Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. fHOLE NO. WJ92. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20. 4855. PRICE TWO CENTS. VEBTISEMENTS KKNEWiil) EVER! BAY NEW PCBUCATIONS. JRKAT DELINEATOR OK "UAM?V?BA0TEB' MIKH VONQk'S POPULAR liOUILo. I. APPLKTON A 00., SAJ ^ rrf) 1*1,1,' iiKIP OF RKDCIiYFi'k. JJvoln. IJmo., noto, .w HKAHIS^K; or, MV BROTIIKB'8. Wl'Vi-. 2 vols. 7 THE TWO OUARltl lNS; or, A HOME Iff THIS "kEN NKTu"or THE KK A RGOARDOF THE GRAND Y 1 vol 12B10.. 75 een's. TUB OAH'l 1,K BUILDERS- 1 vol. l?mo., 75 con's. THE I'LAI* or THE ACTBOK Ift WI1ITI1I1 TBEK* BOOKS, r -ughoui these tales the plan l as heeu to pre* n'a pic or ordinary life, with 1U small d-iliy rnts. it- plea-tires I* trials, so as lo draw ont I'* caj'amlllles o" he.tie turned i best account; great sit h a* ttofall onlv a f-w, .ire excluded. and In 'he hope ot helping to present a line, by iple, to the petp*exl-le. of dell* lire, 'lie Incident, widen er a elorv eEcltlng have been s tenured and the atlcnpi wen made to make the latere.,t of the Look depend nn cha n* painting. rael from a review ol the "Heir or RedolylTe" and "Heart, ease," In lli? North Amotion Review lor Aprd.) adrt-tot' her writings il,atmol? a sensation It-re was the lr." and what a sensation it ?,t*i Referring lo the re iaof the tear waabnd covers of the cony aforesaid, we tin J longed 'o the "eighth thousand." tfow many thousand been Issued since t>y Its pnbl "hers to supply the demand ew, and the places nf drowned, dissolve,1 or swept away .?pie*, we do not attempt to conjecture. No< individuals Bly, bnt hotiBCnolds, codslstltig lit great part of tender led voung damsels, were plunged Into mourning. \V lib erable acquaintance with flntlUous heroe", (not to speak ol ones,) from Sir Charles GrainJtfOn down to the nursery Carlton, we have lltUe heal'a'lnii in pronouncing Mr Guv rllle. of nedclylt'e, Barouc', tho mo*' admlrahle one tha' ever met with, In gtory or out. The glorious, joyous lite brilliant, ardent chivalrous child of genius and ot tnr ctowned with the beautv of Ills early holiness, and over owed w Ith the darkness of his hereditary doom, and the and touching sadness of hU early death?what a caution is el what a vision 1 L? . , , j D A. A Co. wilt publish In a few days, BBBOHOROKT. r the auihor of Ut# "Heir or Redely ffe," lvol. 12mo., pn covers, 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents. BOOK FOR 8CNBAYS AND ALL OTHER DAYS.? The Old Homestead, by Mrs. Stephens. retailed at 20 per discount, at 89 Nassau street, Sun Building. IE A I' EDITION OF THE LIFE OK BARNl'M 11Y A special arrangement with the author, the undersigned will THIB DAY, OCTOBER 20, to low price of flOy cents, s neiv edition ol THE LIFE OK P. T. BAltNCM. Written by Himself. (Uniform with one published at SI 251 alettes- to his publisher. Mr Banium ssys:? wish to have Ave millions or more nf the Inhabitants of the led States read that boog for themselves, and am ready lo .rsntee that more titan nineteen twentieths o' the whole nuui wtll decide that It teaches only a good moral lesson." tecoiint lo the trade same ns on tormer editions. J. S. BEDFIBLI), No. 31 Ueektnan street. HEAP LIBERAL BOOKS. PA INK'S AGE OF RE A son. 25 cents j Volney's Ruin", F1H eepts; Rights of I. 50 cents; Common Sense and Crisis for '7b. 2? eeots. t published, Philosophical Prayer Hoik, with Rational Kx laUon* o( Spiritualism, from 50 to 75 cents, by U ? ALL, TBowery, up stairs. ON'T PAY TEN SHILLINGS FOP. THE OLD HOME stead, when you can got It at 89 Nassau street Hun Bull I for one dollar. EORGE BAND AOAIN 111 TfcVKRINO. -elridge A Co. publish Oct. 27, Uic above work by the lt d authoress ol CONHUKLO. .insisted from the French by a lady of this city, with a graphical sketch by O. 8. Lbi.ani), Esq., he work is of unparalleled Interoil and destined to create a later sensation than any of her former productions. Price 81. !2mo. cloth. W. P. FETRIDGE .t CO., Franklin square, and FEI'HIIiGK A CO., JlosUui. ARPER * BROTHERS?327-330 PEARL STREET, . (Franklin square,)- . ? HAVE HOW READY: BhiSTtAH Theism?The Testimony of Reason and Peve'a A to the Existence and Char?e,ier ot the Supreme Helng. By bert Anchor Thompson, M. A (The flrst llurtieti prire o( INK) was awarded to this Treatise.) Large 12mo., tuualln, 25. Faisom's Sallcst?Sallnst, Florus. and Vel etusPalereulus, rarlly translated. with roplous no'c and u general Index, the Rev. John Belby Wa'eor, M A., itead Master of the X'rlary Grammar School, Htockwell Portrait, 12tno., B7%c. lariiwoA's Vinoite-Tlie works id Virgil, lUeraliy translated o English prose. With Note*. By liavldron. A new ell l, revised, vrllh additional notes, by Theodore Alolse lluck \ B. A., of Christ I hutch. Por'ralt. 12mo muslin75) In AST's Hos act?The Works of Horace, tran-lated literally 0 English prose. By O. Hinart, A. M., or Pembroke Cob ?, Cambridge. A new edition, wiih s copious selecUoti or as. By Theodore Aiolae Buckley, U A. Portrait. 12m-1 KlllL, "fir. VoMAh's Recobp: l>r Hke'rhe* of cll Dlstlaru*-;hod Women im the Creation io ifte Present llirt'-. Arranged In l-our sa. Wl h Selections from female Writers of Each Era. By a. Sarah Joaepba Bale, Illustrated with 230 Engraved Per ils. (-TO., muslin, 1850: snoep,half, $1 2I>. Hr. Abaccamia:,*; or, .Vole* of a Tour among'he Ina-an bes of Southern Chili. Ily Edmun-1 Uuel Hmi'lt. of the U. S. Aslranomlcal Expedition Itt Chill. With illustrations no., muslin, 81. ? . Pbacxkbav's Newcoiies; The; Memoirs]of i ?t Resectable Family. Edited hy Arthur Pendenul*. Esq, usira'Bd by Kb-bard Doyle. A new edition 2 volt., avu., per, tl 75; muslin, 82. jtABStsc to Talk; or, Entertaining and Instructive Lesaons be Use of Language. Dy Jacob Abbott Illus'ratel with engravings. Small l o.. mu?l-n. Ml rent*. ItcKtr Smite's Lirr. By his Daughicr, Lady Holland. Ih a Sele :tion from his Iwu'ers. Edited hy Mrs Austin. Ola., 12iiio , muslin, $2; hnir call.88 SUKOLSBB'l CocnrlL or TlkMT; History of the Counoll eat. From the French of L. F Bungener. Edited by John tCllntock, D.D. ljuio , rouelln, 81. gta* Brmohkk'h Lsttxrs?To the People on Health and Han . IHuxirat'ona lcma. pajier, 37)* ceuU; muslin, 50 Yaikma; or, Advenlurt * on the Mosquito Shore. By Samuel Bard. With a Map of the Mos iitilo Shore, aud sixty original latrailona. !2mo. muslin. 81 25 Sujjaiid's SrLioitta?Speeches and Addresses, by Henry . Billiard. a?o., muslin. 81 75. Ast Hurts?Architecture, Sculpture and Pausing. By James ckson Jsrves. ]2mo.. muslin, 81 25. Cibwas's Ltrrrras to Btshup Hcohks- Revised and en ?ged. 12mo , musHn, 75 cen's. HOUKTAIXB vsd Molkhii.i S; or. Recollections rI a Burnt tarnal. By Frank Murrya't. wtdi numerous Illustrations the Autlior. 12nio., mnsltu. $1 2'> ABBOTT'S Uistokt or NAroUhUi?with maps, wixtd cut* id portratts on steel. 2 vols , 8*0., tnuslln. 