Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1855 Page 3
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UrEKTISElKNTS RKNLWKD KTKKT DAT. DAItKB At AUVTlMi I e. TUTTLK, AUUTIONBRR.-orMOK M BROAD way ?Peremptory s?|? of ro-ewuod mahogany and oak joblnrt rurnlture, being (ha extensive at irk con'atnad In the warn routn., KB Hudson stree', <orurr tg Co trial, to be sold on Thursday without any r alrtcnmw ? A. 0 TUTTLtf will eeli on 1 hursdsy,at 1(1^ o'clock. at (be above warerooml, all the euliri'atork #f superior finished uud u iltnlslird ro-ewnod, mahogany, walnut and oak cabinet furniture contained diore tn, being or superior manufacture Will be an d wltnout any restrlottuos, to close the business. The nook oomnrlses parlor suits hi rosewood aud mahogany, sideboards. etegeres, rote Wood and oak eilnnalon lablea, library and bookcases, w?rd robes, drtudng bureaus *of? and centre ta'He*, cottage clum ber furniture. Ac. Catalogues readv on tbe morning of aale, ?sd every lot to be sold u> tbe bigboat bidder for cash. AS. RICHARDS. AUCTIONEER.?BY A. BRAGG A . Co., %'J and a?t.: Pearl street ? On Frtdsy, November 2, at lOSi A. M , will mil SOU cases of prime luxes, shoos aud brogani, aubabie for tbe Northern, Sunt isrn, western and city trade. Auction notk k.?qam.khy of fink oil paint tags.?Closing rale, wltb tbo addition of several of ibn finest warranted ma*te,r pieces ever seen la Una market ? KI>WARI> St'llKNk-'K will Mil Ibis fine collection ot about tarty eight oil paintings, ?? Wodnaaday. October til, at lltj o'clock precisely; (nopostponemeiit on accountof the wnathcrt, at die salesroom 10 Wall street, tn clone aoounta. We Invite purchasers end oounolseura to view Una collection, and we are ?tire tbey will agree with us, tbal It cou'alna picture, rarely to be met with. The pictures must be removed by Friday mom jHg. Terms caah. Auction notice.?notice-m, doughty, Auc tioneer?Constable's sa'e of bomehold furniture, Ac., on Wednesday, at 10M o'clock, at the au etroom 2/ Centre street, via.:?Parlor farubure. In hair cloth tape-trt a id mtrain car Bit, bureaus, sofa*, loungea, mirrors hair mtUressos. feather da, bedding, cane chairs rooters; cutua eeockery and glass ware; wardrobes, nuibiguiy, nisewond and walnut bn.ldea ls; cooking stores, pipes, Ac. J. T. LOCK WOOD, Constable. Auction notice?i. boort. auctionkkr, hys. HOOART.?line day at 12o'clock, at hi) hast Broadway, all the rlgbl, title aud lnleresi ol.4i.drew O. MPohell, of and to tbe furniture and inures ol said boner id Khki Broadway. JOHN OBBRB. MberllT. Auction notice-j. booart, auctioneer, bys. BOO ART.?To morrow, Thursday, November let. at 10)? o'clock, at (be auction rooms, corner Frankfort and WiUl tm streets, ahead', sale of matliema leal Instruments, also, the balam e ol new carpels; also, a general assortment of bouse Ik.M fUrnlture, large lot of lo-1, nc glasses, .bias, bureaus, bed stead*, stoves, kitchen furniture; also, the muck ol a grocery store, gftUU'l show case, Ac. Auction notice?'thus, bell, auctionkkr?by Bell A Hush.?This day, at Id's o' lock. In our sties moms. No. 12 North William street, a general variety of good pi nn furniture, rooking moves, carpets, Ac.; alio, sofsi sofa and couch bedsteads, three quarter ami double French bedstead, leather beds, hair and grass roailressea, drcsalng ami plain bureaus, 12 beautiful specimen* of French tapestry; bed an I balb rugs, from Crystal l'alacc; superior rosewood piano; one second hand hue gold lady's bunting watclb with he ivy gold chain; one gentleman's no , full jewelled lev id and chain; also, a quantity of extra blank books and fancy stationery, so gars, Ac., Ac. JUCTiON NOTICE.?8. F. HlKTOL, AUOIIONKKR.? Rich ctaina, French clocks rlrhly cut glassware, Ae.?8. F. Hartol A Co will sell, this day, at lil)^ o'cl *tk. at thctr sales room, 306 Pearl street, rich china mid tancy goods, consis'ing of china *a*es, richly painted and decorated; brottte and or nio'u clocks, with shades and atands; brouae statuettes, obtna tea sets, Mint cut glass decanters, goblets Ultnblers, Wine glasses Ac.; also, while graaltewarn; French pier glasses with marble slab* ami brut tela, oil paln.lngs, m gilt frames. Ac, Auction notice ?notiok.-m. doughty, auc tionepr.?Constable's sale of bomehold furniture, Ac., this day, Wedi rsday, at 10'. o'olock, st tie salesroom, 27 Centre m,. ylx:?Parlor furnhure.ln hair cloth; tancstry tin! ingrain rar pets, bureaus, sofas, lounges, mirrors, iialr mattresses, fea'her D' da, bi dding, cane chairs, rockers; china, crockery and gla?s ware; wardrobes, mahogany, rosewood and walnut bedsteads; cooking stores, pipes, Ac. j. T. LOCKWOOD, Constable. Auction notiok.-a. m. <;ri3T4lar, auction eer, 23 Bowery, will soil, this day, at 10 o'clock pre cisely, one horse. Iron gray color, id bands high; warranted aounu In every particular. Also, ono lumber wagon, one Ught buggy, one spring cart and sot ot harness Am. <t.i?talak, auctioneer, wiix bkll, on ? Thursday, Nov. 1, at Kl'j o'cloi k. ut 34 ti lloworv. hotpot bold furniture contained In said house, constating of inxhogany, hair olotk and enne neat clmlrs, dining and centre tables, ma ho;any bedt I-ads. one splendid (flit t'ra no mirror one valuable scriptural oil painting ot Joseph, and various other oil paint Inns lace curtains, Brussels and Ingrain carpeting. kitchen lurnliun Ac.. Ac., together with store natures, onuntera, Ac. AUCTION BALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AC. This morning, Wednesday, nt 10>y o'clock, JOHN F RIIS HKI.L, auctloorer. bv Day, Riissell, t Co., will sell at *13 If it I Bon a'rret. the furniture of a family leaving the city, comprl ... tng the usual article ? lor housekeeping. Goods to he rein mid immediately after Ui? aale. ASSIGNEE'S BALK OF MANTILLAS, CLOAKS, AC., for cash, at No. tt Corilandt si reel, up stair <.?'The stock of mantlllaa. Ac., of Wtlcoxson A Hradmao having been assign ed. villi be closed out lor c?*u. at a red notion of ftlty (Mi per cent. The Block Is one well worthy the attention ut dealers. D D. NASH, AITiTIONKKR, STORK 310 BROAD j-x. way.? Kale of millinery, dry goods and lanry ai tides, on Wednesday, October 31. IK'ift at 10 o'clock A. M at .'HW Bleeeker street, consisting of bonm u and materials, ribbons, lores, and an assortment ot dry goods and fancy articlea. DO. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORK 310 BROADWAY. ? ? Mori gage aule of hortcg *uce?, harness; Ac On Mon day, November Oth, 1*65, at IDoVo-k A. M., at the Bull's lload. In Twenty lourth street, lie'ween Second and Third WTC.nuer, consisting of \d5 hor>es, is it res, together with bar nees, feed wagon Also a lot ol olacksinllh tools, together with a quantity of Iron, steel, Ac., Ac. DD NASH, AUCTIONEER, BTOBR 310 BROADWAY ? ? - Shertll's alert loikiu- glasses, Ac ? On Thursday, Nov. 1, 1S65, at 111 A. II , ai be store 313 ilroadway, conaisung of pier and mantel glasses, coin e? brackets, Ac. DHOl'OH, AUCTIONEER.?"KKEMPTORY BALE OF . planoforios. silver plate mirrors ol paintings, sarptda, Ac , to matron (Thursday) morning at No. "(I Warren Jlreel, o| p s t - fie Un ison Klvr tlc|io . Annexed Is a pot Ut n ol the (torsi* contained In in* house:? Parlor*?Two carved ro-ewood aula, one In rr'fnson and irreen. the oil,or In claret and cr-cn bruratel, each con-bung of ? n" soft one raay chair, f mi nietlall on back chairs an I otP Mo h c reception chair; rosenissj ociure pianoforte, ol beau Ufui lone, in a highly fobbed ci'ii, and fully warranted by the maker; Aubuvtoti and tapestry velvet csrii'ls, Aiudn icr rugs, lalv's cscrutnlrr, I.e.villi nil , Inlaid throughout, with m'rror doors; elegnoily carved ctegcres, m.rror frou ami bark; papier mat-he ami I'nrl* Inlaid tables, carved roscwotsl centre table*. with -lattiarv Mart) I* tape; large Freu a Dials pi r a id oval mirrors; rosewood side ofa and pie.-tables; til S od hook sbv Ives coiner eieg res and sl.imls- rich Se vres vaees, paiian marble and bisque ststnary, a cboloe rol le Hon of oil painting*, embracing fruit, in irtnr and game p sees by well known artists; also some very doe portraits and landscape! on porcelain, poslly !?.