Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Ekim 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Ekim 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE N<>. w98. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. IBfllTWEiCTTS Kbfl; Wiito KVKRI BiT TUK LIQUOR UEALUKS \\tt TliK CDS irrrcTioAAi. rjuuw rarti. rjDiK FiCOTH OF PROJPKltTl'.? JL One of the ouu Important pr noiples invoizudin Ui *mor flUNtlitn. lobfiMU^ or established .it the ballot box 1u the f.o> i ni'ipr elections, Ik the irit aiiabUlty of the right:! ui' guopeny. Our couoiluiiou guaritMee* to (fa elilxeiis the uiidliturbr I poRSO-lou a' u 1 property hottest') obtained, with fu'.l exercise over lis d!a i Ibut 00, eiceptliq ?Over Us dia't tbiiron, excepting ot.lj cstos where a meutil ira t-reHUy exists In Its posierioi it would be absurd lo ?uppo-'- lust 'be orl.;la?I fraanrs of that tons:butlou Intended to confer, among (state rights. the power'O our local governments tu s. t .inkle mi rata'.lube 1 na tional principle. A process thus conferred v. on id produce con mint collisions between oareutt And nsilflul legislature-;, nod rite rise 10 a -conic : for supremacy which oust ultimately tuimtnstc to Anarchy or et-sp'Alim. If the inviolable right of propeii- be as we contend it Is?an wstaiillslied national principle?no local government Inn the .power in any care, to elrciiuiserr e I's benefits or ti Interfere with lis tree and lull Mlrdwi th-- i "tn it cannot be otherwise than uncou?tl ui.oua), being in illrect opposition lo the oatah. lb-bed laws ofourroun'iy. The foundationsof commerce 1 be shaken lo ilivir can 're II lbs i lcii1 to pnrcbtiM' should ei-Ase to imply that of dls pot-lrg oloitr purrh?<es. In ibis i lev, wc consider the passage of lito Maine law act as a direct attack on a grew- t-nustKMlimal right handed down to us by tic wisdom of our tot eta bevs, and which we are bm.-r-d lo transmit unim-tiilr- ii to our i nsiurl'y; an eback no! only on the intuitu! * invested hi ibo liquor business, but on -eret v spselcs of property throughout oar country. Tbe isolated oppilcaiton ot as .timed power, acknowledged by ihealltute ot a people, has often in the history of na lons be om? ttnlverssl, and they have awskttnod frott^ their political letftargy only to behold ihe law pillar which supported Utc temple of their liberties crurnl Itrg bene tin die hand ol ticpo tisni, w i boat tbc power to nrrci t us decay 'ihe eor'e?t between the snemlesnnri the friends of the T.tquir Deu.ets' assoc-atUm Isa quota! us wall aaitecilonal Issue; the principle id ich ihe lortner suck toetstablWh a rU-ht to scire upon property lu the shape'of alcohol. may assail every other In Vestmrut Tbc nrtf.-an, the mechanic the Curator, the pro -ducT and copstiiner, anuingail classes of our ol'lsoas, miy Sw-crate the victims ot tts applies:-0". We fee) sshured tlmt eur citizen- generally will njeord lo tbojnsitess ci our rtmsfkB on ihls imnor nnl Issue; teal they will look Isr beyond tbe limits ot lis present operation? lo da n rc h -dot- -t g? in the future; Uiat ci?y will see the inssourl.y lu which all speciesufproperly must beheld If the princlpe ?ol sectional Intcrfereii-'" in national rights s not at rtnee ar.J lorc-ver abolUlte 1 ? t the ballot boy ; >hat tbry will view the election of thy r.uidkUt's chosen by the Liquor Dealers' Assoc! ihon. mt only n-t a propers ? - - tted an uni vsilot oi n.ento i.fllcee of uu-t. who bavo restated au unjust vtnc toactumnt on ii dividual nod constitutions I rights hut its a zm-ans to destroy In Ma Incipleticy an aastipied principle, dan s;>jr<nis in its tendencies. universally destructive In Its applies t'ou. i>ad subversive of the besl interest* of ihe country. Not-acrtUcc .,1 poittical opinion is required by the association to which wc bine rc.crri-d?li embraces citizens of all political creed.-?the whig, tbc democrat, die hard, soft and half shell may be found among Its members; It opens the door to men of all panics, and invites them to unite on an Issue more extend -od in l a rut) e.juancrs than any that has agitated our country the period of the Ilevoluilnu; I Is lu overv sense a sec tionuiiinil r&ilcnul union for tin- aufanee ot established rights, andss tu hdcttisnils, as It will receive the worm support ol every friett Md freedom lu our coming political cou'est. < OERCION AND MORA I, SfJA SIGN. In the bj peal shortly to he trade to the hnilot bo; no qn:lS riot s connected with our city and .State politics. It bo -nines tbe special poli'ital duty of every rttlzeu tu tbe exercise ot itis CranrltUe, to oirer a vol-tn ar- uotasge to moral rlir'ii and a -lc termlned opporiiion to 111 Umed, unnecessary nn:l Illegal ttercVei. Ilsd the principles which governed lb-.- original movement in the cause ?t leutpt-tgiuce been fstr'y carried out? had the moral aaasfam which produced the auspicious results of ltj-iP, and etthneqncviil . lu-en leP tm h-ckud bv political Init-Igtie and Uie s'teuipied enforisnient of iinjtt-t penal npactmetttt?had the "Cur-oti lutaguc" In lia rutitless cat ecr not sough' to tram p e on Individual liberty, aail to 1 cut-it out" realttaaee bv threats ol tine and Imprlsoumpnt, th - "Llauor Healer,' A??>i ?cla on" would not, at this day, poadiss U.a- Iccide l an l >it? tli.cti.oliihnl on wli? - Ii its encmlca lnok, if not with astoolssuieic, at least with dismay It baa been said, and truly thai an Individual may be pfrsc ?mnted into notoriety. 'Jhe -Jtylng Is appllraole also III -Si.nmu xtl'les--and tn tin instance, within oar recollection baski-een more nntti e-ely verified'iian In Uic itaeo-isiliutlnnal prose, culloii* cart.ed on against mn of our citlienaoonaeeied with Ibe Mqtmr hUMcevs; their "a ta hni linen literally nur tnied tiy lis en emir itltaal -.a-; ildoy eaelisn -easslve pom- ii oi mem1 er?, trtin nucleus called lnb? ?exls'i ? !>y in - -i-ne-e-e!;y, its prup.irUons have bceocne trulv >n- n I : n jus at the doors of out Id-gi nds ii in - nice lo which our Mate J ego o : cnttie. d whloh must prodt'oe a deoiu . rip mil il. orniatlon i.f our uaiumal V>>ogre-s. H-> ?uti csul il-o ', arson I cvc-ie," tlimigh at present directed uyaitiat the lb(Uor dealers of our Bta'e. and CUT, in volve :.u abstract question of civil srd political right, and It not -jverru.'M jt li e ballot box, may hereaiter bo used to subvert our uii-,: note borote-l local In, and to tear from tta siur be-,- an 1 dealest privileges. Thai o-ir dudktaiy hns dei irrod the Mane Lliptor law lo be uceonatitu.'o: si, and nobly refo-ed 'o catry out the inei.ures ? its adrneatrs, furnishes no positive seen, by t ir the future-, <1 hag done it s duty?hut ? e rarnoi answer lor Its successors; the people u eunlytruo source of righ'. must be con-ul e-i? th- It- drc'stnn w HI e'.eviUo >o pew-.r uono but Use friends of im partial jtuU' e We a;e no frtrndsto ltdcinpevance; we look upon the Indi vidual who seeks by moral suasion to remove "tils evil from amongst its as a great bene uc'or -o mankind. We iiott .r and respeci his rnouvsa?but w h?r Its professed advocates, -llscard ing these only legitimate means of tefiu motion, seek to make Its cau.-r ,-ibtei vient lo the pnrpo?i-sof In.atiable ambition or -piolliieai cupidity. It la Hmo to u-i-rtho mask from the f ie -of the h; pot r e, and expose hitn lo the gaze of honesty and truth. Ill I- PROD I HITIONI.'TA AND TUB JITDIOIA HT. The llqtK.t' dcslt-rs ere freqnci.tly accused of atteiupuiig to -exact nierise. Uom Judicial cai-udivics n regard to tic- manne - in which they would decide qUuatloM of coustltuttotiil law tf ?cleclc l Wr have already shown that this ivc-u. tliou is lalae, etui liiat tie liquor dealers bare i.nlv so tight lo learn the opinions of candidates on the polity anl propriety ?f the'aw . Ave lAre also sit twut'asi this I perfc-lv leelthnai-j, sulrot rtspend* tsTU the action of all political orsan'te' >>n? i > miking Lhclr B< m ? aticca We vi-nt'tro o say tlmt tbe probthttionlata have not b< cut t-ted a single oattdlu.tte fnra Judgeship of w-how roellion on bat i,motion a shadow of doubt remains In their nurds 1 be usatlon ol a tempt ng to exact pledges comes with a vnry ill grace from th. tn We teliove mat tltcy have smite fUti fit Jug-, wo b>-llev? (hat they win n-s nomtnate. end wdil urn sttpportfor a Jnilgt'-hlp. any man who la not dls iwtly nfpJgc-1 to in- m to maintain the conation onali'y of the Ijquor law, and to give It ihe eoniiteiianc > of judicial sanction. In deco, they lii-vc publicly avotve t that they wou'-l uol vo'e for ?tay man ol wiser opinions on this poli.t they -.v-rc not as enied. The judir.ary, as at pre j-nl con Prueted. was not chosen with rwereare tn any such question, yet irvtv Judges, after full and Impaii-iil examination, hare d?c!dod that tbe pro'tlbltnry law it so invuvion of pet sonal rlgiits, solan Infract! -n ofThe conetbuilon. Will the prohibitionists support a single on a of those Judges? Most iieau edly not. Will they not do nli In their noxvor ,e defeat them! fiverybtsly knows that ihev will. Wl,y do ih.v make nomioaiions for the judiciary. If not to secure Judges devoted to their views! the acma'io.i they bring against the liquor dehors Is only Intended i? bide their owa proceedings frotu publii view. The liquor dc-tler? have erpil ssi'iy denounred as pernicious Ihe poll- y of requiring pledge* from judicial <at.dldales. leu ibo prohrbliioiitsts nuke the same wlteial dec a ration, and act upon U before Utey claim credit tor elncexlty r r mpcrior virtue. ULTIMATE EKFE'TT OF TTIE MAINE I,\W. The prohibitionists contend thai It tlicy ''mi oikm carry ihrlr pel mcar'ii e Ji.i> effect, all th* eviL* of drunkeiit.eie will disap pear with '.Lr dlrappearance of ? w matin* of gratifying ilic de aire for *Moiulnn'a. The argument I* ?ppt.