Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1855 Page 5
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WBtan'a (Mm, a TnUy Valuss H? remedy In all oaaes of dyspepsia, tndlfeaUoo, alck bead Mhn. and au blUooa and llvar oompfclnta. Hold b j liegeman, Qkaik k Oo., F. V. Rush ton and alt respectable dnnftfl CrteUuIoro'a Hadr Dye, Wlgl and Toapeaa Mb admiration amongst all eonnoiaaeura In aria. A guile of aiagiuii private apartments for applying hla Incomparable dye, the only reliable article of Ha kind In the wor d. Wliole ?la and retail at CRISTADORO'd No. 6 Aator Houao. BatcRrlor a flair Dye, Wl?* and Toupeea? The be hi in the wnrld.-Nine private rootu for applying Ma ?Drivai;?-vl dye. Reward of mdtattona-lhev result In ridti-uie. IV largest aiock of wlga aud toupee# In America, wholesale ma retail, at BATCH KLOKH, ffl3 Broadway. aililNi Improved InitantaiiaMl Hair Dye, OMiliBg* a box, black or brown; warranted beat In use, leave# IV :?n and $loaey; ?o lade. Hold or applied al No. 1 Bar die/ atrrei, 46 Nassau street, Mew York, and at 241 Fulton , Brooklyn. Hill'a Practical mid Ptill<mo|jlil< al Trealltn an the hair?tie nadure, diseases, tc., given grail* >o purchasers afhia infallible onguent lor Uio growth and beauty of the h dr. Bald at No. 1 llnrciay atreet, 46 Nassau atreet, New York, and ?t Mi Knlum atreet, Brooklyn. Wklihrn or MowtacM* Forced to draw ?a alx weeka, by my unguent, which will not atatn or Injure the ?km. SI a bottle; aent to any part of the country. R. G. aitAHAU, fibfi Broadway; /.iebcr, 43 rioulta Third alroet, Phi Mttphta. It 1b Noteworthy that out of the riMwand and one Imitations of Dr. OOORACU'S world renowned Ita lian medicated man, for the cure ol Inn, pimpb-H, frecklea, eruption*, and all Uu to which akin la heir, not one reielvea ilio ?tamp of public approbation; 'tla true dial by (he aid of onplUtl the* nostrum* arc ushered Into no dee with a grand rtourish of tmmpeta and din of words, but aa aoon aa Dr. O. la alter them With a aharp slick, end the public put on Ita guard, the sou dous concociiona vanish Into their nlr, leaving not a wreck be hind; In fact, there !h as much difference between Dr. Q'a. aoap and (lie vile Imitation compound#, aa there la between the dory of ' Who killed Cock Rubin" and Byron's "Child Harold." Gouraud'a Poudre Subtile uproota nalr from low foreheads or any part of the body. Liquid rouge, Illy white, hair dye aud reatoratlve, at the old established depot, 67 Walker street, lirat atore from Broadway; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn, and reapectabte druggist# generally. OtHagri or the Eye and Ear ?Dr- Fronela SALTER. M. D., Kdlnburg, Ac., oculist and aurlat, 27 Bond adust, Mow York. Office hours 11 to 4. N. 11.?Dr. 8ALTER wBl lorward to any address bis published letters upon the ?hove subject. Oh, Give Me but Another Flask Ol LYOM'ri Magnetic Powder. And then no more will Insects bask In bed, or holes, or larder. A Bask of LYON'et powder will kill more tnscjta than all the turpentine In the world. One trial la sufficient. Depot 424 Brway. run and Bunion* Removed from the (Del without puln, blood or danger, by Dr. 1. CLUTE, office :iH8 Broadway, a few doors above While street, liuine-llate!y after the ope; a (ton the shoes may be worn with comfort. Each corn extracted, SO cents. Civil and Religious Liberty?A meeting of the Eighteenth ward young men's Brooks' Association will he heldut the Demllt Dispensary, on Tuesday evening, Oct. Sh, al h o'clock. Addresses will lie delivered by James W. Gerard, Hon. Krast'is Brooks, and others. Heats reserved for ladles. O. D. BALDWIN, Chalrnuin. %t Dytpepala Cnrtd.?.V fair trial ot the Oxy genated Bitters will conviuce the most sceptical s offerer lhat this medicine has no equal In the world tor the cure ol this dis ease. Every dyspeptic ought to know Its value. Hollo-way's Ointment and Pills Ajstoulsh !?* cure of an abscess pronounced Incurable by the faculty. Koben PdrleU of Cumborland, Maine, was alUlcted tor three years with an ahaceaa In the arm, and was uboat to have the lunb amputated, but waa i (-commended Holloe ay's Ointment and Ptlls, which completely healed 1L Hernia,?Only Prize Medal nwarded to Marsh A Co., by the Induati ial Exhibition of aU nations for their aew patent radical euro truss. References as to Its auperl ?rity: Profs. Valentine Mutt, Wtllard Parker, and John M. Garnochan. An extern Ive list of names of mercantile and ?ther gentlemen cured by this truss may be seen at M A ICS 11 k CO. 8, 2}i Maiden tana. New York, and MAKHH, OOHLIK8 k CO., No. fi West Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. to It P. M. The Great Inhaling Hemedy for Aathma, vmuiumptlon. and all <tl?eaiiea of the throat and Itiwj?Dr. Wart!*' Vlygleuna Tbouiiand* have been ''"hired to Lk. mmMt ti'ar hv the lljnltuni Prlnctpnl office, 343 B i ikd SUS/STi ^a H. BSTiii BroJway. Price only ?? wmJtnu*. I>r. Curtis will be *1 the office dally, from 10 to 3 Schick, where he may he consulted free of charge. ImportantTrhrieM If htUf ?' ??*> ?" *? the paper* be true?then ha* Professor L. Dntlrath. oif Vhlla de.llpbii made the most marvellous discovery the w?rld has yet witnessed. Many have been taken ott their e.rntcbea In a atngle night. Stubborn rheumatUm baa been curwl and old sores *>aj< awAitinffa hauled an If by magic. The Kluctnc i/u ope rates on chemical and electric principles, and will create a healthv flow of the na'ural fluids of *be system* by whatever cam* disease is produced. It cures head ache, In )oiOU ?*r lknhM fever 6oref. caked breasts, sore nipole?, bronchial aflecttoi.*, ptle*. burna. mump., palpitation of thei hw^ajrea SSE :Kr tSul c^j^ed brS talf M* sand* who are dally relieved from vmi" horrid ache or pain what I i. capable of doing, and the universal reply I- there j was never anything like It Wore. Sold by every dealer In Sow York ai.d nelght?drlng cltloa, by Mr. otikjn Bowery, by Mr Uaubaurdao.Htith aventut. yr U...U Brooklyn; by Tliomo* and Maiwell. J erM'y Mr. ifadgerl lu Newark; by Mr Voorlda ln Morn. town- by Mr. Voiburgb, In Elltabethtown. Baraaak^ Park, .KM Broadway, corner of liuane attest e^'u*lvl jSwtp/ toqnlre for Deiirath'a "Electric OU." Price 26, 80 cut. and $1 per bottle. _____ For Worm a,?Few Medicines are oo calcu lated to clear the system of worms and the mucousIn which JJ^an- engendered, and simultaneously pnjrtv'tlnit a e gene^ as liR PERItY'rl vermifuge, or '1 Dead Hb?t." lor aaleby A tLIU. HaNDR. druggbtm, 1IH) Fulton street. AMORTIZEMENTS RKNEWEO EVERY ttYY. pOblTICAb. ?lWTW A RIV?AT A MEKTINU OK THE FIRST WARD | 1 Whig I in I ? ?pp?in-d | "olfESton, Hrnry Smith Esq.. was ??