-?? wmdow drape-y. gdt rornleea. decorated "hades, Ac Also vera c s*Uy ao-l besu'l ful rosewood revolting front bookcase, llnc-1 wtih sdk Chambers?Rose c oodsua in brocatel. mahogany do. In hair eloth, Brussels and Ingrain rarpvs ro-own-d an-1 niahnianv bureaus, bedsteads and waslisiauds china toilet sets ea-y and rocklrgibatrs, mnhi>vany si ring . at chilis, heavy lial-in it tresses. French counterpanes, gilt ralrrorv, bolsters and pll lows, hu e and muslin curtains, mahogany rrn'rr and work tables, nine real chairs, llrusscls ?nd "ngrain carpeting ro*? wood mirror front srmoirr, lounges, toast racks, commodes, e? rner -tntd-. lilnirv Rtsim?China illntier set of 150 pieces, decorated f"i aits, silver service, salvers, casters, rake bankets, tork-;, spoon-. Ac.; cut glass ware, Ivnv cutlery, "lining and a Irbles, mahoganv solus, d'nlng " hairs. Ac. The -ale will be positive, and without regard to wca her Catnioguea can be obtained ai the honss, or at the nlhec of the au< ioitcer, No 7(t Beckmaa -.tree). House to let?pcsaesslon given ImmadUt -ly ELIAH COHBH, AUCTIONEER.?THIS MORNING, AT 10t, o'clock, at flfl Nassau s reel?A large and splendid as rorfment of furniture; a large assortment of ; trusting; a large aseormrnt of ill paintings, a large .laaertmen' or mlrrurs. ro e wood bookcases and wardrobes, coatnellcd chamber seta, dif ferent colors, silver platod ware, g.a-aware, Ac., Ac.; oak and black walnut extension dining tables, rosewood, black walnut and mahogany dressing bureaus; waahalanos, ma'tresaei, bolstera, pUlews, Ac., Ac. 30U bales green tow, at private stle. TBCGRHK B FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.?BY FRANK _Ri lin A Nlchola, at their salesroom. No. ',3 Na'sau street, thla day, Wednesday, a' lol, o'chiek. The sale wl]t ootn menca wtih the entire boosehnld furniture ot a genteel family declining housekeeping. conaU'lng In part of enamelled clia-n ber suites, sofas, parlor chair*, marble top h urea us and wash Manila. Iron liat atanda, l.v ysrils ot carpe Ing. Ill'la worn, lote ttii-r with a general asaortraent of kitehen furaluir-. a'so, ele pant new cabinet furniture, rich rosewood and mahogany parlor anltea, covered In the moat fashionable hris-atel; green and crimson velvet pln-h, crcps and English hair i.lotn, oak and rosewood etegeres ami sldefoa-ds, library and secretary bookcases, wardrobes, book and comer -t*n<ls, oval mirrors, oil paintings, china, Ac. Also, an Invoice of eight eases cognac brandy, vintage ISM; 5,000 Havana segara. George cook, auctionkeb?rtgrr 117 Nassau alrvet ? Assignee's aale of a large atock of superior per Turnery, blyoulcrie and tollat articles, at Sd7 Broodaray, corner of Prtnee street.?8. L. Hull, assignee, will sell as above *1 10 o'clock this dav. October 31. the entire stork of useful nn I dceoraUve entries contained In that splendid-lore. emulsUng of colognes, extracts, pomatum, ejotb*. bru-nes, glasses, Ac. Also, the entire stock of raw maicriaia,e-teoUal oils, Ac.. Ac , nece?*ary for an etletvatvs trunufa-turlug bud Maa. Also, show cases, mirrors. Si-tires, Ac. Ybe whole to he positively tool la the highest bidder for cash. Catalogue ? now ready. GO. IIOH ON. ADCTIONBRR?ON TIIPBBPAY, AT . II o'clock, at the -.lie-room. |3 t-lxth avcoue?Furniture removed for rouvenlcricc of aale. Henry h. Leeds. ACfTiovKKRs-no 19 narkau street.?Het ry II. lawsl* .1 Uo . wl'l sell, by a p-'loo, onTueada) Oct ,10 end Wednesday, 31, and Touradey S ty 1, at lOt^ o'clock ea h dcy.a' lite exfrnsli e warerootu* of Horace Waters. Ksq .No. 333 Brovdivar. corner ef W-irih flstu An thony) strret?Assignees' sale of a large and valuaol-1 st ,-k of nlaaeetarte*. nuislnallnstriiinnnls. tr'i- c boun land to shn-ta.Ac. large and vaiuablo a'uek of puu.nfolea, m i-k-1 lustrttruen .a, muale, Ar ; the whola to l>e aoi.l wi'boir reserve >y or lar ? if J>hn J. t-nah. Ks"i., a-stgnee. c..nalatlng at plain mi i del and carved pianos, both upright sod s.|ii?ra csaea. ?fib- fd lowing eelebraled makers;?T. Gilbert A Go , wl h ?n I wltho'tt the ?'Oilan attaebment; llotaca Waters, Jwob Cbl 'Iterlug. Ilsr more and odier*. all of the brat 'la-s; attperh btrps varto is mak"*ra; tnekideoiU",*.^ and 5 oe'av" * porta'le or paslu .a t, made by SUA II. W. dmPhan l sbara. Also a Ivge a-aof. meet Of vInline, futea. accordeons. guitars, trnmpeta, trotn bones. Turkish cymbals, tambortnea. clarWm-'s. dr-vn>. ban jot and other ui'ielcal uiatnuncnta. Also, a'ari" 910nun worth of the beat instructtoo la oka for pianos, baeps, mea?Icons guitars, floiea, violins, acro?Ueoni. abee m isle, loci a ling a.' of lite must fashionable songs, gxilkss, waltaes. rondos, whotuahaa, huitasics, Ac. Aico. a large a-tortawnt of plate muMc, with eopyright*. many of which are of great valu". Ala.) wtudc racks, cants rbcrym. piano stools, engravings, oil pain logs, S-ndtf mantel mirror, gac -hand-iter utile e<c-k oil b, Brua-ela carpeting, mauiug. Ac. Alan, two valuable cart horses, a sprftic earn harness, tVohm bi?. (' . I i lia rubber piano covers. A*. Th* drat day's sale will en ,im "n-a with pMn<"foce*. musical InstrumanM. Ac. Heeord day's sale? MtuAr to Sheets, ditto bound, tn struct ion books. Ac. The trade are particularly lnvl'ed to attend thts tale, as It will be found one of the tunad evtenatve aver mada In "hu etty. and every article muat lie an Id hi the highest buptar, witVnil any reserve whatever, to cloaa the conecrn Forrurther particulars In (alre of the auctmoeeri, at their oA<-e, It Naaaau street H^^HrurBY T I.KKDH, ArcTIONRKR ?IIIH'HFHOIjD FUR allure at auitlon ihla day, at 10St o'ctoeg. at 70 Third strret, wlthoul reserve, the furniture In the above h-i-iae, via: Brussels and three ply carpets, sofas, chairs, win-low shades, kitchen and chamber furniture. Hale positive, without re serve rain ov ahtne. HENRY T. LEEDS A CO.. 3d Boatman street. KKRY B. HERTS, JR.. AUCTIONKBR, WILL BELL AT auction, on Wedneeday. Oct .11, at U)M o'clock, at stnrs No Hi 1'loe street, houaehoU furniture, rc-novel Ihr eonve Blcnre of sair conats'lug tn port ol mahogany aofka to hair cloth mahogany hair* In do.. maboganv and maeworal book eases' reewood marble tfp eisisre. rlesaot rosewood ward yoke elegerva, h-v-k -ack*. foot "tools, srtndow curtains, hods, bedding lounges, elegant suits of roueg* furniture, elegant raraH mabogai y te lei eds. and a b. of In clien ntrnails, with wbleh the sale tvfll rotnmcai-s. Also at IX o'clock, a large In voice of splendid jewelry. Terms ua?b._ HORHE AT AUCTION -* D R ay. AI'GT'ONFrn WILL sell this dav Oct SI. at 10 oVIork, In from of T Hardy A t o.'s spsrlou. saleattmtns, W fen'ra s'reat. one bay horse, warranted kind and gen'le In bar ess and "?der lbs saddle, m for Miy klixi ofbiulMNi 1- * iw?o?! famUf oor-e; wi J b? *cW wt Fo n reserve by order ? assignee. H Mt.M AT AVCewOa. HRKBT H. LBKDB, AUOTIONKkB-HRVBT H l.mds A Do. will MU. oo Tueaday tO?h. an I Wedne* |?y SI.i at ICS o'clock each day. at the aunlion rooms -fo. Ill Nassau street, mpern kale of fancy g->od?. ?Hgavir (j. B. II. l'oadottiol t en leave to annouuoe thai bit second great sale of the season will lake place at above, at wMnb tome of bit (inett good* will he dlspow t of, onnsl* Ing of real C*..are sUUixry, Agate, Burdlglio. YetUtwor Nleuna, Ktrncau, Medtrf Krnntn and Hebe vaaea from 4 10 ft (bet high, wlh other rhokic vaaea (tollable tor parlor* and on-hot; *>10, alaba .>r statuary, re pre seating Venn* of I'anova, Auioirr He vine .y Hetierne; roar bust* of Italian porta, Dante, Arlu*to, Potcarrh and Ta**o; but! of Zeno; (wo groups reprnsrn'log summer and aulum t; aiatuary for garden* or pUzxaa; > hrlstopher '' tlnmb ia. Bar rhua, Duurmg Girl* of Oaoora, Venn*. Ac. tbe-e are about ft feet high. Alalaa er and eerje antique tlgurrs aod group*, the graced, dancing girl*, Hebe. two uroc**.. blrtb of Venilv reposing Hercules, Apollo llalvldrre. aim-plot; oupid, rage of Patnpalloo, ropy of the monument oo the piazza at Le :boro, Ac La rite marble vasee, one auperb fountain carved with leave*, a pair of the large.! va?e? ever nnpo m 1, In alto rellero, (Jollile and Grecian vaaea, (or parlor* utan.'el piece 1, hull and nil-be*. Tarra ol Adrian, card re-elver*. solid grape lo.tre*. Inlaid table*, iranapareut tun, t'oiupsll and He-uuiaaeum rare*, urn* and templet. Motaic table and ntaet, group*, sol inula, Ar. The above .plendM colleeUon he? ju-t aeno Imported from Daly expressly 'or Uila mark-a Aim. a Itrge aod Valu able as.orimrntof French china vasouoio k< of Mip-rlor work manship In bronxe and ormolu; china vaae richly painted. Aim, * large tteonmeui of bronze (tgu ex, groups, Ac ; all of recent Importation expressly for thl* market The goo It can be packet? at a small v\peuac on the premlae*. for ahlpmenl. If desired. KNRY H. LKKDB A OO.. ADOTIO.VKRRS -HKNRY H. ? . l.KKDS A OO. will tell at auction. on I'hurvdav, Nor. 1. a 11 o'clock, In the gallerr over the aa'esroom, Ill .Vattaii street, valuable library, ronatellng of Ulus'ra'edand oilier valu al le ? ooks.