Newspaper of The New York Herald, 31 Ekim 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 31 Ekim 1855 Page 1
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THE NEAV YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7003. MOKNLNG EDITION?WEDNESDAY, OOTOKfflt 31. ItJAA PKIHK (?(? oknos UflXMULfltJTfc v i?m> ttThttl >il ? iil&l'OH DRiLU>(s A?D THIII COS" WBWTIOSAIi lUf.UM MRTi. IVjta i r. TitKi-.T - w . 1Knr .-#* refers-of rlia'e ~ar*. r .SLTmiuJ Lauiui'l * OtiOn. tfiZXttsEr *p!. * i.,?u IVor ArereryOenrral I'hiTl !' ?For Htole Kngltie. r iluLL iVii , ?J'jr Usual conimlaetones ? '"t '<.r fctatc Frtson Llodges I'ourt Appeal IMpertui rlrrk II. ilMNiltf?""< . ."i i UUol HcltliJJ# ...Nicholas Hill. Jr. l.lUt'OK PKAIsShf' .'lit I. OOifVKNTtOK. "lull . ' li.VlX, U!l. 21. iHhfl. Idic following preamble n i r." -clut oa was una aimuualy wteeae. the Flrni Asie ? ly .-let Convention hi? en orartl'Michael Ryan a* i-?n i ? ? As-ei?t>ly, when all the andto*t<-sfort*lddlstrte. u >?- l .ho mtori-rworias ? "? sttorQf ; therefore, l!?s?-Tvr"t, Ihat tho au J mi, .. o.i oi the Kin '. ill uric _ lm? IvU-Mnd the fw .rthardcte ol '? ?, . ,,r". and the rail of ttio Liquet Ihmlen.' Cvntru . t; . H. therefore Iter. - vis ed imllaud A. StUS, Cbalrmta. P.. I vi si. ? tflec Ohalrm?n. W. t-siBarritu, Oeor.-ury OWHati'l At ,. ii l.vKr. W. ise. d 'carocly atletf.pi o- Honor dralso's ot die ??? olnie neerattty of glv. ? ' u ill.M.vl support t" oor H'ai? ticket. IVo du n<>. m ' t * u-'1 a *" ?ol aud noil ral -upper, ite is UnplM-st m tho mrr ? m ? o: '? Hi7; "U a auppor. th' tar .lut-'-.f se of a !Ji h I* <1? umiu- i u ? 1 By ??' UnUslog liiil'fWy and llal.i ri.ais real which Ought i? *'? nr./scall who have the in 111 re-'* ol err organization ti n ft1 It an- The mrii> ad of vo l*in; I" but 'ho erliirn. e oi a . 'qn .t-ui wntoh tnay ho drarl v r" lliwmi'sl or lightly held; win he given with a full Con . -i ,u it., u.i. oriunee in i" .-r h" ii u. ? "t iu-.I-. ?"n between rrn aniluut pur ii*? uau .mrs of the l.tnniH- lieu, is- ' prka?ivatton own mm o lie .?"'e thaw this l? the do"!?nr J... - ./*h U.ey lono a pari. .? .a'/ sannaf-d ot ly nv.trios. Inn iriw?w em the? me< id' ??< 'O defend iha:r own rlifh n ti'.ijiuii 1 aAA'tufitU'i''leiI ..... ... i. and tuairus a pr .periv fr itn hni? v-e ml/lit nan rny o.|?n-i .noiit to il/lit trl'h 'he ft. rrolroiton and oi^rc- oi mm ?tn? am aWhtkad lu their own ? - ?I to the -rlttutei TtaifeOOft ahouM o aUiuulatethma Itt.t ifcocrv honorable u Itnle eotnmaod ; m.'oily on 1 lilir .lay of election but dur.urf me wh .le time that Intervenes ?V-ore lie ? oi. e?t Is deet ie,i a' l.e ...llot -uvf Hut It Is not la !?-oi tlK iclcrrau and U.e ri^h - oi Im liqu r dealer* that a e 1*. itfteed, hut the In'eres s ot msu .-I ea.o?nt Industrious rill ens |rr inrhi'T'l in the same rrli I .t 1 ii*a e is them. Tlieitni^ ire*"st-sn- Uu* corn preilucBi'- ult roiun ilium other rl isscs ii! srrioultn. lat* (tie hi ei esie.! in iio solu Ion of th? |'robin u l| ? - n'otl b* Uie proli'i 1 lo I? ih. Keen iho I'rlbune, III. ? .-in: ekiMilas iii .in oouiin of ProMbMon. |b?- c?rw fro'"d to adtntt he Intima'o mnneeiloti bo ?> *?io liquor trsili ? ml the a/rluauural lulei 'lhat paper lias no'ool. oou.e'aet^but, wlihun Iohu It" In1!!.! e that with wlilrh the icmI* sie oulinvi' l to hCIici thorn I w 'hey inlen.1 to iloatroy hu. *i>ue>l .o prove tbe theprleo lot a/rtcui'tljol products Is to .. ? est iixie.u reiruUhdhv tbe ? P'oiutact"re of nqnors. Attei euch au esltlblt'oa It woull lie lanperltecne arid n mere v * ,.ori|., t-<r h- to e.penl our Iflme In rtidrsvorlng to pruvo w'itt alroa/ly auuds ooafe^e.l. 1'l bi aii.srU that Is ui uie upo.. tb-' l /unr (le ners Is therefore an Ll.ti'K ihuui many oth rs arrm o,teu.-l >ly msybaiono tin's II mJ ia'crra. in the qwaatlon. ? i?a rkua at the lli|a ird it Ith.' i oliU itlonkU strike at tb?i t .rroa and tli? ll.juur minur Iturer aod the Inttdlor-l and th" housaholder. in tuetr aitnck |iith?i tie bar room anil ihu dl?dll?r? they imreli sUhlsli on nvi i I'reolatrd tio'ds and the coi pses ot m.trd>'iedclU/-ik It must le i iptr'ld that liioa- .vho are rtt vrlcej will de nil Itluunarivf : . When It was sup[0->d that the liquor iloslers Im rr Hie oo't elass aunlir" w oui bn law was loMolruoted, Itl.t . m.w wit!. Utile sympa'bv rxtt-pt amona tlsose who o.< lf\n it an afs-k upon ai > tias- as nn a'lurk apon nil, and who Iri/tHidrtl lha l'quor dealers n? tho rep-csonUUvne of ft are u Ipr. rip.e srijoh wai moo-ctt'l Those wbosj Is.eyrs wet a pot rlrrumscrl .e.l oy Ihn ti vrrow area of a single Iciat s, nrwl who were aecueiomttd to orlng pWlUcs And mao? Icr. t to the (est of a sound pht! .soi.tiy, luim .dlft'cly porre voit Itlir latai result" whirh would (low rr en an ndnUsslon of the a> latiinisl imwerof the le-ale a tu e u nvad" 'lie rl/bts of proper!' loj.'l to rf r''?*'e the domoctie . crnotnv of tho olft/cn In ureortf Innre Willi lie own doontfui ib> u ic? of moral!'.) *nd propriety. |>v ith such persona the liqnor deo'era were a representative le ss. They wrcre "irug/dnp, not only in ilefynee ot tiielr Inwn ri/lit?, but were tint rtiamplons of tho rights of property, lard U.e psiyooal Hoerty of tne cl uen th-ouKbont IV dt i'e. ?lint wltl; 'lie exception ot the .cnparaUvctv few, who lit lone, prirel ed the dimgarou- co.i.o.pienoei of tha prce 'drnt llnvolsf d m'he MaVne law, the Honor dealers at ftrat tue'. with Ifh'le s * mpalhy In 'heir eot/ret with prohfMtloti fvta'hdsni. Inuw'hi-.a-e la wblely dltferent 1 he pri-tleal op rstwn of |<be Inst la ,.ther States baa manifested |ir ahsurdl't.-" and lis . pvrvatlve iliaraetef 'lh? sanguinary Code Itia i/nvsted 111. Maine, au.1 written In'he hloo i ot tbe people in' Portland, , llu.? etc.ted a horror of prohibition putUtituropy. The db u 1 1.. . ... the qve .tion here hav* a vaiened the a'teniloti of nun. , IbrraWl . pri v'.ou ly thought tb 'm rives llitlc Inter jslcl In lh" ? nestion. and ronviti'Tsl llisin of the danger of sulfrrlmf Hi" I pigWa oi hercloaih or even of one oiti/en. to o intu.