85. sheep extra, 75; half call, 16. ? Bamcboit's Mismi-Aruts?Ll'erary and Hls'orh-al Ml* By Gsorge Banero t. bvo.. muslin, 82: half call 10. Hec's OtnaA?A Journey through the Chinese Empire. Hy .Hue. With a new and beautiful map. 2 vol*.. I2mi>, mus I, $2; half call 83- . Aistobt roa Bors: or Annals of the Nations of Modern irope?By Jobi G. Edgar. Wlih IlluatraUons. I'ituo. m-r 1 (30c Ladt Bi RsatsOTO.a's LirK anp ''->rrx*eondkvex?K-lIte-11.. Msdilen Portrait. 2 vola. 12oio., mnslln, 82: half call, 81. HABrr.n's Statistical Oaixttrkk or l;ir; Wotu.n?Parileu rlv describing the United Slate* of America, Canada. New runswtck and Nova Scotia. Ily J. Cslvta Smith. Second lldou revised. Llflstraled hy seven splendid maps richly ilored which are tndtspenaabln lo be value and Interest of a niversal Gaxetteer. viz.: The World, Great Brllam and Ire nd, showing die railroads, British possessions In North Ame ra Centeal and Southern Europe, Meih-o and ( entral Amerl i bnlted Matea of A merle*. Oregon and CaUfornli, showing ? railroads; Asia. Roval bvo. I '.lib pares, muslin,85; sheep, I 75; ball calf. 86; hall Russia, *7; full Russia, 88. 80RA'B CHI1.D. The fourth edition of U.l* charmlntt new novel la now sady. Heya the Cincinnati Christian Journal and Meseengcr?It la JOve the onllnary claae of Betlnn*. Ihcplotla lageut ma. Ita BTclopnicnt la absorbing, and it* denouement, with one or two iceptlona, pleasing and happy. The character* arc diaUnc re, well drawn, aud striking-portrait* of peraone sometime* ten In mixed aodety. The ulei.t for deacrlpUoti, and for raw Dtt painting. I< of a high and refined order. Exquisite aenal lllly gnshrs oat on every page. flay* the Roefaeater Dally Democrat?" Inora'a Chi 11 " la a ell written, interesting and attractive book. It will attract m notice and absorb the attention of many who are satiated lib the preaant race of fiction*, for It la exertited with that ee, equal and unexaggrrated style to which ramtnf thmt brood re atrangere. We predict for II a aucceaa commensurate with I many merit*. One large lfmo. Price $1 2S. J. C. DERBY, Publlaher, No. 119 Naaaau atreet. 1XIS1RATKD HISTORY OF THE CRIMEAN CAM . palgn. complete np to Ihe present date, embracing a journal 'the aiege or Sebaatopol, battles aertne, storms, wrecks, tiled, wounded, mtealtig, Ac., with the la leal reference map* 1 the Cr.mra ai d Black Sea. Alan ihrre vlewa of Sebastopol, ith drier Iptiooa ol each aud a aplendid engraving of Cron adt thou ng and deacrlblng Its furUtlcatlons. HM of map, t by SJ Inches. Price M rente. Bent by mall to any part of M country for one cent postage A gents wanted. A H. JIM KLYN. 60 Pulton atreet rwr pubmshkd?price 51 at?oopsim/h jersey I <hiy IMre. 'ory for 1AM and INK. For aaie by SMITE A A NEK etaltonera, Ac . M Fulton street, near William, New reck. Nit TSIOT'BAND COPIES <>F THE OI,I? HOMESTEAD will 6? retailed at the wholeaale price?one dollar at ti9 ? atreet, bun litilidlng. If "INLY ON*'DOLLAR For TltK OLD HOMESTEAD ? fj Mr*. Stephen*' new noret, ptilili"hed this day. Hoi I %> *11 ktor plaeea for tea ?hUlmr? p. r cop jr. Foreign Hwtofflm. ? MM *>*l*. Hna balMltiff. BDt'BMHUED THIS DAY. OCTOBER 30. W THE JAPaK EXPEDITION ? J ATA* AIM .U'it'Sli Will. ?'OHU> Aa aaeoan' of ihree rvdu to the Japaneae empire, wt'h hatch#* of Madeira HI. Helena, Cape of Good Hope, Maori In*. Carton, Singapore. Clan* and Loo Choo. By Col. J. W. Hr ildiho, Of (bo Foiled "loam fHe*<e Ml??l?tppt, flagiihtn of ho e*pedjtjoo. One eoL 12tno., cloth, with eight illa*tr.?uon? m Urn. $1 33. ft doocrlbaa all that tli# Intelligent author aaw. In a clear and rory atrooolilo manner, and mention* many thing* of a p*r amal character, which of aowae would form no pari of an ODrtal report. - Baltimore American. Ool. Hpadding U a maa aboae character, In the romtn jnltr In pfclch lw ha* heretofore reeided, piara* him above anapklon, ?o that to*narrative may b* Imitflntiy iru<tetL He U withal a racy writer and a per*on gifted with rer.i uncommon power* >f obaerraunn ? Patriot. J. H. RfDriKLD, Ifo. 34 Deekman atroet. B~ BBA8TOPOL H ?H FALLEN -NOW HEADY, A NEW ami rerlaed edition, wtlfa new cut*, of our groat pi Mortal hear nheat, allowing tha moat oorrecl view* n? HtifAFTflPOL, ITH FORTH, HIUFPIM<1. Ac ,* ahothk Ai.i.iiii> film. Bird'* aye view of Hebaatomd and Ha camp*, TorrMe ?plo*toa In Hebaatnooi during the r*rmrm?dlnr Pannr?itr view of Hahaatopaa, ? howl tut where the Ru??un* were driven to br tha allied ?rmle?; *l?u all tha fortideellaM, aa tha MalafeoS. Mamelon. Redan. Ae. Correet portrait# of iNapoleon. AleKonder, Pelhwler, an I the Rue?lan commander, Meneehiknff. A lao, view- of Hie tiRKAT PORTRR-e OF HWEVBOP.O. And dm town* of HeUtnitfnr*, ruin* of Inkermann. ani all *he prominent lorsllUoe alluded to daring the war; alao, a full The great nonrtic' that re- ilted In the DOWNFAXX OF REBASTOFML. Mating tha moet lioaatUul ami truthlui PlCTOBUL W*a 8HCKT pnbllehed. Hire, M hr 4 3 iMrhe? Price, 10 cent* by mil, put froe on reoetp1 of price P. J. COZAXS. 107 Kioata MWt. s IVKW FUBUtATIOVS. INGLE COPIES AT WHOLESALE PRICKS OP THE Old lloriH 'Vuil. Rl sj? street, hun Building The publication hat op THE JL1? HOMESTEAD, Br Mi:s. Ami H. Ntkj-iir~i?, Au'aai of "Farhiw and l.nuiue," We af? now enabled 'o rnmmr-ore for HATTrmur, the ahh loaf. A now hook, by the author of "Fashion ami Famine " wfllsh oliwined. to three inrwUu., a aale ul forty thousuid roplaa, awl w oli h a hp republished in Lcipntc, Hi. Petersburg, Vienna, awl in three cdiunun In l*>i*lon, in a mutter well calculated to ex ilic more than ordlnarv interest. Hie ' Old Homestead," while no" *? tragic and Intenao in ila character an "Putdiinu ond Piirnlne." la, If auvtblng. of pro founder Interest, and appeal* with grtwter force to the xytnpa tiilea of I 1ih render. The alory opeua in Uie city of N?tw York, where there are many scenes of pathos a uferitig, and troa-c power bul, an the hook progresses,th a cloud* disperse? we are introduced to the "Old Homestead" among the Cat ekt'i? of the Ilunson, where we are presented with eome of the moht delightful and graphic rural pictures ever given In an American hook. Mrs. htepbeux displays, iu many plac.u in tldn hook, a humor ihat rival* thai or Di-kene. and W dry mane force, grasp of ilgiiighl, power of expression, and vlvldne* i of de.crlptlon, of which ahe la peculiarly the inaater?auporlor. we Iblnk, lo any of ber contemporaries. COJ.TKMT*. The Father's Return. A Pleasant Conversation The Mayor and the Policeman. A Valley in the Mountain*. The Policeman's Guest. NewPeople and New Homes. The Midnight Consultation. The Old Homestead. The Mayor and the Alderman. A tint Hannah and Uncle Na 1 he Plot. thin. The Birthday Festival. Morning atthe<lidIfotnea'ckd. Chester's Trial. Hoqjeslck Ismgtiig*. Poverty, Sickness and Death. The Evening visit. YVaklng aud Wutrhlng. Autumn in the Mountain*. Cheater'* House in Hie Mora- Ours later Anna Ing. HuiHei In au Italian Cathedral. T he Mayor and hto Hon. The Two Infanta. JnneChcstrrafidtlieStranger. Dark H.oriaeand Dark Memo Hellevue and a New inmate. rjea. The Fever Word aud it* Pn Apple Gathering tlenia. The Farnhams' Return from Jane Cheater and her Litllo Ahroel. Nurses. Tho 11 unking Frolic. The Smdent Physician and the The Household haerillre. t lilld Nurse. The Strange Musician. Tho Midnight Revel?Mary A l)anco After ilusklug. and her Mother. The Mother, the Son and tho A Sprint; Morning and a Pau Orphan. per Burial. Old Mnmortcx and To nag The Daughter'* Faith Wins Heart*. the Father'* Prophecy. The Mother'* Fraud. The Two Old Men. Halfna Howies' Ml uuon. The Walk nnd the Will. Tho Double Confession. The FcHtlvul of Base*. Tliy Douhlo Birthday. Wild Wood* anil Mountain Expedients and Explanations. 