Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1855 Page 3
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intbbfbkbnob or tbi bubokkam powbks?onion or TBS CBUBOB WITH SANTA ANNA H OIMOBBS BBABOH rOB LAKBBS in tub kanctoaby? BirOBTBD INTRIOUBS OK ON1TBO NTATBS AOBNM ?<JBN. OAI>8DUN S LBTTBB OK DENIAL. \f# ki?< received the following Additional detail* of Mexican news, to the Oth Instant, by way of Mew Ot laua >? Two American workmen were rroeo?ly a'tack*<', $7 robbers, bet warn Rio Frio end PuebU One of them bill ed hie Mwtleet by e moeket shot The other "Jfon ?f** ed Are, but with the butt he delivered a torrlble blow et the beed of the ben ;l, end knocked him down. One ?of the American* wee sllgh ly w moded. Hero y 1 erne it* bed 'rata Ml In of P?? ?[ Ayu'la, end ceased ell upp ?eitl??n to Alrarex. VI eu> rl U the only opponent left, end bU adhesion weA delly ?* ^he exile* Oiagulbel end Cehelloe ere ebout returning *TbVs%, Orleans Mt* of October l*th .eye?We see not bin* is regard to the -en l.uli plen. enn suppose It must either be e deed letter or else here been overcome b,A great exdtemeat wee remted In the city aud sur rounding country by e report haviug become current thet the revolutionary general* Inten >ed to ?ccep* the protec torate of Ihe United .-te*ee. The pope-e ere tilled wl'h the metier, and we see let ere p-ib'i-fied from Alrarei, ! ?Comonfortsnd Vldaurri. dsn.) log *11 k u-- wMge of any *?ch protectorate. Our Hlnf-ier, Mr. tladsoen, ale > publishes e commutncellon denying It rMexloo Cl y (Oct. 1) correepondence of the' New Orleans I l>c! a.] The revolution in Mexico appear* to be etlU pr--gre* aing; but it caunot be said to bare been coneomtnated. Two efforts, and both sympath xed with, I* uot becked by European influence*. bare been to control it for tie benefit of tbe cou*eivailvs* (-punish and . ebuich absolute*,) or in the Mexican ve al ia, " to fal.ify it." The llret by Cerrere, proved i? failure, to the de rengemeutof tbe foreign prop*. wnicb had ?'felteitaied it." Hero y Tatneriz, in the British interest and *us- | teined by tbe French banker*, w?* invoked next, and wi h tbe aid thua afforded, suuoe ded (a get'tug up e pionunciemento in hl? htror by ? wiug .1 the army, et Nan LuN Rotori. That dlatrl it or department h?? alsny* been conaldeted most loyal to conservatism, and to the armv necessary to support it. tain second aoiaguiiN'lo muve on tbe cbesa board, xgainet the pint of Ayuila. wis , the most formidable, for it wa* not only ou.-ke* by a strong detachment of theaimy, but wm Instigated and headed by a man of acknowledged akUl in ell the pent re volutions in Mexico. end wuo was at .at conspicuous in that-which upset Ari-ta's a irolnist- atiou and resulted in lbe recall, not only by the nxtinn, but by e (action of tSste Anne to power. Hero bed been among his earliest associates in ell hi* political abominations, and was UN lirat Minister of Ha cienda, on his return from balie. This place he left in disgrace, notes hi* support#* affirm from oppodtom to his nuclei's tyranny, but that Santa Anua per ml ted others to participate In tbe division of the nubile spoil to tbe prejudice of Hen y Temarix's peculiar French friends. There, among tbem foreign beukers, a* well a* home biokers. ever vigilant uver (he public ireasury, were the bickers of Tamaiti'* design# ?n the high place or bead money changer, which tbe greet fugitive in his alarm, had tied from. Videurfi, penetrating the deuge of tbis mevement, made a demonstration tocrush it. C'niuon fort, however, late vened and in a conference digui fled wi-.b tbe name of a conven'ion, couchlated Ha. o y 'lament as a party to the plan of Ayulta. As however, in this arrangement, famarit at'P-*ara as ihe rh-.uipi >u of the church and army, the two .it:onge*t ele.neutx of the conservative or ab olute partv be re nine a power that may prove dangeroua to the tncomlng feteratlon when It begin* tbe work of edju sting the relation of the church and army to the government. Muee this arrangement with Tamarii atffl Comnufort, it appeare that AN area, the designated head chl-f of tiie revolution, baa proceeded, in acquiescence, to adjust a government under the plan of Ayuila. In 'he mean time, however, which look* omi nous of another s'orm in the midst of a calm, tbe military authorities at the capi ta)?the only ones In power?h*v? besn concentrating the ai my around them, and which are estimated at ten thousand strong?all noisy on their rights, and manifest ing a disposition of Insubordination, should the incoming government not recognise them. latter intelligence lnfoiins us that the church and army in the capital, backed tiy the foreign -ankers, French in the lead, and instigated by llaroy famarii, h d t midnight meetings tmooncocl uesigu* against I ha incumag gove- i ment. Tbe clrurchnft is said, will deposit it# last medio with the arch traitor to upset the g.ierrero panther. General Vega, who was military c iimnnndint to the city, upset the civil powar in the hand* of Mtuon. a few day* since, at tlie same time declining to I'tey two 1 npur tant orders from Alvaros?the oue to arrest and hoi 1 In confinement, the fugitive ministers of.-anti Aunt, t'lisa Garre, ot the Hacienda, was arretted by Minou before tie was superseded by Vega: thaothers have escape-:, but are still in ci mealment. iJsrrea, the MluUterof lustic*. bat who availed himself of ihe law to legalise the most tyran nical aboniination* of the tianta Anna IHcaturship was enjoying the hoaplUliUe* of the couvent of (iua lalupe. When Minun'* order lor arrest reached 'bat sanctuary, the bells toiled the aUrm. and the c J of robber* ! la diouea 1 echoed through the hall* ot the virgin, sad the officers were arrested by toe mul Itude of*, while the pe's-m of larrea continued In security. Ihe other Older waa to arm ihe National liuard which Had ooen diaarmed by r-anta Anna lhi* waa likewise declined. Alva-ei frels strongly that the ievolution i* a f*ilura II Mini Anna's legacy in a liurch army is not made to feel its place aa ihe servauia and not the mas'ers of the tepublic This appear-to be'be state ol affair* In con nection wi h the revolution in Mexico. Ismsrtx likewise la expected ?1 'he capital andJuntts (Ameii' an caucuses) of eon-ervativet mset cve.y night to consult on their post Ion and to manufacture mailer in'he city of diplomatic goa-tp, wiiicu may c et^e dis trust to the lncou ing government and in igimiie opposi tion should opportunity offer. Among 'base were rsnoris of money and arm supplied by tbe American Minister, end a ties y of nlbauce anl pro ec orate ale a ty coU coc ed between blm and Alrarex. Tbe French ,wrioUc?I published Ihe couveulion bu'lre, witn all Its ,.rnvi*i >ns, and which it as cr'ed was pr-s-ured from a reliaids souice in the I nited Mates. This rumor produced *u tiueul ex citement at the capital to re<|uiis adeniil troin Alrarex and I omonf .rt and some remi'k'* on tbe gra e charge of between Ihe cliiels of the revolu ion and ihs Amei ijen ligation, which we give le-low. Thii d murnent turns tbe diplomacy prwcti-ed asaiust the con servative-. na It seem* that t> wa- from tha siarcc alone thai the Mini-ter evei beard sugge-tlous of a pruts-to ta'e. All tbe-e movsuieuts and gos-ip in Ihe capital clearly Indicate that the element* -.1 dix-ord *u I o,i >o?i ti- n are ^tlll at work in 'he Mexican pauda uoulum and that the revolution has not yet Iwon oousuimuate 1 in liarmony, or with tlist seqolawrtenee ?s promise* tran qiilUit; and i-einistiency to the incoming fclera ion. llie a| pie of dl?c rd .till hsnga on the tree, and the -er peut i. wbUpeiing ml -cliiel Inio Evo's ear. IlliXTI '* I vlTta) .