Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Ekim 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Ekim 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. T WHOLE NO. 6990. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1855. PRICE TW(_> CENTS. TREMENDOUS KNOW NOTHING DEMONSTRATION. TWENTY THOUSAND PERSONS IN THE PARK. Artillery, Music, Bonfires, Tar-barrels, Banners, Transparencies, and All Sorts of Demonstrations. SLIGHT COLLISION WITH A TARGET COMPANY. RESOLUTIONS AND LETTERS. OpeeSbM ef Colanri Hay, George Brlggs, Cfcaaacey Be baffler, Frank Cnanlnghaai, Levis C* Levin, 8. B. Cashing, Cel. Bryte, 8. f. B. Hallery, kc. HALF A DOZEN STANDS FOR SPEAKERS. Grand Finale of Torehlight Procession, Ac., Ac., Ac. One of the largest mass meetings ever held in this ? city was that which convened last evening, pursuant to the following call:? AaniCiXS TO THIS Park ?A mans meeting of the electors ol the city and county of New York, opposed to the present administration of tbe general government, 10 the efforts of fanatical fusion lets to destroy the union of the State-, and to the rockiesa expenditure of over gs.000.000 tor the support of the Municipal government; And all who are In furor of the election of the American ticket at the ensuing election to effect a thorough reform, are invited to assemble In the park this {Wednesday; evening, at 7 o'eloek. Distinguished speakers ?will add re-i the meeting, and a torch light procession will he formed after adjournment. A platform was erected at the usual stand In froat of the principal fagade of the City Hall, on and around which were gathered, at the appointed hour, aome three or four score, at most, of gaping spectators, who formed the nucleus of one of the most tremendously large as semblages ever seen there. The individual known as the "blue man.'' took possession of the chair, and offer ed, at a sacrifice, to an unappreciative crowd, cheap Know Nothing pamphlets. Another true Yankee genius, determined to avail himself ol the chances rf advertisement offered by a large assemblage, brought up a "ire annihllator," which for a time attracted the attention of the lookers on. Placards, extensively circulated in the city throughout the day, informed the public that the meeting would be addressed by Geo. D. Prentice, of Is ui-vilte; L. C. I^vin, of Philadelphia; Mayor Conrad, of the same: Jacob Broome, of I'oBi sylvan hi: N. D. H perry. of Connecti cut, "and other eminent speakers." There were also aome half hundred plucards on and about the stand, having the names of one or the other of the American candidates painted thereon in Urge letters. At twenty minutes before six the stars and stripes were ' planted at the northwest corner of the platform; but still there was no sign of organisation or of a large attend ance. One Impatient gentleman inquired, in disappo int ?ed accents, "Whare's Captain Bynder's cannon V and another called out, "Where's l'rcntioe?show him up. There was no reply to the latter question; but the sharp and rapid discharge of a piece of ordnance came in as a very appropriate response to tbe first. While the gun was blazing away and the audience were beginning to exhibit some impatience at the want of punctuality on the part of the organisers of the meeting, a gentleman on the platform waid that Colonel May, of New York, was present, and would gladly address them before the regular organization. The suggestion was- hailed as a good one, and the gen tleman so announced came forward, and between tbe pause* of the oanneu was beard to say somet htng in a - very incoherent style, of which owe reporter caught the following paragraphs:? We have really this evening an occupation worthy of ( niti d States American rltizesn-, to assemble in sppro priate concourse. We have to apeak to-night of the fight* of American citizens and to establish an appro priate identity of what we are. (Applause, and a dU charge front the gun.) I have been accustomed in Mexic . to listen to these pltulits, and 1 have been accustomed t > respect them, too, for they always spoke to us of victory (Applause.) Ana who can uoubt of our victory in th ? -coming election? If American- are to be Americans?1 we would have a brilliant and appropriate nationality re -cognized amongst us?it should be to-night. I see by the category of distinguished speakers who are to address you to-night that ft will be a protracted meeting, to sub merge in the mire of defeat all that is deleterious in oppo witbm to our party. You love your country ; and if you love your country, you must love the American party. (Huzza.) A suggestion w?s here made to the Colonel to fini-U his remarks. He attended to it. and said I give in. (Applause.) You will hare more distin guished speakers here to-night; and with three cheer* to our Amaiiran cause, and to our county nominations ? (Another dhthurge from the gun flui-beilfthe sentence.) We listen to the eloquent intonations of the cannon ami are pleased. that cause proceed, and let it be distlo guiahed by characteristic success. Col. May was about to retire from the rostrum, when he was bailed by a voice. As Expkj.-s Kh-ortkr (broking up)?Cob Miy, liave you got that speech written out? Col. Mat (emphatically)?No, damme' I<oud cries for-"l.evtn," "f-evin," 4c. At this juncture a military party, returning from a target exenraion, marched pa-t in front of the platform, with music and colors, fine of the sovereign citizens did not get out of the way, and there was for an Instant a conflict between him and three or four of the military Spademen, in which muskets, with fixed bayonets, ap pealed as very awkward instruments. There was dan ger of a general row. or at least of some fatal act being committed, bat one or two steady and resolute po lice officers got the men into their ranks sgnin. and peace was restered. The company was, we were told, the Forsyth t.uards, of Engine Company No. 14. A i resnel lantern, exhibited on the southwestern angle <d the roof of the City Hall, emitted at interval- a bril liant light, and again left the meeting in darknese. Mr. Itarker intimated, dnring one of the dark -pells, that Mayor Wood lmd promi-ed to lot them have the light, and as he, th' Mayor, was a good fellow, he Imped that he would keen his word but, at all events, they woukl guard Hgaln-t deception by getting some torches. The torchc* sftej wards-came; but the Freanel light came out again, and played not many more freaks during the .-ve n'Dg. Honflres blaisd at several points throughout the Park, and a hgnd of music was stationed at the plat form. At a quarter past 6 o'clock, when there were probably " 000 person- on the ground, the meeting was called to order by Mr. J as. W. Barker, who nominated as chair, man of the m'-etlng Mr. (itn-.or. Batons. The nomination was ratified with three cheers, and Mr. Briggs, in taking the chair, briefly addressed the meeting. He sal 1: ? Fell< * litiiens?For this unexpected demonstration or high regard In selecting me to preside over this vast as semblage of Americans please accept my most profound thanks Gentlemen, permit me briefly to rem irk, or in other wo- d?, in the e> tnmon parlance of the -lay, to deiioe my position- It is well known to many of yon, If not all that I liave oecupie-l heretofore quite a prominent posi tion in the whig party. I hare bean twh-e honored by an election to the l*-ngres? of the I'nited .-ttates; an-1 as to the tujnoe. in which I discharged my duties there, it -loss not become me here to sneak. I have aasoclated with my fel low citizens In the whig canoe for many a year. I have bad occasion to iej-lee with toem In many a victory, and mourn w th them in uianya sad defeat. While the whif party wa? a party of thie country, I stro llr adhered to oiy flletity to that party. Bat what la the present posi tion of tbs whig party? I regret to say It Is dead. dead, ?daad Ve?. fellow citizens the whig party of the 2tttk and 17th of Frptemher lait wa* muidere-I at f/racuse, hut I ba>i no hand in that ft ml murder. (lAiigbter an apptat ??.) 