Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1855 Page 2
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Notice* of New Publication*, fvun Married, a story of Connecticut Lift- Dig 4 EdwAtd-. Ome of the Biunt trutht'ml and pleading pictured of the gnitl and bonu-ly life of Now Kngland, in the story ?Med, under the above ti' le. h.ts formed so agreeable a feature of Cuttum'x Magazine. I'd publication in a ?operate volume will gratify many who desired to give it ? place in their libraries, amongst the work* of those papular iini iuun wri|e~s who hate beet nuoroelel In de feating oar oationul habit* and peculiaritie*. Written hi a wimple, uraffm tod style. and with a heart gushing ?e?r wllb kindly and generous sympathies, we rise from M* perusal with improved leelings and a higher estimate than we had, perhaps, previously formed of our own kind. The *tory is said to he a IIrat effort, and we (rant hit the high appreciation it has met with w ill encou rage (he author to follow it np by a succession of sketches af a similar character. It Is one of the most faithful re tention* of the national miud and the national heart, as they are to he found out of the corrupt and artificial at mosphere ot city lift, that lias a* yet been presented to aa. The author is, we understand, 111. Calvin C. Philleo, of Suffleld, Connecticut. Bdohckoft, by the author of Rcdcliflfe. Apple ton 4 Co. The work* of Miss Yonge have attained a more rapid papularity In this country than those of almost any ftreign female writor that we know of. Her "Heir of Bedsliffe," and " Heartsease," are to be found on almost ?very parlor table. The explanation of the fitror&ble re ?option they have met with, is to be found in tho beauty and originality of the reflections which we encounter in their pages, the brendth of their views?not often to be met with in the works of a female?ami the vigor, as well aa elegance, of their style. Beechcroft will bo found fully ?gwal to its predecessors in the qualities we have noted, whilst its plot is more simple and natural In construc tion. We recommend tho work to all who can enjoy a aanslbly written and interesting siory, free from the mawkish sentiment and efforts at fine writing which characterize the great majority of works ol' this class. WORKS ANNOUNCED. Dickens's forthcoming novel, "Utile Ilorrit," will ho aepabhshed in Jlurper's Magazine, tho Harpers liaring arranged With Mr. Dickens for the early proof sheets. Tho third and fourth volumes of Macuulay's History of Iftgland, announced for publication lit Kngland about the middle of December, will also bo republished by Harper 4 Brothers, from early proof sheets. Mnyor'n Offlcf. PH AIICIEP WITH OBTAINING GOODS I'NDER FALSE PRETENCES. On Monday afternoon about 3 o'clock, officer Hope. Of Mayor's office, arrested n man named James A. War aen, who, it is charged, has been going around lately de manding people out of large sums of money by presenting Rtm with worthless checks on the North River and other hanks in payment for goods. MUton G. Rathhun, one of the Inn of Alfred Muuroe & Co., clothiers at No. 441 Broad way, appeared before Justice Osborne on Monday, the USA inat., and in an affidavit set forth that Mr. Warreu name to the store of the Mrm on the 13th of October inst., ha pay for some goods, amounting to about $77, which he hoopurchased a few duys previously, und stated that he feed Seen over to New Jersey that day, and had not got hack as soon as he expected- He therefore asked Mr. K. fer a blank check, which ho filled up for a larger amount *??? his bill) as be stated that ho wanted some money fbr himself and it was then too late to get it from the hank. The check was for $106, and is as follows:? New York, Oct. 13, 1855. North River Bank. i Pay to A. Monroe & Co., or order, one hundred and! sixty live dollars. < ?i?6. JA<?. A. WARREN. J Mr. Rathbnn, believing Mr. Warren to be an honest man. directed the bookkeeper to pay him the difference, $o wit: $88, or thereabouts, which was done, rhe check wne snbae<inently deposited in Bsuk, but was afterwards returned, as it was ascertained that Mr. Wan en had no tends therein. Officer Hope was immediately directed to keep a lookout for the man. Rnd had been to Troy and several other places in search of him. Yesterday, the officer espied a man tn Wall street, between Nassau and WilkLam, answering exactly the description given of Mr. Warren. He immediately arrested him. Mr. War ren it also accused of being the hero of sevoral other ?taller exploits. It is suld that shortly after tricking Mr. Rathbun, he went to the Astur Honse, where he saw ma old friend, to whom he represented that he had been to Jersey all the afternoon, aud, having been de 1 there later than bank hours, he was unable to oh t any money. He stuted that he had a large amount tetbe North River Hunk, and aaked his It lend whether he the cashier of the Aator House, aud if he coulJ get , to cash a check for him. His friend told him he 1 do io, and both of them fbrthwlth repaired to the cnnhieT, who gave Mr. Warren, in exchango for a check ?n the North River Bank, a large sum in curreut money. Ihn friend of Mr. W. stated that he would stand security far him, and that if it was found that Mr. IV. ha 1 no ?nda in the bank, he would pay the amount. To mike a long story short, the clieck was duly deposited, and te amed, and Mr. W.'a friend had to sutler for his tc - dancy?t. ft, he paid the amount for which tlie chock was ?Med up. Trie accused got bail to tho amount of $300, to i ppear at a farther examination. THK MAYOR'S COMPLAINT BOOK. This, as the public arc aware, lias become one of the settled institutions of the city government, and its clfi ofeney can be seen in the Improved condition of our ?treets, and in the ubntcment of a large number of pri vate as well as public nuisances. Complaints that could not he reached in any other way are recorded in Its peges, and if at all within the power of xlre Mayor they are promptly attended to and redressed. The long list ?f grievances which were at first brought under his no tice have been greatly reduced through its Inntruraontali ta; and although its pugon are still open to the public, &ey are, therefore, not so crowded as thoy were- former ly. There may be some, however, who are not awaro of Me existence, and others who Imagine because they1 never tonr anything of it that it has been done away with. To nil inch it may be sufficient to say that the Mayor's book hi still in existence, and that it ts as efficient as ever. The Turf". MARYLAND. Ho<jus Rc? Course, Rai.timuhk, Oct. 20?Proprietor's rrse. $"00, three mile heats. B. Miller named b. g. lJttlo Flea, by Gray Eagle, dam imported. 7 years old 121 John Campbell named b. e. Jack Gamble, by Wagrner, dam by Tranhy, 3 years old 4 3 2 ?. P. llcGraih named ch. li. Sam Letcher, by Wagener, dam Medoc, 6 years old 3 1 3 gL Green named ch. f., 3 years old, by Belehauar, dam Blue Light i dr. lime, fi.-Ofi^??:G8?G.-07. CONNECTICUT. Trottim. AT HarTHIBD, Oct. latch, $100, lo'le heats in harness. H. Clark's it. m. Country Girl 2 11 H. Balden s b. g. Ned 1 a vrence 12 2 Time, 3:04?2:.>'.i? Name Dav.?Match, $200, utile i.dWs, best three in five, ka harness. H. K. l'ease's b. h. Highlander 112 2 1 R. Pherwood'a b. m Kate Haye 2 2 112 TUne, 2:49 ?2.67 ?2t?2:3b?2.38. Pelltlral lit tell 1?(< nee. Governor Seymour was to speak on Saturday evening te Buffalo. The election ia Norfolk to fill the YAcaner In the Vir ginia House of Dctlcgmtes, caused bv the death of Win. It. Roberts, will be hold on the 12th o' November. I>r. Fran eta Mallory and Dr. Jesse J. Sintkins are announce.) as candidates. Dr. 0. C. Cbaflee ha? been nominated by the Know Net kings for Congress In tlie Tenth district of Maaaachn retts, to till the vacancy occasion. .1 by the rosignatiou of Henry Mori la. Theatres and Kxhlhltlone. Rt.osnw a v Theatre.- Those three popular pieces " MeGutrrthe "Custom of the Country." and ' O f ltsnntgsu and the Fairies " are provided for this evening?Mr an.l Mia. Harney fVltitam* sustaining the prtnrtpal characters. Nisi. 