Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 17, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HER A.ED. WHOLE NO. 6989. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER IT, 1855. PRICE 1 WO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. POLITIC 1ST WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CUABTKtt NO minauous:? _ Counctlinen?1st district Thorruu Stewart. 2d " Samuel Auld. Assessor llonry Frellgb. Inspectors rf Klec'ion? 1st db-trlcl. .John Italy, Fdwsrd McCormic'i. Id " . Ben'. 'J. i ordrny, James Leonard. 3d " . .Wiiiisin Jennett, Michael Trsinor. JOHN J MURPHY, Chairman. Joh.n C. Biilv, Secretary. 4TH WARD -SEVENTH COUNCIL DISTBICr.?AT A meeting ol the National lietaucratic Republican Nominating Convention, held at the hotue of John Moore. No. 75 Oliver street, on Monday evening, October 15, JAMES O. SMITH was cboaen by a majority as the candidate tor this Council dis trict. JOHN MOORK, PATRICK O'DON NELL, JOHN BUTLKB. 5TH WAItD?TENTH COUNCIL DISTRICT.-UNION and harmony.?At a meeting of the Democratic Republi can Convention of the Tenth Council district, held at 54 Lalght street, on Monday evening, Oct. 15, 1855, Maj. JAMES WRIOHT wns ttnanlmoaely nominated as Councilman of said dlctrlot. WM. TUOPKB, Chairman. W?. H. AprtxvsBP, Secretary. rTH ward democratic republican Nomina t) tion. Ninth Council district.?At a meeting of the nomina ting committee, for the Ninth Council district, held on the 15th lnt>T.,at 96 Hudson streel, Mr. JOHN UilSSON wari unani mously nominated as (heir camtida'6. J. if. CsKPta, Bee. WM. 11. BAOEB, Chairman. Til WARD NINTH COUNCIL DISTRICT.?AT A meeting of the Hardshell Democratic Republican Nomi nating Convention, held at 118 West Broadway, on K.lday, Oct. 6, Mr. JOS. WM. CORNELL was unautmouslr chosen at the candidate for Councilman lor ibis Council district. JOS. WRIOHT, Chairman. Jona H. WnimoRit, Secrelary. 7TH WARD.?UNION, HARMONY AND VICTORY.?AT an adjourned meeting of the Democratic Republican Assem bly Convention, held at Knickerbocker Hall, on Monday eveu-. tog, Oct, 15,1885. JOHN J. KK1LLY was UDanimously nornl mated aa candidate for Asaembly. JOHN McKINZIK, Chairman. Caantaa S. Dicaissow, Secretary. 7TH WARD (FIFTEENTH COUNCILJHSTBICT) DKMO cra'lc Republican regular nomination.?At u moeilng of the Council Convention held pursuant 10 tlio call of the general committee at Tammany Hall, Mr. JAMES BOLTON was una nimously nominated for Councilman of the above district. JOHN McKINZIK, Chairman. Saner:. Locawoon, Secretary. 7T11 WARD.-HT11 COUNCIL DISTRICT UNITED.?FOR Councilman, ANTHONY T. OALLAUHKR. By order. Tammany. Hniyveaatit. Wm. Dunn, Chairman. Hugh F. McCaffry, Chairman. John T. Buckley, Secretary. Patrick Toner, Secretary. 5 8 TH WARD-WOBKINOMEN'S REGULAR NOM1NA Uous.?lor Alderman, THOMAS BRADBURY. CouncHman of Nineteenth Council District, ROBERT T. WILD. QTH WARD ?AT A MEETING OF THB UNION DEMO <J crate, held at Daniel Kelly's, 4H1 Washing ton street, on Monday evening, October 10. ft was moved by K. Colgan, and seconded by James Redmond, that Mr. TIlOMAti KELLY be unanimously nominated aa Councilman for the 20th Council district?carried. MICHAEL ANTHONY, Chairman. James Bkpmonp, Secretary. "1 JTH WARD national union democracy.?the J. jT Charter Convention ol the above ward will meet at O'Connell's Hall, 1S6 Mulberry street, ou Wenesday evening, ?Oc.ober l?th. * 36th IUSTR1CT. 37TH DISTRICT. 88TB DISTntOT. Tboa. Cunningham, Daniel Krrnao, Jas. O, hpeneer, Michael Iiogan, Daniel McMauua, Anthony Can-on, John Perego, Frederick Bums, James McKclvy, Patrick For, Mathew Kit? linmons J. P. Racev, John Cavunagh. Sidney Smith, Wm. Cunningham. By order of THOMAS OUNNINQHAM, Chairman. Autocar Carson, Secretary. MTH ASSEMBLY DISTBICT?SIXTEENTH AND Twentieth wards,?At a meeting of the Convention hold pursuant to the call emanating from Tammany Hall, at Mills man's Hotel, corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty alxih street, Mr. JOHN UAFFBAY, of the sixteenth ward, received the unanimous vole of the Convention to repn sent the Four teenth Assembly diatrlrt. J A RED GIL.SON, Chairman. Peter Dolan, Andrew coarlrt, J ^"tartee. ' AATO COUNCIL DI8TRICT?SIXTEENTH WARD.?AT aa a tat ettng ot the deie jiates of the National Democratic ' Council district, held at the houso of Mr. Jaeoh Hoifmaa. No. 120 Seventh n venue, Mr. CON KLIN SHARP received the unani mous nomination for Councilman of the 44th district. JACOB HOFFMAN, Chairman. Phiup Kckcb. Secretary. C/lTH COUNCIL DISTRICT, SEVENTEENTH WARD ? OU At a meeting of Ore democratic republf am stealers nt the ?0th touartl district, bald at the house of Thomas Kane, 1*2avenue A, 011 Tuesday evening, Oct. 9, Michael HmJth was I unanimously uninitiated tor the office of Councilman for iha 40th Council district. JOHN MuLARNKY, Chairman. Bcsrakd Kirnan, Secretary. Nominating Committee of the Twenty second ward, held at the house of K. C. H. Stark, rornor of Fifty fourth street and Seventhave iue. ou Monday evening, the li'h ins'., PETER MASTEUSOX was unanimously nnmirated for Alderman. The meeting then adjourned to Wednesday evening, for the purpose or completing their -barter ticket. WILLIAM J. SEWART, Chairman. ^T 4 MEETING OF THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC it tht level HAS rhe iurp Jami-* A. Mi-Corhacr, ) w.-i.-h.... _Jona A ilAGN?, 5 Secretaries. AT a LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING OF the independent citizens of the First ward, oppose 1 to tr- -n all sad every source, and especially to Rno-.v Nohi'. 'sm sud Name lawl-ru, the following re.-olutlou was in -,zi.,u?)v adopted:? RtMiived. That we, the democratic voters of the First ward, ?? o'irtetvta to support the following named candidates ) and roujuy odh-er*:?ihrrilf, James C. Wilie'; County Cletk, Kkhtrd B. Connolly; Comptroller, Aiarlali C. Flajrg; Street t'ommiseioncr, Henry Howard; Commissioner of Re rraand supplies. NaOiaulel S. Seiah; City Inspector. Thos. Downing t Counsel to the Corporation, Jonn U. Haaktn; Go vernor of Almshouse, C. Godfrey Ounther; for Jasllee to the Supreme Court First Judicial District, James R. Whiting, for Ji'rtire ol the Superior Court, Michael UUhuoSer, Henry Niehol; lor Justice ofihe Marine Court, David O'Keeire; for ?Coroners, Edward D. Coonery. William O'Dooneil. II. N. Wil helm, Robert Gambit; for Councilman, Seconl district, Fust ward, Charles McKay; for Assessor. Joseph Petty. EDWARD BURKE. Chairman. John Hknriubt, ) Michah. Ccriicn,5 M Americana to the park.