Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1855 Page 6
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UVBTUimm BEMEWli IYB1T DAT. oomsvm nom ma fiith rum. urniATiONS wiima TNTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MI DDLSAGED AME Tr rir*n woman, a shiiaUnn a. housckear for oome reaper tab >' person, or wonld bare do otgaoMan of doing the work of a truail tamdy. Can be seen for three day. at 180 Broome au WANTED?BT AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, A SITU A Uoo, montnly or weekly; any lady will find her well t tulified tor the aituadou. Call or address a note to 1#8 Hullo Ik ? rret. w ANTED?BT A RB8PRCTABLB WOMAN. A TEW families' washing, ean give beat of city reference. Call r address to Mist Keed, 301 East Uth at. TIT ANTED?BY A KE8PKCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN, A Tr situation; laan exeellant cook and a good washer and inter Can give the beat of city reterenoe. No objection? to go a abort distance in the country. Can be eeen for two days a 37 Spring at , front room, first Uoor, room 5. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid or waiter, or to assist 1 o tl e washing and Ironing, and take .sire of children. Cau be seen for two days at 171 llth st., first Uoor, front room. w rANTFP?MY A RESPECT ABLE PROTKBANT (URL, a attuation to do housework In a small private family, or to mind a baby or do plaui sewing The beat of cltr reference green. Can be seen for two days If not engaged at 3l Watts st WANTKD-BY A YOU Nil CURL. A SITUATION AB M seamstress in a respectable pctyau- family; Is a member of the Episcopal church; can do all kinds of fine and family sewing; also understands dressmaking. Can give uuex-ei> tamable referee cos. Can be seen for two days at No. 5 West Wsshmg'oo place. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, U> do eoneral housework; Is a good washer and irouer. good plain c ok and baker, (loud city reference Apply at No. 220 2T!d .-t., between 1st ami id a "enuea, third floor, bai k room, tor tw days. Tl/ ANTED?A f-ITUATION, ItY A RK.-PKCTABLK WO V T man. as flsr t r.'us cook, in rubor a botel or dining room, undei stnnd-i her buslncsg in all II* branches. Beet refe rerce t>?n be seen for two days mi 94 Mulberry street, cor nvr of Walker, In the siore.. Tl.'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tf jOurg gtrl, as rook. wawber and tronrr, or to do geue rai housework: lias llird lire years 111 her lnsi place; has good recomniorualiciut. Call at 130 SM st., between 1st and 2d ave nues, (op floor, front room WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISH WOMAN, A situation as nurec and ?ram*tre-n, or clianibermald and seamatrox* i a.! at four.b cottage from Smith In Warreu opposite the publicsobool, Brooklyn WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ?|ination, as chambermaid or would do the general housework of a tin <11 lainlly; good city retirenoe from her last plaro l 'all at lib 2bth st, near ; d avenue Can be aeen two days. WANYED-A hITUATION. BY A RESPECTvBLE young woman, as laundress; is fully capable of her buririea.- best ot reference ran be given; no objection to country Apply at No. 273 Tlh avenue, cor. ot 'doth st. tor J days. TITANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ft young English gill as chambermaid a-id seam.1-', recti or au child's nurse aim seamstress, or ri* seam dress alone Good city reference ,tven. tall at 2t)9 SUtb .-U, cor, 1st avenue, top floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a miuation as grxst cook, washer and ironer and has hem along time in ber lust plai n; can make good bread anil pastry, Call tin 2 days at No. 212 East ItttU st , between 1st avenue and avenue A WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young w oman, as cook, waabei or taundress and ironer, or geoctai housework in a soull prW.o family; no objection to city or country; good city reference Please call for two uaya at No f*t Cros jy st., between Prince and Spring WANTED?A SITUATION, BI A YOUNO GERMAN, who speaks the English lan/.nagc well, either In a store or warehouse, lias been some years In England; reference given. Address box 115 Iierald WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE .IIRL, ae plain rook, washer and ironer, or to do general house work, or au chambermaid and to take care of children; good city reference. Can be set u at 248 blh avenue, between '.'1st a ad 2Jd sis. WANTRD?A SITUATION BY ARESPECTABLE GIRL, an good plain rook, llral rate wa?her and ironrr nod first raia baker, in a small re?yer,Utile faml(V. Can give good eitv reforsuc" Call at 203 M est lhih Hi. Caa be seen two day <? Wanted?a situation, by an American pro tenant young girl, lifleuu years of age. to lake care of children or do plain Hewing m a private family. Apply at '''.HI Washington st,iop lloor. WAFTED?A SITUATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE ProiesLmt girl, to do genera tnusework in a small pri vate family Can bo seen lor two days at 306 Washlngtou -I., top floor front room WANTVIwRYA RESPECTABLE PROTEST ANT WO tnan. a situation; ts an excellent plain rook, and a And rale washer and boner. Bent of oily references given. Call at 150 'list s'.., between 2d aud 3d avenue-, over the grocery store. WAS1IISG AND IRONING NFaTLY DONE kT 78 Weal 24lh si . near lith avenue, front rootn; also, polish irvg. Gan be .oen tor three dar? WANTED?BY TWO SMART ACTIVR (lIRI-S. IMMK mad.airly. Munitions?One as .v giMKi rook, who under atands baking nod Is a br<t raie wadier and lroner; the other a* ohsmbisTnaid and waller or would gotvsnuir* and seam across, understands dressmaking liesl of reference given. No objections to go anywhere to a goo I home. Can be seen until nut'ml. at 41 Spring nt, hrti houne, firet lloor, rear build ing, ne?t coor to the crorkery sure. WaMRI'-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPHOTaBLK voting woman as chambermaid or laundress, has no objection to go to the eountrv; good r- fernnrn given. Apply a: Hudson sir et, third floor} can be seen for two dhvi. WANTKi'-BY A RKSKE'TABLb WtDOW WOMAN, amiualiou to lake cure ol an Invalid, or nirkpirsoni has no objection to the country; has good city reference Cau oe seen for three days, at AW \\ est 2DI street, between 'ho Mi and yth avenues, up stairs. WANT. D-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A -IT! A tiort or nurse and rrsm?i rises; would remain In the oily or go botiih wnha family or any part of Europe Can be seen af la-r p. esent employer's at lii University place: call lor two days, after It) o'clock. ,, "KXTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vT young widow, to do the housework of a small private family: tan goon washer and lroi.e> and plain rook: ba- good cily reference. Carl at -i-d Greenwich si .between Spring and Cuial, second floor, iruhl room, over the bakery. WANTRD-BY AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG WOMAN, t situation as cook in a private fam iyi lias a Uuirougb knowledge of her l uslne?s In en ry branch and can give the oust ot elij reference. Address ifi East ltith st., corner of Id av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKHPRCTA1II.P WO man *< plain look, good washer rind lroner and to do housework, good Hiy rrlerenoe; ha - no objection to go a short distance in th? country. Apply at i7 lwh sb.betweeu I5t!i and 7tli ava. ? w ANTRP?A YOUNG WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND iron, in n small prlra'e family Apolv, with recom mendations a' (-? Lexington avenue, alter ten o'clock Y3IT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA ff tinn an good rook In a small private fknilly: lias lived so year- tn one place. I he best of city reference c:in be given. Can be seen lor two days at 251 loth St., corner of 8th avenue, in (lie bok ry. WANTRD-HY AN EhOLISH GIRL. A SITUATION AS cliirabennaul and waiter. Call at 215 West Pi'.h si., be tweew Pth and loth avenues WANTED?A SITUATION, 'BY A YoUNO GIRL. AH than bermald and eesmslrr<s, or chambermaid and nutwe; I* a gorsl washer and lroner. Good city relerence Can be >ern at No. fit! I.'kh sb. betwern fkh and 71b avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION, Bf A RKKPECTaBLEOIRL. as chambermaid aid waiter, or to take rare of children, with god cry reference Please call at 37 blh av., between Skt end 23d his., tor twodays. WaNTKD-A SITU ATIOn, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man aa cook, washer and lroner. Uood city releratice. Apply at 113 17th at., between 5th and 7th avs. