Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1855 Page 3
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complete. I: fs the fixed policy of (lit company not to eitend thfiuwli^n by helping to liuibl run da ruoiiiug into them, or to add another dollar to their own work, unlet absolutely rr-i|uir <1 by * lie pressure of business. With the above wo have the length and breadth, tin* heights a-iJ depth uf the (loleua concern. Wo know near taovgb, for all practical purpoaea, the auonnt of the bill. V' < knew it in nomily paid, and that the compa Uj hare fl.&CO.OCO of its second mortgage bonds ua>oM. Finee urillng the above we hare received from the ?company iae following cirruiar to tlie stockholders, which tot.- forth its fiosncial policy for the present. Wo {fire it al length that those interested may be tho roughly p s teil up iu relation to the company's affairs:? Own: >? (lALca ami Cm ago Dmon H. K. Co., i Cim-At.o, Oct. 18, 1855. j S:*? It ? rVisrJ of Directors, by resolutions adopted at their meeting of the 11th mot., authorized the creation and uuuf of ail iimooui of stock eipuj to ten per cent of Iht capital stock of this company, by which each stock holdei wiH lie entitled to receive" an ndo'ltlonal amount of stock e?|U?u to ten per cent upon the uumbtr of shares held by him on the 15th day of November next; provided, that the holder or htlders of stock at that time shall, on or before the 15th duv of December next, signify, in writing, to the secretiny their acceptance of the same, and shall p.<y therefor as follows:?Due half thereof on or before the !>'.''ay of January next, and one-half ou or hef,.re the 1st iluy of February next. the at- ck created as above may be consolidated Into ' full paid shares en and after tlie tlrst day ol February next, an ! v.'.'. be entitled to all dividends declared after such con. ok. ation. For the Hist payment, due January 1st, 1850, the divi dend certificate* of February let. 18,'i6, will, at tho notion of the holder, bo reccivud, and the accrued interest there on (eleven months) allowed. The na?b dividends of February 1, 18; 0. will probably pay the second payment due ou that day. At tlie present Uric there remain - only about live mile* of track to lay to enable the trains to run to Fulton city, on the ll.asudppi liver. 1b?* iron for this is west of buffalo ami will, no doubt, reacli here in a few duvs. When this fixe mile* is laid, the whole of the roads of tho company wi,' be (ufull operation. Ten miles of tho dou ble train, from Chicago to Junction, are laid and used; about seven edj.cs more are graded and await the initi, which i.. expected daily. The Iron for all the double track now < mtemplated (30 miles) baa been purchased, and will be Uiu as fast as it arrives. Tlie remainder of the work to be done to complete the buildings, side track-,, Ac., is of a character less urgent than the running truck, % and run le delayed with little detriment to the interest? of the cump-ny The nil eg" i waut of eontideuce in railroad securities, which compelled 'he directors to dispose of $500,(KM) of the second mortgage bonds at n l ev price last May, indl rated a Aecosetty for a elmnge in 'heir flnancial plans; and it Is now Oelieved Unit the sum to be realised from the stock hereby created (say $4-17,000), together with ti e future surplus earnings ot the roads (over 10 per cent per annum iit cash dividends), will render further -ales of bond, unnecessary, aud place the company in a position of independence. For your information 1 subjoin a comparative state ment of the earnings of the roads for tlie first six months of the past end pre.?nt fiscal year; a statement of the income account to November? 1, 1856, and capital stock aeeouut. Vert respectfully. your obedient servant, W. M. IJVUKABEE, Secretary. OnpACAT' v Ptatembm or the EarviWH ok t C. U. R. H. ton rrn. Four Six Months okthk Firai. Ykam 1854 AM- 1855. ^ M i!<* Earn- Mil's Earn Mont/is. Cp*rat*ri. inas. Oim-ated. tug*. In> rra*r. .May '.00 9114,100 180 8119,395 894,710 89 June 209 222,668 180 123,873 98,080 32 July ..212 185.9*20 180 03,867 91,962 82 August .221 210,000 180 104,122 106,944 10 September ..226 *259.040 180 149,770 109,870 29 October 206 +285,000 180 184,861 100,148 39 Total 81 377,293 8776,970 8601,322 87 ?Approximated. fKetimated. iMATWIKNT Of INCOME ACCOUNT TO NOVMHER 1, 1855. Surplus earning May 1. 1856 8316,754 Kninlngs from May 1 to November 1,1853 1,377,283 Total 81.098,047 < iperathig expense - tor six months' .$164,481 Five per cent dividend of August 1, 1865 223,300 Interest to Nov. 1. on 81.875,000 bonds (first mortgage) 88,437 Do cu 8300.000 (second moil.). 17,500 Do on 811,000 (aeeond division) 560 Do ?u the Litchfield Bonds 11,894 Sulurie* o 1 officers for six months.. 6.026 Reserved fin eoewa! of track 150,009 Two and a ha!/ per ccn' of dividend to be pnd I eH. 1. 1856 now ac ? rued, say 111,750?81,073.887 1'robable surplus Nov. 1, 1855 8019 050 * September and iictoliet estimated. Insteade' forcing lionds upon the market, this surplus has been expendc 1 for construction pm poses. Caittal Stiht,. 1'he nre'-eut cuiiital stock is le-,< than 84,470,000 'to which add lea percent, now created 447,000 Total $4,917,000 The surplus, as aliove. is a fraction over twelve and a half percent ou the capital stock, as Increased. Ihe earnings of the second half of tlie year will doubt less exceed the first half by a considerable sum. Calling it, however, tb- same, we have the following result:? tiroes earnbigs for sixmontliscndingMay, 1886.81,377,283 i Surplus on November 1, 1855 619,050 Total - 81,996,343 Operating exjiense*. say 8470,546 Interest ou debt 66,395 Balance applicable to dividends 81,459.402 The issue ot ten per cent new stock will of cour-e not be entitled to any dividend until after the present fiscal - ear has cio.-ed. We liavo, thcu, on the pris-mut stock, a -clear surplus, up to May next, oi at least thirty 6ve per cent. This must lie divided in some w%y, In cash or stock, before any new dock can come in; aud for every dollar of stock issued, u larger ami unt of bonds will be retired. ?o much for the present fiscal year. We will now take a bird's eye view of the year succeeding the 1st of May next. We will suppose that the receipts are not increased a dollar, and that in the shape of extra dlvi ? lends. Ac., the capital stock it increased even 20 per -cent in?te#u of 10. we shall have net earnings, $1,671,152, which in an increased capital of twenty percent, or total, $6,800,000, is ? tut'e over twenty-eight per cent. This the road liaviag bteu finished, will then necessarily b" paid in cash. Twenty-eight per cent is a pretty re-por table income as things go now-a-diyj, on a railroad In vestment. There are instances of people who are satisfied with a precarious eight per cent, ami are willing 1o pa^ ueerly pa' fjr the stock. But should we estimate tin nest year'* business, as sonic railroad companies do, at the ratio of increase of tlii* year, we should have on tlie increased stock a dividend of fifty per cent. Those who are disposed to sell Galena stock on this ex hibit had better do so. We w ill engage to find them cus tomers. And in return, when they find something better to pnt their money into, we want them to let us know, for we have frequent appli cation* for advice and intorma tion in regard to sound and productive investments. ?fork Exchange. Wm-.B-n.4T, f)c?. 24, 18V.. MOW T*nu G a,'90.. 