1 owe n>> further allegiance to tbe.whi iwrty. ft r the iea->on that there - xlsts no whig party, am left (bee to choose my political associates, and mark out my cou:<e for the future free end untrammelled by all party aitegl>n>-e that have bound me here-ofore. I do no' lie-itate for one moment as to that course. I do k >owMist fn ni this time henceforth I shall take ? with thou Mild* of my ftd'ow citizens in saying that I werve u .'erthe bann?r of the American portv (Ap ptause.) f stand by that party In the future, for we?| or wo. ISM prepared to sink or swim by It?to live or perish by it. I hope ray co-laborers in the iron- in which I Lav been envsged tor my whole political lijp will feci It Is their duty to array thems?lve? under that banner, and do l-attle In this great new work before them. But, fellow citizens, I will not detain yon any longer In preliminary nemarkH. Here are gentlemen ot high eminence walling upon this stand, a- *oon a* Hie ?organ;ration of the me--ting h completed, to a-l-lress and smter'ain yon upon the great tenths of the American ?nn?<- (Apt la tut and cheers.; ? I-oti-i erles for Kyndera. An />ywrsz reporter made a more successful etT >rt wi-'i Mr. Briggs than with Cob iei Mav t?. get lb" mtvts ? Mr. Woodward read the following names ot Vice '*re" aide uts au j Secretaries of the meeting ? vif* nuempK.M?. J. Philips I'heni*. K L. Heeley, A. J. Williamson, Julia Colyin. E Meredith, Win a UoaMbury, HiasG. I rake, John C. Heliue, Jnmes M. Miller, 1). C. Nlreo, James W. Barker, James 1 tenuis, Daniel Ullman, John M. Turfy Jacob Choi a ell, Kdwa'd Ferguson, Stephen Bn'ker. p. J. Munroe, George W, Rlblet, Joseph W. Savage O. K. Steel. K. J. Brown, Hoorv 1'atergon, John Sty leg, l Clark. John H. Hilfp, Brard ( A. T. Howell A. G. WilUam-s, I)r. W. W. Woodard, John .V. Geoitt, Wm. 8. Wood, A. E. Wood. Wm. Channcey, R. J. Wynne, Jucob 8. Keore, G. C. Dean, 8. M. Hunted, Wm. Htokely, Walter Hriggs, Anson G I'helpt F. C. Wegener Buniel Williamson, James M. Bdney, Joseph E. Ebllng II I" U'naL a I). 0. Weeks, wdwraitw. R. I,, larremore, George B. Dean, M. E. Craato. Henry I'arringtou, Edward MerHtt, Sidney Kojiraan. Joseph Sowder, Tlie nomlautiong were unanimously ratifieil, ami then the following series of resolutions and letters wore pre sented:? f resolutions or the hi rh as raitTr. Rriolred, That tlie prtnoiplaa and poller of the Atm-rlran party are founded upon the lollowlng seotlineuts, embodied in the farewell address of <!eorgv Washington: ? 1st. Thai "It Is of Infinite moment that we should properly estimate the immense ralue of our national Union, and Indig nantly Irnwn upon the flrai dawning of ererr attempt to alien ate any portion of our country from the rmt. or lo enfeeble the aarred tie* which now link together the Tamers parte." lid. That "there will always be reason to distrust the patriot ism or tliowi, w ho. In any quarter, mav endeavor to w eakeu IU bands." 3d. That "of all the dlsposhlona and habits whleli lead to po litical prosperity, religion and morality are Indlspemable sup ports." That we should "with caution indulge On- supposition, thai morality can be maintained without religion " And that we will' 'promote, as an object of primary importance. lusiitu 'Ions for the general diffusion or knowledge." 4di. That, "against the Insidious wiles ol foreign inftuwire, the jealousy of a free tteople ought to he eousiatltlv ewake; since history aid experience prore that foreign tantieme it oue of ilie most baneful toes of rcpttblli-an gqgrerntuent " 5th. That such ' considerations speak a persuasive laucruege to erery retleetlng end rtrtuous mind, and eihlbp the cun unuanee ot the Union as a primary object of natriotlr desire." Kesolred, That the following nominees for Slate ofil -era se lee led from all pails of tlie Stqje. and eouviosed of men true to the heat Interests of tlie commonwealth, and true to the wellaie of the entire governtr.-nt and Union, shall hare our support. We believe lliey aie capable of administering tlie government with fidelity and wisdnui-tbal Ihev are men who may be trusted with the power belonging to the HUte:? AMERICAN' STATE .NOMINATIONS. Judges Court Appeals, 1. tm t William W. Campbell. N. York s. tm J George V. Comstork, On otidaga. Secretary of State Joel T. Heidley, Orange. Comptroller ....Isirenwi Burrows Orleans 'otnptroller ...Uiren/o Burrows. Orleans. Attorney General Stephen B. Otishlag, Tompkins. Canal Commissioner Samuel 8. Whallon, Chaiitauuue. Sute Treasurer Sinpb<-n Clark, Albany. State Engineer Silas Seymoar. New York. sthle Prison Inspector Wm. A Russell, Washington Resolved, That ss Americans, for the Oltv m l Count' of New York. we present the following candidates for public considers Hon and Isror, convinced that their election will result in the public good, In reforming many of the abuses Incident to our city gorernmcnt, nnd in the Placing of honest, capable and faithful American born citliens In office:? AMEKU'AK CITT AN p COUNTY NOMINATIONS Comptroller John S. Giles. HlieHfr Joseph If ioone. Oorenior of Alms House Isaac J. OMv.-r. Street Commissioner Josephs, favlor. Commissioner Repaint and Supplies . .Joseph 8outh worth. County Clerk Robert Realty. Jr. City Inspector George W. Morton. Counsel to Corporation I,ouls V. Glover. Judge Supreme Court. Edward I*. Cowlea. Judges Superior Court \ Murray Hodman. _ _ " < Lewis B. WoolriilT; Judge Court Common Pleas Alexander Rpauldltig. Judge Marine Court A. K. Maynard. Coroners?Dr. Cyrus Ramsay, Dr. John Wlthcrell. |)r. Fred erick w. Perry, f?r. Samuel A. Hills. Resolved, That the abuses which have found their way Into therlty government for mi many years pasi. ami which have resulted In a system of local taxation burdensome upon the people and deatrucUve of the beat Interests of the rlly, de mauds a more faithful administration of public trusts: that we hereby pledge our time and services lo the correction of these public abuses, and that we will do all In our power Ui expose fraud, punish vice, and secure the elevaUon ot tried aud true men lo puldlqtifllce. LETTEK CROW JOUR J. miTtKROER Kkarsmiht, Oct. 15, IH5J. It I- with sincere regret that I am obliged to decline four in vitation to the ureal maw meeting which the American party purpose to bold in the l'ark in the city of New York, on the evenniK of the l"tb Inat. i am sensible of the deep Importance of the oceaplon. and would have felt proud in uniting mv et er Hons w i'h yntira in promoting <be patriotic objects m that party, lull other duties and engagements etimpe I me to forego that it ratification. Hoping Hint your meeting may be productive of all the good consequences you can desire, and offerli g to vou, and to those you represent, my thanks and acknowledgment* for yonr In vitation. I have the honor to bo, very respectfully, vottrs Ac , J. J. CKltTfcNDEN. tcTTEK rnoti John a. aom>. Bicueovn, Oct, 7, ldAj Gkhtlemke?On my return from the North, a few day* -In I found your circular tuvltlog me to be present a' a great m t meeting of the American |tarty, to be bald In the I'srk, on the of lite 17th Inst. 1 can assure you that It would be a evening of the 17>h Inst. 1 CAtl assure you I source of high gratification to me. if I could contribute In the humblest manner toward* the advancement of the great ami oiPcf patriotic o^ct of the American organisation, ether in your htate or elsewhere, bu'there are two difilculUei In the May of my getting lo New York at tlie time proposed The first Is. that I bave Just returned from a Northern tour, and could no' conveniently return at en early a day. The second Is. that on the 19th. only two days after your meeting. It Is proposed to bo 1 a ina-s meeting of the same party In the town of Lynch burg. In my own Htate, when- I have been very uiocb urged to go. end which I shall lie Obliged lo a-'end If i can Ichi - homes' all. Hut for theae reasons, gentlemen, I -hn-ild take pleasure In uniting with the American parly ef New York' in llietr efforts to sustain what should he the great controlling principle of all Americana, and that Is. that we should he per milted to manage ou' own affairs