-a mars meeting or the electors of the r|ty and county of New York, opposed to the present administration of the general government, to the efforts of fanatical fusloniati to destroy the union of the Mates, and t<> the reckless expenditure of over live mllUuus of dollars for the supper; of the municipal government, and all who are In Ihvor ot the election of the American ticket at the en-ulng election, to effect a thorough reform, are Invited to assemble in the Pari, thli (Wednesday) evening, at 0j{ o'clock. Distln gobbed speakers will address the meeting, end a torch light protean on will be formed aiiar adjournment. ACAP.D TO THB INDEPENDENT VOTERS OF THE Tlurd and Midi wards.?I am a candid Or for an cleetiou to ihe Legislature for the (Second Assembly district. Felibw citizens, u betomea me to define my position, as every honest man should; that is, to aey what I am In favor of and what they are opposed to. For my pari, I em a neUone I democrat. I know no dlsdnctiea between harda or softs. 1 ciunot see the line ihat drnnsrks them. Home men, for the purpose of distin guishing themselves as leaders of ihe rival facUons, are waging war?for what? Bpotlsl?and leading on '.ho unterriiiod pha lames to their own destruction; while abolldonlsm, dressed In a aerood hand suit (Tosh from Chatham street, wlili abou1 two yards of white muslin about Its neck, is undermining the Insti tution which was won by the valor of a Washington?preserved by a Jefferson, and admirably sustained by a Jackson. In the event of mv elect loo I will use my utmost endeavors for the rental ot Uia law known aa the rrohli i'nry I,aw, passed tbe nln'h of April last, and iben go tbr a law- hat will allow every poor man to get bread and nutter for his wife and little one-?'hit Is, to ?uhstltnte tbejold Excise law or hive Free Trade?no A?tor Hmno lieepsc. BEN. R\Y Ni w Yore, Oct. l?, lew. ATA T.AROB AND EUTUI .^IASTIO MKRTINl> OF .X* n'h?ul piiUeits of the I'i.'nt w?rj, apun m 1 to ilic "m trorti ?V. fcn.j every ?ourc<, liu eepoclauy i,n,on trocn IS An! rwr., MnrO?, AAit igxscUU j to Kuowr Foiling tun and Mamu l*w!?n, tijo loUowfag reoo'.attoo wm utxnltro ifcly adopted:? Kto,;>'vv 1 Itet wo, ihc democratic rotor* of the Fit .? w? .1. ??)]r.ljO' (inmlrw to (rapport the following ntmed ttiidWiW? for ctty *n< n "nv otBcerr:? >liiUT JemeM'. WHIet. r?nn<f ? V k ? RicherJ H. Connolly. jrS&Ier . Ft,,. wrACtnmmlutoner "i jwirf. I Torn of Kcn? is and ftuppllM... ? SeOianlcl 8. ff?l*Ii. Ctf'v Iu-te tor ThOmM K. Downlnt CH'v lu-pe tor ThdniM K Downlntf. Ootraeel '?* Corporation ^.John B. He?kln Governor of thr A mi*l'.oii?e Oodfrey Unnther. JtoCrr to Supreme Court? r.!*? Judicial dlmrtrt Jamev R. Whiting Jurt<re?to Fnpervor Co art Wefaael DbAMBr. ?t " " Henry Flrhoi. O tAi# of Conn of Conunon I'teej .John B. Rrwly. formroi^ w.iil.n fl'IVlniud! William O'Oonnell. ..II. N. WiUietm. ...Rot.e.-i (lam'tlr. 'or Councim>iir-W a."-. ?? wmJ ?$*'* or A? esror ' 'VriWARD Ul'RKE. Chairman f.'ftl'fr* n gMj-verUiy. sss \ rw*? ftsgr ot'"^ fOlowtol ineidsy ev^Qinjf* 5J? Minn 'toourl* *??'*., Wm. M. iUy<V** K , ,.r .men lGh BdWMd Merr I . ?* ? }?? ? Wm II.H?ft'rty. ?r<k., . John L. Grl/lln. ' ?-"aSi""' v'iiw Macs. ,T?'*_ '"CC. ?? I" ?> TV,,,,.. orMin.-* mr ? Joel I ikf. >?pe -toi <> ef On. ihr.ol trVorffan, T. B. William*. iMtafeie* .V Bn,r?r Kraimn* Kmce, Jr. or li ?pe-,nr*i,f BW* i>?]l. John ft. Bute* Li* Marlrt... K. ? *. l? wbl H. Bedell. " 'totw. Gil George A. Oeoka. TAotnM. Bernee IlenaeU. I " fobti f.A Wm. I". Ktiapp. M? r h l>eiiii*l Blon'-er*. WUilep U?ie VYttKll. 1 halrnieu. I .Iwrtln RWTBWtB 'AWn. fi.treoB, Secretary' n-,w:r ? ' ? order K'Si'T;~T"K OF T fir J ^ Arc r. tf, mr>.^ ? ? U'h e?re?t, at? o'cie- lt gnnleolj. eni. v. or rrenraltlr? ' errebiff. h. rf#?rp#t fVvmtrtU.i^i #?: ilW11 or ?*?*??.,. l? H Iy.m u> injure ri e -erleu-lr in 'be AaiinJ.+S* 1 '** -v1 ?jM ?sd there!/ ? rinSESS''* ft* ? i . *** ^^nb.lrWr, f? whwPi Ji 1 Jjiw <o Sw&EwSwfc^^Sw . -? >x"v> *l'to mi ?n? in m i ow?piJi'^ , '>* ? I *Zt? " 9" ' 'T* "T MtoM will JvJ *, 'T" fWM 4 HEBKI^BB B by any Bfl^B *w?ltw W^/JCar.Ac., '^TUFR^ POLITICAL,. 1POE bBNATO^i THOMAS J. HUN DAY-AT AN *1 ourned du?v d" of (he Sixth Senatorial dlatriet con ventton, held at lltiton "o'fl.ou Saturday evening, Ociober 11. IS&8, Hon. THOS. J. .SUNDAY Wea unanimously noml nated for state Senator. Ob ?? ton the following committee was appointed to unite with 0i? demooract to making arrange meats for a grand ratification meeting to aecure the election of Thomas J. Sunday, the fearles* opponent of the proacrtptlve Know Nothing* and Maine law lanatlci In the Ameinbly lust * It iter:? _ Uth ward, Wm. Cummlnga. Simeon Decker; 12th, Michael Muriay, Pattlck Maganu; ljtb. DauU'l W. NorrU, Elauthun Tl-orne: ICth, Samuel Osgood, Jamea Gregory; 18th, John II. More*. Henry Matthewa; 19th, Tereoce Farley, Gregory Con nor; 2t>th, Nelson J. Waterbury, Peter Billy; 41at, Ambruael,. Pluney, Ceoice Dennlaon; 24a, John H. Kobineon, OennD F. Hoot. JOHN HOEY, Chairman, elm gout Cokhor, ) Secretaries Joerrn D. St*w*i?, {Tammany Hall. The above committee will laeet at Hubbard McCoy's comer Tbitiy second atreel and Fourth avenue, next Wednesday, 0c totier 17, at 7U F. M.. to act In conjunction with u atmllar cirn mlttee from Sinyvrant Inatitule, vl*:? 11th ward, John llougbktrk, Andrew J. Ami h; 12tli, Johu Mivire. Andrew rmtth; lftth, John (lllmore, Elijah Fbtlier; Itith, John Oafflsry, Concklln Sbarpe; 18th, K. W. Blrdaall. S. P. Km *e!l; 19th, TV.oe. McSpeddon, John tlarvey, 3hh, Wm. Joyce. Planet* Darling; 41s', John P. llroderlck, M. J. D. Medium: 24J, Michael Trace.v, Wm A. Turnure. THOS Mu'SPEDDON, Chalrmaj. Jova Curt*rt, ) Secretaries, Kmjxh Pi.siitr {Ktuyvee*n'. Institute. Punctual attendance is requested INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE i FOB STREET COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. COX. Ninth wabd-joskvh s. tayi.or cIiCb.-tiif. trlrnd* of this gcn'leinan are rcqucu'ed to ma.-t wi'h the Club on Wediien lay evening. 17th ln?t.. at fi't o'clock, at the corner of Christopher and Itudoon streen. for the purpose of Joining In procciuoon to proceed to the Park, to participate In the great Amrrican meeting. By order or th-* Club. C MACBOUOAI. Prealdenl, JAMES MICH ALES, Vice President. Mstihcw Tklter, Secretary. raw pvBucATiom. ANEW, ENLARGED AND IMPROVED EDITION. The Oj mry of 7tl: or, Welshmen anil their Descendants of lb# American Revolution. with notes relative to the orittln, ethnology and Instil uUotis of lb# Clmbri, with list of Welsh, ! cotch anil HoUaadlc names, in Cymbrtan or Welsh etymologv. Bv Alexander Jonfi, M. I>. HHELlON, LAMPORT A CO., lib Nassau ?