Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 18, 1855 Page 2
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AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. Our Occu. Correspond* "cs. ma piiwtsiii*'. ??'%,, 1 Prom Vhu Caw to Havana. Oct. <, lao >.^ ) JHSea?A British PaJu*?Affairs ** .W-xi.o?IV JVotec tor ah?Alvarez ami Lo.< Uii/dwj?Can'li< tales far Ihe Pretiilrnry?Conumfat ', flan ami Almonte?Rejoicings of the "AUies"?An Angry Cut ul. Having concluded the affairs that took me to the "I.and olGodand Uborty," 1 ain now on my way home, by way of the "Rver faithful Island." We Kft the 'Heroic City" of Vera Crux on th? Sth, And are now panting the Alacranea. The weather being beau tiful and the ship motionless, 1 disnel nnui by inditing you three lines. Ill fact, one must be duirg -omothlng on hoard ship?particularly an Anglo-HhipuNO-Muxiciiuo packet?or be bored to death. Never was there such it set?from the John Bull officer*, with a new stock of in o ?olenre since their -'unfile allies," the French, took Se baatopol, down to the dirty grea-era, and, lower still in tho scale, it possible, the brutal Catalans, who, having pinched together two or tliroo thousand dollars hy years ?pent in menial employments, are now returning home as first class cabin passengers, and giving themselves airs at once ludicrous and painful to behold, -'uch nabobs you never saw. In Mexico, affairs remain in a very so-an-ish condition On the 4th instant, an election for President of the re public wee to have boon held atCuerntvacs, hut up to tho departure of this steamer the result was unknown. It is ?supposed the mantle ol the ub'comling Dictator will fall upon Comonfort, inasmuch as (he "Panther of the South" ?Don Juan Alvarez?has so willed It. This they call an "?lection;" but, to my bumble perceptions, it has very much the appearance of a fresh dictatorship. The Mexi cans have yet to learn the meaning of self government. However, Comonfoit Is a protty tolerably liberal man, considering, and may have picked up a few ideas In the art of ruling in New York last 3 ear, though I do not think be went to the best school. Alvarez has been unite high horslcal of late. He has eoine out strong ngatnst the " proteotornte," which (to nse one of old Santa Anna's sot phrase,) -'the eternal of th enemies of their race, and tho violators of the integrity of the national territory"?the Yankees?were about to propose. Tho old fell w may rest easy on that *c ?re. The reported protectorate had got up quite an excitement in opposition--so much so, in fact, that the American Minister h id to come out In "a card," informing the woly terrified Dons they nc d be undor no alarm, for tho government of the I nited Mates would >.e 'em il?d first! Tbisstovyof the protectorate was, of curse, a hoax got up by the conservative party to strengthen their ranks hy ti e hostility which it would ex .to agiinst. the I'm or?who wee to be supposed to favor it. The base- of the treaty wore lithographa^^id -eatteiedbroad cast over the country. The following! a translation:? DAMES OF THK TREATY BETWEEN MFVKJO AND THE I'NITKD BTATF.3. 1. An alliance, offensive and defensive. 2. The I nited '-tates guarantee the Integrity of the ter ritory as it ronffilns by tlie treaty of Guudklupe and of MomIIa. and th.- guarantee refers a it. only to the Interior States, but alio to every infr. -:il fraction of Mexico. 3. The I nited states "hull send no immigration to Mex loo, hut that which tomes from Europe to the raited Btatos shall be made to flow buck en Mexico. This immigration shall enter Mexico with the ram1 rig'.i it now enters the United States, and it. .-hall have the right of suffrage alter live years residence, 4. The United States lend to Mexico thirty millions on the hypothecation of the property of th" ele gy, the a : tion of the government in the matter hetug taken as sufficient, even 1 hough the clergy tuay object. 5. The United States shall establish for its profit a han't of is-ue, with a capital of ft hundred mill: 11 , to a- .l t agricultural and mining enterprise. It will i > iiavc Its charge to open ways of communication hy canal- and railroads. fi. Custom house* shall be Oittbli-hed by common agreement , and there shall be no protective duties In Mexico; but the United States bind themselves 10 con sent impose protective duties so long a* necessary. There diull be no interior custom houses. The whole of this troity remain* subjjet t-i the Uuiie 1 State* sustaining it by means of a protectorate, which it shall exercise over the Mexican republic, and which shall extend to the sustaining uf tire established government. Alvarez bad been making a grand address lately to his ragamuffin* and to the veterans of the regular army?his lnte foes, but now followers. Tb'i document is vastly like (largantua's speech to the vanquished army of Hicrochole, being on the high magnanimous and '* big Indian me" order throughout. The old fellow, in recom mending the subdued veterans to the fraternal regard and attention of his I'in'.os, tells them that. " they, the regulais, bear mion their bodies honorable scars, re ceived In flgbting the Yankees," By an " honorable ?car" th'-old gentleman doubtless means a scar upon the tea' ot honor?for that portion of Vulnerable .tuff was generally the must exposed. Tbe old nigger (Alverex) took tore not to expose nny part of bis precious carcase to tho fire of those same Yankees. All the world knows how modestly lie held back at Molinn del Itey, when a ?ingle charge of Id* 8,fOO horse would he ve swept the attacking columns from the face of the earth. On the lltld September, Guam attacked San l.uis I'otisi and captured the outposts, but un armistice tvu Agreed upon tor six days, (iiirza had previously tascn four pieces of artillery from Farrodl. In the internal provinces everything wore a very un nettled aspect, and tbe present revolution going on in Mexico rosy lie l-igarded as the most complicated that has over happened ei en tin re. Should they succeed in ejecting a provisional I'resident, ten to one ho will scarce ly be installed before a fresh pronunciamento will depose him. And what then' Why, this thing will continue until both parlies are exhausted, and some int-rloper will step in and selzo upon Hie prise for a short time. Then,'as soon as one or both of the others shall have re covered a little, iliey will unite and kick the intruder out ?after which Iliey will sot together by the ear- ngsln. Anchor we shall have no satisfactory adjustment of tho TwWf - ? affn? for some while yet. Theie appear- to lie only t vo very prominent candi dates for the I'residency?Comonfort nod Hurt y Tamarlz ?each the head of hi* party, the former of ttic I'uroe, end the latter of the Coimrivilare?. General Almonte was much spoken of, too, and It was positively asserted he would leave Washington for Mexico early in Novem ber. It might prove a fortunate thing for his country ?ould he be elected and permitted to servo out a (our year*' term in peace and quiet; but, alas! we shall never see any thing of the kind. It is too late to export any thing from the Mexicans manifesting a sound practical idea of government. In tld* care what ought to he done with them, or for them? 1* It not p-rfectly clear rlrey cannot govern ihemselve-r Doe* It not, therefore, be come their neighbors to lend tlictn a friendly helping hand. *ud if they do not choose to accept the pr iflered assistance, are not those neighbors bound, in self-pre eervata n to compel them to do no. ami to d"*ist, once and for all, (rum the row* and sliindie* hy which they have made themselves u regular nuisance to tho whole neigbborbr oil? In Vera Cruz there was some rejoicing amongst the a' Be* en account ol tho fall of Sebastiqiol. Quel gloire! The French gamins, es-rttcs and retirf d go/cn'-os were perfectly frantic with delight, and ?poke?or rather chattered?of their achievements, as though each one of th?'u had c 'in manded the si.go in person. Sturdy old John Ihiliisin displayed Its immense satisfaction in another manner, viz. :?by simply bemusing itsidf in leer and going drunk to bed. The fact is, Johnny Is cautious. He's afraid the news is too good to be truo and recollect* what an as* he made of himself last winter, wlnm the lord Mayor of I.on don prematurely announced the triumph over their "bar baric foe*." Joan Crapceu, however, with national vi vacity, is entirely oblivious of the " SeCistoixA est pris.'" At Vera Cruz 1 left a very indignant U. S. Consul. It had lately been offered for himself and tellow citizens the protection of the Spanish squadron there. This he avow ed to h" the greatest indignity ever offered an American Consul, and swore he would make it a personal matter with any tellow citizen who availed hlinsell of Spanish protection. It Is thought the Cou-ul had some private scruples In the mailer, for It is customary for men-of-war to be placeu at the disposal of the Consuls of all friendly nations under such circumstances as now exist in Mexico, nevertheless, it Is strange American citizen* have to tie under fspanish protection in our own peculiar seas. Ilaro we a navy f N. Car Havana Correspondence. Havana, Oct. 10, 18M. Arrival of Mail Steamers?Mexican .