Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7002. MOKNING EDITION?TUESDAY, OCTOBEK 30, 1855. PRICE Two CENTS AjmiWMKim RENEWED EVERT Dil_ tHU LULIJOR DEALKK8 AMD THE COS STITITIOSAL IUWHTH PART*. OTATE TICKET.? . _ _ O For becrelary of sitnte Aaron Ward. ForOomp roller Lemuel Stetson. For Treasurer Joseph M Lyon For Alioroev General ?' TUden. For Htatr Engineer John l>. Key For Canul I 'otnmlssioner * redertck Foilctt. ForBtate FrUon lrspei tnr Feu-ice II Agsu. Judge* Court Appeal*?Long terra Hamuel ridden. bhort term Nicholas Hiil. THE Dt'TYeOF A NT I FKOHIKITIONIHTd. "Ike hour advances," lbi> decisive hour, when the people of Few York will be celled upon to apeak with the voice or their own sovereign will, concerning oneol the mod Important que* doc* Ibet bae recently i-usagcd their attention, In enawer to the Falneacal endeavora of tiie so-ceiled temperance refnrmera. And It la lor the tame sovereign people to sat. whether In the future they will atirrender the rights of free citizen* end the internet! of a tree country to the keeping of this singular herd of human beings, and the iti arni of poUU'-el pedlar* of every lametfr complexion, which now alllici the nation, the State and the city. A nth who t la the people'e voice In the matter? What should be their determination ? It oennot be denied that great evllt artae from eiceselve drinking, 'i'hee are appetem. Hut thla la not tho only kind of intemperance that at preaent dleturba the community. The Refortnrra ihetnaelvea need reforming. They have forgotten that "raeh anion la weak action, and raah language weak Ion guage." * ht-v bare forgotten? , " unleaa above blmaelf he can Erect himself, how mean a Iking ta man I" Kaprcal ly a Maine law man. Ncverthelaaa all their xeal In hr-han of Maine lawa and compulsive morality la the worat kind of raahneea, the weakeat language and action, the moot do plorable iniemporaure? die Intrniperatioeot fanatic legislation ?the drunkenness of egetlam and fbliy I Theae are the facta upon which we muat lake insue. And It la no 'nnger neceaaarv lo go Into any legal diacua mIou upon the Bauer, for It la already ooncrded that our Maine law la uneonatltutlonal. But the foola did not all die I sat year; they have forgotten the portenilou* fact of history, that? " The King rf France, with twice ten thouaoad men. Marched up the hill, and then?marched down ngaln I" And the effort which all thoae worn iua rlghia and conjugal reform Maine law temperance folka, will make In the coming -conteeUa to preserve the present abomination known aa the Frohlbllory law, or give ua a greater abomination In Ita place. But must we submit to elifci rt Will the people of hew York how their heads under the weight of thla, or any almllar vnkef It la reasonable to hope, at least that they will not do anythtug of Ihe kind. It Is truth to say they ought not to do any thing of the kind. No! not even to gra'lfy any rutnaollln ,- affl oily for the strong-minded of either sex?for our old women are cot all femaleo?or the weak beaded of both sexea. We have submitted long enough lo the shallow ranting about the correction of moral crlla by merely legal ? nuctmenul The idea Is a damnable and utler fallacy! And the Maine law la worse than no law. In everv way?whether one Inoks lo tho ? oppression ol intemperance or to the rights of Ihe citizen. It la a sumptuary law, dictated by folly, and enacted upon a -fictitious basis?nugatory and wor'hleaa In Itself, and only tend ing to promote the very evil It affects to oheck sml destroy. The camp ot the reformers, Including clerical demagogues and the hypocritical spies ot Caraon leagues, which, for Mar good they nave done, might as well have been In league with die devtI, la still lu uproar af out the Sfllesgyof the real, gen uine, original Maine law and Ua various Imitation* They recite the names of the H'a'e* where this batch of non sense has received the eaocUon of one or both branches of Ihe Legislature?fourteen or sixteen States lu all?In five or six of which It Is now lbs law. And yet we know of what we apeak when we assert that -the Maine lawa of Maine, Vermout, Massachusetts, (Ion neotleut. New York and Pennsylvania never bare been enforoed, never will be enforced, and never ought to be en foroed, and the aoooer they arc repealed Die belter, fur no more vital danger rati menace a Wtaie than a disregard, by the people, of a law enar'ed for U-e government or the State. Such ta the teaching of reason snd history; writ I* Ihe uni versal conviction or all recognized authorities ffpon law and government. For from, disobeying one law, the free hut tin scrupulous citizen readily becomes reckless with regard to all law. t- In Maine, previous to the passage of the present law, the at tempt was made to enforce one only a little leas stringent; and surh was tho effect of the attempt lo compel men lo be sober, that the leading hotels ignored the law at once, and were sustained In so doing; and In one of the principal cities of Ihe Btalo sixty indictments were found against one man. involving penalties enough to reduce him lo poverty. Yet, after putting off the trial for two or three terms, the whole affair was settled for a little more than thirty dollars. Instead of thirty thousand, as the law demanded I In the seme county, at another term of the eame court, an Attempt was made, In four plain caeca. to convict parties for violation of the no-license law; yet in spite of the best legal talent In the Stale and the most ample evidence of guilt, the Jury were unable to agree, and (be parties went unpunished; wbOe, at a subsequent term, the complainants in the case were convicted of conspiracy fhr having made the complaints! And can any one believe that the preaent law can find per manent support in anv auch community f It baa not lonnd that support! It never can find It! There ta more liquor drinking going on In Maine and Maaaachuaetta, to-day, than at any former period of the last tweuty years t It Is only done for Ihe lime, In a different way. The old side hoard Is being restored. People drink at home! Young rooks get tight at Ibelr lodgings. Ihe thing has become respectable t Hut tt Is sowing the seeds of a terrible revulsion t Removed from Ihe restraint of publicity and the fear of expo aure, Ihe three or four young folk* drink to excels, and go It t perfect looseness and ruin ; whereas no harm would have been done under other circumstances. And when this thing be comes a lk'le more universal, New England may aa well pro hibit sunlight aa the use of good liquor. AOS y?4 wbt it that time ouhios. and the Maine law reformers have finished their foolish and ruinous work, all mora! restraint will be abandoned for the time, and the temperance cause wilt be all but "icetotally damned.'' And yet, our political saints, our reverend stump ipeakers and grass ftd retormeis, insist upon It that the salvation ot the Mate and die nation depends upon Neat How, the Mstnc lsw and the privilege of shooting down s fen Innocent citizen*, lode fence of s worse lhan useless piece of legislation, so that *om pious politician may make his temporal and eternal fortune by selling poor liquor to the sick and wounded alter the battle Is ever, and the dead are burled. Ko they go, there tempersnee folks; One lectures on sobriety, Another treats on rum!" And tt la In vain lo argue with thern upon Ihe Injustice, fallacy ?ud danger u( this law. Nothing but tbe logic of the ballot box -can bring them In eonvletlon and repentance. You may tell them them thet there are Innumerable other facts to show its Inefficiency and worihleesneM, that In anv sea board State, or In any State traversed by great railways, canals, or navigable rivers, connecting one town with another, and all with the rrlnclpa. commercial |>ort? ?f the country, any article of commerce, and liquor mere than any other, always has been, sod always will be, readily obtained, so long a* the pen pie demand It. Y'ou may tell them, lu confirmation of this, that the Aral man frozen to death In the State of Maine, during ihe past winter, was found with n keg of rum Ivlng near him; you may tell them that there ha* not been a single eon vlctlon ander the new law In Boston; or that men, ureter the law of Connecticut, ore robbed of tbe fruits of their own soli, whenever It happens to be enrtanta or gropes In tbe shape of wine. Indeed, you may tell them anything against the pool tion they occupy, but it amounts to nothing. They are worse off than Voltaire's traveller, who, happening to have a (lriiuken landlord and a red-haired landlady at the first Inn where he stopped, wrote down among his memorandums?"All the men <if alascedrunkards, all the wotneu red haired." Ho'our mo dent and mongrel relormers judge all the men in Maine from Neal l>?w or the first brother uiey meet here, andjudgeall the Maine laws upon tbe same comprehensive principle. But, rather than go la that crowd, let us follow the precept and oxaaple of John Calvin and Havld Crocket. The former was rather ahead of some of our spouting parsons In tbe maUer of orthodoxy in religion, yet he always kept bis vaults filled, and static good use or his wine, his eogutae and hit beer. The latter was quite equal to our great cold water guns lu matters of military tactics, personal bravery and common sense And with an eye 10 the weltare of coming generations, he declared with paternal solicitude? " This I leave for others when I'm deed First, be sure you're rlgtt, then go ahead No better motto than tola was ever penned for an honest man. And If the opponents el'the Maine law and ell lu kin rired would aucreed, they must heed the old hero's advl >e. We know we at e right?therefore, let ua go ahead ' N(T 00 1 If DUTCHKSfl. We nad beard, aa we mentioned a (lay or two *tnre, that an eflbrt had bee* made tn Dutches county to Itvlocse the Liquor Dealer*' organliatlon to abandon their nominee*, and follow ?auderpooi. Taylor, aod Hendricksoo Into tbe aoft rank*. We did not now then bow much o? how Utile aucoeaa had attended tbla movement, but we had faith In the intelligence aBd ttr<n ?neae of ottr Dntcbeaa county friend*. We did not believe that they would raffer themeelve* to he deluded by tbe ?'tallow ar tifice* nod Insincere iirofeeatona of the Albany end Buffalo poll Uctana We are glad Id learn that ottr Information waa Incorrect, and lAedleorg*at*er* hare, aa yet. kept their bands off of Dutcima* county, and our advice* from there as*tire u* that any effort of Vanderpool A Go. to shake the ndellty of the liquor dealer* of that county will be useless an l lutlle. The following letter trout one of toe moat prominent member* of the organization give* ua cheering intelligence ? Popr.ttgzr.r*!*, Oct. 57, 1*86. Rkhd. Fm m h, Ksq. 1 And tn 'lie II.* u.t> of this morning * notice beaded " Movements of t 'ol. Vsndi-.rpuol," In which ft da Mated that a movement wa? on loot t> fuse the Interest of IV]nor dealers with the soft party In Buffalo. Albany, Dutchess county, Ac A* far aa Dutchcas la coocerne l, no movement of this kind has been attempted. On the contrary, at our Bona toiial (fonventtnn of Liquor Dealt ra a resolution was passed unanimously, supporting the ticket made Oct. 10. at Hyrscuse. The same reaolttuon waa passed at oar Assembly Convention yesterday. On Monday, the Ihmor dealer* held a convention for the purpose ot adopting county officer*, and 1 have no hesi tation in ata'ing that n similar resolution will be accepted at that time. We fight onlv for the constitutional and liquor dealer's Hiate ticket, made Oct. in, atHyracnse, and, what is further. Intend giving a good report of ourselves. Tou are at liberty to contradict any reporut respecting the firmness of old Dutches*. Tours, respectfully, ? GONSfHTFNCT. There are some papers in -New York which seem to have the Heward phobia. They denounce the leadar of the fusion wis a* a demagogue and a n agitator wh> w.shes to ale vats his o_wn ties on toe ~ ? fortune* on the ruin * of the ConvtitiiUoo asd tbe Union. The t of Be ward la aynonyutous with treason, and fusion I* immediately integrative eg disunion. We have no quarrel with these Journal*. We aod they stand on common ground, though we g?s there by dlffeimt toads. We an as much op posed to the Heward coalition as they an, hat from different motives. we desire Its defeat as ardently as they do, hot for different leasmte. They have their reasons, which are satis factory to them; we have our*, which are sauaiaetory We oppose the Heward or republlsan part* because Its convention eudor?ed the odious and oppressive Prohibitory Liquor law. and beruuee U Includes a large may rby of thoee Who favor that uncnnetitutlonsl enactment. Indeed, we have no reason to doubt that the fate er the liquor law Is Indie soiul ly linked to that of the republican, and thai the defeat of the ana Will be the defeat of the other. Convinced of thle fact. the -list? ?>?? ?f the object which forma the basis of our >rganl ration, requires that our opposition be specially directed against tbe Heward fturtoolsts, and that we take such a oourse as maybe beat adapted to carry out thatdeWre. Tnlalathe motive which animates our organization in us opposition to the republican party. Wr flgbt against It In de'enre of a principle which, wuh ua, Is a paramount principle. We fight spaiuatli because wa beUrve It* *uccem would per pefnate an cnsctmaat witch strlkss at our rights, our Interests and our llliertiea. We fight against II because we hsillrve that He defeat win be followed by a repeal of that unjust sod tyran (ileal law which now disgraces our statute bonk. ttlhcr nrnntm't-e* and other parties, animated by other motives, profess equal boaUllty They are uppoaed to the re ?qbbeaaa because they tee, aa they affirm, In the ad' cess of that party, an attack upon the rights - * the ooa one pgrtlon of the op nfederacr, which might peril the ell* eore of the Union. If they sincsraly entertain this con vie Hon- If the) really believe that the *uceee* of the Heward part] , . I party would he productive of sorh alarming consequences, they should do *11 In their power to defeat It. Personal aspirations and the pride of'.the organization should be sacrificed who out bealtaUon to secure that end. We can only judge by their acta, and we have no other lest to apply to parties If tbe "Pp* T)'n^ contribute by their Inaction, to tfcrtriumph?f those whom they profess to oppose. u.ey leav* the world to tnfier that o> her two fires and ofiier objet's Impres- them with hi gher **aeee< tmporissvce tiian lbs defhat of Beward and the r a .U" ? flic Herald and tbe New* may Preset "J, doom day abowl -he dan ger* with wblcb the triumph of 'he rep ibl"?ns woul 1 environ d?. they ma> denounce Hewartlai 1 aboUtfrn till ihey evasust thr vw vlioarvof vtu rerattoc ' ? "hi' WBJ h-.,??c ui*m ? Whan Ury t#?-? to lAg Ht.uA f?r tgp'fiaee. Ae s?u win answer, "Vte wan' acta, not word*." Thojr may aay "(Juvn darn ion pouaen* Dinners vorba ditbaro," but the South will vnr;. ju?ll> reply, " An Inactive friend (a no belter tlwn an open etie'my; whfln you have talked. So vsrd ban anted, and the rn pul in aim hove triumphed." 1 lor a too News suppose dial Mr. 1 tcklnaon I* to In atlnd b) I lie auceeaa of Howard ? Due# It i oppose that the South will bo willing to pajr very high for the i crvtcesot an allv who nltbnr could not or would oof contribute to tlr driest of It* rhrmleit? lloeathn Ne?? Imagine that the ad mta a tor ol the hard delegation Into the Cincinnati Oonynntloa la to be accut cd by the triumph of Seward? Doe* the Herald Imagine rial It Southern reader* will give It credit for sincerity when It nigra no rlrps to manifest It* faith by lia work*? 