(reel. 1 vol., 8vo. Price 75 cents. CHEAP EDITION OF THE LIFE OF BAR NUM.?BY A special arrangeineut with the author, the undersigned will publlah ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, al Ibe low price of tlty cents, a ot w edition of THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM, Written by nimself. (Uniform with one published at (I 25)' In a letter to his publisher, Mr. Barnum says:? "I wish to have are millions or more of the Inhabitant# of the foiled States read that booa for themselves, and am ready io funranteo that mot e than nineteen twentieths of the whole no er will decide that it teaches only a good moral leaeon." ltiicotinl to the tiade name as on former editions. J. H. REDFIKH), No. 34 Heektnan s' NF.W NOVEL? lly CIIARLFS DICKENS. Willmer A Rogers are now receiving subscriptions new novel by this celebrated author. Original copt v a plates. SEVEN DOLLARS COMPLETE. WII.I.MKR A ROGERS. Importers of English booka and no ? spapere, of Lib 42 Nassau street, corner of Liberty. WILL BE PI'BLIBIIKD IN A FEW DAYS, A MOST CU rtoua and Interesting book, entliled "A New Revelation to Mankind, drawn from Axioms, or Helfevldenl Truths In Na ture. and Maihrmatiealiy Demonstrated atter the Manner of Euclid," by James Arlington Benne' M. D., LL. D. BBW8PAPERI. Q FECIAL NOTICE ?THE WAR IN THE CRIMEA. -BY id (he steamship Atlantic we have received ? The lamdon Weekly Times, price twelve cents. Ami IJoyd'e Iondon Newspaper, edited bv Douglas JerroM, price twelve cents. wil.LMKR A ROQKtuU Importers of foreign books and newspapers, 42 Na.wau street, corner of Ltbcriy. THE TTTHF. CM EKTREYILLE CODRHK.-PAOINO.?WEDNESDAY, the 17th of October, at S o'clock P. M., pacing match for HOO, mile beats, best three In live to wagons. U. woodruSV* names r. g. Buckskin, owner's b. m. Aggv Down. To come off on good day and good track. JOEL C'tjflKLIN, Proprietor. CHhKNTRF.VILLK COURSE, L. I.-TROTTINO AND PA ) clug.?Thursday, Oct. 18.?Match?2,000; two mile heats, between Hero (pacer) to wagon, and Flora Temple In harm-as. Tortmie off at 20'clock. JOEL i 'ONKI.I V. Proprietor. N. Be?Tlie above match Is looked for with great tu'erest by the tunrnen of this vicinity. Flora Temple, after beating all the trollers, is now matrbed against a purer of great celebrity, and this race will undoubtadlv be the quickest ever recorded. Both horses are In capital oondlikm aadare backed largely. C1KNTBEVTT.LE COURSE. L. I.?TROTTINO?MONDAY 1 October 22, al two o'clock. Match, 82,000, mile heats, best three tn Ave, In harness. Hiram Woodruff names h. g. Buz; lien. Hplcer names b. g. Lantern. This match is made tn ooate oil' without regard to weather. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. fTRNTRKVILLE t OBRSE, L. I?TROTTINO?MONDAY. \J October 22, nt three o'clock P. M., match. $000. mile heats; be.-t dure In Ave. to wagons. Isaac Woodmtr names bay marc, four yean old; D. filler name bay mare. JOEI. OONKLIN, Proprietor. CH KNTRM'II.LK COl'RSE, L I , PACINO ?WED.NK8 I day. Oct. 24. at 2>i o'clock. P. M.; man-h $1,001 mUa heats, best 3 In 5. Oeo. SplcerJ names g. g. Hero to wagou. Mr. ?, names Hudson colt to harness. JOEL CONKLIX. Proprietor. (TENTREVILLE COURSE L. I.?TROTTINO.-THUR* J day, Oct. 23. at 2 o'ol->ck?Match, $1,000. two mile he vs. tn ht.rne-s. Ocorge Hpioer names b. g. Frank Forrester; Hiram Wood rut! names r. m. Lady Fnudrtin. JOEL i'ONELIW, Proprietor. Red house, harlem.-this favorite ulaciof ? irsoit Is now In complete order, and ready to ac-omino. date the sporting and riding public. The Uotham and ltalt,c Bare liall LTults p'ay on the beautiful green attached to tli? house, and atford m'tch sport to the visiters of this beautiful place. The best of refreshments always on han-i. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. UHMllN COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?FRIDAY, OUT. 19. at P. M fur 50t). mile beats, best 3 In 3, to wagons. Mr. H. Woodruff names b. g. Oreepe Collins; Mr. 8. Ilosglklid names b. m. Jane fh ? above race will come off pnsutlvely. KIlAW A WHITE, Proprietors. OKU ATT AS. Kmmbr cvrr waoATtx oti b-.;rand moatta Wednreday October 17th atthe Red Hmue I'leaaure urounda?Three Ilacea?Splendid Prize*?Ail foe world in yl'ed?Fifteen ooa'a building for ihr oceaaion-Other cl'lea to b# teprtWDUtd?U),(|U) pffNWi expected. Finer Rack?Fotrn Oahko Bone. Four Men and Four Oare. Flut Vrlrr, purse Jlso I Uilrd I'rJr 110 PSfS- "Aii w I Entrance fee $10. A >llk flag, valued at 125, to go with the find prize. Hiccmo Kai-b? Hot*-Two Paiiu Rcclui. Seventeen feet .month work boata. Flrat Prlxe, puree $20 | Third p,lM ,$J Second Prize, puma 10 | Entrance fee 12. Turin Race?<'ha*mhi'??Ong Pub Srtnxa, Nineteen feot Whitehall working boat*. First Prize, Ooid Medal, and pnrae of $100 $]S0 gecood Prize, pone. $10 | Fourth Prtae 10 Third Prize, pttrae 201 Entrance ter $10 THE I.IQI OR UlKSTIO\. B AHI.K RKI> FACKHAKURKB. 190 WILLIAM STKFKT ~ Imported wiueti and liquor* ot nupertor quality, Uobb WUte curacao likeur, fabrtek Van Wijmod fiw-Wlnk, Am* ter dam. Liqueur* auperfilnea de Bordeaux, a> ere me de Noy.mi, ean de iantal*ie. parfalt amour, alkern.ea, de. Fine Preach cork*. Preserved vegetable! from L'lberk. ILLKCAKT HA ICON'S TRRKKNAT ( H AMI* AON K. ? J. MKYKK, Jr., No. H Broadway, nole Importer of ihla Celebrated brand of champagne, lr In eonataiit receipt of large ihimiienta, and Invite* the a'tention of 'be trade and other*. Older? executed upon liberal terra*. K. M. TOMPKINS, Agent. BBANDIES. WINKS, HOLLAR IT (UN. nOCIILK HWAX I brand, f'r sale, from Custom Mouse etoree, on favorable tortus. L. u. HiMl'SU.X A SONS, 1'J Beaver street. C?IIAMPAONF, BRANDY, Ar.-OF CHOICR QCAUTT. ?/ at prlcet^aiTv per cent below the market. The trade and others are Invited to call arid purchaec. Champagne n onarts, at $W per baaket. Apply to WATWIN A RReTOUT, "0 Pnltim alrtet, manufar' urcm or champagne and imp?neri ol brandy. Pm HILAD1LPTA LA'.KR BIRR? FAMILIES CAN BK implied at ilielr reaideh *? with 'hla agreeable toule at tide from the ? toe tault. is Wall a.ieat. Drvpepttoa will de rive an Invaluable benefit bjr making rkfa their rooaUnt bneragr. Samples on draught. U. K. Mr.SDl'M Reeds celebrated cordial oiN-wniOH iiar gamed much popuiarity In this cooatryi as a proof, lia'. tear Caving gold upwards of elgh'een ihouaand galfona Mr. K. pledgee hie word that It la dWtUled aiactiv the same aa that In London, which he can get thousands in thU city an i Hu ? to prove by lie duality, a- formerly be wee a diaUMor of the asms kind of gin In England. under the axtlee laera, where lie auu piled many of the ooblJIiy, clergy, and lite puMle. The article I. uaed by all daises. frt.m the peaeaat to the royal family. aUo to every hospital In and out of England'1 great metropolis. Ckn.neauantly it it strongly recommended by ail the leading tnembere of tha fbcupy. Thla imperial liquor la the very tnueei eaeeucr of American grain, lis aoti and dellctle flavor le prndnred by acme of the moat valuable reatorattvae of tha vrgeiable klogdom. Mr. R. atanda t pen to deelara that ha ean eiipply die public with aa good gin aa any lu !