*>??? tion m candidate for Councilman of the rlrst outneu ' fir MarUnus A. Van Uer w?w nominated by nc rlamalknt ma candidate for OWidtolfl Of the Second dUU icL ?^r^mtmee tben.on ballot, Jubn Ihompaon. j JVC.abU^James Chairman. Job* Thomiwow, Je.. Secretary. ( 18T WARD-DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN RKOULAR 3-???" The demoeratlr republlcanelector*of the Third ward, friend ?r iTrrgutoTnondnaUoua and the union of the democratic par^ re are?e"mes.Ad U. meet at the CUrrmont IIoubo, corner of Murray HI reel and College place, this (Tuesday) evening, at,% #,'r wk to ratify the nomination of o'clock. d^niei, K. SlCKLKft. tor Senator. j i_ prpnoe.' inr tlii) rampaUn. The iDftotliiii will be ad ^d\'P"r n^ce, a.7d? b, J. W. Elwood and Patrick Co* an, B[1<j .^tory |?Come one, ootneaU? United we triumph-divided ?e. toll.. m?-? HAMILTON BILLIMJH. P.Oj MOLONEY. HTEPHEN KELLY, l^Iarn KS IO VRY MICHAEL MORONBT, ?HaRLKH KELLY Delegate, to the Union Con ALERKD B^tlLKYi veutlon. Delegate* to tne Tammany llall Senatorial Conv, niton. 4 til WARD.?ALL HANDS AHOY I neaOCBATS. AKOL'SK . Th? democratic republican elector* or the Fourth ward me ^Jktogmin ?eamen, .teve-lore;, ?tongMtoreumo. aad ?3'other*, tn favor of Atlllao. BaUd for Aldermen, and regular nomlna'looa, are Invticd to attend a gcand M4St MKRfltQ AND TOBCHUOHT PWXWWIOIf, On Monday eveningI'sit"? ^{"o'clock. The following ?faaifer-- w ka,., h?: WJU ? K-? ? Councilman A lei. Ming. "Vm^^ok John Rlcharda. Th-mia- Hwcenv, Ja^reMo^oey, James Reed. Jame* Kranda tlormaa, PatrtckCaranah, ,^5HTi!elrn!r Patrick Rickets, Jame* t ourtnsy, ?lnh" ? Thomaa C. Dovle, Ou?tavu* Bo?h, A. II. Our|.ai, Committee of Arrangeraenta. rTil ward-hardTsoftTnd half shell D1.MO ChrWhan B. tJt'- odrun, Chairman. John Cunneen. so rniary rvTH WARD DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUH.-AT A 3 meeting of the ahpve club, heal at Uic hm? of Mr. ffmtnaa Ryan, corner Vartckand King ?treet*.on Mowlav (M A. 1M6. Mr. Jame* Sandford was unanimously noraUtt led a* candidate tor Oouncllmau <g the Nineteenth OdUUCtl 'U* WI PHILIP KITIPATRICK, Chairman Mvuafl Mcarnv. Secretary. liiTH WARD Wlfio CHARTER CONVENTION -AT A 1(J meeting m the 10th Ward Whig Charter CoovenUuU. hold eoMondsy, "trtober 22. 1?6. tl.e lollowtoe letter was received flreffi Horatio Ree.1 the nomltm. of ike Wmg Cnarler ttooven t Ion. Viw yo? (HlL T 1 o the t I.airman of toe lOih W*rd Whig NornmaUng Coinimttoe Sir?Afiei mature deilberatk?. I have arr.ved at Ahw evsoeiti akin to dacltne nnng a candidate a' the an*ulng elee'lon for AC dermeri ot :h? 1 enth arard, aiblch nomlnahoo 1 have had the r*^T" rrselvlng at the hand- of ytmr eoininltlde. In 1'Hng iri uve^ '^ ?^?'' t^*f ""1Un* ?hc friend, olrelorm. of rver, party. up<'n ooe candidate?thereby preventing "ffat a* te ii ii.v ia>wer rteieat from ?ueh an untnrtuna e dlviatuu at .irtoa, 57l~1 WhUe K la far more agr.-eanle to me u, in t rlvate Hie than to aa ept a reM-onalbl* and taho ^ c^.pm ot kl.Xl nhotitd Jait have toll at tthacy to huvtor tlto anrive rea-m. Permit me to aid, toa? for the sv i.tidrnre repoee.1 In me and ika y,s lb# ? i i ?roi f4 frrrm nrnrrr' frkind* tun ftUMut <? ftathwSd *? neralf,, I do n..w and *a.l ever, entertain toe gretcref So.hi .ton. Witt, grant fm motion, reao.ved. That the decllnatton of Horatio Reed *ZS5X I hat the letter of Hora'to Reed be mMJI ? iVIIera tl. Time*. Hun. etaai* Eeitnng, and New Yorker He "?trm ion, resolved, Ihe. DATID VII.LKR he rmmlrtoad ?toe?nuldMe tor a Merman o, Roar. MaCOV, Secretary. 1()TH WARD NATIONAL DBKOCRAfIC RK iLI.AR f ViT.,mre?'?rr'Amembly John ?. Ewln* For M'mbrr or amw j Heary c Alwood. for *iLk Council dl- trie* John Wi lltm<on. tZ f"",-? -"" ''"""*" ??>*? Robert KRoerta. \Z SSSS: TlthCouncildiwrkt.^..?? fS'fnSt.: .'. JamealUl*. louia H. Vul ee, For Inspectors ot Ele. 'loo- John Mlddletoo ?ZZ :::: cSSl SditortT' . .. Jaeon (Inlden. Jame. M^ry TV 7. . neurits r. DutlMtr, John 1) Watch y.e .oner uf I mmnn School* .. ^ V.'^ejf. tor lusprc . r Ot I mntntci etool*. Loum r e usj Tresi.e..! < mmooSstoto.*- Hseer* ?-n h vr\\ wtn tJfYidsf, Jow J Hsrr liTGiu. LjWOM.Btcrt^O. POLITICAL. |TU WARD DEMOCRACY UNITED.? tt)K .ALOMiJIAM. WILLIAM MoOONKBY. 10T^Jw^.?u,(X;iunc Republican onion Cornellue Caruea. Councilman, 260. Oteuict 2Wj it John Vaotine. Awwwuor M*chh?i? : ? ?? ?' '? '? - J. f. Badcnhop,0*"' V*u?5!u q y.Uee In?pec(ur0UUU Wll?"h,<>* J. M. Bell, Secretary. " " 0I">* Chairman. 131 u,?,W,AB!? NAIJONAL DEMOCRATIC RATIEICA TMrfrima ? ~ national democratic electors of Uie lurteeutb ward are requeeted to meet In maar on Wsdm-ad iv^Kenflt' a'iuU' P~" h " ????"*? <'arden, Inlta bciwoen Broome and lielanrey, for do; purpoao of ra ad?l/I.?. .<L Th? ">"owtng eminent imeakera will uud Euro,?" mec t!:~ 0u' T1,0??? J- Muuday, Menu*. Ituee 0/)TII WARD-DEMOCRACY UNITED?ANTI MaTnE u . L**?-Anti-Know Nothing.? Democratic Keuubl can Regular Union Nomination- v For Alderman, , ? ROBERT O. NELLIE. Ja?. Baolaj>, Sec'y. JOHN FoSIIAY, Chairman. onTM Ward national democratic union and ?y Harmony Nomination, by order of the Democratic Republican Vigilance Amooiatlon, ibe Democratic Republican MbeUA^taltonS?0' Democratic Republican Half A???orerm*n Robert O. Nellie. iVJJ."? ..Leonard (Hitman. 1 K ?^::2srr. & | InT^ro1n?Uon-- Hugo Mooney. M Thomae McKclman, Chrietlan Eenrlcfc ?3 K?!f Henry larkln Edward Con well ! bib ? ? Jam? McMuMern. _Ja?. Biolajt, Secretary.*^ FOBB?aY OQTH WARD.?THE UNDERHIONKD DECLINES BK I ?yjn,{ 'candidate for A Iderman, believing that hie Ume and bu?l^?*i1nrte1i^0re Proflub'r "mployed In the rinreult of hut bualneag and the enjoyment of the domeatic circle To the no. nieroua frienda who have ao kindly and cordially given ine their S I* 1one.i ''"iT1 "V*0*? <****.witSrJK5JUSiK a* "r. McConckey the aame cordiality ami uahed caPi^nliiM amt *rJ?v?I1ir*0 llber?1|y hoetowcd on roynclf. Poliu neo. ??i}v^r T? m?"lf "? ?PPO*ite?; and while 1 admit the wtmi^ Ln n ^,a":. ^nce of P"rtlei aod politician* I am un S^ucM iSte"?" ^ ^%rVoWLKi?Rbe 20 By order Jaa, Aepell, Chairman, Edward Llnneo, Chairman W. Mnipaom Secretary, John Doyle. KecreU^T!