-TA1H" MKXIIX). riept ?i- 18.10. The rumor which has dls'ui lael the syinpstliks of the two opposing political elements of M--Xtc-. now in fe*rful strife lor tin- soveieignty ol tbe republic au-t wbicu seems to have received enib-slliueDt in * seer*- t-e>1 allian a and prutertorsfe pnbll-be-l and republWlie.1 lu ssve *1 >1 the Journals of 'he capital demands some n dice from the umei-lgued. Ibouglitta (list aiuiunciatbu, and through a foreign peritaHcal was-ufflcicnt to ha ecreated distr i*t. en- or.r-1 a. it wa* with a prompt ri p.nlixtion fr- in all -?r?l press yet it was not unlll I's fain icatimi was de|e,-te?i an I the source and de-lgnlrom whence it einlnated wasexpo ed, that tbe character w-dch the repo. t merited w* - given t > it by 'beopposing Journal*. IhNde.olvee the stronger the obligation on this leg*tion, who-e du'y?and ?blcn has ban mat sac redly o werved? wa* Ui preserve a neu'rall'y between the two contending powers, fur the ? legitimate supremacy, to deny roost uie.|uivoc*lly thatl any propositions f .r an alliance sad protectorate lietwcm I the two republics ha*ever been euteitalned or even medl-l ta'.ed by the government of the United State*. I lbe diplomatic relations between toe I nited Mates and tl e government which ha* so recently sbdlcnte-i, were suspen<led betoie that event, and there he. been no opportunity for isgalliiug tlietr nnewel, a?l? w.-ll known, and nnoerstooii by this community. With the chief* of the different depeitmenU and Sta'as pron nncing for the plan of Ayutla. ami which seem* now to hare acnleved a triumph there has been no communication by either meseei ger or In wilting, a# to what in imatr relations that revolution, in Its con. tun mat ion, de-lred to mslo tain with the United ,-Ute* a* it wa* well known to each and to all, that the American Minister accredited at Mexico could only hold an Intercourse and treat with the legitimate sovereignty in a government <U /ado. It Is due. however, to tbowe chiefs, and lo many ranpacted ami dlstinguhbeit membets of the party tbey now reuresent. and with whom I have been In the euj .yraent of social, but not tienoenl Intercourse, during my brief re*t lenoe at tbis ca|ital, that there never wa- au in irnattun tliat even n close alliance, invoking a protectorate or annexa tton. could either be eougnt. or was In any degree d# sired. t'n the contrary, one and all m*uife?ixwl great sensibility on the denaiioaali y of their country, and the opinion wu* common on boh sides that the possible necessi'y of such a rssnlt to the prcsentvevolutioq must tie rogacdo-I wt-o dtstrual by troth rspunltc*. Tbis liga I mewnnut. bowsver tratl fy s* much for some who protee* loyalty to the r->n*erv? tive powe ao-t who have made suggestion* favorable to sn American prota -torate, but alwav* with tbe ineNn cln ly and di.tressli.g eonv ction tb*t Mexico, after thirty yea> a of internal CoirVuIsi ins, prseeuled the atr iggle* of a i e?'| le I capable of iu lf-R> vermneot; and that to rescue Mexico fiout aaarcby there Was now a nece ally to seek iroteciion nnder thawing, of a neighboring republic that bad so signally doaoffistraiert It* rapacity to r .osura mate It* ? l ec-aration of 1m ependeoc# ' in tranquillity and adeancemeot. As the diplomacy of tha American onn'ry?whose high trusts sie in the keeping of this legatioo?N truth, nei her veiled a?r dl*ut?d it hssfisit the Imperative ob llgs'ii-n 'O speak it, through a free end public p ea*. that the I nl'ed Mates shall not be inl-taksn or ml-oeprerent e<l on en orce*l n wh*n the rs.p -a-lhility of maln'ainlng I,*, iniegrtty ami honor abroad dev-ilve. u?n tbe under pton^I JAMfXlAiNIHCV. ; Mexico (T y (Oet. A) Corr#.potNience of Newttrleans Bae ] In lh? event "f the elec l--n of Alvarea It i? said that the seat of goi eminent will be transferred to Iguala, lo the bouth The cUmete of Mexico could not be supported pY AlraiSt. The cbnnge wonid be mad* nn-l?r toe pre text of the necessity of sepa- e ingtne adinini?'ra:A>o from the intrigues and cabals which are c natantly going for Watd in to# capital Tbe jou-aa s will inffi-m you of the exritsrnaot created by a pit 'ended treaty between the UeHed ?"??#? and Mule*- ta which the htrmer w%st<> assume the p-otecior ship cf the lat'er. It was published in the Trast TPnio*. Tl e full truth in refhreoee to this matter eat aot yet seen the light for the declaration ui the American Minis'wr U ohecare to the last degree. By the way, the Amerieaa Isn't n bets, though very busy seem* to wo-h ewk wsrdly and with little suece*.. I mast certaialy levoU a letter to 'he ctmduel of tbi. Irga'lon. TBI MEXICAN MINI"TBB TO ?B*NCB ON ANNEXATION Kaaot l aehero. the M*x rao Mi' 'o Fr*nc* hai wri'Un to tbe Journal U /*'??? 'ha following '??'?[j? Mn Ki.-ri-e beteral J-dtrnal* have expie*-ed the opin ion that Mexico's entrat ee upon a 'T-?!1.l|M>*rara".rtf shawdows i's near annex*'! ?? l? tbe I nl ?1 tat#, of Aniertcs Bebevl.-g It '? M ?'T "u'T "? opinion in Fx.rope a* to the ^n'lm.Bt.of my county men, I can give the assorani-e 'hst. whatever mar be the change* that have taken place in Mex'eo they will al wayi be la ths neane of nationality, as well *s la the view of d rawing nearer and nearer to the democratic principle that do one dre.iaa of annexation to tho United State* ami that that* never he* been a pat If in that aena* We bare had a proof of thia in the iaet revolution rhe ia-urgenta againat the government of Uaoaral -Ho'a Anon at Monterey hare declined to co-operate a-tih Uara vajaL although the latter bad coma ta their aid ea<i ha butu1hn'T!0rr..t? 4?it 00unt'J a?ai croea the frontier wit* ?11 hi* fiU niAter*. It ha# been added that the city of Mexico *u pillaged. That abatement it not tru4. The people reatr.cted th?m eeivea to ante lag into the botue* of tee Mini <ter* ogunit whom public indignation waa aWougedl, carrying a ear f., r? *nc^ burning It on th? public (Miliar?: but nothing waa atolen. The amdurfa of apeaie neiooging to the merchanta, which left Mexico, art Wed at Vera <5r ta a fe ana whoie I h-tae to inaart tbi* le-ter in your Jour nal. and accept the thanka of your devoted -arrant. I'ACHfcCo, Mexican Miniatar. Bnttle la Mexico Bet waa ta Pcxait Unannin aad HtHraua and lndUna. [From the New ttrletna Picayune, (tot. 17.] By the ateamahlp LouUiaaa, Juat In from IndianoU aad Galveahn, we have a Galve?ion Civilian extra, dated Sunday, 14th irat., containing an addrea* from Otpr. Cel lalian, of the Texan Range ta, to tha people of Texa* da'ed Eagle I'aaa, Oct. 4 giving among other ihioga, an acroont ot a battle fought by bla commend on thai lay with a lorce of 700. computed of Mexican*, * ipun* and -euilnoleH. The battle, it appeara, lasted a sou' three houra. wl.en the enemy retreated to sen Fernando about twelve tnilex diatant. Four of Capt. Callahan'* com'uaod were killed, and four wounded. About ughty-fiv? of tiae enemy weta supposed to be killed and one hundred wounded. I apt. Callahan (an we gather from his addreaa,) waa appointed oomuiaDder of an expedition to deatroy the or I enmpment of the l.ipan Indiana and to extinninata the wai riorx of the t'ibe. IIe*ay*:_ On the 24th of September 1 we* Joined on the I/- n* by two c?iii| ante* of volunteer* under Cap a. Wm. v Henry, of ?'an Antonio, and N'at Bent in, of .