Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* ? OHIf liBKSV, TtHJDAT, Oct. '23?6 I>. M. The panic yesterday wun nothing compared with that -eeliaed to-day. All the lane eg fell off this morning argely. Erie waa brought oat in great turoe, notwith tending the depression. The rich, powerful eombina ion wan not strong anougn to carry auch a dead weight is Erie, and wisely abandoned the project, after a fair rial. Howe ver long-beaded and shrewd these operators nay be In their Individ ua. capacity, as merchants, he., bey have not exhibited much sagacity as stock specula ore, and their losses must be immense. The sales ot Vie at the first hoard to-day sum up more than five tliou and shares. Beading was the next most active stock In he list, and fell off considerably. Cumberland, Canton, iarlem and Hudson River were all down, and closed ieavy. Western railroad stocks were not freely offered it the decline. Galena and Chicago was firm at 110. in he bee ot all the panic and depression, this stock held tl ground. When it is considered that its capital of 45,* 00 shares is divided among more than 1,000 holders, it teadlness is most surprising. Such a distribution is un wralleled in any other incorporated company in the land At the first board to-day Missouri 0't declined 1 per eat; Illinois Central bonds, IX; Delaware and Hudson, ; Pennsylvania Coal, X; Canton Company, >4; Cum ?r!and. >4; Erie Railroad, IX; Harlem, 2; Reading tailroad, 1*4; Hudson River Railroad, 2; Michigan Southern, IX; Cleveland and Toledo, 2; Chicago and loek bland, X> Michigan Central, X- New York Cen ral waa freely offered at A) per cent, and found buyers, 1 rind pally for delivery on contracts. At the second xjerd the market, on the whole, was lower, and closed eeak and depressed. Cleveland and Toledo fell off X 1er cent; Chicago and Bock Island, >4; Nacaragua Tran tt, X; New York Central closed heavy at 90 per cent, lenty of stock offered at that figure. There were some irge sales this afternoon, particularly of Reading. We ball have the steamer along in a day or two with one reek's later Intelligence. There is not the slightest randation for supposing that her advices will be other rlae than of the moot gloomy, depressing character? ven worse than that received by the Atlantic. We uall not be surprised at anything from London and aris relative to financial affairs. In all human proba iUty there has been a panic in Paris, attended with esperate consequences. A revulsion may soon be fol .wed by a revolution that would spread throughout urope anarchy in its moat horrible phases. It is many cars since a European steamer was looked for with so inch anxiety as the one no?- due at Halifax, The ispenae will, we hope, be relieved within the next forty ght hours. TheCunard steamer from Boston for Liverpool to-moc vw, Wednesday, will take out seven hundred and fifty rou'-and dollars in gold. I pwarils of half a million wont 1 from this city to-day and the balance will be made up 1 Boston. Next week we have three steamers from this art for Europe, and if the news from Europe in the leantime is sucb as we anticipate, the shipments of gold om this sloe within the next ten days will be full two lillion.s of dollars. It will matter very little what 1 rites ne tor exchanges. tte have known Urge expiftrta of iccie, with sterling exchange at (1 per tent, and have [o doubt hall see it again. Tlio Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows :? mid on Treasury account $57,561 96 ieceived do 107..08 82 a lance d<> 7,026,81-1 00 aid for Assay office .. 262,617 8* aid ou Disbursing clicks, 113,016 32 Stock Exihiiiige. IYWUMV, Oct. 23. I860. >000 Louisiana C's.. 91 60 ,bs Erie JCR. nlO 62 X J000 do ts'l :>o 160 do .... Is ill 63 .000 do 90W 100 do 62 X 600 do Pi 10U do 82 ?000 Missouri C'l ..." 87 X 600 do ? s?0 621, >000 Ind Mats 6'.t..c 81 % 660 do 62):, >000 N Carolina 6's.. 96 X 377 do 52f, L000 Erie 2d mtg bds 95 60 do 52 1000 Erie 'x>n bd?'71 7b 6.10 d<> 62 <4 .000 io ,b3 7814 100 do 62', >000 (llCcnKRbds. b3 7714 000 do 62'., 1500 do 77 100 do .... b! b2'p JOOOHarlstmtgbdB.. 80 X 200 do 62'J lOOON Y Cenb's.... 00 J4 100 do b60 52'4 5000 do 91 100 ilf.rlem KIL. .boo 24 SO nhs Mechanics Ilk 1I3X 100 do .blid 28)4 8 Bank of America. 113X 100 do 23 X 12 Del 4c Hud CI Co.. 123 ;t4o do 22 X .1 Bnk ot Commerce 108 W 400 do ?i (,<eean Book. 85 300 r.eading RK. . .c pi O Hk of N America. 104 200 do bit 91 ? Metropolitan Bk. 108 100 do .... MSI 91 5N4caTr.nsCo.b3 17 100 do .... b46 91 8 Perm Coal Co.... 09 X 500 d<> blO 90'4 24', 10O do .... 91 0 do sM) 24 If 100 do .... MO 90V 0 do MvO 26 200 do..... 90 ?? 0 do N.1 24 X 100 do..... 90 X 0 do s30 feiX 850 do 90 X O-CumCoal Co. . .0 2-1,'4 loOO do 00 <! do 26 X i>00 do .... hit 0OX 0 do s30 25 X 100 do .... 90 X 0 do 26 X 50 Hud Riv KH. ,b3 31 0 do 26 X 100 do .... b-'t it# 0 do 25 X 100 do .... bit 3i'X 0 do blO 25X 26 Mich S k N I RR. Ofl ?4 0 Ohio A l'enn RR. 81 25 do .... 0li>, OErie RR M?> 63 50 do .... 90 0 do 53 l'K> ill Central KR... 03'4 53 100 do 93 63 H25 92'4 0 do l>20 53 100 C! ft T? i RR. "PR 75 0 do #60 62,'4 60 do .... 0|? 74 X 0 do 62', 60 do .... o|? 74 0 do 6214 60 ?lo .... 1,26 74 0 do 67V 10O Chi ft Rook I KR. 91 >4 0 do..... ,s3 62 X ?-00 Mich Centre1 KR 90 >4 0 do .bit 62 X 100 do .... 90>4 0 do..... bl? 52 X SECOND BOARD >000YirginlaB's.BPO Obx 000 Missouri fl'.s... , 87 -000 do 87 >4 000 do siO 87 000 N Carolina 6's. 08;J 600 111 Cen RP> bds. 77 >000 do blO 77 000 Eriehdaof '7#.*3 86 0 nhs Cum CoalCo.c 2-15* 100 0 Nic Traos Co.... 16X O Harlem 1UI 22 X 0 do l>60 22X O Clev A TolRR.opg 74 O do opg 73 X 600 0 Panama RR 10J > 0 Gal4t Chic RR... 119 30>> ?hs Erie RK... .s'-O 52X 100 do blO 62 X 100 do t>00 62 . 100 do, s3 ?>? x too do ,?M) 62 X 600 do . ,s3 ?*:? 14 Chic ft R I RR... 91 200 heading KR. .s30 90 >4 100 do..... 90 X 50 do bio 00 X 260 do.... 90 , 100 do b30 91 1000 600 do..... 90X 90 X 33 do s60 200 Hudson K KR 50 do 34 CITY tEADE REPORT. Tpwiiat, <>ct. 23?? P. M. Amwh?The Bales were moderate, without change in icea. BREAlWcm.?Flour?The market wan again actire and mer. The sales embraced about 15,000 a -O.uoO bbl*., in udlng common to extra State, at 98 64 a 88 70 R eatern all grade*, from common to good extra, at 98 76 a 92 i. Among the tales were tome lots o( extra State, for orember at 98 60, and extra Western at 92. Canadian ?