In our own way, without Hm aid of the I'ope of Kume. and without consulting In* priests or representatives, and witliout sacrliirlng public Interests and American principles to the foreign Influences that surround us end that, through Hip agency of demagogues, threaten the Mclfaie, II not the stability of our Institution J SO. M. BOTTK. LETTEK VROM JOPOE CAMCREU.. Nrw Yoke, Oct. ?. ifltt lltMU KVR?I received a few days ago your circular letter inviting me lo be present on the 171b instant, at a grand miaa meettng of the Amen -an party, la th ; Park, in this cpy. The | our?t which you are la'iorlng to advance ba- my cordial ap pi oval and my stroogeal sympathies. The measures which the American party advocate are In my judgement not onlv right Id themselves,but are essential for toe perpetuity and wpll being of our government Nearly twelve years aqo I gave In . ...... .. .. ^ my public adhesion, and eiamiuatlon ami reiiectloo liavc onTj. ?erred to strengthen my opinions. Ainkl dlscour tgemenisiand in hopeless minorities in Congress and out. I have struggled lor the advancement of these measure-, but always with s llrni conviction that the day of their triumph would ultimately dawn upon our lanJ. K we are true to the in ert ats of our country ?true to the trmailiona and teachings ot our fsihera?true to ourselves, success will crown the effort* of the American purty. In that success we can carry aloft 'the I tag, ami keep step to the music of the L'nlou." In the greame-sor that 1'uton. New York will be great. I am now. and shall be on the i;th last., the time lined lor your meeting. lo the discharge of my otlu tal duties a* s Judge, and I cannot, therefore, take any a> live part In your proceedings. Wub my earnest wishes for the aucrese of the good old cause, I am. reapytfuilT, your obeli mi servant. WM. W CXaPUSI.I. (Cries for Prentice and ('.voders ) Mr. Out *'? NniAinsh of New York was then Intro duced to the meeting, and commenced by saying that he was called upon altogether unetpeefislly to himself'lo address hi* fellow citig"iis (A voice: "Oh no ! ") It afforded hint pleasure to address tliein fir a lew momenta when speakers from a distance, eminent in the hi*t ry of their country, would address them. He was perfectly willing lo entertain, or detain th'-m lather, for a short time, ontil the heavy _ uns could be mounted. He was not anywi-e alarmed at the brevity ot the notice which had summoned him to addre<s them this ev-ulng. one moment's notice was enough for a nun to s|eak at any time in a good cause He understood the ohjert of the mectiug to night ?as to ratify the American ticket for the city, county and S ate if New York. That ratiiica'icn however. wa? hut a matter < f mere form, as the ticket was ratified so< n as It was made known. The feotlemeB who Itad been placed lietore th'- American people by the American party for their suffrages, required no formal endorsement They would run like the cholera, i laughter.j What ever other partle- may say concerning the character of the gentlemen nominated hy the American party or the platform on which they st?H>d, he would give them fair notice that the American party had the (Hate of New York under lock and key. (laughter.) The ticket had be*n placed b? hue them for almost two month* nrtdhehad yea to learn that the slightest objection bad been raised against the character or the capacity of ?ny gentleman upon that tl'-ket. It was eoneeded, that the ilrrk lantern party had brought forth from the depth* of midnight men that were men. (Cries of toast, good"). Mentha' were united to euU>erve the he-t Inteloela of the elty. c-unly and bta'e of New York. He rejoice-1 to night that a pcrhst had arrived In the hl-tory Of the American patty, when It had strength .-tod power to emerge f, oni tlie darkness, slam', bef'-r- the public MU| deman-l tlie closest scrutiny of their principle*. In the sure confidence that th*dr priorities and men were surh as would be auatained by the A me lean people. (Applause. ) Much had been said and written about the origin of the Ameri can party. They ought to bear in mind what it was that called this party Into being. The tine-, demiti'ed that some party should be organised, of euAffient |>uwer to make Amenran* rSHUaeted on the soil where their rye fli.-t drank In the sunlight. (Apptaow.j It w*> a tna'ter ol municipal history, thai adopted . ilirens vb-i c mm here for the purpose of obtaining an honest livelihood were Ikstenct up- u by political harpies the moment their feet touched American soil Ibelrrars were a*?*!lel with untruths, and they were made to believe that tlicir rights were in imminent peril when they were not, end It he came unite too common lor American rltlwns to sacrilioe all their interests lo thoae of their adopted fellow eltl. yens. Were the men honest who ?o ter furred thi' ne c-seity upon tlie peotde f The result wa?, while the for eigners had an aiwlue prevalence in our etaoti->na. Aroerl cans were comj*dk?l to -land In 'h* background, becease they did not prove their dwvotton to civil end rsliriou* liberty by a Journey across the Atlsotl- (I/,ugtiler.) They "re*sonec that tiiuer who came Into ? i 'ni.l*t Cram si-road were better republican- loan th"-? WHO were born here liecause they ratne over S Ofl en lev t , dwell her# and enj-y Am'-riccn tnelltnti' n< whl'e other* ha-1 the misfortune to be bo n here, and could n t help them ?elves. (laughter.) They had all mc? the once pro id dtmacratie iwtrty an! the umee majes'n ahig i-trtv for. gef-ng their gieat principle* n t'ie la -1 Tierideu- ? el-- * on In the iast I'rest.tea rial election the j-f-ss Aus*hvi V* If, VtJV.At 1'sCfst 4*1*1*1 be hell res; on-iblu for the constitution or the State of New Hampshire, or whether General Scott Was sin cere in his lure for that "rich Irish brogue and mellifluous cabbage accent." (daughter and applause.) Such a thdng as principle wa- hardly mooted. He never heard a principle of public policy di-cussed during that 'ire campaign, but the (question seemed to be, who shout'* '?<;cur,' *"ie of the adopted citizen. If an American W!"1 r,>nt to llj'' prison, it was presumed i/iu ''m from being a w itness in court, or being au In uorah e n^s'llH,r uf tlie P?"' ?? "'it if au Irishman went to the Mate " J"*1 l,t,ed hi'? for tM hnnora ,. * ?? * wmM fanner. reels. It sras of the police. (Ut-'*''1* ?n?J applause.) |l rttiji to wm? m, found whtU' hat iu the *k.n* not nna >sar .less ' 'he neighboring city of Wllllams ? L7na^ri . ? v "."lcre'l at the polls lor exercising ihe Mafu^^t ot riwv "*'D* ttn 'uter. It was In H .. 'en years, in our municipal li h*^ ' not all come in from Si elections in this city, returns hv J " ' J American distiicts before the r AS*. , innie 1 citizens districts peculiarly in the hands of V ^Xxorossbm' That fact iiad g'von rise to this bntthTTthc that the An erics us might have the vodr/?. the state foreigners hud the inspectors. Well, su-cn*, of tiiiDg- till ahnut two years ago, when i? i* ,n . j meu thought the time had come to rear aloK' , ?kTU'-1"" cuu flag, with this inscription written upon 1 * banners as they were Hung to the breeze, "Americans com, petent to govern themselves." (Great applause' ,*ni1 cheers.) Sow, he would not do injustice to ad *1' ed citin ns. M'n had. iu times past been bor. across the Atlantic from amidst toe convul sions and revolutions of the Old World, whu shed lustre upon the country of their adoption, an I It-It an honorable biography as a part of thi- country's his tory, and so hau eminent American citizen* born on the soil achieved great deeds, and left the same rich legacy. But because no eigners hud rendered efficient services to their adopted country in times of need, he (nH not dis cover any sound reason why Ainericnns should he com pel let! to sit down at tie second table, and tlnnl. 111 master ot ceremonies for the privilege of picking a few Was it uo poor ohl boues. (laughter.) Was it not a matter of fact that this city had lieen badly governed.