Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1855 Page 7
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ADVKKTRBIbNTS Renewed ETBRT Dili f1 Addi $650. FOR SAlil. 18,000 acres wIUiIq twenty miles of the railroad?in farms of 100 acres, for cash or exchange! for good city property. THOMAS O. HAKHISHON, Virginia Land Agency, Mo. 1.1 Broadway. (OA AflA ?l'O OWNERS OK WESTERN LANDS.? MFOU.UvU. Illinois, Wisconsin, ImlUim, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa lauds wanted, lor rush, or egruauge for property tn this vicinity; also one farm of seventy acres In the best state of cultivation. JOHNSON, 308 IIroadway, room5. $C AAA -FOR 8 A LB, OR EXCHANGE FOR MKR sJ.l/vU. chauuiso of any kind, a lease for olrht years of a fine oorner property up town, paytag oyer 81,000 clear per annum; ground rent oily about $luu. Apply Immediately at 288 Broadway, room 11. 7AA -FOR SALE, TERMS EASY?KIGlfTY flpTCs I'rt/. aerea, two good houses, four orchards, other rrnlts, 25 miles In Vow Jersey, sou yards from depot; 1.VJ do , 1*4 mllea from depot, $6,5t0; tkl acres, new buildings. fruit In abundance, 30 miles, State of No * York, E. R. R *1,500; 8H do., beautiful >5,0110; 30 acres, ft :00; other cheap farms, good buildings. Tillage property, near the illy; farms for exchange for city property. WM. 11. MKLICK, 84 Seventh avetiue. dSQ AAA-FOR SALE, A F'RST CLASS HOTEL, t*EV sJIO.' "'If trally located down town, and doing a profitable business?long lease and low i out. The whole will be sold, or a man of capacity and experience In the business ukeu as partner. A periy with 03,000 cash can effect a rery advanta aeons arrang? nient. Apply to the real estate agency, 383 Broadway, room tl, otto eV ABBE A ROM SriON. ?0 AAA ?OROCERY FOR HALE?RALES $250 l'ER *PZiiV'/U. week; stock flrcsh, rent low; location, Houston street, west of Hroad way; reason lor selling, the owner going in the country. A flue < hamc'or an cnterprlalng man. Ap ply at B0 Broadway, room u. rn/1 -A BUSINESS AND A BUSINESS SPOT /"/, for v dc Satisfactory reasons given for telling, dress 8. 8., Herald office. K/lft TO $2,500,?FOR BA1.E, OR A PARTNER JpA.yJk/U wanted, In one of the best located dining anil bar rooms in the lower part of the elty, to one of the greatest bus, BOSS thoroughfares The p ropridor will sell or take a partner ef the right stamp. Apply to HOWES A FROBI8tlKR, 84 Nassau street. ?1 rnn ?FDR sale, a neat, SNUO GROCERY, ?>A?0 U" liquor and tea '.tore, doing a fair trade, lu the Bowery, near Grand street. Stock all tonight for cash, about $1.6(0, a part or the whole of which will be sold. Kent dodo. Inquire of A. H. BEAN, 83 Pearl street. o AT Ann -FOR A fl'f YEARS' LEA4B OF ipl.HUU. yard, docks, office, sheds,land a four horse en glue, all complote, corner of Hmlib street and Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn Mills. AT AAA TO $1.500 ?THE RIGHT MAN WITH TnE qPX .V\j\J above amount, will hear of a very desirable op eortunlty of engaging to real estate brokerage, by addressing Broker, box 187, Herald office. -FOR SALE?A TIP TOP DINING SALOON, i situated In the lower part of the city, on a great thoroughfare, in the neighborhood of the principal railroad dc pots and steamboat landings. Apply at 289 Broadway. BIMEBS A TAYLOR. ArAA ONLY.?LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF qltjvl; n liquor store; situation unsurpassed. This Is a cor ner store, now doing a Up top business, and must positively bo sold without reserve. Apply lmmedl.iielv at the Real Estate oflco, 208 Broadway, room No. 2. KIMEKS A TOMPKINS, ONLY.?LEAKE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF ffiJUrvJvI one of tbo best bakeries in Brooklyn. This Is a cor ner stai I, now doing a first rate business, ant] a chance seldom met with. Apply immediately at the Real Estate otllce. 3118 Broadway, room No 2 S1MKRH .* TOMPKINS. dborn -FOR SALE-V BAR ROOM, HANDSOMELY qpdi' jVr ? fitted up and doing a gooil business; die lease, tlx tares and stoek complete will bo sold for the low sum of $350; location one of the best to the Eleventh ward. Apply to HOWES A KROBISHEB, 84 Nassau street djOfTA -ONE nALF OF AN OYSTER AND DRINK ?JP^i'lUs Ing saloon for sale. One cf the proprietors going South, is obliged to sell. The location unsurpassed, in a great hiiatue.s re, and overrun with business. The place Is handsomely titled up. Apply to HOWES A FKOBISHKR, 84 Nassau street. A RARE OHANCE.-TO EXCHANGE, TWO BEAUfit ful farms, in Knox county, III., (one partly cultivated) lor merchandise suitable to the western markets, or for horses, carriages, or real ? state, not too hcavllv enoumberod. Apply |Q DUNCAN A SHAfiKELTON, 71 Nassau street. A JEWELLER'S SAFE. IIY A FIRST RATE MAKER, for sale at a great reduction from regular price, at 305 Pearl etrect. A CONFECTIONARY STORE AND SALOON FOR SALE. A rare chance tor any person going Into business, as die ?lace wHl to-sold at a bargain; the pretent owner Is going lest; it ran be conducted by a ludf; will be sold with or with out the tools; It Is In one of the best thoroughfares to the city. Address box 170 Herald office. A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE A FORTUNE.?FOR SALE, an undertaker's establishment; stock of coiling all lined and finished; situated in 7th uvcuue. No 218. Good loeaUou and no opposition; rent low, Ac. Apply on the premises, or at 304 Broadway, corner of liuaueat., room No. 18. A BOARDING HOUSE TO BE SOLD OUT, TOGETHER with a lease of three years, pleasau ly situated In the vici nity of St. John's park, with a genteel class of boarders. Ad dress G. P., Herald office. A FEED AND FLOUR STORE FOR 8ALB, WITH OR without the stock. The store located on a corner, well es tab Belted, doing a bin mess o! $l,<XHi U> $1,588 a week. The lease ami fixtures will be sold at a bargain. Apply to HOWES A FROBISHEB, 84 Nassau street. ALARGF, FIRST CLASS FAMILY OROCRRY, PRO vision and iced More, for sole, situated on o corner. In otto cI the leading business avenues, doing a business of $25,8141 yearly. Stoek on hand, shout $3,000 and will bo roduoM to ? lilt a purchaser. Apply to HOWES A FKOBISHKR, 84 Nassau street. AN OLD ESTABLISHED NEWSPAPER, BOOK AND stationery store lor sale.?Being situated In one ol the most travelled thoroughfares of the city, it has a large transien trade in addition to the regular permanent custom it has for Kra commanded. Apply to HOIVES A FUOlILSUr.K, m tutu street. CHRONOMETER FOR SALE. CHEAP.?A GOOD III N ring one. nl English make; also, ft lew choice oii paintings, which cannot be excelled Irt the United Slate*, will be sol I a Bargain. Fan be examined from 0 A. M. to 4 P. M., at ti'J Fallen street, front room, second fioor. (YOl'NTBY SKAT FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, AND J building sites tor sale?Situ 1'cd In and near the pleasant village 01 8angertlea, aiul about liftnen minutes', by ferry, lrnm the Hudson River Railroad. The houae U large and commo dious, having a front of about Ally feet by seventy live feet In depth, wllb colonnade in front and piazza on throe