--egutn, and proceed ed by regular marcliee f otn hat place after the in lam an Wed on the -.ttth of September on the :Uo Grande, at the mouth of the Ixia Morn*. Here be round It waa next to impoaaible to follow the Indian* further, on account of the high water ia the Rio Grande He waited a lew days for the water to aubalde to no pnrjore. and then iiutiched to Eagle Pa**, with a view to rroe* the river at that point, ant proceed' direct ly to the camp of the Indiana, situated about thirty flee milea west of the liver, near the city of San Fernando. At lagle l'a*a he received from the Alcalde or I'ledra* Neg_a*. opposite thai town, and from the cliizena of the Kio Grande generally, Ihe warmeat aaaurancva of aaaiat ance t>v men and mean* to effect hi* object On the '.il in-tvnt he crossed the river, and on the 3,1 marched toward the Indian encampment, at the head of 111 ranger* and volunteer*. Captain Callahan proceed* a? 'uUiiwh:? At noon we encamped on a amall atream ten mie* west. of the Rio Grande, where we rafreahed ourselves and horaea. Up to thi* time the Mexi-an authoritiea an I ciiiten* had *huwn u* much luudnaaa, and evinced their good wishea a, to the auc.eaa ot the exiwditiou, and many even volunteered to enllat under me, but none weie received. After nooning it an hour or two, we marched onlow* rd San Fernando, btyond which were the Indian camp*. Having proceeded (?ne ten mile* al ng the highway to the city, over a witely extended prame, about 3 in the afternoon, while inarching lei surety along, we deaciied three h' raemen approacning 11a from a mo' of timler about a mile to the northward. At Hi at there men were not noticed we supposing then to be Mexican herdamen, but on their approaching with n two hundred yarda of ua we discovered them to lie In dian eblefUin*, ready and painted for battie and tbey were e.idently trying to decoy u* from onr pcadtion. Fo.uiing my men In a line along tue road I waited for the enemy to begin the battle, for by thia lime large numbera of them had emerged from the timber, aecmingly wi b the intention of attacking ua; tbey aoon ?p-rad out in front of u* and to our right and left to the amount of aeveral hundred lioraemen, and commence! to Ore on m. About thia time one of my men flrod on a chief, about two hundred yarda diatant, and broke a leg of hia horae. Perceiving that Ihe enemy, compoaed of both Indiana and Mexic?na, were trying to outflank ua, J ordered my men to chaige, which waa executed in Una atyle and thirty of the enemy wore alalu. Whilst making our charge, the icf> Hank of the enemy, whi h extended for near a half mile, came in on our rear, and owned on u* a very severe fire, during which four of our gnllaut men w? re killed. The front and right flank, on which w? charged, after a galling fire, (led ua, leaviug u* in por session of Ihe poauion wldoh It waa our object and determination to g-in. Then wo discovered that our enemy nuinlieu-d ?oma alx t>r aeyea hundred, a* all their footmen were cnncea.ed in the timber, and had not advunctd in view on the prairie. My men formed In a strong poaitinn. bei.cath the bank of a amall creek, on which Ihr enemy had tieec eucamued, ami their whole fbice c? mlng op againat ua. we continued the ttattle for al out three houra. when they fle<l In the direction of San Fernando leaving aa we beard thia evoning aome eighty file killed, ai-d with the loaa of one hotidn-d wounded. This we learn from aome Me\ican* who were engaged In tl e battle, and from other aourcea aince my reiairt to hi* Kici'IIcdc) t' ? nun. E. M. I'?an?. The ham? M?xicana til*VV alho informed me th*t the actual uumlter of our enemy w** 750 men. Alter the retreat of the enemy wan about dark, w#f auoponinf that they *ouU c< im* on u* again before day wltn large reinforcement*, ft II I*,ek b?? k to tho Rio Grande, where we would be -ate from any number of men and any quantity of artil 'try they might hiing agaln-t u,. Approaching the town of I Hliaa .Negrna about aunrlte, w* took possession of if and now occupy a position opposite Eagle In** on the weat l*ank of the K|r Grande. Hie men who were killed of my con mand, are W. H flopt.m and August Sn.illi of my company, ranger* ; Willi* .lone* of (Vit. Henry'a company ami H. It. Holland of ('apt. Banton'a ctm-[*ny ot volunteer*. The men wounded are John Gregort (dangeron-ly) of ('apt. Henry'* company, Capt. >at Benton lightly, and Klmt 1 leut Henry B King, ?lightly ; 1 atlon .lightly, and Eustace ifen'uii (mortally) of my com r?ny. Alter paying mma eompiiment* to the o(lic?ra and men ot the eommand lor their hmve cn-l gallant conduit, (apt. C. Htnte* -hat he I. occupying the loan of Fielraa Negraa, oppiaile Kagln I'ae* and intend* Pi h'lM (hi- p i eliioo until tein'niced from the settlement*. The M -xl cana, he .aye, have l>a>ely betraved hi* com maud by pretending to favoi their expedi (on **ain*t tha 1,1pm*, and then a tempting to draw 'hem Into a mare at the hat lie groi.nd wblebaoull hate aurrccded but f r the luawoy of hi* men ag-iinet overwhelming odd*, lie >b'-n proceed* I informed the promtaienf men of thl* pl*re thi* room ing that wi- < id not coma here to tight the Mexican#, but to whip and exie> mina e the Indian-, and that w,. d? n t y?t deat.a to hgi t them although they have killed and Woun-'ed -ev<--al of our heat men. I bar* told them that tbey riiuat delitei up to u??he In.'-lan* otherwl etheTev at a will make them .e.ponalhle for (be murder of their wive* and children and the depredation* up ,n their pro perty. ft I* now rleai that they combine with and pro tect tli* Indiana. I have tried to explain t I the n the in J at ice of their eourae, and have a<:Ti*od D.etn that we will invade their country, and burn the la-tofthair town* if they continue t?i protect and fraternize wi'h H.l* liand of outlaw*, wboae band* are a* ill rio-klng It, the Mood of Inixcent women nud rlilhlr. n. beneath thet im* hawk* ol relentlea* *avage-. We molaated none of their ( r ipcr'v until we foiimt them fighting aide by aida with ? he Indian*, who.e demoniac hand* are atill wet with the blood of Texan women nnd eldldren. And we have -inct troubled to thing, aave what waa ne-caary for out own *U| port and aafety. Ha<i We auppo^.| the Mexican* would have uni ed with th?- Indian.- again-t a* we would never have eroaaed Into their country with our number of men?I ut we are now hare, and intend to hold a foot iug until aomething ia aceompliahed. Captain t 'alhihan conclude* hi* addre** by calling on (be Texan* to conie 1o hia aa*i-tance, reiuarkiitg B'r ?fe well tmtifiel here, with cannon for our protec tion. and hare aupnort at hand *ufflrlent to ah'ield ua ftem deatruetion til! we reeelve reiofoicement*. We hate brought all our Wounded with ua, and they are well eared for at the ho*pital at lagle I'ae* Our dead ehall lie brought In, and receive decent icteirment on Ametiean aoil. We are in hourly expectation of an at lack liomi th'-ueand Mexican* and Indian* hut we can Whip them Again I rail on you for ***i*tance. for tha aake of your individnal protect Ion anl that or your com m< u country. The IndiaD* eay they are determine<l to kill aa they go, and they croaa the Rio Grande fo- your aetilemettf. almoat weealy. If not exterminated, any hour may ting tha death knell of aome of your k i ml red and ft lend*. Thete wit] be no aafety for your froutier act tl* manta heteaf'er Tb* Seminole*, Mu.<nalero. and* are all determined to *cou'g* Texa* with blood and outrage ?o long a* they remain itnebaatiae-l. We fought all the#*- tnbea yeaterilay. and aa we learn, the celebiate t Seminole chieftain, Wild Cat. Tbe Right* of Brlllgrrtnla. explanation* In regard to the rlgh'* of brlligerrnts In this country ha* issued from the Attorney General'* idlics in Washington ? 