^^ Tammany Committee. Bturveaunt Commuwe. 20TVnd^my"e^nUIO'V ANI> BICTORYI?TAMmANY At?? adjourned meeting of the Democratic Charter Oonvan , ssftssaassaiUEr" ?kksss ISdSTT":::::::::::::::;:: SzgS&f* ISSSSiimXi'Zr..?-*' kIsJSwS i Inspector 11 FUmti 1 Inspector* of Klrctton : Charl?*.? Darragh. ? dl,Jflct i:!"-"-"" Fenrtck, J. O. Butler. tr. .. Wm. Slmpaon, Thoa. Klernan. I if., .. John Dtinond. Jai. Monatian .. Michael Dee 1 am .. John Brlce, Paul VcOuln. 1 J At ahp'fV i '.'.i, a?odf!ch' Kuoh MuMuliliu. u u 'urSpnmi Chairman. ) lamniany Hall ?, m . RON, hecretary. ) Cqnventoii OATH WARD.?AT A LAROK AND ESTHfJfilAHTfr 1 id he iTenbem wird?helTS'n ,uni^ra,"~ reI,u|tl?'ai. elector* ?the bo?S"cJ'!l ^ WM un^nlnioualy nomiiiaiad:? a ?re.'?n!u! "ZJmiP*" CouncUmen-fiUt dlatrlc't"...!i!! i| ??a .J Deoia Ryer.' Comitatilee Loula HuckeV w>mmK,?.nUnD' I School t 'omnilmloner ' a ^^)iTmU|UJ^i?u'.v*"Per My'r - Ntlwln hobbL ' In <^'our. IiwwsciorH of Klootioo? Hamfh. 1"| dlot-ict.. ChrUilan Fenrh k, Enward BnUer. M " ""RS: rffP"0^' Tleja. Keirnan. ?h " " ma Jaj. Mooaghan. ; .. ??? t?b? Paul Met linn, fi h " " ' Fnn V i*?,l Harlm. Doyle. ... .Knoa McMul in. Jaa.,oaalrlch. Dr. Cnaa. ram, Set^SJ HKNNKY, Chairman. OHT1I WARD?A MKETINO t)K THE DEMOCRATIC ?U repubUcM elector, of the Twentieth^ ward to radfy the nominalfonn tor chartrr (ifflrpni win im i,.ij _. v# ,. * , nem opeaken. arc engaged toaddreaa the meeting. Time. W.VLSISi I ? ^rU"" 0f8P?c1^ Commluec. PAinica Tool*. j Secretary*. OOND WARD.?DEMOCRATS, AROUSE-THE lii'Mn l nion bemooratlc KepubUiuui Committee, vli:? &???&::: ? xrLM^n f?cM2"m! Pet<,r ??. RopperL jJF&i&u??*1' y or (/oiinUbleM and School Oflloara? ncinrio. l'l ?Z%r or the IU**n JuneaTawj Wm^^l.S'TSl1^ Wm. A. Tnrtiure. John lloev Michael U'llrlen. ,oey OOD Ward dkmocratic WHia~KATTricATtov mee log will be held at the bouae of c t v *11! N Aldiernmn ?..., ,, ,. . ^~UU1 hUlJ 'Un<h dl"^?? Fraiiric' ""oS.,. te:r. ? ? R,"M!rt Mc^d Ti addrrBBed'h^aiile?pealie'rii ^ByC'!rdrr ot 'W W'11' b" W. StrNOLDe, Seereiry!N ^ MAKT'K' ? 22? tZtt??X?2** "KMOC'RATD: TAMMANY Attrh,j;:,w" ^ vsLJr," ST' " ?:;;; ?'?' Kl?. '?? f^offfeXRier., John Hoev i * IS!i'!;2S",L ; ?f?w!sr-.? School In*|ienor M.oii_nTL. Srlmol Mward Kgt?,'t; I-aii^k tcind/v' Uj order of the Democracy of the Twem. w-cnll ward. John Bim.iu. ?? HaRLES HklLY. chatrman. Jvmkji SrnaTroRD, J "?retarlee. AEfS.'"" wei.vinw, or n,? V,r. ^?r.::r.::5? ,Vir ???S&jrftea, < '"t.e<-hle. O. W 'Bogert."'' J^K J,fg *"rtrk' Jr selr.! SeUml Truetee* J B Varntnn, Jr., Samuel lloul'ng, In.peeiore of Eleetlo^- Ueadle. J"hn Wro*,. JeechT. Smith. ?? s ranele Bewlta. i,h .. L ?rii li*""' Henry A Kerr. i,, - RoherttVok, < ha- d Sh " i-iil""*- " W,Jwm. M ?- l-ane, r.lj l[,,pp(V.k< w* ?1 Vin.r i ' tKL>,-d FrthVi fl, I hurmao. Air.r 1,4 ? at*. \ "??retarte*. A MV.RH'AN TU'KKT.-REVKNTH W \RI> NOMINA tlnnr? lor A-aemhlr i'dmund P lltrroe. Cutuw.lniHU?14th f>linrl *< Geoinr W iroer, l.vh " l-dward MerrtU. Iwh " Wl.l;?rn A. }l*ggtrty. I"rw"r A. W. A. VaodeAi aen seimol? iinnlvu'iitr ... Heonte A. KorW tutu* ... Prhool Inepaelar.. Samuel I Reboot Truater Tli. ru*-> Widen.-, Jr. Conatabloe .John A. Van HoAAelrn. -'-I J'tkn. ATA l.ARUK A A I) RRHPEOTaBI.E MKKT1NQ, HKI.D Jl *1 H tlarrlrk'a Hlxth Ward lli'rl. on dotxlay i-rmliK, the 29th tuet Mr .John U*)?rwM called b. Ue'i.alr ->T .John M< (Irath a.ted ae Seem ary, nnntl per erne addr -a?el the meetm*. afer wblrh. WIIJ.IAM t' \t( KOl.t, war tiu*m moualy nominated ae * rand date r?r < orariueetoner nt Oim moil n buu of the Sixth ward, to he etippor nl at the enem-a rleetlon JOll.N I.W *CK. ? nalr n*n Jon* Mr <ia?T?, Secretary. A H TIIK REPORT WHICH IS BKI.S.i stt INItCSTKI J\. aualr circulated hy a r-eraln pary to he erfae! toe' | hate drr lined, In farnr <A another candidate lor the o#--' of Aoeemkljinati of Rlereo'A dltrrlrt, i< o..lruia'??d to Injure me In ill* eattmarlnn o( mr trie rule. and aleo to l??<rn the pro. peas of my election, I an Induced to take -hi. rvxam n in torn, all Who Oe: an) way In fronted In th< matter, -ha I hare not the kaat Wen. n. r hare I had any tecHaat .hi to (Ire tutuw ronie-t Inlnrorof any Iridlrl Inal, party or e;i,j re. talM^ l? en nominated by my frlende for th* pttrpara* ot br-toi 'dw ed it poraiMr, It la my tnlen'too '0 keep oefor a th-- poopla uo Ul they deride whether I am to act art their representative In the l^-chiature or mt?n ail pretenalon to their i mUnrr or rapport. ____________ *' " HCNTKK DEMOCRATIC RKI'IBM' A.V URIO.N MOVINATIO.V4 H. Jobn'aHall:? Aorftberlfl ...Jltltr. r W'li.'rt, ? ontptrnlier.. Phillip W hn??. f ount) I'lrth Richard II. fot.noby. Street ( ' lundaee-ner Henry II. Ilnwa -i t om rr R.-palra and Supplier . Ma hamel S. Aclah. 1 > ,. ration loaned Ixrrrr.. , H -be,* ' Governor A ma llrutae I'atr k'i M?.<> .*. c it) 1 neper tor too*. h InrnUtr Judy* supreme Court.. *? K. Whdit . Judaea Superior Court Mlrhaei I'lrkoefler Jnw II. I'et.itpt Judge Common l')?aa John tt Brad jr. ?It.d(* Var.neCourt Darel It'he- * J' C'rr.diera II h, W..he;n>. K I'. Cot' or. Robert Gamble, WTIIaot O'lkma. JOHS If. W1I.I.UM-, |.U.?en II. n. Cnr-ir, In--,... J h? ? Airrar, " {?< o natrnt ""-'f v A Uel l?e?u.e e. '.a. 1UAI JTZX.UL. POUTOAU F?* SKNATOE-rQUBTH DISTRICT, SEVENTH, km ALL? tlllrl,'?nlb. Seventeenth wwrda? WLUHO .1 JWDXrKNDBNT candidate 1 FOB STREET COMMISSIONER, ISAAC T. OOX. MDKIOIPAL REFORM NOMINATIONS. t or (-otnptroljer Azailan C. KU.-v. si0"?!? ' Douglaa Ixafflu.; well Seilv-?'? JamoaO. WllleL 1 Mt> et C oiuniiMHo i i' Daniel fcw.-n. t bmnitaxkmer of Hepuira and Mippllea.. Joaeph Sou bworth. I e-wnixffwnl J. H. tiriaoom, M. 6. j J-o-.o^llot^nKMyuon Lore i*o B. ritiepard. CnrV./Ta. Atanoboiw. . Cudtrey (lumber. t oroncr. AlamiooS. J one* M.Ib, Frederick W. Fairy. B H- N. Wllbelm, Kdward D. "<mnery. JuMk a supreme < uart Jaraeu R WhlUug. , Juatloa r up trior Court Murray Huffman. <??