's Oaspe*.?To night will be the last hut three of the Pyne and llarrdson English opera Company. The opera se toted IS "Cinderella,' with all lot beautuul scullery, trtck*. and transformadaiis. Bowrrv Theatre ?Mr O. II. Ortttths. whoaa catering for the drsn.atlc puMtr has gli en general, Is to MM h? benefit this evening The bill provided, Independent of Mr O's elating, is ruffleienl to crowd the bouse tn every available department. Bus TO s ? Theatre.?The Man of Many Frien.L" and the "Wandering M.ns'i <-i." Uid. poptuar pieces, are an nounced for this evening, the easts embrace uir names ol tho retire company. WaU.ace'? The iTRE.?Manager Wallack is to repeat tho "Man of MAny Friends" and die ' tgan of a lover." tltLs evening. Brougham, Waters, Stewart, Notion, Mrs. Iloey, Mrs. Brougham. Mrs. Vernon, and Mtss O ll.stsrm, -ustaln the leading characters. Mr Ooujga, the tnlmlukhle Irish eomcdtau and vrs-atlst. Is to gtre one of hta leasing and highly popular charaetertsU. en Girfatnments this evening at the ltr>okijrn AiltenM-uin lie will be assisted by other eminent ariiste Wood's Mimtmia.?'Tho farco of "Robert Maealre" will be repeated again this evening. In ronjunction with many ..(her features m negro minstrelsy- The house continues to be arewded every night. ? Bnuci't Bebesapers.?The new opera of the " Swiss Cot tag*' has made a deel-led bit. II wl.l be repeated benight with to same good cast. Bern, e seals early. Mr R.i vosu's " IrGh Ewnlngs " and Macaltisler'a " Soirees Magl't'tes" are attrartlng full honse* every night. The pro gramme tor this evening Is st.-elleni. Dovaupso* Tektmxosiau?TV* grant eitertslnmeni ts to name off at the Rowery theatre to morrow evening. The en tolatnment provided comprises dramatic, vocal. Instrumen'vl red ballet performar.ces, In which a host of volantners will rertieipate in conlnnctton with the regular cimpanv. Mr TVmaklson baa been a uf U.a profasalon lor several jrears sad deserves a sub?b?n.UI lokcn ihe dramatic pub Mtss I. Aft i Krrvr was among ihe pa*engeps arrived yea today tn the s.eanwbtp Oeorge ' A a from California, rtt mr editor or ihe bee ti n Win you have the Etadness to rettrir a statevn nl thai appear ed tn (he Uehai.0 of Monday, to the elfect that 'Iw suurenr |>er fermanee ef " Hamift" was set down for to morrow, a. it win ret lake place until next week. 1 would lurther state that an waftreseea red Important engagement In Lowell will otstmu Mlsn Mary Agneeffcm personating the .fiararter of tho "queen met! sr. " in accordance ? Hh s deWre so M do sincerely and . wily expressed hy Iter to tag t UAH-T, P. WARE. TnaiAi, yskJV.HW, Serious Railroad Aifldvnl In South Carolina. TIIIBTV LIBERATED SLAVES INJURE P. [Vrom the < Urn lo.-itou Courier, Oct. "1.] The train that left Augusts, for thin city yesterday uion lng, did not arrive at ILedepot uulil uwarly 7 o'clock last evening in consequence of a record class t ar having been crushed to atoms by our of the rail* having given way, at about halt pact 1 o'clock yesterday aftoi u sin, a inilu and a hal' above RrancbvUtv. The car was crowd ed, mostly with negroes, and etory one was out wire or le**. Captain Crews, the conductor, w is badly bruised about the lace and body. Mr. W. England, the l.tggngv in. t a tar, was also badly bruised. Mr. ti. Hodman. of Lowry's Turn Out, was badly cut about the fa:eanl arms, and Mr. J. S. Jenkins received bruises on his head Wo are gratified to learn, however, that none of ilie.te gentlemen ate considered to be seriously iujuTud. four negroes, two women, a boy and a child, belonging, we believe, to A. Mnryck, r'sq.. of Ht. Janu s rontse, were hurt tuore or lew, but none seriously. A traiu hand, nuro-d Miller, had liis teg broken above the enele, aud seemed much injured. Murg*j ?t, the stewardess of tLiu nam. was likewise bruised, tine boy, about thirteen years of age, was -si much iojured that lie earned live. He aud thirty others had been liberated by their late owner in Tennesiev, and wore in charge of the executor to ' he estate on their way to Rahtmore, from wide It ci'y they arc to taki nnasage to IJbeila. I he scene, tve are informed, was horrible in the extreme. The car wis literally smashed to pieces, and some thirty or thirty-live people were inixud up with the broken flagmen n. Hta accident was unavoidable, and had it no! been for the presence of mind of Mr. Iiatib, the engineer, iuluiiue.iiut"ly roversing the engine, the loss of lite must hat e oeeu great. Tornado In Bristol, R. I.-Uenuge to the Shipping. [('"lrevpondence of the ."rovideneo Post.], flct. 28, 1855. A most terrific tornado passed over the north part of this town a little after o'clock this morning, uocumpa nied by thunder and lightning, ruin and hail. Th" cloud cunie tip from west northwest, tho wind varying from southwest to northwest. Fences weie prostrated, and trees broken otf aud tdown up by the roots. The schooner Sylph, from Kingston, with eoul, lying at the north wha> f belonging to the sugar refinery, broke her fasts uno drove up ngalnst the coal shed, stating in the entire end of the bull ling, uiul precipitating a large quantity of coal int > the dock. The aciooner was eon siderably chafed, and had her boat badly stove. The sloop Three flitters, of New York, lyiug at Pest's wharf, also broke away and drove up agaiust a cooper's shop, doing some damage to the building, and staving in her bulwarks, s*a?riieon?, kc. The schooner Calvin Stevens, lying at Stanton k Skin ner's ship yard whart, also broke adrift, ana drove up the dock, damaging the wharf to some extent. Sire was sorno chaicd. A chimney on the house of Mrs. Talbot, on llopo street, was blown over on to the roof. Tho brick end ot the charcoal house of the sugar re finery was blown in. The b"lt of the tornado was very narrow?probably not over a quarter of a mile in width. I. did nut extend south ot Slate street, nor can I learn thai it causod auy damage north of tho "town bridge." There were some twelve or fifteen sail of vessels at anchor in the harbor, but they fortunately were able to hold to their anchors. T ho tornado was about five minutes only in passing ever. News hy Mull. tiovwnor Wright, of Indiana, has issued a proclamation designating Thursday, the twenty-ninth of November as aday of thanksgiving throughout thut Htate. Anthony Nicol committed suicide In the Schuylkill county jail, on tho 26th inst. He was well to do in the world, but had two wives. (>ov. Pollock, of Pennsylvania, appoints the twentv second day of November as a day of thanksgh ing. Mary Fiannignu has been convicted at Providence, of the murder of Miss Richmond, with whom site lived. j A hill is now pending before the T'ounensee Legislature for the erection of statues of Washington and Jackson in tho ftale capital at Nashville, the statuos to be tho work of an American aitist. A conference of rabbis and delegates, representing the , various synagogues of Israelites i'u Amciiea. has been in session at Cleveland, Ohio, for a few days past. Thepro I ceedings wore chiefly of u doctrinal nature. The papers state that a convention of busb tndsisto ho culled shortly at Syracuse, New York, to udopt s imo measures in regard to fashion. They say that since they iuivo to support tho expenses of fashion, they have a right to regulate its caprices. It is also said that a pro position to raise boys only, in tutore, is to come before the convention. The members arc to resolve themselves into a husbands' rights party. The Cincinnati Times says that on the 3d inst., a num. her of persona in that city plainly saw a balloon in the air, winch by a powerful glass, was discovered to lw a wreckj and infers that it may hate been the balloon ot tho missing tcronuut, Winchester, who made an ascen sion at Norwalk, Ohio, on the 2?1 inst., and has not since been heat d of. The Lebanon AiJvrtitcr says that five hundred laborers ate wanted on the In Ion canal, betwstn I/ebanon and Myerstown, Pa. The tleik of Police in Bos'on reports that hy actual count, on Thursday. 