-t ?l"i lioiput l y TT.ey bersn to see tb" danger whieh puu wr.s a danger wnleh threatened ull, and Uiat the s .n.e prtn [ch ic whirhronId Jmttlfy tbe tnaj.'tj y tn luinoslug nn the ntlno I rat a its i!ess.?r propr ety'n u.a era "f drlnkliit.', could with J< t'oftl (btre (>e made to justify tie msherlly In dlcaUap lo the lo.t.iorti v to ma'tmm of eating. I hey .-a* lha'tho sau, ? rn ln Iciple wtneb wouldaiithorlc.i 'he 1 e/Uf itnro i" ? .i? - ? ' the l|uupf.riy ot trie elafts, v onld authori-o It to .'Oafls.'rt'e U.e pn> |[M rty of aiunher r'.aas, au-1 tint' thus acs lety would ho etplrely H' die I erev i t whairrcr sec ot re.Oir neraor political pulUu tbteplsi- might tctuporurlly oh'alo the ofoeudawy. Ilir i|iiesi.on naa thercfon! ceas-d lo Is. one merely ot " IJiltUM-er no Ibptor," wwLnas resolved liaelf Into a qaestton <u e. B-'llnltocnl law ?nd tnnlvMual llho-fy Tills ts llw a-poct JanwMrhh Is now Tb'wed aud In which It ought t > he viewed |uy the opps.Lftils of pnihiultlen. The liquor daabwis Ur n selves. Iwhosc ilidtif. and 'nterws.a aro prlinaTllv atfob d, do no' *Wt Tin lie mi.aPtsrrd as poimoners tor lr.;l?lat!vc fa'Dr, hut as per ?OS,, .'i tf-ud nr '1*1' just and cocsUiU'wna) righla. uud to that, es ent ib- repre entallvr ? of every .?!. a. artd of evei > -M. ??! I abs-e it .1 . end lio reat* may ho in like manner hres ene i lot invhd" d Ni vrr'beir-* as In thl* .'irt'se. they form In Cut' tM repre ...eii'alive claw, as ibey w.nld ho he flrst m irtyrs aaerUteeil loptui 'he a'tar of prohibition fmatVdvm, they hat ethrownaaMe, linr the time, all other eoo-slderatlens, and have forme 1 u i or Igsnlsa'mn nevwed rpe.! ?lly io a" etli-lent opp j-i'.lon to the IprlrdpW et 'he Maine 1.1 p.or la* ?nd the d r-rlne . on ivhle i lit I-roitndied They have a???ume.l th's duty, and they .-ioiiII Iihiw use 1 very ei> rdon to dts-'hargn I' fully and fillhfully Alt In , , I ns .let niton* '111 P"i*? 'lift. . ;? r.l'P "t - -h 'ti t !?? > let te I I tip tn fame of tha gre.t end which lies at the foundation ot I'lie.r errsairruJ" n They should make It the prlmirro'i," .1 < rej m- Inn ?ud of every thought up to 'he cloning of the polls ii .e .lav of the rlo'ti ii,, They ah i tld wo-k atea.|lly, t il In Its. y sod lia; tninlouslv to ssteore the sua.'-s* of 'lie jstn V'r-iis. sod ihould nl'.-w iteinsi'l'. to he'('???' e l 'mo, I a at oh*-. . hj the spsetoua repr-s. rto'toU, atvl inalivere pro If in It in til' pnmil lai who enjoin and flatter (ten only thai I'hs V in*',- tin,, noil hctr?s 'hem thtr Hu'e ticket t. etxiinm.'lv ' r'b> i* aiipimrt. It Is rmnposeo of in -n who are uti'piali T?' I UJ ** fltl|?lf"l V? l? I* vvinini-wa a i. .< " '? ' ? ? ? Ineoonc ia*?ty hry4lil*% u> th?x I t^w. uml xshoti ol?ctioi? ^ouldefci-il Ui?? tut#: ot'ihe Miino I.'i'i ? ? ! law hy In Uit.Hi g the cxsiccce of a profound unhigiansui mil fn d - popular lulmf. ' l ot nr. 71 quo.- dealers Trmember 111*' every vote given ' any r andkla oon the ot?te Ueket dintitu be i jn?t to that I ? ? v'eiii 'h... vlai'de ?ti'CD^tli ol o irorgstii'iatl in. and ' ins illutm- j !? h-e Its ii.qiui ePce . Htitn .inner this, and bo sum to vote the v bo!.- '(ell's, tint'lotted and unitnpalsed by a t-'ngle acrateb. va Ni'tRpofii. RKrr:nTF.? rx CTM v. VVs jester. ?y pohltsbod a leder s'/tlo:: lha' the morrme .is ?a.: \ Kiel, rr ml and fontpany n?d met no response In imtebi Issi'iuty. We mm learti tliat thetr etfor'a have not been more I sU". eesliu in ITira The (olloartn/. which wc take from dt" II ttca I'ailg Oaxcue will -how the tne.nasw in whl k UM pro I poaa.'- of tlu- soft po'tllciau" hii*e ''ran m> 1 In 'ha' el'y ? "Weeon.pi VI I. <Ue re t'f"' ol Mea-rs .lobii < ro,k *'.d I.Mm F. klMIe. of thl" elly. In giving place to the f.dlowlng eoui Ism tnicittrti We will also-toU" thaUUe former Is a whle and ih 'otter . ti pi oi 'er of Uiv. tseytno-jr at the clentun lost . '-ivti Srirg Ti. ki t.?'The I.'Ur* Obaerrer of I this evi ring loniatna hi tollowlinl'.? ... I -i . , goCt*CT.xa*.?.iidroniarbMbeenlvsa p<u IgKrtl'.g to e?'X< from the l.tooor Dealer*' Aaao-U'ton J tol" leitr. resvmtPiettillng tho inpport Of the mongrel vket iiowiii" I ?? hytaco-e. We are author! ted to s>m ??'>.??' 'he I *Lscliraisr-t Is nut antho.l*' d or arprotr. I ot l,y Mr. I Mc oad' vtli.,-. name Ik ih. reto a'tarhed I "Vrai K ,!1 oblige us by vayltig 'ha' toe aoove Iv wholly un I founded In fai t. Only one e rc dii haa been Ise'i-d hy reir Vs I s la km tdrtcr the Ant' Uv r'a'e Fonveotlon ai flyra I ?"U" and 'Jet waa flrst read ? > Mr McWti id ?, r- Hred lib ?p 1 pi.>cal, end we were atithoii/.,J tj atui-h his name uiereto, In lr nneev^n wlvh our own. _ . , I ?# - an. aed that the -treulsr aTadcd to did re-ox tt- id i,.? I s. rdlnl ? I of It- and Mr!?- tin rfiU'tlekct, which Hie lie I rltelhe idsW'v r Ispleisel to ' lg lus'l-e a* 'tuiriT . I . . | nod nhtedly eeetre from all irotu llaleli luterrs'?! Iwtl . repeal of ihv o,?pre..lvo law. e?. ..j,ta .. w 'ti i - a lame i; 'Ions b-i ? rn pa/ttaac-l "ds-fl'd A lamc.i n'lona heic or else I Iro, Of* 21'. ir\ .fclKM CKi?m. "ecra'te JflfllrT.TTWT.F. Tre U'se. I ?|. ?a?'b.?i.;t> M'UwlTv 04-fd-1 a ? ? V'.t " THE OLWsT TKVf*R A N'T. UU?RI>-|. ' 1*0 ' 1'r jliflilllnnlet' lofrira!" at thyttlui all* Pmh|hr.or/de nwl'j the Emperor of A bun. forhtddIM the uaeof wine to meter f r or hi* mart, omlnd ? It i6V? fart th ?? be -enee o: il# <l?o; if oi 'iromt irt,,t? la no new thin t wi-u.-li" lid " tiT turi litalltn barn ?;????< tn? e i'h-j triinKi Wielr uae, IWre b ?>n i '? 'urt Toled to i _ . ?|k?. o h.," brother Fang ,ao nja 'WlU'ema' MM 1'e k :ng w, fh< 10 I- .1 BDitilfeiln on the ^ulljecl, hy Wil W L.'ir,/, r<1. deie-1 H. tl. 11^9? 'lv olde?.t ad ire* ineel* ij *i iI'-opei .nee . -town toiho octliierr W i Wbenf thoa ' TftUr meraMe p:v lewjuur, Wan Wang, fo nd a ktnj ?!'>>. 