- Why was It- Because, under the protsnr.e of giving out contracts, the city had been robbed to secure Its floating vote. The object of lh* American party was to place the government in the hands of men who were tiorn on tlie soil, and whose Interests weie interwoven with those of the country. The Know Nothings, as they were termed, rendered tlie ditty of al legiance to their country without any rucutal reservation whatever. Their motto was, "Our country lirst. our country last, in peace or war our whole c inatry and nothing but our country." (Cries of "Com! ?nod,'' and great fioplause.) He wi-hed to say that too American |>arty hau nothing to do with sectional questions. If they ever obtsined the ascendancy, they would stand by the principles of the constitution, and carry out iu their a< tion only what was right and according to law. As tar as he was ooncemed he was opposed to the infamous re peal of the Missouri ccmpromise. He regarded it as u gieat breach of faith, but he would not blaiue the South for it. The -multi did not set the hall in motion, nor wai it a Southern man with Northern principles, but a Northern man without any principle who did it. The responsibility therefore should rest upon him. Me Was opposed to nny system of Northern or Southern ugita lion upon the subject of slavery. Why should the Ame rican party be distracted with these agitations about star cry t Go oicr to Tammany Hall and their principles would lie found to be nothing but botch-pot ill. Go to the Broad way House, aud what lttlle of principle there was left there was fairly committed aguinst the American movement. In conclusion, be wished to say, in behalf ol the Ameri can party, having now accomplished his mission to pre pare the way for the distinguished gentlemen who were to follow him, that under the hands of an American ad ministration their rights would all he safe and sacred to them, according to the laws of tlio land. He hoped tliey would rally around the good old American Hag in N > lemlier next, and then they woul I have for the city and county of New York a sound native American reform g > verninent, and the State of New York would be favored with an adrniui' tration that would carefuUy husband tier tesources, expend ihem judiciously in works of Internal improvement, and give you tuen for exalted positions who Would not forget the American language, and fall In love with "that rich brogue mid mellifluous cabbage accent." (Gr? at applause ) The band upon the pla'form then performed a national air, and liefore they bad MM. eluded tlw Mise-ph S. Taylrr Club,''of tint Fourth ward. Fifth district, entered tint l"ark In procession. some sixty strong. with banners fly ing, music playing. and bearing torelu-s und transparen civs. They were c lonely folio wed by tbe "National Club,'' Who were provided with a number of torches and pre cectvl by tbe grand banner presented to them 'ft week, A (?k.vti>m*> In the crowd demanded three cheers for "Brtggs," and they were given, although somewhat teebly. Mr. .Ue. W. Barken then came forward and proptmed three cheers for ' Americans to rule America." The response was ?o entt usiaatk that Mr. it. called for tlitee cheer* more for "The State and County Nominee* " and they were alan given. Three cnc*r? were then given for "California,'' ami three more for Mr. Barker mingled ?(jth derisive call* ft r "Kyuders." At this time there were about 10,000 |>er*on? present. Mr. Fha.nk Ct'.sMNt.tUM, of Chenango oountv, was then introduced to tli# meeting, and spoke as follow* :?Ve of the true l?ith, what .bring* you nete ? C>meye up here to hear whatever may he ulterwl by Ameri. ans or to worship at this their homely hut true American aliriue Whence c< me you and for what purpose? I* it to stand by the Ameiican banner? (I/oud shout* of "Ve*. yes.") la I' to give character to American principle* ? (Yea yea.) Is it to glv coat to American institution* ? (Yes yea.) Ii It to support American literature' M i' to se cuie now ami for nil time to come Ameri an c-i'lonaiity? fl noddies of "Ye*, ye*.") Then, indent, I greet y 01 brethren?then, indeed, I greet you a. American* upon a soil rendarad SHI red by the blood of slaughtered mar tyrs?upon a aoB tendered nacred by the beat talent that ever appealed upon earth. rChaera.) I. a humh e re. presentative ol those principle*, of those man sad of tlio.-e panic*, greet you and belter e in yon. I would willingly cio*? hand* with every man of you conscious that I but did my duty when i pit deed my self with bim fo sustain the platform that a ifingliampton council has hed the manhood to fabricate and tbe judgment to pro claim. (t"he*r? I This country, it* lock* and it* hill* are resounding this day with the ciy of the Americans. It ?<*?* up from the valleys to tin- mountain tups, and from the tops along the plateaus; it paal. along tlie riversj it is heard where the sunle-ains rtrst hreak ujsin 'he valleys. W1 1 you Few Vorkars stand up like men? (Is.ud crb a of ' ye*. ) Will you strike bands in faith and when another national anniversary shall roll round, will you rally around tbe common banner and the :cmin n temple, conscious that you have d< ne your duty like bouast, like uprigh' like intelligent men ' i-boui? of " We will, we w ill, ' and much applan**'.) You a s called upon to an.tain that platlunn. I need not ral e lateits principles, the Ant, paramount anl most dU tinguiahuig of which is, that American* shall rub- Anir tica. (l oud hurrah- / If I am to judge by this sea nl heeds?if I am to Judge by tbi- ms*? of living, animate disenthralled and enlightened humanity?1 evpeety ui to stand up in a Clay laahlon, unbent, unbroken, tin awed and unsubdued, faedy to do your duty ami your whole duty, like l hrirtinn, intelligent, lomest and boo . table men. (Might applause, i We waits our response. We evpect it on the Me* of November. W* expect that a voice will go up from this city that will he echoed throughout the Fmpire Hate, and that will animate the tiue 'iceman wb?rever he may ts-, and loci'e American eitirens to d* their duty en mi a- fu don is concern*, now, henceforth, and forever by crushing the pe>igTitphi cal and Inctinu* spirit to th* dun'-. What response do yon give to that? (Apilanae. hut slight.; Is-i it come up. tirethren, not faintly. l*o it come up like the boom of that artiilny that pronounced our fathers free in spirit and in truth (Applause.) The sole thing presented that i? worthy of no >? n-i te a lion is the platform manufactured shell democracy >nd prominent pc oliar nnieur ind' ?? i I* the steersman of th.u' concern. (baogntei .. F'usion i* dead beyond revocation, and all ihev now ask i* a decent Christian burial st th- hnods of thus. flinloo whom they h .ve ,.bu-i"l f .r the fast year and a hit It i henewc.i laugh" r ) But that soft platform dwrves some cun-ideraUi n II w..- rnaiiuta' tared to order. That Yen Buren n an. who represents a peculiar family with no particularly peculiar Inatitutleot, found the tns terlal out of which to manufacture the c/alt, by picking up the rotten and br< ken p.l :* of the llnOa.n pla" era with s few -fahe that Hen Butler had mane n I ti.-a (laughter,J bound together with a mp* made id uegro's woob (icnewed laughter,) w hlle J? hn?4b* Is-St of ihe tril>e?witty, rlisi'ient anl eternally Inconsistent i laughter and sp|Uus?) John, with a large scull i?*t tempting to seuil the miserable crett over to the other ride of Jordan, (Much laughter.) Afler souse remark* in relation to I re-hient I ie.-ce whom he dee lusts* ' the he-eat nineon>| nop" in th* I ui >n wlto inigut t>? re presented, In tuc language of ntthini lie fans, try NOVO ?>th a minus t gn after it, signifying 'bat lie we* worse ?lien nothing the speaker proceed# I es follow:? l)o y. ar duty like Intelllg. nt citizens. If (nc ilon exists. repress It. (In? up the rank* like men, clooe tin ui up brraly, *nd nuarrh up to 'his flgh' as II y. u had something trickling through jmur v ins .ike the Mood that animated your Ib-v ?lu.h.nery fathers. (I*iud cheers.; Forget nod tit# epirit tbejr ex bibited st Bunker Hill?forge' n t tbe principles that sr imated them ai Vorktown?forget not in God's name? b rget not th? spirit that emma'. d them a* civil hern** at <T in your capaci'y as voters iml'ate them hy dep- utlng ymr votes In favor of tbi rO men who love wh" ebe Ish and who now and hereafter will protect American ns ii. na.ity. (Trie, of We will"' and ?>?!?? menteppU i** You will then indeed, here done your duly, en I wl.*n yon enme to rally around that tanner 'ha' I your pilri* and your hope? when'lhose stars and trip** fl. o' in the breere then may you say It I* the type the a p prfete sywibol of American nationality and when y-u a e called U worship and fall on pro?t>*t# knees ?A'.r that banner, and at the bsit of th* 'e.npl* ere-'*! es a token and rljgn of our nalfcinaii'y, you w II h? re* urwl'ed by the preeent as true m*-n and in tie fu'ure hn wn a* Ameriran* with ? nationality that could not b* rep>? -? i or sunken or debauched (The *petker then rt .ted amidst rcf-tment and nrotrm ta eppmuss Tkisstfosr. were called for, snd given right hcei'.ly.l At thi* point In the proceeding* The VlaMwittb vr< I J<aeph B. Taylor t-oerd*'' came .nto th* perk *n! mar*ti