/*? Am. holding 'be gin age for age. By purehaalng of Mr. K. er.netimera won to be eared af leaet one hundred per rem of ad veiorew duty. Mr. K. preernte bU cutnpllmente to old patrma aid thg public getteraily for tbetr liberal aupport sad hegv the era iknianee ? ! ti e name. US Saet Taeuiy math atraet, be' Heroiid and Tidrd aiennBA. rm ) WHOLKHALR OROCRBN AND LigCOR IIKAIRRA I lk?' green awl re Stow grace and er.gnacolU, 'aasneaa, a artan'ed to imUne Jamaica and St. Croix rum. p??rta. ehe applr and ra/pberry brandlm. Holland gin; wniiker. nor. Midi ra WMca. ber French enlortog, tor moa by t?H. L. rr, amp FVX< tfrvr ANOHK. ? Maiden lane URMTIHK. /TCTTACR AND FANCY VI RknCkk WARKROOMS, YJ at Nr. bit Ituadaav, oopoa ?? the nt. NI hoiaa Hotel ? MATHKVk A HTACV ohei ror nab* ,h" moat ektendre snort mcnt of fanny, ccbage, rrunhde i V. I Frrn h furniture In iho l olled h alee, at n docad price., Krery varle*v ? ma ireaaaa, I?llicwee pillows. I' l.ter. Ac., at man'ilar'urer'a prtoae. yNkMFI.RD AND Cf'TTA'iR Ft 1INTTURK.?KLRQ A NT. It well naade tqite of all Cuinri. and drepra'cd In 'b. neateat manner, ai WARWICK'S old atand, ?M Broadway, rear l leecger atreeb Prettv lui'a for $24. (infit carefully packed to go a dtotiitiee. Yw I kXIl ( IK-KHB HALB. TWOBl'm Ot BATIK BHO ?ca'al. m.? large mirror and tof-wrr cai-p'i, all bnl 11"!* at./ p*tw? ?uh fii th? !tk*. ran addre<u bo* 4.704 Poat ' nuM fend addrau. *?"il *'A*T*D. BT a fM "V,,, uronnni of low hoalnr ?? n *?>. for ?ld*h ? ? mad* tin- aitorory o> u.iga'*. ana ?n Hmoe addr cat H ?.. Hera. I iii ARRIVAL Ot THE EMPIRE CITY, TVIT II TUE California Mails and Over a Million and a Quarter in Gold Dust. INTERESTING FROM NEW GRANADA. The American Cods slat Panama Strnek His Flag, Ac.. Ac., Ac. Hie raited State* mail eteaniAhip Empire City, H. Wlndle, commander, ari iv<-d yesterday at X o'clock P. M. from Aepinwull, l.?\inp left that port Oct. 0, at 11 P. M., with the United State* mail*, 544 paucogent, and >1 395.652 82 In treasure, (received from l'acifia Mail Steameh'p Co'*, steamer Souora, which left San Franciaco Sept. 20, and arrived,at Panama Oct. 5.) 1 he Empire City eaperienced heavy weather the first half ot the part-age. On her outward trip the arrived at Asplnwall at 2 1'. M. Sept. 20, and her passenger* aailed from Panama on the afternoon of the 30th, in theateamer Ootden Cate. The paw engois that laft New York on the Empire City Aoguwt 20, and went np on the Uolden Ago, were all lui ded in go< d health in San Francisco on the morning of the 12th September. In addition to the treawnre brought by the Kmpiie City, the Sonora also had tbr England $221,082 07, and for Panama $7,377 50. The United State-, steamer MaaiuchuaetU was in Aca pulco en the ?3d ult., to wall woon for San Juan, Panama, and Valparaiso. Tied on boaid the Fmpire Ctty, Oct. 8, ofepllepey, Jean Eaptiwte Cordler, a native of France, aged 28 year*. The wieitmship fcl Dorado hailed for Havana In com pany wi h the 1 mpire City. TUEA8CBE I.IST. Bk of Aiuericn t.H '.K.0 Morgan, Hathaway A Itncklin k Oinne... 6.949 Co $25,146 BtnMun tSajuidf e,340 p. T. Mtlla -t ooo BuwhArtild* 17,4',(8 I. N't-gbnur 1,200 II. Bliedern 4,002 Newtwaie ABpati.. 17.000 Bate* ACo 12,000 Order 6.490 Raker A Morrill.... lu ooo order lft,ouo ryACo 14,831 Jae Patrick fiO.000 1. Coleman A Co. 12,850 ProbetA Mienertyha 16,i 08 gar 8,113 A. Carney 16.000 Reedk Wade 8.000 chnrnbe'- A Belter. 7,877 O. W. Scbenckberg. 6 130 lf.< mm uy;w#L'r>. 7,860 Scholl Bros 11,300 llrexel A Co 140,000 K. A. Stearns 8,000 Do... 100,008 Ceo. Stacy *87 Pea tor, lay k Co... 7,800 J. K. Sweetaer 12.888 Jr>hn Purand & Co.. 5,690 Straus Hro A Co.... 18,291 Duncan, r-hermtrn A John Stewart 1,420 Co 8 600 Henry Strybing 6,400 Freeman A Co S.OOO P. f. Snuthwurth... 20,230 J. P. Fiab A Co 9,077 W. Sellgruan A lk>.. 29,000 T. J. Hand AOo.... 8,000 Tread well A Co 10,236 Wm. liodge A Co. ..116.000 Ulmer, Fiegenbaum Win. Heller A Co.... 0,000 A Co 20,000 E. S. Inni* 10,(8.-0 Well*. Fargo A Co. .108,883 Aaron Jacob* & Co. 24,000 Do 34,902 E. hnley A Co tlo.Hfri J. D. Weir 7,387 Metropolitan Bank- .210 000 T. Watteona A Son.. 11.000 D.Mayer 2,729 Wellington A Abbott 20.260 Mechanic-' Bank... 2,700 Roolf Uro A I ng... 18,340 Total $1,396,832 Ntm from Sew Onuiida. A CJTITOD FTATEg WAS TX88BL LOOKED FOR?TBS NKW CONFTITUTIO* OF PANAMA?Of FORIHON TO 1ULI0ICVS TOLERATION?OFFICIAL CHANGES AND AFFGIMMEUTS?A GOVERNMENT LAND BILL?TIES RAILROAD?MAIL DELIVERY?A4PINWALL ITEMS? A MURDER, ETC., ETC Our flic. of New Granada paper? are dated at lAnmu and A.pinw&H to October 6. The Puna him SDtr of October 8, say.: The Tailed Stalei fleam .loop-ef-wat Ma-sachusetts, waa at Am.puloo on l lie 28 th September, bound fog Panama, and ma y be loak J.A fwr bare law tow dag V\e presume the new. of the Consular flag being .truck here, v. Ill induce tbe commander of the Ma..Aacliu-ett. to con e down without delay. Ibe new constitution of the .State of Panama waa to b pn mitigated on the 16th Instant, and the Govornor had addressed a circular to all the Alcalde., firing instruction. bs to the mode ol proceeding. There were to be public pioce*alona, oration.. and amusement., and in tho evert tng ft' net a I Illumination. or at lea.t Illumination, in th e vatirua Cablldoa. A public subscription to defray th" ucrerntry exprn'e.. waa suggested. A mrmorial against the clau.e of the conftitution granting religious liberty, had been presented tn the Assembly. It heaia the i ignatuie of Nr. Mail mi no I'trea, end fifty other.. (>n Thursday, October 4, Sr. Fabriga entered up o the duties ol hi. oflico ns Governor of the new -tale. Nr. Dartoh me C'tlvo had accepted the office of Secretary of the State. It waa probable that Col. (!. Go ticrez would h" elected I'm feet of the IHspurtinent of Pa nr.d S. H. 1!. Vnllcruo Brujimu and R. Gamboa tc spfctlvely l.t and 2d Nupiente. In tho repsitment of Colon, (Afplnwnll,) t.'eneral Po w.da waa named Prefect, and 8. N. J. M. Jaramillo and M. Villaverd, l.t and 2d Nupiente. By a decree of the 2'td of September, portrait, of Gen eial Herrern. painted at tbe exi?nse of the State, had I e?'n i rdertd one copy for the hall of the A-w mbly. an other fi r the government houec, and the third for the of fice of the Prefect of the i'epai 'meat of liertera. A law of September 2* authorize- the Jete Superior to solicit from the nation:.! government tho adjudication of the unoccupied land* conceded to the State in tho following placr., viz.:?Along the line of railroad, from Ibe land le'crved by government, according to article 18 ' f tbe railroad rompnuy ' cbartef, th? island. of Corba and Ccbaoo, and the inlands tn the bay of iloeaa del Torro. A. fO> n a. the lease of the government building in Jiialdot street (nor known a. the Washington limine) ha. expired. It I. to be lltted up .ad naed lor the office, ot the Superior Court, 'he Commercial Tribunal ami the Hall of the tomthf i he ground floor wffl bo natwl* cd into a police station ?nd lock up. Th? office of the Necieta-y of S'tato end the residence of the Gnwaor will be In the building known a. the liovernment Hon... The I'.nama tear of October 8 ha. the lo'lrrwlng :? Owing to an obstruction on the ra'lroad, occasioned by .