- Osllery of llnauty or the Onurlof Uueen Vte'oria, inagnlllreiiUy Uluaunted, with seven'een colored |>ortraiu, one volume folio. In morocco and gib; the Illustrated KxhlM'or ami Art Magazine; Court Album; tlm lll?d of Homer; Cow per'* Translation*, rdped bvSouibey with Flagman'* designs, extra gill; By ion's lalea and Poems. Illustrated bv Ktnden; Waver - ley Gallery, with portraits of the principal fema'e character*; die Keepsake, wltn beautiful engraving; the Mer-han', beautl fully lllustraied; the Lawyer, du , by Mr?. I ulhiJI; lleauiv of Klowr ra; I'niirt Album, illuslrtied; the Groat rtratlon* of Daniel Webster, Congresaloual Obltuarle* of Henry Glsy, de brered In 1 he Senate and House of KepreaenU'lVus; laugh Hunt's hook, bulla Hookli; Ure's lilotlouari ol llto Art* and bclcneea; I uudon KihlblUon, llluatrabd: Ant'ricin Arihileet; AuUkuk of kngland, with portrait*. .No.el'. Ada*; Camel Hunt; Irving'* Goldsmith and Hot hoed ol Ureal Moo. Wa'er ley Novels, complete; l-xntlr. Kir I'; La sr-l's Work*. Illut traled; ktllion'* Works; llyron'a Chi dr Harol l beiutllully II btstratrd; Barnard Noesatv one largo f 110 tplco lid engrav ings, Allen's History of Londoi,, Ave voluntas; American Scenery. two voluntas. Barclay's Dictionary; uodin'* History of England. do France; Book on Ar1; llunia' Work.; Byron's do.; l.'urinlnuham'a Gallery Duke* ol Normandy, royal folio; Malory of Wnles; land u large assortment ol other works. Gun be 1 vainuted one day bclhre the aala Alan - lions of rlnr ypean Art-Porta and Harbor* of Great Britain, Pictorial Museum. Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland, Views in China, llln Congtanllnople, Canadian Scooery, American do., and H qlsnd Illustrated. A bo. Fliidm's Royal Gallery of Briilsli Art, eon lalulng forty eight line sleol engraving*, large folio price, SldO. US MKLLOR, AUCT?BY HOl'GHSON A MKf.LOR, ? To morrow, Thursday, at pit,, o'clock,at the sales room, lift Nassau (treat?Magttlii not evilnet urul ure, bolng lite entire stork of a ltroadyvav maker removed for ronccuiMine ol salavand will be peremptorily sold. We Inv la our friends, country merchants, hotel proprietors, and tho*? about refur Dishing, to vtt w ilva *iock previous 10 sale First floor will ha ari-.uigcd with rich aud costly sulta of parlor furniture, medal lion hack, covered in bmcatelt, plush and bvlr cloth ; aolid rosewtsal rhnmbcr -oil- to, bedstead* dressing hit reaus, waahsianda, several richly decorated and enamelled sulta. superior mane oak, walnut, rosewood and mahosany library and aerretary book case*, side aod pier lablea, carved and fan. y labiaa. several s.-lld mabogauy, oak an t w if nut eitetmlon dining tables. It feet long, warorvun prl -a ftbft each wlUi polished leaves; several sup-rb thick Rrc. ch plate pier and oval mirrors ; rlcnlv carve.1 reoept on chairs in f mcv ro- erlng ; corner and side e'ageres; Ni-eworsl music stand and talbe*. with other rich aril, les Herond Door will be arranged with medium class turntmre, ulz: aofaa, ma gs u> chair*, easy and rocking ehurs, si le and ti er tab es, oak and walnut extension diolnita ih-?, walnut In okesses, bureaus and wash-iands, lounge- and lounge beds several wood top enamel chamber sitlia, 1 gjklng glasses, oval mirrors, engraving*, clocks. Also, at 12 o'clock, will be sold 10 pay advao'es several superior toned rose wrssl ti>'x and 7 (a lavo plai o fortes, made by best city mak.rr, and fully wirauttnL Oittlogu*. las md early on morfiltiR ol sale. Oooda ran be packed for shipping on lite premise* at a reasonable charge. JOHN L VANDKWATKR. At'CTlONKKB, Wlf.f, SKU. on Wednesday, Oeiobrr ill at lOS o'clk. In Heventh street, Williamsburg, between Fuuih Firs' wn l flouth Second sltcrls, the genteel furnliure of a family declining liOhsCkeep leg, coiwlstliig of Ihc usual variety ol a' genteel family. ALsO six very superior male mocking birds, line singer*. Sale will be peremptory, ram or ohine. T I, VANDKWATKR. AUCTION KI.R.-DRI.AOGE A ?J . bou's superior bulla us roota?This day Weltvsdsy, Get III, at IIItg o'clock at the ^.esrooin No 12 Ma don lane will be smd, without reserve, In lob. to titlt purchaser* snre -al r*ises of superior bullious roots, In Ihe beat posslb'e order, being the llrrt sole this seaaon. of IHdange A Son's cboles Im poi ailon. and comprising a Ape assortment of the mop' evqul site sorts of valuable flower rool*, atuoug whs b are douole and single hvnelnlhs, narepses ojtd (ullps, double and single lrl*. gladiolus, yoni;ulls, rrttcus, Ac.. Ac JL. VANDKWATKR, ADCTTONKKR .?THIS DAT. ? . Oct..'11. at II o'ciork. at the salesroom 12 Maiden tone. I must l.e sold to close ont ine whole, a line aaser'mt it of rose wo.-.l and mahogany and other household lurnliure lu.-lu line gilt trnme plrr glsss. s and mirrors, m intrl c t*-k? rhma ware, ge.. flair mn'lnr e? and palllassev. 'i|,|* sale lapercmplory for tin ( losing out Ihe assortment. XMOKIARTV. AL'OTIONKKK-WIU. SKU* THIS ? tiny, al ten o'clock, at No. 7 Hamilton s'ret't the rontmU nfn hoarding house, ronslstlng offealler beds, bed-It els, br I ding, chairs, tables stores, Iroklog glasses. Ac Also th. gootl will of >hu house. MN. CROFT, ATTCTIONBBB -OBOFT A t'0. Win, ? sell thladay. at U o'clock, at their sales r.emi, t>X William a-rec'. corner of Cednr, an ekteeslve variety of furniture, c m shilntt nt parlor and chamber suits, hed?ir?da, t*l or * culling lal lo, glas* show case, oilcloths, I'-ad pipe*, Ac -ale positive. T) J. KKI.LV, Al t THINKER-I Wn.l. BELL, T1IH JT . day. at III o'clock, ulftl Catharine street, the new and well ?eiect. .1 - ock ol dry goods, contained in said s ore e?m prlslrg a full assortment or hlaek and colored *llks. French and English merino. *, long and square shnn t?. blankets, uullia, Ac PAWNHROKKR'B BALK THIS D\Y AT JMIN MOBT1 I MEB'B, 1*7 Chatham square. Will tel' a large a-s irtmen' 01 onn dewined pledges; also, at 2>y o'etis-k IB f -alb* beds AO pair of I."l*n rs and pillows, matin-* fl*. tdankeia, quilt- and n lnr;-e lot ol ingrain and t ag carpet* ||y order of F. KIt 1 DK.MH KG, 196 Hudaon-treet, and 2141 Kaet llroidway. PAWNBROKER'S RAI.E-A. M. ORlRTAI.Mt, AT," I Hom er. 211 Bowrrv, will sell. this day al II o'e.ook, a fsrgc ini'l Km i! aswnmrn ol men's rio'hiiig. SMtai*' . ng In |<*n ol ? ih! tmsirss an'J rln li win track and drm . "ai* p wilt* aod rwi, remnants of casalmere*. cloths, vrating* Ac., Ac By "lie: of ft. I). Moat, lleeased pawnbroker. pn.'WFI.r, W. WKMOTT, AtVTinr.FKK-PhRRMPToRr J I sale of rich nnd el?(ujl bouscbhold furniture, apleadid If rrnrb pier and mantel mirrers, roeewool i arl ir suits As-' nnn-u r and velvet carpel*, valuable oil palming*. risow.wd plain.iuric, cbandsl e ?. works ot art, Ac., at the resident e IM W cat 1 Wi ntjr l.r?l - n rt. R W Wr.HTOtn I ?11] sell, without reserve. this Wed nesday . October .11. at 10>g o'clock, the en'i/e ruu :ntticenl fur t.lturr of the above fire i'ory house which iaot the very beat drw r pilon, all having been made to order and In u?o but Uirrc month* Catalogue* Can l? obtained nt Mr. K. V, Iratiftbtruui**, Ml Itrtuvnw av. or KL ti.n nfllca u the an tlonff-r, etc nur of Four rrnth airee1. and Eighth aveu ic 1'arom?Elegant7 octave rosewood pianoforte, coat $nto, with satin *innt and cover; suit of rich roaewnnd parlor I'urnl lull, covrird In eetln damask; 2 sofas 2 armchairs 4 parlor do.. 1 reception, with allp rovers, I do Parisian make large sofa, B ruidiloned back parlor chair*, arm cb tlr and ' do., wi'b *bp covers, 1 do. In crimson brncetel, very elegant. b rbr ea w ith *np cover* ell these -ul<* ore ol the beat aracrtp ?on; 2 l'nrlstan nilrrora 12 fr?t Inn* coat fidfiil; 2 costly ro e wood eicgerca, plate glvts door* and oaclt, elegant stat'isry, top t rnire table*, csorutuirra lined wttb *?Un wood, rich vel vii carpel* rugs, do , 1 tirkiah and reception chair* m embroidered hrticade, solid marble clock* moon''.I m etmnlti 11,.polled by the precent o?ni r; rich fu-vr** and an tl'i'ic va*r?, with a large variety of eo-rtly parlor ad ieu moots; chandelier*, niounled In crmo'u. rarrvoKl tno-lc cabinet, r.