1. It ie a nettled principle of th? law of nation* thxt no lielllgeient ran rightfully man* use ol the territory of a neutral Mate foi belligerent purpoae* witbuul toe con rent of the neutral government 2 The uncer'aking of a belligerent to enlUt troops of land or aea in a neutral dints, without the prasioua con rent of toe latter, I* a hostile attack on It* national so eerelgnty. 8. A neutral State may, if It please permit or grant to belligerents the liberty to raise troops of Un1 or aea wliton it* territory . but for the neutral State to allosr or i oneesle the Illwrlr io one belligerent and not to all would be an act of m nr. i fast belligerent partiality, ate) a palpable breach of t rntrsllty. 4. 1 ha I nil est Mate* Constantly refuse this liberty to alt helligei mta alike, with nn| artial just toe, and that pro blbi Ion is made known to tbe world by a pennauent act of' ongress. 6 Gisat Britain. In attempting, he th? agency of ner military ami civil authorities id the (iritish N irtfc A mart ran province* and her di|loinatir and consular fuuetiou arte* in tlie toiled States, to raise troop* b*r* committed an act of usurpation against tho sovereign right* of the I rd'ed State*. A. All perrons engaged in aueh undertaking to raise troops in tbe I'nl'ed dtatea for tbe military servie* of (?teat Hrt'ain, whether citizens or foreigners, Individ ul* ? r ofBci rs except they be protactad by diphsnatic j.rtvi l*g?, are Indictable aa malefactors by siatnta. 7. foieign consul* are not exempted, either by treaty or tbe law erf nations, from tbe penal effect of tbe statute. 8. In case of indictment of anv such consul or other ofceWI person, hi* convietio* of the misdemeanor or Ms esrai* by reaten nt arranged Instructions or c-muiraoess to ?*?'!# the operation 4 tbe atatute is primarily a mat ter of f'omes'ic adniinistratl'-n al'-gw'her subordinate to the e< n?h'.eiaih n "f the national insult or Injury to thie goto. nmen'TInvolved in the fiwt of a foreign govornwiwat Inetrueffng Its ofllrer* to abuse, far un'swfol purposes, the prtvibge which they happen to enjoy In the baited Mame. TT>ecl'lzens of Thomsonrills fVnu., recently unit#I in Crchaetrg two hundred and tlfiy-two barrels of tl mr ?m the tiianufhctu-era at R?ch?ster, an>t it was . altr-r ?at at thetr door* for 11 8.1 paw barrel. This was a ?a>log of two dollars and a half or thrae dollars oe s ha ref 7he ' brand league" la t.harleetown Alas*,, has been organised, and Awe hundred barrels rrf dour have baov, aobscrtliOd far When eight boi do-, >,?rrei> have bWm taaen up tha ng?nt will proceed tsg the West t? purc'irs. flour. Rural Intelligence. LAUNCn or TBI Mil ntlOATI WABASH. OCR njll-kOXLllilA OOMUMPuWllBNOk. I'HITADKU-Uia, Oct. 34 1864. A driving rain, which commenced yesterday, and con tinulcg up to the present writing, he* landed seriously to mar the pleasing anticipation* of many of our citizen*, who had allotted upon witnessing the launch ?r the attain frigate Wabaah, which took piece at noon to-day. But, notwithstanding the storm, a large number or per son* weie present at the cerenionita, and everything 1 aeerd off to the entire aa iafacUon of all. The yard waa open to the pualic, and a select compiny, con-iating of aome 700 person*, were on board the vessel when tbe rooted toward and into the element for which she waa declined. Hie arrangement* for the launch were perfect In etery particular, and th?ae who had charge ot them deserve niuih praise for the efforta wbioa were ao signal ly crowned with success. UWsCHUnoN Ot Til* VBMI . Ilia keel of the Wnba-h waa laid iaOctober tut, and 1* was andcipe'ed that about a year would be consumed In flfei cooatruction. The calculation* of the buildeie hare bteu verified almost to a day; the teasel was commenced en tbe 13th of October, 1864, and on the 34th of October the bull is ready for tbe water. The extreme length of the Wabash is 301 feet 0 inches, (some 20 feet longer than the ship of ibe line Pennsylvania); length between the per lemllculara, 212 feet 7 Inches; length ol tread keel, 269; length from knighthead to taffrail, 281 fee' 4 inches; extreme be ?m, 61 feet 4 incnes; depth of hold, 20 feet 2 Inches Though rating aa a frigate, the v*?*el ia la dl nonsions fully equal to a ship of the line. Her mas ?ut anient la 3,200 tons, and her armament will con aiat ol fourteen eight-inch guns on her spar deck, and 'wenty-iour nine inch guns on her gun deck. She will also catry two ten-Inch guna on her spar deck working on pivots, one located on the quarter deck aud the other on the f.rwerd deck. 'Che spar deck of the Wabaah ia per'er'ly Hush, ihst la, clear tore and alt of all inoum trance except the hatchways, and differs in tbu respect fri ni ordinary teas sis, in the absence of a raised quarter or poop deik, fiom the btrw looking tower t lh<-stern, the deck shows a giacetul curve that ia decidedly plea sant to the eye, aod adds much to tho harmony of the model, 'the gun deck Is also flush, but tho after part is to lie converted into quarters for tbe officers. This dec . appears "low between Joints," as 'he terra is, ami to a tiovie in such matter-associates the idea of a suiother totheciewof the vessel eei viug the guns in ca?e ol an action; it certainly would not do for a person to pump ?bout much, or he would be sure to dash Ills brains out against the beams over bead The beilh, or orlop deck, comes nex , and then tbe place for tho, stoiea, machinery, boilers, Ac. lbe-e quarters aru a staled b'ok to the inquisitive, a* yet, in consequence of the hrehur-like darkness which pervade the regions and the want of prot er lai Uttie, for vUitiug the.n The Be chiuery and boilers are placed far ta lon the water hue. aun, of course, entirely out of harm's way lu case of an action. The propelling power ia a true screw, with twu beans, weighing about 20,000 lbs., formed ol btass, and worked by two engines with oy lititleia, earh 72 inches in diameter, with a p stou suoke of twelve feet acting directly upon the shaft of the propeller. It i.? thought lite propeller will |ierform about 60 tevolutions til a initiate. The boilers are font in num ber. U|on a plan patent'd by D B. Martin, the Kngiueer in Chlei of tlie I nitvd s-tnes Navy. They a-? 11 feet high, T ), <eet wide, and 15 feet loog, each having live fui usees with giates seven feet long. The Interior is furnished verb horuoi al biass tub's, 2 inches in diatue ter .vnd ? feet long aud there are 1 3ti0 tubes in each b. ller, tni.i nig a grand total of 6 140 tubes, 'lhesa tubes aia manufactured lor the purpose by the American brass tube woika of Boston. The boilers are to be placed athwart the vessel, occupy lug a space of 31 feet wide by SO teet long Inducing sufficient spice for the tire room. This will leuve about 10 feet on either side for the coal bankers. 1 here will be a single smoke stack. 8 feet in diameter and bll feet high, made on the telescopic prin ciple, ao that the height can be reduced to .10 feet. But not hIols to htr steam ft the Wabaah indebted for a p.