Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. (>899. MORNING EDITION -SATURDAY, OCTOBER '27. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AlfKfcTlSKHKMVb tti * *'J* WMl THIS U400H MftAJbli ? A TO T?K1 CO.V ynnmoNAL ?u -'i i? ?*auti . N0T Ike Houventlon of the Isiq ?? '' ? era' mil meet in day llJWo'c. k, at Odd Fallows' It r oty will mm , on Monday, at i'i o'clock, at th? uu.. , >Ve a it :l nil A' teutonic at uew meetings ,h l by uu mean* be pcglertMl. Every member iiucnla ent to etknudlmn, hj lib) vino and hu toflwnee, lo , -of wis* counsoiti And jndkiotis Ai-tloii. Again wc ?> iiuir dealer*' to be Will ut polliciiUUI. MOYtMF.XTB OF COL S f) r. K POOI.. \ffe huve had oocaslon betm \v?r;i lb'' 1 q'lor <f alar- ngr. inci the Insidious w q< >r. a-ond politician*, who endeavor lo attach iheuisvivr ,r .autsalioa with no a.her % ire ihnu that ut, . or ntvn bene lit, or to aubitirtn '.heir own par.y nr. , n now parly OraABi.'AtlOTt arista, these g?l'ljeli;r . .lately tlllllllUvr to take It Wider .belt paternal chinr 'I % ronslaerti.g that no Me fan donbt their ability ah t i ? ? ,J hi di*v have ouiy'n ,,llsr ihtdr ?ervlncaiii oiu.-. . , ln.iii-i 1 with ooiamat.d sail control. 11.i It If i ... re..*?a uui they Hto ao t-fil kkiU'"l in polities! in 11' a laatjwe distrust thru. It is btcntue ihey ute-o r, .o. .creed to all ioiri oal? incrflr.iM- jf political time ... > h t we tear to trust ourselves in their bonds. he.c n. .< have ju*iibKl our '.'ml* Add proved that ibv apprr't ut i uo named by many of our friends were but loo win. * ?bn.iad Wo learn from Albany thai the m trliUia > I - .durpool, of Itotr.ilo, to make it hquni dialers an up,,.. la ..t lac sofi p*r'y have receded ;;t producing gcuue i f. r iu t Jrot named city. GpJ. Vantlerj'oc! I ns Induced the A. > .oy nc.e.y io follow tint on *tnple *f defection set by hint at ?? rt eoiUrn limit of the Waif, b. rrptfllailug a itortiott oi * ie oouiittaU"ne made ut tliu couvcnlion of tbe 1Kb of I 1.1' o ut wbtch uoitvfl it.on itol. Vnqderpooi eat. Ulutaoll a nnou Kir A. .earn a.ito that similar movements hitre been mad< in ?. tonnes of liuicheMs, Orappettnd Westchester. with .it.u ei'.u iruitlrni lo he seen. ?Vow we propose to exaiiiiu ? t . ilaut.i nhicbCol. Vainer, pool bason Ibe roDfldcnco and r. -i ? ol th> I!ptor dealers, we pi-opj*c to ebon'bit connection i. toe inoreiuent, hotv tar lu' is commuted lo II, and ti hat .no . n .in indicate 1 by hi* ? iiijiic l, earned bint lo tabu part u. i wmc tune during the mouh of .lime last a clrrn ar , i dr. ,1. taylor. was r ? celved by acme prominent ibiuor dialer. in lhl? city, request trig the members ol the Icquo. l?c?.c - nciety to hum', a com millet' n f-cniitmtiit at Albany on li e . tit oi Juno, to lake Into Ouit?lder?ia.n the propriety ol cui.i ., a .ute Uouvenilon op posed lo Hie Malr.e I.lquor luw . iv . n nn nentlrinnn from ilus oliy arrived In Albany ihe.i were if o lulled in llnd present person* trout every part of l e :-ia.? ? . Unit ilie meetinv tip pea red lo I o rather (liat ol u eou?tt..iio. iliun a counmtteo. The pernors ebu took tbe most a.-tit . patt In loin prooeediua were uromlueQt tuembert of tbe sol par y w nohel nodire ttatcroil ! In the trude Tbe evident luirni ... o reak down the In dependeni niMonlration of the Injun d ?rs and to fuse with tbe aottw. Tl Is mlglii have een a . i. ml move for 001. Van dcrpom the soft poiltlciun the w ires, but k v.OuM ha c been lata! to tbe iq. or ... era us a party. A gciillrntau Iront New York reu.i o be.) ugoiuit any A" tlott except hi the cniianltv o* ii o d tiers, for the very Obtioop reason (but it they sbonln i <? ... ncir organization so as to embrace all who were oppo- .. iltr Meitr law. they would ejien the <loor for a mm .u.Je... persons Irom other parties?prtv a os and leaders?w no could rush Into It In order to serve their own Interests or liet.u. of their re*pesive pat lies, ltut these found and nun. tui . t.big v.ews were over ruled hy lh- naijoi lt* ol the per pi. ant, led by politicians trl.o evide'itiy had no oth i ittotiti bin on sorb ha liquor dealers' nrkaul/ation and to render it u.i tnU s'lul portion ol the demorrotle party. The >?me attempt, as a furUie, netnio inent of the p!nn w.ta renewed at a convention ofthe 'iq.t rtl iters held, for the pur pose of tnaltini; prelim nary in .i.i. i.i nts on the Mi, of Attrnsi. Hoi. Yanderpool at d hi- o i.vutors appeared there ?nd Bllt mpted to carry out tt.e p an o co iojuie the name of the orgnnifallon, and npeniiu tno ??<???? tor ie-binlmtpollli. taus. Forituialely the altciuot talJeo en so > a eonventlou ol Alqtior dealers was caned to mcc a ,actt?c on lite luilt of 'October, on which day a contention prion coustuutlnoal rlahts party was called lo meet nt die uiispliee. of the latter convention Col Vandnrnool wi- ,v meuiner, and ohrtotiily ?ttppmid that be had It pack din ,t tUpitfpoM. It was cbost n, unt in the mattner ,n w,,ic eouveuiloas arc usually rliosfn, but fcas called toitetuci oy urcu ar, end was la ooutdf*. of a large majority o; suit col. ic sue. kept In counte nance by just enough ha;,1s ... ma.o n al.o.v of de ?ct ner. Bnt In spite of the rn ecsu'loltf "mob bad "e?n 'ntcn, the liquor dealers uttenduil Intat.ui numbers than had butt I itlrlpakil, and outvoted tbe otsorga csers. eo far as the eon rentluus were loncorned the pf - ,s a I. elded failure. Tbe tleket was tainted by bout con., nt o.. end .ha- their a. ton oecame hint)hit; on their memhers. I tie -eft II kei adopted, as the soft polltlcltns h a a i cujaad jusi loihat extent Ool. Vandrpool and hu. Ueuleit ,nt. Mr. .tentrlekson. wer? dl" appoinltsl. but ao tiidcla'lgn u ittclsii w as qi>i to be b?f did oy aacit Uitllog ohstaclesto- s n c .i.iven even Ihoiteh if bad lunuteir been a tooi.tccr a ..I nu.n ? nonest, sirsntltt brward tradesmen, like the liquor d t oers, be ntppcm l to be bound t?y their action. No o'l.h tptes of honor or of are suffered to tnierci ? u h the current of t'ol. Yanderpool * cslcitlshons. 1 ?>,. t naics only saffl vwl to pre pare liim far a third ctlort. Mo sootier had he co-.v, n iou ad lott.-Bed than be returned lo i.unu ... . .die 1 a luceung sttil pro cured the repudiation of Ute very iir~." ..e ml assisted lu making litis tnovcm nt of li t ch.ct dikprgnu.xcr at llu.lalu Was met wt'h a response froit, hi-a., fails! 'he opposite end of the State The Albany ics is iteudrl kson's reply Pi Tanderpcol. It '? nothing u or - I,an oe Isai spa -modlr rifor* io hrtwik down Ihc llqui.r ,ie..i.o .' par a tllsUact orgaulza tlon, and ahw,rp U bitu the muks it be so tie, tel. VawterpiH.I xod hkmrrtstaaas cwre nn n.~ ? oc ? hitaw dealers tnso (tu tor black republican* the;, wad I.e. c .lie soft ticket, and If thay uctMieplisu i .iat, ,he I quo ot-.k-rKOud their Interests win peimgofitn in two day v KKY'P ITKMS OM TTt . I.'y It ul KSTION It appear! litat on tVednesuay f I Week Mr IV. It. Preston one ol lite apothecaries of t or.sin in ft N tl waa charged I ihc Police ! oqrt with having acid on me nuuu.iy cvealnir pre vious, a pin. ol Alcohol lo Mr. .loan .> Pt kenng, a hlguv re ipeeti.l le el'lkeu of lite cUy io be ..?? I for uailtlag by he. wife. ?bo k an quae sick. The c'tty Mm liul Mr. tlaukr'om". vvai iresent. and told Mr. l'rcsum tits- ,te cl ou d prose -ute If he terraitled the alctdiol to be taken from tl.e .-core Mr. Pre-to i U'd that, in c .nsldctitdct, oi oe urgci.c ol th.-ca-e, he wool I lire the nlrobol and await tbi re u. . At tue trial, the Ontiniy iolieflnr staled that "a plain uod evd. . conmraaMoii id the aw prohibits the -ale el all tlnctoicj au 1 medicine* Into t>. hie it .Icobol enters." On Monday Jnd. c iM.-li ..rdercj Mr. l'rc on to he bound over lor trial ' . f .r' the Supreme .'udlelal loutt, hi the sum ol flfcO.?Portland Irgus Abljaii Mnun Jr., was wrliteu ta iu behalf of the liquor deal j>, wlai desired lo know Lis no mm on ne q i,?>U.