90 300 ah* Me Tr Co.bdO 17 -?OOt <lo 9ft X 300 do (.GO IT1, 1MOO Virginia 95 J50 CI ft To] RK. .opg 7 - 40000 MisVriO'n boo 881; 100 do .00 72!, ?5000 do 87* 850 do... 4)00 ilo... .M)0 87,1, 1"4) do at 72! 1000 Har 1 >1 |M. .. 89', 220 Mich - k X I UK 2000 n?r 2?1 M Bd? . 75 50 do *'J 5000 ni On I! B.N *3 77 100'.al * Chi RK .. 117 ajoo do.... b3 77 100Erie 17R sio SOOo do.. .1.30 77 000 do *40 63 5000 do....1.10 77 45o do .# ;,.i .0000 do 77 2.50 do 4-J'. 5000 do.... a'!0 77 U'-d do.... 53 10WNYCflV 90'J 1(V do -10 52% ft ah'Rank NYnrk. 11' '?<"? d- 62' 10 Hank N'ortl. An>. 101 250 \o 050 16 V Bltrnat <>>.... 104 fto do lo 3-.' 1JO III! OtntralRK. D3'? 100 . . . y* 4o0 (V* * Tit)* Rlt N 20" .... V4) . 4 .0 (Xitiib' 1 Co,. .*5 20 loo >, >k) /,2\ 100 ft" no 26 3.8- U ,4) do . ...stV) 2" 24i o M 200 do.... 1*0 261; loo do )*0 '4W do. 9 300 lo 500 do K4) 2t2W a lin, KR..al0 .1 lnO .lr b3 20 *W ;o "1 400 do 25 j; 701 d 441 % IW Harlem ISU. 22.', 2<-l" 1c "0 . oo do 22 S 9*? d' ? a.. ? 10>) do..,. X0 23 30O <!o ii 91] 200 d? 1*0 22k 1(4) lo. 10 ?! 1.4i d.. <3 22,% lOoHndBi* P.!l ;l 1W Mc trail-Co ? lC.Si 100 d " 1% 100 do 4(10 16% 2-50 (.hi 6 !; I Itfl .0 9?. 4.W do 1.1 * 260 do boo VOU 100 d4>.....,bl6 It) tfltOMD ?4iAi:l?. 10 ?h? 1'ot.u ( *1 Co 99 "2 clu Ac Ch Kit 1 Id 4W ( undj ivaU'i. . 2' .50 do 11> 1.8) do Irjrt 26', 60Harlem RK.. , 300 do >50 2b 200 d" 600 2!T( r'48) 26 20 Hick 8 ON la tUt M iro do '>3 26 2.8) Iji4> BR 1,20 52* 100 de 1.2" 241% 20" do 6.", m Cl k Ti?l RR.. MO 731, .4)9 d.. b3 M ?. iw Read:ok lut w* mo do u Jim do '"O'a lMfkMM K8..W0 IN 4(8) do 8.VI '8) , SO 103 100 do . '48) *?1' 100 d.i 141 10, U00 do .. 1.15 91 MDW YORK CATTLE MARKET. Vawmi, Oet. 24, mas. The combine i inilu*ue*a of ? ?e. ere T8ia aVorm. and til* detention cd quita a U.f* t"? iber "1 cattle by an ac cident ca th# kaia Rail/"* ' ?nablad ?l'. r> t? obtain a alight adr* ice is the pre* of leaf cattl" In Dm rarlj ,art of th* day, but tb* deU.o.1 ti m finally making li? ap p> nrat * 2ite in the fcratM-on, ttr Improeetnaot *88 hint, ami Dm market cl'.xwi prettr inn'di the amnee* lart ?*ek ~r anything ?> ohad* *? <r lb- ?aril? **rc aim at 1I4I1 gr-i l.| the c. ; in'.< rain tin) baal kalian dining 1 he ' ptiwdl r 'went)-fear bnni", "D-l tb? l.atelior nuj be 1 cold to bare '>e"ti tn (Snnlt othif f under ililfi'-lil'ie' lb* acppli*. l-,r |la* d?> vl Alia: ton'a, at i- ;n-l ??? ??* , 8,'?*"><? which i? ? slight failing olT m coo.pared wi'h last wesA > flrurct, hut th" 'Ionian I tu fully talk fled ani * small number pi onii-ed to remain unsold. It the early part of ihe day soma holders obtaiuad ax high a* He. per lb for Mime 1 their very heat cattle, bat ther were oidiperi to utakn ;t reduction of full one cent per lb. nal the larger portion of the good cattlo noil for 9y; anil 10c., M> that the average may be put down at about 9*?c. Owing to the arrident we are not able to give our usual table relative to the source from which the supplies fame, but I lie lageat number was ret ive-l from Ken lucky. The market for other a tori is much th" tame an inn week, aovne 1 K'.O -h.-ep ana Iambi aud 100 awiao were di.*po-"U ot, at previous pricou. Prices Be'f rattle, extra quality. per 100 lha.., .910 in a 9 ? ' I (end quality V 00 a 9 69 Ho. cannon ? a 9 60 l>u inlelior T 60 a 8 00 Cow* and calves. extra 00 00 a 70 00 1 Hi. good -Vi 00 a 60 01 Do. ciiuimou 'JO 00 ? 00 00 Veals 6l; a 1 hi. extra ? a 7 Fheep and Unifi* tl 60 a 6 50 IK). extra - ? a 7 00 Swine 7 a 7* The follow iuk table show s from what part of tire coun try and by what conveyance* they came:? /letter. Hudton r.iver Itailrnad 500 Ho. Boatt ti'i Erie Railroad 710 Huriom Rsilroud 3f>l On foot tifi Other Stock llurlem Railroad?C?w? ana calves 28 Ho. ? Vest calves 20d Ho. ?-cheep and lamb* 1,706 I Hi. ?Swine 804 llndson Hiver Railroad?Swine 500 Hudson River Ho t la?Swine ;.00 lK>. ?Sheep arid lambs 160 Their waa a good uemand for beeves at Browning's to day, and 070 tieef cuttle were quickly disposed of, at pi reet. ranging from 7c. to 10c. Cows and calves are ui more demand, ami sell readily at 980 a 970?the latter price for extra. Sheep auri lambs are a sha le lower than last week, and were not :<o much in demand, owing pro liuhly tolhe large amount dressed in Albany for this mar ket. Memorandum of rules by Baldwin A Humew, at Browning's, tor rbe week ? rliug Oct. J4: 61 Slitep and hi ruli" $ I T.4 60 74 Sheep and lanbs t.'ild 10 100 do 100 00 39 do 180 50 ?9 do 02 02 40 do 108 25 loo do '.ho oo an do iiroo 59 do 132 50 40 4(1 ion 7S 65 do 228 60 80 do 210 00 on do 234 00 100 d'l .68 0J 48 do 163 76 82 do 245 05 43 itn 124 00 76 218 00 50 do 103 60 100 do 287 60 1,3411 Average per head ?.s ru The following is n memorandum of sales by James Me. f'arty. at Browning's: ? 14ti checpauiIamb-.9027 00 119sheep nod lumfi-.6426 60 61 do 2:8 26 96 do .'108 12 14 do 70 00 48 do 149 60 73 do 203 60 212 do 06175 134 do 506 00 179 do 683 75 119 do 408 80 410 do 1,373 25 100 do 346 44 65 do 17175 114 do 806 76 17 do 74 00 86 do 19126 80 do 340 00 50 do 21012 0 do 30 00 Total 2,191 97,381 4.3 Average per bead 93 .37 The following is a memorandum of sales by Mctiraw A Smith, at Browning's:? 93 Hbeepand lambs.9303 50 100 sheep and lain lis.9348 00 97 do 323 *.6 84 do 347 76 80 do 268 20 198 do 542 60 73 do 276 76 100 do 380 62 183 do 598 75 40 do 425 50 104 do 31412 110 do 380 60 Total 1,257 94,216 34 Average price per head 83 36 Also, 110 bead of cattle, from 97 50 to 910. There was a fair demand for all kinds of stock at Cham berlain'*, and cattle went off pretty briskly despite the storm.?792 rattle, 98 a 910; 7,881 sheep and lambs, $1 60 ? 86 60; 65 cows and calves, 926 40 a 950; 118 veal calves (live weight), 6', c. a fil4o. The sales at Brown's were as follows:?150 beeves, at 97 a 919; 50 cows and calves, 935 u 950; 30 veal calves, 6>?c. a 8>*c. RKfjH'ITtUTIOX. Co", ami V>txl S'lvq> arf l ~ ' ZsI'ii'm. 1,855 #,373 7,881 /feerc. Colics. f'rllrvs. Allertou's ... 