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as general housewnrker or plain sewer, is a good -vsahet and lroner. Good reference. Apply ai 90 Smith et , Brooklyn. w ANIUl-A SITUATION AS LADVB MAID AND aramebr In a private family; understands dressmaking TV BCEiiims twi, iu ? ill V bvv: IIVIIIUJ . Uiittbi eivuua UI i aHlUTAlllE in all ita branoes; is of an obliging disposition; good city refer ences given. Apply, from 12 o clock ull 4. at , U While st Elf AN TED?A SITUATION, BY A KKHI'KCr ABLE GIRL, ff as laundress or chambermaid, and todoprsln sewing, good city reference. Pieaee csU. for two days, at 77 East 24ih street, third boor, front room WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework for a family or four persons. Apply at No. Seventh street TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL TY aachambermaid ami waner. hi a labia family' good city relerence Call at No, 2 Panfle st., Honih Brooklyn'' WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKAPKI TABLEfllRI,, as chambermaid and waiter In a re spec ta hie family; can give good city reference. Call at No. 2 Pacific si , Mouth Brviklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPKtTABf.R young woman, to conk and a?1st Is washing and Iron ug. In a small private larnily. Best at shy reference. Call at fi5 East >ih at WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PHOTKHTANT GIRL, a sliustion ss rhamNvrtnald and Uundre-s; no u ijecilon to do waiting to a ?ms ; private family; fully Baderatands her business Best of ctly reference. ran be aeeu for two days a>2? lfltb si . romer of tub svennr, In die bakery. "ttTANTRIV-HY A REBPECrAltl.E YOUNG giri., a EE sttuation as chambermaid, or lo take care of children andaassl In washing and in ning. (;IM)d city reference. Can tXZXWXl1" M Ht" h"r IM pUa?<where WANTED?BT A RESPKCTABLK MARRIED WOMAN, a sltnatlon as wet nurse; her first baby. Can give he boat ol oily refe< em e. Can be seen for two dam. please call M U< BMb Ok. belweOD 2d aud 3d avenues TJTANT1D- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, \ ET stiuailoo to do general bonarwork. rhamherwork or Wattwg. Has good references. Can be seen lor two days. Also, two young ladies caa be accommodated with board and moths at iflPM avenue. ANTED-A HITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as wot nurae; loai her own child, three old relerence glvea If required. Apply at 1M I testers!. SW ED-A HITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?eg woman, who is a good cook and laundress; tan e?l O' city and country reference. None out a i e person need apply. Calls! 19 Columbia st, fourth l actic, Brooklyn, tor three days TETANY* D?A SITUATION BY A RKSPKt TA1 YY Protestant gIM to do chamber work, and take rare baby. Please call at 144 klm st, firs', tioor la the rear ' v Cor two days. ?fcfc-ANtED-BY A YOUNG W fiMAN ' Tf veller In a private fanuly; one who i 9TTI ATION Ihorouyhly lira e'aods h"r fo.sli.eas sad can pmducs un rvrstli liable refer! as o ch*: "-ter and cspablliiy. I'lea^ inuntrr an 4tg. 4ih i " ~ r-"" / ? ? r ru ?n , roeiu r of dhhak.lo Mrs Hears' bakery, for two days w i I'-BY A RKHPRt TABLE OIRL A srT ? do rhamberwnrk or in sea ?t In wa-hl.ig auj Icq?4? ai 11 Aa?i Kideu ?rrcATUMi w&irrau. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and to assist in the washing ana ironing: has no objection to take eare of children. Can be oeen at her present place, Mo. 6 m. Oeorge's place, 13th at, between 1st and 3d avenues. TEE ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTEST AN t OIRL, TV as chambermaid and waiter, or as nurse and chamber maid. Good reference. Apply at lift West 16th st., for two days. YlrANTED?A SITUATION AS LADY'S MAID, BY A it respectable Protestant young woman, who perfectly uu demands dressmaking, plain towing and One washing. Cau lie highly recommended from her last plao*. Can be seen lor two days at US Kast 16th st., between 1st and 2d avenues. 7ANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RESP EOT ABLE . I young woman, aa cook; understands baking and is a good washer and ironer. Good reference A poly fur two days at 41 Chrystle st., corner of Watker, in the store. TV W' ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO OIRL, AS VV seamstress; underataods dressmaking; can cut aud lit children's dres-os, and make boys' eluihlng; would iak? cat c of a baby or growing children, or do chainberwork. Would go south with a family, or any other part. The best ot rtit role reuce can be given. Call at 139 kast 29th st, between 2daud Sd arm ties, over the bakary store, all this week. "YYUANTED?A SITUATION, lif A RKBPEOTABLt VV young womau, as clianibermald and laundress orcham lerruaid and waller; no objection to do general hous? vork, in a tnall family. Good city reference. Apply at 109 Gold St., Brooklyn, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO Vr man. as cook, In a priraie family; has no objection to assist in washing. Bt . of city rei'ereu je from her last place. Catl at 11 lulon court, University place TirAUTED?BY A BBSPECTauL ENQLisll WOMAN, W a sit u.,Hon as t ook; no Objection 'o ussist in the washing ami ironing. Good riiv reference glvon. Apply tt UO "th av , betw n l'.th and 201 h sta. WANTED?ASITI ATIli.N, BY A RE8PKCTABLE WO W man. us cook: Is willing to assist in washing and ironing; understands baking and pastries, 'html city re ;? rent e Apply ut 210 Mtllivuu st , Ural lloor, front room, lor two d?ys. TlrAKTFD?A SITUATION, BY A REHPETCTABLK M young Anici li an girl, as cliainbcruiail. l'lmue isli at 21-' 21st .si., between bib and kin avenues. W AM ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, Vr o do general house weak in a siuml private fvollv, D a g> od plain cook, a llrst rule washer and Ironer; good city re ,en ure; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Call at 131 Wnveriey place, tor two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A MTU A lion as rook, chambermaid or laundress, in a private family; city reference given. Appiy at 06 West 2ith st, be ttreen 6th u'd ;tb avenues. VXf ANTED?BY A NICE AND CLEAN GERMAN OfP.u Vr a situation an cook in a private family. Inquire at 4U avenue A. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable VV girl, about 15 years old. to do plain ?e.iing or light he u ework, tn a respectable i .rr.iiy. Please call at 107 Thomp son sheet, first Poor, In the rear. ?WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV jonrig woman, as tir.v. rate cook, understands English and American roc king , would asabit In waaUlugsad trotting. Good city reference. Apply at ti3 Ridge street, in the rear WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A REH'KCTaKLE PRO tenant girl as chambermaid and to do nnr washing. Good city reference. Apply at 81 West 19th street, tor two days. "WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girl. n? nurse, or to travel to Californ'.t wi h a family Good reference if reunited. Applygat 22 Trinity place, lor two days WAN TED-BY A MIDDLE A'jED AMERICAN WO man. a situation as cork In a email private family; good city reference tan be given as to character and eapt,hi Ity; no objection to assist in washing and Ironing it the cooking he plain. Plea.-e call ai 219 6th avenue, between 17th und 18th at*., third llcor. "WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KEflPE TABLE VV young woman, as lirst rate conk; understands ail kinds oi pastry; has no ohjecboo <0 do washing if the lamlly he small: can give prod rccoiuruendaion. Plea* call at 22 Aid st., near Is! a-, enue, tor two days. WANTED-A .SITUATION, 11Y AN EXPERIENCED VV middle aged Protestant woman, aa ourse aud seam stress; 1.- capable ol taking charge of an Infant fromlu birth. Call at216 Mott St., between Spring aud Prince, front room, second floor. WANTHD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECT VBLEPRO VV tenant girl, 10do thambervsork and trailing or plain sewing, with good reference. Call at 121 West 20 in tt, second door from "th avenue. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMaN, A SITUATION AS VV cbautl ei maid and waiter, or chambermaid and plain newer; she can give good cltv references from her last olace; Pica retail at US 27th at., between "th and 8th aveuuee, first tloor, back room, for two days. ~WJ"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE If young girl bp cook , washer and Ironer In a private thinilv, Beat of city reference. Apply at 311 Mott vtreel, near lileecker. TTTANTF.I)?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS II nu.-eti'id senmairefs; she run cut and u Hke rhl Urea's clothe? ami ladies' drea-ei. Good city reference, tu tie seen at 41 t hat les at. \\f AN1 Kit?BY A RESPECTABLE ORKWaN GIRL, A II gtluallon to do general housework, ties', of cite refe rent e? can be given from her last I'lesbc apply at No. III lnuron? aU, between Prince aud Houston Yl,' ANTKD?SITUATIONS. BY TIIKKK PROTESTANT IV y i.i t g clrb; MMmM rate fw>- Hit tnrhlnf another a? cliti'mhri maid utid laundress, and the otlrer as trailer; nuob ?ectlon to do chamberwvrk or nla n sewing derl of oily refe rence 1/requited. Please call for two days at So. tH Ut'i at. YIr\ANTKT??A 8I1UATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 young womitn. to do genera) linueework; la a good plain cook washer aDd lroner. underaianda bakltiK. Nt objection to the country, flood dtv reference. Apply at 211 JUtarenue, coiner ot "ddtbt at . for two days. TI7ANTEP-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN V v as chnmliermBi'l unJ seamstress, or as waiter, ill a prl rate fainlli. Has good riiy reference. Can bo wen at her pre-et' employer's, !