Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1855 Page 7
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iWMTISfiMiSirai RhflKWM tfl&g? 0A11 KOh SALt,. ti-'.fWt SALE?A WKU. LOCATED GROCERY fpvivJ""# on a corner, dung a thnrlnp and prodtable busl new, loon aaialiltrhed; long vane ani Ion rent. or the tight k'ud of m -n taken an partner. No liquor* ?o!r|. Apply at the Mutual Real Estate Agency, 293 Broadway. room fi. . . AflltK A ROBINSON. a BOARDING ROUSE TO BB SOLO OUT, TOGETHER Jn with a lcHie ol three year*. pleasan'ly ululated in the viol ally ol HI. John'* park, wlib a genteel das of boarjer*. Ad dress O. p., lleralu office. A SPLENDID FARM, ORI8T MILL, SAW MILL, CIDKK A prim Ac. ;or sale-Situated in llarrlngtou, N. ?bo it three mile* from 1 appon Town, and abou 20 miles frotn Ne ? Urk it eoi slsts of seventy acre*, 'e?, heavy timbered, two dwe ling houses, ?tore, barns, Ac The mllli are all In floo w o. kineordT ai.d die poi-d one of the nest on Ui? Haekeusaek river, apply to WILLIAM T. GRAFF. 119 and 121 Nassau ?KM. Boot and shoe stork cor sale, with stock and fixture*, or more and fixture". Nail-factory rcaaoti given for wiling. Inquire at U1 Firm avenue, corner oi Seventh atreet. ("OTTAOE HOCSB FOR SALE VKRY OHKaP-A TWO J nory attic frame house, tilled In with brick situated to Carl'dh syenite, near Fulton street, Hiooklyn; lot l'i by I Jtl Price t2,>U0, and 2900 on mortgage. Also a large num y, at all pr brr of hour-en and lira in tlila city, at dip r ceg Several farms Inr aale ana exchange, bv LUSH A MOORE, Si Fourth ave nue, turner of I? euty third street. DhUOOIFTS, DOCTORS, AC.-AN OFFICK FOR 8 VLB or to let; a good chance for a ?tnali capital, rent low, p only of room, and everyiulur on hand 'u begin a' ouce, ex _ . u v t?n twaiiti " itCvHi m uuvio, a* eept the drugs. Address X. Y 7.., (pos'pnld,) Chatham square ~ " nil Nov. ft. Feat office, with real name, until UhlK BALE-A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF OLD AND J* new sample* of dry goods, of farelgu manufacture; they brace a great variety of French and l.ngllsb designs and u? a DftDntaclurer or a pa< ty in the liabit of getting up new do Mgna, they would prove an Invaluable purchaaa. To be aolo aheap. For particulars, Ac., addreae H. U., box 100 Herald VOR 1 ' tnra . J SALE?A BABE CHAN"? ?THE BTOOK AND Fix tures of a retal grocery and liquor store, now doing a good sash business, situated on the north-west corner of Broome and ?trick streets. I be owner having two store* wishes to di* pose of this one. Apply to John fi. Seebeek, corner Houston 1 Elizabeth streets. FIR sale VALUABLE improved propekty flne Investments. A large new dwelling, with sale* stable, ?u Twenty fourth street, uear Third avenue, SIMM; a One large Ilrery s able In the rlctn ty of Madison square, a stipe nor tenement property on Twenty-first atreet, paying Til per A number of low priced houses, lots, Ac. Apply to K. - ~ ?. k.i B. It 319 Fourth avenue, from 3to7 P. M. and b ?0 10 A. M. f'OB SALE-A LARUE DISTILLERY, PARTICULARLY aptrtta rectifying, with apparatus, slock and elegant furul lure. A very good chance Price lltJ,Olio. Apply to WM. sCllLWk'l Eft, Notary Public, 77 Chatham street <OK HaLK-AN OYi-TBll AND FISH STAND, IN CKN tre market. Apply at No. 8 Centre Market place. For bale?a lot of ground on berorn point, fronting on the Kills; has a iront of 75 (net on the water by 23, feet In depth, with water privilege, on the grounds la a new iwo story and I arement house and small barn well, AC., wnh Iruil tiees, fences and walla In good order; a hundred h-etrrnm steamboat landing. Inquire at 2SM Fulton st.. New York, or at the Hheritt's office In the Commercial Buildings, Jersey t lty. B. K. MKTSWottl'H For half-two steam engines and boilers - One Is railed a three and the other a six horse power. Ap ply 'o D. FaNsUaW, Printer. 35 Ann street, corner of Nas sun. ?OR Ha LB-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. ON Broadway, doing a Art t ra'e business Only ritasoa of present proprietor wishing to dispose of It Is the waul of Uaneto attend to It. Terms made satisfactory. Address A. G. U., Herald office. .HIR BALE CHEAP?A LARGE DOUBLE CYLINDER line printing press warranted In good order. Has patent files, six rollers registering apparatus; alae of hod I2U Inches by 3J J*. Said press was built for the New York ltlaetra'rd New a. Can be seen at 22 and 24 Frankfort street, basement Terms easy. Apply I ELLIOTT, Ilarald office. I SOB BALE?EIGHT FREESTONE HOUSES IN HUNT Ing'ou street, Bro -kl.yn jnst lb tabed; will be sold low or exchanged for other proper y. Apply loJC. EKLOKN 11aLi,, M William street. Union Buildings. Fob hale or exchanged for a farm or real estate in the elty?A seat hotel, near this city, worth tu1 000, long lease, now doing doe business, all in complete order; disponed of on account of the ill health of the proprietor and fandty Notes addressed u> Msihew. Herald office, stating whereas Interview can be had, will be ImmedlaleJy attend ed (e. L'OH HALL?THE FIXTURES, COMPLETE, OF A X floor oil cloth manufactory, comprising two or Powers' 24 fee' pru t m gauges, block fn: about 30 new and desirable pat t> re-, I rams t ami and plaster ml la, and evnrv requisite for si enen-ive business Apple to K. JOCRNKaY, an the pre Bi<-es, corner of DeKalb avenue and Debevotsu street, Broox lye. I L'CB 8AI K OR TO IiET-ON FAVORABLE TERMS, A II go bh- mttage. two aforv and attic, ult'iitrd no tour lota, t en log lfdth and IMlh ?(rcm, and within two mlnnlea' walk lal bodrou River tta I road depot, inquire of JOHN 0. RBNKNPCTSCH, No. 76 William street. ? OR SALE?AT A BARGAIN, ON WEST TWENTY four.i at. ret, four story and basement brick bouse, oou In fog tta*. t i? on water. Ac. -th-ipm; throe story and bane i r nahtcrn bouae and lot, Wert Thirteenth atreet; lot 21 bv e-ft-JsH. /. Uo Uu- e story and basement modern brick no t *rd lot, Went hnrlelb atreet, lot 2d by 11*1?16,600. Apply noon to S. R. JACOBS, 21 Wall atreet II/O K SALE CHEAP?A LARGE NUMBER OF GOOD draught bortea, suitable for car-men, grooera, sieve antes ?r d Iru Imttti. aim. >wo tine gig horse*. well ca o'tla nd > r phj c Inquire at Uiu ofliee of tlie Km kerbocker I :e J- mpsiiy, 113 ( anal atreet or at il eir -table* Nos. 276 and 27 r |V i birtceuth street, uear Tertli avenue. ;tB HALL?AN OLD ESTABLISHED OYHTBRSALOON, opened in 1660, now doing a good cash MiM| neiuir m ,, i- c .ocai.un ot eaah eustomera. l'b* bar la well tilted tip?a rod chance tor aa<"tie wi blngbigo in buatnaa*. It win bd 11.. fbi u| , a? Ibe preaent owner Is going to Ireland. Inquire < but Eighth avenue. |LtlR BAl.l.-TlIK STOCK AND EI XT! RES OF A ir pirn hou-e, BOW doing a good business, ?til tab e for wiry oi liquor at ore*. Bdaaoua for jailing, going la leave bu,.ntar. Inquire corner of nherUT and ilroouie atreet*, Ltnwteii b* bourr of 0and 1 o'clock. M,h SALE?I WO TENANT HO IS EH ON ONE LOT, 80 _ feat de< p e?eh lot 146 feet, with full front. In Cherry .tee between Catherine mod Market. Tenaa enay. For |wr en ara apply at the New York Fur Company, 421 Broad < y, after I r. M. EASES OF HOTEXaND Ri BTvURANT FOR HALE - _ ? I he at* h > ears'unexpired loaae of a tirat claaa business *tei or aale. I In location lacantral. and near railroad *'* lie landing ?f liver and rateaii steamers. Houae nri i l ed tdu tuhout and In t not. order, and would acooramo p lu i eisot-a Receipt* infl.ODo to ?4o,<*M per annum. and -a V een kept by the present pmprle'or tor the laat. flee year*. . -c a hog Jeaeeof a raataurant. at a low rent, and doing a . arp bu-luea- ol V'/O.tXJO to S3A DuO. En her or liotli me aboee ? lb t>'e aold ai a bargain. Six thousand to en (hyuaaud dollar* catb required. Apply to MORGAN, No. 2 Fine i rtec [ACHlNkRY-FOB SALE. TWO FLUB BOILERS. I twt. flue* each, 22 leet long, 6)* let" diaine or, whh atearn ? era, t ue* 22 In beu in diameter inn.le of bead, inade of besl e'lcnn iron, and warranted in trat rale or ler and to carrv i lb? a, am, ae'gh' of each Ifl.uOOlba.; trout* to mttoh, ilaed lout one ytar, and will be aold togather or separate. JOHN hiUART, 196 Broadway, IJKBMII M FIGS-FOURTEEN SPRING PIOH, BACH weighing 21.41 pound*, rained by Mr. Israel Uoyce, on _ d da Oral premium at Cooriland Oounty Fair, Sept. Si ?6. Iheee remarkanl flue ?peetmen* were ?oid by Mr. |an del MrGrgw. a1 Browning's to A. F. KIN VON A CO., 269 XHWrt ? here they will be offered for aale on Monday inorn l,g (>r t.2V. . lie lover* ol superior pork , pi ime sud wholesome kuruges. *c , are Invbed to call and inspect their qualry. Aa gusraniee of the excellence m their sauvagea, the proprietor* Irtiluae ol their own manufacture, well knowing that they Ire ecmpoeed o i "mm, tresb and heal'hy pork, and that they Ik. hi remre. worthy ol public confidence and general coin prnuaUou. C kRCOGISTH AND APOT1IECARIES.?F. HaLB RE ?prrtfiilly invites the attention of purchaser* to several nna flde e,ottcerna now for aale In Brooklyn. Wliiiamkuiro no Sew York cole* Full particular* gtvwa by calling on F. i Al.k drturglata' glass and Oztnra dealer, HO Naaaaa atreet "O 1R SPHERE?HCHOOL DESKS AND SF.4TS FOR aale cheap; mahogany, very handsome. nearl- new. Fa l'a ii amitac me. Id* latest Lmprowtneut, aUo o-il'lue map* f?. <bit.g geography pplv >o M. U A KKKK. 60 Eaat Flf rxuh ktreei, tblnl dot r from Union square. CONFEI TIONEIRS.?ROCK CANDY. IN LOTH. FOR aale elite and red beaulllully cryHtallxed; It will be had In boxea, it ueulrcd, and a dmcount allowad for Ire. ten ' twenty pot*. Manufactory ltd Eighth avenue' i'u mamfaiTurkks of paper hangings.?for J sale, o cluae a concern. 