2.286 23 2tl0 Brownings 70 85 Cliamberlnin's 450 66 118 O'Brien's 60 80 Total 198 435 15,949 CITY TRADE REPOR r. WkJr.xHUrar, Oct. 24?U P. M. Asuvo.?The market was quiet and prices unchanged. BbudWITW ?Flour?The market was active, and prices closed at ft'*?.*. a I2,';c. per barrel advance. The sales eiubinrc<l about .20.000 barrels, including parcels fir export. Embraced in the sales were common straight and extra Mate, at $8 62?< n $8 75 mixed Western V $8 ti8 a 68 75; common to good and extra Ohio. Illinois and Wisconsin, at 88 75 a $9 25. and fancy extra Ohio at $''75. The sales of Ohio and Indiana were freely mute within the range of prices given above. Thp transac tions also int-.uded considerable parcels of .State and Western, for forward delivery, part at p. t. and i?rt at $8 50. Canadian was linn, with sales of 700 n 800 bbl*.. at 98 75 a 910 for superfine to choice. Extra .Southern Hour was (inner, with sales of about 1,000 a 1,200 barrels. at prices ranging from 88 87.'? a *9; 810 50 lor common up to choice and extra. Wheat?flood to prime qualities, were in light supply nod firm, while inferior and conuri'in qualities were heavy. The sales reached about 30,900 a 35.U0O bushels, included in wliich were 5 000 bushels Canadian white at 82 10 a 22 10. red was firm, and sold at 91 9ft a 82, and 81 85 a 81 id) for upper lake and good spring and winlir urixrd. Fair to prime West*rn red w*x at 91 ',*) a 61 l'j a,led. Prime Southern white was -oarre and no minal. torn?Sales of hO.OOO a 40 000 btr hels sit- ma le at 98c. u 94c.. vviili a lot of prirno Western mixed at 95c, Rye ?:i drill, aud sale* of .'000 bushels delivered, made at $1 21. mi I another lot from store at 9126 Oat* ranged from 4(*.\ a 0c. Cm -1-'. ?The market * * quiet, and sale- unimportant. 100 lings da*.i v*"' i s. id :it 14),e., and a few hundred tings Ot llio without C' unv,c in prices, and JiSi bag- *uv;i riilla at p. t. Cotton. Before < he ucv.a eam? to hand 3(Hl i 100 hub's were sold without cha.'. ? in price-. Alter the U"w*, u" sale- trait-pired 1 iikh.iiin. ? Rate were athor -|-ek as shippers were disposed to await the reoeipt of private letters by the A' lea. To IJvetpool, aleiut 30,0O0 hn sbels of grain were engncod at lttc u lo'. c.. in bulk and bags, and about *09 a 1 000 baler compre >-d cotton nt 6 lis]. To Ism dun rates were firm, hot en^ugomenta light, to Havre, flour was going forward at 81. grain at 25e., and cotton at 1". To Bremen. 80 raska of lice were taken at 40*. I'ot'ali foriiia, rut' * wee at 45c. a 50c. jier tool in ves-.-l, partly loaded. at 40c a 45c in lull ships an-'4?ic. to Att-r rails. 1'irl nr.?300 Im.xi? raisins werr sold at 93 76; 300 do. lisili lioxes at #180 and 600 do. quarter Isincs at 90c. a 96'.'. PUT.?bale- of 1.00<) bales wer - made for shipping at 70c. 1J Air wi? quiet, but flrut. lliiLA.wr-s.?I'orto Rico, in small lots. c< ininanded 37c. a 38c., and N'ew Hrleaus, In bids., ..8c. NxvaL SioKsa.?rpirlts were held at 46c., but transac tions in both spirits and ro*(n were light. I.iur.?Transac'ion* at 90c. for common, and 81 20 for lump. Ifinvwitijrs.?'The market was heavy, and sale* confined to 622 50 and $22 76, aud 82>l 87 a 921 for prime pork. Beef continued ill good demand, With light stock the xales embraced about 150 l.bls. conni ry prime at (11 60 a 912 and country mes- at 913 a 914 new Plate me-, was at Slfi and repacked Chicago was held at 617 a 817 50. beef haui- and prime mess beef were uncharged, lanl continued lirtn and act.fe; the sale, embr I'-ed about 1.000 bbls. at ll)4'c. a 121,? . Butter sells at 14c. a 18e. tor "Ino and 20r.a2.kv for State. Cheese con tinued in fair demand, nt 9c. a Kb it.' f.?3*le? ot 76 ' asks were uiade at 5 ? ,c. a 6c. M-nie.?26 brig! pepper were srdd at 11',c Rrcaa*?The weuther was incleiuent, winch ten ad to check Mile*. Thr iransartli.ns were c"attn>si to aborrt 160 a 200 lilids. Cuba muscovados at 6'4c. a 7c., with ?maillots prime at 7'4c. a 7),'e. M iHi'i: ?16 half pipes Ib-che'le brandv were Mild a' |4 10 a 64 25. 10 do. Bordeaux, at t-l 60 10 pun el.e. n- Jnnmira rum, at 91 75; 5 do. for ."eotch wld-le' at 92 a 82 28 Wil'SKIX.?The 'nlei embraced 300 a 4<l0 bbls. Hhio and prism, nt 41c. a 41,V . tbu Utter fig:re 6ir a .small lot ot pit-on bai reU. IDfRRTlSEMFJTR RENEWED KfERI DAY. Awaouwf. AWOMItH-IHIf OIPEY OfRL-TBI* RK.VfiWV. <<l k?4 only frar raW tonW, cmi ha eonaaltad wnh on all rvrrr> o! life, ?> No A VmiMf ?n<l. Fee .">0 N U.?nl* i>a Imnart ? ir?w bj which ui Mrwimili man cm i t ?m the attn ? .on? of ;h* opy.-. ?? ae i (Mrp ?XT*. AHTOM-HIVO TO AM. - VADAMK morrow, thh liulil) *1fird lady ? ? the mm: wond"rful a? rntujim in tfcr Wnrtt, 01 :1m hn I'Tfr bklp ItnowB ?t. e mil leh all tha *\rni* el MM ereo ibr ?err though." and <011 ranv ?t eede marrtacea, aou ?...* the IlktMM m <.>? teend.*! kUwad, to he uirai a.|',iji?hinon' M alio bo ?i?u her All ?hi>?iu' gnmllieli :I v to her for relief and nmlbrl. Ail mierrleaa are . <i,t private, n? no a.liii rV? la (Iran idaemleaien \. el...r*r I!" DO* laliriied. 7o llr'uie alr-et, beori en I ai> aud 4 olnmbla. (<i airvovam :, ahiom iiHOM ruTi", pvvrxp \J na.d?l..ii} d.a?t.ti-r. live. . oa.Miani*. o.d ijrera, oei uri. nr.. never ami ague Id i.a aorv torm. IVmiile Irriiularln. a, nlltl.'mai' braierVr and dta^aem of children tired tif. iti-aSic h\ Mr*. MnjIOl K. 'be great medical . ialrrotanl, 110 April., atreat, .var Broad*aj HaUaMcUon or noya; CU.AlRVOYt Vi |< _MR? flATM OF TlfT* CITY, I* I < n..!nt? ihebea; mejlral MMOdW* rIalrTojn.1 ?< Pare In 4nrverlra. AHdlreaena dte'iieren md cired, if. .tra h.e lA.ilia .an near c* U* whereabout* and Welfare ol b< -e iba. are MM and .urn), llfficr 17# UramJ atreei MABAYf-KKTITR rf~U>~ RP.MOTI D to Idl MJYRKTH avenue, hetnren Twenty tblld and T*'IHv (ninth **ree'. Ml.a rm ,n?M to irli |.aa prriw and fitrtra areola; llbe?rl?? ?arrlairea.JnfH*. Ia*?.il?? tin Ine?? pruapecU .lrh?^?a al >rni inefvd* atiarrtf (MIM an.ien Madame Meyer wn ? rrea It. Kn*! lib, Ktrneli aud <?* and |itaa giurau oft for hor > r* I) Hr.WTAt'R %WT*. Ilk I i;ii> SAUrON \so ACOT.R K' h i jin ?:;? liroomr trie- 'I.?>r ear' ro H"rvud?ar ?I ?i;' 1.. pt "? ara my frt ik1? ? el ae.|iata auee- an' Ol. d I Lna Uh or e in na. K i? I MX. K1SK AHT9. |*on s\t.r vmi* ixw-4 kia.i arv kakhURkOWT I Of a? tola Mr. Ii A 4 ratalBt* danal >r of Mr .. V M i.lO- Fen alio a lainarr mar' 'e .. ,t ...? tale liaa1*! cr, ? 'ev #t, #?'. of 'l?e ar*ia*, 1ST IJa-1 Twra*^ A"#* ?kLR8 JkT AtHJTlOW , A\M?Vft H. NK'U.AY, AUCTIONEER, Vtll.U M!U. i his day OctoU r'."?lb at 19% o'clock, v the M<rc4iauU' hxrnaugc. Cur aecosiat ol wbrtnat maycotoera ES MvOaj I ;? at 'I buaquebuina raiIruad 1st aim(gage 7 pi>r CPUl bOCtdi . . i" ?' r ?"3^* I'd060 Flush if railroad il mortgage! per ewnt bonds. ?UtMO. >.;'(*? Chicago and Rook l/taod i aiin.ul Ut mortgage 7 per (rolbocul* gl.lrtM. lie. NO Cleveland and Toiedo railroad 7 per ot-ut eonverUhle pus mo bonds. ?? ? - .... $I,IW0. >1 ItOU Cleveland aud Toledo railroad 7 per rout hi?d, ?l.lkh) *1.