allien, tin I replete with every convenience. French windows, puie spring wa'er carried into second story, about eleven acre-, of gronuu under good cultivation. Including an excellent garden, grove oi trees, Ac. Tho place la pecullarlv dealrable lor private rpsl ?ience or for school purposes, being perfectly healthy, with acoeas to the village and twochurchea ofvarioiisglenoTnlhHilons, with good aoeie'y, ee. Sevetnl vorv superb building sites In the same vicinity, w lib from Ave to twenty acres each, are also mderad. They are immediately on the Hudson, overlooking it tor ten or Sfleen miles, and are every wav desirable. Inquire of IRVING, PARMELKE ,t CO., 31 I'lhc afreet., or of JOHN FKfcAM at the residence Of Blaze Lorlllard, Bin., Saugcriles, Ulster eo'uity, N. I, *jH)R KALE?A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL*CONFEC .V Uonery, with everything cetnplc'e for mauulaclurtug In quire on the premises, 68 Third avenue. For sale-tre corner of rent avenue and Koa* street, Brooklyn, on the line of tho Urren i'utnl and Fullon Ferry Railroad, it contains nine rooms, c? ;? 'ar, pautrl' S, dr. Price (1,000; cost 92.000. Can remain three year*. Apply to F. Bcholvs, Rosa street, near Bedford avenue, rR RAI.E?AT A BAROAIN. A BEAUTIFUL TWO atorv and attic cottage, situaibd on four lots, fronilng UMh and 186th alree!*, near the Hudson it-iirmul depot. In quire of JOHN C. ERNLNrb f.iCH. No 76 William street, FOR SALE?A LA ROE ASSORTMENT OF OLD AND new samples of dry goods, of foreign manufacture; they embrace a great variety of French anu Engllaii designs an l to a manntaciurer or a party In the liabit of getting up new de signs, they would prove un Invaluable purchase. To be so d cheap. For partlculais, Ac., address H. II., box 100 Herald Met. rn> RALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FO? reign stid domestic Irui: store, situate. 1 on the principal street of Brooklyn. Address Fruit, Bond street. FOR SALE-A RARE CHANCE?THE STOCK AND Fix tures of a retal: grocery and liquor stoic, now doing a good cash bualness, sic Land on the port) west corner ot Broome and Varhsk streets. The owner bavin r two stores, whom to dis pose of this one. Apply to John 0. See beck, corner Houston and Elizabeth streets. rR BALK?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A LACI and embroldeiy storr. a large casb trade established; atork well Iiaso. !rd anil honghl tor c~sh; will clear from ('! t>Mj m (6,000 yearly; best situation In the city; flnest ehanea ever oflen d for an established business Address, with real name, elating where an Interview ma be had, America, lit raid office. JJtOR KALK-A CROCK RY STORE, WITH STOCK I; and fixture*. and an excellent horse and wagon; with four rear's lease; will be sold at a sacrifice as the owner ts going West. Apply at the ? "rner of Twenty ninth streei and Ninth avtnne. r!R SALE?A VERY NICK LARGE HOC-E ON FOURTH etiwet, Alhh n piace, near tte Bowery; also one on Flr-t nvenue, near Slv'b street; mso one on West Washington pla. r; alio two ou Thirteenth street. nlv> a heuee on Ibstf-rrd stroe', low priced; and one tin Twenty first street fc. B. KI.NMilMF.R. S19 Fourth avenue, from Slo* F. H. IOK SALE.?THE FAST AND HTLKNDIO STEhMFR _ Chscor. .;9tl tot harden. 1st; fr?t long, 31 fret be m. sod 9 ON* depth ol hold She Is fully equipped, and In good running order. Apply to JOHN T IBvUlO, 7 Nassau aires i. TJIOR SALE, IN WILLIAMSBURG?A SMALL Hoc IE r and lot on Tenth -reft, vo. 8. two block, north of Otand s reet, 18 mmnu-' walk trout lib- ferry. Apply, a, al.ove, (? lerib s rret, Will atneburr ? FOR NAIF?A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND basement brown stone froi; hott e snd be, on the mother ly side of Naooad place, No. tsi, betwe aCan'onand Court streets, UrtsAlrn; lot 9MW I. ffnn< rso. Wan'ed 'o par <lusr. a pit.! ot about t.vt rr?, purl ally improved hi fenit tut in the vicinity of the southern hoondnry ef the city <,t Hrooklyn. Apply to HARBISON a BUR HALL, U William mreet. R BALE?THE LEASE. STOCK \ ND rrXTCRFS OF _ a grocery nod liquor -tore; location '.n-uri.a*?ed. and now doing a good bustnt ss. 1 hit is deeidedlv a splendid 'han<"io make money. Apply .inuie...a'?ly ?i .be if. ?j Rsta.e ,,iiee. A*- Broadway, tdllee No. i. 81 ME Kb > TOMI'KtNb YTHIR 8AI.R-THE LElbE, STOCK l.YD FIXTURES OF P Umt wtMestablished grocery, fr'ii. ami pij*t,i.,n -tore, lorner of Market strr ft ami East Hro.dws., gran active > onng rnsii, writ'in U capital, Would be taken as par nee or en gaged on fair salary. Apply oa ihe premt C FOR NALK-AN OLD LSTABWSHKD DRUG STORE, on easy termffi m one ol "**? neighborhood* in the etty, now fining ???? business an I well stocked; "getber at h contra- is oi an .rtb le uat the pieaent proprietor is now town i It" prhiftpal labels to New Y irk wllb. Nullam, ti. r reasons itv r ?el i.gou an interview. Ageau nertl not ripply. A ddrc sjfolitu-, Hrrmhl 'rffic . LIOR SALE-A BARI'.Ofl* AND OYSTER SALOON, IV 1* one ot the best t.? a' ons a the -. y 1 hi* H an oftportunhy tor a msn to make money, at It must be aicl ?u?MHInm jka faewHnn am,c*bc snip., el It (Iitrum > nYmAS t CO., 14 <?(Mbdl street imtr Jortey City lerry. agenU ne?it ?IT'I ffiVIR a ILK?TWO LAB. -T 'KF. IIE.ATFR* IN POOD r rder lira ast winter; .11 M ? ?? ap lfepplled or tarwraBlale '.a A I. J ? p r< of wat Jte*. jrttelrj and is' iotelamswtouds, W7 .'t tdaay, F F?. _ FOR SAL.H* Fob hale?a first rate bhavino machine. nearly new. A good chance for a stereo typer or elec trotyper. Address Shaver, Herald r? e. Fob sale. immediatel y, a first class dining and oyster saloon, long and well established, down town, now doing a good-business, with lease, fixtures, Ac. This is no ha-ement, and will be sold at a bargain, u' applied lor at once. Call ou C. O. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, iporu No. 7 For hai.e ciikap, ir applied kob immediately. one pair of blood bar carriage horses ltihsnds high, ds and seven years old, beautiful and stylish driver-, of great endur ance; wmi ranted sound und kind. Also, one ,;ray pa rig pony, about 13 hands blgh, five years old: can pate lu.