1 he convention* of Dotober 10, at Syracuse, have presented a m int p'tippul, en wht< h all th* opponent* of Howard ana the irptibl.rait* ran rallv with honor, fhey have shewn their ?Interna by Itml leg their action to the nomination of ctuttlr iJatr* already In the held and bring to their rapport the aid of t Dtrn.ert ua and powerful organization Uarta amlwifw out fellow till* riampir with honor to lhemarlvea. wltlwut auy aa rrllire of pride or principle, and with a certainty of securing tie great object they have In view. Now la the time to show their alncerity. and to make their practice accord with thrlr protrusion*. ' By requeat, a *peclal meeting of the LlquorJDealer'iJoelgiy ot tor city of New York, will he held at t >dd Fellow a Hall, on Wedneecay rvrnlng, Slat tnat., at 7?^ o'olc^k. New York, Oct. W. 1855. J. rf. HAYwAHD, Pirea t. fHETUKir. t ^KWTBh^VHX^OOUHSiC, L. I.?'TROTTING, WKDNKH I j day. Got. SI, at 'J o'clock, oweepatake *1.6d0, two mtle heal* In haruea* Warren Peabtaly name* ro g. Tacony; lllratu Woodruff name* ro. tn. Lady Krankhn; tloorge Spicer name* b. g. trankForrcator. ? , . JOEI. CON KLIN, Proprietor. /IHRtimUl 0B0K& Is I.?TBOTTINO, MONDAY, ' j Nor. 6, al 2 o'clock. Match *600. Mile lieau, beet three In live. Wm. Whaelan name* b. in. Iola, to 3tk) Iba. wagon; Jatnra Conway nauioa ch ro Lady Helen to akolcton wagon, lo come otf a good day and track. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. CHALLENGE TO TROTTINO STALLIONS.?THE STAL lien Jupiter wtll trot any *l*lllot? In the world, on the l.btb day of November, two mile* and repeat, to skeleton 0 agon*.over Ihe l- nlon Course. for live hundred dollar* a aide, halt forlehiihr money lo bo deponlud with Ilarry Jouea. at 1 afayelte Tlall, New York. Thl* challenge to remain open until too #lh day of November. , , . IlIKAM WOODRUFF, Union Coerce, Long Island. ' kTATION AL COURSE, L. I.?TROTTINO?THE FOLLOW . M tnz pur e* wU1 be glveu over lite above oo'triw. No. l.-I'nrac *260, Tuesday, Nov. ti, ISM.? tollr heal* ant repeat to harnr-s, free tor all horses except Flora Temple and Ciay Eddy. They are privileged to carry 300 lb*, wagou und '^NoV?'Wednesday, Nov. 71h, purae $300, mile heats, beat throe 111 live, to wagons, free for all hone* thai never won a 1 "no!3.-1 huraday. Nov. 8th, puree *700, for Flora Temple .nil Cray I ddy, mile heala, beat three In live, to 200 lb. ??? goi.*. Ail other hor*** privileged to go In harness..This puree will not be given unit'-* Flora Temple and "ray Eddy trot. The above purae* will name and clo*e at iluryro Iran land's. corner of Kant Broadway and Catharine ? reel. Thar* day, Nov. 1st. ISM. JOSEPH JEWELL, 1 roprtetor. National course, l. i.?trotting.?purse of *200?'lo come "If on Thursday, November 1 it, 1856, ut 2 o'clock, preciaely. To harness, mile beat*, beat throe>n Ave. Wm. wbeelan niter* b. g. Jake Oakly; Warren Puahodyen tor* gray mare; V. McKoberi* enter* brown mare Lilly Dale. Boat* connected with the car* leaio Ful'on ferry, at l o clonk p.M, JOSEPH JEWF.LL. Proprietor. National course, l. i?*200.?purhk for bor?e* that never trotted for a puree,to come otf on Thurs day, the Ul day of Nov.; threu or more to make a race, and two or morn to start To eloi-e on niiturdav evening, the JT'n lnal., at 9 o'clock, at Duryec A Falkland'*. Fast: Broadway,cor nor ol Catherine atreek JOSEPH JEWELL, Proprietor. UNION COUBRK, L L?TROTTINO, ON WKDNE8DAY, Oou.ber Slat, at 3 o'clock P. M., a match tor gl.WW-pUy or nay. Mile heal*; beat 3 tn ft towagon*. 11. Wo?lruirnamea blk m Black Be##. W. Shule name* blk g. Blue Morgan. Kit AW k WHITE, Proprietor*. Red house, harlem.-this favorite hlaokof reaort 1* now In complete order, and ready to accommo date Ihe sporting and riding public The Gotham and B*ltJ0 Base Ball Clubs play on the beautiful green w^auhed to the house, and adortl much sport to toe vUlter* of tot* beautlAil place. The beat of refreshment* alway* on hand. v Wit.1.1AM A. BROW*. Proprietor. SPECIAL BOTICKII. Bonds and mortgagee on new york city property will he purchased. No brokerage dostred. Ad dress, with full particulars. Mortgagee, box 565, rtlYIL AND REIJGIOUS LIBERTY-A MEETING OF i L' the Eighteenth ward young men'# Brook*' Association, will be held at toe Demilt Dlapeurory on 1 uenday evening, <>et 3D, at 8 o'clock. Addresses will be delivered ny lion. Lraanit Brook* Jame* W. Oerard, and other*. Seat* reaerved for mroog*, .tame* w. ? 0- u uaLDWIN. Chairman. ptOLUMBIA COLLEGF^ANNUAL MEKTINO AND FES \J tlval of the Alumni. Tltc annual add re* edit tie delivered at Hope Chapel, on Wednesday. Oct. 31, at half past anTen o'clock P. M., by Professor lleurv James Anderson, on lb# College a unit. Alina Mater et Alumni." ami the poem entitled "The Age of l*roae," by S. Wetr Roosevelt, Kaq. The 'r "t"f* of the College ami of literature are invited to attend whho'U further notice. Prevtoua to Die addree <. will he held a' til J* Chanel, the bualnen* meeting of the Alumni, at n o'clock r. M., at wucn Ihe annual report* wtll be proeented, atul the atocunu tela The annual festival wtll follow die address at Pettier, saloon, late Union Club Home, ticket* for which can be hod id toe undersigned By order ol toe Committee of Arrangement*. aBKAM s. HEWITT, Chairman, 17 Hurling slip. W. L. Born. Secretary. ? Directors or institutes, academies, con certa, Ac.. de*lrou*ot sec iring Uie service* ot Mr. J. H. Brown, lecturer and dramatic reader, may addre*# at 29.1 ./ay tlreet Brooklyn. Klo< titlon taught at the residence# ol pupil" In New York or Brooklyn. Apply a* above. DE CORDOVA A FRAZ1ER, GENERAL LAND AN? collcctln;. agent*, ctiy ol Au*tln, Tela*.? Iwada locaieo, rurveyad and i ntenled at too tuual rates, ami good lo attou* warranted. Parilcular atten lon paid to collection of debts, examination ol U'lc", and the recording d?ed? In tneir pmper counties. Vulnable land" for ?ale In all part* of the olate De Cordovx < new map of Ihe State ot Texa*. Mr. J. "' Our dova wtll be at toe Now York Hotel. Broadway, on the Ul November, and remain there until die Sto. OU. A-LIBERTY CHAPTER. NO. 13.?THE MEM . ber* of thl* chapter are requested to mce at the Chapter room*, tot* (Tueedav) morning, ul 8>4 o'clock f'tr the purmivo of paying 'he last tribute of reaper- tn our late Sachem, Bro. Jaa. Mc\ tear. The tJnler Ut general ?r?Ll2?RST,tJ,,Ul? lu,?. to meet wtOi u*. ?? TKLFOR, C. of c. COUTHERN AID SOCIKTY-THK SECOND A.VNIYKR ,5 *ary of thl* eoetety will be held at Rev. Dr. Parker a church corner of Ft urth avenue and Twenty second "treet. on Wednesday evening, Oct. 31, at half pa*'. 7 o'clock. TTie an nual report wtll he presented by Rev. Dt. Sttlea, and adrtre** rs delivered by several gentlemen? one or two of them trorn the South. By order of the Ex. Commute*. GERARD IIALUK.'K, Treasurer. ThE UNDERSIGNED RETURNS HIS SINCERE thank* to Ihe Are department, for their unremitting and arduous endeavor, tn aavtng hi* properly, at the Ure in Down tng atreei, on the morning of the 77to m*t. J. COHEN, si) Hudrnn street' manufacturer of accordeon*. ban*, snare and toy drum*, banjos and tamboriD??. KIWCATIOA. MO -BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ag.-htudknts at POIJiJEaR'H Mtdemy, IWV Broadway, are Laugnt double eulry by a practical bookkeeper. who evp.aln* prtncl plea and detail* aa p reclined In U>c beat commercial bouaee and heck*. Ntndeni* Uio* taught become food bookkeeper* aod AVOUNO GERMAN GKNTI.EMAN, WE1.I, EDVUATKD, wuold he very grateful tf any French mclaPIc lamtly, would be plea*ed b) have him invited to upend eome even.u/a In their linuae, to Improve hlmeelf to the French language. Heat reference* given. Pleaac addreat French, boi 111) tleraM office. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMKTH'?TlMK ON limited. PAINE'8 acad'rn'ev Zll Grand, New Tflfti l?Wi Fulton atreet, Brooklyn IzwUea private wrt'lng elavaca 82 twelve leaalona. all found. My *on and daughter* attended I'oL 1'alne'a ncbool to my entire aa' .far loo. Ila alyle of writ lug la the meet imperii and eajy. El-Gov. King, It. I. French and okrman banouagrr?tranhla ting ?The underalgned pawed die great cTain'naiioin preecrlned by government In Kttropr. ami haa been tavorablv known lor a number of year* paai for bi? practical and ef Orient method ol private tnatru-iton, at MI Hm.idway, near Broome vlreet, roooi 24. E. TF.LEKKING. WRITINO. BOOKKEEPING, K'?ARK TAUGHT BT rtiSTKR A DIXON, at .Mil Broadway. (Apidetoti . B tiding.) where gentlemen are qualltdM tor uirrcantlle pur ?alt* in an evpedttloin and aupertor manner. Twin* moderate. P> wpeettwee aod full particular* on application. TUB imJTABT. Attention, new tork her add guard.-a meeting ot the memher* of 'hl? company will be held in the mall ?o?m of the Herald office thin ir ie*lay) afternoon, Oct. 31). at 3W o'clock. A punctual and full atlendanoe t* re queried. On Wednesday morning, Oct. .11 the company wtJI meet at the Bogie, comer of Grand end Elizabeth atreela. At eight o'clock, asd proceed to the Red Houae ltM'h vireet, for target practice. JOHN r. WATRON, Captain. H?* Jzraioi), Orderly Hergmni. fTRYKTALPALACE Nil A NOMA t OUAKDH WILL MKy VV at the Uryvtal Palace, on Wedneadey evening, 11?' A full attendance 1* expected. rpo TAROET OOMPANIEft.-THOKE ABOUT PURt I ? | 1 tag prize* for target nnrooanie* would do well loca l ana examine our aaaortmenl, cnmprlaing watchee. jewe.ri, m i ?leal Inxtmmeot*, cup* and got.let*, trom 63 SO to 16; a be* .'J fill prtae, Jacobs' California diamond dueler pin*, with chain, IA L A J JAUGiM, ?T Broadway AfnUBOOY. / 1I.A 1RVOTANt'K, AtTHMA. BRUNCH ITIH, DTRPKP tj ?la, aeklhlv, df*#rirr, liver compliant*, old ulcer*, oervoua a***, fever and ague In ft* worm ftirm Female Irreguiaritiee, ?Plan ilea, rightroare, hyetertca and dl****' * of children rnmd (if curable) by Mr*. KEYWfrf'M, the great medleai clairvoyant, 110 riprtng I ?treat, near Broadway. Hatiafhrikm < r no pay. I CUAIRVOTANUK.?MR8. HATCH, 176 GRAND RTRKET, of 'hi* city. Ik consider d eerta.nly the b#*t aeelng m?dt cal rtairvoyant In thtoconntrv Hhe t? daily runng dlaeeeee that have hitherto halBed all medical akIU. Every pcraoo afflicted with diaeaeeahonld eali on Mr*. IIA YKH. at once. CARD.?MADAM prewbter p.eturnh thane*to her friend* and pair- ml an I beg* to aay thai, after the thonvend*. both In thia clt> and P) ladalpble. who have ennault ed her with entire natlelhrtvm, *he fee la confident that tn qua*. don* of aetroiogy. love ahd law matter*, and booh* or oracle* i ?oaaiaali, aarettad on ronataaUv by N*pp<*<m, ?he lia* no equal Khe wli (all the nam* nf 'he future bn*F tod, and atao 'he name of her vitoter. 16 Madlaon Mrtmi Hpecdy and ?ore rare of plie* and corn*, by a remedy of h?r own. rCTUNBB AND DENTINIEH PORETOt.D, AND DDI neeev healed.?Ooneult 'he prophet of Haicyrmdale and healina agent by the aptrH. ? m Mercer atreet, or addraes, through Poat office, Coy tor W Young Madame meter ha removed to i?i hkvknth avenoe, between Twenty tidrd and Twenty fourth wa. Continue* v. tell pa*t, j reeent and future rv>?u Uk-wt e marriage*, journey*, laww:. t, buameae nrtwper # ?Wrkneea theenl property torn or etoien. 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It Is Inipos siblv fiber to hate or despise " Juno t'Ufford " uotwtthsiaudlng her weaknesses, folly and hypocrisv. There are too many inrh mampiea ainonit her sex In real life, in whose lusumi thoughtless way wurdnes-has takeu the pis c of spirituality, who merit our - ympa1 by and pity. On ihc other band,"(trace Alberfon" Is a true, gentle, and noble wniuan, and one ran i.of but regard tbsl tine atrs'a of tenderness and heroism which tinderltre the character of " Warren lleuford," as a simple con*e<|Ucnre of the roi ly lessons In virtue which he received from his tioblc minded, generous, and uuerlllah mother Them are few passages In literature more serenely tender and allectlng than that wliere " Kmmte" conlenaci to " Hltnon Ooldthwaite" that she loves Mm; and then, how beautiful tie' character of the ahge. like blind '? Mabel." ASITKRH WORK ON NKhDLKWORK. No* published. Frank l-eille's portfolio of FANCY KKKdLKWokK. KOtTi n sr ubs. abb s. srrinxtca. In one royal unarm volume. 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A novs 1, Interesting and original contribution 6j Amurlcau ltteratuie, richly Illustrated. thxi wore or TOE WORK Is no dull prison story, or isle of suffering, no partlmlarde luinctaiion ot oppression, or aecount of peisuosl adventure, but chletiy sn Inalgbt intu the mind and lUCIXl. HABITS OS THK MXI.XY VATS seutug forth the manners and customs of the people IB THK IKTEKIMk Of SLHATUA, their literature, poetry, religion, lawa and moraltly. ?iuf nosers xnn rMMCKasaa are Introduced, with thetr wars and loves their rovtngs ami n mance, and the account uf them intsi using led with the history and statistics ol the great Malay Isle. Dl'TCH MOLE IB TIIK K4ST IBPIEB, pa.t and present Is discussed with historic Imparttslllv, not withstanding Ihe author's long and paiuiul confinement in thn raises or w ei.tkvbkiucb, in the i*i.a?p or Java. Devised rums'ran and Javanese fi tends to, owed him there, ai d he had must Interesting opportunities lor a thorough study ot the JAVA BEAK ABD MAI.AY riMBAPTKH slid social hAhlt*. which are ?e< forb In nairatlvs* of the au d or's experience. Some of the inc.denu ol Uie prlsou life may act m to belong entirely to the aeiiioix or bohasck. which the author has fully substantiate I bv life like presents lions of what happened tub m. and of all that he sew sail beard I New and Interesting prospects In the lutui < desilny ol the bast Indian Archipelago, are opened up for the contempUxiloii ol the Christian phtlovuiphnr sod statesman The publisher frrla warranted In saving to the Ain?rlran public, that In this work he presume Inured a nuvel, Interest ing, and an entirely original contribution to AMERICA* UTrHATtlHK. 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Noian e, No. LI Monroe utrrcL An, tnfortiiaUou of him will be thankfully received M1H8 OATIIKKINK KLLIB WILL PLBANR SEND HKH ai'drt M to her .1 lei I. .en, who haa aomethlng of tinpor 'aace to communicate to ber MR. SAMl'KL W. COCHRANE FORVKRF OF MOBILE, will plraae call at tie nth. e of MftJl'N.S A MONCRlEF, iV Wall afreet. Reae B ? ?-PAOK ?1, LINKS 5 TO 3) FA01 ? line* 4 to 2b. Page 7 lloea 4 to 7, and pa.e 121, lioee 14 to JO. v\ ILL DENMARK I'LKASK AUDIO Sri V. R? UROAD way Po-t OtBne f RKMTAUKAJVTM. C