(00 Oaiepa and Chluwo Union raliroad ltd ma.Tgaga A-i n-, ?1.000 *l COO Caieuu and Chicago Futon railroad -d mortgacr T per cuu land* W.OOO. >.'1,(100 Trrre Hat te and Alton raUrun.1 I'd mortgage H par rem convertible bocde ?i.OOtl. Pi.000 Nuv 1ora. and Erie t oilt ood (sinking !uod)7 perceul bonds. ..?8,0!)0 >l5,io(i Chicago and Mississippi railroad >1 taot'gag" 7 per crnl t-oevrrdhlr I onds *1,000. Ho not) I it lie Miami UK ? niortg g;e 0 |>rr cent bond*. ?I.PUU. >10,000 Michigan imuu.rrn i.aiiruad seven pei cent (>??? d?, each ?1,0.)0 !(,Alia- Muliial Insurance a rip o( 1*64. Eftaharc Morris and Kt?cx R. K ,<dorrca*ed alurfc ;eaeb S60 'Jl New York aud Havana Hteainablp Co 100 Ui Few York and b rle Railroad. LM 00 fbnUiun bank 96 ill Fulton Kire lnsuraucc Co M 40 New Amsterdam Klre Inauranre Co IS 70 North Ktvrr Ktre Insurance Co f> 76 Mer-bana-a' Fire Insurance Co 10 CO ExceUlor Fire Insurance Co AO 14) Litlgrr* Mre Insurance Co 26 40 heck man Fire Insurance Co. 26 22 Partite Mali Ktrauishtp Co 1 000 lUlHowdrn Copper Muting Co r> 600 Unlou Cold Mining Co S 1 POO (loW Hill Mining < 'o(h) potbeca'isi) 6 liOO (iold 11(11 Mirimg th 6 60 Marble and Stone Cutting Co. 6 1.5KI Cabana* Copper nod (Sold MIiiIiir Co > Term* i>( Sale?Ten per ret* tin* day, aud the balance lie fore t oH lock Id morrow (M accrued latererl on all the bonds will be charged to the piirrlKiacr. Next regular rale on Monday, (lit. 20. ALHKBT H N10OI.AY. AUt TIOM-F.K,?'TATIONKKY trade aalr .?ALBERT 11 MCOLAY will continue Ills ittulioni-ry and paper hanging triple sale tills day, il'huraday,) at llir auction rwima 11 liroaii siicrl, at hlo'i'l ,rk A. M , coin met clntt with the balanre of the lueoioe of Mc .sr.. Miller 4 llolbrook K'or fuli particular- see catalogues, which cun be obtained at tbe rales mom. AC. TUTTIJC, AUCMONKKU?OFFICE 94 I1ROAI) ? way.?loirReunit pereuiptoty rale ot (a luonahla first elaaa cabinet furniture. being tbo atork of the old hrui of Mcllraw A Allendorph, 466 Broadway.?A C Turin will sell on Thursday, at IP1, o'clock, at the rxtensivn ami long estah liskod warrrooma ol Mctiraw A Allendnrpb, 436 Broadway, without reservation, a large and valuable assortment of rle gaut lirslclaaa liuoliure, ol ibeir own mtinulaclure, and war ranted In every reroeet i'liey baring fully Aaermlued lucive opportunity will he olb"-od of uhtaliiliig up the husliieas, an t . _ drat rliiaa po<?l-. at exirnnely low prices The stork comprises la part, elegant rose wis si parlor .suds, in l.oi ,|tuhty?broca tel. pliuh and haircloth; tele a tele , rldubonrds eteperns. secretaries and bookcasos. ceulie. sola aud extension tallies; lain culls, rockm;! mid side chairs, 1.11/^licUiaii and tiothlc bod steails, bureaus. wasliHtauds, Ac Also, maboxanv, oak. wal nui and euAniclled eotlage ctuunttcr furniture ol superior stylos and (lnlsh 'Hie whole kradog an alagani aakortraent of the her. class of surkiiLinslop and materlils, aud ui be sold wi n out reservation Catnlo.pies on Ihe morning ol snla. Teun- :? Under 920(1,casb; over g*5tk and under96IHI, nlaely days; over ?600, four months, approved endorsed notes. A NtyONY J. BLKF.CKKR, AUCTION!:KK.?KUI.TOM yV and Church street property. Aniliony J. Hleecker A Co. wilt I'll ai public auction, at die Mvrchaeta' Kxehaage. on 1 iwsday, Oolobor 30, at 12 o'rlock. the valuable lot known as the northwest corner ol Million and Church ptreeU, containing lk> feet 4 Inches on 1 ulluu street, ami 76 feet " Inches on Church sueet, being the prenilees nt present oorupied by Mr H. Burk bsIter. Terms, whleli will be liberal u. tbe purchaser, and oilier particular*. ina v be obtained of the aurQoueer. Kale IKisittve, the owner being ahuat (<> leave for K.urope. ANTHONY J. BLKBC'KKR A CO., No. 7 llroadstreet. Anthony j. blt.kckkr a CO. wjm, krix at auc lion, on Tuesdny, Oi'tober .'111, at 12 o'clock, at the Mer chaiu*' Kxchaagt, the fodnwlng property, vti.:?On Fort* seventh street, one fine building lot. situate 1 on the north sbie ol Forty-seventh street, between Klgliih and Ninth avenues, coinrnrnrlitg 175 leet w. si of Klgbili aveuua, said lot being in f './f 26 feet front and rear, by 100 feel 4 Inches In depth, eighth and Ninth avenues are sewered, s ml Forty eeienth slroel Is sewered, curbed and guttered. For further particulars, an ply to die auctioneer. No 7 llroad street, or of D. MOHAN, 20:1 West atreet. between Dey and I ulioO, Washington market, between 9and 12o'clock. Auction* notick ?continuation ,sai.k of dia moods jewelry and walcnes, to clote a concern KDWaIIO Ht'HI'.NCK will sell SI auction, Ibis day. at 111% o'clock. a< uis suits loom. IK Wall street, a maKidUeeii'. assortine.nt ot dlatiumd jew elry and Watrhra, being die whole ol the stork of nil Import tin: house 4eellntng liuslnese, consisting In part ot (fwhl hunting titi'ligien faced watches, by Wretliig, Frerea, lamer, .Ids dohnson. Cooper. Dent, liugi tiun, and oilier dlstiierulsheil Knglish ami K t enrli niaxers, elegant dlatuond brac-lets, pins, eon tugs and rings, including cinders, thiee atonea and sin Kb; stones, in eighteen carat gold setting*. Florent us and Ro man nioaale brnerieia, plna and earrings; cameo do ; guard u nd vest chains, plna, rings, Ar. Hale p. alii rely wnnout re serve, lor casb. Auction* notice.-thos. Btih, auctiofup..?b' IIKl.l, A lU'KII.?Thlailuy, a( 10% o'clock, at 12 Nor; William elreet, will lie sold, to close a concern, the oiix-k oi silvriambb jewellcrand watcbinnLor, a large quantify of bci plate forks ami spoons, gold and sliver watches, chains, ring. pins, taney articles, 4r. Also, window and counter, jla? crises, Ac,, Ac. Auction no fit K.?J. mooart, auction err.?rt K. BOOaKT. ibis iiay, at lfl% o'clock, at the auctioti rooms, comer ot I rankfor; and Willisni streets, letu-eiuiid furni'.ure; 76 new und surrmd band mahogany French ehalra. in bah cloth; sofas, pine v,, large tot of bedsieils limn a hotel, rane seal ? halra. rarpeia, oilciolb. large otii-e stoveg, one cottage suit, 16,lgat segars, rhandehcra aislv.tsfii ting-; also, one rweilem light Wagon, with leather (op. Auction notice.-i, viioi salk of firsi clasa furniture. Ac John I . Kneeell, aur'ionuer. By DAY, nl SSE1J. A CO., ihlk morning. Ihuradav, at 1(1% o'clock, a1 the salesroom M6 Nassau street, att eitenklvceoll'.uig) ax f urn I Hue, comprtsiiig i(.