Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1855 Page 5
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Wanting to Impostors? laroKT.txT ratmoJi to rar. rruur. AD discoveries and Invention* of approved value a* mxr vatlvcs of heulib, or remedies for dbeam, give rise, ua'ni tu uatalv to pornie'ous eoun'err-i 8 and tml'AtlO'i*. The mo,'a popular tbo artic o, the more eage-ly It* name, Its credentials, as ?xte?nai appva- ance, aje copied by unscrupulous kM>M, wba, destitute of the ability to produoe any'litna awful the n naive*, have jus; mill Ueut cuuolng to mate aeaRal out of (hi d.scovcrics ot qiher* It be* been said thst "hypocrisy Wt be iBWr which vi.:o potato vlroto." ami it mlgh' witbeu''*1 truth be reomrked that the counterfeits of valuable rftii'1 ilea are the tribute paid by poi. on mongers to practical sclen -ft. ? ben the pure and medicinal reaorotlva, now ?? widely known it Wolitt't Schiedam Ar msti* Schoapue, wwtoro dotted <0 the world '111 ley the endorseiniat in'tour flvotv and leading members oi tbo medical profession, aouie ih'eo year* ago, Hi prvpHeO r w a well ft , are that I' too Id no', vhnltr ft ? - 1 gyvprleto ... tape ibe penalty a'tadied to all now atvl u oful preiiar I'lnitS. lie, 'here!(lie n dft.ivo ed u> Invest It with the at rouge-,t pos-i blc ?ategueM against -ouu'crfelters, and o reuder all attain >ot W pirate ih>: nrur.e dilhcult as eellas lane-roes. 1' was sub wnted to 'be most d-lngnlshcd cherols a tor analysis. and pro at.nnrftd by ilteui u.e puree! spirit over mannraetnred. He p i rlty end propel ,e* baring i>wn Hunt aie-url -ilued satnp'es of the article were toi warded to ton Iboneand physicians, In cluding all ih* hading practitioners in the Uulted duties for | put pone* of experiment. A, requesting a trial of the I' preperetlon. and a n portof 'hft re*ui, aocoeipaned eaoh sped ?i?d. Jfotir tboa urid of ibo mo-t enunool uieditia! men in tho I bleu promptly r?*poudcd. 'I bcir opinion* ot the article a ore unanimously favorable. Su>-h a prepatallon, they itaid, bad long been wanted by tbe pivfctwlon, as no re Knee oould >.? placed tn tbo ordinary Uuuors of commerce a'l of which were meteor less adulterated, and, therefore, unit.for inedtc'ual I purpos e, fhi MMlhr MMlliiM anditrungtb ot the oil of lumper, which formed one oi die principal ingredient* of t Ibe schnapps, logo bet- villi the unailov d enarao er of tbe ai eoholle rl nient, it. In the ealitu I'lott ot tho faculty, a warhed totpct lorlly over every other dlifuiivo stimulant as a elureth tonic and restorative These aatisfactoiy credentials from professional men of tho highest mark, were published ill a condensed form, an,, la closed wi b each hot fe of tbe schnapps a* one of tbo guarauleee .tons l U lis geuuinciic-ai. tith*r precautions against fraud were alto adopted?a pa enl tvus obtained lor the art tela, tbe label was i eup , righted, a fac simile of the proprietor's autograph signa I mre was attached to ouch label and cover, his name und tlia' ?f the preparation were embused on the bo ties, ami the cork* were seuli d wl b bis private seal. No article hud ever been I woW In this country under the name of schnapps ri jr to the in troduction oi Willie's Schiedam aromatic schnapps in 1*51. und 1 the label was deposited as bis rade mure In die I'nl'ed S'atcs i l>lstrlci Court lor the houtbern district of New York, du uig I thai yriir. I It might he supposed by persons (una quninuid with the 4ur |fe g character or H e ulrates who prey upon the reputation of benoratde merchants tiy yendlng aele.erlous tradi under ,helr names, that he protections so carefully thrown around die Rchnappa would have precluded the Introduction audaeleof rounterlriM Th' v seem,.however, only to have atlmti>a'od the rape dty at luipswtcrs l'he trade mark of the proprietor ' as been s'olen ; the endorsement which his eehleilam Aroinv a Mchnapp* air ne received Iromdic medical p'rofrsslnn, bus jticen claimed by mendacious humbug* ; his labels and bottles Itiava been his advertIsetnents paraphrased, his ,-t' [.Hilars copied, and, worse than all, dlsluut iralile re aders, pf er disposing of the genuine contents of bis bouies. have tiled theui up wi h eonuuon gin, the in ttt deleterious of a'l loners, and thus wade his name and brand a cover tor poison. The public, the tnodlral or il'esslon, and die sick, lor whom the ticnhulam aromatic Schnapps Is prescribed as a remedy. ?re equully Inte re ded wldi the proprietor In the tlnltlilill Ud ' oppression of three nclat lous practices. Tbo geuuiuc srdele nanufactured at the establishment of die undersigned in chtedsiu, Holland, Is dUtll'ed from barley ofthe finest ouality. nd flavored wjth up esreuiia] extractor the berry ar the itatUu MNr? ttftMned pnrlty. By a process unknown in the ?repara Ion of any other liquor Ills treed from every acrid and [ orroslve co ment. Complaint* have been received from the leading llrms In nans of the H whom and Wostern eltles, of the sale of cheap ablations of tbe h-beldam aromatic Schnapps In those mar j ?ts; and travellers, who are In the habit of udng it as an and [ o'e to the baleful influence of unwholesome river water, tes ?IT 'hit rteAp gth, put up lu the hiedam no'tles la ircqueutly alined oil upon the iinnurv. Tbo agents of the undersigned lave bean requested to Inautu e InqoirtM on the snbject, aod I) lorward 'O bun the names of such parties ss they may ascer I tin to be engaged In this a'rnoious system of deeeptI m. i In convhndon the undersigned would *a' that ho has pro ! ueed, fr ill under the hands of tbo most distinguished men of I hence In America, proofs unanswerable of tbe purity sod I irdloinal excellence of lha Hchlednm Aromatic Schuapp*, that I e hast expended many thousands or dollars In surrounding It I lib guarantees und safeguards which ho designed should pro I wt tbe public and b oisell against fraudulent Imitations; that I e baa shown It tout the only liquor tn the worst that can he | nltormly depended upon as nnadniterated; that he haa cbal l-nged Investlgadot, analysis, comparisou, &qd experiment in 111 lis terms and that from every ordeal the prepar I'lnu which leare his name, teal, and trade mark, ha* come olf triumph lot. He therefore feels It a duty he owe< to his fellow citizens Icnerally, to the medical profession and die sick, to denounce ill expose the charlatans who counterfeit the*e evidences of |4nitty, ani he calls upon the press and die public to aid blni i bis eflorts to remedy go ureal an m il. UDOLrilO WOLFE. B?' Wl?? 1,1 Time?It inajr Properly b? jld that every part ol Uic liutDAn body in rajublo of urmna because we know that i? tJSTcan lmlt of having the sein e ot feeling excited U> the height of r? Whenaner n if ft?mP "uU',!'''