1 "'^S'tJNCE A BROTHEr., Publiaher, 136 Nassau street. The new star or the soirra.? Kaysthe Mobile Dally Advertiser, in a lengthy revlevr o Mariou Ilurlaml'ii new I ook, THE HIDDEN PATH '^It I* refreshing, In thc.e time* of cheap literature an l In tellectual namby-pamby ism, to ttnd a volume written with a purpose, and tusiaiuing a cliaraeter for ability and Interest worthy of the better davxofour lueraturc. It 1* eepccAliy pleaatng, In the laultiludi! of demands made upon the southern fireaa to encourage and bc-piilf product loss without merit, mere y beoaiinea Southern, Inxtcad of a Northern duuee, claim* the honor of then paternity, to find hook* written by natives and residents of Ihe South, that ran atford to diacard sectional pre fereneea or prejudice*, and baldly challenge crlticlxm or ap biot a] on ihelr Intrinsic merit*, aa ablu and deserving contri tittilona to the valine of good moral* and pure literature. Such a book, in our Judgment, Is Ihe ' HJd lcn Path ' and It* author h?x a right to claim j eerthip tvlth Ihe most aceomplltbed and brll'ian' femal# aavebst* ot the day. ? ? ? ? "To it*, ourwertow ha* been truly a labor of love, and wa cordially ceunend all who deaire a rich Intellectual 'real, abounding ktsJessons ol whniom, morality and true bnpplne to the absorbing page* of the 'Hidden Path.'" One neat I3u o., price $1 36. J. 0. DEBUT, publisher, U'J Nassau *t. The dflegates to the senatorial Convention (Seventh, Tenth, Thirteenth and srventceuth ward*), a ting In conjunction with the demorra'le orgaulxatl on of St. John'* Hall, are rri| nested to meet pawtvtujt thlx (6a turday) evmlng, Ochiber IMh, at the Eitaex House, corner of Uratiil and l.s.ex *treet?, n'; ,'j o'c'ock. JOSEPH OROLIUS, Seventh wnrd. J NO. Nt'OKNT, Tcn'h J J. HETTiI.Y Thlriaenth " PATRICK BYRNES, Seventeenth " TIIE OLD HOMESTEAD-FOR ONLV ONE DOLLAB, AT SO Nassau street. Sun tiuiidlag. newspapers. ASTARTLINO PAPKB Full of new* at.d en'er'ainment. Tlie Putidav ('our!' r of to morrow, the 'hi', wlil he found wo-ih ' abotit ten times the coat of it. Among other article^ It will contnln:? Another lilt at the inhalation humbug. A letter from ihe lawful husband of Madame do alarguerl'le*. A night at the Free Love Institute. A splendid Lor.don letter, Brooklyn po Ittes and go* lp, Not *n xs wp xeem, Tlie ittent indicted. Pnrtle ai d polities, The American mo> ement, Great hr. ?<l I'nloti, Sam In the Park. The theatres, npgro mln?trel? Academy of MuaIc and all the chv show* Allen Know Nothings, Nominationx and nominees. The Rachel engagement. Underground life in New Y'nrk, the Dutch groc?ry; Evperler.ees of a eplriltmllm, anew Ortlerof Josnita, The adopted daughtes.- crime and outrages, and Ail the news opto midnight, telegraphic, local and forehtn. Price Scents; told every ?lierc. J.VMItH L. H1IITH A CO., 16 Spruce stree. AN IN'TERESTINO SHEET.? The following are a portion of the subjects to be found in the SUNDAY MERCURY For To MoCitoW, Oi roBi.n 21;? INSIDE OUT ; on, NINE YEARS IN THE NEW YORK CUSTOM HOUSE; ?T J of is Smith, Jx., or Auxin*** The French Drama of mo Olden Time?M'lle t'ainargo?her Heart History. Records of Mortality?Death of Mr John Auchlneloas, Rev. Joseph Monktori. Mr. Win T. Lincoln. 'I be Presidency?'The 8u' cc*.lon?Hon. Henry A. Wixc, II m. John Bell Hon. Win. H. Seward. A Conspiracy to Defraud the Cltv and the People. The Fair of the Amen au Institute at the Cryual Palace. Political Scandal and Political Infamy. The Har'em Railroad?impertinence and Insolence Re buked Military Affairs? Inapccttors and Parades of the week Fire Department Mailer*?Brooklyn Correspond''nco? E llto idal* on all interesting subject*. Price thtee cenm per copy; ofllce 22 Spruce 'rev. For sale by all nowslu-y* and news (gen's KRAUTH, CAULDWKLL A SOUTH WORTH, Prop ri? tors. THK TURF. (A ENTREVM.LK OOl'RHE, L. I.?TROTTING?MONDAY J October 22, at two o'clock Match, tlLuiiu. mile beats, beet three In live, In Lament. lltrem Woodruff names b. R. Mm; tjeo. Hplrer urn b. g, Lantern. Tbi. match U made to niuie off without regard to weather. JOEL <'ONKMX, Proprtocor. ZlUrrBBTILLS OOUR8K, L. I.?TROTTING?MONDAY, V/ October 27, ?t three o'clock P. M : match gfioo ml!" beat* beet Utree In tire, to wagona. 1 w Woodruff names nay mere, four years old; I). Pnler Dime bay mere. ? JUKI, CON KLIN, Proprietor. CKNTRr.YlI.r.E rOURSE, L I.-TROTTI NO.-TIES iley, Oct. A ?t 1 o'clock P. M. ms'fh for g.'e*t, ten ml lee out. In bim"!. Wm Whelati nenim til. ? Newiown Hoy; owner ounce bl. g. Plashing Hoy. To tie a kmd ilar. JUKI, t'ONKLlN. Proprietor. /1KNTRKVI1XK COLRKK, L. I.-TBOTTINO.?MATCH, \J T4UU, ten miles out, to come otf on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 23. at 3 o'clock. I'ar. but lam hereafter. JOEL CONKUX, Proprietor. CKNTREVIIT.K COl'KHK. I. I., PACINI}.?WKHNK8 da;. Oct. 24, at 2>, o'clock, P. M . match gl.I>?), mile brata, beat .Tin 5, Geo. flplceri name* g. g. Hero tu wagon. Mr. , oau.ea lit.daon coll to harneaa. JOKI, itiSKUX Propneior. CENTRES'II.I.IC OOtlRHR, L. I.?TRt/TTINO.?TUORA day, Oct ?45, at So'cltak?.Match, Rl.ouu. tan, mile Ilea's to harne.a. George bptcer oan.ea b. g Prank Forrester, ILraia Woodruff oamra r m tedy Pranktln. JoKl. CONKUN, Proprietor. Red hocsp harlem.?tiiim fatobitb in.ACKor ream t la I 1 rsanpMMe order, and read) Ui accorumtv dale the ?poru. .d iidlna public. The Gotham and I'.aluc Pace Mall Club* pi~y on the been'lful green attached to the home, and allord much sport to the rlailera r>f Ihla beautiful place. The beat of refceshmenis slways on liand WILLIAM A. BROWN Proprietor. ITNION OOUR8B, L. I.-UROTTI.VO ?ON flATL'RDAT, J Oct Al. at 2 o'clock P. M , a match fur St.UOO. play or pa*, tr.lie heat?, beat T In 4, to 250 pngid wagon,. It Woodruff oamea blk m lllark Bea?, W. Hhiile name* u tn Amrr, lo car ry 74 pounda the m et weight. 