_ ... Uiru B. WumlrtiC i . L n"'n r>nu Camh. IJvlngato.i, , ou.ri Klilriix ill. rciwJL rIJ?:ii r.' omm,ue? will meat i vary areola#, at their M UroadWaj, to receive from the Ward Com IITnr...... c I'ETKR COOPER, Chairman. rfBirrm.t*, Secretary. M^SLWs"0-?" rITIZ,,NH OP THE SKVBN ih> L* return ted t? meet In irixs* tnooUtig at ikt. i''"wrry and Third uvenue, In die aquar*. tela evening, to ratify the American numiuatioua of county, State end ward. By order of the -iiiumiUce. A. McALUtTVK, Kce'jr. WM. W. BOWLES, I'reaidcnl. JLARJ) RMULAH DEMOCRATIC NOMINA .i, ,C' Twenty-fourth t ouncil diatri,*. Hard* and aofla united. For Councilman, A. M. C. SMITH. rational democratic republican regular &. anl W1U< K,ft>** ??<u*u <"? JOHN P. BKODKRICK. M. T. McQuaa, Secretary. SPARROW. Otelrmam J^RGT^R DRMOCRATJ^roimrATIOjr PGR CORO REGULAR NCMINATION8, AOOORDINO TO THK uaage* ofTanuuany Hall, Twelfth ward:? For A klerman j)BTkj H Jackaon. Cnnnrllman 0 Klanegan. &!TZ "uipbenLuu t?mmt..toner Abraham V. William*. School Inapector....... Kdwmtd J. Plnlay. School Trustee....Johon P. Dodge, Jamee Doyle, r, , _. Edward PhlUJpa. ' (unstable.........John M. Qeni, John W. Mum r Inapector. of Election? Murray. iSl 5r(Jttnn- ,,bll?P Warner. SW2 IT *!9 ?cnry? Oacr*e KrudeutnaL it" i'y1' John Helmea. f!t ??*< A 1 Nicholas R*v ftthdlfitrict. Jamew .McTague. John !?. Dodjc*. 11EGLLAR NATIONAL WHIG NOMINATIONS. MAIN ,n" PrtnclplAA of Clay and WcbMt^r, oppo^l to a fJTSlifi L lM?on with a*e anclcut ?*n?m*ii-ii oi Uio oa lion a) whig party, meet agaia tomorrow evening. m'r. n<>,nplro""r Hubert T. iLwe. DueriR Win K I>uk?* 4nd Huppiliui-Jo^ph South worth. Street^^Aimnimloncr. .-. J& <n0trD|Mnif|iJ""r*""U The., K. Tomlttieoti. t^ity liiM|i?< tor Ci*?or?rr W. Morton ?gyytyruf Atoahouae. Wm.1l. Alhertaom dor-rwurrr-e I,r ohn |ve. Cvru, Rom.ey, K.m Sr1?' k W p""7* -*<?muel A. Ilflia. S ...iriri PrT8 Cou" Kdward B. Cowlea. Superior ourl Lcwu II. W,?drull. .. n. array Hoffman. Common cu-a. tlainhridae P livinttiuin ' ' CharleaE. liirdaall. KDTIMONI) ('OUNTT whhTmass mkktino.-thk whign Oa nitfhmotid roun'y convened, uurMuant to ad jouwmcnt. at iho County Half, on Saturday ev?ln? Z* Af.'ifrP1 waa made to Interrupt the pruooedlntta by a amall nuinoer of .elf vtyled Urepuhllcana." one of whoin moved to ratify the nominal lone of that party. Put the mo anl iW,*o i'i.!n 'i" nefe"ve by an overwhelrulnit majortty arntdat the pri loimed applauae of the van aixeinhhum. .'?C,. Clark, Kaq., havlnc addreaaed the meetliut. the fol !?^ ^L .,.Jl".,n'n*<ud at the Whig county meettnii, iield IWih tiiat,. waa ratified with the greateat enthualaam:? Jud?? 'Irery B. Me-oalfe. BnUo'' Cn.m/1 B- Ulllyer. V'? ustsa-a rl'liilcii? 1 ?1 ,to of the en'hualaain which thi JJL*1hy ""k" dllrlD? ">* Utetlme of Henry rheera m?BUon wbo-e uame waa received with nine rJ?!! rr^ort.w?',??"<'ri?l, and the anion of the Whir State ?F.Ve? ,JM approved unanltnoualy. The lollow lng reaoluuonr were mlopted : ? HlafiThJ Tll*l 4"' wldfi* Ot Klclmumd county utterly repu U Hyracuae Conveiitlun, and the ihtal i?i rePabUcana," under the dlaguhH, ?( VI X',r t ^i,. ' ??Peelnlly the attempt u> Uiruat party Tumpklua, a well known aholluoidat. u|kmi lie wldg , ??l"?iiyd ?T,*t "T 'len?nnp' and hold up u. the of ??!?!!fr?T" "utni8e of brute force, under cor ernDM-nt employ?a and Oihera. wlilch lm. Inthla I,all iwloe at trul,'.le ,v 'b"" rlkbl of the peop e u, avwiaole |M? e. iW^.melunl^'i?.^^ r<?'r,'b?d"" ll?- m Jobs Kan,.., Secretary""^ "ARHtSUN. f.-kalrmau. ST'KenohllH.nM|AILL' .1?'*TOBKK ?? 1WW?DEMOCRATIC L. roP . ra* lommlltee. ? A "?pecUI me.R slfwie. ??*R?i wU1 h" h*ia *l bt lohu'. Hall, corner of flowerf mm Oclancry utrcct, on Tuesday ovonlng, Oct. .*j ?t (?.r^JC aod general aitemiarif* m c?rn#*Mtjy Ve qr3!W. >. WILUAMR. OhunJo. Job* Carraa y, J Secretartee. TI1K HN<XiNOCKRAHI,K SIXTH ALI,7v ARMS "'"I' til" 'I'braitar ,v a-d! 1 hice 1,11 " mnrrHin in coiixicIf. At lii<? largOKf dcrnocraiic mcciJruf ever h?Jd in Uio gioriouM old Niith. Henry wan Bn r?nnev ?* Doybtt?? ^w^rJ How*. Owen t y Ji Hf.ger Adxrii-. I he>m.'t* I>**ny Jxo**w |aO(tua, I'alrlek Rannon, Michael McLaughlin. P. (J. liVraghfr Homy Van ^HarKlJ onrrxl Uaylgei>?i .fainex (iIjimm (1***,irr Mr Klniev, William Neailo an<T( Aarlex K. ilen tdlci, were oEomcd r",,owi"? r-Xuzr:^ w I """'l**'. Ihat wevtrw the approaching election aa Involving luterecta arid questtooaof more im|mruu?e 'ban have .-n-r he ';ro?''"c1!? J" people of 'lux Stele fur iheir <1 ? I ? on-queaiione whw I. ?fieri ?t once ihe perwmal rtgk<. ?t our own rttlMM, and the perpetuity of our liaunnal Ui.Ulu' Kr-rohed. Iliai there never waa a lime when, mor- tl mat he | ,eaeut n?""en,,"iu.,n,|f Ihe democratic p?r , w?. |?. terailvrly demandad In tlewnf the |?rll thai environ* our Inaiituilona and our principle- which , ,ui only be *u owafully detendrd acah at aaxan t by il.e ,ieIn.x-ra y of New York In ? iU> the democracy of tie- whole oouolry, ' .Xr*: tb' Name liquor law the ration a and am Irepuhpran u-ia 01 the hoi. Nothlnga and Uic ef fort.of lheatohUo"l?t? u, oontrol ihe d.,m??i|r affair. 01 ihe people of ihe Trrrluirtea. aal elnvail manlfeauuou* of ffooirlneii atone tune Inderal and at another whig?which he" party lm. alway. .-rnni.aued. and w1,. h, if on>u> engrarrff oti oor policy, won, 1 prrelu call iboec ,-v. a wblr-h the democracy have no knur .ouglR to avert Revolved, That the itrnvrTv i of Ik,- -|>th wnrd?alwav. uuconoiiereil and alway. unconquerable-will in 'hte Bonleat maintain the nigh pcektow the, hav.- ever occupied inde Irnce r?t Individual ItbcrUex and popular rtghu. Itr.olvi d, Tt at in the triumph of the republican partv wc ^e ie^h^.LK8 Hu"" ?"?''? York delivered over In o Ihe embrace nf ae, uonalwo, but we abould find L'SJ fror" ""f*" ? Oil. Hon and Ireim the .-orrnpt and profligate hnaorial policy lhat {?%. rliaracterixe.1 llic Hate artridnlatralk.n for the laat two year., ludcnntieiy prat. Sla^^^>Ma'tcTLl, ef "y1'"1 E Slrklca. our candidate for ihe stale Senate, we rcuinlre a leader who. in in* oonal->ent defeiwe ot demratratic prlndplea, and hi. unwavering rem "tei.c v In 'hen aupport at all Umee, and In all ," ? o doner a? well aa al,ir*d. and In hi. laudable and pe^cvering Kflur - to uni(f? the democratir. oxrtv Iwi- dcsa rvtvi nn^f aw^-sstsni a Wi'assss.