-o p> lling power, Mir is to be ship-rigged, and from hor ap pearame rewires to be a fut sailer under canvass. Hy an ii genious contrivance her propeller can be hoisted cleat of tbe water, so as to offer no Impediment to her pr< gtess whenever it becomes necessary to employ the wind as a motive. The machinery is in a state or for waidness, while the sails and tiggti g have beeu ready lor some time past. e>be can he fitted lor sea in a very abort time. Til* Ikl.NCH. Tlio lain rump down most pertinaciously an ?o stood at Die duor of the ship hou?e, waiting our turn fonntiei*e in. everybody was veiy wot. very uneasy in the crowd, end wry ai.xiou" to get in out of the r?in. Come* loud Hi d deep weie the order of the time, but the mto at the door seemed uo more affected by them than If praitc* had Ih en lavl-bed upon liim and the government which he for the time rt-pi evented. The interior ot the abip house gained, it tea* really a eight to eee. The huge leviathan of timber towering above, like?well never mind th poetiy?hut there she wae, a lieauty in proper ion and uoikiiininhlp, aud oThlently likely to prove an ugly can t-mer in rare of trouble. Having deneribad the vwsse above, it in not ueeeaeaiy to repeat tt. Within the anip bouse there nan an air of anaiety pervading will in sein ed a.iniMt ?u crurli the heart and awed l?'o a fuoe real eilenre the maia of human l?elog? assembled ?i bio the wulla. The woikrreti We re at their posts, and awai'ed the oii'er to no ve aa <|ulei|y a-if they were automaton*. Ai biteen ndnuli a to taalvi'tluit order eame, an I men i*< n.meticed tlie atrokea of lieeilea, driving the wedge, to relieve Ihe ?hip irotn the waya. Na^ftMH the hi i?i mi steady that they aounded to the ear like a continued ri.r hl?. At this time we were on board the vessel and 1' okiog aboot am d the happy groups around no All "as excitement, and ye! the feeling of awa to which we haae altlldeil prevailed Hy Io'clock tb? w' ip s weie driven, and the ?' ih ty of tho a on board 1 era lor gteat to rateh a glimpse "f Mis* > > iiusvlreiii i i (lit e daughter of the naval nmistiiinter of '.ho I hila t?l | hia navy yard who had l?en selected to ac' a? god tin tber o' the fi iga'e on the occasion of the chritteotog. rba i. a blonde lather pretty and knt'restiiig. and per h tuo d I er oH.< o veiy rr>" iiahlv ib? ceremony of tli" cbila'ot.iBg took place on the bow, which was oca idol liy Mr tsihVa family, an 1 wraa performed just as the how .cubed the wa'er, by breaking some half dozen IhiUI<i< of Wabnt-b water or or the arm of the bow. At fif'etn ininutea past Id the signal gun waa tired to wain < ruft to k?ep out of the way and a' hall pad Id o'llick the stays which bald the Wa'-a-h to terra fiewt weie ?e\en d and "he gib od as g u^fuliy as a swan into tberlitr. Then burst the shout fiorn vessel and aim'o. aid the isotkin rang again ?Uh cheum and salutes of lanuon. But It is u rleaa to dila'e upon ths subj-ct. The lrunati was an rntire success; a liner one neverti?>k I lace, aud never wa ? a finer ship aoued to the navy of the world. No incidents of note took place. Kverythlng ta?-td pleasantly . and after enjoying a view of the river from this elevated parch, your correnpondant crowded his way to tlie companion ladder, and by the help of a gig wus once mine upon dry laud, well pleased at hivmg been there, and ri ji ioed at get ting back sale. The Wa bash In a ciedit to her eonstiuclor*. H. Political Intelligence, The following pletfoitu ot a Herman opganivatinn in Teves, is publish*' by authority in the Austin papers:? To enact criminal law* ?o simple and intelligible *s to dispense ai ti lawyer*. Abolition of the Brand Jury Abolition if capital punishment. Abolition of all em peraure law*. As slavery and democracy are fundamen tally opposed to each other, and a* the former most ne cessarily le done away, taah Slate ao soon a* it Is dis posed to atsdlih the evil should tie smpowsrert to call in the aid of tbe general government. Tlie greater the inr ids of a man tbe hlghor most he ha laved. No religious ia?trnction in schools. No teacher who i* a pretchar. Abolition of ihe oath, a* a matter of religion* sanction. Abolition ol law* respecting Sunday, or days of p'?yer. toogies" at.d Houses of heprnav ntative* ihould never be o|vtied with prayer. FUF10M or WHIOR AMD HOFT HRBLt. DEMOCRATS IN WEFTCIJ ESTER CO0WTT. Considerable evcitcment prevailed at White I'tain* yes lerdey in i onse-pienc# of ths hard shell democrat* bolt ing ft?im the c unly convention, on a motion being mad* hy asoftai.ell democrat to appoint a committee of oouA-r enre to gleet a like committee, appoinUrt, or to be ap pointed, by tbe whys. With a view of f tiling and form Irg a union ticket ht county officers. Ihe forty-five hatd shell- who withdrew, organized a new m?*tlt g at Ihe Court House and resolved to hold no evm.munv n with tbe "Seward whig* ami * repub lican-." and sink or swim with the principle, which they have tho* fsr advoca'ed a- a party. They hold a nosas n.vstii g and convention cat week. ILe et'ft rl.ell democrat* ant whtgs e*ch appointed a committee of conference, ami they, at a veiy late h >ur, *g:eed ut-on the following union ticket ? 1 or (/utility Clerk lewtsC I Tat t, whig I i r -uri'gste ?... Hubert H Coles, .leto. tor Miwlff I anlel i. little deta. For f ot.g'y Judge Km. H. Robertson whig. ior Justice of .Ja*"Oio? Hubert B. Cooper dem. For ."operin'cnd. ul of l'<-.r.N"b-njlab II AtLerus whig. Ptt HMD SRNEMM.Y DTSTklCT. WRttTI HRf*TRH CO Tbe delegate* to the whig assembly contention fir the Second Assemble IMitrict in Westchester Co , met at the ttrawanp'im Hoase, Whl'a Itaina, on Tn??da> last, ami after a btiwf sit tin/, re* Ived not to make a nomina tion at the prevent *lma ondee the eg: ting circu.uatau <ew of an1 lei latest fusion with the democrats J. t. B?-ei? In the eouree of a few rrtnarks. whs h ap prated to meet the approval ?f the convention declared that it wae prefsrrable the whigv shout I endorse en I support the democratic nominee m tltat district rether than give the ' Hurvnah I'outraa'1 tho least chance of elect ing their candidate. METT AMP I'RA Y?KA FOE MIMfUh R RETHREW. Tl.e 1 ortland Ma.. Ardrua <sy>-?? are Informed hy govs) authority that at n Itaptiel conventom let-l in Ken nebee county since el?;t(on a revolution was passed in substance ae folio wi>_ WLereas a*vera! tuf our brethren, at the recent el?e tWa, voted agninr.t the present -Hate eJmiukiration therefore. Peeolved, TWt the prayer* of tlm chor.-he. be r?(ue?t. ed tn their behalf, that they may be forgiven th a sta and be bronght ?, repentance. A roTTW," .,,xWnt of the Cleveland, ftblo frseier urges the appal* intent ot Joshua Olddlng*. abwlinulst, to toe I luted fp ,tee Henate by tho aew froe ?dl reput? logts lataie r'tohio