-iJo of 2:5?, and warranted sound and kind. These horses are just from the counlry, and will he old cheap. Apply to KELLY A WILLIAMS, 99 West Eighteenth street, In the teed store F'OR SALE cnEAP? A I.ARGR DOCBI.B CYLINDER Hoe printing press warranted In good order. Has patent* tiles, six rollers registering apparatus; slse or bed 52; j lucfct H hy?7?. bald press was bulU for the New tork Illustrated News. Can he seen at 22 and 24 Pranktort stioet, basement. Terms easy. Apply M> _ ,. _ JO. ELLIOTT, Herald ofgo. For sale < iieap. if applied for immedi ately -The house known as <i? East Thirty Brut street, between Lexington and F'ourth avenue*; house about 20x16 feet, three ahiry, high ba-einent and sub-cellar, *''!] all the modern Im provenieuts: lot AKttK ft. 9 In. Pleas.! cull or address CUAS. R. PaKFITT, 68 Kaat Thirty-first street. For sale cheap.?a rare chance.?the beauti till Urst class four story and basement brick house, with all the modem Improvements, In West Thirtieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Terms easy, Immediatepoeaeeston given. If required. Apply to JOHN ff. M11.1,Wit, 442 Eighth ivonue, near Thirty fourth street. FOR HALE CHEAP, THE OWNER GOING WEST?A lot south side of highly third street, lot) feel west of r',ccund avenue; the street* are curbed and tl.tggod, aud an excellent neighborhood for a private residence. Inquire of Col. L. HART, Third avenue, below Eighty fourth street. FOR HALE, ON LIBERAL TERMS. A TOOL KTORK and plane shop, In Chicago, Illinois; will be sold either together or veparateiy This being the only piano factory In the. city, It Is & rare chance for any one. acquainted with the business. Address W. C. W., box 2,096, Chicago, Illinois. FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGED FOR A FARM OR REAL estate In ihe city?A neat hotel, near this city, worth 910,ObO, long lease, now doing fine business, all In complete order; disposed of on account of the 111 health of the proprietor and fatuity. Notes addressed to Muthcw, Herald office, stating where an interview can bu had, will be Immediately attend ed to. * , Fob sale low?the elegant marble front house, on Second place, 73 feet west of Clinton street, Brooklvn; size of lot 23 ft. 6 In. by 133 ft. The great width and beautiful location of Second place gives It a high rank for residences. Also, for sale, house and lot, with frame stable In the rear, 84 Witrren, near lloyt street; size of lot, 26x101). A !so, several lots on State. Hchermerliorn, Boerum, Smith and lloyt streets. Apply to JAMES CK11K8I1ANK, 33 Broadway. Hot air furnace for bale-with register and everything complete, suitable for a store or any apartment where a stove Is needed. Will bo sold for fill); cost fat). Can be seen at 186 tlrand street, In the drug store. Land for bale-in dinwiddie county, virgi nla-Ota) acres, suitable tor farming or wood hustnosa, situ ated on Southside Railroad, IS miles from IV'ersburg. For farther particulars apply to Wilson A Chllda, 91 Water street, N. Y., or to the subscriber, at Petersburg, V?. Z. WILSON PICKRELL. TO MANUFACTURERS OF PAI'ER HANGINGS.?FOR sale, to close a concern. 1 machine for printing ten oolora; 2 do. three do.; 1 do. polishing; 1 do. grounding; I do. burn ?shlng; I do. tracing, 12do. hand presses: 1 Bogardus' paint mill; 1 small do. The above, and a variety of other tools and apparatus, together with a quantity of paper, finished and unfinished, and coloring materials, benches, -hat'Ur g. sizing, Ac. Will be sold low to eloae up. Apply to TiiOMAH SMITH, assignee. Asy lum -tree:, tlarttord. Conn. Hotel for sale.?the lease and furniture of one of the most central, substantial and productive hotels in the city of New York. The furniture la valued a' 941,01)0. Principal* only who wish to negotiate, and can uav 920.000 cash down, will pleaso address hotel, box 836 Post office, with real name aud address. TO LET OR FOB SALE?FOUR NEW THREE STOW brown stone front houses, situated ori the corner of Waver ley place end llammoud street, containing n II the modern Im provement*. For particulars Inquire of ELISUA BLOOMER, 20? Broadway. TO TEACHERS?CLASSICAL AN') ENGLISH SCHOOL for sale. Location and aceotnmodaUors tho host In the city. Patronage genteel. Fear on for selling, 111 health. Inquire of 0. HIIEI'HERD. bookseller. No. 162 Fulton street. TO PATNTKR8.?A PAINT STORE FOR HAI.E?THIS Is a chalice seldom met with, as It Is a Urst rate stuud, and has flgn painting enough to keep one man busy. There is u stock of colors ond brushes on hand, and cverv thing to carry on the bualntvs. There Is a good amount of work on hand. Price 9300. Apply at 21(1 Grand street, Williamsburg. TO DRUOGISTB AND APOTHECARIES ?F. IIALE RE sportfully Invites the attention of purchasers to several bona fide concern* now for sale la Brooklyn. Williamsburg and New York cities. Full particulars given by calling on r. HALE, druggists' gla-s and fixture dealer, 80 Nassau street. TO RUTCHKRS AND OTHERS.?FOR BALE, A MKAT shop, now doing a snug busbies*; also, hor-e. can and har ness; for a German there Is no i etier stand in the city. rlntU fhctory teuton* for rrliiug will be given by applying at iu.) Junction Market, at the junction of Bayard and Division street* TO DAOl'EKRKAN ARTISTS.?ONE SET OF DAOIJER rean Implement* for vale cheap, the owner tiavlug no further use lor them. Call for one week at 628 Uruome street. " KlWCATlOM. dhl/V ?HOOKKRKPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC, ?lvl. tint e unlimited.?Persona In want of commercial iu ?trut Hon should make immednite application at Mr. PaINE'H rooms, now open at 233 Urand street, New York, and liki Ful ton street. Blooklyn, "In twelve lessons Col. Paine will learn any person u> write an easy, graceful hand."?Newport News filR ? BOOKKEEPING, WRITINO, AC.?STCDE.YTS ? I ai LOI.IIKaR'H acadi-mv, 609 Uruadway. aro (aught double entry by a practical bookkeeper, who explains princl Rles and details as practised In the beat commercial houses and auks. Stndcnts thus taught become good bookkeepers and command good *UuaUon*. FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES?TRAN8LAT. Ing ? CotumercUl t 'orrespondence.?I he undersigned passed ihe great examination- pro- -riiiod by government In Europe, and bus been favorably known for a number of years lur Ids practical and efficient method of private Instruc tion, at 4n3 Broadway, near Broome street, room 24. K. TKI.l.ERINO. Fit KM 'H CONVER8ATION TAUGHT HY MADAMS Hurbler's, (native 1,1 Pari*,) tpimnnl method. Th?? let* Kuan* ?u<ceaslully spoken by nil of licr pupil*. In a aimrt tlni". flu'* tor ladlea, from ,'t tod. < la. ? fur gentlemen, from 8 to 9 1*. M. At No. 4 Ureat June*' street, second .lour from tiro J M.VK. NOKI, BKROIKR INFORMS LADIES AND YOUNG Ud'e *. drat she I* opening a course of French language, hi the itiierrionn, Irom 3 io flo'clork, at her resklenee, No. IIOU Ho. oiul *voni| . 1 orin* S10 * quarter; lour poi son* lu each else,, to begin on Mi nday, Oclobor 31. PERSONS IHHFOBED TO DEVOTE A PORTION OF lime lo their educational Improvement wbl materially oiprdlio tlioli progress bv studying under the direction ol no eipor i nrnl tutor. To such advertiser is willing to give private turn ruction in English grammar and composition, bookkeeping, Greek, I.niln, and mathematics. Term* moderate. Young men desirous of olning an e renin gr bus In thn minor branches can be accommodated. Address Horace, llerald ottice, or ill) Mi. Mark'* plare. TTT' KIT I NO, IlOOKKFFPINO, AC.-ARB TAUGHT BY ?? FOSTER A DIXON, at .Hfi Broadway, (Apnleion'i Hnlidlng.) where gentlemen are qualified for mercantile pur ?nils in an expeditious and superior maimer. Term* unsierate. Pi o-prct use* and full particulars on application. __ DASIWU AbADE>11 KM. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A FEW MORE PC FILM In parlor dancing, either al her resilience or Iheu- owi All the Inshlonable dan e* .aught in one ?'oiir*e of twelve lee mn*. Addri ?