6,709 vehicles and 522 railroad cars en'eicd Boston, the former bringing 34,460, and the lat ter 22,730 persons. There were abo 5.1,302 foot pat sen gers, making a total of 110,401 Visiters to Boston In a single day. (tne foot of snow fell on the 23d inst. on the Hebler beige, in Albany county. This was the second snow storm of (ho season. Tho Milwaukie Snitiiirl says that a very large mooting was held on the 19ih Inst. in reference to Ihe lecenf murder II. A. Adams, and the necessity'of capital punishment for the crime of murder. A committee of five, appointed by theelndr, reported a seiios 0f rcsolu'ims. expressive of their strong conviction that the safety oi life demands the restoration of capital puni-hun-nt. On the night of the 21st inst., tho murderess, Sn ah Ann Abigail Brown, confined In the jail In (' ,ne ,rd N H under sentence of death for participating in tho murder of Washer, gate birtli to a healthy, bouncing e ,-. Riddick re well has been sentenced to h -1 ? .... tie 2d of November, in Pasquotank county, .N. v.. , ific mur der of u negro woman. On the night of the lfith inst. the citizens of Raton Rouge, l a., were under arms and in great excitement on account ot a rumor that the slaves intended to rise nnd attack the l\ S. arsenal and the bank. Nothing ot tho kind, however, took place. On the next morning. Joe Craig, a colored barte r, and a suspicious character, was compelled to leave the place. Charles l!iggir? a youth ol I t yon t sof age. accidentally shot and killed his mother, at Alton, noar Columbus Ohio, on the 26tli. At Iancaster. Pa., on the 27tli inst., in the case of Wil son sgt. the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, ft .",00 d-i mnBes were awarded. The accident hy which Wilson lost his life was eausisl by the breaking of a rail. The case of Hudson against the same company was liclj uudcr ad vlsement. Anew Pest Office has been established at Rig Crrch. Steuben county, N. Y., l'reeinan llardcen, postmaster. The Ben Franklin and tile Epldrinlr. ?to TUB ER1TOB OP THE UKItALD. Having reen a letter in your i -uo of the I6ih, dated Vera Cruz, Sept. 21, 1836, and signed J. T. Pickett in regard to Ihc above tiaitiel vessel, and being one of the refugees from Oosport, I atn desirous oi ion ruing the truth, and would therefore ask the privilege of propoun ding a fbw questions in ngard to the Ben Franklin:? 1st, If she was.not the vessebwhieh brought the fever t<> Oosport, how was it that tho first ease which waa made public was a gentleman who boarded at Capt. iknvns', and who hnd t>eeu at work on the above named vessel r And 2d, Why, on the first appearance if the disease among tho Citizens, uus it confined to those who had been working on the Ben Franklin, in the shipyard oi Messrs. Page \ Aden? We know that the Oolambts lies at iptsrantlne wi'h the fever, and that several watchman were einplovod to wat>h on hoard. Rot then the hatchw ays were closed und neither of thive watchmen caught the enld'mic'. But thein was scarcely a man who worked on the Ben FrniiUlin. or on the new ship in the yard of Mc-srs. l'ago A Allen, bill who was attacked : anil it Is a well known tact, that for several weeks the disease was confined to that one locality, nnd scarcely a family in the vicinity but lost one or more of their number (nnd in some in stances whole families were swept off), ir Mr. Pickett, or any one else can answer the above .statement*, which I von, h fiir, then he rnn satisfy me that tiis Ren Frank lln did not have the fi vwr on hoard. Rat, Icing cogol zsnt of these fiict^?Ivlng <mlv a square from the in fe. ted strvt. and having lost relative* and friends who resided tn the Immediate district?I still adhere to the belief tlist the Hpii Franklin has ' committed the sin" of which she stands accused. Ci letpt >Kf. Superior Court?General Term DEClKiONH. Present n full llooch. Oit. 27.?Xeuntadt Allium.?Verdict reduced to #149 tifl, and internet Irom tlie nmnn'n. anient of the action, nod Ju< 'giiiont for plaintiff in that amount.. In thr N<UO i iff Ik Lout Wilt ami Julainrv! of J,im-v Whitlv.?K\d'utoin to account for rent," and propct ty frort death of Mary M.<otioy, to I* credited with the WOO per annum paid to Meliaeu Mooney during har U%. Hamnrl Ari (iff. Jhli-ut d Turner.?order affirmed, with coeta. Wm. K. UcCrmdg nflt. J. W. Huntf*.?New trial grnn'cd on Condition ol paying ro?t* of trial and cote of *! 7W, n. Cmhlinft in <">t 6W?rf <f Johvin.?'Verdict he I aside and complaint dmmWd. Mir,ml Hue aril. Ntrrhfi 8. ITutltni.m .?Report wt aeide. Judgment reversed and new trial ordered, with code to .il i.le event. H'm, II. Ilih Oft, .lamr.i fhrrit, Jr., by hit Hilar.Han. ?New trial urdetaff on payment of eoeta and of the appeal CWb <i|it. I' He'.?Motion for new ttlal denied. Judg e ent for plaintiff. Faro He/ apt. t ttihim Judgment of a pec la I term af firmed, with coata Jtuadl ii:lI. HutUnn Kailniail f.d>??j?iwy.?Judgment lor plaintiff on the verdict. Ilmalanil it <?1 nql 7M"'t if IhtnlT ? Judgment for plaintiff fer value of tf*H4 btiahel* at $1 1ft, with Inter eet from Vebuary 7, lftM A CATHOtIC PlIVT npHTglKO TO (JlTS Bvf t)Ka'?i.a * Cask or \C( kiojr,?The trial of John Orotiin, for the murder Of hla wife, occupied the attention of the Circuit Orurt ?n Saturday, Moat of the teatimony w*? taken it'*, Mr. Teellng a Catholic priest, wa? placed upen the witaeaa stand and <iae? tinned aa to the dylug deriaTatloni of Mra. I roning, but theae he maolutely re fuaed to divulge The <|ueatl'<n of compelling nim to teatify upon thl? point waa argued until a la'e hour, when the Court Adjourned and the ca?<> wo a laid ovtr U?U> tliin mernit'i ? Ai'vAfftP/M IfMf, (Af. 1 He JBmitgomerjr U start! tn (luebec. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Qvmur, Oct 20. 185*. I The Montgomery Guard, as flne a body of men and as gentlemanly, as one could meet with tu a "day's march paid or* a short visit last summer and were warmly re oehed (at least by the " right thinking" pvrllon of the community), Rome meddling body aJdreesed to tbeG lard a note purporting to come Iron IJeut Col. Cockell an I the oiHeere of the 16th regiment, asking them to dine at the c adel, but their short i lay here luckily prevented the "sell" from going fi.rther. Ou their leturn to New York the Guard issued the card that has given sm h _of li nee to the office re of tbe ldth, and Col. C. deoies the in vitation in a card wblcli 1 Bete to you Uit It bo awaru iug toiur citizen soldiers, when next they "take tueir walks abroad," to be a little more "on their gui _ guard " Apologizing if I have treaio.aiod too uiucb on your valu able space, 1 am, sir, respectfully. Ac., AN AMERICAN RESIDENT, of Quebec. CORRESPONDENCE. TUB ALU FT) IIUUS8?PI OASISG NUTUMJUTION. | lo the Editor oftlie Quebec Gazette. | Bui? lu these days of war and bloodshed it is refresh ing to read such renolutiooa as the one which follows extracted from the proceedings of a meeting of the Montg' iiu-ry Guurds, whoso late visit to Quebec was so deeply fell, both in our hearts and in our purses:? " Resolved. That we hereby offer our bom thanks respectively to Lieut. A. Cockell and tho officers of tie 10th Regiment of the line, for their kind invitation to dine at the Citadel of Quebec, and Ibvir general atten tion. Also to the Eire Company No. 9, (belongiug to 1 iamond Harbor,) for their escort during our inarcti through lhat city." Now, sir, there are always yome snarleyows inclined to find fault, and 1 have heard objections made to a few ni the very many resolutions of the Mon'goinerjes. those critics, lor instance, suy that among such a lot of reso lutions the No. 9 Company might have had nun to ikotu stlves, without being jumbled up with the 16th Reg' . which neither might like. Fault is also found with tbe resolutions thanking Montreal and Quebec, because the citizens of Montreal are thanked for their " enthusiastic rcccptii n and well-regulated good nature." while we in Quebec, who paid ?100 more, have a resolution no- long er, informing us that "tho reception and enthusiasm oi tbe dtiaeus of Queboc huve merited unalterable esteem." liut everything can't be done to please everybody; so, if the ?t. Patrick's Society and its f: ionds aro satisliod, we ought lo try and be so too, though we may perhaps be allowed to hope that the next visit won't cost quite so much, and that the officers of the ldth will favor the Quels c Gazelle with an aconunt of the dinner they gave the Guards, with all tho toasts and speeches. ONE wuo inn to Pay his Share ok the ?100. Quebec, Out. 24, 1855. [To the Editor of the Quebec Colonist.] Citadel, Qi kiiec. Oct. 22,1855. Sir?My alien! ion having been called to a c ird pub lixlied in Saturday's Colonist, (for 1 never read the paper myself,) iaBiied by a body of Irish Yankee men, styling iheir-selves the "Montgomery Guurds," who honored Quebec with their society and had music for a whole day,?1 am constrained to notice one paragraph in it which concerns tny brother officers and tuyscif. Tbe " Guards " lender their best thanks respectively tn Taeut. Col. Coekelt and tho officers of the 10th High of tho line, for the!) kind invitation to dine at the Citadel, Quebec, and their general attention. Now, Sir, one of i wa things is the case. Either the Montgomery Uuards have been egregiously hoaxed or the invitation to dine at the I'ita del was the cninigo of their fertile Illbernl vu imagina tions, (assisted perhaps by the ?100 Corporation spread) for no such invitation or general attention was tendered them by the ltith. I am, Sir, Your obedient servant, WM. COCKET.L, Lieut. Col. 10tli Regiment. Execution in Chebtereieud County-, Va The nigro bey Joe, who a< IcmpteJ an outi iu(e upon the person of Madaine fiussomille, near 1'oter.vburg, some t.vo or three months ago, was executed ut C'heHtertteld Court House, last Eriday. The Teter.