>r* ner etruere*, Ac., with a valuable collection of nil palming*, foreign and home acenerv, blabirical palnilna*. frulf and dourer piece*, marine view* on (le*? rural and arelil'eetural views, Ac., trntn Hie hand* of eminent foreign Mid native arliata bronrea, staluary, Ac. furniture?Fir van' carvei rosewood and mahog any bedsteads, 20 iplendiu hair mattreme* Ic,trier brisand bedding, rwMWrwid waahsunta, aaperb re <c * nod humans, coal fsfl, lined with neUnwod, roaewood *ecrtitary Imokcaae, Hi lary do., lace ami brocade curtain*, meewood an l muhog any tele a tele*, sofas, Invalid and arm elialm. rich china toilet ?eta, oval and ' her mirror*, rosewood commode*, French cot tage and mahogany chair*, dsmaek lounges, Ac., with a large variety t.f dining room Mid basement furniture, elegMit oak ei'eneion 'able, coat (tlO; oak arm ebalr*. oak aids board, ?pier did dinner net, l'JO piece*; ruby and crystal cut glavtware to match throughout, silverware, rarpe ?, otleloib, c/siklng range, portable fui nacc, Ae with all die kitchen utensil* rhW *n)n will be round worlittf of the a'tentlon ol all In want ol drat elope furniture, as the home la reple-* w ,>), every elegance. No poatponemeui on account of the wc .'her. r;S18 MORRK.I.I,. AI'tTIONV.KIt.-I5XTR A HTOf'K OK flirt,11nre. i odilng looking gbrapea, Ae.?Tirol* klorrell, auotloneer. will pell, tot* u.ornlng, a', hi* aa'.eeroom ' 1 Na**au ?licet, at lu,'4 o'clock precisely, via : rosewood parior sol's nt hirnltnre; evlemdnn dining table* mahogany, biack walnut I and enaniclle.l ftirnit'ire, pure ctirlrd hair mattreaaea. etkMra, f iu .ic hotter desk a. Iron sales, male gsny Krueh bed *t cads, w la*, lounges bt? k i-iipm Alan, an Invmee ol rren. h pla'e | inaiital ai d pier ginsau*; al*o an Invnl, r of krenrh cloth arete and frock roala; also an ioob e of ?c., ara TKRHKNCK, AUCTION RER.? MOtRllIN'O hotoe lurrillure?Tbl* da v. at 10 o'clock,*! 12 Humlli'.u afreet, ei nipripuig twenty frj'her bed*, twen'y tted?'e* l* and matire *e?. waans aods, blankets, qnttM, eoBiforters. ami owe klti b< n run<c In ?'?*! order. TKRRRKCK BOVl.K, ACCTtOHERR STURE a CRN tre pic e' ? Fun it'ire,-On Thursday, i ny I. at 10 o'rlr* a at 17K I man* straet. roaprt-lttk ptt r yla?.e- ntarcl ? top tablea, dreaalng bureau-, wa?n*'aod* aw a*, mah.gany ehji/V. lanlea bedw'radp ami l edomg, thre* pi, c.,rt * ,, hallotl r , th ebandeb.-rs, cooking ai. I per lor atoves. and all die km-hen furniture. II' H. MEL LOB. At tmoNvER-BV HorOHTOV A It S JIKI.I.'IK ?Tbl" lay VfpMMay, tie'. Sl*t, nl lll'i ov;<n k ai the retldtm-e, tn tlreenwKb avenue ganteel bogaa hold furniture bin- toned 7 o-'ste roareoni ptanotove. male by l'lre?on rd ,*ew Torkj been In u?* *lg tnoo'tn an I o* 2**1 rcwewoml S ra-tave mekdon llnulo d in piano ?tvle. *iw|,- 13y < arhard' A Neadhan, rimt 317ft; rleblt orn m-.'-l Irarri" French plalc oval mirrors, rich carp#'*. ?'a,r and tri/rala do , fu fixture*, parlor suit eavsrtd in rich hrueataf. *of, ir <? a tete, rn ?< wwwl rt< rrrc, centre and ptcr tables dialog tanuw, r<* wrwal rhom'.er furniture, via, bedstead bureau, waeh ? rod end commode, marble tops, eaav and nur.e ro-kera. r ,r n-r etageres, Ml palnHuge. engraving* rich mm'ei elo k Ften-I, ebltia vaae*. ean ielal.ra* r>? king aid spring sea' rhair*, ottomans, window phads* with a variety of r-e'age and t atn bed-toad*, mattresaew, palUaeM-a. t eddlng Ae tie, * variety of klirhen furniture with vrbp-b the tale will enin A c?eh depo?tt require,] from all pur lower*, t'ai* k-k'ie# "O the morning of sale worthy the auen e<n of 'he tule and cfbers. U'H.I.IAM IRViNty, ACCTtONEIW-fiCFRRR BAtK (if laiiry goods. Wll .sas Irving A To., will ^l| ai ao tl>in, oo Ttu'*d*j and Friday, November 1st an I hi. at lay, nVlne.k, st 'he saleerr runs. No. ft Rive a'reet, an eatire Invoke I French china gilt, painted and da'-o-vad \ v*e* of ad the vsrtcua aire* and l attama, card recei^em, group*, figure#, tnkrtands. Jewel caskets, lea aod dinner set*, medallion paint ed vases, eleysnt brtm/e and ortnr )u riorkt aod rsrvleltbra*. cai db sticks eotrrea, group*, figures the Reason p. Kl.her Boy and <whers, hun'lng Stibjasm, staiuetiea, wslehauod'. lak?i*nAs. table f?elks, nsii rercivars. 4c , papier marbe pearl Inlaid Iravt tab ee. werk hoses folio* jewel bovea. Ac , sbooy work snd card I oie*. Ivory r lastlr medallions Ac , s;lv#r p a'e?l lea set# coffee arm lea bet ilea, oaks basket*. c?*uw?, waiiara. sugar dlshe*. ?al'e, bi tter tubs, canl eatlrk*. fliagree oroa rnerd*. Ac. Aft entire tnvotce of iT,toa*e yoo-ls f "hinese orna menied vases, lac'i'tcred work tahlas I?* poys segar ease#, wu.rkhoirs is wet catilnala, lAs H '-oards neatanf sAtwl Imts,, desks, fancy host , toy s. 4< . I'trUn marble cuss, p.iohe'a, ftgurea, the Reas"t,a, Rlieep Hbeareis, *e'c a n-te sc. tu;t|i races Ae , 'ogether wp.b an ae^ir'Pient of toy be .stead., Iftegere*, buses, tool i, sultaa of fnrnltare, bint, r *f **, Ac TI'llXIAMRBVRli AUCTifiS NOTICE.-ON FF-intV " Nov 2 allot, o'clcadi In Dtrys,* avenue near Kotirih strcst. a vsrtet) "f p arlor and rbaen'-'r fomi ;rr on. , lint in part of marble top se t rna'u. ?.if ta"l#s cf.?,r > I,, ba rrsn? rorker*. A, also three ply, Ir.ran and stair arpeta, ?itrben furni urr tu/vei, Ae JU11X (.^JllT,ki,L, Au ...rti'dr. ?ALII AT AWmtM. WM WTITER8, AOcmONKKR, WUX. HtLh. ON Wrdnr" Ur, at 10 ly o'clock at 1*7 Oanal aire el, all tl?a genteel bouarbold furnlure of a faml'jr breaksg up hou?? It eplag, rotuibclng of BOtai, Id pluab and balr < lu b, raar, rockltw and partor chair*; centre, aid# and other 'able*; pl-r and other glaiwre paintings; tanealry, throe pijr and ngraln carpeia: nTiclnib*, hat rack". rug*, mat*, atolr rod", mahogany ai d walnut bedim ads balr and other tiiAt(re*-oa. foafhm hod". Stand#, blanket*, re whir top bureau#, waahatanda, ollei sot*, i in# room and kltoben furniture, ohlna, a la*# and plated ware, cooking stoves. THE L1I4DUH tgUEHTIOb A I.FRED I'At'KIIAM shit, l?0 W.'I.I.I\M 8TBKKT j\ Offer* for aale at reasonable prices French wine#, la wood and gla##. red and white oxnpruiing St Jullnn St K#? pbe Medoe, b bateau LaMe, Chateau Inroae. (Ibalaau Mar guaj, Chateau Looellle. Hani sautorun*, litut Bariao, Cha teau Yquern, Ac. Herman and Kltenwh wtuea, In wood and Elaaa, Burgundy sine. In wood and gla*?, comprising tlbata ertln, Krtultage red and white note untie St Jo-eph, <H?# de St, (Itnrge. St Peray, mouanom and ooa taousnoui. In Iwad and duly paid t'oitnac brandy of sundry brand*, ohatapaane and all other liquors, aa gin, Hootch taUakey, runt, arak, Cura ooa, bittern, Ac , Ao. > BY BHQCkHT, A Sl'KClAL MEETING OF TUB Lf quor Healcis'eorteiy of the ( |tv of New York arid be 1? id at Odd Follow" Hall on Wednesday evening, dUt In*.. at 11, o'clock ro*ntrel), no member admitted wt.hnut hi* Uckot w membership. Ticket* not trgnefbratite. J. V. HAT WARD. President. rpo LIQUOR DKA1.KR8.-A1J, MKMI1KR8 OF TllK '-l 1 i|Uor IH-aler*' Society, opposed to pinltioal dictation and tu favor of the regular nominated tirk't of Uetr coo vent to , are mii*l Klrenuoualy urceo to attend the uinsUngnf the Society, at Odd Fcllowa* llall, tin* (Wednesday) evening, at 7 o'clock r WHOLESALE UROOKBH AMU LIQUOR UK ALRRA Ueat green and yellow grape and cognac oils, e-*suoea, warranted to ttulUito lamaten and St tlroli rma; onach, ohnr r>, apple, and raspberry brandls*, Holland gin, wltaki'^r purl anil Madi lra wince lieai Frrncl, onfortng FKUOIITWANOKR W Maiden laua - aale by HlH/MHtS MMlllls de Ik aNl'kli* ASIMOI.K LADY, TKAOIIKK OF TllK PIANO AMU singing,* to ri-ti' three room", ur the lowar part of a lioino II not too exuethuve, with gaa and privilege of the neA room. In the upper part ol Uie ell) , In a mapnolsble net ;M> >r bo* il, where "tie will be partnlffed to receive a low pupil* In Hie house; one room riiuat to I trg? enough to ho d a large sized puuto; rent tuuat lie moderate; will ho kept In thn nnat tndcr by a aerrant. Adilre** Mathlidt- itegardo, I'oloa square Post office ("TOTTAOK WANlKIt?A HANDSOME KNflI.HH UK / ittiimn cottage, with cultivatedjgrotwde,carriagebeuee and *iable, and pasture for one or two mar t. Mti?i tut lit a ph-a-ant neighborhood, and no over otic hour*1 ride trout Nrw Ycrk. A reuotietile rent wul he paid on a loato of three nr fire year#. Apply ai room II i>U*o> iiutnhug, curuar of llruadway and t'orllandlatreet, or 141 Fourth avenue TJl'RMBHKD HOUSE WANTKU-ONK WITH ALL Till: r modern Improvements antl handaomely fttrolahe I. altu* llrgi uiual he above Fourteenth *lr.o a I be:<veou third and clklli atentie* flood aeeuetir will or given, II require.!. Inr rent, and pineewuou wants I (in xiedlalrly. Ad'lrea* M C. J., lie aid office. PART OF A HOOcK WAMTKD? IN A RKSPHf'TAlll.F. nrlgbborliood, l.v a quiet family, Kent not to nioced