{[fairs?J'lli'i al Hp" ulation in that Country? Aknstes 1u a Hitler?In trigues gf Hauler itrul England?H'hal toiU our Cabinet do?Hints far Congress?Trailr ami / faith Hrporit. The United States uisil steamer 1-aliel arrtvisl yester day mornl ngatfl o'clock?resuming her trips betweon this port, Charleston, Bavanuah and Key West?with mail* and fifty Ave passengers. At the same early hour entered port the Rritish Meat India anil steamer .Silent, Jelil coe, commander, from Tampico and Vera Cruz. By this vessel 1 have received private letter* from the two points above named and the elty of Mexico. The formation from persons eminently qualified to ndge of tbe social fabric and the prenent political condi tion of the country; and as the duings there Jas^i this moment are of tost importance to the Uuited SUles, I bink it proper thai the people should know the facts, that they may compel tl.e attention of their rulers to the honor and interests of th?ir country. The wh-le picture, resented to my mind with must singular conformity by hree persons unknown to n?h other, ?how? a state of flairs only requiting s vacillating Herri* or * do nothing . ecretary of State to make perfect tbe p?Utlrat bedlam. The recent election was a farce, devolving front cecal individuals having Ihe sword -f clique*. oabaU, or p*rtl? ia their hands, snd liable to he disturb."! by new prnnun eiamentos at shy moment that repri ?* may dictate. N ?. thing earn* tc be settled; there is n<> I s Is?en Integrity Alvarez might influence Mexlcsn fote for good thing., but be has one Idea of governm-nt only, and that Is of the on* man power for the million*, fie has ll'ieral views, hut they are not well defined in hi* own mind, n 'W there is no longer a Ha 11 ta Anna to oppose. Tie President preeumed to be elected is not a very bad in?n, and If U was honestly *u*Ulned by the people or their lCi*<ier*, (m prnvement would ensue. Frsncesnd Vnglsnd both have their eml*- 'He* in Mexi co, well Instmeted a* to ihe course they ar- to take?tfio influence they an- to exec t-o. whenever thoy can get Mio listening ear of any one in power?none ton low iu olll'. rial position, for ? day or an h-ur, to e 'expo their ?t'.en Mop. They are nourlog ing.. |i.nn Into the p-Iiti al eaoldron, which they k.*.p well hexled In Imp" that niter vihan*t|on will take plire, and ifiat -ne ur tl.e"other will Vw called upon, or both, with Ca '.inn essnei ttlon, to give shape and form to a new >r 1. 1 . r gnv- n'ren'. ? -1 check the further movement of fre.-.|...n in .hat dlree't in. This is a* fixed a fh-t, of lung cogitated nod *teroly de termined policy, as that the Malak-IT wts tak'-n on the acventh assault. Have the I'sited BUtce no intercut in it, if true 1 Dnrc the Secretory ?ay to the, for which he u now trimming the public document*, that it i * not true t No, he dare not, aa reckless as lie may be, deny that he has the most reliable information to vouch for every word, and all and every iutimation, that 1 hai e Riven, let U>n grese require every report, public or jirivvte, from Tam pico. Mexico and Vera Crux, irom the acredlled agents of the republic, and 1 ?ill lay mv life on the result, and the oeoidc will be mirurised with a condition of things con cealed from their knowledge, of vital m'erest to them, to humanity, religion and freedom. And for what? To pan der for power and place, for one I I have presumed to sfilr before our Spanish version of Mexican affairs is doled out to us. but ifthe fowrnal throws any new Uglit forward, 1 will unt be the lens to diaeolor it but give faithful reilections for your readers by the i'ahawbn. .... . , , * , I AH things well with us?health good?business^bur Theatres and Exhlblttoiw. ErOADW.vy Thkatke.?For tU? third tiai* thin wo*k Mr. Fdwui Forrest will appear in his great characterot "Metamora, the last of the Wampauaogs." io I arts and liu' k for ?6," a capital farce, is also ann luncod. Ntnu.'s Garm:.v.?George Rristow's "Rip Van Winkle'' docs not tire yet. On Friday the "Bohemian Girl will be given, by special request. Rowfhy TiuUIBk.?Mrs. Duffield, a very good act.e-s is pluyirg a fine engagement at this the itre. .?'h* aprrar as Biancs, in "Farin " to night. ^Th. Miller s Ma id," with l'ricc and Mrs. Ward, is the last [ ieco. Bi Eton's Thiutrk.-?The comic musical p*?0?< John of 1 arL --Vimkins and hi* iMnab," a touching lyric, aad the excellent drama of "Bellcate Ground wi.t be played to-night. , ., ,, Waii-uk's* Tbiwtkk.?Mr. Isxtcr has proved himself not a bad judge in producing the comedy ot "l.avater. <??500 Keward'' and "Spitalffelde Weaver" are taking very well. MvTioiroMTA-v Tiihittie.?M'ile IWhcl appears in^ tra( gedy end comedy to-night. The pieces are ihe lre and "he Moincau do Lcsbie." NiBbo's Soloon Mr. Collins offers a programme for this evening comprising .several new sdngs, scenes and aneo dotes. 'Ihe ' Bow id Soger Boy," "Widow Machree and "Paddy ManGee"?three of hi sbes taongs?will be sung liy him. Mr. C. was never in better voice than at present. Academy or Mrsio.?The annual lienvilt in aid of the Irish Orphan Fund will take place here this after noon anil evening. The affair Is under the direction of John Brougham, who lias succeeded in securing for the occasion a powerful array of dramatic and musical talent. Mr. Collins is to sing his 'Widow Machree' in the a er ne. n. Besides this the Gabriel Ravel family, HeerCline, Mr. T. P. Ilice, Mmo. Lovamy, Miss E. Place and others, have kincly volunteered. Wood'.-' Minftreip.?The admired initio- pie of "Robert Mnraire" will he presented to-night. The coat U gno?l. Buntucv's thtCKNADEns.?The new hurleeque of the "I'ohriniiin Girl" will bo repeated t '-night, together w,th several favorite ballade. Arvoio Rooms.?Mrs- Gibb* gives her last entertain ment positively to-mght. Biwton.?At the National iheat ethey are running a piece called "iho War in .he Vast," by J. l' Tho Qcuctte says:? Mr. I ilgn'm lias In this niece aimed only al writing a drama for the times, which it were useless to criticise. It has many effective p, inf? and some absurdities, whic.i w will brielly glance it 1st. We submit that a slave ,-.\p -(??] lor sale to ihe highest bidder, would hardly quote the line, 'TIs Greece, bu' living Greece no more. 2d We scarcely think that an American sailor would say "Gh, you be?to the Grind )?uko Constantino. 3d. We hope for the credit of our naval service that no American seaman would j lar compliment 1 riucoGorts cliaknif as to inform him that he was "some pumpkins, ?lib. We exceedingly doubt whether "smelling commit tees'' were ever a common topic tit conversation in the Crimea. fltb. Wo question the probability of Russian noblemen talking politics wlthncomraon sailor of another eoentry. The policy of political conversations ou tho stag,' is questionable. Many of the Rational audience are pro-Russian in theiv sentiments, and are not all pleased with the ultra speeches to which they listen, although they claim to be quite as republican as their neighbors. Politic" have no business in the theatre. It will take the American stage years to recover from the pernicious effects of that disgusting drama? 'Undo Tom'H Cabin." 