<W0 a TOO bbls. told at 98 62 a 92 87){. Southern ?ns good demand, with tale* of 1,601) a 2. IKK) bhU,, at 98 87 91060 for common up to extra brands. Extra (reuesee is at 99 37 a 911. Rye Hour was telling in a small way 94 60 a 97 50. Meal was nominal, at 91 76. Wheat? i# market for red Southern was firmer, while Southern kite and ixuetlor Western weie without change of in t ent. The sale* embraced -10,000 a 60,000 bushel*. la uded in the transact! >n* were 11,')00 bushels Canadian bite, at 92 16 a 92 16; L'pper lake spring wheat, at 91 i a 91 86; Wee tern red at 91 20 a 91 21. A contract was ttkd tor 6.000 buahel* Southern red at 91 96, while some ts Tennessee. on the apot, were told at $1 25 a $2 10 -the latter figure for prime quality: white Southern u at 92 10?92 16 asked, and 2,000 California told at !. Corn was firmer, with sales of about 30.000 a 36,000 labels Western mixed at 93e. a 23 with one cargo ime at 24c. Rye was steady, with saiea ot 3,uoO labels at 91 26. Oat* wsre in good demand at 40e. a for Ptate and Western, and 60c. asked lor good >a rf Chicago. Oormt.?'lbs market was quiet, and confined to a few indred bags of Kio at 11c. a ll,t#c. gmif.?About 300 boxes of rai-ina were sold by aur n, among which were included,layers at 93 12', a 94. j prices for the khalre* Jand quarters were sati-facto , though the sale*) aa a whole did not come np to tbe ?erious sales <>! new fruit. Natal t*loiuts.---|'irits were at 4ic. ibwin wa nainal. Oil.?linseed sella at 90c. a 91c. for whole lots, and *t jc. a 93e. from atom. Whale and sperm are lirm with .lee at foil prices. Crude sperm was In deauind a' 76, manufactured do. at 92 06 a 92 10; red sells at j.; lard oil -ells at 90e. a 98?? for summer and winter. Paotiaiovs.?Pork?The market wa* dull, anil prires tier. The sales embraced 400 a 600 bids., in lots, at ;2 87. 822 75 and 822 60, chiefly at the two Utier sures Plum-so, 1 a" 821. Iwf his* were re.Metal the light -tock, and the fsw lot, clianging hand* were Ithout char ge in quotaiiona, though prr-e* were firm, lent meal- WW ? ITering MM price were nominal, rd war acllre. and the sales to-day ami yeste'dsy hire iched from 2.000a 2,OCO this , at price-" ranging f, ,rn Vc. a 12c. Hnx ?Tli* market was qnlet, without c),*ngein prices Rt CAR.?The sales were llndled while pro- ?< were ithont change of rnement. A boot 360 hbds. Cabs ma eulo Were sold at private terms, and other siu.,11 lots about B?fc. a TH?., and 160 bo'.ist llavsnn ?? 1,1 at 7o. -^Cs (irrrov The sales embraced about 2.000 bales, th? ariet closing a little easier f. some grades Fkxk iirti. - -To lirerpool alxmt 20,000 bu-hela of grain ?reengaged at 9?id. a lOd. in h g and bulk, awl f00 ,1s. flour to fill an, at 3s. Rd. with -,,me ?< t? of eott, at itkl. a 11 o2rl. At the, lues tin-re wa- some reaction id I0,H<1 a Ud. was demands, f <r gra n, and f)crn ?i at. lo I ondon, 70 boxe,- leather Moth were encage 36a. per ton measurement. A ve-?el was tak, n np for ?raeiile-, to load with grain at fl. , arid floor ai fl 6 ?ere was no change tr, notice in rates to Pa ire T> Hfo-nm, rnie i ,uged from 40,. to 60c. per 'rot ;ne? rement. WetMarT.?Hales ot 400 a S0j this, wars n a-le. MM tOhio, at 4<'t,c. a 4'r n*?it)?n , demand fu- t bscer ,r", thont rariafl, a in prices Th? valet nc r. .e-' t16 ? !? Kentucky end VUrtrlOe, et Sc. ? M.?tfc.;10hhde. Virginia atanction, at Sc.; 621 Dales Havana at 20c. a 32c.; 76 bales Cuba p. t.; 616 cases seed leaf at 7>?c. a 14c. Trade of Use Hew York Cseals. Statement shoring the quantity of the several articles first cleared on the cecals at, and the quatity left at Netr York, during the third week in October, 1865:? MCHi U.\.>UUjE C'LtAKD. Artilfi. KrU. Sugar, lbs 1,6.61,400 Molasses 737,300 Coffee 33.'.000 Nails, and horse shoes 122,200 Iron and steel 723,000 Railroad iron 1,200,000 All other merchandise at four mills 6,471,400 Hides 124.600 Cotton K00O I'iglron... 376,000 Castings tud iron ware Foreign salt 7,400 Flint crockery and glassware 430,000 Stone, lime and clay 606,88# Mineral coal Sundries % 427,000 Total 13,806,000 Akbjtdd. AriiHet. Krit. Cfamvfaltt. 7Wol. Floor, bbls 23.268 406 23,664 Wheat, bushels 206,600 ? 206,600 Corn 136,800 ? 136,300 Barley 31,300 ? 31,300 Rye 88 800 7,600 46,860 Oata 88,200 ? 88,200 Bran and ship stuff, lbs... 007,700 98,000 703,700 Ashes, bbls 178 ? 172 Pork 806 ? 606 Butter, lbs 228,200 ? 228.200 Lard, tallow and lard oil., 1000 ? 1,860 Cheese 803,800 8,100 600,000 Wool 7.100 ? 7,100 Domestic spirits, gals 29 200 ? 20,200 Boards andscuntliDg, feet 1,100,200 216.000 1.407,100 Staves, lbs 1,277,100 ? 1,277,100 Leather 161,700 88,600 240.200 Domestic cotton 15,700 ? 16,700 Merchandise at four mills. 327,000 301.600 629,400 Sundries 896,000 249.300 1,144,300 Potatoes, bushels 3,600 81,000 34.800 Timber, 100 feet 3,300 ? 3,300 Hides, pounds 26.800 ? 26.800 Peas and beans, bushels.. 600 100 700 Dried fruit, pounds 3.300 ?? 8,300 Tobacco 40,600 ?. 40 >00 Hemp 6,000 ? 6,000 Clover and grass seed.... 13,600 ? 18,600 Hops 24,400 ? 24 400 Oil meal and cake 71,000 ? 71 000 Furniture 12,700 1 900 14,600 Pig lead 190,300 ? 190,300 Castings 24.800 17,100 37,900 Domestic woollens 14,100 ? 14,100 do. salt 10,100 ? 16,000 Stone, lime ami clu\ 39.600 1,868,400 1,692,000 Copper ore 41,200 ? 41.200 Tolls received for week 613.179 13 do. third week October 11.126 94 Increase over last year 82.053 19 RICHARD n. WOODS, Collector. iOTKKTlSlVlHENTS 8KNKWilli LYKRY MY. fijlLKH ia'1 Al/C I'lOfV. AC. TCTTLB, aDOTIONKMB?OFFICF 94 BROAD ? wav. ? Large una peremptory khIp of fashionable flr*fcl*s-< cabinet rurnltura, being the mock of the old i *tubibihed Uriu of Mi (J row a AJJendorpo, 1.16 Broadway.?A C. TuUle will sell on Thursday, at ltd, o'clock, at the exu-natvw and long e*t*h Ihked wareiixmis of Mcttraw A Alleodorph, 455 Broadway, without reeervat on. a large and valuable assortment of ?-!e pant first class furniture, of their own manufacture, end war ranted m every respect. They having fully de ermine 1 to give i lip die hutujieHN, an opportunity will he ottered of obtaining first clueg gooda at extromely low prices. The stock compt tao*. in part elegant rosewood parlor suite, In best quality?broci tel pluch aid haircloth; teieatefes sideboard* etegeres, I ?ecretanc? and bookcases; een rc, sofa and extension tables; 1 IaiiUmiIIn rot king and side c h ilr.s, Kltzahethwu and (Joihle bed fcfeads, bureaus, wu*h.-JMnd?, Ac. Alan, mahogany, oak. wal mil and euaineiiod cottage chamber furniture of superior styles ami lUiL-u 'J he whole lonuhtg an elwgah' assortment of the be&.tl&iftof workmanship aud materials, ami to bo Hold with out recurvation, I'aUlogues on the morning ol sale. T?? mi Ifndei *Jtfb, cash; over and uudei **k?, ninety day-; over iGiO, lour iuoiith?, approved endorsed uo-ca. Anthony j. blheckrr, auotiokkfr.