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Iwwrenea. h A , date JujmAT^A. <?n extal*'? u and 'or rale at MKaDK IIKtt'H.. m Broadway U'EDDING, AT HOMpTaThs VI*TTINfl ADDREU? and a i'ocraph eord*. bill beads, hnsioe;.. ard. ka"? |liiHB oC ^cpmiim, mutt*, rij^rk?, im??i ftr*d4Mta neatly lid?or-a|>Wl al KE1.LY K engraving nftcr. ?l Pul'z& street. Fat gale, actcral copper plate p. c*? TERRIBLE CATASTROPHE. COKELAGRATION IN STATE STREET. LOSS OF FIFE LI PES. ANOTHER INMATE FATALLY BURNED. CORONER'S ? N <( (J E8 T, Ac., Ac., Ao it t o'clock yeitonby morning i most caUmitov* fire took place at Mo. 1- State fit > pet, causingthedenth r.rflirvc wornsn sad two children, an t fetilly buratr^ atiiAher woman, who wu convoyed to the New York Hospital. It appear* that the fire originated la the kitchen, tat dor the stairs. The amoke and llama* very soon spread tip the staircase, thereby preventing the e?cape of tb-? inmates down the stairways without burning. Hie house in of four stories, and woe occupied by ? hnily on each floor. The first floor was occupied by Mr. Marconnet, wife and one child. second floor occupied by Mr. Henry otilx, wife and frur children. Third floor, by Oliver I). Vandcuburg wife and two childoon. Fourth floor, by Mrs. Hrown and nephewf aged ulue years. Attic, by Julia Recus, and a German girl named Frede tika, botii servants in the employ ot Mr. l,ubs, and Mr*. < ritUuiino Antiu l'cacock, mother-in-law of Mr. Vandcu burg, and MU* Mary I'eacock, daugiitur. Mies Faker, who occupied a garret room, i uroeobed in forcing her wny down stair* through the smoke and flame, to the flirt floor entry. Thete ahe was extricated l>y Mr. I'etcr Filtn. She was terribly liurul. The p< ik e conveyed her forthwith to tlie New York Hospital. It wa- stated by the phy-ician tLa'. she could not .arrive the injuries. The Qreinen r.?-pou h d to the alarm in a faithful mau ner, nnd *oie very soon at the house , but before their arrival the street d'jor ha 1 been forced open, which gtent iy increased the circulation of air, and tno II -me* ruihed up the stairway with astonisliing rapidity. Several streams of water were applied to the lower part of the 1, and in a short time tho progress of the fire was cutoff from the kitchen to the second story. Kngin*ers 1 ari-ham ami Daulch then forced their way up the ir*t flight of stairs, and when on the first landing they stun bled over something which they*took lor some burnt Mr nlture. Mr. Fatilcli placed hi* hand down to rvsceriiln the character of the obstruction, when he clasped tho skull of a human boing, burnt almost to ciulers. A ltn tern was procured, and then, horrible to relate, tho re mains of tw o fi males and one child were found. The Iksh was bui nt completely off and the bone, to a cilsp. < Vie female was crouched in u sitting position in one otr Lor, and the child lay by her; the other female lay in a similar position iu the opposite corner. The remains vf tbe*e b? dies were immediately conveyed from th? stairs to the flint room on the first floor. The flri | at time Whs still burning on tiie upper staircase, spreading to the roof, and psrthilly through tlie rooms oi I the third and fourth stories, intense anriely now pre | vailed a* it was jmeltlvely asserted tha' other peepl# wire up staiia, and as the Ilicmen succeeded to ex tinguishing the flame* they gradually pushed their v\y further into the houre. On ihe fourth floor they fi* :il the body of Mrs. Drown. She was in led !n a: leering position and appaiently died by siifh.-slim. Ths beat of tho the I,ad ex* ceded over her body, and the water had gin u her ?h n the ap; ewrance of having bee' cabled, a* wheu lor chid the or lace rubbed off. Tl is 'rody did not exhibit any signs of having struggled, and the iuv I res. Ion i? tbatshe awoke, but was uffocatedin the sleep of death. The chil l a fine looking little fellow of about nin? years of age. was found In bed on his back apparently 1 avlng met his death In th" like msnne-. The husband of this uufortunate woman is ttuplo/ed rn board one of tlie Savannah steamships, and wa* ex pected In me yesterday. She had to h<-r si?ter in the country, and returned on tho day t.efoie, bringing her Uttle nephew wi'.h her to spend a few day*. I'p to 12 o'clock yesterday, the young woman named linker was yet living, although but litfle hope is enter tained of her recovery. LIST OF THE PC AD. < n examination, it oi found by the police and fire men that the following perMU were ijuite dead:? No. 1 ?June Brown, twenty years of nge and a native of I nginnd. The bod/ was taken charge of by Hilot lit Uejohn, in the employ of the New Yoi? and Savatnah Htonm'hlp Company. Iivceioed was suffocated. No."?1William , nephew of Mr*. Brown, aged nine yearn, and a native of this country. The Coroner could not ascertain bis surname. lwat'i was no doubt caufd by etrargulntion from the soiokc. No. 3.?Frederic!.a , a girl. ahouC eighteen year of age. waa a native of (iermany and was employed nsa domestic by Mr. I.'ibs This w mian waa l.urtie?l to a crlap. No. 4?Almedu C. Vandenburg, fire year* of age and ? native of N?w Voik. Tin- little chil l war burned t* g cinder. No. 5.?Catharine Anne Peacock, age ! fifty years, end a native of ('iiglan i. Itoceaaod wa.. the mother of Mrs. Vanderiluirg and dept in the flfth etory or attic. Hhe w in al?o burned to death. THE WOUHi/ED. Mr. Vanienhurg and hia wife were aev?reiy injured in jui. ping from tbe "hir! to the aecond etory. They alightwi on a bal "r.y In -afetj. hut were l.adly hort. M Vandenburg had hia anr'.n broke, while Mra. Yamieriburg sustained a revere fracture of the left arm. Mrs. Baker, a . eamslresa, wa* severely burned abou' the h? ad and ahouldera. fhe alept in the fifth itory ahng with Mra. I'eaceck (deceased j, and >>< burned very severely In making her way to he third itory win i*ow, where alie succeeded In eweaping with the aid of a Mr. Frit/. Mr- B: wn lie? at the New Yi ; k Hospital In a critical condition. She ia so badly burned that the Coroner con-i iered it dangerous to examine her. and a ? r* rdlngly concluded the Investigation without hgr evt deuce. ESCAPES. Fi?? Mary Peacock, who slept with her mother, in the fifth a' ry succeeded in making her wry to the third atory. where be got out of the window and nrscended to the bwlcony, on the aecond etory. In perfect '?fety, a) thr ugh her brother In law an I alate: were conal lerably bull iu performing the same fea*. Peter Marconnet, who reaided with hia wife and child r?n. on the Br-t fl or, waa awaki-ned by his wif.- cry ng ' fire." Re jumped out of bed and en opening the dorr leading to the hall way. war opposed by a volIImo <?{ ?n i ke ar.d flame which prevented him making hia e. cape by the hall door. He subsevuro'ly got out of'.ha win low, which ia nearly lev-d with the ?*rrei, and 'iiui recaped. Mr. and hia wife, and foar -cbddr.wi git out of tha buining bou-h by getting on tfe? yiaxxa in front of tha ae p< nd atoty. and from ibwaw to tbe ground. H- escape uninjured, ?< did al?o hir wife and children. VIcIT TO TBE SCEHE "OK THE CALAMITY. The a-pert of tbe cbarraj and half ruined premi ear aad ami mournful mdW . In tha front room, ' n the t r?* floor. lay tbe corpeen cf t!.e unfortunate creniure prcenting a borrtd spec's-1* - human ?yr? togat* upon. In c? c ? t < : ' ?