dvo hundred dollar" Adilre... .taut.g lueallolt. Ac , tor three 1*>a, A. W. A.. HeiaM oflf e WANTED?A HK*I OtASd FlTBNISHKO IIOI78K, from Dec. 1 until May, lor an uiini mptio:ia lie li-uaul. One with atalile protcrted. Addt nea hoi S63 Po*t uBloe with full particular#. WANTED?BY A HMA1.L FAMII.Y. WITHOUT OH 11, dren. a furnlehed hnuite. In a genteel neighborhood. Addre*#, with lull pnrdetilar*. lioiil.OPO foil oilue. WANTED? HY A I.I'I KB ART CI.HB MKRTINO-WKIl u*?1k)- Evening*?A rtiom. mtlta' l) furuidtsl, on or u. ar i'madwat aud the vb inlty ol hlercker atrest preferred. Ad drett* J. It. S., box 'i 'Wb I'cwt office, dating term*. Ac. WANT K'l?ltY A OKNTl.KM * N AND IHS WTYt, A par'or and one nr two etnajl rt*un* , lurntalied preferred, with privilege In the kltehi n The hoit-e muat be eleaant. antl initialed between Fourth and 'I we. tv tdxtli *tre?U. Second and Sixth avenuea. I'l-me nddre** A. It (7 1).. Herald olUt''", staling lull partletilai - and price *\TANTFD-KY A *MAl.L FaMU.T, AND POBSRflSION vr will be Immedlan ly faki-n, a genteel hou*e with tnujeru Improvement*, ellgtM) ?ltuatn<ltii thl* city or Brooklyn, not too tar irutit lite bu?lne** id the city. Keut Irwin 46dd to griAI. Artdiea* 11. M.. box g,H9 l'nat office. ri'ANTED?TO lTRfll ASP. FOR f \SH, OHI "R TWO II Hiiall honnea, worth from gl.Ct>U to 9S SOO Addreaa J. P., Broadway Pom offire, for two ilaya. KASHJOft\H1jK rALL MiiXlA liJiV, AC. AMAOMiyiCKIfl AKMiKTHUr t?K BfOrl FARCY fur* ?m be fourd *1 LKYRY *tnro, 44 Maiden lane r >n nlating ol all the (lw and milium grab*, and a' unprec dvoied low price*, n urn ut an it ml under tin ?ni>orv<aa?n of the well known WKO. H. MA WHOM, agent, 44 Maidon lao*. American. arfiRUK axp hupbok bat < >x iian.aa* lur*.?M<>?ar A litiau-r caa now cflhr U> the public, toreftjrmm!ooantrytrada. an tuMqinilid moriaimt "i ito atovr, selected by Mr. William Mowr, during hi* Inte vi*U lo Kurnpu, and manufactured wl h great rare K.verv dearlp tiofi ol fora ran be found of an b variety ih-u cannot fall u> at Irart attention. Every article will be war'auicd wn<l mid at fair price*. MoHKlt A H Kl'lfiit, Importer* and Manufacturer* of Kurt, 41 Maiden lane, and ;?b6 Broadway. DuooAmxiLuraiT brum rot wiktbr J J A magnificent a**oi ?nc nihil ladl-V and mlea**' booneU. made from the fli.aat I,yon*' vrivet,uiid erri y other fam.lou < Mi fabrU designed FOR WINTER WKaR. 14*!'? be on exhibition lor the inapcrtAon of the uw lea ot New Y?-k 'vi't \ u milv . on wrwiiPir am? thuilmht. orroon Slat awd jrornaa^u )*r. 1 he above wt.i c?.no -? *' : loth Imported and or mv own maauf>t dure; and l*<Jl***iri aearcli ol the newest and ntai unique aty!*-, ate reapeoAftally invited to an ' iau.ii a Hun of mv atnrk. Vl 11.1.1 A M HROW.N. 44S Broadway, lietween llraui and Hroonn atreeu. FPItS FOR THK W1KTKK.-O.NK HUNPRKD VKRY I atiperb Heb* r Bu<mc CHpra, In Ru^ia'i irilnk. Ilu I >n'<? bay sable, Siberian analrie', atone marten, eriuinc, chinchilla, now on aale by tin *ub*cr|b# r, it h!?> cloak, f ir. and "havrl wareroonu. Hi h?'|K, 361 bro*/way. MRR. RaLLJMJB RKSFRiTFI. LLV SOLICITS TUP. attention ol 'adiea ti? her novoitie* in French iKMinc'a (re 0 ed ??y tbo laat *tcarn*hlp ) of entirely new irituro,Vrid it fai variety, aiyloa not to nr. *a*u In ant other aatnhliahmrat in * city. MRS. RAU.IN'IH d? ? an*'at T^KW YORK fl R COVI'AKT.?WR MKO TO IJtFOHM 1 v our friend*and patron* that an have opened our *v<?re with an elegant eh ok of fur*, t ori*i*Hng of royal errntuo. kik Man and Hudann Bay table, mink. a'one ut'mi A** <wMor. ed at d manufai ured under our own aup*rv|?tou Part lea pur rh*?lng ebould f lamlrio our ar'irle*. wbb it to ?W*ttr? and beauty of aivle canni' be aurpH**?*4 JiHRPI? .1 NKW0 iNfl A Co. 421 Broa?l?ay. Order* and rrfnurirtg promptly ai (ended io. N'OVKMBKK, DF.rKMBXR A.VDJAM ART FASTII >.%?? lit cloake, rnatt'lliii* and tii^ VTut Huchanan baeken ric heya to announce the completion of Id* ae -md deiirrr* of rarouiii fa/hloiir for Uie winter. r??n*ituinir of the newe*i rn ? tertalaand m<et recl^crrhede^tkrj'". II!* exclusive ahapea by hi* own artift* arc mtinerouM. and the #rt at edTrcta produced with the veiy moderate price affiled to #?ach e 1 iv;im make th. rn tl??* moMi H-hlonahle rl<?ak* ?/ the weaatei I'nPcd Stauw elnaV, fnatdllla and far atore, 4fl and 47 v anal atreet, l?r*u dreih building. V\M. Hl'fTBANANMM'KKSY.IK Proprietor. N H.? fhik 1 ouee la particularly recntrimended to atrar?7era and vletter a* die popular atom for f .oak*, mandlla* and Mr*. b it Mackkk/.if. PARIS MIM.rXFRY ? MRS. J H. OtHK4?.V, T7S flROAb way. w1l! open winter hornet*, Ud\\* drraa capa and headdn *c*, on ihuraday, Nov. I. }>ABIS FKAT1TRK0, FRFNCfl FLOWKRB, RIBBOMS, and co:orc*l Ntraweooda. at reduced prtcea for c%*h. al llOMRR .% KKTcilL* M'H t>4 and M JiAo *lraet, corner of w|| Ham aireet. Ju*t re* el red. one thousand pu oci colored che mile. PCX)bb-W, BROADWAY, TWO DOORS AHOYB ? thtoi aquart. blaeA awd eonrti *IBUk plaid. merir?.ieia, lx*. delaine*, emi>r<iiderlea. fhll iMonraeni of boaiery, tinder^ .we, kid florae of the ba?t ^uailty. botiae furniehirur good*. abuUnga, blank eta, comfortable*, quttu, drugicedng, Ac. 11TINTKR MII.I.INKKY ?TIIF PARTinrLAll ATTKN Yf tk?n of the iadiea ia ? alJed to the large, choice and rw rd aa?ortmcnt of winter Imported and hfivne made bonne'* dra a capa and bead dreaae#, now tm el hi I. if ion at Mm. LKVl'S Uil Imrry Kw por uin. 110 Mleecker *tre?t, near Broadway, twten Greene and Wcmeusr atr .eta# HOTKL.1 BAKCABDH FOTKI. BROADWAY. CON.TKtTIXO with <6 1 weifrb atreet, one d??or fnnn Ilrua'lway Tti* p | lie or rea|?eeflully annoum ea that ho atill POriUauea pre pt ed uisrrrmmodBt torn! lie-, wtth aulia of room*, (with pri tab la J aj.d alngle gentiemen with fine airy apart m?nt a, or w tboni * ? ??' i '-.'.r pkoof m- hrtai i lloie by him In'be lower port of the city tor up ward* of u*n ?. r BLANCAKD Pro/rleo^. (MiI.UNF 11IVTK1., FOOT OF ? ARAL RTBh'YT, WILL \J let auiui o( four r *?mji and par <?r*. wiih "? in> >iw t??r tan .lie* or aingle rooma. mi moat reaeonab e U-rmi for 'he wtDler rnonU-a TALLMAN A MAl'kR, Proprioti ra. 1L4YF RETT HOl'Rr NORTH HfDB rKION *K^!'ARR. VFW j York.*-11d* e?iAl?iMji?40Ri 1- iw?er open for ti?c a/ wfl/o<Wi I tk?ii ol lmiA.tatvl and perutaneu* gueai*. ( LAPP a JOffl IN r: FMlTrlSOKfAN HOI^F f m the European plan Rrradwav, rnmer <?i Hoiuum at/we< ih*? new ar.u larye bo e> newly Dim ur-l *nd In tlveooilt | ' rder, hea e<i thrr/iial.^ut by a'eam plpea, arid with all h?* ap pf In'/i i-ri'a ?.r tb* byb- * priced h?. #?.? - o. rava.x r* and the kuhitc. Including fan i ira, nnwiiri n ?e*. aec<vm iu vbu* at lewer rat"* ?h*r? w airar?b? a' any other ftrR c?a-a la. I \ lew drear at le atngie r?- i/j will be uS for the vmier weerUle rrx p. at fri m |2 .4/to |ft per week. fljiNKY Kt?l*MvN XT lb IT FRF TO HAVANA MR A W W'H?L' t?rr F ? Iter* hi- > prt"W ilu and MtD9?Hd orw hot*#*, ** T ?? tne

nm ar.d Kuropean Hotel,'' Caiie de P?I lyn* ?*. 4A *1 iA erl tn or a of fh?* fin*' plrw*ant P- aJine^ r.f Ilu ana, ?o wb ? ;c t ?eii hat n*y aaeur ng them 'hat everything ?hall b" loae t-< tkdr e? Int' rt, ai.4 arery farUi y afforded u, :nake to the country. Ac h |i Mr. WocMc'dt, ?>r a peraon of Mm ftwi#e viatta e^ef i tenmer ? n her arrival, m r?-c?-ive *ngt r* CLUTMINO, Ml. Ahh labor Qcorrrrf ?>r caw orr clotbimo mmH -iWv l> fVierof, I! ti?<4 la b'lf ?ar.,.1 h?r,.l r'o'hlfin ill rwrj .'wrlp'km il?wk?iirf) h,. >?< l.r*' ^ ?iralt U>*?, Wttl r.ralr, 'h? rmrj hi*h'?' prk* for thatri Mr ? I ma ?? - unn, or oMrrwtoc ll(OMA>? l>. < ONHi>Y ?jI frarl nr?*. CiAKTor?ruiTHnto *!?n rmvrrcRK w*Mtitn V laitkiiid IMii|<'n.?n ran obtain th? hi,h<wf pr? ?? 'or 0-r ??.ro? orilrlaa. by M-ndliif ibrw^b |n.?t or oflvrwtar 'n Mr, M.s b l ?, M( Hromtaajr. op oiln. >|rnurmra .'rnl'l by*/. M. (^UfTHIMO?MniW ??* ORWTl.KMItl. MATIM'J AMY ? J fort .|.nr fif nan wd?? a fair r\?h | rw, r.j an '?>.? II ik? norm is Iao/rn?Mr?o?, 'I?r ' ar ? or St wim R-oatw?r or lauor by pnM LaAXa by Mra < .Ann * Iamkm Airi?orwrLr*RK aivr *orR \rry.ttr.s~ J Pr.'l 'lit. ?Ail r, *ff nlotbittf, .? vl h?- I furol .ra. oiat all bind, of )n.ii.?.,rn t,r.a?b' ar.a ' .'fa- p-w f i.q Itira-h f all oi a44,... by n,,> J, M'KKi- 121 *?.^ ari^ion. f rtw?rn f ab'nrn'b anil .\ f rfra.tb .'nr. Ni/TICR TO ( MX ft RC(fX(>WI? r<t ?'HfoRE jutr.fa. ? ?<ri i i..<b,.,.K r . i , In ??.,?. it I f ? ?ha' yon tar* lo t'A E-art rr" , r<-?n>, 4 , -r rn^a 1 r??4?