'n r ?.'in land. and warned and e*o!ion?d all toe a al! the flOcni"*, together wtb the aaoUlarile and nana ?" Hill grrt-, Norntaf and ereiniur. ?a*ln," 'In aae-rifioo* a ?%I oven < eent do * n tbo deeree at Oral 'or en pro r win*) on i ? eint of the (root -viv*- ? flea .*?dir:i '.n?n Inflvlooe TO not poop In, and * i i?lt > ? r fiintM. ? rehe Ulnae and tbo do-VmcJun of fin tie, la fara-tably ?r> ULOnn' nf wluA.' " ere*t We thtMTfct tho nrahMttooi fa mil dna'ly e -o < 'Ji- p.- "i ? . an at.d en to China for inur-n'i and pre.*? rente In facoi *?* ''irir -K 'lUar taaaaura It la en.-/unly natural that Iher nhrnld. A eMatry where ih? wom*n are w l tn pin !( t'.-fr ?>. ;i" :i. -j n .y their powara af Iwrn noOnn .?irh- t? inr ??!? m??- toad n.r>lri? re.r a time mnmM, ctdna ,< n o anttpodea m crwj th.nj If w<* em bWM the irarellera who So*e j-etrtwyed through 'ha Celr-tla1 kinaditro. the :?T?rod in h?h| ai>-1 'Uru? tcrre-lnol perrduetr* In the ba'd' of eating ileir<i<iw Vefora tbalr mmmi, and'altrnf tVIr anppei in if.. a Iirr.'! I' L- the?e*n?e n-jt ?ijr?ir:?lr^ -eih'-re ?hiei | h- u ri' t?i ? oipuhj boiwaen thoaa wso are iv andierle- >? 4 m-r >? i K'l oaly in Ihelr eaearai'li' ?! poalUon. but iaU. r b?tdt? and -oao we and tto?- ?rbo?e jnetrneiipi in ererr r,i m nil ih ? io .r" '?? id .lor:- n?. The ettrnpV- . 4 tut a and h r ir-.iua la a fortunate ?i?rnp!e fir-he pro*! I I* !i leal liai p> ennlr? u?* prln-tp> o 1 iwr .o.i I <*? *rt.-d o?i* 0 am aim* wbteh i u<* !? par*. ?? y -hann'nv to .n* pbtlof* pti.-ri. w** wonder !4o? a uunn-ry ?d our h m eracr- pbtlor * ph.-ri. W - wonder ?> a 0.111 e*ry aotdewrd aba ?ufi)n**J m to ihU heneVen doetrloe tn me ?ted ? *r. *b-l ???ro- rl.i.pauoo loMhrrreap* ?? Inlr-d h'' ?ri InH'laolei laleriin 1.4 nf 0v- awotin lin * <b?? tot ^jm ?Lin *!aai eeiea bnadred j?*e af*i. ih? 1 Vita* 1 .i d. nrered Ibo aril! of f-Unt drink, and adlaia Lad weowred ibo arili of j-'Unt drunk, and that Wo Mbona ha.l Heoed an eddrwu on'he a'i'de ?? wl.t-'i ha yi.dat'tr < rntuhed Idea* end arrumnt)*? 10 inanr )-aroed wad lo tixe p-obtbtil mWi ailma. We ahall do-ib' .'-- ?oor. d o r. /?et. 'hr 03b wiino UPwnllnaa -oafi ?Ion of the Probinliloii b-*," i..?i A retinal? tnd h e 'Gllewerii ?>we d*e!r knowiivijp- .f (be ejein* al < ffeeia tn' al -160J 10 Piuur PI, or -om? ./her <--,u4 <y rernw oed <'ele?Jal pblloaupber. and ihai 'heir payeho 4..-1IM' I lu Uie br/olte O! '-.O'L-iav I/-' lit IIBllWi. I!** <h4i??e ty all roeane. Tb^'r morality, their lewameaei, ? ? ? ^lirii eheir ?ob-ir Unadoa o the >aw. ami i.*Wr dewi'J.?1 L> mo nr:n<d iner* ion. ?be*:l*i erii'nly i'.di*-' Uj t >l|nn I heir eiMfi'r nut no' only adov' .lie pro. }'<liory llipw- law. iwr e.ritire O oi.e u a raiiUiei. ' rl e and ra/? .it ni.11: ?mr i-r dt/a ! at nuot \n?n}: or thi: pitt or tvn rnosnHTioMbrrn la <041 It.ui .gonr remarkaon Ala eihy -:t we aavrt .bw ih.* IJ-, v-ta'* r- 'iwl no r!?h( to \tm an t> a law aa iba .U dee 1 Idqurr law. Wo hate nn r fill ? l?'It reuuin. I' nan-' he l> mud i nt. or cSe we meat lebml' to ibe e'omaeb po.r>oe ?Vrl. her h??r ir,rented d-'Wri Bur.*, tn ? ear o'lraelrea of ih Maagereel line and imprlaeamefil at lb* penaiiy for lieine ? ?*> 1 r?el .n ihn Iraneportatloo e< UMalnWf U<jwer*. A til t a - i,'.irf|Kih?, we -ball bare in b" tilwl ua wCb nald eraier, free lovo nnd regeortan nhilnwdibjF front the Malno woe ; opnia; owWreok tn heha'f or lb.- people'1 rlgt.ta, 10 ?rl ?o eldef.l -earn rmlnent end oOrtal eold Water coward and yd.T. r ?ball t?T* to M) ertnponad tare lul 'wir... ? ix< Kt it- liU and drvtrncton nf government oflHels, ln?tr ti 01 the! tnultic arilcc for wnich w f I'NV, on ni.vlrr whether It a for I f our sotterlt c bundles or fnciids. Wi 11 nil I r i *l i r ?(..i t, ai rest niee upon suspicion oft/c Inn Io'i aI. i pnu snspjoou of sund'ar tica'.a/d put 'hi in lii'o i : ?r\ eotdinrao-ut upon loan bread uudc dd wa'srir, no! I 1 In-y i?M abi i* they hot i-'iclr liquor, whether lbcy c iu or Lot. iMiol, fca rn i l iy kuew ? nbnt ur shall not have to submit !o '1 t lii t efii' n iti iik ???<! In their despera a ami <101 oil' a', timtii o ma' 'Irli n si sicm of eapnwufp nor private oltl7i n ?. sr. I W hut veil *rcc ?round tin' 'smlly tioanh stone. llo'iir-rrrrti!) ion low su h reform srtt to go en ' h?a'lug Ur lilir' inl ren prhtt v ip*u< pa. f' r ii. wlil'.e i n ) mm tbi J iitoi' lav. in i ? umrnlne or their o?a pcrigytel dirniCliltM < lun'vu ? 11 a immipnnol W i Jin l ot. hi U-mwi led them plainly and flatly, as a nn-iu in r .1 i'i.i' I ri'..b I ar sriei.', llinr> liriiinni md told on- of tin Metre in w nisei. oar rs lii Iguakm? "Sir. I I till. It. lbs Voir law perAee.iy deestable, and viill d ? my beat to pi rii u. in being aorp'ed l>? irf 1 n in hope -ucb It the get oral conviction and datcruilna liir. forotherwise at shell atmn hare to go to the "pro hihlii rv" i B c al* lor th, prtvllaie to smnkeaacgar and un drrgo One and unpiiMii mcni Cor eating aalt codltsb without a llcr oi i f / nd mrhvu the gnoti as bigots. or coaaptudve sobriety aud paa aii t al a'liarOrn Have pop" It a little longer, A i.rt bi tine a Utile air nog r, tor ft a r nor Brora i nay I eoen e cuti ttpiby reading the arnrda of Holy Writ roll Of ml: g 'he use o* wine en<l the propriety of iht marriage reia'ioi., we rial' have the old rfjtute of Henry T. irvltrd. Kblrk ciprcoli dec ari d that "whnanetM alioiild read li e ter p ortr ii the mo her toni tm tbould furfeh l.,ml, ca".e life ann pi iV'-;" and 'be an'l Kabsatn. no,,, burnt do and Ka uc iaw ,a, a'l ? or tu et?inu??will claim lite i rl ilbgt ui flviw! ur e ' tifw dlepen.-attoo " whoa > go- pel viia il ls' oeddua mrt co'd whirr cold WBt?r, cold water, Imm begin n'og lo end ! Acttl no', ot ly vet!', imdlclrat *>?on e a Mate lnetmHlnn, a? cow Ii bpnln id' riluion will beci ,i,r a Htslo institution also; ai.