>cwmsl parlor, mahogany and oak sail boards, enamelled ehambi rforntlure, isik and nikliogany i r etisiou tables made bj the best manufaeuirer In the rlty, loscwisu) arid miibopany Iml-teai]. mslmgatn and bla-k wu nut sofas and chairs, rosewood, mahogany, oak. and bi?"k wal nut booki uses, mat I Ir top dn wing Utireaua and wad ? ?? a, marble lop rosewood, ninhugany, and black walnut tallies, moklng glasses and oU pam ogs, m ihogany rani tallies, pure l air matin ?si s, easy chain- eli'e 2 eh!na te i s 'le, vac e. Iron bedelenda. Ac. il.sels p o ked on Ute pmmlani Auitton notice - j r, -vith acci ioni ::h, wn.r sell, this (ThurM&ay) mo. moc. at Id's o'clock, tin- c, nan - ol th home JI6t iiamhera en eei, eon tstiog of rosewood parlor ? lies, is satin I rorade: eemrc. aide and -? f:i la |e. oil palnl it e lace and l 'ocatel eurtalrs, la; ? ,,iai and po-r sua-sis, lanestry and velveioar em,renews stand inolaoganybedslesdr tuireaos. waebatauda, ffekflior Irgiia, bols(era.pitiowK tine '.V'SH bUinkeU, Lau niattresses. bhok w..'nut aud mahojany cuah toned rl.iii:r, Fulae, rocki rs vises, crockery, g'ts-ware. Ivors culler , sihinvaie, sal vera, lurk', spoons", >? isteta, tea aervice, stairegrpeis, o'l rl"b?, A i-omprlalnj the whtile con nils ot a well lurnisnrd four 'oi j houw A d-poltre quurd lion, all pur. luo ers. Auction hai.f poktpdnbd ?dwino th there vere aud auddeu IndlepositHMi m Ux' aie"**i er, Me-ais. FRANKLIN A isl. litifji said beencoiiuu ii.*?t in posipine their trade sale of Wednewtay, Oct 26. to this tay, fhur?.j at 16% o'eioik, at theit tuihi ra.n, 79 asstan 'r.-ct, ue.; Pu tori. wrjien Will ho MMdVel sold the enure stoek ot a cabinet m.ker, (under a.-i.nroani. n-ont do'i of die usual isriei .,. park r, chamber, hall and library fnnkliure to which Hie par lieularattention o! 'lie trade sod housekeepera general)* I* e.peelally tnviffil also an invoice of eogn.i t.rand; aud Ha a \ uction notice, by kdward m hk.nck, on a \ Fi Idsy. Oetobi r iki. at 10% o'e|?ick, ai hi Wall .'' eei i on ttr Mon sale ol an Importer? -at oi cue oul wtuueatid I randies, ue*t of whli h Were se)e" e.| In I trope wplearl r. " rd to cost and r n Ire depended tprin as being as tine as .n> i. ueo((y, vix.:?SoolUshle modelra. pale brown and ".'i.-ri rl ? t lies, ports, Ac., i aaid, Htmtteasy , Martcll, I'uiet and inaei fiasoiite l.inJ.e F rl. bramlie*. < orntu rtuimparne do tin is ?? IMS, Smell and Irish whi-key-, .fun ana t in, Ac i-a.o poaMxe. 1). By JOftEPlI lil'iti.MAN, AUOKONKKR.?FRIDAY. October X. .11 111 o clork piorlnrljr, ml the UOOlral raira h* n.e, Wliioughl y.eoroei of Pearl itrooahru. a larua number ol parior, ? <?.ktug. hall aod o hrr atom; PbrdcnMrc beater, and o Rrnerul a-'orittient of hotimhold mrol'tirr two mchowany aecielarv ?nd hookeaae-, aofa*, 'b,Ira, bed... ada. tablia, Imi caua, waah 'and*. bU'k a UHWW, eleven large exrelletil leather ben*, Brawla ra.pi A".. Ae. At If o'rlo-k. prec a?|y, fin- mahogan) una roaewo?l plamx mul 3<l iKuntttra. C1MFTON HPRlVfJH AT Af( Ho\ ?THK Srit.-u~p7nii.R > will toll. a' public al< , on the 90th day ot October belt, the entire prr fieri' owned and occupied bykknwlf, and known a>'be ("Irion Hprlnea llmier, embracing aboitt HI eeg ecrah of lamb am which are Ilia aprfcra (white aolnhtiri, buddy vauea Bw ibelr mob-ma1 proper jc, iba para ami plraaurn r morula ?urroiindLbir them, a both tmuao 100 feet Intif I nwlbiy ?nd billiard aalnone Ac. The bona-trill a toanwidaie about MO pen. ma It i? a valuable property, Diluted In Ontario rniioty wRMaHOroda of be depot of (/ie New Turk Oaatral Railroad, aod la becoming nrt attractive end popular ?a a waterb.f plane. lie wUI alwt ae'll about V beniiuliilly eliuaied village Una, upon .letated ground, cwm eiaudlni: a line ptnapeel and the mo?t dealrable .wal.tea ttr r-eidencti- In the OowMdng an?l rapidly growing vilbafcof Cdftun Rprlnga. Alao ibe fttrnMore In aaid boo aeveva' hnr-oa. HBlf, aari lepra. harneaa, Ac saa:<- ID wunroepre wr ili iL>- rea1 ea ale. on i ueailiyr. Orin'er ?). a 10 n < 'cc-k A M ?ndcoutlnoe until eibl. Tiai ais of >al? will be hccommo ?at.nj;. _______ _________ M D|l N AHII, Al l TIONi KR -bTORRSIff RROAD*'tY a ?ba.e at aibala ware, lo pay eipeate. Thnr<dav ino er IS, MM. al tea a'ejock A.M. m- SlU Hmwdtvny. c'M Matlnr . I led'ea. aponrui, fork-, gpeclaclea, bu'ittr knivea, caa leu -bow vaw it. fi. HOHIH. A rtrnORKKE.? KIiKOAXT IIOI'MK hold Itiri mi e at i 'ilulc aue'iou. (ui ? tint; ot pianoforte, ?r >. ? carpel*, oil palhtlnga, ? i rrr pla1 . ma'be ??. ? i <TJ?To ???? nwirllliii fcmlM, *' 16!, o'clock, ?' te on- ... It Wort en al feet, near I kdlege elan* andempoa ue HndtoO ?|v, r railmed dipot, all llie etefans booaeboid fn ni'urr >o (an ed in the Ivrje iltree .lorj koiaae ?- auu,o, cot, >?n, oi r?ry ricli iarve?l nw nod mil' , ueaira, via a via. A.'iii and | a lor .l.ilra, co - red In rtch *.& broea I; elalmrwelv carved tnacbuie, ?i?..aty, elegant oil Mtntlnga. inperli I r< t.< ti p a e mantel ?l6 ?er, 1? nehfrutie- arve l r . c wood .tie' ?lo niiartefLe ?*atnary ma. me frutin, *Tb Cirace.. ' t.rtrd Oothir eetilre Dl.le ? aum.-v rni '>'e o.p parlor

? in ertmaoB aod marocm win damaak.i i kuwi lu-k?, elfh ?(lp rnrrra; etc (ere. boel ,at(n wo . . uU*gl?'- .-eke aiij. rb ne an d moi I plai.. lorte, -pl. t, ! d rrnu?oii ..t.d jt > d plar.o ruvera, cnnrte'al raa wlib drop-, rV-b trip na'.nn-d r:n:ia t very valuable tuinUnralb elltfi ut. ? . ( Tun - ?* *?ea, . itine wi aod (old - a hive .te! window rur'alba. wuh beaty la -en and nwd: la. e under ctiridn*. rich llohetau i v ei want velvet mrprta. oi oan.en il r?" -m u-"iler- Ar t'lninc Rot io? WUUm Cari.ele; ri.tu wn>xI enm. .<ai tide a leite .i?oiin.ri.l of ro?tl\ ?Mm and glaaa w?,< , ittaner -e . ae dlvara. curd taoira, One ? r?w ?e > .n. ab.e l'r-:? i ,;!*?#, ? lot nl ellver and illver pU . d war , r,*i .a lug a -over-, ra-lnr?, ba llet,, "pooll- ItnlVe-. lor* . A ' , irino.'l (? ? bandeUert pier ;;!a? e* Tn,->rv c irm-a ?!*<, book -a .a, With a lar^e aetirtmeiil ot rare and Valunli e wnntinl be, ke.Ac, with oilier vslnahle farattare. Ai-o bed/Jotw far m uie- Hniawia and ingrain c*ri.ei?. looking a.a-ae.. bureau and diea-inj d.. cottage luruuarr waab-'aoO". 'le.le tnai uetwea, ptllr.wa. blanknte. kr. Turkey ctni?lr.a, rrt n.-h ix-d ?bade, dlvane, ep-gutil inaewoud aimdr a glare, oi'iii Iinlnt: el< aaai roacwwrl marbir Uip human, a km<,;lv, eri_ravin||'. rloekr. largf Frenchpleie pie alb" etn'.r >?.'.? ad p>.inm< rMCWbod .wing mirror, otli b. '.a bat rnrka and a lergr aaaorttnew oi other va ai.le farnl ur> *!e m ?wBt wbb kbrben ware L'~'n- i.r puiw ,~a i tt i ox rvr.-i rER v w p r; nV."' rr Ju. oi elijj.n' InMtaitioid lurnllorw, oil phl.i'.ni *?r, una, A. ?" II. I idlow will mil aiatnt ton, on Tkttf (> I- ">. at 11 A. M a' tt Kaai Twenty ftr*' a . ei, , areea Hi cad way and Foor'b avetiU', the en'ire ftintRore coniatned i> Mi el Iwci-, nankmu In pan o? eleian' parlor aid betiern fom "UC. a made l . order, 'ry llub 1 ma- m Ibr !.rai aod mtf -u'otawtla u,aor <r- roaewood ptamr. Idbelari., ptrr ae.d wtvo ir'|U?. ?a Ilk and hn? atel .