*S East list at , near Urainercy park. yy ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KK8PEC I'ABI.E girl to do general housework; wa? two and a ball sears hi Iter lost p'ace; utce:sl?nda cooking, washing and busing. Call, tor two day s, at 137 ti'h uv , near Amos st . first tl(?T. "I1T ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A HITUA IT lion as good cook washer and Irouer and excellent In. kt has uo (tijecfUm lo a Short dlsiacce 111 the muiiiry. Heal cf city reference. Oil at 128 Mulbciry at, corner ol Master. WANTID?A SITUATION, BY A RiSPEClABLK young woman In a small private family, na cook, washer andIroner fan be seen tor two day* at 71 West l'.t.h -t , le'wi en tith a-id 7tli av?., front baaement. TJ|r>NTED?A SITUATION, BY A RF.bPKCTABLE IT young woman, aa chamhermnld and waiier, or house keeper in a sniull p, Ivaic tmnliy. Good city reference. A|i ply at M Ncsth Mooi e si., In the rear. TYfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A IT situation, in a small private family ae good plain cook and first rate washer and irouer, good reference. Apidv at 63 .Market ?t. TATANTF.D?SITUATION8, BY TWO RESPECTABI.E If girls?sjsten?who would wish to live In tfce same famlli If possible. imc aa cook, washer and Irouer the oihcr a'a chambermaid and waiter; eaihcan produce aa'talae ort lefcr ?net a from their laat sltnationa hi this city. Call ui ad It ess .1 H., 241 lath at., near lat avenue, room 14." OT ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS II laundress. who la competent of doing up line mualin. and understands Preach fluting; good reference can he even Pleniw apply at 122 Wegt 12th St.. between Mb and tkh avenue*. His; floor, front room. TTTANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ?BLE II young woman, aa rook, washer and Ironer. or to do g* housework In a small private family; eonn'rv an t city reference can be given; two 'ears In her last place. To be .-oen, It not engaged. at No. 9 Easel at., in the rear. nTANTED?A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, II by a voting woman, a- chambermaid; understand, the business Keierato her last employers, with whom she has lived the laat nine years. Call at 278 Weat 42d at., between 9th and 10th avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, or wtuld aasii t In washing, the best or citr references glreu. Can b< seen for two da\ a at 139 East 24ih st. XXTAXTKV-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO IT tcstant young aIrl. aa chamt>ermald and to do plain -owing, has i n objection to nsalat In washing and Ironing. Can be seen ut No. 519 East 23d at.. In the atom, for two duy a. WANTF.P?A SITUATION, BY A REsPhCTARLF young woman, aa chambermaid and to take rare of chil dren, or to do houee work In a small fitmlly. Good el'y refer encea glien. f all at 137 Court It., between "Warren and Wyek off sta., Brooklyn, for tw o daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GfRI., 16 YEARS II old, to do waiting, or to take care of children and to do plain sewing: -he baa good eiiy twft rence troni her last place, :.t)3 id entie A. between l'.tn and 18th an. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS rook or laundreas. ta fully eotnpe'ent to till either slut > Hon. Can be seen, tor two days, at i'sl^ Grand ah, between Norfolk and Suffolk. W ANTED- \ SITUATION, BY A RE IPRPTALH YOUNO Wi mrin. In n small private family, aa good plain cook and Or t rn c washer nn.l Ironer; has no objections to go a snn dta lanes ,n the country good reference ? an he given. Please call, lor two daya. at 123 West 27th -tree'. 13D ANTED A> ITl ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NG II woman, as in at rate rook; under'muds paa'ry ami baking; hai rn objection to do the washing of a annul pritato family; baa no objection to go a hori alaiat.c I In the at .iintry; has die lie* ol dtv rclersncc. Can he Been, tor two ilaya. If no engaged, a ISO Elizabeth at, between Spring and I'rlnce, from basement. WANTED?A SITUATION Aft WET NURSE, RT A respectable married woman, of her first baby, havlnga fresh breast of milk. Apply at No. 97 33d street, between letx Ington and Third avenue. Can be seen for 2 days. Tl' ANTKD?A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY Ii by a young woman, aa teamalrea* and drca maker one who thoroughly undoratanda hor butlneaa. IToaic call at 216 First avenue, cor. of 13tb street. TTTANTED--A SITUATION. A.N COOK AND TO ASSIST II with the laundry, in a respectable tamtiy. Heat city re fcrenrr given and required; hag lived five years and ten month* in her laat plane. Can be seen for two daya at No I I nlon court, University place, between Utb and IXb .ta. TIT ANTKD?BY A YOt'NO GIRL, A SITUATION TO VI help to do rbaunberwork or aaslst In watting, or would do a little plain ae * <ng, In a respectable prlva e fami y Can be seen ftw three daya, at 468 Ninth avenue, between ,19th and 3Mh MB. n'ANTF.D-HV A MOT RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO IT man a MIimUob as rook. washer anc trorer, or would da ?he horn* work of a srna I family. liestof reference. Can be -een for two days at M ? ih at ,'corner of 6th avrnue. entrance In 26th at TT^ANTED-A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE PRO VI tcatani woman, aa seamstress, ran do all klnda offsinlly sr wing and dres,makln*. Oood reference Apply al 1JU Weat 12th et. first fl or, back rerun. 11TASTED-A SIT! ATION IN A GENTLEMAN'S FA II rally, to cook waeh and ,rtm, by a young woman; tin derslanda baking ami would lake charge of a kl ebeo In gens tal Can give satlalartcry ell) refer.-tine aa lo character an I earat.lUtf f 'an be seen until engaged a* tin 2, in .t . ie*r,tb ?. enue, rrav m 10, from 9 A, M. to f P. M. I'lea-c make appli cation! u. other way. BTTVATtOm VAtlWk YITANTED-A SITUATION, bt a youno woman, TO I "T tike cire of children, do plain sewing, and make hjgadlj generally oaeful. Wages noi ho much an object an a comiort able lit me. Reference given from her Last employer, 21 Amity place, whtreiho can be seen until engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cock wash and iron; ha* r.oobjection to do gene ral housework in a small family Good reference* Apply at lilt Warren ?u, South Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa laundress; would hare no objeedoo t o go a '?iiort distance la the country, or to do general houae work lias the best of c!ty reference. Can be seen for two days at lu, Mou st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA (Ion os plain cook; baa no objection to housework in a small fainU). Uas lived tor three years in her last place. < an coma well recommended. Can be seen tor two aavs at No. 20 Amity at., Brooklyn. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young vornau, to dogeneial housework, wti. moke her self uaehli. The beat of city reference given. Please cab at lot, Molt st , between Walkerand hunter, second floor, froat room. njANTI L?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO GIRL. A TT situation to do the general housework of a private family, or as i jsmberioald and laundress. Apply at 80 Eleventh St., tie'ween 5ih and tith avenues. Best or city reference gh rr Please call ftr two (lays. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN", a k'toatlon aa wet uurse; ia a Protestant, aiul can be well recommended. < 'an be aoeu for two days, If noi engaged at her resldeooe, 8810th avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESECTABLE young girl, as K'ama trees; understand- dressmaking or ran Ink ? Hie entire charge of a baby, or do chambf work Ac. YVuuldUave ti" nbjccUou otrax el with a lady, Brd of clt/ re fetofce. Can beieeu at 238 West 23d at, lor thicedaya TV ANTED?BY A RFSPEUvi ABLE GIRL. A BTTUA *? Urn lii a private famli) , to cook, wash and iron. Good nij reference Apply for two day* at 29J weal20th .< , be tv . nibb und IC'b nvcoues. TV ANTED??Y A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A HI lb A *T Urn no rook washer and Ironer In a -mall private fhml !y. t ill relerence. Please call at 40/ 9 h avenue, between 40ill aijii 4la', air . In tip rear, for mo days. If not engaged. WANTKP-BY A RK8PKCJ aBlK YO0NO MARRIED urrnu a situation ?