~P0I.ton and Ubnrch etfeei property. ? Atithouy J. Bleecker A 4<o. will msi! at public auction, at the Merchant*' Exchange, on Tuesday, Ootober 30, *i 12 o'clock. the valuable lot known an the not & weal comer of FuJun. and Gfcuroh streets, containing .S3 feet 4 Inchon on Fultou street, and 75 feci 2 inches on t'hnrch street, belli - the premise* at present occupied by Mr. K. Burk hxaer. Terms, which will bo liberal to the purebater, and other particulars, may be obtained of the auctioneer. Sale putative, the owner being abowt to leave for Europe. aMUONY J. BLKKCKKB A CO., No. 7 Broad btreet. Anthony j. blkecker a co. will bell at aug lion, on Tuesday, October 30, at 12 o'clock, at the Mer chants' Exchange, the following property, viz :?On Forty aeventh street, one lln?? building lot, sl'uate 1 on ibe north side of f orty seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*, commencing UMeei w ent of Kighth avenue, said lot being In ei ze 25 ieet ft out aud rear, by luu feet 4 inchi sin depth. Eighth and Ninth avenutsare newt-red, and forty-aeventh atreet is sewered, curbed and guttered. For further particulars. ai> ply id the auctioneer, :-o 7 Bread street. or of I>. MORAS, 205 Went street, between Dcy and Fulton. Washington market, be.v ecu 9 and 12 o'clock. AlVTlON NOTIi K.-CoSTTN! aT/ON SALE OF f?IA mood#, jewelry and watcnei. torkwe a rooccrn. Kf>VY/\ Rl> Pc liKNCa will neli at atlrdon, tnla day. at oVInrfc, at hin HaleMroom, lb ^all atreet a magnifYreHt aanort rnent of diamond iewelry and watcher, being the whole ni ihe atoefc of an import ing houMe ke'-limtig buauiem . consUtlng In part of gout hunting and open Uced witches, by Bretlng, Frerea, Isa^ier. Jos. John-fNi, Cooper. Dent, Hugeman, arid other dl-unguisbcd fcngllah ard French mag era; elegant diamond braetieu plan, can inga and ringN, including clasim, fbrer gtf>n<? hu 1 sin gle atones, In eighteen carat g?Md wftdngt, Fiorent'ne and Ho loan moHulr braceieta, ptr.a and earring#; rarnco do; gnurd and veil chaiua. ulna, ring". Ac. Al?o, twenty Ove donbie barrelled gun.-'. Bale puaidreiy without reaerve, torcaah. Auction noticb.?m doithiitt, ArcTioifKKR.? 1 hia day. at < 'clock, at #*ore 27 Centre atreet, turnl tore, new arid second hand, compiling eofaa, tetc-a tet?-.-. '?> d07cn mahorany chnlra, 2U French and cottage bcds ? a 1-, mahfenny bureau#, exienelon fables, centre, card and dlmng do., plated ware china, crockery and glen* ware; featlier bede. bolauu's and piih?w>; hair niat:mae?, mirif?rH Ac A>??, to pay advance-, lu M. negara. tapeatry carpet#. atoree, Ac. Auction noticr.?j. booakt, auctionkkr.?by 8. Heart, to morrow. (Thursday.) nt 10** o'clock, at the unci ion roonr-, corner oi Frankfort and Wiiiiam atre'-ta. houoe hold iuruitnre, conflating of the usual variety of parlor, dm-fi ber and kin-ben furniture, feather bed#. large lot of bedsteads, innttresneii. aegam, iot of grocery flxtures. Ac., Ac.; also, a .splendid lot of ga? i handellcrs and ga<* flttlnga, Ac , Ac, Auction notice.?thor. bell, auctioneer - By Bell A Hush, this day, at l"l2 o'clock, In our ha'cs room*, 12 North Wlluam atreet. we will #H1, wlthoui reserve, a flue Mock of blank books, full round, half and quarter; copy I.- g, receipt, bill and note hooks. 3#) prlnti?d books, novels Ac.; pencil*, lilies' ui?d gentlemen's dressing cases, tnorocc* < !u*p bag*. 36 b<?xes dominoes, mathematical tmurumeaui, portfoHoa, 200 pieces room paper. IM line palntlogi, 1M pic (urea, Ac.; also, 2l) dozen superior cologne, by sample. Aicttov notice.?thoh. beu,. acotion )1> l?ell A Btttb, to mi rrow, (Thumdav.) at It)1-, o'clock In our sale room-. 12 North William (treat, mil be sold, lo clone b, the atork of a mlver?miih, jeweller and watch maker Any quantity of be?i plate fork* ami imhu. alio, all the ipleodld *how ami counter cam*, and other article*, cold and ather waiohea. chain*, pin*, ring*, A:., Ac.; AriTios wnci.-iinvt ma he aninRi \si> piece go-m* at auction?A. M. I'ltIR I'AI.AR, Auctioneer. S3 Bowery, will *cll tut* day. at W1, o'clock, a targe a.*?ort ment. ooaataUogIn part ofcaeaimere aatlneti and rioth truck, lac'r and overcoat* and pant*, milt, Win. velvet and cloth te>li! CHimmere*. broadcloth*. *atlnett*. allk*. lining-, ?atln?, ?ewlng allk, Ac. Abm, one *t-w1ng machine. Hold on account ol lorroer purrhanvr. AKMIflXHE'C 8AI.K?WHOLWIAL* KRCIT AND KIRK work litre ?Ihureday, Oct. 26, at In o'clock at 210 Ma*hlnginn atreet, near Veaey utrr'et, dried fruit*, nut*, raisin*. alarg?Hiid rhnbe *?*orto>art of firework*, riick''.*, Ac.: aiao atorc and office fiirnliure. de-k?, Iron ?afe. ?cal?w, nail*, ac B. P. CHARDAM, Amlgnee. W A. Catraa, Aucdotiecr, 87 Oej- *.reet. ear tireenwieli. DD MASH, ArfTrONEFR ?8TORR310 BROADWAY. ? ?Bale ol alal<a?ler ware, lo pay ripenae*. Wcdneaday, la-tol er ??, MM at ten o'clock A. M . a' 310 Broad war, < on *t*t in* of lad lea, *r>oun*, lorka, (peciaelea, butter knlrea, caa U-re. ?la w caae. Ac. T31GEN* H. FBAlfXLIX, ArtTIONEKR.-BY FRANK Hi LiN A .SK'HOId*. at their aa.r.rooin, J'.i X.taaau alreet, tear Fulton.?Tbl* day, (Wclneada' .J OrL Mat I0Wo'clock, cnhlne'maker a (lock at auction.?Mi-amn. V. A W. will nell aa above the Wttre Mock of a city manufacturer, to which they In vile the partieu ar aueolloo of tha trwle and houeekeepera generally. The catalogue eon?M* at elegant carved rtwewood aril mahogany parlor turnit'irr, en auite. covered In tie r wheel -and moat raehlnnahle atylea of French *aUn brocalel. green and crtniwon velvet pluah, KnitlUh hairclodi Ac ; oak and meewnod anletHiard*. elaborately em belli-hed with earring* of M and Itame; etegrrca, with rlaae door and back; book and e truer ?Umtr, wardiot.ea, aeeretarjr book '-a*e?, tidek gren-h plate mirror*, marble top pier, *nle ard nofa table*, roaewood aud mahogany marble iop bureaua and waahmanda: Frenrhbel mead*, hair maUre.-e* pal'la?*ea. bnlalera and Billow*. Ae.. together with a fine anafirtmrni af chamber dining room. ha and rereptam nana fum.ture. Aiao. a>tn?!t Invoice of carrm. brandy, v.nUge low. In *auli raw*. Kreiy lariuty oUered men bant* for eblpptng. EI.IAR OOWM. AUCTION*** ?TRIfl MORNI.NO, at 11)1* o*i lork. at No. 66 Niraau atreet a large and *pie>,did ?mortmaui of fonn'ure. rart.etlng. al'ver ware, mirror*, oil patnttnga, Ac., Ae , to be ?od to pay advance*. enoalatlBgqf meewood and mahogany parlor *alta, In all kind* ot covering a.'?>. roeawood. mahogany and black walnut d re twin* bureau*, wardrobe*, booteaae*. and a rariety of carpeting*, together with a large assortment of "liver ware, *egar*. Ac , Ac 1.1 II M'llLnW, UCTIONEER-PFRKMPTORT HAI.R j. of elegant household fumltnra, oil painting*, *tatu*ry. nrn?, Ac.?K. H. I.udlow wnll *ell (tauetioa, on Thur#d*v, Oct. 26. 1*66. al 11 A. M. at 49 I vat Twenty Dr?t xreel, between Urcailway and Fourth a venae, the entire furniture ton rained la ?aid hottae, eonelating In part of elegant parlor and bedroom furnttwre, all made '.? ord-r. by Had big*. In 'hahem and moat *tih*lariial manner, roaewood piano. 'rhodar ; p'*r and man let flame* -Ilk and brocalel eurtatn*. handaom- Fren h china dinner, brwakfaet and 'ea aeta; rV-hrut gla**ware tapevry ami Rrttnee1* carjtel*. W'rlnUi*. Ac ; a collection of beautiful paint Inga, ctnnprirtng cople* from the old mauler*, eewied by ttie owner while tnflnrope art I ?evenii plecea of ??,* <tantary; alto, a quantity 0 rl, e r Id wine Impo-ed by (be owniwfor hi* own tuw. The patnttcir* and narkir fnmlinre Will le aoid at tSo'etook Ca c)ogne? can be liad at ibe office o. 