<! the only omen vie shell I c able to l,oa>t of will be tire o d hortld in ,n ? t chnreh aMl aia'e to ab lis lorn rlgro ant eecrtuiiy Andwi the been of Urn whole ?n ahull have poll' cai nrronr and prnden! phllo?o?hcra performing I be (pudi u pie louci'onr of due ora of divinity do -ion, of p',cab- dtKilora I I: w two rent liquor ale el.Uflo/ it glan ? Anil our S'o'e ntaaiirr will be convened mo n mud tor the labl'il /rent t.i ?)im b ui rtunabopa Urougboni Uu loug'li a I bicad ii ol the laotl 1 1 ui n let v! we?aobn.'i u, all ih'a, or any pari of It? Kimj i?rii: ipler: ntauLood and demo, raey mud anayrer, .No l?r," bit g of i)e bind I Wemua' not ilina all down and l? k on il.e n reck and nil i of It at ?ocl?l uuu elvl' 1 liberie aid iiidcpci.dt'ocr 'i wmrh ib .ii/anda of the bravest and bcti o: men - our fn't t ra?hi, d in achieve I W ell, hen, we will not anbmtl to the !,iun',ug. trickery, fit ?not. aid cotd'aaion, ol theac Malno law propn'Modhda, even lor a ? Id tie jenr Iheic wr mind lake our atnnd, one and Imrpan.ble In heart nud nritcn 1 Al1 u id men and true?the. V I,. Ji A.Nat well a-- the nn tltlnl oobll ly who arc not frl' .wm.f the l.lnimr n' A, toil itlon?murt uni-e upon ttitu pulM , ml perform the grind iio'-i v hlfti is Iniporcil upon tl.eni, tatil'liilly and completely And lo do dile-'o ri - ore the einperanee quca'Ion ea well aa ihe qticsdon of rovlal and civil Ul-trt) to tlie rue beds and in proper bond", dd-i to plate t! " v ur.hy and f lihlul men whom vet have j>ul In m mlnalit n frr ihc various oUlaea w ltbln your gilt In tlietr iror rr placea?It lu abaolutfIi i.ta, .?ar> that we and our UU una tliorkl aUek to < no another ???' a,tea lo our ter and our llckot with the ben g-lp ft an uBalternnie deter miration ^ 1i,U ranaot te t(r, 'hornugU.v i:nuri -cd u(Pl, our ulndu. We ha>c drill eratcd long hi prifo,'ting ntir non ina'ieu ?; we havo none tbe I tat w c could an far. And now II U neoeaaary in our auicciB thai any pitty prraon*) loellog abou'd be laid aside. It will not he safe fn mutilate our ticket It b danger mis lo drop r alorlo man upon b; for U moat! i'jc want ot him we may cniilUHlfy Into nil 'oa' we havo at riven to guln evn ihonid every o her ma he clecis'. If liio^e P islerii wlac ui n and wmen who wuth to dlntate to n? "what w e aha'l eat and what wi rh >11 rirnk. and wot re wi'hal wo shall be clo hi d " were here, we 1/il.chi Ic'l tli-'tn thai brio la no kucO tiling as leylulwiliig men in'u temper sree, vlrne atdaeold water heaven; ibat ruorul evlla cun only be cured hv mm el reuicdlfs; 'h?l If their pilnclplo ol'ae lion were (he ti uc onn. thoy couW, oy (lie forty fuur woman pow, r of n Maine law, as ?aal!y rmove all other evils aa U?' wit of Intemperance; ard Hai oir uannot tie removed with out the rrn oval of 'he v. hole; and Ik'.' none of thorn can be re n oved except by a faithful varnolai.U bluest re.,,rv to ibat s/.ine old principle or "moral i nasi m v bo b Uiey now neglect and ' pit upon And w o ulshi te.l thi .u iha' it la on aceauoi of th a mg'crt of H e moral pow er ihLd the lemneraacc causo baa anfl'i red more Tan In any other way, and It Is fur Hip time nearly ru Did:'hns provirp ihe truth ot I be obaervniinr of a 'radio g poll'ical eh, racier, ilia' "a loan's frauds arc sonic limes a il?n sight worse than his enemies." ltin n - iliey aro deal, 1 Untl and lame upon all 'bear points, let us show ihi iu now and hereafter Ihn' ne aie goluv to leave ?o Ibcm all the boillii*, spltilln? Ilckc's end amoral treachery for which 'hey have long been adiulrftblv uusliUed. Their poflllcbl leaders and aymr.a'hl.'lng friend i riu a: tea I lo all these thlnas In fnc', H seems ns If .ill oar Ahtlnw temper anrr folks burn roiirrlveri the potion of gnfttoe rblofihr evlia of scc.etr bTdrtoklnif up all 'he I'.pioriiicy cao lay .heir bands upc? ! And this at leaat. I? .pilie nr sroalhle as their oilier plau. Krr all History stoma hji probl' I ion has proud a failure bo.h In t hiIs'.endotn and Ucstbendom, whenever U lei I,ecu it lev Wed I bus p la let onlv t"ie Hint iroin If* moi".cui the Turk was p rtm lo snw ke, un ler penalty o* d< aiti he smoked mote .bin over nclore. ai.d iroin 'ho ire men that opium was piohlt'tted Int biua It c,,rnc Into Ul.tvci cl u u. So, ico. Inoui own country t th, no!, uuvu Ui M-oowcliu*. 'v? where there IS uo tn'i inperanm ts > ne where ur, aomputslrm baa ever been fcp; \i l,pc gruerallv ll,roii"h?iil the southern por'lou ol New f-nulai a more ibjiior ha, bi en Imported dun.ig Ihe year than ever before II Audio Hie Ifibe Malic law-by of llor ioid. kcvoidlog io ihe reports oi I'a own Journals, n,ore vill i,i.v b goiiig on at ibc present lime tli.i i p air of I , population In tl t n Oil! ? if, then, under ail the he-a ? I Ihc rsie, ue nmat have a I'ro l.ibiior r'aw, Iri u? go In fur the one ottered by Mr o K? fe st t leferrtsj lo it eclori < omiultuc ei Hie but ..'arc, ?h'"h resd .?? fissS-W;. r?. "!??, I Iols'operebee '? hereby shollaJ,, <1 "' " Fee. I' lbl. ucl -tusll mke cifeei immedta'cly "' Hu*. leal nc sboubi get ? vvo re one?ihe r?a! old ll-lrir?wl'h all i s im rami Mai hi ofe and ? Orw. let us rrrneml C" tliai umou is slirngih thai *? have a whole iklei lo elect eud ' nothing sfcc,ricr"a d hat He ahllliy, ihe airengih, the iiiiuiheni, and 'I.a ,n Ice of Iha i *,? are oars, and lluc If we do not -tr . 'd fault i (he fault and .lie sin of fat IM Will ha ours ills,i. Id is u ' ve on la "ulbl colaran, prcraruUa^ en uubrokeu ft opt end ? tfnaa Uriel, si.dr.vrdllu all lh,i . criuing leg nil! an era which reuMKl (Mr daft*, si the las' ,[r uc iu., ,no parly but our own. know u p noihntg bp "ar Pity, ottr rtaiige ? and o f ticket, wliole and Iwllvt-thle, te-. l i lo'-ieit, crnptied nor tpltt In ttln ml 11a, :iLd r, oiiowll' Ii r iu oin the Kin ptre et/stafrom the' u o i, uu-l rev ore It to the ket pint t'f wlvdon, a:.ii roaoioa sense. Wlihmv any boMug *n 11? ki .e u .d liillr.; u I lorlli, 'et us go for n coo f letc vl, lory n cur ci n mo.pieie lichnt, tie icrioincd in mrct ihisboilc like i ii sine Jdidr.e haw tide ac I'.rur crovscd " r~' * ~n. .i i T mil TrtfTfunl the Rhino?wbheut fllnchlAe* -and tb'- ivory will 1 i ou. ai J b. I'i ssu.g w ill lit h r t, and itn "uai " that come nllor hut let II not be foi,. Ifenthat uitynUii cour-o may e?