-tou i, liu' iai*c. Tne I'ght of bMnr'-. bv which alone * philosophic. eye should ex amine surb <,0"?tlons, make* Its Ullacy plainly rlslb'e. The Maine lJqiy.r law may l>e new In form and new in Pa appli a tlon. but tin rerords of the liaal tun,lilt mnn> parallel* 01 r? prlnctji'.r. dietary la crowded with egampter ol the efforts of cuyrromi nU to regulate ilia private conduct the dome tic eco army, and run the political and religious opml ma of individuals by mean* ol i-gul enactment* Scarcely asect In religion,Inpo Hilt a. or in philosophy, ha* ever arisen In tbc vm-td which hag not adrori .'*<1 liio nrcoralty. and lrcyuentl* adopted the prat* Ute, of forcibly imposing It* vie** on society. The love of power act-ma o be Inherent in tie human bosom, and power.'. ?ell la at- lutrumeot apparently so r,Uc*< !ou*. thai in--n are atronaiy u-rn; ted to ttseli for tha an, .lament of v.-ha vtr o ,j, K* 'hry deem d?*irable. Ihef are Impotent of <l>'lay;'b"v tind die ptoceaa i1 reasoning either t< >? m'tcb lor tl i!r ablU'lc*, or to* alow for their desires. Thev arc anktoua 'o,1 the l-ract-cal opendjou of their theories, jtuit a* the Inventor ol a machine .'ougs to see It IntnoUon. ('onrlin ed nt ibelrtuh of their ayalcm*. ihey wUi 'o pat them ta practice ei once. They canno' wait fir 'he grn.tu*, effects ot rea*t n Tiber they can aiall themselves of the rapid sod ire gasndretj powcr of the law H!"'tflcjl records abound wl'h iL'ustianen* ot ihl? tru'h. f-e p*r**eutlnwi o' '.he s- chra 'jMK hr tw r.gan Horn*'I*. MTNWtvjl ti , J J. aecta by each other, 'be ocn's-'g we i the Axtanp l a' ,J fiuhoJf s, Ibt InusM*! worshippers and the lms?e breakers tbc Oallffiics god the Protestants, tbc Jesuit* and the I*-** r.l rs; ?the peneeutlonl of republicans bv moni.-ch'*'' an.| oi am; "rath The Italians mntlntted to worship ims?cs iQ\ iUg 1<waur?iv* t erelated In destri'Tlng them after Ihey Had been tniaatiia and cradblM earn mher for hundred* of year*. Afer 'be ear* and the revoiutl in* of three ren'oHe, *f,,.r the enajoacre n: tlir llugeno'a by t harle*, and the burn,if o the * atholie* by Kt!'.abeib, af.a; the victories of O Ultima, and Uie trlawpb* <t rhartc* v.. '.hi t a'hnlkaand tha PraMrtaols dl anted reually between tbemUm of the Kuroiwan mind. Pfcrse' iiuvn amy hl'l, bnl It cannot persuade More boa thcas were cievcrtcd hy the nrearhtng* of Augusiio 'hat by the svrt til of Charlemagne \V airy m.idr more mover's In a depths' lie* iv the Klghh ?nutabave made In * century. | fliv'cl. make- more sober people la an hour thin <h ? idt|\.or l?* t ould tnake Ui a 1 car Where -or force bi sin-ces*. ftil In establifblng religious ->r political doctrines? ever Terror usurps the place V rea?oo. and ?r tunaent la Imnisbel by tlir cword?It ts fid owed hy a st.ivna'lon of Intellect which fa tetal to yti.gress. fatal to trtrb, ta'al 'o bticrty Indepen tern- ? ol iliOUfb. i ipiras with todcpendrt co ot aotlon. *nl u?* mind as writ a* 'lie person be, onu s a *U a u> the'lc atltlioriiy which die a . * "ptm -n* ?tid lea at lie same Ume. It 1? fett. nate fortr.anklnd that ano hrr law (o. *rnthnmi nltv and society, which Is of e-|Uvl perhaps superior, rigor. Thi aa two principle.*? lh? lorn of power s?l the We of In |e |,"tid?o?e? hue li sted trlth earn other a eeaarl??a war Una ?on I? '.Lt oui. toaula or between 'hem PoMUoal phtlosophr ha* dJiri.. I' d'b. tnaancr In wbtch h*y mar i>e r-oon-lla.l. ?* at leaf cautfd to a-t In harmo .y, by alio *tng lotiie m**? rlti llie right to rnle, wlUiln a re-trb-ed sphere and rl'h r.n M -iolabl regard icr the reengnire t Hrhta <4 the mlnoiu'y It fo a Is w of tba moral as well a* of tha physical world, 'liat ?r*lon and i lartion are ruuad. Tha Iorca of tha recoil Is mra wotrd hy 'lie fore* of the blow The persecutions of Illoeletian prcparid tba <*?) lor the courerston of Coosiant iia. The fires StcisMe' 1 were succeeded by tba triumph of the reforma dion T!t?-' ? rrinny of the Bourbons gave birth to the llceo*.' of the revolution: Uia Icnac of the rarolu'lon paved the way for the cetpc ism of tha empire. Tho alien and seliudp laws of the elder A lama harald< I the sue wis of Je.Terson i.A the de snocracv. V.acaulaT dram a brillbiat utotura of tba contrast t.ettrt eh the state of society to England undar the resiorauon. m od i ndrr tha domhiatbm of the Puritans. Puritanism at temp1 d ta England, what tu legitimate desrendaut t* uo v at tcmaMni to America. It eadea*ored to regulate tba cui'otn* at d:lie ha bits of IoHtM'JOU, hy ta owo no* tuns of pro ?. ,M fur a time. Ks gland wa* coove-ted Into a vaet ^ Jniu A A whol" nation 11,"ed uy It* voksa to Ib i-an ??* u* dance wtb the m at approved form* of FnrtUn -Jm; The saint nnl :be .toner stt tcre*har ,*.,eata ... of the sane wr PeMdnwafrw a*aa sad f tltlons tcra rl B ? .were t sh ofiered up In a) na*a' twang. ? tltlons to H?*. %n(j ^ avenues u> power ware fsiMm t|k * "rr'? ?n l 'It' Eftls. ? tbe any en to the olemn garb an I a i >dual ?rpac.,.nod wereiti^y *satrr s weto closed at temple ? of ?w.<e..dtbe Pnrl-mi. Tlk 4 bnOP'nt. Were ,|,. ASfS conntenuh-a wss c'-u-.'lr red :.n rvtdcnce of s ur Uy ^u*ii'e-?0 mye and * mfwuar^l vole? w?r? ?? V tV?rir?f spiritml *r?e?. Kor? ttxn?? It wglilil W ?l I ^ ta el ?UM1 tlAatral*"' road to Hearer, and na tf l>o rdgM ?r he Purttaaa be 1 ... royed hcaatiouancsa. a>??.?.ed pro te tii'T and est*, I, bad he relgn oi the saints f*eas (bi)) t ifrwrittMi ittived tdjd;ep?ltH? Ul'tfian. A tortp. **????* h W prove tb.' the Pari Sana had made fcyt-os .i>ea inskrad ? i making canvnrta. Even the 'yrannv of fiarirs ri. was wr., <*ncd as a relief from LlM tfrtnoT of the eatii'a 1 he nation ficd tinm Ow Ugotry of Um oomomo weal h on.y t/Wail Info the license of lite liesiorjiinn. Werer hsd 11' si engitt of 'be hpiseopticj been bu grva", neve ' bad :!" Puritmj.< been regarded with mi m i-1 cottltmp: The forced morality of tin* repudl wh sue,ceded by a aaturoHlbt of llceattoiuonas. fit' Court was a brothel, aim th?- nation Imitated the tkmrt. Neve lisd iltp theatre I pen so popular vet never oe'ore nor ainca n i ? ft been to degraded. 'ini' KngllJi literature 01 the re?tor..tlou t" a Hvug met itmenl ol the resctton of that day The exeat sloncl lite drama In lit l>e?i I'ortn dare blr,h to the drama tu Ita worst lortu. 'the author* ot the time of Charles II. have wrtteu pu ihit- w rich r on'd have disgraced the pijta of Arlalopaaae or Tacritce. Artfonaand ciprritsiotts were w.d c< na d n|<n'Li- nape which ?ould soarrtdy have been toh; raitd It; a tirot It or Uoutsi. audit'oca. 'fit# poetry ot Rocbnaier succeeded to the psalms of the Covanailtera. "lh? exile of th ? ar!