Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. IOSXT MARKET. SATl'XilAT, (tot- 27?8 P. M. The market was feverish this m .rning with alight ad vances In some securities and a falling off 1. It would, undoubtedly, hare beeu a bull market but forth, repert. woi after the openiug of 'he first board, of two ?r three fciJuree. The number wan aecer aiaed, after the clone ef the second board, to be bur one. and that not eery large or eery bad. Erie, alter falling from MX to MX. recoeereil to 49X; Galena and Chlcagn told at 11T cash, 118 buyer -'4) days. We understand that a telegraphic despatch has been received to-day from Chi cago, to the effpc that the receipts for October will ox coed $300,000. We should not be surprised to see a die! dead of twenty per cent on the 1st of Febrnary, (half cash-and half stock,) instead ol fifteen. The party who sold two thousand shares short about ten days since will probably have a good time ot it in buying them in Michigan Southern advanced one par cent, closing at 02. The receipts of this road, we are informed, will exeeed $325,000 for-October. If oue half the effort was made by the Michigan Southern to obtain business that is made by the Michigan Central the receipts would be twenty per cent larger. The Michigan Central is one of the beet, if not the very best, managed roads In this country, so far as geiting business is concerned. There is not a point on the (iece of the glohe where the (lightest ?mount of business can bu exuecU-d that the Central have not an agent, with orders to secure ii at any price. With out the genius ot the Micliigai Cent. si. miiob of the bual ess which now goes oxer the Great Western aud New York Central would be lost. A close alliance hu-1 luag ie, offen sive and defensive, has been formed oe ween those three companies, the soul and spirit of which in the Michigan Central, or rather Brooks, its Superintendent, tie di rects, and John Bull and New Y<?k Contrsi pay. It Is not long since that Sstterthwuith pointed out in his cir cular from London, that New Yo-k Central, Oreat West ern and Michigan Central had to be regarded abroad as the great route between the A'lan'ic oitlea and the West. If Brooks was n< t at 'ho bottom of that 4 first rate notiso," we are very much mi-taken. But nature, as may be seen by a glance at the map, is against this Northern route. Within eighteen months we sL.ill see a line compter ed from New York to Chicago, by w?y oi the Jersey Central and ?Pennsylvania route through Cleveland at least one huu. ?sired miles shorter, in the mo n time the Ml-.higan Southern and I ake Shore roada might, by throwing off a .little of their dignity and taking some paln-i to secure business, easily turn the tables. Mi. higan Central ad vanced to-day Xi Missouri fl's, X; Illinois Central 7's, X- Chicago and Rock Island closed firm at 90?the price ef yesterday. Nicaragua advanced X, w'th large sales. Cleveland and Toledo declined 1; Reading, Xi Cleveland and Pittsburg, ; Panama, 2%\ Cumberland, X- We heard of sales of 200 New York Centra: at 88X. and 100 at 88. As we predicted, the late pnnio is having one good effect. Parties are Inclined to look closer to the intrinsic merit of their securities. Stocks that pay a sound divi dend, that are safe and profitable to hold under any olr ?eumstancee, quickly recover while those of a precarious, fieubtful, fancy nature, must drag till all remembrance of the fright is obliterated. We are a little surprised that there Is not more notice taken of bonds. There are many railroad bonds on the market at from eighty to eighty five per cent, which, in point of security, are as good as a first mortgage on the Aator House for one thousand dollars. This is a pretty fair investment for wevenue, and in there squally times, for those who have no m< ney to risk, is perhaps better?because safer?than any stocks. It does not follow that because the stock of a company is a bad investment, that its bonds must be so too. We can point to millions of bi ncs w rich are per-, fcctly safe, while the stock ?f the companies is not worth a straw. But when a bond, in addition to its first lien upon the property, has double the amount of stock be hind it paying ten per cent profit and upwards, and sell ing in the neighborhood of par snch a bond must beyond all question be a per test security. The I.ockport Courier announces that J. W. Fitch, William M. lanmen and William Waters bare obtained a judgment of $85 888 90 against the Lewiston railroad. ?Does not the New York Central foot this bill i We mere ly inquire for information. By the Ariel we have Saturday morning's quotations, (one day later than by the Africa,) which show a slight improvement in consols. The London Tim's' second edi tion, Saturday morning 11 o'clock, quotes:? Console for money 87 X to 87 X C< nsols for account (8th Nov.) 87X to 87% Tutkirh Four per cent setip..... 3% to 3% die. The following is to-ray's business at the Assistant Treasurer's office :? ('aid on TVeasury account $147,410 19 Received on Treasury 170 tlii8 50 ilulance..... 7,2 0,776 01 Paid for Assay < ffice 308.264 48 I'aid on disbursing chocks 65.016 32 Balance to cedit nil accounts 12,607,813 76 lhe receipt" inc'ude $60 000 from Chicago. The Schuylkill Navigation coal trade f >r the week end ing Thursday, October '.'6, 1866, was as follows :? I'ort Carbon, Xff"5- 874,312 I'ottai ille.... 1 lit.50.i Nchiiylkill Haven.. 1 803 301 i'ort i-linton 246,216 To'al for ween 3,102.408 Previously this year 8'),304.7M Total 02.I0i,2t>l To mi'if time la?t year 77,850 000 Th" Cincinnati stock sales at the Stock Board, Mer chant*' Exchange, end at private ante, for the wtek end ing October 34, 1865, were a* follows:? 82.000 Ohio and Miaa K. R. Co. 7 per cent second rno-t gage bonds, 48W; 81 0(8) l.ittle Miami K. K. Co. A per rent bonds, due in 1863. 83; 82 000 In tianapnlis and Cln. K. K. 0 7 per cent dividend bonds, fid, 88 000 Cin. Wil. and Zones. R. R. Co. 7 per sent second mortgage oonds, A8X, 84,000 Coving, and lex. H. R Co. 7 per cent tteoond mort. bonds, 38 X; 81,000 Coving. and lex. R. P.. Co. tt percent in romebooda 60. and int.;) 8",000 .Taclnua 1 WesternR.R. Co. 8 per cent real estate 40, 81,260 Sain to and Hocking Valley R. R. Co. 7 per cent dome-tic bonds. 28; 20 shares Culum. and Xetiia 01: 8.1 Covington antls xing. R. K., 26, (and int.;) 160 (In. snd Chicago R. K., I!*, 00 do., 12V; 64 Indianapolis and Cin. 80; 26 little Miami, 06; 80 Central Ohio, 17X; 2? Mad River and lake Erie R. R-, 80; 60 Bellvfontaine and Indiana 40; 60 Ohio and Miss., 7Xi 100 do., 8; 67 Cin. and Chicago, 12; 10 Col., Plqtta and Indiana. 7X; 7 Cin. and lake Superior Copper ami Silver Mining Co., 2X i * National Insurance Co., 72. Stork Bxrhaoge. San host, Oct. 27,1866. $2o000 IndS6's .. .s.7 80 26 Clev * Toledo.b3 70 40000 MusouriO's.sOO 87 650 do 880 71 6000 do 87X 100 do 69 3000 do 87 X 400 do sBO 89 13000 do 87 X 100 do c 89 X 8000 Erie IMS '76 . .. 86 100 do e 89* 10000 do 84* 100 do s30 6?X 20000- do boo sex 150 Hudson R. RR... 33 lOOONIalMCl.MBds. 80 100 do bOO 34 12600 111 Cen RR Bds 78 60 do bOO 33 X 6000 do slO 7fl)i 160 do 0 3'2.X 20000 do b46 77 ,10 Mich Con *R. .. 93* 45000 do "80 78 50 do 93,X 36000 do 78S' 100 Brie RR s30 50 6000 do. 7<u4 200 do c 60 3000 do...b?0 77 X 600 do c 60X aCOOErie Bds '83... 90 150 do sfiO M) 5000 IIIEB with p.s3 80 616 do *3 6di?" 600 VY Cen 7's.... 10t>X 260 do 5>X 7 rhaBaok nt in. 113* 1060 do s80 6>X 10 Continental Bank 106 200 do 30', 16 Nassau Bank.... 106 480 do si 50',' 100 Canton Co....*80 24X 760 do bftO 61X ;s0 do b"0 24 100 do. ...bl5 6't'j, 30 Panama RR..S60 101 200 do slO 60X 100 ClevkHtteHR blO 67,1X 100 do blO 61 60 do... W>0 60 100 do b30 MX 1?0 do 67 X 100 do bl5 50 X ."?00 Nie Trans Co...c 16X 80? do. ...bowk 60 X 20 do hOO 17*a 500 do slO 30X 100 do b:t0 17 400 do s3 50X 1200 do.... 18 X 200 do 60S, 100 do s80 16*d 100 do "68 60X 200 do 18*1 100 do s80 6H4 ;t"0 Cum Coal Ca.bfiO 28' 60 Reading RR... .e 88 300 do 63 26? C60 do 87^ :*? no ?io 2*x 1060 do e 87'. 300 do bt.0 '26 X 300 do 87', MO 6o c 2ti0 do s30 87', 200 do b30 ?X 1300 do o 87X 10O do r 26 400 ,60 8 X 480 do b* 23 X 300 do b80 84 X 100 do b30 23* 2n0 do b80 84 230 do 26X 10.) Harlem RR....?3 2->X "00 do . ?10 26 X 50 do . 22W 4) Ch 4 Fk Isl R "90 89 200 no MO 2 "' 1 2 do 89 2?0 Mich 8 k si R.? 01 ?*> do 89X MO do bno 93 1 do 9?X 30 OalentkCid RR.c H7 '?9 do. b80 92 112 do t|j '? CTeveSTol RE.. 70 100 do. b36 118 SECOND lOaBD. oo in I State 8's.s8 80 600 sbs Erie RR 4 .'. 0 12 Cen RR Bds. 78 200 do sOO 40 x '?0 do.,.. W0 78X 100 di 69 48x do blO 7?X 100 do bftO 60', hikRlRBds iUi 30 Clev k Tul RR... l?w (an'oo Co 33 20 X 100 do 89 do 680 % H 300 Cumb Coal Oo.aOO '.'if* n Coal Co... 98 60 do 26 do..D?r 15 M 60 do ill Ji < en KR . .bOO 75 300 Beading RR..bM 88x sow 40 X 50 do b3 87 X ?' do al 49.X :i00 do 87X ' V" 000 do 87 X do,,..bnwk 49?i loo l)o ' 5" v* 60 Mich fSkVIaR.680 98 I" do W0 MX 20 B0 no " lOOCblcfcR'rRl.'rto 00 ' 'o IPX 60 do,.,,,... 