-burg Express thus deanIhcs tho scene-?A Urge crrwd was in attendance to witness the execution, and among the number were ob served many blacks. A minister of the gospel was pre sent, who p*i cached tho funeral sermon of the culprit, and ufl'erea up a feivcnt prayer, just previous to the execution. Upon being asked if he wished to say any thing before bis soul was launched into eternity, Joe replied briefly, and staled that the Court had awarded him full juslIce- that he livl been very wicked, but be lieved that (>od had pardoned bis sins, and he felt pet fectly willing to die. Mr. Edward Varnicr, the Deputy Sheriff, then adjusted the rope, drew the rip over the unfortunate being's face, and let loose the lulal drop, when the victim wung oft and died almost without a struggle, lie maintained bis composure to the utmost, never for a moment betraying the slightest emotion of fear. The RoratcnihDB.?An article iB going tlic rounds of the press stating that the whole concern of tuc Rothschilds is worth *7li0,000,000 in money capita), be sides faOO 000 000 moro in real estate, mines, fee. So far from thts being the fact, we understand that the general estimate in Europe us to the aggregate weilth of the whole concern is COO,000,000 franc ?, orah>ut$lO 000, 0C0. 'Hie idea is purely absurd that their wealth should amount to such uu enormous sum as 41,01)0,009,009, equal, at t'< por cent,, to an an annual income of sixty millions ol dollars?a sum winch, in compuru1 ive'-y a few veura, accumulating iu a compound ratio. Itnd doublitu.' it every twelve years, would concentrate in their hands o large pertlou of thewnltli and property of all Europe, ? Washington InteUtgencer, Ott. 29. Western Hog Tradf. ?At Loniwiile on the 24th list, a pork establishment sold to an English pi.ker UO.Ot'O lings ut 4tl from the hrokAn nvorage or 2C0 pounds net per hog, would make the aggregate amount Involved in the transaction 4240,000. Tiunkpgiving Days The (iorernorB of the vn rious Mates ujipeur determined not to agree this year on a day of thanksgiving. North Carolina liad bur's on Thursday lust. Maryland and \ irglnia obecrvo tho 15tli of November', Pennsylvania, Mr me, Iowa, and Ohio, the 22d of November, and Massachusetts, New York, aud In diana. the until. Obituary, J. Watt Smith, arsenate editor of the Memphis Eigts, died in that city on tlie 19th lust., ago 1115 years. Advices ltare been received from Texa-, giving intelii fence of the accidi utal death of Second Lieut. W?i. M. IAVAnt, of the regiment of mounted ritleuicn. Iiy drown ing In the KioGrauda at Eagle I'os-, on tlie 2d Inst. 'Hie decerned was a native of South Carolina, and a graduate of the Wed i'oint Military Acudemy of tlie class of 1854. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. .MONEY MARKET. Ti 6-day, Oct. .'to -*i P. M. The stock market at the morning hoard was oinplinti (ally flat. There Wus an iudi-position to operate on livtli sides, notwithstanding the apparent advantage of tb" operators for a decline. Th" generality of sccuritie were offered at lower prices, and mostly sold for cash or on short time. The Impression is general, in view ? f th" uncertainty of tho future, tliul the safer courso is to curtail liabilities and wait for a more settled *ta e of things in Europe. "When a Liverpool merchant fails, the whole United NtattM trembles," says Mr. Crampten. If this bo true, should it be ma' ter of surpri?e tliat the expectation of the failure f the think of Erauce should make us shake7 Wo re gard the chances for such au eve ut a* slight?still, there are thousands wlm look upon it as probable. That such men should "tremble" and be anxious to get rid of a portion of their stocks, and should infect tl.nusmd of others with tlie same feeling, is not to bo Wondered at At borne nil I' well. Money is easily enough domed for all healthy purposes. Exchange is don n, and going down. Over a million and a hall >f gold arrived this evening'from California, t> replenish Co vaults of tlie lumks and quiet the (ears of their cash iers. Our produce is going out of the country in im mense quantities, at high prices?all contributing to make us rich and strong, but all counterbalanced for tlie moment by the uncertainty of tho European moneyed future. We know not wliat a steamer any day may br; i j forth, snd wi-e men. under such circum.-dances, dec t prudent to wait. Tlie variations at the morning hoar I were ai folloWi - Rending declined 1 \ per cent; (knten, 1','; I'anima, 1; Chicago and Rock Island, 1\-, Galena and Chlcogr I; Michigan Southern, 1)$; Cumberland Coal, t?; Michigan Central, }?, Harlem, Jj. Erie, , Illinois Central It'ill road bonds, New York Central six per cent bonds, '\H. and New York Central seven per cent bend* At the afiemooa beard there was a little more confi dence shown, and a slight rally tisik place. FMe and Reading each each advnneed, the former , ,tn.l the latter 1. New York Central closeil at about 8">f. The glowing -easily oflhe article of flrew > ?! is becom Irgamalterofcoasl lfrable interest in this State. The enn motis consumption by railroads added to the ordinaiy and necessary consumption by families, the totalnon produo Hon of the article at accessible point* within this Mate, and the recent demand for export. ha?e, within the past few years, rapidly diw.iniah(-d the stock and largely i,-S vanced tlie price. Oi-dinary hard wood was -nipped last summer from Sodua Rny to Chicago, ?nd paid n handsome profit. We have seen a letter jutt re ceived from the same point, staling tliat (ktaadivns from Toronto had swept the docks at Nodus Ray of all the wood cut. at M 60 per cord, and offered to contract for several thousand cords at the same price. Hie same kind of wood at the same point In 185J was difficult of sale at 61 60 per cord. Most people have supposed that when our word lot* were cut off Canada or the West could, from tbelr interminable forests, by way of the lakes, snpply as to any extent at a trilling advance. The necessity now ap|iears to be pre -isely the reverse. Then it less wood In the Htale of Wisconsin than with.n the Mine area (n any country ef Europe. The operation* at the Assistant Treasurer's olRee were a* fellows:? l aid on Treasury account 117,718 12 Received do. do MO.940 11 Balance do. do 7, Mt 27 l aid for Assay office 44,001 .V) J'gid oo 4isbw'nf check"..,,,.., 42|170 Stock Eirhaii^t'. Tckjoay, Oot. 30?1 r. M. ?30o0 Kent'ky 6's.s3 102 600 ?hs Read KR. ..hi 85 1C00 inrt (fate &'? ,. 70% 400 do M'4 26f 00 Mi-sourl 0%. ,c 87 200 do c 8t% fiCL'OO <lu stw 87 100 do blO 86 6000 do b.1 87 150 Ilud Hl? RK..M0 32% 6000 liar 1-t M 11. s3 88 100 do *3 31% fOOO Krio Rts <>f '83 80% 200 Mich On Kit.. b3 92% ROO irle Bds of '76 84% 100 Panama RR 100 80(0 Co 84 <? 26 Gal & ?'hi UK. 6 0 114% 10CO NYftMlBds 'tii 77>i 26 do 114 loco II K 1st M Bds. 100 % 060 Erie RR 40 1400O III On RR lid*. 76% 700 do e 40 lOOCO do b3 75% 400 do ?3 40 COCO d> c nB 1200 do (850 60 6C0O do sl6 7 ?% 200 do b3 49 1CI0O N Y On 6'?... 88 50 do s00 48% 1000 N Y I'en 7'?... 1004,' 100 do srto 40 lflCO Chi AT i>vd Bds 73 000 do blO 49 '.0?o Chi ft R1 RR.. 93 100 do bl5 40 8 shs Hanover Bk.. 97 660 do ?10 49 26 Corn h* ra.ok.. . 101 100 do sl5 40 6 American Ex Bk. 110 100 do bOO 49% 100 Canton Co ba 22 100 do c 48% 60 do 22 1C0 do ?J<> 48% 200 on bSO 22 160 do *3 48% ICO Nic Trail Co... *3 10% 100 do bl5 48% 360 do c la' 60 do 48% 400 do 860 10% 200 Harlem K!t 21% 20 i'enn Coal Co.... 07% 279 Mich S ft N IRR.. 00 50 Cum Coal Co.... 24% 126 do b.'iO 91 100 do *30 24% 50 do b60 02 1C0 do 63 24 % 50 do s30 80%

