Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1855 Page 6
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AffEKTIREMENTS EKMEWM ETE1Y DAT. oohtocw noM thb ran rtm grrX ATIOB(g WA-VTKD. WANTED-A SPIT VTION BT A RESPECTABLE UER mki girl, aa cluunbermaid, housekeeper or saleswoman. Apply at &09 Broome it., where the best of reference can be tf.rea. Tir ANTED?SITU ATlONd. BY TWO YOl NO WOMEN yfafBoScftpaMb.lM, one ? cook wa?uer and jroeer, with the SL-ltv ? rfcrence froui hor last rlact where she ha* .Ws- the otie can cut and lit and ES?E&,b????5iy ?eek or month. Call at 6* Weal 27th foe two days. ... _ nrwr NURSE-aN WOMHH. GOOD EDUCATED AND W healthy young woman, wan la a situation aa wet nurae, In a respectable American , Is ngliah, or French family. Apply at Dr. Onheh 114 h*8* sL-?''oai 9 to 11 A. M. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to rook, w ash and Iron, or would do genera' boaaeworkina private iaiully. Good reference. Apply at l"l Chartf? at., nret tloor, for - wo days. WAJJTBD-BY a RESPICCTaBI-K woman, ok long eiperlenoe. a Httuatton aa cook; the thoroughly under - Moods all kinds of cooking and making desserts. Can furnish the best cky reference. Please apply for two day* at 'JOT Mh s>.. near m avenue. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to do ohambcrworkand fine washing andiron lag or would do the housework of a email private family. Good ciy reference. Apply at 360 14Ui it., between avenuM A and ?, for two daya. . "firANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG ENGLISH ff woman, to do general housework; cea come highly re commended for honesty, InJuery and sobriety from her last employer, with whom she Is staying for a few days. Apply at iS North Moore St., after 3 o'clock?. M. "DTTANTED?SITUATIONS, AS COOK AND CHAMBER TV maid, by two competent girle; both are good laundresses, and can give the most satisfactory references: one of them has been used to the care or child'en. and lea good waiter. Ap ply at their laat place, liOEast 19th st., where they will remain Latll eolted. ^ Wanted?by a young woman, a situation, aa chambermaid and to do fine washing and ironing; Saod oily references ran be glean. Apply at No. 1 Hall place, (tweea 8th and 7th sis., second floor. "IirANTSD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vf woma .. woman, as nurse; Is fully oompetent to take charge of a baby from Its birth; can dn cbamberwork and plain sewing; Rood city reference. Apply at 175 36th st, between 1st and 3d mvenuee, up Btaira, room No. 6. TENANTED?A SITUATION. IN A FAMILY OOINO Yf South, by a respectable young lady: can give the very beet of reference from the famdy she is with si present, wltn whom she has come North. Can be Been tor two days at 87 Henry St., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A YOCNtJ WOMAN. A bITUATION AS good plain rook, washer and Ironer; is un excellent baker of bread and Hood city reference. Apply at IDS 30th st., between lat and 2d avenues. w ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nurse or chambermaid In a novate famil y Apply at " ? d 10th e ~ ' 29ti West tilth st., between 9th aud 10th avenues. can be seen for two days. XJLTANTEFi? A SITUATION TO COOK WASH AND vv iron, or to do the general housework of a small family, or to dorhambrrwork ami warding; has lived out two jears in her last place. Can give the best city relerenrc. Please call at ICS Tbompson st., corner of Houston, room 10. ?nrANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO Vf do the housework if a small family; or as chambermaid, rand to do the fine wash g m d ironing; or as wai'tr. aud to vulnd children. Will make herself useful In every capacity. Ths best Of city reference can be gl.nn. Please call foi two days at 1" 9 7th ave , near 214 St., second flror,: uck room WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT 1HLE MTU die aged womae as cook; understands her business In P I Its branches. I' arc cull a ao. 97 9th are., between 17th Oi.d Utth sts. "BpANTED?SITU 1TTONS BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS: vv one a, rook, washer u"d ironer; the oilier as chamber tnali ana waiter No objection to assist In washl p auJ Iron ing Good city relerenrc Please Inquire for two iluys at 1S4 7-h avenue, sacond lloor, between 134 ami 2.V1 sis. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ?? chambermaid and waiter, or to do boamberwork. fine washing and ironing. Bc.-tofrltyreicrenct can be given Can be seen for two days at lift 7th avc , -croud lloor. front room, between lfab and 2utb sts. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RFSPECTABLE girl, to cook ai.d a - -1 hI In washing and ironing. Can ;;ivc JT.kkI referi-nre from bt-r lax pla>~<?. where she Ilvrdfouryeara. Call fcr two days at 331 Weal 2Gih at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED middle ap?l Protestant woman as nurse or :,riiuis're?r< in a pelvnte family. Apnl .? at 214 26tli at., between 8th und 9th aes., front room, second tloor. WANTF.D-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid In a private family. Hat good city refer ence. Ilaa no objection to en a ->hort distance In the country, i'ieage call at 91 West 19th at. Can bo seen lor two days. WANTED ?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WITH OOOl) city references, wants a situation as cook, or to do gene ra' housework. Call at 4AU Greenwich st. TXT ANTED?A SITU ATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS T T seamstrevj and to tuk" rare of children. The best Meltv references ran be glv-n. Please call at 100 2Sd St., corner 2d read ltd avenues. To be seen lor two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO cbamberwork and wa'tlng. or to take tare of children. ?Call for two days at 126 12th st., between 5th end Gtlc avenues. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, a situation as cook; she Is a first rale washer and irjrer, and a good baker, or would do housework for a small ' unlly. aa she understands all kinds of family wort. Can give tue best of city references. Can he seen for two lavs at No. 41 Spring St.. first tloor. in the rear. "WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO FT take care of children and do plain sewing, cr would do cbamberwork and assist in washing and Ironing Good re fert-ocesgGeu. Apply ai 105 Charlton at. Can he seen tor two days. TXT"ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, aa chamherina'd and waiter: has no objection to do general housework In a small private family Best ol city references given trom ber last place. Call a! 17 Dean it.*, Brooklyn, second floor, tronl room. TV ANTED- BY A BloPBOTABLl PBOYBRTAKT vv girl, a situation to do chamnerwork and plain sewing, or to lake rare nf children. Wages not so much au object as u n.ce place Please call at 2U3 hast 13th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as plain cook a. d Ural raie washer and ironer. No objection to do etiamberwork or take care of children. Best of city reference. Inquire first house Irotu Ttliary In I.awrenoe .st., Brooklyn, for two days. "T1TANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. TT as waiter or chambermaid, or waiting and sewing. Good references. Apply at 77 West 19th at., 2d tlot r. tor two days. TT.""ANTED?A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND nurse, or to da general domestle work bv a verves .leMesced Rirl- wi.h good el'y reference. Call at 106 17th at., west o' /<!> avenue, third floor, buck room, fir two days. Tptttro.VA SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS m crok. tsn, "ber and Ironer. Good city refkrUice. Can he neen lot two day."1- at m_E?sl 22d at. "IITANTED ? BY' x RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, asllna.''",n chambermaid and waiter, or to do general housework, u1" "mall prlvme family. Good city reference. Please call at95"venue, between 17th and itr'.h sis., ta the bakery store. ~UTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman as good i>i- . --ook. washer and Imner; no objection to do the ?" ,?_S ?r ? >cajl family. Goo I .7lI3 TU^5,Mlh^' flf00fc|y ^4!rra'D?A SITUATION, I1Y A RE8PECTABT.E , voting woman, to do the cooking, washing and ironing, C i private family; la a good laundress. The best of eltv reference given. Can be seen for I wo days, at 86 Weal 19lo ?? . .n the rear, near 6th av. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS V? seamstress, or nurse; or would like to engage with a (1'sssn.aker. Apply at 238 21st at. corner of 3d av. Can be wen for two days. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Vf mutation a* laundress, or to do chaniherwork and as'1st la washing and ironing; no oblection to go a short distance in the country. The,beat cttv reterence given. Please call at 114 Weal 19th st.. between 6th and 7th av*. Can be seen for two days II not ergsged. TANTED-A SITUATION, BT A FRENCH LADY, IN . J an American family, to lake care of rhlldrrn; can do plain sewing and ironing. Good referenoe. Apply at 37 Wooster at., second tloor, front room. TirANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, AS TT seamstress; one who understands plain sewing perfectly, can make dresses and tend a young lady. Apply at 68 East iltd st., between 8 and 10 o'clock A. for two days. TXT A N TEIV-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A TT sltustloa aa cook, washer and Ironer. or to do general housework. Apply at 11)3 West 28th st. fourth floor. WANTED - A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT TT joung woman, as nurse, or to do light cbamberwork and mind children, or to travel with a lady; has the best of otty reference as to character and capability. Can be seen nt 168 fu avenue, between 16lh and 17th su.. In the shoe store. "TYrANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as laundress or chambermaid; Is willing to make hersell generally ueefuL Beet of city reference given. Apply nt 112 Bairow st.. old number, toe two days. "WAWT*I>-A SITUATION. AS WET NUBSE. BY A TT highly respectable hootch woman; has a fresh breast of milk, ( aa be seen this day at It) Leonard st.. In the base meat, from 6 A. M. to?r. M. __ If ANTED?A SITUATION, by A YOUNG WOMAN. AS . T lady's maid and seamstress, understand* hstr dressing to the neatest manner; also is willing to assist with grown ohli tlren if required. Can give (aUsftrtnry rtty reference i rotn her lustplaee. Please address H. F., Un'.m square Post oOee. WANTED-A PROTBNT\NT OtBL, AR NUB8E AND seamstress; one who understands rut'tng and tnak Ing children's clothes, and Is willing to msko herseli gene rGlj useful. Must corns well recommend. 1 from h?r last lace. None others nsed apply at Ale 2d avenue. corner o( 3th street. w w w -4 "WANTED?BY A RKSPUCTABL* GIRL. A SITU TT tineas chainbernistdand Waiter. has no to ttesisl In sashing and Ironing; would go a short distance tn the country, good cltv reference. Call at 86 West 19th at., lor two days. W??ANTED -A YOUNG LADY WIRHER A RITTATION in a school or family, as teacher ol Kngltah, French nut music Can give unexceptionable references as to ahlU t. s. Address, for one seek Instructress, 1R1 West 33th ter?e?, first house east of ?th avenue. "TirANrKD-A R1TUAT10N. BT A RESPECTABLE WO TT man, as chambermaid and seamstress; is a first rate i?mbrotderer; no objection totske.harge of a baby. Can be itev u for two days at 166 West 27th street. Has good d'y rei'e Srtneea. 1X7"AN TED?BY A RESPECTA ItLK GIRL, A SITU A TT fton. In either Nee Tork or BrrsAyn. u oo.*. washer fin i ironer; would hare no objection to do up stairs work. Can 8ve good city reterenee. Can be seen for two ,uVs st Peier .-us', Bu Jerst., 1U0 feet south trom lioyt, Brooklyn, ?ik'AVTED-A WTUATTON. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY yT t,\ s respectahle voting moman, as chambermaid and j. nd-Ms, or as waller, understands die buaires* tboroughlr. S. ? -r .pecwb'e cltv reference ran be given Apply .n |' stj good? store 46J . J arc-, between 121 and 33d Ms. SITUATIONS VAffRD. Vi 7\ANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION to cook, wuh and Iron, or to do general homework; haa no objection to goto the oour'ry. Call at 28 Union at., fouth Brooklyn, In the butcher's store. TITANTED?A SITUATION AB SEAMSTRESS. BT A TT young girl; ahe understands all kinds of family sewing and chamberwork. Call at G62 Houston at., room IS. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN. A n situation as good plain cook, good washer and trouer, and baker. Good rulcrcuce. Apply fur taro days at 101 West 25th at., between 6lb and ith avenues. t\T ANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f I young woman, as good oook. washer and troner, or to do general bousewiork In n small family. Good rcfereaoe. Apply at K Ilenry street, rear building TO-ANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ?T cook; good otty references. Apply at 133 Navy atreet, Brooklyn, tor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman; she is an eicellent dressmaker, can do all kinds ol cutung und titling. Has the best of city reference. Please call at tW9 Elizabeth st? near Bloeeher at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE s - - young woman, to do genera) housework: la a good washer, roner and plain cook. City reference given If required. Please call at 693 Washington at. TOANTED-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN. A v V a situation as child's nurae; Is capable of taking the entire charge of an infant. Good reference given. Please address, for two days, J. W., 32 Jane qt. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurse or to do plain se wing. Inquire at 319 Greenwich st WAITER AND COACHMAN.?WANTED. A SITUA Hon aa waiter or coachman, by a colored man, who can give the most satisfactory UsUmonials as to character and ca pabllltv from bla lost employer. Apply during this week at 117 West 21st st. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A steady man, who understands his busineas; U a careful driver, and can be well recommended. A letter addressed to A. St., Herald office, will he attended to. WANTED-A SITUATION, FY A RESPECT ABLE young man, as groom or gardener; understands the care of brrses perfectly; has no objecttonto make himself generally useful. The best of reference can be produoed. Call at 9010th st., in (be rear, fpr two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, AB SUPERINTENDENT OF a farm, by a gentleman of a thorough agricultural edu cation and who has acquired a great experience in that line by practising lilmsetf for several years In the old country. The advertiser can furnish the best references. Address Y.K., No. 37 Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION A8 WAITER, IN A PEL vale family, by a respectable young man, who under stands his business thoroughly, and haa Uved with some of the most respectable families in this city. Any communication ad dressed H. b., at Mr. Corwln's, 811 Broadway, between 11th and 12th sts., will meet attention until engaged. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A sltnatlon as porter in a store. Has good testimonials. Can be seen until engaged. Address M. H. Walsh, DftJWest 19th St., or at the Herald office. ?TOANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS T? wallet or coaehman; will have no objections to tow nor country. Good reference. Can be seen for three days, at 112 Navy St., Brooklyn. ANTED?A SITUATION AB POSTER IN A STORE; until rstands driving and taking care of hctrac-., wages no'. SO much an object as a pcrmaueut situ a! Ion where bonc-ty, Industry and sobriety will be appreciated. Can give the best reference. Call at 20 ltoie st. after one o'clock. TOANTED?A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN. BY A if young mam Good city reference, Address C. H., He raid office lor iwo davs. . Tl' Alii B'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS ? 1 man; be thoroughly understand* tits business and can be lily i t recon-mend-d by Ids last employer. Can be seen at East 19th st., lor two days. -ATA NT Kit?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, II twenty years of age. Is a good writer, correclat figures, ?nd rangive unexeeptlonalrlo reierenees n- to character and ability. Addrtrs Jnmes J K. Herald office. FRENCH ADVERTISENIEIVT.S. ON DEMANDE?DEUX FRANOAISES. L'UNE COMME bonne civilian* ei l'autre c.rmme cou'urt' re; die- dolvent Su e mantra do reoommaudatloas irrftprochables. S'ndresaer 81 Chambers st., de 1U heures du matin a h heures da l'apret mill I. ON DEMANDE UN'E BONNE D'KNFANT5* FRANfAISE, qui pari* 1'Anglal-. Inutile de se pTMeiltarjMI t-lre muni ae bonnes recommendations. s' -.dresser a John sou, IDS et 107 Wall st.; aprus 3 In ure- de relevee. UN MONSIEUR ET SA FKMME, DKSIKKR AIT PREN dre pension cbe* une famlllefranealse dan-un aerAable quariter ue New York. .S'ndresaer a T. Hopper, St. Nicholas Hotel. UNE JRUNE FKRSONNK DESIRE 8K PLACER COM me femme de chambre ou bonne d'enfanta; parle Frnn gals Allcmand et Anglais; ellc peut thinner do bonnes recoro mcndatloua. S'adret-er M. T., o Wet IP t Broadway place. UNF. PILLS FRANCaIhE DESIRE BE PLACER C'OMME bonne d'enfanta on fltle de chambre; ode pent fuurnlr de boniie-- rerommnudalinn. b'udrren-r a 232 West 35e rue, au coin du 9e avenue, second C-lage, back ri?om. THE TRADES. BOY, 17 OR IK YEA Us OK AOE. IS DESIROUS TO Icttrn the tlntjuith business. Any person w lulling in- ser vices, will please call a1 6S .initios st., in the rear, or ill the liquor store in front, for Richard Carnell. A CABINET MAKER AND CHAIR MAKER WANTED ? Constant employment for I wo sternly men, ul fair wages Alco, a lud accuntomed to the use of tools! S. HARRISON A HON, 360 West 21th at, (YABDKNER.