1 machine for printing ten roiora. [ do three do.. I do. pnttahlng ', 1 <b grounding; I do. born bin-, I do. tfuamg, lgdo ha ml pruaaaa, I Bogardut' palm ill . I ?tuall do. The above, and a varlatw of other tool* an I ? raiua, together with a ,uanUt, of paper flniahrd and plabed, and coloring malarial*, eetienaa, abafUt g. atxing. Mill be aold low to r.loae up Apply to THOMAS SMITH, , Aavluxn aireet. llaniord Conn. anthouiuy, STRf'LGOY ?THE CELEBRATED MRS. rLETRI. I from l'arl*. wbore rela Ion w a* e>m*tan ly con*ull"d bv lapel* on ? give* true bilorma lou on all eve daof li.'e Ctue? in* about love, marriage, bur nraa, Ac.. are aaawared by lha ewer of n-agnetlam, at .63 Brootue rtrect. BTONIrBlNO TO ALL. -M vDAME MORROW. THIS highly gibed lady 1* the meet wonderful a-trol'>glai In > word, or that h*a ever l-een known, ahe wbl tell all liM ?la M llie eveu the very thougbta, and will caure apeedy rvOigea ai.d ahow tjie llkeneaa of Ibe lDtei.d~l and I th< great aatonirl.tioie ol all who < lalt her til who want I III,a fly >o Iter for rebel and comfort. All lnl~rrtew? are jily prlvair aa no adtmralon la given to g* ntleoien yn arge if not aatlahed. it Broome atreet. between Cannna and ? nbta ILaIRVOYaNCE, AFTHMA, BRONCHITfg. DTEPEF aia.u* lilt; divet try Hvwv rorcpl aota old un era. nervou* i fever and ague In Ha worai form. Female irregulariuaa, xhimarr, bvaierle* and dtaeaava of rlilldren cured (1?enruh el Mr*. raYMiii't. tha grrai madiaal clntrvoyunt, 110 Hprmg mm. near Broadway. SiUafo-ifoo or no pay ILAIRVIIYANCE.-BVFRT I'RRSflN AFFLICTED J wlb blindn*,* deatne.e aathma, beoorltlita c.,'arrb. ? apapala be*n di?e??e Ml ? I cotiipiaiuta ?o*it oermuvoew. ?unaitMp. frmai* Irrrgula-ttle*. Ac.. aboutd rottauli Mr* TIS. before trifling wt'h other clalrvoran'a In tbla e iy. sure la gimrann ad ?f curable). U?. e 17? Urarnl atrwwt. a or no pay. I ADA ME MEYER HAH REMOVED TO 191 SEVENTH I aver or. between Twenty third and Twenty fourth at* * mm M tall pant, preaent and future event*, likewise . loornev lawauH*. "o'lnera prwpccta. alckue e, ? p rot forty loal or atofon. Madame Meyer eon r ah, French and German, and give* guarantee F for aft, W1TCHEI, JKWKLHV. M3. IaLTFORNI* 1.1 AMI in oh -this new and beaut, I fot arMile atlll mkm foe laad with oaj-rhwaer* <* (vwwir pbm>tjudaa eanmw tall foam flrea*'few real dlaaatmd. Th? e are tvwMa Q? rwaeb of every one Clmuar gant*' plea ? and flW ; ear mgv ? lo M; ring* W to Hi. attxd s ptaa. ervw.aa trwkata, nwiMaa, h'taataba. Ae anielw if ndagqaa* tvWfc 'he a'ovw diamond* in aor atyta Ajk It pa(4 of foe t'nl'ed tatae, hv aeafcaaa Ifo u hh tuooaFSH INfotov LOST AND FOUND. ADOO LOST -NOTICE TO DOO THIEVES, DOO merchant* and others.?$5 reward will be paid, at I'M Crosby g'reet, for the return ot a blank bull terrier pup, about 4 tnontba old, answering to the name of Oscar, or Oskm. NIX. FOCNP?IN A BROADWAY STAGE, A VOUCHBR OP a draft on the Koyal Hank of Ireland, dated Oct. 2d. The owner can pet the same by applying at the Herald otnee. <?1 (inn ??WABD AND CAl'TION.?THE SUHM'RI <Ji I ?' ? VI" I ber offers the above reward tur 'he recovery of a (In box marked V. J M. aud if. with Us con'en'a, stolen from tie Menbaniea' Hank on the llihor 12U> i-ist.; and also rau Hons the public from purchasing. receiving or in any way ne m inting the 9 Lowing deaertoed bonds:?Town of Newark, Ibo No 1, 7 per cent, due In I860; I'ort-mo'ith Cttjf, Ohio, Nos. 80, 90 7 percent, due In 1866; City of Newport, Ohio, No. 2 . percent- Franklin County, uhlo. No. 48,7 per oent. doe to 18,'F; Cits or roluiubus, Ohio, No : if, 7 per cent, due in InM; Ashuelot Railroad, Ohio, Nos. IP 27, ti per cent, due in lWi|; ItU'laid and Washington Railroad, Noa. 101 192 ttper -eui, din- In 1899; C aveland and Piu- burg itallraod. No*. 920. 921, 421, 7 per cent, due In IhffO ; New York and Ki te Kailroad, Noe. 1,*297,1 (144 per cent, duo in 1?7 -, Ohio aud Pennsylvania Railroad Nos. 260. 700, 490.921,7 por cent, due in 1H99; Colum I-us and X. nta Railroad, Nos 56 81, 7 percent, due In 1897; I'auphln and Suauurhanna Coal <-n., No. 144, 7 pec cent, 1st V< rtgsye.t i'v of Nashville, No 400,401,0 percent, due IH,7; Iloiirbon Count-. henlursy, No. 1, Iff. ii per cent, due 1883; M wnukief Itv, No. 1.34, 10 percent, doe U*VI; Pennsylvania Coal Company. No 314. 7 per cent; New vlbany and Salem It. H .. No. 1 089. 1st Mortgage, b per cent; Evanavllle an I Illinois Railroad, No* 77, 78.70, 48. 49 204 7 percent, duo 1170; liutta'o and New York City Kailroad Nos. 67 and lib, i per I en, due 19tW>; Michigan t emral Railroad, Nos. 2,7-V 4 148, 3.729. b per enn', doe 1HHO. Macon and W Kailroad. No. 201, 7 per cent. I,ake Erie and Waboah and St Louts Kailroad, Nos. 288, 198, 7 percent lat Mor ga*o ?<>nverllhle due 14fS9 baton and H.inllinn K R., Nos 190, 184 7 percent, 1st Mort giu e, Hudson River Kailroad. No 3,290 7 percent. Also, Die ?allowing ileaertbed notes ot band:?No. 6,4''4, A. T McCain payable to order of H. T. Hrlggs. >400. A uguat 1 1846, 8 mo<.; No. 9,462, Yield A Steel do., (.100, August'.'!, 1856, 6 inos ; No 9,474, ff. W. tatho, do 9200, sept. 10. 1895 4 mos.; No 6,474, O. W. Ja'ho, do . 0203 04, Sept. 10, 1866, J mos.. No. 6.479, J. .V. Thayer, do. 9116, Sept. 12 1866, 4 moa.;Nn. 4,487, How land A Aspluw all. payable to order of A Frizac 92it0. Sept. 1,1866, >10 days; No 6,1: 9, A. Van Valkenburgh A tfo., their own or Iter, ?788 94, Sept 28. 1864, I4m? . N'o. 5 140. A. V an Valken burgh A Co., their own order. 9738 94, Sept. 28,1864,16 mo*; No, 5.467, Hyde A Good rich, payable to order .1. N. tllcou, fMKl, June 28, 1866. 6 nn*.; Acker A faarrla. their own order, 92 248 10, June 8, Iho-'s 8 mos. New York, Oct. 27, 1866. fJ. QCRD1N, 16 Maiden lane. IOST-YKHTERDAY AFTERNOON, IN HROADWAY, J near Fourth slree', a black and while setter, wph tan band on each cheek rather fa', and llnd of one eye A inlla bte reward will be given the Under on returning hlin to JOHN TRENOR, Jr., No 1 Uulverspy place, corner of Fourth at. LOST-A NOTE FOR 993 71. DATED AtraUST 14, 1864, at three n.onihs, drawn by J. Kehmadheck A Co., and en domed by H. Srhiihari A Co., paya tie ai Mlddletown llauk lias been lost, and we caution all persons not tn uego.iate the same, aa It wlUuot be redeemed. U. belli H art * CO., 221 Front street IOPT?A GOLD SEAL RING, WITH THE LETTER "H" J engraved nn a white stone Thu finder will be suitably rewarded by returning It to the store 82 Pearl slreet. The full n a'ertal value would be wtllingly paid to the finder. LOST-UN THE 28TH inrt, in Christopher street, between Waverley place and Greenwich avenue, a bracelet. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 'he owner's, 214 Sixth avenue. IeST?FROM 169 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, A J white poodle dog. She has huff* ears, and answers to the ot ramc Cora. Any person returning said dog will be suit* dy r i ? ard'd I OUT?ON THURSDAY EVENING L VST, A BLACK 1 Newfoundland dog In the neighborhood of Ninth avenue and 1 wenty third street; answers to the name of Prlnoe. The Under will be liberally rewarded on returning htm tn .1 It. 4 *1 KH SUMMERS, 2!?? Went Twenty gecond street ?>' If W ill street (Jauncey Uourt). Lost?a small Italian oreyiiou > w x nd white; had on his neck, when loet, n rap. boever win rat urn him at No. 2 Amity a receive a liberal reward. (CTRAYEf) OR STOLEN?FROM NO. 1 UKRLAKD 47 street, corner of Dekalh avenue, Brook,} a white seller Cog, wbb Spotted brown ears. Tbe tinder v. oe. suitably re warded by retnrnlng him in Jno. O Mead, a his bouse, or stable corner of Ilekalb avenue, and Cumberland su. Brooklyn. TX7HITE DOG LOST.