< wet nu"su, In some respectable fa mil > v here the can liave the comfort- of a home Address M. t> , lluald ofltce. YVAATI-O-BY A RI?SVE< TAHLE YOUNO WOMAN, ?? n- plain cook or cb ambermatd and first ra'e washer and Irene.1. Ur-stn! city reference ?'sli for ovoDtji at 112 Bar rotv at., old number, tliii d door from Bleecker. fTTANTRD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO (llltt. OF M sixteen, to take care of growing children mid lady's apartments. Apply at ber pre rent employer's, No. 220 West 1 ill: oL WA N V,D?BY A RKSPEoTABLK PROTKSTA'-'T young woman, a nltu*t!on laundress or cltauibennxliL Ha< good city reference. Please call at 99 22d at., corner 3d at cntie. WANT Kit?BY A RESPECTABLY YOUNG LADY, A SIT pillion tg* t-.iinMre.-s; ciu cut ladles' and children's dress e- Can be t-een for two days, l'lcase oall at 101 Mouroe at C: d floor, back room. tlr A NTED-?BY AN AMERICAN WllHiW. GENTLEMEN'S ?r or Indies' washing at home K/an glae the best of city re ference. iDtptlie tor Widow. HID West 21th si. TT7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV i curg wctnan. to do chumberwork and waiting ; Is will inc lo assist In the washing and ironing Una the best of city re.erenoe. Please call at 399 Oih avenue, between 24th and 2Slh yts TVANTED-A SITUATION,"BY A COMPETENT DRE9S v? maker, as lady's maid; understiuids dotug all kinds of laces and Pi c-nch fluting; no objeetiun lo tane care of one or two grown children; understands all kinda of tamlly .sewing. Call al 299Elizabeth si, near Blcccker. rtTANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO GKR vv man glr'a, who have been in the country four years, situations an chambermaids, or to take care of children and do plain Revving. Best of rcfeiences given. Inquire at 129 Sulll vol iii , corner ol Prince. WASHING WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, who understand* her business, and has the beat city re ference < all at 109 20th si., between (Sih and 7th avenues, second floor, front room. W ANTE IP?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A t'liuallon as cook, or to do general housework. City re ference* gives. Apply for two days at 230 1st avenue at Mr. Wl.taUm's awe. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A PRO TT tcs-ant woman, who understands cooking in ail Its branrt oa. Baa lived several years with some or the musi re apectabV families In the city t an give the best of reference. I lease call at 163 Prince at., room 11. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO " tesiant young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter or to assist In washing. Bast of city reference. Please call at 94 18th at , between 6th and 7 th avenues, tor two days. TSTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO V" b'i taut woman, aa chambermaid and to *??ist In the care o' eblldreii or do p'aln sewing; la a-ousioincd'to waiting. No ob jet Uon to Ir vel with a family. Best ol city reference Please call at l',9 West 2Ctb si., between 7th and tab avenues, fl-sl floor, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voung girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, and to aaslst tn the washing and ironing. Good reference. Apply at 1219th at, between 11. oadway and Uulvet-lly place, lor two day.i I cm 9 till 4 o'clock. ANTED?A YOUNO WOMAN TO DO OKNERAL housework in a email family The wages will be sii dollar-per month. Apply at No. 334 Broome street, between (he Bowery and Cbrystle street. tk/ANThlP-A SMART, CLEAN OIRL. TO DO THE TV general housework of a private family. Wages $f. per month. Call at 241 West 2Mb street, near 9th avenue. None need apply without good city relerence. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO LADY. A .-Ituaiion, in a private family, aa seamstress and to take rare ol grown children. Apply at her present place, where slit- baa I t en ten months 296 West 23d street. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, wbo Is a Rood cook, wa-her and Ironer; best ol reference given from her last place, where she has lived for the last 6 years. Oall at 66 Clinton st. Caa be seen for three days. TV AUTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WHO UN *? tier .lands wa hlng and loning well, a tamliy's washing, t all a', in West 20th ?L, ttrst floor, back ruotn. 7 ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ' h nguf h woman, as chambermaid, or lo .lo general bouse Work, in a una] private family, apply hi 163 3d avenue, in the st <rc from 9 till 2 o'cloca. WANTED?RV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man, a situation a? cook, hi a private family no objection o as- 1st In washing and Ironing. Best of city reference. Ap p'y at 2817th avenue, corner or 29tb st. WANTKD-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN, situations; one as first ram rook and would do part of tne unthing ana b-ordi.g, the o-her ss nu-se and seamstress, ran mske boys' clothing; isslso a good rhawihermald and; both tire well rerommendi d arc willing and ob iglng. Call at 241 Mutbe'ry at., second-floor WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as chambermaid and waller or to take cere of children Call for two daj s, at 183 Dclancoy it corner of Bowery. rr?anted-A situation, as coachman, by a " slca.'y active young man who thoroughly understands bh-business, ran tie well rt ron.mended from bis presenlem plojcrs Can be seen fbr three days, if not suited, at Si Uni versity place w W' WANTKD-BY a respectable oibl, a 8ITUA llor In a private family; la a llrat rata washer and troner; understands baJ Ing, Ac.. Ao. Beat of reference from her laat place where ahe can be seen from 2 until 6 P. M., at 113 36th at-. near "ih avenue, for two daya. ?/ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE II woman; & Rood cook and waaber and troner. Oood city reference will he Riven. Call ai 97 20th at. a*. ANTED- BY A YOUNG SCOTCH WOMAN, A BITUA Tt 'ion as eeamatresa and drea?tn uer; to go by the week or month Can l>c seen at UK! Warren at., 2d lloor, Brooklyn. III ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE v V Protestant Rlrl, to do the general housework of a private f?mlly , la a goisl washer and IroiiT, ana not afraid or work; city reference given Can be seen, tor two daya, at 53 Robin aon si reel ANTI'D-BY A STEADY, SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS yoting woman a alluallnn lo do the housework of a rmall private family; la a good plain cook, washer and troner; or would do chamber work anil plain sewing: has two years' reft ,-ence from h"r laat place. Please call at lti) Allen afreet, near Klvlra'on flf ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A FAITHFUL WOMAN, vv a< seamstress; Is rapable of all klnda of fun'ty -wwlng; ran refer to some of the beat fanultra in the <? (' y. Please call or addreaa J. Y.. 105 Weat 26th at , between I'th nnu 7Ui era. IITaNIKD-A SITUATION, BY A FAITIIFI L WOMAN. IT aa cook In a private lamlly; baa lived with some of the beat families In the rtty. Pleaec call or Address N. U , 106 Wrat Jldi ft , between fllh and fth ava.1 n; anted-A situation, by a respectable VT young woman, to do yeneitii bouaewurk. Can be seen by applying at 61 Weat 18th at. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRI , A SITUA ?V tlon aa nurae and aeamatreaa; baa no olijectlon to do rbambi-rworkand wulittig. t'nn be seen for two'lays at 131 W r? I llith at., bet a een 7 to and Nth ava. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ft young woman, In a prtyale family, aa good rook w usher and troner. Good city retcicnce from her laat place Please apply at 240 Oold at., corner of Johnson, la the easement, Brooklyn, Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a situation to do cltambcrwork and waiting T he beat < f city refercnoa raff be given. Call at 81 Fourth avi ouc be to een Tenth and Eleventh streets tk/ANTRD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ft ait nation aa rbarobrrmaid and waiter In a private family. Bert u( el>y reference. Apply for two day a at 33J Eighth ave. WANTiD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST\NT GIRL, ? attuaUon to do chamberwork and plain sawing, or the general housework of a small prlvrte lamlly. Good riiy refer ence given. Pleaae call at 60)6 Cannon street. for two days. Wanted?a situation by a protectant young woman, aa nurae and seams'r> ?h in a private family understands drvas making, has no o.iyef'ion to go a el ott distance In the country, goodclvy refcrei.oe, ran bo seen .,i 42 BnUlvan a'-, Root basement, for two day?. WANTRP-A SITUATION. BY A MOST RESPECT! ble young woman to do general h-maa rock In a-olalI, lau ily, or chambermaid and assist wph tba washing and iron u p. (bin give the beat ol rtty reference Dan he wen until ei.yagrd, al 100 Boerum slicet, near Dran, Brooklyn. WAKTKD-BY A PROTEST ANT WOMAN. A S1TCA tlon a* cook, wa?hcr and Ironer, ?r, a -rra,l private fa ne lv G'od e'ty reft rence given from ler ptie- Pieaee call at 190 Wed 27lh at , between e h an I ifh ?v, nuaa ?i*antfi>- by a respectable YOUNG WOMAN, a Yv a good k and b?l at wax ler and troner Ha* no otyecbo to go a ano't distance 1 \ taa four,try Car. give three yean-' eby.ri' ei-en-1 ftwmb-rlait t,,arc. Pf ac' call at 44 llaetrr at., tor two <J*iy tlrAN I n-BT A RESPECTAilLE Y< 'NO WgMAN a Vt ?,( if' in 11 rvTi . 1st ill be. re I c re >rprrc t ven. Apply for ? day at 56 Great gotten ft., near