* lira. K. Hpe-icer, llerald ofllce. rimnof dancing academy.?madamm c. dm. r Ilk ELL FKKKKKII and K. I KllkKRO respectfully aa bounce thai their nchool l< now open. ? ircu an containing ten. a and day* of tuition can be utunned at the academy, hi Weal Fourteenth street Brooklyn.?Madame 0. Dnbreul Farrero and E. Ferrer# respeeltully inlorm the residents of Brooklyn that they luir# opened a brant b of their New York academy at Montague t'a.I tSrart str.-et, Brooklyn, Tuesdays and Fr.ilays. at .1', I'. M Clnulari r,? mining i*ru>* and days of tuition ran he oho* ned at the slot e of Messrs. Smith A Lord. 1U6 Fulton street, liro.>t On Madame augusta will he open ru n dancing on the 15th of October. In New York, a i!,r i hlnese building*, on Wednesday* And Saturdays. In Brook Itn, at the Atbriia tun. Atlantic street, on Monday* aad F t days. N. B.?For particular* apply at 713 Braadwny, or Dp Ileurj street. Biook yn. MKR. A. LANNAY'R DANCING SCHOOL, AT MOV tague Kali, Court stree1, Brooklyn, is now open. I?cs sons on Wednesdays ?nd Saturdays, rummoneiug at i'-i o'Cs-lc For term*. Ac., apply lo Mr. lonnay, alAN Wil loughby street, Utuoklyn, or ai the ball, nn tin suticd day* and hours. MCHARRUAUD'R DANCING SCHOOL IS NOW OPEN . at 54 East Thtr'oenth street, we*' of Brondwav, on errrj We Inesday and Saturday ,at U. noon, and orioek jfu-r noon, for ladies, mls-.-s ami masters, at la.* lor geuunaco la miming, Monday and Thursday, ?t 7&, evening. HOTELS. C'OLLIMS' HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL STREET, Wlf.L .'let suits ol tour rooms and parlors, with bedroom', for tsoiiite*. or s;t,git rooms, ot? mo?t nssuaahle term*, lor tii? winter months. TALLM.YX A MaFKH, Proprietor*. HOI DRMn; K'8 HOTEL, 75# BROADWAY CORNER of Clinton p.aee ?Super.oi ?partition tor UtuiJ.-1 or b div dun j, ran new be obtained, w1h or without board oy the m alnr week, servel in the dining or private parlors, a fr luted p river. Baths fp e. R<?ita? rent trotn Ad to Mo per wesk^ ViH. il'iLDKhlKlK, Proprietor. The ooixitsp id .tel. root caval strlet, will it: to permanent or ttanaieiii hoar icrs, nui's <g parlors or single I'miu, on mtiai reasonable Irrma. Die location l* a de slrabieone. fron inx the rlrer, with a full view of 'ha harbor, and ? on# en tent lo all parts ol .he effr. ua* sutir front uuree u> 9Z1 TALLMA N_A -IAJ'fce, I'mprtetora. ?y-ORK FAMILY- HOTEL, NEW HBJDOK STHBET, LCD A gate mi., I nod on?The ahova house is centrally silusi'd has an MeetMM ooflr* nem, ten or twalre pnrate sivin room#, between ? r* r and Bllr Hghi, airy bedrooms,* '.-riod smoking to..m. warm.eold ami shower baths, alwave reid r A right porterla ?tier,dance. A llied ehsr*e for aereams The New York Herald l? Hied. THOMAS QUAf'.TbKMAI NF isbo propriatv of the Crown and keep tor, and ship Tarerns ? irrenwl. h,t tetiders his graleful tb.-.nk? to fat# \mer .-an fru-utb 'or the favor* he has so long enjoyed at their hands and* heir oontinoed patronage and recotamendauon. IWRTIWI. liY?BFALE-AN rTAMAN ORETHOCND, d?LCTJ m P ven monihe old and ope of the hnndsomeat 'hi,' has ever been teen on this spte of theAilsntlc, .n lonu *n?l color. A Isdy or gentleman In want of such a dog, ,r they will addre>. l ailan Herald olbce, sui'uig where they ran ?e seen. wUl t>* ended upon Ac, ?RfftCEING BIRD?FOB RALE, A RELENT)ft) 'TOc irl ug bird, three ye.r- old. m.sks Uie cat, dog hen nest and sings to ihei iwneof, High Bkfdy Martin, ot >? ',n... Any prracn wanting n flr.c h.rd may apply al 47o F , ,i th ??; n '. PL A VINO CAROM. PLATING f'ARDfl OF EVERY DE-( RIPTION Ft) sale, at the I men CartTNfsunfartory. 177 at'd 171 Or? street, near Rmadway. tnetodlng single'and daub!,. h'?a,|. < t smen'ed and plain, ami flpanlsh cards g i,,. -ioe ir > I'nen faro .art*, well -asmied and warranted not pj >* made expreaaiy Mr deaiiof F rm LIVERPOOL?UNITED HTAT8H MAIL HTRAM Mn ATLANTIC, JM. Waal, commander.?Thin alaun chip will deperl wuh the llnM buuea malls lor Europe posi tively en Wednesday. October 81, at 12 o'clock, M., Drum for berth, ct the toot of Canal street. for freight or uunt?, hav tog unequalled acccommodaUuti for elegance end comfort, ftp pi; to KDW Akti) K. COLLI Nrt, M WcU street. Passengers ore requested to bt. ?n board At II o'clock A. M. Skippers piece* take nctloe, that the ship* of this Une cannot carrv any goods contraband of war. Ail letters nniet paw through the Poet ? flies, any others will be returned. The steamship Baltic will succeed the Atlantic, cad leave Novem ber U. Black ball link ok hafMkts kob Liverpool? thn clipper ship YORKSHIRE, 288n ions, Captain Mar sbsll. will positively nail on the VWIi of oc'olirr. Kor terms or ealiia, second cabin and (Peerage passage, apnlv on board, foot of Bookman Street, lout river, or to JACOB WILSON, lt'ft South street. IjtoR livkrfool.-mails on kriday, o<rr. m. the well known and favor to packet ship CONSTITUTION, t apt- llrittou Kor cabin. ?e una eatiiu or steerage pasaage, apply on hoard, pier ID. Kan river, loot of Hurling slip, or to TUUri. O. KOt.'llK. tO South street. For uvKRPooir-TnF. atrd packkt oiip Wlinam Tapsrnit, Cap!. J. B. Hell, will positively sail mi I hiirsiiay, net. 25, IdflA, at noon. A few more second eahtn and steerage nasi ages can be engaged b. early applioaliou on board, at Pier 41, ?. It.; or to TAPSCOTT A CO., 86 South *L_ BtOR l.IVKRPOOL?ST. OROROK'SLt K.-TIIK HPIKN dld new clipper ship EsCt HIT, OapL Lynch, will positive ly sail on Saturday, 27 th October, For passage In caoin, te cond cabin or Ate or age, apply on b?.ir I, pier li >urih river, or to DKMABEST A JON us, 40 South street, and 3d Old slip. FHIR LIVERPOOL?K"I HIRE LINE - TIIK MAUNIKI cent and celebrated eilpper shlpillTY OK NSW YORK, C?pt. Moses, will f -lively sail on Saiurday, 27th f)cp)Dor. Kor passage UI eat 111. second cabin or steerage, having accain nitslatioiis unequalled, apply on board, p.ur 0, Nor h river, or to DHMAKKST i JONES, 40 South street, and 34 Old slip. IOR LIVERPOOL -CLIPPER LINE-TO KAIL HOdI sitlvely on lbs aiib (iclolmr. fbu celebrated fast soiling new clipper ship OAZKTTKKK, Capt. Wallhigtnn, will cer talnlv rail as above. For passage in eabln, second cabin or steerage, apply ou board, at pier 33 Bast river, or to C. A. TUN KYt,'K,il7 South street. The vandkrbilt European steamship line? Kor Southampton end Havre ?The superior first cbuui steamsbln AH1KJL. 2,300 ions, Lefovrc, commander, will |m>*i lively anil as above on Satur<lay, Nov. 3, ai uunti precisely, from pier No. 30 North river, lowl ol Clumber* street. K lrsi diss passage 8110 Second class passage tsj VIXEO DATES Oft' SAILIMU. Nnr Korlt. H'ltvc n mi Southitmpt'm. Ariel Nov. 3 Artel Oct 13 NoruHtur Nov. 24 North Star Nov. 3 Ariel Dec. IS Ariel .......Nov. 24 Nordi Star Ilee Ift Ariel 'an. A, livsl Thp?e ships hRvo watertight cmnparhueiiis Slid arc buitt and tilled in the best manner lor saiely and oomtort; els * a I. anil insure at the lies est niton, ladteri, prepaid, each Ml^c. Sir Is <A, uie received at the oilier of die line. No. 3 Howllug ri en, till 11 o'clock A. M. of the lay of sailing. Hoods and sprite taken at reduced rates, and parcels, prepaid, each 81 and upwards. Pur freight or pa-sago apply to I). TORRANCE, No. 5 Howling llreen. Now York. ALBERT N. CHKYSTIK, No. 6 Place do la Bourse, Parts. CHKYSTIK, HCHljOKSSMAN A Ci>., 27 Qual Ofturifnlr Ifrlavlgne, Rivra NEW YtIRK AND HAVRE BlEvMSHIP COMPANY.? I'nued States mail steamers tor southampani and Havre. Hie new steamer altAtJO,oi 2,300 tons, Cap'. If. Lines, will leuve Now York forHouthaniptou and lla,re on Saturday, tlm 17th November, from pier No. IfI, Norih ltlver, at 12o'clock M. Built expressly for government service, with doubts engines muler deck, every cure has been taken is tho coftuiructlon of hull and machinery to ensure aalciy and speed, 1'lie ship hsa live wider tight compartments, incloftlng tie- engines, so dial in tm- event ol collision or stranding the water could noi roach them, ?nr the pumps being free to work tho safety of tlio ves sj-i and passengers would be secured. Recent c vpnrlenco has fully di "jitinstraitd the absolute neeeselty oi this mudt. of con struction. 