*r *fwr? Olirt a'* tan tonnrl r n a.b t ir?) -1-1,4, or rr<?./?4 1-4 rap tfi'in^rr, or r. lor ,? o? i (a'l or ' ftulM A tpVRllaAti*. U(4 Im W, .fi'O i t 4t fllattDUv. 4JD LUHUJI*. T5? 811 194 01 n BBflADWAY, NKXT DOOR A BOTH TI1K HAW t?JV cn-f* IIoum\ flus nn.nut, b.uitaouist J furulsbcd In nulla or *w|>nr?'cly. Also, very |i]ras* lit single rooms. All die minimi tauptovwmi utm. He.areurm viuhaafed. UHH BROADWAY, ONIOK nfJLARR.?HANDHOMR OU" nulla ill n''*iA ou Ihe flt<4 lour, u> l?L wlib |H1i'?M) table, or or tbe I* "f'uJHMUi plan, to a nu'oni family or gentle ni?n. logeiber or seDarato. Nuutbor boardam. Qr?C ANDWI3 BROADWAY? URUIKAHLK HUITrl OF OUo room* ran t,a ot/'alnad ui 0.a ?b.?ve n'im'>?r?. They have jtutl Lt?u refurnlnbi J and will Imi kept a, alrlrtly link clbnahouae*. Delightful room, rur single gentlemen. Apply an abofp. Reference* Ptven and required BROADWAY-0. MIR.LHOl.K HAS TIIK II INOK to Intuitu bin filMidn slid the public Ibel hii .Un. iuK arndt iny U open every day. from Id A. M w lit I' M . ?<>- les winn and fn in S In 8 and ?C I" 10 P M for p ran Ion. The tlrsl botrre will lake plara m lAla academy, an SOU) November, tbii. HA fcZBKOAliWAY.?:DKHIKABL1 HirTTKA OP RODMW D lO lor faniille*, w lb full or partial board; itlan reruns lor single gentlemen. Transient boardera aoomnmndapid. Mra. IV HBOWSINii, I'ruprlnii^naa. _____________ 62* BROADWAY. BETWEEN UOCHTON AM) lllariknr airreu ? Plrnt class aooonunudstion-i for laaulbaa ami geaueaM ? *)ru KH R11I STREET. NKAK LAKAYKTTK PLAOR. 0 I ? l urulsli. il ap.'iriiueiila and front pari ?r to lei, wlili linaid In tlii- ttrnt <vaan house, m gentlemen atul (belr wives, or in single gentlemen ilaa. hsUi, As. Dinner at 0 o'clock. 1 renih and Spanish sjhAi n. a>A?1 KOI RTH AVUNt'K THIRD DOOR PROM TWKK wUl ly first alree'.?Huom* Airnlnhed or uoia. ala ia I, on t rental or Uilr.l Poos lo let, Willi, or w ttbmii boar.) lite liu it i ban all tbe n.inlerti lu.p'ovin.i ",'a, U.e lix'aliun neutral an I ra-y of acuenn from any pan of (lie nliy QOJ GREEN KTRKET, .NEAR POUR Til-A OKMTLK ww f ninii and wile, or simile gentlemen. rsu bo actoinuio its ed wllb I'liaid, or iuouin without board; lialb and gat lu tbe bruise POL k 1II STREET ROOMS TO I.KT WITH PlH.L or par lal board; desirably lo nti d in (he I'limmlUte of Washington |eirV tin J Fifth avenue; references ok clanpisl. Apply us above. "1(J9 IILBKOKKR KTKKKT.?IIKNTI.KMKM ANOTIIk'llt ii'w wives, and "Imtln men. ran flod excellent w ummnta Uoua at tb# above Ural ulnae bouae oo Isimedlais appltua on Kamlllea wt h'ni' heard lor tbe winter) will do wml to t all. Irirue moUoiaie. Diiiiinrat 0 u'Ctoak. 1/17 HODRW HTRP.KT, FRONTING YT. JOHN'S J J I park?Kiind*hcd n^nm. lo li?t, wiUi b?*'d, to ahigl* get tb mco or gcntlm en ami their wiva* lli>u*e ii? wly fur inirhed, Willi nil tfir- modem luipi wvenuiul*. 1 a r twklfitt htrkbt, ni:ar skoond afknuk X x t/Two stogie g"tt'l?*mcn, or a gcntUimun and wlt?. cau prucure a<*<(tiuriii>4atbiiui in u privatu iainily. with iiartial fyoiAift foi th?* KiMi'iOim ti, ?m<t till* comforU ??f a tioma, an t w hcrr only n ? nnui uumbirura lakiMi, loca lon ila?iirabl<?, and ronvMdent u? thv f?uw W) *iuge* Only por ?m*i of reHXH' a telua II.": Ninth hTRKBT. Bl us OF RAFMOIflLT IT*) hirniabi'd rof*rm* to lot tofaroltloa, wiiii prlrato la iln it (<'M I red I lou-a flrat rliwi, and conveniently localei m Ninth iB^ect, incur llrt/ft 'way. M*> KHiHTU STKKKT, OPPOSITE TIIK HERO A NT ILK tf iJinary?One or two pleanant roouih wlih hoard, n.ay be had. 14 X EIGHTH STRI -iT. OpPOkSITK (7LINTON II ALL. tJ ?A larfto donht*'room wiU bo Ta^?it?vi ou the tlrm of Not-ember, auitanle lor a /p?n<loman and lila wile, or two alntjle g?*nti?*Tiirn 1 x "1 NINTH BTKF.KT, THTKD IKMITI EaBTOF BHOaII I'll way ?Ha4i?i*ome furiibdiad rooro*. In aiilU or alnula, with breakl'fud I? re^uirtvd. Alao, at No. C tViUeae place. nri GRAND H1RKKT, A FEW DOORS WKST OF Broadway.?'To lot. a lar^e fund died room oo the firm t oor, kiao u .>Uik1c ro<im, with board, If re<iuiredL 119 KANT TWENTY MFTII KTBKRT.?ONE OR TWO I I am room* wiUi hourd ntcrly and neatly turnlthod. '.r tt re tired, utdurnmhed, for lietiUernea and th?dr wirm, or nio^lc pond' fnen Tbo*-c wiiidyiri>f eco.vimy and flc^lrtnu cloudy xpaMiYicut* and oh|i?tnp iUiandanta, wrtM lind tltU hotian afl ? ??! iiiK tin rn al! tin couuorw of the beat of hornet. Appiy 1m nirdiately. r WAVERf.KY PLACK, THIRD DOOR WKeiT OK ? ) W:mhi2?;;ioo park ?A anil of beau dial room* onueroud door to let, lOKethcr or eetirrately. Private UbJe, If de ir d. AUo, tin alnicio room*. Termi tocMerate. X/a;atioQ delight ful. KefereiKNMi ei<,liang?*d 01 FAST TWENTY TRIRD RTRKKT ?A Ht'ITK OF Oi frout room*, pie, mtly iurniahed, and one larga l?a k room, to let toucher or M piuraiidy, wttli board, Ui a lir?t cU^a houw. Apply a* al>oxe. HWF>T TWFETTHIETII STKKFT pleasant riRjio*. on the Kecoud floor, t) lei Willi hoard The bou*? h t?r*t ? lne? the !(.? .vUoti pleasant, and tcrtfii moderate, U? auii able applu nx?u. r,4 PAST TWENTY THIRD hTRKET.?ONK OR TWO I I an a9 fatutliea, or uenliefiiiu, run be accommo dated Willi fine room* and bu nd in il?t* above firnt cla*a bouae, pU-a iOiUy locauwl between Fourth and l?cUu#toii aranuea. 7f\ FBAITELIM BTEKET, FlBfl BOOIl WEE I I " I Pk ik1 v.h> flm large front room, badroom and p in qr? I'Uirdied, 011 eecond 1ha>r. to lei looneor two ironlldinefi; ?/ieoJtiai?ivrrv(Ml If reo?lir? d Abwj, fUdgic and double rt*?na<, I *1'. mwi) turnUhcd. loquir* a* at*jva. 4 (| Ml KltAY HTHKKT?HOARDING FOR PAMIL1KH '1 ?/ and *lngle ^eiiflrmen. The bou^a ha* al! the modern linprvcmem*; rum every hue roouui uooocu pled. Furuulu t rOfiii* a)*o to let, wriiboul hoard 4( \ ( ItniAflD MRKKT?RGAKDINU ? Kl/RNI^II^D f t or utiturnl*hed room* rna be had on very reoaouable |tfg h fti or pftrib* oard CONCORD STKKKT, BROOKLYN^ONK I.ARfJK ami (yfiCDii nil r om, jua? vaca'ed, In thin new brown atone te?u e. fmn . Uvd wtth ail the motcrii iuiprovauiru . Ditifier at fili oVloeA. Refer cor r* required. A r% CIEOVK STREET, ONK. I?OOK FROM HLKK.'KKR, - J 11 Three b*?i?lM>me parln^Mon nr*l and aeoobtl h> l?*t, wlUi (*?/d, lo gemi? cr??Mi ami Uo-.r wlo? lion.*.* dn-t cImsh * obtaining ail 'he cnod'-rti iniprovfinen'.*. al*?iftoe roorn*. Wbh hoard, at 157 BlMfcker airect, opposite Depau row 07 MM if NTRKKT, NEAR FIKTII AVKVi:K. ? A 91 I filrely inminhed >rn ?* let n It >*o*rd, -uKehic lor ? to t and ulfr, or i-.rigJe gemicin n, in ibe fir*' ? la* * hr.ii?r No X .Ninth ?tre?*f, near ITfifc avenue. 10 47 2GS AMITY PLACF, ONK DOOR FROM BI.KK? 'K Kit r?e I * Iff 1#? *<???' ?*f JtroadaAy -lUn Uoni'lv f urnHh.-d ?u?. with **iU??*r fail or "7 DM FAT MKKK1 ? UANDMlM* PARLOR A, I ?* ti) l>t*ds? < it < Wlii? li??<3 *<i >4 Without AOFNU.KMAN AMI WIF*. OK KINOLK OKNTLB m?*i? <nn b* ???'?ti,mr ?Uir t wMh r?Kim?, v?.th In ? troall fsrlfAle family. ?? /4 (oid .No \Vr?i I'wawy **roi d wt|???i. ii?r boon# rofi'tili* Umj trnwimi improvetjifth ?? and In or ' u'f ii' to ?tr* And "tag* . A I.At>Y, AN A' ? O.MPLIHI.'ID HjNfJKU AMI) I'HNHT, am! a thorough lr.? rucnr ? f to v mil iu-.?ram??n'al ?mi wtftiktu to obtain board ami lodging la a prfral* family or flr-i Hum 1'oardfi.u hf)ij?o? Hh?r?* hoi mrrir ? In no.ton * ?uM 1# ak* n An 'oim.fnoiuou Ui'rofor L'n?ir ?;?<|otia??l?a fid* ranr** gtrrn and rmpifret. Add'cm II.. J. M , I nicwi ^iui ?? I'o ?l?tli??. H KMHUKd PARIOU a Nil HKDROOM TO LKT ?/# * il iif'W?klii' '!.#? M'?iol>oii?Jin ilo'ei. Imjuhc At hAlJil NHAt Iiti>adwm. AhMAl.L NK4T1.Y KM'.NIMim BF.DIIOOM TO LPT - loo ffuMn IsdT and yrnli'ru tri, w.ih board for Win Unly W rr<|tilli?l; 1* I# nuitahW* for a Udy'a mm clunker N?> rrt? muu r* 'i'iic*"<l. Trtt\\ t*t> n abaohstaly iwcr *+cyt th#*r* t?i?.g only a imly mid child on tba premiar* Addre** >?ot '& Bread way AfJFNTLKMAN AND IIIH WIPK ('AN HK ACCOM MO dafd ?Hh n parlor and bcdroota. With foil or partial beard, al>u?, two or three gentlemen nn be a^nn./wo-lI Wllh good board and i Idhmih room*. by applying a' ruir ftrftat, * * - "* * thro* muiui miuuirm' walk rr??iu APR1YATF FAMILY WOFXII UK NT ONK OH TWO plea* ant r< orna raltaM* for Magic or nkni?4 gentlemen, funulehed, nith ptfttUOf la) I boafv. ApfMj at 10 Wr?? j wan tjr fttiih atr**r mar MsUt aveno*. A MM AM. PRITaTL FAMILY, HAYfNCl M<?RK ROOM than thrr r?qiiir*. aouUl ari-omfmnlau* two or thrr? *na Urfr#k ?|tl nimlnhad nmmn, ?r.?! partial board If rr jutfryL hrirrrf rea etchbiiy**! IftQOlm at LM A'Ijuiwi ?trn#t, bo? w?*f? KMtrrr rM ricfi*ii#r*'*j monim i oi rorrt and Hilary, Brooklyn. \ WIDOW LADY CAM A( <X)MMODATK ONK OH TWO ?Inn'J* K^nUnmnr. with rrry p'*a*ant Itvolahad rtwna. ? nil or *l'Loijf parUai 1 ftard, on r**A*ona>>)?! irrma Hath and i?