?8 ?? uneasv *on*a p htaflaoled with a head* !??, a disordered bfrf rtSlSEuE:1T?"* ?M the enuse. When an B*rPi**""- ther? erealway*tbaeecol rttoris or morbid matter in the intestinal final which urmn Pj^'lh? *?*ck^rbeuma isxn HUt?il?8. In attach* Lint*^HiS? SL fe^f * p n of rowtiidsecretion*, In Uie same niral i?'? nT' ?crtwmy, have even allfccted the rnrral ctrenla Ion The fever Ih ,'ured when these Intone* S bK$S u"? *nd ft lJlB organ* of the stomach lm.eT.~J' . . J. , D<H * dlaea.e nccaiioniug p .In to the rst^lTM l'J.1 a..?m cured liy a prompt use ?r ,,r .per [/?.iSZ i ? .. ol''. awake to Uio Importance of ih* ?"s ' rr'n1'' disease must l>e pre nted. We mutt cure our occaeinnai attack* of pi'knpKM at U?MMired?^ViT^ **rf il ln you< P?wfir?Uran?lroth'fl Pill* Ui secure thui object. They an? a century tn odvuno- of all IT c V nwolclnes. Hundred'* of t!toui<ands already* 11*0 d appreciate their medicinal uualiUem full prtaH^ l"r?y "?"?lieu will, them, and a pi^blet. ??. ["*?*? experience 0r t-r. Lull and l?r. UaaSS, wlioto ""v* u~"l 'hem plll? for sixteen year*.'ni fe'ellioccasioned by Impure blood, nam collection* Ivlfplil. U" 'u th'' ?'omach and bowel*?tha' Bran KfhJbu^JT^Tt? '>>**?". and ultimately restore the blood to ttnJ "i?r- T,lU always cure* plllsare used In season. Ill* luuxtaslble for mnrntailSiVklL'Tf.0 h;"",,'?jd and four year*' experienceh t* JSJfJJi? *?*'' all?for alt ate auhjeet to he slek? alii ?' jirandre-h's Fill*, thai, upon p ' , ir "r ?'* niay be swallowed. This I Ja ^wlaet^tlme? a0<1 0, e" m0D,Ju> of iIck prandreth'a Pill* are gold at l>r P -undreth " principal office L f street, llrandre'.h's Building, at 2ft rente uer tun 1 Jh full dire,? loos Aha! at Hurnt/io'* #>ook 'lore* No i'tl id?0r, Street aiel No MtMnt at I) l>. Weight's, No. 68 l^he*iIl"tiCOrI1"v'"f Jwph Kerr, ho 813 Broad I?'I5'?' ,?. 1,ft Pot'on a rret, Brooklvn, Dyott A pSi'SS'lhe world*. Ub'e drU">"'U ' d l!iO Fnllon Rlrret.?Tint Trrntt ndou* Ruth fieri aj etc. eded a'! anticipation of the proprietor*. AdiMo hi free. Quirpiriettl ami Dm lot are dally cipe. I 'd. ?larTndt In Dry f;oiwia.?Ttioac who are r"' r'rh *n^.'1tr''l,i?rj 8'iod4 vhou d not fall to ri,'t the Jr ol K. H LICAIIHRATKK .r t ' t. .u, Hrovtwav They I selling rich dre*- silk* fiom da. to ids. per yard due Kne t irterlnoi'* at 4?. ; rich delalnt s at I* , u &l. and y?. ? and J wl* bot.ibu/ ne?, emlitoidei ieii, llnene, llanneN ilatike * Alts, lace and s? IM etirtaim-, ,tr , at 2ft per eetp under their IrihVl"' 'l,"eu 8?U'a' ?U'I ladies' best kid glo\c-, fts., llar.k.ta ?F.nBllan Blunkrts (T,ars?t ?!??,) J per pair PKTtCKSfi.V ,t III MPIIRF1V, No. T" Broad corner ol Wtil c street. barprtA ?Heavy RiiKllsh Superfine, 0?. p( r |iHHRM^^a Broilway- A arKt.ln* |n Carpeting.?Qootl Brussels |? AHOlfPHRBT, k^'llSr Pri0W- 1>K lanofortr* and Melotleona~Manufaetur*?l ?JtoHN I*. W A K15 A t 'O., No. M7 t '.nal otr- ei, car V irli k ?? warrauled ror tone and workmanship cou*l u. anv In ? ??t, and a) per oent les* than llroadway price* * B? lona baud piano* at groat barialua. Kupertnr Winter Clothing. ? Fivah, ntah Lbie, well made an>l ch ap a ?'?,.! d stork of overroa's. Icmibc<'o?s, pttttftiMpfl tod foci ?ij? *(, the pre ? i kon, and now in ?u,re at our relet)rated cheap old boo. e 33 I 3ft John 'tre>", < - inrr ol N'as an. OPVLIN A JhJtfifP. Jeh Bronie Clos-ka, Cutd Uitra*, Dinner tea set*, received this day per si.ip (trharha l to tether ?1 a k'reaf varl'."y of I irn'-l. lan.-y ^o-t-ld, of entirely pre* 12tot. For sale ? ti??t>. also u large and beau:Jul a- -ort l.t ol < Latidfllei - and gas tlii'.i ??*. h \. 11 Al 'IHWul'T, Sul and .V13 Broadway. Prudent flnuarkorps i-a?> Wc Would Re* hn,end our fnend* 10 *0 hi the l*-ee tea ami sugar store of fcKO A CO.. No. 100 Bowery, between Hester and rJratid et*. Slid save twenty per cent on their money, in the nir ?e af buttar. tea, eotlee, sugar, w lne?. A.-. i-7- '?uluuaundar 8nr?u?Botw-rt M.Pat L . t * f'T m.v"''V'lr,r l" ">e I'nltCil Suire* of the ?;?~a.nar1 CV"lr,,.rV,*''lrr P/0"1' drtlsore lock* lcr?M bar?. Depot 193 real street, one door beta* Jn Muferfala and Wlndoav ghade* at p deeerlptlon, Ote brst a?*orlmeB' In the e;ty, for ?*:,? br EOT.TT A FBHtllTSO.N, ' 1 laperter* and KmMmn, 291 Broadway. (ilnu and illau from Auction?Tea and hg eetsat Tfry low price*, tu. , and iet,> a tete lei* icrra k parlaa Ac. DAVIH COI.LA.MOKK, 4?7 Broad ?ay. 1 the Old tloinrsicA*]?I on Will hike It. rnln'a Shltt and Furnlahlns ??oii?, \o 1 r*et!i'l'uur 1'i bi1" 10f 1 10 lh" >"!"*"? ?? an;-!??? in ? gentlemen drpanmrnt 11,.- stork Include* l> "Jshaker tlannrl. lamb*' we'd, ni t,, ., and , ,* hr .bin* *nd drawers: irsreiiing shawl* It , Th.ll hose glove, gold ?hlrt .tt7d? and s>s Jntfd and Other r et* dressing ease, p.(!..? arthile* t ? (m led for the (all *nd winter uwlc The orlce* *r.. ?lotem. |Sr assortment uneiriallrd. r ' ni,"lrr^r. ?ruling Marhlnr* ?Tl.e In.portent II* Vegiouing to he understood that stng -r ? Lie*! Im led Z*wtag machine., running at double lil l? % mora work in a day. and do It *o atn.-h hen#, than anv r ova, hiiir*. that no other kind t* worth taking a< a -ill a aianula. tore .? Mi,*er'? i?.,M,ln< ? ha* he .? ,t?, thicj ?In * motith. ah.l yet the demand more than kr,,,4 ? I U,r Increase. I-or every dewripimu ofaewlng hev are |p"?< I. M. Si.NHKB A CO.. 323 B^evdwly '* *?*? M?d Toupeea W-wb"io-ia rlftadnro'i Hair Ojrr, Wig* and Ton pee a Jadtmratlenamong t all ennn, !? vu,* (nan*, a am Km prtTate .parmri.ts for ?,,,dying h*. inco?,Mmhte ? the on!) rejahle artleje ofliskltKlla the wor d Wl* e laad retail ?t CKIBTAIKlKO'H No. C A,W II Irofhla, In lla uaoat Aggravated F*nvu, r vrn I becoming Brmly sea-.d In tTo gland*, and ?upTuratioa lenunttcd tor year*, rrmill) vh l i. ta the powarWl mST [ effis-t* of Canar * Hpaolsli Mltture, which has cured mora lot tong *111*1.11 * , bin the n?.t ten vear* than sll other khtv pul tog. her. Wm M nikKHA to Proprt. tor*, *K Broadway. ?la?Only PrlM Mesial awarded to ?A Oo., hr tha Indti.tral Kihihtie* of all aa'l-si. ft.r their pomnt radical ? ore trues. Beferem e* ,* to It* *uperi Profi. laien'it e Mtat, W,liar I Parker, am) John M ?ban. An ?r-n :?? )>? of uiitnpp of mrr tmMf %od [ r?ir??t by ihw frttM may b*? %t M 4K?|| r H. tfittftn ?ao#. 5lriv Vork. aih) vi ak.-ii, CiiftLfKM \N \r w f '? ' ?'y l,rP" h Ort mi InhalluA Rents dy for Asthma, TSP'S*. And all diseases ot the Uiroa' and lui*-Dr. ?I-'* hjgicana. Iboij'aud.lmve be. a res o,e,| hVl; , jfir by I. ..'Hha. l'r*r"li..i ot , a ? ,i t ' d h? . . H me,. l?i broadr^.T^W whr' ^ \ f I'r. Curtis Wi.lho *? he,,,;,,. ,j*,.( t ,, , * 1 "fcrvtc- . 