90 1 "? U/ 660 60 X W CITY TR4.DK REPORT. Katuhuax, OoL '27?a P. St. Kbor* opened firm at yesterday's pri-*? but closed rather eerier. The sale* embrace I about 12 000 a 16.00) bid* . including c. lumen to extra xale an t Michigan at J8 f 8 a 80. Wheat act ire, eater 80 000 a 06,000 t>u h la, including Southern red. at 81 96 a 82 06, Wertero com mon to good red at 81 80 a 81 96, Canadian white at 82 16 a 82 20. Corn?Sale* ut 30.000 M'lu>U Wmiern mixed at 06c. a 07c. Pork?6n0 hlil*. meet Hold at 822 60. 0 it ton firm?recovering Ke. since the Afri a'a news. Whig key dull. Domestic Rarkrto. Krw Jlmri hd Oil Makvt, Get. 22 ?Sperm.?We have ne new featnr# to present in a perm, for whtcu there U a fair demand, and holder* 8rm at quotati n*. T ie trans actions for the week itielude sale* of 8< 0bbl* at 81 78 per gallon. Whale. - Owing to the recent unfavorable report From the whaling fleet, whale oil ha* advanced, *a wa anticipated in our last, and the market Is qui'# active, tale* for the week include 300 bbU. at 80o. per gailon; 600 do., not lefllled, at 80c.; 300 do. dark at 80c. Also, 800 bbli. at 81c., the market cloning firmly. Whaleb me i* qoiet. The only *ale coning to our knowledge 1* a lot of 16,0001b*. Ochotak upon private term*. miSKTUEAKNTg IKNEWh* Aim OH. ?foUE8 AT AVOiltM. A NTHOmr J. BLERCKKR, AUCTIONEER.-FULTON A and Church street property.?Anthony J. lihweker a Co. wul Mil at public auedou, at the Merciiants' Kxch*?ge on l'ucaday, Ootohnr 30, at 12 o'clook, tbe vsiaable lot known *? the northwest corner of Fultou and Church stream, coa'alnlttg S3 feet 4 inches on Fulton street, ?nd i6 feet 2 Inch* on Ofiurun street, being the premises at present ixjcnpieil h? -Sr. -i. llurk halter Terms, whlcb wilt be liberal to the purohsser, Sort other particular*, may he obtained of the auctioneer. dale positive, the owner being about to leave for Europe. ANTHONY J. BLEKCKEK A CO., No. 7 Kroad street Anthony j. bleecker a co. will sell at ajc Uon.on Tuesday, October 30, at 12 o'clock at lie Her chant*' Exchange, tlie following propertv, vlx .?On Forty seventh Htreet, one One building lot, situate I on 'he north aide ol forty-seven i b street, between Eighth and Nln b avenues, commencing i76 leet west of Elginli avenue, said lot being 11 Hire '."ft ten from and rear, by 10.1 feet 4 lncbnaih depth. .Ilgbih and Mnth avenue* are sewered, and tor y seveu'h street I* seaered ourbedaod guttered. For further particulars, a|? ply to .be au tlnnecr, No 7 Broad street, or of D. WOK ? 106 West street, between Bey and Folton, Washington .narks', between 9 and 12 o'eluck. A Q. K1CHXKDS, AUCTION ERR?BY A. rtftAGG 4 , CO.. store 269 end 269X I'earl streets ?On MonJay. Oct. 29, at 10 o'clock A. M., SOU cases prime boo s, shoes sod hro gans, comprising a general asaortnunt ot fresh and Seasonable goods suitable fur the Northern, Soutnern and city trade Auction noticr?j. hooakt. .mjotiwnker?by S. Itogart, Monday, at o'clock, a' the auction ruoms em ncr Frankfort and William streets, the entire stock of a fancy Ihreau and needle -lore, consisting In part of glove,, no slery, lace, ribbons, spool cotton, yarn, pocket books, ban Ike chiefs, i uttons, (bread, belts, stocks, calico, not drawers, out tons, counter*, show case, Ac. Auction notice.?j. boo art auctioneer?by 8. Itogsy, Tuesday. 3t)th, at llljj o'clock at the sue l'>n rooms corner Frankfort and William street* Sheriff's an l . onsiable's sale?Large sale carpets, leather beds, looking glasses furniture, 4c.. consisting of 1 09li yards of newta pestry, Brussels, two ply, Ingram and Vein carpets; 10.) su bafr perlor feather beds, hair mat resse*. together wuh a generil assortment of parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, looking glasses and a variety of o'lter housekeeping articles. N It.? Sale peremptory. Deposit* will be required trom ail pur chasers. Auction notice.?wm. topping a co., no. 32 Broad Htreet, will sell on Tuesday, October 30, at thilr sales rooms, a large and handsome aasortuieni of Clothing, newly made, and adapted for present wear, worthy the attin tlon of the trade. ASSIGNEES' SALE.?FRUIT, FIREWORKS, LEASE. ?'Ihl* day. at 10 o'clock, at 210 Washhigtou street, near Vesey dried trulls, nuts, fireworks, store and idUce furnl lure, sale, scales, Ac ; also, the lease of the store. B. P. 0KAf*l>ALL, Assignee. W. A. Cartcr, Auctioneer, 67 Dey street. Crockery, china and olass at auction.?j. j. WALDRON, auctioneer.?HENRY O. KV,\N8 wil sell on Tuesday, October 30, at 10 o'c ock, at 92 Pearl street. In Id's from the shelf or bv the package a full assortment of decora ed French china, white granite and all kinds ot common ivu-o and glass assorted. The attention of the city and country trade, hotel keepers, restaurants and f unifies, is catlsd to these sales. Goods carefully packed for shipping. Sales every Tuesday. Crockery, glass and ohina-by j. s h. bart LETT, Auctioneer.?Tuesday, October 30, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, large and attractive sale of best w. g., blue, and all kinds of common ware; rich china vases and tea sols; cm, pressed and Bohemian glassware, cutlery, stationery, Ac, Sale peremptory, and goods well packed for shipping. D, D. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE NO. 310 BROAD vs^. _ Mortgage sale of groceries, Ac , ou Tuesday, October ?0. 1866, at 10 A. M., at No. 7 Harrison street, coasts lag ot a general assortment of groceries, liquors, Ac., together wl h the fixtures, A-., Ac. DBLANGK A SON'S SUPERIOR BULBOUS ROOTS.?J L. VANDEWATER, auctioneer, on Monday, October 29 at litjj o'clock, at the salesroom. No. 12 Maiden lane, will sell without reservation, (In lots to suit purchasers.) several cases of superior bu nous roots, In the best possible order, and rout prising a fine Bssnrflfeem of the most various and exquisite sorts of valuable flower roots, consisting of double and .tngie hyaciitha. narclaaes and tulips, double ai d single crocus. Iris, jonquils, early Ifuc von Thole, crown imperial double anrmouerl. rai oncules, gladiolus, colchieciuns, jus. Ac. Hie ?hove are all of iLe recent Importation of Delange t Son an l will constitute the first sale tui* season of thetr choioe -elm 'l"Os. 'llil* attractive sa'e of valuable (lower roots is etobie t'ly worthy the attention of all In any way In'ere-led, afford'ne s rare oopor unity tor purchases In ihta line which cannot but be In the highest degree satisfactory to all. Furniture, ac.??tunis morrell, auctioneer? Foi day n orning, 10k o'clock, at 81 Nassiu strong by stulogoe, stock of an cxtcnmvo nianuf iclurer of furniture, ?m hrseli g roveufsvd .s-ilts covered Insatln. brncatel, sad haircloth. vlth every other arucle, tnakiug a full assortment Extensive of thta stock nes* of this atf'ck gives purchaser* ft valuable opportunity to ftelect; the <iunlit> ?upf?rior, hoJug made eiprenwly for for pri \ate cum on era. AI?o, five magnificent mantel and pier French piftte minor*; ftl*o. seventy five ?>il patnun^M, nindftoinolv framed; nl.-o lies: curled hair ina'tre-*ef?, decorated china v?wb and ten .seta, twelve dozen black walnut. curl maple chair*. llflv lienchcH, corner Mvinds, bookrack, .le. Denier* wil) avail ihernselvoa. pArtfatns may be expected more thau usual. Strangers will be Merged with hoxinr aud ibinplriir. GEORGE COOK AUCTIONEER,?TUESDAY, OUfOBER hi o'clock nt the salesroom, 117 Nassau h'ioci a laryR assortment ol furniture, consisting ol roar wood and ma bnj)#Dj parlor huIIcs, 'b eatln I rocatol. plush and ualr slo h; tnurble top centre, aide and aofa tobies; secretaire bookcm es, linok-ianda. ladles' French secre'slre uiu?lc cabinet*; supe rior cue om extension dlnlnv table, dining niom and parlor chair*, softs, lounges, tetr-a tries. arm aud easy chairs, roae wismI and mabcgsny bedsteads, cottageglo., enamelled cottage furniture with urn) wttlmu< marble tops, hair mtUrecses, pal llawee, beds, bedding, stoves, Ac. GEOROECOOK, AUCTIONEER?STORE 1>7 NASSAU alreet,?Assignee's aale of a birge s'ock of superior per turnery, hUouu-rte and toilet articles, at 9t>7 Broadway, eoener of Prince atreet.?8. I,. Hull, a-mgries, will aell as above. at I" o'clock on 'I or,day, October 90. the entire stock ol useful u d dectirallve articles contained In that splendid -.tore; conslsti g of colognes, extracts, pomatum, combs, brushes, soar , glas-es, Ac. AIso, the enure stor k ot raw msiertala, eaten'' 1 oils, Ac.. Ac., necessary lor an extensive manufacturing btl - neas Alao, show rusca, mirrors, llx urea, Ac. The whole to be positively tola to the highest bidder (or cash. Henry w. lrepb a co.. auction errs, office No. 19 Nasaatr street.?Assignee sale of a large and vain i hie slock of pianofortes, muslcsl Instruments, tntislc bound and In sheet*, Ac ? Uei ry H. teed, A Co.. will aell hy auc Hon, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct ,10 and SI, at lu'.,' o'olock each day. at the extensive warerooms ol' Horace Waters Esq., No SS8 Hroailwai, corner of Worth (late Anthony) street a large and valuable stock of pianofortes, tnustcsl Instruments, music, Ac ; the whole to be sold wlthoip