'bg aor Uonerr, II Wall atrcei. Iji 00LT0S. ACCTlfiyKK*.?LARGEHAI.K01 SKCOJfD ' ? biird fnrn lure, carp' !* 'I r I. ? toaltn ? ? tn rr r ahatr* A F Onboo Will oell ihl* day. w", ine*d ,y. O-1. Idh. at ID), o'eloek al :he a ict|c,n room*. 1)9 Beektnan etreet *e cond floor a v?r- larg- aear,r.mem nt gnofl *ec?nd hand furr.l J. It W)!i t-othLri-e bedroom ao i na*e . and vel*?f carpet*, I Ik oUu ' I | a e a" <" ' n ,ri r* ? h ?,? end i la ? w ?re, cutlery, plated ware t or map ' arc! oak eha.r* bfaek walntif an 1 o'brr dlmrc and et'e t r 'able*, r,:*o aeveral fnl ?"i ? of e-iamelled MM fnri.iture. near i new arid In g"-l or P*r. i Pale will be widwnf rear, vr. and wi'l afTbiJ a lY cralne op I povtunlty to boye, ?. (j?Roro>o* if inriofni biorf. in xamav X atrc ? iwrne ? *a e of a large mock of i*op<, b ? |c j '"W. ?, k.; ,'ervr end tc,:..d a,-))*'**, a. >17 Br **,;**>, eoraer of Fri .. e etret I ?f I. Mali, a* gne. . wl.' ae ?. a?->!*? a lb I t'tkaa ot. Frltey, Df'i'-er 2r,. Ihe endre atoek of uaefni and dteoradw ard lencn?.al?ec, ;a thnt *j It o lid .tore : I of rrnogMa, ei. a*t* f u.-t cm e.tfnf *. I -n?he* #?*ao* II t. e? a- A *' lb'emtre eiccg-yg faw tnaer a e**enua. t A* A, nat ~mivfo? ae eiten* ?e mac- ?c" -j.g t ?;* c.ea-, A - . w . are nnr-of? Iwglk Ac TW tldfl* b* poe'iBi .tj 'OM ? .? b?gb"' 'AW Ear rmh. ct nd floor a verv larg" aenor.ment ol good i Itirr fr. m a laru' j I'.uiuklng lo another e)it ever) variety t f cnoJ parlor, dining moan. I men'., a'ao?ere.ta^ fttll jdecb, ,f tape?tr> i ?ALBI AT AQOTOM. GKO RIIROOOK,~AUCTIOKKEB. SUPERIOR UOUHK hold furniture, at the private residence 164 Kant Eigh teenth ?tree*, near Beoood avenue, on Thursday, October 26. at luH o'clock, consisting or one very elegant rosewood parlor suit cost 2460. rosewood pianoforte, lounges. oeuire tables, mirrors, chandeliers, urn?, vaaeaof alabaster, elegant mantel clock, JO ott painting*, tapestry, cartwu, cb.*tnl>er furniture, dining room do . ball do., unit such other article* aa are usu ally found In a eery genteel reatdencc, being the property of a gentleman declining housekeeping, and hut Utile used. Sale positive. Catalogue# on Uie rnorulnj: of sale. CT G. HORTON, AUCTIONKKR.?THIS DAT, AT T. 10t; o'clock, at 96 Kaat Forty ninth atrect, nmr Third avenue, handsome furniture, madeloord-r, anil but little used, consisting 01 tapestry. Ingrain carpeta. mahogany chairs, Fn-oeh bedsteads, bedding, mantel ornaments, and kitchen fur nltiue. Ac. GO. HORTON'7 AUCTIONEER, WILD SRI.I* THIS . day, at 2 o'clock, at ft" Ninth avenue, mar Thirty eighth ?tree'- atock and fixture* ol a butrber'a ubop, potautea. corned beef: one bay colt five year* old, warranted round and kind trot Inrldf ot four mliiulea?and harneaa. HKNKY U LFKDH, AU< TIONKKK -BY II. IL f.KKIM A Co., Wednesday, Oct, $4. llouaehnld lurullufi?At lUJb O'clock, at lbd Weat 2ftth at., between Eighth and Ninth ave nuea. the property ot a gentleman removing tmin the city, con Mating of brtiarela carpeta. row-wood pianoforte, mibncany aofa. chair a. Ac.. covered In hair rlolh; marnlc ornam-nta, tables, mirror*, inarble top pier tablea, Ac. Bedroom furni ture?Kvnuch bedsteads, mahogany dreaalng hurratu. marble top waalutands, three ply tngraln carpeta, Kntt hall alone with marble slab, portable alooe, oil rlothu, ball igand, kitchen wait. Ac. Henry h. i.ekds. auctioneer?byh. h.lkkdb a (X).?On Wednesday, Oit 24, at 12 o'clock. In front of the aalearoom. 19 Naa*au street, a bay horse. about 16t? h.mda high, eoveo years old. sound and kind In aU harneaa and uo der saddle: also saddle, bridle, whip, blankets. Ac., an rlpreas wagon. In good order. ^ HI IJIKDfl, AUCTION EKR?MORTO A OF HAI.R OF ? genteel household fwmltnre.?II. T. Heeds wtll sell, on Wednesday, October 24, al 10 o'clock, a large and valuable quantity of roaewood, black walnnt and mahogany furniture oontalurd In Uie large bouse corner of Prince and Sullivan etreeu, conaleltng ot two rich parlor suits, in brooade and *el - a superior rosewood pianoforte, stool and cover, tapestry other carpets, rosewood mirror front rtegere, two large French mirrors, rosewood centre and pier tables, elegaot mirror front secretary, book eeae. rtoh mantel vaaea ami orna ments, oil pointings, rosewood and mahogany sofas, rockers end arm chair*, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, twelve One heir ruailreaaes, feather beds, blankets, counterpane*, cottage bedsteads, with tnaUrraaea to lit. marble top w substantia, toilet seta, gtlt and mahogany mirror*, Ac., with a large variety o' ehamlier and basement Inrnliure, two walnut sitenstoo tables, china, glassware, silverware, cutlery, store and (inure*, oil cloth, spring seat and other cltalra. Ac. No postponement, catalogues now ready. JOHN I? VANDKWATRR. AUCTIONEER.?THIH DAY, at the salesroom. No. 12 Maiden lane, at 12o'clock, mag nificent Import* d mantel clocks, elaborately wrought tn marble, r'chly gtlt. and In the most vslttabln bronze. ?urmountedb* elr gant classical hgurra and group*. In the richest styles ,f gilding and the finest bronze, splendid worksofnrt- superb gilt and rich ly decorated china va-ea snd mechanical laiuus. All of these being Horn the great exhibition at the Crystal Palace, and to be so-d on this occasion according to announcement prrempuirlly. The above clocks are fullv wsrrsnu-d, run H, lti and 21 days, and are of the richcM styles. Bale peremptory. nENRT T. HEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?FURNITCRE AT suet,on.? Will be sold at auction on Thursday, 2Mb, 10'. o'clock, lite large and valuable stock of lurnlture now contabo-d tndmrbmltura store, corner of tmreaand Hndaoe rousi.tlng of ? general aa-urtment of tine and elegant lurni turc The slock will be soi.1 without reserve to* the highest bidder, snd I* now roatly for Inspection. Tin -c desirous can now purchase a' private sale at coat prices. TL VANDEWATER Al't TIONKKR?FAROE HAI.K? ? litis day (VS raoesilsyj Oct. 24 at lot; o'clock, at the soIcsroont. 12 Maiden tunc. There wttl l,r ? Id. peremptorily, to close ton H.c entire dock, this day (bv consignment O'der*.) Uii- who'cot which being removed to the sale Miami lor the cent" iiicncc of sole, a lari.o and rich assortment ol e -zi..i' Ft eorhaod other fancy gin ds consisting In pan of haodsotoe Inlaid aatln -osi woisl w ork boxes, 'urnl-iied and uulio ulshetl: |inrtable writing docks, cblna. gtlt and ruby Jewel-.'sod* I *-kcts, Ai card rcreivers art I watch stands, rlcn t Inhdd tunc* boxes or' at sort -, tin:i ero'.s ligtti es, grou; s soil r.mdn Ick-, In bronze, gilt, Ac ; rirb china pearl and Bohemian art'eb-s and otmt Inrnta lor Lite toilet slut msioel, elegant glil an I utsr'de m* del elc* ks. do. hi. nzc; can t.