< rs was followed by I lie relgu of Nell Owynn. fit lac', ever pit ull?ruy ot bigotry nod itiioieranee mat eharae erlzo I tit ?tntutuweallh louua Ita antlthellcal exceas In the days of th reatotailon. We might aalely predict that just nu b consequent tea would lollow the vtctery of the probthlUoLlaia in thi country, liuuian nature' here la the autre na huoiti t untre'etrry where else. It la an old saying that II la an caa> thin, oiead a horn to the wa'er, but It Is not ao ei-y t . male blm drink. tin the contrary, It u esrmi-ely d !U t to keep men from Bquor w hau ihey wlah lo go to p, or to ai e 1 \< ntthetn trttnt wattling U>drink when they uave the deatre. The Maine law might make piople bypoenfos, bit'. It enjI i never make ineitt trtiiperale. Ine more stHbgent Ita p'ovt * 01 a (he auonger would be Ihe resistance It would inevitably ptpvoke. hvt i. could l! be enforced for a limit. It would h j Bah e to repeal by any llu luaUnu In popular opinion, and tit, lent of the cuaaqneitl reaction would be precisely proptir Hot.ate 10 he elft ete of the lew Wltcil III np<-r*lloa. A. cotn uu oily made temperate by toree would certainly get drunk ,ty tLoice whcni ver constraint tnigbt be renin red. The ulttntfn tesull would be an aggravation of the very ovlla the law is In lendtd to icuu dy. THE 00NHTITDTIOff tXMVHIBUS. We ciono!, wpleaaeibe prohibitionists, dlwever the cooatl tuitt u Into fraetloua! perUnut each baring a peculiar adap'a t oo to aeentttal view* ott pnr.icular auigeeta. (.no rpech-? ot property cutihul be placed under the toglanf ba protcettre lu t tt nee, and another denied Unit privilege Ibe uttlvwaliij of Ita application la ib? corner alone of ha fouiidat'no. etnetred ny the blood bough aacrldcca which ac < utcd Its adoption. Itnllowed oy the me am tier ol the wUe ?ni good?ibe anehema and the sagex of Amerlean freedom Ibe >ar rd p'Oieclioti of property . by ?hatever rum" tt may ' t (It lgt alt ! la one c! the links in the great ronatpuitmul chain. 'etl bg Lrrktn, and the ma alve Inatruineol which ?urrcnoda and protect* the temp'eot our liberties, crumbles into dust. I'pott tlie fame principle that the prohibit'! nl-'s would deny t (uathtiifonui protection to property uadee the tutmi ot ale t l.ol they Utlgbl aha withhold it tri m every other article of coin metre either foreignor domestic. e claim tile prntccUon of constitutional Inwovarall ooadi Hot sol property, aa lite effect of a general and Irrevocable prirt Iple 01 right Oatabhshed In ?7T<>. We have yet lo le trn titni tnt prohlbUlontati wty a cobnl Is not property, or t? utiy avgnntcut by which tt is piaceu beyond the pale of Hie con aft: utlon. In he nbsettee of these aecoaaary and re mire l evi dent t. we tall on our ft lends sud the aupp t. tcr t of tbaoon st|tii.|on to set dpnuguguisin ott thiatiueauon at real forever, at our tall election. btUTERFl'llES OF THE PROHIBITIOtflKTS. The advoeatea of the yiulue hi |Utv law, uuahh to austalii their vatufed deelarstlou that the people would demand Its eu h rtttrent Irtmouernd of the Stale to the otln r, Ilk t the drown Irg man, ate willing to lay hold o.t any sltaw that can mve then) tl elr vessel from alnkliig siuld Iho waves ol ptibllc U.dlgt?tlMl Boldly prvsumptuous and yramtloal tntheeotn meiicemeiil of tiietr attack ou iudlvtcttal rights, they ootid now w<ep with (he alcoholic aud'erer, set beiure hla view in the iiios' glancing oolort the uoxlttua inUuenccs of tip. tUtnula ling a;m;ght, enter Into ttur criminal dungeons lor evident e.t uf lite tad reosequenee.1 ot alcohol, and profe.ta to he only the pure and tlisintcteaied advocates of a ruoral anil political rc generation. Km efve.- of all kinds almrten human life: gluttony produces this efifct equally w ith alcoholic autuiilus. the same uet may he sssr t ,ed of tootcoo. It la the abuse, no: lite Use ?>r alooUol, which t onttitiitcs the evil of which the proh bltlonis a affeot to complain. the united testimony ol physicians In all aecliois of the I hlitn, proehtims It to be the most powerful therapeu .eal agent m ntttnj diseases to be tound In die materia me Ilea; In diopflcs and all kidney und uterine obatruudont. It a' t A st the bead of titcdita] meatis We have nothing to do with lis abuses; they are, ns In ail other cases, visited with merited punishment. In relation to tie Intlucu WW rut crime, the uoolurual plunderer atd tne midnight assassin are rarely, If ever, tinder Us Intlneneca, Kxccases in aienbol w ou'd io" itttbiy ot stroy Ute sell possession necutsary to I ho fttilliment of tliclr diabolical p arts antl purpose . lint the pro hlhltinulsla search for Isolated case, of crime commit ei under I s siinni'aurtg eon?egttetices, a? the traveller (with far better views und obyacia,) seeks lor an oasis In the desert, i hey fltttl a fev. soUtai y tiistances ol the Und, and at once declare flint alcobclls Ute Ua is of crime. This avbterfuge, like others of Its c'ats, i last fsdlnu ?tvav before the light of pultli ? opin ion and ere long, stripped of all Hi atlflees. we shall behold on the bsnners ot the prchlbttlonlsiu, what t* now visible la tkeli ac's-i o dlcalaggrandizement. THK OONHKylJKNfTRS. Have t|,e pr.UnMiionui ? rehectod on the maadqueoces which would a'lettd the enforcement of'he Maine l.njttor taw In our ettyT Have they ralcutated the raphe! Invested In Ute liquor business, and ,he number* engaged iu I t Uave. they UgureU Itelnre tbemaelvea an excited multitude driven Pi desperation by an uiuust and a/tibi cry lnfrlagtmetit on their establlthed rights! \Ve heard ore ot our felloe r.tlzeua, a comtiitinleaut. too, cf a church assert one year suit e, that he would <t;aw a swmd s:td light lu the ranks ot the enforcers ot the Maine l.lquur laxv, should h be necessary. It Is thus fant ttcbm aeeompanlea in iusUt e In the attempt tonru-n Individual freedom, until InButinanon preset,1V the man;:I J . arettses nt humanity a* object* of pore naocaalty, and rivers of lit.II,no hit* 1 a* stt'ijtuis of water, 10 ba pouted nut at the shrine o mki t nal tyt.iLny. THK l'hfcVKNTIVE. We bold In our pottet a sure pr veotlve of IhcovU* Ihrcaten e l I.;, the prt hi:dtttudm In our strength and union at the hni lot I ok It n here the battle for freedom must on fought, the overthrew uf bigotry be secured, and Individual right, estaii lt?l ed ou a bss;? tt out which no future attempt of Lite dent* gogue or Ibe bigot can remove them. We cad upon our eltl /am generally, for tbclronn sake* equally with ours, u> t.ty aside t! elrpohheai leuu< and animosities."and Jo'tt us In Pin establishment of the great principle which we advocate tor item a? for tis It Is nregnan' wit". eonsequene"< not nmhud to a ta Kle generuilou, but exfending over tint.orn intllion-t nl there Ttno are :o 1,'Jow ua. and 01 whose civil and political privileges am! right* ?' arc now the oonanrrstore. us. then present at :h" polls a phalanx wblah nor ettnmlee cut not pi rte t are, cheered on by the totce of the people iu the c tu e of jus.Ice i gainst oppression. THE R1TFAL OF TUK M VIHE L V W. Ifrea. on, ratb'r ihsn faaatleiam, guided the learner of the Maine. I I law, wn eh nil he wiling in ri.-k Its repeal lo nor t ext l.? . slat trt, i.en withthem: l sn^consd'utlonal.t , Iread) hesaalerlarco by the moat nndghieneti a tvoeatn* and ,n igt> of our"oua ry, gtaoil and padt .turora toavlng reputli B ed It. wn "hould Imagine thai no body of enlighten -d me t could I.e found among our oltUens who woulj Its un ci r.dtli* nal ropt But a* polllieal a taodaip y lkta at tit ? root of ibis ol i:oa;ou t.w w e dare not an'h'lp it ? th ?? ita a It oca' l aving si en titer error, will acknow ledge it, Iu Ute surrender of tin Ir darting project. No'w lth taitdlng th" .- a'e In which it ot Initiated has, through the haBot box turnislied It with a grave, ita ente no'tita l.avc been scoffed at hy the multt.u In II Situght to coerce the Judi ciary thwbught.ut our rooniry have uneeaalngly gproeUtbne1 ,u ma <>ritthttt|pn?lity and our clti-en. have bol'dly hi I dedanea to he luhteh. tt ot Ps penalties, w e see an hope of Ml repeal tvltbott' a rad'ra! rh?t,g? hi our coming latgi?l.?tnre. We ? in have no totthtlrtite In those won h.te belraya t tue tru.t re pi xcd in them frr lite purposes of political ascendauey and the supptI ol psr itular aeplranttt for Idgh places in the oouocllt r t tug country. lie Aitgesn staltle must lie cleansed. It may rtqb.'rr flic i?,-or nf u Hercules to aOMBpliah the task, hut it It.a and Wilt be accomplished. tmCH or johs vommkrford ov tiim maim LAW We e.e below a ep"ech ou ihe Maine tow, delivered by Mr. Johnlernmerfurd We Invite for lithe eepaetol attention ol (lie rub If ? W p are here to exprem our opinion* In riila'lon m the prolil 11 or? law We have a right to examine K rot only e? U (tend*. 1 ut we claim togotuWIer U In oaanectlon nlih die nm' *nl mnelttutlooicl ba?U upcn which It baa lieen uehercd Into being. J ha there are natin el, hence rtwerve'l In livi ltial rtvhie. be) tod the reach or control of conventional actum, in i?t be admitted. What, fbr Inatanro, would we Ultnk of a *e* of men who would take upon tbemaelve* lo crea'e or patu a la* tha' the prtroipie ot reai>ir*tion "hoa.'J be rea'tir el or graduated, ItOMlng to tin Ir noilor ot the ainotint we elinniil breathe? Or, would ?v think nt another cla-in who-li.mlil at empt to direct n by ieal'Iatlw enactment, oa to the kin I and am innt of lood Wet tUmld awuUowt Or. Ml. in, liow would ere re elve a lew that, hy *t!ptitaenn, would forcibly Instruct ti- la iIip 'Un ci. arge 01. ttr dotnoellr dull ?? From 'be oh' tonc ou<l apparent ?iliutmt iD of the Mcurlty and retention ot Put natural Mti" of the Indhtdual It follow* that lu the rie'Oe of them 'here hue not nr.d t vt.not be a vlolat.on where there brat ntire iliw, ) for tho font)a*Ion of conelituitonal law. Whenever ,v ' Prlllicfipl of tbe Individual* who compare. m St-'. I rilled t) tlf Irrliriiinit, Ipt them lo k back W Uo- p int twa ~r *X?s.,.'