'I he AccoratnndsUons mr pinsseiigni < um bollovod in combine every couilori and couvenluui-e that can be desired. 7 be price01 parage u> houihumpuin and Havra Is:? First cabin 8180 .Second cabin , 3 To passengers going to London these steumrr* uller the ud vantage of economy, both in Umeand expense. Specie delivered In Isuulon. All letters must pasa Ihrougfc toe I'ost office. Baggage not wanted duf log llin voyage to bo seutou board tho day beldro salting,marked below. MORTIMER LIVINURTON. Hre'a . 53 Broadway. N. B.?'I he new sicamer Pulton, of the sumo tonnage and construction, commanded by ,1101. .lames A. Woiton, will fol low the Arago on tue 13th December. Bremen, via hoi'i-hami'ton?run united states n.nll steamship HERMANN, E. Higglns, commander, will sad for Bremen, loucnmg at .Hou'.lutmpuui, to laud U.n malls and passengers for England ami Kianre.on Sainnlay, November 3, at 12 o'clock, M . from pier 117 North river. Price of pn?s.-ige trom New York to Southampton or Bremen:? In first eat In, main saloon 81311 In first cabin, lower saloon 110 In second cabin fid A n experienced surgeon Is tiitur bed to each steamer. Specie delivered In Havre or London. All Idlers must paaa through the Post office. Kor passage or freight apply 1 I! H. SAND, Agent, 11 Souifi William atrerl The steamer Washington w 111 succeed the lloraiann. and ?ail December 1. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP i'oiupeny Intend .ailing their IWvallte steamships? CITY OF BALTIMORR, 2,3?7 tons. Cap . Robert I-e.ltch. CITY or WAMIINHTON, 2.V10 tons, I 'apt. Win. Wylle. CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2,10V tons, Capl I'. (1. l'etrle. Baloon, f'Jb, Kd and $05. accorulng to sla-e rooms. A Hunted number of third class iiAsaaugLr* will be taken from l'hlladi hdii* and Llvrrpisil and found 111 prtivl-ion*. from HlUln'b'lphla $30 | K ram LiverpoO' 8-10 Parties wishing 10 bring out their friends, can obtain certifi cates of passage and droits oa Liverpool, lii sums of ?1 -dor Ung and upwards. Apply to HAML'KL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut stree', Philadelphia, acd No. 7 Broadway, New York. JjfllR CALIFORNIA.?NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA J Nirsmsblp line, via Nicaragua? Arcesaory Transit 1'om pany, of Mraragns, proprietors?Through 111 ailvaucoof u.e mails?700 miles shorter than anv other route. Tho splendid doulon cngtni; ? i-am-lup N'OHlllKKV I.1HHT, {.',.VeI loos burden,)! ant. Tluklepadgh, will leave plnr No II North river at3 n'clock P. M., preelaeTy, tor Pnnia Arenas, n Wolnev day, October 21, lend, eouoeodng with the 'U-auisolp HIKRH \ NEVADA, fa.'sD tons burden,) over the Nicaragua* Transit route, l aving outlwtlvj- nu'es nt land transpor adon by fir ? rlars l arritges. For information or passage at Ike reduced ralerj, apply only to ('HARLEM MUKU AN. Agei,\ No. 2 How ling clret n. le-i'er bags made up at the otiice. Huuuped let ters la gun for ?>? cent* each. XjUKnT CLIPPER FOB SAX FRANOIHfX).?DRHPATCH J I Joe. ijuiinuitrod lo aai! un or before the Kith November. I ho nmfrnitiraiii A 1 first ciaaa clipper ship OCEAN KX Pit Hew, Cunningham mauler, 1* now ragctvfn? barcargoad pier 9, k'ui riyer, ?nd will tx/aiuvely sail hhuIiovc. Htiipperi Hie })?rt|< n hi Iv req nested ,<? examine this t.trnmi* dipper, an.| Judge fbr themselves of her ability In land her eariio in Ktwn Iiiuiici. ?t Uin rarlieat possible day, in dim order. All freight liouM In" on In aril before Sulur'Hv. 3d Xoreiaoer, and bills of iadtn - liar dad Into the < Hire lor m unUire, SCTTOX A CO., H Hondi Mr eel, comer of Wall, X. B.?The vi Hell of this line lake no freight after Uie 'lay advert Lied. Australia -Tire ship h. h milam whj. sail on Wndi.i -ilay, Odeher 24. i an arwmiotodaia four aa rond r.-vhi" MmteBxera, aim one In Br?i cabin. Passenger* will p'eaie Iiavi' tjwlr liHggiup on bowrd on Monday wl'limit lill. for passage itppy nu Ward, or to ABKXLL A h.l, J.IOT, v< pearl ? treat* Al'STR A MA?PIONEER LIN ft?C ABB YIN (J TIIK INI, .led Motes n a.I.?The very fail ' HJ n?- Jilp i IX h 11)1 < apt. ( re. -y, will have <|ulek ileapaieh for Sydney direct. f ? freight Only, apply to B. W.I AM EBON, No. 6 Bowling Qfoea I POP. IfWAXA AM) NEW OPI.EANH.?THE UXITKD 1 Plates mail steamship CAIIAWUA, K W. Khufe.hU, comma.ider, will coaamenee raeeivinr Irelirin on Satur lny, October in and rail from her pier it, XortO nver. tool of Bobtaaon atreat, on Thursday, <n toln r B, at two P. M.. pro perly. HVI.Xt.BTOM. t ROCURROX AOO..H Broadway. Fob savaxnah-kare rkdi run -cm avok or hour.?The superior fhsl el??? steam drip STATE OF GEORGIA. Pant. J J Uarrln, will Bare PhliaJeipMomr flu rnniub on Wedm day, tret. St at 1 o'rb> It I' M. Pare SAI: i'ccrsye fa. Pss-cngcr ? hy '.he A A X. b t?in Irom New York arrive ir. ample u/nc to take thin -tup. A,'cnta in New Yore, W RANTo.s A 1 Ai.LMAX. 19 Old dtp whore stale rooraa ma\ he ms-nied The Keystone Suite, (,'spt. K ilardle, will leave as above Ort. 31. Fob savannah and Florida?united statkh mall line.?The new and elegant Strainer Al'OtJSTA, < apt. Thomas Lynn trill lea?e oft Wedni 'day. Oetoher 34 ft-m pier Xo I. North river, at 4 o'clock l". M. BUI* o< lading irtiea OO board. For trclghi apply on hoard, orfor paasa.K I.i H.L MITt'llILI.. 13 llrnadway " t'ahlu pasmgrto Syv..n nali, #S'i: lor h lor I Is through ticket* lr<,m Sew Vork loJach lonvllle *31; lo Pilatka $A. The Alabama I ai I George It. iMbemk, alii lacread, and tail tmha' inlay, Oct, T,. BNOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA.-SEMI WEEKLY I', r Mail Uae. The staunch, fine a?a cotnasteam er SOI i i)KRN Kit. T. Swan, t ornmander, will laave ptor No. 4 N It . ai 4 o'clock P. 31. precisely, no IFiilnoanay i . St For freight, apply on board, where all hills of Lading will be nxiied, and tor passage at the .ilbec of rl'OEEoRO, MLRSTON A OO !9Bro#dway; eah n psvuw" f2fi. Tbefsew lie ataasier i arollna. having reaniiisl ber regular inn* my,, rida. ? :tt c arcry I oeaoay fur ibr . skis landing* m the Si Joliti'i<rlTer Tl.ronabtleke'H to.ltnkrunrilla. 