reserve, by or ler of John J. Fmlh, Esq., assignee, consisting ol olaln, moulded and carved pbuioe. both upright and square cases, of the fol lowing celebrated makers:?T. tJllhert A Co , with and v without the wollan attachment; Hrs ace Waters, Jacob t'bickering. ttar more and others, all of Ibe first class; superb barps, various makers; mclodtvins, 4,t, and 9 octave*, portable or plain cases, made bv 8 1> A H. W. Hmlth and others. Also, a large assort Uicnt or violins, llutes. aceordeons, guitars, trumpets, trom bones, Turkish cymbals, tarohortnea. clarionets, drums, banjos and other musical Instruments. Also, about $19,000 worth of the beat Instruction hooka for pianos, harps, melodeons guitars, flutes, violins, acco'deons, abee music, including *1! of tbs moat fashionable songs, polkas, waltzes, rondos schottishes, Fantasies, Ac. Also, ? large assortment ol plate music, with value. copyrights, many of which are of great value. Also music racks, canlerbtirys, piano stools, engravings, oil paintings, splendid mantel mirror, gas chandelier, office clock, oil clolb, liruasela carpeting, matting. Ac. Alao, two valuable cart horses, a spring cart, harness. Croton h ise. Ac.; India rubber piano eorera, Ae. The first dav's sale will commence with ptanofortas,' musical lustrnmenta. Ae. Second day's sale ? " "b. The ? Mush- in sheets, ditto bound, lnstmctlon books, Ac. The trade are punctually Invited to attend this tale, aslt wilt be found cne of the moat extensive ever made In this city, and every article rouet be sold to the highest bidder, without anv reserve whatever, to cloea the concern For farther particulars Inquire of the auctioneers, at their office, 19 Nassau street. Hardware auction notice.?trench she t Iron, bollowwsre, Ac.? In JOHN E. VAN ANTWKKI H hardware sale, on Tucsdsy, Oct. 30. at No. 710 Pearl struct, will he fbund eighteen cases French cheet Iron hollowware tinned saucepans, skimmers, basting siioons, ladles fry pans, rn lenders, cups, gridirons, soup a lies, dippers tablespoons, meal forks, waehbowb, preserving kettles, coifce pots. Ac. Also, flitv dozen long ana I> handle 's. shovels The above will be sold hi the package, tor account of whom II may con rem pari of them being sltghtlv damaged by sea water Also, iwo packages double and single barrel guns anl rifle, one case leatrats, one cask filet, assirtcd; one do. table cutlAry, five do. bell braces, draw knives, compasses, scissors, saws, bu'eher knives, billet webs, Ac. iOHN HOUGH, AUCTIONEKK-PRRKMITORY HADE of tVh and elegant household furniture, pianoforte, Mich pla'e mirrors, carved rosewood parlor suits, Iad's try carpets, oil palntl ga. marcel statuary, Ae ?J. Ilougb will telle without rsservstion. on Tuesday uexl, at 11 o'clock A. M.. the cnilre oontenis of Uieelegantly furnished residence, "0 Murray street, near College place. Apart lis! Is herein contained:?Two carved rosewood stills?one In rrlrn son atid green, the other In elarct and grro.-t It roc a'el, each consisting of one safe, one easy rbair, four medallion hack chairs and one Gothic recentpm chair; rosewood 7 octave pianoforte, of beautiful toue. In a highly finished case, and fully warranted by the maker; Aubusaon and tapestry velvet car K" , Aamlns'er rugs, lady's escrtiloire, beautifully inlaid ughotit, with mirror dttors, elegantly carved e'ezeres, mtr ror trout and back, paptar mache and Parts In'ald tables carved rosewood centre tobies, with statuary marble tops large French plate pier and oval mirrors, raveenod aide, aofs and pier tables, rosewood book shelves, corner e'egerea and standi, rich revrea vases, parUn marble and bisque si* tuary. a choice rol'eettan of oil ueinungs, embracing fruit, ma tine and game pieces by well known srtiaia. alao, aome very flue portraits and landscapes on porcelain, costly lace wlulnw lrapeij gtlt cornices, decorated shades Ac It. the rha-n berw- Roeewtecd suit ta brooatol. rashoginy do. la haircloth. Mruaseis and Ingrain carpets, rosewood and mahogany bn raana, bedsteads and waeaatonda, rhtna toilet seta, easy and rocking chain, mahogany spring seat chairs, heavy hair mat .reuses Fresu lt oeanlerpsnes, glit mirrors bolaters and pi I lows, I see sod muslin curtains, mahogany centre and work ables eaae seat chairs, Ac. Dining room?China dinner aw of 190 pieces, decorated tea acta, Mirer service. Olivers, oas .era, rake baskets, forts spoons. Ae.; eut glass war*. Ivory itMJery, dining and lea toblee, mahogany mm lining rhairs, Ae., Ac. The tale will be positive, and without regard to Weather Oeisloguee can be obtained at the bouse, or Si the iffioe of the auctioneer. Mo. 7? Oeekman Mreet House to let? poeseaston given immediately. JU 8MITH, AUCTIONEER ?SUPERIOR HOUftRHOI.n ? furniture at the residence 193 Prtnoe street, on Monday. Get 39 a> lo o'clock.?J L 8MITH will sell as above, the en 'It* handsnm, furniture of the house, baring baen use I bui a ?hurt Hm? constating lu part of velvet carpets, two elegant ? ut'? so Id rosev nod parlor furniture. In tapestry and hmcede, French oval mirrors, elegant rose wood pianoforte, gneran ee wwblt; rosewood marble top etegerea 'ete a te'es m velvet and tialr cloth, arm and reception chair* roeewood marble top rvnire and pier tables, taney work table*, mirror tops; rk-h mantel ornament*. ormolu shade clock, gas flx'uree roerwrod and m shoe any bedsteads richly careed rosewood aid gtohogany bureau* hair matirereas, beds and bed ling, spring ee*t chair*, armchair*, rockers i?;"rtory book 'SSC sofas, marble lop wsehslands. ptch tollei se's. ezle iMon table, china, glassware Ivory cutlery, Ae , with a variety of base ment and bedroom fttrnttnre. hale rain or shine. The h uts* to let: possession given immMtately. Tba hon e contains eigb ren rooms. Inquire as abovg. ?AMD? AT AUCTION. JMORIARTY AUCTIONEER, WILL dKLL ON MON ? ?<1?>, 29th lUht., at 136 ttMt Twenty ulnth ?'reel, he' weeu Hecood and Third avenaea, the Contents of a grocery and liquor tier* a general assortment, auch aa t> usually found In a r*a peitshlehouse; alao the furniture - IJurrao*. i-flatra, sofas, ear pel*, mirror*. >ome flue feather bed*, hair mattreaaei, ana nso ibe rood will of the Inane, Ave year* from laat May. all will be sold without reserve, aa the owner I* leaving for California MORTGAGE RALE ?w. c. alburtus, auctioneer, wtll sell, on Monday, Oct. 29, at 10 o'clock, at No 5 I auditor avenue, Hotith Brooklyn, the furniture, bed* and bedding of a hotel, oonlalnLngtO rorms, also 'he tixturee, Ac,, of the larroom. ALEX. DUFL'>N, Attorney for Mortgagee. W. WPNTOOTT, AUCTlONEBR ?B17PKRIQB household furniture, at the restdewse Mo. 1M Woat Twen y liinrtb sweet.?I n Monday, October U9, at lt)^ o'clock. R. W. B eet ott will sell, ax above, the entire handsome furnliure of the bouw . catalogues of .which are ready and can be oVame 1 at the office of the uoctloNerr, corner of Fourteenth street and Eighth avenue, all la flue order, having been la use hut a abort Ids, ronsiriag In part of re vet carpels; two atogaal -tula rote* ood parlor feral-ure, la tapt-vr; and brocale; Krrrcb oval mirror*; elegant pear1) inlaid rosewood pianoforte, com *461); inwjwood marble top etogeree; tete a tetes, la velvet ana Itairrlo'li; arm und reeopUoe chairs; rosewood marble top ceaire and pier tables fancy work tables, mirror tops, rich mantel, nrmulo shade cluck, gas fixtures, rosewood er.d mahogany bedsteads, richly carved rosewood and >ut Ingat.y bu eaus hair mailresae*, beds and bedding, spring seal chairs armchair*, rockers, secretary bookcase rosewood h las. marble top waslwtanda. rich tol el MX, extension table, china, g assware. Ivory cutlery, A ?? with a variety of bedroom and basement furniture, bale riiln or ahlae. RW. LATHAM, AUCTIONEBB.-SPEOIaI* SALE-HY ? order of Hon. H. A I'albott, Auditor of the dtate of In diana, for account of Indiana impended banks?) Thomp son's auction stock sales, on Monday, uct. 29, at the Merchant's t ichange at \i% o'clock? tm account ut New York Stock Bank at Vlncennes. ft.dtkt Virginia B'ale 6 per oenl Coupoa Bonds, January, Cou pon off. On account of Plymouth Hank at Plymouth. * 8,600 fnd. HI am 6 per ceul Stuck, with ,nt. trom July 1,1856. on account of Agricultural Hank 2,000 Vlryinlafl per cent Coupon bonds, Jauum-y, Coupons off. 1.000 Louisiana Mas lionds, with Interest fro n !>ec. 1, 1855. ttii account of the tn'e .Slunk .-security Bank. 3.000 Indiana .State 5 per cent block, hit from July 1, 1855. On accouni of Traders' Bank al 'lerre Haute. 2,000 Indians stale & percent Block. Int. from July 1,1855. t u account ol the Drover..' batik at Koine. 3,000 Indiana Plate 6 percent Block, In . from July 1, 1855. On accoun' of Partners' Bank at Jasper. 3.000 Indiana Plate 6 per cet I block, till, from July 1,1855. 