-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD WILL vv be paid for the return of a white dog, medium size; an swers to the name <>t Bige or Bljo; has long tnilr anil sharp et e; strayed thla day, 26ib Inst. NaTIIaN cTELY, No. M Third at. s: HIHCKLLANEOVS. a TTKNTION TUllFXEN.-inCWB FROM AMELIA. A AAKL1A CODHTT Juiy IS. IMA. Messrs Don A Co Last antumn I had a very Ana borse la jured In one of hie bind legs ao badly u to aaura It to swell tot 'Ire of a mao't bead, on which I tried every remedy I onuu! hear or Otlnk nf wl'bout relieving h.m la the least. Darin* Um '"all, the swelling continued, when your Mr. Archer new It. and recommended your Turf OU. I procured a bottle, and. In > ? ery abort time, before 1 had used the contents of nue bottle lie ew ellktg eubiddad, and you could not tell which lag Wat injured He Is now well and doing all kinds of farm wort Very respectfully, ANN' W MtOHKR For sale by bchaflnu A Bros A Co., 40 Hickman streei; Busk k Dale IKS Greenwich street, P. C. Welle A Co., US Kranklla street, Edgar, MoCnrkle A Co., 14 Water street, sole agent# tor New York. I^ROflH DARTER I?ALL INFANTS ARB LIABLR TO \J the collr. and nuui} die rom the elferui of laudanum and other dangerona rrniedlea administered to attunl relief Lei mnihers remember that Hr. Kuberta'icollc tula ure u them.el cer sin and safe remedy. Never known to fall In giving In xiant rajlef, and o. transforming freiful, crying babies imofut ai d hA/tv laughing cherub*. It rosis only 26 rent* to trv It -old by all the druggists At wholesale by HAV1LAND, H.4RRAL A B1KLKV, Wholesale Druggists, 39 Warren streat, New York. FAIX ELECTION. IHK.-KPOK'S FIK8T PREMIUM lireworks.? blgnal liglli*. Komau candies, An , An., for processions or design*, mottoes, Ac., sutteit to the coming elec tion, always on band, by Ibe subscribers. J OK. O. A I. RDGR Jersey City. Orders 1? ft wfih Tho* Dunklii. sole agent, No. 9 Maiden lane, up stalra, will meet with prompt attention. FOR KOFTf NINO AND CCRINO CHAPPED 1I\ND?. salt rheum, Ac., India rubber glove* are unequalled.? i ad'.es who are troubled w lih the above, would do w-ll to sup ply themselves w ith these excellent articles. Ilieycaobe had at all rubber stoma, and at 36 John street, up stairs. MVAV WaNKRKN A BON, OK HILLROOM, HOL ? land ? A l<u of assorted do war biiltia, 1st tj.e usual amall anted I eke", from the above well known Urm now landtag fkotn the Antoinette, irom Rotterdam, and tor sale by K W K1HL4GK, 133 Pearl street. PORTABLE CON0RRH8WATER. OR BARaTOOA HALT. ?111? valuable salt, prepared by one of the urst ebeBkbda 111 Philadelphia, Mr. Hodgson, Will be Inund Very valuatile far rev ellers, a* it is very portable, and can be used when II aouid lie imposslli'e to get the water Itself. It la made from a car etui and exact analysis, arid one tea apo mful In a pint id ealer represent* eiarily a nlnt of ('engross Water, sciid bt liegeman, Clark A Co., 166, 273, 611 and 766 Broadway, and by drugglsta generally. PERSONS WISHING A BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL set of teeth will save 60 per cent by calling oo Dr. Na 1 ULEON "HRIkkKr, Dentiat. All his denial work la am sldered to he the best end cheapest. Tech '-an be Inserted wl'bout extracting the old root*. No. 436 Broadway, corner tit Howard street. 2KOAR8.-PURI IIASKRM ARK INVITED TO EXAMINE a lot of sugars, which are tillered St a aaertflo# at 26 per rent below Ib'-ir market vaine. They conslsr ot genuine If* vans, domestic and German srgar*. N or in as, Conruaa, plants lions regalias, Ac. Operas at gs, German* f? O. I,liEKK.', No 31 Broadway, up stairs. flAKF. NOTICE?gla.UOO WORTH OF BOOTH AND 1 shoes selling 31 per cent below ro't, at :he Franklin btsit slid slioe store. 4)9 Broadway, comer nf ('anal street?tne pro prletor having U> close the nislneas by the I jUi of November. Tbla la no humbug. Great bargain* art oilered. Remember call befoie ihe Uih November. I'D WHOLESALE DEALERS IN VALENTINES,?TUB 1 subecriber I* Dnw prepared to til order* of any amount for the coating valentine se.i-on Frotn the large and vivrtcl dork he has on hand dealers would do well to "elect tbelr orders Re nr all made under bin own superintendence h? Us* greater (acuities to sed cheeper lor casta than auv others In the market Valentin* a selected now can lie forwarded any time prior to the 14th Pebruary. T. W. STRONG, No. OS fassau street. fO DRUOOIHTH, D AOUERRF.OTTFISTS, PHOTO 1 grspldets glae* manufacturers,'enl medletnes, en** pollsheis, tire works, metal workers sod art sane hi genera.. ?Bromine. Iodine, bspoinphvle soda, sol a gold, ptireethei, eulpburlc acid, colt dion. lilrnng paper, Vienna lime, planus, blsrutch eadmtim tnangenea# nl.'kel stronua, i\.Ire, <yyr able potassium. litmus paper tnsaci powder. If bine, pnw dered Frwab ehaik. asbaatn*. famigaHng paetUc*. Ar . fur sale be iSE b FBDOMTWANGKR ?* Wabler lane. RKDTAl'RAirrS. l^-OTIrE.-THR UNDERSIGNED RESPECTT0I.LY AN AN nonmes to his frtenda and the eating and *1 rink in* com n.tiDlty generally that be Is prepared to receive cabs daily frotr 7 A. M. to 7 P. M., at the Verandah, 39 William sirnet near Rail ROBERT W. PENNOVKB. I'roprle'oc TVPH A NOORK OF FRIENDS WR LAST EVEN <1 Tv partook of a game "upper, furnished by our old fr.**n HktitA N A JUNBB. at their new eaia .lishm -nt, for merly Dr. Townaend's Karsapartlla depot -2 N'as, ?i street. Tie table groaned under the pressure of the r.hotoeet and rare.) game, wll.e he wine Sowed and "all waa merrv a* 'he nar ruse heli " ltnek.teal snipe, pigeon and wigeoo l'?tk wing and disappeared as In life, and ths venison, bare ant rah Ml, to >ay umfalug ol the turkeis, chicken*. Ac., actusiiy stepped out of sight as If tbev had nee *r known the tender caresses of he worthy r*ok. They untie In thetn.elvre the aiMriaooe of sears, ?ml refined taste for ca'ertns for the max fastidious i turf,dead htown, nf the Bath House Hn-el Igtt.g Island. haaa! war* t*een know n as ota of the most rarefnl and polite of bo-u, while Me. Jones, formerly steward of the Metropolitan, has enjoyed an enviable reputation among vend feeder* too long torequl e more than s simple notice With such eomt tnauon oi renins tsKnt end personal accomplishments. hey have ea'abltefiod a eallng sal'sto, Nc (8 Nassau ureal, the want of which ha* ot t#n beeu fed by buetrc-ss men who lind It rnover.tetit to tak U>elr dinner* down town, but who nbjeat to the ' cheap dyspep r|e eating houses.'t Tlie rratni llse f, a beautiful apartment, a. ta t rysfsi palaee. and the attendance uprccepiioasbie, whtl* il.e evsiklitg If las'night's supper was a ryataka wotnddefV tl*e pa ate nf the mod fewtdtna* sptrtire Wr- c-irigr* Usui .be l#nt|?nieri on their utalerv.k.tig. and ' tor thnu U,e grct est suceees. ronedent that the publle. will itul# aoprnciate an ?mply patronise thetr saloon, where one is ear'sin -tf mdin all the dell, acles of ibe season, as well sa the more aubaiaa Ual ei? A*d and serve i lu a superior manner Vl'OFTH BTRERT, LaTR ANTHONY, MAY BE DfB TT tir.i-ii'.l e.1 be-eafler bt a marked light. Mr 1*1. HOT prr.| Hotor "f Ibe reatauiant In Moffat's bulHlega, Halo dim It'?.) c<yo#r of R'rwth *.reet and Broadway, erect# one of Hi ? sols'improi #d rrfte. 'inr lamp-, to he lllumtoe.l on fmh evmlac neit. Ibe i t.miple of reiiee log light by i,g*s, or ettf.csve glae* "liver lined, msv "irgeer tbron di lu eheerfal no smiling relrrol.ln* tboughta; If so. all to "tea can h> suited by ibe enterprising landlord. ?ATMBIIFLIL. A gentleman, having jubt rbturnrd from ( aliicrula, ann of abundant means, wishes'o :oem 'b ?e,,oaln'siir ? of a young lady w'tb 'he tntcuitori of making her his wife, take must be well educated and of a *?""! dleprai; tkrm. Addraw a aoto In T M. J? Iltoadwsy o?c?. A VOUNO OKNT1.9MAN OF AGhEKAHI.E DIBI'dBI aa Jkm, reapartably rocnerted. and d' log a rood i.usuwws ?t,nld liu in f.sni the aeqnakntonrg of a yn-u,g toly ofinlelll graea, and poaaasstag an afferuonsie ioe, w. havlaw to matrhnoey. 1 be adTeriiaor la very food of rn nrU . and a fal "tA'ettr, and It Is daalral le that 'be la It sl.o.ud b? an aeeowt ptubed ptanlst^ No young Isdy need hesitate in answering '?NT. ?* ?'k# fan laMb and sincerity. Pes., wl-lrea* K. fidenba? OanmnnVtolitsM u, be strtctly eon M *?a?^14^a .rt."/y0**0 w WIU htutored mattow. to year all sf .?rcrwisssk-- ?sf'sssaare mluvuu. Tub uritihh and north American royal mall itoamaldpa? FROM NKW YORK TO UTMU-OOL. Chief eabln pa-sage 11.10. Second cabin passage 73. FROM BOMT.M TO LITCRFOOI. Chief cabin passage ..It 10. Second cabin primage 00. 