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WITH AN IN 'omt of It. 000 a year, la deatroua <A nieun* a corvee pot denre with a lady la view of BUWrtaee The lady tauM t>e an.iabla, young and of rod family Money no ehi-rt. Ad drtaa Harry, Broadway Foal oflk e. Matrimonial oFFrnr r? madinon rrftrrr, cor ner of Catherine Ihoaa wlabia* ? fnrai a raauim t aibaaee will had # i " * ? a Ilia fx. will Lad 11 te ibeir advao'a*a i.y rwdUt* or aVlra*. * ffxelpatd) Mrs Frewmer wbe Ma tfewl a o.adma . a t. IftWer whereby anyk lady or geaUaaaae waay aattnrr at'a-in aa.'re* a partner for Itfe MReW rwa. rttr.i it Irf iiietue?Id alternanee ,A adno-l-tnc b. aipntaa 'heir w .tea I \f m may mnt their reel name, reiki.,... hqat-MML ratarwwoe m evirncar .e. tt.plow Ac wtiidi rd b? eaehar d l>aey itilnr r?*,.era?B* Whwee or later rtewe wi ?.? eotrfkl#., ? Al CITY POLITICS. Democratic Kallflcutlon Merlins In tlw Slith Hnintortul OUtrlrt. fil'KKCI OK MK- JOHN COOHBANK. A du?> meeting of tlx- united democracy of IU" Nixtb Senatorial district wax bold 1**1 night la Colon xq'ivv near Broad w ay, to ratify the nomination of Hon. Thuina * J. Munday ax the ctndidate of both aectiina in the ap proaching election. Their wore between two and throe thourand peri-nnx prrxent, and the eiitbuii .am^ prevailed A jdatfitin wax erected on the open apace flouting to ion Mace Hotel, aud beside# tho xpoaker* there wax the additional attraction of the Waxldngtou Hrex* Band, whic? played home excellent air* in the ritervalx between the xpeakiug. Cot Alexander Ming presided, and nuule a few appropriate remark* in regard to the principle! involved in the approaching election. Ho wa* fallowed by Mr. ltichard Boxteed, who, a* a |'role*tent, denounced the attempt of the adherents of Kraxtn* Brooki, 'he American or Know Nothing candi date tor the aamt dixtrlct, to put down hie opponent, Mr. Monday, bccauxt he wa* a ththuHc. Judge MoktoN lend a aeile# of rcxolntion* denouuclng rtlfgiou* proscription and Intolciance, and oontlrinlng the nomination of th? democratic candidate. After the adop tion of the re#oluioua, ... , ... Mr. John CochiW.nk came forward and addressed the meet leg. He conaneni-ed by condemning the sei-iet con xpliary of the Kpow Nothing*, and expressed the hope thut at the apprtachlng eleollon their doom would lie sealed at the ballot-box. He alxo denounced the Maine liquor law ax xn unjustifiable interference with lndivi dual light*, and then proceeded to *|?ak at length on the question of slavery. Alter statin;. that it wax a ?nh ject with which the federal government had nothing to do, except in leganl to Territories, he xald that ilia wax the'doctrine whieh the democratic party uad nlwayx helil ?n it. rhix, said be. Is tlio true democratic doctrine, wlich ix oppj-ed to it* exten*!on, and wbich < i position i< to he eiifcveed only by cnastitutinnal me thod*, namely, the actio,, of the |>eople within theti own proper* That ix tie- doctrine of the N#hra*ka bill; and When you have arrived at that yon have taken your 1,'wHkm alongside of 1'auiolB. Dickinson and other pi ll Meal WortlSea of the democratic party, once divided. now happily united in the opinion that that which wax comddrred ail evil by the Northern democracy, wax only considered xo In some of U*e remedies which It wax proposed to apply. Why XII It. then, thnt the Nebraska bill and the pnncl ple ol popular sovereignty wore approved 1 Kor thlx rea .on?11,it It lx an elemental doctiin* of our whole govern iiieol, and one on which the constitution rest*. That tearless xnd catholic joumal. tha Nltw koux IIkbald, xayr, spoking d the abolition of xlavory, "It cannot be affected by agitation here or claewhere;" and -hi* t* a truth ?hlcli you xhould lay to your heart* and re llect upon in the solitude of your closet*. It ix well known to you that au amendment was intro iluoed into the convention held at Nyracuae on the 8?tn ot Augu4. by a rtlxUngulxhed gentleman of this rtty, stating tlat the convention wa* opposed to the extenalon of slavey; and all the member* from the North under xtood tbx expression of opinion therein contained In the light and rwaxon of the remark* whlrh 1 have already made ?? yon, of an opposition to aUvery, \whlch ix perfectly xtrlct and legitimate and proper, within the llniUa of the conatitutlon. But xlnce tliat v?ry dlx tinguuthed gentlwnau Imih taken oco?*lfln t?> h%y th-kt w*h not hix conxtruction of the resolution, not hi* under standing of the amendment, we tlnd that he wax at vailanen with ux upon the xubject. Now, gentlemen, whether Ida understanding, or that 1 have given to you, 1* the in. tier one, ix u xubject that lx not now to be de tunniWKl; but It vw t<> dotirmla?. 'n i oxiticn occupied by that gentleman in the past and ?t the present time, whether it wax fair i i proper cr Jnxt on hix part to atate that this resolution j lnced th? tn tli* pimUlon th^y '?ocuplo 1 in 1X17, B, 1818. You will tiear with me lor a few moincn'x, while 1 dwtali to you a few fact* In reference to the poxl lie n of that geutleiuan. Now you inuat all recollect that the fmmat division- ot our party were healed, und bunker und liarnbumer united upen coin icon t.cket* and a common platform, they agreed that the q ii est lot, of the conxtltutloual power of ingiesx over -lavcry in the Territories, l? ing a que-Uon upon which varioo* opinions were entertained by democrats, formed au test of tho democracy of auy Imtivldual, and iherefore Ihix textw.i* withdrawn from the democratic rlatfrim and tl e party having oon-ented to Its wl h , diawul wire ensblod to aUnd upon a common plat turn. Ttit* wra- mounted to by tliat distinguish ed gentleman, Mr. John Van Ihiren Mmx-lf, h.r I rise.llect. In "jnen?s, In 184M, when a rewolu lion was introduced similar to that presented ir, ibe Hunker Convcnti n. held at Rom* In the eanie I year, it wax advocated by him on the lloor of the house. "ihey tk n all 'xcupial a common ground, and cunxen'x-d I too'-'Upyit: and, having done xo, was it f?h , ?r as* it . * b each i f tnith In him to act aa h?-ha?- fit*, <-> u 1 ,. ,.i IX ..aidly to a "piitt ofaceor'ance whh his pr. vi o? ? olltlcal engxgementa. He ha* xtafed In redtraoo- to iiiTseK. 'hat I nave been appointed to do the b-avy bo-i i ox* in the Wotk of national politic*. He doubtlex* be leva with the jx et that all the world's a , tnge, and that we hmecaoh ? l?rt t" perform, and np l Mr g the word* of the |x*t to the political alags-, he given the heavy paid to me; but If this Is the position which he has in hi* liberality axxigned to me, h* ha takin the | lace of the-*upernom*r?ry blmaelf, and is n <w [?eifrrming the work which Iwlongi to that post Moo. Mr (VxHKA.vl ne*t proceeded to xpeak ot tlie merit* ot the candidate, Mr. Thomas J. Monday, and concluded by ? ecoir,ti ending him AX a mm every way worthy of 'bo xnpport of the democrat* of the fdgth Mate Henatonal ' tddrc sea were made by Mr. Munday and other gentle men, aeon alter which the meeting adjourned. A KOI UK II nCHT IN TIIK KIBLD?TUB MCIU.'II ANTH lONVUNTION AND NOMINATIONS. The convention of merchant* and merchant*' clerks that assembled in the Mercan'lle library on the 4Ui day of October, and nomlnalel Douglas lafllngwwll for (Vionty l lerk and adjourned to meet again at the call of tii?? t hairr an, assembled l**t night at their nxunx in Hrowt V a*, to complete their nomination*. . t ?x.n motion, Mr. Ira Ixbby wa* calUwl to the chair, | and Mr. H. Mnitli ofbclalesl ax t-ecretarv. i t i n motion, the convention proceeded to complete il elr nominations, and tiiiully agi'*-d up?in the following j ticket ? , . _ _ <. mptr. ller Aiarurh (. Hagg ounty < lamngwell. -bertrf Wm N. Mclulire. -Meet C< mini sinner Joseph . . rxylor. t omm'r ol K. f*.ira and rfuppliee...Jacob 1~ B-xlge. (ity In-1 cctoi Alexander ? acho Counsel tx,Cori*>tatlo?i I/mi* N. t.lffr. Governor ot tie AUnxhou-e f Hodfrey t.unther. Coroners ,.... Alanxon N. Jooex, kxlward It. t --nnery. Hubert thunble, John Witherell. Justice of the Si pr' me Court HI ward ''? wh-? ux ices (/ the ,-uperlor < ourt.... Ix-wl* H Wuodruff. Muiray II iffinin Juatice of the Common lira*..... Alexander r-panldleg Justice of tin- Marian (Viurt l?e.,rg? I- Alden. Thi* tlrItwa with muoil tinanJ'nUy, *n<1 thm C.I nvrntb n adjourned with three cSrw-rx f-<r W. N Mcln lire an.I Douglas I efllngwell, and nine cheers and a t.gor for the whole llcbet. ... . ... An executive committee win appointed bi confer with ihe ward organization, an-i to ae* tliet the ttcXvt was . properly put through. I liAKIl HHEhh OEMEK Ah COMMITTEE. Th* IUr4 OmmlttM met lut night, H -ram V Clark in the chair, *nd John Y. Savage Jr., acting a ?eer*t*ry The meeting wo* fully attended and th* pro , reeding* itrlayi"! to a late hoar n?c hard*, it iwjyponre, arc Nolly in w.iut of money, and the meeting ??? .