3 600 Fenueylvaiita 5 per cent, with hit. from Aug 1, Ii55. all purchases must be paid for on or before 1 o'clock of the day after ibe sale. When purchases nre made for account of parties out of he city, to per cert will be required on Hie dav of rale, and six dais grace given (audlag interest) ou the ban luce The accrued interest will g* to the purehn?er, < the same aa at tbe board of Brokers,) except when otherwise stated. J. THOMPSON. Office No. 2 Wall street. Richard waiters, auctioneer?'to morrow (Monday), at 10>i o'clock, McOAFFRAY A WALTEB4 w ll soil, at bo. 67 Division street, the entire household furni ture ot a family going to California, consisting of sofas und sofa bidt, spring re it chairs and lookers, three ply and lugraln carpels, p encb, mahogany, and other bedsre*d*. bureaus, tat lis and washstanilH, feather beds, mattresses, blankets a id bedding and furnituro|of ever; description ; also, one piano forte. Sale puuciual. and without reserve. CHKRIFP'S HALE?W. C. ALBURTUH, AUCTIONEER, O will seb, on Tuesday, Oct. 80, at 10 o'clock, at 19 Court street, opi-orbe Ibe cltv Hall Brooklyn, suites of rnsewoodpar lor furniture, in plush; rosewood, mahogany and other bed s cads, marble lop bureaus, centre (abler and nasbslauds; I eds auo bedding. Brustete. three ply and ingrain carpets; crockery and stlier plated w*^, paintingsand pic ures; also. 21 pgglor and kl cben stores At 12 o'clock? Bplendld silver pla'ed tea ae e, casterr, watches and other jewelry, loo numerous lo men lion. E. LOI'T. Sheriff. E. THirLKB, Deputy. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, AT THE niGH BRIDGE, Westchester side, on Tuesday, November 30, at li o'rlock the rtoek. lixtures and good will of ten years' leaae from last May, of the hotel and tavern known aa the Wood hlne < otlage. together wl h a Inrge as ort-nentof liou ebold furniture of every description; also, a brown horse, 9 years old. perfectly gentle, and can goto wagon in ihree minutes; also a beautiful saddle borse lor lad? or gentlrmsn. perfectly get tie in every respect; light wagons, sleigh and harness, und bridles, saddles, Ac., for lady and gentleman; cows, hogs, chickens, Ashing boats, Ac., -.ud a large quantity of garden produce. ~~ BOAKDUI^ AJP LOPUiHO. CiWc BR<lADWAY- MRfC K EMBLE HAS ROOMS FOR V | 0 fsml'lrs and single persons, with or without board. In the two splendid houses looking upon Madlaon square, between Twenty fifth and Twenty-?tnil itreela. QliQ BROADWAY, UNION PQUARE.-RA NDSO.MF ODO suite of rooms, on the firwt floor, to let, with prlva-e table, or on the European plan, to a se'eul family or gentle men, togetLcr or separate. No other boardem. POO AND 624 BROADWAY, BhTWEKM HOUSTON DZZ and Hleecker streets. Klrat class accommodations for famtll s and gent emen. ; A f'l BROOME STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, FUR 4 OA nlahed rooma for gentlemen at 01 5(1 per work. Al* though the price Is low, none but genteel persona need apply. Q/yi FOURTH ANENUK, THIRD POOH FROM ZD1 Twenty-first street.-Very nleasunt t>rnl-hed rooms to let, with or without partial board; the House her all the modern Improvenseti's, and the location central and easy or acceaa to any part ot'ihrctty. . llA/l "hKROND AVENUE, BHOOHD door below ZUt- Thirteenth atraet.?Gentlemen can obtain nau?l noTTieJv tontahed room*, with or without partial board In a ii. w hoiiHfl, having gap, bath, furnace, Ac. Location very desirable. lie NINTH STREET-SUITS OF HANDSOMELY FUR 1 tO ulshed room* to let to families, with private table, it df^irvd, In a hi mi? pleaian'ly located, and containing modern mprovraieLh, near Broadway. Q1 EAST TWENTY-THIRD STRflfcT.?A large par OJL lor and bedroom, tlegandy fnrnlihed, on Uio lit Uoor. sua one lari e room on the second 11 tor, can he obtained, to gether ur separate, with board. In n tlrst Apply as suave. HEAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?ONE OR TWO small families. or single geutlem.-n, c*n be accommo dated vtlth tine rooms and board lu the shove first c.ass bouse, pleasantly located between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Olx WHITE STREET, ONE DOOR WEST OF RRO.VD DU way ?Suit ol apartments to let; also, single rooms, on lirst. second and third floors, on reasonable terms, tor single men and small families. rO HLKEfKKR STREET. ?FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with full or partial board, second block iroin Broad say. t,a? and bath. 4 f\ ORf'HARD STREET?BOARDING. IN AN AMERI 4 V esti fsmllv.?A large. furnished front room on the second floor tor gentleman and wife or two single grntleaen; price, is per week; al?o, single rooms for gentlemen, Of" NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?A ?} I nicely furnished room to let, with board, In the flrst class bouse No. 87 Ninth street, suitable tor gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. DC AMITY PI.AUK, ONE DOOR FROM BLEKCEEE ZD sir. et a little west of Broaaway. Handsomely furnished par tors and bedrooms, either together or separate, tor families or single gentlemen, with either lull or partial board. 2 r GREENE STREET.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR r) wires, or single gentlemen, cart be accommodated with handsomely furnished rooms and full or partial board, where the comfort* of a home can he realized flood table; hot and cold ba'hs free. Terms moderate. Ketereucca exchanged. 1Q BEACH HTREKT, NEAR ST. JOHN'S 1"ARK.?OEM 10 t lemon and their wives can b e accommodated with plea sant rooms and board. A Oh N'TLEMAN AND niS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with board, at 150 West 11th street the bouse U new, and contains all (he modern Im provement*; unexceptionable reference required and given. AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT CHILDREN or servants, can now have the second story tront room and letromu. handsomely furnished, wlih full board. In the strictly brat class house, 49 West Twenty-second street. None but parties of the Urst respectability reed apply. References required and given. For partl;u.ara call at house. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can be avommoiaied with a handsomely fur nlahed ro< m wHh board; also two single rooma In a private nmily, in a flrst class house with all the modern improvements. References given and required. Call at 66 Bt. Mark's plaoe. AFURNIRHF.D ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET, to a gentleman. Inquire al 42 University place. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, TO A GUN Ueman and lady, .full hoard for the lady,) at 13U Frank lin street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR, AND TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen. ran obtain tlrst Class board, In a private lamlly. brown stone house, newly furnished.with all modern Improve men s. No. HO Twentytecond street, in the vicinity of Gramer cy park- Reference given and required A FRENCH I.ADY (PARISIAN) WILL I.ET TO A PIN gle g< ntlemsn. or to two gentleman, friends, uis>n reason able terms a nice furnished parlor with bedroom altached?nn excellent opt ortunlty fur one who wishes to learn the French e. Call onl> from 3 to V o'clock P. M., at No. 4 Great GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, rnn ?e ncrommcxlated with pleasant corn-, wlili board In a bonse delightfully sPuaind, anil having every con- - veu.ense, the family Is ?mall sud offers a sorts! and happy 1 home. Apply at 4t( Weat Thirty second street, he ween Btoad I way and rlbo avenue. | a VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROHM. ti.V THE SB A. cokd floor, neatlj furr.lahed, conta.nlng a large pantry, gas and grate bathroom on iiuit floor, would be let, without l-oard to one or two single gentlemen, ou very moderate terms. 1-amity sirtrtly private. Keferencea exchanged. Apply al 3d Lexington avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY nAS A NICE LARGE FURNISH i j room on the second their to let, with board. The gen ileman tliat railed about two weeks ago Is reques ed to call again at 366 Broome street, near Mott. Board.?select families or single gentle men may secure pleasant rottna In suits or single, with board In a Aral class private bouse, desirably located, newly painted aid furnished throuaboot. IHnucr at six o'clock Apply at 222 Thompson street, between Amity and Hleecker Refer ences exchanged. BOARD-SELECT FAMILIES OR HINOI.E GENTLE m -n m?y secure pleasant rooms, in nulls or single, with n card tor the season, at li? and ]IW East Uih st. 1 he bouses ?redesiiabh loca'ed, newly flnlsbe<l and uirnlslied, with all ibemt-detn improvement* Ar , raqulalte for lira, class rest deuces. References eicbMged. A GENTLEMAN AND HIE WIFE WISHING HAND comely fnrnlahad mooia. with modern improvements and board. In a private family, where they ran enjoy home com torts may apply for two daya at 134 Waverley place. Also, two single gentlemen een be accommodated. A ROOM TO I.ET-FI RNIHHEI) f>R UNrURNTSHIO, to a man and wtfe, or two single gentlemen. Inquire at 77 Et. Mark's place. Referenda exchanged OARD IN WENT fourteenth btrekt, OPPOHITE AnnucelaUoD Church, uenr Sixth arcane. Twn gentle men and thetr wtveayand two stnslr gentlemm, will find plea sant furnished rooms and board, by hnmedlaie sprites'loo at No. I0fi West Firnneeo'h street. Isstalhn delightful. and oou van lent to cars and stages References required. BOAED AND ROOMS IN UNION SQUARE-FAMILIES or single gentlemen wanting permanent board cao And [Eevtrable so nmmodxUoo* at 19 Union square, west side, tint house above Fifteenth street The hone* hag been recently rt turnuhed andflttod up In goodatyla. . .OABDINO.?A EUrr OF ROOME. CONVENIENT FOB [J a tomtll. also a room suitable for a gentleman: loeattan laaiwnt and eonvanleat of sossss tonus ail pares of the etty. Keterenreu exohunged. Apply al No 4 Abingdon *(?a?U, weal *td?. two doors nor h of Bank street. B aU?liHli?U aflll