1 be ablpa (ram Mo-dou call at Halifax. AKAHlA, Capt J'tdkltia, AMERICA, t.apL Ising, PKKhlA, Cant. Kyr.e, EI'K-iPa, Oapt dhaunaa* Asl A, t apt. E. O Lott, CANADA, < apt Stone, Ah Kit A, Cant. II am mi 11, NIAO A Kt, 1 apt l.uitch. These veiM-i 1 carry arlear white light at maalbeal, green on Carboarc bow; reil on port bow, Canada, stone, leaves Unaloa, W-'lnr-i.lay, Oct. 24 At'lca, llamron, " Boston, Wednesday, Nov. 7 Aria Lett. u Hotcnn. Wednesday, Nov. 21 Canada, stone, " Boston, H."lfieadav, Oee 3. Alnca Harrt*on, " Himion, Wednesday Dec IV. bertha not secured until pal-t lor. An experienced surgeon 00 board 1 he ownura ol the?e ahi|>a will ant ha aoeoontab e for gold, stiver. bullion specie, jewelry precious atonca, or me'-ils on lev* hills of aiding are .-igued therefor, and the value thereof then In exprts-ed Kor irchbt or pa'aage, apply u> r.. i.I'NaRO, No. 4 Howling 'Ireeo. The public are respectfully tnionuod mat It is luteoded u> re cunie, early 111 February, Jhfld "he week y salituga of baatuam ?hl|i? of >he company Itoro fhe Unite Ista'e* to Uveroool. t oe ?irnMrra will thereafter be neapa'ched every Wednesday, as formerly, to Liverpool, front New York and from do too alternately. ifUH LfVRRbUOL? UNITED HTaTKM MA11. ST BAM c ship ATLANTIC, >aa. Weal, commander ?This -neon ablp w ill fin 1 fir' wtlb the United htate* mall* tor Europe pool dvrly on Wednesday, Oetotier 11. at 12 o'e oek, kt. from ber bertli. ?t tlir foot ef Canal atreet Kor trrighi or iiaaa-tge h?v toy unequalled aeccnunnodaUon for elegance are) comfort, ap PiV to Kl>VV Arti' K. OOI.LIN.S, 31; Wall street Paaacngeisam req-.eoted 'o be on board at 11 o'clock A M. Shipper* pteaae take 01 tire, that be ahlpa of thta line oannot -am any good" contraband of war. All letters inuai pace through the Boat ollice. any others will ho returned. The ateair ahlp Saltlc wilt succeed be tikuulo, and leave Novem ber 14. FOR LIVERPOOL, OCTOBER MTH-THE CEl.RBRAT cdfavorite packet ,-hlp J tOOB A WBHTKKVKLT Oapt. lli-odleaa, will boalttvely -all on M-ntday. -Mb Inatant, her ac. oonunodatlima ft r cabin and Meond cabin prnwetiger* ire tna <H>alle<l Kor passage apply on board, pirr :t4 East rtver, foot ol t adierlue street, or to WILLIAMS * tin'ION, 40 Fulton street. h'OR I.1VKRI'OOI,?SAILS TOMORROW?THE CEI.K brated and 'avorlte packet ship CONSTITUTION, Caph J. Bliilon. Ruotn for a tow more aeeond eabln and steerage Sawengcra, at low rate?. Kor p*a?age apply on board, pb r [I Kind River, or lo T110H. C. KoCllb, 8.1 South afreet. XTOTICE.?FIRST PACKET SHIP FOR LIVERPOOL. J.1 Packet t let. SI.?The aplendbl new clipper ship r)Mi'I KB, ( apt Zeiega, will positively nail on Wednesday, Hat lust. fhe uci nnunxal itlona tor a'l classes of passengers are iiiiaurpaase 1. Early application, to secure bertha, (.hoitM l-e made on h-.arl p er 14 kaat river, or to TaPSOOTT A WO , ltd South atreet. THE LIVERPOOL A Nit PIIM.AIIKI.PHIA HI K A MS HIP I umpatiy intend catling their AtvorNa CITY OF BALTIMORE, 2.M7 tona, Capi. Rot.eri larttoh. OlTT OF WASHINOTON, 2..V4I Urua, Oapt Win. Wylle. CITY OF MANtfttKHTKK. 2,10V tona, Oapt P. O. Petri# Ha loon, Wb. M and (33. aouonllng to ata'e rooms A limited number of third class uaaacugera will he taken Torn Philadelphia and Liverpool and found In provialoua Kri-m Philadelphia kg) 1 Srora Liverpool hb 1 arUca wlaliing to bring out llietr ftiendc. eau obtain aerufl eatea of passage aod draita on Llverimol, In ?uiii- of Slater ling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agent 1? Walnut etreet, Philadelphia, aed No. 7 Broadway. New York Fob liver pool.-ht. okoruk.'h line.?the new clipper chip KHr'tiKT. Captain Lynch will aall to -nor row at 12 o'clock. A few more pacaengara cvn ne taken hv hi plying on bon.d, pier No. ii. Noith river, or to DKMAKKriT A JONES, to Koiiin eircct ana *> Old slip. F10B LIVERPOOL ?KMPlRE LINE. THE MAUNIKI . m and - -debrated cll|iper ahtp CITY OK NEW YORK, "p ain Mosch, will call bi m irrow a' 12 o'clock. A few m e naseepgere can be taken by applying on .oard, pier No 1, North river, or to DKMAREsT A JONrat, 40South atreet aud SO Old slip. LACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS. FOR LIVER pia.l -The clipper uhlp ORE AT WESTERN, 8,000 uma. Capl. Kurber, will poaltlvelv aull on the la-, of November, her ngulur day For lenn* of eabln. aeeood cabin and aleerago package, apply on botrd, foot of Beekinan atreet, East river, or to JACOB WILSON, Ioh South street. B fTHE VANDERBILT EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP I.CHR 1 for Southampton and lla*r#.-The aup-rior Brut elaa* ?teamahlp ARIEL 2.SI1U uma, Lefevre. commander, will p.wl Uvely Mil u above on Saiorday, No*, a. al noon preclealy, 'Tom pier No SO North rt*?r. hrt of Ohwmher* auwet. lira' ebi*p package ?'?J* Second dans paaaagi) *' rizKD ijatu or OAiuno Nor Fork Itlrr. OR.I SotOmm/*-n Ariel No*. S Artel IJ North Hlar No*. M North Alar No*. 8 Artel l)ee. IB Ariel No*. M North Star Doe. lft Ariel Ian. ?. IB4" Them ?nip* have watertight compa-unen'e, ?ml ore boll' end titled In the bent manner for aafety end oomtort. fleet Al end Ineure At the ioweei ratee. letUere, prepaid, eaoh IBVe .jer !? of., are received al the offic# of the ine No. 5 lowung Oreen. Uli 11 o'clock A. M of the day of (ailing Doml* and ?prelr taken al reduced ratee. and parcel*, prepaid, each SI end upward*, For rrc^Khi^<>r^iite?aKc apply u> No. ft llowiinK tlreea. New fork. AI.BKKT N. CHHYWftK. No tl Hlaee de la douree, Pane CIIRY8T1K, HCIIUiKSSM A N A ?'<>.. 27 (Jual I taalnilr Drlavbcne. Ilarre. Nkwyork and Havre steamship COMPANY. I nt'cd Fiwt*a twall *ieam?ra tor houihamp on ?n<i liBvr? Hi* n?w eMhor ..UAtiO, of JjU?t Mm*, ')+*< D Utt?s, w?i leave New York for rtnuihamp'on and Havre ??u rtwiunUy, U?? i;ih Nov* inb? r ?rrw) pier No. 'SI, Norih Klvcr, ?t 12 o'clock u. Built cxpr#?*aty for gnvrrniuant aervU*. with Uouhift *ugioe' under deck, every ?iare hue b?M> taken \ 4 'iw? cmi*?ruc'ion of bull *06 marhlnury to ausuro ?a?eiy and apood The amp ha* five water U#bt coDDtftmotR. inclosing th*s ?oiJlMt tunevf?i ot rollimoii or airainling die water ?pill iKHrweb ihciii, nc ibc pump* being fre? to work the wflK/ if 'bo via *el and passenger* wouM be Mjcured. Kecool ?ip?r!ea?-o ha fully deinonatra'# d the amoirre imcnsglty or ihDrorsJ? of cou r ruction I he accommodationa for pa*???ng*?r? +r* betyvyd <0 rom' lre every comfort and oooveulence that eao b.i desired i be price of parage 10 fouUiampum and Havre I*:? Kira mom J Second ?anlii .? ? ? ? ? * '" To paireigem golfi* to l/ondoo these staanwr* oiler ti*e *1 vaiits^e ??f wonomv, doUi in Uui*amJ expense Specie delivered In l.ondon A li letters must pass through tb" Post office Haggajfeno* wanted during the voia^e to be sent on board 'htuw '?efore -alnng narked below MOKTlUKKUmfOflTON, p,?v 33 M mad way. 1*. B.?The new reamer Kultno, of the war no oiiaage aid construct hut commanded by 'apt. -fata?* A Wotum, wlli fol low the Arsgo on the lfltb December HRBIUCN via flOTTTBAMPTf>W?TTIK UBITKll HTaTRj* mat) -teamsbtp HKRMaNN K. Blgiitia ^namaotor. will sail for Bream touching at flon'Jiamtit'Mi. to laud tbe a alts and paMiigen* for KngUnd and Ktau h oh aiur-lav Novcnil er 3, at 12 o'clock W , Hum pier 17 N??rih river l rioe il iinspctgc from New York Uirftr)?iii?ampton or Bremen:-* In first cabin, main 1 tn Areteaotn. lower saloon lb fr sen*tid cubln 7; An ext?erlenred surgeon is attached t?y e*cb steamer, specie delivered In Havre or Loudon Ail letter* m ist ;r ia* through 'be I'oat r?fflco For passage or freight *pplv u> C II SANI), agent II south WUUarn a reeL The steamer WaaliiiigUju will aucreoJ 'bo Ifermami, and sail December 1. rllK 1'NIT ED STATES MAlI. STEAMER ST '.'HI I J. A Wotloo. <onmiand'r, will leave b>r Havre ? ia s<mth>auit>'nii. on .-umlay, '.Hih ln?i . a? 12 i>'r'i>ok. from p er No. ft', North River. Pa.*cnacr" will he nu honri al II o'clock A. M. MOHIIMP.R l.lYINlWrin*. *??>?<?. No. IS Bro s) way. The i nited states maIi. steamer st i?i h. J. A. Wal'im, Will lc?vc lor ?l**rc ami Ssilhamp on,.m ^MD'lay. VMb lo-i . *t 12 o'clock, .mm pi-r 3 Sorto rirmr. !'**.? i??* r? ** ill plcMc ' c oil l.o*r?l al 11 oo'ick, A M Vf .RI l.MKK LlVINO?T<y?, A|?Di. ?S llr<wl??y. AISRAMA PIONEER I.IM CARRYINO THE V. H. ?All.?1Ibc fa?t ci.IHi.ff *hlp I'YvrillA, barlnc h.lf ts>r ??r?n pc.*l;i?ely eb*a?'il. 1? prepared o> lake fiM?hi <si ns. derate lei m?. if apldled for cart*. Apply to R W. CaMIB<?N. No. 6HowUi.?Ur eo. ACSTRAUA PI'iNEF.R I.INK?OaRKYINH THE I S mati*. ?1 be very fast sailing China packet O.N *11> V ? apt. Creesy, now loading at pier 17 Kast rtvnr^fnr Kydugv ni reet, bs r?e?m fl#r a nmail ouantlty of freight. If ? for early. For freight only. apply to R- W OVMnHUN Nu. 6 Hnwiinf ilrecu. r*IRST CUPPER FOR SAN FRAMCIm*)-DESPATCH , l.lric lltiaraiil?