{?K - In reaponae in llu. unanlmoua call of the meeting Mr Sickle", the nominee for Setia'or. then addrcaaa<l the mlmrun Upon lite leadingb.we* r ow before toe peoplo, |(u aridr.-aa wax Mtrtxfd w ith u,real mnihuiitAJim. (V?k?i^| llk-ki/f loiiowcd Ui a powerful, elfoctiva api?aal af tcr which the mmttog *d/>an>?l with nine hnariy r:benr?Tnr DANIKI, K HIGKLKR, T?* I'goi-ui . (.'ni tcK, ?ok Hr.troa. ' wrtiflgki |>re>. ewk>" wa- Ihcn lornied, and after march rng thro .ghUie ward thev went to the Herman hra.1 inarcra 'V,^ *:r"; wrenaled ifae Oer.?.n .'-.nvenl^o wr.lrh had , oat r?de.r-cd Up-'k.n of Mr nlrJUca, t'k*.VI|,|L.V7 IIKWRY O'KKKFK u V , - r. * ,c* ''BkBtPUkva KdV?JS'in '*tu,har Henry Van Gland, hdward Rrrwe, Conrad lirylgeK Michael Mrlaau ttilln. n a ? P. 0 Oeriurtitr ti'ZT""' Ja , i a fllaea, lh; ' r:r M. Kinley v'S\ u U W illiam Ncalu, 1 I atrlrk Hat.wrn, Charlea K. Itcnedict ovxr. S?:b I .rb.-.r-1 f rrv. J-ffin Ixanahan ' ?"** MuilUra .l.ffio r i,ray. THIRD WARD. BROOKLYN. INDBPKNDKWT"fTv ! J rtidair- for Alderman, sdwardj. lovim TO I'OLITH IAN- -THK sVAI.I,. IVT'fA RTMRRR el* :.r'la, ar, indtxte-n-r-hki for ho. i.i. ,i ore.? Br.teo aTIRP ftiVATORUl. DIRTRICT.?OBRM4M WWO itlllt C?0*?*tk?. ? At ? mrm'lor *t lb* (irrnwi i?" no riuoi Cor. ri.'n r>, Li-ld ?'? I2 Leonard mtafomr1 of the f trot. 0. nad. luir'li Firth and Ptltb warda. ifr.Ylr.I, R. H KI.Kh ?*? nr in imntwly rhoneo the n?'iut>" !>r tor ?>. lb*- I bird NouBU/nel dutrki. OKOKTIB LAN NKR Proakhat. F. I#t'i>i.nh Vice frt nim. r. i n ibimi ? s<- reurf. T'KMX AND VICTORY.?A COMMITTEE Of GONFB \ retire war h'ld *'t).* ho'i"' o( Maaap- ? '? or * Rare* to '*be Id'o rm.niilri?'o tii<- kttl n:?*r ? In t.nnk aV.m * >im ?C ih? d.innrraii' (artjrof the itret ward when 'bet.. <?ln* ttllM n eert pfwnl:-4* A ItiifTp. M*rin ? 'regier ttrorg? It tiro* Mkharl t.i.kflri*. Win JrmuHl, Jrarph III*, ktmm. 11' I...;.,*ti r tMti" *?? OMMnetl; a*rr?"l npoe - ? Of I l OlicliO kri f -r* i!i*trii-'_ Mtebeel I Info Hereto iluMrVtl i Iwln X lot Aameanr li'iiry FWUrn. lor retool (r nira.-?ior.*r Bl? . t.irn. f or pehoel laepw j.r.. Jobg -mi ll Per tru.leer RtcboliM l'.n.i..i, Jot.n (' li?i i?t? W!,.i?oi Crumle. Ileorr Von US-A ?. Fotrk-k Baldwin. Pw CmmiUi > John I..?? Robert I."*, ti r. lo I of Kl.-i too.? Im I inrtet Wi.m K Inner PRM A. f'ulejr. M " Jatne. l<"n.?rif. ti (lordr'f. ?l Mr Prairuo. Wm fleneet Carried uriBt ioou )y, mm BI.ACKB'RN, < he.rme'i. NrltitUKia. jRerreterlee t'MIOlT R ARMORY A M>~ VICTORY ?MXTKT. NTH I Ward t 0it?<J iPrti#* r?ikc \*t% AkJormofi, CH\K1? A. MAY I, ( h%irmA/i J?r*d li*on, Chftlrvtofi, T?t<iABHy IJ*H i >i?h*Ujai . r-tuf ' A?uii|Uiw I'! M'm KaTI? MiMINATfoM?fOTfUriC* ItTH ?/ A #riui,i? dUirtrt ? a: ft of Um? If#-m *? I t- i o?vfri of hi# rt*y for U*# nvmiuftikm ft *?%* f * V* ***'* til# ?*fc rY f M-f If *Kf vsji.T/.k, u thr )*itiro?ktvi ##!?? rn #a AMliMKW UaKI c^ftftrMfto fMl* I/* la*. V*iTI KB in? HORlfT. Cf>Riai|T AJI>)iDAT%r<>* V !?. I . .. r. PV . ' AMRi.IpliK I.I Vf ?f?i? i i. v I r .r moi .l, <?1 hj n??riy , i? k*. , pt.MfH I FRIMYIMO AT Air. ||<rl t,' ?ttij atioh ? wanted. A SITUATION WANTKO?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, ucook. In a private family, la a Aral rote wa-Oi ?r and It-oner; can give the bet of city ret.-fnoe, baa been Iwo } I" '*et pWoe. Can be recti for two days at IMS Weat IhUi at. A KKM'Kt TABLE PROTESTANT ENGLISH WOMAN J\ wan la a alluallou aa uur>? an-l - haiu'.annald, can ue ?r 1 n at Uie oflloe of lh? American and E or elan employment to. lety, 13 Aator place. Bible lloua Go.*! referouca. Any family wishing to leave the city and bar.- tlielr iiou.-e lake n charge of during aba. . <, ot a family wUhlcg their country aeat u.knti charge of til! Mi.y, may hear of a reapactabla lenani by u-Ur.taalug, lor lour di>ye, llouar, Broadway l'oat office. An ekoliuii woman, speaking kkenoii, wishes a hiiu*rket-|>er'* place or aa rook lor two or three It. a lauilly, or lo lake care of children, or do ehatnberwurk or U. vel wlui or wait on a lady: would go In tbo t-.un-.ryu, auy In r ULy plaoe. Can be tern for four day* at I4J$ Carmine at. A SITUATION WANTED BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girl*. aa nuree and -eamalreM, or uham .ur.noid ai u waliera, or general huuaewurk (or a<mall private family, ar-willing Ui make ihenweivo* generally uaeluJ; die brat of cny reference. I'leaae apply at 340, between .flat an 1 lit ala ,

In Seventh avenue, aecond dour, front room, for three daya. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waller, or to unatat In the waahlng Can be wi ll recommended from her but place. I'leaae uail at No. M kail Slat at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A alluiuion aa <?harnbcrtnaid, and to tuialai ,n waahlng and Inning, will make beraelf agreeable. Call at 45 Hlvington at., In the rear, tlrat floor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wlcl.ea a alluauoii aa aeouuireae. In a private fltiuily, ciui cut and St ladle*' and children'* dn-a .>* and ni ike hoy*' clothe*. Ilae ibe beat city reference. Can bo -ecu lor two daya at W Kaat ltith ain-et, uear lat avenue. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A 11.ui aa plain rook In a private family; would d ? washing and Honing. Hie . an be aeeu for two daya at 140 Laurent at., WW , III the baa. Ill- nl. A RESl'Kt TABLE PROTESTANT OIRL W ANTS A J l altiutlnn to Co general houaework, or to take care or children, in a await private family. Heat city reference. Call At 114 Pearl at., Brook'yu. ABKNPFCTaBLR WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN THE waahlng of and gentlemen; la fully e impotent and can be well re.'otnmeiided by dmae aiie liaa waabee tor. Uail at lid Kaat Twentieth at., uear lid avenue. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A GARDENER. WHO thoroughly iindrrautnda Li* bualneaa in all IM carton* hranebea. Her- of re.erence ran be given. P.eaae arhlreaa M. J., Herald ofllre. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO GO out by the day, week or month aa anatnaireaa; ahe worka well Willi her needle, cut* and llta chlldren'a dreaae* and doc* all kinda of lanuly -rwing. Can be aecn at Jft'J 14th aireel, be tweeu avrnuea A and II, third lloor, back room, tor three daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Uon, aa rook or lo do general houac taunt In a am\ll la n.ily. good city reference, liaa lived iwu yeara and elgbtinoutha In her bud plaee. Call at the fourth collage from SmIUi, In Warren ai.,oppoaile the public achool, Brooklyn. Can he aeon for two daya. i A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN a ?mall private family, aa cook, la willing to aaaiat lo th? waahlng aud Ironing; uuderaianda making good bread, good reference. Call at if, Kaat 11th at., between lat and Al aveuue*. Can be teeu loj- Iwu daya. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS a.-amaireaa in a private family. Can be area lor 3 daya at her Laat place. In the 9th aveuue, on the eav aide, butweeu h and -lei ala. A IRKSPKt TABLE YOUNC WOMAN WISH s A Sil l \ JV lion an good plain cook, and wraahnr and ironnr; no ot. je.-igm to do general houaework; good reference; .-an he aeon at her .art employer'*, 143 Went 541 b at, between 7th aud btli nw mit-a, tor one day A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PERSON WANTS A si 11 abon aa nurae; perleclly uuduriiiniid* the management of cliidreii, hna itlway* lived 111 that rapacity, wnulu do light rhumberwork; good reference from the lady ale- ha-t la-' live.I with lor near two yeara. Addreaa A. H., or apply at 177 71. avenue, near 22d el. A LADY POSSESSING A THOBOGH MUSICAL RDUUA Uon, Inalru-led hv Eugllaii and German iimaicr* wool I net ote a few unoecupb il hourv lo leaaona in alngUig and Umi pianoforte, at IS per quarter. Illgh-at reference* given, ad dire* Inalructreaa, Broadway Po*l office. Auvhtahi young girl wants a iitua . lion aa M-amidreaa; ha* no objectP>n u> take .uareo. cbll dim and do aewlng, or chamoerwork and Hewing. Three year-' r.iy reference .-an lie given. Plea*.- rail al 2M 1*1 ave nue, between ltith and I7'h at*., book autre. Can be a??n lor Iwo daya. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO . lealatit girl, aa chambermaid or waller, or I" take care of children,or do plain aewlng. I* willing to mike heraelf uar ful. Apply al.417 Mb ah, between avenura c and II. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH chajiherniaId or genera) homeworker He* of eltr re fnrn. i In,in tier laat plarr. Can he awn at 51 lludaon place, Idib al., between h and lUth avenuea, (or <m? we? k. A RESPECTABLE OIRL, WANTS A SITUATION I.N A r until private family, la a g.aal plain tnok and a lirat role waalter and lroner. and willing >o aaaiat In anything. Plnaae rail a .'.'is Vd avenue, between lUd and ,tgd atreeia; con be mi for two day*. A count ED G114/* WISHES A SITUATION, AS chambermaid oe-Wa.lre?a In a amall private family, can bewwMrtwedayaSi owe-- i.mi (MAMwm Him| 7th avenuea. I'leaae make no inquiry al (lie door on tbelounb floor. A SITUATION WANTED?IIY A PROTESTANT YOUNG J\ girl, ae nurae and to do plala -owing, or u. do chamber work and waning. Good city reference given. Apply for iwo day* al Mft E.*ri 52.1 at., near 3d ar. A SITUATION WaNTEID?BY A RESPECT AlILK PER ?on, aa rook or btundrraa. I* eoaapefeni lo do nnher ha* r-nht yeara' rrrotnmendaHon. Can be aaeti for Iwo daya at 11144 Wanater al., between kprtag and Prince, hi ihe thread at .1 needle aiore. A YOUNG OIRL WISHER TO OBTAIN A HlTUA Uon lo do general houaework In a email private family, or to lake caro of ruie child and do plain ae wing. Tie- beat o' oley r. fi-tenc*. t an be aeen by calling al 125 Cdmou plaoe, ath *1., In the rear, ae. ond flnor. A RKEr ROTABLE WOMAN, WIIO IIAH ALWAYS been In the capacity of .aundrcea, wi-h. - the wraahlug -if a lew octiil. Dien or private lamniea liaa an ricelleni b each log vtoi.i.d and convenience ol water Am n.iumanda left at ;v?i Pioonie at., will lie reap*,-iliiliy attended lo Pl.oeenall at the baaemcnl door, between Bruerlway and Bowery. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WlKHK- TO LEAKS THE a\ inillii.ery. board whlbl learning, haa be< n ai the boat net a Call ai 307 llMh avenue, weal. A FIRST RATE COLORED COOK WISHES A SITU A It it In a hoarding bou-c or ho el. ? an be aeen lor tug day at gift Wo??wr at., in U?: rear t Ri i I ECTALK YOUNG ENGLISH MARRIED W iM \ V, I wnb a freah l.rc*-i rg im.k. ?l*t..a a ariiaUot, a. wri ir c failataeUiry refereorea gfveu. Addrea A B , llroa l ay Ufa t.filer AUKSI Kl.TAHLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A MTU A lint, a* tiuc e, ahe baa leeu kecurfomed Hi die eat. A . Itlidren h.r -everai year* and can akc .Jo- lull .-barge o! .. tniiuil. The br-at city reference ran be glv. n Can i?e -.-.-n for iwo day*, in the turnlaiong 'torn 21 Carmine at . near " -eekar. \ YOUNG WOMAN. WIIO IH-i LIVI D THE LA T . ihr- e yeara with a very rc?pert*i.!c lain-iy w.-bnaa a-l'.a l e? cak In a privale famll> . la w.llb.g >o a? .at in wa-dm.g and Ironing and-an bring aaUahartory refer- nr. Vfe , r. ai lue 1-- inn ?< , u,.rd n.a.r o.... -.. . .. A SITUATION IS WASTEHt BY A RESPECTABLE Ineea'at.i ynuag women, to do 'be chainnerw.ira ui , I rtva'e tan i> u, tt.e u| |.er part I 11., t-.y , g.?, | e|ty r. r,M, gin n trom ber loel plate. Apply at .12 Hub at., 'he. day. YOI Nt Wr.MAN WANTS A Hiri) ATION-IB A tMSi ..Oik I ... ca rate weaker ami lroner, ia wi ling r?.b.'.' ?. w. >t I.I a m.el! lano.. City r.-Jcrence given. Caij, cm tn k at In the tear, aecond t'enr. aN EAPI HIES. KD SEAVhTHE^H ANII DKISaM t j\ k. r, can cut and nt aud da family eearltu. w mic o ? I he day tw week, tn prita e fanullea. nquir at IM .r. a granite, between 2bU. knd ?'? It. tne toy e. A YOUNG WOMAN WANT" A HITI vTfo IV f PKf rate htmily, io So ohombcr --,ik and lauta) .?* - I woeher owl igoDar; ar In do nhomtiafanrt and ?awing; haa got 'he ae*. ef city releret,. ? Pen. ?,| at 4 We I, u .Itilheretr, Icriwodaye Arewppitablk woman want a -"tu?ti in ?a hu/or . ran take charge <g a many flrom l a blr h .a > graal wa' and Ir.iner and will nake beraelf u nil l i every er toher emplayera. ( an I e heard te t... 'w day - 2'bMo'i at., front room, ae.-Ond Ir air ANKAI Young Woman Want I a SI r C ATI On a letindreiM c.hatnltarina d or wallai, la a gicet pla a - ".a < an give g.aid referetee. ? for <w , day N u j.. 