BOABPINO.-A GENTLEMAN AND Hid WICK OH iwo single g< ntlemeu can be airomtnoaaod with room* and board at Mrs. Mrl'Hl HHT'R, Ml Houston street. gOARPINO -A PLEASANT PROMT ROOM AND BED .?_? room'o let, furnirbrd, to a lady and gentleman. with board (or He out/ In Oreenarlcb street, near Hank. Address h. p., l.rusc way Pod office. Board wanted?bt a and wife. board for the wife OUlt, In a private family; a neatly tur nlebcd front room; term* A> per week; Are and light Included; location Hxib avenue. 1 hose objecting to a baby need no: answer Comfort, Heiald office. Immediately BriABD.-HANDHOMKLY prRNlrtMKD ROOMd, IN bouse 40. Wer> Washington place, to let, either to families or single gentlemen, with f ill or partial hoard; bouse oonlaloa the modern lmptovemenla Reference exchanged. BOARD.-A FI'RNIrHSO PARLOR AND BRDROOM, on the second Boor, with partial board, may be ootalued at XI Bond street. BL'ARD WANTED by a oentlkman, with a French fsui'ly, where be would have an upportuuhv of 1-uinlng the language. and have the comforts of a hotne; par tie. having t-u<-h to olfer, will please addrvss Dor, No. IW6 l"o t office, till flat Inst., ataUng terms, locality, and advantages. Reference! exchanged. Board wantrp?by a quiet lady, in a small private family, where do oiher hoarders a e taken, we?' of Broadway where the loan of a sum of money would pay for t card, pieterred, or would rent the. second s'ory o' a small house furnished; or purchase the furniture, dausftclory re ference glt-eo and required. Address Julia, Broadway Poet office. 1JOABPINO, AT 94 W t RRKN RTREET.-PLEASANT, .1 tor> ro ats to let. with hoard to single gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wife. Single rooms to let to gentlemen, with lull or | art's't onrd. Day boarders accommodated with hoard. Prises moderate. gOARDING IN BROOKLYN.?-A LADY AND GENTLE mi.n. orone or two single gentlemeu, who in ybelooklng lor 1 orrd. wl I tlrd pleasant accommodai Ions (furnished or un furnished ;, where all lhe comforts of a home may he enlove.l, . . - - ? - - -y Fuiltou h% applying al 91 bands street, tire minutes' walk from 1 ferry Reference# exchanged. Hoard in Brooklyn-a gentleman and lady, or iwo or Ibree single gentlemen, can be arcomtno Isled with pleas-nt rooms and hoard, In a private family, a parlor, hedroouj and pantry attached, gas In both, on second door; terms per seek 91(1, heiweeu Wn 1 Ht. and douLh ferries, three minutes' walk from each. AddreBS A. B., Herald office, or Brooklyn Post office. ?BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?TWO LAROE AND ELKO ANT J J rooms upon the second floor, to let with board. In the de lightfui first class residence 62 Remsou street, within three inlruies' a Bik of the Wall street, and Ave ol the South terry. A lso rooms upon the third floor, suitable for gentlemen, u inner at six RelV retires exchanged. Bu rnished rooms to let, at no. s great .tones strei i?rorslstlug of a parlor with bedroom, newly and handsomely turnlslied, closets, bath and gas. Suitable for one or two single gentlemen. References exchanged. Furnished house to let?at clifton, statkn Island, three mlnutea' walk fretti Vanderbtlt's lauding, to a tmsll respectable family; every convenience for housekeep ign w II be given for 9100, from now until May. For mure particular.-, address with name, CUftou, Herald office, New York. Furnished rooms to let, on the European plan, consisting of elegant suites of rooms and sing e Bleeping rooms; a good cook kept In the establishment, where meals can he supplied from 7 in the morning till 11 at night, at bob Broadway. Private entrance 86 Prince street Hotel lodgings?clean beds and single rooms to he had for 2b cents per night, or gl 60 per week, at 'he Globe hotel, corner Franklori and William street*, only one block from French's Hotel. Every attention will be paid to those who favor the hotel with a call. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?to gentlemen only, wlih partial board If required, In a plea ssnt situa'ton, near Washington equate. Gas and bath In the house. Apply at f08 Fourth street. INSTRUCTION.?A GENTLEMAN OF EDUCATION would Ilk* to meet with a genteel fami'v, where he would enjoy the civilities ot refined socleiy and the comforts of ahome. for which he would like to give lessons on the ptauo, German * ... . language and literature. The highest city reference can be given Please address Professor, Third avenue Poet office. NO. 6 CLINTON PLACE.?FURNISHED BOOMS, WfTH out hoard to let, In a house with all the modern Improve, menls, In a private French family. PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, WITH PARTI AL BOARD Apply at 69 East Twenty-third street, near Fo urth avenue Rooms for two gkntlemen may be had in a family who take but four, by calling at 148 Ninth street, aear Broadway. TO I.F.T?WI1H BOARD, TIIE SECOND FLOOR OF A hnupe, plea-antly and quietly situated, near Broadway. 1 be room* are spaoious and well furnished; bouse occupied by a family of two only; comfort studied. References exchanged. Address 8. M , Herald office. TO LET?ON THE WEST BIDE OF BROADWAY, A parlor and bedroom, on the first floor furnished, with or without board, for the lady, In a quiet neighborhood, below Ca nal street lamlly small. Address Johtu-on, Broadway Post office, for two days. Two large and Very pleasant roomr-on the first floor, with grates, Ac., to let. Tbey are furnished In good stylo, and will receive the best of attendance. Inquire for three days at 138 West Eleventh street, between 19 ami 2 o'clock. EI.EGANTLY FURNISHED BOOM8.-TIIE APART mcnta, tor two single gentlemen, cannot be surpassed. They Bre In ? first class house?no boarders; the location Is central and near three public thoroughfares. Inquire at 73 East 'I welt ill street. TTICRNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET-AT NO. 7"? BROAD I way. A handsome parlor and bedroom, to ? s , A single gen letnnn, or accommodations sufllcleni for two gentlemen wiab ng to room together. Apply liom 8 to 12 A. M. EURNISHFD ROOMS TO LET.?SKVRRAI. SUITS OF handsomely fii'Dlshetl rooms, with gas, bath rooms, and all il.e modern Improvements, at No. 76t> Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets. LUHNISUED BOOMS T<> LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMt I? lv, 03 Franklin street, near Broadway. Vc ry desirable ocatlon. pOOMS?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, WITH J board, nt 107 Bleacher street, near Broadway. Families ran be accommodated w ith desirable aptrtmcnte; alao single gentlemen. TIT A NTED?hY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, A " parlor and bedroom with board. In a modern built house. Between Fourteenth and Twenty-lifth streets. The adverlser will furnish all but carpets. Prlva'e taniiiie* desirous of It's sening \helr expenses may anplv, by leurr, swing location and addressed to M. M., Herald office. Refe icnns (mtideraie). rcnees t sclmngcd. EDUCATION, *in -BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AC.?STUDENTS f JUi ai IiOLBEaH'H academy. HOB Broad-cay. are taught double entry by a practical bookkeeper, who ekplntns prlnel Eles and details as practised In thn beat commercial honsaa and arks Students thus taught become good bookkeepers and command good situations. fill ft -BOOKKEEPINO, WRITING, ARITHMETIC ? Time unlimited, at PAlNE.3, 2311 Grand street, N Y.; lob Fttl'on street, Brooklyn ?I Adieu or gentlemen are guaran teed an easy, flowing, elegant and expeditions handwriting, snd thorough Instruction In bookkeeping, as used in the best bouses In the city. Rooms open day and evening. $1 ONT.Y. FOR PENMANSHIP?BOOK-KEEPING 1 arithmetic, elocution or resiling; English grammar and composition, including spelling, El each. Must apply Immedl stely, at 77S Broadway, between Ninth ' - ,, ? ... ,, and T^nth street*. Terms reduced ihls week. Lessoas in the Fren Jh, Spanish, and Herman languages. C. BOBBINS KLLKNWOOD. BOOKKEEPER AND ENGINEER.?A SITUATION 18 w anlttd, by a young man, 25 yeari old, lo keep a set of horks. or to run n high pressure engine. Would like to go West or to South America. Address Bookkeeper, Herald office. French lessons given by a frkncti lady, or her huaband, either In Brooklyn or New V ork. None hut persona of respectability need address 0. da B., hoi 201 Herald office. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC AND FRENCH.