*U*d to deal** way and im?m to carry tli* rleclnn It tac ?greed to t?* th* candid*!**; jtleo, thone who claim to be hard* ? ho now hold ogle*. It *>> announced that th* hard candidate for Senol .r in the fourth diatrict, Thmnaa fay. luad tec ha red in tafor ol Mark Spencer, the aoft candidate; wi.*?*npori R wae rrfilrcl to'-alt the hard oonvention together at th* Mercer ilou**, neat Wednrnley evening, to ?*l*ct a can didate who would run The hard* arc d?terrntn<?d te liar* ? full tt kct to cote f. r, whether It W e|??c?edi or not They are eonttden'of |-oiling a h?ary vote at the con Ing elect lou. WEMINO or THE m.VOHM COMMITTM?PRM oR t TIONH ron TilH MAIM MKKTIKi. A large and enibu*ia?tic meeting of the M'inici|*l He. form Committee waa held at their hea-|/{iiartera. No. Vtf. itn ndway, to nuke prey*, ration* for their iriaee eeeting onThurwday neit, at tha Metropolitan theatre and to receive report* from wa?d delegation* Mr i'etar (leper >*-cupted the rhalr and II M. fvhieffeltn acted ?a Vr? tary. Among three preaewt were lion A*r a Vandee real. Thome* R. Mliiman, Th'tna* Suflorn, fad Win M. Murray and many othera of our mo?l di'tlnr ai?h*<i *1*1 /en*. A delegation wn* received fr- m the Keb'h Ward K#f< rmera, who reported that C, W. Tracker hart keen nominated hy the Ward Committee for Abler man fhla i oru.nation waa unanin.ou*ly *ndnr**d hy'heceamlt t?a Communication# were received fr m ?*ri u* gentle teen In ?a??*r to Invitation* to ofTicia'a a* Vice l'r**i Cent* and to tdtireea the ma** roe*(lag on Tl*f4ay ?ven log. The or mmittee r**oiv*d to meet *V"?r right from now ni til the election, to receive report* f-*tn arv'd committee*. At 11 o'clock the - ommi'te* a-i>"*rTi<*l THE LIQt'OB !>? A I.nut' NOCTBTE. '"id I'eilr.??' Ha l vw flltad with a large ewiot big* inet evening, aome two thouoand or mere mr**b- re eg the fdrjuor r>??lera' foe let y havtiar twoi preeerg, ir the par poee of dl*cn*>b n and the traa*aetb'?i ot general kaael nea*. The proceadinge were decidedly at>wtny At ahoot ? a'rlncA Mr If. M lUtw.n, I'-eddeot el the hociety tor k the choir awl celled th* r ?;<ng to order. Colonel 1 ajDwii void that ti* action of th* 'en'ral 1 'VI vet Una. on Cat aider ? v-r.irug, wa* m dlreej violate* f e me rf U,? article, of the ?oo*titj'.lon <f the ewotnty |? *a* eleerly Ca'ed in the *?.a?Ulatlon th*' the #trang ?*t ?!" aid kw '/wbceed Irfiwjwc ive fpnrty, orofided they were far vtb|e t*> (>,* pr o p* ,f th* II u no* da ?iealwt ?I ? , f,p;s,wfd In the Malneiaw, or to ewy o er rnete v* enacr n*nt. and t>. any II *n - r*gn la' 'a which would r*v?l * move than teo dollar* tor a bee .?* ? vera! Cf tha cog dtdata* endoreed were th* ?*ry eea*?wt hi II* held tv'j/nel trench Uce neftheel 'M name* iffli'U'rr '? , l? If. r,t?* tea Ml. trig 0?d otfe-v An vt'J'lp J AeAat# ee--* upon 'hi* *?*?? 'only Mr French, which wa* participated to by Mr and bir friend*, Inwldoit other* who were 01 the eame opinion a* Mr French. be*et?l motion* were made and put, t>ut *<r much enii fueloti ' ? (Xiiaii prevailed, that it wa* itimiwt imponiblw, to (??(? t? any cnnclmdnn. A r> 'ion *u Anally made, and adopted by ?n orer * helming n ajority, that Uic noi lety thotild adopt no county ci city ticket wlaUrrr, and confine thmnaeiTee men l? to flute candidate *. An adjournment era* tlieu id npc afreet RKPllBMCAH CONVKNTtON. Ilia ccnTcntion met laat night, at 612 broad way. Al tttey did wae to *ele* t Mr. ). II. raaltndy a* their candi date lor .fudge of the Supieine Court In place of Hubert H. Herri*, dti amted. to Tn Korron op tuk iikiuld. The malic! out rumor ivduetriou?ly eircniated that I war ina omental In attempting to proda ?* confu*iun at the recent ratification meeting at lanvniwiy liall U ut terly " t.oanded. While I cannot, hoeruwer in any man nor be held roaponmhle for what occurred on that ncca ai?n. I am fraU'foltr ooneciout Hint I have numerous and damped friend* in lliat noHtlcal organization, who prefer my claim* lor the oOtoo of Htreet Ootnmiaeloner, U'lli vinic that hy mipportlng UM the defeat of the Know Nothing candidate can alone be elhvted. BK.N'BV H. H ?WARH. BnoAi.war Tnnarajc.?Mr. Korreet conrluifcal hi* m g?g.merit on Aaturilay evening represent tog the charnc ler of t in tub- Meinour to a large ami raapbetabie au dience. (t i- out oor purpose to ootiv the artlstio taafe with which Mr. fori-eat clothe* hi* reprewentatloiu. The part of I nn line ?? reprerontt-d by a young l?<1y, It bolm; h*r tlrut appearance upon aoy utage , ami b* it vaa one of thoee mailed ami ex'raordlnary earce-oca which, alar ' arc iw> n liiom hy <ltbuia*ht% w r ilralre to render it that mce-1 uI praite which genius atxi talent always demnnd, am) which tliia young lady, ira the rendi tion ot the eharaeter, ?xhlhtted In an eminent degtoe. The roll of I'aulin*, though ofton selected Vr flrot ap pearanre*. ia one of difficulty, and rwqulroo a high rial' of Intellect tu render even with re?|*'ctabillty. Her ?uc reaa war complete. She created iui t and pained the con fid euro of the audience in the heat ecwue, which wa* played with a delicacy and refined HOn?ll)illty seldom < xuwiied by the meat prolicieut iu the proteaai m. In the scene r.f the eeeonact brdwreeu I'wuWatc an t Claude the < xhlliitrd polnta of the moat delimit finish, where the subdued feeiiog* ami latent |>ihie ut the young girl are called forth by the rieerrtptlon of hia "palace by the late of Cotrm," where, Indeed, ahe seemed to hang "aa Uie hoe up- n the flower," wliile lilt eloquent recital enlWena her tnia'dnntlon nod cuptl vatea her sympathies. The cene In Mid int'e's cottage when he expose* to her the deceit reaorted to hy himself and Iteauaeant to gain her atfoc'lona, war rendered hy her with a uuiet and subdued ta*te rarely to be found; the chaiiglnga of the expression* of her fice pour tray fn,{ the (motions of lore or resentment, aa they altoruated iu her hoar m. aa ahe liatened to hi* deecrlptlon of the growth and power of hla lore for her, aa an apology for the wrong he had committed, were indited intonh liing. lier reception of Heauseant In the fourth act, when aim aup porii he C'mre to ovult oyer her hiiuiiliali in, was mark rd w.tii the moat eohl though becoming dignity. We have not time nor tpaoe to enouieiate the many beau lie. which characterised Iter ronceptlon, and wtii li marked tlu-whole performance Her appear an ?' la prepoaae.e. ing?more of the Intellcctua! than physical?eacocdingly giiiceftil, with a enniage of natural dignity morn the rc*alt of n conviction of her endowment* tlun tmm a atudicd pupilage, Her faro 1< phasing and auaceplUd* of great and varied expreaaiona. Hit voire la hill tone l, capable of gieat variation. sweetly ayiti;ir>thetic, modu lated wl'h gnat rate, tender and | itbetie, m.d cwlcoiatid In it* depth and putlioa to touch the head. We eot?. gratiilate the young Lidy ni*>n ler market surer**; and with rarelol atudy nnd application .) ? l? deatined to oc cupy the Drat rank in the profession ?u ai? l?d to be lli ve rlic ha* NiIkM, Poller Intelligence. TIIK OUKAT COl'MTHI KITINO I'AAIC. An examination In tbo c? ? <1 Jamea |? llr. c/e met Cha*. X. llurlbert, arreated on fun-lay, charge! wttli lelig rxtemively engaged Iu tl: ? counter felling bu luc-a, waa cr mnience l yesterday by Urnnnau. The li a 1 boony ifMrr. - , of ?;'** Ohryttl" sirret, the house In which i-iee/e boarded, *?a taken, an I ahe-hited that mi Saturday inoinlng, Hirers pnld h> r in a VI oounte. fei hill in the hxrbange llnok at Saiam. Ma-a., wlii- li all" handed to hei mm who gave It to ollleor llyatl. Ine ami teetiticd tliat Ilia aleler had inhi'm.-d him tlia ia | seeing through Ilrcere'* room at a tlno. when lie abeent, alio aaw a largo number nl bank billi, signed ami unsigned, and a pile of ligorea cut trout laarik I ill*, ranging in deU'Tuiuation Irom $1 to ?'