-A SINGLE YOUNG MAN, WITH LONG X experience ami good city reference, wishes a slluation as gardener or farmer, or both; would he prepared to take full charge of any largo or small estate, or would have no objection to go to any purt of (be Union. Can refer In his employers for lilt lust 12 years for management antl eonduel, and lias alwan been nt that business ami none other. Address Hardener, Her ald office, or Mr. J. Chambers, 351 Broadway, American In stllute. for four days, and there will he prompt attention Machine operator wanted?to operate on Wheeler, tVilmm A Oo.'s sewing machine. One who per fe lly understands the huaines will he guaranteed employ, n ent for one year. Price no obiect. Apply for one week to 8. Jefl. Perkins, 220 Broadway, Oral door to ilie right, up stairs. TO THE TRADE.?A PRACTICAL CABINET M AKER, who has tilled the situation of salesman and bookkeeper for a number of years, wants a situation. Please address G. IE, neraid ofllre, stating wbere au Interview may be hail; no objection to the country. TO .IAPANNERS?WANTED, BY A COMPETENT PER son, a situation to superintend the manufacturing o, tit panned clolh. A note ndilreased to t>2 South at., will receive attention, or Inquire as above. TO ENGINE TURNERS.?WANTED?TWO FIRST RATE workmen, who thoroughly understand the tire nnd manage mcnt Of straight line and circular engines, and can lay out their own work. Steady employment and liheral wages given toI Erst class workmen. Apply to Palmer, Richardson A Co.. 23 Mntden lane. TO TRADESMEN.?A BOY FIFTEEN YEARS OK AGE, well educated, with good city relercnec, wishes to learn a trade. Any tradesman addressing a note to J. CLaRK, rare of Mrs. UILI EN, rear of 81' Madison St., will lie attended to. TP A ILORK?WANTED, TWO OR THREE GOOD AND Jl steady men, to go a short distance from the cily. None bui those who will answer the above dc-crlptiou, need aDpir a: No^2 Aslor House, Barclay at., at 1) A. M. ' TO MERCHANT TAILOES-WANTED, BY A FIRST rale custom cutter, an engagement; he is used to cutting by the newest system the most fashionable patterns. Has no objection to go South or West, or to any large town In the Unite-A permanent situation wanted; wages mode ra;r. City ref?l'eiice. Address W. H., Herald office. WANTED-TO EMPLOY A PERPON THOROUGHLY competent to estimate the cost and conduct practically the laying of water pipes; steady employment at high wages may be had by a capable party. Addresi E. B., Herald office. T\7 \NTKt?A PRACTICAL STONE MASON; ONE WHO YY can give good reference* as to bis taking charge oi men, and being snvart, may have a good situation by applying to Wm. I jombar, Jr., 67 East 25th st., from 6 to 9 In the evening One wbo has twt charge tor gome responsible boss builder prelerrcd. WANTED- A GOOD CABINET MAKER. TO WORK ON oval bureau frame-.. Inquire at R imseyer's, norall New Haven Railroad buildings, third floor, corner of t'eutrq and Erauklln sta. CLOTHIWO, <feC . LOTHINU?LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. HAYING ANY to diapose of. oan receive a fair cash price, by aeodlag tc the stores 12 Laurens street, near Canal, or 52 west Broadway or letter by post. LAdles attsnded by Mrs. Cohen. _ 8, COHEN. Ladies and gentlemen, give your attention. ?Read this.?All ceat off clothing, secondhand lurulture, and all kinds of houseware bought, and highest prtre given In cash. Call or address by note, J. HARRIS. 122 Seventh avenue, between Klgh'eentb and Nineteenth streets. ASTROLOGY. Astonishing to all.-madamk morrow - this highly gifted lady la the most wonderful astroioglst in the world, or that baa ever been known; ahe will tell all the rvrnts of llle. even the very thoughts, and will eause speedy marriages, and sit w the likeness of the Intended BMneiM to the great astonishment of all who visit her. All who want good lurk tly to her for relief and comfort. All Interviews are strictly private, as no admission la given to gentlemen No charge u not satUitcd. 76 Broome street, between Cannon and Columbia. A8TROLOOT.?THE CEI.EBR ATED MRS. FLIURY. from Paris, whose relation has been constantly eoneul'sd by Napoleon I, gives true Information on all event* of life Questions about love, nmrringe business, Ac., are auawered by the power of magnetism, at 2G3 Broome at reel. /VARD.?MADAM PREWSTER RETURNS THANKS TO " J her Mend s and patron*, and bega to say that, after the thousands, both In this city and Philadelphia, who have con suited ber with entire aatjaflection. ahe feels roulklen; that In tne questions nf astrology, love and law mailers, andltotffinn* c eeles as rolled on constantly by Napoleon, she lias no equal (ti e will tell the name of the future bnaband. and also Ui? name of her visiter, bpeedy and sure cure of piles and corns by a wmeJy of h- r own. 76 Madison sti eet. /CLAIRVOYANCE, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. DY8PKP \J sta, daMIRy, dyeentry, liverrnmrHants, old ttleera. nervous nesa, lever and ague In Its worst form. fKeinnlr Irregularities, nightmare, hyaterira and Aaeai <?? of rhlldren cured 'II nirablei by Mrs. SEYMOUR, the grant medical rlalrroyant, 110 Spr1n?' etreet, near Broadway. Sa'lstn. don or nnpay (TLA IRVOYANCE. ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, DTSPEP J als, Urrr and kidney complaints. CtervomaeM i hetimv tlsto. various trregu'arlliee and Inward weaktie?,> < j erultaf to ladles, speedily cured, If curs'de, by Mrs ItAYKH, the heat medical and bHwfi clairvoyant In America. Office 17# Grand street, Hatlsflectton given or no pay Dr. HAYEK, Electrician. Madame meter has removed to in beventh avenue, belween Twenty (bird and Twenty fourth streets. She eoutlnttea to tell past, present and future events, likewise marriages, journeys, lawsuits, business prosper'? sickness, absent irlends. property lost or stolen. Madao e Meyer C"n verses in English, French and Oenaao. and g tn< q-iaraaiee for her art. L _ RBV WJLSTIW. A GIB** WANTED?TO DO OENKRAL HOUSEWORK, -cV wiuh and Iron, and plain eooklng, In a small family; must be a good wanker and troner and well recommended from lad place. Apply at 45 East 23th at. A YOUNG MAN WANTED, WHO UNDERSTANDS making ail klnda of band botes. A steady situation and good wages. Enquire at 109 Water St., to John Oreen. A STEWARD AND COOK WANTED FOR THE U. 8. iV steamer Crane. To a competent person liberal wages w .11 be given. Apply on board, off the Battery. A MAN WANTED.?A MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTED to superintend the buying of oysters In a restaurant; be must perfectly understand his business. Inquire at 609 Broadway, basement. Also, a waiter wanted. Apply as above. Boy wanted in a wholesale liquor btobk One who can write a good band, and can come well re com mended Address box 2,NT l'ost office. Boy wanted-from 14 to ib tears old. to wort, in an oyster saloon. Inquire at the Smplro Hotel, 4141st av'ioue, between 24th and 2Bth sts. Drug clerk wantkd-to take charge of a store; he must be fully competent, and well recommend ed. Apply by letter, stating address and references, Ualeu, Herald office. Female teacher wanted.?a lady, well qualified to teach music and drawing, ta wanted in a semi nary in Pennsylvania, French or German preferred. Ad dress U. 8 H., Tillage Green Post office. Delaware county, Pennsylvania. Houhekeepkr-wanted immediately in the city, for a very small boarding school, a middle-aged, en ergetic, able perron, not afraid to work; one able to te?ch common branches to young boys for two hours a day. Com fortable home and liberal-alary to a competent person. Ad dras P. C., Union square Post office, with rail particulars. J' R. jaffrat a sons hath room for two or ? three young men. to keep stock and sell goods In the de partment*. Those having s good acquaintance with laces and embroideries, may apply, by letter-only, giving name, address and relerenss. AD WANTED IN A BANKING HOUSE?HE MUST lie imtdllgent, of respectable family, able to write well, and of quick npprebenHion. Apply at 44 Wall street, front office, second floor, before 10 o'clock this morning. PROTESTANT NURSE WANTED-A PERSON OF UN exceptionable character and experience, rosy hear of a Birmaueoi situation on application at 14 Oramercy park. East th st., near dth av., at any Ume after 10 o'clock A. M.; city references required. Salesmen.-wanted, two smart, aotiteyouno men acquainted with the embroidery and ribbon trade. Apply, with relerence, to W. K. Peyton, 214>i Bowery, SHIPPING CLERK WAN'TED-AN ACTIVE YOUNG mo.-;, for a foundry. One having acted in ,thot capacltv in a eiove foundry preferred. Address, with references, W. P. F., box 107 Herald office, for two days. TO OANTAS8ERS.?WANTED, TWO RESPECTABLE and competent canvassers, of goo I address, to s >llelt ad vertisement* for a n* w advertising medium. Ncne but those with the above qualifications need apply. References required. Apply al 33b Broadway, room 47 WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, IN A SMALL tuijiii) without children; she must be a first rale cook. A;.ply at L"3 Sackettst., Bouib Brooklyn, between Court and Clinton. IVrANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO THE OE FF nerul housework of a small prlvute family; slu- must be a good plain cook. good wa>ber and ironer, and unJerstand baking none but those w itu good references need apply at 162 West loth st. "WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED MAN COOK, TOGO Fl te Norfolk, Virginia, In about two weeks from this; one w' 3 understands Ike business in ull lis branches. Address Levi Kowe Jr.. Florence's Hotel, 400 Broadway, stating whets he cah be found. YI7.ANTEP?A HANDMAID, WHO CAN SPEAK EITHER IF th. brtn<li and English or Fpunish and English tan guagr Apply at 141 La 13tb st. WANTED-IN A SMALL FAMILY, A WOMAN TO cook, w ash an J Iron, None but tl'0?e having good city rt f en co need apply. German or colored preferred. Apply a! No J) 2d s' . basement dour, from 9 to 11 \\J ANTED?A FRENCH WOMAN, AH SEAMSTRESS TV and to Basis in llglil cimmbei wort. Inquire at 25 Wesl 32d St., letwnen 8 and 1U o'clock. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FIFTY HANDS TO WORK II on vests. Apply at M. Kaliskl's, Mi William St., near Fulton third story. WANTtht?A GOOD GERMAN SERVANT AS COOK, II und to ass) a in washing and Ironing; one who perfectly unde Hands her work and can come well recommended may call at 210 Clinton street, Brooklyn. WASTED?SEVERAL YOUNG LADIES, TO APPEAR Fl on the stags, at the Franklin Museum, 5'iliowery. Ap ply to George Lea, between 2and 4 In tin- afternoon. WANTED?A PLAIN MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN Fl woujgp Vj dq ibq workatnl take the entire charge of the kltal*b Jeparimenv In a ftl'ii" "anilly of' 'Tree P." '"dr UU'jone, where she would be considered an one of the family; one wiio Is perfectly neat a good cook, washer, and Ironer, and would con-ider a good home preferable to wages, can apply a'. 25 Hot alio tl., between 2 and 4 o'clock. \\TANTED?IMMEDIATELY, SIX YOI'NO LADIES, To Fl silt: d a millinery store The best of wages will be paid to those who unr.ers.taud the business. Apply at 3t?>j Division st. near Obry stle. riTANTF.D-A GERMAN ftlKL. TO Go TUE GENERAL f ? housework in n email genteel tamlly; one that can come Well '? ee 'Uioiended. Apply at 85 7th st. ANTED?A COOK AND CHAMBER AID. WITH GOOD relerencej. Apply a' 56 Seventh avenue. w w TT ANTED?A SMART ENGLISH OR SCOTCH GIRL. VI almut 17 years of age to co the general housework of a small family. tuusl be e good washer ami troner. Apply In the drug store, corner of Myrtle and Franklin uvs.. East Brook lyn. ANTED-A WOMAN, TO WET NURSE A BABY, AT he. own house Apply at 2S7 Ma'tlsou St., In Hie rear. ?fTJ'ANTED ?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. TWO II I'rote <tant German. English or Scotch girls, one a< cook, washer and Ironer, must be a good plain cook and llrst rnlc wat-ber; the other to take care of a child between one and two ycursold and do >bumberwork. Wages fhand #."> a month. Must have reference from hrr last place. Iui|tilrc ut No. 3 We or .. n piece, South Ml St . near 4th. Widlaiasiiiu-g. TAT ANTED?OPERATORS, FOR SINGER'S SEWING II machines, alto. 25qtii!t?r?. Apply at 428 2d avenue, corner of 27th street, private door. ? WANTED?TOTING MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES. Advance allow ed to outfit from $50 to 575. Young men Wishing '.O go to sea will Hud r ll kinds of voyages according to canarltv, b> applying U Itanilaii A KobiOn, 151 South street, corner Peck slip, up stairs. TV'ANTED?A COACHMAN AND GROOM, WHO UN II dm etanda hie bwriaeea thoroughly. w ith the t.e?i any re feri net. Neue others in -d apply, at No. 1 Washington squire. A colored uiau preferred. TT7 ANTED?AT NO 4 F.ART BROADWAY, A SINGLE t! man. on a farm; [datcs procured for scnool teachers; i ien on steamers and railroads; hoys fur trades and groeary stores: barkeeper*, porters, coachmen and waiter*; house" keeper* seauutrcsee .. Ac ; charges moderate. Apply to EDWARD UILLKN. T\ ""ANTI-D?A SMART AND ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, II tor the retail busine.-,, Best references required. In quire In the store. 747 Broadway, at 6 o'clock P. M. \ATANTKP?AN ACCOUNTANT, ONE WHO UNDER It aland* the English curreney, toaatM iu writing two or three hours every evening lor a few weeks. Address T. E. A., box 4,519 Post office. WANTED?SEVERAL YOUNG MEN TO ENGAGE IN Tl a pleasant and permanent business in this city, and to travel North and West: can clear from $4" to $60 per mouth; security required only on the amount taken out. For particu lar-inquire oi Randall SO Ann St.. New York. Those writing lot lulormation by letter enclose a Post office stamp. \\ "ANTED?A BOY 14 OR IC YEARS OF AGE. IN A If shipping and commission house, one who writes a fluent hand is well educated, ntid resides with hts parents. None other need apply. Salary $50 to $100 first year. Address box 2,398 Post otllce. WANTED?A SMART BOY IN AN OFFICE, ONE WflO w rites a good hand and resides with bis parents. Apply Ibis morning, from 9Vj to 1014 o'clock, to James Grower, 27 Barclay et. nj ANTED?A LAP A3 ASSISTANT BAR TENDER, AT VI Wiggins' IIot*l. Coney Island, Plank mod, L. I., four miles from Fulton ferry; lrom 15 to 17 year* of age; one trum flic country aud an American preferred. -\"OUNG MEN, OR OTHERS, SEEKING EMPLOYMENT. X will find an excellenl opportunity to engage In the sale oi ar'icles In universal use on the most liberal terms, and a Sartuer wanted, with a email capital, to take an Interest in the uslneM. Apply at 81 Nassau St., room No. 13. MIICEUAKBOIIR. American manufacturf.-c. h. jones havint made an effort to Itave aanrtuarv lamps manufactured In this city, lias been successful In*finishing lour, which for tvoau ty of form and richness of spproprtate ornament are unrival led; three were lor churches of this city, viz.: St. Peter'a.t "httrch of the NstlTtty und St Attdrew's. The reverend and polite pas tor* of each II11II ItaMll* his admiration on receiving the artlrii-; the fourth was forwarded to a country order. Jones has pyxes and oil stocks for sale, of his own manufacture, superior to any tn use. save those purchased of him. Dm- gold pyx on hand, challcee entire sliver, from $17 to $10 and upwards, made to order. No. 165 Mercer atreet, between Houston and Blcecker streets. CHART .-A GENERAL AGENCY FOR COLLKiTINO bills or money due In the cities of Now York, Brooklyn, Ac.; al*o a registry for the sale and pnrrhuse of real cs'ale. Money h atted on personal property. Business prompt and rctereuce given. A. A. FORBCSlf, Broker, 29 Ann street, room No. 4. BRUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION-AT THE BRUM factory, 337 Pearl street, Franklin square All artirie* sold at the lowest factory prices Paint brushes of a superior quality constantly on hancl. Machine brushes made tn order. JOHN K. HOPPKL. DHHtCAMKRON'8 RECEIPTS-ENABLE CONSUMERS TO prepare all the Polls wing cosmetic s st one eighth the usual cos- ? Liquid hair dye, Hyrantian hair dye, Peruvian shampoo liquid. Brighton hatr restorative, bloom or roses, eau d'boquet, Li belle whl'e. freckle lotion, pouclrc subtile, dentrl ficc. pomvte ac. Price of the set only 15, cni?. For sale at I.. Broadway, 188 and ilCsi Bowe-v. 26). .til. rji and 451 Grand atreet, 38 and 273 Hudson streeq 3? Dlv'slon street ami Ui5 Eighth avenue, N. Y.; 175 AlioiiUc, and IftUaud kl2 Fulton streets, Brooklyn. or forwarded by mall on reeelpt of 25 cents. Addroes M D't'AMFRbON. 212 Columbia street. Brook'yn. Havana seoars, or several kinds, andsf gart-t'es fi r sale very chest , part taken tn eo hangeWor lurniturr ,< isel- or fancy goods Inquire at the *torc 458 Hud sou street, between Morton and Barrow streets. NEW PAT KIT SPECTACLES?FOR SEEING BOTH fiar sb.t near, through odc pslr of glasses only, whh-k ui'j tor many veart, Improving vision. K. 8 FRVNKS. Le, tnrer cm the aye. * 'c pa en'ce and tusker, No. 2 Park row, t'c the Aslnr House, Naw York. At enhance from 9 A. U Mib yt'e ? t> P. 1 1>APER HANGINGS-RICH FRENCH, ENGLISH GER . -na i and American paper hangings and borders, in velvet, gold rati:,, an * plain grounde: alto. hnfi.ntk tis J wools and raarb'** with border* tn r.?ieh?wt.,!e-uiti> o' retail. CIlIl.DS A SMITH 449 l'carl street. TO DRUGGISTS, DAOUFRREOTYPISTS. PlIOTO frsph a's glaaa manurscturer*. A?v: patent medicines, .c*e?d pollahr-'s, fire work*, met*: worktr* and art xanatn general. ?Bromine lodtoe, hypomphtde aoda. aal's gold, pnro ether. aiilphiirt .-acid.colodlor flltrlng paper, Vtenna Itme, platlna, blem'itb eadnlum. mangenese, nickel, afrootl*, zatfre, cya nide potaaelum, lltmtia paper, Inrect powder, fig Mue. pow der?l Frencil chalk asbestos fiim gatlngpastt'es Ac , f.w **;? b) DR. u FEl'OuT A AN GKR. 98 Maiden Ana. ?UARCUL. d-finn nnn ?money to loan on diamonds, ?]rUl'U.\Fl/L?. watches, jewelry, dry goods segars, *c-. or bought for onli. slocks, Dotes, mortgages, Ae., negotiated. Business confidential and prompt By THOMFHOb ft CO., broken and commission merchants, 102 Nassau street, corner ot Ann, room No. It, second floor. ?CC7 nnn T0 WAN-ON WATCHK8, diamonds, 4 .vrl/U jewelry, segiu-s, and every description of valuable property, or bought for cash, by Jot). K. ISAAC, basement office, 11 Chambers street, from 9 till fi. Business prompt and confidential Old gold and silver bought. K. U.? No business transacted on Saturday. OB OOOD Kl'Sl erlods Apply to " TON, 35 Cedar street. dfcc nnn-TO LOAN ON STOCKS