*. Fay of a^'ew by ctri a rut itapt Apply at 122 lav. rlny pla^c rtrar Atitm ?lr?*?!t.| ANINOLR ORNTLBMAR MAY HK ACCOMMODATED wuh a f?irr?Uh?^1 r*drnnm. l/ia prirmu- fanult, on Hr -ok t. Dt-urh'*. ?"lnn tlfcc minoUMi' walk or Fa ?of> or Wail ?tr *< trrriM TrrmafAptr obooth In mDaiu*'*, Apply m .TS Wui- w nrt*t, HiookJyn. AYOl NO PHORRMNIONAI. OBlVTLFMAJf BKOUIRKH furub?had rtr n> arul Ivjanf ? an W>i s>i vh* t ?'y >la ?, ?? $4 to p?r w*. k. A4drr?* ai onoa, with f art! cii ITI, I* V K., 1 r l.on* nhir* M'.IVATR FAMILY IN FOURTH HTRKBT, ALBION plaor. w.U l^t. nl'b board, an '-Jnfcarit ?tilt or rou r * pri ablf nyppHbd at any hour; barh ami ?at atoiouiitr*. *> i , all *01 b* In ?? ?)ui* 1 prirm/a fami. r. ?'?ia ami ri.? I'? nt ? 4 r* rr^ona r"'4aii*<i adl ?*?, *?u. iu... ? 4i. 1 m <*r. i4 W A*?or pu<-n ro*t orttra. 4 I.AftY AND IIKit DACOIITKR UK I T t^IVIN i JY up Iio'im k< rp it# wi'U.d Ukn oi board wttk a ladv w ho 'nkr 'Jb?* furm '.rr.atid m*itfi%rvang?u??'ita%ro??r4J'i^I* a* r##ar hrra.nay aa posaabhv A4dfr?a Flaaaaat, Unt"?i ?fpiarn l'i*t t-flv* OF Nil.V MAN AND WIKK, OF AOlii JCAHLR AMI t liaMta wai t hWidtn a pflral?. r llti? grn l? ink? ##*?? F g! n 'rrrf iu **?/? tiOilU". tu. ^ a w m a..i i.oiu r?i tff?o*?Ni ?tatlng full f ar*s? utar?, Iw a Pm, t r .? p'" - n f) ln? u iim* f or i (truaWraia / r tu*h will 'aartva . ro..?; t f ti lot* I irriifiil ft efrw# Addon ft.-run, ifora.1 ofll Bt) * Nfv?AT lit WlJfT TWMMTY MK ONf) NTRR T bmtWarn Mt h ami navrntii avannr*. A h.r'?y map** "a ? rival# dn.ily * H ti'l. b?*"l, W) m. a .-i >??tr ?l*m, or ?u.ui* ?"ou? u?*n, a paru*r a#?d hwlronna^ on A* wt.t <i fWwir, or p?rU?r and ii*droom "* wnrd Mar. <jf p?rw?r and hwdraora AO tAa ail 1 r Ui*d or urfnrn'ahrd. li'nM haa ail 'F? rm?t. rn it rr^?. and ib a very drwrai .a nrt4hbr*rlu?d, HaJar?":ftrw r? BO dpD?TWO ORFTLRMRV AND THRU WITIW CAJf t # m '?/mmoda'wl with p)*a?nt rmana nr. u^i onml floor i m< *r?>a/J urn Ww ' ..r f S?.?r, RVt Mark'* p?w^*, kifctrfb obvm>. Hoard -to lft with hoard, a laror frowt arui lark rrrnm a 'M orool flor, wfafii# of irgoirf f'<r t? otbi/rr. and Umftr ftlto, a? ?g ?ram, aaar nprtwf. and trlfNi ooa ro?nuo ? i* i ?( H oadway , tw . or thrr? OOftM toi'amvti oao ai*o im atTWcniixrUOr- i <Ma avl la?h m th? ht>' KIARD-A OKNTLBMAR AND RfIII WfFK, OR TWO I ?li.g a rw*.?lavf^n '*/> Sr ar<cMRtmod**rd w tk IraH In a rl*a?a fawi if or* ucyttii a h??oaa m wpi?M with *??daf-n Hn nnni'i ai*4 ?!??? 'r^? ..o* / o*j t r y at No r W arvaai p.*. a. < ??? >? M>t?nv irhangrdL B (MID.?riTli or *oo*<? os tii* ri* T *><i> furima t"r ? W M. ?Kk bn*H. .M? B? ? far a.nU.'...ik ... u U f >M r - r?..'a rtr? >. IT Ink. .k" IV Aflll -TOM1TO % ORNTT.Pfltk AND II WIFE or hi two ta*?' ??'?, a ufft fhrnt rvw on 'ka *??>i off hmdunulf fwr- '?# * 1 w1 b pa 'Ml Wmrfl flur tk* f n *u ?!? L'.o?* u # a*M 'atr.* a ' * *? wv-Fl on A p(? a IT* Kam T ro.* i ibw . *4* rat fc* w- M.1 dhftiA nitHkiatft, Adrd Irwa |DM*if ?u&!V)UO AMD tODMM. BOAItK ?A SIN<.IAt LADY CAW UK AOOOMMODATMD r itfi a li*iv mhiw (run or twA p ir'or. or ? Mnxt* K*nUr iijui or I oiiiViiJMi'Uiii hlawir? ort\rnf^0Ucaieu,r?a h? k.oiu tiimlkltd *tih lutifloM; tl Iff" for em-h lo4g Of. YlekW CkU al 2ui <ir?nd mrwr of Mult. BOARD WO I.ADIK.O, OK AL\I>Y AMI OKNri.R mnn i'kn ?>? ?><v<iuinoil<<l<-d ?tih h . rd In ? pnniii Umtlr. kb.ratl.r) (tut rivy Un* roiolbrU of k houi.-, In k pl<*kkkut i ki'i of Uir t-Hj . toiivonlMillo xlkffM k >?) rars. lM<\k*c ulurrw lloiur ifrokUxkj I on offiir, fur iwo Ujr?. B'.ARD-A I'l.KAHANT ROOM ON SKCONO Yl.OOIt U> lr( io ? l.nva'r boum, Iw ? wuh board; rioi, % tkcklir) lor "fie or l?o voun* (jriiUnmoo Unfrrounm n iiilnd Appi) a No. (I Brarb <ur?H'>, til. Joao'a ptrk. lUlb ktwl Kt> in (he bourr. llOARll NKAR KT. JOHN'S PARK -COMPORT ABI.Y I) I r?M"<l ro.-nnt. wltlilull or pa. llal board, lor(roll. iii-b Thn table kill l.r b>?uiUf?'lv kupplr-d. kinl llir (win'oru of a itl.r co?r ai.lrr.1 llalh ana Mk Rr.'arrauo* eiobanjjrd. Apply at In Vnrtrk rlrrrf B OAND AND ROOMh IN UN ION **}V AEK.-P AMILIKH or aing'e goiiHenian wauling permanent board r%\? find <te?drrifcde ae<* ruimwIiUKm* a< 19 Union aquaM, ww?t aide, Hr4 ? - It luui I Iwum ibavi Nttwiiili Tbe bona* biow been recently m fumubeU and fitted up to g ?od atyle. BHOARD IN WKPT FOURTHtNTH 8TBKRT OPPOMCTI AiiMinriauim Church, nf?r Httth aron-ie. Two gentle men ftiui their wives, end two aing.o gentlemen, will find plan arr>t furnlehrd room* and board, by trmi.mUA'i* nnpUce Ion a>. No. ItJft Weal Fourteenth airrei l.^-nUmi dwligtiihil. and ooa ?oiden: Ui cer* iuk) atage* K?-farmue? reo uln*!. BOARD AND FLiABANT ItOOMH CAN UK HAD Ul* ?own, w?M aide, In ev hang** for furniture. Mu*' be I ww or nearly m>. Addre** Immediately, Widow, Herald otftro. j ho*: of retort ore given and required. Hoard down town.?thrkk oh rouu onntlk men ran tie ecoommndaird with the comfort* of boute a good table, aeparale Mptlng rt? m fire and gaa, with Minylf or ?Jt iiMh f.t ti'iM nt?. loa hi Ac , m a Dr-t . J t??, w..,? ,,t l r"adaa>. IrrmafA to fO. Inqntrrat 101 r'pankhii afreet. Hoard in hrookuyn, nkartuk kkrky,?a nifir ofrooma to let, together or aeparite; with or wl'liotit i ' o u ^eotJeinan and iad?, or a lew aiti^lr gcutiemoo, ! U'rtns modvrate Apply ai 6?j Fulton etreoL Hoard in uuookkyn.-a lady having juht i opened a new boiuu. with the modern Irnprutrerneofe, | would Ike to dhpoae of a handaome parlor and bedroom rou ? i erth.u, on the M coi.d lloor, to n Kcnil.'nian and tile wl'u; or a l)H<*li room on tie third llooi to twoKutiUemen, wbhl?oAra. lie fiocte O" t'x< Iianirnd. Apply at 1U Laereuco street, botw en I til on avrnut! and B llloogbDf. Board in rkooklyn.?a orntt?Bman and iiir a lie, or i * o tdngif* ??*r?U?'iii''ri ? jn be ii H^nuiiiod ?>?! woh a hole or par 1*1 hietra hi n prlva e 'amJv, with n three wmuiee' walk of I* nil on ferry. Apply a< 46 lli^h atreot. OA It I) IN RKOOKLYN ?A GKNTLKHAK AND lllh ' J wife oi n Hltigle ^eniirrnna ran find a large and hand t Mum 1> turutahed ri ??o ?? its Wul?w street,three inuiunMi' waU . from Wall atreet and !? niton fertiea The houae la furniahed ] writ h?it air, Ae , liOARD IN llKOOKLYN.? \ LADY AND <lKRTt?P.MAN, J > Or one or two single ip niictneii, wlm may hi* looking i??r j board, will Mel idru^aoi tart omniuflavlnna lurnUhedor untnr oi'bid. whrrt all the roU'forti nf ?? home tnay be ei^uye I by a| plying at 4>l Samle *??eet tire mlnutea' walk from (??try. Reft reiirta ex- banged. I lOAIil* IN RlitiOKLYN TWO N'RATLY YURNWHKD J > ro'*tiiH to p t, with breaktaa* and tea, to hlngle gentlf men, In the hou?e oi a ilerruan lady, oe ir Un t'lty llail, enuvrtilooi to either eonih or JKtiltoti Kern ; the rar-* paaa wttliln a f?*w ibaji a of the hoiiM*. I'ltNte* a.Uli efor p iruru'ara, A. L., hoi KhN.Y. Ro?t ollire T>OAHI? IN KROOKI.YN ??lA> LRT. A l.\K IK FRONT D rtmm. f?r? the xecuod Hoori^wMh elnae*, well furnUhed in, one of the he -l location* In Krook> n. to a K^ndeiuan and lady, or two Ren l?men. Appiy at mi ('Union afreet,between Wall and Atlantic ntreel left lea. Board in Brooklyn ~a lady and okntlrman i ran be accommo>latiuI with hoard, and a tarjee m??m ??u 'he ' H_j'md floor. In a Lou-c with all the modern Improvement*, w i bin fte? ndnut? ? wxllt of ilie Houth ferry. Alai, a Urge en ir> r'NXn, aniUihle for a a I ogle penll-mao. In pitro at 211 Henry afreet, Rrooklyn Welerwn e required 130AKD WAK1KD?FOR A OKNTLRMAN. IUK WIKK J) and ami; one large and one ainall room with dinner for iho M'oibtoaii on rundaya only, location wi*t Mile, not below I igl.ti. alio *t preferred Referencea given and required. Ad dr. ^aQ., box 111 IW ofll e nOARD WANTKD-IN A I'lilVATK I RKN.'II KAMILY, by a alngle gtmtJetiian dealmua of improrlng hu kii"W U-dge In the language, a hi ixlthy reap?? ubbi location re Ujulved I * It* ft# w addrt >?? ht , hot t^'t Po*' ufbc^H B OAltDWANTKD fOU A LA DY AND (IK NTl.RM \N? (Ihaird for the lady only); In a urn.ill fondly, whrrc there oother boarder Mil i he vol U Ri??ad*ay, a'w>ve A '|ulH and fi'-aanoi home d**elre4, n?r auel 1 I/O pah). a liberal price will be paid Addrei*, at ? li?g U> *'lon, ?% A 11.. Her ail ofll' Board wawtkd -a okni an dkhirk* a km add tooff? with hoard. In it French fatiihy, r lie neon a?met I referred. Aiiafw, with particular*, li Y , ID rai l offh e "|>0\ni> WANTKD ISA I* HI Y AT! K A MH.Y, FOR A J J Kflillimui Hfi-I bin Wt It*, fujl hoir I tor the l*'i) ttid par let) I, ? r?l lor lhe xi-ftU'*!Oitn, b*twe*oi Doling Inn ntt i Htti nth ftvi <<*? and not ?! utf Twrniy flfib ?itwt. Addret W M. K , ltt?i Nil < IIiit. Board wantkd?by two \orng okytlkmk n i \ a private rnndlv. I.m allon no' Nlnit Ni?