-00 ni l till* fact he ci uiuiunlcnted tc the officer, who anted tlicin at the lime the priaoneia were ai ie*t< d. li e aoine officer* ye-tentay ae*iched the room id Huilhut, at No. lf.5 Alt hi all eel, and in one of hla triioiia found a cwunterMt $10 hill ou the Newark Hanking I'oaattauy, New larars, and toar ci cntorfeit Mlia on the Weatm n Hank a -pt 'tig t rid Mai i., alcl nonnrou* Irtlera whhh he bail re ? dved fr< m Hrn te. 1hia latter individual hi-j-t hlmcclf luckral up Iu Id* rie in in the daytime, ami ajwul Id- night* a bread and waa In the luthil id rim Irlng caila iLiily fnmi rough-be kh.g men. To allay uaplrh.n on the [girt of th? oil er occupant* ot the hou *, l.e ti?id tlie lariillady tlu%|. he wa* mi engraver, and aim n ronimivh n m<-. ? diant. *1 he cum ia exciting cuiatderalile lnte?o?t, from the fact thai It ia belli vwl a large numlierul paranbawere eugag?t with the accuri<1 In Counterfeiting AI.LRMKIi UIUHWAV EOKUKRI". Two men named ltavld June* ami Win. Thoinpton. were, I'. I* charged, deteclnl Ju?t lu tha act of picking tin |/ockrt of Ho bar t M'< emb, in Kooaevelt atr'?t, ami ??e arretted by |*iheeman M'liulre, of the fourth ward, who fori ad in ti.eir poaae?*hi|> a pilot'* liccn*? wldcii Mr Ian it. Marihy, a New York pilot, wa - rolilewt ol on the nigh t ot the l7<n inat. It ap|M-ara tha' at the time In i| .e?ic>n Mr. Murphy waa pacaiog through South a treat. near i'eck Slip, late at nlglit wb< n ha waa nlto< ked l.y a gan/ of rumana, who knocked htm down and robbed ldin ot hia go'd *ai< hand chain, ami a wallet containing money an-' valuable o*; cr * among win li wa* hi* II- ?n*e. Ttu n ght wa* dark, and the r lhan* It 1 unro ogiuaed, and ? reaped. The liii'ling of the llcenae on the pavaon of on* of tl e aliove named accuaerl, lend* to the ?uplr -aitlon thnl ha waa one of the gang of robber* Ha nnd Id* cmnpa nh n Ware taken tiefore Juatlce I'onnolly, ao-l lock.-1 op for aiarninato n HownyisM rw rnr. ninktvkwth wash. f?B Sunday aftrrmern. a gang of roe b-? who had am<uwa| thenurrjve* tiring -it a target in Jon**' W'eeJ, and drin* irif, until they became belilgerant ng.da an attack npon the Innate* of the hottae of Jarue* leggctt ? uier ot Third avenue and ."litisth "tree! Mr Ir-rpatt *u rak In bed at the time, and rent for a neighbor- named r?t tl*. and tl e police. Tatt> n arrival first, ami wi de en d*avorlng to expel the rowdlee, wa* r-t u;?*i liy tlnm terribly beaten by the but* of their mu*ke<< ho rid. , which two oftbe gang flrmt at btm, a* Uiey were retreating, but without affra-t In re'urn, Tattow threw a hrtck hat at them and krweked Tb"* -loclair ?emelea* t<> ground. Hy thla time the police had avrt**d ami Sir air, Hubert Saalth and Wttdarn To-rier. w?i? ar leetrrl and taken to the fourth Ibafrtct i'olica Court, where liiey were l>* kad up U> await an ?xaro.nat|- u ( WAkOK OP RITROLAKT. A noin named fugeoa Iwlafiebl waa arraete.| early ye* ter?lay rrc rnlng, aktrffl with attempt at burglary eaa the jewelry atore Hndcon atraet, ar? I th> clothing ator* r.ext door. It tprearr that tha wcimwI, with two ac rorr pltce*. were 'otarte-l while at Wof- sevdav eortng to effect an tntfanr* <d tha pramiara, ami tha ^ doe ft-re -ailed I ei, add wa* arrwaterl, hot tha id her* a-ewpad. A btinch "f etdleton keya, be ware found oQ hi* per ecu >nd a brw-e and bit In the rear yard. The prle ner wa* Irskwil up by Justice I'wvld-on ATTMPTRD at'lr trck. A W'.tnea wnwl llrwtget Ma i n attaeaptad u>e?de yea terday by cnt'.ng her tbraat wi'kirw d he* r%u 'Venre In the rfxtaenth ward -be wa* dkr- or?ved bleed ing I rotkiaely, and attandad by a |by*kian, abi aewal ?p Uw w t,lot, w||i< k, aa It W ? altera -*l to pr'enptiy la iwrl dangvrow* She WW* then brought Ve the swemd Ptat'wt l ohteOc.rt ar?t det*:n?i It te og arvtenf that etui *w* in-wo*. Her husband. Henry Mttn wee Hit*?|WiiUy breagbt rBt?? court rha'ge-i with dlawrderty -rawlu--* ha! It *>*m tecaane appar- ir tha! he, V*-, we- Ineaoe wed the (* arl pr vkvwl l<?r him CMAkAlR OP AJMUl'LT HID IATTV.u r. fin 'i.rhj night, wan -d tb* femai* e i\mmt -4 the bow*a, No. IV: fast Teeoty-rewewth Crwet got iggag^l In a gnarrrl tk*a twe tr>#v naavwt Patrick f?ay!-e atd John Meanly mwtvred ta'.lo# d f* *nt iw- and t!A latter waa attached h*e advwr-ary, lift him open the Kami vtlh a ber*a pu'- k awl .tabbed him In the thigh wtth a difh knl.'? IwvUn wa* pr.mapdiy a* ?eetad tad e-aka-1 ep to await trial lllllll OR d*A f' llKHf A Wnan wanted Ma/geret ITIP-t ea? yvwtevdwy a/ rmted - ha rye-1 with rteaitag k# la p 4 '-An the pro p*r*V <4 kfr> An weft >t l?t Tenlh atrrwt *oa ee rp>?H(wt Mi ft- and wa* "Id af by Jtitk* Ward 'or trial ? nlalllgaaev mi Matdwia, t V?iy, naioe paa.tng*. .< Nurr y* rial daspa-'luw (. aa the t allot rwata. tew*'Sat at ? bit* How Wm. 1. Marry RUb* iJwpar-aami bragtoa infTiu. lb* Sie' Vwa.iaw f.4 Srai, K; R-? W I** <*> * I ?-vwAb-iu r> t> its ar-t ?-*'*>*#;. h g*t M bwa-c lewU. Me-. I West Itveepw li art Tela* tkak ? W ? 'tea- K K .*/??*, a I Vaa. e ?t-ii ?, R t , <JtV a. 'w;, Ua Ttir rhurRC of C?rr?|HIoii Una Ol^ J?ulKv?JHoMlponrmrnt of llw Trtut. COHBT or OVKH AND TKKMIHHH. Hon. Judg< tooaawelt. Oct ??*.--The (ourt was ocgwpled tin* raomiug far mora than an hour lo j?r?m who WW* uda bit* to nonro. 7Aa 1'nylr i?. Aiuhuy //. ftoarf Tha lewkvtnt Attorney being a uia'eilal Hutu*"* lu this ea-a, tlie prwaaattUou waa asrlKiied t? Mr. K. B. Cut tine- , ? ... Mr. Hmifhtnn, asBnrlaU-d with M?*et* J R Whiting ?nil J. T. Ilrady, fur U defence ??l'i llwl be lux* ant had mi uppnr tunl') "f OOtuulUug with thn nan tor counsel la the i?"e, a* tin* Court would reooUrcl 'hey "*r* several 'days Inst trn-t In another trial Ha hr,|ed miller the Hreumstuiices, htn appUoBtlW) tor soma rnaaounbhi Uuie would meet with uo ?|,|** lie ?M i?n of liie anilely ?f aaeuaad to inept the charge trot the ?o?n?rl supposed that fur the reason* he luul *ugjr?wt?l ???'? ?iiouhi be no.tinned for tlie term It U n mailer undoubtedly la the discretion of U>e Court, and to that di -weU ,c thee unreal. It I* a < ?m> wbt.h should not be torred <m with indeeeiit liaete. The indietneot wn? found three weeb ? au indie merit agsinsl a Juticialolhcat?an! ha ?ub mittA'd that from iho hn|Kirtaaie of Hiecsse, Ho* oouosa ffrv cntltlM) to t)w l>?Miip<?!MwtK*nt thpy Mt, 11^ woo* el no eugjrest lhat la view of tbo a*< lleuirn roeawvpunt upon the uppioschiag eleoUeo, the Ulal ?l ? high |>ub Ur fuMtioinuv *lu>uld be dalayed tor cnl-nsr utsoi'-nM. )le wee unable to corcrivf lhat an/ reaeon ronld hn urfrod for prvwadng Uir matter on. Mr. tutting raid?It la quite true that on haturdny la at tb" learn ad couruiel modern |diroual re?p ast to postpniin tt?* trial, but h la w-tiallv true that I decline* to make swell an arrangement. I aaw hy the imMM in lute that I hait lawn assigned M,? vary uuplen*ar.t datfr i f proa?cul.*)g tlila ca?o iuebiail el the Ilfatrloi Altornae, anal told the oounael that he aViuld apply to Hist ?? ear, by whom tha pri*pe<-dtn(pi were prepared, if he ? all oil a postponement. Wkmas.w at a here liotu abroad, ail,I eoiy aaiioue lopaequetwae may reiult from a post p, nemeot. Tho charge li again?t oue of the hlghiwt juillcfal olfiperM >d tho city, and tho c?u?a of pubfie Jua ti r demand* that hi* gulK or iutmaanee .tumid be as tahUahod without delay. lie, Mr Culling, was rvdy now to try the caee. Mr. Whiting rakl Hint It waa not (lllhig now, while thl* court WW dta|??d in mourning Ira dead Judgw. whom tl.ey lia.l lust i ..ualglieI lo III* touile?It waa ON luting, he muI, that they should hurry a II > lug Judgw bn the tomb of degradation, Tlie Court thought that from the Importance of UM rnae the accused ihwuii t*e allowed a isAiounbln time, ami he aoranwed Hull the trial be poatyonad until thin ?lay lor'night. Mi. Cut,log would laapeotfully awbnnl to any dlspnto tlun of the eaae Ho- Court plesiwd. Tlie Court inlimalwl thai he liad racalred a note, which. If Ilia ronteulw wore Hue, would alroagtlien Ihn rea*en for a inatjeiii.'fUenl. It .tHlel tliai live wllw or Judge Mi,art waa rory ?l b, aud thai hla i hill waa dnn gi ill. Cnunael for Judge Htuart wrie utt aware or the e?l* euro of am h a letter, nor did their rhanl kuow hy whoa II ??