tpty.W/v ties? paper, for short perlo A.SUTTC <*?/? nnn TO W-080 WANTED, Ol* A FIRST CLASS ipi/.UUu brown stone bouse, worth $12,00(1 Principals only maj apply to GEO. W. BO STEED, 1126Third aveuue. <?/f nnn WANTED?FOB a term of tears, for ipTiUl/'' which ample security and a very liberal per oeotage will be given Address, idih real name and address J. M. H., llcrald office. ?1 r4nn WANTED-ON OOOD SECURITY; A tjj.tluu large bonus will be given, the usual In (errsu Wanted for lour or six months. A commission will be paid to any one procuring It at onee. K CttUOKR, 289 Broa fcwny, roctn IL *Cnn -A SECRETABY AND TBBA8UBKR OF A iPclUv/s manufacturing company, In successful operation, would resign, owing to other engagements, for this amount This 1? a rare chance to make money. Address, with real name, Treasurer, box 197 Herald office. A NY AMOUNT OF CLASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED OL at sight, for fair prloss, ou diamonds, waives, rich jewel ry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal property gene rally, by B. WOOD, 69 FulUw street, sooond floor, front room, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Money liberally advanced on household furniture, pianos, gold sod silver watches, jewelry, musical, surgical, and nautical Instrumsnts. horses, wagons, harness, dry goods, hardware and merchandise, and personal property of every description, on satisfactory teems, or same purchased for eMh. Applv at McCAFFRAY and WALTERS' auction and commission store, 26 Catherine at Money. ?cash liberally advanced on watches, jewelry, plate, diamonds, dry goods, pianofortes, or any other properly, at 41 Howard street, corner of Broad way, over Hawe's bakerr. Confidence and honor mav be relied upon. Business prompt. Mclaughlin a McSHANE. VTOTICE.?HOLDERS OF NEW YORK CENTRAL OR 1.1 Illinois Central Railroad boDds or stocks, can exchange $t>o,0U0 worth at par, for the fee of a very productive and first class property In lhe vicinity of Wall street. Title indisputa ble. Principals only will be treated with, and suoh will please address M. O. C., box 706 Post office. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE CONSOU dated debt of New Orleans?New Orleans August 1,1066. ?Ity virtue of the thirty-seventh seettou or the act of the Legislature ot the State or Louisiana, entitled "An act to con eolidate the city of New Orleans, and to provide for tlie govern ment and administration of Its affairs,'1 approvel Uie 22d as February, 1662, and of the fifth aecUon of the sot sopplemeu tarv tliereto, and providing for the tnoorporation of the city of Lafayette with the city ol New Orleans, approved on the same day, and of the third section of an act entitled "An act supple mi ntary to an act to consolidate the city of New Orleans, and to provide for the government and administration ot to af fairs," approved March 11, 1862 and for the purpose of meet (rig all obligations of the old oorporatlon, and of the late First Second nnd Third municipalities, and city of Lafayette, ma luring during the year 1H66. Scaled proposals will be received ..t this olllro trom this dete until Thursday, October 25, 1855, a. 12 o'clock M .for the purchase or a series of four hundred and fifty bonds, ol one thousand dollars each, said bonds Loire (later tlie first of October, iK'tft, payalde In thtrtv seven years, ot the oilire of tho treasurer ot the city, with Interest oouirons attached thereto, at tin rate of six pr- centum per amit in payable senii-anoually In the city of New Yprg. on the first of April and the first of t 'clohcr in each year. Proposals to be endorsee "Bids lor the purrha.-o o! bonds ol the city of Na? Orleans,' and addressed to the "Commissioners of the Consolidated Debt ot New Orleans " the liontls to lie adjudicated to the hlghtwi lilihler. the ( nmnisstoners reserving the t Ight to reject any on all bide Terms of pa ? no nt eiudi ot in nnv ob>igatwa* of ths or! c ty, the la'/t> municipalities or cay of Lafayette, maturing b. IJ66 OommsiomM. John I, LEWIS, Mavor. OVI on DxBOYH, ComptroDflf. W. II OA ItLAND, Treasurer. E. H. DOR ELI., Chairman Finance rouunlitec Board of Aldermen. J EAGER, Chairman Ft en re (lonmiluee Hoard ol Assistant Aldermen. C. 8. Lf.e, Necrelary. O" FFICM OF THE CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAIL rotul Company, 18 Wllbatn street. Now York, Sept. 27, 1856.?Dividend.?A dividend ol four (41 per cent ontho capital stock of this company bos been declared out of the proQU or the last six months, payable a' the office of the company, on and alter he Tub October. The transfer boohs will be closed from Uie 20th to the 25th October. By order nt the Hoard of Dlrcc le-a. K. U. LITCHFIELD, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN Rail, road Company. No 1 lfanovcr street.?Notlec to bond holders. Holrtjpa ,?f seven per cent bonds of the company arc hereby notified that in pursuance of a-i artof the general Assembly of the State of Connecticut, passed at Its lavt May secsion, the Treasurers authorized and prepared to cxchaugo for the outr.taudtng bonds hem-lug r.oven per cent iutcre-d, aud not tecurt J by mortgage bonds authorized by the before men tioned act 1 earing si* per cent interest, and secured hv an ouly mortgage on Uie company's road, franchises, At. Said ex change w ill be made ul this officii until further notlCifc Jlj' order of the Directors. WM. RESENT, Treasurer New York, Oct. 19,1836. OFFIt E OF THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT COMPANY Octobers, 1NW.?The President e.ud Directors have tilts' day diciarcd a dividend ol live per cent on the capital stock ? title company fur the six months ending 1st of August laat. ane payable to the stockholders on and otter Thursday, 1st of Nc vember mxt. The iratmtcr book will he closed Irom the 2IU. Inst, to that dale. By order C. L. L'\ Kit ITT, Secretary, The gkka? western insurance company having Its cash capita' all paid la will rnintueure takini murine risk ? 01 Monday, C'c">t>cr 1. at i.ielr office, Ureal We* tern Buddings, S3 Pine street Tills company return* to th customers seventy live per cent of (lie net nrotit* of the year't business. in serin Oopte* of the prospectus an* uliarlei mi ha bad by applying at the Secretary'.. desk. DOUGLAS ROBINSON. Secretary, TXTANTKD?BV A LADY, THE LOAN OF ONE HUN f i (Ire.l dollars, for which the use ol a good room an.I board will be given, In ? Itrsi class house, for fix months. Securliv and reference will be tlveii. Address S.C. VT.. Broadway* Post office. X\r ANTED TO BORROW- FROM $1,000 TO #2.000.?OVE " wanting l(i borrow the above sure, will pay a very llbe ral bonus, and give satisfactory security for punctual repay ment. Tiuly au exccll' nl chance to procure it large premium without risk. Address, with nnme and icslUenec, Freemason. Ileralo office. Principal* only will be treated w 1th. HORtlEh, CARK1AUKR, ATTENTION TtTRFMEN.-NRWH FROM AMELIA. Amelia Coutrrr, July 15. 1855 Messrs. Dove A Co-last autumn I had a eery flue horse In jured in one of his hind lega so badly as to enure li to swell iht size of a man's head, on which 1 tried every remedy I . mild hear or think of without relieving bun In the least Duringtha fall, the swelling continued, when your Mr Archer saw I;, and recommended your Turf Olh I procured a boule. and. In a very short time, before I had used the contents of one lolUe. the swelling subsided, mid you could not tell which leg was Injured, lie Is now well and doing all kinds of farm work. Very respectfully, ANN W. ARCHER. For sale by b'cheffiln A Bros. A Co., 40 Bookman sli ce'. Itusb Gulp. 183 Orel nwi> h street; F. C. Weill A Co.. Ho Franklin street: Edgar, McCorkle A Co., 14 Water street, sole ageme for New 3ork. T THE BAZAAR, .31 CROSBY STREET, WILL RF sold on Wednesday, ai 12o'clock, twenty horses sultab e for all purposes; also, lecor.dltand wagons, single and double A . ... ? . single harness, saddles, Ac, JOll. H. QaTFIKLD, Proprietor. Black horse, six years old, ii?? hands high, warranted sound, good In buggy or saddle, with buggy anil bames- bold low In close the estate. Can be seen at the corner of I'nion and Thirteenth atroela. G3ARRIAOES.-AN ASSORTMENT OF OCR OWN J moke, comprising every style of light or d heavy wo*; oue new hearse nmde to order. Also, some second hand coaches, doctors' phH'tons, business wagons, lot of single harues, for sale very low, tor cash or short credit. MAJOR THOMPSON A CO., 20 Wooater at., near Canal. CARRIAGE HORSES FOR SALE?FOR SALE, A VA lauble pair of large bay cur'Inge horses, seven vears old, sound and kind in single or double harness, will be sold a bar gain as the owner has not sufficient use for them. Can be seen at (beatable. 15 Third ft. between Second and Third avenuei. For sale?a beautiful gray marf., fourteen and a hnlf hands high, suitable for a doctor or ladv's sad die horse; has been used as such; can irol a mile In 4 minutes, and will stand without tying. Apply to WM. EG1NTON, 149 Fulton street. Can be aeen at Ktngily A Son's livery stable, Keade street. For sale?a fine bay horse, eioiit YEARS old. warranted sound and kind in single or double har ness. App.y at the stable, ti26 Greenwich si., in the rear. FOR SALE-IIORSES, LIGHT WAGONS, ROCKAWAYS, sttlkle... harness, An.?A large aswtttucnt of new and se cord hand, will he sold cheap; also a number of second baud sleighs, and new ones built to order, at the stables and re poet lory Nos. 8 und 10 Nevina street, corner of Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. FOB SALE?A HANDSOME BAY PONY, FOUR YEARS old, twelve and a half bands high, with one while fool and lllile star In lis lace; II will drive In single or double narneaa, or In 'he saddle. It can be seen at HI What Forty sixth streot, be tweeu Sixth and beventh avenues, for two days. For pale?a fine dark ray HORSE. SIXTEEN hands high, eight yesrs old, goca well In single and double harm ss and Is an easy, stylish saddle horse. He will be -old a bargain II applied for before Saturday next, at No. 52 I.'Di versity place. 