~1 ? ?' "? 0?i ,M *? uTbarla Iflen-.a'fU. 1,of that 1 employed either the r low* "V uiotgk't It * rt eying ctor, aga.iut elia*. Stole agalnat dtote, mnco let4 a aralem < I dcpi, :am whereby an 1' ' IdeaLtl rr,i jnrHr enuld drcrrde the f tl of th, ?e patiio c by erttahiag mil the toot V'wttoe of tWe right* for ?? bt h ihcy t:,?rgru tally ec.n < net J! An/ma tbe argument., a United u, jitul.r the necrvoMf for tbe crletence end nxeratloa >d th-* tow ?e n ,J It '.e br^ad U* in He arm it tattal certainly extirpate poverty, pu I id.. |U feline. Now if 'bl? prt'l! ion. ao often awl o lieenlewly repeaW?l, ba t the leaet poa . llltr of ?.,? male. llewly reneaWcl, ba t the leaet poa i llHy at h g male, rtaly tulollea we might he <l.-i>o?c,i to II en to i, ? he vow' ?i r*' Iriga of thoae who utter that w.hUt Umi wildly Improbable. Vi hen three woo have token njon lhem?elve* the eipoatUoa of ' Uch a kind o' political aro. am., ran ) rod tie ? the rvl l?r. e that tbr evil* w!J It ,vp the, utnlmined ntniibtn'f ot mat -Li'-- of liic.|ua)lt> IVcro v.hfc hetringi the *ad array c/vlre la I arartoiM ph i tea arr toielt oUrt' utahle to Uiei ? owie and no- ot alonid. t'.ici and rn'. ttr'il lh.*'i hotiM tbny ?? partnllted to lalerlere ltd rait wiu heinttreeUof orto Ituel ana . -ilunnta'p ihoee wh . ?r? cti'^r.ii.. the mi,to or ti-eufp. In the ab'tee whi h hut been iin.pcit tipcn bn-r who lave been eogagid In hr ?ali- of It^UOritWu wttnea-. the rer.irrenn eg the mo le id a'tarlt. which lent i-'i tiuip? rrw e ed to by tho*", w bo from their oriraiii" to ae rlnc-c> lo fnr??ke'le (leld of prnorle'i J~"ti.'ji. ?n.| iwnim m eei .i A liter fi n.pcra .rp gatheri'ifa' we haveeeea that tbe rwl'ink or p'.?i on of they imeakpre have no prole tod oar lel.irw ? ttlren* or tbe feeling* of their fhlbtltei frnn thr ntUa rUv and vn om ot the language Mil plea* which hare i.een em " l*y ofat ployed Fvrn the ?*nrtr_v or a Prafcwton w hlrh ctalini lo. ar III twrlh, and g.aat will Ui men," h?? tmeci uaed, crd thcMC m ek dgent* by the wayetde, hare hal'ed kind ?? a U*f? wl'.rh they hope may ieod Uwtm to a contlagra loo in tab'-h the ' h?rred c areaaee of ?'twi-ntf Ih .'i?anl" n-ti n, will am at thr -hyy nf the temperance actilevemen W htiet we ere neeeaiarilv eoqapstp-d ,o my tee the < ndnet c.f the -etna Un theer men. ap aee at the *et?e ttm- ?en-it,le th*i it b r.ot rndoreed by the g?e?t ?nd eatlfhceoed body of wl.irh hey liar pro to be member?. t he latter, like odMtrm, do uot look for die tefoim ot 'be moeie* of wHJrb a Mate U rooaUtntod, throngh the ere* ion of eidMr rnmp'nary c.r o<her law*, lo my that p ivrrtj ande-.tneli the to* n filtuprlnr of ,U|t?or Ir aboqt a* rewmriahle a* to "barge tin,* ar ,cle wt'.h the c M^oowbtlliy of having i.icetiysed during the la>' wtn'er the rrlat* 'leprtred tb?'i?aryli< rf (,e;r ac< letc tned coip'oyineol. Tbti etut ,ra of attributing gll the ? 1 C - - ... - .. mam k .keeleha cm , CW M. M. Ai file fa' I.. M*a w .ewl ?. - ? - ml-foc hoc* wb.i I. "Vertake ?> many a* oar follow ereature* i a-lr.dt tr to tbe iter of a toetol gla?> le rn Mr.dt tramfer of tbe aten-a hen "Ry he ?n?,l*t.iwcn of the Ife.u ? ? I tlowa know who It w?m Itol ablltect the < barfe from idf the ihoalder* of Mm mil h ahti.ert maj .t? bu: t acn led to twiileve the' P mac hart beer error of lite r'ntcel ? tl.Cc f, wkee, uru-1 of libelling mo fa'i.Ular ? ch?rac eejlomghtlt am ticne be thou'd he relieved, ami thar* fc re, im KU.g Ateotof wa* a more -r.puler, bni law d uiger ow? ?!???<, mi i(, oD^ptiaily ociup tin ? a* change, the j rcrvt of tahtof c?r? of the eeruM;* '>f *'e* rr tip) > of ir e per t'le of MBPieut ?to et, -watptuary Imw* were in>rodo.ef I vler the t.f w Jt?p?.. e'icin. be pceta*. U. that bodi h- m r*U v.-it the money niay "/Ut tinder tb* Mupervkdoo of our imd'>rn to?c gttcn Wl ii tbe le-otulPd tf 'b'? (XliliMe tiatnto1 of tha (Iw-ine of w'io hare bdberto Uel ilged to l''it;ora, tt I* *etu tha' all Immorality an I lleetilioaiaen wul dhiij.| ear. War, murder, "truing gaxi/'.r, it i terr ..nd the dttferea' degrea, of crime will be r-tl c.f 'it.It In tbe pa*t lot tbe pb'lowophy of tb. ?e rn tt be I ut tried tlie oc.-upatimi or 'he ' cl?: tbe ? It i nrr.liarbe th* " punt WW*." and he other ereal tllgara loeioi pbyiloicigy and l.h.enotogy ? Ut pao* away Wl b ??wh ? P"tapeft In efew, who will bluer ttj> In cotton & tb ? 'la or c,( Iltcxthlyn tn anfc.retM the law M the pntm of toe bayam-i. I tbe rrv.rc*t? cf the anaie* who ar* to the Crimea could but mn If (pate torh recmltt from their aoerdena, the, wood out fte*t trie in mekc ? t *? |iiet end vWnrj ?' ?loo^hlered ihcei.aad If (k(y touid but reach ike ntefw deatloed Ibr the t iuet/leu chief magistrate 1 here named, the plains of Europe would he made to M.ake Wl'-h the groaio. of their dy>ng enemies. It may he raid that 1 um drawing on the Imagination to loo great ao extent; if n?, I cannot help It; wh n 1 find a utan ready to per petrate murder under the assumption of auch doubtful au thority, I caunot out believe that he u Impel I d to Ita execu tion from a specie ot tii'utomaula. Relieving that the into Will carry out the spin', of bi& d#claraUou. It become* uf a* reason able nien to advice the liquor daamin in that unfortunate 1 >rali ty o submit to the temporary bioonveuteme of the afflict ton. under the assurance that anipta u otuuuent will tie exacted for ih.* oHffl|S nam lludr property and right*. speaking of sumptuary lav.m. |i K a fact, that even In minarchtca England they were aboilhhed in 16o.l Here, then, arter thelapse ot 1 wo centuries, oue ol the fa'iitly i* etiiaolished U* a number of the State** of the to ion. It is urn* that our SUte will appear aide by aide with the deep Main of in* Miama in company with ti c bigoted au?' iruolcnuu lU.kof a aki??rh?*>d win** hi-tury ha. been but a march from one act of in famous intolerance to lbs next during the whole careti of their exUtcooa. The people are, boweve\ becoming sensible of the odium of aifeefi a connection, and this mc-'sng im but the precursor to a repara tion which will dlwounee. uh until such time m may Icxd th? m to the full knowledge of the injuiies winch th*y have fn flfc'ed upon the great principles of republican treedom. lit ancient Mate*, Mich ?* Home, lids ayah m of ooniLnlng men to what d?e\ should en and wear originated In too dopotuifii of i * oligarchy to make Its ciU/ens fe.ei that lSi* lr right* sad evL* lei-t? were m he nMMutd out and tgiwadtd In mlntton to the pot ii.ou ihev ought occupy In obtaining Urn eteuien'a ot w vuI'll, r believe that there u no existing evidence Uia* the people of sny .iuclcnt or modern na iun were p'ohlbl'ed from She m e of * inei, ?\ 1 Thu net of folly upuriii? e been rt served (odedincuiMi the na'lvity and exist ea.w* of the profound author* and expounder* of me Maine taw. The innovators of tr.e prefect, through Uds law, hold la-t to the onnoxiou* feature of tyranny which acinar 4 ibeir ancient pro to?> 1 c*? that is, ' in the erru Ion ot It they have embodied that chisel: ration when *a>s you shaJi be permitted in dr'nk and cnjML a- yon ore elevated to a given s undard of society. MuMiqitlsu has welt observed, ?"Ihe nuutp'ttiry laws are, of all law*, the most tnefflcaoioviv and the mn*t constantly violated." It 1* a* he hassui ed, with She addition that tne frequem-y of the violation nasal all times ttide thaw Inoperative, u id there Tore 1: t< that this knowledge of thdr uder mef!lcacy and inudittv ha* led to Uielr repeal. Where is the man who U verdant enough to believe that the lew In the .Stale of Maine proven'* Un* u*e of the social glass? V hen 111 en become *0 changed thai they will ruiinquUh 'heir right 11, a ud forego ibe interchange and endearment < of friend rntp, ttuough H e parage of a Iaw tha w u bcgo<4ea 10 fr ????*?; up all arret* to the avenue of the amotions. we may then sup pote that b? cold inundates will be ?L*rre! and complied with. 1 have heard men my that our oppo i iou I* wr > *qly timed, or ?hal those who are* oppose! to this law should have exorcbtd liicir right to prevent hs being placed on the s'atu'y l ook 1 w ill aviasrr by saving 'hat I for one oould not bring my elf to believe thai u sttfDcent nufber of rcpro*ea ativos could h? found who would *0 far transcend the puwco* dele caud as to vote for i!ic reins'It uiion of a clan* or laws that h?