ed >n front of the ptatlorm. Thet' presen. e elic. . t much entbn*lssni 'It.ey had many banners. Amongst them ?r* on* tunrii g th'ft-tlowlng ins. .iptton :? I F'ltH Nr.vstomal. Ibwrmiv. 1 } I ? pt> ? I en li.ts'o ftit Nenet. r Fr utti s Ha J ; Faithful tb* faltl.fal, V thfol to o* last i ten aacdhet was a^ o( xme^ C?f?*, eg .-ai e.M* SIMS# *oa.w OVM ClK'MIIT. i 0*1 COSWITtTIO*. I ; Okk them my. h Three cheers were given for "Brooks," and thre- v jr en'huida-tic oura for Joseph H. Tartar. The Chairman tlien introduced the Hon. Ijcw..-- r It ia ot Philadelphia, who was received with imine it - ij? plauxe. He naiil :? Fellow Citlxeux?I came here to-night from a sicl. tel againtt the earnest entreaties of in/ physician, to greet you, ami hid you ontbaid in our (Jod-like cau-e?[loud crh* of "kou're welcome")?the tame cause for which your fathei struggled, and flrr which we are wllliug to dir. (Applause.) i came liccauxc i thougiit I iniglit give you certain undeniable facts iu relation to our tie teat in Pennsylvania, which have la-en grossly pro-ti tuted ano misrepresented. What swept the State ?>' I'etmxvIrania last yearV It wax Americanism?Aineri cuuii.m?pure and unadulterated, unmixed with hater mutter. Then it was tret from Nebtwxkaixm aud anti Nebiiitkahm, abolitionism and aiiti-abolittanUiu, repub licanism aud anti, rumi-in uu-t autt runilxm ! Hut no aooner hail victory perched upon tip American banner, than every one of the-e i?ms xtrug gled to euter our organization, aud the ouly uiarvei is that Motmonkm uid not iuvade it* sanctity, (Ijiughter.) I iixt came Prohibitory liquor luwlxin. during tlie last SPsJ' U of our legislature. It was known to tie in ad vance en" public seri'imeat. The people of Pennsylvania e n a temperate Pvv!'l'', and tlrey ?etv iu tavor if an ustriugent llcenae law. Tne republicans the outside whig*, ami ,*Wtny of the democrats in the I.egi-Iaturc. toted for the' htw I and because tue majority of lb-' lx-gi? laturi* were Americans, and it was end<?r?ed by an Au'evtuan administration, the American putty was held rOrponaiWe for if. Hence the Lin uor. Lea gue, when >'.*iaijizCNl. wax nrraytsl ugamxt the American party, and llfat jiarty oWiy Titer numbered an average oi some ISO in rivti i>f tb?' twputy-four wards, in the city of I'hllaitelphiH, ssilli oue tuuuoon interest, aud u tire i unity of purpose*, with h* ramitleations extending throughout the and nutiberiug wane tlilrtjr thou ? and vutria. Tic pa-s**gu ot tliM law tin.* drift (rem u - a large foice. whtcn, hating nfllMwl a tnanv)dv, are u >* ready t'< reunite with u* "it "tir arigltuil A*?-r.c4.'i priii ciples. Naxt rame the Mlute to alect a batted State* Senator, when we Imd the power to An en. He' fit* '?''ti er*, or republican*, a* the* ate nil-t -vUed, struggling to break down the Amerioau organltatlcai and erw-plt* the party in it* pride of strength, violated theii solemn pleoge* aud defeated the regular noiuinne. Wutfle ibi? deprived uh of a loader who would have led the party to certain triumph, it encouraged our foes. met invited tie vat ion* antagonistic element* in the democratic party . ach of which felt that it* chain.* ui electing it* repri-oi. lutive, wa a* good as that of the other Thru can .? the National Council in June la?t. Some "I tlm dttlrga'o* wetc in favor of planting the nait.v upon the universal principle of Proteatauiism. No raid iho republtuau-. And wbyl Bec?u*c tliey loll that it might giro strength to Uic American parly, and the free soiler* and ?epuhh , an* opimeed It. i'lant it upon birthright -a? I other -, and gi>e to eveiy iiuui born upon the will the guarante a of the couMltutirm. No, -aid the republican- aud free *rilcr*, tht* will deprive u? of the Protestant eleov nt 'liiu* showing clearly that their object, irom tir*t to I v?i wa* not to bulk! up Americanism. but to deetroy it ami upon lie ruin* to erect a free soil republican party, baaed upon geographical limit*. Now the*** same republican* are leady to <>|>eii the d< or not only to foreign Prote* tant*. but foreign Konian Catholic*. Again t out eandl date for Canal (oinmissi.mct We* taken up, (Mr. Martin.) and within nine day* of tlie election the political trie* - ster* aHhilrew-liiin. A few lrre*|Hinsllile individuals m-'l at liarriebufg. without any authority from auy source expressed ot iiuphe-1, and substituted Mr. Ttioui<is Nicholson. The paitie* making this change pro tossed to represent the American, the republican, ami the oa<*iile whig parties The effect of this Was te convulse the entll-t titatr. The base an I uo principled purpose stood icresled Tlie object ??> lo claim Ilie triumph, whirb was anticipated, a* * repub lican triumph. Hat even that plot fai-e t. A distinguish ed gentleman from the interior of the Mate, who has held a high post, and who i?. 1 trust, destine I t< h -id n stillt.iglier one. determined tf pos-ible to save the party from the me-he* of the csmsplratora and on the evening of the 4th of October atldie?*e<l a letter to Mr. Nicholson. In which lie asked?First. Are sou a meinlier of the Ame rican |.arty ? Secondly, im jriiu r.-cogntre the principle* o| that pnity as primary and paramount ' Thirdly Are you op|S>sod to t ha introduction ol every 1 ism" Into the American organisation. wl.h di might pbic?- you, a- it. standarsl bearer. In a doutitful position f in the morning of Mil, (tour day- only before the election,) th- following Udegiaphic despatch was leceivcsl by the gen tW null te ferred to:? ? .... IIaiiri**c*u, Oct. S, 1NM. Hih?I bare replied loall your toterregaMrie* In tlie aStnu* live. I have acnl vim a messaga lo tlia i eltec' dlreuted to the Waahliutloa House. TH'lH. NHIiOI.dOV This response. and this only, gave Mr. Nbh lson hi twi nty hve th-u*an>l votes in the city of I'hiladelpfila and tf the fact cooi' .*v ?*cn couruauiilevted to the entire State, hi* election would have been certain. Kr-'.r I milt leal abolitionist and republiran in the city vo'e I against us ssi dhl the outside whig- and yet the c/.r rupt free soil and lepubllcan presses dare call Mr XIch olsoti a fusion candidate. hat at the following from the 7,l(l. of to d?y:? . .. . In Alleghany county ihc rote stood ? Arnold Hlmniuer. '? - ? ? Tt.os Nicholson. ruslofi fasamnre Wllllamven. iree auii republican aA> Marttn ami t leave# (I,leaver old line nailve) .1" Aioeileans' bs,k at what the reckless Tribune evil, fusion' It needs n- comment, and believe me wlim I tell you, that if Ametl -anlsm has felt a temporary d> feat, lire n-llem and miscalled republicanism are hwcvci overthrown In the glorious oil K?y"lsme Htale 1A1. plaure.) The peo( le? thi Iiolde hearteJ Ameilcen people .?f tbat (?tate are taking the matter In their own hau l thus tar the tight has becu between them and 1 In- old rotien and worn out politician*, and it is not difficult to tell who will triumph In th spring. New Turk I* to decide whether this great ri,, test between the ioteigs horde* and the trim Am*ri-vn. shall be decided in ,'sior tU. Ilow proud ber imaltion' I very American eye is restiug upon he. action in N' > vmni-er next. It she triumph*, n*xt month <>-.r country i fiee for her sister Htate* will tollow to-r gt-.rto- s example. (Cheers.) If she fail now, licr sons will come up to the rescue, and we wl I hold on till thev come t-or my ell. I do not believe that the prln -ipl'-s for whl< h we cntcud are too pure for the age or the country in which we live (Applause ) Tula i* not Hit or raeiMi for <11-curing the principle* of our party, fhey ere known 'o you ell. '-'el has luiplaut. d In our hearts the principle* ii|mn which we aet It Is that love of boT.c and native land whl< h. In times of peril like this, lis. a to t glory. (Cheers ) An I shall w deny to the foreigner that which we claim for ours.