'C I Hyatt's 14* It Its ?wl painful form, also, scrofula, old uleera, nod the ???! i ta*?a of diseases 'f the blood, groat debility, Hve complaint, I kidt.evs. Incipient coosiimpilTi, Ac., are moa'. certainly cured I by Jtl? greai put tiler. Principal depot ltd Ureal e'reet. 75 I acuta per botllc, Sir A at ?y Cooprr'i PlUa.?Tlte flail or tla? ' leaf la a time when toe ?>so-m, re'axed by ibe hat of j summer would be highly bcnelptcd by a e v we. bs'course of thete moat nocl enl ptlle; two or throe every night; Sieae will | clear offanur at d bod bumora which beat tmarUbly generate-. I The Mver, width generally gel* Hlugg.*b, will be put lulo h'*bby artl>>n. and thus be able to perform the funetiou* al lotted to It?(be body altogether will no re InvlgtinMed a d pro bared to undergo whatever change the winter tusy bring on. For ?ale by febiettlln, Brother* A Co.. A H 4I>. Cauda, 0. a. Ring, Mr*. Hayes, Brooklyn, and by all reputable drug (lata. Hollowny'i Ointment and Pi He atw aatonlah Ing remedies for scrofula and all skin disease*. A? salt peue trs'es a eat, ao will tbla oln'tneiit reach the affected part If rubbed In 'xre raellv. Hod lit the main fa arte*. HO Maiden lane, N. Y . and 2PI Strand, London, and by oil diugglsla, at 2.7 ccnti, its cenia. ami 91 par pot or hoi. Oh, Olte Me hat Another Flank 01 I.YOVH Magnetic Powder, Ard then no more will Insects honk In hed, or bo!e?, or larder. A Hank of LYoN'm powder will kill more Inaeita than all the turpentine In the world. One trial la ?ullloleu:. Depot 124 Broadway. Invenlloifn Arc the Order of the Day, hut wr hare teen nothing In tie' way of a pen and pencil cue hat enn compete whh that Invented by Mr. Lownda, and rolled " Lowmls' Patent." For sale by W1LM A K rtl, 44 Maiden lane. It la one of the neateal and beat style* In the market. 1 bey are made In gold and alb er. J. R. iMdbrd'i Olive TarHPkln cannot cr let where thl? great elei-trleal remedy la applied. Ho d at SO rent* a bottle by all druggwts, and at the company's depot 'Si and 24 Mew atroat. Andrew Jlrbann. H nnd TllUmlerl Sure the doctor'* made aonin blunder; Physlck'd, powdet'd, hllaier'd, blod; Faith, I'm very nearly deed Hun mr aomc cTKI Nr KLll'S h|tler<i, thai I know Will toon make cboleia and dyspepsia go. these bittern are sold at 70 Nassau -erect. kbmwmm renewed efisrf day. _ _ PK RAO A AX. IF REV PATRICK McgtNAMY. WHO RECENTLY AH 1 rived he 0 from Edinburgh. S totlsud. U in the clt v, he will confer a favor by addressing a line to U. II. K.. box I *19 Font office, slating whon and where au Interview can be bail. INFORMATION WaNTED?OF JOHN KENNY OP DOG lane. Enyland, li'he will call on Mr*. Mad leu*, No. * Heeond aveutte, be will bear something to hi* advantage. LIZ/IE L., OF BROOKLYN, WII.L FIND V LETTER front H. W. A1 TJIK midTARl. TTENTION, COMPANY. ? VALACTII BREW AN Guard.?'The tnentber* ot this MIMey, and those do airous of joining us ou tur second annuui excursion, are rn quested to attend a meeting on Sunday aPernoon, at 14, o'clock tireilnely, at 1H7 First avenue, corner ot Eleventh stiee'.and Ik.-wiseon Tuesday, October 3D, at o'clock A. M., in full uuUorm?black coat and M&ts. kn<l white bell. By order of JAMES J. HEAKEY, Captain. P. Emr.vMTH, Kecretary. Attention, company.-the mkmiikrs and IVIrnds of the Alvln H. Williamson Guard will hare a special meeting on Sunday, at 4 P. M., at the Museum Hotel, 22 Aun street. All the company arc requested to ue on band. Bj nnler of TH08. MOB, Captain. ('Has. Lewis, Secretary. C'ARI) ?AT A RKOCLAR MEETING OF THE WHITE > ball Guard held on the oven tig of the Hid Inst., after their at.niiHl parade 10 Weehawken. Where they were entertained by Br. David Pollock, at bis now ho <1, (the Wcuhatvkeu Pavilion,! U e following resolutions were offered Resolved, That we lender our mo-1 sincere Utanlts to Mr. David Pollock and lady for the kind attention shown tons on the occasion qphe last atinual parade of the Whib hal1 Guard, and that In <opinion the dinner served was got up with e* ctdlence and taste, In which Mr Pol nek lias no superior. Resolved .That wo tender our most sincere thank* to Miss Matilda 8. Kelson, of 11.1 Fulton street, for the Interest shown to us In presenting the company wl'h a most wAgnltlce"! wreath; also lo Mis* 0. Day, of I SO S Nlueteentl street, for a most beautiful wreath presented by her for the occasion. Resolved. 'I hat .Mr. Robertson, (and member*) of Robert son'* Hand, are hereby presented with our heartlklt thanks or the favor* show n us 011 the eieundon. In alerting themselves to please the eompntiy with de'lghtful music JArRn J. Ml R PHY, Captain, James DiRkim, Heereiory, \f C. DON OHO GUARDS.?THE MEMBER* OF THE ill* ahov'e company are requested to ativud a meeting thl*. Sunday, afternoon, at .'I o'clock, a. the lluboken House, No. 6de Prarl street; and also ou Monday morning, at 7 o'clock, pre cisely. By order, MORGAN J ON EH, Captain. John W. Oalhuiikh, Orderly Hergeani. THE MEM BERN OF THE PETERSON LIGHT GUARDS* ure requested lo meet every Sunday afie noon, a', the Fourteenth ward Headquarters, corner of Elizabeth and Qraad street, at 2 o'clock. All tnoae who feel dealrona of pa r iding with the above company nn flbrlatmas Day will please abend title meeting. By order of SAMUEL .1 Af'KSON, Commandant. Jtvtr-s HVMAY, iMNtef, TXJOMKY GUARD, ATTENTION.?THE MEMBERS. AND all tbo>e who wi-h to aocompany them on their tirst target excursion, are requested to attend a meeting thla (Sandy) al Icrnoon, at 2o'elock, at Relllet's, RiH Mulberry s.rtct. Ptuie lual attendance is requested By order. EDWARD S. M.VLOY, Captain. Thomas Lymtb, Pocretary. TO TARGET COMPANIES.?THOSE ABOCT PDKC.IAR Ing prizes lor target companies would do well lo call and examine our aseortuicnt, comprising Watches, jewelry, mu abai lakti iimeui-. oupa and goblet* trout 92 00 to 9tl, abeauU nil prize, Jacobs' California diamond cluster pins, with chain, SO. L. 4 J. JACOIIH, 407 Broadway. UNION PORT ASSOCIATION.?