-w I oik or in Douih Brooklyn. Addre**, ?tatini( term*. .1 K. II , Htm id HO A it DIM* ? A SUIT Of ROOMS, t'oA VKNIKNT FOR * (audi* . elan a room ? tillable for a|f*i)il??m?ri loallou itifinfti wxl cotitrabii' of from ail paNa of the oily. Ht'fwrrnrteN *?*? hantfod. Appl% at No 4 Abingdon Wfcuv aide, ivw o door* nut ii oi Rank street. HO A KM Mi -A tiK.NTIJ.MAN AND Wirt OAS Oil rain hoard with a f V* *nt ttnfnrniHhad front room at >' U? M?*<Ui'Uk?l euttet, hi. Olefin ni'a place, In a private fa ti ill 7. Boar Pisa- two nuith or rooms mi a vino rkj.v nun; ? < telv rarau d) ran now ho M*<-ur?*d In a 0r<?? otaaa iu a phot*ant h* aiinit. A WO, aft oral >011114 |H'fiUdii?< u ran be ?crwuiiCttili tl a' J'l Wiwt 7 a?-ni> wee md aire**. BOARDING - A PKJVATK FA MM.Y, OCCTPYIMO A fir at cla ? heme. tiaro direr fiNiiiu in rant m b >?oer 1 li-r home rotn orto, ami a (able not to fx? hurt7 lit a ' oaidhtrf toutp.m.* aipiy al (iirw >oj I pi Waal Z>J ?treel, uea? Ctrt iiiii arrnua. T)OaRI IMI TO I.KT, AT V It!.' RfjfKtt HTRKtT J I n ??> <md *n>ry front from, to a gentleman and hi# wic??, ?Jm. tw?.aitir room# to a'nr;lr gimtlem?*a; the houae ioqUiim lie tnodrrb anpiovrtr.rbta BOARl*SNo?'TDK ADVKKTtHKK 14 AHOtJT VAf'AT In*. ? nita if rocm>?. pmaaan I7 located ntt feigbh et Ji h if : r ear } ft h aveniif, and o r.nd a flKn'leman a <1 Iai*> < r ? ro h* gentlf-ir* ? to'ftke'he Mime to whom ha will di#f?< r id the ihfthlun fill returnable u-rm#. The e*?*?i lb* furttUuro '*t? he boarded otii, Addrea* R W , box B.UL11"0*1 idJicr. I>OA HMKO - AN Y PKRSOA DRSIROVS ??P OltTAl* 7 . I Cm I .ft !?'? ? ??-omri. 4*,? 'J Nt lit Wai Hitvanth Nirr'L Arn fntwlaipm fm rtianriad i?r -tn^Sa p?*r aon? D im it* dfiahlr. rpiritu?lUtrMi.?i'nvat'- n ciaa ?-???ry day, from lit ti; 12 a M and fr? in A ?o 5 P. M . for davrloplrijf rn'' I hi ma. bi i?r? uti dWit'iUK of knowing whr h'o I17 ran bw/tiw mro'.nm* orn h# tefatrrw d hy < illiti* abotr Priran*r!r th m aupplh d with a to <Uuti4 i< Ueourad. Bt? AlLMSO ?i Nfl RV|?DKIt R Of IMS IO l*KT Willi l*?arrJ, In ?t?lfa or ?lni(la, h? applytnir at VI Waal Twenty tittb a*r?MM roiitriitant to I4r<nlvray .*u>l math avamta Ma;- *. A Ian, a riNKi on nrai floor, for a phyaician. fyOA RDTNO. fJOOD l?l\RD HKDDINO NKW, AC, i> at <1 iranlar1 hmrgH, for ainiflr mrn. at 172 Moo at.ram. rort ar m Hro? mr ftto|io br?ia Boarding a'Mai.v. kamidt, or two or iiirkk ftnirlf itn'liwa, nui he ararwomo*Jauw| wt?h food t^mrd and wrll fnn* #hed f -im? !*> applyirof at ?*v Pfaa?l?ot a*ra#?N Sooth RmoAiyn, ihr**? ratfiutrw ?*A from lUi/M'ton avanri** f* rry. 110AllDINO~T<l LPT. T<? HINOI.K OI!NTT KMXN J 2 ami iadlr or ifrn' a#*d thatr wferi furniidowj fruum, with full r?r | anial t>?N?rd. l i?orit, darrcwui ami li<>4U?U ?laArn ho. Hoaard at/'-at two d<mm from flroadway Boarding -to ijit, to a gi ntlkma* and radt. j r r two ?inat* a nth mm, a t aalor aod ?wafr*?wit m? 'h* t ti#N,r. wttJi par MlNNtrd, tntaaa r.m clnmm. a Taw biork* < wr#t nrf Rr?awlway, A-or tmm Hi'-'O'kar atrrwt. ; WfHntr fa pay a remw/aabla priro* for food a*-? <mrw?i?U<? { N/hl;. m. I#., boa 140 Herald oflh'r. Referr??re fr?j i./**! BOARDING DOWN TOWN KAMIURH and aingor arntiemefi ran l?? r^ tnforlably ar'otum'xlaiwd for the aittkr wPh ii^mrd and pirawa/.i roo rut 11 uiWuV"arl rm tab en. No. a Itfoadway, 05 |-a? a Um RowUbk <r*w? loon tain. B KOoKI/YX ? A GKNTOIMAN AND MM WlfR CAN rd>*ain a hattAantr to t of rwwi fttrnbkal -ifj t?ar?J. to a ptraeaiiUr ioa>l h m frrr,?*. m I uJion or W a!' a*r?et rerr.w? ; llw>, f0itu? for wfMf!" r^n .? m? n Irrrua im*i^ra'*'. App-y at iH Wflimi^hhy at/><*?, he w?n, |??m o ?/ -J Rtki/-. BRiifiKITN TWO HANI OMKI.T flRNIOIKD rta.ri ? ?i li pantaf Inaird ran h* Iwkf t?> ?wo #?*? Wi'l> a prlta'#- ramify vltlMWi dtllibyt) M 171 A Jam all n. w*k pom Pinu? , *ir Wall ?**???* fe* other tkankn 'ak' a HID -AD HWORfj AND M4 AlJ. SWtiRD fit n e - 1th* ar?'?fnf and . W ?y an eip? tie re ad 1 a/Oar fr^n fr*a ) rt? ??e Iran 1 %."? - < * J* ,t>? , n | par ika'a mt I A h' KKk i rfw So , WaahmfVm Ihn4!r.|, ro 1 of 14*1 ft aire* t ai.d t> ? 517 I la? li"',: R|??)KIV"? KKlrilfTK -rt.RAIIorr WtT ? Mir I f?r .MtlMM M.rl Ui^r ?:>???.* *"?.?? I. .. M .1 iSI ? '.Wi.ll rtr>.? r-? frun F.I ..M Iw rM rm Iff, in I) ?CfH |l'(? ' K. K* KOW*Hr rt*S*I f|*0 H'l '?< Ir. .#t .i'f ;-4*r>!, la LV R r-moi lt <iF<rrUdK* W MI'.II Hi-I'ltr r , hll.l r IT. la ? trr?iUr4<7 no. iln-i'tl. r ? fli kwwr'nlii '? n>l?i K'h mi<br4M apftlWM'AHl ?Ual ? ??r4, ?'??> i-t ? ?? r l? f. .?> >?? IkMI ?'.i Wit ..I,1, | i .r A, ; l, ? 11/^ .*? ,/,Ui ?/ ? - 11 - inr. ?*<! ? I )lr. II tuiwrniKii rr ?M*;iri> X?R Ot'iIJ 4?r,il?n.r. ?ol| M M I. 'Uanarri ?r~" nARir?o?nr.v rviutmnn ?')<pw ft i.n. *?? b<.?r!. I. W toner L?/l 1/ be , to ? u ? .? Una. Irto'fir* ?i Rr> J !!,?: .i<')rttoi, wu *? ! ? '*?? II onoxrn ~rc**?ffR!? vr<?> to i.rr wi rn'/? to R?. ? l/totoMl F'UOOl n.toitoe?'il TTI KMUR wi" ?rr??!. i?r* , ? > ? ?toll f ? ? . ?' ? ? ' k '? ?? ? r < ? ?*. ..?,-??? ?? ?-?? >1 ?' ? w"" rtiintott .(Ml, If ..ftot K ?'et 'f .?'* ? 1 IK rtiCTll r 1 >TH ?tl"T wiuii*?ir?u o*k; I -fl*? ????.' le?i>?.T.'??.'* w?w*toH?to??e? w** to c?n >#? rnrrma./? ??? .*< u-?f I M ? h-erf^; ?^j M-r .. ?, ? r.n?Utok fi? 1 ?b?t? a *.U- -?toto< rt to Jto ' toM to vt> ? mt toUriUtrtotoM H *r * ' **??* RRR ok mm rut t ???* '? < ? btot ?' to. ll'.tol, ' W K?ti ?-.t Ul ./? toffee Off, totol.'toto tolu M (totol ?U ?to?ii< -f . , 1 r toi'ltol TV tttof *r* tolfta IV.. a?i? BRttaoMi cwrtrRKisKKn ???1 > 1 I ?? ik frcto . arvb v"?w.u m tor ??rr.ri . M i. r. 1. 1 rtofv.. ?> nim ... kto.t>*toto? to fto. ? I'.nm W ? t. ? - V?ir?>>lf M'fik'O. 1" '-to rk> I >'?r~ K a M I e*. 1. <M. *?d UNMnra, NO. J HO Mil HTRKKT N?.u ?- , r, . .. ?nd Iniard fo, k??i l..n?.'n uJif 'if," * A T. -?O0?i pRJTATH BOARD I* RROOKl V s ^2??^ I ?*??<? nlorj i*rl-.riuij bi .ti i,,. , ':!.??-*. r?f>HT MR. or arparalu, kandaoowla hm ? J"' P*ut?\?a l board It tliat oa? ?r?i i-laoi ?3L cnnvanlant to Ihr hfilr,i ||??rr 'h ,,| dationa fw a rfayb, gjnl euuiB r"^' Al"?. ?? -mm. pl.KAKAKT KfHNIhlIKU "hTtl^.i aw. J ~ I ??nU??.?n or a ami], and lad, all. i Ilifl. T" r*<> n roon. 1/ dud* d lb. aninloria ??*?# a amali prtaaw lau.lly Loratlea 'I "WHaal block* Wf*i of Broad a ay Appi... ??? IJartiaj. hoard wantkd-hy a7opm7~J7I? ?f * P'lvsir Du&iir, l>rtn? not to eirmid ?.* r!* ? Add,,.. (? , wZZjL ?'??W A,NJ *!*>** To l,h'T, WITHOUT-ivTAUlT" A Apply ml M Ha,aria, plan , rortirr al Uiwm atrwwi. * bUHtPOKH Kiu.Kn AND Kl.TJ. ;:^?5sriF^ ~ ^Ol 7 It HROoKLYN'.?A I'LK \HANT uonu O MV,.|*4| tkMAT. Ulth fU|| of vL Zi l;^! ?* and a if* or two rrnllwim > a>. I.a bad at Nt plan-. Hurt) limn trout llar.lirfi .iron No' 14 '"mpAiBB TmS, ,'Ai,iKW. W,fiH 7? OUTAIN HOARD in rwa iL i .. " *?" P"-/"rr?t Tarn.. ^"1 w O l. r^Aaaalv. u Addrraa W Ilnrald TWO KIIHHlHttKD ROOMH TO l.KT T<77| KMTrwa... ? Ilki break,??. llaht ami Jlr. Ala.rrJ,?o!wu& wapo. 1,1 ol lo a pkyaimai, oi dautiat. HI .Irand.' r> l.KT?WITII BOARD TOR Hki iiM> pi.iioh OK a kotmo. plaa aoiljr and qoirily itua'ad, naar lt!wa.|.w/ J-;-""; f* "b?Ho?? an I wall liirnW.o.l, ho..., or^!tlt& a*?": k rax" "u,dM Hn"n^ "ri?U T? 'f7 o ''AIIKOK A fit) BKIYRoOM. TO A I.Tdt k i '1 ("f Un M| oulp in t'ia iwahba . mii AdJraaa M?rj, lli.?iiwa> I'imiuiiloa. T" . RI.KtlAHT Kl ltMillKD AI'AKTMMirra * family or a party of *. nliamon witk aV m "la/n Imprmnn onu wph an rialnalra UMyof llb han aal ab umlaut room lor ?M ami rual, at Jud tir.-Taa, T<i.TI"mE..M,0K,!''0 ro|t BOARD-A HMA1X TBI ., V' '"''."Vatoi) an.l baxtiaaal u o u.^'r ,"t 1.1" h * 'bnil?ha<l lliruttfkoul a in, ru and tiro ' '' Moor, I?*vm (Wo rmrlu'f nthl a liodriinm in l4.AM.mll r..w,i?v obfaflimlir, wIDhmiI nhlM -rk?, or iwn tlit II,r wlfA. Ih. lo. Alk>n U ,u,of r'TJK ? ? ff I'll. a'I ib#? tumoy aix-ivm of (JMirou*'M<tr*M ?/,./ twliiiitj hm t>i ib- ruiii or ki^li h avniiiif. -ir. Aonn Pot iboaa <r!2 ll.r '""Dg' it nvommrndaliona aiul i?ho M uh lo br iwrnu^M Kradiall Applt to Jnitu W Iwtonard .1# DooUulct atraaC \l KIJ, Ht/'KNIHIIRI) IKMiMS TO I.KT AT MODKBAM . , Hi ?) ??nail prlaaut buullr, wl'ta iiraaklVat aaiim 1. ' " r"' ?' ?m#la or |rut| and Umtr w4??a. Ibdrrn impntvaaiania; u?a >d piano " -i Ttrnat tiiM. ?/>'l Mill, at i.tnia car? part tbr .lo >r Apply at IA Itr tlorAA. 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