-.o j.ioa, na,el oiwe franak emnm duiber. breik.a ?! and'ea aeia, rlrbrn'glaaewaie taje .ti-j and |o .taaeu rarp. ' a, ollr ueba. A* : a eotlecivio of beauufw p?'r ' IP ,'tnt| ''?'nf r?i)ie. frrwn'he old meaier. .a^-ied br the ??w wlb'e Vurope avel aevewl j eteea rd a .a maiow . , ,o a . lantl'y o rlwwe cid wine imporo-d bv Ibe own.- 1/ H? .art nan. Ibe f and parlor furi. otre w. i ie ~..d al IJo .:.f Cn^aruoa mo be ?a i at the .cj? ? o ilia Ihmerf, II Wall atreet j- a aapor a pt t io s ~ inu ikm. mm imi v I n at iMu. i at< Ml b rlorh a' ihe nileiei , rnen -r A to ?JULKB AT AttlCJHOB. Ft If Ft 1 AH 0 RF. . ? A LH, ?W1M. MB HOLD AT I'UllI.lC anrUeu. Oil Fridny, O IoIht a;, :U It o'cl ' k. *1 the M.-r rhiuU' Hiibsiiftc, the liou-e wntl full I id Ki>. KM We* Fort* fourth strCfl. t*OUth J&i.) between T-nth Ant Kl'yrutbnie uues. Ic. II. I.DULOV, Auruoiten. GKOBfU OOOK. AOtTIONKKR.- 8UPRRIOR HOHAK bold rfrnJture,iii loo private rraJ -iu Ufc MuU kgrb loco Mi ofrthf, new Hecoud avenue, tUir tfajr, October 2R. at luH u't'lqrk, ruiuurtfnc ut one vn > eieftiiai roaowuud par or null eea'MO. roecsood pianoforte, loungaa. renin tablet, ?airrora, rtaaulehors, ante, vnsenaf niahnaU". elrgvot untitle! einrk. HOotl palnUn(ta, tapestry. raroeU, chvmhar hhrullure, dintnd rtstil. do . Int l do., and stick otter artlrlee aa are u? t ally lounJ inu very genteel reaidruoe being ibe pn>(>eriy o. a geutkmnii declining boii.itkeeping. and bul lluln used. Said positive (lAtoJofi'iea on Ihr tunrniog ot antr /TEOROBC'OoK. AL'CTIONKEB?STORK 117 NA88AU \JT at reel?As*, nee'* saio of a large stuck Of snperlorper Ninnwy.1'Uoulrrtf end unlet ?ritaiea, al 067 Ifruadway, corner of Prater iirtct.?P. L Hull assignee, will aell aa altore. at 10 o'clock on F'*h?;. ttciober 2H, ll?r eatlrr alook ol uaului and decorative anc le* c.-rilalnrti to that apb-ii.lid store, lonumoj! of uolOftna*. ?tiia<U, itoutakura rontiia, brusluw, aam, pis ??*. A. Aim, the retire stock of raw inaterial.?, ettenbal ofl., A?.. A< ,ttrcr ear;, tor au rttriitivs inanular'urin* burl ue*. Also, sho* cue's, mirror*, flk'.ure*. Ac The wbob'lo be por.'Jre!) row u> the highest bidder Am cash. CY G HoKTON. AUCTIONEER.?THIS PAT. AT Tt IbSt o't toua, al '.Vk Fast Font ninth auert, near Third avenue band. .>u?? lunitlure, mailt! to order, and hut IIUl* tired. MMWm ot tapestry, tugraln carj-etr, maliOKaiir viialm, French la dnre.? be tiling, mantri orwuncn'v and kltrheufur, Ac (YROfiMtrwi maphinq. moves, hard 1 ware ? 1. uler, (ink 'At. nt tOly o'clock, a' ft? Dry *tre*f, corner Greet with, brandy. gin. 'bampagne, ac? J*, tobacco, map. lea. c.Hot marker.!. mu.'vrd pepprr, kulvim. tork* rp-Kiur, ncimori at.*, iliUtrbt, hies, plane- coal ., punts, cm tara. W A. CARTER, AucManerc, HF.MJIY It LEEDS, ACfTIONKKK.?11HKKY II. I.KKIIS A 1 c . wtl. re.t no Tl.ttrtrUy. Item er KJ. tit o'clock, to frcntol the more, IV .'.'i.-aac street, a l.rautUul bay mare. Ill teen hand* high, aocen jemnold, warranted perfcttly bound and kind in ail lur-icr ; a bo .tetol barne**, mode >?y flihaon, and a ruddle unit brid-c A hay borao, about It'., lian.b. In b. reveti .. in old. iHi.iiel am) kia<\ In all barm a atul under am idle; .dsn, aad.l c, bridle, whip, blitiiknU, At T1 E.VRV II I.EKDK, ACt TTONEI'R ? IIKMlY II. I.KEHK J I At",, on Friday, Octohi r al al Id o't lot'L, in fl'tml ol tl.n auc 0, 10 Naesau rtri-e'. valuable Itontei, Ibe pi opcrty t.l a (rniifini.ii haviiiK no ftirdier n t for them, to be sold wlthom rcacrv.-, anair ol rh-Kan' l-ay horrca, sit and wercn yearn old. sIiUtii ban Is hl(b, tone tall* nml very alyilrb drirtna Also, .t diiut.- -my to nntcb lite uboee pau* a" a reserve third bor?c, terra veart old and a perfect rrn'rh The three nit ,u every ir-pc.-t kuid.and have liccnaliernu'cly driven toeriher lor acme tlutc, ,arr iiccuciooicd to noluee. ton eir and loroinoUvre, and an- warranted perfectly u.uul aa tbey eland at tlir tttnet.l Kale. They coat n aht-rt lltne ainc $1 .MID anil arc uiiKiirpitaoeii in die i My. To purrlutMtra thla odersan unc tuallrd opportunity ol ootalnbm a aupei io: trio ol horse.u. RKNRY II. 1.KKDM, AIRT!ti,\c;KR, OVyif'K, 19 NAM 'All street. ? 1 ItuiHclioi.l turnlturc llenra II. ieunlK A I'at. will sell by auction, on Kilday, (l. itiber Wth, at halt p*?l III o'clock, at No ltd Firm avenue,' hettvpt-o Math and McveoUt atrccts, ail (he furniture as ale.v. consistniir of llrun-c's ear p. te. n.abosany t enti e table*, sofas, chair*, folisfft. bedstead*, iron do.. niHh.auny do, hnrran*.roftaue cbulr*.rro. k eiy and plana, inytaui .a. pets, win low curtains, with kitchen lnmlture. An. Henry ii LEEDS, At'OTiONERK-ofnci 19na? aau street -The well known nnd ?plen-lld marble siatue. r. pre*, nlutp the '? Mmslrer* t'tir*.-,'' hie ?l/e, m.w p. tue Cryatal PaJacr.?llenry M. I<ee<ls A Co., will sell l.y aurklon. a; the flrystai Palace, on Saturday, Oetot.rr B, at 1J o'. lock die celebrated aroi.p of sialusr'v?die Mlnatrel'a t'urat, by Midler?now on eiblbtUon al die ?li ??tal PaU-*. Thwrelc braird work of art was eiL.ihil.xJ ot the Exposition In Purl*, when HkOOfl francs were refused lot it. It will lie po .tlvely rohl as above, to the hbthest bnhler, wltli'sit i * verve Tenm, III per reut cash on day "I *ale, the balance three month* an proved note*. For addlt lotim particular* and poe-lc dcarilp tlon, apply to.I. Monerlel, 2-.i Wall atrcet, or to die oilier ol die aucUoiirrra, 19 Nassau airee! IJENRY T. I.KEDR, Al'iTIONFKR.?FI'KNIT'lRK AT Jl 1 ancllon. do* day, (Xdohn V, al lot, o'clock, al lite ware rfsmi* coiner of Hudson nnd < h*r]rs airceU, conslattng of a lartr.awonnieni of cabinet furtdtuir. all ol which ha* been mnde for cdHtom ttndc, i.nd consist* of *..r .?, tele n totes, rbau*.. ro. krrs arm and rnav ehntrs. bed*-eada, burmtna and w tali standi, with and wPhou' inaihlc top*, f'a'ainpiir* ut sale HKNRY B. 1IEKTS, .IR.. At t'THISKKR -SHERIFF'S sale of a Inrae ktock of cloths, caaalrnerns, vea'lnk*, n ady made cl.sldiiv Ac., lobe sold at uufdon, on Tliur*duy, CX't. IB. al lot. o'clis k at lbs sales loom No. M, Ptne ?ireei, compri-ed ut pari ol EnAlith, French and Herman luoad rlolb*, doeehbi*. caa*lmrrra, sadnets, pilot clolh, Pe erahaui'a silk tatiit vc*dnit?, trimmlogi. -hl*t?, cravat*, hauIkcrebioi*. dr-aa. lro*k and ovc-ctwn,, .n various style, pantaloons, re*ti". una a full a?*ortineni ot arcrv de-n ilptfon of clutblud. Term* <ai*h. By order of 'he Miierlll. 1 YANDEWATER, AOCTIONKKR - THIrt DAY, THURH ej . day. th.uher SIS, s' 111', o'clock, at Hie ??le?rootii, hi kla.den land, w 111 If *old oil superior hulbou* rmna?Meter*) raw*, comurtsim; u tine aoaortntrnt, moat different ami etipit *Pe. ol Iluiletn I'ower loots, ronalstluk of doni.le nnd sdnilR hyaclidb*. lu.relasua tu h.