11. in Pll.'tn., f. 3 Tin .plend'.l s? uner JUrVm, W Foster, t'onuiiaieh r wiiliureeed, and lenvc on Saturda'. Oc' T, rmo SOfTHERN 'TRAVELLER* ?TUB CXITRD X Sla'es mall Eaaroiblp K'> YK< is h Captain Skinner, w II laaia pier 13 North itver. on WelnewJar 34th lajmlow. f ir Peirr.'.urg and II rtun'md, tonchwg at <<M Fatal (,'nmf un. Paaai ngen for die thm'h wll, pr.s eed da I'nenhuri With on: delar, and wli! arrive 'n Weldnn, Wltwitnftoa, Ae. ai anon ami with a* IFUa ainanar aa If they went vu R'iri ,lk. II.ey get ! t. i! ai nreheiul anv'tanysr fr<an ine lev, r as the ship dnr> no: (o near U,c Infv ie | ettiea Fasasue and hwe, sate risim uirluue 1, to old Point fe: to IVterstmrg or Hleh mood, flu. Apply to LL'DLaM * PLKAHANTU. Na. 3$ WMMfi The coNsioRntK or owners <>r a ' \r-io of eo tonaolcoai. ihlpped per harre Mab suiv, ai New Mrwta siel lo he delivered 'o J?m?- Lyons or hM aa* ,'n?. at Hp ckl i n. are be e)>? n< Udad that 'he said . .irrn la i,nw n s>lr to be delivered si f,a> of B Ire ureei, Brooklyn, and thai >1 the san e he not focbw h received It will heemrcd ai Deui,. cf wbntn u may com , rn. or be seized tor the (rright ?nd n pen*c PATRICK MI.L. M.cee ?|lfE. TIIR rMiEflfi.VED PAHftEVOCR* ON BOARD " 'he parkei ?hlp Nnrthiiinbrrlatid, from le.ieVei o Xiw Vi rk di ? m ti 'O I e nn art n: iu*i|re lo make a public m irsuw ledgnie ,i of 'he Hind and ten atnanly hearmx of iwyeata Speuitr towa l? us during the pts??,'.-. And it civ. aa great P,??? ore, at uwt same 'm.r, i? i arm.** to )wi marsed ability now ear led MteMoo wtih whirh he In* perdu nea hi- arduons duties a* r'Siimsii trr, and lo Mi lrnpar.*i kindness and runsWIeratton to all melee hts command ,r est 'ted. And wi Leg u> render to him nur my .uaiik* an.1 -..?sril.y Join In wl*hlug iiim every pro*peeltv In be parssrtt oI bis *r dtioui anil liaageroua [.risr?.,on and ail lis; ptneee lurui* I - And we Iwg fonher In add o ir oMreriatMl of he .imi .' le Qiiahtlr* displayed durlnR me passage bf his rjrellent ladv, Bis. Hperwer J. shna Pustlirasf Rnmillu* W. Kippen chas C llHt-iliag art Lbaa. Barling. Dr. c. Cotter, >htp * sotdtei. It. W?i? ?'.p..L bn I urtls Oaniel Dewdi.ey, Mary Dowdne-., AnuM Rnrla Us . L'h ed thls?l day of <>t lo.'tr. I AM extra pat. TAXTRA PAT-XAVT BOUNTY LAND AND EXTRA ?t ~?3 up.s-isni wfmn'i '>jr? pit" and '? ' twacesdoeao Units.) H*lea nayy sail rs. In a.i ? <r* sture wel..wi and t.etrs, priiii.ptly ibtamed and (?ld ..tsl all kind* of r against 'he I nil. 4 f> av* r?corsr..fhy . _ _ EDWABD HI- Klsia Agent, la-a Parser C. N, Vaey. arid Aivy,r, and Cotinaalaar at J*?w, It! Wau ?rw> MfURANf R, MEMfANI'N'FIRR ineuravcr OOBPANT-s vl'l tal 11.9i 000.- ? (ft ? T. I Br-wdwiy ^a, :lcr ., i 3 am Wi s ? ? Wri l fAXll DK ORvr/T. Froeldcn:. R??ar B. Dawsop, Nccralary FASHIONABLE FALL XtLLOnBRT, AC. FEATHERS, KLOWKRH RIBBONS, Ac. Ho* a* 4 k erenow Offer an eitemdvo n?ck < f Pari* feather*, French (lower*, ribbon*, 4e., at very low ortcea tor oaab, at No. 64 and M Julia atr?8t, corner of William. Ju?t received. I.UOU piece* black and colored ckenlllo. I All IKS OF NEW YOKIf, WlIO Wisn TO PURCHASE X fancy fum, will And Uiemaelvr* amply repaid lor their trouble by rroai-lngtbe ferry to Hnxiklyn, and examine our choice a tuck of atone marten, aable mink and other tun.

J. 1?. WILLIAMS, 219 Fulton (treat, Brrcklyu, corner (tore. IADIK8' FASHIONABLE BONNETS, X Fon Wi>tick Wn.t. L. FARCY will open'or the inspection ot the Imlle. of New York, on IVcdne-dav, October 24, a magiilfleent aeeortincut of Velvet bonnets. And alao every o'her atyle suitable for winter wear, to which he uiVI'ch the at entlon of all ladled w ho are In aearen of themimt taablonahlo and aiteatUuportalioan. MARuY, 496 Hn ad way, between Broome and Spring s tree A. MRS. RW.l.lMiS RF.SPBfTFn.LY S01.NXT* TOR aUontli u ot latlfe to her noveltlra m French hotinola, (re ceived by bo lu?i steamship i of entirely now (texture,land In great variety, ?' ? Ire not tone *een In any othernatahltahmenlin the city. MRS. BALLINUH, 07 Canal alreeC Madame mai.hkkhk takes leave to acquaint the IndlfK i nut ?he lias removed from 48H to 622 Broadway, "dn ? ily i pi o-l'r the St. Mrnolu* Hotel," where *ho will open ou Thuraday, the iAth Octoher, US5, a beautiful araortinent of Parts millinery, received by the last incomer. Mdrne. M. haa nleoconneclrcf In .?making to ber establishment, to which she aoUcita your patronage. NEW YORK FUR COMPANY.?WK BEG TO INFORM our friend* and patron* liiat wo have opened our store with an elegant stork of fur*, em,Mating of royal ermine, (two .tun and Hudson Hay inblo, mink, stone marten, dr., (elected and man,list ured under our own supervision. Parti*** pur chasing ebnuld examine war article*, which In elegance awl beauty ?l ett In rannol be Httrnasaed. JOSEPH J. NEWMVNN A Co.. 421 Broadway. Order* and repairing promt*ly at tended to. "UTINTKB OPENING. Yf PARIS MADE BONNETS, Dkxs- Cat* amii linn Dit-k*. MRS, LEVI, No. 110 Uleeckeratreet, near Broadway, bet;* lO IbfortU the i.idiei that her opening of winter utylc ot mil linery will take placo on Thursday, Ormber 25. and call* eupeclal attention to the ?unite. ? MRS. LEVI, No. UU llluecker ?tre?t. near Broadway. WINTER FASHIONS, FRENCH BONNETS AND FURS. TV Madame II Altl'.IS A SON have inucb pleasure In an nouurtug their attivalof winter bonnet*; also a full o**orlmrnt of fura, which they will ?eli ?t redtired price*, aa they are de clining the fur li aide, not having .ootn for both buslncssee. 371 It load way. $5. 001) ORE U4MJ1M, Mi. lt>|0 Otwt WORTH OF VALENUTKNNBH LACE, 'V Iv.tfl'U from I*. upward*, Jtuit rveelved. Alan, a large -lock of itch black lace *o<hI?, in diawla, ucarf*. unuiUl la* and vetla. I'ETElt HUBERTS A CO.. 376 Brnailway. .?WANTED, A STOCK OF DRY GOODS OR cloiblny. adapted to the Weu'ern trade. The ad vert l?er having u limited act ualmaneo with the bualne** men In the city, take* this method to gain the ailcuUuti of partten willing to make liberal ui rangciueut* ou time. Addreu* 1>. M , hex 2,223, Pom nlDce. ATTENTION 1R CALLED TO OUR ASSORTMENT OF iV rich lace good*, whh h In uniuirpiuwail. Point hu e* In all de. (crlptton* known; point a I'ulgullle, Brussels. Homton, Yulencl ennea ln*et*i mantilla*, (haw in and veil*, to tbenrweatdenigr*; Pari* and Nanu embroideries. very ebenn and In the iate*i ?tjle?. MH.LF.R A GRANT, 371 Broadway. AXMINSTKR CARPETS? Vartou* hi/oh, with elegant aoiua.h.H anil ui.ixt.t.iotv rrvntx*. A. T. STEWART 4 CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Itcadc street*. itRIVAI. OF A MOST ELEGANT AVI) FASHION ABLE Htock nl OruHnel* tare gi*Kl?, nomprleed >f iiolnt a l uc'iillle, point de auglelerre, print 1* appiu|tio and >iru**ei* point. In coIIhi* and a.'eeve* In tmto. Alao, la<o ut the at eve ikaenpUop, to ovary width, will tie opened t? day. (Tuesday,) at PETER ROBERTS 4 ? O.'H, J7.7 Broadway, Black guipure and lackb, all width*. Al>o, fltl.KH) worth of black thread velte, from $6 upward*, aliuwl*?ud mande*, pi*t received, at PETER IttillEllTS 4 CO.'M, 375 Bioadway. B BODIE'N CLOAKS. 