f?aa lb m??w-( ta "-a 'a | ? inMm aalla M(M MVe Mh ikrt, talVM I 4, . t* ? - ,'b v.' ; -r ? ? b lid ba lup'r !- ft to eyl and ?/t te alloeed km V'tf