>n .if liquor irohlbltlnu. lie replied tuipl a eally ,uul w|.h.,iti hcdhiltoii:? 1 thai onr legislature may prohibit the use of cam thine In our families to safe die li,s< which are now dally aridgied by iL while Uie national government have no power exeept in iltc Trrrl orle>) 'o leg.-la ? . n he suojec'. The liquor dealers wc-s uo ss leaed,' ut the temperance lieu Weie. They bold tliat he was or hmiox. MAINE ANI1 TilK LIQUOR I, AW. It Is anethaorilinaj-y fort, ant* volumes in fnor of ?? Liquor Healer..'Assocta inn, hat ilie m iio In which tie not law had it, origin h? la'-dy 1 .pud Land uio coercive in nructit lit I he ballot boa tt furnishes one ol the inane cvl ences a lorded by our fellow-cltlzens thai, If under th -'lnllu M of It niporary MlMM tw nod In u n Home hv Interest I par'1m, fry lend I heir aid to an Irijtldlctotu and .?< vcasttre ,'hey are willing. tn their sixrer second thouvhts, to ike ample reparation tor the ti tnpnrarv injnry intllctod bv repeal. We congratulate oar Maine tr.low on tbi'a of rlglit over p reiudi c, of Juadce over blgo'ry, nd we doubt not thai havlny fdiowed our sister b'alc In paaa ; this truly oppressive law. we -lull also, mihe aplrlt In ieb ?he bus i. pixilated the aei 01 her former legislators, by ecting iheir to piece* o. pu' hc CWaAdoooe and owrr. g.v and do likewise. TEMPERATE THOCOflTS ON TEMPER A .VCE Ara you a member ot the temperance party 1 What a beau luJ atie you have, it ta to be supposed that with a title an odelt. and yet signifying ao tnu ii-.vim a tide to full of pro e, and so well adapted lo the pc maneut gnod of the InJlTl il and lo the wants of society?hat you could tor in Hie alert and the atroniteat party nil en olon. Temperance la a rtritie *htcn has ever commanded the ad I rat ton of men. and Intemperance a vice wh eh 'he cost rncn all Ume have deplored ami endea.ored io liven or avert 'tnperance U but another torm lor to.igbtful prudence, an I temperance for reckless electa. Whether die*.. icrias be a > I d to habta of eating, drinking, eho-plug, dre-slrtu. thinking, eUnf or acting, they are alike ligntB -'int of good or evil, hap "esa or misery. Whai an oopo tnu ty lor a greai party' io la there in this wide world hat would not become a mem ? of It 1 and being ao, woul 1 tud claim *p?rtal cunslderaUoa r Bpealtlon ao high, so honorable 1 lias this been ihc obarar r ofyour temperaneo parly.' Ilai e you practiced temp i ance all dilnga while too have required ii in neigh bond Have iu paaaed law* for others whl< h ) on have hl< h on have not hesitated to youraelf t Have yo i no; often prods seel to favor op ^??atve and stigniatlrioK laws, toffia vmca by hero-ring MbI ?temperance c suae I when you tstsd, M a memherni the qtkfatnre for the Maine law. did you nave ooulidenca In the taanrel'?did yon believe H lo bt oostl'mtonal r Tour alienee' ta certainly to he commended nliho igh t I Irbea the sad realiues of perjury, tatitMpM trWing and ?eckiess Indltterencc to benor, iMeglliy M hBllMWlfi. If ?I of your associate* have seed epon bODevt rnaHim, how 1 they atone fcr the Injuries tvhn h tftey hat e inilcied upon tlety by their want of logkUUra knowledge *? Tour vi'ws temperance here been s'rutigely and wildly Mutinied by la of iDtemparanee. Ton have .vigni -o Jr." o> general tedoot, that yon might leasen n< I t ire a single evil. V,, i ve been willing to crush the bieaetnga of a nation, by violet r Bin conitUutlon m that yo 1 might grasp ibe lltth pnwet of strolling ynur neighbor's dr'.uk. You hav- not he.i'ved to tic Ai,<v SirMfhUtm;, of government ami o. sonety, ilrh guard the right* of proper: >, of i omract, atnl of personal e-ty. Yon have delteeseteiy yrwn-cd ena-fed lawa volutlonary tn their lendency and inqtildtortol In their prac e. If you were right la sunk a lamamto'. and a general stem of legislation were te be adopted la harmony w Mb such tuclfilrs, America weeW soon rebpeo the OW World a anrpasstng lynatir In the New, nod lb* dew ts of the pat* would bo ranked as the liberal* on ?DM# of ktotory. L III ro answer Tour cSMM'j ?e Mm W fwpew J* the pset?we b?|<c a rMB the error. UkmlM |AMW oihnr pM? of reform, and plage ur tever at tathsaMS where 1' may be worked by ilw aid of lere?by the aid of otoftftoi tan re point otn a stogie evil. d.v ssafcstset to t*op w* i**!?ty c c r i sntfni world| it it my to only tinkered and mined, and then h ft the me or Worse la prepos'e -oua '? ri^P|p|^M?Bahle, |pd eoetefy may he each men ee ternpnradee tkia oleic, if hope forever, aerty have attempted to ese Plata will prhteet our cittsens ithe toheele ol Igoeraned, end endeavor to ttromoie tr ie __iieranee t.v the wise snaeHhen-s of wImIoRi, t aaed upon he ow ledge of en eohghtdhed age THE ALBANY MOVEMENT. Albany Atlas eoiitatn* a r. p .r. of the prrseetluga n. riela llnnor polHtctarn of thai puue, and abo th- eddres, " tte thought proper lo p-orr.ulgaie. We Is. I <*?. ...n.n, .tay 10 speak of these n-ovements, and to too* the "foaa ortgo ' whence ihey pns^e.-l We sh.,?ed thai they were ?rdy the U?t eflorta oMtuppou '* I ptn.uriang to carry oUi a eronerrtrd, but hlth. r o nr'cd ' ian r-f v 'von for the bene tt the soft U< ke< We showed that they were loattgauxl hy Col. ndenool of Buflitl ), who has O r sewn. -Ime he.'n eenloudy ?aaed annarru'iy on hehalfof the '1 pair dealer-, hu reslly the bsewltof <hc sotu. We do not intend to deny io Col. nderiHsd and his loi.'.wera ujst righ. io independen sCtk.n nmrmnteed to ever v i iil/cu t.ut wi pro'Mt agahis. hl-a ?nfon of our name, and < t ? "t.' ? fo soc?k lor our organise ST He k at liberty to speak tor hlmseit and bla fboower.. en hongh hy lita' .curse ot s i n he vlo'a'e hi? imp,i d sdgea to the con t entlnn of wMto he wsa a member, hmtae not at liberty to use false pre - ,n his endeavor o di? 'y anorganl/aucn erWchbe. coul I te.' ot i; ?e *pc. t c, T Vandertss.l personsily, he. .vi? wc hell. v. hhn h.hq the sling splrl In ihkfacn, .? move . ill, .v.. ?' in* I ? e n the BulTbln and Albany me. one Ulle Mv-t.y . h . ogramme In order lo show more e)oany die netor-of the t>irnc+* u*h\ M 'tbeiM 4IMM igliaM*a. m ?lr ooodu<' win gift an rlM{r ?oarw?;-* ' Th# anl'ed whU a*.1 ' ; . !'??*.'? vrral/ n* . * n >' ? ?1> ritf'sAK-n tor tte C-?nr* or Arp?l? 'or At or j Ofnml w 'h* Inw, hn? ?n br nntf rr mm ti tl|lM0f1 mMIWpf thcfii, h?ro dtfSArwl IbAif P?f* f+ tn th% fOaJOw ujh rr'i?? ' frWNTMMe rrriMlu OHMNMUbWI Cf HOl'l/iMI ?f* ? * r# mvlf ^ Imr upon A- law j roblbii'f* tb# t * m lienors, ttut it# intcrviruuloa a ^ CMiri/, nod api f mlliig Irom Ibe einrruhu.. of lit popular will * lilrli dlrtali4'' *a; I lu*.v? " fie (lived, Hal firmly l*U?*lng tfu arvui prt'ieiplr of pri iiii ltiot to l.c ilvli' wo ell! ?? lilt (be ?.l. in,it n v h-ir.? roado U. iirirrnl a n inl ol ?be prwoiM-kl dttnofln tin* fit* T(? | 44 Til* ti mp crane#- mm regarding this a committal to their 1 priqdpit h, Intve tills \i ?v, *'?> lttb , p.*? dgeu tfumwlvi'* a;.rt 'hr< ?: u the weight ot their Influent* to the candidates w: have iiarmd. " 'I l.e American party wai rot only ?. holl. iilcnt In re aird to the iepe.1 rftho law, twthave piK'a?>ii upon their StUe'icket | two ot tin leiulint a-' ? ( cat en ot m* l?\\ in tin* las' DcgitiJi'.urt, b? tli if whom\OUsi 1 r I'S pMMigf. 41 Bo'h tn Hon* of tin de.u?wrn'lc oi"t ? e.?p c??d ?hciuselvc* I in their stdiM* tonv*ntlon, .n fa*??roi i.he repeal ot* this coo t iiu r i ?nd l( th* (jtioM ton was simply o ?* ot a proval of either o|ilt?ivo organization* into w hich ihm part; m divided, wnh out i ft?id to practical cmsequeiK ?*, we wou d not attempt to bia* your judgment a* regards either, i ut lu hesitating bo . t \\ tvonctiom- oH>Uujd>, we will mo*' oiom dy awsrlthn i victory to our d* rhir?d jonenue i. j- at'Cuvting i??il*. ido our ?upoort between candidate* ot ttn so s-? tn?n ?, wc xnuldply lbs | | ibrtnes oi i-uecuaa to their and our opponent*. 44 We ore awsre that a proposition Wits be?