-a'iriis va-< ? and fature-, eh :.a '<? e h tee sets, Ac ; a vsilely of pcrtemohnale*, seg.irrasos.beauU tul paper weight*, Ac., ike, lOSI-.l'lt IIE'IKM * V Ai'tTliiN El.ll - I Hf'RS.'t A Y, #J tm 2f> :?? l'io'clia-k I* M at?? Kaat kk .rrftt -tree or and Mn. CROFT, auctioneer.?CROFT A 00. WILL ? sell, at their sales room, 121 William street, corner ol IV. dar tbl* dor, at in', A. M en extensive aseortm>*nt ot new and second hand store an 1 house furniture, cons, ? tug of par lor and chntnHei tit*, cltalra, tables, bedsteads, counters, disks Ft gllsh oilcloth*, glass shotv esse, shelf curtains, nth 'e ratdn". Ac. Also, it lot of tinman's tool*, beer pumps, lead pipe, Ac- Bale poalilre. 'Tern* cash. XTOTICE TO HATTERS?EXECUTION 3AHK OF IIATH, IN cap.', ' .._.l< '11N W BOMEK1NDYKE, A n thinner, will sell ton crow Timr day. Oct. 28 at 10 o'clock, at hc.l-s routu. 2U North William street, ne u Chatham. by virtue of an execution, a large a*soruu. m ol mi it's and ooys' ita taod ?jap* ot ever.' de-i ipfluD, ..!. o two large marble top tables blank walnut cmrr'T- show cam-*, oilcloth ebnlrs, nit' stand* aud rucks. The abort -aic It wtjtl vofiln i' c aUentton vt be trade, CIIaS. f. WATTn, CoutUkljie, pAWNHROKRh'S HAI.E-JOUN MORtlMRR Wlt.l. JT scl' on Tnurs'lay, Sept 26, at 10.V, o'rjo-k at Id? fhatbam street, corner of O'lvcr, ? large assnrtmenf of tnen at.' wo met.'.* clothing consisting of coats, pan'* and vesta, gown*,

silks, callcoc*, sbaal* and blankels, g-Uters, shuns, Ac., Ac., by order of 11. I.BV Y A CO., 610 limb-on -'.reel. And also call the attention of the dealers In general to a I a-,c lot of feather beds and Pillow the be?t and lsr-;<-.i ml IhLi s-tuoa. The beds and pttlowa will be uo d at 12', o clock. PUSBFM, W, Wl'HTt'fiTT, .4 rCTIO.'fCTTT ? IHU'SK J 4 sale o' genteel fhmltnre?Thl day, WednesdayJ at| Id'; p'Vlock. euibrachig the entire cont?,t# ol a house in Klghtb aw ntie, fhtir (iisira Jrvm fourteenth sUt-c, winch I* furbished throughout in tosevtood and imhrigaujr, alt tn tine order, hav ing been but Utile used. Hale will he josltite. rain or shine, among with b arc tapestry and othc carpeta, one elegant rove wwsi |iarlor suit, In brocaile, otic do. in velvet rosewood inlr mr trort cejere. rusewowl and mahogany dre?lng bureau, rosewood arid mshoveny bedstead*, suficrior r-,?csrlomi' tnrtc, stool and cover, used but montba, large Fretten p4er mlrrot I with sinbs, tiisewccsl centre and (?ier tables, rn-ti tu.iti tel vases i-Irtks, rii*cwood snd mahra-uny solas, aria and rc i eptlon chair- cunain-itnd shade 1(1 One hair ruadre**ea, featbe beds, blanket . conuterpenc- Ac with all the lurnl turo Ac., ef 16 room- wa.nnt extertsytn tahl-, china g'*. wsre stlvrrwarc, sprlSg wat and oth- r t'.talis. - atwlo gttc* now ready. Richard waltkrb, auctioneer thi- hat, at In', o'clock, McCAFPRAY A WAl.TKKBWll m II a' and loo rrsim 26 t'atheime stree , a general asdtrtmenl of household f umbo re, vtr.: Rureatia, taO'ea and Waabatifida, twoimla btd-, *(>r ng seal rhatra nntl rock r* ten hv-r beds, ?Mttresse*. pillow*, bmaters, site-ting- *nd eomtoricr*, pie lure-, intrroi and i andry kitchen furnllure, A< al?o sevefal gold and -,lr. r watrlie icwrlry. bed clothing, Ac., o pay ad vu.i< e . Bah ? punctual HVRKER, AUCTIOVRRR.?ASRIO.NKK'S ST,E, BY k7* <.rder ol Jsutc* t'arr and tliu-crt Mtder. assignees of ldtllmac A Ic cksissJ, a 'he mannbetor.,. fil'and 71 Flrel avenue, on Friday, Ocudicr 2d a' lu o'clock, on the prenusev, a tnrge quantity tif irunk malm factoring ma enal , uonprtvitig artie'i- ? i-ed In the manufacturing r,i trat.ka, Cone. ? nig of trunk Imrdware. leather, bass wood, and iio, i-oarxt- n-ds, benches, Ac., ell of which will be sold to the highest bidder, lor i . ta'oguea and partvculai ? apply to the ats.tiuoeor, 14 Fine street. T QAMFFl F BaRTOI. AtJCTIORKFR HYHaMIJKI. R P BAHTOIi .V 1 U? will sell at 10'a o'uIik a' *ylca room No Sim p?ir! Kml, nnr Per* ?flj. aiplendld anu uiirnt' I china 'r* win, rlrh niMj bmflM figure, m?ieel click* and or niiiui rtn, rub/ vaae*. and . bins aim c.i' ?if bottles; p yin lnc , n nd a pVr g la** with *tab and brackets, Mo- he away came day lo make rryom for sale ol grorcrle* no following dny. QHKRIFF'B HaI.K.?THIS DAY, WKIlMNIMV, IMTO h* bar 'J4, ilfi, at 10 o'clock In th* bit "noon al U Kaat i'wen tv eighth street. a large anil taluablr aeaortmem of boa*? In .u turn It inc. valuable ?U paintings, At NIB MOKKKIX, Al CTtONKtR -STnrK Fi H! mil y-K keepers, Ac, 10 be "Old 'hi* nun n ng by ? atalOftin, At Id * ui com in erne orecbudy at Ifdj o'oli" k. al Qw epwriow* *a) i r<? in hi Naaxau atraal, consisting at row?%"?!, ntkKur< ??** and ?r.?mnlel,for parlor*, chambgr <11 n . - i ? >tua. Ii*: y.Ac.j ibetjualpy of this stork la superior, rant la from i? mo*' relia ble private a arc room-, and rnual lie *olil at a K1 est ?*' ran c, *'? cjinb ha* been advanced; in order thai buyer. *bouid not brutal* to btivtrur, he privilege nr egaralnlng after JJie - ale I* "tveri, to pre lull ?ftohettow; ul?o park In a )1 aUe tded to with #? email charge aa im*at> le. For full particular* rramine eata lopu. alur.h i* read?, containing the eitonMvc vartcy. N. H. ?. icaler* wills' ?end. V" AH ABLF I.EASK. ON WABHIMITOH HTRRKT. AO Y yotuiiiv \S aeliinalon aurkei. at am i, by order iH th* awlcnae ?Ibwsdar. (yet 25. at 1J o'rlork, on Urn prtMiusaa, 210 ? tablnglon etrcet, adjoining the corner of V>?.y; al*o tire vtaek and hirturea. II. I'. t'K.WfiALt., A'siunee W. Hi Cillii, Auctioneer,!" Dejr itreet, mr. Oreenwtoh. iir'V. mkijajiT At'crihsKKR ?nT rioroiiro* a ft , V F, I : ,i 11;, Thursday. Oct. tt, at Ml1! o'clock, aw two (!<??-? of saleroom lUNa?aati ntrret, near tne old Mlble bou?e Hecnnd fall trade aale of elegant ra'unct fwraltore, being a large an mnt on a b'oti Wr hare made adrswms.and n >w u> be M id by kgrecn ent of parties We In* le 'h> 'red. aal par lea shot:!refurnishing to view the article* provlnuv to sale,sod they can re*. a*?urvd that every lot aid be sb*nlai*ly sold. Ahogc'her forming ,he Targeet aaaonn.eni and rtofcM roller lion dm' La* been offered at auction ltd* hill, rig :?Carved r,,fcewr*yt par'or draw!t.?r<*>m, dmlnv man, library "and cbomber furniture, of nyiderri ar.d ann>|iie "tylea, Hf ern raw ai""l parlor aulta, roeeml In "tun broaden, pluah and nor <? mil, tarnty n>?ewi??l lentm lanle*. *eveiuf fl?e iru--a rim and *ofa?, iwenty ritenaloB lining tablea, 'mirteeo I-et Inog. marble lop rtegrre". nurror dour* end l>ark?, richly rarved beaiip u in r?M-?i"id. mahogany. "?k an 1 aalnui; <nk library efcaira, library and ?ereetary bonkrate*. t Peen ????? ?o>?t !?? f aieiat*, bureau* and e?*h#tand" to match, 'a'-n;y rwhly deco rao-d and etwmohad chamber *mta, *o?ne of which coat by n.anufar'ure WW SPy ea?y and Vi.liairc chain), thiny doaen rp'ing *eai pari'* chalraof dlttereni "tylea, len eifa m 'Ideaila. rich wardrobea. In roaewuod. mah -guny I ??inu' twe y pialn pookraMvc wyaral a?'