-l.e This mlaealled lllwiallty on the pait of the whig- th. denu crats, the free soilar* the abolitionist* and the n publican- would deny to the foreigner from other Ian Is Ibst which W" claim for ourselves. HI.all we, in our llleinlity to the foreigner eay that in referen e to him, Nature!,as icversed her laws, hacausa accident or m-te -Ity has driven blin from hi* h.uoe.tead. where his heart stiocc d<> (- its root* and his atfections loudly blossomed or shall we t,e true to our owu instinct* true to tin- n ere.I dletetas of nature, and true to the eternal law. of find, by oirlng that the foreigner, latfore he exen !*??? the glm tons functions of Aioerlcvn eltUanshlp -hall lu> natersll/ed in mind. In heart and In s.,u| by a reside* e -lift, irntlr I- ng to weari blin from Ills early love aud stsmp upon Ills heart true Americanism' (Protraetal applause.) 1 he la-at policy of tbe wise st.ite<man is to ui' ale I lit* laws ii|s?n the lioly ordinal!- ? tif nature. ( Ap I la me.) if the heart of the ali -n la in hi* native ian 1 it all hi* dearest thought* ami fondest affc -Hon* c! . aiound the altars nt lit* native cods let u* not h*rra-> toman 1 destroy hi-enjoyment by placing new bin dens up . 0 hit., and oneroua obligation* <>r |ioli'icat duty th* jar .g.irstbls yrnpa'hies and . all up-.nlil.-i to ren inc. l?. Irg- that ? .'ii never bedlspellagfroin Ids bosom. (Cli< -r?. ? Ameiicana. we bok to |tni. We h*.<- bad dllhculUei l" encounter in rcnueyl**i-l* such a. no man c ,ubl ? - u .-;v< of, tut our experience will only lead us on to * lili.muh in tie spilng and to a s ill more gl- - v fiiumpb In tbe following NoveinVr. floid cheerr Hot yr.u go .-f?, ecbeie to the position you nobly ?? npy a- the national pai'y ?t till. Vulon. ,Jtvnl where y< u have here" fcre atood upon the onoatltutlno (Aj piaa.e.) btend by your prlncljlrs as your stale our. cti l.aa pr. ? laimcl tl.em to th' world, f-ect a m ?.i Iiem not that at Itunkei Hill built of mirbb f... K.'liog years will puss over It and it w.ll mou'der and -Way time's Iron Anger will 1-e busy on i's -nrfc-- ari l at Ha base, ami *Oon in the atllloeaa of a*e 11 wiii f.,ll and not a *e#' ige will remain to mar'- to eomlig| g-i.'-ra l|.-n# th? "t "f where Ii strss) but yours New lork-r-? yours Am'-'leatia?*1 all l>e* monument more d-nabi in It# struetute, more noble In its prrrperrtlon- ?^ ni nu r ent eiecte<i in the gratitude of the American h'art r Is.ud cbe< rs ) At 1U summit shall linger a halo of im perishable glory, and at It* >(**<? 'b'- gratitude ot t-.e Ameilean Ire--pie (H.wewert sir enllio-.aatl- eha. rs.) \Ae, of I etin-j Ivania, tear ml t.r the reanlt. ttabe k t<> New York. As *) # g-w* n?-?l November, sri fosw I'enn eyt<ania in the spring, and a* Pennsylvania /'*' in t - sj ilrrg ao Will ?be go In the 'nauing Nr/vein rei .-lie will 'farnl side by side with yoti and .hooider to *!??' I - er. Tin dii'rallies we haV? anco,,nt*r?l have miiy vlven us frr-*h strength for cotnlag struggle and we ?hall gr, forth heieaf'er like a giaiit?an A met I'V n g. .n' ?rtf-eshed try *le?-p. The Hon gentlansan then iwtireI f-om t)*e stand amidst the enlbu*i**tl. plaudit, of th* .ast assemblage. Cries for I'ranti.e Itynd?r*. At*. Mr IUM.Sk h< re intrrsl?*ed to the meeting Mr I 'I ?wi*?i, the candidate >4 tb< |#rtj lor Attorney i.sqeral. He was reeetred with ehaer* and said',? fhia wae the prroudeai in. foent of bis life He was not areas I, med to asldresslng laigvaudience- and could no* Is < \ pectsd to talk to men by the acre By tbetr kinlae?* -r , i w ?*'<?.! Iiefora 'hem aa a canoi-late for ski's Her In ti.* -hadow <dtbl- beautiful hall h* **k*d tha.n a t eeir.en t" 'ot* for the ticket? The audience war* het* attract*I from th? ?p?ak'' by the approach 4another pro-eoicn sith m ote an 1 '??'< i er*. and with a huge parti e>.lured lantern ntig U ' in'ended A?r the 'lark Cantorn'* aurm -urite.1 try s nn rags . In whirl, a Uve eagie was tsp, tog bl? w i r. Ilsxsr*?Three tbeeis A-r tl.? A. wu u e.g . i.espondesl tn with g'nat .-fl.-t an?l ew'h -ia-n. Thr '(.caber conttnucsl?It ha* 'wea ?aud of tbeo. lb*1 'l.ry pet.sruel men l.r the accident of the r Irtuii I wae 'hair gloriou* acerdef.l tlm! tbrr were Inrn be - ard they w.uld pros#*' their na'tre las.' < Aju-taue Why ?*? It 'ha' f.ermnaa wet he e *a>: I" k ba k tbe Lolislsya of their FatberlansP It wa> iwa-iW 'h* tw4 a hi me ami retained Uielr lee# for It #-*d *-*sri o te ripened to rare hi th>? lit vp*r to the n Ibet o fins' o rshfs.ii, and wa* reap*at el to a c. (te ?' *?s anpropi lateneea, by three gr-a oaf.., it: ???"* tot i.e . tly jarty, he easd ffcvt le> a'-od ami a It h-' don. ,ae> (Appiauee *?. a igb ei . t~'*7 ?bet were -means*fto'toewl He fu aiti ot... .'. (.ottg., god Ural w?a whtn ha vj*?J trtpive.>a i.:.. Ti ? 1 hr MM) ?o* (".aujhter), *cd it not b*c?u?? tu b*v bern born bo.n hero, but b<>c?u*<- be might ?"?, , t|?t the* hiuc. (Laughter) Tbojr w?r<- toM, ?W. ^y * that ' J,"t?,e m.itur t? the foreign |H'P?b?tl?>n th'-r nut !?? I II ? ?erf tl*e? Wur'u< tbfu WhyohmiU om her. EJisSSi? | (lamgbter.) At thi* juncture tlie Ninth War i Club entered the I'arU in tremendous force. ?lth tnrrhes unit tanner*, atel A taml playing " Yankee Doodle.'' At the pioposttion ot Mr. Buku, there were thi o r? given tor ?' Yankee Doodle." The torches, banner- and transparencies hail ? highly picturesque appearance, anil gave grant effect to the meeting. A- one ot the truu-pai ancles wan pass ttg, tearing the following motto:? #////#*/ ftftttfffttt^ > OI K COt'MKY, NOKTII, WW1 fa*T *Vf> HOl'tll. $ Mi. B.vkskb proposed thu-o cheer* fut thi motto, (lie (ponded to.) There were then three cheer- gitreii for Jamt- W. Barker, set oil With three gTiwne for Bill Seward. Among the various uiottoe- lascribco in the traospa rtnein borne by the Ninth Wucd Club, wa? the ("Ucw ng ? I.U.IIT "111**1 1N UAH-Ml*. wi win ?; M////#///////^'//////#>*//?> I taint tii* i or tii* whom. ; ************************************************ ****\p iuiik i_*\n.?r\ urvis* uuiit. ?l M I1HMRT I KM. I ************************************* ^ om arw n* vhtobt. ^ UCITMUOM HAM. J Mr. Ci HlliM* <g u-uong *r inie' iton taking in hi* vlaApn pr hably woine liOUOn |ier*nn* ?'The reiy tlrel IMnw Amen-ana will do aider they get into (*>wei i- to mini mi the hark, *' Hist re will hiivr * (dure to bold fair inert Ing?in. (1 Slighter end nppliinw Mr. Mhim.n?I prop-?r three cheer* fbr Amer'raa?out country (Re*pondel *\i ) Three cheer* were ahm gtrtn f <r the IVylnr (lull. A? the tranipareiicy, 'Will the motto 'ktceUlor Ikm" came mi. there were tbr.*e cheer* pr >p ?H d and gi?e? tor hin.. uini then theie wars three mure for '<;<"! tt|,,| uur iMnutry." While the prncce-iou wn ? ?tUI pa--hg Xr CV'inv. rc aumed hi* lemark- ThL? teg he ?aM, l? i ?r* 11 t?r? - tuct* tile naturalized foregtwr in Hniyriwt. and pro tec't in here. We a*k you to defend It. .id I to de fend our principle', nod ti *iury them out 1" * ?ui com tut Uaue. < Aiiplnuac ai d rrle of " WW will.") In their hand* hi- left the intvrn'a of the city of Sew York, und lie would go to hi* i| home In the 'dV*t and tell hhi een?titueni' that acre-on acre* ot liiei.-in Sew York hurt plirithd theninelTei to enpport tlie ticket, ami they wouM do it. ( Applause file apeaker retiree, and in d. -c wa' *alutcd w illi three cheer*. Mr. C. Hi aH w?' nett loir1 dreed to an I addre-wl the meeting. At the name linn- t'Wie were .tome (lie or *ix other "eakeia Induing tnrth *t *? many extamporilei) stands, niir*?