4t)0 do c 24% 25 do ?3 89% 400 do 626 26 100 do 600 91% 100 do h3 24 V 30 do ?3 89% 100 do I>30 26 7 Rome Wat KR... 70 270 do c 24% 36 Clovftl'ittH RR... 66% 1C0 do 610 24% 601 Clov ft Tol KR... s3 07 100 do 24% 60 do. 07 100 Reading RR. 80 212 ChiAKIsld RR... 80 100 do c 86% 26 do 630 91% 1C0 do c 86% 50 do s30 89 200 do 86 8BOOWD BOARD. 84000 III Cen RR Bds. 76% 60 shs Erie RR. ,s30 40 5000 do b60 76% 50 do S0O 48% 5000 111 Frl'o Bds w p 80 160 do 49 300 shs Nic Tran Co. 10% 200 Harlem Railroad. 21% 100 Cumb Coal Co ... 24% 200 Reading RR.. n0O 85 400 do 26 650 do 85% 60( hi ft R 1 RR.. .s3 89 205 Gal and Chi RR.. 114 100 Erie liaUroad.RCO 48% 50 do (100 113% 50 do alO 48% 60 do 600 116% 400 do 48% 16 do 610 114% 100 do *30 48% 10 do blO 116 100 do g.'0 48% 200 Clev ft Tol RRb80 09 200 do b. 0 49 60 (lev ft Pitta RK.. 50.% 100 do 6C0 40% CITY THADE REPORT. Tchbpay, Ost. 80?0 P. M. Ask?.?The market was quiet and prices unchanged. Bnxanerrm.?Hour?The market opened at an ad vance, caused in part by the doinaud for filling contracts. At the aiuae, however, there was a slight, reaction, aud trie market closed at ubout previous rates. The sales footed up about 8,000 a 10,000 bbls., including common to stiuiglit State at 89 a 80 12%, and common to choice Michigan at $8 87% a $9 26, and extra Stato, with good to fancy and extra brands of Ohio, Iudima and Wiscon sin, at 60 12% a 80 37%. Canadian was in moderate de mand, with salea of 600 a 800 bbls., at prices ranging from 89 12 a $10. Southern was in fair de mand, with sales of about 1,200 h 1.500 bbls., closing rather heavy ut prices tanging from $0 44 a $9 87 for mixed to iaucy brands, and $10 a $11 lor good extra brands. Rye Hour was quiet. Jersey meal was at $4 70, and a sale ofabout 100bbls. Baltimore was made at $4 81%. Wheat?The market wus less animated, prime to choice lots were scarce and high, while common grades weie dull, and prices closed in favor of put chasers. The sales embraced about 30,000 a 40,0C0 bushels, included in widch were 4,000 bushels fuir to good Canadian white at $2 22, with some lots of common do. at $2 12. A small lot prime Southern white, 800 bushels, sold at $2 24; good red .Southern at $1 96 a 82 06; common to good white Southern ranged from $2 15 s $2 20; Western red, according to quality, ranged from $1 85 a SI 05, with a lot of prime Indiana do. at $2 03. Corn was ea ier, with sales of .V>,000 bushels Western mixed at 04c. a Otic., but wlncn closed at 04c. a 96c. Rye?Rales of 6,000 bushels were made at $1 26. O&ls were steady ut 46c. a 48c. for Rtatc; Chicago were nominal at 40c. a 60c. On-re.?About 4,000 bags Rio wore offered at public auction, of which 3,100 were sold at 10c. a 11 %c.,and some it 0 a 300 do. do. were sold to tho trade at about lie.: 50 die government Java, 14%'c.; and 400 pkgs. Mocha, at 14%c. Cutton.?Tho market was rather quiet, as dealers were waiting later foreign news by the Baltic. The sales were confined to about 700 a 800 bales?prices closing steady. Ihi it.?The sales embraced about 500 boxes bunch lai-ius at $3 65; halves do, at $180; aud quarters do., at 90c. Ktnnrtier?.Rates continued firm, and vessels for the Continent were in good demand. To Liverpool rates were steady, but rather quiet, ss shippers were waiting lor later forign news. About 3,000 bushels grain were engaged at 11 %d., in bags; and about 500 a <00 bales of cotton ut 11-32U, for compressed. Flour was at 4s. To Havre, ? Hour was engageo at $1, and grain at 25c. There were three or four vessel* taken up for Marseilles, to load cbiofiy with grain, at 33c. Hour to the same port, was about 140 s. a 150c. To Ant werp, there was u good demand fir grain, at 15d., ami flour at 4s. ToOliioruia, rates ranged from 45c. a 50c. fci'SNV Paoh.?10O bales were said at 10c. Cunny cloth was at l-'c. Hay.?bales 000 a 700 bales wore reported, at 70c. a 7Cc., for shipping. Naval Ftorb<.?The market was steady, both for splri's and rosin, though prices were without change of mo inent. Plot lsiojif.?Pork?The sales embraced about 1,000 1 bis., including mess at $22 37% a $22 60; prime at $21 a $21 26. Iu< luiied In the abovo were ubout 50) bids tcfuse mess, at p. t.. su prosed to be at about $18 a $19. Beef was rather heavy, with sales of 100 a 200 bbls., without chung- in prices. Vermont mess ranged fro n $14 m $15; extra State, at $18, and extra Chicago, at $10 50. Ref hams were at $10 50 a $17. fsinl was dull, with sales of 150 a 200 hbl*., at 11%C. a 12c. Huttcr and cheese were without change. Birr: wn? dull; "0 a 80 tierces were sold at 5c. a 3%c. for prime quality. t'liKiJAi'.?00 cases w ere sold at full prices. Srt-AR.?Ihemaiket continued heavy. A sale of 10o bhds. made at auction, including Cuba at about 5%'c., and I'orto Rlco>6%c. a 0c. cash. About 290 lihd* Cura muscovado were sold to the trade at 5%c. a %c., and aliout 600 boxes ut 6%c. a 7%c, Tauow.?The market was active, with -ales of about 30 O(.0 lbs. at 12%c. TVtxxb ami rd-iarre ?50 quarter casks sherry win" sold at $1 m $1 76 per gallon; 25 half pipes C >gmuc brua<iy at $4 60 a $6 75. Toimooo.?No rhaugo previous rep'ir(s; the do maud is steady and prices well maintained. The sales In eluded 185 hud*. Kentucky nt 8%c. a ll%c.; 109 bales ilavaua. 27c. a 30c.; 130 do. Cubs, on private terms; 160 cases .cedlcuf, 9%c. a 14c. Whwkft.?The sales -cached 000 a 800 bids., including Ohio ut 10%c., aud prison at 41c. Tlie Cotton Sbukil. T. J. ,'TKWAUT & OO.'S CIRCULAR. Nfw York, Oct. 31, 1856. Our market declined nearly }^c. during the week sue cei ( ing nur lu(<t issue, on 17th inst., from the offset ol the Atlantic's advices received next day. The sale unified 1,000 ImIw diilf from onr stock, aud several parcels nllont, from Southern ports to I.tverpnol, changed hands. At the close, prices were quoted on the tsisis ot t'C. for Upland middlings, in average lists, or 0'Bc. to Ot^e. for designated even lot*, tin Monday and Tuesday tlio niaiket liardcne<i up. from ilic rnoro limited niuoun on sole, ftn Wei need ay. at 1 P. M., tile Africa's very un iavorablc accounts to 18th inst. from Liverpool w? re re ceived. The decline by this arrival being tolly ?',d., with tin limited business of 31.000 bates, being ag.iiu worse than operatives linked for at that period, a oucesslon of 1 ,c. was asked, but from the striiU available stock, hoi. un derlined concession, except in small parcels. on which *,c. was submitted to. On PiIday morning telegraphic advices of a severe frost at New Orleans on night of vttb weie leceivcdb) several bidders, and on the pi esumptions that it may have been felt on the cotton plantation, some 8,000 bales changed hands, which olosrc ' the boards, and left the market as before the Africa's an val. On .Saturday the business amounted to 1,8 0 hales, closing firm at H'?r. for mi'hlllug~. The lust two day* ihe sales wire 2,500 bales, with less tone to prices, tele graphic advices from New Orleans up to 20th ad via. . absence of frost and 8'?e. tor middlings, freight ??d. 'Ihe wentherat the South lias been vary tor rlp< ning the crop up to 28th Inst. We are ad?i-usl of frost on tl.e morning of that date at Now Orleans a Mobile, and at a few points in the cotton section. I' would riquirt a general fn.df to do any damage of n ? ment to the plan', and this has not lieon such, and b? . followed .dnce by warm and dry weather. Those hull which had attained three quarters maturity woul' >s cracked and ripen the faster. Hckiug continues with unabated vigor, which retards deliveries at the ports Navigation remains as before, at a very low ebb. I y telegrsph from New Orleans the total flotilhcn receipts on 1 riday night show an excess of 1B0.0UU bales over those of last yesr. The crop, tn maturity, is cerUi'n.y tully a fortnight in advance of the last one. Iteceipts at the ports -ince Hept. 1, 1888, bales.., .108,8i>0 Corriwpondlng dates last year 20>',8tS3 f< " in crop 1863-64 173,141 '? ?? " 1862-88 834,48: ?< " " 1861-62 262.371' Total exports since Fept. 1, 1868 100,873 Corresponding dates last year 03,1444 " ilk crop 1088 54 70,702 ? ?? << 1862-63 126, two ?? ? 1861-62 102,817 Iteceipts at this port in October 30,flit Kxpoits from " " 10,160 ? ? " since 1st inst 10,160 Tak)n by spinners l:,00n l iports tn (.'t Tiritain since fept, 1, 1866. bales., 110,680 Corresponding dates la?t year 61,014 i. " in crop, 1863-64.... 