> room bay the bodioa of Mra. Hrown and hei , her whose discolored, though no* mutilated app* araiice, ]?.; u, to bellev? that the work ?' dsatb bad been perf'ir mod not by tho d?v>.uriaag bu". by atrangulatlrtu from smok". Thee per on* were found in be<l, wher* tho ?iJ*nt, but sure w.-k of destruc tion ha-1 overtakWu them e-e tho presence *?f Bra hod boen discovered. Covered by a biankot from the rule gare of a roorbb 1 crowd, who had flocked to the aeeoe of the ca*u?trophe , wore the three bodio* of M'a I'eac ?k, Frederick*, ('aire. ld?i>'o doaaaotlo,! and the littla gtrl leisan Amelia Vanih nbnrg The blacken*! auo portuiiy h irne I trnnka ">f tb eaw victim* wae shocking tat those ..f even tbe strongw.t r?rre to behuid aide by aide they laid, with hiae'.ened and distorted lhalnrwe. with Punks devoid of arms and (Pet and alne-st er.t.rCy bared ijf ?e?h. And whew the relaliros of the victims re trie to tak* a< ,<w *-t tboao who the evening pr* v!i tic were full of fife an ! happiness, but n* ? are cha red, misat.are?vmasses of clay the scene >a< '.ruly t'.jnttil *o all tx-notde' a. A deep ah t. dder, even liko lot'h ' errtnei to paoe ?<nvu.- vi ,y thri ogh 'he fra-u' ? f ' ; 'U - -? ' tt i r'i io . /Vert .< ' .... \ * d'ad, end gazed u; 'i fi-utli'a doing , BiaBtfiMlc in terrible a form. Kirm the position is which tlurcorfweg were found, ii would eeeni an though th- lutnete* of the house W re an tixelv i'B?warc < f 'hi presence of the die ur tit the ll*-n had i cached their very bedrr* re doirs. The de.itroy u ? element quo'.'y covin 4 it* Way to t'c Very mid ol?' ot toe In line without. rreaung iiey whu'io, "mi iic:) >hootMg? up tl.i ntai ca*?- o> the i!u I cud fourth atone prevented a wall af flame, In hi tl.e baae *i*nt to tiie ioof ot the daodiivg, tlirpugb alilch tuiDf ilitl'lu jacotriV. Cut i ll from rC'etit, the only hope !*y i-i jumping f. oia the wiadoura. Vert or two of the occupante managed to g it from the f"Urtkto tire till' (I atory at iiBiew rt u.e moieent, but at tue iinmlnCit link ( f tholi Inc. for the finding of the three* ilortd vniila in the Hi-isad. -t oy ntai* way clearly indi sated 11 art fearful fact 'i.ff rooms oiv the li-*t and aeennd boom weir not irjurtf by the liie, which confined iSself oliaint entirely to tin- stair wuy leao'i g fri at the kitchen i - i-n ithi The hon e I* to all iiu'ward appeernnre r."t much ilr? megeit, and many |*-opie wete nurpriied that in ao slight a in p five hunun t eings could lie conaur.ed. The a pot wa ? the object of a great den' oi attention, and wa* vlaitod ty tllminnii".t yesterday, rnntiy of wh >m had * strange wish to be .admitted into the duelling, ??> that they might grutilV their Idle cuj ".;ty in beholdinr the tovol' i'g ipeitacie. .deme of ttr*.? were gratified, but <he , great win ?* were very propel? refuaed admittance inside 1 the frr at door. (CHOKERS !.NVh?TI0ATI0y. Coroner Milton proceeded to tie scene of fl.r cntsatro i phe yesterday, in order to Ik id au inquest upon rhe bodies of the deceased. A jury being eiiipnnantled; they , accompanied the Coroner to th* room where the bodies aero, and after viewing them, rc'anied to the ( o*ourr'a wllco, in CliiMtim atreet, wlu re the .nvestignt-.en. wan yon.nienced by the clamloation ot~* Ilcnry l.uhs, being duly worn, deposed that he lived ct No. 12 Ptate itireet; the deceased waa bin servant pi I; 1 t< Lot know Uor unuie, further than Kroderleka- aire si pt on the fourth story, In the lia'k room; about two n'circle thin morning 1 was awukeueo by the cry ot tiro; 1 alvpt In the bach room oh the aecond atory: en hearing tin iny of lire i Jumped out of bed, my wife and f air clrildien were aleejsiu'j in the name room with me, on opening my room iiour leading to th.- hallway, am ike rushed in lb auch quantities thot 1 ah it the door again fi r the purpose of prevent wig my wifi and ehildren Iron* beingatuothercd; I took two of my children in my a- i?a, and my wife took th? oihcr two and went through the front to* in, and out of too window - of i.inl room, on .*. pili. '.'.'i in trout of tit* hou*?. I cried out "fire" atub "help," and in about ten ininutea .i-ma men MM up, ant I told them to brow* the hall door open, to aee w hi ? thei d ry could not rmicue tin * who lived up stslrs; they btoke open the door, bu' the aiiiol.o was *? deioe they could not go It; there ?ai a family II** ing iu the first story, consisting of a man, hi* wile as. ! child; the roof of the house next d or. nod on th* hoi tbeily fi ?, was even with my balcony, 1 handed two ot my children to some peraona wiio were on the balcony of tl.e liouac on the other side, and my wife an 1 mo took the other two and went on the roof of the house firat H| oken o ; I then went ba:k Into the f' ont room iliat t had le ft, find got my panla end shoes and son > other cl it he-, I ,hen went I ack on the root ol the h iua< next door and down into the *tnel 1 found that the staircase hvniing up to 'he lop of the house wa- on lire , 1 did trot smell anything like turpentine; 1 went to bed aliout 11?4 or loci.; I have two sonant girl* the dc<?nxc| and no othe.. ihey both slept together In the fourth story back rn m; when I cam" hniiii* they were both up, and were waiting in u\r frwnt room for me, and when ! came in they wen' out, I Wen looked the door and went to bed when I flr*t opentM my re- in door, alter hearing the cry id the, 1 snw nothing but smoke; I have no i lea Wh-is the fire took place: 'lie other icrvatit girl's name is Julia; I don't know the other part of her iuim; ihe told me iIn got out < f the house by Jumping out of the th^rd story window down to the balcony on the aeu.iid Ho n she raid sbe did vol injiue herself others got out in this eey, bu' not without Injury, he has since g .nv away ei'n )n?r brother. the basement of ihe l.miae w?a burned out; a imail jKinii.n ? f the tatr cfis? is left standing. I oc cupy the rear basement as a khcbcri the front is a cellar that is used in e mm n by all the foiiill* in the house; I the (rent door la secured at night by a latch. I cdor Kritor beirg sworn mi?1 ri aid* at 49 White hallattce' .bout the time the alarm of fire ??? nimi I wa atandirg in fion' "f my house talking with a poliee nitn; we V th run to it. a(s . txw. or thno other men; I f unu tlic front door shot but n' t fastened; when wa ar live<! there wa* no eoe Ihero that I saw tlie stalrcaoe leading to th" strond atory w* on (l e and a woman was ij n g about four feet from th< sUil' way tu 'he hsll, she I sax badly bu ned: we lieipad hei out she w.e. Insensi Mo and did *ot spes . I th'-n tiled to get up aiairn ..-ta?ie | t as-witne a bred sadk-sraaa tlwl he and hi* fawilly bid pel out; I iaw him n tlu-roofof thetioose tiert door, wb-'n I first went iulo ti e luill I did n t discover .my i nietlof turpentine, tar or anything of lliat kind; Mr*. Uro*? aud lo-r nephew lived on 'he louitb il ior from ream di I'eaock lived with Mr*. Vac auimrg on the tbltd :'<or. .'ulhi Iticl.cra, felng sworn -ay?i reside et X". 