< mi mud car getting "IT tbe track, report. J, ju.t a* tbe train wa. .bout to *t?rt for Alpinwall -yesterday, wttb the paaatrger. from .-*n, it waa verr prn dently <>vtnrd adri.ahle to 4>iam the trt:a ant(\ thi. morning. We understand that the Governor Sf F> mnama. sent In 111. rt -'gr a'n n en Thursday last. Itr. Autenrieth have- for ? tlytng '*> '.Me I'nlted State- to day, on account of'hf- health, Tl.c ftnrH'i fft' ial. N". 12. of Panama, -wibtlsbs*', after noon "I i>etoi? r Md, eonU'we the official loounwnt. rela tive ' * 'he <jm -tion t'nd'eg I et* een th. government au thoritie- ,md the t.'nl'ad St.tet (htwul. I < n AroM-t.i' i a having a-ked leant Mws f'onslltu cnt Aseetnbly of I nnir t?imwstna to resign Iki. office of No pi i lor Chief which u. held nnecth?new Stete cat t* Ic'o i-rlst'nee. it was tl Nr?? refused >nt >* a second jp? piitallon the ?ub.i< "t am* debated li extraordinary -e. ii n, and dually h:? leeiwnBtiou wa '^irJAzed. lion J .... . to let' 1 enema, ri Tt. 4th. on hi- *?y to the I did i state, to pay a ? ?tlo bis. family. INFULT TO THE t'NITED MATE* t OKRVL AT PANAMA ? STRIEINO OF TMF. CON.r'AH Ft-AO ?Pt-OTKHT OF CON t'L VJJUt?OBIOIS f I TDE D1 FP1CM TT. [Fro ?,lhe Panama ll< raW, s*pt. 29.] V'car. au'dvt1r?-2 to state, that owing to c.italn n .ult. ?(fared, to I be gnrerTunt vt of Jlhc I oiled Stutew, tbroegh the t>m-il I.era. by ?Jva <s-.vernor of thi- pr?. II nee, ihat ttir ttagof tho t mt*U S^at* will b> atrick t y the CottrnVe ""ay at ll A. V Accord*az to the t'nn.nlar *jeaty betweer. thn I sitt.el .-tat- ? :t?. Now Uranada, t'ov.uL". have the rglit to app.y to tbe a itk rlUe. of th' dl.'-fst hi which t'jey resiwe, on natte'' -r-(ovtlng th'ir eiFt m* As., and the .trthwvtffiee nre bowed to reepert t(,e ?ppt?eati< n. N Awltb.taiiihug this, ? . lrarn that the iJoti rnor of the ; wv>nce. hat re turn. I. WMt.pai.1 d, a lettor wldrraawl to hsra by to*. owul <4 the I'nited Btatet, '.n 'rwjertant t.clae.-, without a? -'gitag.ay rea-sm vbidtun for snch ratu'eet. 'Ihat par* ol ti e treaty to which we t?"-r jia-V-i* f lawn ? 14. Th?y m*y eppl- the anth?>.dtle> of ftlVWilir feirict, ki><1, In 'W ?t ifcH'j ?'*y may kilt nenn* tu the Iltiorei !;e.eri.ment. I'ermgh ?ke dlplomaM' >ii "lit if'heir n*'ict. If tbora be any or'lirwtly If'here b> ki >uk wnt, ?rtiiT?t any abu?e ob tho part <>f *b?

e'ltborillee of !h> cuBtry. Of the pertoae employ*! hjr tli'tn, egilnet in-tWMnale of iheir ntlet. In ?h>>?e ?ei flee tbe (< n?ol to engaged and th?y may nmn neee eary. take mh mt?ur?? a* may he proper to prwreat ju-ibe fr< at Ix ipf denied to them, or delayed, net to jirefent> fr< m t'.B)K Judge,t or puhUhed bf any oihetr hia competent jndgee, aad agreeably to the lawa In fore*. ?. fhey may, aa U.e natl. aal defandera r f their frUow rouittiju an. appear in thatr nam* aad bahalf, fheaerer ? ? imwM br them. Wore the re?pertlve aulhnrt'lee of the j leci , in all eaa< ? la ?hlrh their mpport may ba aa mreary. m rami) utatm cox?rL> raorrtr. [Fraa tk< haaaa War <wt. 1] Ry the aaMka tn?tr> mn?t of protaat herrlna'ter '/>o talie.l T, ifcae Wrn Ward, Ouaew for 'be f niteg -tatee ,.f ,'m Ira, at the port if Panama. reynbllc of New (iraaada, do i&ake known and manifcal unto all pe-ple that? V. l.'-rrae, on the 19th day of Kepumbar ,001001, 1 erote i r.t, ver,or k'eh?,-?er*ia. BetlWW of the prc/ftneo of la aatra. republic of N'rw Omaada, a entnmanU atioa reta tire to the .Urge' StnpnxT.n,, n' of a fat let Main ell en , I ?),(? r m,e of Win. II. Ilaator, which c/tDm in. ? on rtad MfoUowa.rto ? triTBI 'tliai Owriin PafiBi I fept. fe 1W, I en MbtaaM that fa H Hantar, a ? n e-l en oaw enwtaad la the prtanna of tb?e el? i w chaff* vfVeaeb of traet yr-farrad eg*toe' bin by Mr. O. M. Totten, is about to l?e neat to A.piuw?ill there to be kept in prison until a judgment b ? fireu 10 the cote by the authorities of that place. , The atfair which gave tiae to the aforesa'1 rVi-g against Mr. HuAter has been fully settled by a t>;rri<'" ,i at Aaplnwall, u.i you will perceive from th <*" ? a-xtiacta of a' communication cf Arch, 15 H ) t ili! rh' #t the time actiug t'nited State* Cousul at A^pln I thru schose two gentlemen of high etandlng n< a' |i|. tratora, and drew up trends binding the jpnrtl?i nteie-t ed to abide by the decision of the arbitrator*, which v 'We duly signed. Afler thorough investigation the arbitra tors adjudged tlmt Hunter should pay (Viaghan three thousand di.Uana ($0,000), to which decision both purlieu conformed; the homer giving the latter, through me portion of ca?h an I security so<l notes ft*r the rrm.ilo de:; two of three notes are etill unpaid, being not yet matured. The settlement of the eilhir. as above stated, was perfectly satisfactory to Cal'aghm to the people of Aopinwall generally, nni to myself; both CwUngtianand mi self considered it a full acquittal of all chirms against U.,.ln. I Alw ? I*. S.?The $3 006 was considered Oje fall valuo of the pre DPIij stolen. In addi Iditiia to those beta 1 wili tntrrm you th%> Mr. Hunter n in iinadvm.ced *late of llln*t<?, %? will bo ?Viwn by the enclosed cony of a statement of two competent physicians of this place, and that ln< boia^acnt as a |si aoner to Aepinwall would, with certainty, oadanrer i.-ix life. In consideration of the above facta, I moat .iVemnly cti ter my proteet xgaiust the proceedings Instituted air.nn t the eaid Win. H. Hunter, and the illegal and urealled for aeaeiity ehown to him; while Thomas Edwards, arre taxi for the theft of the money abstracted from Hunter's safe, which he publicly acknowledged himself to be guilty ol, altted to t wan peimitted to escape, and, ?o far ait i am lot* ? rand, waa the malai lal witness brought beiore you u<paiust Hunter. At the aame time I request that Mr. Hunter be allowed to itmain in Ihia city a sufficient time to tlud bad, and that he be not compelled to go to Aapinwali until the state of hie health not i euder it a serious danger to his life. Notwithstanding my protesting as above against til* proceedings in the case, I will see thai Mr. Hunter pro sent himself before the prope autlieilties at Aapinwali, when it ahail be nece-saiy hi the course of bU trial. I h?