the Row cry wtPATiwi wiirriD. t? ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RK8PB0TABLE * youug woman, u chambermaid and waiter, or team urc s, in a small family Hsa the best of oily reference from bcrlajt employer. Can be aeen at SO Spring at. Yl/ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN HONEST, STEAD f, it pretty well educated younr married man, who Ula a reti riiary pr or condition, elibar in a coal otUcn, (understaa U he <uilneia.) light porter In a ature, or would take a S'tua'lo 1 nr v atiar In a private family, would do hli utmost to plsa?? 11 i III i r capacity. Addreaa A. O., 441 3d avenue, comer of 321 a . \1 ANTED?A SITU A f ION, AS WAITKH, BY A RE v* spcctable young Englishman. Excellent recommenda tion. Please address J. P., at Patrick Logue'a, corner of lAth v\ ANTED-BY A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG EN0LI8H man. a attuatloo aa light porier In a atnre, or any other rcn ectable business where an advancement can be made A tii reei J. P., at l'atrkk Logue'a, oorner of ISth at. and 3d av. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH COACH man, who thoroughly understands hla business. Can pioduoe the beat references aa to capability. No objection 10 go to the country. Call on or addrees A. L., 20 Wooster st. ANTED?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR AS eleuiut or an aoopylat, by a young man. who has bad tint" years' experience fn (tils city In the hotel business on the European plan. Me baa no objection to go in the country Pleatc address V. A. B., box 2,803 Post office, for one week. ?r ANTED-A SITUATION AS ??OBTEB OB OI.KRK IN Tf a alore, by a yovrtig man, twenty five yeara of age; be ran wriie a grod hand, and give lite beet of reference as to rliararlrr ana ability. Address John A. Dean, Herald oUlce, for two day a, W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 oung mac, aa waiter; ran give the beat of city reference and ttbtlei >iand> hla business currecily; baa nooujectloa to town or country, or to travel abroad. Plume call at 38 18ih St., beiwt en 4ih atenue and Broadway. WANTED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS AND 1 NTELLIGKNT tonus man, a situation aa porter or halunan, in a hotel oi boarding house. Heat city reference. Can be seen at 11 liO) er *t Chathsm wiuare, or Address J. W., Herald olllre. II* ANTED?A SITUATION, IN A WHOLESALE OR TT re<all paint, oil and glass store, or bruab factory, as clerk, slrimnit or porter, or to assist at books, by a yt ung inun ?b tears ol ago wbo has a good knowledge of the business; la no. alridrt cfhard work. V lews of aatary moderate. The best of coy relerence given Address M. Lb, tieruld office. WAITER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TRl'STWOR iby man. and one who has a thorough knowledge of Uls I i- ncns; the beat of recommendations; is single and has no olneodons to any part of the world. Can be seen at '.'25 Brood way rifANTET)?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vf ProP-atan? young man, as waller; is fully competent, and bus no objection tolravel liood city referenc.s giveu. Address W P., at Mr Hickcy's, upholsterer, 8U3 Broadway, corner of llib st. Tl> ANTED-A YOUNO MAN, WITHOUT A FAMILY", T v to go out West lo' the whiter, as agent. To the right kind ol man, a libera! arrangement will be made. Apply at No. 6 Forayth st., In the tear, third story. K. Floyd WANTED?A SITUATION, AS CLERK, IN ANY BUSI ness. Best references can be given. Address Young (iermtu, 23 Atnlty place. THK TRVDEs. Any young man who wiij, give his employer 160, will be i.ikeii fur one year to learn the carpenter'* nude and employed on tbo beat ot work and race,re a sufli ricnt remuneration lor hi* work, per week. Address Carpen ter, Herald efllce for lour days. A GERMAN GARDENER, WHO HAS HAD THREE years' experience In this oou> try, and who is thoroughly proficient in bis business, desires employment immediately Can produce the best of refeience. Aadrees F. F. B., Herald office. /YARPKNF.R.?A SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A 81. \J tuntlon ns gardener. Satisfactory reference will be given ft" the last ten years in this neighborhood. Address Gardener, Herald office, for four days. GAKPENKR.-WANTED, A MARRIED MAN, EITHER Scocli or Oerman, as gardener. He must thoroughly un derstand <h* cultivation of grapes under glass; also the care of greenhouse, vegetable garden, Ac No fancy man Is wanted, btlt a thorough gardener may apply at 97 Wall St., tip stairs, with relerence. M IL'. ER WANTED?10 1AKK CHARGE OF A MILL In .t distillery. Apply to J, 'ioWER, 117 Broad street. VfOTICE.-TO DAGUERREOTYP1STS IV WANT OF A It practlcalsmbrolypeand photographio operator. Address t hotosrnphiCjOr call for reference and to see specimens, at ;a'1 bt naaway. The advertiser has apparatust eaay to go to work with. TO DAflUERIUSOTYPIfsTS?WANTED?AN OPERATOR, who tully understand! the Duslness. Apply, between 9 and 11 o'clock A. M., at burgess' Photographic rooms, 2VH Broadway. TO JOURNEYMEN-JEWELLERS.? A FEW GOOD WORK men may find employment ?y applying at IS Maiden lane, up stairs, or at the factory. In Stale street, between Columbia and Ulcus streets, Brooklyn, near .South ferry. W. A. COLLINS A CO. TO GAS FITTERS TINMEN. Ac ?A 6ITUATTON wanted by the advertiser -a steady, Industrious man, and a good general workman; was foreman of an extensive busi ness In Scotland for twenty one tears, and several year- expe rience in New York. Address I. G. F., ilersld ollfce, for one week. TO BUILDERS ?A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS BEEN foreman carpenter for the !a?t five or six years, wishes to obtain employment; wages not so much an object as a per manent situation. lle?t -by relerence given. If required. Ad dress J. B., box 1-5 Herald office. mo BUTCHERS-WANTED, A SMART LAD, TO MAKE J. sausages and cut meat in a smal1 market; must be willing to make himself useful. English or German prelerred. Apply at 42 Hamersly at., near Yarlck. WANTED-TWO GOOD GILDERS. APPLY AT 138 and 136 Waiker street, near Molt. WANTED?A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT FOREMAN. In a wholesale clothing house. Address box .1,120? Post offloe, giving qualifications, references, Ac. FRKNCH ADVKRTISKMK1VTH. u NE FILLK FRANCAIHK, PROTESTANTE, DESIRE comme bonne d'enfants et cciudrc, ayant de bonnes re inmehdatlon'-, b'adresser i 473 Broadway, port? prtvle. IKTKIsIalGEWCE OFFICES. QQ7 BRODWAY, OORNhR OF RE ADC STREET. AT juO I Morris Cohnert A Oo.'s can be obtained reipe ;ahle German, Kngliah, Hcoich and Irish b?lp for hotels ami private families; al-o waiters, coachmen, farmers, laborers, etc.. at this or the branch office, 102 Greenwich street Terms mode i ate. A GOOD CHANf E TO SEE THE WORLD-WANTED landsmen, also blacksmiths, coopers, boat steerert c* oka at d stewards, to whom extra wages will be given to ship, now fining. A! clcthing furnished tor the voyage In quit e at the office of the company, 97 West street, corner a Lrdar, up stairs, opposite pier No. 14 North river. PROTf ST A NT SKRV A NTS?COOKS, WAITERS NC RSBS snd other male and female domestics, provided lor re spectable tamllies, city or ountrv, at the Employment Agency < dice, fid hast l4tli si.', Union square. City references required trotn persons seeking situations at this office. WANTED, AT NO 233 BOWERY?PORTERS POACH men grooms, men rooks and waiters, boys tor saloons and trades; also, doT*. laundresses, rfiainbermalds. general workers lor city and country. N. B? Persons latelylanded can be suited, and also employers properly attended to, per sonal!/ or by tetter. KLSlCAIa. 177A ?BANJOS?BANJO TAUGHT IN SIX EASY All Us lessons. Terms 16 In advance. Pupils bv ray method can .'earn with the greatest facility, and make good Dors In six lessons. Banjos, (1 fiu to $23. A splendid Jo. with plated screw, for sale?price $20 8. B. JACOBS, Bar joist. HO Hudson street. A GREAT SACRIFICE ?A SUPERIOR 7 OCTAVE, S3 rosewood pianoforte for sale for $213, as the owner mn leave town Perfect every way, excellent tone, modern it prorement* ; ha- been In use only thre; numbs; fully wa ranted. Gall at No. 3d Vesey street, from 10 till 3o'clock Concertina for balr?a gentleman return tng immediately to Europe, would dispose of his concertina at a considerable sacrtbre. line English finish, 48 kevs; 33 heatstone, London, manufacturer; also a quantity of music for same. Address Bevis Marks, rare of if. Lockwood, Broad trap I'ftal r.fl en i'WL Hn.'