-i us et-nUtlrf iml ui ti dtfeat. Th'. 1j a i,:"-'Ion of life or death upon ihc i olr.t a _rig', uud ou, hlnhr.eUt t- a thing too vwluabii 'nil citi o ot.r oj pom jits ,,r .? mi's- ot poll' Io"n. e. ?)tr course I- plain Tho hour is at hand! rtuc itauutuly and Imperative duty! !.ci It be well dene' TH!' JH'ICIARV?Ptb M0.N1T' >15 V HYJtlTOlJS. Aa the dai lot chc'c-n vpi rnacae.i, the probtbl u,nla's, lev log the result. an*b.'i?iy Imp'oi their ???;;.? --.U.-cus out c!e, i Judrcs wh.. will t.econ.c'b., *,, > o tin Unuor dca' . Hawnc thru.-elves irtrd ihe ctpcrttc-n* f ariing y.i the It dlrigry thioiiva ihc "I arson Idtagnc." end -o slgr ally fs'ie in vveiy Inswnne. wc hen d have Uvo- h. thai a l caitUoa a this heud am id 1 c uuneers-ary. hot a., ac un f rs'aad th ii rsntpgol thealstm of the pnddWtlonfs'- aa i .pre ".I I this prctr, tills,: v poM'lc il afwrttom, Il la t)i rtpre if n of j .1/ reie hope 'hat hu .lodletaiv w.ll ' > n e.- sj itn? wp| i, rotn 'he in a i /lends/ oi imi artlal justice. TUB CONHIkrKNCY A.ft IIVM TY Of fRIXt'tPLR, A Woven loot ? annot always lav h'.Men under th, ens' maa 'rrlv attempla a/ eeorcalmcn ; It will rtsvw Itsctf. Tito pro klblilonMs have given as a tnoal perfwt I'lu-'raUnn ot this If tub In their attack, on the llo aw as i <. TI, . ... pany Is | hi. rsl on -tils,mess not principle, msy bo / i hered from ihe'.r ' 'folarattcn, ? Itiat It la nc,t nee s,iry u> r omlnii'" lemperamw men any torlhtr 'banthe ll<|uor law 1? <io rtc d " Tho n- ml I icca inn ? tlo tn.g'v rs br drunkaids, tbr v "oay bo vmoit" ihe I ho s' lum.nral In our .olds': it Ir onai u !cr are of n'.tsic c,.n | fC'tu- nee, prorated they will >tip|sv?*. tho Prohibitory lew I Row moral and enlightened are the vtrvrv oi tho prnhlidUon late!? upon what ? de. p acitl, d prMeipl. ih, y -e M aK A< IirRKITH JI'RIKii. 7)?o ?rie i f our t h.i^, like-on* own. itr?* r?-rf to '? ? xs.u<c tfc<* kiihtrum? o't <?f ? ?ppr<?tt ?in I ttnoo:iftMtfi'lwafti power: ibrv iwM aijwJgmiof tfflaw.M w U m of 'be r <S wbtlc tbe Ijtfier *?".? ? l?<*rlv nut* -toy rofnw to ? ob'?#?r iho f? pm^r, from th on - feru! # ? n.ntl- -on, IfcM it \t* ttiifcimittuttwuU. Wl?ik? vho \ a t?a".avJ''im 1 UUl by ,111 * ?crouiX"* ihe * ui w?i . 01 ir i .4 f TJrf ?' i-tl Vii wi.; la^ajn chargr yulr* ot .? ^ ,n(lrj, ,) tT.'> Lftm >? 'id-j-.." "?'V; 1 *1 ? mt of tt-n lectin*. trlib fidr jn ? i ? f>? ?. oil'iel, th* all tr.> rl.r'ott' of ibe ( hmf Juatlrr u' llo?..ii ran ?? ;??? ? onotV- n utMlrrlho Matci' I..., nor law M?n * n. .'ncif ??? Hjronii anl co' -nonce* aiv arreted .i^on.-tli a I' "on. *a In K'w Y<?k. 7KVI'KIIA Vf CO A1.I1IMN-M.I 1*1.1 CaI'C Of,a. 7 hi a .art ' t,> Pridil..,; ,;.o-. ? an ' ?" wh ?'. X< Tom!.-t ; ncecb.1.?a:/!ii!v mo?U""" -'1 .-,'i-n??- J' - brtrr hel?i la trarkntaMtUaw of mtr ? n>?-"*ti .<ai ? ?? many jKOni* b rl?.!,lc in tb.-lr rail*? loan* arc niam 'oat, no'wIUb wlm- Oa'oi i.a! ataman. a la ar n. -a* -tor. F * JJtF f-HVUOK.'. TIb-Pe. btliUint.t?'(i r|tiu-.<?'h. I* , tor l>-??< r* tkhli to n t.' tr'.and. <:! tn'on.r rraio?>- ami wfcj. lurKt"Ou H"can*c ih" l?t tar riaov tic riant of the farmer 'a take a a ay thair elvtt u4 political rla.Va and dnatri.y ftolr prop* n? mid- r a '.?? paaard Dy fan *ti fctit, e-mp. ro-l j, j j,.j, ,ij k' .%-.r;> ?i/l to fo ci pra ol iiy jn.ii-. Thr I.t'irwr Dealer*' \ aocthtton lopi-n- ' oil* ?( tntom T* -anro; II l? Dot tbotr 'ritora-0 !'in? aooli a I natal cqnaMf rai HBi, to rotint.-nni.or U. but 'hoi' .oo.uior Urnotrllo?t mar ri.itt u to far oroater than thua.' .f u.'. Uip. ianro. Tfio I.,rrncr rwtch only tbo t?w; U?- tai'rr, It wntnlataL not at <-ot all d. -cr!pt?ai? of bii.lroow atol the lie/ u way to- rot'loal of lio1 trnPo 'it hubnorw tod-i trj (.? 'I.r- ox' r.-i .a .f Lho ji.-|,. o, a.'baif rodr-ta ir tpioai. It la fho prlflclp!.- iff ma*rulva In nil I o r.i!/.?noa'.ton? afifrti tV |' jiwr dtMln a mpbl, naf Ita - K tar/ apprMaUfin to Heir own ra?'- K'.< ry d' /< ri oiomld ?o-?* H in thai llftit, oonaktc r that h. too ma/ ??iflrr timlT |i * umn tiro anil join vtttb ih.- Itcinor tfnalr <lo Dfipo-ine .? Mrvmiil' wtikth l?a no foumfaalloii In Inatjro, b -nla rnk-il unit toilot pttrjtoaoa rt Ibo |iolt leal aapi-atit jn-t ilama ? li-. ??l V-lru tb? ai tfco brat uticrrata of '.b- mmmoaUy. TO LIljCOB riFAI.Kff'v Wa tk'a.'n anO on all li'tuor cimabra to ao'o .al Ur tar-KAgr thr poolrtjr thto nrrrinc. aa io'-ino-o iA ih ? tn. ?i 1-icprrU.c a to ilia orm.i./JtVai r-tai.-na l '?i irno h-tat atv* ranro'hr i irrr-ar>l in rr?ar I t?'tm aTl >n of 'tir ?Kl y. I,/ all afco h?rr Ita b.lrirat* tmltr al hrat", an l who Atv-fm to n-alntain l a in'lapmiirnr-.- of all rttranr m oolttlyal luStfura. ami to | rr-rr*.- I'a pup'j nr.a t'a tt ;n!') All rilorta at Ictrrt iha orfanirmlan irom It* nrl/'nal p\irp.??. a- 1 '<? It -<ti. ?r*t* mto an>bilbtn?or [a ra<a,al arj^ratialtc -iM lorn wWht ntphallr oppwftlon ami tlrri tati iko. Aa !i lata trrn v? rcl thai |||? proa* rrttnra of tUr lat-A mattlnj w?r?- -It* turbrwl by pnrtira aba had ;aln- l a ? ??? to h?- room wtth-.n' bating an/ rUh* to h? ihor-, mmihora err partlralaxly rt <|ti< r<rd hrin? hrlr tlrt t? * ah the u If Ichipcj mat thay , will arr the praprlrly arrt nrtt ha i...ara,ity. of 'It. r*?irr?. nin om K Mmcc*. ]>? *t orHtu notkx?tiip maii.h row ki p.otk, p?-r<*rt *'|lr* omo-Uri %'ltn'K trf!' r'rrr a' tlttc nfllr- ,on VrilraNla . ;V 'lat -tat I ir-krrr, a|a'j*vii>-| A. *. Iii.% \< V. rowMCll, P mtmaa ar T A HURT COMPIftl ***? A:TIUITlt)*, fAiMPAS* ? ilKAibft'ABTKIW, PI 1 TY llail, .ft airt "7 llnanr wrrei. u-mr llroa.l-< ty ?f'tmont trra ara ne- lt <1 in rail and naBlnr otir I Urjr ? auli- f*a?a, di- . t rior.- ordorln/ n*.-t?h?--r. aun ani] in-.o. r paint ? j Ir'trrlna In liarrWbr.| cold on fU'a. far/' 'a. OLr- d i?f!ra, Ac., on h,,tA or pirnl-hod to i Mrr. llfklRK f tilt.til AM. ?