\e the honor to be, wry re, pertfuily, yourol>e'.lent seivnnt, ril'itf. WM. Wa.HI). To Enmuuux, Governor ol the province of l'a aaiiiu. present. Whereas the said eomaaauueatiun was faithfully deliv ered to tiro said Governor, sad the contents thereof duly made known to hliu, aa will appear by the following de claration of Ihoo. J. do table, cccretary to this ( 'on u i.tu ?i* ?? P'? * fd0 8?Wa. secretary 0f Tlii.iua/i Wui. Ward E*q.? Consul lor the I ulu*l Htitei of Atucdct at th? port of 1'anama, republic of Now (j^ntlT ^' Mibmnly declaio, tbat on September the 19th iu.tant I iBcoIrid for delivery Irorn tbo aiortuuiil ?'on? ,i ... m ! communication of the aarae d,Uo adlresued to "1m vetria. Governor of tbo rrovino*'of |'/nama anclo dug' a 2?%u ?ti#p0 .u or" Au,t'?"l"lb ami Kratochnil of this city, on the atnto of the health of Win. II Ilun. i\ V ' <1<,",rPro,i Hie *aM communication to tbo as I .Io further declare, that oa my llnl*hing to Irnnslate the m.IJ communication th. aatilGoy,.,n*r ,li(i iu mt *'r ,''?*???? *'tb it* Inclo.uro into !. ko/. "ho appeared to bt employe.! in hi* l.\ T"1' " to Uku 11 l" tbo Cubic Intororoter^ and ti at in the latter part of the w>ui? d., , t;,0 id!.n'itai communication ?>? shown to in- by th?- I'ublle loterurc Vd.Mu",', frr" ,'f :**????*?w^.?tS.tC: a luHl.ei declare that on September the Ti-i iu.tant tbo unto communication, tog. Dun with its ln<h!.n!L was bimgbt back to tbU Confute and '?tWB"am mr ban s by a boy, *bc stated, in aubataacu tb?t lbs Gut crnor uturueJ the letter because 1-coulinotlicelr. i'l ? ?t< ro,<IU i4 "D'1 "M- t'ofU.l M?ie. Consul i'awmf. en*J to tbo Chief Hup#,|o. of the suie of i ^V'1 tr?'1*r *'"ol>rc thuton the au ue ilar ( Vn tomljer th? 2".4, Inat.,) I teceleed for ilelierrv from tho ?? al? * eommunl it loo of that date, iddresacd to .t.Kcl??Te,1Ut.oTe,nor of tbo province or i'aaanu aid Unit 1 pr.Mntod the >an.e to tbo nai Y Got ei no; w'io Mr ooiptoi by ;tfined to receive, an i,. ^ to ' ,7.,'*. aa h mo'tvv fi r to d tog. tlat tbe InUw* hUte <*, n.ul wtlli litro but only wi n the thief So pi lot of the Elate of Vaiam... 7 ? _ TIUmi. j. Do 8ABLA. rr :n to. and ..ubscrlliwl before n>o, ikx Win Wur.l C- oiul to. tbcUlud .Stat,. ,.f Wi,, .. ^ *?'* ? ??**. rameMa #i Hew C anada <M. Wto-Un bb'.Tv," "** thoueo.d eight hundred ??f Vw,, naa. the eald conununicttioa war returned to mo uiM.,iiu,X;'n ? Vl*T,,,t t"-",hu' re, 1 agai? wrote unto thwaaidGovernor a aeeond Ci inniui ica!:uo, dated itad renter.,Wr inai.nJ wide" apou licing pr e.titid to him, ha fui.nd tu ie,-ei?. ..ud I JCD to open a. appear, by the?fb,??,d .iecUr.lli. S foUowe' .u 'jL " t9um4 Mbo read., as t,e i is Llf" l-a*AMa, tteid. 2i, l?Sr>. ? ??lad<lr?a,e.lyonab tlerofd?tel.?|b tnef. rela lve < t W tn. H. Hunter and inclosed to you a lu.t.r of a .Lite TnuVtm'\lhyiM%n*- 1 "? A^*"? <????? ?0d l.ratueha.l ii i danger on* .tatr ct 1'imter a ho..ltia Mich to my turpiUe the letter a.ut eaclo.ura ha e berri tetuiMd to ire tbia ay. without any n, it..,, ,,r verbal rv| ly In U,? content* of i-y 'itter wai/oie named Ivi'i'c t*"l#rvunv i"lin|( to 'hal v.,u inrin,,e.|' lit . .V" . !"},u'tte uuanaereied, to oor.vey aa ?nl ? l it to t);? lldte.1 Melee through BM ?a i'oDaul and mint re?(Uc t y, u to give ma a leply to- tho ana your reaioa*. in writing, for it. | i.k,v Uk iKir to b? your ?M^rviuiiw ,m e, .. TH08. Ttf. WAHtk To .'enor fi tin aiu Cowenuir of tnol rovluoe^f Pa. hi n.m |fit>i at. ?Wheieae the afomald prw. tdlcg, ,.r, tt.e (lf be atoreuid Governor ar- u dir.. ritUtb.r^f the ,fi.d ?""7 ,*??? t'Dfleteew the lolled t-atee.f dn.erlca and the repiblli ?( New <?. ana da. ibe 31,t arllcleof wbn b .. .da M folk, a ,U 1! lBoideu.bat the eoniula ami vier maai, of t!.e two c- nil act ng lartlee nay en|. y tbc r^gbte, prir.uvati.ea and Ini-Hiolites *h[ch belong In them by tUdr public rt Blue er. they shall, befoi a enter log ,n tbc -?ri aw ?f Ibfir fu'ioHnBi, nbiMt th??r comirn ?r rM'jvut in oue for ?* to 'hegmerntuei t to wlbch tl.ey r;? acre'dit fd; and beting obtained tla-lr rr^m.tur, tha, eh.U b, hi l<l a/ii?| aa aucn by all the autiuseitba. rnv ?b!' h tfi?y"rei/^ n'" '? ??" -??Ur di*rlc, ?An "iao o! the consuU- conventien now anillnv be t.aen the two aforiaald 'auntrle-, if wblcn thwaectiona i and 3 of the third artic e taaola ?* folio. ? ,1a j? ec' w a 2. I bey may i wply to the auth.rlU? of the ci-W'ilirdibiilrt, an<i in ?V. may HiYn recoorye to ibe naUona' go.ernrneet, thro ugh the dlnlo m.ili; agent of tlielr na?a?v if th'ra le atry, e directly " -J.y he Bo agcb ag. ,t. ayvinv r any almao oo he part of ,e awthorltW. of 1 ? conntry or the a?r ?, ..mpb y. *'? '?/ <h?m. BB'l ageitul Indtrt ua'a of t'aetr nation Ii w k o *? > lee th. c vaul la frmMr<d and thy may . to nvri vaiy, t -he aid. i.,ea-...-?, aa b> prone- t j ^ not fr.m .Vit>g ilenaMl m P?'.| or delate a i to prevent them from be'ng Ju.lg,.; o, ponLhed '-i ? ?| ' Ja.jr thi* jini^-4, am t<> r. f ? for Iff. ^ ? It. 11.17 wsy va the rational .liJmeler, of f.air f. low-eenntiymer, .Pp.u,r thrir ?lfn, . ?.et.ver .a re.,reale-t by them U?r. the re-te^K,., ai l Wltlew of the yLace, in ral eaaee in wblrh thi ii i> poll may b? neci ?vry. ' ?Aa.t wbeaese , do eona.der the aaid p-.aH?e.ll~ja \i . ,ad p* Wdi'on outrage to tl? |M?y til the I ?ale.letatai of A-run a a reprpai nted h?w 1 J toe ar their fcmml. Now then:,-a, I do -n'it acieanly prote.1 n the aatiw and on ? ^Jfthe '*t 'ate of An.eiUv^ wr^a,.t i oJ l""1"' . F*"' fauaina if xat the to n rnV"i ' '.u i fu,n"r ' enema, agaln.t gnr i n nl and >ulhorl1iw of therapubllc of Nevr Graaada Of ^LelK' 141,1 *r?'f ??'""?> therelr. WfW.| an ,r.i U , ,V ,'a S"*' ***?"> h' ldin| thereeive an t>. the ?ald batted Mate, ot Atnwita, ft., the aft-retiM v elatbaol the treatle. now etktieg hKween t.i, af' tin aid cijntr'oa and fcr Ute mauit and onG rare I,fit,Wd n k, ' nlteb f"ia'e? of i,ia,u!!afn. >A,e!bVi'?,!'!,?.W,'by <fir" oot aa'o the Chief . ?i .ii!,.' ? 01 rej ebij of New Graoa a tba*. I wJU In medial air ae-k redieat .W. ?r r/vm mm. |,ikl o4t ,h* 'Mn"' ,lm* "* ?* -"*?*; tfita preeeat P"it?-t t.pcn bat, a> ebse; au'b. '.y u tanfonaiUr dls'rld . La-; owe, the fag of the ' ailed Ma n ,vs a;* Wing ' ver tb? f.~,. *ia ,t |-M..nv ?? J "otl,the matUr be felly ^tJoMea", ? idj ,j,r aau mete MtUfaeti. n ie,k d by the agg.wt dh i, d't ? and protected by me at i Uiaw.a. thla tweruy. t 5. a?^i 'j ZL r?*temit?r. A- Q- ona tboamad e,^.i I.ut dial awl tfly-flee TU'C'. WW. WAIff . . n,r*E!AaptawgU ton* er, <?:t. ?.l J*f ?SI ll heat. W? uaiaed, Late . * ha . V t l *L'' I '?'"''Asy. 1 ? '?py Vf th* r. lrr.M ?f>ta T" 4T* ?i?oi t^l remaining port! n ? f -t# Wtreeponftrme , p. , the wt-r In r^?Z . Wi'lUTt, I ai.?a -ert 1" l!|i5 , ,~*n An? i'*" ell tea* named Wat. if II f P' -cn ln iUa city, ha- *p;e?l,l to me i ,'" k' **" t l? 