4e. * GEORGE ItHtilifE. ftl Canal street, Uaajtud received another large shipment of liltA V BEAVER TALMAS. Plain ant) with h<**l*. Also, another lie of novelties to VELVET, MOIRE ANTIQUE, Ac.. Ah, Ol etylea exclualvely routined to htunw II. Black VELVET CLOAKS? at TitikTT not11a*. The latest Nfyle and Hche*t Lynoa' 'velvet. o.*c nt tvpLrii wtu. n* Hrapv nip waxa. At BL I.PIN'S MAN 111J.A EMPORIUM, 3til Broadway. C1AMBBIC HANDKCRCHIKFH. in BLOCK PATTERNS, ) in w ?ti lo.i at?n, embroidered,Just received, at PET KB ROBERTS a CO.'8, (76 Broadway. /II RTAIN MATirtlAIJi -SATIN, WORSTED AND Kj mi ton delaine*; luce and inualin curtain*. all qualr a*; window mnticen, band ptn* and loon*, cold, painted and buff and whin* Holland *hnilea. Every de irrlpUou of curtain'rim lalng* at wlioloale and retail C1I1LDS 4 SMITH, 449 Pearl -treet. DItV GOODS I'fiR SAI.K AND EXCHANGE, AT A HA It gale.? V jobber *atoeknl 41 l.ttim worth oi heniery, glove*, ribbon*, A e.. tor a e for pn. i c oh and part eichang". Apply to D. KlJiTON, Itil lii-oaitwuy,touriii linor. JjlfONOMT IN CARPETS. 'i Auburn Lov.eit, and low priced eanietlng* of ?very de*. crluliun Alan, iliugge**.*. Ac ivo., Ac. LORD 4 TAYLOR, 266, 267, 26!) and 761 Grand *L E E JILKOANT DISPLAY f)F C4RPKTIVOS. Including the tery latest Eurniiean deoign* of Kovai. VatVCT, T Arr*TKT, Hai-aaia, Ikumai** AMiTnaxa .'I.v*, Alio, R. Vi i.vev ?.<VI> A TK1.VITBU MCO(U.IO(?, All of whi' fa w 111 lie wild at ar*?n*i(i.r Low rau-nt. LOItfi 4 T4 VLtiR 266, 287 269and 361 Grand *. NGUsn AND AMERICAN 'HL CLOTHS. 1 ult HHiortmeni of wtdtha, daalgoa and prtee* at I.IIIII) 4 TA YL'iR'ii. 266, 267. 269 and 261 Grand vt. FMIIROIDKRIE" - ' KVI HAL C ABErt OK FRENCH I <)[. I\r lid -I. eve .In aels; rkfuiwiit, fi'poro lamia and x A < O.'H, 375 Broadway. iriir.mliifa. Will t.e opened lb day, a 1'KTKK l.wl.l.rtl j'RF.VOn MI'RINOKS . I n/ii. ?u li, At In. ao<l s?. per ya rd. A. T TKWART A CO., Broadway, 1 hatubera and lb-vie mrc-a. LM'.ENCIl MI ItlNOK.H? n Kerry color, nod price. AI?o, A 1.1. Wool. Kl ttiw, A Urge a-.ortmcnl ol br ght beautiful full atrlea, a- 5? W. LORD ATaVMiK. 2f?f., 387. 3W and 1511 Omu l ifrwl, And Ml Duml.Tit <7 and 49 t.benne aireeC n RAV I I.OTU TALMAN? Uf at Til imtllim ttra. FaiiblnfiaMe, rich and new. a aurmn vsttoararRT this wrr*. at lIliLPIM'R KMI'UKII M, all Broadway. (CENTUMEN '-THE MARKET HEI NO OVERSTOCKED JT wi'h rollara, we arc poaltlvely obliged to otter Ibmo tor the vaine prices'a: re'al!) that tbry are ???'!!njr for at whole pair. Tl a foods ' in l.a seen at our resldifflos, liVi Tpi.Ui ?treat. (>. A M. YKVBAII. Indian' and gentlemen's nude to ordei. IMPORTANT TO I.AOIM WHO ARE OKHfBOKS OF 1 ?aeurln*'hair winter tnrelltng rbsiks?Oanin open* on Ihursday October J-'.ifi, a iar? Invuhe of English .mariufae lurad i ioiIi Cloak* whtrli will bo sold nnnsnslly clsap. ?a lb*-' worn purchased direct trom tlm fsr'ory ai rMirol prices; alio .? hn;i: and l.oauUful a-wirimant ol ladlra' w.u'ar tunm-ls, children's OTbrsarmenta, all got up In reference '/> the " mint- winter, at OK.MN'H fla/asr, 113 Broadway, HI Mcliolaa llotal. IAOIKH' FA NOV FL'RH? J Paridonable. food and cheap, miaiini, i Arrr, (Uiia, surra, rt'rra, and tho nealy shaprd riN itkB ansae. earn, A truly rUtrant urt.rie of rrsi'um* Everr fur aa isual (naraiiiar | to be genuine ind th" t a?t of It* k rid. at Bl'Ll'lNT*. Ml ltr.*1way. MOKAH AND T VI ENTRY RI CA. An Immense randy ol entirely new and beatiM/al pet terns a' LORD A TAYLOR'S, 2M, 26?, 359 and IK I Grand at M AMTT1.I. VP. TVT.MAK, t'LOAKK.? I.airai tall ?tyiPA now ready. KlTUrira A-*nsT?tsT, Wi III. iBimcdaiuVii aiiorore I Parisian mode I a, LORD A TaYIAIR. ??#. 277, 2TAt and 'A,I Grand ftrrat, and new number* 17 and 4'J t'aUirrlno street M 01 H f)K LAINKN VND DRK.SH GOODS - AI till aaaunineiitof \ Rant Pari' Kt ti.s?. Will ba read* Monday, October 23, Alao, Low Paw a n Mr'is, An immense'loanuty ot handwdne styles IdiKIl A TaYIAiR. 2fk" 217, 259 and 2f,l Grand "r-at, and new numbers 17 ?nd 40 Catherine a . ? N i W DR1-S SILKS, K? -l?rd by the 1 nlon and AiUntlc, In* u Robaa with OnmA, Pluah, ani Yelte* PtovaoM Abo, he Wgbly larhmrit.'e ? ? rii-nu tares inure noar*. Will be opened no Mm lav. tiCober fid A. T. HTRWART A GO . Ilroadway, Chan, er> ?tvi Ueao* areata. I>' PC I VR TRADE IN CARPET,-'. KatteU Yrlve , Rruaaela, Tapeitrjr, Tb a* Pig, And ?uperfta* lagraln, kr , Ae., At * A. T -TKWA RT 4 on , R oadway Chambers ahd Read* "reruv ID WOOLLEN SHAWUf? Utah ? i-Aare arai ??> first ? a Ml EaU. ? rriee f id twrtiia aa tmitv u? varlaty AT YtST le.w Pan f? iaiRD A TATU'R Jf'5 XT. 3"' end ? I Grand mrt" and hew now ?t, t, ant ?" I a'herne so ? P't VJlLKr FROM AtiCTTOX v At 74 < ??t* etut Tai n Tl ? be ' K ' |. we fea,a bad this "W^Ti a. t>^* pT'e -e*. ; ot. Muaday. Oct_? A Y NTwW RRT A GO., Br'Adw-ay. < rambera and Reads Arrets s: HAW1.S! HlA * I.S ' ' MIAWfA'lW Antsher arnvat h ? wast "f twrn.y oart-?d mtu *m ? wis. ' ' two casta o nagatnarn' r>bs long ate wlr, afliotei cap. HI LI'IN ' HIIAWf. RtdiM'. Ml Hr wdway PIIR AHTf. Fg-H SAI.K YKRf MiW- V 8TA n ART klKHI I t T HI he sate Mrs |> A. < oasaas*. ta-uier * ?w.a P etae et, Kau also, a daiwarrgi^ tost * tra ta'dDu *1 * 'Hater, it 'be of; team UiJUut I ??? f ui a. Aflvnuim. NIBLO'S qarpkn.? ytHAL htKHlUKCt. FYNK IKD 11 Ah BISON OTKkA fOBPAWT. *rm>?K?n<r Kthiio. Ocro.r.n 31,1HAA U*h nijtbt ot the unprvaeUe nteii operatic engagement. La*t "t 1HK DAl'OITTRR OK 1HK KMJ1MKNT. Mart*... Ml.a l. ii.iPpni Taaio Mr. W ll .rn ,un Tiekata Kkiiy oat* Private Botea *.1 Orrbeiira Heata tt Hot nfllee <t*? "tally, frnro "AM io 4 K. M., lor aecurtng OrebMrtra feata and Boxer only, Thiinxla j?CROWN Dl.tMONl/H. Kridar-Farewell Beii'iii'?! .Mr. W Hirrl~<.r e>i *hl. h iv. raeloii dV.r Ihlo n"-h> anlylTIIr". MIBKU Of BsYILLB, ant BO BONO NO tOtFThK. WAT I.AiTt'HTIIKATRB?BBOAPWAP, NKAR BROOMK ?'reel.? ewlay .vrtiluff, Ori. 34 win be *rled, for U>? Aral time Intl u rountry. a rmrrri) In A MR, uaUimI? THK V vN Id-' M\.NY PUlKNIM. I'elrr t'opplfi, \bo m in of many friend. Mr.Walent hkiynnber.... Vi, U. Ilollaml Veneer Mr. Hruughnm lUairlia* Mr. Mietmrt Maln-cv Mr. .Norton Mr. FUpper Mr* Bi'arolHh Mrn Hrr Mr i Mat rli.Kale .Mr* Form n Ml** .Neil ey.. .Ml*. K "-'iifn kllu lluw Mr*. Brit Outer Mlnrlm: ttl>e Mel.?Die Mr*. Topple*, wlieoi "Our Fiiond" Mr*. Iloey TUB BKC'UKT. METRTBOI'OI.ITA* THKATRB. A Ml'bKM K.N'T FOR THK MILLION. Thla evening, ami ev. i / crenln.' In' u,v ibe w ek, OHANI) VOl Ali AMI) INKill\ MKNTA1* i:uSf'KRTM. And COROOR APHID TUtl.KU'X imd HALIJCTh, liv the IJUlRtMTK Dancing Company. dCDOr LtORKXTK U? inform Uie public 'hathewll fire a course of hlatoricat mi l pantomimic bullet*, to v. an* uicure Wtth die VIHTAOK 0* XfCRRS And the PiKUK OF AAKaOOZA. Fenor Liorente him *fmrcd neither money nor trouble In *r curing irtMn of vmtnciu talent, kmutcwi' the attraction of hit performance*, audi ok Stgnora Vletti Verflprack, prima donna contralto. ot the Grid company; Hljr. Uroea, firm tenor of the Grand Opera af Purifl, Fig Moriiui, llrat baritone of Mm ltoy*l I britm at Turin, and Nfg. Rnbhlo, the celebrated vh'lluwl. and pupil of Pa*. aninl, large orchestra and charnnwi, choice piece* <if I'n iIaii mualr, iriien and acui from vanou* opera*, wlii in tercalate with the b*'l?i*. I'UU'M nr ADfllHflOJI: Private bote* lit, ffl; 2d, W Orcborita mull * 75 oontJi i'arquot and boxcit M '* Uftllt:ry W M fJourt open at 6>4, u> commence a' 8. ACADRMYOF Ml die, FOUR I KRMTfV HTBKKr.? ITAIalAN OPFHA ? KiicvtMii HclUnUs Opt ra, In ihroo nciai, L A H O N N A M II U L A , will be prenentcd, for tb?