*! uA T, f>?ane Prrr T| > TARflXT CUMI'A!?IKc4.?TllflAK ABWT PUKf 11* ? ten prtar* for Urprt * aro-ild do wall to rail a t t -atnJnr o'tr a'arr?n?<-n', r.anprt*tug oaf hra jawatrr. fin Wral Inriruncrtcia. rora and ?r.>|rta. trin #. w to to; a trio, fnl prtar. dacuha' t'altfornla dhrmood - ttiatrr i-tait wtb .latin to- U * I J ttnim, ?W7 kcadtrpy LMGCRATIC MEETfkiu AT ALBANY, fli-ECH OF MB. JOIIN VAN BtfREN. Onslaught uiron Ci?v. Clark and f|?rakfr Llulijobn. Fierce Attack on the Bewarditea, Know Nothings, Teetotallers, and the Government Organ, Ac*f a?o* Ai*-.tsv October91, 1S&9. A ii eet'tg of tin ott -h-!l ibmirriU in thin city ?i* L* id Kt be Cm (Inl thin Mining A K. Brown provided, line <r U or thousand pi ople attended ?ir John 111 kkn wk.-i I it reduced ami rwrlt*! with R''?eke '? ,?y !??' n mm, need by referring to the it noble rtmful,?i? connected with Albv y, and j oft,, ton ittiiwif the Seward \ oluy ,n internal im j > nt i u" li , luheien'lnfly 'he mm* no In hm Oaaugo HH'I, I t ptretcd the point that the content wu, li,'?it" tin t*| oHlcati* m.d tin dianoint*. ami paid a l.lgb n n j llji trt lo Mr ,'etvls, the eirft cuudbiate for Hi 'r ( ; rii < it. Tin it-publican candidate lor rrearurer, Alt tnni'rr p. WilHkini, U mid. one tool, a contract for inlllh n ii< hint-, whin ano'her uiau oderori to .to it for thirtj-oix. Mr. l*ji Buri-n Iteie eontinoeil to ep nl? i f the ,-ew ii it jo bey iu hlntc molten in iienrly the mnie w ittlo an at Oswego. ai.,1 aC erwurd* imaaed to u c> Ufl,It-ration of 11 o principle* and working of the Cro 1.11.,t, ry I li|UOr luw, en which oubjtel he a.dd "We ?ill Hppoe that you air'raulilug ou a tailway, and tbr;i io a Utilble accident. Aon h*ppeu to have, what io very ct lt no n in Ukm' latter days, a da-k of liquor in yinir pocket. A'ou neoiic to give initio to ? woi b<Ud m. fit ring |o< log. i4, In o-.lai lo do an, uccord leg to ' ?. yon mint fli t flic your intention before tlie < i i nly Jt ? go. i in) give two luBicirnt mtctie* alltraard* with the County Clerk. It y >u nr* not Interested it. any hotel ? ii r iot* tit fruit shop or letectnry, you may oh twin a lki i sc; but If you gin the tniftui liquor t a ice you an liable lo imprl/i run, ot, that i if the manor wi nan fi not dead bo'ori you have a dghl togiie thrin limiir. If yiv givo It to th'm twic- you will bo -cnl to the I'eniii r.'iniv. I dop't ifiuemhcr what the penalty (oi the third eflenre I*. 1 ray, foi the n rruiott.*, that the low i? n eraodal and a rtjirmmh to the S'ewurd whig ad n fniatnitlrii new in |Over, which enitcled it, and there loic in ,< veral title* it i* a died letter, and in the couti try n girat trieug. I never lave given my opinion on tlile lor?I burs never hern asked for it, mid there tony b* ft lit .lc personal in ling co that account, but I wili live it now grail-. It ir. that any man who i. in ft rented la It* repeal, an-t who doer not ?npport the wb'de democratic H'kct although It may latruo that the law cannot rigulalc a niaa'i drink or f.Md, yet he iloe? hiding to a cln?i nhiifti the 1 ctrteiatuie alwayi ho- had control over in exrrything. TV- right of the Legi-Ulure to con tiol and provide fjr luiiaticn a.t.1 idiot* hn- never been queitlbned." In tefennee to the h'now Noth'ug'. Mr. I an Huron -aid.?" i have heard that tiictiovrmar of the s ?'e |., a Know Notking. II'1 wa- put in power by the .w-uard lepuldlcrn paity. Now, I don't Wuna t) Clark. e'Cn hy,in*it, hut I hare not u.urli ileubt that he |. a Know Nothing. (lj?U"h'er and npptauae.) Wh, n ! naa litre laet winter, a loeuibet ot tin AMMtmbly ro-n in bl* place an'l rhaigud lliat a brother of f.ovtruor Clark Led i ffrrtd to rell the dice of lurti >r mader for floirit n lioiidrr-l dollar*. 11.o Itlend* of tin- (iovcrnor did not r-V for any committee, and when I ieouirel about It I ?s? told tha; the inllgrity of tt.o (|o>crno* wait UBqUCtl tioned, ami tLat he knew nothing ab-iul it. Mr. Drp?-y rtor war appointed Artjutunt < enerai. aiwl 1 liore htard that iio paid a frlegg} of the Executive one then and drlbra for . 'W pioro. (iiMcrnor Clark h?a MMr ikuVd ?W. . Mv. mi *.a knew nwahing ot li. A Know Nothing and a brother-in-law of eieakiip Jittiejehn war nimjin;'ted for If.alil, OBioi r. IbercMra* n-mo dis co ..-ion In the wuate, and the (Jovor m r eeat a aj'-cui) n.ei-ag,- willidrawing the n- 1 he ui?- ? tipi r wa-. waylaid by Mr. A. T. ri kin-ou, of tie Senato, and tin- uicnag' lakou fnan him, ami th> f A1 rri coifl.oi.l. Now, a i though 1 bcli.-T' tlr. Itii-kin <n liat a I I" r mi the inijiTt, yot ilia I, -nly lielier. d tlat of :)u aflalr liovcinrfi Clam knew n> bltig A M*r. lor Maeter in Neat A'ork?Mr. CI amber* wiio then b*ld tic iltie ot jrimto eta y to 'ho fiuVCilit -wa, 1.1 I'll, I by i. Uiit, ni-'vh * trailer 11 au hiuiaalf, hut wa* , 1 ,ine?l in ..ft and although th ? affair wa* pnblie, !? i o 1-e pre*ui,ii d that i)i" Uovvno know not do,: ab 'it ti (A i.ibgh.i J heM-no . ou'.t in i*ivt Uo? .Nothing Ii;.np..t re-iit tbl- woigtit oi te-iinr :>y. 1 canr.ot loit tohu i-that he !? Know No.hug pen natural [ rln eip'-ce. (laughter and arplau- ) I aui -nrry I, me of our i.lit.i iicro have jmn d tlii* party. I bei? my old irinrid llarc-ni.t Is ruiu -ng noon tic Know Ntihtig KeuatoiUi tli'..ot. \i w what on cartit cuUl l.i.ra r e 'e l.itn a Kimiw Nothing? I don't know <if any thing, on' - It wi, ho, .o r Mat Brent an tin"v, hi a oito the 'nek or, diiv. it- ? ' only did it I -r fun, utnS 1! rooutt lad liittor ?t;,y with u- an I mtl r a wottlr.g 1i ,l? to go where lo 1* i-rire to ' ? drown 1 1 |lV'--we.i Ifcijrhtrr ) After I'llbii ng t? the fart -lui tli'- iviiow Nothing* in ithir it at- gvnernlly act, I with the rrpiihllcaiii, Mr. ten IlortM read the rrwdntlon.* on Un* -uhj<'t of hnn a? r, paved ty the s>tt Convention, and cmtinuod " N< w it ? ,-laitned licit vr forced tiio-o '.?oluti-.n* Tt|* n the (?-* e li' n of th* perty. Ttili It nut'ue l-.lli ?,et:.-* of t' * party itond where tliey I,nvw ,u*? ? bice 1 sit'?? pp ? od to the i \t> n i"ti of-l.iverv an i it u true, it tbr Ail any ' -a>? that the Can- Konu ti n <ntion in lklu pa* ,*1 tide Meotl,*1 r- olallon, ,h elarlnir th? lo -ti.ity of th* demwratlo p-itly to tin- evltn i. n <t lavery vi-r t'rrito-y oo-v free "itilt o U.I Ki?l. up n which w<- united it lloit ilrte. Vt ! end that th<r# wa* n 'hlr-^ t? liep n apirt, . nd t,e Ui itC;l I" Vfii-i viitlb- i. .lip. I ;'Ti*ol - I li- kirn- ?' >kn ?>? m-inbci ci tSiat <:t>nv(ntl-n, wint Ui'w i iMat