-., mid? by a pur <irr. of our friends, to iUp port a 'ichet composed of hoc th us of the democratic piuty; but 'h? - u ,g*v*Hon 1ms f>ih?d ,o I tali out any iv*p<ms? trutti either aide or ui inwe' the approval 0< ?? ho. their Si.i ? ?< :uiiolWsO ! : ? . time lha > el.iprc betore tin; election, ?? Itself e ougli, pei ItApn, to prevent areli en ?:Tni.??'meid, however Uh?Ii*i . 1 ; the Ucue has now arrived when, t&Ktend of debt ?rating warnum ant. " He contested' aid year j-ho**ed tlmi die preponderance ef \ fWoawas on tie Mde offhi: one of i;e-v eerihMis which a t ?or Govtrnbr Seymour l.lf,000 vo?e? In ;*',OU0 lor lu&$s Itron son. 11?e detent ot Governor Seymour wu - dm. tf? this diver ion of \ote? to the side of hi? denioera'le opponent, ?r4d to mi fdreress nod Inafliclency on our par, the renuitof h'-simiiug councils and a oivided orfanl/wtiou. 44 It Is due to owrM-lveH and our eau*e that ?e should no? a w.< oiid time repeat thai error, aud defeat th?*t ticket on which t my we ran rely, for the sake c?f three who theii asst.- cd in de fealln} Governor Seymour and electing tiovemor Clark, aud In bringing upon u?" tbi- oppressive and imioltlt.g rn<*HM?iro, which sMgiimtlm* and treats uh ou riuuinaU, and against the ai.thcra and abettors of which fe.'f re*pacl as well an self pro tectif ii, invite* u* toconddne. Ii speaking thus wt? dls *lalm nil parthiiitlefl and prcftireup? s for any clfus Of podUcians, ami nro conscious of being (rovent d only by a Hdicttude fbr otur interests and a sense of the best hilcresis of the enuae. With out nsstmiing to censure others, m to Interfeee wi n phun of act ion already formed by other*, or wi ll such a course of eon duel in Incabtie- ?? our friends shall deem expedient, we feci, In view of all the elrcumsianeen, that we shall t>est discharge j the duty youbu\o entrusted to us, ha a ^taUM'en r?l tJouunlt* tee, by i*icomixicnd:iiK to the supporl ot the friend*of the cause? j For Judge of Appeals, (long terui) Htimu*) field en. I For Judge of Appeals, (short term) Nicholas Hill, Jr. f or hccretarv o, 8?a?o Israel f. Hatch. j For Coinptroller Hemnel Stetsou. | l or fitale Treasurer Arte's. Ihuoion. | Fct Caual Cciumi^ioner i.uriis Haw lay. For Attorney General S..uiu.d J. Tiiden. j yor Mate I fflncer and eurvcyor John 11 JervU ] For Htale Prise n Inspector F ttrlck H. Agati. | 4* In regard to the Senate and Avseuihly, we reronmieud J that tho eicH tor. in our interest support no man for tlicse places | uho Is not known to them by wu'in tart ory assurances t bean tdvoca e it i the repiaiot Uit ? law ?' T his in signed bv John Taylor and fourteen other gent'emen, j jimbttiou.s. no doubt, of to'dn? thctr names in print We arc | informed, a ho, by an addendum to the name of Mr. Taylor, thai they constitute a rttite ( onruulMee, of which that g, ntln roan is cbainnan. We wet e at a lo*s to know what political organization 1? represented by these gentlemen, or whence j they derive their author ty; but our ctinodty was net ai rest by the Atlas, wbirli tells us "that these gentlvmeti cons'ituie Ibe rorninittee appointed bv the Convention oi the 19th June Tb?' tiddlers opet k by speaking of the aUalrof lure 19th hs a dele ga ed meeting Now, we distinctly uflu tn Utatlt was no stteb ihlu:\ tod- ? ? 'In- !? .. t, present w i rc delegates "t at i repre rente d Mr .lohn 'I'aylor?lie being the appo ndng power. The meeting was called together by dreu-ai Ic ier, and was no more a ornveulion, lt< the erdlnary polhiesl nccrfitation of thst. j iei m. tlan it 'lie members bad in" casually iu the street. iSt:vcrihel?'HS, It did uppoln' a committee and that commit!** ?I'd, sflcra fashkn, call a State Cauveti'Jon, which met at Hy rncuse on the 10th of October, and assisted in m iking nomlna tions, after which it appointed anew Male Hommittee Thus the old committee was superseded and ceased to have uny existence as an oflldn! bodv At all ever.'*, its aits cannot tie repudbi'ed by those who railed it into existi-nce and imparted ton all the little \ iUJity it piMtscr^d. Yet they can lind no ex pi rRslon of recognition in lis action other than contained In the word*:? 41 We are swiire that a pro pox i'Ion has been made by a nor- j | Hon of our friend ? to support a ticket composed of both sectious (i ibe ib om rat la party '' This is certainly anything but complimentary to Gob Vaoder pool ai d the OouHtitutioual Itlghts1 t ginvaatioti. The nets of the vevyaattita p,rctleur n composing that couvcnUon are certain I j deserrin r. of con side rat ion, or at least recognition, at the hands of 'hose who had labored so lonv nnd so zealously to get It ti|?. Wh\ do they entertain auch a horror of it ?is to fear oven the utterauce. of iia namef Are the> like Frankenstein, afraui of the woik oftheb own hands ? how the vision hwunt them! We are perfectly aware Uiat the work did not suit tholr pui pose; hut the; should, at le?rt. pay some respect io their o *uj acts. Ibe find poitlonof tLo extract we present above la a suffi cient justil'ration of the cour^o pursued t>> the Syracuse t 'ou | venhous. Indeed, it is not otilv sutilelant. nut ii is conclusive. Tli* t'gner* of the ?toeum?nt pre'end ti ai thev are greatly op j pored to a dhifHon of the Ihjuor vote, fearing that a urn a division might contribute to 'he success of the prollMUioulids. Vet they ..rc doing all in ihelr powai io pciduoa Uiis ver> reaull The SyracoM conventions, aflcr due do lite ralloa. nominated what tftfy ronatdinrr^ the mt eligible th ket. Do Mr. Taylor Mini I 11 Hi I tin eOnadtUOflU Oi 'he leh : \U ? r<.iM pofliirf *bot?c conventions are going to stulUfv tbemaefres and j reader them selves ridlc ulotit by n pudialing ib<~ir action nt the eietaUcn of a couple of dozen individuals in Albany and but fall-.' !'a;e they the vauilyjlo aunuose tJmt ilieir uaues, at tached to a snanlP'sto and paraded In Uie columns oi the 44 AI bapy ' > ." ???"? It vi o magfonl an effect on the liquor deafars as to cause them to abandon thatr own organization and follow fiodcrpoel. UM .? flook <<i sliaep. Into Ike soil I ranks)' But unless U:rv Imagine this to he the ease they mnst I know 'hut theirs Is the only course nat can, by any po^HibUtty, I I produce a divhlon in the ranks of the anti prohibltt. nists. SEW rrBLK A? ION*. Ah. totej ynp laht hew map-illustrated ? h'< OCI lh<! ?;HIMKAN CAMPAIGN "i Yltl't Kvksts i* tiij: On I in,'' CnnflM up t<i the pr; "eiit date, Fm! rac'nj a journal of ihr m|( of Avhaslopoi?battle*, sorties, storm*, v. it. k killed, sounded, ibImIur, Ac with the 1*1 c'd rrlrtrrrc map* of the Orltnca and lilii k M< u Ala", three view* of heltaafnpol, with description* or each. *r.d * iplor,did engraving ofCmnatalt showing turd devrtMng it* fortifications. dire el map by .12 Incite*; price 2ft cent*, besutlfullvoo lored dent by mull to any part of lite country for unc cent Map, book and prln' iisenc wan'ed for rvery 8'ate In the Union, In roll frotn n lis' ol j rpulnr mnp* l.etirr* of in rj?