2 Wi osfrr Itreet. with t .y brother 1 w i a donu-rUc witli t!r. I nlie,the ileeea-ed Fredeilcka and trysalf s'spt to fetlicr, *i. tavth waiteil until Mr. hub - came huro afl?r '-avlt R rof-ni we went up stair and want 'old; was swsl'ticd by fe cry ? ' lire mdwe tried to ge down ?t!-i-?. hut the fire ti'revi ntc I n I then want up to 'he third ?tory front window and Jumped out *a (he balc ny. I was in 'he kitchen about 11 o'clock, and did not ?' o any fire al oof It at th'- tune; I have no !4?a h--w thi' fire occured I lost deceased in Hie mnoLe. Hllier It. t'undeuburg, being sworn ?oy*?I occupied the tlii? >1 *'? ry I slap' In the front room with my wife, Intsn'child Lnd 'laughter Alnieda Hi*. Peaeocl, was l.iy wile'- mother, on tl.e .ila m '.I fire she came town ? tail* Iruin he fifth story where >he slept, and decease I tan to lit> while I was in tha act of raising rlas* wiii'biw la jump out with her In my alius I became eo.velo|.e.l in vn.oke and misted than). a sister of my w fa stent ill the ?ami- ro< in with lie. mother, und rt me down ao<l got out of the fri n. window in the tulrd atory; 1 tunned on the kelconv and raugbtny wife and baby a? tliey csinc down; ni' ?lauglilvr Almo a rushad from the w1d<Iow when 1 (fled to lift It, and I did not see |u r s/nln a'ive. I am of r-pir b n that the die took (!ac? In the bwaemeat, as thla jsrt of tl.e house was burnt mo d, 1 he 'estlmony |m ing conclude>l, Coroner Hilton Iwlefiy rhaig'd the juiy upon th" evidences* eli'lted, who, af ter a few minutes rendered a verdlet in eweli Mae of dea'h by vuflia atlon an I burning, rau-ed by the hoqs# N'n. 12 taio a'reet (akmg tire on tier of October 19, 1866." IMfit'R AMCB. j Mr. l.uii* lie* an Insurance upon Ui* hoo?hold pr'ipcr tv to flic amount ol I50O in the Jefferaon Inoirence j(''nip:iny. The damage -Ion" to the fnmltorw through | out the building will prolwbly amount to >100. The damage done to the building will arnouBt to about >500, Covered by ineuraore. a CM J- InlflllKrMCi Kant at miChtta! Pai-*'*.?Th?|-iipii?ef the ihm( ami IhibiIi Aoylato v raited tup Cry-'el I'xUce. on Thuredey, hy Invitation of the luanug'-M of tie Atwoiren Inutltute. Nearly Ave hundred of tb*iri mult* and female, acsepted the Invitation. and KjM-ut th/- <lay In examining the cm toil (tea and invenllon* on exhibition. Tin ?c ,n the palace who wart unaware "f the vl?.t were omowhat ajtonlah a at tin* number of pe >ple In every <iuarter who ware peat leu laticf, poaturlng, ami making enigmatical .igna with their finger* and hand*. ThechJldr<-n nuiriif"?ted tha Veeneat iut- real in what tt.ev ?>(, an I allowed that th? ugh one aenve mat be deficient or wanting with tin > tu!l i - ini ?n*atlon ia fiad la th? a<V)iaw<nal ?anetiolity of ?<>tna other faulty. The Calr wa* never mure attract t than xt prSaent, inm?n? crcW'lv vki'ing it daily. ' n \? i 'tic. ,j oyer SI.'.00 w?ta tnk .?> in, viet on no ?? 0! Mr the pant ?ak La. tb" re *ipt? fallen "In>rt uf SI ,HA>. I n uniartlr, tkenier. the lair ia a gri tt auccv*? run the axhlhilora may tell'itale 1bern?el?ea on tl" ?.f. ta nfy of getting-omvtbl/.g han/l -<n? >n Iba way of [. It*. The -c*na |re-ented ita t.,? I'alao* during 'b?- evening ia vary Ana nnd, t? the kifiT of ?be bit lure *4 we. ronaf at fori c ent a'tract. n? lira .aria.: color* oi tin rpurlt on exhibition, tha, arliatlc arraiigeTi.enta of the ?* ktoary, tha cr..mla of well dreacei man handsome a j'n and pretty glrla th it throng 'ha vt-ie. ami cluatw in tl. t awe.; tl o brilliant (fit* ..girt whi h. In a tlna rami Jet. beta a ntl light that fhll.a the dome and Itahea tM k fr< m rnyriada "f -j...r ?Uag pinti?all rofnbiaml, giv a tin/" ' f oriental splendor ta tha .'en" and xaJI to mind tl i tor Ira related in tha Nl;phi?, of inarwellona I aiatiw "onjuraa into rxlatdice in i r, gin by the wan t of the Magician or tha mage 01 the K**i? 1" rurprtw, dank a no r.etight 'be ha bonier fmx in RwatiWAT?( trriww rmvut (Imi.?About ' jr. t o ? lick on Thurrtay evening Ort bar 18th, ? flc broke ont in the back attia room uf .' j. k.8 iir'mdway. orctipled by Irr Mortar. It appears 'Ant a girl, who bad worked for Mr*. Ilnn'er, wvnt Into ia./ attic .oom U. put on h?r ihliia* bafora Inuring f -r tUs night ?he 'ea.k a lighted candle with her, arid not .wing a eandi'Mlck ?ha "panel one of th* ?ina]l drawer* on tire Ire-on# table and tUad the candle in &. Altar dre. jng aba went out, for petting to put out the tight the candle burr *4 d.rwa aad ?et the tah> a-*l window irarae on II e. It war extinguished wltbu-it doi ag any m re uuuag' titan h. rnit.g tha dree*itig <abU Car t? or Trtr r. tu %~\< ha annual n eat -ig of Ota i.rarv! Haetii n of ti e Or'lar ?f (ada'a of T?nt?rance ot the Southern 11'trii.t f 'he .*?*'? of New York, bald In title rtty "? '.ltd r th Inn the ft.loa hi teritit ware 'hac'md < Oicara U'T tlte rnanlng ywar ?V I" , tndr* * J. Kaa mire New York; l*t t? I K Warr?w> le*kett Hud ?*., 'Jd (? A. P., Th w-te C. Houghton, ffew Vork <t -> tr?*afy and Tremturar, flenry l? Jobnaon if Saw y.ok, A. C. facratary, fWvlIle V. John-' n do ?> II , John A. Godlrta do el I * Aamuat H Palnay Mo .*n, (# W.. Yraderiek A Metahull Saw Yark (I J. f Clrarka Marvin, 1'ort Jarwla, 1 Chap., Allan leak a, (lit chum I alagxta* to tha Hraad f /utnril J din ??. Har' Hanry I', iohnaon Jr., Andrew J Keemtre. Junta A. 1 t.dall Th' raaa H. Kl.tiw :, fl< act (iraafty U?.rm * Uart, hew Yewk. Marine Affklra. TO TMM KAtrett OP TIIP IfPlALO. f nder tb? awwa heml ttf the arrival of tha A'lanUe, row f 'a Tha A rag., a*f lwe>l at OcWaa on Yrtdayaam op Ifth.'' ? if "fl ca tha '??rt, the A'ag" ha? r aoa the ,#? taga n abool alt data!" at the natlwl from Va* Yo?k t L ? a Pat cday, S2t) b*ed Cna It ha tha' the 4-? . |<.rt ti e Arage ahwal wf tl.e Aria) wh.-h ?teti.-*i ??' ad It* tee at the same day a? the A'ag kat eao*e ?' '* ha ei* the [>?!!