-AT A MEETING OF THE member* of tbc target company forming from tliia a was la tlon, held at Onderkmik's Halt on Wcrtjv sday ei eiting last, the following, on motion oi Alderman .Stephen H. Fecks, waa unanimously adopted:? Keaolved, That (bp th.mka of this organization are warmly Joe to the 1-afayette Fusiliers, of this city; also to Oapt. .1 llca aon, proprietor of the Mer? or House, in return for their re so lotion generously gt anting the free use of their armory and drill room In furtherance of the hoalneaa of our furthcoming turret excursion. DAN IK I, EWE*. Presided. .1. A sottrw It ispsi im p, Secretary. rsiosroRT arson trio* rutorr roarisy?ooweaRT onnra. New York, Oct. 2ft, lflftft. The members of this company arc hereby dire -te,| to appear at the armory nftlir Lafayette I ti?lllers, Mercer (louse, corner Rrnome and Mcrrer Creels, on Mondiv evening next, 29th Inst., at 7>i o'clock iv,r the pnrposo of drill, and the transaction of such husiD 'Hs as ntav be l> united. W. Met' A. CLE Y, Caph TIIEVTRKAli. Metropolitan theatre.?or and sunday i on. cert this evening, today, Oct. 2*?positively for tlila night only?upon Which oeeasion the great violinist, Rlgnor Bobbin, whose performance at this estalitlshmeut has created an excitement In me mind o'tliu musical world equalled only by the great Paganlnl; Slg N. t'orrndl. the basso pruftmdo. tri m the Grand opera ol Milan, and M M-trU Duckworth, w 111 assist? In addition to a grnud orchestra, selected from'lie Phllhai nioulc Society and liaian Opera? will give trom the works of hus-ml, Meyerbeer, Handel, llatdn, 4c., 4c., eomprudng the oralorioe of "The Creation," *'Mte l it Mater," 'Mine In Ratio," 4c. Adnilnatou 2ft cents; re served seals, 25 c-ni? extra. Itoois open at 7 o'clock; com mence at 8. TIIK TRADER. Tpo SILVER HPOONMAKKRH.~ WANTED IMMEDIATE i ly-A first rate man at ti c above busincas. who can forgo plain and rolled work, to go to Syracuse; ?'eidy emp oymeiit sod the best city price piece work will be given. Apply lo 1 racy 4 MoINTtiSn, Arl!-K' and Mechanics' General Agen cy, iteJi Pine street. mo BREWERS.?WANTED, A OOCTLE OF HF' OND X hand brewer's va'?, suitable for web-r tanks. Apply u> 1ft llroadway r TAILORS-WANTED. TWO JOt RNKYMR.M TAI lors to work on coals, also ahoy ttndrt Instructions. In quire at John Ball'*, KM Barclay Street, f*' ANTED?A FEMALE t OMPORITOB, TO OO TO A DK fv llgbtfnl vtllsac In t'onnerileul. nenr Net* Haven. A ?mart intelligent and respectable girl, who ran give good re ferences a* to capacity and character, mat hear of a pentm neiit situation by applying to P. M. Petlengnl 4 Oo., 119 Nassau street, up stairs. YVr ANTED?A WATCHMAKER. TO GO OPT IN THE vT country, near Harm op,i -prtngs. Inquire of I R'jaen bourgb, 450 Grand afreet. R* WARDS. d>OC REWARD-DRAGGED FROM HER MOORINGS, VwO at t.'ltlton, ctaien Island, on the morning of the 2p?> teat., a twrnty two foot sail akin called t|?? BluflSIr; green but ton, black and white streaks and yeliow dnsik; when laat aese was bottom up near the we* bank, lower bay. Anv perw>e returning her to f'tcitch John, at Ciitlon dock, will receive Uie al>ove reward. AC REWARD.?LOFT, A WHITE HETTFII DO', WITH ?T'' black apola on oa. k and head; had a yellow Is-vher col laron. The above rrward will le paid by returning him to 218 and 22U lllceckrr ?lr*et. COPARTNERSHIP HOTICKM. fR Ann -A ?nTWAX. WHO is well vkk'rkb fJ.Vx.fs/. In 'he clothing btisuic a ami can eorrmand et tensive custom, wishes to join a kouae already est. dished, where Use above amount and his ahllililea could be made avail able for au antra nee. For an liueri Irvr addreea X. Y., Herald offlee, with real name, which will be rnctly confidential. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A t'APITAL OF FROM ffi.W*) to fd.ntyn, to *ake an In'rrw.l In a lager bler brcivcry. where Ids per-onal aerrjmd mil be mdrtA Ad.lrcas Brewery, box MR Herald ofllce. KAPRKItEI. ('II AN OF OF HOUR-O.N AND AFTER MONDAY. OtT, 29, Isftft, K tug-ley 4 t'o'a Expreas fur Boated and the Fa**, via Newport and Fall River,oootiacttng wfth allthe Kastent expre-aes at Boston, for Philadelphia, llJ lmi, . Washlngum, and the Poutb, will leave ofllce 7f Ut tot way, a V, P M, f'.xlle should ho Ml at the oflicc before tliree o'clock. OPPOSITION TO THE NEW JEHRET MOV0P0LT Tke North and Mou'h Ocuipaey ? Package Etpre-s tlg.cess-69 Beaver Street, New York; lft South rn.rd -j-eet, Philadelphia. Freight eollaeted, forwarded and de lire red with a!! poaa'l le dispatcb, at the lowest rale. FINE ARTE. FTOR UUIIttT LOW?A FT ATI aRV t| A RULE U ? f 1 of the late Mrs. D A. foms'ock, dat/tl terof Beth P. Naples kaq.;aldo, aatatpary marble bust or the late Denial Webster, at the atudlo of the artist, 142 East Tarn y first ah CIAJTIino, AC. <k9 flftn wfRTn or ca*t off ciajthing wam Wts^.TyT/Ar teik?A liberal cash equivalent will be given i<? good left 'di etolling of every descrtptma. la any quaoUty. isroa or amalt, from one atnale garment u, one Umuaand. AAtr-sa or can oti JaMER MtiftONKT, U Baxter dteedt Oate Orange) near rhaifiam street. TIIK BALL SEDKIT. ' INY1TATION RALL ? TflE .?K< <)N'D ASNf'Al. INVI I I laron ball of the Mala hi BtdMMa titatrd wrUI lake oto> if tb, t hteese As.en hly Ite-en, v,9 Mr ?1 wey m, . ,.e Ju, ; rvromg, fet..Tt? J A MP'- .1 111 t flFi,c " NUTICAL. 1ST WARD-ATA MARTI NO Or THE FIRST WAR ? Mhlg Ckarer Convention. bald October th. leflft, a lh? " Washington," No. 1, Broadway Hnu J. Philips Ptoo iU In ihe Chair?on motion, John Ibompson, Jr., waa a.ip .mtod Secretary. (m mutton, Henry Smith, Km]., waa nomlna'ed by a ?? 1 ,mi tion a* candidate for Con cUman of .be Fleet district. (jo motion. Dr. Mai-tenna a. Van lder *aa nominate 1 by ac clamailon at candkluuj for Councilman of the ."tecuu 1 Intel.*'. 'I be Committee then, on ballot, uonuua ed John rbotnptio, Jr., aa Aeseasor. Conaiabtea?James De-lck anl Peter Kreba. J. PUILUPh PtloicNIX, chairman. John TuOMraoM, Jk., Secretary. 1ST WARD RRODLAL NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Nomination* Councilman, let district Michael Doran, 'r. 2d district..Charles Mc 'ay Atfeo-or Joseph Pc'.y. ( oi rtable* lames Hoyie. Andrew l.eary. t onulasloier of Common Schools lohn *Uiea. Inspector oi Gammon Hchoola b>hn tilth. School Trustee- . Har bolomcw rcuijiuu, 11 ?*ury Vo i llano. Peter ShulU, Patrick Baldwin, John (J't arre.l. Iu?p<htorf of Election? l*i district I'airltk A. Daly, Morris O'Connor. 2d d stru t Thutnoc tlf-ou, Edward ducxe 3d dla'rict Wllllarn tloiioe, John Kawnght. "1ST WARD?KF.Ol'LAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN I nomination:? <'ouDcllinau? la* district Michael Doran, Jr. 2d dlalrtct lacob L Hnu h. Assessor Hoiiert Walker. Conala'des Alexander Brulto, William Ko?er. School t omra!s?loiier ft* ah W. tlpi vn. School Inspector ..John II. Wiltltmi. 1 ru.tees, * ? eara John H. 1'rynr, Tb.ui.ia ityrua .1 yours Jonas Hart atJ. Cilu Morrison. 1 year John J Hullisier. Inspectors of Elec lout? lat district Michael Ool.len, William Kenny. id " Thomua, Jarne? It yon. I d " Michael Murray, William Uenuei. 8. XirtM, Secretary. WIi.LIAM BGK.vh, . bairmtn. "1ST WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN NOMINA 1 Hon?For Councilman ol Uie Elrat district. Ml HaKL IH)UaN, JR. Ealea.? C. W. I alee having be. u placed In nomination aa an Independent whig candidate for Councilman In tua Fourth Council district, respectfully withdraws lu favor of II. L. Loiiusberry, the regular whig candidate. J HI WARD.?THE P KOPEK'S DEMOt RATIO NO J shell candidate, lor Alderman, PATRICK U. MAPI IRK. rru ward.?hard, ftorr and half bhkll demo tj crui) united. For Councilman. Eighth Uialricf, JAMES 1.. Wat OH. Joaepb A. Jackson, Chairman. John T. Henry, Secretary 1> 1>. Ideaot . t 1,airman Jn*. McSulty, secretary. Chas Woodruil', Chairman. 