1 kovidentk, R. 1.?Mr. F.. 1- Davenport and Miss Fanny Vining common ed an engagement here on Monday even ing. Adelaide i'hillips gave a concert here on Tuesday evening, the nth inst. Memphis, Tenn ?Tho theatre here is opened, Bernard A' Asli. managers. Mr. George Jamison had a boneflt there on tlie f>lh, playing Macbeth, and Cousin Joe, in "The Rough Diamond FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL.' HOKBT MARKET. Webxfs'iav, Oct. 17?6 P. M. Tlio stock market coniinucs without much change. The smoiint of business transacted this morning com- I pares very favorably witli any during the past month. Cumberland advanced per cent; Chicago and Rock Island, >i , Michigan Southern, Galena and Chicago 1: Cleveland and Toledo, i4'. Illinois Central Bonds de clined la; Nicaragua Transit, Fa* Michigan Central took quite a start to-day. For some time past this stock has been quiet, but this morning the sales amounted to nearly one thousand shares, and closed Ann at the advance. Michigan Southern appears to he more strongly held. There was considerable inquiry for ft to-day, at higher prices. Galena and Chicago wont up to-day t per cent on a sale of live shires. Chicago and Rock island Is more buoyant, and sold this morning at 95}j percent, on thno Nicaragua Transit lias f-iflen off, instead of advancing since the recent report. From the movements, we should Judge that putties were increasing buyers' option con trncts, prior to putling up the stock. State stocks and railroad bonds were comparatively quiet this morning, and the sales made were at lower rales. At the second board Nicaragua Tran.-it was in active demand at an advance, and closed with an upward ten dency. Canton Company went up >? per cent; Michigan Central, M: Michigan Southern, Mi Krie. 'ii Cumber, land was Arm at the close. Stock speculators are looking anxiously for the Atlantic. She is about due, with seven days later news, and as it is supposed to be im portant in a financial point of view, operations in the street have been impelled by her non-arrival. The bears appear to be more anxious than the bulls. Tliey want something horrible just now. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day ai follows :? | Paid on Treasury account $105,408 97 Received do. 8fi,47'J 4"' Balance do, 6,720,54 1 49 l'aid for A?say offlcn 83,28" 10 Raid on disbursing cheeks 49,945 21 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department on 1ho lath inst. were as follows:? For the Treasury Departmc nt $10 00 For the Interior Department... 26,287 03 For the Cu-toms ? 34,800 7b War warrants received and entered 4,53't ;?l From customs.., JJ,4M 80 From lands ????????? 28,724 88 The Fulton Bank has declared a femi annual dividend of live per cent; the Merchants' Insurance Company, of Boston, eight per cpnt. Albert H. Nioolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale o( i stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow. Thursday, at | 12K o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The Chancellor's Court of Vermont has confirmed the arrangement made between the bondholders ol the Rut land and nurlington Railroad Company last spring. By this agreement the road remains In the hands of tho se cond mortgage trustees, and the interest when earned is to la* paid respectively <>n the first, aecoud nnl third moi tgage, according to the order of claims. The Itidlana State Auditor gives notice that the socuri. ties held in trust for the redemption of the circulating notes of the l'lyinouth Bank, at Plymouth; State Stock Security Bank, at Newport; Traders' Bnuk, at Torre Haute; Drover's Bank, at Rome; Farmers' Bank, at Stor ling; Agricultural Bank, at Mount Sterling, and New York Stock Bank, at Vincennes?all of Indiana, will he sold at auction at the Merchants' Exchange, lu tills city, on the 221 h inst. These securities consist of Indiana and Pennsylvania Fives, and Virginia and Eouiaiaua Sixes. The President ol the Brooklyn City Railroad Company gives the following Information regarding its capital, stock, finances, Ac.:? The ca| Ital of the Brooklyn (Sty Railroad Company Is fixed, by an act of Iks last begUlature, at one million of dollars, ($1,000 000.) divided info 100 000 shares of #10 each. The amount paid in on the capital stock Is $(102,0*0. Ihe number of ?bnies of full stock issued 1< 80,631 Ihe number of shares ?.f scrip stock issued 19,468 ?on which 50 per cent Is paid. ...... The number of miles of road built Is about 18 of double track or 30 single tr?-k. The company own 815 cars an 1 700 horses; also, five stations, cmpiising some 80 lots of land with barns, stables, car-houses, repairing anl blacksmith bops, Ac. Th? company owe no debts, hare given Do bonds, or inrurred any Habtlitle'. The following table shows the amount of dnties re ceived at seven ol the principal ports of the 1 nl!->l rtes for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending 30th Septum her. as compared with Ihe previous yenr: i'.VITUI Statm KKVKVI b, 18'. I. ISA J. New York i $13,767,0 ? $10,057,000 P. -ton....'"' " 2,7.01,Odd 2,140,000 Philadelphia ' J..174.000 1,08'.OKI R?lt! 325,000 261,000 <T arle?t?n 99,000 H i 000 New Orleans.... 545 *100 SWI.noO it. 260,000 8d 000 Total $18,<72.000 $14,000,03*) The Cincinnati and Cbicsgo Railroad Company a.e fait completing their road from Richmond to Iogansp"rt In dian*. a di'tanre of <.?*> hundred and eight mile*. Of this less fl an thirty miles have to be ironed, which i* iti pro. e?s ef c< mpleli n. "n the balince <?f the roed ;a? o-nger and freight trains are running daily, and the mer ge c president, Mr. CWeb B "with, i- pushing 'be work with great vigor and success. Contrary to the custom of moat railroad companies, this one has not forced their mortgage bondH upon the market; and yet they have quietly sold u large part of their sterling bomla in Ism don, at ninety cents on the dollar, and a portion of thoir dollar bonds here. By yesterday's steamer, the intend due in I ondon on the let of December, on the sterling bunds, was remitted through the banking house of M. Morgan A Sen. When this road Is entirely completed to Chicago, it will make one of the inost important links in the huge Western lailway chain, runnh.g, as it does, through the best and richest part of Ohio and Indiana. The Engineer of tho State of New York, In his ollicial 1 report to the legislature, containing the returns of the railroads of thin Htate for the year ending Sept. .'iO, 18 >3) gives the annexed statement, showing the cost of the roads consolidated into'the New York Central Company i lorming the line from All>nny*1o Iluffalo:? New York Central Railroad?185:!. Cod. Albany and Schenectady $1,774,548 Utica and b'yiacuse 4.01! 273 ryrncuso and Auburn 2,dt'l !78 Rochester and Syracuse 0 old 778 Bnlfalo and Rochester 2,737,014 Cost officially reported $17,283,051 These roads now form the.thioug'u Hue b-tivtou Albany and Buffalo, and are the only roads now used fir the business of the New York Conical Company. Its side lines and branches .>re no* In any way conueofed with the local or through traffic of the main track. The re turns of the Central Company for the year ending Sept. DO, 1864, i bore that the cost of tho lineaTorining thatcom pany was nes r 'y Hrenty-six millions of dollars. Tho re port d< ps not .-how how the enormous increase in aggre gate cost was made up, leaving that important matter to the Imagination of the stockholders. New York Central Railroad. Acknowledged coat of reads forming this com pany, .Sept. 30, 1853 $17,283,001 Do. do. do. Sept. 30, 1851. 