3 be moat satisfactory guarantee will be given. For sale?a very showy white hobsk eight years old, 15)? hands high, souDd ami very Stylish, both In wagon and under saddle; also a light wagon ind harness. Apply at 156 Greene atraet.fThe property can be aeen at II. H. Lyon's stables. No. 4# Greene streei. OB SALE?A SUPERIOR MORGAN HORSE, VERY handsome and stylish, and In every respect a ftrst rale F _ -. . animal; will he sold low, as the owner has no furiber use lor him. Can he teen nl 72 lleadc street. Horse for sale?a fine hay horse, six years old, about 15', hands high; a fioe annua.. Apply nl Dickers stable, Nos. 22 and k'4 Weet ldth si. Horse and wagon wanted-a hark bay or black horse preierred. good style and action, one thai can trot in three or three ami a half minute* A light -dilfilug top Wagon In good order, blanket. Ar. Any person having the same, can addressO. W., Herald office. TtTANTFH?A PAIR OK GO'Hi WORKING HORSES, VI tollable fot ail purpose*, single or don!, v. at a reasonable price. Address box 14 New Heche lie I'ost oflk e. (KTE1.LIGEVCR OFFICFJ, 4 1Q7 BRODWAY, CORNER OF READK STREET. AT I Morris Cohnert A Co.'s dr. I c 1 tab ed respeealbr German, English, Meoich and Irish help for hotels and private families also wallers, coachmen, fanners laborers, etc., at this or the broach office, Ml Oreenwlch creel Terms mode rate. TXTET M RV'FS RECEIVED AMI Wf'T NUR-F.S TO BF TV oh'alned a' "the m cry,' .'?1 o !. avenue, eorurrot' 1Mb *k Apply bedrest 11 an-I 1 C>'| Inr k M ATCHKI, JEW ELRY, &C~ /3AL1FORMA DIAMOND'S -THIS NEW AND PF\l n V (ill tettele etlll takw the lead * id. purrlukaers of )ev?e.r? The beat Judge canne le;, Uwm from tue real diamond. Th? trrlres are within the reach cf every one. Cluster gen'a' plra fc $4 and $6; ear rffig* $?'> tc I3fr; rlnr? M to l?, Muds ladies' p4nr, croeeas loekfa. buttons, hrace'eta, tr. Article* ma<l> to order, a?l with "re a' diamond* ir. am ryie Ai?r sent hr mall to *ns ran of the Pn"M c'a'es, by enclcxcrg poknoat, addressed w L A J. JACOBe, fc)7 Bruodwog nUVAIWr RHCHLSTBR. 0:700 TT?.3,Tr"^A FIR8T CLA88 HOUSE, WKLL ?P..' V JmiJ^ ?V rooil'yn' "W?AcoUage house, in ex cellent condition. ? large house, sniiable ft>r boarders bra school. 8400 with toe privilege of buying ou reasonable aTToBInSoN Broadway, room No. 6. ofllce of ABBE * PARTMKNTS TO LET.?THE FIRST FLOOR OF J\ dwelling 801 Broadway to let, hiillol>le for business, to one of ibi ben t liuutinni to toe city, appoalu tot Hi. Nicholas contain* all the recent improverofnta, pas, Ac. Alio two fur nished room* for atomic gentlemen Apartments to let-kick, neat am> hdv apartment*, to toe four story brink houae No. 253 Co lumbia street, between Summit and Woodhull streets. Rent very low to reapectable tenant* Inquire on toe premises. it ot L. H. SIMPSON A SONS, 19 Boaverafreet A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH PANTRIES ANI> ALL Uie modern improvement a, auitable for a gentleman and hi:- wife; aUo two smsJJer room* for stogie gentlemen.? locution pleasant and convenient to toe llruadwa; stage* and fourth avenue car*, UH Fourth at. a NICK BRICK ENGLISH RARKMENT HOUSE. WITH /v Iron baloonv, to let, in a pleasant p ut of Williamsburg Tlie houae la in perfect repair and will be let very lewto a good tenant. Apply to WM. 11 KLaPP, 191 Liberty et., up slairs. A NICK THREE. STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO let?West of Broadway, convenient to the 8th avenua earn, with gas, chandeliers, hatha, range, Ac. Yearly rent 8460, the hoc tapestry carpet*, oil cloths and gas Allures. 8238, with immediate possession. _ B. W. RICHARDS, 3W Broadway. Apartments to lft-no. tss a rand street, corner of Mulberry; sitting room, kitchen and bed room; rent81280. Also, a nice ault of rooms, suitable for aamall fhmtly; rent 812 80. Attic bedrooms can be had with the abeve apartments if desired. Apply In tha drug store. A8TORR to let-anp the stock and fixtures fcr sale; It la well established In tha houae furnishing bu siness. Any man with a small capital will find It very advan tageous. Inquire on the premises, B2>* Catherine street, or at 36 same atreet. A YERY SUPERIOR HOUSE IK ALBION PLACE TO lease for three or five yeara, from lat November, on very reasonable terms. The bouse is complete, with all the modern Improvements. Location very pleasant for the resLdeuce of a gentleman or for a first class boarding house Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Furnished house to let-to a small private family, without chbdren.?a fine house and splendidly furnished, to view or Madison square, and rent taken in board by the gentleman and lady occupying the same; all modern ImprovemcntA Possession Immediately. Address box 1,823, Post ofllce. Furnished house to let till the first of may next.?A neatly lurnlshed three story brick hou-e, three rooms deep, in a pleasant neighborhood, having all the modern improvements. Rent 8100 per month; references exchanged. Apply at 181 East Twenty-first street. House to lbt-a desirable three storT house with gas. Proton water, bath, Ac., situate west of and nrt far trom Washington square. Rent 8600. with Imme diate possession, If desired. Address box 890 Post ofllce. PART OF A nOUSE TO LET-CONSISTING OF FOUR rooms, In second ?lorv, front basement and two upper rooms, to a iwo and n half story house, situated west side of the city, wllliln two miuuP s of stages and railroad Apart of the furniture would be lei with the same, or ull disposed of at a rensonaole figure. Kent very moderate. Address A. G. B., Herald office. QTORE TO LET- THE OLD ESTABLISHED CLOTHING IO store 102 Fulton street, am! fixtures for sale. Possession given immediately, if required. Inquire of THOMAS SMITH. Jr., 122Pulton street. STOKE TO LET?NEWLY FINISHED, SUITABLE FOR wholesale liquor or grocery. Apply ou toe premises, 113 Cherry street, near Catherine. STKAM POWER?ROOMS WKLL LIGHTED, WITH sleadv steam, to let. Anply at John Kennedy's slenm marble works t hirty tifto atreet, near Broadway. TO LET?FOUR GENTEEL THREE STORY DWELLING bouses, with the modern Improvements, in King street two ot them to let whom, and two to party, to genteel families Inquire at 29 King street. TO LET?THE LARGE DOUBLE HOUSE, WITH ST V bio, garden, and 60 adjoining lots. If desired, beautifully situated a' ihe cornnr ol Fourth avenue. Ninety? third and Ninety fourth hi reefs, having a flue view of the island and our rouudlbg country. Some of the lots nrc well suited for green hntlff 5. For further information spply to Mr. SKABOLG, grocery s'ore, (to Ninety -third suect, or JOHN T. FAHISfJ. iD Bread street. TO TET?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 118 HESTER strepl to a email grnleel family, consisting of front and hack par'.ois, with kitchen ntinehed, bedrooms, pantries, and a clothes pro-s It contains all the modern improvements, such us bath, Htationary wus?ii tubs, Ac. Apply on ihe uremififii. TO LET?ON MYRTLE AVENUE. CORNER OF YATES avenue, Brooklyn, twenty-five minutes' ride from Fulton ferrv, four new cottages, wi.h folding doors, lea room and piazza: slso, one Gothic cottage, comtnardlng one of tin- best views to Brooklyn. Apply to AUGUSTUS 0. FRANSIOLI o? the office of Theraason A Bryan, No. 3 Wall street, New York, or on the premises. TO LET?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, FTN'E LARGE offices to the live story brick building No. 81 West street with or Without lofts; also a large cellar. Storage wanted! Apply on the premises, third lloor. back office, or in Mr. GBR GAUD'S fiSMi 133 Nassau street, fourth lloor, J* ..'-11 WW? 1 W" _ TO LET?l'ABT OF A sfAflf.E, OR THREE OR FOUR horses taken on livery In private "table 159 Monroe street. Also, for sale, a 2,-i and 6 seal rockawav carriage. For par ticular.