\c been ?boii?hed und discarded wrhereever tjjcy Lav?- been femtiiuied. Nebocr sliouid I have been fcatihficd \vi h the iavv, bad three fourths oi each \ ranch cf our Lestalaiure beeu expressly eli ?:t?id 10 ps-^ it. 'I Is 1111 the kind ot dernocrar;, tn which I tiellnvc. It i* not 'he weight of legislative numbers nor the high position of an executive ofllcT fha' gives he vitality of republican justice to the edicts wlmh may be paused, f l?>ok up for a broader s cope in the wide sphere of c*?n?Uumoaal equality which has been guaranteed U> the citizen, in whlctt he may apply the test and HtittlyM ?o how far ana how deep he is Htlbje ?u*4 ?o the injury or curiftiiment of hi- privileges. In my opinion, th? true intention of 'he govern ng power, whether p. inv lives mil nlofpal. State, or the moro potent:*1 fuortloftt of Hie general governiniiit. intlcir rea|>ective aph?v ea of action, a'h'I time* should look w ell to the card ua' doe<rlne that majorities do not Maniple on the known rights ol the minority It is a loug established axiom ot the beneficent purpose^ of? truly demo R'Alic government tluit lis pnnelplea are set at defiance and i's dignity insufiod, when by i s apathy the rights of its hum hi eat oiti/en are ln>ud*:d, and that a Stale thai permit* ? his la ?in worthx to re< laim it* pfwltiin until it enorgeucaliy adopts m *a surex for the atonement <>r the injury iuthcied. CAUTION TO LIQUOR HEALERS. There 1* in this city a parly of die >rg mining politicians, from Albany am LuiMlo, under the gulae of Olends of lbiuor dcxl er*. who are andcavorlnp by intrigue m divide and dmiract the 01 poneiits oi protdiiiliofi in 'his city and aujoitiin^ 'owns, if they < anno' irau^fer lh? m over body and *oul t'? the l4*aft aheU party " as they have a read> done with the aocle'ies coinp'*ed ot i>outi<:ian- and hquor dealers oi A hativ nod IfuifaJo. fheir labors wllfhe Impotent for evil In this latitude ;?<* the chars" tn of theae politician* la here undcrhiood and duly apprecla led. HEW PlMJi ATUW.i. AS A LITERARY WORK. SUPERIOR iO 'FASHION ajid Famine '' ? Bo-bm I'oat. Superior In pa'hette loterral.?Hay Hook. We have read 11 with d -Ughl ? llo.'ou Traveller. Mary Fuller u h neat ton of which any living author mlg'nt well l.e proud.? J? Y. I'ally Time*. T HE O I. I) U i? M K 8 T K A I) , III Mrs. Am s. Btu-iie*s, Author (I " F'avhl.u ni.l Famine." i* .it *t ruminitrn, A Ml I* rerelve<l wlih even gnaler approbation than tbeau !li<? i picv oii.- work. The order* lor tt have already nearly exhausted U>? Aral tup I'lj hf 15m* Corujt. Rxt.-acts raoa Kcncx.* or mr. l'liv- i Alik ? iir Rrcci. KD:? Many portion* are inlenaelv Interesting.? IV?aiou I'oat. its 101 e la eminently rc.lgfoui.?Huston Traveller. " tie author'* tume will real on this volume.?New York Dally iiyp Dickens l-a? never aorpawiod some ol lla description* of local acinei.?New York Kgprem. From the Sew York Dally Tlmea FeUon) bava we bad a wore truthful, a more r ha mil, J V |.'llmp*e ol ruial life. In parn If I* highly dramatic, and all Ita aim tt; pure and lolly. Mary t uller ta a creation of which aov i.vlng mi bur might be proud. Frt m il?> Oolumbui Enterprise. The atori la touching'} rtvrrt, full of loat huidahltv wliicb '1 ring* from well linproicd experience It aiuueta even m iro l>> lla appeal to the hotter leallnr* of aur nature, lhaii liy the enchanting intereat of thn narrative. (From the I'l nnr; tvanlan I 1 hie la one ttl the beat work* oI Iho glited author, a* The eeei.ea of it, mi *l|e IIto aro alt drawn wtdi euoh force m to leave an unfailing Imprest l>ti upon the untid ol Uia n a i r thai diey arc vivid rt all'li *. (Front the Evening Trlbttt'W.l The simple. gem to* force id me atyie, and atralrhifurwarl narrative, etibam ? the hrbalibae luicieri of die awry lueia are i h* plcltirea of couo'ry life in the timua'aiaa, and tcvcmJ rbaiaelt rs, eat Ii one of whl h might form ilia atapiu "I a nove1. Hie apple gathering and corn hin'.nu fro'ic, with 0 her rt etie*, on the tarn. are | letum* c m a'liing a world of 1 early life, and Will bu rirbly enjoyed by all who remember ?lie good o.d time*. (From Ihe Delimit Aovertiaer.] The reader I- fain to |.?ti ;h a* W"ll u, to weep, wltbthe page* f' 'he tll.l Ittini'atcad before hnn. Tin je la a rl arm arami A I'garnet in niaatc In ih> wrldora of Mr? e'ephena which r unia 'be a'leul'on ami delights lite heart, she will tlnd rcvl er? iu ebtUMlain e wlietever the lniguagQ la eiiiaco. ilroin ii.* Huron 11!i>e llraucO-j Vat ? of tie ?rene? are l.iid In the littmb;.. walk-.ii' life and *11 I l.e . trhor'a lite- den.vlptive p... c, are bi iu?hl to lioat uj on them. The com?orileet rootn where the girl W*<-tier e are lor her d> 'tig father?.where lory rn -el a la t In hl< it -a'U hi ur and pari louver. the ttnple hui eltee' In' home oft He "er; lb. mn* ouht at Bel evue; .h ? aolerni. bnrtil, with only thi ie twoh nrly rUl drrn for UKiurn. rs; and the ei.pilO'e p.cuir--of III.' at the ?I'd 111 tni I I-all aiiow lie tcndri-nei* of iho wo 0 an C Hi'titled with lie aklil el 'he ar.Ut In 1 vol., Lino. I'rl-e Jl i!5. hlM'K A, Full ehera, 1 VI Vaaaau *tr et. All .lilt El.YN's" LAST NEW MAP-IDLI nra.VI ,1) ? hi* o. y cf die CRIMEAN CAMPARI*. "A Vriti r Kvwmti it* tiii: Caiirra, Complete up to the preieat i! ite. I n.titaeh.g a Jourt al of Ilia m .a "ipol ? battler, wirttc. a'O. uia, wrvi-ka, killed woiindtal mlaaing, Av., wldi II e taiert refnrnoe rr.ep" t.f Ii e t'. iiro ,? and Ida. k Sr i. An" fhtee vlewa ot Se'.aatopol, with deai r..itloi,? of ewh. and a *1 ietidel engraving ot Cronafadt. ahottlng and describing Ita ft rtiftoallons. " Mto t.r map V> by S'l Inriiei; price '15 renia, beautifully en k'rrd t-rnt by mad to any pari ol Uw* country *or one . enl poa'tge Map, hook hied prin' agenla wan'e I for every S ate lo the 1 t lno, in red from a Hat of popular maps !,ivier? ol In quby pion.pUy ar.rweied. Ca'alo*nn? an-l ?i ev|,n n .h"ct tier O tue ur e. A. 11. Jid'ki.YN. iai I ultou nreei. N. B?NvwipaperH n.pyiug he above, and aeudirid the Kum^ lo !h? offl<e, wil] < fhrer copict. 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W. .10 (ifaaPtoyt, or A llooae la 'hAe World 74 f o' GREAT GATHERING AT TAMlAJiY HALL. The Soft Shell Ratification Meeting* GRAND FREE FIGHT IN THE WIGWAM. TL'e Enemy in Posfceesion of the Malakoff of Democracy. RESOLUTIONS AND ORGANIZATION. KjNwkf? of Martiu ftlovrr and Johu krlly. G V N S--B O N F I Fi K S M I' S I C Ac , Ac., 4c. Ajrtry 'a/p* gaH.arlng of 'he anil sb il wing of the dvtuocraiic I'Slty as..cinbled la t evening 10 T.smrn 1 ny Fla!', to ralifj the county tiomln. Dona, puruiuitl to the fteluwing call:? ..a,yVl Mif' K?titietwo?i Cotnrrv Mkkiiku?At Tainmanv llai 1he democrat c republican elector* n| (be rti v mi l rojn ty o! .New lork are rcqtiitsied <n inert in ma *. 011 Th'tradny evening Hmlirr ;>j o'clock, ai Tammnov IUII. Br orders! the Committer 01 Arrangements. , t, UAMKL, K. 1)KLAVAN', Chairman. I. r.H/iii. H. P. Ctr, j Kecraiarlei. (up fin R/O'lrra l'ai*}tin guu?a* Instil-I AUnruey Hull l a* oubi'Cil it?r.?a culleil into eervioe, ami troin uu early hour In the evening ?wakened tit# echoes arounl the Ci y Hal! and startied tlie poor ..-wing gi .?!.? ou llteir I l.t tnev ant walk. Ibfti. there woe a luted of music stationed on tliplnl 0OBJT In ft rat ?fTatmn.iuy flail, and in (h- middle of the street n bonftro of tar ImtmI* and other comVi-dDtl -* blared away, to the delight of scores of the hoy*, who gu'Leirs. in c mention eirr tea around it. V hen the doom were ojsouett there vr:i, it tretnen lour rtirih into the hall, and by and by it wot rrntnled with ft* hard a looting ret of boys ?. < rer congi egutc i iveri these. Mr. I'a Mil K. I XI a van culled the meeting fo order and rraid:?>'?11ow democrat*, the hour itnw arrive! for calling tbl? meeting to order. The Committee o.' Arrangement* hare .elected Io pretMf over yor fhst tried, ron-ia'cn', und t ufiinrb rig democrat, the H n. Cornelius W. (ate (Cheers.) 1 wove that he act a* your Chairman thin evening. The nomination was unanimously ratified, and Mr. Lawrence t> ok the chair an 1.1st tremendous cheering. On molten of Mr. Dm ai .1 \, the following Vlce-I'rcsl di rite and 7'ecretai iea wote appointed: net t'ltrriokar". tVard 1?Joe'.ih W. Brown, V. W. Wrrickin 2?K C. Meotgoioei v, Ib.imat Molonei 8?.l"hn l> Rortt, Joseph Harrison 4?II Htudlutier, Uairb k Doyle. 5?I.ymnn Caiulee, Henry K'll'enlinut. 1? fcdnard ko?-r. Micuael Doriolme. 7?.tame? Murrhy, John Tipper. ft? Chill les II. Ring, Alber' W. Smith. ?