? <|uarteUe table*, 'went* mar le lt>|'torn y. pier ?Me and card table*. Alan doutli Mnencio htm* hair mal'rcmea palliae?c?, Ac The "Ale will eornmen- ? a Mb ilye medium claim furnhure. In the upper *Al<-?ri*rm. Flrnt fl.yyr * ill be deroted ear: uurelj Ui elegant InrnP ir*' and rb-h ?rtp lea. A! 1 a o'clock *ereral ?iiperior inn?I n?c ????! and ; octart pianof> * ea. New York and Bneaqa nui?r-, mr of ?bh h rrei made by Wm. liadf nan A Hon Pi' y warrab'ed Alan, en Inrntre of thick French plate pier and tri al mirror*. In richly ornamented frames, ? rural ttgytoe on palaitwgg, Ac. ?. MFI.I/iR, ACfTfO.vViR -FIJfF 'lOLD WATCH ? e*. alxyw caw* IS large counter* "unable lor a dry rtde attire; tables, ulii lotha Muola Ac ?Ta img-row. Thar* jr. b] Houplpoo a Mcbor. a* 11.1 Ra**au rcct. Hal* ice. tire, tli ?1? miut ne rcnioted Imo eiliatel*. A km, one large Rufdow ca?e. co.i f2r*i. tullable >r j'wrUert or m.lora, alt* efee? aquwre. also, about JFHi winter re*t*. WttilAJf H FR A If K r.I.N A lFl.N WILL HKX OR Fill day. t>cng,er AS at 12 o'clock, at the Mercian* Ki change a valuable ftrm on - aicn talaod oorua nln* th , acre*, ahi.nt !'< mile fr?m Port Richmond ferry . on 'he ? ol the kichmi ad ?tagc road, near !? U. Ooetwraa'a Sore, *nd otuci ylta Ibe farm* of Wrcel?nd Mr* Ty?on *nd J. Martin Til.* pngariy I* eligibly aimaiad for building site and farming, being In Uf InmiedWe Tl' inliy of rhuri iye? a-igoi* .oid the If. w York marke ? There U no bnlldnig r?i tbl? farm It con tan * a ?mad'pianilty of young wood and the real le ft!labia land , all of the !.*?<., mitty Th' (err* IcaU lor Fort Rt Van id leave New York al?Um?*adar. The rnsp and can h? wng the amaloiierg'a office. Mo $ Rr acd etrcet, or ay the McrcAwnta' Kkchange. ir a.uim iry imi " v-, tiVTn i., 5" Zru rrir TrtTm: YY ?nd'Cltera ?I aryc *r?d le*,r?i e work <f too i ->1 toy* k'. Wm. Irvtn* A ?'n. wi'l sella' aurtloa ..n wep da) <gWober Zdil: *t lot, o r ug-k a' 'h-y? . *n? ,n- ffo ? I'ine gtreef, by crier ? < a**tg?ea?, TiO | ir?ea ln? .* randeisbrat cat. >?tica? kg ore* Ok KM m*?e., yuawd*. InkilmnH Maua ette* pajM-r * elgb'a, ar.; rls-atAfraP. and | .nurtoe*. nac" baa g , :per cafe and f ? m iwl* i *,. , mJUmim en graving*, steei sad fflh vest chain*, aa di iai-*,. rriyvinara, ren slaa, Cut aanlf bote* r 1 pais ag p.r.* uki i.tcia*. fawry paln i- . ? r? MIk. dw*.' tr- era) >n*awdroior> nalgWr f *>. .. Ivor] hssdic knlvas aid f ? I*? rlcrke 1 >rk walakf e<ef r#? jewarte* r?ik? trwla. 'Au'rh inuwii ? w??'(n ? uJ i, iyi?r?, rhcndeilrra ahi- etri.irr*. pc net la lei -ones, raw*, Mf*r t <y?. b'ntn tlM et?gra>; >g> Ac T< ti ? Kb* 11 fancy worry, faw cr*i c *h(y hatha Ut> l?> birda Wcare*.k t m l .pHn. u etcge a .** lagaa. *Qyt. w ? oar'or Pirn'nv?. rovcred in *? v*? lrump?*y gan* wa'my bedwead* ivn ? ?'-.<* '<? kcaaea, e* o >, l<, tud Ictwm-- aaai ? Fajh*. iy ?* a.?rkc a> y pise >rr wardfekf BOAROnib AID UMXMN. WCO HUOADWAT.-TO I.KT.aN KLKOANT 81ITKor Um ftiroiahed Apartments to reraHlm or Mingle grnt.craou, ? or wltbout lirtrAte mble The house to tirvi tlee* aui1 con .Vu the modern improremeuU. tOADWAT.-^UR/nsHKD HOOM8 TO I.KT, O.V 711 eeou"* ' P **" *r- Na Kerer. enoee rr<|Utr?v ' .. ? - . _ __ nrrn roPRTTl Oi D >nd front piu <?lr, or auntie Kentltmrn. IWuA^?? QAoirAblfi. DUioer al 6 u cMjck. French ud tipaoWh spoken. _ QO0 HKNRY KTRKKT, BRt*0KLY N. -.I.Ot ATI0N UK O^u MkU'Iu! ar.<t convenient to ?1<" "'"It fr rrlrs; eAn be had, 'be fionl furnished parlor and ?iUi n?nirlo? at tached, logetlirr or uepsiatr. with bo-i."- rhw oilers superl or arcoaaoodaUons lo ? coupIc desiring to ?* penaauoui Ap pi/ us above. ________ QQA GREENE HTRHIT, NEAR fJIK t.'GftifKK Ol LdCi X. Fourth.?h'm-Tdrhed tooaoi to lei, to gruUemen, with or iriiboiit board. both and ga- In the liuUsr. TWOUUIiKON MTKKET..-BOOMS FOB f AMIL1K* OK 1 ( t) single grnlltmeu w.'tti board. l^CMKTH STREET ?SUITS 0( HANDSOMELY Itu fumtkhed room* Us pis second and (bird door*. to Ismllies, with private tahlc if drdrrd llano- tint' class and conveniently locau-d la Nmih street, mar Broadway. "D AO KICJHTH HTRKKT, OPPOSITE THE MERCIAN AqtO ue Ubiifj ? f?o plrasaut and wtli iuruh-bed rooms. wilh board, tuny be bad. m NINTH ETRRRT, THIRD DOOR FaST Or BROAD wajr.?Uandmme furnished room*, In suds or single, with brMkflut If required. Aim ai No. 6 Collage plare. 105 WAVFBLF.Y PLACE, THIRD DOOR WEST OF Wasblhgon park ?A auli oi brautlful rooma lo lot, together or separately, with or without board: peltate table I, desired; bouse baa the modern Impruvrmeute. Term* mode rate. References eicbsnfted. QT PRINCE STREET, FOUR POORS WThT OF BROAD V A way.?Rooms and suits of rooms, with bnsrd. lor retule man ai d their wires or tingle gentlemen Also, a low priced bedroom for a single gentleman. House first class, (bulbs and gas.! Location very pleasant. f7A WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET -TWO GENTLE I a" men nnd their wives may obtain vary desirable rooms, with full or partial board, la a house containing all the modern Improvements. Location, four dooi s (mis sixth avenue. (TA FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST BOUSR WEST OF 4 1/ Hroadwsy.?A fine larjre froot roam, bedroom and pan try attached, an the seooud floor, lo let to one or two gentlemen; break lust served If renuirad. Alan, alagie and double rooms, all neatly furnished. Inquire as abort. ??A WHITE KTKKVT, FOl'R DOORS WERT OF HROAII xfv way.?Several furnished room* to lei, on IIthI, errand and third doors, ou reasouable terms, .or .mail (smlly and sin gle gentlemen. aO FRANKLIN STREET, A FEW DOORS PROM O Bri adws.v?n private IsrnilV <,r full! grows persons wish lo let h handsomely turtiLhed tront and hack parlor on ttte first lluor, logellier or xrpsrnte, with >-rvrral apartmrn'a on the third story. Oat furnished Italian, French and Spanish spoken hy the fanny. Lessons on Hie pisuoioitr git en by the young lady and gentleman of die house. ril EAST FIFTKRNTH STREET. BETWEEN IRVIKO OU place and Fourth svenue near Union square?Suits ot ?oome lor per,oi I uhout to locate tor the winter, convenient to business, hy cars and sUiges. .Jil ORCHARD STREET?BOARDING IN AN AMERI J?' cat family.?Twu or three -mule gentlemen ran be actommooated uIth full or partial hoard, also, a gentlcuisn uud his wile. Apply at 4V Orchard street, net v. n o (Irstel and Healer. A H CONCORD STREET, BROOKLYN ?TWO BINOI.T J I rooms wnh bo rd. Location coorvnlent to Enron m Wall stu et ferries Bouyfi.jt r.v Dinner at t>'i tics*! references required. |"1 KasI TWENTY EIGHTH STREET FURNISHED xA renin wbh l.o.t.'l in Mill-? -? i lo ,.ult applicants, In a private landlj. bouse bas all Hw modern Improvrm i . situated bet ween fonrh ant M.ydi-oo avenues, tail and we. *17 ninth street, nevr fifth aveni - ? a ? SI nirelr lundshvd rot lo to lei w wilh hoard, suitai it:,-men In the iavenue 1 ?? I NINTH STREET?A FEW SIN'.1,1. GENTLEMEN ran <>t>..Un balHlsotnely furnished rootle, w.'h fuil v prfrai. I'Mr'inl I urd. In a strictly private family, at (he abOVcnauied place; also a suit ot unfurnished rooms, suitable for a tcniir nian sn<l lady. I be bousa is entirely* now, and nascvci) iuo dcrii Iniprov meat. Apply as uboto. 