.Ja a c way Post office, 422S Broadway. jy|BS. F. MEYER BEOS LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE TO her friends a; d the ladles of New York, Brooklyn nil ?Jersey Pity, that she Is now prepared to give instruction oj the pianoforte and singing, at her residence, 330 Hudson st/eer Mrsio-A lady, pupil oe Tns most celebrat ed vocal and instrumental performers that nave v letted he United Mates, and possessing great natural ablildee for In ell urting others, will give hsson* to ladles at her residence, 222 33est Thirty fifth street, between Eighth and Ninth ave i ue?, or will attend at residences The Italian style nt singing taught Thre: months will prove sufficient Terms according to the ilmcx. Ml -IP-A YOUNG LADY. EXPERIENCED IN Giv ing Instruction on the piano, will receive two or tit ee more pupils nt ht r residence, at $2 per month, with prtvii ge ot i .-.tehee Pupils attended at Ihetr residences. $10 per quar ter Appljr at z ? r.tghth avenue, ttetween Twenty-second and T wenty third streets. ? vNO ?FOR PALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A NEW. FI ied .osewood pianoforte, ti?, octaves, round corners ?n. i.ed bark; price Jato. Can be seen at 90 I'Union sir i-kljin. HOTELS. CMAINS' HOTEI., TOOT Of CANAL 8TRKVT, WILL ? lrl auiunf four r im> and parlor*. with bedroom*, for famlllo*, or ?lnj!e room*, on nmt reasonable term*. for the winter raoulha. TALl.MAN A MAPKfl, Proprietor*. T.YVT.RETT HOrSK. NORTH HIDB CNION SQr ARK, NEW JPi Torfc.?Thla establuhment la now open for the aeoomtnola Ik a of Lraaatenl and permanent gueat*. CLAPP A JOSLIN. HoiPRinoi -s iiottx, m rroadway, corner of CDs ton place.?Superior apartment*, for f?mllle? or Indla-Mita!*, ran naw be obtained, with or without board bjr the mrnlor week, *erved In the dtnlng or prlratr parlor*, at red need price*. Hatha free. Boom* rent from $i to <60 per verL WM. BOLDKBPOK, Proprietor. THE SMITHSONIAN noes*. On the European plan. It road war. corner of Honaton atrart Thl* new and large hoial, newly furnished, and In thormiah order, heated throughout by ateam pipe*, and with all the ap polntment* of the hlgheet priced hotef*. offer* to traveller* an | I,, rubllc. Including fanilllca. unaurpawed accommodation t at oaer rate* than at aloanle at anr other Brat claw hotetl. v lew deaarmhle alngle roum* will be let for the whiter, to genu ? ? m. n. at from ? 80 to W i>er week sitiNKY KoI'MaN. VISITFRK TO HAVANA-MR S. W. WtfOLCOTr ofler* bt? ?parlnn* and ronimod oua houae, " The vm ? i . an nod kuwpeau Hotel." Calle de In* rifle o? 4ft ?|tuated In oi e ot Ibe n ?wi pleawaM bx-alltwaof lUvana, to tbnao who mar <t.ll dial cl > awnr ng ihcui thai ew rything shall b* done lor hi ir C' mfloi'. and evert fad Ay aiforded to make near.ton* to he rountry, Ac h '? Mr. ttooii-nti, or a perron of the hoiue, rt?1ia very ate.umcr on her arrival, ui receive stringer*. PI. ATI* ft C Alt OR. Tatiho cariw or every drscription rotr *a)e at the V nloti Card Manufactory i;; and 1,9 Oram" . ,ret, tie*-He adwa>. intituling all ele and Annuls head-, o oarretiwA and plain and Spanish csrdv ft *tnw rmr article of lh ?r >aio card, well ira. ned and warrao'ed-nof to vary Blade -iprcaaiy tor dealing P mci>r waste ou 1 A A CHECK 8HIRTHA5D9 WANTKD.-WORK GIVEN 1W out?aeeuriij required Alio, part or whole of tlrst door to rent cheap. Apply at 236 .South 1st rt., WlUiamiburg. M. K. BOLTON. 7C STOUT YOUNG MEN' WANTED?TO OO TO SEA, I u green hands. Id drat claaa vestek. Advance to the aoiouot of seven'y five dot tar* paid to each man before going to aea. Extra pay to coop era. carpeotera and blacksmiths. Apply at the shipping office. No. Iff West at., corner of Albauy, up stairs, opposite pier 12, North river. A FEW APPRENTICES WANTED, TO LEARN DRES8 maklng None but good aowora wanted. Apply at 103 Greene at., near Spring. A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN IN A GKKTLKMEN'S ? wumwu, H/Aiut, ui ww au^fftuiwuu taic ?twiija uci'?n' meat. Address J. W. P., with relerence. Broadway Post office, for one week. Agents wanted?to sell anatomical plates: moat leave a deposit. Apply at 669 Broadway, room 2. AS OBOOM OB COAOHMAN?WANTED, A SITUA lion, by a young Englishman, just diaengaged, who per fectly underwoods Ida bualneaa, and would make himself uae ful. Ooo<l city rtferenoe as to charaHer and capability. Ad dress A. D., 67 Great Jones at., for three daya Boy wanted?in a watch and jewelry store. Asmarl active bey, to run of erranda, make fire, Ac , who realdea with lila parents and can give good reference, may ap ply at 11 Wall at, second lioor Drug clerk wanted, in paterson. n. j.-a rater man, unmarried, who can bring reference from last employer. Inquire of Wheeler A Hurt. 20 Beakman at. Drug clerk wanted.- a young man thorough 1} acquaint) d with the presi riptkin but-lure* may obtain a good pern anent situation by applylug at 124 Leonard at , between 0 gnu 11 A. M. SCOTCHMAN WANTED?ONE WHO CAN TAKE C ARK t? of a horse and cart, has had some experience In keeping roads tn repair,aud is sober and faithful Address, with reter euces, Public Road, Herald offioe. Retail dbyooodb salesman wanted?of ex perlecce In city trade. Apply to Journuay A Burn bam, 144 Atlantic at., Brxiklyn. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, American, German or Scotch preferred Must be a Pro testant. Apply at 112 West 24th si. TYrANTED?A HOUSEKEEPER, FOR A HOTKL IN NEW It Jersey. Wares, >5 per month. A boy for a liquor store. Situation ? procured for clerks, salesmen, porters, bar keepers, coachmen, meu on steamboats aud ra.lroids, bo>s for trade,), chambermaids and laundresses seamstresses. ladies to ctiend stores Ac. N. H.- A boy, to learn the cabluet male er's trade. Apply at No. 4 East Broadway. Edward Glllen WANTED?A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. COOK, chambermaid and laundress. Also, a waiter girl andja young woman to do general housewors- Apply a' So. 7 11th St., a few doors west of Broadway. jATANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND IN THE IT subscribers'atore. Apply after 10o'clock. THOMPSON A SON, confectioners, Ac,, 361? Broadway, near Fraklln st. TXTANTBD?A YOUNG AMERICAN I.ADY", TO TAKE Vf charge of ladles'private room, at a fashionable place ot amusement In broadwav. The si'nation la desiiahle, being re spectable, retired, and occupying only about three hour's at tentlon during the evening. None but those of reaper ability and good address need apply. Address W. H., box31 Broad way Post office. WANTED?A COOK AND WAITER. WHITE OR CO lored Protestants: both p or tec VI y acquainM with their duty. The best city references required. Apply at No. 3 Ma dlson avenue, before 12 o'clock. YXTANTED?A NEAT, TIDY AMERICAN OIRL, TO DO Yf the housework ot a small family ; one having the bed of reco nmendatlons may apply to Mrs. Usgeman, No. 20 Jell'erson st. WANTED-GOOD SEAMSTRESSES, TO WORK ON linen. Apply at 32 Llspenard St.. 1st floor, from 7 to a A. M., and from 12 to 1 P. M. WANTED?A GIRL, WHO UNDERSTANDS CHAM berwork and waiting, and will make herself generally useful. Reference required. Call at S3 West 26th st. f*7"ANTED-YOUNO MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES. I* Advance allowed to outfit from $60 to $76. Young men wishing to go to sea will find ?11 kinds of voyages according to capacity, by applying to Randall A Robtou, 131 bouih street, corner Peck slip, up stairs. Waiter wanted.?a protest ant white or co ored man waiter wanted at No. 61 Fifth avenue, cor. of twelfth st. None but tluxe who understand their duties, and have good recommendations need apply, 1X7ANTED-BY AN ENGLISH IMPORTING HOUSE. A TV smart young man, about 17 years of age. as entry clerk, who must be expert at calculations and wrl'e a g ood, swift hand, and make himself generally useful. English or Scotch preferred. None need apply wno are afraid of bard work. Beierences required. Address D. T., box 1,771 Post office. WANTED-AGENTS and pedlars for every State In the Union, to sell a new article: pays tbem one hundred per cent profit, and ready sale; useful to all; can make 92 to 94 per day. McCURDY A VAN RYPKB, 195 Fulton street. YXrANTED?A DRUG CI.ERK, IMMEDIATELY. WITH TV good recommendations American preferred. Call ut No. 4 Ann street, between 10 A. M. and 2 P. M. WANTED?A FEW RESPECTABLE YOUNG MEN TO canvas* for a m-w advertising medium Those only ac quainted with the business, and can produce satisfactory re ference, need apply. GdtO. W. BANCROFT A CO., 336 Broadway. WANTED-A FIRST RATE ALTO SINGER; NONE need apply unless they can read music at sight, and are fully qualified to sustain their part In a quartette. Apply at 96 West 26th St., between 6th and7th avs. from 11 to 1 o'clock. WANTKD-BY A BOY, 16 YEARS OF AOE, A SITUA lion, to learn some light mechanical, or other business: the best of recoommendaUons. Address J. II. B., box 193 He rald office. YTTANTED?A LAD IN A BOOKSTORE, TO RUN ER vf rands, Scotch or American preferred. Apply at 13 Ana at., between the hours of 9 and 10 A. M. YXTANTED?AN APPRENTICE TO THE OONFCTIONK IT ry nuslneas. One who is willing to learn will find this a chance that is seldom met with. For further particular* ap ply at 4tsi Broadway. J ANTED?TWO GOOD LEAP GLAZIERS, AT FAL cotter's Siained Glass Works, 96 Fourth avenue 1UC WARDS. Atnnn reward anj? caution.?the surbcri Ifl ,1/UU ber oiler* I be above reward for the recovery of a Un boi marked V. J. M. and O. v.Uh its conlen'e. stolen from tie Mechanics' Hank on the llihorlltli Inst.; and a!?o ran tlons the public from purchasing, receiving or in any way ne goilstliig liie following described bondsToivn of Newark, f bio. No. 1, 7 per cent, due In 1861); 1'ortemou h City, Ohio, Nos. SO, 60 per cent, due In 1866; City of Newport, Ohio, No. 11,per cent; Franklin Count) , Ohio. No 43, 7 per cent, due lu li?; City of Columbus, Ohio, No SO, 7 per cent, due in ItM; atbuelol Railroad, Ohio, Nos. IP 27, 6 per cent, due in 1461; lludard and Washington Railroad, Nos. 101. 