>lt v promptly answered CVMngne* nnd specimen ?heel free to the trace. A. II. JUCRLYN, Ml Fulton street. N B.?Newspaper* copying Utc above, and tending tits ?ante to the offlt e, will rc-e've three coplea. Book acents wanted -will be ithmhiieo by 1 Itarles Ft rlbtter. New Yrrtr, on the 1Mb of November, and old exehMtvely by nsent* a OvelopedUn of ?merican LI'trauue embracing personal and critic*' notlieaof author*, with paasagaa from ibeir writing*, from ibe earliest period to 'be | teseu' day, b* 11. A. A O I, Iltiyckiack. with more I' an thn i bundled portraits of aiithora view* or colleges, vignette* of rcrtd, nece, AC., titgether with over four hundred atpo graph*. Ibe whole la Included In two royal octavo volume*. In all 1,600 | ape* hubs< rlptloa price seven doll* * Applv to O. A. ItOOliM At til. 146 Nassau stroet. Perron* out i,f ibis ci y . disposed to engage la ibe business, will l e ltimlluwl with a circular giving full detail* of dl? counts, Ac.. made to a coats, by addressing the sabtsrtber, general agent for the vale of Ure work In the State* of New York, North Bomb Carolina and Georgia. Huehappll can's w ill please s'ate what diiMiTrt ,hey propose to canvas*, and wlutb. r they have before been engaged in the business. O^A. KQORBACH, New York. Dft DORAN 8 NEW WORK?PUBLISHED THIB DAY. TAMsK I BALIS WITH KOMKTIIINfl ON THEM. Hi I is. I bout *, Author of " Bal lt* and Men," Are !2mo. f'loth. $t 2ft Nearly every page coti.Hin* something amusurg, and you n ay shut the boo* |p the n.lddle arid open It again after a twelve monlb'' Interval wltfcou' ar all compromising Its power of at'nrdltic enjoyment ?1The 1 tree- (Is* don ) Just pub'lshed : titans t*n Mm. wch Remnant* of Re cord ntiohliig ;l?e makers of both. By Hr lroran, author of " Table Trait*." Ac. IKtno. Cloth. $1. Nearly teady : Tiib Ot ar** or *l:.';i.*nn or Tit* Hotter, or Hsihotku, (the Wives of the four George*.) thorof ' llabns nnd Von," Ac. 1 vol*, limn, ' lo'li, >2 Rtras' Niv Rrvot.rvioa*av Tit* Oo Saturday, November .1: Tun Fottar u.*;lru,Titr Rito nr tu Una Oil). A Talc of tbe Revolution. By Wm. Oil Imorc Himms. eu'hor of the "Partisan Guy River*." Ac, ? ub Illustrations by Pat Icy. I2nm. Cloth, tl 26. .1 it. RED FIELD 14 Meeknran street. RKi'KNT WORKS OF FICTION WHICH HAVE MADE . A DECIDED sl'CCKNH I). ATFUROM A CO . IM ANII .101 BROADWAY. I lave R centls 1'un.b.lud Onscr In: by Julia Kavaragh, lime., II. Lronv *m> Dig it aw* or'b* shadow of Far, TSeeu'* Mv BrotTtotu's Kl . I V*; by Mis* Warner. $1 Grant's Ki>r., or My Brewer1* Wife; 2 wis 91 vi Tiim KnOlf't OntHASS.or A lb me in this World. cloth, 75 cents. Thv. Wtaaiyy. or the Merry Monomaniacs, cloGt. 91 Kmat ra. or the Pear tlttarrtof the Grand Army. "5 cents Ttir Iaoa Ooesgjt;by Mrs. Onwdea t'larke, 91 Twc Two OttaMvua*. or A Horn.- in thla World. 75 cents. THtd W1IX DO^-Aniasta Age. IMOBa'M CHILD Is evldertlr deotlned to bo ? favorite. Much la the unanimous Vandal ot in* pre** and the people Fays the New York Dally Ktprtas bora's Child he* mo I MAI enough to eort.'b a doien of the ourrenl novels, and It ' lmRratrs In Ra author '.he pn**o*ai m of quite as great narra tive ard Ideal power combined, a* any ntoer rtmUsr [>*r formsi.i * hj a hols author written In 'ht* rountrv. We are compelled to arcr.rd It a rack In the very 9r*t rlaru, ot th- work s to will'II It belongs. With a icnae of the desires of ocltnarv readcra and the eourreti of ibetr graudcauon, we are confident that Isora's Oliild must have an nnqualilled success Mays ihe Taunton (Mass i Oarettet?The whrde tale alow* with Interest, and (ltd** Into the bqtteet places of Ike heart, wttk rare power to soothe. ptu-Uv ond ennoble. hay* the Atar el the Wesli?11 reqalrea r.o grer' cfTort of lit aaMtldD to see ' tha liaory latu 1] around the ebrerful fire wltlle the reader of tbi rr.up hokl* tbelr undivided alteutlon to lb" page* of Isora'a Child. Have (he Annual* Age ? We advlae our lady population (ea Leelally th? unmatTl'd port loo) to become poaaeaecd of the 1 ock a?d ita crntlent* Inetaoter. Cue Urge 11 rrs).. 91 2A J C DERBY. FnbUeUr. N Y.. And for >?!? by all booksellers. ElKK ARTL TAfTO HAI.R TERT LOW-A MTATPAKT MARBLE BCMT f 04 the lab Mrs. Is A. CnaMeek, dtochtcrof fteth p Htepie*. EMI.; *M0. AslatdATy o-art la hue* of tire tale Daniel WeWer. at the studio of the arWat. 16 j Eaat Tw en y (Irs. j?. HOW TO MAKE MONEY. Fncacr In the sale c' our Great I'ietorlal War Sheet ?bowing fcrit*siocol. it* Mamelon, Malakotl, Redan. Fori ('?tburli.e Fori <>>?.*usrUh?. Fori Put I, It ukts o( Inkermauc. Telegraph Ba*ie;y, Bal?kl*va, Frl'b-h and frereh ramp*, Firpator'a, alileal f.eet, toWBof nalaingft p*. fur'r??* of borg. batteries, I offrir*l Pits*, hoapttal*. and all the nore<l loe*. ti les referred to during the war. Abo contains correct por 'rails of Napoleon. Alesandor. and "he French and Russian commanders, at 1 a lull *cc?,unl of U?e "lege and MNcl thai rreuMtd la <be dowulail of aobantupol. MU* ol Aieei, At by 12 Inches. PrFe i enta. Post tree on of Id Mhd 'U"C0".ut to ucalfr?. P. J. COTAMM, MfT Naeaau st.eet. II'MIDING, AT BOMS CAMDH?VHITIJIO. INYTTA vv tkm coil atiugtraph cards, brldai en sal' pes ball t kets bu'ineas '-ards. bl'lbt sds. Mils of rtcbange not'-* rherks, Ac., a- KFI l.Y'U, entraveraiKlpr'oier. AT Fulton *troet For sab. edTrrel eeppswplele prveae* of all site* cxoTTtnro, *c. 1AMFK AND t.ENTI.*MF< GIVE fOVR AmumOW. J ? Read'but?All eswl r*| rtodilag. sercndlaanl 'uruu'irr SI.' ail kinds o lamarware bona at, and lachest prVr gtrvn in rnsl.. tksll ot MArvsa b> tuMe, J GALIUM 122 Mc'VO A *vv r , br'wtta I 6Sd N'Jbr'cvubi wvfb TUP I'RUT AfiSICl'LTt HAL FAIR AT BOSfKf. FOURTH DAY'S PROCEEMS. WORE OLYMPIC GAMES AND RCUGHHJS RACES. GBAKD TEETOTAL BANQUET. AI.L TBI. ATHERUil OR IT OB (i OUT. Speeches of Everett, Winlhrup, and Others. Immense Crowds from the Rural District* THE AWARD Or FREfflltHB, Af.i kf>, kt. fiPECIAIi PESTtlCH TO TCtH NEW YORK BKKAL.Q. BoHTCm, Oct. 20?2 1*. M. Ibe futirlh day'* prinfedingB of the Agricultural bVIr were Inaugurated to-day by r graud pi /ceeauwi by ill tkr hoi on exhib'tiou. 1 he morning oftB-i oi clear, and the attendance wai ve < laige. The referred aeatr. were tilled wt'h lniiej, and(be ground-. prcaenUd h moat animated urideliien loo n pf eatanee. At 10 o'clock there were acme aplrlled races In double harneaa, with the following re?ult, .logic dash of one mile, $100:? Jurae Wright, of ltutlund, Vermont, entered poir b bcl.ii 1 John hendnll i ! lb .t' o, pair bay ponies 2 Wilght'a lime, 3:08?hnida'l's, 3:10. I lira* Htevon., or Boatoti ; air of luyn 1 ( l.ipp & Hhnrp, Hertford Ot., j ?lr grnya 2 Meven?" time, 3:28?Cl.ippV ilin". 3 -.1, b?. I! I enrla' pnlr black marcs, l.yoii and Moeiigt", Mitatoft F. ivhitccmb 1 1). W. layne, Brandon at ion. pnlr ehianut Unise- .... 2 litre, 8:22?l'ayne'a, 3:47. At (wo o'click the member* of the arclcty and thalr gueata tat down ton oold water banquet in an ii.imeare pavtHon, erected to the centre of tin ground*. Mattt had 11 en lulu f< r two thruaatn! |ier*. na aud they were all <.ii hand. Ticketa one dollar. Tlio pavilion e aa handsomely decorated with tlie ling" i f all rati, ua, and otpr the grand rn'tonoe Iu i r. r rreen littere, uaa the motto "Bueceaa to Agricnlture." "hu (it-rernor ol the Mate, Ifon. U, J flardncr; the llr.yor ol the city, r>r. J V. ('. emlth; the Hun. Mward hrerett, the Hm. It. C. Wlnthrop, and other distinguished per n.j.a. ccenpled aeat" i n the right and left of (he chair, w I irb waa 11 lied by the Hon Mar dull I'. Wilder. I'red dent of the aooiety. The presence if many beautiful won en added to the brilliant rntntble of the gay aud renin acer.e. 'Ihi banquet W.T- fnir to middling for tli? price, end H we-- devi urnl with Into egrlculturil appetites. *11 pro b< loj *i crf^ttivn of It i,ife wd fork hosUdtio. Ihr 1 iof>iclf'iit mo hi**l HfiUd ? Mionun F*B?k*? *>" Fttuow rrti/rvt'?V"'ir pra se?'-e ct? thN occarlon afford* mc -.intrigued ptea*urw for it esthera around mf tIn Irieoda noil patron* ?>r agntul tuie. Host sincerely d- 1 rejoice with you im thelively intorei.t which l? manifested by a" Classes tn Our <?* ,ibl tlc.u, especially in the presence nl ..ur honored (t ie ts, . wb. seattenoai.M'gives Importance to otir Wf'Uf. ?"rt | v h<'. c VI In- ur< ever grateful to th>- ears of tln-lr f llow- j citl??D-. (I t 1.1?,i h is nbo parti nUrly gratifying to mi?I ?t his '.flit, board ?<? large a of the uk the. < and daughter* i f our land, who b <ve . fine up hero to n- by their approving i;inUc?. and to honor the p. litiovsl putMilt* of iron. l-ndte , *0 greet J?u with a most ?or."?l wclev w. (!."?? appose I thing CUB he root c appropriate than ytiur pn ?' ice. ... i t It a new thing In this Iflgtim fit* for woman to he Mr gaged In indnstrial eefhtbltinrs. Mn.c th m ? century i t <f11 tSj??