'h' f il^l'. ^ 10 thU '7 a mar, e , ! C',|e' 1 lr' fV iw'r H tf OT P ?nw<1 ,u^n TV ill# I ?<id iL. V.'m' unaWe to glee a,./ aoti. rttjr logBahad.d eor 'ertad if .Bte: to the ally I ii< . wt. * |.? remaired ir ,, . ? .ht.^ I unter U .n an v; j ,i?ta of ina-m %?'. under tnd fil I . 1 h: ? piece ao amp and til hy m are tu yeiia of tlai ellr will u?'.n,;V. ty f t ? h. kor thla reee-m V pr'Aewt t J ^! T,lI5!^!ia5i.- %ttW ' f rr' and If, a, I be . a ?7 :"*4 tomle lllfgaily, I art m .. w.l suiy bat Hunter he Immediately nit at : w,'r w.t i?t?H 1 ? ho if# ft ittWt of h!? on] ;#* ifnD* ? / !.f ,t#7 ,tt*7 ^ pamehed with ail th wtw'y If < n ?! * er *1 rary the mwt ha* U*, |.g, ty ^ | . at ??iy mine.tly that I,# ,?t. w r* t .^.,?r i*n<iw U> kftf m 'U? ? at. w %. #11 ll# ir.m..fta? ? t ~ ^ * W??UgKl htUt ? 'V^alim '".iff " 1 to lm t .! a r a riS 1 Mm aa a cttbww .4 u? ( mted .<? ty th tieatleu ewtetlag between them .^t N.vG inada .*,? J*'?* IWhoftUtmetyaf the lith . la- '? tag. Iftftft, and the anelb na 2.1 ao! 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Aepfnwal! wan quiet. Pndar the honagemrnt of th. newly appointed Alcalde if the diatrtet, the ntjr I* now fice from CH In oil* anl troublei t .i which it w.i. hitherto ao iwl'ject. 1# a J official de> >atcli ihe Alcalde adtbea that rarlfent fore'jDara he alwwed a pa.dtcipa tion in (orera rfrat rule. On tl.e Zhth'/f Peptember A!feo Poeey, a unilatt,^ o' Lincoln count r, ft a., atabbeo a man hy ilia nam < of Otaut. at the t or ? of one Vlr-^irla. i'oaa/U In pri-ra, ntui will immediatrfy be brough: to trial. BIRD. At 1'anama. on Orf. 2, Charle.: Zarhrieaon Keq., for maay year* I'ontio'. and latterly tjemaul (leneral, of Ilia M;.p'nty, the King of Sweden and 'farway, aud a member of the late tirui of /tohriaaon, NoX?u k Co., cne ?t the oMeat mareanlile hot we on the Intl.-no*. At Panama, on the light of the 2-XU ult., Do.* Ramon Alia", a native of Spain, and for maoT your* pa t a real Ifit of Panama. Harlho AAln. ? ? r.clflc, Opt. Nye, ?iu n-day fur Jwr P* I. M?c will takeout ..>w?u? one hund.-wl end (in, ?ei)0*rg; 7 ^ "lbe in-rmtbip N'aabville Oa^ Berry, wri.M yo- *? d*y morning from l-harlmt 6 Tlif el ctunakip Florid*, Ct pt. Wood hull, .meed vcrUr d?y from Savannah. We haYS received the following uUtemct* from lh. paaaengrra ou board the acWtone-r If. P. KawuwU, from Illack river, la., bound to thA port, in reUt.Vn to the eolH.-ion ?t *h took place on I'unday morning fcat, uud rofeirrd to In yeeterdriy a pa|>e ?? O.s Hoaiio Set tbnk* if. p. id - ?u,L , .. . , , . Nlt* VorwyOel. IS, IKS. ' i About one o clock en Sunday vornbig the liili inat saP&aMaasawfiaf into lit, ?i. 1 More nn; our ale. vl-rraking the worn poM arid the hcn-h, on both aide*, leu ring hole* C'Doiigh to admit a mauV bo Jr. Vr'e o n'Mer t'et tbi* accident raw mm 1 bv ? fTr,n ?\f*art "" '' "r'4 ,U* ?'? the 11. J 1.ureal) had a good look out tod a bright el.t or, her living Jibber,., u?,? on,. LHl, > ".pt l, rf,c m, h.rV'lf ***'9?wXU>n a a- nerd i? ^ I i I ' 2 "?liog the xfewner, (? avoid the e? iff hiflnZ I f""'i P'-01^ ueeler., in 90t. e.,u,.n. e of t! tr he Wrg no look out on board the etc.; er. After ntr -4. h?i lue,",?Vr ' KO"'" "1 tod eeeralnr'y had Bo Intention o'returning, until tb chriekiu* of ,'| ib.'m ' ?uPJxto? to be einklug, mm.' Lev- reach, K c?|t. Croen loid?d. tlie etoamer, and text the eapt.i; lh,- outnape be bid done, and hU ieply ? o to rim th, ? ?lo. nil ou abort, >?>! he 1, ft uv and -jU-j rrtmm* ?hen t* 11 ' r#?"4 banged him, for Uwl'a aat ? luMPut' o wl li 1, he paid nrhUanltou, onlt aillug tin- f.. jiuin r n. ?TiWa-re M j?u from ?" V, bat a .? rm Ir-oded withy' "Are y?? leaking ' And Ov jmlaian iifBrn alive anna,, the luat itue?tlon, aald a ii,< al ,1 a;.net, '? I , Would like tokeetheda .*?/? 4,.?? r?pt ?.,.en again fcv7p?.| him not to lea,.- ce^to which't 1 1" "VrK,\ci ?*** Irav.r.g U- u, ?ur ale ? In,), mua' l,aie <e-ulted tr, all on bort.' v-r u<\ it not iiiM-ti fr.r th* calmn*'** ?>t tl?n ,fn f?t ' . I s" ""d the hcwaae o induct of lapt. J ? ,> rfiL.MhrR. M. lhoamtng win. ,a? up under oui I ? atoot an tar.ui uttei Iboar.Ident, an I rrnwlnad i .?? till noirnio", to render nnrtaianca if necexary. We u. raa,ai girt b?g n JuatUlcaitou of Cart- ??reen to ktato that aa tir.roi ??ir?-<l tnrougbo it iVenlln r<ya?eiha aUltlrat attm.i.o, t.dutr ,? , )?v, 0.? ?alit-1 Willi a rrnVii maafrr of a T?a?el , tot the while ot .;ur e?p?o , thanCapt. I. f**W 0?nwij. A- I M,lMW. ?prow i-igg, paaaengcea. kttr w*t yeyati tint iivy rrnro t.l\I'.ap-" i p p- OJ MA, nautical lemlr ?H' doubrlaar ..-m-iiiler that tlful Bow ahlp.'r ??, thelliineha l.i.nd- w, I.e. Ulat voyige, whlla Oil, (hauled Into the d?ek <r>unde>d on tie d<.-k >111 tear atW fore ant maloinut- and tint wl en the tide 1,1 tier hirfrrf otdr fwenri w* :e*-' nmtdrhl) a tpe , ? e.l^,., ,,l Tier ,r/. ij TiPl t.ii | "" edh'r ur?ui<nir<ed en.! down ait erne '.' cufly for'mt I ?r ml'' !ii|n r.p, in 1! h'r I-.-I ot. y?, '.li.! efanebb n* b -fi - ?ream da I. - war o-,Ser bi< ki n or ttn.r n rui ?* p.'w tmt ^ , ,mj ' m, I er bi au.iile k rr e m very Utile a./ -et?d ntil tie V. <1 'a. r no! oart ? though ,, p .t-a,!' ol A<? ffamp hir. vhPe ..4? ?a frw, m ich Wine -tula le[aue'i. a/t'l .email ? a the dryoie-k u.iP' ; -,i-i nailt r>' ate of the i,win , ,m| undrew iera r?r.i? naradarwi, f'oeten nd Aertde reiepm, #i Wb>nltwai knowp that, eh* n,t in l-a ret* wi 1-udiir.tra. ta'tiri a'ara. a b - t of itiwrteecarf put t. tin ir bbla for ?v.v)o,'i, mm u.ed all Ilia oth .- ,<tla lri.ue.iee krnen 10 I-wrwe ie? iu t.,lo pltre. H . log,, W I i n l.rren. our of lire '?.t workmen in hieerj... , -war ? eeletl not i ii ,rnii j i f -money , ? M oil wa< known to la aipmlor to all hi. ramiiraWura. Among II.any o'ber :mirlc-?a, -hip- he had epa e .i.e f aeiet >hip ti.iy V'.r atltg. New f-ok lna?'-> **? ih'iteit lie admit a'ton O' ,11 wn? laew lie. r' w <m.n *?>an be ti' l. ber In lan.V lie rn^lr l.?r tMdi.r t m ,he war i ,i the day ahe aa warlint. I Jrvyoit, owa 'Irh-ay, be it a iran of it * aarhairral endow,j,out - y,, m ?j?ak Pgiirativly, ,?Maaei it, Iran will that '.??'eaa lain .'eel the mi I atAr aalknl into ariioii. ||r : m pro f" ?' I.' Idly in i a *oi and tela I, to'ret'the t*:a,r? 1 erada the l-iat nap n( bar oW'? afloat. Tin., I I a laie la the i-nr -an-j. opinion wl ber taleu' M w.m iaaa-:er lapt. I e* i a. ,n and liar a-ti of tnaA.twra.r ?er.yi.ra, el* ?1 lie Mi.vryora rrnployad by '.be naarn, ?*'? uirejora, he euaweyora vt L-loyd'aregl ?. bamk ?I i the emigre lb at.i'wyoir. 