1 ho*. Cunneen, Secretary. viTIl WARD.-DKMOCRATH To THE REHt 'CK.-KKfll' 0 lur democralie noinhitnori AniltKniw Nothing and Antl ValiMi law candidate for t.'ouuel utan of the Nineteenth dUlrlct, J. L FKAHKR. QTH WARD.-AT a MEETING OF THE ninth ward <7 National 1). niocratlf Kepnhllcan Committee, held at ih? AdriiMc, corner of IIudaon and Barrow street*. on the ere nlng of Friday, the >.'h Octorer, 1N?, the following ticket *a. unanlmoualy adopted:? For'ouncllmen.... 21*' district?Charlea A. Kentish. 22<1 " Iawt?iicc Van Wart. 2h<1 " James M. laa <00. 24th " Alex M > . Smith. Commissioner of Schools W.l lam t" Hchool trustee* Jacob A. ' otiover and Wu?. f,'otter. bchmil Inspector... Wui U. Du?enhury. A <feasor Moses T Williams. Constables... IraC. I'leisoii and Benjamin Wiener. Inspector* of Klectlon? Lt d'strtel John B. Hpart'ore and (>?'ar A. Clark. 2d " I'oler llcinarest a in J. O. liemotic... .Til " I^vl rtprlngsieel and Stephen Meaterau. tth " Wm. Arkertuan and Aaron llevoe. fiih " J. H Foley and Nelson Brewer. tub " Oco. Starr and Jainea tirahaiu. 7'b " Cliae. M Rook and John Hirard. bib " llanncn and nam I Rowland. 9ih " K. F. Mareliall and Jeese H. laulue. 11. II. MOitANUr,, Cbairmtu. Chwhirs A. Kkbtisu, b'oorctary. ?WITH WARD RKtin.AR NOMINATIONS.? X"' ForMrmberof Aseembly John B. Ewtng. For Aldermen Ilenry C Atwoo'l. For Councilman 26'b Hound) dl-'rlc John Williuiinmi. For Councilman Jriih t ouiuil district Robert K Rooerta. For Councilman 27'hCouncil district Michael Caesldy. F'or,Araefsor lames H. Helta. For Cor gab lee James Rl'o, Loula U. Vultee, For ltiepectore of Election? l?t district foeeph f. Jennings, John Mlddleton. 2d district Cherica 1 ling ley, John Met laun. ,'I.I district Jaco i Oulden, James Molry. till district Oeorge I liolilnrier, John D Welch. Sail dlsirlcl Jarnca M. O over, Hugh Riley. Foi ('..mimestoner of Cwnmni H. hisi'.s Daniel Hlote. For lospeclor ol Common rcbool* I.oule F. .SchaeTor. Trustee* ol Common HcbioL*? Wllllaui Ooldcy. John J. Harrlaon, Oeorge Smith. "1 Dili WARD?AMERICAN NOMINATION RETRENCH J "J menv and reform;? Aldermen Peter F.iilmer. A onuctlman? 42d Dlsliic.t Oeo. M Pike. Aid " Oeo Merrltl. 44ib " Haml. Hopper. 4Mh " Chai H Wat|*>u*. Asaesaor Edward Berrlan. M.ool OommMoBdr .. l.axeW M. ami h. 1 nafos'lor a p hlhald D.Cuibmau bebool Trusleee,.. .Fenmel Moore, Dr. John ('noke. (.mi.tables Bonjemln J. Carr, Thonia* N. Taggert. Til WARD?44TII COUNCIL DISTRICT.?RKOCLAR democratic republican nniutnatlc.0 for Councilman? h VML'KI. OBOOOD. JOHN DOLAN, M. Hxij'IN, bcr'jr. chairman of ibe Nominating Committee, 10 ?joth ward.?at a mass mkktinh of tub demo iO rratlr elector* of Urn above ward, held at the Union Ho tel. corner of Twenty Mcond street nnd Third nvenno. on Mai urday evening, October 27. Iho following candidates were rn dorseil for Alderman A Daniel C. Pcntz. For Arressor flolllni Shepherd. Constables. John J. Plnley, Patrick ward etl.ool Connnlea oner..... Royal 'help* Hcboo! Inspector Wm. B. Curat. School 1 rustics? Thomas Irwin. James Donnelly, George Drew. Councilman anth <1 lairlef D im Molt. " 57tli John J. Hradley. The following gentlemen addressed the merlin*:?A L. Pin ney, Col. iikrork, Daniel C. Pentz Daniel IT. Clark, John J. Bradley. JAM. DONNKI.I.V, Chairman. Ilrmiv Mathkw*, Jc? _ D. Ku?i. '{Becretariea. OIITll W ARD DKMIH KA< Y I NTi KD. ?i\J roK a Limnmi. WILLIAM McCONKKT. By order Jan. Aspell, i halrman, Kdwsrd I.inneo, chairman, W. roll to on. Br'Tatar y, John Doyle, He retary. Tammany I'imntitee. 4tu?vr?aiit Committee. OfATII WARD.?DKMtK'RAi'T t'NITP.D?ANfl WklSK i LAW?-Anti Know Nothing.?IletuoraUc Repobllcan K> gulai I'nton Nomination? tor Alderman, BnHKHT 0 NKU.IA. Ja*. Baiaa*. Sec y. JOHN FOMHAT, Chairman. OlkTil w ard NATIONAL DKMtK RATIO ONION AND ^.1/ IlarOM} Nomination, by order or ihe Democratic Republican Vigilance association, the Democratic KepubltcAa Darmnii Aor.aiion. and the Dernuc.ailc Republican tUU shell A *eorlation lor Alderman Robert O. Nellie. A??<>s<ir Leonard tl> ttn-u. < onatablea I ewta lint Iter Wm. Keenan. S' l.orl i onimlaelouei James Moore. Inspector Clementa Miner. Trustees . Dai.lei It Kennedy, .llano ord Mm th. To 011 raeanry Hugh Mooney, Inrpeciore oi Kiev.)ion - 1st district 1 hetnas MrKrlrnan, Chrlallan Penrlrlc. 2d district Ilinry Lnrkln Edward I'onwnll. M|ie< Wm. Jit huun John M. Korsier. tb tl let rid Michael Ms-leraon... James MeMitllen rt'h dl-irlrt Jaines Beglan. Pred'k W. Welgnnd. Itlh district John Ml*'l?ey John le-e it ill N PoftMflA V, chairman. .Tank* IltoLj*. Secretary. OATH R ARD ?THE FOLLOWING QBNTLBMBN II t VE a."/ been elected by tbe Tnininany Pemocratfc] Ward Onto Bdbee. as a I kuuare I 'oiumniee, and are the only peraone an thorlzed in oolleet any mowers lor thl* ward Mterdieo I?. Oardlner, h. B, Noble, Wm. Murray, Jamea A* pell, Win. McDeriaotl. Hi order ol the Ward I dmmfttee. A/.IKL FRBRMAN, Chairman. .!<u*e Mnovar. R ? Mi D? aaort, $ * oon ward.-tamm ant hall rbgular Li?t rralb KrpiibUcao^ionilnailona? lor Alderman lion. Nlcholaa S-agrlsi. For l ouneilBan Henry A. Cargi::. For Aaeoesor*. ...Sitw.'ird TlmriU, Capl. Ilenry Mehoorr. For I oosiables. R m. Dickinson John < . Ian* school I'omrnl'ato'.rr... David H Kerr. Trustees . . John r. Fay. Andrew Mtahleire-. School In-per oe .....David I. ChalAeld. Inspector of FJecUon? 1st ill*ti!ci Win Van Nordcn, Francis Reldall. 2-1 dlstrlrt. Predl ilrk llctz. John K. Vaodervoort. 3d d s'rlc .Inbii Adams. George F. llortl. 4th dls Mel,, .Edward smith. France Frank Bi order Tammany lloll Nominating Committee.? Can ItF.MlY SCHNtiliR. f'liairman. Otoocr, T. Roan. Herri tary. ?>.^Wi WABD.-DRMOCBATH. AROl'MK.?tub rraiie republican aleriora of the Twenty leoood ward, oppoaeil to the Maine law Know Noihlnga, and ail other fana ttcfams ami Isn.a of die day, are ptrdnilarly re.ioeeie.1 to m ri en nia>?e, at th- bouse ol James llngbea Euilnh avenue, near Foity ninth street, ?u Tuesday OTenlng. Ocmber 3u. at 7'. oVlork, P. M. to reapond i/i die nominations aa maila by the Colon Demcs-railc kepnblb sn fVimniiitoe, viz ? For alderman Pater Masieraon