-A YOUNO 1 Parisian lady, who speaks English fluently, Is dealroua of obtaining pupils who wish to acquire a knowledge of the abore branches. She will give lessons at their residence, and at such times as will suit the pupils. Address or apply at 8. 0. HER Itl'H. 102 EJRh avenue, between 12 and 5 o'clock, where partlculaflnmty be had. full CPAN18H AND FRENCH LANGUAGES.?PROFESSOR O A. PIKRRA can dispose of a few hours to private lesson . Classes of three or four pupils. Terms moderate. Apply s 4 Vsrlck street, near Franklin. THREE OR FOUR FURNISHED ROOMS MAY BF. H AD In a private family without hoard. If desired; entire use of range, with privilege In the kitchen lor cooking; location rerj central, near Grace church, at 91 4ih avenue. Wanted? A good servant girl. WINANT?8 BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOTS-AT LIT tie Ferry, nine miles from Hujuken, N. J.?This la under the charge of A. B. Winant and lady. Next session commences Nov. 5 Terms, 200 per Ave montba. Circulars may be obtained at Appleum's. 3w Broadway, or by addreoa ' - - He wilier" 1 alug tba Principal, lie will call upon any person In the city w' ? may destre an Interview. Ql! ' .TING, BOOKKEEPING. AC.?ARE TAUGHT BY JM) '8TKR A DIXON, at Mfl Broadway, ( Ap.deion's B ill tug,) whera gentleman are qualified for mercantile pur gudg i, an expeditions and aunartor manner. Terms mnderat*. ft CM actuaes and full partleulara on application. HOTELS. C10I.LTNS' HOTEL, FOOT Of CANAL STRKTT, WILL let tun* of four rooms and parlors, with bedrooms, or families, or single rooms, an most reasonable terms, for the winter months. T.VLLMAN A MAPK8, Proprietors. Everett house, north hide union square, new lork.?This eetab l-limcnt is now open for Uie icomm sla Hon of transient and permanent guests. CLAPF A JG8LIN. H OLDREDGKNC HOTEI., 752 BROADWAY, CORNER of Clinton place.?Superior apartment*, for families oe Individuals, nan new be obtained, wttu or without hoard by ?be meal or week, served In the dining or private parlors, at reduced prices. Baths free. Rooms rent from 81 to fW per week. W*t. HOLDRBDGK, Propr.etor. YHORR r a MILT HOTEL, NEW BRIDGE STREET, LT7D ? gate Hill. London.?The abore bouse Is centrally sltita'xd. kaa an eioeilent coffee room, ten or twelve private sluing rooms, bet*sen forty and fifty light, airy bedrooms, a good smoking roam, warm, mtd end shower baths, always retdy. A t.igbt porter la attendance. A fixed charge for aervanta. The New York Herald Is filed. THOMAS QUABTKRMAINt Ship Taverns, (al?o proprletar of the Crown and Beeplor. Greer wtch,) tenders his grateful thanks to bis American frteruk for the fltvors he ha* so long en toy ad at their bends, end soitoila their ma tinned patronage and reoommendnbon. nrrELLIGINCR offices. OQ7 BROMWAY, CORNER OF REaDK. STREET A" ZO I Morrta Oohneri A Oo.'a. can be obtained re. per tab I German, English, Scotch and Irish help file hotels and prtvau families; also waiters, coachmen, farmers, laborers, efo.. a U.ts or tie branch office. 102 Greenwich street TeraM mode rate. XV ANTED -PITTATIONS PROCURED AT NO 4EA81 V? Broadway, for salesmen, suboo] t?a< hers, pr. ten. has keener*, men tor steamers *,.J ralUroads, mechmee. heyiMK trades end hefoaa and stores, ttewardesaea, housekeeper 1 i i?dm a m as la Kfot nloverfi mac /tanand ...iit^. ..?_?* irMWMM ll .mej??? ?... V.r-, ewTWHiwrapvp, HVllfiDIrrilWi I Is.MfoMsM, Ae. Employers may depend on getting compt tout and faithful persons. Charges mnrlrr*t* EDWARD OILLEN. M pAjgfuoiv Attuic rux mmm???, m. AhTIKICIAL FLOWKE8 AND FEATHERS.?THE 8UB scrtber has no hunt) an unlimited supply ol the nmi da alt-able ?ty!es for the present season. thirty per cent lower thau any I ouse In this city Utiyeta oan cbonse their own color*, Ac. Milliner* and the trade only supplied. D VV1D NXRAITS, lit llowery. up *ia rs, oppoahe Klviiigtou street. a MEXICAN, RUSSIAN AND HUDSON BAY COM f\ pao'e*' fui-a.- Mo?er .% Huator can now (Bar to the public, for Olty and country trade. an unequalled mtaortm -ut or the al ct e, eelected by Mr William Mover. during hla late flail to Europe, and nutnufaclured with great care. Every descrip tion ot It ra c*u be (bund of rtirb variety that eanoot (all to at tract attention. Every article will be warmnted and sold at lair prices. MOBBR A II Sl'Ktt. Impor'ere and Manutarturere of Furs, 41 Maiden lane, anil vtA H roadway. Bonnets-beavrr bonnets, bl*ck and brown. at oncd tier eacb. We hare Juat received our aloe* or bill bearer bonnet*, which (or Qoeneae of texture and ttnlah by tar rurt aaa any bonnet ever offered In the c-ltr. W 8. BdND, 108 and Ito Sixtharenue. Bridal wreaths for tiik million?the most elegant adornment (or the aevron is the ootff-ure cache peigpe, iii ostrich, marabout, and legitimate Paris llo-vcrs. For the loilrt table, trulis and bowers in basket*, at JAMES TUCK EK'N. ?P7 Broadway near White street. rILOAKK, CLOAKS CLOAKS.?FOR A SFLKNOID AS ' aortment. at low prlres. rsl) >tpon J. M. LYONS, ltd Bowery, four doors (rem Spring street. CHEAP FRKNCH MILLINERY STORK, 154 CANAL street?beautiful French styles benMU and caps, or ladles, mtuse*. and children, at the fashionable French Milline ry store, 184 Canal street, Mrb. ballings respectfully soLicrrp the attention ot ladiee Ui her ooveitlea In French bouueta. ire reived by <he laat steautahtp.) of entirely new .texture,"ami In great variety, atylea O"* tone seen In any other establishment In the city _ MRS BALLINOS. Iff Canat street I8FES GRANT, DRESS ANI) MANTIILA MAKERS, Corner Rt-msen A Leonard st*., William (burg. MRS. E. bMITl E. 873 BROADWAY-WILL OPEN with a handsome assortment ol winter bouue's, on Mon day, October 29, leift. Millinery.-miss Armstrong has ovbnkd a private lellllnery at 9- Canal gtret'l.over Halsted A Dykes' dry goods store where will be found superior sty tea ot bonnets,. of every descrlp Inn, at leaat thirty per eeat below Broadway prices. A cull from the ladles solicited. NEW YORK fur company.?we beg to inform our Heads and patrons that we hare opened nur store will, an elegant eu ck of (urn, consisting of royal ermine. Rue elan And Hudson Hay suhle. mink, sinne mar en. Ac . selected and manufactured under our own aupervts'on. Parties pur chasing -hould examlun our ar Iclea, wnlch In elegance and beauty ol style cannot be surpassed. JOSEPH.r. NBWM.lNN A Co. 421 Broadway. Orders and repairing promptly at tended to. "HAINTER FASHIONS, FRENCH BONNETS AND FlJRS. TT Madame H A KaIS A RON have much pleasure In an nouncing their arrival of winter bonnets; also a full as-inruneut ol furs, which they will aell at reduced prices, as they ace de cllning the fut trade, not having .ootn for noth businesses 871 Broadway. A AlifVAJVl'S' BttiUlhTBH. 71 0 BROADWAY, CORNER OF WASHINGTON PLACE I -10 over Weller'a saloon.- Handsomely turulshed pnrtora and bedrooms. AN APARTMENT ON FIRS J FLOOR TO LET, TO A small family, furnished or unfurnished, with or without hack basement; also, furnished roome to single gentlemen. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Apply at No. 4 Alien alreet. Bakery to l't or lease?an old stand.?the tour story brick building, No. 837 elxtb avenue, rent f 180: none need applv unless tbev can give good security lor the rent. It Is a good situation for a dry gooes store. Also, to let till 1st May, the large basement corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty-Oral alreet. Apply at 19 West Twenty first street be fore 10 or after 8 o'clock, or at 109 Pearl street CHESTNUT STREET STORE, PHILADELPHIA.-TO let. store No. 174, moat desirable/part of Chestnut street, south side, between seventh and Eighth streets nearly oppo site Ibe new Masonic Hall. Address JOSEPH KELLY, 110 Kldge avenue, Philadelphia. House to let?handsomely furnished, on Fourteenth street, four story and basement, brown etone, wl'h all the modern Improvements; can be had until Mar, or longer Apply to R. D. GOODWIN, 808 Broadway. Also, many others to let and for sale. IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF ST. JOHN'S PARK, HALF of a very fine house will he let to a respectable family, furnished or unfurnished, or to single gentlemen. Apply at fib Varlck street. LA ROE DAGUERRKAN ROOM-ON SECOND FLOOR, to let; splendid skylight, best location up town, wltu or without the dwelling. Kent low to a gond tenant. Apply Im mediately toO. AnGEVINK, 1G8 Eighth arenue. OFFICES AND CHAMBERS TO LET-SUITABLE FOR legal, artist'cat or commercial business, tn the Moffat Building, 338 Broadway. Rents moderate and varying from 8100 to ?1,000. __ STEAM POWER.?ROOMS WELL LIGHTED, WI1TI steady steam, to let. Anplv at John Kennedy's steam marble works, Thlrty-UAh street, near Broadway. TEAM POWER.