* hundred ot your patrloti: mother* a??<*ir? ,.n Jkmton r. iiimon diatriff In hand, to advance a brnrch > t domeetn industry which !.as long?lore Ireen viit.iIhi.1cI I t tin- prifrrowi .1 invention. ' nc ' t f tl.f ns< st intire 'in* Incident* of ihi - esMt?ttlf?ti relate, to the (pot n which ft is h. Id. This whi le or ritc.v i- IhikI redeemed front feptone s dominion . I ere tmdern enterprise h.< Mewly fulfilled ??? word, of criidure, mi I has-ald to tha ?otr? hills: lie y, .duel f.l up end cast .Mo these*:" und Ihey have moved in . tn-divneo to its command. Here, where huh fe?ter .In-, rolled the cK-.-?n'.i w?ve herein the mldole of he nineteenth century *n.l in tiie mldd of* "? p -p'i ;-n? *n'l iloHiteliii r rlty, the Nnti'nnl Agricultural cociety ua* ,ni up with tt* flock* and lienle. pitched its tents arid Invited sou to unit, in celel,ratine the tn.imph* of ert , ver nature, end to vitro ?? the achieve men ts_ of ,-l-t.rc in it most important department of husbandry. tn be In.lf of t b' e ?.r when, I have the honor to iepr. sent, and in mv o. n behalf I tender Ihe g.atetut ?rk.e^le^mmt. , t ti.'is i siati. n to tin municipal authorities of t?r their prompt and hearty m n.ejratl m In the prepa rati' r, lor this exhibition. fAppUusa.) Our thai;.-* ait l'.f? .'.lie to the patriotie eit.sen* <d thin metropolis an its vicinity for their private muulftcew-o in the v.iatln tf a guarantee 'undto en. ? .he -iireer* ol th-s enterprise; nor ????? ^ i, ii ? tul < f our obllgatl. ns to ir e Massachusett# floetety, ? pioneer h.riorg ihe agr'ouliurhl 'f ""' r on I-try ui*?t to other U'i??fa<tor?, for )i? ai'i aff??r IinI UJJ by their liberal donations ale! tlmrty rxenbin*. W.jto also under gnat obligation- to .lie contributor* Wtio have I lured ill ir valuable stock on ??hibition, at no rinuU ; isk slid expeioo; to tbe Marslials and dodges and otheia ?ho have sided in carrying Onward prise to its present happy consummation. (' deer d l ijlow associat' *, I congratulate you up .n il.' Huccctb which han erawuwd ?n<?ther cxhihUioB "f . sty. The niesent has siirrasued those tliat preceded In Interest and utility, and a-vaV va tb. most ing anticipatso'.s of ?ho.e wlilch an- to ?unseed. '?? referd of thi-se pro".-e?llugs wiU eobatltuie an im m mnt ehnptar in the bi^t'ry ??f Ajntnamn UmuiP. A very large number of entries luevo Is ? n me.!.- Rut our pihicipal oluact has b.on (juality and not ?luantity; and it is br-Ueved that tor point* ?t eicelbnc- il.' nhlWih.ii bolts the pra-.-mineri.e. 'li.e -pe; . t-i e- n Unued at some ? i :< Us, voaainiilas* stain. ?n.e drat t. ast was in hrm-r of the Commonwealth ? | Ma*'?chu?ett?, and was responded to by vernnr t.nnl ner who tonsterl the aflirers tit tho s.?iety. I)'. J cini'h, Msyor of tiie city was cal'.-d a it, and U.ok a . a. , k,e vl'W of the subject. He thought the enhibition would be profttabln to tbe city, as it would incr< am the value of the land in the vlcin.ty. He was givl to have people from abroad CC-me to Boston Ihe -treets were cool ed hut the p. opie were straight. OoTeroor Ho, [ kin-, tf Rhode ialand, made a abort speaoh. ITeeider.t I ondreth of the Pennsylvania Agricultural r'oeiMy r : n led for his Mate. Mr. Morton McMiehael, of I'hUtf ?Ulphia, made a brlUlant speecn, drawing a {-a-.aU.-l b< ta. . n this ," and the amphitheatres of fires ? and Rome. John C. Gray reap, nded ?>r the Ma. acbusetts AgTicuiiuralHoc.. ly. Tl.e I .evident then p.opp<-ed tlm haaMi. of Honorable p.-C. Iflnthtop, who respewled e? 6.Uowe> , know . f few things. Mr. IbeaWent better calau^ted t? ? ke the cousag- ""t ?fa "'U thanjo J rising, on such ?n ocim o" ' ^ a-,V?r*l?ed, K ?Tb?^t r

v. ..s t,?tnv relied on t? fusnl. ?- 'U" of the r.rn?i ei SVS HFSoSng'd'? tag.* ov. r tbtir human yokefellow. have b,tn cCindlttsl to r the rjpectntlona wU- h they may dUeph dnt or gi? Th- most ruml~H?C Tnlv U cx-nsUrti ncoiintcd thousands cf tB to p?e upon VWLX ,XtuH. or^ 'W i fe-aSs ;1fV rjsn "-Wis. W2K5-; r;;;r;r.. >?&: 'SxT&Wtf ' "g'^IM.'amivcl .htMuW- I andfs puW-ns rtty-tbwm g.sek. aad herd and dmsves j of cattle by wM-h we are ^ * ?ti r.ish constrained , ? 1>? , Id Ri-|st of Israel?? What m-sr to. 11 hi, ?bis bleating m the shnp In nvne ears, ai.-l the J"* ?*f"J ihe ever, ^Et-h I l^aM^ Rut the j? | .bi'b ? as v I Iteesed to the rebeti.ods Hebrew I. hv. r ilv mscepflWe Of a litimeesit and sgreswi >.n < '? and one which need tsrwd"* u? m no spp-so.osi- n 'W . itbrr I Ivtne or hwtna ? dlepleaawre Thss g'-at 'vmr ?f animals, e n caed from all nuar?er# of the I - ;t. ?"> br ir? no erraiist of tnenbordlnall .a er dtsefgnt.lea K Ti.ey have r.-me I" no ;at than >? ?^"Wal -pi" ?"7 bave or it her n-semblsd la mak. a ylnUorm, :un to no -d p!*ps B Prescient N< pa,?m. wn? tasu-. d^'nrb t?? Ir tp.?? bar* ecnve for'he ?tm,de purfs^c it r m'ndir f ni ? t tb ere eminent Importance of egrtcsHi'e ? , " *>,, .Mi ?< life, and ef the c-mose Inters A, awl V e. which .hsmld urtte and animate tha farm,.-- ef V_> r > rruatrv fr-m Matue t'-< atttmnia. They ha?n . .1.. ? v irson'at ve of a tl, .esan-t that i ieh'y 1 r-f Ame i. aw mi'. <7 of whirl. 'brj ce inemlcr. mi '" Imp: ? " U' ^L* "a In ,f the claim. which Jt hee upc n rmr m**Mr eideiuikn Mia title* Wen. Auil. Nywtd all doubt, Mr. i'lctlm-nt, tiic m-ricule-fAd '1" 1 d?<*tl W*'0? ?'? ,!"'K arm MM-hfil * conditio* In whtih b^lny >?<?*>?" " rolltv!ed wbilnutrl Hi.- who> c ie icqi.tre. fo I tirOtl'C I- .1 .... n, I" --V ' '">? ?tf ,U[a"?^*LS wvltarl Bofcr, ii'lM-'. a r rr farming ie cr.ntwrned ao la, relate, only m lt> ? "ode. i.-'> ITOMM-W r-X whr.h the piTducltvcie? "t fV , , U m iucrrn-.-! ?nd \lr noil it-Hf rttViM tr> in o?rt#rturatloii-~I do uM fM a-jrethai much I..or. ia t?. bo ?c ??mpli-b.d bya national ?-?. cUtior. than by Porte ' -??> foetal*-. EWt* if, ti l vi.w. I.ot> .t 1 W--U.I to n . uwatia urn ?id**'.-* . bf importance of en orgutilXAlton "T whirl. ,<? wide i. compari-m of opinion and of eo n-ntr.. 11.ay I" fariM'.teif, and -n much of com wch.i.1 In turd, I cannot but tl.ilil. 'hi' peculi*. If Important province > f a nuiloual 7 rti ultuial a-oeiatli n I. to p.en-iit to the contemplation ot (hi- . ountry, anil of the far mere, an 1 of th* .tatenmfn <4 ibfr count, y, from limo to time, eon-e accurate and ar count* 01 nctpliou* ot the rondllrou ,rod trf the want, of Amnion ; to hold .... to the view of thr ?m i.lf and ??f ilic writ incut n Jum picture of itr* migni* U..i as a al.ol.', to devrhq* '.ud . .-play the mutual rc lallear and deter,oeaoln* of ?t? ditlertrnl ladu.trlal ana M. ??riil.t. at driwr 11. nU: to unfold lt? relation* to other tiitr iuo It.otU eountrlee: .nd above all, to give *0* ?oirabi* w?i r ing " t any rUngcr-, fl'ber from overact on ?i f rtn underaction, which may threaten the proapantv and atlfa.o of 1ho?e who am engaged U it. It in i*?rr t.< b? forgotten, air, that while eo many other nattonii are lw?to*H?g etvntloo upon hgrr'ultuia in order to prevent their population fr< tn -larvlng, our own attention to It tiiun far l? more i.eo. ed?I might almoet auy, t' "uly ueed. d?to ,, the ?,iatool our n il, end the wanteof our auh 'time, ami the waete ot out labor, tn producing niore 1 luii, ?>e can either oat, or ,<11. or even give away. Ami vm 1, ry lie well toimnember a. oumly th" at? inouo i|t 11.% ol tte itnoinrlal \ihwi li?* toll# tnnt "tlnyaie an 11. a that n.rteit with too much, a? tn?y ti, it Hta. to with . otliing " thr ag, icultufe of the . iUt ?... Matea! llow much la intl?.!o.l in the full algnlttca tlen ami In pert ol that phraae Wl at RlKantlo barvo.-.ta! Wl at an n.iuyot hueban.l.neu! a hurt ol heuai" win land baudmaida! What awainn oi antinal.' What luvrtnda ot |IU|! W oat a miaaureleaa breadth ot ne'ier! It 1* tot ottcn that ".?"