The house of Mr. chailenC. kJlte was barne-l la New 'trie IU, on the l*th Inst When the flreni.n tnscbsi th* g>* .ami tbe nppwr part of the honee wa> all la aflame ? od Mr*, nils running round la the wtldeet aq -ay e* clsltr tug that het -fcld was In the attic, et.T tagging ? ox >ssiy to save him. The exempt was mad-?the at sir ascended?hot em. Ae an I Itameit off ail app-'?cb tn the room and after th? (Ire was put down the ckarCst remains of the p>a>r Utile fellow wert foam) amid the ittias InWewttag OB* ATCUleON CtMtKBKrVNDIUH'S. Atchwox, Kiuu Territory, Oct. 14, 196m WhittM Kitted Dete^Ue?Plane -/ the Abntilx miete?h tt Mly or Treatan:??' Hortirr NujUant'' (he True Lav amd txder -' tarty? Hhat H ill the Haute 4 Krjiretrata tira Dal You will eie thU l* received liav# learned the re?ult of the legal mod of thb mock ?lection* for delegate to f'oh (rm which h?W Mo lately held in our Trrrlt*rf Whitfield, the p'O-lmery nominee, was elected without opposition, on>he day prescribed by law, Heeler, with ont opposithn, on tbedny prescribed l>y the abolitionist* ht their treasonable meeting at Big Spring. No Interest we - frit in either, there being no eontest. Tin- rote for Whitfield wee not more than one-third the pro-*l?very trote, if mi much, he an evidence of thla, I might refer you to the rote of le-?renworth county. In lhl? ooonty their are live or six thriving town*, and the ? ou- lor Whitfield wne much larger in proportion than in the iute rior counties, and yet only aomn 900 vote* were raet; while on the Monday following, at an elec ion lieid to locale the county teat, 'or which three totrue were con tending, '.,6t<0 vote* we'rgiteu Abolitionists will hardly eharge Missouriaus with having gone over "by thou MU>d?" to deride a mailer in which they hail no interest. I hare not yet learned the vote caat for Keeder. Aa the voter* and officers wU not in- eworn nor re<|ulr*d to pay taxes, it he stiauge should they n it report a large Tula. They may a* veil ie,iort 'JO oOJ a- hOU (Jan you imagine the purpose of th-eoec and the aholl tlouiet* in holuii g this election? lain credibly u format that they a t i uaer advice from the abolition lea ler? In Omigiia*. thai i> Is seriously eon empUten to exclude Whitfield, de* la e nil the acts of the Kau-a* Is-gishtlur* Tain end admit Hue iei on this pretended election Are aboil) loidst* fool., or La their deliheiate purpose a disso lution of the I nioti? .-hoi. Id curb an elfoi t lie made, 1 take it fur granted no Boutin tn member will oieu Id- lip*, at tu'u Vn'?; hut thet tbey will at on"e **y to tho North, '? Von imiat de etde thhi l??ue. We demand that you let u* know whether the North?a* ruled by ah ditiuulsts i* li? posed to continue uni'ed wi h the South"" Toe naked, aiuiple que>tmn will be presented in each shape, too. a* to leave no rirftin for dodging. Hail lleeder bebu a cautiidate again*) Whittt-dd, an) vo.ed for on the day II xt*il by law, ha might have contest ed, ami the sbuliilonlst* in the llonse ol Kep-e-ea talise* ought have extusel the excloaiou ot W oilfield on the pi?lei.ce that he w - elected by Missmirinu*. Hut now throe an lie no contest. "Bonier rullUn*'' here (he lew on their side??re note tie 'law and order" par ty?end to exclu e Whitlleld and admit Boeder aiiul- he a dean, unqualified usurpation in *u h "a-e, bur oue conree would be left t? the S? mb. ami I greatly rni-tske the fteling of the South It there should he any hesitnucy on tie part. The |ieople hare regarded Boeder's election a? a simple fhrce?hare not oeen able to reallxe that |i roulu ho treated seriously in ('i ngress, hut I hrve rea> in to be llevetha' ibey do noi appieclate the reek loss a* ?* of po luteal abolnl 'iiiets. 1 hope I may be mistaken?that I may hud at the North enough good men still left to -are therm-elves. line thing i? aedleil. Atuliib uUt* have de-paired of maklig hansas a liarbo- fir negro thie>e hy any action of the ret lore, ant, as *last hope, will atteinid by Con gressional It-gods Ion to lorce iheir aivm n? ions up in the people If deieated in Congress, they will abntolou the struggle and skulk to their hiding places, to vent thslr spite by steeling negroes. It is to lie hoped that this p-irllege will ere long he abolished that the people ol ilie ui>n-*laiebol ling -ta'a* wtl i awaken to a sense if J nation and enact laws fur the punt bmevt of -l*ve stealing a* they now have for horse stesHng and Will fdlow the example of Knll'a* in pro iecting the pioierty of her neighbor*. "Pit* dune, and all feura of a dissolution < f the ( ui in will he at an end. I ear* and good will would lie restored from Mtiue to Texas. BQl'ATTFJt. OCH LgAVKN WORTH COHKKflPONt'f.NCR. Ixavkn-wiikth C'rrr, twin-as <>ct. 16. 186.',. fion-iwr Shan mm'i torth-iming Thunktyit ing i'rrbtmit turn In thr '?Hiiitbr Itnjhani"?Th- Non Rrmontl <if V. S. Attnrney hnacr an Kniffmn that Require* Sr,/r?ris/ ~Th< Double k'lreturn am! thr Probable Anion of Ciinyrru uy'll il?IKe. A'M Mor l.ikrhf In In He-qmurl? Hmllh of the territory?Sainti ami .Sinnm, ?tr., if.-. Governor Shannon in ntl'< down at i ho -'ha wnee mis aim. said to be engaged in writing a Thiirikngivtng l'ru elaniathnUi the "aoverelgn arjuaitera," "border ruf Ban*." and ,lmb -Htlnnlita." renulring tbom to gsse'tible in their respective | lace- of public worship, na t Kir*n d*y, anil lender thanks to Almighty God for thr maul (old blessing- roufcrreil on Kioai, that great modern Canaan. flowing with milk and the Yiiaauurl river In tha rata of the general government over them a* a Territory, and 'he extension of the In we of Missouri over them by I lie Legislature. It iaea id that It will be a very able d icumeat. wblle It tip! em * calculated to hu b the augry el.orient* lashed into fury hy hi* first uutowmd speech at Writ port. Why the administration h*ve not removed I-nao* the I t |t?d Plate* Attorney who *a< a p'tr'.y with (lover nor Kee.ler and th* two Judge* who weie rammed fur living concerned In eeitain land trades with the poor I * dmas I? a mystery, borne people nay that the Secretary of 'War ^ro'ert* him, under rolor of nmtital law while others aay th*t the President keeps hint In, a* a aor' o "loop bole" to crawl on* of. If needs lie. from the p i?tt|on in which Keener'* removal, if pla-ed na Hurt ground vi ubl II* him With the .Southern pro-*litt-ry meu. The election* tieirig < ver, aliiim gh the rettnn* are no all in we me viD'ur* to ?|<erulate on the astlon of G ? gross touching thi* double claim to a scat III 'he eiUficii* of the nation. We differ with the friends ot both pi lies abo ale ri i lldeut of Ibe >UI' r,a ol iboir respective "a vor ties in muring a -eat In the House of Itep tative*, m ine* bat up n ihe pilneipl* of s.|oatiOi title to th* It.i'Ian lanfl* in this Territory Now we look uikiu it a* li'lthh probable that the Hon** of lt?pre-c|i'*'-v*s w.ll ? .1 .ugle over the ?IT ir b weeks ?nd tfler being sofl eotiy b .red wi h h. th Wbltflelo and Ree-lor and their n |*r'lve fiiend* proof* nod argamont*, well ? o-d down with good w'ns . y, Miey wdl rem m l lU?oi WI lisrk 'n tl.e S. verrlgo '*411.1 Mfis, and order r Ml r lc. .on in t un a*. 'Ihi- will close th- armistice and re opeu the war rigain in K-in-n It will ke*p it open fir th* presidential electb n and pieven! I>"u*bi ?* from availing hiniwlf of an attitude w lilr'i it Is -aid be I* abort to a nine In 0 dei to cerry r.ff all tint th under of Wis* an I thl? a.l by advocatli.g (lie caily admission ol s?ti ra? a* a Itw ' VC*. The # 1* no ?ickne?s hero, although we hive a very latge kimy ot dodors with nothing tr do. Mr. Vneli t. n, an elderly *nd highly r*?pe< table gutb-man from Troy, New Turk, illrrt hi.* yewterdiiy in .ruing of c. ii ge?tlori of tl.e l.raln, unlersally re pe led. As lis hti illative* In Troy. a not lee of bl? death In the Ili-aii r> lusy I i ssibly csmviy tl.e i arllest intone* ton ot nt* de l.elr-. He left a considerable property In this fen I tor* Ihe activity in nr^tiat'er claim* and vity 'ot* It truly **ti nisi ir>g. "W* enjoy 1 the stated preaching ol toe Gosjiel here, and have the Various den- mimi'l m* of old and new aehool I'resl.ycrlan ? Metliorll-t Church North and South and llixtt* tpiakera Lutherans, letter |iay Helots, Mr , with Huwley schools and all 'he n rde.n machinery b>r 'he gsrtUp of God, ant to* salva tion ol the sijustter sovereigns. Hi I.I, t aar# are a great many of II * t.m irruim i.*J, who neither f -*r <? A or re ,*td man and Awfol l.ardner 1* among Hum. How they are to bo taved ?* a wiyat*. y. Htlll In tie- eeiaoaaf of (?