-TO LET FROM THE 1ST OF No vember. shops, with or without steam power, at No* 14 and 16 Amity place (Laurens street). Sires of shops, 21 by 411 feet, up to 43 by 100 feet, well lighted, with 27 w tudows ou a Hour. Inquire of H. A. DINUKE, 86 Frankfort street. r LET?THE LARGE DOUBLE HOUSE, WITH 8TA ble, garden, and 60 adjoining lota. If desired, beautifully situated, at Ihe corner ol Fourth avenue, Ninety third and Ninety fourth streets, having a fine view ol the island and tur rounding country. Some of the lots are well suited for groan houses. For further information apply lo Mr., grocery store, on Ninety third street, or JOHN T. FAiilSH 76 Broad street. TO TKT?THE UFPFIR PART OF HOUSE US HESTER street to a small genteel family, consisting of front and lack parlors, with kitchen at ached, bedrooms, pantries, and a clothes press It centaurs all the modern improvements, such ssbalh, stationary wash tubs, Ac. Apply on the uremlses. TO I.FT?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, FINE LARGE offices In the five story brick building No. 81 West street, with or without lol'te; also a large cellar Storage wanted. Apply on the premises, hlrd floor, hack office, or in Mr. OKK- i HARD'S office, 133 Nassau street, fourth tloor. TO LET-PART OF A GENTEEL FIVE STORY BRICK I house, with all modern Improvement*, on Thirty-fifth meet, near Broadway. Also, genieel apartments hi the same neighborhood. Apply at Ihe mar Die works opposite. S' TO LET?THE STORE NO. 40 RKaDK STREET, FIFTY feet east of Broadway, opposite Stuart's; reut $5tX? per year. AIso, the first floor, consisting of two rimma, In hou-a) rb ltuanc street, first houre east of Broadway; rent flbu per vear. Apply at (1 KM MEL'S, 302 Uroadtvay. TO LET-HOUSE 11 SECOND PLACE, SOUTH BROOK lyn, three stories and basement, IS rooms, gas fixtures complete; rent $800; or will be boa. ded out by a gentleman aid wile, turnlshlng their own rooms. The house would lot fit nlslied for a good tenant Contain - speaking tunes and oon servalory. Apply on ihe premises. TO LET-TUB FTKdT CLASS RRI'K STORK 112 WAR rcii Hreet between WmUi.ugton and Wen' streets. Inquire on Die premises. TO LET?IN nOOSX 1,2X1 BROADWAY, THE THIRD story, consisting of two large rooms, four ?uiall do,, clone!*, wardrobes, Ac.. with* ro'ou water, fan nnd vat III'urea on 'he f:oor. Airo, Walls and wood work newly painted. Ken' #15 |i"r month. Alan, fourth story, sumr a* Uitrd. Kent $la'a per n nntli. Possession c,in be had Immediately. Kn |Ulre on the premises, or at 1(19 Fourth avenue, corner of Twtlfto street. . T? LET-A FOI R STORY BROWN STONR FRONT ? i louse, In oi.c of the beat location* In the city, will be let, .umished or unfurnished, or would sell the turultiire. which, as well as the heme. Is first class. Kent Clou per month. Fur particulars address 0. C. 0., Herald ofiire. T) LFT?IN A VERY DESIRABLE NEIGHBORHOOD In West Twrntv second street from November 1, afire story English basement house, with gas. bath, furnace, and every convenience. Kent 3700 per annum. Apply to THOU. S. tOMMRRS, 43 Wall street, or 297 West Tweuty second TO LF.T?A SUIT OF ROOMS,FURNISHED, WITH ALL the modern Improrrmente, with or without the use of kitchen. Also, a lght, airy basement, suitable l'or an office. Inquire at Tfic Broadway. TO LET?TWO NEW HOUSES, NOB. 235 AND 237 WEST Thirty sixth street. They have all the modem Im provement' and finished In the beat manner, WUI be rented to the 1st of May, at the rale of B400 per annum. TO LET. WITH STEAM POWRR?TWO LARGE FLOORS and basement, 40 by 75 feet, at 213 and 215 West Thirty sixth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Inquire of 0. KOKHLBR. rrto LF.T OR LKASK.-FOUB NEW FOUR STORY A buildings, on ihe corner of Thirty seventh street snd Seventh avenue, suited for one family on each floor, with five rooms en each, marble mantels in each sitting room. Inquire on the promises. TO LET OR FOR SaLK?ONR NEW BROWN STONE front bouse, situated at the corner of Hammond street and Waverley place, containing all the modern Improvements. Kent*S5i>. Inquire of KLIHffA BLOOMER, 2Utt Broadway. TO LET?A LARGE, FINELY FURNISHED ROOM, with gas snd bath, lo one or two gentleman, where the romfbrts of a home can re enjoyed. Price S3 per week. Inquire of Mr. Diets, 37 Amos sheet, TO LET.?A NEATLY FURNISHED illUEE STORY brick honse will be let with or without the lurnuure. (.oration convenient and desirable, being situated iws hlo.ks west of Broadway, below Bleecker street. Address box 8.B90 Post office. TO LKT-7HBKE SUPERIOR AND FINE SUITES OK apartment*, consisting each of one parlor, wPh marble mantels and grate: two bedrooms, one kitchen, with Oro'on, ? ink and dt abi, all hard finished and orange painted walla, to mail families, tfi to fix a month, at 402 (new No. 390) Third avenue. Also, store 396 Bowery. rro LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, TWO 1 front rooms, with hoard, to a gentleman and bis wife or to two single gentlemen. Apply at 174 Congress street, second door from Court, Brooklyn. r LF.T?THE WHOLE OF THE SECOND OR THIRD floor In a good house, 73 West Thirty seventh street, with modern Improvement*, gas, Croton wuer, bathing room, he... to a small neai family. Apply UU Nov. 1 to J. H. BARLOW. 43 Bedlbrd street. TO LET-A GENTEEL THREE STORY DWKLIJ.NO bouse, with the modern tmprovem-uta. in King street, be tween Naedongal and Vartck. Also, parts of two nouee*. with modem oonvenlenoe*. on same row. Inquire at 29 King at. rl EASE?THE LARGE BFACIOUB STORE, 101 F0L ion street, one door from WUUam street, 16 by 83 feel with a large eky light la the rear; now occupied as a clothing store; li Is one ot The best stands fbr a retail fur, elothlag, or hardware business In the oKy; the fixtures an nearly new, and for sale cheap; possession given immediately if required. Ap to T. bMITll. Jr., 133 Fnlton street. rro LEASE?FUR NIB RED OR UNFURNISHED, THE 1 new Hotel corner of Broadway, Fifth avenue and Twenty second street; slso, Urn icecream sa'non and reieetory. To a fesi ousthl# party or parties It will he rented on advantageous terms. It will be ready tor orenpatlnn on the 16th ot Novum ber. Apply to 1- ?L Ll'DLOW, 11 Wall street. "EXT ANTED?UNTIL THE FIRST OF MAY, BT A NEWLT Tf married couple wtih servant, part of s small gentoel honse, furnished prefeired, location In New York or Brooklyn. If in the lauer. near the Wall street or Ful on ferries. An* Br son having ihe above named apartments, will find a good isnt by addressing ?. B . Herald cfflce. staling location, terms, Ac, ?' u f u?kmm, aau BRO\DWAV-<iKKTI,KMKN'H FASHIONABLE YVV *??"???LEWIS ft H.IAOORD ap Iu&equailed at-sor'toeo' of gentleman'* ferula log gooda forthe tail and wtater trale. Shirt mixing by 11 "H'Si * "ud ?"'"K warranted Spcclmen/i for oo? Iryatel Pallre " ,''?,rof lh' American Instil* e, CAn PA1RMW WmTN-i Y BLANKETS. AT 96 1 KB UUlf pair. Onto! Impcr'allou, fe. " D a *? T fiTKW\.RT ROD., Droidwif, CIiAtnofn tod i.esdt? ilrrioli. Kfl BALKS OK FL ANNF'.R?ALL WOOI? AT 25 CRNTR 0\' per yard. Also, English and real Welsh do, of every quality. A. T. rtrXWaltf ft CO., Broadway, Chambers and isealeMreete. ANEW, BEAUTIFUL AND VAK1KD AtSSOitTMBNT of dry goods useful and ornatnenlal, rleb and ordinary; for the street, m? parlor, or ibe every day uses of life, la any quantity and at tic lowest possible price, and that price marked In plain figures, trom which there la no deviation, at ibe Bowery hayings Store, 116 Bowery. F. ff.lW.P. OILLBY. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OK BIT! FANCY furs ecu he found at LI'lVKV'd more, 41 Ma,den lane cm Mating of a.I the fine and medium grades, and at unprno -den'od low pricee. manufactured under the saperviaton of the set known CEO. S. MAWHON, agent, 44 M Idea lane. AUCTION OOOD8.-600LLANKKT3, ALL WO >L, LARGS size, 14a. to 99 ;Soo long plaid shawls, rery cheap; 234 square plaid shawls from $1 to 9ft; .quo ,-a timere ?ha via a great bargain; 15t' pieces of black silk very cheat); also clothe paramcttaa and merinos. ANI1KKW O OOI.BY, :t7 Tblrd ar BTRORBfl, NO 116 CANAL STREET, WILL OPEN ON Monday morning a large to' of de lalnrs, at 12H and U tenia. All new styles. CLOAKS FOR TI1K WINTER-aT BULPINW CLO iK shawl and fur emporium, S61 Broadway. The ladtet u New York end the CnPfd States genet *lly, are respectfully In ft rmed that Inconsequence of the vastly ex'endsd trade and inn eared manufacturing facilities ol the suDkc tber, he ts ena bled this season to nlfter them garment* second lo none ?kher in quality, style or make, and at prices hitherto u..beard of. He would Invite a perusal of the following its', and an .taps' tton ot the articles when ladles are nurchestni!. He vi'lfal Gray cloth talmas, at six dollars ; fashionable. rich and new excellent black cloth cloaks, at twelve dollars of fi c cloth, and handsomely lined with silk ; superb black Lyoli's velvet cloaks, at thirty dollars, a magnificent garment, ei at to what bar been sold In former seaaons at forty dollars and i,U the fit er and richer clonka of ihe season proportlonne'y eh "tp. I adies' fancy fur*. In Russian and Hudson's Bay sanle. ch a ehilla, mlnic, squirrel, stone martin, lox betr, erra no, ftc , all first cIrhs and pi reasonable pries. Mia wis I aha wit I f shawls III The entire aiock of a Paris manufae urer. In Ine l.roche, ratbmere end stello shaw ls, at a dtroount of for'y per cent, from coat of importation . GEO. BULPIN, Paris Mantilla Kuporlum, _ No 361 Hr^adwaf. CURTAIN MATERIALS.?PATIN DKLANES WORSTED do.; cotton do ; la e and mu?tln curtains, all quailtei: window cornices, bands and pins; bull' and white Holland ?hades; transparent and gilt do ; aiul all kinds of curtalu tr tu rnings, wholesale snd retail 'JH1LD8 ft SMITH, 449 Pearl street. CORSETS, CORSETS, OORSETR.