<? a.i'hino.lciil Bfnre< or. ducc any teipreaaiou or aenaatlon of runlin.lly, Itii. wlat can be grander than enure of tho Iteinr in 1I1 rtali 'leal t,l?le? whlcl, ret forth the a?n en It,1 rat agooelra, eapaetUea act crop, -r the I nlted Map W by, air two year- ?K" there ?er. eatlinatid 10 I. within ur Unit'a air... tliau twenty million, or hin.ed cattle, mere than twent) inUhoiav of .l.eep, and mi e thirty niilUnua "f awtne It? the .am* >> turtii, there a cm '-aid to 11111014*11 ni.,*d In a alagte c ,r ti e hundred and ait million burln'l" of pi'tatoea, ho in! n d a. d ton million buahelc ot wl.eav rm.' hum ori?l and rtzty million bu h.u. of oale, aUteen hundred million imnmi* i f c ttoo, fllteen mil ton tone of Iray. and it l.undreil niUlkn bu-lw'r ot Indian rotn. But tbeae I au>0. are u any of tlnni Nr below the eatrmatia of the 1 11-ent 'ea.otr. 1 Irave aornevliero aeen our wheat crop to. JSf'6 101 down at in t le?? than 176 mlUlon, and out i.mtie or Inn bin c.n at lm,,, B'tOt.. l.MBmUHon burheta. Wlat mighty nirji'fg.1 1 * arc tbe?e, and lrow do tlrey uk to t,r 1 f th. g,owing groatneaa and Importance of A met ha,, agri nUtirfi?not too.iraetva.only, hut to man ..i,,,( Inige How dtatlactly do they p< in' .nit tour oor 'ti-ineil r ait In the great eiotmin) ..f Irumi.u cxmrnnce. II. ?. <ti phatir ally rU, they proclaim our m,anion to pour ,.nt tl v nth gttts of our e*nb< rant aott oTer every land, .he n> ked uatlona eloth?, A rat be .be 1 ilraristlrsa granary ?f a world Certainly, air, it la quite Mine lor aotne nati.mala.eo ci?tt.,n ot cttto nationil biont rrf ?gri. ultu-e to take HI. h I ruiae and -ttel, fae'e under their c.|*"lv! charge aiolto conelder by What arrangeinonta ot lot.-rnal a.rd , ita.nal ezchangOa?by what enlarged faclllHaa oflnt" ? r u.ul ipUed . Ivl-mo. of lab -r-by what additional anpply ot utoutlw and ruarLet'?tne.. in. barvoete may tad an adequate comoimptlon at a lemoneratlog pi ice, ao that our plenty may never oCeeiM' our r!P.?-o, oor our Und prr-acnt tbe p.' tu.e ? t the Indualitoua tirrrner burled up t<cn<-atb nit own , iut*<ant heapa, 1 ...clgo wrara will not lad f"r>-ver, we Kitioiean crop- will not al??y? I* deftclent. I ?ar? and plenty will eoon *w recti renewing th"tr Itorna ,D"t itlU'urit a tl'elr prlrolear ble, log. over the otber h?' ml li - .e, imw . yer tbie. All tnat ir temporary and , Aeeptieral In tire pre ent demand for the proddhta ot a- laultuie will har> paaaeil away. And th> n we aball , Tel a than ever f. el tbe want of eow.e Iv tt-r a?auran< e or ,,r. pertty for thr tarutera than auy which itarta upow .1* evi. i and tnlator nnea of otbar pe "pie. Mr, 1 . ?i.truce and .teady pr .graaa Ot till' rocieijraaa t-ladgv Ihat th? inletorto ot fire gtaal bodj ot Arnaricaa farmer^ khall lier ea'tci t* a cho.en and chertrhrd th-mo fo^- the 1 ovoi.lfation 1 f wlac and e?|anet>iy"l men in all pvrta of the I nien. and that our Amertcur crop* rlrall hen. ef " lr I e t! a -nbJ' Ct or aotne aacartalnment and v?i?*matle uUiJCtfHIou an<* tn atment, A fvilfhiy mfi/:% uot wllhoul a plan. Au.or g the many welcome reflect., n- which the alibi,mmt <d anrh an .?? elation ??K??U ^ 1.a tope ia more wele tm than th*' I* '* ' I net,: of one of the mo t cherl-l.e.1 al.hec of the father if II- country. Th it .??? end food, , irfreotty W'-e man,?whoae ehararter i- It-il tm , oldea* p.eduet which Amrrie.i ha- '**'r| ?J*"'.'? -)? world, and wit. e n.'.riioand fame grow blighter am ,, ghter, end and dearer to or, with the lapae d ,, a ?had feu thing- more werndy at h- a. tin ti e rHtoWlrbment of preri-elv anrh ao I , .r.oot but Wi-h that Ida own loved aril b vdy aeal be lot mac might one day ..r oth. r become'jour permm . ? v.t headriua.teia and your eipi rlatetiUl " Indira ot Vf.ginia, i ,*re.lve, a " appealing b- their 1tU ten through' tit tin I t,Ion to aid ih' tn in pnrrha I ig mat I V . old bmthc laet U. Int-rfe.e with any plan of our I e'te, halve.' lint by wh.m.? ev.-r It met t*pur^a^d^ Ml oat Vernon moat lie c r.?;"I 1' nn,11"? 11 an a national to-e, free from all tte.-d..mal-fr.. fr mt alt , aitirat. taint. And what aae .. there whai-h ?? I kidy fulfill ?H tl.c^c rn|ui ltlonn, wlil h U In pertect hannm.v with the career, and the ch?raeUr ami the Inown wl-hc ef, Mnl '.Ub th eei.lua of tbe plar e where bin a-h.-a rcp.we av tha wli. h I hav etigge twl ? Metlrlnka yotrr Ihr \,,f* would mt?h M.tnMhin* of fre?li aninmMoii and 10-plra'i 1. I"t 1h'- patriotic work which they have .in dcr ..ten if they w-re tat homed from time to time 1* t ath thatVallowH roof, an I cmhl hmd their del berm ti'Ki. around that old chimney fieew covrrrd wlth the < ml,Urn- ol agricoltuial itdtuatry. which yon have .0 ap l'rCP<lately Jc ect'-d a? the lllt.itration for yo.rr oft-eUt eto r | a; er. 1 here, at any rate, to that .too. end In H - b..w,.l of it- u..g?.t 1'"';'"^^; of your aa.wlatb n originated. In nn? ?d'h'-weUrm ?,.mbared letteraol hi. to f.r John Moctelr, who haa I. rn celled the father .f Hntl-I. "*r.1 athcr.t Brit i-h e-aUatiee?in one of tho." lp"*r* 1 which a lac.flmirie idlHot. la tne rtuhee ornament of ? ? 1,.any Uimera' Iff-rarha. and of whl dl I had the^hM'P r-ent a copy to U.< ? n of fir John the venera I Ic Archill aeon of MMoh -e* frigUml. on lat" f-er, In tore an agrlcUural ?o.'rety, wit. f ong.e^- mna W?| p. e. aWl/bwd In thf- country. *? *u?f Walk a? othn em Bttlea hare dao.e. fiW'.re we can rnn -ruiliei K etetlea prepare the way for ffr'"'1 *r? ' with tj,? light< before ?' I hope we ift l? *'"? T- oh o. p. ten. have been." Well, elr, tta ama ?r 7 ,i?tle-have Irirlwd l the way, ami It It U"'? for 11^" greater to inter Into their .ahor-. Y m ha v rvlled ? ? in . ?trnerHotl with one lit thr m, ' rh' Maa-achti ,.tt- .-o. el) for the Prrdie tlou * ****''}*?? iiv e\,-limt t.ien I ot my aide (Hon. J. 0.'Hay) 11 . I ient lh: t roriefy. lowtrd-'i In 17'CJ, ha-'lone m.tct , oi r . ,'l mrg much. IU atnUf are hardly -eeom ,0 un> myour ,e.,? ihla lay. It- premium- are at thi. D,<Dient . iurolatrngthc rnrantion "I the wl.olo ?'^Jin if to f..ini-h u? wl'h even a t*tt?v mowing rnm-MiM than ^ wl 'h turve a,ready teen the admiration and <4 the cryrtal lalarcw nf lenh fatgUud and Ai d I telievo we al-all have a l*tt?r. I would tw the taat to rob thi- ohl ""7,' it. r.vhttnl laniela. Hat 1 am alrald c-oftot lm it. being ffillod Uw rddeat Mata ?rKde,y the rut" Ibe flr.t A.oer.ean aoclety td all wa* nn d.uM.'My the I'hilailelpbne -oohdy, ?? ?>?jeh 1have 1. et alluded of Who h our own 1 imothy I Ickerlag wm the ora.nal -octcarv. ami It la a rnnet agreeable enfm-i <4WO that thU car lie 1' American aawwiatl .0. for th. fotmati m of .hi. greatmt Ar.wvtcan lnt?r wt ha.1 the ? ,11 i* birtbptaca with both the korlaratb,a ? f Irvb pem X,,*e wiltbo (Wfutln.-d theftd-cd HbAoa. Th? .^ft . rlfy or -ouaty ar ctaty. Hut 1. ??'??'lug'he rriru'eii .( tbi? tl.A Un-red m-ttiutow aftpr.oted In W ami ktadty -Oat t?. me bv a I hrlad- I, Ai. frUodr l 1 a it ewbat u^vpnetediy, evldmre vmt a m i h c rb'i r g ate aoefety wa? tntuwd than thel-f Mkierki' M-at a letter waa recelred "f-mn the H"U. Wtn- 'Hajbrn. l?, Cf,airman of thelVmmitteeof the WM ar-'ta-^ " tlel.of AfTir jlture, larhieing a few eop.ta ' f thetf ?-m! tlU-. and ?oi,eH?tg a,nd"7ia w,th tub. **?#? ? ? 1 but letter vtr dated Nov. 2, . M end , ?bl, It eiefote, h*t -outh fwrr llraa hml eetehUehed a -late Agrirnhural (Nwiety et leae. Vmrm kUn-acb ieetta. It l? .ertaluly a itrlklug tdreom.taiww if,ft. the vear of 1U eetabhfthmeot ttaa the very rear >0 which th"- flrrt hi ? ha!e? of cot ten eve. wa4.-rted troro M,.cr la ???' n'"*d ?l l^onw.1. ami were .< lat the r'.ift'rm, Ilonee, I t?.ove, en the grunod .!ut rwnueh thing a. cett.m fai l ever hann gr-wn or g, ? V oi*- l*- fr?i In AmerU. l" , e extort of fwrolira, <A ?tki h l.ardly a plant la now nrd upon her eoli, end t?> which not a K'*1 ^ **. ? oiterl A hiw me Mr. Kmldeet, hk aMuetae t? the.