67,370 i< ?* " 1862-6.1,. 07,766 ? " 1861-62 70,221 Mock In New York and porta of receipt 2.?7,47p Cor rei-ponding dates lsst year 107,1*14 >' " In eii^i 1861-64 101,461 <? " " 1862-63 220 264 " " " 1861-62 1816470 faken on speculation sines jJeptemher 6,000 " since 1st instant 6,000 Mi ck in first and other hands 26.000 An onnt on sale frcm all hands i,o0<j LITWIPOOL, CLASSIFICATION. .... _ Oclw/asead I p6Wa Fl.wOfci MMk. Am Oritln ry to good >?',? frt s%? ?'?a 8); ?'.* s'; Low n.uwltiu*. ?.. ? ? 81,a # St,a 9 t',? V s'JvV MMtrl?tn?a*ar?i(cU?t ?0? ? 0S ? -912 s. ? Jr. ? Uirtillinr. even k* ?9"? ? ? ?S, ? - Hj - ? o'iJ ? V.orsl m M0nf 9!i"9 ? p ?? !>S 9's? 0', !>'4aIo Middling fair 9\? 9',a 0'4alO loUaW , rale 'o geedfair.... 10 alO.N 10 a'.v.S 10>,?U lot,aii>4 IWEBIWaJilVn EBREWED EVER! DAT. A1 ?EWSP*PRKll. a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPV NEW YEAR.? A THR NEWS HOY'S PICTORIAL WHL HK KKAflY TI.IH MOHMt.U. The most magnlf'rcnl Pictorial sheet ever published lu the United Hiatea. emitted TiiK NEWS BOV'H PICTORIAL. The engraviugs ?re by the bestartl-ita In America, from trl ylnal designs,by Dartey, Blcbcnck, Dallas, McLlnon end others, and have been prepared expressly for this publi'atlou, at an Immense expense. Tbey constat (in part) or? Ihe Happ- New Tear. W iu-htngton Crossing the Deluw Arc. 1 he Storming or SebaatopoL Itetorn of the Kane Expeditions. Perils of the Arctic Regions. Accident or the Camden and Amboy Ran rood. The Mnn'hs, a serlee of Twelve magnl'loeut engravings. Besides tlflv splendid comic cute, forming by far the most ele gant and beautiful illustrated holiday sheet ever offered to the public. ? It will be printed In quarto form, on A KAXIttOTH SHEET UIT MtJHTII rZUKS, and trill be sold at the low price of ti'.i cent* per copy. Send iu your orders at once to DEXTER A BROTHER, 14 and Id Ann si. IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS.?OR SATURDAY NEXT eighteen thousand copies of tho "Brooklyn Index" will be ilrculated throughout Kingsootinty. This will afford to mer chants a rare opportunity to give publicity to their business. Advertisements received at the office, No. 21 Court street (up . lairs), Brooklyn, until Thursday evening. _TJC?a?lV RMttUTlUk m BROADWAY?A BEAUTIFUL FURNISHED PAR lor on tbe second floor, and three sleeping apartments, to let, between Fourth street and Washington place. No boarders In tbe house. Bsib, gas, Ac., Ac. Roferenccs ex changed. T HARLEM?TO LET, CHEAP, OR FOR BALK, ON . J.ISd street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, a neat two nd a half story rrawe bouse, tilled la with brick; ulue rooms, ub cellar, cistern, and six full lots of ground, covered with ruit trees. Apply to H. II. RICK, Supeaior Court Clark's r flics, IB City IIall. Avery superior house in albion place, to let, for three or Ave years, on vury reasonable terms, wllh ail the modern Improvements; elegant chandeliers, Ac.; location very pleasant for the residence of a gentleman, or for a first class boarding house. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. ARM ALL HOTEL TO LET IN THE IMMEDIATE VICI nlty of Broadway, and bualneaa location unsurpassed for ctty or transient boarders. Tbe furniture entire, with lease, will be sold at a bargain, tbe owner being obliged to leave tbe city on account of 111 health. B. W. RICHARDS, 907 Broadway. A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE TO LET in a good neighborhood, near tbe Rlghth avenue, with ?is, chandeliers, baths, hot and oold water, range, Ac. Yearly ent 1460. Parlor carpets, oilcloths, and gas Uxtures. Price (226. Possession Immediately. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. BAKKRY TO LET OR LEASE.?THE OLD ESTAB llshed stand No. - Sixth avenue. Also, basement corner of Stxtb avenue and 'Twenty-Unit street. For sale, lots on Broadway, between Forty tlrst and Forty-second strecls, 73 per cent on bond and mortgage. Apply to H. II. UAYNuR, corner Thirty-fifth street and Broadway, or 19 West Twenty llrst street. Brooklyn ?to let, a fine three story lwel ling house, 112 Court street, second house from Amity, five minutes dls'ancdlrnm the South forry. City railroad pass ing. House newly painted; doors all grained: gas fixtures oomplete; marble mantels; sliding doors; eu-losed piazza; range, Ac. Unoccupied. Possession immediately. Inquire on tbe premises. Furnished house to let?no. ? mercer street the furniture la nearly new, audlhe gas has lately beeu put In the house; or would be sold on reasonable terms, in quire at 187 Canal street. Furnished and unfurnished houses to let. A furnished one on St. Mark's place, and another on Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue; unfurnished ooe on Thompson street, near Washington suuare; four on East Eighteenth street, one on West Twenty-first street, and others. DKMAKKST A BASSET, No. 4 Alitor place. House and store to let, and stock for sale.- The proprietor retiring from business, Is tbe rea son lor selling. The stock, 0noe< and embroideries,) will be sold on most liberal terms. Application should be mado Im mediately, to H. DAVIS, IS'Jig Poarl street. Hotel to let.?the houses, nos. isi and 153 Cedar street, to let: they contain about 30 rooms; dining room 23x30; rent $l,9no per annum. Apply at 281 Oreenwiob street, or 7s Oor landt street. Millinery store to let, and stock. <vew and rich.) for sale.?This Is a chance for a new bcglnuer; the store is In a most fashionable and private street. The pro prietor retiring from the retail business, offers tbe above on most liberal terma. Application should be made Immediately, to B. Davis, A8ff)? Pearl street, OFFIOE8 AND CHAMBERS TO LET?SUITABLE FOR legal, artistJral or commercial bualneaa. In the Modal Building. 333 Broadway, Rente moderate and varying from $1001? $1,000. Apply to B. W. MOKFATT, on the promises, or at 336 Broadway. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET?PLEASANTLY SIT CAT ED. Inquire ut 127 WUlonghby street, Brooklyn, PART OF"A HOUSE TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY without children. The second Moor and front basement of a three story brick house car Madison square. Apply at No. 31 East Twenty seventh street. Rooms, with steam power, or one detacued biilluing, wllh healing and drying apparatus, airy and well lighted, to let or lease. Inquire at 12 and 14 lilt street, near Crund. STORK TO LET.?THE STORK NO. 153 CEDAR street, to let, Applj at 281 Qrecuwlch street, or 78 Cor: Isndt street. TO LOT?A SUIT OV ROOMft, FURNISHED, WITH ALT. the modern Improvements, with or wltliout (be imd oi kitchen. Also a ight. niry basement, suitable for an ofllce. Inquire at 76K Broadway. 1M) LOT-ON EIGHTH AVENUE, A NEW FOUR STORV brick house and store, one door above Forty-ninth street, on thr east ride. !mmi d-alely opposite the depot ot the Eighth Avenue Rnl'road; the bouse Is 25 feet wide by 55 feet deep, ? nd is tarnished throughout w th Oroton water and Ap ply to J. Munxon, corner of Forty eeoond street and Seventh avenue, or to U. Kveseon, 21) Jones street, or on the premises at Hi A. M. The store and upper apartments can be let to gether or separably. ? TO LET?THE THIRD FLOOR OF A GENTEEL HOUSE, consisting ol tivo rooms; rent $8 50 per month. Apply at 19 Hudson place. West Thirty--fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. run LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, A PARLOR AND THE 1 third lloor of the tour story and bauemeat house, 13 Bast Thirty ninth street, between Third aud Lexington avenues, fundt-bed with water, gas and oiher Improvements. References given and required. fro LET?THR HOUSE NO. 3 THIRD AVENUE, SUIT A 1 hie for one or two families, or for a genteel boarding bouse: contains twelve rooms, kttchen, bath, gas, Ac,; will be let nntll May, or leased for a longer term. Apply to ALVAHHALL Warren street. rpo TOT?