anjituti. Ir. \ ha w< V ><? Cir Hit have n t y t r,f> rtakeu !'? ?'-nt i-,iiii?t 'Ur-rj . vatywb ro? i'orih otlth. Ka t Abu W>,-~.,nI ?!? larol it a f,ul c#iimn) b> a> that >?? *> in /aa.-rof tha extan ?'n <.t ?: i.Ttr terrl'i ry n-w (Mr. tart J?m?J fr-io Mr I Ii Ui. 'u' < av? ? h to |'i v tbir jt >?itl"n ? Tbtia, ?a ?ji upon the ii*i" pl?'.f'fm. At fytf''i*? Wl ??!! 1 ojwm 'ha fe<latal if/T'-riimr-iit to put 4oVa tha Vinaaa rnf liana. tfn fai t It *a? the <luty c.f tha ai|/nle!?'ration to <!?? tl.U an I tk? ' Imuil-tra'l"f? "iya '' ka- r,--t tha power. p?,! ap* in I'"' It ia irigular that the a'li.Jul-tm Ion bee | ? ? 'rT rU' ' i^I U, drill r Ihr ? ? Altera an I ? i .1 irr of tha I niirtt Stab* I* t' luraj li t" <*v * it* ttia r.RitiuB r. ? .tft n > bl k at It-t-ti. -inl Iwi no po*at'7 to protect wI It# atli an.' an t whita v t?r? In Kai> a If tba I'ra-Hant ha* n 't Hi 'jew<r. ft I* ewni|ai'nt fir Mm to n-k C- i-gt - ? to flra It to Mm In )u? oait annual tn??n.->go whan we -lie LI in to i- k <?.i tie*o for tlx- nn-l If h* run t fiu?l It -otnew'iare it don't matter bow oon ?a loiw ?r tr? mm that afn. (I 'lo-rio) there Ir a It'tinet l??i inu la on th.'r p -ti- n awl I :hinh 'ha' arttf, a *?? nrjrtl /na. the Wb -b- nw aia'ia j.rrty? th? m- n wl' with Plla* Wrrt;ht?atw with Ui and will uU lb' leket b? ,-V<! hf Iino'l V. ILiuIl' M' I'm Bam tbon rtfrrwl to Mr. c?>r-iri!. n*l ?ai?l that fo ha : U>M him Mr. T.m H it'-n tliat in- nionT !UI anj tblmr tlial thorlow W< ! < td not tall him to I- II a ? of tha ojinion thai aaraol )>a4 A< na tnura notarial Injwrjr to tha ?t?ta than my olh' r rau. Kb t, ia- h \ BU'I' M hanlrii|it an<| tlir-n larlol a baary lat. Ila !m?l itar'a politic*! ?*ttaU. n bia Ira-la .an-l h.-l ilwajr '-'-n ? n a iMrtl' ljcitur In or a ?Ik-tit rhm-aa <i aJ tha ?ab?nr.a? t,f pacutatl'-n thorw c?m?oata4. Mr. Van Khnt n 'luntril fr'im tbr Trilnit- to prom (bia Int'.rr ?'atainrnt. ' M'r arr of tr9?i?i to .-wwarcl. We arr ofn-i a I to (V? k In I ? mptroiler. Wa *rw aft"'*^ to'K.a ranal la. ar t b- ??!* pioliliil mrr bj l>aiy J. Kijmoti-:. <.r.elay -iji tlt?t la a "tlttk T.llaln. (A I?u*h , I Aon t ->J ?n. I trim liail t>?a?Ma rnnngh \/j taklrg up tlia-rf araeitbair Ih,' f.?aal?y yrwtarxja to Vn ? rial ba >| RayW'Wl U a " lUais. ' I'fUaawi.i la (t'l) At any laic It i* a aiaa trfn lharaare.Vy ai?4.itai.tori ?tii pt laoVit'lrt Mara for ?.??'!?. r -> ?wr<t ?n4ar? tramSttf at' Ut alib blui. I iloo't Know wh?ra tVy a a at fir rnt, i?ot f?ho?!4 lUa to mart tf? a ftm'1 m?n Tl ? > ran ??r wl;/-ra I -bail ba lb!- wrak by mutiny t!i . r-.a. 1 rbowi.1 hkr to -ai thrm alb* qtimtion* I ifr ta a>k Mr. r? w?r>l aboit tlo?. lorry nnli a I i. i.Atlh' 6M -J hr ar. ub" ?.!?)( faUbmli at a ?lnr? ? ta' c, ami w hy he brought up .hei I wet' n theor, a I Li* i n.? V* ?'} "'J 1?.' a"1 U' lJuf '' "P '#sl y+*r I ?r l'eo? bout, J. . V c!it, .1 ..I ulnm .tho wold .gfUiet l?* N. lull? 1 lie out l in .thru it"* will f"?? n*n?i U ('ct: gfe-i. ? c> rp<* ut . i u ft,. .fr" . i-?(u.*4 to tbl.a new V?rk Sw ? Bit! i!a>.*gwtion. rntu- 1 ought tn evrtimm tbi charge Mr. Matte Itgl <f l l n, M bU friend* Mtd ueigheO'* wl'' look ??.*< l< r Uni. Ac tie (Id-lion i- raped1) a ,>t?roiitfWtig, I think everybody ought In l.n'l out Whet. Iih 'iBi* at* h puet many |..>fl ?'u> haw. ant u Utw a nUul In tbi* Unlit. ! vfi. l? My i. ght to do > I .duty- l<< t?t MiBuwiii'i*. tin itar I *h?il ti auwMrn. (l.iajh w.) Now, iltr>n I ??' he Wept t'n l>p licit riling *"0 On) lately 'o tcel fin <U po.itiou ?u 1 that uo out' rut* Into It. When u viituou. Ian. a- *.iot" t ? fuiter a Mac (tin ii A*)luui, *lic 1? iati'n) to tern ont and qualify. N'eW It teems to UiO. hy w! at ibe I'M ha. tuli! If nit, it tlter.i, tn tutt.| the r\"t.abUr*a jnrl), and hr-. been in* I leg til lltra otit and nullify, in -leaking cf in) co m ** It '?}?? tint I I wIw.h*U?1 an tnilorMitiit ol of the N ku bill at the late rt ?TvD'Km. (Mr. V. It. .|000<I the I'l'X't firth'!" ) N. gr, tbi* t* o?t the tru'ti. 1 he nu eject of uudurelng th ? Mthra<dt.i bill till not .Mar btfcni tb'- convention. Mi. f-ba>p?id totrndnoed i.n amendment, and I m ,le limard ont <>i outer b) the Chair It war again prea-nied in. a Mibwtitulo, *nd again f ul"J out. I'tio <|iie*ii m oi eeoO!>U'({ the bill ?u ne.ver le-lorr ine ooUY. utl >o Mjr 0| ptrilKW It, tin bill I* well lt? i?it 11 eeerjrbiat) . I #ay now, whit I 'aid befom 'lint I. ml) Uii-tof beingalro* bect.u a> it ?u.. -'uphl. I think Ik it n.ont Ul'ju t to chart, i toe tilth It log mythm; td.c Mr. Tan Iluicn fur ber urged tin /'. in take a atnttd atinte ?|.i |f. Tl.e prwot litaue, lie ?ald, wax fraught villi Ouetfet. If a iei.tioc.l party wa- to triumph tut dU,? Ivtiun of tin Inloit nut-! fdl ?r. hi u juerlou* or it,-.on wb- o * State uadei'luok t?? nulU.y tilt law. el the ointiy, ? rllkt w?* fount .liar tin-rrio! *ig? 1 ?, u ute to-tif.ita, and wondered popularity wi'h tbe people Vim to ?.t). ' ritr I umn uni t ami 'hall be pie-erred, * nl l.? do It Bit although tbt, ablli'y of he tre-.-ul Chiel Mayie uaie I" nlid, libled, It w itl.l te idle to -ot that be ba? fct much convroi vtr, t,t'.ed pup.ilurlt) tritli, any HCCtion of llie pi t>| ie I ha nolf ruh i) f Jt tbi Country l? In the principle* t?t the Ihumrraiic party . b.'Vi i.< tVie only truly It'ili it,at a KOrit'l iii <4 ttuy In ib. country. Mr. \a? liureu ,aM he Via", n. d'/tibi 'bat the rtsettlt wt?tiVdibe a ? inpl.