*d iomII on or ixfoc*theluth N?*c?iicr li* rnairn'll'-co' * I B??l cla** clipper ?IUp OCEAN EX I'll Ess 1'uoiiIiikAiaiii ro.n'cr, I* now rwtvfnu hcrr?r*?w pier S, 1a?i rt*er, ?nd will jKWldvely aal' ?? alio**. Snlpu*'* ?rc parHcu arl) r*du*ciad lo ?iai>iln? ihl* clipper, R'ill i*]** for ihcu?r?l*i? of bar anUHt 10 laml her -anici lo Sai. Frarcicoi' ai th? *arlle*t P"*?lhlc day in nisi order All 'rsicht tbould '?< on l-drd h*!?>'? S?lnr<laf ftl No*?? ??r, ami bill* of ladlor hai -led |pio Hn Bir altC'ialur* St'TrflN A CO., SS seu'h *trc?i, conic* ef Wall N. H.?Tbc *m*.-l* of Ihu Uoo lake no fr*il?ht after the day ?d.rnlced. f ORCAI.troRNlA VIA KICAR AUDA?DATS Of SAll. r In* iliancel lo Th and 24ih of each mooih. rhro i*h In advance of the mall?7W rolWa Aorlcr lhan Tl * crlcndld douhle enrli* ? camati'p STaR OF TIIK WRdi. 1 MA) i(?* borBm ) Capl. MHu r will !**** pi" No J No-Pi ri?*r, at 3 O'clock P. M <?* PunU Arena*, on Friday N..*c,n l.*rl) 1"66, conn*, un* wlih lb* ?leaui.hlp I orUra. (i'?W >eo? in i-d?n ) o*i r ib* Nicaragua Traneli ronie. lut*lo* 'cK i?*i?* in *# Of land tr?n*porti?U<in by brei cU-* _ c? "''' le n anon or pa**a**, apply only io ' H A Rl.k-1 M )K> ' AA. At *ni No JhowlU.f Oieen stamped Idler* taken for o , nent each. OAI1.IN0 PA YH 6TI1 AND JMI Of EACH M"NTH ^ four hour* I mm iiceau to oc*ao, hy Panama RaUroail ? ?> III*, ha***i* fiee Thronith for California *la Panama Uai. read ?The I'nlicd Siaie* Mall sieaeohln i?.?ipany In en I Icaranh for A*pmwall<m Mooday, No*. 5 al 2o'ciork r M-. prcrierly from pier fool o< Warren nil**', North fl?er h? ??H ki own and favcrltc ?p am*hip '.EAIK'.K LA W < ape a. ij. Cray Par*etn*r? and mall* will be fo'War.led by I'tnwia railroad, and r.aircrA at I'aiama wvh h* farm- Mai' S *?ai -Il p I ow.pany a majtmbnen'ateamaolp (I il.liEN AUE J r U .tkti.., romn.and. ?. which w.U t.e In rreliiwe. and l*ar* n tr.rdla'elt (or ran t ranrteeo 1 be puiHc are li.formed thai he I'crlBc Mall Icamnbip ? ernpan* al?a*a ha** one ??*? ? ?ir* atramcr* lying at Panama, ready for aea. u> avoad any wi ? lb I* de'*n loii ol paa**ng*r? oc rru.1*- For 1 area.' c ap; ? <o 1 W. RAYMi NI>. al ?b* only o?r? of the coinpanie., I . VrsatiNt, corner of Warreo. L' S MAII STEAM. HIP IXiMPANT-FOR IIiYaNA ? and New Orleana ? tin Frtdar, No*. 2 at 2 I' M fr*u Phr ioi* of War*.* aireot, N'.riA H>#*, lh* ?*ll ko-iwo ami ?aiort'c .iramho t KM KM l.'llY.IWpt.h I* UrtAo ha. * i con thor. nghl* overhaoled and pot In flrw claa* ooicll loa will rcannic her place In the line ami eatl aa arm**. r*..*l * can he aeenred at the < loiopeny '? oWee Frcigl i to New Or lean*, 9< rente per <-.nb|c (am, reeel**.! on ih I r:nher. rlilM.?i? will he ?npplV*d wllh blank Mil* or la.Pug of Urt 'Min alined hy the ten.peny on at pii. atPm at their d" No h?r f< rib* and no bllla of lading will he eigne.) H'er he . or ..I veiling Enr freight or p?aage aim>y W lh* rfll ? d l.? Cop,) any. 17i W**t alreel, r.ener of wair*n H M. O ROHRKTS F*OR"n7YANT~ANn NkW ORLEaNK-AF MifOM ol Thurada* Nov?w,t,*r 1 l?B6, the new and e|i.?i?VI ae*m ? If i I Kj 2 BIKH Jokb Cra'am. c-ommaoler. ?ul sa.e tl* p?rt from plat X7 North rl??r foo? of Beach arnei. *? ?be**. ronnertlng at llaraaa wife line* of neaoi-blpi tr>n l.ivi ij-anl. Sjala. Mar**UI*e and Mrtleo For frejgal or p ie ap. apply on board, or w h JtHIM ORAHAM. A14 Snwdeay. tmprene the Si f'rlo JOHN M CEHALIX/S. 77 Broel aJ. *i Maiana J 0. El RNH *M A iX> Maw I'tlear*. J O WcoltMl FF. ? grit Vd| tAoM SAYaNNAB AND F1A>EII>A? I'MTTED sTATEd P mad line?1h? neefand elegant ajeamer k Nil tv II.I.R

ant I' D I.iSHow. will leave ow Wcdm-adey. Oet tl fmcn plrr N- * RtRk river, al ? e>rloek F M s h. nf ..i ? . igaed ro > nerd fn* Iramki *gply en'ward er fcr pwa??g* <t I kill'ltilj. 13Hrriod?ay Cable :.aeeag* te Ae*ann?h yg''n* I mrtda i*niofh Hrke*. Ihm New let le 2*ea?>? tHIe k'l. u. Is aka ff-3 lerg* and ee H mate rarer nab mr FVirtda Jhraw r? wkeiBemewdti"* T??*? SHIPPING. For haYana akii new oblk ans?c akr yi *u the Inltod State* mail. the enaiurhip liLACK WakkIOK, J. D. Hul ork. Commaodri, will begin rccetvlii ( freight on Toe-day Aoiwwfcer 6, *4 ?ali fur the above port* ou sa or n?) November 10, at 2 P M , Bflwaly, from ber pier, 2/, N, rtb rtvor. foot of Robln.on *lreot. LI VINOS fllN, ( KOClltUuN A CO., Agent*, 31 UruwUw.y For savannah-fake reduced?the superior nr?t cl?m vleaai.Mp KKVM'oKKnT.U'K, Capo H liar At*, wtll leave Philadelphia'or savannah OB Saturday, A or. A1 ten o'etoeh A. kt. Paie *20; ?leer -ste 08 Agwi.U Id New York, M'K.v NTON A T A1.LM a I'l Old "1111, whim .tale room* toty he verorrd Hie bT A fk. <>F OKOBUl A will leave aa above on Wednesday, Nov. 7. F? R CIIaFTERTON AMP FLORIDA -NBMI WKKKLY I ni i d Mini Rail Line.?The magnificent ant fe*l going ? learner J.iklr.S Alli.iil, S. O. i urin-r co uuiauder, wil leave pier No. 4 North river, on Wednesday, Oci 31, at lb ir o'clock 1' M piecwely. For irelgbl aoplv on board, where nil btila of lading w i.l be aliened; and for passage, ?i iboodloe oi bFOfluKtl, TILKriTON A CO , 2H Broadway Cabin pa* ease SZ5. H>e rplendld steamer N VSHVII.LK, H Berry r. mmai der, will succeed, and 'eave on Saturday, Oct. A Tba favorite ?'earner CAROLINA, h?vlng resumed her re gtilar trip* to Ibe various landing* no Ibe M John* river, (Florida,) will leave Charleson every Tuesday, ooutieciiig with li e New \ork tiramtn. Through UckeU to Jeeluou line, I..1, to l'lia ku, *33. FOR NORFOLK, PORTSMOUTH AMI PETKRABURO. 1 h, I s Mai Kn'Uiuei?p KOaNoKR, CapL'I hoinaa Kklnaer, will reeuaie her run io the above porta on Woliia* day next. Rial Ionian', leaving pier 13, North river at I o'clock Freight taken lor the above place*, and the Interior of .Mo'ib i arollna. No freight lakeu for Klchniond, but passengers will be lorwardi d ihero by railroad from t,uy I'nlni, as here 'ofore freight for Norfo'k aid Hlcbiuond curt bo *hlp,iod hv ibe Jameatown. every saturdvy. Passage and faro, with elalo room, io>. Petersburg and Richmond,Sill, Lynchburg, lit to AM A PLEASANTS, 32 Uroa Iwray. XyoTICK.?FOR NEW ORLBA N'H?THK PACKET SIMP i> LIBF.K'I Y, will positively -all Monday, Oct. ? There i* room for a lew paareogera at low rater, t or peerage apply on hoard, Orleana plei, fool oi Wa'l street. or to O'BRIKN A 11HOI HKIt, 1M South atroet. riAAJKllAL. NcilH (Win ? BONKT TO LOaN ON DIAMOND*. ipO"'U.'/" "" "? watches, je?clry dry good ?, sugars, .te. or bought tor rath, elorka, tsti s, mortgngea, Ac., negotiated, hueuirea vnofldrniial and prompt By THOMPSON A '"O. nrokera and conitnlaehHi nierehanta, tu2 Naaeau street. cornan n Ann, room No, 1, second Door. tLfiPZ7 (Will TO LOAN?ON WaTCHRS, DIAMONDS jewelry, segar* and everv description of raluable property, or bough' lorcaeii, by JOS. H. barement oflire, It < liarnber* hamhera atrect, from # till d. Business and eonlldenlial Old gold and stiver bought. N. It ? o hualneae transacted mi Saturday . <fc 1H nnft-T0 i<?an on watches, diamonds, #11/,UvU Jewelry, dry v-sids, furniture and??ery description of property, In large and *mall amounts. Appiy at lVh Houaiou tercet, between Rarer and llrand atreete Hu nineae eonlldenlial. 8. MYKltS, Agent. *Qf A/\A -A RAKE CHANCR FOR A CAPITALIST. ?15 acres of valuable laml adjoining die aliv of Cincinnati, which can be aold for bol'dlng 'o's, at a great advance 1 hi. t? a duo oppor unity tor parties socking a rale and proAtaldn tnveattnenl For ptrtleuira apply to W ? 1,1.1 A Met A l-M ITU, real e.lair and gnueral agent*, Si ha* *au aireet. db 1 A ?ANT CAP VDLK PKRKOV, WITH THI8 JplOU. amount tat hand, can bear of a chance where he. an have It guaranteed in earn (Ma week one *m%rt al five iii"u It* Ad 'oat uflp'n. the needle ran qttadruo'e It in leae then ' dree* Merchant Tailor, Lnlou aquaie I'ual i MAII WANTED?RY A LADY, FOR WHICH SHR iPJUU will give a furnlel.oii room, fronting on Broadway, near the New York Hotel, until 'lie above la paid. Pleven vd drraa Mre. Reynold*, Union v|uare Pact uS"e, fur two day*. Refer, ncra required. Any amount or cahii uiankh, orpurohahki) At aljrbt, fop fair prices, on diamonds, wilt*: rich jtvrwi ry. pl*u\ merrhandlse ond nernona. proi??rty *r?n? ^7,hy K. Wool), #h> Fulton street, asconil floor, rroni roon. from 9 A. M. to ft P, M. A NV AMOUNT OF MONKV. IN UMI OR HMAI.r. sum*, ran always be Instantly obtained on N?ruroie? taluahle mrrctiandioe, diamond*. Ac , *t the old ra.uonalbie rartCe Private Loan Ofllre, over the Parltlc Honk; *11 f*.i* ec'inn* prompt, wife, confidential and oatlstac nrr. or no charge. Always fully Insured. Corner of tlruwlway en I liruil street. /1AKH TO LOAN. IN HUM* FROM fit). TO M.mkl A ) on securities valuable* merchandise, Ac., on relorain' bin terms; al*o K astern Weetern and bouilieru uncurroot money foreign *old and silver, note*, check*, draft*, . slua blc* ?ii.l oroperly generally bought at sight, for caeh al the Metropolitan bpe>ie and Financial Olbce, Mb Broadway. D1VIDKNI)?MKC11AN1CH' BAMBINO AHHOC'I iTIllN. ociol rr at, Ihtr ?The Hoard of lilreior* nam deelired a dividend of (4) four per rent, payable on arid af-er He l-t d?r ol Nor. miter neit The tran.ior book* will be closed from 'he H.tb In.t lo 1*1 pronn >. JOHN J STM'llr.Ns, Chehlcr. MONKY ADY'ANCKD roRHHOKT PKBI0D4 ON RKvL e?late, diamonds, welches, jewelry, plate, plauour ?