For t'oiinriiBian Chartm flampball. For Asm-Kirs l'el?r P. Bnppi C Ja?. Ketn.-le. For Coosiahlea and School fufleer? Francis fy Nell. Tlmrima Ragan By order of the Committee of Amu>(foments laonisny i onnUUre. M lyiesaid Comtnlttee Jamea Walsli I halrowii. Wm. 3 Stewart. Chairman. J>bn A. NMhrlif, kwtcltlt. John H M?*n'i?. se> ri tary. Wm J Stow.irt. Jsmrs Wo sh. Rut A lunnre. Jntm Boey. Mehael O'llitn. ? AT A MEETING OF TUB RBTI BLIC4N BXKt I tlte t nnnlitee held last wnloc. the PMlowing resold HOD <aaa nan in ous y adopted and ordered uu tie put 11. bed - Re*olin| Thai the following oarin'd gemlrmen. comprising Ihe Repobllean Finance i ommittee are a.'one atuhon/etl to n ake eoilsrilana on the par* of the RepubltibMI t 'entral Com mil ee (4 the eliy nnrl ommty of Nl w tort ? Pr. Samuel P. ToWns>nd, .lobo J Dnane, I 'Is In I?. Moraan, John P Cnmtnlng Moses D. Grinnell, Issae Dayton. I.llibftia B. Rard, Hamuel l ee*!*, I harte* A Pcaliody, Joaepl, Bltia' This not|ee. w# learn. Is f nbl'abed because arifral unavUtfi r./rd f.erw.ns have beep enlieetlng nrfiney in the naine of the < ? m?..oee, and appropriating n to tbeir o? u o e. Of|T|l W 4RD.?AT A MKf TING OF TUB PNION HA* A"" monv peaaoRraiJe ('oaitriieai lien In the Modwso El ?"'"?bie, '? letih avenue, Ctt Ft May esenlri*. I "lb IWaC. Mr JA.MIH WAI.I Ai K. Ja waa unanlirKcisly nominated lor Councilman of tba Fifty-flnM JutrVi it' ltr.Rr G. NEI.MM, rha'rmao. Pnntr Caaots*. Snervtary. 1T'* *dNI? - AT AN ADJ'H ItVCO MErrfNirnf W'' 'he Na'iowsi fiiuirerark- Co0veot>,o of ,,,r r\p pr, 'J /." "I r.1 fc""1 *r4rK ~1?T ev,?m? OM.M aiilwW se iS Mward I teem, b isWi atenne. Mr. JaMFs WM. Ik .?* . recalled ihe uimuuBue awaalaaMmitor l oured n aN rS tar abave diarvi i, . nr . ,*?-.? K,?W AHO LINNKX. Ct.s^mv, Jt>W9 yr'a' fHHrnnr. FOLrricAk AMERICAN PBMOCRaCT-JTII W iRI) -W >RK I ?W) mens' regular aomln >U<m> ? for A Herman ???????? Thorn u Hrulbury. rur (.oua.-llmmi, Ifcb dlatnn Robert r Wilt, mbkica.n liKMOt-K \?r*r " """* ros iTHEKT COaElsain.ara. J B'KOH HRSRy. Brooklyn - second ward regular demorreoo nom'aetlons: ? Fi r Alderman Pa rick , For mperrlsor... . ...Roewell a ilralnard. F. r I ouileMe Jiuo. * A. Birds*:.1. Inept (tors of t lecuon? l.i rtlstrte' M'illtem A. Wise, James Ttuer. id dtetrlel lohn hbearau, William U. Harrta. DKMOHRaTIH Rlvl'l BLICaN CNIOM NOMINATIONS, HI. John's llall In Khfriir James O. WUI?L toiupd oiler Pb dtp W Engs. (run1) C'knk Richard ? Ho inolly. Mr?i.(i'oiuDilaalni.i>r Henry H. Howard. ( om'cr Repalts ami Bupplles. .Na hnnlol B. keleb. Cot poralloD Counsel lwcnzt B. Phepard. Unserwur vlni? House Pal rink G MalnnOy. City Inspector Tiiom. K. ' lo vnln<. .1 u<l?- Supreme court lames K. Waning. Judi e? Superior Court . Ml neel Uhho-fT, Jonaa U. Phillips. Judge Common Pleas lutm K. lira If JodgeMarlueCouri? l)?rW O'Ke.'le, Jr. Coroner* II V Wllbolm, R. .1. Oonnery, Robert Oentbi", William O'Doonell. JOHN H. WILLI aHP, Chairman. Democratic republican regular nomina Units. TAMMANY HALL. Orrostu to tiil Know Normao*. oproaco to tac baike Law and othcm ruoiiiarfoKT uurou law * Orro??p to <m: Black Rai naur*!* Pew van Wma Ticket. BT A r r. TICKET. For t-ecrrtary of Pta a Israel T Hatch. For Hump toiler le-tnuel iia'wn. For Can >1 ? no mlerluiier I 'urtl ?* Hawley, Fi r Plain Pri on Inspector Patrick H. Ageu. For Attorney General Samuel j Tlldru. For Plate Engineer ami Purveyor John B. Jarvh. city a ad oou?ty ncs ?T. For Sheriff lamea C. WlllcU. Fnr Ci.uni) l ink Itielurd P. Connolly. For Comptroller A/arlah 0. Flagg. For ctri el? omnitanloner eatuuol A1 on. for Cniumlaaloiiei' ol Kenalri and ?'ip pllee Nathaniel K Pelah. K. r l ouneel to die Corporation . ,. 'orenio H. Hhepurd. For Cll) laapaotor i letma* K Downing. F or Governor of ibo A linslujinte Patrick ii Moloney, Far Coroners Edward li. Couoory. William O'Honaell. Joseph Heine. Ruben Gamble. JTOUTAHY TICKET. Judges Court of Appeola?lying m> iii. c.4mt|ol L. Helileu. ?slinrt lorin Nleholaa Hill, Jr. For Juatice of ih* Supremo iviurt lamea II. Whi log. Fur Jueticcaof the huporior Court Micuacl l'lsbo?0ur, floury Vleoll For Jurtgoof Court ofl onimon Plaas John R. Brady. For Juallce of tlic VarUiaCouri . . Ilavld H'Keofe, Jr. RuliMtT KhLLY, Chairman Demoeiatle Kcpnlillcau General Comml te?. Jamm L. IietepicT, ) u.. Altmed C'bapceilob. F.M'iCRATIC 1NI0N NOMINATION? Tenth wurd.?Por A Idernuin? NORM \N Mi'LROO. D JOR PhN ATOR. F1PT11 UUTUICT-EIOUTH, .VINTH aaiWourlecDih wards MARK UPENCKH. Ftor mkmbkr of apskmhlv, Bevi nih dleuiet. Ninth aar l, DR. AMiUhW Van ANTWhRP. LtilR COfNCILMAN, I Twenty third Connell tU'rirt, Ninii w rrd, J iMKP M. LAW.iIIN. _ GIrani) mass ratification.?tub friends of I rlvil and religion* liberty a e reyio-lad V> aaeemMe, on ninxae, in Colon square, on Motidav, ocupier J9, at < Vj P M . in irspond to tbo noinln'-lion nf llioma" J. Mundtr, the .ihoieo of the united democracy of the eli h Senaiorial dmirict, n >m i>o?t d nf the Kiev enth. Twelfth Fifteenth, Bli'nentb KU'tiloon b, Nlneti enib. Twenile h, 1 wcuty llrsi and fw -.ity scnond ward*. Krnlticnt epeakers h??e been Invt'ed Co addre?e die meeting. HASH Kl. 'ihUUOD, Cb'n ? oromiuee of Arrangements. iBDKPKNDKNT CANDIDaTR i FOR HTKKKT IXIMMiSPtONKK, IP A AH T. CO*. Municipal reform nomination*. I or Comptroller ?... A/arlah 0. Flagg. ? ??'mis Clerk DnndU* l.effln -wclL H.'-rill James (J. Wlilet S'Kei t omml-sloiier Daniel Kwen. I ctaimlaluner o! Repairs mid supplies !"-? ph Hou hworth. I by inspector 1. II Hrlsotim, M. I>. I o nisei 10 Corporation LornoM B. Mhejisrd. < icvenior 'I Alro?h<>u?e Codfrey Oumher C'oroDcra. Aleiuon H. Jones MIc, Froi|?rlek W. Perry II N. Wllhrlni, Edward D. Cnnnery, Justice Supreme Onnrt lino-* K. Whiting. Justice superior Co Oil Murrey HofTinaa. " Inline B. WoodruK .lodge Common Plea* Comb. Livingston. ?lodre Marine Court < Paries K. Hlrdsilt. The RireutlTe I ommltloe will meet ? eery evening, at ttieir " Wat rot ma. Slit Broadway, uj receive report! front the Vv?rd tJotn mliieia. I'KTr.H C'OOPKB, Chairman. II. M. Hi Hirri 11 is, Secretary. MAffl MF.KTIN'fl OP THE NINETEENTH WARD BE gular Lnlon I emm-rallc Republican vaao'latlon will be held at P. Kite'. corner at F'tflJ ninth street and nerond ase in.e. on Monday evening, Oct. 2V, a' 7 o'clock. to ratify lite fol ?owing ticket-,? For i Kl'-hard Klynna. A? osaor E'ranole Hnoperth. Constable* Patrick Flyon, lieorge Meyers. I nepe. tors of Election? l?t IiLeirlci Charl"? Murray, iH nnta Prady. 2il " I bomasglnhtll, Herman lleberus. iTt* ?wilahTwoMte)', Jonathan Toildell Hebco) Commlaaloner . Wllllaut Wordewrih. School Inspector .Jeremiah Tuwlo. School Truaiee* Terence Parley, christian Hob? art/. By Order of the Commluen. N'O BRIBERY.?Til FI BKOCI.AR DEMOCR ATlf TAM n.anr Hall Doinlnailuna uf the Tweuty aecond ward; ? tor Alderman loha IPdoTty. Aiteeasora John Jasper, P. P. Iluppari. < ..I.iee Edvvd. FIgl,ert, Tlnw. F-agan. Ilisj ectora:? lat Metric! Oooree Llneroa, Jsmes Adams. I'd ?? Iiibn II Kelly Pa'riek MellonaH. 3,1 " Waller HiaRiint, Ai lbony fjiilgiey. 