2- OBKKNE STREET.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR ? / wives, in sine e gen'lsmeu can be ac. ooviiodatv1 ?iu handsome.;.' tut ntsnci i mm,- and lull or pwfttal board, where the comforts of ubome can i e realized, uood tubus, Au, Hot and edd lull's free, T> ins moderate. lleferciic ?* ex changed. 2 A WALKER STREET. ? A Sl'lT OF ROOMS ON THE c first Hi air, furnished, puriui arid bedroom, to let. stogie gentlemen or a small family. ?.row Nov. t. A kinh.n ami aide II required. Terms monthly ui advance. Bosi d If rn quired. Apply a* above. 1 A Or.RRNE "TRRtr NEAR 0ANAL-TWO OR It" three gentlemencaa he accotnmmlatoii wph t h-axant ot ins and lull or partial board or a geu" u.?n and wl c terms moderate. KclurguOgS requrrod. A I.AKgE FRONT ftOoM Willi RARfRIM AND Mil it dern buprnvi-uiMte, will no let to a lady and gnus-man; hoard lor Umj ladj only. Addn ** A.M., Cuiou square Post A LADY WANTS ONE OB TWO l .NFI BXIHMFD roeiufl, w Idi oi without plain hoard. In the (aim'. ol mhos widow ladv, where there are no ou??r hoarders will pay for i.u vume in adraure. Adilress JMr?. Harriet ( lay, ilmahl office. AOENTLI MAN AND IIIS WIFE, tilt TWO .SINGLE io n;,, wen, ran be si commodkted ?? hbi>o.u ' at |so We?t Uth street. Ilie oouee Is new, and roittalos all he modgra 1m pievetneti'-s; unri- eptkmabie re erei.< ?? requlrt 4 and given. AOF.NTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE on THREE SINLI.K gentlemen ran be aoccmmodale I wltli pleasant rooms irid Innrd, n a private family. Rt-lereie e ezchan, ''d. Ap p.y at L"u Lesln-t) n avenue. A WIDOW LIDY IIAVlStl A I.AROE AND Al A'TI fully lurntsbed nouse, w ?ue* u> nse-l with a lady h her. (li e ulo likes in II.e well, may sddr I a.' a square Post office. AYOVNfl GENTLEMAN AND W1KF, D ESI HE T1IE er.mior's of a home, In a prlvati r.iran with hoard; Im n la. i.etow k.labtewnth Street terms IK to *-\. e...| \pi per niomb, tnc.udbiggai.anditieh Adlfast . ... Mr .,|wa; i' .-i (dice. AOES'TLEVAV AND III" WIFE WISHING HAND somrly loroui od rwmi with modeni Impeovembnts and hoard, la a private tamily, ?..-re mev r?n enjev in to''a. may sppK r *u <t? *all'^l ,1 avert ,.!?? ,?. Ai-., two single geutli men turn l e s. < omm 1. d. A 1'LRAHANi PI IT OF ROOMS f ON.^HVO OF A .rn and tw<> l ? trnom*, f > let w.t'i ImrH, mi>i er, lo a gtiitleuMn nn<J or .?^ .rijr of i^q Imi boom l<? i?m? rl%Mi4 witb iftrr * rn ?mpi ill hdw?\ iMHCt i?ae?A U?e door. Apply i" v I'Uirr, K? 'htb ruaot. TIOARD?A FAOJfT'ftOOM ASV liVlU'JfO* OSW >M? J # tltM^r, lo iai with boArd; l uuiiy m nm.m, a/i'l uj tttry 10 hj.iK#* tip M pifMimm fbmfly. 'bimr r ,.*rd mmr tirjy li* r<ii ft.r'KOf u qu>t bf'siio In n gond rewmr?<?.?? m flmiiKfl- In?|Ulr? At UR Fiaat Wnnftdwajr. ?ii*-* aort ha't m th?? liOtl**. K B t?oari>?a PfVAT* fawii.y. Riaidtno at ii? IJ j Twen y wc'ind etrert mm1 <1 ir* to ill" < uir-cli, ?rUl lei n purlin MM rhamber, lurnntnd or rniftjrtibi'.ied, .m ihe M i ofia Hrx.r, to .n gentleman and Ma w it*, or one or i wo angle [millBcii. hlen, turn tubed mom ? 'in tlunl " ? r, tar urn' 'm">. The hnuae Mr ? l the mod rn Improverm;. t. 1 inu. n...nrwlc. RnWnKM rat hanged. iahh-a widow i.ady mvi-.'i \ irot-si. nr. pletawl'hal. ihe modern ?mproee.inetiia, *? mid |r( ? J nlfirnfi lb* ':r?t Horn und n now 0(1 I"' third (I "r m t KenUettun and wife i r ..of"'.'?n'lcmen. Krliroo* -t e*. htng J. Af ply mi 143 Km*i T.iMIIji 'J. BOARD-(INK I'K TWO ROOM.8, FURNISHED OR I S mrn died, wlih nr without board, muy b< I'dairied i>> gentlen n nttd ibrir wivea nr riailr zentirtnen, . ugrleati' madly, hy applying at !M f?l Jti.i (treat. lio mi ratitan.e Mil wown iiproriMMi, ddltb ea?y m.?< .n by tawfe md . u i:. fart Bern er< hanged. BOAllD.-A I1F.NTI.KMAN AND HB WIKK, OR TWO ?tattle gentlemen, can obtain board In a r <jh?i iMa prl ??!* (Molly. The botine Ita# all ih* uidwro Iwtprovitaenia. It.'fe'. me? giren Mud rWiUirad. Apply at IUJ Weet riiateoolh an eel. Board.?a odtlihan and wtff. wish a pi.f.a ?mil turaOhed rumi aruh oml.trn tmpnn Man>> in * rv ?po> utile keii'.oo with board lor lady only. If gonad, will arrange i"man*.ti'ly tor the winter. Ad'lrm*, with toll nac driilari. and u-rtnn, wloch mml M onlem!'*, " ll''.NKV," llroMildrty Foal OC x. Board-i* wkht fouktkk.ntii rtbrkt, omwiTK Ahnnrvlatton eh .reh, near Nlilh menu I *o ran' etnan and their wivea and tiro .ingle gnmleaMa. wiilSnl | k>?n' forttfgbed aperrpieAe, wru iHu-rd iy im<w.Uafr iw leaHon *' KO Weat Knur re nib .'roe' I.* u on de ItgRtful, ate! errarenieti locara anl manea. Kelemnoe reqakrg. OAKD -ROOM*. HINOI.K OK IN KI !T? TO I, I T'i aget.i.?qaau and wifa or atnele getiiiemen. la a ftr. eiaaahimar alao a haaemrni, .iiliah'a for a phym*:,. Apply R'tiMTrwIf third atrae.i Kden m ea ray urrd Board-a raw kkkkdimii.v flbarantroom with hill nr partial beard, may ha ha I by appl> nr ai 113 r-?el fu If ernUi .tre. i near Mtynnal pari T10ABD.?ABIJtf.T FANIt.lK- on MteaLK n> sif.K I) men rnae arrura pl< aaani remm? In eni'a . r elt. e. le. rd. Ill a Arid elaaa prraia h?. r drtlran.y laM4>t Iiealy palmed aid fum. had lamiibaot. IHMMfiiairfM iMly ai "a TV m''?ai atrr ?!, bet warn Am. y and l!i~-eaar H r me*, aaehahgad. Boy 110 A * Id Rrrerwi-d?*K OB TWO URNTI.RNR* 'Uortng a aiiUdt aad plo.n-au i.itne iui iiala utu ae two pleaaantly i'irowliod'ne.aia an wmvl " wnt. or ellbrll .r > aid. la a plaaaaal unaivm In 'be neeanth Wirt, limit n derate Appiy, or addf-a K K, P. ?.! M?!laoo .trrel or MO Ilrtadway BOAKI) in CHAMBBRR rTRKKT-A TlilRfd NTORT trot I ftaan. with panlrve. laiaebe-t. naMal-n '.ur a ten ? nan at.d wh'e or atarle leuiirti.e-i wll^n i?% far a Ml .ad nr iin'uriuetird. wnb tioara. am ap,.:.i-aien. a< 121 < h.taiMr ?ueet. Ke'arrr. e ra>|uirad. Hoard down town -two or thhkf. ofntu men. nr a fani.eman arid Ida ante. - ?n n? rnnuudj'- I w.dii.?ard?4 l?4 4'uaae a raat. i?h< 11 a lo... upp*" I' M phrt- _______ fit ARD in MKOOKI.Y* -A KM tit. KANlI.V, AND J J ?? ur d.rer alngle feirtlrit rn, I a , be ioral? el a , inard in a i iieifbie . ? wun a lew obrr temrdara ai 3) i?n? pa- r, or area .'iwairtuaa ami Mr e 17 *. uo.y a lew uo ?tea w? a trnan W a.1 ai or u>i to.-tth >rrie. Boaho in BRooRDf.* ?To ut-a ir fhont irear, aa 'ha aer-oad Bo* wnl (irt.le.e4 .'tua . ? gi til etna:, and hta at If.. ne wo genue, aim a hi toed rrtffi Rural Ine leal ,?.? , in 1; .A/i A;, ? a. ?; t ,4itea *iteat #? weaa Wall - 1 A'lawie (eeyiaa UOARD in BROOKLTV -one ok TWt! -In.,i AN ilmra raa ba * - .r . t. d ?- ..h a plr.eaa* fmw rowm ad I aetia. Ir^r-I toy >pt yv.g al III II it ran. Kat-- ? ?? Boardn* ?wynatv-wmux ti'idt ok o r ' ?'???*.- walk < Fnbaa i*rrr.-A gra' tMaaa aai arlfa. or we?? h e# -in# e ran ba?# | - m-.- -**1 ? ?* ,?r ??! baked?? -gentiemeu m a ym?w Amervan m<a y a M II S e-eet. mwm ' 'On* T???. ? *?? e HOAWWIO AND UNNMRCi | Board in hrooki.yn.