* ury gmals. home*, carriages, and every dawrlptlm. oi proper' ty, by the responsible Kniplre lean and Agency 1 otopauy. t" WILL*. Agent, _JWS llroadwav, opposite the Broad way ''.e. MIKFOl'RI AND HT. I AM'IB BON'Ott AT PAR ?I AM proprietor of a very Urge number of lot* hunk- aiut Parts ot land, mua-ed wlihln wo three, tour and 3ve mile, rf the rlty ?t H'. Loula, any portion of which proper y (not atoned log the one half ol my entire e-tate) will he ci.'hanged tor oonde of the cat.' of JUiwmurl and Uic rliy and count* . f * . Igj tig the proportion ol run lourth or "one third "-tale" ?? hr'e. n.urth* or l?o thled* '? riir" or "eouly" m I. rtie * i. , i* i mbiare, in a aide range, aide im mautil tn-orlra, prlvate residence*, and ever' other necessary purpose all "i whlrli I* In every rranerl unsurpassed by an? oiler mi. ?- ate n the * trinity of bt.* I Itle* made pert* ?? be- ami pie Hon, or no *ale Foe further P?clrtil?m nl.lrrw 'h ? u id r ? jned, by letter, or ai ply penonally at mv ofllnn. No :t 1'o.t rfflre building, H. lamia, Mo. JNO. I) IVOKY. i / kfllt F, tlP THfc CT-F,VKI.aJ*I> ?N|i HtbhUiJ HA1,. * read ('.toi ao?, lb William atreel Ne* York, *ept >' i rM ? iMvulrnd ?A divnlet.d of four (4) per cat ?n the ci.pltn' I o?-k ofthi* cm, any ha* beau dertated o.j. or the profti- o' e aat *11 month* parable at tb* office of the saitpan t a. a* < ?">r the Irdli October Tlie trnna/er b.*it? wfll be "Owed re.' iw Jrnh to the Web 'mtriber. II* order ot u.e Hoard .f I Mr-, c?? ? II t.lTi'ltri RM?, - iwan , O motor THR KKW YORK aNIl NF.W IIAVKM Halt n ad Company, No I Hanover sir el ?Notice m tM?^ ho'der* lit.itl. r" of seven par cent bond* of (he nmipwuy are . errbj pouted that In pu> of a oof th- fe,.nrn; of the Slab; of l ..uueeiieui, p*.-* at He la.t May ?earIon, the 1 rearurer I* au'bnrtced *r d prepared le atcnaog* for the outelarding t ood* beating ev-n per . rip tntrrn-t, and I td ?ectir.d by mortgage bonda authorized tit the before met art bearing ell per rent Ibtnre.i and secured '?? *r only unir gage on the*riyi? road, 'ranehi*.-. ,t Hal.l ar nill be made *t Una otlle.. n.ut 'urllter -e p order of the IHrertom U'k. BRMtNT Tmaaorer New York. (tel. pi, IKAA. U* *MKIt-BY A YOfNlI LAPY, TUB IAIANOFAn) lor ?ti ti ob'h?. lor whi h pood v euritv will be given *o I II I er paid for u?e of ?aine Add re v K. a H , Hi >?d nay I'trt oll.c", BOUM, CAJUUAoiBR, an,. Hopsr FttK HA LB fllltAF?A Fl VK B.aY lltlR-K. ? Igl.1 yeera od. warranted perfectly ...nod and kltel la 1 . rrieaa ai d under the saddle bold lor wu.t n> uae Pro* rl;h. Apply kl Nk.1 VIl.I.F.t* F reach vhlrt store, Sal Itr.iad ??y- _ _ L'OR KALK?A IIRUW.V MARK. TOP WAOON Aft I _ liori.e-r, a nt* e turn out for a geolleioao Mm hn mild i y J Kb a* the pre.en'owner I* going lo r.uropu, lunuirn ?( the livery stable fA Fast Twenty fourth .ire. 1 L'lik rAl.b- a HKaUTIKDI. if R AY Ma He. POIHTthv I and a half han lahlgo, *u talile r>ir a do. o>r .w la/ly'* wot dl< horae, baa been used a* such. e?n trot a ml * in 4 hi nuto *? d *111 stand wnimtit tying, apply '/iWg KolNMy, 14-j Folinn *? rrof. Can be oeen at KiugaJr A Hnu'a liters Maine Hende street. L OR RALE-A HLAfK flURHK RPITaBLK POR A 1 dueior, eipre -rnan. or car men. sound and klo l la *1 trpr~, .old lor nant o' u?e. very auUaolfl for family >i?n tan I e seen at IIV V indent ?.re?t. near Va leg. *l-o % w*gi*i ? ho bail e-s, fipteble for a go* . ry or umkinau. t an be seat, at lib Verb* street. Friro of wagon end bancs*.$10 FOB hAI.K?F'lJtl it AND FKRH WaUON. If ADA run ut.e or two borae* Tn be seen at (* Leo t* llve'v ?table e. rn er ol berenth avenue ami fireeuwi h lane the aagtib Was made vo order and warran'ml, and wid ue * gr*at t a.'gam to the purchaser. L'CR bAl.K?A HI-A' IC HAWK HUH K, Y H MO 1 sound and genu., la ?nry st vll.b *.,| w..*l1 make ? (I .e I erode horse. lie I* naay mater saddle and drive, wall I t m fee -tr.gie or double liarrie.i. tan tie oeno at Uie ctub s'abl* In I'aetl.t street, near l.'uu t. linaiklyu. L'HR bALF?A PAIR OF bl'LKNDTD TU'lTTlSH t, sound, kind and gentle?ot,' a ?r?v .We, m veer* i>w, IA high, etc! .-an tr . tn r Ml in a roezl w igo i the r her a Mark h-rse all veara old IAI, hernia ntgti. IT/I * Together -hey a due team Impure of I. HI Hi Si Warren strw. tserweeu Hi ke and (>gviab?au ptookiy o. Ftp. BALK?A PAIR OP IHOWV nOReRe Mil VI. Alto ! old l**t spring perfe. i|y gsatle and aound in a: I r -s.-et* and hrnk.n todz.ufde and slug!- b*. m? A.e. * c*r. l ili es. Ihev e.u tw.eeo M Of OloiK Ml'RR t Y'd .taule oekl door In the eon,, r of I niter, py place ami i hlrteeu h st' FP"K NALP A PaIH ? t Hay HHKI.I ,B l| h;* 15 l..*b sti year* old kl? I end en-nt a..,. ""?'"?"ar.", . I"1?," 1,* ?- tme m. irnrw th u?e. In7ll\* M^'b Hrv.Aty'y * ^ ^ PMiK b (l> ?A Pair OF HIcoWN PAOINff FoWICd about 14'., lands togn.Sevan vnars otl. s>,l ,|, drt.ev. well ? ?Dd cap pace I. ? 'baa three ?l,.uMa io he ,a>a. ?u be iwrti im t ' tin on. FfrRR.i.p? a pair op Paciniy piinifm. vkmy 'wt. *HI ta s* id low an the namer la nut of fotrri In i,ulr? ai Ru,g a aaram* wore, si r ulna sires- Hem k ya. F'ISF b/.lztl.F. HOKbK POR bAI.M fgiW OK Ft cl-ar ,e - A bay horse hyrer.nld pert*ei|. g.n'ia . car said , or harMM mil if* wan- m aw, si hurs lb r. IwiotiM. Apply t? WM L A V F.KI Y 124 I^rom eon* IJf NY P- K "ALB-AWKIJ, TRAfNFD PONY. P1VB I, ,UJ. trow, hi fwanotge vie a le .'or rhj, Irer, in p?jk*:>,:z7Zx U AV,K',k~* r,??" RTRIINO grit ,VJ? V|.(R4K it'lr 1 le for a eool sort Apply tin da. a .,i Wad.egloa ami Lrroy n.., fcr l? We , J?r' * *' ' * *w OBAle 1 '?Ai L^Li" Wl NKD AMH OOAI. DKf.lYRKKIt * sslr't and suoAtv harrao'ed. .redes, a, Je w , re -.v ".Vim mar"00 *** * f?b?ere. / OA I. at rcurr, pon tk* data, ah thk <>?At. " h.nMia wA prepanvwy lo , bonge in leiaw* rt Ui rpm, teai, R Wtzy h tig i owner of Hb' oat aires ? '.no . or ll? tirami I'erihr Haok I f HOD JIU / OAL - ? SO FftR NFIi A?W. WT'tYR ryR wz,., arot rearreetma, Ivifu sndei .fssda. W ? ittlesf.nwv O* rite N a trial, and yn? ?UI s* as tmvd 'oWh In ?,J Mi Mm MI' It AKli CI.|It (u/ ?? M" r,r" ?,?ow? eoronr ml f.ti-ca street WJBBITYH. 1 ! ? ^ *?'?<w?g, MbbM dM ?? -tmV ''if-ri Uhpwp a ft*. * ihk.M.t.M, ?Al'IBIIKMa. NIBLO'H UaKIIKN. UKNKKIT or MK W A. MOOKK. HT <(!K MANAGER, Vimjii Rrgaian Oetonm W. ISAA. Through Ibe klndrea ol 0 ? following diatn. rubbed artiata, who have ore and ell volunteered their rrali'I'nii* writnn, has leal Ir 'gpwn>loM(fl)ii iimel atiraciive enter'alnnieiiuocr tillered lo the Nf? York public:? Mia* Lours I'm, Mr. mkitioh, and Mr W ll-mmaoK. M'o I'm, Mr. tiotmrafuia, Mine Maarwni. Mile I n il I himnN, M. Kin Mwmjint. Mr. Ilonaaa, Mr Kci^ku. Ml?? Miu.ko, Mr finiia.n'r, Mr. W. A. M. baailui mum aattafacUon In announcing thni 1111. GHKA'I I . MM IAN OK THK AUK, Mil III' KI'ON, b, ? h'mi lolun'ei ien hi emit teal aerxlcre, end will appear. ?In poTlnruiei rr h ill I r aiii'inlrd l>y din iioiivnil elalT and t/Biaera of thi tli?i t. i-i?> ?<! <- ,,r New Ycr* w?'? MlAdt, under ibe run'ol ihr rrinpuny of Waahltig'i.n Contlnruiala, Captain l/arrow ranakAaaa or rATaar. i ana it*. II e Firai and .second ?*<?'* of Brta un'N American Opera of HII' VAN WINK! K. Allrr Mien Lntilta Prim Bdaai<1 Mr W lUrrbon hlf V r.k i .... Mr Mrniion I 111 e \ai M irklr ..KK> ? vne | Frederick Mr llornoaaUa In roduon n and dan< e bx Mile. 1 lore 1 aud die ladle* ol I be bnltei. Pc Myrlen... Man Mm reltl uml M. I'aul Brtllont Tie poi.ii ar farer of JOHN' .lON'EK: trie ai at rnrui.ri %ATa mtH in TDK world. tluy Ooodluck Mr Hurtoo (. > original!) prrlorn >d by blm wr Ann night* I ll;e entariaiunirnta forni.elodr with Jnlllen'a celebrated CHaMPAONK UaI.LoP Tlrkea Filly cfub. Prna'e lose? FA. 1 ret e, ru seal* |l I III I Bice opt II o?:ly, from h A M. to 4 P.M., lor aecurlng orrhraira ai a'a and private hoxaa only. T1 A 1.1. AI h'8 TflKATRK. BROADWAY, NKAR e? Broi mr aired.