* elillen The fact la Judgp Muart'a iiiotljar te daiigeroualy III but lii, elf,' I* nol. Tliey wlahed 11 tw Ik* understood Hial Hie application waa made hy Um eoun,e| for tlieir own r?a*eutrnre and for Ihe pnrpoow of eon, ul ati,,n, and that Iheir rlh-iil ,11.1 not aal It beoanoo of any lilneaa lii Mr lamlly. 11,e r*ae waa tilUmataly porlp >fi?> unlll Mimday, (U?n l'.'Hi November) fortnight, to which lima Ilia nourt M Jour ned. * I lly Int. Illgnur I li, uri,i v in |aiwri? We are In ormnd tlial an In dieIdual la In iba habit of ealllagat the rwHeoaaa of amna nf our bo?lneea man. during llielr ahrtnee downtown, aud repieM-ntiug liluiaell tu Iw a aon of Ilia lata Chlaf Juallre June., and lhat ha la In eery deatitoto nlremaa ?lauuee, with a family on tha ?e,ge of atarraltmi, and an llclting meaua lo pay hi* pa*.age to Chicago, What* ho allege* l.e la* a situation eiigirgerl. arid owly loeha ? tow dollar* to pl?*-e him Iwyoivl tha leaeli of want, ft wan* I . does not ponline the *plii-re of hlr operations t" tho .tru er ?*? for no b n?er sgo than . slurdsy last, hn < ailed at the rmldame of a gen'b-man up town, sod thorn repn-sentrd to his wtle tha' he w?. II* son of the h?W tlilef Jnstlee Jone*. thsl lo-ws. well *e,|iialnleil with her hut hand, sod rebearaed the rboy of I.U a .tog l? '1M psgo; and r Is led ll,at hie uncle who wu? thso waiting for tlim Oti the co. tier of ?? oil Joining sHesl, had son* him to her to solicit a soin f->r that purpose Upon I' ing b,ld hy Hie Irdy of the house lh,.t ahe I,ad wo in, m y t>- g,re Mm lie n,e,lly rcrj,,e?', -1 her to le,rrow It In in imp I cr -pcaou, s? l.e w*u?t ha*e It. Tlir<p"lltn retpie.i ru t leinf a, rwd-d to, be Insulted ,1 the tody w ?I e l ad not -erne .mall srlmlcs ul hvusehr.M furwl inlor, whloh ?!>? #<uld *nU. lo we-ler lo raise* lew dollar* for him. Tills la.t ra-<ttO?t Iwin* al?<- denie-1 him, llo genifsmao wltlidrew. p ,Kni*lii? !-? cell .gain at an early day lie was ,b-w>cd hy tho la-ly to call upon har haw hand down iosii at I I- olBee, li ,t he prsf-rrwd ool to do co. iilhgiiig that lie luul not Hnu f i, m all appear ?lues, no doubt Hits l?a trlrk t?,al s Ul* wind, hy an uu ih-Miiring vagabond, an ! ?e wuld caution our lady leader, again.I hlui and 1,1* I da as* hie sb,ry "t s Wplwa four. In o*.e he at mihl r*?all up?,n Iheni during the at,son in of their husl ands In in tome. fevi.'-rs o? rim *r aw iw Hranar?ITa hear of rsad lie,able ,l?mage having lie,-n-lone by the storm of h?n day. An unt'auHid huU-llag lo TIilily lourth street, be Isaen loalogton and Ttilfd areawi, was Muaslova, '"tlnnately, no ore waa Injured A gvti'leniaii a,*mad Collar l ad his arm broken hy a pioee ,,f llmlwr whbdb waa l low n I run the new tioietlpg, N?. '''* .lohn alreot In!- hn'a pwrk a fine old lie ??, per-tenlnd by thn it,, I much daiuage doii# bi tho aliruheiry, oilpoet waa Inliowanua |U? during H?ndoy lorr-aoon, and four bnr? that were In It Ibr -wn into tho iIvit. A young pallor named llalmeor." oiworvlog thn dsager 11 the leys wen- In II,? rescue, ami auores'lod In ?Hug them all hi!u hie lawi III* iiilrepid e.n?duet In '??ertdng of every pralss As ee awimiewl migreatdn u .|.'aa> dime Ike .hipping I lltBiru ?Hn -umlay nigh', about 10 atkek, a lire broke out in the laige ds.ll ng bouao known a* the IJwlrig.toti Manakm llo-iae .Ituatel on I Otto vtiret and H?tb avsaue. or ue-ra ? oinwHwdy known ae tha leal of Marlowi bar Tlw Hubn we*a first dwe- vere?l W.uirig from tlie ref m ?t to -or# '4 tho taiga ubimneya. Tlie house at tha tliuo of the Bro waa oreaptvl l.y eigh' 'ietman tamib's eho larnrld la aavlbg meat of their pr- twily III# llamo* afweor) ?e rap|,.,; thai in lese than an hour the eh ,ie M Luv build Ing wea In ruins, lbs ?-s- 1* eonrnate.1 at abuat gi.Mh. W e could no', learn of any ln*u,an-e mi to- pr- por'y Tki hu,tiling formarly l^k lgp-l U, ih* I Irilgpke ?eKelo, hut recently to Mr ArehihaXl Wat's lia* is rtwarr ?-hor'ly a'tee >1* "lei * fire to-.* place In a 'emmonl house raar of 14k Wwewolla street, caused hy a child playing with swlow*. It aw jeara that a Mre. Trails, oreupyli g a lourth .'??/ roons, gt h?r child tb,as While ,l.s ern' to the .'ore and bo for# b< i return Urn -I.IM ll e hwt llng -oi tire wMS m ms roatshes, destroying a bed and b~lst*d id war dlsliiifalsi o! //?>? about kti .So Inamansw f ki ,s II. traa WsiWc- IM???n aetsn ami sight n'alreto last evening ? Brw Inula owt In s stalde, raw ad W i<rvwt owns.) hy Mr eleven? Thsrv wvs three In tlie atnhle uhsei the Brv was Biat dtsesrvs ?l one "I them was get wwt without Injwry. Ihe other is.a . Igi t Injury ky kuraiag Tl.? !???? hw,al,ag? wttl ?w abwu' 4.hO, no laeu/anee the ir-nMlag a<IJ laug wus ? rrupls.1 by three l>u,?v< wh-. had their lltraKurW dau.agid ky wa'ne. 'use ??! '1^ I, rsr# tstr r.gwd V. Pdward -haeh-eb. another to Mr Itart ami u.s other V.J II. PhilllBg Tki I'atr*??r rw '.aa<m erwsou ? Tt*s ,p-la1 conesitiew I nf tha IVard of A'e'er men app- inls I V, -?? tuto Hi# I eowtraet and epsnlhsnUrws f-? Iwymg the itel^nn btnsh par en. en I in braird aleeei f,?r? Hcnrlway lo (Hand , atraot fairy, tost yes'erday afsrn c-n Aklotmesi Tartnn, ?>f the rou.mitleo, atsted that he ks I ant g veu the eoh Jsct tha, invvatrgsliMaa be dewarsd, an I lefrt rw storm Ing II atr |,ration- rwsort, wl.iah land 'awn r?w auraiHad Ian 'hair body, he wt.h~) to 'mas, rntnufely the work and >rw k " lha -aw.a rompllrd wt'h ?r* er .led fruwa, thn utiaet as a a la red ,nte wi'b tb f urlhvr kctvo waa aa'ofdlagly da Is* fed lor the arawwwt. Ihe urn mo# report Vn, rrn-tk' s?.k, **-1 cafu u pen !hs f- mpt rr.ilar to make uo 'a, the* psyirwata uprm thn same un'tl ha Is aaUaBa.1 Vh? 'artns ?l lie m.1 cuwtras* haae l.*a *trwUy caranplnd wl'h. ( g >*1 ?Tha iws"b VI***,, tha A.uway and Hnrtwan Cricket O.W, which a- mioarmwrl jartaylaf at lltUa ,uawt near far. ml a TV, .a, staeto at auwfuw llbnng a Ink, drat taairw* *A rum '?"?d aatogs. ii raan. With Ike ks. of *4kly two .rill. llaiUrn ? ink, Brat ioa rg* M rsns kkay will ke- srurwad at 10W e'slaaah tkia ae r-.aag </BlUr a largs attaodanrw of rtaMara wan v the fount lu vltraese Ihe >.aUk itr* (Mr tfuirti noaiHtrir>N? W n II. I.(la. Um K?-? kJ?? kfi.i mi Jw > *mnlf J?4ga kt> to* la-!*,,?* to to ? anAtel* Tl?? '>r<to? a>** ?? "ai- r-Uj *?<?? la otm ? -am, Mi MHMl IW rtotenatv* Mr VAa Bfc? DM vhto MMM, ?W? U ?Uu a KaaV MMilw >ti fai. ! i.i K'liB*! * I ' ??!.'; ' <(? Kt >*0* Mr- Ir'A 'L? t?"l l*? tia I'M^to-ar ? M IklMi . .rrUarl iMM Wuur !*?<?? ??? I atoratoM in* ln?a<i Utot Mr Jrirtfc*mm I MMlaMV n (u UlayaJ rWM -tortotoa Ma. M-aWt im* r.iMiulwW a a??i *' laM't (/!??*? <ki MM lkl4 U< M*.< naJ win >''V'K'' ?M ' 4i? <h*l fca w U? itaalar vaiw *> 'V ra "i? ?Mr. Iik? ? .> r. Wto**? Hi ?><? ??? ' ' ?' 1/Mt 'M?J k S, ?to?? lla illl ?? Mr IMrra * Kar/V SMMlwa bHHiikiiilUBtt* *???? ?) a It fe all Urfl Mr II. Nntliaa ata I r "to'? "r.alra Va?M maalatr. ??,; wUM? to Mllaa " 11 ;ra< I* .anlifc. Mm r*|? M?t^ra*?a rarl ffr'- aa aailr* ITWOar tir'?-"?r ?UI a >a?l V. l? .? l''i'?r?"', ku Ml |>< Uh aaM patoM TM? ( l?M? *T? AMMOr ? ?'? ?|*"H I'M 'H* r??/l 'to' a fn? IMiM rw( ?' j-1 la (???<*<k.r a ?a a'.irvt ?* '1m **? '? r an lr?a? Hxtnvl to !????? |-,?4 m4 *? aa-l-r tk.i Mm ? li to , ?r'j? a ?ra>to. r-ra-lrl ta. M a.tof^V^ ^ Ttfatot, ^ -? .* A-MIW*M. (M> a