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 115 HESTER 1 street to a small genteel family, consisting of front and l ack parlors, a* lilt kitchen attached, bedrooms, pantries, and a clothe* press: It contains all the modern improvement*, auct as bath, stationary wash tubs, Ac. Apply on the premises. TO LOT?A NEAT, TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, 182 Franklin si reel; In a good neighborhood, possession 1st November. Apply to K. It. CUDLil'P, 110 William street, mo LET?THE LOWER OR UPPER PART OF HOUSE, JL 95 West Thirty ninth street, between Broadway andSixth avenue References exchanged. Apply on the premises, or to W. W. SKLLBtlK, .it B. Ely's, 79 FnHon street. TO LET?A NEW TURKS STORY BRICK HOUSE, hiving all the modern Improvements; location between Broadway anil Sixth avenue; rent moderate, and one quarter's rrnt free to nsatisfactory tenaut. Apply to FOOTK A WORTH 111 Broadway. fro LET?PART OK THE NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE 1 80 East t hirtieth street, between Third and Lexington avs.. In a small, genteel family; the rent will be low. Inquire on the premises. TO LET?THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, CONSIST Ing nl five rooms, also rooms on the third and fourth Honrs, at moderate terms, at 56 East Twentieth street, between Bru id way and Fourth avenue. r> LET-THE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND BASK meet brick house, No. 224 Thompson street, between Bleerkvr and Molly streets, and In the vicinity of Washington square, from the 1st of November. Hot and cold water, bath and gas, throughout. Apply at 226 Thompson street. r LET?MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS, TEN acres, con,prising garden, orchard, Ac., fool of Fifty eighth street. East river, the tnost pleasant location on th lalattd. Rent mode rata; possession Immediately. Appl P. P. LA WSON, 156 Prince street, from B to 12 A. Ijlo TO LOT-HOUSE AND STORE Of. CHERRY STREET, near Oliver. Tor terms, apply to the owner, at 500 lio n ^ ton street. TO LET?TO A SMALL, Ol 1KT FAMILY. FROM THE 1st November, two parlors with sliding doors, a hot room and kllrh n, in the three story lire k bouse 73 Court Street, Brooklyn, between Pacific and Aliantin, live minutes walk from South ferrv. Fulton ferry esrr pa-s the door. TO LET-FRONT AND HACK PARLOR, WITH FRONT haaefcnant, in house No. it Renwlrk street. TO LOT?A FEW FLOORS IN THE FTR8T CLASS dwelling houses No*. 142, 186 and Its Seventh street, with Croten water on carta floor. They are fronting Tomnklas Fqunre, In a re*peetablo neighborhood, and wtll he let Very Cheap to respoetabii tenant*. None other* need apply. For further particulars Inquire of JOHN ATT RIDGE, Real K-tale and House Agent, 59t Fourth street, frouilt A. M. to 1 P. M. TV LET-A GENTEEL THREE HTOET BRICK HOURS, dretrebly located In We-1 Thirtieth street; rent 8490; also half a house, wtth modern Improvements, In West Twenty seventh street; rent $300. Apply st 157 Houth street. from 10 to 4 P. M. TO LET?A NEW TWO SIORY COTTAGE, WITII basement, 47 Cessou seen tic,Riesr Flushing avenue. Rent fit*) per annum: also a new house In Yanderhllt near Flush lag, it ut$12 per month. The cars pass within a block. In mire at 2S8 Ful'on slreet, Brooklyn. f| O LET?THE UPPER PART AND BthEMENT OF Jl lion e 101 South First street, Williamsburg, consisting of seven rooms, gas in house, and very convenient. Also whole or part of home 84 same street. Inquire of W. COLE, No. 8 Ann street. New York, or on the premises. TO LFT-A LARGE BAUK"ROO^ LEV ft. WITH THE street; may be nsed for tbe sale or manufacture of light goods of any kind. Also, rooms and bedrooms. Apply at III Chambers street, next door to the Savings Hank TO*"I.KTOTWO-TWtt STORY noCRES, CO VTAININU seven iwmv cellars and pantries. In good order, with hands- me garden-, near the junction of Myrtle and Division avannes, Hr-okhu. In-atton good and healthy , wtll be tat tow to good lenants. Also, a number of houses on Flushing and Division avenues. H, STREET, 34'j Pine afi-eet. TO LHf?FEONT PARI-OR AND HACK H VSEMENT, 137 Elisabeth street, near Broome. Pleasant aoartraenu lor a tmall family. Kent $9 80. Apply at 126 Second st. TO LET, AND rofWKRMON 1MMFDI ATE1.T-A LARGE and well located saloon near the Ht N<eholss Rotai, wi'ti a hou-? attached Alao a throe story building In the same block, adjoining, for dwellings or business purposes. Apply to C. IL THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room 7. I'O LET-A GENTEEL THREE STORY DWELLING house. With the med-rn tmprovamso's. In King street, bo tmrrn BmsmsI and varlrk. Aim, parte of two Fniwni. with ?Mdern eourhnlen-ea, no same row. Inquire at 29 King ?t. T-O LET?1 HE THIRD FLOOR OF ftOr?lE No?HU tA PUT 30th street. <o a small genteel>. be isc -onta-ns ?v sad gay, Apply M above. fiojiuurre HEuimna ?ro ILET-Al'AhTME-TH IN TUB NEW AMERICA* J fault j bouse, So. 107 West. Twenty lourih street. The bonso watt l>uln expressly lor small respectable American fa mille?, ?n<t Una a ha h also gas io<1 Uniton water throughout. None but American tamll ee uecd apply. Apply at 109 Watt Twenty fourth st. TO LKT.-A NEAT OOTTAGR, NO. 364 WRrtT TWENTY lonrib street; isa, batli. Ae.j rent 8450. Also, No. 214 West Twenty sc on J ?t>eet, (modern Improvement*,) rem fihO. Also, a One cottage corner 6di a venue and ll'sh street, 18 lota of ground ) rent tMO. Ainu No. 49 Greenwich street, four story, batli, g*?, Ac., rent 9)iOO. J. DE.V1I.1M, Klgh'fi avenue, ooruer sixteenth street. TO LET-A SECOND MTORY. OON'SIriCINQ OK FOUR rooms, wl'h Crnton waier togeiher with two attic bed . ? Kent $21)0 a tear. A family wl hout children will find this an agreeable nppn--tunl'y. 'then- are no children In the bonec. Address to 112 Thirty second street, botw. en Sixth and Seventh avenue*. TO LKT?TBE SECOND 8TORV OF HOUSE 471 FOURTH atreel co' slating of front room, hack rooui, with marble tumid*, and three bedrooms ou ou? It <or. Pu".??sdoa oan b? had Immediately. Apply ou the premise*. TO LET?A ROOM AND BEDROOM. FCRNiSUhD OR unfurnlalird. situated on tbe corner of Twenty tint street and F'lfib avenue; rooma facing Filth avenue; suitable tor a lady and gentleman, or a single gentleman: no oilier nnod ap ply. lnuutre at A. C. Shuinauu's stable, No. 5 East Tweuty brst street. TO I.ET?THE HOIT8E NO. S THIRD AVENUE, SUITA ble for one or two fain ties, or for a genteel boarding house* contains twelve rooms, kitchen, bath, gas, Ac.; will be let until May, or leased tor a longer term. Apply to ALVAlI HALL, 12 Warren street. TO LKT?A LABOK THREE STORY ?RI< K HOUSE, thirty feet front and rear, one huudrelfeet iu depth, con taining twenty two rocms, -No. .10 Reade street, near Broad* way. Kor partlculare Inquire at 5.16 Houston strop. Tm O LET-MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS, TIN ? acres, comprising garden, orchard, Ac , loot of Fitly eighth .-trrct, East river, the most pleasant loctlion on Uio Island. Kent moderate. I'ostessluti Immediately. Apply at 158 Prince slreet, from 9 to 12 A. M. P. P. LAW80N. TO LET ON EIGHTY NINTH HTREKT, NEAR AVENUB A, at a surprisingly low rent, 4 new houses, 12 rooms each, Proton wear In, hatha, water closets, wash trays, Ac., with four lots to each bouse. Apply to 8. R It'll AKDflON, 212 Fl.Ui avenue, or lo CHAUNC'EY HARNARh, !M Broadway. mo LET, IN BROOKLYN?PART OK A FURNISHED 1 bouse, at 29 Summit street, the ttrst autl third floors, toge ther or separate, with tbe use of the kitchen Tbe house is new, with afl the modern Imorovements, situated in a pVanaut loca tion. three minutes' walk front (he Hand too ferry, Brooklyn. TO LET, WITH STEAM POWER?TWO LARGE FLOORS aud basement, 4(1 hy 75 feel, at 211 and 215 West Thirty KOF flLER uetwuen "'?kill and Ninth avenues. Inquire of 0. TO LKT OR KOR SALE-HOUSE 119 WEsC TWENTY seventh street; will he put In first rate order for a good tenant. Apply to Washington Murray, attorney at Us, 7t? Nassau street, or to 'John K. Williams, agent. 