*i.l them a ltliin hearing distance, and or rounded wifh hanuers. colored Innt' rn? anil tr*n*paren ele* Tb"i>houta. cheersand other -ivn-ii'tintlou* uorl** repining n rather difficult II not altogether an Imp* ble uperatiou. To add to the delactaMiltle* of th>* occa eion. in a leportorial rlow the Kie?nei light now i d ?, I*. M. lgareon*. that btiiig a precon lerhd iigual for the torclillgbt procei'ion to organize Hot the "peal or held ^>n and i lily made a temporary pau-c when the King- (!ou||t|'1llt marched pt't In |ir< - eeaeion with the accompaniment- >f ru'i'ic ldiztnff torch es. and tmii -pwremiee, with am< tig other*, the fmlowtng mottii'l? r mii> or turni. ?\? roii tm u.i or rw i \ m> ri mov tli rrt v til t?; OrwwwwrwwwuwwMwwiwiww.iwwwirii . } l.i kK IKI'fc to i l H i i'l "THY. > ? "9 "r :t Mr Hiram propnaetl three i tm r for the latter mott", ? bleb W9I9 given, end ?fin 11.ut er groan" for 'BOIBrvitil." thru ditto nymt*! f ?i tin' TVofuor.-, ami three liittii lor H"iur iirw ??y. '1 lie aroceeeius hu i in* |'U'0 .| Mr. ll irr ie?umed Ii ? iiii.niC? mnkii g ?? lilt '.vli.ii in tailed' the nw*ii dandy Jack eiecatlre of the I iltc.1 BMtri " Hi-, kfr It bad let! hi* |*rty (ant aa nn'ii U-uyi the cwttetmy Wind# ill. i tiare hurled tlinir 4di, in *aau<l mourning After Mr llurr, were Introduced iuov lealy t< the meeting Col. Rrrr- niul Mr. v g, Mellon of Oatar < moot/, The latter jdedged til - r . .ntv to ( iabtitrnia ma j> rity fur tlie Ami'iican ticket, aid in ted with three i In i*i a fur th? tirkit ami Utftw fur California. There were tlrenf. alN for "llnrkei Barker " bn> a> o ?n now n i|Mai !i?r to 0 i'. M an I IM toeeb llglit pro at 'ii bail actually commenced In got in motion tbent w? no reeponae, .-ind the f'hairuraii tb?' <juc*tiori on ? motion adjourning 'lie meeting till tli* dtb of Vnrernbei ami declared it}earria-d The iinmrnoe aaaembbige tliea ..?p. 1, r rather formed Itaelf Into a prucyien uipantcd ,j tor. i. Ight- mu?ie banner*, and traa par. icie- ahbli marched throogh Broadway, I J- cry .ml tin priucipa ?tr?ota of the oity Ai ot.e of the minor a tan ? fn: paakeie, Mr II I ryb r Wa ? Chairman C. Whittnkei ? u.y an M~-r- . t'al.'.win, Mclrftyre ami ni.y r mod' iiMrewx At an tlier the .peak em were . I. 'I Brie*- of Ihe lenlh w.rd v Hail of the | ghtb ward I uthei < *l?, ot Ku< klaod (' i.e rge 0. Jonoi "f '!>? IHghlh wai 1 and W II Hall of Itruoklyn. At a third. Hie opeakern wen. Mr. Hatdwtn ? f ( allaraug..... and Mi (. iim.iri. of i litbdalphU. Ala fourth, Mi Bark loan ??? ? hairuian Mr iUrdoek rice 1 I air man and Cnl. May. Jeremiah Brook'. tier,rge llail, and other* ap*akera Taken ail in all thii wa? the neat troirwraVm*de uion-tiation we haw- en r ? n in thin dt . Tre Indicted Olllrlala?Further l*o*l|M>iir men! nf Trtnla. fot'itr og ovitK ami rriutixgit. Iteloie .Itidga Reeayi it. tat 17? The rem of the pgnpte ig.ui>' Abler nan Heirtek wga iised for thl? morning At 'to opening o' the Conrt Mr .'a T. Iftily ipfllol fn a further p ..' ponement and read in tup|>art at hi? application an ati ilavlt '4 Mr. Herriek. Mating Ilia' one of hl? removal Mr. |tn deed a a-out of town that an tlier Mr Bre?ljr fr< engaged in ttie tilal "f an Important >nn?e. for llil< ley end that a third, Mi Whiting, had baea w apM ye*lei day a- ?iti.o>-in a raee. and that he could not,)y be ready fur trial tliiAtrrl After ceil-III let ion between Mr. Mredy and the IHotrp-' Attoroey. Monday neat w?? ggraled e? the day wn-u Abler mar. ilertirk would go to trial jtregi Rrmeerelt apprised enieai that tire (.? nor fei m. of which be waa a atcuiMr, Waa to meet on the f>i., of No emher nod a-bed their ? pfalori aa In whether there WO ,III be unw* enough la tlie interim l>etw?eii Uuariay unit and that 'lay to buiai. ail the ? mm if the indicted oMetaia. Me?err Brady nre! Ila'.l < ri'ided la'lie oplab n that ' ue w k would Baiah them all, ' a that eaanraare tlie J.?dg' a-i-ttterl to the pr ? of eounael, aid rdluy.y "I da? neit ?a- m t'e trial of Abterirao lleirl.k?Mr lb .dy firing l> l"Odg. lhat I.e would be lh? n rr "1> U> e?>"n Ik* ? ? > Jnetiee ptaertan . < auw dman llaa.y are mad h rfe aeaie day an lh?t tfcera la h'tle doubt bat that r.n.< < rti e other of ibe ind cted "Hcla! a ill be put aa trial 'hat >iay. The Turf. dUTHKVILI-g |-?rr.aa L. I-? PAClirO A pa o g match tor |".'MI r? 'e hea'r '??' Ikire in nr. iiaharnaee.carrw Myei'eri.y afternoon heiw?en Rlae ? in and Argy la>wn two wall .nown rundalare Blue akin won the rw* in three elratfbt haeta The neere wanted boMtoo?c mi)e betaV too loCM a bruab fa hmt ? ahowt l.aif that dxtanr# tftU l<are onital her baiter The beAMwg preytour te the du' waa ? n? h nt?', i thirty on lllaeakta ted t wird* the nbnc of the race o; b< ndrovt t? tee waa wage re.', i? bin. Aa the raaa Waa rather en train'? "t'.f atTe'r we w19 merety gtee a ?uruBMty v? VatBMT tir'. 17 ? Baeiag met >.'/? ru le h'?'? tieet throw n fire la l.araaaa II. Woodruff narrtorl eh g M neok o III rrwner named h. m. Aggy Iwrwt ..... 1 I 1 rue, k ?*?k 47?ki4 A match fat M '**>, tiatweca I1w? Temple and llar.r, w'll take tdaca tlii" afarn a.n at ffce'eeitreefila < m-ae two mile fica'a Meyeral Iwie were road- yWer laf afic a-ara that both h"roae wmrld g?i la leee then Ate an a tea 7!,e r?r? will oot go ap aadeeftee th tr ' ? a , i .e' |c?nn? who Intend lealrrg the rar? tea; (*v ^ la iter - "tber modae of ronaayawe tiljr t*raM??< -A M aanwa! y kn ?arna ?a W'taftj! ? f'<i Jwtic* Jicotx of tlx l-a?ta*? "tlatrfc* * *1 ?rf? <4 ataW >nf a ?? 7 ??"'?' Haarj H. U?, ?V| la " *??"' 'n ? ?!?(?? !!???? ?wi?l >" Mtit tiui.i. bat km faiat l ?ara?.?>?Aa Ma .an r?.Mta? t* *aa Vwt ai mod J hn It ?ab*aa? ?a? Ulwtal .?at ?t-a at -m a warrant |a#?a-l t>7 Jutitt* AaaM*. <n a ekarfa of '.Maia >?? fara larw ?.raArr ta |>HW Ma froaa ? Vna.?r a C laa i ?MW CaawaMto.! (at fr m-w tmtm.* Ow mi I'mat rA h*M aa law* ^n u at *? IU Xawth f'wartll ?*r?rt l**'atu U-lrt't ta tfca *"1 / '* 'r?4arva -*? tt wV. 1M awMaaJ/ a fca V?r4ltt <4 Jary ?4i*l ?f aataritt! a tt tla kaart 4 ?'.*# it It* aUatata of IV - it a K. V n< ?**?? i ??? Mk lawaat V. W'mim a1a?ib?f 'bat r *aaa ria. <* V? la<ari?nt?A. tki S ta IK Hf? f? kVri-J ?$?'..aa ??' n<icatta ?T (he KM|tirr ( II) Rrgull* Cluh. In acronlAnee with the prewtoii. swiiouneomeut, the rtfatta n! hi. flub eaine off jeeterday. an-! wa? oiw a( the uxwt eucce.afai Umt lui ertt taken pUcd in (hi* tity " hj| the worM ' wa> mnte.1 anl If the) ilid mot attenii there m certainty * tolerably Mr repreaeato Hon. lh .? covin not have been le.a than fen tbouaaod apectatora. arnt 'he mo?t Uiteaae latere*! manilheted ^ 'he differentiae The day w a? all that conld be do tired, ll"" "fr.' hing terete baidly a?luted the water. l+>,ua'i a ?*oU<' rll'P''- Hie regatta took place in the ?' 1!,,l II .uae plan?ure ground*, lUrbnt. T^e t,nj* app..!ntel for the *U?t Ing of tlie In.! of l"'H, waa half paat one i.'clock but lotiij bcf>i the' *iine the ali ne Waa tilted with apectatort, aid the water crowded with beat of every detcrlpthn. IV tteaaabc>t Creton alone had nearly a tb..ii?aiil twtoin. muting whom **???? * ia'ile numb* id ladiea. Wi' w. luf. ; iiijfci t-'o, b* mm ot the member* of th* ti,?t amua* the uiMiiemao crowd i.--?nb!fi id thU necaabin there were not lea* tluiii three thousand ft- ru Boaton, Kt J ho N B. and Toronto, who cam* on exprewly to w itne?? 'h? ii*nttn The torn who were announced to row tin* boat*, www worklrg men nu l the affair *?> might naturally b* aup i wa. th lotmtaly deui ociatir. It wa? a |n-ople a if natta ami it wax. therefore, n? won-ler thai tt wax aw numerously alien-,#1 We hot*' It I- nut the !?at but Ibut the tucoea" with which it wa< attend#! wlli imtke tin- 1 mji.rf ( it;' Higatto t'lub one of our j>tiniaacnt in atltntioni. Ihf agitffffxt vt'.ui- if the prize- amounted tw a' ut four huo'ltiil dollar*, which wa? to b# distributed In the foil-wing j>: i?p< ? !lou. to the aucci a?ful outpen tor? V ttw R*'X?Fot a "tanti Boat, f or men and ("our f*r?. Hi t| i!r putxe il.'O "Third prize #1 ? Second prize puce .. 