26,907,374 Increased cost in one year... 97,624,283 It is well known, as wo have clearly shown, that a por tion of this great increase in cost was caused by taking in outside lines, roads which have no more to do with the through business of the Central Company than any road In New Jersey. Th? addition of more than seven and a half mill! ins of dollars to tho cost of this company's roads io one year, is a small aIIair compared with the atrocious swindle practised under the act of consolidation. The fraud of that net must appear in evory annual report made. Tiro legislature requires every railroad company to state the cost of its read, its capital, debt, Ac., and the Central Company Is obllgoil to stato tho cost of its line, independent.?! its capital, Ac. These returns mast as often as mado exhibit to its ignorant and unsuspecting stockholders the fact that the acknowledge! cost of the road ranges botweon fourteen and fifteen millions of dol. | lars, under the total of the company's capital, floating and funded debt. 1 he act of consolidation- added at one stroke of the pen that amount to the nominal cost of the road. , The not earnings of the company have to provide for the interest on fifteen million of indebtedness beforo the ttock can receive a fraction of a dividend. The actual acknowledged cost of the road exceeds by nearly two millions of dollars its capital stock. The fifteen millions sdded by the issue of bonds to pay for imaginary roads and for an imaginary value on roads actually existing, is equal to about forty per cent of the total amount of stock and bonds now outstanding. Tliis forty per ce it represents no real value any more than the two million.: of New Haven Railroad stuck issued by Robert Schuyler reprtbents value. The stock issued by that distinguished individual amounted to forty per cent of tho totul stock and bunds of the New Haven Company, and that issue depreciated the entire capital and debt of tbe company more than fifty per cent; and now when it is known that tho over issiud stock can he compromised at a dis count, the old stock and bonds continue enormously depressed. The central consolidation clique in Issu ing fifteen millions of bonds, showed a great deal more shrewdness than Schuyler, for they sndlltd the company with a debt which takes precedence of all stock, and secured a fair market vuluo for th ir bonds by compelling the stockholders to guarantee their l payment. Schuyler issued a security ot less actual value, I for It must lie classed with the old stock of tho New II a ven Comjwriy. Inlaw there may bo a great deal of dif ference between the acts of Ncbuyler and thoso of the Albany consolidating clique. The former has been com pelled to fly his country and live in some foreign land an outlaw, execrated by the widows and orphans whom be has beggared, while the latter '-ranks in all tbe elements of character snd business capacity among the best men In the State." If there Is any moral difference between the issue of two millions of New Haven Railroad stock by Robert Prhuyler nod the issue of five millions ofNrw York Central Railroad bonds, to pay for railroads which never existed, wc should like to see the distinction point ed oat. In our opinion, and in the opinion of all who clearly nilcrstnnd tire matter, they are both on a par, and they must exist in tho community where men guilty of eiilror arc sustained and '- ranked among tho best mou"?awry loose condition of public morals, to say tho least. Had the New York Central Hnilroa.l Company discovered a Schuyler among its managers ,who had fraudulently Issued five millions of stock, tho entire capital would have ben depreciated from forty to fifty por cent; but the lstua of the same amount of bonds, representing no moro v.due than Schuyler's stock, inflates the valuo of tho com pany's capital, anil tho stockholder.-! appear to rest per fectly contented. Tliey know not of tho volcano upon which they aro sleeping. We have sounded tho note of warning in season. If the stock was as mnch depressed as Erie we would advise tbe stockholders to hold on, and sec if something onld not be done towards reforming the extrarag.-- .ce i and mismanagement of ihe company's finances; bu. it is so much inflated beyond its real value, that those who wish to avoid the loss which must surely result from the present policy pursued by the directors, can cut them selves loose without any great sactlflce, and Bud luvo t ments tor iheir money in roads which not only have something to show for tire money expendcl in their con struction, but roads which earn the dividends paid to stockholders. The capital stock, /tended and floating debt of tho New York Central Railroad Company, acc rrding to tho in -t tellable reports, are as follows; New York Central Railroad, 1855. Capital stock $23,985,000 l anded debt 14,687,516 Floating debt 1,000,0)0 Total $39,553,145 Cost of road and equipments (see Engineer's report) 25,907,374 Fxcess of stork and debt over cost of road... $13,045,771 There Is no getting away from these facts. The last an nual report of tho company showed that the stock, Sept. 30, 1854, was $23,007,415, and funded debt $11,504,033. Since that time the company have sold the remaining $2,020,000 of lis convertible loan; havo increased Its ca pital stock $600,000 and added largely to its constructive account. It i? tho impression that the report for the year ending Sept. 80, 1865, will show an increase In the construction account vf more than two millions ofdol Utri. It is admitted that the floating debt is fully a mil lion of dollars, but we have no doubt the entire stock, funded and floating debt of the New York Central Rail road Company, at this moment is upwards of forty mil lion* (if dollar*, representing a road which did not ac tually coat, with all its extravagance, more than half that sun, ami which could now lie built for about fifteen millions of dollars. The following is an extract from a private tetter dated Chicago, Oct. 12. 1855. The writer is an accurate busi ness man and hla statement- therefore may lie c>n- ulerel reliable ? Our wheat market Is In a panic to day. The receipts are 100.000 bushels p< r day, and increasing. I hear from points iu lewa that the CouDtry is fall ot tea- is hauling wheat, and tbe warehouses filhd to their utmost. None of the roads in this eonntry can now bring the wheat that is offered to them. If the East can tako 250.003 bushels per day. lake Michigan will give it to them. Recelpta of corn and oats both very light. Block Eirliitngs. Wsdxkwav, Oct. 17 1856. $5f.f0 Illinois Int.... 70 32 sin CutnbCaol Co 27 600 Virginia 6's. -. 97'4 100 do alO 27 1(00 do......b3 V'\ 10(1 do s30 27 liSTS) Missouri fl's.. . 89'i . 00 (iardincr Gold M. ifitOO tin hi 90 .4)0 do blO 1 1600 l-ouMisnaii's.. Pi 60 Chic A R IslRite 94% ; 000 Har 1st M IHs c 90* "0 do Of* i)(00 KrleC-in {Ids,'71 m>>4 100 do bvvo 96>4 10t>0 4lie I'ds of '76 88 l-O do 63 9>\ '.fAOO ill ( en RR Bds. 81 .00 brie RK 1>30 65,? ~ 56 63* 55 ?? 66 *4 55), 50 IH-O N Y Cet (i s... 90J4 .'0 do 55* 7(00 do . *50 8014 750 do... 130(10 do .. s3 S0?< 290 do... 16900 do . i.'SI s|\ 300 ?h>... . . .s3 SOW CHI Frfis w j p. b00 85 10) do... .. tl<>0 5< to do i'0 82 1(10 do... ... s-.O ??roo ?12u> 80 loo do . .. . b >0 6(.0 N Y * en 7's... 10.* 69 do..... .*80 55 1.POInd Dank l'd?. 8! 100 do b'l 55 D CON YCUK Rl I-Be 80 119 Reading UK..!W*% t' OCle? It To! DlvBs 73 < *-0 do ? ! 94" n -h* Rk of Ameri a 101 600 do b>0 66-4 J j Mtrtroj-olHsn Dk. 109 10V llud Rlv JlJt. .b30 37)< I 160 Mc Transit Co.. 18 >1 100 do......b60 37X 6C0 do... ... b3 1C0 do... .. b30 500 do... 200 do. .. .. b39 200 do... 100 do.. 100 do.. .. b60 10J do btJO 09 X 260 do 90 V 100 do M 09 V 200 do "00 09 100 do bdO 100 _ ,, 50 do blO 0?X 60 Canton Co 25X ldOMich.Sofc NIaRR 09X 200 Cumb CoalCo.slO 27 V 200 do b'2) 100 V 700 do *3 27 V 5 Galena it Chic KB 124 X 2C0 do blO 27 V 5 do 124 V 100 do bin 2726CleT&Toledo RR. 8.1 100 do b30 27!? 300 do ?30 81 100 do b3 27 V 865 do 83 V 200 do bl5 27 V 10 Mfl 83V 21)0 do b4 27 V' BCCOND BOAKD. 8(000 Missouri e's..c 90 100 *h* Uric RR. .b30 56 SOOONla 1stMGosliL, 86^ 1050 do 55V 260 sUh Canton Co..a 26 100 do s30 55V 160 NicTransit Co... 18 V 100 do ?'! 55V 1( 0 do bid 18V 5os"hlARlM RR.b30 95 200 do ?3 18V 80 Run in.' (ft 91% 100 do ?00 18 V cKome.tiWamftRc 71V 200 do 1)60 187i 5t> N.- v J?r-ey Kit.. !25Va 160 do l>: 0 18',' TMiuhCen It it.... 99V 100 CunibCoal Co.blS 2T V 60 do b;| 9 V 160 do s3 27 V 100 do 030 10o' 100 Harlem Kit 26V 50 Hudson K 1.1..o , ICO do 25V 25 MiehH&V lull ill 100 Trnsi* or tlio Ntw York Canalri. Statement eltowing the quantity of the s< veri l articles "r-t -leered on the . anala a* and the q t ?n'Hy lett at S?? York, during (lie second w -ek tn 'tetoucr 1' i& Mimau.vDiSK Cltarcd. ' Articles* f>t