>t" trtu apli for tue d* n-oeiaey , I ut. *hid he, U l< iinpoi ?u< to ku w wlto-t tic o y it will bn. Will it l~ an ?ilir inl*tt?ti .n rlclory v MfcU. when 1 Wu" In Wa.hinjtt'.n ItU !y, I to .1, mum {.aiiu to bud oet wheie the aduiiainlralioti were, but It we. hlUithlt to aetbrialn that tn m tin- I'nim, and it wit* n < uaiutnl for u* to know alttr We art. engapr t in an int (oitar.t i iaeUou to u.h, an.l it U annoying in litre llt.l* j lO! Ie who are 'pinning thf if top. aod il) injc tlielr kitot at a di?tauee, tea.... tot. I told Uum we ware buay an I bad on liitt te play witb thr children, ilewi langhttT.) Eut I vent to wotk to titd oulwblcit tloket ?a. au|i l?,ri?it l.y the ndn.lnUUalion?whether it We a demo ct* lc. it'ptirilflao, lilnd.*., ab*'lltl.,u oi Cut. arr. 1 did tbt' .me a. tl?e man with tin thimble, and tabled eaah oi.t alter an'til. I, but the little Joker vat net under eiibet ol them (Kinewed laughter.) Bit away bark In ti l i ..rut'r I f' mid a III'Ii*,U' uutk> i 1 hartt ri i-U.' 1 tetind th.t toe aduilnU'.ra'i'wi ??i "halt i t,. II,' but di.l not ?i-ppurt thewtioleh .il .bell ticket leviuiM1 M* Agan, eho wna lor Jtute I'r!,. u luwpe. lor wa* ttTRl'l cd I'll. So It eeiii. that if all tbi lllketa tn the tit d, ti e nath cal a.'.n,lt t't a h n l>na n'd one. 1 arktd th. ? li'or ? I the on I "/a ?? t whr io-r h? dc .iiCfl the lit;:.. tli' ticket In euccaed or iiot. lie anawer en tbai H* r o e of th?deou.erai, ?uppo> I l lie principle advice in' by Mi. t an Ion in !u IMP, It w?. a ti.all' r ol in dil??tBo?c vtiB'btt the tick ' w... electwl. New. it t no* a waiter < ' iutl Her / re l*> ur, hot I am .urptl - d that tl.e <t ri.iri't. alien rbc. id attack the lb. -4.1 nt. II ? ?,.p?d t'wd u at.r 11 Hr ti'm oi Mr. tiiu Bu.en to off. e. tern. I?U Mr. I awrl'.r, ' o." .-t<t of New Vwrk tiotl?e twt all ...... : J '.IMBa, tWafcla Alt*W?< g. otWmeo vcr. ftr'o M m' t fttr. t an Bui en, and wete kte ??t?l? m, l.y li e I .i -.tleui when they weia app"i dtd. They ac reptr 11'' .< wPlmh t owtei.tandlnf, and th y were not, t. <hgrade thwar t Ire* hy any abandonment o" tl eti piluclple*. aod new wear# told by t n organ tint tl.i adii ttiUtriiilon la nppood t? th. pallry uf Mr. \u. tin, i n. I hi. la tl.e r . ceir 1 of tliltd time to# lira admin i'lra'U u hr . I rrn o| j" r I tu Ihe l're oh rt . The o.gtn wa. in I trot if the l',ei,. b ^Mill.i'lon Idll, ant t'.e I'rct .lent rb'.t rd It. ami '? In euo nr two other caa*'. It ,et 111. to <r " th?t 'he . Iwinl t all -n l? oj., el to Ie lie?idr'l t.-rau'C :i? ndndal.atrtllou waot. Mr Bert... nan to I't 'be o- rt I't* .itlent. In f.tet 1 hv" b ' n In I p,|?,, j ? rt i??; (V r 1 a. t.iii.. o to M'. ilu eli*n.ti ii., ,<n to put Unwell Into a p'widon ' tube >1' at . In t. e be ab"?ld it ? * Ib- l?' II.l>. WII. t.v I 1".V? tin <d ;wU"U ?<? >lr It .i tiv w.t-h. ? ?' I make an e:c? Ucnt I'ic.hlent. li.n I . in t tiewh) tic In i?nl .1.. old lot opjo-ed by tb ? ailtnln* trrtl. it to. >1/ h r Huchaawn. Wliuterer may > the re I uj? j ; j. ?, th. rc cenn-t la an lwinUlration ric* ' t, i^ . ' ? ?i '1' ? J-.ult -n tnu.e un wtuiiul'trnthwi r.ctmy 11. . tganb??-eld It U a matter trf Ind f i rreit c. W'w ?.<? i.r.t la lie*e that. If it war reil y a : toatitr < t It Ideren ? tiny would net a mil the pit' J fmu? t' ev w net # .all the Candida', a?tl.ey wonbl ! not aartil tie prtorr that .U|p<.itH" Tie dwlte our , ,i,at.d w l>w dr itgh*e<t to ttnd u. in ti..-min . it,. ibeiefeie lie oigiii keep, reading u* o it of tlia patty. ' I writ tell ) . v ^ about thl* " reading eut " It ? i j ot ??. It ba-nothing to 'h- with the .birery i|UN.t|?n. ' Ibe M e.oand the / Pi*' hive 1* t. I ,c*.| cut ef the r:u,y *nd thrtr othrlen- < n -larcry are it lartet* u. (hey un be. but tbey w-rc loth ep| < ?' <1 to ?'< allnm *'"1 that la tha r-a- -n cty t b" ' r ? a ,tr 10 tl.e in "it of lh? part/, v.. nan w>.o 1. ct in rar.r of >t.a!lr.g eari i? ?la- th* ?' ppo't ' f tl>' ' tbot. (IaugUt< r and ap .e | IwnMr. Wl e, ?h > e r-. tial integrity and nt ce-ty hi' ? ir r hcen /trr'.igbnd, in .fa-k n'a titne, alt) < ngl, he let, ', d tip tj;t wr< r.g tree that time -he. w.j a!*'* teir' tug?I-.n. thottfh r'>n.jn.'t:rtir t "? arlcOti* > itnpi.'gft, fca'tt I if' n >tica from t ,e ' ?? ejrvjt '.he 1,meant* nnemwrnt of hU anoiiru'.l u, nnUI ?U.t.t ihit * four wtek? Iwlore lilt ' le tbm. Bl*.o i. ?.caw avMant ?l?t Uo ?ad to he ruraacflul >' 'n.a wa. arry ar .inu. al/n." it, VJ U'!" V' V - r,.t ibe ' /Hon and without tlie tkluooi^ir'thdl 4ml v I ii j matb r of il*tll?etenee to them wha' b*".m<- of u ? it alro a waller of pet "eel iwdiHefCOOe to c. w-h.?? te r< ? f lliem. ("T.oera.) Thw a.hninUlra'lr.ii erplr*. t y ita own Limitation on 'he 4th <4 Mareh, 1*'.7. N ewrlhly p< wir can aor at-i'o it b?f re time. Tt."n it w il he Ibe t.u.i/w tdtho .h-roocrney to deol w '!, It . 1 ta. Now w* hate our own buelaeea to attend tn aril we ahi.d h^ae an "?? rvh'.n. n,- victory. Vr. f. B .? ' wanton to ay thnt lite victory wo hi yif i be #li.a,eth?r a .'mv <rvtlc on*. Mnay adot) ft ti,. na wl*> 1,.,'i pravUm ly acted with "tier pa-t* * Id now fial tbi Ir ..nly ra.e'y tn IhB arm* -f -1* u .macy. A $ 'at many llheral whig# haw##!??. J??to?i the d< ?u . racy dl-j(-j?t'.1 Wi'h th'' pi'Btlcal crew, wl.t !. l),c .1 >) I h.p la taking tinder the n. m? of :-| ' r^n T'.e ttrainy trrp?# mnat wwwntually Inke a lli.1t will h'lp o.,f tl k. ". Mr Van Hut" it rl-Mfl ? tb al. ?P .,t.ei t tilt i'e to the nnliln hlog 1 rot! o to the t nt n .14 ilit BiMtltaU' a itnya <tU)UyM by .he .1 m, my f Allan) , and lie nwoting m-ta after '*'*? d?e?L 1* Tnr. MoiktaIK!*? \boat the L-.( ? pr'r of f lhr?. fx i ?n fit: .'m"Ii A I ?rtaf nr <??! namI M' Kit'loc r, IWt .u V'? , In ' i. U uI ti. j. M it ini ? ?flha Iumi* >iMh tV 1*'^ tfttf m' al I < f : . Ja and ? \y UUofi. ''i fh> ('arawtfcn ?? ' * Vr 'V'?r, ?|.fi < "h. r nf ilftarty. at'.pf? ?i ?... rnl'ig to VIII t ?fvit?\ wtikli 'h'y ? !.'l u. 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