-Wm. J. litis ie*. Jacob Wrndnnlim . Ill?Henry D. Johnson, Kibird Rhiltter II He. nurd Kelly. Aaron H. Rollins. IT?f ot.rad Kwa. kbeiner, David H Jack-un. 18-1'Whp Merkle, D.irnrJ !'..-.milium. 11?John Kelly, I'cter Mono! ua. lb? liaWel W. Korrhi , James h llotbr'.nt'OU. 10?Krvdrrlt k 1. Vullrr, Jarne* I'ae.oly 17?Abni. turn nit, John .liecl.<Mii f?James Donned, Koval Pheip 1"~V. tn. D'mbnm. Kdws.d D.'lin 20?Jamie >. Poet, Jamas A 21?A. U Plune'.. Nithoia- . ... 22? JktntiC. Durnliaui. Michael C?'it:twn. ?aoKTtirtirs. Ward I?A. J ferry. Vartl l!~Kd. I'stlim* 2?Dial ley fla.ey. I.;-M.I. Hrvain. S?Tbtniaa Mum or. It?J. W. Smith 4?V in Huh el. 1.'.?J. II Hier f? Richard Wiune. id C. 1". Jnliuo.n. J'Jm Ciumn. I/?A .K Patter.on. 7?J< tri Kraaer. IB?D.-dr ch Kline. K--Win Walnwnglil 19?Willi tin Hehrntdr. V?.lost 11. llaMwIu. 'J.t?Christian Ken rich. 10-fd. Wrsh 21 -Deuglas lav lor. 11? P. A. Coelre. 21-Kd ylmpnoa, Mr. JiniA UotHsasa then rrad the auhJoimM lemlu'fnna which were received villi load anplnuae and unani mous!/ adopted:? heaoKed, 7hu' ll.o laognaceof the A'ebi aslci Kuuass Idll v liir.b ileelarra that " the people shall be left peri,', tie free t/i Is miti <1 nun ...? ihetr own rlutneatle 1/iaU'riu.ins in .belr own only to'ho 1 onalliu'fon ol rfio I n. rd 10 ue "la 1 be l.r 1 e,i huiguage of she whole Northern demo, rae,; an 1 dial v.? view Willi eoual aliborenin every atternplwl nivusioo of I la ibrir r' .lit upon whaievtsr prOnre |i may lie grsni I'l l I r In 111 ? lie lever 1, carter it may ho dlrer'r I. nt.nH. ten' of rue < si par rty of each in nil rr ot the Union for sell gosers metvt an t rnnltsg In IfM InUlhllP Inline tees 01 au Ain era,to'Dati. a eventually 10 illapoae. nuwt Katlafai-toriiy so orory party, o.d n.os-s vafeiy so ihst whole of the l.'tdon, of ihr .pis. ion of if. n.r>i e aervtiiide W. . Un rehire, are opp - mI to iht re , 'I e Nebraska bin. by which lli.s .pvea ion la v'ron I. !i ilt I arid are equally opposed 10 ail svlterr.p's 10 rea'nr the Uie/oon con priurifse, e? ituv.bie ImpoilUe and usnle-a. II. Hifve.l 1 hat while eOugrmUil Ulng the d 'tnoerarjr upon II e brti bit,' 'rlnmphi It haa won over bu'nv Nu'b...,lttn, ri I.a 1 rnud ri'i hrniot' dia- Tan.iri-ny llu'l ?t.?i! irinip'.lt ant laiidlv fnra arst a* rise i bainp'oti of equal rlgbis -. iu?t p . ' ??!.* lea lie ?I'd-r | oUtleal HMhra bent hetiiie |i, ?r ? 1 :bt lm dai perooa I, lendrf ip> Tatmi.any llall upp ish a n us -be opt li es e. It.v ia.ou of the peoplo'a re.'bl , 11 mi t-kad Ms h dvoiis ienirn c?|.osidllis n.ost,trotu ft v. t rnvln . i.e-| the sosslitirti. n from th.?tontaglon of those who uoulj hive proaeri ?ed mon f;vr the Mc.drnl of their birth or fm li ' .ui o' their lellgn ti. I Kill I, 'llnl in acleutfl'd "AB Act for i|(e ? .ippr-s .lo 1 orimtoil s raoee, pauperlaiqatet rone ' la a 1."lust noo i io ii to I < p 1 0,. s'V OI 1 to ot the I.n I n r tpf |e ? ?U.t . c I. e||.' ot a con opt ami draprta'c partv; and Hut lie' ?? 1 a trauepem Into biask I s pul ltonpm 'he whig ps tv noiPl ,, no ac .1 pri f. ote tbe hklewvwneaa of tta nuniliK elisipo s* In the pa.wi^e t., a lav* ? ha h *'nk"e at the fntidso r..(nl prim lobsi "f all I .vr, e. Jai r 1 e l.v (ooail'U Jm, and ila a l piss! ,* bnvp, : ih ? rl.un 'cr. lie fnrtune. and the -s 01 rhe etU/ep a-. Pit Itef) r.s nc.iT'l pre.i< be I .y fina . . ?u 1 mif'.r ? .1 t.ymi vbhery lis' - lit* bei Inoill-Mortal Agal: si b's U ao I all tifoeriMio S||?SII Indlvld'ul ronaeteaie and prlv lau tnany and h r detuiH ruey hu iw of ai. riona'lof" mua be repeafe I. 1 e-o!v?d, Thai ilo t'a'b'tiui wltrilntdru 011 lis* bnnifioly, 1m partially, and merged a'lycaiTtrd oni d.e pr... p>s m he ih n rttey, order elrcutna'ar.cea of pr-nllar d ., ? .return and dlflb and the' the ire"e.,iri; unity and wl I s ,r a 1 ,1 timrbi rf 011 r party, in the late elect Inns, are the t twf eviess e Hat'bi patriotic courre ot Kratikiin Klrrce. n ? i s d?to lion 10 the rou. lituUon and union uI ihcae State*, has been j i-'.y applet 01 ted. h f solved. fh?t the | eople of 'le t'tdlnl Males, pi .pit., tgib,. envy, rian < ,? and ib 'raet'on whu'r a a ;, I t'r.,,.,o, I deree, nre ronv meed haf the rleiti's-ta t ri* tlielr n an^ tier e!et ato to die hltibest oTT) ,? In ih ' rcpo'd c orie uimn ti iid In tbelr eiu.tjdeni e or nnw rthy of ih' ti adm'r .011. That we aoopt ibe foilnvlna resolo'toos if 'l,e bar I'lio efloo of theXKa Of Aug' I 7 but the piodlyalPud proCigate a; ..roprti'Kio and r pen dilute ofthe public money by ttie whig a Imlnuert 1 n or this K'a c, th' Brow n pon er aud Infltten e ot a t orrup' ' > > r il' Legit la sure ?0'1 Ibe incteaalrig .ml v aatefni eipenuittir. . hi crxai re; alr?, a wi lt ?< In ail 0 r depot niftita ol the f ti 11 mem, tb o.orwl vbrnunh anil ralU-sl isi> 1 s., 'iB !.i sovertuient ha'k to republican fr%?'l./,-e?momy and fit*' gil'y. 2. 1> .t >? ? or oil' lor 10 whlrh 'he "dnab ha-o fallen, a el lie Itirta t dill J? wined the revenues from y- >r ' r Vr - ?? etsvw res.vnr? -n* SJh. j'.#"-' ? t J' c f fo ?l?niA V M- V tietv. jr if lira* rM ikijlvWi wi?h Mtpfphriirij.iH ot r Ijinti!,*liv 'ift. t and t rid t 'mail'*); and I bat tu? i>ipci)dliuiD '4 ilu fr*,iJdO '*>*) la?t Kj-.T.ioii t,y tU) propM Uf the nj'Iot>>n m Ui i*??bMo V'F*" 1 o f on luctrfj <?<* tf to m\ke 1( t*rihId ?! At ah-ri . f G ho r t?m u>: ? brn-cow*d , >, 4i Kf|* nhii' -ft 'be eamvl. will no*. I a prudlP all* b.nefftie.| ; V, ''"li. y ' 0>le? I. r.rr 'be work nto'be" a I.d J UI In 'Ms r'ew v e die ij It .pb.U.t, that the lu. re. t* ?tu" ?? well at theea who nuvlgtie vim eaouD and of ne II I.irf" or?'l*et.oCivep .Venire thsi ih. - ty.teui ..I eip-n.loura le alai.d'.ked, and thai 'be rcvaloil'r of il- tn'i.e, s?niklh* -i sppbi'l a- In put 'he whi.b id''he esMd, p, r-iy| *?'|* o tjer for fee large.! rUa* if hneia al the esrUe# pr..e le Kle perNst I.I ael re<l Ibal It Is the duty of the d na> rr*,*v Pi#,.port the Male (Pkat ' eailed Karnwl I., he) I en, NPbolaa Dili, Israel T fh*icb, Ac., as (he lirkei regit arly taaoinuP'tl bv h. re-pilkr fbrn.i erane c'a'e t'ot.vei Ion of Au r pt 29 end i p t. onal ehjeehi na or private feepngn shvutbl ,e saor./i ?d to ike rot IJ.OO good, which eati only be *e( irol by U.e tr.utr. ?tvt . til iea. of 'be Jetnrcrai!. parly In cHy, C nppj, s.n,j dUp. lUj? tgb a fir m a ll -se n to rwgniar re mh utiotia I en |veil rial we 'be demoe lu'y ? I li e efly of N- v Y rk ir? t-onneil auaetuhded. unsoliro.o y ra' fy the nom i*ti o, .,f I# '.ate ? oi.vrnll'di. in vhls plare lor riiy and mun'. "fl< tet rad npun all damorra < whcd"li" ike bamiony m l no i i t h ( *1-1 y ih* mw*m of 4*mor?aU'' prin'-ty ?**. th* >t of li.e ' My treasury, Ike ur.per<uj ednilhi.tra tori of i n tea uaa ret. tike ol venality M roirupl-on, ami meruit tmo :w be rt.h' plate, 'o vide for? civv n*i> cotsrr nntn rev fbrtlif lanveaC. Wl len le? ' out v < jerk IP aa,,| (j gi, ler I nanp<roller. Aurasbtb KUeg. lev'-'fart < irrinissWii se s.m jel aI'en Itff.m Repair' st.d rttpplie- Valienir: H. Kelak. yerfent sel'o 'he l (vp,?,'|,,r Ueser, H ::'..,oard I ot i My Inspee-.w 11aar? K Dowrbu I er fb noref'.w Almatioiiae Pa'rtr* 'I Ms I'on lot oner Mvsnl D I'snn ry W'diam fK I tosvri. Joaepb lleia K'Aort 'is in hie. 'iistinv vwaav ym Jo-em t f the Ktmreme Coon I .me B Whi lf I nr J ifW' of ike nupetior Mv-ba I I alee > . , . ... Ilefifr XkeiL f , Jo ie of f euri of f Vitnmrsi Plea. 'oOn R Hr-ds r* Jtrtbsoirtie Marto, i.'W Dai id O'Xeofa. Jr. mrt'itT or joint committkk or rominatioru. Tte c nrerrtloB reaip #es| of ife* reap*, live ..mni.tKws apf ofht' 1 hy theefty. e>mnty and J 'di-Urv t:?,f s. up lot... I"' tL* purpose 11 nuking ariaagwmente Inr an. ea'l g a' ? un'y raUUewtisn ? ? ing, r#spes; ToUy ?ro?T. 7h* dbaensVma attimiaat upon in ar;tmtml ns e-#n tel latween the frten-U of the ily.l evmildaus betws. .it <d tie I'n.lnatlng e.n<entl.?s, hml ewaarj o ? . neaalreaa. leel nee .,nil disapp. lntrn. ti'. should et per #ed *r> iit'otfria ? I'h Use 4uty of .very trvs i too erftt hi fal'bfuUy rcpp rt the rwgnlaily n m nn 4 t.ekei It we a, tboref re, with ma.,/ p, " d>gs ?l#t 'be ecnwv-ntisw entered upou IU dnl t ' but I'a.atl r si|<, issncetHspssitest all 'mibl and ,os' --4 Ml es?.ft"i " In ft* Irtonil n 'flndlsil i? t t s-tal <i -. a It s !ac I >n ts. the goner > I g. ,at anile Ibe f?U ? n .-Mb* rarty to npfotd wtlh on.niroi e. fb* |?. j wlar act lea >4 i Immat Hall Th- n*?im ./ r y of lie raC'.is.aUa presented he ossr ticket are ?<? be f.-nd ,!?> uf n the He'efsn vahaaled '.y .rysn aat #s va'y ilg. If U.C ' r-f (bade imps -lito deymrteiaw. fe s?i t at id 'be repnia dewmerney. p.. f? f m o'e,t.i ,l g feet pfogr'eanvy, (ndaed. *f adt, ls?eal alrsseghlv the d^IWa'e, a. aa nb^efViq y, I t ;?UVR. ?l ?acwBt.un ?' ceptrd U ?