*:? to ryiwr' lb- a rui' f'br At 4? ? Stute Pollt 11 ?. Mkd.THiUS or TIIK HARD AND bOTT .17XTB CKV 1 HAL OOMMfTTUKtl ?K(/?ION MOVKM/'.NTd AUOSil TWK bTATK rftf-ITICIANH?TUK IIALV MAtU-tH, AC i-ifee the nnminalmrt of Ihe liquor deelere' .dtate tlrkH at Mrecuse, on the 10th Intnl., there bas^een'u etr?og |ii miirf en thu turd iM soft Mate Central Commit to.? to meet l?feiher Ami tor if It woe h<t > retire such candidates ?s were not rra thnf ticket, tP*t tho 4<* mocracy mi?bt present a united front on election day, IVfltlona. i etiolation*, nisnlieeloo, aud remonstrances from all part* of tho State were cent to the respective rlmif men of lbs cninmittoes, fsvurilig a union and .taking that the comsaiMee* pome together to take some i.ttion on the matter. i-'emuel Fowler, Chslriimu of the hard rommi'tee, in uV'flienco io this generally expressed de sire railed the enmmittew together, and Ihejr a-semU'd on Thursday last, at the Brpv<x,vt House In Flf'U avenue, to takp such actio* as they might deem nt peuiout. Alter the organisation, a number of re quests we' e read Irotn (Itec/Vi, Chenango,' Sr. l-awrence, vod Aitaoy, all expi rssiiig a dealie to hvgvt wart dilfer ? lire" an t uni'c ou a> oointnon platform and State ticket. Clio manifesto, tagethc* wtlh tV ticket adopted by the i'eif Hndl <len*ral ComOTtUfo af SI. John's Hall, was re ct-red ami duly considered, As the chairitao, together wi ti screial of the roamdttee, -fere fully cinsnitted to fn ?n by their action at the IJouer Deafer'wlrtata Con venthin, Ihe fee! lug was generally in favor of m me action beiu,t taken; but here adiflleiilty aroae. Tho state (loui unite* would he couipctt fit to III! rr vacancy should any i education occur, hut 111 the opinion ol several of the nicmli ars, Ihey would ex<u ed their |.v>wers lu tailing the InitiaUfo to cunse ihe reHittneni of their State Candi da tee. without an expressed de ire 00 ihe part of the latter to do so. The coinni'flAe therefore au Jon rjurd un til ?i me lay next week, tn or Jer to consult the Interested parties, ivfore ttnal action vvruh! lie tiken. 'Ihe ikih Shell Slate Committee w'll asscmlilo on the 11Is in-t int, to take neilm on the -am" MMlter. Meanwhile a correspondence tuts Itiiau place t?o-u pt'll JwiAli fulhet land, hard ?h. !1 htat- candidate for Attorney lltneral, and Samoel Hlden aoft, ll|uor dealers' und lis!' -hell candidate for the nine ol# ??. Che foi nn r offered to withdraw, pruvtdad 'be latter w iuld fieoly endorse the Kansas und Nohraakw act, und other wise express h\- as-ent to a sound tiatloral pla'form. Co this Sir. Tlldeai replied, that wh'le he w:s? at any time lesoy to give hi - views when properly interrogated, he felt rtint justli e to his asaoclatfs on the soft ticket, aot eioluriod by the liquor dealer', vsoiiid rontpel him to do elite negotiating wi'h Mr. Sutherland who, in the opto ion i t Sir Tilden, should address ths Hard Mate Commit tee ou the subject, tendering hU re-lgr.atlon; and to their Interrogatories, ptovided his ceii Uite oinin tVec interposed no objection, Mr. Tilden wmildi Immediately nop lid. Here the correspondrnet* chs-ed, ieiv-1 the mtl ter is thus referred to the irepectlvo Sleito eeminlMroi. ihe I nioii manllesto III tlie Ht. John's 11*11 iirganl/a tlon was also sen' to the Taiiimooy Stufvemul In i titute committees ill this city, lioth organiaatlons had the subject before tbem, an I the propriety of fusing was warmly detiaied. The soft slielli appelated n committal ? f hi-ttdeo liy linnlel K. Hotavan. ts> confer wi'h tho Halt t-hell (leueialC-uilunitteeaH to tho-iiest steps to be taken to lure on the rtale ami city ticket. In the hurd roiniiilltcedllTercnt rniuisels prevailed an-' after u w ui in discussion the half smll add i em was lal l on the table lor further conslderaliori. tin !i cal noniineto us there is a very general fusion lie twern the two sectlms id the parly, "lie bar-Is a ?? general thing, get the Assembly norslnation, and the lofts the heiia'oi in I. It is reported tliat u ? uiaa gets the soft nomination who is not commuted to John Van Huh ii for the I'nttcd Males Mutator w'us i? to oe eleete-1 hi the winter of 18WJ-7. this, liowove.-, in mere sjie ula tioii. let, notwithstanding 'h**e earonaA etf-ots to elfori ? onion in older to carry 'he htate ?;ve' the Idockie | ut Deans, I' Is nevertheless true tbaA utaay old bards, and e-piu i.llv the Ii aders, still not liaii s to auy such pro position. lbs t'ickinson men nl?h to keep tlse hard or ganixaUt n Intact. *>? that a oooiplete ds!>vatt<sii m?v go f oil, tn!" Htate to tiic ( hicimiati cssn'rution n-ixt June, who will tie | ledged to lhtiiiol ft. lltckiuauo. ^tiould ihu fusion half shsli uioteiii 'Ut pievail. It is feared liy both the lusid nun soft pci'dllcinns that til t Inl.os of 'liior re ?|s ctive leaders Matey. Heymoor and Iiltkinson. will get ti c go to , slid soiuti muu outside th? Mate?Iljchanan I er I aps? i rceivo the support ol the united party a' I'in rtnuatt. Thew presl 'nitisl con-iders'jnu" will induce many to upi* ?e vulio would otbttrwlv-fa ? or fo>l m. At i? e meeting ot tin: Ihnd I late Committee, on Chora t sy, the tin st chesring accounts f r tliem were heard troni all paits ot the Mate. The set's were tep irtod Vi be ileiertliig their candhlatee; one portltd. Joining tho tepub lleans. the other and more numerous, dlsgu-'ist wt'h the t'sssldy ann ndment, returning lo th* fold if tftie uibtman tibes. 'the baids aiecontldeut oft' ailing evsrj una on tlntr Mate ticket who is endorsed by the liquor dealers, wt < se support Is consldeie<l worth fitly thousand vales, let a union la domed deulrible to ensure that result ihe action of tli* two Mate Coinralftaes will ho l iokvd upon with gicat interest. The B*rk Maury. UNITED HTATEH D10TMOT ATTOUXEYH Ijrfll'I. nil R're*n Kimia.e hiiiu itiji on* imkoko. 'hT 'iO.?In the r### of (bo I'lifted Mateo re. the berk Ma it7, which *j? libelled on a charge of fitting out f?e tl.e )tua?i*n i-eiTice, Mr. McKeoit, the United Metre IHi ttlrt Attorney, reeeleed a c oinmui.ioatloa from Mr. Chee Id ward*, cour.ael of the Hritlah Onaeu), .luting that from explanatiou* under oath. made by Ucuri. A. A. how k I.rotlierr, h>' dawned It reanonabla that the I'Utrlat At lot t.ry nhouM l-a lefl ontlnly free, and he thought It wouUl tie but fair toward* the owner* to " lift" the libel. The I Utrirt Attorney r'-c iwe-l tlm ( allowing roannuul eetk n. under oath, which he enbndttad to Mr. hdward* 'to the Ion. Jons M Kaon, I ulted Htatea Dmtriot Alti.r nejr ? bin?Hie ba'li Maury, owned In part by the under ? <gn< d, hating te rn m-ii- d by a ptoce** front yout ".lie, we beg to ofler the following ? iplaitnllon-, vt/ : ? Thai the nald n-?*cl wa* huilt by Men r*. I'-ewrelt Ji yceh t'o., of thl* cttjr, nu'h-r a contract made la the mi nth of April l*-t, after the model ol the hart Pi ug tin. t.a' he w*a deaigned for the China tra-'.e, that tlien t* notbit.g peculiar in her conetruction apart front the rig. which w*> adapted with |?rticulir reference to ewonoux/ in ytrw. that In purauant-e of the original lateuUoa aha adnttlwd wM throe ??eki atrme fur -barighao. ? luce rhe ha* been reeefylng frelyttfor th?'. port, tktat the bae i n boat I, front '>>-r?. I % llrotber*. ??t 0 ton* ol c -al a 'I .nn'ity of nariil ?torr?, and a rar.ety 11 -).,p el an- t' ty, tor their hotiMi in China with a IKlia other general ftelgbt with wbioh ah* ta aapnetod to/ui the coming emit, under tl.< ruwuriand of t a[ J. n Ih'.bir, (or the port above named. Wa furl! * dictate (hat in addi'iou to <Ih- ordinary ar mat-cut* of a n -*? I of her cla-a, -na haa but tw< di-1 k gub?, *uppo.t?l to ( o nee -*ary in coaaarpiaa e- ol the gnat lucre* in the number ol pirate* n hi .**> of tnlbe ? at the other gut.? rhuf kc., "fl W.l te a* I *r i-ubjotned Hat. < ere pun ha*#d under an >r<t*< rot* au American grotluwan at Canto?, and rhtp) <el par Vaurjr on (night that ?aldw*aeef h*? 