-a or ^WanY*!?lady or i?o ?uuda flMrtlbmn. ran he wnuiultM ?vj> ? lar*e douh.'e room on ihr limi Moor, ?rl'h lull or partial bo*rd u. a limuillul location, within flee mlnulea walk rota rimi'li pr Wall utreei fen-tea. Helerama. ?aifcauj|rd. fleaae call at S40 Iiaury airpel, Brooklyn Board in broowt.yh.-a pkw hinui.k orytdk airn Ot,, |>? aroaaa.wlalrd with ?<w?t board anil pliaeaol ru'.uia by *m>1?ibir a' irl Hla<? ?iron, cwrner of 0*rdea, throe auaulu a a Ik f.ota Uir riomli and Wall Mreat ferrtrut BOaPIKNU iff BROOKLYN. UKNTLKNKV AND ibolr?t>iw ft waulo 10 u'. rnieu ran H- a>. innoirlau d a Mi lui. or |oi/U*l l<oa>u la a lie a la I uh an It all lac uiodi'no KSl'i uTi ineiiia AdMi o-j or rail a IC Ooncrd tlroai Board i< Brooklyn -to rk.t. with hoard, a hack room on owl Moor, mrlinhl' for a unillrrnan a/nl woe or lap aiuylr arttllrnou Alao rurnaiui rwioi uo "ro' floor, and hark rr?>m a luurV.i flucr; lnrati m rwy daalrahld. and onnranlret to Wall mrrrt auddeutli r< rrlea. Apply at IV) Htary etieel laiween OMfreaeattd Ainiij', Board in booth hrooklt n.?k rrivatk kahi ly, rmnUM tri'lnn a IV" mlnulea* .luonir-m >hr Soijili lorry, aiuu d lie happ> K> rim lie a? Innn.uw i?r Um> winter a ?ra'lrniaa and hu vrUa, ??r !?? frienda. Dinner hour. ?o o'ii?k. Apple a: SI i'aciOr brookiyn. between llrury and lllrka. TJOARlt WAMKD-HY A Ob NTI KMAN, WIK1. ASU D child. In a private tomi.y A aet'tmd lloor room and hrii 1 or pantries. between rmirtcnib and Km rot-in or pantries, between rourtrpaUi and fortieth sti to*, wee'aide. Termsmukl hr ease Adtlrrm, with full parueu lata. L. A. K, bo. 13B lit-rald odire. BO A HI* WANTKD-FOK A WIDOW LADY. IN A M .unta'de bearding boues. where newin* or other ll?l> dusueaUc employ luonl would bo <aken M enulvaJeol; bring mc customed U> mpmohlr housekeeping would undertake the superintendent-, of mu ll an establishment. Address M. A, K,., Brooklyn I'n-i office, for onr work. Board wantkd?i.v a pkivatk family osthk rut udo or Broadway, bei-een Broome and Twenty lourtbatreew, by two young gentlemen. with a good room, with g>- Ac lywalioo mn-t bo pleasant, and ar?xno?"deui>fis gm>d Adores, Km tour days, r. C , boi 2.8U, stating lull particular. Board wastkd.-a rAMri.ror roun pkrrons. gootlrman. wife and two rblldrrn, require .two lurubbed rcx.niK In the upper pari ol tbr city, betwern Seeood and Klghlb avenue* I'orvtoa replying will etalr parttrular* and terms, which rousl be moderate. Adtlrf. Franklin, lit raid otto*. B oard wantkd in rkooki.yn-in a privatk lamilv or .mall boarding butler by a gruilrruau from Scot ii lamiiy or rinan uouruing outlet'. o> a grmieiuuu iroui ecot lend. Addrrt*. stating terms net) particulars box NDs Port office, New Yttrlt. Board wantkd in hbooklvn-iiktwkkn tiik South and Wall strie" ferries, a well (urnlahed rtoin. with partial board. In a etrlctly private family. by a etugle grnile titan. Atldrrae bOlM N. V Poet Ofllr., s' tr, m BOARDING.-TO lkt, a kbost room, nkati.t (timtelied with prate and pantry, .tillable to- a lo-tHl-me* and wltt or two g' title mm. also two single rooms al the p|?a sanily situated bt use T North Moore street Ualhe In the bouse. BOARDING.-PLKASk N'T RitOMr WITH KIT lib R lull or pnrtla. boar I. t in be obtained upon application at &2 While el: ft, u I door* ffu.u Hrtwdwas TTOg K |tlNO?ON BROOKLYN HKIOIITr, ilKTWIlf'.N 1) Fulton ai d Wall street frrrlet tor pen i*ineti with par hoard nrd dlnnt t t.u Sunday., in a pritulc latitlly. The bt- i-r h?vK?' nnn la d-eliti lyaitn.ited T.rm. irom bt per week Ad.lrr -. elm real name. W. Audi en, ller.ini ofll ?? llitcrt ren urn trepili nab ? BOAKDINO.-A PBIVATK FAMILY, Ol t I PYI.St; a flrst class |,m , vtid,tew boarders; an oppoi inlt. lot an at rceaLle arrangement atalutn io be met with At p'l ., \v N Pit West Tw nty -at .>11.1 Vrt t nea .t venth avruu1' HOA*DtN<I.-NO nl VARD'K KTrtKKT, RKTtVFt'N Laigitt nut] 1'i.ntti tlrniieincu ?nt| ihelr nivee. oi ^m. u Sentlr tnen, ran be MOStMBOtllled ?lib lu'l or part 'Jboard og rfavimablc term* 'in ItKaUrm bol't, down ten la teti con t rule at to the buili c-y pit: tu " tin clip. .;. ' ? ? t . exchange I BOAMDIMI PI.KASANT ROOMS, FttR.MsHKD (III ?nftWo'thrtl, with pen to ltd. m boatd to elttph' getillt tneb, or grnilrlhrn anil the It a ivv- w here 'try can en try the ftiinlt h I ! a ; . I . Apply Al i'i i\Mu ttrl'., Ufll I r to tbr hank. ?DOAItOr O.-A OKNTt-RMAS AMI llld WIIK PAN I.J Lt'it toiriintrlaUtd wltn ? 1 in A pnvau-lauiti), tvllh one or tv icitii.a nljolnlng; will In t pi thcr oi tej ,tal?, h de sired. 'I be Ii'tint contalna alt Ihi iinajfrfi,. tie-ati. ill ter ]1 'atanl (outenh I to cam and atapcr. A; tly At No. 10 Second iv nunc. B OABhIXO.-I WfldCd I.KT TO A ': KNTI.KM A N AND Improveiii<?nt?v In noruiu < , un< orntuon!} hm-U ii ofic ii.i. ?>#? upHurcd ol ftll Hi--rouilor.A ol mm u h oii#* i i;ii I- ftpvurea oi uii ih??co AdAreyft lloiiit*, oltice, tor thren ?1n> 1)o\uMN<r vTa; RtvtNiiTox ttiir. r. onk uiam'k J fioio v - io U't, wliit i <a iu< ? t? ftinoa). ft. iLA floor, <o >? nmii ao'l oin wU"? A m?. two ouok u rn cftu bi iu i ofiniiodftUfi vri'U bowtd io frurt ftumui, ?i %.* aIho, u joung li*rtj. BOAKlfINO -A U i i OF ROOMK. t'O.SVKXlK.VT I OR k t?!uily, t* n?? kiiif.itlift lur u t|t(tM"uui i, Ivw-ia Uiii olfftvftut, iiik! roiiv rulriii oi rnn vm- from nil j i,:i ul th? nty. Kftletnu rt. ?i?'iftm.fii. A|?pl.v Hi No. 4 Auiiitfiloa ?ittsire, we?t ftUii, tw u uoor.a uor li ti iinrfk mi < i*c BOaRMNO ?A FaRIIsY, on A PAliTY or OP.NTldK mf'ri, ?,uri be .if uriitiMMljii d w Uii woll furtiinhftfi fti liu'di rttlt pricfk, at 41 Kftki fttrtX , w??r Utklou ft'i'iftrc. BOARD1.VO.?A LAKOK J?A?'K I'AltLoH, ON TliK flrM t!w?r of ri fir- ftlut* prli it?* bfitino, wifh ?!??. bafli**, A , ftiid uartiftl board, io iwo I'lOgli* iiif-ti, hN?, u y m at ftinv o rumi on tbr llu/r I rn. \*ry t afi- o di hftblf p?rU?b". Apply at ??J huUivan fc'ieci, n<!*r M ftftckrr %&d Anuty. 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Hi-iftfrf, tW C* JiUhJI d. Brooklyn hriohin ? I'IaKaha \ r uofiMi4 with board ioi grnbrnif n tr*d tf.Hr w.rft?, t? ? itgi'* gftfi can bft obfafiiftd ;.i l.l> ''oltimloa .p. tbr-r rtifn ? w.?fg it in k tiiuoi of Wall viip' tfti ? ?. Ooui i ?<* glfru and rr'pilrrd Doi t iiockp p.- iiowkryroom*. fti.iliiblg Uir fam Mr* i g?'ii 4?jii??*n, Ui !rt. a .. i l>(?N. lnytoftidi ?' i'f inn ?; ?'< 4 f'ftKVt'K HOMJf) IN liriO^?KI,YX ?Tu I.KT IN A 1 III IVftM) t'in o V, w i'l? til ) or I'ftf ?) ?sll I IWTO wrr 'l tor fdohrd larcft i mm- tl"i ga fir nod a #lng r?*wo ?? M T< 4 lid Wa cO're. ? TiHlP KINCJIsK CJKNTI.rvRN, ()Y IllOff " ?* ff Tl I l .:ity -on. in .? b? ?u i! - / . ?. eifigle roorri. wbb nr wfihntit in ?* f. rii ly, iKftno ri'.'i hirifiuti n' vft, w. . oi'idf-rn ifop-oftt u.ftiiUk Ap pty at Ninth , Are d/iurn w* >j flrrm?fway. IN A PRTVATK FAMILY PI.K 1 ?? VT ROOSfd ON Till I Histo of Mscoiftl U<JOr, Wtlh |m, !?? Hi. Ar , ggflMMV bir ?i;?g|i? I '.r m .i Mr J > in-;i. Aj ply at M ? 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