< an aa*pirl"u? omen that the di/aeuiloi.n which h>*9 ?0, b>ng etreoged many pure claim cratx from their home in Tim many Hull, wi I kkio disappear, and that I'll 1II" aieue count ila and united anion ?UI agun cbiriririi/r tin- ri- iutegateti deirwiertey, aaaeinblfd within her Inn' houoied wulbi. Ami >li?-??" hoptu wi n' eapecrally loitiCed by tbi' eonnlderaHmi Hint each candidate I.-' 11 n inthe. an' of t In- organ! '.aI low quartered beret and that any prieetiati.ii ?f hi" iimn by other political bodlM, *?*, In 11 great maaau.-e owing to flia probability 0/ certainty of it* acceptablvne--i to Tannuti Hi llall. The candidatea having efgnflted an McpUn* of their nin.inationa. thi JronvaMiou, therefore, proven ?? tham in the order of 'heir nomination to be ratttlal by their fellow democrat* in aia<a meeting ?w"hlrl, ri'. - Comptroller Aaariah C. Klwgg Mi li t OimuMaaioiaei Samuel Allen. Sheriff Jamea Willett. County Cleric KlrOa'd P- Connolly. Com. of Itepaira and Mippliea Nathaniels Sel.ili City Ini-pector Thoma* K. iJowuiiif. Governor of the AIm.hnu*c I'ntriek C. Melaaoy. Conner* Kdwnrd l>. Oonneiy, " W illi im O'li.innrl! " . wepb Heine, "? . Hubert Gamble. Joatlca of the Supreme Court ....June" K. Whl'lng. J inn Ten of the euperloe C a rt.... Miehnei lllehoffer. " " " ....Menry Nirholl. Jurig rot rourt rf Common I U*ae. ..'otin It Hrtidy, Juatiee of the Maitne Court Pavid (t'Keele, Jr When Mi Cochrane ranie to road the naim ' of th" tioci.invo. the eltunlit-of vxcltemaot, which w?"? evi ilrntly gathered iu more than uaual fuee aud volume, broke out Into a tlauie t'tt the name "f Mr. All -n being trail, a* ciHMjli'uite 11, Mtea' CouiiuUaionar, there ware rhonte for Harry lloaard inAieud. and ,,"miu t ir Alien Howard, it ia to lie lerolli-fi d, U tl e hard ?bell 11 in.11 ?? for the Mine offlre. A eo id pliiliuxel in 1 upp n tei ? hud tale tied them elu ? 11 rbl ill 'f Hi of th" etaud and from (.waving and pn-hlng, utio e>i? itinpc and h trraiug in henvr of then fuvoii- which wu< met I.v aiinllar tint weal cr demount rate u," on th" nppoiite aide, the op piling for, i " cam ? Into a pei?"n?J engirt, which w.i (urrifl < n with dr loin aitcCeaa for no', hoot than ten mitiuUit The belligerent* were en th'.ely Jammed together that no giant datnug" could he in flicted or received There wan thumping, ?u 1 shoving, and kicking, aoi bawling?'.ho combalaol* (.hooting their war cry on either aide?hurraing tor Harry Howard? horiuing lor Alien?and Tniiminy l.a'I pie-entel a>( in'er e?tilig II apocturle of a free fight aa it lit", pcrhupa, ever hef ire wltaeiaed. The llowird tiu-n ?m, limo vei plainly in the ?tron ;e?t force, and they bore down all l?-fote them. One unfortunate Allan mat got an aotagnniali. h.t iiuplantrd in hi* countc naure which h?d tiieefTret of planting Mm right under the feet of the amiitUe looking CocInane, whtu ? he w.i< emphatically kid e<l umlet the platform. At length Hie Allen men, being completely demollahed, Mr. Cochrane, who had looked calmly and reaolutely on the routed, re run. ( d tbo trading ol lh'' ticket, hut had not got nvur uioio than two name" further hef'iio the Howard n.en, c'nted wi'h then victory, ig.dn commenced 1 hot.di g the nun a of their champion, and the li e aoene, a.- vrc have Vainly attempted to deacribe ate v e, win tignin enacted. It wmi quite plain that the enemy had guiuM j-o'sea-lon of th" bull; an t there wua no pugili<ti' organiutflononthe other aide atrongenough to ouat them. Tl e eHi licked otter than ever and tlo harla mute ?< huimiUlc. I At!', cgth the (lift I umn went through u pintnuihiilc | | ertuitmiuco frhh U w:? *upp<w <1 to tcpie -ent purUy the j question ? ii tl.o i a'?!???*' ? hi of the n ? jjIuaII um j?at .!*? I < i&riojr tb*> qucethn i n t i' i. An flft rt?Hixd ii ve?jr wt 4U rind tueffectual fiu?-.tu lull the iin, wii nude, which cufi*!?U'4 In iutroduc iig Mr. M/Hi ? * l.wor u\ '<i Aibfiiy. to the meeting lln ri* mif no di?ip*>if ;cn to hoar him or any one clw, hut when hi \ i'b dlfiieull/ obtained on/thing like a hut log, he rpokt* romewhni .v.. fdlon* . ? I ellow fceni?*cintiu? At the rO'jiu ? f your C unmittte r f Arrangement I ap|n ar b*fnro J? i < Mning *? I d jfrtMn the iMei lot. to frivo t ???? ?? areouof of the Mat*'. A Voin?<?h, uon't ir a ii* to hoar any epeerh. ( kit.s of l|JowH?ct!'' '*ifo void?" and grVit rboortng. Mr <?h<n s.*~.| ieijtg ?* I do noifje th* ? <** hundred inltof fn in thl* city, it < biirw>t Ik cTper'/fi?. A Voitl?**Uo h'?n?o!" and lung liter and uwfmir. Mr. (<.? I w?y It t nnijot h< ??*?*?. '<1 that I >h ?ui I know much oftld lorn) raiddii'"* p?r?nt?d for your nip port; hut I Hi'iid ?' the ?pirit which I mo fxMW",d here, (h'tidibf era tor Howard,^ ? r the r?-ii" u fh ??' I* tihnwn there U vitality in ihr drin iciafio part* if Ui" a had b< i ii m aoxlvy in regard !<? your < aodl?Lit . and It I bad w fti:?"m1 irrrjit apu'u> n the eubjert, I <thn-it l Ii iv<* ro tun.' d home r?o|fp' -loir ?bat the d? mu' ??? v ? i the r|ty ami c ul ly of f ew V?ik war? not feeling ?ha* Intern', 1 r the iaa?ioit tba* hey - id not i *pet ? to ? th'dr ran ol^a'ee Ibit tli? n I ** tb'?t there i.ip.irh a f ???ty on the | ait of 'heii i? i t ? Itho ???>t inO?. tduala th ?' ' heir nam>-* rd.ouM I <? f u) mi ted f r tba MutTr*,' * if the dam -nry ol th'* ' i t, it c- mil" ?? * tii?* that theiv i- < -i v o ?>?.p??v* . i ucci'iM hare I catm iv?t Ikt# to-nleM *?> iliirno U?r>.l j "ii'it ?. lam aw utiar a r*t.**r i ? tbi?? ?11 r. I ? atoa Jiwio na a mam bar of t ha grant ?l"tn cratie )Aity itdii* Ms'ii BBil Mth n t? an Upon? *M*nU?n to tl ? {. reat i ?? i-i ir ? - i In t'ii* i n 'do i| Ion. Vi qtf to'lamn.uiiy li?'.l with f<?? hnga M the h ^ha^t r??n< ti"ti, f' i I;' in n?y ea/lina' ?* ollootion I have le^ n ae lUh'ointrd t lt*n? try iht* e turtl e In utb n of ixii.x rwiet ar i) tl a cnniiclat'??! wrinefpl -i wl'h aim ?? th? ? t i< < g t-d thai thv laitlitul MuwUn n dtr?- '* h'? ??'< e? ri tion to Merer.. Iamnmij Hall ocropfra thai prowl | totli.on i ? ?ir?ly u '<? tbi* ' f tlie . t? it ! l.rfoia ?ho dam??ney <f the o*ti? n It wm tiutilate-l . end i'u orci t.hatl< n i ^'ahl *htd, If I hatra n- id htatory aifpht i. ? e then Uf'y y ? ago, when the <i*tnnrrati" | | urty fittook grow ?i in feutagotitrcu to the ?d t fe l^rnl j ty. Within 1 be La* I hall ntory ymi i ute ikm 'ha* ' 1 trdeial fetrtjT a>au?n" j i In o?t ?\.?jr n i>ri|vihlfl eb?f?a and gul-a !? I ;i }? ? -j .? 11*i a n ft* t tinia nr fior d'^tioc* r r? fit girg whrr?t *r It p??? rip',** are un l~r*t<>"d afld ti pudla'ed. lb* .ira ^gatn in the pr?" a?a ?#f ehirig** ? t.d ii* w, an In all pretl ua'imaa thate m/ ee |e.J in gainihg oier M.ine f"w ?!r morrata Hot Tammany Ifaii rciuaiiM ala?\ ? t?.? *.?ina. (flirte rheflfi f-ff iim u Hiy Hall, i A V? hi?Put Hovitrl i,n t| r tl k? t. and th a ? Mr jci Tin y ? < t! ? an.- no * v tba/ wir> flftjryaar.t ago. |h<*l, !an ir.arl i t*re thaaatw". I fway ?atitl intd t nn a ntri* t ron%f rurth a of t lie ??*?'? fiat r ?u atIthtion, ?r d a atflrt rerj^m iMlfty of rll 'fl??n to lljr p- ? j la. You uphold t '?jr the ame prinrlpUa whl b wrie m*in<a?r r?t heir h ?!f .?? mutury ?X ' j A\oi * - ! ? n t ? !.? ? .ii i ? t Itmn ry ?/,iiffar f. .i. he fa a hr ow Vo'litn/ ftA^fb* r) Mr (,i >i .? Y' o In a ^?dl ?i ? g ? ?. h i*fun | u iiti. I fi i ri.'i'i y ? e ' ? ar. .* . ./ ! that fan n r |i. !l ha? ?oi o i ' ? . r o:? ? . ' in . ?*. h t i |j" e f | h> ?n 1 t' itl ' ? ' ri , i ? v | t * ?t th< ro. ? . | * i u* J r r lpi? a t 'h e ? r r ' ? h . ' f . ' ? ?s; i > ? f j re I b/ fuv. tc a . i-ViS run VL;!,? <i >h-? '?i> >"i? , .1.11 r '" J ?r ("I'll' i ?'i?r. 'I* J 111. ?ur.l '?? VI. l? It ? ??' I l*'"'1 ?* I...: nclt.l ' l.?< rii * Vi. (jwiiB ii' i?>nii.f I .?**? him *ir > -?, I kit.4 tin C'H ?' S;?*l t"#'i.('b?if. i h??. . .. in.ii toth? eli/U 'i ?? .urfotaO" hy -fh *rw?M ..r r?l"*>i'. lot Ju?t '"I 19 ft fof ? ?' to*"'. I'Obu D/.||;vl JikIW tan .1. u? i. ui? A \ Ui' l~?'?< n lfi*li Ulnl r ow, (t;.. at rh*i"iln^.) Wr. (iKi'i 11? W hi i. Iii. ' li l that iia ' j . i. ?!. - . !.*<), tl.ry will 4" liiui ] ?tu? ) H itfi-o ?lil ?Mi* U ??f.l him \'t initri'ytii? aa/ '..'.mUi.. ib? I II < tvv.t. (rj.?rt? rrom 'he il'- n Mm ??4 lf^?r??u | itoi * n.-trt ft'ru th. Fmo Ii frf If.'.i*^ i IW '.'Uwi ? II ? *'li .1IIJ lli." 4 ?Hf llotn.. I 11 .1 Way u. prrmol* h'? li.ti'ii ??- i. to ?<!... ? l" th^ e?fl.ii?l prtn i ij " of *1i? 4*ti ? i"i?U< i*riy m.! .Oi '? 1.7 tho .wgii (rf tl..-.t 1 (41?. *i ?*.4 iipn.a. ) V iiijr U th. j -i. ? 4? wi'-< (nth? Mala O ">? YiirV, wl.?. hw Vn. rilwl j *1.. iaitl-rr* I ri ' f Ll> fiWr.4., la pi- -..n* hi. ri?m? ? I.' t. it. 7 iLoo 14 La?? ?? 