\, -louhle and alnxle |ofii|iills, Iris, ero run early J?nr Von Iholl*. Ac., tmm If Vander-eho.i A ,win?. Portals and mil .. rvrin n. at Hllleyon.. near llailem iij Uniland. To tie sold off In tot* to s.ut purrlia* r*. T -Is VAND! WATER. A0OTI0EXBB.?TBtt HAY. #1* fs at. Htan.otid and fine sold Jewelry slock, fobi v atrhri, Ac at II o'rbs k. at the salortsim. Ii Maelen l*r>e, will b*- ai.'d lor cimli, paremplorlly, by order of the nominee*, the whole being removed lo tlie store for convenienceo! ale, Slid ready uumey, a tsrjis and y.-ry valu-ible an* k ol stnale and elnaierrd diamond nnd line sold lewelry; imji tber wdb costly double and *irelr ease eold and silver ?al hei for Is lie* and iieiitlcuieii, of siipeiior Inovemrnts. by cr'e'tra'ed maker*, iiunranteed; upetior silver wakcl.e*. splendid flue (Hid >.lb* In case*, ma -vr v. *'| and tub chains, ituard do., a urea-va rir'v ol eh'yaul sleeve bunott*, broorltoa, loekr-* etrdrop*. sen.* pet di*. pen*. Ac. The -vbnbt of whb h iiiuat )j? clo. 'U on' ae ordluj! io hnnounreinent. 1 MORIARTY AfTfTIONKEIl, Wfl.l, HEM., THIS ?J . day. at In o'eb " k. ai ITS i hi bam mpisre. the furniture 0 a latntly frmii Tv eiry seventh street, a ventrel a**o, 'm'-nt; a to, from Mlath sireet. the furniture of u fanoly, a nice .-s,rt ment; ueo, fiom o he aource*. vartoua articles of furnlt ir*. ? lot, u nb e aakoi inietit oi f?ucy dry poo.1*. A. , .tr. MS I'ROFT APCTfONEKR? POHTl'flNED I'NTM. . ibis dill by order.?I KUE'l A DO. wtl) *ell at Ui ur aa.earootn a' fl'ij o'eioek, an e .ten*.ve assortment ol new md sis'otkd hantl foriil'tire, parlor and ch?niher.i|t?. d" top t?t ;>? . rhatra. Im.|*i?*d*. desk oh. e ratllnk, ?la>s how *-? fnt'ltshol.. ash- .hetf curtain*. A. Al*o, Unnian'atools, beer, lead pipe, sun*, percde tou cap*. Ac. M* e jKidflva I' tin- cash, citreent ft.od*. ?Jkflf liAKl. KERRIGAN, ACfflllNKK.R Wfl.l, RKLf., ill ibi- day a' Id o't in k. at 1,1 l)?l*n? e.. wrtet i,e .uitt. Hire oftwo r.? tr*. ?.ai isthui "f mahoeany rbtlt tablea, hi t s si f.? bed* and rtlo' ? ;,.'.ti,|. )'bu* IT' furniture .. u: ?(.**! dc?tipliot . aul I.** Ix.wu very !.tij? n.etl, VftiHTti si sAl.l ?IDIIN W. HOM IIMIT K > 111 i| ?t.-Xt, 31 >'. Ih WMI'ain street is. ".bant Will -ell t< ttb .ow , 1st Aid , at II nV'is k by virtue of a clis' t* rnnrt. s.e he rtai'rtit* o, a .tie ;*r la- . i,* ill Tend, t tei * eon*, t,-t i.t vmefa*. tot of stand*, barrel., ove b JnUN" W nitMEItlNIIYKK. Attorney f.r V. , a ;.*e \ OT It K 'ffi 11A TTM KM ? KXKOt TliN HAM! OP MA ft*. *> t<d .A' .tolls W MlMHKI>I>VKV.Ati* tb s dsv lb oher2tV a. 1(1 t 't'l<?? * the . <i r.ou '/u N... th if iiliam stree', near (lhaiham, b vir'ne of an < ? is n. a hint' a*sor mtnltk tic o'aat.d is.)*' I.*:* md 01 every dew tiptbtn: also twolaete tna-bla top tabic . bioe, walnut I'd *bow ca c?, ollc.oiii cb* r*. b*. ? siet- sad rack*. The above sale i* a*:l worthy >' ? ittty.'.on of <i?t " I i'llAH h. WATl'b, < ?t?'*hi*. DAWRBBOKBJPH tAAJL?JOHN MORTIMER " LI I **1 1.1, Tuub-dav Kept 25, at III', o'cb* * a< 1*7' "h i'i.sti. -if"* c*iinrr cm Oilier, a large anisti' -S men and wo men's rbkhittk, consb ini >* tc*,i?t pan's aud -*?t?, enw silk* CAhrtca, shawls snd blanks.s, gaiter", alioea, ft. A''., hi order O. !' T.KN Y A t'o.. ..19 ltuil*on S t< t . An*! a,e. sail tb* at'en'b.ii of the dealer* In ? t.rral, to a is . * its.* feather bed* and | Plow 'hsbeatsml tarre-1 |.,t tbl* **a*>n The I rd* *ud , ihow* will lie at. d at 12,'. o'ciock. Pawnbroker** h%lk ~w s. lrwih wit.t. kkll. ti<i? day. at & t'hftibam ?tre*-', up Maim. ? large a-or . niffit rrt iK>)d awl irtltrer lever wa?rbe??, fold inrhnra and Je pine* gokl rlialoa, Mitring*, g?iow, plofth, wit* coltnutrnmt ni*, Ar.t A* . Hale t?? cuMitn*u<* at 10 o'elork. B> ordr o? J. H a J. nlilf'.? I.V. ^ HABKKK. aL'c 7I0NI.KR.?ASHlO.VKH'rt KALE. BY k/? order M Jamea ('a rr and < Libert Mil far. imIvbmn of H?ihni i?i A 1-or* wood, a* '.be manufactory, am! 71 Flrnt it**: tie. no Friday, (pmoher Rl. at Ido'tJoi k on ?b* preoiloe*. a iatge quantity or trunk mamifartfiriog nu? ar.*l?, **t, <?pn?inir artlcc* tired in 'be cnantitartorlrar m trunk*, c>ru."a(,#fif trunk hot d war*. Irt-'irr. ba*a wood, ami t ho* i#oar*J , too If, b? r^beo. Ac., ill of w\ -h mH >*? *?id to rhe dder. fi r catalogue* and pirtieti;?n apply b* ili?* a?cRooter, 14 Fine turret. Tl N IB MORKKLL, AIt .TIONRER -,-lOt K FOR flot k'-epert At., to !>?? aold ?hf* rnr rnlu/. by > \'a n j? a*' aiHemamant ureciaeljr a* 1 ny, o'ciork, at v* . ? ??!? *al* * n om H| Na**an *ir*et ron?i?ttng 'd ro*?iopo.l, riiv tii> *k *n?l enatne led, for par lore, cbamOer. JtnlU' nmto* h Jl?. A*- . the ?|'?aU> 14 <bU*U>ck la a<i|?erkr>r, aetftt *n from i.e man rella ?a?e tn buying the privilege of eiam nlng *ih r he > ? given. r? jrtTre tnf! aafWartton; alao packing ? &:u*tided o * lib nU?r?? ?? l or f?in pnrtkniHe* emmtne -?? * '<#*??<* whw !i S nadv. containing the e;u*t}*l' vi*rtu | N H ? aid at'end. II' K ym/'K A i;f *7 rop. F ?? -MY 'MOM'S . fi ? MkJd.Of! >'.i* dav, Tku/fwit. . at Iff* '?>!? k o? wo fif'T* f( ale'oofr I IN Sm*?? , attract *-nm4 ' ' . idn . e el ait l abmr' luralmre ? large ?m?>? m? h we t+\t mrde r>dvanc?*? and n?w to be oTrt by ?rr of f?ar HMvete 'ari rm? a*-?.red it*.*' mere fr1' w tj* ?t>M, (?e|| aokl A'?ae'her ft oft log 'lie ,?,? *t ro* n ?i?d rkbe? ? rc?!'ert^?ti that la<* neru ?Wfcr*4 a a?v'km ild' fad, ? / f "ii \ e*f t 'em/4 parlor, ?lia*? f ? r rr?, 4? n ff-? - ??>rary and ei>i*m?er fur nil are, of modern *?c a '4 ?# ??rn meewood |?a.itor e??rrr? 1 In ?-?' r? hra a?* t ! .nd burt iwen'v nwvmrd u'-.m. \ iif ?? e *efr? and *f4km ' weafy r I ;*f??ou?) dining fahWe, '<m ?e#-n ?e? ? n?, nrmrt !?? v*p e'eg? ret. mrf i wr. ?;.d ? * , r * ? a rrnd bran let, m nib.'iuiv, ?#,h >r>?1 < ?k il are rbatra, iibmrjr and nerre*ar> ?*.? * ht'eea word nidatrodp Ntrtttp and wn?h?tanr|? to rrva en. fWWft li'Mf ?te orated an*t naii.r W+\l rtatatH*f ???He mtrur o w tarn to trienuf* tnfe flfkf* i!Pf f * *? and Vo hk 'kuo bin s /aii aprtog a. i.ini ? halrt, k-n eft r.ra worn rni r?? wreraj ?|tmrte *e tab e?, t* ?,?/ ? ?r' e tof, n In> i ? lue and card tanle*. A!au noutli %oier rHi/i kirw M i in*'ie. e p- ??*#.. ? ge T>?e Wi'.i * h metimm r?a?e furt.. iuev in tbe apree uWnwn FlfM dour will be devoted ? i^oaivalr tkyiu' iftrn.'-tre aod rt'U artlr ire. At 1 f oVirait artrerai e*ip-rior "4#^ ^ and i oeuive pai o.-r w, Ren farl |nd lotwa s<?lLrr*, <0. ot n n# b r*o4 $6**' made kg Wre tinden?n a f t i% a.. ran ed. A .*? ea la*<i.4 < of .'i i Fr im ppir par ?imt e mirror* in rVrhl* nnaarnwaveA fran.?? H. MFLUitt, AtrfVONRRR FfNR OOTJt WaT'VI ? e*. de.a r^, lb urge r?liltr* ? ?{?*' ?? for a 4ry ? ? ore, table*. rtU-^eka. Ar.~Tble -la/ Tb??e? by llO'iglrnb A Re ir a* 11.? Na**a?i ?ifeet a* e p?*?. ikKd* Mttvt I e ffy eg !