'or ipete <j ?* foretop gallant raa-t "fie to re t- p galUnf yard, ? i<t>u bootn, one main gatf Ixe.m are! tire ? xtia ato.'diig -a I ft oqia and thai her crew wilt annul ? I of hut tww> a ? h urtren men tifore the maat 1 hey furthermore de< are tl at the ewaawl r'otlral ' the name of Maury >a the* I Ma/ laat not I deal* nor a ii an of tbei our r< unity law ? ?> mrli t< '??* V ? >?. I -oiid, hot V- bear upon an omorable mteai' vh* ' name i in win ha* d< ne an much to Irnprore 1 be uwkie eigne.! alartfe tMw<ilr?> trpr..** tat neat tl-farUoa of the Hrfuah Ooaaul, whift- tbb iewt la etill uT.rter tbart.arga of the l-tltad -tat?--> Mar *?, tint tlw nlftyat ion* m? ?t|a-n*' the ?***e< are "eiae, that ah* ha no gun* or tna orWLi of ear under i*r <*? 1, aakJr* only the' the eip?t ? tu winch they r.^r b% tin. .no jeep d tha i be tx rv> by th? ?ai ! O o- ? -hm.o ami only when he - Inter. ? ate upon which the wl na* (me? an unj i-tlr eeliml age folly dleprored t aelfy the/ ere la'* that 'b? iti'.wa* haw* ran com Drateon w) a'-rw with he ant"prir.. a V" A A l/ W ,t the firm of A. , ' Jim k It<e>ttwr u ( n fr* . lit 10 gua?, 03 te xu. of : worn to l.rfor- me, tlii* ItUi dp/ A (retohov. llt'f. UN. F. H?tbi C' ft OaaeitHb i^, ! her i by reear that I am >;? / (o.n' of Mee ta U i .?A tl- M'l in the I . ogoitg tatrun Ma 'haJ U.ey we true. VATH. P l?Ai.MIP ewoi n ta, kf . ??>. I Utrrwi. 8 - Ciwww Iwl aai r. f ndef thl. -tatr of fact?, 14a IHetrvl A'"ern-y die l"eri?-r hai.a-l the rr.erl froia t.a (.jM-rt/ of tt e M ^.IMI I| ? nam* o| tfte Inl udft at of lit* ta ta Meuty wafeti MPhnn arUed by the Cfo'.eft f'atee afbthe ftiir. f tftj. riiy ae IrwriliWt in reeter-'af ? ll?a?in, |, Wglbm, and not Patten a? {ubkeked rwpnyt C'owrt of Ifeerral hraa'gwa. tOMTKMPT itrtai rni un #u it.**. A man oagwl liawry liar', wa* aeag>l wal b-mght h.'. -e !'#?. 'drr t outh yeatardn/, -J ary-.1 war. ' wtemp* t.b r? .!?'.rand Ju. y in ref-i lag ?* ail eer ? enentk# I rop# naded to b.w. M' o*n 'ha j /r Mr new Wore bbe utfi, leewedat hMlli Von uiwnMlw rwfiahnp to an ggr a quaati *i yr ' o ?t e,/ g theiftauriwry Why do you now to tartrr I l'rl?< ner?I 4wrlta* to anegar enWaa I am e?ar???l by ricitwi I elah ta Wnp'oy - aet'wk f.**' ?d r?The rearn n '4 fn.r ruf'.aM tw *-it g -?) Thla w a eaa* i? wbb b ya i ee-m-r" t ?? er- nw*i .V rtat a* pewrenta yut f/uui ail h ?rm are* ' wtn there oaa bn taM rraiou for y-wr eellulu V im.e fbw Cnwet bar 'I we. the lU'wtft,? trJiftiMM ft t? bW ? pi pm me tor /?? t'. ????" Prfaewet?If four Jbwor p?Wm I well! de Mne to aaenw. 1 tb nh t ahi ard ha aii-.wmi m.aaeef I wtah to anamelt aawaeet gee. rder?I b?re ak.od- utt yoo At, tha' yow -ae t heee eouueal la *b.< cewe Tl.e proenAiorr of tim firwnd Jury ar* iwrwl ead mf % not b* r* raaft t even to "*g. ml. Mab'y ,t etewfr r, , , | tte* y>awr to ten-1 yrqtnprtee ' 'e'' 'y iafr aoI ledtet a Otm of l.'Vi f y, ? fee,.* to * rre ear I H? wer 'rrr'aNgg tout# rrortetew aart th*u ag l . da p??e,r.>-? 1 ' then he eiwiprttml to ? t?a.b''f t4, lww, whi ti te 'bet y* i ? rci p ' |r* thirty day? ta* pay a I /? 'w I wee thww be r-tao .y?j t* g* ? Mffc'e. ' APPROACHES FINANCIALREVULSION. THE COM m EFFECT OF TOE WAR. Probable Suspension of Specie Payment* in France ancT England. PRECARIOUS POSITION OF THE HANK OF FRANCE. THE won qiKSTMMI in Kmonu A?-. Ac.. Ae. [From the London K?tr* (fit* A.t rial, |>? ?% j The kjitfhah .*tn< i. mortal remain heavy ft. , h trartc and rlo-rd !?' |.ev cent liMtcr than jr tefUj ,.fl. del hours, ? further derXtie i f |drwt >.-?? Nalr* on hanking ac.nnt, ami h.r the lUnk ot fkvrtaici (a particular, etc mote aetavrlv luattbvord, ant. 'though rhry arc met to a rerttln etfmt by the 4riv>\" 'wnl* mt the pul.llr muni' ire In inrroa"*! 'tWriaod or cuaola tritlug the morn lag at f> per . enf til' the ncM f-r mnt day. line rate. I ? wvveT Inducing a aupply of m eiry, it heeanle caaler In 'to afternoon The .train of jolt to J'aria on arrnnut ><t 'he Hank of Frnnre, eonflnmxr, and afaMherauin. fi. A'Wflu1 elii|t|-el this inorjilt.f, but the hulk uf thla, It er t relieved. ??< Jm* drawn ?! w?tly from the Hank of kcmarid Ovrtng I" the rontiniiaaqe ot thla remarkable edlu*. In fare el do. Medl? ImnriiTlif ea changes. the Idea la ! ?coming mere prevalent that un lc?e the pressure la rellerriT hr liberal arrival. of gild from Australia, the K\i,k uf kiiglan.1 may find llaelf root |icl|c<l to adopt adt.tfr.uAl measure- of ic? trie trow fill i ink ii nmiMtrnf fa h tlrmqi'Amr'i lv th* Ivr^i <rw rlittrusl m ith v hM f Ac; mtittnn ??/ Ac. mrh m frtu y o/' n ri m (ityifrml nparilnl. lui propriety ufrtttlloi In thfs direc tion la strongly corroborated by t'3?*c?'o or prior/' .are ntntit* 'nmmunmhVaii .Com ?*nri*t am-tfi**/ to uthuA <t ra. j*ri it i/niniiippitiuyl it that rit</ tknUhr /LinI of AVriarr net (cm filai'i ilmJliiifi lU f t*n t n yt/ti i/t til,(ail 000 f/ itaa (my C.i.faiO 000 ) A pr.rj at It'ia averred. U elan on the tapis far making fk? nofrsi./ lti*Hank i,ni mm n! y<aii*r%i c,, fo fa' ffuariinimt by ' V <?""? '. * i batik* h \n qf frame* to b* trnqtmyt from urnmit'iai A.;-ey ' .am irt ?/t *?%* Aa thla propeaal hotscxt r disguised, ?wW I in |>l y a Ir gained Aiacontlnuanee of. .<ah payments by the llank ef krarr-e and would probably aend th'- ivd.- of tint .-.lab liahment, goarantee<|rthrvigh(they might te loadi .nt# theie la an unwillinK'ica- here t>i hclieae that t ie report hna any Tialid f-.tncla'.I >h Atthaaauc ttm- r >..<t".i*e In the llnanrUI arl-dom the Kreneli r ?"mi.?nt la net rrry atrong, and la forth) - wr..?a.ic?l in thr n.unnnt.y ef the pieeeni rrYrimr front th eelatary rh?o.a la parliamentary cut rill tiw- Tree dl? iiari/.n A. crdllag ta the la?t putdi.hed retu-u rl the, '4 I . ana- the mkm and hullinii at only Mb,BO>i ehltat the notai. in circulation hail Inr.roa rd to f.brl.tAh) [1' the la>udfi Hconnuilirt, (Jet 2. | tint aloti* to I but f,ort|. n < ' ? .1 m """ *X' n,f,lj ??d ss-r SSWK/fflEKX'a?" '."is th..M. aorrlcm ft*!,!?, *JT.',," HO?*"??-"? ???r toii>ii ?18,000,000 For tb* ,. '.r *" ^ ? ?? lu r<m nil numb*, ? r **}, ? """ ruU irrrr,;^";: - T;- asvisss ?o v;:;,'^^::V*rs5 yo?r, ohotit 'cuX"1-: '*ZU' i.,,hi;!;i* "i" r'"r?* tuli ii f?r ,|,?t ,lUrf? Hul i , .*' b-ada to n Brain All r7~tZZ. ??'???*?? ?? es^rKkis -9"; ? ailect ihi? i x *li*kt ai . .id .i . * * h<u? from tin. bank J maai. m f'wj <??? .irate Hut tbsoa la ,UU ?"?' ""iltUd < W, of umwmtu.? mUch J,< obans*. W. .iiuit'l ,: I? ?7' 1,1 '"K o-i*. -? te home ob arena nt of U?* ??? "f ,h*" b? *" <"?n. traia, |.r..*l.iam, rk,, _J! 1 ' '"w " ' P"rta Mil oullrlia* af t'bilra, 7? n'l "' "?** ?t tii* ??r. A .Ail* ,,*ut* '',. t'r" ' runor-ist nt tho, , wtlrlolTT '?*?"?' ?tll ???.* thai tb* l-ald fi t at h..:., ?? u.?ii,rf * I r" ?>??=*-? ?? hmmt, ?*4 ImrorN oxd .riiaM,. ,?*k,7 I' ".""'"1 " 1 ???- " la nwreliMrta an ? manuf.etr '. ??'??"* ?r..BU t? ?ro* ailora i> . 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