>*)'* grace, fr.ely bestowed up n all without rn-.uey and without ptb?, they may aeqolre a -.itiatter ti'l* to mansions in the skies, ami aventually enter a 'pre-emp tion rlalni" to eternal life. Ihe a.:tu!nisir*ti n shoull si no out Col k'i ir tie T. Hideey Wetxter, C?|it?ln Ryu lers, and a fe* other choice spirit* to oniet things in kanau*. Ihe act# fnot of the Apoatle#). but of th* 1 agist*1 ure an not j-\*he<l end |iroliably never wlli t>*. It I* said that 'hey arc afraid to *** ihe ligh' and will re *r rou ? lorth. vi seen ny a rlvtliaad woild They are In the har.d* of tl.e public pt inter who will pmlnbly t# jw d egtra for their riippression fn this atate of unwritten or unpublished law, K*n?*s I* governed by a a -rt of h'gber law, emanating tr m Vt a-liiug'- n. W'atun, ami th* leg.i Ds rouBO absiut. It Is nn' at range thvt bad lopoir sb- ubl be sold here in sur li itiebria'ing uosntltle* to he limlanr am! I ui'ed Htates soldiers to say nothing of ihe lo dei viilbaus ami abi liibtnlst# nd*i e .U of ? lire m from 'I * common conn, il of ihi* cpy of sovereign s,,n*t t*rs, when there la a law of Congress whioti may I* rnllerl a very Mimtur n law now In which the a*I log err i-nt sphlta r.n Indian lands i- male a cnmc punl-li lilt# hy iwiprh'.ntren'. What la Ci nuv'd-mer tiany |*any aleoit thai h*rt,m't have this mtmnon la* of 1 orgies* enforced In Iwavenworth City, wtie e tro*p< fv. m th# Kord and Indiana frovo '.lie Ml a) in may (*? #e n itriink aimoat any day in thai w.* k, ?inn la eludeo* Willi'. Mci.AgCBOLr Scicih* OP A KKMtf.IV? AX kg rfi far. pivtvt. ? We never heai d rg a more ire lao- r'y . ? ri.neaca than that ?? I o '.-Ok piaew iw th' 'ow . Idea, N' V , ia haturday 'aat. Mrs Wm Allrti ehi r* ides with hei wiothwr about two mia fi. ru tin- iHag? (i ngfii, ? anndtied suh vie hy foiling h?r thmnl won t : mrnitted sulcid* hy rotting h - thr it won a i ran r. In "ejiten.her lent Wia A. I in - hur' .n ' wt <?< 'arriwd off by naewmpimn a favdays U.e-eaf'rr ?!.* gar* birth to a rhild. 'he child llvwl ontil oo* wavA fr. to'ba day rg i?a Mher'a deatli. wheo it dle-l. Mrs A. eontluuad inara'ber tnnbie atate of bwsl'll un'll If-at/tan of tb? wsournful evewt iriWntbae.1 air-iv* ?iil-b na* ? Tady flv# wvvka frowt th# death of h"r hi sOan.1 ? eahitd'ed. hewrvnr. no ngna of aberration f mind, tboi ^h "b* av.utawil deeplr o?er hwi a" i tL.ns .nd tie* i-... al.e had sustained Trie night pfavt.rwr V, th* ?wi ids. she *Wpt aa for w?bi previous, with ro./th?r 1} s another an ?* in the morning a* uausl, i<wring Mrs A In the tad who manifested n - change in bw> Umva-er. r?e r after the mother on p trig inV. th'. fs-ta t* oald one ? f th* moat frightful apae'aetw* erer pvnaentesl "tiara in Die had, ana the daughter wi'k bar ilwa< cut, wel'wr ligla her blovid There was a d*ep ^a,h in i'w 'heat whteb Mr*. A bad laftletaal wttk a ra?ov '*k'a by bar ft* wi the mantel(deea in th# rom * >i*n -be invtfmc ? ?iere<t th* d?mt th* dying Wi ntg atre'rf at ,,.,t ha* feeble band* toward* b*r mat'Tiat -area ?aal -%r*sl her, and Imprlnfad rnawy f ?d aim** upon b*v rbrwVs t nt did Wfd attar a wcjf*\ "k# ** vw*d m V 'ut u'ui'f what sb* had dowb, and *f be* apftvmrhlae dl?arAo* n bat m-lther *?p-.**s*d nor sal VsatrO a -Volt* t* k-a on ? Sa e-ntrary, vba r*i*ll*d all aeai-tacia* ahJah was to. 'ly teadera', hee and to#* boa 11.* gs og a ad IJawtiag a \ ?r.d< ge ahieJi tfe* kind rut- m dl,?v b*d iaead tb*rs fv?>y M'l Use in th y * of he wis n agency ?a? rfwwwl In raav ra W a. A ta Hfa?'sd *gort* ??re ur avalifng Mrs Allen was a artsf'd joi n lameta, Km,., ?# f nm ?n ->s was naacv .d a M'tlg aaer a year ago, and wa* a vary kind and sir !? a*'* ? II# and a datlfal daagtdar He- dev'h rams wi'n ? r t,ai.nw ho** ayaa th* reU'irra fir >M wa* ttelv el by all whovwa* h*r.?ibon. .tpwinrl Out. W Tfcf ?mi ?? w*.-r In Ik* VaMH (UlM A COUiUI *11 Ok THI MUMUIIk) urt'vLM ? inTkuuMawT rn* m tni mumnrr. lo ta tmuk r??i am Hk*T>m?> ? I *a | k^wal au a* Wa lia?4 ka? Wa *? ;wratN^?M* rU. a; tklu Ml-* Hmn a*l > .4 *?.wgt? <? k*"? vtial wn k* lrrMi|l laM m> ?*.?? ? k- a bj nwafaut tin, *ba ia 11 ?**)?? ol<?*a ? am d<m< Ml ll'kftft *IUa Wl? *i ullaa? I ?,?*? lip'** *r**| I; iri-ublr-l by Ik* naiatka*' *ui?B I .?* 4 4-4 an ?aal *a* ba ?4nr<wl ai?* taw Iw4 <4 bawtaf '*??? la?* aa **l tou uu* liHt. to -a* Ikan-Noa ? ??* ?k **, a *r* Im-im-i.m bi *hta* naa *.. wUa !!*?? ?(??> *4oi?* -ro 1 iota kail ?a<ab k* WaalM ?* *wn"H la a*a -? ?? tboir i-o-lo lair ??>* a* IWy ?? ? ?1 *4 k ana* aa-a .4 <.uf ?>?* e ta. *k- i-ra** Hianag iitai a-*a* ? Ma m?i|?|>iii to ?*?*>?<( ? living m nt| *g -a tap **a<aa I wa* 1 i*n>l ia 'h? tan tlf *T ta***ranr Mnam4, Jt Niw Jmr+f . taawr aaai** *4 i? aaaaf fan aril * *| * |.U|l* atad baa* iwaaiat i*jr *ka** *4 la i*a>< a*4 *4 b*roiiaa**p ft' ua ibBaai **4 I a-a *1*4 la ai WW. taw mt b?*'l ta giaaaiug g'?j ia Uawi'i* baa* I aa* naaaw la* tuoie of ki??lu**a* Ua? ?-< i.? b?*f*.? I (?* * ? ti t? u?tiU|?<kl)i(u t<; I i?| K ?? ?* ? M| ' ?? ? and H'bmif wy own ??* ????* ?* I mm ?*a lift th? blind ii*?' ?iim nit t 4 t *?# if) ?n meu lUu to i?i4 n ? *?i < ?-4 mir and ?t?i Wa- vUe?o I ? ut* ? >w ara lng to 11 ifce u?, it>? i y <he ?? ay f tbtf whit* mejotity by fw r?f?g ?wiUU 4* wW ? *?e a-e ???*t all we ? tif #*?<???? ?4? . g th?t wi? iln m uit'iir iIh* imIhi k' law ? It ^ - ? ciue whwlo r the U* g??* we a '?#>? ba a >? ? mi or at o befwl ta'le ??i u? t I haw* t >.<?> a . i# ? . g wlii'ti I kii? nut ?k4 I iu?f ?? 4 to th ???***?? t?l the tig men I bat it I t?j ?*f W*?* ft?l -ww?e- * ? * nlu n my-dt to be a town e lu ? '* ?*? old ? ? %m l u <g tkem up fit **' t.u a Wl ?* d iia'i u ?!??? I ?#?< ,?pg .-*4 make myarlf mid Ih-iii u-eful ??* ' rf f- ?< . ?lrMiet> !?? cm ? P00)* ? in! tKHn f no Afrl? *t n' t U that < M j ? ? i ? t#rt ? ?** *,? i t ?wa- ^ dtgiailntl' u ifdii'it! ? tew t i | ?? i> (i'?-?!? n fNbVthl.O I Oil Mb i? g ? 'bo Iohii fM'4* m ' H vor ,u It tig a* I m*?* Kit ttinijr *?f tu ? r 4 . - ?*4 i #4 * )||| J I .> ftl<l ( litfi-H I i. I tit* Kt ? ?' I m 10 ???*' f -f Matt* <? t?r it* tU? *1 v m ? <4 t h? f>??? t;?n t.d- I ni t that I atii ? n i It a f , *<# ?? c! all LI it but I kiiu* tliji' t-t tor t n f ? ? tin' (Uibi <>f all ui;l t?- ^ ?"? > ? ^ *? a* t ulfVaW our or* and it m f if ' ? . * if Im Ht'li M?n,i* hum- ag?? **B' luu?o inn ' i %f m <4 a ? m* on iLf Uf- Aviti f i mI ? kJ, ku <? 4 , ? < ^ lit iilata ah> it *? ??? I Who a thai h? c>t *rw5 |j? , !r ' ?* 4t.r -gw oftiiiffar ife'liat it? i ' n ? udi ^?u ilia ?' to ktijil IUUIUIiK if It (wl I a* Wi II a -lit* b< r? . , ?? ?a# Iftitt.tUf U v t I n ht iij .u> ? U! ?c i' Ah *> OT) ?? tkt r m< ar.> h* ?? ?t ??? ,<? ? a tboy tiarUMi) It giant t: w ? }u . ? ? <o* ? tlieta won* u?it j?* i-oig. * ? ^ i , :?.? ? ODt ?r. Vft tfiOrli cohxt i ? ?? . wu ? t >n> .? h ?tr ati< a \,hd I?h? I rtg -a* utia.Vftl m g tog t?. %u ? f u biiaiuah*. awUttl ft?r further irr turn Ul a ? ??? grantfd Ijjt uu? ct?m4 any ??/ |?ut'lug -u ?? ?>? ? - tad *t liOf tutvi a r*r im?i> hulf I. .' -^u-J I i|? othtiN in r <mfort a'w? rni,vi.nlr ** Whl r U m thfiw- ? am. a n alog h%t th** , -aj - He - U u ?i ?<????? ?? tba e- !i J-any tiad < o IuumI *<? pia ? r ?U?TI ? A > mi yernouf an* illotwi t<? iH** In tlim n?t," mt ?r? r? n . abl 'h tht-y u utu dfiibita.* ha.?" -1>?ca?* t?*? i- nhat o|>pw?lit?'ii It wtmld huff i>in*h gf*f<tg 'ull u n ? ?. b . . wbo ait* prfjudlcitl Mgaiii't itdt-g vita u* ?ii) a? tnr aau??* tiuif tfiK'n.aUj -i-lug a?aj villi -hr miiur ???, lid wr <irr Hby fhciild wa array on H < . agninat tb nly that r*c?gni?*4 ??