152 6 percent, due In lfif}; Ceveland end PlUsbnrg Rail rood, Nos. 530.521, 421, 7 per rent, due :n l.Hfio; New York and Erie Railroad. Son. 1,367.1 044, 7 per cent, dun In 187 5; Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Nos. '.'OS, 700.49(1, 621,7 per cent, ilue in 1855; Colum bus an I Xrnia Railroad, so, 56,57. 7 pet rent, due in 1857; Daupbin and Susoiu hannu Coal Co., No. 141. 7 par rant. Isi Mortgage: City of Nashville, No. 40u. 401. 6 per cent due 1877; Bourbon Count) Kentucay No. 1, IS. 6 per cent, due 1883; Miiwaukle Kit, No 1.14, 10 percent, due I860; Pennsylvania Coal Company. No. 314. 7 per cent; New Albany and Salem It. R., No. 108ft, 1st Mortgage, 8 per cent; Fvansvllle and Illinois Railroad, Noe. 77,78,i9, 48, 49. 204. 7 per cent, due 1870; Buffalo and New York Cl'y RaJlioad Nos. d7 and 68, 7 per .rem due 1.'66; Michigan Central Railroad. No* 2 788. 4,146, 3,727*. 8 per cent, due I860; Macon and W Railroad, No. 201, ; per cent. Lake Erie and Wabash and St. Louts Railroad, Nos. 2Sb 198.7 per rent 1st Mor ease 'onvertlble due I <65. Kaion mid Hamilton K R , Nos 190, 184 7 percent, 1st Mort gage, Hudson River Railroad, No. 3,250, 7 per cent. Also, the tallowing described notes of hand:?No. 5,454. A. T. Melaln, payable to order of H. T. lltiggs. $400. August 1 1R36, 3 mot.; So. 5,462. Kield & Bieel. do., $.100, August21, 1856, 5 mot.. No. 5,474. O. W. Jatho, do.. $200, bepl. 10. 1855 4 mos.; No. 5,476, (l.W . Jatho, do . $293 04. Bent. 10.1855.7 mos.; No. 5.479, J. M. Thayer, do.. $116. 8ept. 12 1856, 4 mos.; No. 5,487, Howland A Asplnwail, payable to order of A. Frlxat. $200. Sept. 1,1855, i,o days; No 5,139, A. Van Valkenburgb A Co.. their own or der, Fife 94, Sept. 28. 1854, 14mo* ; No. 5 140. A. Yan Valken burgb A Co., their own order, $738 94, Sept. 28,1854, 15 mo? ; No. 5.467. Hyde A Goodrich, payable lo order .F. N. Oloctt, tun). June 'it. 1856, 6 mye.: Acker A tarris, their own order, 12 248 10, June 8, 1855, 8 mos New York, Oct. 27,1865. $T OVEPIN, 15 Maiden lane. AOC REWARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY NIOHT. OCT. VAO 27. In passing through Broadway, Canal. (Ireeneo Broome streets, one trunk nnthboi marked Rev. W. Rudder 293 r Iflh avenue, corner of Thirty second street. The finder will receive the above reward, and thsnks of the undersigned by returning or giving information where the above mar bu found, at 168 Broadway. _ W. SHAKKtfft. AQ/r REWARD -LOBT, ON THE 26TH INST , A RCS RvjitvJ set colored trunk, marked on end K. Storey, eon talntng ladles' wearing apparel, s pposed 11 have beeu drop ped from an express wagon, between 2 and 6 P. M The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked, for the return of the said trunk and contents to C. D. Roll [SUN. 110 Chambers street. AT A REWARD -STRAYED. FROM NO 24 WFRT SIX vlU teemli streut, on Sunday morning, about 7 o'rloek, a Beach terrier (log. about two years old, wph rhaUt collar on whlch Is eDgravrd Fllwrabb. If returned to the above .address ro questions will be asked, and the reward given. AT A REWARD,?LObT, <lX THURSDAY FVRNINO ?Ti." last, s lilacs Newfoundland >log. in the neighborhood of Ninth avenue anil Twenty eighth stree;; answers to me name of Prlnre. The Under will receive the st ore reward, and expenses. on returning htm to J. It. Ya PES RUMMERS, ill West Twenty second street. AT |, REWARD?I/FBT? A SMALL ORE,EN BOX, COS TJ"' mining two gold and two brass ring, has been lost tn going from West Broadway to Seventeenth street an 1 Sixth svennr, rr hack to the corner of Rcadc s'reet. The shore re ward will be paid by de'hery at the New York and Eric Rail road office, comer of Reaoe and West street*. Ac RRWARP.-LOHT, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, dp*J a pearl portemonnale bound steel, and containing $15 in Mils. It la enppoaed to have been Inst In going from Mai den lane to Macdougal street stopped in Stewart's, also at Howe's bakery, corner Howard and Broadway. The finder will get the above reward by leaving u at thedesk of the llerrld office. $C ?A DOO LOST?8MA LI< BLACK AND TAN PUP. ?J. slut, ears eut. lit lie scalded on fore leg. The Under wdi receive the above reward by leaving It al John Koberi'e oyster saloon, corner Broadway and Grand street. AC REWARD?LOBT, ON SATURDAY. OCTOB'CR iE?J 26. 1855 a white poodle dog, answering to the nam' of Major. A nyperwoo returning the same to No. 1 Hu Ism place. West Thirty fburh street, shall receive the above re ward, $e REWARD ?LOBT, ON THURSDAY NIOHT TITK ?I 25*h Inst. from 119 I<eonard s'reet, a large black Ne * lirui dland slut, with white breast and neck, and tame In toe let hind leg; she answers to the name of Fan. Any person re mining i er will receive the above reward. A?> REWARD?DOO I.08T IN BROOKLYN ?A YELLOW ?v> wire haired Scotch lerrter dog. ears and tal r-orr?! Ilk' on a chain collar with the subscriber's n ime. 7 he flu m wtil receive the shove reward, by returning htm to w. bTc' Vy -StiN, Bedford road, flrst house a: ore Clwsvon avenue B-oklyn. or 245 Pearl street. Nf Y A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BR OIVEN FOR 7 HE return of a heavy gold rtn?, (having D*n| N M-t sue en raved on the Indue ) which ??s ovt on Frldav even .tia brokers ami others are mrl-ld receiving P It offered for *?V 7 he flrffsr wltffol ft fc ht? In ect by laavtagka aj Wc?; sixteen'h ftreet. &ANIIL 5. MtCOOLE, Aao ??.. ??????? l^^Sj^a asssss or bought for oath. stocks, Botes, mortgage--, Ac 'But-mese confidential md prompt ByTliitpi-sO* A <.'0, broken end conimWslon merrhante, hffi Naaaau street. corner Of Ami, room No, t, second floor w isrs prompt ujuI confidential Old gold and silver bought. N.jj No business transacted on Saturday. (Linn nnn -wim?**?? a bmith, real estate iplUU.UUV. and General Agents, 84 Nassau street ? In rtlea wi-hing to dispose 01 their property or business, oao tli.d readv purchasers, by reghcering at our oflloe. Nor barge Ull a sale is eil'ected. Houses, lots and farms tor sals and ex change. dhQr Aftn TO loan on bond and mortgage ilpr/U.UUv tor a term of yeare, In sum.-t to suit appU cants, on real estate in this etty; also. t4H,UUU to loan, at o par rent on brat class property; kXdtXI, *2,OUO, SI,50U, *1,200 and four sums of *1,000 eaeb. to loan on Brooklyn property, by A. 8LP.GEAKT, 14 Wall street. db in nnfl?'10 loan on watches, diamonds, ?P7rV? .Vv/W jewelr/, dry roods, lurnllure and every description of property, to large and small amounts. Apply at 198 Houston street, bet* ecu Mercer and Ore roe street*. Ba stneas confidential. 8. M TK.-d, Agent. (tin nnn TO loan on, or invent rs watcher 1 l.vr ,vUu and jewelry. Apply <o the North Americas Real and Persons! Estate Exchange and Loan <o. U04 Broad way, room No. 10. (Lonn -WANTED, THE LOAN OF $2?). FOR WHICH nPAivJVs good security sod refer* nee *111 oo given. Al dress Genevieve, Herald office. (Linn WAXTED-BV A LADT, FOR WUIOH HHH iplUU will give a furnished room, fronting on Broadway, near the New York Hotel, until the above la paid. Please ad drci-r Mrs. hrynolds, Union tsjuare Foot office, lor two day*. References required. Axr amount op oass loaned, or purchased at sight, for fair prises, on diamonds, watol as, rich jewel ry, plate, merchandise. and valuable persona; property gaun rally, by K WOOD, 89 Futon street, uecoud flour, front roonv. from 9 A. M to 5P.IL Any amount op cash loaned on diamondh watches, jew rlry, ae,tars, Ac., or purchased at fair prices, at 19 Ann St., room No. 4. Uuslne -ts bours 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Any person having from 3ino to woo-wiio m not over kcrupnlous as 'o what use Is made of It. but strictly honorable; can bear ol an opportunity to make from fMM) to $i ,UH1, In less than a month, by addressing confides Ually t uccter O, Sharp, Broadway Po*' office. Banking agency of john r. hurray, no. 44 Wall btreoL otertbe liank of ." orth ica ?Bu-uiuas B-per discounted. loan, made upon bank, railway and Pre Miranre ? nek*, on time. Advances upon vessels at sex or us port, and on tbiir trelghle and cargoes. Bondh and mortgages on new york city property will be purchased. No brokerage desired. Address, with full particulars. Mortgages, box 655 Po-d office. CASH TO LOAN. IN SUMS FROM ?10, TO $6,000, on securttie-, valuables, mercl-audlse. Ac., oo raasona ble terms, also Ma-tern. Weslnrn and Southern unonrreot money, foreign gold and si.vor notes, chO-iks, drafts, valua bles arid property generally, bought it sight, for cash, at the Metropolian Specie and Flnanoiai Office, 988 Broadway, Dividend?mechanics' banking association, October 38,1885.?The Hoard of Directors have declared ? dividend of (4) four per cent, payable on and after the 1-t day of November next The transfer hooka whl he oln ed fr-m the 3ith init. to 1st proximo. JOHN J. STEPHENS, Cashier. VI78SOURI AND ST. LOUIS BONDS AT PAR.