4>h " PltUip P. Maun van, John May. S lusvl Commlsslotier Ismes Wal?h. H ? l.ool liiaoerlor Malhua Helrk. Ki Pool 1 nie'ees lames I'elatiy. Patrick Mu-ph) By order of the Democracy ol tl?e Tw prior aeeon 1 warsl. Hit lied by order of 'be Cha'rman, CftkH, IUK1.Y, Jasre ert? siroan," Jon.* lliaanMi He' relartrs. N'INTII ward ltEf.l LAR DEMOTEA?f! NOMINA Hon, Twenty fotxrvi ? ounell district llards ami e>/ta untied. For found men A M. C. HMITB. N INTII ward rkoi ear nomination for hciiool RATIONAL DEMOCRATIC REIT III.I1 'A V HKOCI.AR is nomination, T-*en'y dr-e ward, F ifty ttf h Council dt? For councilman JOUN r. BRDDERICK. IlRnDERIf'K. JOHN UAKKOW, CI'.iitniAn. M. T. MolUHS, Pecreiary. RPOULAB DEYOORATIf NOMINATION VT A MEET. In/ of the Nathan. 1 Ownmeratt Nominating Coiarpi'ww, h. Id nu ihe I'.hh Inat ? Pranela Bvrdsail, Ke.j . p resiling as I I SI,man and I?ase Varian, E?.| a? Secretary?lAMRH B. hli KVH, of the Twenty ftm ward wa? nominated fbr the (Are ot Poire Justice oi the Sluh Jmlh lal ' of the ruy of Ne? Inrk. ? omprlslny die Eighteenth and Twenty first wards, at the mining eleenon. It EtHILAR DEMOCR aTId'AN'MD \TK FOR COUNCIL man, I.Vh dlafrs-t, 7th ward? JAMKH HoLTON. R P.'jri.AR DKMOCR STIC VOMIS\TION FOR ' ORO Dr. JfiHEl-n HEINE. Tlfp PLKVENTH WARD NATIONAL0LI7B WILLHOI.D a meeiliu; el their ronnis, Manbatinn Hall. iS?t and Vi6 Potir'b Wreet, on Mmidav evening, tpt T> a' halt past ; e'ehs h. lor 'be purpoae of enabling Iheptthli u, hear "a full eiposnlon nf the pla! n m and prtn- fpleaoi the stner eiposmon of the plat form and prtn- 'pies of 'he ainerleaa pany, IP n. Erastna ?rimlis chaimony hhaffer, Kau and richer eml nent speukers will address the nu ' ing The lullew are re aperffnlly In vied ? a'lend. arrana'men's having been made for ihelr reeetitloo, Wallace's hra-s hand will be In at'ei. dance K L LaRREMOKE< ut A. II, Tier President T. O CowiraTHWarrn, Heere'ary. A'-' <miB?'ela'Mms for repoils-rs I'O POLITICIAN'S-TUP. -MALL INDIA RUBBER elartie baiela. to Indlsru n isble for hnldliig eb '.on bal lots, ran be obtained only nt the India robiter atori J06 Broad way. VOTE FOR f HE IIONRNT, I PttKiIlT CANDIDATE FOR T Judge of Cuuifiioti Pie i?, ( AMItltllXlK LIVI NfiHTON. Unemmonaly nominated by nearly all the poldeal p art tea. For Coum-Sanaa of the PoirtL c-unet'd trvThird ward? IHAAC DE OABMO. POLITICAL PRINTINH Af ALL IIOURH-PB MR A J CO are prepared Ui print r'n'ers, hamlldl s, elremwes lirkeu. Ae.. 01 any aire, ID any pisoljiy, at any hour. a< die "'<es' rate*, for r?ah PIIAIB A CO, C IP . knun atreel Dtaf^iah building. the run*. ;; ,iSS5'?IS7?i"W'~??.i nan!*. E r t'"'krorm'*j?K|, CONKLIN, Prefr^uw / lENThEVII l.E I fit RsK, L I-TROTTINO Mff Nil A T, s Not f., at 2?Vl?k. Ma'-ti |LVI0 H.h- h? ,'s. lieel-Aree In five Wm. W heelao name* b m l< la. J/J 'bs wsrao James c "? way names eh m L?uy Hetevi to sketeum wagon. 1 a <xar e off a good day and trark JOEL OONKLIN. PrifO' lor. NT i TD 'N a I. CO( RHR.-TRfrmNO-MONDAY <? .H at I'l ' lork P. M. P ,r?e fr<0 mtlr li????. bes' 'hi In Eve '? hartvesa W. Prahody er.ters r f Ta ?i> J IE lets en rra b. a. f.'hlrag'i Jaek. It Pfiffer eater b. ia Bet' Hlrabig ' t"*r' a Iravi the fo,.' o? O-anrl a?ras' WWiasacI i fur tin 'rack evary fifteen niinii e? B-<ao eoruu -'e I wlfh rars, beta Ettltna terry af I o'i l~rk. r M jo-Epii jEwrr r rr~rs*"* N'gTIONAL COURifE, k I.-TEOTTIMl -MONDAY a irmberf, at JoMmk. ?Z.'.| purse; rre tor al> Wessw et'spt F a least lr and Uray k'ldy, two sod res ,w. ?> haror- (F -a' and Eddy .an lave u.e prftftrgr ./f taking the 'biiiewe by carrying a wag e? anl driver wahgh tog *?' yttad* i thrm a? eaore la male a rare. To' Irwe on Ihnrsdat e.en ng No* I at ? -ek at Ibirvce A F'siklaod'g. East Mr atlnay former PI 1 a .Atrtrie strtw J<wEf*H JEWELL. Proprietor. F P-e of Mno- TO i owe opr (,<g Tift'Ke Ha V NOT 1st, IafiA. at 3 cfmrck pre tsejr To liareesa o.i ? Is** l eal 'hr.e ri Err we *b"'?, et.ter I, g Jake Oak Warrr-i I sa'odf enter* gray mare W M (PJcrta misf. br< an mar* Uu) I'a e. | *.A|f'N Cf.l *PK, L I.?TRoTTlNfi, ON B'EfiNI -I ( tri.-rr I)s? a< * ov nek I* M . a mat-h U , ft ?*? rt ej M ' hsw's; J Nt S P. wagons. If WvAr ,!Ta t * ? |t aek Beta W Mas aaswes nt, . it HilAW A WHITE I t prte-. *? hU lAJg A. MOWN, frpg* SEW f'CBLK ATI(?'N. AH. JOCGLYlTil L AST NKW MAP OLCmiTRO ? Woi; or die CKIMKaN OaMPAHIN. "A iru'i B< rati l? rnr C'umBA,'' < umpir e up ui the preaent iLue, Km h racing k JOUTIJj of tor a.egr of noba?lopol? battle*, ?ortiaa, aim ma, wrecks k'I'ed, wounded mtulng, Ac with ?> ? ta'srt refurnoc mapa <>f the < rtrora and Black * a. Aian, iLrre flaws of Mehaa opol, wi lt dee. rtpllcui# of ek' h. wild s eperdld engraving of Lronatmlt showing wod describing Its fcirh float Ion*. Pt/e uf a*ap 3d by 32 lit-br?, price 20 cenui, UiuniUfiillv on W i?d beat by null to key p?rt of the country for oiic cut pm-'age. Map, hook and piin' agent* wan'ed for every Haie'n'he I' ou, lo ?ell boo, s Hal of popular maps Ui'?r< of In uuliy promptly amwerMl Cataloguer and specimen ?heel free lo the uw e. A II J4JCALYN, riO I uiuin alreoU V H? Nswapape a copying ihn above, aid eroding Oie ?iar In the offee, will rwwe ibree copies. ABU AIITIPl I. M Ml a/I k K KOK (Mlll.llKKW -MltKKRrt. I'tX A M>W iHllh hike occasion "> ano'iuiiro the', with tt" I i'IiIm ln? of thu Sew irsi the wnll known nagagitie for toy a and git it, run MmnoLrKtxnw. Will pit-a Into 'l oir hand* It la their lu'eii'lnn lo make I' excel anv p ibl catlon lor rid ?tr?n over laatird In tkla nntin'ry or elaowtoir, at d Ih' j ? 11 einpiny, lor th.a nut |io?e, ad Uih re anurcra wh.. It iItolr po 'I Ha propria .n? ul I'liur on * Mouth It, and their leatlotia wi'li tin* naai poptt'ar au Intra, put at ineir roo tnand. They will aim to Qotitooe ut the engi avtiig* and the leper preee of the Schoolfellow the 'I tint-1 po .<10111 hi-attfy, eertety, tblrtcal, and ailb.tkoliAt lustre lion, with an eletkled moral tone and revert nl aptrl 1 it slant, U will U< their put pore'o render'he m honllctlow a vehnma visiter and a valurtl friend among ihr children of every utility. I lit- StHUMILPKLL1tw Will ronllnne 'o be pi|l<llehrd at $1 a year pnva'ile always In alliance. Pother Putnam's Monllity or llo'l-elmld Wind* will lie at at with the Melon inline to mm aid e.a, for fll at. or .ill ihreo of there" for fn At) hatch number w ill contain P- I alter lor leaf I 111 ; ar heretofore. A great change will ta maile In the character of iho engr iv it) it e. w In -h will l<e t"jii<l Hi hi-re of ittr mat popular l.'lii-lic-d D'lblh a lona. Ihn number for January will he I a in I early In UrO''r. Specimens will he rent alalia to all who apply. litX t KJJW.vUUm, 10 Park place. Avr M IRIA, OO.MPOflBD IIY W A. Kl.VtJ. Jl'MT puhllahed, by c. IIKbit SlNfl, 701 Broadway. ClOWANM' CATaIAMIIIK NO It.