10 lull an-e fee #10. A alia ttu# valued at j. t-- go with th* III at prta*. fit' r, ri K -,r a?IVir>? I'wii !'a iv K, u*. witeen feet am-ioth a --ri- bant*. Hr?i p:|ze )-t.t?f... . t'J) Third pil e M .-i (.- na# ?e inn . 10 i ii'ianee fee #2 ItlUi I! II 1?Clum-mx'*?r/xr I' lIM -i< t tl*. Niiiu-teen tfet U'hiti h ili wi.ti Ijf U i't. Find prlve, g-dd medal, nti- jiun- Hon #3.1* .-?ci nil pri/?, purx? #. ?> fourth prio- M Third prire jwnnf '.0 1 t< h of the S?.nt. enter -I ha I to pay a fee ot #10. Tkt toil-wing eeri- the rule f?v>o niuf tie ?./?? ate' nppuaat t -at- oi the b -wt. ("befoul oaied V at u rf.'-rlcti uia, ex-ept tiiat eanfe .had be proj aiinl by a wtd we power of hnw mew an* rtiur ear.. In (he ten put. ol .cul'e -jr.- the boat aliall be not mme than xei -ateen fe?*x' Vug. and aint'ith warh built In th* ? ngle pair i.' - ulla iae? the (mate -ha.l be aat mote tli ?i nineteen te-t i n* nor tbau f<ui 6-et flew inrhe# In wetth an I Libel e?n in dMa p the limber* to lie of th not than eleven an.) a half no hew npart and eleven .ljleestto of an icvb Uiieb 'he baate to lie built -mooth wi i . ?i h tout thwart. n t le*? than one inch 10 tb.cknen, th upjiet ?t'eak to be of oah, ael 1< -? t li .u ha'f .in inch Hil h the (fnnwalen t- l?e aieo tf ? >ak nf ' i.e to in?l three vifht ha in t|#rkne?? Snout tlnirrr- :< it -I .lutl! le- none than f"Ur lin he? ontle?r4 ti th ( j.lria A', the - at l-m" work and ebix-t ? max lie etni.ved ! 1N? pxrty mwlna deairet A dlfleretu - of tiro n> he? n .? ? in the l?n#th olthe beat* *ll! not l?e Ihx <li?iari ut -? i w..| a.. At. iniln?Uia Ji.dgaa1 Ihkii, from whirl. if/ ?r?t ?lift Imt'f tutk??4 la tti?? mh'llx i f i!. ?. irr j j> i'a thx >t oft'ua ManArwA and >? 'rr-?t ('lie I iUp ??.;?: ?*. tiicb >r*4 off tt.w font of Mitrt Irut linat ??t <h? >thr at tba t.?nt nfiinf llui ?" ?l in i i<lilrrBtk tlrHl, mla 1 ai^onting to thtrox. t'l'-f gff? to I* It la?t t? let". rill- liuala" ?ay. I'll-1.1,Ji-r f- r ' ? . ir? Shall r..? to llm ?"ulll>tly ???I." n-hla'i mud t.r ?u not from 1h? w?rt lownrwt il?o i'ii?t. than i.iw'tif to till- laorttwi It IaA. Iwiat, taw itlg til* Jfl'lll'? I ??'. II 'In ? Hat ?i lr .11 1 luruiog -nM tii r'lirr'i ??ink" Kl fiu() till Mat tit* ml,?MI that x tin art I' rt.? afi n ? ? hi' a iutti?rlf ?taka bast, t milnr thr jij 'g ? ix.a* nn tba ??'! al l# awl turning tlx u'alif tx *1 tfii-a nua t b aod ' han aft n to lb* nuilinlv lal..- oil, turning ug.ltt fi-ma tha raal ta wafta til. ' x*t awl t!n-n hi la ' ? 'bu platta d ?ta tiig, .lot hailing th" :ii v ? it' i tin* *Ml ?td> i Tlix xnwatvrax ?" ? ulnar ? ? .' a m?w> a i at*. Aamr? nf Una.'-. HutH'rj. W liltrhall Win M. Hrfl ,|g ",., W M Kj!? ! ax y I' at man .N a a man k lUolHI Am*rli.iia . t rb'oti tllla . f". 1 Irufx'axjll Wxiomi ?I;, -|I|M' M ilan J?xia? I Mo-pay Mirhaxl M. I augluln I 'kin-ii I. farina tan * ..a.wain J. IV. r -tr?\ M..ri ?'Ttn-a I?? r? lhi>. tialx.-n Jnliai tUnon fan .'.??!ta Imniially i'..xaa*ln M Mar ?*r. ' Ai'T l'i I' a ' ?'"?x i It. t?rf.. I'. I.mrh W .lain W.aag, .!? bo Matbrx. il ran .'.a.araui Aran?* H |xtt..r Hartd -milh Hralatad, I' Mabh do Citwain. (nir?II Iar?n II I'hHaliail I'tfun 'AaWon. 1' Iti iiija n Cut ar lit Win hianwy jarn ra a* ar-nii# .Yuan i nf /bur/.. Maixn. H *!.bri *- ?.*???. a*. I ???? ? {asste ;*-??? >?'?** (jftssas jww.w... ?ixlli!.bu.*b. ! " |U *l* *'**? I M A*r- - B l> ??W?- f C* ,1 - MM A n at. I of /l ib /f x '.a IM W^a VAi.iialnl' ..ta...... H M Ibrtrr I I ftiaii. lbiUia- Ji-ltaia. n Awlraw I ay J (A-wrutly Harlriu *'a'.h? i H't-art" I tab A Morton Hlaal H'i rv< r?'? Tl ix. ir Horn*..,. Jarnr-' I vra"u I n. J Imtr ... S J. -" It I ttnyaroitl Ib> Ju gx. r I,.luting f 'lauuru taTniau It. .ariaag, I liar > ? In I> I. I'. I?? l.n t I'aa !? n ant k'aaaia I>. Higt . ar. aa-a a' ')??? ' I it at II a Mo.a ?| j . inia.| IwV !? araa 'i I rlrxk bal' >? tl.a tx?tr arxra aiarta-l ftia nail litaru ? ubt git in 'k ?ay mu'h to llM %Bnnyarr of all ?li> .Sa.l'x.. I au ba I?.a an an. ttg at.atra twa, oaaa aoroa jx x?i.,a?i rtx ha-l bran 'ar,1 tt^oa In bnnta t?, , ary.'ix It. ar. n (1 ay wara all f'taa a Hn^ aat Want .11 at tba Wnii *" n ragni'ur il aly Aray t.'n > "HI |.t lia< I.'i lu . ?ar ' ha aa'at xtiibl tba rb^ara awl XTtau f ?l.r aa ? ana.tltaaila Tha brat lulb awl ? half ?am w-rB lmM In m ran mlr. 'n 'b? <M1a -? <l>aa tba lA'ty I' by ' aaral Ixait lanytba aa abx .at tin ju.'fxa Ixaat bm I baraioa xablaait that b" rtaai won 1.1 ??- n > haogx f *1' "Or aa Ilia ra a . annual. fl.? r. nlaat aa* '*>arrly xar.(..1 ?ra an-l If tba I'lia aau a' laa' f. rral loyh it ?<. fall t ?kl!I ub* aaf.t H?r |aia -W waW f> with bar nalagoota' lb- buata ra na In In IM M oadxt ? Hi' I I.', I' . ?:' u n ia Iba "II. ifiir' lb* Anaa rixiaa lr nMb Ilia Wbllrlaall llfti 'b? ""?antV'T't Thw Oa>a ii. laa wau a w ni|. i*b?M by t < Iwty fnno j ta M minu'wu Tba laity I'litwan a'llx' .? fnra 'la a?t?M .hnaanl ?W Miaira Kawaaaa A Maa la.I i' atty ta aaM to ba a nx *1 pribit inula, aat to yrxtit - f workman ab.y luraa W'A m tarn mr|*' ? ag W? urn that .ha will ba Iniaaa ?tu.'.. If 'akao tri 'b? ' ru.tal ! a'a'a awl ylauuwl i tba fair of ?bu Aina.l an |n?i ??'? Wa hava ta. >t rrautibly tofrii W llaal a 4 >tli^MHb?t lx*t Imlhrar la tfc.r atty yari",.. Ir> tba rayatta .Afx-rxt Iba t'l'mrn '-raw tb? f"*r .afrd Imt ba M (Ml twwt filaiarl, i M hamtra.) itotlara la warr ?? : at.a"?ar yrlaa <ba> might win |f It,ay * out LI rO'.auat la rum Km xal Au *n na tba a*. Hawaii "f lb? trrt ra' ? wkrltid, aixrytl !r g war ".a4a a*.lr I" tl a r. | A'tar waaar ?*,. labia Ar lay II,. two ynlr .anil* i wal by boya waaa .'arV ?wt af'ar an nun nf and aat r?.i.:?ut?^ ran* Iau<a- 'ha /bjg? ' I- a' a- b-i'? a. ? Ik' !?n.a? w? ?u tb? A> l"t?'. "hr I-J'ky Met awt tba WIM Irtuhman T1>* baly4M. to aaa a Wuwoai u hut aiymu <f? ylirtra, b r. u4 ? 1! t OH I I ' /1J.u-r If ul. wwa *fm. ?.r Tba moat a*r ill g wm tha' V-w?<n 'h* ? ngin ja r ?? all b ?ta wbhrb ar. aata< 'A w.U. -ag ulriwl Ib..,. fh ut T* a gxna'tl fcuo'ilu ayj??ar?al ta W Mr. I ..In imIwu >"ll I that !k? aara fat. .naAa ag . na b. wt" 1 * Uwiu 1" ftfty ry? tula. In 'k wlaatr. how. ar bu ?a> 4?bwtai. gt. bra frmw-' wara naoai >anf I. Ii.u >.r t. ? annua.' Ita anuoa I* WWowl but ? f 'h a" in "?W|?u??r "f htn Itarl'W |? tlta )wtgu laa' ? tlar.Mwar ..'anut '4 blkui ?ar t ar m Af.rr u lb' agnxr I HM. flu? tutb.wlWg In ?ha "?<*ar In whhb I hay iwana In ? Tl i/nt'th Mara tba W:!!laro P'a.UJ'?M 'ml,) nag tba l arrya J fbrtta Tba Ttwuannn mAmmb wwa otdwao t'/ I <a ny Iba raux at tba aaat <4 tba Aral two dVu u>na <?f bar ib> a at of ha log gtraw w.y ft it trat a .'Ira t* b< roan Mr I'ny In rtata t> at ha w?r Aoung hi- a i wa I un-l war I if. tba ?>.! Ia?> ytly hard rl an tfea todral btM*nad. Ik* rngyl I ha laaw, awl In ha f an boat a Car tba ?nw* tiwa' awyWa 1/ luvr'al Mr fHu{.ban IV.lattr tbybfal find yowar ?f ?t?lnu aa'* la. al'bungh not <ha ur'aragu 1 r.-uaga'.iQrf far Ibn f Ira Wuautnl ba aauarthaAaau gnra b . aa'ag al?U Maw ? k tl aa triubablf thay kw aat Ofr'^ ?'** "W fx orwtr rtxi that M' llobniita bad ' "~l '? "?* 1 u"* **? T.onr rarar II' bvwartr d wt aoaunur tba iaaa lu? tba rgal. TU Wnt wbrab-wwwl toattruiH wat u'lrw'hUM'M tba I..a>tu*a fawt tuuat' waa tba nwa atuhb aat fwwA t<7 Mr Iwarar It ... bw 7 M. an* r? aa ywtlrr' a yraaw a-<k aa aauld la .ruAfWg ThU (a tba y? w w?w by Mr R.raa wbo a urna. triad - a. f tba W i ?? "'???7. Tba Koala Mr ng'tr .'I Wara tally ap lo all Ma pwal gwAtwram, wblab bwaa fl't bin* A waoA lib Mfnlw Tt'1'.rf.r.'.' ? kagWW lla-law. ro?w4 Mr Mr (butata rarkalli by Kwn. Id t Mr flow and waa J. iai.i'land balb u> |- rl ag awatnt an I u.atrlr u ihan na laatlag trayfaw taint, urn. W. *?/s '.bat tba tlnb, abl'b hA* aarU My aoiaittaA It" f m O r ' '*t an kanant to gad up a ?>*?'!? *0 a ??1 a'I. ahia ami ?a! uJauiof) r'yU hnru altrady ink aw waa<araa lowarAa g*' ng HA. two rag*ttar dt'ag'an raar Ib't TW*y *" yra g ring ?.; nf w??l*tu?a ha pa. uara txa'a a*d Wt 'utw. hntu anA a-ro arr vaar "aw ag? *? m wblrl. thay igSao. t/. dt*,yl xd >4