-I AM 111 proprietor of a very large number or lots blocks and tracts of land, sitaated within two. three, four and five miles of the rtty of St. Louis, any portion of which ; roperty (not exaead lnc the one half of my enure estate, win be exchanged for bonds of the Stale of Miaaourl and the city aud couuty of S . Louis, la the proportion of one lourih or one thud J-tate" to three fourths or two-thirds "city''or "county' bonds. Tbe -e laada einbtaee, In a w ide range, property suitable fm manufactories, private residences, and ever , other necessary purpose all of which Is In e\ cry respect unsurpassed by any o her real aitata in the vicinity of Bt Lout-, THies made perfect beyond ques tion, or no sale. For further particulars address the under signed, by Iotier, or apply personally at my office. No 3 Fust onfte building, St. Louis, Mo JNO, C. IFORT. Money lent on watcher, jewelry and dia moods?money lent on silver and pla'ed ware?mon- y lent on personal property oievery description?by JOHN J. LEVY, at bit old established office, 46 Sixth avenue, two door* above Fourth street. N. U.?Private eotraucc at the hall door. VrOTICE-HOLDERS OF NEW YORK CENTRAL OB It Illlnoia Central Radrosd boi-ds or stock, can ex -bangs ffikbOUO wortb at par, for 'be fee ot a very productive and stHot ly tlrst class properly In the vicinity of Wall -treel. Title in disputable. Principals only will be treated with, and such wtfl please address M. O. C., box 705 Post oflloe. OFFICE 6P THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN BAIL road Company, No 1 Hanover street.?Notice to bond holders. Holders of seven per cent bonds of the company are hereby notified that In pursuance of an aitoftb- general Assembly of the State of i onn-cUcut, pa??e,' at la last May session, the Treasurer U authorized >u d prrparsd to exchange for the outstanding bonds hearing -eves per cent Interest, aod not secured by mortgage bonds authorized by the before men tioned act bearing six per cent interest, ana secured by as only mortgage on the company's road, franchises At. Raid er change will be made si this office until 'urlher notice. By order of the Directors. WM BKMENT. Treasurer New York, Oct. 19,1865. _ OrriCE OP THE NEW YORK GAB LIGHT COMPANY, Octobers, 1865.?The President and Dlroctors have Ibis day declared a dividend of hve per cent on th>- capital stork at thisoompsny for the six mnatlu ending 1st of August last, l payable to tlie stockholders on and alter Thursday 1st of No vember rcxt. The transfer bo.-k wllibe rb-s< d fr-im the 24dt 'nat. to that date My order C. L. KVKRITT Secretary. r CLERKS.-A GOOD PENMAN AND ACCOUNTANT, who baa from *2 two to elu.tasi in hand, van bear ?f a goon situation and security and Interest lor ble money by addressing box 4,077 Post office. COPABTXKRKIUP NOT'iCKS. <fc(l (inn ?WANTED, THIS AMOUNT, AT 8EVEN ipU?Uv'/> percent lor iwuyfar*, which will >'t guaran teed for twice the atnoitn' ami K". en per o ut m-'fc guaranteed oo the proBW. of tin business. paying about r 1. .01 per a.muni, or a partner would be taken. Address It. W., box 19/ Herald office. ftf nnnTO*,000 -THE ADVERTISER RASA EI MR tPtJ.UUs " tier power, wttli splendid frreetooe building, within sixteen of New York, ?od m Je-lruu? to ?-aooiate with hint a pood btislneiw Dtan, with a view of ?subllklitim the grueral wood turning bio-lnr^". This property is otiiilrshly located for this buatnew. Address Wood Turning, Herald office. IPO ,-nn -WANTED A PARTNER IN ONE OE TIIK ,t )vU, moM profitable manufacturing htlsiiieeeer to the cut. To a party desiring a pciinanent iu.d safe bus n?a* It Is an oppo> hinlty rardy onreffi Every ssilsrardon given upon an interview. Address, Safety, box 1211, UeratJ office, with name, Ac, djO nnn -PARTNER WANTED-IN A PLEA8A1TT, fl^.liUU. resurclaole business, located In this city, which has paid a nett prom of truin IMdJOtMo 87 .1110 pur annum, at the past lour y? ars A 'Uli eipla launu given upon an Inter view. A'lroti tnunlratlona a .4 eal name wlli h? cousttihred strictly confidential. Address B is 11., Herald office (fetfnn ~A partner Is wanted in an estab ?PUUU? Ilshed business tbat la doing exclusively for cash, has been esutb.lshed for several years, with a gool ran of cus mm, and paying 100 percent. Apply to ItclWKH A Kttu itlcftKR, -I Nassau street djOCA ~x GENTLEMAN HAVING A LIGHT, PLEA iTutlU. sant anl genteel manufacturing business would liar a good business man to join hlra as equal pari tier. A store Is kept down town for the sale of the article facfured, and a stock ot fancy goods Is kepi at wholesale and retail. UOWKh A KBOHIdllgK. S4 Nassau street. AQ/rn -A GREAT CMANPF. TO MAKE MONET. - f AuU. Any person with this amount ran make literal ar rangemi nts to join ar. anturprtse from which 81M week can be made. Call Immediately, ou Mr. Muoroe, at Vaa Byper A Co.'soffice, 345 Broadway, room 36. nnn -a partner wanted with this amount, 5IJUU. who la ?I lit.g to travel, to take an ui.dtvtited lute rest In an article from which a smart man can realize a fortanc. Call on A. HLaKESLEE, at No. 247 Washington atreet, ft* three days. Law partner want*d-advertiser can furnish a dewrableoffice, and can commsnd considerable professional business. Application* solicited from law yens who art experienced In lie practice of the courts here. Refer ences exchanged. Address, srttlt real name, Justus, box 2,181, Poet cfflce. PU I ART.NEK WANTED?IN AN ENfABLfSHKP ALE norler and lager bier concern, with a cash capli *i 01 (A<sl or 8600, wberea hr?t rate hustue-s can be doue, (a llt'le canlutl onty being wanted I tba tocaUou being our of the best. Apply to Sr. OKI DENY. at th? office of Camnhel! A Co. I LI Cham bars street. The beat of roferenec required PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CAPITAL OE EBOM 85,OUO :o 86.000, to take an Interest with a nrewer in an established lage r bier bri werv^x. here his personal servicea will 1 e reqelred. Address Ixix 103 Herald office. \XTASTKP-A MAN WITH 8300. TO PURCHASE AN T v Interest In a business which rau be made b. pay over 81600 a year. Any rnnn of energy and laleni can make an Independence for life; two energetic men ean make tw ee the amount. The business Is ri-ape. tahle and light, and fully ea tabll-hed. Thlsf?a chance met with Apply at Asi Fulton street, Brooklyn, up stnlr?, rooms 1 and 2 W??ANTED-A PARTNER WfTH SIX OR EIGHT THOU sand dollars, tn an old established business of len years, to take charge of the books Ar Address. A. 7.. Herald office. LOST and mm Dot) LOftT.-STRAYKD FROM FLATBl'SH ON SCR day laat, a hrowi, Knglleh rotter; wnnn Mm nam wa? fol ln? ibc * wa+i n n'alnlng iwn feotluman. gnn* in itrinklrn. A vultaclc rmard wl II hr elion In leaving liiru at H >itith it!., or ti Furman meet, Brooklyn, at iho diatulerv F. A. YENNI Lost?at tiik academy of mchic. on wkdnrh day ev?nlii*. the 24lh IrataM. a dark will? boa. Whom or *111 bring the amt to le Walker men, wul be suitably re warded. IOST-ON FRIDAY LAST, BETWEEN DOUULARK J "irwi,, awl Went Eminarnih ?tree1. New York, adakuerrotdype llhenrmiiJ na old groib-m*,, It w?? dropped froma iady'a braaet pin The find,-r will renter a great hsvor on the ledy. by leaving It ai Mr C. Uatchelofi, Zfl Broadway, and receive any reward dealrrd. LOBT-TKSTEKDAY MORMNO. IN O0ING THRoroH Seventh turret, Rowerv and Fourth avenue to Merrer alt ret, a hlaek and white amah ohe-k wnn red plaid, woollea aha*'. Wboevrr will murn the name to lamea Quarry's stable, 21 Amity ,-treet, *U1 be aultalily rewarded. Lost, octobkr|? between Norfolk and canal rtrerla, in a Oanal a ren matte, or there and ibe Broadway theatre, a three ru ne opaz brsealw. The Under wtU be ra warded by leaving l! at i.T Delancey meet. IOhT-O.V KATPRDAY RTKNINO THE T.TH I\KT , J an Italian greyhound dot colore tan and white. hat oa when loat artd leaiher etrap A reward o( tve doilara. (|6 ? wl.l be paid on Ita return at No 2 Amity atreet m?f i 'he-tor Drlpae' trocerv More A' pereooe harboring or offerlag la ael; the above anlmai will 1)0 dr.. wub aronrdinr la law. LOST-IN A WALL oTBKI T CTaOK. or on IIROAI* way between John atreet and B*.defi lane, a hair hrarelK. 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