366 Eighth aveuue. TO LET, OR LEASE KOR PALE.?THE LARGE PLOT of ground 229 and 210 West street, aud 170 and 372 Wash ington street, extending fem West to Washington street, 50 by 237 fret?ot the largest unoccupied pint on the north side below Canal street, sul'able for any heavy business?It years lease. Apply to E. D. Truuadell, 376 Washington street. TO LET, AND FURNITURE KOR SALE?A VERY DE slrablnprivate boarding house, cmnprl-iug some twenty rooms, mostly occupied. Price of l'urnlt urc, .t150. Apply at 1*0 Franklin street, two doors from Hudson. TO LEASE?THE LARGE SPACIOUS STORE, 102 FUL ton street, one door from William street, 25 by 82 feet, with a large sky light In the rear; now occupied as a clothing store; .It Is one of he best stands for a retail fur, olothlng, or hardware business In the city; (be fixtures aro nearly new, and for sale cheap; possession given immediately U'required. Ap to T. SMITH, Jr., 122 Fulton street. THE STORE AND DWELLING TO LET, 291 GRAND afreet, between Eldrldge and Allen. Pusieasiou imme diately. Inquire In the baacment. rTIO LET?A LARGE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, J. thirty teet front, and full one hundred feet In depth, con taining twenty-two rooms. No. 3 ? Readestreet, near Broad way. I or particulars Inquire at 535 Houston street. The whole or part of a furnished house to rent, pleasantly situated on Union square. Address House, Herald oflite. UPPER PART OF A HOUSE TO LEI?IN A QUIET neighborhood up town, containing all the modern im provements. Would rent It to a quiet, resoeetable family, at a very low rate. Pleaae address R , box 199 Herald office. SPECIAL ?DriCK?r ~~~ COLUMBIA COLLEGE?ANNUAL MEETING AND FK8 tlval of the Alumni. The annual address will be delivered at Hone Chapel, on Wednesday, Oct. 31, at hall'past seven o'clock P. M., by Professor Henry James Anderson, on " the College e nnlt, Alms Mater et Alumni." aud the poem entitled "The Age of Prose," by 8. Weir Roosevelt, Esq. The friends of tbe College end of literature are Invited lo attend without further notice. Previous to the address, will be held at Hops Chapel, the business meeUng of the Alumni, at 6 o'clok P. M., at which the annual repocta will he presented, and tho election held. Tbe annual festival will fol'ow tbe address at Pelaler's saloon, late Union Club House, tickets for which can be had at the undersigned By order ot the Committee of Arrangements, ABKAM N. HEWITT, Chairman; 17 Burling slip. W. L. Botd. Secretary. IO. OK O. K.-THE R. W. GRAND LODGE OK SOUTH ? ern New York will bold its regular stated session In the room corner Grand and Centre sii eeta, on Thursday evening, November L at 7 Jd o'clock. By order. JOHN J. PAV1K8, Grand He jelary. JOHN DUG AN, JOHN W. BOYCE, FRANCIS DARLING. Thi roas Clark, W in Joyce and Joint Mod rune are duly authorized to collect funds for the use of the Hard Shell Hard Committee of the Twentieth ward. Wx, Joyce. Secretary. JSDWaRD LINNKN, Chairman. I KGA4'IKS.?HEIRS ENTITLED TO LEGACIES FRO* J deceased friends, or undivided shares In lauded eRatcs, and desiring to Immediately realise or m-II without waiting tin ill the estate can he settled, ran hear of one who will purchase or make advances, by addressing prepaid. Legacy, Herald oBice. VJ"OTICE.?ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST Is John Patterson, late of 61 llumersley s reel, in the city of New York. decea?ed. will present tlicm for imyment muiedlaf )y; and all persona indebted to-aid John Patterson, deceased, will please tall on EDWARD PATTKKSOM arid JOHN PATTERSON, Jr.. 144 West atreel, upstairs, Exetu tors of the estate of John Patterson. New York, Oct. 29, 1055. SOUTHERN AID SOCIETY.?THE SECOND ANNIVER vary of this society wltl be held at Rev. I)p. Parkui'o eburch, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty second street, on Wednesday evening. Oct. 31, at half pas' 7 o'cio'k. The an nual report will ho piescnted by Rev. Dr. SUles. anil address es delivered by several gentlcmaD? one or two of Uiera Ironx the South. By order of the Ex. Committee. GERARD li.lLLOCK, treasurer. EDUCATION. QIC BROADWAY-BOOKKEEPING, AC.-GENTLB Ot') men necking mercantile employment, maj attain at FOSTER A DIXON'S eaiahllshnient a superior and masterly knowledge at bookkeeping, writing, Ac.. In a few we ska I'-oA pert uses and full parlCcuturv on application. Term* mule,-ale and improvement guaranteed. H -BOOKKEEPING WRITING, AC ?STU0ENT8 Bl". at DOI.IIEaK'S academy, NU9 Broadway, are taught double en<ry by a practical bookkeeper, who explains princi ples and details as practised tn tbe beat commercial houses and banks. Students thus taught become good bookkeepers and command good aituaUons. fe~l ONLY, FOR PENMANSHIP?BOOK-KKRPI VQf pI arithmetic, eloentlon or readtog; English grammar and composition, Including spoiling, 86 each. Must apply linme'tl alcly, al 771 byoadwav, between Nln'h and Tcnih streets. Terms reduced this week. Lessons In the Kren h. 6panl-h, and German languages. C. BOBBINS ELLEN WOOD. A YOUNG GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WELL EDUCATED, would be ve.ry grateful if any French sociable tamlly, would be pleased lo have him lnvlied to spend some evenings lu their house, to lmprme himself In lac French language. Best references given. Please address French, box 119 Herald office. CCLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE, NO. (63 ). Broodwai ? Mr. CHAMBERLAIN'S rooms arc open day and livening lor those who desire to devote their leisure time to arithmetic, bookkeeping, English grammar Latin, French or German French language spoken in a short time, by the new system of Monsieur and Madame Holms, lav dies' classes lu the morning, gentlemen's classes in the even '?|. Also private iflisons Si. Dnboa attends twice a week In ooklyn. blH(l*h'u. 1J, (Union place, flr.t priralc house from Hroaduay. IilRKNCH LANGUAGE. PROF. D. LA' ROtX, NO. 2H9 1 Broadway, con'lnuts to receive new puplla on tarnra-ile terms for thorough limn in 'Inn In the French language Impart ing to them the anility to speak It with fluency ami > ore tnees. Ula-se- air now being formed, lu v hlch the uom'xr of s ho lars will be limited to six, no Fill IA ft I) k p. GRAU'K NATIONAL GYMNAFIU* ? and Kenrliig Acsiumv No 6,15 Hroadeav, between Houston and Blcet kfr siree's, New York, will i>e open ou Thnr-day, Nov. I. for proper and s)atemallc physical eiereise, in order to the pre eriat loo of gissl geceral health, (or both sexes snd of evert age. according to Professor Dr. Ling's eele biated syrrm. I'lasscs and sehoola will n? sdmliie.1 on more favorable than the regular terms. otien frnna sunrise to 10 o'clock P. M. ASTROLOGY. Abtonihhino to A1.I..-M APAMK morrow.?this highly gifted lady la lb? moat wonderful norolngltt la the world, or that hat aver beet. known; she will tell all thw event* of life, area ihe very thoughts. and will eau.e >peedy marriage*. and thnw the llkene** of (ho tn'rnded hi?han<L lo the great a.tonl.hmrm of all who .tall her All who warn rood lin k Hi to her for relief and onmfort. All Interrtawa arw strictly private, aa no admixalon la given to gentlemen. Na rharge If not railstied. 70 Broome street, between ? annon and Col umbta. ARTHOI.OOT.-TH* CELEBRATED MRU. rf.KrKT, from I'.rta, whoae rolailon w aa comuaatljr consulted by Napoleon I , Rivet true Information on all eveoia of life. tgnaa ttona about love, marriage, hualneaa. Ac.. ar? anawered by tl*g power of roagnetlam, at XA llruome atreet. AHPTROf.Oar.-AM. PKR.SO.VH WlhfllNO TO KNOW their general erenla in Ilia ahouhl oall on l)r WltAOff, 172 I'alanoey atreet, where no einrtion will he wanting on hta pari M> furnlah the tnott reliable Information on all mhlecta. Terms? Ladles, SO ret.le; gentlemen, 91. Birth required. /TLAIRVOTAVCR, ASTHMA, BROVCniTTR, DTHPKP * sla.debllllr.dyaai.u-y. liver compliant*, old uleer*. nerrooa ne-?, fever and ague In Ha worat form. Female li rrgnlnrltloa. nightmare, hysteric* and dl.eaaea of children rnred (If nimble) by Mr*. HKYwOtJK, 'he great medical clairvoyant, 110 flprtng atreet, near Broadway. HatMhcUon or nopay. /H.AIKVOYANt K.-NKRVOCH DlSKsSES, MlM OF * vltlon. deaftiea*. ae'hma, l.ronchtilw, dy-pep-a, palpltA* lion of the hrart, liver mmplMnte. rheamatlem, nearalgta. pa rtly*!*. weak nrawclled joint*. weak back* f*tii*lc IrregularI ite*. Inward weaknesses, dragging pain* Uirongb tic hip* and hack, wraknen* of Ihe llmna, Ac., cored (If curable) hjr Mr*. Hayr*, the only correct medical clairvoyant in thia 'by. of fice 17ti Orand street ca'ieiac'ioti riven, or no pay. Tib. Aatr< iW'i .clan. M APAMK MEYER HAH RKMOVKD TO 1(1 SKVEJTTH nvcuue, between Twenty third and Twenty lourtk at*. Hhe Ci.tiUnue* to tell paat, present and future creata, ttkewua marrtagea. joumetlawanlia, ouatneaa prrmpccu. skkanaa, ah'ent friend*. protteny loat or atolen. Madame M-yer coo ier*e? In Rt.gllafc Kpeneh and Herman, and giro* guarantee or her art. MAPtM WinOFR. TflK MYHTERfOt'H "l?A\l<.(y ; idy, sllll roe'lnur. lot' 1 past.prewnt ami fn nreeieata, const, t on law matter* raarr age, about '-'end., *b Inc.- pre write medklne* for *'1 dtaea***. p'gnt out stolen or b?' pro p?rtj. He ro from 9 A M. tog r. M., a' '.Tfl.tuirtoo .-eat ?herd low.