-A HaT vIiOOIK- OP JT atandaril Kligll-li and American It oka. with price* alii lad. To ha had grail. on appltcat on. II rout lor ><> mall iw oa'ainpa nuul he enclosed. W iJKW A vs. l?n Kunou -.tract. N'flW BBAUY?WPI.LM' NKW M \l' OP TI1K t'RIMKA, h"U of Arrill riid hil'opc. comhined w Ui a p.iietrainln view ol MnbaahJ|inl and enviroin, hi an aril i n gin innu Ita In the drill ea, allowing he poattlmi nl "tin ending forma riooe 'hi fall of hehaelti|iol, foriiuoaUoiir, haltnrica, narnora. 4'' the it ap nf (he t rlmea la on a Urge reale, ahowlng the hatiio grt'ULda, rond,', dla'aoce* lo Import aid polo a, ,t< I'rtio i', yeitlr. Agenta and oea'cra rnitpl.ed on llhrral leriua. Ad Ireu O. F PAKMO.SH, puhUahar, fill Naraau atre.el. Papera gtviug one In . rilon will ronelie a copy. Ph'T.VAM H MoMTH.Y ?MOVKMBGH. ivtxti.Ma or go, mv. I be I nned Slain t (Mat Murvay. Nt'Timher. 1 rntio'.ereno, (cootJnuiul ) fbc UartLera. . Iietiry llrlne?a le ler ioa friend In Park Phwe, The V Irglnla Spring*. In III chapter*. '1 he Uelor of .Sight ui lllrdr. Pall. Siiter In Syria. I llo among die Morroour, (eouilnoed l Idvlng In the country. 1 he London Port ? dice, t'haai thou A S Ight never to be forgotten. A bout Ireer. The Ahorncy'a Revenge The Pae uud Alulae of SUtnulattt*. fdl'ortal Noiaa.?I. AmiT'ean l.ttcrature and Ri print, 2 F.urtipeatt Literature? h.tigiand, France, Oertoauy , *. 1 ir una ; 4, VillrlC.*.?(S a year, or 2b eema a number Pit nam' ? Monthly and Houeeho d W cird?, IA- Pinnam'a llo ,-"lnil I Worde, with the h hcmlfel ow Ui one ait Ire *, AT ?r) , or all Ihrie of the Maga/inta fft Ml B 4 D THK 01.11 IIOMKHIKMI You will like II. HAD TBK OLIMIOMI-^TKAll Tim will lika Ih KAD Til J " 01.H 11(1 M hHT i t II You will like It. KID nip: oTjriiOMKNTK i|l. You will like II. K ID THE OLI> UOMHSTKtn. You will like II. rl.KTON * IJ), n* an,, Mn UROADW VY Omr. I h? . ? JI'liMUW 1 ii ,i, .s. ny ** I?n? ?l y ' . * I' Of ihll Ort lil tu If , K",M,; '7 *'? ..r,f ? i Si J " '? or Mr<vUier'< Wli'n a n,,.. >i *?, rent. or A II u* WorU; oloil, ;* 5X JJ? J" M"T> Monom*?tor.. RUBh II Th>. T? o rit'Ai,iH? n?, or A Horn* m U... Wurll Tjeenu TRKAMJKKH IN NKKM.KWOHK i"+? ^:^kolu""- r*V"rn" iii... i L i_ Krubrufli-rv htnw JUrk Kn u""",Vli""? ?u,l? ?ua I ,?d w?rki rS^WtoS^."'w* SBasffau..... ssfssars? * ~u' ?? WINCIM * TOWNSKNI. M'KtlAl. Al/IK !<.??. A".!''.!;".: f CisiimfMtiUy a lnr/r*> Mjunfr on I nw v ?*ro*4,w*^. ?? Umtw ? rrfl,OM #*h a? itrir - H if (KHiJJttj.V ATwAw."R "HCTISIO OK NlXTYEK.Ilr TKI L,,,:r,.?r!,,n "? ^^A'v,xun"Wi ? w ?!??!?,J Hectr>ry. ">^. ??"1 ?? 1Kb Lhi r*->?rr ,jrte?i# 7 V Ti -' * " <|UA1U> tovMwuU, o, U,i. v'.tt JtiHN K. UiiPI'HL I ?-v" "r'1?r Ms X,; w >r :r v; *c X* v^y^'' ??':' November. ??.! rwuuiin ihi cnoui u,c frit ' ***? '* ''' i-Afinm ooMf AXr no TV ?'--?! 'h'i^'f',r' J? 'S.'wT"' Jf. "" ?CK53f?? <">??* * f N riHBY,r*.r,m X'fjTIlU?flOLHERM OE .vrw York I lAiini < ?> PSSHSSS ?'.'?"Q *<l'lre?? M f) <\, l.pi Sir? *"d **"* *IU (nw> jil* vn r,.v" f/' ~a *7<""r <?<>*?:*, a3^'^r ? "T'"'1^ MM & %V"" t 'ZMZ Tbu??~?T/7f Ofrtfi or rueriiii.i' or roi.r. K <-KT x ' An n?rx-r I. ??,??! ^ ,V T?tri ,I, S\ ?r??t.irr, j(or, ? rT.r ,.u " ur U-E* ???'? ? i s b ...r'.rJ",". *j.'i ;. rg;?r?E wri.. '"" r ,w"v ? h nin.f- < L'^V' T"?.''-y,:SI ? ?";"n - ?.?K ?1. -T? ' ** /JW frf> .. 1 fr ).? %? I|||? H tf ? V , I HruMway ,.n .<?.?? ? (w-o., ? .. . ,. >ik_.k J *T!v J*.1 J..W, R,.?,(fI,. JrJ?}'*&*"?***? l-r-M TMK Ll?(l OK qi K?T|Ot. TT.! ' ' ' ? <\I rr.l?. rf.ll, r, P ,Kr ,?.n--e TlV.;. "/I i' " ? ?' w? r.' generwi *,?.lr>M>. U.n ^ '?* "*"? - ?*??? e2?.7??L Ji C^.X' Wr - - - w If, wi., t ? A' <32? t^smssj6 JSSP/lJ gJBfXr:/V;;X C Oe.^e *. p.,,. ^ "VX J I vz\...7lr "z .v. . R* KEI II A.vp i/f o ii rt'kKlOM ?n?> f*' *^r'l?fr?r' ?he vr i Wwlic. M ? N??g, g iZZflZ 1 H^L\ '?** -W" ? '- ?*-? .M l< ?? I?p?r ki ,w ?: !? ?,..(?? u. . wX'" |WV' ? ?AfllltJ.N ***> Hrmmi* r/?*< torn?r 0Ct<*+r ?<?' H' .Vat ' riLAXRTjraiB ro? Efrr.riT Vr rf,,wr mvx ww - '?'?K --lo ' .ve .. noi.l *>!? OIV-rx? M* .Wit ?.!!, ,Mlll I-1?B? ?WN- .v.iwr- Mv H.,X| IT crA}J toe ?i kpl II ?IMKMOII * m>m^0 fcJS/JiJJj * (?v^r..T:\wru'',T""w"? ? .K >1 I W? > re 'f f W''*fif W vryzs^z-^r - - v> % *r?p.x A A SlTl1 tTKWI M/ mtku. TOURO LADT, r K A 'IIKM OK Ml MC IX r? , , dalphla wlanae a aliia'ton tnarwapactahta biSo , Sew York, whare rh? eonld el. a lm.tru.nou uo th< i ? n i, . f. r bar baard. Addr?a M. T., Ilroa.1*., Ko.! , where an Interview may he had. ? AYOCNO FROTEhTANT WK1.H QIWU WANT? * attuaUon, aa chambermaid and lauudrvai b.-l c' r*I' nee five*. Inquire At Mb fourth at. i TOCNQ WIDOW IN RKDUtVly ' IR'TM <T a ncEp J\ deal'#, rerpaeianle ampbnmmt tHrim g p' l>r,.ad way Poet ?ee, deling |ha< o "f tolrrvlew K.ttl'm ; CI< hangsd. A HEHPHTABI K <11 EL WANTB a Siri ATl' I?-X- A J\ A good p *iii cook, and flrvt rule wvlwr Mid kr orer W. H i licai ol rel, renc? fro^i her laM plaoe. I'leaae call, lor two <uj?, ai N<> 'Htl'*pa i , aaar Uie Oraid at. fcirj, aecoroi I' or, bark room kMMKTAk',1 PROTRRT > ?l T OIKS. W 4NTH V HIT uallon a* norrr and to do plain ?ru log, nr aa chaerp ?r d and aoaoeatri ?*. no ubjee'boi in he nnuntry. an I U*? gaol ranee. Pi. arc rail at >o i<6 , ib o , near aith ??. AYut SO MAN. at PMKMKN'I iNiKOKD Ad Mllf pink clerk In a laric wbulevala borne hip ?bote pro -rt.l nngageaMW will alioiily an irn it aniloua to ???': ?| h .. nkw rngagrn.rni In iho al ofe napaeliv <?< a* a alatan bo , keeper, l? a (lr?t rale packer end willing 'o make Mmvi > i ? rail) uaclul; i,.fera lo pineal ai d lait arm levari r i-a.e addre ? a n"'e to W (1. M , ll< raid office. C1R1.NCH OOOK -as KXPRRIKNUKD AMD WKIJ. RP a eommeBded Kran, h cook want* a enuv'ioti in a arlfM tainlly. Apply at 44 Irving plani, near t'niou park. /SOVBRNK, k ANY OhST! KMAN Of RMPKCT VB11.T A 1 ly deal Hun 'he aenlaaa of a lutdd a aged lady, a. t? ni lo '? ?1 u< >ia and lirteii op a voting la'Mly flor a home ,uid t. ?mall c mm erg'lon, may be nulled by addr, adnt a Una j. ft. 1. , llnadw*) I'm nil. e lothe country. Habdw arb.? a rot no m s, who uts bton iimf" iban ' la > caiv tn a mrretrain and naano'aerurer'M narclinnae In Pheflli'lu, Wlehaaa ? .la.ion in a wboif ale or reinll hardware a'nre. IIhn uo obje im.i to (n Wra', Ki caei raleriin o?a glvau. Addieea Al tl. tt ., Herald ofll e TfABDWAUH.-WAMTRD. RT A TOCNO Mas, 22 J I I ear a nl age, an Aiunrtaan, a ^iiua <m In a ?'*,ie-..4,? oi le'all hardware -rora, liaa 'nan lu (hn lenili iiardware bna* P'-ea three yaare, Uneareiitlmiai le relerene w given. Ad lrrrv 1.. M Tryon. liruok'yn, haaiorn dletrlet, lorUiiefl weeta. VTI IIHE ?ell I tTIfi.N ? 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