- apply at E. H. BROWN A GO'S, 34 Liberty street. TO LET?AND TIIE STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE. ? One of the best liquor stores down town, doing a good business for the last eighteen years, and on easy term*. In quire on the premises, of PIllLIP LYONS, 478 Pearl street, near Chatham. TO LET-OX I11TH STREET. BETWEEN TITIRD AND Fourth avenues, two new, well finished cottage houses, eight roumii each, large yard and garden; rent $1110 per year Inquire on the premises, no use nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET.?TIIE SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE, NO. S Garden row, near the southwest corner of Sixth avenue and Eleventh street; house In complete order, and will be lei on reasonable terms to a small family. Poaaeialon given Im mcdiatsly. Inquire of D. W. FEN TON, 167 Broadway, room 26 up atslrs. TO LET-the: THREE STORT AND BASEMENT brown stone house, 403 Pnclflc street, between Bond and Kevins S.recta, oneot the most healibv and select neighbor hoods In the city of Brooklyn, and finished with all the modern improvements. Inquire at 438 1'acitlc street. TO LET-A BASEMENT AND BUB-CELLAR, NO. 140 Fulton street, between Broadway and Nassau street, luo feet In depth, well suited for a restaurant or wine business. Apply to C. MACOMB hit, 138 Fulton street. TO LET?A NEAT STORE, 143>{ BOWERY, BETWEEN (Irand and Unsime streets; eiut Uent location for any bu siness, hardware, plumber's shop, clothing, and icnt low,"$'160 ior a good store and back room. Apply up stairs over the store. TO I.F.T-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOUSE 63 Carmine street, seinnd story, one bedroom In attic and privilege In kltcheu. Apply on the premises. TO LET?59 CHRISTOPHER STREET. OPPOSITE THE Pork, upper part, three rooms deep, marble mantels, gas, croton water. Ac. Inquire on the premises, one door above E'ottrth street, or at 61 Nassau stieet. rpo LET-IN THE GENTEEL HOUSE AND LOCATION. J. 162 West Twenty fourth St., the second and third stories, wMhkitchen In basement, water, gas, laundry and waterclo ?cts. Ac. Rent $30 per month till May or longer. Inquire with hi. TO LET.?A NICE THREE STORY BRICK COTTAGE bouse and parlor furniture Cor sale cheap tf applied for Immediately. Apply on the premises, No. 427 2d avenue, near 27th street. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, UNTIL THE FIRST OF MAY or longer, a house In a geuteel neighborhood. The furnl' tore now In "he house will be sold, II desired, very cheap. Ad. dress L. U., Herald oillce. TO LET-rART OF A GENTEEL FIVE STORY BRICK house, with all modern Improvements, on Tldrty tll'ih street, near Broadwav. Al?o, genteel apartments in the same neighborhood. Apply at the marole works opposite. TO LET?NO. 27 CLA8SON AVENUE, NEAR FLCSn lug avenue, a two story collage, wtih basement; rent J160 per annum; also a new house on Vandcrbtlt, near Flushing avenue; wtll accommodate two families; rent $12 per month- the cars pass within a block of the premises. In quire at 238 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET- HOUSE NO. II SECOND PLACE, THREE 8TORY and basement, thirteen moms, gss fixtures complete; rent 1500, or will be hoardod out by a gentleman and wife, fur niching their own rooms. The house would be furnished for s good tenant for $800; contains speaking tubes and conaerva lory. Apply on the premises. mo LET-TWO VERY LARGE DESIRABLE ROOMS ON 1 the first lloer, with closets attached. They are neatly furnished anil wtll be kept in the best order, for two quiet respectable gentlemen. Is nut n board lag house; I* nn car ami stage routes. Apply at 138 West Eleventh street, between 10 and 2 o'clock. TO LET?AT NO. 68 SEVENTH AVENUE, CORNER OF Fifteenth street, well fnrnlsheU airy rooms, large and sn all, wtih fall <>r partial board, on moderate terms; house contains modern Improvements; delightfully situated, and so cirty agreeable, comforts ol wittier and a borne ran be enjoyed here, tail and see before you engage elsewhere. 1Mb LET-A SECOND AND THIRD BTORY, AT 138 Seventh svenue, consisting of four rooms and seven bed routs, Isrge | an'rtes. yard and will be lei all ntgeiher or separate would be lei for a boarding bouse. Inquire of N. F. King, 2114 West Eighteenth street until 10H A. M., and ;rom 3 to <>, and 8 to 10 P. M. Kent moderate. to LET?A NEAT TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK bouse, No. 184 Franklin street, In a good neighborhood. Possess too 1st November T t. Apply to R. H. CUDLIPP, 116 William street T > LET?ON A LEASE. NEAR BROADWAY AND * Hriome street, a large house for dwellings or mechanical ptu poses. Also, a Urge place In the same neighborhood, w|th entrance on Broadway, suitable for a saloon or a club house, or blll.ard tooma. Atip'v to C. U. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau at, room 7. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN?A GENTEEL TWO BTORY and at'lo home, with stable attached, and thirty minutes from the trrrlie, by Fulton avenue railroad. For particulars spply to JOHN 1IKAIN KKD, Wall street ferry, oral 53 Fulton irtct. f|M> A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY.?TO LET, IN WIL A lismsbttrg twenty minutes' walk from the ferry, a pretty new t rick cottage, seven m<ims. marble man'le, Iran balcony, French windows, cnmior'abl* atnl respectable In every war; schools, churches, market, Ac. Inqntreat 452 Grand street, Wtlbauuburg TO LEASE?THE STORE NO. 48 CANAL STREET, 43 lee" east of Htoadway also, two rooms, 2S1.VI trance Iront Broadway, aud over a corner autre. Apply at 144 Chambers street WO B8NT-A REAL ESTATE OFFICE. SITUATED IN i the most central part of the e?y. 1 he furniture, maps together Wtih the good Will ol ;he buslne-s, with a very large atnuunt o1 aultal.le property now on hau l will be turned ,.ver to the t s ?e? renting Kent ?30U. For lunber partlcuhu-s, atltiir < Itcn Estate. Herald office. ITALUABLE L0fT WITH TWO STORY BUILDING \ (hereon, to lea>e fer alarm of >ears, on Eighth avenue, west shtr. between Thirtieth and ThirtvAr-i tar-eta. Inquire of b. 8. CHILD*. 442 Third srenne. ? EIPHEHsFS SPECIAL NOTICES. A P. A ?A GRAND FLAG PRESENTATION TO NO . hurrender Lodge, No. 1#. A. P. A. will take place on Thursday evening, October 25, INS5, al the hall of liie DemMt Dispensary, corner 8econd avenue and Twentr third street. Doors open at 1% o'clock, exercises to commence at A The following gentlemen will address the meeting:?Hon. Kraeuu Hrt.<k*, Ohauneey BhufTer fharles T Mills, James MrKialrv, Isaac J. Oliver, Justice Plercv, atnl aevoral other disttnguMMl a peak era. The order are Invited to appear tn regalia. IwkeU tor sale at the door, on the evening of the presentation. JOHN H. COWAN", Chairman, josxrn Mathews, Secretary. C1AUTION.-ALI PERSONS ARK CAPTIONED AGAINST ' receiving or nei'O'iatlng a check on the People*' Hank, for four hundred and ter. dollars. dated October 17, IMS, algi.ed W. E Haws per ColleM The above cheek wa* given as a receipt, to ODe calling himself U. Wright. Any Informa tion concerning said < hock, or the holder c-f It, or ot O. Wright, will be U-ankluUy receivisl and rewarded by the undersigned. * WILLIAM K HAWS,173CanalelreeC_ CLUB NOTICE -A 0ARDTO THE PUBLIC.-THE PRMSS of (undulates for wlmbaii n to the clnh 1* such, that a ma tlnfce reception niu be held every day hereatte', commencing this day, at the c'ub rooms from 10 o'clock A M. till ? o'clock P. M.; and a soiree on Tueadnv or each week, from 7 tt 9 P.M., to receive and consider applications for memoershlp, or sim ply to give InfornuuMn aa to tlie character and objects of the club. A committee of ladles and gen'lemon of the club win be In attendance. Knglleh, Erench, German Spanish, Ac ., spot al the rooms. Admission 25 cents. Member* of the rials (u recelvL tickets under the netv arrangement) free. Fair or the American institute, atthc cbtb IaI Palace?Open daily from 8 A. M. until 10 P. M. in many department*, thU exnlbltumaurpasacs to extent and va riety of Interest any ever held hfthe Institute. Admission tt ceou; children and apprentice*, half price. Schools with the* teachers, 6\ cent* each pupU. Those employed tn macidae turine establishments can obtain tickets to packages of nrnms five at 15 cents each. EDWIN SMITH. Chairmtoa." Joan W. Chambebs, Secretary. IBISn AID BOCrETY?A CALL TO THE GENRROVB people of New York.?The Finance Committee of the above association are about to re-commence their labor* this week. It la hoped that all, without tlaiinctton twl held themselves in readiness to aid and assist this praiseworthy object. As there srv many applicants calling on the society to be forwarded to the West snathe finances are nearly exhausted. It Is hoped that every friend of humanity will aid this praiseworthy object. Finance Committee:?Michael Cox, Thomas Martin, F. ?. Too my, Patrick Kenns. JAMES MULLIGAN President. M. T. Kkelkr, Sec. W*. Woueix, Rec. See. NOTICE TO PATENTEES. -UN8UCCESSFCI, APFLI cants for patents can have their accounts adjusted wtto government lot the money returnable to them, by calling at 90 Vnrlck street VTOTICE.?BY RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF i.1 Trustees, s meeting of the stockholders of the Kerth American Uutta P ere ha company will be held a* the affile ef the company, 102 Broadway, New York, on the third day ot November next, at 3 o'clock P. M., to take Into ronslderaUoa a proposition to Increase the oaptlat stock of the company from five to seven hundred thousand dollars; and also to take action In rclereuce to extending Its manolaclurlng department to meet the wants of the trade. 