*> I *dt?:< r, AmO n?e -rre br?w ??.?? 11?< MT4I. atabie or j?weilot* m *Uor*. *#? a^uAf< aao. aw* atb w)n'*r tmi* V\ UriixUMR i rakkmt a h?.v Vfu,*KU.Off rti it??. <?W* 3. M || ?>k * i>w W?-r' ??? K? rliapfr. * > .liMhlr fkrm m. -?w#n I .vi 'mi.| A . ?' rM, ?i m IMAt inmi fori Rirbwoi..i Irrri or 'h? irrrn MP It Wn4? ??<? i'.?l nit/ ll tartan ? atu*. ?t.4 nut-" , l ? ibr'.rtm o< Wrrriarvl Mr* T??ot.. aral I ?4.? ?> Ta-r C . ?rj I* II*' 11 *?n.. r-i tar ... ...r. aritai^tun.. ?l,.( '? il-r 'mn.riftaiir MriMM of rfn rrfcr?. r l?n .*wi Ar fitalMkmftta'. Thar* n mi l> >i?t4*4 u>. iM. -???. ' ? m t?, i|'u,.'?i of JfMMI ??4. ?iri ihp prat p Ipl a I III'tar'I rr r i?i|. Ttar Irrr. I . tar I* It. ?. ?. 1 'M'.Vro T?rm *li Unar'T a 4?r Tt.? *M|. . iftat raa r w ai im ?kri-rft ipi:.* ta. ? II ua4 w u \m tkri*<?. Ai t"?ii?Nf k ' -tirmif W sae*. Ae ?*W *NbMM irHog At. al',1 ...? h lAUt* tT MICVBM. SA*uk;, k BaRSUL, ai (rn-.i rku. v 1'AI.T OH A tX>. wfi eefl t,' the tfUr.ra .?. tiri 1 earl aimet. n- ar Re- * slip. at lflt< n't cdr brandy, in .otili-a nail drnil,< I '*, Ua.bM rum ,ud London p.rtcr,' Jiuut? and HL t roll rtuu and wluk-y Al to, Sd.OOO impor'H ,cgara 975 HKOADWA Y?MBk KKMHI.P IIAH KOtaMH FOR _ 'emliiea and aioiile iHtMNu. with <m wuinxn i<ou,l, in rtm lira splendid bonnes looking upon Uadiaoo eijaaru, Wlnnt-n Twcrilv 1Mb and Tweed*-auM tdroala. 868 BROADWAY, UNION HQUARR- HANVrtOMB ?mi. ol pouma, on tke Una Uaoi u? lal. with ptvaio table, or on die J urupuaa |ilaa. (? a aeleoi Until I or gaoUe man, logeuier or eaoarate Nb olbar boardem HKt) BKOADWAT.-TO I.WT AN BIMJANT HUIVHOF I i > u (uraialu d aparunonla u runiltoa or e?upl? nenUeu'wo, wttb or wMi. tut mrivaio table The bousala flrsfcUua and on lauin ail Ibe modern Unprornmaaln. mBKOAHWAY -A HANHHOMK FRONT PABLOIt. on lor artmid lluw. alao, three aheptug aparUamie, to lot, between Fourth eurrt ana Waahlmt .in plv e, nan, bath, Ai. No boardem. Ki Unncta etchangud. A17 JlHOOFK STBKKT NKAIt RKOADWAt AKIItHT 111 floor to let, FiMllM; al tt. a front buacnimi, aa<l room* on tiir fecund and third (loon, well furni. hi-U, Ban. Lath. At', o^Qroi'tnii sTHwn, nkak lafayrttk pi.auk - t) | t/ An clog sally lurnialmd rooui, ou the -rmmi llooi. la u genhed (lrtti r inprivate bum, tolal, to ageaflctnart org-n b'einan and bla wife, with or without l.iunl. I HQ BLFBCRKR bTRRKT.?GKNTLKSIKN ANDTHKIR %<"& wire* and single Lv niirmaa can Imd esMdient an u>a un^lationi nttbn above Iml rla~ h"u-e, with f'lll or partial board, on Immediate uppucation. Oi'bliroiru e dUn* dinner otllj ran he ocrnuiiunoated OH rearonable Irnna lnnor. .1 I! o'i lock. I aim'lea Moloiv; board for Ute vrlntor will do well to Call. I A ?? Kit.Ill II HTBBKT, 0PP0H1TB TUB YITKUANTILK I til IJbriuy Two pleasant and wiU tmul. hed room*, e lib board, may br b of 111 NINTH HTUKFP, THTRD DOOR RANT Of BItOAD I'll way.?Ilanu-nine I irntaltod roocaa. la aulto or slogan w?h breakl* .1II re iidred. AI o, ai No. fi Uoilefe piaoa. I'll XLKRCKKB STRKRT, IIIBKK IILOCKS WENT OP 1 ?11 Unadwai ?Rooms i nn tin hati In aitlM. or hlnitle tran hleol or |ienuaooiil Willi boaj'd. til moderate prloe?. in Ilia above til ft eiata boo?e, wl'diali bie modern Impi^ivemenia. ilalli-, xat, Ac. 11-!fT WAVKRI.KY PLACK-A PARLOR ANI? IIKD I Vm I rw in, also tinkle roena to let, wllb Iniard, to a nen 111 nutii iiiitl wile or amgle xeu'leinrii. I'm.He lalila II ie i|nlred Hath, 4e. Ternit inoderale. Lot a'Ion deliBblAil. Ill lerencea r rtluuigeiL (I] J'KI.'.l'B BTliRKT, A KKW IMtOUH WKHT OP ?'I llroadwa*.?Boom t.iel-nlo-s of tootiut Willi Imanl. l ir BaWlemeD and Ibeir wlvea or alnflla leulteaiM Honae lli ti ela a. Ilatlie ninl vn- leientiou very deeuable Aivo, a low priced betlrooiu for a mule xrmleiiian Ql IIP.MtV HI'RKKT.- NEATLY FHKNINH1ID, OR t'N I 1 fnrniabCd loouot, wlib 01 wltliuul board, lieii'.leinen prtbrrird. rj r. HTOUT YOt'NII MFN WANTKIl?TO (JO TO UKA. \R I'l Keen ban ill m Aral <lua? VMMIR Adranri' lo llie amount of Keren.i In e dollar' paid to each man before going lo era Kilra pay to toopera. rarjientera and blarkamitha. Apply at tlie ahipplng office. No NT Wi " at., comer ol Albany, up alaira, opposite pin I'd, Norib river. 7 j wan TWKM VT"iRn STRIK1 -TWO ORNTT.N I i men and tbeir wivea may obulu vary daalrable romia, with lull or parilal board. In a honae rontalmnii all the modem ImpruvcmruU. I.iea'.Hin, four door* fiom HitlU aveuue 7 A FRANKLIN HTKI RT, THIRD IMKJR 1'itOM I t llroadwav?Kbirb- and apaeloiui rooina and pa.ltua, wi b board. Ibmee conuina nil modern loiproa'e<u<?ila. Inn uee a' one o'rlock Terma modarale. 7 J F.AHT TWI .NTY THIRD hTKRKT.?ONE OR TWO I ' t annul bin.Inr?. or ample gentlemen, tan be aoeomnio dated Willi line room* and board In tl.e above flral c la-a houae, pleH'iinily located between Fourth and I^iliipioo uvenuea. r\ RI.KBf'KKR HTRKITT? KOOMH TO LET. WlTII Ol' t ) T without liuard, to grnUeuieu and tbeir ttrivea. nlao "in.U naiiiia fot alngle Briit.emrii ua? and balh In the liouae Apply an iibov e. 11 RAPT TWPNTY KKJHTII HTREKT.-FrRMNIIKH tI rooina, arblt bnartl in auli? or nlngle, lo autl appUcanta, In a private tandly: honae haa all (be Biotlern Improvement". Mlnmed between I nut th and MadUon avenura. fall md eee. ?>7 NINTH S1RKET, NKAR FirTli AVI Nl'K. -A ? ) I nleelv mrnlabed room to let. with lioanl, suitable tor a Kruilrman and wUr, or rlnde priillcawii. In (lie brat > taea boiwe No. '(7 Nlntb at ent, neat Filth avenue NINTH 8TKKKT.-A LAROK ROOM ON SRcOKD ?)aa boor. Iiaiidroiiudy lurnlabad, atuuble lie a Ki'tiiiein.iii and wife or tern elniIr genlletueb. wltli full or palAlul board. In anew bouae Wltb all the modern improvement ?. Iteferenoce rii banged Term." inoderale. Appiy ai T',2 Ninth alrcet. Of ORKKRE HTRKKT?ORNTLKMKN AND TOUR ' wlver, or atnftle vutletnen ean be anetiintn'ida'ed null Imndkoniclv fntulrlnd inntna and full or partial board, where lite rum fori a of u tmiiie ran be lealU'-d (Laid tablet, A'", Rot and Cold batlia fire Trrun n.odt rate. Knferem ea el ? lianued. 1?? HE VI'H NTRKCT. N'KAR NT. JOHN'S PARK ?' 1KN 1 i) ilemen uml tbeir Wlvea ? au be aci tjmnurl-i'rd with plea aant I "ma an I lioard. '> I'L.VK, RKfXjND DOOR PROM ORKP.N ? ) wlch avi nae?A few -elect Utnlbeior vlngle ran lie *?'. i nunialat'd wllh hoard and room In euPaor aingle Houac flrM elaae: ka :? ion dr drable. treeaa by Slttk even-te t era and Amp; atieet *ui p1- Teruxa rea unable. Rcferencha tii lianvcd. APKW NINOI.FI i.'f'NTr.UVK.V CAN HAvr 1 OMPuRT able r ""in- wiboi wkllioat partial board, win a re-|in t able private family ; terma recaonablo; reference* require i. or would rem Uie aen t.d Door furni-hed, liaviui: two p.trlnra atui bniria.m attacbed very anitable (or a pbyali Ian. 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