* a? nan and gtwa u? a i?iittlog- aa4 Itaru uttmuli'nirtl nil othwra wb-. i?fn u? *tiv pt iri ./. * .Nov thia biiitgH rue t",vk th -a man wim ha*-- tU4 ,, ft ft td ihtir it gi u' it udo for fa*< k alrrtdy it *ir<-i In flic giaiilng tn ua hpt'cial arcomm It'in in a ' am* *f any u'bur r<>n?t>ance in D.t I id n. thatfby w- ??>?>#.?? tg in/* ur to ta a rationt?l and m*|*ftctai U b dy of /Mj't*, titled to coir la-y and to h?ra urfor f?*nf? nr?* ?? , ?? ti-l abnt joat return tb?*J ha we made by furring tie II welwi ? iiitn rum not opeu to theru* It la n?d pi haMa that tbe y?n'b men ?h) ate i??ruig?r? of the road and ouuem of ita at?.rk aill I* roe . a| U?to nieafiira* to autt our notiona at a further pfruali'/ hnrnUre, and contrary to the Minujon mmiUhu nt ?*f a veiy iaige inajori y of the ci'laefiw by whom we life, N< w, euppoM? ror lnatuare, that w wt f r ui^ldareil lhe favored color, and a car rhould be !aU*|lad "No vblte p.?r ?oi) oUoafd in thlf car," I would aak. lu all pla.n ?oUer eai bow long the company would tie able to run nio h a car? It Would baie to be w thdrawn at once if It relied on the pa ?engora It carried to *up,?ori |! I .r e nyitntorh way the law haf no re*pact for perK><n?. there foie I hoy rueh into any ca get ejeediil, and ? ,? the coui puny. Itaitieily tbo couductora, iri rolt dcicM*.- ha -e in ht\* ral ca?ee, bu \ tliem arrwetod for rlola lu< ib# ralw? of the company Jin<i a hiiau b of the peace, and. to ahow li??w ibe publi ti?iHag I- ih" inagtatiatc* I i?eai. always hold them. TIicmj ayiiatora have org iul/i >1 and app ni.t el a -ft of beggar* to accumnbiie a fund to ray lawyer* ??v? A'ter taking fi? in the po?-r, hard working c d oed pe?*|?tw Nocb kittle funm a- they believe they arc hound to giw.? ui reubt jH&oertfkioii at>er ihiwa monthe' wgila'io . an l en get deli g a bluer teeliog KgnioKt our rac? \t\ the minds ol thme where It never e*i-?ed h-fore, on ?he ground that force alway** eug* n<U ra forcible opp*i-Uton, wfter -e idlng oi e of th* Ir nunilNir to i'hilad* lotila, io eeek con t lbu"o?iH li.en , they have raUed in all I am told, the rum of ot.e hundred dollar* to ret tie the da# Inle* *?f otir race N"W I would auk fuel) man k* Mr, l>o*ntfig and Mi. Uutoiv?both ??t whom I utn t *14, have wn re fn-rd a real ih t1 e ? a"*?wbj tb?y object to c??io a I men ti?l iiu< "a e to their eah on* at the Ki te of Wall ?tre?t h.ilikeie and hrokerf f Hoy Would pe'hap* answer, f om QDHjii i?ii euHtom, or hec?*iee II iiijura^ ??ur h odii*-* * No w 1|>e law*, of eo d? 'y a e la id on comm .??*??torn, ami the mnjoHtv t It inph; and If eotr.moo cu*r-m If vri- rig. let or* hw K to C4?lore*1 men to wet the eiata, I", by ooii.g thcmael'ea, oven at u pecuniary I'oa what th*-v d# o>an" vfoibiTe hut icfuce 'heiiielvwe to ooncedw t- 'their i.wti color ai d race I thfi k 'he cr.ur.e taken by l!cv. Mr. f ? riniar'on and hf* cll</m* inu ? convince ?vert imliiidual of a >li/?e linl dm iiig ndiid. lie ia leading 1<i* ft-"-k awtrat lht?? a gry ulrtA? wi'h the loajoii y of tbe.r hllow-citlie'i#, e* itTr?g had feeding and I-.con ten', merely r.. gn* hi* n?m?* In tha |Wp? r- ai dwcrjiifrea n? lor|??ly t?ui for on#, I d * nan I tb- ' he bill li t he concilia e*l (?. p ok |*n *m? I arn a n .'ii ?'f \t* a<e and ? eck n<* ?Ight* are not given t" me t" pi.hlic con-tut, am) do n ?' be Neva In tbo-?e acq ii ci by f? cr <4 law, 1 h?ok at b* adf*nc??ie it o jr ra e l? n.iik'i g ar.rl feel eattafled tf??at pnjadlc -f c..| ?r will r>ot lurt b-rcver, h it I *t to tiiingi* It t *o freely vf'h a?* dh**r i-an injuty to both J H IMHIN ' ml Malrldr In Ki ? <)? Iran*. jl "in l? Saw (Mmiimi < ir-rnl liOf W | Mi 1 i.l irl WMIain*. an ? in,u>. f jnuid min, by |,r.. frB*lt n an ro|n*ltr iihI tlio >m In tn# ani.bir nf Hr l " v *?" Mi Si I tun if- -l ii l inn,mi trd n 'i l? Ml \l rnni-lay iRiri rmn. Iijr daking laudanoni. rd' |n' at.-?, i ??? tin- H--ult hi (i iff fur tha dritb I Ula all#, rivl# ntrirhld by lb' draught* in vh'rh In vainly roAt-.n n H lii ittrwti II. |.*a li t.> yd hnn nf hit IhVm) ? ii?' ?l>i i line* void.* aK<i; ? im* ml# I np4ii him ?li ??, ly, (<? Bought - In. ? In lb* Rnnmi -trang ?I'll k f'V A ?#<h p rrhiu" t? )?!< d#atb ? risking il.n-ly i? tu Iih a; nrllu'c hnn fi 111 ?mk On Walum it if 11 if. ,i dnak .1! 'In i*a ill li .aaraital f -i?n U I I' ll |iai1ir.R altli i| rin hi- ltad? th#tii farawU, alalmg Ihnl In- vi a U" lug "1 n-arii and wtuM o> ?#r rat irn II in*l 1 tor## ?d to Chlnn k hnllnn'a ding a|..r# ami, ti|? n 11 (m- #t tali' n that lie liad Ik-mi -en' fm il i f lila 'Ui.l)tr. Mr. i*-- nhtainal twit Hum na nf la I a run tn 11.f I,, bin f ? 1. mi I'ai lidn alrart bat ???an I ampart nn ' Ha?ln hi' lull hla landlady, awl afaiaii hi liar I hut life hail l'.-t all rhoim fug I 'n, that ha *aa gait g tai juln hla ?ifr In lii?y*n. ?!.? ?? I har lb# vial, ? Oil i-?a I' arnl i - eonteit " bv'ura ha C.iul/l l>a a armwl II" than rallnl for villi'g niaJarlala a In I II ?a. a hirnlibed, hi t did rut Una ti. am. fb# Ian la ly i|a> l dy -jirMil 1 ha alarm, and, with Ib?- aid >-f nlru-r ?I11 an in * ha brrtinv, did bar utn.,.al h> thaart ha ui.bapjy nnin'a de>prrata pua|<r?*Bi?-mluilni-tarad na'ni n llk. ?*aai i II munlard. and nm fUgoiUtli.? in 'ha hop# ? f raying him?hut all In rain. Dtadai-r vfct had b#M aant for. in-iar rma-and la two hour* ml *t ?VkllnuTi ? tit# fatal drng Ilia ynnng mar wa# amrpa II* laainaT In hat# ra,?uta4 <?' hia art at nn* lioaa '?? ha w.llir.gly tia k Ilia ant jd'.'i ? i ffarai! ha tka wanaa a 4 Bfterwatda wtapiiiflt anItiBiid, It la t/*i lata?1<? la'a' Mary daar, I'll h? vllh jou main " I ha ia*iy ? rltlnrlalt hv 'Via da- #??#?) Hi# 0 IV airut |'*lh aflu< nn, vlllcb talla hla *br la noil atnry I haia rai?d 'in awa mij, n, ruj hand And ha tlH?l ?alif I'ti rung, llil *1111 tiia laugh ?!* drtinkua mirth rht a< I. i d rig air ha? rang II,.' a (aIn and ar.rrnwful fa?? haa l*<aad I n 111 r ut lha rug tn ma. At ? a tumbling whi*|<#r 1 I ??? haard. That I'atirt'd rama ft'm t baa HfO Of' rlumlartng In by taaaafitl ( in. An d 'by "lm 1# dr?aiiM?*K n?v, But tli" ?#?l nf ?.fft dying ?? at la Ml 'by '? brnv Aad my haart ia aliill aa t iua, Mary I' r tha J'-ya nf ll.aar# Had, Al d I l< r( tn lay mj aabing hrraat M itb II a enId avd tnaot da-mt. Tba 1 ?I !at of tba < ??mn*. a In iua?l ??*. autal i# Wj/ tkU -Buta ' XlM daraaa#d ?k# a aatira nf N> twritj (it yaaratif ag# Raw fkl"ili laagad. Iiat nf palfttta iaanal fawvi tlaa I'nlUd S'ataa l'at#n< I Bra U t ' b- a ark an nag Ocb bau XS 1MM. aa?h baaa mt that <al?Xa J I n lvII, nf Mtrlana, * T.,h? Impf rad di ?a '.wUng trial IE na. fyina<Tj|' nf Vu igui Kt# , fm Imyaotaaatii o ar^T l ? tkatw >nf ? < i.n.aaaiaaJ of v#?ark, K J. far ?>???? n.aat la 'aHlr-f bat Mm Jk H C>*?mm. of i h.m4at,KU fa . for lapwamaai fa <ti a I i'taaa JnHua C. Ibin, of fe'lbft Spamga K. Y (? r > ?? ptao' mavt ta ??? /??nioU.aa Paw oi p Iff Of V'fb ?lty, fir ?mprnoa', da |aat'#itf|4)blatM ?ana#' r?ya, of laawofj Urn-., I- ? aaya"T"iaM la ?a'aktagf aa?p*a Tt -ma. Hat?*a of WaM ' ?"<* ' fe*, k-a -ard printlig I. art gall Hunt aaf * ??1? ih 'uaai t? hryroao. m'M% In wi??? fiaitan Va> o '^a-'i .y#*, f> I by irpr'-ta - ?- " ton fbaalM fab-a if *?'M.*ia. P <., by U..M la ubl altar hama' IbVanf n? ratlaaml ? | aaM H ?>*?? '* Mnbad ' 1ate t-y m#a>t In -af f natara m in ra#, I ?<'? "< I' '*# |ha I'l, I* aapnaaaaaa' In taaltfiraar;# aaa> ir A iwa, f-aaat ftitaah ??( Moral!iw t,?aa?ip Pv bu lav ?ra aaman* la I 'afayW ?#" V agm' baa MtrarOvg ?? ha rrr * 'b n? f'-..dalvkta. 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