- lirm, on WrnNKanAV, o? toriih 34. Madame Do /.* Oianfe, Hlfttorl liritfooli and Mordii, will appear. After the flrot act Mile. Or I a Ylfne and Mori*. MonpaiNiP will appear in a *?ram! I'm dr Onus. MuhIchI iMrccior awl <'on4uctor Ala* Af*r?u/? k. op^n at 7ja: Owra r<?rttnn?o' ? a at M o'cIim Ii I'. M, Hciifrval NiAU may (>?<>'Ut itrri at Uio prlndtial odiofi rop arrol Kroadwn v antl PotlfMmoUi crrn. at lUnvKlir* AflMJ. JolllaN muKio *w)ra, MP Hroadwu), und at iiall M Hon'a piano foric and mualc ?*u>ro 29V Uroadway. BUAKLKY'H HKItFNADKKH, 5.0 HHOAOWAY MOM. day Avonlnf, net. '?i, am! cvrrv ? verting dnruif ibo week. I ho ?ei >rauc< "wtful bur?ic*oii?' on die MOilKMlAN 01KL. I'rcceriing tbo Opt*, KTinoriAif MiNnmrt^r. Ttn\o alifrod?Concert ootnrncm ? N at 7^a o'clot k. Tirkata l'i ren'*. fn preparation tho comio opart " I** Chalaf, op Hwl?w?'ot tafe" (fir*t tiniO In Amerirai, initak* by a. Adam,and trana* lau'd from the French, by tho late K. Pivtuln. VTlBfaON OARDKM? V < ARM II Mr. W. HARRISON I ua tho honor of announeifiif that Ills PAhKWl bh MrilAKMT will taken lace on Friday ? veiun*, October 2?i, ??n which or i ?ion h?? will ho a ??l**ed >?v VlisS id)I IS A I'A NK. MR. hfUFTlt'N. and I he FN TfHF niTRATfC (OMR ANY; alw?, the pr?*nf Jilanla;, Afi>. OAlaftlN f?lK??*r ot t!?*? Ml. ?? * 1*) nc), who will make her Urat anticuiance in Ainer> Ihe enf,.| aiioii iu? conal-f for Mil* nlf?lit or ' Mnf ? a comic opera of the It aRRKhOF bl.V IhhK, and the oumcdlet Caor NO M>NO NO Hl.'iTKK BURTOM IN A NKW OOMIt PARI To NRJIir?I'kTKK Popplca, the doll nuiltcr -oi an oiU'nuJ com'- ly; al*o, v* I'edrfi. u rotta. TV ALLACK'8 TIlKATRK-KXTtlA V1)VIHTISKMl.NT. yy Wr.nsistiMr, tNYtuipit '24. Flrat night In America nt a new three uct rcruwly,? ailed?? A Ma n OF MAN A ' Kli N TIN, Approfittaie M# riery, Ac. ( II AM 41 tl.i Refer Popple* (the man of many (Herd*).. . Mr. Wnlcot Sam Kkrytiv'her (tlve of4 trlend) Mr. ti. lloiUi\ l The Hon. M inion Vei.mtrpbc elegant fro ml; Mr. Hftuufiurn t'apt. Ihiwkeh*4\v (the flpoi'Mna TPh*n.)? .. M- Nte\.irl Hlr Jat-oh Maini?ev (?ho dining irtcwl). . Mr. Norton Montague Flapper (tint UH'fu* lr?nd).,.. Mr. I' ??r< ilainn .Mr. JetTile* .Mr*. Pcppie* (that wRc oi ? Our Friend") Mr?. Hoey Mir. licattihh (tint lively (rh udj Mr* Hrciuh^ u Mr- Major ManlnfaM (die evperlcnw-t fidrad ..Mr* Vernon Mlaa Nfttiuy (the -u11 real frli ndj .Mt^e Kaie Ha?on Mi?* Dnw (the humble friend; Mr*. Hjrlve?uor Mlndnf Atl i Mulvfile VAiUkthc auiueliif rxmicdliMhfc ?-t TilK H t'HKT Thorrr- (with the tong,' 'Wedlock i a Ti kllah Ttilng'H... Mr. O. Holland TncwaoAy, 25tl? A Ni'M fItRKK a( I ( OMRDY, A ml <> lu i entcrtainuiem ? Ft idat?Mi. * IIODSON wli' make her third nj pearat?ee In America. T^RAKKUN MT SKI M. M IIOWICRY.- TWO PKRPOPM P sauce* arc given dally, eonimewiug at t In the *1 n-ru KMi. and at tin thaevcnliia. *llu*l the uu!y 4?taoiirt.imtul?u i!ac United Stan * where .h?* MODKI. ABTIHTKH am exhibit*d with other ort'iiltia 4 .ifet iainment*. ffMlF. BNTIUAdK-AT THK Af*AHr.MY OK Ml'SfO 1 Nlhh?'* Harden and Ita- ? : ? ? Tlie I'u.ral" la gr% ttiffoii?lf HatrR, ited ctrry * * *ttoa at Nlblo'a Harden, 'h# AfOdemy of Mtiah- ar>d M*i e Ra?h"l'? perfiwmaneea ; it may ahn he ohta'ned ?*t "|,??,* a ? ft agtfrefa'- cb*ctiii*iioa la twenty O'ov>and, and ' ? - ' ) ' tucre?wsi !l?e Knfr'ac 'e 1* n- w 'fa- ?,|?I ? I I ^ n I .#?, U?'n? t/iken r)?e place of the hoi i> la '"?*??? i ? ,?t a' *?.*? above e*?tobhali mcnta; In addltaoti to ? htrt, ? * t aetmpttper pub li?]ic ! ?e a fa?er bemr t) *. i ' awr ? ? onio* papr In die ?Hy eon tattling da b te * an ,< ? up uj 5 p. M an epitome i f t|? aee>< t ?? N* lork* Ixuwhai and I aria ffoaa'p; nc t . a erarj ?r?r* iilceo*?* 'rai l* trem Kutieh ttaal * n>rtvar A tm'j a 'Itiilt# I number ot w*lec? advcrfiii#ii? n * ta;(l. t* *o, *k appfl<-AtUi?i? lor -p.i-e should he ,i t h *?d ?' J flalft'fl a' the Aua<ioniy of AHi*tc, oral Ha.i ?% Saa?' .-*? It; orlwa), F^AIR OF TIIE 4MERK IV IS 111? , AT HRfaiTAL PoU< " ,iaj nn#t . Ann.verworjr *A>lr*m or? Thur?d?*jr ?*nn!ri * \v T.titfwr J: Mnr v f*??j Mm I ? jr Podworth't*I v??J. .tl lllufiiif.Mi. u i, ?!?<? i ?Muui fftrolrlnic | light f*?rT er? nlncr IVwtMr) show <!',r ? t il?#> |r < ^n' wr< <. l|??t H*n?Joir? lt?.> ? will Ti*4 tbn lair, wuhtlodr h?. I, 'hrn'1*y W"???! ?*???!?/, < >? ? ?4 riMiK AI.dPUIII AKI ANN VWU, (,IW TflFlR FW'T I grand vocal ?? mvrt in Hiookijrn u return from < ultfoi nt*, U.i?O'**. .1 ??'" wl <t T1IK Pu|.YTftTIIM< lSnTITl TK Tl k#*tn26 cent*; to l?o had 4*1 the tntUM*' *u?rt? urvl a' Oms do r AfXIA BOXXR, PABQt'm HAlA-OFT A ED FT HIT " " < ||( !??.? In lh?* I ? *' - n Fir :?? ?? Ar U tl ot M"l ?tc, ran *1* aya br ? riiri<i at f)AS- h IS A O m (Jor t* Tlf k*t oflk*. JOI 1.1 M'jktr of IV Itr'MMtwn). limn* or ? uIIIim' |?of< i r r?'ii* ?*r'? A< MM _ p; N . - k S ? |v>i ll;IIM IH MMttBi (lOlliI.NH' Coftrfru, hr pubiir in* r?M|iMt lully tnoTmoO tF*' they ar* f!"& at Mbio't Concert Roota, nrit dt^r in Mh'f '? < >Mtn SIiaKM'K a fit! IiRAMATI' A -<m lAtlOV ? i, A f?IY and iffi ir-iri/U? t4 JW4na fttftfMMfta&ki imkmj.Oa Hon, about eomtifM ' ?nir i*% u * - tor in*- * ?u 4o *# by .*tr?g T H * 05?N?JK fn l'i*t of!}**), lug f-n hA*nriji?f *???!)rig fynobfr 2T *' ?* o'Hfrk, f iIm* Mm awiim iajoott, ?cirr *r of < *rafi?e and FuJ? f? erff'u? ffronfcj; n O 0AWCKII I 1 D1 a , D CAE CM I ib#* pcMritjon i f f>rvtn>' !t dto+ouetf in * (Awtirt. Full/ C*?nil?? <n?t <? tr, rw* t at ?!> 'o HA AbKI.N - A ; or/. ft|9 flr ^ Jwa/ T CO A la. / 10AI. AT FOR TFV DA VS T/l) < OAI. V; T V N out h/ Is lot . | r*f?*r? / r*. t#dAfrr ?? ?# i ? ? ' - l.lvr rp<-#)l Or F#f*tf;b < ?. t? ii, wort ? $14 Irlitr rn*f wi r#r*bnr, (rt>m r?'irui? *o*t yard, fwwi *A I trlMnslh avtotMP, or 114 Om *d ?irt# i ontr I'm it' iu<,* J f. WOPQH poAi rxriiA i ? "y lir H^twby brAiftr'd OmM fhd ? ? ? hnmrMl, .* oj?rri ib.* uajr. f"i ?#? 1/Wwv'. -i of ' imofa 'iWf 12 to 1 o'tneh. l?v ?* ^ i Inmu '? A. V. (o A I* M it VI-YA.M l* VTaRD I'rr ^o 0|o. W. I.'r^r, noil mow mr *r mmfr rnu r w< hi " / b#r to* rrAttrixt tii#? ; rfr#wl Ms fmrli Or~lm i * Jrm tti#* ?unt?rr r?t#? wr t i? bow rarrfvtwg mnn in from th - ?n"?*?*t#?l n, a* wt . uhwwHl I'nn 'ii dtrssc' fr?/iu .v b?*B' of frwt^ra'l frtn *r 5 ?! - b r ?w( mi t.rl, f^rrriHtol. I'uinbc: ..<c*d Bfvl wtii'A H 'v?L* ifFVRv kryfr. corr^f ' bo*I Hi IOti rf, ?r< I n- rrt#r i|A? %?d ff#^- Mrrw. FinilTIHE, (^OTTAril AND FAN' f I'l BMTt Rf W aRFflOflMA. ,y BI N?. $14 H wdwuy M. St'MDB* t?.a#t? MA1IIK1H I hi i ? 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