# larta, t? propawe It you a* a laatimao' for tr-.i | t,rr*jikii:? Pr r<.fTKim?, Ho?rl? ^ ?r4 *4 * TV v,^ ?k#. :? \t? ? trr%* *n Of H? KMWri*??PrV\ 1, W.fu;AK'fHi a, lu ?p^?ru6i |. m*T romiw-r mtiJf " if? Kuan n>rr?U lf? Ma4 f xnrrtm t" 9 ih^ f 4imr . ?m f M?4 horn bo 10 tn <*w*+ b 111 I'niwjrr KftDou'jiv-i th' rogmlar ' I?if l ottogniakml i.uert Urn Ih n. Kdwaed f verevt? .?hi W dlpkraatlM, patriot We aanv ft-i rleteil vita 'ha aod literature of mi* e- in try end hU vord^ ?,f wlw), m end ? .ere e-ball th1 d pbe heart, no lor^ aa the lug' la J. laegoege te ep^ia-?. Mr I gtf.rr (wee. ?.oid pmhrugwd r heertag aaii 'P* ?? f. |r ,? k> If '.bla were e gwolugtca', laatead of efoknlto ? raci vtf. an I H It wer? not ycur pmvtm? to 41/ he ?u, 1 ?t" lore lab, the d- g h> of the -artk, it wow! I n ' ?? -trl lr # if 'a ?'.me of ywor eBc.vwtkiaa y,? a). '?? M.Hte ? | r n ??rh ? feaofl aa my-a If flat wt--" '? I own rewr eahlWUon?tbe tr. alag .i.,r*'id tmi "eg ring?the Wtdea th" '? tf.e ia m imae'trwde CT trdrt' youth aat e* H a- ? *' taf tnfMklIf MwMwifyL iiv toi* nr t<r M Hit nft n<'~~1 f? - I tiiat ilia b.trdM> U.f r !&?*<? f..r oM-btfhicnix! f?lk#, jw cuMotm* ! t< ?iui#t (M fthbU) w?.j>, 1 ft?#l ??c>nii*whftt lik* tI*o I?2? ?( < moj, hIiciii ibc ruin date of l.oai* Aft. I. A A (?. r..|.ji Waailb-.., null ?1?j, alter mi^'?j{ an.! iidmiriug .l? nin e. I- iwl-tinw i tht t he W. Al'if.l at eve.y ' ^ ' r and moat -f ail at llndhljt bloi rn there. Inn, h ??-e. ?, dr. wlthtUat> firtrlitr ailnn t? - -?l y.--r " til lcr brethren," ahiih I .'0 lately hud 0< inli < to .?'.in'In'Kr at Dor cheater, yr-u nip wnilti?> to trujt y by the aide of aurb a e|tck?ioii of jailf n'r-l'-gy my-.If, 1 la.e much tWi.mic in uni ting yon ibi.i i liuvn ?I'm w-H, with the iglimt tatl.fji tK n, the proof Hduitlcl l.y Ihla grand ez MFdllon, thai the ..griml' of our coun'ry, woli all the intcrrr'a conueeteu with It. I. In a atate o? active lui Dii vrrrent. In idi thing*, > tin ugh I approve* ju llciou,. fli nm Vati-m It le i ?t mt-nl) for Itr-el', hut a> ll.e bunia of a **fe j.rogretn. I own. ntr, there am a<-me old thing*, both In natuir am)ait, nod uoeirty, that I like for tbem wlv.a I all liu'- worahlp tho grand old hlllt, the old rirrra that toll l-etwe. I. thru . 11 ?? tin<-old t re two- ing with 'ho Weight of rent uric,j. I rt-Ti rotur un old hi.mcatnnd, an old bo'}log ginuiol tl i jfoo'l i""-n ol old timer. I lov<>. Men liicndr, g'aal .Id l-oikr, and I don't ahiudutely dialiWo a di ? p e< good old * In. hit tbr .tomerh'* rake, jirorided it I* taken fr> m an original jia' k go. But th. (ante.- and mitlment- ar. all .-oui-Ut. i-t with tiny, lo my judgment, th j me furor able to a genial groofh, prog le-rion, and itoprmi rrent rnrh-? I. iapl.1ty tal ii.g pUrc tu th< agrt cuttureof the cot ntrj. In t. wort I true, nlwaya lie'n, and am new, for tot). rt? tdllty and progrei Ic trnlng trim a rMjier antiquated, but n- t yet wholly diacro (llie.l aolhorlty, 1 to j> on1 -It thing.-, and hold (art to 'hut which I- good." I I .. , .. ,? i . ,0 ,l" "M rKBdh.I ? Ittfi. loneer w> r'v T ?"* at. w V..I. ??,^i ? "" " ,or I will endaaror to culture, or .u,lb l ;? '^ L' T "ST' "" 'OiuMubime TuySTr,T?'w 5Tr Jrr"\ *'"**** "? i.r?trd ,H.? ?.,.r, "r I I.,V,""11 u""" " '<? ? I'ftilr fluM ?ml II h 'muB V'i! Tl r . of otlier (amour di-covrry that In n 7, , I'h" the run ri,?, m-/ ?!r L?<,iut?e of I'arl. a r ? Hie *l|.,V, .,1 ? r.J?? . !' y.*??"""f M?oe I*., b-i-.v, , fewir'.'.n^v'r.v;; wnnh..| cut of | ' I, ,i!h* m nl the O..I.I .< ...... '"HoUl Miereo fur ir,M In ?" Ml" W'" f. r, ? . - ?*'^1 out wlijrj] < ijiiiiiuri i! with ('.all gBSjgasadEsSa^ ?e bMa Hoikiiig m?ot.u?eioU:ih f,.r nw.ri* v*mr ??M. .clul'lM*,^ and 11 U r,i ?r.iii ?w .w2i2? ??''"u S7,^^^.aa^, ?P*? <??1 Willi eiavw a lid u ||.| ,|,?t. Tha Cr?U.."w'i r.'"k ta ' irnli'K? oieflllai) u dllTar.ut ?Hl " ,'"ir M ou, gold oier ZVJZuU?J!u.&L? u i ulvrri/? ?i no,| tno|at#n<Mj nnd t#?,i __ 4 " ?*?* V^to Wt, II Uc.mU * i ii.fii K o "fit *!" -mania.,, "uL tin ? I f 8 himself?eouii nianticntr ? tlilnbUfull of g n -r'P' V's on. to "1; "!'" '" ?"'1" n. *1 rnu. ' ?i ha.nil . i U K ut/"'" "I-?IH?r niiy further u-a ? ified i ?ei-!l'V'' V*' J''r j7r' ?i>?linJ orei *r,mud near lallcr. .l.lrk n n " I"1" a" "U.ii.limli... ?fd. : t ;[*'a,r;'ni-?^^ <->-?j-? <..S i ? . . I 11111} . it.|| mn /H'Vt'r 1/1*1 frnm It ... i?*-d ylrld (if*..III. nor aortUn*ehe ,,,,1. . >,i,'|, vr .tt,h,rr "r '"ri atuie. lliegialn* <.f tba fallfnii, . g, |,| ?n. rfanic m,nr,. ll?w fat,. II ' * f! iwceo what mnuutain mil] atone. wl,lrl~l i>J ,.i, , . ? Unto wlnila ,,n the b.m. ?, nl ,,, , ,MM "] " w,l'?l . '"V - ?"? K'f'.n.l |e w. er !,. I,,, 7;u ,', nlVier h,r'' """" ? ? ? iX I la. >r?. hi man Mien.. ear. I.ut faint 1% ? Wa r !V? m"* *",n"h"" "i'l.i'i tie tn *!'! InV 'ow'b nr raprmlurtion, a re I th. when thai . ,..p n I... I "i In. ' l^oa ion at have hi,km the ?,| j ? w dlffaren, the gralrn of .,ur Atianli.- *?l7 h, .V.'|U *n,! ,h" k"i-lly a'ernatl",, ,,f /anted "hl^ T X ..r JL . ; I'.un.v, teeming llh lea- on ,ha out il le' h it W;e, I.",? up lu the InOtlnr dual gtrm, , IMnrprta . ,'e rV' 8 ^,,ln of California ^old int.. th ? i !l'l. I', T'!1 ?hrhange4 Ut the end ' ?!t urele "f " u f"'J* n", m "* r""' ?0'' HWew- llr'-.n a and lo' a myatery. ]n . few day. If ffUm'i, i "pwar-la?It In a llalng It i? ve|l.? n,f,i. but It M-ude on a d.lleat. ..... _. ,.L 1 " " "-?ll -m ?..?>. . dene.,. ;u,;; ?t.erald gre.m through the anil u ^ *' im If""* ' t r' ,hr 8ir *'wl "" ?, it array. it . If "".re glorlrna than .~o|..maii In It. hrmad ter ng, leafy rolwa, who., aound, aa th- wit win, h. lTd ,,l!"u*h f,,Km- f:'ll' a. ,'lea?antly .? -h. himlaodinan * ear, a. the ru.tle of hi. awartlieert'a S'ZZVZ "HI",' *'"n' lL" ve.daou .kein. with tarll'h, ?"d' V **."* ',f"rln* U,-''| "Ufbarg-d d, .7 *' '?*' l??n -wo or ea. h "" IU""th'*. Can?a?..flu llanmrn ) of w. Id 1 elu.hv.1 .lii, hi. ml red. of graloa I', * ": ^*7 P?? olnK -he ?u,e wonSerfSf pioperlle. a. I|... parent ^.m eyery on- In.llo. t with the eerne niaiyelloua reprmluetlya p.,we,., n.are lo my "4/r r,*m" "" '"r "rLI b I hold in my haed. And new ( ..y ?|r of lb . . ?de?i fewo .'. "" i V* f"?r will la- at lea.i <en or n' leen allforna flu I It will la, ...g-d p,.r. y '"id fI .m '!** ""Id hy arm* ,(liaer .'oil /IT' m . iDT' 'b,,r* '* ?" """U ?" ?be World . r. . ,f i Id* ' ? T "'at though one ,r.,p r.el.t , "8,t"'r~l lrw' tbe tana. .p.,. ye, ? r . -,e.l it Uet. to the rod of time wlui. a.. .Ill om^l" ?"M '' ?"?i"eed only to haeoo Up v ^ *. '? r-'" f-r-Ter Hut tin, Ur Irealdeot, Wonhl he a mu.t egr.wlo,,, erro, ledh I I I, . "Ilforrilo gold ell] U.t forever ,irt L V 'I ?' 'la <^rner rhn,?w: h,lt whJi. |. ? ? < r no ut?, no not aa marl, ar IU value in rig Iron whirl, rr.a, e, the Ol twlla.t; wheraa, gold whlla It j, r/d la g.aal for little . r redhlag. Vou ran nrllher eat I. nor' drink it. nor ,t. Von . an nellhr, .e,r it ?r.r bum It a. fual, nor b?J.d a h/.u.? with It it l? really i"'" <"I yon . i hanga It for .y?a?irwMe, MrlahnMa ?J*?; ?"? 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It parkw'fr'01 the t- hi t f -hp ea'lh <1 ...ery n?nr.rLfent of ,u dlp'etulWg tap y^rnel. now It rlolhea tfa manly form alth ?a.m ?r lia ft" . ? and thiMU wit t?,e ? ei.i ,, T.TJl or,,.y. .ml mlniater. te the |,|g?^ ' lletfad up Jn ymr gruhu ea ifiU wfea "he r.of h>,J| ? tribd In tba .LIworth arm, and glow >a U,- i l?.h ?!????, and ftwh in the h' am - r.g 'yo?tnj at iaa' w? Warn to r.adre that the al-r,drr .talk .G olaweo, t- ndlag .a II* eoy. Held ondey the yetow hor .n of bar ?-,t b Ind-ed th. >taff of II*. ? wh.rh *ln-w the wo,hi Mf \* ri#4 lilt %*} %iirii^la mi huu. ta.ty on llrf mighty pllgrlawge Sir g Ym. .If to drrp the alhgr.ry are! '.peak wllh.rut a fig .re I'. I- ? I iff ft .n Ika na<..aj<_ w_n_4 . .. ^ -7 * " r ft r^r d/# U ?? 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I'alM Htali I* urn l.ililj but Itt'M II ?p), in'rio r in v*lu* ti ih" wli?U r I|i it roll wliub too ff*?wni|! un .guiatVn M Uu' III in iiii'llru*, ||(gUf'li !i? lo? grPal tminl ?h.i li tlir -itlll-nl imtM v >f 111 oar't, t g < Ofr, Mjer li rthrr imo uk- c,4 tba im|iuiImi'-c* ?