'i< n t" 'be country Pie are oa 1 at XB il-v... .'rer inbe gcuaaty at. ire ARKsmTAMj young woman wibhss i am .. Unci aa ebaiiibermal.1 and to aaaiat In lb* a h, , a.. I I . t Ud will make beraelf lfe.,et ally ..c , eg. Ire . v.... ?c rarity refer, ti. a. I'lea-e alt at b.l lakurnu. at , an - r Ii< iiatoti, lor 2 daya \TOt'N<i WOMAN AAlllPH A HMCftTI'iN AH nob, in a prlraui 'hro i/rh , auptarpftnl? h" h i ?J.W, A A |flur) aabt r pa. I ..wl Up. 'ba -aaat " r'.T'T.? frtitn bar iwl |alaat Ilaai M paa? f-tr lwo4?/aal III ?>h ftr., I atftpan litfi ?iwl la-Hi ? ? \HKKf?/lAill.K OIK!. W.HII jh A Xtlt'ATinW w ?vunoOMN ah* urala/p'.|vl? 4:aftp?iii\b *n 1 'all a rt ! ? ?i?k? rl?h?? f'.r pjill<tr?r I'lappa a).;.) a J?p rap fn ? ?' h?r prp?t)i Ptnplr jar ma I'oatrb a' \Tfn HO WOMAN Wl-IIKX A HI n ATIOW h ?rama'rcaa. in ? family. p?n a ill ?a. I ft Iinm-, ?. w? ..I I I %*a! wtlb ft ift4r ' Mi bp MPft lor IWft liftva III 1A1 ."VI ftr . | ' ??? o IVh *1 <1 IVji * AHITCATIiiW WAKTMV-BV A llMf-RaT ftllf.C TOfSl* ? iiAnftn. I* ? jtppf piftin rnA *ipI pi-p|i< i'iftinvtrr ?, I -? ft far! kr.'.ft ,?0 p of |afta> f pW.1 r?n IIP pb i p ? .no a/ ft ? i Urban Cfta 'aft Mad Aaf . no 4a/a ?? 2? Pr.ia-ft pa. , iw4 f or ' ?rkf'/>ni. Ma?a ? !-y raiftraai. r a KKMFkfrAfft.K TOClfu w< waw wi-iim a irv J\ ftltnn ftp brat r?IP aftink, ? b * l"tl 0 a-a|.a la. iraa I ->|ft Ai.4 TW bPa' aif P|(| /,'* [ r- I -ftI l*tftft?ft pftll II Wl tl ft*., bdftpftti fcl ft?4 ZM I* V. 4 I -ar, IraftM AtMrMIAHJ KWWUfH <*IK|. NAaaTh A HITU* Unn ftp abunbprn.ftAI ftt.4 Wftt'pa ?a>-l ''? ft. -aaa ir. V -ftap ot ebiVlrpft. (lap i ? ir ,?Hf? noli..' u< a <?>, (lap ?ii t,uft*t.?t?ftt Ip /pfrf ir* ? an a.* v*ai >i W Wfppi Abb o ARMH*KCTAI<I.K *?" ?*'? ?VAWT-? a 4ITJ A Ipo ftp PPPTOPLfftio io4'bpir, ?/ri ftp,, p a a n?l ? i a. p'IPaft. Ilia .ftp IP.- (if ittj |p:aa-fpa ar, (oa la# <U) r ft' lab 334 at, Aftftr lift mr-n'i MTCAtioN wawtkii ftr a NwrciAiu ><"?*>4 |M. ftt plfttn aypfft. ftftt htm Iftfft Pft-llftr ft-.', a nrr, ai* la/ on f .11 I > ft. I.p? .-ft jai ? a a.. ,. ? (a ir Iftft lllpft lAlftP >ftft'l III ftftp ftl ftftA.HO lift. * frrsrnm V. fa? p l a. I 4 >'?! '- It I.P r. -I'.-f . ftpp p.p I . , a A- l a* aW a.>j fa aftora I pft.a all ? <o .1 A . ?? A 4 Jft'.l*-' H,M IKI. *C4* ' f'l* , t\ mk* ftr " ? a -! r\?|ta*? rftfirt iM ? ... ??? ?#?#. IU in - rrntnrm Al t ly *C ;} #<m |&Ii # I ft. * fit ',!? % * ' -f"4 ?* ?.?-M *?.? ? Nir"v *? *,*>? ?>; ' * *?? 4 mt ^vf t u* I*' Mb ??> 1U *.* * ?* ?*. SITUATIONS WAITED. A HIGHLY KICHPICCTAHLK YOUNH WOMAN, (AMIC rlcmnJ wUhfi ? ?Pu*ik>n an -ran^irr-*, uurao, or oIiaih bfrnftk); l? p*rUoiilfci ta denlroa* to make IiitmK in r.v??ry way i?r*'lul to those whom ?nu u?av nugn^u wsUi. AiUren for two Uuyrt to 208 llim ?t., rear bui dint, roam No. I Arrmprotablk married woman, who lout h?r own nabv. wauta a baby Pi wn tmr?e at bar own rt> rk>D0?i Hat a frriui birag 01 B*Ilk. R<*f?nwni?\ t( re 41111 ? d. C#II at the corner of Woodhuli ft?4 Columbia ?ticmia, FoulU Bicoklyti. ABKFPECTABLE YOl NO WOMAN WIrtHK* a SI TXT a'Un n a private fauti y an cbanib?*rrtiaU1 and Ui umhN* In WMrblnn and honing auU plain roalnn, would lu*v? uo otyo: ( Mil OO MH* 1 ti'ik 10 a o to the coin try H**?t rify raf?*r?*ti en. tan for three da)a U not eOKiftftd, ^ Henry *t., r<x>m II. RKHl>.OTABLK KKMALIS WIKIIKM A NITS ATION ai a ^'-1 and ncntbly .nurw. t an pr ?luc the ben of u fuun I n^lunu, aari *!??> <**1 ?? ty irl ovii ?*??. Oao be m rn tor two <lxj a, tl uot i-riiru^*-d,at IJ'> La n 2liU aiM ae on t Itoor front room. AREHPKfTAHI B GIRL W A NTH A SITUATION. TO do the j hnuxework ??i a aiimll family, iinderataiida r 'i kiln : la ?? r;exx 1 wanker and ironer; no objection to Hro >n hn. t nn conic well reootmuerided. Apply for two daya at Mi kaat Broadway. A YOUNG WOMAN, HO Ml'. KKW MONTIH PROM j\. LngJand, would Ilk** to obtain a tituauon a* <di*m ?er maid him! can make heraclf uaeful In any thin# *he may be < ailed on to do; a p??nnanctii home tn of gnmtmr value than wa ge*. Can be aeen for three day a at od Bergen at. Brooklyn. A RK8PKCTARI.K VOI'NU WOMAN WANT.H ASH uatinn a* children*' nur?e aud V> do plain ae wing, an t la willing toaaaiat I'l chamlerwork, ur nay thlug e'ae. ile-d ~ .. . . Q,a ctiy reference. (kill at .14 Kooacvelt ?(., In iho rear. AHITUAT10N WANTKD. BT A It KHPKCTA HI.K OlRli h? jliaiubrnuahl or to take rare uf children. Hoi*l city ri'f'Tncf. ('no be Bern for (wo d*v* at the ( aUlurnle Ilakerjr, i.14 6lh avenue, between ilOlh mid 117 th etreeta. ARKSPKCTABI.K AMERICAN OIKI. WANTS A SITU A umiea a !!r?i n-a cook. The beat cltjr reference given AImi, a respectable Klrl went* a .1111*1 inn a. rluuiibennnid . >r 'atindreaa, ha. lived all year. In her Inat place Can elan give the beet city refrrenre. Bath glrle cna lie eeou for two day* at 164 Not lolk aircet, lo tbe rear. AVKKV RRKPKOTABLB (JIKI. WANTH A HITUATION h? ? bambi'tntalil and welter, or to dk.UK In wnaldnk and Ironing; the beat of el'y reference .ton be glvan troan h>T laat place. I au be aaen for two daya, If not eni:age<l, at II Uulm court, L'mveratiy place, between HUi and l^th aU. A HKSI'Ki TAIII.K YOL'NIJ WOMAN WIHIIM A HIT!'A 1 Uon toennk. waah and Imn. with a aniall fatntly; ha. '"d refenacea; ran be aeen for.three daya. Pleaae rail at 1M .,maa at., hlrd llwi, trout room. A HIT!! ATION WANTKIV-IIY A KRBPROTABI.K YOUNO % email, aa chambermaid or In do houae work, ta a g'" .1 plain r?*ik, and i:o?4 wa-bar and I rotter, good cltv refnrente. ran be ??en for two tUyaal Vi Smlili ?t, one door Irotn I lean Brooklyn. AfUTCATION WANTKD?BY A KKt I'Kt TAIII.K OIRL. aa rbambertnaui and waller; good releTiire I'lnaae cail H bei pre.ent rmployer'a. No. 7 Wet 2Hib at. Can ne ae. n for three daya. AIIR1XHMAKKK WIMIIKS TO WORK OUT BY TDK * rck, or wnuM be wdUug to take a tlttiatvnn a. aearn ?'1 ? aa tor tint winter. Can be aeen at her preantit Plane, I HI Male at., between Clinton and Court ata., Brooklyn. AN INDCHTKIOI H AND RBKPKOTABLK YOUNO WO man wirhr. it .ltuatkin aa lady'amald and ?e*rn .treaa, ran col and lit ladlea' dreaaea, underafanda all kind, of faintly ae wtntt, and la fully romoe<rntlo wall on k lady and do up tine w.ablng The beat ol refereneea can he given. Call at .At Kli/abi that., near Uouetou, fir.t Uoor, iiont rte.m. AYOI NO OIKI, WANTH A hITI'ATION TO DO TIIK renklntt and bouaewnrk In a email family, or I tiam' to ork and to take rare of eliildrr n. Beat of city