0 N. S. ROWLAND. L. R. MARSH. WILLI AM RIDER Tiusluos. T. H BUCK MASTER. JOHN RIDER, New York, Oct. 12,1965 TO ADVERTISERS?A FEW SELECT ADVERTISE meats will be admitted tn the Spaniih ediuoo of Kachst's plays, to be sold tn Havana, and co uprising from twenty thoa sand to thirty thousand copies. For term*. Ac. apply to MAKER A GODWIN, Tribune Buildings. TU* LADY WHO RECEIVED TWO DOLLARS TOO in change yesterday, at the carpet store 96 Bowery, will please call and rectify the mistake. 1UIE ItOOTH ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK WILL hold their annua, meeting a: the house ol David Treadweg, in Eighty s< venlb street near Third avenue for thetrtnsac tion of busmem very important to the Association A general ai.endaure Is requested. D. TREaDWKLL, Secretary The undersigned declares herewith that nod-b*,* contrarted tn hit name will be acknowledged by him. FREDERICK. HKMUR, I26.W Fifth street. $7 RFWAHIIS, K RE WARD wi t I, HE PAID FOR THE RECOVERY t J of the following goods:?w dozen gold pens and silver pencil cases, 7 dozen gold pencil esses, do/.en black sitw cravats, one piece ot black rutin, stolen irftm No. 16? Broad way. between the hours ot 5 and 6 0'Moek on Monday eve nlnr. The above goods are Mupftged to have been lelt soino f'a'X ChUu} tfrr by the Ptt -on who stole therm fJ- TA REWARD.?STOLEN, ON MONDAY EVENXNO, tJVJUnt the Howery Theatre, a wallet containing, about JLTIO In bills, and a promisory note foe H64 X'!, dated October 11. 1NSI1, at three months, pay able to the order of I'etcr B Roach. It was stolen from the pan'sloops pocket ol a produce dealer. ?/>0 reward will be paid lor the recovery of the money and $ 10 for the note, by nppi. log lo John Conger, 13-> llauk street. <5^0 BEWABD.-LOST, ON FRIDAY NIOllT, OCT. ?J-ntv' iy near It o'clock, a gold patent lever watch. No 19,, between Thirty second und Twenty sixth st eels, tn Broadway. If the tinder will bHng the .Hue to Mr. John Mr Culre, liquor stoie, tut the corner of Eleventh street, on tlM First avenue, he will gel lie above re ward and the oert thank.* of the owner. <fcO? REWARD.?STOLEN FROM NO 6 WILLOW street, Brooklyn, on the 11th Inst., a large gold Kng liah wati'h, open fare, Penin'.on maker. No, 3.1.18 w th a lady's belt chain, a square locket, and a large gold key attached. Any per*on by delivering the above to Mr*. Sarah Nabb, 57 lib M ?'rcet, Brooklyn, or Mr. M.?: Ogdon, *7 Be, kman street. New York will recede 'he above .ewnrd and no questions asked. (VIA REWARD.?STRAYED FKO>< ifl? OWNER ON tJPXv/ Friday morning, 10th Inst., whhe driving down Broad wav, at Thirtieth strerf, an Etigliah bull terrier ivhlle dug, with yellow spots on his rump and rbcetn; answers lo Jar* who ever v. ill return him to Jefftis, 467 Broadway, wdl receive tha above reward. REWARD -LoST-A DRAFT ON TnK MECHAN tea'Bank ng Association, the payment of which ha* been stopped. The tinder, bv returning it to 13 Cedar street, will receive the above reward $10 $10 dJ.-|A REWARD.?LOST, SOME TIME EAST WEEK, A <P-Lv/ green enamelled bracelet, wi'h 2o> ket to match. A*y one returning it to the advertiser will receive the nlmvr re wurd, w ilh ihunks. A W C. HCHAI'K, 39 William street. up stairs. REWARD ?LOST OR STOLEN. A CASE OF PAS -k j sengcr's luggage arrtveo per ship ner*chell, front Hamburg. in July I>??? t. marked It II. Ncholl, Davenport. Iowa. The above reward will be paid tor the recovery of mid cuae. L. E. AM8INCK, 1H9.1= Pearl Htreet. fr REWARD-LOST. ON THE CORNER OF PRO AD O way and Prince 'reel, nine gold studs or rest buttons, hoever will have the kindlier* to return Iht m to the owaer will receive the above reward at Mrs. Anderson'*, S71 Broadway. REWARD.?LOST?A BLACK AND TAN TERRIER ?P? J slut, with cropped ear' welching about thirteen pounds, had on a (iermau silver rhsln collar, lined with leather, and engraved lhti?:?8-F. O: It -4. The above roward will be paid lor her delivery at Oak Hall. 84 Fulton street. d?C REWARD.?LOST, ON THE MORNING OF OCTO ?J>?_Miwr 23, a small black nml tan terrier, answering to the name ot Jack. The above reward and no questions asked, will be paid on his return to 20 liearb street. (fcfT REWARD.?LOST. ON TUESDAY EVENING, ONE ???_' roll of pntent leather, near Tlhr i street. In "lie Bowery. I he hoy that round It will receive the above reward by I earing It at Mr. Jan. Uallagar's, 357 Bowery. dhQ REWARD-STR AYED FROM THE OWNER, ON ipO Saturday, 21s; Ocuiber. while driving down Broadway and Mnty-ninth treet, a rod row, with short crooked horns. Whoever will return her to the owner. Peter Sweney, between T'.h ai d 8th aves., will receive the above reward. IsOST LAND WARRANTS. Notice is hereby given, that bounty land warrant No. 3,733, lor 80 acres, Issued to me,a*ti?elaie wi dow of John Saunders, deceased, under the act of Congress of 3d March, 18(13, was by me on 7th September, 1H55, mailed at Hit! folk, Vs., to J.^Thompson, banker. New York, and that the same has been lost. All persons are cautioned against pur chasing the same, as application will be made to the Com niissiouer of Pensions lor a duplicate of such warrant, and steps have been utheu to preveul the Issuing ol a patent therefor. RIHI'AII RABY. Suffolk. Nansetnond county, Vu? 12th Oct., laid. John R. Kili v, AUorney. VTOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT BOUNTT LAND XN warrant No. 4,145, for Hit acres, Issued to inc under the art of Congress of 3d March 1*56, ivas hv me oil the 7th day ot' September. 1855, matted at Suffolk. Va., to J. Thompson, bank er, New York, and that the saute has been lost, Al. peraooa are rautloneil aga.nst purchasing the same. as|s|ipllcaUon will he made to the Commissioners of Pensions for a duplicate of sttrh warrant, nntl s;eps have been taken to prevent the loaning of a patent tberelor- JaMKS BYtlD. Bullolk, Kanaemondcounty, Va., L2U> Oct. 1806. J, 'its K. Kit in , Attorney . Notice is hereby given, that bountt land warrant. No. 12,1148, for 12U acres. Issued to me under set of 4tongraM of 3d March. 1866. was by me on 7 ih day of September .1856. mailed at Sttffotk Va.. to J.| rhnmp -on, hank er. New York, and that the same has been lost. All persons are cautioned against purchasing the same, as application will hi Hade to the < loir,ml*-loner of Pensions tor s duplicate ot aurh warrant, and au pi have been taken to prevent the Issuing of a patent therefor. BENJAMIN KEKNK, Suffolk, Nansemond county, Va., Oct. 12th, 1H6S. John .R Kilst, Attorney VOTHA 18 1'ENEMY GIVEN, THAT BOUNTY LAND IN warrant No. 12,846. tor RSin -res, lastiedto me ndcract ol Congress of 3d March, 1865, was by me sn 7tb day ot Hep tetnber, 1866, mailed at Nudnik. Va.. to J. Thompson, banker. New York, " nd that the same has been lost. Ail persona are cautioned against pur,haalrg 'he same, as appllcatlnu will be made lo Ibe Commissioner of Pcnslorin for a duplicate of audi warrant, and steps have been 'aken to prevent the Issuing of a patent therefor OROROK 000D80N, Httffolk, Nan?emond eoonty, Va., Utth Oct., 1866. John R. Attorney. A MATIUMOAIAlss A GENTLEMAN, AGRD 37, or GOOD MORAL CHA ranter, and In good circumstances, doing a lutiand profitable manufacturing business, desires to make tha ac quaintance ol a respectable lady with some fortune The lady n uat be wall ttlueah-d of a in**! disposition and appearance. An answer. Intended lo promote acquaintance, may bead drewed for four days to European, bin 70l? Herald ottk-c, and will be responded to with Utc most polite a"enu tit and oner cept tenable rcttrenccs. okntlkman, aged thirty] respect able. __ and wealthy, wtshe.i to marry a ladv attu:larlv *s;uated; rrllnement, education, amiability, and w arm liearKstnesa, also essential*; no Interview desire I until correspondence im* proved the suitableness of both parties. Address within oae month. Medlrtts. rare of Swar,*' City Express, and a frank reply w 111 be returned Mm ATUIMONY~MADK E 4KY.--MA DaM MORRrtW WILL | cans-- speedy toarsla ;t-s, and show the lik*ncs? of the In tended husband and absent fr.enda. She has made over three hundred matches In one year, all of whom now enjoy magnat es' happiness ot matrimonial pit** .\0 , g ttrootne street, he tween Cum.on and Columbia. Vf ATRIMONIAI, UWCr 76 MA Df80N~8TREKT. OOR it I ner of Catherine ?Three wtshlng to firm a ms'nmnruas aillanee will Tad It to their advantage by railing o- ad lrawtag (postpaid t Mrs. Pre wale r. who hae ojo-ncd a matrimonial re gister, whereby anv, lady tn gentleman may aer-.tre to Ihea* self ea n partner for life, without reoorfng- to the tin pleasant alternative of adver"l?lng to eipresi 'heir wishes Martlet* may send their real nsn.e, res. b-oce, business, r--!nrenee,ctr rsqiii.Pes.Ar whleh will be exchanged. Ererjr thlng concerning letters or Intervte* s stri.-tly eooh-ientta.. AO applirakions music suUla two postage stampc M^BATPTNONT.-A GENTLEMAN OF RREFECTABILITY" and means 8ul pavl'ally ar qualmed tc the rtty, wtahoa. br covresiHwitlenef or personal Interview, to make tha ar qatntant e of a ycing lady ofslsieen to twenty year, of age, of agreeable manner* and peiwma! attractions, with a view lo matrimony kDney no ot 'ec' Ad Ires. Virginian. Broadway refloat e s'atlng age ana general personal appearance, and w he'ber acquaintance is das, red by rorrenpondenre oe per sons! interview 4r?t All foaununl"Vloo?ra<'s, brorably ouu fidewtal.