( Iba |>?p?rnl e?M Win ii Hi l.uvtlt ooncJuilfl l? ffXjr>cai?leK bl? mr>lM gt-nl wl?l.r? fn tli i"fi.*|H i) j* Um* Cmlnk mUU> A<pi cultural Hoelctj It r?.i ?rr_. cold, *r*i m .t nf Ihr pc-jor lap, after Mr. K.rrrrtt l.vl emMludcil. lion W. A. Mug, of Naw Vorl, and Col. Thompaon. of C?.i*il? W,?t, for* c ?anrtupitto Alter ( i>l Tlintup ? ?<?' laralih wi?? prrvjioied, tbr lUnd playi-d ''tlid l>H*r tin Cfiwn." ami at Ihn call of tha I'reaidrut tti M- I* it che*r? ?M given lot Quern V7? tort*. Tin* Karr^tsry thru r"??l the award of p-i-wounjji, Ajnoog th" (pientii were IV. Ilirmel nf St. Prti-f.burg, who wan iiwtted bv Mr. II.tHmii (? ii Otf?, *a4 .ludgp Can rgr M. Campbell, 11 Calif m.a All Cip "aotig torn of Hoeton" weie thera, hut (ha allau w*? npirtlUa#. Ilia apple* on the table war* aent from Illlfiim, ?gia from IhaMUti' fnilrtr (hrr? T? ww? the affair W0f ?rlnil up Willi two great hirer rare for inftivy Tftaatg or thirty tliornaad people rialtnl thr ground* to day. AWAIIU Of PMKMIUMlt A/ter the banrjui'l tho following pn?" ^ ware tward id by Ihr Krtud?irt ? fYi/fV Herd prrmlgai?9100, f> r Ih-?I Ayrebire bdB unit lout cow. bi llungorfbid, lb ? ila 4t H9Ad tMnjft), N>* Y'1'V frH rani . t imtpitaiium |7J, l? Wli Hu?h at Warn tifid M i I mr nil premiujii, $M>. to J*** Wlf. ? Mu?- third pu-iiMuru, ?VA, ?<? ."atuue! .Stabbing, ('?iiwar ?U ? tat raw, flr?t premium, 9A0, t?> K ????, nf Auburn. Nrw Y ,rk . Mri.rid premium bi J Nfo 140*, W ( ? Km VmIi, , . fat ,"**?.Ti t irr-t pr< rulum, ?*<>, to 1. Muimm, AuMi?t fa* York, rteo'ii t pninlui.i, >'.'A. to f .-hfljuu, 1 nyuga, Nrw York IMfd premium, *1f>, to mma. J ir?t prainiutfi f' r thirlriiu bull., OlOd V< MoerlaH It. oar N?? t I?k lot I rvou bul'e. l?t pretuium, A1U0, tij W IVlOrfwt, l?or r, N Y I'.gi.n ro??, In pr? iiiitim, tot t' Valid New York. Ayrrkirr Hull.? three year. oU and ut wefle. HrwW premium, $100. t?. Ilun^rrford. Hrodli At ""'t ?* 1 tll-burg, N. V., ft r helourn. Second Jo. t??. W. iwr rati, ol tVrocord fot Vnjor Pr?niium? on two year, oU?tin- ' n"1 * * ut 11 ere be it no n til mill- worth* of thrm <*"? //rile.'?Three y rare OW ??M| *mil- 1 tret 1.11 mltim, $10", t<? HimgWrtord Hrioltdfo tonearee, ti'i Mary i.i t' . ro ii'l ti'" . $?0, to K ItaAblJfo of Norfolk. toon for .It *l? third to , diploma IB Jamm Hi olti, til I'ttmelM, If Allre T?# >?*!? <4J .end under Un? yearn?kir.t premlwdB, $k0 to lluudi>ifaitJ, I.,"die K l?i?rw-w, t i laid* ?**5 r.? mil do . to I Halt>ll , Norfolk, ("an . (?? J'1"** ad tbtrd do., diploma to I lunge-ford ftredle k Cntirwraw, loi lad* CiollkO .M ^ nt,e year oil ?o.l n'tr t?.. ea?? i m pr-m.utn, Of*', m tb> aama ?? He??le. - ltn*ort Mo lie?Three rear* old and upwar la.-??lriW pre?!>.in. ?lw>. to Jhiniel fla-foli Health Irnro , ? j Mroni) do ?!?>, to William Southern, tt-w.^o, N ? . Unriat'! <?nti <l?.' Hr'frri?Three J af? old andWf w*id? ?Hr?t premium, #100, toh'eU K?mi. -oil. firm Milton ,e.ondd?., $W', t" ??" "?ry them. Oimpi. NY. for . iw I'rottj , thud do., a 4t|M to C It Il?il < ? ' fM Mum. lw? >??*"* "?U *??>?* *tr.4l"f D*n* n milIvv0| to the mn. et t.Mid do , W Will It . outtirro <???' N. V . . . fine?iar chl ami oodn two yrar.? Mr* pi ti'o to the i.ante (NJtMW no* nw?id*t ?'ot beet Heteti.' l twill and f-nr coe ? u o?e $K0, W. H. K aUiem 1'aw.^fi S. \ IhtH10m Hvlb ? T^ni- jrara old and Upeard K^* tnluwi, H00 to Morrti Itoarher id ? rtoam ?! ?, t>w the boll Itnini i -i? ond it > . H-O to I'aoo ImVnrop a South I la : lev, tt. ? li ? bull I "I I ~ dtptnnui in t a Win ui-H d of Itaif M? ? tart liail 111 be . Two lean old and under three jreara?tti'tj ?inl??a. ?Ml to N J Meaea- ot Pntloik 'JWOtf, 1,o 11 fatly It" -ir<m' do . ? *t It 'w W" ' ?? ,uu t,d H. 1 tor ho bull Sti Itnliert I'eel tine ye?. <?l and nude, two yiar- I rat p.rinlajw, to earn'I H. Tahnr, lbiteh^a munty. M Y I* ??? t all tAatwtea e-oeind t?o., ?*?. t? IMaadi Korbatle. N b.rl.o l ull Vaiuuey thi t do dlp.1 . v t,f?t4m4V cviiiiit H \ U* mU ba.l lilt < i otford. . ^ m '??u I ?K. fine/ //../err ?Three yeirr ami upwar?? Klr-tprri. ? iu H'm "it. II T r.?'li, of An', rnr. let Mn lb or Ulrie f"' hi- < w hopbine tltleil preonnna, tt ,1oiJP to 111"- il'dlei, fit We.i Soxbu; T for le raa l'ui old ??od to hi 'biea yenra-ftiat pr BilM. ?dti idV H p .u'.-tli (t. of Hoi burr, f r Ida oww I tutchaaa . ect ml pMiniulii, tdi, lot. II. ''^i '? lite roe Tope/ . thud premium, dijdemm b. It. r. Wafer., of Br .'. tly foi hie mw Hon. ogeirarnr' node, two Tea, a-ftr.t pre,mam. %& ?? I rt. <Wli.Kh.iu. of Mill-a. aeeoml nremlnm I. If lirn?h U't |?rrtniii?n, ?? W It Par. n. of.f.nmlra ruio bn Hotter up. MiJrk (Vflfr ?M to v/ Prlnreton. Ala*. HU pr.ltiium. ?lN, ??* ( H*wtaiU. Atil.uro. N'.w Yrik .. . m llrrihiui M.I" " I -'?? P'TV'"?/ ?? ^ J? f W hherman. Vermont for ? Janny lind *? |.uw Hna.kllne Ma-. ??' ? Imdy Hotton (a* prw ndun. for lllltaa, '? riiMnaa boddatd. Hoatou for ?aMf ' Th.tra.lay'. Ut f'T*"'1"1* In t.eneare, An, n liiloft n. We* Y . rb M, *lf>" ?? l aolei M? e, lamtun, lur ' Kate Mllhr Tlia bdh elo* ar. aUllatiaae.f tratel t- t lb ?.i?u y??, a. m?-e up I y II t>. Itnifow tlai ?? t Nuiulmr of r.hlelr.. .......... * L*d Niiir?l*t of ' . i.uii.Ur ? ! rwyW |?4 Mi I a? enter- to > ? " T ? Pat-mgrre lu ?-?, I aa'eujer. on foot ' Wholn notuiwr of p->? ngi r. HI.** There la an Ainertean -ieenonatration te> ri^fl' ' y * light. It la not initienlarly brilliant WllilnmabwrK C llf *.*?? I'irf n " to Clt H ?The * il arwat, ,g H pul.iUan ?Ua hell an enthu-la tie n.eatlig on Thnral y laat. at the hall of Urn e/Tr..|?'i?", ' 'tier a< Mouth Ural and lourth .Inete. A r?.n?ttl?t.oi, . ?? ,-*4 by J. It. Wei la. V* i , I'raaMawt are I adopted by theflab A? affeetltw apeeth relattre V- the^agt ? ' ' and the fm rr .floi. end ,... '? ? f '??' ?" then nm<> by tt.le nll llaena- I- Mr " wm Hatawnl Ui w.fh gieat att nt m, ami Iragoently a^daag e.| dating the dell.ery of I U ad.!r*e. put HI Taarrt M<iB?i ? -Tha eatur.hdt ? f tlm ?*?% dietrict pnllew o?a Thnraday laat waa a cia>'U?bh .(UJe The full tut out. lie lading d?'?e.. Waa foety f mr?lhar ly.eight The -ggttga" aalde"A tha | t. r.ded for war fold! Inelordpgova. W h. 'a-b b J.joapb r?Ubtr. Thlliawntb want, won the f rit l"t?. Paam l.ual <et'' ?o M:/?? Ir*.?Tld. 'Oipe, ntmet >? honor of Al la. man, 0( lb# I if I-* ?l , ward, turned oat on their f.ret annaal target eoea^bm day and ptataeded U Aetnrla. They numbered fbOMp fl?e maebate. Wan. I daman M-?i .r lla wit ?, ? " - "hw .hlg.oflHeTbiMee.fh Ward late ???? the ?' ?'?* nomlnatw/n* ? ea|?rtl.< ? * U.Um ? all, Abe o.iib Widjlom. (?ep ddl-aa nrao I?. f rf/ii'iM' Jf )?n 7 H Fiat Hwnrinr t I'? Ai-rnt bUf ya-t l?t .' ? ? ymterday dwrr.m* a lire Wr'A- o 4 in h "* ' "* ?. Mayo. A J l%rr,. ?*f tb Into '% trt|t til iW ? 'f ,U' ^ ' ? f Ihe bre e*jajtn.?nf Iwaiage fi4' or IP am. Wait* is a ?.1 A men ?J?e i e*y, a Ceraaan an? mm er-ly m>-. y. ?l*"lay * tmdA It e. clock A M that ? ?? l? daynind U la -?oa that be ... taken will, ae apapleaOa?t nhilaautmg war .mtdenew, l? d.m Hro-aty*, .a* foil on the .1 ?e ?a ??/ " to aj.?#i? ?p ntng thd , . . . _w h m )}vi' i m Him iV??it ihir M** WrMbV ? ? ? ae the foam* gl 'b. .7^1 .t ewtfoa WW a. the -wfo. foenmg uIU.w. aai ?? ,. - Ud b-mee, the ?b baelag Wn*m4 Mm a. > elr,g '? the f?* Whaw tb? netghkne. rnefad m. ,'f.ob-rt ... lyiaf on the ,W aa bal-d latUw !<?-? The Aia waa wit tog* bb^t and tha ?e?.>t-?M man rK'tred u,-tlol a-d fr-?n lh Kawwt ?? -?4 /' ' if Ui Ik* U*^f4Ui IW rmrf. < EMTMETlLl.r. ?QL?-i , t. I *?*<*" _ A 1*^ mateb for 1Mb kw" t? g Mi karadm In en it tbameelwne, -ama'dl ;e?ter vay ?' "?"? t>'' a f*ay ??**?? f?w Thedio an I a '/e; * 1 < ~ ?jy. The g?7 .*? The be ^ u ^ gmy at abnwt ' ^ . v him. In tha lhran.,*aMT p- ? ? -en I 7 ? 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