-L UHM OKITftfiT netv fell dresses in order to insure a good fit, shnu'd pro cure a pslr ef Mrs. OAYNOh'S ce'rbrsted *nd ??! >g*nt (l ing French wove corsets (not German ) ladles ah mid observe the difference. 46 Third avenue, near Tenth street. Delaines at vnd shilling per yard.-fivr cases of the richest and best delaines ever olTered In New Anrk at Is., will he opened on Monday morning at the Com merctal House, 147 Spring alrect. J. IL LIP <EIT, Proprietor. 1TMBR0IPERED MOURNING HOLLARS AND.4LBBTRS ]J on erspe, muslin and llnei In great variety. A good aaso-t n en' of mourning sets made of an entirely new m tlerla1. Also, a new style of handkerchief for half mourning BAILEY, FARRINUTOh ft LESLIE, 623 Broadway English blankkts.?just received a labor assortment ol Rose and Whhnay blankets, of every alze and quality. HALSTKaD ft DYKE. KB Canal street, between Greene and Wooster. 351LOUNOED SILK. ROBES FROM AUCTION.?J AMES V ORAY ft CO have just received a large loi of rich flounc ed silk robes which they will open on Monday, tbe ?9tb. (29 Broadway, corner Waverley place. F BATHERS, ELOWERP, RIBBONS, ftc. Howik ft Ketoruh F Oiler aa extensive stock of Paris feathers, French flowers, ribbons, ftc,. at very low prices for cash, at No. C4 and 66 John street, comer of William. Just received. 1,000 pieces black and oolored chenille. FROM THE RECENT AUCTION SALES?WR WILL OF fer on Monday, October 29, some great bargains In silks, a' prices from OA cents to 91 per yard aLo, all wool French mousaellne de lalne, at 2s. 6a perynrd. A T. STEWART ft CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. ROM A rCTION-fiOO PAIRS OF (ALL WOOL) BLAN kets, at very low prices. J M. LYONS, 186 Bowery, four doors from Spring street. titabhionable dress silks.?on monday, onro V ber 29, will be added to our already large assortor at 600 pieces, new styles, rich brocades, plain and satiu p alls, moire antiques, Ac.; also an Immense quantity of tow priced plaid, striped and plain silks. . LOItif ft TAYLOR, '.5-,. 267. 269 ,W2bl Grand at. And new numbers 47 ft 49 Catherine st, FASHIONABLE DRESS TRIMMINGS. BROCADE, moire antique, velvet, fringes and every other variety of lashlonablr dress trimmings, 26 per cent below regular p Ices; also a lull arsortmeut ol rfah bonnet and trimming ribbons at equally low prices. LOftlf ft I AYLOft, 266. 257 269 ft 261 Grand at. And new numbs rs 47 A 49 Catherine si. GREAT NOVELTIES?IMPORT F.I) VELVET CLOAKS ? 9IOLYNEUX BELL, Ah Canal street, lias ibis day reeetred very Urge lonslgtimem id ve ve cloaks, embroidered with chenille In .brilliant colors, the rlebi-st and iuoc mire) gar u erto ever imported ; also, a Urge loi of clo'b cloaks ern iroid ert d with cLetnlle, In a great variety of shape* at d designs, llehas a 1m. received from bis Parisian modiste, a new atvle f French benverclotb wrappers of a new and ueantiful des rlptlon of iflvel cloths never before naed ;n the mau'tfactu tk of cloaks, and trnnnied with velvet. Great bargains in bilks.?just received. and are eel lug, striped and p'aid silks at 6*.. 5s (id., fla., wnrlb 91,111 BIKGES.V silk and aliawI store, 116 Caiml street. Great bargains in blankets, flannels, etc., will open on Monday, All w-onl blankets, from 91 a pair upwards. All wool Haunels from Is.; a great bargain. * 11. O. H.iHLKY, 271 (lr"nd St., cor. Forsyth. AMES GRaY ft Ot). HAVE NOW T.V STOCK V SUPERB ,, t id lection ol ical lace* and rich French embroideries 729 Broadway, corner Waverley place. J BECK ft CO. WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, OCT 29, A . large stock of new goods received by late arrivals fr m Europe, cunstaihicof Bilk-, shawls, cloaks, de laities, val-nntaa, merinos, laces, t mnrolderles, calicoes .to., dr. .V.i ami .'57 Broadway. 760 and , "ft Broadway. TAMES GRAY A CO. IIAVK RECEIVED SuMR RASH" lovable silks, Valencia rohn, soil rirh drc* good*. front auction, which they will npruon Monday, the 19th. 7211 Broad wity, corner Wateriey place. J VST RECEIVED, FROM THE LA?T SIX FRKS'H ?ales?alike, rutin*, velvets, Sonnet ribbons, lire** IrPn uitnc* ot all kinds. Thibet cloth* c*'hm?rss, vmhnM leruw, (lowers and feathers, will be rflered for *ale at hali ?f the eosi of lir.porta'lon, on Monday. 29th ln*t,, by I' K. ISA VOKS, Agent, 80 John atrret, corner of Nassau nireet. Four young ladle* wanted Immediately. JW. GAY, NO. 2B.1 OREENWICFI STREET, WHOLE . ra'e dealer In millinery rood", pattern bonnet* dtv*a cap* and bead dre?*e*, feathers. flower* alia* aailoa and velvet*. Kid gloves, kid gloves kid gloves ?clbar Ing sale of those anperlor Part* made Rlovr*. Having bought the entire importation, consisting of UK) dozen, the whole and l**t lot la now otlered at .la. a pair at J. M. LYONS', 19b Bowery, four doori from Spring atioet. Ladies, don't tay droadway or canal street price* lor your clonk*, but come to the " See Hire." 827 Grand rtrret where you will find a *reat assortment, equally a* good and at much cheaper prices. Lome and aee. LADIES' CLOTHS.?A FULL ASSORTMENT OF FABH lonable colon will be opened on Monday October >9. A. T. STEWART *00 , Broad way, Chambera and (trade street*. LA DIES' CI<OTH8, CLOAK INOM, AO-WILL OPEN ON Monday, October ?, a lot of doairable atyle* and colore French talma cloth*, from 10*. upwarda, a great bargain. Alao, raaelmcre* and raetlna*, In great variety. H. 0. IIARLEY, 271 Orand atreet, corner of Forayth. Merrimack and fall river prints at ?>s cent* per yard.?Seven caae* Merrimack and Fa 1 River print*, at (So ; all wool flannel*, la. fid.; ahawla, blanket*, n* rtro* prramattaa. moire antique, and rich alike; Lyon* rard wide black *llk velvet, warranted heat quality, at f; AO. alao ar tmmenae stock or foreign and <li>m wtlcdrv good* at aa mulshing low price*, at the Commercial Ilonae 147 Spring at. .i H. LI PHKTT, Proprietor. N. B.? Oritur and French language* apoken. NOTICE-BROADWAY AND CANAL BT. DRY GOODS Clerk*, attention.-A number ot ge'itlernan, rerire-smUng -nine <4 the first hmisasln the Broadway and Cnna) street trade, >.at I r come in the determination of celebrating. In an appro prtatc niattnar, Tuankaglvuig day. by eliher a ball and sapper or a military parade (which inay afterward* be Je'ermloed no), respectfully tnvlie all iboae who feel Iqirreaied In the welfare and elevadnn ot * much ahuaed via**, to attend a meedng to be held ?t Rlellt'a old Mar ll>r.el, l.tepenard utreet on Nanday evtnlng, October 29 til S o'clock precisely, to ake the necea *ary tien* for the furtherance of their object. VKW FAIL SILKS-? CAgFB Or PLAID AND J> Ktrlped ?llk*. jn?t received per steamer A rtca. and open tor aale oi, Monday, 29th of Oc'ober. HALHTEAD A DYKE, PS Canal atreet, between Greene and Woo*er. PERA CLOAKS.?MOLTNKUX HELL. VI CANAL BT.. baa now in stork a tew more new design* lu choice opera *k* ai.d tain a*, l ade* desirou* of Detaining novellle* are 0 t oak* SI.d iHin a*. I.K'le* desirous of Detaining liovrillrs are lit lied In make an en, lv call. The alock of rich Lyotia velvet lid inolre antlou* cloaks Is nog replete with all the laurd. 1 atterne and design* of the acaeon. PARIS MADK BONNETS. DRESS CAPS AND HEAD ? Ireaae*.? Mr*, LEVI woold rail the particul*, m ennui of he ladle* to l>er rholte a>*ar ment of roililnery, received per I de arrival! fn to Pari*, and uow on e>blblU"n at the tal'llnery n.feriom of MRS. LEVI, No. 110 Bleecaer street, near fruwlway POITLaR TRADE-IN CARPETS -RN0L1SH TKLVRT, Fmoel*. lapratry. three ply ami *nper1ne Ingrain. Ac., Ac , Ac. A. T bfi.W WIT A CO., Rrnadaray. (T am'era and Reade street*. PCOI.K-HSB BROADWAY, TWO DOORS ABOVE ? l inon aqnare blach and colored ?l!k*. plaid tnariooaa, Lotr battnee, delaine*, emhrotderies full assor ment of boxer r, under**re kid glove* of the beat quality, houae furnMUng gocda, aliltHu*?, blankets,comfortable*, quUU, druggeitag. Ae. CnAWIS. ci.oaks and talmas -broohe shawls, lij from H to 912 Cloak* from 9? to BIB; talmas, from Da. I? 95. at J. M. LYONS', |9fi feiwerv, f-mr door* from Spring *. CII.KS. SILKS. SILKS-PLAID, STRIPED AND BLACK O ?Uka, 5#., fi*. and 7s. a yard, J. M LYONS I9fi Bowery, tksir door* from Spring *trw?. OILKS FROM AUtTION.?S. A M. R. TOWLE A CO 0 Will open on Monday. October 29, JB 001) yard* rijR pl*M silks ai fla. per vsrd 19.4m)yard* ertra tSeh pUM *tfk*01 fi*. per yard wortfc 91 atid 91 Ei yar yard. ColuaatAan Hall, Jfit urm itraal. _ CILKS AT ORfAT BARGAIN -II SI KM EIVBDFROW h? auction and will be opened on Homing Ho*. ?. IJilW yerd. rtcb ebaae plaid sBk* at "a. MT yard! JJ 800 ;r*rd* extra 1 aid fllk# at ;a par >ard. ^ M. R. lOWl.K % ' v ' ColalSan Mall. ?l Grand *teve?. TO THE L.ADIKH.-IP YOU WISH T) HTY SILKS, ehawlv or drrn* gtxstaat the very lows*' prt-p., r?m-H ber *04 Wtll ?> ?VBU1IW , lu Caaal atm?*