Sugar, pounds '&) M-las.-os 339,700 toffee 201,0 JO Nulls, pp.Wis and horse shoe*.. lot (Hs) In n end steel fi.i'1 > k) Kailn ad iron ".8,564,83d All otbor merchandise at four mill* 3,517 O iO Hides 47,800 Cotton 80,800 J'lg iron.... .139,100 Cusiingii ami iron ware 59 300 Foreign salt 0,400 Flint croi kery and glassware 112,300 Stone, limn and clay 309,400 Mineral coal 424,900 Sundries 487! 000 T?tal 11,580,600 ARRIVKD. . , A'nV. Cluimplain. Total. Hour, libls 11.315 1,000 12,415 Wheat, bush 202,(SOO ? 2112,600 Corn 117,000 _ 117, COO Hurley 10,800 ? 10,830 Hje 43,500 5,000 48,600 Hats 60,200 100 60,300 Bran k ship stuff, lbs.1,747.400 1.747,400 AshesJ bbls 107 ? 'l07 Cork 30 1 31 Butter, lbs 47,800 ? 47,800 Lard, tallow and lird ?" 42,600 ? 42,500 Cheese 575,800 61,200 657,000 Wool 40,600 ? 10,600 Domestic spirits, galls. 28,800 ? 28,8(81 Boards & scantling, ft. 722,400 257,000 979 49o Staies, lbs 2,189.000 ? 2.189,000 Leather 150,500 ? 150,500 T'omeatic cotton 9, !0O 9.100 Merchandise at 4mili*. 408.;'.0t) 216.800 665 10 1 sundries 310.200 528.100 838,300 l oUtues. bushels 400 5,200 5,COO Hides, lbs 6,200 ? 6,200 I'easand beans, bus'ls 6,9(8) 2,100 tqOO.i Cotton, lbs 4,600 ? " 4 600 Tobaeoo 13,600 ? 13 600 "em ji 18,700 ? 18,700 (loverand grass seed. 1,000 ? 1000 Flax seed 17 600 ? 17,600 "?>PH 18,100 ? 18,100 Oil meal and calie.,,. 484.000 4810)0 Furniture 9,30() o'3(H) Blnim and bar Iron... 65,400 65'40fl Castings 21,600 ? 2lW) Domestic --all 7,700 7 700 Stone, limn and clay. 0,000 1,299,200 1,305,200 Mineral ceal 170,000 ? 170 000 Iron and sleel _ 116,000 lielooo Old railroad Iron ? 28,000 28,030 Tolls received, 88,953 21. RICH. H. WOOD?, Collector. NEW YORK CATTLE MARKET. WKbtrasnuY, Oct. 17, 1855. With an increased supply of beef cattle at Aliertou5 sellers have been obliged to yield a concession of fully one.cent per pound since last market day. At the de cline a fair demand has prevailed, and the yards were prj^ty well thinned out at the close, though the general opinion seemed to he that some would be left Over un aotd. Trices ranged from 8c. to lie., witti only a vorv lew extra at tbe latter rate. There was a larger number sold below than above 0Vc-i end some sellers admitted that fc. was about a fair average quotation. The con ditio of the cattle generally was Interior, although some of the yards contained some very flue bullocks. The hulk ot the supply came from Ohio, Kentucky and this State, the offerings for the week amounting to 2,717, and tc-day 2.458 head, 250 having been sold during the week. Cows and calves range from 830 to 870. Veal calves aie scarce and in demand, and 299, all in market were sold. Swine are scarce and Ip good demand, and sell as last as they arrive-509 were sold at 6%e. to 7>,c Print.. Beef cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs. 810 00 a $10 50 Do. good quality 0 00 a 9 50 Do common 8 50 a 9 00 Do. inferior 7 50 a 8 00 Cows and calves, extra 60 00 a 73 03 ??- 8 cod 35 00 a 50 09 Do. common 20 00 a 30 00 5Vft ?V Do. extra _ft 7 Sheep and lambs,. 2 50 a 7 00 Swine 7a The following table shows from what part of the coum tiy sml by what conveyances the supplies came:? Bmn. Illinois .>nA Ohio -j! K'nt"ck7 ::::::::::::::::::::::;:: 577 New York Pennsylvania J.. . . 92 Indiana,, 68 Hudsou River Railroad " 320 Hudson river boats jji Erie Railroad i! ?! 1!i"!!!*1 (817 Harlem Bn ilroud *631 On foot |i?, OOlt r Stfrk. Harlem Railroad?Hows and calves 20 Vealealves 299 Sheep and lambs. '.. . '.'1331 ?' Swine ' ' 51 Hudsrix River Railroad?Swine ' " Hudson River Boats?---'wine .108 " Sheep and lambs 100 There wa.- an unusual sctivitv in the market at Biown Ing's, the supply mostly from Ohio and this .Hate. 1 117 navo been disposed of at prices from 8c. to 10c., according to quality. Cows and calves are scarce, and in more de mand; some sold as high as >75. Sheep and lambs?'Th re was an Increase of 3,000 bead this week over last but prices were well sustained, and mostlv all were sohl'd-ir !?? 'ne w*'k- TJ>o supplies were mostly from Ohio and ibis Nate. The following is a ineiuoranlum of sales by James McCarty. at Browning's:? 45 sheep and lambs. 8167 76 110 sheep & Umbs.$(6> 52 98 76 69 do 183 01 ? do 174 50 73 do 287 >0 ?9 "J0 76 45 do 14k )5 #5 do 246 50 110 do 379 26 J<2 do 411 00 122 do .12a m. '97 do 678 32 209 do -an "3 do 465 75 60 do i?? & 49 d,> 78ooo 25 do.'::;:;:; 89 6o "}? 26 12 41 do 121 00 J. d0 s2?00 119 do 3Sfi ?? 43 do 1?1 08 50 do 212 00 76 do ,308 75 I0*"' 87 112 41 Average per head ' $3 &8 Rales at Browning's for the week endnigOctober 17, by brokers Met! raw h Smith?961 sheep and lambs. Iluma k Baldwin?1,A84 'lo. Thog. C. liirkinn?843 do. ^'he?p from to $11; lgmbs from $1 75 to $5 ?ft. AlMimldbjUetii-iurlftmllMI head cattle. Hume ? Baldwin?66 do; at from 87 50 to 810. Tin re was a good demand for all stock at Chamber Iain's, and although the supply was large, price* were well kept up. The following are tho sales 623 cattle, at $8 a 811; 6,179 sheep and lambs, at $2 50 a 86' 75 cows and calves, at 825 40 a 860 ; 86 veal calves fifvo weight), at Ac. a 7c. v At O'Brien's, 600 beeves, at 88 a $10; 40 cows and calves, at 836 a 850. BKCAPITULATIOH. Coirr <tn<( Vral Rnrtt. CMeei. Ctllrrt. AHerton's .... 2,717 20 229 Browning's... 1,117 49 52 Chamberlain's . 523 75 36 O'Brien's . 500 40 ? Total 176 866 16,210 CITY TRADE REPORT. Wkdx&daT, Oct. 17?8 P. M. Amrv ?Transactions were moderate, with no chnnge in prices. BUAWn rFi".?Hour?The market was without change of moment. Tbe sales footed up shout 10,000a 110)0 bbls., Including common to fiincy extra State at $8 87 V a 88 75; Western mixed and extra at $8 .37 a $8 75; Canadian. In email lote. 88 60 a $9 75; S>uthern-?dales about 9( 0 bbLo at IS 76 a $li 50, for common to extra bramKcxtraRcni sec wa* selling In u moderate way at $9 (0 a $? 78 a 811. BplM?8i*D sales were making at [. |6 25 a $7 26, fbr flue and superfine Meal was noujkial nt $4 76 for Now Jersey. Wheat?The mxrket was rather heavy, aud from 2c. a 5c. lower; the sales embraced about 26,000 bu hcls, among which were about 12,0J0 , buthel Oanadiaa wbfle, fall lo prime, at $2 10 a 82 14, I and at 82 20; with I'pper take and Western red at $1 75 I a 81 85, and 11 00, prime Illinois at 81 95, and 82 for prime led F uihcrn: whiteFouthorn was at about >2 10 a 82 20, while $2 22 was asked. Corn?Sales included about '.0,000 a 40,0(0 bu.hels at 90c. a 92c., for un-ound aud interior, and 93%e. fur sound Western mixed, including a 1 >t from store at Otc. Bye?Tho sales emhrac >d about 14,000 bu bele, incbidlng ,-huithern at 81 25 and N'orthern at fl 30. (>at? wee in lair request at 46c, a 47c. for State, anil 4He lor Chic igo. Com*.?'There was more doing, and 2.509 bags of Rb> weieseldit lottc all^c.: 290 bsgs MaracailM) at 100. ,i T. and 200 mats Java at 14c. a l<Xc. Oltti*.?The sales amounted to about 1,000 bales, the niatket closing steady. FurKiirrv.?To Mrcppol engagements were modcrs'.*. AU.ut 6,000 bushel, grain were engaged at lid. In ship's iogr. About .'00 bales eot'i n at ;,d. and 400 a 500 bbls. rosin at 4a. Flour wa< at 4s. To i.ond m about 9.909 bbls. four were taken at 1?. ??!. a 6s Th?re continued to be fl |>hs1 dtSMnd for the cvntlnent, asd 0,000 bush- ' ela grain were engaged at about 26e., with some lots reported at 27e. The packet of the 1st was ad vanced in loading, and demanded rather higher rates, rii; SI 26 for flour, and 28c. for grain. To Bremen 500 this, flour were engaged at 4s.. and cotton at lc. A ves sel was chartired to load at Savannah at privute terras. The rate* to California were at 40c. a 50c., the firmer tigure for full ships. The B. R. Milam, lor Melbourne, was ? about full at 40c. per foot measurement. IUy ?The inaikct waa steady at 70c. a 76c. per 100 lbs. forshilfcient. Ibom.?cfolcs of about AO tons Scotch pig were ramie at S37 a $37 50, usual time. Molassfm.?Sales <>f 300 a 400 bbl*. were mmle at 37c. Naval. Stokwc?About 400 bbls. spirits turpentine were sold at 44c. a 46c., and 500 bbls. rosin at $107por 310 lbs., delivered. Oils.?I in seed was more active but at rather easier rates in large lots. Sales of English and American were rr ported at 92c. a 92)ic. In small parcels It ranged from 93c. a 94c. Sperm was firm at $1 76, and manufactured at $2 06 a 42 10 for natural bleached. Winter blotched was at 90c I'alm oil was selling at 9% a and sweet oil at $1 IS, In cask. I'BOMtno.vH.?Pork?The sales were confined to about 400 a 500 bbls. (Deluding new mess, at $23 a i-'.'l 50, and new urin e do. at $22 26 a $22 60. Old beef was mea surably out of market and sales limited, without change in prices, country and prime mesa wore nominally the :aine. Bacon and Cut meats scarce and nominrl. Inrd was (n good demand and firm, with sales of 300 a 400 bbls. at 11 a 12c. Hotter and obeese were In fair re quest nnd without change of moment in prices. Hun About 50 casks sold at 6c. a 5)jc. t-nr0h?Aoout .50 bugs wcro sold, duty paid, at pri vate teiin*. Pi i -,h.?There was an improved feeling In the market, with a better inquiry, 'fho saloi embraced about 500 a ' 00 !'fc?ls. Cuba uu-co-.ado including 100 it. bond, at d'.e., and the remainder at 7c. a anil about 2,600 boxes a; about 7 >jtc. a 7C c. There wore minors of other fiuiinnctlon* In boxes, the particulars of wlxioh could not to ascertained. \Viuskbv.?Ihe sales emhrac"'. about SCO hlds., inolud ifC prison, at 41c. a 11,'aC., and Ohio, at 40jaC. a 41c , "Ins ng rather heavy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY education. <?7 C TO $100.