- Monday evening, Oct, 2V, will be actt J the ci inrdy. in S acta nf I UK MaN or MANY PH1MNDH. Fn?r l'i pplr*. ibe nan nf many frlenda Mr. Waleol Mr* Iteamtab Mr* llrntigheiu Mr* Mar'ligaie. .Mr* Veinon Mia* Neilley.. ..Mlaa K. Haaou MIh Haw Mra Hvlxaaler Alluring Mlaa Melville bkrxu al l r... .Ml <i Holland Viim i Mr Brought u> Daxikahaxr Mr AtfVir' Maui aex Mr Sorbin Ml 1 apirr Mr Prim Mra. I > p| lea, wile of 'Oar Friend" Mra. tioey A LOAN OK A LOVKH. MKTROI'OI.IT AN THKaTRK. BROADWAY. OPPOSITE Bond itrreL? rmit* or Aiiaiaaion : Parqurlteand balcony.. .A0e<*. | Family Circle 2Aet*. 0r< ) ran a alalia '(6 Cla. | I'rivnla boxea ft) A W. lioore opt n mi i t*; lo commence nt h Momiiat Kvramo, Oit. 19, IPM, UHK AT ATI RATION, forlhe BFNKKIT id Hlgnora VlhTTI VKUriPRACi!, on nbirh oeeaaleo'he billowing riulneu' artl.'c * will appear:? Sign or, Slgnur Roalilo, and B|fnora VtelU Verupraob. ma (.BAND CCN< EBT, tornber wlih Ibe PPAN1HH iuncv.rh, v ho will appear In iwo nrw grand halloa. A cam my i r Mime. fourteenth street? Thlr ernth nU ni of ibe Opera Koaaori /< 'be iriinral ol many de-lrouaof again lira ring Doul/nlll'a luvorl'e opara. LINDA DI I'll X MOUNIX, II will he ri peatid. for Ike laat lime, on n Kvi Mian, in Toar.n 21) wdhMme DK LA ORaNOK. Mile TVORMT, Mrnorl BKIONOM, Rov'KKK, and OAHPAKONI, and hlf nor A' llKLLI In bla imal i IfecUve role of Antonio? Unix ef ally miuntlrd lo ha Ibe flneal effort Ol dramatic ringing eier at' ii on il.a ly tie amge. Munieal Dtreiior mm i una odor w M*< Mareumk. Imom open *1 7 L . Opera ii'iinneridlik *1 a n'elia li p. M Heaei ip' M'iiu. may be obuxitied at die pnoelimi offlee cor ?.eri'l I'riadaav and Foarieemb a'rnet. al Danaklrra Agrney belle', aioao aloce. All! Hroadvay; ana at Hall A tbiu'a piano Virle and miiale aUire 'bill Uroflaay rikO IIIItlMY t WOOD'S MJNSTUKI.S, NKWIIAI.L, VJ 444 Brtadaav, helna (irand at reel ? til'KN KVKKY KVKMNO. I nameaa iran.arieil ty Denry Wood b age Manager Oeo. I'brlaty bur'bh ?eea?K'hlop an giliatielay eoricliiding ?IUi hill,I RT Mai aIUK. .lake birep UeorgeOiidaly Ihlaelegair and ? nu niod'ona llall la prnii'ium e<l nr inmpe ei I judge, lo be do largeat, the 'rat veriUlaie.) and ibe band, aim ? ? i place nf Kibb'i Ian enleiiainmeai In Ihc world. Ni Til a ?lloore r pen al II, aud Ibe rurlaln rhea al 1% o'clock pb' rhely. a dn oelon 2A rent*. T/TAM.AIK'S KltiAlItK-KXTKA ADVBKTIHKMKNT. i " M tu x?Altei< ah< a <?r Tiar..-on and afer Monday. 1 i-t lt Inat., the d*>oi* win open a* h'tif pant tlx, and the perform ar?c< ^ ill cvBtiuenct at ?<? van o'clock. Mnt.nxv ihTonin 20. Filth time of the lit* comedy, greatly rait, en lied TDK MdN OF MANY FRJKNDH. Pn?r Topple*, the manot many fnen<ln . Mr Waloot ?ni Hrjni'her Hie < id friend Mr <1. Holland he lion. Arlington \ cheer ibc elegnut friend. Mr. Brougham < ?! t fcawk'taw. the *p? ri\ng rnettd Mr hie wart Klr.Urrt M*)m*ey. tlx* dining fru nd Mr Nor on Mr M'trap i ? 1 lapper, the useful irwml Mr I'eter* J?n.H Mr Jeffr ?e* Mr* Ft'Pplm, ih? wife of ' 4Mir Friend" Mr*. Moey Mr*. Br**tiixh, ti e lively friend .. Mr* Brougham Fr*. M*?or Mai'lngex*. the riperletx* d friend Mr* Vernon Mi** f ettlrv ibe ?aUrtcal friend Ml** KateHatmi Mo* I a* the humble friend.. Mr*, nylveaier MlMM| Ml** Melville lobe foiu wed lor the lir*i true In tbl* theatre, by the a<l n. red tuu*tial comedietta railed A I.OAN OF A LOVKR. Meier bp>k Mr G. Holland raj re I Mr. H* wt?b rt. < *l?t. / Uifwiot t Mr. I^erere I tlvr... ..... Mr. Meter* enruda. . Ml** tihiikIiw ({(mNa Iti ah., h rlatMcxr *be will Mng the loitowlng *ong*s?"I'** ? o Voix) " ' I don't Think I'm < gly " * Who'll Mare M?v" it iid. a till Mr. UoHnhd, the duet ol 'To morrow will re Market I ty " rti?'*tine Mr*. I'onover 'i i ?i*I>*r. Cel. !W,?Tlx am* performance. V* H>ni * ?a ?, < vrl. .' 1?1 be **n?e perfnrrnar?re. At.i'Ux'i m w conx dy in *ctlve preparation, to be railed MA MM HT l?Ml I NY. I * r.f mM<|i all] embrace llie entire talent ot the corn pa ?). Other HurtRlea are le prn?r?*? ho* i?ook op? n from A tfjl 4. .1 US H hMITM'h CI ft AN I# TOf 'ft OF KV ROM AND HII OK <?F HKfUKroFOt, Hfci' tri< Tt hail nr. Ham.. tM\ KiMXi>wir, boa It* ONk. Ill NDfiFU VfKWrt. i-i y ree? aide ?n?i twenty fen hlirh of the prlnnpa t 11 IKe AMI OHdFi IN OF INTFRKHT IN KUROPR run *, at *<W ?'< lock , aad erer* Nafortay afternoon, lb#* iMieir by Mr Ala*n Field, of frondon. \i M VI UMFR MoNPAV, OCT 2H, AND A I.I. THIS Irl a?rk In addttioti to 'be iVI a? rk in addition to the wonder* of U?i? urea1 |*i r* or. 'Mi* ore hajnxtixl > be reirbm'ed lllu*(rat/t( a4 llf?? a|el n at it? r? fnakea hta br*t anpeniaixe Two great mier'aln ir etita in one. No ntra euarrfr for thl* tin Ion i-f talent Id Mi'* Open at 7, rirtnmeix ?'* at iH-"1 Cl Hroadway. \| * I CNF. HaYmi.N1> AND MAOAIXISTRR ?'TIIKKR >?1 relebni ed ir l?i* will appear (ogetber on MoceUy, <t ?f d all tlx* week, in their unrivalled eniertatumeot, I ?* I or roe r r. Ida "Hotu in Ireland.' ihe 1m' er In b * rn.nwn ' d f? at* of aonder No e??fn rh?if* to thla 'w<# fobl at'rar i n */Tj < <*f?t* AddU'or al feat* tif wonder, and by deal?e the rny? irtI'miii di?appearatx ? of Madame MaetJli?ter. 472 Hroa/) *?j . Open atparlor mam ? at 7 H DAdl INO ACADRMIKN. Fll HROaDWa Y.-I'KOF. a. MIKAhOf.K If Ad TH* honor lo Infxem hia frteml* aod the pubix- that hi* I ale off AeadeBiy 1* ?d?eu erer> day from lu A. M lo |u P. M , for itNtaona, *i?d rn>ot i io t?. nd 7^* to l(j P M , for prar'ioe DANCTMJ A< ADKMY - MT.I.K < AKnl.fVa. VR7.1RN H I-iLcii k A-ad* Bit. |fn 21 Howard *irret, |* now open i??i I he .ea*<in t laa-e- niMt lof 'he matr \< -thxi ti( ladie* ami ??, at .1 oVitek i'. M , ami at kin the ev-oUiii for ptn"l<? Orahd daneanUi ercry ra' irU) evenmf ?**iou ?0 cent* h ANf iAO-ANOTHER NFW rt.ARR BRGOKRh' araden y, ?>?l Hrre n.e atreet. a new rUw for 'Huginner* %*? .11 rotim. ite* on Tue^a) . All the faahiortanie hm ei aitfbt in one i f'Urae ?if le? on*. Tlteie are rUa**** opan f?#r more ad rate ed kxirl) apfdl ratbm l* neeeeaary M Dam acoi HTA'd Dancing h< idnic fh now open In haw York, al w?e ( hloeae botidln* o?i IFelo** aiitl eaxifday* A )w>, (.a ere* for *?a<re daio^og ?r*eff da>. In Hrf*kl>n. at the Athens* jm, Hrtfk yi?. '?** a on da t a aod 1 rlday*. For (artlcuiir* iiiplf at 712 Mrwd ?ay New York, of 2b7 llcnry ?tree?, Hrooklyn M Cfll A HkVA CD'M DANCING 'l|( x?l, IH N(?W GPKN ?4 Ijm* f hlr'cen h ?u?srt, weal of Hroalwty m*r?ri i eoneedar and Xaturday at 12. ixmii, and 3V* o rkei afer Sr g '?a* ??, for ladt*-* IT? ?*e? * fid nuplef*. a^l**e f??r gr ? auxin I* fi/rmthg. Monday and 1 ho red* y at 7 *4, frenin* Mit cfiARRi acd hantiikpfdiaiii;RKOF annocrc >I>g '!> be l*dl? * at?d ifei,' emen thai he \n ready to *!*? prlrs?'el) w In *?!?? *??, th/ouah l*e Uf or A*er,i?ut n Vir new and beautiful Dame* i?i Nalon, I* Ailum* <*r la Na po/r r,ldr la Marepfra. t* H- ??i*n dan' ej Vaiae 4 d*UX '*a* ?r*n *Dober faohM ' at*le derve* In'mdured in o greed eorlety; ,k?et*e I e i ewe i f|iiwliiile* at hie rami. M ea# Thirteenth *treet, ae/? of itna*lway. MUNlCAfe -t<- ItANJO^-HANJO TAIGHT IN e|f KANY ) | j G. u ? Id Mi advaiee I i l* *r* tn ?'i i.??mo l!ai. r * ii i*. * .pi'M.t banjil ?l b ?r.*> (?.r ul?-pnr. ..It H, II JAt'OHi Han...' .t It'ilwti rrM AI..IIV or r INK Ml KICit. aTT AIMMft.T** AI'R?K'< 'Jc ..f ?'t-i (1*. n.n ...mi*. wvU? i. AMtroo* ?i ?' A k.'ua'.a. In A *??.. /.?', <*. 't.n/'A <-h?(r *(>pl)r M Mo *0? H.?a4 fH)l FiriKi. 'U'IT(R I'fAMOrOKrK, AMI, KIM,! \ M J" MAM ? IMMCAdttK And Wit KII^AKII i i Ml1 ? .r? ir.Mf( 'o '"r,!. | -ip. I. At ihm, rnd d. I??? 'Aa' (. .i y <m WpdATAW '.fin. \Un jotrmwi rlA?"? A/* t.Alt t. r*?."I F'? I.IA- Akl'-r Al ?. * Of ? Wlh M rnc or OMA.-K 1-W K< II ru HA) 4I AK "ii.. - r ... it.-a'd li.piir, 'Indt M.I ky ynm^Miiii . M?. I?r f.?ior >i? WHI.m ? r. ?r?A? l?< A.OfA?? tk'trt* Fu'. labrd ky ?' MHkI.'nI . < i hriAl.i, Mimic a i -i oonivx on i.Ar?r wi-ri ?i<oAUnn o a .A'if?A |W| a. aI'.i m.l ,? ?-??.? i 'to. ttoftili, nf WvWmrv* [tA/A pr^Arr^ illr-m M'ta^ but lli HiiA. I u&M plA.A'l l"K MaI.K A *1 I'KHI'ik TOMMB Ko-r. ? n??4 1MUIIIT..O'. Ito'Akl Milk |*A?t. u.i imr/ .aaii^a If I In AtU 1 ? fto <1 ? ? .' ? 'vf J* J. At) . 1 ?M IaAaA tk ?"hAtoiA Al IT < AnAi .' , 'A? d Hr-Al.Af PA M* 'ff <>| MHO A flW A T FOR di(.t AT A0 Urm i-nrrnm .. i I'TVM. A. ?Of Ito to. -My MWAMM ?!?????/ All.'* -i A?d Tor r-iA '"-ton' y plA.--, In ??*? F.i. to .Mr. M pteA-.X-t *??- ?f' tod It A.'t A?t ' ? .Ttoln. ?*? ?> 1AM . fnl tmMttA to .)Ato# ,'^to to*TA O A d?>A K rtlt K R , amiM ? * Li?>r to oivr id-rn'- Tro* r* p,? ff K/nrftoAtoi ? ? 'A I too y-?AAM UMw ? wMHf r> |i xI to. r.-M. y.^? If - >,?4"MAaM totod.,l '.yd * ktoyl.tof. |? UnltoRrM r.toto*.fito4.w. Mb.' A.i4fx ,1 i li"Ul dk. 1CITMA rti. E xtRi ri? m*vt Mof rrr uik **? uri, Fay' ' -faad ?????*'? *>*ra pay aral heU* a* it al t ?"ed e* waey aatkera. la a I va#a wa^a* .a* I ?,?d. ?,'?'