reference, given Call at '6 Weal Waabinginn plane. A SITUATION WANTKD?1IY A RKHPROTARLB Yol NO girl, aa rhainbermald and el.nd'a tnirae. (loud rebrrnona can be given. ? an be aeen al ?M Wet Pith a... near 9th at ARKHPKCTARLI PROTKHTANT OIKI. WANTH A annate n aa uui-ae and plain .ewer,or to do nhataberwork and light waatilng. Call at .49 lid av., between ?Sd and iil al?., upper Coor, for two daya. AREHPBOTABIJI OIKI. WIHHRH A HITI'ATION TO do light ' tmm'.ier It ork and arwing. Bt at nf el y rater, eti' e given. I'l? aa. rail at fiti Weal 3ltli at., at ber proeenl eut plojn 'a, where abe >an be tern for two daya. ARKHPKUTABI.C YOUNO WOM AN WIHIIKH A HITUA Hon ua lanndreaa; undaraunda tiu'lng in all He brau hn?, or wntinl do rlia tuber work and hue, waahlng and Ironing, or . < t.k, waab at d lim> tu a atu vll private innllv Oiaal 11 y re icrein ?? Call at 1M 7r'Ji at., beivtern lat and Al avenura. AN KXPKR1KNBKII YOUNO I,tl)V, DRHIRRH A HITU at Ion In ? raapecUble place, aa Itouaekeeper nr voverneaa lor young rblldirn. 1 an furul.h the beat my rwlccitcia. Ad diraa Mba liruiglana, buk 129, Herald ullb c. A YOUNO LAIiY, WHO HAH HAH KXPKRIRN 'K IN eome rg Ibe lirai famlitra In New York, a al uwloti wiih a family o travel, either u> Kurnpe <?? Oalllnnda; lea goal acamalreaa and ilreaa makri. Call at Nu. 4 Atnna at. m ar htli av., tr. i nil Poor. A R EH P ROTABLE PKRHON WUMIKrt A HITUATloN an Hrmitwii*-**. ? ??r? cut and tit ladle** d#???**?. and a!) kind* of children'* clothing. Apply for tore* day* at N*? 131 Jnraleuioti street, Hrnokl))), two <lin?r* from the, Krtuafo Academy. AH FHPEt.TA HLK YOl'NO WOMAN WIS I UNO TO r? | .'ii to Call for td& i* daslrotta ol oMolttfoc a mi?L*u?m ?Ail, | '.u/y gOfoC OlM there. and WO* 1 b< II ? [ to | ?. part mf he} p.. Mage fare. Por laribar parOraiara In pure |?>r iC. K., 46 Kait Broadway, lor two days. ARKHPRCTABLB, HKALTHY YOl'NO WOMAN. IIAV log loitt h? r baby, two wrakn old. wUhen io ? n**. ?? In a gentleman'* family an wot nor*- Can be neaa till nuliad, a No. 6 00) aft.. Dear tba Bowery. I ?quire lor Mr*. A TBI HTWORTHY ANI> COMPETENT YOl'NO Wo man dealroe a nliumkm in city or country, in a g?*ej r *>k and ?? trolledt Wa-dmr and Irociert make* ftrat rtPe broad, - oul'I fill a pla rr a * lanadre**. J* highly feeouimend?*J PIimmc ap ply at 271 Bowery. A TOP AO COLORE f> MAS OP Tlf K If IOHEhT < IIA rar er, wlnbe- a fci'mUm aa waiter. In a private b??ardlnx hrir-c, in an porter In a ?n?re: '?an give ilie n?.*t ei'f refariwc A(kfre*a It. it. P., Herald ameo, for four day*. A YOL'NO MAN. AN AMERICAN. WHO Wk(T<B A r?eel hand. deatree a nftuation a* lerk or a??i?Ur;t in an oil re, baa no obje* .ion In the country. Add rem* P. V . Ilnraii Ofl c?. A YOU NO, RRHPK4 T A HI.L OKitMA N MAS WIIO I.I VPO three yearn In New York, and two year* and bin m ?i h* ?ia wholeaale ihinor nfore, want* a diunUon in a re-;* -*Ma bUilneea, where Ve can make bmawlf generally be - ?\ yi at? of age; ond*r?*r><i? the I ntfliafi language. au nwl and wot# a lit e, beat ot < f v ret*i?*?ce. ? an ba given tro-n h ? i.v* employer 1ddi - m 1 i m . ip *14 ? lb ? APIRKT RATE WAITER WASTH A HlTt ATI?)S IN a prb ate family ran be well reman mended t'aUorad <lr? nn t?o \ idvertity place, between i/u, and LVh ?ui, A YOl'NO RXQLI* MM A A 26 YEA KM OP AOK. W A NIS a ?i'tiatfoti a# coachman. Ulidwert te* imomal* r'^eo tia* ih'Atjf tlon u> go Month, or travel w,th .* fatmiy. fan l>? - en for t wo day* at ft* Oreetiw kb M. a dilationwantki by a r pk? i abi.y yopno jfi irian a* J'k'hl p'fter m a????t*tv bar tender, < w . I wt?h Li Uurtt the drtifain* ^tr' ry, ?? Umk Uutu g i?i .? Pl*-aM> < all at or tddrMi, w. ii lfor?id <<r* e i<#r t? ? i. 4? * \ YOl'NO MAN WANT** A Pin ATlON AH W t f I - or t??Ptmatt, in * prio > tmrniy Mare* ran on,*** a I nrr?* t M., IXi? 1019 Herald ?ft. e ACiiUtUHh MAN WANT* A HlttZATfON AN i 0 *r|l IliJIfl Or ftftJlrf ID ft |< !**(<* h? Ml t>u.?i0< ?wthorufthijr. t.xrl U?; *!?#?? Irwt/ n ??t pi**#. < Mil br wen for tft? Jay. ? < 31 ? I?4|h i ?t M ikJj A COACHMAN WAN1H A MT1 ATION. ON WflO thorougly unci**?'??*)* M* ?#??? ;?.#??* ?ol ?*n jr.Jti* fowl of ilty r* t+rmh< ?? < an ?>?r< for #?? ??#?? * Mr ?, .>/? corner of Wh!?# ?' . o< * wo* (H.'fi/r?'?</ o ibt ?l*ove nuioMer, o A. Is. r , wJi $?n>inpUf a 'o, A TOt: NO MAN, who IK AN H< AJ.I>'N' f hKNV *Si a ? ftftuftlioo, ritJarra# ftftitor, o- lo i??" # ar '* - ).?r, k ,4i,<1 <?rr *?*?'. ftfad 'lrl>. wliiiiw mmA# b n**?f * n*rauf ? fill, IIm ,??* 4 ItmttfjurtiL*** ? ?r? Mrlfdr Mr U*frn> ?wJ4jrr/irtor*, 116 *> fc ? *'? ,r, or i T J1flrr?on MftrkH. \< OAf'l MAN WANT# A HIT! ATlON IN A PHfVAM f<tnnj, uodar?fA?a4ft tt?# *re *?*t man*** n.o' of ?, r > ?? ft (ftf^ftil yowl *lr??#r ?J?4 ??i |f"??r ft' wj ?* <ar|*f for i* *fm ; tod ?bi ? y < aw t?? w#ti Iff' "?.r ftf-fi. rf wo- M ?? i.N> Mot l K. fdujfo man mid iuh bkkn i twa&im oY I a ? ' I ? I .? . A ft,I fr tft} ?? ft oil .* v.o ? . 'i or ?,> . fti r jor >? Utf to to Aft* bum*if *? imr* Jjr .* *f?; fiat*-/ 'o )??? A not# ft44w--#4 v bol vi, lk?-ra 4 a ,!rffd?f U>*m#4.ftU ftU- r/ Ofi AI Tr.Nr>NN?WANTN KMri/lTMr NT IN Aft Iftt'lf toUM ?* Oar t'lKiT. In a f?mt>Fk *?#?? ftfrl ia fu) / - ? II,i r M,t \n ha? :ibt# itn# </ blw.i.a** ? .?*. f? ? M r ? 'ft fr?*?i I ? UK* tfO| ftftd ftlff r? Atii* ^ .f t* i'.ff tkti'jf *0 M , irl iUr?Mo0r? Iff (iKKKrlV\K W %MT|r.|l -* A YOI S<| M AN T ? K KK) 1,1 N?okJi by tlouMft #*?fr) artfj# olawi w##4 r ?#>? of f. ra ?4#fftrt. ftftift/ ? ft iti ?? Ir^r utf -t t at Aft j ,> ftl 11/; I.f-4# ??##? J>fH^ N'Hir A NH i.NtrltOH A ^IfUA TXoN |* ,) ??' '"1, Iif ? |on? .. roitfiL, ."/ )fftr* 0i4. <" ?##y ? ?#' <4 - k?, r ' ft r?n ?,tth cttfto# Lllf vw fo Hftftf Of 'o fftM'A A It no. AtfllM ImII MftftT NftW! A 4 < K **MW IT' ATjnv. HV Al^rr- M A ? .? , t.1 ? % <1 *r ?. %?...! ... (t? ?a? .1.i ???. . m # <r i. 4' k> ???fbf ai.o Iramaa of a am*.. ?? it . Jl?i.'a>.4> lak n* !.*??. <? >alj a m u> Ifck ?r ? ? li'fV', Bim fry* oak r'ttu. i*??l ti>t (.x. to I?f la ?<?)? If MX ' ' ?<K.K IT f' * HO* W \5Tin>-*r A K'.Tf" T A HI.I: a 1?? itA i ? I," tu.jiom LfHw.j ? ? ?> ..if M> uo.' *t(A .'M uk"i i?' kf uy: (.?< rf ? wvifi ? lidlfiit bj <(???! I J i?Ihk ? Om 1m ?"? ? '?? !?' ?! 4>. Wax lift >i /#??? 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