4-n.M In i..? . - fulw ?.?.. .. ' t|i> 1?.'/ It hi lui, IIji' all ^>..-.1.1 \? (.!*?.( 1 In '!>* ?.!??'id of i.?.|l'al.> I i-m . ;4?L fir 1/ U. ton, I Id.w arithinf .bail y-?ir l-i .l i?n. ..iat' . I mil lort'.4 brt? to?.l4r?^ try hi'.tf tr Ifwnrnti '? ri aatlon.l ?n4 r'ala q.M^ton. ao4 not 1 o m. tl.' .??.tlDK 41.tiii|^4 1.7 i?lt? -luarr... . |>... nlatch I hat* ra--? )at h?n ila.1. Im'? III. '..a.' of. A 1 .^o-*l it I* jMt Bam? * Mr (.waif?iff 1 -ti-m la Cim?. In >.?* V ? 1? 7I..H m l."n.? Cro.a" 0 ?hr ? 70'j r.v. f.i.m ? ?n4laiafhtrr.) M? i.iuttr- If j n It*. "fWaarj *?!?? ?????. i?? I n o * In' W It L> 1 f. 1 7?< a t? ? tarn 'i.? 1." | I b *f r jrx.r Uftrttr B'.n n>? tl".? ? n? t J ? ho. f i ' f.y A V'r' ' ? II. *?. ? 14. ? I'V <? ) Mr. 1 van?Yd. ran 4o him B^r* j-dil? wal tia?. I.,?4 rita. of "Ha, a. aot f*mt |t*a ?*? f*f' id rttfrg Or l|. It. tinrifca? Th* umI I#.4Im fnw fl* <M_th# W. ? ! Wall ? f 4li>.'<??Mo -f ? a nr...? ^.mi. . ?i". ja Ij'.jb a?4 ? aa./. 1 a f iU-rmiam ?! .<>*('t- n tr to '?*ylU?'?' (t'pr.Bf ) h.rrrj iaaa? 'it i* ?.'7 airl'lmi* harw 'feat wh nan ?Boaol horn I '? l?t|a'4 I Jirtnaor". ??4 th? ?>?t. nla'. B Wlnpl lo air* a ' Wii.Ui.f. la a (nm-ta<a( ralM la Iain a.,a. HaUl '?r ? p>.i|.a. t'h. thi? ?'? ? to h. V., 'acratk ra.t7. 4lr mra?. .Unl?| ao4 |.. .al'4 7 ... f .. ,i>. 1 So.).. ia, a Iwm 701 ? < ?f '??? 7 a.or* (Ofmaa ami I ? ,1 rbrm-a 'or llr-nuid ) ?!?? eenvlwam, I Mr^aoa Vt .unMO" ?7t'?aili (CalMiW |n Uoal ?> I?OOM Irf-f# U <*!? ..? r?? 1 la wtaUh! ban* a '.IK. ? ? I*h 700 Ar MA?'V.m Bra la bal oooi [.?; a'th-fVi) TWr* bar* tm* llwa lit. <ar aa -aiMO f ha -"an, Mra'le 1*117 rtmi "nroo. a*h ?? ?h' hl ar.m 1U ?* a( a Of "mm lM|ifat?4, .o4 ? 'I ' ? 1 t af. r.m? lap.4] Uva 0140 to Uha llan. (Ovo" 1 I < *?? I ;??' or ?wr . ino um* paa ^. od. ?IH( .(f rraca apan Uha potl'ia*) am. rv. prlad Ia >4 . ? *? iaa-.rf.ll/ [?r*7 pen bara naarA r?a4 la tba . .ti g I aiab M. Ul? , ?(? a ?o ?fc. tmrty ho mn aa tba If mt>?* or Kkot. tbten ??* F ? r'r alaUt. I.aa Jonab 'a yonrA (or np la a ?4.LI ar4 irbl'b will la a 4a7 Win lb* r? mi'.W e 'M A?n'?a? fmrjU, V? til 4t^?a?l scattered to lb- elude (( beers nr. roar and Hud ih uU nt ??Howard.") Ibis Ku ? Nothing pwrty h roiuptru thflj i% nindr rii i "?11y. (A 11 Mr Cit%une?*f Miritfr' baleris" t" I ," arid I?ud laughter.) Hut the principles U(KI|1 vhcli that ^arit h la*al date laA tnreti helott our rev du'.lnn, when we established mir Independence. The prfnr'pt" that party is ii. w cml. noilng to opioid wa? brought as ?? aocnua lion hi tig Gro gs lll-tbat he woa opposed to free ami -ration to this country and to natm ^tkhti .u Ianh, l.y which thoao who happened to be born ah".nd might coinr hate and make thi. tbetr bourn, uud .-uyuy ci(ual i>t !*i!i g'-'i with t.mac '? lutlro ami to Uu? maims, boin '? It goeu back to that o'?1 to'/, liwrnaj}!. A VonS?lir a dead, and laughter W Mi Ot?Of com c hr la dead, but lb.-satire pi la ciplc wus adopted by 'lis old party which lea many Mall ?m established to opi use and put doau. A Vwr? Irmtiiauy list) nominal..t Oiaouray Sbalar l?-t fall. (Umghtar and Ibtv iou ing clsecra for Howard ) Mr. f.mvrw (continuing ?It ha I 111 nbtaiKt in llM *11. ti Inws | a ml undsr the federal admliiintrattou of th? rider Ails nil. It aim nut and overthrown by the bvato cratie | atty , brought lulo power by the city of New Vort and Tammany Mall. Hid that odfoua law ?. repanlwd. (fl-cer* ) Nothing ntoir ua? heatd of tbrna until 1444 Ihej thru assumed the fin .c of natlfs American*, and, sa a natural rrault of such principle*. churches were hnmed, house destroyed nod the prior an.I ha'm uiy ?* tlif people hiokatc tip and rn tuli'.'Crrd. Tb* npvvemettf * ae hupptr.-.ed by the result of the rWtlna d HW4. In 1H6S it aguiu appeared?a cloud uo lurger than a man's hand, hut In 1441 it eloiwsd itself In all Its power (Crltt of "Shut up, and ? hit down. 'J Ihey air what they proeUaos themselves lo lie?title, genuine natives, hc:.tu?w nun* tint n?t!*e Indians hare itr.-r tieeri gudly of aueh atror t es ns tlieT '..nirnttted at 1st il-rllle am) elsewhere, (t pii ar.) .Now, II this Ulck torrent is l ? Im. met and rolled lurk. It is not to be d. ne by disorder*?/ ? (line tie -post. r'svl tin. ittosn'd in yrstu tat chrets for lb Ward.) AN. if- N no weie 1- e Isst I ill. ? Id fe'h.w t Mr. < li.i 11?N'o sir, I wa? not I re hn me \ iiii>?Ni? yo' p. re ell i-.l, aud t.ied to nia'i aire.-h f ? I'h.iunc. * HhaP i (l^ugh'er ) Mr titims (mildly) -I -> no'want to iute. into awf ili.pi. te with y on. but I . ? rtalnly n-' be re 1 lie Vtati lheuwv taw v. UI e rpte fA laugh N Mr. t noiiji?I rrgurd tn. Km. ? Nothing |?rtf a* hat tig te.? ?* d theh ? 'b t.'.' .* \N he. the * ape-tmewt wsa to tw tried wln-ther tb? hn w Nothing party to rule ovct the Hotitb tlevwete no" by th? iulotnlln bio demon a ?? of Virginia A r< ttuwov la tck fto-wo?It d you Wnow the !<??( lifted Mayor' (Inughbr llr. I.iui.' K (not luwding lue intct ruptionI? Itut, fbt |..w dciiu,rut-, I . n tber patty claiming oww attention. It la our old oy.p. i.eofs, a .timing an enUt^g n. e ytils... an entlrel. n. w name rod fo.'itllng cnifrwip u. w nraoeistIons. lh?.v to w call tt eno rlre* the rapttk lican or ti.ab.n fairly ('.real op oar and confusion.) A tiBNti cue ti inrnt.w:.- ilencc, (1?.1 d?0 yan, ill. Ill e. Mk t,lev w?Tliey are b?i. I d together ?g eeinj upom nopilu'l|lt ? ute or ub't'.iial n > pt the to tbem aM sbfO'blrg <( nest loll of "K'o (luvciy. Thsy ignore the Mntiie I * w ntn .ion. st.d si, "lh*i .|u? aliotsa nf .-'late po ll, y t direct Ib. l at', nt.on wholly and auiely ta tbw g. oat i)U?.lk n id ?larer? A No." t?He plruty of slarery here, (laugbtgr arid rat-, all ) NliCiiotrr- WLat do they propi.e to do'' Wliat lg the tt'Cst cy|! of whi. li they complain Why. slini lp. the * b tr tha' slay.'i* nisi be e .tat,J.alied In Uic distant loriit.'iy ol Kansas, aim tiiat that Irrrlloty may s-sk a4 mlssloii tut., tl.e I i. u ss a alave M.te. Now. I submit It to li t.I fyeiit i,ii> i. . ting t... B 1- thero any p.oliabStllr that tiny ui'i ever have an ep|s.rti:nlty to os'ff th^w prln. iplea Into piactico t Ihbuuts.f 'No. ' 'no. J Tha dallv s ' I h In tin i I a ling . pan In 'Ua city?the IW fvn< ?aliow tha' theio I. no: . i e cl.anc in twenty that >u?h a rontlngei y s 'I . *0' aiise e 'bat Kanaas wtal t iesi nt hctrcll * lib a constitution Ioirruling sUwer* 1 liey tell us thai il.ete liaTs b* u .aurp.U'.na |? rpo trati 0 In haiua ? by ti.e * us of a neighbo'tng tatw, suit that the elc< it i Iran, blse lias I, .fn ti tiled wtUi. Thru may !??? .otr? tri'lb in that an t tar as tost ^ ma ..f at parti (< llirotigln.ut the ale of Now rarb aud tb'ough. i.t the obole ...ilb?are anl the oouUl, too? ubl i.ult* In . . inn ..iili.g It si d in isaving the yaaa tlon ol Staiy to > <? u ti'.ed l.y llw ??" fl h i' setusra ol till Tsultoty. When ney s?a t i de< I ts that '|U?sUao will* iveiy pro-pent tl at tbdr d.ect "I* wi 1 tie In tawaw . of frwwdwn?wberw la ti*e aa.'uso or luatitlca'b.n for any ' e. u.ociat to strode t.on. tits |vr'y slid uiil'e Will* hso lit., long ' r.eiiile??l h v> ll esard, and tboe who i aVi always l.e? n opts to the pilm pi. o tt?w die n.ociacy t It arema t i p.c ti c no g.aid democrat cm t.ilnln'atiy d' a t.. It duty tn til* I e-.m mm [tilgo. [ll* re ibeit" ?as a 'null liglil In front of the ilatfi'in , which lasl'df. s .e iiioueut t*ud * iwvtsA to crcilhable corf isioc ! II i n'riU'l Mi U.?wiieu or der wis rrstoi'd- lb" ? t- a pr p- *? I ? ?u ' gwtls pcTfoti: anee of their n ty or tliepail'f Ins ibimaiaaf .f N't w N fit- at Ms . pr- .chug ? t*-. 'b.n, ,,tl Hi# in ttcn tinrs sic tl .t ww sh ll with a gbatou* Irluaapk, and that (be dnwi. of the Mate wlU b? rewbirwd U ll.'lr pirper plc?e iri t|o nrtl.' of tb' nato-n. And no event I ii eir irrUln IIks Ibit la lib the uw rriCti id Ho .'a%l. r.a I'm 'int. f < a eulion will be . h ted to tli? I'll.l'.' I 1 A Not.Nou are a p.. I i,mn, I. t yon a e in Im4 " u pany. (Ii.ugh'ei au'l el.oei-, 'turmc wlii *i tbn aj ui'i i' t|r? I ) K > v tl.rn t-ok the tan>l sodwaarw iwlyi.l with vsdrnn taut I i.g mojI i h-crtng. Ila i,. ? iets?.' the meeting , ? boi l lialf and hour, and waa lull toil to w lb 1st * t'-'i so 1 a'ifO i.ii* than Ida p.. or. lie si I I e.l. w (ltl?ne H- b. *? "Cis up hart I ngbt to rw ?p..i t tlu b n. na'I'm ?l.!nl. Us '' ts-an mslo by lb* pey. *s|.. nrentI. i i 1 hi' e a . :.*t *rt I l.l* ol I wall* will. I . ' to |t|?rty fifty yi?r ? agnby natrtwga, win .. - j ifis'i" was t- m...'.*' n h'i .a'tilsli- d#*.yown tlejrl- 'ijle (l/iud 11 " t. 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