?? ARi'dM 'Ma I aM?M IHia. mini imt A. ROW tofcl* KltodiaiX. Af?M> Mmm ,'tor^T I' ? Raft, axi iiimm/a?I n-xx'Ato At U* C *toi AMA. run** cajum. I?l*OM'? ' Atrw or FVFRT D*X'RrrTT''<< FOR I <X. M 'M t'XMA I tofd *AiA I'tolto p m Mtod t*? OfAni "to Ff-tototo.f Ixr AM* And ?n.b Wnto m .? .. 'Ad Aid .<aX A?I ?,?? tot Mi% t mtontottoFto-l to- ?A 'Ato 'to'to' ? to 'I to I And IIHto'll Ml tow I Mm ??%*?? t AMVMMUUra?. BROAPWAt TMRATKIt-K A. MARMIUtxTlOUl !?>>.? W. B iri.k., n?*<* Kiriiiif?|V?r> ?i.?n ?? l' ; ui n.B o ??!???? at 1% o'clock H? urdi., evening, Oct. 17, will t? t ?rt< in II K emTOM Ok THK till N1RT *r? H.n.y WUttMRn nil li.ii- Kf ? t *> i ? li Br* W v*il! alt u ' Aro>?i?)") Hit ( I I M lieNh Of DTI AhJtfOAN AND Til* Kalftffp I't iHu- < '? Mr ttftrn+y Wiiiukn. V?r> <j'F lanuU ah Mm. U THK >RIMI I.ION 1 ftu Moc?re Mr. H%rniy Wiinarri Mn. I*i|r Mm. Unrniy Wuhan,* Bl WFHY ))<? aHIF -I KMHlKTnH ANI) MANAGER I.I' UoWSmii Mofdiy Cut '!V Will bearU'd 1 III- II I A N|? ? MIFF. '/nnr h Johxt. n 7wlua Mrs. W. Hard hKHAH'IOhIL (Villi A!*ii? ?mt /arofftki .... Mr. Jm. J. Prior Prince fjortcrhakott Mr. OriAlb* Bl KTON'K CIIAMHKRH HIRKKT Mt.MAV'lliK MAN OF MANY FlURNDN, and Me 4r? it.m of 11IK M AI !? <>r CKOlhSKY. Pe'rr Po| p!ei, the |??Wln aker. Mr Hwrton h?-rg?Mtt Auftft-t Vt tflrat ttt??r) Mr KaIutrd lie Mangier ha? much pleamire In ata'tng that hik v > > ? r M/ s y ritihnim I'HPaih'errd bio lo u Inn | haM Mn-r*e?e?on* of ?beee brd* )lm t Inta. }>r< u))?r u 'M* *t < a're a*- exemplified to the U/n$ run ol J ?Kiln aid voi I arid < oupr-iflr?d JI e kertou* Family. Tbo ') i < (j]rc |?iraib Ol I ron Irr.Yilii Wuri Kuiia llwp lb# Tflfl prat. A? You I kc li M dmn but -k gh'* Dregtii, M*rrv M W rii'n i (i tinier lirM rlaM pierm., wlib a Hia* range af I arc.. ui cii H. fir i H'Uiariit 111! MA.N III MANY rmrNDR, A. l'at i tl n II I. ill air.' al l hii In? mm.. eaal ofrowlr i*lcm, i.. a .rri 111 m il | i ll.Hi 11 i. wlillc |.i?. every den lug, * ti<\ an) 11 da\ wl.lrb ar. 'o ?I 1 > l.KK I I A M11.Y. and I'llK TOOM.ICH. BUKIKV'H IIHKN AllKHR, iff l'ltiUl)WAY.-IIO*. (t.v rt ri li fi Orlob.t Aral time In Ami.rka, ?,f tba beautiful runilr hi era I-A I'll A I.KT; OR KWIWt OOTTaOR. Th. Itui klrya laving ..cur. d ib. nil/ iran.laiioo, at a f ml aoat. hi A. Adam, romimrr or ib. TnalHlor," Ac., Ac., and trail.laird In in I be .renefc I > the late K Heroin haig 1 iiik (a join K laimer) lit shop Hackly l.ireite.... .... MimMilW C orpormi Yn W Peref ?al 1'rumntn, rp Ac,. ..<?nipany hWAJN IM ( KI.KY. I y i>at ticuiar rnquoat, will on* hla old LA TO III NO MONO, and hla irrond odltlon nf "Dog 'I rmy." i <iii< art coinBioiuw at "t o'olork. Tlrkata 29 rtuia. BOMIItY TKKATRt. Df?NALI?M)N'M TKNTIMONIAL. THColut r.%taia<? N??*?!?irH I, IM& 7ho moat grand rn'oriatomaid ol tho <Mia?M?ri will iskr plgtw on M>ta ot raMon I t;ok out l??r fun r??r nrtnirammo aao 4atl> papora Hrmrnihor I'otialdMMtjuit arrlvad irotn iho 'Vim?*, At'ADKMY IIOilC Mill.I.K RAT'IML H II.I. 01 Vh MX FA H?* Wk 1.1. NfOIITN, On her reimn fri m hoium and prtor to her do|?ariura fur ttf* kouth. on Ttieway, rtib, ihurwday, etli, Haturdaj, Ifth; Mbr. day, l^fta; M Mii'kHrla> , M>h ami Friday, l?tth Novamber, u I ?n Mill he rrpeoTd 'In* toilo*lnif larorile plooaa .already witrifmn by rro*i|?| aud'onew* "Angeh?,M "Anrtenno I r *Hi*reur," Joan ??f Art* M and will he presented tor the It ret i me 'I ?d\ l?r ulfe ' a eomMy tn lire arm, by Madame id* Oltardln, ' Vd ?? tie Italia l?l? ** a drama In five a?*te. hy A! Duma". '? Virjilnte?,** a tragedy In fly? a? Ui, by I^itoar Hi. 1 bam. room or Anmnami*. Private pwueer turn bote * .... ... $20 tW halroni aeata, flral rou of t nn < 9 C$ llo OMXt o v .... .. . 9 t$ Plrtclrrle I T I'arquette ai.u t art)uelt? elrrle, .. 2 0$ hi rot <1 rtrrle nr. p?olLroade Ikkr ? .. J M A n phUheatre . $ 8$ MihanrffHtot ? will t e reoetved tor all the ?tv night* eaaed ifurliiinlay hr o)>?r ,%<i no u>an, at VanderlMN?Ji*e muelo ?lore, rM I toade ay, near I nkm aquar*, and down lawn mi ai d after fk'ednemay tict M, in the <?flh*e of Wall alreei. rraoi lu to 1 The aaie of U' keta to comnruci on Haiurday neiU HROOK! MIATI.KN .FI M -Mtl.MNH' UDU'KXJLAHVAiVH AM- I HAH MThRtHTI? lYINt RRTH. poalllvely for Ian night* only Wednesday, Oet?t>er M, and F tidav No?eii her 7 kiadame t'arortta Pot ton I aetirano; by, <>eirge hunpvoti, tenor Mr. A ban Irving, baaao, Mr. Maadef t Director The eMertmnitienta* IM romarim^ rboh*a ?election* of a*mjr% dto- a, irioa, dr., lt,w-rap*m*<I wKB Iriafi Hiorlaa and A it* dote* and wmraetrrlMle MJiiga. A<* I <1 I.INh a* I eddj "he filer. <1(1 I Ish aa *he lioald Roy, it I I INh a? Morgan Hauler. Wbh ih* fa%ortt( aamoi The l^iw liar k <^ar,M The How?d ^oger Hoy," '"Ihe Widow Ma< bree." Ac ( In rhara .tar. a* m.i g I > rr t eillna In ail the |>rtn< i|.al theatre* In Ihe I h)mi 1 ir||l# Ml ren1* to he hid at nui?lr at< re* and a*, the ?Ux r. I'ooravpb at i a'ciork. eoneerl to commence At K. MiaiixmiR >M> MaVORK RAYMOND, till- lli?i appearAnce ) 11 aaa talrmad ir'wa Mlnapprar imaibar. At ATI Rrciad?y. lb II?Ir ?" If l m au niltrltli turn ?. itaf fnftn?r In kia wAndA/rtil ira'A nl n ?i I- lif IaMu .b lil? jU)?t>? Hour In IrAiAnd Affl ilhfrlaid' " line ftrly to win f-a thli two Cnld btl/arttnb. A n fi i A fharaf iA ornli Madame Mai-aiI'aiaa'a faarfai dla ?||r?rnKf Mnbday, ill h And All lb? ?Mt. Opeb At 7? ri n imuma ai ,>, at 01 llrnadaay C!TI YVKHANT IIkTITUTB, CM IIIIOADWAT. WCW i \ nrk - 1i*vMI?iu'? wntule rfbi wnrA ot I'autnAnadilp. Ilila niartallmia pii dur-'Uiii of Mr l)A*td l>A?Waon tlala ?t bll Oar At ibA 1 ryattal 1'aU, a YurA), unite raalt) atRaaat liilyi d In t>* tl'A KrA'tM work if Art A?ar AthibltAd, Will of ?? in. Mm d?> t ? At AM RroAdway, bow YaaA, from II A M In 6 r. M . and Ir .in V till IM I' M AdmlAnloo If rmlo. Adit trad t y l>r. M. J itAyuil, t* Ma iSi.uaAi ?ir??i, II. A. Henry, fan bal liAgiifal it M iaaaia aad V. Mutt. (1|i? Hl.l b 01 IlKKT 11I K ATHB, H A I.TIMOItt, fOR Mt T J or Ira.a.? I Ina nnati'l'tll lb. A'ra. IaIo.) r? damralAil In tl?'-ai a'> le if -tiered Inr rmit by tba traof . rnontA or ?f AT. oo AcrnmtnwlAUiiA lorn,a A 'I lr*aa WM W Mot l.KI.M*. fAJttmnr*. It RAM ATIC HA IX, KM ORAffD HTRKKT, MKAK Ilroado Ay ? tirari'l fa/-rod ''omoft br 'J-! Sou, n*. tit.Ard I ah i, B'.lfr thx itllrf tinn nl Mr Jtm Noil OH "iiialai, < r ol rr V id n iff on 1.1, onrta Omerl to co?u?f tf fa'' nVlnek prarlaai). / ' A Kl' ?TO TIIK MI'KIC'Al. PRitf Krt"MR, MI'HI' A', a ABta'Aura, mi'i'Al tnautu Mm. and muatoAl tusulaa. Hf nbdarairi ml I a. |iio rf at*"i friB I tit a a - but*" oW t in. ol i/pfrAtlf oral and iiiaiMlhrti- m i to. rmnprtattia Krg ? ?I. tretel. t'frt.a and Italian -m t'.Ma. trioa, (? A Iron. ?? iiprraa H I.a I'n-pia ? " "II TrWfbKnV aa.l I 'K'n a tin An 'I," Abo iha favnrtta ei rntlr.AA a.iM by itrWl, llo*in, flaa 'ar lam'arllA Mario aid Haitian, wtlb new ?.?11 a 0 a I a I inly II o?er Mra mi vm, A< , a nog by y u< I fi If., Ml a Jiol'.j A Ihi r.tAi I.'nrtA aalaaiton# anitAlat of li||tAa,aa at d Arfaf faaatfoia ft. m ha nateraa, by 'iXtno 0 It u)mrr<a. I* *fi?? **!?. I n?<i#hl, < 41b *H ?ref <*!*' %r??i ?JJ ;*.? !*??#?* 'i?i '?p in'ni f?r i?l Wal* ? #r?. Ih it 11 in* m?r<j m hi?ii*.rt 'i? ? ?mi fijnm ?nfvif Bf| intbii U ' wm ?* "*/ul(j r?m(Mwtr?j <IK41 l? I M? m?r? Affiry J..J rn i?lr M piiia Mnirn pamqi KTr* rui/viff A?n n?rr nrri?? - F'fti* lo hf i?h .'?ft <?ti* ?' (M Afftrltyir ?! Utt ? m* ' ?!? if MH iirMl t' It \ Ht k op?r% tt?4 * mv* 1 Iff ( Jul l.ll'l ?U/tm 5111 Hf"?dVkf tvlr m ??r? mUiih' |Kiyu Hf cru q'llK f?IARHI*)H RNrildllill (iPKHA COH I (???'?># iff OUft"* m???' 4| fh.nlir tUo, at U-n '?i u at 'hHr *11 ifmH?* ??*.?iwI hrtflt*i ? I cru r ?? r?rrm ??r? ?* Nil will |,rtr*+4 * M.(.< |>IWr??kitN|l #?fi, if.#nl* in tfc# pt^rdMA -~H*? ?r?, hoTHl#iiir IUi Car l, Mniadft^Ma IU <im rw, IM^it/f. ? i?,d i ? ??l I iMiutiiir. m ff.? "rid**/.-, 4e . l^rf "fi I u?ii ??? "? ?" wHh IrtHtp* V? M? w/id-rowU Ui I r ifrni, At MiJdi'B Umrd* , ut?Ui 'Iff 34>'#rriiWr w r tiAorovf roH Tiir. Jt H.N r 1,41 AW VitM(rr (lt4fk?NBI h< i. h I ? n l, r ? IvHiK aMa It It !? Al K fllK CiiCT UNMAf, " fin ? l? ? li >? - n??d r? r> ta r??*? r? a Wr* 1* r ttAf. 4tfdiMA(ilM> khiftflUMl pro|rfMh?r| H N T llmk T O Vt < >l!r-Yr ~M>* HH.r A ' Hnb r. CKI.It.tlON r.f f f?rl> flf * Al |r n -w* |<dfHii|t ? *! kh Ir'ni-I'dif IHI ?9 h'?h'i If# lion*# lfa#rr mn! '?4N#f * ttdtla'M ((Wi lifrr. w,?h l,|H i r Md'fll f*rim frv# t-A' Im S m J N h N'iol '41 Ag+A*r Alt Mrt#4?i?r Vm AI.HT* A .Nit l'Hnrrh*-'>im or nr*#H ^THI. f Off f|.?BM ra -fr* rr?w lf*< 46??lrMWa H i um*> ?<r> I* mm fMriplf 0s and ?i#|ai,. 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