-7HE ADVERTISER igTBOUTm?KN ?iP I V ing a writing acncemy In Broinlwav, and would like some young gentleman, of good address and respeitabllty, to join blm, with above ninouiii. Address, with name and place of Interview, Pen, bo* 192 Herald olii -o.' A!/! -BOOKKEEPING, W-RITINO, AG-STUDENTS ?J I/, at l'< H.I.EaK ri academy, Ml Broadway, are taught diuiblc entry by a practical bookkeeper, who explains princi ples and details as pri.ctlsed in the best commercial bouses and b.iiikv. biitdeniH thus taught become good bookkeepers and command good situation*. -BOOKKEEPING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC, dplV. (tline unlimited,) at PAlNK'S, 2*13 Grand street, an 1 at li'si Fulton street, Brooklyn. Lesions private; hours to suit pupils. Visiters in the city can take a course ot lessons in three days. Mr. raine'a system of writing is systematic and expedi tious.?Newport'Mercury. IESSONS.-A I.ADV WHO HAS RECEIVED A BRIL J baic European oducatlmi, and taught for many years In Paris, having recently arrltnt I in this city, wishes to increase I ho nuruher of her pupils. She gives instruction In ftallan, tierniHii and French, whii'li -lie speak" like a native; also lint pi,mo, harp, haniemy, painting tinitlii-in..ic-s, use of tlm globe', and every branch of a first tote English education. Addre ;s M. B.. Herald ofllce. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, EDUCATED AND ORADU atcd til Carls, wishei to give .< -sous in a respectable family for his board atul tb.i' of his son, olo von years old. Ho is familiar with the English language. Can teach Italian, SpuuM, ami all lo-anebeaof a t'jorougn classical education. Address K. P. Z., Herald ofllce. ' INSTRUCTION COMBINED WITH AMUSEMENT.? 1 Ladles ami gentlemen, will yon spend your evenings In a it.0"! agreeablu aud useful way t Please j'-ln either tlia French, German or English Conversation, Beading and Dhcusslon Club, ronr.nneeied Willi occasional vocal and Instrumental concerts, in Whitehouse buildings, 283 Fulton street, Brook lyn. For Funiculars and lorins of admission apply Im mediately to the director, J. LOWRNDAHL. teacher of lan giisges. bookkee()ng, ami of the Hoehra tlutc, 286 Fulton street, Brooklyn. The beat of references as to character aud ability will be given. INSTRUCTION.?THE REV. H. A. HENRY'S HEBREW, commercial and classical boarding aud day school tor voting ladles and gentlemen, lias rc commenced, and Is uotv in full operation. Ihe school Is situated nt307 Tenth street, on the north stile of Tomkins square, one of the most pleasant and healthy lot aliens tn the city ot New York. Parents and guar dlans desirous of having a go,id family school for their chil dren, aro respectfully Inched to visit ihe establishment, where all particulars will be furnished by the principal, MRR MILt.ETT'8 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR young ladles, at 171 East Seventeenth street, a few'Ivors from Stuyvesanl square. As the number of boarders Is limped to eight hoarders and t wenty day scholars, parents may lie confident of a comiorlable aud agreeable home for their chil dren, as well as a due attention being paid In their education. The best masters are secured. TnE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES, AS RE quired for business and conversation, can be learned tn a reasonable time of private Instruction from the undersigned at 488 Broadway, near Broome sircet, where he established him self in 1852. Passed the great examinations prescribed by go vernment in Europe. E. TKLLKKINO. WRITING, BOOK KEEPING, AC.?ARE TAUOHT BV vT FOSTER A DIXON, at 346 Broadway, (*polstnn'.t Building,) where gentlemen are qualified tor mercantile pur suits in an expeditious and superior manner. Terms moderate. Pi ospcclusc* and full particulars on application. COPARTNKRNII1P NOTICES. Jfi'v fi/Ml -WANTED, A PARTNER, Wll'H ?pvJ.UUl/. $3,000 m $5,000, In a safe oath basil FROM iness thai ? - - ~ - ... ,,, U -tin: , a in oiXBincas las'. will its v st least one hundred per cent and no risk. Apply to N. A. it., Heraldcfllce. i 111 1HM1 ~A PARTNER WANTED IN A BUSINESS 1 'PJ..UUsr. that tvtll pay from 84,000to|S,000 per year, estalillished tortho last six or eight years; bmtaess without risk and done entirely for rush. For partleularsapply to ; HOWES A FROBIB11ER, 84 Nassau street. i'Qn/i ?A PARTNER WANTED IN THE WHOLE ?4OUu? sale aud retail liquor business. The store ts In cstedon one of the best business earners la the city, with good Icuse and nominal rent. This Is a rare chance for an active business man to engage In the above business. Apply to HOWES A KRUllISIlKR, 84 Nassau street. (JtOAO TP $800-PARTNER WANTED IN A GENTEEL ?PU U1/ nnd profitable bu-dness. established five years, con nected wlih ..hipping, now doing ? Isrgo rush irade, win b la eapable of being Increased to any amount. A person with tins amount will find this a good Invaetment. One having an ac qnatntanee with masters end owners of re?sel?, or a person with a knowledge of medicine preferred. Address 11. W , llerald ofllce. -PARTNER wanted-a rare chance is ?JtvJ'Jv/ . ottered to a person having ihe above amount, to engage In a very profitable business, If applied for this day. A. CAMPBELL A CO., 113 Chambers street. Ijcn/J-A PARTNER IS WANTED IN A CART fiPvIUlf. business that pays a good profit. A store i kepi for ibe sale of the goods down fowo. Tnts Is a rare chati" for a man that wsota a good buslncas. Apply at the atore. 9 Murray street. <fc inn -PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT, OE.V teel manufacturing business, paying large profits on snlca. One who can give time anil energy to the business, will find tl.ts a desirable opportunity. The right kind of man will not be required fo furnish the whole amount In cash. HOWES A FROBIHHBR, 84 Naaaau street. C4)nn T0 $900.?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A PART "U ner, to take an luteresl In the best paying and most respectable exhibition now travelling. Will open next Hon day for the season. Apply at 176 Chatham square, room 2, second floor. ?9nn -WANTED. A PARTNER. TO ACCOMPANY ?PAe'/\Js a first etas* travelling exhilii'lon and to receive 'he money. Otic half Interest will be given. Any person will ltn.1 ibis a sale Inve.-inieut, as fifty dollars will be taken per dxy, clear of ex senses. Apply at PKTC11 A IN GALL'S otlb-o, 343 Broadway. NOTICE.-THK COPARTNERSHIP HERRTOEORE EX iming. under the firm ?t Dendrell A elmonson. al No. 10 Front street. In this otty, Is this day dissolved, by mntual co-i seut. William Ilendrell la alene authorize 1 to liquidate ail outstanding accounts. WILLIAM PENDRKLL. VERGE REAL' HIMO.NSON. Brooklyn, L. I., Oct. 15, 1855. PARTNER WANTED?WITn $15 TO $20,000, TO TAKE an Interest in the manufacture of an article of ilally and universal consumption. The icturns ate quick?the profits $40,1X10 per annum, and the buslnoss capable of Immense ox ,enaion. Address box 3,751 Post office. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE ONE. HALF INTEREST In a first class real estate and auction business now paying Well. Satisfactory reasons given by the parly disposing of his Interest. Apply fo DUNCAN A MlACKKLION, 71 Naaaau street, corner of Join. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the firm of J. Ilollwrya A Co.. at 288 Ninth at enue, In this city, Is thla day dtaaclTcd bv roulual consent. The basinesa will be continued by fbas. L. Traiigoit at Ihe same Place,on hi* own account, who will liquidate all claims agn.nst ibe late firm. ,1. HOLI.W K. YS. New York, Oct_ 17. 1856. L. TKANOOTT. ?nTANTKD-A PARTNER. WITH $2,000 TO $3 000 II yy cash, in the rlotLIng business tn thla dir. wUicluha- bee established over twelve yoars and doing a cash business, or first rale ru'ter. >bat can command large custom. Thi* Is a opportunity y-ldnin met with. Addreas A. B.. llerald ofller with real toifie. No brokers need apply. BIUIAH1M, Eureka i-a prpkect table at" i.aVt.Itiif "model btlttanl tabUa " with the new oomlfinatton ruth i.u a Inretilert by ite ucder.lgne t, been thnrougl.lj tested by many of ihe best players nnd judgna in the "oovrr ?re pronounced the moat pcrte. i nn l cinp.e e of any lilihertr rcnstructed. Inspite of the mallgnaniiniareprcaentationsof ecr ts'n partita engaged In the sale .if the "old fogle articles '? tq< sol scilbei ba? no fear of the uKlioate sucre^s at ilie "mei.i billiard tables knowing a? bed'ies thai tiieyare really sir iwtfoi to a t ofiiers. The advanutge. ef the "model bUllnrd ta i.lea ctnslsi tn ibe un formity and correctness oi tlie cuabkats being composed of new materials wlilcli render them elasU.- In all seasonaand be modlfloatioos or the jaws, nails, and pocket bona, bk which the great Ineonvrntence* of ihe latter are en ilre.y ekvlated. Alt nddtlionat mrfaee of tome ihlrtv Inches n also added lo the cushion, which enables ihe plavep' to m-ike i etv sinr.kes, Impossible on the "old logic lu-iicle.'* Such being a brief ikatcment ot the pecullarltte." of (lie "model billiard'a lb|r?," Ihk lUMmW Insists er.ipha'lcally ttuil tfiey preuent iidtanttges heretofore unknown, and opens up a new era In billiards. 1 nrlng opened the spacious nail ho. 39 Chambers siteet, up stairs, next io Burton's ilieatre, he in Mies gentlemen to test bis tables ceveral being rendp for exhlblttua and prir Her. while he will always be ready to llour|sb|a cue wtih any i.mHleur, be Is willing to put his skill to the tost against all i,n>. fessleesl players. This Is not all : ho challenges the aseo.-1-.'ed irlenre and skill of all hllltard lable nianiifaeiurcrs tn ,?m Iiete wllh him, and tonrodurc a labia as complete and perfert In Its details, and admirable as a whole a* Ills model hllltard (able. He canUons the nubile againsi certain panics ivbo ire trying to Imitate bis lalife. MICliAEX PlthLAN. HB NT AURA NTH. ~ Ah jaoobi a co.v beetaubant.?thu i vue ? signed, A. Jacob I A Co.. resncrifulh annoiineo ,olli'eie ft lends and Ihe public of New York In general. ib?t A J,.eohl haa rr moved hit ro'niiranl from corner of Nassau and F ,t. 2, ? ?wts, and ihat thay hare most eleganUy fl" I 'Up ^?d w b .pen next Monday . .he HH, O,... tbelr new e.tablMm", , ? 1 8 Fallow *'ra?'i. lor tha a on.tnodaHon ot who wU| fa yor ll.em with their patron,u-, which ci ry wr.l mud aux ,sw etslearw to secure Py the "rtctew ??enUo? WTlX "si * ?! and lurn ".hing oe best the market affiirds on the mo-u ecu mi a) terms, io merit ibeir faxo, able patronage ,nd Uut of the r 9b lie. A. J A CO HI A 00, 13?Fulton$Vai, REWjUUW. $15 000 ?BWAED'~0-11' TnE WTH or 8RPTBM _ ber last two boxes were delivered el the office of the American Exp res* Company, In Dubuque, Iowa, by a cartxnaa from the United State* Land Office. Said boxen, on their arrival at the Sub Treasury in New York, were found to contain book shot of the aixe of lit) to the pound, and pressed MM ' " ' #174 pound? balls of the aixe of lOd to the pound, to the amount of 174 pounds In weight, and SBpuundi of sheet lead. No. 4. The boxes were mxde ol while pine one inch thick dovetailed at the corners, about 10,'* inches lung; *)*' inches wide, and d>2 inches deep, insldo nieaeuremciit The bottom of one of (he noxes was of beunock. Tbcy a cre e ? eppml once aruundtba middle wttiv Due inch hoop Iron It is claimed by the Assistant Treasurer at Dubuque that tha boxes each contained gold coin to the amount ol $28.(8*1. I'hey were marked with cards addressed to the "Assistant Treasurer United States, New York," which lard* are admitted by the liepnty Assistant Treasurer to br ' genuine. Now, therefore for the purpose ol discovering boa his fraud was commlt'ed, and bringing to Justice the perpe trators thereof, 'b? American Express Company will pay 110,000 lor the recovery of the money, or in 'fail proportion for any part of It; and ta.OOO for the arrest and conviction of 'he oflenders, and they will pay liberally for information re lative to the making uf said ooxes, the furnishing of such load tails, shot, Ac., Ac.. Ac. At) communications should be ad Jrcaaed to the subscribers. WKLLR, BUTTRRKIKLD A CO., New York, LIVINGSTON, K A KIM I A UO., Buffalo, __ . ? Proprietors of the Ainrrlcau Kxpresn Company. Buflklo, Oct S, Ibhf,. ? O Pv( IRBWARD-TAK KN.8INCRTESTEBDAY AFTER v i vi a noon, from tne Mechanics' bank, a tin box, msrket t .?!. M. A Q.. contsiuing valuable papers, among others the allowing bonds;?Town of Newark, Uuo, No. 1; PorUmouth' city. Ohio. Nos. Si), 80; Olty ol Newport, Ohio, No. 2; Franklin, county, Ohio, Nos. 42, 13, City of i ulumbus, Ohio,; Asbu ltailroad, Nos lb IT,; Utilland and Washington Railroad Nos. 101,1B2; Cleveland and Pit'aburg Railroad, 520, 521, "" "? "ork and Eric "ailrnad. Nos. 1.IM4. 1, "" fragtSBr# '? S$?b? gnn Central Hallronu, ivos.^a^j Kullioad, Nos. 200,201; Rochester. lav-knurl anil Niagara Falls Railroad, Noa. 51, 82; Iaika Erie and Wabash and St. Louie Railroad, Nos. 288, IDS; Baton anil Hamilton Railroad, Nos. 190, 184; Hudson River Railroad. The payment of all of which has keen slopped. The above reward will bo paid on leaving Ilia ntents, with W. D. WAUDINUTON, 09 Wall box, Willi its contents, street, and tio questions asked. New York, Oct. 12, 1855. djOK?LOST. A RED MOROCCO I'ORTEMONNIB, IV tjone or the cars ol the last Friday. P. M.'s express train fron Clevelabtl 'o Buffalo, between Krlo and Dunkirk, containing about tiuo, more or less, in 16 notes of the Atlan'io Hank of New York, some dol ar gold coins, a through ticket by ' "tiaXle pi the New York and Krle Railroad, ahd some valuable papers and memorandums of no use to any one but tbo owner. $2.1 reward will bo pvUl on return of the same by express oc^. otherwise to the subscriber, at No. 1 Pearl street. New York. J. W. WOODWARD. I f\ REWARD.?8TRAYKD OR STOLEN FROM MC-I tj>-Lvf Manus's stable, Veil street, between I'rlnce and Rous (on, a full grown vuiing English grayltouiid, be Is remarkably handsome, Jot black, wi'h a slight protuberance or lump under. the lower ja w; had on a fancy collar, _wlth silver ^late^beartuic inscription " Breeze, belongs to Jno L. Casnady." Thealtovo reward will be paid for the delivery of the d?g at 88 Prlnc.v street, or $60 will be given for the conviction of the thief who ttole I ' ??? BEWABD.?BTBAYED, FROM 84 FRANKLIN ???) strrei, on Sunday ia*t, a white and Mver ?pottja poln^i hitch, for th? mike of nine very young iiupe that stag haii Icit tieeborerttrard 11 be rivenRNherrMurnto8| JrinkmiHt. HKWARD.rLOST, <>Nr SUNDAY LAST, IN BROAD; way, near Bleeeter street, a uniall hi ick Hid tan colored.? MJut.a King < hark*. Hy returning the name to Mrs. VTlSfc, jj 608 Broadway, they will receive the reward. ,<?>?> BKWABD.?LOS'i , A HMALT,"WHITE GREYHOUND. ?Jpv) wlih right car black uml black spot on left side. Th-.'s above reward will be paid for his roturn to the siore corner ol* First avenue, and Seventeenth strt el. LOST AND FOUND. DON'T Rl'Y.?STOLEN FROM THE STEAMER THOMAHl E. Dulse, front h,ug Sing, on Monday morning, Oct. 16, av white Uubiiu stud pony. I'd on* are cautioned against pur charing him, as Hie owner lias piwhoas In search of the pony,, and he will ho claimed when found. A compensation will o? paid to any one who wdl give Information respecting him at 42 Warren street. Lost?ow Saturday, October m, in hroadway, or in a Sixth avenue singe, a lady's corral bracelet, orna mented with an ox's head; whoever will return the same to Theodore Deusrher, at (,'etdn's Uuxaar, 613 Broadway, or to Mrs. K. C. Papon, US West Twenty fourth street, will be suit ably rewarded. OBT-OX TUESDAY AFTERNOON, BETWEEN 0. ' Salisbury .1 Co.'s jewelry store (corner of Cert land! street. and Broadway) and booth furry to Brooklyn, a gold charm, rp rcpscntallon ol a dug, Willi the ' . .. ? word Annie engraved on It. The hndcr will he liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Jewelry. siore ui 11. Salisbury A Co. LOKT-ON MONDAY, 15TH INSTANT, $80 IN BANK notes, supposed to have been dropped in a stage. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at No. 12 Ncilson place. * LOfiT-ON TUESDAY LAST, IN BROADWAY, BE tween Waverley place and Fourth street, or in Fourth atreet, between Broadway and Washington square, a strait diamond ring, set in blue enamel. The Under will bo Jbe rally rewarded by leaving It with Mr. Crowen, bookseller, 89U Broadway, corner of Fourth street. I OST.?THREE PROMISSORY NOTES WERE MAILED J at St. Louis, August 31, drawn by us, mid In favor of! Burnbam,Plumb A Co., New York, of ihe following descrip tion, viz: one dated August I, at atx months, for $148 32; and: dated August 6, at eighi months, far$2,()hj 29, one dated August, 2ft. at nine mon'hi, for 91 US'; all nfu-hloU aro m*A? payable at, the otllee Ol Stuart A Brother, Philadelphia, as said note* nl? carric'l, and uever reached the proper parties, payment will4 be withhold. PlTTM.AN AallBOTUKt. Hi. 1 suits, Oct. 13, 1858. Lost-a leather purse, containing from twenty lo thirty dollars, and a pawn ticket, all belonging to a very ^Isir tnan. _ I lie yune is old and lasumed wl.h a leather cord The. finder will do a charity by leaving it al Hart's frnil store, Fourth street, between Oreeue and WotHtet streets, and a liberal reward given. STOLEN-THE NIGHT OF THE IdTH INST., FROM No. 126 IUvingion street, 1 dozen of silver teaspoons and half dozen of table spoons, all marked W. T. B.; also 1 dozen of stiver teaspoons (no mark) and a child's silver knife, '.ork and spoon. Pawnbrokers are requested to stop them. If pre sen led. A liberal reward will be given for their recovery. Apply at No. 222 1'ranklln street. fTRUNK LOST?$10 REWARD.-STOLEN OR TAKEN X by mistake from the landing foot of Cortlandt street, at lUs o'clock, Tt "'a o'clock, Thursday night last, Oct. II, a large packing trunk, marked Peter P. Haiiev, Fort Wayne, Indiana, on e.iniq tacked on each end and >ou. The above reward will be pakl and no questions asked, by returning the trunk and contents hj' the undersigned, at the Clinton Hole), New York. PETER P. BAILEY. HOTELS. ^ IifXCHANOH SHADES HOTEL, NO. 7 MERCER STREET. 2 ?Board and lodging on the European plan.?A lady and." gentleman may be neon modeled with a moat excellent room. well furniohed; single gentlemen may also find acaomnudm tlon. A t lub room to let two nights In each week. SBBfs, chops, rarebits, poached eggs, cold cuts, Ac.; hot juUUs dally from 1 to 3 P. V. Apply as above. HOLDRKDOX'B HOTEL, 7? BROADWAY, CORNER ol Clinton place.?Superior apartments for families, or individuals, can now he obtained, with or without board, by the meal or week, served In dining or p-tvste rooms, at re duced prices. Buths free. Rooms cent from $2 lo $50 per week. WM. HOLDREDOK, Proprietor. THE COLLINS HOTEL, FOOT CANAL STREET, WILL let to permanent nr transient boarders, suits of parlors or single rooms, on must reasonable terma. The location la a de sirable one, fronting the river, srWi a full view of th? harbor. and eonvenlentlot 11 parts of the ally; has suits from three to live rooms. Y ALLMAN ? MAPKH, Proprietors. THORK FAMILY nOTRL. NEW BRIDGE STREET, LCD gate Hill, Igmdnn.?The above bouse Is centrally situated, has an excellent coffee nsim, ten or twelve private sluing rooms, between tort] atid fifty light, airy bedrooms, a good smoking room, warm, cold and shower baths, always retdy. A nlglit porter in attendance. A fixed charge for servants The New York Ilcrald is filed. TIIOMAH QUARTKKMAtNSO faho proprletvr of the Crown and Kceptor, and Ship Taverns, Greenwich,) tenders his grateful Ihsnks to his American friends for Ihe favors he has so long enjoyed at their hands, and solicit* their continued patronage and reconuueudaUon. OCULISTS AND AOU8TN. CARD.?DR. WHEELER, OCULIST, 488 BROADWAY, devoirs liis attention to diseases of the eye, and by his mild treatment chronic Intlamsaation of the eyelids or sore eyes can be effectually cored. Films, specs, ,tc . removed wilhou, surgical operaden. Office hours. 9 to 4 P. M. Artificial eyee Inserted, M^HY PATIENTS ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMED ihatduring tny U'e huropesji tottr. I visited the cele brated t enlists and aurtda, Jacob, Wilde, Bowman, Walton, Soynbee, Yearsley, Atexander, Remarres, Klchel, McKsnzlc. Ac., and acquired a thorough knowledge of their pradios, an I , the recent remarkable discoveries in the treatment of disease-:, of the eve and ear. I believe there Is nutv nothing known to ! Ilie profession In rlther brmUphere with which I sin not per-, ferity fsmdlar, nnd Irmtftl -i' ft will not bedeemed unbecoming, nrier twenty jesrs extens ran it* and evperlenne, (prinn - pally in tldsrlty.) to ant fur ihe benefit of strangers, thai I feel confident I treat uu- disease* of those delicate organs act skilfully and wdenllfir.-illy as any man living; ami have effected, and am effecUnslhe most remarkable cures?restoring sight to the blind and bearing to the deaf?in many cooes hitherto pronounced entirely hopeless. I have also ohlalnetl severs' new Insirumetits and Inventions of Incsleulahln value in my speeialtiy?snerula through which 1 ran clearly observe the interior of (lie eye, rar, nose and throat, and at a glance detect the sllgbte-l disease, enabling me In every instance candidly ia Inform patients at ihe first ' ousuHatlon, whether their ease t* rnrrsble or olherw! e, a new Instrument for removing cata ract, without pain or danger, snd one for caring s'rablsmu* o erosseyes. In In a few s-eundn; artificial tympanl, srhtch In stantly restore hearing, where the drum of the oar la perfo rated or lost; nrtlflrial eve*, which move and look exactly ilka Ihe natural, Ac., Ac. At homeIrom# to 4 o'clock, dolly. JAMES W. POWELL, M. D , oculist, attrlat, Ac., No, 802 Broadway nearly oppoilte Ihe St Nicholasllote'. ASTllOLOOY. AKTONISHINO TO ALL?MADAME MORROW-THIS highly gifted ladv Is the moot wonderful vstrolaglst M Ihe world or thai erer ha* been known, she wP] ten ad Dps events of life, even the vary thoughts, and will cause speede marriages, and tbow the likeness of the tnteadej hasbsod, to'he grrai astordshr ent of all wno vuiibsr. All who wool good lurk fly lo her for relief and oomtbri. All 'n'ervlews ark strictly private, a. r.n a<tmi?sUin u given to goatieinca. " t .chergc fl not sainted 74 Brcimo sireat, between Cannon and Uolumbta. ABTBOLOOY?THE CELEBRATED MRS. EI,BURY. Jj?? I'fcrlf, w) <#c re 1mturn h^a rtinn'jknUy ro:? ?nl'ed by Nopolcott, 1 , tires true inlormaliou on ail ovonts (P Question- who'll lure, tnarihige nnd business are no -d by the power of maguetl-m at 2ftl llroomu streoc. weird by ihe power of magnetism, at 263 llroomo street. /ALAIRYOY4VI E?ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, DYSPEE \ sis, deblhly, dv?> -,i*rv, llrer complaint, lumbago, females' con pie,tits, re.endon, igwlruction or cessation el (he memos f'" r and ngjle In It* W' l- ;o. liieui;. iie. ,| uf curable) by Mm SKYMOI R, the great (iairvoyaot, -treet, rear Brradv ay. hs'isfs' ;ioti or no pay. /'I.iirydyaxrr astdma. REONciims,catarrh, ( \j dyspepsia lb-rand kidney cum vl.vnts. ) c vmjs Icblur ihrumsUMn. nurslgio. snd *11 few srd weakn?--scs (nfeut ilew , cured. If cur:,' ie. Iiy Mr". IIAYI.S, the gieat meulea' cUtliioy j Mil. Ladlr*, THesnibiu Mr*. Hays* is 'lie oni / eurreel ci^r- ; voytnt lit iM* city. OKI's 174 Oiaod street. ' K VTRA PAT? T31TRA PAT?NAYY BOUNTY LAND AND " 12 Pay" Office?I .snd warrant*, "extra pay ' and I of w-re. doe all Unfed Sia'es navy sailors, bi all wi Ihe'r widows snd hel.-s, prompt* obtoinnd and pi ail kinds of claim* s*a.n ' be UnitedSUtes rtmr.vored Edward hinski, Agsnt, aig Pursnr U N. Navy.fand Auomey OruuaBo* at Law, ? Vau