1*'aoukl'ha r.ith- l.lf-m.ii toaaneey a ra.rie. i ,4mv a* the ?? w tWn of ,ba .lp when '4:. Irratn t ok I a in baud, hut Iw-li en- r.r, a t? rial* what he har aire, p -' nye he,en -,ut tl. krawl and ' aylaeed it tea | ih m >hfrty Uva toar tlmlx re flaw dr.' "utt.ekr I II aach ,'k imlj |. r, er -indfhtt ?m on th larboard r.da, lh I* i . n thr .u?rb. n I . '<. -?r ?lr?a S * in all. It., k nin ftOO to <rt the keelrowaait. am) kw rajec.rwt ai I; ?4, ,;)T^ (},, .b,twr kewla- i * Vut ib-r aere r? thor. ,p ,y 'awt.-ntoi that he had to <? i \*mn o?l| ?a -mall |de?r Tha kat-la-nr >-# now aJI i < thaou-ir oi?? m. rw In Ikrtf .*p. wltj, dwt/ pma-'r p.,inte.| f aught ii>n t?l-i| Ihwnew tin-j., r rrpla | are alt of r? |*rtor l*gliah ?a. wtn. . I# c ,ao Jerod . I to r-i; f II. oak in a-yerj it y...? >o?c >' .it naval I inter a tr. . bit-ken ."he lad ta I* three etrrkw;. of p'-n. j . y , g a.e., a ifendii ' 1,. ?i " . , ;-d futt.K ht w! to t . . , bu' III w he. i^ai b arda are and her ? :? |. , *hh h waa I.,. r<t S'* Jitrfcda, uowaia pi ?U hrf ?rr#?al.t dtfrmi tkf ?)' in ? n flrr iff]' ? - ??-? fi? -? f i %lt'\ ? h* f' . $ .t under the benne have ie?i in'-raape-l an Inch in t ,t t-?. 1* a.'iiiee . tek W-W Hld-rel ftrat. la afford t? ytar 1o lef.i I oiew at ' ?ta '* IT'dfa vug , ap tly (ha dligrna'.a atanc liaanr, koeea, Mge keelam . and tHIIeg ore the 'ar null itronger wd M*tr I'dnwl than It.-ar. %i any . ;kr- rh-'p nt eei r|ja in ia?., pool, 'efaAn lent V-w !?,*-? rr ma that jr ti, tend v' ear four hr-H pann- and t? ? Mlga pwn.[ .h?r aa ha t air a at.lp t.'bar aur In 'haawwnt 1.1 are Wot will re?m |e thetn IT. Iha voyag- 'if war tig) I -a a k?ttle and In mrry ott ? ?r j. , ^ pj,4, ct old 'iiirt t-ut it i^rrktent he t epraM |,|, ytl Intbr rice' wty if bavire ewe p- m g I a,? .|,,p i.t nera vatfl he war art -a aenann ta follow h t jadieu ./ ? ye-.,at*. I ft<?d urt Inb rni y- a. who know aa r w- , Hi*, t'apf lenba":?wle one o Ike t?at e. n> a'ral ?|, maeter. under th? A wwrtenn tnut hi. f amd. wttl ba p! ared to learn 1 iat ha la u paaeible m.r.> highly g. t, ??'! hc.e th, ? at home, I g ail whri h ue* In' v.i. , 4 him H I he mafto am whirh !b t.r.en la w-ug hia , I. cauaof rpeak Uau highly heat a..., j be wt.l t*k? 'Mt-hUrr a Nevada I Aft n atery tee[*e;-t.^ a< wa >' - M i 4?aa.te- '?'b ? Cont>r?tt?a 1 li .-Jt thi.t Jotore ,o "bat <hat yt,u? wndw. nttefa ai?l ah , o? r.r,* rh<" .d reire obe aiio n foto w, and a-!-'??ti.jir agrn'r tog ewh'm tha ^a',rwnr-wf uiy wo,V i'jfy ma, have to do ? Liverpool, fie fir i |y merlu eil ii e maw-u r?f?? eot a at ran he | awn hit., (? . ha .. r ^ ^ a g . a echanhi but a ,1 'in'irlr.g -a -rgy at*. ? i ;- ^a-li a In 6 ' J'.y <ap' )'? .alU.W *'.? k? ? r If -.l^, watber a. ^eor.bla, to ,e#!y U r?-.,.v. o*..., In ail ftabular. * Jamaed Keee. m#, of J. hn bm r.,. , .y Uu -tt. ,? nne o ? hontd 'rf I aa aktp -tr'a. at the 1. -a^ 'Ira rna,..' Of Tajt. Aver aa-l wae .Via! aOJ wito '.fllBkw a' it .1 t?rt, # to wa * net at aa at t be trial bat IP . r.~! u, Mr tnms0 bara, Kr. Valkar. <f tnet ei'; 't artly ? .renin/ 4tv*l Ul<ltl|t>??'. "?ha I'aLfol CUIM ?hlp *??ra*nf a. K.J? 4 '< TllUar anaa irai<!rr, a/r??4 M OtM pnrt 7 ????'??# / fruit mlM zl?l ?a4 ?l 4 a'r'nrk A tr?? Wartef '< *tw> f iat W WW ,V %r, St ram M-w r., <yii?^Mw'n "?*?r 774,i( l?4 IV M mad* ?nt tka PatoMt . ? iwiWf wan?f Hn>* t<a/<a? ?">? s ??<??* ??". It aw W 4..Ur-aa 1 JW mlla* T?h al 6 l? * Ik* traa fcaariaf ?<! aaaAp Itow* >U V. ?? 4*f *1 ?"?? *4 w W., 4V<t<w* 1/4 rn'-aa TV> fc.O'.wio* tilM *4 'Aktafa > F4??r<1 0 1?t#r. < <'?r *???" TapW, |i*t '?nanf . Praarta WimIow 4n J ?.a WilLia* ? > if%l ?* 7 A "tin? I"", P. W|W? > Pwrf~<, M 1/tUr* A*'''Mm* 4a A. 4 IV Ik a*; P?/?t IV rr'l - b*rtr4. Arll?f MaaW Jnbn f < ?.h f,i rar.' X?rl*n dan f Ivlknap Baaaxl Mt'. pwi Mua hfk* MMalilf? '?ar? W. Bastf ' . 'V?k I nrU'? '-tttkr, lv?1*waia /?< A fJHkMaa '.aaaar Wlaaa*, Carpaartar J? ha <4 Ptaaf' M *?.Ctk?? 11 ? IMhlafa ara ?a bar* a *???>' waav naaaUwc a I fafo a* TaawAap P4 ml ll>-n j Lt J Va lt > ao*1k I'ajaar ? 2 fcf ^ Krnea itwm. Brnsil. The I / ? Ih * ,ne tad AJb V A#* Wlaabalh arrtee.| at llriladel^hia ve-tarday af'.ernrwig. former from IbfOambtiro 4tu i.l' an t tht Utt*T fio*" do Janeiro ?tltli of August. At I'ernambuco mucli-.('?? ? Hat prm .M ?( am nqg Vhc ahlpi lrig, unJ th. u. rtsl.V ? it large, ou t ?-t* nuaf uii| icn?:on? i f It* lll^1^JC^. Out opto tb* aaihng of th? II., and erteral days br^ri*, the epidemic bad enti*?4y disappeared cn p 11" tug i ? v? g aod. tn.r not up to ? n itin|i jbld-Uaer u nTrance iff priceaU Amum w At Rio Janeiro In. luc* ItJt r>- ume*t it* wolltad aetlVl ty, ami although the ic< el|,t i*nf oolfeo trom thr Interior ?tre large, the outer, fn.ia V.. ?"?< mot (V I lille f ^tateo were ao marry that aceral it A departed >u bal'aot. Another trihio Accident on (he i'dr HaH roatf. T!t* Bifhl ?\pt<n< train that IrU let city f.?Dnnfctrfc at S.SO 01 Monday craning, met with i a liou? and what #s? trail ntgb a accident, near 1 'itin. It nppaaea tfttrc *?,. a broken .'ill on tli.- part of V Irtu-k, tbd aa the train, alich cou.-aetct of an engine'aihl nine rnra, cam ' thunderJhf along', the bar mapped, it) USe engine, folloaVl by tha aara, aba: off the track to t ie fcrror and dangar of tbe paaaenK*w. fortunately tin yronud ant lore), t Jrre being no eintretdnnent or (all of a~>und, and a rereraa of the e.^ine'cb?b*<"f the rnnauray car* before any dairu,? waa do te. The Iraht wa? delayed f. w bourn befoie It could prnned Tug ran oil occurred about 5 I. M. yeite.-day. Bo vfry Tb rat UnJbU. "St*. Ihjffie.l, nr- K. fe Wentyef, commenced M> eg gs it1'vienl at tbte theatre en Mottlny neraing, tn the r>?rt of J lie Ebore; md, lent night ?N* act ad En4w, In Ik* laic Mr. Shirl'it play of list neiee. The piay ?ai tun*r a fato-Ho ol oura, 1101 d?o* 11 ee*m t* be with the public, aa the borne waa but tkln-f ittnMi Mra. IHiflleid la the bent eelreti U; it ban appear, .1 on the Bowery board* for many a day. V'? know ??' uo Amor fir actiwa* aupe rior to *i In rlnratton, nil in pro * wl ImUh <af ntylr. Indeed, wo cmnot rre>?iu',n*r, o?? ai prawal, her tH|Ual tn thee* fnpacta BUa war nntwpllm ew tixj ?old and armed to bo eMeeted <h?nw 'rukj by tka thin and uoaytni a hetir aadirnse. Ww cannot *y muili f? bar mj| furlrra. 1 ii re vnn tan omah puetpiug and draining fat MM without gmuuog Tba ityke of artin;.' which l? torrent eltb* Bmrjr in f?r ha hl-.d (be aplr ? of tlir i f*. What ta t. .'hniitelly cited "t-peae," it LvrdJv rrer attende i to, and it 'a |**? larly re julied l? audi gt aneful au i elabot >te vwke an "E* <ur." Wo do not b Mtate toaaytttitku nhtel'a eh ffu *1 linen wer.? a?v,.grl} ij.irdend at tb* I every teat night. Mi i. Iiuft (M'u npan >b?a. ileneilptlve > Ueeete tuea . r the fifth at, wen' a wit delivered , but ea* mend Mrn mu*t , vd. Mia lHjflii-id plflyn l'<raiia,la 'Die fifr," thin avawilng, t'Mb Mr. Juhmrtin aa Ml. Pierre, wei Mr. Pr v an f i ma ?J?. 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